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Ladysmith Standard Aug 29, 1908

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d = _____== ==^-^^-^=====r...^==========. 	
1 *#**i*'i* *l'T>i<*_p*_r*i"i"i,*l,'t1 *tw_r,rt*,t1 l_p'l'*t**-f' rt***-*
Real Ayrshire Blankets—' Strecht Frae
Bonnie Scotland." $
Oar supply is limited a ain this year and we
would advise you to purchase early.
Remember how disappointed you were last
year at not getting a pair, so don't let it happen again this year ? "••»#»
Our Priees are tlie Lowest!
Manager Trgnbalh and Night watchman O'Connell Catch
Shopbreaker on tne Premises.       m
 . f	
A big trial footbmi match wiU bu
piuyeu un the    'Sports liruuuds   ou
i-uuday afternoon, hutweon A uud il
  touims.      The    -A  loutu will bo   Lhe
Tho very latest in Lho building line yumu ua wnfl Piokett  Lu i'lu>' iNautLl"
und '.% ia kupoU lhat
Aid. CatuiJboll   to   brent Mew   Premises uu Corner oi -Jatuure
I_.POR-._BS. v
*ini_gl UttM;iret8.B0 at aay
Orfr * ?t; e in ttoflty..  Itpiys
to Buy i;t Blckle's.
*•"»''•v ■**rivi"*"m •m***''** •m**rim**a**y**J>m<m'm>w>w'w>w*pi*y*^rm'
YOU CAN GET     ^»
Clocks, Watches, Picture5, Books,
Razors, Etc., Et-.
for White Swan Washing Powder Coupon-
Send a Two-Cent Stamp for our Catalogue
B. C. »oa|> Works, lSSSS^t&
I'lNEST HIT"   <"
' -AT,_ A
Get Ready for   theDe.r
We have the best
stook of
Biles, Buns,
AmmuD tion and
General Outfit
Ever Shown in Town.
Vboae 7 \
Now ii the time to lay in your
stock of winter fuel. Order
your wood right away„__>-
H. Thornley
'I-HOU- 6.
Wall Papers
Oome and Make Tour
Seleotion-new stook
fresh in.
i •"♦ •
J. E Smith,     Roberts Stree
ii Call1 on P. B. Nort _f
■ ■ If you havo dofectlvo Eyc-9lght . ,
' \ Glasses fitted to ault your vis- < >
., lon after. careful examination.
■ ■ Wo havo tho Up-to-date Frames i-
'.'. and the Bout Quality Lenses.   ▼
■ • AU kinds of Repairs prompt- X
'" Iy attended to. Watoh repair- *f
'. 1 Ing Our Specialty.
- - II your watch ls troublesome T
"' glvo us a try.
|P. G. NOOT |
Inverness, Que., August 28—Negan-
tlc Liberals yesterday nominated F.
T. Savole, present member for Com-    	
mons, at next general elections,        ■£*•*. ■.-,|f^)||.|^^f^.,L
Watchmaker, Jewoler and   Optician.
Oatacre Street.
Not since tho unkmwn   gentlouiiun dertuke.
>vith the lurge sized hoots carried oil     neither     Manager Tret-Lath    nor
the cash register und nil its contents i'olicouiun 0'Uu_uo_ cured much   Ior
Irom  the I'rotoBla Hotel has   Lady,   their prowl,  but they   pusned   cour-
amith had   experience  of  a  burglar agouusly    ahead,   Join lighting   the
until  Thursday evening.       On thgt way with his lantern,    lu passing u
night between lu and 11 o'clock   a haj,   bench     Ur.  Trembath board a
"Tacksman turned up     in the person "hulko     and   both ho and O'Conucl "•* "na
o( Albert Shllkot.    Shilkot says   ho then knew their num wus still with
came front Australia on the Aoran- jn,
gi, and came over here 0n tho trans
fer.    What is certain is thnt ho was Manager Trembatli tamo right upon
caught iu tho liig Storo the lellow in a hull crouching atti-
It is supposed that tho shopbreak- tude. "Hands up!" ho yelled, and
er had gained some knowledge ofthe thoy wsnt and Uunatuble O'Connell
interior arrangements of the store, very promptly sllp.;ed on the hand-
but ho can have had no hint of tho culls. Then they breathed easily-
very regular habits ,lnd strict atton- once moro; but neither of thom will
tion to duty of Nightw-atchman T. readily forget that nerve-racking
O'Connoll. Tom, so soon ns he toll- march into tho still, dark store on
od the curfew summons sots out on the track of what might prove to bo
his first round, and invariably he an armed desparado. Cied.t is due
goes mund the Dig Store between lo to both men,  and     Mghtv.atchman
i o clock. O'Connell is to bo complimented   on
It was almost eleven on Thursday his capture,
night when he reached tho premises,    An examination disclosed the   fact
nun, .Ul* T^ '° U,° ,Jt,0k  he TOS thttt ttt a" ^'"to   ■>» '"a"   i« 0-  ««*■
surprised to find the door loading odlcal workman. The door through
mo the dry goods department stand which ho gained ndmittanc? is fusing open With the „id of his bul.s- toned with a drop bar. With brace
»•<- ho at once perceived that the and bit ho bored no fewer than a
tZ L "e'*1 ,W°* "nd h° WnS "oz<al hutoa ibro»&b the panel of tho
oTllv^ a '"y "WkWard "n" door   and   thon W ■■•«»» o« a small
possibly dangerous proposition. saw of screw     driver tipped off the
He could hear no mo stirring in bar. He thon began to select his
shop   „„d so ho slipped quickly aw„y stock; for on the seat in tho    Shoe
,lL!InTrJr",mlmth'     Th6   •»" ftWrtn-nt     ho had a few-'summer
Mlonce reigned in the inky gloom of vests and a collection of ties, witl,
nothing stirred as they entered th, them l„. Clearly he had beon dist
Premises. Most men will concede urbed bofore he had completed his
that th s business of groping round selection for hodropped his saw
m black darkness for nn unknown tho benoh, too.
rod possibly desperate mnn Is a tic- Shllkot was taken to the lock-up
ns .>b and one which any man and will be brought to trial as spse-
>"lght_bo excused for refusing to un- (lily as possible.
in.own ia u new stoi1- ou .liu cornar
0- Uutaci1- Streot mid l«'lret Av_nu.
There ia uo doubt that thia ia absolutely tlie best business situ iu towu
and since Aluoi'uian Lolin Campbell
bought it its value bas increased t_u
'Mi*. Campbell bus up to now never
lelt lii.e inveating japltal iu a build.
ixlff, but thu brighter outlook ior thu
its assured -Lability has induced   bun     to commence  building,
The old shacks are already iu course
„      . ... .    . 4i,_ll_ini,i'o- demolition,  and a start with thu
Turn-tig round the end oi the bench
new premises     will     bo made right
Tho store will have a frontage i
00 feet on Oatacre street and tbe
eunie on the Avenue. ALr. Campbell
is actually building to tbe wishes of
his prospective tenants, Messrs. Walters & Akenhead, and the store will
be unusually high and roomy with
large show windows all round. There
will bo on inside balcony and outside the front will be made as handsome as possible.
More than any building that has
been erectecd in years, this premises
will improve the appearance of the
two main streets of the city, and the
enterprise affords yot another proof
of tho greater confidence that is now
felt in the futuro of tho town,
4 4-
St. Petersburg, August 28—Notwithstanding tho frowns of tho government officials, the protests of tho
reactionary bureaucratic element and
tho prevalence of a cholera  epidemic
ti the Tula provinco, whero Count
Loo Tolstoi lives, all Russians be-
'onging to the educated and progressive class are joined today in celebrating tho eightieth ulrthdn- of tho
:reat "Apostle of Liberty," It Is
true, some of tho feature of the proposed program woro reluctantly uban
donod, but tho greater part of tho
program was curried out with every
ovidenco of genuine enthusiasm for
tho most popular character in Russia. The proposed pilgrimage of Tolstoi's most ardent admirers to his
residence in Tula had to bo
abandoned as it wus considered
unsafe to permit -thousands to congregate in a district whero soveral
hundred of persons have died from
Cholera during tho past weok. The
pilgrims had intended to march to
Tula on foot nnd life tho "simple
lifo" on tho way. 'Upon reaching Tu
la tho pilgrims proposod to form a
big camp noar Count Tolstoi's homo
to exemplify tho Utopian theories of
sincerity and close"communion with
nature, as advanced by tho great
"Torch Bearer."
The central committee ln charge of
tlio international celebration included
noarly ovory writer, brtist and public
man of note in Russio and it hud no
difficulty in enlisting the support of
many distinguished men in nearly overy European country, tho United
States and somo of tho colonics. Tho
commltteo has started sovoral impor-
portant movements coincident with
tho celebration and all of them pro-
miso to be successful. One of tho
plans is to raise onough money to
purchase tho copyright of Tolstoi's
books, so that cheap oditions may bo
published with a view of popularizing the idons und theories of Russia's
great old man. Another movement
is dircctod toward tho establishment
of a Tolstoi institute and Museum
in St. rotorsburg.
Lettors and telegrams of congratu-
Tho fact that quite recently Tolsto
hns boon "persona non grata" to
tho Russian government, even more
thun beforo, muy have had a stimulating influence upon the sympathies
of that large class of educated Russians belonging to tho opposition.
Tolstoi represents, more than any
othor man in Russia, the progressive
and radical element. Nearly all his
life he has bcon on the opposition
side, defying and combatting the evil
influences surrounding the throne,
tlie bureaucratic clan and tho reactionary faction of tho nobility. His
sympathies havo over been with the
people nnd his aim has ever been to
lead them to freedom and hnppinoss.
Yot, his radicalism was not of a violent nature and nevor did he advo-
cuto tho uso of forco or violence.
Tho Nihilists of Russia, the anarchistic element, found neither support
nor sympathy with Tolstoi.
Tolstoi has had a remarkable career. He was born of noble and
wealthy parents at .Yusnaya Polyanu
on August 28, 1828. His parents
died while ho was a child and ho
was loft in charge of an aunt. lie
received the usual education of
Russian noble, first at homo aud afterward, In 1843-4 at tho University of Kazan, whero ho entered tho
faculty of Eastern languages and
literature. In 1844 he took up the
study of law-and was granted his
degree and admitted to practice
1348. In 1851 he accompanied his
brother to tho Caucasus aud entered
tho army. It was during his residence at the Caucasus that lie wrote
his earliest novels, ln 1858 ho joined tho Russian army of the Danube
nnd fought against tho Turks, Ho
lived abroad for about two yoars after the campaign and then returned
to Russia. In 1802 ho married Miss
Sophio ftchrs in Moscow, who has
had the most remarkable influence
upon his lifo, his religious and sociological views und has, as many
believe, saved him from financial
ruin and from becoming a montal
wreck. His first income from his estate and from the copyright of his
books would enable him to live in
keeping with his rank, Count Tolstoi
lation, addresses and birthday oro-]has over sinco his marriage lived the
sonts for tho Count wero sont to .hls family and his neighbors. His
him in large numbor from overy where he makes shoos for himsolf,
part of tho Russian empire and [simple lifo of a peasant, denying him
from many parts of tho rest of the -solf all luxuries. His timo is divided
tlio world. -Muny tokens of admira- j botween literary work and labor In
tlon and sympathy enmo from the'tho fields or nt the cobbler's bench
Unltod States, (lermnuy, Franco and ethical, sociological and political
England. Judging from tho general; teachings have produced a deep im
nnd enthusiastic manner in which ipresston not merely in Russia, but
Tolstoi's birthday was celebrated throughout tlio whole civilized world
throughout Russia today, the Count and the old mnn hoS thousands of ar
is at tho heigh of his popularity, dont admirers all over tho globe,
C" "' . "->'     ■—-—:_—     ■.,■■■—;?—
w.u ^^^
bi<u_i-o will io aide to turn out.
liis log is uiuiust quite strong ag-aiu
and be lias yot his own outbt from
Vu__-ou\or. lu any kind oi form.
Davy is as tricky ai-dheady a forward as ih playing iu U. C, and his
inclusion uu the home forward line
a GX|pooted to wur. a gr_at improvement,
Tho B Team is to 1 e selected by
Mr. John Kno. John can be trusted to secure a good teuiu und bis
instructions are always the same:—
Co in und win." Tho stronger the
eleven the better wili be the guine,
and there are playors in town good
enough to make the team go a
[U-ckor than it did d week
The game, it may bo taken
nted,  will bo well  worth seV
for gr
GreatEutertninmont Billed At Opera
Houso for Friday Sept. 15.
If you are one of those people who
believe that all minstrels and all circuses are alike-that when you have
seen one, you have soon all, go to
the Opera House _n Tuesday night
September 16th and be convinced of
your error.
On this dato America's oldest min-
strol organization, Richards nnd
Pringles Famous Minstrels, will appear, Since its inception this company has stood for what was tho
most wholesome and progressive In
this particular field of endeavor,
Known and lauded in every town
and city of importance from Canoda
to the Gulf, tho« management have
fairly outdone themselves this season in tho monuo of good things
they havo to offer.
f-ck-oh* is timed for 2:-lu p.m.
and Mi*. A. Hailstones will roi'cree.
The usual charge for admission will
he made; but paid-up members will,
of course, go in free.
More interest will have To be 'L\ik.n
in aliairs of the Football Club.
lt is only a few weeks ugo that a
large and enUiuustio gathering
football sports met iu tno Standard
office and reorganized tbo Ladysmith
iootbali club ior the present soasi
The air and atmosphere oi the new-
paper office wus fairly humming with
nigii spirits sourlngambition aud the
tiie liveliest of hopes,
was such confidence
iu evidence at a meeting before and
in three weeks it 1ms ull evaporated
under the shock of a couple of defeats
and tho wear and tear of a little
routine work, It has boon necessiry
at the lust two executive meetings
to go out hunting for members to
form a cpioruui and
question was
us to whether   or not there  is to bo
a club at all. As    things are
thoy promise   to    go, the:
more   than a
There .never
und euthusiam,
is time the
asked und   answered
Headed by Clarence Powell and
eleven other big funmukers of international reputation, and a corps of
singers and dancers unsurpassed, tho
In ugh hungry and music loving popu
lation have a jolly night in store.
The vaudeville portion of lho program has been most carefully selected, and that you will "sit up and
tako notice" is a foregone conclusion,
Promptly at noon tho parade will
traverse the principal streets of the
city nnd Fred Simpson's Challenge
Hand of Twenty will givo one of
thoir delightful concerts.
Elects Its Olllcers and gets
Down to Business.
Tho Lndysmith Mnlo Voico Party
after hanging in tho wind for some
weeks, now promises lo dlossom into
as flourishing a society ns there is
to be found on the const. Arrangements have boon mndo to glvo a concert at an early dato and tho practices are now being fully attended,
Quito   a numdcji*     of new     momders
have joined, and,
other night tho
woro appointed t-
Vice President	
Executive Committee.
Now York, August 28—Frionds of
Mrs. Harry K. Thaw who hns been
suffering from worry ovor hor husband's case and tho loss of her   In-
nt a. mooting the
following officers
  A. Brydon
  F. Greaves
.. -I.. Hindmarch
... iTno. J. Jonos
____^_^___^m^ «T. Thomas
David Roberts. John Bollis. and Wm
M. Allister.
Tn tho absence of Mr. J. Ar. Morgan, Mr. Tom Lewis wellds the bat
on, the regular practice nights being
Wednesdays and Fridays. Tf any
ono wishes to Join now is the time
when the choir is beginning Us
training for lho concert.
^^^^^    and as
go, thore   ure no
^^^^^^^ handful who   caro a
snap about the club and if this be
so, thon it is high time to drop it.
Tho Club list has boon open since
pay day, and only thirteen names
have been given in, and of theso iour
are not players. These, of course,
are apart from the men who havo
registered with tlio secretary of tho
pacific Coast Leuguo, but even then
it indicates rather a formidable
number either of very slow sports or
of very Cheap sports. Certainly jt is
safe to say thut if tho dub is to
give a crodtable account of itself in
this year's competition, if evor it is
to go on ut nil, more Interest will
have to be taken in its conduct -nil
lt was decided at the meeting last
night that a practice game will
bo played on Sunduy afternoon
botween two strong elevens. Tne
"A" team will bo the same as that
wlllch was picked to pluy agatust
Nunuimo last Sunday, and Air. John
Kno will select an eloven to qppdsc
it i t_-
lt was also decided that tho clul.
onirics for tho city Ixmguo and thc
the Wesson Cup bo closed on Thins
day September 1st.
PHOENIX, B.C., Aug. 27. — The
town of Midway, twelve miles from
here was the scene of a sensational
hold-up last night vhen Chas. Tho-
mit, of tho Midway Hotel was shot
und killed by two masked mon who
entered the hotel at ■■ o'clock, and
ut the point of a gun four men including Thomlt woro I old f. throw
up thoir hands. Thomit being behind the bar put his hand cn a ro
vol ver and opened lire on the intruders wounding one. The strangers
retaliated, Thomit receiving a bull-
in tho shoulder and abnVmOn, o.tor
which he staggered thr.un a vH.9
door into a room, i'ho iloSpCTadOM
got into the room through ui.otfcer
entrance and shot three mora bullets into the body of the dying man.
They then made thoir escape.
Bloodhounds     aro    being   brought
from Spokane to trace the criminal
One of tho desperadoes is thought to
be seriously wounded.
iN-iui—o   Athletic Uub   WiU   __v#
AttUaUc Heist i.ftbor Day.
lhe -Ticuimo Atklutio Club, 1__
coiuiijluted all ita omtffne—.uuia for &
biy day s spurt uu Labor Uny, widens on Alonduy, Sept. 7t-.. As will
be stX'U from Uio list of eveuta below, it is perhais lho moat auibi-
Uousoilort  tho club  hus yet   na do,
nd it is aiuc—"ely lu be hoped thut
it will be successful. There is uot
onlj a loi_ list of events, but the
prizes are all yOud und uu^ht to attract a largo entry iur eaoh   event.
The day will be divided into two
arts, iu the i_orn—g thoro will -e
swimming and diving cunteata. Lud^_
smith could certainly send representatives for theso events who would
give an excellent account of themselves. The Held sports commence at
I o'clock and tlie slur ovonts will
ie a live-mile Ulur^thon race and a
quarter mile relay race for teams of
our men. If there are any distance
runners in town now is the timo to
get uut and the relay race should
also briny out a couple of   teams.
The full list of events is as follows:
Water Spurts in morning, commenc-
at lO^o'clock.
.lot ynrds swimming race. First
prize, gold medal; l,rd, gold sleeve
High Diving (Joutsst. l'rize, gold
T-lU yurds swimming rnce. lat prize;
ledruom clock; 2nd, aold locket.
Walking greasy pole. Trize, chain
and locket.
Field Sports    on    Oricket Grounds,
L'ommenciug ul 2 o'clock:
Boys' ituce, under Ui years, open—
1st, watch und chain; 2nd, gold
lucket. One Mile Ilao», open—lst,
silver cup, value $12.00; 2nd, guynr
and cream set.
Girls' 1'ace, undor 16 years, oj:en.
1st, bracelet; 2nj, chain locket;
■Jrd, breast pin.
100 yards race, open.—Silver Tea
Set, value $18.00; 2nd, fruit dish.
Suck iface, boys under 18 years.—
lst, fob chain; 2nd, writing set.
Marathon ituce, ^buut 5 miles)
upen—lsl, cold watch, value $30.00;
2nd, gold ring;   Hrd, Hold glasses.
220 yards ltace, «pen—1st, clock ;
Snd, Scurf pin.
100 yards Hurdle Huce. open—1st,
set of brushes; 2nd, shaving set.
■110 yards Race, open— lst, carving
act;   2nd, set of brushes.
l'otuto Kuoe, open—lst, clock; 2nd
Relay Race. (1 milo, teams of 4)—
l'rizo, •! Suit C'nses.
Hoys' Wresl lingi — 80 lbs. 90 IDs.,
U'O lbs., and 110 lbs.
Entries lo hc mndo to Mr. J.
Duncan, secretary of (ho Chili, not
Inter ihun Sept. 6th, ;008, Entrance
foo, 23 cents for first event; 10c for
••nch additional event. Admission to
Cricket grounds, 25 conts; to tho
Grand Stand. 25 cents extra.
The International Brotherhood of
Painters und Decorators of America
has increased its membership mors
that 0,000 since April 1.
Tho American section ul tho boot
and ahoo workers international body
now hus mure than 1-100,1100 in its
emergency luud, duposited and louring interest.
e i
In H—rrisburg, Pa,, a city ordiu-
.iiu- has beon passed, which prohibits tho erupluyn—ht of foreign labor
ou any municipal work undertaken
in tho future.
Tho only industries employing ohildren in hugs numbers are tho glass,
shirts, tobacco, cigars and cigarettes
and the loxtilo Industries through
out the country.
Now York, August 27—Driven from
tho city parks and streets by tlio
storm two hundred homeless men
nnd women lust night sought sliol-
ter In tho city morgue nt tho foot
of Enst 26th -trout'. During lira
hoight of tho storm such numbors
applied for sholtor thnt overy bod in
tho t_unt0ipa1 lodging house wns oc-
cuplecl lonir before the usual hour
and hundreds wero turned awny. Tho
situation eventually becumo so grave
that the off-Jala' opened tho mor-ruo
to the homeless nnd began to give
out tickets to all who desired thorn.
Some, whon they learned thnt, thoy
would bo obliged to sleep In the
A loc-|siimo building with thc dead, turned
The olliciuls of the International
Brass Molilors' Union, which was organized In Octobor, 1904, rsport
that thoir me.li■■urslilp hus now
reached ton thousand in this country
Tho Union has established a sick
burial fund.
benefit fund and also a death and
The Ilrst annual rsport and balance sheet of the National Union
of Journalists shows that tho union
which twelve months ago hod not'
ono formerly constituted branch, has
now a large number In England and
Wales, which end races a membership
of over 1,000.
The fourteen cases brought tn the
Circuit Court at .lolTorson City Mo.,
Inst spring aiminst against tho   Mis
Winona Lnno, tnd.. Arurust 28—Tho j
come consequent to tho bankruptcy I f'0"*'8LSJm"^"-^nC° T"     ,   *_■ ...       „
proceedings sold today that hor coil- I  „    , mmtl"K horo to<lfty *">■>    <">     Trlnldnd, Colo.. August 28-,. ,..,-.   „  „    __^_^^^^^^^_
dltlon ls not sorlous.     Thoy denied !?:,7'l°nC0 u.°!. ab,°Ut tgM b^xdnA  nl undertaking firm today received n   back into tho'night nnd ptorm, but,"""'1 P<-lflO railway by .1,(1, Slnte,
that sho Is a nervous wreck, as   nad «Z,  _L» T«L!f_ ^.-T^,va"'a'' ™S9W' from Eolsom, K.M.. ordering , others not so superstltutlnus    wont  prosecuting    Attorney, for violation
boen reported nnd declared a   norlod        .,Jo™°y. Inalaua and Ohio.    Tho „|X cofnns for persons drowned there  m nnd slept soundly.   At 0   o'clock „t ft,. „i It i. .,-. ■.__.   f.     , ,
of res™ Is all sho needs to bring her  Ttng ia l.1'0 ?_, ,h"t ,,h0 "j"0?'   '»     » n°°«'   ™snm Is a   hundred    this morning the homeless were ng- °f ll,_. °'f * _°m J*S*»I**»   law
back to comploto health. I Lo"roro'1('0 hns heUI *** Indiana for 10 m|]ofl s0„tb of Trlnldnd on the Colo-   ain turnod     Into tho streots and on woro dlillll»s«I by tho prosecutorsbo-
j,. . yoars. r„d0 anA Southern railway. official order the morguo was    onco c'« "so tho Supremo Court hnd reoent-
'■fc"   - moro reserved for the dead.- ly declare, the law unconstitutional. H-M
^VINSyif-l' MJS
If You Reqiilrs Aay
credits Hawthorutb-aite with an
amendment, but says the result has
lean inJuriojB rntAcr tiffin l«n«fViul
to thi minfjji-orkeK , ttfiDse faA
thot?-"'Has Smith .JibiifV-nything vllo
remedy-.. it?.:  Never        '    -
j&plii)g (&use_te
kind had ho to say, nnd now he has JgCliCtOOOO*
the eflruntory to state that the mine-
„„„„,,„,.,,„,   n wor'ers have their clothes on longer     Thf° is not a g,'cat d*,ttl dol»«°»
AGREEMENTS Drawn■    tto rcsuH 0( fc#Hw   *   winch to-base ■_• sporting'chat   for
'sure.    Why he was    a party to,   if this issue'    1 haVU "oth",g mor° t0
.[,,,, i.'i   _ ■    _.        .   si»y about tho gamo on Sunday thou
not entirely responsiWe. fpr, tie set, ,,»    ^     ^
tlement which bound the men totUs  ., ^ ,„    ™d    ^ ^ q(   ,t
condition and further imposed a pen-    ,,,.., ..     ,,,t    __ , ,.
ii. j _, " T .1 '           Ji   .               all iwlnain enough.    The home   lor-
iiltjr df a _bll_r a month   fr>r    «,«    !■ KIT   ,_ __,
*X»»0»3M»_.OfKit^iCe»K8tK8K««^^ >f>.)i->OOk»».O0.OC OA
Or If You Requlrs Any
<*r II  Kou Want to Uuy a HOUSE,
or Sell Ons;   or If You   Want
Notary  Public,
LadyHmlth   Standard
I'ubllahiHl on Wednesdays anu -atiir-
days Aiiornooiis by ths
Ilobt. lt. tiiudmarch,
BUUSCHlP'iTON  1'ltlCE. ■
Ons Year W-*jj
-i.i Uu'nil.b       75
Advertising Hates ou Appllcatien.
The great jiolitieul jjow-wow on the
Green at Nanaimo on Saturday has
apparently left tho public records o
Smith nnd Hawthjrnthwaito mors
clouded than ever, rio other result
.was, of course, possible and tho
whole business was a piece of sheer
humbug. What exactly -was Smith's
object in contriving such a moeUmr
is best known to himself, but it iB
certain thut in the result he has lost
rather than gained by it. It is, of
course, a legitimate weapon of attack to twit an opponent with inconsistency, and there is no doubt
Hawthornthwnito has on -.any
occasion strayed from the narrow
path of principle. The point is, how-
over, that both .politicians poss as
fator mon working for a single eye
to tho glory of the poor toiler. In
this resi eet thore is no comparison
between tho public records of tho
two men. It Is indeed, a dlflicult
matter to find out whoro Smith  has
month for the wttr_ fjn0 jS not to bo compared
privilege of working a longer day at with the Nanaimo vanguard, and ytt
the face. I thero is little lacking in tho mater
|ial. Neither have the halves shown'
!up to such advantago as was expected.    It all shows the necessity ' for
In this vory case, selected by him-1
self, we have n fair test of the gen
uineness of Smith's claim to be a
friend and a leader of labor. The
greatest wonder of it all is that
evor bo should Jiavs managed to fool
ao many mon. for .buch a length of
time. That ho has got to the . extreme lonsth of his political tether
there is now no longer any room for
doubt. After all honesty is the beat
policy in politics as in everything
else, nnd Smith's record only exom-
pliflod tho progress of a political
rake. He has sown in dishonesty
and treachery and he will surely reap
in shame and humiliation.
but nothing amounting to much.
From all of which it would appear
that Jimmy wns fairly wound up,
and. as n result of it ull, it is gratifying to noto that tho Vancouver
press for onco adopt on amicable
and conciliatory tone. Let us all
hope that a botter fooling will prevail between tho two usslicintions.
Hore is one of the monuentous Issues discussed in the big light on the
Ureen on Saturday, it seen— that
Smith claimed to have had something to do with a big screen. Do
not be misled. Ho had not been in
actuul contact with the screen, or
put any coal over it.. Still he con
'turn to Hawthornthwaite and tall
iiiiu "hia coal does not go through
a big screen because he does not dig
uny. There is a force point and
pungency in the argument which is
peculiar to Sinith alone. What would
be childish, irrelevant, and caddish
in Hawthornthwaite is tho divine essence of wit and wisdom in Smith.
Of course, the stalwart Jim rose to
the bait, and told the wily Ralph he
was another. "No more havo you,"
he roared, "in this country, nor if
certain reports be true, hava you
over dug in the mines." This shrewd
hitting, all so Inexplicably and inextricably bound up in their public records, naturally provoked interruption from tho audience. Hore at last
was an argument which the friends
of either man could follow and they
were overjoyed to have the opportunity of showing it.
earnest    work    and regular practice
und training.
Thero is anothor point which is
touched upon in anothor articlo
which ought to havo appeared in thc
last issue of the Standurd.but which
wna crowded out'. This is that the
club is suffering from tho indiller-
orenee of its supporters ami its mom,
bors. The fortunes of the club and
of football on tho Coast in general,
aro Just at that stago which require
the best endeavors of all its friends.
No ono with tho slightest interest
in the welfare of the club will drop
out at this stago of the gamo totally rouson whatsoever. We aro all
anxious to secure a winning team,
to seo the club launched upon. the
waters of prosperity, and none of us
should hesitate to subordinate personal considerations to tholr common weal.
As for tho members thero Is no excuse for them. It is timo tho City
Loague was started, and scarcely a
man has come forward with .his two
dollars membership fee. Tho club
cannot afford to provide free sport
for all who may bo cheap enough to
wish it. It takes money to run the
Club, to provide balls, keep the field
in shape and to look aftorithe hundred and ono things that crop up.
Two dollars is not an outrageous
fee, and It has to be oloarly understood that unless it is paid thero
will bo no kicking and no playing.
There were men who last souson
played in matches and kicked in
practice who never paid a cont into
tho coffers of tho club, It will not
be permitted this season. Before
any ono Is allowed to play In a
match ho roust bo a bona fide member of the Club, and stops will >-o
taken to oxcludo non-members from
the field during practice.
This is all for this week concerning ourselves. Happily for this column, Captain Adam has boen covering himself with oratorial glory and
I proposo to quoto his remarks. The
sceno of Jim's new won famo was at
Now Westminster on Monday evon-
ing at tho annual meeting of tho 11.
C. F. A. Jimmy was president last
year of that vory shadowy association, and, of course, presided at the
mooting. A speech was in ordor,
and Jimmy rose to tho height of tho
occasion and scored with both feet.
According to the truthful -"rimes"! Here is what ho said :
a  big,  weuthor-beaten man,"   rose'   Gentlemen:   The most striking foa-
to his feet, and declared that Smith tu™ Ja, ti1!„,ootba" , soason   Kbkb
■u ended lost May was the unprocodont-
Tho following account of the P. 0.
F. A. meeting held in Now Wostminstor uu Monday evening is taken
from the News-Advertiser:
The first yuestion token up was the
protest of the Thistlo Football Club
regarding thc:- playing of Mainland
players by Nanaimo last season. After some discussion, owing to the
vnguonoss of rulo ton in the constitution, the protest was filed and ihe
?10 forfeit will be refunded to the
Thistles. ;
Tho various   clubs which  won tho
different   championships
will be   notified that     i
fact thnt there is no money on hand
no medals will be awarded.
Tho   constitution     was    discussed
clause by clause und considerable dis
cussion took place
spectivo merits of the
President   Adam    maintained that
tho   Mainland     and   Island . should
play their games to syjt themselves.
Will Ellis was in    favor of the cup
system. He   recognised the fact that
a team which lost ono game was out
of the running, but thought the plan
better than the     league system. He
said that   thc   point    to be decided
was if a man plays in tho Vancouver
District   League,,   is he playing for
tho B. C. Cup at the samo time. Cur
,^The following
were elected for the ensuing yenr:
'President-Mr. T. Mahoney, Now
Vice-Presidents .1.    McKinnell, Nnnnimo; D. McCnllum, Vancouver.
Seoretary-Treasurer-E. R. McMillan
Emergency Comiuittee-The four officers and Mr. Hindmarch.
Reforees Committee-Messrs. Hepburn. Ellis, Adam and Duncan. This
committee will meot and appoint
tho board of examiners.
It was decided that tho proceeds
of tho final games should be devoted to purchasing medals and travi
oiling expenses. Tho Vancouvor District, Loaguo games will bo played
under tho Cup tio system. Referees
will receive 85 ' and oxponses -ind
linesmen $2.50 in tho finals only
Tho organization meeting will be
held in Nunaiino,
Tho Vancouver representatives
went ovor to the meoting in a tally-
ho which was in charge of Mr. 'Jon
i vouched upon a white mark-Bobby
Herr, the w'orld's 21'0-metre champion. Ahead of him twelve-yes, flf-
Ieon-yards, " nnothov tense figure in
green trimmed white running costume, bowed on all Eo.urs-Latnbert, a
Hamilton sprinter of no,mean ability
Hang! 'Phe starting signal.
Lambert   sprang     upright   in tlie
„",.«• ,.,,i> .,.,,,• i-ii , ,„iv mra "rst I,imi "wl   'l«»h«I madly ahead.
READY FOll THE BALLOON RACE j^,,,., H|a j^- |)it(,hing him a,most
  on his    face, "strode   out liko light-
COLUMBUS, O., Aug. 28.—Proles- ning to prevent a spill. Ho ran crou-
slonal and amateur aeronauts and a 91'01' ^myan\; s1u«''<"1,1^ str
...  Ida away, and    with arms whipping
great many other persona lnM-ested  ,mck llml ro|.th in   tho ah. Jn fJftha-
ia ballooning    either from c.iric.slty with hls   logs, sailed    after the dyer from a scientific point  of     view  intS leader.    Not inch     by ,'ncii, but
-.   .   , ,    ,,,   .'. , h loot by foot, the wonderful sprinter
are hore today, looking forward with M|mv0/  ^^    ^      Jfe ^^
eager interest to the great   balloon | r|sht up on hlm   liko an    America's
ruco which will start from horo   to-'cupper would on a    fishing sclirohor
undor the auspices    of   the',•<■■* wind-Jam
1 At tho stretch I .-mi I wlei Korr
squared away for 1 ..■. -,,.d showed tho blood-red i ■ ■ uf of the
Olympic team, Lni ■ ! -..- is i-euten
and quit, "and his day's work was
dono." Ho had pulled Ruddy i'oherl
#*»#o*oo**o #*-# # o O O tt
* Vancouver,   August   27—Jos-   *
* oph Martin has reached Seattle *
* on his way homo to Vancouver •
from England. Ho will bo an *
Independent Liberal candidate *
in tills city in tho coming oloc- •
tion, nccording to a statement *
made to a Vancouver friend at §
Seattle yestorday. Thoro Is al- *
so some talk of L D. Taylor, *
editor of Tho World, running *
for Vancouver. •
hud dug in the Old Country, " and
thero were many confirmatory cries."
done anything, „r oven attempted to|.I?,,,lph sim|"»' swelle<i "'«■    Pride at
■this   gratuitous   testimony.     "You
do anything, for the benefit of the
men who put hlm where ho is and
made him what he is. No amount
of political equivocation and casuistry will over obscure the fact that
Sinith has botrnyod the men to
whom he owes his position in order
\to carry goi eminent favor and retain his sent in the house. There is
no other explanation of his gradual
e olution from his lirst position as
a La' or Independent to his latest as
a straight Liberal in hourly holies
of a govornmont ofllco. We hnve heard
Mr. Smith attempt to account for
thiB transformation, and we were
left painfully divided between sorrow
for his logic and admiration for his
Take a common tost of a labor
leath-i* and apply it to Smith. What
a man does in the House does not
after all amount to vory much.- He
is, of course, supposed to voice tho
views of his district whenever ils In
terests nro liable to bo affected, and
to cost his voto In accordance with
the pledges he had given to his constituents. Tho true labor man will
find more work tu his hand In tho
heart of his constituency in watching over the interests of the men
who hn\e elected him. Thus, on
Saturday Smith ridiculed Hawthorn-
t—waite for claiming to have introduced the Eight-Hour day in thu
mines. Smith says that "it was
tho old trade-unionist on Vuncouvor
Islund who eot this mensuro lung,
before, and If I am correctly informed tho mino workeis now have thoir
clothcr no longer siuco his amendment than bsforc,"
Since this is the kind of stuff that
Smith regularly hands out for reason and argument a fow passing remark's may not l» amiss. It may bs
true that ths old Trado-UnionlsU
got "this mensuro" long bofore; but
they must have neglected to place
It on the statute book, At any rate
at the time that ths eight-hour law
came DSfort ths Provincial Houso,
the old trade unionist were working
mors than eight hours.   Next Smith
he declaimed, hand upon haart
add tho light of truth shining from
his eyes, "thore are many here who
can testify- that I hove toiled with
my hands as hard as any workman
present." And then ho swallowed a
mouthful of water, or, if he didn't,
he ought to havo dono. It will bs
noticed that, whereas the testimony
of the weather-beaten ono (there is
not much weathor in a mine as a
rule) distinctly manes Ralph a digger. Ralph himself uses a little
more discrimination. Since ths point
is so weighty, and so much turns on
it, we feel constrained to add a little testimony of our own. We cannot si oak ilnnlly .m cither side of
the momentous proposition; but we
can say that for the last twonty-
llvo years, whatever of toll Ralph
hns dono with his i.t-nds, has been
very light, and in that timo never ,
coal has he dug. Why he should,
therefore, havo wished to score a
point on Hawthornthwaite to which
the retort was so very obvious, is
only another striking proof of bis
contempt for the intelligence 0f his
TOPEKA. KAs7"Aug. 27:- The
capital city of Kansas today was
tho mecca for Democrats from threo
States, como to hoar William J. Brian speak on tho subject of the guaranty doposlt law for bonks. The
speech, as previously announced, wos
to form ono of the "keynotes'" of tho
Democratic national  campalgh
On his arrlvoal from the east Mr.
Bryan was mot at tho train by a
local reception committoo and tho
mombors of tho Democratic State
committee of Kansas. Through the
streets, decorated for the beco-
lon tho Presldontlnl candidate was
escorted to tho Hotol Thropp, where
luncheon was served,
fused    permission    for the   speoch-
Tno stato authorities having ro-
moklng to tako place on tho grounds
of tho cgpitol It was decidod to hold
the demonstration at the City pork,
whero an immonso crowd congregated
an hour or more before the timo
schouled for tho nppearonco of Mr.
Bryan. Sovoral bands furnished music for tho occasion ond there woro
Introductory speeches from prominent representatives of the Democratic party In Kansas. Mr. Bryan rode
In an open carrloge from the Hotol
to tho park and wns greeted all an-
ong the route with cheers from ths
crowds that thronged tho sidewalks
Anothor rousing ovation awaited
him whon he appoarod on the speaker's platform and was introduced to
_£>   Billiard- Mid Pnnl    ^ the va8t ""wmblage    that filled the
^ _>uu_raa ana rooi ^ pilrk „,,, ovoran lnt0 th0 adJolnln(f
„ streets.
Best Liquors and Cigars.
Cartwright & Barclay
Toronto, August 27—A project to
unite all Baptist Associations of Oon
ada Into one body ls making rapid
progress.  Ontario, Quebec, Marutimo
ed strides tho gamo mado in tho favor of tho sport-loving public. Not
only was there moro football played,
but tho piny itsolf was generally of
a higher standard than had hitherto
been seen upon tho Const.
Perhaps tho great improvement in
I tho standard of plaV hod a groat
denl to do with tho increased popularity of tho game, and then to con-
cludo tho season wo had tho competition for tho "People's Shiold." The
officials responsible for the arrangements of the series of .games for that
trophy (of which I was ono! did not
seem to satisfy any of tho clubs concerned nmd least of all the Vancouver City eleven.
Now, however, that all tho fight
ing nnd tumult havo died, I belief e
tho competition will itself bo of Inestimable vnluo to tho game this
soason. The matches stirred up public e.v. .lenient, popularised tho game
anil I believe, gentlemen, that this
year's football will secure that hold
on tho public, favor which Is its
rightful heritage in B. C.
Another factor in football which
will, I behove, go for to securing
and establishing tho gamo on the
Coast this season is the "Pacific
Association Football League."
Wo havo to thank Mr. Will Ellis to
whoso untiring worlt on behalf of
football it Is impossible to give too
much praiso. and Mr. Con. Jonos,
who is always willing to lend bis
support to tho promotion of good
sport—wo hnvo, I say, to thank thoso
gentlemen particularly for tho establishment of tho P.O.A.P. I_iiguo.
Of courso, it had bcon In tlio fir
for months1 and boforo wo know ll
was being worked up in Vancouver,
wo wero discussing it In Lndysmith.
Now it is established, a kind of inter-city league, with Just an Intern*-
tional flavor, and I firmly believe
thot It wlll still further holp the
gamo along on the coast.
And now, gentlemen, I come to
matters moro nearly touching tho I u
slness of this meeting.
I must first of all oxpross my regret that during tho past season on
element of discord crept In lotwoon
the Island and Mainland Associations. Of courso, somo littio <eal-
ousy Is always Inevitable; but surely nothing to prevent the o-tistoncc
of harmonious relations between two
slncoro and honost bodios of sportsmen. In the past soason wo had
only two games played in tho B. -D.
Championship series and of those
that between Nanaimo and Thlstl™,
was a flalo. Now, this was not ««
It ought to have boon and in my op-
hi on it all sprang from tho strained
relations existing between tho two
associations. A powerful old to
this state of things was and is tho
Incompleteness end inadequacy of
both associations.
As a first stop toward tho realisation of this botter feeling I would
suggest that lho protest which was
lodged against Nannimo by tho This
ties ljo withdrawn. To go on with
the caso now would only reopen old
soros and raise now troublos. Wherefore I would like to see tho protest
withdrawn so thnt wo could begin
tho presont sonson In all harmony
and undor tho vory happlost auspices. I will conclude now and hopo
the now by-laws will moel with nil
thfl requirements. Sincerely yours,
Presldont, B. 0. P. A.
Artef all this, who will dare to
say that Jimmy cannot speak. He
Informs me that he had a little
more to say about   tho new constl
Aero Club of Coluin'ius.and with tho
sanction of tho Folioratiuii of American Aero Clubs.    In addition to the
customury championship trophies offered by tho Federation ond the   loco! club the Board of Trade of   Columbus has donated a handsome trophy, which will udd considerably to
the eagerness to win on tlio part   of
the daring aeronauts tuUing part in
lust season ' the nice.     Tomorrow's ruco ia    the
-ing fu <-llc unhersal topic     of conversation at
tho hotels and clubs, which havo hospitably oponcd     their doors to tho
, visiting aeronauts.   Of   course,    the
regarding tho re- S11CCMS nf   ton,orl,pw's raco depends
' to a grout extent, upon thc weathor
. and     more    particularly    upon tho
strength of tho wind.    It would   bo
a grout disappointment not only   to
tho bnlloonisls who intend to   tako
part in tho race, but to the    nilmy
thousands anxiously awaiting tho interesting spectnelo orcsentod by   the
aerial fiighl of a number of monster
Tomorrow's race will be an International event, ns Canada will be represented by the "King Edward," a
craft of 80,000 cubic feot, which will
be piloted by Lieutenant Bennett of
the signil service, and a famous aero
naut. Among the Americans who
have entered balloons for tho race,
are several woll Known aeronauts
and mombors of tho most prominent
clubs of tho country, among theiu
being Dr. 1. J. Fielding, C. A. Cooy,
who is confident of making a good
showing with his balloon "Chicago"
Captain Mueller, who hns nlrondy
won fume with-his "Vllle do Dieppe"
nnd Dr. Julian P.' Thomas, tin- intrepid Now York- balloonist, who hai
won a nntionnk, reputation liy his
numerous und hazardous ascensions
in the East.
The arrangements for tho race tomorrow have been completed under
the ablo direction of W. IL Pickens,
director of contests of the local Ao-
ro Club, who was assisted by Mr.
Charles p. Salisbury, the representative of the Federation of American
Aero Clubs.
SAN FRANCISCO, Saturday, Aug
22.- Sovoral boxing exports who returned yestorduy from Harbin Springs, where Joe Clans hns beon staying sinco his defeat by Battling Net
son, givo gloomy reports of the ex-
champion's condition, and tho reports nro borno out by photographers. They, sny tho excessively hot
weathor in Lake County has had a
bad effect on Clans. He is drawn
with tho faco of nn old man. Cons
picked up weight nt first, whon tho
weather wns good, but lately, sinco
tho mercury has run far above IhoTlown others
100 mark, Cans lost flesh, until the chair,
now ho wighs only 184 pounds. Ho
goes out horsebnek riding nnd iriv-
in^, but open air cxerclso docs not
socm to mako him rugged. He looks
tired, and lately he has lost his appetite.
Joo attributes this to tho heat and
says ho will bo nil right whon begets to tho const noxt week. Ho is
optim istic nnd he says ho fools woll
but his looks hello him and his step
lacks its old ginger. If ho gets Into
shapo for his return fight with Nelson it will bo n miracle, the sporting mon say.
A meeting of the Vancouver Dis
trict I.ougiie wus hold In the National Sports Club last ovenlng, the
chief business taken up being tho reinstating of n num-ior of men ns second division playors and turning
Mr,  P. Alton occupied
to tlie limit in tho first hundred
and ho left him to plough ;io:no alo
no. On enmo Kerr, nover flagging
for an instant. Ho struck tho final
cilrvo with unabated stop, that gain
ed him a half a  yard.
That's how Hobby Korr broko the
world's record fur 220 yards.
When Kerr breasted the tape, Dr.
Thompson stared at his watch wide-
eyed, then covered it with ids hand
and sidled up to another titnor.
Whnt do you mako it?" ho inquired. He showed his wntch.
Lets ask Bill Sherrlng," said tho
Tiger president.
Tho Marathon winner thoughtfully
chewed the end of his cigar, and surveyed Korr. You novor can toll what
Hill Sherrlng holds against his chest.
"Thoro sho Is boys," said Bill
Shorrlng, holding up his watch.
Sumo hero," chorussed tho othor
two timors.
'Snme here," mount 21 1-5 seconds.
Kerr had walloped   2-5 of a second
off the world's rocord!
Benton it by four yards!
"I always   said two   twenty   was
Bob's distance," soliloquized    Sherrlng.' '
Of course, tho record doos not go,
Kerr's run was only an exhibition,
while record time, must be oatablish-
ed in open competition.
Still, it shows Korr to bo a world
Half an hour previous Korr ran a
hundred in even time.
Theso times wero mado at Britonn
in Park, Hamilton, on Saturday
(15th inst.), at Bobby Korr's athletic meot."
MODENA, Italy, Aug. 26. — The
littio god of love has become angered fo* the beautiful attitudo of Dor-
undo Pietri, who finished first but
did not win in the Marathon race at
London, nnd today a report came
from the village of Carpi that Dor-
ando's sweetheart has foresworn her
troth. Whether the girl has lost
faith in hcr lover through his repeated declarations that he won the race
fairly, or whether sho is piqued by
his lluttering remarks about the
English girls is not known.
Since his roturn to Italy Pietri has
';iven the newspapers sovoral Interviews in which he boosts of his con-
tpiosls among the daughters of Britain.
A numher of lockeys anh horses
had lined up for the start of a steeplechase, but a delay occurred becauso a tall, raw-boned beast obstinately refused to viold to the Importunities of the starter. The patience of that worthy was nearly exhausted.
"Bring up that horso!" he shouted; "btlng him up! You'll get into
trouble protty soon if you don't!"
The rider of the stupid animal, a
youthful Irishman, yelled back: "I
can't help It! This here's been a cob
horse, and he won't start till ths
door shuts, and I ain't got no door!
-Harper's Weekly,
Effective June 6th.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Doily at 9:00 and 15:58.
Trains r\rrive at Ladysmith
Daily at 11:57 am) 17;l\
~*\    District Passenger Agent.
7102 Govornmont St., Victorlt.
and Manitoba sections already  have tutlon nnd on„ or tw0 othor p-o|nt9
Tbe New Haven and Springfield
teams of the Connecticut Loaguo
which consisted of 27 innings af
great basoball. -pringiiold won tho
flrst famo, 2 to 1, in sixteen innings
and tied the second I to 1 In oloven
Frionds of tlio great Ketcl.nl are
clamoring for n match between Tommy Burns and their Stanley. Perhaps his renter experience would
tell for Burns, but an fur fighting
nnd gnmeness, Tomny has nothing
on tho Grand Rapids boy.
Tha Northern League closed Its sea
son with Brandon Mc, Winnipeg,
.588, Duluth, .500 and Fargo, .201
Nearly 0,000 persons attended a recent Lawreno Worcester game at
Lawrence, Mass. Both teams are
fighting hard for New England League honors.
Bert Ci nn, tho old Providence first
baseman and now with the Johnstown Trl-Stute League team, Is a
soloist durini' the winter In a Philadelphia church choir.
No doubt about Bill Papke boing
an AI lighter, but the fast clip ol
Stanley Kotchol hns dimmed somewhat the fistic display of tho "Illinois Thunderbolt."
The Eastern League pennant raco
is becoming hotter ovory day. Pro-
vldonco, Buffalo, Newark and Baltimore are all In the fight for keeps.
Bob Fltzslmnions has returned to
his farm at llunellen, N.J. Fltz says
he expects to fnr-o nearly a thousand horseshoes which he will send to
his friends on the Paclflo Coast.
Mr. John Sampson, accompanied
by his wife, has returned from his
annual visit to the llnrrlson Hot
Vm...,     i -iff.    *"   .1 _
The result of the deliberations was
ns follows :
Nationals—Reinstated, .1. Junes, I!
onos, Thresher, lleecroft, Henry,
Imrio, Buckingham, Cluzehrook; no'
reinstated, Ilo-iiiurn, Feoney, J. R.
Smith, Bonnett, Anderson, P. Lino-
ham, and Cox.
Thistles -Reinstated, Slcolo:, not ro-
instated, J. Spence „r,d D. Nellson.
Coquitlam- '•■»«!,  Alox.   Mc
Kenzle, J. Culliim.
Westhum Island—lMnstnted, Dune,
and Frusor.
Maple Ridge — Reinstated, Holds-
Hlbornians— Reinstated, Horno, T.
Smith, Loith; not reinstated, Mr.
Knowlos,  (lute of Shamrocks).
Shamrocks — Reinstated, E. Cook,
T. Jonos, E. Jones, W. Fulroy, Cunningham, 0. Jonos, itroukfiolil, llruc,,
ho following clul\s wero ndnilttod
to tlio socond division—Maplo Rldgo,
Mission, V. A. c, and Columbian
Collogo, Now Westminster.
Tho following cominittee wns appointed to moot tho reforoos' committoo and discuss matters ro the
nppo'-tniont of referees: Messrs. For
dyco, McKenzle and Falroy. Tho
mooting wlll bo hold in tho National
Sports Club tomorrow evening. On
Friday evening the executive will
moot at tho samo placo to draw up
the Intermediate schedulo.
MONTREAL Q. August 20- At a
mooting of tho oxocutlvo of tho federation hist night tho action of
I-~sl!o H. Boyd, Its representative on
the Olympic games commltto, In protesting against Tom Longboats entry to Marathon wns unanimously
ondorsod.In explanation of his action
Mr. Boyd says It wus mndo simply
an tho ground that Tom Dong-
boat had competed nl unsanctioned
moot in Canada, it wns lodged on
two duys boforo tho raco and thou
only ou assuranco of assistant secretary of British Olympic commltto
that ontry had boon accoptod and
that Longboat would run notwith-
wlth any protests. So that knowing
that tho protest could bo mndo with
out barring Longboat from competing, that protection Mr. Uciyd
represented would bo fully assured.
Ho folt Justlflod in tho action ho
took in Interest of amateur sports I
in Canada. I
(Bobby Kerr.) j
Flvo thousand nocks cranod.
Across   tho Hold a   falr-halrod lad j
In red trlmmod   Jersey and knickers
Princo Rupert, August 26— Dwelling houses of siiutll dimensions are
being built in Princo Rupert at the
rato of a dozen a week, thoso are
principally on the Knox and Grand
Trunk mineral claims, It is ostl-
ninleil that tho present population of
Prince Rupert is at least 1500 residents, and as well ns theso thore is
a floating population of sovornl hundred.
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, sir H
or foreign substance fused wlthB
carbon. .Carbon gives toughness!
-length, heeness and life.    < »' I
Thirty year's sttidyof the rszorl
situation has shown a way to
add the highest pcr cent of
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic
razor blade throug a secret
processor EL-CTRIC TtliPtR-
INO giving It a uniform diamond like hardness-something absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered i razors,
and they are Hamburg ground.
But Test this UNCONDITION-i
home-or have your barber use |
It on you-for thirty days WITH.
Ladysmitli Hardware Co.
j Provincial        I
I   -    Exhibitor I
British Columbia's
JVemier Fair I j
|   September 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26
Everything New, Modern and Up to
>«=_->       The Minute       <___=»^
New Grounds
New Baildings
13? Horse Show Every Evening
Cash Tombola Prizes Every Day^
4 Days' Great Horse Racing
Trotting, Pacing, Running, Steeplechasing.
Excursion Rates  from Everywhere.   ?or
Prize Lists or information, address
J. E. SMART, Manager. Telegraph News ofthe
• World in General.
OTTAWA, Ont., Aug. 27.— Labor
men have petitioned H. Ledger, Ottawa, shoemaker, to accept nomination for the Commons in their interests.
statement    as    to the condition   in
which thoy found the firm's affairs.
Toronto, August 2<j—Valuable deposits of slate have been discovered
in Uno district, north of Now Lisk-
OTTAWA,    Ont.,    Aug. 27.—Mont-1 	
real,. Toronto and Ottawa will pro-! Toronto, August 20—Henry Burber
toably get the three Boer held guns has been appointed receiver of the
which wero sent to Canada by tho Ontario Sugar Conipany of Toronto
Imperial authorities as trophies    ol
and Now York.
the South African war:
TOR3NTO, Ont., Aug. 27.- Nino-
teen months old Hoso Coulla was run! City all<1 now pastor uf Euclid Ave
over   and kicKod by ahorse    today |n,U0._I,iaI',^Kt church, Cleveland/is se-
while playing in the streets and la-
•RiOYA'li  CITY,
Notablo Events in History of B. 0.
Will bo Ile-enactod In 1910.
510,000  IN     JEWELRY   GOES
Aug.v25.—.   Montreal, August 20 —Ten     thou-
—— Employers of negro labor iu Sjniug- sand dollars worth of rings and .lia-
NEW WESTMINSTER,  Aug.  24.-'Held are being threatened by a (luud ,m ,,lls ljicko{| UP nt Windsor station,
The year 1910 will be a notable one of unonymuus letters wbich has been , ,;„ '„/;, J11 \ bocomo tlio property uf
. , tuc unuei, Augustus V   'Cooper      a
for New Westminster and for the en- growing in volume daily since the .porter, who wus discharged from
lire province of British Columbia for ruco riots. For the lirst lew days(custody some duy; ago on the charge
In that year a gorgeous pageant is it wus thought tho letters wero "the'"'uatoa!5"s tbem' ')'''• m,d Mls- jj01'-
to celebrate . number of groat ov- work of boys or irresponsible Ind I- j owners u['The'd'i,im"S!r'i'efu™d''Sto
ents in (he history of the province, viduals, bui; yesterday the condition'give   evidence to Mr,     Ulric Lafun-
tuine, who was sent to London   for
that purpose, and waive all claim tu
For this reason the full celebration of allairs wus found to justify an in-
of tho Simon Fraser centennial lias vostigution by Oov. Deneed. A delo-
been postponed, and only a historic gatlon of nogroos visited the aover
ier died in the hospital.
OTTAWA, Ont,, Aug, 27.-Uon. J.
11. Ul son, former provincial secretary und attornoy general lor Ontario, ia to succeed Sir Mortimer
Clark as Ueut.-Uovernor ol Ontario
uiinouncemont of which wiil bo made
in a fow days. Sir Alphonso PUlle-
tier former speaker of the Senate,
as already announced will succcod
Lieut.-Gofernor Jette. of wi.c.cc.
'TORONTO, Ont., Aug. 27,-Mr. G.
S. Wynno, manager of the Sault Ste
Marie rolling mills in this city today denies that the Lake Superior
Consolidated Co. has recei.ed on order from tho C.P.lt. ior tio.uuu tons
of steel rails. "We j...*o i.ui yet got
the ordor," he said, but uuly wish
we had,"- I
O'KfAWA, Ont., Aug. 27.-The Department of Justice advised Poll
Commissioners of Chinese Immigration to administer the act as passed
by i urliauicnt and ignore official version, .n the Ou—>tte which makes it
appear that the pool tax had been
ALMONTE, Ont., Aug. 27.-T. B.
Caldwell, M.P., has been re-nominated for the Commons by North Lanark Liberals.
BRANDON, Man., Aug. 27.—A fatal accident occurred at the C.P.R.
depot yestorday afternoon. Just aa
the Miniota Express was pulling out
H. Young, of _>eterboro,, Ont., attempted to hoard tho train as it was
moving, but slipped and fell beneath
the whr.ls and was Instantly killed.
Young came West with the harvesters n tew days ago.
Toronto, August 20—Rev. A.. Chas,
Eaton, D.D., for many years pastor
of Waliner Road Baptist church this
rlously III.
St. John, N. B„ August 20... Tom
Foley of Halifax was given a doci
sion ovor Dun Llttlujolin of St.
John in 10 rounds in the Victoria
rink. It was the ilrst public boxing
in St. John since ring fatality of
sovoral years ago.
___ -
Bcllovillo, Out., August 20— Prol.
Hunt, who for 9 yoars has been musical expert at Albert College and
organist o'f Bridge St. Methodist
Church left for Edmonton yesterday,
his new field of labor. Beforo louv-
ing ho was presontcd with an ad-
dross and a purse of gold on behalf
of the congregation.
Toronto, August 20—After lingering for a month between lifo and
death, Max Magnus, tho lad who
was shot in tho back by Walter Mu-
lock died yestorduy afternoon, ilu-
lock was arrested on the charge of
shooting with intent, but Magnus ox
onorated him from all blame, saying
that tho affair wus accidental.
Toronto, August 20—Firo last evening destroyed the entiro western
half of tho Union stock yards ut
West Toronto, togethor with over 70
lambs, 0 bulls and a team of horses
and several dwellings all of them occupied, with most of their contents,
Tho loss is placed at 5150,000 with
Insurance of about 525,000. Fire
supposed to halve been of incendiary
TANGIER, Aug. 25.-H is reported here that Mulai llalid, who was
victorious last week over his broth
er, the Sultan of Record, in the vicinity of Morocco City, has been proclaimed Sultan of Casa Rlnuca. The
members of the diplomatic corps
nsl.ed their homo government who
ther or not they should recognize
Mulai Hafid.
LETHBRIDGE, Alta., Aug. 27.-
Andrew McGuHee, a young Scotchman, lost his life at St. Mary's yesterday. Be was working on a liigh,
bridge,    and    foil 100
SEVEN OAKS, Eng., Aug. 25. -
There has 1 een no arrest in connec
tion with tho .murder of the wife of
Major tler-.nl Luard, ut a summer
houso in the forest hear hero yester
day. The woods have recently boen
infested with tramps. The police
have been furnished with the des
feet to the!criI'*'on of a man roported to   have
exhibit has beon    arranged for
provincial exhibition.     In 1910
ovents of     one   hundred yoars
more ago will bo re-enacted, if
sent    plans go not   astray, on
banks of the Eraser river, when voyageurs, representative of Simon Fraser and    his     bund of adventurers,
will descend the river to tho mouth
as  of old.     Tho discovery  of   Van-
the nor and promised to co-oporate w'*'
the the law    abidin3     Investigating tli
nnd lettors.
the jewelry,
in the hands
Valuable are at present
of the police.
Chicago, Saturday, Aug. 22.- Chief uf Police Shlppy tonight added
two more private dwellings tu tlio|
list over which constant guard will
be kept by sharpshooters. The attue-
couver Island, nnd the arrival of the ks ,)y bomlj tn,.owot.s    i„st nig_t 0„
tbe residence   of    Antonio Lunio, a
wealthy jeweler, and lottom contain-
C.P.R. nt tho const, with other notable ovents of provincial history
will bo Included in tlio pageant, -die
carrying uut ol which will bo largely in tho hands of tho provincial government. No details have boon ar-
raniod, '-ut tho broad outline of tho
colobration has been informally decided upon and it is expected tbut
tho pageant will follow lines similar
to tlie recent Quebec colebrati
tOCjj  I
ing dentil throats tu AmuTrw Thun
a eigur dealer, caused tlio chief of
police to placo sharpshootors un gua
rd at tlio dwellings ul both men
A bomb wus placed under tho roar
porch of Lunia's home by three mas
ked men, who were scon leaving the
premises by a neighbor. Police, who
were.'summoned, took up the pursuit
but tho men escaped alter engaging
iu a revolver battle with the ollicer.
New York, August 2G—The torms
of tho 'Vanderbllt cup raco as arranged by the nassau supervisors
will demand much more from tho
auto association nf America in the
way of policing the courso and protecting pedestrians on the days nf
practice and actual competition, then
even In previous running of the famous auto contests. They will require
tho ofllcials of the race, by which ls
meant, the auto association to employ at least 12 hundred men to police the courso, and these men inu.it
bo clad in white uniforms from head
to foot. Ou tho day of the raco
which is scheduled for October 21,
special policemen ■ must bo on duty
from five a.m. to 0 p.m. Mounted
guards will be required to station
themselves ut tlie various cross
roads and all the important turns
in tiie course; groups of five mounted
men must bo placed in order to warn
pedestrians that they venture on the
course at their peril." In addition
to the mounted men, at least 1,000
men must be scattered ovor the course to warn people of the danger
and maintain order.
ground.    He died an hour later.      i'»-> loavln-    Iho   woods yesterday,
■ land they ore looklnr for him. They
NEW YORK, Aug. 27.—The agency, will try to pick his (rail with blood
ol the Bank of Montreal mads today j hounds,
a shipment ol   5500,000 ln bold   to j .      '
a shipment of 5500,000 in gold,  to j   OTTAWA, Ont.,     Aug. 27. — The
Canada.    This brings the total   to;funeral of the late Col. T. D. Evans
seven and three-quarter millions in
gold sent to Canada on this movement.
TOKIO, Aug. 27. -• It ls believed
-that the successor to Count Komura
as Japanese ambassador at London,
will -be Baron Makino Noturakl, formerly Minister of Education.
HAVELOCK, Ont., Aug. 26,-Flro
supposed to have been caused by a
bonfire in the rear of Cool's bakery
this morning, destroyed Joyce's boot
and shoo shop, BamiT's grocery, McKay's tailor shop, Cool's bakery and
Ila\ clock "Standard" olllce. Tho
loss ls estimated at about $41,000,
partly covered li- insurance.
TOKIO, Aug. 2,'. -It ls confidentially asserted that the Government
haa decided to postpons the International Exposition which was to have
been held In 1902 for' a period of
years, or until 1917. No announcement officially of this will bs mode
until the various government- nter-
ested, are Informed.
AM8TEBDAY, N. Y., Aug. 26. -
Flre which occurred at Hurricane
Form owned by Gen. Stephen San-
lord today, threat-nod /to destroy
stables In which n large number of
horses wcre quartered. Efforts of tho
lire fighters, howevor, confined the
blaze to one barn which was destroyed with small loss,
The seventh regiment, 700 strong,
Wt lor Chicago, its home station
this morning and Springfield is now
without a Soldier guard. The seventh}" McALESTER, Okla.,
was ths last regiment ordered to
Springfield and is the last to be relieved, Gov. Deonon and the local
authorities aro satisfied that Springfield need not fear another outbreak.
QUEBEC, Aug. 96. - F. F. Andrews, hind of the firm of Andrews
ft Son, commission merchants, died
this morning. Hs waa ons of Quebec's most prominent business men.
U. A, D, C, took place here yesterday afternoon and was largely intended by ofllcials of the military
headquarters staff, and of the city
garrison. There was also a splendid turn-out of the different corps in
uniform and also a great assemblage of Ottawa's prominent citizens. Funeral services wero held at
tbe residence of deceased's sister,
Miss Evans, Daly Avenue. It was
conducted by Rev. Dr. Ramsay, assisted by Rev. Dr. Armstrong.
HONG KONG, Aug. 20.- Admiral
Li, of the Chinese navy, with his
flagship and soveral gunboats, sailed
from Wu Chow today for Canton,
taking with hlm as prisoners sixty
ol tbo mutinous soldiers of Hong Ua,
where a thousand men revolted on
Aug. 12th, killing their commander
and several others, touting a forco
of loyal soldiers from a nearby town
looting the village of Konawah and
finally withdrawing to the mountains of Tai King whore they joined
forces with the wild tribes of the
hills. Admiral Li's prisoners were
betrayed Into tho hands of tho government forces for 25 taels, (about
517) a head by the villagers at Ko-
nawha. All rebellious soldiors spoko
a strange dialect and their detention
and subsequent betrayal to the authorities wes an easy matter. At
Wu Chow the gates of tho city which
have stood open lor weeks past,
have now bcon closed owing to the
disturbed condition of the country
following tho mutiny ut Konawha.
       Aug. 27. —
When rescuers today completed their
w_rk at the Haileyolu mine No. 1,
at Hatleyvlllo, twelve miles east of
hers, where a disastrous explosion
occurred yesterday, 29 bodies hi.d
been recovered.
_£t.  John, N.B., August 26-Hlb-
NEW YORK, Aug. 28.—Ths offices'erlans this morning ndoptod resolu-
ol A. 0. Brown _ n~   — -■—■' iion* °na°"-lnK J°->n RMmtttd   _nd
ithe Irish party and counselling mem
today and It waa stated that rotors to practice total abstinence In
member of the firm was to bs seen, en address yesterday Michael Mc-
J. W. Rhodes: the assignee, and his Pade urK°d tho Msb RomMi-Catho-
.„.....,   TM.1..-1  _■   »_.,   — .  1,0B to stand • together and, If nocos-
eounsel, Mohard W._ Noel, were    nt a(,ryi    mako aUianccs w|th oxtromo
work within the office going over the Protestants in ordor to got political
firm's accounts, but would make   no.representation.
St.     Petersburg,     August 20—Dote ils ore given in Yakutsh newspapers of a revolting case of cannilml-
ni among the nomadic tribe of la-
muts on the river Korkodin, in    ex-
ti'ome northwestern Siberia.     Ono of
the nomads, driven desperate by bun
devoured the bodies of his brother's wife and four children.   A par
ty of hunters came upon tho deserted encampment, found tho remains of
tho bodies and reported tbo cose.
Winnipeg, Mnn., August 20—H. A.
McKay, aged 10, was killed almost
ii stnntly last evening. The lad had
boon in tho habit of exploding small
calibre cartridges with a hammer
from the window nf bis bedroom _t
hs homo, allowing the millets to
s'rike against, nn opposito wait
where they did not do any damage.
Tio boy had beon warned of danger
but continued tlio practice with fut-
r.t result. Tho bullet had grazed or
entered     tho heart triiforsing     tho
i-onst from left to right.
Urltish Marino Board of Trado   Declares Seures uf Wrecks are Plan-
nod by " Speculators" to Get
the Insurance.
LONDON, Aug. 24.- Charges that
the scuttling,of ships Ior thoir insurance has become a criminal science i
that scores of lives have been lost
through deliberately planned wrecks,
and that the evil is enormously promoted by the underwriters' willingness tu accept all kinds of risks from
common gamblers on the perils of
the sea, are being probed by tbe
board of trade Investigating the recent loss of the British ship Oxus.
Ship-owners themselves ore under
no suspicion and ure responsible for
tho inquest. Suspicion falls on the
companies and individuals insuring
vessels in which they have no inter
est except their risks. Ample evidence has been introduced to prove
that every vessel unsound from ago,
badly manned or engaged in perilous
service is heavily msurod by "ship
speculators." Most of the speculators say they simply pick out likely
losers. A few admit that they "act
on informution.
A number of ship-owners and cap-
{tains have testified thut they know
of cases where members of ship companies have been offered handsomo
presents if the craft on which thoy
served should meet with destruction.
The underwriters' committee, having refused to discontinue accepting
risks from tho 'speculators," the
ship-owners and masters, who fear
both for their lives and reputation,
are. urging prohibitive legislation.
Mrest. August 20—Tbo crow of tho
Gorman collier Tomcorpu frum Em-
don for Algorls, mutined Sunday
night whilo the collier was in tho
chnnnol and raked out the fires, anchored for the night off Connuet.
Yestorday they forced the pilot to
put into Rrest. Tho. crew assort
that tho steamer was leaking and in
im unseaworthy condition and refuse
sail until tho necessary ropairs
h ivo heen mado.
"Ottnwn,     August 20—Kier Hardle,
M.P., Labor Loader in the Irish
louse of Commons, arrived at Otta-
a this morning, and wns received
y Edgar Empy and P. M. Draper
■;i bohnlf nf the Allied Trades Lab-
r Council, whoso guest bo will   bo
during his stay In tho capital.
Mr. Gillespie, deputy game warden
Iur B.C., has boon in tlio district recently. There havo many complaints
of game boing shot out of season,
and from all that cgn bo loarncd
there ls no doubt that many of them
aro truo and thut a large amount of
game Is being needlessly slaughtered
out of season. With so much of it-r*
going on it is to be regretted thut
some convictions cannot be made.
The trouble Is that there is not an
adequate system of game protection,
although, for thnt matter with 500
game wardens appointed the samo
would still lie tic case to a certain
de-roe. However, tile government, it
is understood, is inaugurating plans
that will tend to give much better
protection. Next yoar a Inst launch
will bo supplied -,,o patrol tbe coast
Islands and try and run down tbo
numerous poachers operating there.
SPRINGFIELD,    Mo.,    Aug. 20.-
North-bound train No. 16 on tho S>
Louis and San Francisco   Railway,
Lvcrponl, August 26—Whilo tho
steamer Etruria was proceeding to
tho landing stage here today to en\:
bark hcr passengers sho collided with
a lighter, the wreckage of which became ontnngled in her propollors.
Three of tho lighter's crew wcre
thrown into the water and one is
still missing. He is supposod to
havo beon drowned. The Etruiria
will not bo nblo to. sail this ofter-
noon us schednlod. The Unibria will
sail next Friday in her pluco.
NEW YORK, Aug. £5.—Clifford Savage, the legless newsboy of Broadway and Fifth Avenue nnd known
among his newsboys as tho "Flying
Dutchman," enmmitted suicide here
today by inhaling illuminating gas
n Ills home on tbo East sldo. IBs
wife found him dead. Savage sold
nowspapors from a go-enrt which
was propelled hy a pair of (rained
Ottawa, August 20—Tho name -if
W. T. R. Proston, formor commissioner of immigration in London, is
mentioned as lhe likely successor to
late Peter Hole us I rude commissioner at Birmingham, Eng.
MCALLISTER, Okla., Aug. 20. -
A mine explosion occurred in Coal
Mine No. 1 at H.iiloyville, Okla.,
near here this afternoon. Thirty
miners are said to have been entombed. '
Konsns City, Mo., Aug. 20.—A telephone message from McAllister this
nfternoon confirmed tho first report
of tho mine disaster at Hailwyvllle,
and it is stated that thero Is no hops
of rescuing the 25 or 80 miners
who are entombed". AH the men aro
foreigners. Tho mine which is ono
of tho largest in tho southwest is
burning fiercely, the result, it Is believed, of n. barrel of oil catching flre
It appears filers was no explosion,
,   Montreal, August 20—Hundreds   of
known as the   Southeastern Limited Itnllnns woro swarming around    the
wns partially derailed this morning,
two miles north of Brandsvifle. Jns.
S. O'Neill,    the   fireman of Sprln-r-
Labor     Department    at tho C.P.R.
heudtiinirlers this morning owing to.      .    ,
tho    nows going    abroad that   la.    "'*in b»»lness thoroughfares of
borers -woro required,  They were on-j city where nro located nearly all
AUGUSTA, Ga., Aug. 27.—Augusta was yesterday visited by one ul
the worst floods in her history. The
Savannah River began rising rapidly
early 'Tuesday, continuing throughout the day up to a late hour last
night. Water from the river and tho
canal surged down the city streets,
until a depth of from six to eight
feot had been reached in a territory
bounded by 15th Street on the wept
to the extreme ettstern boundary of
the city. So far as is known, three
persons have been drowned, their
identity having not yot been learned
this morning.
News of tho capsizing of boats in
the swift current have boen received,
.but have not boen verified because uf
the utter chaos the city was thrown
into by tbe sudden rise of tho water. Two fires were reported in the
Hooded district.
Lime stored in ware houses coming in contact with the water was
said to have been tho cause of explosions which destroyed the Nixon
wholesale grocery warehouse and the
Nixon and Danforth cotton ware
bouses. This, however, cannot be
Thore is great suffering among
poorer classes of the whites and
negroes who occupied tho houses
nearest the lowlands. Thousands of
persons went to bod Tuesday with
the thought that they would wake
in time to escape tbo flood, but
groatly to thoir surprise they awoke
to find themselves surrounded and
cut oil from escape except by boatn
Boat owners wero quick ro se
their opportunity and at once bogai
to charge exorbitant prices for moving those unfortunate onough to be
caught. Many in attempting to
wado or swim from their homes ur
from places of business in the flooded districts to points of vantage,
lost their footing and only saved
themselves from tho rushing torrent
by catching the tree limbs. It is reported that boatmen" passed a number thus caught and refused to go tn
their assistance unless assured of exorbitant fees. One man was seen in
a troo who was pour'ng forth pitir
ful appeals for assistance aud offering fifty dollars to anyone who
would rescue him. At the Western
Union Relcgraph office when tho water began to ri- , many of the operators left the building for thoir
homos. Five remained but w-ero com
polled to abandon the telegraph olllce for the Chamber of Commerce
building, where wires wero found to
be still intaot. No business was
handled, however. At daybroak this
morning tho oiierators repurted that
l—O water iiad fallen four and a half
inches since -midnight and that if tho
fall continued, telogrnphic coin—ami
cation with the outside world would
be re-established by toon.
At the Postal Telegraph ofllco tho
operating forco was compelled to de
sert their olllce when the water
reached the top of tho operating tables, however, the company was able
to inuke enough chaugos and establish through service and run a fow
wires.. It is not possiblo to give an
accurate estimate of the financial
loss resulting from tho flood, but it
is thought the loss will go well over the million mark.
Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 27.— At 4:45
this morning eottuuuntcntion wus had
by the Associated Press olllce in this
city with tho Weste.-n Union Telegraph operators who aro maroonod
in tho Chamber of Commerce building at Augusta, who roportod at
daylight that tho flood had diminished four and a half niches sinco midnight. No one was stirring nbout
in the flooded streets and only horo
and there in the nlllco buildings could
a light lie seon, giving evidence that
there woro „ number of occupants of
tho down town buildings who sjwnt
tho night nn the socond floor unablo
to get to tholr homes.
In different sections of the city it
Is reported thnt mnny spent the
night in trees as they could not find
their way through tho torrent of wator which has been estimated as running through tho city at the rote of
20 miles an hour. With water
through Broad streot breast deep in
a current so strong it was impose!
ble for men to wade through.
Augusta Is being swep.t by a flood
that has boen surpassed in   history,
Four to six   feet of    water on   the
principal streets of the town.    The
y-       President and Managing Director.
£  THE-
Sel r.-l'iry-Treasurer;    **$
Head Office - - ■ Toronto
Capital 510,000,000  Rest $5,000,000 j
$_ and under     3 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $10,   6   "
" $10       " " $30, 10    "
" $30       " " $50, 15    "
Tliese Orders are pavahle a, par ;il
"    ■ red Bank
Car.adit of 0 Chartere- Hank, except In tlie Yuki
nnd al the principal t-ankii-i/ points in the United
States, ,
Tliey are negotiable _t $4-w to the £ h\-T.\\vx in
Great. Urilaiii arid Ireland. They form an excellent
metlmd of remiLtinu-moi! sums of money with salety
and at .small cost, and mav he obtained without delay at any office ofthe Uank. IU
L. M.  do GEX  Manager
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
The city is without lights, lire or
police protection.
I-'ire started lust night in the cotton warehouse of N-xon and Danforth and in tho warehouse of the
Nixon Whulesale Grocery company.
It is said the lire waa caused by the'
water reaching lime stored in one of
Lhewarehuuses, which exploded. The
Uro department was unable to render any assistance on account of tho
high water.
Two white persons and one negro
have been repurted drowned, lt was
also reported th t u boat containing a fa_niiy, of husband, wife and
two children was capsized, and all
drowned but this could not be confirmed.
A conservative estimate of the da-Jj I
mago caused liy flood and fire at
this time has been placed at half a
milliomlollars, but it, is believed
that this sum will be greatly exceeded before the flood waters subside.
P.O. Box 54 Thon, 44
Dealer in All Kinds of
VK'tus Delivered tree of charge on th*
Shortest Notice.
^J 7TTTC>flat_____?_______;
DISPOSE OF 40,000.
Machinations of Secret Pollco, of Tur
key Disperse of -10,000
Men in Various
London, August  _:7—Mommued Du-
moulln,     one of tho    founders       uf
Young     Turks' movement,    who  is
now in London, has given in an interview   an   interesting account     of
the organization,   fee says the     organization has nothing whatever   to
with the so-called  Young Turks
Constantinople,   but  was   formed
a secret society     in 1904 as    a
last resort to freo Turkey from the
tliralltlom of secret   polico by   whose
machinations thousands of tho best
men in Turkey disappeared,
lU-cording to his estiir te forty
thousand men have been so disposed
The Sultan has been wrongly
blamed for this condition of affairs,'
he said. "He is surrounded by a
camarilla and can trust nobody, and
had he attempted to reform the go
vcrnnient alone, he would undoubted-
havo been assassinated."
Vancouver, Aug. 23.-—ln order that
the New South African "Dominion,"
will not be entiroly Boer, General
Huolh of Salvation .-.riiiy famo, is
considering tho iiuestion of populating thc whole of Khoieslu with British settlors. Thus it is hoped tho
balance of power in South Africa
will pass in reality, rot only theoretically, into the bunds of tho English.
This information was given to The
World today ly Mr. Mamar Greenwood, M.P., for the city of York,
England. Mi*. Greenwood Intimates
that tho Imperial Parliament is a
party to the negotiations.
It is perhaps not generally Known
here," said Mr. Greenwood, "tlmt
nearly all the colonies nro in negotiation tvith General liooth for emigrants. General Booth is, in iny
humble opinion, at this moment uir
greatest Imperialist, a.? hia aim nnd
the aim of his gigantic organization
Is tho population of the outer empire with the bost bone and sinew
of the Mothor Country."
Union Brewing Co.
__-__t-_.-i_-3__-l BOB
flold, was killed; H. B. Colquln, the.gagod wholesato nnd will leave    to-1 the public buildings, tog-ether    with
onglneor. of Springfield, wns fatally' njfth^ on    spoclal    trains for     the|fcho
Xow York, August 27—Whon 1 day
out from Queenstown tho Teutonic of
tho Whito Star lino, ran down a big
whale nnd strewed portions of its
body along in hor wnke while tho
engines of tho starboard propellor
wore stopped for fonr tho big carcass would become entangled In tho
blades, rtuiRing damage beyond repairs. Capt. Harry Smith, comman-
dor of tho stenmer, which arrived
Inst night, said hc novor.mot a
whnlo that f-oi'mod so porststently
ibont on  self-destruction.
! nn
Full Stuck of Miner*' Toole.
Ship t-p-iring Work
A Specialty
All kinda o.' Black—ntthtng
Bone at Short Notice.
I   -.*»*. «. «.•*•»*«•»•» »_ ..^.k...*,.*
and Pastry
Always Fresh on Hflr-d.
Wedding   nnd   Party   Cnkee Mad
v     Order.
Fruits and  Candies nf All Kin* i
Prices are    very   reasonable.     A.11
Customers treated alike.
On tbe Lsplnnade.
Ladysmith,   B.  O.
Tl]8 Best Butcher C'hop
in Town is
Roberts St. Butcher
Real-led.    A mall clerk was mortally
Ct-ow'a Nost dtvlsioa whoro thoy
will Iio put to work on tho com-
wounded ond several passengers woro pany's property recontly dovnstatod
more or let) seriously injured.    Tho hy hiir forost fires around Fernie.
principal business houses and
banks, tho floods playing linvoc
with Ihe first floors and lmsoinonts.
Liulybmlth, B. O.
Tilchinond, Quo.. August 2(1— Richmond and Wolfe Liberals today nominated V). W. Tohin present member
for Commons at thc next, general cL
A good many stories aro going th i
rounds in rognrd to Iho condition ot
.Toe Gans.    The next   fight of    the
former lightweight champion,  if    '
fights again,    should    Bhuw how far
from home Ib Sir Joseph. .. II
in_ n-LLUJJK---*
I)w Mvitijr) _f kirts Iwiwd
Very Special Va'afs
Just to hand by express
a shipment of Skirts direct from New York.
Whether jou
buy or not—call
want to
anil see
Mr. I). II. Taylor the travelling of
the Rod and Clun and Motor Sports
in Canada, was in town during tho
-week and rokorts having had a very
satisfactory trip.
M. ll. Mathoson whs surprised this
week by his brother Norman, of New
Westminster, who landed in ou liim
quite unezpected. Nor was this the
whole of the surprise for his brother
was accompanied 'iy IVTrs Matheson
only a week-old bride.
Judge Harrison was in town on
Wednesday, leaving on the noon
train Thursday,
r. E. M. Yarwood   paid n business
visit to town on Wednesday.
Mr. Clement Phillips, of Winslow,
Washington, arrived in town on Thu
rsday. Phillips is an old Garrison
player and may don tho red ind
white colors this season.
Mr. Parker
Williams was in town
Mr. A.    Brooksbanks
day for a short holiday.
left Yoster-
Miss Armstrong,
paying a visit to
of Vancouver, if
Mrs. W. E. Aiken-
Mr. Charles Walters, of Walters
and AiUonhond, made a business
trip to Seattle on Monday and Tues.
day. Mr. Walters ordered a large
assortment of mon's hats in all the
latest signs, and expects to have
them on sale to-day.
titled, that Is, in the flesh, and the
Standard at least 'has nothing to do
witli visitations on tho spirit, 'which
over It Is, Tho Chronicle in its laat
issue, marked -presont' the heavyweight on the council ' whon he ivns
most certainly absent.
Thero is nothing like it in tbs
smoking line. The Grand Duke la a
smoking hot success. It I* on Mis
ill over town. Try it and be eon-
'inced. X
Thero were no fewer than six-teen
memders present nt the weekly med
al shoot of the Tyee Gun Club on
Thursday evening, and some fairly
good shooting was done. The best
scores were.- -
T. Whito  21
R. B. Dier 21
G. Hopple  2l|is now enjoying.
J.  Rumsby  21
H. MeGarrigle 19
At. the shoot   lost    week   D. Dier **'• a\
made 23.
Mayor Nicholson Interviews Mr. Mar '
|        pole and Latter   Will Visit
the City Nevt Week.
I —".- ■ I.
After months of waiting there ls at '
fength a strong probability that the ■
city will be able to dispose   of   its '
—lectric light debenture stock.    The ,
first idea of the Council was to   ln- '
duco tho Canadian    Pacific  Railway ,'
'Company to take up the bonds. The '
'company is already largely interested in the city and has already gtv-
, en earnestness of its intentions in tho
|land .clearing   which it has   begun.
The Council,    in     view of all this,
thought that, if tho company  \vou:d
tako up the bonds, tho general    result would be to still further strengthen publlc confidence in tho futuro of
the town.
Mayor Nicholson accordingly Interviewed Mr. Marpofe, and a lottor was
also forwarded to Vice-President M*-
Nichol. Howovor, thoro was some
misunderstanding, for no word of
ony kind ever came to tho Council
from Montreal. . ;
Forced to take further action, the
Council tried -irst nn Eastern firm
nnd the- uiiother in Victoria, hut
tho amounts of the bonds Is so
small that never ah -•' advantageous, j
nor ovon n satisfactory, bid was ro-1
celved; f
It had heen    almost    decided   to
leave the matter over until the Sew-1
er by-law had    been    passed, when,!' |
perhaps, the larger sum would   have
been moro ensily negotiated.    As   ai
last resource bofore adopted this action, Mayor Nicholson to6k a   trip ,
to Victoria     and     Vancouver   this |
wook to again interview Mr. Marpole j.
on tho question, and ho confesses to
being very hopeful of the Issue.   Mr.
Marpole is going to visit tho   town
Tuesday or Wednesday of next week,
nnd go over the ground himself. Ho
will then be able   to    give a  final
Much, of courso, depends to the
■town on which this answer will. be,,
and thero is ovory reason to believe
thnt it will bo favorable. The settlement of this question, tho knowledge that the lights are going to be
installed, is all that is needed to
continue the building boom tho town
So far only two teams save entered for the City League. All entre
os must be in by Tuesday to enable
the Executlvo Committee to frame
up rules and arrange a schedule of
dates. The League must bo started
right away_ and it is hoped this
notlco will be sufficient.
Mr. H. Hughes left for Vancouver
Thursday where he has gone to select a stock of stationery. He our-
poses opening out a stationery storo
in Mr. Scott's premises next door to
Gear's Ideal grocery storo.
It will pay athletes to scan lhe
prnpnmio of events and list of prizos
for Lnlior dny in N'nnaimo which
■will be found in  another column.
Fresh Groceries are arriving
at Gear's Ideal  Store.
Mr. R. G. Jessop hns got tho sole
agency for the Ladysmith district
for the whito sewing machine. Theso
machines run from S5-.00 lo 8105.00
and Mr. Jessop is prepared to trade
or to sell for cash or on tho installment plan.
*%%*w%. -*%-%.4»-*.-% . -
::        -1 ^    i Gome and  . |
Our Stock of those Goods is
now comploto and we hnve novor boforo shown a larger and
mdro comploto stock of the
Something Extra Special   in
a Scotch, All-Wool Blanket in • •
threo sizos. {,
Comforters—Wo hnvo them at ji
all prices^ *
— {
Visit the Foundry nnd make > ]
your    own    choice.     You  will
fan't Afford u
fin WithoHt a
Meat Safe
save timo and monoy, and
better sutisfi jOon.
Pilloos, from
-   *
''    For Men's and lloys'  Suits.
. ONLY $8.00 EACH.
Oil Stoves with one and two wicks,
From   75c to .$1.90
The Old Reliable Mason Fruit Jars,
4 Gal., per dozen   $1.25
quart, pcr dozen .*  $1.00
1 pint, per dozen ....
Rubbers pf Best Quality per
10c and 15c.
75 CTS. {J? j \ Mclntyre foundry
j Company, Limited
Edison Machines
and Records!
6, Peterson
i   Phone 1-3,   First Avenue.
my Stock of Latest Styles In
Wall Papers;
Picture Framing   a Specialty.
-i.^oeddtyg \
High Stmt.
WINNIPEG, Aug. 26.-TIt Is rumored on good authority that the O. P.
H. is sick of the slow progress of
the strike and negotiations will start
tomorrow to end lt. G. J. Bury is
going to Fort William tonight and
developments will start from there.
Card of Thanks.
Mr. ami Mrs. P. Malone take this
means of expressing their sincere
thank-, tn all those friends who by J
fliral ri botes, and in other ways
showed their sympathy with them
in th) tr gic death of their son      i
— .
I        CARD OF THANK*. j
I    Mr. and Mra. l hellito ava'1 them
supply Edison
tlie   following
I enn now
Machines   on
$5.00 Down and $5-00
per month.
Now is the time
get one
1st Avenue,
Lndysmith, n,
The beat SmoKe in town is the
Orand Duke Cig-ar. Remomber, it ia
made in town and don't forget to
call for  it. X.
It is hard to say whether it ;s a
favor or an unkindncss to credit an
alderman with an attendance at a
council meeting    which he is not en-
Selling out at Cost. Your
last chance to buy before
putting our Summer Goods
Call and see
satisfaction. .
us and get
William's Bluck
Threo pou_ds of Creamery Butter
for $1.00 at   Gear's Ideal   Grocery
Fresh Eggs, 40c a dozen at Oear'B
Ideal Grocery Store.
Not for years haa the hammer of
the carpenter beon ringing so loudly
nnd insistently in the town as it is
doing just now. The Lady__lth Lum
lier Co., is being rushed as H has
not boen for months and months,
and within the last week or so. orders have been placed for lumber for
over a dozen houses. In every quarter of the town building! is going on
and more houses and business premises are projected. On First Avenue alone Mayor Nicholson and Alderman Campbell are going to build,
" . Jarvlnem is putting up a residence and photographic studio, and
Mr. NankevUi, proprietor of the
Portland Hotel, is also putting up a
cottage. Certainly there are all tho
signs of a great building boom.
Vancouver, August 27-Haggard
and unkempt, wearied in body wiflh a
continual tramp since early on Mnn-
day afternoon, and almost craiod'in
mind with haunting conviction that
be could nover evade the officers of
the law that he know wero everywhere on tho alert, John Estcrbrank
m.arnnfaHB,'h all0«°d ""-confessed'
murderer of tho negro woman,   Mrs.
°™ "8 fag-ored into the presence of
municipal consttt|)Io Pop(J ^ _
Ridge, east of Port Hammond, last
ovoning and gave himself up.
She was the only woman I   ever
3? i "!!7 "ow that sh0 <8 dead
want to die myself. I knew t    C0uld
never get away," he is reported to
havo said after assuring himself that
Mr. Pope was an officer of tho law
Mr. E. Pope, to whom Partella, ai
he is best known, surrendered, Ufa.
h.^tely handcuffed his prisoner and
brought him to tho city on the first
train, arriving last night. Partella
answers overy point of tho description snd ls alleged to havo con.
fessed to both constable Pope and
tho local police.
ur?°,MaS arr ,*■"<"* «' the police court this morning on tho charge of
murder hut remanded without being
asked to plead. In tho dock he bathe npponronco of n degeiierato and
appears to havo little realization of
the gravity of his position.
pelves of this means of expressing
their sincere thanks to all those
friends who by floral tributes and
in other wa' s showed their sym
pathy with th-m in the sad loss <>f ;	
Mistress—Why ars yau leaving   us their buy.  Especially do they wMi
Mary? I'm sure I do all the work,    jtortcord their appreciation cf the -l-i"l"M"H"i-H'i^-H"i-i--{"]-i"i-t"l-
Maid—Yes, ma'am;, l.ut I don't like unremittrjo- attention their boy re-
the way you do it.—Philadelphia Te- ceived   fr in   Doctors   Frost a d
First Theatrical Manager—Tbat art
1st has     salary of I* 00 per week.
Second Theatrical Manager— What
does he get?—Chicago News.
FOB SALE- 21 foot Launch—
7 h p. Triifcott e"gi e; cnnvai
cover and everything in fine shape
—prico, 8350. ly the Nanaimo
Development Co., Nauajino.,    a 6
"Na Dru"
Full Line of Ladies;
and Children's
i-Tor .all and
Telephone, 1 2-4
Nanaimi B C.
»«^»^^%.<M,v —— — — — - -— _%__—\
j. m. mo^Gfltf,
Teacher of Voice Production and
Engagements mny bo loft at tho
Standard Office.
Pods and Lines
Flies and Tackle
For AU Kinds of Fishing.
■First Class Photos.
For Stomach and Liver
Tuesday, Sept. 15,1906
Best by Aotual Test,
80 Edition of tho  Black
Bon Tons.
Miss Uren-
[Teacher of Music]
Studio in Williams'Block
Excellent Boarding
Every. Convenience,   and Every thing
of the Best.
Jos. Nankiveil, Pop.
#   Ideal   #
Grocery Store.
Has Commenced
X Business   $
Full Line of First Class Gio-
ceries at Lowest Selling
Give us a Trial Order and we
will guarantee you satisfaction
^"Buy at the Ideal Store
and you will save money.
. .--.,,.,,,,,,,., „ . . .-_ I,vm b8 ln Ladysmith overy Wodnes-
M'vV->f-M-»H-I«H--J»H*'I«f-f-H day at the Abbotsford Hotel, Room
6. Readings and treatments will be
given. Bost of references given as
to work done in Nanaimo.
The Wholo   Workl   Has Laughed at
the Antics of
Buenos Ayros, August 27— It    is
stated that at a   secret sitting the
chamber of deputies approved     the Clarence Powell
scnome for the proposed armaments Haonv Boauron-uard
which includes tho building of    two £„„ n,
powerful battleships, a   flotilla    of ,Etoer Clay
torpodo boats and destroyers     and '
tho purchase of a reserve of guns.
Pete Woods'
Willie Shepherd
Lenny Bosan
ST. JOHN.N. B., Aug. 28.— T.
Whitiheaii, M.P.P., nominated for
the Commons by Yoift County Llb-
•rnto, hu retired because of 111
♦ —-     .
"I ought to appear at the
hut It's such a bora,"
"That's eiieilr arranged. Ju»t send
your diamond necklace draped round
the trumpet   of   a phonograph." - Knight'• Book Store.
Kama, city Joornal, , , .     	
WINDSOR, Out., Aug. 28. — Oue-
a.        , -, .        a    - _  _,_   '•**•. who P'endod guilty to stealing
Street Parade at   12-80 ««°0 from hi. father,    agent of O.
p.m.   Oonoert in front
Seliool Days
Begin again Monday
that means
Again f
We have had made specially for this trade a sturdy
line of School Shoes that
will give satisfaction
Try us for a pair.
WssolullcB oi Pifflersifr.
The p rtnersliip heretofore e_-
ieliuff between the under„g_ed is
this day dissolved hy mutual consent.   All debts  due to and all
debts by the undersigned are payable to und by Joseph Cartwrigkt
Ladysmith, B. C, Aug. 24th, 1908
aug. -6th 1 in
Hotel Gecli
Best Liquors and Cigara.
The Shoe Mao.
House ftpilrll. W HOHSC
House Borl.lof ai4Gcicr.l
carpciier Wor_.___>
)|(   M O'BRIAN   $
Notion Store
10 OKI!
Tne Pogorly
Bowiiog Alley
Cigars and Bolt Drinks.
of Theatre at 7-30
Reserved Seats, fl.00,     plan    at
Ingot-soil, Ont,, August 28— While
T  v   nt ainmm Vnint »■.-„ ^.»*„«„.j swimming across tho river oast    of
T. P   at Stony Po nt, was sentenced her0 tod       wit„ h|s 0, ht fj|(|
f.ftfln \r1 A    fllv    tiwwtfjia'    lmni>l_miM_nt   1.1-     ■ 4-      -— ■- ■ ■
todayto six months'
.          4
Halifax, N.S., August 28-D. McLennan, Liberal, M.-P. for Iverncss,
O.B., ts dead at that placo this morning, aged 04 yeara.
ion on his back, W. A. Olino of In
gorsoll was seized wllh a crump and
sank with the youngster. Ills thirteen year old son Harry who was on
the bank, on seeing what luul linp-
ponod, strlppod off clothing, and diving, rescued both lather and brother
from 15 feet of water,
MARSEILLES, Aug. 28.- Prince
(.'abaheddlno, tho chiof of the Young
Turkish 1 *arty, and rephow of the
Sultau of Turkey, accompanied by
the body guard of his father, the
lato Ihiinnd Mahemoudo Pasha which
is boing transported to Turkey by
the steamer Senegal, sailed yesterday. The representatives of Turkey     residing    hero    placed several
wreaths on ths oasket,
And Billiard Saloon!
Pool and English
Billiard Table*.
Dally Prize for Highest
Bowling Soore.
Bond l\»n "«. ,t.Ull|i«. fJ'l.'.
:e, for ti cuii,    '
illlyl In-lr
niin, lot ii r.'i.v nt iny liL.(u,,
I •>•• if-.■
,.    ,     ,' IlM.,10".-' IH'
uj 'I In*, v-iilutitl f mul p ii i
-*      e, I  iif.iiiiiili hi In. .hi   i
bull lorn.
j, DTAHI.EV MinOf, A .tlihfSOT, Wt.h1"»,t.k:


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