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The Ladysmith Chronicle Feb 17, 1909

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With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, B. C, Wednesday, february 17, 1909.
City Council Transacts
Much Business
Tin council'met Monday evening,.ten report. Attention was directed
Mayor Nicholson in the chair. There to the necessity .of improving the m\
were present: Aid. Matheson, Camp-'vice by tbe addition of hose, etc.,
bell, Roberts, Dier, Brown and Mc- and it was recommended,that KM) ft.
Kinncll;. .     of hose be ;purcnase<l from the Pan-
Minutes of previous meeting   were adian Rubber Co., at Kl per foot,
read and approved. It was generally felt that all pre-
From the Seattle Gas Engine, and cautions should be taken and Aid.
Machine Co., asking for information Matheson moved, seconded by   Aid.
regarding thc electric plant with the
object of putting in a tender.
Letter received and filed.,
From A. Campbell Reddie, deputy
provincial secretary,    with reference
to the bill of Dr. Blombergcr.
The communication was received
and filed anil a copy of thc letter will
be sent to Dr. Blombergcr.
From.Archibald F. CJibson with).regard to the wages usually paid nurses for smallpox. He stated that
nurses for smallpox patients received
J35 per week, and he believed that
/his daughter, >Mi«s Gibson, fshou'W.
■he paid at that rate An offer .was-
made to waive travelling expenses.
Aid. Matheson stated that lie had
made inquiries as to what was
paid nurses at the Victoria,isalation
hoipital. He found that 825 j.cr
week was paid there, but he also
learned that over en the American
side smallpox nurses were paid from
?5 to $7 per day.
Mayor N.vhplson referred to thc
fact that in the case oi thc two nurses at the Ladysmith isolation hospital they had to do all the work,
and therefore made it unnecessary to
enqage a cook.
Dr. Dier was heartily in favcr of
paying the nurses the full $.15 per
Aid. Brown believed that there
should He a limit lo the pay of nurses. Someone should know what
they should get.
Aid. Mathcsou related a conversation with the city medical health officer. It wns believed that thc wa^
ges would be $23 per week,, but later developments seemed to show
that the usual wages were tvpn
higher. The nurses in this casa kept
down the expenses.
Mayor Nicholson felt that the city
was in duty bound to pay nurses the
price asked. Th3 nurses had done
thdr duty faithfully, and in many
ways saved additional expenses.
It was moved by Aid. Campbell,
seconded by Aid. Roberts, and carried, that thc communication 'be received and filed and that the bill be
paid in full.
From Wm. C. Bront, acknowledging
receipt of necessary information regarding debentures.
Communication received and filed.
From John E. Sprn.ce, barrister,
with regard to Dr. Dan!;s' account
for clothing damaged during the
epidemic. In the letter it was stated that Mayor Nicholson and Dr.
Frost were aware ol the agreement
to indemnify Dr. Datiks for. loss of
Mayor Nicholson denied having entered into any such arrangement, and'
the council will communicate with
Dr. Frost before proceeding further.
Tho mayor referred to the request
made as to the appointment ol a
police magistrate for the city. It
wits now a question of deciding upon
tho salary to be paid. Mr. Harrison,
who was .suggested tor the office,
would be willing to accept $250 a
year.   *',
The question ol raising money was
discussed, and reference .was made by
His Worship, to the desirability of
having a police magistrate who was
not a member of the council,
Aid. Matheson felt that he would
be better without occupying the' 61,-
fce orhiagist'l1ate,:'butHt'bilb,'occ.upy-
ing the position he would do his duty?
lit was moved by Aid. Dier, seconded by Aid. Campbell, nnd carried,
that Mr. V. B. Harflsoif be appointed police magistrate at' a salary of
8250 a year.
Messrs. Chappcll A Welts wanted n
week in which to'prepare plans' for a
new. livery stable, to be built on Firsi.
avenue, and in the meantime to pre
pare plans. • '•'•■■
This^was agreed to by the council.
A communication was received from
Mr. John Stewart with retfird to thcV
bond of the city clcrt'.
Tlie matter will be attended to at
Accounts aggregating $705.75 Were
presented and referred to the finance
committee. ,. i
Campbell that tho fire warden's recommendation be accepted.
Aid. Brown drew attention to the
dangerous condition of the sidewalk,
near the soda water factory.
It:was pointed out that William
Siler had promised to attend to this
sidewalk personally and it was ordered that the mayor interview Mr.
Siler and ask him to redeem Lis
The question of increasing the revenue came up, and Aid. McKinnell believed the hotel licenses should be advanced to the amount paid in Nan limb and other cities.
In the course ot a lengthy discus,
sion'it was pointed out thit the La-
dysmith hotelkecpers were subjected
to unfair competition,, bottle peddlers
visiting tbe different house.; .ad selling beer.. Others expressed tliet lie-
litf that something should lie done
to close up the "blind piits."
Thc matter will in ail pron.ibil:;y
eome up lot discussion at a future
meeting of the city council.
The revenue by-law was flniily rd-
The mayor and N. A. Mon'ison
were authorized to si. ji cheques, e!c.,
on behalf of the city.
The advertisement tor tenders ftr
tne sewers was made to agree v. ith
the form attached to the ,>h.i3 and
specifications. At the former meeting it was decided to request the
person tendering to deposit ten per
cent, ol .the amount oi his tender
a guarantee that he would complete
the work. Under the oew arrangement the tenderer will be asked to deposit $1,000 arid provide two bondsmen in the amount ol $6,1)00.
In this connection certain kjuestions
were asked in regard to the septic
tank. Some ct the aldermen had
dotib's as to its efficiency, but it was
pointed out that in this case the con"
ditions wcro somewhat different to
those prevailing in other places where
the septic tank had ten tested.
Aid. Campbell was granted permis-
ior, to introduce his amendment to
the road tax by-law, so as to conform with the amendments to the
Mineral Clauses Act.
Under the amended by-law the age
limit will be extended from 21 to 50
years to 18 to 80 years.
Dr. Dier made an appeal on behalf
of Mr. R. J. trembath. ,lt was said
that Mr. Trembath had decided to
abandon legal prcceedings providing
hq could secure a settlement.
Mayor Nicholson stated that Mr.
Trembath had assisted the authorities in checkingj the spread ot tbe dis<
ease, and was entitled to consideration, but His Worship could not sec
how the council could do anything
until it had received the official' notification tbat the action had been
Aid. Matheson stated that Mr.
Trembath had placed his case in the
hands of a firm ot lawyers, and the
council cculd not take any steps until notified in -writing, from an au-
thorative source, that the case had
been withdrawn.
The mayor added that Mr. Trembath would.return in a.few days and,
then the matter could 'be taken up
with the object of an amicable adjustment.
Aid. Matheson pointed out .that the
council had already? expressed a: Willingness to assume tho responsibility
for the drug Lill.
After some further discussion the
council adjourned. ...   ,L
Smelter Will Be  Busy
1-here is every prospect that the smelter will run
throughout the summer without any stoppage for
ore. This, will be good news to the citizens of Ladysmith. During the past few weeks contracts have
been made with the managers of several mines for
theii^fiill outpost- of'pre, and this means steady
operations at the smelter. The barge [Charger is
discharging ore from'nmce of Wales Island to day
and there are also three scows in with small lots of
local ore."
Local and General
News Notes
Correspondents Answer
Mr. W,G. Simpson
Things in football circles are a lit- .the next best man to fill the posl-
tle puict just now, though Mr. Simp- tion in the opinion of all the select-
son's letter is causing lots of com-'ors. And, if Mr.'Simpson had seen..
ment. For. a few days it was all j the Nanaimo game, as. he ought to
you could hear on the street corners, [have done, he would have seen for
and in this issue some enthusiasts, aro
taking the matter up.
At the Presbyterian manse this
morning, Rev. James McMillan united in marriage Miss Annie Hiqucbran
to Mr. Victor Delcourt,
Messrs. Price and Matbieson, the'
new owners of the Star of Scotland,
formerly the- Kennilworth,- a fbur
master, brought their ship tip trom
the ballast.ground yesterday in one
hour against wind and tide.     ' ' ..;
Rev. Leslie Clay, Rev. Mr. McRae,
ot Victoria, and Rev,. Mr.: Robertson;
ol Duncan, are holding a Presbytery
meeting this aieernoon at the PresbyV
terian church, having under Consideration
The hoodoo seems to be with the
club still. Take Saturday and Monday, what fine days they were! , Sunday tame between with a heavy fajl
of snow which made playing impossible. The management of the club,
not to be disheartened, put on a gany
of men and teams of horses to try
and get the field cleared and after
some hours work had to give it up.
Manager Eno stopped the special
train and in company with Mr. Percy
Richardson, of Victoria, went over
the grounds and the latter cancelled
the game, saying the field was totally unlit to play on. The game with
The ball of the Eagles this evening Nanaimo will be played later in   thc
promises to be a great sucoess.   All j season and should prove the same old*
the arrangements   have been carried exciting event as ever
out with thc sole object in view of
providing those who attend with   an
enjoyable evening.
himself1 that McDowell, was well able
to stand off the rushes of the Nanaimo forwards; as he gave Paddy Hewitt all that was coming to him. We
are sorry, the game did not come off
on Sunday to prove the truth ' of our
statement. Thanking you for the
space, we remain, yours,
Mr. Samuel Lauderbach has.returned to Ladysmith after a four months'',
tour of the Western States.
Many of the local butchers now
have on sale meat supplied- by the
Vancouver and Prince Rupert Meat
Co.,, with headquarters at Vancouver; Messrs. -Roberts, Pannell and
Williamson   havo the    meat on sale,
various matters in" co^ncrtlrin>nd. sPeak in.the. hi«^etras ol ,hc
the    Ladysmith
article supplied by this company.
John Turka was before Magistrates
Nicholson and Matheson last evening.
Dr. Frost and Mrs. Frost returned charged with violating the quaran-
last Sunday from a month's ramble tjne iegulatlons. Turka's offense was
through the orange groves of South-[visiting the house ot Joe Graiglia, in
ern California. They visited the var- wliich there was a case of scarlet lev-,
ious watering places adjacent to Los or| lno only one in thc city. The a£
Angeles, and -wound up their trip | cUsed was found guilty, and the mag-
south by a visit of a weak to   San jsttates   imposed   u    fine    of   S10
"The San Francisco Opera Co will
play a rcturu engagement in the Nanaimo opera house next Friday night.
On the occasion of their former visit
they delighted a large audience, and
their second visit promises to be
eiually as successful as the first. The
bill- for Friday night, is "Dolly
V'arden," a successful comic opera.
The moving picture show at the La-*
dysmith opera house opened last Mom
day night to a large audience. Thc
house was arranged with a view to
tl.e convenience and comfort of the
audience and the pictures were good
and decidedly interesting: "The Call
ol the Wild" was remarkably good,
and the. other productions sustain interest throughout. Miss Campbell
sings two illustrated songs and is
well received. There will be no performance this evening on account of
the Eagles' Ball, but beginning tomorrow evening there will be a
change in programme. The leading
picture will to "Taming ol the
Shrew," Shakespeare's great play,
and there will fbe new illustrated
songs by Miss Campbell.
and costs.
At thc Methodist Church this after*
neon at 2:15 o'clock, Rev. Mr. Wilkinson united in marriage1, Richard
Charles Heyes to Miss Mary Wilkinson, 'both of Ladysmith'. About fifty people were present, and.after the
ceremony was over bhe young couple
received tho hearty congratulations of
their many friends. A reception was
held' at the parsonage. Mr. and Mrs.
Heyes have a large circle of friends
in Ladysmith, all of whom will extend good wishes for their future.
Ladysmith, B. (!',
A. Orr,
D. T. Irvine.
Feb. ifi, 1»0».
Next Sunday Vancouver United
meet the local seniors in a Pacific
Coast League game and as this Is
Vancouver's first appearance in Ladysmith this season should prove a
great drawing card. The writer has
had several chats with thc leading
football lights of the city and has
their several versions ol what team
should be picked. Some think tbat
it would be as well to play tbe team
which was picked to play Nanaimo.
Others think that it is nothing but
right the team which has the disastrous 5 to 0 defeat in Vancouver
early in the season should have a
chance to show that tttcre is. football
in. them yet. Again others say pick
the best team - and let us ;yvt the
points. Anyway, whatever team is
picked (and let it be the best) let,us
get in and boost the toys audi don't
do to much knocking on ' thc street
comers. Air. Albert Bradshaw will
referee thc game which is called for
2:45^ Thc team will bo published in
Saturday's Chronicle.
The Ladysmith Juniors travel to
Victoria next Saturday to meet the
North Ward team., last year's champions. This is an Island League
game. Thc names of the players will
bo published in Saturday's issue.
(To the Editor.)
Dear Sir—In your issue of Saturday, 13th February, there appeared a
Utter signed by W. Cr. Simpson, re*
ici" is a most realistic production and
[the other pictures are also good.
Messrs. Sanderson and Lewis' songs
are . well received. Beginning tomorrow thc programme will consist
of "Jerusalem," including all tbe
scenes in the vicinity of that city,
"She wanted to Be nn Actress,"
"Noblemen's Rights," and a lengthy
production ol Charles Dicken's famous novel, "A Tale ol Two Cities."
Joe Sanderson will sing Honey
Time," and Thos. Lewis will also
have a new song.
The fire Wardens presented a writ- ing one.
A large crowd .witnessed the finals
of the six-day race at the Aero roller rin'f, last Saturday night." Pete
Morris came In first; Wm. Bickertcn
second, and Thos. . Mclntyre third.
The three prizes were: First, a Slo
pair of aluminum skates; second, .85
In cash, and third, $2.no tn cash.
The race was an exciting one-mid
there will be another race at the rink
onSaturday, Feb. 27th, and thei contestants will be Bickerton, Winch and
Mclntyre. Those three.are good skaters and,the race will,ibc an intcrest.-
Newcastle-on-Tync, Feb. 1>3.—A
terrible disaster has occurred at West
Stanley, a small mining town twelve
miles Irom here, in which it is feared
180 lives have been lost. -
There were two explosions at Ion-
o'clock this afternoon in the West
Stanley colliery, which employs four
hundred men. Nearly, two hundred
men wer^ in, the pit at the time, although Tappings llave been- heard, and
it is supposed these are from some uf
the- miners who escaped from death
iu ilie expjdlfton'and lire which'lollow-
cd it.
Almost Immediately alter the explosion, flames burst through tbe
shaft, scorching the workers at thc
pit head and blowing out the fencing
and apparatus at the entrance,
The flames spread rapidly, and it
was Iwpbssjblo ' fof .Jhc rescuing
party *td descend ' to thc workings.
Thousands ol anxious persons gathered at the mouth of the pit, but lor
hours the fire' burned furiously. At
midnight, it ww still impossible to
atieRl'i^ajr^eiifi and; It'Will bomany
hours beloie the entrance is cleared.
An explosion involving the loss ot
twelve lives occurred at the same colliery In 1882, iV-wi .'
The Novelty Theatre has had  another    attractive    programme   this
week.    The picture of "Beatrix Ccn-jgarding the match between Ladysmith;
stniois and Nanaimo United, which
should have taken place on Sunday,,
uth, at Ladysmith.' The committee
silected the team tor this game
which seemingly does not meeb with
Mr. Simpson's approval. Why docs
Mr. Simpson take the columns of the
public press to express his opinion,
instead of attending ' thc meetings
which as secretary of tbe club entitles him to do? Mr. Simpson asks
thc editor, "Is McDowell competent?"
Might I ask? Is this a question for
tbe editor to decide? He goes on to
say, Adam is qualified to fill the Position ot leit back, having height,
weight, speed, and above all, experience. Now, as far as I can learn,
Adam has only played one game in
that position. At the same time I
admit Adam has height and weight,
but I strongly question it he has
the speed and experience in comparison with McDowell. 1 hope there is
no harm in informing Mr. Simpson
that Adam did not finish the game i\
Ks-niimalt, and finally ask Mr. Simp,
son if he is willing to arrange a
race between McDowell and .any. menu
her of th"e''0Ui¥,'froiii too yards to
half a mile tor a suitable prize.
Thanking. Up, editor, tor the space in'
Tint Chronicle,'i am yours respect;
Ladysmith, B.'C, Feb. 15, 1909..
Sam Dufty Has a Good Record
Sam Dufty, who will meet Roy
Standen at Nanaimo next Saturday
night, has something of a record as a';
fighter. He was born in Bristol,
England, and his (list n|ht was with
(Ircyon at Halifax, whom he knocked
out in three rounds at Halifax, N. S.
Ho next fought'Gunner Fullerton, at
Halifax, knocking him out ill one
tound; then followed McCartney nt
Halifax, . draw six rounds, Johnnie
Mclntyre, won 4 rounds at Halifax;
McCartney, won six rounds at Halifax; "Tick" Ncclings, knock-out eight
rounds at Victoria; ' Billy Smith,
knockout two rounds at Atlin;, "Lew"
Strove, draw ten rounds at Dawson;
Jack Twin Sullivan, exhibition four
rounds at Dawson; "Kid" Baker,
knockout one round nt Spokane.
When Dufty meets Standen next Sntt,
urday night he will bo in n position
to put up the tight of his life.
The sisters of Maple Leaf Circle,
No. 1", U; A; 0. Dv, arc iniritcd to at*
tend a social lo 'be held in tho I. 0.
0. F. Hall xii (Wednesday, Feb. 21,
190!), at 8* p. ml The invitation is
extended by the members of Wellington Grove, No. i. V. A. 0, D.
(To the Editor.) .
Dear Sir—Wc would just like tqi say)
a fow words in reply to Mr. Simpson's letter that appeared in your issue cf the 13th. In the first pjacc
we think that Mr- Simpson made, a
great mistake in criticizing the se>
lectors, as he is one pf them hlmcolf,
and if he had been a regular attendant of thc meetings he would have
been aware oi the (act that Adam
wasas'.nd to play left back and reused, and as Christian and Crawfott)
were unable to play, McDowell   me
Meeting of the W. C. T. 1
The home of Mr. and Mis. James
Gilchrist was open to the W. C. if.
U. last Tdesday evening for tbe men
mortal srvie'e, which the union "annually observes in memory oi tbe promoted leader of the great white ribbon army. All available space was
occupied by the large gathering assembled.
The meeting was presided ever by
Mr. Malpas, president, and an interesting programme was rendered. Mrs.
Spofford, provincial president, was
present and referred to Miss Willard,
her child,life, which even at an early
age showed in childish sports, her
strong tendency.. to leadership, her
success in student life, and as a teacher, her wonderful influence over tbe
pupils in her charge. Possibly no
other woman of the present age and
few if any, possessed the marvellous
executive ability with which Miss
Willard was gifted. .The World's Woman's Christian Temperance I'nion,
while international in character, prosecuting its work through forty
thoroughly organized departments,
covering legislative, education, evangelization and having as. Other objects the uplifting of humanity of
every class. It is an unperishable
monument to this great woman's
marvellous ability as an organizer
and leader. Her intense passion tor
humanity, with all its sin, its woe,
its great possibilities, was an unquenchable fire which burned with on-
abating zenj. While her faith inmen
: nd women, her .kindness in seeing
the good in persons always, led her
to blame little and praise much. Miss
Willard was born at Churchville, New
York, in 1S3U, but while still a child
her parents removed tc Wisconsin,
where.her child life was spent, and
later Evanston,' III., became and was
to lhe last,; her home. The placing
of her statue in Statuary Hall, at
the national capital, by the unanimous vote of thii State legislature of
Illinois is a testimony of appreciation
of which Miss Willard was well worthy. Seven years ago Miss Willard
laid down her earthly leadership of
the white ribben army, 150,000
strong, but she continues to be the
promoted leader^, of her loving and
loyal followers, and her great life
work is still going on,
An appropriate programme of music and recitations was much enjoyed
by those present at the meeting. The
following ladies and gentlemen contributed solos: Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Gilchrist and Mr. Barr, and recitations'
were received trom Miss Ethel erosion, Mr. Marton and Miss Nellie Bb,»?
ter. Thc Rev. Mr. Ambrose was
heartily welcomed by those present,
and in a neat speech expressed his
pleasure at being present and his interest in tho work.
A letter from Dr. Spencer, superintendent of local option work for the
province, was read by thc Rev.- Mr.
McMillan.^, showing in round numbers
tlio result' of thc petition work tor a
local option till to be 10,000 signatures cf voters, and 22,000 signatures
on the general petition. After re.
frcshinents dainty and abundant were
served, a hearty vote of thanks was
passed.to the host and hostess, and
the meeting formally closed.
Lovers of music will enjoy a rare
treat in the visit of thc Orpheus Glee
Club^pf Nanaimo, to Ladysmith, on
the evening of Saturday, Feb. 37.
This club has won nn enviable name
for thc exquisite quality of the music provided. They are particularly
anxious to have the members <A the
Ladysmith Male Voice Choir present
at thc concert to be given here, THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
Buys a good House and Lot in Ladysmith if taken within the next few
Notary Public Conveyancer
Head Office  - • Toronto ,
CAPITAL $10,000,000: REST $6,000,060
Are a most convenient way in which to carry
mon<--y when travelling abroad. They are issued
in denominations #f
-  $ i o, $20, $50, * i oo and i200
and the exact amount payable in Austria, Belgium,
Denmark. France, Germany, Great Britain, HoUand,
Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland Is
stated on the face of each cheque, while in other
countries they are payable at current rate..
The cheque and all information rog-ordmz thorn
may be obtained at every office of the Bank.
from some quarter. II it is true lhat
the much mooted arrangement between Bowser, Sloan, Templeman and,
Young was responsible then it, de-
volvts upon Bowser and Young to
furnish a satisfactory statement. It
is necessary that they should do this
if they desire to retain thc confidence
and good will of thc rank and file of
the Conservative party."
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M..de Gex, Manager
Fublished by Carley 4 Carley at Ladysmith, B. C.
every Wednesday and Saturday.
(1.S0 a Year in AimiKt, 25e Par Mwth
Advertising Ratwn .ppllc.tlon.
Editorial Comment.
The Chronicle has several times referred to the. efforts that are being
made hy tho Canadian Forestry Association, to interest the people ot
Canada in the need of replacing the
forests, which the development of the
country has removed from many hundreds of square miles. Last week, in
thc City of Toronto, thc Canadian
Forestry Association held a convention, and several oficred suggestions
that are well entitled to serious consideration. One speaker, Surveyor-
General Grimmer, ol New Brunswick?
stated that his government is desirous ol draining the bogs In that province, and utilizing them for reforestation purposes. M. J. Macoun who
has spent years investigating conditions in the north, stated that between Hudson's Bay and the Mackenzie river there were as many acres
ol bog land as ot green growing timber. He had noticed that when the
hog is drained timber commenced to
grow. Earl Grey, in opening- thc
convention,, emphasized the tact that
uncontrolled deforestation not only
wasted a gigantic amount of utilized
land, hut was followed by appaling
drought and consequently by a failure ot crops. "It is raized," he
said, "that unless thc people of the
whole continent cl North Amorica
adopt the principle ol subject ing individual interests to those of the community, they must drill into a state
ol material as well as moral bankruptcy." There were several other
sreakers, all of whom emphasized
the necessity of the early solution ol
this problem!
Tbe Kamloops Standard (i'onacrva-
tive) deals    with the    Comox-Atlin
•lection thus: "Hon. William Temple?
man was elected by acclamation   in
Comox-Atlin,   much to   the sunrise
and disappointment ol Conservatives
throughout   thc     province.     Many
would not ercdi.t iha report when  it
Wts first pubjislitl.   Michael Manson,
the Conseruatirc nominee, retired a
few hours prlcr to thc closing ol the
naminatlon ro'I and apparently   'because oj pressure trou.tht to heal by
certain   patties.     We feel confident
that had Mr. Manson been Hfccorded
proper support he would have won.
Conservatives generally anticipated a
vigorous nfM.with ultimate success.
That tho contest, should resolve itsel!
into a naseo demands an emanation
Col. Sam Hughes is an ardent imperialist, but he may have some difficulty in convincing the people of
Great Britain that his method is the
enly one that would result in complete unT.cat'ion ot tho Empire.- The
Colonel favors a full partnership union of Great Britain and the. colonies, wherein each, retaining under its
full' control all matters concerning! litj
would unite on an equitable and independent tooting, thc union government dealing only wiith intra-iinper-
ial, international, fiscal and imperial
defense questions. In any event the
Colonel will have accomplished something in tl.e way ot- directing attention to a question that in the natural order ot events must be considered
seriously by all who have thc'Wure
ol lhe British Empire at heart.
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Buildting, Ladysmith
3,000 Ft. Latest Motion Pictures
New Illustrated Songs.
Propamine Changed Monday and Thursday
Admission: IOc and 15c
iOc Matinee Saturday
In another column the e*,ty council
advertise tor tenders lor the construction ot sewers. By the time tho'
funds are available, the contracts will
have been made, and there is no reason why the work on sewer construction should not tcgin within a few
if-s will beat this. My friend Johnson had a most intelligent •oViim-i
One night Johnson's house caught
Pre. All was instant wi- is u. illtl
Johnson and his wife fiew tor the
children and bundled out with them
pretty sharp. Alas! one ot the children had been lcit behind, but up
jumped the dog, rushed into the house,
and soon reappeared with the missing
child, which he deposited on the
lawh. Everyone was saved, but Hover dashed through the flames again.
What did the dog want? No »ne
knew. Presently the noble animal
reappeared scorched and burnt, with
—what do you think?" v
"(live it up," chorused   the eager
"With the fuc policy,  wrapped  in
a damp towel, gentlemen!"
Box 173
Phone 43
Notice to Contractors.
City of Ladysmith Sewerage.
Lord Dahiicny, eldest son of the
Earl of Roscbcrry, who represents
Mr. Gladstone's old district in the
House ol Commons, announces that
he will not contest tha district in the
next election owing to his inability
to endorse tlie entire policy ot the
It is sale to say that since Martin
Burrell, M. P., addressed the Canadian Club ol Montreal, eastern Canadians know more alout British Columf
b\i than they ever did before. Extracts trom Mr. Bundl's lecture art
being printed in nearly all ot the
eastern Canadian papers.
A Hindu who haB been a student of
the Agricultural College at Bombay
lor the past two years, and has been
acting as overseer lor tbc-govcrn-
ment has been sentenced to a year's
imprisonment lor smearing tar over
a statue ot the late Queen Victoria
at Nagpur last November.
The Ottawa Journal says: "Thc
Conservative delegation Irom British
Columbia has already, at a notably
early stage in the career ot the new
parliament, demonstrated that it
brings to the house a strikingly (rope) i r measure ol brains, character
and general parliamentary fltneis.''
Short Stories
Time in a Government official in
Ottawa to whom an unnecessary or
mane question is as u red rag to a
bull.     " - .
Last, summer he made his usual
trip to Europe. - On the first day outj
iio was 'spoiling on.the promenade
deck,, when suddenly there appeared
before him. a man whom he had not
seen for years.-     - -'
"Why,- hello!"- exclal'mcd the man.
"To meet you, ol all men! Are you
goinr; across?"
"Yes," growled the official. "Arc
\ou?"   ■
.."Yes, dogs are undoubtedly sagacious -animals,-." James said to his
friends, "but none ot your dog stor-
Sealed tenders, endorsed "Tender
tor Sewerage," will be received up to
5 p. m., on Monday, March 15th,
1909, by the undersigned for the construction of certain Sewerage Works
fcr the Corporation of the City ot
Ladysmith, B. C. ,
Plans, specifications, contract, bond,
and forms ot tender may be seen on
*nd after the 15th day of February,
1(109, at thc City Hall, Ladysmith,
B. C.
Each proposal must be accompanied by an accepted hank cheque ^or
certificate of deposit) on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to
Corporation of the City of Ladysmith, Ladysmith, for the surrfof One
Thousand Dollars which shall be forfeited if thc party tendering decline
to enter into contract when called
upon tc do so, or if he tail to complete the work contracted tor. The
cheques or certificates of deposit ot
unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon thc execution of the
Tenders will not bo considered unless made out on thc tonus supplied,
which may be obtained at thc office
ot thc City Clerk, Latlysmith, and
must be accompanied by a bond, in
the sum . ol Six Thousand Dollars,
duly signed by the contractor himself and two responsible parties, residents ot the Province ol British Columbia, whose names shall 'be subject
to the approval ot the City Council.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
"flty. Clerk.
Ladytmith, B. C, ,Fcbruaryvl.rt,.l»09(
lithe Opera House on Roberts St.
For Meats
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberts Street.
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson fc Weaving
Telephone 1.
Celebrated Nitons,
During th. feuon we hav. sold . lam number
of wagons, implement, and logging trucks.
Everything carries a guarantM.
Idler Street
Short order meals at all hours.   .
Oysters  and   Clam   Chowder  a
Specialty. ;:,
First Class   Photos.
Gallery on First Avenue.
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
Paperhangjer and Art Decorator.
High Street.
Livery, feed and Sole
First, Avenue.
Phone M.
E. Pannell
. FkM.M.
John W.  Coburn,
President and Managing Director.
Geo. C. Piokard,
The ladysmith Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
If you want Home-rendered Lord
ond Home-cured Horns Go to
Ryan's Meat Market
Elegant Patterns for
Summer Suitings
The Latest in
Imported Woollens
D. J. Matheson
(latacre st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
_     At O	
Your Choice
for breaktasl beverages, for the supper drink present, itself here, though in
quality euuslj namely, to will English breakfast tfa anil Mocha and Java
colt.e. Some like tho same tea for .upper, others ditto as to ooflee for dinner.
In any case, superior teas and coffins at under-tbe-morket prices, nnd
ready sale and ooustant replenishing of stock horc.
Scott's Building, First Avenue.
Eagles'Annual Ball
Will take plate on tho evening of
Wednesday, February 17
In th.
Arnold'. Orchestra will providt the Music
Tlok.ts may he had from tha following
H. Thornley,        It. Moduli*,
K. Rolao.s, J. Conlan,
J. Mu.llyn.aux,      1. Olllaspif,
A, Brooksbank.
Ladysmith Music Store
Edison Phonographs and Records,  .
Victor Talking Machines,
Musical Instruments ol all kinds.
I   '  '   '
Tubular Cream Separators,
. Singer Sewing Machines and all
Parts and Needles.
Call   and   sec   our   loin   tv'.mito
records.  ■.
As Cheap as
lOqrtCoukingPotfl, 8uo each.
4, 6, 8 qrt Preserving Kettles, 40c to 65c
Pie Plates, white, IOc each.
Bakers', white, 1.1c, 20c ann 25c each,
Shanty Plates, white, 10c each.
Dippers, 25c eaeh.
Hand Mugs, 2 for 25c.
Tea Steepors, 25c each.
Egg Boilers, 10c each,
Ladysmith. Bakery
Cakes ot every description, fane
"and plain. Candies of all kinds
Fruit of all kinds. Fresh bread ever
Reasonable pricrs. Come and se
our lines and leave your orders.. W
give careful  attention.
Call and Investigate this Offer.
Buys a Lot 33x135 ft.' in South, Vancouver.       f,
- - . !   X
First Avenue, Ladysmith |
Hop Lee, Prop.,
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith.
Ladysmith Orchestra
AH Newest and   Latest Music.
For full particulars apply,
\ Ladysmith, B. C.
.Wo carry a    large stock of Fancy
. Maxwell Muir, C. E.
1208 Government Street
VICTORIA     •     J    B.C
The City Market
Wholesale aad Retail.
Ladysmith, 11. C.
Star Orchestra
Open Ior engagements from
Pieces up.
Gives Dance Every Two Weeks.
For full particulars, apply
•>ic   i       W. M. ALLISTER, .Sec.
When the world-maker mapped out
the plan of this particular planet,
and drew the division lines which
were afterwards to form the boundaries of nations, and set down tho
dates when each nation was to step
upon the stage of action and achievement, it is very evident that to Can-
ada were assigned a great temptation and a great chance. She has
been upon the stage sufficiently long
to enable us to get a clear conception of this fact, and a little consideration of it at this era ol nation-making will be possibly very
The cCiance referred to, lies in the
fact that tho comtyg of Canada upon the stage has been reserved until
ihe culminating climax of the world-
play. Everything that has gone before may rightly be regarded as having, in some way and in some degree
led up, to her arrival and attainment.
Nations have experimented for., centuries, generally at the cost of blood
and loss untold.. Government has
worn out guises from despotism to
democracy. All tollies to which nations are addicted have teen paraded
before our eyes. And all of this is
to be our supreme national advantage. Danger places have been marked out. On all the pages of history
burn the red lights of warning. And
we, coming into our national existence: now, and profiting by the mistakes af our predecessors, have the
chance of becoming, the nation paramount, in excellence of private good
anJ public government.
But the temptation is no less great
than the chance. Nothing is more
needed in successful utilization of ou$
great chance than the absolute unity J
of Canadian interest. Division of all
sort, is deadly. Solidarity alone call
bring success. The work can be done
only by our walking together and
working together and thinking together as the united units whoso sum
total is called Canada.' ,-Unity is tlio
essential element which nothing
worth the doing can possibly, be
A glance at tho gco;|&phy of Canada reveals the danger to every clear-
eyed citizen. Our country, so far as
its population is concerned, is a
long and narrow strip, with the various provinces separated by space
and sentiment. Wc are a long line,
stretching from Atlantic to Pacific,
and at many points we are not yet
within speaking, distance of the next
man. The provinces vary widely in
their characteristics, which do not
lend to grow less pronounced as the
time passes. The,influx at ttiepresent time ol many1 Americans Irom
Use States into the western prev.
iiices will develop even more this
tendency. ,
The result of this scattering ol
population is very manifest, t^herc
is little bond of union between the
Nova Scotia and the Ontario citizen.   To the average man in Ottawa
England'seems not [more distant tliatu
llali(ax or Vancouver. The distant
provinces aro cloaked with an unreality that conceals their real character, ami prevents much real sentiment of fellow-feeling. To the aver--
age Manitoba farmer, hailing from
Minnesota or Southern Ontario, Quebec seems but a bit of thc old French
[-world, dropped down in Canada, and
still living the oIS lite in tlio old
way. And British Columbia might
be engulfed' by a tidal "wave without
the fact making any definite change
in our actual consciousnesss.
Hence the temptation toward isolation and separatism must be fought
to thc utmost,—tought as men fight
the drowsiness of death in the paralyzing chill of the westerir* winter.
We must make ourselves familiar
with thc full facts, and derive from
them a degree of sympathetic feeling
that will enable us to stand together. Prejudice arising from any
cause whatsoever, must be regarded
as nothing short ot treason. We must
think west and east, and be bounded
nn  either  side by  nothing short  of
It Will Do Your Eyes Good
To see our Big Showing of
Nev Spring Goods Just Opened
Sole Agent for the Celebrated English "K" Boot.
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Nanaimo 5:15 Da"7
Tra.ns arrive Nanaimo 12:35 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo 15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:35.
1102 Govt. st.
Dist. Pass. Agt.
Victoria, B. C.
salt water. We of Canada aro one,
and on that day when we forget it
the great chance will have passed in
our yielding to great temptation.
Hints for the Home.
Veal Cutlets with Potatoes.—
Minco very fine and fry a light brown
one dozen mushrooms, a small onion,
two ounces of ham and two sprigs of
paisley; then lay in the cutlets; cov-
tr with white stock or a rich cream
sauce and stew gently until the meat
is tender; then lift out and lay on a
bed of mashed potatoes. Thicken tho
contents of the pan, season to taste,
flavor with lemon juice nnd pour r'.'er
the cutlets.  '  '
Collops in Batter.—Cut rare roast
beef into collops. Brown cno taWej
spoonful of minced onion in meat
drippings; turn over it one cupful of
gravy left from the roast, and season with salt and pepper. When the
gravey bolls put thc collops in a baking dish and pour it over them. Cover with a halter made of one i.p-
hil of flour, two-thirds ol a cupful of
sweet milk, one egg, a pinch of salt
and two te'aspoonfuls of baking fow-
dcr. Bake untiKthe batter is light
and nicely browned.
Kidney Terrapin.—Split two mutton kidneys; pick off all
and soa'i them for an hour in cold
water; place them over the life in
iresl coi'J water and bring to a boil;
drain off the water and .tut the n,cnt.
into small cubes, then cook until ten-
Fish Patties j-Maite a smooth'
saucu of half a pint of milk and one
tablespoonful each of butter and Hour;
take from the fire, season with salt.,
I pepper and mushroom catsup; add
(Id lhe beaten yolk of an egg and a
pint of cold boiled fish, slued fine.
Have ready some pastry shells, baked empty; fill with the mixture,
brown in the oven and serve hot.
Brown Hashed Potatoes. — Chop
cnld-i,oiled potatoes fine, sprinkle
lightly with salt and pepper and mel.
tnj lab'.espoonlul of butter in a trying pan; when hot turn in potatoes,
pat down with a spoon, cover and
cook slowly for ten minutes;, turn out
in omelet shapes, on a hot platter and
gviisli with parsley and sorve.
ji Prune Dessert.—Arrange si' ; ol
sponge-cake on serving plates; pour
over each some coonea and Sewlcd
primes, over these pour a lew drops
of sherry if liked, and serve with
whipped cream. -
Thc late Dr. Drummond, the Habitant poet, once related an amusing
anecdoto indicative of the simplicity
of the rural French-Canadian.
lie was summering in Mcgantic
County, Quebec, when, early .one
qvenlngv he was visited by a poling
farmer named Ovido .Lehlanc. "Bon
scir, Docteur," said Ovide, by way
of greeting. "Ma- brudder Moise,
heem ver sick. You come on d'housc
for sec litem,. Doc?"        .-•■    ;S'i    ,.
Drummond, always kind-hearted
nnd obliging, complied with t;.c i;c
eiliest of Ovldo, and found the in-
fortunate Moise suffering from what
he diagnosed as a fairly severe c£ss
of typhoid.
"Wishing to provide Moise with
some medicine," said the doctor-poet,
"I asked Ovide to accompany mc
i back to the village. The prescription
moulil'.uie compOU|U|C(ll I proceeded to instruct
Ovide. Tim dose was to he adniinis.
toiled every three hours dining the.
night, and, trying to he ns hiiei,
plain and explicit ns possible, 1 said:
'Be sure and keep watch on Moise to-
dtrin fresh   boiling   water,    Serve   ...       ,   •    ,,        . .,   ,
£itff> ;m, ... • ....    ■     i night; and givq him a teaspoonlul of
with a rich cream sauce to which has Lr.     »    .      •, .   .    .    ...     ,,   ,
w„    .ju    i        ,    -. v i. .this at nine   o clout, twelve o clock
been   added   two   hard-boiled cecs1    ■   . ,, ,   •   .   .,
, ., \™ lam  a   three and six  n   he morning.
I am prepared to do all kinds
Shoe Repairing on the Shortest Nt
iiqe.    A trail solicited.
Second Ave., near the Fire Hall.
Wood for Sale.
Splendid mill wood for sale at
Ladysmith Lumber yard, at a low
price. -Apply to,
English Kip Leather fit Shoes, W00 pair.
Big rtdiioli.il in Ahren's Celebrated solid
Loathes Shoe., Every pair I. guaranteed
to give satisfaction or will be replaced. In
Boy.' Youth.' and Litt. Gent'.. Also in
Women's, Miss..' and Children's.
Also lot. of SWEATERS for M.n and
Hoys to go eheap.
Men's Soft Shirts at Reduced Price.
Abo Hat..
Sola Agent for Ahren's Shoes. Best Shoe
on the market.  .
John Thomas
chopped fine, and two tablcspoontuls
of sherry.
Curried Eggs.—Bring one pint of
milk to- a boil; thicken Witli one,
tablespoonful of 'flour ami one tablespoonful of curry ppwder m:',xcd to >qj
smooth paste with' a,little .cold milk.
When of the con:s,stency of cream
poach/in it, one at n time, a sufficient,,number ol eggs?'■• As: cOokcd,'
transfer ci>,reful.ly to squares of buttered toast arranged on a "hot platter, Pour thc sauce around tlie toast
and serve.
All diseases, successfully treated
Without Drugs or Knife
Chronic cases given special attention
Rheumatism,   Pnraly.hr' and    Nervous
Diseases yield readily ItHiur method.
New Dickie  Building,   second door to
right at top of stairs.
Come In and talk It over,
Come and sec me .again about nine
in tin; morning.' "
Ovide understood and departed.
Thc following morning ho aguin presented himself, and Drummond nuked:
"How's Moise?   Did you do as I told
"Ma brudder Moise, I t'ink he some
better dan las' night," replied Ovido.
I give heem de medecin, but Moan'
havo no watch in d'housc, Doc. I
tnk d'lcetle clock) d'one what mnk d'
beeg decsturli lor gel up. I keep eel
on bees ches' all night. T'ink cet
do heem good, datj just lak d'watejt.
W'afjrou t'ink, Doc?" '
Just  '.
Walters &
Tte Halters.
r *5*»J» *** *** *t* *t* *t* •!*****♦* **• *** *t* *!• **♦*#• *v* *** *** *t* *** *
U. B. C.
I NMMIMO, 6. C. t
♦ ♦>
♦****♦****♦• ****** $$$$$& •J«*»*J«*wJ»**^*^JwJ*5»)
Portland Hotel
transfer (of license.
Notice is lioreby giuon tint I intend to
make application to th. Ronrd of Licensing
Commissioners of tho City of Lndyainitli at
their nrtt regular meeting for a transfer of
the retail linger license now la-Id by mo
nn behalf of tlie premises known ns tho Col;
iimtlin Hotel, Larlysmitn, It. C, from my
self to B. I,. Woorf'and JosephlViiiw.
James Duncan
Suits cleaned"and pressed.
Alterations made.
Cfeu*ges moderate.
Barclay  &   Conlin,
Excellent Boarding
F. C. Fisher
Studio in Williams' Block.
Dissolution of Partnership.
The partnership heretoro existing between the undersigned, carrying on business in th. city of Ladyimith as hotel-
keepers under the firm num. of Senini 1
Berto, ia this day dissolved by mutual consent. Jamas .Senini will pay all debts of
tho partnership and receive all monies due
the same.
Ladysmith, B. C, January 27th, 1009.
Ladyaniith, I.. 0., Jan. 7, 1009.
Transfer of License.
Nolle. 1. hereby given that it is my intention to apply to tlie Board (if Lioensing
Commissioners of the City of Lndysinith for
a transfer of the wlinlessle liquor lioonse
now held by mo in rospoet lo the preniiac.
sitnat* upon 'lot B, block 7'2, Ladysmith,
from myi
Ladysmith, B. C, lush Decorator, 1008.
...,.j*lftoCsr.ario and Mnlcneslo.
Transfer of License.
Notice is horoby given that it is our intention to applv to the Licencing Commissioners of the City of Ladysmith at their
not regular meeting (or a transfer of the
retail liquor licence hold by us in respeet
to th. premises known as tho Extension
Hotel, situated upon Lot 1, Block 1.1,
Lvlv.milh, B. O, from ourselves to Jamc.
Ladysmith, January 27th, 1009.
l,3jiil s.Bjjlio.i il,,Nn almo
Phone 124     P. 0. Box 1
All kinds of Clock and Watch Repairing. Satisfaction Guaranteed at
Reasonable Prices.
English Watches a Specialty.
J. R. Easton
Practical Watchmaker,
All work left at II. Hughes' store
will receive Prompt attention.
Have Your Houses Plastered
For Terms apply to
C.. ^INE, Plasterer, etc., Ladysmith, P. O.
Cement Sidewalks a .pecialty. .--.-.-   "■■':
;;    Indicalious point that the next few weeks are ;;
$ going to be wet. ■*-
Are You Prepared?
'.'. We have all your requirements ofthe rainy season. '.'>
;; Girls' and Missas' Rubbers at 50 and 65c a pair.     $
'.'. Ladies' Rubbers at 75 and 90c a pair.
•; Mens' Rubbers af $1.00 and $1.25 a pair.             |
'•'-    A few Boys' and Youth's Rain Coats, to clear at *■
:: $1.75 each. *
■; Men's Oil Skins, Black, $3.00.
'.'. Special School Umbrella, 65 each.
;; Ladies' Umbrellas, from $1.00 up,
• ■ Gent's Umbrellas, from up.
Remember this is the Place for Wet Weather Goods
f      Try Our Ashcroft Potatoes
Local and General
Mr. James 'Adam visited' Nanaimo
If you want a good Comb or Brush
call at the Drug Store.
Mr. W. W.. Walkcnv went up,to Nanaimo to-day.
Use Na Dru Herb Tablets.
Ladysmith Pharmacy.
At the
Miss Bryden and Miss McMillan, ol
Victoria are visiting Ladysmitli.
Meals 20 Cents and Up.
Best 25 Cent Meal in Victoria for 20 Cents. Patronize
White Labor by eating here. Special atteniion giv en to
tourists and visitors, who are cordially welcome. We
keep the Celebrated Grand Duke Cigar.■.
For Garden Seeds go to the Drug
Store. •
Mr. F. X. Holl, of thc International Correspondence Schools, is visiting'
Try Na Dru Charcoal Tablets Ior
At the Drug Store.   <
Miss Hillier will leave next Sunday for an extended' visit to relatives
r.nd friends at Woodstock, Out.
Fin. English Pork Pits, treah made daily
at Hooper's, Gatacre street.   Try one.
Tha burial ol R. J. Trembath's little daughter, Dorothy, took place nt
New Westminster yesterday.
I Ladysmith Opera House j
i| Home ofthe Finest Moving Picture I
*       Plant in British Columbia       I
13V00Q Feet of Films. Two Illustrated Songs if
: ,— ?
Two Shows Each Night |
Programme Changes Mondays andThursdays
I Admission:   10 and 15 Cents!
Spring Goods
We have a faw pairs of o-ir S.iui il Curtains, 3 yds. loll}, 60 inches wid., to char at
$1.33.   They are th. talk ol the town.
In Infanta' and Children.' White Mithor Hubbard dr.saes, w.off.r you a vory fine
Ha. at 78° «»oh.   Ask to see tli.in.
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W.exp.itoar Niw M lli.ur/ in .i f.w U.yf. Mi« Douglafi. at pr.i.nt visiting th*
leading Millinery Opening! in Portland an I Seittle. Shortly we will announce our
Spring Opening when nothing but the
i newest and best .Nation. In Millinery will  be
SimonLeiser\M Co.
FORSALS-!l!i.p. Marine Motor. K- FOR SALE-Teroy McClary range,
•rytbiiig complete. Coil .paik plug, shaft j almost new. Apply to Fred Filden,
float feet carborator.   In flr.t-clu. condi-'Woods' Cabins,    near    New Western
mm, tdfjift. * .ai-;k*wm, udy.'luotci.       .
FOR SALE—Light Driving man, buggy
and hemes.. Speedy ud eny to liandl.
f 100.  Apply at The Chronleb office.
BOARD AND ROOM-Use ol sit-
ting-room and'piano. Suitable lor
two bwdr.ess men. Apply Mrs. Jas.
Gilchrist, Badrn-Powell st.
Call and sec the new colored post
cards of Ladysmith at Knight's
Book Store. *
There are 10,000 feet cf the Can
adian Rubber Co's hose in use in
Vancouver, and it is said to be superior to any article of tho kind yet
in the market.
The best post cards ol Ladysmith
yet published at Knight's Book;
Store. ' •
Mr. T. Ptolemy has arrived at Ladysmith to take charge ol Simon
Leiser & Co's store. He has had
many years' experience in business-,
and indcr his management no doubt
thc "Big Store" will retain its popularity.
Miss Douglass, head ot the millinery at Simon Leiser & Co's is at
present visiting Seattle and Portland
Ior the latest fashions In millinery. *
Shakespeare's Comedy,
the .Shrew," Thursday,
Saturday nights.
"Taming ol
Friday,   and'
. All I. C. S. students
the smoker at Uould's
thcluth, at 7:30 p. m,
ing receive a souvenir
aro invited to
hall Friday.
All attend
of the Prcsl-
New Idea
IOc each.
The Weather
Has Broken
: Now is the time to renovate those rooms. Do not
leave it off till the rush
comes on, oryoumayne^t
with a little delay.
Call and see our elegant
designs and colorings for,
Grand Concert
Ladysmith Opera House
Saturday Feb. 17
A Grand Concert will b. given at the
Ladysmith Opera House, by the Nanaimo
Orpheus Glee Club, with th. assistance of
the well known following Artiats:
Blouses and Waists?: 01 .course.
Cull at Simon Leiser & Co., specialists in this line.' *
Mr. Peter Matbiesoh, master of the
barque Antiope, running Irom San
Francisco to Sidney, is .visiting relatives and Iriends in Ladysmith for
the first time in lour years. Mr.
Mathieson is delighted with tbe signs
c4 progress he sees In all directions
Engineers.and those wanting a fine
pair bf working gloves call and see
our. new stock of the Sargent Glov«,
undoubtedly thc best on the market.
Simon Leiser & Co.
■t..T..T..T..f..tnti  tT,.tntwt.iTiit,iftitMtii'-* '--* * *•' * * * ■*'■* '-
Commencing Saturday, Feb. 6
-100 doz. White   Dinner    and  Sou.i
Plates at Toe per doz.
50 doz.. Blue and Green Dinner and
Soup Plates at 75c per doz,
45 doz. Willow Pattern Dinner and
Soup Plates at $1.00 per doz.
60 doz.   Vegetable   Side Dishes at
75c per doz.
:| A Snap ia Toilet Setts j;
12 Setts, regular price $2.50.  Our
price, '^1.75 sett.
Watch this space Irom week to week"
as we ire determined to reduce our,,
stock and we offer weekly snaps.
These reductions in price are   for
Ladysmith Hardware Co.,
** .H.r.M»M''!'-I"l"l"M"M"I'-t"H''W"I'
Start th. n.w year right and have your watoh overhauled. Ju»t think ot it, th.
balaac* of your watoli makes about 18,000 vibration, per hour, .for .very hour of th.
y.arjthatitrotatMon pivots only -OS millimeter, in diameter, or about the equal of a
good ailed human hair, alio that all th. oil it can retain for running purposes it about
the on. on.tboutandth of a drop.
Giv* the watch a chance and have it thoroughly overhauled. Alway. gototh.
beat man, a. cheap work on such delicate mechanism as that if a watch is alway. dear
in th. long run, and usually causes ruin. We do all kind, ot repair., from the converting of the key winder into a setra winder to the ordinary work of cleaning, Etc, None
but the beat material, used. We have not only served the usual apprenticeship at onr
trade, but have also had the advantage of a thorough study of the watch and scientific
mechanics, at th. Canadian llorologioal Institute, acknowledged the best on the American Continent, a plan where .very part of a watch la made by hand under th. direction
of experts. Now, - la not ode who ba. had this training, mora capable of thoroughly repairing your watoh than on. who know, little or nothing about the principle, involved,
who just picked his trade up, as so many have. All we ask is a.fair trial. Our prion
are correct, and the work fully guaranteed. We can make and repair any part of a
watgh from barrel to balance.
Knight's Book Store
Clearing out our
Hat§ at Cost Price.
All colors, shades
and prices must go.
Hats, regular $2.50
and $2.75. Clearing
at, each,
Now'syour chance
to get a good Stiff
W. E. Morrison
Williams Block
Attention is directed to .the advertisement Ior sewerage construction in
another column. The plans and specifications arc now at the city hall,
and the conditions under which tbe
sewers must be constructed are very
plainly set out.
You can't do 'better than procure a
lew pairs ol thc best values in curtains ever shown at $1.35 pair. Simon Lefcer & Co.. *
Mayor Nicholson is strongly in favor of giving tho franchise to -women,
According to His Worshipls theory
the world would be just as well oft
II the proportion of men were grea.tlyl
decreased and the lemalc population
increased,. And His Worship is no
id|e; dreamy theorist either; In'bis
Own family there are three daughters
and no boys. The latest Miss Nicholson to arrive was born last'Monday morning.
All I. C. S. students arc Invited to
the smoker at Gould'* hall Ftiday,
thelHth, at 7:80 p. m. All attending receive a souvenir ot the President. •
PULP—Are you Interested? Then
drop into the Atbotstord Hotel parlor Friday evening, 8:80, and llsteu
to Mr: O. B, Lowry's addrefes.     "
All I. C. S. students are invited tej
the smoker at Gould'* hall Friday,
theMth, at 7:80 p, m. All attending receive a souvenir ol the President.' >}   • ,'*.
Shakespeare'. iDomedy, "Taming of
the Shrew," Thuwday, Friday, and
Saturday nights. *
We Have Everything You Need
Frm $1.35 and Up
Also a few cheap
Shirt Waists
75 Cents and Up.
Hot Tomale. .very evening at Hooper'.
16c, 2 for 28e.
Shakespeare'. Comedy, "Taming - ol
the Shrew," Thursday, Friday, and
Saturday nights. '
PUEP—Aft? yqu' interestfcd? Then
drop Into the Atbotstord Hotel parlor Friday evening, 8:80, and listen
to Mi, O. B. Lowry's address.     "
John Pogorly's
Bowling Alley
A prize of $3 will be given
to the one making the highest score in ten sheets.
Now is the time to practice for the Yukon Alaska
and Seattle expositions, which
give a grand prize of $10,000
to the best forty teanra. It
pays to be a good bowler.
Learn nows while you have
a first class; bowling alley,
Good lights. Gome in and
John Pogfoly,
Ladysmith, 6. C.
FOR SALfc-Hall Interest in the Wellington Hotel. Apply to J. Duraont,
Wellington, B. 0.,   -
LOST-A Cigar Case. Marked, "P.
K. W." On.returalnjt same to Percy
K, Winch, bi)y wtll receive tl.


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