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The Ladysmith Chronicle Mar 31, 1909

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With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, 5. C. Wednesday, March 31, 1909.
Back Alleys Will Have
To Be Cleared Up
There was a full attendance at the
council meeting Monday night, Mayor Nicholson in the chair.
-Tho minutes of the last meeting
were read and appioved.
A communication was read from
Wm,. Brent to the. effect that thc
draft of the amendment to the sewer
by-law was not altogether satisfactory, and offering to prepare, another
by-law at his own ext^nsc, if the
the council would submit it to the
The reply of Mayor Nicholson to
Mr. Brent giving authority for tho
preparation of the new by-law was
also refid.
His Worship explained that he had
consulted 'With several aldermen, who
agreed to the suggestion, of Mr.
Brent, and that in order to save
time he had wired renly.
Aid. Campbell asked if it were the
original by-law or the sewer rental
by-law to which objection had been
taken, and His Worship replied* that
it; was the latter.
Under the circumstances. Aid Ma-1
theson said tho mayor'si,action should
be endorsed and he moved a resolution to that effect, which/was duly
seconded and adopted. " J
O'Hara & Co., of Winnipeg,, wrote
that they were willing to pay the
highest prices for debentures. I
fh- communication was received
and filed,    ■ |
Accounts aggregating S348 were
presented, and referred to the finance
committee*, to be paid if found correct.
Aid. Roberts, on bclinll of the committee appointed to interview! tho
proncrty-owncrs on Koberts street
with regard , to a cement sidewalk
fmm First avenue to the new post-
office, reported that he had seen Mr. I
Williams, who said he was willing to
pay his share. Mr. McLean stated
tlmt his property was on the, market, l
and he did not feel disposed to go to
any more expense. Another property
owner would be communicated with
through the agent.
Mayor NichoUon said the Oddlel-I
lows had. not met since he had been
authorized to interview them with
regard to the walk, but he would do
so at their first meeting.
The matter was laid over for an-'
other week. 1
Thc city clerk stated that he had
measured thc sidewalk cn First avenue side on the Stevens block and
found seventy feet.
The mayor had also made measurements and found 80 feet from one end
of thc incline to the other end. i
11 was decided that tho city should
pay its proportion of thc cost amounting to m; I
Dr. Pagan's communication with regard to an annual subscription to
the Anti-Tuberculosis Society again
came up for consideration, and the
clerk was instructed to instruct Dr.
Fagan that on account of tho unusual expenses of the year, it would te
impossible to (lo anything at present.
■ Mayor Nicholson reported that he
had met Mr. Evans, Mr. McDonald
and Mr. Mohun while he was at the
coast. He had gone over the plans,'
and ho had- no doubt somo changes
could be made. Ho had discussed thc
plans with Mr. McDonald, who he-,
licved that it would bo better to
raise the sewers at thc starting
point;1 then instead of putting the,
pipo down five feet it might he put,
down four feet, thereby saving, a
great expense in lhc excavations.
Aid. Matheson asked if this change
from five feet to four feet would not
affect the street levels at certain
points, and the mayor said no, only
in one unimportant instance. I
Aid. Dier seemed to think that the
cost ol the sewers could net be cut
down much, and rather favored ask-!
ing for 810,000 more when the by-1
law would be submitted again to the
ratepayers. |
After considerable discussion on
this point it was decided to wait un-l
til M.r, McDonald again went over
tha plans. I
Aid. Mathcscin's sewer rental by-1
law was laid over for another week.-1
' Aid. • Haworth wanted to know it,
anything was going to be, done with
regard to Mrs. Hutchison's bill tori
nursing, and It was pointed out that
the matter was now bcloro the
courts, and discussion was deemed In.
advisable. However, lit was agreed
that if tho ease were discontinued,
then the council would be prepared to
deal with Mrs.' Hutchison.
'Mayor 'Nicholson stated that ho intended to begin excavation tor his
new, block at once, and informed the
council that there would be a large
quantity of good material for road-
making takes out, and he told tho
council that he would be willing to
dump it on any street where it would
le needed, providing thc council engaged a man to level It oil.
' It was' decided to employ a man
tor this work,.
Aid. Koberts complained ol the
drains running down Koberts street
neat his butcher shop. There were
also other Mitoanccs-ot the same kind
that needed looking after.
Mayor Nicholson, in this connection, referred to the practice of
throwing tin cans and ashes In. thc
alleyways by. some af thc citizens.
Moreover, some of lhe streets thc
council had cleared oft by request had
teen made a dumping place for rocks
Irom some ot the lots.
Aid. Dier said the alleyways 0t Ladysmith were a disgrace to the city.
Various places where these nuisan
ces exist were referred to, and thc inspector will ask the olienders to
clean up these places, or the city will
do so, and charge it up to those
who should have done so.
>E. Lowe wrote the council to grand
the use of the city hall for meetings
of the hospital committee.
This was-granted, and the council
Local «ind General
News Notes
Island Development.
.The W. 0. T. U. held a-vcry pleas-] crs, that tlio Dominion Government
and social in the Mission Koom ftt. th*, Iws granted a patent on it. It mattes
Presbyterian church last Monday cv- delicious br'.'ad, scones, cakes, etc.,
enin-j. A programme consisting ct and there arc recipes in every 10-
songs and recitations was presented, | pound sack. Caverhill's Barley
after winch rclrcshmcnts were scrv^ Flakes arc milled to tho Brackman-
Ker Milling Company, Ltd., which
should'be sufficient guarantee of tbe
cxcollclK-e of the product.    ■
cd.    Five new members were proposed at the social.
The option given on the Ladysmith'
electric light debentures to Geo.   A.
Stimson & Co., Toronto, expires  at
12 o'clock to-night.   Up to the hour
of 3 o'clock this afternoon there was
no word from Toronto, so it is like-
Mr. 11. E. Bcasley, superintendent' ly the debentures will not be dispos-
ot the E. & N. Kailway, was  in tho p4 ot to tiiat firm,
city to-day.    He ts looking over,
construction operations ol the
way.    In   conversation   with
Mr. 0. B. Wilson, a civil engineer
Chronicle, Mr. Bcasley" expressed the ;«**••# arrived from South Africa,
belief that the coming year would be!was !n. th?   cl.tv '.hls week- 1.0°**»*S
busy   one    0n
I over the plans for (lie sewers. Ho has | holding   ordinary    tickets
1 he newspapers in thc various places visited by the Williams Jubilee
Singers speak in the highest terms of
thc merit of the performance as a
whole i litsc singers have visited
Ladysmitli before and those who
heard tlicm on that occasion, will
want to hear tlwm again. The performance will he given on the evening of April OtJt at .the. Opera House,
Reserved seat tickets arc obtainable
at_ Knight's Hook Store, and those
may   ex-
Many Football Games
For the Coming Month
On Saturday last at Victoria the
Ladysmith and Victoria lini-tcd te-rnia
played a good game to a draw. from-
all accounts the game should have
been a walkover for the Ladysmitli
team, for they had ths lull practically eight, tenths of thc time in Victoria's goal. The whole trouble was in
the weakness in finding the net, miss->
ing chalice alter chalice. It can be
said that both goals were scored we
Easter Monday the visitors travel to
Victoria to meet tlie Victoria West
team. '1'heve may be a game witli
Seattle and another with Vancouver,
and th'p will practically conclude the
tour. The management of the local
club arc sparing; no pains lo give tho
California hoy* a good time, and
have prepared 15 extra plates at the
A and B banquet for the visitors. Iu'
all  likclihoad
ft "Lmi's •Tnir"!'' a"d "f, rl" P*ace"afte7uic iitcnaS ganlc, aid
free kicks. A foui was awarded Vic- it is ijii,,iv .„,»„ .,.■ «-', „...?.,., '*"",
tori,, near the Ladysmith goal, tor- ,w club will lave , ,l-,n e nf Hki,?l
imcr taking the tick p|-.-cdJhc   <iall',, n i"  the smAtl     ' la su«ne- w n
a uusy   one    on    Vancouver Island. |°Icr \\r'       ■      ,.,.. , •     i     —- ■    --•
Tnerc were hundreds of people comini] ™prc(1 **•?, services to the city,   and chango them by paying -25 cents. Thc
------       • •' the council will consider his applica-cnteitainment will be given under thc
'""  '"    """ ''" "'" """■" auspices   of   the   Ladysmith public
tien  in     connection    with the work
when it comes up for discussion.
from the cast, and so many were favorably impressed w\th the opportunities presented by thc island that
they had    determined to made their
homes here,   in a tour of inspection    „„,.   -,,,.    „„,„„.,,.„     t   n
of the E. &. N. be had noticed that a 3V- J1 r- „"ob(crts1*in' °* ,,?"ncan
great   amount   of    land was being I h^L hheen ?alled to tho . Prcsbyterum
cleared up, and he had no drihbt that   nurc
there would be a demand for it just
as. soon as it was offered for sale.
Victoria Fire Brigade.
of Ladysmith.    At a meeting
school, and the funds will be used to
buy books tor the public, school library.   •
'Wilfully handled, and a penalty en-
j sued. McDowell took thc kick nnd
: placed a pretty one just out of Bcan-
cy's hands, making the score one goal
| eaoh. 'mis ended tiic scoring, and
fur the next fifteen minutes the Ladysmith forwards hovered around Vi>
toria's goal mouth, tut couldn't penetrate the defense. Shortly alter the
whistle   Sounded    for time and the
Jeffries Is in Earnest.
of-the church   officials held Sunday I, iV^¥\,\±^u*iWa"„ at
ni^ht .(&.* (h» rMniim- «0rviw.« it wdi ™e ••*■**?•" .ot •-'«-" Masset last Sun-
night after the regular services it wast
decided to extend thc call to Mr.
Kobcrtsom.   It is   expected thencw
pastor will preach
next Sunday.
day.   'lhe funeral was under the auspices cf Harmony   Lodge, 1. o, 0.
and Hew. Mr. Millar, of Naoaimo
It appears that the Insurance com- regular
panies demanhed the resignation   of in thc city hall.   The most import-
Chief Watson  of  the'    Victoria  fire ant question to be discussed to-mor-
brlgade.   There have been many dis- ™w evening will be thc planting  of
sstrous   fires   in Victoria in recent shade trees.   However, the discussion
years, and the   insurance companies; will   not be   confined alone to that
had to do something for their   own question, there being other, important
protection.   Watson is said to" he  a j matters lo lie, attended to
good fireman, but a poor chic).   His
treat fault lies in not being able to
handle the men at a lire.   Tlie   demand  for  the return of Chief Deasy
seems to he almost unanimous in V ic-
toria.    Mr. Deasy was chief of   tho
Victoria fire brigade for years,   and
his first sermon conducte(, tne n]i&m craenionl8s
The following were the floral tri-.
btites:   Globes-Mr. and Mrs. victo
Tho Citizens' League will hold its Me'C01,*'   fe^$ L',,Me,*|'ar(}
-     meeting, to-morrow evening tl \r* Van»'Rcno*T' J rs- M- Lh«l'
•  ■•■   -■• "' ier, Mrs. A. Thomas, Mrs. J. Tassin
Mrs. E. Stevens, Messrs. Jules, Victor, Willie, Alymer and Felix. Masset
Mr. Wm. Caddy, Mr. and Mrs. J
Grnlette, Mr.    and    Mrs.  Louis  le
The Old Sail Drill.
The new   block   to he erected   hy
Pombertou   & Sons, of Victoria, ti)
replace   that   recently destroyed hy
fire will be n   much   liner structure
than was at first proposed. Mr.
during the time "he Jicld the position' Pcmberton, in view ol the demand
there were very, few bad fires in that for.offices, has decided to add two
city.   His strong, point is preventing'more storeys to the building,  which
fires. Careful Inspection ol premises will, therefore, be of six storeys in One of the dangers and one of the
aro made from time to time, and no height, making the building when hardest tasks of the man-of-war's
one is permitted to have inllammablc completed the finest office structure ma„ vanished out of his life when
material lying around where it will in Victoria. The aggregate cost of| with the supplanting of the frigate
be exposed to fire.   Sfncc tho time! the new    structure   will   be in the by the steam   cruiser  the, old time
Franc and familv, Mr. and Mrs. Joh
Biekle.    Mr. and    Mrs.   T. Kickard
Mr. and Mrs.    A. Jiaomonoux    sen
crowns,   and Harmony Lodge sent
wreath representing threo lin'.is.
Jim Jeffries, in    an interview    at
Boston yesterday, ".Tpmised to ma/ic
, , .       ., ,1k i1llicl! trouble for Jack Johnson if tbe
game ended in » draw one goal each. black champion makcs       , hl  f t
•in the second half o  the game   Mc- tlon of goin   t0 BostpJ     tat/busi.
Dnwcll was brought into the forward Besg tace to\QC     Jcn dccl    d „ t
line and  Morrison put in bis old po- lt h,0 ,u mcet Jonnscn   the   latt!T
sition in the hack.   McDowell, Smith, Would grt but liule    t   {.,th  „     .
Kpg«s,/»* ,Glame« w,!re eff lvc' cial end of the aBair wh'ich makes it
while McKinley ■ played his old lear-i    parellt Ulat if t[le M   mQW d0M
less  ?ame at centre halt.    Morrison consetlt io t^e en Jol^5on he     ,u
was seen to tetter adv-an afee m the do thc dlc,atitlg.   ..Wny not ma.kc it
forward   line   but   pla*yed a^smling wjnnet tttke ^ jcn,-'aSted one  of
game in the b«!tto^»s««^Bi friends, "i thin:: he would not
with Kogcrs. Sanderson is getting fficet mp of those ,.ondltJon, ., rc.
better every game he plays. The plicd Jeg „nm wj„ bp no nced of
team lined up as follows. a rcfcrce or a nn ,., comj^^ Jeit,
LADYaMllll. '
Full Bacts-Ko-ers, McDowell.
Halves-Smith, "McKinley, .Wynne.
Forwards— Urainger,  Mciiuire, Mor-
"If Johnson persists in coming, and
uc-eing me this weel:. there will* be ^
new champion in quick order \i he
does come'near me.'
sail drill became a thing of the past.
Fleets in the ow days were continual<
ly exercises   in mnktiig, and shortcn-j
Deasy left the Victoria brigade there ueicliborliood of S2t)(J,0OO.
have   bet ii a very large number   oil
files    that   many people now  think  ,      _	
could hfivo been prevented. For tho, Mr. Hugh McDonald,, the Victoria1 ii'igsail," shilling"sti«rs*»nd™aH siinii
past three years Mr. Deasy has been contractor, came up on the nooii'ar maneuvers aloft, says Captain J
chief ol the Nelson lire hrigade. tie.1 train. He is consulting With incm-'w. Gambler of the British navy in
foro ho went to Nelson ,that. city had hers of the city, council this after-!ins "Links In My Lite." As thc
suffered severely, from visitation by noon, with the object of cu'ttinB dovij'gl0a(t,st rivalry existed among thc
fire. From the time he took hold of Fie cost of building thc sewers. Mr.;clcws as to w|,*ci, s|,jp Bhould canry
thTj brigade there the lire losses grad- McDonald has no hesitation in say!out t,no CVolution first accidents were
ually diminished. He is thoroughly; ing that a good system can ho. in- [r(;qucntv- Hardly a drill day passed
scientific in  his  methods   ot dealing stalled for the amount voted ft>r lltat.. witliont' meit, being'injured
Novelty Theatre.
The Novelty Theatre is presenting
this week one of ...e best programmes
yet seen in the city. "The Cowboy
and the Bato ' is a vcro realistic picture of western life, and reminds ane
very, much of some of Bret Harte's
with conflagrations, and his contiibu- purpose, an--!    it seems ns if il were
tions to tho press on this subject mi* only a mutter of detail that had to
read with interest by insurance  men be arranged now.   Mr. McDonald will
and fire lighters all over the contin-[ return to Victoria, to-n<£ht
ent.    He is a   strict disciplinarian
but this will not lie regarded as   t
great fault In Victoria just now after
the   experience^   that city has
with its present fire brigade.
Another Brick Block.
Excavation work commenced
Mayor Nicholson's new brick block a'
on First avenue this morning, am!
there will be no delay until the building, is completed and ready for occupancy, lt is Maoor Nicholson's intention to erect a two-storey brick
To-moiiow, it has been announced,
had the Evening Post, the. new daily paper to be published in Victoria, will
mate its appearance. Tile management state that it will start as a
12-page, paper and increase the number of pages «s the demands on its   , ,t   [ret ,        nd weiR.litlg ,,wo ov
iffiS?   "".S,?h Ji!t0W-i .i«L" T tluW tons wet* w!iiske(l\bmit   will.
Once during a drill in Kiel harbor,1
where tho rivalry in the fleet was iu-;
creased by ...e eagerness of foreign
ships to compete with thc English,
an unfortunate Fruiich midshipman
went head first from the intazcu
erosslrces of the French flagship to
the deck. |
That numbers of aeddents should
take place in sail drill was not us
tonisliiiig when one remembers that
spars   measuring perhaps   seventy or!
rison, Fletcher", s-aniterson.
Full Backs—Lorimer, Prcvost.
Halves — Kinlock,    Petticrew, and
Forwards—Buxton,   Thomas,   Scd-
gor, Okell, McGregor.
A Scotch iootball team, representing thc pick of British Columbia, are famous stories. "Contagious Twitch-
billed to play the All-Stars of Cali-: ingl' is also a good picture, and the
fornia on Uood Friday at Vancouver, big crowds ihat have attended! the
Thc manaeer of the team has written1, house every night are the best test
Mri James Adam, asking him to play of the popularity of the cntcrtain-
centre forward on the team. In all mint provided. Mr. Alex. Auchni-
likclihood Mr. Adam will represent vole lias a couple ot.good swigs that
Ladysmith. |aro nightly applauded.    Beginning lo-
.-  morrow evening, thc programme, will
»     „_.. <>■,■...„„,i ,r ti,..   »  i.,n, he as follows: '-'The.l'iilucky Artist,1'.
Manager OMiiinel  jf the_A team ,       ,fra .,    ,.h1n(1,>css m'et
has nillcd the B Mull by «^«K (jn?s Inrewnrdcd," "Buried Alive,"
the iliiillenge   to play for a chicken      .  „,,     „       „'   „    T] '
supper Mr. O'Coni.ell woud tag.■*& mXt tt last pie? r"8s
leave nlay tor WMubon 'Yj^'one of the best ever presented by a
dinner  to diamond-studded    I.iMeM m Ur »
Tho simple fact that l'-»-- team l>«\ lmmia>. ,Jur Sanderson is down for
not won ., game this season is atlr - t wyb .,     .mn.,1)0,ly
Hilled  to overtraining,   o    the   las   Dca|.,,    t{^     ft   ,„   ^ A   £
game conclusively demo list rated that ,, , „    N     Uy f    **,      ^
the A.team have noUiing to to Iroit , m wdok 0ct1ainl, lhc nianage-
thcir opponetits jr'M^Banwj.ilLtakc t , , cvcmhmK p0SsU)lcst;(,
p ace next Sunday af crnoon begin-, , m ,* » , J ^wwert
ning as the hands of the stop-watch . f ' '  <
indicate 2:15. As tho game is for|
blood or n chicken supper, on admission fee of 35 cents will be charged
for lhe men, but. the ladies, who arc
great admirers of the A team, will
lie admitted free. Both captains have
agreed to Mr. Andy Hailstones for
Ladysmith Opera House
liglou* convi
or.    Under Mr. Blaltemore's control
men's hands   and    brains to guide
lock y,c'.   u "," , V.'i ".',"rS'"V-m   . f-„ t"'™; hundreds of men crammed into
°'* I1 'st^nf liblV   SaLbU   observ" » •»«• ot <** ^ hun*,re" s<lu»rc ,ce''
illd- a „?Ul"s "8"1 tot t,*l*,»u*   obscn .where nothing but the most inarvcl-
*■ *
record for attendance Ibis week ana
all those attending arc enthusiast*)-.
In tlicir applause and speak well ot
I lie show,    liie new machine opera-
ous organization and discipline coul'd
avert death on deck o: aloft.
To   the  landsman, who understood
.   .,, ...    ...      .   , . ,   While it is yet too early to make ... ,    ,
building,   fifty feet   front and sixty ^any r,Vc*riictaoiis as to tbe fruit crop'nothing of the dillicully involved   In
feet in length,   'lhc lower stnrcy will oI nm  in |lialiy pans o( Ull! |sland rapidly shiltlnc;, these great masts and
fco divided into two stores, and  tbo,the, trccs arc co^r1ed witrt bloom and yards or in reeling and furling thou-
upper storey will be made into ofllc-'. „ ,aVoralile   conditions continue   to'sands ol squam feet of stilt canvas-
es ^thll™%r0f0£Sh.?iiSlt'S[i. L" prevail tho harvest should be satis-perhaps wet or half frozen-thc rapid,
every   respect   the building will be      ,        ,.      m vlrtorlll colonist.I Dy with which it was done was pcr-
modern, with all conventenccs found ,   an}!"evi,lt prcparations are In traiil.ha.is thc chief wonder
In  up-tOrdat«^structures.   The .loca-    ith »    ,     f J b u cr lland|i„g and    Hopes,     tunning     l«te   lightning
tion makes »t particularly dcs,rablelmtnac   '" * BC c     Tta J  t,,| through blocks that    were instantly
trom .merchant's point of view.   lt:p   u ^ttmfi wWch' madc 5rt a,to0 hot trom friction to be touched,
IteSd •LW?'*!?---'----'*- ^.-Uenlorable inefs of things last year, had to be checked to within a lew in-
form will bo attempted" by local   or-
.,        .,   .   m. a.. gauizatlons   with   much better pros
Hospital' '
i . ™. .»«„.     »j ,.,h«» „„m ui'illl I'iXCiianire, wuicn   nauc su.n   aiivw ■■>" ■■■>""
willed cmisiderablfto    tte deplorable mess of things last year, had to be die
mi«■.»» .v»m,iy        tUBi is deservedly   defunct, but the tunc, clnfi, rcqulrui
ince of urbt avenue. t,ons wWch R waa suppostd tu  pcr. ami presence
Tne hospital committee met last
night at the city hall, and discussed
tho proposed hospital question at
length. The committee is getting thc
matter into concrete fcfm, and it
will no't be long until they,will be
able   to   give the. public something
In a low days the attorncy-f^ncval,
the utmost coolness
of mind, while thc officer in command bad to superintend
what to Hie uninitiated looked like a
tangled mass ot cordage, hut which
was in reality no more in contus.!|m
than the threads in a loom-
In ail instant this officer might sec
The senior players arc requested to
turn out regularly for -practice,    as
r,f,i,otLS/tVTw &!S °" d^i, also tur' Mr' "-W-**fc is <•■■ experienced in,.,,,
or the next few wee»s.    ttt isjtfso ,    ,     hmi ,,  „,„ (,inpf0j, 0, M,,ssrs
k. le remembered Ilia.t the wnne so, ,     "j.   R   ,k    ,     1 N>
the B. C. cliainpionslitil ai-c el grWc 1,4 rra   ,lmi        |M ovcr ^
go to Calgary tc meet the Caledon-^,^,,   ,,,    imdcrstallds |,heJ mt|(. llc.
lans in  the people s  sine d  tournc5. ta„s ,'nal'       lo ,„.„,,, an e      ,
All players will kindly note this and t,   t()r     ^     icU|ro j.,      ,j      ^
turn out to the held in tbeli football scmn    ,1)y ,,„„' tUc ,,,sl tWQ iAr,U],
to8s- Initc been in clearer locus, brighter
—■■■..,, nnd hclter    than ever    before.    Mr.
For-the next few wcoks, tootball P«"a7'>■" als0 ftCl'?)UllrS^50,& oS
supporters will have their interest di- resident manager of t lie Opera Houm
viih!d bv the latiic number ot Karnes, and as he has shown himself „ lmst-
ln tnr'l 4 tto rSuch"uilSl ot-A and >« who thoroughly understands tho
B rvrne take Zee On April "o>musement business, the Ladysmith
wil? ™ Victoria tmtcd nlaVinE tic1 Ihwtre   patrons may be sure ot   a
The   11th   the    All-Star California' ;.L11Jt"""„   '     " '   '
Hon.'W. J. Bowser, will start upon something going, wrong, lo delay, „
a long holiday tour. He.will cross single second meant a terrible catas-
to Europo and sail through the Modi- trophc.   Every one,  alow  and aloft,
wns relying ou his judgment
"Delay!   Ease awayl''
The order came in an instant,   'ihc
boatswain's mates repeated it a par-
tcrrsnenn, a cruise which lie expects
will largely improve his health.   He
will see a good deal ot the continent,
R,,„ ,„„ ,,..„.,. ..............B and land In England by June, where       .
definite, lt will lie known atter the ho will plead thc province's interests ticular call which this life and death
first meeting of the A and B Fund In provincial cases that are to come nc:essity soon taught ewryono to un-
What the men arc disposed to do in before thc privy council.   Ono of tho.derstaml, the   shrill   whistler, rising
oases that will to heard will be that above thp din of trampling feet   and
ol the   fisheries.    He will he away I running    ropos    or   the thunderdus
from    Vancouver    for   about   four.cVash of the great sails in the, wind.
months ond his departmental duties Death had been avortod—or not.    If
the way of helping out the hospital..
A committee was appointed, to visit
tho Chemainus hospital and report on
the best plan of a building, etc. This
committee is composed of Mayor
Nicholson and Drs. Frost and Williams, and they will report to the
general committee at the next* meeting,
will be discharged by the deputy at
tornry-gencrnl, Mr. Matlean.
There Is    every    probability that,
there will bo cheaper eggs ior Easter,    Within the last week thc price
of the hen product dccllnedi five, cents excellent qualities,
pcr dozen at Victoria, and arc now which Cavtrlllll's  Barley Flakes
ottered at UO cents pet dozen,  ' ' '  '""*' ""
Several of the groCf-ri^havci been
distributing amongst their customers
Ihir. week sample package-, of Caverhill's Barley 1,'lakes, and thoso who
have used the new brliakfast fowl
speak In hlghost terms ot its many
Thc process by
I prepared is so dillercnt irom all oth-
not vou looked up and saw some unfortunate mail turning head over
heels*, in the air. Vour heart stood
still. Would he catch hold of something, even if Only to break his fall,
or would he come battering on the
deck. It war; a mere toss up. If l)p
wno killed outright it generally Stop
ped tho drill lor the day; if lie Was
only seriously injured the drill went
on, lot this was part of the lesson
that must lie learned-that In peace,
as in war, one mt(?t t(ik*5 Ills' CiianeW,
t, wi be in action hero April $ ■'»''•■• '"■■•"y o[ ll,c Cl'.v6tal T'cntrc,
old rivals Nan i*r ...d Ladv- Nohcoliv-cr, has made « decided hit,
tfwm-aune Jo1 X al" N.il>th ^L}"}™'^*.}! t
together _ ,
mo iu the Island series, and on  ll,C|l-'0,r
and his rich biiriloiie voice   is
ysmlYll andilta: Nanaimo1 one of the itval. ,f the present pro-
ivi«ir„ will iii all nrobabililts P*mmc. io-tiighl is the l,,st night
'-Wh&tlll%woS eon^-', % Maryard-CnuibvUtgc .boat race
31th Lady
second div
Slutle "ne S: divisioii'series; Ncx't' jirt tfa «J«iii!<!? «*»*.
Saturday    Esquimau    and  Vifltorlal HHWons. lomotiow      iiignn
tilav oil' iu the Island series, and it is
likelv that Victoria Cnited will'travel
to Sanaimo on the 23rd to meet Nanaimo hi the postponed game in the
Island series: -
On. April Uth the All-Star California soccer team, will mcet thc locals
(Thursday i a new programme will he.
shown. The. new feature will be the
beautiful play "lngomar," which was
made famous by Laurence Barrett and)
tells in pantomine a story of love in
the bandit's stronghold. '"lh; Red-
ham Bovs- Fancy Drill" is another
new feature. Besides these there will
also be several interesting and com-
in an international game, and from ical films. Mr. Maylield will sing two
reports coming trom San Francisco, ncv>* songs and if the present gooa
tha Vis'.toirs    will 'be   able to make'programme is   a criterion  the   naw
pictures should pack the house to tho
limit Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
things hum in i*rltish Columbia. The
first game Is in Vancotivev to-mbrrovi
(Thursday) with the Vancouver United;, the second game in Nanaimo with
the .Nanaimo Lnlteh on the 4th; on
the second the Americans go back to
Vancouver to pia? the second game
with the- Terminal City.
On the evening of April 17th at tho
Opera House Mclsaac and McMamee
On Goodwill again come together, this timo
Friday tlie Scotch teani representing in a 20-round plove contest. Both
British Columbia will tackle the All- men have started training, and it tho
Stars, .Then on Easter Sunday, April bout is as good as the totmcr one it
Uth, Ladysmith play .their game. On will be well worth seeing, THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
will purchase a first-class lot and two-
storey building in the heart ofthe
business portion of Ladysmith.
You must decide quickly
Notary Public Conveyancer
Head Office  >  • Toronto
CAPITAL $10,000,000: REST $6,000,000
Are a most convenient way in which to carry
money when travelling abroad.   They are hiiiued
denominations ef
iJO. $20, iso, iioo and $200
and the exact amount payable In Austria. Belgium,
Denmark. France. Germany, Great Britain, Holland,
Italy, Norway. Russia, Sweden and Switzerland Es
stated on the face of each cheque, while in other
countries they are payable at current rates.
The cheque and all information regarding them
may ba obtained at every office of the Bank.
month or so, one of which will cost
in the neighborhood of S*l.n,.)(lo. With
tlio sale of the property lately, cleared by the 10. ii N. there will be a
number of new private res.'tl'ences cr-
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. de Gox, Manager
Once more attention is directed to
tlie tact that t'apt. Troup has returned and nothing has yet been reported
with regard lo the proposed steam-
shi-) service between Ladysmith and
Vancouver. It seems as if Mr. Jlar-
polc should say something one way
or the other.
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Buildling, Ladysmith
 £_J- .	
Matinee for School Children Saturday
Prograamme Changed Monday and Thursday
Admission: IOc and 15c
IOc Matinee Saturday
It is pleasing to learn that the
difficulties in the way of early con-
-- - slruction of the sewers arc capable
6! being; satisfactorily settled. There
is no reason why work should not
start early in May. .
Published by Carley & Carley at Ladysinith, B. C,
every Wednesday and Saturday.
$1.50 a Year in Advaacs, 2Sc Per Month
Advertising Roteson application.
Editorial Comment.
Prosperity    makes
verstty tries them, i:
friends but atl-
i an adage that
Getting Closer
to the Martians
Coal Mines Regulation Act.
Notice is hereby given that Examinations will be held for 1st, 2nd and
3rd Class Certificates of Competency;
under the provisions *oi the "Coal
Mines Regulation Act," at Nanaimo,
Fernie, Cumberland anil Cou'tlce, on
the lilli, 7tli and Sth days of April,
1H09, commencing at nine o'clock ijn
the forenoon.
The subjects will be as follows:
Box 173
l'lioiie 43
First Class
Scientists claim   that by means  of: 1 ■}_.
th..  new telescope now being perfect- Mining Act
ed by Professor Robert W. Wood,   of'and Special
Mine Oases
Oeneral Work
Johns Hopkins university, the 140,-
000,000 miles of space between the
earth and Mais will be spanned, and
make   true   tlie   wildest   dreams   of
applies to the present relations   be- '**■ Vo,"e   mi "u      ■ Wc!1*'   at"-j
j that astronomy will   be   revolution.-    Maeh'jicrv
Uveon Canada and Ureal, Britain.   So',,,«,.   That the planet Mars is to bcWyW
far in her history Canada hns rcceiveit, brought so,close   to the earth   that
the protection of Great Britain with| Its people, its t\stums, habits, eom-
ou't cost,  but  Hie present colupiica- ■*oens5' dwelli''«5s. agriculture,
lions in Europe make it absolutely I %%'*%L Xl","'0'", "*■ ¥"1'" """
' * I eaitn, is the statement of the astron-
nercssary t'.iat Ureal Britain should omers.
increase her navy, and the cost    Willi    A bowl of lit^aiitl   mercury, revolv-
' ing at high specd-this is thc whole
content of Prof. Wood's discovery.
Such a surface, made highly concave
by tbe revolutions, will magnify beyond the powers of the most perfect
hns yet built.
In the new telescope all that is
needed ii ft comparatively shallow
cave, built of   cement or   stone,   to
must take a stand uow, and undoublv! avoid vibrations,    which wou.d   dis-
mid bpecial
Mine Oases
Ueneial Worl
Third Class
Mining Act
and Special
Mine Oases
and General
Application   must   be made to the
amuse-jundctsigned not later than Saturday,'
lSKW,   accompanied, by
be a great burden to tho British taxpayer. The 'nctease of the British
navy means more protection to Canada, and the long-boasted, patriotism
(.f Canadians to tlie Motherland
should now llnd expression in something stronger than words.    Canada
cdly that position should be to eitli   tnrt t,lc' surface, a dynamo, and belter fall or stand with the Empire. >H lns ,0    makc   tllc ll0wl rotatc-Hne
bowl of mercury itself.    The size ot1
may  be     that  the    best  assistance
the statutory fee, as follows:—
By   an   applicant   for   First
Class   Examination , jSIO 00
By an   applicant for   Second
Class   Examination   10 00
By an   applicant   for   Third
Class     Examination   D 00
The applications must be accompanied by testimonials and evidence stating lhat:—
(a.) If a candidate lor First Class,
that he is a British subject and has
had at least five years' experience in
or about the practical working of ^
coal   mine, aud   is at   least twenty;.
For Meats
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
John W.  Coburn, * Geo. C. Piokard,
President and Managing Director. Secretary Treasurer.
The Ladysmith lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
Fresh Halibut on sale every Friday
Also a full line of Fresh and Salt Meats.
Ryan's Meat Market
First Ave. and Roberts Street.
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nictiolson & Weaving
Telephone 1.
| tho bowl, hence thc size of the lens! \*?J?£ * "^  ,„
would be in the shape ol forming a could be as large as desired.     Pro-' a   Ciim*'**ate    ,or S«ond
nucleus oi a Canadian navy, <.r the'lessor Wood dreams ol One 2<l   feet iClass that ll=   has   hiu- r'1 least five
in   diameter.      Its   reflective powerjyears'    c*l>ericnce   ih nr rjboet   thc
would he almost incalculable, | practical working of a coal mine:
candidate   for   Third
:<( has bad at. least three
ofthe   lens licing" liquid   cannot "be J"'*"1-'    experience   in or a'bout   tie..
practical working of a coal iiiinci
(d.)   A candidate for a Cerli'.,catc
presentation of the latest model o! a
warship to England, but, whatever
form it lakes, Europe must understand that when Urilaln goes to war
she will have lighting side hy   side
wutiiu ne almost incalculable. i practical work
One possible disadvantage   in    the    (c.)   If   a
discovery is that it will only reflect Class  that 1«
objects directly over it.    The surface'        ,' '
I Sell T. J. Trapp I Co's
Celebrated Wagons
Tim-lng thc Hiison wc liave sold a targe number
nf wagons, imijlft.iwiita and lugging; trucks.
Everything carrlOs a guarantee
We have the largest assortment of
Spring and
Fancy Suitings
to be fouud in the city.
D. J. Matheson
1        Oataere st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
| Ladysmith Opera House |
Latest Pictures
Duller Street
pointed In different directions. How-
ever, th.s can be ovo.-coinc, Protes-
with her own Iho young blood of Can- «or Woods points out, by setting up
ada, and that   ail thc resour is   btlSS?LiV'i1^''1. P?,r.-> *■• the earth.
of Competency as manager, Ov L,r
The total expense "will"not Ic great",Snl,tl>°ss.    Fire-boss, or sy,,iiRl,lei.
the Canadian people arc at her (lis- To sec most of Mars a mercury teles-. slia.ll produce a coHifioato [runl a du.
posal.   This is the senliinent   of   *}&&** ^ c-alllflT^1!^^ CSrT? """ ***
to our planet neighbor. l   g    a "   tai.cn •, cnmse in am-
Mcchanical    dilhcultira    eo ltrouted rula.*lce work mt*nr.; him, the   said'
to give..   (irst  aid tc  per-
coat mining openv
Canadian people, and tl.
ol Canada must hasten
itscll on l'cccrd.
lo so   place
Frederick Harrison, an authority on
Professor;   Wood from the outset   iti '.candidate,
working  out his   idea.   It had Wen sons   Injured in
Known before that a mercury surface n„„-
revolving till   cOjioave*   had a   high   \. 1
magnifying   «««*»     a„    l
power.   As mercury
the subject, writes as follows to ih. fflZ iSl'^ ™ *•
    „.,    it
was thought by others   that rcvolu-
London Times regarding lhe present lions fast enough to get any results
.wa,'scare: "Rand's   national   e*-| ffiffl ttftet ?o Sft t
istence may lie    in jiorit within less ei'.. thing.
than . generation from lhe treinend-1,^, W^-d>'* >"» rro"
ous navy now Icing..hurried on
His first, step was   to
in build a bowl   twenty-four imhea no
.lermany from the domineering m^X^m^^'im^^
tion pf the German chic's' aspirations''I'owl he bad placed in another metal
f,. i«n,«„'0« th„ ii .„ „ i. i i''owl which was connected hy belting
to Increase the Oerman race.    It is „..,,,, „ motot locatc(, six ^t"^1*
no question ol prestige, no question!   When the motor started it set. this
„, „,. „%,,,„,„.„„ „, ,, ,.-',. , iouter bowl in circulation.   The mag-1
of the shrinkage of tbe empire-it is nH, nn tne inner ,)0Wl madC( that ^
our existence as the foremost l-'.urop-1 revolve with tbe outer one. There
ean power, eve. as a thriving- nation, ^^^*S»WtaU&
How idle are fine words about re- In tb'c Inner one. In this inner howl
.,„.,.. Professor Wood poured his mercury-
peace md   bvothcrhood m, )f„3i '
while we h|o open to the \U\t of unutterable ruin, to a deadly light tor
national exlstrn e, to a war in its
most destructive, most cruel form."
Applications   for   the   position of
Thc starting of:the new lir'pltblock Secretary   ol the   Board of School
Trustees will he rec'-lved by the  un-
Dated at Na'naimo, B. C, December 18th, 1W,
By order fct the Board.
by Mayor Nicholson is the llrai move
in the building operations for this
year in Ladysmlih. Several other
buildings, will start within the   next
up till the First day,, of
Ladysmith, 20th March, lflon.
Mkt Opera House or Riberts Sfc
Shf/rt order meals al all hours.
Vysltrs   and   Clam   Chowder
We have engaged a first-class ba.-
her and the wants of our customer
will be prr«mp<ly attended to.
The only Shoe Blacking stand
lhe city.
Papcrliiinger and Art Decorator.
High Street.
Livery, Feed and Sale
Fir i*t, Avenue.
Phone KB.
E. Pannell
Meats and Vegetables
If you want.a! good Comb or Brush!
tall at the Dru-j- .Store. '}P.O.Bo*(4.
Phone U
1 The  Beautiful   Drama,   and  five
other subjects.
Join the Crowds
Two Shows, 7:30 and~ 8:45 p. m.
Admission:   10 ond 15c
*«■■€■««♦«« *«0*« €•«>€.<•♦«••«•««*•••♦•♦♦♦>••♦♦•*»
• ■iWfcza
i .
< i
i .
i .
i i
A Careful Inspection
of our huttor, cheese and eggs is a delight to those who love delicious, sweet
butter, fieili Uld eggs, and cheese made hy the very belt processes. Our
.Wry prodnots are aUviyj fresh from the farm, and kept up to the very beet
Scott's Building, First Avenue.
1 '«>♦••♦•♦>♦>«>•♦•♦•••♦•■>♦■>■>♦•••••♦«>••••••••%>♦! ■
i i
ii ■
i i
( i
i i
< i
Have Your Houses Plastered
For Terms tpply to
C. MINE, Plasterer, etc., Ladysmitli, P. O.
Cement Sidewalka a specially.
F. C. Fisher
Studio lu Williams' niock,. THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
As Cheap as
10 qrt Cooking Pots, 85o each.
4, 8, 8 qrt Preserving Kettles, 40c to G5c
Pie Plates, white, 10c each.
Bakers', white, 15c, 20o ann Mc each.
Shanty Plates, white, 10c each.
Dippers, 25c eaeh.
Hand Mugs, 2 for 25c.
Tea Stsepere, 25c each.
Egg Boilers, 10c each.
Furniture store
New Hats
Your hat is here—thc right shape
and style to suit your face and hei^it
-for no one stylo is becoming, tc
e ery man-
We have both soft and derbys in
Strachan Hats
which blend in harmonious and elegant degree Kicstylc features ol tiic
These are pre-eminently the hats
Ior young men and are genuinely good
quality throughout.
Also new lot of Shoes in different
styles, and new lines of Shirts in ditr
ferent styles and shades, and they arc
J. J. Thomas
Ladysmith Bakery
Calcs of every description,, fane
and plain. Candies of all kinds
Fruit of all kinds.   Fresh bread ever
Reasonable prices. Come and se
our lines and leave yoifr orders. W
give careful attention.
'•^•^•^•^•^.x..;.•;..;..;.•^•^.^•^•^.^.^■;**^•;"^ ♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•t'
We have a large number of books by the best Old X
Country Authors including: %
Guy Thorne, Max Pemberton, Robt. Louis Ste- f,
venson,  Quiller Couch, Chas. Eddy,   and others. $
Join Our
Circulating Library
I First Avenue, Ladysmith $
Local and General
Joseph Wilkinson, of South WellingJ
ton, spent the week end in town.
Try Na Dru Chavcoal Tablets Ior
Dyspepsia.   At the Drug Store.   *»
Fine English Pork Pies, iresh made daily
Hooper's, Gatacre street.   Try one.     *
WANTED.—Table boarders. Apply
to Mrs. Jas. Gilchrist, Baden-Powell
street. *
Rev. J. M. Miller, of Nanaimo, occupied the pulpit of the Presbyterian
church last Sunday.
Tho minister of the interior has decided that South African --veterans
can hold their land a year without
doing assessment duties.
lion. D. W. Higgins has a new.
story in last Saturday's Vancouver"
World. The popular British Columbia, story writer tells of the first election in Vale, and explains how it
came to pass that Col. Houghton became the lirsti representative for that',
district in the Dominion House dfj
Commons. I
The Sunday School anniversary in
connection with the Methodist church
will be held on Easter Sunday. The
school has been practising special
hymns for the occasion. The chlldreil
have also been learning recitations
and thc teachers and ollicers ol the
school expect tne parents and friends
will encourage the 'children by their
interest and attendance at the services.
A Winnipeg correspondent estimates
that thirty million dollars' worth ot
new buildings will be erected in  ten
700 Pairs of Sample Shoes
Goon Sale Friday Morning
Cavin's Footwear Store
We bought the complete set of F. J. Weston and
Sons' Spring Samples. All kinds of Shoes-Men's,
Women's and Children's-All sizes and all widths.
You know how we sell Samples. We buy Samples
at a discount and this ma!res our profit. We sell
them at the Market Wholesale Price*.
Cavin's  Eootery
since Mr. Knabe   returned tc. Rossland, looking the picture of health,
Iho   out-door   life,    the long walks
cities of Western Canada during   the! through the snow and the living clos.
present season!   In this amount the
twin cities at the head nf the  lakes
are expected to share to the extent
__._  „,,.,„, „ ..        .of six millions, and the balance  will
FOR SALE.-Bcdroom   Su.te and bo distributed between Brandon,  Re-
extra 'bed and sundry household turn
ishings. Apply A, Lndysmith Chron
icle office. *
gina, Moose Jaw, Calgary, Edmonton, RevelstoVe, Victoria, Vanccuvcr
and Ladysmitli.
The opening ot tlie n?w session  ol
Large numbeis ol land seekers from, Westminster hall, t>> theological col-
thc ln-.ted States are flocking   into |„g0 established by this Presbyterian
"'" " H"""     *"*■"'••"•<■■     Twenty denomination in Vancouver and   giv
thc CanadYui     Northwest,
carloads a day of settlers' effects arc
passing through North Portal
The city counril of Nanaimo has i'.-.»
commended the raising of Ihc i|iuu-,in-
tiiic. Dr. Drysdalc, city health olll-
ccr, who was present at the meeting,
stated he was opposed to lifting the
quarantine at thc present time.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith.
T. E. Sullivan
Plumbing, Gas and
Prices Reasonable.
First Avenue, near New Weston hotel
We carry a
large stock ol Fancy
cn a charter hy the legislature at ttio
recent session, will take plate on
Thursday of next week, April 8lli.
The occasion will he in-irtY-d by .,
I'lcsbytdian rally and banquet on
the evening following, an invitation]
lo wliic'i has hecn accepted by Hon
Dr. Yoliig, minister of education.
to Mother Nature has rejuvenated
him. When seen he said,: "I have not
been in such perfect health for twen-l
ty years es at present, thanks to living most of the time lot* seven
months in the open air. Those who
ai'.1 nn down and want a complete
restoration should follow my exam,
Favors a
Reciprocity Treaty
London,    Eng.,  March 29;—Joseph
Martin, formerly ot Vancouver, writes
„ ,,,„,,, .„ >.T.I,"'1JC. WUK ■* 'l"i(,t mh^ »■•' •■« to the Chronicle that the sentiment
Four hundred Doukhobors will come Methodist parsonage on Saturday cv-!, ,.,„,■ , „ „ ,- . ,. •,
to British Columbia this spring. Thcji cuing, when Kov. R. Wilkinson united ■". ,""" - " ""*" ,l" ^'"PH-cit}
will ro to Robson, where hind was jn marriage Mr. Thomas living and witli the united Slates Is very
purchased last' year by Peter Vori-.Miss .lane luiuu.cloh, bolli residents strong, and that no party could af-
gin, and will build houses and clear' of Ladysmith. Mr. Joseph Wilkin-'ford to oppose thc sentiment if con
land on which they, and other Douk-' —-   -•■  >-' >■ *' "; •■•■
hobors to follow later will live.
son, oi South Wellington, supported ,,„,„„   ,.i,„„»„h
llvr.  hritlmrrnnni   .ml   Miii   Mlmiio  «lll.  h1"*     "•"•"lull
the bridegroom and Miss Minnie Wilkinson acted   as bridesmaid,    After.W"*!
its attitude on   the
declares thc negptia-
Tle C  P  R  has bargained for 14- the ceremony a few invited guests sail lions for a reciprocity treaty between
feet of' space in the agri-'down to supper.   The friends of  the'
000 siuarc feet of space in the agul-'"°*'n t0 supper, ine irienus oi tne tbe United States and Canada would
cultural building at the Alaska-Yu-'younn cauple wMithem all happiness c„suJt in rcl„cminR sm ,,idre strong-
■<-n-Pacil.c exposition, and will instal ■» their wedded liie
there an exhibit a    whole lot bigger 	
and more comprehensive than, many-1   Tne proyinfcial police arc iuvestigat
ly, if that were possible, the bonds
between- Canada   and tlrcat Britain,
od the leading counties on tlie  other -ng a cmc n[ mcia| deer k'Jling near •)ecause clcsc trade relations with the
side of the line. I Notch Hill, says the Kamloops Stan- j United States, unhampered by a . hos-
 — I dard.    The pelts of 11 deer, consist-! tile tarill would bring great prospec-
Mrs. Kate Orocott died at Nanal- jng of   four   does, three bucks and ity to 0ana(la an(1, tne ideas of   an-
mo yestemay    morning, from burns four lawns, wero found hidden   In   a,       „„_     ,.-, u ~*. .-,„    . „   ,
received by the explosion of a wood |,ush about three miles from Scotch nutation, which at times have affect-
alcohol lamp last Friday night. Mrs. creck and across the lake from Notch ed very considerable numbers in Can-
(irocott was a native ot Littio jiill. 'lhc police are now working on|ada whe despaired ot reciprocity,
Hampton, Sussex, England, and with a strong clue ami have every hepe pfi ,d entirelT diSappCar.
her husband and family had only ar- runninp thc guilty party to earth. *°UM'n"™'y "„"P„, ,,
rived in Nanaimo last wees, it   iiiohntY m<>c fnm.fi wiiii unnienn inl . *»"• luarun    ..a>s «>i *
H, Bishon was found "with venison in! **lr* fllarl"* sl*5's ot l'nlon',■ m'-
his possession nnd wns arrested. He son's historteal letter in the Stand-
was lined -S25 and costs and the meat ard of Empire:
was confiscated.
The City Market
Wholesale aad Retail.
Ladysmith, B. C. .
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed TENDEM, supsrscrlbedI ''Tender■to
School-house," will bs received by the Honourable
tfvi MnliieYof Public Worksup to noon'ofThmj-
day. tho 16th April. WW, tothe•wt'onandcor'..
pletion of a large one-room frame Schoolhouse st
Courtenay. Comox Electoral District.
Brians, snecineatton., ctmtr»ct«nd forraj. of t«n-
dermay be seen on and ««J".k1«n1^"''{
March. 1809, at ths office- of the Government
/Kent CunVosrkndi of R. Carter, Esq.. Jr., Secro-
£JJ of the School Board, Courtenay; and at the
Public Works Department, Victoria, B.C.
Each proposal must be  accompanied  by an
Star Orchestra
Open tor engagements trom     Two
Pieces up.
(lives Dance Every Two Weeks.
For lull particulars, apply
W. M. AM-ISTER, See.
Each proposal must bs «t™P»,n,.™Jfl! ™
WOTtedtarA^heque or certificate of deposit on
* lutrtered bank of Canada, m^e payable to the
HoSou»ble the Minister of PubHc'Works tea
sum equivalent to t en Per cent, of the HMUntof
thetender, which shall be forfeited If the party
tindirlni- decline to enter Into.contrast„ "hJ"
calWupon todo.so, oj-lf he fa to compete the
& deposit of unsuccessful toSd,™r"t"™ 51™,
turnedto themupon theexecutton of theemtract
■Kndero will not be considered unless made out
on thelfa-m. supplied, signed1 with the actual
■bruitanrf the tenderer, and enclo^.lnthe
envelopes furnished. ■«_.—ji«
The lowest or  aiy  tender  not noMosarily
*c<!?■,•w• EmvABDMoneH.       ' "
. . '      Assistant Eiwlnecr.
Public Works 'Departmnit,    .   ,_.
Victoria, B. C, 6th March, 1809.
Paul Knaho, of Rossland, wns nl-
most a physical wreck when he left
that city seven months ago. His appetite was gone, he could not sleep
and he was as weak as a cat. His
physicianTtyommcnded an outing for .     .     ,„.
an cxlendcdNpcriod.   Mr. Knabo went, Lon**0,n rim"   ,           ,    ,
to Deer Park, on Arrow Lake, where recently wrote "incoherently about
he purchased a lot, and in six weeks the situation in Canada, and seemed
he had creeled a comfortable and ,q tmn|. hecSLUSfs there had been talk
"''""' '"' ' ■'•■"•- lately in   the    L'niUsd States about
"It is a poor time to work up an
agitation in Canada against thc Mother Country because she refuses to
tax its people in order to increase
the price' of wheat in Canada."
He also criticizes the articles in the
by "Unionist,''   who
87 pieces embroidery
and insertion, wide
width. Regular 20c and
'35c a yard, on SALE at
10c a yard
Odds and Ends in laces
and insertions. Values
up to 124c a yard, on
SALE at"
2 yards for 5c
We have Specials
every day. Goods we
are selling at clearance
prices. Our stock is
more complete this year
than ever.
Walters &
commodious cabin. Then he purchased a number of traps and set them
out along n route that extended five
miles from Doer Park. During thc
winter ho caught 18 lynx, lhe skins
of which are worth from 818 to 1(22.
Besides this he shot more or loss
game, Including a deer".   A few days
For Sale
Well 'jred White Wyandotts and
White Leghorns ot splendid laying
strains. Eggs, 8,2.00 pcr 13; two
settings, 8350. Also a good stock
ol Black Orpingtons and PcUin Ducks
at same prices pcr setting. Pedigree
Irish Water Spaniel Pups, bred from
thc Champion Burraid Pat 11. These
male splendid all-wind sporttng
dogs for this country. P"K pups,
(■2.-..U0;. bitches, 830.00. I.. V. Solly,
liittcview Kailii, Wcslkollli, K i.V N.
Dissolution of
First Class   Photos.
Gallery on First Avenue.
The- partnership heretofore existing
between thc undersigned carrying, on
jiutiness as llotelkcepers at ilw City
ol I.adysiiilth is this day dissolved l.y,
mutual consent.
Joseph Teusz will pay all, debts anil,
receive all moneys due to the pait-
R. h. WOOD.
Ladysmith, B, C, 23 Kch., I'.OK.
Portland Hotel
Barclay  &  Conlin,
tarill revision, that through reciprocity congress was about to absorb
Canada and tills dire result had been
averted bv Lord Milner. 'I his was
all in the imagination of the write.'.
WANTED-Two respectable young
men as boarders. Apply Mrs. A.
Wright, Methuen street.
Morning Shirt Waists
75c and $1.00
Dressy White Waists"
75c, $1.25, $1.50 to $3.50
-.    Corset .Covers
50c, 60c, 75c to $1.50
Express and Teaming
P. 1   KSTER, phone er»
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Nasalise 5:13 Daily
Trains arrive Xaiiuimo 1-2:35 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday;
Trains leave   Nanaimo  15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:35.
1102 Govt. st.
Dist. Pass. Agt.
Victoria, B. C.
U. B. C.
Wm Spencc, corner Whit* st. and
Pouith ave., Ladysmith,, liegs to in-
liniutc that lie is prepared to undertake all kinds ol Gardening. Trees,
Shrubs, Plants and Flowers of all
kinds to be had on shortest notice.
Excellent Boarding
t, Iho undersigned, J. W. Wallace, Intend te
apply In thirty days to the Commlsioner of Lands
for the privilege to lease the following described
lands for oyster culture: Starting one and a half
chains from D. Page's s. w. corner post, running
twelve chains from a post marked J, W. Wfl'ace'o
I.e. corner in a northerly direction, thence in a
westerly direction eighteen chains, thence in a
southerly direction twelve <-*--lni, thence in an
easterly direction eighteen cl li j to point of commencement, containing twenty-aens.
I  W- WA11AC3,
Ladyimith, B. U, Marc. fiffif.
Dp. R. ft. Dier
•  Surgeon Dentist   !
James Duncan
Suits cleaned'and pressed.
Alterations made.
Charges moderate.
iwns jrittT untiuri
Aro You Going to Build
•  fence or  a house, if so constlt m«, is I
can save you mor.ty oh lumber.   Having
purchased a low truck.   I am prepared to
move furniture and  planus..
For any teaming consult
HHbert Undertaking Parle:
I, 3 and .1,Bastion St.,Nanaimo
Phone 124     P. O. Box 1
Ladysmith Music Store
Agent for Singer Sewing-
Machine and Sharpies' Separators.
All liuis fc Ctoel; and Watt* H>
p-'.r;r.s n-*s*'">-fvtoii ituBrMWra p*
Reasonable Piices.
English Watches a Specialty.
J. R. Easton
Practical Watchfeaker.
All- work left at- H. Hughes' store):
Will isoeijs r«»EJ». attention,    '     *
. 1*1*44 4■ 4 •'
I In these lines of goods we are able to offer you
;; only FIRST CLASS GOODS. Include some of these
in your NEXT first of the Month ORDER:
Ridgway's Tea, 5 o'clock $ 75
$ Dragon Tea, per pound  50
Deckajulie Tea, per pound  50
Rajah Tea,  per pound  50
i' Van Houten's Cocoa, per tin, 30c, 50c  1 00
| Cowan's Cocoa, per tin, 10c •  35
■ Menier's Cocoa, per tin, 15c  50
';; Fry's Cocoa, per package  10
Try a pound of our fresh ground::
J Coftee, ground while you wait, at J
:: 35c and 50c;
4 4**
Dressy Hats
Young and Old
The Celebrated Hardeman
Hats have arrived.
"We have them in the
very latest shapes and shades
such as Jade, Brown, Champagne, Russ, Backus, Elephant, Etc.
These hats have no equal
for wear, style and shape
Prices $1.25 to tf  Each
Headquarters for Star
Brand Shirts for Style, and
Fit. < -*-».
W. E. Morrison
Williams Block
We have just received another shipment of. tlfcse
Elegant Designs and
Colorings in Wall Paper
Call and sec them, -They am going last.
A full line ol, Paints and VarnlMlcs
in stock.
Picture Framing (lijnc on shortest
notice. Bring your pictures and lock
over our mouldings.
Sole Agents in Ladysmith
where you can procure
We make a speciality of Ladies' man-tailored
Suits made to order. During the next few days
you will be presented with a catalogue of all the
latest Styles in Suits and Skirts at very moderate
prices. In 21 days from order we guarantee delivery as well as Satisfaction.
Simon Leiser & Co., Ltd
l?**t«*l**T**T**T*«T m\—tmT. it—t«*t*
The Fishing Season
:: is again with us, and we are prepared |
:: for it better than ever.
• •
:: Trowling Spoons, in endless variety. |
| Flies, in abundance.
:: Lines, at all prices.
:: Sundries, a full Stock.
:: Fishing Rods, Special Values.
I * j      /-t a     rsc Na Dru Herb Tablets.    At the
LOCal    and     General Ladysmith Pharmacy
Hear the New Singer at the Opera
House. ».
Tlie KHa lelt here this morning after discharging ore and tailing on
Mr.' Adams, inspector lo: the London Mutual Kire Insurance to., To
ronto, was in the city Monday making an ollicial inspection of the company's local risks.
Fresh    Crumpets    and
Blair & Adam's to-day.
Why pay U~>M tor United Wireless
I Shares,   when same  can be procured
at   alout   88;,ir"j Irom Clarence M.
Muffins at Smith & Co., No. 1    Wall   Street,
New York.
To Let—Furnished front room. Ap-
ly Mrs. Harry Lee, Esplanade.
Mrs. Masset and family desire to
thgnk those who tendered sympathy
and assistance to them in ti.cir recent bereavement.
For Garden Seeds go to the Drug
Store. ■   ♦
The many friends of Mrs. Lot
Jones, of the Jones Hotel, will be
pleased to hear that she is recovering from her recent illness.
"Ingomar," the famous play, at
the Opera House Thursday, Friday i
and Saturday. *   .
A complimentary banquet will he
tendered to Kcv. Dr. Kncnczer Kob-
scn in Pender Hall, Vancouver, on
Thursday evening next, wMch will be
a noteworthy event. Recently Dr.
Robson 'celebrated thc fiftieth anniversary of his arrival on the coast
and during all that, time has been an
assiduous and successful religious
worker. At the banquet on Ihurs
day evening, among those who will
bo present will be rjomler McBride,
Hon. W. J. Bowser, Dr. White, oi
New Westminster, Mr. .lames Turner, jr., Thomas l'ur.n«ngham and oth
eis. Mr. Cunningham is another o
the Provincial veterans, having been
in this se turn lor lllty years.
Victor Machines
Double Side, 10 in., 90c; 12 in., $1.50
Knights Book Store
Mr. J. M. Morgnn lelt Sunday 'lor
Vancouver, where he will meet n
young lady Irom Knginnd. Shortly
after their arrival l:ere they will be
the principals in a wedding. i
Not only in Ladysmith, but all
over the Island, nnd in the best houses in Victoria, ind.ding the Empire",
Crotto, Bismarck, W. Harrison and
Empire, and all retail store,!, is the
Grand Dule sold. *
Why pay I'iitXm for Unitud Wireless |
Shares, when same can be. procured
at about $a.<5 frcm Clarence M.;
Smith A* Co.. No. 1 Wall Street,
New York.    • "    .
Painter anl P.ipeih.ingor.
A boy named Koberts, while worthing with bis lather in No. -, received
n severe snock from a* fall of dirt
from the rool. He was completely
corned but the injuries proved to be
"Iiisoiiiar," the Iamous play, at
the Opera House Thursday, Friday
and Saturday.
Geo. II- Cavin, the shoo man. on-
nounccfi that ho has a large stock ol
spring shoes, and he says he has conceit enough to think that he can lit
any, person in town. , He has a specially large range ot Classic shoes
for children.
: Not only in Lndysmith, but all
over the Island, and in the best houses in Victoria, including the Empire,
Grotto, Bismarck, W. Harrison and
Empire, and all retail stores, is thc
Grand Dule sold. '
The management o! the Foundry
have recently heard rumors to the el-
fect that a mortgage is said to ?*cist-
against the plant. For the iiifnrma-
:oh*of all whom it may concern we
positively state that no such document exists. This was clearly shown
at the lirst meeting of thc shareholders at tlie company's ollice, and appeared in Thc Chronicle the following dav, March IHth,
New Arrivals
Nice assortment of
Tinted Cushion Tops, at
40c ond 50c each
Cushion Girdles at
25c, 60c and 55c each
$crim Frills for Cushions
50c each
Ribbon Frills
$1.50 each
Tennis Players Note
$    That we are   clearing  out our entire line of "I
English Tennis Shoes, Ladies' and- Gents', at much $
4- less than COST.
Ladysmith Hardware Co., m
' B
Finest Chocolates   and CohtVctlon
cry in the city at. Hooper's. *
If you want a good Comb or Brush
all at the Drug Store. •
Misses' Boots
We have a fine line of 1st class Miners' Boots.
They are ma-b by tha J. LeekieCD., of Vancouver,
and are guaranteed to give satisfaction.
We also carry a good range of Working Gloves,
Overalls and Miners' Caps.
For Watches, Clocks, Jewelery and
Optical Goods. Columbia Graphophones,
Double Disc Records, 10-inch 85c, Cylinder Records 40c.
Caverhiirs Barley Flakes
Are required to get the barley reaoy for making
it into this NEW BREAKFAST FOOD. This
means expense for labor, for power, for heat,
but the results make it worth while. You will
agree with us after trying a package.
Pact-apes      | ^   f,glltS Ash Your QJQttr
The Brackman-Ker Ming Cn., Ltt
Have You Seen Our New White and Gold Chinaware Premiums?
 This is our new line, imDorted especially for our
CANADIAN WHEAT rLAKES, direct from England.
1* "■ Each package of these FLAKE? J contains a piece of
this CHINAWARE, which we give Absolutely Free
as a PREMIUM.   CHINAWARE that will grace any
BESIDES-the Flakes txe the Very Highest Grade
produced anywhere and HOME-MADE.
The Brackman-Ker MillingOS LM.
■ ■i
I We Have Everything You Need


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