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Ladysmith Standard Oct 31, 1908

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For the past flvo yoars wo have been purchasing Stockings,
Sox, otc, Irom the leading Hosiery Houso In th..World, and have
succeeded in bringing Our Ordors to ono factory in Leicester, Eng-
T land. These peoplo claim to do tho largest Hosiery business nnd
7, It is with thoso people that wo plnco Our Ordors.
.. We guarantee to give you the Best Quality    that   monoy   enn
j*   buy,  and Prices that will surprise  you.
3!   FOB L__DI_3S
•I    Plain  Black Cashmere Hose, per pair  .-..,  25c
*•'   2-1 Rib Cashmere 'Hose, por pair  We
J   1-1 Rib Cashmere Hose, per pair  ouo
J-JJama Plain Cashmere Hoso, per pair ,  jOC
Special 1-1 Rib Cashmere Hoso,   double   knoes,    Splicel llcols
and Toos.   Sizes 4-J to 6 in. per pair  •••■• -5c
Real Home Knit Hose, mado Irom solt Wool,
Prom 85 Cents a pair.
_        Spoclal Heather Mixed Yarn Sox, fl pair for ..
■ i  Black Cash Sox, per pair ...... i.* *.-*.'■
'•   (Fancy Heather Rib, per pair  	
"   Black) Cash Rib, por pair  ,.., i	
T   All Wool Pit Sox, por pair 	
,   i    And othor lines too numerous to mention.
Extra   Strong.
... 25c
.. 25c
.. 40c
.. 25c
H..M..|-|"H.-ro H^*>*M-H"M"I"H"H' H*■'.
i.m.^.m..m..l    •    1 r ■_■_._.,_._______■ _._._.A_1
B Roses or Royal Household Flour m-W P<* ««ck
6 packages ol Force ....... •••• ••» S5 cont8
8 pounds of extra _ood Creamery Butter ..< f 1.00
Other Reductions to Numerous to Mention.
^jyjyjytTJTifHHH   I WWWW1>*'*W-*Wg*,*W*)Tli>.
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books^
Razors, Etc., Etc.
for White Swan Washlnj Powder Coupons
Send a Two-Cent Stamp for our Catalogue
B. C. »oap Works, 'HiH
Local Boys Up Against A Stiff Proposition In
Oar Stock
Is Now Complete
Ooal and Wood
Coal Grates
Inspection is Invited
As Low aa any on the
Now is the time to lay in your
stook of winter fuel.. Order
your wood right away.._^>
H. Thornley
of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry ol
all dlscrlptlon. Somo Spoclal
values in Diamonds, ranging in
price from *18, $25, $50 and
Have Just received a full assortment of Compasses at  the
following prices:  50c, tie. $1,   ,
$1.25,    $1.50,    $2.50,    $3.50,   '
$8.00, $9.50 and $12.00.
If you   require   a Compass,   >
give us a call.
Watch Repairing glvsn   Bps-   '
'   cial attention.
P. G. NOOT i
\     Eyes Tested Free of Ohargs.
Thc homo boys will piny their first
real game ol tho soason toduy. There
is so much football talent in Vancouver that u truly representative
teum ennnot but be a strong und
dangerous combination. The writer
has always regarded the Terminal
City as the danger spot in this Pacific 'Const rLoague. If tho boys can
pull oil the match there toduy, ur
even divido the points, tho team that
catches them will, iu the vernacular,
hnvo to ho going some.
The chances for tho gamo, so far
as they can bo figured out, are certainly encouraging. The only cause
for fear is the luck of practice tho
f6rwards have liad togethor. The material is all there, and, once a working understanding is established,
groat things may bo expected-of it.
Tho forward lino will decide tho
gnmcon Suturduy. There does not
appear to be any star forwards in
the Vancouver football firmament,
ond lho homo defence should safely
dispose of tho attack.
The duel will be between the homo
vanguard nnd tho Vancouver defence,
and thero is not the slightest doubt
that tho Mainland hnvo a brilliant
rear-guard. Jimmy will bo up against his old opponent Strang; but
the Calgary man will hnve to enlarge his attentions this time, nnd
ho had nothing to spare last time.
It is hardly likely .that Gingor McLean will be able to play; but Gunzon and Strange nro nvnilablo, and
McEwnn .is buck, into tho gnmc again. Forrest and Graham, along
with Strang on the halves, ought to
make it fairly interesting for the forwards.
Ilo\y the Vancouver pooplo regard
the match mav be gathered from the
following, which Is taken from    the
_sg___j______ is _ _j _ " ■ ____
World: "Ladysinith are undoubtedly a powerful side and lho Winnipeg playors wero the bost they could
bring wost. They cuuld practically
constitute a team out of theso recently poached players, but Jimmy
Adiun will certainly bo in his old
place at center forward. Hc will be
up against a half back who hold
him down noutly last your in the
People's Shield gnu,*.'
In oxpluiintiun of this it may be
sail! that tho "World" has boon importing Winnipeg men for Ladysmith
all this lust month, it hnd the total up to eight a week ago, and
now it hns grown to full team slzo.
Jimmy is the only ninn loft to us,
and ho Is only a neat handful for
Strang.    Wo will seo.
Tho Rxocutivo Committee last night
selected the players, but did not definitely assign thom thoir positions.
Hartley is still afraid of his hand,
and oskod to be excused, and so tho
following players wero selected:
Backs—Morrison, Christian, O'Connoll.
Halvos—Main, Strang, Wynne.
Forwards — McPowall, McGuire,
Adam, Brass, Graham, Provins.
After tho Vancouvor gamo, the result of which will lie wired to Blnir
& Adam's store. the boys will take
the bout for Seattle, whoro they are
down for another Loague game,
Vancouver   Team.
'   Tho 'Vancouver teum, according   to
a despatch in Friday's  Herald,  is:
Backs—McLean nnd Gunzon.
Halves— Grnhaui,  Strang, Forrest.
Forwards—Shawcross, Nanson, Robertson, J. A. Jonos.
Reserves— Snmfion, Knowlea,  Saul.
U. S. FLEET.  .
AMOY,  Oct.  SO—Tha Chinese poo-
p,o are apathetic regarding the     ar-
DAN FRANCISCO, 'Oct. 80—Anothor name has been added to the
rival of tho socond squadron of tho trio accused yesterday in tho confes-
Unitod States fleot. Only a fow sio" o( ®- A- a- *"»>•• tho grand
natives turned out to witness tho or- ' J"''* briber, who declared . that ho
rival ot the battleships. Resentment hnd beon oueml ten thousand dol-
at     the severe measures to exclude '»« und a  pension   of ono hundred
In 1898 there were only 87 labor
anions In New Zealand, now there
are 810 with a total membership of
the Chincso from participation in* the
celebration Is the chief cause of tho
Tho British consul has Issued a
circular stating that tho local officials have declined to Issue moro
than sixty passes to thc enclosure to
British subjects and that in consequence ho will rofuso to accept a
The fleot apponrod off Tai Tan island at G.80 o'clock this morning,
having been met 17 miles out to sea
by tho Chinese torpedo gunboat Fi
Ying which escorted the ships to
their anchorngo whilo tho forts on
shore and the flagship of the Chinese
si/uadron, the Hal Chai, fired tho
customary salutes which woro replied
to by the American ships.
Admiral Sail, commander of the
Chinoso squadron, boarded the American flagship at Antoo and loft
with Admiral Emory tho curds of
rVlnco Tu Lang and lian Ting Yicn,
vice-president of the foreign board,
tho Imperial representatives sent by
tho government at Pekin to welcome
the fleet. American patrols have
keen landed and aro stationed on the
beaoh and along the rond. No nfll-
cer or man will bo allowed to enter
the native city of Amoy.
Belleville, Oct. 29.—Harry Burton,
nn Engllsmnan about 23 years old,
fell forty feet from a tramway at
the Ocllevillo cement works this morning, and was Instantly killed.
—        ■     I
LINDSAY, Ont., ,Oct. 29.—Mining
operations have been commenced
near Rosedale, where It Is said silver ore has Been discovered In quantities. A local citizen has had as-
sayers on tho ground for the past
three weeks and commenced active
operations last Saturday. Oroat Interest ia being taken In the result of
tho excavating.
.    ♦	
ROME, i 'ct. 28,-Tho douth of Cardinal Mathioft at London Monday,
nnd of Cordlnnl Salvador Cnsana's
pages nt Barcelona yesterday brings
tho vacancies In tho snered college
to 14, thus mnklng it more probable
that tho next consistory will ho held
In Docombcr for tho creation of now
Cardinals. Reliable Vatican nutho-
rltios consider It certain thnt two
American Cardinals wlll ho appointed nt that time.
■   .     ■.!■■_:  *.m3L-. —..	
dollurs per mouth for his wife, to
servo a term in the penitentiary,
without rovealiug the identity of his
alleged confederates.
According to the statements mado
by Blako to District Attorney Lunir-
don, supplementing the dramatic con
fesslon he mudo in tho opon court
room, Martin Stevens, an attorney,
was made custodian of notes for
ten thousand dollars, alleged to have
bcon executed by Abraham Uuof now
on trial for bribery. Stovons whon
asked to explain Blake's accusations,
refused to mako any statement except under oath.
Stevens was attorney for Blake
whon tho latter was flrst accused of
having offered SI ,000 to Join M.
Kelley, a venironinn, in order that
Kelley should attempt to quality on
the Ruof Jury and voto for acquittal.
PARIS, Oct. 30— Special despatches from Smyrnla says that the young
Turks, believing that the Sultan has
a secret agreement with Tewfik
Pasha, tho foreign minister, haw decided to dethrone him and roploco
him by his son. Salonlca troops
will bo sont to overawe tho Albanian guard nnd fanatics reactionaries.
TORONTO, Oct. 30—The temperance wave Is surging up from the
United States and Is once moro making Itself felt in Ontario. Hundreds
of contests under tho local option
law will tako place ln the province
in January, seventy for local prohibition and thirty to secure repeal of
local option laws. Toronto will
Join In tho fight.
District No. 15 of tho International Association of Machinists, which
takes in Now York and vicinity, Jersey City and Newark, has decided to
ask the convention of the American
Federation of Labor whon it meets
In Denver on "Nov. 9, to consider applying for permission to put an agent}
representing tho American Federation of Labor on Ellis Island to look
after the Interests of ths un ons a
to soo that ths contract labor laws
are nol evaded.
Public Notice.
I have been requested by the City Medical Officer of
Health, Dr. Frost, to forbid all public gatherings of
any kind, such as Publio Meetings, Church Services,
Dances, etc.,,until further notice. Parents are requested to keep their ohildren in their own lots
Ladysmith, Ootober 7th, 1008.
Now that the election with all Its
excitement is ovor and tho town is
resuming its wonted guit, it is time
to take up the question which for u
time it was agreed to drop. It wns
a great pity thnt the movement to
start an Athletic Club should havo
had to be postponed. Tho time was
Just ripe for tho movement, and hud
the meeting thut was cnlled boen
hold, and a strong committee appointed on the lines laid down by
the Standard the ball by now might
have been under wny.
As it is tho mattef* should not be
allowed to drop. Rather it should
be taken up immediately and pushed
nhead. Thoro is general agreement
that the postponement of niTairs hus
lusted Uong enougn, and this question of nn Athletic Ifall is one of tho
first that needs to be taken up.
NEW YORK, Oct. 30—Charges were
made by Norman E. Mock, of tho
Democratic National Committee thut
tho declaration of John D. Rockefeller for Taft for president, was the
result of the deal between the Republican National Comuiittoe and
the Standard Oil Company's interests, whereby the national Chairman
Hitchcock received large campaign
contributions and Mr. Rockefeller tho
Mr. Mack says that undoubtedly
the twenty-nine million dollar fine
on tho Standard )0il Company would
be fixed up in tho evont of Mr. Taft
being elected, as a part of tho bargain.
The Democratic national chairman
said the Standard Oil Company had
landed where everybody thought it
would land. Mr. Rockefeller hold
hack for a bargain and got what ho
wanted. His declaration for Taft
is good for ut least one hundred
thousand votes in the doubtful stnt-
I cannot speculate on the exact amount the Republican National
Committee received from Mr. Rocko-
foller, but can rest assured they hnv0
both received thoir price. Hitchcock
getting the money and Rockefeller
the promises which suggest the question whether Taft is with Rockefeller
or Roosevelt, We now have on
Oil Trust and tho Steel Trust lined
up side by side, working for Tnft's
candidacy. Mr. Carnegie's statement yesterday on his arrival from
Europe; that tho election of Mr.
Bryan would be a tragedy is not
only shocking, but should arouse tho
indignation of all fair-minded citizens of the country regardless of
pnrty affiliation. Mr. Carnegie, I
am reliably informed, is not even a
votor in this country."
National Chairman Mack declared
that he had learned that tho Republican National Committee had a campaign fund of 83,000,000 and that
of this sum two-thirds were boing
used for purposes of coersion and
bribery. The national chairman
said further that $200,000 of tho
Republican campaign fund had boen
sent into Indiana and that more
than that sum had been sent to the
state of Ohio.
William J. Bryan the Democratic
candidato for president, gave out a
statement hero today commenting on
the declarations of John P. Rockefeller, made in New York yesterday,
that ho would voto for Wm. H. Taft,
Mr. Bryan snld ho was not surprised
at the declarations of Mr. Rockefeller, as the Standard Oil Company
nnd the Republican party have boon
so closely related that many of tholr
Interests are Identical. In the statement Mr. Bryan says:
"Mr. Taft has licon making speeches for mnny wooks, nnd ho has not
yet dwelt upon ths Iniquities of the
trusts, or pointed out the injustices
dono the American peoplo by them.
No wonder Mr. Rockefeller is for Mr.
Taft. Again Mr. Rockefeller says
that Mr. Tuft's election will make
for law and order. This is false.
Mr. Rockefeller's corporation is tho
most notorious law-breaker in the
United States and he is for Taft
because he does not want the
"Mr. Rockefeller also says
Mr. Tuft's eioction will moke
stability ol business. What kind is
it that he means? The things that
Mr. 'Putt's olection will enable the
trusts to get a tighter strnnglo
grasp on the American people and
put their extortion upon a more
permanent foundation. He says Mr.
Toft Is not a man inclined to rash
experiments. He might have omitted the word "rash" lor Mr. Taft is
not in favor of any kind of experiment in tho way of remedial legislation.
Tho Democrats have reason to be
grateful to Mr. Rockefeller for tearing the mask off the Republican campaign, revealing tho duplicity that
characterized It, instead of openly
attacking the Side of monopoly, tlie
Republican organization has kept up
a pretenco on reform and Mr. Roosevelt rushod Into the arena and allowed the charge that the trusts
wore opposed lo Mr. Taft to stand."
NEW YORK, Oct. 30.-Taft and
Bryan, presidential candidates for
tho presidency, after their almost
hand to hand struggle last night for
the support of Syracuse and Onondaga county, Talt speaking there at
two meetings, at four o'clock parted
company today and probably will
not again come within point blank
rango of ono another.
Taft remains in the hotly contested territory of New York state, and
Bryan goes on to take a hand
tho final fight of the Democrats for
the electoral votes of Ohio, Indiana
und 111 nois. Mr, Bryan travelled
today through .Ohio delivering a number of speeches ut various places in
the home state of his Republican opponent. ...John W. Kern, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate,
continues his tour of Indiana today,
which stato Mr. Bryan expects to
reach tomorrow. Indiana was also
tho contre of activity of E. W. Cbaf-
lin and E, S. Watlins, presidential
and vice-presidential candidates ol
tlie Prohibition party.
Announcement was made this morning that the Independence party
campaign would be closed with a big
meeting in Brooklyn tonight and another tonight in Carnegie Hall, Manhattan. Hisgen and Greaves, the
candidates ot that party for president and vice-ptesident, will be at
both, assisted by W. H. Hearst, who
is chairman of the party's national
executive committee.
The campaign for the governorship
of New York state continued today
with unabated vigor, both candidates, Hughes and Chandler, speaking
at soveral points during the day,
with meetings scheduled for tonight.
. '• »	
NEW YORK, Oct. 30-Hcmmed by
flames and unable to escape from tho
basement of a business house on
Duane streot, Harry Jones and David Mahoney wero burned to death
last n ght and Wm. Scttgast was so
seriously burned about the fnco and
hands thnt ho will probably d e.
The men wore employed by tho firm
of Stillman nnd Englo, manufacturers of celluloid novelties and they
were at work whon a" barrel of «ol-
lulold caught fire. The poisonous
fumes overcome Jones nnd Mahoney,
und thoy perished, but Sottgnst managed to fight his way through the
flumes to the street, whore ho fainted. Frank Stillman, a member of
tho Ann, nnd four grirl omployoes escaped from tho building by the flre
escapes. The flro was quickly extinguished whon thc fire engines ar-
rlved, the loss to the bulldingi being
about 55,000.
NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 30—A special from Moxico City says advices
from Tampieo that ovor fifty lives
hire been lost in the oil flro as a
result of the poisonous gases omitted from the big hole in tho ground
caused by the recent fire. Following the death of a score of men, a
few days npio, nnothcr party went
into tbo field nnd it Is said thirty
men perished, nmong the dead being
sovOral solfliors sent to the scene by
the Mexican government. The government hns cnlled upon the most
eminent' scientists in Medico to come
to the scene nnd lnvcsthrnto the sit-
VICTORIA. Oct. 29.—Tho annual
meeting of tho Vancouver Island
Football Association will bo hold at
Nnnnimo on Snturdny, November
14th, at 8 o'clock, wlien entiles will
be received nnd the Sanson's schedulo drnfted. Ed. Whyto, who ro-
contly returned to the cily, still retains tho secretaryship of tho Island
Loaguo, but will not hold It for
next yenr, ns ho intends to hand
in his resignation nt tho coming
Ono of tho principal mnttors that
will engage tho attention of the ofllcials at tho mooting will he the election of a seorotary to tnko Mr.
Whyte's placo, and tho olection oi
thc othor officers for the soason.
At tho same meoting provision for
the senior, Intermediate and Junior
divisions witl bo mado, and schodulos
for tho wholo drafted. "All clubs
who intend entering teams for the
season in each division are requested to communicate with Mr. Whyte,
whon their nppllcntlons will bo put
beforo tho meeting. Ctubs aro requested to havo nil their entries in
so that tho schedules for the senson
can bo drawn on the 14th of November.
To Nanaimo in a box car was the
experience of tho football boys on
thoir first long trip of the season,
und thuy were lucky to got that-i
so at least they were told.
Tho E. _ N. Railway Co., have
made a practice of issuing passenger tickets for freight trains, and
there has boon no notlco that tho
practice would be discontinued. Ac-i
cordingly us tho best wny of getting
to Vancouvor, the boys decided to
take iho freight train to Nunaimo
und cross on lhe Joan, 'rickets were
obtained and the boys waited round
tho depot, only to be told by Conductor Fletcher thnt they would not
lie allowed to travel.
Tho Conductor's reasons were first
thut twenty men in a caboose would
impede tho train gang in their work.-
Also tho caboose was the homo ofthe train mon. Thoy lived in it, ate
and slept in it and they did not
caro to have it crowded with men.
This was reasonable enough hut con-
sidorlng the plight the boys were in,
the intelligence come rather   late.
Finally, ns a general concession,
thoy were nllowed to travel in an
empty box car, »■■' 'hey bumped
along happily onough to Nanaimo.
However, thero will bo no freight
bookings unless there nro definite instructions that they fun travel. Certainly it would never do again to
trust, to the tender consideration of
n conductor who for years lived in
the town, nnd who. one would have
thought, would willingly havo suffered a littio inconvenience to help on
the boys.
CHICAGO, Oct. 80—Ten million
dollars in round figures, out of a total of eighteen million dollars put
up by Investors for the bankrupt!
Chicago and Milwaukee Electric railway company, has gone into something else besides eonstructicn, according to reports of certified ao-
count to the receivers appointed by
Federal Judge Grosscup. The principal feature of. tho accountants' reports wore mado public today.
Tho reports show that $8,454,000
hnve beon spent in tho construction
of tho road. Outstanding against
this n total bond and certificate issue of sixteen million dollars and
other debts nmount to S2.169.000,
making the total dobt ol over eighteen millions. Tbe difference betweon this amount and the money
actually expended on the road is $!>,-
815,000. Only a hazy idea of ths
the ultimate disposition of this latter sum exists outside tho circle of
tho promoters of the company. A
tremendously large amount waa dissipated in the selling of bonds at
extremely low prices.
Until affairs are probed throu-h,
tho investors will not know all of
the qulcksnnds that sucked ln their
Receiver Moore was appointed by
Judge Grosscup at tho Instance of
the Loowcnteldt London Security,
Company, which haa $12,500,000 of
tho road's bonds.
RICHMOND, Va., Oct. 80-WiIstra
Green a negro youth, was electrocuted in the state penitentiary today
for attempted criminal assault on a
young white girl of Chesterfield county. After his conviction he mods a
full confession.
Today was also set for the electrocution of John Finney, a negro, for
a similar crime, but lt having been
found that ho was feeblo minded, tho
governor a few days ago commuted
his sentence to Impi isonmont foe
SEATTLE, Oct. 28,-Whnt Is des-
crilted ns n pure milk whito door was
shot nnd ' killed nonr Cnmano last
Snturdny by Clyde Tethrow, formerly of Seattle. The buck was a
monster, welghlhg 208 pounds whon
dressed. It had symmetrical antlers and olght points. Not Infrequently tho weight nf big bucks ls
estimnted nt 2B0 pounds, but wh.'rt
ono weighs 208 pounds dressed, lt Is
nn unusually Inrgo ono. It Is doubtful if thero hns been anothor klllod
on the island this Autumn thnt was
Its equal. Much wns snld and written about nn nlhino buck that was!
killed In Oregon n few years ago.
It Is now claimed Hint In addition to
tho ono killed Inst week on Whldby
thoro nro four more. Perhaps tho
ono that Tethrow got was ono of)
the lour which hns boon scon.
EDMONTON, Altn., Oct. 20-Chlcf
of Polico Andrew McCnuloy, of
Strathcona, died early yestorday
morning as tlio result of oxposuro tn
sovcro wonthor searching for Thomas
Ollvor,. tho murdoror of old man
Bums hero recontly. In a long
chaso, McCauloy wns compollod to
sloop several nights In tlio opon, and
his constitution, nlrendy wonkoneil
by tropical fevers, whilo in tho
south campaigning, wns unablo to
Btand tho strain. Denth gives Oliver
a now loaso of lifo as McOauloy had
gathered strong evidence against
hlm and died boforo ho had a ohance l wns to replace Ivory one I broke.
to tell what he had.
"Put out your tongue," sold the
After tho lady had done so she
"Is there nnythlng tho matter with
"No-o.    Worn some, Mint's all."1
Mistress—Why, Bridget, what on
earth nro you doing with all the
broken dishes on tho shelf?
Bridget—Sure, mum, ye towld ms CONSCJLC ME
■<'' n im
It You Require Any
Or If Yeu Require Any
Whetln r
•r If You Want to Buy a BOUSE,
or gall Ons;   or If You   Want
damage Barnard, and now it is attempting to-ascribe its own foul
methods to the Colonist.
notary FM>U*.
In time the Times will learn that
cleaner methods will bring it greater influence. If there is anything al
ull in the cry of British fair play,
the Times can only have done Mr,
Templeman a  grave disservice.
tecumsehs to play west-
Minster in may.
Wo suffered to some extent from
its unscrupulous tactics up here. 'Thu
statement, which was as brazen
lie as was ever published, that the
word had gono round to the Conservatives to voto for Hawthornthwaite
appears to havo had soma influence
on the voters iu the south end of
the constituency. That .was the section that the shameless fabrication
was intended to affect, and yet the
Times has tho effrontery to complain
of underhand methods. The Times
is surely the bost political lie-factory
on this coast.
Ladysmith   Standard
Published oa Wednesdays ana ustsr-
iaya Afternoons by ths
Robt. R. Hindmarch,
Oss Ysar I1.50
au Months  , „,.    .7*
Atfvartlalag Rates on Application
Now that wo havt settled tho    affairs of the Dominion for four moro
years, or had them settled for    us,
we may once again   turn our attention to   matters which moro nearly
concern us all.     Thero is no doubt
ait all that tho people feel moro than
disappointed that tho winter is once
moro to be passed in darkness.    We
have heard a  good deal of dissatisfaction expressed, and listened to  «
great deal of casual and calculated
criticism of tho council.     Of course
it is easy onough to ask what    the
Council has been doing, and to   declare that something ought to have
been done long beforo this.   The fact
is that   Mayor     and Aldermen fool
just about    as     much,  and maybe
more, disappointed then any of   tho
citizens at the slow progress    which
has boon made.     The great difficulty
has beon that tho sum to be borrowed was not largo enough to attract
investors.    What otters tho city havo
received    have all involved a  great
sacrifice,    and as no one can blame
the Council for standing out for the
best terms they can get.    The negotiations with the 0,P. railway company at flrst     promised a  satisfactory solution of the difficulty.     Tho
big railway    company   had already
given proof of its interest in the city
by its land clearing operations, and
it was natural to conclude that,   if
it could be induced to tako up    the
electric light debentures,  the stability of the town would bo practically
guaranteed.     It was this consideration more thnn anything else    that
has led tho council to wait so    long
upon the pleasure and convenience-of
the railway company.
The time has now como to take a
fresh stop. The sower by-law wants
to be hurried through, tho sums to
9* borrowed lumped torethor,. and
■"" wholo offered to the Eastern
It is improbable that the
debentures will' bo taken up at par,
but thero is a much bettor chanco
of obtaining fair terms with the blp-
ger figure. From a business point
of view the transactions need to be
hurriod through as much as possible.
The town, after years of stagnation,
has only commenced to waken up.
More has been done ln tho way of
buildings and improvements In the
last three months thnn in the throo
years preceding thom. Nothing-
would contribute more to keep tho
trado running thnn n sewerage system and electric lights. It Is therefore to the intorcst of tho Aldermen,
as well as tholr duty, to uso th Ir
utmost endeavors to got theso systems undorway. Tho now by-law
ought to bo ready for Monday ovon-
ln-    —j
It speaks so much at random that
it forgets what it has said. One day
it statos: "The McBride machine
slipped a cog in the Nanaimo constituency. Ralph Smith occupies a
position of 'splendid isolation' toduy in British Columbia., Ho is on-
titled to all the glory of winning a
bitter fight against overwhelming
odds." The odds wero a three-cornered fight—Smith's only salvation.
Even thon he only scraped out, and
wo shall tako the Times to prove
that ho is only representing one-
third of tho electorate. "The arrangement between Premier McBride
and Mr. Hawthornthwaite," says the
Times the next day, "that tho Socialists of Victoria should vote for
Barnard in consideration of the Conservatives of Nanaimo district voting for Hawthornthwaite workod all
right for the Conservative candidate
In Victoria, but just at present neither Mr. Shepherd nor the Socialist
onndidato in Nanaimo appreciate the
arrangement. It certainly was
rough on Shepherd." Smith, then,
was helped by Conservatives in Nanaimo, and on the same authority,
In Esquimalt and Sidney.
The secret and likewise the mystery of the whole ^thing was, to uso
Times phrase, the "grand vote"
at Esquimalt. It was a strange
vote in every sense of the word. Even with this vote, without the Conservative holp in Nanaimo, Smith
was beaten. Ralph is beaten anyway. He is dishonored in his own
district,  politically down and out.
Ing, and, wllh propor handling, the
actual work of Installation may be
commenced Iwforo the Council's term
of office expires.
The "Times" ls clearly a very
sick newspaper. It put up a great
fight for Its proprietor, as It was
bound to do. Thore was nothing
left unsaid that could In any    way
Take tho Times for it. The total poll to hand is 4210. One third
ot that figure is 1400, and Ralph
has 1500 votes. The Times tolls ue
that Conservatives voted for Hawthornthwaite, and had previously
told us that Conservatives would
voto for Smith, Wo know: also that
an attempt was made to turn Conservative votes to Smith in Nanal'
mo. If there ls anything in all
these things Ralph's own vote would
not have reached 1400. Tho Times
Is altogether too smart.
According to the Herald, Smith is
entering a suit against Jas. Young,
of Nanaimo, for criminal libel. ' The
alleged libel was contained in some
campaign pamphlet entitled Young's
Bulletin. We have not seen the Bulletin, but Mr. Smith will flnd it a
hard matter to establish libel, and
he would have done better to leave
well alone.
Brings Two Wives to America,   but
is Forced to Return one to
China to Await His Return.
Already the Canadian national
game has dropped off to sleep for
the winter. From now until spring
in Canada the stiok will remain idle,
and the pen will be the weapon, says _this citv'
the Toronto Star.
True Aid. Billy Foran is very busy
just at present winning for Canada
the amateur championship of the
world at the Olympic games, but
otherwise it is all oil with lacrosse.
In short the gome has been transferred from the field to the desk.
Charlie Querrie will be as busy as
any other lacrosse manager in the
business. When spring comes round
according to the indications of the
present day, his champion Tecum-
sehs will take a trip. If the Minto cup doesn't repose in Toronto
thereafter as a direct consequence of
that Utile ramble, then a whole lot
of people ln this vicinity are going
t   bo sorely disappointed.*
Charlie has begun his campaign already.
In a personal letter addressed to
C. A. Welsh, manager of ths Wostminster lacrosse team, who swooped
down on the poor Shamrocks and
carried the trophy away over the
Rocky Mountains, the Tecumsoh manager makes the announcement that,
providing suitable dates can be arranged, he wdll take his Indians out
thore next May to tackle the world's
champions for the possession of the
fumous cup.
Charlie, in writing his introductory challenge, does not enlarge upon tho chances which ho considers
the Tecumsahs may have of capturing the mug. But he doos make the
very significant statement that he
will considerably strengthen his team
beforo taking it across the mountains.    He means business.
Fr&l McMillan, a Toronto man,
who was in New Westminster recently, ia responsible for the statement
that the Tecumsahs have about completed arrangements for a tour of
Australia early next year, being due
to leave about tbe beginning of .Tai-
uary.     .Their plan would be to play
ser es of games Is the Commonwealth duringi the summer, returning
to British Columbia in time to make
NEW YORK, Oct. 29. — The six-
round glove contest between Philadelphia Jack O'Brien and Sam Langford, scheduled for tomorrow night
before tho National Athletic Club,
has been postponed ono week because of tho attitude of tho police
department towards boxing clubs in
o   i
VANCOUVER, Oct. 28.—II is re
ported today that W. W. B. Mclnnes may yet sit in the Houso of
Commons for a Western constituency
the information boing that overtures havo already bcon mado to him
by prominent Liberals in tho Yukon that he accept the nomination
there. Whilo no official statoment
regarding tho mutter could be secured, it is understood, on tho authority of prominent members of tho
party in Vancouvor, that tho roport
is true.
Returns to Date Show That the Majority for Laurier Government
Will be 48.
MONTREAL, Oct. 27.-A few, alterations have beon made In the representation of tlie different provinces by later returns. Nippissing,
Ont., has elected the Liberal candidate, whilo South Huron and North
Bruce have beon added to tho Con-
(servative sldo. Mr. Wilmott is defeated in New Brunswick. The elections so far decided give' this standing in the various provinces. Seven
elections are deferred:
LONDON, Oct. 29.—M. Mllovanov-
ias, tho Servian Ministor, who is
now in London, in an interview said
the Servian Government regarded
the session of a strip of territory
along the Drina as absolutely indes-
penslblo and tl.e-ehy linking horself
to Montenegro and acquiring an outlet to tho sea.        „
Austria's refusal to grant Servla's
moderate demands, In the opinion of
Milovnnovies, would compet'o Servla
against her will to prepare calmly
but resolutely to defend hor vory
existence. Sho would not outer upon
a rash war of adventure, but would
bo ready when tho time enmo to
fight to tho Inst for her independence.
LONDON, Oct. ,29.—All the suffragists with tho exception of two who
wore arrested last night during tho
disorders in and around tho House
of Commons woro thin morning arraigned in court and fined $25 each
They refused to pay and were consequently sentenced each to ono
month's imprisonment. Of tho two
exceptions, ono was a girl undor 21
years of ago, and tho othor a woman who secured an adjournment to
lodge a charge of assault against
the constable who arrested her.
New Brunswick  	
Nova Scotia	
Saskatchewan  ,
.    4
British Columbia	
« —
Immigration authorities at Washington havs ordered a temporary division in ths family of Robert Su
Tun Bossman, the Hong Kong mil
lionaire, who was refused admission
because of his belief in polygamy;
and because he was accompanied by
two wives. liie government has
ruled that Bossman may stay In
this country with oae of his wives,
but tho other must be deported. Tho
embarrassing predicament ha* been
solved, It is said and Mrs. Clara
Bossman, who Is accompanied by
four children, will remain in attendance upon her husband, who is undor
treatment ln the German hospital
for nervous dlsordsr.
■ t i
—Within ono week from the time the
I soldiers of Tennessee, under person-
' nl direction of Gov. Patteraon spread.
thoir tents ln the heart of the night-
riders' region, evidence of the most
damaging nature against the murderers of Capt. Quentin Rankin, haa
boon uncovered.
Frank Perrlnor, ln a confession haa
Implicated ten or twelve men now In
custody. He gave names and went
into detail. The total number of
arrests Is 85, and of this number
it ls alleged that half belong to
the right riders' band.
5K Billiards and Pool $
Beit Liquori and Cignri.
brave attempt.to wrest the Minto
cup from its lawful custodians.
Charlie Querrie makes no mention
of the Australian trip in his letter
to Mr. Welsh, arrangements not hav
ins been completed at the time he
wrote. fl
■ „'■ *
WASHINGTON, Oc* 29.-Diplo-
matlc, together with stats department officials, an wondering just
what is to be Hollaad's next stop
her dealing! with Venezuela. Now
that .resident Castro has declined
to revoke hia decrees of May 14, prohibiting the transhipment of goods
for Venezuelan porta at Curacao,
Holland's latest noto demanding the
revocation ol that decrte generally
has been understood to bs an ultimatum by Holland, and Nov. 1 waa
set down as the limit of time in
which she expects Venezuela to take
favorable action on her demands. As
that time is now near at hand, Holland has maintained lhat the rcstor
ation of Curacao's commercial intercourse with Venezuela Is absolutely
necessary to her existence.
Thero has besn some talk of a
blockade of the ports of Venezuela
by Holland. If Holland Is determined to do this she.Is fully prepared for the work, having three good-
sized vessels in West Indian waters.
With a blockade of 'Venezuelan ports
the Holland government believes she
can force Castro to terms,
MILWAUKEE, Wis., Oct. 29.-The
steam barge Adam Cornelius, left
Milwaukee early today for Buffalo
with a cargo of 2,70,750 bushels of
wheat. This is the largest boat
load of groin ln one consignment to
leave Milwaukee in the history ol
navigation on the great lakes. The
Adam Cornelius arrived hero early in
the week with a cargo of six thousand tons of coal.
ANNUAL LOSS OF $800,000,000
NEW YORK, Oct. 28.-Wam. Dut-
cher, president of the national association ol Audubon societies, declared that the annual convention of
tho association at the natural museum of arts yesterday that Americans wore robbing themselves by allowing an annual crop loss of ?800,-
000,000 through tho destruction of
Insect-eating birds. He called for
fund to fight tho commercial bird
killers in every state.
Commoner Addresses Big Crowd   ot
Nlghtworkers In City Hall Park
in  Nsw  >York.
NEW YORK, Oct. 28.-Wllliaui J.
Bryan held one of the most remarkable political meetings on record at
4 o'clock this morning in City Hull
Park, when he addressed several
thousand nightworkors whose hours
make it impossible for thom to attend regular meetings. Bryan stood
upon the steps of the city hall and
the crowd gathered In the park
about him. The men came from power houses, telegraph offices, street
car headquarters, all-night restaurants, morning newspapers and other
places whoro work nover stops. Tho
mooting was held at the requost of
a committee of morning newspapermen.
A peculiar phase of the strange
meeting'was the fact that half a
dozen human derelicts, asleep on tho
park benches, were not disturbed,
hut snored serenely through tho
cheering and excitement. Arguments
on the labor question did not dispel their drowsiness.
♦     ■
Bon. Jas. Dunamulr's Palatial Vessel Leaves San Dlsgo Today,
San Diego, Cat., Oet. 29-Lt-Oov.
James Dunsmulr's private steam
yacht Dolaura arrived yesterday from)
lAcapuko, commanded by Capt.
Shanton, formerly a commander ln
tho Royal navy. She baa thirty-
two people on board, Including officers and crew.    The yacht will sail
TABLE:    -
SPOKANE, Oct. 29.—Apparently
in good health and in the act of
making a medical examination, Dr,
Edwin H. llitchins dropped doad of
heart failure beside the operating table in his office yesterday. The patient, who was on the operating table, rushed out and summoned a
druggist, but the physician was dead.
VANCOUVwR, Oct. 29.—Forty fivo
thousand dollars' bonus will b" distributed in a fow days to the employees of tho B. C. Electric Railway.    The men will get $07 each.
SHANGHAI, Oct. 19,-Tlio Chinoso
Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai,
has sent a mossnge to Admiral Spor
ry, welooming the Amorlean fleet to
China. This action Is considered
among foreigners as noteworthy, as
tho Chamber of Commerce is tho
body that led tho boycott against
Amorlean goods hero thrco yoars
LONDON, Oct. 29.—Wreckage picked up In the North soa confirms tho
fears that the steamer Yarmouth
foundered two days ago while crossing from the Hook of Holland to
Harwich. Tho Yarmouth was
channel freighter belonging to tho
Great Eastern 'Railway Company,
She carried a crew of 22 men and
it is believed that thoy all perished,
The couple were of the color of the
ace of spades. ^M
"You charge your husband wltn
having struck you repeatedly with
hi* arte?" aked the Judga of the
'Yes, your honor," she answered.
'Six months!" shouted the judge.
"These black hand outrages have got
Christy Matheson Announces His Retirement to Devote Himself
to Business Career.
NEW YORK, Oct. 29. — Peerless
Christy Matheson, tho Giants' mainstay, and one of tho greatest pitch-
tho national gamo has. ever
known, will, in all probability, novor be seen in the unl.vrm of tbe New
York club again.
This declaration was made by Matheson himself in the office of James
Perry agency of the Prudential Insurance Co., whore the great twlrlcr
has accepted a position as a representative of the conipany.
"Baseball shall probably see mo no
more, that is, as a professional,"
said Mathewson. "The inducements
oflered me in the insuranoo business
are so great that I would either
have to sacrifice a business career or
base! all life, and I should choose
the former.
It may mean a great deal to the
New jYork club and probably to
thousands of fans throughout the
city, but I have besn in the gamo
eight years now as a professional
player and will probably be forced
to quit the game before the termination of two years more. For that
reason I have been looking around
for something to do when my timo
as a  plnyor is rounded out.
liie insurance business showed hi,;
opportunities and I have accepted
this position, not ,ns a matter of
necessity, but in order to be prepared for a buslnoss career when 1
found my usefulness as a ball player at an ond."
Why have an oven
sufficient only for three
pies when "Sask-alta"
Range oven will take
four pies and other
cooking? The more
[space you have
—the less ftiel you use-the less work you do.
Fuel and work are just about the main items
of expense in the kitchen! "Sask-alta".
Range saves both for. you.
Lontfsn, Toronto, Montreal Winnipeg, Vancouver, St John, Hamilton, Calgary
Ladysmith Hardware Co.
j. m. mot^GAH
Teacher of Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at the
Standard Olllce.
[Teacher of Music]
Studio in Williams'Block {
OTWtaAnKHT, Cam., Eng.,   Oof.,,       »!«»«■_■ ^wt.-
3B.-T1*   race    for tho Cambridge"- "' »'«<">« «way.
I shire stakes was run hers this after-1   1*e    yaeht left Southampton
[noon,    resulting   in the victory of .jury 8, was at Quebec during
L.I.I I I !-. |  I  I
1 Sfurcovll; Hand League was second,
and Succour,    third.     The   win:
The" winner started at hO-ls    Ls
League,, 10-1, and Succour 1004,
Brantford, Oet. 39—At the Brant
fell naeizos In session here today,
Esaklel Hill was charged by Mrs.
Levi Oeneral, both Indians, with Indecent assault.    Th» Jury brought In
New York,VOct. 80.—New York Is
rapidly developing into a prizefighting centre and has already become a
paradise for scores of minor pugilists and even for such of considerable prominonce. Not less that six
athletic clubs ln Manhattan and
Brooklyn aro giving so-called "boxing exhibitions" every week, which
in reality are . nothing but prize
lights. Heretofore tho matches
ranged for by them have been between minor lights of the profession,
but lately more Important events
hnve boen scheduled, which are attracting considerable interest ln the
iporting circles throughout the country.
The record will be broken tonight,
when Pocky McFariand is scheduled
for a six-round fight with Tommy
Murphy in Brooklyn.
Next week Philadelphia Jack O'Brien will meet Sam Langford, bo
Colored wonder, under tho auspices
of a Manhattan club. O'Brien ties'
been practically ruled out since ho
admitted two years ago in California that be had boen mixing up in
fake matches. Should he succeed In
defeating I_ngford, who Is classed
us Just as good a fighter as Jack
Johnson, the colored heavyweight, it
would holp considerably in rehabilitating O'Brien in the favor ond confidence of the sporting fraternity,
Householders    and   license holders
may register    and tho qualifications
under these heads are as follows:
Householders' Qualification.
1. A British subjeot of 21 years.
2. Resident in city since Jan. 1.
8.  Occupy dwelling,.or portion of
dwelling, hotel, etc.
i. Has paid all rates, taxes, or
assessments chargeable to amount of
not less than f 2 other than water
rates or taxes or liconso foes for
dogs, unless exempt under statute.
License Holders' Qualification.
' 1.  A British subject of 21 years
of age.
2. Holder of trade llcenso annual
fee for which is not less that 15.
San Francisco, Oot. 80-"0yolone"
Thompson, won from Rudolph Un-
holz in the 11th round last night.
Thompson floored Unholz twice with
a right hook to the Jaw and a third
blow put him through the ropes. The
police then Interfered. Unholz's seconds said that he had broken    the
Sofia, Bui., Oct. 80—Tho Bulgarian .o.eminent, in re;»ly to a note
roce..tiy presented by Groat Britain,
Franco and Russia, requesting Bulgaria to givo assurance of abstention from mobilization pending the
proposed' international congress, undertakes not to call out fresh reserves or adopt nny measures that
might disturb the peace.
Excellent Boarding
< Proprietors.
Tokio, Oct. 80.—There ls no foundation for tho roport of tho death of
Admiral Count Gomdel Yamamoto,
the former minister of the navy.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned and. endorsed "Tender for Dredging Coal Harbor," will
be received until Friday, 80th October, 1908, at 4.30 p.m., for dredging
required at Coal Harbor, Vancouver,
Province of British Columbia:—
Tenders will not be considered unless made on tho form supplied, and
signed with thc actual signatures ot
Specification and form of tender
can be obtained on application to
G. A. Keefer, Esq, Resident Engineer, New Westminster, and at the
Dopartment of Public Works, Ottawa. Tenders must included the towing of the plant to nnd from the
works. Only dredges can tie employed
which nro registered in Canada at~
the time of filing of tonders. Contractors must bo ready to begin
work 'Within twenty days aftor the
date they have b)en notified of the
acceptance of thoir tender.
An accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, pnyablo to the ordor of the
Honourable tho Minister of Public
Works, for ono thousand dollars (Sl-
000.00.) must be doposlted as secur-
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Oct. 80.—
The warmest political battlo Indiana hns soon in recent years will wind   	
up tomorrow night with parades and ', ity. Tlio cheque will bo returned   In
rallies in every city and town ot im- c"™ of,,non"'",coP'*!,C0 of t«id»r.
i.nn,.-..   i      .,      . a       ... .\   The Department-doos not bind   it
erance   in    the state.     The great solr to ^copt tho lomSt or ally ton.
battlo tn Indiana this year is for tho der.
olection of tho state, ticket. The
presidential contest, of course, has
not been neglected, but the leaders
here feel that the national ticket will
take care of itself. The main fight
is for the control ot the legislature.
If the Republicans win, eighty of the
ninety-two counties in the state may
oxercise local option aad James A.
Hemonway will be returned to tho
Unitod States senate. If the Democrats win, there will be no appreciable change in the liquor situation.
The law enacted by the Republican
legislature provides for local option
by counties, while the Democrats advocate local option by townships,
between    the two   there is a great
 Wily Ordor,
Department of Publlc Works,
Ottawa, Octobor 7, 190S.
Newspapers will not be paid    for
this advertisement if they Insert   lt
without authority from the Department.
Transfer Notices
and Succour,    thlrdT    The   winner wl*™tl«n and started around South a verdict of gulltv and Hill    was, nones in us right hand.    Lem Pow-
The winner started at M-li    1««  -toerlca on Sept. 6, stopping    only; thisafternoon sentenced to ten yoars 'ell and Johnny Murphy (ought    90
Hot tool,    . ^    'M^^ ,111 Kingston penitentiary. round! tb ft draw.
£ hereby glvo notice that I Intond
to make application to the   Board
of Licensing Commissioners     of the
Olty of    Ladysmith,  at their next
rogular   meeting, for a transfer of
the retail liquor license now hold by
me in respect   the Queen's   Hotel,
Ladysmith, from myself to Bernard
____^____________,_| LEOPOLD LEPAS.
difference in the practical results, as Ladysmith, B. C, Oct. 1, 1908.
it Is generally    admitted that    the I   . .     ,       ,    —~    .,.."".
townshln ninn umiiiri „„f i..i__ 1 hereby glvo notlco that I Intend
township plan would not bring    a- t„ mal(0 app„_ttti0n to the Board of
uout prohibition in any of the largw Licensing Commissioners of tho Oltyf
cities and towns, of Ladysmith at their next rogular
The   Ilepublloans have made    tho  I™*1"?';'°r •transfer of tho rotail
un....    ... t-     At a . liquor license held by mo In respect
liquor question the great issue of to the promises known as tho Ex-
their campaign. The Democrats, ou' tension Hotel, Ladysmith, B. 0„
the other hand, have paid littio at- ,,om myself to James Senini and
tention to the liquor issue but have' ?"aBln Bo'10-
made m„nh i ,h. ii. _i * V JOHN DOMENIOO OROVANDO
•nado   much   of th0 MegaA extrava- LadygnHt,,  B- 0    Ootober „  1908
gance ln the Republican administration of the state's business. Both
parties havo made a thorough oan-
voss of the situation during the pro-
sent week, and, according to tho
lenders, both are pleased with the
resuit, The officials at the Republican stato heudquurtors say that the
returns mako the prospects look
brlbhter than four years ago, whon
Indiana went Republican by' a lar»e
majority. The Democrats, on the
othor hand, appear woll satisfied wit^
the outlook and insist that a better
showing for tholr tioket could not
he desired,
' ' •-       i___
MET DEATH.              '
Emerson,    Man., Oet. 80— Walter
Crosskry,     of Wlnnlpog, mst death
yesterday    while engaged on repairs
on a  Canadian Northern bridge.
■ . i»                   '
Ottawa,    Oot, SO.—Hon.   Thomas
Green, died unexpectedly at
o'clock this morning.;      B	
hi Mi 11111 (j,, niTiTirm
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, air
or foreign substance fused with
carbon. iCorbon gives toughness
stenath, heenesft and life.    .. a
Thirty year's study of the raior
sliuallon has shown a way to
add the highest per cent of
carbon to a- Carbo Magnetic
razor blade throug a secret
INQ giving It a uniform dls-
moM' like hardness-some'
thing absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered ■> razors,
and thev sre Hamburg ground.
But Test this UNCONDITIONi
home-or have yourbarber use
It on you-for thirty ds
801,15 AGENTS:
, Ladysmith Hardware Go. ,.-__-.
'elegraph News ofthe
World in General
IKlMl.i 11.1J  uui^, INO BUSINESS.
n.iThe Only Man Who Figures Around
rhis Undertaking Parlor is tl
Attorney for the Company.
Ottawa. Oct. 27.—The annual   con- .
venZTil the National Council    of'     This Und.rtak.ng Parlor is the
Women of Canada began In this city
today under the presidency of Lady gAN FRANCisC0, Oct. 28.- Ar-
f Elgar. Tho attendance includes sev- tiolM o, ,noopporaWo- ar0 tQ be Bub.
. sral score   of   women from all over ^^ today to flve weU knQwn W|J.
men ot Oakland who will constitute
the board of directors of the California Women's Undertaking Company. The |only mero man who figures in the organization is an attorney whose services will not lie needed aftor organization. The business will bo entirely undor tlio direction of women.
CUMBERLAND, Oct. 28.-WillIa.m
Sloan was elected here by acclamation today. This has been a foregone conclusion hore {or many weeks.
Sloan's popularity was a factor
which could not bo overcome, as he
has strongi support among prominent
Conservatives who realized and admitted that WH'Mam Sloan had dono
much for this district. The prevailing opinion here is that Princo Rupert wlll now make a strong bid
for the British Columbia portfolio.
There is a big colobration planned
hero for tonight.
i the Dominion.       Tho sale of narco'
1 tics and    other important matters,
: will be discussed during tho several
days of the convention.
i ♦	
Newburgh, Oct. 27,-Dennls Hlckey
who was awarded a congressional
medal of honor for distinguished valor in the civil war, died hore today,
i He was a member of the Second
Cavalry Regiment New York volunteers. He was a Mason and prominent in O.A.R. circles.
Boston, Oot. 2)'.—Preparations of
an elaborate character were completed today for the celebration of the
centenary of the founding of the Roman OathoUc diocese of Boston. The
! celebration will be ushered In tomorrow morning with solemn pontlflclal
mass in the cathedral and the exercises will continue flve days.
Boston, Oct.    27.—A twelve round
contest    between   Tommy Quill   ol
Brockton and Young Loughrey,    the
Philadelphia lightweight, Is the principal    feature of the card arranged
for tonight's    boxing show at    'he
Armoury Athletic Club.    The    two
are regarded aa evenly matched and
: as both are reported to be In   good
I condition,   a lively    and Interesting
I bout Is expected.
♦ • '
i Los Angeles, Oct. 28.-Tbe coming
week will witnesa one ol the most
notable long-distance automobile
races that haa ever taken place in
this part of the country. The raoo
will ibe from this city across the desert to Phoenix, Ariz. The contest
has aroused muoh enthusiasm among
motor car owners and the number of
'entries is already sufficiently large
to insure a  successful race.
Accotdlng to presont arrangements
the start will be made from the Hol-
lenbeck hotel in this city at midnight next Thursday. The ears will
be sent away at hall-hour Intervals.
The run to Phoenix, If the conditions
are favorable, ls expected to occupy
about 25 hours. The route will be
over the old Mission road and will
extend through a numbor of towns.
The winner of the contest will be a-
iwarded a handsome silver cup,
— 4      ,      ■
Jaokson, Oet. 27.—The Mississippi
state fair and industrial exposition
had an auspicious opening today, the
attendance being unusually large for
an opening day. The racing pro.
gramme will be Inaugurated tomorrow and will continue seven daya.
Manila, Oct. 27.—Official despatches received from the sections visited
by ths typhoon recently place the
1 death roll at 800 and the damage of
property at one million dollars
There were no reports of damage in
Isabella province.
TORONTO,  Ont.,  Oct. 28.—Albert
Baker, 24 yoars old, a  pointer, suicided today by taking carbolic acid.
Frlederkhshafen, Oct. 27.— Count
Zeppelin's airship mads an ascension
this morning with Prince Henry of
' Prussia and Capt. MlcMa as passengers. The airship started In the
direction of ITeberllngen to tho northward of Lake Constance.
New York, Oct. 27.—The club owners of the Eastern League met in annual session at the Victoria Hotel
today to dispose of all business relating to the soason Just closed,
which was one of the most successful in the history of the organization.
BRANDON, Man., Oct. 58. —The
final returns In tho constituency of
Brandon, gives Hon. Clifford Sifton
a majority of 68.
EL PASO, Texas, Oct. 28.— News
reached here today from various
sources, that a battle between Pa-
IPagoa and Yaqul Indians has taken
place north of Altar, Sonora, and
thot forty Yaquis were killed.
Aoeordlng to reports, the Mexican | to remain there longer.
Rev. "Kid" Wedge, formerly
well-known ' pugilist of thc middle
west, who loft the ring three years
ago and became a minister, has reverted to his old occupation, and
has signed articles to box Walter
Stanton, of San Francisco, at Omaha, Oct. 31.
■At the height of his career Wodge
professed Christianity, and, leaving
the ring, entered the Nebraska University, where he studied for the
ministry. He iwas given charge of a
church ln Lincoln, but says he is unable to make a living in church
work, and has returned to the boxing game.   ■
 4 —
NEW YORK, Oct. 27—Soaking
wet from his flying automobile trip
in the rain from Paterson, N.J., Wm
J. Bryan was greeted with open
arms by the reception committee of
the Women's Democratic Club and
was kissed by two of the leaders,
while seven hundred others looked on
and applauded.
A third woman was about to kiss
Bryan when he blushed and stepped
backwards. Mrs. Bryan, who was
present, laughed at her husband as
he retired from tho osculatory attack.
The flrst two women to kiss the
candidate were elderly and they sn-
futed him In a matronly fashion on
tho right cheek. The third to approach was young and dressed in tho
latest mode.
She wob close to Bryan and from
her attitude nnd by the expression bf
her pretty face, It was not believed
that she Intended to kiss htm on the
As Bryan stepped back Mrs. John
Crosby, president of ths club, stepped In front of htm and rescued him
(rom a full sized Hobsonlzatton, tho
would-be kisser looked disappointed.
time during my stay in Now York,"
said lie, "and I have learned something.     I have learned tihat wo waste
gdxjd deal of timo in sloop, before
I hnd always supposed that a man
must havo eight hours sleep a night,
but I lind thnt you New Yorkers
thrive on five hours."
'What do you think of tho signs,
Mr. Bryan?" the enndidato wus aaht
I think tho signs are improving
all the timo."
Do you expect to carry New York
I certainly do, and I expect to
carry the entire middlo west as well
as some of the eastern states. Wo
will have onough and more. Nebraska is sure, and so is Ohio."
■\       •	
Special Convention of Pittsburg District U.M.W. Hold to Consider Some Questions.
PITTSBURG, Oot., 27.—A special
convention ol District No. B, United
Mino Workers of America, representing thirty thousand minors, in the
Pittsburg district, convened hore today.
President Froohan, of the district,
on calling the meoting to ordor, said
that while the convention was gathered under extraordinary circumstances, having assembled against
the will of tho district officers, tho
following questions would be considered :
The parents of miners under    21
years old    to
Coal and Coke Company from damage under the new liability law."
"The using of tne so-called safoty
"Operators refusing to comply with
the agreement on deductions and
agreements on the increase in the
amount of wages checked off."
Presldont Lewis, of tho miners' organization, is expected to address-tho
convention tomorrow.
sign papers releasing
Monongheln River Consolidated
NEW ORLEANS,   La.,   Oct. 28.-
ST. PETERSBURG, Oct. 28.—Nicholas Tsohikevsky, the aged Russian
patriot who has been imprisoned
the city for nearly a year, was released this afternoon at a quarter
after four. The lund subscribed in
England to cover the bail demanded
by the Russian government for-iTcch-
ike\ sky's release wae received here
yesterday and was deposited in the
imperial bank today.
The patriot was taken from the
prison und conveyed under escort to
the gendarmeries headquarters.. He
ivns sot at liberty as soon as the formalities had been completed.
Nicholas Tschaikovsky was the
first leader in tho reform movement
in Russia and was known as tho
"fathor of tho Russinn revolution."
Ho was arrested on thc Russian
frontier on Nov. 23, 100",', and nt
once confined in tho fortress of St.
Peter and St. Paul.
NEW YOTtK, Oct. 27— Nana, a
French poodle, owned by Edward
Ellsworth, a real estato operator,
now bus moro luxurious accommodations in the P'iaza than have been
provided for any other pet housed in
iim lip,,■_»_», win iipMimtiaTrtMiininimii—M
Cose of Boston. A number of bishops and other prominent prelates
occupied scats in Lho sanctuary during the mass. Mgr. Diomodo Fair
uonio, tho apostolic delegate to tho
United States, was _the celebrant.
The sermon was preached by Archbishop O'Connell.
The big cuthodral was crowded'tne hotei since tlio opening of tho
when tho services began. The pro-1 establishment. A private room, a
cession to the catnodral was mpros-jtutorl a maid, a private bath and
sivo. Several hundred priests of tho a specia, menu, are among tho items
Boston diocese lod und wore follow- 'on _,e \iat of tho necessaries of life
ed by soveral hundred visiting nienir provided for tho dog yesterday,
hers of various religious orders. The, Orders were given that nobody is
bishops, archbishops, nnd Mgr. Fal-'t0 bo permitted to enter the room
conlo brought up thc rear. jn     the basement    near   the powor-
Tho celebration of thu centennial Is house nsslgned to Nnna. In the
to continue five days. It will con-',.oom a both tub with a shower
elude Sunday with a great parado bath attachment was placod for iho
of tho Catholic, societies of 11, nion use 0f the poodle,
and vicinity. The intervening days! /_ tutor, engaged to tench Nona to
thore -will be a succession
glous services and historical     exer-
The century just closed has boon
one of most marvelous growth and
substantial prosperity for the Catholic church in this section. When tho
diocese wns created in 1308, with
the Roy. John Cheverns ns the first
bishop, it embraced Now Hampshire
and Vermont, Massachusetts, tlion
including tho district of Maine, Connecticut, nnd Rhode Island. In the
whole diocese there wcro but threo
churches, with a total of 720 comr
So rapidly did the Cathollo population grow throughout New England during the pnBt century that
there aro now seven large and important dioceses in the territory,
which was but ono diocese in 1808.
Now the diocese of Boston , alono
embraces 248 churches and tho Catholic populutlon hus increased to
850,000. In the diocese thore are
six hundred priests and sixteen hundred members of different orders
nuns. ...
armed    tho Papagoas,,
ie Yawl" '"'o   ambush
who lured the Ya
and slaughtered them.    The reports
havo hoen officially confirmed.
— t     '    ■ -
BUDA PEST, Oct. 28.-Baron von
Aszrenthal, the Austro-Uungarian
foreign minister, in an Important
speech yesterday, indicated a yielding attitude on thc purt of Austria
which may aid materially in tho preservation of peaco- Addressing tho
Austrian delegation tho foreign minister admitted that It is Austria's
desire to do its utmost to relieve
tho present toiiBlon nnd ther therefore tho Government would not Insist that tho question of the annexation of Busnia and Ilorzonovina
should bo entirely eliminated from
tho programnio of tho international,
congress, * although niituraHy ho
could not admit that tho powers had
the right to question tho annexation of the provinces or tlie idea'
of uny terrltoriul compensations in
other directions. On this busts,
! howovor, he added there wus no ob-
The deadly fumes from Mexico's big! Jection to tho Congress plnciifg    on
„n ™n i7 _„*,, not., t.,™ tr.n, i rocorl1 tho abrogation of tho urtl-
oil well flre, sixty miles Irom ram-clos j,olattllR to"Bosm_ „„,,   Novilm.
plco, have killed more than a score zar|.    q>ho Austria Hungarian   gov-
of    workman    during the past     lew eminent wns trying to smooth   the
days, completely blackened the white ",ay tor tho ooiiroronce nnd ho hoped
, .        I.     ,.       .   ., , his government's    Intentions   would
paint on thc sides of ships, ondang-|bo npl„.e0|llt0l| „t Constantinople,
ered commerce and caused thousands (nnd n hnnd extended ior a friendly
of dollars damage to ranohes and agroomont. With regard to Sorvla
0th* __ghbor.ng interests, accord-i0^t~ttT'tlf mnu"
Ing to Capt. Michael Henrichs ofthe m „nv wnVi but notwithstanding
Str, City of   Mexico, which reached this, his government was willing   to
New Orleans Monday night. ltront both    w,th    benevolence and
„ ..„      , ,   f .. ., take their    interests Into considora-
Battling to save what they could tion     It wouW.  hmvuvor, ho better
from the wreckage, American    mine for thoir own interests to set   prac-
owners after spending more than    a tlcal  alms front their activity    In-
milllon dollars, Anally succeeded   ln ate?A, of pursuing dreams that would
, .,       '       ..'        - . not bo ronli'/ot'
extinguishing   the blaro, but    even.   Continuing,   tho   Foreign   Minister
greater terrors than before prevailed dillnted upon- Austria's conciliatory
then.     The flames had consumed the attitude    which   had mot with   the
. .   .     ,      ..    -„_ warmest    support     from her allies,
noxious gases, but when the lire was Gcrm„nv „nrt,TIt„ly. He looked to
stopped, the gases burst forth. Ia- the future with'confidence nnd for
borers Inhaling a breath of the stuff thnt very reason ho believed that
dropped in their tracks dead. """"I, governments wore playing   an
- ... „ . „  . .    equally conciliatory policy.
Owners of the well nave applied to pnris, Oct. 28. — It wus learned
ths Mexioan government for aid and here, nuthorltntivoly, todny that tho
several companies of soldiers have Bulgarian government, In view of tho
>__. a—i tn *h. ....n tn t.h. »_,'cessation of military preparations
been sent   to tho scene to take the on tb_ part of Tl|rkcy   _„„,,   nct1ng
places   of   tho laborers who refused upon tho ndvlco of tho powers,    has
docldod     to release tomorrow    75,-
000 reservists who have been hold In
NEW YORK, Oct. 27.—When Cardinal Gibbons was asked his opinion
on the divorce evil, he said:
'Divorce is one of the crying evils
of the day, in which the church is
vitally interested. Our stand is unassailable. There should be no di-
vorco at all; it pleases mo immensely to hear that Bishop Greer and
other prominent members of other
churches fool as we do In the Catholic church.
Divorce today, and I say it without reserve, ls the one black spot
upon American civil zation. It is
terrible, unspeakable, outrageous.
The number ol divorces in the .United States in proportion to the population, is ths greatest in the world
Think of that stain on our eschu-
The solvation of society depends
upon the family. The salvation oi
thc family depends upon tho preset'
vation of the marriage bond for nil
t mo. Dissolve the marriage bond
nnd you virtually dissolve socioty
Only when the sanctity of the marriage tic and the obligations of tho
fuiuily relations are more fully realized and religiouB training n the family becomes more gonoral, may we
look for better conditions in society
at large, and not until then.
Sucredness of Marriage.-
The great crimes and scandals that
ure exciting so much comment nowadays can be traced directly to c
tack of sanctity in tho family relations. It is not so much marriage,
but the sucredness of marriage that
must be rewgnized. Until then society can hardly hope to improve.
The church takes an unaKerablo
position with regard to divorgo —
there can be nono for any cause
whatsoever. If people contemplating matrimony realized this, and
found out beforehand whother they
were suited to ono nnother there
wouldn't be so., much work for the
divorce courts to do.
Marriage is a woman's destiny. It
is tho aim of hor life. Her work
should be for hor huslmnd and her
children and hor home. Anything
thnt interferes with her in this, ,her
true sphere, is wrong, nnd divorce
doos thnt. Family purity Is tho ono
gront euro for social ills.
ed than the ordinary "roll over,'
"play dead," and "jump through,"
which composo tho repertoire of less
pampered dogs, spent an hour with
Mr. Ellsworth's prize animal. A'maid
yesterday took* the poodle out for. a
walk, which sho is to have daily.
The food which Nana ate was specially prepnred in tho servant's kitchen, where Nana has her own service of dishes, which Is to be used
by nono of the other dogs intlio hotel.
The hoad porter, to whose tender
mercies most persons staying in hotels confide their pets, has nothing
to do with Nana. Nono of his sub-
ordinntes, who usually take other
dogs out for thej) daily exercise, are
to go near tho Frenoh poodle. Tho
only exercise which Naoa is to havo
will bo taken undor tho direction ol
the maid, who loads tho animal forth
at 'the end of a  now pink ribbon.
The dog is remarkably intelligent,
oven for a French poodle, and has
of learned many tricks from its tutor.
That the animal may not catch cold
during its walks blankets of various
weights are provided.
There are some tine dogs at tho
Plaza, but Nana is not permitted to
mingle in their society. They are
kopt in a large "dog room" In tho
basement. Nana Is the only pet ln
the hotel that has an apartment all
to herself. The tutor is to go to
the hotel each day to teach Nana
tricks, and after she has been fed a
maid is to go down stairs and take
her out for a stroll In Central'park.
President and Managing Director.
r,V,0. C.  PICKARD.
SpirH nry-Treasurer.
London, Oct. 88.—His British Aero
IPOI-TIOIANS SLEEP FIVE colors.    It Is hoped that this
HOUR'S   NIGHTLY. 9Uro w'^ reduce tho tonslon botweon
Sofia and Constantinople.
What W. J. Bryan Learned     About
Ptolltics in New York-Is Very
Hopoful of the Result.
— BOSTON, Bot. 28.—IA'solemn pon-
NBW YOBiK), Oct. 98.—Wm. J. tlflcol mass of thanksgiving was cole-.
Club has awarded its gold medal to Bryan was in excellent spirits when brated in the cathedral' of the Holy
the Wright brothers the aeroplanlats, he started on his trip up state to- Name this morning In commemora-
of Dayton,   0., for thslr remarkable day. tion of the 100th anniversary ofthe
achievements. "' hav» had <• delightful and busy founding of the Roman Catholic dlo-
BOSTON, Mass., Oct. 28.- Christian Soientists throughout tho coun.
try nre discussing the annoiiiicemoiit
today of Mrs. Mhry linker O. Eddy
and her assistants for n dnlly pa-
por designed to represent the ideal
of what .a Christian newspaper
should bo. The titlo of tho new paper will bo "Tho Christian Sclenco
Monitor." It will hu published in
this city.
According to tho nnnounoement,
which appears in tho Christian
Science Journal, the publication Is
designed to bo nn up-to-dnto nows-
paper and all the nows of the day
will be exploited. "The news will be
handled in a clean, wholesome manner, devoid of sensational methods."
says the announcement, "nnd there
will bo no exploitation or illustration of vice and crlmo. Tho aim of
tho odltor is to make the new pa-
moa- per acceptable in ovory homo where
purity and refinement are cherished
ns Ideals.
"In addition to tho new features,
tho paper wlll contain special departments devoted to subjocts and views
for tho betterment of tho human race
morally and spiritually.
VICTORIA, Oct. 29.-J. S. Bailey,
manager of tho Seamen's Institute,
has been advised that Edward W.
Matthews, secretary of the British
and Foreign Sailors' Society of London, Eng., who is making, a journey through Canada from coast to
coast, on a special mission for the
organization which he represents,
will arrive in the city today. Be is
making tho preliminary arrangement
for a big undertaking which tho
societj contemplates. This is tho
patriotic, educational and philnn-
throplc scheme of placing a Nelson
shield in every school of Canada.
The shiold is a vory handsome plcco
of work, made of copper from Nelson's ships, the Victory and Fon-
droyant, and shows Nelson's flagship and the bust of tho great admiral himself. The copper shiold is
tho gift of Lord Strathcona, with
whose kind help the society is attempting to place one In every Canadian school. Lord Strathcona has
donated §5,000 to assist the project
which also is favored by the lords
of the admiralty and his majesty
King Edward VII.
Besides its historic and patriotic
value, the shield is intended to bo a
stimulus to the pupils. Every yoar
thoy will be asked to write a paper
on a sailor subject, of educational
and patriotic value. .The writer of
tho best essay will bo presented with
the shield and will hnve the ho;.or
of holding It for one year.
On his way through Canada Mr.
Matthews is conferring in the centres of population with tho ministers
of education nnd leading educators,
and everywhere the scheme of tho
Nolson shields Is meeting with tholr
warm encouragement and support.
Mr. Matthews -has boen secretary
of the British and Foreign Sailors'
society for over thirty years, and
before that he was its chaplain in
the hlrtoric port of Antwerp. He
has praotically given his lifo for tho
benefit of seamen and is sometimes
called the Archbishop of All     the
Head Office
Capital $10,000,000  Rest $5,000,000
DEPARTMENT best accomodation
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
A Savings Bank Department will be
found at the branc'ifs ui' lhe Bank in Canada. Deposits of $i and upwards are
received and inlerest is allowed at current
rates. The depositor is subject lo no
delay in the withdrawal of Lhc whole or
any portion ofthe deposit. Acco tints may
be opened iitho names of two or mora por*
sons. Withdrawals to bo mad,' by miy one
of the number or by tlio survivor. Il8
L. M. dn GEX  Manager
P.O. Box 51 'Phone 44
ESf 1ST    T3'TT   C*r\   I D«aler In All Kind, ol
Ifeats Delivered free of charge on the
Trains teave Ladysmith
.Daily at 9 a. m,
Wednesday,  Saturday and Sure", iy.
at 9:00, and 15:58.
For Victoria.
Trains r\rrive at Ladysmith
Daily at 11:57.
Wednesday,  Saturday and Sunday
At 11:57 and 17:55
Front Victoria.
D. L. Chatham
District Passengor Agent.
102 Government. St., Vic
Shortest Notice.
• Bowling
And Billiard Saloon!
Fool and English
Billiard Tables.
Union Brewing Co.
full Btook ol Miners' Toole.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kind* a.   Blackemithlng
Bone at Short Notice.
Daily Piize for Highest
Bowling Score.
WHOLK8ALK ANU ltK'l'All, a, _      , r,       ,
i Always Fresh on Hand.
MEATS and VEGETABLES  Wedding and  Party  Cakes Madt to
and Pastry
Ladysmith, B. 0.
Hotel Cecil
Best Liquors and Cigars.
I Order.
Bruits and Candies ol All Kin<li
I   Prices are    vory   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
On Uio  liiplnnade.
Ladysmitli, B. 0-
Tho International Union of Slate-
workers will hold Its noxt annual
convention nt Bangor, Pa„ beginning Its sessions on Nov. 10.
When on his way to Canada last
yoar tho Amerloan Seamen's Friend
society of Now York tendered Mr.
Matthews a luncheon, nt which Mrs.
Russell Sngo promised t:> give S50,-
000 for the gallon' Institute in Now
York city. Mr. Matthews was pro-
sent last week ot the opening of
this building, which ho pronounces
tho finest sailors' Jiurtltute In nny
quarter of the globe. It cost SS50, -
000 all told, and le situated on thc
river front, where the Cunnrders lay.
» —	
*   »
* ,  MANCHESTER, Eng., Oct. 29 •
•—The Canadian   Lacrosse  Team, *
* which Is nt presont touring the *
* British    Tslos, defeated   a   team *
* representing the North of   Eng- *
* land today by 7 goals to fl.      *
"Barclay & C   n,
PORK      v
Call at
Ryan's Butcher Shop
Will be In LadyBmlth every Wednesday at the Abbotsford Hotel, Room
6. Readings and treatments will be
given. Best of references glvon as
io work done la Nanaimo,
First ClaBS Photos,
on First Avonuo
A saving of One-Half and  1
yards in all the leading shades,
ws, on finest quality;   fully   1,000
worth 25c.
Special Price, 2 yards for   2Sc
RAINCOATS—A special line at ?4.5"  each.
RUBBERS.-Now tho Wet weathor is here, you will require Rubbers. Our stock of those Is complete and wc can suit you at
Right Prices.
UMrihraULAS.—We hnvo tlio goods, nnd can supply   you with Umbrellas to suit all at Prices from 75c up to ?0.00 oach.
Shoes.—We havo supplied you with Shoes,
faction, ot reasonable prices.
Wo guarantee   satis-
Simon Leiser & Co.
grounds, and, occupying the/ stable position they do financially are,,
well able to meet the heavy ear- ■
penses of keeping a winning team
in the field. Under the former management, a considerable revenue had
to be transferred to the Athletic
Club monthly for the grounds, .training quarters, etc. With these expenses now removed the financing of
the team is made much easier, and
with such a reputable body behind
it aa the Athletic Olub, the team
has better backing than ever and
'temporary financial reverses, such as
poor gates and travelling expenses,
will not detain It from putting the
strongest players in the field.
The Athletic Club during the past
two years have made a signal suo-
of sports in ihe olty. In fact
it ia to the club now that the olty
looks for its sport and Itls fitting
that lt should now control one of
the leading sports of the elty, association football.
The new management takes over
about (60 cash with liabilities to
the amount of about half that a-
mount. They are up against heavy
expenses next week, however having
to send the team to Seattle and Victoria which will mean an expenditure of about S175. The Athletic
Club have undertaken this, however,
which shows that the}' are prepared
to give the teo_» the proper support.
It is no easy task that that institution has undertaken, and future
nes should receive very hearty
support from the citizens generally.
Nurse Addle and    Miss Beveridge
{were passengers on the noon train.
Mr. J. A. Eordley, of Dolomi
nsko, who has been spending   i_ .... -
days with Mr. and Mrs. Chris   Ste- »b°ut the worth andlvalue of a real
vens, left for Victoria and Seattle on \*ve Qrand Duke; but Winch's Grand
fewl   You may have   your own opinion
'     '   ■' dvi"
Thursday morning.
Mr. A. Challinor, of Nanaimo, wont
down to Seattle on Thursday morning.
Mr. Jas. Adam came down from
Nanaimo on Thursday morning.
Duke Cigar is class all over and
right'through. It is the best smoke
in town, is made in town and has
first call in town. XX
Tho Princess Ena was in the harbor on Thursday discharging ore at
the Tyee Smelter's wharf,
We cannot say who mill be elected
and Suits
Almost anything you want In
the way of Men's and Boys'
Raincoats. We are showing
something' Extra Special in tho
way of Men's Cravenotte Coats
for the sum of $10.00. We
have chbaper ones, but onco
you see the ?10 Coat you will
have no other.
Mr. Jas. Hughes   went   down
lino on Thursday morning.
— I Grand Duke Cigar will beat the com-
The Czar is taking the place of the blned vote of    all its rivals in the
NEW YOBK, Oot. 80.—Scarcely
week passes that not some one, i
dowed with more than ths ordinary
share ot imaginative power, ventures to inform the world what Presldont aoosevelt will do when he
has completed his term as weilder of
the "Big Stick." There may be a
few things he has not been accused
of as contemplating, but it was
merely an oversight that they were
not mentioned with the rest. Aocord-
Nanooso on tho Transfer run.
T. Harrup, formerly of Ladysmith,
now of Victoria, is in town looking
up old friends.
Mr. Wm. McAllan, of Nanaimo,
who. has been up in the northern
section of B.C., is out on a brief
holiday and went down to Victoria
yesterday morning.
Doc. Quinlan passed through town
yesterday morning on his road to
Victoria. Mr. Quintan had come
down from Cumberland.
Mr. P. K. Winch wont down to
Victoria on Thursday morning.
constituency. Smoke the winning
cigar even if you do bank on the
losing candidate. XX
J. H. Hawthornthwaite of Nanaimo, passed through to Victoria this
There is one good thing to be got
in Victoria. That is Winch's Grand
Duke Cigar which Is on sale at Wes-
terndale Railway Cigar Store, opposite the E. _ N. Station, at the
James' Bay Cigar Store, opposito
the 0. P. K. Hotel, and at the Bub
Cigar Store on Government Street,
run by Dave Lewis and Jesse Evans. XX
Mrs. Wm. Brown, of Socond Avenue, went down to Victoria on Thurs
dny morning.
Mr. W. G. Fraser paid a visit to
Nanaimo Thursday, returning on Friday morning.
Mrs. Hnll and son, of St. Louis, is
visiting hor mother, Mis. Wm. Brown
of Second Avenue.
Men's and
Boys' Suits
-For men wo handlo the celebrated Northwny Suits—i nono
"bettor for Stylo and Fit.
For Boys, wo havo tho Celo-
bratod "Lion Brand" Clothing
—Double seats, knees and elbows. Once you have worn a
suit of these you will have no
who favor the reforms set forth    in
our platform.
"The attempt to terrorize the American voter by the threat of a Panic will not succeed. We have had
panics In forty-eight years, the panic of 18?3, the panic of 1898 and the
panic of 1908, and two of these panics came under a high tariff, and
each of them came under a Republican president. j
"Mr. Taft says that a panic will
come if 1 am elected. Let him
give bond that this panic will get if
he is elected. When he says that a
Democratic victory will "?rlng panic
ho expresses nn opinion. When. I
saw that a disastrous panic came
last fall without a Democratic victory, I state a fact that cannot NOT* CE EXPIRES ON OCTOBER 3
be disputed. Our platform presents a plan for tho restoration of
prosperity upon a permanent basis;
a prosperity in which all will share.
The Republican party has no plan
that contemplates oithor the present
relief or continued welfare of tho
Tift 1^ ft l)T$ft -ws^^
j . Vl> u   \ | Qome an(]    j
Inspect    ;;
I All Work Guaranteed.
J The Last Wook
I —of—
A JanatresB to look after the Oddfollows' Hall. Full particulars may
bo had from Jas. Curry. Applications, stating terms, must be received on or bofore Saturday, Oct. 81.
Entire' Stock to Go.
For bargains In watches,chains,
brooches, pins and rings,, you
have a choice of a life time.
For tho next 80 days you can
got tho highest quality Jewelry
at your own price—as everything
must go,
ray Stock of Latest Styles ln
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Spoclalty,
nigh Street.
and Oilcloth
Jowolry Store
lst Avenue
B.  C.
all cleared away; but the smoke trom
Winch's Grand Duke Cigars Is gals.
Ing in volume all the time. The more
you smoke them the moro you   like
on the 26th;   but there is any   am-ling to one story tbe president    in-
|ount  of   money    to bet that   the ^doi to retire from public We after leaving the White House and to
live the simple and strenuous life of
former,    awaiting, like a second
Cincinnatus the time when he would
be celled away from his plow by the
will of    the people to serve another
term as president.    Among the professions selected for him by Imaginative writers were those of a pro-
lessor,   a  lawyer,   an explorer,
hunter ot big game, a lecturer,
manufacturer, a mine-owner, a balloonist, and   a professional    trust-
b'ueter.       According    to the latest
yarn, 'based on "excellent authority"
President Roosevelt has already sign
ed a contract with a certain  publishing   concern to become associate
editor of their magazine.    It is stated on the seme authority that - tho
president, while in Africa, will   not
devote   himself    altogether   to the
shooting of big game, but that  he
will penetrate Into the wilderness of
the Congo country,   to    investigate
the conditions existing there In    behalf of the magazine with which  he
is to be   associated.       There Is no
doubt   that   Mr. Roosevelt    would
make Just as able and competent    a
magazine writer as he made a president, and, if the story is actually
based upon truth, the periodical literature of the United Slates Is to be
congratulated     to    the acquisition
Mr. John Coburn was a passenger
on the morning train.
The Grand Duke Clear cha '••'•_
all brands. It is made In town, and
Is the best smoke ln town. Don't forgot to call for it. X
Miss E. Bland and Miss A. McMillan went to Victoria this morning,
Boarders, private bogrding   house.
First Class table.   Baden Powell St.
First Avenue.
Mrs. B. Siler was among the  passengers to Victoria this morning.
Tho United States Revenue Cutter
McCulloch was in for coal yesterday.
There is one good thing to be ,;ot
in Victoria. That Is Winch's Grand
Duke Cigar which is on sale at Wes-
terndale Railway Cigar Store, opposite the E. & N. station, at the
James' Bay Cigar Store, opposite
the C. P. R. Hotol and at the Hub
Cigar Store on Government Street
run by Lewis and Evans. **■
'xlmSS£_f*°'i thV.Oftl,bllk0^h0SJ;t8^ Judging from the anaemic and hys-
marrled in Victoria. Miss Ethel . "T", ___■___. , ._. , 7..
Wone is the hride   and th. ™rfdm. tertoal    character    of the American
Just arrived today—-a large
shipment ot Hardeman's Celebrated Hats In nil the latest
shapes and shades for Winter,
Tho very latest Fedora
shapes ln Brown, Bamboo and
Backus. Just out from New
York, for  ,.... $2.50
Our    Crush Shapes   are   the
very latest thing out.
Wo are now In a position to
give you the latest Hats at the
Lowest Prices.
For Latest .Styles tn Bate,
Wong Is the bride and tho wedding
took placo at the Chinese Girl's
Home. The Rev. Mr. Wilkinson, of
this city performed the ceremony.
Hooper's new building on Roberts
Street, next to Walters _ Akenhead
is rapidly assuming shape and Mr.
Hooper expects to occupy It by next
pay day with a complete new stock
of goods,
Aid, Campbell's building on First
Avenue is now nearing completion.
Mr. Roeding is now at work painting. Walters 4, Akenhead expect to
occupy it by the latter end of next
Messrs. Andrew Brydon and J.
Bland were passengers on the Victoria train.
The small pox situation in Ladysmith remains about the same. All
the patients are doing well and no
public gatherings are yet allowed.
It Is reported that Mr. J, Conlin,
proprietor of the Portland Hotel
and his sister have been taken III
with the disease.
terleal character of the American
magazines of ths present day, a little Infusion of fresh and healthy
blood would be highly acceptable.
But, after all, why don't they give
the poor man a rest. He surely
deserves It.
WINCHESTER, N.J., Oct. 31-W.
J. Bryan, the Democratic preslden'
tial candidato, In winding up his
tour of ths oast today, made public
"an appeal to tho public" in part,
as follows:
"As the campaign draws to a close
certain issues stand out clearly
"The Democratic party attempts to
inaugurate an era of honesty In politics by compelling the publication
of contributions before the election
'It seeks to bring the government
nearer to the people by securing tho" reform.
The following vessels called at the
wharves this week: Ethel White, Selkirk, Transport, Escort, Stetson,
Flngall, Nanoose, Burrard, Princess
May,    Dora and scow, Commodore.
The Princess Ena discharged ore,
and took on coal. The Czar, Tyee,
Erin, Mystery, Spray, U.S. Revenue
Cutter McCulloch, Otter and Venture
took on coal,
At a Joint meeting last night of
the Board of Management of the Athletic OluD, aad ths Nanaimo United
Football Club, It was decided to
transfer the management of the football Club to the Athletic Olub, A
number of reasons are responsible for
this change, the principal one of
whloh is the fact that It Is generally
admitted by all parties concerned
that It Is to ths decided advantage
of the team that they play under tto
management of the Athletic Club,
The    Athletlo   Club have splendid!
training   cjuartera,    own the crletart
.J i...I . i.. i ,i i...    ,-..... i..i       a) i
election of United States senators by
direct vote.
It seeks to restore competition
through legislation which will make
private monopoly Impossible.
'It seeta to reconcile labor and
capital by legislation which will
bring employer and employee together in friendly co-operation, and to
this end lt proposes the creation of
a department of labor with a secretary of labor in tho cabinet.
"An amendment to the anti-trust
law, which will exclude tho labor organizations from the operation of
that law; tho limitation of tho writ
of injunction so that it wlll not bo
issued in a labor dispute unless conditions aro such as would justify an
injunction ovon if thoro wore no labor disputes, and trial Injury in cases In direct contempt.
It seeks legislation which will secure a guarantee fund whloh will
guarantee aU depositors against any
loss. Ib
It seeks to secure a reduction of
the tarill by gradual steps, nntl-tar-
in laws will no longer be made in interests of fow and at tho expense of
the  rest of the people.
"The Democratic party, in othor
words, seeks to secure honesty in
government through honest politics,
and popular government through direct elections. It desires to secure
peace ln industry, competition In
trade, security to depositors and Justice to tax payers. The Democratic
party. appeals to the awakened conscience ot the nation and to the
of Justice in tho human heart,
and to tho growing desire for brotherhood. "With a democratic victory, for tho national ticket, with a
democratic congress and with tho
moral forco of a popular verdict, I
believe we can compel the sennte vo
yield to the expressed will of tho
people and permit tho passage of
tho more urgent reforms.
The Democratic party offers the
only prospect of remedial legislation
ond whll" " '"in no* it" ns far ns
some reformers would like tn — a
Democratic victory will secure as
much reform as Is now attainable,
In fact the only reform that Is within reach.
We have a  right to expect    the
the    co-operation of thoso
Flour and Feed which
will be sold at the lowest
market prices.
Bread Flour from $1.75
and up.
Pie Flour from $1.60
and up.
Our Groceries are ail
fresh and clean and our
Prices are right.
Full Line of
and Tobacco
Choice Selection of English
H. HUGHES, tat Avenue
A Special \
Offer to the I
| People of j
! Ladysmith
Wero 118.00
Now 91500 i
Were $15.00 §
Now $18 50
Oome and Make Tour
Selection—new stock
fresh in.
J. E. Smith,    Roberts Street
How can we afford to be
without one of those large
roomy Chester Drawers
or Chiffoniers when we
oan get them right here
in our oity for $12.00, »
$15.50 and $20.00, with
or without Mirror at
Furniture Store
Wlrst Avenue.
lense Repair.!* tr INK
CotpHicr worR.___>
^   M. O'BRIAN   $
Notice ia hereby given that the
first meeting of the annual court
of Revision on the assessment roll
ae prepared by the assessor of tho
City of Ladysmith, will be held in
the Council Chambers, Ladysmith on
Wednesday, 4th November, 1908, at
7 o'clock, p.m.
City Olerlr.
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited I
TO-LET...A Furnished bed room. Ap
ply Ure, Henry Pollard, 2nd Ave.
Of Ladysmith, B.C.
5c. Each
Knight's Book Store
Do you wear a 6j or 7
If so we can give
you some fine "Beresford
Sample Shoes" at the
Wholesale Sample Price,
finer shoes than you generally run against here.
Also the Celebrated
" Miss Canada " Shoe for
Women in sizes 3{ and 4,
B & 0 width. They go
the same way, that ,is, at
The Wholesale Sample
Foot Woar Storo
Keep Dry and Save a Doctor's
Men's Raincoats from
$10.60 to $13.00
Ladies' Raincoats
$8.00 to $15.00
John Thomas
man street.
Just Arrived
Call and See Them
terms to Suit all Buyers
Ladysmitli Pharmaey.
Just Arrived
A New Line of
Novelties and
Fanoy Goods at
Bight   Prices.
NIcKelvie Bros.
The Rov. R. A. Heath is leaving
town, and ls wiling off hla household effect*. No reasonable ofler
will be rofUBod and the furniture and
goods can.be Inspected at any time.
Blocks of land, near Ladyimith,
from D to 10 acres, For particulars
apply to 0. Gardner. sl5-lm
FOR SALE—A house on the corner
of Methuen and Third Ave. Six
rooms, and pantry, hall a lot, cultivated, with fruit trees. Apply on
fltiuil twn ■«, ptiimjiH. !**!•
title, turn .inyitf mybviii-
Ml'lllYl  III   UUV'llM'.kil'l
"fiititr'y nii'l i¥uli<nl,<it
Homos." full uf litiu'o*'.
IllS, Vrtlimble Hlitl p-iu'tl
(;,■! iufiifiiintfuii fnr liun.r
f. ttAHitv Mirrt'i, Mimcr, vmsj v_, b.0.
NEW    *
Baby Pillow Covers -
Tinted Lawn Cushion
Pin Cushion Covers
Whisk Holders
Brush and Comb Cases
_ etc-
Miss Uren


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