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Ladysmith Standard May 30, 1908

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Array NUMBER flf VOLUME 1.
mm tn 111 mnti h-hi i m 111 tin 1111 im t"H,
i   ,.
r   :;
Walk- Over jj
- Shoes
For Pleasure
Jaunts or for
Daily/ Duties
Wal^Over S.I\oes
Are Always
Correct. . . .
Is selling some nobby Shoes for Men, at $2.00 por pair.
■Also Ladles' and Children's, at prices that can't he reached
by the other lollow. • < T
.T'--'--'S"eJ''-|e"»*1'  ■  ■   >
YOU CAN GET      ^
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., Etc.
,.FOIV,...-.T"-'.. -■■•■••■
for White Swan WMt.!ng Powder Coupons
Send a Two-Cent Stann> for our Catalogue
B. C. »oa|> Works, yiCfojMAJB.c.
Soreen Doo 8,
Window Soreens
Wiekless Oil SUes ff
Complete Stock iii above lines 1 ^^^^ortellZ X
\ \ the    Best   English Silverware, **
.. Sterling and Plato. ' \
All Cased Goods, including— , .
Cream and Sugars, Bon-Bons, .,
Four-pieced Sets, Mustard,..
Salt and Popper, Fish Sets, • •
with Pearl Handles. : Fruit ■ •
Knlvos, otc, otc., allWrt caso"
st a cost Irom M to SHO.OO.
', •  ATM
!p. g. noot;;
Wntchmukor and Jeweler.
Supporters of Nanaimo Unitod Will
Put up $500 Against
The Nanaimo Froo Press of Thursday's date, contained the following:
"Tho Nanuiitio United team-wore never stronger than they are at the
present moment, nor never felt more
confident of defeating any team in
the province. Particularly anxious,
If it can be arranged, are the boys
to get on a game with the Lady-
siiiithtouiii. In fact tho followers of
tho local team say they are willing
1 to put up $500 against the same
mount put up by the supporters of
the Ladysmith team, on the result
of the match, the gate receipts to
go to the hospital, Sid Thompson
of Victoria, to roforee, and the choicu
of grounds, Ladysmith or Nanaimo,
to go by a  toss of  the coin.
Whether the match can be arranged or not ls doubtful as it is said
the Ladysmith team has disbanded
for .tho season."
It is indeed very improbable that
the match will bo arranged. Both
toums have had onough for the season, and tno boys here hardly feel
liko taking on their old rivals on the
conditions. It is ruthoi- a strange
thing, too, that the supporters of
United should agroo to the toss of
tho coin after being mado responsible for the club backing out of the
B.C. Challenge Cup. The oiler might
be taken, if it could bo made good
four months hence. By that timo
the now playcra that ai-o expected
from the Upper Country, the Bast,
and from Scotland may bo hero and
tho chances of the two clubs evened out again. Thore is nothing do
Ing at presont.
National Democratic Convention Will
Grant No Privileges for Selling
liquor In Convention Hall.
DENVER, May 37.—There will be
no liquor sold in the convention auditorium in Denver where the national Democratic convention meets in
July. Application was made to
tho committee on arrangements in
charge of the convention for a concession for a bar in a section of
the convention which is not near the
committee rooms and some distance
from tho assembly halls where the
delegates will meet.
A large sum was offered for this
concession by several experienced in
catering at conventions, but the convention unanimously voted to refuse any concession for a bar or
other means of selling liquor on the
auditorium premises,
London, May 37.—President Fal-
lioren ol France, who spent the
greater part of the morning In receiving diplomats and representatives of English civic societies at St.
.lames' palace, drove across London
this afternoon to take lunch with
the Lord Mayor and the authorities
ol London ln the historic Guild Hall,
His passage was marked by a continuous series of ovations. The occasion waa favored hy fine weather,
and tho streets wcre very bright
with elaborate decorations in which
tho colors ol the two friendly nations predominated.
Al Oxford circus the procession
stopped to allow the presentation of
addresses -from tho boroughs el Ma-
ril Boni end Holborne.
President Fallerles was received at
tho Guild Hall by the Prince ol
Wales, Sir John Charles Bell, Lord
Mayor of London.
tee Cream
is Homo-Made, Fresh Dally. Critics
pronounce it to be The Best over
sold In Ladysmith. Como anil try
It, Warranted absolutely pure.
Sc, and 10c. Per Dish.
' Hop's Mrs'
Host Select Parlors ln Town.
Land Clearing    and Bridge Building
Doing Pushed -Ahead.
Rapid progress is being made with
the cleuring of tho land along tho
old Victoria road. Operations .were
commenced fromi Mr. John Stewart's ranch and aro being Carried in
direction uf the town; A few
days more should see tho whole of
the land in a lino with Fourth avenue slashed und cleared of underbrush from the ranch to Mcthuen
street. Burning and stumping are
going on ut the same time and work
is also going on below the road towards the railroad tracks. In a
couple of weeks' time the road out
there will hardly be recognizable.
Nothing moro as yet has been
hoard of the clearing whioh is to be
done behind the city. It is going
to be done and it is expected that
workwill be commenced shortly, but
final and definite instructions have
not been issued.
The C.P.R. Company has also a
large bridge gang at work at the
creek below the city. The cribbing
there haa worn badly, and in spite
of all manner of braces, always presented a ramshackle appearance.
Now a bridge gang has been set to
work, and they are busy now laying
hi concrete foundations prcparatoty
to the building of a culvert.
Tho Wellington Colliery Conipany
ate not making the some despatch
with their improvements. The trestle which it is proposed to build
from the loaded car sidings to the
bunkers remains as it has dono for
months. The cuttings for the Ull
pieces aro ail ready and the lumber
Is piled in readiness, but the   word
go" has not yot been uttered. Bettor progress Is being made with the
alterations to the wharf. The apparatus In which tho electric conveyor will work hos beon fixed up, and
tho necessary work on the wharf
generally advnnced. A largo reservoir up between Fourth avenue and
the old Victoria rond on the pipe
line has also nearly beon completed,
so that thoro nevor will be any
shortage of water for tho driving of
the new machinery.
In tho city itself the road gang
has almost completed a road along
Socond avenue. Waggons wjll now"
bo able to got along from Symonds
street to High Street, and besides
tho convenience to tho residents on
thnt suction, tho appearance of the
town has been greatly improved.
The now post office buildings are
being pushed ahead as rapidly as
ever a pushful contractor can force
them. (Only energetic men are allowed to stay on the works, and the
merely idlo or curious looker-on Is
politely askod to move on. Indeed
hand-written notices under tho contractor's signature wero tacked up
round the building requesting men
with Idle, hours cn their hnnds, to
spend tlufc elsewhoro than round tho
workSyr^Bce when thoro have been
fc*i\5^o(terors and fower laborers In
stony vineyard. Some of tho
men who woro laboring to the build-
ore loft because they wero only paid
$3.75 a day. Thoy contend that
the govornmont standard for that
kind of work Is throe dollars, and
if thoy are right, then steps should
be taken to see that thoy get it.
Mr. Ell Rowland, tho clerk of tho
works, is supposed to bo looking Into It.
Further Improvements are also going ahead at tho swelter. A new
net of bunkers is boing erected, that,
when completed, will double the
liunkers aro within easy dlstanco of
the   furnace,    and tho new arrange-
Judge Harrison had a busy afternoon in the oounty Court on Wednesday. There were quite a number of cases to be heard, and one of
them had to be left over until
the next morning.
In the case of Campbell v. Tassin
judgment was entered for plaintiff
with coBts. Aid. Campbell sued J.
Tassin, Jr., for 921.50, the balance
due on & promiBory noto given throe
years ago. Tassin claimed that the
money was loaned to himself and
partner aj, the time, and thut he
had paid hls share.
.Wilkinson v.. Wilkinson was a case
in which Mr. O. Wilkinson sued his
sister for $"'7.50, Judgment was
given for $49.90.
The next case wus ono in which
Mr. I. Gould sued H. Thornley for
525. Two dollars ofthisamount was
for damage to his property, and the
remainder for trespass. After tato-
ing thc evidence His Honor dismissed the case, each paying their own
The case of Cantrill v. Fagan was
struck out.
A claim for $250, made by a Pole
against another, produced such evidence that His Honor stopped iho
case and ordered tho plaintiff out
of the court.
Wall Papers
dome and Make Tour
Beleotion-new ■took
J. E, Smith,    Robert** Street
• OTTAWA, Ont., May 27.-Tho •
• House ot Commons at an early  *
• hour this morning, by a vote *
• of 72 to BO, defeated Mr.   Fos- *
• ter's motion    calling for a ro- *
• form In civil service. •
Philadelphia, Mny 27.-Hear Admiral Crownlnshlold, U.S.N., retired, died at the Episcopal hospital
here today. The rear admiral had
been" at the hospital lor about •
month and an operation waa performed on him lor an affliction Of
the nose. He never fully recovered
Irom the shock of the operation. The
Immediate cause of death however,
wae the hardening of the tlasuea of
the body, Mrs, Crowinshlolda 1
at the admiral's bedside when tae
-  4
Calgary, May SO.—A communication was read Irom the C.P.R. offering tn donate a site for a lire halt
on 19th avenue on condition that a
suitable hall be erected. Atter considerable discussion It was deckled
to iwommend that the oner be accepted, but that the hall could not
be erected until next year.   -
fijooi) refugees drowned on
—A special from Colbert, Okla., near
the Texas Une, says fourteen persons
who had taken reluge on an Island
formed between the new and old
channels of the Red River, are reported to have been drowned late
yestorday when the flood waters covered the placo where they hod taken refuge. The report lacks verification.
Three children of .1. H. Roberts,
ferryman, wero carried to death yesterday when the river swept away a
tree in which they had taken refuge,
south of Lawton.
Will ond Newton Stldham were
drowned near Henrietta yesterday,
while attempting to leave their
home In a  skiff.
NEW YOBK, May 27.-New ocean
records will be tried for by the giant
liners Mauretania and Lusitanla,
which set out today from opposite
sides ol the Atlantic. Owing to delay in getting Out of drydock, the
Mauretania was not able to leave
Liverpool on Saturday according to
her schedule, so that on her passage
beginning today ahe will attempt to
make the round trip within two
weeka. II she should succeed In her
attempt, it will be the shortest trip
on record.
Hcr schedulo calls for her arrival
here on Monday, when she would dls
charge her cargo, take on coal, passengers and baggage and sail for
Liverpool on Thursday, June 4.
Meanwhile the Lusitonia will sail
from here today on the second lap
of her round trip for the subsidy offered by the British government for
an average apeed ol 24.50 knots on
each voyage aa a round trip. Her
average on the first hall, which ended hore last week was 24.88 knots.
;' e .
Two Ladysmith Men Have Ureat
Sport und OetBig Bug.
Thero is, according to our Cowichan Gup correspondent, splendid
fishing ut tho Gap just now. He has
had a visit irom Messrs. Cyril &.
Bilton and Charles Henderson, and
both of theso gentlemen uro delighted with thoir experiences, us woll
thoy might bo whon 25 or UU fish
Uro hooked in less thun u duy. Nowhere, thoy declare; have they caught
more fish in loss time, nowhere wus
tho fishing better, and thoy were bothered by neither lies nor mosquitoes.
Although tho duy wus cloudy, tho
fish were biting good, and tliey got
a good bug of nice coil, unci a lew
Spring salmon. Salmon wore plentiful, but as tbey wore not prepared
for salmon fishing thoy had to borrow lines and a spoon from tlio genial "Sticks" at the lighthouse whoro
they had every cure und convenience
ln the intervals of fishing, "Sticks"
also gave u few selections of H.
Lauder's on his phonograph. Sticks
has quite a lot of records, has one
favorite, being "Meet Mo in St.
Louis, Louis." Thnt ono hns got
to be played.
But the bost sport wus watching
the Indian Moses chusing and killing a sou  lion,  tho head   of   which
Sticks" is getting mounted, and it
is quite u curiosity. Leaving Ladysmith, they had quite n strong
breeze from the north west and it
was all that the boat, the Flirt,
could stand. But they arrived at
tho lighthouse in-nn hour and three-
quarters. Hounding Thetis Point
was the worst as there they had a
side wind and a side sea, which
camo pouring into the boat, and, ns
luck would have it, they did not
have a tin to bail out the water,
bo Henderson had to use his cowboy hat, and it was a good bailer,
Celebration Committoo Decides That
No Collection Shall bo Made
from the .Miners.
The attendance at last night's
mooting of tbe celebration couiuiiittee
was bettor than on Tuesday evening,
although there wus still room Ior,
improvement. Howovor, those who
were present got right down to business, and appointed collector-! and
tho various committees upon whom
devolve the arrangements i" r tho
day's sports.
Tho most important thing docidod
at the meeting was that no collection shall be made from the miners.
This your tho sports grounds are
tented in, thanks to tho energetic
w0rk of tho football commltteo and
it is now possible to lovy a tax on
every person desiring to see tho
sports. It was therefore agreed
that considerable time and expenso
would be saved if, instead of taking
up a collection and Issuing complimentary tickets, a charge of 25
centB a head was mado on every,
person seeking admission to the
sports ground. A collection will bo
taken up as usual fromi the business
people in the town and from business firms outside tho town.
Mayor Nicholson is looking after
tho transportation arrangements,
and tho result of his olforts will be
published as soon as passible.
Tho next meeting of the committee
will bo hold in the City Hall next
Tuesday night at 7 o'clock, when
tho various committees will be rea-
Thcro is another boat buililer dy with thoir programmes and esti-
storting up and at present is putting mates. Tho meoting is open to all,
up a large building to work in.   Ho „nd of thoso gclltlcmon     „.hom
expects to  got u fan- share   of    the    '
work.    Mr. Lawrence hns a few con- tba    Writer lias frequently met    on
tracts on hand now. the street corner, and who are sim-
♦     ' ■ ply     bubbling    over   with    original
GETTING) READY    POR OLYMPIC  jdons nre hereby notified that     sug-
t,AM,'-s- gestions aro in order.     Thoso sports
either want to attend the meeting,
or Tot-ever hold thoir peace. The
first nllei-nntivo is tho easiest and
tlio least painful.
Olympic Gamo Tests Already in Progress in England.    July 13th,
is Dato Fixed for First
of the   Gaines.
'LONDON, Mny 29,-It is doubtful
whether many people are aware that
the much discussed Olympic games
havo already begun. Thoy wero ush-i
ored in several weeks ago with tho'
racquets competitions—events, how-
over, whloh lost much of their interest and; importance in consequence of
tho absence of foreign talent. Tho
Olympic golf competitions at Dt-nl
and Sandwich are next on the ,lii.t,
but even theso will not -arouse ovoniThe Times says Victorians aro suffl-
u small part of tho interest which ciontly liberal-minded and broad-
will be evinced Inter in tho'purely splritod t0 nMie that in the dovel>.
athletic portions of tho prodigious f
The Victoria Colonist and tho Victoria Times nro delending their city
against the charges of tho Vancouver World thut Victorians assume an
intolerant nttitudo towards Nanaimo and other sections of tho Island.
1IUUSSELS. Hay 29.-The International Polar Congress, for which
preparations have been in progress
for a long time past, was formally
opened here today and Is expected to
ment will do away entirely with the "m»l'n 'n session several weeks. The
nuisance of roast beds.
Lasts Only a Few Minutes but Several Buildings ure Struck  by.tho
-Lightning und Much Damage
Is  Dono.
purpose of tho gathering is to bring
about, if possible, some organized
effort among the various nations In
a search tor the north pole and the
scientific exploration of the Arctic
One ot the most prominent among
tho delegates present is the official
representative of the United States,
II. L. Ilridgman of Brooklyn,     well
Monday, July 13, is the date fixed for tho first of the Olympic athletic events, nnd from day to day,
for a fortnight or so, the track and
field competitions will bo in progress. It Is hoped that King Edward will not only patronize them
in person, but, as was tho cnso with
King Goorgo, of Greeco, on thc occasion of the Olympic games in Anions two yenrs ago, will take an of-
ficinlly active port.
It is yet early to attempt anything like a definite forecast of the
results or of the selection of tho men
to represent their, respective .coun-
ttios. Elimination trials are now
in progress in soveral Continental
countries, ln tho United States find
Cnnuda the selections will be made
for tho most part during tlio coming week. The British trials nro to
take place in tlie Stadium to-morrow.
So fur us concerns Great Britain
and Ireland, It may be taken for
grnntod that the commltteo will pay
serious attention to the chances ol
such runners ns J. P. George, the
present furlong champion; E. H.
Montagu, the nunrtor-mile chnmpion;
J. Fairhnirn Crawford, the hclf-mile
champion; G. Buttorliold, tho mile
chnmpion; J. English the two miles'
stocplechnso champion; T. R. Nicholson, probably the bost of lhc liiini;
mor throwers, and Con Loahv n stnr
performer in tho high Jump. Unfortunately for England never wns she
so badly olT for sprinters as at tbo
presont time, mill unless .1. W. Morton can find sonic of his old form,
thoro Is ono event at loast which
looks like being a foregone conclusion in favor of nn American.
— Montreal known for his active Interest in Arc-
severe   electric t tic oxploratton and discovery. Other
wns    visited   by a
storm which passed ovor tho city (include Italy, Belgium, Spain,
yesterday afternoon as a culmination nations represented at the congress
of sevei-nI dnys of supcrhontod wou-l tugal, Great Britain, Russia and
thor. Whilo the storm only lasted Sweden. It Is said that the Duke
low minutes, soveral places   w*ro'of Abnlrali ^ ,, cognized .gono
struck, Including St. John's Presbyterian Church, and tho terry boat
St. Lawrence, while tho wires of the
Montreal Light, Heat and Power
Company were flooded with tremendous electric discharges, which burned out a largo numbor ol transformers, and temporarily upset light,
ing service in many parts ol the
Outside of the city tho storm was
ovon worse. At Henoimsflold the
storm was particularly sovoro and a
fow moments after tho flrst
of lighting, a heavy bolt struck the
summer residence of Fred B. Looker, ol O. B. Locker Co., of this olty
and the house was completely des
Tho root ot St. John's Church was
of tho foremost of scientific explor-
, will come here to present his
views to the congress before the
gathering adjourns.
"    ♦
■ WASHINGTON, May 29.- James
Drain, president of the National Bide Association ol America, announces thnt Uie team of riflemen to represent tho United States ln tho
Olympic games, to be held' in England'July 9, 10 and 11, will not
be 'sent owing to tho relusal ol the
British Olympic council to extend
the. time for submitting Individual
■names ol men of the tenm from. June
1 to 15.
Albany, May »7.—By P practically unanimous vote, ths senate Judiciary committee today reported   to
the senate the bill ol Senator Page,
placing telephone and telegraph companies under the jurisdiction of  the
public service commiaaioa. The same
_ bill waa    radically amended yester-
Imilly aama^d7and"'tho mart "ot "the [day by the assembly commltteo   on
mearner St. l.nwrenro wns deetroyed. | electricity, gas and water supply.
Calgary, Alta., May 29.—McLean,
the speedy young person ,r°matrnth'natters"
cona, more than mndo good in his
trial yesterday and ho will go to
Toronto to enter tho trials for the
Olympic. He made 100 meters in
10 4-5. Mr. McLean Is nn old Calgary boy having run horo under tho
fire brigade He comes from Princo
Edward Island and belongs to tho
Abegwolt Crescent team In Charlot-
opement and prosperity of any part
of the province they are bound to
share. If thut statoment be true,
then the average Victorian ta'kes a
most peculiar method of showing it.
There is not one, but scores of cases
that aro constantly coming to light
of Victoria pooplo trying to dissuado
tuurists who visit that city from
seeing Nanaimo aud tlio other northern postions of tho lBland. Occasionally an odd traveller does run
the gauntlet of Victoria boosters,
and comes this way. Invariably he
is delighted with what ho sees, and
by telling his friends of the scenic
and other beauties of this district,
this city manages to secure a small
but Increasing tourist patronage.
Tho trouble with the average Victorian is that ho has read so much
n tho Times and Colonist abont Vlo
toria tho Beautiful and Victoria this
and that, and sees so little about
the other sections of Vancouver Island, that ho unconsciously comes to
the boliot that tho charms of tho Island start and end at Victoria.
Over a year ago an attempt to
start a movomont for a general
campaign of advertising for tho promotion of tourist and tho goneral
development of tho whole Island was
started by tlio Nnnalmo city council. It was tlio intention to have
all tho municipalities on tho Island
behind this movomont, ench contributing whnt It could nlTord to the expenses. Nnnnimo boing tho orlgin-
ntor of lho idea ond the most centrally sitnntod point on Vancouver
Island, it was suggested, although ;
it wns not imporatlvo thnt the suggestion should bo acted upon, that
Nnnalmo should ho the place whoro
the ofilco of the advertising campaign would . bo situated. Whether
it wns, this suggestion or not, is not
known, but nt any rnto, Victoria,
which hns the most to gain from tho
general development of tho Island,
turned n deaf ear to the proposition. Thoy cannot, perhaps, bo
blamed so much for this seeing the*
tho Victoria Tourist Association
makes large Inroads on what money,
Victorians can appropriate for such
But at the same time,
mnklng all duo allowances for that
feeling of jealousy, which a smaller
city may entcrtnln for a moro metropolitan neighbor, the goneral impression seems to prevail throughout tho Island that Victoria likes to
piny the game that has so olten
been njipllod by Ontorlons to Toronto,  "Tho wholo hog." mmaamam-l   i, i        ■  mm   ,
II You Reqiiira Any
Or If You Require Any
Or If You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Hell One;   or If You   Want
Notary Fablio, Conveyancer.
NEW YORK, May 27.—"I will not
of sqmo of tho extremists were    lo- protected by a waterline belt ol ar'
gically followed out literature would mor varying In thickness from eight
bo sti-ippod'of its choicest gems   in- to   twelve inches in somo sections,         , —, ...     -   Million
eluding tho Hlble.     Tho groat point from twelve to ten <"'■ .* In   some, again     be    a candidate lor United     s         '
in this is that the greatest check and from ole-- .i nine inches in'States senator, I am winding up
to the spread of evil is the fierce other sections. Above the armored the affairs Incident to the cloBing of
light pf publicity. boltline   will be a casement protec- my political career."
tlon, whloh will be eight inches thick Senator Tom Piatt made this state
at the top and ten inches at the hot- ment today and added that he Is
torn, which in extent end thickness | sorry for Mne W6od, the woman who
Six Hundred Thousand People,    Including   Four
States Abolish Saloons.
'Sho Prevents Appearance of ■ Transparent Costumed Dancer Boforo
His Majesty and Herself—
Affair was Arranged by
the Earl of Dudley.
coma until the last rooket has been
shot off in the big fireworks display
prepared for next Saturday night.
There is to be a  celebration here has never before been approached  ln lost her suit against him and    was
on the lst of July.    This event con-' any American battleship.   At the af-
cerns us all as citizens.   When a oity ter end of the belt armor will be an
decides to celebrate a  holiday both athwartshlp armor bulkhead of   the
its honor and its reputation are out same thickness,  extending clear   n-
Lody smith   Standard
Published on Wednesdays anu Saturdays Afternoons by the
Kobt. R; Hindmarch,
One Year  •1-*<>
mi'liviiUJ       "8
AiHortkfing Hates on Application.
Quito an interesting controversy is
going on in the provincial press as
to what is news, and ns to when,
whore and how the editor's blue pencil shall como into use. Tho discussion has arisen out of the reports
of tho Curter-Garesche- treat in Victoria. Tho "Times" published rather a full account of \he whole proceedings, and since then thero has
beon a general press engagement
to what a newspaper should and
should not publish in its news columns. It is certainly an interesting
quostion, nnd ono which is not easily answered.
Wo have no Intention, even if we
hod the ability, of going exhaustively into tho subject. Tho first consideration it seems to us in the
whole dispute is that the newspaper
does not mako its news. That ls
to say the honest, reputable newspaper does not.. All it bas to do
Is to publish the news that lt collects. The news will be of all kinds,
nnd the only concern of tho editor is
to see that it is properly displayed,
in his columns nnd is writton with
proper regard to tho proprieties
Just what is proper is where all
tho trouble comes in, and It will differ in different communities and different individuals. Tho point ,la
that no hard and fust rtilo can be
set up for guidance of such cases,
and thnt oven in the press itself, as
woll as among its critics, thero is
too much cant nnd hypocrisy. After
all, a newspaper is a commercial
venture run for profit. If thoro Is
no profit there la no nowspuper. Incidentally the press may have served many causes, but its primary object Is tho making of profits. By
this is not monnt thnt lho publication of spicy news Is a necessity of
tho trade, but it Is n fair argument that a business enterprise cannot be run on tho lines of a moral
reform league. There is on English
newspaper which for yenrs has been
trying to got along without tho pub
lication of hotting nous. It has'
had a procarlou existence, nnd It is
extremely doubtful If Its policy of
suppression ia accomplishing tho end
for which It started. Nauceous cases
cannot bo made swoot by any possiblo gloss of words. Yot they nre
of everyday occurrence, nnd form
part of the news of the day. It
seems to bo commonly ngrood
mong writers in tho provincial press
that English newspapers publish reports of orim-innl cases which would
never be allowed to appear in western Journals. That ls as It may
bui,. wo have not noticed It
on pledge. A demonstration which
fulls anything short of completo success is a reflection upon tho city,
and the community. Hence it be,
conies impoi-ativo that everyone, in
whatever way he can, will do hie
utmost to help on tho celebration on
the' First of July.
It has to be remembered that Ladysmith hut- made quite a reputation in its demonstrations. So lar
there has never been a failure, or,-
ono which failed to give general satisfaction, and these lust thrco years
the celebrations have been better
than over. It will bo a difficult
matter to moke any improvement in
tho character and calibre of the
sports, but tho effort can at least be
made and that is the only spirit in
which to approach the quostion.
Thore are always a certain number
of men in a town who, if they had
the management of things, would
havo given the people somothlng for
their money. Thoy have been
countered on the streets alter overy
celebration thero has yet been
full of criticisms and suggestions as
tho bay is full of water. Now these
men would roally do better to take
their ideas up to tho committee before the celebration takes place,
They will flnd a hearty welcome a
waiting them, and all the work they
care to do. The usual run ol
things ls that a devoted few discharge all the work of the demonstration at great inconvenience and
hardship to themselves, and, for rot
ward, suiter the cheap criticisms ol
your superior person who never by
any chance gets in to work himself.
Possibly it will be the same this
year again. All we are concerned
with at present is to make It clear
that there Is room and work for
all, that it Is better to get in and
help than sf-and off and adopt the
profession of fault-finding. If the
celebration ie to bo tho success it
ought to oo there must be a common effort and u large volunteer
corps of workers.
CAMDEN, N. J., May 38. -f Th*
ticularly.     Tako it all round
lish reporting is fuller for the
pie reason thnt tho Journals
bigger reportorlnl stalls.     But
gard is always    hod to tho proprieties, ond    reports nro very carefully
and thoroughly censured
As to the effects which the publication of such reports may have upon impressionable .minds there are
all kinds of opinions.     If the views
* Billiards and Pool $
Best Liquors and Cignrs.
Cartwright & Barclay
cross the ship. The armor that will
protect the barbettes will vary in
thickness from eight to ten Inches,
dependent on whether or not it Is
flanked by the side armor of tho battleship. In the. case' of each ot the
four turrets the side armor will very
from twelve to eight inches, while
the plates on top will be ten and a
half Inches thick.
Engines of 1(1,000 Horsepower.
The engines of the hew battleship
are to have a combined Indicated
horsepower of 16,500, each engine to
be ln a separate water-tight compartment. The' twelve water-tube
boilers, which are to he fitted with
superheaters, will be in throe watertight compartments, and the coal
bunkers are to have a maximum capacity of about 2,200 tons. All the
main compartments below the gun
deck will be Provided with forced
The turrets will be electrically eon-
trolled, while the most complete arrangements for obviating the dangers of turret explosions and other
accidents whloh have caused so many
disasters in the navy will be used to
protect the man who will handle the
great guns of ths Michigan.
When completed the Michigan will
displace 16,000 tons, and will'carry
in addition to her battery of eight
12-lnch guns, twenty-two 8-Inch guns
and sixteen small rapid-fire guns.
She will also be fitted with two
submerged 21-inch torpedo tubes. On
her trial trip, according to the conditions of the contract, she will bo
required to develop a speed of at
least 18J knots an hour.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 28.-To lie
for four days and nights partly, asphyxiated by gas, conscious yet unable to cry out for assistance, was
the harrowing experience of Henry
Cook, an employe of the Hotel Ath-
erton at 1661 Octavla street, Cook
waa found by another employe ot
the hotel and removed to the central emergency hospital, where it is
feared he will die,.
Cook gasped out his story on the
operating table while the doctors
were working over him.
"I want down to the cellar Monday evening, to fix a leaking gas pipe
The odor of gas was strong in the
battleship Michigan, the-flrat of the'»ma11 basement, but I paid no stall big gun battleships of the United i_mt,on *° '*• thinking the feeling oi
States naw waa i.,m.i.^ *-a. .- d«»™ness which seized me would
Butsa navy, was launched1 today at wear  off   in a few minutos.    From
that time on I know nothing.   When
thrown into Jail on a  charge of perjury.
I realize that my advanced age
stands between me and another term
in the senate. I cannot tell you
with what regret I shall return to
private life."
KANSAS CITY, " May 28.-Elght Loi)dol,i Mny 28.-^Tho Queen's tnct
million six hundred thousand people hus again averted a scandnl. When
abolished the saloon last yean,     in- Queon   Alexandra's   secretary hoard!
,   ,,      . *,.     . . .   mi... _ .. -that Maud Allon,  who hnd been  in-
eluding four entire statos. The seven vl'«d to dance b.
prohibition    states   have a popula- QUoen, n[tor tt dinner nt tho Earl of first governor   of tho State of New
tion of over ton millions, while  27,- 'Dudley's mansion, intended to danco j y^ anA twiM vico-prosldont ol tho
WASHINGTON, May 27.—Tlie body
of Gen. George Clinton, one ot    the
'|vi"to"d to dance before tho King and heroes of.   the American revolution,
, 000,000 more live in other prohlbl- the famous vision of Salomo,    thoro
.    ,-. ,,_    ...... At -.  was    constol'iiutloii    in   Buckingham
,tlon territory, making about 46 per J""^   who|1 th(J Quo(m ,„,„.„„„ (b_
i cent of the total    population of tho nature of   the   dance sho protested,
I United States    free from the blight- and Miss Allen got a tip that    the
Influence of the saloon. |d'>n™ m« altogothor too risquo   for
Of   the 84 legislatures    In ---'"- tho Quoon
LONDON, May 28.-The Cunard
liner Mauretania, which left Liverpool yesterday four days later thaa
her usual sailing schedule, owing to
her crippled propelle,-, passod Fast-
net at 6.10 o'clock, t*'s morning.
Tho oillciais say there la no possibility of the Mauretania making a
record on this trip oa only three
propellers will be used during the
Ottawa, Ont., May 27.—It is expected the government will make an
announcement of Its Intention regarding tho building of a railway to
Hudson's Bay. Mr. Morcler of Survey branch of the Interior Department leaves tn a few days to undertake work survoying tho townsite of
|   In the danco Miss Allen wears tho
last year twenty passed laws unfa- flimsiest of costumes. Indeed, tho cos
vorable to liquor traffic, while    no ' tumo is so slight It Is tho closest ap
legislature has been In session    the' Proach to absolute    nudity that the
, ..   . .. . , -.. 'music hall censor has ovor permittoil
present year that has not had    one, in L„n(ioni
or more temperance bills betore lt. if Miss Allon had danced Salome j
In recent years no legislation favor-1 bofore the King and Queen It would
able to tha liquor traffic haa    boon I have   created     Intoniio    Indlguntlou
United States, which was exhumed
last week, after resting nearly a century In the Congressional cemetery
of Christ church parish, was honor-'
cd with a notable military and civic oscort today on Its departure from
this city for New York. The body.
will bo rcbitried next Saturday irt-
Klugston, N.Y., Gov. Clinton's na-
jtlve town, nnd where he-took the;
oath of ofllco as first governor of the*
enacted. I
Such was the language In which
the passage of temperance movement
in United States was reposted to the
general assembly ot the Presbyterian
church In the United States of America today.
the yards of the New York Shipbuilding Company in the presence of
a distinguished gathering o! officials
I awoke I was lying on tho flat flf
my hack,   I mado several attempts
from Wa«hh,„i„n .n* *u o. . . t0 rise- bat ench t'me fell back ex-
from Wnshington and the State of. hausted,! All i__ strength seemed to
Michigan, -have left my body.
As the ship left the ways Miss' "Jt »eemed days and days betore
Carol Barnes Newberry, daughter of id*3r"gh.ti, tLa?,*, and when *he Brat'
Assfstant Sarrat.r i lh » T* OI rays of light came through the base-
Assistant Secretary of the Navy New ment windows I was sure   someone
borry, raised the berlM-oned bottle
of champagne and dashed it against
the receding wall of steel exclaiming
"I christen thee Michigan."
The river about the shipbuilding
Plant was filled with boats, and as
the new defender of the flag took the
water a great salute was given by
all the craft, and by tho whistles of
nearby manufacturing establishmenU.
The band played "The Star Spangled
Banner," and the assembled crowd,
Including the party of nearly 100
citizens of Michigan, cheered Itself
After the launching: the invited
guests. Including tho Michigan party
and the naval officials from Washington, were served with a delightful collation. The affair wa* an informal one and informal toasts were
proposod and responded to with eloquence and wit.
'     Description of Battleship,
The Michigan, which is already
hnlf finished, will be, in appearance
and armament, distinctly dlflerent
from any of the battleships now flying the American flag. Her most
noteworthy feature will be her four
great turrets, out ot each ot whloh
will protrude a pair of 12-Inch guns
of the latest and most powerful type.
These turrets, wbich ore so arranged
that every one of them oan bs used
in a broadside, either to the port or
starboard, will be mounted on the
axial line of ths ship, one Pair nft
and the other pair forward of tho
superstructure. The turrets are
Placed one ahead of the other, It being necessary to shorten the superstructure, with tho result that the
two funnel, and t«.0 Iong poIamolll)
wiU bo very closo to each other.
Forward the freeboard of the new
ship will be tho samo as that ofthe
Connecticut, tho flagship of the Atlantic fleet, hut aft of the superstructure, for the purpose of saving
weight, a reduction of about   eight
would flnd me in the cellar. From
where I waa lying I could see the
sun aa it raised higher and higher,
and later when it set I gave up all
hope of being saved and as night
drew on the pangs of thirst and
hunger set in. Time and again I
tried to call out, but not a word.
could I utter."
Although Oook was missed bv the
hotel people, It was thought he waa
staying with friends and nd particular attention was.paid to his absence.
BERLIN, May 28.—Anarchy prevails throughout Persia. The Shah
is helpless to oops with the situation.
A libel action has been brought a-
gainst the Persian newspaper Musso-
vad, for an article stating that parts
of Persian territory are under control of brigands and revolutionists,
The article concluded aa follows:
"The governors ore tyrannical.
The administration ia corrupt and
inefficient. The taxes are In arrears. The exchequer is empty. Tha
soldiers- wages are due and unpaid,
and the army Is helpless.
"What is the.Shah going to do 7
He dovotes himself to orgies night
and' day.'■'
The papers demand tho dethronement of the Shah and the establishment of a constitutional republic.
The Shah brought a libel action,
but quickly withdrew it whon the
editor offered to prove tho charges ln
detail. Following this the walls of
Teheran were covered with'placards
calling upon the people to assassinate tho monarch.
—       i    4 1  ■
Regina, May 28.—The proposal to
repeal a section of the.legal profession act aroused quite an interesting
discussion- this morning. The section refers to agency business, and
prohibits members of the Saskatchewan Law Society from doing work
for Manitoba and other outside lawyers on the same basis. The law
was enacted last year.
'        ■-■' ♦
MONTREAL, QUE, May 27.-Ur.
Ackland, secretary of tho Labor, ili<,
partment at Ottawa,, who was in
Montreal Iii an effort td roach an arrangement by which the C. I*. R.
management would agree to arbitration board at Winnipeg to have Jurisdiction-over the eastern part cl
the system as. -well as ths west, ha*
returned to Ottawa, not having seen
able to accomplish anything, ths
C.P.R. management being > unshaken
In Its determination that the east
shall not, if possible, be dragged Into the disputes of the west.
Regarding closing down the shops
at McAdam -Junction, officials of the
company say that these shops will
be re-opened next month and that
temporary "closing down was'simply
the cause of a bad drop in receipts
which necessitated very rigid economy.
'   ■*>	
Menahlkoff, a Journalist who enjoy*
In Russia somewhat the same position aa ~. T. Stead occupies In Eng
land,' haa: lately bail) writing article
atter articla'ln the Novo* Vreraya to
prove (hat Russia is on ths brink of
war with1 Turksy.
ManshlkoB insists that little Rou-
mania will Join liurkey, will destroy
Russia'* Black Sea fleet and will
tak* Sevastopol. Roumania's head
I* turned by th* suceoas of Japan la
th* late war, and with her army 61
feet   below that of the Connecticut H-*.000   •>*    *•»   **° HUM.    aha
has been effected. The elevation of
tho turret* is such that the rear turret, both in the forward and sit
Pairs, can he fired directly over th*
top of the on? In front. Another
peculiarity will be the arrangement*
of the ship]* masts, the forward one
being on the starboard and -th* otter,
on the port side of the 'Michigan.
Her Armor Protection.
The hull of th* Michigan will    M
think*, aoys MJonshlkoffs informants,
that shs can easily defeat Russia.
Roumanla -will only light, of course.
In case Turkey and other* malt* war
on Russia. '
Toklo,   May    28.-Th* flrst broad
fguag* train oi Americas oan on lb*
{south Manchurian railroad mad*    •
uec*ssful trip yesterday.
Royal City Would Have Great Athletic Event for Fall Fair—Boxing Event not Popular.
Two athletic contests of world-wide
interest and which should attract
many thousands to the provincial
fair, have been suggested for the big
show In this city in September and
October. They are the world's
championship wrestling match between Champion Frank Gotch, of
Iowa, and Dr. B. F. Roller of Seat-
tie, and the world's champion boxing match between Tommy Burns
and Jack Johnson, the colored heavyweight.
Both attraction* have heen under
consideration tor aome time among
the members of th* board of control
of the big fair. The wrestling event
is a popular one, but the boxing
contest is mooting with strong opposition. There is already a fair prospect of the former attraction being
arranged as both Gotch and Roller
have elgnifled their willingness to
_ 4 .     -
Winnipeg, May 27— Frederick Wey
orhaeusor, the St. Paul lumber king,
said to be the richest man in the
world, is- here en route to Vancouver to purchase timber limits on the
mainland of British Columbia, which
he says he prefers to Vancouver
He believes there ls no cause
amongst the non-conformists masses
of England, who still look askance
upon royalty for patronizing the
theatres and music halls. Miss Allen
hersolt admits tho scantiness of tho
costume, but defends It saying :
I have boon asked whether It has
occurod to mo that to wear nothing
but draperies of a moro or loss trans
parent fabric is calculated to shock.
I reply frankly that in all nature
thoro is nothing moro beautiful than
tho human form, and I deny, to a
healthy-minded person, there can bo
the slightest cause of oltonso. Flesh
Ings or tights I rogard us ovldonco of
hyprocrlsy. They are tho color of
' which indeed, thoy are
made closely to resemble, and thoy
are so thin that they cling liko the
skin. If there is not a vulgar pretense of decency, I should like to
know where it is. Besides, the appearance of an ancient Greek dancer
in silk tights and fleshings would
simply be farcical."
Sydney, N.S.W., May 28.a-Thesyn
dtcate which ls arranging for the
visit to Australia of Tommy Burns,
the heavyweight pugilist,'has deposited 810,000 to bind the match between Burns and Lang, the Australian boxer. The fight Ib to take
place ln Sydney In August. The
syndicate haa the option of arranging two additional fights at $5,000
On being asked whether his Australian visit would Interfere with the
negotiations for a fight with Jack
Johnson, the eglored heavyweight,
Tommy replied that Johnson would
have to wait until hls Australian
engagements wero concluded.
FORT WILLIAM, Ont. May 28.-
Word haa just reached here that a-
bout 12.80 o'clock tha dam at Currant River, Port Arthur, went out
with a freshet caused by terrible
rains. No. details are yet available
as men who went out on horseback
could not get near. It is thought
that the pawor houso is gono and
'also the C.P.R. bridge over the "river. It la said that two families
lived near the dam and it is feared
that they are all drowned.
A tug left Port Arthur for the
scene of the disaster at one o'clock,
and lt la likely to be some hours before any definite news is received.
Fort Arthur is without light and
the water and street car system are
parallzed. It Is thought at tlie present time that lt Is one of the worst
disasters in the history ot the town.
Currant River swept everything before lt for a mile ln width. Tho
scene of destruction beggars description, the dancing pavilion and Mrs,
Raid's pavilion at the play grounds,
ond the camping outfit* within
thousand feet of th* C.P.R. and tho
street railway, track are entirely
swept away. Several persons an
missing In the vicinity and tt 1* not
known whether they oro lost or not.
Traffic will be entirely; suspended,
liie damage to the power house ls
impossible to. tell.
——♦ 1—
KANSAS CITY, May 28.- That
the general assembly ol tlie Freaby-
tarian church ol tha United State*
does not Intend that a few man
■hall dominate the executive power
of the church was shown today iwhen
that body alter 85 minute* of the
liveliest ' debate, adopted * resolution providing that no paid agents
of the church board* or officer* of
th* general assembly ahall be mem-
bar* of the executive committee that
will direct the administration of ths
affairs of tha church.
viPARIS, Kay 29. - The Bank* of
France today lowered Its discount
rate on loan* from 4 to 84 ' per
per cent.
--'-' _...,,J
British gunboat Shearwater, Captain Crawford, arrived this morning
from the south, having been on a
long and fruitless search for the big
British collier Silverhorn, which Is
now supposed to havo been lost with
all on board In tho South Pacilic
ocean somewhere near San Fernandez Island (Crusoe's Island), off the
coast of northern Chile. The Silver
horn was loaded with coal,which ahe
took on at Cardiff.
stato ln 177-1'.
Tho Marino band hooded the procession ns the casket was borne a-
iong the streets to the railway station today. A squadron el cavalry
two biitierieB of field artillery, a-
large dotachmont of marines and a
number of civio societies made up
the procession.
George Clinton, whose memory is-
being thus honored, died April 20,
1812. He was born in Orange county, N.Y., July 2fl, 1789. He was oj
dolegate to the socond continental
cinjross and was elected governor
of New York in Aprll, 1777. He was
vice-president under Jefferson during
his second term and continued , in
that office after Jefferson's retire)
ment nnd while: Madison was president, and died in that office.
_        4	
LONDON, May 26.—The damage
done to trans-Atlantic cables by
trawlers on the Irish coast which
has been so aggravated during the
past few day*, as to interfere seriously with tho transmission of despatches, was brought to the attention of Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Gray by United States Ambassador Held at the foreign olllce
this morning.
Mr. Reid was ndt acting on Instructions from the state department
but took up tho matter on the urgent representations of the managers
ot the cable companies.
Sir Edward promised his Immediate attention nnd said he would
do nil in his power for the connection of tha cables.
alarm in the    United States regarding 'the future of the timber supp.y.
It is a good plan for fairly robust people to take their exercise on
rising, ln connection with the morning bath. A cold shower bath foils- lowed by a sharp rub-down with a
coarse towel, and ten or fifteen min-
for utes exercise with any convenient ap
paratus. Is a great lnvlgorator.
Such exercises may be taken   con-
HER SEARCH IS FRUITLESS. 'TOle»"-v '" one's ™to™'" b<*o'e
SAN DIEGO, Cal., May 27'.- The «oml"!tlnB dr™si"f: <"• " °><> woa"
ther is not too cold, it may be done
CHICAGO, May 28.—Pronounced
dead, Mrs. Estello Ashworth waa restored to life, and today persisted
that for hours her soul traversed the
street* ot heaven. She complained
bitterly because sho had been brought
back to the land of the living.
"Why did you^rlng me bu-k?"sne
asked continually. "It was so glor
ious the.,*,"
Dr, Raines confirms the story of
the woman's remarkable recovery.
"For hours," he said, "Mra. Ashworth was, to all appearances dead.
Her fingernails were black, ear* discolored and body cold. On mere
chance I pried open the Jaw*, and
administered a stimulant to the respiration, and slowly tho woman
came back to Ufa and told me her
experience. She Insisted that shs
went to an orthodox heaven nnd met
many old frionds there who hod died
years ago. She was so happy, she
•aid, that she is disappointed at being brought back to life."
■     -■        »
TOKIO, Kay 28.-Offlcial and other attentions to Rear Admiral J.N.
Hemphll and the other officer* of
the American squadron mow in Japanese waters, continue. The blue
Jackets .when ashore, fraternise with
the Japs, there -being every evidence
of good fatlowahlp. Preparation* already an being mado to guarantee
that th* . reception of th* American
battleship fleet will he the greatest
demonstration of friendliness
attempted try Japan.
-f~    ♦        i   ,-
SALINA, Kan., Hay 28— A Coma-
do il' repor-tad to- hav* passed ten
mllea north bf Beloit, near her* surly today, One person I* said to
hav* bean killed, 11 seriously Injured and many Milldlng* demolished
Tho storm path- iwn* obO feet .wide,
causing a heavy property lo**, Details ar* lacking.
.    .-,.      a    .ll,,.,i 'tl
Trains Leave Ladysmith
, Daily at 9. a. m.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday
:    'At 9:00 and 1B;68.
For Victoria.
Train Arrive at ladysmith
Daily at 11:87,
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
At 11:67 and 17.65.
From Victoria.
District Passenger Agent.
102 Government St., Victoria
stripped with grout comfort and
satisfaction. The man who-once acquires the habit of a cold shower
and exercise in tho nudo soon comes
to en.'oy it, and to realize what a
barbarous thing it Is to have to
wear so many clothes. Ho secures
so much freedom of motion, and ho
feels such a delightful glow nil ovor
from tho combination of exorcise and
nudity. Tho feeling must bo experienced to bo appreciated. Most of
us do not realize that we have such
an organ as tho skin until we stimulate lt In this way, arousing It to
healthy action and drnwlng out a
littio perspiration through tho pores.
When this is wiped off and one proceeds to dress leisurely, so as not
to go to the tnblo too soon    after
ho exorcise, tho result Is most n-
gre-iible and benoflclal.—Ohns H.
Cochrane In Metropolitan Magazine.
——,,.     t
TACOMA, May 27.—Crowded with
strangers and dressed in her best
bib and tucker, Tacoma is eagerly n-
waltlng the arrival ot the battleship
fleet thl* afternoon. - By general con
sent as well aa by request of Mayor
Miller all business haa been praotl-
cally suspended In order to give the
people an opportunity to witness tho
arrival of the fleet. Twelve of tho
big sea fighters are dus to arrive,
though only a portion of this number will remain for ths three daya'
festivities. The others are under
orders to proceed direct to San Fran
Cisco, there , to await tha reassembling ot the entire fleet to begin the
trip across the Pacific.
The entertainment programme here
will ba eorrled out on an elaborate
seals.    The    Chamber of Commerce  mond-llke hsrdneis uniformiy. ]
with the' co-operation of the oltfof-   »hrou.hout tha Wade-iom;.   '
flelal. and     the   citizen, generally.   ».&^SB£J8
ha* completed the programme    and   In making all other rssora,
during the remainder of the week the     But test this rasor In your
officer, and bluejacket, will be kept   KiSb^JStSySS'-
busy If they take In half of the nu-  Give us your nama,-
merou* feature*    arranged in    their "   '   	
The arrival of th* fleet will be followed by the usual exchange ol cour '
teste* between the commanding oflV  . - 	
Z' lnilh° .c,:ty offl°"1"' ?^*^WiS«Ss:
th* ofneers will come ashore to  at- ths correct rasor petition for
tend dinners and publlc reception, at *havin|*verypartof«h*lsc*.
the leading clubs, while free vaudeville entertainment will bs provided SOLE AGENTS)
for the sailors,
Tomorrow tht entertainment programme will be taken up In earnest,
No Honing—
No Grinding
You know from dally experience, at heme or in the barber
•hop, that the question Is—
■'Why doesn't a razor hold
It. edge uniformly from heel
to head without honing and
grinding?" Whether it is a
safety, with the certain tax of
new blades, or the ordinary
open-bladed razor docs not
alter the question. Yeu want
the comfort snd satisfaction of
a clean, smooth shave every
morning with the confident
knowledge that your razor
will be ready for instant use
the next time needed.
The Carbo Magnetic razorls
the only rasor unoog/Ktipt*.
hKy guaranteed to do thl..
Thirty yeart of study on the
razor situation has perfected
a new secret proce.s of
potitlvcly merges every particle of carbon (the life of steel)
Into the metal—giving s dls,
or call and see the "Carbo
Magnstlc" rasor, and we will
stats bur proposition for testing theta razors' without
phKpePon en your perl le
fhtroham, together wllh our
Lady smith Hardware Co. MAJORITY'IS BBDUOBD.
Brussels, May 26.—The official return, ol bye-elections in a number
ot province, show tbat the government majority in the chamber has
been reduced from 12 to 8, but ln
the senate It  waa increased Irom 14
, to 18. The Socialists gained five
seats. No doubt Is expressed that
the government will be able to carry through the Congo programme,
lt is understood that concessions
will be mad* regarding the special
fund of ten million dollars allotted
by King Leopold    to execute works
1 In the Congo and the principle    of
ministerial, counter signature of  every    disbursement   trom the    lund
would be admitted.
KINGSTON, May 20,-Bobert Ven
Volkenbergh, about 68 years ol age,
of Mllkeeh county, waa Iound dead
on the roadside yesterday by neighbors, Ha had driven to the cheese
factory with milk and on the way
home it Is supposed he took a weak
spell.fell over tha whlflletree, and
was kicked on, the head by the
horses. He suffered Irom heart
Utlca, N.Y., May 26—The body ol
Dr. A. C. Davis of West Edemstoo
was found on a country road near
that village thl* morning. While
driving to his home last night Dr.
Davis was thrown from hls carriage
by the breaking of the harness and
waa probably Instantly killed by the
fall. Dr. Davis wo* a practising
physician, wa* pastor of the Seventh Day Baptist, church at West
Edemston and was also editor ol
three paper*.
KINGSTON, Ont., Kay 26.-In a
drunken frenzy Richard Mark., ol
Portsmouth, went to his home at an
early hour this morning and with a
razor attacked hi* wile, hacking /her
nask, ' head aad arms In a brutal
fashion. An infant waa also cut
by the Infuriated man. The woman's screams brought help. Marks
was arrested.aad tha woman and
child removed to tha hospital. Today Marka was committed to stand
trial. .
* ■   ■
MONTREAL, May aO.-Constable
Martin waa severely beaten by a
couple of Fetish imigranta last evening In tb* government employment
office and tustained saver* Injuries.
Martin had been summoned to quell
a disturbance and waa proceeding
to arrest the leader of the dlsturb-
anca when the letter's trlenda tackled' the constable. Hi* assailant*
were arrested.
Pottsvllie, Fa., May 20.— Seventeen children were Injured, several of
them fatally hut night, whan
score of boys sad girls climbed on
hoard a truck on a railway branch
and started down a heavy grade.
While going at atrlghtful .peed the
truck collided with a car and both
were almost completely demolished
 -4 r—'
KINGSTON. Ont., May 26.-Sam-
uel Morrison, an Orangeman of 7B
years' standing and a resident ol
Sheffield township for 05 ysars living on tha same form and In tb*
•am* log house all hi. day., I* .dead,
aged»6. He wa* regarded a* the
oldest Orangeman la the Dominion.
. * 4	
NEW YORK, May 20.-Displaylng
•van more masterly tactics than he
used In gaining a vaat fortune before tb* panic of hut fall, Charles
W. Morse, one* the "Ice king" and
controller ol a string of banks and
a coastwise steamship trust, I
plan, under way which promise to
recoup for blm th* wealth that dwindled away whan he waa eliminated
from tho banking situation here..
Ha alao is planning to pay every
debtor In full with Interest and to
bring about aueh complete rehabilitation la th* financial work that
with t-1. fortune restored be may ex
ert such Influence aa to make harm-
' lass tha criminal and civil prosecution* that have been started against
With tbs Incorporation ol tha
Mora* Sacurltte* Company In Maine
laat Saturday the lint formal step*
were taken by Morse. Th* purchase
of th* securities of th* Mora* bank*
1* on* of the purposes.of Incorporation. The company ha* a capital
ol tan million dollar*.
Nanaimo, May 27th.
Sam Shaw, a well known resident
ol Gabrlola Island, one ot the pioneers of this district, was found dead
thl. morning on th* trail leading
trom the beach to hi. horn* on th*
Island. The Provincial Folic*, In
company with undertaker Hilbert nit
for Gabrlola Island thl. afternoon at
4 o'clock to bring the body to town
where an inquett will be bald 11 II
Is thought necessary.
The deceased who waa wall advanced ln year*, had boen ln town
Saturday, He had evidently died
on tbe samo day as he had hot bean
seen since then until Iound thl*
There are no suspicion, of foul
play at   present   writing.
-: . - WAS ELECTED ?
NEW YORK, May 2i,-A net gain
ot thirteen votes for Wm. R. Hearst
was shown in an official count of the {
ballots in the first box opened In
the supreme court today in the pror
ceedlngs brought by Attorney General Jackson for a recount of all ballots cast in the Mayoralty election
of 1905. There were 1040 ballot
boxes used ln the election and it is
likely that all of them will be opened- and the ballots recounted.
 1 »	
New York, May 27.—Thore will be
an auto race for the Vanderbilt cup
aomowhere In the vicinity of New
York this year. Ths date and location of the race have yet to be
New York, May 26.-T.he Clyde
liner Seminole which went ashore
near Long    Island Beach Thursday,
wa* floated early today.
Toklo, May 27.-Th> third anniversary of ths battle ot the Sea of
Japan, in which the Russian squadron wa. all but annihilated by the
Japanese battleship, and cruisers,
was generally observed as a public
fete day throughout the empire today. Millitary reviews and brilliant
festivities were held ln the capital
and other chief citlea.
WASHINGTON, D.C., May 27.-Lc-
vl Hanford died at his home hero
today, aged 86 years. Mr. Hanford was ono of the California forty-niners, and was for a quarter of
a century connected with the government departments here, a life-long
friend of O. P. Huntington, the railroad magnate. Chas. B. Hanford,
the actor, and Henry Hanford, of
thi* elty, are eons of the deceased.
»  .
QUEBEC, .May 27. — Application
was made yosterdoy by the owners
ol the steamer Trqld, against the
owners of tho steamer Ottawa, for
185,000 damages incurred In tho re-
cont collision between these two vessel* in the lower St. Lawrence a
few days ago. This is a counter action, as the owners of the Ottawa
instituted action against tho owners
of the Trold some days ago.
. Lady Van, writing in tho Saturday
Sunset, of Vancouvor, has the following to say of Nanaimo :        ,
"Nanaimo is n quaint littio town
which sits on the side ot a- hill,
spreads Its skirts vory wldo and demurely accepts the attentuins of tho
lovely harbor which is its next door
neighbor—thoir sea and land fences
meet. Its houses sit on the hill slant
and dig in their heels to keep steady
and the streets amble unsteadily up
and down the easiest places: but it
is tho front' street which out-does
the others. It wiggles this way and
thnt like a long worm, while stores
and houses follow, contontedly in its
wake. The crookedness of this street
is mildly exciting; a stranger never
quite knows whether it Is his shadow or not that has just dodged
around the corner ahead.
"The search, for blnck diamonds is
only carried on hero four days a
week Just now, and of course I had
to discover that fact to lato lor one
day, and find that a visit 'deep down'
was an Impossibility for the next-
some peoplo aro built that way—always a little behind hnnd.
Nanaimo ls, I understand, famous
for Its scenery, roses, poultry, dogs
and football team; with such a list
of specialties added to its natural
attractions, it Is a delightful place
in which to spend a week-end or
longer. To nature and talcs ot the
Coast lovors, lt Is a nover-ending delight. I hope to visit hore again
somo day; being on a "scurry" trip
this time I had to miss much, but
next time I'll bring a large notebook and—stay."
Waa Shovelling Coal and Fell From
Back of Engine Fender—Both
Legs and One Arm cut oil.
(Special to the Free Pre*..)
REVELSTOKE, Day 27.-Jo»opii
Abbott, railway fireman, while making tha run from Kamloops yesterday, and ln the act ol shovelling
coal Irom th* bank of the engine tender, slipped and fell between tho
oar* near Cragellnchlo. A brake-
man hearing his cry, pulled the bell
cord, but before the train stopped,
six car. had pnswd over ht. legs
and arm. He expired shortly jficr
arrival at the hospital.
♦ '	
WACBTTKA, Ka*„ May 2* •■■ IV
ter Ruddy, hia wife and two children wer. killed by a tora.tdo which
paned two mil*, cast of Alvu, Oklahoma, early today. Several person* ware injured. A. nunxr of
farm houss. ware destroyed or dam
aged. Details ar* locking owlrg to
telegraph wire* being down.
Wichita, Kas„ May 27.—Three person* ware killed and one child I*
missing at Ingorsoll, Okie., a. the
result of a tornado, that struck that
town last night, much damage waa
dona to property..
TORONTO.Ont., Mny 27,- Mr. W.
Wright, of Blenheim, was arownod at
Blscotte today.
LAKBFIBLD, Ont., May 27.- W.
Keshan, 24 year, old, ol Toronto,
while .topping from log. to a pier,
mlssad hi* footing and fell Into the
water and wa* drowned.
-   . - ESE.   ' :,T»
NEW YORK, May 27.-Under orders from Immigration Commissioner Sergeant, agents ol, the investigation commission report that 12
Chinamen who were smuggled Into
this country over the Mexican border nailed tightly in boxes ...and
shipped from El Paso, Tex., to New
York, were dead when they reached
this city.
Rumors concerning the death of
the Chinese were circulated in El
Paso where Fing wing, the interpreter of tho immigration inspector
heard a story that a telegram had
been received there Irom a New
York Chinaman stating that twelve
boxes containing the Chinese had
been received, but that the men were
When thts information reached
Conun ssionor Sergeant he put Chas
L. Babcock, a secret service officer
and Harry R. Sisson, the inspector
in charge ol the Chinese department
of the bureau of immigration in New
York, at work 0n the case, although
tho commissioner said he did not regard the story seriously. Wong Lee
Luoi, a Chinese merchant of this
city, said that he had telegraphed
to Quang Don Yuen at El Paso concerning some Chinese ln transit but
had received no reply.
OTTAWA, May 27,-After the rejection of Foster's motion calling tor
reform of civil service, tbe house
went into committee of supply, customs estimate* taken up but no
progress mads up to four o'clock,
when Fielding moved adjournment,
and the house adjourned at 4,25 a.
m. >
After the vote waa taken at one
o'clock, the majority of both sides
of the house went home and those
who remained were little more than
enough to maintain' a quorum, half
of these were asleep and lor nearly
an hour and a half the member for
Queen's, P.E.I., had the floor by
reading comments, long parliamentary returns, which he contended had
a bearing on the customs vote.
When Foster asked the minister ol
Finance what business would be takon up this afternoon, the latter retorted "Estimates,"-and Mr. Foster
thereupon gave notice of hia Intention to bring up a question In regard to cold storage when the government motion lor committee ol
supply was made.
This means that the house is not
likely to get into supply today bo
cause the setting closes automatical
ly at 6 o'clock.
The Opposition declines to consent
to the passage of another cent of es
timatcs unless the government consents to withdraw all of tho objectionable clauses In the Election bill,
while the government contends that
the Election bill and Civil Service
salaries havo no connection with ono
another and are prepared to fight
the matter out on that view, it this
course was .pursued.
Seneca Falls, N.Y., May 27.— The
sixtieth anniversary ol the flrst woman's right, convention, which met
here in 1848, waa observed here today with an interesting programme
of exercises. Among the speakers
war* the children or grandchildren
of Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lu-
cretia Mott, and other pioneers ol
th* woman'* suffrage movement. A
feature of the celebration was tho
unveiling ol a bronz* tablet placed
in the old Wealsyan church, where
the flrst convention was held..
Th* anniversary convention 1. to
b* followed by a trolley cor expedition In the Interest ol the -ballot tor
women. This unique feature ha*
been arranged by Mrs. Harriet Stanton Blatch, daughter nf the late Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and will bs
participated In by a number of the
leaders of th* movement.' Tho party will start tomorrow and will
work IU way down to New York,
stopping at many town, along the
way to hold open air meetings.
PHILADELPHIA, May 26.- Anthracite miners numbering 140,000
nun or* to be given employment,
and not a day will be lost to thom
if the rapidly maturing plans ol the
operators ar* carried out. Tho
three year wage agreement under
which the minora are working expire* on April 1, 1900. It Is the
desire ol the operators to store before that time not less than ten
million tons ol various sites of
hard coal In anticipation of any prolonged disagreement over the term,
of th. next wage settlement.
Cgbdonla, Ont., May 28.—In a
apeelnl matched race laat Saturday,
botweon Tom Longboat and Sam
McB., a fa.t local trotting horn,
the former woa handily. The dlstanco waa ten miles, Irom Ilagers-
vllle to Caledonia. The Indian did
the remarkably fart time of 54.80.
a large crowd witnessed ths start,
nnd all along the route people were
thronging to witness th* contest. At
th* finish, In Caledonia, on Immense
crowd witnessed ths race, Longboat
finished a good half mile ahead ol
th* horn, and running Ilk* a deer.
The redskin gained almost a quarter ol a mile In tha flrat two mile*
•ad, Increased hi* hud to hall a
mil* at the finish.
'l.-i.i   ... •' " ' lv
on the floor.
The revelations    at the trial   now
In -progress have been of a most a-
mazlng character.      It has develop-
'ed that Fruit J.ewandowski, in whose
ISLAND MEDAL/S. company    the hutfband "surprised,"
Tho gold medals that the Nanaimo shot and killed the lieutenant, maln-
Unitod football team won when they tained a   .-unlver(ml ^^ o( love-
secured the championship of Vnncou-    . ,
ver Island at Oak Bay, April 15th, whore y°un* K»«'Ib,   military officers,
for the soason 1907-08, have arriv- a-o married men and women of all
ed and are on exhibition at    Spen- stations in life became ensnared and
cor's store.    They aro beauties with-„ntangled Unti. the «hi h prieBtess"
out a doubt, being among the best,1        „,„,,.«,. *« ,,„„i™ n    ***   u 11
if not   the bOBt that a B. C. foot- wns enabled to M«*™»» and  hold
ball team has been the recipient of., them in tyrannical bondage.
Theso valued trophies are   round
shape with buckle attachment.     In-  __
scribed on the face is "V.I.F.A., sea-  . "','.' ^'f\.
son 1907-08 -Championship," and on dowskl herBolf
the back are the   words   "Nanaimo
There are in all 18 medals, eleven
of which were presented by the Vancouver Island Association, and the
remaining seven being subscribed for
by the Nanaimo United Club.
Perhaps never before in the history
of Provincial football has there been
such a desperate, stubborn struggle
for any trophy as has occurred during the season just ended, for these
same medals and that the local
boys will prize them among their
most cherished possessions goeB with
out saying. Thus tho Free Press,
Tho medals are tho best that have
ever been presented to a B. (J. team
for this particular championship and
thoy deserved to be. They com-
memornte a notable season and
strenuous competition, and may bo
justly cherished by their owners.
Long may ' the boys livo to wear
.President and Managing Director.
OEO, 0   PICK ARD. 3
Si'i fflnr.v-Trcitsurer,     ^
The testimony of tho French maid,
Mile. Supply, and of Frau Lewan-
showed conclusively
that her husband was fully cognizant of his wife's manner of life and
of the source of her large Income.
% Rfir
Canadian Bank I
of Commerce
[Established 1867]
Paid up Capital.. .$10,099,600
W« $5,000.(100
Two Championships,
Two interesting events are pending
in the world of wrestling and boxing. Dr. Roller, the Seattle physician has gone through all the men
who stand between him and the
champion of the catch-as-catch-can
style of wrestling. Now he is to
meet the Gotch, the conqueror of
Hackenschmidt, and the hero of
many a fierce mat encounter. The
match will take place in Seattle or
July lst, and should produce a furious contest.
Cans and Nelson.
The second event concerns tho light
weight championship of the world.
Cans and Nelson are matched to
moot on the Fourth of July in o
finish fight. Nelson is the only boxer who has glvon Gans any trouble
of late years. But since that fight
at Colma Nelson has never been
soon to tho samo advantage, 'while
Gans has shown himself a greater
master than over. The Dane is,
however, as confident as over, and,
in all his career he has never once
been knocked out. It wll1. at loast
be some satisfaction to have the
question of supremacy definitely sot-
W.    L.
Tacoma 18    12
Aberdeen   15    18
Spoknno   If)    13
Seifttlo  i 15    14
Vancouver   10    17
The Cincinnati team holds tho distinction of having knocked Christy
Mathewson of tho Giants out of the
box twico within lour daya.
Each ot the big league teams    in
Chicago Is minus a  .300 hitter    a-
itiong the regular*.
Thousoads of fans aro closely
watching the St. Louis Americans
thl* season. The Browns certainly
ore a big improvement over laat
Score* of flrst-clas* pitchers in
both the National and American
leagues haya been "bumped sumthin
lierec" mora than once this season.
Th* Boston team has been quits a
surprise over the National league
circuit. Manager Joe Kolley has
the boys working at top speed.
BERLIN*, Hay 27.—Scandals ol an
amazing- character have been re-
v**led ln Berlin by the trial of
Hon- Lewnndowski, a forestry officer, for the manslaughter last autumn of Lieutenant Von Schmidt-
Phieseldeck, of tho Fifth Regiment
of Guards.
On Sept. 29 last Lieutenant Von
Schmidt died ot a private hospital
in this city from the effects, as ho
himself stated, of an accident with
his revolver. An operation was per
formed, but In vain, and the officer
died on ths day he entered the
hospital. Three months later the
police were Informed by a young
woman, Mile. Supply, that Hen-
Van Schmidt had not bam killed by
accident, but hod been shot by a
certain Herr Lewnndowski, with
whon wife deceased had been on Intimate terms. ,
An inquiry was opened, and Herr
Lewnndowski, when arrested, confessed to being the cause of Herr
Von Schmidt's death. It seemed
that Lewandowski occupied a position as head forester on a private
estate In tho country. His wife
used to visit him every week', at
other times remaining In Berlin,
whoro she occupied an elegant flat
One morning early Herr Lewan.
doskl, according to his own atory,
arrived suddenly' from ths country,
and Mile. Supply opened th* door
for hlm. He Immediately went to
| hla wifo's bedroom door, which he
found locked. On knocking he
heard whlsi-crlng within, and despite hla repeated demands the door
remained closed, Thereupon, m a
jilt of passion, he drew a revolver
and fired through tho door, aad having at length gained access to the
I room found Lt, Von Schmidt dying
..te.-4-.uiiii.jAi....-_a.-j.\- i	
Savings Bank Deposits of $1
and upwards received, and
interest allowed at current rates.
M. de GEX Manager.
judicator shall receive a premium of
$700, and the one placed second, a
premium of $500.
The Government is not bound to
erect tho building from uny of the
designs submitted.
If tho design awarded first pltieo Is
accepted, tho premium referred to
above shall be included in tlie professional foo paid to the architect.
, Printed conditions governing the
competition can bo obtained by bona BEST ACCOMODATION
fldo competitors upon application to
the undersigned.
Public Works Engineer.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 7th Mny, 1908. td.
From prlzo winning Stock. Barred
Rocks, Black Langshans, Black Mis
orcas, Buff, White, and Brown Leg
horns, Blue Andaiusians and Blaci
Orpingtons, Buff and White Cochin
Bantams, and Golden Senbrlghts.
Eggs $2.00 per 18; others at $1
por 18.
Mount View Poultry Yards
Five-Acre Lots, Nanaimo. B.C
Notice of Examinations.
NOTICE is hereby given that examinations   will   bo held for lst, 2nd,
and 3rd   Class   Certificates of Competency   under the provisions of the
Coal   Mines Regulation Act,"    at
Nanaimo, Fernie and Cumberland, on
the 16th,    17th and   18th days    of
June,    1908,   and for 2nd and 3rd
Class Certificates ol Competency, at
Coutlee, on the 10th and 17th days
of June, 1908, ' commencing at nine
o'clock In the lorenoon.
The Subjects will be as follows:—
First Class Candidates-
Mining Act and Special Rules.
Mine Gases.
General Work.
Mine Machinery.
Second Class Candidates-
Mining Act and Special Rules..
Mine Goaos.
General Work.
Third Class Candidates-
Mining Act and Special Rules
Mine Gases and General Work.
Application must bo made   to  tha
undersigned   not -later than Friday,
June 5th, 1008, accompaniod by the
statutory foo, as follows :—
By an applicant   for   First    Class
Examination $10.00
By an applicant   lor Socond Class
Examination $10.00
By   an applicant for   Third   Class
Examination   $5.00
The applications must be accompanied by testimonials and ovidonco
stating that :—
(a). If a candidate for First Clnss
that he is a British subject and has
had at loast flvo years' cxporionco in
or about tho practical working of n
coal mine, nnd Is at least twenty-
five yoars of age :
(b). If a candidate for Second
Gloss, that he has had at least five
yoars' experience in or about tho
practical working of a coal mino.
(c). If a candidate for Third Class
that he has had at loast thrco years'
experience in or about tho practical
working of a coal mino :
(d). A candidate lor a Certificate
of Competency aa Manager, Overman
Shiftboss, Flroboss or Shotllghtor,
shall produce a certificate from a
duly qualified modical practltlonor
showing that ho has takon a courso
In ambulance work fitting him, tho
said candidate, to givo flrst aid to
persons injured in coal mining op
By order ol tho Board.
Nanaimo,B.C.,April 4th, 1908.
Regulations for the Docking or
Mooring of All Vessels Arriving at
British Columbia Forts from Plague-Infected Ports.
(Approved by Order of His Honour
the   Administrator-in-Council,   dated
8th April, 1908).
1. All vessels arriving at British
Columbia ports from ports infected
or suspected of being infected with
Bubonic Plague shall conform to the
following regulations:—
(a.) Vessels shall bo moored or
docked at a distance not less than
six feet from wharf or land:
(b.) Ropes or chains connecting
a vessel with wharf or land shall
be protected by funnels of size and
shape satisfactory to Local and
Provincial Boards of Health:
(c.) All gangways shall be lifted
when not in uso, Gangways when
in use shall be guarded against the
exit of rats by a person specially
detailed for this purpose:
(d.) All vessels changing route
to solely British Columbia ports
shall give satisfactory evidence of
disinfection and extermination of
vermin to Provincial Board of
2. Every owner, agent, or captain
of any vessel, and every other person violating or instructing, authorising, ordering, permitting, or otherwise suffering any person to violate
any ot the foregoing regulations
shall be liable, upon summary conviction betore any two Justices ol
the Peace, for every  such oilenco to
fine not exceeding ono hundred
dollars, with or without costs, or to
imprisonment, with or without hnrd
labour, for a term not exceeding six
months, or to both One and imprisonment in the discretion of tho convicting magistrates.
Dated at Victoria, 9th April,. 1908.
(By Command).
Provincial Secretary.
Charles J. Fagan, M.D.,
Secretary Provincial Board of Health.
■le Jones Hotel
Gatacie Street
P.O. Box 54 -phon. 44
Dealer in All Kind* ol
Meats and vegetables
•teats Delivered free of charge on ths
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
Ladysmith, B. 0.
end Pas ry
. Fuol for Public Buildings.
Whole or separate soalod tenders
will bo received by the Hon. tho
Chief Commissioner up to ond including Monday, tho first day ol
June next, for supplying and delivering best lump and washed nut coal
required at tho Provincial Government Buildings at Victoria, Vancouver and Now Westminster, B.C., as |
enumerated hereunder, during tho
year ending 80th Juno, 1909, to be
delivered in such quantities and at
such times as may bo directed during the poriod above stated.
Tho approximate annual consumption of coal at each   of tho   bulld-
irgs named is as follows:
Best lump conl—
Parliament    Buildings,     Victoria,
280 tons.
Government House, Victoria,    110
Court Houso, Victoria, 00 tons.
Jail, Victoria, 100 tons.
Court Houso, Vancouvor, 88 tons.
Court Houso, Now Westminster, 70
Provincial   Hospital    for   Insane,
New Wostminstor, 00 tons.
Jail, New Wostminster, 40 tons.
Washed nut caal—,'
Provincial Hospital for Insane,
i    New Westminster, 1,200 tons.
The sboVe.montionod quantities aro
not guaranteed; tho quantity actual
ly required may be undor or nbovo
the figures stated.
While tenders shall be accompanied
by a cheque ih tho sum of $800,
and separate tenders by a cheque in
tho sum ol $100 on a chartered bank
ol Cnnadn, nindo payable to the Hon.
the Chief Commissioner, which will
ba torfelted If tho pnrty tonderlng decline or neglect to outer Into tho
contract when called upon to do so.
The chequos of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned upon tho execution ot tho contract.
The Department Is not bound to
accept the lowest or nny tonder.
Tenders must bo signed by tho actual signature of tho tenderers.
Publlc Works Engineer.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., Uth Mny, 1908.
Always Fresh on Hand.
Woddlng and Pnrty  Cakes Madi   to
Fruits and Candies oi AU Kinds
Prices are    very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
On the Esplanade.
Ladysmith,  B.  C.
♦*»«,-»».»»•>••«.*•>•>»»■•••'* *•*♦
\     R. WRIGHT
rull Stock of Miners' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kinds o." Blacksmlthtng
Dons at Short Notice.
Notice to Architects.—Competitive
The Government ol British Columbia invite the Architects ot British
Columbia to submit competitive designs ol a Public Hospital for the
Insane, which lt Is proposed to erect
at Coquitlam, situated noar New
Wostminster, B.C.
The designs, accompanied by specifications, reports and estimates ol
cost, and superscribed, "Design, Public Hospital lor the Insane" and addressed to the Hon, the Ohio! Commissioner of Lands and Works, will
bs received up to noon of Tuesday,
the 80th June, 1908,
The designs, specifications, reports
and estimates of cost ahall have no
distinguishing mark or motto, the
author's name being enclosed in a Tho attention ol the Lands and
blank envelope securely attached to I Works Department having been dirts* design submitted. looted to tho fact that town lots In
The design shall be adjudicated up. I a townsite named Princo Rupert..
on by an Architect practising out-|being a subdivision of Lot 012,
aide the Province, to be selocted by Range li, Const District, situated in
the Government, after tho 80th June the mainland botweon tho mouth nf
1908. the Bkoona River and Kalon Island,
The Best Butcher Shop
in Town is
Roberts St. Butcher
lit* design placed flrat by the Ad- are   being   offered
for sale,
1 I
It has
i  1 Iii
boon deemed necessary to warn the
public that the said townslto is not
situated at the terminus of tho
Grand Trunk Pncific Railway, and Is
not tho townslto whloh is owned
Jointly by the Government 0f British Columbia and tho Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway Company.   .
Chlof  Commissioner   of Lands  and
Lands and Works Department,
I   Victoria, B.C., May 1st, 1908. Im m-tmmmmi^9*iWmm,
1. Ludies' Oxford, Tenuis, and Yachting Shoes, in White only,
por pair   ,,'. $1.25
2. Ladies' White Canvas Oxfords, per pair   $1.50
3. Little Gents' Oil Tan Bals, sizes 8 to 10    $1.40
4. Men's Pit Hoots. See our Special at S2.25 por pair. Irving's.
Pit Shoes, §2.95 per pair..   Leckie's Special, per pair ?8.50
5. Our Stuck of Slater Shoos is larger than ever and comprises some of tho very nowost shapes, made on right up-to-date
lasts.     Sure to givo you satisfaction.
We curry the largest Stock of Shoes in Town, including a magnificent range uf nil kinds of Children's Fancy Shoos.
Mayor Nicholson went down to
Victoria yesterday morning on business connected with the city. I
The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson'
returned home yesterday morning,
I —4—
Mr. J, Portrey returned home yesterday from a visit to Nanaimo.
Mr. McNeill came down from Comox on Thursday on a short visit.
Mrs. Moore returned home Thursday after spending a few days in
Miss B. Uren come down from Nanaimo on Thursday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Hawes went up to
Nanaimo on Wednesday.
Mr. J. Conlin left on Thursday
morning lor Seattle.
Miss B. Bland was a passenger to
Victoria this morning,
Mrs. D. Davis boarded the Victoria train this morning.
Miss Bain, of Vancouver, is visiting Mrs. J. W. Watson,
Mrs. D. CLewis, of Victoria, paid a
visit to her Ladysmith friends yesterday.
well as tho small pool tables,
run soft drinks and cigars.
I   Ladies' Day at Parrott's   bowling
Mr. A. J. Knight   has    a fifteen alloy   has     now become a   feature.
feet rowbout for sale with cushions  Miss Dunne was the successful bow-
and carpets nil complete.   Full part- j^ °" Wednesday, scoring 24.   Miss
^     u ,        ,,.       ' ...  Smith coming second with 14.    The
iculars cuu be got by culling at the ludies oach - rocoivod    .     handsome
store. j book as a reward for their prowess.
An accident occurred on the smol-'   The laundry business which Messrs.
ter wharf on Thursday by which a ^ * Adam have hitherto handled hns   beon   transferred to R.   W.
Thursday  b.
.,     . ... j    n.t     . *-u nus    oeo"    tranHierreu to ff.    Yf.
Jup wos instantly killed,  lhe Amur Moor0| proprietor of tho,O.K. Lunch
dischnrged some ore at the wharf on Counter.       "
Monday nnd this oro wus Iwing haul-  to kind!;
ed up tho trestle rilope to tho bunk-' f "•
ers.   ln lowering a trip, one of the '. Mr:.?: Johnson is all ready for the
big billiard tournament.    Dave  got
cars Jumped the truck at siding on ^0 "flh*ercues'%hTch he'lB put'ting°up
tho wharf, and caught tho Jap, for competition. Every player will
breaking his neck. Tho funeral bo handicapped on his form, nnd tho
.'■ t. „, ,„ n-u„™Hn,. v01*y poorest player will, have a bet-
took place on Thursday. , tor show than the vory bost. Pro-
* per handicappers will bo appointed,
well known resident and   an efficient umpire    Only    25
ono of the pio-l""?'8 f-™ cbat«f '»r e"t1r?"ce'   and
a 'tms ttiS0 Pay8 for tfte table.   Names
wns found dead may be entored on tho sheot pfovl(i.
Sam Shaw
of (.'-nbi-iola. Island,
neers of tho district,      .
IVodnewlay on the trail loading from
tbo bench to his home on the Island.
The iloceusod who wns well advanced
In',years, liuil bcon in Nnnalmo on
Saturday. He hud evidently died
on' the same dny as ho hnd not 'icon
noon . since then until found lying
dead.—Free Press.
ed in tho parlor for that purpose
The sooner tho names are in the
soonor tho tournament will begin.
The shooting at the traps on Thurs
day evening was hardly up to the
usual stundard. Messrs. J. Wargo
and T. White tied for first placo
with 20 each to their credit, George
Hepple cuming next with IB, and
then HTWright with 17.
Nanaimo, In addition to two theatres and     a hurly-burly slide, has j   The bowling game continues to  Im TWENTY PEOPLE ARE INJURED
now a  roller     skating rink   among na popular as ever.    The prize winner list of nmusements. |"°™ dur,ng, "" "Tk ,have "T   ,°
, I-Peterson, W. Scobie, J. Pausche, W
~~^ (Ralston    and O, Hepple.
BALTIMORE. Kay    S9.-A report
.       to th* Baltimore a. Ohio general of
_m__ ! 1UU3I.UI1      nun  u.  xfvppie.    I nuscno 9  ,i_-_  l i -
A big seizure of cigars wos   made 8<*°re of 77 at flvo pine Is more than OCB" Den <*0B<»rning an accident   at
Wednesday     on thc    Str. Lonsdale, I respectable..     Messrs.    Dupont  and Garrett,    saya thaii the observation
, ,      , .,,.,, Tens* yvho t.od last Saturday, have oar attached to tne mar of train No
now lying In port, by tho locnl cus-;sti„ t() play 0„ ,or tholr.^lo     Noxt 6—    ~-
toms     house    olllcoi-s.       Tho cigars | week a dollar   prlzo will again
toms     house    officers.       Tho cigars week a dollar   prlzo will again    bo „ ■"     ,
were    nn   lionnl      tho    ship   being'given awny ouch day to the highost preM- eM™ound- ''
i.,„ f.. i..„... ,t.._i i.t-... _    scorer. turned over    at a
brought from Mexico without a man
ifosto, and were thus liable to seizure.—Freo Press.
A number of peo-ile wont up to
Nanaimo on Wednesday to attend
tho funerul ot tho Into Mrs. Haggart.
The   funeral of A. ThurBton,   who
yvaB killed  „„ „„„.
mainus.   took   pi„co on Wednesday, now anchored above Ohartaiton, She subdued
and wns attended by n  number   of.
local Masons.
SEATTLE,    May     30.—At Puget
Sound    navy yard*   tha yellow flag
float,   from the mast of the battle-     _,__„   „^Alala!rl.KM   t
ship Kentucky aa a result oi a case 29.-A number of   convicts
ol small pox having developed
the disease and several other, show yes^aV.    8,S oTbo?h
in tho saw mill at Che- symptoms of lt.       The Kentucky 1*
Thoro will be a change in the Bowling Alley this next week. Mr. Bco-
vor has gono in with Mr. Parrott,
and will move Ills pool tables out
of tho Williams' Block Into tho now
room at tho Alley. He is going to
put in nn English billiard table os
Just Arrived—Thc vory Latest
Novelties In Neckwear. I-rices
Hinging from Me to .SI.mi.
Men's Fancy Summer Vests ln
White, Figured, and Fancy Col
orod, from $1.00 to I3.no.
Shirts, ln Negligee, with or
without Collar, In Faun, Fnncy
Colored, nnd Whilo Figured; lar-
gost assortment of rnltcrns in
For 'Star' Brand Shirts In Shoes
William's Block
will be fumigated thoroughly
Should the disease become
domic among the crew, It may interfere with tha battleship rejoining tha
fleet at San Francisco next month,
to complete the cruise around tbs
world. The Kentucky came around
the Horn recently under Admiral
Evans. It is believed that tb* disease was contracted at Ssa Francisco, oa the strlckea sailor has -sot
been on* the ship sines leaving that
I'hiUlplne Commission Regret*    th*
Jury System.—Money Appropriated for Progressiva Work.
$ 4221
B»»»a,<.%%%%>>>< a>%< em**-
Mr. J. M. Morgan, of Victoria was
In town today.
Mr. H. Marboouf, of Victoria went
up to Nanaimo yesterday atter
spending a day in town.
Messrs. J. McGregor and F. Clay
left today for Prince Rupert. Messrs
T. McMillan, S. Farquhar and G.
Muir are leaving tomorrow for the
♦    '
Calgary, May 29.—Policeman G.-
Hardv did some good detective work
yesterday. A Savllle merchant of
Eighth avenuo complained to the police station that on Wednesday a
man came Into his store and purchased goods to ths extent of S7.60
In payment for which he gave a
check for $15 and received $7.80 In
change. The check was on the Northern bank and was made out to
R» Smith and hore the signature of
John Scott. It was endorsed by
On tho description given Mr. Hardy atnrted out and early In the afternoon found a man In one of the
hotel rooms answering the description who has been Identified as tbe
■ -4—    .    ...
the Chicago and New York
press, eastbound, left the rails
curve two miles
west of    Garrett.    Twenty persons
were Injured, three seriously.
— -*9-~JA number of   convicts   ol    the
fu* uaviug uevefotaAf    on New Westminster penitentiary,   who
One sailor ia confined with ?ere. w<""kinll out of doors,   had   a
hand to hand light with the guards
yesterday.    Several on both    aides
were injured before tbe convicts were
Operator on the Chicago Exchange,
Hakes Two Million Dollars
Gambling ln Corn.
CHICAGO, 111., May 29. — Before
noon, May wheat reacted to fl.10).
Hay corn to 82 cents, and May oata
to 68. Later, May wheat advanced
to $1.11, snd May corn to 824
Wheat held steady, but May com
dropped heavily in trading, going
down to 80t cents, where tt closed, despite the effort* which wer*
made today to fill the local elevators with corn and oats, lt being
estimated that more than one mil'
lion bushels would be placed in them
before 1  p.m.
Although too early to get definite
figures   It is    generally   considered
„,.„.,   „     „„   , _    . 'hBt James M. Patton and hls    lol-
manila, May 29.—Tha Philllplne lowers have cleaned up at least $2,-
commlsslon has    rejected th* assem- °<XMX>0 through their manipulation
,bly bill creating a  Jury *y.te„. Th. && Tito Sttrt'tS
messure     provided   for    provincial ing that he had no Idea how  much
boards to appoint 25 permanent Jur- money he made.
or* ln each province to serve on all
Jury cases. The commission'held
that the plan waa not an Ideal one
and would inevitably lead to abuse*.
It was believed thot the appointment
of Jurors would become a factor In
WASHINGTON, May 29.- While
so formal announcement ha* been
mad*, lt may be Mated definitely
that Representative Theodora Bur
of Ohio, will present th* name
The commission has passed the pub- TJLT*' ™ ,""""A *ZWmi
lie work,    bill appropriating    thre. *££?                  ">. Chicago
million posoes.       one half of    thl. "aT?0"'
sun.    gee, for the conduction    of J^T °7°D "**«"«»»•   *°
roads under the plan to create  sad _t_TitTJ.,T".J?" "tt,d
maintain    a permawnt Wtam    of **£ 7"*" **"->'    •»
i.i,.i.  .t__     .      _ .. wouW     leave   Washington tomorrow
hlghwnys through the islands.   Half
leave Washington tomorrow
morning for hi* horns,
million will be expended in start-
In* a system of    Irrigation  works,
while with the balance provision   Is
mado to start the construction ol a Thirty People Thrown into Basement
capital building at Manila, improve      but Luckily No One Is Injured
the herbors at Iio Iio and bulk)   a 8*rtouily,
customs house at 0*bu. |   0HHJAOO,III„ May 29.-JThe com,
„__ • ented vestibule floor of the Lutber-
NEW YORK, May 29.-Mlsi Gaor- ian .Church of Our Lady of the VII-
glano Bishop, of Bridgeport, retains na, gave way hist night ss a large
the women's golf championship of congregation waa leaving, and 80
the Metropolitan district. She de- persons ware thrown Into the basa-
lentod Miss L. W. Callan, of Orange, ment and a panic resulted. Hon*,
N.J., In th* final, today by 8 up, however, suffered wore* injuria* than
and S to play. jcut* and bruises.
The Empress Shoe is
built over especially
designed Oxford Lasts, and
will not chafe the heel or
gape at the sides, and they
are made with a lining
piece inserted, which prevents slipping at the heel.
A lni'go assortment of Ladies' *'
Whito   Canvas   Oxfords,   from
! '  $1.50 up.
Ladies' and   Children's   Parasols    aro to bo   found horo   in
] ! largo quantities in prices rang- J ',
', , ing from 15c. up. 1
Ladies' Merry Widow Ties, J ',
\ [ Veils, and Back Combs, somo- ,,
, | thing very new, from 35c. up. f ►
TO LET.—Mr. H. Pollard, ot Second Avenue, has a front furnished
bedroom to let. m20-3t
I Takes a
\ dt %_• dm
j)       ............_...—.. :  *
sensational reports published In certain London paper* regarding the
possibility of a rupture of diplomatic relations between Russia and Persia are discredited at the foreign office and tha Persian legation bare.
At both place* the official view 1*
optimistic regarding the ability of
order In the border provinces wlth-
the Shah's government to restore
ln the time limit of tbe Russian ultimatum presented by Gen, Sharakl.
the Russian commander In the field.
Thla limit expire* June 10.
      4 '■—
Husband Intends to Keep Faith   by
Taking His    Helpmate's Body
With him on His Trip.
CHICAGO, 111., May 29. — "When
we make $80,000, wife" said Frederick Alexander, thirty years ago, "we
will knock ofl work and take life
Ten days ago an appraisement ol
the value ol hiB property footed the
aum ol $80,000, and preparations
were made to take the long vacation
for which both of them had planned
and worked tor a generation.
But, last Monday, tho good wife
died aftor a short illness and the
sorrowing husband became inconsolable. -Alter the recovery from the
first shock, he mado arrangements to
have tho wife's body prepared for
burial in tbe most elaborate ot caskets, and, true to his vow, determined to .make the long trip and to
take the remains ol his wife with
"I know sho will not be able to
speak about the trip," said tho husband, "but she will bo with me in
spirit and she will know that I have
kept my promlso and have been true
to her and tho pledgo wo made
when we were poor."
*        ■     ■
Religious    Organisation, Called  Divine Science Votaries, is Start-
ad In N*w York Olty.
NEW YORK, May 28.-"Doctor"
Thomas L. Betelro, who tried to establish a religious organisation call
ed "The Divine Science Votaries" In
San Francisco, but waa lntertupted
by the earthquake, launched bis cult
here today with great flourish.
Betelro demands that thoso who
wish to flnd salvation under hi*
guidance must live up" to this schedulo:
Take at least one bath dally.
Eat little or no meat!
Breathe properly.
Meditate on subjects to be prescribed.
He claim* that he haa discovered
ths stent ot physical, aplrltual aad
mental success and la attracting attention from the thousand* In thl*
city who quickly flock to any ntw!
Madison, wis., May 29.—Th* state
of Wisconsin had a birthday today,
it being Just ilxty year* since ah*
waa admitted to the Union. At that
time the town of Belmont was the
Capital and Nelson Dewey holdofllc*
there a* th* first governor. Later
the capital wa* changed to Burlington and In 1958 lt wa* removed to
Visit tho Foundry and make
your own choice. -You will
save timo and money, and got
hotter satisfaction.
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
All Work Guaranteed.
A tew on hand yet which aro
going at
Iron Bed, full size olocbrical
Woollen tops and Bottom Mattresses at $18.50
Throe-Quartor size at .... 12.50
Ono Hnlf sizo, at   11.80
The Snow Fluke Mattress,—
the Mattross for Comfort.
Samples on hand for   inspection.
Q. Peterson
'Phone 18.       j First Avenue
Just   received    at  CAVIN'S
I i SHOE STOHE-A flno Une  of *
', ', Misses' ' and   Children's  Dark    '
', '. Chocolate    Colored    Shoes. — ' '
i ,
, , "Good Stock.' -
, ■ '      '•'■■ . '
, , Sizes S to 7i   $1.50 ; |
',    Slzos 8 to 10t   *1-7B
Sizes 11 to 2 ' .* $2.25
♦ ,-'■-' -'    "  — 9
Ladies'     White     Canvas
Oxfords $1.50 *
: Tavin's Shoe Store:
The City
Fop tha Best Bread
Finest Cakes and
Pastry in Town
Orders Promptly Attended to
all imn.Y,mTim ~p.
Every Convenience,   and Erer/thlug
of tho Beat.
Jos. Nankivell Prop.
Hotel Cecil
Best Liquors nnd Cigars.
15 Foot Row Boat
Cushion and Curpot Complete.
First Avenue Ladysmith, 11.0.
,        ._. „       :
J   -Telephone, 124. J
t Nannini), It C.     j
j. m. mof?GAN.
Teacher of Voice Production and
Engagements may be lett at tbo
Standard Office.
Come and
my Stock of Latest Styles in
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
Hlirh Street. ;
Rods aid lines
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
Ice Cream
10 Cents a Dish
Cigars.  Tobaccos.   Soft Drinks
Excellent Boarding
Setting Eggs
Full Setting for $1.00
Leave Order) at O. Roberts' Butcber
Shop, First Avenue.
David T.Davie j
Special Meal Tickets for
the Week
Mrt, 8. Decker.
"Sotico is hereby given that I will
not be responsible for any debts con-'
traded In my name.
Ladysinith, May 38, 1908. 8t
THAN WOOD...   .   .
H. Thornley
i-1-1 ■> I ■*!">■« >-«-l-»-'»">-II-Il'H-t-
First Clas* Photo*,,
Upholstei w and
Mattress Mafcer.
Repairs p romptly
Attended to.
Leaw Ordm fle Peterson's
Furnitittf, atom: ml»
on    Scrjjn   Tintcil Linens,   or
Stamped on Wash Materials.
flood Strong Linen and Torchon Locos at
i i Miss Uren i j
Notice ls horeby given that I shall
makt application to the Board of
Licensing Commissioners of the Olty.
of Ladysmith at their next regular
meoting for a transfer of tho retail
liquor license now held by me for
the premises known as the Columbia Hotel, situate on Lot a, Block
80, Ladysmith, from myself to Clement Tebo,
Ladyamlth, B.C.,-May 0, 1008.
. The Committee of the Ladyamlth
Football Club roquost that all account* against the Club be rendered
on or boforo Wednesday, May 30th,
In order that the Club's books max
be audited lor the season.


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