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Ladysmith Standard Mar 28, 1908

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Cll| mm        DISTURBANCE
Through tho Shlppof'8 Mistnko at the Soap Factory In tho East,
we received 20 CASES of Fancy TOILET SOAP, and sooner
than havo thoso shipped back, tho Company hnvo askod us to
sacrifice this .shipment and to clean It out.
We can offor you ft rare Bargain tn Soap—as you can boo in Our
Big  Window.
Tho assortment consists of Old Brown Windsor, Klero L ght Trans
parent, Klero Dark Transparent, Pure Outmoal, French Castile,
Lemon Juice, Glycerine ond Olive Oil.
Citizens Flnod for Non-Payment    ol
Dog Taxes, and Others Charged
With Offences Under   the
Health By-Law.
Two    Finlanders    Heavily Fined
Result of    Racket on First
Avenuo Sunday Afternoon
for 25c
Another Khiyment nf HingtipDro   Sliced  Pineapples,  2  'ins for   2Bc,
»^%-»'%-'%%.'*^Jg i>%.'*^.'%.'%.%.'%*.'%'%-%.'*%.*
Free Golden West Soap
and Washing Powder
50c Worth of Silverware Ptee
with every 50 cent Purchase of
Golden West Soap and Golden
West Washing Powder.
To obtain this Silverware nil you have to do is to
puichase 50 cents worth of Golden West Soup, 12 bars,
or Washing Powder, or 2"> cents worth of each, and
for a fcilyci' IMntoil Teaspoon (which is worth at least
25 cents) lis; u cut out the Coupon off tho two Cartoons
aini .«rinl tin-in In Mu! M uinfiK-turei'S and obtain another Silver I'lutei'l Tlm.-;i ion FREE.   In this way your
Golden West Soap and Golden
West Washing Powder
Cost » You Nothing.
Thoro was a sequel    to tho dlstur-
  banco on First    Avenue ou    Sunday
. , * afternoon    in     tho  police court on
lhe City Council has many a time T„ursduy ovonlng when two Finlan-
talked ol enforcing tho oity by-laws, dors named W. Nnnum and
1 Last night thoy proceeded to do it. Hopporly were charged with    beihg
i _, if' j ii ... drunk and disorderly.
Seven men, all ol them well known    u ffns olldt-od ,rom tho „l!jt  pr,„
in tho town, and some ot them pro- soner that ho had been around quite
'mlnont citizens, were summoned lor a number of saloons in town, start-
1 keeping dogs without having    paid "!s, f'l°'!' V,0   Kej", WostT," ",   ni."°
,        f ■»   U«K"   "".""i"   mmt—it       tntnt   o'clock in tlio 11101-llillg.     He ulSd Vls-
taxes tor them. In each case, In |tcd tho Frank and Europe hotels,
addition to the tax, the mon were finally returning to the New West-
lined $3 and 81.60 costs. or"',, Hq,w "'""y ,,l','i,"ks h", had h1
I if i ..™n.il fii a -.3 — t — «j couW "at ""y. u,,d tho endenco wont
|   It is passible that Magistrates Ni- to.ano„ that ho trlod.to avoi.d. the
cholson and Matheson made a mis- racket which broke out on tho streot
itifkrr hnn.ijJt.Ja.Jxiis.sha* tho: ity-' .Hoppw-ly said ho started out ?erly
',.__„,     ..    ,      .   , ,. on Sunduy mui-ning uiul .wulked   all
laws call <or the tax being paid    on aroul|d t„'ffll.      Htf uls„ dl.iftod into
Feb. 31, and thut a fine of S35.00 tho Now Wostorn, and had quite a
could have been inflicted.    However, 'ow drinks   thore,    though ho could
> evidenceshowed that in the past ■^v'^irriU ta^tffiS
a great deal of latitude as to time Ho declared thut ho went to sleep
had been allowed ior the payment of at 3   o'clock in tho ufternoon,   and
.the tax, and ono of tho-accused stat- j^pt tm 10 °'dotk tho H$ mor"-
ed that Callandar had collected it. ,A'ftor hearing all tho evidence, Ma-
Irom him. There was certainly no gistratos Matheson and Nicholson
reason to bolieve that any one    of considered    the   charges    had bceli
'■th.   « „      —'     i i  a a .proved, and fined each of tlio prison-
the seven accused had ever dreamed ors ,10 ulld costs     Judge M^thoBm
..-.—'.1   "•*"   "wt   ibuwwu*   ui    uio   cuif-i ","          -"       —  ■***"   '—"•-      this
dltions ol the by-luw, and had never If,1"™^""088,,1'"" '"""y'8'" »/' thf
■ *      ' *™u """ """ .streets,      It    was disgraceful   that
been notified that the tax was due. I thoro should bo such scenes on a
Under tho circumstances, therefore,' Sunday afternoon. It was evident
the bench would perhaps have done if11— the lirlsonors had been enrous-
1 jing ail tho week ond.
».to stop,   and-  if ev
whole purpose of    the camo before him again on tho   same
-\uiiuiuiu, Miuen 26,    l   The    smolter    furnaces    are again
I'l-eiuler Aicr.riUe,  wno paid u visit ''uuring and smoke once more   irru-
to tho local     Conservative Associa- ,!* X*!? tbe tall chimney,   After be-
,„„.   [..,   „,  ,,,       , ,        J""*'*   ing shut    down tight for over   threo
t,m        m- '"st night, returned with    lus months    work    was    resumed   this
Muttliow *1',v,l'to secretary,    Lawrence ilcliae, morning.    This is good news for the
fetnt tWS ^^ tU     'iCt0lUl - tl,r t^'l'iavriiee: Tot-  "JoE i » «-"» * *f ** * «~-
tnis fjiurumg. Ume ""'i0, cttte itr. Mcbrido a telegram and our
Tho grainier had a   busy time wliile    During all the depression tho   Ex- ! answer to him, with uur advice    to
of evading the payment ot the tax.' in delivering his verdict, said
■ Thoy had been ignorant ol tho CTO-!»'ero.detormin°d.    to put down
It would have
better had they meroly collected the [to stop,   and-  if over tho prisoners
tax.       The
summonses being issued was to mako
it clear and unmistakable that    the
i by-law wos going to be enlorced,
and the publicity given. The cases
would have done that.
| After those cases had boon disposed
of, five men were charged with running* dirty water on to the streets,
thereby endangering the public. Four
of theiji plended guilty, but the flfth
doniod the chargo. He said ho had
put In a box drain from his house
to tho edge of the road, whore ho
had dug a cesspool, closed It, and
properly covered It up. . He submitted that It wns impossible for
any dirty water from that drain to
seop into the streot.
I Magistrate Matheson, after all the
evidenco hnd been takon, announced
that they would adjourn the    court
.until next Wednesday, and.give the
accused a chance to clean tholr
Pluces to the satisfaction of, tho
health ofllcer.
|     ,	
^to..A....A......_..lA. .. *i'.■*_,__.__,_%___,h,__.__im,m,__,_h,__a4
Solicits "sroiAX C-as'rises
charge, thoy would    havo to go   to
guol without the option of a fine.
OTTAWA, Mar, 35.—In the Senate
yesterday Senator MacDonald, of
British Columbia, gave notice of a
resolution against the purchase of
government supplies through middle
men, demanding open competition ior
purchases ol over ono thousand dollars.
Senator Cloram gave notice of an
nmondmont wbicli he will offer on
the third reading ol the Lancaster
Bill, which declares that in spite ol
this or any previous act ol parliament,'any iicrson shall have aright
to sue and recover where their rights
are trespassed on.
Miss Munro, a clerk in the laud
conunilssioners' office was before the
commons public committee today In
connection with western timber ton-
dors. Sho snld thot tenders camo
into tho ofllco ond they wero Immc-
dlute'y    placed In the safe and kopt
, , i » ! thero    until the time came to open
Rev. Clarence Cornell Would Liks to """"'     Sne was always present    in
i'sck s Pistol sad Spill Blood       tne 'nml commissioner's rooms when
oi Chicago Liuuor Bealsrs.        -itlie tenders were opened.     She nev-
- or saw anything In tho Innd     com-
CUICAOO,    Mar. 36— Bsv. Clar- misslonor's   conduct, of this business
ones I, Cornell,'  pastor ot ths first to nrouso her suspicions.
Church ol ths Nsxsrsns, wants    to' *	
s/syCre^TW^lriiiw^f if isjlfieliejia>le/iejis»is«if le/iajiejiasii
Good Tackle
P. O. NOOT tosts your Eyes
thoroughly nnd correctly, treo
of charge. AH the diu'erout
Stylos of l-.y. .iliisses, Spectacles, etc., curried tn stock.
Broken lenses replaced, and
(loncrul Optlcel Work done.
Cnll nnd hnvo your Eyes tested boforo thoy give, nioro trouble It costs you nothing and
Is a plciisui-o to us.
wo solicit your Watch Repair
work nnd gunranieo satisfaction.
P. G. NOOT t
Wutchnmkur nml .Optician.
k 44 f -Hf 4 ♦♦♦+♦ 44 4,4 44 4*
>*•>«««•*«< >
sss the street, ol Ihlcago run with
blood in tbs combat now on between
prohibition sad its enemies. He told
the Cook County W.C.T.U. yesterday
that he would like to got a gun and
do his part In ths necessary shooting.
"I wish ths decent people ol Chicago would gst .all disgusted with
the insolence.snd lawlessness ol ths
saloon . keeper," said Mr. Cornell,
"that they would be compelled to
vomit. I wish the odvocstss ol
liquor would continue thslr brsxen
defiance ol stats laws until thsy become odious. I wish the streets
would run with blood in this struggle. I would like to gst outwltha
gun myself..'
The llfty women present nnd throo
or four men applauded loud and long
and hers and there an "amen" was
"Nine out ol ten prsachers ars
moral cowards ■ on the prohibition
question," continued Mr. Cornell.
"Thoy hold the key to the situation.
They could win this country to prohibition If thoy preached the gcs|icl
ot Christ In the right spirit. Thoy
are afraid to do It. Thoy talk j>ro-
hlbltlon, but when It conies to the
question of snlary or displeasing tho
congregation thsy falter and submit."
— ♦        -    -■
Montreal, Mar. 37.-Blds were op-
Euthuslustjc   footing   iiel.i
Ji'ioe   Press Hull.
the Conditions For    City Look Brighter
I Fur the Summer.
If Uio Advice o( Their Own Couuuit-
i*e is i oiloweU— Preuiiur'i, Decision on tne Resolution.
^uuuiuio i-'ree Press*.
Editor Free Press.
Will you be good enough to allow
tension mines aro working at lull
forco. No reduction has boon made
in the iTuinber of men employed, anil
the minos havo worked fairly steadily. Lust month it is true was
slack enough; but work has been
steady ull through March, and purine mooting in hups the     worst edge of the slump
hero, moetiug Jarau numbers of Con-
sBrvativeS _,_,_. ssygrfi dcloeatiuus.
His visit hero was au informal one,
undertaken priucipaiiy to get acquainted wlyi the members oi the
Conservutiiu puit-y.
tho Freo Prest.sjal. last uight was'hns boon turnod,—_
an unqualified sucA —. —a- thT smeller" again misyf toilless in
dred extra soats W been placed In town will improve. The shingle mill
the huli for tho occasion, and a vory ulso is nmliiug again, and the city
large crowd asseuiiled. Mr. Ed- wi" shortly commence its annual
.vard Uuennell, Sent of the Con- S^aTis th^oba^ ?!&
servativo Association, occupied the clearing operations being started on
chair. A n'oiiber of musical num- a lnrB° scale iust outside tlio city
hers wereiven and during tlie oven- gj!«J, ™**& %£»% ^
ing Mr. ;Uias. Wuodworth, president been lot to n Duncan firm, but this,
oi the Vancouver Conservative Assu- K0 I'11', has not been confirmed. How-
ciatiop. and later tho premier     ad-'.?0!:'' 7* Is   ',"   ev0!'y   way    likoly
,i~,„^h n     *• u,llt the     work    will be commenced
dressed tlie meeting. very shol.tly   Tho e,Tc(.t on tb. town
. -Air, Woodworth who Is ono of   the cannot but bo immediately beneficial
bost organizers in tho country,    im- llllu altogether tho outlook for    the
pressed on the Conservatives the ad- grt^.iS^ffi. ^tpecfa"
visability of   perfecting their organ- few weeks ago.
ization work, and    as a  result    ol 4
his work during his visit strong com fi'A  ur, i> lif i\l/i i
iniUees havo been appointed to   as- lvjIuilKUVV &
sist the Conservative Executive    of Ivmnnii , mrAt- i i
tws city. ,,,     IiMEHiNATIONAL
The Premier, who was received
with hearty cheers on his arrival,
spoke at some length.     His address Seattle Thistles Will Play the Cham-
was more in tlie nature of a heart
to-heart talk with tho audience than
a political address, nlthough bo
touched on sevoral matters in con- nuon
nection with the work of the govern
mont, making suiue telling points,
which wore vigorously applauded.
pions on   Spurts Grounds.
The premier stuted it as his
It is expect6d that the Seattle
Tnisties will lie horo un sunduy after
Tlie locals .will return by tlio
morning truin from Victoria, and tno
game will commence at 2 o'clock
sniirp. Tbo Thistles put up a good
ga'mo, and  won tho championship of
lirmi botittio,
K01111AN   PAPERS  JUSTll-'t-
it will ut bust be interest-
that at the forthcoming 'I*    l,°    sw hu^' t'"* 1?**   bul1 o11
,„,,„„„,    ,„ ,.    ^.^     ,   .   , "io other side and no doubt a large
federal olectiun^-tho Laurier govern- crowd, will turn out to see the game,
ment wns doomed.     With the expos- t
urcs boing made daily on the floor
ol the house by the opposition of the
flagrant disregard of tho IJboral government of tho trust imposed In
them by the country, there were
wholesale desertions all over tho
country from the Liberal ranks, as
wituoss the New Brunswick elections.
Aftor    tho premier's address a   ro-
SAN. FRANCISCO, Mar. 37.— Tho
weekly issue of the Korean, the local paper published by tbo United
Korean Association here, appeared
yesterday, and a iorco of Koreans
wero busiiy engaged in preparing li,-
, , UW copies for mailiug to Korea. At
solution    was unanimously adopted, tlM B
expressing confidence iu tho Hon.
Kobort Borden, as leader of tho Conservative party In Canada, and Hon.
Richard McBrido, ns loader of the
party in British Columbia.
A letter was read Irom Capt. Clivo
Phillips Woolley,. expressing confidence in the party, which was received with prolonged applause.
Following the meeting tho premier
mot a large number ot old friends,
OF MAN AND ,' and shook hands with many new-
ones. Organization committees met
nnd a vigorous plan of campaign in
tho Interests of the Conservative
cause wns drawn up.—Free Press.    '
time.. thoy express some
doubt us to whether the Japanese
oillciais will permit its entering into their country as they said their
mail was frequently opened and examined by the Japanese oillciais.
The paper contains, besides tbo
pictures of Chun and Chang, the as-
s.issiim of Stevens, a fervid editorial justifying his assassination.
37, - ,
Tbs discovery ln    the woods    near ♦ 	
here of the bodies of Frank Roberts GROCERS DENOUNCE CO-OPERA
and Mrs. (lust I no Brlsett disclosed a
double    tragedy.    The murder    and
suicide, for    such the crime ls    olll- OTTAWA,   Mar. 37,r-At u meeting
daily declared to be, occurred Sun- „, the arocer8, AaIoclBtloI1 ,„t evo.
day when Roberts and Mrs. Brlssett ning   E  M   Jrgmra Md j   „_ „u.
were    seen   to leave    tho woman's dary| MoBtreolj d(mo„„cd the    co-
houso.     Whon found both had   tall-! 0|M)r(tUv,   60cietieS bill,   now under
let holes in tholr beads and close by Consi<loratloil   l)y    lhe banklng llnd
the hand of Roberts lay a revolver colninerce    comm,tteo of the. Senate.
with two chambers empty.                 | The moiisure was declared one    cal-
™.^:J\,'!_tll"uf1hA1!!?i,,.tl1°,c,ll"to*>*0 croato ft huS" trust ttnd
leasurc of class logielation
woman and then shot himself. Both'
that was W  direct insult to whole-
were French.    Roberts Is known  to
have a  wife living In tho old ooun-!sal(, „,„, rAii, „.m|o of (.anm|l,
try.       He la    .'lo yours old.    Mrs.'
Brlsett was 34.    Sho Is survived by,
her husband and two children.     Mr. *
Brisett haa been in llolglum for some
time but Is exported home any time "
This prospective coming of the wu  *
man's husband Is believed to    have *
driven the pair to suicide.. *
■"■^ #
MEXICO CITY, Mar. 37- The .
town of Shillapa in the stats of •
Ouerrora, was completely destroyed a
by an oartlmuake last night. I'ol- t
lowing the shock the ruins took flre •
and ths town is burning. Ths po- •
pulace ls terror stricken.    It ls not •
„„ ,,    , ,,    ,,,,    ,, „ ,,,     „ known oven approximately how many a   cro,Kinol
oned at the Olty Hall this afternoon .,„.„    „..„ .„.,      „. ,„,. ',    ""sun.!s
.__ tt _..   .. ...  ; lives    wsrs lost.    Chlllapa was
for Montreal's now fifteen million dol
lar bond Issue. The bonds are to
bear Interest at 4 per cent, and mature May 1, 1948. A portion of ths
proceeds   Is to bo used (or ths
city of lifteen thousand inhabitants.
Ths destroyed town of Chimin lies
fifteen    miles south of Mexico City.
I ft was the seat of a  bishop and sov
,.„„„,,,       , ,,       , „    , ,,       ,-'*"i oral Important manufacturers    wero
domptlon of tho public delft, and the",„„.,_, .__
-n.-tn,i      located thero.
remainder for carrying on certain
public works, chlofly the enlarging of
tho waterworks and stroot Improvements
"In order to achieve success,"
marked   the sago of Sagsvllle, '
behooves   a young   man tc be
his desk early and late."
OTTAWA, Mar. 37.-Tho Dominion
observatory solzmograph at 0:10 last
night    recorded ons of tho severest
re- e«rthi|iiako shocks     sines ths     San
It. | Francisco disaster.    It lasted    two
at hours.     Another was recorded     at
110.64.     Ths disturbance Is cnlciilut-
"Thut's me,"   rejolnsd the    office sd to    bs north of South America.
hoy.    "Sometimes   I'm there early, Good records of all the tremors were
but mors often I'm late." obtained.
......    -1.    .....'.i.rlS
■  •«•••*  #-#  ********
Ottawa, Mur. 27*- Tho senate
last nluht considered the Lancaster hills ndoj.ting tho amendment hy Senator lle,|lutlie. that
trains must not oxcoed 10 miles
per hour lit crossings. An order to tCie contrary wus issuod
by tholKnil .-ay I'omnilssi u lu
other^wonls, tho amendnu-n-. will
thrnw onus on railway companies to secure permission from
tho Itiillwuv Commission as to
tho rato of speed nt which the
trains shall run ovor different
The bill now stands
for the third rending.
Winnipeg, Mar. 36.-D. M. Webb,
foreman of a C.P.R. switching gang
Is dond and Chas, Clark Is dangor-
oiisl.v ill ns a result of drinking u
solution of formalin yesterday after
noon. Both had takon a drink bo
fore thoy discovered tho danuermis
.nature of tho fluid. Thoy wore nt
onco removed to tho general hospital, but Webb dlod within a couple
of hours. Clnok is still living and
hopoB nre entertalnod for his recovery. It Is snld Iho formnlln was
drunk In mistake for brandy.
the unemployed of Nanaimc.'1
Mil, iicUiliiE S TELEO&UL
Victoria, Mar. 36.
J. L. Lord, chairman Comafittoe ot
Unemployed, Nanaimo, B.U.
Attorney-Ueueral   udvises execution
of declaration    is no UisnuaUiicattoii
-tAtt luipcruu r f-uficiubu lAws.    Ar-
rangoiuoiu oi ilovef-nment Agent Mffn
son therefore stands. Government
Agent llray has been instructed to
tins eiioct, and to seo that time provided in list is given to persons designated.
To the above telegram we sent the
following reply:
To R. ilcllrido, Premier, Victoria.
Uo nut consider Bowser's opinion
un English law worth considoration.
iiegrei your decision, but expected it.
Will advise unemployed to sign anything. Tbey must live."
* * * * *
The only concession wo have obtained from the government is allowing tlireoquarters of a day's pay, for
Lhc first day's work in fixing camps
which Marshall Bray refused to pay
us. Wo regret the determination of
the government to compel the unemployed of Nanaimo to taks ths
iiumiiiating oath required. Under
the cii-ciunslfini-.es, we think each
man should now. decide for himself aa
to the best course to pursue, but we
wuuld recommend sa those whose
necessities compel them to make tbs
declaration required to remedy tbs
evil by the most effective weapon —
the. ballot.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite also received
a telegram Irom Premier McBride,
identical with the one received by.
the unemployed comm-ttae. To the
telegram he received Mr. Hawthornthwaite sent the fulluwing reuly:
Hon. Richard McBride, Victoria.
These men are helpless, so kssp
your foot on their necks, but never
forget that their turn will surely
LEXINGTON, Ky., March SS.-Thp
failure un tho part of the state authorities to run down the perpetrators of the outrages committed by.
night riders," culminated yesterday in a direct way, in a direct
appeal to thc Presldont of the United States, fur federal interference in
Kentucky, in the form of a petition
prepared by tho loading mon ol Lexington, and Central Kentucky,
Tho petitioners aro awaro that the
President can take uo action unless
the governor so requests, but they
say it is their purpose by this means
to bring tho two oxocutivos together
in tho matter.
UU  QUiuaTlON.
VAA'COUVER, Mar. 25.—The Hindus released yesterday, declare to-
day they aro considering the question
ol suing for damages for alleged
ivrungful detention. Each men was
charged $5 for keep during his de-
ten tion.
On behalf of the atturney general,
an appeal was entered today by
which the full court here next week
will be asked to hold that the Na-' ™w V01tK, ^J1 ^J^TT"
... , , ,   ,       ment was made last     night by   Dr.
tulAct ls operative against Hindus, Wu]. -p. Hornuduy, president of tho
notwithstanding the decision ol J us-' American Bison society, of compie-
tiee Morrison given last Friday that tion ot l)lulls fl"' tnB preservation of
i» I i . _^,^ ui. ., n ■ i i'ore blood American buffalo, upon a
it is in conflict with the Dominion projected pormune.it national bison
immigration laws. The attorney range, 12,800 acres in extent, on tho
general asks for an order for tho re-'Flathead    Indian    reservation-    lu
Northwestern Molilalia. Dr. Horuo-
duy said ho had been authorized by
to tho society, ul which ho is president
■ii- to- glvo tho federal govcrumont a
herd of 20 bison which, upon the
permanent range, aro oxpectod to in-
arrest of -N'urain Singh and his thirty brethren,  who having failed
pass the educational test, were s
tonced to a  year's imprisonment.
crease iu number tu 1,000 within the
life time uf men now living.
President Roosevelt ond Eurl Grey
nre honorary     oillcers ul tho Aineri-
MARRIETTE, 0., Mar. 36—Seven can Bisun Suclety,    ouch member of
men who wero members of tho Elscn- which will now bo uskod to do    his
,„,,. a.-,A_,__„„      a—iin*    thAAtm best to convince Congress that    tho
barth-Henderson      floating     theatre rang(J fn    Uontuno 8should bo    pur.
troupe,- were   drownod today    whon ehasod at once.
the boat which waa starling uut on  4
a  season's trip, struck tho locks nt   THOS. CROWLEY DROWNED IN,
look No. 1-8 in the Ohio rivor.
VANCOUVER, Mar. 37,-Thos. J.
IMPEACHMENT TRIAL Crowley,    foreman at the Brlttania
IN VIRGINIA, mine, was    thrown   into ths water
— from a capsized canoe last night. A
Richmond,    Va., Mnr. 36.-Thi9 is companion swam ashore and obtnln-
ths dntfl Axed liy tho Virginia logls- «d help.    Several men rescued Crow-
lature for tho beginning of the   Im- Hy wh°   was still hanging to    tho
1-onclinien't trial of    Judgo .7. W. G. onnoe, but bs died from exhaustion.
Ill.-iekstone, of tho circuit court. Ho '        „.   .„„
I. to ho tried on two specific chnrg-      DAIRYMAN'S ASSOCIATION.
ofl— one of Immorality nnd ono    of
neglect of officio! duty.
Tho Annual Mooting ot the British
Columbia Dairyman's Association
will be hold In the City Hall, New
Wostridnstcr, B. 0., on Thursday
ovonlng, April 2nd, at 8 o'clock.
Election of officers and general business of the Association will be tab-
Roglnn, Sask., Mnr. 26— The government haa granted permission   for en up.
the btirlnl of   .Toslah Gilbert,     who *
died yesterday ln Edmonton pen'ten-^ .    CONSERVATIVE NOMINEE.
tlory, nt Regina, and tho body will'
reach horo tomorrow night. Gilbert Belleville, Ont., Mor. 37,-B. G.
was sorvlng a Hfo sentenco for the Porter, M.P., was again nomlnatsd
murder of Bnrrot Honderson, of Hare f<"* the Commons by West Hastings
River. Conservatives. CONSULT MB
If You Require Any
Or If You Require Any
Or II You Want to Bur a HOUSE,
er Sell One;   or II You   West
FARM or FRUIT stANDa*.    „
Haters- Peblic, Osavsraaser.
afADif«aTTH, i.o.
i for thslr denials behind the erring virtual protectorate over the Korean
. mantles of the scribes who reported country. It was ths effectiveness of
' their-ge^ilen sritecbis.' . f -}tbe #ork done by the Japanese* afi-'l
I The preoene^.yl.r the unanaployed, tborities -'at.Sepul uuderHhe diiti*,
was than acluoifledged./but; thors! tlon ■■?' Mr.. Stevens that made the}
wasi.an almighty hunch to'nnd j.hein""'"?'??'8' ?■ eetiye .niarklor the.
work.     The next development was a Kore<'n's resentment.     He naturally
....     strike of the   unemployed, and    no m*a° maDy enomuJS among the    ac
AGREEMENTS Drawn*'loDg*!r som lhaa Wednesday evening tivo aQherents of the Korean sove-
, these same men met in force on tho ce'*ht}'> hoth in that quarter of the
public street, drafted a charter of world an(i nmonS Koreans ln Jmerl-
rlghts, and sought to force it    and ca aml other """""tries. [_
themselves upon Premier McBride. The appreciation which the Japan- battlo against   tho Mainland in   tho
Theso are the developments ol   tho ™° Sov01'nment felt for the    notable ft"''" '""tch, which is to be played
ence,   Farmer was shlppod because It tho Scottish'
was   thmitthf   s... ~n     -       -   - ■        .
n«. . was   thought Snowuon   was a bottom
Thoro is to bo another Island trial man und   Manson   dlsplacod Johnnie
forwards combined flno-
m* »■»»♦«.»•«.-.,».»»»,
Ignmo from which the eleven men   to for tho    sumo   roason7"~Tho"Un'^'uD     Now anl' thon Wales broke awny
was as strong as it could bo mado      bv} *vero    """"y dl'lven back
Iho meaning uf tho next phrase is ?    "    ""''tee"    minutes
situation so far „a i» 77. , services    Mi\ Stevens    had rendered ^^ wM    ba  plckod-   Fruln » loI« ?,V0I"?S™ ■*l°8'»li' '"wrop in mystery.'-  ■Ui'„Jol**,s seo''«' us
swuation so far as It has been pos- .._     .,,       > ~f T* .        rendered oxlJWlonc(J 0f these matches, and os-.Provided Esquimalt beat r^S..,  hrllllant   effort,    nftc
slble to glean them from thc Nanni- WM »vWent:ed    by Its bestowal
Ladysmith   Standard
Twuiianeu  uu   irouitvafraye onu  omtui-
days Afternoon* by tbs ...
Hobs. II. Hiadmarab, ...
Manager. ..   -..
BUBflCHiPl'ION i'lUCB.   ...
Ons Year ai.jg
Six Months ,,.     fs
Advertising Rates on. Application.
mo press. ^^^^^^^____-__—
.Yet all over tbe "Times" and in
every issue of the "Times" tho city
is flourishing like a green bay tree.
The articles are of local manufacture, and are reproduced ln tho local
press. Conditions have nevor been
more' favorable, all manner of developments aro in progress, nnd the
city's future is smiling to the heavens. Well, Nanaimo friends are
welcome to all the comfort and consolation
had gone',
Provided Esquimalt-boarildvsnilth   1,rmia"t   •"'•"rt,    after which   Wales
Nanaimo   will     have to borrow all opo"*,d out'    becoming very danger-
Vancouver to boat the team the- hail  *,U8'
„   - -  ,.!'oady "'"Posed of by two goals to     T1"> Ka™* became fast and    muro
nut as much to bo gained irom them »''• That-seems to be the moaning 00.u''1 than at lirst Scotland's wina
as would at lirst signt appear. There °' '*■ The logic of it we will leave Paira and halves playing m-andlv fui-
iS nothing  at stake, and ovon   with to our renders to flnd.    . an    equallsor.     Thomson   had hard
tho incentive of striving for a  placo ■ —4 ', l9<* with a fine, lung shot     Wales
on the final   eleven, a player raroly     Tho "Weok" of Victoria, has    the  h<"™V»r>   dofondod stoutly,    Hue-lies
gets strung up   to his real   lighting following    to    say   concerning   tho h°ln(L ■»nsP'<™><«.   Boose   sent    a
t"»P- 8amo here on the-Hth:   "Thaf was SK""1 droP j*"* from Lennie over
■Lnst time, also, mon wero triod out a great    football   match at. Ladv-    ! bar   ""Wrnillcontly, but did   not
of thoir regular positions.   Now,   a  smith, and     allowing    fur   thofact *?$ S,° much to do a« ho ought con-
playor, in our opinion, makes a bad  that tho ultimate winners wore olav   ?lderm*    the Scotch pressure     Tho
"ilstuko    when    he   will submit   to  ing on thoir own ground, the teams i    mo c*"ltro *vas w»ak.
fAtfiADv      « n.      r. '     , , *u     * ro»,uta««»n on such an un- must bo rogardod   , Bs protty ovoidv.    Tak»n throughout the may in • th„
CALGARY.     Mar. .30- General far handicap     Either ho should   bo matched,    it is not certain that   on Ii™' ha*> was good, Scoffil havinl
,. Manager Richardson, of ths Jlilmln- t',01" out in his own place, or   loft neutral ground tho result would not Ith0   bost  0( the gamo, nil but sen?
they   can draw from     all ion Fair, yesterday booked aU    at- ttt, "?m0'   Auothor  dilHculty for  tho have boen different.   Both teams do-''""       "     .» out seo,.
cheery optimism. Lot them trac'u'on loVth. r»V, !uT -m nL f1,0.11"", fm'nlttoe lies in uiscrim- monstrutod their undoubted super-
congratulate themselves to thoir £i ■ £ u V^ V^.. 7 i'"8 b°tWee" ,ho m"rmt "llibr0 ifitt/ to my olber ciab oleven on
heart's content r,v„r 'th. i „n\- , " \* "" "rat 0| '*» k(ali to be ","""' 0|,l,usi"S -""^h other. For tho island, indeed it is a quostion
a (i.fiT. iDg "' *bom ia Alberta, but the first in f1""""1"''"' "" '"»t trial game, Har- whether a selected team outside „"
a u.P(R. slip, the establishmont of the whole of the Dominion and one 7 '"'P""™1 to ho playing n whole Nunuimo ahd Ladysmith could, boat
Japanese fishing stations, and     th oth th        ,a       "T^0"' "*, ** ot "   8«bie.      But ho hud only  ono either.'
oi^mug U11t miae^at the head of EU^i^,."a,l0B,i "** "*** to either ma" '" »'»'k and «"» nevor tested. "As usual -Jimmy Adam proved
Thev con i... o7 m or AlMr'0«). . .-. lhaeKeray.on the othor hunu, was up •"»•"« to bo tint star porloT-uoi' and
fney can take    tho     Thla i. th. «i„h.!... ,_._._      a against    tlio    --■  ------ ■ •■   •  " '  -•        •    • ■- - ■ u
experience of' these matches, and es-
on peeiully in view of the sorry exhihl-
hlm of an honorarium of ten thous- tion put up here on February 8, we
and dollars annually and decorations »« ["^t J? l'S'.M*!! l8
ol the third class order of the rising
sun and thu ordor of sacred treasue.
,. a      	
Calgary Pair Arranges for a Flying
Machine Guaranteed to Fly—'
Will bs Drawing Cardi-'"-/5
the bay here
•Up from Ovste/Zrhl" T"0 ./l"     Th" is.tho fl'Sh»,jlf an airship and If^ J1'0   ™al art'cle. "^''itted " is ..mors than doubtful if "his  e,'
«,im aaa      y      . a*Tb0T' *°0' "   !t of all the attract!,,..,, v,h.t .fc. „„   himsolt ".ko..a horo'. a"d was  thrown «al. •» ""tre forward can be   foum
anything   at all to their
. all the attractiOLS that the man-
foal article,
  8  thro....
A Ilnol objection is that   a in, Canada.
For this roason
it   is
In the death of the Duke of Devonshire another    notable iigure belong,
ing to the group of the later    Victorian statesmen has beon. removed.
The Duke learned Jus politics .  with
Gladstone,     but could   never follow
his fiery     loader in all his political
excursions.        A definite   and   final
parting    took place    over the Irish
question.     The Duke, together with
Chamberlain, put himself at, the head
of the Liberal Uniunist group,    and
formed a  natural alliance with   the
Conservatives.       He   was   able to
work on harmonious lines, first with
Salisbury and   afterwards witli Balfour, by both of whom he was fully
trusted, and his great merits     and
abiUties acknowledged and rewarded.
The tariff reform propaganda, initiated by   Chamberlain brought a  further split into    the Unionist ranks.
Chamberlain has certainly a   unique
political     record,     He first of    all
smashed up the Liberal party,   next
he turned     loose from his Unionist
triends, and whon his present illness
overtook biiu was again busy ln the
congenial task of shattering the Conservative     cause.     Surely no leader
was ever moro scurvily served,     his
Influence so steadily discredited,   liis
power and authority so continuously assailed, by a   lieutenant as was
Balfour     by Chamberlain.    In    the
case of     the Duke political Ingratitude    wus nover    blacker.     Ho announced his antagonism to the Cham,
berlnin proposals, but when tho party was     called together he     found
that the astute Joseph had got hold
of the machinery and thero was nothing for him to do but to mako his
exit with what grace and dignity he
could summon to his command.
The Duke was nover a very striking political figure. Ponderous In
speech and cumbrous in his movements, he had never an clement of
populnrlty In his composition. His
speeches wero dreary verbal wastes,
delivered rather with nn air of boredom than of animation. Indeed ho
hss been known to break into
Nanaimo will find    th„t ^Tfv ^cur0?1' iffii«, ov9nt w111 «■>•■ maV should b° "hoson upon his  sua- a" tho moro rogrottablo,that his me-
nt „r JL!" .I d?ubt0<|ly Sttraet the ..Mention "  '   	
, son's form and    not upon the' oxhi- thod» *ra not above tho suspicion ol
 --.     -     •--v      "'bitionofa single game, and, tho ab- unfairness ,   It is one thing  to    bo
vast numbers who attend the fair mUm ol   OVory   man in tho Leuguo tricky, and another thing to bo foul,
well as    a   tromandous .Irawjng should now be   known to tho mom- anod ^*™__ opinion on Saturday
, amount to tho card all over the pomlnlon 01.Can- bQta    °t    the  Selection Committoo, """"
of the ink that    has aim*, -j-                                                        ""
cent of revenue in it the
finanr a,   wen M
will add
thoro is not
for tho town, and that, us   - - -
cial asset it does not  „,„ cora all over tha Dominion o!Cr,. hers    of    the  Selection Committee, was that Adam indulged   In .many
, ' "    cora a" over "e Dominion OI.Can- r. . practices     which    should havo boon
..,-:-    has already .ads.   . S°  ^ame at the oeniJSna   o    tho "onalUod*      A   man of such oxcep-
beon spent in describing and boost-     Tbe Company putting on this   ev- seaso* ulero ll, LZdS no SeccssT "onat brilliance can well afford    to
mff "' °"t 1b the Strobet Airship CompaW ty for 'it when the League has prac J*» £ s™0 J^"*^ ™a'.
Why had tho C.P.R. built this sjip of Chicago, and hus a  record of the Sg"^"UsP'K ","hch „,,,, 80rv ' sldorablo    margin   over all compoti-
■—«<     asked   the    jubilant win In the Intornational contest   at th?0g"oTp!urpot ot'CX*'0*^ **     vlHm\ tM. ^
as     the the world's fair at St, Louis,     and interest in the noxt inter-league   on- nmlho vi."'"y »' ^f!lJ',ill"U1 bt°
be- third  „ the recent. IpteWst.ona. con- "J-^A^^Is^ng  talked "o?^.--^^^
865 test at Toledo 0.    „ ,   tt?™„'„*". t._   -™P.°"™    "'    ■     '■""■ ■*»"'"-'•--■-'-'	
jo-     Strobe], the great Inventor,.
ing. Ily comparison with Rouse,
Ronnie had little to do. Tho period
finished with Scotland pressing, but
somehow tho Welshmen never looked
like having thoir charge takon.
Hnlf tlmo-Walos 1; Scptland 0.
Final score:   Scotland 2; Wales 1.
1  4--
Winuers   of the English Cup.
a great goal and adding three points
ta his side's total, Tho score was
now thirteen points to eleven, but
lt did not long remain at- that figure.
The Irish halves fastened on the ball
near tho corner, and Thrift threw
himself over tho Hue, amid anothor
demonstration of wild delight by the
Irishmen. The kick failed. Ireland
was now leading, ten minutes from
time, by live points. To the finish
buth sides tried desperately,' Thrift
putting in a power of work lor Ireland in the closing minutes. MacLeod wits hurt and had to he carried off the field. MacLeod reappeared Just as the whistle blew.
The final    score, Ireland 16, Scotland 11.
1897- Aston Villa beat
1808 — Notts
County, 8—1, 1
1880-ShofIleld United boat
County, 4—1.
Forest boat Derby
in   -Nanaimo,
scribe.     Because Nanaimo
Khetp^rrm^^ thir<* * * KSlBBKi
days in the ^ar, answered the
vial joker, and    then, there followed been working
the usual boasting reference to   that y
on his machine  , for remarks   that
,   J,?,, ' 1 ... £  7r. .-'...inn had begun to look upon Nanaimo as:
has   'Ooon*st    h"8„rIri"°;h. ?iW*3! almost invincible;    It must be high-
has an eleven to roprosont the Island. Hov t   grat,,ving    t0   bH 1ovW8 6(   ?h0
_^^———---—. ■ nS!*8   ,bU  ,hi"     ""th   r. fti L" Sim1* to knSw    that tho best  brand
   years and has new got to the stage ^"i^,^^^,^^ ot association fpotball in Canada Is
most blessed of all harbors which is where ho has shown at the larg, ^Z-Tt-S. ,^^U^^l1WSl^^i of Jim
costing the Dominion government a 'aira of the world, guaranteeing a this, and as an indication of the in-' eve* developiiw ■ much of a swell
small fortune this year to dredge   a flight. ^?„*^ei-g.tttken in the- ^flBUe' jt ^-»—'     "--'        '   '
passage into it.     Well, the sWp     -* " A
-,   owp    at
Nartaimo is nearer than the slip at
Ladysmith to Vancouver. But, all
the same, it makes the longer trip,1
and owing tu the course lying up
the gulf, cannot be made 365 days
fn the year. The crossing can be
made to Lndysmith when it cannot
be h'tlempted to Vunaimo,
nothing     much to boast about
NEW. YORK, Mar.. 23.-John    D.
deserves to be encouraged
vSf ^ttuXhe soiect^ fiM^SSS^
^o^f{dSPnr&^» _&» of ^t Jimmy^pmy'ca,
  ,od, haaai    i3"clV«. nicely bui"an"co"d"id.
espondent referred to is  a '™.„„™ of. P™iso and blamo, as    is
nocksfeller JII.,,helr.prMumptiv. to ft^*the**-^S?1-U^-  ° 8-'Vta  P'^' ^h^l^.^J^'.-P «ot a man
,, ...  —-•■"     in
tbfg, „„d it would never havo been
mentioned had not tho praise of
Nanaimo     harbor and crossing
play cat-
on. „! .h. ■ . ,   .  .T" ^apitttl c't.V. although It Is m tho provinco whose play, both  on
one of the. largest fortunes in     ths <>P«m to question that it deserves  to and 0|*    tn»    «'««   Is more closely
world, was two ysars old Saturday. havo "He Placed.   So far as we have Iwatchod-     Not   a tip or a pat  os-
From all aecounU.he is a fine, bis  S" i     '" .ar"   on,y st™thers  andi^f observation and what in man.
There is health,, hluwyed WUBg^™hi*^S^_\f_t-_^^ "»d  »»lLfeLSSi,!Mit.!!')*'' »&<* Is at
Just beginning to take a lively   interest in what goes on»about    him.
.    .      , .....uuut notice is at
.... AnnlA  nhinnt" iZ'Sihnn].'-  h'iVh "nt I 011Ce   S0,Md   UPOn   Ond   inaghlllod   WllOll
ono could-object to either or both of Jimmv ia tBB ..irnnHp,. '
thom bolhg "li-on    a place although J'X Is one Wilor ooint   and   bo-
-   noTh.*!!? ltr0"SO"S ,V;h>' th°y   ^*V^mmZil^^1--^--t    for
II. is ths.idol.not only ol hi.    par-    Tho goal-keeper's place lies between I ££■»•, fi-Jf,.^^
.     1»- «U.    but ^so ,ov<IWe gr«idi.ther, Hradshaw and Hartley    Thj.former, J~ «J^^ &fi*™$ ^
a  slur upon the Ladysmith Joh» tosfcstaWU ...    Th. latter *£■ t^£ftf<£__T*-Z\'~-    Tu ™tU"' to tho '""■"'   ^
Nnnnimo can do has grandchildren in tho McCormlckfu..^- •
crossing and bay
"11 the boosting it wants to
—- ■--—*....Jron in the McCormick ♦!,«« i.   u   "' —*".*-* -"-"""«• who-i .-- -.  »y «.u ..uhil,   j\a-
„. |, ,,„,,,      ,   , -• so long 'and tbs Strom /amines  h...    fh_ hi ">8 n",y ri'ul advantage ovor,*,murocolvos more provocntion   tlinu
Tthl   °.tmak its ch<""l* out     of vouae ^~7.?luT.- A.1_.?T hiS..y.°U°fl   ±.ll .Httrtto.V has    a\«&_*   «"y    "ther   player in   the
other and noighborlng cities.
WOUADfiiD Dll-LOMAl' in- x>K\
SAN I-*IUN.(JISCO,   Mar. 2B-
»V. Slovens, the dipltmat who
shot by tvnun Chang,
young psrsons, who ars destU»d to M*$**%£l^fg'/^^^SS^
b. ttsnumdously wealthy,, will bav. g 'hf »jj^« r^t^WbL^*, Again there are
mssgro.lorHuncs-eompared with John „„d Hewitt cannot bo beaten. Thevim™ lho, f° ,?" U'? "o1'' vKlth11 t,u!
1). ths third. , are, each of them, as good ns any ! ?™*'Jd L"to?"on "' f""'"* '"'""•V
" "■-"• _tJ__ I,,.... i,i„vIi,d »,.,i fh..v hnvo bow to do it. Tho tusk is always
Tbs heir to million. I. being roar- ^J^J^^ "in K&S """cufend Adum's reprisals nl-
od In accordance with the traditions „„,i ,.„,i„.„.      • " "  	
"»■ (of tha Ilocksfeller lamily, which,
and  understanding    of each
rean    Monday, died at tn.°7'* i"'1ioU,e,' 'v0,'d,• """n8 "»t the lollies   , .. ,„  .,   „ „,„,. .„
lust night.   -DouUi was ilu^w pere-'t?i - '"^^ °' th* *OM "' aaay mil" 2 i» f.™ .Ihcrc'..-.h.e:f'';'-l3's.mlth ""? ?.« "Ih".."" '-hat.m"ch. ct tho  <='*itic-
-foul practices.
To come to tho halves, it Is dim-!.1" inclusion,
nftor   tho match
the writer must add
1900—Bury boat Southampton 4-0.
iSOl — Tottenham Hotspur boat
Shoffleld United, 8-1.
1903-Sheffield Unltod boat Southampton, 2—1.
1908 — Bury boat Derby County,
1904—Manchester boat Bolton Wanderers, 1—0.
190f —Aston Villa beat Newcastle
Uniteti, 2-0..
1901—Evorton heat Newcastle United, 1-0.
1907—Sholllold Wodnosday boat Everton, 2—1.
■  -♦  -
The recent victory of tho Thistles,
of Vancouvor, ovor thoir follow
townsmen, tho Shamrocks, has
brought tho following verses from a
Vancouver bard:
•      HAIL!   THISTLES!
Come wcop with mo
And let your teardrops roll
As ceaselessly
As Thistles shot round goal;
Poor   Shamrocks,
Here Is decline
To touch the withorod hoart
Of a mummy;   shine
Thistles, success thy chart;
Poor   Shamrocks.
To thee tho Cup
And strong dofenco
With thee wo'lt sup
When    you   subdue
power ;
Poor   Shamrocks.
EDMONTON, Mar, 24.—Lying at
his home in a precarious condition,
with his skull laid bars, and in
danger of complications that may
cause his death, Frank Goodwin, a
young man residing at Namayo avenue, claims he was tho victim of a
brutal attack; last Friday night.
Thero are now under arrest, one
at the mounted police barracks and
the other at the police station, two
young men namod Joseph Hoffman
and Geo. Beicker, charged with the
assault with intent to do bodily
harm. The complaint against them
may result in a charge of manslaughter, if the condition of Ooodwin
turns out to bo as serious as his
physicians-fear; as It Is he ls pow
unable to leave his bed, and adjournment of the case hss been
made till he sufficiently recovers to
attend the court.
The quarrel which resulted ln the
serious injuries to Goodwin appears
to ho tho result of a case ol a mutual admiration for i
—, 4—	
young lady.
of   Mainland's
tho Island's
thi tli.
The ojioiatlon disclosed that
Pere- lldnsJrss of today will bs tabooed.
can bo bon ten.
Wynne is" far    and """, thut     is    pussod upon   Adam
Ths younaster will flnd I. hi. .     i"!,?  «° Jf,1 r'Bht bM on th<! Is-1T T fr"m '«™rgnco of the   rules
°   *ounir«W'' will flnd. in his fa- land.   .McKinley can hold his   placo!ot lbe game    and want of personal
ussassins bullet had ,™..™...L     .   I        .' raort ""•"'lent example of a »'">,»"> "'nn in tho Province' Clogg '<«Perlenco    on    tho Hold;    It Is all
intestine ,_  a.    a     ""'""ted   the millionaire     who prefer. thss'Itoabwif.,?"11 >'"■""< <» "■» trams' nnd    as,™1?'   "ell   tor a     press reporter
intestines, in six places.
side when death came,-
Koike, J
Cisco, and Messrs,
At ths bed
yot shows   more
press reporter to
Ath^h ' prate about cloonuoss and rave about
apanoee consul in San Fran--his fimm-,,-^- bis beliol.
lorry  and Hunt-
II ho was°as "good"in j'.uaJa:..   ". tho'H.nin» moralist
.We to the pleasu™. ol,high society! ffiwln&s"
»«>»   C.   o.'ln 1,. t^U.., bis, OT«yKiay. nmta. attack laZ   dofen^i; serv^'hls ^ was"•h„„dod'7h^,'o!r„„"   {he
John OWI* 'or*a"_a as in thwarting his »hln. <"• the fluid, ho would wnsto no
D. Rockefeller, Jr.. is a most-strlk- ODP™onta. ho would easily catch his tlm? '■> handing It back ngnln. Lot
lag contra* ofaa.UZ of    e ^.J** &?:&2V*_ S.T'n^L?""'™-1^ •« «-£
position.      Ilut ho hns i „ „ , „  .,
rival ln Sawyors.    Tho iattoMs niit but ln discussing a gaiuo '
yawn in tho middle of an
important speech. Still he had
marked ability and wielded a tremendous influence with the titled
aristocracy. Moreover he was a
wholesome influence in English poll-
tics, far above tho questionable devices and dubious tactics of the
pushful Joseph, always true to hla
convictions and loyal to his friends.
a man of weight and substance, not
wanting In moral and political courage nnd.rare strength of character,
and of Irrcpronchful Integrity. His
party will bo much tho poorer
his loss.
It has boen moro thon surprising
this last woek to road of the groat
boom In Nanaimo. A fow weeks
ago our proud neighbor had a vexing and troublous unemployed quos
tlon. Thero was some little doubt
about it for Somo time. The City
Council was net disposed to admit
that thoy had such a spectre within their gates, and when It could be!
no   longer concealed,   sought refuge
J  ^     »....-., ... «i>w»yws.    top lauor is not UUV" «'«™<»-;»K f gwjio or a play-
PMU.     u* .       . . 1      " ' " an   full   .rf   timrlr    txttf  uo   ri.ii.il.lt'  filir-   °r>   Iot   Ufl   mAKO   «U0   nlloWUHCUS     for
ont' \__V__Z T        «»«to«^- »«"«««*■ «*•■■    1,M"»8d1 «   » ?,*momtr»0o^pSn9r;rbutat Is a J"'»ent, Impulse, provocation'hnd
only „nco alter the operation,     and fortune which yrould enable bin.   to heady player <ind Invnluublo  to   the. u'mP?r-.   ,   . '      ,     ,
then said he was iu great pain. The gratify any extravagant wish, which forwards.     Tho centre half position I    11!10 n°t-nlr    artist of the Stand.
—'     - -'would enable him toTaV half a mil- »hould be-between these two men.    .""   '"• or nt 1'l«»t w"? ut tm ,v"°k-
would enable him to pajf half a mil forwards,' Grnihgcr Is a strong ?""• ""«* explnlnlng'what nice little
Uon a year for a yacht and think mvorit() f()r l|10 out8|»0      „t uorth". boys   there   iiro   In tho Ladysmith
It no    waste, to    support a  racing u thoro Is, to bo another trial gamo, '0°t»a>l   club Standard readers
.table or to buy a princely estate, ft is to J hoped that   ,oe Isjday-.™ W^^ ^d'TL^Z
hs   wants    nonsoftbem.    To hi. - &   *^   "J-Pf^-    fc^'  Press     It is-woak and dark enough
mind It is pleasantsr to work dally, ous man, and ho centres with abac-   or ,him-.   A hot-air artist, -wo take
to live quietly at borne and to    de- lute   nrooisloB.      p™   Inside right, '■>}•* °™_ w™..!!°™,°t?■'.A"""»K be
WASHINGTON, D. C, March 26.—
Additional iv\u- vessels have been ordered to Hayti following a conference uf officials of tho state and Navy departments.- As the Desmoys
ulroody had beon sent to the scene
of tho recent outbreak, which ondan-
gorod tho lives of tho foreigners on
tho island, tho United States will be
represented by three warsbii s in
llaylian waters. Tho exact nature
of tho disquieting news from Hayti,
the receipt ol which brought about
thu precautionary stop, was not disclosed hy tho State department.
 ,   »
tion and Is a  student of literature.
Shs Is    interested in practical char
attending physicians realized last
night that death was certain in a
short time and operated in the faint
hope of saving his life.
Consul General Koike was greatly
affected by the death of Stevens.
Whan Chang, the Korean who shot
the diplomat, when informed at tbe
Jail of his victim's death, received
the news without surprise and with
manifest delight. Since tbe day of
the shooting Chang has been expressing the hope, that Stevens
might die. Last, night whan r asked
if he was sorry fur what be bad
done, Chang said,
"I am glad. He was,no friend to
Korea and he is better dead."
Stevens', death will result    in
charge of murder being brought
gainst both Chang and Chun, his
complice, who attacked Stevens
he alighted from his automobllo    at
tho Ferry building.     Chun, who was
wounded by a  wild shot from    bis
companion's revolvor, Is at the Lane
hospital where it was last night said
ha wa. apparently on  the  road   to
recovery. I
Washington, Mnr. 26.—D. W. Stevens, who died at San Francisco last
night, was returning here for a —
Mr. Stevens had lived bore
with three sisters for many ysars.
Mr. Stevens was In the United Stages diplomatic service for ten ysars,
until 1888, serving as secretary of
ths, legation at Toklo. It waa
through hla services there tbat the
attention of tbe Japanese officials
was called to him. Then ho served
as confidential adviser and counsel
for tho Jnpansse legation in this
city nnd enjoyed th. confidence of.
Count Okuma.
When the troubles arose In the far
east Mr. Stevens was consulted frequently and was,called to Toklo and
hurried to Seoul to fill (be post of
confidential .counsellor of tbs Japan
ess, regime In the hermit kingdom. I ,
At this time the conflict between
Japsa snd Russia over the Jurlsdlc-i ■ • - ; ?_A ™
ta acute and J.PM began .1'"" »mcUBt *** ""'
.    . _tt   ..'»
de- lute   precision.      For     ..„—.   .   ,,        .    , .   .",-"•. » ""
vita much of his time to reliirlcti and Crulckshnnks hos first claim, and "Jf 1DOt kmw «*■>' about, some-
.hrt. thoro, Is   only    ono'Adam,   a r„hnm thing ho    k„ow„ nothing about.    It
l"1"1*** should again take Inside left and we "aa thl9 *W °' , V?™" ,tho, stBnd-
Urs.. John D. Booksteller, Jr., who havo soon nobody yot in tho outside Hrd mfZ was e*l'l!lln1,n* lo8t   •vook-
XM Mis. ;Abby Aldrich, daughter of left berth In any way equal to Pro- .?»•>•    ™°J<*" ""'° «»y wore more-
Senator    Aldrich    ol Hhods Island, y»s.  Of    "oiirse    thoro aro nlterna-.'>■ mcmentnis.
,.  •    t        t a.        a        xt t   tlvos to tho   most of theso plnycrs; •
sllares her husbands tastes.- Not- hut, in our opinion, thoy ropresontl Geordles rounn nbout will bo glad
Withstanding the wealth and social the croam of Island football talont. to hear thot their crock team nro
prominence to which she has beon ac- What the Selection Committoo think onco again likely to figure nt   Crys-
„,., ,    „ . _ ....   „_   „ ....   wo shall learn un Saturday evening, till Pnlaco.    At any rnto Unltod arc
customed, all her life, Mrs. Boekefel-          ' "   m tho gani-flnais.    oi COUrso, It   Is
ler jcares nothing, .for society and -its    ,t „ sl         thl) t „, ,)00st. | every club that goes to the big Lon-
frivolities. She Is pretty and at- i„g thl. Nanaimo cloven Is getting do.n •Pclo,.uro that lifts tho Cup
traotlv. „d could mm, shin, did from, tholocfi. pressJjtthat ^'^ ,t^on rar^So. tj.
she, ut enter the Usts But her in- *» *^TL^« «rtW ."V«--" •*«- %*****A fe
terests ore la opposite directions. over |)oc„ so0„ „„ tho ConBt, nut on tho^socond tho "toffoo mon.' snld
She has advanced ideas about educa- "■«» "•— '
then there are others. Tho champ-!"«•, But„nt thttt "T VnM ll?
ions nro worthily striving to live up .J™""* •«■". ^ngue honors. TJrls.
to tholr title, aid so far have   sui 1«»» %?? have only tho Cup to
Hy and much prefers to inv'eslimito I™}0, "l"'"s, n" wo11 "»   thoy    ox-.to.    This timo thoy   havo only the*
„n,i -ii  .' Vltm     ' ■•***'" Pectod.       Yot, ovon aftor thov   hnH.c«P to look to, and Newcaatln «....i.i
and relieve a" mn«'in'.'ni_'nt'""7,'"' I7™J"'.  , ?Lot.' <"">" Mer thoy   had,cuP to look to, and Newcastle would
irL    .7    i '     -S. -°'    d"" y1"*"™1"" tholr fulth In tholr anility inot h« habitable without a mug   of
wess. thse to     spend an afternoon to,0*'1"' Nanaimo's colors thov   aro 8omo kind.   "Oan on Unltod"!
with a dressmaker talking about the    lil ro'?*Lntt"1 to «00o"d timo.
«t of a gown.'   From this it muj* vagaries ■ '"■  """"""^   whow
fnotball always   mako
not be Imagined that shs does, not amusing    reading,   hardly over   ,-
dress well, for shs does.    But    she ,"om1hor'< that tho champions aro still
wnmanni f"*inR;    " Nanaimo is Visiting Vlc-
l      . .i tT7>r<j~ "i   "O""11 of tor a, It   s rcforrhd -*f
her station    who hss no infatuation, mlof Cm"n thoTeagu,
on Unltod"
Scotland vs. Wales.
After the w'et, boisterous woather
qf Friday,    Saturday dawned   crisp
cars, to? dress ,„|y „ ,  wonl.'B'0, J™"1!--    " ■2*°l« "''■'ting Vic- and  clear.     The   pitch soon dried
It Is not a, pasrton with he, „nd &'ta*ite'%|TLit™ by tho "tbt^snt thaiBooS
doss not distract her mind from the man publtsho, Th„ ,™°. t ™ £*? »lt1«1"""' '« the Welsh team
larger problems bf life, of which shs Ss; soft"«„ tOBl_rgB tataZ? rlaht lhP„atr?Fft'k,,,<,Pe^|,prrcd a"
» •« asrnest student. ft«ou.d rather",?& ^J^^^T^^-l &&&?
Young Mrs. Hoekefeller I. „ot pttr. %^X^ TJ^h   _,     , for<Miit'* »"•   "^ot»   know'nTo
though ,h, shsrss bar h«sbu.d's love fopor^-of a football game as eve?| wU»S«do* Blew' Morris Hugh
■or.horw. Shs golf. . ,.«„ and «W«- 'LTn-il'W-l TBB ff! ftW^-^-lTO-J-St
•an swim,,  and sail a  small boat  wns tiot full, »n^    P.",,both J"^09 iDivl"' 0rM,>' E'-ns.
Wax, to re„, . \X$_^^ ^'^
She much
homson, Oalt, Bonnott
rork .„ ., educational top,,    th.n fM_\_i-_S^%^
beat Udysmlth    on Saturday, next,
Roforoo—Mr. Mason, (Burslem),
The Dundee Police Pipe Band  dls
to dance or attend
STRIKERS WW'.WMWT.. V S'snUUoTtn'l^llf.lJf't' "^ "m° J?!"*?' nal4al,al "-""'Vto Tsplondld
Windsor. Ont., War, »Ji^.«? to si2£ lhfl°uUh0 cb^[m?M\■fi,t^taI^J!ff's'»»*■
,hl.|d,porker, on tb. Wind*,, „|I .^™.™y ■« » lohe hidden aw«v!notaK"\Jb couuta". SSS"
;prp.che, to th. Detroit river tumiel the t^BS-T Ah% \tlT1_hA' Wll" tlW.t<"w' Scotlan5 "^
H returned to work.. An mere*, was Afc>&%&£$& jSBW-tW-39S
la, wages was granted but not    ths JfM,1,"V0 Mainland stars In tho team, the sun in his o7es" L Oalt  shot
f»ri«»W.'!f .no!:thon wh.at he w<u,re- ow-   i From   a   corner by Lennie
ferrlng to ts known only to Provld. Walker andHcNaJr both bad   Wss,
The International Rugby match
Fsb. 20 between    Ireland and Scotland at   Dublin was won by Ireland
by 16 points to 11.
Tbe opening stages of the game
were even, but Walter of Scotland,
met with an accident which forced
him to retire from the game. This
misfortune did not Increase the Scottish prospects, ond Shultze had Just
saved a dangerous run by Thoinp-L.„ ,,., „„,
soa when Thrift, picking up the ball I Saturday.
on tbs    run, got away and crossed I —
ths Scottish line amid great encoring. Parke kicked a goal, and Ire
land took the lead, thus making Ireland flvo points up. J^^^C_^_
Fortunately for Scotland, Purvee
Intercepted a pass, and the ball wa.
transferred at a great pace to mid-
Seld, where tho Irlahmen were on the
point of getting off again, when Martin came In the way of a pass by
ons of ths Irish quarters. Quick to
salts the chance, Martin handed on
to. MacLeod, and the old Fettes boy,
getting the ball nicely placed, rushed off ond, showing a clean pnlr of
heels to the Irish defence, crossed
the line. The ball was placed nl
molt under ths posts, yet MacLeod
missed the mark, tho ball striking
ons of the posts ond rebounding into play.'
Ills next moment Ireland wore at
ths other end, and Caddell Initiated
a run which was taken up by
Smartt. From Smartt tha ball went
lo Beckett, then to Thompson, who
scored another try, far out, amid a
scans of wild excitement, the Irish
contingent cheering vociferously.
Parke made a good effort to kick a
goal hut failed.
Th. next Incident ot note was a
free to Ireland about nildlleld, which
miscarried, tho ball passing wide.
MacLeod then bad a great run well
Into the Irish ground, but Parke replied with a better. Getting the
ball from Caddell, Parke completely
outwitted McCallum and passing on
to Beckett, the latter crossed the
line right under the posts amid another great outburst from 10,000
Irish lungs. Hinton kicked a goal.
Half time score—Ireland 18, Scotland S-.
After half time play sottled quickly ln mldfleld, and then tho Irish
halves broke away. Whan on tho
run Parke passed loosely, and Mar-'
tin cleverly Intercepted the ball and
ran clear behind. MaoLsod kicked
goal and Scotland had now eight
points. Now only five points behind, the Scotsmen were working
desperately for the equalizer, and a
penalty . about mldfleld gave MacLeod an opportunity which he speedily availed   himself of, by dropping
i.l'IITRTWI'l'riJ'i .Hi
American car in the New York to
Paris auto race wns lost in the
swamps near I-os Bonos last night.
Tho rood was found this morning
nnd tho Journey to this city resumed.
Tho car arrived at Gllroy at 9.25
this morning and expected to reach
this city nt throo this afternoon. Arrangements have bocn made to ship .
it by steamer to Alaska Friday    or
Thnt the moral life of a nation or
uf tbe world cannot be purified either by laws or education, but that
the only hope of the world ls Jesus
Christ, was the declaration made
at St. Andrew'a Presbyterian church
by Rev. J. S. Henderson.
Mr. Henderson took for his subject
Tho Hopo of tho World," which wa»
the Inst of a series of sermons he
has preached during the past several
weeks and which have aroused considerable Interest ln the city.
Preachers and preaching will be the
general subject of several sermons
whloh Mr. Henderson will preach dun
Ing the next few weeks, commencing
next Sunday evening.
■   ♦ .
Brussels, Mar. 25.—It ts reported
that the indisposition from which
King Leopold has been suffering for
some time past has taken a serious
turn, This report Is borne out by
the fact that the king keeps to his
rooms and that his physician la visiting him twice dally.
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, air
or foreign substance fused with
carbon. .Carbon gives toughness
(length, keencss and life,   i i
Thirty year's study of thc razor
situation hss shown • way torn
sdd the highest per cent off
[carbon to a Csrbo Magnetic
razor Made throus ■ secret
INO giving It a uniform Osmond like hsrdness-somc-
thing absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered - razors,
and theysre Hsmburg ground.
1 Dut Test this UNCONDITION.
home-or have your barber use I
It on you-fbr thirty days WITH. I
Obr_6lJLIOATIONTOy        71
ware Co, • S.'s-a a a at « a • t a a .*TWTH 'a a a • » teeese'ia
VANCOUVER, Mar. 26.— Judge Urant today gave permission
for the cross-examimttlon of ail aliens who wish to become British
subjects, This is the lirst time thut such ah order has.been made
in Canada in lorty years, f ""j
Regarding the Japs, Chinese and .Hindus, Judge Giant soldi
- "With hundreds ol those Immigrants who seek naturalization, action has como to be-purely a matter of form. It is argued before
me thut many ol these Japanese not only retain al'egl.nce to -the
Mikado while swearing allegiance to King Edward, but are under
bonds to friends and relatives to return to the llowery kingdom
when called upon."
There are fifty awaiting naturalization iu Vancouver. On naturalisation certificates uloue can they obtain llshlng licenses and other
. privilege... " '    »
Two compositors, both Labor men,
have been appointed magistrates at
Bath and Limerick respectively.
•'-'—_«—: ■»,:•   •'■-'      l
'.- ■'   '■:     pISGR'ACECT'
Sail of. Mali Worth Twenty Millions
is Again Thrust Into Uuen-
■■■:      ■ viable Nbtrioty;-.'•'' -
A man supposed to have been Fred.,
"Stark was instantly killed ln Chicago by being Caught in a  fly wheel.
A mining survey for Ireland
the working of Irish mines, wns advocated    recently at a  meeting    In
, Dublin.
CHICAGO, Mar. 20.—A despatch to the Record Herald from
Tacoma says:
To have savod tho life of e. fellow emigrant in a wreck in 1878
and thirty-live yoars lator to have road In a newspaper pljste el
on tho wall of a homestead shack an ad. which led to his becoming tho recipient of a fortune of *37S,000, is tho experience of
Potor Anderson, farmer, near White Bluffs, Wash.
Anderson yesterday received a check for five thousand dollars,
to enable him to go to Now York to carry out the final legal formalities In the tranefsr of tho fortune. Ills frlond wns Peter Knud
sol, who made a million dollars In the glove business In New Jersey.
SEATTLE, Mar. 23.-War, grim,
bloody and to the death,, has beon
declared by the liquor dealers ol the
state of Washington against tho
Anti-Saloon League, and the general
prohibition movement, and Just to
lot the enemy know that they are
supplied with ammunition and have
entrances to tholr strongholds well-
mined they have fired upon the invaders.
A placard, three feet in length,
printed in black and red, was posted this morning at several prominent drinking places in Seattle, calling attention to a crisis the saloon
men declare will be inevitable in case
the prohibition movement Is not
Rev. R. W. Raymond, the now superintendent of the Anti-Saloon League of Washington, thi. morning
took up the active management of
{he state organization, and as Raymond has a roputatlon preceding
him from New York and Maryland
- as a persistent fighter, this step on
the port of the snloon forces is taken as an Indication that the northwest Is to be the scene of thegrent-
est battle ever waged ln the United
States between-tho liquor and prohibition forces.
—       ♦.—:	
SEATTLE, Mar. 2(i.-Every argument pro and con in regard to the
Japanese exclusion question may be
heard from the platform in the simultaneous debates scheduled for this
evening at the stuto universities of
Orogon, Washington and.Idaho. Eii'ch
university has named two teams, the
debates to be held in Seattle, Eugene and Moscow.'
The question of debate is embraced in the following proposition:
"Resolved, That the Chinese Immigration laws should be extended   so
ns to include the Jupnnoso.'-
' Noted    educators.    Judges   of the
bench and public officials havo     uc-
JUNEAU, Alaska, Mar. 25.- A
strike has been' declared at the
Treadwell mines by tho members of
the Douglas City Union of ths Western Federation of Miners.
The action was taken only after an
all-night and all-day session of the
miners, carefully considering tho conditions.
A committee of miners called on
Supt. Kinzio demanding an c
hour day at S8.50 for underground
work, tholr own hospital, and the
control of the miners' club. The
superintendent refused to receive tho
men and declares that he will shut
down the mine boforo recognizing the
Organizer Terzlch said that the
walk-out would li-.ude live hundred
men as practically all of the miners
have Joined the union.
The Treadwell mine Is one of the
biggest gold producers In the world.
For somo timo the union has beon
fighting for recognition. Last yoar
lho difference led to serious riots.
Hamilton, Ont., Mar. 25.— About
throe hundred local unemployed met
at the market this morning and listened to speeches from Robert llodo-
house, Socialist, and others. Rude-
house declared that tho unemployed
would never got redress by holding
such meetings.
Tho gathering wns very orderly,
and the cuuunittee waited on Mayor
Stewart, who, aftor listening to tho
complaints, deplored the action ot
the government in bringing in undesirables. It was intimated that
the city might lind work for the unemployed.
of the
CALGARY, March 20.  — Premier
Buthorford,   of tho Alberta   govoru-
copted InvltationB    to act as judges ment was in tho city yostorday.   In-
contests. torvlowod at a late hour lost night
 *  Premier     Buthorfon:    said    that
BIG CARNIVAL IN PARIS        whilst all that was stated might not
PARIS, Mar. 2U.-A11 Paris turned ^,!!l,'tS,„1.£°rr0^t'1   tho ,ministm °'
....     ,.,.,,„     , Public Works    had    certainly   gone
out today for the festivities in con- east with a view to making a deal
nection with , tho annual Ml-Careine If possible with tho Bell Telephone
carnival. The spectacular processCo" ,'or tho purchase of tho company s system tu Albortn. If wo
tho   plant at anything
slon and tbe publlo docoratious were can obtnlu
fully aa gorgeous as any in previous liko a reasonable price, wo are "pro-
years. Mile. Fernando Morau, tht Pared to buy it, concludod Mr. Bu-
young market woman who was hon- therford on this subject.
ored this year with the election of ,
queen of the carnival, was received ,
by ths President and Mmo. Fallleros <
at the Elyssee with the customary ,
elaborate ceremonies. It is no „
empty honor to be queen of the mar- .
ket women and laundresses. Mile.'.
Morln received from the president of .
the republic a handsome Jewelled ,
brooch and the Paris municipality ,
presented her with a diamond brace-',
lot. The various articles that went ,
to make up her magnificent "corona-',
tlon" costume wore contributed by »
leading modistes and shopkeepers.
PABIS, Mar. 25.—A series of mysterious hotel robberies ln ihe Riviera, extending over many years has
ban explained in the answer of tbe
beautiful, dashing, but masquerading
wbunteaa of Montell.
For year.
Kenorn, Ont., Mar. 26—Another terrible dynamite accident
occurred yesterday at McDou-
gall's camp north of Dryden on
the Grand Trunk Pacific construction work. Two Italians
were killed, and another dangerously wounded. The three
men were ot work on a bole
which missed flre, when lt suddenly exploded with'fatal results.
OTTAWA, March 211. - Tho Immigration    Into   Cannda   for January
and February from tho Unltod States
shows an increase of 111 por cent, as
the countess has enter- compared with tho same months last
Uined lavishly, both at Paris
obscurity enshrouding the career uf
Max J agerliuber, Jr., the alleged
scluu of a millionaire New York
a"" manufacturer, relative to a supreme
cuurt Judgo, a senator and a New-
York judgo, who was placed in jail
for passing a fraudulent cheque at
* tho St.. Frances Hotel, has ueuu un
An ordinance prohibiting the oner- covered and ho Is again thrust into
uotrioty by the oll'orts of the United
States army-oillciais at tne I'residio
to apprehend him on a charge ' of
deserting .while awojtlug sentence for
Jagerhubcr, who was serving In
v„I °' 1)"0,mio"la in Nuw,tl.o army for nearly two yuajs    be
fore being   placed under arrest    for
ation of matrimonial agencies
Introduced Into the city council
Wm. T. Manning, who was    campaign manager for Alton B. Parker,
The city pest house ut Sand Creek,
Col., was burned recently and thc 15
patients    camped all night
prairlo without shelter.
The mayor ol Terre Haute, Ind.,
refused the request of ministers who
wanted the town theatres closed on
alleged desertion under the alias of
Chas. Lacye, escaped from tho
Presidio Tuesday, and wks accompan
Lt. Shacketon's     Antartlc expedition has returned to Duuedln, N.J
from the ice barrier with several of
the orew ill,
on Ule led, It Is said, by a sergoanl. Ho
Is, according to his statement to tlio
police, a son of Mux .iacei-huljor of
Fifth avenue, New York, who Is reported to be worth twenty million
dollars. He also, it is said, claimed relationship with Supreme Jus-
tlco Fuller ond a United States
The Maumee river is a  raging torrent, and the bridge across it    connecting the two sections at Toledo
has been broken down.
Students of Aberdeen university
have nvlted Lord Milner to become
Unionist candidate for the rectorship
in opposition to Mr. Asnuith.
and -vour' but   Immigration through   oc-
._   A., , .,       .    .    a   .      ean ports for January and Februarv
oa the Riviera. Now shs Is declar- 8hoW8 a „ocroulia „r ofl per cent. For
ed one of the most ingenious, sue- clevon months, ending with February
cessful and audacious thieves    that fie   total    immigration to Canada
has ever troubled the hotel propria- "!„" ."A-?"' c"™p"^i, wUh   194>'
r       otA ior the samo poriod a yoar ugo.
tors of France. The total    arrivals   at ocean ports
Her undoing came In a moment of wero 194,9911, against 141,240    for
over eagerness to rob.    Waiting de- ol°v.f" months ending Feb. 1007
A.i,.—    .   Ai t .     v. "he   arrivals    froi-    tho    United
tectlves    found her enveloped In    a statos wore 52,003, compared   with
long and beautiful cloak, bending ov- 52,042 last year,
er ths door of a room of a wealthy ♦
American tourist. I     LINCOLNSHIRE HANDICAP.
When the woman,wos searched ths ——   .     .
pollcs found hidden In special pock-    Lincolnshire    handicap for 8-year-
et. of    hor clothes,    plnchsrs, files, olds ond up, the flrat big race,of tho
skeloton keys, sore* drivers and 97 speedings    season, was carried    off tlty of Jewelry, etc
pairs of small delicately made    nip- today    by F, S. Barnard's    Kamor the Britten blook. ■
pars, used by burglars to unlock and Chief, riddon by J. H. Martin. | -    ♦  ..	
lock a door with its own key when     Longcroft   was second and Snatch BETTER ALONE.
Lady Londonderry has again promised to use the Londonderry house,
in London, for the sale of Irish industries.
Three   Turkish army officers     are
reported to have been arrestod while
making maps of Yellzavel hof   . 11
ince which adjoins Turkey.
A big tube and steel factory  firm
are prospecting in lho neighborhood
of Falkirk, Scotland., with a  view
to starting a factory there.
' ♦
A movement for state prohibition
was begun at Chattanooga, Tenn. A
demonstratiun in the evening was
attended by over seven thousand persons.
Supposed to have been caused    by
burglars, a  flro did several thousand
pounds' worth of damage In     York
street, Edinburgh, recently.
Mrs. J. S. Arnup, ox-secretary ol
the Nsqraska Woman Suffrage Association, and a leading club worker,
klllod herself by drinking carbolic
King Manuel and the queen mother
Amelia held their first public reception at the palace at Lisbon on Saturday'. It passed off without incident.
It Is officially notified that General the Hon. Sir Neville Lyttleton,
will be appointed commander-in-chief
of the forces In Ireland from April
There was Inaugurated In London,
England, Tuesday night, a campaign, supported by every religious
denomination, to make Londoners
Orders for ocean-going destroyers
of 88 knots have been placed by the
Admiralty with Messrs. Denny, of
Dombarton, and Palmer, of Jar-
Cycus Thomas, author of "The
Frontier Schoolmaster," died at his
son's home In Rlchford, Vt.
Mrs. Maggie Nelson, 38 years old,
was found dead tn the bathroom at
her home ln Norfolk, Va., having
been asphyxiated by gas from a coal
•■     4    -
Benjamin F. Yonrtaw, while splitting a log of wood at his blacksmith shop yard nt East Brookfleld,
Mass., found a large coml- of honey
on the Inside.
'   —*	
Dr. Ewlng, prosldent of the Christian college at Allahabad, told the
missionary congress at Pittsburg, an
uprising in India wss Inevitable.
Michael Geary, a Chicago watchman, who shot and klllod Martin
Meyers when the latter was looting
a store, was commended by tho
coroner's Jury.
'   t>       ' "
TOKIO, Mar. 2a.-Forcign Minister
Haiashi made a statemont today in
the Diet in reference to the Tatsu
incident. He related the history of
the case, as has already been published and said that the record had
not yet boen received at the foreign
ofllco. He wished to say emphatic,
ally that the Chinese central government had shown a friendly attitude
to Japan's desire for the continuation of the friendly relations between
the two countries.
Regarding the seizure of the Japanese iishlng vessel the Kalo Maro
near St. Paul Islands by"tho United
States government, Mr. Hnlnshl said
that negotiations were pending and
it was [premature to make an official
In tho mnttor ot the Kantao boundary tho minister of foreign affairs
said that this was an old dispute
between Korea and China, and that
It will probably Involve lengthy negotiations. In fact tho boundary
had not even been fixed.
Regarding tho forcible seizure oi
the Tien Poshan mine, near Kantao
by Chinese* troops, Minister Haiashi
said that this mnttor was included
in the Kan tan negotiations and that
whon tho boundnry wis fixed tho
mino question would be considered.
Regarding the- anti-Japaneso foel-
ing hy tho central government ol
China, bo said bo was unable to discover the slightest evidence of unfriendliness. China Is a vast country with mlljlons of people of whom
a portion wns probably anti-Japanese, but thnt lt was Impossible to
influence the entire population. It
Is beyond the scope of tho Japanese
foreign ofllco to reach nil sections of
China and It will take time to provo
to the unlvorsnl satisfaction the
good'Intenl Inns toward hor notgh-
The Diet will he prorogated tonight to meot In door when.tho general elections which commence * in
WASHINGTON, Mnr. 24.-It waa
decided nt the cabinet meeting today
to accept the invitation of China
to have tho United States Atlantic
fleet visit a port of that country on
Its return voyage from the Pacific
coast. It was also decided that no
further Invitations tor the fleet were
to be accepted.
The itenerary around the world
will be arranged In accordance with
this decision. Invitations of foreign countries so accepted after the
fleet loaves San Francisco Include
Australia, Japan nnd China. All
other stops will be strictly for cooling purposes.
'■"■-.' BULLETINS.
.... ..BOA-IIUA   ...
OTTAWA, Mari'&i., -Spring iilll
miners havii again askfid" i'cirJa': 'board
of investigation and concilia^on>'un-
der the Lemeiux Act.  ' This will b? B. E. WALKER, President
tlio fourth hoard oskod fur by these I AT.JIT T 4 Tun rt i m
min»«, „i„"    .i .        '■'' ■."■*", fljjBiA LAIKD, Oeneral Ma oger
minors sinco    tho     act was nt.f. int„' ,   ,,  T„~T ,     ' &
A. E IRELAND. Superintendent
of lira- cites.
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
miners since tho
force a year ago.
miners aro affected.
act was put into
Sixteen hundred
Paid-up capital $10 000000
«t»i 5,000,000
Toiai Assets.. 113000.000
Rra. c' es throughput Canada and in tlie United States a d England
Farmers1   papor  Dlacountod.
Ottawa, 'Mar. 20— Aid. Fpran has
mado a suggestion fur thc "reorganization of the Capital Lacrosse Club.1
Hie idea Is .to incorporate a com-1
pony capitalized at SB.non, issue'
shores of stock at 820 each end glvo'
all .past and present qllicers of the'
c-ub <,n Interest In tho concern. Tho!
playori1'«]-f thoy so desire will bo per
mltted to    purchase    Interest in tho'
" • ""** motho"' Ai"' iHgsWc^sss^^
Deposits of $1 und upwards received, uud inters t all wed at
cuiren mtes. ''The depshitni' is subject to 'no delay whatever in
the withdrawal of ihe whole ur uny part of the deposit
9:110 a. in., to 13.    4 p.m., to 5 p.
m.    P p.m., to 8:80 p.m.
 L. M. DeGBX, Manager
says will dn.nway with confining tluVJC-f
running, of tl,o ulub to a  few.
LONDON', March .a0;-,Tho Prlnco,
and Princess ol \Vu.!«s,Mt here today for Cologne wheve the Prince.
during tho eourso of Jit» visit, will
inspect tlie Prussian , 'Hussar regi
ment of which ho is 'honorary colonel
Brockville, Mar. 24.—Roy Fetter-
ley, 22 yoars old, is In ths hospital
with a bullot in his back. He was
handling a rifle last night, not know
ing It was loadod, when it discharged
the bullet -entering the body under
tho right arm and lodged in tho muscles of the back, It is feared he can
not rocover.
London, Mar. 25- The Duke of Devonshire will be buried at Chats-
worth, his magnificent estate. A
motion submitted in tho Houso of
Commons last night tc extend to
reporters accommodation to enable
tho presence nt the funeral of the representatives of the forelgm and' colonial press, was withdrawn after
briof discussion at tho request of
Hon Lewis Hnrcourt, who on behalf
of the government, expressed sympathy with the motion, but explain
ed that structural,'difficulties prevented tho giving of accommodation
even to tho largo number of British
newspapsr representatives who were
entitled to prior consideration.
Toronto, Mar. 24.—Joe Mllevitch,
who hos Just arrived from Slavrnia,
was shot dead last night ln a log
shanty south of John street as tho
result of a drunken brawl, Peter
Makctch, who ls supposed to have
committed the murder, Is held, and
will be charged with the deed. Another man, Ell Meoth, who was seen
shooting outside tho shack Is also
hold by the police.
LONDON, March 2d.—Tho rate ol
discount of tho Bank of England remained unchnngod todny nt 8 per
NEW YORK, March 20. - George
Sutton defeated Firman Cnssingi by
a score of -10(1 to 118 in tho 18.2
balk lino exhibition billiard match
Cornwall, Ont., Alar. 20— The annual meeting of tho Cornwall Lacrosse Club wos held last night. The
Club showed a cash balanco on hand
of over threo thousand dollars.
 , >
Toronto, Mar. 28— The shortage
of Duncan Findlay, bookkeeper for
the cuttle firm of McDonald and Ma-
bee, a warrant for whoso arrest was
issued yestcsday, is now placed    at
Wyoming, Ont.,   Mar. 21.—Thieves
Inst night carried off a  large quan-
from a  store In
Toronto, Mor. 24.—Plans of archl-i
tects have boen accepted for a Victoria University library to be erected. The building will likely cost
$88,000, exclusive of fittings. The
board of govornors huvs appointed
Dr. Dowett, professor of ancient history. He Is now professor of
.Greek at Maimi University, Ohio.
Winnipeg, Mar. 2(l'.H-Hon. Clifford
Sifton nnd Premier Scrabf of Saskatchewan arrived hero last.night from
Ottnwn. Mr. Sifton''Is hero to seo
his father,    the llr>n. J. W. Sifton
who is seriously
iii with sciatica.
4    ■
, Jllor. 2(1.-.
Wise— He says ho has perfect plans
that will enable him to build low-
priced motor cars, placing the machine with the reach of all.
Calgary, Jllnr. 2(1.—Andrew Carue-
glo hos intimated by correspondence
to thorfty that ho is prepared to
givo fifty thousand dollars for a library in Calgnry, provided tlie city
will give flvo hundred dollars ench
year for maintenance.
 . —
Vancouvor,    Mar. 26.—J. B. Har-
Browns- Myl That monns a great klni secretary to Hon, Frank Ollvor,
business undertaking.
Wise— H'ml     It also    means
great undertaking business.
the key Is on the Inside of the door., ran third. Twenty horses started.
The detectives will soek to prove Kafller Chief was an outsldor and
that the masrnjeradlnit countess was started In the hotting at 100 to 7. .,
the' active director of a hand of ho- '■' ev... .    ,.
tel robbers, mostly men, and   whose    A Danville, III,, hen recently'laid
Fgthcr- I think Horace would get
along bettor without his room mate.
Mother— Why, Horace says they
aro fast Meads.
Fathor— Without doubt; and If hs
HAMILTON, Ont., Mar. 24.-New
regulations regarding marriages ns
explained by Bishop Dowling do not
place the ban on mixed marriages,
excepting In cases when they are
performed by somo one other than a nf
has boen appointed superintendent of
immluT'int stations between Emerson
and Vnncouver, with heudwunrtors
hor.. 1'
ANoTnrcn seizure.
TOTUO, March 2R.-M. Oshl, lend-
or of   the    opposition,-.intorpollntod
tlio diet today enneprnjiiir the seizure
tho     .Tnpnneso    fishing scliooner
President nnd Managing Director.
0E0, 0
•t -u-v-Ti-ensurer.
Meals Served at all 'lours.
First Class
Ace mmodation
P> Ivate Kcomi
For Ladles
Clam Chowder and Oysters
W.tr>.0OM    -    N-WkltT.
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
Stove Wood
Cut by While Labor Oaly.
Express., an
All Home Cured
Roberts St. Butcher
ply io the questiuti.,
i -
Edmonton, Mar. 20.--Jas. 1). Hynd
man, barrister, wus nominated at
tlie Conservative convention, yesterday tu contest Edmonton federal district in opposition to Hon. Frank
Olivi-r, minister of tho interior. Mr.
Hyndman is a native of Prince Edward Island and is a son-in-law of
Sir Louis II. Davies, of the supreme
court bench at Ottawa,
BATON HOUGH. La., March 28.-
Hcports have been received horo of a
tornado which swept through East
Fellcano, Kansas, Louisiana early
today. At the town of Norwood,
fifty milt's north of here, on tho Yn-
7.000 and Mississippi Kallcy lty., a
man named Rollins is reported to
have been killed and many persons
are said tu have been injured. Much
danmgo has been done by tho wind
and rain, especially to telephone and
telegraph wires and communication
with points in tho damaged section
is vory poor.
P.O. Box 54 'Pfaont 44
Dealer in All Kinds of
Vests Delivered free of charge oa lbs
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
Ladysmith, D. 0.
Ottawa, Mar. 37— Liberal
senators and members ol parliament are in caucus today, but
according to announcement as
made at the close, parliamentary tnotters only were under
aqd Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding and Party Cakes Made to
Fruits and Oandlos of All Kinds
Prices are    very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
On the Esplanade.
Ladysmith, B. O.
priest.    Marriages performed by ma- TCnlo Mnru nonr (he St. Pnul Islands
glstrntos    and Justices ol theneace ^e askod what the policy of thngov-
aggrsget. loot 1. „, great  ^-^''^J^f^ff-    ™' '• *Vm. badte- f«t Mp^iS '^los. ;>.., not be reeognlzsd .ff the pr* fe*ffi of tt'linT Tatt
ed to be the record.
ones, I would be better satlsflsjl     ' sent Lenten
Forolgn Minister Hnlauhl did not r»-
Toronto, Mar. 37— The Independ-,
ent Labor Party last night nominated candidates to contest four of the
local constituencies for tho legislature. John H. Kennedy, ol the
Sheet Motal Workers' -Union, was
nominated for south Toronto; W. J.
Selvey, Clgnrmaksrs' Union, North
Toronto; .T. Gardner, Bakers' Union,
West Toronto, and J. W. Bruce, of
the Plumbers' Union, east Toronto.
rail Stock ol Mlnsrs' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kinds ol Blaeksmlthlng
Dons at Short Notice.
av%av%%%s>a>a>%%%a>^<>%%ei%a>%^l £ RAIL.
Millinery Department
A Choice Assortment ot
Trimmed Hats
Hants. JL2T2D -*_m.
Children's Bonnets
♦•*'^»^»****-^»»»**»**»>'i^%'%*»»»**»-^*<e, "   *A-%'»*.««.'%4«V%«4.
r-H itrM PI HiH 11
SOUTH AJIBOY, N.Y., Mar. 85.-
Aa attempt to wreck the saw Penn-
syltania railway.,: bridge over the
Haritun River between this city and
South Aniboy, was made early today. A charge of dynamite was exploded near one ol the bridge abutt-
uients, causing considerable damai^e.
This structure was only recently
completed and tho trains were run
across yesterday for the first time.
About midnight last night the. man
who was guarding the structure saw
two men .prowling about. An hour
later a quantity of dynamite was
exploded at the base ci the ubutt-
ments with a force sufficient to a-
waken the residents several mites dis
The police suspect that the attempt at the destruction of the.
bridge is tho outcome of ilWVsolifii
over tho employment of men te, v,uild
the bridge.
 « .
New York, Mar. 25.—All grades of
refined sugar wore advanced ten cents
hundred pounds todny.
liolght and weight,     u> I s; ivl,   i.ui.l
besides wus     obviously ovcrtr'ured.
Hie dark opponent ivos a\,ii ,.|i     tlio
lluo side (indeed ,'ie could.' j ot 1)0 mode
much liiior) but no lusted uottor i id
ontored more    lustily int, tho %bt.
liuwovor, tho    oup a   ,,r yot   w, u
The School Trustees held a  moot- Tho Moors will tako tho ;vl.l in i,c t-
ing last night, tho chief business be- tor shupo   next    lime uud have  nl
ing the accounts lor the month. y^,\y     secured  louie roMUls      7r.„
  iioxt meeting suould pri.-Juid a    ''ij-
Tho Thistle Dancing Club ure giv- ious dusting. ,'ho i.ru'vA ol Tliins-
ing an invitation danco in the Op- duy was won by the ' Nignts" l-y u
era House on Friday evening,   April  score of U to  1.
10th. ,   I  1	
,,     ...       Z  ,      ,   '      GAME WITH ESQUIMALT,
, Mr; A* U"'v0 hl,s J*0"1''**'''™'1 ^o The result of the game ut Esqui-
buildlng of his new butcher shop on mnlt shuul(i    bo u„0„,n shortly
Roberts Street. Mr, Howe, aftor tho „,t01. tho standard leaves the oilico
fire in Doci o s Ilakory, bought tho tu.dnyi ,.,„„ teum ,s , ,,„„.„ at
lot, had the fire-scarred shell torn ,ull atfontfth Dut thc p,Byol.s aro
.lown, and hus now bogun building not in Ul0 bcst o| sh| Wh„0 H ,8
operations iho new store will have tolt that thev ought to get tho vor-
a commodious interior and will be-aict, considerable uneasiness pre-
fitted up throughout with nil tho lat-' vai,Si The lmvul bovs u,.e t,.iora nnd
est upplioncos. plny g00(1 bull_ llnd   lls   they   ,mV(,
m. ,„ ,    ' ,.        , ,.    „,   nothing nt stake,  .vill be freo   from
There.will be a meeting oi the W. nll non.OU8 disorders. The homo
C. T. U. in tne Methodist Church boyli on tho othel. „„„,, im
on Monday evening, March 80 Mrs. still ln thu rummg for the Loague,
SpoOord, oi Victoria will address „,„, thoir ,,,„,. „mv possibly suffer
thc meeting. The members will be (rom ovor-unXiety; Still on form,
enrolled and other business -transact- they should pull out, und, at least
overy mail may be depended on    to
ed. All contributors to the Cum
palgn Fund nro cordially invited.
There will bo u short Progrunune of
vocal and instrumental music rendered.
Sabbath Services.
Morning—11 a.m.
Evening—7 p. m.
Sabbath School und Uiblo Classes,
2:80. p. m.
Evening subject: "Tho Discouraged
Man." Good singing; bright services.    All are cordially Invited.
Agents Wanted 1— 1(1x20 crayon portraits 10 cents, frames 10 cents und
up. sheet pictures ono cent eaoh.
You can mako -100 per cent profit or
$36.00 por week. Catalogue und
samples freo. Frank W. Williams
Compauy, 1208 ff. Taylor St., Chicago, 111,
Mr. Archie Walker took a trip to
Nanaimo un Wednesday afternoon on
business of the utmost Importance.
A certain Miss Harris wns coining
from Alberta and Archie wns thoro
to meet hor. After ho met hor, ho
escorted her to St. Paul's Church,
where, assisted by Mr. Wilfrid Akenhead, and in tho presonce of Miss
Akenhead and Mrs. A. Smith, they
■were married. Tho happy couple returned to Ladysmith this morning.
Archie, a stout Thistle, is well
known and generally esteemed, nnd
his many frionds wish him happiness
and prosperity in Ills now life.
Thoro was a gi-cut gamo of football on the Sports grounds on Thursday afternoon when a team of blnek-
a-Moors met an eleven of dark-ng-
nlghts. It was an heroic struggle,
norcoly fought, and though tho
Moors   wort    ultimately "annuls...:
do his bust.
Nunuimo, Mar. 25.
The following item may possibly
refer to Thos. A. iiornuby, a former
Nunaiuioito of muny yours studding,
who is now a resident ol the Alberni District.
Vancouver, Mar. 23.—The parents
of Thomas A. llurnal.y, of Boston,
Mass., who was last heard from in
this city Oct. 11, 1899, are anxious
to learn of hla whereabouts at the
present time. Any person having
information as to Mr, Romany's
Presont whereabouts will bo confer-
ring a favor upon Ills parents by
communicating with the American
consul of this city.
British Statesman incorrectly REPORTED.   '
LONDON, Mar. 25.— The poor
uccoustic properties of the House of
Commons are responsible for the uni
versal misapprehension regarding the
statement made yesterday by John
Morley, secretary of stato for India,
in the matter of the difficulty regarding Hindu Immigration into British Columbia. The secretory does
not contemplate sending un envoy
to Canada as wus mistakenly reported yesterday, but he is busily
engaged with McKenzle King, the
onvoy deputed to Great Britain    by
thoy wore not disgraced. Their weak tho Dominion government.
ness    was thoir captain.    Ho   i.uks
We nro showing a largo range
of American Shoes In Buttoned
Oxfords and Bluchers.
These Shoos have nover been
stocked In tho town by anybody,
so we are in a position to show
you Shoos that oxcol anything
In town.
Call in and see them, and   .
guarantee you will bo satisftod
Grocer and Furnisher.
William's Block
Ths footbull team to. represent the
Mainland in the return match against the Island at Ladysmith on April
-1 has been selected and is given below. It is composed ol five Thistles, three Shamrocks, two. Rovers,
and one Westhum Islander.
Hore Is how they will line up.
Goal— Rogers, Thistles.
Basks — Gunzon, Thistles; Trim,
Westhum Island.
Half bucks— Knowles, Shamrocks,
Graham, Shamrocks; Fleming, Westminster.
Forwards— Locke, Westminster; ll.
Spance, Thistles; Mitchell, Thistles;
Forrest, Thistles; Jones, Shamrocks.
Reserves—Backs, Strange, Thistles.
Hall Backs- Main, Thistles; Hepburn, Nationals. Forwards—Hayes,
Thistles; Johnston, North Vancouver.
Referee— F. McColl,
Manager— W. Ellis.
i Ottawa, Mar. 22.
The Imperial Pulp Company, which
has 304,000 acres of selected western timber lands, has at last been
hunted down. It is the only concern which obtained limits in competition with T. A. Burrows, M.P.,
(brother-in-law to Mr. Sifton)), who
has 306,000 acres. Some times the
only competition was between these
two. Whore there were outside bidders, ons of the happy pair came
out ahead. True, A. W. Fraser and
W. H. Nolan obtained awards, but
they are found to be bidders for the
Imperial Company. The company
and Burrows had the same remarkable method.! ol business. Both
spurned the regular form of tender,
both bid without naming the amount
of their offer, both enclosed two or
more checks with each bid. In thts
wa; the sum of ' their checks was
Just a little higher than the next
Independent bid, while single checks
would have captured tho limit from
some lower bidder.
There was a . desire to know who
comprised this fortunate company
The minister who sold its millians'
worth of timber .would not toll. Mr.
Turriff, Mr. Burrows, Mr. Sifton,
could throw no light on the mystery. It waa only when a banker
was summoned to tell who paid the
checks that ths truth cams out.
Then Mr. MacDonald, chief obstructionist for ths defence, had A. W
Eraser called, and brought out tbs
fact that tbe Imperial Pulp Company
was no other than Mr. Burrows himself, associated with a former political associate, now lieutenant-governor of Manitoba. It was Burrows
who fixed the Imperial Company's
bids in pretended competition with
his own. It was he who arranged
the remarkable system ol checks and
who paid them. He managed the
company. So now it Is clear how
these two concerns followed the same
system, and why they gave each other a chance to win, but got ahead
of everybody else.      ..'„■-
That Solitary Conservative.
One exceptional case must be not
ed. " A valuable limit north ol Prince
Albert was awarded to Mr. Cowan,
a local lumberman. This case was
cited by Mr. Oliver and several other members to prove that the department was impartial. They said
that Mr.* Cowan was a Conservative, and yet got the limit because
ho was the .highest bidder. Mr
Fraser, cross-examined, explained
this deal. It was Mr. Fraser who
put In tbs tender in Cowan's nana,
Hs did lt aa solicitor for Mr. Burrows. Mr. BurrowB fixed the a
mount and paid the check. If Mr.
Cowan had anything to do with it,
he had to como tn on Mr. Burrow1
A Conservative Henceforth.
Three years ago the people of the
Yukon, by a large majority, condemned the government machine in
that district, and elected Dr. Thompson as an independent, opponent of
the vicious ruling element.
Dr. Thompson liromlssd to keep
clear cf party ties at'Ottawa, and
to give his whole attention to' the
rescue of the Yukon from the hands
of tho spoiler. He has carried out
that pledge, neither speaking nor
voting on party questions, attending no party gatherings, but working steadily for honest Yukon gov
ernment.     Friday night hs left Ot
•Bough in parliament to leant that
the evils ia the Vukon are part of a'
general system, and tbat the vicious
machine, which be came here to de-|
stroy, is simply an attachment to a
greater and equally vicious machine
operated from the national capital.
The post olllce department hss repaid ta Canadian newspapers $26,-
000, collected by the government under Mr. Lomieux's boasted postal reform scheme, which the minister was
compelled to abandon, Of this a-
mount $20,653, went to La Urease,
of Montreal.
While charities in Canadian cities
aro collecting money for families of
unemployed immigrants, the government goes on paying bonuses fo ti
per head on Europeans brought to
ithls country. In five and a half
years bonuses have boon paid on
175,000 persons, including children
ut half price. The country would
have been better off had no immigrants come except' those who require no bonus. (
Mr. Sifton made an unexpected address on tho budget. The ox-mlnls-
tcr took occasion to advise ths government to establish a now department of foreign trade, thus declaring
Sir Richard Cartwrlght's department
of trade and commerce to be useless.
Mr. Sifton also commended Mr. Borden's civil service reform platform,
nnd advised Sir Wilfrid to adopt It.
 ♦-.      -
,-- TftE ^
From prize winning Stock. Barred
Rocks, Black Langshans, Black Mln-
orcas, Buff, White, and Brown Leghorns, Blue Andulusiuhs and Black
Orpingtons, Buff and White Cochin
Bantams, and Golden Seabrlghts.
Eggs .|2.00 per 18; others ut 1-1
per 13.
Mount view Poultry Yards
Five-Acre Lots,. Nunuimo, B.C.
Local agent, for Liverpool &. London & Globo Ins. Co. (Fire). Only
those who can secure a sharo of business neod apply,' to
JAMES S'. RANKIN, Inspector
Box 622, Vancouver.
New Store
Newly Stocked
,** *«•>«* tVflsv* ««•»<» *•»«-»,.»
•    A. B. H&BBRT
Telephone, 12 4.
. mm*
General Greely, Arctic Explorer, and -
Well Known General, is Placed     j
on the Retired List. 'PERSONALS
This  beautifully
designed style is made .of
fine Patent Colt with dull flulqtyre Foundry &
5S£i^cs, «••• osmetic.
styles.   Although we offer -i-r
this style to you for $4.00
it looks and fits better than
most $5.00 shoes.
Walters & Akenhead.
Ladysmith, B. 0.
tr..   o»     *r.,..    Don't   Forgot   tho    International
Her. .7— Major matcb to.monm.    Seattle Thistles
Ladysmith.   Kick-off at 2 p.m.    I
Don't Forget the International
match to-morrow, Seattle Thistles
vs. Ladysmith.   Kick-off at 2 p.m.
Don't Forgot tho International
match to-morrow. Seattle Thistles
vs. Ladysmith.   Kick-off at 2 p.m.
Don't Forget the International
match to-morrow. Seattle Thistles
vs. Lndysmith.   Kick-oil' at 2 p.m.
Mr..H. Pollurd, who hus beon seriously ill is now greatly improved.
General A. W. Greely, the famous vs
Arctic explorer, for news ot whose
whereabouts Congress ol the United
States once offered a reward of
twenty-live thousand dollars, was
placed on the retired list of the army
today for age, Gen. Greely is now
ln the Orient on leave ol absence.
HIb last commaad was that ol tbe
department of Dakota, with headquarters at St, Paul, where he was
recently succeeded by Brigadier Central Winlleld S. Edgerly.
Few, if any officers of the    United
States army have enjoyed     such   a    Mr. Fletcher, Post Office Inspector
wide measure of fame during recent wos in tow»   ostordny.
years as has Gen. Greely.    It ls now    j^toctlvo Bullock, of Victoria, wns
something more than a  quarter    of in town on business yesterday.
a  contury     ago    that ho attracted ——
world-wide attention by a polar ox- Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Allan of Third
,,n,iin„„ ni ,.i.ini, i.„ n... ,v. hi.i Avenuo lost tholr 10 month old son,
peditlon, of which he was tho chief. JmK_ Alcxun<li.r 011 Thursday night.
The expedition soiled northwurd in '_\._ Kfoutost sympathy is folt for tho
1881.    It contained twenty-live mem bereaved parents.
tiers, of whom only seven came back. '    "**
,„ ,, , .,.,       .,,.„.     Mr  Wilfred Akenhead returned   to
lwo relief, expeditions failed to find town on Thursday morning   from a
tho Greely    party, ond when finally visit to Nanaimo.
rescued by tho third expedition, sont '
under command of Capt. W. S. 'Sch-    Mayor Nicholson    got    homo    toi
in.,   thn ™,.„i,',„~. ni .k. „,,...  n,.— Thursday   morning Irom n trip    co
ley, tho survivors of the .party wore Victoria and Nanaimo.
nearly crazed with hunger.     At the ,
timo ho made this expedition to the    Mr. nnd Mrs. .las. Malpass were In
polur sous Gen. Greely was a lieu- Nanaimo on Wednesday,
tenant of the Fifth cavalry. The ex-    Mr8% T, Ricluird visited   Nanaimo
peditlon    reached    a  point   farther on Wednesday,
north than any previous record.        s —~ s
Gen. Greely had the distinction ol , Mr8. I- «• Conway went  down  to
being the first man who entered the V=torla the other^ morning.
Civil wnr as a private soldier    to ACCUSED OF MURDER AND ACT
be promoted to the rank ot brigadier PECULIARLY
general.    Be waa bora in Newbury-
port, Mass., Mar. 37, 1844, and re- -LONDON, Ont., Mar. 26— James
celved a common school education. Uurtwick, charged with murdering
In 1861, when but a few months his wife under most brutal clrcum-
over seventeen years of age, he en- stances, wss placed on trial yester-
llsted ss a private and became a day. After a true bill was return-
member of the Byfleld Rifles. Greely ed against    him he     was asked to
di %&
Pods and Lines
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
All Work Guaranteed.
Assortment of Bamboo Goods.
Largs Assortment of Fancy   China-
ware and Glassware, Etc.
Q. Peterson
'Phone 18.
First Avenue
March, 1861. in i When a call was made no reply, standing with wide
made for non-commissioned officers open eyes, staring straight at the
to officer the colored troops then be- Judge. He will he represented by
ng organized, Sori;t. Greely wns ons counsel. Judge Riddoll entered a
of the number to respond, and wss P'ea of nc* guilty, and a lawyer will
commissioned es flrst lieutenant In be detailed to represent the accused,
lhe 81st United Statos colored
fantry.     He served with this   com-
innnd until    th. fall of 1866. rising B08TONi „„—«„ M. _
to tho grade of major. „„„„„, nport of tho American
He oqterod tho regular army as  a gar Refining   Co., of December   20,
second     lieutenant In March, 1867, 1907 was'Issued to the stockholders
und was promoted to first lieutenant i?fB''   P» Profits «ndJoss account
i    .„-.,      .       .a            u»™«««»a shows net returns for the venr 1907.
in 18,^.     As evidence of the slow- (8,789,291,    seven    por cont. dlvid-
ness ot promotion in the army    at ends, Including thnt of January  2,
that time is the fact that he served le07. A6...fl0A98.0-    Surplus tor- tho
Train. iMveUdyiiuiUi
Dally at t a. m.
In ths matter of on application for;
a duplicate    certificate   of Title to-1
lots three and four (8 and 4) Block '
twenty nine (28) Map 708a. Townsite
of Ladysmith. „r.   ;..„   ,
Notice is hereby given   that' it is
my Intention at the expiration of one- \
month from the flrst publication here.'
of to issus a Duplicate Certificate of '
Title to the above land Issued     to.
Mary Davies on ths' 28th day ot Jalv
1902, und numbered 7946c'
.     , „   . Registrar General:.
Land Registry Office, Victoria. B. O
lho 11 day of February, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that at the.
next meeting ot the Licensing Commissioners of the Oity of Ladysmith,
application will be made tor a transfer of the interests of Edward Mul-
holllond, now deceased, in the retain
liquor license issuod in respect to the
premises known as the Ladysinith.
Hotel, to Robert Barclay.
Executrix of the estate of E. Mulholland, deceased.
Ladysmith, B.C., Feb. 25, 1908.
Choicest Pru;t&
*   TiBtETOWN.
Cigars   TobMSM.   Soft, Drinks
The Wednesday,
Saturday   and   Sunday
Now York, Mar. 27.—Cosmopolitan timber lands,
thirteen years as a first lieutenant
before securing promotion end during that period attracted favorable
comment of tho world by his efforts
to gain now knowledge ot the Arctic
In 1881, in pursuance of ths recommendation of the Hamburg Inter
national Geographical Congress, be
was given command ' of the United
States expoditlou to establish one
ot a chain of thirteen circumpolar
stations,    Tho trying experiences ol
year, 12.440,801.
Job Lot Snaps
..'Greely and hi. little Ibandjuo  well J E 8m1thr    Roberts Stree
- known to all readers ot history, '
One of Gen. Grsely's most brilliant
tawa Ior home, and as this might bo
the last session of the term he made achievements was ths reorganization ^
a brief statement to the house.   He' on Its present efficient basis ol   the ■ •
condemned the extravagance ot   the national weather bureau.      Previous '
aojninistratlon, denounced the policy, to his incumbency the service was ol
ot bonustng immigrants, and express- a most   crude    aad untrustworthy ''
ed strong    disapproval of the  huge character.       lis began at ones    to ■ ■
government    grants   ol tarm lands, gather meteorological data trom ev. ''
coal deposits, and lish- ery reliable source, and in tbs course '■ '■
New York has long had Its Yiddish, ing lakes    and rivers to speculators of time    he waa able to arrivs   at T
Chinese, Hungarian and Italian play* and favorites. something   definite.    Hs establishss it All Prlcos and Qualities, some!'.
houses, but it has remained for .Iu-'   In conclusion ho declared that, as a-complete system ol weather  sta- • ■    ready lor Pillows  at
Hub Hopp, a  well-known resident of he was how free irom the obligation tions In various parts 61 the   coun- '
the Lowor Enst Side, to give to tho of non-partisanship, be would hence- try and lifted the service from    the ■ ■
metropolis Its first Socialistic  then- forth support the Conservative party plane of ridicule to that ot respects- ; ] VAIjENCIE,'lfES,   LACE and ;;
tre.    Manager Hopp, who has long whose platform he approved, and in blllty. .'. EMBROIDERY.
struggled    to establish a  Socialist whose leader he. had confidence. Thla    Prior to going to the department ''
theatre In this    city, has found    a announcement was greeted with Con- ot Dakota, Gen, Greely waa in com- ■ ■
home   for his endeavors in a small servative cheers,' and Dr. Thompson mand of tho military division of ths
play,    house on   Enst Third street, set out for homo to tall the Yukon Pacific, and In this position' he
where the Initial performance Is echo- electors that If he returns to OMa- rooted the army relief measures
dulod for    tonight.     Threo one-act wa lt will be to act with the  Con- the time ot the San Franclsoo    in
Socialist nramss    make up the bill., ssrvatlvs party,   Hs has bean   long and earthquake, . ♦♦«♦♦♦♦.♦,»>»♦♦♦. H.t f ♦ f
Public notice is hereby given to the
'. »VVVVVVVsyajvv«a*a>***»*«*«*a««a«». Electors ot tho Municipality of Lady-
smith, that I require tho presence of
At 9:00 and 18:88.
For Victoria.
Trains r\rrhrs at Ladyimith
Dally at 11:87.
Wednesday,   Saturday- and   Sunday,
;,   ^./M 4*167 anSWIss.
From Victoria.
geo. l. mwjuiv
District Passenger Agent.
102 Government St., Victoria
Excellent Boarding
Special Meal Tickets for
the Week
Mrs. 8. Decker,
THAW WOOD.   ...
tta- •. . . a ■
t Miss Ureniixj mu    i
£:■     FANCY GOODS  STORE.      Hll. X flOmiSy
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦.♦..♦.♦♦♦♦MH.fff»i;' 'fwoma.
. tho said doctors at the City Ball,
Lndysmith, on the 80th day of
March, 1908, at. the hour of 13
o'clock, noon, for the purpose of electing one person to represent hem
on the Board of School Irj.tces
i The modo of nomination shall be
as follows:
i Tho candidate shall be nominated
in writing and the writing shall lie
subscribed by two voters of ths Municipality ns proposer and seconder,
and shall bo delivered to the Returning Officer at any time between the
date of this notice and 3 p.m. of the
dsy of nomination, and, if a poll bo
necessary, such poll will be opened
on tho 8rd day of April, 1908, of
which every person Is required to
take notlco and govern himself accordingly.
Returning Officer.


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