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The Ladysmith Chronicle Jan 6, 1909

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Array VJ
a if it 1809    I
With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, B. C, Wednesday, January 6, 1909.
no; 4i.
William C. Brents's Offer
for Debentures Accepted
Tnero was a full attendance at, the i
council uoard Monday evening, Mayor'
Nicholson in thc chair.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.
J.W. Harris, Montreal, wrote regarding! machinery for sewers.
Communication was received and
A communication from J. L. Park,
er, Virtoria, regarding engineering
work was received and tiled. ,
The Commercial and Financial
Chronicle, of New York, asked for information concerning the issue of de-'
Dentures for sewers and electric pow-
er.for publication.
A suitable reply will te forwarded.
A bill from, the Ladysmith Lu.nVr
Company was referred back to thc
company for further particulars',
J. E. Smith tendered his resignation as lire chief, in a private letter to the fri. wardens tt'j chief om-
I'laincd oi thc lack of supp'K't .ivcii-
the brigade in worthy, objects, by the
thc brigade iu worthy o'lii'xU by the
citizens and business uicn.
It was moral and seconded " tha
the communication be laid on the
table for a week.
Mrs. Hutceson again presented her
bill for nursing during the reccn^ epidemic
As the council did not employ Mrs.
Hutcheson they do not accept liability for the account, and after some
discussion it was moved and seconded that thc bill be not paid.
Accounts aggregating $768.85 were
referred to the finance committee to
be paid, If found correct.
His Worship urged the desirability
cf having all reports for the year in
at tlie next meeting oi' the council.
"Undc* the,head of .new business the
tenders for the sewer and electric
power debentures were read. The following letter received from William1
C. Brent, was read:
Toronto, Dec. 23, 1908.
J. Stewart, Esq.,
Cterk Municipal Council.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Dear Sir1 With regard to your $7)5,-
00O de'tpntures for which bids arc
invited up to the 30th Inst., I am
looking into' matter carefully now
and hope to be able to telegraph yon
with a view to sending you a tcnflci
some time before thc above date.
Any o'ffcr which I may submit will
be subject to the opinion ot my solicitor respecting the validity ol the
securities, which I will procure at
nls'.i me as soon as possible, verified
copies of all documents and. a declaration showing the proceedings relating to the issue, to lay before my solicitor, i !
In wiring you I will merely mention the amount I ■ am prepared to
pay, and it will be understood that
otherwise my offer will be on the
conditions of this letter.
Will you kindly advise me in due
course as to the result sending usual
list i,1 bids received so that I may
complete my records tor reference.
Hoping to have the pleasuro   oi  a
transaction with you, I am,
Yours very truly,
Following this. the subjoined telegram was rceci.'ed:
"Subject bonds belnfc liability
whole municipality end terms my letter twenty-third will give hundred
and three and accrued Interest tor
twenty-five thousand sewerage sixes
provHdctl granted sixty days option
iflini.lnlng Ally thousand same
While   other   tenders   had been re
'■*"•• the mayor considered this the
The (Jo'.'csnmcntr; nuenraented to
the council and he urged acceptance
ofthe same.
Aid. Matheson moved, and Aid.
Campbell seconded, that tlie tciuTcr
of Wm. C. Brent be accepted.
The resolution was carried unanimously.
The council then adjourncdf
Goose That laid
i   The Golden Egg
At last the goose that laid the
golden. egg has been discovered, anil
sure enough some one had killed the
gold-impregnated fowl. The utae'r
day Theodore fBrydht called on
George Roberts, the butcher, and
asked: "Where in the world did you
get that goose you sold me?" Nov
George is cautious, ami fearing that
something might have 'been tho matter with the web-fotted fowl,, ho
evaded a direct reply for a iew minutes, but at last stated that it was
in a box with a lot ol others imported from Eastern Canada, But he
ter with tne goose, and Mr. Uryrut
terwith the goose, and Mr. Bryant
with the air - _ man who has recently dis \ered a gold mine, replied that In the gizzard of this par
ticular goose he had discovered three
gold nuggets which assayed pretty
high In ,v.alues_,.^Qf course, M,r. Rob^
erts now assumed a high aud lofty
air, and Informed Mr. Bryant that
all the turkeys and geese sold In his
shop contained more or less valuables in the way o! diamonds anil
gold nuggets, and that about the
shortest road to fortune was to b'u.
geese at hi.* store.
Important Meeting of
the Board of Health
The board ot health met iaon.Uy
evening, after the regular meeting o
tho council, in the city hall, witli B<.
Williams, city medical health officer,
His Worship Mayor Nicholson explained that the object of the meet-
te)g| was to decide whether or not thc
vaccination order with regard to thc
cHy schools waB to remain in operation. He asked Dr. Williams to express an opinion as to the desirability of continuing the order.
Dr. Williams stated that there Wr.s
every reason to believe thait spall-
pox was completely stamped out so
far as Ladysmith was concerned. The
period of incubation hai' ongs;Smce
expired, and there was no reason to
suspect lhat all the necessary/ urc-
caulions against a revisit ation of the
disease had not been faithfully carried out. Between three r.nd fo'.ir
hundred school children bad hceii vaccinated, and these would not'likely
strlujted to notify the school  board
to that effect.
Several matters of minor importance were discussed and the board
Practising for the
Next Match
Victoria Defaults to Seattle
Victoria.'failed to show up in Seattle to -plaj- their Pacific Coast
League football fixture, and Seattle
is now up in arms. The Americans
wore not even notified that thc Canadians were not comma; and had mat*
all arrangements for the i;amc. When
the kiok-oH time was cal.ed, and i.o
Victoria team appeared, Seattle
contract tho disuse in thc event of daimc(j a Kooi\^s victory, and W
another epidemic, and if they did get
Mr. John W. Coburn, ol Nanaimo
was in the city to-day.
.it, it would be in a mild form. There
were many who had conscientious
scniplcs against having th-ir children,
vaccinated, aud in this regard they
were assuming nil responsibility in
the event of another visitation. (Under tbe^j circumstances, he reebm.
intended a relaxation of the order,
and suggested that all children be
admitted to the schools on presentation af a certificate containing t'.ic
"conscientious scruples" reason for
not being vaccinated.
In accordance wieh his recommendation, a resolution was moved that
tlie schools be placed on the samf
ground with regard to vaccination
that they were previous to the epl-i<he Pa ific Coast FootbttU LoaEue
demic, and   the secretary   was   In-1 game are slim.   The snow and cold
tcria are now holdiag the cellar position in the leasee with five points,
Ladysmith next .with 6, Seattle, with
7, Nanaimo and Vancouver with 8
each. Victoria has shown poor spirit all through thc league and have
kicked, and grumbled abaut all theii
dates, and if they can't do better
next season it would bo in the interest of the game to leave therm out
altogether. Anyway we will secho\f
they, carry out their Island League
li this weather keeps up thc chances for the Nanaimo people of s:eing
make it impossible' to'play add unless
there is a sudden change the game
will likely be called off. Anyway our
br.ys are taking tie, chance'- 3.id have1
hired thc opera house in which to,do
their training.
At 7 o'c.'ock tonight Manager Eno
and Trainers Morrison and William-
sou will be on hand to sec that all
pljyeis do their stunts properly, and
no pains will be spared to keep the
boys in shope. It may be staled
liiht here that only those connected
wi'h the club will he allowed in thc
c.kmii bouse and all pUyoru Wist run
|ij rubbers. The local team must
win thc next two games to stand a
show for the thamplonsh'j,, ami tlicsj
two games arc with the hardest
tennis in thc league, viz., Nan. imo in
Nanaimo, ami Vtincou'jer on tin
a! grounds.   Tlie icam has bemphJ
ed to represent the City team and
while the selection may not suit
all parties, the committee feel justi-'
lied in their selection and look tor
thn team to win their game in Nanaimo. If the game comes off thc
players will leave here on tho nootf
train Sunday, bick-nff at 1 pf m., anj
catch the 3 15 train for home. It is
probable, however, that thc train
may be held buck an hour and if so
the kick-of! will be one hour later.
The   following   will represent the
Ladysmith seniors: 	
Backs—Rogers and Morrison.
Halves—Grainger,  Strang, Smith.
Forwards—McDowall, McOuire, Ad'
am, Graham and Provins.
Referee—H. Viney, Vancouver.
The Male Voice Choir will meet io
practice next Monday evening at th
Methodist church. It is desirabl
that as many mem'bers as possible
should attend.
Thc firemen desire to thank   Mrs
Decker for thc excellent supper   sh
prepared   for   their   ball   on   N«
Mainly About People Prominently Before the Public
A recent criminal cause celebre
has been the means of drawing public attention to Professor Pepper,
the great criminal analyist, chemist,
and microscopical expert of England.
He is, of course, known by name to
millions of newspaper readers as the
man who in the maze of conflict and
doubt which enshrouds the average
murder case, says coldly and analytically "this is what happened in the
ordinary course of law and science,"
or "this particular way," and the
average man when he hears Dr.
Pepper put forward his .theories says:
"how wonderfully simple, why on
earth didn't someone else thin!: of
that." But while he is known by
name to many, his personality is
is known only to the habitues of the
whole indebtedness
would not l,e   likely    to rofuso aid |tp tl
Privately he lives in Wimpole
Street, London, says M. A. P., and is
surgeon to several London Hospitals.
He is also, the Home Office and Treasury adviser, and it is that which
gives him his locus standi in the
Courts. Physically he is a man of
less than the average height, and has
the appearance of a City man, for he
wears a glossy silk hat and a fur-lined
coat. He has a sleek head of black
hair, heav'ly fringed eye-brows,
queer little side whiskers, and a thick
moustache. He rather believes his
reputation as one of the keenest
of modern scientists, but there is no
mistaking him when he begins to
speak He fixes his eye-glasses on
his nose, leans forward slightly, and
then in a long slow stream of perfect
English, contained in beautiful modelled sentences, tells his story. On
his wordhangs.the fate of many men,
but it is rarely doubted, for he has
studied the secrets of Nature all his
life, and nature does not lie.
Every man, woman and child in
Ladysmith who enjoys the acquaintance of Nightwatchman O'Connell
knows that while he is stern in the
discharge of his duty, he carries
within him a heart overflowing with
the milk of human kindness. He is
a terror to evildoers, but to a fellow-
creature in distress he is the sole
embodiment of sympathy. So, when
several people who were passing Mr.
John Stewart's office the other evening and noticed a white-turbaned
form in the back-yard, they knew all
they had to do was to inform Mr.
O'Connell and the unfortunate creature would be taken care of. Mr.
O'Connell was up at the city hall
when he was tcld that there was a
man standing out behind Mr. Stewarts' office in the cold, and remarking that he would not let his "worst
enemy lie out anight like this," he
started at once down Roberts Street.
When he came within a few feet
of where the white-turbaned fellow
was standing, at a safe distance, he
called out, "Come out of there, me
man." The Hindoo refused to move,
and the officer, now somewhat perturbed by this contempt for the
majesty of the law, repeated the
order. SHI there was no response.
Now thoroughly aroused, Night-
watchman O'Connell started for the
Hindoo, and shouting out, "ye drunken haythen, if ye'll no move on, I'll
shift ye," made a swipe at him
with his stick. Then he discovered
that instead of a human being he had
attacked a snow man that some of
the boys had built up during the day.
The next time Mr. O'Connell is called
upon to assist a fellow creature in
distress he will see to it that it is
not on the night of a fall of snow.
Where   are    Shakespeare's   manuscripts?   Nobody   can   tell.   Could
any one discover them and offer thesj
literary treasures for sale, a million
of money would   readily to offered,
not only by private collectors, but tjy,
the various national libraries and mu.
seuins eager to obtain relics of such
Immense    importance.     Apart Irom
the historical value they would possess,      Shakespeare's      manuscript*
would have another supreme interest..
They would no doubt assist in settling the dispated   authorship of tho
plays.    They could be compared with)
the existi"» specimens of the great
poet's       .idwriting.      Would   they,
show the same ualip.rapby as that ol
'he signatures on Shakespeare's will
on  .he Blaskf'iare estate deeds,, and
the   copy oi   Klorio's "Montaigne"
possessed   by   the British museum?
As to the latter being iu the actual
Iiand of the master some doubt ex- |
ists, but the authencity of the former specimens bus never tpen question-1
ed.    Shakespeare's manuscripts has* I
vanished, disappeared: as though they
had never existed.   Various probable]
solutions of the mystery have   been!
proffered.   Some of these are staled!
in a very interesting article in Cham-jl
her's Journal.   Thc author is Alex-[
ander Cargill.   First of all he sug-|
Sests that thc manuscripts were'
ried with thc poet in the Holy Tria-1
ity Church, Stratford-on-Avon.    His
tomb was  forUddcn to be, opened,|
and, according to thc Inscription,
curi'e was invoked on h'ti who :
disregard the desire.    In the
of time, without the IntcrventiU
human hands, that famous burying!
place may reveal its contents, and|
amongst the precious dust ot   th
man who saw as none else the nrj
tery ami wonder and loveliness
life,   and   the   infinite   tragedy
comedy of it,   may be   found son
remants of the missing manuscripts]
Anothersupposltion is that they wen
lost an  s'ome of the poet's journe.
to and from London; but all oil
could not have gone this way.
has been suggested that they misca|
ried while Sha'.espeare was on son
of the tours abroad and In Scotia
which he is believed to have '
But is it likely he would have ca
ried ehem about with him?   His
had no    special    regard    for suj
things.   It hud but a poor opinion
play-actors; hence no   person wou|
be likely to steal things of thc kin
And for the same reason no print]
would much care   to preserve   ev|
Shakespeare's "copy." if, indeed,
wrote out his plays himself.    V
ably the best explanation, and
Cargill seems lo incline most to
is that the manuscripts were lost]
the fire at the Oloho theatre
took place in 1013.  If Shakespearl
"copy" was preserved at all, it J
fairly certain that it would be in.j
keeping of Phillip Hcnslowe, the 1
ing manager of the Glebe, who m
larly    purchased   thc   copyright I
Shakespeare's   plays.     No    douf
some of thc manuscripts wore alwa
kept at the theatre.   Thc actors f
the   period   did    not  haw prtal
"books" Irom which In study.   Cl
ies would have to ho mnde from \
originals,   and   tho  latter would
tcept  at the theatre to be on haj
Ofthe Uutning of the Globe, Mr.
gill says: "So far as the few cxtil
records of the fire may be relied |
the calamity befell on a certain
in the month of August in the
named, and when a rehearsal ol !
ry the Eighth, which Shakespettl
supposed to have written (partll
least) a short time previously, *i
progress.   The   cause of the tit
unlnokvn, although a contempoi
writer alleged it to hare been o<
lonon by some gunpowder used in
nrtrig of   cannons   dlsplaylrift
pomp and circumstance of .that g|
&pectacula,r Play.  ,••»? that as It t
the wooden erection was soon al
and   destroyed,   with everyttita
contained." •
To Home Seekers
Notary Public   Conveyancer
Head Office  - •  Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000: REST $6,008,000
at once, As soon as the usual arrangements have been completed
work on these public utilities will
Bank Money Orders
$5 and under -                  3 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $10,   6     "
" 810      " "        830, 10     "
"830      " "        $50, 15     ••
These orders are payable at par at any office In
Canada of a Chartered Bank, except in the Yukon,
and at the principal banking- points in the United
They are negotiable at 24.90 to the £ sterling in
Great Britain and Ireland. They form an excellent methud of remitting- small sums of money
with surety and at small cost and may be obtained without delay at any office of the.Bank.
Published by Carley A Cnrley at Ladysmith, B. C.
•very Wednesday and Saturday.
Ontario will have a new Liberal
leader. It seems that tlie appoint
ment of Hon., A. CI. MacKay to the
leadership of the Liberal party in
tho Ontario House was only a makeshift arrangement, and now he is to
'be deposed, to make way for Rev. J.
A. Macdonald, editor of the Globe.
Without offering any reason as to
why it shofuld be so,'it is worth
pointing out that clergymen have
newr been successful politicians In
Canada; and thercr is no reason to
believe that Rev. Mr. Macdonald will
he an exception to the rule.
Advertisl na Ra'-ea on application.
Judging by the tone of the Provincial newspapers, there is a spirit.of
hopefulness in the various districts
throughout British Columbia. While
this optimistic feelinj is manifest on1
the mainland, it is particularly emphatic with regprd to the island. The]
feeling \3 present that the present
year will witness many important
changes on Vancouver Island. While
there is a general demand for land
tributary to the E. & N. Railway,
the announcement that the C. P.- R.
will call for tenders for the clearing
of the Alberni townsite, once more
directs attention to the West Coast
terminal, and the prediction is made
by many who should know, without
reservation, that the West .Coast tei-
minal will have a greatly increased
population before the bells ring , out
the present year. So far as Lady-
hiuith is concerned, the citizens are
well satisfied with the prospects for
the year. The land adjacent to the
city now being cleared bythc C. P.
R. Company will be on thc mvket
In February and the tenders will be
invited lor the clearing of the other
200 acres. Certainly the people of
Vancouver Island have just reasons
for the optimistic spirit that s so
generally manifest at the present
A protest has gone up from the
citizens of Victoria against the hil-
a.-ious manner in which the advent of
the New Year was observed In that
city. It Is stated that in several
instances the dresses of ladles were
set on fire by exploding fire-crackers,
and in at least two instances "torpedoes''' were exploded by Impact
with the faces of persons walking tla>
street. While the celebration did not
take that form in Ludysniith there
were reasons' [or coinpliillnti as to
the objectionable conduct of the men
on the street on the night before the
New Year and late on in the morn
ing. There Is, ol course, a certain
amount of latitude permitted on occasions of this character, but when
grown up men become vulgar in their
conduct, it is time the nuisance
should be abated.    ■
The city of Ladysmith Is to be con
gratulated on the offer received for
the sewer end electric .light deben
tures and the council acted wisely th
promptly accepting the same. The
| council has been jn receipt of a great
amount of -toirc'iponsltenflc on tlio
subject, but one broker, "of "Toronto
William C. Brent, telegraphed his offer, and as an Immediate start on
the work should bo made, acceptance
oi Mr. Brent's oiler was telegraphed
Dear Sir—There is a law prohibiting the export of clams, and' we
should see that law should apply to
Indians as well as white men. The
Indian ought to be kept right to thc
letter of the law. He is no more the
poor uncivilized and unchristianized
native oi this continent. He has the,
benefit of free schools, food .clothing
and lodgings for children, as well as
ers are well able to pay for it., Now
the Indian has got as fine land as
can le got anywhere, cither, for fruit
or farming, or chicken raising; a
government at his back to help him
quite g few Halftireeds whose fath-
get farming implements. The India
has cattle, horses and sheep. He
raii.es all he wants, too, and he
comes into town and competes with
the white farmer. He can undersell
tbe white farmer, also the white
fisherman. Why? Because be has no
taxes to pay, no school tax, road
tax. nor any other kind of a tax.
But, sir, lie can beat thc white
man at his own game in. law-making.
All he has got to say is, "I got no
grub; me no-fat,.'1' -ipA, the UovernJ
ment allows him to pack his clams
to the other side where at times
he Lets $1.00, 50c and 80c per sack.
And he gets his food supply there as
well as his two or three gallons of
bad whiskey; andalso his tobacco and
piprs. He also takes to thc other
side dogfish oil and gets $1.50 or
81.25. He only sells on this side
what the Americans don't want. He
has nothing to fear from the law as
he is only a poor innocent Indian
and can do no wrong. But he knows
it is wrong to go to the American
side and trade. He Is never punished ior it, therefore he will never
slop it. But there is a great difference when a poor white flslierman
happens to go to the other sido
with a few clams. He is caught, his
boat taken and himself sent to gaol.
And bis name goes down in history
as a smuggler. This li the poor
white mat whom Ood or man never
gave reserve to to live free of taxation. Now there should be no favorites. The land was lot all, not
alone for tbe Indian,    OBSERVER
Chemainus,. B. C, Jan.- 4, l'JO'J.
The New Year's
Choicest Products
will be found at our store in everything that
embraces table delicacies, fancy and staple
groceries and provisions of all kinds to serve
the tables of the most fastidious in Ladysmith.
The coming year will be one of satisfaction and
economical buying if you procure your groceries and provisions fr,om Gear's.
Scott's Building, First Avenue.
Hints'for the Home
Finger nails. Indicate one's state of
health very quickly, The experienced
manicure can diagnose ailments by a
single glance at thc nails.
Where phosphate is needed in the
blood, meat should he avoided and
fish and eggs substituted. Thero is I
the ncrvoua   nail,   pale and bluish Will tKeto&JZwaaLallaitAiiat.
which indicates thc need of tonics
and fresh air.
There is the nail of the anemic for
which Taw eggs in sherry or mill|
are loudly celled for—they arc thin
and brittle.
The nail responds quickly to treatment of the proper kind. Nails
which grow too rapidly indicate a
tendency to scrofula, and such food
as contains iron should be eaten.
Milk and viehy aro recommended
where the nails seem flushed and
soft;. Nails that are slow of growth
and break easily are crying for food
and shpuld be generously creamed, at
night with tlie same cream that is
used for the face.
A healthful nail is rosy and free
from white specks, five minutes dp-
voted each day to the nails will be
sufficient to keep them perfectly manicured.
First, the hands should be thoroughly washed in warm water, not
hut water, with sonic good soap,
eare being taken to rinse them in
several waters that no soap may
remain in the pores or crevices.
There is a fashion to curve the fin
ger nail which is easily attained an
A velvet file is the only one that
I should be used for the nails, with
occasional clipping with the curved
'soissors. Pumice should never be
used on the nails; nor should they be
scraped with a knife.
Long, pointed and highly polished
nails are very bad form. The perfect nail is almond shaped^ shell-like
and transparent-.
John WI  Coburn, . Geo. C. Pickard,
President and Managing Director. Secretary-Treasurer.
The Ladysmith Lumber Co.,
. -aA^u^ActunERS .:o.ir .ALL KINDS of I
; Rouglj aijd Dressed Fir Lumber,
Reti^CedaH * Shingles and Lath
The Steady Increase in Our Business
Has neesssitated us to keep a considerably larger stock.   We are thus iu a much better position than ever to give the people of Ladysmith a variety of the best meat that
can be purchased in the market. 	
We Solicit  Your Patronage and   Guarantee Satisfaction
i a
Ryan's Meat Market
Box 173
Phone 43
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberts Street,
A homemade cement that will mend
broken crockery is worth knowing
ntout, Here are several formulas,
Unslacked lime or plaster of paris
mixed with the white of an egg till
tua consistency) of the cregm is lex-
cellint. Plain white lead will also
do, and moreover, this is one: ot the
few -cements that will resist water
and heat. One other, that is
water proof is made by dissolving
ordinary white glue in warm water
Ladysmith Bakery
Cakea of every, description, fancy,
and plain. Candies, ot all kinds.
Fruit of all kinds. Fresh bread every
Reasonable prices. Come and see
our lines and leave your orders. We
give careful  attention.
Hop  Ice, Prop.
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith.
Boots and
John Thomas
The Old Reliable Shoe Store.
All kinds of Clock and Watch Repairing. Satisfaction Guaranteed at
Reasonable Prices.
English Watches a Specialty.
J. R. Easton
Practical Watchmaker.
All worii left at 11. Hughes' store
Toilet Cases,
Crockery and
At Cost
Singer Sewing Machines
Victor Talking Machines
Dolls and  Toys
r.M *nH C. TH-
Tinted Denims and
Lawn Cushion
Miss  Uren
E. Panned
Meats and Vegetables
P. O. Bali. UI!iS>!ii Phon" «•
In order to clear off this
summer's stock of Wall Paper I will dispose of this season's patterns at a greatly
reduced rate.
1.   E.  SMITH,   iwtrti street
First Class   Photos.
Gallery on First Avenue.
Livery, Peed and Sale
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving'
Suits to
Order $25
To make room for my spring stock
I will sell suits made to order for
Two Months Only for S2-.1.
Now is your chance to secure a
suit made up in first-classstyle.
D. J. Matheson
Clatacrc st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
I Sell T. I. Trapp & Go's
Celebrated Wagons
Burin* trie leacon we havo told a Urge number
of wagons, implements and logging trucke.
Everything carrlei a guarantee.
Boiler Street
James Duncan
Suits cleaned and pressed.
>   Alterations made.
Charges moderate.
if you require anything done in
this line for Christmas please see out
New Mouldings and get cost of any
tired frame made up to suit your requirements.
High Street.
We carry a complete line of Bed |;
Room, Front Ropm and Kitchen j;
Furhiture.   Our prices defy competi- j:
tion, 'fX, *mW f "::;; '{Ii;:i ;''";::/ '
A splendid lot of Enamelware will
fee sold at a  great reductionnext:!
week. MiiM
iiC. Peterson
j,»»»♦♦»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦< i
Furniture Store
'Christm^'isoyer?landiitlie New Year is near. '
St&rt  Rifiht Pea^ where y°u Ket ^est v^ue
We have a full line of Choice New Year Gifts, Cards, Etc.
McKELVIE BROS.,    First Avenue, Ladysmith
mtmaa sum, kictosia.
Local and General.
The friends of   Mr. James   Shaw
will ho pleased, to hear of his return
JVinpipal-Mr. W. W. Suttic, certifli
cateil gov. teacher.   Specially certifl- .,,...,, . .
j i    ».        ol(. „ ,  jLit, ,_, to Ladysmith after an absence of six
cated by Messrs Pitman & Sons for '
shorthand; medalist, etc.
Special offer—Six months' course,
books, tuition, room and board tor
$150. Monthly (25. In advance
$125. References, etc. on application.
This offer only for January—Jure
term.   Begins Jan. 1th.
Ladysmith Orchestra
AH Newest and   Latest Music.
For full particulars apply,
Ladysmith, B. C.
Look at our large list of
the latest novels.     v
Fine Asscrtment of Stationery
A. Maxwell Muir, C. E.
.  Architectf
Mr. Geo. Haworth expects to have
a moving picture show installed a
the opera house within the next
two weeks. He is getting the hous
in shape tor the opening, and intends
to make, it as comfortable as possible*
for his patrons.
Theodore Bernard
last Sunday to St. Joseph's hospi
tal, at Victoria, where he lies under
the care ot Dr. 0. M., iJoncs. i 110
suffered a paralytic stroke on the
23rd of December, but being a powerful man and only *S years of age
his' physician is of the opinion that
having everything, in his favor he'
may recover—granted perfect rest
quiet and good care. .
1208 Government Street j
VICTORIA     -, i' ■    B,C
The City Market;
R. WILLIA'MSON,    Prop.
Wholesale aail Retail.
. Ladysmith, B. 0.
Star Orchestra *
Open for engagements' from     Two
l'icccs up.
Gives Dance Every Two Weeks.,
For full particulars, apply
The director, ot the Victoria' musical society will be glad to communicate with any lady or gentleman
willing to act;as associate,secretary
in ; Ladysmith;1 on l)t*alf'.of'toe,niu-
in Ladysmith on behalf pi thc musical residents of'tlil'scity.l,Theiso-
His Excellency Earl Grey, Governor-
General of Canada;, engages the
world's., great artists .to appear at
concerts at Victoria, and -the (ollow-
in?, eminent musicians havo appeared
under its auspices : Nordica, Schu-
mann-Heinki, Gadski, Katharine iGOod;
son, Bessie,'Abott.'PailcrewsJii, Ku-
belik, Gerardy, Ilartmanh, Gorgorza
ajid others.
, . With i. view,to keeping the nutsical
residents oi out-lyitVg: to*ns Informed of these important irfusicai 'events'
it is desired to enlist the sympathy
and co-operation of ladies and gentlemen who would be will'ngi to act
ts u means of communication, between thc society rind the musical
public. Literature relating to the
history and work of the artists com
ing to Victoria should be sent to the
associate secretary for distribution
It is also thought probable that if
the nru6ieal residents were1 organized
reduced rates and improved facilities
cci'.ld be secured .from thel Ei i& N.
railway for tlie purpose of attending
the concerts.
The next concert will be held on
Jrnu'aryl 27th, when Mme.-. Gadsjti
prima donna sopranno of the Metro
politan Opera, New York, will visic
Victoria. Mme. Gadski's standing in
tne musical world is such that her
concert will be one of thc foremost
social and musical events of the win
ter in Victoria.
1909 1909
A New Year
New Resolutions
Begin the New Year Right
Buy Your Shoes in a Shoe Store.
We sell only Shoos and Hosiery in our store; we do not believe you can sell
anything else along with Shoes and do your full duty. So to thinking people,
we say, buy your shoos in a Shoe Store. We can give you better attention and
oetter fitting.
We spend all our time in devising plans to make our Footwear Store
the best Store in town to buy your Shoes and Hoisory. We are putting in a
large stock from the very best makers known.
Sole Agent for the Celebrated English "K" Boot.
Try a tin of Viseol Oil to make your boot water) ro f.
E. & N. Ry.
Special Rates
New Year
PArt' and one-tiiird   for the-; Round
Trip.    Tickets on sale at all Agents j
Dec. 31st, and January 1st, 1909, 8-;
nar return, limn. lannary 3rd,: 1909
Nariaiitnoto   :'.J
Vancouver Return
Fare $2.00
Tickets on sale December 31 and
Jan. 1st, 1909. Final return limit
January  3rd,   1909.
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up till 15th January for
supplying twenty-live cords of wood,
as , | required, fo tlie Ladysmith
schools. The lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
Dr. RrB. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
''   ' i'      i'"»ii«'    .'it ,'.„; t
1 beg to inform the residents ot
Ladysmith that  I have taken   over
itiiraaiAw »„.„.,„„ (fn.n_g. j, an.
whole indebtedness.   The Uovcsnihentr;n<
would nut W-'  HKely    to refuse
Wood for Sole.
.Rnltndid   mill   wood   tor
sale at
aid |to tf\irequest^ty .I»P!t.„at»„to»
Transcript from a
Woman's Diary
Herbert Ringland called Tuesday
night for his .'answer. 1 told him
that I wished my husband to be interested with jne in the amelioration
ofthe condition .'of women. Wc had a
long 'disa.isSion1 on tho: su'tiiect, during which he asked mc it I believed
in women serving on juries'. I told
him that.,!: jbelieycd in women per-
fo'rnilng any nnd every duty a man
performs except certain manual labor
and the duties of a soldier. Then he
said that women had been tried on
a, jury.-; and that he had been present
at a trial before such a jury. I
asked him where, but he cut me short
by,'telling imo, the. following story:
» "The ijprisSoof, .iiThomas Adolphus
Swectword, was a mild mannered
.ox-eyed individual with a red head
and freckled sk'ln. 1 thought him thy
homeliest man I had ever seen and
since he was to. be tried .'for bigamy
wondered how he had ever persuaded
ode, woman to .marry him, not to
''sjpcgk of.'.twcii1 when •! Neajrd a woman
lehind mc say, "Isn't hefhandsomc?'
The jury, twelve good and true wo
.men', were sworn and;, took their
'scats'in the jury box. They sccnud
to be conscious that everyone in th
spectators' seats was;: looking at
them. Six jury women felt of itheir
back tyiir, evidently expecting to find
it loos* and ready to come down,
while the other six adjusted their
hats. They listened attentively to
the indictment accusing the prisoner
of marrying five' women. I saw in
every face of the women on thc jury
a terrible premonition of thc wrath
to tome and thought how hard it
was for a man to be tried for  such
"Wife No. 1 gave her testimony,
first. It was simply a form to es
tahlish her position. She looked
pityingly upon tho prisoner, while
he looked at her with no expressio
at all. The Other wives were pres
cnt, and ho stood Ir^fore them like a
tame bull before the toreadors in a
Spanish arena.
"Wife No. 2 told the story of how
she had been deceived, betrayed
ruined. I glanced at the jury as
they listened to her. Their eyes
were flashing, their facial muscles
were working, but they were restrain
ing the,ir wrath nobly. Wife No. 3
was at a disadvantage, her appearance being against her. She was
surely very tastefully dressed.
"And so the recital of betrayal
went on till the five women had told
their hakrowing tales. The other
l.wo" did not appear. I was very
much interested in watching the expression of the jury women. Tho
prisoner might better have been subject to thc claws of twelve hungry
lionesses. Being the first time they
had sat on a jury, all were, Of
course, ignorant of the forms. As
soon as wife No. 5 had given heir ex-
perirncc-rshe was the most attractive and her case was the most heartrending of all—up jumps the forewoman and says, or, rather, screams:
"'Your honor, wc don't,need; to
hear any more of this ease. Wc arc
ready to nnd a verdict without leav
ing the box.'
"The judge bowed politely to her
and told her that a verdict would
not be in order till evidence for the
defence was in and thc case summed up, whereupon she sank back
into her seat, fanning herself violent
ly and muttering:
" 'He can put in any defense he
likes.    Ho can't, change my opinion,
"Some of tho men in lhe rooni tittered, but the judge glared at them,
and tie prisoner's a.Uorney arose.
He summoned but a few witnesses t6
prove that Mr. Swcetword's home
with his first wife had been a pand
cmoniuin; lhat tlijs had driven thc
poor man to soak another and another till he had tried live without gel
ting that coniiulliial comfort that any
man has a right lo expect. When
the advocate came to sum up h
shlkfully contrived to Know all th
blame on the woman in tho case
making no mention of the various in
fractions of the law of the land. II
drew a picture of the horrors of nmt
ried life with wife No. l and insinu
ated that wife No. 2 had been no
better than she should have been be
fore her marriage with Swectword
Wife No. 3, he claimed, was too vul
gar for any man to lute with. Wife
No. 4, who had angered him, ha
shamefully neglected him, while No
5 was a hard drinker.
"Here is a case, ladies,' he con
eluded, 'where a, man comes to gric
through his desire to have a liapp
home. , linlike the pampered clunma
who    selfishly     decries    marriage
Public Notice is hereby given to the else-
tors of the Municipality of Ladysmith:
That 1 require the presence of the said
electors at the City hall, Ladysmith, on
Moiulay, 11th day of January, 1901), at 12
o'clock noon, for tlie purpose of electing
persons to represent them iu the new council as Mayor and AMcrmen. The mode of
nomination of candidates shall be as follows:
The Candidates shall be nominated in
writing, the writing shall be subscribed by
two voters of tho Municipality, as proposer
and seconder, and shall be delivered to the
Returning Officer at any time' between the
date of this notice and 2 p. in. of the day ol
nomination j and in the event of a poll being
necessary, such poll shall he opened on the
Uth ilny of January, 1909, in the City
Hall, Ladysmith, and kept open until 7 p.
nr. of the said date, of wh'ch every person
is hereby required to take nonce and govern
himself accordingly.
The qualifications by law required to be
possessed by the candidates for tho office of
Mayor are such persons as i re malo British
subjects of the full age of twenty-one years
and are not disqualified under auy law, and
havo been for the six mouths next preceding the day of nomination the registered
owner in the Land Registry Office of land
or real property in the City of Ladysmith,
of the assessed value on tbe last Municipal
Assessment Hull of $1,000, or more, over
and shove any registered judgment or
charge, and who are otherwise duly qualified
us Municipal Voters.
The qualifications by law required to be
possessed by the candidates for tho office of
Aldermen, are such persons as are male British subjects of the. full age of twenty-one
years aud are not disqualified under any law
aud have been for thc six months next pre-'
cccding tho day of nomination the registered owner in the Land Registry Office of land
or real proptrty in the Cty of* Lidysinith, of
the assessed value mi the last Municipal Assessment Boll of $500.00, or more, over and
ahovo auy registered judgmeut or' charge,
ami who aro otherwise qualified as Municipal VoterB.
hi Given umler my hand at Ladysmith, this
23rd day of December, 1908.
John Stewaih,
Returning Officer.
L. D. CIIETHAM;    i
Dist. Pass. Agt.
1102 Govt. st. Victoria, B. CI
1      DRINK
| B. C.
I        | NANAIMO, B. C. |
Jones     I
Portland Hotel
Nolle* is hereby given to the Electors of
the Municipality of Lulysmith that I require the presence of the said Klcctors al
tbe City Hall, Ladysmith, on Monday, 11th
January, 1009, at the hour of twelve o'clock
noon, for the purpose of electing three persons to represent them on the Boaid ot
School Trustees for tho ciining form.
Thc nomination of candidates shall be
tho same as lhat for Mayor and Aldermen
and in the event of a poll being necessary,
such poll will be opened on the -Uth day of
January, 1900, at the City Hall, Ladyslnith,
and kept open till 7 p. in. of said date oi
which every person is hereby required to
take notice and govern himself accordingly.
Given under my hand af Ladysmith, iliis
22   'dnyof December, 190S.
John Stp.war-,
R-rturaW Ortleer. I
instead of supporting some good wo
man, the accused hctio'cd in th
sanctity of connubial;life', mclies flv
Ineffectual attempts lo build a ties
for the dear innocents that are t
come.' He then pictured the dread
ful punishment the law inflicts o
this poor . him'ter1 lor happiness
while the selfish bachelor goes" free
Ills last card, a glimpse of priso
Mfc,. was very effectual. He closed
by Rfty.'ing that he left his client'
case in thc hands of those he wa
sure were good, merciful Christir.iv
woirien.' ••'■"' t ■[.[,.
"Thc jury retired after definite <n
structions Irom thc Judge, which iron
of them listened to. Nobody consld
erod that the prisoner had the slight
est cliance, as the charge had bee
fully and conclusively proved against
him and no real defense put .in. Th
jury deliberated three days.when thos
In favor of the culprit gradually wb
uvcr thosa who   were not, and th
Barclay   &   Conlin,
Excellent Boarding
F.C. Fisher
Studio in Williams' Block.
Hllbert Undertaking Pariors
l.3i nd S,Bastion St.,Nanaimo
Phone 124 .   P. 0. Box 1
Teacher ot Voice Production and
I sat listening to his story witli
suppressed indignation. When he had
finished I arose and said:
"I don't believe any such trlgl ever
took place, hut' your story shows
your opinion of women. My answer
is 'Nc.""
And I swept out QLtheirflQUL—_ f HE UDYSMlf H CHRONICLE*
-W-S-? **H
"•"•a*iMl   *  *   "'
At a 20 Per Cent Reduction
For the Month of January Only
These Blankets were imported by us direct from
!: the Ayrshire mills, and are absolutely ALL WOOL.
','.   $5.50 BLANKETS .■'■""■  NOW  $1.40
..     9.50BLANKETS  NOW    5.20
V     7.50 BLANKETS  NOW     6.00
* 8.50BLANKETS  NOW     0.80
','. We have left a few pair of white and grey Flannelette Blankets in the large
. ■ size to clear at  SI.'25 a pair.
• • Old Country Flannelette Single Blankets, extra large size at G5o each.
11 SWEATER   BLUFFS—All Kinds-to clear at COj each.
|   The Main Thing is to Keep Warm
Meals 20 Cents and Up.
Best 25 Cent Meal in Victoria for 20 Cents. Patronize
White Labor by eating here. Special atteniion given to
tourists and visitors, who are cordially welcome. We
keep the Celebrated Grand Duke Cigar.
Local and General.
For a fine ol:op or stc.ik, try Hoops
et'.'i. Gatacre street. *
At Ladysmith, January 4th, to the wife
of Louis Dunfratio, a son.
U. S.   revenue   cutter   Manning   took'
coal at this port, on Monday.
Mr. John Bland was a passenger to Victoria on U"s  morning's train..
At Ladysmith, January   4th, to Mrs,
Hozzano, First  Avenue, a daughter.
Before going to bed call at Hooper's and have a 2Up of MToe and s
sandwich. *
Mayor Nicholson went down to Victoria
this morning on business counoctod with
thu   corporation.
Shoppers should remember that the
Thursday afternoon half-holiday will be re-
aumod to-morrow.
Mr. George Haworth, tlie new lessee of
the opera house, has purchased thc furnishing of that building belonging to Mr. D.*
Nicholson. Mr. Haworth will try and
secure the appearance at his house of the
San Francisco opera company, which is
booked for tho Nanaimo opera house for
next Tuesday evening. The Company is a
good one and if it visits Ladysmith is rare
of liberal patronage.
We Are Still in the
Painting and
This is the season for renovating.
Start the New Year well jby hangtn
one of U09 prjtteps. They are tha,
best yet.   Call and see them.
W«4-HH^HH-«-H«W-H-l-M-W.   ,
Clearance Sale
Of 15c Books for 10c
Knight's Book Store
^ We Have Everything You Need 1
♦{•                J        QUALITY AND PRICE OUR MOTTO,
f   * 	
We   have just   received a full consignment of optical goods, including
lenses, fsames,    and   Materials.    All
glai.sts adjusted to suit the wearer.
Watchmaker Jeweler
For Sale
A 2Mont (lasiilciie Launch, with
5 h- P- engine, p.11. In complete run
'ning order.  -Cheap for cash, or will
take a house in part payment.    Apply to' M: O. Clark, Entrance Islan
I am prepared to do nil kindf
Shoe Repairing on the .Shortest Ni
tice.     A trail solicited.
Second Ave*, neat the Fijre Hall.
Just a few
Left after the
Christmas Rush
The Gilchrist-Nicklin
A pretty wedding took placs Monday
evening at the residence of Mr. John
Wright, when miss Caroline Nicklin became thu wife of Mr. James Gilchris',
the ceremony being performed by the Rev.
Mr. McMillan. The bride was charmingly
attired iu a gown of cream voile and lace
with veil and orange blossoms. Miss
Carrie W'llght (niece of the bride) made a
sweet little bridesmaid. The groom's gift
to the bride was a handsome pearl pin.
A reception was held at the residence of
the bride, linden Powell Street, and th.
house was beautifully decorated for the
occasion. About forty guests partook of
the  wedding supper.
After the toasts and responses, music
was furnished by the Robertson orchestra,
and dancing was indulged in till a lata
Mr. and Mrs,. Gilchrist left on Tuesday
morning for- Victoria, where they will
spend.their honeymoon.
The bride's going away costume was
brown cloth and mink hat with violets.,
On their return Mr. and Mr. Gilchrist
will reside at their residence, Baden Powell
We have just got straightened up
after the rush and have had a chance
to look through our stock.
Wc find that there arc some suitable
things left for persons wishing New
Years Presents.
Give us a call and look through our
Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
W. E. Morrison
Vancouver's New Year's baplisim of fire
destroyed furniture, cereals and a grain elevator and plant with a total loss reaching
at least 8175,000. The first of tho big fires
came on Saturday and the other on Sunday
eucning, being exactly 24 hours apart, The
lire on Saturday evening started in the
basement of tho D. A. Smith furniture en-
pnriimi on Granville street. Here it was a
cast of flooding the place to save the building and in an attempt to save the stock on
the upper floors. It was afire spectacular
iu smoke only. The Sunday evening fire,
that of th. elevator of the Vancouver Milling company, at the corner of Cambie and
Sniithe streets, was a gigantic blaze, with
tho building obviously doomed at the very
< • Finds us getting the store in shape for stock-taking
and while doing so we always find a number of lines i
•£ that we want to clear out before getting in our new ••
spring goods, and as it has been our custom for the §
J past two years to hold an
;: Sale during the month of January, we are now get- • j
• ■ ting these lines sorted out. They will include China-:'.
:: ware, Toilet ware, odd Cups and Saucers, Plates, ;;
;; Salad Bowls, Bread Plates, Cutlery, and other lines |
+ too numerous to mention.
Early Buyers Get the Best Values.
Ladysmith Hardware Co., ui
-K- •H-K-4-i-H-W-r>W«H~W-H-i"W
Municipal Elections, 1909.
A small gold and ivory cross, between
Portland Hotel and White Street, Finder
please return to Canadian Bank of Com
T.;   the   Electors   of  the  City   ol
Ladies and Gentlemen':"— At thc re-
qHcst of a very large number ol citi-
zensrf I; aijain otter mysclS as a
candidate for thc office of mayor.
In soliciting your support, 1 would
refer you to my promise made in rr.yi
address to thc electors last year. I
pledged mysalf to introduce reforms',
which included thc installation of a
lighting plant and sewerage system.
While the council has not been able,
to complete those two public utilities, it has shown its sinceiity by
presenting two by-laws to the ratepayers, and Both have been adoptc
with satisfactory majorities. Since
the time of their adoption the debentures have been disposed of, so
that the work of laying down sewers
and installing an electric light plant
will commence within the next two
In this regard the Mayor and coun
ell ol 1908 can claim that their pro
misc to the ratepayers was fulfilled
If elected, I will do everything
j my power   to   hurry on the   public
work now in hand, as well as continuing the comprehensive system of
street improvement commenced during the past year, as outlined by lliu
Ci'.|;,«j.iB' tca&ue,
Yours respoctfully,
,'  I).   NICHOLSON".
Municipal Elections; 1909
To till© Electors of Ladysmith:
LaYfes and |Uent'lemciK--'llaving
been requested to stand for Mayof
for the City of Ladysmith at the
coming election, I have, conscneed to
do so. I ask you for your votes and
influence   I am yours truly,
Ladysmith, 13. C, January \, 1909
A chop dish seen recently was decorated with several tiny young fluffy
chiclis. They wore mostly yellow,
wdli one while and another gray
with some black markings. Surrounding this group was faintly indicated the green grass, which was
carried out to the edge, where it
faded away to white. It was only
in detail in tho centre ol the dish.
The dish itself was for sandwiches— *J
presumably ductal—and was a clever idea, cleverly carried out.
The Stout or Full Figure
W« siiggort a corset with a large bust
aud of average height, high enough under
tho arms to throw tho bust well forward,
with round, fairly long Princess Hips. It
should be strongly bonoil, especially over
the abdomen, and extra strongly stayed,
Sreducing comlort ami stylish appearance
l perfect combination.
We recommend styles Yatisl, 375 aiid-»
p Grace 347, 319, 507, 411.
Specialists in Corsets
Corsets for Stout Figures
Decedo Corsets
Guaranteed to Give You Satisfaction
j Agents for the Crompton Corsets
This figure requires a corset with] a butt
of sufficient height to be comfortable and
pleasing, with Military Hips of only medium length; that is to say, the popular
conventional style of corset. The common
sense, every day corset, well made and
durable, usually gives B.iti»factlon.
We recommend Styles Victoria l'honao,
209, 277, 273 and a la Urate 305, 109,007.


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