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Ladysmith Standard Mar 15, 1908

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Array uL
New Q-oods
Newer Goods
Newest Goods j
have received a New Consignment of—
Comprising—String and  Derby Wash Ties    ait 10c,   1-Bc, nnd   95a,
THE STRICTLY NEW TUBULAR TIE, (direct from Scotland), In
Plain anil Fancies, at 25c,  85c, and 50 rents.
THE POPULAR DERBY is all the rase.     This Tie Is mode In   a
medium width, anil is a good seller at .'to cents.
Wo havo tho Wide Derbys at   50 and 75 cents.
Also Bows, Ast-ots, Strings, Ets.—A-ll strictly new.
OUR WASH GOODS for Ladies, Girls, and Children, aro all opened upland wo havo over 2011 pioces ttnd patterns to ohooso from/
Zephyrs,"Fine Ginghams, Char..brays, Challiette,    Daintiettus,   Muslins, Etc., Etc.
Come in and see us—No trouble toshow goods.
A   few   loft    of "Our Men's LargcShirts at 75 cents.
Time Is Ripe for a Movement to Provide the Youth of
the Town With a Much-Needed Club House
These figures that show the    com-J
purativo number of accidents od the)
railroads in this country and In Europe make a  pretty strong case    a-
galnttt American    methods/' remarked the rod-headed man in the corner j
° That's whut-s the matter   Witu | Great Football Game Before a Keoord Crowd Ends in Favor
_+ .*-.
be developed, and such indoor    una-  ...     ,,       , .,-.,,       , ,,      ■.. , ,-, ,
times, is basketball coulil he playod hka thty have in iMigland and • Ger-1 history of Island
Thero has been a (food deal of talk could be encouraged, Held games,
of late of tho     groat hood   In    the eluding lacrosse .ant^bMuball    could
town of an athlotie hall.    Prom two
or tlireo quite  iudo|iundent   sources, jn season
tho Standard man    has heard    the lt would, of course, require ;l eon-1 many
question  raised and eagerly discuss- sldorablo sum of money with   which I
ed.       There     Is certainly no doubt to sturt ojiora'tions.     Hut there   ure
that such an  institution is a news- fow Inon In town who would out eon-
sity, and there is~Httle doubt that, tribute to such a Scheme and regls-
if it wore properly talon up Rw-ould ter themselves as regular subscribers
find general and generoUB support. to keep it going.    It need nut,   and,
Tho most   of tho    gentlemen with indeed, ought not, toJ« devoted ox-
whom 'tho Standard man hnB talked clusively to athletics.    There  should
are of the opinion that the time   Is be a library, a reading room,   with
just ripe for tho commencement   of such games as chess, draughts,   and
tho movement.    The interest   taken dominoes,    and,    if possible, a    bil-
in football, and tho culminating  ex- Hard table.    There should also be a
citomont in the game on    Saturday, room good enough    for basket ball,
Hannah," said the passenger from
-    ' Muskogee,    with   cheerful emphasis,
and thero ought to be a law mak-
in- ing those    high inlanders criminally
responsible for wrecks tbat might be
of Ladysmith
The big day is over and the great  latUr pla w ^uin     ul     throurfl
game is a tli ng oi the past.     And ..   . .   :
certainly there is no denying    that''hat losing    the ball    over the line.
it was tt   grout day.    Nover in    tbe Still keeping up the pressure, a Hue
..»■ fuey im\o in iMigianu and uer-1history of Island football has there ce„tro 0f Grainger's wus headed out,
avoided by tho uso of safety devicesj*-°en.Ji_u<# u-vcitowont uv*"' u   mutcl1-   ...... n....,..,
I00|>r. sold already
Just 150 Pair of LECKIE'S FAMOUS
MINING SHOES remaining to be
sold nt per pair $3.00
thev think could lie takeu advantage with Wrestling mot, clubs and all the
'cif In connection with tho scheme to other paraphernalia of a gymnasium,
'build an athletic hall. There is no. Ii the building were built'two stor-
doubt thoy aro right., With the feel- oys high it would also have a coning in town as It is, tho proposition cert hall and lecture room.
would ibid all the support it needs. The advantages of such un institu-
•All that is required is for tho proper tlon to the young people of the town
people to take hold of it. are too obvious to need stating.   It
• As things aro the only sporting ln- is almost certain thut if once the
stitution in the town is the Foot- thing were started it would go. All
ball club. Neither players nor ofli- that ls required is for some few per-
oers aro in lovo with the name. What sons to take tho initiative. The
thoy want is an athletic club; but Standard man is willing to do his
thoy cannot have an athletic club share and will take tho names ol
without an athletic hall. With a any volunteers. Also he invites an
hall, evory branch of athleticism expression of his readers' views Now
could Be cultivated, running, walking is the proper timo and season to get
Jumping and so forth, aquatic sportsbusy.
I bet that would bring 'em
to time."
"Well, I doubt it," drawled the
stock broker, blowing a cloud of
smoke towards the ceiling. "Vou
see," he wont on, "there ore two.
sides to the cuse, us there are to every question. liuilroud managers
Just us    anxious to avoid acci-
'->->->->-'->-'* '»'»■¥■»" V't* i^nr*^^>9tn^p-fi^i^S^r}
Good Tackle
-with- I
Big Bargains f
2.*)   l'Elf GENT.
P. G. N00TI
Seo Our Window.
♦++++♦++♦+++++ HttHtT
Two Finlanders and a Sympathiser, ' JJ?sL5urcut;*;Lflni8llod hor sel*-«- of
-      ..    -  .+._:. ~ _,__. addresses on Thursday evening.
Heavily Fined For Creating
A Disturbance.
Constables    Callander   and O'Con-
__  „ W.....B,   and
left town on Friday morning. The
lectures have been a great success,
ond the W.C.T.U. finds itself much
stronger as the result of Miss   Mur-
dents as you are. A good many
people seem to doubt it, but it's a
fact that nearly all of them aro human beings, and mighty few of them
are bloodthirsty, i used to ' now
a wiiiroud president who hud to gu
to bed whenever he heard of a bad
wreck on his line, he'd be so upset
by it. There are dozens of reasons
why railroad companies want to a-
void accidents—laws or no lawn —
but the conditions ia this country
and in .Europe are dillerent. The
lines over there ure all comparatively
short and run through very popu-
luus country. This gives tnew a
much heavier troUic than is possible
on our roads and justifies expenditures for safety devices that would
bankrupt Amei'xuau lines. For, after all, you'll have to recognize the
fact that the primary object ot a j
railroad is profit, and it can't do
more to better its service than
It, wus tho one topic thu single "in- ■ a,ld Bradshaw stopped an easy shot
Leiest of both towns, and both plac- from Sanderson. The visitors then
es turned out an masse to see Uw'g^ up nnd Hartley kicked out from
Ba-,ne' 'u rush from which the champio;
The mutch itself will go down in
hisUvry us one of tho greatest games
ever playod on tho islund, 'fiiu champions set /. the puce- i'lnm the first
whistle aud it was puce that won
the gamo., The Nanaimo players fail
otled to stuy und it wus stamina
that gave the victory to the champions,
Thore is really little to choose between the two teams. Both put up
tlie same kind of fust and clussy
football. There wus never at any
timo much in the game for either
side. Hut the champions ended us
they began uqd therein lies tlie secret
of their victory. The visitors lost
their sting in the' tirst half. Their
effectiveness, their dash and vim
wore gone and they were beaten before they could rally.
No impartial critic will deny that
the champions deserved to win. On
the dtiy's piay tho better side won
and that is all there is to it. The
crow this time is with Ladysmith
Tho gate should pretty near create
a record tor thc Island, if not for
the Provinco. How many people
came down Trom Nanaimo, it is iin-
pcssible to say; but outside of rigs,
motors cycles and motor-cycles, at
least a thousand must have come by
train. It was impossible to bring
them all back witli the six o'clock
train, and a social hud to be sent
down for those that were left,
noil hod rather a rough time with outts visit. Every address has
two Finlanders on Thursday night. 'J6011 well attended, und on Thurs*
Tho two foreigners wero under tho day night thero was a big audience
influenco of drink and wore quarrell- *" «»r the concluding lecture on
ing and creating a disturbance. Con- Myssla and its Islund Prison, Sag-
stable Callander warned them, and httIIon- - Altogether the visit of tho
advised them to go away home quiet- distinguished Judy traveller; littera-
ly. This they refused to do, and.teur, and lecturer, hus beon greatly
thev just as stoutly refused   to   ac-, appreciated.
I      In CHINA nnd LINENS.      I
4- China Cups and Saucers
4-     20c lip.
T Fancy. Plates, 15c up.
Iluttonberg    Conterpicoes
00 conts.
♦ Prawn Work Tnhlo Covors from T
t    $1.40.
X Mounlmolllck    Mtiri'iiu   Covers,
Miss Uren
company the constable. It was only
after a severe striurtrlu that the men
agreed to go quietly yo tho lock-up.
Meantime thoy had found a wordy
supporter in the person of a young
fellow who ought to havo known better. Ho followed the constables along tho street shooting off oaths and
imprecations. He went too fur. Be-
f<?-rc ho knew lie had rem-hotl the gaol
he was in the cell, nnd together
with tho two Finns he wns brought
up before the locjul magistrate on
Thursday ovonlng.
Atter hearing tho evidence, tho
Finlonders wore fined S20 ond costs
and their lone supporter StO.OO nnd
FOODS 7-0.
 ♦ .
Job Lot. Snaps
J. E Smith,    Roberts Street,
The following   disbursements
mado during Fobrtinry by tho
A. tk P. Fund:
A. Parsch  t
Ins. C'roBsan ,	
Ino. Mnlrhovor 	
Geo. Keserich ..'.  	
,1ns. Conlin 	
Tno. Muniins  , 	
Poter Whisker  .'.
id. McMIIInn	
G.  Inkster 	
D. Walker 	
Goo. Woobank 	
Thos. Lonhy 	
Fred. Corscna 	
D. Forsytho 	
Wm. Russoll   —	
E. Lowo 	
M. Marsanic,    (death
VANCOUVER, Mar. 13.- Justice
Morrison this afternoon declared the
Natal Act ultra vires of tho province
and granted an order of habaes cor«|
pus for the immediate liberation of
eighteen Hindus sentenced to a
year's imprisonment for failing to
pass ths educational test.
The chief ground upon which the
court held tho act ineffective waa its
inconsistence witn Uouiinion immigration laws which provide that tno
captain ot a ship may be lined $1U
il he does not laud those who are
permitted to enter under Dominion
luwtj, while under tho Nutul Act he
is liable to a lias of *6UU ior assist
ing Immigration of classes such as
Hindus who are permitted to land
under federal laws.
"1 think this is direct conflict   of
authority    aud the two acts cannot
20.00 stand," said the court,  "und under
2900 McUon U0 °' thB J,-N-A- Act-     ",u
20.00 '"don!    law   must prevail.    I will
While on this point, a strong word
■ u of praise is due tu tlie Uit-fiC   crowd
1     for  their  orderly    behavior.     There
capital and income will warrant."     Una never a   semblance of   mlsehief,
"That's all true enough," said the and tho pla**Ing pitch was never  en-
rotired troiiimastei-. "but no amount ^.T11'*' u"°"' J^, "P*"*140"-
I while, of course, not above showing
of money nor all the safety devices their partisanship1 by voclforous root
in tho world will ever put an endtojing, lelt thc game to thc players to
accidents un railroads. As long us P8 ,ou8*ht oul tu the desperate ond.
■ . , .,,  Certainly   a   more orderly, n   more
they are run by men   mistakes   will|sportsmahliko crowd, it has    never
been the    writer's good fortune    to
be made that mechanical contrivances can't counteract. And once iu u
while     a  cirouinstauce will develop
Mr. S. Thomson, of Victoria,    re-
fcreed the game, und his management
..........    ......    guu.u,    ..111.    HI,J   111U'UU£CUHMI,
tkat nobody could have foreseen and of the game gave entire satisfation
knock all the well laid plans lor sate,*0, *l**lf. players and partisans.     Ho
followed the play, waB prompt . In
his decisions und kept the players
well in hand.
...It was just a fow minutes niter  3
o'clock -when the game began, Ladysmith   playing    towards   the   town
^^^^^^^^^^^^ .goal.   The champions were   first   to
what to the point, though it wasn't'get flown anil Dradslmw cleared from
an accident and nobody was hurt, a '«•« ll0ss ''* Adum-, T"0 v«»lt°™
,'.'.     , .,.-.     ,        , j     In turn racod down,    but lost    the
but it might have been a tragedy. bull 01it However- Ulcy continued
lt shows, however, that there are, to press, and O'Connell nnd Clegg
some things that no man can fors-
ty into a  cocked hat."
For instance," suggested the redheaded man in ths corner.
Weil," said the ex-trainmaster, "u
case comes to my mind luat is some-
 ^^  ions a-
gain got down. The visitors were
palpably tiring and tbs home boys
Increased the pace and the pressure.
Five minutes from the restart,
Adam rushed ln on Graham, The
latter missed and Jimmy, racing tn
boat Bradshaw. There was a hurrl
cane of cheering, whloh had hardly
subsided when another point was
notched, Sanderson received in a
bunch of players, nnd nently tipped
the ball over his head. Prndshaw
got to it but Adam was on him and
both together, with the ball, landed
In the net. Tt was now the turn of
the home rooters, and nothing wilder or hoarser has ever been hoard on
the Island.
Tt was clear now thnt, barring accidents, the game was I.adysmith's.
The champions continued to press,
and Bradshaw gave a corner In stop
ping a shot from Provlns. Then
the visitors got up and Hartley ran
out to beat Blundell. A corner waa
secured and Hurrcn and Johnny both
had shots but the goal was blocked,
and the danger averted. Jimmy
went off on another solo rim, but
put too far ahead for Graingar.
Wynn next put over, and from a
rush up the field Hartley stopped a
fine shot from Farmer.
The game evened out a little,
but again Ladysmith got down, and
Adam receiving from Grainger, put
out to Provins. Tho latter had a
fine show, but shot high over ths
bar. Again the champions came and
Graham conceded a corner.. The
ball was beautifully placed by Grain
ger and from tha moles was netted.
hy Adam. The writer imagined the
ball had been fisted, but referee
Thompson ruled offside and the goal
was disallowed. The home boys
pressed for some little time longer,
when the Nnnnlmos again broke a-
way and play wns In the ladysmith
half of thc Held,when thc flnnl whls-
11,50 give reasons later for my decision.'
19.00  .	
 •'* xSrSo            TUia UB1T1SU *>'OTE.
.„'....." ttl.'oo     vi»uff'»i Mar. 18— lt is understood
  20-QO that the Urltish note with regard tu
"*  g'aoo *•» »PPolntment of a governor   fur
'.'".'!.."! 1-tioo MwWonia     which already had been
  7.00 submitted to the government,    also
  jj-|>° Proposes the Introduction of an   ex-
                  claim) 21(5.00 **n<le<l Judicial reform scheme     and
G. Morton ......   1S.00 the conversion of the gendarmerie ln-
John Manuell  .^  27.00 to a  thoroughly elective (urce.     Iu
* , addition lt suggests that the powers
r iff P! A T, "W F, WS'""," •""""•ae «» ■atW'ity of Bu,
mJyjyJCo. J J XI J.J TT kJ ropean Turkey on consideration that
as regards personal example and Turkey reduces the number of Turk-
public measures, and so better tholr ish troops in Macedonia in order to
"^a-°a-!°A  Hl'^L**fti±!,la*»" the Macedonian budget.
A Connecticut man telle of two
Irishmen from Boston who, vhlle
driving through the stats named, observed that many of the barns had
weather vanes in the shape ol hugs
'Dennis," said one of the Irishmen
to tho othor, "can ye tell why they
always have a rooster and nlver a
hen on the top of thim barns?"
lie,  wo could  havo more' confldonco
in tholr wisdom and intentions.
Trusting thut 1 havo not trespassed too much u|Kin your space, and
tanking you for your courtesy in
printing this, I subscribe my name
as one who is trying to better the
working man nnd his condition.
jas. McMillan
Chicago, Mar. 18.—Judge Anderson
ol ths district court today denied the
motion for a ntw trial for John R.'
Walsh, former president ot the   Chicago national   Bank*, convicted    of
mlssuttng tho funds of that lnstttu-!
tlon, and sentenced him to five years of cigars?'
In th* state penitentiary.    Sentence)   "Ye,," answered young Mrs.
was passed    Immediately, attorneys kins,
for tht dtftnea entering a motion to!   "Did he appreciate them?"
stay Judgment on which they argued    "innMd ne rtw     H„ vllu(„ ibfm
for sums time and against which At- so highly that he Is smoking a pipe
ttmey Dobyne madt rtpljr. so as not to use them up too fast."
Mr. Mulrhoad, travelling secretary
of the Sunday School Association,
will visit Lndysmith on Sunday,
March 15th. He will address tho
Presbyterian congregation at 11 a.
Suro," replied Dennis, "ift be- m„ and In tho afternoon ho will vis-
cnuso of tho difficulty they'd hnve In'" the Sunday Schools and spoak to
Morning—11 n. in.
Evening—7 p. in.
Sulilmth School and Bible Class at
2.H0 p. m.
Mr. Mulrhoiid from Alberta will address tho congi-ogutlon at tho evening services.
All nro cordially Inv.ted.
ODESSA, Mar. 1!).—In conscquouco
of tho arrest near the fortress of
Kara and Datuma, in Trans Caucasia, of several Turkish oillccrs alleged to be spies, the minister of marine hat forbidden all vessels with
out respect to nationality, from approaching or entering any fortified
harbor in the Black Sea at night. If
this ordor Is disobeyed the vessels
Will be bombarded. The order entails considerable delay to navigation.
colloctln' the eggs."
'• t ■—.
"So you gave your husband
a box
tho scholars und workers. Tho Sunday School teachers and officers will
meet In the Methodist Church at
8:80 o'clock.
Tho first mooting of the New Licensing Board was held last night.
It had come to the knowledge of the
board that hoer bad been supplied
from the brewery to some of the saloons on Sundays. This the commissioners aro ttetomrinml not to tolor-
ate and saloon keepers should tnko
notice    .
Messrs. Cartwright and Barclay
havo made arrangements to have the
result of the Burns-Roche fight on
Tuesday phonod to tho hotel. The
message will be sent from Victoria
ns soon ns tho news roaches that
city and will hc posted up ln the
Ladysmith bar.
Miss Ingham returned from a brief
visit to Nnnalmo on Thursday mora
_— sVt—
"It was back in the early eighties
when towns on the plaiiiB of Western Kansas and Nebraska were few
end far between. Even the tide
tracks were many miles apart, and
telsgraph stations wero no closer together than the needs of the service
required, which wasn't very close in
those days. I was a locomotove
engineer on the Union Pacific at that
time and had a passenger run from
Omaha to Cheyenne.
"We pulled out of North Platte
one bright spring day about an hour
behind time. The schedule waan't
so fast as it Is now and there was a
bigger margin for delays, but it took
pretty fast running to gain an hour
in a two-hundred mile run. One
thing or unother held us back, until we got to Julesburg, the Denver
Junction, und wo were still fifty minutes on the wrong side when we
draw out of there on tbe homestretch.
1 gave her ail the steam she
could curry end we wars Just bitting ths track in ths high pluces,
when 1 noticed fur oil across the
plains ahead of us the smoke of ti
locomotive coinlug in our direction,
and coming fast, too, There was
no regular train due In that vicinity
at that time and 1 hud received uo
orders in regard to u special or a
wreck or work train, so 1 wot a
littio puzzled. Still, there was a
siding over near the point whore the
amoks was rising, and I thought the
other fellow must be making for it,
'So I kept on at a pretty stiff
gait, watching the distant smoke all
the time. Pretty soon I became a-
ware that she had passed tho siding,
and from the way I was going and
the way she was going, it would be
but a few minutes before wo would
come together and somebody would
get hurt. I had about olght coaches, besides tho baggage and express
cars, swung behind me, and every
coach wns crowded with passengers.
Tho thought of what would happen
to all these peoplo unless something
was dons mighty quick turned me
cold, but It set me to work. Sooner
than I can say It I threw over the
I lover, turned on tho sand, and whist
led for brakes, and a  warning    to
Flnol Score,
ladysmith 2
Dolly-I wouldn't marry a lot  of the oth*,r traln thnt 0U(*ht *° hav*
nie„ 'been heard awny back tn Omaha,   It
Polly- I should think not. Bigamy "*"»*   ]lk* OT    *">v'!r wttaU ^o.
Is a serious offense.
li.     «'     .::   &
(Continued on Page Four,)
each conceded    a corner; from    the. t'6 blew,
latter    of    which Johnny missed a
good chance.
A foul against Nanaimo failod   to \ « •   .
bring relief     and Hartley saved    a     *»nalmo 1
dangerous    drooping shot from   Pe-     ,, . t-omment.
ters. The champions took a turn lt 1S, "°t proposed to say much by,
and Jimmy made a lino run up field ^ ?' comment on the game and
from a pass by Provins, Bradshaw "^J1** '». U'1* I™"*. Those who.
clearing in the end. Grainger noxt *a»t«1 , °nly «J .,8*,aJa'r W. a
had a show; but his shot was block- ft"*™ ^l, and the best team win.
od by Harley, und the visitors got llad "»" «"?hos tet&Uoa. The game
down, securing n cornor which prov- ,,va?al*Jl'iyS„t'!st if, .m"er *_"**-*
ed abortive. End to end rushes fol- 1*'Sn.,,t B" '" a" tt wtta th« Uoat
lowed, and then Jimmy got away •™lbltlon of the gamo thore hat
again forcing a curner. Thc ball "f^ •** °n tho Island. The chain-
was nicely pluced and both ho nnd j*™" sot a rattling pace and fought
Sanderson had a try for goal, but " °,ut _°, U>e call of Mine,
the leather was hustled out of dan- As "••,«»> Players it can bo said at
ger nt the exiwnso ef anulhor cor- o,11™, thot tl»)r<' ••'""* <• a '-inn in
tier. Again tho ball was nicely plac- the home team. Hartley was always
ed, anil Provins Just struck the out- c°o1; rell,''u'o ""J finished In hto
side of the post with a fine shot, so work- Arthur -"* ° Co,"»l11 Put
far tho nearest thing uf the matchl <•»» tmt gamo, and tht three
... , . ,.    ,      T, hah os wfjre the best iu tho field. Mc-
Aftcr some infield play Jimmy was u_lvy UlMy beid    madM    cl<)gK
again consplcious shooting and head' played the game of his life, and iit-
ing over when dangerously placed. tle Wynne justified all the faith that
„ _ __*■  ', ,.-i_ An    hus been put  u him.    Ho is a groat
liut the visitors came away and H«r |iu|(J „„,/     0( ^ ,orwimll| ".g al.
tley only saved a shot from Cruick- |ko were good. Grainger has often
shanks at the expense of a corner, centred with more precision, t he
The bail after chopping around went >«, ^-Ju-^£
to Peters who put in a beauty, cidod success iu his now position.
Hartley deftly tipping the ball over Tireless, and a hustler, with a hard
the bar.     Still crowding the Lady- fivo '"> m*k°* « "■"> 'nl"*1l<!-    Of*
, "7   ham playod   Ins usual hurd-working
goal     the visitors kept the samo and mokes au admirable part-
champions on their mettle.     Arthur nor for Provins.    The latter has   s
headed out from    a  bunoh but tho 1*'*ro J"™ »' "P000- eoalra> *>\*  -"•
,    ther foot    and    made even Graliam
bull travelled     out to Sawyers who look 8,ovv    „,,„„   occaeions.    Adam
drove through    a crowd of players hus been seou to    hotter advantage,
to   llartloy's undoing.       The point but •"> Played a groat giimo.   Ho got
.   ,    ,.. ,    .".    „    both   goals,    and tho one that was
was greeted with a  roar by the Na- ulsal|mvod     Ue wn, ^uy Ul() ba>t
nnimo rooters. forward on tho held.
Tho game was then twenty-five mln    Bradshaw wus     not to blame for
i ,a , .i „ . ii . ..taj.. tl10 'tore against him. On both oolites old, and    the pace if anything, ^^   ^"^ boaU)n wlth a  B(U1
was bettor than ever from the re- ,m blm and outside of this lie play-
start,     A mlBkick by Arthur let In od his usual cool and clover   game.
n„«»in u..t ti.» i„.ii kit u.. ,„,.„;,i„ Hewitt 1ms playod bottar gomes; but
Hurrln, but the boll hit the outside £ |s & ^ ^     ^^ ^
of the post. Then thc champlonB wua good| bul he ^^i iu tho socond
broke away and Grainger failed to half. Of tlio halves Sawyers was
take a lino pass. From Hewitt's *h» bost,' and lie looked very closaly
„, . „ , _. .... after Adam. Harley was effective in
clearance Blundell raced away,     W the fln>t ha4f httlf, Jbut .„„ aw0.,   ■„
lost tho    ball ovcr the touoh line, tlie second.   Fanner nlayod steadily,
Graham noxt kicked out to stave off hut Provins was too speedy for him.
-     , ai. '.ii..  .a— n—i~«,. Of the forwards Johnny was off col-
Provins    and shortly after Grainger __, ^ mm jt ^ /^ mU)^k_
sent past. to movo him from tbo contra    potl-
Thc ball was now travolling fast, tlon. Crulckshanks played a great
with tbe champions having a little g"/-^dTot^'-P^
the bost of it. Once Graham rob- th, mputatlon ho was given ln La-
hod Adam right In front of gnnl, nnd dysmith, nnd Peters, though good
tlurren spoiled a good opening at 1" '■*• first half, was pretty much
shut out by Wynne.
Tho toams Unod-up as follows:
I"""' Ladysmith.
who stint in.    Brodshow wor rathor    Goal.—Hartley,
slow In clenrlng nnd was tackled first'   Backs-Morrison and O'Connell,
„   , _,'____.-.-_,    a -„     Halves-Wynne, Clegg, McKinley.
by Grainger nnd thon hy Sanderson,    poparts L- Gralngbr, Sanderson.
boing knocked out for a minute    or Adam, Graham, Provln.
so.    Tlnlf    time come shortly after-| Nanaimo.
,,..-a_ I   Gonl—Bradshaw.
1\"      i       i .. ,    .    ft,. ™n„j   vBacks-arshilm, and Hewitt.
Tho champions bogsn tho second Halves-Farmer, Sawyers, Harley.
hnlf with a prrent rush. Bradshaw Forwards— Blundell, Crulckshanks,
fielded a long shot from Provins tho Johnny, Hurrtn, Patera.
__  jyijj^bj.'D . . .....,., .—i
the othor end.    Thon Prof-Ins got n-
wny, nnd    swung ont to Grainger, /f V
If You Require Any
Or If Teu Require Any
Or 11 You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
er Ml Oat;  or If You  Waat
Metaae* Ksflss, Oeaisrassar.
tar's plant, are practically off. May-killed and Engineer Clarence Jones, .^ta.,' doubt   of It Saturday tw;^«c^'c7„soi«tlon^ffher two l^o Tarns"1 w
or Oliver said this morning he    did 0f the freight    train, was Internally will be a greot day.    Both teams nre representatives    covered   thomsolvos players  and.t&iidyBn>rth"0toan7S^khow;
not propose to bother any moro with Injured.     One passenger and several Pretty confident, nnd there is bitter with glory.    The gamo may bo left jocted, but those teams did not reu- Crulckshankn
th, electric light company.    A com- other trainmen    were less seriously ^^^1*%? titeTt" ." "^ — it 'tlriV^L^t i*S. Si» fe* **^Sg?
to make a win of it, and even then'
♦     i a victory for each club against    Es
quimalt would   mean
°"«1°U^Lfl:rfU"*L   A''""i* w$ *'■ Pliy-    This    week we  "aro   quoting not wait long before thoy now   got applicability when it is'"'unod"in" i-e-
most surely give the championship to Mm as tn0 flrst wrltor on the Island busy, nnd    now some of the   tenms roronco to players In Nanohno     iJT
to aro -wishing thoy had sided witli La- ther a queer kind of consistency
tn     riVSff.lf.fi. .       '1-l.n   ...U_l_ . ..  ...     .       .'      . ..   '
munication will be sent to the hydro- hurt.
electric   commission    applying    for
power for lighting tht city. ANTI-BUCKET SHOP BILL.
..    A.	
Ladysmith   Standard
Published on Wednesdays and uatur-
days Afternoons by the
Rotia. II. Hindmarch,
Oaa Year  11.60
ai» Months       16
Advertising Rotes uu Application.
Tha appalling disaster in a Cleveland school by which over one hundred and fifty children met a horri
We death has raised the question ot
lirt escapes all over the continent.
From the Atlantic seaboard to tht
Pacific coast, in every town in the
Dominion and in tht United States,
this question of the children's security against fire has been raised.
It is to be hoped tilic the conununi-
tlat will insist upon the provision of
exits, proper and adequate for times
of emergency and panic, while yet
the horror of the Cleveland holocaust ia upon them. It too often hap-
perns that the first shock of a col
amity leads to an outburst of unmeasured aud irrational denunciation, directed here, there and everywhere, without aim or intention. For
a lew days there is a perfect frenzy for reform, for security, for every
possible kind of precaution, In the
United States this first inevitable
impulse finds direction in the desire
to Os tht responsibility, to turn the
light ot the law on some unfortunate
individual. In the General Slocum
calamity the captain took, all the
punislmiant for the faults of a system ln which there was no regular
inspection. Ths soma thing would
have happened in connection with the
firs had tha coroner not come to tht
decision    which negatived individual    ^        0at   M„_ u_ Thoma,
tetponslbllity.      Th. fault lay with H(- ,      ^ sw^^    „_..
■ th. buUdiag. is the gist of th. find- p)oyed on „„ ,„m of „,. AndMi0I1|
city.    Our own harbor was natural- DIED ON DUTY,
ly poor and dangerous of approach.    . ~
A wreck anywhere within a distance Maple Creek, Sash,, Mar. lu.-Cou-
of twenty miles was located in the'stab's Powell of'tht Royal North-
bay. That as a matter of course, j west Mounted Police stationed on
And now that splendid harbor in the Saskatchewan river north of here
Nanaimo   is    to be dredged.    Well,'was found dead un tbe prairie   yes-
terday, He bad been out on patrol
duty. The cause of death is -not
known. He waa a good officer and
very popular. '
e-»-»<«y«y%»«.»»»«■*»«>%*%»»♦««%» gay**,-%aysya>%»xia>%ioa>a>«>s>i
.»-«.»»*>»« **%%«>+
Grand Rapids, Mich, Mar.
Pere Marquette passenger
10- A
»»**' «•'«>»*■•>»•»•*'•>■•>»«>«>'«.»»»«>(»
The result of the inter-league game against Nanaimo, the result of which tliat both tho leading teams in   the
  nt Vancouver on Saturday was very will have a great effect un the Island League are playing   Imported   me-i
The  Free   Press reports   that the much 0j a    disappointment    to   nil championship,    and it is understood So far Nanaimo has pliiyed no   im-
rooster which havo crowed over   so Judges of   football        So -far up tho th?t a 'J"'the'' addition will bo made ported men this season."
many Nanaimo victories In the field mlt0.  is concerned   there I .uZ ^'ore,,t      fam> ta P1-**1-   ™s,'<•     II" P™* Frcie man may bo In earls again In fine feather „nd ready for gether too much Vancouver  ?n    i^ T,g IP'™", "" " l"'?"   S?hl' fi' m what ho s"-vs- ■""»   «»  may
duty" on  Saturday afternoon.. Well, The VTof"^iskTatXa tAt °t\Kl^^Sn^ WW-**"* if^_^'J_^^%<^£
duty on  Saturday afternoon.
train that *l atan(is to reason that an
w*-... mi <* —.7-—.. .—«,**"» «» i.* una vne quustion is
nlrihird ?! ^f °L lt*nglish l)fltl,i(rts wasde- 'Where will it stop?
™J2L    ^^.^ *• i'owng Prince Edward     I cannot blame tli
In our last   chut
At that time   only report.
woro    playing outsklo _ Now It     would    bo Interesting to
how,    if Howitt, Hurley  and
were not imported, any
..  --    ,-—j   -  ".dysmith get are  impor-
this   gamo   and    continued to play tuitions?    Wherein lies the difference?
wo took  oxcep- their players    on  whom thoy placed, Tho Free Press mon goes out of his
tion to somo criticisms passed by a groat reliance.   Given "the opinion of" way to invent the torm^nnravhY^
anothor game wrlt8r ln tho "Week" upon Hewitt's the Loague the Ladysmith club   did It to Ladysmith andTthen dffii its
an.....   ww    u„.   fa—in.,  i.fi   Ct —, " Si    . ; .i.™-—i- -»  nun ns mc Hi-si writer on tno isi
Albany, N.Y., Mar. 12-The Antl- Nanaimo.    The latter will bo satis- t>rcss wn0 „BS had a fair word
San Diego, Cal., Mar. 11.— The
navy wireless station at San Diego,
Cal., was in direct communication
with the Unltod States battleship
Connecticut off the Mexican coast
early today and received and transmitted official despatches to Washington. The exact position of the
fleet was not. indicated, but lt must
be within four hundred miles of Mng-
dalenn Bay today.
Bueketshop Bill of Senator Cassidy nod to take one point.    The
home gay about Ladysmith.    Referring to dysmith.                                                i   Tho wholo Question is being discuss
tho Lndysmith and Y.M.C.A. match Personally, I am strongly oppose.! od in Vancouvor.    Accordlnir to    a
I   Now, the team that bests Nanni- on February 20th, "Umpire" soys: to the practice, and   I congratulate despatch from that cltv nnhllaharf' in
   Mw»    T.'.anilimnlt    nntl       .1   if   A    A      ,.,.....«   +,!.„   TJ I..       _    ...... l'    l'",'',r",wl   "1
boys must take them both.
Rochester, N.Y., Mar, 12— Tht
steady progress made by women in
the field of medicine was evidenced
by the large attendance at- the annual meeting of the Women's Medical
Society of New York Stato, which
was hold in this city todny. Several
score of women physicians end medical Instructors, some nf them of
wide reputation, took part In the
St. Thomas, Ont., Mar. ll.-Neil
Taj lor, 14 years old, is dead of Injuries received by the accidental discharge of a gun while hunting with
two other lads.
Halifax, Mar. 11- Unless the steel
market improves shortly wages of
all the employees of the Nova Scotia Steel Company at Sydney who
receive over S1.50 per day will be
reduced ten per cant.
Peterboro, Mar. 11— Chat. Burke,
of Toronto, was sentenced to ten
years In the Kingston penitentiary,
for having robbed a store at Buck-
horn of $25 and pointing a gun at
two ladies who wart there.
 4  '
and Assemblyman O'Brien was
ported to the Senate today by tne mo thIs season has certainly got to I "The followers of association foot- the Esquimalt ami J.B.A.A. tenuis the'Herald "on Wedn«3av""sTw™!.'.
senate codes committee and imme- show tip-top form. Their defense is boll ln this city were considerably on thoir decision to go through tho capture by Nanaimo has cMtocl
dlately advanced by unanimous con- Ule ttrongest on tho Island, if not surprised on Saturday last by tho season without playing thoso out- quite a sensation Thore is mason tn
sent to tho order nf final nasssa-e <iu tbe. Vmvtnet> *** U»lr one weak lino-up of both tho Ladysmith and sidors. It is all very well to allow bollevo that Harley was racautured
sent to the order of final passage. ,,„, thoy have materially strengthen- Y.M.C.A. teams. Both -hod boon professionals and amateurs to pluy by tho same Nnmaimo dohmtion a7
■ ,ed by tho inclusion of Sawyers of tho strengthened,    in   fact it   was    tho togethor, but tho result of this   nu- cording to the' despatch   Will i'llis
BOILER EXPLOSION. Thistles.    The local advantage is in strongest aggregation that has rep- portatlon    of   playors can but hove on behalf of the B.G  Association dnl
■ the forward line.    The winning    of resented    theso   clubs   this   season, only nno effect, nnd in time it   will claros    that    nono of thoso Thistles
i        mr      -a     t      it   , i     i""' W"M lics "'*' A<,am and part- Since the last appearance of the La- certainly   kill tho gamo on the   Ts- mon who havo    loft Vancouver   for
lo,     Mar. 12- Jas. Harkins, nor9, and certainly   tho line, as    it dysmith team they have added, throo land." Island centres    will    bo allowed-to
15 years old, was killed, and Joseph stands now, cannot be improved  on players to   their   line-up, which  as-|   ThiB is certainly a   lair stitement play in tho final.    Well, it is up    to
and Chas. Emsley Injured by the ex-, ~ the rT0Vini».    Weigh it all up as sisted them   materlglly    in winning of tho case, and boars out the views the Associations.
'you may, tho gamo cannot be other tho match. It was a'great surprise which havo beon repeatedly expressed Tho dospatch concludes with tho
than a hard and gruelling contest, to everyone to seo Provins nnd In the Standard. However, it is statement that Ladysmith will play
It will be fiercely fought out, every Wynne, late of Seattle, along with too late for o remedy to bo found five Mainland players whilo the mi-
inch contested and stamina will toll Hartley, of Vancouver, nnd Clegg, this season, Tho point is that the nors will uso six. It is strange how
in the end almost as much as skill, of this City, in tho line-up of the La local club havo at lost found a ilis- those secrets look out, and tho amaz-
Tho homo boys have the advantage dysmith team, while for tho Y.M.O. (interested writer supporting tho po- ing inaccuracy of tho Vancouver
of ground, and Just how much of nn A. Schwengors made his initial op- sition thoy havo always taken up, press, especially ln Its sporting news
advantage this is cannot be deter- pearance for the season. With, both]und admitting they wero Justified la is a constant source of surprise. Na-
mined.    Also they    know tho issues teams strengthened, it was expected their subsequent action, naimo may bo playing six or sovon
at stake and thoy havo a defeat   to that the game would bo very inter-     " —- *     —    "■-•■>-•-•'    ■•-■■     -- •-■■•
wipe out.    Thero is no doubt    but esting, but this wos far from being
that they will da their part. All that the case, as it was very listless from
their supporters ask is a fair field, start to finish,
and a square deal and they are con-     The Ladys   ith club Is strengthen-
fldent of tho result. |ng their team in view of their match
ing, which i. only another wavy
London township, finding himself on
of the children had not bean proper- lMt Grana lTttnk ^ ,t Pottera.
ly carta for,
Ot count tht question hit bttn
taken up locally, and ia still being
dltilunssil in neighboring cities, where
dlflertnt patents of flre escapes are
being canvassed. Some credit is
dut to our own trustees in that there
la no necessity to discuss the
tlon hart. Upon the advice' of'
Miayor Nicholson they built a wide
wooden ladder up to the second story
of tbt building at the back of the
schools. This was in tht fall of
last ytar, and, although it haa never to our knowledge been submitted
to a time test, there Is not a fire
ttcapt of any kind that will compart with it. It would be Interesting to have lt tested all the same.
•nd certainly    It would bt satisfac
burg, and wat nearly killed.
Toronto, Mar. 11,-Charltt Asm-
strong, engineer on the C.P.R. was
killed at Guelph Junction. He waa
leaning out of the cab when he waa
Upon the advice of struck by another engine. He lived
at Toronto Junction, and leaves a
widow and three children.
Ottawa, Mor. 11— Alphonaa Pa-
quette, aged 40 years, an electric
light trimmer, ls dead hers. -Monday night at Rideau rink he waa on
laddsr trimming a light when
skater collided with hit ladder,   up-
tory to everybody concerned to know setting him.     He was token to the
hospital sugaring from concussion of
the brain. He never regained consciousness and died today. He leaves
a wife and family.
Just precisely In how many seconds
tht school can be emptied in case of
an alarm of flre. The main thing
at present Is to see that everything
ll kept free and In good working order, and with tho present Board of
Trustees this Is sure to be looked
after. As things are we have no
hesitation In saying that our schools
are tht safest In the province so far
as Art Is concerned.
Wt notice thot Mr. Smith has
cured a government appropriation
ha tht dredging of the harbor
Whaft tht matter with Nanaimo?
Wt always wen given to understand
thnt nature had not left a thing for
art or science to do for that proud
New Partnership
CwtwrifhtA Barclay r»r
Albany, N.Y., Mar. 13.-A atarlng
took place before tht Judiciary committees of tht assembly and senate
today on the antl-vivltectlan bills
pending In tht legislature, Arguments in support of tht measures
were presented by many men and
woman Identified With humane work
Representatives of ths State Medical
Society ware present and apoks a
gainst any legislation for tht restriction or regulation of vivisection
in any way.
" «	
CAIRO, Mar. ll.-Tht Khtdivt of
Egypt, accompanied by tht.Puke and
of Connaught, wart present
at Bellopolls yesterday at tht first
automobile races htld In Egypt. Tho
contests wart attended by a fatal
accident. During the second race
one of the cart ran over a falling
cushion and dashed out of tho race
courts. A poHceman and two spectators wcre killed aod fourteen spectators Injured.
\fter this tht Dukt and Duchess
left the course, and ths races came
plosion of a boiler In a saw mill of
Johnson and son, Sarnla township,
Tilsonborr. Ont., Mar. 11— Wm.
Holmes, of Toronto, was killed in
the woods by a falling tree.
Indian Head, Sask., Mar. 11— C.
Manford, treasurer of ths firm of H.
H. Campbin & Co., here baa absconder. Fifty thousand dollars ore
misting, and tht Arm bankrupt.
Winnipeg, Mar. 11.— One hundred
and fifty delegates from the A.O.U.
IV. through -Manitoba and Saskatchewan are assembled here ln convention today. Special interest attaches to the convention ln view of
tbt action recently taken by the affiliated order which recently met in
Minneapolis for for raising the rates
In fraternal Insurance,
.    ..    t ■
Commenting on "Umpire's" re- moro Thistles oh Saturday. Wo shall
marks, tho Free Press says: see.     If Lndysmith    has any other
"Thoro is' no doubt a lot of truth Mainland plavor than Hartley, it is
in what "Umpire" says, and next more than tho' officials nt presont
Saturday will seo, if all reports that know of, and tho difference between
are being   circulated,   aro    correct, a and 5 is 4.
INDIANAPOLIS, Mar, 13— Tho he allowed to settle with their min-
notional convention of thc United ers as separate states or Jointly, as
Mine Workers of America reconvened they may elect.     If Lewis wins the
from custody.
Pursuant to ths order of the higher tribunal, Judge Dunne of the  su-
No one has been able to decide
how the enormous stones ln the pyramids wer. handled, for, even allowing for the vast army of men,
tome sort of mechanical contrivance
must have been used. One theory is
that os each course of stone won
laid, a sand embankment was built
around it, with long, easy slopes, so
that the stones   for the next course
could be pushed up on rollers   and  _.„,, ,„„„  ,„,» „ .. ,,_„,,.i,i«   m-i
slid into place without any   actual gnnA iury' but '* " >,rob»Mo   a~t
lto\L_-___. _—_M      —_      '_— A 1 ___-_- . IJ a  In      I'tAttf      nf     f Vi A     ffnimf'■     SSI | aV4VS*BBB* I AH        ft*.
the Indictment in the extortion cases
and ordered Eugene Schmltz discharged, but at the some time directed that the extortion cases be »P,l'rlBS-
subjected to the grand Jury for a
new Indictment.
District    Attorney Langdon would ""j1 'ollow'
not say laat night what steps would
be taken to bring
ter to    the attention of the present
When a  loveiy lassie tells you.
As you're sitting by her side,
That a man haa never kissed her,
Though a dozen men have tried;
Though you doubt it, be not hasty,
Let your anger be deferred;
Do not qualify the lasslo
By that short and ugly word.
Whon a loveiy lassie whispers
Thot she'll never, never wed;
Thot she's planned   to  dwell    with
And to care for her Instead.
Hold your tongue, 0 doubting brother,
Many timet that talt you've heard;
Just remember she's a lady,—
Kill that short and ugly word.
lifting, and so on, the pyramid being in fact burled as laat aa lt was
built until the top was reached,
when tbt stupendous Job of removing the embankment wat commenced,
Thla might account for the vast army of laborers used. For Instance,
it ia said that ln building the great
pyrom d of Cheops 100,000 men were
employed for thirty years, although
ths quarry from which the stone
was obtained wet only 8,000 feet
from the pyramid.
The City Investing building, tho
largest skyscraper in New York,
happens to be nearly the same height
as the - Tumid. If we required the
tame number of daya' labor for this
building, which takes a year to erect, at the Egyptians took, we
would hove 30 multiplied by 100,
000 or 8,000,000 men working tvtry
day for one year on this one building. Imagine a number of men equal to almost the entire population,
(including men, women and children)
of Now York city trying to reach
the corner of Broadway and Cort-
landt street every morning. Even
If they got there there would remain the impossibility of finding
standing room, let alone working
room, for them, or of providing a
commissariat's or hygienic department. Against this 8,000,000
working every day for one year, tho
average number on the Cltv Investing building would not exceed two
thousand men a day, while the maximum would probably never reach 8,-
000. While in tome ways it Is not
fair to compare a stone structure
with a steel building, still there is
no doubt that ths chief difference it
due to the improved machinery, the
greatest strides in which have been
madt within the last twenty yean,
many kinds of work now being handled In from one-half to one-third the
thnt that wat required two decades
\...T. Leonard Thomson,   in   En-
ALBANY, H.Y., Mar. U- Tha
senate committee on codas today reported favorably on tht Agnew bill
to fix a penalty on Imprisonment
only for (ambling ht connection with
horst raclngj. Tht bill tt reported
It madt so at not to take effect until September 1.
This' amendment Wat opposed by
Chairman Hill and Senators Hlngon
and Ssjre, but waa adopted hy a
vote of four to three. This amendment, while    pressed by tht oppon-
SAN FRANCISCO, Mar. 11- Eugene Schmitz, former mayor of this
city, was released from Jail yesterday, where he had been confined for
ths past ten months, a free, man,
until he again comet to tht bar of
Justice, and face the thirty-nino indictments which are still pending
gainst him, and upon which bt had
to furnish Ull before being released to ** °'** toi*y to raake ."olhei- »u»Pe»Bion w111 "• «*""»'ttl*
attempt to decide upon a policy to    The operators in Ohio are said to
bt pursued after Mor. 81, when   the favor    a strike.     They have    mil-
existing    wage agreement with    the lions of tons of coal on band,    und,
perior   7ourt7b~ofore"whom Schmitz 0P»r»t''™ *'» ""P1™-    T1",«!   '*>"" <"">uld a strike take place, they be-
was tried and    convicted,  dismissed «l-»~ne»a ot operators and minors Hove they    can dispose of o large
have already been held without    re- part of    it    in Indiana and Illinois
suit, and six months hat been wast- markets.
ed in    futile argument and strategic    The operators ln Illinois and   lh-
If no better results    are diana have practically come to    nn When that self-same lassie murmurs
accomplished at tht present meeting understanding, and they do not want    That a secret the will keep,
a general    strike In all probability a general    suspension,    They    feel That she'll tell no living person—
that the situation hinges entirely on    In her heart 'twill ever sleep.
Hat John Mitchell, retiring presld- whether President Mitchell con carry Don't believe her— do not ttll her,
extortion mat- •«* «»the United Mint Workers more Ms Policy through the convention.   | .Treat her statement at abturd;
Influence than Tom L. Lewis, presld-    Three propositions are before    tho But it's jot politt to utter
tnt    elect, who is to take the olllce miners' convention for considsration'   That one short and ugly word.
tae flrst    of next month?    On  the and action.    The first Is to proceed Whin a pretty lassie telle you
It    believed to depend    the at once to frame the wage demands, |   Slit can cook, although you know
question of whether there will  he a and, having completed that task, to That hor mother's in the kitchen,
general suspension of bituminous coal Issue a call for a Joint wage   con-
mining operations    In western Penn- fcrence    between operators ond min-
tylvanln,    Ohio, Indiana and    1111- ers of the states interested.
noisr. |   The second proposition ls to draft
The question of the Influence of the wage demands and Issue calls for   a
(wo leaders Is to bs fought out    in Joint wage conference with tho  epor-
the    convention which began yoster- ators by districts.
day, and adherents of both are pre-     The third proposal is to shut down
pared for a  lively contest.     If Mlt- all of the mines in one big strlks and
choll carries the convention the opor- thus try to force settlement by com-
ators In Indiana and Illinois    will petitlve districts.
in view of the court's suggestion, It
will be laid before the inquisitorial
hoard without lost of time.
New York, liar. 12.—Huch Interest
Is manifested in sporting circlet here
In tht coming of Georgt Haoken-
schmldt, ths "Russian Lion," who Is
to arrive here on the Lusitanla today. The celebrated wrestler will
at once begin preparations for his
match for the world's championship
with Frank Gotch, which Is to take
plaes In Chicago early in April, This
Is ths second visit that Haoken-
schmldt has paid to America. On
the occasion of hit previous visit
hers, however, ht had not established the reputation which he now en-
Joys and naturally did not attract
nearly so much attention at bat been
aroused by his coming visit, Prior
to his match with Gotch. the big
wrestler will he seen in exhibition
bouts In New York, Philadelphia,
Boston nnd several other cities.
 .♦ i
Further figures are out, tayt an
oxahangt, regarding the operation ol
municipal enterprises in Great Britain, among them those relating to
tht electric supply and street rail.
ways of Uvtrplol,
From the profit tht rates of Liverpool will be relieved by upwards of
♦270,000. The total income at tht
electricity department during ths
past ytar amounted to 11,870,000,
end after deducting the cort of generating and distributing, a balance
of f7IK>,000 rsmttlntd, out of which
the usual grants wsrs madt to    tht.
With her arms deep In the dough.
Doubting brother, be not tactless.
Though tbt thought may havt oc-
Though you'd like to, still you must
Speak that short and ugly word.
 ■      ♦
LONDON, liar. 12.-Tommy Burns,
who is scheduled to fight Jem Roche
at Dublin on March 17, met with a
i-.. ni ft. v...nn p».m.ii ... thi.i, ""B11* aocidont on Tuesday which rs-
bers of the ,Yukon Council are think- miua ,n mfllunmatlon   „'. the  ey0_
ing seriously of    introducing a bill .This is Interfering   somewhat   with
"to prohibit    the slaughter   of irame'hl" .training but he doetnot  expect
Thty Lsvy Heavy Toll on the Herds'for such purposes.
That Roam Through tbe
Upper Yukon.
Dawton, Mar. 11.—This hat been a
greet winter for tbe miner to get a
fret supply of caribou in the upper
Yukon. From every direction come
reports of tht ganit being plentiful.
Prospectors', trappers and hunters
from up the Stewart and the Klondike report cariboo to be found in
tbt hills then will little effort, and
all the camps ars well supplied.
In tht Sixty Mile country the caribou havt been ranging pott ln big
droves of thousands, in fact, in a
procession of perhaps hundreds of
thousands, and the stragglers hove
beta running well down the gulches
and streams leading off tbe gensral
Miners who have kilted considerable of the game have laid away the
Some have suggested that hunters
should be required to bring alt'game
to market for consumption, or should
kill no more than they can consume
themselves or sell to others ln the
hills who will consume tt,
 >     „,
R. R. Mobson, who represented tho
London Statist in the party of British Journalists that visited Canada
last summer, writing in his newspaper on this Dominion's resources and
wants, has thit to say:
"I could not get somo of the men
I talked with to recognize that if
tlie Canadians themselves, who have
been putting surplus capital in Mexican and South American undortak-
inge, were to exercise thoir abilities
In their own country and acquire and
work mineral propositions to tho
stage of profitable production, then
English investors, with the Inducements of proved value and good dividends to be secured, would purchase
shares so that Canadians who received    British    cash for the shares
dressed carcasses In thafta, there to "»**!. *•   ™pte",shoJ K ^ltionnl
,.   . ,. .„,        . . . ..     icapital to go on ond extend opera-
linking fund and reserve tnd renew- ne "old till wanted for consumption^ tions ln other directions, This Is a
tl accounts, the turplui of 1187,000 Som0 °' tho 'hafts are so cold that,for more reasonable procedure for
going in relW of general rata,. |tht meat will keep in them through ^"t.&g"^ tsmST^hS
Liverpool   street    railways earned the summer. ought to be initiated and controlled
over 12,000,000, tht balance    afterI   Moose   aro not scarce this winter, on the Canadian   nnd    not   on the
deducting   working    expenses being ;»nd ths    Indians and other hunters, ^g"8" elne, 	
Allow B»ve »8Pt the market well supplied, | '
close to one million dollars.
Ing for all capital    charges, a sur-    letters of Inquiry have been rccolv-
plut wat left ot 1188,000, which all m' here of late by some ot the gov-
wtnt in relief of general rates. Sun-Jcrnmont officials from men who want jjrt. Squlggs—Don't you think
entt jof the legislation, was reeom- dorland city railway* yielded Ml,- to come to the Yukon nsxt summer that women will tomttlmt bt at the
mended by the government. 000 ta rato relief, to kill caribou and moots for    the bend of   the   government   otpart-
Oov. Rughw    refused to comment!   The average fare paid per pejten-|sport of It. mw,t?
for quotation upon the action ofthe «r ta Liverpool wae 2» cents, in Serloui complaint hat bttn made Mr. Squlggt—No; they could reVer
senate committee In emending the Suejlarland a shade uoder 2 cents, of lale regarding the ruthless slaugh- nB|ldl, lnltA prop,,,,!,, Tielr fem-
blll, but left no room for doubt of "ad ta Walsall 91 onto. Motive ter of mountain sheep, caribou and |nln# egridty wouM get the better
the fact that he does not approve of Power wae ta each cut supplied frommoots ta Yukon simply for the tro- „, them and they'd open them at
tht amendnwnt. I tht city ilepartinente. phlst In the form of heeds, and mem „,„,
4,ijJ*4Jli.|.i;-U-<     ■■'■ • • '-'-"•"■" *•*., *•■>]■<- CL-£___.„. !• •,.    '.., i: ■'' ,j i    i 11:,;,;,, i
that it   will have any-effect ln
fight with Roche.
Fort Francis, Ont., Mar. 18— Peter Jensen, homesteader on tbe Rapid river, was shot and killed by
Charles Wingrain, a neighbor, who
mistook him for a moose. Wlngrani
gave himself up to the authorities.
No person witnessed the shooting.
♦ :	
"I like work, but —"
"But what?"
"I    will    admit It'a   an acquired
■HJBfflTjITirpi ( tri i |
Steel Is Iran free from dirt, alrl
or foreign substance fused with I
carton. ,C*rbon gives toughness!
stength, heeitess and life.   , ,   I
Thirty year's study of the raiorl
sltualion has shown a way tor-"
add the highest per cent of i
carbon to • Carbo Magnetic
raior Made throug a secret
INO giving It a uniform dla.
mond like hsrdncss-tome- I
thing absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered - raiors, K
and they arc Himburgground.V
Dut Test this UNCoTtolTIOriv.
AUY OUMBANTttD reior it I
homc-or hsve your barber use.
lion you-for thirty dtvsWITH.I
ou r obligation to f
:_" Luovr
Ladysmitb Hardware Co, NANAIMO  CHINAMEN IN FINAN-
. C.IAL WAR.     ■   '
Nanaimo, Mar, .12,—
The frenzied flounce amongst    the
local Chinese has assumed   on inter-
> eeting phase as    a. result of   which
Nanaimo will. In all likelihood   see
) a new Chinatown spring up outside
of the present city limits.
> < \ few days   age, as announced in
the Free Press, lling Kee and   Sing
' Chung Yung, purchased the present
Chinatown, from tho Western Fuel
Company. lilng Kee is a Vancouver Chinaman, one who would be
known in Amei-lcuu parlance, ns o
sport. Ho owns considerable property on the Mainland and oh tho
Island, among others sevoral choice
lots in Alberni. Sing Chung Yung
is a local tyee Chinaman. While
i! these two were the most prominent
in the deal, several othert had money interested, amongst others Sam.
the chief cook in tho Wilson Hotel.
The object of thoso buying Is variously described by tho others not in
the deal, but it seems that the majority of the othoi-B are very Indignant over the mutter und bellove
thot they were to bo the victims of
a big hold-up game. Thoy seem
particularly bitter against Sing
Chung Yung, whom they Bay has
mode too much money.
The upshot of the affair Is that the
wealthy Chinamen, lod by Lung Koo,
who were not in the othor ileal have
beon negotiating for land on which
to establish a now Chinatown, anil
it is generally understood have pur
chased land north west nf where tin
present Ohinutown Is situated, nn-1
this side of tho Creamery. Lung Kee.
Yick Chung, Hop Lie and Wnnii
Chung, are said to be the leuding
spirits in the olTnir. Yick Chone
went down to Chonrainus to day lo
mako arrangements for lumber. It
is the intention nf the soceeding Chinamen to establish a now Chinatown In retaliation to Ding Kee and
Sing Chung Yung and they confidentially- exiiect that evory Chinaman
*t not in too poor circumstances, will
i)   move to the new community.
-) Those favoring tho Blng Kee. Sinir
Chung Yung combination, who wore
., seen    this    morning aro apparently
i' not worrying much over tho turn
affairs havo taken, One of thom
taid all the shacks and buildings In
Chinatown would lie torn down and
the land divided up into lots for
salo for either whito men or Chinamen.
"Supposing," ha said, "white men
do not come, plenty more Chinamen
come to live in Nunaiino."
Just what truth thero Is In    this
assortion, hewover, is not known.
At all events things are stirring In
the local financial world in Chinatown.
\ Hon. Mr. Fisher Trying   to Got   at
W     the Bottom of That Big Account
in Marine and Fisheries
OTTAWA, Ont., March 12.—In the
public accounts committee today tho
Hon. Mr. Foster opened an enquiry
into the accounts of Kenneth Falconer, accountaut of Montreal, who
made the expert examination into
the method of bookkeeping employed
in the Marine Deportment with a
view to introducing an improvement
Falconer's accounts for this wo-k
amounted to $42,000, of which $80,-
F 000 had been paid to date. A. W.
Owen, accountant of tho Marine Deportment, wns the first witness. He
,. sold he certified to Falconer's accounts on instructions of tho Deputy Minister of Marine, but on instructions of Mr. Brodeur he hod
held back $6,800 because of the lat-
ter's absence in England, and also In
case a dispute should arise in ro-
1 gard to charges for living expenses
of Falconer's clerks engaged in the
Kenneth Falconer followed. He said
he wee secretary and managing dlr-
Vector of Dunne, Richards & Co.,   of
; Montreal, accountants..   He gave
* elaborate    description of the    work
done in the Marine Deportment.   He
said ths firm was made up of   Messrs. Dunne and    Richards,   of    New
(York, his brother    A. Falconer and
H, S. Williamc, Montreal, as well as
witness himself.    They were   incorporated    by   the Quebec legislature,
i but not until after the contract was
I made with the   Marine Department,
Si He said   he hod never been a  chnr-
|' tared accountant, and said the con-
y tract was obtained from the Marine
I Department in the. ordinary way.
f   Falconer said he charged half time
I '.or hit men travelling to and   from
I the place of operations.   Among the
J New Yorkers for which charges   for
travelling wero mado, were Richards
Dunne and   Fuwcett,    who received
,; respectively $75, $75 and $70.   The
majority of the men    who examined
I the  Marine    Deportment   accounts,
i Falconer said, come from Now York
I and Boston.    ...
I  f ,
London, Mar, 12.—Tr- islt of Ci
President Fiillit-res of Fiance will be
a notable demonstration or the Anglo-French entente. King Edward
has promised to open the new Franco-British exposition in London and'
has invited the French president to
accompany him on that occasion,
which will become a signiii'-nnt
state ceremony, most of the members of the government and many
able French guests will be present.
Nanaimo, Mar. 12.—
E. Stevenson, Formerly of   Nanaimo, buys Claim for $25 and
Sells It for $10,000 a    Few
Hours Afterwards.
This is a true story ot a Nanaimo man's luck—at least the Mr
Clark, mentioned in the story, who
is at present in Vancouver, is responsible for its accuracy.
One day recently, Mr. Chas. E.
Stevenson, tho former Nanaimo merchant, who is at present in Cobalt,
tho silver c)ty of Canada, wob sitting in a hotel oiiico in tbat city,
Toronto, Mar. 12— Notice has along with Mr. Clark, of Vancouver,
been received by the local athletes when a prospector who bod become
from the American Athletic Associa-' disgusted with the oountry, at pros-
tion that cards issued by them to Poctors do, came in and offered e
Canadian athletes prior to March 4,'claim he had to Mr. Clark tor $25
the date of the alliance between thoMr- Clark, saying he would give
A.A.f and the Federation of Oono- nlm tn0 money, went over to the
da, have boen cancelled, and that hank to draw it. At the bank the
henceforth all Canadians wishing to manager advised blm to bt careful,
compote in United States must hold 8S there    were so many fake claims
federal cards.
Toronto, Mor. 12—'f. Clorkson,
who Is handling the liquidation of
the Mutual Reserve Life Company,
says things look very favorable for
Canadian policy holders. Reinsurance of all risks is very possible at
present and it is expected that a
good proposition will be put before
the policy holders.
' ♦	
Vancouvor, Mnr. 11.—The conservative, or niitl-parado olemont, won
Tuesday night in the election of officers ut tho annual meeting of tho
Asiatic Exclusion League, J. E,
Wilton ls the new president. Gordon
Grant was re-elected as secretary.
Winnipeg, Mnr. 12— The Crows'
Nest Pnss Conl Company Is agoln reported to hnve posscd into thc hands
nf J. J. Hill.
LONDON, March 12.—Tlie rato of
discount of tho bank of England remained unchanged today at 81 percent.
Steam Schooners Sailing out of San
Francisco   Will he Still
Tied Up.
Madrid, Mar. 12.- King Alfonso
arrived hero today from Barcelona,
whore he has been for two days. Ht
was given a warm welcome by the
people at the railroad station.
Toronto, Mar. 12.—The Supreme
Canadian Order of Home Circles, con
eluding convention lost night, decided to moke a special levy of fifteen
cents per capita on ltt whole membership for extension wor:, In Western Canada.
Ottawa, Mar. 12— In the senate
banking and commerce committee,
application for the Incorporation of
the Bank of Canada, London and
Parts, hsld for further consideration.
Senator Scott expressed persor-a*.
vltwt snd taid that It would bt
better not to grant any more bank
charters until the revision of the
Banking Act.
Casa Blanca, Mar. 12.—Gen. Da-
moila, the commander of the French
forces In Morocco, has received letters from Mulnl Hafrid, ths so-called
sultan ot ths south, and tht lenders
of his army, taking that hostilities
be suipended pending arrangements
for peace.
♦   '
Medford, Ont,, Mar. 12— Jas. Olel
land, ex-M.l'., It deed of pneumonia.
Hs was a Liberal and wat a representative In the legislature for North
Grey from 1896 to 1898.
boing offered for sale. Clark decided not to buy.. On reporting to the
prospector the latter tackled Mr,
Stevenson, and after some talk as
to the location of the claim, Mr.
Stevenson said, "All right, I'll give
you 525 for it. it's not much, and
I can't loso much, anyway,"
The transfer was then regularly
made out.
That very afternoon an American
syndicate come along nnd ottered
$10,000 for the claim, which Mr.
Stevenson accepted.
Clark says he got so disgusted that
ho packed up and hiked west again.
■'      '   ♦	
PITTSBURG, Pa., Mar.* 12-Tho
third and laat day ol the lirst session of tht Young People's Mission
ary movement opened at 9,00 a.m.
with the interest still more marked
than at the previous sessions.
Long before the opening of the
doors large crowds had gathered a-
bout the extranet to Exposition ball
and when ths convention was called
to order, the large auditorium wos
completely ailed.
Dr. Douglas McKenzle, president* of
Hartford Theological seminary, was
the flrst speaker following devotional exercises. He spoke on the place
of missionary education in the life
of the church.
— I   ■
LONDON, Mar. 12,-An official of
the mail . department of tbt British
postoffice said today he was confident that the fifteen registered mail
packets which disappeared in January, supposedly while In transit on
the steamer Celtic between Liverpool
and Ntw York, bad been mis-sent,
either from London or Ntw York,
and thot they have not been stolen.
The receipts from the Celtic show
that the right number of mall bags
were delivered on board that steamer and landed at New York, but the
officials declare there wat stilt chance
for a mistake and that the deportment had not yet received verification from New York that the bngs
had been delivered there.
LONDON, Mar. 12.-Therc ore •
unconfirmed     reports    both; in *
London and   Dublin that    tho *
crown   Jewels,    recently stolen •
from Dublin    castlo, havt been *
recovered from a pawn broker •
and returned to Dublin castle. *
It was said ln Scotland    that *
last night    the police had    no *
clue on this. . •
 —4 —
Admiral Evans Reports thut Fleet is
in Better Condition Than When
it Left Hampton Roads.
Saudlago, Cal., Mar. 12- A wlre-
ss message received lata last night
by the Point    Lome wireless station
announced that Rear Admiral Evans
und hit big    battleship fleet arrived
— off Magdallno Boy last night, accord-
Hamilton, Ont.,, Mar. 12— The lo- ing to the message previously receives! union of plasterers are on strike od-    Tho fleet hos reached here four
a dispute at to when    thsy <lllva ahead    of its scheduled time.
Most of    tho four   days' gain was
After a long and exciting meeting
nt San Fraucisco the Striking marine
engineers of the coast steam schooners now on strike, decided to remain out.
All but flvo or    six of ths Bleam
schooners carrying lumbar, and own-'over
ed by shippers from Snn Francisco, should receive
, principally tho lumber companies, nro. —4  mado on the last stretch of the voy-
tled up by the strike. OREAI BRITAIN'S APPROVAL,    age from Calao.     Previous to   thiB
Attempts to socure non-union    en-   visit nt that port, tht fleet was kept
Sincere have foiled for tho most part here,TtAnof ^ *»«*»■    J* '• W™ «»* •»
and tho owners dccli im they will con- the Austrian government hasrocelv-1official    message    nee also received
tlnue to let tho vessels remain  Idle od Great Britaln't approval for the  from Rear Admiral Evans himselt by
Irather tha„   „ccorte to tho deman(l9 33*"»* - ^CTyoart. tae tho """" wlrele" *•««• ,»t B'«ht
of the onglneors. governor to bo plthor o Christian or, to ha repeated to Washington,    rs-
TOKIO, Mar. IU— The demand of
the press and the public of' Japan
fur aggressive action against t'lnna
in connection with the Tolsuinuru affair is subsiding!, The Asiii uuu
Oufu, the most influential newspaper's
urge tho government to consider sur-
musly the moral side of the case and
not to press China to extremes. The
Ashi tliinM that Japan should exercise greater vigilance concerning
the export of arms destined for the
use of inSurgeuts against a friendly
This view is gaining ground, and
it is understood that the minister of
war. Gen, Terouchi, and Vice Admiral Saeto, minister of marine, opposed the tactics ol congress.
Tho sentiment of the foreign office
supports the suggestion that Grout
Britain ls urging, an amicable settlement, and dwelling upon the moral obligation of Japan towards China,
The foreign office asserts that no
ultimatum hos been issued in the
matter, but the belief is expressed
that the negotiations have been protracted. In well, informed circles it
is asserted that China will eventually agree lo the demands of Japan in
consideration of a pledge upon the
part of Japan In tbe matter that
closer watch he kept upon the exportation of arms.
—: 4	
Vancouver, Mor. 12— Tho V.O.U.
W. Grand Lodge decided today In favor of secession from the American
supreme lodge, and the formation of
if  purely Canadian organization.
 . >
WASHINGTON, Mar. 12.-The special committee appointed by Speaker
Cannon to investigate the charges
made hy Representative Lilly thut
undue efforts have been mode by the
Electric Boat Company to influence
legislation, resumed Its sittings today with all the five members of .the
committee present.
At the opening of the session Mr.
Lilly said he desired to correct the
impression that had been cront.il 1
the report of the committee on rules
that he had mode such charges and
said thot up to the present time his
accusations have boen solely against
the Electric Boat Company.
AT 87.
MUNICH, Mar. 12- Prince Lui-
pold, regent ot Bavaria, celebrated
the 87th anniversary of his blrthdoy
amid a brilliant gathering of the
Bavarian nobility.
ln the morning tho princo received
telegraphic congratulations from Em
peror William and the heads of tho
reigning houses of the empire, as
well as fellcittous messages from
other places.
Later there was nn Immense military serenade before the palace, in
which the entire garrison of Munich
took part. The re-rent Is In splendid health. His limbs have retained their elasticity, his muscles are
still hard, nnd every day hc defies
wind ond wenthor, and undergoes the
hardships of the chose.
 » .
TORONTO, Mar. 12.- Two well-
known Toronto physicians, Dr. Webster. Shier of Markhom street, and
Dr. Edgar M. Cook, College street,
are under arrest charged with performing a criminal operation upon
a girl whose name tht authorities
havt not yst divulged.
In the police case this morning the
case was remanded tor o week.
Dr. Shier was admitted to $1,000
bail, but bail wat refused for Dr.
Cook, who was sent to Jail pending
 1  .
LONDON, Mar. 12.- Replying to
e ouestion in the Houso of Commons yesterday regarding the disappearance of lltteen registered mail
packets ln transit by steamer Celtic
whorvod in    Ntw York on Jan. 22,
SAN FRANCISCO, liar, 12— Machine guns operated by the government furces of Chili in a yi-eut amulet with strUers ut the ttittu beds
of the the city of iu,uiqui, laid JlilOU
men low, must of whom were Killed,
according to advices received yesler-
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
R E. WALKEIi, President
ALEX LAIHD, General Ma oger
day by thu .Norwegian tteainer Chris- A- E IRELAND  Supcriutendont
liim Burl which arrived direct
ot' Brai dies.
P«M-i)pc«plui $10 000.000
Btsr........    5,000.000
Total Assets.. 113.000000
The business of Iquiqui, which had ^'a c e3 throughout Caimda uiul id the United States and  England
nover before been seriously disturbed
by unythlng but earthquakes, was
paralyzed when the great army of
workers went on strike. Fracas alter
fracas occurred until soldiers aad
strikers met in the Btreets of Iquiqui
and on the outskirts, and openly dulled each other. Being ordered to
disperse the army of strikers refused
ond the soldiers opened Ure.
The men hod no opportunity to
fight back, even though they had
been armed, tho assault was so sudden.
This took place on Jan. 1, aud a
week later, as though by common
consent the strikers went back to
work without the expected advance
in wages. It wos reported thot the
mine owners will voluntarily increase tho pay of many of their employees.
Fiirmcra'   Paper  Dlacountcd.
SAVINGS BANK de, artment
Deposits of 81 und upwards received, end intore-.t allowed at
run-en rutes. The depihi.tpr is sulijut to no rleliiy whatever iu
the witl drawn! of the vvlio'o or any part of tho dejusit
9:80 n. m., to 12.    i p.m., to 5 p,
m.    P p.m., to 8:30 p.m.
LAliYi'SMll'H  ".RANCH  L. If. DeOEX, Manager
&* joii'n w. coin.-UN'. am, a pickahd.       83
ffjj    President anil Munaglnt; Directur. Sodi-t'Ty-Tronsuror.     Cm
a Mohammedan.
Covington,   Ky., Mar. 18.— Many 	
messages of congratulation were re- VIENNA, March 12. — Thero it
calved nt tht bishop's residence to- great rejoicing here because of the
day on the occasion of the slxty-soc- ""ouncement   Just made that   Em-
a ^._t^t . tt ""■""•*•»"*- peror Frnnoes Joseph has given hit
ond blrthdoy of tht Bt, Rev. O. P. sanction to a great Jublleo procet-
Maes, bishop of the Roman Catholic slon by tho permission of Vienna,
diocstt of Covington.    Bishop Maes «*•<* h«i been countermanded   for
,   .._ ™ ,.   .    ,    .,    tome time on account of the Emper-,
It tht   ptnnnnont president of    the e,-, poor Bea|th.
porting his arrival with all his ships
In even better condition than when
they soiled from Hampton ronds, and
that the entire fleet Is prepared to
sail for any destination at nn hour's
8.80 p.m.—Tho story coming
to Son Francisco of a great
conflict between the government
forces and strikers at Iquiqui,
saying lhat 2,500 men were laid
low, evidently ls an exaggeration, and incorrect as to dato.
A despatch received from Valparaiso doted Dec. 28, sold that
according to an official state- '
ment the recent encounter ut '
Iquiqui between the nitrate '
strikers and the police resulted
in the killing of 210 men and
thc wounding of 50. This undoubtedly is the same occurrence mentioned In the advices
brought into San Francisco by
ths Norwoglan steamer Christian Bora.
Meals Served at all 'lours.
First Class
Ace mmodation
Private Rooms
For Ladles
Oam Chowder and Oysters
Specialty. ;
W.LINtt    -     rrwltlir.
VANCOUVER, Mar. 11.—The Mc-
Kcchnlo cup, won by Vancouver, ami
claimed by Nanaimo, through Secretary McKinnoll, on o technicality,
will ' remain In Vancouver, The
claim will have to come up at a
special meeting of the Union, if Nanaimo desires to press It, and there
is little chance of tho claim being
sustained. It is asserted thnt the
Vancouver and Victoria tennis disqualified themselves by not paying
tholr dues, but history falls to record when any dues wcro over paid
in tho Tlrltish Columbia Union.
It ls not a mere hyperbolic figure
ot speech to say that American cities sprung up in a day—between ths
rising and the setting of the tun. If
it is the population and not the
houses that constitute a city, several cities ot this country that ore
now thriving and well established,
grew in Just that way- got beyond ^q^^    ^    BUtChef
Stove Wood
Cvt by White Labor Only.
Express" an
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
All Home Cured
fl.   HOPE'S
the village class in less than twenty-
four hours.
Quthris may be mentioned aa o
twenty-four hour town; also (Jold-
lield, and, according to reports, another Nevada town, rejoicing in the
suggestive name of "Rawhide'' became a dty with a population of
3,500 on last Monday. Rawhide, it
seems, is a repetition of OoldSeld;
lt is onother Uoldfield, in fact, so
tlie enthusiasts who have madt a
grand rush for lt believe,
It it rumored that a good ledge
bee been found in tha Nevada desert,
located about half way between Reno and Tonopah. Wonderful tales
have been floated through tbe mining regions concerning tbe richness of
the ore, a limestone rock, that bus
been discovered at the point already
known lo fame at Rawhide. One
report declares that samples of tho
on have essayed $80,000 to the ton.
There is such a Urui belief that Row
Ing which it it not btlieved that the
output it likely to bt lncreated
new fmde-tuch accidental uncover-
ingi at thote of Ooldflsld and Rawhide.
Of the seven principal gold yielding states Colorado hat held first
place ln magnitude of output for
more than a decade. Alaska hos
been a close second to Colorado,
Calitornia ranking third, and Nevada fourth. The new Nevada Said
at Rawhide, if lt mokes good the repute of the flrst enthusiastic reports
mny put Nevada at tho top in the
size of competing gold crops. As It
Is however, a more accurate ftuess
may ho mads a twelve month from
now.—Baltimore American.
Smith's    Falls,    Mor. 10.— I'etor
P•«. Box 61 -phoB, 44
Dealer in All Kindt of
Wests Delivered free of charge on tht
Shbrtest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
Lndysmith, B. O.
Euohartlstlc Congress and one of
the best known Catholic prelates of
America. Ht It a nativt of Belgium end camo to tht United States
KANSAS, Uo., March 18.
Ootch, ths champion American	
tier last night defeated B, J. Almar the Waverly Hotel,
I VANCOUVER, March 12. - David
Harrison was captured liy the police parly this morning, otter an sx-
Frank citing chnso when ho had tried lo
hold_un John Adams, proprietor of
who had   three
hide is to have staying qualities that
1'ostmustor Oeneral Buxton told that j 'our newtpnpert and three banks op- Fox, a farmer of Burgess township,
after a careful investigation there I —"^ business with the lirst rush. was found deod on the roadside near
wat every reason to bollevo that on-j ** Present it is a tent city en- town this morning. He hod been
ly letters had been forwarded Irom1*1™')'' "nu tho tent hotels ore rent- In Smith's Falls yesterday, and lt is
thit country by the steamer Celtic hag bells in sight hour shifts. It is supposed while on his way home fell
on thot occasion. It it understood scarcely safe to assume that a gold from his sleigh and wns stunned. Ho
that the contents of the packets1 rw( ''ichor thon the African Rand hos loy In the snow all night and was
were vory valuable and it Is not ''•»» located In the arid region of badly frown. He wat 88 years old
known whether they have been stol-1 !.°voda, but the developments at and lived alone.
en or lost. Rawhide, in a region that had been ♦
Regarding the matter tho poirtmas-,l)wl°"aly explored by prospectors
ter general said: "1 have already ^'"Xg a long period, heart out the
made urgent representations on this theory entertained by many mining
subject to the post olllce depart-! -»P"'to ">•» tht world't gold dement" posits have aa yet been barely touched. With regard to tha gold out
put from
districts    ot    Alaska, for Instance, ,ien John Robinson, who was  mur-
Ottnwn, Mnr. 11— Tho new range <nany experienced prospectors entor- dored In an attempt tohrenk prison
nt Hock Cliff for tho Dominion Hlflo tain the hellof that the placer finds Sunday morning by convicts George
Association Is ready for the August^ whloh have been thus far worked are Rock and Wm, Hayes, lt dovelops
Butte, Mont., Mar. 11.—A despatch
to tho Miner    from Deer I.odge says
that ns a result ot tho coroner's in-
the Klondikt and Nome quest ovor tho body of Deputy Wnr-
J but    Indicotlons of    richer deposits, from the testimony of othor convicts
that have not yet been located.        i„at    n  conspiracy existed    among
i   Tbtra    ts a prevailing hellof    a- nv0 convicts to make a brook, but
mong Alaska miners that great ledg- apparently the    nerve of ell except
___      -i-v„  >u i-o „rev„„„    „„ „ „, nm   „„„,,„„   „.,„„, „   ,„ „,„„,„,, ,,omr, „ tho °* of rlch-gold-yloldlng ores will yet Rock nnd TTayes    foiled ot the eru-
bMhopof Covington In 1885 he wat £o Height faUtT" Tho taTfall at an^graMed* iVVrriton"'   and inB,rt "** """^ ^ *» 1|<"' 8,B**? h* dltcovsred In Alaska,     In    fact, dal-'moment.    Rocv and Hayes are
located In Detroit «Uh-«*«atcb-ean,     costumed    13* both    were Injured.    Harrison   will I   Blinks*- No; I'm a bookkatpor In there It   not a gold ylsldlng region chnrgod with tho murder of Robinson
atw*m' he sentenced tomorrow. a saw mill. '.   _.      In any section of tht world concern-  by the verdict of the jury.
 " "                                                                (-•all   1'     t . .    .._       Hi.      /..._.       ■,■......
Jlnkt— Dost that women on
and Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding and Party Cakes Mado to
Fruits and Candles of All Kinds
Prices are    very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
On the Esplanade.
Ladysmith, B., 0.
rull Stock of stloars' Toole.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All Unit of Blaeksmlthlng
Done at Short Notice.
eje>tf%*a^^e»%a>eja>%%%shs^fc<s»s>s>e> ex»%s»«>s» »»«
r.-iii 11   mi,    wmm
LADVS'fTTH   STANDARD,  SUNDAY,   MARCH   16th,   1908,
ill MM HUM.
Heir® air© a Few ©ff nDne
Manny Sipedals ait uDne
SKIRTS. Ladles Crash Skirts
very full, with strappings,
Special Price   9Sc.
SKIRTS.   White Drill
with deep  flouncel
. 81. TS
UNDERSKIRTS. 3 doz. Block
Sateen Underskirts, splendid
quality.  Prico 11.00 cash
Block stripe, very full, splendid washing Skirts. Our
Price  88c.
SKIRTS. A very fine selection to choose from.
MUSLIN S. 30 pieces, Cream
and White grounds, with all
colors of poker dots. Special Price per yard   1240
Hose Supporters large fronts
4 elastic supports, don't tear
holders.   Special Prico ... 25c
HOSE. Try our 50c. Ladies'
-Llama Hose; once used, always used.
SHEETS. 100 pairs, full size
for double bed. Specially
madt for us. Our Price, t2
a pair.
way from her.
ths mattsr.    F>
out.    It ~    .. ■ hot old race, but I
I knew what    wss
■ -' juiu was   giving
Notice Is hereby given that at the
.   , .    ,,. ., next meeting of the Licensing   Com-
had won, and while my maohine was miaalo„er. 0sf the C|ty of Lady9m|th,
swaying from side to side, I
Jumping up and down th my
beside myself with;Joy,
After that It was simply a
ter of keeping away from tbe
away, and gradually its pace
slower and slower, until finally
UP. TO date;
"It your family doctor of tht ntw
or old school?"
"Tht newest, 1 believe."
"What ia hit '1'»tlng"'Vi'n,r peculiarity."
"Small doses and big feet."
■i&HOd,s uvoariivu unitiiuhj,
(Continued from Page One.)
and your train is going on, ond the
other train it coming your way, at
forty miles as hour, never slowing
a little bit and never giving any
sign that it knows you ore ou earth)
why, it it likely to make you a
Uttje nervous, it did me at any
rate, And back in the cars, as soon
at they caught on to the situation,
there wae such a hullabaloo at never wae heard before on a railroad
train, I suppose, for people don't
usually havt to much notice of
coming eollision. it was all tbe
crtw could do from keeping theiu
from jumping right through the windows, and I never did understand
why most of tbem didn't do it anyhow.
"Well, after e long time, we did
get our old machine stopped. Ami
than there woe a general exodus ofl
passengers, lt wasn't any too toon I
either, for that fool locomotive was'
only a mile away and wasn't  even
tn toot.    Just came bucking along
as if he had a clear road.
"By the time we got to going he
wos not over 800 yards from us,
and, though I pulled the throttle
out to tbe limit, and Jim Corbln,
my fireman, stuffed her with fuel until her furnace was white hot, the
other kept gaining on us. Closer
and closer, with not a tound we
could hear above tht rattle of our
own machine. it was like being
chased by a spook, and it felt more
like it when it got so close I could
tee Into her cab, Vit couldn't make
out a sign of life within it. She
wasn't more than a train length
from ut when my fireman yelled:
" 'It's no uie, Cap; I'm going to
" 'All right, Jim,' I hollered,
'good luck to you. I'll stick awhile
"Poor Jim I That wat hie last
jump. I made up my mind that I
would stay to tht last minute, and
that seeraod to bt only a few seconds sway. She wat only ont hundred feet away now,- and I got in
position to desert ths ship, But I
never did like to leap from e train
going fifty miles an hour, so I hesitated still. Then, os I stood with
my Byes glued on the crazy locomo-.
tlvt, I noticed.something that made]
mt drop back into tbt cab from pure
weakness.    Biit It wasn't terror that
caused it.     It wet Joy.     We    wr-rt'ccrtnlnly hove been
came to a full stop within sight
tbe telegraph station,
At soon ns I could get my train
to a standstill I jumped out ol my
cab and ran ahead to the 'dead' engine. I found that the engine was
not the only thing that was dead
there. Stretched out on tbe floor
wat tht body of a man with a revolver clasped in one hand and a bui
let hole through hit brain, I know
every engineer nnd fireman on tbe
road, but this man was a stranger
to me, Judging from his dress and
appearance ho was not a railroad
mon ot all.
"With the help of the telegrapg operator—I waa the only man left on
tha whole train; all the rest hod
dropped by the wayside as we started book—I coupled on to the dead engine, put her on the side track) and
reported to the train despatchcr for
orders. Without explaining the mys
tery, he Instructed me to pull ahead,
pick up my crow and passengers and
proceed to Cheyenne, which I did,
though I had to get o brokomon to
Die for me, for all thot wot left ot
poor Jtm we put In the baggage
"I didn't find out the cause of tbe
trouble until I got to Kimball,
There I learned that the station a
gent, who wat also tht operator
had got Into an altercation woth a
stranger and had been fatally stabbed. The stranger had been captured with ths bloody knife In hit
hands, and preparations for a a immediate lynching had been made.
Suddenly he broke away from his
captors, Jumped aboard an engine
that waa standing, with steam up,
on tht main track—the crew being
at lunch— pulled open the throttle,
and in no time was whirling across
the prairie. A .hundred shots were
lired at him as he ran and after he
mounted the engine. Whether one
of these latter shots hit him, or whe
ther he fired ths ball through his
own brain was never made certain.
Nor did anyone ever find out who he
was or where ho come from. But tho
death of the operator prevented any
report from going over the wires and
the train despatcher was in blissful
ignorance until I  made my report.
"Now," concluded, the trainmaster,
"if that had been any other than a
prairie country    there would    most
collision   nnd
was application will be mode for a trans-
cab fer of the Interests of Edward   Mul-
hollland, now deceased, in the retail
liquor license issued In respect to the
mat- premises    known ns the   Ladysmith
run. Hotel, to Robert Barclay.
«ot Executrix of the estate of B. Mulhol-
It    land, deceased,
of Ladysmitli, B.C., Feb, 25, 1908.
For Sale
Household Effects
Mr. J. Ryan
Corner of Stevens'
Artlolst can be Inspected
at any time,
Philpott's Restaurant
Ie the Place lor
Choicest Fruts
Cigars   Tobaccos
Norbhway Suits for Men—noted tor their Style and Pit.
Northway Coats and Skirts for
Women. These Barnients are
known from Coast to Coast.
Empress Shoes for   Women. —
High Orade.
Derby Shoes for Men.  Tho best
$5.00 Shoo made today.
'Lion lifnnd Suits for Boys —
double knees and seat,    Mado
for strong boys.
,    A. E. HILBERT
Telephone, 1 2-4
Nanainn I! C.
IH,cli)tyre Foundry &
Stove Company, Ltd.
Ladysmith, B. 0.
New Store
rvewly Stocked
Dp. %& dm
All Work Guaranteed.
Excellent Boarding
-     Proprietors.
Miss Ada L. Murcutt boarded the
Victoria train on Friday morning.
Miss -Fraundlond was a passenger
on the Victoria train Friday morn,
Mr. Mark Churchill returned home
Friday morning after an absence ot o
fow dnvs.
Mr. W. Hooper returned on Friday
Cnft n«lnlra'a'ter * week's absence ln Vancouver.
sail uriDKSj  1bt j^^p W1nittms pa8sed through
_______'town on Friday morning on his way
to Victoria.
Mrs. H. Thornley visited Nanaimo
on Wednesday.
Mr. Yarwood, of Nanaimo, passed
through town on tho Victoria train
Wednesday morning.
Mr. H. Ward paid a visit to Nanaimo on Wednesday.
Mr. Dave Johnson returned   home
n Thursday morning after a fow
days' absence.
Mr. J. W. Coburn wos in town on
Mr. A. Korr went down to Victoria on Wednesday morning.
hesitating.       My    business woe, ot ,     .
course, to tavt tbt company's   pro-i " °'" d,,t»nce-    **• wat not g™"* low ol life, and yet bo    one
party, and the only way to do    it ""Miig on us any mors.    And at I eom   have    foreseen such nn omer-
wat to run the other way. So, as
feet ae possible, I started my train
bask towordt Omaha. There didn't
seem to bs much chance of beating
tht other fellow back to the first
telegraph station, which was thirty
milts away, for ht waa running light
—nothing but ths engine—whilo 1 had
e heavy train. More than that, I
had to gat started while be was already ai lull tpeed. Nevertheless,
wt moved back.
"I don't think I'll forget that race
That net before the days of airbrakes, you know, aad after you had
•hut oft steam aad the boys behind
had turned the hand brakes until the
whsals were sliding, there was nothing to do but blow the whistle aod
welt. And while you are waiting,
If I live to be a hundred years. It
wouldn't havo been so bad If the
other fellow had shown any signs of
trying to slow down.    He didn't ev-
recnvprwl my nerve I  sow that we l»ncy nnd    no    safety device could
wars slowly, very slowly, pulling a- have (prevented  thc calomlty."
Special Meal Tickets for
tbe Week
Mrt. D. C. WHITE,
Assortment of Bamboo Goods.
Large Assortment of Fancy   China-
ware and Glassware, Etc,
S. Peterson
rua-Ninnr. store
'Phone 18.
A night row at Extension was aired in the local police court on Wed-
nes-' - evening However, the magistrates could mako nothing of the evidence and dismissed tho case.
First Avsnus
Book Agent-Good morning)
you tht lady of ths houss?
Bridget— I'm wan o' them.
A full
tot of    High School   text
Apply .1. Ryan,     Stevons
&fau> Spring and
Summer Goods
We can now dress you up ln
Up-top Fashion in all the Newest Styles and Shades.
Also ths very latest in
Spring Hate.
Come Early— No trouble to
show Goods.
Grocer aad Furnisher.
Wllllame Bloak
•_>4>4>4-4>j4ml-hO-Ud*+-4.lh,h,h,l,   hi-.»._, >■ *-»-»-* -m   .,t,Ai,At,t,4^.+.__.At.m.A..m.A..im.^.A^^.^_j    .   tt.At.o-
Free Golden West Soap
and Washing Powder
§©<£ Woirttlli, ©IT Silverware Fire®
wfitMi. ©very 5© (semid IPMirdliitffise ©ff
(Mtan Westt SoDaQP siimdl, ©dDfldeim
WesH'WfflsDnfiimsi Powder  € €
To Obtaiii This Silverware all you have to do is to purchase 50c. worth of Golden West Soap, 12 bars, or Washing Powder, or 25c worth of each, and Ask Tour Grocer
for a Silver Plated Teaspoon (which is worth at least 25c)
then cut outthe Coupon off the two cartoons and send
them to the Manufacturers and obtain another Silver
Plated Teaspoon- FREE. In this way your
Golden West Soap and Golden
West Washing Powder
Costs Ton Nothing.
Trains Leave ladysmith
Bally at 9 a. m.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 15:58.
For Viotoria.
Train* l\m»e at Ladysmith
Dally at 11:67.
Wednesday,   Saturday  and   Sunday,
At 11:57 and 17.65.
From Victoria.
District Passenger Agent.
108 Government St., Victoria
■sy.s>ie.isjie).»l»'sj.f..j..)iy,.)il1ll,  I't'f fifi»ibTiy.fili>.».^i. i.^.,fly,y.',,.^,.,v;v^,y,vi,^,T,vn>,y,t>IT^,ty
All Kinds of Wall Paper.
Picture   Framing o Specialty.
High Street.
Pet-r Inkster
Ready for all kind  of
Leave Orders with Blair * Adam.
Telephons 3-t.
Fods and lines
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds ot Fishing.
"*** —~—
In the matter of sn application for
a duplicate certificate of Title to
lots three and four (8 and 4) Block
twenty nine (29) Map 703a. Towntite
of Ladysmith.
. ^IH00 Sf hereb»r «lwB- -*••* i» It
my intention at the expiration of oat
month from the first publication here
of to issus a Duplicate Certificate of
Title to the above land issued to
Mary Davies on the 28th day of July
11)02, and numbered 7945c.
,     . „   , Registrar Oeneral.
Land Registry Office, Victoria  B  O
the 11 day of February, 1908.
....... -|-<y,y<-u-wijljljijlj^
ttf     ATTENDED     TO.
THAN WOOD.   .   .   ,
H. Thornley
Proposala for Clearing Land For
Agriculture, Vancouver Inland, B.0
. Staled proposals will be received
by the Chief Engineer at hit office ln
Vancouver, D-C up to noon of Tuts
day. March alat. 1908 for the clearing, grubbing, etc, required In open-
tag up for settlement tbe flrat selection of E. & N. Land Grant Lands.
Consisting of an area of approximately onn hundred and twenty-five
acres adjacent to tho town of Lady-
em th and approximately ono thousand one hundred and forty acres situated between French Creek ond Little Quolicum in District of Nanoose.
Plans showing location and specifications can be obtained by application to ubove olllce.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily occupied.
Chief Engineer.
Vancouver,   B. 0„   February 19th,
iik». faa-to mie
Notice It   hereby givtn that I intend to apply to the Hoard of   Ii-
If""* "ommlstiontrt of tht Municipality of Ladysmith at their next
refiilar meeting for a transfer of the
wholesale Liquor Lfciinse now held
by mt for tlio premlsta occupied   by
'mt aad situate on Lot 9, Bloak 91,
in ths taid Oity of Ladysmith, from
myself to August Pint,
'   l^WBlth,    a 0„ Seta January.
Notice is hereby given that en application will be mode to tht Legislative Assembly of the Province ef
British Columbia for an Act to Incorporate a Company with power to
equip, build, maintain and operate a
Mno of railway of standard or other
gauge to bs operated by steam, tl-
eotriolty or other power for the carrying of freight, uassengers and express from a point situated on Section Fourteen (14) or Fifteen (16) ir,
Range Five (V.) Cranberry Dlstriot,
or Section Fourteen (14) Range Six
(VI.), Cranberry Dittrlet; thence
south-easterly by ths mott feasible
route to a point situate on Oyster
Bay in Oyster District, a distance ot
about twelve    milet more or less—
(Iwlth authority alto to construct,
equip, maintain and opetett branches
from time   to time from any  point
|or points of tbt proposed railway;
with power alto to construct and operate telegraph and telephone lines
for the purpose of IU business and
for tie public; with power to own,
ust ind operate water powers convenient to tht road, railway and
other purposes, and with such other
powers and privileges st are usually
liven to Railway Companies
n.*^. . ^f,0il,l^*, ,or Applicant.
I Dated at Victoria, B.C. this Uth
,dty of January, l»08.


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