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Ladysmith Standard May 23, 1908

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The last Day to Do YoBi- bhoppng
J Our Stock of SHIRT.S is Unsurpassed in the City and J
we can supply you from 50o UP*
k •
Fancy 'Sox, in tho Now Shudoa;     somo Patterns   loud   onough *|»
to bo hoard a block away.
A complete range of Ties,  Soft Collars,  C<>'  -unuiions   Collars, JJ
Suspendors,  Fancy Vests,  Pants, Summer Uiniorwour, Bolts, Hoots
nnd   Shoos.
If you intend going PICNICING,  wo enn supply    your   Wants.
Fancy,Biscuits, Summer Drinks,    Tin Monts,    Tin  Fruits,  Condensed ColToo, Pork and Beans,  Pickles, ot<\
Picnic Baskots  from  25c.
Fruit aid Wg< t
Bananas, Oranges,
Lcmnna,  Cocon-
ChorrloB,   Strawberries
nuts anil Pineapples. 1
Cabbage,  Lottuco,   Asparagus,  Golcry,  Onions,   Itliiiliarli,    anil— $
******•"" Ahoroft Potatoes ~°-«««
■f Hin 111 ii 1111 iiimnin i ii-i^ii 11». n .»..i.,|..t,
Monday Should See Record   Crowds
from   'Ladysmith    and    Othor
Places in tho Coal City.
Suggestion Made at Meeting cf Chize.is' Linpiie
It Be Cleared and Ccnver.ed Jnto a Pink.
frt mU AfcA^yJtoifc^iMlejassfc-4- -■*■--*■- 4^±iAd_tl_^_A_^_m-^-a-W_mi-m_^_i_^deam_i
Is selling some nobby Shoes lor Mon, at $2.00 por pair.
Also Ladies' and Children's, at prices that can't be roucliotl.
by tho other fellow.
tim'*>'->-'W'-'-'W'-'-'-»-'u''->mi-'->w'a) ■»■■■"»■"»■»■»■
YOU CAN GET     ■»
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., Etc.
for White Swan Washing Powder Coubons
Send a Two-Cent Stamp for our Catalogue
B. C. Soa|> Works, JgSJg^t.
A mooting of tho Citizen's League which vvagons woul! be a hio to ap-
was hold in tho City Hall on Thurs proach tho houso*) on that street. Af-
day night. The attendance was any- tor finishing thoro, thoy intended op-
thing but good; but the members ening out a road through behind tho
who woro presont were on tho vory Presbytorian Church to the school,
best torins with thomselvos, It was Thoy would also grade a sidewalk
the flrst mooting sinco tho passing along the greater pari of Third Ave-
of tho electric light by-law and con- niie, connecting witli High Streot,
gratulations wore ill order. 'Roberts Street and S.wmnds Streot,
President Dior said they wero nil for tho convenience of the school
highly gratified with the results of chlldron. They also proposed to
thoir efforts in connection with the grade tho sidewalk on High Streot
electric light question. They hnd up to Fifth Avenue mid to break a
worked hard on tho subject nnd Imd road from Methuoti Street to Second
been compensated for it in lhe re- and Third Avenues. Some of the
suit of the poll. streets   botweon    Fourth and    Fifth
They and tho city with them had Avenues, which were almost impass-
takon their first roally important able in the winter would also be
step. The next business would bo attended to. They had also a ditch
a sewerago system. Once thoy had to cut on Fifth Avenuo, and aftor
their lights and possessed a sewer-, finishing there thoy meant, provided
ago system, they might feel proud of funds would permit it, to come back
thoir city which, ho was convinced,! on to First Avenuo ...md grado a
offered opportunities for development ■ sidewalk from Blair & Adam's Store
far ahead  nf nnv  «.f.v  +,Bi™ itB Bi™ 'to Bickle*s cornor.   Of courso,   thore
would bo other jobs to do as they
wont along, but. that was a rough
outline of what they proposod to
Secretary Wilson then brought up
a now    scheme    which, briefly,   pro-
(iS'anaimo Free Press,}
Gentle reader—you of the fair sex—i
what would you say if    you    saw
Nunaimop.eople aro keeping ananx-'*'0Ur ui« brothers perambulating   a-
ious eyo on  the sky these days. The round a  football field in long skirts,
weuthor is anything but settled, and  uud petticoats,     wearing  the  latest
peekaboo  waist,  the kangaroo   cor
set und all the rest of it?
far ahead of any city twico Its sizo.
The immodiato work now lay with
tho City Council and they could depend upon it doing its utmost for
tho benefit of the community,
Secretary Wilson had some flattering things to say of tho work the
Standard had done in connection
with tho lighting system. Tho efli-j
tor had lost no opportunity of advancing tho question without ever'
departing from thc lino of truth,1
und a hearty vote of thanks was
duo to him for the manner in which
he had furthered tho subject. The
Mayor, also, had given his time and
services unstintedly to the cause and
tho information ho gave to tho peo-
Good Tackle
Phone 7-0,
poses tho appropriation of tho Market Square for Park purposes. The
clearing operations now boing carried out by tho C.P.R., was baring
nil tho land round the city, Tho
Spit was no longer available, and
he thought they should uso .the Market square as a sort of Park. It
could be cleared easi'y enough, a
few shade trees planted, and they
„ _ __ .„_,__ would havo a place, contrnl, and
plo after his roturn from the Muni- convenient of success, Where women
clpnl Convention in Nnnalmo had and children could slip in and rest
carried more weight with the tax- during tho heat of the day. It
payers than anything elso. So far would servo as a play ground for
as tho League was concerned they the children. He thought the town
hnd only dono thoir duty as citi- should have something of the sort,
zons. nnd it would form a prominent land'
He was sorry, he went on to say, mark ln the city, something they
to seo the buslnoss mon of tho town could show to their visitors with
manifest so littio interest in the pride. As for the cost of clearing
League and its doings. They hnd it and converting it Into a park,
tho most to gain from anything it he thought every man in town would
might do in promoting the interests ho willing to subscribe n dollar and
of tho town, nnd yet they could not only vory littio would beroquired
take tho trouble to attend tho meot- from the city treasury,
Ings. Thore were many quostions The proposal -was discussed at
which they could take hold of and great length, and, on the whole,
work up for tho advancement of tho was vory favorably taken up. May-
city If only thoir members would-or Nicholson said he hnd not pre
put In an appearance. viously given the matter a thought,
Mayor Nicholson was nskod to and had, indeed, contemplated mak-
stato how far tho Council hud pro- ing an endeavor to have the land
coeded with tho electric light ques- released for building purposes. On
tlon but was not in a position to lho whole, however, he whs fuvorab-
givo- out any more information than |y impressed with the proposal,
what hud already appeared in tho President Dior, Mr. Thornley nnd
Standard In the reports of the Coun- air, Bryant spoke in a similar strain
ell's proceedings, However, ho out- the latter suggesting that a small
lined in detail tho Council's plans in pjeco could.be cleared at tho outset
regard to stroot Improvements. Tho to see how the scheme worked out.
rond gung, he said, wero now busy' After nn Interesting discussion the
on Second Avenuo making a ,rond by meeting adjourned.
Nanaimo, in  the worst way, want it
settled and  settled for good.    Thoir
annual     celebration    comes    off   ou
Monduy.    Tlie Committee has put in
weeks of    arduous     work and have
propured a  programme which eclipses any previous    performance.    All,
that is .wanted to make the  day the j BomutiliuK out
success it deserves    to bo   Is    good   the
weather, and it  Is to be   hoped that
fortune will smile upon tho city's efforts.
Thore will be the usual large crowd
from Ladysmith. The towns vory
largoly depend upon oach other for
tho success of their demonstrations.
If this ■woro only borne more in
mind by the citizens of oach town,
there would lie less extreme
recrimination and no soro feeling,
consummation most devoutly to bo
wished for. It is the duty of the
town to support Nanaimo on the
25th if it wishes to mako a success
of its own celebration on tho First
of July.
A splendid list of attractions has
been prepared, an adequate and convenient train service secured, and a
good dny's sport and enjoyment is
assured to every visitor, Nanaimo
expects a lurgo crowd from .here and
she will not be disappointed if only
tho weather is fine,
Michie-Suttie Marriage.
The spring weather is bringing a
crop of weddings. Two were reported in the last issue of the Standard, uud thero are other two and a
very suspicious looking caso to be
chronicled now.
The hero and heroine of the flrat
roinuticc were the bold Sandy Michie
' and Miss Martha Suttie. There have
That's what is going to ha-ppen on been several false alarms concerning
Victoria Day, however. I lho same Sandy.   Howevor, on Wed-
For something     entirely original, nf*«J e™nlu* Sandy's career of sin-
B '      ^ glo adventure wus happily untied.
ol tlie beaten path, i    Attended    by .Mr. Robert Oreaves,
stunt Unit will uUe place on'und    Miss Micliio,     Sandy and bis
Hho cricket Held ou Monday altornooul'' '"'id" to bo drove out of town   on
is the best ever. I Wednesday evening   in a double rig
NEW YOBK, May 22,-Somewhere
Twenty-two able-bodied young athletes irom Nanaimo are going to
take on the burden oi the gentler
sex—petticoats—and sally lurth into
tho iootball lieid In a desperate
Shorty Graham and Paddy Hewitt
ure to lead the opposing Auituons,
and all the best football talent of
Nanaiiuo is to be in the uieleo of
skirts and. lingerie, that will ...take
part in the musijuorade football
Imagine the redoubtable Paddy
Hewitt in tne makeup of a coy,
bashful ballet girl, ur Peter fjiluiour
as a blushing uiaiu-n uf just-sweet
sixteen, Shorty Uruhauf as a dainty
looted ball room, queen, Blundell as
white-haired chaperon, Scott Harley and (Jruicky as militant woman
suffragists.     Sawyers, Hooper    aud
Farmer   in the garb of young    de-
out near the   Sandy Hook lightship  butantes,    and    all the rest of the
:„ fi,-. a-...    j0g bank whll!ll    has staJwurd    members of the Nuuaiinp
>ver   the ocean   since united    and    tho reserves in other
yesterday, the big liner Lusitania is charoctwictic make upB.
°~ '"" "* """'"""     m*a the giant I    Tlie Idea waa sprung at the moet-
at jog   0f    the Celebration Committee
lust sight and at once adopted.
Ladysmith team cannot be here for
as    expected and some-
swinging at anchor,
turbiner shot   past Fire Island
1.1)8 this    morning at a speed     of
nearly    thirty    miles an hour, and
was enveloped in the mist, she vtaa __ iu"atcli
carrying    a  rocord of   hours faster tn'illg hfld t0 be done to get an at-
uiiug    lit  ^^
than over made before by ,auy ship traction. The Nanaimo United were
on the trans-Atlantic route. Once, appoaled to „___ endorsed the onus-,
Just before she was absolutely lost querade football match with
to view as if in mid ocean the wire- thusiasm. Six ofthe team stop at
less told that she continued her Lobbley's boarding house and re-
lllght over at loast most of the 27 < |)orts trom there this morning say
miles which separated her from her that there is not
goal.    Just where she was when the
spare stitch   of
women's clothes in the houso   that
r ..... has not been appropriated by     tho
board tho Bteamer did not know, but hUskv ,lx to vmt on Honday.   The
OH      Rlinro   If      !■>   t'.i-i-    '—    --'
wireless    was    sent   even those  on
♦ a. a. •»«.-»■» a. •»%•»«.«.»»»«, »»^v4-
Bf Ti'.! ■ -
Ottawa,    May 22.—Promoters
Just arrived—imported   from -
England—a fine assortment of -
tho    (lost   English Sllvorwaro,
Sterling and Plate.
-All Cased Goods, Including— [
Cream and Sugars, Bon-Bone,
BJour-pIecod Sets, Mustard,
Salt and Pepper, Fish Sets, <
with Pearl Handles, Fruit -
Knives; etc., etc., all in case '
at a cost from (2 to (20.00. ;
Watchmaker and Jowolor.
tne bimswap and    Thompson
Mil tako their dofeat sorely.
have kept up nn active lobby since
FORT WILLIAM, May 29.- After
an absence of seven years ln the
United Statu and elsewhere, Andrew Kasak returned to Ravens. Today Magistrate O'Brien arrested him
.,,„...      .    . on a charge of stealing a letter be-
.a    mU^JrmlmtTmm ^ ">»»«««   to the   postal department,
had   succeeded    In getting tho bill from „,, Fort wllHam poftofflM ln
!'l  A°._ ,! --t,™     y C°m,nU" November, 1900.    Charges of    forgery and     obtaining   money under
       falsi protonces will also  be laid.
BOTH LEGS SEVERED,       | S    .
Hamilton, May 22.—Fred Sutton,' There Is an average of one leg or
employed on a gravel train, was arm amputated In New York city
run over last night and both legs each day ln coneanuonco of accidents
severed. Bocm-ory Is doubtful. Re caused by surface, elevated or sub-
belonged to Burlington, Ont. way eon.
when lt was killed.
Fall to Agree and Are Discharged. Grafter May Escape,
SAN FUANCISUJ, May 22.-After
ueing out nearly forty hours, the
Jury ln the trial of Abraham Rust,
tho central figure in the bribery und
graft prosecution against whom numerous indictments wero returned,
failed to agree on a verdict, and
was discharged last night by Judgo
The Bpeclflc charge against Ruefln
tbe trial Just closed was the offer
of a bribe of (1,000 to formor su-
liervlior Phillips to Influence his
vote favorably on the electric road
franchise applied for by the Park-
side Realty Co.
The Jury stood six to six on tho
thirteen ballots takon. Thore nro
eleven Indictments still pending a-
galnat Ruef.
 1 .	
CLEVELAND, May"22.-The near
approach of peace in the local street
car war did not prevent dynamiters
from lollowing out thoir usual operations last night, no less than half
a dozen cars being dumageil, while
several pot-suns receded in ui v..
' The most serious outrags was the
blowing up of a car carrying ten
passengers at the corner of Euclid
avenue and East 116th street. The
car was -wrecked and two of the ten
passengers were badly hurt. A sec-
tlon of track five feet long was
blown to atoms. Five other cars
wcre djnamlieil ln various sections
of tho city during the night, but no
ono was seriously Injured,
Since daylight this morning no dls
order of any kind bus been reported.
The men who are trying to bring
about a settlement of the strike,
again resumed thoir labors today. It
la said thoy are dead locked ln the
choice of n third arbitrator. Two
arbitrators havo already beon named.
shore it iB taken for granted
that captain Matles made certain he
hod passed the record line off tbe
light ship before lotting down his
Wherever sho is there she must remain until the fog lifts sufficiently
to permit her to work her way cautiously up through the narrow channels tu tho harbor and her dock.
The trans-Atlantic records for
rest of tho twenty-two who will take
part in the, affair have appealed to
their friends among'the fair sex;
and it is expected that by Monday
they will hnve secured enough clothing to enf-er their big frames.
Women linesmen will parade the
side lines. Lockfe* McDonald Is to
appear in a wonderful costume and
Riley Merrit will hold down the opposite lino In a terrible array of
-Every spare copy of the Delinea-|
^^^^^^^^^^^^^      tor, the Gentlewoman, La Mode, and
voyage, average speed, and for    tho other     fashion    Journals    hns been
shortest   trip over the long course,' bought up by the footballers    who
were broken by the Cunard liner Lu- j are
situnin which arrived here today.
Young Groom Called Away ns Wit.
ness on Night of Ills
City Band Will Play   at Bandstand
This Evening.
Tho City Band will open ont    its
The big ship anchored oft Sandy
Hook lightship in a heavy fog at
2.55 this morning,' Just 4 days, 20
hours and 22 minutes after she pass-
Daunt'B Rock. This boats tho best
previous time for the long course,
made by her sister ship the Maure-
tnnla by three hours and thirty minutes, nnd Is only ooe hour and 42
minutes longer than tho Luaitanla
record ovor the short course.
The Lusltnnla's average speed for
tho voyage was 21.83 knots and
this lime goes far toward securing
for her owners the British melts sul>-
sidy of S750.000 promised when the
Uisltnnin shall have avornged 24.50
knots per hour or better for a round
trip passage.
Wynn   and Brady    Meet in Fifteen-
Hound Oo Tonight.
fur Kanaimo. In St. Paul's Church
of that city, the wedding ceremony
was performed. Mr. Robert Greaves
acting as best mun and Miss Michie
supporting the bride,
The two young people loft on the
Joan the next morning for Vancou.
ver and other Sound cities. On their
return they will take up their residence on Third Avenue.
Sandy and his brido have heaps ol
friends in town, and a host of good
wishes attend them in their new life.
The same evening at the 'Robinson
residence on Koberts Street, Mr. J.
Hatfield, of Michel, was married to
Miss Jennie Robinson. Hatfield is a
newcomer to town; but Mrs. Hatfield is well known and she has the
good-wishes of all her frionds.
May Be a Wedding.
As for the third caseall that camo
within the writer's purview is that
one of the city's fairest and most
popular daughters went oil to Victoria the other morning in a moat
fetching costume Next morning a
young man,, also in gay apparel took ,
the Vu-u.Vi*.train, The young man
hus been very thick with the young
lady and lus air at the depot,
was not quite ".safguy and debonair
as usual. It ' expressed a certain
amount of self-consciousness, and ho
shunned men with whom, usually, ho
would have been the first to ax-
change badinugc. Circumstantially,
the writer believes them married, but
us he only prints facts, he has merely related the circumstances us they
came under his knowledge. Hi1: readers have their own guesses coming.
Testimony   Brings    Out   Fast that
Laurier Ignored Hodgson's Bequest lor Investigation.
OTTAWA,    May   22.-The inajuliy.
into Hodgins' charges ef fraud and
lover classification in connection with
the construction of the trans-emtin-
entul railway was adjourned to June
3rd.     In cross-examination of Major
Hodgins yesterday    afternoon.    Mrs.
Murphy counsel for the transcontinental railway commission, sought to
have the deposed engineer admit that
only Commissioners Raid and Young
hod spoken to him about more I4b-
al classification and that there/ore
he had no right to make complaint
about the commission as a body aa
he had done   in his letter  to    the
Victoria Colonist.
The witness pointed out in reply,
that all the commissioners, including
Messrs. Parent and Mclsaac, had
joined in appointing Gordon Grant,
as inspecting engineer, with full authority to over-rule all division engineers in matter of classification.
This appointment had been protested against by the chief engineer. It
was carried through, however, and
after Grant's appointment "Quebec
classification" was put in force,
which wns classifying cement material as solid rock.
Murphy     pressed the witness    to
now experiencing some of the
torment of mind their sisters and
wives evidence before selecting their
street costumes. The Nanaimo United are now deploring the fact thnti
they huve not adopted the Yale habit of growing football hair, for
they now find that they will be at a
disadvantage in wearing becoming
millinery. However, by the effusive
use of "'rats," large bondoes, and
low set trimming, they hope to overcome the difficulty.
Hy the time the match is over  it
is believed that    the disfigured    22
will have more than the usual manly sympathy for the women and will "*»** wh>" he had nnt ca,led tho •*"
all endorse Ralph Smith and J. H.j*ent;°n of ^government■ Usthecir-
Huw thornthwuite    in granting
franchise to them.
The usual jealousies among this
wonderful "fair sex" is anticipated,
and already the other players are
casting    envious
leumstance.     Hodgins said he
j brought it to the notice of Sir Willi f rid Laurier and hnd reauested     an
Investigation    but his request    was
ignored,    nor    was   there anything
.       I i dono until the publication of his let-
eyes on   Hun-en, 11__ ,n tb_ VMorli Colmltl   ,B ^
whutio    classic leiituree tuiil innocont-
A suli|ilniotiii is always an aggi-a-
viitlini, tlio moro so as thoro in   no tiUniuoiits
iloilglng    Its     poromptory    onlors. oil.    All that Is nooilcd tonight   for
Clothoil In tho majesty of the   low, an auspicious boglnnlng is ftno   woa-
It exacts olioilionco no mnttor    how that.    The following programme will
dlstnstosfiil    tho business   to   which •'»   romloroil,    beginning at fl p. in.
It culls ono.    lt has no regard    Ior sharp:
tho proprlotlos and mocks nt   ono's March-a'rluniphnnl lliinncr. ... Paul
convenience. Overture—Star of tho Sea. ... Bloger
Mr. J. Hatflold can    subscribe   to Modloy—Unil Uossa  Hound
all this and a hoop moro which   no Waltz.—Day Dronnis -  Lamps
Ink would print.    Married nt   sovon Two Stop-Jlorry Willow  Mahl
o'clock ln tho.evening ho wns   sum iPantaslo.—.lubilatiom ...
jnonoil to oppoar os a crown    wit-  Soloctlon—lliihomlon Girl  Balfo
noss ln a murilor charge nt Michol. March—0 53oJo ;  Loscy
expression lend themselves most readily to u woman's make-up. Handsome Hurren, lt is said, will ba the
belle of ths, Held, with ruddy, the'
winsome, a  closo second. I
     |   A success?—ol course It's bound to'
°""'™ bo a  success,    and the whole town
Everything is now arranged for the and the 500 strong who aro coining I
big    boxing    contest   ln the opera ,rom Vancouver will bo thero to soo    Ml!. RALPH SMITH PROMISES
__________ . houso on     Saturday evening.     The tho S"*1    'battle, <"* well os Lady-1 SU-RPOJW.
dbsji air concerts at tho bandstand  principals are E   Wynn and Jimmy annWh. I   OTTAWA, May 22.—A Woman Sot*
t0'',gsLor7o^es,0teseh™C ^y' -   «"» «»' b°* « »**     ™°ViBg *»   '^""^ »'aWl' 'reg'S* T n*I Tn T J?   ^
will bo vastly nppreclot- \ weights lor 1100 a  side.    Wynn   Is will bo two rattling flve-a-sldo   con- dressed   by Ralph Smith, M.P.     ol
meantime Hon. Graham In the Commons bail nnnouncod an Investigation unnecessary.
Major Hodgins n!«o laid ths matter before Jas. Conmee, who wired
lo Ottawa recommending an Investigation. Hodgins olso wrote Aylosworth but tho latter did not reply.
'•' said to be as clever with his hands tosts with the Past Hall, Paddy Nanaimo, who cordially endorsed tin
as with his feet, and that ho has Hewitt's team and Strang's team movement and promised his full sup-
grlt, coolness,    and resource he has competing.       Strang is the    latest |10rt-
shown many a  timo on the iootball plllal* of strength,    direct from Cal*   ___^_____	
Hold. His opponent Is'a colored gory, to Join tho United team, as
boxer of some repute, and both men is also Mitcholl, of Vancouver, who
nro In good condition. Tho bout, will appear on Strang's team. The
which is scheduled to go fifteen Ave a side gomes will be either ten
Pearson rounds, should produce* some
fast milling.
.T. Brownlee, P. Kllleen, D. Chilton.
Unoman— Riley Merrlt.
W. Polkinghorne,    Sondy   Strang/
hard, or fifteen minutes each way, and as H, FarmOT| p. Hoo|)CT| w   mtchMt
all threo teams aro well balonced, a B. Snowden,     J. niundell, D. 8*,**>
flood preliminaries havo boen    ar- mighty Interesting, competition may yors,  n, Ishorwood, H. Hewitt,   T,
ranged.     Charlie Thomas and Potsy I* exjpooted.    Much Interest Is boing Tongue.
Reynolds will put up an exhibition, taken    In   Strang's team nnd local     Linemen—L. -McDonald,
and    tho two     Smiths ot Nanaimo,  supporters will watch Strong     nnd     Referee- R. Vlpond.
two clevor boxers, are expected   for Mitcholl    keonly to got a  lino    on PAST MAIL PIVE.
a  turn. 'hair work.    - |    w.  flraham,  P.  Crulckshanks,
________________________ Tho doors   will open at 8 o'clock,     Tho following are the teams that  Harley, J. Hurrcn, J. niundell.
along with tho mnn who is alleged Sparks of Nevada, who hu been 111 „mi the principal event of tho even- will appear In tho different llno-upi:
to have shot ths Italian.    Howolls for iom# time,   died at 9.80    this ing vm ,,„ punod oil as soon as pos-      SHORTY GRAHAM'S TEAM.
!charge"   of ' Constable   Stephenson! aoning •*   W" nu,ch ""    B«0*,»lble aftor tho conclusion of the pre-    W. Walker, P. Gilmore, J. Hurren,
their first business being to    report aov- Spwlts' term would have    «»> ltainnrlos.       Charges for admission P. Harloy,    W.
to Superintendent Hussey. .plrsd Deo, 81, 1010. J ere (1 ond "5 cents. shanks, D.
That won on Wednesday evening, I
and, on Thursday morning ho was
whirled oway on tho Victoria train,
leaving a disconsolate bride behind
him. |
Tho iiffnlr at Michel concorns tho
shooting of an Italian at n dance. I
Hatfield    and    Jack    Howolls woro
"God Sovo tho King,'
Band Master.
Reno,   Nov., Hay 22,-Gov.   John
Robertson, __,
P. Orulcfc-
Jnck Wilson, P. Hewitt. H. Far*
mor, Dick Sawyers, P. Hooper.
Sandy Strong's Plve will play tha
winners, CONSULT ME
If You Require Any
Or if You Require Any
Qr If You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell Ons;   or If You  Want
FAlill or FRUIT 1AND8.
Notary Pablle,
The Vancouver   accounts   of    the
ment against the wish of those Lib- cham. lonshlp   game    at Recreation
some Park last Saturday mako funny road-
Ladysmlth   Standard
Published on Wednesday, una Saturdays Afternoons by the
Hobt. R. Hindmarch,
One Year H.W
Six alumna      t*
Advertising  Uuteo ou Application.
There are many persons in tho
town to whom the Market Square
lias beon both an eyesore and
mystery. Matterless how much was
done by tbe city to improve the
streets, or by the citizens to inv-
prove their property, thore was always that ugly place of stumps
right in the centre of the town. A-
gain It was quito as dUflcult to determine what to do with it os to ox-
plain why it was there. For what
purposo had tliisTsiiuure heen left
vacant, containing as it does some
of tho best residential sites in the
oity? Its first effect was to Irretrievably mnr the whole appearance
of tho city. The second was .to
drive citizens away out Into the
bush to their great inconvenience,
nnd to inci-on.se tbe cost of making
and maintaining tho city streets!
There was nevor nothing to Indicate
that Ladysmith would ever become,
a market town and require a square
for her fairs and the transaction of
horse and cattle business. Even as
a square the enclosure is spoiled. A-
round tho fswr sides there is on 80-
foot street area, and Second avenuo
nnd High street bisect it ot right
angles, still it is thero and it is
high time that something was done
with' it.
The greater interest therefore attaches to lho suggestion put forward at tho meeting ol lho Citi
zens' League on Thursday eveulng by
Secretary Wilson. Ho mado a pro
position that tho squaro bo cleared
and converted Into a pork to which
tired mothers could retreat with
their children for nn hour's rest. His
point was that every city should
have an open space for the common
enjoyment of its citizens. They
would find thot by tho time tho 0.
PR. had completed tholr present
clearing operations thoy -would not
havo many v shady places |„ which
they could seek shelter from ths
heat of tho summer sun. Ho therefore strongly favored tho Idea of
turning tho square Into a park. A
few shade trees could bo planted,
somo benches and shelters erected,
nnd a green made for the children.
The square was convenlont to everybody, nnd somothlng of tho kind
had been suggested they ought    to
Mr. Wilson's proposition wos very
favorably received by tho members
of the Loague presont; and It Is woll
worth the while of overy citizen to
Klvo It careful consideration. It Is
none too soon In tho llfo of the
101)11 to th'nk over snd, „ vm,Mt.
The (rr.<wtost objection to the whole
schomo is thnt tho square Is totally
unsulted to tho purposo of n .pork.
Tn addition to tho dlsndvnntngcs of
n vorylng nnd difficult grade, It
could novor bo made Into ni
closure liecouso of tho streets that
cut right through It nt right angles.
Agnln, supposing It wore convortod
Into a pork who would uso IM Tho
pooplo on thc Esplanade, First Avenue and up Mcthiino nnd White
streets naturally tnko to tho bench.
At the othor ond of town thero ts
the spit, and If It Is at oil convenlont of access the liench In tho
summer time will always bo the com
OTTAWA, May 16.— The Government attempt -to obtain control of
franchise and registration in Manitoba, British Columbia and port of
Ontario, has not yet succeeded. The
debate on the Election Bill continued until Wednesday -.light with the
opposition sturdily refusing to accept the moasure. On Tuesday Sir
Wilfrid found it necessary to take the
floor and make a vague offer of conciliation. In a general way; the Premier announced his willingness to ap
point judges to deal with the lists
in the provinces where intervention
is proposed. .< Tho Opposition-. hod
previously stated that it was willing to accept such federal action
os might be necessary in any Manitoba constituencies where' Federal
and Provincial-electoral- boundaries
crossed each .other,, provided the rearrangement were placed ln the
hands of Judgos. But only a few
constituencies are in this-position,
and it becomes, clear that the intersecting of constituencies in only an
What the machine docired to do
was tu tako from tho two provinces
which do not. hove, Liberal Governments, tho absolute control of., tho
electoral list and franchise, assuming
powor to odd and strike off names,
doing this on tho eve of the 'eioction with little notice, and with evory opportunity to reppat iho "red
lino" outrage of 1904, with extensions into Manitoba and Ontario.
Sir Wilfrid's-partial backdown may
be real. or. ouly apparent. He has
a fine gift for using language with
double meanings, and tho uncortoln
proposition of Tuesday could not bo
ticcoptcd until the Opposition could
find out what it meant.
Tho Conservative position was
I clearly defined in the debato. The
| party wos and is ready for a general Dominion franchise system, treating all the provinces, .alike,, placing
registration in tho control of Judges,
giving full publicity and ample' no
tice, right of appeal, and all possl
ble opportunity to obtain a complete
fair; judicial list in which both parties can have confidence. The party
will not accept a Fedoral control of
franchise, applying only to two' or
three Conservative, provinces, and
used to override ; at the last moment before the election tbe lists
prepared by Judges under provincial
law, which lists are known to be as
carefully and. honestly mado aa those
of any of the other provinces which
the Government does not propose to
disturb. They bcliove that tho people of Manitoba and British Columbia are no less capable than,those
of Saskatchewan or Quebec, or Nova
Scotia, of preparing their election
lists. They are able to prove that
far more .errors -have occured -and
more, offences , have, been committed
against the electoral rights of the
people ln other provinces than in
Manitoba. Therefore they stand out
against this discrimination and resent the insult contained in it.
Such ls the language of the Manitoba Conservative Members, Dr,
Roche, Schaffner and Mr. Staples.
Such is the declaration of Mr. Borden and his comrades from other
provinces. They have ehdwn that
Sir Wilfrid Laurier found no - cause
for Inference because of t franchise
wrongs committed in Nova Scotia
by the dominant party; that no action was suggested when the Rothesay election listiconsplracy in New
Brunswick adder more than 400
forged names to an honest list of
less than 100 in one district ot tho
constituency formerly represented by
Mr. Pugsley, now one of Sir Wilfrid's colleagues. The present conspiracy—for lt is really a plot between, the Government at Ottawa
and the same Manitoba machine
which carried out the red line outrage,—was attempted ln 1908, and
That failure is an interesting
story Sir Charles Fltzpatrick, now
Chief Justice of Canada, was Minister of Justice. When the scheme was
brought to him to carry through he
rejected it with scorn, and, made It
Impossible for anyone else to complete the programme. Everything
had been arranged, the bill was prepared and printed, but the Minister
of Justice smashed that conspiracy.
When Sir Charles Fltzpatrick gave
place to Mr. Aylesworth the Manitoba machine took heart again add
the deadly part of the bill of 1908
was tacked on to the electors reform measure of 1908.
When Sir Wilfrid was told of this
In tho House this week he emphatically contradicted the.whole story.
He declared that no bill had, been
printed or prepared and no such
moosure hod been contemplated. The
Premior asserted this positively1 ln
the House on threo occasions, declaring on Tuesday:
"No act was contemplated by 'the
Government and no bill was prepared, that I say most decisively,"
(Hansard page S871.)
Yet. after giving the Premier, a
chance to reconsider and inquire and
thon receiving a third contradiction,
Mr. Staples was ablo to produce, .
and hand to Sir Wilfrid in printed .
form, Just as it came from the Gov- «
ernment Bureau, tbe draft of the .
bill of .1908 on the same lines as
that.now before the House. Sir Wll.
frld still declared, that he nover saw.
it, which goes to show that he elth- .
ents there was the bill Intended to
be made law before the election of
1904 billed by the present Chlof
Justice of Canada, resurrected by
Mr. Aylesworth, thrust upon Parlio-
♦ *.*>*>a>a, %ay^*.a>%a.a>a>»»a>a,aja,f %*,%% ft*'%ia>a*a)%^a>aia>^%^^»%^«yaya>« ayajaaaf^ajaA^atava.^^^^^^^^ 4 m*-%.m
.««aa«altf ♦«*«4*«%««««a«%«%%%«a4 a*'*.*.*.*,**.*-'*.*-*.*,*. «,a,«.«njn
erol members who ore of the
moral type as Sir Charles Fltzpatrlck,
The luxurious ice-breaker Montcalm, now at the bottom of the St.
Lawrence, has not broken much ice
during the four years of her Canadian career, as she has been undergoing repoirs most of the time
when not engaged in excursion trips.
But the Montcalm hos mode large
breaks   in   the   Dominion Treasury.;
ing. The press of'that city is all
agreed that it was a surpi-iso visit,
and that Nanaimo's coining was never dreamed of. Moro than that,
according to tho Province, although
tho Nnnaimutes landed In tho city
about. 10 o'clock, thoy only notified
the great and only Con of tholr presence at 2 o'clock. Then, of courso,
thore follows tho usual oulogy of
Con which makes ono   wondor   how
Ths contract price wos $285,288 ond I much a lino ho pays for it.
repairs have cost ?119,877, furnish-1 It goes without saying that thoso
lngs, including sil.or plate and cut gentlemen "aro oithor very rockloss,
gloss, (6,853. Total, Including I wholly irresponsible writors, or olso
maintenance. $657,725. I thoy nro In Willie's phraso, miignifl
Arbitrator Schrelber has made an
award to the contractor of the Hills
boro Bridge at Charlottetown which
brings the cost to the Dominion of
that structure up to a round $1,-
500,000. When it is remembered
that the.first Government estimate
of cost wos half a million, ond
when tho work had begun parliament was assured that lt would not
cost more than $800,000, we begin
to understand how the Trans-continental Is costing two or thrco tlmos
the Government estimate. Iti is wise
to multiply by two, and safer to
multiply by three, any advance state
ment of the coi'. of a work under,
taken by a Laurier Government.
Commissioner Oassels investigated
the Department of Marine on Monday and Tuesday and then quit
for six weeks. It Is suggested that
when, he gets through with his Ex-
chequerCourt business it will be vacation time and that the inquiry
will be resumed toward the end of
the year, perhaps after the elections
The Commission has made some progress, for the first witness called
from the department was the chief
engineer, and he distinctly and emphatically stated that he shared the
views of Commissioners Fyshe and
Basin In* regard to "lack of conscience" in purchasing certain supplies. Col.- Anderson has been' ln
the service a third of a century and
has held the position of chief engineer since 1880. Down to a few
yoars ago he had' charge of lighthouse buildings and equipment, bouys
and other aids to navigation. Then
the control of lights, buoys and everything In that connection, except
the construction of buildings, was
taken away from him and glvon to
J. F. Fraser for whom the new office of. Commissioner of, Lights . was
Now began a career of extrava
ant expenditure ln various directloi
The Merwin contracts, somoofwhlc
have been exposed, resulted ln tha
middleman receiving over a mlllio
dollars from the Dominion Treasury
About ths some amount has gone t
.T. h. Wlllson's Company-for buoys
and. large amounts to another com
pany promoted by Mr. Willson, whlc
sells carbide to the Government
Col. Anderson declared his firm ne
lief that contractor Wlllson's ln
fluence was used with the Govern
ment to have Mr. Fraser placed
charge of this spending branch. The
Chief Engineer himself had reported
and protested, against the wholesale
and expensive ] changes which resulted in large contracts to Mr. Will-
son. These large deals could not
have been made had Col. Anderson
remained ln charge. While ho stated
that he had no proof of dishonesty
on the part of Mr. Fraser in tho
matter of these contracts, he could
not help entertaining suspicions.
This witness did not volunteer such
testimony. In fact he urged that
his suspicions should not be given
as > evidence, but since counsel Insisted upon his giving opinions, he
did so. They were.based upon the
general view that the extravagant
expenditure and the unjustifiable contracts began when Mr. Fraser tobk
charge. He- had a strong conviction that Mr. Fraser's promotion
was due to the contractor's Influence
Contractor Willson was himself on
the stand a short time and denied
that he had anything to do with
Fraser's promotion. He. however,
made the interesting statement that
when hs organised the -Company,
which sold carbide to the Government he secured for himself 140,000
worth of stock In payment for hls
patents and of this ho gavo $10,000
to the late Hon. James Sutherland,
at that time member without office
In the Laurier Government. Mr.
Wlllson's statoment is that this $10-
000 stock was a payment to Mr.
Sutherland for the services of tho
letter in -inducing the Bronson family
to take stock in the concern, But it
will be soon thot with one of the
contracting firm in the Ministry
might not bs necessary for Mr. Will-
son to personally interfere In securing the promotion of Mr. Fraser to
the position of Superintendent of
Lights. Mr. Sutherland became
Minister of marine in 1902 and was
afterwards Minister of Public Works.
,.   .,.        n     >    	
cent liars. Thoro was nono of thom
nour tho ground, and all thoy havo
to sny ls merely hearsay or guesswork. -As a inattor of fact tho Nanaimo playors claim thoy rocoivod r.
lottor from tho Secretary of the This
tlos, tolling'them thoy woro expected
and It wos this lottor alono which
induced thom to make tbo trip.
Tho reports wind up with tho stato
mont thnt tho Thistles ore going to
protest tho game on tho ground
that   Nanaimo    played old   Thistlo
players who had already played in mo United havo captured Mitchell, smith tonm on tho ground at tho
the somo competition. If the pro- tho Thistlo centro-forwnrd. Strang, Inst moment, that moro sport should
tost had beon lodged properly, thore also, the contro-hnlf from Calgury is he provided! and wo hopo that the
can bo no doubt about its validity, expected down. Tho idea is clearly next tournament of tlio kind that Is
Tho season Is ovor, and I havo al- to havo ono man capable of holding hold under our auspices, will be par-
ready writton onough on this point; Jimmy and anothor who can emu- tlclpaiod in by toams ' from your
but, according to tho Constitutions Into his exploits in tho centro-for- club again. The club regrets very
of tho Associations these mon woro ward position. Plainly there is go- much that a very unpleasant incid-
cloarly Ineligible to play on Sntur- Ing to be something doing noxt son out hopponcd during tho progress of
day. son,  for,  of courso,  it is up to   us  ono or tlio mutclios whereby a iiady-
' Howovor, if a protest wos contom- nnd the othor clubs to follow suit.; smith player was subjected to uii-
plutod, lt should have boen mnde on Tho pity of It Is thot tho local callod-for treatment but wishes it
tho Hold. Tho Vancouver officials player will bo driven out of tho understood that tlio prevention of
have always threatened thoy   would game by tho inorconiii-y. , such wns boyond thoir control
dobar those mou from ploying In tho a .
final.    It would seom, howovor, that Thanks K„„t,„„„_t* „ T
whon tho    time for the final   come     Socrot„„,.Sll™is ,„ ,.ofoipt „f Northwestern Loaguo.
round nil their interest,in the  gome a lottol. fl.om Mr- F   Ton        HUCr<3. T„coln(l ;   ;„ 11    „'   ,,";
havo evaporated.    As a matter   of tary of tho Nanaimo Athletic   Club,  Aberdeen .'. '.'..'.' .'.'.'.'.'.' 12    '    ' "'
fact tho Shiold  Competition   finish- which „„„„,-„ for ltsolf-    It rends;      Seattle 11
od footbnli for tho season In    Van-     „Tho   N„nnlm0, Athlotlc Club   has Spokono  11
couvor.    Thoro Is no longer, o toam, |n.tructod mo to write you  express-  liiitlo       0
so that thoro    is no uso In protest- ing t|,olr thanks to your club for tho Vancouver    il
ing.   And tho reputation of tho sport Very willing und valuable assistance National" League,
ovor thoro is bad onough without bo- ,,our clll,, ron(i0,.„,| „„ hl .„|,||„K   to  chlcngo 14.
Ing burdonod   with    tho stigma   at- Jnako lho FIVe A.sWo (oot|mli Toul.. pjttSDUrit  i2
tachlng to a protost which is    not n„m()„t, hold lust    Sunday, such    a  Philadelphia '  18
only of no uso and long ovorduo but success as It turned out to bo,   Wu New York       18
is dictated sololy  by  splto and envy funy appreciate tbo spirit of    good Huston  .'.'.'."'...'.'.'.'".'.'.'...'.'] 13
1  ♦ t sportsmanship  that your club   - ills- Cincinnati"............'".'.','." 10
More Captures. plnyod on thut occasion, not"forgot- St. Louis ...... .,.].. ..""    0
It is reported in town that Nanai- ting tho entrance of a third   Lady- Brooklyn .......    ... 9
"It is not short of astonishing in- The landlord) of tho public houso uc-
deod, to discover how far tho negro cidentnlly    discovered    a dissipated
hos been ablo to develop ln tho for- learned man     ono day, supplied him
 _. __     .     ... .             _          ty-odd yoars since slavory a distinct with all tho beor and food ho want-
sent for the Commonwealth Edison race spirit and position.   It is pret- 0d, and ultimately stutod to   othor
m_„i*in iwianv   whoso dean* bodv 'iy w0" known that ho has bo*"> *\°- customers that ho was prepared   to
Electric Company, whose dead body ing jnt() bus|n088. that hoJs  ttcquir- „bQ(,k                              *   i
was found   in    a down town alley ■ 1- <■—■•   »i—» ■.» t...   „.... ,,...       .  ■' i.
CHICAGO, May 22.-A solution of
the mystery surrounding the murder
of Robt. C. Holmes, purchasing
NEW YORK, May 22.—Although „
the wealthy owners of automobiles
are lined frequently for exceeding the
sliced limit.still they pay tholr fines
and go on their way rejoicing until
they aro caught again. Tho Long
wevor, hue devised a new punishment that bids fair
lown town alley ing mueh limd;    that ho has   many Uoll on ,cnrnod subJoct8 whicll   toy' 'sTond ,-allroad   ho
recently will disclose, it is thought, professional mon; that ho worships in cured to ask.       Tho result was    of              lainoaa, no
tlie operations of    experts iu crime. hls  own  ""hurohos,    and  has  many COui-So, that customers camo    lilglit 'ea ° ne"
Holmea was not tho work of ordln- scnQols whlt* ho conducts — but in aftof night to try to puzzle tho man at least    to mako tho automobilists
Holmes was not the woik ol ord n otb__ ljm_ o|     tiv,t   ho iailisogot ,vml brought thoir friends to soe the live up to tho rules of the company.
ary thugs, but was perpetrated    by tlng . (oothold.    Just os on_ illus- tun.    Tho landlord hns   lost   a  few Alr^y eloven ^onLnt and weal-
thy residents
men who probably mingled with the tratlon:    I was surprised at  finding bots, but ho doos not mind for
victim's   friends at the auditorium, ao many nogro theatres ln the coun- monoy „nds its wn   b,lck       |tl
reorosented themselves to be     dele- try-thoatros not only owned or op- tho boor barrel.
represented themsenes to be     aeie- ___M   by   negrora;   but presentlng    Tho silhouottist, s.
gates to    the electrical convention, plfty8 wr|tton and acted by  nogroos.  lightning sketch art;
and then followed blm us he left the I saw a fine now nogro theatre   in  buslnoss   in public l,o._.u,   buth   „,   ,
hotel, police authorities agree. N°« Orleans;    I visited    a   smaller Londoll B„,i    provincial towns, that tho railroad company and ore
., ,   , ,   .        . „ .t» colored    theatre In Jackson, Miss.,
Holmes ls known to have lett the and ,n chlcag0 tho   Pok|n|? Thoatro
hotel fifteen or twenty minutes af- l8 an enterprise wholly conducted by
ter midnight. Just before depart-'nogroos. Williams and Walker, nc-
Ing he told friends that he thought'gro comodlans, havo long amused
. ,j .       a *.-a—hi—, lorgo audiences, both whito and col-
he would get a cab and bo driven .^ Tho|r j^, production, -Don-
homo. Working on the theory that'danna Land," writton ond produced
Holmes' murderers got him into    a wholly by nogroes, ls not only funny
cab, drugged 'hun    Into unconscious- but cloon. ■■
-Mnny othor Illustrations could bo
ness ond threw his body int i u dork
corner as the behicle was driven
through the alloy, patrolmen and
detectives last night were detailed
to conduct a thorough search for
clues among the down town drivers,
and to search leading hotels for suspicious characters.
For the purpose of keeping the anthracite coal supply steady and to
prevent fluctuations in the maraet,
caused by strikes and other perverse
conditions, the anthracite coal companies have expended a vast outlay
of money in the building of up-to-
date, mechanically operated storage
plants along the Atlantic seaboard,
in the coal regions and on the great
The storage of coal has become    a
special science, having its own peculiar conditions, its experts and
ed from   a car
way.    Electricity
glvon to show how the nogro is developing in ono wny or onothor, hut
especially along racial linos. The extensive organization of negro lodges
of Elks and Masons ond othor secret orders, many of them with clubhouses, might bo mentioned. Attention might be called to tho almost
Innumerable Insurance soclotios and
companies maintained by negroes,
tho largest of which. The Truo Reformers, of Richmond, has ovor fifty thousand members, and to tho
growth of nogro newspapers and magazines (thero aro now ovor twi-
hundred In the country), but onough
hns beon said, porhops, to mako the
point that thore hns Jieen a real development of a nogro spirit and self
consciousness."— Ray Stannard Baker in Amorlean Magazine.
LONDON, Max 20.—According    to
th* Financial News arrangements are
being    mads to publish an English
its daily newspaper, th* chief feature of
Coal is'no longer dump- wak" *»" bt an Wnolute defiance of
in the same crude "bsl laws.
take their part w wiU DUbu»h comment of any
here aa everywhere, and the day's u,ld ul>on anJr V~-ea, will deal with
work Is measured in thousands of »°C*ty »oand*J» end financial gossip
tons; the year's work In millions. ,"'"» u»««t»eJiied frankness, not con-
Anthracite and bituminous coal dif- c*»1-n* °» "">•• or -0* to«nlat»
fer In chemical composition and ln deta",• °*— b0,or» *»• law courW
the manner of their mining, and oa wh,ch comment 1* not allowed,
thorefore roust necessarily be differ- .wU1 »• discussed regardless of ths
ently stored. As a rule bituminous j1*" *» • m****1 "calculated to take
coal Is stored by the consumer **"" ""~'~ """   "' ***" **-""""ffl "   **' ""
of Manhattan, among
thom Wm. IC. Vandorbllt, Jr., Wm.
rtlnt,   mid-. I).    Sloano,    and Lawrence Gout-lie,
WC-."-'! have oeon placed on tho black list of
insist on n foo  of permitted to cross cn the forry boot
to 10 shillings   n becatiso    of violations of the road's.
iiirt..lion rules.
be num! ers of tho offending   mains have been placed on big black-
some    publicans
from 5 shillings
wook for allowing theso bntortaiiiors trn
to remain in the bor.
'It's dahnrlght    robbery, guv'nor,
boliovo mo,"    hoarsely   whispered   >>'c'
soap artist to thc writor recently of- be- ids ot t io Long Island ferry alitor tho latter had given him n trine pronclios with tho announcement that
for depicting tho Berlin wreck with ,, ,        ,     , ,
soap on a shoot of looking-glass in ibey nr0 balmd from golng ncr0S8
Lamboth alehouse. "Why,- ut one tho rlv01' on tm> tQ"y boots. The
time tho bosses of pubs used ter pay reason therefor is also stated, which
mo for omusln' their customers, and is that the mon did   not stop tholr
•o^&frda8UuTtiheos^ m"}°r ",re<,int:,y o,tw bolns ,o-
much cop nnh  guv'nor." cnted on tho boats, and started thom
Thoro wore similar "growls"   from again boforo tho boot was fast    In
a man whom tho   writer discovered tho slip on tbo  othor sldo.  Guards
who -oT^ZZ l"\°"' K°nt 7"!l have bcon P°stod »» the ferry ter--
who will    either    cut your portrait ,„,„„,. ,    '       ,     ,.   ..   .        '
out of block paper with a sharp pair "llna!8 to  se0 to  't that «">■">    of
of scissors    or   draw a likeness   of f*° machines posted gets aboard the
yourself on a postcard In flvo   min- boats on either side, and as    these
oach cose""™ b°'"S th° Charg° '" 'mia> form *he S^teway °' tbo great
"Although not qulto so common as n*'tolnoblI|ns roads "' Lonlf ,s,»*"1.
formerly, beor-drinking nnd eating ,n0 owners of tho machines oro ploc-
contests aro still carried on in many od In not only n rather emborras-
publlc houses at tho instigation of sing position but are obliged to un-
ttye landlords. A short timo ago in ,,„,_„ . „„„, „„„,„,,„„„»
a-South London    "pub" a  laborer, ',CPg0 a  ""*' P""". ""«t.
for a    "purso" olforod by tho publi- „,„„„,„ „.    7* '	
can, oto thirty half-penny buns   and NATIVES EATEN HY SOLDIERS.
drank four quarts   of    nlc within  a    ;'„._„„        	
given timo. It Is scarcely a matter LONDON, May 18.-J. II. Harris,
of surprise thot medical aid had to a missionary who has lust returned
be summoned nftor tho feat. from tho Congo Free Stuto, declares
In anothor "pub" in Rothorhitho, th0 ntrocitlcs being practised there
drinking competitions wcro for a ^ the Belgian soldiers nro Increasing timo n source of attraction, iinK "nd lbai within tho last ton
matches boing arranged to seo which '•VMni n0 'e»°r than 8,000,000 human could drink tho most in tho."11" beings have teen sacrificed,
shortest time. Tho contests, how- Uo hl,s scen mon "oSKO'1 with hip-
evor, resulted In such drunkon scenos ll'opotamus hide whips until they
that at last tho pollco stopped them 'mrB lnse"siMe.     Soldiers employed
Boxing and ratting clubs aroostab-l'''' K,nK Leopold's agents raided vil-
lishod. by many landlords for tho ■laKes a,,<l ki"od and ate the natives,
bonoflt of customers; ond thero !»one 'rba ■urforings. of tho women nnd
landlord known    to tho writer   who s'^',' *v',on   a  hordo ajLtheso brutes
* Billiards and Pool %
Best Liquors and Cigirg.
Cartwright & Barclay
New York, Kay a2.-Fllt»»n
ipersons were Injured, four probably fatally, In a collision of
trolley ears at the Manhattan
end of, tht Brooklyn bridge.
er forgets, or that somo moan things. Andrew "Webb, Wm. F, Waggon,
are dono officially by his colleagues. Jog McGuire. and Oeo. Smith,
without consulting him.   -At all  ev-|(. .j] '„/ Brooklyn, wars taken to
  '    ■ * * hospital and may dls. Three
ears were wrecked, one telescoped, through the breaking
of a rod which controls tbe
brakes of. one of the cars. On
account of heavy rains, cars
on the bridge, were unusually
crowded ln the rush hours today.   _     ...
mon resort of the people. .   Greater
than all those    objections, however,
is thut   of the-building up of    the
town.  11 the city Is. going to-   re- f
-main as it is, there is no pressing
or immediate need for a  park.     If #
on tho othor hand, as many of    ua (
lielievo, there ls    an era of progress ,
and expansion In front of us,   then
the market    square would be better s
given up to building purposes. e
The question, howsver, Is en open •
one, and it Is to bo hoped It will e
be taken up. There Is no doubt that t
the. square hat got to go. Such an ,
eyesore cannot be permitted to ex- m
1st right In the heart of the town.
by somo middlo man. Anthracite
has to be stored by thc producing
company, due In port to tne fluctuation in the demand fer the several
sizes. Bituminous cool being uniform, not divisible in sizes, the supply con bo adapted to the demand
with a fair degree of accuracy. The
sizes ot anthracite rank as separate
commodities, and If the demand for
one variety falls off, that variety has
to be stored to await a better market—From lllutrated article, June
Popular Mechanics,
 4 —
Orangeville, May 10-As a result
of bad blood that baa existed for.
about three years botweon them,
waltor. Mournuhon, of East 'Luthor,
it ln court at Grandvllle, on charge
of wounding bis eldest brother, Henry. The wound was caused by n
stab from a knife in the left breast
and had it not been for tha Inch
ths crown contends, that the bladn
of the knife first came In contact!
with the man's watch, the wound
■night nave bean fatal,
$100,000 SAVED FOR A OITY.
Loodon, May 22.-T. A, Fisher hat broken the world's    record for road cycling, covering
a thousand miles in 91 hours
Tht only point is how It, Is t«r*go? * « tnlnutss, beating, the    pre-
It  It for the citizens to return   an *  vlout record by twelve hours
answer to thit question.
DECATUR, 111., May 18,-(l!ty authorities were astounded today whea
City Comptroller Robblus "nun'eased" that he had been holJ'ig nt
on the city revenues for eig it ven .,
ond now hat $100,000 in a' lank tc,
. tho credit ol the city. No ouo "-new
t his secret but tha mayors who love
served In that time.
,| Kobblns said he knew the nl n-
men would spend the moiiv if thev
'had lt, and he took It ,-a lilmulf
e to tave for a rainy dt,y In tho
ecity't affaire, or perhaps fcr a new
. olty hall. Tha aldermen, instioff of
being pleased, are furious, lot tley
e recently floated a loan 'or ♦I2'>,rc,0
. to rebuild the waterw-n*<s.
|   Robblna withheld the money fo.-n-
e.lng to the-olty eaoh vetr from    fit
({township road fund,  nnd in.no    nl
!*      ithe aldermen knew tht oily got   ro-
* venue from that louroe,
.....  .  lit.
the curls out ol tht counsels' wigs'
Judges will be criticized at freely at
witnesses.    If tht latter are regarded at committing    perjury they will
be pilloried.
Therefore the paper's conductors
propose to avoid prosecution or suppression ot their sheet by printing it
in Belgium or Francs and mailing
copies to their English subtcribsrs.
Thert will bt no offices in England.
If the pctt office-refuses to circulate
the paper lnwroppers the copies will
bt enclosed in envelopes.
iy 18.—The Chicago, Milwaukee lo St. Paul railroad
hat ordered the construction of iO
locomotives ln Its shops, tit a cost
of $1,100,000. Five thousand men
are to be put to work at once in
the local shops of the company.
A commercial telegraph system also has been   organized   to compete
with the Western Union between Chicago and tho Pacific coast,
♦    ■
"Willie," atked hit mothe., "who
il that boy you have been out playing with?"   .
"Why, that's Fred— Fred-maw,
what's them things in the top of a
barn)" '
"No, that ain't it.     It's—"
"Aw, no; furder down."
"Pigeons," suggested his fathor.
"New.    Nothln' like that."
"Courso not, It's them things
you nail tbe laths to."
"You don't mean Joists?"
"That's Iti     Joyce!     I was plny-
lu' with Fred Joyce."
$100,000 FIRE.
Mayfleld, Ky., Hay 91,—Flre caused a lots of $100,000 In ths west
section of thla city which It still on
frequently turns his four-alo" bar Into Kara ,et loots
a rot pit.    A squaro is made   with c"bnble.
the forms on     which tho customers
sit, a rat lot loose from a trap and
tho guv'nor is generally ready to Iny
"half   a thick    'un"  (10 shillings),
that his terrier will kill tho rat   In
15 seconds.      And   he soldom  loses
his bot.
Rubllc-houso museums are not new,
but thero aro two—ono In Cnmhor-
woll and onothor In Now Cross, London—which pooplo travel a long wny
to see. Splondid collections of stulT-
ed birds, unimuls, fishes, etc., are to
bo seen at both public houses, ns
well as'a public armory of old-fosh-
ionod weapons. In addition,, at ono
of theso public houses canaries may
be seen flying nbovo tho bars lu
hanging avlarlos.
How many people, by tho wny, ro-
mombor tho old gnmo of "bumble
puppy"? Boys still play it with a
piece of wood in .the edge of which
a numbor of holes have boon cut and
through which marbles ore bowlod.
Each hole' Is numbered from one upward according to tho holo through i
which the marblo goes, so thWbow-
ler receives that number of mowilCH
from the one holding tho wsod.
This gamo was as popular In public
houses ns darts and skittles at ono
timo, Tho wood wns fixed to ono
port of tho countor ond the marbles
were about ono and a half to two Inches in diameter. So far as tho
writer's knowledge goos, thoro Is
only ono of the fixed "bumblo puppy" boards In London ond thot Is
to bo scon In a "Hammersmith public houso. This particular board is
said to bo over 100 yoars old and
Is a source of much Interest and
amusement to customers. — London
is   altolutely indes-
WINDSOR, Out., May 22.- Abou
twenty of tho two hundred Mlchlga
Central tunnel    workers who   struck1
for higher wages on Tuosday applied
for reinstatement today.
No Hon Jig-
No Grinding
dls Ward It no longer a bellboy at
tht St. Franclt hotel. Haying won
$8,000 on the races he hat resigned
hit potitlon and it qulotly looking a-
tound to purchase a small hotel
where he can play manager himself
Instead of being bossed by one. - 	
In the course of his duties Eddie   »je correct rasor position for
You know from dally cxpe-
rlenccat home or in the barber
•hop, that the question is—
"Why doesn't a razor held
Its edge uniformly from hect
to head without honing and
grinding?" Whether it Is a
safety, with the certain tax of
new blades, or thc ordinary
opcn-bladcd razor doca not
alter thc question. You want
thc comfort and satisfaction of
a clean, smooth shave every
morning with tho confident
knowledge that your razor
will be ready for instant use
the next time needed.
Thc Carbo Magnetic razor Is
the only rasor unoondMon.
ally guaranteed to do this.
Thirty years of study on the
razor situation has perfected
• new secret process of
UtOTRH) TEMMtlh-e that
positively merges every particle of carbon (the life of steel)
into the metal—giving a diamond-like hardness uniformly.
throughout the blade—tome-
thing absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered steel-used
I in making all other razors,
I But test this razor In your
; own home—er If you prefer,
I have your barber use it on you,
i Give us your name, -
' or call and see the "Carbo
Magnetic" razor, ond we will
•late our proposition fer testing theso razors without
obligation on your pari to
furohaao, together with our
free booklet " Hints on Shaving."   This book illustrates
became acquainted with a nlunger
at Emeryville, who la stopping at
the St. Franclt. The bellboy n-.il a
fow "good thlngt" from him and
won •teodily. Hit winning rejehod
flre. The city It without water and the $8,000 mark today, when lie hot
light. i$o0 on a 90 to 1 thot.
lh .t.i   -L
shaving every part of the fsce.
VANCOUVER, May 19.-The com- Now York, May 22,-SIowly and
mtttee appointed by the Vancouver almost reluctantly, It would soem,
District football League to, draft a tlio theatre ilours in Now Yolk are
lottor to tho proas in reply to the. swinging shut for tho season, and
published statements made by Pres- us each lock js turned tlio summer
idont J. G. Brown ol the Vancouver stillness that is going lu settle
Islund Association at the lattor's an- down upon the 11 rout. White Way hernial meeting has authorized tho lol- comes moro pronoiincod.     Still there
nro plenty of sliows left for
Nanaimo, Moy 21.—
COURTENAY,  May 21.—Tho     Bad
lowing: ____
"The soccer season Just ended has
(with tho exception ot the British
Columbia championship finals) been
a record one in evory way, and giv-
tho ur-
vory soon
my of thbnti'e goers,
will open 1'iir huslnoss.     hi spite
the many outside attractions,
Jslnnil,  tlio roof gardon
Tho fdmidation of tho Now Church
of St. Philips was laid on Tuesday,
tlio llllh inst., at 7:!I0 p.m., by Che
Venerable Arehdoooon Scrlvun, M.A.,
assisted, by tho Vicar and liuv. A,
Kilvii-Whitu, M.A., of Nunaimo;
Tlie cereiiioiiy,   though,  short,    was fil
must linjirossivo.    Tho oioning   was/s
culm and serene.    The clouded   sky
which (luring the  iltiy hud thi'oatQUod
rain, bocunio beautifully clour, ,iad It
ttppotirod that there was notiiing to would    not hnvo reached tl
fiisilade  wos sent  after them,     but
they failed to reach the mark.
Experts who viewed tho work of
I Iio wreckers were unanimous in do-
hows of tho death of Mrs. Ewer of cbtrlng that at least fifty pounds of
Greenwood, 11.C, reached here to- dynamite must have beon placod un-
day. Mrs. Ewer wus a daughter ot do1' tho abutment work on the south
Irs! J. W. McKenzio . of this place. |l'ml °' tno bridge. It is believed It
Sho had been very ill c! lato und,"'1" tako two months to repair the
Mrs. McKonzic left hore Tuesday mor- damage done,
outo to Creonwooil,    but
President and Managing Director.
ning en
interrupt [ his groat servico of l'my-
ntimorous roof garden theatres  Ql, un(, pn[im from aseetuling lu  Lhe
of  throne of grace.   Many people   from
such  ctll parts of tlio neighborhood inmo
on good management, It will soon as Coney Island, the roof gardon ^"^ layl"S "! **? Fu""-
become the favorite pastime on tho theatres nre very popular cn hot Tho*sarvico commenced w:ih Hymn
Paclflo coast. summor nights.      Located as   many  230,  '-'Christ is Our Corner Stone."
The quofltlon ...iturnliy arises who <>-* them     aro
is to blame    for tho general mix-up scrapers,     tin
regarding tho British Columbia cham fl"'* refreshing brows ard nro     high
plonship.     The Island blames     the above the     noisy
Tho num .• 0f hotels that aro making tlio roof gardon a feature is
certain to mo' e Uio s tpiply of cool
evening spots equal to tho demand
those who p.'rii obliged to romain
in tlio city during the summor.
oh the roofs of
'v aro suro of a
! re
.ind dust-/ strhel
mainland, something they invariably
do when matters don't work out just
"One of the chief troubles
.to have boon negligence on the part
of the British Columbia association
oillciais. all of whom reside on Vancouver Island. - Thoir Ignorance ol
the constitution has beon appalling,
for, judging from notifications received by the different mainland clubs
the^socretary has never read a constitution.     AU   the clubs concerned
Although society usually is either
out of tho city or preparing to
leave early in May, this year is an
exception to tho rule Thero seem
to be fewer houses closed in the
fashionable quarter of tho city, and
in the provincial championship have ™y morning    in Contral Park    so-
been absolutely In the dark ns to
dates, grounds, referoos, etc., for
these finals. . Yet ln spite of this,
we flnd the president of the Vancouver Island Association (J. (I.Brown)
a man who, by virtue of his olllce,
ought to know better, making     the
jiety folk can be scon in large numbers, for there is a tremendous interest in riding and driving this
spring. At Fifth avenue and fiftieth streets the start for the morning rldo is made and there, too, may
I.o seen     tho   most attractive turn-
Btatoment that    the mainland   clubs ouls. with women driving vehicles of
hadn't the courage to meet the   is- every    description.        Four-in-hands
landers.     He claims the Celts   woro «ro frequently soon,  for the fashitm-
afraid to meet Victoria West in tho able     Ladies'  Coaching Club is not
intermediate     championship. No ono neglecting any opportunity for prac-
knows hotter than J. O. Brown that tice-     If tho warm weather contln-
the  Celts were not eligible to play ljes it is probable thnt the exodus of
in this grade,     and even had    they fashionable folk will begin soon, nnd
won would have lost by protest. The «'hllo it is    hard to prophesy    just
Celts woro only too willing to play, where wM be tho rallying placo     of
if they had only been given a  sport- tho socinl  world this summer,  still
ing chnnce to win.     It might be In- -*■ is a,lfo to »ay that Newport will
Miss C. A. Thomas ably presiding at
tho organ. The Archdeacon read the
Invocation, Psalm 81: Tho Creed,
and Lord's Prayer. Then placing hls
hand on tho stone, first consecrated
it and then laid it. The Lesson la-
ken from Ezra III. 10-12, and tho
exxvi. Psalm wero read by the Vicar.
The Rector of Nanaimo road iho
concluding prayers. Hymn 39-1 was
sung nnd  a collection taken up ,am-
timo to s e her daughter alio.
Much sympathy is felt in this vicinity for Mrs. Mc-Kcnzie nnd family in their sad bereavement. Tho
lato Mrs. Ewer was well1 and favorably known hero, and was married
only a  year ago.
Mrs. McKenzie left hore yestorday
morning on route to Greenwood.
YANK33E C-itL IS  KING . - (i I'F.ST
LONDON, M y 20. -
Crocker, of San Pram
tho    honor   of being
Miss Jonnio
to, has had
presented to
anting to ono special donation   of  King Edward aud Queen Alexandra.
fivu dollars, and eight dollars and
sixty-live cents in loose .noaoy. This
will bo'devoted towards lhe ilull'l-
ing Fund Tho Vicar addressed Ibo
people, thanking them for tho way
in which thoy had shown such groat
kindness alter tho loss of tho old
Church, until now when they hod-
como to witness the first coromony
in connection with their now Church..
He was pleased to soo thom come
to take part in this great servico,
for it was a most important one,
—•"It is tho laying of tho Vouw.a-
tion Stone of your Church. ' -*tlo
thanked those ' who had hilpod so
willingly to make all things a sue
cess, and alluded to the courtesy
had received from tlio architect,
contractor aud tho builders. Ho i ion-
tione'd that tlio price of tho contract
was $2,085, and that the committee
had in hand and promised $1,775.
Tho Archdeacon spoke at some
length and very touchirigly up in twa
relationship with the Parish cl' St
Philip's, Cedar. Ho had known l.ho
parish in its infancy undor its first
Incumbent, tho    Hev. E. <J.   AUUe'r,
The' occasion was tho first   court of
the season at Buckingham Palace.
Miss Crocker, one of tho wealthiest heiresses in California, was presented by Mrs. Jteid, wife of the
American ambassador,
ANTWERP, May 21.—There has
been a serious railroad accident near
Contech. All the inmates of one
cur were killed. Fifty dead bodies
have already beon recovered. " Over
one hundred are injured.
jv Tho accident was due to a mis-
tlu placed switch.       An express running
foresting to know that for the past
two seasons the mainland delegates
havo been trying to do away with
the age limit in the British Columbia constitution, and J. Q. Brown
and his colleagues woro responsible
for it remaining there. Now he suddenly discovers that this age limit
must be eliminated, thus admitting
tho mainland delegates were right.
"Ue Is still of tho same opinion ™H-»g the
regarding tho cup tie vs. league sys- 'or Lizzie.
tern, and advises the islanders to
stick to tho latter. Yes, one, two,
it will just toko him .another year to
see the wisdom of playing under the
cup tie rulos nnd then this great authority t?) will be out with another
"Tho niainlundcrs take off thoir
hats to tho North Ward juniors as
the best junior team in tho province,
possibly in Canada, and regret that
bo as pcspular os over nud that Bar
Harbor will bo welt to tho fore. Tho
latter place, however, will probably
attract fewer men because of its
distance from the political centres
during the Presidential  campaign.
fifty miles an hour, crashed into a
train loaded with pilgrims on a siding. Every car of the latter train
except one was telescoped and literally ground to piuces.
Tho extracting of the dead and injured from tho debris appalled even
the stoutest    of the rescuers.     The
A grizzled soilcr on tho shady side
of 60 walked into a restaurant at
'12 Whitehall street recently and,
proprietor aside asked
Noting the astonishment of the proprietor tho old sailor went on to describe Lizzie ns a
charming girl, witli brown hair,
rosy checks and blue eyes, and growing more confidential he explained
that sho was liis sweetheart. The
incident is only an indication of the
rapid growth of Manhattan, and
the way that the residential portion
and ho had spent many happy ('ays spectacle was horrible. Many of
in the parish during his luoiinJ«incy, tho bouies had IoSt all human shapei
and of tho.se who had succeeded h M       . .     . . .
Ue knew lhc little chureh well that aml lieadfl- «rms a,,d *& were cut
had unfortunately been destroyed by otl' by tho wheels and scattered all
lire. Jt was most unfortunate, but through tho wreckage. Thrco do-
ho was more than pleased to see CUpitatod bodies wore found twenty
that  they    could not be daunted or       ,  . .,■ .
discouraged by that loss   but    had W lr»ln the tracK.       J
immediately   set to  work to consid-     Cp to four o'clock this afternoon
er the rebuilding.    And this was tlio 38 dead and     79 injurod, throo     of
result,    Tholr efforts had not   been wnom rUo(1 i^tor, had been recovered,
WASHINGTON, B. 0„ May 20. ~
Captain Peary says ho is positive
ho con roach tile North Pole if some
no will givo him 350,000. The Arctic explorer will havq a talk with
President Roosevelt and moy ask
him to suggest somo plan whereby
the needed money can be raised.
Peary says Sr.O.OOO will buy him a
good outfit, and send him on his wny
rejoicing ''about July 1.
"I had intended to loavo for tho
North on or about the first of July," he said today, "but there is
somo question In my mind as to
whether T will be able to do so if
tho necessary money is not forthcom
ing. Rome of the requirement's have
boen met. but not ull. T can * get
my vessel into sailing shape within
four days. I camo within 200 miles
of the polo in April, 1906, and the
next time I'll surely reach it."
* SEATTLE, May 21.—Dr. Bon- *
* jamin F. Roller, the well known *
* wrestler of this city, received a *
* challenge     last     evening    from *
* Frank  A.  Goleh,    of Iowa,   the *
* world's champion wrestler.   Rol- *
* ler promptly accepted   thc chal- *
* longe for a match and the   big *
* contest will probably tako placo *
* in this city about next July.      *
* * *#****■>.-■**#»*#** #
judicator shall receive a premium of
S700, and the one.placed second, a
premium of §500.
The Government is not bound to
erect the building from any of tho
designs submitted.
If the design awarded first place is
accepted, tho premium referred to
above shall be included in tlio professional fee pnid to the architect.
Printed conditions governing tho
competition can be obtained by bona BEST ACCOMODATION
the Jones Hotel
Gatacre Ttreet.
fide competitors upon application to
tho undersigned.
Public Works Engineer.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 7th May, 1908. td.
From prize winning Stock. Barred
Hocks, Illack Langshans, Black Mia
orcos, BulT, White, and Brown Leg
horns, Bluo Andnlusians and Blaci
Orpingtons, Buff and White Cochlii
Bantams, and Guidon Seabrights.
Eggs §2.00 per HI; others at $1
per 13,
Mount View Poultry Yards
Five-Aero Lots, Nanaimo, B.C
in vain,    Thoy   hud succeeded   »mi Thu „CCUI)a„ts of Ul0 mn „.cl.„ most.
wero determined to carry out   thoir
good intentions by erecting another lv workmen and peasants.   I
Church and turning out to soo   the jurcd are being transferred froth Con-
Corner Stone of it laid.
Ho was pleased to hear that they
only required $800 or $400 to pay
for the building and he hoped that
this could bo raised before thoir
Church was opened, for how nico it
would bo to say our (.'lunch is rebuilt and   paid  for.
The Archdeacon then pronounced
the blessing.
CLEVELAND, 0„ May IU.—About
1 a.m. a  Detroit avenue car     was
tich to Antwerp und Brussels as rapidly as possible. There are several women among the dead.
A second-class conch was overturned by tho force of the impact. The
bodies of tho wounded wcre so pinned
down by wreckage that tho rescuers
had to uso axes to get the victims
frco. 'The signalman at Conttch saw
thut his switch was not working just
ns the Antwerp express came thundering down     tho    line.     Ho leaped
of the city has been pushing further dynamited near 100th street.     'Hie from the window of his signal     sta-
nnd  farther up  town,  till  Whitehall trucke were badly damaged, but tho tion   and     heroically ran down the
singlo passenger and the crew   were    ^acjt    toward     the oncoming train,
the   Shamrocks had to default    the 8trwjt iH So flU' dowti town that tho not injured<
game in Victoria.
Shamrock juniors, it might be well
to mention that five of their team
were unable to leave their work at
the last minute; consequently the
other boys wouldn't go.
"Tn the intermediate class the
Celts were not eligible to play, although willing if thoy woro. given u
chance, which thc British Columbia
elective did not see fit to do.
rod flag.     His effort, how-
n justice to tho majority of Gothamitos know it not.     At 12.80 o'clock a  small box that waving a
in the case   mentioned    Lizzie livod I lie police found contained deadly ex- ever was   too late to avert the dls-
forty years ago at 42 Whitehall
street, whore tlie restaurant now
stands. It was thoro that tho old
sailor bid his sweetheart farewell,
for a short time only, till lie went
to the far oast to make his fortune.     Then he was to return     and
plosives.      U was picked up on the ustii
tracks at Broadway and  Ivist fi5th
streot,      Tho    box wos   discovered
with a  car less thun fifteen hundred
loot away.
Rioting begun near the Windomcre
The station   at Cqntich has    boen
converted  into a   temporary morgue
and hospital and is rapidly filling Up
with tho dead and  wounded.      Tho
barns     iu East Cleveland early this work of rejjcue    Js ,)0,ng   atUl!irably.
handled and everything possiblo    is
inte the suffering
Notice of Examinations.
morning, when strikers cut six trolley wires.     Linemen for tho Muriici-
rTh.\"cnlo'r"g"rrcls"ro'sted"botWMn °™,,l,° """ "Jjf! W"Hi" ,, ,at
Nanaimo and tho Tnlsttes, and ni. "2 "UWuvlI. After an all-day
one seems to have known what wus
going to happen ln this case. It appears the Thistles defaulted (through
some misunderstanding) a gamo on
May 9, and on Moy 10 turned out a
scratch team to meot Nanaimo, who
came unexpectedly) at Recreation
park aud wero beaten eight goals to
nil. Six of tho winning team were
mainland mon and four of these bo-
long to the Thistles, and constitutionally could not play for tho Thistles in tho British Columbia finals.
Evidently lhe liiitish Columbia Foot
ball Association has got to be put
on a Bounder basis and both mainland and Island -work more in harmony togethor If tho British national pastime ts to go to the front
In British Columbia.
marry Lizzie.       Forty vours     havo pal Traction Company turned out in boillS don0 t0 olov:
elapsed sinco then,  but'the old tar '°™ to repair tho damage, but wero of the injured.       All tho clergymen
driven back, by a gang of throo nllrt physicians of Contich and tho
hundred men.     A brick was thrown      |d,      f        lhe no|ghl.-orlng     bar-
ut a  Woodland car whilo it was pass  " .
search he wns seen „t dusk tramp-  ing eastward   at East 104th streot eacks   nro taking part in the none.
ing     through    Whitehall  and Pearl  "nd  Woodland avenue.     David Ben- In addition to tho surgeons who havo
ilrwls snnlflna- fm- cn !,,..»   th*. i""'1" nnd hlB wifo' who mr° on lho hurried clown from Antwerp, an am-
slrce s seeklug for some place   that 1)oth struck ,    tho miB,le.
would recall the Now York of forty. iIrs Uoninmin-s law was broken, and ""■,"-,c0 co,"s ""'" '*m"-"
years ago. teJi^i tao. »™ laid open by on the scene.     It now appears that
..... tho brick. tlio liic-omotlyo ol tho express train
•■Tha ,.i „„„,„ i   l_ii     7 i ..mi,     A mob stoned a,  South Woodland |llm,.cc|  tho track and' plunged   Into.
I lie cat c mo T,ck    was forcibly ___      „ ,. o.olook tM„ Mgprt >_.. ^fX wrcokert the last threo
nnd sorrowfully brought to tho mind 6or|oiisl.y Injured Mrs. Elizabeth Mel- "'_,.,;,.. .__,_ ... tu_
of ti   certain     Qptharalte who     bet ser, the only pussengor on tho car,
$25 that he could lose his friend's
cat so It would never return. Tho
hot was a  sporting ono, for   every
er conches of tlio Irnln on tho
This train was carrying an
HIDES GIVES excursion    bf   pilgrims   to a  local
kind of nn attempt had been mado  Conccaloll ln a  Car of Housohold Bf-
o lose the feline. Once lho cat was
dropped from High Bridgo, but Jt
swum down tho ITnrlom rlvor to
Tort Morris anil from thoro wnlked
hack lo Its liuistol-'s houso. Aftor
the bet was nintle tho other day tho
foots   to Avoid   Paying Fare,
Gives Birth to a Child.
MOOSEJAW, Sask., Moy 21.-
Vishing to avoid having to, pay rail
road fare
cut was taken to Blackwoll Island |„ B cnrload oi household effects ho
with tho understanding thnt tho H,„8 shipping from Cupar to negiim.
money was to go to tho Qothnmite  whon Uio car was opened It wns dis-
If tho cat did not return by 4.80 *).
s riilNCETON. N.J., Muy 18.—Tho —• on the following Sunday. It wns
body of Miss 1'erthu Vtiiiilorbilt,   us- 4 p.m. to the minute onSunday that
sistnpt In tho Princeton   University tlio cnt turned up at her old liomo.
Library, who disappeared lust week,	
wus found floating in tho Karilnii
Canul about half a mile from tho
Ciirnogio Luke aqueduct lato this
Miss Vandei-liilt wns 21 years old
and tho daughter of A. U.' Vandoi--
bllt, of Amsterdam, N.Y. -She loft
hor boarding houso In Princeton ab- „, , .
out B p.m. Wednesday, saying sho !_.".,°"
was going for a walk, and whon
laat soon was going In tlio direction
BERLIN, May 19.—Dmitri PhllOBo-
pholV, Ihe Russian author, whoso
book,    "Tho
COliLlERY  l'lll-:i*EltS CIIATGES
FEniJlE, May 21.-The, charges pro
Czar and the RovoTi"  foired by thc Crows' NJst Coal Co.,
tion" was conflficatod at St, Peters- against Jas, Douglas, presldont;   C.
Unrnoi-, secretory,    Win
of tho Carnegie Library.   When she «» escape deportation for leso
failed to roturn, efforts woro mndo to J ,,0'     ,.    .,,,,..-. „i,„„,„   , ih. i„
trace hor   movements    nftor leaving    I'rom tho ttd™nce 8h(,ot8 o( tho ln
the boarding house.
It wns reported    today that    tho
young woman    was seen Wednesday
-night iu an automobile with anothor '^ 'JJjgj^ b extraordinary
young woman and a man who wafi « ^ nor\xtr a ordinary bad traits
formerly a suitor for Miss   Vander- h .....".
iNEW YORK, May 20.-An at
tempt was made last night to blow
up the new bridge of tlie Now York,
a settler secreted his wife New Haven and Hartford railroad
over tho Harlem river ut West Farm
Road when a valiso containing ten
sticks of dynamite was found floating in the river.
NKW YORK, May 21.—A new
under construction on the
Hertford brnrich of the Now York,
Now lluvcn aqtl Hartford railway at
Bay Chester was wrecked by dynamite today.
Now York, May 21..—tTho bridge is
n   modern structure which bnd boen
rip tod over tho tracks bear Chester
Station for foot and yehiclo traffic,
and for inony months had beon tho
scene of almost constant labor trou
It is alleged thnt striking workmen have mndo froquont threats to
covered    tho woman hnd glvon birth
to a  child.      The woman and child
were removed to the hospital at Ro*  bridge
gin»  and at hist, reports aro   doing
NOTICE is hereby given that examinations   will    be held for 1st, 2nd,
Itund 3rd    Class   Certificates of Com-
| phoney   under tho provisions of tlio
"Conl    Mines Regulation Act,"    at
Nanaimo, Fernie and Cumberland, on
tho 10th,    17th and   18th days    of
Juno,    1808,    and for 2nd and 3rd
Cluss Certificates of Competency, at
Coutlce, on tho 16th and 17th days
of Juno, 1908,   commencing at nine
o'clock in the" forenoon.
Tho Subjects will bo as follows;—
First Cluss Candidates-
Mining Act and Special Rules.
Mine Cases.
General Work.
Mino Machinery.
Second Class Candidates—
Mining Act nud Special Rules.
Mine Gases.
Ventilation. i
General Work.
Third Class Candidates— j
Mining Act and Special Rules
Mino Gases and GencrniWork.
Application must bo made    to   tho
undersigned   not   later thun Friday,
June 5th, 1008, accompanied  by the
statutory fee, as follows :—
By an applicant   for   First    Class
Examination §10.00
By an applicant   for Second Clnss
Examination   510-00
By   an applicant for   Third   Class
Examination   $5.00
Tho applications . must bo accompanied liy testimonials and evidence
stating that :—
(a). If a candidate for First Class
thnt ho is a British subject ond has
had at least five years' experience in
or about the practical working of n
coal mino, and is at least twenty-
five years of ago :
(b). If a candidate for Socond
Class, that ho has bad at least flvo
years' experience in or about tho
practical working of a coal mine.
(c). If a candidate for Third Class
that he has had at least three years'
experience in or about tho practical
working of a coal mino :
(d). A candidate for a Certificate
of Competency as Manager, Overman
Shiftboss, Firohoss or Shotlighter
shall produce a certificate from a
duly qualified medical practitioner
showing that he has taken a course
in ambulance work fitting him, *1"*
said cniulidnte, to give first aid
persons injured in coal mining operations.
By order of tho Board.
I Nanaimo,,..0.,ApHL '1th,  1008.
Regulations    for    the    Docking    or
Mooring of All Vessels Arriving at
British Columbia Ports from Plague-Infected Ports.
(Approved by Order of His Honour
the   Administrator-in-Council,   dated
8th April, 1908).
'1. All vessels arriving at British
Columbia ports from ports infected
or suspected of boing infected with
Bubonic Plague shall conform to tho
following regulations:—
(a.) Vessels shall be moored or
docked at a distance not loss than
six feet from wharf or land:
(b.) Ropes or chains connecting
a vessel with wharf or land shall
be protected by funnels of size and
shape satisfactory to Local and
Provincial Boards of Health:
(c.) All gangways shall be lifted
when not in use, Gangways when
in use shall be guarded against'the
exit of rats by a person specially
detailed for,this purpose:
(d.) -All vessels changing route
to solely British Columbia ports
shall give satisfactory evidence ol
disinfection and extermination of
vermin to Provincial Board of
2.   Every owner, agent, or captain
of any vessel, and overy other   person violating or instructing, authorizing, ordering, permitting, or otherwise suffering any person to violate
any of    tho    foregoing    regulations
shall be liable, upon summary   conviction beforo any two Justices   of
tho Peace, for every   such offence to'
fine not    exceeding    ono hundred
dollars, with or without costs, or to
imprisonment, with or without hard
labour, for a torm not exceeding six
months, or to both fine and imprisonment in the discretion of the convicting magistrates.
Dated at Victoria, Oth April, 1908.
(Bv Command).    •-
Provincial Secretary,
Charles J. Fagon, M.D.,
Secrotary Provincial Board of Heulth.
P.O. Box 51 'Phone 44
Dealer in All Kinds of
Meats Delivered free of charge on tha
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
Lndysmith, 11. C.
aqd Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wodutng- and Party Cokes llada to
Fruits and Candies ol All Kinds
Prices are   very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated allko.
ini--. hns arrived ^to^Munlch to^  m* t)ulW| s,,CI.otnI.v,    W,„. stonuhouse, station lor lout and yehielo tramc, ' ,,unL,0 H0SP1TAL FOR THE IN-
work into Gorman and.''Bttriith.    He «nl1 »tn"r nio'mliors ol tho Michel   lo- „ml ,01. ,„„ny ,m,n(.hs had licon tho i ' SANE,
had to    floe from Russia In disguise cal. Untied Mine'Workers o( America, Kcm  „( almost i-onstnnt labor trou     Notlco to Architects.—Competitive
nut- .of   broakinpr    a  contract were tried i,ics. | Designs.
hero today , ofore J. H, McMullln.     !    U ta alleged     that P«ing work-' J^.fgf^^^ ggJSi
traduction of thiB tahooed book the     The thrco sc.mrato cosos woro^tak- nion havo mndo froquont threats to   l,o]um|)ia to 8ubmit competitive tic
following remarkable cstimato ofthe on    individually.     Sovcrol witnesses i,iow it    up, unless thoir grievances   Blgna of ft public Hospital   for   the
Cznr Is translates: ffavo evidence   including the superln- worn adjusted, and as a   result     of   Insane, which it is proposed to erect
man-, Nicholas II. is dlstln-  toml(mt nn(. foromnn jn yXQ mlne8t wh,cb wafcchmen ,mvo bo6n on ffUnrd   ^°^*l\ 0Bfl*imiod   "*"?
The Btriko   vfas caused by a  man nt the bridge overy night. j   ^ (lo8|g,']Hj accompanied by   spo-
As a  husband and father he desorv- named Harry    Marchant being    dlB-     Yesterday when thu futile niten.pt   c'f;ucatlortB, reports and estimates   of
es tho grontest credit.     He indulgos charged and tho company refused to   wns
•hilt's hand.     _^^^^^^^^_^__
  in uo gront vices; his mode of living
AOHBB TO DIB TOGBTHEU is modesty itsolf.
Chicago, May 18.—What appearB He hns a winning Binllo, and ev-
to have heen an agreement on' tho oryhody who meets him goes into
part of Henry Rudolph Am.uin, a raptures ovor his good, frank eyes.
musician. 43 years old nnd his 12 Ho Is kind nnd amiablo in his inter-
year old foster ion, Walter Knobul, course with friends and servants. Iio
to die togethor, came lo notice of has a pleasant face, endowed with a
the police when a man was foupd semblance of nobility by his big mel-
staggerlng through the wo ils   near uncholv eyes.
Frrt Shorldan',    delirious ft in   er If-     An to mental development and edu
inflicted wounds, and the boy'fi Kijrty cation, ho has remained on tho .level ,    ,   14,   , ,  ,  , „     ,   „     „■*
found In a  ravine.     The |fw r-vrocd of a  captain cJ  howa.     Ho   knows  empty bottle labeled "carbolic ticA
that Amonn sho.uld kill him. ,».'. fillfl no more nor no less than   the aver-
to  destroy    the other
-■tabbed the child through tho hurt am guard officer of subaltern rank,
with a knife and stabbod himselt in He was instructed jn a great vnr-
the brent* twice, but ht* \Munde loty of things, but betrayed quallfl-
did not prove fatal. catiA for none.
ro.ns.ato hlm.    '\\q trial will be con   i)ri(|go nnother watchman was added
tinned tomorrow. t0 lno f,jrCo nnd nil thoso wero    on
duly Inst night. Just at dawn
thero came a flash noar tho first
span followed by a terrific report,
and the grinding nnd'Jnrrlng of tho
grout stool glrdors, Two of the
j watchmen who woro within 50 foot
I of tho end o-f tlio brldgo, wero both
thrown to the ground. Hundreds of
windows in the vicinity woro broken.
As (ho watchmen scrambled to thoir
feot thev saw two mdn running a-
., way through tho voml-darknesB,    A
'ilibjL^k......... . .
p.w.ents rmivrc A hoy to
OAKLAND, Cal., May 20.— Tired
of life, though ho wns only 1.1 yenrp
Old, Harold Hardy, a pupil of tho
Frank school, committed suicide by
drinking carbolic acid whilo lying on
tho banks of Cemetery Creek.      Au
cost, nnd superscribed, "Design, Pub-
lie Hospital for tho Insane,'.' and addressed to the Htm. tho Chief Com
missionor of Lands and Works, will
bo received up to noon of Tuesday
the MOlh Juno,  1908.
The designs, specifications, reports
nnd estimates of cost shall havo no
distinguishing, mark or motto, tho
nulhor's   nnmo boing enclosed
Fuel for Public Buildings.
Whole or soparato soaled tenders
will bo rocoivod* by the Hon. tho
Chief Commissioner up to and including Monday, the first day ol
June next, for supplying and delivering best tump and washed nut coal
required at tho Provincial Government Buildings at Victoria, Vancouver and Now Wostminstor, B.C., os
enumerated hereunder, during thc
year ending SOth June, 1909, to be
dolivered in such quantities nnd at
such times as may bo directed during the period above stated.
The approximate annual consumption of coal at oach    of thc   build-
irgs named is as follows:
Best lump coal-
Parliament     Buildings,     Victoria,
230 tons.
Government Houso, Victoria,    110
Court House, Victoria, 60 tons.
Jail, Victoria, 100 tons.
Court Houso, Vancouver, 88 tons.
Court Houso, Now Westminster, 70
Provincial    Hospital    for   Insane,
New Wostminstor, 60 tons.
Jail, New Westminster, 40 tons
Washed nut caal—
Provincial    Hospital    for   Insane, j
Now Wostminstor, 1,200 tons.
The above-mentioned quantities nre
not guaranteed; tho quantity actually required may bo under or ,' above
tho figures stated.
Whilo tenders shall bo accompanied
hy a cheque ih tho sum ot S300,
and separate tenders by a cheque lu
tho sum of $100 on a chartered bank!
of Canada, mado payable to tho Hon. ■
the Chief Commissioner, which will
bo forfeited if tho party tendering de- \
clino or neglect to enter into tho
contract whon called upon to do so.!
Tho cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will bo returned upon the execution of tho contraqt.
The Department Is not bound   to
accept tho lowest or any tondor.
TondorB must be signed by tho actual signature of tho tenderers.
Public Works Engineer.
Lands nnd Works Department,
Vlctorln, B.C., 14th May, 1908.
On the Efeplnnade.
Ladysmith,  B. C.
*-**%%%**♦* **5
j     R. WRIGHT
Full Stock of Miners' Tools.
Ship Repairing- Work
A Specialty
All kinds 0.' Blacksmtthlng
Done at Snort Notice.
**%-. i.^a.»*»».aa>«.-a.%*a>ava>«>a.
All Home Cured
fl. HOGLiE'S
Roberts St. Butcher
been deemed necessary to warn the
public tbat the said townsito is not
situated at the terminus of the
Grand Trunk Pncific Hallway, and is
nnd not tho townsite which is owned
dlr-! jointly by the   Government of Brit-
wns found nenr his body. ,
It Is supposed that tho lad had become despondent ovor tho troubles
oMiis father and mother, who havo
boen divorced abd remarried.
Tho attention of   tho    Lands
hinnk ruvelopo" securely attached   to Works Department having bcon ,.„,-,,        . __.    -     j m_   ..
thi deK suUTtgn"       ' jeclod to tho fuel thatjmvn totota ,» Columbl^and^ to Grand Trnnk
SSSSSSSSSSSSSsT«JS*Hatn»SaHissssSaTaraMMI«(.,rr .     liAt.in- n      Bit ltd 1VI Ht nil HI       JUUL U«a*f1lt4sSaTa«Jaaaaaaa«SSSSSSS>a9BaU«llV>WIssssl-l*^^
he dcstitn shall bo adjudicated up. a   townsite   named    Prince Itupert, :Peclno Hallway Company,
on hv an Architect practising   out- being   n subdivision   ol   Lot   8-12. | P. J   PULTON,
side Tho riovlnce, to be selected byVnio S, Coast District, situated .in Chief   Commissioner   of Lauds
the Oovermnont, nftor tho 80th June tho mainland botweon the mouth   ofl Works.
iSna .      ' the Skcona Klvcr and Kalon Island, i Lands and Works Department,
10(W' -      - being   offered   for sale, It has     Viotoria, B.C., May lst, 1908. Im
Tho dosign placod first by tho Ad-nro ^-^*rf->tmt^fi!yyii*v***^^
We  ore   now in a better position than   ever   to   atmni.    .,
wants in all kinds o, ^o^Boots an"d -t^ _£Z
New   Waists,
Now Kid Gloves in elbow
New   Skirts,
New Merry Widow Bows.
New Allover Laces.
New Embroideries.
New Back nnd Sido Combs.
New   Shoes,
A rare Selection of New Millinery.
New Summer Suits,
New Straw Hats,
New Washing Vests.
|j New Pelt Hats, all sizos,
New   Valises.
New Ties.
Now Underwear.
New Boots and Shoes.
Fancy -Depaxt.aa.ent
A Grand lino of Fancy decorated Teapots,   Tankards,
Pitchors at practically your own price.
BI Lift
•""* *^*^a*ITa-»V»l>>IJU^ajmjlj.
**——*•- m . -ra-WaiVmjaaxj^
Ladysmith vs. Nunaiino.
We have a very large range £
«K of the same to choose from In T
T a large assortment of Patterns X
X —In Light or Dark Shades.       4*
Prices ranging from $6.50 up J
my Stock of Latest Styles In
oessful. Ha left In Western Australia a parasite that was deducting
ths ravages of the fruit fly to a nov
ticeable degree. This parasite was
discovered live years ago lu India
but previous attempts to introduce
it into Australia had failed on ac-
^^^^^^^^_^_— count of the opposite seasons.     By
short stay hero has made a host of putting tne bugs to ileep in India
friends. Everybody in the place is with, let, Zemplere got 100,000 of
sensible of thc Invaluable services he them to Australia •live. Be woke
rendered his -Club and he leaves with   .
everybody's good wishes and may be »**■ "P* «•    Australian winter.
.sure of a hearty welcome hack again The   parasite,    apparently thinking
TO LBT.-Mr. H~Pollard, of    Sec-"T w«»    Mll\£ """j """    toi
ond Avonue, has a front furnished work with    • will.    Three genera-]
bedroom to let. raao-St tions of native born bugs saw   tbe
— light before Zemplere left th* anti-
Mr. A. Ho wo moved Into his   new „„,),,
Don't forget the Band Concert  at-£%[£*£*«£££,  ™   He ak» took to Auetrali. apa»-
the bandstand tonight at Q  o clocic,  ^ ^ ^^   ^^ ^ ^   ftbovo glte ^^ gTWpt ftWfty Uk» wJM fli*
public'tht3 oI(i stand on Roberts Street, Ib the cabbage aphison aphis.
ir-..'roomy and right up to date     and    Jtr_ jjempiere haa brought to Call-
Joe is looking as bright as his new ,     , ...       ,•__*„       *«.-
fittings nnd Is ready to  cater in the «"** a  P""lte to    imttoy    ""
very best style to all the trado that <n»ely hug, a pest that cause* great
offers. grief to the orange grower*. He dls-
—— covered thl* friendly bug la Japan.
The Free Press has started a    be- '
sheet,    liie Standard published tho nvin mvpAvrra
Condensed Milk of the very best
quality, and only 10 cents a tin at
the Big Storo.
—- |
regine, M. -P., for Montmagny,   pre- T
sented parliament yesterday with   il
petition    with    481,845 signatures,! it; i r fflPiT)Q   I
praying that   all   railway telegraph i W ALI EilliQ ®
and telephone companies in the pro- * ..„...,,, .-. T
vlnco of Quebec use    both    English f 1 k H.\ H V, A I) ..
and    Franch    languago    in dealing T niiuimuui' |(
with the public including forms, rail- I NEW TIES IN BY XPRBSS. . ,
way tickets, bills of lading, baggage X
checks, time tables, forms of    con- £
tract, regulations and notices.    The* ......... ..T
number of signatures represents   tho ir,W'i"rTll"rf"l"ri"l"l"l"»"l"»"I''» •'•
votes polled in the province of Quebec   election.      A large number
those are women.
Thero is nothing in the   way X
of   Linon or Straw Hats   hut T
what we havon't got at   any
Price you wish to go.
d*.U-dm.   comeand   *
>ck of Latest Stj
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
High Street. I
A fow on hand yet which aro
going at
_ - T        going at  .
tawftto   $io.oo M
Iron Bed,  full size electrical
Woollen tops and Bottom Mat-
tressos nt  $13.50
Three-Quarter size at .... 12.50
Ono Half size, at   11.50
- The  Snow  Flake Mattress,—
tho-Mattress for Comfort.
Samples on hand for   Inspection.
i!G. Peterson
'Phone 13.
First Avenue
The City Band will give a   .,«„...>, — ■- »» woim ou
dance    on     Thursday evening,   May n>°my and  right up  to  date.
28, in tho Opera House.   Tho danc-,Jnfi iH 1mV* '"'"
ing will begin at 8 o'clock and continue to 12 p.m. Everybody welcome.    Alex. Wright, secretary,
Tho Victoria train was well filled
this morning when it left Ladysmith.
They wero a numbor of passengers
from Nanaimo und there was a larger contingent waiting here. The U.
S. Fleet at Soattlo is tho big attraction.
J pebs ONALs|Ladysmith
,_       Ur,   Humming left  on tho moi-nlnnr   -^ - _
KHERSON,     Russia,    May   22.-
Twenty peasants, who took part in __    _        .     , .,    .    ..            ,
\Z       .      __,     .     ,    ,, Mr.  Bumming loft on tho morning
the recent Agrarian disorder* in tbo tmin    y0sterday   after   spending a
Yekaterinstav    district wero hanged short holiday here,
here today after being condemned to -    ■"■
death by a eourtnuttal.    They be- Mr" ,Jn0' HoT"s left t^t'Yic'MS!L
.,-;„ Thursday morning on routo for   Ml-
ution. thn _.   .
longed to a peasant association, the
avowed object of which was to drive
out landed proprietors by the burning of their estates.
Mr. D. Johnson has got his billiard tables set up and commenced
business. He will havo something
of interest to billiard players to announce in the next issue of tho
There was some good shooting at
tho traps on Thursday evening. T.
MeGarrigle came first with 22, and
was followed by W. Kesserich, 20;
Messrs. G. Hepple, Parrot and Wright
19; White, IR- and  J. McDonald 17.
* Don't forget tho boxing contest ln
the Opera House this evening. Doors
open at 8 o'clock. Admission fl,
and 75 contB.
The bowls have been whirring merrily all week at-Parrott's Bowling
Alley. This week n dollar prizo has
gone nightly to the highest scorer,
and the following nil landed the
goods: Messrs Zblck, Morrison, A.
E. Howay, J. Pauscho and W. Moore
Tho programme   will   be   the   same
next week.
Tho Male Voice Choir got down to
business last night. Thoro was a
well-attended practice, and tho members of tho choir made their flrst acquaintance with Mr. Morgan as a
conductor, Mr, Morgan expressed
his great satisfaction with the choir,
and. on the other hand, the slngors
to a man aro convinced that their
master is a horn genius in choral
work. There will bo a good choir
in Ladysmith.
Mr. A. J. Hartley will leavo for
his home in the Kamloops District
tomorrow. He expects to M oncki
here in tho fail to start the next
football season on oven terms with
the boys. Hartley has taken very
kindly to the red and white colors,
and to the    town    and    during his
accounts as near as it could get
them on May 6. The figures were ;
'total receipts, 91,882.60; total expenditure $800.50, leaving a balance
of $1,082.50. These, we believe, aro
the correct figures.
Messrs. T. McMillan and George
'Muir, are leaving shortly for a trip
to the Tanana country. Mr. McMillan, who is one of the pioneers of
the district, has'held the office of
treasurer for 17 years in the local
Oddfellows Encampment. To mark
their appreciation of his long and
I faithful services the brethren of the
'Encampment are going to have a
social time on Saturday evening and
gave him as hearty a send-off as
The Innovation of a ladies' -'- at
the Bowling Alley was a great success,and there were several fair bowlers. <Five pins was thoir gamo and
[Miss B. Bland won out by the respectable score of 20. Miss Maud
McMillan    and B. Jackson    tied for
1 second place with 16 each. Miss
Wand recoived a handsome geranium
plant set in a fancy Japanese pot,
The alley will again be reserved to
ladies on Wednesday afternoon from
2 to 5 o'clock.
OTTAWA, Ont., May 22.-Mr. Lav-
i ilUiiilway
At f! maimo
ar 06c and 75c. Special... 86c!
Regular ll.!15.   Special — 7.1c
MEN'S FEW HATS in Brown,
Grey and Black. Reg. $2.00
and 13.00.   Special   $1.00
ar 75c.    Special   20c
60c to $1.25.   Special   28c
William's Block
Four men -were summoned on
Thursday evening again for hot having paid their dog tax. ' All four
wero fined two dollars and costs,
which means that their license this
yi-iir cost them $5.50.
' This is the second batch of men
who havo boen summoned bofore the
local magistrates and fined in a similar amount. May be the owners of
htogs in town -who have not yet ob-
Dained licenses will govern themselves
Henry Davidson, 19 Years Old, Has
Arm Tore Off at Shoulder la
Mill Aocldent.
Nanaimo, May 22.—
A frightful accident occurred at
the Red Fir Lumber Company's mill
this afternoon, shortly after thai
I noon hour, whereby Henry Davidson, j
of Selby street, had his arm badly
broken sad praetleaMy torn from the
shoulder. Ths victim Is now at the
hospital in . p. precarious condition,
•offering from the shock and loss of
•lust how the accident occurred no
one at present .writing knows, Ths
lad who is 19 yeara of age, is employed at the mill as an oiler. Hs
had evidently been oiling one of the
pulleys In connection with the lathing mill, for Engineer DenJ. Louend,
of the gang saw engine, who had
been talking with him a short tune
boforo, hoard a yell, and looking
around saw the lad tangled In the
shafting below.
Mr. Louond nt once stopped the
engine and tho unfortunate boy wsl
extracted from the machinery, having sulTmil the injuries above stated.
Ho wae Immediately taken to th*
hospital whore the arm was removed,
lifs condition at present Is very
sorlnus. During tha accident and
iiftrriviiivls he did not loss conscious-
JLeokie Kip Pit-Boot*
($3.60 A PAIR
Just received today— a nice <
i line of Mon's Dongola, Blucher .
i Cut Lace Boots, all sites—6 to
'. 11.     $3.50 per pair.
: Cavin's Shoe Store
Your last I
iY, MAY 35
for Nana
nnd 11:57 a.m.-!
. il:O0, 8:00, and 10:55
Returning, loaves Nanaimo, 8:15,
and 10:15 a.m.. and 1:00, 3:45, 8:15
5:00, 7:00 and 10:80 p.m.
j   Excursion rates    In effect between
' all stations.    Tlckots on sale    May
28rd to 25th     **'    *
May 26th.
Fop tho Best Bread
I    Finest ( :kes and
Pastry in Town
^^^^^^___ ,        Orders Promptly Attended tt
Mr. Boasloy,     who.   Is   filling Mr.' TMHTrng   T.ABOR   ONT.T
Marpolo's placo temporarily, passed, WH1X11   Ut\D\JO,   U11JJJ
ti.—.- ■• -
Mr. .las. Hatfield left on Thursday
[morning for Michel.
Mr. Henderson, inspector of Public Works; paid a brief visit to the
post office buildings on Friday morning.
Rods ail Lines
Flies and Tackle
Por All Kinds of Fishing.
through town this morning.
Mr. F. O. Ashton passed down tho
lino yestorday morning.
Mr. W. Jones returned homo from
a short prospecting trip yesterday
j morning.
Miss Fraunland went down to Victoria this morning.
■™-.™   -">   ouiv      atny
•Final roturn   limit,
District Passenger Agent
1103 Oovernment Street.
  A. Clegg and John Dunbar boarded the Victoria train this
Mr. and Mrs. -P. Hutchison loft for
Seattle this morning.
Mr. J. M. Morgan, of Victoria,
was In town yesterday, and left for
Nanaimo today.
Mrs. J. Rosottl returned homo during the week from Seattle, wither
, sho had gone from Victoria after ut-
jtondlng the Orand Lodge of-Pythian
Sisters tlm ro.
Post Cards
At 15c » dozen
Hotel Cecil
Mr. Jas. Rosottl has returned from'
h s trip to the East.    Jim had
Pleasant    and    onjoyablo tour
Jound It cold.
Ice Cream
10 Cents a Dish
Clgrara   Tobaccos.   Soft Drinks
-   a First Avenue Ladysmith, 11 C.
but »<l'llMMIIllllllll-HHf'
1+ +
Clean Lodging and Hearty Boarding J	
White Cooking and Whito Service
Notlco Is hereby given that I will
not be .responsible for any debts con-
tractoil ..n -ray  name. I T'^BSSaaaaaaaataaaaatsssssssssssssssH
Joseph blair. ji Dainty Embroidered:;
I   Swiss Stocks and   '.',
T   a       ... JOSEPH
I Ladysmith, May 38, 1908.
Canadian Bank
of Commerce
[£stMbliehod 1867]
BAN FRANCISCO, May S3.- Altar • remarkable quest In tht
east tor natural enemies of past*
which Infest American orohards,. a:
Zemjilsre, ' etomolyglirt, arrived hiss)
on   tit* Unsr   China last night
By coming to the Foundry
»« save commission, esprees-
•*•,   and package, and
your own choice.   "
Wa challenge comparison, ai-
tkw^ln  Fries   or Quality  ot
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
First Class Photos.
!', Embroidered Tan Hoso f
I! at 35o. Also a full line of $
;; Hosiery at 25c.
'j; Miss Uren
Excellent Boarding
Speoial Ileal Tickets for
the Week
Mrs. S. Cocker.
Upholsterer and
Mattress Maker.
Repairs promptly
attended to.
iLpare Orders at Peterson's
Furniture Store. ml9
in ,' i       ii   ■»■-■-
Savings Bank Deposits of $1
and upward* wcaived, and
interest allowed at current rates.
■--IliVDYSlCITH BRANCH--     |
• M, do OEj-J, Manager*.-}
Setting Eggs
Full Setting for $1.00
Ueava Orders at O. Roberts' Butcher
Shop, First Avenue.
DavidT. Davies
Telephone, 1 2-4
Nanaiin • R C.
j. m. mo$GAH,
Teacher of Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at tho
Standard Office.
THAN WOOD.   .  .   .
0om« and Make Tour,
Beleotiou-new stook fj»
fresh In,
The Ice
gr*^ Spar's Parlors'
nna      ..4  av »t->"   »— "•- "—A   »-'—'    - -    "
'. Notice Is hereby glvon that I shall
make application to tho Board of
Licensing Commissioners of tho Olty.
of Lndysmith at their next regular
meeting for a transfer of the rotail
j liquor license now hold by mo for
tho premises known as the Columbia Hotel, situate on Lot 9, Block
80, Ladysmith, from mysolf to Clement Telio. •
Ladyamlth, B.O., Mny 6, 1008.
£ smith, Robem st**. '* »& Nankivell, Prop.
erjr Convenience,   mt Bvscythlng'Are the Most Select, the  Roomiest,
of the Best. maA th, „oit Comfortable.
Private Room for Ladles or For
The Committee of the Ladysmith
Football Club request that all accounts against the Club be rendered
on or before Wednesday, May HOth,
In order that the Club's books may
be audited for the season.


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