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Ladysmith Standard Apr 22, 1908

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After Most Strenuous and Exciting Game Ho:ie Boys
Defeat Their Old Rivals By Score of 2 Goals to 1.
 , f+	
The crow this timo in with Lady- Victoria press.    But the town to a
smith.   On Wednesday Nanaimo had man believed ln tbe club, rofusod to
hcr time of rejoicing and Jubilation, accept Wednesday's decision ns   tho
her musical parade,    and' clamorous final word on the merits of tlio two
processions.    Saturday   the fortunes teams.        Give    the   hoys another
j   | of war were with Ladysmith.     Hor chance and    thoro would bo another
day of    gloom nnd   disappointment verdict.
was transformed    Into ono of unpre-    The vory frenzy of tho rejoicing in
cedented and boisterous rejoicing and Nanaimo—in its way the very grout-
exultation.   There is no denying the eBt tribute that could .bo bald to tho
fact that tho hoart of both towns is merits of    tho vanquished nnd    tho
wholly with their respective    clubs. Wire thoy hud instilled hi tho hearts
There are fow, ii ony, precedents   to of the victors and thoir supporters—,
be found for it in football history, and tho spontaneous subscription   of
Tho sting     oi defeat strikes     more funds for tho quest of further    and
keenly     the     townspeople than thd greater    honors, quickened and    in-
players themselves, Just as with tho tonsilied this feeling in the town.   A
former tho Joy of victory finds moro subscription list was opened in   tho
exultant, expression. miners'    train on    Friday afternoon
On Wednesday    night in Nanaimo fo1* the purpose of sending the boys
there was general "mafficking. There to Vancouvor.     Men who had spent
was a  riot of rejoicing. United had a  long ten-hour shift in miino    and
won tho Island championship:   more train hurried     homo, washed     nnd
than that, thoy had won It from La- changed, and rnced down to tho de-
dysmith.      They    had downed thoir Pot to contribute thoir quota to tho
old rivals.    Tho latalfourteenth was oxponso fund.     Many of them could
avenged.        Thoy   had    humiliated "ot over well afford It;    but    thoir
their neighbors,     made guod     thoir "faith and prido in tho team nnd tho
clnim to bo regarded as the premier honor of their town brought     thom
team in Island football.    Thoro was down In hundreds.     And thoir    en-
every reason   and Justification     for thuataam was boundless.     Had   tho
tho wildest    kind ol rejoicing;     for hoys beaten Nanaimo on Wodnosduy
the most    sanguine • and optimistic It would have boen    understandable,
kind    of    prediction.    Other .honors But as it    was, springing spontane-
woro to bo fought for and advantage 0UBly t,,om tho very shadows of   do-
was taken    of the    shining hour of lent, it    was an object lesson In lo-
glorious victory to raise tho sinews c"' l»ri<|o and patriotism, and     ap-
of war. lwalod_ to tho boys ns nothing!   else
Meantime    tho    vanquished    were could    havo (lone'    K was such    a
swallowing     tho bitters    of defeat, scn<i*011 os oomos to' n™ few clubs-
tasting    tho ashes of blasted hopes. U »»■ lotal|y "nexpectod, and    the
But deep and    intenso    as was tho ™"yl«W   ch™1*8. bespeaking a  confl-
i~.li"       , j, , a      .   .     . dent faith and nn unquonchnblo   en-
fooling of disappointment, hard     as ,,    . , „ .':.--.
,* . ., ,,      ,,..   , tliusiasm, put It up to tho  bovs   to
It wos to smile as tho visitors'   re-   , „   '    _.     '   , *,    „
,„,„,„„   ...        .   .     .......   "o or die.     Thoy folt, Ono nnd all,
jolcing, tho town had not lost faith
ave struggled so sturdily and successfully on five hard-fought fields.
Wo wanted to win, we thought wo
had a team good enough to -win; wo
did win, and therefore- wo can afford to lie generous. There ore somo
good sports as well ns fine footballers ln tho Nanaimo eleven, They play
thc game, and such men ns those it
is always a pleasure to meet, mat-
torloss how the decision goes. The
writer hns travelled with them when
(lushed -with success and when smarting undor defeat, nnd wns treated
wiiito nnd sportsmanlike on either
occasion. Ho can honestly congratulate theni upon tho game thoy put
up, and upon tho spirit iu which
they accept either .smiling fortune or
frowning defeat.
only tho winners and runners-up    in
tne Island League ue allowed to coin.
rH AT   I? A 11 li'lV1"1'0'-     ib* angg—tlon was adopted,
Will bo i'layed on Tuesday, April 28
at Recreation Park,
There has been a slight alteration
in the dato of the next match in liie
Shield competition, and consequently
the iinul has ulso been postponed.
Tbe Caledonians, it seems, cannot
get down in time to pluy on Wednesday, and the committee, at a special meeting on Monday evening, arranged that thoir game with tho
Thistles be put oh' till Saturday tho
25 th.
Tho winners in lhat game will
meet the local eleven in tho final, on
Tuesday, tho 28th. The alteration,
in the date will disappoint a large
number of people here who counted
on seeing the game on Saturday, but
it is the bost tho committee could
do and connot bo   helped.
Story of the Complications in     tho
Shiold Competition Concluded.
By its victory over Nanaimo on
Saturday, the Ladysmith Football
Club won its right to participate in
the final game for the People's Shield
uud thu coauiilttea notified to that
uileut by the association'.* secretary.
Air. hi. M. Whyte. What all this
reully amounted to was that Mr.
Craham, on behuli ol iN'onaimo, was
willing to have Ladysmith shut out
on nothing mure substantial than an
ubuae of its powers by a section of
the eoiuuiUiee—on    nothing stronger
which carries with it the proud title'-^_»» m<*al ^i~i.ahty.
of tho championship of Canada. But
it was only by a   very narrow, margin that tho    club     was given    tho
right to compete at all.
The first part el the story of the
complications arising out of the
"Mingling arrangements made by   the
There is another point. Mr. Graham stated thai the Nauaimu club
went down to Victoria lust Wednesday on the understanding that if
thoy lost that game they lost also
the ri(£ht to participate in the Shield
competition.        Mr.   Graham     may
committee was"told     in  Saturday's **Vo *««wtly "M** ». ^ut ™ou°
issue of tho     Standard.     Tho    tale
may he continued from tlio point at
else seems ever to huve dreamt such
thing.       If that was the   under-
which it was loft in that issue. First standing, why enter into an agree-
of all tho developments in the ar-'mout witn tho ladysmith club to
i-angomonts may bo briefly recalled, j s,a"i *'• ,vh*'t0 to Vancouver to
The first fact to bo recalled is that ss0 tnat *-* ,our t«ain»--Lafly»mith,
Lndysmith was the vory first club j Nanaimo, Thistles and Caledonians—
to be onterod in the competition. At | ••'eut int0 thB hat- Th8 agreement
that time there was ho intention of,was mad6 boIor<) the mtttch aBd <s*>n"
confining the tournament to the "rmed attor tho mt<!h' I£ tho los"
championship clubs. Nnnalmo was "*" wore t°"a'*0P out. °~h nn ar-
also entered. Thon camo the later ,1'ttl«omen'' was tt u''<iPo»teroU8 su-
dovolopmcnts in whicli tho Vancou- 1,erfluit*' Saraly " the ^--b^0
ver members of tho committee, with- Ulub iaUy '-^ateod, as Mr. Gra-
out consulting their colleagues from,ham stateB '* cli<i' that Wednesday's
the Island, decided to allow onty | game not only decidod tho Island
tho champion teams of the Island '•humpioiiship, but also the right of
and mainlnnd to compote. They had "»**' iut0 the 1'«°'jilJ's shil-*la tour-
no right-over to impose suoh restric- namont, the agreement that was
tions, und, if they had, thev could,mu*1() waa uat omy in the hiKhost
only do so by a majority vote at,d,Jgree tarcia-- hut was an insult to
properly convened meeting.
In the club.    The day had gone    a-
that it was    up to theni to justify
, T .."" .""V.   . ."",.   "   <ho fnlth and hope of thoir support
eainst thom; and the defeat had bcon      „__      ,   ..
mado oven moro humiliating by   tho
scant credit paid    the club by    the
crs.    Ono and nil rcsolvod that only
(Continued on Tag* Two)
Mr. Whyte aad an imposition on the
Ladysmitli club. What was the use
of two clubs banding together, and
appointing a representative to force
square deal and a fair shake, if
The Vancouvor gentleman Sir. Pat*-
rott, who is to run a bowling alley
hero, lias certainly wasted no time,
Mr. Roebplea and his assistants are
now busy laying the foundations of
the building on the lot between the
Clayo residence and •Tossup's store.
Hy aU njipottrancoa the building is
to bo rushed and the boys should
soon have another pastime to engage in.
Teamsters are also busily employed hauling material for the erection
of the   new Post Ofl.ce, and   It
Of course, the decision of tho committee was at once challenged by the
homo club, and, in response to     its
I representations,     the __,__      .    . . -   , - .        t.      , ,.
I    +■,.  >.,..,        i    ■ ,i    uu     »nly oo* was to have the right
notified     that     tho red and whites       *    *"
were down to meet Nanaimo on Sot-      .... * .u       ______
•    , ,„.      , ■-...        „ ,. Again    the    purpose cf the agree-
urday.     The players left on Friday        * ,     *   *        t.    ,. ,    „t,
,'   •;, J i ment    was to insist on the Calgary
ovomng to play the game. I     .  .    .       __ ,,      ._. i	
„,.   b    _.   ,     ,       "     .    Jt   . ____    Caledonians taking the same chances
The next development is that the1        ,       „ __.       , .       ,,
v      . . „,..' ,      , ^ius the other competing clubs.   How-
Nananno und Thistle players     meet
together and ngreo to protest Ladysmith being allowed to compete.
That is where t he story of this week
commences.   .
As the Chnrmcr swung into the
wharf nt Vancouver some of the Nanaimo (players standing thoro announced the fact that thoro was no
gome. It only required a fow minutos to learn that a   delegation from
The concert and danco which wos
glvon in tho Opera House on Monday eveninr was a financial sun-ess.
The entertainment was organized on
behalf of Mr. M. Ingham who has
been lying in tho Nanaimo hospital
for two yoars with a fractured spiiuyj
tho result of an occidont in No. 3,
Extension mine. Tho response to
tho appeal thus put forth was more
than gratifying.
The Opera Houso was taxed be.
yond its seating accommodation.
Extra chairs woro placed In tho
aisles and still peoplo wore left
standing. There wns a splendid programme, ' and Mayor Nicholson had
an easy timo in tho chair, Tho entertainment was greatly enjoyed and
tho danco also was woll patronized.
Everything passed <u:T without a
hitch and the whole thing was a huge
Cowichan   Correspondent Announces
Birth of Now Industries.
Messrs. Hugh Thornton and John
Rothwell havo commenced to build
a salmon cannery with a department
for canning clams and othor kinds of
fish at Cowichan Gap for a young
English capitalist, who has been
uoking ovor the fishing grounds for
the past few years. Ho has selected
and bought out a place on Valdcs
Island, for, in his opinion, Cowichan
Gup is tho best location and moro
fish are to bo caught thore. This Is
undoubtedly true, for It Is a woll
known fact that the Capital Canning
Co., of Victoria, ran a stoombout to
collect the flsh arid always got a
full load of ('oboes and rod spring
salmon throe timos a week. It is
certain, therefore that this now cannery will put up a good phek.
Thore aro also rumors of a canning company from Victoria building at tho Gap on tho north end of
Guliano Island, whoro thore Is
plentiful supply of wator to bo got
from a lake called "Shaw's.Lake.
Thoro is also a company looking
for a placo to locate for on ollery,
for which they will utllizo the dog
fish which abound In theso waters.
They -will also convert tho rofuso
Into ii  fertiliser.
A now industry has sprung up at
Cowichan Gap. Somo Chinese from
Vancouver keep tho Indians busy gathering a kind of son wood or kelp,
for which thoy pay from 0 to 9c a
pound, Tho rocks around tho Gap
nro covered with this weed and the
Chinamen dry It and ship tons of
it to China.
j$»%%%»»%%%* %»%«%%*»%»$ |se«a
London. Ont.. April 90.-A floeW
Seagull* wore teen on the river n«ar
the London Dotting Club. Thla it
tht flivt time tuoh blrda havt been
in tfali vicinity.-
Hand Out   to    Meet the"Conquering
Heroes of tho Football Field.
. If tho send-off tho team received on
Friday evening was, under nil the
circumstances, unprecedented in tho
faith it exhibited In thc club nnd the
enthusiasm it demonstrated in the
gamo the reception on Sunday morn
ing was also in its wny a memorable evont. Of courso, the excitement began on Saturday evening. It
began earlier than that, perhaps; for
tho 'Whole town wos on tho tenterhooks of expectancy all day. Tho
pooplo hopod for o win but could
not altogether drown their fears of
dofoat. How would It como out ?
What would bo tho result.
Aud then into all this tonso excitement came the flrst telegram. Nanaimo two, Lndysmith ono. it ran,
nnd tho town wns enst Into tho outer nnd nothor darkross of irretrievable disappointment. Fuces waxed
as long as wot Saturdays, nnd hardy hopes wove shrouded in a poll of
gloom. And think of Nannimo, radiant and smiling in hor victory.
Tho react ion in both towns wus nil
tho more intense whon tho correct
news arrived. Ladysmith was lifted
onto tho highest pinnacle of enthusiasm and delight, while Nanaimo
sank Into tho abyss of disappointment, all tho-deeper uiul darker .from
tho false hopes engendered by tho
first telegram.
As ot Nanaimo on Wodnesdu(V evening thero wos a riot of rejoicing.
The bittorness of Wednesday wus
swallowed up iu tho victory of Saturday. Wild enthusiasts indulged in
nil kinds of rnnd unties. Three days
before tho (ruin from Victoria had
steamed into the local depot fostoon
od In the colors of the victorious
United. Jubilant supporters odded
to' tho humiliation of the vanquished
by taunts and jeers nnd mocking
crios. On Suturduy the same train
glided Into tho Nunaimo depot with,
tho bright colors of tho homo team
fluttering from overy vantage point.
And thero woro supporters on board
flaunting tholr colors, Intent ou work
Ing off somo of thn gags thoy had
suffered from throo days hofore-
On Sunduy morning, early os It
was, thore was n big crowd at tho
dopot to welcome tho playors, and
tho bund was thoro to receive thom.
It was not a fit day for a noisy demonstration, nnd tho reception wos
theroforo vory properly moderated In
tone. But tho footing of jubilation
wus none tho less sincere and intense
because its expression wns restrained. Tho honor of tho town had beon
maintained, nnd the ability ot tho
club again demonstrated. Tlio dofoat
of Wednesday hod boon wiped out,
and the tables turnod upon our neigh
bors nnd rivals. Smiling content sat
ovor all.
All tho same let It not be forgotten thnt a bud winner Is ovon moro
obnoxious than a bad loser. Tho
Standard hos nevor undor-rnted the
merits of the Nannimo toam.' Two
defeats, two victories ond ono draw,
are eloquent testimony to tho stor-
llng abilities .of tho vanquished club,
Tho mon fought gamely as tho have
fought evory gamo this Benson. It
wus Lndysmith's turn, and in her
hour of rejoicing sho will nover
think of    belittling   tho boys  who
expected that a start will bo   mado  tho Nnnalmo and Thistle Clubs   had
on tho foundations .luring tho ujok. approached    the   Shield Cominittee,
Thoro is    also    a report thot
Canadian    Bank of Commerce     has
bought the vacant lot ou First  Ave- 8mitl? Playing
nuo, from Mp^ John Uickie's, for the had been catled
purpose of
its   own. J
promisos    to    be ono of exceptional
prosperity for the town.
protested     the right of Lady
and    that a  meeting
at 12.30    at    the
putting up premises   of National  Sports Club to have
Altogether tho   summer'
matter threshed out.
Thla waa cert(iir.lv a .strange reception /»>r a team whose entry into
tho cumiietition had never been refusal, and who were thoro to play
on the official nottlication ol tbe
secretary of the committee.
Thou came the meeting in thc National Sports Club. The committoo
lirst of nil met, and then Messrs. T.
i.'raham aud U. Hindmarch were call
ed in to express tlio \ lows of their
respective clubs,     air. Uruham    did
 ^^^^^       ull tho talking.     He reviewed    his
LOUDON, April 22,-Sir Henry dub'a connection with tho comiieti-
Compbell Bannermaii passed away tion, and then got down to the com
today. munications from tho committee it-
Sir Henry's illness dutos (rom Feb. self. Ho certainly gavo n lucid en-
12, when he lost appeared in the ough explanation of his position,
House of Commons and moved tlio and if it took the fullest odvuulage
closuro of the Scottish land bills, al- of toclmicalities there was not much
though ho had been ailing sinco Nov.  to kick at Irom tho Ladyamltb point
when Nojuiifuo can see on opportunity of elenfinatinjf Ladyauiith,
they are willing to play the Thistles
without a draw. With Ladysinith
out of sight a bye to Calgary loeos
all ils objectionable features. What
wus not only arbitrary but manifestly unfair in tbe action of the committee as long as Ladysmith was in
sight suddenly becomes tbe soul ol
i-easoiiablenens and is meekly, oven,
eagerly acquiesced in.
However, Mr. Graham did not insist on these points, and it has to
bo remembered that bis hands had
to some extent been forced by the
notion of some of the players. No
club can be altogether blamed lor
attempting to get rid ot a danger-
oue rival by any fair means that are
open to it, although the means may
not savor too much of true sporte-
ip. Air. Graham paased the
whole thing up to tbe committee,
and be frankly declared that 11 tbey
made the competition on open one,
then Ladysmith could not be stopped from playing. He thought hlm- '
sell th.... had a perfect right to
play; but he insisted on a draw. If
Calgary did not go into the hat
with the other three teams, than
Nanaimo would withdraw.
This alao was Lad; smith's position. The committee had already
intimated that they wore inclined to
adhere to the resolution and the
draw   of Thursday evening, whereby
the Shamrocks were introduced   and
~~"'  -_o_-sofam-MX\ lUfdysuiith drawn aguinst >"anainio.
Mr. arabains main contonlion wos I AUer    McMrs#     Graham and Hindmarch
12, last your,    whon ho participated of view,
in an entertainment in honor of 15m-     	
poror William nt tho Guild.Hall. On based upon the letter received     by
Nov. 14, alter addressing a   political  Mr. Galloway which appeared in lull
mooting at Bristol, he was seriously in the lust    issue of the Stundard.
stricken with heurt weakness,     and Mr. Graham staved that he gntlivrctl
later     influenza     was added to his from that letter that only the chain-1
heart trouble, bringing on his fatal P'ou teams of tho Island and     the i
sickness.     The    ex-Pi-cmier fully up- mainland wore to be allowed to cum', 8traBee diaclosure made    dur-
predated his condition and realized Pete.     If that were so, then    ti—i™8 «bKu«.on waa that Ni
had withdrawn they again
went over the ground, and finally decidod to draw in accordance with the
wishea ct the Islund clubs. The result does not noed to bo stated.
that his     recovery wns improbable.
lie offered to    give up olllco     sonic
time boforo he formally resigned,   in
tho onrly part of this month,
l-'ow invalids have licen the object
were tho champions,
tliey I
and Ludysmith
___—_-_- oil
this argument, he stated that the1
Caloiloniaus were forced to produce'
evidence that tboj   held the pi-ovlu-!
 ol   Alberta before'
as wos bestowed upon Sir Henry, I they were allowed to piny at Wiuni-
thero having been a constant stream peg lost yoar.
of callors ot his resilience, Including What ho wanted the coiiuuitteo to
King Edward, who visited liim on dolino was whether the competition
two occasions, Qnocn Alexandra, tho was to be thus restricted or to bo
rllownger Empress of Hussln. the .an open one. ■ If. tho latter, thon'
Prince nnd Princess of Wnlos, and j Lodysmlth bad a perfect right to'
many prominent men in public life. Play, uud he insicted that tlio names
Sir Henry's Inst public speech wns jof tho four teams all be put in the
a warm- greeting of thanks to his hat. -lie would not stand ter Cal-
Scoltlsh friends who presented hlm 'garyboing given a bye. 'Tho Calo-
I with o portrait ol himself, It Is |donians hail a right to take tho
known that thc ex-premier wns o[t- same chances as tho othor clubs, and
mo and    Ludysmith     were the only
leama properly entered according to
were out of it.     In furtherance    of I ,|10 rules drafted    by the committee
itself. Even the Thistles had never
rent ln nn entry, and it wits this
bunch of kickers who joined with Na
naimo to shut Ladysmith out.
Anothor point Is this, that Nunaimo wore more inclined to criticize
than thank, Mr. Whyte for his services in representing them on tbs
committee. The reason, of cauree,
sei-f-obvious. It had not occurred
to them that Ladysmith could be
shut out altogether when they availed themselves of the services of Mr.
Whyte. Even his vory stntoiuentB
were maliciously miai-cpresented. lie
never sold such a  foolish thing   ua
posed to a  public funbrel, and It Is j unless thoy did his team would    be,^r^"i^m° WouW ,,0t plliy *"u**la
believed that hc will bo buried be>- withdrawn. ^^^^^^
sldo tho body of his wife nt Mclglo, It will ho noticed thnt Ml". Grain Perthshire, without ostentation, jham was Inclined    to overlook    tho
David Lloyrt-Ooorge, chancellor   of right    of tho cominittee to restrict
tho oxehenuer. on rocolving the news the competition.     If thoy Hnd   held
ot Sir Henry's denth, said: to    that,     then   Nanaimo hnd the
"I nover met a   groat public figure goods.     Ilut tho very instance thnt
since I   have    Iwon In political life, he quoted went against hlm. If Inst
who won    ao completely the attach- year tho competition  wns restricted
moot nnd affection of men who como to provincial champions, then nclth-
In contnet with him,-"—
In tho denth of Sir Henry Onmp-
bell-Hnnnorman today, .England lost
one of her mont popular public mon.
He hod boon Urltish Premier since
1005   ond had    a long and rlistln-
(Contlmied on Page Four.) ***
er N a nn iuio nor tho Thlsl los hud tlie
right to compote. Ladysmith still
holds tho B. C. cup and tho chnm-
jilenshlp title, and, on this argument, was tho only club in British
Columbia entitled to play at this
dntc. Moreover,, It overlooked a
previous decision of tho committee
when they suggested to the Vnncou-
l.lnnd Football Aaiootatton that
_laiairtl'.L'! ..-:  i_l.ul.l_
were allowed to compete.
I Whnt he did aay waa exactly what
he waa instructed to say, nam.'v.
that if-the four teams were' not put
in tho bat there would not be an
Island club in tho competition. Tho
Standard takes this opportunity of
saying that Ed. Whyte la always lor
the Island nnd for tho true Interests
of sport, and that fow men, very,
very few, would voluntarily do aa
much for football, "free gratis nnd
for nothing," as he haa done this
To end what Is already too long a
story, It is nil to the benefit ol the
game that the matter •Nu) adjusted
na It waa. nivalry there cannot
help l-iit lie between tht two towns,
(Continued oa Page Four.). ^vj.-iou.lu IHE
I« You Require Any
lights and shades of a big i*******«
. city.
< Interesting topics Picked Up In Lit
i    ,. tle.&Jd Newport.    ..-•;,
Tbe model, for St. .Giuden's oc
I tiful figure of piana: which twirls on,,
I her big right, toe on the.gilded ball I
at the top of   the Madlaon
-_,. .-. .. tno ma
I Garden tower Is today -
AGREEMENT'S Drawn V' .at. the .Hotel piaza
scrub la
Or If You Require Any
..  . ..i.'.
\»r If Vou Want to May a BOVjUsV
or Ball One;   or II You   Waal
...- ..—«.•. *tm--h.     She    no
| longer has that Uthenegs of limb and
I delicate* waist which caught the
of tho' .iw— ■.--•-•
  „...„« bHUKm me   eye
of the famous sculptor and led him
to reproduce her in bronze. It was
twenty years ago that her prototype
in bronze was first unveiled to the
elements, and the intervening ;
fc-    * ' for-1
1 .***«>
,        ,    P10NSH1P.        f'/T
(Continued from Page One.)
tbeir lent,
Redivivue.     Jimmy
'7 ™wel"»-- three or ,om  Weeks
   and should hardly have been on    a
  fhsir.;supreme.t^orts, ^ToZ£_T ?°,? ""'■    A*
ha7o'I'rohhSant"<! !»t*>',va«lng yoars"|«>uld repay thi. unshaken confidence L witTlS 'V'" ^"twcfgpam-
merclass^utlinos "n ?' I"** -*4" thf*r »bllltto' D° » "'« ^CwiZn a it'' "" '^ be"
few does sho° confide hoi-a-fbVnl Pe mott°' »d «* <*  *-"*'• «t   be- Zt'Tt'o TS1 MM to "lay
andI only occasionally,%s^"^/.** It '"--' ■   r*PUtatl°11*     His critics
has corner which Blundoll put behind
fit- I   Wynno next   irnt »«« i j *
Hurren and the^S? "P„Jl)th
•"•tars -rsxillc,
udlson Square to view tho image
There isJa* show ori'Brqadway in
tho theatre district that takes one
back to tlio old home on the farm,
or at least to the little village clustered among .tho hills 'way down
oast. The attention of the passerby is attracted by a loud-voiced barker who promises to   show all
Ladysmith   Standard
I'ubllaluKl on Wednaadaya and u.tur-
.tlaysi,,Aftornj-ona by the
Hub.. II. Hindmarch,
Manager. -
 • i-»
Advertising ilates ou Application.
  .-   o.,„w an    the
wonders of nature.for tho small sum
of ten cents.        .,   ;       V   .
Glaring posters, in many colors,
show pictures of "tho smallest horso
jn captivity as well us tho largest,
the cow with human. skin and - the
smallest donkey in the world." Cautious and economical New Yorkors
do not ontor, for they recall a sim
On a muddy field, after a gruelling game, they obtained the'verdict
which sends them into the final for
the championship of Canada.. They
not only won the first game in the doubtable Jimrnv
but! - ''
cornor, and the ivhlTti . gn ° u
, .«-*- him to the side JU~'^|iHS5 TLnTZ^™^
^<***J=°~ hl8 footbaU' epl-'^^l^.tuT^LS:
a*»a a***^^^.
-ninute or twV^S*™^^ ^f^^t!
got his bellow. Ti \tbe m>" "V>n 'big la vastlT uxc°Pted. His tuck-
LudysmUh got Town agtt',"' Tho" bo •W»This[tad"»h \m ™",lut
Grainger ran th„ h n    , °.gai";   b,lt  uu'e and ho li »h °''k is "llmlt*
Farmer's Z &ox^£^K* ^^^ *»
tnpb.     Farmer was balled as
executioner.    Here at last -was
bill and the eye
was far and away the
tho field. ^tou
' Tom ulso played a hard game, but
he was ruthei- d|10'-
,    Ho fills tho
and on Saturday
best bock on
man who could "bottle up" the rjl™0" fl""",°" *«■
 ._ —. v..u . «w was ruthor shaky    at    tho begin-
'*'   bnll ovor tho goal lino.    The   Black' nlng, and   gave    Mitcholl too mud
nls nnd Yellows retaliated, and twico In roue.    ■*«»« -*    ' ■
a' succession in.."-'-"   '   ■
One Year ...
six ll.,at>ie
Two years ago Saturday occurred
the earthquake followed by the great
conflagration that laid a large section of San Francisco in waste, cost
452 Uvea and resulted in property |
damage amounting to over $400/
000,000. In 34 hours' time the destruction was so great that scarcely
a building in tbe business portion of
the city Was left standing with walls
People's     Shield competition,     but j ■■hna.i.a    t,
they    defeated     Nanaimo.        Three'JT*    *lm    »p'
short    days after losing their   title %£-?"f"*\ the cork loo,le.
to tho Island    championship,     thoy th„T ** °Ut 0n SatuKlay,     and
fought end    conquered thoir victors, I J? "° geltiag him in again,
the new champions. Fickle Fortune 'iL - *"** ed *"' at onco du>'i»g
had changed again hor smiles. Vic-' nJIT* °" Sataraay but they
tory was with the red and while col- ^_L,rZ__f_l hlm aeM the boiUa ftnd
ore. The procesaion and rejoicing '_T , a*haw *«• to pass the ball,
liar_ show that advertiieTa 'no'S|were thls tin,e at Ladysmith. the! J. °„L*h° Mt* Jlttmy'B *r'«'>>tl*|
o bohi8a„d' ,W,10re h!S h0ad ougS disappointment and gioom at H^Q^' rmPl°te' He Mored
horw with bt. f^entorins 'ound alnaimo. |„™ «■»■■,.and ao long as hi, wind1
horse with his tail on t^e monger „ow tho re8Ult of t„e ^ Mn J^ atrength lasted, was not to bo
ea-lnindd to equare' with all that     was ThereT      t m6" °n th*"loW*
written about Wednesday's match tor1 Nanal™  1     a  Slngle mabtt ol tho
the    championship     let others tallAmnCr .* *"" **"* "'" w4,y
Where the    "clearly marked superior- 'i,™*.,* that afore-mentionod
Ity" of that game hod gone let oth-1   XT,L7t '   Htth BreVi?US'
or writers tell     How r ^ that'tion pa^tCh"a'' fW at Heerea-,
1     outclassed can,' ho mZm. ^^ '*itch is °<
. wit* a victor; Cje^ """• "* With ,avo^
from their conquerors, let theoetZCd ZhoaII lfSh°Ulf,bB '**» fa8t'
facile critics explain. :    h     certainly it would suit the home
As- a  matte, of fact all thl. ti'SSL .?TT'..'* ^ «ta»   a"
•»uF    t„ore.,   f-„en   camo   tho most  san" ., ** odt tho°go1df 'aM^- ho 1"*na
indeed be   hadlj^of p,„y ,„ IfZtTtovZl !Z^* ^neTWtt^ JEjg
as again in   ex-
" liko    a
----    tbu
W*^"*aMrT^.^Vj^^     plZ.n-°V0"   W'th
 ,, oo.a experience of theso
.  -. r-..j  tu  une match. Provins  The half-back line was ugni
™  ""   """ received the ball on the contre   line   collont form.   Clegg worked
Well H«ri*y behind Sawyers.   Graham moved   in,  trojan Ho-iit *i  *
for and Provins at ""
The latter rocolv°nd':intiaPT i0™™ mTL_1Sto>_***   a«" hxtt
and AnAni.-"00 in a "no position anud.
and dodging
field smeared
Evidence in "Dreamers" Case Showed Sect Lived up to Belief
of Murder and Pillage of
. • Non-Conformists."
Medicine Hat, April 20.—The con- 1
tlnuation    of tbo    trial of the Sect'
known as the Dreamers,   Jacob Mer-
kel, ,r„ son of    tbe   Dreamer aod,
John Marko'l was on trial.   Joo Lehr ;
.stated tbat    the  prisoner had told,
him that the same fate would overtake him as happened to J. M. Martin, J.P.,     who   was supposed    to
have been drowned and who lined a ■
Mrs. dill $20 for firing tt gun at the
witnesses    children.    Christian   Gill
had also    threatened   to   do away
with    him if he   got   a chance and
throw a knife at blm on one occas-
slon.     Merkel    also curried a rifle.
Adolph and Michel Brostgave tn the
<£*atS''on Wheels 2ft&K !Sl*'**. S^^-S  -^ ""    ^ ^ ^ b"**
following up." '*'niTt° .?"  ■s1horty,«»mod to in™ it       ti.
 - —. vu ...to mangel
NOw Yorkors aro awaiting with eager interest the outcome of the suit
against; the Consolidated Gas   Company, which will forco them to  supply gas at 80 cents a   thousand cubic feet Instead of f 1.00.   While, tho
suit has bocn ponding the    company
has .boon collecting a dollar, but tho'
Ira.. I court ordered that the 20-cent dilter-
-—. | ence between that and the 80 cents
under tho new law be put in   trust
until. the - ■ courts decidod tho   question.       In   a littio   less than two
yoars sinco tho order  was. given tho
20-cent difference has amounted
$7,000,000, which if the case
gain an Inch   but thern'T'   c"uld"'t Provins
Two years    haa   wrought Aladdln-
»ke change,  m  ,.„.  appwlrail(ie  6f
«,,.? r°- Hta,»«-"-o»'tbe«h
e» before tbe smoke 01 the dlaaster
hadcloiired away, oh,, „nds herseif
today, largely rebuilt in an imprbv-
•a "tylo, her business prosperity re-
^vered, and her people preparing «
bor.    . .
.   ,  ,,n v«»e,   .gOOftl
against the company will be paid
back to. the consumers with' interest?
nt 'the rato of twenty cents on every-l
dollar thay have paid. in. The .case
is soon to go to tho United States
Supremo Court, where the consumers
havo high hopes of a successful out-'
Farmer   wumu t
but thore -was   Howltt
 d-   to the right,   and
butted Into Scot Harloy. Still he
hold tho bull In splto of both mon,
and coming out in front banged tho
ball into tho ««f   ■ ^ groat
.. -a- •*•»>» mo ooys were
pleased at   Jimmy's triumph as
thoy had won the match.
""-     Island    champions  wont
  .a  uut in
ball into.the not.    It was a
piece of play and tho boys were
nleiiHod at   Jimmy's triui:
..  ..nd .»» *»'- -i't
The             ~..»uijjions  wont   to
pieces for a few minutes, and  again
'Adam   and    Grainger got through,
of luck, of superior class, and all the
one half of the ground, whore
- a   nn.,   Ul    U
rest of It is either clotted nonsense turf had been
or cross ignorance.     Tho local for- -more nor lees than a mud hole. Tho
ward line suffered oh ecllPBO of form nii... t... -
tho grand
' explanation or somo
clearing from the latter,
was   again up on the goal
and   went ovor to
stand to ask an
thing from a sp
Nanaimo's turn. Going down with
the ball thoy forced tho red and
Whites on to.the defensive. Provins
receiving on tho lino, put -back ' to
""' ' tho latter failed lo got
n'tl  Wlf"l—».   -    -
the ball
•«rt ».nl^ .        . .- other half was not
and failed to make good, and   there footing still
ia tho one deciding factor in the Vic- sired
....- .mn    and Mitchell and   Crulck.-
worn off, was neither j shanks    went     awny
,t._ once,  '*•■* *L
niB recent
A widow forty-two years old   was.
ic   of a    party of friends..in
Bronx the other night, when
one cracked an old joke that
the company Into a roar.   "I   know
I shull die laughing if I don't stop";
remarked'    tho   widow, but no. one
took her seriously.    Before the horrified guests could realize I that Mrs;
Ferrer    was unable,   to    check   her J
laughing, she foil lifeless to the floor. I
Tuxedo Park, just outside of New
York iii tho week—""* „,__ „„„
of   .Manhattan's        .....t,. -.- - """ aauang na8
-    iloadors.   Anyqne wbo protends to bel«nore clearly demonstrated this
visited her hor-Janybody   in Gotham's, smart sot ia.l—
tbrla g.m».    On Saturday the line ln7v\den.e,"' "*" ^ "ttl6 "'"*
so bad, but   the
left something to be de-
and so Jimmy won the
toss. He decided to take advantage of what little there was, I and
five minutes later it turned completely round. However, it never
to more than a light1
breeze, and the only thing that' Interfered with the play was the hea-
       ,vy slippery ground, and tho sodden
of the time there Is not this much. Jgrcasy ball
about as evenly
was something like what it has been
ween In other matches. Somewhere
near, but not quite up to its usual
form, and the character of the ploy
is wholly changed, the result of the
last gamo reversed. In truth a
goal difference is all thero is between
tha teams at any timo, and     most |
but tho
The   clubs
Mn„h.„    r--ond'ho'»ao"fmahy|mal,:liad «    it ia possible for" "twolordlLT T" """""^ °Ut °'    tha
.Manhattan's   wealthiest society |<*>ven. to be and nothing has been I"-'   •-* PT°bmy to **» '»■*
{either   a
.smart set is
., _—. *.    act    JO
..    _  member   of  the   exclusive
Hhltelaw Reid, after/*!"?"•» T"^0 or els0 h"s a
—- _. uiao nus a
... , ",' """'Itlal cottage there of his own.
visit here, eloquently   de-|th„ „„_."_,— .
...„. «.w.w ui uis own. " But
- —-—"j   u»- the community has its laws like oth-
scribed the city's achievement   when or communities and among these   ls
he said.    "Tha™.    --. ■—---■    things one limiting tbe speed of nutoinobilo*
'      to ton miles an hour. In order that
he might catch offenders,, the   chief
of police- .ounAAAt—* - —-
1 said
in the
There are many
history' of this country of
which an American ia intensely
proud, but I protest tbat among
them all there haa been nothing in
40 odd yeara, since.the greatest civil war of modern times, of wbich we
have more right to be proud than of
San Francisco in the earthquake and
of San Francisco to-day."
. ♦ ' '	
,.., .puKhaseo a motor cycle
that was designed to overtake tha
speediest violators. The chief took
a few lessons on running a cycle,
and started out to arrest a fow law.
defying 'millionaires. However, not
being' thoroughly fainlllar with the
muchine he touched the wrong lever,
which- made It dash forth at a terrific pace.    He was then unable    to
Thla foot waa again amply proven
on    Saturday.     On    a aoft greasy
half of it a  splotch of' heavy
'clay, the two teams fought out the
question of aupremocy to as desperate a finish oa haa ever been seen
OB any football ground. The last
fifteen minutes were a repetition ot
the game nt Victoria on Wednesday,
only in this case it was the Ladysmith defence that proved Impregnable and the Nanaimo forwards who
failed to get through. !
In    the first half the game
of the muddled
arrangements,    and
ths rain which began to come down
about the time advertised for tho
match. It waa very no'tlceablo that
the great bulk of those' that were
there wore supporting Nanaimo,
Adam was first out with bis
and received
biit it was
Don cleared
ball came back,   and
mtx-up    in . -front of goal,
nooper got round Arthur and scored close on time,
'Provins and Mitcholl found cause
for disagreement about this timo hut
beypnd tripping and talking back
nothing occurred.:. Provins was pull-
ed: up for off-side and Nanaimo. wont
down field from tho freo kick. Wynno
again got.into trouble' and half-time
came with the little fellow on his
back. . It was however, nothing
worso than a bleeding nose nnd he
was soon all-right."
Ladysmith at once got down from
the re-start. .Grainger received from
a throw-In near tho cornor flag, but
sent over and Nanaimo ran up from
the kick. There was a fierce rally
close to the penalty urea, and rushing in to check a man McKinley
rolled Mr. Mahoney ovor in the mud
more to the amusement of tho crowd
than of poor Tim. The rush ended
with Hurren shooting ovor, and tho
red and    whites surged   Hn«,«   "•'-"
Of    the   forwards,
hard    and- showed
.  ...   -Strang partnered him,
and though hampered by tho heavy
condition of the ground, got in somo
strong, useful work. Graham plodded away right through tho game,
working for and feeding Gi'ni'igei'
with the greatest discrimination.
Still tho wing was not what it
should have been. Joe has gono n
Httlo stale, and neither in his control of tho bull, in his shooting or
dribbling, nor in his centreing is ho
up to form. - But he is ii b6rn
"tryor"; nnd so wore all of thom oni
Saturday and thoy .succeeded.
Of tho Nunaimo men it is not  no
ccssary to say much,   lllundcll   win
tho bright and particular star.    Ho
is playing a better gumo on tho left
than over he did on tho. right,   and
ho    ployed another   groat gome on
.Saturday.     Crulckshanks also showed lino form but a great deal of his
work wus lost owing to the Inoffc
tivoness of Mitchell.  Hooper has grit
onough, nnd like Hurren, is  dangerous in front of goal,   but neither of
them seems able to work out an
enlng for himself.    Tho halves nil
woll; but Hurley   again dt
od his superiority
than ho could hti
ed a
pluy tho"moro"hejth* P1"180''6' make threats that   the
*r™ ■■' ' ' '    witness -would die like a beast.    J.
Schiiieder testified that he had been
a dreamer but withilrow Irom     the
church two years ago.   Their belief
was    to destroy   the property    and
lives of those against them.       The
witness knew of a dreamer a prisoner had carried and as a result    of
which he rode over to his brother-in
laws place and shot him.   Ho    was
Jailed for SO days and had to pay a
flno of $100.   The brother-in-law waa
not killed by the shooting.   Witness
know of   drcumors    who hod burned
buildings as    the result   of dreams.
Ho loft the dreamers church because
he was afraid    he would get      Into
trouble.   Ood Jacob had threatened
him   with   revenge for leaving    the
Othor witnesses gavo evldenco of a
similar   nature.     Tho trial will
continued to-day.
1 did
* armor hud more
undlo.   Graham piny
 „ surged   down   field
again:    Paddy- headed out from   a
centre by Provins.   Adam wns   after
the nnntn.    *  "
groat game at right buck, and
so did Pi.-'' considering everything.
Hut on avorugo bock with two good
logs is always as good and infinitely
more rclinble tli.it. a brilliant buck
with only one good leg. Of the
goal keepers, there wus little to
choose. Thoro woro fow dangerous
shuts against either man, but Brad,
shaw was moro ofton called on, nnd
twice,    Don has
wos liootoi:
Strong played Inside loft nnd Graham enmo over on to the right to
partner Grainger.    ""
as follows :
The teams "(wo
n„ ,   „     Ludysmith.
Ooal-D. Morrison.
on nnd O'Connoll.
Paddy's heai;tr7ck hmV^n,,'bng, 0ff
id in „ .7.   blm in ^o face
 —nt ..u.i tne game    was
stop the bicycle and rap a long way [fairly open and oven; but with    the
^^^^^^ , into the surrounding cjbuntry Jbeforejbnlance of advantage slightly in   fa-
,   .       _      ~~~~ _.        „„   ' ,     he found the right lever that    shut|„„ _. ■   •
Andrew Carnegio,    the  millionaire otf ^ powor     when the a,,.,     "
steel magnate,   counted his chickens turned he was arrostod by ono
before they were hutchod, with   tho njB JWJ| „,„„ lr.. ->■      -
result .that a modern version of  the i{mn   and was
old   riddle   »!>«■■» "  .  - '■
result .that a modern version of 'the'
old riddle about Humoty Dumpty,
and ull the king's horses and all the
king's men, can be applied, as far
as eggs are concerned, to the ineffective, wealth of New York's multimillionaire. It all happened when
Carnegie asked his valet., who
returning Irom Scotland to
„».ng back, with him a dozen and a
half .of guaranteed black Minorca
eggs.    The m—i ■•'— ■-
.of guaranteed    u»n mint
The steel king ia anxious   „>.
raise some Scotch-bred black Minor*
—■ *"       which hebofieves
E revealed W1-a^^™g"
be«t \m_?_r_r »0"— ar*   £ **»« ^^ThaT aT"*
shin   h        ln the wond.    Tho   bt. and 186th Street  .S    I? . Xvaaue
S£te!"'    « "hlch ttaaiSfc «*•     icen*\a;t-*°'-*    tbtt
ca hens
... -.. ..nun the egg's
were brought was so tossed - about
that the eggs wore badly shaken up,
and it is the opinion of poultrv experts tbat they won't hatch even .
der the downy warmth of ono of tho
millionaire's brooding hens.     MBH
0       ■     —
._ —.. brought into court
before Judgo Pierre Lorillard, a
member of one of New York's oldest
and most aristocratic families. Tho
Judge conducted a most searching
examination, anil although,, the chief
was finally him...—--.---' -*-'
Had suffered _ .«..iuc
That thoro is money in conducting
a newspaper stand in Now. York
vcalnri hv lh.  a.  . -
,vor of Ladyimith.     Nanaimo, atter
0[/looking to    be shut out again,  got
through three minutes from the call
of time for    tho third time In    succession.     The opening of the second
half waa all in favor of Ladysinith.
For fifteen minutes Nanaimo     were
t,   a   -;;--v.,"'"J'"B,|P-,BBsed up in front of their goal and
Sflf ?olt " dign'tt|" h<«an to be remarked from    the
— grandstand     tbat the boys In black
and yellow wero out of it. Then
came an evening up period, and a
Anal spell of attack, all in favor of
Nanaimo. They wore more than
once dangerous, and the goal
in Imminent danger of falling mure
than once, Juat oa in the lost fifteen
minutes    of   '
the centre, and the ball,
Paddy's head, struck lib
and rolled into the net.-
Stirred up by this success tho homi
boys' continued to monopolise the
game. Provins was pulled up for offside, nnd then Grainger missed a flno
opportunity of scoring. Strang noxt
shot over, and Poddy In trying to
use his right log almost put himself
niif ni "■-
Ms.ooor-oirpop-'wL'0*""0 °'
The new marriago
April 18.—
collected        ..„„.
I. "Old Pop" was ,a cripple,
but his cheerfulness and good nature
won him a host of friends who'never bought a paper of anydne hut
some   encouragement;
■ J„ nothing to the rousing
valleys ol cheers which greeted   the
appearance of the black and yellows.
Of courso    this was not surprising,
considering the number of Vancouver
Players on the Unltcd's ranks. What
I was really amazing was the blind
Ipartizonshlp of    some of the crowd.
The Rod and Whites were no favor-1,   _    -    ....« noxt mm   ,
>» on Saturday and tholr ^\_Z^ ■?«* "^n Zt w?de ofS.
w« markedly unpopular for a rJ'SiX'rtSTta'T ^ ",^S!
tral ground. Lndysmith s    ,fln01fhot-
Tim Mahoney, of Weatmlnater,   a- £,""■ but «*°   -Tee^dtort^w.
gain handled the whistle, and h   rt to t^^~ *"«■* -nl began
fereod with all    „,„ CU8tomaiy    lm_ tire!0a„datn:"!Nana1;ha°0b*'W bogan'to"
Some rough work   waa J? nGW strength and
«»»»»■"■■ tneir —
out of   „o goS   ::'«  himself
_..„„.. .mn u •jonnell,
Halves—Wynne, Clegg, McKinley.
Forwards—Grainger, Graham,   Ad
un, Strang, Provins.
Backs—Graham and Hewitt.
Halves —Sawyers, Farmer. Harley,
Forwards —Mitchell,  Criiickslmnks,
Hooper, Hurren, Blundell.
-&'$_^^^&,\;_*. «°»b*   "bout
in shot wide of the
luter he struck tho
  men   gathor'
allowed to go unmarked." £\£i %$tW0™" weVn^Gradu"
ing cm, w„ lmmed.ate.ypena.Ll, ?oryttth„hra°t Tv""1 °Ut UK
and there were few, If any mistakes tied down in r!T" S? thon aa*-
00 th8 °">Me '-•     «- -   - ?^~ft& Sore'
anydne   but
law decreed for
 . vh.uviu cnu~ '
e world, but whic      . ...-.—.-—oily to correct    tho loose regulations.
 —-.a*    jaw aecreed
Roman Catholic churches throughout
tbe world, i."f -<■•— •-  -■
but which Is. aimed chiof-
ect    tho loose regulations,
surrounding many marriages in   America in recent years, will become effective tomorrow.    In the main   fh*'
NEW YOHK, April 18.-One
son waa killed and three others
come by coal gas In th* boiler room
of a house ro Wast 45th street today. Thos Quinn, hia wife and son
John, aged 14, were taken to a hoe-
_,_,.     , ,,- —", "'" Ph~l   to a aertoua
new   law    prohibits civil marriages _... ——___,
for Catholics, and declares unions in  -   ' rMover'
the church Invalid In future if oithor was dead
the    bride or    brldogroom is not a hnA t—
Cnlhnlin     t"
„    ,„.izeil
at loast two witnesses.,
. .j in a marriage must
furnish correct information as to ono
delegated by tbe priest of that parish.
^r^to«SiPr" 18- Th»
the game at Victoria,
when the .oca.    forwards were surging around Bradahaw's charge.   But
tho defence prevailed, and tho period
of pressure     no more than counterbalanced LadySmith's monopoly    of
the game in the opening of the half.
As for the character of tlio game,
there never was a  tame moment to
The surface conditions of    the
ground, and especially the grease and
mud of tho clay patch, to some
tent interfered with the piny;
there was no wind to apeak o
... ._    wimua does not hamper piny as much
deposed yesterday.    andJM(lM1    w|nd       Conelderlng    the
shelter   ta    the room lMt|grtmndi   h(JW<)V.r  an, th_ condmon
of the players, the game was always
fast.'   And lt waa fiercely contested,
There Is no other word for It. Quarter was   neither    asked   nor given!
Both aldea wean out to win.     Their
hearts were   in it, and the struggl.
nalmo's supporters profess the great. It a° plny   th° defence*     and   th.
est dissatisfaction with some of^s SHg. ^1^ „'" i™« ^
decisions,   why, It would bo difficult the   ««r^ta^«2* «««.    All
to soy.     Not a  aimrb. a,,H— .»„. ,tho halvea ,..1.1. .°nt   back with
     the Peoplo's
Shield ls doubtless only really commencing, says tho Free Press of
Monday's date. If tho Calgary people stick to their word thero will
certainly bo something doing.
Calgary Caledonians first received
word that they wero to play in the
final on Saturday and made arrange
monts to leave Calgary this evening,
Now that they have recoived
er telegram from the Shield
mlttee that
Ilussiun Authorities     will Prosecute
Notorious Jobuaito Sect, the
Father of jnany Crimes
St. PKTKRSBURG, April 20-The
authorities of St.  Petersburg ilnally
navo decided upon the prosecution of.
the     nortoeious     "Jcnnaite"   sect.
whose practise brought tbe name of
'.'other Jno. of Kronstadt into evil,
repute in   the  ears   of all Russians,
except the lowest classes.   Dozens o.'
men and womon who surround    the-
supposed saint have assumed    such,
sacrimentous titles as tbe holy ghost
tho virgin, archangel Michael, Mary
Magdalen, John the Baptist and  the.
designations of other apostles    and.
they are to    be thoroughly investigated.   The    prosecutor has secured-
material    grounds   upon    which to
bring charges, not only will they bv
prosecuted for blasphemy and Illegal
practices under the laws of religion
but for forgery, blackmail, robbery,
malversation, pandcrago ond a number of othor crimes all of which were
committed    under the cover of religion.
Not a  aingle ruling *-*l£^™-»a result that
condition, but
Another am, James,
whsn found.    The family
. ex-
er tnis
Th*,,-. "a """* "•'" APrtl HO—
IT* o'^tmora from ..I or-
ed tho course or result of the game,
and, on the whole, Nanaimo got a
shade the best of the decisions.
It wassoventeen minutos after threo
when the ball was kicked off, and the
gome opened very evenly. Ladysmith
were tho first to get going, Provins
racing away down the line from    -
throw-in.     The ball went Into touch
and Sawyers   cleared from Provins.
Hewitt     next stopped a  rush     by
Adam, and McKinley" was beaten by
Shorty Graham, when Jockeying for
a   shot.     (Ironsin again showed hls
merit by beat ng    Strang and   Provins, nnd then Nnnalmo rushed down
only to lie brought up for offside  n-
itninst Mitchell.    Of thla flrat period
of ten minutes Ladysmith had     al
most constantly been on the
.- a—n. not be relievod. If
the ball was kicked out of the press
it foil at an opponent's feet and wns
immediately roturned. However, grit
and the pock prevailed, and the rush
wno    otnn. •
thoy had over du( .,-      a   .
served their victory t V    ,°y
koonost lights
 „   ■...„ i uni
 aa,   the nttack repulsed.
The stripes wore victorious after one
of the hardest   and    '	
y had over put i
served tholr victory
much as ovor Nanal
nesclay    in    Victoria,     mo playon
wero Jubilant, their supporters wild
ly enthusiustlc.   Victory was tholrs,
revenge was tholrs.  Tho scoro wi
Ladysmith .
Nanaimo ....
Calgary played
did on   Wod-
Tho playors
ol. California have (for aupremocy waxed ever faster and
viewed the ships of Admiral Evane'l"'«re furious. The players bore
fleet during    the past    twenty-fourldown on the    boll ov<
——• " 'cle and every atom of energy    went
play.     Every Inch    of
oP„dlfe,"?'b"' •»«"'. "Ot    clear
I Comment.
| Enough has boon sold Jn tho introduction as to tho nature of the
struggle on Saturday.    Thore
general point, j—	
somo comment. .
is playing a lot of "cripples." The
idea, of course, wns to cheapen tho
performance of tho home boys. It
was all right so long as it was not
carried too far. As a -matter of
i i mct Nhnaimo was nevor in such sore
a „ «-;*. -•' "T *-"""""},   C"S,, Istrolts as the homo club.    Thereuro
and McKinley sont over the  "«■ »al,ot, of c„pablo understudies in    tho
naimo    now   woke up; but Blundollln    , „„„   „.i„. t
pulled   up for    off sld«  iw-l*-0«'
thoy aro to. play Wednesday against tho Thistles,
are indignant find tho storm
likely hurst soon,
for the Shield last yoar under tho
understanding that only tho champion teams wcre eligible to compete.
Culgury hod to show tho champion
papers, and after considerable do-,
lay did so. It is vory likely that
they will force tho Urltish Columbia
teams to show thoir credentials as
champions and whon thoy find thai
Ladysmith, not a champion team,
has competed thoy will likely call
for a now schedule. Thoy also, object to play tho Thistles on Wednesday. The match is certainly in a
maze now and will take some "A-
arranglng to fix up.
TOPEKA, Kns., April 20.—A num-
bor of guosts from out of town ore
here to attend the wedding at Grace
Cathedral this ovonlng of Miss Elvira Millspaiigh, rinughtor of Bishop
mid Mrs. M'llspaugh, and Mr. Chtiun
coy Dowev. formorly a woalthy Kansas cattleman, nnd now a residont of
Chicago. Guests from Omaha, Chicago and Kansas City will be In attendance.
TORONTO, Out.; April 20. - Tho-
Toronto Lncrosso Club has leased
Diamond Park for tho coming .sen-
son because of tho alleged high rates
asked by tho owners of Kbsodalo
grounds on which tho club playod
for yoars.
No Honing—
No Grinding
You know from dally experiences! home or In thc barber
shop, that tho question Is—
Very plainly the wrltor of the
'"however, ^h" "^^"S."*   \
u lot of "cripples."    ti,,. llblBk it    no loran .,„... ?_
"bur..' At Son P8Bfg# fc^^HJ^^-JS.   «"•' over ov.ry „**.
Santa Monica    and lledondo, where
ths' several divisions of the fleet ars
nt anchor, great crowds are
od and tho small crufts of
tioils are    doing        ___________m
carrying    visitors to and from ' tbs
battleships.   This was the first
I alldesorlp
: a thriving business
Into tholr ^^^^
ground ns stubbornly contested,
land the Struggle became more stren-
* "ous and exciting as time went on.
In the hot five minutes the Nanal- J*  ibenlng(
■mo men fought like demons to equal- |„vor.
I». inrt •»»- '■•-*        "
but Blundell made a muff of it  t
again Adorn rushed away.   'After
fine Individual run ho passod out
Grainger, but   the lal
whon trying to centre,
off side. Tom  C°«' City, w-hllo horo ■,„'0S 'n    tho
>dod tt corner: I throe reserve.T„L .1* ,'w.mor.<>   'han
h...   .t   ;- Paaood out to
hut   tho latter sent
Cartwright & Barclay
who received It,   sont
.^'-^JrTiJ ». m««agod
——————, A_—_—_—_—_—— I*1"1      G
■•aiigW for th. txm^l^hZmTi 2J*f  ""'" °' pl,^n'' Tt«
iroo roserves are to bo found.
As to     the   roul facts Hewitt is
pretty lame and should nevor   have
been . playod.      Hooper   also has   a
sore leg;    but it    did not affect   a
Joint or Interfere with his play. Harley also was In trouble and that exhausts    tho   cripples.    Now on   tho
other hand   it is    doubtful whether
. ouorty just managed    to |*ay other player than McKinley^h.m-
tho ball from Adam's   toe.H' *o«W have turned out with th..
Ingor who rmv>i««rf »     "
run hSJ,  ""h   a,notb<* »"«ns«tl„„al
no lopso from aportsmun-
ship ta have tho Ladysmith team
barred and the Nnnalmo Club given
another run, after they had already
been fairly and squarely put out in
an open field. Again, It would be
interesting to know how this news
of the gathering storm ln Calgary,
•ivuh,,.a      . "'"""on
•...&-d.oe,,.n,!«»r hold
INTEnLAKBN, flfi "Y., WpYn' SO.
hree Inches of anow fell, here early
today In a heavy storm which ..
aocomnanliw.  i— '
-.      _        -AV..U       Will
I accompanied by a drop In temper-J
I aturo to 00 degrees. The storm fol-1
lowed a heavy rain which continued I
throughout Eastor Sunday, 1
lod of Intense excitement such as few
•atmea furnish—crowning climax to
ode of ths grandest and moat mem-
oraMo eontaste ever seen in British
Columbia football.
The outstanding Individual foot
the ball 0"ra.?nl„Do?„i?f_vf \ "rnor,
'die gome waa tile revival
i -i
o» the lint   -e °' theaoro   h«d.
 —.. turnoii out with the
leg be has had. Clegg also was
used up about tho legs, and -Adorn
was dead undor tho weather. -As a
climax Hnrtloy gets his shoulder dislocated on Wednesday and Sanderson cannot got away. If there aro
to   h. ■---J    luck storlos thon the
tho time thoy
'Perhaps     tho
to   bo hard ^^^^^—
bulk of the    raw   material is copyrighted In Ladysmith.
0T-...   ' -
S"?*1 without honing ,„d
nttng^ Whether it la a
"■•'y. wl* the certain tax of
X,'.h.ded  rf*or d0" "ot"-'
alter the question.  You want
the comfort ond ootlsfactlon of
a clean, smooth shave every
inZ "5 With U,■, ""*«•"«
im j!deeJ,hnt J"'*"' ™«or
will be ready for instant use
the next time needed.
M» only rasor oncondMon.
"rguarantoott to do this;
»«er situstion haa perfected
J.SJW •ecret jroceaa of
SiLi"?* '«*«««»» that
SSfH!"'.n,,Ve» ««ry Par
of■'   "
clear matters if    u
that    th. ,*. .    ' Wet0 0»t*bllshod
la.    "'.'"""'''""ana     woro cho^
PlohSof    Alberta at
Played in Winnipeg.
Free Press man can enlighten     the
darkness down here.
Again, pernaPS he con show us
atTd ,°M ,Sland ch»"H'lonshlp will
anlp It ft "rovincl<l1 tampion,
of th„ ,    !>n''V    tho ''hl"''l>'on toams   or call iiid see »n.V.c.,h»
pit! wh 7 l,rov",Ms aro to «-■ lf;r,lc"""^^wSwm
Pete where is Nft„almo g„|„g to g,t   •<»»•«»'propoaltion for te,,.
'"?    "ml how Is Lndysmith „0.    „   ^L_t__L'^" ""'*••!
kiVe7i"mo?yi*otdownl ,?ow to tho game'"'  o„ ,.    ,.       |<*amplon loom?    «.---.      "..    tt   Sfff*** •^ym-Poui a.
^oB.aaA P-andy sentjalde, or the oftor oithor^ th    hom? «'e B.C.
from the goal.     Jlmmvloutotanriia.   a-™ ela]er, tho   mostL...   ..'
n"o.^5.n!.""i.-*lvln« a dla. ,
mond-llkahardneaa uniformly 1
throughout,ha blade-sonVU* I
lT«V.tie ""Jl""*" »teel-uaed
In making all other ranro.
Bu, ,„» ,hll r„or
own home-or If you prefer
... a—*, uiuior, tno most
outstanding figure aftor Adam, Is
Arthur Morrison. Jimmy played his
game In the first half. Arthur played right through and was the Impregnable rock on which the forces
of ths Nafinltim »**—"- —
the sore   heads — — ««•»« tne   mrces
. .......    «.... pi.y was now both |°f the Nanaimo. attack, spont  tiiem-
^^^^^      .._    ...,.,,on and even, characterised ».. ond|»»lvea In vain In the second half. Ar-
Jlmmy.      Truly It was'to ond rushes.    Arthur conceded   a thur Improves ever;
Does she not hold I imi% together *)«*.«■"..
♦...„ .. fCUP' ond th0 championship Hf»^t«HlXonflh«
tUlo that g„e, with It, As a mat" ' fe ' *£> ^&SS
ter of f„ct on such a lino of argu- sSSwSi7ISLJ?"L,,?IMon *»»
Br." h^y'mlth " th» "bly team ^ W,¥'n,,V""W•"*.!....
^'.h Columbia entitled to    com- BOLE AGENTS:
Tho maw will bo cloarod un    all
°\,hl. right, and"w.thouta™^ir
Ladysmith Hardware Go* V.
t Waste of money  at Ottawa
"J Ottawa, April 11
(Special Correspondence).
This week we have the printed copy of the Royal Commission   report
on tbe Civil Service, and with it the
notes and memoranda by which Mes.
srs. Fyshe and Bazln (the two   Liberal   commissioners)     Justify    their
charges ugainst the Marine Department.  Some of the charges ure that
"work proceeds in a lumbering, haphazard way," and "constant   blundering and   confusion"; that there is
"no sign of u directing hoad or intelligent   purpose     except   that    of
spending us much monoy us possiblo;
that there is a "lack of conscience";
that olllcers must be "assisting  tho
trador to got better prices from tho
Government   than he   can got   anywhere else," nnd that some   officials
"ere serving two mastors."
Too Much ICantslip
Tho Commissioners find an official
statement that 225,000 could be saved In the Quebec agency alone  by n
chnngo of methods.    They find supplies ordered that wcre not required
and officers uncortain   whothor   tho
goods wore rocoivod.      A substance
usod on   leather   belts was supplied
by an agent introduced to tho   ofti-
c'fls by tho Minister of.Justice and
commended by tho Minister of  Marino.    This youth unloaded so   much
goods   on   tbo agency that tho  deportment could find no uso for   It,
so the   minister,   instructed tho  agent "to try and got rid of them tn
tho best advantage."     (Pago 77.)
A Craze for Extinguishors.
In 1005-5 tho   department hnd   n
mania for buying chemical lire extinguishers, and paid 80,000 for a hon-
vy order, of which 142 wero sent to
Quebec, and a largo quantity stored
in Plpntroul.    This supply wns   for-
gotton, and the next yeur ono   Mr.
Porrenult   was selling oxtinguishers,
and the    department at Quebec was
instructed from Ottawa to buy from
him.       Ho bought    hoaf'.ly.    Thon
■Porroault was takon into tho service
nnd tho Quebec     chief officor wrote
that Porroault "has a lot of flro extinguishers on hand, which ho would
like to soil to tho depurtinont as he
is a poor man with a family."    It
is    added that    "tho late' Inmonted
minister was Porroiuilt's   friend and
fully recognized    tho worthiness of
tho   suid    extinguishers."    So   tho
goods wore bought. Afterwards thore
was a great   strugglo to dispose of
the vust accumulation piled   up    in
Montreal and Quebec. (Pnge 70.)
which the deportment hus bought in
prodigious   numbers, discard oxpen-
makos and soils acetylene gus buoys
Tho Acetylene iluoy Epidemic.
Since    the   beginning of 1005 the
Department of Murine has paid $1,-
000,000 to tho International Murine
Signal   Company,     formerly   T. L.
Wilson,   of   Ottawa.    This  concorn
sivo and serviceable appliances. Commissioners   Fysho    nnd Bazln   show
plainly their belief thut tho department bought these goods  for   other-
roasons   thun the good of tho   service.    Thov point out that tho first
sample was offered for tost in  August, 1904.    Only two months   later
the department    decided that theso
gas buoys would nut bo used exclusively.    No   less    thun 40, costing
$148,000, wero immediately ordered,
and Wilson    wus nllowed to import
tho material freo of duty.   Tho Commissioners say ;
"This was a good beginning for
Mr. Wilson und with tin.,splendid facilities extended to hlm by the Department he hus not been slow to
better lt. It muy seem that In Inking up with the now idea so largely
und so suddenly the Depurtinont wus
hardly acting with the prudonce required by the circiiinstuiices. New
ideas aro not apt to reach a perfoct
development alt at onco and tho
most ordinary consideration would
seem to have culled for more caution."
Progressive Ideas.
Tho Commission sarcastically observes that tho official wos "anlnt-
atod by vory progressive ideas," and
in July, 1905, put in recommendations for 1300,000, somo buoys ut
.$15,000, some ut $8,500 some lit
$9,000. The Commissioners ussert
that these woro ordered beforo the
oillciais know whnt thoy would do
with thom. They find Wilson addressing tho Marino and Fishery agent at Quebec "as if the lottor was
an employee of his own." (Pago
155.) Tney charge that large orders woro mudo for boys of a class
novor tested, that the ^800,000 contract wiis mudo without authority of
council, und that whilo tho department at Ottawa was always satisfied with tho goods, tho ullieers on tho
spot and the sou captains were continually pointing out tholr defects,
nnd trying In vain how to handle
thom. The captain of tho Lady Laurier besought tho department not to
send out any moro of tho lurge and
costly size, as they woro unsuitable,
but tho Commissioners allege that
tho department "pretended" to misunderstand.   (Pago 151' 5
Dumped on II. C.
From oust and west the agents of
tho department began to represent
tbat they had not room to store tho
buoys as fast as thoy mine, whilo
the department at Ottawa kopt In'
sistii— thut thoro should bo ntimor-
ous spare buoys at the stations. Tho
British Columbia agent hoped "no
moro buoys would bo shipped to tho
coast until we aro In a position to
placo thom." Novortholoss moro were
sent, as, to quoto tho Royal Commission report, "the department is
evidently determined to mako tho B.
C. agency tho dumping ground for
all the buoys. Wilson can wheedle
tbem into buying, whether they aro
wanted or not." (Pago 168.)
Eager to Servo the Company.
Meanwhile somo buoys woro going
adrift, somo wore out of ordor, and
some wero lying at the depot. At
ono time tho Victoria agent hod six
of Wilson's gas beacons and four of
his buoys on a C.P.R. wharf, with
only one steamer to bundle them.
(Page 102.) Yot seven days Inter
ho was Instructed that nine more
beacons woro about to bo forwarded,
ln anothor three months orders were
given to ship 10 mora nt $5,000
each. Tho department paid 49,550
for a buoy which was sont to Pros-
colt and remained there, apparently,
for a year. Wilson thon had an ordor front Brazil for one of that typo
nnd had nono ready. Tha department klndlj traded oil this one for
two $5,000 buoys, which Wilson had
on hand, and, paid him tho diner-
once. Tho Cummlssionors soy that
the Government got neither discount
nor bonus from thla deal, and adds,
'tho eagerness   of some of tho  oill-
compony in this matter without con-. INTERNATIONAL PLAN TO
sideration for the Government was REACH NORTH POLE,
quite remarkable," (Page 105.) By ___
Juno 18th, 1007, the department' WASHINGTON, D. C, April 20.-
had paid 8825,050 to Wilson's com- Herbert T. Bridgomau, of Brooklyn,
pany for 201 gas and whistling has been designated us the United
buoys, and $27,000 additional for states government dolegato to par-
with othor payments foi	
18 beacons,
material and Humorous ordurs ahead
"It would almost look," say the
Commissioners, "as if the 1. M. S.
Company wore regarded by the department as a branch of the Department of Marino, and a favored
ono at that."
The officials had recommended Wilson's apparatus to the British and
United States governments as. highly satisfactory ut tho snmu time thut
they wero ' receiving protests and
complaints from officials ull nbng
tho lino.
How Not To Do It.
Thoro is a long account of proceedings respecting Morin shoal, Tho
Shipping Federation uskud for a
lightship, but an acetylene buoy,
with boll and whistle attachment,
was bought from T. L. Wilson and
placed on the spo' As tho matter
was urgent, Mr. .tilson wns to have
the buoy ready in thirty dnys. It
was delivered in four months. From
October Oth to Novombor SOtly tho
Wilson buoy was on tho shoaL Tho
local superintendent of buoys h.id reported lt unsuitnblo beforo it was
purchased. Thoro wei-o many complaints afterward, and aftor six
weeks' use tho depnl'tmont decidod to
replace it with a lightship.
A similar story is told of the
handling nnd repairs of the Anticostl
lightship, which cost soo.iioo in
threo yoars, and was in hospital
most of tho time. Tho Commissioners say that this is a conspicuous
caso of "how not to do it."
Reason for Tho Cry.
Our old friend, Merwin, doos not
ligure by name extensively in this
report, but It is shown that Chiol
Engineer Anderson has strenuously
protested against throwing out efficient lighthouse equipment and replacing it with costly imported apparatus recommended by the department. Tho engineer plaiulv suggests
that the cry against tbo Canadian
lighthouses has beon raised by makers of lanterns "simply so that they
could supply thoir own mire expensive styio of manufacture." The
particular order against which he
protested was for nbout $20,000
worth of lanterns for half a dozen
lighthouses. It should bo recalled
that Mr. Morwin's firms havo boon
paid fhlly $1,000,000 by tlio Marine
Department for buoys, lights and
other equipment.
ticipato In the international polar
congress to bo held next mouth in
Brussels. The object ofthe congress
Is.stated to bo to unite the nations
In planning nnd currying out some
practical scheme to roach tho North
Polo. It Is rcgurded as likely that
the mooting will result In tho designation 'of a commission .to further
tho doslre, and Mr. Bridgoman Is understood to bo bound by no restriction liy his participating in the con-
gross but such results jus aro attained will undoubtedly bo submitted to
tho governments participating, for
final approval.
Dynamite   Distributes   Foul Carriun
to Hilteront Homos—Chunk Alights on Roof of Cottage.
SEASIDE, Ore., April 20.- .After
having unsuccessfully attempted t"
uso tho strength of tho ocean tide
and four tennis of horsos to remove
the decaying body of nn enormous
whulo that had washed up on tho
beach in Irnnt of tho elty Into Frl-
duy afternoon nud having been oaf-
fled in his efforts to cremate the
giant carcass, Marshal LlnrJsov tried
dynamite. The effect, however, astonished everybody. Instead of blowing tho grout hulk out to sou, the
explosive distributed the foul con-ion
ovcr tho city and in the end tho offensive hunks of flesh woro buriod
One large plcco of tho corpse fell
upon the roof of a summer cottage
destroyed a chimney, sonkod tho rear
oud of tho building iu sperm oil and
scutterod nil over tho yurd. So oily
wus the substance that persons walking In tho yard aftorwards found
tholr shoos woro soaked in it. A
chunk about the size of an ordinary
sofa required tho efforts of four
horses to drug it from the contro of
a street.
Men Co Out Because Two of Number
Are Discharged fur Playing
Cards in Barn.-No Cars
Cumberland, Md., April 20.—With
strikebreakers from Pittsburg on
hand to take their placea the streetcar company this afternoon notified
its striking employes that unless
they return to work to-morrow tholr
places will be filled.
The mon struck beennse two employes were discharged for playing
cards ln tho barn. D. S. Fitzgerald,
labor organizer of Detroit, Mich., ls
here advising the strikers. No attempt was made today to. operate
The strikers aro In a desperate
mood, and locked the carbarn and
placed a guard outside to prevent
cars leaving. Strikers tried to tie
up the lino to Piedmont, W. Va. Obstructions were placed on the track,
but wore removed when the-strikers
learned that tho first enr contained
Nanaimo, April 20.    j      CONSTRUCTION OF CABINET
Whnt was clearly a case of deliber- NEW • YORK, April 20 -Tbe New
ate suicide occurred last night on York, Herald in 0 special cable from
tbe steamer Queen City while the its London correspondent today suys
boat was'coming from Vancouver to "l understand that Sir Henry Cum-
Nannimo. The •' steamer was about pboll-Uannei-iiinn realizes now the
eight miles out from Vancouvor hopelessness ol his condition, that
when a man Jumped on tho railing no person outside his family is aland in tbe presence of several horri- lowed to see him, except Capt. Sin-
lied spectators.und before thoy could clalr, his Scottish secrctuy nnd thu
intervene, plunged into tho Uulf.        Arch Bishop of Canterbury,       The
The steamer wus stopped and a latter calls on him almost every day
boat lowered and a search for near- Tho Ex-Premier is suid to be alkiw-
ly an hour continued but no trace of ed to sit ln his room. This is true
the man was found. but is misleading,    lie finds his bed
Tho night was pilch dark and   tho s0 tiresome that he cr
dynamo on board the steamer
was so that he is daily
not running so thut the search light
eould not be brought into uso. T
minutes alter he took the fatal leap
he was heard calling lor holp but in
the darkness he could not bo located.
An investigation among tho passengers after the fi-ngedy followed
and the only ono tiint was missing
was a man supposed to be named
Best. Just whnt Host this would
bo, howovor, is not known nnd various rumors ore nflout to-day. There
are at least a couple of Bests well
known locally, one leing from Alberni, but which one it is or if it is an
Island man ntull cannot be determined nt present writing.
,.TIFLIS, April 20.—All alarming ro
port has Just boon rocoivod hero sotting forth the critical situation of a
small Russian expeditionary forco
to Porsia which is that onactod by
a vastly suporior body ol Persian
brigands. The Russian troops pono-
truted tho frontior iu tho neighborhood of Belesuvia in pursuit of tho
Kurdish brigands who had committed depreciations in Russian territory.
In following this .- tirso tho Russians, acting on the rights accorded
her for the maintenance of order in
tho northern port of Porsia by the
recent Anglo-Russian agreement. Tho
Russian commandor has sont out a
messenger dcniunding relnforcoments
of infuntry und cavalry.
The Persians, who have boon join-
cd by tho warltko tribe of Nomads,
surrounded the Russians, Tho sending In of Hussion ro-inforcomonts ls
mudo particularly difficult by the
flooded condition of tho country.
Yesterday tho Russians had throo
men killed and 10 wounded ln various minor engagements with tho
Spooky Noises Around the Jail Lead
Inmates to Petition Sheriff for
Protection.—Men Faint.
ASHF.VILLE, N. C, April 20, -
Declaring thnt the Ashov.ilo county
Jull is haunted tho prisoners havo
Joined in a petition to tho sheriff
for protection from evil spirits.
Both Sheriff Hunter and Jailor Mitchell agree that they havo themselves heard queer noises. Last night,
howovor, was u record breaker. Tho
prlsonors say an evil spirit swung
to and fro along tho iron grating of
tho cages for two hours, frightening
two of tho captives so budly hat
they fainted.
Another story Is that nearly ovory
night Iho crash Is hoard of tho trap
In tho gallows on which a negro
was bunged. Tho sheriff promisos to
move his charges to the now Jail us
soon as It Is finished.
MONTREAL, April 20.- Alphonso
Champagne, 80 years of age, was
run ovor and klllod by u street car
In Bast Ontario Street subway yesterday.
Says tho Calgary Eye-Oponor: "The
famous Calgary Cullies, champion
footbull toam of Calinniln, leavo for
Vancouver on tho 22nd nnd plnv tho
final gamo lor tho People's Shiold
on Suturduy. tho 25th. Tho team
selocted Is composed of thoso who
plnyud so brilliantly InBt Monday in
tho intornationtil match and wo do
not seo bow it could bo improved
upon. Hore are tho plnyors:. (Ifinl,
J. Ross; bucks, Maclean nnd Mc-
Kochllio; half-backs, Park, Strang,
and Woe Jimmy Potrlo; forwards, T.
Stunrt, Goordie Johnson, W.-Stuart,
Davy Thompson nnd Joe Towlll.    .
"Dr. Digs, president of tho club
accompanies tho team. Billy Laudor,
lightweight champion boxer of Canada, will also bo on hand to yell
for Calgary. Billy has already left
(or the coast in ordor to take in the
Abo Atteil-Kolly fight which takes
placo ot Seattle on Monday. He will
return with tho team."
Miss Oldglrl — Mr. 'Dasher hadn't
'eon alone with mo five minutes bo-
fore ho offered to kiss mo.
Miss Caustic—Well, he's considered
to bo tho most charitable man ln tho
PITTSBURO, Pa., April 18— Tho
whitened bones of a mon woro found
In a furnnco of tho Crucible Steel
Company today. Nono of tho workmen are missing and it Is bolioved
somo despondont person committed
sulcldo during a change of crows onrly todoy.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 18. -
Whilo almost the entire population
at Mnsatlan, Mexico, wero participating In a feast lust Sunday, 25 soldiers broko out of tho garrison and
began a wild enreor of cutting and
bloodfhod. Within half on hour thoy
had klllod two policemen nnd nnoth-
er citizen and hnd waylaid and robbed throo men In tho outskirts of the
News of tho mutiny wns brought
by Louis Bradbury, o woll known
mining man, who arrived horo yesterday afternoon. The steamer As-
sinln. Which left. Masatlan on the
day the mutiny occurred. Governor
Francis Camilla, of Sinnlp, who was
In the city lost no time in calling
out the mounted district police nnd
they started ln pursuit of the soldiers.
Ottawa, Ont., April 20.—Llout.
Col, H. K. Scott, D.O.C. of Canadian orderdlnnnce corps Is (iazzettcd
to succeed Lt. Co.. J. O. Donaldson
director of drilling and equipment and principal officer. Lt. Col.
Donaldson has retired from this department.
EDMONTON, April 20.-A snd nc-
cidont occurred about six miles
down tho Athabasca Rlvor from the
landing yostorday when Emit Cardinal with his wife and child broke-
through tho ico and woro drowned.
tho pnrty woro travelling with a dog
train -when tho Ico broko through,
throwing thom into tho ley wator.
Sacramento,     Apill   20.—Antonio
Clpolla, convicted of murder ot Jos,
Piorano, woe on Saturday sontoncod s™1'™! "tores, two saloons, and sev-
BUTTE, Mont., April 10,-Lato os-
tlmatos of tho loss occasioned by tho
bursting ot the Huuser Lake dam,
north of Helena, based upon reports
rocoivod liy Tho Miner from various
points in tho flood district, places
tho amount at about $05,000 when
a moro dotnilod report had como
from remote sections. Early today
tho Missouri River at Great Falls,
was botweon three and four ft higher and rising at the rate of 1 inch
an hour, The slow rise of the river will Indicate that the flood had
practically spont Its. force and tho
copper smoltorn of the Amalgamated
Company at this point nro not considered in any danger. The greatest
damage outside of the destruction of
the dam was done at Cralge, forty
miles north of Helena, where the
school houso,    the railroad station,
Cola of the department to  servo the cence,
to hang.    Clpolla declared his Imm
oral rosldonoes wero wrecked. Loss
of cattlo is alio reported by stock
       .'.  -\
Secret Sorvico Men Begin Active War
on   Matrimonial   Agents Who
Huve boon Reaping Harvest
CHICAOO, 111., April 20,- United
Statos Attorney Sims hus instructed
the secret service officers and detectives assigned to his department to
begin a war of 6xtorminution against "affinity bureaus" and matrimonial agents. Tho conviction of
Marian Grey, who is known in private life as Avo Goodonough, manager of the Searchlight Club of Elgin,
and of Mrs, Jeanuie Scott, otherwise Mrs. Call and Mrs. E. L. Flyiin
has armed the government with power to extirpato tho matrimonial agents.    ■■ i
Sims discovered the hoad of tho
syndicate which has gleaned a fortune in the business ln a man known
'Harry Hart." Hart is believed
to havo beon tho tutor of Miss Grey
and to have devised tho plan that
brought a rich harvest from crodul:
ous affinity seekers.
Most of the agents havo confined
thoir operations -to Chicago, New
York and tho largor cities. Marion
Grey's club made a profit ol $8,000
within three months. Hart is said to
have conducted his ugoncics for
Postoffice Inspector Stuart hus
closed eight agencies and most of the
mail iiddrcssed to them was returned. Most of thom contuinod remittances. Within tho pust week four
large bureuus ceased operations to
avoid raids and tho indictment uf
thoir managers.
uves tu got up
lifted from his
bod and is proPod up in a sort of
chair with pillows nnd cushions. In
that position he is ii littio loss uncomfortable nnd suuiowhnt less subject to hourt attacks; there are illnesses and ailnesses in which a Bitting position is practically imperative. Tho lato Lord Sulislmry could
not without great risk |.0 plied in
bod during tlie first stage of his ill
ness. ilr. Asqulth has managed tho
re-construction of his cabinet ln such
a way as to incur tho lonst possiblo
electoral risk in tho constitution
mado vacant by tho changing of portfolios. Still lew -Liberal seats ore
safe now-a-days. Perkham has with
a greut swing of tho pcndulem opened
up a vista of most unpleusant possibilities of all the by-olectlons. Tho
one in Munchester will be moat exciting,
Manchester In a vory Holy-of-Holy
f     the Cobdenlte   cult and in tho
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
B. E. WALKER, President.
ALEX LAI III), General Ma sger
A. E IRELAND. Superintendent
of Brat eltos.
PaK-lp capital $10 000000
««*' 5,000,000
Total Assets.. 113,000000
Bin c/ es tlirof.gl.onl Canada und in the United States axd England
Farmers'  Pqpor  OlicOHnHod.
Deposits of $1 und upwards received, und intere t allowed at
rates.   The Hapetitor is subject to no delay whatever iu
of the who e or any part of tho deposit
9:30 n.
the v. iti
•—•      -    .'■"*■>   "
M. DsClEX, Manager
., to 12.   4 p.m., to S p,
P p.m., to 8:30 p.m.
"My husband tells me everything
he does."
Uio you really helieve him?"
'Well, I'd hale to believe that
my huaband does everything ho tells
FORT WfJKTH, Texas, April 20.-
A special to the Record from Atlunt,
Tex., says J, Douglas, u negro was
churged ln a warrant sworn to Saturday with having criminally assault
od his stop sister a girl of 12 years.
Vesteriluy morning his body wos
found hanging to the limb ol a tree
near this place. Tho verdict ol the
coroners Jury wns that Douglas
came to hls death ut the hands ol
unknown /lersons.
Winnipeg, Man., April 20.—Tho
annual meeting of the Manitoba Educational association 'opened in this
city today with a good attendance.
Hon. G. E. Coldwell, minister of
education, nnd J. A. McKerchar,
chairman of the Winnipeg school
board, were speakers nt the opening
session. The convention will remain
ln session until Thursday.
Nows was rocoivod to-day of tho
death uf a woll known Nanaimuito
in Tucouia in the person of Mr. Thos
Orceii, nephew of Mr. Thos. Green of
the Fiver Acre Lota.
The decensod will bo well known in
connection with the Fanners' Murket
which he ran for a fow months in
tho city beforo lonvlng for Tacoma.
He was 80 years ol age and had
many estimable qualities.
Thero are no particulars of how ho
met doath although it Is supposed
to ba front an acoldent.
 —« ———
HAMILTON, Ont., Aptil 20-After
being beaten almost unconscious
well dressed man passing under tho
name of .Inol Jones, said to reside
In this city was thrown over the
side of the mountain Saturday by it
crowd of angry residents. The man
Is said to havo attempted assault on
a seven year old girl. Aftor being
thrown down tho hillside tho man
mado hla escape. Tho police oro
looking for hlm.
♦ 1	
Chatham, Ont. April 20.—Edward
Nolan, colored, fell off C. P. B.
bridge here and waa drowned.
_-, _.L.i..i..,__./'.a,r!Mt*3
Northwest Division Mr. Winston
Churchill won a big victory at the
general elections. If Jt |s a cabinet minister cannot hold his own
there, the ministry which ho adorns
must bo in a bad way. In tho gen-
oral oiection Mr. Churchill's success
was largely due to his free trade
Policy, although the Chinese
lubor bug! won him many votes. He
has often been dubbed "The quick
change artist of modern contemporary life" but he is sticking to the
frco trade plank in his platfurm,
evidently believing it is a good hob-
bylhorse on which to center to the
winning point.
The Unionist candidate Mr. Johnson-Hicks, declares in fuvtvr of Mr,
iiulfours policy of liscal reform,
which now seems tho accepted policy
of the Unionist party. Mr. Church-
hill oilers a bold and doliuito challenge, declaring against protection
in every shape and form, feeling confident that tho constitutuoncy which
gave the the signal for the free
trade triumph in 100U will not now,
to quoto his own words, "Consent
to obey the disiuul triumph of
treat." *\eudless to say, tho most
lively interest is being taken ln the
contest and ua purliuiuent is not sitting-, Manchester is invaded with
members of parliament, who want
to haie a hand in tho strugglo. All
the best speakers connected with tho
tarill roform loague ure taking an
active part in tlie election, believing
that II "Cottonopolis'' sots oi example, they may look forward to a
flood-tide which will sweep nway the
barriers of Lancashire, Cohdenism,
lt was loomed Derby who was
known as "Tho Rupert of dobato,-'
onco said: What Lnncoshlro says today the rest of England will say tomorrow.
..- John w. coiiukn-
Presldont anil Managing Director.
BUFFALO, w.Y„ April 20,-Pat-
rlck McKeown, 29 years old, of this
city, a switchman for the Lehigh
Vulley waa shot nnd fatnlly Injured
in the William Street yard of tho
Lehigh Railway by Dan Ueardon a
Lehigh detective, lt is clalmod that
McKeown was on Ills way to a re-
staurnnt for hla lunch when Reunion
llred ut him.
ehootiiur Reunion mndo a stntomont
in which ho said ho discovered tho
Victim nnd other men pilfering n cor.
— 1 .
All Home Cured
Roberts St. Butcher
Scow Overturned and Coal Lost Between Naauiino and Vancouver-
Tugs Ttying Experience.
Vancouver, April 19.— Somewhere
between Vancouver and Nannimo 3U0
tons of good coal lie at the bottom
of the gulf; at Evans, Coleman &
Evans' dock, Vancouver an upturned
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.    ,
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 44
■ Dealer in AU Kindt of
Meats Delivered free ot chnrgt on (he
' Shortest Notice,
cow is moored, and stmtning'at her. ^DYSMITH, BRITISH COLUMBIA
moorings iB the tug Topic, storm
battered and brine washed from the
effects of Thursday night's gale. The
heavy blow from the south east
which marked Thursday night and
the greater port of Friday caused
much anxiety in shipping circles but
so far the experience of tho Topic is
almost the only serious incident reported.
This tug, Captain Bell, left Nanaimo nt 7.-SO o'clock on Thursday
evening towing a big scow with 300
tons of coal for Evans, Coleman &
EVans. As the cruft edgeed out into the gulf the storm sprang up and
by the timo she was halfway across,
the sons were sweeping her and tho
heavy .scow astern was plunging
heavily. About mid-night the gale
wns at its height and the big scow
suddenly turned right over, this bti-
ing caused by tho load of coal shifting under the pitching nnd rolling of
the waves. All night the Tepic
stood by the capsized scow and yes-
tordny brought It safely in and it
now lies nt the dock with just tho
bottom showing above tho wnter.
On board the Topic life wns stron-
l uous.   The galley   was wrecked    by
Immediately after tho , ' '■,,. .
too stove carried away nnd everything thnt wns not seriously laslicd
wns Hung about tho cabin nnd It
was one of lho worst gnlcs tho bont
has px pen fenced.
Montreal, April 20,-Enrnings ol
C. P. R, (or tho week raiding April
14th totalled Sl,80*i,00 as compared with 81,4-0,000 for snme wook
laet yenr, a decronse of SI,740. O,
T. for snme period shows a decrease
of 8104,71(1 figures helng 1008 8004-
285 nnd 1007 8880, 001.
Six Jfcn Act ns  n   Fody  Quart! to
His annul Onlldren Whilo  Attending Church Yostorday.
LONDON, Oat., April 20.-
NEW YORK, N. Y., April 20,-Tlie
Herald says: In plnce of the one ninn
who did like service on Sunday of
Inst week, six private detectives ncl-
eil ns a body giuiril for John D.
Pars! ' Rockefeller Jvos^ordny when he walk-
,,„,,, ., ,* oil      wllh      Fowler       tlml    Muriel
lal, 1'uralfal your motlior is dead McCormook, from his homo to tho
jVt tho Orand Theatro Saturday Fifth Avenue Baptist Church. The
night, Miss Keating, ln rolo of Kun-' Runrd wns maintltlncd on the return
day In "Parsifal" was compelled to """'I    <mm   ^""'f' ibe. Jf^HT
1 ., walking a Hhort dlstanco behind  Mr
ropeat above three times. There was" Hoeke'ellrr, nnd tho children, who
real tragedy -behind hor words. Whon'were In tho euro of a nurse,
the curtain wont up, Miss Konting1 '" view of these extra precautions
recalvod a.message from tojl„r&« K.drel^nSy
announcing the death of hor mother, rocoivod by Mrs. Harold McOormaok;
Tho strain wns too much for hcr and j thoir mother, logother with demands
sho fnlntod threo times. She left for ,or money, hnd been renewed.
Chicago after the ^performance. j ,|,1,riKICY (m, J m -ro iVM.Y.
LONDON April 20.—A despatch received horo Irom Romo snys ordors
hnvo been Issued countermanding the
sending- of nn Italian squadron to
Turkish waters for the purpose ol
coercing1 tho Sultan Into granting
Unly certain postal privileges in
Turkish territory. Tho Turkish nm-
bussndor to Rome Mnuslnphn Roohld
gave Foreign Minister Tilon satisfactory assurances Hint'Italy would bo
accorded tho same treatment with
rogard to post-ofllces ns that enjoy-
od by tho othor powers. Tho foreign minister oxprossod his satisfaction nl this equitable settlement and
thoroupon countermanded the ordors
of tfbo naval demonstration.
London, Ont., April' 20.—Not a
single clue haa been found of private
.Muyor who ahot and killed Sergt.
Lloyd at Wolaley barrnoka cn Friday night . Watch kept everywhere
but hc has not been Been. Moyer Is
nn old soldier nnd waa a private in
the Gordon Highlanders. Re fought
with the regiment through tho Door
war. Ho also snw service cn the
frontier, tto always carried firearms
and It Is enld would shoot on provocation.
Union Brewing Co.
WHtil.l'hAI.K AND ltBrAIL
Lndysmith, B. C.
and Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding and  Party Cakes Made to
Fruits ond Dandles of All Kinds
Prices are    very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
On the Esplanade.
Ladysmith, B. C.
nil stock ot Mlnara' Toole.
Ship Repalrlnf Work
A Specialty
All kinds ot Blacksmlthlag
Sana at Short Notice.
«V»««%%a>%4) »»-*«>-»4-4>»>»>»%*»>*»»***a,«,a>»%*%%J
(Continued from Page One.)
t there need be no bad feeling,   li
broom with one hand,' and the lady
with the other,' and protested against the treatment. He left without the money, and to his amazement a fow days later was summoned for assault. The Magistrates
threw but the charge, instructing tbo
good lady, Mrs. Zi/.uk, that brooms
could not be employed to settle cash
dysmith had been shut out on the ment ffi" atteai dlvlM l,ervic*,
The members of the Oddfellows aud
Itebekah Lodges and of tho Encamp-
tho English church on Sunday evening.
tiativo   ot    a few Nanaimo irre-
Dneibies, thero would have been a .
id outcry here and had blood gen- '
tted which years would not havo As Mrs' Baker "as driving home to
, abed out. It waa too lad that tho rnncllr ln9t nigbt tho bone bTok*
' I draw should have beon as it was away- °nd    tty as she migM-    sho
t there is no reasoning with llckle could not regnin control of thetrnn-
rtune.     Still the more evonly the
una are matched, tho closer
i more    equally apportioned
dsjons,     the better for the game,
i it is all to thc good that    the
igled     skein, of    the committee's
ogling arrangements should
m unravelled ns it was.
tic beast. In the end sho was
and tnrmvn heavily out of the rig, end,
.. among) other Injuries, sustained a
broken arm. She was driven down
to Chemainus hospital a-hore her
Injuries -were attended to and she is
havo rt'l,orteo to be  doing all right.
The Oddfellows oro giving a aoclal
,'he holiday    tralllc   on tho   local  "m0 on Saturday evening, tho occa-
| e must have been away below the slon being rather unique. The mem-
ords of previous years.   Possibly ,Krs wln 1)e MW)ratlng the annlver-
i bad weather of Friday and    tho . , ..  , \ .    .
| Bk-end accounted    for tho   falling s"ry of thelr    order' and a,a0    th°
25th anniversary of the founding of
(th<j local lodge.     WHh such a  dual
| *he Easter holidays    passed   very  Incontivo to turn out, thore   should
ITt^Kres feTcl^t "  ^ Ume " ■»ta*' «~
Monday thoy would havo  passed   "*>'
lotlced.    The mines wero working
usual.      Thc    business   men and
Ir employees failed to get up any
:itement  on Monday and   so    the
I T passed very quietly.    It wns too
d for boating, and there were no
| usually hoavy culls upon the   llv-
stablcs.    A very quiet   Euster-
) I
up to Sixth Avenue; hut it would ba
wall to (o slow until they found
out where the mistake had been made
He thought (hat possibly ex-Mayor
Coburn would bs able to enlighten
them on tbe point.
Aid. Matheson moved that the com
muuication be laid over for' a'week
ln order' to allow Mayor Nicholson
to see Mr. Cpburn and to give the
City Clerk time to write a Mr. Harvey on the subject.
(The motion carried.
Accounts totalling 816.75 were presented and referred to the Finance
Committee to be paid if found; correct. -
The Street Committee reported
that there wus plenty ol sand in the
sand pit provided it wus taken from
the sido noxt the railway and they
saw no reason why . Mr. Thornley
should not have the use of it on the
condition that the city was paid 25
cents for every load taken out of it.
Mayor Nicholson stated that he
also had visited tho placo and he
thought that no more sand should
bo takon away from in front of Mr-
Russell's house. Thero had beon a
lot of sand taken away and the city
had got nothing for it. -Unless thoy
wore careful, it woubJJ^oko dollars
to repair the diimago that would be
done to the street.
On motion Mr. Thornley was grant
ed permission to get sand from tho
sum) pit on the condition that ho
paid 25 cents a load and did not
go nny nonrer to the south side of
the streot than 40 foet.
Messrs. Parfltt Bros., tho contractors for thc new Post Ofllco buildings
wore grunted permission to put up a
temporary olllce on the north side
of the Esplanade, and given tho use
of a part of the street provided they
loft a clear twenty Ave teet of roadway.
Tho Council then went into commit
tee of the wholo, with Aid. McKinnell ln the chair, on the new Electric Light By-law.
The by-law was ordered to lie taken clause by clause. On tho first
article authorising the borrowing of
825,000, Aid. Haworth questioned
whether this figure would be suffi-
Mn*/oj* Nicholson said he thought
the-suni would be ample and he preferred to be a few dollars short rather than impose an unnecessarily
high levy on tho poople.
The cluuso carried.
Clause 7 was amended to rend
5.55 mills on the, instead of six,
this being the rato it is proposed to
levy for interest and sinking fund.
' The remaining clauses wcre adopted as read.
Mayor Nicholson again took his
chair, and the by-law, as amended,
was adopted as a whole. The bylaw was then ordered to be road a
third time.
On the motion of Aid. Matheson,
seconded by Aid. Campbell, It was
agreed that the by-law be submitted
to the ratepayers on Wednesday,
May Oth, that Mr. Stewart be the
returning ollicer, and that the polling be held in the City Hall.
News was received from Tacoma on
Monday, of the death of Mr.   Thos.
Green, nophew of Mrs. H. Croston ot
Whito Street.
Tho deceased was well known hore
J and in Nanaimo, where he ran    the
he result of a subscription takenj*"a™e,;s' "ttrkft '°r a ">w   ™°»th»
from the employees of the Wei- ^ ° an g '?r ™A ,He Woa
only 80 -ears ot age and had many
estimable qualities.
Tho telegram received by Mrs.
Croston did not give the particulars
of his doath, but implied that he had
met with an accident.
?ton    Colliery    Co.,    was    that
,-,18.50 were handed    over   to   the
ird   of   management of the  Che-
lnus Hospital.   Hitherto tho  men
ie handed over their annual donatio to tho Nanaimo hoBpltul.    This
I tbe first time tho money has gone
the Chemainus institution and no
ibt it will bo greatly appreciated
the ofllccrs of tho hospitnl.
ollectlng Is not the soft easy snnp
ippenrs to bo as any olio who
: tried it can testify. Mr. Balag-
had painful oxporioncc of this tho
er day. Ho went to collect a
for bottled beor delivered during
month, and on rapping on the
jr was biddon to enter. Ho went
presented his bill to tho good
y, who at once grubbed hold of
iroom to pay it. Mr. Balagno,
lklng    the   currency, seized   tho
Seo Windows
For Specials.
William's Block
A girl at   tho
Apply to Mrs. S.
Notlco is hereby given that I shall
make application to the Board of
Liconsing Commissioners of tho City
of Ladysmith at their noxt regular
meoting for a transfer of tho retail
liquor license now hold by mo for
the premises known as the Columbia
Hotel, situate on Lot 2, Block 80,
Ladysmith, from myself to Clement
MELBOURNE, April 31.- Forty-
two bodies have been token out of
the wrack caused by the collision ot
two trains from Ballarat and Ben-
dlgo, at Bray brook Junction, about
eight miles from Melbourne, on Apt
19th. It ia believed that several
others are still burled under the debris. The number of persons injured Is estimated at eighty-eight.
Many of the victims had entered
the llalaret train at Braybrook and
were Juat settled in their seats when
the crash came. The conductor had
signalled to the engineer to start
the train and waa in the act of stepping into the car when he saw the
approachingBendlgo train.' He was
able to spring in time to save himself.
The coaches caught firs and many
were burned beyond recognition. Al
member of the flre brigade found the
bodies of hla two sisters buried in
the wreckage. Several of the vic-
tlnm died as they were being lifted
from the wreck.
The driver of the Bendlgo train
saya that ha aaw ths signals and
when the brakes failed to work, he
reversed his engine, but was unable
to cheek the train..
Ladysmith, B.C.
April 22, 1908.
Shall the City
Have Lights?
Now By-law Will Be Submitted   to
Ratepayers on Wednosday,
May 6th.
The fourteenth meeting of the City
Council was held In the City Hall
on Tuesday evening. Mayor Nicholson presided, and there were present
Aldermen Roberts, Campbell, Haworth, McKinnell and Matheson.
A communication was read from a
Canadian firm, calling tho attontlon
of the Council to a standard lockup, which they aro putting on the
i On motion tho lotter was ordored
filed and tho clerk Instructed to furnish a suitable reply.
A communication was read from a
Vancouver firm advertising municipal
The letter, on motion, was ordered filed.
A letter was read from Mr. Ed.
Mohun, stating that the profiles and
plans forwarded to him did not extend further than Fourth Avenuei
Mayor Nicholson aald a mistake
had been made somewhere. The survey, had boen taken trom Mothuen to
Symonds Street bock to Sixth Avenuo. They had a letter to this effect,
Aid, Haworth said he understood
the same. • '
Mnyor Nicholson said he was satis-
lied that the survey had been taken
B»»»»»«>a>«>%a>a>%%»»%^%<at|  |
Cast and Steel
TEED, and wo will show
you evory part going into the
Stove In course of manufacture.
Don't buy a Stove aald to be
as good as oura, but PATRON-
get the very beet on the market
Come Direct to the Foundry
and make your own choice.
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
swHaAffD't xx-nsmtx* a
(Continued from Fags Ou.)
gulshed political career.
Hia command of the Liberal parliamentary party, with al! its diverse elements, was a uiarvel In
Personal prowess. He did'not rule
| by any adroit diplomacy, but almost wholly by the confidence that-
all the different sections had in the
essential sincerity of his attitude. I..
has boen truthfully remarked that
fow public men have ever earned a
place so near to tho hearts of their!
political supporters as Sir Henry,
whoso absolute honesty of purpose
there was entire confidence.
Sir Henry Campbell-Bannernian was
the second son of the late Sir Jam-'
Campbell, of Stracathro, Forfarshire, and was born in 1830. He
was educated at the University ot
Glasgow, aod at Trinity Colloge,
Cambridge. In 1872 he assumed thd
additional surname of Bannerman,
under the will of his uncle, Mr. Henry Bannerman. Sir Henry owed his
wealth to the great drapery firm of
W. Campbell & Co., ot Glasgow, of which his father was the
He entered parliament in 186S,
nnd continued to represent the Sterling district until his death. He
served In turn as financial secretary
tho war department, secretary of
the admiralty, chief secretary for
Ireland, and twice secretary of state
for war. He was elected Liberal
loader In February, 1899, after the
death of Gladstone During the
South African war His sentiments
were of a decidedly pro-Boer character, with the result that he split
his party on the question.
Sir Henry bore the'brunt ;of the
fight for several years in the Houso
of Commons. He bore, too, tho
obllquy that sprang trom public anger over his pro-Boer attitudo, but
'he was never seriously accused of
disloyalty, and bis tinge of pro-
Bocrism was long ago forgiven by
the public.
While Sir Henry was universally
respected, he was never regarded as
great political leader, l„ the
sense that Gladstone and Harcourt
were leaders. Personally popular,
and of a most genial disposition, he
nover showed the forco necessary to"
dominate a great party. He stood
well enough with the radicals, without having aroused -their enthusiasm, (md ),0 escaped giving serious
offense to moderate and Imperial
Liberals, though the latter never
took kindly to his leadership. But
of hla personal popularity, Integrity
and sincerity there never was any
Sir Henry was always a man who
Gladstone regarded with favor. Is)
1884-5 he was given the important
position of chief secretary for Ireland, and in Gladstone's third cabinet, ho was entrusted with the portfolio ot secretary of state for war.
This same position was given him
in tho Gladstone ministry of 1892.
By no means a strong debater and
by no means able as an orator, Sir
Henry was yet a powerful factor In
the House of Commons. Beside Mr.
Gladstone, whom ha succeeded In the
liberal leadership, ' sir Henry did
not compare either as an orator, debater or wrltor. Yet in hla way
he waa probably even more attractive than Gladstone. While he was
never worshipped as a hero, he waa
always prized aa a personal friend.
♦  -
The committee who had charge otitis benefit   concert and dance given morning,
In the opera house on Monday even-
, desire to publish the following
Received for tlcketa   ,..,..1155 50
Received from dance ,	
Donated by   Mayor    Nicholson      b oo
to be satisfied with the results
their efforts, and thoy wish to heart
Ily thank the city Imnd for Ita services, and all thoso who took part
In tho programmo and In any way
assisted to make tho entertainment
the success it was. "
m^o*oe^i0^ipi^i^^^   SPRING CLEANING
You will flnd hore anything
In the way of House Furnishings and a very large assortment of tho same to choose
trom in the way ol
Just In by Express—a full
range of Men's WHITE and
FANCY VESTS, In sizes from
35 to 44.
Job Lot Snaps
J. E Sin itb,    Roberts Stree
Mr. J. M.
paid a brief
Morgan,     ot Victoria,
visit to tho town   on
Mr. Jesse Evans was in town on
Monday renewing old acquaintances.
Mrs. Mason, ot Vancouvor, spent
tho Easter holidays with her mothor
and sisters, Mrs. and tho Misses'
Mr. A. J. Waskett returned from a
trip to Wellington on Monduy.
Mr. A. Brydon spent tho week-end
in Victoria.
Mrs. r. Fletcher returned to her
home In Victoria on Monday.
Mr. R. Gibson enmo Into town on
Miss Conlin returned from a trip
to Nannimo on Tuesday morning.
Mrs. L. M. do Gex, wile of the bank
manager, boarded tjie Victoria train
yeBterday morning.
Mr. Mose Woodburn went down to
Victoria yesterday morning.
Mr. A. E. Hilbert was in town yesterday morning.
Mr, H. Relfel drove into Ladysmith on Monday.
Miss Beverldge returned to her duties oh Tuesday morning.
Miss Ramsay returned from a trip
to Vancouver yesterday morning.
Mrs. Wm. Baird went down to Vic
taria this morning on a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Ralston took the
train to Victoria this morning on
route for a short trip to the main-
Mr. E. M.  Ynrwood went*down to
Victoria thla morning.
j.   A. B. HILBBRT
i    r u jnjskal d;
Telephone, 1 24 {
STanaimi R C.    !
dt. %& dm
AU Work Guaranteed.
A very complete selection of "The
Whltnoy" make how In Stock.
Superior to any othor Go-Cart In
Style, Comfort and Durability..
Collapsible Go-Cnrts. with Adjust-
ible Tups, 10, 12 and 14 In. Rubber Tircfl can be supplied.
S. Peterson
Fhone 18.
First Avenue
Mr. Hawthornthwaite   was a  passenger on   the Victoria train    this
  Ne»caatla-on-Tyne, Aprll 31.— The
33 SO Mlnae Oeroca, one ot the three   big
battleshlpa    now under construction
hen for the Brazilian navy, was euc-
  eessfully launched today ln the pros-
Total |i8i 00 m%e» ot a large crowd of spectators;.
For rent of hall  f 13 00 It*- Bsgit de    .Olivers, the Brazilian
Powder for floor           go minis!** to Great Britain, christen-
  ed the vessel, acting aa proxy    for
Total  f 13 SO Mme. Penna, wife of the president ol.
The committee have therefore hand Brazil.    The Mines Gercas is one of
ed over to Mr. M. Ingham the sum th» largest    battleships ever    con
of 1105.80.   They havo ovory reason structsd for a South American coun
of try and will coat approximately |S,-
LONDON, April 20.-KIng Edward
and Queen Alexandra left London
this morning for a visit to Copenhagen,    Stockholm   and Ohrlstlanla
There will be a  practice gamo to-  «•»»«,     eawnfuifni   ana uon.uNu.
morrow night and as many as pos-  whan thsy will be the guests of the
sible are asked to turn out to give- Royal Families at theee capltola.
the boya a run.
The parishioners   meeting of    St;
John'a    Mission will be held    this'.,
evening, at 7.80 p.m.    All Interested |" *
are exhorted to attend—R. A. Heath 'J
(Vicar) Chairman.
Ths six year old boy of Mr. and
Mrs. B. Berto waa burled In tbs
'local cemetery yesterday afternoon.
| Tlio little fellow was badly scalded
some two months ago, end never recovered from his Injuries, passing a-
way on Saturday evening. '
4 "
Victoria, April 21 .-Cable advices f
.received from Yokohama by IS. B. !• '•
Stephens, local manager of tha Nip-1''
pen Yuaan Kaisha, state that the • ■
Ksgn Maru, which left tha Japanese * *
port oa tha 15th Inst, for Victoria '.".
and rugat Sound, has 133 pasaen- ' *
gor», Including 53 Chlness.
From fie. a Yard.
Juat the .thing   lor Trimming
Children's Wear
Miss Uren:!
<'A high chair?"
"And for one ot tho smart
FANCY GOODS STORE.     J|   "Yes," explained the dealer,
pie still want 'em ter dogs,"
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9 a. m.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 15:68.
For Victoria.
tmiirwwa ci'.r-Vi "'■■
Trains Arrive at Ladysmith
Dally at 11:67.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
Sj!lHfi*i-l.»rl«l|l.iarfl",1.M    .'IfSju-IU  ,
At 11:57 and 17.55.
From Viotoria.
MO. I. COUs\TFfli\V
District Passenger Agent.
103 Government St., Victoria
will be in effect between all stations
Tickets good going GOOD FRIDAY
Final roturn limit Monday, April
A double train service will be operated on GOOD FRIDAY and EASTER MONDAY.
District Passenger Agent.
1103 Government Streot.
Black Minorca and Plymouth Rock
eggs. Full setting of eggs for (1.00.
All eggs guaranteed. 'Loavo ordors
at G. Roberts Butcher Store, First
New Store
Newly Stocked
All Kinds of Wall Paper.
Picture   Framing a Specialty.
,, High Street. <J
Rods and lines
Flies and Tackle
Por All Kinds of Fishing.
Choicest Fru'ta
Cigars   Tobaooos.   Soft Drinks.
Excellent Boarding
Special Meal TickttB for
the Week
Mrs. S. Decker,
-* "l*'*»ViV'BVVTsOo*fAAfV^^aa
AND 1ARK PRblip'lV
THAN WOOD. . . ,
H. Thornley
A Girl to do house.    Apply-
Flrat Avenue.
Notlco is hereby given that we Intend to apply to the Uconalnu Oom-
mlaslonore of the Olty of Ladysmith
at tholr next regular meeting for a
{transfer of the Retail Liquor Licence
now held by ua for the promisos
known ns tho Now Western Bur. Ladysmith, B. 0„ from ourselvag to
John Pausche and John Dunbar.
Ladysmith, B.C., March 81, lDOfl,
Local agent for Liverpool a.   London ft Globe Ins, Oo.   (Flre).   Only
'poo- those who can secure a share of bu-
alneaa need apply, to
Box 833, Vancouver.


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