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Ladysmith Standard May 6, 1908

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■|«|ii|ii|ii|M|<i|>r|»|<rj<if<r|*r|<r|**|<(|ii^>i|w]v|i'|n^ •J*t|w|i>|wgi*g*t|ia|ir|*r|i*|>F|<F|aa|>^
Wo will sell full size Bod
4> with or without "rings, nt
Spreads,    Mnrsolllos or Honeycomb,
1 OF
Funeral Will Tako Placo This Afcer
noon in Local Cemetery.
j$1.50   EAOH   $1.50
— i i —r-     T=~r:    -~—:^-i—.-i-r, ■_   4_)
Wo havo Just 50 of theso Spreads, nnd oro extra good   value ]J
for tho monoy.   Don't loavo it  too Into hut purchase beforo nil Hold. «•
Our Monstor Towel nt 50c. a pnir is a beauty.
Oroom. and flroy, with roil stripes.
Don't Forget tho Prico—50 conts n pnir.
Tn pure Whito T
Mrs, J, a. Jones died in tho Oho-
maimis hospitnl on Sunduy afternoon; Tho unfortunate woman never recovered from hcr injuries, w)d
she pnssod quietly awny on Sunday
The deceased, who w
The Local Boys Beaten After a Deajforate Struggle
On a Sodden, Field.
■ _ t+jfe ._^_
The story of tho winning and tho as accidental.    At any rate bo took •  	
losing of tho Shield ls rather   a cur-[not the slightest hood ol the appoals "S0' lms beon about
ious ono,    and    will appear self-con- .thatijWero   inado,    ami nllowod   the *?,'am''  orrivlne; firnl i
trndlctory    in parts.   For   oxamplo inpy to proceed;;
tho outstanding fact of tho   gamo is |   Adam,    it   seemed,  ivns the   onl*
that tho bettor toam won, and   yot, ma„ t|lut __.uiti „.|ls Wliu.hlng    jjjj.
on lho   points   of piny, Ladysmith ray wns brought; down in all   kinds
woro cntitlod to tho gumo, or, at the 0f ways, amis tfnng Is certainly not ""
very least, to a draw. over-scrupulous In h|B methods    Yet
A word or two first of nil about ■„ every    mix-*  Ad   apparently
tho CnloilonlaiiB. To uso tholr native.«.„„ tna on|v 0iroWon and again anil
vocabulary tliey play a "bonny" again ho wns penalized and moro
gamo, especially from the spectoclll- than onco the recipient ot a wiirn-
ar point of view. Thoy affect tho |llg rrom EUis, Howovor, this is not
stylo of piny of tlio Old Country 0no of the "huts," although It arises out  of tlio subject
Mayor Nicholson Exhorts Taxpayers to Register Their
Votes on Wednesday.
professional elevens and thoir combination is almost clock-liko in its
precision. It is safe to sny that
such a brand of football has never
boforo beon soon on the coast, ^lor
ovon a faint iniitatlon of it. Tho
playors,'   individually,  are also   all
There she was m
four years ago  and  ho;
sinco in the district.
Naturally she was widely
and she was just as deeply
Of a cheery iinturo, fon
she was o bright compan
-was kindness itself. Tlie
sympathy Is folt for Ul: J
his sail loss.
There are no children.
Tho    funeral    will take pi
(Wednesday)  afternoon  from
•Tim  nnln,   lo   (I...I   ,1 ■      • ,    Ri,1(-'"TO   of   Mr.   Win.    .1.1111
Tlio point is tlint the winning goal  Avenuo   at -11
red from a cor- wm bo'   UI|j'
Makes a Speciality of
at Prices thnt suit your pocket, nnd A LITTLE LOWER THAN
o( tho niu*eh wns sc ^__^___
neV^ which should nevor havo boon
given, and by a man who was palpably    offside.     Moro than that, in
ono of its dangerous rallies,    Lady-
veterans of tho gamo and have overy smjtn
p.m. Tho funeraJ
^^^^^^^^^^ tho auspices of tho
Pythian Sisters, and ns many mora-
hers of Ladysmitli Lodge, No. i!, K.
of P., as can,  will also hu present.
the   man   had    had
oi, the expenses in-
■h<-i' q ui liim would
out of ii.     Hu did
'    that    the   bill
fathered upon   the
u  that   Constable
ormod thorn   that
yiyif if lyiyiyiy ly l Y »?"?!■# if'TMMT'T'f't'T'f'T'y'T1""!
trick of the gumo nt thoir command.
In combination und science tho Caledonians had It all ovor thc local
boys. They hud tho hotter of the
gmno and their piny, besidos being
suporior, was prottier to watch. On
the day's play they deserved tho
Shiold nnd thero is not a -Ladysmith
sport who saw the game who will
deny their superiority or refuse to
glvo them the full merit of thoir
I But thore flro always "huts,
Shakespeare notwithstanding. Thero'
woro sevoral on Saturday. Hore is
tho first ono. Tho winning gonl of
tho match was scored from a corner,
and thero Is quite a story to it.
was refused a legitimate penalty, and generally got the worst of
the deal. The toam was not beaten
on legitimate scoring, and had it gut
ull that was coming to it, tho
Shield might now havo been in town
AH   Ibn   «.,n.n      il-      n,,,,!,!", '                 Tllmj   'S 1L   P*PjGCt  Oil   foot   ill   Vuil-
jui ii.o sumo    it   would be worso couvor to
r Sif Lv°oro7ior7*" b°nt «Z* wSJbl mt^g*
ana   tlie   cleverer    toum won.    Tho linance
"Callies" had by far    the most    .if
tho play,    hut    their finish woi
ways woak.     Even    tliose who
sorest at Mr. Ellis' rulings are
Season j
Good Tackle
4 444 444 44 4 444 4444- 4-4 4+4
is more annoying than a
T wnteh which fails—fails to give
T you accurate fine. Plenty of
X peoplo can clean a watch, but
4- to fully adjust and timo a
■f watcli is tho work of an oxpert
T If your watch is giving trou-
X hio, let me examine it, and
4- quote prices for repairing thor-
+ otighty, and timing It accurate- x
Prices    in    occordanc?    with
first-class work—no botch work
tho right touch lino, and whon
abreast tho penalty Hue ono of the
forwards ployed the ball. Another
of the players, seeing the ball was
going over thf- goal line, mndo ades-|
Canadian Horological Institute
ff r-H-M-f444 m f4 4 4 44 i
porateoitort to retriovo it, but just
as ho blocked it, linesman Rlskoslg-I
nailed. Refereo Ellis went over to I
him and pointed for a goal kick. Uo-1
fore tho kick was taken Riske broke
into the field and thero wns another j
consultation as a result of which El
lis ordered a corner. Tho kick was
nicely taken nnd from a regular
scramblo in front of gonl ■ the ball
was netted. From whero tho writer
was standing the seoror looked to bo
oflsido, and the local pluyers in n
position to know confirm this vlow.
Howovor, Ellis wos not in a good
position to judgo for himself, and it
was not surprising that ho allowed
the point. His mistake was made
in giving tho corner. Thero was never any reason to consult Riske.   He
vwas better placed than tho linesman.
"find, in awarding a corner, ho displayed (i lament able lack of judgment and backbone. It is, of courso,
poor sportsmanship and bad form to
boot to attribute dishonest motives
to a referee. . Uut on Saturday's
gamo Mr. Ellis hns himself to blame
if it is charged agninst him that ho
favorod tho Calodoniuns. He was after Adam all the match, whilo the
grossly dirty play of Park wont'unnoted and unchecked. The question
of motive altogether apart, there Is
no question that Mr. Ellis was a
pronounced failure as a referee.
I However, there is another "but."
During one of Ladysmith's fierce rallies In the second half the ball was
'deliberately handled by ono of the defending players. It may or may not
havo beon in the penalty area, but
at all events It was perilously- near
to it. Tho foul itself was pnlpablo
but referoo   Ellis chose to regard it
the    scheme.   Primarily,   of
. course, it is intended to be a money
°1" making concern; but its objects   aro
felt such us will commend themselves to
     overy one,    Milk is a great article
of diet, and no food perhaps carries
so many dangers to the consumers.
Impure milk, or milk that is dirty
or drugged, or comes from a diseased cow, can only properly be regarded as u deadly poison, lt is
especially fatal to infants, and ono
eminent specialist has stated that
"'J5 per cent, of all cases of diseases iu infants under one year
moans disease of stomuch, or some
portion of the intestinal tract, and
of pluy and did as further, that of this number of
jo expected of uny cnseS) 99 por mit, mo duo to faul-
man with n player like Strung on ty feeding und milk infected with dls-
his heels. Jimmy ran through in elia0 bearing germs." The necessity
flve minutes of the game and wus „r tL pill.e m\n SUppiy could not hc
boa ten   at    the    post by the   goal  ■■*-■-
■ dy to admit that the "Cullies'
played tho cleverer game of tho two
teams. But cool, calculating science,
hns on muny u field been beaten by
dash and rush. The fact is thnt on
mi    „ , , ,    .        ,   . Saturday  tho homo boys put up   a
Tho Caledonians hud worked up on . ()m. ftnd ^appointing game.
i Making ull ullowances for the ability of tho men they wore playing
[against, it must be said thnt they
foil far short of their true form. Ad
years rf     Tho sixteenth meeting of the Oity  satisfied thnt if
11 the  Council was held iu the City Hall ou uny money on li
Wellington.  Monday   evening.    Mayor Nicholson curved in taking
nty  Presided, and there were present A Ul- have been token
Campbell,   Roberts,   Hawor.th,   Ma- not see,    therofi
thesoa und lirdwn. should now   be
A communication was read from Council. More 1
tho Royal Securities Corporation, Onilandor had ,
Toronto, asking for particulars re- the man had packed his box and
gurding the debentures which the left the city beforo he wus taken iu
city proposes to issue. On motion 'charge so that ho could not be re-
it was agreed lu withhold Liie ro- gurded as a citizen,
ply to tho letter until alter Weilues-. Mnyor Nicholson reported, as chair
day when, if the by-law carrier, full man of tlio Street Committee, thut
detail can be forwarded. | (bey were now ready to go    ahead
A long letter was read from Ur- with a Utile work. He hud boen
Pagan in connection with the B. U. [ instructed to eugugo a man as fore-
Tuberculosis Society. The wrltei' re- -man aud he had got the man they
furred to tho world-wide efforts that had decided upon. Ho was iu town
are being made to prevent tlie spread and work would bo commenced forth-
of tlie "white scourge." Ho quoted with. Some people, ho said, had
figures to show the heavy death roll 'got the idea that they were not go-
.und the immense financial loss year- ing to do a"ny work beyond Third
ly to tho community from the ra\ug- Avenue. That was a mistake. They
es of tho disease, lie wrote that j did not contemplate a large expendi-
expert medical opinion declared tu-jture of monoy just as presont, but
ucrculosis to be iprovcntublq and' it they aimed, eventually at making
was the duty of "the community to sidewalks ull over the town,
do everything possible to put an end Aid. Brown wanted to know if
lo its ravages. The Sanitarium in Second Avenue figured Ln the streets
B. C. was doing good work; but it I that were Lo be attended to. lt was
wus erected with tho aim chiefly of impossible Lo get a wagon near
treating curable rases. There was;some of the houses und all the peo-
nced of another institution for the 'pie were complaining.
segregation of'advanced cases and I Mayor .Nicholson assured him that
tho movement wus meeting with lair ; Second Avenue hud been considered,
support. In his opinion townships and would be attended to. Only they
und municipalities should contribute'Proposed to make paths for the poo-
in the proportion of ten dollars por jple    rather    than    roads for teams.
am was not  in the best of condition
but    was    full
much ns could
keeper in the lust five minutes of
piny. Other opportunities he had,
and failed'with them us overy play
er doos in every match. Considering
his travelling company Jimmy pluy
od a great game and was tlio most
dangerous forward on the flout
Provins also put up a better gnmc
Hurry only needs to develop a little more hustle to bo one of thu finest and speediest wingers in the Province. In tho socond half he wus
more than once conspicuous, and on
ono» occasion should hnvo scored.
Jock Graham, us usual, played hard
enough; but sufforod on tho heavy
ground. Joo also wus rather wild
and Ineffective, und Cjrulnger is dead
off color. In tho hist four mutches
ho has failed to reproduce tlie form
of tho early part of the season, und
on Saturday the wholo forward line
was us ragged as ovor it has been
this souson.
Wynno wus perhaps the bost of tho
halves. Clegg played us hard as
ever ho did in his life, but, he wns
dealing with a particularly slick opponent who gavo him lots of guessing to do. McKinley also was bo-
low form, as was to bo expected,
for he was suffering from a sore leg
With Archio, however, he was always thoro and refused to admit defeat. O'Connell started woll, but
weakened as the gumo went on.   Ho
Phone 7-0.
(Continued on l-*g« Two)
♦%»% %•»>%%%%♦**»> «
& N.
Workmen Now In the Last Strotc'i
of tho Clearing Work at
ALHEUNI.May 2.-A11 hut. eight-
eon acres of tho last ten miles of
right-of-way for the E. & N, extension from Wellington to Alberni havo
beon cleared and, according to tho
estimates of tho contractors, tho last
tree should bo out of tbo way be
fore tho flrst dny of nexlNmonth.
Cannichaul & Muirheud nave mov
Haven, Conn., oponed the session.
Todny other eminent surgeons are
expected, Including Doctors Saur-
bruch of Germany and C. lllpeault
ct Franc*.
I      .	
TORONTO, May 5.— Orand Trunk
conductors and trainman, alter throo'
nocks' session hero, nro now prepared to place request lor a now
schedule before Mr. Brownleo, goner
Francisco and other large cities.
The chief of police here heard that
he wa* known at Halifax. He wa*
here until a ehort time ago, when
ht left owing an account ol $80 at
the Dominion hot*l.
Sensation in Unsavoury Caso    Now
on In Vancouver Police Court.
Brother Takes Revenge.
VANCOUVER, May 5.-Just boforo
Goorgo A. W^lkcm's trial this morn-
 f ' ing on tho charge oi procuring    an
OmoACIO, May B.-Blghtoen    u0-' oi'wntion     on    Blancho    Bond, tho
crepld    residents ol Bethsada hnne Slr1'8 brolhor' lticl'nrd Bo"d'     nl0t
ed their comp to a point south    «fjal transportation manager. The now
tho Barclay Sound Coditr company s i   ...     ..„..,.
mill, ond whon thoy move again   11   M-"*""'"   «"■ not include nny great
whon thoy move agni
will be off tho line altogether.
Bub-contractors have boon rushing
their work lately, and by tonight
they will havo practically finished
thoir various portions of tho Job..
tt ia expected that tho railway
company will be asking almost any
day for tenders . for grading con-
tracts at this end, and It Is under-
Htood that a number of firms have
tholr figures ready to submit Just ns
snon as they aro nskod for.
Tho tie cutting contract for tlm
last ten miles is moro than ball On
Ished, thoro boing over 15,000 low
piled up at points along tho right
.ol way. Joseph Brinkwater is tho
contractor on this work,' and ho hns
twelve expert mon steadily engaged.
Hla contract calls for 25,000 ties,
and 5,000 tn addition to this number are required.
On th* line from the summit down
to the terminal point, beyond    Now
Alberni, thore are 170 men at work
on the right of way clearing.
Richmond, Vt,, May 5.—The American Surgical Association met    in!Victoria,
increase of wages, but rathor a road just ment of old tnicea and conditions, liie delegates represent the
entire Grand Trunk railway.
■    » .
Calgary,    May 5.—Percy F, L*ar,'
th* man    arrested In Winnipeg,    la
well known ln Calgary a* Capt. Ad-
dllngton Lear, who came here  Irom
Vancouver, and put on a (how    ol
local talent called "The Unexpected
Pink Tea."    He etatod he had put
on a similar show in Vancouver. He
wbrked up a vory large patronage,
but the show, owing to bad    management,    wa* a frost.    Lear  waa!
a very slick person, and went    to'.
work getting up an I.O.O.F. album.'.
Ho posed as having been * captain1,
ln the British    army, and attorney',
at law, and hi* wife went undor th* .
tltl* of Mme. Addlngton Lear,    and •
claimed to have sung before    Queen'.
for the aged, their average being 71
years, driven by fear that they
would bo forced from thoir homo, attacked Frank F, Hennlng, former
manager of tlie bankrupt institution,
and after beating blm, throw him
bodily rrom tho building lost ovonlng, threatening vengeance if he ovor
'liie eighteen rosidonts, tho majority of whom are women, said Hennlng agreed to furnish them a home
for life for a consideration of $550,
In many caaes tho $550 represented
tho entire anvlngn of tlio man or
woman who wo* admitted.
Tlio homo was forced Into bankruptcy several month* ago, and
since that timo haa Juat boen supported by public auhscrlptiras. Hennlng was forced from tho management of tho iplnco when ono of tho
Inmates committed suicide and others threatened to do so.
annual convention her* yesterday. | Lear waa well known by the Cal- .
Eighty-live of the leading Burgeon*.gary Art chief, who any* he belong-'.
In America wer* In attendance when *d to the Mamma and Oddfellow*, »
President Wm. H, Carmalt, ol New 'and put on ahowa ln New. York, Boa a
Ottawa,    May 5.—Work ta to •
b*   commenced Immediately on *
the    upper   atory ot the welt *
wing of   the parliament build- •
Ing* to mnk* it harmonica with •
the new addition which la   ra- *
pldly    approaching completion. *
The atory will be used lor the •
Houao of Commons restaurant, *
with  . kitchen accommodations *
and private dining room*. *
Walkom in tho corridor of the court
huuse. He Jumped on Walkem and
smashed blm several times in the
faco before onyono could lntorfero.
Bond's   particular rouson for   tho
attack was Walkem's alleged laughter last Saturday when tho girl fell
fainting from tho witness stand.
•— * '
ST. LOUIS, May 5.-A thunder
storm of unusual severity accompanied by wind of almost tornado velocity swopt over this vicinity today causing mueh damage and indirectly causing! loss of life. A bridge
on tlie Louisville & Nashville railway near Belleville, III., wo* washed
out and caused a wreck ol a freight
train. The conductor and brake-
man were oought under tho engine
and drowned. Tho train waa piled
up In a mass In Sohoenlaub river,
which waa swollen into a torrent.
Whon Br. Roller moots Fred Beell
in Soattlo tho night of May 11, ho
will wrestle his last match in Soat-
tle for some time, and ho will bo
up against the best man In tho coun
try next to Gotch. This match Is
a sort of sub-climax ta Roller's career as a wrestler in Soattlo. If he
wins ovor Beell, no ono can question, his right to go alter Gotch, the
champion. If he is beaten, he will
know that ho has something yot to
learn before he Is of chanvi'lonshlpl
more forcibly demonstrated,
Tbe move in Vancouver is in tlio
right direction, and on the, grounds
of health alone should prove n Sound
investment. Tbo company has a
good provisional hoard of direct! rs,
and is offering ten thousand share,*
for public subscription nt .^fO.."il p.-r
share. Mr. John Stewart, has -s -inc-\
of tho stock for disposal and wi'l
willingly go over tho prospectus v.itb
any prospective buyers.
one thousand of tlio population
Mayor Nicholson said it was a
very important question, and suggested that the . letter be laid ovor
for. a week so as to give tlio aldermen time to think it over. The sag- j
gestion was adopted.
A let ter was read from Mr. Mohun, of Victoria, regarding his contract; with tlio Council to furnish j
plans and specifications for tlie putting in, of a sewerjlgo system. Ho
again referred to the fact that the I
prollles ho hnd received only extended to Fourth Avenue. 'Aftor some
discussion, it was agreed to lay tho
communication ovor for ono week,
the City Clerk iu the meantime to
ascertain from Mr. Mohun if he
could himself furnish tlie missing
profiles and at what cost.
Mr. 'Pnrrott furbished specifications
ofthe   howling   alley Jie is putting
There was Gatacre Street right _„
tlio centre of the town which was not
only an eyesore, but a positive danger Lu all using the sidewalks, lie
had spoken Lo some ol tho residents
ami business people uud they were
willing fur the Council to fix tho
sidewalks according to the street
levels. Jty doing this they could do
away with ull the stops uud slopes
[which made Liie sidewalks su dangerous.
Aid. Matheson, us une who accompanied his worship when tile streets
were inspected, assured Aid. Brown
that something wouid bo done ou
Second Avenue.
Mayor Nicholson said that tho ballot un tlie electric light-by-law would
he held on Wednesday. Ho would
like to soe ovorj votor register his
vole either for ur against the proposed   system   so that they   would
Football   Boys    Given    a   "Hiyu"
Time by Lady Supporters.
There wus a gay time in tho opera house last night when a social
was giv on ia honor oi tho football
boys. It has boon tho fate of tho
boys this season to figure in two
linals, and to fall just short of complete success. But their failure to
lift cup or shield has in no wise
dimmed tho pride of their followers
in their achievements, and thore has
been no abatement in the support
accorded thom because thoir efforts
did not obtain the laurel crown. The
boys have had a strenuous season,
established an undying fame for
grit, and forced their opponents to
recognize and acknowledge thoir merits.
Everybody wanted them to get the
Shield, but even in tholr hour of
failure and defeat, roll tribute WrS
paid to thoir heroic and. meinornble
struggle. Last night they were tho
guests of a pnrty of their fair admirers and supporters. They could
not bo greoted us conquering heroes,
hut heroes thoy wore all the snme,
and tho ladies left nothing undone
to prove thoir anient devotiou to
tho club colors.
The hall had beon tastefully do-
cbrated, rod arid white, of course,
loing tho dominoiit colors, and tho
affair was os great, a success as it
was on agreoablo surprise to the
players. Tho spoils ■ do not always
belong to the victors, nnd the "Cat-
lies" will get no warmer welcome',
will recolvo no moro convincing
proof of .faith and dovotton. Nthnn
tho' homo, boys wero glvon last ovonlng.
Mayor,Nicholson, In the course of
tho dnnc.lng, on bohotf of tho*ladies,
presented    to Captain Adam for the
lub a handsome silk banner, as a
souvenir of tlie sonson. In making
the presentation ho said thnt it afforded him' the. girontest satisfaction
to present this boiititiful banner, em-
hlomntle of the cotorS of our football team, of which wo have occasion to bo proud, and that it would.
ho knew, bo pleasing for their boys
to know that- it enmo from the committee of ladies who had worlied so
energetically in proparing such a
successful reception for them. On be-
up on High .Street. On motion the JJuiow exactly us they stood. From
•totter WaB ordered filed until thc mi-'.the tone oi tho people he believed
ished phitis of ttie building are sub- the by-law would carry. At auy
mitted..-• rate he had    nover  heard uny    one
I Accounts, totalling S780.7a were 'oppose the scheme. If a favorable
presented und referred to the nmimvjvoto wero cast they would have to
committee to bo puid if found Toi* ■ buckle up and get Something dono
lrcct. ' after next Wednesday.
The Finance Committee reported | Aid. Matheson romurked thnt all
that they hnd decided to return a he had spoken to un the subjoct
bill received at the Inst meeting of were in favor of tlie new by-law.
tho Council from the Provincial Oon- Men who were against tho proppsl-
Stable at Chemuintis. . Tlie bill wns,tion Inst time, (hard against it),
incurred in apprehending a man, a I- were now supporters of it. Ho
loged to belong to  Ludysmith whom   thought it was going to pass. There
tho Constablo found wnndering
around almost naked at Westhohne,
apparently in a demented state. Aid
Matheson said ho took the same
stand in regard to the bill as he
would have done hnd it been addressed to him Individually. Ho was
was no doubt of it. It wus every
taxpayer's tiuiy to register his voto
one wny or the other nnd ho would
like to sec them all turn out aud
vote oithei
The mc
r or against the   now
then adjourned.
the     evening    proceeded.     Refresh- tlllJ    competltk
ments wero     provided, nnd in overy "jc'n   ]"1.^,K' . '
respect the evening wns a  pronounc- g0,  ft ciml     ±
cd success. trips and ilidu'
Mayor Nicholson mid the city band ton cent show
i I'ur the entertaiu-
edouiuns. The This-
■ games, und didn't
idysmith made two
get a ticket for a
Of    course,     thero
which has stood
tho club,     were   accorded a
vote of    thnnks for the part     they
played in making tho entertainment
a  success,
/The committee of Indies, who wore
favored wllh three hearty cheers and
a tiger, included tho Misses B. and
M Oloyo, ' Gillespie. Kerr, Nelson,
Lewis,  Ingham and Douglas.
so loyally behind c1oul(i l,B ^Jf^JSi^^H?*"!!
.doing a little private boosting at
hearty ;njs ou-n oxponso, but the case is al-
! tered when you aro taxed for unoth-
er man's glory. No! the Jones'
stock has fallen out  of sight hero.
Tlio figures submitted  to the meeting wore:
■tul Receipts
.tu! ejtpendltd
Balanco ..
The  Imlanc.
as follows:
Calgary, (ei
Oalgory, (mc
Ludysmith ..
...SI ,883 50
...     800 GO
 $1,082 00
apportioned, out
050 05
\)2 00
81 00
210 -15
43 45
or Out of the
the Coinpotiti
..8L.080 55
No siorni    hits ns yet  broken
over the division of illO proceed
the compelitinn for the Shield;
it will COmO. The total ivc
were returned at $1883;50 and the
expenses at 8800,00, Truly chftrab-
teristic of the munnei- in which the
Committee has all along discharged
Its duties there Wore a largo mini
ber bf items for which there were no
vouchers. This is mighty poor business, and there were expenses, th*1
necessity of which might well hnve
been questioned. Two bauds were, it
seems, engaged nnd the writer saw
one nnd hoard It'Vplny hnlf n tune.
What il did nftor thnt for the thirty
dollars charged  to  thnt account,   let
Fielding,     Sask.,  May 4,—,A warrant hus been     issued fur tho arrest
of oi Henry BtO&Qborg, accused of mur*
but I der of his wife near hero.    It is al-
P*j| jieged thut ho poisoned hor aud then
,,u..  sifJppedtho country.     Stoluhorg waa
formerly a  scenic painter and   clay
moulder of Uoston, who claimed   he
brought his wlfo to western Canada
for her health.     He is now suid to
bo living with another wife ut Cln-.
cinnati, 0.
the Heaven
Then uga
royally out
generous ti
word in tin
parently wi
from  Ca'lgar,
i tho Caledonians woro
■tallied, and Con .Jones'
ittneiil becamo n byo-
local towns. Nothing ap-
, too good for the men
v. nnd tho genial,  sinn
ing Con was always there, lie paraded thom through tho town in a
motor tally-ho. conducted thom to a
theatre, - Stilled thom down tlio inlet
nnd got Up o social Smoker with n
single eye Id thoir glory, "(loud old
sport" wns tho only manner in
I which ono. could spbnk  of Con's gen-
,,»,,,         ...        .           ,,     , qrnsitv and one or Iwn of tlio l.ailj-
hnlf of   tlio    elllran* ho ivoulil iisk al„m,'V|,0Va ,„„. ,„   K,m\cv\iiK   why
thom to contlniio lo merit lho 'high tlio jrooil-   Orontor    hull niily   mmlo
bsteom In w|iich thoy all hokl them, oiio Con. '
('apt.  Adnm nnd Mimitger     nind- }n [he soqiiol, hottoyer;  Co'h root).
n.a>»K    .m ... ..a i    .              n (',, a" tho honor,-ami irlmy nnd tho
march     orfdonvorod to express     tho oUlop„ pB,d ,„ jt     / ,,„', „,   „„,,.
rlubs nppiwlntlon ol lho honor oon- n|noty  dollnrs   ivns hnndod In   nnd
forred upon    thom, mkT tho fun    of actually paid out o( thc  proceeds of
.Montreal, Jin- 1.—Major Stephens
chairman ol thc .Montreal harbor
commission, rctnnicil yesterday Irom
Great Ui'ltaln and alter visiting tho
leading ports of tho old world returned to St. Lawrence firmly con-
vlnccd thnt tho situation of this port
fully Justified an expondituro that
will make Montreal tlio greatest
port of entry on this continent. The)
projected development ho saya, will
cull for a dopth ot forty foot from
.Monlronl to the sea. It ls now 81
Chicago, May 5.—doorgo Sutton
last night defeated Willie Hoppe ln
tho finishing block of 500 points at
18.2 billiards, The final scoro wa*
Sutton 1,500, Hoppo 1,300. /
II You Require Any
Or If You Require Any
Whether. |
Or If You Want to Buy a HOUSE.
or Sell One;   or II You   Want
I Nanaimo   Athletic   Club'* Competition (or   Handsome Gold   and
NEW YOHJS.TOay 4.-The case, of
Carl Flscher-Hsnsen, millionaire law
yer and philanthropist, was called
for trial today in the Court of General sessions. Hansen is charged
with extortion and lt is said there
are likely y.o be sensational' revelations at the trial.
s It Is alleged Hansen compelled a
Philadelphia business man to pay
him $16,000 to prevent the1 latter
being brought to trial on an Infain-
(ous allegation in which a boy   figured.    Hansen declares that he took
i ™. ~  7"   ~   a retainer from this man and later
long, many entriea. Tne winning abandoned tho case as ho discovered
team will receive beautiful gold me-]that there were wide ramifications
dais, and the second five will re- to" involving'NOW York and Phil-
ceive .liver medals with gold mount-[£1**?™ ™*.°' Prom!n.e,lce •» «">
The llve-asid* football competition
under th* direction of th* Nanaimo
Athletic Club is the next big event
in local football circles. It I* to
take place on May 10 next, and
should prove one; of the moat inter-
eating events of the aeasoa.
kg mw.
•*»•. *ayaya,a,>
(Continued from Page One.)       |
The Free Press, of Monday, says:
stVP.%e^ppeTe,ta„datZn "•*" •* mxttmnm
11*1417 P«*Hc, Conveyancer
Ladysmith   Standard
i'ulfliehsd un Wednesdays anu uatui"
days Afternoons by the
Ruin. 11. Hindmarch,
One Yoar  »1.60
a)ui Muiiii.s 	
Adrertisiag Rates on Applicatl
Today tho polling on tho bylaw
for the installation of an electric
lighting system is proceeding. The.
hopes and fortunes of the city    axe
Inge. Both these prize* are I well
worth trying for. Th* entrance tea
ie $1.25 per team and entriea will
be received up to Thursday, thl*
week by the secretary of the club.
No such competition a*, thl* j ha*
ever been seen ln thl* country since
1905 whan a competition waa bald
in Ladyamlth and proved a success.
As the game    Is   only five minutes
each way, it
means a  terrific pace
has to be kept up by the men,, and
if anyone wishes to see faslfootball
they will see lt next Sunday, There
Is no doubt but what the Ladyamlth
football club will enter a couple of
teams and of course It goes without
saying that while a team Irom that
city is competing, there ls bound to
be some excitement. The United
club baa a team entered, aad lt la
expected that the mainlandcro will
send over a last five or two to take
back the medal*, and Victoria may
also enter.
The time of commencing haa not
been nettled yet, a* It all depend* on
the number of team* entering.
social and business world.
a '"      in '■ m     '    " '"*!
Montreal, May *.—Bergeropher, 88
year* old, while eating nipper with
friend* at a house on Yonge street
lart night, fell 111 aad died In a few
minute* of heart failure
got out of position, too, and    fre-
1   As far as     .       „
ball teams are concerned, the
donians, of Calgary, or the '
British Columbia foot   thre-Ttl,,? if "if "i""100 t0 cloar but '* ^^ by a check ftnd that
e concerned'!"^ &£ w^b^'.tnU^S'* an" ^ **    ^ W°8 '» "»-
pth^gs;;; :_\;z 37s ZbTLYlT^mroftbS SHf'S -^°S ZdTM r S-Wars
laat game.    Still ho made fow   mis- P'«'s    Shield.       They have defeated moSL,.0",1 a,tor that" N™^     ? °"    Workecl   vel*   desperately
takes    and    played    a great game. *„!j-a£°<_ ^VVo^el.^HS__ ™y ££? mi U $&*&-?£ &.»#& and »*■ »»t Ms half"
He was bad-
  was in good con-
The dition and nover tired.    His passing
 =__.~     —-a—    UMV    Wl
. .. — .wm. aim ley placed well in.    Dosperately   the back in footwork and passing.
„   .        -?    Played    ■- ='""" *•>■■■»• bave shown superiority on overy oc- locals endeavored to flnd tho desired also *■"—■ -           '
Hartley    had    not   many sliots   to casion     They desB.ve the Shleldi ,or 8[)ot and it looked os though   thoy
save   and    the    two thnt beat him th     ar(J, a   b0tt0I. eIeV(m than           would   s0    _loa_ |n and d t rmlnert «oss'
were    put in from close range.   All jn fi   c                                                 wore they    HoVeTor tho stoa(ly and
tho others ho handled with his    cus- yestord     afternoon at tho Cricket powerful backs    were In the    right
tomary coolness and resource.   Tak- d    they   dearly demonstrated place and tho	
ing it   right   through, howovor, tho|f,,„,„ „„„^f|n";itv „„„„.,,., ,—■ -----    -■
nliiw   nl   it.   ..... -
result of today'* proceedings to secure th* release ol Harry K. Thaw,
from th* Mattawan insane asylum, It
waa decided that Thaw will not be.
returned but te confined in the Duoh-
o*» county Jail. Tlnw expressed his J thoir
pleasure at tho ..ociilon.
Great Financier Astonish** HI* Pa*-
tor and   Hla Bible Class With
Denunciation of Wealthy
NEW YORK,   April 4.-John    D.
what >the boys are capable of.
There is only one other   point   to
make regarding the game.    This
that the stato of tho ground suited i
the Caledonians better than   it   did |
the locals.    Rain began to fall    on
Friday afternoon and continued all
night and all tho next morning.   It
did fair up a littio in time for   the
match, but,    the   field was then   In
wretched    shape.      The   bare parts
wore soft and    heavy and tho   turf
sodden and groasy.    Tho homo boys
were unablo   to    hold   their feet In
thoir    rushes,    and    many of their
j swinging passes wont astray.     Tho
("Callies," on tho    other hand,   got
around without difficulty and    their
short, crisp style of passing was nover at fault.    It doos not follow thot
they would be any tho less effective
on a dry ground, but It is tho bare |
truth that on Saturday tholr   play
was less affected by tho condition  of
the ground than that of the   locals
Tho gamo was called for 4 o'clock,
and wns actually started before tho
Dl_ayot the toam was'disappointing their superiority ovor tho local boys Stewart lod hi. m«n'" T u
to ^ih^l^   "'.«■>' -~» llfi VftTZ* ^Vndica.V><* ve?y.olhe?e„,l%alr^.,r'lL*0,.,th<'
press was relieved and
woH the "d7uorence*^tZrthoa £$ 13£d *__L "^w^^ttr
ot tho t-wo teams. thn„„h tJT„,PJS 2'!™' a"d    Hu"'™ got away,   an,
nasty shock by meoting
      v..w    l'...J   I11I1IIUU,
' tho two teams, though two of the [McLean
 LAREDO,    Tex..   May 4,-Jt wa*
vitally bound up in the verdict now teamed through th* police of Mexl-
beingi piled up by the taxpayers. Do c0 c'ty that th* robber* ot th* $68-
not let it bo forgotten that it is 00" '""om the Wells Fargo Co. are In
" Jail and both hav* confessed.   Thay
tho bounden
duty of every    citizen
to register his vote.     His interests
are closely affected    whatever    fat*
may    befall the by-law.    If he    believes     the lights to be a  necessity
to the city, looks upon their installation oa tho first really great progressive   step the    town has taken,
and is    convinced    that the scheme
will bring profit to tho Municipality
lie plainly might to got out and cast
his vote for the bylaw.    If, on the
other hand,   he is    opposed to the
measure for    any reason whatsoever
It 1* Just a* plainly his duty ...and
equally ns much to hls interest    to
poll according to his convictions. As
Mayor Nicholson    remarked at
are Luis Cutting, chief clerk ln th*
general office*, of-th* express company, and Rodulf Avarex, th* *x-
press messenger, who dl*appeared In
Agyal Callcenta*. The money was
found by th* police In Cutting'*
goals appoared anything but'difflcult
Tho style   of    the Calgarians' play
was different to anything seen   horo,
though it much resembles that .of the
Garrison team of 1005.    The    team
works    mechanically,—as    one man.
Tho two full-backs aro tho only ones
who do heavy kicking and they certainly are there    when it comes to
using thoir feet and equally good aro
they with body or hoad. The beauty
of their play is tho rapidity and accuracy with    which    thoy   pass the
ball.    No sooner do thoy socuro   it
than it is away and it was by such
work that they fairly tricked the local defence ln the last 20 minutos of
tho game, though tliey did not    add
to the score.    It must bo admitted
tho lociiPtenm was caught when    it
was woak.      None of tho men   had
played for two weeks, and    Hewitt
was    off,    his     substitute   Toague,
though playing well in the first half,
was not in condition to put up   his
best gamo, and besides, was making
his first appearance ln senior,   company.   Peters, though , good in'   tho
first, was woak ln the socond.     Ho
didn't wish to play and should   not
havo been urged to do so. The team
Among the visitors yostorday    to
the city with the Calgary team was
and'Billle   '-- *
la^TLTC,d'    Hnrl°y a"d   Toague > LaU,der' tho wo11 ""-own light
SSMSjir ,mHrer put —tfr ZFTT;wh0 *• <w»t-
      ■"> ." tno    nrst gary man who has recently
three minutes Calgary advanced, tlio on ,      f tb   b   t fl ^
backs    woro   almost nil passod and °
In    attempting    to roliovo. Vancouver,
Rockefeller. Jr., addressed the Bible quarter had expired There was bv
clas. at the Filth Avenue Baptlat that thno a largo crowd present and
Chwoh yesterday. He arraigned th° Sate-tB52.B0-sta,tds as a rec-
th* rich mau'Who destroyed    good __Z^L,t\\w Provi"f°'   H™ hundred
reputation, and took adVMrtag.    0I throni    ann'TiT0""'0:.   woro '"   tho
th.,a» o,mn..7ti.     h,      .. .               ih     g_    aaA throughout tho   gnmo ■■•-"■r "™" -a™ ™ "" aa. me team
tho*e weaker than himself in   order the rod and    whito stripes received worked hard and desperately, in fact
to achieve rlchea.    He warned     the the bulk °' the oncouragomont. Ad- toy trled much mo™ than their oji-
youngi men to refrain from envying [T W?n    tho   toss' nnd olel:teu   to ??"?"}?• tt"d h6re ll may be atated.
each a man hi* wealth                      SI?i,111w!, J?" sIop*''    May»* Both- S?* 'ho systematic   team work   of
t^iiln- th   .^ Uno ki"ked the ball off and then  tho the    c»n«dlan   champions was   the
text from the 52nd gamo bogan in earnest.    It    opened cf*US8 of thls "Jlforence, tho one dig-
P»alm, wherein juat Mich a  man ia """Hyenough and at this early stage '" '""' """   ""	
described, and hla etoquetjt, straight- '"LS!!10'!8 . "G'n8or McLean"
kick0deM^ .i,"",""!!'1,"18    to roliovo,   •au.oaver,
f^S^XmZ^^ »-   i'ZmtrZ
fiarmertput over the Vo   So To ' ^^^ ^ *£ --J
Again the    Unltod forwards broke'm"»ht «™tler.       Lauder?.      .
Klo ahnd SSS^lm^SJS.V'elZZ*"** ""^y^C
what. Harloy digging in hard and
Ross kicking woll away.- Both front
ranks attacked. Calgary shot weakly. Hoopor and Hurren made right
through tho backs and tho latter
hit the side of tho not from 20 feet
out. Nanaimo forwards
ing   good    form now.
woro display
Tho Calltos,
wore not Idle, and Farmer
..;..,     -      anything but   reliable.      Ho cloarod
from-the-shoulder    talk on    tainted feebly and misklcketl, and four min-
monoy seemed to aatonfsh hi*    au- "tes from tho first toot of tho whls-
.     " tie, Jimmy took    full advantage of
dlence. ono o(    tboso mistakes.     Ho raced
.   Rev. D. Axed, paator of tn* church alvay and though forced out to    tho
. J also seemed    aatonlshed whoa    Mr. loft he screwed tho ball Into tho net
.Rockefeller began his subject in ouch with a terrific drlvo.
MAY PLACE FERRY ON CAMERr fvigorou* fashion, but he nodded W» .^J*"". a ^plend.id CITort and   was
ONUAKE L..A ■■      - ■"" were
um*-—————--     — roso
While Qradlng Operation* oa B,
approvingly at all that     waa
aad   afterward   assured Mr,
LtSS t Abe «ch.0'    Things
 -     —»    aifarwara    assurca Mr. in leaps "and bounds.    But,tho  vory
. —   "Rockefeller that It wa* one of    the way in which    thn     "fi»"'   "
N. Along th* L*k* Are la Pro-     <
*"» - Hugh    Altluo Ra.
tiira* from lalaad Trip,
council rng 0* y ^Cjat^.t£rS
looking good and local stock
" and b
A malorltv „„.». "" tb° '>roP°stt'°n. '»* buaiaw* trip to Alberni and
mXtiT-X'z; C S"""1 T * *°vt * *"• ^°-
"er of voter, would not ^     LIT" "^ *» *~ *    « «»»PUo»»Uy
tory, as It    wouM i 8at",a°- ""* P0*"01' to «"'*«" »^»ailt*d 	
con,lderable   doubt »T i™.*.     "" "^ ""aiUoU* <***«*-**■    H. aian *ho ■** »- P*U «poa    hlm-
Ming of the cltv     «, ?  .' reaI IT the K * N* "«« •* "V -m "" «* «~««* Po"** burdea.
. city,     ive don't    ap- been entirely aUArf 0„t B0W7 ^Jji.   difficult    to waembar tomorrow
b-t t*. on the aubject h. had av SB eaHy-^eTors^as'omtous Ther
" **«* ™" n°t » trace of nerves In    the"
"Where is no *in," aald RockofeUar 5.v!?e"ts' Th°y started in as if
•in accumulating wealth In an hon- few minuter^™'. and' ln " ywy
art ««l lagltlmate n-awr, »d „.- 5-3^ ^^^Lr^
tog tM welth rlghttuBy/but Z «-* the red a.T*^_STSt
man th. P*almiat aeeaka „f „«,, uk-1™8", „f ?Jf"'V°» to handle.     The
-.a. .a—a-a     ....      t  way me    Uallina"  ,,...»i. ,  if;     ,   ,,
-- 'Way the "Callies" workod tho
en advantage of othera.    Mot .only up tho Held was a revolution,   and
wa* ho given to fraudulent practises, vigorous     methods woro unavailing
but loved *vll.    'H. loved lie..'    A J*"!™4 80 oluslvo <ind Mcky »" "«-
. .We don't
CT thsao ,7Tl "k9,th,8wl"th" c"m,ch»d - *"*-«. *
pining mZiZ z z r?the r^10" °B "* Mbm* o*^
ot the proposition      The!, °r    .?' "* bU'y at ** «"«rt»« •»»
that the   "fore"   w,,,     ,d,<",ffer   " 8Uo,U wUch «• "P-W to he eon-
«t their f„„°^    tH I*"* *» * *P. " *~ —* —
tack,       .waaHEpaEaMHBIiHMI
.   Ten minutes aftor Jimmy's   effort
It came the equalizer, the   result of  a
collective movement.    The  ball  was
_  a..U       III1II
the lie told tod*y.   With th. pow.r J^^^^lJ^.ffl!
and influence ha must have had., toll hab" «—* -«-»-'*    -
ver any fear of^hT'     T,     " "^ g     '"*' *"' b*' ''"""hoed. »t that haVo th8 P**wer ""at man haa, poww-,'"™11"1 the ball, and Jimmy
«olfd% o   the hoi        rt0neSSand,M,d ■*• "^jalway.    .pp..,. to „..     „ '."^ '^ to gather a pas, fromT
^mL*_12£-**\.ll*T?+ ^tt^ali^'XaylKr,
-—».     It I. tbeU^aT--^..^..   theM-     "• «*•
batterment    of   other men we mv.it
fey win do   Z ZZ X *."? 'if* ^ *"* »^««--^
-easure.     It ), th.^. ^ theiin ptognm    *»*■    1*. right    -
Porter, or th. v !     lukewann   «up- wV raBi 4^ to m ^*
^ToTtnT^:*** t0°COn- f" P°tot "P «» -T-alZZ
«» to ahtrk\Tl:-°_.. not  »a-,lt. WI".b« «^«««rou. for rJZ
"hTfk his duties and
  rK* paaaint
responsl- along her* while bl*«tlag *«d^o«ai.
j^ 1* -?> - -,is ^imnsss:
ot th* road I* pan-
o'clock      1,        P0)1 Cl08M    at    1 ••• -W^^^^^^^
'    "dialled 7 'T"^     M Mbmf *" A,tk«' •«*' "-•
the atation   " "t\ T *    ™» '"J""™'    ««* would bTZ
magnat*,     and
VOte     .- .cgiau
they may atill have time to
the station.        If   they have, then
they are poor citizens indeed If they
da not Instantly repair to the city
hall and record their vote.
Quebec, May 4,-Cha*. M.
tha American    iteel      _  ...,     —.n,— r.u.i«u
party, arrived horo yesterday    from I ted P°'Bt ot
Bolton and    will apend a few day*(brighter than
In th* city sight-seeing after which
they will return to New York,
—    » '     .
t ' •
* Ottawa,    Hay 5.—Postmaster *
* Oeneral Lonlux give* notice of *
* a  bill to    amend the Poet Of- *
* flee act which will provide for *
* tho restoration of    a one cent *
* drop letter rate in cltle*. *
Alberni la beginning to pick up
In Importance. Commercial traveller* now call there going from Nanaimo by auto and atage.
greater in    volume if mur*    lumbar
were available.      At   Alberni   Mil
Liagard,   formerly of thl* elty,    I*
tb* host*** at th* fine new hotel rat-entry erected by Mr. Waterhouee.
After hi* trip to Alberni aad Comox Mr. Aitken aays tbat Nanaimo
looki bitter thaa aver to him, and
her proapect* a* th* centrally attua-
,a_4 „-■-. - a|| then aetlvltlai, art
MOKE immigrants;
" lies" went right after it again and
man waa cruel aad false at heart. I tho tide of battle   swept from  ond
0 to ond of the field.    Ovor tho    lino
eavy him.    W. say. how aplindM t^^^W^tho,sticks at.oithor wd.
""" "*"* " Provins
.    .1,    But
Stlways looked dangor-
 ous onco they got started, and   thu
f_, ... . . ,. -__Z~ way they took a corner brought tho
not bs ao particular about It. Per- hMrts of tho j^dy^u, SUpp0rte)s
hap* he I* untruthful, perhap* he did into their mouths. From one of
crueh others in building up hi* po*- those the ball was netted, but tho
—ilon*. Th* world overlook, the** r»'">t *» dlaallowed on tho ground
...        ,. ... , .__,        , _,_),   ot offside.      Then    camo tho other
thing., if that is our frame of mind. whjch has bMn deacrlbod ln tho  |n.
let na hold our final Judgement    In traduction   and the winning goal if
abeyance Until we can look a  little tho match,
further at the picture praaented    to    Th« f*™" took tho field for   the
„ second with a goal  botweon   them,
"■• ■  • and so thoy left It.    But In tho<p-
Mr. Rockefeller than drew a pie- enlng it looked as gloomy for tho
ture of tha need for men who make local boys' chances as it had looked
little money but live rellglou* live*, ""V before. For twonty minutes
-_ _k« —.. .i„.„r —. itn_inA ' fn Calgary monopolism! tho play. Lumen who can alway. be trusted  to dysmit|i wng ^nablo to ^
do the right thing no matter  what an... —■• * ■   -
JMATVW,• W-ahTlhy 4.-^hean-
liie excitement had died flp.wn,
.the bleachers were beginning to con
'•I*Ia.   *»--    •"
and 'Jh,°a.0,ta-g ?°Ul0" ,vh°" tho red
and white* dovolopod ono of   those
  amaxing and unexpected apurts which
ging in hard and tiring, the other
cool, and as one man, as strong at
the finish as when at the start.
Tho first half throughout was vory
evonly contested though the  visitors
lod by two goals.    During this period the    Callies   had showed grand
defence work both In the full   back
and half lines.   Tho forwards   were
well watched by the Nanaimo backs,
yet scored two easy goals. The Calgary goal   was almost   pierced   un
three occasions, one cross shot from
Hooper hitting tho bar, out of  McLean's reach.      The   Nanaimo   forwards were more often dangerous in
this period than woro tho rival front
rank but in the second the   Callies
settled down and from gonl out   began    to outclass     their opponents.
Tho great footwork of W.   Stewart
at centre and his splendid wing men
was   a   revelation,    and they wore
backed up by that votorun .Scotchman, Strang at centre-half, the two
sturdy mon on either   side of  him,
and' the toworing forms of   Morgan
and Ross at   back.   -Beaten though
the locals were tho spectators   woro
delighted    with the exhibition that
the visitors showed and thoir    play
was admired all round the  field. Of
course thero waa any number of arm
chair critics, Judges of play (?) and
such like, who    wore ever ready   to
tell the local boys  what thoy should
have done whon thoy wore not successful.
The champions rocoivod a hearty
round of applause when they camo
across the Sold to the dressing room
and before they lined up they had
to face photographer King.
Their line-up was somewhat changed a* Ross went out of goal to loft
back, and Morgan took tho right
back position. McLean went in goal.
Mason went on at half, replacing
Park. The told was in splendid]
shape and the rain had cleared off
before the game commenced,
Over 1,000 people wero present
when the teams began, tho Callies
with a (light and fluctuating breeze
bohlnd them. , The visitors broke
away, but Teague early repelled and
Crooky put into touch. Ross soon
after got his long leg In action and
the ball went skying to Nanaimo's
end. Hooper dashed ebon nftor and
McLean    was    called   on to clear.
,  -, — .„.u, aim f* armor,
Teague, Graham and Snwyors woro
in turn called on to repel attacks.
T. Stewart shot well, Bradshaw fisting 80 yards out of danger. Tho
combination of tho visitors was beginning to bo too much for Nanaimo and tho fast r: T .if tho forwards spelled danger stinrtirt- liml
a good chance, fldill ! n'.'L:i t'10 bull
and lost, but returning to the attack, ho led his men In again, and
scored the fourth goal..
The passing and defonco work of
tho Canadian champions delighted
the crowd, and Nanaimo wus gradually tiring, A corner on Nanaimo
wns cleared by Harley, and then it
wns that mechanical passing again
from centre to wing, from wing    to
w|„„   h.'.u  —a   ■-     -
or not at all.    ,^_^_^___
The match will take placo In   the
nil    °   ,C1Ub      "0na  «   mmmeV
"tent noxt, „t    etch weights for a
Both men    have good reputations,'
an*     the match should ,,,« an inter:
£ragorSs o.^:^--"'
-   -.-  e,       -t
wing, back and forth and 2ig zag-
glng across the front of tho goal.
Petors wns fod soveral times but was
timid and would not hold tho ball
tnr     n     nnn—. — -
easy on his sldo. 'Graham workod
hard to hold tho attack out and
with tho rest of the backs found
themselves up against a kind of'
whirlwind, puzzling combination thoy
had nover encountered boforo. Nanaimo forwards nover gavo up trying and rushed away rapidly, but
were brought up as usual with a
bump. They tried again and Hurren shot into McLean's hands, who
Blundoll noxt   niomont desperately
rushed in, but was put down   and
out by Ross when tho lattor cleared
Tho Calgary    backs    showed   themselves good sports when thoy    woro
lenient oh Blundoll and Hooper after
thoso two had been hurt.     Blundell
seemod bent on   scoring and    made
down the field    with only Ross   to
beat.  Tho lanky fellow with tho rod
hair was there, howovor, and    Calgary woro soon    back again attacking Nanaimo's end and putting    in
all kinds of spectacular work showing themselves to be past masters.
They did not appear to over  oxort
themselvos and treated    tho spectators to how the combination    gamo *  plosion,
should be playod and how tonm piny * * * * *
counts.    Nanaimo tried onco   again
and Hooper dashed ahoad for a good
run up to the goal.    The    attack
failed and a moment later the whistle blow for full timo, finding    tho
score: Caledonians 4; Nanaimo 1.
There    wa* not a weak man
the Calgary team, and as all   were
a good run
_ the
-Free Press,
NEW YORK, May i.—~ Hopresonta-
ti- s of !*';':'ict Attorney.Jerome's
1 " wi to Poughkeopslo this
].. [• ng ic .-ppn.su tho habons cor-
I s .'-ocot' lings for the release of
I'n" v K. Thaw, tho slayer of Stan-
fi; . Whiti'. from Mattoawan Asylum.
The writ of habeas corpus is returnable before Jtistlco Mqrschausor at
Poughkeopslo today. Attorneys for
Thaw 01*0 expected to produce physicians, nurses and other export witnesses in nn endeavor to convince
tho court that Thaw, is now ontlroly
suiio and should be released from
BATON ROUGE, £*., ilay 4— A*
the result of - a movement started
early in the presont year steps were
takon at a conference held In thla
city today to complete the formation of the State Federation of Labor of Louisiana. The new organization proposos to take in all of the
existing labor bodies in the State,
among them the farmers.' union, the
various railway brotherhoods, and
the different local trade unions.
Pottaville, pa., Waj a.^Four
men are reported to have been
killed at the Braver colliery of
the Philadelphia and Reading
Coal and Iron Co., by aa    ax- •
New York, May 6.-Lucl«n Reerolle'
appeared to advantage In a Millard
on match laat night at Daley'a billiard
<">ad«ny,     uien   In   an exhibition
MoatrMi, »,., 4,-Fav,^,,
by high water aad a clear day. -
the Allan liner Virginian, from •
^•Tool, y**t*rd*y mad* the •
fortaet run, lt wa* claimed that •
wa* ever made by aa ocean •
•t»an>er batw**a ««*!„, ^ ,
.Montreal. ««• tlm* Mag .**, .
tour, aad 41 ..taut*. ^ ,
Oa board th* Virginian them •
r„?.?"^oon'*M •««•■<» «ad •
fOO third clam p^^^, ~- .
arger part of th* latter num- •
her were Immigrant* who war* *
continue until the end of
the week. The exhibition I* hold undor the direction of tho Seattle Dog
Fanclor'a Association. Tho entries
tht* year are numerous and of a
high clas. and Include many varieties of dogs frotr all of tho Pacific
Coast State:, and from various parts
of Western Canada.
NEW YOBK, May 4.-N*gottatioa»
hav* been entered into with Slgfrld
aimer, the eon of the famoua com-
poaer, Richard Wagner, for a tour
of tha principal American cltle* beginning October, Mr. Wagner for
bla American «Mag*m*nt, will   OMa-
inaai ....   L""'•»•    'Dosporntol.v   tio
fterceft Z 1°^™' and grMy   "•"I
awoely tho fight waa waged.    Time
and again lt looked that tho   score
would bo OfJUallo^1     Tl '
chance which
with him:
.. —..a- v..u« im' score
would bo equalised. Jimmy, missod a
chahen whinh. |s usually a cortainty
Provins presented with
one opportunity of tho match,
and drovo woakly into Ross' hands;
Graham overran '.the ball in tho ponalty area and Adam again got
through only to bo charged down
by tho goal keeper.
Excltoment was at fovor height.
There woro deafening, frantic yells
for tha reds and whites, and nobly
the boys responded. But the effort
•pent Itself without tho citadel being carried. Still the boys were in
the gamo right up to tho lint.; toot
of the whluiin        An equaliser waa
so serviceable,    it would be difficult matea    wlth   J- Ferdinand Poggm.
to select many, of th. best.    Truly bMg- ho avora«8*1 M l0-« ■>« aSOO
Stewart at centre forward    and "olnt m,,Usb-    The French.champion
Strang at    center half, and Morgan «aV8 a «Pl™dld exhibition.
     „-.    v...™   on 10 cioar.  at right back, are great players, but 	
forced McLoan to his knees to savo.  the left back, and Petrle, all played
Strang's fine Judged kicking  soon grand football, and the othera were
wan to e»t •""- —■"--   --   aound and part of the machine. Tho
great   success of the forwards    lay
chiefly in the fine feeding of the half
backs, and    thla reminds one
  „   —___, — —— w«,,B,iu.       An equalis
•I.   t ...   ".i7.i*W-';   «  Jt . not oll|y Possible but loomed
I duct the Philharmonic. Orchestra    ol a dangorous 	
'Berlin, Germany, which I* compoeedjhow the "0.
of alxty-flv* mualclane. Wagner will
alao be accompanied by Frau Wag-
o*r,. hi* mother, aad four soloist*,
who will be heard in eolectlona Irom
hi* own eompoattlon.
It Is understood that thi contract
call* for not lea* thaa .forty    eon-
cert* with a farewell musical featl-
val at Madison Square Garden,     A.1
feature   of !tha >a«.».n -"• •--   "--''
CartwrightA Barclay
-. •att-.tU—....—___._.„___. a_y  (
Australian Firm   Offer*   to   Dollver
Ooal in Vancouver at I8.S0
Par Ton.
VANCOUVER, May 3.- Th* city
apparently will touch rock bottom
price for Ita coal thl* year. Tender*
were called recently for two thousand ton*, whloh la practically th*
entire supply for the ua* of th* corporation. An Australian firm underbid the Vancouver Island colllar-
lea, offering to deliver coal In   Van-1
  up as
probability and Just
the "Callies" folt about It was
shown In the fact that thoy carried
"Ginger McLean" off the field shoulder high. The Shiold waa lost and
the boys wsre beaten. But they had
putup a gallant fight against hoavy
odda and their conquerors will lie
the flrst to admit tholr merits.
,—a—  ...„.»...a    auuil
began to get working and the outside right secured and got down but
was repelled by Teague, who returned up Sold to Harley, who drovo
woll and McLean'* charge had a narrow escape. The Callies came away
with pretty passing and Graham
saved strongly. Tho Calgary right
got down again In the corner this
time and Shorty could well have
cleared but chose to dribble put
out. The result waa that two players hemmod him in, the ball was
centred and tho flrat scoro registered.
Blundell got away well and showed good work. Teague repulsed Tow-
hill again, but Calgary returned and
Shorty drove back. Peters mado a
good gain and Hooper sont ln a fine
shot that hit the bar out of McLean's reach. Tho ball remained In
ploy, but the strength of tho backs
eventually reliovod a good effort by
Blundell, Calgary halves hen) did
some drooping Into the goal front
Soon Hurren got away for a good
run but waa shook up by a hard
check. All this time the hardy
Scotchmen were chocking strong and
close, combining fast and effectively
and kicking strong in tho back line
and steady on the half line.
No Honing—
No Grinding
Crooky led hla men on an attack,
*■■■■■■ McLean relieving, and Calgary   for-
How did Riske como to bo appoint wards were dangorous closo In,   but
ed a* a linesman?      Tho Vancouvor Graham saved tho situation.   Nanai-
of tb* farewell will na   ch* Paper* describe him as a rank fall- mo workod down, Peters controd and
mum ~-wen win ne   *«%,_  ,nd „„ 8at„rday ho   was as ox-   W<.«~- - - "-- *
al.ikl-  — ■
You know Irom dally expe-
that   Hence, at home or In thc baibcr
...     TT. —---—■»»■    *«**   *hon, that the question Is-
though he haa not    the snood,  Fete   m Why doesn't a razor hold
Gilmour, who refereod the gams  Im-, it. edge uniformly from heel
partially. 1.    of th. Mm. rtyl.    of, ^ifW«tJ^ and
playar la that he place* with Judge-1 ,afclyj wItn ,he ctrtim ,ajt gt I
meat to hla front rank, The chocking   new blades, or thc ordinary J
cf th* Shiold holder* I* splendid and   0P«n-»laded rasor docs not I
th* Pain, both by h«d and foot,   tfc^oS'.il.r.lfrn'o'f
uaaqualed by any ol   tha provincial   a clean, smooth shave every V
team*. morning with the confident \
Th* Nanaimo boys, tn spit* of be-   "»owli.lga that your razor
,■   .     .      . ,   j .,        ,a   will be ready for Instant use
lag found   at    a bad tune, played   the next time needed,
with determination to the laat.    It      The Carbo Magnetic razorla
waa aa off day with Bradshaw. Tom   ,he "nty razor unoon0tton_
Taagu. wa. napped by lack ^Z^^^VS.
practlw, he played woll In tho first! ,„or ,f;tM„lon hn, perfected
half, but  was up againat It in  the   a new secret process of
second.    Graham was rtrong    and J «»•»»» TfWMWIW that 1
f..t, aad worked with untiring    el-   tSffl!!£tiS88JQ I
fort;     Shorty    ahould cloar sooner, ) into the metal—giving a dls-
lh* halve*, the beat of whloh
doubt wa* Harley, worked well
the f ^^
augmtntln, of th* PhUharmoale Otv
<*"tra by aot let* than 9B0 nun-
«aai, all of whom will be under th*
■caderanlp of Herr W«gn*r.
Ottawa, Oat.. May 4,-Th, Ottawa.
cltablo ns
_ a hen with chickens. They
hav* a positlvo genlua In Vancouver for getting hold of the wrong
The clever footwork of tho Gale,
doniana waa only equalled by tholr
marvellous    head-work. ' Apparently,
was aa ex-1 Hooper put over tho bar.
 - nv.m.      v»|,|»liroilfiy
_.   ._ -.—m, they could head the ball   (rom  any
rlvar ha*   ruwa twilva Inch**  •lne*'Po»Jtl<H>.. and hoadod It whero
,1 --—-   .««,.  inonaa    *1B0*   ..wainun     I
■•""■My and. I* eaudag aoaildara- Wl~tei It, too.  ..
Ix\\a\J*?2H' 8o«b* •*** horn t^m-thV8.nWi\mik Ptaw" ln th«
floor* and walk* along th* tlm fc» £** S.«oal,kMP*,r »n<« the left
Int washed a*» '«    '   The on|y trouble le In   get-
rag weaned awa., ting up to tbaw. w** places.    *l
•li. AiX^ J £t _„ ,
....o put in a fine piece of work and
passed    to   Crooky who sent In on
the goal, but the Rock of Gibraltar
ln McLean aent   the sphere soaring'
back to the local   territory, to   be
returned again and yot'again the big
form of Morgan rise, abovo tho at.
tack and chests the ball away   (or
his   forwards "to get busy, Shorty
turning the tide for a moment. Back
came   the   black and white atrlpea,
.and Teague made a clear mlas,  but
.Graham ran acroaa and beat the advancing forward,   Calgary combined
    giving f. .,.-  ,
I mond-libe hardness uniformly.
' throughout the blade—some** I
""   thing absolutely  impossible
_________________t_f —    ln   with fire tempered steel-uaed
the first half, but failed In the sec-   in making all other razor*.
n'ht,.nnhn„t    thn,,    nn,*,- an-1        BBt t*»t  tW*  •«*» IB  »*«/
Throughout they never     ap-   own hom,_„r „ ,,„„ prefcf|
peared to get settled or to do their   have your barber use It on you.
beat.    The forwarda ogalmrt    thom   Olve u* your name.
m«rtK.co»-d.red    in this matter.   ^^J5lr5
however. 1 -...—■ •-•    -
Ths local front rank hod on* weak
man only. Paters.     Joe would
gat In, though at
brought    off
-.     ■»»., aim wo will.
*H•J" Proposition for teat"
jnitheie razor* without
ffrfTf*' ,0*e,hef with our
■"f.     Thla book Uluatratea
^^_^^    not
the opening    hs
»omo good Iranafors.
Oooky wai watched wall, and    al-
though he did aot gat ,n a.    many MTOH&fflStt*
of hi*   fine plays a* usual, hs often
•'eat hla former    team mat**,    and SOLE AGENTS:
mad*,   opining*   for   th*    ouMda T   , ,   ,
^JT^r^ ladjsmiUiHapdwaro Co. Ifill
two lots, one of 480 acres, from J.
H.  Kern for $133,000,  the othor of
_____ 820 acrea, from E. C. Matthews for
The House of Commons, by a'f''"00' H is f<,und that Korn and
straight party vote (save that La- Matthews, who are represented as
vergne, Robitaille and Verville, Lib- hotBl kcel*™ nt Moosejaw, were
orals, . voted with the opposition), 1,urt"er8 in ■>°u> lota' Kern got an
haa rejected Mr. Monk's motion a- "1,U"n <"» tho'" ntt™' U>» commission
gainst the payment of further bonus-1md 1*JC"le'1 tho terminus. Ho took
es to lranlaraat*. Sir Wilfrid Lau- M»tthows into the deal, which was
rlor himself appealed to his follow- '"'* through In dillorent names, for
—    to maintain the bonus system, 1'°"sona th"4 ""W ho guessed.
lho     land for   which tho govern-
Battle Crook, Mich.,
and one of his supporters went
far aa to hope that many millions
would yet be paid to bring immigrants to Canada. In the discussion this week Mr. Borden, Mr. Lennox, Mr. L'rckshutt, Mr. Robitaille
meat paid $1118,000 had been bought
W the open market by Mr. Kern for
$59,000, while tlio $84,000 proporty
cost    tho partners $40,000.      Thoy
made only a  partial payment when
" '"   '     ''    ,      ; ; ■'■ ;'T they took their option.     Most     of
tlie latter a Liberal, condomnod tho      * , ::■".,
uu, aw>.      "»    ,   •.. tne money fequi,.,    lor tho deal was
bonus system us calculated to bring "      ' /
•J""""* ""                                 I furnished by tho commission, which,
inferior   immigrants.       This  argu- " ...
MONTREAL, May 2-No May Day mnK ".""?' JUK:"" May 2'~ An_
celebration was held lost night, for ^Kl1 hy th(S actlon ?r'r divorce start
Just as the Socialist band was play- nd hy his "«**'Jf». B. Blunt, a.
ing the "International" and entered "<luor snll!sm*"i. ''rok« '"to the resi-
tho Champ de Mars with the red denco 0( M™' BluI-l's parcnU hero
Hags flying, 150 uniformed police- ear,v t°d*y wnmo sh0 wns "vlni;.
men marched out of headquarters at wlth h8r "MM™. «"d '■J''"* hla
tho city hall, hooded by Chief Cam- *v"9'" mothw 'nnd r,lthcr' Mr' "nd
peau, and the crowd were Informed M,s' H' S' JonM' Mrs' n,unt' who
they would have to dlaperse. ,saw    her parents shot' flo[1 scnnt"v'
So quietly was this done that in- nttlred out "*to a  mow Rto,,m wlt*
side of ten minutes tho Champ    do her baby ln her arms.
Mara    was cloar, but though everything     outwardly  was oalm, bitter
ment has had- the support ol Mr
Oliver, now minister ol the interior,
who, before he took olllce, was an
energetic opponent ol tbe bonus system. Several fact* camo out 'prominently in the discussion.
,    -;     SOME OBJECTIONS.
The immigration returns aro evidently padded, sinco 200,000 settlers
reported could; not bo found In 1000
by tho census enumerators.
Bonused immigrants classed as
farm laborer*, are thronging the
town* instead ol going on tho land.
Recent immlgronta, many of them
bonused, furnish twice tholr proportion of tho population of tho Canadian iprisona, lunatic asylums, hospital* and charitable institutions.
Bonused immigrant, are evidently
lea. Independent and useful than
tboee who come without assistance.
Booking agents who get the bonus
Work for quantity and not quality
ol immigrant*.
Canada is more lax than the United States in tho admission ol unsuitable settler*,
Th* latest instance ol sudden and
precipitate backdown was that ol
the minister of public worka, announced Wednesday, the 22nd. On
Monday, April 13, Mr. Pugsley intimated that certain dredging contract* made for laat year would be
contlBued iu the coming souson without tender* at tho same rates por
yard. Noxtuay Mr. Bennett brought
up the matter and the minister explained that contractors dredging at
Midland and It* neighborhood had
good equipment, that tbo work at
theae points wa* extremely urgent,
and the price reasonable, wherefore
lt wa* not desirable to delay the
work by calling for new tenders.
Thaa followed a sharp discussion,
Mr. Bennett, Mr. Haggart, Mr. Taylor, Mt»Blain, Dr. Sproule and others protesting against thla method
of abolishing competition. . They
pointed out that if ono season's contract couhYbe extended through another year tt might go on forever.
If thl* were done on two or three
contract* lt could be done on all, so
that the present contractors, most
of tbem politicians, would have a
universal monopoly.
The matter (tood over until alter
Barter, when Mr. Pugsley waa to
have brought down the order-in-coun
{Port    Huron,   Mich., May 1.— A
committee of five Englishmen    who
contract*. -    Mr, Phgalcy then
nounced   that he had changed  _ „, „,
mind and would call for tenders. He | spent aeveral
pleaded that sinco tbe order-in-coun
ed, and   under the rule* the paper*
ware placed oa the table*.
It wa* then seen wby Mr. Pugsley
did not wish to produce the document*. Ho had recommended the
extension, without tenders, of no less
than eleven contract*, not. only a-
round Midland, where he claimed the
work wa* urgent, but at other points
on Georgian Bay and othor lakes,
and also In Nova Scotia, and, in
fact all over the country, where any
contractor had found hia work pro,
fitable and waa oppoaod tp new tendon. With one accord thoso con-
tractora who had a good proposition naked for a new contract on
tha old terms, and ln evory caso Mr.
Pngiley consented. He went
through the form of asking the deputy and the government ongineers
whether the price waa right and the
work eatlafactory, Unanimously
th* officer* ol the department commended tho contractors, praised their
plant and declared tho prico reasonable. Tha deputy, however, pro.
tactod himself by reminding the minister that It had been the custom of
th. department to call for new tender* every year and that he wa* proposing an entirely new departure.
Mr, Pugaley roconunondod the departure, council gave him authority
to carry It out and everything was
going on beautifully whon the discussion raisod In the house brought
about a chonga.    Mr. Pugaley'* ar
before taking the title, paid tho
partners what was required to complete their original purchase. This
neat rako-olf Is good for the middlemen, but why Bhould not Commissioner Young, a Winnipeg mnn who
knew before anyone else whnt site
would bo choson, have ..bought tho
land at tho original prico of $09,000
instead of paying $222,000? This
ts mt Mr. Matthews' only negotiation with tlio government. Two
years ago lie was president of the
Wostorn Tower and Developing Company, which was socking the right
rrom tho government to divert tho
Bow River at Kanannskls falls for
the' purpose of supplying power to
Calgary, Banff and C'onmoro, and
wo* applying for tho right to occupy Indian land* with Ills power
I plant.
;.EDMONTON, Alta", May 2.- Ono
uf tlio first cases to be tried in the
-Alberta courts Involving tlie Industrial disputes measure, known us tlio
Loinieux Act, came up for bearing in
the district court yesterday betore
liis Honor Judge Taylor.
This was the case of 21 miners o-
gainst the *5Hrathcuna Coul Company for breach 'of contract. The
company entered into a now contract for smaller wage with three
miners without complying with the
provisions of tlio net. The judge
held that the Chrec men who signed
tho now contract must uliido liy it
but the agreement was not binding
to the othor minors.
The United Mine Workers of America have taken up tlio question and
will appoal from tlio judgement, with
        respect to the three men.     It is un-
Canipau and Insisted that there was will according   to present Intention, {dcrstond that    they will also utter
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
feelings were aroused in the Social-,   TcWo, May l.-It was officially uu-
ist ranks and     tho leaders of     the „„„„,.„„ tralav that I, Motono,   Ja-
the rank     of
______________ nounced today that
movement said they looked upon the panBSB minister     at St
action ns a  breach of faith on   the nad bocn promoted to
part of tho civic authorities, claim- ambassador,
Ing that Mayor Payette gave   them , , *	
permission to hold a  quiet parade, j ANOTHER RAILWAY.
Tholr leaders afterward visited Chief     OTTAWA, May 2.—The government
B. E. VALKIiR, Pree'idorit.
ALEX LAlKJ), Gonoml Ma nger
A. E IRELAND, Superintendent
of Brat dies.
Ni«-up capital $10,000,000
Risi     5,000,000
Total Assets.. 113,000,000
Bio.- c' es throughout Cunudu
id tlie Unil ed States a tl  England
no law to prevent nn orderly parado submit to parliament shortly a bill
through tho Btroota and a qulot ga- providing for the construction of al|
therlng in a public place, but tho railway to Fort Churchill on Hud-
chief insisted that, tho law covered BOn Day, thus providing a new out-
hls action. Tho Socialists will hold let for the rapidly increasing west-
a meoting in Labor Temple tomor- era grain. It IS understood the
row afternoon nt which lt ls admit- measure will bo along the lines sug-
tod the cry of persecution will be gested in commons last session by
[Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
Mra. Richard A. Alley, of Soattlo,
haa announced that she will continue tho management of the Alley line
of subsidized steamships, taking the
position left vacant by tho death of
hcr husband recently.
The Seattle Times says:
"Mrs. Bichord A. Alloy, a prominent figure for tho last two years in
Soattlo society, has decided to continue lho steamship lino operated by
her late husband between Urltish
Columbia and New Zoaland; This
decision has been received with no
little interest and surprise. Young
and boautiful as sho is, the thought
of hard work and dull business cares
does not readily associate with Mrs.
Alley; who ls as accomplished in the
social arts as sho Is clover Ih grasping the details of the steamship business.
'Some of hcr friends have tried to
dissuade her from this purpose, but
she Is firm in her decision to continue and build up the business of
her lato husband. She has for some
time been . In a way familiarizing
herself with the general affairs of the
company, and hns acquired a wonderful fund of detail information
which will make her-personal management and control a. matter of
little work to herself."
 4 '
represent a number ol English stock
his | holders of the Grand Trunk system,
^^^^^^^^ hours hore ycatprday.
_  ■ A member of the committoo aald tho
ell wa* rescinded he need not    pro-1 policy of the    president nnd general
dUM.lt.    Thl* plea waa not accept-1 manager in building expensive shops
—a— ...       .-- ■ •-- "apt Battle Creek, Mich., and closing
BUTTE, Mont., May 2.—The east-
bound liurliugiton train No. 6 was
dynamltod near tho Northern PaciUc
station here at 11.117 o'clock last
night. The explosion caused the
first, or helper, engine to leavo    the
GLASGOW, May a.-iThe Clyde
shipbuilders this morning locked out
one   thousand wood worker*    Irom
their yard*. -'This meu»ure ia    an      , .... „,,.....
outcome of th. dtapute between the taiUJ f" P'»w«d'along Ior a few
Shipbuilder Employee.' Federation. bubitei <*f w thout t"r:n"1« ov"'
and tho ship workers ol the north-|The,Mcond.8,,g"") °ra*be, int0 „the
east const who struck rather- than bank a,'T car long">? from "**"
acceptable reduction In wages, mid tho *^""ol,io,1 occurred aod turned
who have not been able to get    tholov\r' ,   ,
federation to arbitrate their de- Eveiy person on the train has boen
mands. Lookouts have been decidod ™™aM "\r oxcept '"T Bu8y'
upon at all the shipbuilding yard*.   |0' ibe *"""'? <*fne' ,wh0 ls su«ras-
London, May 2,-The woodworkers ed t0 b8 ^ un<ie' ibe lomm°-
in nil tho shipbuilding yards of the tim C^***"' wh° "» Miag
country, about fifteen thousand men, °u tha bllmi "^aso. wua token out
wero locked out today in - pursuance! °r Ule mKlls"s1 ol ""f •»?**.»!**
of the determination of the masters,"*' was buried*        ¥is am ttnd loB'
them nip at other points, does not
meet with tho approval of English
investors, and a rosult ot this trip
will be decided action of tho stockholders In relation to tho olllcers'
Washington, May 1. —President
Boosovelt today sent hi* condolences
to tho Emperor ot Japan regarding
the blowing up of the Japanese erul-
JBer, with heavy loss of life.
BE1IL1N, May 2. — Baroness Udo
Von Uuexlben shot and killed hor
husband iu. thoir Chateau at Budden
berg lust -night as ho was about to
retire.    Sho thon shot herself,    out
[tho wound wus not fatal. No explanation was mado of the occurrence. Baron Von Uuexlben wus one
of tho old Tuirlgou family and   was
[80 yoars old. Ho married Wanda
Von Strouibruck who is now twenty
six yours uld, in Berlin lost summer.
NEW yORli, May H.-Tho now pay-
as-you-cnter oar* which hafe now
been in use on Madison avenue lor
over a month have proved a *uc-
c*s* and Manhattan! tea are wondering how long it will ba before the
other lines will follow ault. The old-
fashioned cars are still In uso on
Broadway In spite ol th* heavy traffic, and on *oiue of the crow streets
—-. w   voKaaas.      —t.  t ugaioy ■ ar- i -v. mh vu aui.ia ui  .no ii ubb m.rwf-s
gument of exceptional urgency in ono.horse car* still run. Visitor* to.
caae became *o rldlculou* when ap- tno city aro generally surprised to
Piled to eleven contract* In ..all parts Had horaecara In Gotham, mora ao
of th* Dominion that tha deliberate 'than anything else that come* to
abandonment of the whole compotl-! their notice. Tha new can on Ma'
tlv* system could not stand oxpoa- dlson avenue, however, attract a
ur*. It wa* a humiliating back- great deal of attention, and already
down for Mr. Pugaley. eorae of the enterprising store* have
A . TRANSCONTINENTAL    LAND Pu'     on aale a  "pay-ae-you-enter"
DEAL. bait    with a littio pocket attached
Th* Public Account* Committee nn for change.
Thuraday dialed down anothor beau- H I* planned soon to plac* a nlc-'
tlful railway land deal. The Trans- hoi tn the slot machine on the ear*
continental Commlaslon fixed the und have each passenger drop In hi*
Winnipeg terminal* at Bt. Boniface, ownfaro. It la thought that In thl*
aad bought 800 acres of land aver- way the conductor will have all ol
aging about S mile* east ol tho city, hi* timo to giv* to assisting paiaen-
Thla land waa bought by Commit- (ers on and oft th* car, ondthu* les-
•loner 0. A. Young, oitendbly    In sen the number ol accident*.
to closo tho yardB unless tho northeast const strikers agree to their
many sTores of thousand* will have
to cease work before long, ^unless
settlement Is reached.
NEW YORK, May 2.-SIxty thousand Roman Catholic laymen marching in procession this forenoon
brought to a climax and formally
ended the week long celebration af
tho centennary of tbe founding of
the.Roman.Catholic diocese cf New
York. Tho parade had been the
lookod forward to as the crowning
public event of-the' week and- In every way anticipation was surpassed
No -more perfect weather could have
favored tho event. The sky was ah
most cloudless, the air clear and
bracing. Along Fifth avenue and
through 27th street, here the line of
march led to the disbanding point,
and hundreds of thousands of persons wore massed and the Immense
reviewing stand which had been erect
ed ln front ot the cathedral mado
picture the like of which Is seldom aeon. It had been built to accommodate 3,500 people and Its en-j
tire capacity was placed at the disposal of women and children and the
distinguished prelates who have been
participating in tho observance ol
the ceremony. i
All tho sixty thousand who -took
part in the parade, every man, save
the brigadier general, Thos. Carry,
the grand marshal), was on foot. Behind him trudged tho thousands —
millionaire* and laborers. Many of.
tho larger stores and other business]
places conducted by Catholics had a
half holiday and their employees had.
an opportunity to take port in the
parade or to Join with the other,
thomnnds who crowded the streot*
to review the marcher*.
The parade formed a square wall
down toward the lower ond of the
city and moved up Fifth Avenue part
the cathedral and to 57th street,
where it dispersed. Tho line of
inarch covered a distance ol three
an nction in the riupremo court     i
gainst tlio     Strutliconn Coal     Coi
pany for 520,000 damages for    violation of tlie Lemieux Act and     for
broach of contract.
Washington, Aluy 1,—Representative Murdoch, of luinsus, today took
up wllh the stuto dopai'Lmont the
alleged action ol member Llesclimun
in endeavoring to induce Mrs. Bernard Warkonlyn to sign a paper releasing the Turkish prince who accidentally shot her husband on a
train near Damascus, from prosecuting. The stato department-will do:
mand an explanation.
Delnionto, Cal., May 1.—The Atlantic battleship fleet arrived in Mon-
U'ey Bay today, anchoring! oil the
city at 0 a.m., oue hour ahead of
were broken, _
Express Messenger J. G. Valentino
wos seriously cut by a flying gren-
ude. Chas. Henderson and the police have began an invostigation of
the affair. The dynamiting is believed to he the work 0f some tramp
seeking reveuga for being ejected
from a train.
The mall car was.hurled on Its
side and wrecked, a cold storage
lish car waa smashed into kindling
wood, but only, tho'front trucks of
the express car left.the roils. The
baggage car was also detailed, only
the Pullmans remained on tho track,
F. Wi Lenzle, engineer of tho head
engine, says:
"We were about ten minutes    behind timo and were running at-   the
rate of about    forty miles an hour.
The line was fairly straight and we
had a clear track,    ___________________
was a terrific explosion, and the)
engine was listed- clear of the track
but quickly settled on tbe ties, a-
long which - it ran for about three
hundred feet. I applied the brakes,
but not betore the coupling had brok
cn between my engine and tho one
following. After applying the air'
I shouted to my fireman, John Dor-
ring, to Jump and we both dropped
to the ground a* the engine came
to a standstill. As soon as I realized the situation I hastened to the
scene of the wreck and found tho
second engine turned over on Its
aide. A moment later I ran into
George Ehle, Engineer Bush's fireman. He was walking about with
his arms terribly shattered and tho
skin actually falling from the flesh.
Ambulances quickly responded and
ho was hastened to tho hospital
PORTLAND, Ore., May 2—Nathan
Wolf, a pawnbroker and Jeweler,
who has beoa in business In Portland for 2S years, was murdered lust
night. Wolf was evidently lirst shot'
in the neck and then beateu to doath
with a hatchet. His faco and head
wero hacked. There is little doubt
that robbery was the niotivo fcr tho j
ciime. Wolf carried a largo stock
of diamonds. It ls said the robbers took Jewelry to tho amount of
A GENERAL DANKINQ DlleiNF-SS 1 RUNS'   :lf-"D -Coir n-ercial   and
Farmolo'   P.ipoi-   Diatcuntod.
Deposit8*oi' $1 anil upwim1* icceived, mul n.tt-to t ull -wed nt
(Uri-en rates. The depositor i tuljctt to nu deJay whatever iu
the will diuwnl of the who'e til any purl of the deposit
OFFICII   HOUS ON PAY  DUY   0:80 £*•$ ^m12*t0 {?^ £ B »
LAlDYSMlTB  MUNCH  L. M. VaQl  v. Manager
?aS joiin w. uojjuun, m$o. a pioeard.       53
5V]    President wul Manhfjing Director. Rcin-tnry-Tronsurer.     £M
[d| 83
jg  THE  SS
!^j .XilMITB-D «|A
i Th Jones Hotel
Gatacre btreet.
All Home Cured
fl. jiOttlE'S
Rob-its St. Butcher
MONTREAL, Mny 2—Tho Ottawa
coiTcajjoiiUciit of tho Ottzeite Buys
Uiis morning omphalic notices wore
sorved on tho government last night
by the opposition, thot. if furthei
supply was to bo granted somo fur
ther instruction must be given about
early briugii^f down of tho Ayles-
Sud'donly thero jworth biIK
ROME, May 2.-Ouo of tho greatest dilltcultiea in tho way of a marriage botweon Prince Belle de Sevan
and Madam Anna Could, le the fact
that the Catholic church, not recognizing divorce, has refused to annul u
Mmo. Hould'sk flrat marriage. f
The i'rlnco Is determined to marry
Mmo. Gould and to this end hoe decided to turn Protestant. This will
enable the couple te. receive both a
civil and reUgioue marriage. If the
prince remained a Catholic there.
Could lie no religious marriage and
consequently hls wife would not be
accepted by eoclety.
RBaiNA, Sask., May 2.- Dospfto
the statoment. of tha Minister of tho
BERLIN, Uny 2.— ftho Socialistic
May Day demonstrations passod off
without (Usordor despite tho fact
that the unemployed wore ■ numerous
participants. Twenty two Socialist
mootings woro orgunizod in Berlin
and its suburbs, a smaller number
than in, previous years. It is estimated thut 83,00H. persons including 2,000 women abstained from
work os against 02,000 last year,
and 55,000 iu 1000.
Despatches received from the principal citios iu tlio provinces report
that May Day 'passed olV quietly.
'Paris, May p.—Mny Day passed off
quietly the only incident, being' the
arrest of two individuals iu tbe
ploco. ThO'Quex Ropiiblique reported tho soldiers to throw down their
arms aud join the anti-military
movement. Of tho persons arrested
during tho day, only six wero do-
taiued, thoy being found to bo either in possession uf concealed weapons or not hoA-lug cumplied with
tlio regulations for tho registration
of tho forolgaors. Lato despatches
from thepo I ice-'department says thoy
woro uo disturbances excopt at
tfdehofort and Brest where slight
collisions took place between marchers and tho,police. Those, however,
wore not attended with, serious con-
Chicago, Hnf 2.—May Day in Chicago passod out with one minor
striko to mar tho harmony that ox**
lets botweon employers 'and employees. Only 70 men: were involved in
thnt ono strike hut notwithstanding
tho small  niuubor  the  result was a
LONDON, May 4.—Alfred G. Van-
derbilt, whose efforts to revive interest lu couching In England has
been so sympathetically received,
left London today on the lirst of his
regular trips over the Brighton road
and a big crowd assembled outside
the Victoria hotel, from which point
tho start was made ut eleven o'clock
this morning. Half past live is the
hour set for the couch to reach
Brighton. The route traversed is
54 miles, going by way of IJutuey
lle.ttli, New Maiden, and Kcigate,
where an hour's slop is to be mado
ut the famous Whito Heart for luncheon. Then ou to Crawley, Hand-
cross, Do I ney and Pyecombo, to the
HOtel Metropole. Brighton.
Mr. Vanderbilt's coach is named
the Venture. It is a gorgeous maroon-colored vehicle, built to carry
twelve puBsongers. Mr. Vauderuilt
plans to drive the coach himself four
days out of every six in his six
week*' season. The runs from London nre to be made ou Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays, and the roturn journeys on tho alternate days.
The young millionaire believes ho
can mako the coach pay, und is running It with that Intention.
Later— A groat crowd gathered in
Northumberland this morning to wit
nose Alfred C. Vanderbilt's start on
the couch venture from the Victoria
hotel on its first business trip to
Brighton. The coach was heartily
cheered as it passed down tho avenuo. Reginald Vanderbllt and 0.
W. Wadaworth, second secretary of
the American embassy in London,
were among tho passengers.
DETROIT, Mich., May 4.—Fair ns;
presoatativos of ono hundred whist
;lubs, scattered from Maine to Texas, with un individual membership
of about y.ouo gathered ut the Hotel CudilUic in tins city toUny in
i readiness for the eleventh unuuul
: congress of tlie Women's Whist Leu-
[gue. The tournament opens with a
reception game lotnghl aim the play
will cuiiuuuu until Saturday.
Four trophies ure to be played for
flutingythreo, Bess.bus, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday muiniugs.
These are the Washington trophy,
for tlio chumpionsgip for club fours;
tho Philadelphia cup, for thu championship lor club pairs; tht Caven-
luish trophy, Ior the junior elmm-
.pionship of the loaguo for club fours;
(and tho Boston trophy, a contest ior
two pairs of women, nut ull from
the sumo club.
In addition to these four trophies
i contests will bo playod for the St-
[Louis trophy for mixed pairs, the
Quaker Cu*y trophies and iho Now
Amsterdam tropnios for pairs of women winning tup scores lh trophy
events and [n the open games.
NEW YORJC, Hay 2.-They     have
I got a new wrinkle in the Grand Cun
tral station that Is destined to make
men with weak hearts live longer,
and incidentally protect tho small
and     u'nathletic persons from being
{trampled underfoot by those who
ore always trying to catch the train
ahead. The new rule forbids anyone running in the station in on el-
fort to catch his train. 'A number
of 6tu,\\urt policemen are on hand
to enforce the rule.     Thoy grab tho
j hurrying train catcher, toll him he
is endangering lives by rushing at
breakneck speed through  the crowd,
[and then let him go on his way. Hu
generally arrives at his track Just
lu time to have tho gato closed  in
jhitt face, and to see the last car of
his train .pulling out of the station.
 ■      , - >	
Wotaaklwiu, Alta., May 4,—Abraham Trlstuin, a farmer of Rosenrol,
whilo crossing a neighbor's farm in
company with two other men, was
ordered' to stop and in thc altercation which followed was shot lu tho
right arm, which was shnttered badly. It le said thnt c.uo of tho mon
was also stabbed, but particulars
ro not to hand.'
A despatch from Dawson says Mu-
da, the famous Japanese musher,
who left Herschel Island lost March
arrived yesterday finishing a remarkable trip via Fort Yukon.
He reports that an Eskimo arrived at Herschel from Fraxman
laud, one hundred and sixty miles
westward, and reported a rich new
gold strike, with the dirt going as
high as eighteen cents* to the pan.
stream flowing into the Arcto
i tie up of all cut stone yards in the
Interior In tho Houso ol Common.', c\iy' . ™» ""■'!' ^M °utJ? ,0™
-3-o.tortlay thut tho provincial gov- ' '*» iuiv'"'™ ° » <*onts ah%,«ur Un
ornment Is    rospoiislhlo dor Dmikho- j '"-If'    No ollorta woro madoiby tho 	
states thnt tho Soskalchownn    ffov-;fbo I™*-01""1 *"''      „  l—.-•.•-        -•--■   -■•-•-.
ornmont doos not nccopt tho rospon- *
sllilllly nnd will hnve nothing to do Kingston, Mny Si—Frontlet liber-
with the caring ol Doukhobors nn- „,, hftV0 dw,lded t0 gupport Dr. W,
til lorced to tako action.  Tlie maun"
P.O. Uox 54 'Phou 44
DeiiTer in All Kinds of
Weats Delivered frco of charge on tht
Shortest Notice.
aVf*,-zr_?-\T''e .'**■-.*;
Edmonton, Alta., May 4.—Tho Rov
Br. Eiitim, ol Cleveland, O., and
spiritual adviser ol John D. Rocko-
Icller, ls in lho city.. It Is said Br.
Eaton is looking into church matters with a viow ol advancing tho
Baptist cause In western Ctinndn.
I; U.B.C
j Union Brewing Co.
V Limited.
Lndysmith, B. C.
and Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding  nnd   Party  Cakes Hade  to
Fruits and Candles of All Kinds
Prices nro    very   reasonable.     AH
Customers treated alike.
On Uio Esplanade.
Ladysmith, B. 0.
tod Police havo boon Instructed, how SP"*'«. independent, who is oppoi-
ovor, to placo In charge any who, 'ng J. S. Gallagher, the sitting Oon-
are breaking the law or are insane,   -amative member of the legislature.
'     - ■    .1 4
probably the Kuriigu, which    beads
opposite Clinndelar.
The Eskimo saw a cigar box full
ct gold In tho possession of the
whites. The men at the strike are
Ned Eeay and his son, John Grubon
and Dan Sweeney.
120 PEOPLE' Dl'iWNI'l)  SUNDAY'.
fe,rry boat on tho - river Bepor capsized noar BlkliolT, nn^l one hundred
nnd twonly persons wero drownod.
Tlio boat . was Ailed with poasants,
their wives and children returning
from Church. It was overcrowded
and became unmanageable, and the
passongon lost tholr heads andWn- .
ed the boat over by crowding to one , t
aide. I %•»»
sd  !
10   \
n-  \
Full Stock ol Itinera' Tool!.    J
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kind! ol  Blacksmlthlng
Done at Short Notlot. Mfc^Mfetg
The Big Store has the Biggest and Choicest Selection of all
kinds of Shoos over shown in this Department.
"SLATER'S" Shoes. A large variety of Ladies' and
Gents' Shoos, guaranteed   to give satisfaction.
Our Values in Shoes
Are Unsurpassed....
A visit to our SHOE DEPARTMENT    will    convince
that wo have the GOODS,  and the pricos are right.
JuOCAJj IS 111 Wfc)    *** ItaSianB lor some time "Wing to
. the    fact that   a number ol Poles
— took the   place* ol striking Italians
city haa a  big gang of men at nearby coal mines.     Today    the
employed on Gutacre street.
One of the first results of tho Cl'.
Ii. Party of officials lias beanthe cutting down of tho stumps und runts
which made the approach lo the depot so dangerous.
, Italian! laid an ombuah for a party
of Pules and attacked them with
The following disbursements wore
■made during April by tlio A. & B.
Fund :
./. Albortiul  | is oo
.las. Conlin   ,.    15 00
Jas. Crossan .........      ail 00
A. Bursche      80 00
F. Corresini      80 00
Geo. Kesserich     30 00
G. Murtou        0 00
P. Whisker       20 00
Wm. Bourne     18 00
Jno. Tougiilla       8 00
Wm. liussell        5 00
J. Lowe       fi 00
Wm. Siler     14 23
Total  $211 2S
Washington, May 4.—Percy Wade,
recently convicted ol violating the
gambling laws of tha District ol
Columbia by conducting a "bucket
shop", was today sentenced by Justice Barnard in the criminal court
io servo thirty days ln Jail. Mr.
Wade took an appeal and was released on tSOO ball. Wade's case
was regarded as a test under the
district cod*.
Eaaton, Pa., May a.-Henry Smith
and his wile, parauta ol Irene Smith
the little girl who waa strangled to
death by Robert Baecnman whilo in.
a religious frenzy at Nazareth last
Monday night, were released from
the Northampton county prison todny upon an order from Judge Scott
who held there waa no evidence   to
Mr. J. Dauuher   will    be here   on
Thursday, Muy 7th at Mr. Goo.  o.
Ross'   JulJur shop with a   comjilete
line of suitings, pantings and   vesting,.     Auy   person    wishing to see 'connect them with the death of th*
some handsome   patterns and select _.,_,.,     M__   •____,—,__      .   ,     _
their spring ur summer suit should |Cl,U<1'    *"*' ^^tonon -™* also redo   so    now.     Ho   will   also have laMl1'™ *be snme grounds. Beach-
about 100 different patterns iu   fan- man's brother, a  wealthy and pro-
ey vests, bar   vests,   butcher coats, mlnent manufacturer of cement, Is on
duck   trousers,   etc.      It will be   a v.. _,„„ _,__t ,___ „..„ . . ..
pleasure   to   show samples.    Every ,* Way wert 'rom California, Md It
man should take this opportunity of
seeing   the   latest  styles In   Men's
Suits.    Store open until 10 p.m.
The .'Laurel Rebokah Lodge ore giving a lawn social on Monday afternoon, May 18th, at tho Gilchrist residence on Fourth Avenue. Thore
■will be a prize drawing at 10 cents
a ticket and ice cream will be on
sale.    Admission 2fi cents each.
stated he will put up a strong
flght In defence of the prisoner, who
will be Indicted and tried for tbe
murder of the Smith child.
The Caledonians /ailed to stand
by their bluff. Five hundred dollars
was enuugii, but when it was called
they added a three huudred dollar
guarantee. The club backers offered
to play for everything, sido bet and
gate receipts, but the Callies wanted |800 down beforo they moved.
They are in Calgary now warming
their feet.
Wilkesbarre, Fa., May 4.— Pole*
and Italians engaged in a bloody
riot at Hudson, ten miles from here
today, two Poles being fatally injured, two others badly hurt, while
many more wounded were carried a-
way by their companions. There ha*
been   bad    blood between the Pole*
Lisbon, May 4.—The government
has completed Its investigation Into
the plot that led to the assassination of King Carlo* and th* Crown
Prince of Portugal, but the conspiracy had so many ramifications and
so many person* suspected or lmpl|.
cated that It ha* been decided not
to bring any prosecutions. King
Emanuel, when he takes oath ol office will grant a general political
amnesty. This, however, will only
cover offence* up to January last.
BALTIMORE, May 6.- The advance guard of delegates and visitors to the general conference ct the
Methodist Episcopal church, which
opens in the   city next Wednesday,
ha* already arrived.     From remote
I ports of the world delegates, ministerial and lay, are hastening hither.
Few countries where civilization hs*
penetrated will lack representation
when the opening session Is called to
Ths general conference convenes every four years. It is tne governing
body of the church and combines the
legislative, executive and judicial
powers ot tbe organization. The gathering this year will consist ot a-
tout one thousand delegates.
Several important subjects are to
come up for discussion and action at
the general meeting this year. Legislation will be framed and adopted
for the colleges and universities and
officer* appointed for the various.benevolent organizations, missions,
church extension, Sunday schools,
etc. Secretaries will be appointed
for tbe various church enterprises,
and editors chosen for the fourteen
or more periodicals of the church.
The great fight of the session is
expected to be over the amendment
for the election of race bishops. Tho
indications are that the amendment
is doomed to. defeat. Those opposed to the amendment declare that
the negroes have expressed no great
desire for it, while th* white people,
particularly ln the south, are bitterly opposed to It. It is further stated that wM'j tne scheme would probably operate to the advantage of
the Methodist missions and churches
as well in foreign lands, it would so
greatly decrease the scope of the
present board of bishops as to make
the Changs at present undesirable. It
also would necessitate an enlargement of the present house of bishop*
it is assented, beyond the requirement* ol present conditions, and
that the ends attained are not suf-1
flciently urgent to warrant such a
A question on which lt is expected
very positive opinions will be expressed Is a proposal to restore the
time limit in pastoral appointments.
Eight years ago the time limit was
removed. The change has been a
cause for dissatisfaction among ambitious ministers, who believe the
best pulpits are not open to them
because the congregations elect to
keep a pastor as long as he suits
them. Memorials expressive of disfavor toward a continuance of the
present policy of the church in this
respect nre said to have been adopted by nearly two-thirds of the annual conferences throughout the coun
try during the post year, and lt Is
confidently believed by those who favor the time limit that thl* year
will mark a return to the lormer
The question of making the presiding eldership an elective office is not
generally looked upon as a disturbing factor, and It is not thought any
Immediate change In thl* particular
will result from the conference members' deliberations. The proposal to
abolish or modify the amusement restrictions in- the church discipline Is
believed to stand a good chance of
being adopted .this year. It is admitted that many Methodists do not
generally recognize the ban placed hy
tho church upon card playing, theatre-going, and dancing, and this will
bs used a* one of the arguments a-
gainst the policy of the church in
trying to regulate these matter*.
"I suppose I real,y ought to wear ■ J
glasses.    My eyesight ls 'very, poor," j,,
"Your earhearlng ls ell right, '*
though. Isn't It?"
"What's the difference between tut
old maid and a bachelor girl?"        .-
"An old maid is a match Ior nobody, while a bachelor girl is apt
to bs a match lor anybody." I
Ladles'   Blouses    in a   very
Saw something neat and modest X large assortment from 50c up.
In a spring hat today."
"What was lt like?"
"Its main feature consisted of ot,- j [ ln'g
000 tips    snipped from feather dust- ,,
ers, festoons of tin cans all around • ■
, 1    Ladies' Spring Coats. About
; I 1} dozen of these we aro show-
No two alike in stylo.
Ladies' Skirts in Ducks, Lus-
., t   t- J "tre and Cloth, in almost   any
and an elegant lace curtain effect ot ,, co,or  (rom ta 78 up
the back,'
Mis* Cutting— I see by tbe paper,
shot all the (well set was at the
assembly ball laat night.
Miss McBluff-Yos; I expected to
be ther*, but was prevented        I
Mis*    Cuttlng-The Ideal    I hope j
the doorkeeper wasn't rough    with
you, dear. 1.
"That couple In the Oat across
the hall are evidently newly married," remarked Bigg* tlie othor
"Why do you think *o?" queried
Mra. B.
I "They've bean there a weak and I
have not heard a door slam ones'
explained the husband to his wile.
Her Father—And so you want to
marry my daughter, eh?
Young Man— That's what I said.
Her Father-But how do you expect to support her on an income ol
?800 a year.
Young Man— Oh come, now, your
income must be more than ten times
that amount,
She— Tho man I marry, must be
very learned.
He—Well, why 'not consider me?
I'm a graduate of three unlversl-
tlea, (peak eight languages fluently,
and know all the ologies.
She— That Isn't enough.
He- I forgot to mention that I
can give you the names ol all th*
different parts of an automobile,
and —"
She— That'll do.    I'm your*.
[SPRING CLEANING    Kr,»*r\«f^».»«*v»»»«««v»»v»*»r>)it.
Job Lot Snaps
J. £. Smith,    Roberts Stree
New Store
IN' ew I y Stocked
AU Kinds of Wall Paper.
Picture   Framing a Specialty.
«'l fl. •_j__t_.mmmM_mAWa\-mmamU
f aa. ■»». a,a.a»%%%a>a»%«^a»a) »*>%0
< i    Children's Hendwoar in Silk,
11 Muslin and Cotton, something
vory now we aro showing this ', J
season for tho little ones.
Telephone, 1 2-4.
Nanaiim B 0.
Dp. %g. dm
All Work Guaranteed.
Mayor Planta was In town yesterday morning.. .
Mr. and Mrs. S. Decker returned
home on Monday from a short trip
to Vancouver,
Mr. Chas. Mains returned to business on Monday morning.
Rods and Lines
Flies and Tackle
For AH Kinds of Fishing.
A vory comptote rtr-'-ction of
Whitney" make n< n  In Stuck.
', A ' |   Superior to anv nl'mr liu-Cart'; In
Mr. Chas. Walters paid a business Style, Comfort and Durability,
visit to Vancouvor   on   Friday,   re-1   'Collapsible Go-Carts, with Adjust-
turning the next day.    He was not ible Tops, 10, 12 and 11 in.    Huli-
the only business man suddenly call- ber Tires can bo supplied.
od out of town,
They make   good ■
Mr. W. E.'Morrison also, found it
necessary to visit the Terminal city,
and Mr. Sutherland, of the Big
Store had also engagements to DU.
Messrs. Norton and King, ol Vancouver, are in town looking after
the summer sack coal trade.
Mr. J. W. Coburn waa In town today.
'Phone 18.
First Avenue
Mr. R. Gibson    came   down from
Nanaimo this morning.
Ur. J. Ht Simpson paid a business trip to Ladysmith this morning.
G. Peterson1   8T°RE
Ice Cream
10 Cents a Dish
Cigars   Tobaccos.   SoJJ Drinks
Trains leave ladysmith
Dally at 9 a. m.
are a Specialty hers. What
will you have for this Season?
Our Large, New Stock will
Please you. All the Latest
Ideas In soft fronts and Negliges, etc. Latest designs; nil
fast colors.
Working Shirts-tAH the good
makes and, qualities. Strong,
welt made, durable Shirts.
Prices .Lowest in town.
William'* Block
aB»"f«»« »»%*,»%»»,
Don't Miss this Chance
It is Only Good for
We are Making a
To the People of Ladysmith and Distriot
Are Offered at Specially
lieduced Prices
Come Direst to Foundry and
Mclntyre. foundry
Company, Limited
Father Vaughan's Now Play Depicts
the Celebration of Mass on the
Stage — Church Will Take
CHICAwO, May 6.— Gasps of astonishment came Irom an audience,
composed largely ol Roman Catho-
lica^when the curtain was lifted on
the second scene ol the Rev. T. J.
Vaughan'* j>lay" "A Woman ol tho
West," produced in the Bush Temple theatre last night. The interior of a Catholic church, showing
the altar and an actor in the vestment of a person performing the
ceremony of mass were presented and
continued for almost three minutes.
The presentation stirred the large
number of Catholic priests and the
church memiofs ln the audience into
an excited discussion and church action Is expected.
Father Vaughan said he had not
consulted with hia superiors in reference to the depiction oi the mass
upon ths stage. "To* celebration
of nuts* Is stopped before the consecration of tbs holt, it is simply
picture," he said, "A living painting
and should offend no one, any moro
than the reproduction ol the same
thing in water color* or oil*,"
Columbia, and ha* had Uu greatest
success with them ail.    The rink for
Montreal, May ff.-Ton families had'
to make * hurried exit from their
homes at an early hour thi* morning a* a result ol tire which broke
out In tbs rear of No. S3 Plymouth
Grove The nre Itself did not a-
raount to p great deal, but before
it was extinguished, a row of buildings had Men badly flooded with
water, and whon the blaze out th*
occupant* returned to wrecked horn-
Regulations   for   the    Docking    or
. Mooring of All Vessels Arriving; at
British Columbia Ports from Pis*
gue-Infected Ports.
(Approved by Order ol His Honour
tho   Administrator-uHCouncllj,. dated
8th April, 1908).
1. All vessels arriving at British
Columbia ports from ports infected
or suspected ol being infected! with
Bubonic Plague shall conform to the
following regulations'—
(a.) Vessels shall be) moored or
docked at a distance not less than
six feet from whorl or land:
(b.) Ropes or chains connecting
a vessel with wharf or land shall
be protected by funnels of sins and
shape satisfactory to Local and
Provincial Boards of Health:
(c.) All gangways shall be lilted
when not in use, Gangways when
In use shall be guarded against the
exit of rats by a person specially;
detailed tor this purpose:
(d.) All vessels changing rout*
to solely British Columbia port*
shell give satisfactory evidence of
disinfection and extermination ot
vermin to Provincial Board of
2. Every owner, agent, or captain,
of any vessel, and every other per'
■on violating or instructing, authorising, ordering, permitting, er otherwise suffering any person to violate*
any of the foregoing regulation*
shall be liable, upon summary conviction before any two Justiess of
the peace, for every such offence to>
a flno not exceeding one hundred
dollars, with or without costs, or to
imprisonment, with or without hard
labour, for a term not exceeding six
months, or to both find and imprisonment in the discretion of the convicting magistrates.
Bated at Victoria, 9t* April, 190&.
(By Command).
Provincial Secretary.
Charles J. Fagan, M.D.,
Secretary Provincial Bourd ol HealtK.
From prize winning Stock.   Barred Wednesday,   Soturday   and   Sunday,'
Rocks, Black Langshans, Black Mln-
orens. Buff, White, and Brown Leghorns, Blue Andaluslans and Black
Orpingtons, Bull and White Cochin
Bantams, and Golden Seabrlghts.
Eggs 13.00 per 18;    others at fl
per 18.
Mount View Poultry Yards
Five-Acre bote, Nanaimo, B.C.
Ha led a very quirt Ufa,
Thl* fallow dull and stupid,
But then, he didn't ho* e * win
And never winked at Cupid.
Under the Auspice*, ol the
At 9:00 and 16:58.
For Victoria.
ClWFtV!-. '- " : <■'"■ M   ''
_   Trains i\rr\n it ladysmith
Dally at 11:67.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
|, At 11:67 and 17.66.
Excellent Boarding
Hose I
Lace Hose ln black, tan and [ [ ■
white. . >
Plain Hoso in black, tan and ; .
New stock of Corsot Covers,
From Victoria.
OEO. I. C0UI,TF|,r\Y        |
District Passenger Agent.
; 103 Government St., Victoria
Special Med Tickets for
the Week
Mrs. 3. Decker,
[    The attention of  tho   Lands
I Miss Uren ii
', :     FANCY GOODS  STORE.      \
Setting Eggs
Pull Setting for $1.00
Ifsave Order* at O. Roberta' Butcher
Shop, First Avenue.
David T. Davies   I
| ', Works Department having beon directed to the fact that town lots In
a townsite named Prince Rupert,
being a subdivision of Lot 043,
Range 6, Const District, situated on
the mainland botweon tho mouth of
the Skoena -River nnd Kaien Island,
are boing oflered for sale, it hns
beon doomed necessary to warn tho
public that tho said townsite Is not
situated at tho terminus of tho
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, and ls
not tho townsite which Is owned
Jointly by the Government of British Columbia and tbo Grund Trunk
Pacific Railway Company.
Chief   Commissioner   of Lands   and
a '     Works. ,
Lands and Works Department,
I   Victoria, B.C., May 1st, 1908. Im
THAN WOOD. . . .
H. Thornley
j. m. moRGAN,
Teacher of Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at tha
Standard Office.
oil. £=3.
MoDilay, May 18(1,118
On Fourth Avsnue.
Prlzo Drawing,    Ico Cream on Sate.
' 'ALL WElXXnffi.
Notice is hereby glvon thot we Intend to apply to the Licensing Commissioners of the Oity ot Ladysmith
at their next regular meeting lor  a
transfer of the Retail Liquor Licence
.now   hold   by us for tho    promises
known a* the New Western Bur. Ladysmith, B.  C, from oursolvas   to
John Pnusche and John Uunbitr.
' Ladysmith, B.C., March 81, 1908.
Black Minorca and Plymouth Rock
eggs. Full setting ol eggs for 81.00.
All eggs guaranteed. 'Leave orders
at O. Roberts Butcher Store
E r^n^lan^nd Everything :™&*£.^Itt
Jos. Naiflrtvell, Prop.
those"who can secure a share of bu-
ilnen nsed apply, to
JAMES S. RANKIN, Inspector
Box 633, Vancouver.
Notlco is horoby glvon that I shall
*lr" mako application   to tho  Board   ol
Licensing Commissioners ol the City
— of Ladysmitli   at tholr noxt regular
"""~ meeting for a transfer of tho retail
liquor llcenso now held   by me  lor
the premises   known as the Columbia Hotel, situate on Lot 3,   Block
Ladysmith, from myself to Ole-
mont Tebo.
Ladysmith, B.C., May 6, 1908,


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