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Ladysmith Standard Dec 5, 1908

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Array •M-4"r
V      FOR T
On Saturday
n v
Stores All Provided With Seasonable Stocks To
Supply All Demands
Boaixl   ot Trade   Suggest
United Action,
lep;-slative Ass'e^
i -Dozon Van Allen's Fine Dross Shirts.,
TO-NIGHT :;-. ..,..'.
All-Wool Dork Flannel Negligee Shirts,   with   Reversible   Collins.
Rogular J1.50.     TO-MOUT A  95c
This Is thc Inst day for Oui; Shoo   Specials, and'tt will   pay
you to drop in and seo if wo can suit you.
About 400 Remnants of ovorythlng to choose from.
Thoy   nro
No one is likely to forgot that this fancy line Lhnt shc has not got. Call
is Christmas month. Lesjs than three thero for dainty presents mm- your
weeks now ami the groat duy,    the ludy friends.
bost duy of tho your, will he upon Tho Ladysmitli Hardware Company
us. lietween now and then what a has laid in the biggest stock of its
planning, aid scheming, nud working history and thut moi a dp'oaks for
thero is for each of us to do. itself.   There is everything tlmt   is
Tho Chriotmas holiday is like no now und novel in lhe toy line, und
other In the appeal it mokes to un emlkss variety of useful presents
young and old, fo child and a.luit, ut prices to suit ull purses, The ditto baby, parents, and grand parents. Acuity there in :« make uji your
To the littio ono II. is tho duy of mind what you do want, and if you
tho yeur. Thero Is extra good cheer take tlie children to help, they want
everybody nnd everything is bright ovorythlng. Mr. Knight bus nlso u
and iu good humor, -i  top   of large stuck of. novelties nml  Christ-
It ull there is good old Snnta Claus urns presents, besides cards and stu-
His or hor stocking keeps him or tioncry. Hu has mure roumi ior (Usher guessing for weeks. Even after pluy now anil it is all tuken up ul-
ho hns handed in his order nml beon ready,      From    n  book to a piano
I        BLAIR & ADAM.
MMMB_j>MseMM-________MW__B__l_WMI____^ illl^CI
Christmas Is
Drawing Near
Don't forgot the Grand Opportunity oltored you fur Christinas
■Purchasing nt Our Store.
Remember—Evory Dollar spont gives you n chance on a Valuable Diamond Ring aad a Gold Watch at no Cost to yourself.
See our window for Display of Suitable Xmns Presents.
We havo a lurgo Stock of Wutchos, ond nre offering Special
Values for this month in this line.
Also somo snaps in Bracelets, Brooches, Rings, Etc., Etc! We
can givo you a Brooch from Sl.OO up. AU we ask is au inspection of Our Stock.    It speaks for itself.
Any Articlo put by until needed.    Select curly.
! BBoasenoeoeoe&naceon^^ - x^oaao
■ -■-■X._^,^,AIA,
If you want the full wo.th of your
m -ney either in Groceries.. Dry Goods
dssured by liis father unil mother
thnt his horse or his buggy, or his
gun will come, doubts return upon
him, nnd ho is nst-Uled with the difficulties of Suntu Claus' mission,
liven when the stocking has been
put awny w th childish tilings, there
remnins the tingling joys of an
interchange of, presents. Tho big
boy or tho big girl hns a surpriso
for the father and mother as often
ns the hitter have something to
spring upon him or her.
In nil English speaking countries
nt least it i.s the girl season—tho
soason when it is tho iiim nf each
to make the other happier. Would
ire Christmas days
custom grow in
strength from year tu year. In any
case JJnilysmith, as a city, yield's
wbole-heartedly to the spoil of. tho
soason. Hcr merchants realize this
nnd always mnkc full provision. In
no town of its size is it possiblo to
find n larger, a choicer, a more
complete stock of Christmas goods
D.in't  run
thnt there were
and     mav    tho
All Work Guaranteed.
Biggest Ever
Our Christmas Stock
this year is a record
in every respect.       .
We are just now busy
unpacking; but will
be ready in a day or
two. Take a look in.
, —and—
I           HAM AND BACON
Now is the time to lay in your
stock of winter fuel. Order
yoqr wood right away..^^
H. Thornley
than in the locnl st
up to Nnnalmo ur own to Victoria
on tho strongth of u big page advertisement. The merchants of these
two cities cannot ull'oivl tu sell any
chonper thnn your own store right
In town. Wntch the ads In tho
Stundard; road them carefully" and
no mnttor whnt you nre wanting
you will get suited, and ut a prico
Hint chn't bo bettered outside. Wo
aro nil hero In the town depending
ono upon tho other, holping each
other, nnd ■ surely in our Christmas
purchases it behooves us to stn at
It Is hardly possible to toll standi! rd renders any more hore than
thoy can loam in the advertising pol
umns of the paper. Still, in going
bis ruunds this mi-;, the editor has
been more than struck with tlio display of goods in nil the stores, und
bo deemed il nothing inure thnn bis
duly to bring the fuct to tho
tico of his renders. It is Scarcely
necessary to particularise; it Is tho
snme wherever you gn; but taking
the goneral merchnnts lirst. a peep
into tho "Dig Store" will speedily
convince anyone uf the truth of what
is asserted hero. Thore is extra provision in the grocery department,
while tho dry goods side is chock-a-
blook. There are, ns yet no decorations, but those will come, and tho
goods havo como, You nro nil nskod to look in.
Blair & Aiiojn have not yet begun
the dressing of their window, which
hus como to bo regarded ns one of
tho town's Christmas lettuces. They
havo, however, begun nn the inter,
ior of tho store, nml are running a
] special lino in Chinawnre. liotweon
[now and Christmas thov will have
' some Interesting announcements to
make. Morrison can nlwnys be depended upon fur somothlng of novel
design and striking chert. Of course,
William is not giving his Idea awny
Just yet; but ho bus it worked out
and It will bo all right. Meantime
he hns landed up for the Christmas
trado und Is ready for nil demands.
Bickle is not special Sing this yenr
Ho doos not need to, for ovory' lino
Is a special with John during the
Christmas month, dear, of course,
is strictly n grocer, hut his stock
has a Christmassy look, nnd ho hns
started Ills decorations. Cavin ngnin
is just a shoo mnn; liut this is tho
time of the your when good shoos
aro a necessity. They muko a useful presont, und George 'ins tho real
Walters & Akenhead are inylng
themselves out for their lady customers. Already thcir new pluco Is
beginning to look crowded, nnd tho
end is not yet. Tho mnn thnt wnlks
in there with his best girl or his
dear wlfo will be jolly well pleased
if he gets out again with tho price
of a ginger beer. There are—no call
round for yourself; but thoro Is everything thero to ploaso tho eye and
satisfy tho feminine desire iii the
matter of dross.
John Thomas also has somo
Christmas bargains to offer nnd has
opened out somo Jewelry noVeltles.
Miss Uron has been preparing for
weeks and there Is nothing   in    tho
you cannot go wrong.
In tho Jewelry line, Noot, ns usual, has laid iu a choice and handsome stock of seasonable goods. In
addition to a large rango of rings,
watches, bracelets', brooches; etc., in
every 'variety nf design mil beauty
nf finish, he hns snme dainty and de-
licnte Limoges ware ami some beautiful samples of cut glass work. All
tustes and all purses can be satisfied
and the jewolor only asks for your
inspection. Jessup nlso hns somo
really handsome gift, goods. Brlc-a-
brnc, fancy ornaments, leather goods
silver ware, glass ware, smokors'
outfits—Jessup has them in all varieties mud ho is clearing them out
nt slaughter pi-Ices. Cull and seo
For curds und small fancy articles
McKelvie Bros., nnd llnny Hughes,
hnvo ench a choice selection. In
short and in conclusion there Is no
difficulty in milling an article thnt
plensos you; tho difficulty is, where
the choice is so large, in deciding
which one pleases you most. Now Is
the time to continence your shop
ping. Tho merchants will Iny aside
nny article you select nnd it is better to make your selection before tho
rush. Just whnt there is to select
from will bo told in detnil in tho
Standard advertisements n'nd renders
will consult their own convenience
nnd profit by cnrefully perusing them
The editor of the Standard in in
receipt of a communication with1
circular letter enclosed from Mr. E.
H. Prior, chairman of a committee'
of tho Board of Trade, Nictoria. It
appears that at a meeting of tho
Hoard held recently ln Victoria, the
mutter of the development of Vancouver Island was discussed and tho
suggestion was mado tlmt it would
be odvisablo to organize all the bu-1
sinoss interests throughout the Island; this might be undertaken along
the sauie lines as that adopted by
tbo Kootonay Board of Trade.
No definite plan of action has as.
yet been outlined, but it is desired
that tho different Island centres hold
a meeting to consider the suggestion and appolut a delegate to nt-
tond a convention to be held at
some future time and chosen place,.   I
The question may be taken up by
tho Ludysmith Citizens' League.
Heretofore, there hns been a deplorable lack of harmony and co-operation between the Capital City and
tho northern centres, but now    that
V ctoria takes tho initiative this city _...   „.  ,   ,.
.  .        ..      . ,, ntr. thelmlis.
may unito   in a   pull togethor     for
Steamer Has to be Beached
lu Vancouver Harbor.
The almost     invariable aftermath
of u   closely contested election made
its appearance yesterday in thc shnpe
of a   protest against Mr.  Barnard's
election.     The petition is signed   i/yi
one Feter Minckle and was filed    byj
(.'ol. Gregory who put up the necessary thniisinnl dollar deposit     with
scuw.    Fearing    that   tbo Charmer j the registrar of the supreme    court,
would sink   she    was   Immediately The petition   is   of   the stereotyped,
leached.     At 1.33 she was ashore at kind following tho   wording of    the
VANCOUVER, Dec. 3.—The SS.
Charmer of tho Victoria-Viiucouvcr
furry route, was iu collision this afternoon ut the entrance or the harbor with the    tug Bermuda aud    a
Tho Italian Government has ordered 300,000 of these ties, which aro
now in courso of construction, A fow
thousand of such ties, ordered for
experimental purposes, wero constructed by tho Uabollini Company
some years ago, and have bcon used
tho railroad from    Castollauiare
tho north side of the. Narrows, exactly opposite the Brockton Point
lighthouse. Whon the news of the
accident reached the O.P.K. wharf
the Str. Joan was sent out and the
Iiassengers were taken oil. No ono
appears to have been injured. The
Bermuda was entering tho harbor,
nnd tho collision occurred just off
Brockton I'oint in front of the lighthouse.
At two o'clock the Str. Joan was
still across the bay alongside tho
Charmer taking oil the lattor's passengers. The collision occurred in
the exact spot where two years ago
the ITinoess Victoria ran down tho
The Charmer struck
,i„t„ tn ...n. , n ■_■    .,     ,     the n<*vily laden scowlood of    coal
duty to unite in a  pull together for      , .
■ and tore
tho develojiment of the Island as a
whole.       Its    resources  have bean
shown in manifold ways and all that1 a ,
, * i cQ nor to
is required to make this country the
Englond of the Pacific is strong men
and united action.
The circular Is as follows:
Victoria, B.C., Nov. 30, 1008
hole twonty feet long in
her port bow. Her hold was Immediately flooded and her captain turn-
tho north shore of the
Narrows which was not more than
a qjuarter of a milo away. She sank
at high tide with her bow away
down nnd her stern so high out    of
Dear Sir,-Tho   members   of   this t,,e W"ter that her Pr°Pe»°' '"    '»
Board of Trade    consider that   the I,lain.viow frora "'« opposite side of
timo has arrived for organizing an
association which shall represent all
tho commercial interests of Vancouver Island, and at tbo lust Monthly
Goneral Meeting appointed a Special Committee for tbat purposo.
The Special Committee havo met
aud given instructions that you be
usked to co-ojierute wilh tbem by
having a representative appointed by
tho residents of your district. This
course appears to be imperative if
tho fullest strength of tho Association is to be exercised, aud there is
uo doubt that occasional meetings
of business men so appointed can bo
made a very powerful factor in tho
development of Vancouver Island
Tho scope of   the proposed organization will have tu be defined at
the Narrows.
William Juck of Nanooso Bny,
in Nanaimo Huspital.
Nunuitno, Dec.
Lunch Counter
Pickled Pigs' Feet
Clam Chowder
Mulligan Stew
On Tap for Pay Day and after
Psy Dsy
W.t. MOORE, Proprietor
In the Nanaimo hospital Wednesday
ening one of the uldes„ pioneers of
!s district passed away iu the per-
>,i of William Jack, owner md
i. u.utger of the Jack mine at Na-
open one, i.oose Bay, where ho has resided     v
There are many points upon which 1 great number of years.
"n""i'"°"s. s"pp"rt may.,b°,exp™,1.^' I    C_ soveral    occasions during     the
lust two ■•■•■ rs   the deceased wns    a
patient at the local hospital   where
Adriatlco to Ancona.    As a    result; meeting of the delegates as ho plan L
of the trials to which tho ties were has so far    been    defined, and   the "
subjected a now   design,  to bo   em- question ut the present time
ployed In exocuting the present large
order, will replace the old. Tho principal change will, it is uudorstood,
bo found in tho introduction into tho
concrete mass of a larger number of
tlie reinforced metallic bars,  of   reduced diameter, in tho new design oi
The cost of a concrete tie is estimated at about $1.20, and it ls believed that its endurance will bo from
threo to four time: us great as
that of a wood tic. A tie will weigh
about 280 | n :i: i, in-I slve of the
weight of '' I'n'lit; re-enforcement, about ■■ ■: I i hi pounds! A
comparison of thu .-uspoU.ve cost and
value of concrete and wooden tics
would no doubt givo difforont results
in the United States from those afforded in tho Italian estimates, owing to varying conditions in the two
countries affecting local cost of materials and manufacture, endurance
otc. The belief is largely entertained hero that tho concrete tie will ov-
entuolly entirely replace wood ties.
—Consular Report.
Controverted Elections Act, but does
not indicate the specific nets relied
upon to invalidate tho election.
Mr. Barnard is not attacked person
ally and his disqualification is not
demanded,, th" allegation being that
all tho dreadful things hinted at In
the petition were done by agents.
In the inenntlmc Mr. Barnard is not
in the lenst worried. He knows
thnt he nnd his friends conducted as
fair ond square nn election as ever
was fought in Victoria, and while
some such move was expected os a
last, desperate resort, the Conservative candidate is not losing any
sleep over lhe matter.
It is possiblo that counter charges
may be made. If is known tiiat tho
Liberal organization made a free
and corrupt use of money during the
campaign und there is a great, deal
interesting evidence In the hands
of the Conservative executive. This
matter is now receiving tho atton-
tion of Mr.' Barnard unil bis advisers.
A protest against tho election ot
Ralph Smith has also been made and
in this cnso too, thc petition was
filed yosterdny. Liko tho Liberal
petition it follows the general wording af the net, und does not go into
specific details. What evidence may
bo in the bands of thoso who are
protesting lialph Smith's election is
not known but it is a matter of
common knowledge that' personation
wns rife at Esquimalt.
Altogether it is exceedingly possible thnt by the time all this litigation is concluded the Liberal majority at Ottawa will be reduced by
one, and that a number of prominent Liberals will be exceedingly sor-
that  tbey spoke.—Colonist.
such, for instance us: Mail services,)
freight and passenger rates und ser-1
vices, construction of roads and
trails, surveys of Crown lands, development of the natural resources of
each individual district, and all such
non-contontious subjects.
A matter which should receive ha,
mediate attention is the collection
and publication, in pamphlet form,
of concise and accurate information
in regard to tho resources of Vancouver Islund, for distribution at
the Alasku-Yukon-rucific Exposition
at Seattle, noxt year. This, too, is
common ground on which all can unite with advantage and may serve
as an initial proceeding of lho proposed organization.
The Committee will therefore, bo
much obliged if you will kindly givo
this matter your immediate attention, and awaiting tho favour of
reply, before thc 10th proximo, if
possible; in which we hope you will
glvo us tho nnmo of the gentleman
who has been appointed, so that we
can correspond w . ut onco.
Yours faithfully,
Chairman, Special Committee,
Ileglnning on Thursday iho stores
will bo open all day on Thursdays
for the month of pefcomhor, This is
tho invariable custom of tho town,
a tul is adopted for tho convenience
of customers during tho Christmas
In this connftcticjh the employees in
the various stores wish to thank
thoir employees fon the privilege
which they have en Joy w' til tho yoar
around. Also, of courso, they dosiro to express thcir gratitude to
the public for tho help they have
given them in making the half-holiday possible. It is expected that nftor tho Xmas and Xew Year's shopping is ovor the stores will again adopt the Thursday half-holidny.
Public otice.
Notice is hereby given that all Churches, Lodges,
Schools and Public gatherings will be permitted on
and after 21st November next upon all parties
wishing to attend the same producing a certificate
of successful vaccination,
D. Nicholson, Chairman
A, C. Fkost, M.D., Health Officer
Ladysmith, 13.G, November 17th, 1008.
Undor thn auspices of the Lady
smith Footbnli Club, the Tennessee
Jubilee Singers will Rive an entertainment hero on Deo. 17. Full par
ticulers will be Riven in the next is-
suo oi tho Standard. Tho singers
aro undor tlio samo mnnaRemcnt as
tho Williams-Dixie choir, which appeared hero lust February and nuado
such a favorable Impression. Their
entortainmont is strictly high class,
and the boys aro bound to get in
and work to make lt a  success.
he underwent soveral serious operations. Ho appeared to recover from
tlieso however, aad despite his 89
years of ugo the deceased uji to four
months ago. looked hale and hearty,
and appcato.l to enjoy the best of
health. Several months ago, however, his disease assumed a malignant form and ho entered the local
hospital where he has lately undergone several operations. From tho
shook of the last one, a week ago,
the deceased never rallied and dcr'h
followed early Wednesday night
The deceased has been a resident
of Vancouver Island for upwards
forty years, originally coming from
Scotland. During his life on the Island he haa been engaged in minim; I
and for the lust 27 years has boen
engaged in developing the extensive
properties which he had acquired at
Nanoose Bay.
A wife ond four children survive
him. His son Manuel, who for the
,ast twelve years has beon a resident of tho Kootonay district, returned to Nanaimo a week ago, while
two daughters, .Miss Jessie Jack,
aud Mra. G. W. Hrown, reside in Nanaimo, and a third, Mrs. Murray, is a
resident of Wellington.
Tho funeral will take ploce Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock from Hil-
Isrt's undertaking parlors on Bas
tion strest to the Nanaimo cenie
tery. Hev. J. M, Millar will officiate at tho intsrmont.     ' '-
Temperance and     Abbottsford    Mon
Fight for Football Honors.
Don't forget the great footbaU
mntch tomorrow afternoon. Tho
men, both of tbo Tomperance Houso
and the Abbotsford have been train-
ins all week, nnd a desperate fight
will bo waged. The teams have not
yot been derided on. That has been
left to see how the men work out ln
thomorning, but both houses have
got a clinking eleven, and If it is
ns cold tomorrow as it is today
they will hove to go somo to keep
from freezing. The betting remains
nt ovens, with a slight Inclination
for the Abbotsford. The game is
limed for 2.3(1 p.m. The receipts,
iess tho expenses, will be handed over bo tho Ohemaintis hospital. The
admission will be 25 cents.
current here unlu
forces began bom
Austrian sea pi
Son, (liuninaU'il   i
* REME. •
* . •
«    PORT AU FIRINOE, Doc. i. — *
* Tho night passod ijulotly in Port
* su Prlnco.   Thero wero no disor- *
:. i.—'Pbe reports
Unit Montenegrin
riling Cuttnro, an
t In tho Adriatic
Montenegrin ter
ritory at 0 o'clock this morning,
have been declared, by. (lie way of
Nice, to be absolutely without foundation.
PARIS, Dec. I. — It is announced
hero todny thai Mulai Hand, tho
now Sultan nf Morocco, bus dellnnte-
ly accepted the Algorleas Act and tha
lUtcndnnt conditions laid down by
the powers for tho recognition of tho
Dr. Young, the Provincial Secretary, was up In the South Wellington district yesterday looking    into
* ders of any kind and Indications "'the smallpox situation.     Thoro is a
• that normal conditions will soon *jcn80 now ftt yollow Polllt| Md  tw0
. T."   "™.7 • - .leases in South Wellington.    All precautions aro being taken, and it may
*, become    necessary to wntch    Lady-
Jjsnilth's milk supply.
, ]   Dr, Young    was vory pleased    to
Waterbm-y, Conn., Deo. 8.— Mrs.
Edith French, shot by John Oave-
_M_k oa Hot. 16, following, lt is
said, her refusal to elope with hlm,
died of hor injuries nt Uie Water-
bury hospital this morning. Cona-
naugh, who has been held pending
the ouleome of Mrs. French's injuries, wiU be charged with murder in
the flrst degree.
Indianapolis, Dec. 4.—An agreement has been reached in the Bcalo
of wages to be paid members of the
Typographical Union in Toronto,
Ont., after a conference of two days
In this city between representatives
of the American Newspaper Publishers' Association    and   the Internsr
• VANCOUVER, Doc, 4,-Tho 0.    ,, , . ,    ,     ,.
• P. R. stoamer Charmer, is  still * have such a  good    account of    the, - ,.,,.,      ™.   J,
• on tho mud.     Thoy nro putting * town from Dr. Frost, who met   him lionol Typographical Union, The dis-
• on a tcmnornry rfitch. nnd  ex- • ^    tn0    ^^   thi8 -^mimr, and pute was said, to be purely local dU-
• poet to float hor oltbv tonights •  ^^ rongrat,1]tttod Hlm upon tho ferences.    The nature of the settle-
he had waged here.   m8nt effected was not made public.
t_   - high tido.
.............    successful CONSUL- ME
If You Require Any
Or if You Require Any
Wi   II You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Bell Ons;   or If You   Went
s-iiniy Public,
lndysmith   Standard
published ou Wednesdays anu _atur-
days Afternuuns by the
ltobt. lt. Hindmarch,
Ou. Year  41-58
on Mouth*       76
a-VUCt|t>li_   itate-   uu   AppllCUliwU.
^oo-a !xa»)3to»e«w«.:.
confersnos of Colonial Premiers ln
London. Particularly does our one-
eyed contemporary insist upon the
gracious and educative influences of
Botha's friendship with Sir Wilfrid
Laurier.    ,lt ia characteristic oi tho
Tiroes that It cannot find a   bright ^wWOWfOOMW^^ J6ftOO^aOC,0«.aO.U<UX>< OOOO
spot m either hemlsphsre without'at
$oj£ta Gauserte
_     _. ,       ,. .       Just at present there Is a lull   in
once treating    it as a   spark radial- ln ,ocal ,00tl)uU afrali.a, lt _, how.
ing from its great political sun    at ever, only a brenthing space.   In au-
Ottawa.        As     a    matter of fact, other week's time we shall be   into
Botha was not lacking In knowledge the Island Lua|il";'     1"'vl  ;with   f0"r
.-,,..       ...       „    ,. .    ..        teams entered,    we should certainly,
ot England or things English; If we &_    en_ugh   'of SwlMl   Thc c01„.
remember    rightly, ho was educated mittce has this year tried the oxper-
in England, and his education    was ionce of running two Second   Divis-
thoroughly English.     That- the edu- ion toams'    Tnwe    ,l!'° Pl(lJ'<-'rs   en-
., . .   . .    .        ,        ough if only they will come in, and
cation was not wasted he has since it is easy enough t0 p|ck two tenluB,
abundantly proved. Already he has either of which would give a good
made a great name as a leader of account of itself in the competition,
men and as a statesman, and in The committee is therefore hoping
„   11 .  ...   , ■  '        .      that tho boys will get in and   pull
working out this larger destiny for together in tho proper spirit. Thero
South Africa he ia workin» out an are some,of the boys who have for-
imperlshable monument of fame ior gotten the;/qmiallty of joining the
himself. iclub'  but thia     will bo brought   to
'        their attention'   after pay day,   and
♦ I no doubt will he put right without
; a murmur.    It is too much to   ex*
STILi, OOINO. peet of players that     thoy will, get™"  '    .
                            ' out and practice whon thoro is    no j JJ "^ °m*
strolling player, and a stroller never
stops long in one place. Strung has
strolled back to Calgary. The samo
may be said of others of their play-
era. Still for the benefit of the
World writer wo uro bound tu say
that his pessimistic forebodings are
hardly likely to be realised,
tho gates nro biggest the Inducements are most tempting and Vancouver, in this respect, has it over
every other city on the Coast.
lenge from Johnny (Lopper,^ Hughes,
the old-time distance runnel', who is
over 00 years old.   Matt Clunol who
was one of the backers of  John   L. *
Sullivan, when he held the champion
ship,  has great  faith  in  the staying
powers of Hughes and is willing   to
Where  post $1000     to bind a match with'
tho Italian mervul in a 24-hour con-1
test.      Al. Smith,    the well   known
sporting man, is also willing to wa- i
ger $1000 that Hughes can bent Dorando in a 100-mile match.
Tho Secretary of the Nannimo United Football Teum, Mr. Albert
Sampson, was in receipt of a telo-
gram from Con Jones, of the 'Vancouver Club, asking tho local team made by a local promoter for a
to journey to Vancouver Saturday, match with Packey McFariand which
and piny an exhibition game wit h' is taken to moan that tho ox-cham-
tho Vancouver City team.     A guar- ] P'on Is through     with tho   fighting
SAN FRANCISCO,   Dec. 2. — Joo
Gans has wired a refusal to an offer
Times does anything but fly   with P'aco In sight.    Now, howovor, that
the Victoria "Times."  - The average 44 P'WS ere wanted very fow   are
man, and thereto* the average news- ff_3 the "betS of- Rt'tTe ^1
paper, has almost forgotten the elec- j tlon.      Whon   ho   has to work   and i *cnoflulL;
tion; tout the paroxisms of rage   a_d Play 'or his placo a playor can gen-j^"'0"™
fury which seized the Times upon the °rallJr>? counted    onto   put'
,, ,   .       .    _      , , heart Into tho gamo. t
defeat    of   Templeman have as yet     Th0 nrst game in this series
sulTored no abatement.     Day     _fter.be played on Suturduy, December 19.
day Its readers are taken over    the In    Victoria,     Victoria    West meet
same old tear-washed road, and the
old old story, in the old old words,
is repeated in the same old old way.
Poor old "Times!" aad (still   more
to be pitied) poor    old Times readers!
 ♦ —
Reference was made in a contemporary the other day lo tho happy' LANG, Sask., Dee. 2.— Ths car
state of South Africa, as tho result shortage hero has assumed serious
of the gift of free government which proportion, and business stagnation
was conferred upon it by the present is resulting. 'Wholesalers ore corn-
Liberal Government. There was, it plaining that their collections have
is true some very severe criticism of been very slow in coming in, but
the action of sir Campbell-Banner- explain that the farmers cannot mar-
man and his cabinet. Milner aad ket their products. There is any
Selbourne, bofore him, had done amount of wheat and flax in the
their bost to create a chronic state country around Lang and yesterday
of unrest. The war with its many forty loads wer? counted standing
mistakes, had brought no lessons around on the streets, many of
home to their Imperial miuds. They which had to be hauled home again
could only regard the Boers as a by disgusted farmers becauso there
conquered ond inferior race, Tbey is no accommodation here for more
believed the Dutch farmers, cherished storage,
an inveterate and undying hatred of Elevators are full and so aro ths
the British and all things British, semporary granaries. A warehouse
and that their every action was a with accommodation for ten thouo-
matter for suspicion and closest and bushels Ib nearing completion,
scrutiny. The Boers, they had de- but this is a mere drop considering
elded, could only be kept in subjec- the situation. Thero are SOO cars
tion by coersive measures. Honored on ordsr at the present time, but
foemen and honorable gentlemen such none can be secured.
aa Louis Botha aad his lieutenants,' »
the   Boers'    trusted    leaders,    had'
Fifth 'Regiment, and locally Ladysmith B. Team travels to Nanaimo.
There is thus no time to bo lost and
all the plnyors ought to get out for
training and practice. For the present thes? two teams will bo selected
and controlled by the Executive Com:
mittee. Each eleven, however, should
have a captain and a manager, and
a special meetinc may be called to
arrange these' details. If necessary,
the accounts of each team could bo
kept separate, although I do not see
that this is noccssnry. The flrst
thing i to be done is to select tho
teams and appoint their officers.
The Juniors also arc running a
team in the junior competition. This
they are doing on their own responsibility. The club furnishes them
with ball, etc., nnd they'collect and
hold tholr own gato receipts. The
boys deserve all the support they can
got, and it is thc duty of tho Club
to give them every possible encour^
agemont. T ast yoar they played
With' a i" .o deal of hard luck. Perhaps lortune will smile upon them
this season, in which caso, provided
thcir form Is as good ns it was last
year, they should go pretty neap
capturing the championship.
With all these separate organizations some definite arrangements, will
have to bo made as to tho use of
tho field and pavilion foi
ls for expenses was   pro-
according to  statements
| of members of the local club it   was
likely tho offer would huve been uc-
According to the P.  C. L.
Victoria   should   play    in
for that   dato,   but   an
..   iVtflort was made by somo'of tho Vic-
'tpria club to defer the lixturo.     In
,,,   pursuance of this action Con Jonos
wished to fill the dnto with au   exhibition game with Nanaimo.
At a Into hour on Wednesday, says
the Free Press, a telegram wns received by Mr. Sampson irom Vancouver, saying that the original
schedulo will obtain and hence the
Vancouvor team will not be ablo to
meet the local team on Saturday.
The Colonist states that at a meeting of    the    Victoria District Football Association tho proposal to de-
faujt    Soturday's    game was voted
down nnd hence   tho   Victoria team
'will journey to    Vancouver on   Friday night.       At    the snmo meeting,
the following line-up was chosen:
Backs—Lorimer and Dunn.
Halves*—Elton,  Prevost, Korchin.
Forwards—Buxton,  Thomas,    Sod-
gar, Okoll, Todd.
.■Reserves—Telford,   Sheritt.
.LONDON, Nov. 80.—A now era for
professional wrestling has been started sinco Frank Gotch arrived here
from Amorica. Representatives of the
principal nowspnpers of Great Britain Jind several of tho most prominent wrestlers have elected a board
of control to arrange matches, fix
necessary details as to     rules   and
dates     and,    in fact, to take   com-
trainbig  Piete control of ail meetings on   the
and   practice    purposes.   It moy bo I "mat/'
that the     decision of the Executive '    Tho i(loft has met witl> such favor
may not    please all concerned-   but!tnat    olS mcn     under   "catch-can"
thero seems to    be n botter feeling rulcB 1vi11 nl0et '" a tournament   in
around among thc playors and thoy . Londkm-to     lie    held   probably   In
can all holp some.    If everyone does !Mlir*_!or Jhe cnomPlpn8hip;
his best the town will have a  great
football    season,    and amy win the
highest honors.    Tho first step   to-
Among those who have fallen in
•with the scheme aro Gotch, nacken-
schmidt, Zbysco,  Leinm, Coord Dcs-
sworn allegiance to tho British
crown, and had given signed proofs
of tholr loyalty. Yet the cry of
separation was raised, and all manner ol emphasis given to the dangers'Germans are
of a Dutch majority. In spite of
the warnings of these prancing proconsuls, and maybe because of them,
the British government redeemed its
pledges. Freo government wus
granted to the mixed populotion of
Boer farmers, British miners, and
cosmopolitan diamond seekers,   and ' to the polioe and soldiers.
STUDENTS AT    PiBArtnr riUTOTn  ,vard" this accomplishment is steady'«"' "ndMahmound   recognised aa six
»IU1>LN1S_AT_ PRAGUE CAUSE   uract|M „„,| ,r„i„i„„   „h„„rf,„   „r_i I of tho lending wrestlers of tho world
Thot Gotch and Huckenschmidt
will havo another match betweon
themselves is certain for monoy is
already up by both wrestlers. Gotch
practice and training,, cheerful obe-l
dienoe to instructions and good feel-1
__._„_„,, ing and esprit do corps among    the!
PRAGUE,   Bohemia, Deo. 3.- The players. \
race riots between    the Czechs    and     The next senior game is with   Se-
roeuming the gravest
attlo.      Tho    point*' should   remain' _iU b0   .e"B°B?f1
on tho vaudevillo
with ui   bui   in f,,.-l.„ n mnm   iih-n I stage until well    towards the   closo
character, and -ill probttly compel ^J* '"^**»«& 1^*»'of February, and when his contract
a  declaration of martial law. In the that happens.      We   must not take' oxp,ro-s ho w,n immediately 8°   lllt0
.ts today dragoon, wm called out  Seattle too,cheaply.   With these two*trttlninK to    l"'e]mTC k'r *"   cpl)on"
to clear the streets.    The Czechs of- J^**"" *»» ffir^a^^F^trles for the   amateur wrestling
fered a determined resistance.   They,^,™.'' %.^tta-ftKt£5.[*-**•*&'
paving   stones and    -'-'••-■   -■- -■
is tomorrow and Friday
have exceed-
no one can deny, least of all the
croakers in high authority whose
reign then came to an end, that the
gift haa not been sincerely appreciated and wisely used.
The real danger to British rule in
South Africa lay In the continuance
of crown government. There was.
we suppose, some dlssatistaction be^
fore the outbreak of the war. Some
of the French and German Jews who
were operating mines around Johannesburg were only making 100   par-
wlelded: comes around,"_ra"ss "may bo fit" Ior "J?!1'? nt th? ,XMCA
J ""IT Zx^cTZre ..TS tf&S F&'S%k laS>rles is from A
that, and will be prepared for it. """'"_   01ub c'lrc}m- '%anoth<"' ont,7 '''
Readers of this page would    note   whom much interest centres     Ho is
the lament of the ^r.d" which ap- ?***»£ ■» «?JSS?^"',^ ^
cent, and wanted to increase it to aiet** but *•>• troop* now occupy tlie
200. The miners themselves, that'■*"•»• of,the el*y,
is, the English miners, had no com-l J***"*. AuWrta, Dee. _.- Martial
plaints to make about the situation. '*w was proclaimed ia this etty to-
Tfce war itself WOs a huge blunder. da'r- This action on ttie p_rt or
was blundered through, and then fol- tha BO^Wn-snt served' only to ezos-
lowed by blunders. There was real parat* th» --itch students,'and' they
and dangerous discontent after peace ,orth-1*h started rioting. There was
concluded.      Kruger removed, * sanguinary   conflict between ttism
flags wore torn down and burned and i_,guc" matches" " ThoV' mntcr'al "is 'pion of Now York' Ho h"8 ft rac'
finally the troops, drew their swords here to beat Nanaimo even on 'their l0** fof h°ldiT1f! Bradshaw, amateur
and meed down on the crowds pur- own grounds but It will bo a des-' cnh„a.m.pl°n "?' thc ^vlkl'.n now
suing ths rioters Into th. hou*..       Ct\uf*.f be J__M ,M ^^tZ] ^oS^U
The Brltl* consul. Capt. A. W.W.! "ISLK!! TtlT. ^1.!!!, '':.„.„) whom much interest centres.    Ho is
Forbes, waa dragged from a tram-
car and badly mauled by the Czetchs
who mistook him for • German.
Rioting continued up to a late
hour In the suburbs. German shops
wsre robbed aad th* rlotsrs erected
barricade, of wire and other Obstacles.    Many wars injured in the eon-
peured in Wednesday's issue, tt seems
1 tered It with characteristic vigor.
the foreign financiers bad a freer
hand, and the men who had borne
the brunt ol the war, the men who
had done tha actual fighting, found
themsslves worse off than thoy had
heen before. There were all the
seeds of revolt about that time, and
we have seen personal letters ip
which the writers openly declared
that they, and hundreds like them,
would fight with the Boers. From
this time of darkness and peril South*
Africa has escaped principally ]».
eause of the wise administration ot
affairs i,y its native sons. Larger
ideals still are now betore their eyes,
and a confederated South Africa fs
being aimed at. The "Times'
would attribute a good deal of this
to the education in colonial affairs,
which Louis Botha received at    the
$ Billiards and Pool $
Best Liquor, and Cig irs.
I thoro is a great doarth of forwards
| in Vancouver, and tho fact has Induced tho bitterest fooling in tho
World scribe. But when did Lady-
ssnlth milk Vancouver of any of hor
best men? Hartley (whose place wo
arc pleased to soo tho World say,
has nevor bcon adequately filled) it
is' true camo from Vancouver; but
he was through with Vancouver and
headed for the Upper Country when
he decided to come ovor hore.
And now wo moy ask did Vancouvor raise Rogers or Hartley? Did
Strang stroll Into town; or was he
invited?      McLean     also is another
and tha polioe at Wrenburg, a suburb
of Prague, ia which many students
wsre wounded.
04 afl the princes of India, Hindoo
and' Mohanunedanl says ths Parsl,
not ono has gems that can compare
with those ol the Gaekwar .ol Baro-
da. Perhaps the most remarkable of
the Gaekwmr's Jewel treasures Is a
carpet,'said to be about four yard*
Square, composed pf ropes of rubies,
diamonds' and pearls, woven into a
pattern of exquisite and dazzling
beauty., Tho gems In this carpet,
are of an estimatod value of £600,-
000, and it is the product of three
years1! work of skilled artists and
jewel setters. This csrpst wss intended as « cover of Mohammed'*
coffin at Mecca, but for some reason
could not be sent there. Sines lt
has been kept by tho Gaekwar aa a
most valued possession and was exhibited by him in the art exhibition
at Delhi in 1908. Still more cost-
lyt was one of the Geekwar's diamond necklaces, which Is salhto be
worth woll .over «2,000,000, and
which, one con easily Imagine, is thsji-,_y
most magnificent In the world.— Ja-i
pan Advertiser,
Tho ofllcials will ho: Referee, T.
Dickson, judges, R. \Y. Iloniiifiold, J.
Williams; timekeepers, Ed. W. DuVal,
J. D. Pratt, Major Macdonnell ;
wolghersln, J. D. Ormsby, F. S. Fil-
mor; announcer, H. R. Hndcock.
NEW YORK, Dec. 2. —Tho latest
deft of Dorando, who _cat Johnny
Hayes last Wednesday, that   he    is
game altogether.
(Vancouvor World).
M. Matsuda, the Japanese wrestler,
who was meoting ull comers under
150 poinds at the Grand last week,
should havo no difficulty in gotting
on a bunch of matches in tho near
future—if he really wants them. In1
fact, unless Bomebody is juggling tho
truth, he got a littio moro than ho
wanted last week in response to his
open challenge to all comers of his
Two pronounced claims that Matsuda deliberately sidestepped matches t
offered him last Saturduy evening
are made by two wrestlers now in
Vancouver. It will be remembered
that Matsuda forfoitcd $25 to Fred
O'Neil of Detroit last Fridniy evening because tho latter, despite tho
fact that ho had just got up a couple of days previous out of a sick
bed, succeeded in staying with tho
Jap phenomenon the full 15 minutes
without a fall. O'Neil claims that
on Saturday evening ho went down
to tho Grand with the understanding
that Matsuda was to tnko him on
again on the same terms, but the
.Tap refused to wrestle him nt all,
and would only talk of a straight
match for $500 a sldo. No moro
15 minute handicap bouts for   him.
On top of this F. P. Smith, a
wrestler, who claims to weigh only
131 pounds, wont down to the
Grand on Saturday evening prepared
to go on for o l.'i-minuto bout with
Matsuda and try to duplicate Fred.
O'Nell's feat of the previous evening. But in his cnso Mntsuda again
refused to live up to the terms of
his published challenge nnd accused
Smith of being a "ringer" from Seattle looking for easy monoy.-
Mr. Smith hns written Tho World,
stating the facts of tho case, saying
ho wishes to bo put right with about fifty of his friends who went to
the show on Saturday evening with
the expectation ot seeing hlm go on
with tho Jap mat artist.
Both Smith ond O'Neil are now
looking for mntrhes with Matsuda.
Tho former would like to havo a
chance to demonstrate that he oan
slay with tho Jnp for 15 minutes
without a fall, whilo O'Neil is qulto
willing to meet Mntsuda on oven
terms for, $500 n side if given sufficient timo to train.
Vancouver will be represented by
nn nll-stnr team in Seal tio oh Sunday next when tho homo tenm will
try conclusions with the pick of tho
Vancouver District Football League
In a Const League match. The local
toam will leave hero on the steamer
Princess Victoria on Saturday night
ut 10 o'clock, returning home on the
Princess Royal on Monday morning.
The tenm selected to represent Vancouver, is as follows :
Goal—Horn (Celtics).
Backs — Gunzeon (Thistles), Saul,
Half backs—Forrest (Thlstlos), Gra
ham (Shamrocks), McLean, (Thistles)'.
Forwards— J. A. Jones (Shamrocks), Robertson (Celtics), Vlnor
(Celtics), Anderson, (Celtics), Wilson, (Thistles).
Reserve—Knowlos (Shamrocks).
Jack Ellis wlll have churge ofthe'
team, whilo Con Jones, Billy Scott, |
Will Ellis and a  few    mere sapport-
Range  ^
How a Sask-alta
earns its money.
By indicating when oven is ready for
baking. By cutting out the "peeping"
into ovea By showing on its face what
is going on in the oven. By saving
"door-opening" heat. By substituting
certainty for chance
in baking results.
"Sask-alta" range
thermometer was
tested for six months
before one range was
sold. "Sask-alta"
thermometer is to
the housewife what
the compass is to the
ship captain.
Lenden Toronto, Montreal.Wlnnlpel, Vancouver, *t John, Hamilton, Caltary
Ladysmith Hardware Co,
NEW YORK, Dec. 1.—Five hun- zealous patrol. With this exception
dred members of the St. Andrew's the night passed qulstly and thero
Society sat down last night at the was nothing to intimate to the au-
152nd banquet of the socioty at the thurities that the citizens were pro-
Waldorf and applauded Andrew Carnegie and a number of other distinguished guests as they extolled the
land of thistlo and the many virtues of its sons aid daughters.
Mr. Carneglo re onded to Uie
soast, "Tho Land of Cakos" and did
So in unusually fel.-itous terms. Tho
alliance of Scots to tho mother country, oven when loyal citizens ol another country, Mr. Carnegie found
readily explainable. "There Is nothing inconsistent," ho said, "in the
love of the Scot for the adopted
country. • Tho first is tho mother,
tho socond is tho wife. May any
Son of Scotland perish who forgets
hls dovotlon to either."
willing to meet any man ln tho crs will go along to boost for the
world at any distance from 25 miles local toam. —Vancouver Nows-Adver-
upward,  has brought a swift   chal-  tiser.
NEW YORK, Nov. 28,-Probebly
the most extensive automobile trip
e\er undertaken ls that planned by
Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Hoover, who
sailed od the Str. Republic today
for Algiers. The home of the Hoovers ls near Loo Angeles, Cal., and
In completing the trip by auto from
that city to Sev York the couple
have already -Dished the flrat lap of
their ambitious Journey. When they
land at San Francisco, as thsy plan
to do in the winter of 1813, they
expect to have covered mora than 75-
000 mltea.
Mr. and Mrs. Hoover will spend
the winter touring Algiers and Egypt, with as far-reaching excursion*
Into the Sahara desert as may prove
practicable. Early Id the spring
their car will be ferried over to
Italy, aod for the three successive
yoars tours will be made across every country Id Europe at least on*
They oven hops to penetrate
western Siberia. In ths winter of
1911 they expect to turn eoutti Into.
Turkey aad from there into Palestine and bade to th* coait.
On the homeward voyage stop* will.
b* mad* In India, China, Japan, the
Philippines, Australia, Now Zealand
and Hawaii, and In ovary country tf
the trip In about four years.
Tlio trip is not being taken a* an
endurance test, and it is not their
intention to try and break any records. Hr. Hoover, who hss spent
the greater part of his life ln perfecting systems of irrigation in ths
west, was ln poor health last winter and ho has undertaken tha trip
around tho world with the outMoor
life which it offers, as a means ot
gotting well. The start from southern California was made early last
April. Their routs to New York
wa* by way of San Francisco, Portland, Spokane, Omaha and Chicngo,
VIENNA, Dec. 2.—In honor of .Em-
jieror Francis Joseph's diamond Jubilee, the oity was 'illuminated 'last
night on a. scale.of unprecedented
brilliance. The cathedral' and all
the public buildings wars outlined in
electricity. In the windows ot the
private residences were lighted candles. The pressure ol the enormous
crowds in the streets caused several
sorlous accidents. Four persons
were killed and f u ty seriously Injured and more bi.au one hundred In
jured slightly.     lAt one timo a panic
"I think   trom th* utensil* about be mad* In India, China, Japan, the ensued directly In front of ths   Hof-
h m that   thl*    mummy must hav* Philippines,   Australia, N*w Zealand burg, the residence    of the Austrian
bssn an Egyptian plumber." and Hawaii, and In ovary country ail PriDces,    where the crowd converged
"It would ' be Interesting to bring j much motoring will be don* as   th* I'rom    three    directions.    Hundred*
him to. _f*." J circumstances permit.     Sailing from 'were trampled to the ground among
"Bat too r_*y.    Who'* going   to Hawaii to Sin Francisco in ths win- them    being    parliamentary; deputy
pay him for hi* timet" .   ' ter of 101- thty will have completed Hols and a  woman, both of whom Ington'* original hsadauarters."
Ai.    ...I, -  ' i.'.        _    .       __    •       .u\        a Ja
were crushed to death.
The emperor was deeply affected by
the unfortunate result of tho day's
rejoicing. The authorities took all
possiblo precautions, such as entirely stopping vehicle traffic after sunset, but were qulto unable to copo
with the enormous crowds. It is estimated that there wore fully 1,500-
000 pcoplo in the streets.
it ls bolioved in addition to the
ofllciul list of killed and injured,
many others were hurt, but were
able to roach their own homes.
Illuminations and festivities were
general throughout the provinces.
Tomorrow's Gazette will namo threo
or four hundred people in all classes
who will receive titles, decorations
and promotions In honor of the Jubilee. The emperor announces a partial amnesty and ha* conferred high
decorations on Baron Von Aehren-
thal, tho foreign minister, and the
Austro-Bungary ambs**ndors a-
paring to take possession ot tbe city
gt daybreak. The movement was
directed by Gen. Canal, a member
of the senate.
It is a remarkable fact that not a
shot was fired. Tho soldiers of
Nord Alexis say that tho rebels had
the upper hand and they quickly let
it be seen that thoy had no intention of starting a fight that woukl
have resulted in much bloodshed. Tho
presence of thc American cruisers,
Desmoines and Tacoma, and tho
French cruiser Duguay Trouin, undoubtedly had a restraining influence.
The citizens nre in possession of
the central police station and all the
other polico outposts, the arsenal,
and the port. These bodies of men
are well armed and well supplied
with ammunition. The fact that
they are prepared shows the thoroughness with which tho movement
was organized.
As soon as the success of the movement wns established, a number of
prominent citizens held a meeting
nnd formed a commission of public
sympathy and the maintenance of
order in Port au Prince which Is now
in the hands of this body.
General I.egitlmo, president of tho
provisional government, was at one
time president of the republic. The
fact that Nord Alexis' ministers deserted him at the last moment did
not come as a complete surprise.
Coicou ls tho man who causod the
assassination of his own brother and
two cousins last May for complicity
ln tho iincuci-essful revolutionary
movement thot broke out at that
time nnd llyneiiitho is the ofllciul
who presided at the wholesale execution that followed the suppression of
this outbreak. He has takon refuge in the German legation. Gen.
Leconte and M. I.ufentunt one of the.
personal advisors of Nord Alexis,
took roluge In the French legation
last night. Gen. Mnrcolln, minister
of finance and commerce also Is a
refugee. No change in the position
occuplo-1 by tho rebels has'been ro-
, portotl since Inst evening. They wero
The next biennial session ol the
grand division of the Order of Railway Conductors of America will be
held In Ronton in May of noxt year.
people of Port au Prince have revolted against tho government. Thoy
aro now in possession of the city.
There has been no lighting with tho
government troops. A provisional
government has been established and
Con. Ligitlme hos accepted the presidency of the new administration.
The events of tho morning came
boforo thoy were expected, uneasiness
was noted throughout the night on
the part of the peoplo, but it woe
not thought that the outbreak would
occur so soon, nor that tne movement would lie successful without the
shedding of a drop of blood. The
deposed president, Nord Alexis, Ib
still at the palace. The mombors of
the diplomatic corps were in confer-
once at nine o'clock for tbo purposo
af taking measures to facilitate the
departure of Nord Alexis.
The coup Iwb lieon remarkably successful. All tho remaining minis-
tors, together with the military ofllcials  under Nord Alexis havo taken
refuge ,„     the various foreign awetfif^^^;^'^^
Idnns. TlK'SO are tho snmo     men
who nino months ago woro protest-
au Prince,
the present
ing vociferously against tho grantimr . ____«
...        ..--..    -,   .       . hero any moment,
of tho   right of roluge to unsuccess-    7 I'M il u ,
Gen. Simon,
leader    of
is expected
The visitor* in the historical museum gazed curiously at a small
feather pillow    which nostled in    a
"I don't ss* anything unusual a-
bout that' pillow," rsmarksd on* ot
the visitors, turning to th* guide.
"It's a very valuable pillow," replied the guide.     '"That WM Wash-
ful revolutionists by tho foreign diplomatic and consular representatives.
Today they aro only too happy to
seek tho protection of a foreign flag
toescope the fury ot the people.
Tho only man who remained loyal
to Nord Alexis Is General Camilla
Gabriel, his nephew, who for the last
six wools has directed the policy of
the Alexis administration. Gabriel
is at the palace with Alexis.
The movement has beon well organized. The final prep-rations
were completed last evening and tn
the eorly hours of the morning bands
of citizens organized and armed,
moved nulotly about the town and
took possession of various points of
vantage. At eight o'clock last ovonlng thoro was an outbreak of rifle
flre ln the suburbs, and It was
thought that the conspiracy hod boen,
discovered nnd that fighting had begun. Tills wns a false alarm. Excitement reigned for a while, but it
subsided ns soon as It was loarnod
that the firing came from an    ovsr-
mm fflf'iTj
Sled Is Iron free from dirt, air
or foreign substance fused with
carbon. , Carbon gives toughness
slcngth, kecness and life,    < k
Thirty year's study of the razor
situation has shown a way tof^-
add the highest per cent of
carton to a Carbo Magnetic
razor blade throua a secret
.   fprocessof ELECTRIC TEMPED.
" KING giving its uniform dla-
s Smond like hardness-some
thing absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered - razors.
and they are Hamburg ground.
But Test this IINCONDITION-"]
Itome-or havc your bsrber use 1
II on you-for thirty days WITH-1
Ladysmith Hardware Co. 1 l-LKUK Art! IN § W b UMWti
World in General
Philadelphia,    Deo. S.-Th* federal TUBE-CPU
council of the    church    of Christina
was formally opened at the Academy surface
of Music    here tonight with iropres- board
slve ceremonies.       More than    400
delegates,    representing 82 religions
denominations and    eighteen million
comjounlcants    in    th*   Protestant
churches    were present.    The    proceedings were   opened by Wm.     H.
Koberts,     prominent in the     inter-
church conference of 1905,
Constantinople, Dec. 8.— General
Ismaal Mahir Pasha, a former aide
de camp of the Sultan, who investigated the revolutionary movement ln
the army last Hay, and who waa
considered to have been a spy of
the old regime, was assassinated last
night In the Stamboul quarter ot the
city. He was approached by an officer of the army who flrod flve revolver shots at his victim. The ns-
rassin escaped.
Pine Bl"ff, Ark., Dec. 8.— Efforts
to divert the current of the Arkansas river from the gradually erumb-
lng banks whieh border the business section of this city by dynamiting ths levee on the opposite shore,
have besn successful, and lt la now
believed that danger of serious pro-
party loss as threatened has passsd.
NEW YORK, Bee. l.-Competing in
and sub-way ear and bill
publicity, witli tiutus and
breakfast foods, the Chari ty Organization Society began yesterday its
campaign of education, in curing nnd
preventing tuberculosis, which centralized tonight in ;' '-mammoth exhibition at the Miisoum of Natural
History, formally opened by Mayor
Moro than 5,000 peojile visited the
various departments of thc exhibi'
tiou yesterday, ond ollleinls estimate
that sevoral hundred thousand   will
I have availed themselves of the oppor
tunlty before January 15,   when    it
Toklo, Dec. 8.—Thirty-five Japanese Ashing boats were sunk
off Hatsu ialand in Kawatau
bay by a typhoon. It ia reported that 350 flehermen lost
their lives.
EDMONTON, Alta., Dec. 2.... Thos
Oliver, of Strathcona. was brought
up in tho Mounted Polico Barracks,
charged with the -' Thomas
Burns on Oct. Oth. Oliver is nn
old British soldier, 70 years old.
Tho strongest ovidenco brought out
yet Is that Oliver was seen in
Burns' shack on Saturday, previous
to tho Monday night of tho murder,
and that whon nr»' •■I days
later, blood spots wero. found on his
Among the special features
aro lecturing with a .phonograph, rehearsing lessons on euro and prevention.
I I I'  I  :        I
PARIS, Dec. 2.— The suit brought
by Count Boni de Castellane against
the Princess de Sagan, hla former
wife, formerly Miss Anna Gould, for
the custody of his three children was
continued today. In tho hearing
last night counsel for tho count declared that the moral atmosphere of
the Sagan household was harmful to
the children, and therefore they
should be pi -ed in the custody of
the MarqMis do Castellane. the mother of the count.
The court room today was more
crowded than last week. M. Cle-
menaceau, In presenting the Prln
cess' side of the case, emphasized the
fact that the courts of France always had decided that a second mar
rlngc did not nffect the rights of parents with regard to their children,
even in cases whore lhe second mar-
rlego with the alleged accomplice in
POUT AU PIUNCE, Dec. 3.-8 a.
[.— The stirring events of a his-
sorical day which saw President
Nord Alexis driven from his capilol
with aji infuriated mob at his heels,
were followed by a night of looting
and pillage. Tlie passions of the
populace bad been aroused and after
being dofoatod in their endeavors to
do bodily harm to Nord Alexis they
turnod their attention to well-stocked stores, houses and residences of
tlie supporters uf the late president.
They wore rapidly getting out uf
hand when the authorities suceeoded
in controlling thc situation. Twelve
men were killed before order was restored.
The trouble began shortly after the
president hail beo't escorted     to tho
French    cruiser Duguay Trouin     by dutl
M. Carteron, the French minister.     ]
People from the Belalre ond Salinas sections of the city Invaded the
as-.trs. union ana the request of the gov-
. ernor of Minnesota wus honored.
WINNIPEG, Dec. 3.-Several im- The chnrgo upon which Sherclifle is
portaiiL changes In the ofllcials of about to be tried is based upou the
the operating department of the C. confession of Owen Ball, now serving
I'.R. nro being made, following thoso a sentence at Stillwater, who stat-
thivt becamo effective on Dec. 1st. eil that Sherclifle had been his part-
Three additional appointments wore ner In committing the robbery on
announced which affect the main lino the Northern Pacific train n April,
ofllcials. .1. Uron, nt present chief It is charged thnt Sherclifle and Ball
despntcher of tho second district, hourded the train at Minneapolis,
C'onlr.il Division, with headquarters and after the train had covered a
at Winnipeg', will bo promoted to the few miles, entered the Pullman sleep-
pnsiliou of    superintendent at Bran- er and held up the occupants.    Ball
don. T. R. Flett, at present superintendent nt Brandon, will be transferred to the position uf superintendent nt Saskatoon.     C. D. Maharg,
was arrested  in Marshalltown,   la.,
charged with the hold-up.     He confessed and implicated  Sherclifle.
In Colorado Sherclifle ls wanted on
superintendent nt Saskatoon, will the charge of having murdered and
he transferred to the position of su- robbed John Walsh, a Baloonkeeper
perintendent     nt Medicine Hat,   vice in Lendville.     He was arrested     in
J. S. Lawrence,     assigned to   other
business quarter and lost  no timo in 	
starting the work of pillage and; LONDON, Dec. 3.-In a sjieech ab
robbery. They divided into bands i'he Canadian Club banquet to Hon.
and worked their, way down ono Lemieux last night Sir Frod. K. Bor-
stro'et nnd up another, breaking into'den criticized humorously articles in
stores that offered the best chances the London Times of yesterday by a
of loot. The locks of doors that bar-1 gentleman who had spent a month
red their progress were blown     out 11" the Dominion.
• — •
PARIS, Bae. 2.—The examination
of Mme. Stelnell, which dealt chiefly
with the married life of the Steinheil* elicited the Important fact that
the artist and hi* wife were always
ln financial straits, despite the present* which Steinheil received trom
his numerous admirers. She admitted that relations between her husband and herself were strained almost from ths flrst. It is learned
that the glasses which wcre given to
the chemist for analysis wcre not
those used by Mme. Steinheil and
Mme. Japy on the night of the murder. These were bro' en by a clumsy policemen.
ALBANY, N.Y., Dec. 2. — An Increase ln sanitary retorm wns pointed out by Dr, Eugene IT. Porter, the
State Commissioner of Health, at
to-night's session of tho Eighth Annual Conference of Sanitary Officers
of the State, which opened a three
day's session hero todny.
'Commissioner Porter presented figures, speaking on the death rate in
the state from tuberculosis, typhoid
fover and other preventative diseases,
and explained the functions of a
Stato Health Department and Public Health administration.
TOKIO, Dec. 2.-Tho text of the
diplomatic notes signed and exchanged at Washington on Monday
by Secretary of State Root and Ambassador Takahira, setting forth
tho articles ln the now American-Japanese agreement relative to the policy of the two governments in the
far east, was published here this
morning. It was warmly welcomed
on all sides.
PITTSBURG, Dec. 2,-Whilc It is
not believed the trouble between the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and the Pennsylvania railroad
will result in a strike on the lines
west of Pittsburg, it s apparent
tbat relations are seriously strained.
General Manager W. W. Atterbury, of
tho Pennsylvania road, arrived here
toduy from the east but refused to
be interviewed. The men assert
that their general board has not
beon given proper recognition in
effort to settle the grievances while
the company maintains tho difference
s entirely over a matter of discipline.
Sevoral days ago a strike _ vote
was taken but beforo the result was
announced It wna derided to submit
the case to the board of mediation,
which will hold a number of conferences during the week in Washington.
with rifle bullets. The pillage was
well under way by eight o'clock and
at ten o'clock eleven stores had beon
completely looted. Nino of the establishments belong to Syrians while
Hnytians owned the other two. The
proprietors stood by helplessly witnessing the destruction of tholr property.
At midnight the city was comparatively quiet although the night was
punctuated by occasional rifle firing
until sunrise. Had the disorders
broken out in the day time it is
probable that armed forces from tho
American and French cruisers would
have been landed, as it was no foreign   sailors were Bent ashore.
Gen. Poideven has been greatly
commended for his firm stand which
undoubtedly saved the city from a
general outbreak of pillage and incendiarism. Should a serious situation again arise, however, the com
mitteo of safety promises to ask the
foreign cruisers to send landing par-
tics ashore. Tho British cruiser
Scylla and tho American gunboat
Eagle came into port at daybreak
trday. Tholr arrrVal gives Port an
Prince tho protection of flve forelra
WINNIPEG, Dec. 8.- A apodal
Irom Minneapolis says: Nine men
supposed to be members ot a gang
of i 'jfessional safe crackers, wanted
in various towns of the northwest
nnd points In Canada, were captured
here in a raid on rooms on Eastman avenue, Nlcolet Island, by Pin
kerton detective, Ole Ringdahl, nt
St, Paul and four Mill City olllcers.
A complete outfit of explosives and
various accessories commonly used
by safe crackers was confiscated. The
catch is considered by tha police of
tho twin cities to be most Important. Tho men under errest give
give their nemos, 0. E. Howard, T.
Burner, Edward Leburn, Harry Dean,
W. J. Stole, Jossph Brown, Michael
Brrmlnghim, John Baker and Gustaf
BOSTON, Mass., Dec. 2.-Tho
champions of no-license succeeded In
Inducing New Bedford and Marlboro
to vote today in fgvor of closing saloons. Northampton end Flnlaburg
voted to contlnus the sale of liquor
In the municipal elections today ln
seven cities ol tho state. Walthain
and Qulncy, strong no-license con
tre*, repeated last year's verdict today. PHttafleld again voted for II
PEFPERELL, Muss., Dec. 2.—
Fourteen thousand dollars in cash
were secured by burglars who early
today blew open the vault of the
First National bank hero. Tbo thoroughness and skill with which the
work wus performed hos convinced
the police that the burglars were pro
Threo mon wore in tho party and
t i uh tbey were seen entering an
automobile, all trace of them wae
soon loat. The bank vault wus
blown open about two o'clock at
which time the last ol threo explosions was hoard by Earnest Tarbell,
who was sle'-ing noxt door. Tar-
iicll armed himself with a revolver,
and started to investigate, only to
find the door of his own house barred outside. He succeeded in break
ing open his door and reached the
hank Just a* tha robbers were leaving in nn automobile. Alter shouting an ahum Tarbell fired several
rhota at the burglars, tr t there ls
no indication that any of them took
A quantity of bills and silver were
scattered about the vault, which
gay* evidence of hurry with which
the burglars secured the booty. A
large quantity of gold stored in one
of the Interior recesses ol tho safe
wus untouched, save for a alngle $10
coin which was missing.
Before beginning their work on the
bank vault the burglars took ths pre
caution of barring street doors of
all ths buildings In the vicinity. The
first two explosions were so effectively muffled that tho nolae wna heard
only a ahort distance from the bank
''tit apparently ths burglars became
excited, and In preparing for tho
third explosion, neglected to t ke
NEW YORK, Dec. 3.—Adventurer*
and adventuresses by thousands make
more than comfortable living by
sponging on credulous capitalists,
and only once in a great while is
their rascality exposed. As a rule
the "stung" millionaires are only
too anxious to hush up the fact that
thoy were taken In by a smooth fakir and the latter escapes his deserved punishment. Cases liko those of
Mrs. Chadwick, or more recently of
William A. Foster and J. M. Meyers,
aro by no means of raro occurrence.
Foster has lived by his wits for
more thun nine years, has swindled
more than §100,000 out of capitalists in New York and olsowhoro and,
with his family has lived liko o
princo in the "royal suite" of the
Hotel Clarendon, without paying a
single cent. Now that Foster is in
inil, charged with vagrancy and
swindling, hie wife and flvo children
are taken care of by the proprietor
of the Clarendon Hotel. It is a remarkable fact that Foster obtained
his funds from minor capitalists only. John IJ. Rockefeller, Andrew
Carnegie and other men of that typo
were not so easy marks for the persuasive swindler.
J. Montelioro Meyers, who wus attested on tho churge of swindling the
other day, seems to be another genius like Foster. His smoothness
and persuusi.euess may be gauged
,y the fuct thut ho succeeded in fooling even an experienced businessman
nd student uf humanity life David
Bolusco. So firmly convinced was
Mr. Bolnsco of tlio veracity and reliability of the insinuating Australian, thut bo ullowod himself to i,o
capthalod by thu swindler's stupen-
ynivs ul,,,ut the hundreds of
millions of capital which lie represented, or rather, protended to
present. He went so far even as to
becoino Meyers' sponsor and Introduced him publicly as a mon ot fabulous wealth, who had promised to
give financial backing to Mr. Bclas-
co's plans for building severul new
KENORA, Out., Dec. 3.-Four mon
wore wounded last night ln a shooting affair wlllch took placo at Dry-
den, Ont. A party of men were
drinking in a house on tho outskirts of tlio town whon ono of ♦■ho
party, Joseph Mlllray, suddenly
nn automatic revolver. Four shots
Jumped up and fired live shots Irom
an automatic revolver. Four shots
took oflect. The wounded oro Richard Donna, ot London, Eng., shot In
the abdomen, who wlll die; Daniel
Fay, shot In the nock and right sldo;
A. Stanton, shot ln the knee, and
Wm. Shnrpe, shot In tha thigh.
Mlllray was   arrested and brought
to Kenora
Ho declared there war no fear that
Canada would stop aside from hor
present path for trade (Hear, hear!)
"We claim the right to dictate and
control our own trade policy. We
concede to statesmen of the mother
country the samo right. We did
not give preference for the purpose
of making a bargain tcheers). Thc
United States' action in erecting i
high barrier against Canada for at
object he wouldn't define further
had only forced Canada to become
tier greatest competitor on the markets of the world. Canada had defied her neighbor and hud conquered.
(Loud cheers). Canada's heart was
with the mother country, and Canada knew if the United States lowered the barrier it would be only for
her own convenience. (Hoar, hear,
and laughter)."
Going on to the question of imperial defence, Borden asked if Canada was nut doing her duty by the
building up of material for an army,
while the mother country did what
-bo was much mure fitted to do,
namely, maintaining a navy equal
to two powers plus ten per ceut.7
Hon. Mr. Lemieux, on rising, said
happily many 'things which people
did not oven suspect, camo under tho
observntiou of travellers. In tho
course of his errands abroad he made
a real discovery that England is
much utilised and atrociously libelled
by Englishmen themsehes. As a
matter of fact England is not only
u land where, girt with frionds or
fucs, man may speak the thing lie
will, it is also a homo of kindness
nnd refinement, but he confessed ono
must come here to make that discovery, for most of the people of
England nre still, ns tho witty
French writer jittts it, "luxile In-
Lomioiix next referred to intellectual preference and predicted that
tlie volume of British periodicals
road in Canada, would in the near
future reach far greater proportions,
and he laid down as u goneral proposition that a true spirit of inn-
pciiul unity could only be developed
by I hem knowing more of one another.
"Lot us," he continued, "correspond fearlessly. We must in fields
of science, specul t n 'nml literature,    communion'- '.'rl 'i "tier.
Intellectual prefei ,-iue cui.ceived In
that spirit. We must visit each other's shores, so as to better understand and grasp possibilities of the
British Empire. Let us have an all-
red route. Wo must have cheap
communications, so as to nnnihlate
space and time. I_t us have an nil
red cable (applause). We must trade
wtlth each other. Wo In Canada
havo given' you n preference that
wns a free gift, that policy had
benefitted thc Canadian consumer, It
encouraged trade with Canada's best
customer nnd money lender, nnd It
offered an inspiring example to the
rest.ot the empire."
Lansing, Mich., when he tried to
disjiose of some stolen gems in May
of last year. He wns taken to Colorado, tried and convicted of murder and sentenced to twenty-five
years in the penitentiary. On tho
way lo the penitentiary nt Canyon
City Sherclifle oscaped from the
sheriff and was not heard from until he was arrested at Knoxville. The
Colorado authorities are awaiting
tho outcome of the impending trial
with great interest, as it ls understood that Shercliflb w 11 bo Immediately extradited to the Colorado
authorities, ln case he should be
acquitted of tho charge in connection with tho Northern Pacific train
After the Northern Pacific train
robbery in April Shercllffe wns traced through several states of the middle west, but he managed to elude
the police authorities, until ho was
located In Knoxville, Tenn. When
tho officers tried to arrest him,
Sherclifle drew a revolver and shot
at them. He was finally overpowered and great care was taken to pro-
vent- his escape. At first he fought
his extradition, but submitted when
he found he waa to bo extradited to
Minnesota and not to Colorado.
OTTAWA, Deo. 2,-The Board ol
Railway Commissions™ will maks a
mid-winter trio to the Pacific coast
lo doal with matters in dispute at
various western points. Announcement to this effect was mnde yesterday by Chairman Mabec, in application of Vancouver, Victoria and the
Eastern Railway and Navigation
Company, for author ty to take additional lands for diversion of their
road In the municipality of Delta, in
New Westminster district.
body of Chief of Police Biggy, who
was drowned in the bay on Monday,
bus not been recovered, although the
police, aided by a number of launch-
is, and assisted by the marines and
soldiers on Alcrata and Angel islands, have-maintained without interruption the search instituted imuied alely after the chief's dusappear-
ituce. Because of complex currents,
aud tlie action of the tide, it is
ilitlicult to calculate Just where the
body may have found lodging, and
it may bo severul daya before it is
That Chiof Biggy oflered his resignation to Police Commissioner H.
D. Keil, an hour before his death,
and during the period of his visit to
Uccommissioner'e home at Bclvidere
became known today, Keil admits
that the missing official offered to
surrender his position In the hope
that the commissioners would be relieved of newspaper criticism to
which Biggy felt they had beon subjected on his account, but according
to his own declaration, they refused
to accept or consider the proposal,
and advised tho chief that the members of the board would not entertain the idea of his resignation under flre.
ln hls official statement Issued after the commissioners had met in
executive session Keil mode no mention of this fuct, and several times
Intimated that his final conversation
with Biggy included no statement
that would tend to clear up thc mystery of his death. The fact that
Biggy had Insisted upon presentation
of hls resignntlnn at the next meeting of the board became known from
written statement directed to
Mayor Taylor.
w»in in in hi in in in in in hi IllIIiyilJllMIIIll 111 111 Ml II! Hi III1II Hi*
7 JOHN W. COBURN. oeo. n   PICKARD.        -
^_      President and Managing Director. R„i-r,.fnry-Treasurer.     -
 THE — _
]__B TABLE NO. 4.
Trains leave Ladysmith
Daily at 0 a. in.
Wednesdny, Saturday and Sum' ty.
at 9:00, and 15:58.
For Victoria.
Trains tyrive at Ladysmith
Daily at 11:57.
Wedaesday, Saturday and Sund.iy
At 11:57 and 17:55
From Victoria.
D. L Chetham
District Passeuger Agent.
1102 Government St.    '        Victoria
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 44
Dealer In All Kinds of
Ueata Delivered free ol charge on tht
Shortest Notice.
j. m. moSGArH
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Engagements may be left at the
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A Specialty
All  kinds o.'  Blacksmlthlng
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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Dee. 8. -
The oillciais of tlie Hennepin county
Jail are keeping close watch on
Frank Shercllffe, the noted desperado, who is about to be tried on the
chargo of having been Implicated In
the robbing of a Northern Pacific
trnli'at Nerthtown Junction, on
April 10 of this year. Shoreline
who Is a man of many aliases, and
has a long record of crimes In all
parts of tlio country, was located
and arrested at Knoxville, Tenn.,
Ho will be tried Satur- short time ago. The authorities ol
Cororado and    of Minnesota    made
Hoigho for tho chilling winds    thnt
blow!     heigho for the     frosty
Heigho for tho weathor "two below
and   the   wiud   that nips    and
Heigho for tho dnys I'll shortly know
when    tho    plumber gets    his
rights I
Then hero's to the plumber,
Come drink a  drop;
And here's to thc tools
I leave at the shop;
And here's to the pipes
That burst for me,
And the lime when thu plumber
Will happy bo.
Heigho for tho hurry calls I'll get!
heigho for the task that's mino.
Height    for    the bathroom soaking
wot, a   plight that I  count de-
Heigho for the tools thnt I'll forgot!
hoigho for the busy sign!
Then horo's to the pliimbor,
The plumber bold;
Here's to his solder,
And here's to his gold.
And horo's to tho pipes
That will burst some day;
Heigho for the plumber,
That all m«Bt pay.
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and Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
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Fruits and Candies of All Kin* i
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Liver Sausage, Blood Pudding
Brown Bologna, Corn Beef,
Will be In Ladysmith every Wednesday at the Abbotsford Hotel, Room
*%.    Headings and treatments will be
given.      Best of references given as i I*ickled Poi'k Hil_lS lllld BaCOU
to wort don. 1. Nanaimo. I ^ ^ ^j ^ -^
I     <i   Always on Tap at
An official consus of Berlin and Its
suburbs shows that thero oro in that   gygjj'g  ButCI16F  bnOP
territory 40,124 persons without em- j     »      ^	
ployment    at the present time.    Of ^ajgaBJoecemeamii&c^^^
this number only 1,710 are women. ■
The figures    do aot Include pension-1
ers, but they comprise 1,938 others!
who enjoy small fixed Incomes.    The.
small numbsr ol unemployed women:
Is due to the great demand for  do-
Liverpool, Doc. JJ.—SS. take Cham
plain arrived In Liverpool on Wednesday at ll pm ,l   || | Ml
Jl. Jawiw
mestlc servants.
Many experienced cooks—and soms
careless ones-have difficulty in making smooth gravy. If the flour Is
stirred In with a lork Instead of a
spoon there wlll lie no lumps.
} hotogi apher
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is Ready with the Largest and   Best Stock   uf   Xnuts -Gifts,
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Xmas    Gift.     Wo have
Mr. Irvine, thl government surveyor, has been ln town during the
Week. He has survoyed a crossing
over the E. & \. for a road into
David T. Davies' ranch. He has
ulsu nuuie a survey of the new roud
crossing just above Brenton's, and
today is e camming some crlblilng at
llusliun Greek,
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Simon Leiser & Co.
<Mr, Arthur F. Owen ia in town for
a few days. Mr. Owen is a piano
tuner ot' thirty-years' experience and
below are two testimonials which he
brought with him rrom England
years and years ago. Ue has worked now on the island for a number
of years and anyone who has engaged hini will vouch for the efficiency
of his work :
Warwick Mansion
ICiags Rolxi,
Brighton, Sussex, Bug.
Mr. Arthur I<\ Owen was in our om
ployment from   1S81  to  1888 as pianoforte   tuner, and    we have much
pleasure in stating that tho work entrusted  to his charge    was done   in
the most etnetoht manner.
K. 1',  HAUU
(For Messrs. Lyon & Hall.)
95 New Bond St.,
London, Eng.
October 29th,  1884.
!    Messrs.  J,  &  .1.   Hopkinson    havo
much pleasure    in stating that   Mr.
Arthur F, Owen was in their employ
as  pianoforte  tuner,  and   they   considered him most competent to   undertake the enre of (.rand und   Up-
wright  Pianofortes.
(For J. ipkiuson).
, 'Gives Dance Every Two Weeks.
Open for  Engagements From Two
Pieces Up.
For full particulars, apply
Sale of Furniture
Mrs, Guy Langton, of Baden-Powell Street, is selling off hor household effects. No reasonable offtjr refused,
Tho f
it  the
Mr. F. H. Shepherd went down to
Victoria on Thursday on business of
There will be a practice game tomorrow between two Socond Division teams and all the players are requested to be in attendance. The
game will  be started at 10:80 a.m.
Me. Wm. Dun-woody returned from! You may have your own opinion
a trip to Victoria yesterday in time about the worth and vnlue of a renl
to take part in the great fight to- Mve Grand Duke; but Winch's Grand
morrow afternoon. William is right-' I>*e Cigar is class all over and
back,   and    he    plnvs  with a great right'through.    It is the best smoke
In town, Is made In town and   biu
first call In town. XX
dash and  terrifying
Mrs.  W. R. Smith took the   train
for Seattle yesterday morning.
Mr. Owen, the piano   tuner, is   in
town for a few days.
Mrs. J. J. Bland went down to
Victoria yestorday morning on route
for Seattle.
Mr. F. W. Bellman was in town
yesterday in the interests of the Tennessee Jubilee Singers.
Dr. Young, the
tary, went down
Provincial   Secre-
to Victoria   this
Mr. J. Scobie    wns     a     imssenger
flown to Victoria this morning.
Mr. John Bellis wenl down to Victoria this  morning.     Mrs.  Bellis   is
staying with her sister there,
P. Fletcher, for a few days.
Congratulntions nre due to J. J.
Blond. Johnny wns unietly married
on Thursday to Mrs. Mull on, of Seattle. Mr. and Mrs. Bland are waiting until their now residence is completed along First avenue when they
hope to receive their friends.
ollowing vessels hnvo coaled
local wharves during the
.: Princess May, Trader, Spray
scows. Flyer ond scows. Commodore, Tyee, Pioneer, Reatrice, Oscar,
Tebro, Clnyhurn and scows, Otter
and scows, Topic, Vadso, Slut swap,
Charger, Sea Lion, Hope, Earle,
Quadro, Kscort. Georgian, Robert
Kerr and SI. Clair.
Thc S.S.  Wellington  is in and   is
expected to leave tonight.
The Georgian was bound for Prince
Rupert, nml had throe locomotives
n board, the first ever consigned to
the G.T.P. terminus. There was
also a steam shovel and a full contractors' equipment of cars and oth-
impU"\..its. The Shuswnp is the
bo^' used by Tiaslam in his timber
The Herald has still another correction. Mrs. T. D. Conway tho wife
of the Customs House ollicer, is not
in the Chemainus Hospital. Tt is
Mrs. T. Conway, of Gatacre Street,
who is the sufferer, and her many
friends will regret, '- '•'■<» that she
has hnd two bad nights since she
reached the hospital.
Mayor Nicholson was in town on
Wednesday evening. He reports
that the new school which he has
beon putting up for the Government
is practically completed. At Presont
he is putting up the outhouses and
expects to finish the whole job this
week. The painting is being done
by S.  Rocdding.
Percy K. Winch is gotting out
Grand Duke cigars for Xmas in boxes of 10, 25 and 50. Thoy aro on
sale at all the stores In town.
Mr. J. M. Morgan went down to
Victoria yesterday morning. Mr.
Morgan took both the ladies' and
male voire choir in practice nt Nanaimo, and he is satisfied that the
Indies nro going to have a fine choir.
The firemen are giving their annual ball in tho Opera Houso on
New Year's night. The ball is one
of the social events of the year and
is always looked forward to with Interest.
There ia om good thing to be got
in Victoria. That Is Winoh'a Grand
Duke Cigar which la on sale at Wes-
terndale Railway Cigar Store, opposite tho E. _ N. Station, at the
James' Bay Cigar Store, opposite
the C. P. R. Hotel, and at the Hub
Cigar Store on Government Street,
run by Dave Lewis and Jesse Evans. XX
We are opening up overy day
Chlnaware suitable for Christmas Presents, comprised of:
TRAYS, (nil sizes).
Thodance given at the opera houso
on Thursday evening was a big success. Tho largo number of dancers
'were delighted with the music supplied them.
The Rev. Mr. Fuwcctt, of Xanainio.i
will tako the services in St. John'
Mission    Church tomorrow,  nuirnln
and evening, at the usual hour.
Mr. W. R. Smith has got his electric lighting plant in lirst class shape
now. The now premises, his work-
shed and his office were nil brilliantly illuminated yesterday evening.
Hugh Thornley is out of luck just
now. In the beginning of tho week
he fell and hurt hia knee. A couple
of days later ho went out and put
the axe Into the thumb of his loft
hand, Inflicting a painful but not
serious wound. Hughie is carrying
the Injured member around in n sling
and trying his best to look cheerful
•Mrs. E. Mulhollnnil wns
ger on tho morning train
n   passen,
on Tliurs-
Mr. n. Taylor, who has been a resident of tho town for Ihe past year
or two, pulled nut nn Thursday for
Cincinnati. Taylor has gone back to
clerk in a wholesale warehouse, and
hopes to break into his old profession of commercial travelling.
Articles hnve been drawn up for a
15-rou/icl boxing contest between
Jack Vinson, of this city and Collie Hill, of Victoria, lhc limit to bo
pulled off in this city nn Saturday,
Dec 12th. The terms nf the agreement call lor catch weights, Marquis
of Quconsliury rules, fnr a Sinn si'le
bot and the onlirn gate receipts, the
contest to take placo In the \lhlctlc
Club arena, to commence nt 9 p.m.
A permit fnr tho bout, was secured
from the proper authorities yesterday and copjofj !*s sent to
Hill for signature. As both principals have boen In training fur tho
event for some time they will bo in
the best of fnrm fnr tho bout which
should he one of the best over pulled off between amateurs in this city.
—Nanaimo Freo Press.
Tfcs Herald actually made a correction the other day. It got hold
of a flying rumor that Alex. Shaw
had resigned hls position at Extension, and at once printed it as a fact
and tacked on an appointment aa
nipeetor of mines. The Herald, it
seems, was promptly asked to cor-
jrect its report which lt did. A week
before this the Herald reported a
new case of smallpox takon from the
Extension minea. It has nover had
the grace to correct this very serious error. A few days later It reported a death from fmallpox. Thero
wal no truth in either report, and
in spite of the harm they woro calculated to do the town and have
don the town, not a word of correction has appeared.
Ina camo in from the country or
hcr fifth birthday to visit her cousin May. At night they wero put
to bed early. An hour passed when
heart-breaking sobs were heard from
the children's bedroom.
'What's tho matter, children?'
asked May's mother, entering the
dark room.
From under the bedclothes Ina sobbed out, "May won't give mo any ol
her peanuts."
But Mny has no peanuts," replied
her aunt.
I know thac," sobbed Inn,   "but
sho said if she did have peanuts
wouldn't givo me any."
the General Land Olllce specify only
the minimum charge per acre, the
townships included in this great coal
field were withdrawn from entry over
threo years ago, and tho secretary of
the Interior instructed the geological
survey to classify and value tho land.
This work was begun in northern
Wyoming last year, when a party
under J. A. Tail' examined the area,
betweon Sheridan and Clearmont,
and another party under E.W.Shaw,
studied the Casper-Douglas ond of
the field. Tho work wos continued
this year by H. S. Gale, who con-
south, classifying tho area about
nected with Mr. Tail's work on tho
Buffalo and Trablng, find R. W
Stone, who carried Mr. Taff's work
eastward from Clearmont to Rozot
Mr. Stono, who has juBt returned to
Washington, has made the following
statement of tlio scope of the season's work:
All of the coal ia this field lies almost flat and in what aro commonly known as "blanket seoms," that
If coal outcrops on one side of a
hill it probably extends through and
ill be found on the other side of
the hill at about the same level, so
that the geologist who can road
the natural signs can trace a coal
bed for miles, even though no coal
is seen on the surface.
Many ranchers appear tio think
that so long as there Is no coal in
sight the land cannot be classed as
coal land. This view is obviously
erroneous, for even a twenty-foot
coal bed may be completely hidden
by a grassy slope, and yet by a
little digging may become a paying
mine. Therefore such an operation
as shoveling down the top of a bank
to conceal a coal bed at its base
neither deceives the geologist nor
makes noncoal land out of coal land
The fact that there is no coal at
the surface in a whole township
does not necessarily Imply that ltis
non-coal land; there may be a workable coal bed just below the surface,
a fact to be determined by examining the geology of the surrounding
area or by drilling.— Geological Survey.
Years ago it wns learned that the
largest coal field In the United Statos is that which extends from Casper and Douglas, Wyo., northward to
tho Canadian boundary. All of western North Dakota and eastern Mon-
tnna and that part of Wyoming lying between the Belle Fourche and
tho Bighorns is an unbroken field of
low-grade bituminous coal and lignite. As tho federal statues providing for the salo of coal hind     >y
Ladysmith Orchestra
From Two Pieces up.
All Newest anil Brightest Music.
For full particulars, apply
Ladysmith, B.C.
1 Great Slaughter Sale of
1     Christmas Gifts
§  Silverware, Cut Glass Ware, Bizarre
u Sets and Brie-a-Brac
To get rid of Them we aro offering   them    at  Cost and  Less
than Cost Prico.     Cnll in and see for yourselves.
Tho  Choicest and  Cheapest Xmas Gifts over offered In Lndysmith.
We  Are Now Straigtened
And are showing the following goods that
make nice Christmas Gifts
Knight's Book Store
Applications    for   the position .of
City Auditor,  stating remuneration,-
will be received   by the undersigned
up till Monday, December 7, 1908.    .
0. M. 0.
I hereby give notice that I intend
to make application to th© Board
of Licensing Commissioners of the
City of Ladysinith, nt their next
rogular meeting, for a transfer of
the retail liquor license now hold by
me in respect the Kings Hotel,
Ladysmith, from mysc.i' to Josoph
Lndysmith, B.C., Nov. 28, 1908.
A good clog collar with a 1908
tag attached. Owner can have snmo
by calling nt the Standard ofllco and
paying for this advertisement.
Come and    f
ray Stock of Latest Styles In
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Spoclalty.
LOST.-Between tho I. 0. O. F. hall
and Kings Hotol, a block mask.
Will finder please roturn to A.
Smart socond hand rnngo, good as
now.   Mclntyre Foundry Co., Ltd.
FOR SALE—A kitchen Btove, either coal or wood.    Apply Rev. Jos.
McMillan, Third avenue.
Four    gasoline    lamps,  tank   and
wires.   Everything complete.    Apply
Wm. Hooporf n25
Gome and  Make Yeur
Selection—new stock
fresh in.
J. E. Smith,    Roberts Street
AU kinds of Clock nnd Wntch Repairing. Satisfaction Guaranteed ;
at Reasonable Prices.
English Wntchos a Specialty.
Practical Watchmaker.
All work left at IT. Hughos Store,
will recoivo Prompt Attention.
Notice is hereby given that tho
Court of Revision on tho Voters'
List will be held in tho Council
Chambers, Ladysmith, on Monday,
21st December, 1908, at 2 p.m.
Ladysmith, B.C., Nov. 24, 1908.
[Teacher of Music]
Studio in v/illiams' Block
C9SKK936CKKK K8MCO05brWQtt_i
CAPITAL $10,000,000   :   REST $5,000,000
Bank Money Orders
ti and under      ...      3 cents
Over (5 and not exceeding tlO,   6   "
"  $10      '• ',' (80, 10   "
"  (.30      " "        160, IB   "   ■
These onlem are payable at par at any olllco in
Oana_of o Chartered Dank, except In the Yukon,
and at thc principal bankng points in tne United
Thry ara negotiable at ¥4.00 to thc c sterling in
Ureal Britain anil Ireland.,, They form an excellent
method ot remitting small urns of mono./ with safety
and at small coK and 11 ay be obtained without delay
ac any olllce of thc It ,r,k
LADYSMITH BRANCH   ::   li M. In (lux, Manager
"I suppose your play starts w tha
housemaid dusting the furniture and
soliloquizing about the family affairs?"
"No, we've cut all that out. Instead we have a vacuum cleaner
with phonographic attachment,"
The Best
In wet weather is
a good pair of
rubbers. The Best
Rubbers are naturally what everyone
wants. That is just
what they get when
they use the
Agent for the Celebrated
"K" Boots
Il Is Time To Buy
Xmas  Oards
Call in and look over our stock
H. HUGHES, lst Avenue
A Special .'Lot
Knobbiest Erer Shown
In Ladysmith
John Thomas
The Old Reliable Shoe Store
Have you seen those two
Pumpkins in our window?
Do you think you can guess
how many seeds there are in
We aro going to give a prize
of $10 worth of Groceries to
the one guessing the nearest
number of, Seeds in the larger
one, and 15 worth to the one
guessing the nearest to the
number in the smaller one.
Every Dollar Bpent with us
from now until Now Years Eve
entitles you to a guess.
You might win both prizes
if you aro a good guessor.
Telephone, 4,      F.O, Box 80S'
and Oilcloth
How can we afford to be
without one of those la rge
rooihy Chester Drawers
or Chiffoniers when., we
can get them right here
in our oity for $12.00,
$16.50 and $20.00, with
or without Mirror at
Furniture Store
Phone 1-8,
""Irst Aveaue<
inst RtMlrlii or Mist
tatt BvHIIiiulfticrii
Cirptiicr w«r_.___3>
&   MO'BRIAN   %
Just Arrived
Call and See Them
Terms to Suit all Buyers
kdysmth Pbarmaey.
l¥|cKelvie Bros.
Children's and  i
* *""■••■''
::Ladies' Stockings;:
!! All kinds of Stamped \',
and made up Novel- ]',
!!   ties for Christmas,
jjMiss Uren!;


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