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Ladysmith Standard Oct 3, 1908

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Publip Meeting Will be Called for Tuesday -Sigh-
To Consider the Question
Tlie announcement in the Standard   ih a   lut already available,   and the
tlmt Uie Hew All1. .McMillan, had tern o'be felling left is to get the necessary
porarily |iliiced himself at the bead uf
iho movement lo I'pund an athlotic
hall and library, 1ms caused a _Jood
deal of comment aud ulven rise to a
pleasurable feeling of expoutanoy' Everybody that onb moots is in favor
of the project, and generally the fear
is expressed that once aguin the
scheme may fail to como to fruition.
There js little reason to fear this
time that tho movement will be allowed to drop. Mr. McMillan has
found no difficulty in .netting signatures to his petition, and it is probable that a meeting; will be called
on Tuesday night of next week.
There is no reason for any delay.
Generally one finds that it cannot be
called any too soon. Mayor Nicholson is the last man to place any
obstacles'in tbe way of the formation of such nn institution, and
is quite willing to use his office
funds. How then can that best be
dono, and how should the meeting go
about it? Obviously the money will
luwe lo he^oiif'.'it liy collection and
the meeting should apt
working committee, and an energetic
und capable secretary; A thorough
collection can bt- taken up from the
miners in the usual way, nnd mib-
seri-prfeions solicited from the merchants ami their uinployoos in town.
A board of trustees could lie appointed temporarily to receive and
bank all subscripl Ions und tho style
ot building, its si/e and equipment,
would be determined by the amount
of money subscribed,
These are tlie. principal  preliminaries.    ,The Lieutenant GoW-rnor doubt
less would sul scribe liberally to such
an enterprise, and outside wholesale
lie-t bouses amid ois,, i,e approached. The
to   main thing is to get u   starl.     and
_^___-~_si M^»^M^>>^iii#fr.i -.
mint „   strong     In eon1ie<'1ion    With Hid hotel   Mr
cull n   meeting.       Cnloss. therefore, n   stnrt could lie muile on Hie lines
somothlng unexpected   turns up.     a nlreiuly suggested.     The lirst  neccs-
mootlng will   lo    called for• Tuesday sit.v     is I'm- those    wliu     favor the
oyoiilng whon it is to  be hoped;ther. scheme nnd fur those who m-e going!
will lie n   large attendance. gain most  from ,m athletic hall nnd
'The Ill's!      business of the mooting library to turn up nt the meeting on
will hp to alllrin lhe project and then Tuesday evening.     Aftor   tliR't    the
lo discuss wnys gnd means.      There rest will lie onsv.
Rev, Mr. McMillan  Appeals    for lho
Discontinuance of Sundny
li—lltor Standard:—
'lii'nr  Sir:—I  hnvo' long felt     that
jtho good name of Ladysinith  is sor-: you  il
ternul to limit wl'ijit places shall ho
opon or closod for huslnoss on Sunday than to restrict the kind of
building to ho brected in the city?
Or to regulate tho hours of selling
tho uso of n billiard toblb than tho
saio nf liquors in a bar-room? Yot
ono appears to ho alright ticcording
to your dictum, while the other is
sneofod at as u usurpation of thc
place of Providence or of n father!
Surely lhat is poor logic _von Alderman McKinnoll does mil think ns
evidently opposed     the
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t, hwiiuy mm, aichitijt, mn.m, >,o, |
in our buslnoss since coming
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loualy compromised by the habit, of closing of the billiard rooms from a
|Playing tootball nnil'iitlior giinios on fear that their frequenters might go
Sundays. If it wore a common prac- to worse pluces; and if worse places
lice in othor towns, cities und prov- {saloons and brothels) aro to lie nl-
incos. it would not sconi so glaring n lowed to do buslnoss mi Sunday, lu
.violation of what. Is right. But \yo Is right, ilut he mado il clear thai
know that II. C. is almost tho only ho is in favor of strict enforcement
[province in which it Is allowed, nml of Sunday closing all round. nnd
.oven horo there are places where no so of exercising in greater measure
[such thing is done. The city of Xew "lhe role of n father nnd nn onrth-
I Westminster possesses the Ohrimplon j ly providence" which you oppose:
|Lncrosse t'luli In lhe World, nnd the! In conclusion T nppoiil tn the foot-
.sporting spirit is nl least ns strong jImll cluli to voluntarily discontinue
[thoro ns iu Lndysmith. yet there Is i n prnctlcq which is dolrinienlul to
no Sunday playing there. ,themselves and the game in the eyes
I do not now appeal lo vnur read- of very ninny of their friends. Fnr
el's on Christian grounds, (thoughjhottor do Hint thnn be obliged to
these nre deserving of more' niton- [lose bylaw. The mnn who does
tion I linn thoy receive.) but on j right needs no lew. TTo is n free
grounds thnt may appeal to a   por- man.
son,  if such    thero lie.    -who    never |   Thanking  you   in   advance for  In-
henrd  of lhe  Fourth  Cminnntidinent i sort ing this in your columns
and Sunday. | T nm. Yours rosriootfuily.
Many feel    thnt   Sunday   playing [ .'AS. MoMHJLAN,
elves an hnnrosslon Unit the mom- Mr. McMillan's letter is woll
hers of the Club nre not careful of! thy of perusal. There is little
their own reputations ns rood citi- that calls for any answer from us.
zens in a Christian community. Not Tho assumption with whieh the lot-
that thev would sny tlmt the young tor stm-ls. namely that a Sunday
men nf the club are worse than the gam,, ennnot Pr other than a viola-
nvornge young man, but thov cannot) Hon of what is right', is precisely
reconcile, Sundnv playing with Hint what one expects from a man in Mr
proper regnrd for vlml others think j McMillan's position. The point is
of them which ouo-hl I" Influence „ that there are oilier followore of lhe
resnectnlile citizen's conduct, Nozaivno.    Inflniloly   more numerous
Then I um convinced that the re-1 and powerful that the sect to which
ccipts ut the gate are not ns groat Mr. McMillan belongs, who do not
ut Sunday gniues ns Ihey would lie | take that view nnd il is not for
were the games plnyeil on other tho editor of tho Standard to add to
days. I havo atiendeil mulches play-1 Ills already long lis! of worries by
oil on week dnys anil delight toiilnring to decide which of thom is
witness the skill and prowess of ourjright. \'nr do we see that the ob-
plnyors. but. I nm debarred from do- sorvanco of the Sabbath hns allying so ou Sunday. Personally I feel thing lo do jj-lth good eiti/flishi'p.
that 1 am deprived of a greet pleas- Two of the most notnlile members of
uro. and many others nre in the j lho llrilish Cabinet and (he lender
same position. Then again many of the Conservative party in the I'n-
pnrents feel thot their r'lildren are I iteil Kingdom lire said to lie agnos-
hoing led Into wrong ways hy tho'tics, or something of the kind, nnd
example set before thom. 1 um con- yet there is no one who will Question
need therefore thnt the club's re- Ihe nature or*1 value of their rili7.cn-
eoipls are nol what they would be ship. Even their Majesties whon
If Sundny playing were cut out en- in Paris; attend the theatre on a,
tiroly. Sunday, and did mil Queen Alexand-
I know it is snid that Sunday is er grnco with her presence some Sun-
tho only day players run got o!T day gumes In Athons'.' Wo don't
work. Ilut this cannot lie so. other quqto those Instances lo prove either
cities, Inrger thnn Lndysmith do no! the right or wrung of Hie quostion,
find it so. There is sufficient love of hut to demonstrate thai a mini's
sport nnd recognition nf Hie need of views on lho observance of the Subpubic past|mos among employers in |wth or on Ihe greater siiblecl of.ro-
other pines to loud tliom In permit, liglnn, bus nothing to do with the
nn occasional  dny    off for n  game,  quality Of his citizenship.     For tho
and T am  sure die snme is true of snme reason
employers in  Ladysmith.     II   would  be 11 uren!" 1
bo a serious reflection on them    to
think otherwise.
Now,7 Afr. Kdltor. T rend your re-
mnrk upon the cnminemiiilile action
of the City Cnliilcll in passing n by-
lnw to close billiard rooms on Sun*
day. You sny: "Ihe Aldermen. Mr.
McKinnell alone excepted, took upon (honiselves tn act the role nf n
father and nn earthly nrovldonce Inwards nil (he buys In town." Slirelv
thnt Is n very iinonllod for sneer nt
our' rltv fnrbers. Ts il  nny more pa
in not liellevo It to
tune if Iho .fnotbnl
lers nre no! greatly influenced by
what olhors llilnk of (hem. It is
whnt we think of ourselves thut matters, nnd if thoro was more self ex-
iimilui! ion (here would be less of hollow preleiu'e. uf. humbug, nf emit,
nnd nf hypocrisy..
Now we come to a persona! issue
Mr, McMillan accuses us of indulging
in nn uncalled for sneer nt our city
fathers. Our reverend friend is not
Above a little shuffling 0f. terms to
suit liis case. We did not sneer at
uncll,    and tho   aldermen ut
Lepa.s Sells Out to the'Ger-
urds oi \anuimo.
Queen's     Hotel hus changed
Mr,  Leopold LeiHts hus suM
oul to Lh_ (ierards,
Intter takjiig  possei
of Nunai
iion  on
0, the
Thursday. The younger (lei'ni'il is not
unknown down here.'' Ho is a noted
sprinter und was 11 member ui tho
winning tonm Hint won tlie ruco
down here ,,„ Hie lirst of July. Local sport al     lonsl  will gain     s v-
linrlior s
Gerard intends to run
shop. II,. left Uio bartering business in Nunaimo, and wilh nn competition up the hill should do „ good
He wiil use one nf tlio
s ,,f Hie lintel fnr the bull plllTlnise ,,f lhe hotel is
proof of tlie favorable
oked up-
inside roon
siness.     Th
at    least a
«'u,\  in which the town
ilslders, und tlie Ciorords will
0 n   good business
in hj
of the  Lieut.-(.Jove
Away Vesk-rday.
Mrs. .loan Dunsmuir, mother fit
Lieut.-Governor Dunsniuir, died yesterday in Viotoria, The lato Mrs.
Dunsmuir wus one of the best known
women in British Columbia *nd was
about H'l years of age. She was
among the first settlers in Nanaimo
coming here in the early fifties with
her husband, the late Robert Dunsmuir, whom she married in Kilmarnock, Scotland in lfl«.7. Her maiden
nanus was Joan White. She resided
in this city from 1S&2 to _R8-i,
when she removed to Victoria with
her husband and family, the former
having amassed a large fortune in
coal operations principally at Wellington. He died in April lflQO, Slio
leaves several daughters and one son
the Ltoul.-Q-ovornor, Another son,
Alexander, died n few years ago
and it over his estate that the famous law-suit has been carried on in
(he courts since,
The late Mrs. Dunstnuir was a.
most remarkable woman Iti many
ways. She had many estimable qualities ni many old residents remember how they were shown in more
ways than one during residence, here.
She was a woman of strong mind
which she never failed to use when
sho bolioved she was in the right.
She was always careful of her family and homo interests and her late
husband owed not a little of his success to her sagacity and good advice, She possessed a reninrknbly
good constitution but had been In
failing health for the pnst two or
three yenrs and her death was not
Tlie funeral will be held on Monday in Victoria.
-.1. W.
BROCKTON, Mass.. Oct.
O'Mara, of North Cambridge; today
won the Marathon race from Boston to this city, time (unofficial) _
hrs. .il miiis. I'D sees. drier, of
Jamaica Plain, Mass., was second,
Charles Henry, of Lynn, third, and
S, A. Hollor, of Vonkers, N.Y. was
right to continue. And so with every
thing else. Before appealing to the
law It behooves churchmen to make
certain that their forces are properly disciplined and that they aro iu
a majority, Theoretically ami ns a
matter of reason, _ law could as
easily ho passed to close the churches
on a Sunday as to shut up a sports
ground. We don'1 see where our logic
is so vory poor.
Wo are quite aware that Aid. McKinnoll does not think as we do;
but ho does not require the services
Of Mr. McMillan to explain his poi
tlon. Aid. MrKinnel has lhe courage
nf his convictions and is not rioter-
rod from giving utterance to thorn hy
the fear of what olhors may think
of him. He doclared billiards lo be
a harmless name, and ho couldn't
see any harm in oxen playing on a
Sundny. Manifestly he is right, and
wo admire his outspokenness. Whore,
wo ask, Is tho difference in principle
between a game of billiards, a stroll
along the rnnd, a buggy ride, a picnic, nnd the many other things
things which puns without comment
ovon on a Sunday. Perhaps Aid. McKinnoll believes with us that the
Kingdom of Ronvoti is not going to
lie brought anv nenrcr by driving
people into the churches, Aftor nil.
this question is a matter for tho individual conscience, and a man is
necessarily wrong because his convictions are unorthodox.
There are a few points, in Afr. McMillan's lottor that wo have passed
for  tho  reason   that   holmfi mistaken
Messrfi,  Smith and Oliver Address a
Large Audience in Opura House.
The Liberals tired their lirst shot
in the catopalgn lus. night w.ien
Messrs. John Oliver, the member for
the Delta, and Uulpli Smith, uddruss-
ud a well attended meeting iu tho
opera house. The speakers were
lato in turning up and ther. wero
still sumo seats vucaut iu u.e bod.
ui the Imll, when Mr. \V. (j. Fraser
opened the proceedings, it do\ulup-
ed u,lbO in tlie    course oi     the night
.. Sociaiittlif fi f^UF^-mac., -,nri
credible as it ittuj appear tu hurdy
old OritsJ there were suinv Conservatives there too. it would uut be
unfair to state, therefore, thut the
Liberal attendance was nut over uud
above encouraging, and it was noticeable l hut, until tluwUiuruth-
te's dramatic appearance, Mr,
Olher,although he kept steaming u-
v uy, could hardly provoke u smothered "-hear, hear,"
here was, as Smith remarked, a
little electricity in the atmosphere
after the entrance ol the redoubtable
Jim. Mr. Oliver had almost got
through with his speech, which consisted chiefly of the oft repeated old
Grit platitudes, and begun discuss-
ng the candidates. Of course, the
Kaien Island deal brought out ull
John's fatherly concern for the interests of the workingmeu. There
re moments, but always ou the
latform, when your drits have
these spasms. liis honest soul boiled with indignation at the infamy of
tho McBride government in despoiling the masses of their rightful heritage, and Hawthornthwaite had supported this robbery, this spoliation
by "pre-arrangoment with the government.''
"And that statement is a deliberate lie," came in deep Incisive tones
m the back of the hall. The
doughty James had got his cue.
made his appearance, and ho stalked
grimly down the hall. "Now you
have made that statement, go ahead
and prove it."
But John apparently had never expected to see James. Obviously he
was the very last person John had
looked to meet, and for a man who
has earned the cognomen of "Honest
John'' he was iu a most uncomfortable predicament. He didn't
prove the •statement. lie dropped
the point, but forgot the apology
and tho followers of James were ju
bilant. Still John is perhaps more
pertinacious than honest, and he
started in on the deal again. He
got to Jim's vote, and the latter
burst out. "How did you vote,
The man from the Delta was a-
guin in n quandary, and got out a
puzzled, "Oh. well!" when the audience broke out Into roars of laughing.
This constituted the fun of the
meeting, smith would brook no Interruption, and really didn't deserve
any. Ralph put up a   great light
ing speech, ami dented ho had betrayed his class and road two letters from the secrotnriefl of railway-
men's unions and ono from the secretary of lho Trades and Labor
Congress, all of which spo!<« in the
highest terms of the work that he
had dono for labor. Smith justified
his support of the Liberal government. The Conservatives had never
done anything for organized labor',
and he went over the record of tho
Lib oral government, and commended
I .miner's policy in regard to railways, the settlement of the Northwest, and tho Immigration quostion.
Ho had supported this govornmont
because il had done most for tho
workers, nnd if returned] ho would
'port it again and vote and work
for such measures as in his Judgment
would ho oi tho most benefit to the
greatest numbor of people In tholio-^
Mr, Al. Alekinson Trying to Organize
A  Company in Town.
Thero was formed some three yoars
ago u senii-mllltary society which
was styled the Legion of Frontiersmen, 'the society has giown very
slowly owing to the fact Uiat.it ha*
been dlfUcult tu secure proper and
olllclcnt organizing officers, und ttiat
only men with tho host und highest
qualifications have been admitted to
memV'jrship.        The   purpose of the
_______..   _o__i____nds is home defence,
^rfflyi-Toremen can     be
spared from the country that     they
ill le able to offer their services in
mpaigns of the Empire,
The founder of the society thus de-
rihes the object and function ofthe
"The Legion seeks to enrol pioneer
jrkera of all trades in wild countries, men of the veldt, the scrub,
the camp. the prairie, men finally
ischui'ged from His Majesty's forces,
who have record of foreign or active
service, and mariners of the merchant service and fisheries. limited
to fully trained pioneers, soldiers nnd}
seamen, the Legion has no hopes of
training regiments for the fighting
line, localise scarcely any of the men
could comply with the conditions of
annual camps and steady drill. But
is to provide men whose past
traJningi will make them useful in
the field. The men of the Legion
are merely -pledged to obey orders,
and oach man and each group will
be told oil' for the special duties for
which (past experience has given the
necessary  training.
Even with this limited scope, the
Legion secures the registration of
trained men who would be utterly
lost to the forces, gnd has much to
commend "it. Mr. Wilkinson, one of
the Temperance boys, is a member
of (he Legion, and for a time acted
as organizing ollicer in Calgary. He
has been asked by the headquarters
lo try and organize the Legion here,
and would be pleased to hoar from
anyone in town whom ihe society
might interest. There are quite a
.umber of Soulh African volunteers,
of men discharged from army and
navy—in short there is enough of
material to form a group, and Yr.
Wilkinson would bo only too pleased
from  anyone.
to Il
ea r
LON-DON, Ont., Oct. l.-Rcv, Alexander Mans,   colored, who for many
years has been pastor of the    Morton Street   llaptlst Church  In     this
elty, is dead, aged   118 years.   For
the past four years  Mr. Mans    has
boen an inmate of the aged people's
home, hut    up to the   time of    his
death was strong    and active,    He
was bom tn slavery and escaped  U
Canada over 60 years ago.
In rosiionio to n largely
sIkiimI potitlon from tho Clll-
Zfliis of I.ml.vsn,lth, I hereby
full n publlo Mooting to ho
hold In tho City Hull on TuoB-
duy lllh, October, IDAS, nt
7.HO p.m.. for tho purpose of
rotiNUIeriuir ihe oi'ootlon of u
hnll. nnd the founding of nn
lltitlon. comprising library,
rondlnft room, eflncort nnd loo-
tuno mom nnd nn nthlotlr
,1).   XK'HOI.SON*. Mayor,
r.iolysnilth.  It. 0,, Oft.  2.  '08.
,    the diffinilty. Tn conclusion wo would
lonst nil upprecinte tho dllforonce bo- sny thnt his    nppen!   is    worthy of
tween  n   hi tie friendly Sarcasm  imd consideration:   nlthniwh  nol   bornuse
jin   lincn.no-   for  sneer,     As  to   our of nny threnl nf the low. The world
logic we cannot help it if H,is poor, |„ -nt renrtv for tll0 re|„, ,,r nmiVchvi
Ilut.  cilTimislanros  niter faWs.      Chi „nd  i,nvs win  bo n0(.,,ss„,.y  for ceii-
thc word ol Aid. Haworth, who
stood sponser for the new h.Vlaiv. its
chief object   was to secure t'he'intor-
turles to coins, llul tho trend nf
modern leirislntion has been to glvo
freedom   to  cnnsolence  nnd   nol
estn nf boys who refused to obcylput fetters upon it. The churchman
their parents. That Is to say tlmt who would ndvocnte tin bonding or
parents who had lost all control of'nnotlier's eooscience bv the law. lins>
their hoys went to the olty council
nnd handed over to thom (heir pnr-
entnl responsibilities. The hotels nro
a different mnttor. Tn it democratic
country all laws are mnde by    nnd
Two Men Fined For Disturbing Joe
lhiro  and  Family.
Thero was q big Italian crowd In
the Court House on Thursday to
hear unfolded the tale of a very
imoJl-sized Italian riot which occur-
ed up the hill in thc early hours of
Sunday morning^ It seems that a
man named Peter Rocco had tried
to dispose of a bicycle by means of
a lottery. The sale nf tickets had
not boon such as to warrant llocco
in disposing of the bicycle ami he
decided to withdraw it and return
the money to tho persons who had
purchased tickets. Some of the pur-
chasers had not been pleased flt this
i|ml Rocco'a fiitlier-in-law. .Tne Buro,
complained that he had sTTlTered a
disturbance by having rocks and
cans and other missiles thrown at
his dwelling house. Accordingly "R.
Tnnoslo nnd F. Christo Foro -wore
Charged wiith causing a disturbance
(tf the peace.
Afr. f\ Barker nf Nannimo, appear-
ed for the defonrianls nnd Mr. V. B.
Rarnspp  for the prosecution.
The first witness, Joe Hiiro, with
whom Mr. and -Trs. RocCo live, test!
fieri to two men throwing rocks and
cans upon the roof of his house. He
He began to toll how he heard tho
men use bad language when Mr.
M-ii-K.-r objected to the evidence There
followed n lengthy and bewildering
argument its .to the advisability of
the evidence. The court clearly hesitated tn e^vf1 a ruling nnd tho point
was phHI.v waived on balh sides.
Practically, however, this was nil
the evidence, nnd after hearing the
case for (he defence, their honors im
pnvcil ,1 fine of 810.00 nud costs on
each defendant.
grounds  .
Morrison wns down cm tho
ni   Thursday  ovening  look-
New York, Sept.. iSO-Beoaua? his
wife hss decidsd to study for the
opera agwinsi his wishes, Ernest Let
Major, a notod painter of Nsw York
und Host.in, todny is preparing to
bring suit for divorce Bis wife
formerly was Estolle (!. Leigfoton, a
Ing ufter his mon, or to bo absolute- beautiful model, who posed for his
ly truthful, his,man. I'a-rtnln Adam ^ taaious painting, "Ths Wood Nymph"
apparently is the only man who' she is now studying lor a part ln
thinks it necessary to train in ordor lieginald Do Koven's new opera "The
to keep his place, for he wns tlio Golden Butterfly."
only player out. Hartley was there 'iTogody ns well ns marltnl .unhap-
hut his llngera are still boo sore fur p|nos8 hns followed Mrs. Major's tte-
hlni t0 to,li;h a   ball. termination    to take  up the opora.
Now the players should dourly un- rharleB IT. Bond, a Boston million-
ilorstuiid that Tuesday.and Thursday „|r8| who assisted her financially ln
evenings have Peon selected hy     tho hap at.niiira    m»_i_i •,,iri,ia .„-«
regular training
pla,\ers who roally wunt posit, ons on
the first elevon will turn out. for
tho placos will Po given to the mon
locted by     tho her studies,   committed suicide some
to us. mistaken the greal purpose nf I nights for the senior plnvors.
Christ's  life;    the loving  appeal   of
hlsCorld-wldo  message.   But   wo ran
all show respect to tho conscientious
... liellefs nfiench other. Wc helleve thnt,
with the counsel of the people.    Tn   Sundny mines not only deprive     n.  ...... a. .,,..,, „,,, i,._,„„nrnv„ „, „,„„
theoryot leant the laws ot the hind \nuniher of citizens of n real pleasure. „ '!" ," ""* lr[*»l*0We of me,-
nre supposed to express the wlll of hut. cause them both pnln nnd dls- "' lll<' KXBMltlvt dont wish to
the people. Accordingly Ihe bylaw'comfort. Wherefore wt would lie In I have to mention this ngnln. Plnv-
regulalliiK tbe conduct of saloons re- favor of plnylng on Saturdny when- __ must oithor get out onto tho
presentsi   he wishes of the people of orer ft is convenient, or for the mnt-   „„,.   „ __,    ,.    , .,    , °
Ladynmlth,    or    of a    majority of   lor , f   thai,    discontinuing Sundny   ™ld or **'ot m*1 of tho tonm'     rher0
tnem. If it doos not then it hns no   oinylng nltogethor.—P/i. StnVnrd.    'Is no othor alternative.
months   ago, following   tho separation of Major and his wife,
"Woll, there's one thing about Vu-
rltch, he's always ready to confess
his faults."
"Nonsense! Why, he's forever bragging about being self-mads."
"Of course; that's just it."—"Philadelphia Press. CONSULT ME
If You Require Any
Or If You Require Any
Pr _ Vou Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or -ell Ons;   or If You   Want
feijWd i^oflig Qmmm.
It is quite evident Unit there     nre allowed.     Ladysmith raised no   oh-
Some sportsinon (so-called*  in     Vie- jeotipn to tho request.     On the otu-
toria who aro prepared to mako ser- er hand the club's delegates were Ih-
iuus trouble in football circles.      in structed to favor the reijuest merely
a   ipiiet, not to say underhand way, ! to oblige Victoria,     Hut city     and
tliese     persons hnve n.wnys opposed district    leugues     had been  formed,
the   formation   of   a Pacific    Const dates und schedules arranged,     and
League, and now when the     Leuguo an alteration was going to cause   a
is running,  in spite of thom,     tliey lut     of trouble and    inconvenience,
are prepared    to    magnify whatever President Loc—ley himself announced
troubles do ai'ise and to invent dilll- that he did    nut cure to huve     the
culties where none really exist. date altered, and so it was allowed
We have a   ine    oxnmple of     this to stand.     There was no disposition. . Aeain
in connection with tlie postponement fo hold Victoria to a   disadvantage- „_.                   ...      „      '     T
, ,,        .,    ..,                    ,  ...                                    ,                                   . You can say that as long as I am
of the     Seattle .came, and the Irre- ous   date,     'lhat    somo ol the best coaw>cteA _lth the Vancouver   Club
sponsible gentleman  who  prattles a- players were not registered wns^not ^ - ^.^_ _-, ^ ^^
There is evidence everywhere, he says
that jthls year'y splendid hurvest is
bringing buck prosperity to the west
but there is no evidence ofuny boom,
nor Is there likely to be ond. Asked
as to reports that the C. F.lt. hud
acquired the Chicago Great Western
railway, Mr. Maclnnes said he coftld
give no information except to say
that -he had, not been consulting with
the traflic officials of that line, as
western papers hud reported.
K-Urjr Pablle,
Ladysmith   Standard
Published on Wednesday! ana w*tur-
dnys Afternoon! by the
Kobt. H. Hindmarch.
'One Year ,  &1.50
. siix  M..iik'._       75
Advertising Rates on Application.
bout sport in the Victoria Times is known at the time, and that thoy
once more out with a big "holler" were not was due to gross careless-
concerning a case he knows nothing ness on the part of the local oil.cora
at all about. for which     no    outside club or the
Under the fiendtnpr. "ViCtOrju'Cols League    officials could possibly     be
Worst of Soccer Deal," nnd the sub- held responsible,
head,  "Seattle    Gets Another    Dntej   And yet     this  irresponsible twnd-
jutd    Locals Held   Down to Sunday Idler of jaundiced and - spiteful gossip
Games," this writer sets about    theJpr.itos of tho "irresponsible ruling*"
Judging by what we hear the Sew
erag-e By-Law promises to have ai
easy passage. Time was when the
bare mention of raising lifty thous
und dollars would have driven the
townspeople into a panic of excitement. There were any number of
citizens who were ready to tell you
that the .whole town was dear at
that figure, and there was general
and lugubrious agreement that
timely decline and decay were to be
tho cit,\ \s portion. The change thnt,
has taken place in tho public sent
ment and opinion does not need to
be emphasized. The people are satisfied that thero are years of unprecedented prosperity ahead ot them.
ami their hope and confidence is
taking concrete form in the shape of
new buildings , and improvements.
The need of a sewerage s.xstem has
always been acknowledged, uud now
with the town forging ahead as it
is, the necessity hns become all th>
greater. There is little doubt, in
deed, that the by-law will le en
dorsed by the rate payers, and tho
sooner it is presented the sooner
start can be made with thc work.
in a  game in New Westminster
_?ain.     We have been subjected
Si\\t performance by beating.a i-t-vMg
jtf/p. 0. side at Lord's, but in t.-w-t
of their other games they have ..ejfl
disappointing,, and their ,re:uv. of
seven victories «ud six defers . ■ no
better than that of the letuu w.-i-Ch
visited this country in 't'wdft. Thu
weak point ff the tenm lu_ been
batting, and particularly in soft
wickets to which their batsmen do
not appear to be able to icoiifctcm'
themselves, fn bowling they are full,.,
up to firm class country form. J.
tl. King coming out with the fine
average in all matches of WAS k«
115 wickets, at au average cost •?'
17.09. Thoir fielding, too, Has ie.)?-.
excellent throughout the tour.*'
The English walker, T. E,     Hammond, made a record for the     .100-
mile   walk last Saturday.     He was
one of the 42- contestants Who left
the    Stadium at 5    o'clock Friday
evening in the walking contest under
the auspices of the Middlesex Walking Club. He covered the distance in i
18 hours, 4 minutes and 10 4-5 sec- ]
onds. In 1907, Hammond made     af
record  in walking from London     tn j
j Brighton  and   beck.   TCammnni'
The oven does
the baking, the
fire-box controls
the oven heat,
and the grates
hold the coal or
wood that produces the heat, so
are important.
a" I also tho 24-hpur walk. In thin thn.
to , ho  covered    181  miles    820 yards
In all probability Mayor Nicholson
will call a public mooting for next
Tuesday evoninir to consider the ques
tlon of founding nn Athletic Club.
The subject has been talked about
for years, so that there is no necessity to discuss it here and now. The
thlnir for all of us who are interested In the project to do now ls to
uttend the mooting and do whatever
we can to push the schenie nhead. ...
PENNY    -_S'_A__     IS   nKNKI-T-
$7,600,000    Sent   to   Ireland Last
Year  In   Small  Orders.    This
Amount Will lie Increased
By Cheap Rates.
DUBLIN, Oct. 1.—John Henakor
Hsaton, M.P., the father of the penny postage ln a telegram to a Dublin paper says that his joy at tho
establishment of penny postage with
Ihe United States Is increased by
the Joy that Ireland will benefit
greatly In small orders. The sum
of 17,500,000 was sont from the
United States to Ireland last yenr
nnd this amount Is likely to be Increased this yenr. On the other
hand United States benefits greatly
by Irish Immlerntlon. I consider
ths value of every Irish emmigrant
to AmVrlca at least 81,2150 he added.
Nsw York, Oct. 1.—The market
wns slugjrlflh nnd almost dormant
There wcre advances of n point oi
morn in a few minor stockB. RonrlB
wore steady.
The 1,200 bridge and irirder workers on strike at Wolverhampton,
Eng., recently decided not to return
to work on the terms offered by Hie
£ Billiards and Pool
Best Liquors and Gigurs
ngehinl task of giving the authorities of the I.eigne a good "roasting", nnd of stirring up Ui feeling
the Victoria players. The
League is not managed from the
Victoria YVM.U.A. rooms, and its
ullieers refuse to listen to every request emulating from thnt worthy
nstltut'ion. ihoreiore the League
and its oilicers are to bo assailed oa
every possible occasion by silly ft-
buse and knavish misrepresentation.
Now the remarks of the "Times"
writer are too lengthy to reproduce
in this column. But we will start
with his captious, and his opening
assertion which is that tbe .League
bus established two contrary precedents. Victoria, I say, has not
got tho worst of a soccer -deal. Sent-'
tie has not been givon '.mother date.
The League hus not established two
contrary precedents. The "Times"
is not erring through ignorance either, and one would naturally have
thought that its close proximity to
thi.- y.U.C.A, rooms, and the irfflu-
ences which uro thus brought to
bear upon it would have given it nt
least a bowing acquaintance with
thu truth. Vet, although its sport-
notions are clearly Inspired by
the V.iYTC.A. authorities, and its
articles dictated in the Y.M.C.A
committee rooms, the "Times" deals
in untruths and misrepresentations
though they were its solo stock
in trade.
As a matter of met the "Times
very conveniently ignores the Ilrst
cause of the whole difficulty. The
sporting editor of .that journal was
present at the meeting iu the Oriard
Motel at which the Jjeugue was form-
td. The question of Sunday playing
wus then discussed. and the delegates from each city explained the
position bf their respective cities and
clubs. There was general agreement and no protest. Then at the
eleventh hour, on the very day that
tho Loaguo opened, Victoria sent a
delegate to protest against Sunday playing. To give i&Ir, Lockley
his due, he was only too anxious to
live up to the agreement thnt Jie and
the other Victoria delegates had entered into at the Victoria mooting.
Ue is not "ho-loring" for Victoria
to quit the League, nor is Mr. Duncan, although neither gentlemah i;
apparently in favor with the clique
from which the Times derives its information.
'lhe question is, who outside of tho
Times' sporting editor, is raising all
the hubbub? In the Free Press of
Wednesday the announcement is made
that Nanaimo Lnited will play a
strong Victoria eleven—a stronger
eleven than Ladymnith defeated last
Saturday*—on Sunday afternoon.
Surely there is something mighty
strange here, and the "holler ng" of
the Times will take somo reconciling
with this gumo on Sunday. And
don't we all Know thut we here have
always been able to got a Victoria
eleven up here for a Sunday game?
And where were tho crowds who are
ho bitterly opposed to Sunday football on Saturday Oil ring the game
at tbe Itoyal Athlotic Park? Why,
...•re were more IWople from Nanaimo and Ladysm th than from
Victoria. Obviously the Times is
not voicing the feeling of tho Victoria players in its "hollering,"
The second point is Lho statement
that Scuttle has got another date.
' R. is announced," says the Times,
"that another dato will lie sot for
the l-adysmith-Seuttlo match at the
end of tlie season." Where has it
been announced'.1 I am an ollicer of
the League, and have been summoned to a meeting of the .l_x-cutivc; I
am manager and corresponding secretary of the local club—the club
concerned—and have received no no-
tillcaition of any kind regarding the
game. Nothing has been decided.
We want to keep Seattle in the
League if possible. We don't wish
to take the points unless we win
them, under the purtlculnr circumstances. That is the club's position,
Lut nothing has    been done in     tho
i the League.     More thnn that, unless     Victoria ran  force Vancouver,
Beattie, .Nnnaimo and Ladysmith to
lo as she wants, "the League is gong to lose ono team for sure." Holy
shades of sport!     And this appears
in the sporting    columns of a   reputable newspaper, and    at  the    very
time a   strong Victoria eleven     has
(Into booked     with Nanaimo    for
Sunday afternoon.     Of course     the
etatemont  only  represents  the pious
wisli of the writer.     Victoria Is not
tlidruwing   from the League, that
if    the game can    draw sufficient
tro'nage to givo travelling expenses to  Liie players.
There uro,     in spite of thc 'rimes,
mo true    sports in Victoria,     and
Rome of them ure attached to     ths
Y.M.C.A.     No official of the League
has any desire to' meddle with matters uf     private conscience'.     If     a
player     has    a  conscientious objection  to playing on Sundny, why he
is entilled     to Iio respected.     If
player lias no scruples about playing)
on Sunday hns ho, because of   that,
forfeited liis claim to respect?      Tlie
lilllcuit*   with  Victoria was  realized
and recognized at the inception     of
tbe League, and the delegates     nnd
ofllcials     did    what they considered
fairest  to all parties.     They firo still
trying to do I hut. and the more vigorously     they nre assailed by     the
Times man Hie moro tbey enn Hatter
themselves that Ihey nre succeeding.
Most of my renders would read of
Uie riot tlmt occurred ut New Westminster during the progress     of     u
Incrosse     match  lietween   Vancouver
md the champions.     As a   result  ol
it ull tlie Vancouver club has refused to keep their 'engagement     with
the t'apilnls nt thc Kxhibltion.  Apparently    the Terminal Oity lacrosse
men    have severed    all connections
with New Westminster as tbeir Hug-
by oillciais diil witli Nanaimo.   There
is, of    course, no excuse for a   riot,
for violent demonstrations     against
visiting tennis.     All tlio same     ths
I'hurusuicul    attitude of these   Vancouvor sports would be amusing if it
were not so very aggravating.
At   Westminster,    ns at Nanaimo,
tlie trouble arose with the visitors.
According to the reports, gome player call (Iresn, fell to using dirty tactics and became involved In n scrap.
Of course this developed into a light
for all, and Paris, tho negro bruiser,
pulled a  gun.     lie has paid for It,
let me say.     .Now obviously, something ought to bo done to stop these
demonstrations which nre a  disgrace
to any   sporting    community;     hut
surely the adoption.of such a    high
and mighty    aloofness as Vancouver
is assuming is not going to cure it,
The real  trouble- seems to be that
none of    the     sporting associations
have licen properly managed,    ltuii.'h
or dirty play     in any game can     be
promptly stopped.        All It requires
is     for such association to approve
only lair and competent referees nnd
umpires, und see that they discharge
their duties, und to give them every
possible assistance In doing so.   All
olllcers and playors should be firmly
punished.        It seems that tlroen on
ono occasion, punched a   referee, yet
hu is still allowed to play the game.
No wonder there are demonstrations.
Once the game is cloan thore is little
danger    of trouble, from the spectators, although, of course, thore   are
always    a   few In every town     who
should never lie    allowed in a   playing Hold.     The trouble is that they
ennnot lie kopt out, and It Is up to
the-truo    sports who   love a  clean
game    and are proud nf their tend',
and cnrofiil of their sporting reptita-
lion, to keep things decent nnd     orderly,     U>t ur hope tho trouble will
be smoothed over nnd thnt such
demonstration may never again disgrace a  playing field in Urltish Columbia.
What Thin Year's Splendid Harvest
Is Doing For Canada.
disgraceful1 treatment in tho Royal
City for many years and havo nevor
been afforded proper protection. Although arrangements have boon made
to have Vancouver play at the Pair
this week, we feel that in view ot the
affair last Saturday that we cannot
play and It is not likely that a Vancouver Incrosse team will be seen tn
New Westminster again."— Archie
"I do not think that ths players
are responsible, for such rowdy 'conduct, but it has been going on for
years in the Royal City, and It is
not the first time that Vancouver
players have been assaulted and mob
bed In the Royal City, It is much
to be regretted. The Association
may hold a meeting for the purpose
of discussing the matter, but this Is
unlikely, as a meeting of ths association could hardly make amends
for Saturday's disturbance. This mob
bing of players must be stopped and
the sooner thajiettor. If New Westminster cannot stop it, then Vancouver lriiist play In .another league." —
C. W. Hurray, Presldont B.C.A.L.U.
-.. «—
"Now Westminster should bo called
upon to settle for the trouble in the
Royal City on Saturday," said Mr.
V'.. S. Knowlton, a member of the
Vancouver Lacrosse Club executive
last night. "The public expects
protection and the authorities of
Now Westminster, should see to It
that It is given. Vnncouver playors
and spectators alike were rotten-
egged and thslr clothes ruined. I
think that the club should enter suit
against tho city of New Wostminster.
The attack oil Mr. Macnaughton was
most cowardly, and he was- not protected In any manner. No, I don't
think that the team will play In
tho Royal City again, as thero Is
no assurance that there wlll be> police protection. The players are
opposed to playing again in New
Westminster and I do not think we
rhoiild ask them to do so."
Concerning .the tour of Ihc Phllii-
delplan cricketers in the Old Coun-
U tho Hu Ily'Mail says: "Their tour
,'nti only lie sold to havo beon moderately successful. They began well
by defeating Worcestershire, and
they  accomplished   an    undoubtedly
breaking nil previous records.
Tho entries for tho Olympic games
association for football and lacrosse
closed recently, but have not filled
so well as expected. With regard to
lacrosse, the only countries that
havo entered are 'Great Britain,
South Africa and Canada. For association football honors, Great
Britain, Franco and Sweden. Holland, Denmark, Hungary and Bohemia will compote. Belgium, ono of
tho strongest of the continental
countries at ono time thought of
sending over a team but it' is beV
lieved tho idea was abandoned.
New Westminster, Sept. 2D.— The
local lacrosse team, champions of
the world, won Irom the Capitals of
Ottawa today in one of the most exciting lacrosse games ever played on
the local grounds, the score at the
end of the fourth quarter being 7 to
(i in favor of New Westminster.
Montreal, Oct. 2.— Members of tho i
Canadian Olympic lacrosse team
have booked passage to sail for England today on the Str. Empress of
Britain. The team is made up of
the best amateur players of the national game in Canada. The series
of contests in which the Canadians
hope to corry off the honors will
begin in tho Olympic stadium Oct.
19. Thore probably will be lour
toums in tho competition, representing Canada, England, Australia and
South Africa.
New York, Sept. 21.—A special to
tho Times from Philadelphia says:
There wus an old score to settle
when A. J. Drexol Riddle met Phila-
lelphia Jack O'Brien in the ring today at a private West Walnut street
gymnasium. Lust winter, as a
wind-up to the Indoor season of the
Morion Club, Tony Riddle, as he is
known is club life, met the former
middle weight champion ln a hot
bout. The society man, poet and
athlete was ill and was beaten by
O'Brien. •
Iliddle hus persistently asked O'Brien fur a return match. Tho littler is training for a six-round bout
with Sam Langford. Biddle has
been    getting himself ready for
" \ Double
"Sask-alta" Double Duplex Grates are made
iu four pieces, each grate shaken separately,
Ashes over one grate can be shaken without
wasting good fuel over other grate. No poking
necessary, thereby saving fuel. Dampers at both
-nds of fire-box secure perfect drafts. When
grates are inverted for wood a patent clamp
retains them in position. The easiest-working
way is the surest-serving way —and that's
"Saak-alta" way.
tatflot. Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg Vancouver, St. John, Hamilton, Calgary
Ladysmith Hardware Co.
8. Readings and treatments will be
1 given. Best of references given as
I to work done in Nanaimo.
Maine.    Neither could complain    of
lack of physical condition.
In the     presence of   half a  dozen
club men the men fought it out    in' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
four of tho hardest rounds ever wit- ' •__—•
uessed in this vicinity.    At the end wi" bo ln La">mlth every Wednes'
Biddle was bieeding at the nose and ^ *_.^!_^bb_0,ts[.^_I°t/_• J?~™
mouth, while his left eye gave indication of taking on mourning.   Jack.
O'Brien's lips were swollen, his nose,
wus slightly flattened, and a big red
patch on his ribs showed where Bid-
die's vicious right hand body swings
had landed.     Both men were nearly
exhausted, and there was little    to
choose between them.     Biddle played continually     for    the body, and
many    of his   blows   made O'Brien
wince.       The     clever middleweight
kept Jabbing away at Biddle's   face,
but the latter always came back  tor
more. i
Tho young society man is confident >
he can drop O'Brien, and when ho re- j
turns from the hunting trip it will
be arranged for a bout of longer
duration in private. Yesterday's
contest was one of the most exciting '
that has ever been seen in thts oity. I
 4  j
Labor troubles have again broken '
out in Holland.    This timo the tr0u
       a ble is at THhoung, where 1,000 men
hunting trip In the northern part of have gone on strike. I
Sale of Land for Unpaid Taxes in South Nanaimo, North Nanaimo
and Nanaimo Oity Assessment Districts, Province of British Columbia
1 hereby give notice thnt on Friday, tho ninth day of October, A.D., 1908, at the hour of ten o'clock ln
,tho forenoon, nt the Court House, Nanaimo, I shall'soll at public auction the lands in the list hereinafter
set out of the persons In the said list hereinafter set out tor the dollnq uent tflxes. unpaid hy the said yer-
sons on thc 31st day of Derombor, 1907, and for interest, costs and expenses, Including the cost of advertising suid sale, if the total amount   is not sooner   paid.
Name of Person
Delinquent Taxes.
o   8 4
Interest up to
date ol   Sale.
.   l-g
j. m. mo^GAi-
Teacher ol Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at the
Standard Office.
Excellent Boarding
Barclay & Conlin,
matter by tho executive. |   Montreal,  Sept.  29.-W.    R. Mac-
It is another grievance with     the Inncs, freight traffic manager of the
•I lines tbat the request of tho   Vic- "• P- "•■ returned to Montreal yea-
torln Club    tor a  postponement of iorAay   ■ alter   «", »•*•»* _°? ^
wfoem   n i nnn,nifii>in  i months, during which time ho   hnd
JOE   CARTWRIGHT   1'"st  s"tur<,a'v'» ^a'w °» account of made n complete tour of the    com-
o,„-a  -.__«_..-.««, ths final ExhlhltloB rssso, w»s  dls- pany'i   lines    In   Western Canada,
Raven Copper
Gold Co ',.
Spratt Copper
Gold Co.	
Tacoma Steel Co.
Tacoma Steel Co.
Tacoma Steel Oo.
Treat, H. W	
Van   Anda   Copper|
_ Gold Co,
Van   Anda   Copper!
il Gold Co
Vancouver     Island1
Building Resource
Co. .....
McGuffio, Estate of;
Patterson, Margaret|
Beck, Estate .of Ro.
.'lock, Estnto of P.n.
Mrt  ,.'...
Reck, Estate of Ro.
Beck, Estnto of Robert ...
Itarnes, Sarah ,Iano|
Paclftr.. Whaling Co.
James, William .
rVnllls, Rich, P.,
.Wallls, Rich, p.
Part of Lot 8, ill acres, Texada Island .
$11.48       S .58      12.00      $13.99
0«ine«,  Stephen"
Part or Lot  i, 264 acres, Toxada Island  ]    11,10
Lots 1, 2, 3, t, and 5, 974 acros, Texada Island...,|    79.64
Part of Lot 16, 520 acres, Texada Island        62,00'
Lot 23, 220 acres, Texada Island 	
Lots 11, 12, nnd 13, 548 acres, Texada Island
Lots 7 and 3, 135 acres, Texada Island
Lot 14, 381  icres, Texada Island,  „.
Lot 26, 155 acres, Texada Island 	
N.W. } Section 28, 11 acres, Onliriola Island 	
E pt. Sect. 2 and 8, Range 5, 147 acros, Cedar Dist
E pt. Sect. 9, Range 5, 57 acres Cranborry District
W pt. Sect. 0, Range 6, 13 acres, Cranberry District.
F, pt. Sect. L3, Range 6, 40 acros. Cranberry Dlslrlci
W nt. Sect. .18, Range 7, 50 acres. Crnnborry Dlstrlcl
Lot 25, 160 acres, Wellington District	
Lot 41, 202 ncres, Wellington District	
Part of Lot 74. 20 acres, Nanooso District 	
Lots 7, 8, 11,80, and 78, 2068 acros, Nmi'.'H"
' ot 8.2, Ifin scrrss, Nanoose District  ,
Part of Lots 15and 16, Range XL, fi 37-inn   •
Nanaimo City District	
Nanaimo, 17th Sept., 190B,
,11. HAffE, Collector.
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, sir
or foreign substance fused with
carbon. .Carbon gives toughness
stength, keeness and life.    - >
Thirty year's study of the razor
sltuallon has shown a way to
add the highest per cent ofl
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic
razor blade throug a secret
processof ELtCTRIC TEMPER.
INO giving It a uniform diamond like hardness-something absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered - razors,
and they are Hamburg ground/
But Test this UNCONDITION-"
home-or have your barber use I
It on you-for thirty days WITH.;
Ladysmith Hardware Co.
judge—Have you been arrested before?
Prisoner— No, sir.
Judge—Hnve you lies} In this court
Prlsonsr— No, sir.
Judge—Are you cortaln?
Prisoner—I am, sir.
Judge—Your face looks, decidedly
familiar. Where have I eesn tt before?
Prlsonsr— I'm tha bartender In th,e
aalooa serosa tha way, sir, Telegraph News ofthe li
World in General,
-♦ ♦-
Toronto, Qet. ...-Another serious
milk strike has besn declared as a
I'Bsult of the dispute over prices and
contracts Toronto milk and cream
rtoducsrs and. the Retail Milk Dealers Association.
__ 4	
Washington, Oct. 1. - Mra*0;*
Leach of tho United States Mint
announced today that he would resume the purchase of fine silver tor
subsidiary coinage this week. He
states that he expects to purchase
about 128,000 ounces each week for
an Indefinite period.
London. Oet. l.-Aa a Nsult *
of a renewed demand tor dla- *
mono- In America end England, *
the DoBeere  minea which have *
been working only flve daft a *
week, will    resume full
tions beginning Oet. 97.
Wallace's U__uows."
champion recalled the'incident
'    when he had -fared   up
for the' day. There, wee
quite a margin between the $1.00
purse tbat he never received suit tbe
sum that he earned last sight is
doing a double stunt at the Central
theatre in this city and tbe Ma~-
d-uoiigh la- Oakland. Tie Battler
drew down -fro a few ait-utes' work
in these two playhouses tbe sum of
tract Is (100,000 and Mr. Welller la
confident that Mr. Wright can sorry     W **r«*»t •mourn ever .ua    «j, "•—.• w —
77       * g y Nelson was on losing Ms Sght   with a pastorate.
No; I havs ne Political aahitiotn
w_artev*t\" •
Mr. Prinels ..l%tlf).el-d -mt _ ha
were assailed on account of -is actions in calling for interference oh
the part of the Federal govsr__„it
ts improve moral condition* in the
Y.uku.u. he woidd spank mit strongly
awl condemn Un negligence and Inarm of tbe Qoveruuwat, as' he had
done before.     :
Mv. Pringle will leave shortly   on
visit to    Sydney,    Cape Breton,
The largest (mount ever wos    by ] where be baa been caUed to aseept
it out.
Q-iis at Ooidflelds, when tbe loser's,
end amounted to *sK),0O».
--— >t 	
Port of Spain, Sept, SO.-
The presence of one caae of bubonic plague is officially announced here today. This ia
the lirst re-occurrence of the dl-
IMsN'HST TRIE* I   NfiW YORK, _eot. 80- That Ea-
ON SERIOUS CBABS-B. rice Caruso, the  famous tenor,     is
■__- pursuing the woman who recently do-
Koaeake, V».. Sept. 30-Much pub- sorted him, not for the Jewels she Sa
lie iuterost is manifested ln the case alleged to have token when aba deal fir. W. S. Gregory, which was camped with Us chauffeur, but he-
called for trial In court today.    DrJcauee of hls Intense love for her,  is
sease since July 12. •.Gregory, a prominent dentist   wlthistated today by friend* ot both. _et-
THE HAGUE, Oct. l.-Nelther th*
foreign office nor the colonial office
haa received any confirmation of the
reported refusal ot President Castro
of Venezuela, to. receive the sscond
Dutch note through the Intermediary
of Baron V. Secondorolt, the German
minister to Venezuela who Is In
charge ot Holland's interests. Even
should this report turn out to be
true, the government haa no Intention of appointing a special envoy
to present this communication.
Belleville, Ont., Oct. l.-Thre* Italians were held up, robbed and best-
' aa on Glenmlller road, near Frankfort early yeet«*-ay. Tha aoeell-
ants are aald to be negroes who kept
a shanty nearby. One Italian Is
reported dead.
Chatham, Oat., Oet. l.-Mr*. Geo.
Jordan, 38 yeara old, wife of a farmer near McKay's Corners, I* dead
as the result nf burns received by
e lamp explosion yesterday.
 « .—-
Toronto, Sapt. 30-Juatlce Lotah-
ford thla morning issued a formal
order for winding up of the Ontario
Bonk, Royal Trust Company o! Montreal was mentioned a* tbe concern
mast likely to carry out the work
of winding up the bank.
Woodstock. N.B., Sept. 80-Staa-
ley Turner, aged 17, waa accidental
ly shot dead while picking gum front
u tree at South New Britain.
Lansing, Mtch., Sept. -O.-Enthua
iasm appeared to be the keynote of
the hundreds of delegates and vlsl
tors who flocked to Lansing from
all over Michigan today to attend
the Prohibition State convention.
The convention wlll name candidates
for all state offices excepting Governor, the candidate for which was so
lected at the State primary the first
of September.
-!— ♦
Sberbrooke, Que., Sept. 80-
in tto diatrlot reached tb* twin
towns ot Megantlo aad Agnes laat
night and dwplte tto oflorU of nun
drada of fighter* twelve houses were
deatroyed. The damage la estimated at $40,000 Ib Agnee. Rain fell
ia good quantities laat night.
HoBtreel, Sapt. 80-In tto court
of king's bench today before Justice
Tronholme, the Italian Vitto Mlcolo
was found guilty of murder ia tha
flrat degree. He killed Antonio ml-
ucco hla comrade, oa Fib. 31. The
murder waa committed during a row
over a card game. Mlcolo was sentenced to ba hanged on the oome
(ley aa Crooked Naak Smith, Nov.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 29.- Instructions issued by the surgeon-gen-
ernl of the department at Washington wlll hereafter exempt trom inspection all vessels leaving tha pore
of San Francisco upon their arrival
in other ports. The department has
notified the Chamlier of Commerce
that instructions to this eflect have
been issued to quarantine stations ot
the coast, and it is added that disinfection and certification of outgoing vessels will occur here when doom
ed necessary. The action wo* taken
because of the long period slapsed
since the discovery ot a case of bubonic plague,
San Francisco, Cal., Sept. 80.—
Judges Ross, Morrow and Gilbert
sitting in the United States Circuit
court today, decided against the application of the Southern Pacific Co.
for an injunction against tho Interstate Commerce Commission to prevent the putting into effeot the reduced rate on rough lumber shipments to- San Francisco from the
North West. The decision is there-
tore In favor of tho Government.
U. S.
GIBRALTAR, Sept. H0-. The American battleships Alabama and
Maine arrivod here at 2,30 this morning from Naples. As they entered
the harbor they saluted lhe garrison
and the flag of Rear Admiral Goodrich, commander of the British naval
establishment at Gibraltar. Th* salutes were returned.
The American warships will ooal
hero preparatory to sailing for Ror-
ta, Azore Islands.
London, Oet. 1.—For 'the flrat *
time in tbe history ot th* Brl- *
tish Pharmacy  Association, th* *
Pbrrn modal,    th* blue ribbon •
oris* in pharmacy, ha* been won •
by   a  woman.    The successful *
a large practice, is charged with attempted assault uron a young lady
patient while she waa undor the Influence ot chloroform. Eminent coun
sel has been employed to assist in
the defence of the accused man.
 4   .
About $300,000 Was Spent   on _-
Work and Now Experts Say
That the Vessel Oannot
be Used Again.
Portsmouth, Eng.. Oct. 1.—The
British cruiser Gladiator on which
salvagers have been at work ever
since she was sunk April 25th, off
the Isle of Wight by ihe liner St.
Paul, was refloated this afternoon.
The cruiser will be docked hare. Tbe
work of salvaging her has cost between $250,000 and $-00,000,
Many experts ars of the opinion
that the vessel never can be ussd.
Chicago, Sept. 29.—Packey McFariand met with a piece of ill-
luck yestorday, which forced him,
through his manager, Harry Gil-
more, to call oS his match with
Leach Cross inthe East.
While doing aome road work McFariand turned his ankle. Ha did
not think the injury amounted to
anything at the trims, but todsy it
fa badly swollen and he it unable to
step onths Injured toot. Manager
Gllinore wired to the Eastern promoters, calling oil the match and
asking for an indefinite postponement as toon as It was found out
that it wos out of tin question for
MeFsrHanS to try to keep hie engagement.
SEATTLE, Sept. 30-Giving th*
name* ot Jt Foster and wile, an
and woman rented a room In
cheap lodging houee loot night aad
were found upon the floor dead thl*
morning. Indications point to the
killing of the woman by tto man,
powder mark*, aad evidences of a
otrugglo showing that ahe had re-
slated. Tto bullet pierced bar loft
temple while th* man lay near with
a bullet through hls right temple,
and   a revolver   with   two empty.
tors which have been received trom
the famous singer and tbewomaa lead
to thia belief. 'Since the elopsmant
sevan- week* ago Caruso haa pi-oe-
cuted tbe search untiringly.
He has promiaad a handsome reward to aay post an who ean tor*
niah the address of tb* woman, lt la
said, aod has abandoned his handsome villa ia Florence and started
to sell the -furnmhlnns. According
to La Na-dons, ths woman lett Caruso because his love was inadequate.
'Th* driver's love has mt 1MB
equaled, not *v*n approached liy hla.
Better live tn Starvation thaa to go
back to total who kspt m* a ass-re",
she ia reported to have said.
 —p ,
Montreal, Sept. 29.—"I hare to
tell you, gentlemen, that this Infernal strife tn the Liberal party must
cease, for if the opposition carries
more than ten seats in the province
of Quebec, the Laurier government
will be defeated."
These words were uttered by Mr.
Brodeur at the Liberal convention in
Soulanges county as a warning.
There were threo aspirants for the
nomination, and on the first ballot
Dr. Bournonnais, the last member,
got 32 votes out of 02, the remaining votes being divided between Dr.,
Daugh and Mr. Churand.     Then Dr.
■   '■''WIVES.
British Subject Strikes Frisco With
Two Wives, but Convenient
"' " Chinese Custom ts Not
Tolerated. ,   ,..
Sl»n Francisco, Cal., Sept. 80.-
Uenjy Ii. Bosnian, Hong Kong millionaire and legislative member of
British Colony has practically de-
ceded to abandon the .idea qf an appeal to the department of commerce
and labor in an effort to secure it
reversal order of the deportation
made In his case when he landed in
this city a few days ago with two
wives, Bonsman's attorney is said
to have advised him that such an
appeal would be useless. He ia still
patient In a local hospital under
bonds to appear for deportation
when physicians shall consider liim
sufficiently recovered from on attack
of illness to withstand the return
voyage to Hong Kong. Although a.
British subject, Bosnian bases his
defense on polygamy customs of the
Chinese from which race he is descended on his mother's side. In explanation of his position he said:
"The worship of the family Is one
of the leading tenets ot Confucianism
and polygamy is a part of this religion, partly In order that a family
name may live for ever. In ray own
home the taking of a second wife
was seconded by my first wife who
desired, in accordance with the national custom that there should lie
descendants to worship at the family shrine.
"Tlie position of my second wife
Is just as sacred as that of my
first. In fact, my second wife is revered by myfirst ns the one to whom
honor la duo for perpetuating the
family name."
TACOMA, Wa*h., Sept 30-Creep-
ing down the back stairs of the
Grand restaurant on Pacific avenue,
0 thief shot and killed Kanurl, a
Japanese cook as he slept in his
chair before tbe kitchen fire early
this morning. The police believe
that one of tto Japanese employees,
who was discharged laat week, killed him for revenge, and then robbed
the cash register of $37.40.
The Japanese waa found in the
chair this morning.     Ho    cams to
1 .come, about a week ago from
Seattle and has been acting ns night
Bourbonnais declared he hod the ma- (,„„_.     Ti,, wnole crew of Japanese
lority on the first ballot and roaU^    ^.^    „„ dUlchftrge0
l*at weak, and new Japanese    put in
•  candidate ia Gertrude K. Wren.   • chambers under him aa if fas had fall
St. Petersburg, Oct 1,-F.or 34
hours ending at noon today, the
municipal hospitals reported th* ad-
mlsarlon of 838 new cases of cholera
1 88 deaths. Ths corresponding
statistics for yesterday were S38
new cosss and 98 deaths.
Soo, Oat., Dapt. 80-Tha atsamar
Lyman 0. Sm th, freighter, belonging* to th* United States Treaopor-
tatton Company, bound down ore
laden, struck tto upptr pl*r on tto
oouth lid* entrance to the canal thi*
morning nad aha- forward. The damage to tto pier la not serious. Her
bow »wuag acros* the channel blocking it temporarily aad Impeding navigation. Juat before aoon thi
steamer pulled herself towards port,
partly clearing the channel.
LomtBS. France, -apt. 80-Lasare
Welller, th* French aeroplane promoter, announced today that to
New Westminster, Oct. I.— Alex,
Hendereon, aged 76, fattier of Gov.
Henderson of Klondike, died today.
ThompeonvlHe, Bona., 0*1. 1. —
Theodore Rooaavelt, jr., son of to*
president of th* United Stat**, who
leached town last evening began
work today aa office dark at tha
plant ot the Hartford Carpet Company, Later to win fo Into tlie
wool sorting department.
— ■   ♦
Montreal, Oct. 1—The rouadhoua*
at OuUremont, belonging to the O.P.
R., wan deatroyed by Ore early thla
morning. Four loeomotlv** w
damaged. The loss la estimated alt
$30,000.    Cauaa of fire unknown.
El Paso, Tex., Oct. l.—Aeeotdlng
lo advices teeeivfd ..here County
Judge Brewater and Foetmaeter M,
K. Ernest, ot Benutria. Tex., wan
way-layod and shot on Sunday while
enrouts from th* coble houss at
_rh*st mines to th* poat oflla*. Br-
ueet died on Tuesday.
BRIDEWATER, Con*., Oct I. —
Burglara for the doth Um* ant-red
ths Brtdswatsr post office early today blew open th* lot* with nitroglycerine and got away with about
$200 in etamp* and $100 in money, I
'Inert Is no due, Thl* I* alio tto
third time now a safe haa bean
blown opaa bt tha poat office
en upon lt otter shooting himselt.
There was nothing to indicate who
they were except a letter addressed
to Mrs. Bertha Footer, Ellenaburg,
Waah., aad written by Oharta* Kapp,
ot Ballard, to hi* slater.
Ths police believe that tho man
ia Kapp, as Kapp, of Ballard cannot
be found. The woman la believed
to be hla wife. He waa 80, aad ahe
25 yean of age, and very good looking.
    .      ♦
Mia* Wallace Hopper 9a** Shs Will
Stick to Bankrupt in Hil
Days of  Adversity.
New York, Sept. 29,-Th* announc*
mint here today by Edna Wallace
Hopper that shs ts going to marry
A, 0 Brown, despite his bankruptcy
and arrest tor alleged fraud In stock
dealings, has created no little surprise ln social circles, where It had
bean freely predicted that ths octree* would not marry th* broker
after his failure.
Miss Hopper soya thit the date
hoe not yet besn est, but that die
and Brown will be married anyhow.
Sto soys that sho received a $7,000
automobile from him as s preant
and think* that It Is nobody dss'a
badnesa what her fiance give* her.
Brown testified yestorady that ha
had given Miss Hopper on automobile valued ot $7,000.
jority on the first ballot and would
stand for Parliament in any event.
At this Juncture Mr. Brodeur arose
and called for harmony, warning
them in the above worda that the
outlook lor the Liberal party we*
exceedingly grave.
Guelph, Out., Sept. 29.—R. _. Borden's meeting here was in point of
enthusiasm one of the best he has
had. The attendance was small but
this was owing only to the fact
that the greatest number that could
be put into the.Opera House wee
etejhteen hundred. A' very, V_ge
crowd outside were compelled to return home without hearing the opposition leader,' it being impossible
to secure another hall for on overflow meeting. Mr. Borden dealt with
the evidence of maladministration of
the Laurier gfyvenunent and their
lax policy of immigration.
lngersoll,', Ont. Sept. 39.—R L.
Borden addressed a meeting here yesterday afternoon 'in the snouting rink,
8,800 people being present. He was
given a most enthusiastic reception.1
. Gelt. Sept. 29.—Fifteen hundred
people gathered In the opera house
last night to bear R. L. Borden
The crowd was so lor<e that an o.t-r
flow meeting was lieid in the skating-
rink at which the attendance . was
1,500. At both mejtl'irs the r-ep-
tlon given Mr. Borden wes enthui-
iastlc. No new points we made in
either of tho speeches.
George Fart*. Colored Trainer, Gala
Oft With Fines, Sorlous Charge
Having Doeu Withdrawn,
Oeorge Parle, the colored trainer of
tto Vancouver lacroaa* 'team, woo in
court this morning charged with hav
lag carried concealed weapon*, an-
with pointing a revolver la a lor
crosee gome riot lost Saturday,
On the flrat charge he wa* imad"
$10 and coots, I and on the sscond,
$50 and coote. Counsel sold It-
would be discharged from the service ot th* laeroaas club, wbich paid
the fines.
The charge ot shooting with intent
to do bodily injury was withdrawn.
their pi*
Pnaldsat aad Managing Director.
«,•( n.t.prv-Treasurer.
Head Office • • ■ Toronto      j
Capital {10,000,000 Rest $5,000,000
The Jones Hotel
Oatacre Street.
A Savings Bank Department will be
found at'the branches of tlie Hank in Canada, deposits of $1 and upwards are
received and interest is allowed at current
rates. The depositor is subject to no
delay in the withdrawal of the whole or
*ny portion of the deposit. Account! may
be oooeo* ia the names ol two or more per-
I. Mthdraw-i to be mado by any ono
et His ua—ter tr by .tho turvlvor.       "8
L, M, de OEX, ...,.,  Manager
learned bare, today tbat President
Rooeevelt ha* eent a confidential
friend ta New York, te look Into
workings of th* Republican Notional
Committee _*ae_Mr_M. Then ia
come dlaaaMrfaction aald te ha**
arioso lajgjliiiu the eonftirt of the
cam|»lpiwd report* hare reached
the president to tbe eflect that
National Committee baa aot
working In harmony with the Republican Nattoael  Committee.
Chairman Hitchcock of the Republican National Committee la expect
od la WaobtnfStoB tomorrow to bat*
conference erith the president.
Torento.     Sept.    SS.—Rot.    John.
PMajlo, formerly at Damon Olty id
BATTLING NELSON BARKS »»70 the Olty today dn hie way to Ham.
1       BY PEW MINUTE-' WORM. «*«-.
I '*_» you tateid t*l__t a hand (a!
Ban Franoisco. Sept. M.-Wbtn Bat- the preeent elections?" ha era* asked.,
tllng Nelson Scored his first knot-- "Bo. aot of my own accord, bub
out In tbo ring, tha puree tbat had if I am attacked I __jl certainly de-
m_- .« „,_. *m Wilbur WrlaHL for »«»n hung up con-sted of It and fa*} ayMf," be replied, " nn. I
Klva an order to Wilbur Wright, for n j-^,^ ,t, u iml at aaa* ahall not do *o la aay half -carted
the construction of fUty Wright _Me- mMti Indiana, in IBM, opt the de- way."
[-Mt,    The *MU_o It thk    ooa- featod pugilist   wot IMMI *m^ «_>   "You wiR aot be a candMatrt"
CHICAGO, Sept. 30-By tbo drat
ot January the tranoconUnental railroads hope to be able to increase
-light rates on mors thon eighty
commodities westbound and about
twenty commodltleo eaetbound between all points aad the Paciflc
eoaat. Conference* are being held
freoueetly aad traffic men admit that
aU tbe commodities ore being gone
with o view to making tn-
whera possible oad equitable.
The proposed increases, (f tbey become effective, will be from every
territory east of tbe Miaoouri river
to the Pacific ooaat and will average
from five to eight per.coot, above
tne present rate. The e_an_eo under consideration include agricultural 'instruments, beer, hananao, drug*
locomotives, .railway .supplies, oil,
matting and rugs, ton costs per hundred pounds, Iron and hardware five
cents per hundred poundo, Iron ond
steel orticlao, .cement'), ataol rails
and -auora, five oents p*r hundred
pound*, Th* propoeed Increase*
eaetbound from the Paciflc coast to
territory mat of Mississippi river,
roage about the oome, but there ore
less thaa one quarter of the number
of coi__oditia9 affected. Among
them are fish, machinery, and htdeo,
10 ceata per hundred, and soap five
cento par hundred.
im ■»'"■    ■   I>	
Effective June .Sth.
Trains Leave Udysmith
Sally at 9:00 ond 15:68.
Traiai Arrive at Ladyimith
_*Uy at 11:57 ond lilt".
cto.i. eotiRT m
Biotrtct Paooenger Agent.
|102 Government St., ^ —
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 44
Dealer- ln All Einda of
Meats Delivered free of charge on tbe
Shbrwat Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
.'tM%,***%%*.«.1».* <-»%.%■ <•>■%.■% %'**%1o4
And.-flliard Saloon!
Pool«__ English
I BHiard Tables.
Daily"P'rZe for Highest
Bowling Score.
Waah., Sept. SO.-The
town of Michel, B. C. waa again
awept by fire early Tuesday morning, the cause being unknown, .tactically all the business bouses were
wiped out. except the Groat Northern Hotel and tbe Kootenay Hotel,
a drug store, a barber shop and a
billiard hall. Tto loss Is eeUmeted
at 120,000 with email insurance
The property destroyed Includes the
general - store ot K. Selgel; the Western Grocery store belonging to
Rnnai-ikn. the butcher shop of Mr.
Vtasak. McEwen's Butcher ehop.
.fames Scott blacksmith *hop and. *wo
the printing plant of the Michael Reporter, belonging to Q' O. Meikle.
■■■« '     ''■*•*
NSW YOBK, Sept. 80-Th* now. re
dueed poetal rat* between thin country oad Eaglaad will go lato oOsct
this midnight. Many paraoaa ia
New Y-rk, ant parMeulorly maay
i_mm hoe***, have bean holding
beak mall to aat the booe-t ot
new rata, ea- aome of thla
wave «t moil will earn* Juat altar
midnight to eateh two ataamara that,
leave thaa.
Tha new letter rat* between t_»
countrloo haa paoa cut down *» lam
thaa sae halt what It waa. Letter-
may now be sent to Eaglaad ior .»-
eaatt, provided thoy do aot weUjb
more than oae ounce, - ormarly 11
coat flve eente aa ounce (or thl*
pottage, la Englaad the aamaeort
of a choage will ba made, a letter
coo-ag ta thla eouatry tor a penny.
th* tqulvaUnt to the Ualted Stat**
, .Ladyatnltt^O*	
The partnership her.tofore ex-
8ti___efcween the undersigned «
iUa^dtoolved by mutual consent   4J1 -M*8  due *? and
-ebt. -y the uodei-igned are pay*
'        aug. 26th 1 m
Full Stock of Miner.' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kinda o* Blackamltblng
Done ot Short Notice.
and Pastry
Always Fresh on Hond.
Wedding and Party  Cakeo Mod., te
Fruits and Candles ol All Kini.i
Prlcoo are    very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
Hotel Cecil
Brockville, Sept. 30-The feature of
the Conservative maaa melting hero
yaBterday afternoon wee the scathing
ilenuncia-on ot the O lobe editor by
Hon. Mr. Roblin, who likened hine
to Judoo Iscarlot. Mr. Roblin aald:
"I have th* oan- fear of J. A. Mao
ilonahl of ths Globe that I did when
I wat a boy of a email black anl
mat with a bushy Ull aad white
atripee down Ita bask, whose habits
were to rob chicken moats at night.
The animal, liko Mr. MaedonaM,
when disturbed In It* octe ot piracy,
woo content to mak* Iti defence wtt„
an odorode Bnoll. -The only i-Wtt
who to mak* m* eiek ot the stomach, t piece 3. A. MoedoneM oa_
hlo vHuporaMoa la tht* clooo."
The peat offloe authoritta* ar* look ;
lag forward to *o_a mi*u_d*ret*ad-
Inge of the aaw rule. The reduction
in rata* haa been mad* only on tot-
tor*. Ta* federal authorities fear
that aom* will sasum* tbe rate o_
postcards, aewopetero. paical* aadl
tbe Hke haa boon out, aad will asm-
la a lot of (tun lhat wiU hav* Ua
b* hnM bask for lack of poetage.
'•*• '■"      -*•	
-JONOlUJfU. S«pt. 80-Dr*. W. P.
Bftaekrhoff   aad J. Wayeaion    have.;
adtioad Ihe board of health of    thi*]
erty that thay believe thoy havo *uc-
ceoded in curing a toper patient  by
uolng the Noatln treatmaat  of    the-
Boot liquors end Cigars.
On the I~planade.
Ladysinith.   B. O.
The Best Butcher Shop
in Town is
Jdo. A. Ryan
Roberts Street
[Teacher of Music]
[Studio iu Williams' Blook
th* Noetln treat-eat aoaa-U la:
th* oas ol a preparatka a_eovarod
by 6r. Bayeka   Paaha, -Uroetor    of
the baperlal medical ochool at Cob-
stantlaoplo, oad Reeohed Boy, esn-
lor phyalelan of the oome Inatttu^
Mon. Ita completion oad the e-
shod ol treatmant followed la ooa-
nectloa   with th*   ramady have aot
I hotographer
First Class Photoa.
rat Avonuo
I «eo8»5eo9K«ewo»T»-^^^ pp
ffe'vo started out to get till the
trade thore is this season in regard to furs, No longer any occasion to send awny tor a single
thing. Tn addition to the new and
attractive stylos wo'rq showing,
we have tho biggest fur organization in Canada to draw from.
That means anything wanted we
can get. It means too, that you
know who you aro buying from,
and that you run no risks. Wo
invite tho most careful comparison of values, Our prices aro lho
Don't spend n cent un shoes un-
you  hnve seen  what we    can
do for you, both as to style and
Our shoes como direct frorii the
largest anil best manufacturers' in
Canada und have all the Intost
nineties ol style nml novelty. We
max**' -
hard    wear,    durability
sty I.
All wo ask is a ohnnco to show
,-ou  what   wt' have roady.
_iiss Haskyns lefi   town on Thurs-
dat\  "ii ili«- \ icioria train.
Mr.  i.   Whiteombe     returned   fro
his holidays on Thursday,
Miss Timothy was a passenger on
the \ lotut'in train on Thursdu^ morn
Mr. V. U. Harrison returned from
a business trip to Victoria on Wednesday evening.
Constable Cassidy went up to Nanaimo on tlie noon train yesterday
in connection with the Pepo trial.
Mr.  liognn, the mining mnn was in
town yesterday morning.
Mr. Joe Tassin landed back yesterday morning irom his trip to Hol-
gium. His parents stayed over in
Mr. W. fi. Fraser returned from a
business visit to Vancouver yesterday morning.
Mr.  Oeo.   Cavin   spent  n   few  days
in Vancouver during the week.
Mr. ,T. R Smith has returned from
the contention of the Firo Chiefs.
which wns held in Victoria.
Mr. W. E. Akenhead hns spent the
week in Cumberland, visiling his
wife's people,
Mr. J. M, Morgan of Victoria, was
in town yesterday and  today.
Road Foreman Callander and his
men have made a great improvement
to the sidewalk between Kay's store
and Siler's livery stables. The sidewalk at that point went down to the
alley-way by means ol two chutes
nnd in the winter time particularly
there were more pedestrians toling'
ifened down, the slides than cared (or
The Grand Duke    Ci,-;ar cho.  -
all brands.   It is made In town, in.l
is the best smoke in town. Don't i
get to call for it. X
Mr. Unr'sor nnd Vr. Harrison wcre
the lawyers engaged in the Itnll_n
ruse nn Wodncsdn.v night. Mr, Darker
i     i
windows If you want to see
something nice In the shirt
We hsve received nearly all
our fall shirts In and we guarantee them to give satisfaction
aa well as being the very newest.
W. E
was brought post lias-te from Nunaiino, anil bail to muster bis case at
i lie bench. .Mr- Harrison had bee-ii
engaged in a case gt Victoria and
was requisitioned nt the de| ol as
soon as lie got oil' tin- train. Perhaps this expl-liis why the learned
gentlemen proforred to discuss points
of law und practice nt the hur rather than to argue their respective
SA- FRANCISCO, Oct. l.rpwea
Moran, • tbe -Bgliah featherweight,'
last sight won the decision. . over
_ddle Heniou, a t%htw«igitl, after
twenty rounds of fighting, despite
* dl-eroaco ia : weight.' of eight
pounds In faVor.of. the Caliiorblan.
ilorau had the better of ...tbe.. light
from start to finioh' and ih only "one
round did Uanlon.' have the advantage. ,'"'■■;.
lioraa started '' in' to make hia
tight ffom the tap. of .the initial
gong, and iltopt constantly' after hio
opponent until the contest ended. In
the very first round he dazed' Han-
Ion with ' a rapid fusilude of left
punshee to the face which be varied
with solid rights lo ths body. Huu-
;lon waa no match in cleverness -for
the ehifty Britisher, and. soon realls-
ed that bis only hope of victory lay
In close range fighting. Moron, how
ever, was not caught napping and
kept up a merciless peppering of
Hf—don's (ace. In the seventh round
he hod the blood '(lowing in streams
from the Calil'ornian's noae. In the
thirteenth round ths only one in
which llanlon had any advantage,
the Englishman was caught in a neutral corner. Uanlon shut o wicked
right to the stomach that sent Moran reeling into tbo middle of the
ring. llanlon followed this advantage with a couple of faco smashes.
That was as far as ho got. The
Britoa covered up end when the
round terminated he went entiling t >
his cornor.
Moran in the succeeding rounds hit
Uanlon almost at will, Hanlon's
nose was badly cut,, his lips split,
aod both eyes wore all but closed
Henlon gave a remarkable exhibi
tion of gameness and despite tht
heart-breaking puniohment that wan
boing meled out to hlm he wat always fighting back bard and several
times tht Knglithmaii was forced to
~~* .   I •tall-
There is one good tiling to be   got' P
in Victoria..    Thnt is Winch's   Grand  LONDON'S    NEW LOUD    MAYOR.
Duke Cigar which is on sale at Wos-1 	
lerndnle Railway Cigar Store, oppo-     .London,    Sept.    29 Having    set
site the 10. & N. station, at the tight as an Alderman for twenty-
.lames' Buy Cigar Store, opposite five years, and filled the office of
the (.'. P. II. Hotel and at the Huh sheriff for one term. 8lr George.
Cigar Store on Government Street Truscott today went through the
run by Lewis unil lilvans. X solemn farce of being elected     Lord
p — Mayor of the City of London. Time
was—some 300. or more years ago—
liie Brotherhood of Owls will meet when the Lord Mayors    wero really
on Tuesday the Oth inst to transact olected by the citizens. But the alti-
huslness of Importance.   AIJ members crmen-they are elocted for life-took
.   , .      4i   j counsel among themselves, and     de-
are requested to attend. cld0(1 lhat „ Bpositioll s0 'mttlM „„
* that o( Lord Mayor should not ho
all cleared away; hut the smoke (rom thrown open to outsiders and made
Winch's Grand Duke Cigars is gain, dependent an popular favor. Conso-
ing in volume all the time. The moro quently they fixed things so that
you smoke them the more you like every alderman, if he live long en-
them.                                                X nugh, is assurred of becoming a lord.
I mayor. When the last Lord    Mayor
There will be a full practico of tho jm f**<* Sir George, waa next iu
Ladysmith Male Voice Party In tho _"• .">r tbe honor and now      t   is
Opora House on Sunday evening at m*_tu™ t0 take the Civic chair.
8.15 p.m. Every member, is requested Tne election    which  always takes
lo lie present placo on Michaelmas day,    is    one
. of the     most    quaint and    striking
..ceremonials  of  the  City of -London
The Ulwrnls havc secured spacious that have survived the change     of
committer rooms iu Morrison's block
and the genial  John  Joshua 'Jones
is on dally duty and is only to willing to take In the unwary.
There is to ho n Grand Masquerade'     NOTICE 'It)  CONTRACTORS..
Hall in the Opera House on  _hurs- ____   .
dny evening, October 22nd. Sixteen Scaled tenders, su|ier»crll»d..l"J'im-
prizes in nil are offered, and the der for School house," will be reprice of admission is only $1.00 celved hy the Hon. tho Chief Corn-
each for gents, ladies being free. The missioner up tn noon on Tuesday,
music will lie provided by Robinson's the lilth Octolmr, 1908, for the crec-
orchestrn, and Mr. H. Thornley will t|„n and completion ol it largo onu-
aot as floor manager. Spectators ro„,,, frame school-house at Court-
will lie admitted nt ">0 rents oach. Cnny, Comox Electoral District.
Doors will be opened at 7.30 and l'lniiK, specifications, .contract and
the Grand March is timed for 8.30 fornls „( tender mny Iio seeii on and
p.m. after tho nth clay of October, 1908,
♦ ' at    tho    offices  of the (lovernmcnt
,„;   ,.   ■ ,   ,    Agent.  Cumberland,  of    R,   Carter,
The W.  C. T.  h.  will hold    their r<i{|.    Secretary of tho School Board
regular monthly social on   Monday, .courtenay.  and  n ttho Landa   nnd
Oct. Sth.    All mombors   and    thoir Works Department, Victoria, B, C.
friends     nre    requested to    attend. j_ch proposal must  he nccompan.
Good programme; refreshments nerv- ied by „„ Hcl.1,,)tc,| |mni; chcquo    ol
sd. certificate of deposit  on  n  churtor
• ed bonk of Canada,    mado payable
The  munugomonl  of  tiic    footbull i» tho Honourable tho Chief     Corn-
club are expecting three now players mlsslnncr fnr a sum equivalent     to
from Winnipeg.    Word    has boon ro- ten per cent   of the amount    of the
ceiled that thev will leave on   Mon- t"""0f.  which, shnll  Im   orfoited     If
flic   n  come  with big repu- ™? Illirty tcndurlng decline to   enter
•. j-o-UWH-a*1
t.«ons!~and"sh.uiti' they'innke good Into 'contract when called upon tc
ohould ,1,-terinlly strengthen tho 'I" so. or II ho fall to complete the
local  line-up.
work contrnctod for. The ehoquo   or
certificates  of  deposit  of unsuccessful tenderers    will be     roturnod    to
M. IVpo. the Itiillnii, who was «eiit  thom upon lhe execution of the con-
up for trial on the charg.- of break- tract.
ing into a Chinaman's cabin' atul
stealing therefrom #1-5.10 ivns yesterday sentenced to three ybars' Imprisonment   by Judge Harrison.
In their friendly mntch tomorrow
with Victoria, Nannimo nre trying
out n new right full-back, named
Sutherland who Is suid 16 havo
come from Aberdeen. Scotland.
Tondors will not lie considered unless made nut nn the forms supplied
Signed with thn actual signature ot
tlio tenderer, and enclosed in the on
velopes furnished.
" Tho lowest nf nny tender not ns-
.cessnrliv accepted.
Pulille Works Engineer
Tjinds find Works Department,
Victoria, .B.  C  3rd  October,  1908.
Headquarters For
Post Cards
Colored Views .2 for fto
Fancy Oards, 5c, 10o„ 15c,
and 25c
Photo Oards..... .3 for 26o*
We have a larger reserve stock
of Postcards than any other store
in Ladysmith have to show.
Knight's Book Store
Tb* iyjhiftaias are   ve.i. at tintcn
f_lirj. dp'OTOIvu!
_i__^'_ji_ji    . ' '.  -t-^-Ib. <;•-.,,
Ing V.
■ wan j
Uu-ky ■'■■
^s oil',:
Veat'a ago n  NTcTr
-walking ttloni^ tlje atit'eafc
yilte  wlieif he espied.,a
eitting'- in  the sun  brusl
ot. himsuK- ' '■    '   '
'"Well, l.ttsfcus," the \>\n\\ov htiiil,
pausing to address the.-ybui'h, 'do
you manage to keep busy ■ i iio&o
"Yes si ih/'  returned the boy.
I    "Very   busy?"   queried   the   s Isll >if
in an uribdHoving tone of voico.
I    "All  the time snh,"  said the bo.v,
"At it  now?"  grinned  the visitor
,    "Ynssuh,"  snid   tho  liny,
"What  is  your      business—shooing
flies?'/ asked the visitor.
1    !'No suh. My business is just grow-
In'   suh,"     explained   the     youth..—
Judgo. , i "l        'ill      )
All Work Guaraat»_,(.
are in a class by themselves iu
point of STYli, MATKHTAJ,
Tho styles this season are
smart nnd attractive.
TWO     lirNDHlOl)      tailored
skirls to choose from;  all colors—in the now clothes.
Price ranging from   I
$3.25 to $10.50
Notico is hereby given thnt, tlio
first meeting nf the nnniml " -■ i-t .
of Revision on the nsseiijmi i r -11
ns propnrcd by tbo uBsessoi* of t-ie
i City of Laclymnith, will be hold In
the Council Chiunbei's. T,arly_-th on
Wednesdny, 4th Noyoinbi-r. 1908, at
7 o'clock, p.m.
J. RTKWAli'l'
Come and  Make Your
Selection—new stock
fresh in.
J..E Smith,   .Roberts Stree
penturies. On tlie day pf the election
the court of aldermen and councll-
twen, pnd members of tho ancient
city companies or "Liveries" assemble in tho Guildhall, Outside tho
bulldiTur a barrier is stretched, iu
which stand a scoro of gates bearing
tho names of tho rlty companies—
The Clothworkors", "The Fishmongers," "Tho Diupei-s" and so on.
Outside thc gates sweot herbs are
strewn to preserve the civic dignitaries from the fevers of the crowd.
This survival always amuses thc present dny crowd and is an object los
son in tho progress of sanitation.
Stanford University, Cal.. Sept.
80.—Sulufring from some irrituut pol
ion said to havo liven placed in tl.u
food at the University Inn liy a ro
vengeful Chinese cook who had been
dlschargo.1, about 20fl Stanford students are todny recovering from tx
flight of agony causod by this unknown substance placed In tho (lour.
Sovoral students wore temporarily
conlhicil to the hospital, and many
others became too weak to leava
tholr rooms.
Only the prompt aid rendered hy
the campus physicians when those
who h_.1 ooten at the inn were selz
sd with severe cramps about mid
night, le believed to have proventet
more serious illnesa. Tho managers
of ths inn aro no* having the food
analyzed to determine whnt wno used
to carry    out the Celestial revengo.
The Time
The Place
The Town
' The time to buy is now,
to buy is 18th Avenue
Grand View, and tho town In which
the place
closo to
to buy ts
I i
"'rT'-W'''"!::   ,'
We hove (or sale s fow choice lots
in this location which wo nre clos-
f .
Ing    out   ot   tho original     price of
1100.00 o lot.   Terms $50.00 cash
and the balance at 11 ll.on a month.
Buy direct from' the owners,
Blocks of land,    near Ladysmith,
from 5 to 10 ncrcB.   For particulars
apply  to  O.   Gardner. slfi-liii
FOR SAIjE—A house on tho corner
of Mothuon and Third Ave. Sin
rooms and pantry, half a 'lot, .out-
tivntod. with fruit trees. Apply on
The Last
.    -of-
Visit the Foundry and make
your own choice. Vou will
save time and money, ami get
better satisfi ition.
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
V ■    premiSi
! Clearance
I     Sale
Entire Stock to Go.
For bargains in wiitohes,chains,
bronchos, pins and rings, you
havo a choice of a life time.
For the noxt 80 days you enn
got tho highest quality Jewelry
,ut your own price—as everything
must go.
Suitsand Blouses
.J.wolry  Store
1st Avenue
B.   C.
Beady fop Business
All kinds of Stationery
Tobacco and Pipes
and Past Cards
Come and See Us
li. HUGHES, 1st Avenue
A Full Line of Clothing
Are  Being Cleared
(Jut. At Bargaiii
Call and be convinced.
s. _
John Thomas
A True
Our Winter Stock of
with W_tei proof Soles
lhe Shoe Men.
First Avenue,
Ifiiclystnith, B. C,
cn      d    ! GEAR S
j tlkenS BrOS  Ideal Grocery
At th» Abbotaford Hotel.   .     A othing Better for Ureakftvftt
Transfer Notice*
1 HEIIEIIY givo notlco that 1   In-
i tend    to   mako application    to tho
llouril of Licensing Commissioners ot
' tho    City ol   Ijndysmith, at    tholr
next rogular meeting, lor a transfer
of tlie retail liquor liconse now hold
by mo in respect to tho     Portland
Hotel, Liidysmith,  trom myself
John Barclay ami .lohn Conlin.
Ladysmith, B. C, Sopt. Oth, 08.
' 1 hureliy give notice thnt 1 intend
lo mako iiiiplli'iil'oii In tho Dqard
of l.io'iisi ig Colninisslonorl of the
City'of Idiilysnillh, ut thoir ncj(t
roitulnr meeting, for a truiiHfor of
tho retail liquor license now hold by
me in respect tho (Juoon's Hotol,
l.ad.vsmllh, from myself to, ltofiinrcl
(lerard. .-■■.■
'        ,   Ll'lOTOU) LRPASi     ,
Ladysinith, 11.'C, Oct. 1, KMIfl.
I • Notice Is horoby given thnt wc Iti-
Inmt to apply to the Llconso Com.
uiissiiiners of the Oily of Uidi-smlth
nl their noxt regular moot Ing. for a
.transfer of the rotnll liquor llcenso
now held by us for Ihe promises
known . ns the jLndysmlth Hotol,
Lndysmllh. B, ,0., from ourselves to
Joseiih Cnrtwrtght.    ,
•TosiiT-rr. .cvnTH-monT.
.'■notirr. lunoTjAY.
Tiarlysmlth, Tl. C, Sept. i, 100S.
my Stock of Latest Style! In
, Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Spoclolty.
High Street.
C. Peterson's
Furniture Store
And Buy'a Ball-Boarlng New
Century Washing Machine,
with Wringer Attachment—the
only Perfect WaBhlng Machine-
Exceptionally Strong and Attractive
In Tapestry Covering   $10.00
In Velour Covering   $18,011.    .
A Few Bargains in Furniture
Combination Dressers at,   $8.00
Lounges, mndo tip neat and substantial, for     18.50
Baby Carriages,    now    going at   10
por eont discount.
C. Peterson
Furniture Store
Phone 1-8,-
**irst Areau*.
Mist KMlrlil «r Mist
lust HiHlii im ctitni
carptiltr nr_.___> ,
J3K   M OBRIAN   %
Just Arrived
Call and See Them
Terms to Suit all Buyers
Ladysmith Pharmacy.
Just Arrived
A New Lin? of
Novelties ftrtcl
Fiinoy Goods at
Right   Prices.
KIcKelvie Bros.
i Stookings
, — **
;    Good Wearing Ladies j'
I Stockings at 50c. a pair.
Splendid Children.;
Stockings at 25c. and 30o.;
a pair.
FANCY   GH>0D8  «T0R_.
J-l. t ■—■■_. I.I..I..I..I   I  t  lt,.|..|..|. ■■.«-_  _i
*VV *T*W7rTTTrTt rrrTTTTrrf' I


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