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The Ladysmith Chronicle Apr 10, 1909

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Vol. I.
With .Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Ladysmith, li. C, Saturday, April 10, 1909.
Winnipeg, April ?.—Documents ol
great historical value, which have
lain hidden for almost half a century
were discovered when the old St.
Boniface cathedral was razed to tho
level of the cornerstone at tho front
base of the venerable structure.
When the last piece of solid masonry had been lifted from the hollowed
stone a compact cedar box of small
dimensions was disclosed within a
foot or two of the ground. It wns
in a perfect state oi preservation and
contained ln two glass receptacles,
carefully sealed with red wax, a com*
plete record of the Catholic church
ln western Canada prior to 1862, together with several small gold medals representing the emblems of the
Obiate order, unucr whose auspices
the edifice was erected.
The articles which were found were
removed to the archbishop's palace
and the receptacles betore uelng opened were puutogruphed. The most
Important document was found in
tne larger ot the two holders, a flat I
bottle seven inches in height, and
solidly was this scaled that   it
the vestry was completed and served as a church until the following
year when the cathedral was built.
The formal consecration of the cathedral did not take place until Sunday, Sept. 18, 1887, because of thc
rule that no templo can be dedicated
until it is free from all encumbrance. It was the first time that
such a ceremony had taken place, in
western Canada.
Dread fruit Pest.
Two Interesting
Football Matches
Provincial Fruit Inspector Cun
ningham received a batch of exceedingly unwelcome visitors last week.
They came from France, and thc
family name is euproctis chrysorrho-
ea. These are nothing more or less
than the caterpillars of the dreaded
brown tail moth that is at present
causing consternation among fruit
growers and nurserymen in Ontario.
At present. British Columbia is free
' from tbe pest, and fortunately there
is but little danger of its getting in,
as every imported tree gets individ
ual examination. The batch tound
came in a packet of nursery stock
from France. These pests not only
ruin the fruit and forest trees, but
thc hairs from the caterpillar, if
they get on a    human being, cause
Ladysmith is pretty well filled with
footballers to-day. The Victoria
United team arc scattered around
and the All-California team are en-
Joying the sights of thc city. These
two games are good drawing cards
and tho sport-loving public will see
two classy games of football. The,
Victoria- Ladysmith game starts at
B0 serious illness, and if the person af-
 .   .._.    ..  was fected happens to bo in poor health
found necessary to break tho glass in at the time, most likely death will
order to open it'. The document coni ensue. The eggs are laid 200 and
eisted of ten pages of tough-tlbered' 300 at a time, on the under side of
paper about the size of foolscap,' the leaves early in July, and In a
cioBdy written in French on both short time thereafter the tree affect-
sides of the paper. In all there are cd will have its leaves skeletonized,
about 3000 words, and the execution The caterpillars are also great trn-
n.ay have occupied several days for\ vcllers and have a bad habit of drop-
the entire article seems to have been ping from the trees to buggies or
written with slow methodical persua- j autos, and thereby getting a free ride
Bl'on, and Is In a beautiful hand. Thc to new scenes of operations. Mr.
work represents that of an artist on Cunningham says that no worse
copperplate, and throughout there Is curse could get into British Colum-
not a single error. j bia orchards.
The document is headed "La   Re-	
corde de la Mission de la Ktvlorc
Hougo"—(The Record of the Red
River Mission,) and is signed witb!
tho mitia.s C. M. M., O. M. I.. 1862
Ladysmith Day.
Mayor Nicholson    has recoived tho
following letter which explains Itself:
To His   Worship the   Mayor, Lady-
" smith, B. C.
Dear Sir:—Tlie date of June 17th
having been nssigned to you nnd du-
lt is believed   that the   author was
Charles   M.   Metre,   O. M. I.,   who
passed   away   in    l'aris, France,    ini
The exceptional value ot this.Interesting link with the past lies in the
fact that the entire archives, library
and register of the earlier churches I,       "   ,  . -■---..—-
and missions were destroyed in thei1? accePwd, It is necessary that we
conflagration   which   wiped out   tho have,  at  your  earliest convenience,
old   cathedral   of   "turretB   twain" full     details   regarding   your   pro-
fame on Dec. 14, 1860    The article I grarame and requirements    in
contains a very complete record   of "                ....
events and progress since the   first m  ^^   °l bMa-    meeting places,
years of the last century, and   will  lighting service, guards, music, etc.,
clear up many vexed iqiiestions in rc-| at least such as cah be furnished by
gard to the   early history of   botbjtne exposition management,
the Catholic church here and the de-     T _„,,,.   .       ....
velopment of western Canada. The; l would BUg*est that ?ou eomraun-
paper Is in tho bands of Archbishop j lcato w|th us from time to time, givj
Langevin, and will be given to   the,' Ing us    Information   regarding your
a pfetty sick looking bunch. The accommodation of the tug is poor at
the best, but a crowd of about twenty men Jammed in a small space
with a big sea running was unpleasant.' A'uam, of the local football
team, and Will Ellis, who is looking
after the financial ond of tbe trip,
accompanied the team, and when the
boat started to roll, it was a race
l.ctwncn these two who would reach
deck first to say New Yock. Spectators of this interesting race say it
was a tic. At any rate they were a
pretty sick looking pair after they
had fed tho fishes. Sam Goodman,
the manager of the All-California
Steam, previous to leaving Vancouver
'partook of a hearty meal of cracked
crabs, and when the boat started to
«*rock he could    not look overboard,
Harry Elliott, Coptain of the All California
Football Team.
5 p. m. this evening and tbe All
Callfornia-Ladysmlth game starts at
3 p. m. sharp to-morrow. Thc general admission is 25 cents and it is
hoped everyone will turn out and
make thc games a success.
public ln English ln a short, time.
Tbe other receptacle was a small
glass amber jar. The wax top was
taken off this Jar Intact and bore the
Imprint of the Into Archbishop 'radio's seal. It was ln this holder that
twelve small medals were found neat*
ly wrapped ln paper inscribed on the
outside, and they rested on a layer ol
pink cotton batting. In addition to
these and evidently in order to ensure the safe delivery of the records
to posterity, a carefully written
summary of the larger document was
enclosed. Full details of these disclosures will also be given out by
Archbishop Langevin.
When the old cathedral was erectej
in 1862 the tomb of Mgr. Provench-
er, the first archbishop of western
Canada, was opened in the presence
of the pnrlshoners, nnd the remains
were removed to a vault beneath the
altar of the edifice which had Just
been taken down. This vault was
opened and the remains, along with
those of Archbishop Tnche, Lieut.-
Oovernor Cauchon and Mgr. Fnrand,
were respectfully taken, out and
placed in a private npartmont preparatory to Interment beneath the
sanctuary of the new cathedral.
The work of taking down the old
cathedral was commenced last De-
comber, and so permanently. was lt
constructed of solid masonry and
sturdy timber that the contractors
are only now concluding their labors*
For some ot the work dynamite had
to be used. With the view trom the
street cleared the face of the new
basilica presents a massive towering
appearance and great architectural
beauty and symmetry.
At the timo the historic old pilo
was orected the chief route ot travel
was hy water, and tlio small settlements hero nt that timo could be
numbered by scores. It wns at one
time the most Imposing structure in
all ot -western Canada, nnd its parish
was practically all of the west. In
those days the buffalo humtcrs came
ln trom the western plnlns by the
Asslnlbolne, the York boats ot the
Hudson's Dny company piled to and
trom the mouth of the Churchill;
trappers, voyngonrs,- plainsmen, settlers all mado Fort Gurry their headquarters.
The first St. Boniface cathedral
was built ln 1822 by Abbe Provonch-
er, and the edifice which has just
been rnzed to the ground was commenced in tha spring ot 1862, after
tho late Archbishop Tacbo had made
an oxtcnslvo Journey to thc province
ot Quohee nnd to Europe to raise
tunds   lor Its  erection.   In the tall
plans as fast as matured, which will
also greatly aid us in obtaining the
necessary publicity to bring about
successful and desirable results.
Thanking you for your kindness,
and assuring you of our appreciation
of your attention to this letter, I
am, very truly yours, "" lb@
Director ot Amusements, ceremonies,
and Special Events.
Seattle, April 8th, 1903.
Great Novelist Dead.
Sorrento, ' April 9.—F. Marlon
Crawford, the novelist, died here nt
half past seven o'clock to-night.
Fancls Marion Crawlord. was Don,
at Bugnl dl Lucca, Italy, on August
2nd, 1854, the son ol Thomas Crawford, tbe sculptor. He was partly educated at Concord, N. H., and
Trinity College, Cambridge, afterwards studying for some two years
at Karlshruhe and Heidelberg. In
1876 he went to the university ot
Rome, where he spent two years In
the study ot Sanskrit. In 18(9 he
went to India, where lie was editor
of the Indian Herald, published in
Allahabad. His experiences and observations In that country are re
fleeted in some of Mr. Crawford's
novels, notably ln "Mr. Isaacs," the
first to gain lame.
Thc Scotchmen of Vancouver aro
pleased with themselves at being thc
first team to beat thc crack All-
California team and the large crowd
who witnessed thc match claim it
was the best soccer game ever play-
In Vancouver, and it -Is a Bure thing
the California boys will never forget
their trip on the transfer. The boys
are resting at tbe Abbotsford aud
.at the time of going to press aro all
sleeping peacefully.
The California football team met
with its first reverse in British Columbia yesterday faternoon at Recreation park, Vancouver, when the All-
British Columbia Scotch team defeated the visitors by a score of 5
goals to A ln the classiest exhibition
of soccer seen at Vancouver this season. The game was fast and exciting at all stages, and the big crowd
wns most enthusiastic over the exhibition. The half-time score was two
all. In the second period tho Scots
ran in 3 goals in a row, and appeared to have the game won handily,
but the Cnllfornlans kept hustling,
and a goal by Elliot was followed
by a penalty, which wns converted.
After that the visitors tried desperately to even up, but failed by, the
nnrrowest margin. Adam and
Crutckshnnks represented the Island.
is little to do. Mr. Kent says he
can think of no conceivable reason
why his wile shouTd be taking mysterious packages from any person,
known or unknown. The attendance
at the inquest tonight will be beyond tho capacity of any hall in
Moose Jaw.
Local and
The Black Hand society is again
at work ln Revelstoke, and recently
two prominent citizens received
threatening letters.
of Cbilliwack, is spending Easter
holidays with friends in Ladysmith
and Nanaimo.
Two samples of milk furnished the
people of Kamloops were a tew days
since found to be adulterated with
gelatine, according to the provincial
analyst, and the offending milk vendors are to be prosecuted.
A bush fire between Fourth and
Fifth, avenue on Methuen street,
brought out the fire brigade yesterday afternoon. It did not take long
to extinguish the iblaze, which Is supposed to have been started »y some
boys playing.with matches.
The Colonist
The Victoria Colonist of yesterday
morning contained a thrilling   story,
of   the   domestic   relations   of Mr.
3teve Decker   and   his wife, of thi3
city. The story made very Interesting
reading, but the essential element  of
truth seems to be lacking.   The story;
is to the   effect   that the police of
Victoria    received   a   telegram   on
Thursday' which read:   "Find   Steve
Decker.    Mrs. Decker and   baby are
. dying. Poison."   It was stated that
Miss Margaret Ramsay, formerly of the telegram was sent to a friend of
Ladysmith public schools, but   now Decker's at Victoria, but as the lat-
ter's whereabouts wero not known,
the wire was banded to thc police,
who started out to find him. The
story goes on to ted how Decker
was finally located and the message
shown to him and that he and hia
wife bad a quarrel and as be haJ
been given a months' leave ot absence from his duties at tbe Ladysmith smelter he went to Victoria.
His wife, he stated, bad on previous
occasions threatened to take her own
life but he did not think tbat she
would have attempted it. Decker
waited about the police station' last
night tor some time awaiting further
news of the condition of the woman
and baby but no further details were
Tbe foregoing story is denied by
Mr. and Mrs. Decker. The former
says he went to Victoria on Thursday morning to consult a physician.
While there he was iniormed by a
friend that Mrs. Decker had been asking for him by telephone and he was
wanted nt homo at once. Just before tbo train lelt Victoria tor Lady«t
smith he read the story roterrcd to
in the Colonist, but he was in a bus*
ry to catch tho train and had no
time to go to tho newspaper office
and contradict the statements made
in that paper.
Mrs. Decker gives as her ronson ton
.■--■—-•--  "* '   '     that the par-
Tho lacrosse sticks have arrived,
and have nearly all been disposed of.
The first practice will take place
next Monday afternoon. It turns out
that there are many old-time lacrosse players here who are anxious
to get into tbe game once more.
Mayor   Nicholson   went    down to
Victoria   on     Wednesday and inter-
I viewed Barrister Taylor with regard
I to the sewer by-law. Mr. Taylor  informed    thc mayor that tho by-law
I was not defective in any regard, and
| William Brent & Co. have been   informed of this advice.
' am Goodman, Manager of the   AU-Colif
nia Footbal | Team.
The California team arrived in the
city this morning on the tug Czar.
They left Vancouver at 1 o'clock thin
morning and arrived hero about   9,
but just brought the crabs back tor
old times sake. Perkins-Weaber and
company were not backward in the
Victoria United landed here nt
noon with a strong fast team and Intend trying the Btrength ofthe locals
in the Senior Island league fixture.
The local team will in all likelihood
be the same as published in Wednesday's issue and the Victoria team
will line up as follows:
BncksMPrevont, Lawson.
Halves—Bailey, Petticrew, Fairie.
Forwards—Okell, Cullen, Sidger,
Carter, Buxton.
An indication ol tbo great rush ol
American immigration to Canada! ;■'■**• ^"L^™1 ,„„, ... _.
west this year is found in the tact telephoning Victoria, that the par-
that during the Inst month 485 cars1"*1" °' the cffild recently adopted by
arrived at Moose Jaw over the 8oo;h<!r Wttn,tcd V'0 ""le one. and ehc
line. Most of the effects wero sent WB8ani*0US to consult witb her bus-
on to Alberta points. It is believed!ban*** Mr»' , D?,kc.r. *"«- **? uttl«
that next month these flg.rcs will one since ts birth three months ago.
be doubled I an<i intended to adopt it.    The ba-
  j by's twin sister died and tho mother
wanted  the other child back.    This
Mr.   Thcodoro   Bryant   risked the
      .......    .........       tuio
naturally upset Mrs. Decker, and it
terrors of a rolling sea yesterday nf-j may be "tliat iii theT confusion oTher
ternoon to rescue a couple of ' boys surroundings at the time her telo-
who had been marooned on one of | phono message was misconstrued,
tbe islands out in tbe harbor. When' This is the only reason Mr. and Mrei
Mr. Bryant's craft hove in sight the .Decker are able to give lor what
boys had   made  up their  minds to now seems to be nothing more than
1 a fairy storv.
Mysterious Murder
Case at Moose Jaw
Anniversary Services.
The Sunday school anniversary at
the Methodist church will be held on
Sunday and Tuesday evenings. In
the morning nt 11 a. in there will
bo Easter service, ln tbe afternoon
ut 2:30 the children will render it
number   ot   sacred
Moose Jaw, April 8.—The mystcrl-, mystery In his movements. Tho tele-i
ous circumstances surrounding the i P^ 8irl J|oard part of the eonver
sudden death of Mrs. Kent may not
Mr. Walter Myles hns -.loved   out
to his ranch.
The Chronicle iu notified that business bouses generally will close on
At L»ilyBtnith, April 4th, to the
wife ol Mr. Atkinson, Fourth avenue, a girl.
Mclsaac and McNamoe nre training
hard lor their 20-round glovo contest
on the evening ol April 20th. lb is
understood that McLaglcn will challenge the winner.
This evening Rev, G. M. Ambrose
will unite ln marriage Mr. J. H.
Morgan and Miss Knte Halbway,
who ban just arrived In Lndysmith
from Newport, Wales. The wedding
supper will he held nt tbe home ol
Mr, William Jones.
be explained at the coroner's Invest!
gation to-night, nnd it is now certain that several adjournments will
be necossary. It Is known definitely that violent poison, supposed to
be nrsenlc, caused thc woman's death
Out ol the mass ot amazing rumors being wildly circulated the item
ol chiet interest Is the utter apathy
displayed by the Regina provincial
authorities in tho affair which has
created more intorcst thnn any crlmf)
that ever disturbed th u section. Locally lt may bo said that nothing is
being done, nnd A. J. Kent, husband
ot the deceased, has protested several times ln no uncertain mannor.
Failure of the local police to tako
hold of the   caso ln a
sation between Mrs. Kent and the
woman who Bent the poison and
there seemed to be some understanding between them. Tho only mysterious fentnre of this part ot tbe caso
is that Mrs. Kent so readily swallowed the stuff which caused death a
lew hours inter. Mrs. Kent's health
was excellent, she wns li no condition that would have caused her to
employ a quack doctor for any purpose, yet she did receive and take a
Dottle ol so-called medicine which resulted in death. It is not thought
for a moment that the woman who
sent the poison and the buy who delivered It have left town. In fact
the departure of a boy and u woman
trom Moose Jaw just now would excite suspicion.
It is a subject ot   open comment
that a   detective   of any particular
skill and experience should have lo-
. cnted thc boy  who was used as    a
businoBsllkol messenger with no difficulty and then
spend the night on thc island.
The Grand Trunk Pacific will not
locate Its townsites along Its route
in British Columbia until next year.
During the coming summer the selection of the townsites on tbe prairies will be made. The sale of lots Iti
the new townsites between Winnipeg
and Edmonton is surpassing expeeta.
In the report of thc meeting of the     —
hospital   committee in last Wednes-\aamher   ot   SMt,ii   »*■-•«<*.   «*
day's issue of tbe Chronicle it was ';•*■ sP,ecira „/S S^^St *'"•
'.....„ ... be a short adares3 on the value ol
stated that 48 per cent, oi the mtn- children to the state, to thc parents,
ers were in favor ot the hospital. et0i In the evening there will be ser-
This was a mistake, tt should have vlce ftt 7 p. in. Tho children will
been that at least 98 per cent, ot tbe!8ing „„,! tako part in the servic
miners were strongly In tavor of the i viUl ancred songs nnd recitations,
establishment of a hospital ln Lady-j.pi,,, pilstor wm 9pea|, 0B tuc subject
smith, of parental responsibility.   A gallery
is being erected on the platform to
seat the Sunday school, leaving the
usual seating room In the church for
the congregation. The choir will assist the singing.
On Tuesday evening tbe full program will be carried out by Sunday
School and Choir. All are cordially
Tbe present programme at the Opera   House   includes   tbe    beautiful
story of Enoch Arden, together with
tbe other subjects.   Manager Perray
explains that Mr. T. Lewis was  engaged for the week, but was suffering from a cold.  Mr. Lewis will pos*
itlvely   sing next   week.    The   new
service   ot the   Klelne   Optical Co.
starts on Monday and includes the
latest and best pictures that can  be
obtninod, and in order to advertise
the new programme   Monday night I   There was a gratifying attendance
the management Is ottering a prize ol'„, D,    .„,,_,,    ..... .  ,   . .
15.00   to   the   person   holding   the i ntK 8t •'«*■ »    «l"«rch Inst evening,
lucky number.   Every person paying*vIien Stalners   "Crucifixion,"   was
admission gets a coupon which   en-       i'""
titles tho holder to a chance tor the
The "Crucifixion."
way is   duo   purely to innbllity to I to locate the" woman "woufd",laturai-
grasp the   situation.   Tho force   1b  ly follow.
7^™.^°$*"*^ Pf.M1<!lng tlleLThe funornl wll, oexcur to-morrow. • ernment Sei
big town nre houvy.   For this reason  Moanwhilo tfio mother nnd father oil Yellowstone    Park   Hold
many persons   have    urged thopro-l tbo dead woman will remain here v» tattTfc?&i*y thrill!™ p,"tPUre
til  something deftnlto grows  out of » /-..•".■■"».i-."-***1™
the Inquest.   As far as Is known onlji
the husband and doctor who attend-
e* Mrs. Kent have been summoned to
vinclal government to send two or
three good men at onco to Moose
Four days have possod since ono of
the best known    women ot the city
was sent a package of poison' by a
10-year old   boy.
saw the lad.
On account ol this being Holy
Week, the attendance at the Novelty
has not been quite as large as formerly, but the pictures were quite as
Interesting and attractive as any yet
presentation .      	
was very attractive. For the first
three nights ot next week tho programme will bo: "Impoverished Statue," "Thc Water- Sprite," "A
Bashful Young Man," "In the Government Service," and "Tho Great
rendered by the choir, assisted by
Mrs.. J. A. Knight and Miss Lewis,
sopranos, nnd Mrs. Parrott, alto.
The bass solos were taken by Messrs.
W M. Allister mid Alfred Gould, nnd
the teuors by J. J. Thomas and.
James Molynetix. Mr. Job Smith
presided nt the organ, Tbo music is
very difficult,   and it   may be   said
....■■..-iivi- i.h anv vmi ■•"' '■■■••'•■"■"I   *■•"' "•   ra»y "e   saia
»<>>>><„ n..u .ih.iih.iiyi  sh any yei   ..... .,., .
.  .?,   . _, .     ;     that It was n very ambitious undcr-
nt this house.   The spectacular UMn(, (or „ 8ma', cholr.   It ,„   t0
ntatlon ot "Mysterious Flames" | the credit of those taking part that
verv   ntti-AeUvA    ^^^ ♦*&.» n«-fi ■•
  ..   takfog part vim.
thc piece wns so artistically rendered. Thc solos were really good, and
the chorusca were excellent and gave
evidence ol much careful practice,
The   llullinan   Allison Lumber Co.
 ,  ._ -B ,.„v«.«, Him  of Salt Spring Island have purchas-
531^™it^ii!ir^«^ •* *"• ti«A«.Urtt« at Crofton lor-
highway robberies that were so com-       , , ' „ _
man in  the  early days  tn tha tar •"•"J"  0WMd  W tne Hooper Bros..
   west.   Thc management claim  tbat and  will at  once put In a gang ot
.itity at the tyquest.    The "Toner next week tbey will •clip-M all lorm-' about 80 nun to take out timber.
.. , ,  „,says he Is depending on tho    jllce, er efforts ln the lln    it comic pic- This will glfs ft new leans ol lite to
Several   persons. nnd the police chief asserts he is do»|tiircs.   Joe Pamhvw.    "*llt «la| tWo)u*'0'tM   *"'   "Aks   things » •*•**•
was no aooarcnnl Ing nil he can tn tn. .,...-   ..   """"v, "ours, IWart UVw. »*«»• »Wi
4 ^s^^^i^^
Thoro wns no apparent! I ing ulFlie can in tne «»«,, "J
There Is Money Being Made in Lots
in  Hast-ngs  Townsite, Vancouver
I have several for sale at ruling prices.
Notary Public Conveyancer
Head Office   •  •  Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000: REST $6,800,000
Are a most convenient way in which to carry
money when travelling abroad.  They are Issued
denominations of
$10, 420, $50, $100 and $200
•nd the exact amount payable in Aiwtrta, Belgium,
Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland,
Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland is
•taled od tbe face of each cheque, while in other
countries they an payable at current rates.
The cheque and all information regarding them
may be obtained at every office of the Bank.
For Sale
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. de Gex, Manager
Published by Carley & Carley at Ladysmith, B.C.
every Wednesday and Saturday.
Well 'bred White Wyandotts and
White Leghorn's ot splendid laying
strains. Eggs, &*:00 per 15; two
settings, ga.SO. Also a good stock
of Black Orpingtons and Pekin Ducks
at same prices per setting. Pedigree
Irish Water Spaniel Pups, bred from
the Champion Burrard Pat 11. These
mate splendid all-rouml sporting
dogs tor this country. Dog pups,
S25.00; bitches, S20.OO. L. F. Solly,
Lakeview Farm, Wcstholm, E. & N.
Railway. *
throw it on tbe platform at the depot. Then the travelling public
would have time to make a minute
inspection of the old oil cans, etc.,
during the time tbe engine was taking on coal.
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Buildling, Ladysmith
Matinee for School Children Saturday
Programme Changed Monday and Thursday
Admission: IOc and ISc
Matinee Qrices 5c and IOc
S1.5B a Year in Advance, 25c Per Menth
Advertising Rateson application.
The Toronto Star points out that
until recently the cost ol a great
battleship was about 15 ,000,000. The
cost of a vessel of the Dreadnaught
type is (10,000,000, and it Is said
tbat calculations ol naval strength
based upon any other estimate than
Dreadnaugbts are useleps. Where is
this progress to end? Ten years
hence the Dreadnaugbts may be relegated to the rear, and the new type
may cost $20,000,000 instead of $10,-
000,000. Buch a race means bankruptcy for any but tbe very wealthiest
ot nations, and even (or them the
draw on the national resources will
be appalling. The consolatory feature of the situation is that the
competition may cease for lack ot
funds. The British empire can afford
to continue lt as long as any other
The death ot Madame Modjeska last
Thursday removes from lile's stage
the greatest actress of the past
quarter century. Off the Btage Madame Modjeska was a charming hostess and those who have enjoyed the
hospitality of Count Bozenta and
the countess nt their home in Orange
County, California, will keenly teel
tbe loss which the world hns sustained in thc death ol thc i*rcat actress.
There will always be a diversity of
opinion as to Madame Modjeska's
Strongest character, hut the keenest
students of the drama and acting
will probably decide upon cither Mary
Stuart or Magda.
Mr. George H. Cowan, M, P., ln a
speech at Vancouver the other night,
said that Laurier was the greatest
false alarm in the public lite of .Canada. The Conservatives have suspected as much for some time, and
if tbey could only persuade the majority of the voters of tbe Dominion
tbat such was really a tact the flags
would be at half mast In Quebec the
day following tbe next general election!
John Bull is going to dispose of
some ot his obsolete warships, and
within the nex few months ten vessels, Including the first darn battleship Benbow, will come under tbe
hammer. Here is a first-class opportunity for some ambitious young nation to secure s good navy at a comparatively trifling cost.
Rover Motor Cars
New and Guaranteed, from $600
These Celebrated Cars are written down from $1000
to away below cost to make room for 1909 Models.
Plimley Automobile Co., Victoria
John W.  Coburn, Geo. C. Pickard,
President and Managing Director. Secretary Treasurer.
The Ladysmith Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
If you want a nice young Chicke'n
for your Sunday Dinner, you can always find one on Sale
Ryan's Meat Market
wool, and will also dye equally well, J
being, so far as is known, tbe only j
vegetable fibre to do this. It is
practically non-inflammable, its charring point being 373 degrees Fahrenheit, and It is to that extent a nonconductor, unlike cotton. It docs
not shrink, aad has more resilience
than kapok, lt 1b also found to be
as good ior ship calking as oakum.
Blankets and cloth woven of a mixture of wool and this fibre together
with samples of tbe fibre in various
stages of production, trom plant to
yarn, are now on view iu thc sample-room of one of the leading wool
houses in Australia, and the manufactured articles are being most favorably commented upon by those In
terested in the t?xtile industries. On
account ot its splendid dyeing properties it can also be used in thc making of carpets, also for color matting, hessian, bagging, woolpacks,
and lt appears difficult, to say to
what other uses with proper machiii
ery, It can be put.
Box 173
Phone 43
It has been said, says the Toronto    ,,     ,     , , ,,.,..,
,     ,   »u« .v.uuvu    p0Wdcred  starch  applied instantly
Globe, that in thc Chicago packing wlli take ollt almost any fruit-juice
bouses every part of a hog is utillz- stain from wash goods, if allowed to
ed except the squeal,
could also be preserved
of a phonograph, without any danger,
of deterioration in the class of music.
The squeal' remain o:i the goods tor a tew bourn
by the aid' until tbe discolurution passes Into
tbe starch, march applied Iu this
way will remove iodine stains also.
If you have a sheer summer dress,
one that is limp from wear but otherwise not soiled, sponge it on the
wrong side witli milk and water, and
alter lt 1ms been ironed lt will have
a crisp, new loo...
Badly   scorched   linen may be Improved by following these directions:
Boil well half a pint of vinegar, half
an ounce of soap, two ounces ot fuller's earth   and   the juice of several
onions;  spread   this   over the linen
wherever it is scorched and leave it
In Australia there was recently dls- to dry; when dry wash the garment,
covered an extraordinary fibre of ma* and the scorch will have disappeared,
rine growth which, hy reason of the I   A mixture that will remove grease
vast amount of the deposit and  thel,rom the flne"t ,abrlc8 w,*tnout lni«r-
 i. .. „L,      , ..    _.        ,   ing   them   may he   made   trom one
remarkable qualities ol the fibre,   Is ql*rt of raln ywateri  two ollnce9 0,
expected to prove of   great commer- j ammonia,   one    teaspoonful of salt-
clal Importance. • petre and one ounce of shaving soap
This fibre is the result of the shed-'"11** "P nne*   put 8 DB<1 °' »fc»orbent
For Meats
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberts Street.
We have the largest assortment of
Spring and
Fancy Suitings
D. J. Matheson
Oatacre st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
Light and heavy teaming.
Marine Growth
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1.
At a recent meeting <;! the B. C.
LacroBse Association, Alex. Tunvbull'
the veteran lacrosse player, declared
dings of the leaf sheath of a sea.
grass botanlcally known as 1'osidonla
Australia, and bo far has been tound
only in Spencer gulf, South Austral-
la, where aheddtngs have been inipris-
oned by the action ol wind and
waves tn the sand flats of the gulf.
Over one hundred soundings of the
deposit have been made In different
spots, and on every occasion ■ the fibre
was found, sometimes a few Inches
under the surface, at other times a
toot or more, varying In color and
fineness  according (o Its depth,   and
cotton or   blotting   paper under*, the
spot in the garment when rubbing it.
that tbe Westminster players   never there would appear to be millions of
tons available, the  accumulation   of
The    bulk material   In wblcb   the
( fibre is imbedded is found to be eas-
that all the players ny worke(*, and lt   Is   claimed   that
took money for playing the game,
yet no later than last Saturday,
president Wells Gray of the Westminsters admitted
nn that team had been getting mon-  tbe proportion of fibre recoverable Is
ey for "expenses."   Now some ol the one ton to «vefy twenty ot tbe bulk
alleged    professionals want Alex, to m"^>rM dredged.    The cost per ton
,    . ,, i of   rough dried fibre   on   board   tbe
explain the difl.rence in taking mo*^ „ eMmaM  ^
I Sill T.I. Tripp He's
Cilikntii Nitons
During tht season we htvc sold t large number
of wagons, Implements and logging trucks.
Everything carries a guarantee
lillir Stmt
ey lor "expenses" and getting'•money tor playing the game.
A correspondent cpmpla|ns of the
practice of dumping garbage on the
Haplanade. It la suggested that if
the object la to place the garbage
where it may be Men by traveller*
on tbe trains lt would be better  to
Dissolution of Partnership.
15s ($3.65),
and from tbe dredge lt can be taken
by tender daily to a nearby port anl
there dried mechanically, classified If
necessary, dumped, baled and shipped to any part of the world.
The uses of the fibre are found by
experiments made by competent persons to be many and varied, and it
possesses many unique qualities. It
Will spin and   weave In union  with
The partnership heretofore exiting
between the undersigned carry ing^ on
business as llotelkeepcrs nt ilto City
of Ladysmith is this day dissolved |.y,
mutual consent.
Joseph Tew. will pay all debts and
receive all moneys due to the ••uit-
n. l, wooi,
Ladysmith, B. C, 23 Pah., I'.OH,
In the Open House on Roberts St
Short order meals at all hours.
Oysters  and   Clam   Chowder a
We ha"e engaged a first-class bar
her and thc wants of our customer
will be promptly attended to.
The only Shoe Blacking stand
the city.
For Sale
Valuable rented proi
for sale, cheap. Clear Title",
No Incumbrance. Immediate possession. Applv to
owner on premises. Next
Opera House,
W. F. McLean.
Excellent Boarding
Proprietors. „
Ladysmith Opera House
Two Shows, 7:30 and 8:45 p.m.
Admission:   10 and  15c     |
SPECIAL! Morning Show SATURDAY, at 11 a. m. |
Have Your Houses Plastered
For Terms apply to
0. HINR, Plasterer, etc., Ladysmith, P. O.
Cement Siiiewalks a specialty.
F. C. Fisher
Studio In Williams' Block.
»♦>♦>*♦>♦>•♦«>•••♦♦••♦•••♦•« ••♦•»,
I Eastertide Luxuries
comprising the very best and purest in loot! products that the grocery trade
can supply, are to be had In the utmost profusion, Whether you have only
a Utile famllyjeast, or an elaborate banquet to celebrate Easter, it will be
greatly to your interest, as well as convenience, to see our stock and examine
mir goods and prices, as both are sure to Interest you. '
Scott's Building, First Avenue. m
As Cheap as
10 qrtCooking Pots, 85c eaoh.
4,6, 8 qrt Preserving Kettlos, 40o to 05o
Pie Plates, white, lOo each.
Baiters', white, 15c, 2flo ann 25a each.
Shanty Plates, white, 10c each.
Dippers, 25c each.
Hand Mugs, 2 for 25c.
Tea Steepen, 25c each.
Egg Boilers, 10c each.
Furniture store
Go To
J. J. Thomas
for Canvas Shoes in all sizes, for Men, Boys
and youths, also in Ladies', Misses' and
Children's, in White and Brown.
Also a lot of very Pretty Socks for Men
and Fancy Hose for Ladies.
A few lines in Men's HatB to dear.
The Truth
It has been said that it takes a rich man
to draw a check, A home to draw acjit,
A pretty girl to draw attention, A toper to
draw a oork, A free lunch to draw a crowd
and Globe Suspenders to drew your trousers up.   TRY THEM.
Ladysmith Bakery
CaUs ot every description, lane
and plain. Candies ol all kinds
Fruit of all kinds.   Fresh bread ever
Reasonable, prices. Come and se
our. lines and leave your orders. W
give careful attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith.
T. E. Sullivan
, Plinnbiut fiasandSteMlittiu.
,  Prices Reasonable.
First Avenue, near New Western hoi el
We carry a   large stock ot Fancy
The City Market
(       R. WILLIAMSON,   Prop.
Wholesale aad Retail.
Ladysmith, B. ti.
Star Orchestra
Open tor engagements trom     Two
Pieces up.
Gives Dance Every Two Weeks.
For full particulars, apply    -
First Class   Photos.   '
P»l)ery on First Avenue- ,
'{•<<{.»X*<"X',X"X**X"X"XMX"X* '<"X,**X"X'***,H"H"M*,."H,,H*
Crepe Paper
10c per roll
Agent for
Standard Steam Laundry
First Avenue,
Ladysmith I
Local and General
The   Nanaimo    Baseball club   has
been reorganized tor the season.
To-night the band will give nnoth
er of their dances In their hall.
Dancing will commence at 8 o'clock
The Tyee Gun club will hold a
practice suoot next Sunday morning,
and on Monday evening there will be
a meeting of the club at the Grand
Dr. B. Fowler, father of Mrs. Pit-
tcndrlgh, of Newcastle Townsite,
died at Vancouver Friday morning.
Deceased was 71 years of age, and a
native of New Brunswick.
Mr. Wm. Whyte, second vice-president ot the C. P. H., lett Winnipeg
Thursday, for Vancouver. He is going
there for the purpose of making his
UBual spring trip of Inspection ot the
company's lines.
Helen Hale is the selection of the
New Westminster school children for
May Queen this year,' the choice having been made yesterday when the
popular girl was chosen from seven
nominations received,
Tho wedding took place Thursday
morning ln St. Paul's church, Nanaimo, at eleven o'clock of Mr. Oscar
Daye and Miss Amelia Berfue, of Ladysmith. Mr, Leon Becque and Miss
Adelnde Lepas assisted the bridal
pair. The young couple will hereafter reside on Fifth avenue, Ladysmith.
I, the undersigned, J. W. Wallace, Intend to
apply In thirty days to the ComBiiuioner of Lands
for the privilege to lease the following described
lands for oyster culture; Starting eleven
chains from D. Page's s. w. corner post, running
twelve chains from a post marked J. W. Wallace's
s. e. corner in a northerly direction, thence in a
westerly direction eighteen chains, tl ence in u
southerly direction twelve r*--ins, thence In an
easterly direction eighteen cl n i to point of commencement, containing twenty acres.
Ladysmith, B. C. Marcn *«...., '.CO?.
to paint or
paper? when you are
ready we are.
picture framing
a Specialty.
Paperhanger and Art Decorator.
High Street.
Wm Spcnco, corner White st. and
Fourth ave., Ladysmith,, "oegs to in-
timate that he Is prepared to undertake all kinds ot Gardening,. Trees,
Shrubs, Plants and Flowers of all
kinds to be had on shortest notice.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed Tendrrs. superscribed Tender for
School-house," will be received by the Honourable
the Minister of Public Work* up to noon of Thursday, tho 15th April, 1000, for the erection and com-
8lotion of a large one-room frame Schoolhouse ut
ourtenay, Comox Electoral District.
Plans, specifioations, contraband forms of tender may be seen on and after the 16th day ff
March, 1909, at the office of the Government
Agent. Cumberland; of R. Carter, Esq., Jr., Secretary of the Schoo) Board, Courtenay: and at the
Public Works Department, Victoria, B. C.
Each proposal must be accompanied by an
accepted bank*cheuue or certificate of deposit on
a chartered bank of Canada, made payable to the
Honourable the Minister of Public Works for a
sum equivalent to t en per cent, of the amount of
tho tender, which shall be forfeited if the party
tendering decline to ente r Into contract when
called upon tu do so, or If he fall to complete the
work contracted for. The cheques or certificates
of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will bore*
turned to them upon the execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out
on the forms supplied, signed with the actual
signature of the tenderer, and enclosed in tho
enveloped furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
Edward Mohun,
-....«.« .    Assistant Engineer.
PnMlfl Works Department,
Victoria, II. C, Uth March, 1009.
Novelties for the
Easter Table
In addition to appetizing delicacies
for the Easter table dainty china and
table ornaments add materially to
the enjoyment of the breakfast, luncheon or dinner. So, also, does a
novel souvenir or place-marker please
individually each member 'ot the
household and its guests, if there be
any. Not least among tbe season's
pretty trifles are the following:
Egg-Shell Dippers. A large half-
open egg shell forms the bowl, and a
slender stick the handle. Bore a hole
in one side ol the shell and slide tbe
end of the slender stick through.
Fasten this securely in place with
hot sealing-wax, botb outside and Inside, at the juncture of the bowl and
handle, and in less time than it takes
to tell lt the dlppes will be made. If
one 1b clever with paints and brushes, each dipper might be appropriately decorated with a flower or a
chicken. A loop of green ribbon attached to each handle would, make
a pretty hanger for this tjuaint Easter table novelty.
Breakfast Souvenirs. A young Iiob-
tess who wished ber Easter guests to
have a little souvenir of her Easter
breakfast evolved thc following clever idea: In the blunt end of each ot
eight egg shells, which bad been emptied of their contents   and washed
Chong Kee
v       Laundry
Washing and Ironing promptly attended
to. \
P. 0. Box 81. Titli Avenue.
For Sale
Plymouth Rock and Minorca eggs, §1.00
per sotting.
Leave orders with George Roberts,
Butcher, Ladysmith.
Express and Teaming
Woodlfor Sale.
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
Livery, feed and Sale
First, Avenue.
Phone 6B.
E. Pannell
At Easter Time
Begin at the Foot and Dress up.
You can make a good beginning by coming heie
and let us fit you to a pair of our Shoes.
We have some new swell lines for Easter Trade.
We think we can fit everybody in town, if we get
a chance.
Cavin's Footwear Store
We have a big range of Ox Blood Shoes and Ox
Blood Hosiery to match the Shoes.
Just received another Shipment of our English
Kip Boots.   The best Pit Boot in Town.
Also Bunion Protectors,  Tred air cushions and
Arch Supporters.
out, she enlarged the opening sufficiently to receive a dainty stickpin
wrapped in yellow cotton. Then eight
large carnations of various colors
were drawn through the shells, on
which had been painted in silver,
"Easter ...us." Tbe shells served
not only ns dainty receptacles, for ber
dainty gifts but also for a most
charming table decoration.
Meats and Vegetables
r.O.DoxM. UPYSMIIM rhone 41
Green and white are the two favorite colors ot the Easter season for
decorations, and may be used effectively in this way: Over an Immaculate cloth of white stretch two.pieces of green satin ribbon, letting
them crosB each other in the centre
of the table. Then from tbe chandelier over the table suspend the centrepiece, instead of placing it in a
bowl as usual. Use any number of
strands of green satin baby ribbon
of various lengths, and to the end of
each fasten n spray of Ulllcs-of-thc
valley. Thc prettiest possible eflcct
is obtained by having the longest
strands in the centre and grading
the others so that a pyramidal effect may be obtained.
Festoons of egg shells draped from
the, light over the table to each corner, or as in as many strands as ons)
derlres, are unique for Easter dining-room decorations. Blow the contents of the eggs out in the usual
way and string the shells on either
colored or white baby ribbon, Keeping them about seven inches apart by
tying a bow underneath each one
large enough to prevent it trom slipping down to tbe next one. The
place cards to accompany this tuble
decoration may be made of the blown
shells with ribbons drawn through |
the centres and a small bow tied at
each end. Each guest's name should'
be written across the centre—in
green and gold—in combination with
white ribbon. I
Little yellow chicks holding tbe
place cards ln their bills make an attractive decoration for an' Easter table. The chickens may be bought
ready for the purpose or they may
be easily fashioned of yellow cotton.
Still another way to have them* is
to make them of egg shells cut oft
at the top with cunning little heads
peeping out over the edges. Olue
the shells to a small square of green
cardboard in order to balance them.
The place-cards should be made of
yellow cardboard ornamented in water colors ln some pretty flower design. A bowl of daffodils with their
long green leaves in the centre ot tbe
table would complete a very simple
but effective and pretty Easter table.
Quite an original Idea for an Easter table was planned by a country
girl. She scrubbed the bottom of a
barrel snow-white and nailed at intervals around the edge six upright
pieces of wood, each five inches in
height, leaving an equal space between them. She then made a fence
by wrapping white satin ribbon
round and round, finishing the top
of each upright piece with a bow.
This was placed in the centre ol her
table and smllnx of her own raising
tucked around It nnd nl lowed to trail*
on tlie cloth to each of tlie four corners of the table. At the last minute, before the breakfast was served,
green leaves were sprinkled into tbe
enclosure and ten downy Httle'ckickB
added to complete the pretty picture. At each plate a little nest of
smilax contained a calico-colored
Easter egg.
in Serge Tweeds,
Fancy Stripes, all
this Season goods
Regular price
$12.50, $15, $17
$10 a Suit
Walters &
"Christy Hats"
Esquimau and
jmo Railway
Easter Holidays
Excursion Rates
(In effect between all stations.
Tickets on sale, April 8, 9,
10, 11, 12.
Final Limit, April 13.
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Nanaimo 5:15 Daily
Trains arrive Nanaimo V-.'i5 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains  leave   Nanaimo  15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:35.
Dist. Pass. Agt.;
1102 Govt. st.
Victoria, B. C<
(1. B. C.
| UNION BUWING C0.f Ltd ^:
I      ONLY WHITE     |
i |
I Jones     $
I      Hotel |
X *
.;. y
Portland Hotel
Barclay  &   Coniin,
Are You Going to Build
a fence or a home, if so conttlt mt, as I
can save  you money on lumber.   Having
purchased a low truck.   I am prepared to
move furniture and  pianos.
For any turning consult
I, 3 and S,Bastion St.,Nanainu
Phone 124     P. 0. Box 1
WANTED.-Table boarders. Apply
to Mrs. Jas, Gilchrist, Baden-Powell
.street. •
WANTED- Two respectable young
men as boarders. Apply Mrs. A.
Wright, Methuen street.
To Let—Pwnished front room. Ap-
ly Mrs. Harry Lee, Esplanade.
Double Train Service1
April 9,10,   I, 12.
Ladysmith Music Store
!   Phonographs
i   Gramophones.
Agent for Singer Sewing
Machine and Sharpies' Separators.
D. Chetham,
Dist, Past. Agt.
B. C.
FOR SALE.-Bedroom Suite and
extra 'bed and sundry household turn
ishiags. Apply A, Ladysmith Chroti
Idc offlcej
All sUada oi Clod- and Watoh Ik*
fi'.riEJ,    RUtHxqUw OuarMttm {"J
Reasonable FrlcM.
English Watches a Specialty.
J. R. Easton
Practical Watchmaker.
All wort left at If Hughes' stor«
' *AW tecsto Pnctjt attentwa, f HE LA6ySMITH CH^ONlbLtt
Wafers and Cakes
Let us suggest something that you will certainly
enjoy. As we get these Wafers and Cakes shipped to
us often you can depend on getting nice fresh goods.
Patterson's Dainty wafers in Cambridge, Oatmeal
and Graham, 35c per tin.
Carr's English Cakes
Coft'ee Rusks, per pound	
Cameo Shortbread, per pound	
Nursery Biscuits, per pound	
Creamery Chocolate, per pound...
Twickenham Biscuits, per pound..
Perrin's Fancy Biscuits
FigNewtons, per pound ."..*....  2"
Duchess Biscuits, per pound  2.1
Water Wafers, per pound  25
Cafe Noir Biscuits, per pound  25
Demi Lume Biscuits, per pound  25
Italian Fingers, per pound  25
Ramsay's Choice Biscuits
Honey Jumbles, per pound  25
Ginger Bread, per pound ,..'. 25
Marshmalloiv Fingers, per pound  25
Apple blossom, per pound  25
Orange Blossom, perpound  25
Maple Creams, per pound  "25
Try a tin of Lock's Cream Sodas 30c a tin.
Easter Goods|local and ?nerai t
News Notes
Our Ties are the very
newest. Latest shades and
styles in the town.
These Ties are unsurpassed for newness and neatness.
Negligee with collars. We
have a large assortment in
White Stripes or Fancy.
Prices from 75c to $2.50 each.
The famous Star Brand
Shirts speak for tdemselves
for style, wear and fit.
in all sizes.   Prices marked
inJjlain figures.
Fancy Sox of all kinds,
Silk Lisle or cotton.
Hardaman's American Hats
Shoes, Etc., Etc.
W. E. Morrison
Williams Block
We have just received another shipment of those
Easter Specialities
Before deciding on your new hat visit our Millinery Department and see the latest styles. Your
Millinery order will receive our very careful attention.
Men's Suits
We stock some of the very choicest and most up-
to-date designs in Men's Suits. Prices very reasonable.
Men's Shirts
Our stock of these is very complete. We can show
you something really smart and dressy.
Simon Leiser & Co., Ltd
Church Services.
See P. G.   Noot tor Glasses   title
Use Na Dru Herb Tablets-.   At the
Ladysmith Pharmacy. *
See P. G.   Noot tor Glasses   this
Sunday services: At 8 a. m., low
mass. At 1(1:30 a. in., high mass,
it 2 p. in., Sunday school. Al 7
p m„ evening service and Benediction.
Finest Chocolates    and Confectionery in thc city at Hooper's. *
Easter Eggs, Easter Candies, Easter Novelties at Blair &' Adam.    *
Try Na Dru Cliaveoal Tablets Ior
Dyspepsia.    At the Drug Store.   *
Blair & Adam have received a nice
assortment ot Easter Novelties.   *
II you want a good Comb or Brush
call at the Drug Store. *
The youngsters will be tickled with
the Easter Novelties which Blair ft
Adam are showing. •
For Garden Seeds go to the Drug
Store. •
Morning   service 11 a. in., Sunday
school 2:30 p. mi., evening service 7
Rev. O. M. Ambrose, M. A. rector,
p.   m.
Services on Knntcr Sunday-Holy
Communion, 8:30 n. m.; matins and
communion nt 11 a. m.| evensong, 7
p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.
Subjects, morning, "The Holy Eucharist"; evening, "A New Church."
The annual parish meeting will be
held on Easter Monday at 7:30 p. m.
Morning, 11 a. ni.; evening, 7 p. m.j
Sabbath  school, 2:.30 p.   m,   Everybody welcome.   All seats tree.
Epworth   league   meets    Tuesday
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
Not only in Ladysmith, but all
over the Island, and in the hist houses in Victoria, including the Empire,
Grotto, Bismarck, W. Harrison and
Empire, and all retail stores, is the
Grand Duke sold. *
Sunday Services at 11 a. m. and (7
p. in.     Bible   Class   and   Sunday
School at 2 p. m.   Prayct   meeting
Wednesday at 7 p. m
Colorings in Wall Paper
Call and sec them. They are going last.
A lull line ol, Paints and Varnishes
in stock.
Picture Framing d1 W <\n shortest
notice. 'Bring your piytuics and loelt
over out;, mo.iildiu^ii,
Mr. J. W.    Coburn, ot   Nanaimo,
was in the city this morning.
The butcher   shops   will be closed
neit Monday.
Fin* English Pork Pits, iresh nude daily
Hooper's, Gatacre street.   Try one.       '
At Lndysmith, April 8tb, to the
wife of Mr. Clarkson, Fourth avenue,
a son.
Painter £.n,l Pepeifangt*!'.
Not only in Ladysmith, but all
over the Island, and ln tbe beat houses in Victoria, including tha Empire,
Grotto, Bismarck, W. Harrison, and
I all retail stores, is the (Irund Duke
sold. 2
i   m
A Chance to Save Money
See ojjfr windows for bargains in Miners' Byots.
We wajiit to, clear out all the miners' Boots we iave
in stofik t(o. make room for a shipment of the celebrated King of the Pit Miners' Boots we will receive
shortly. It will pay you to buy a pair of these Botjts
now as we are selling them oil at bargain prices.
New Collars
suitable for tailored shirt
waists and for dressy wear.
Kodaks and
Wo now have a full stock
on hand.
.gilt's Book
Ice  Cream
Carter's Store
Ice Crpitn li)c a \%n e.
The Fishing Season
is again with us, and we are prepared f
I for it better than ever.
::  Trowling Spoons, in endless variety. |
i   Fiies, in abundance.
I  Lines, at all prices.
Sundries, a full Stock.
|" Fishing Rods, Special Values.
Tennis Players Note
That we are clearing out our entire line off
English Tennis Shoes, Ladies' and Gents', at much 4.
less than COST.
Ladysmith Hardware Co.} ud.
| We Have Everything You Need 1
The Georgia culled in lor coal this
Tl.r Croydon ir> '' on buulter coal
tills   *eek.
Transit and Henrietta brought In
ore this wee.,;'.
Fishing rod's at cost to clear out.
Ladysmith Pharmacy.
,,*■'    Eye-£ldsseV
The Latest and
Best Style of
Special for
This Week
Wc will give the best Lenses in 20 year
flold Filled Frames for J5.00. This isonly
gin.fl up to the 20th.
Remember we test tho eyes thoroughly,
having had nine years experience in some
of the best Optical Stores in B. C. When
you buy from me I am here always to
inulie any correction required.
Note our Special offer $7.00 glasses for
S">.U0, for ten days only.
Wash Belts,  Leather Belts
Dressy Belts.
Five Dollars Gold
To the lucky person
At the Opera House
Monday Night
New Film Service starts_Monday.   Positively the latest and
best pictures in Canada.
Come out and see the new program.  You may be Lu\ky.
MEirs mmmtt
Canadian Wheat Flakes White and Gold Chinaware Premiums
Is a great combination. Dont forget that this China ia the WELL KNOWN CLOVER
LEAF PATTERN—WHITE and OOLD—import*] by ourselves direct from England
especially for our CANADIAN WHEAT FLAKES. Nothing cheap about this ware.
Can be used by everybody. Ask your grocer to showyou • amples. Better still-
buy a package ol th»se beautiful FLAKES-a dainty anddolicious Breakfast Food-
and rooclve in each package oneol our NEW WHITE AND GOLD premiums.
Your Grocer Sells It.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd-


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