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The Ladysmith Chronicle Feb 27, 1909

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With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I.
Ladysmith, li. C, Saturdav, february 27, 1909.
Arthur Skelton
Again Heard Prom
Arthur Skelton, who in the last
days of August last, broke into S,
Leiser & t'o.'s store, and afterwards
made his escape, but was recaptured,
has again written his name in large
letters in the book of fame.
Skelton was caught in the act ot
burglarizing S. Leiser & Co's store
by nightwatehman O'Connell and R.
J. Trembath, and taken to thc lockup. The next evening he came up for
his preliminary hearing before Magistrates Nicholson and Stewart and
was sent up for trial. While confined
in the lock-up Skelton broke a beard
from his bed, and putting his arm
through the cell-door, he smashed
tbe lock with tic board. Then te
went to a tabic where, he found a revolver and loaded it. He lifted the
window and walked down Roberts
street to the wharf. This was atouf
U:flO In the .forenoon, and strijngff to
say he was not recognized. He took
a boat that was hidden around thc
point and started for Cowichan Gap,
where he was captured two or three
days later by Officer Cassidy and R.
J. Trcmi.ath.
In giving evidence ot thc capture
in the Gulf, Officer Cassidy testified:
"When I ran up to the prisoner he
was in a boat I said to him. L wanted to tjlk to him
for.   I sniil   that
that he had broken into a cabin and
taken some tilings.   He said he/had
• not broken into a cabin. I said, conic
alongside.   He said, no,
come alcii'sidi'.   Woll, I
Laa,:: of him for his revolver. I said
stop or jou will te a dead man. he
saia all right, 1 will go into the
A short timo afterwards Skelton
came up for trial before Judge Harrison at Nanaimo and was sentenced
to the penitentiary on two counts,
ihat of burglary and breaking gaol.
Now comes word from New Westminster lhat Skelton made another
Early Wednesday morning Skelton
and John Labourdcttee maoc their esj
cape trom the penitentiary and
were supposed to be hiding i|h the'
bush'in the vicinity ol Port Moody
preparatory' to making another dash
toward safer localities. A large
posse went after the men and later
Skelton was captured at Port Haney.
The escape had been carefully planned in advance 'by the pair ami was
most skilfully executed. About Ct'O
a. ni. the guards opened the door ol
Labourdettec's cell to take tho prisoner down to breakfast. While they
were downstairs Shclton, who had
previously broken thc lock of his cell,
slipped out and followed thc trio
down the stairs, hiding as thc guatdp
again passed up. He then signalled
to Labourdetlc and the men started
at worie on the bars of thc window
Ho said what i with a wrench which Skelton had
M. was   reported .stolen from the blacksmith shop and
"Buy Your Goods
in Ladysmith"
Death of
had kept all   night   and which   hail
probably   previously   fifturcd   in   the
breaking ot the lock cf his cell. Once
lie wouldn't'outside lhe men made (twd their cs-
said, if you'ca;e and it was ten minutes   before
don't I will run you down,   lie said,!they were missed and the alarni-sciit
run me down and 'be d-—.   I said to:out.
thc boatman, lack up and run   him    Labourdetto has not yet been cap-
down.   With that he   put his  hand turcd.
from the North
McBride Government
Is Generous
The Government steamer Quadra
came in for coal yesterday morning
titer an eight weeks' trip up north.
The weather was rough, and for this
reason the steamer was longer away
than it would ha-*c been under other
The Quadra wns several days at
Prince Rupert, and it was noticed
that rapid progress is being made in
laying the foundations ol- tho new
city. Particularly is-this the case in
thc cutting away of the bluff war
the wharf and the depot by thc steam
The destination ot thc Quadra was
Nicholas Bay, Prince ol Wales Island, where a gas buoy had gone
adrift 100 miles at Stenhouse Shoal,
near Prince Rupert. The Quadra had
to go to Kjicliilkan to get a pilot.to
ta'o them in. Nicholas Day is, a
very difficult point to reach. The
boat has lo run into an inlet between
two capes, and the bouy had drifted
into this arm. However the missing
buoy was finally located and placed
in position.
The water at this point is exceedingly rough. In the storm about
Christmas time a schooner with several Siwashes aboard was wrecked
and all hands were drowned. Some
weeks later a band ol Haida Indians
came up to.search for the.bodies and
hearing the "moa moo" of the whist*
ling buoy concluded it was the wail
of the departed spirits and llicy started immediately for home.
The Quadra is equipped with a
Marconi Wireless outfit, which is   in
charge of Harry Davcy, otic of "the
lest known operators on the coast,
Mayor Nicholson has returned from
Victoria, where he interviewed several members ot the Provincial executive with regard to the smallpoH accounts. His Worship states that he
was well received by Dr. Young, and
when all things are taken into consideration, he let-Is satisfied that the
Government has treated Ladysmith
very generously in t'iie matter of the
payment of thc accounts.
Already accounts aggregating $871
havo been paid by the Government,
but, as-to well known, this is only a
small fraction of the whole indebtedness. Now the Government has decided to go further, and accounts approximating thc additional sum of
$1,500 will be liquidated.
Kor instance, tlie Government will
pay for the isolation hospital; the
only condition being thai it will be
at the service ot the Government if
One nurse will be paid for, and
many other incidentals Unit will appear in the -schedule which will be in
thc possession ot the city clerk btjfercj
the next meeting ot the council.
Hon. Dr. Yoihj and the Government as a whole feel that the Lady
smith visitation was one that demanded special consideration, no
doubt because of the energy displayed by tho officials and citizens in
stamping it out, and lor this reason
thcyhavc gone very tar in the direction of reducing thc burden ol the
civic taxpayers,
The reference m the last is.suc ot
Tho Chronicle to the practice ol some)
people fti sending to thc eastern departmental stores fcr goods that
could just ns well be bought, at home
lias resulted in considerable comment;,
and, strange as it may seem, the
contention of The' Chronicle is. held to
he a weak one hy many.
If this paper had published all! the
letters: it has rcccivcd-this week on
this subject, it would have teen compelled to greatly enlarge the space
devoted to reading matter. Many
letters are personal in character, aid
have been refused publication on that
account; others take the ground that
the individual has a perfect right to
spend his money in thc manner that
suits him best without reterence to
community interest; yet others cast
reflections on (lie local merchants;
and one woman expressed the unpatriotic sentiment that if she had her
way ct 'it, she would-"not buy a dollar's worth in Ladysmith." The
Chrcniclc has no desire to proioU
prolonged discussion with regard to
this matter, but at the risk ot tardier arousing the hostility of a lew
vl ils re..dv':s it will again express
Hi: belief that sending away from
homo for goods is net giving lie encouragement to local merchants that.
„t!;cy have every reason to expect
from, their fellow-citizens, The big
departmental stores of the cast where",
they employ children as clerks for $2
and 83 a week, may be able In some
things to undersell the home merchants, but they, will not help to liiu'lld
sewers in Ladysmith, provide electriq
light, r.or help to improve the cilty
to thc point where the residents will
have all the conveniences to te found
in all well conducted cities. Perhaps!
after all, very few of I hose who receive catalogue send orders erst. It
may bo,that they send lor catalogues
for the reason given in tbe following
letter addressed,
(To the Editor.)
S'r—In the copy of The Ladysmith
throniclc dated FeS).- 24th thero was
an utticlc entitled, "Buy .Your Goods
in Ladysmith," and I could not help
seeing a.lot of truth in it. At thc
same time, merely as a visitor in the>
town, I find myself looking at the
qucstionf rom the other side too. Ot
course this is a difficulty which confronts almost every town which is
comparatively new. People come in
from larger towns, where they have
teen accustomed to finding in the
.stores just what they wart, and I
thin't wc are all rather apt to try
very hard to get it, whether an article in a store, a cement sidewalk, a
good site for a house, a good record
on IL phonograph, or a good hotel to
slop at. At (tie same lime. 1 think
there arc inrny ladles (wc know that'
only ladies do such things), iwho send
for that wicked Eaton's catalogue,
win: linvo no intention, of sending fur
goods,, only really, ono does get an
idea tif what is litcly lo 'he worn
through the folic wing season. 1 am
sure almost every lady finds a certain amount of pleasure in looking
through a catalogue, and also in being uble. to sec lite goods she is buying, and there seem tc be some lovely things to choose from in tire dry-
goods stores right in (his town.
Youiii truly,
Menelaus Ingham
Word rearhed Ladysmith late last
toning that Menelaus ln;.fcam had
died at thc Nanaimo hospital alter
five years ot extreme suffering. Deceased was well known in Ladysmith
About five years ago while working
in thc Extension mine, he received
thc injuries which last night resulted in his death. Ho was starting a
"place" away from thc level, and atter lighting a shot went up to the
level, and while waiting for' thc shot
to go off, thought oi the dri\cr coming up thc level into his place. With-
put a moment's hesitation, kngham
rushed down past his place to warn
thc driver of thc danger, and before
he got past the shot went off. Al
though he was not struck by any
coal or rock, the concussion caused
by the explosion threw him about so
that his back was seriously injured,
and practically irokcii. For several
months he was given surgical and
medical aid in Lndysmith, and afterwards taken to the Nanaimo
hospital, where since August 5th,
1905, ho laid on a water bed, helpless, and in spite of the best nursing
nn:l medical skill relief could not be
given him. The sufferer, -during his
long term ol pain, bore up wonder
fully, nnd death came last evening as
a happy relief,
Local and General
News Notes
C. 11. Lane, of the Buikhaiiistead
nursery, has a cai'ioad ot stock in u*
day for the nursery at Somenos.
City Clerk Morrison yesterday received word that the Government had
appointed Mr. V. B. Harrison pol|?e
magistrate for Ladysmith.
W. R. Armstrong asks The Chronicle to announce that he will open a
blacksmith shop next door to Silcr's
li cry barn on First avenue.
Moore's team plays Chemainus on
Sunday 'morning. .They will leave on
thc 'J o'clock tr:,in and return on thsj
nnon train.   The lineup is as follows^
Backs—Metro and Fagan.
Halves-McKay, J.  Batic, Wright.
Forwards—Ashmore, T. Batie, McLeod, Moore, Hughes.
There have been several, good houses]
at thc opera house this week. The
pictures were all very good, and thc
singing of Harry Lauder's Iamous
song, "I Love a Lassie," by Miss
Campbell was applauded. Miss
Campbell is a pleasing singer, and her
illustrated songs arc attractive features oi the nightly, entertainment at
the opera house. Next week there
will be a complete change of programme. .
In the bowling alley contest, Richard Mai shall has the highest score up
to elate. He has now 1S3, the next
highest Ibeing Phillip Kukman who hits
The Aero Tioller Rln'ie has been leat"
ed for six months to Eugene Ilelnel,
the former manager. Mrf and Mrs.
Parrotf will leave on Monday to visit friends in Seattle.
The Independent Other of Foresters
eo-day handed over to Mrs. Decker,
formerly Mr:. Whjte, the sum of %i,-
O00, which was the deah claim of
thc late Donald C. White.
Mrs. Stewart, wife of Mr. John
Stewart, has long been known as a
poultry fancier, and her name as a
practical as well as a theoretical e.«-
potent of this important branch of
faiming is known far and wide. Yesterday Mrs. Stewart received an order Irom India for seventy-five head
ot poultry of different varieties.
Ii there is one thing more than another that Dr.  Frost pr'Hes liiinsii!
in. it is bis ability to bundle horses.
Meiieli-us Ingham is survived by a pot ymB cquestrianship has been  a
hobby with the doctor, so that when
he started lor Coburn thc other day
behind a fast horse, he looked forward to a day's pleasure. However,
it had a bad ending. In his desire to
gi'.c an exhibition oi horsemanship
he ran into a, telegraph pole and the
occupants of the wagon were thrown
out. The doctor reduced the fractured wagon, and startedat once fcr
home, but he has not yet been fully
able to satisfy his friends that he
knows everything worth knowing
ato.it the management of horses.
wife and three children, and his parents and several sisters and brothers
csidc here. The funeral anr.iigcmeiils
arc teing conducted by Mr. Jenkins,
of the Hilbcrt Undertaking Parlors.
Presentation to
Mrs. McMillan
To-night tho Orpheus Glee Club ot
Nanaimo, will give a concert at thc
Lndysmith Opera House. A programme of rare merit has been arranged, and the citi/ens'ol Ladysmilili
who will be fortunate enough to be
present,will te sure of an enjoyable
evening.     -
The. Novelty theatre re-opened on
Thursday evening with a splendid presentation of pictures and two new
srn^s by Joe Snndersrn and T.
Lewis. The automobile race was
particularly attractive. Beginning
next Monday evening there wilt be a
change of programme. The pictures
will he: "Nero, or the Burning ol
Rome," ''Stockholm," "Twlxt Lovo
end Duty," "The Perjurer"' and
"Stung." Thero will be new songs
by Joe Sanderson and T. Lewis.
• — .         •
• Thc result of the canvass lor p
• silicic for the Mclntyre Fouii-  ».
• dry Co. bus proved most sat*' t
• isfactory.    Many of the lead- •
• ing citizens have subscribed li-  •
• bcrally, and   there   is   every  I
• reason to believe that the' full ■•
• ' amount   required   to increase  •
• the output of tbe foundry and •
• provide working   capital will  •
• bo   realised.   This "means   n •
• great deal to the City of La-  •
• dysmith. #
On Tuesday evening last Mr. and
Mrs. McKinnell gave an At Home in
behalf of thc W. C. T. U. to tender
Rev. Mr. and Mrs. McMillan a farewell on Ihilr departure from Ladysmith.—After some games had been
played thc meeting was called to order.
Mrs. Wilkinson read a short address on behalf of the Union to Mrs.
McMillan, regretting the loss of so
valuable a member and officer, and
prayed that God would abundantly
bless them all in their new field and
asked her to please accept a small
gift as a sincere token of pleasant
rcmeiijjrances from thc members ot j
tho W. C. T. U. j
Mrs. Malpass then made the presentation of a hand-painted Cocoa set. j
Mrs. McMillan was £tcMy su'rJ
prised and could not find words to
express her feelings. She said pen-
baps Mr. McMillan would say a lew
words in l:cr behalf.
Mr. McMillan did so in a very, appropriate manner. He assured the iiiem-
Icrs ot tho W. C. T.'u. lhat thehapr
pics I, moincnts Mrs. McMillan had
spent nt Ladysmith were al the
meetings oi the Union. He had also
enjoyed their meetings very much,
nnd prayed that God would bless
thctn in their efforts to abolish the
bar rooms.
, (liu'iics and singing were then proceeded w*,th and at 10:30 an abundance of the most dainty, refreshments
were served, whjch spoke very highly of the hostess in her ability ol
entertaining. The meeting c,osed at
ll^o'p. m. by singing Auld Lang
Sync, and everyone declared it to be
one of thc most enjoyable social evenings of the season.
The management of the local football team received the surprise oi its
life this morning when word was received from Victoria West saying
their team would be up at noon.
Manager Eno had to do some hustling lo get a team, as all htnls were>
at. work in the mine and Adam wain Nanaimo. The manager, went up
on the 2 o'clock train to seo all the
players and he has made arranges
monts at the Portland hotel tor the
team to wash and change their clothing. Many thanks are due Barclay &
Conlin for their help. Thc ; line will
start as near 4:80 as poss"Jile. Thc
team is Dougan, Hcwlwt, McDowell,
McKinley, Strang, Christian, Grainger, McGuire, Adam, Brass, Pronins.
A. Hailstones will refcrco.
Thc Vancouver Cymrodorion society.
are celebrating the Welsh patron sainS
day, Monday, March 1st, with a luncheon end eisteddfod at tho Dominion
Hall and n most .enjoyable programme is promised. Numerous entries have biHii received for the various competitions from Vancouver,
Nanaimo, Ltidys'm'ith and oilier cities.
This is Hie first musical festival of
ehc kind to be h'ld iu Vancouver and
will be a treat fur levers of music.
The competitions include tenor, bass
itnil soprano solos, male and mixed
quartets and other competitions. In
addition to th competitions the cclgp
bialrd Welsh Male Voice Party, under the direct ion of Mr. li T. Joocif,
will give n nmnlcr ol selections.
On Wednesday evening.a most successful social was held in the Oddfellows' Hall under the auspices of WeV»
li/igton drove, No.-d, United Ancient:
Order oi Druids. Bro. Jas. E. Par-
rott was in the chair and an admirable programme was presented. After
re.'reshmcTits had teen served a
guessing competition was held and
the following were declared winners:
1st prize, Mr. J. Rod.grs, ladies'
umireiir.; Tnd prize, Mr. J. Hutehin-
:cn, ladies' hind bag; 3rd prize, Mr.
R. Christian, lex of ci*-ar-. The
I following ass.stcd in thc programme:
Mr H. Hughes,' senj; Mr. O. Dabb,
song; Mr. W. Allister, violin solo;
Mr. J. Smith, song; Mrs. Dill, sr.ng;
Mr. W. Lonon, song; Mr. L. Inglm.m,
song; Me.-srs. L. Mulhollond and A.
Litt, duet; Mr. R. Christian, song;
Mi'. I). Copcland, song; Mr. J. Rod-
gers,    song   nnd   Mr. J. Molyneux,
Messrs. J. Smith and Hcpple and
Mis; Hutchinson acted as accompanists- The meeting closed w'th a heart
ly vote of thanks to all those who
assisted in making the event such a
Mr. Manson Must
Now Explain
Rov. Mr. McMillan and family left
tn-dav tor New Westminster. Mr,
I McMillan will leave for his new field
'of labor next week.
' R,ev. Mr. Miller, of Nanaimo, will
occupy thc pulpit at the Presbyterian
Church to-morrow, when he will officially declare the church vacant.
An important meeting ot the executive of the Britisli Columbia Conservative Association was held in Urn
city yesterday, says the Vancouver
Ncws-Ad-vcrtiscr. It was attended by
members ol the executive from different parts of the Province. A number ol matters pertaining to the welfare of the Association also came up
at the meet in,1, and the Association
also discuraed the withdrawal ol Mr.
M. Manson from the by election iu
Ctitnox-.\ll|iii. The following slato
ment was authorized to be issued to
thc Conservativej throughout tho
"That this association had uoth-
iic; to do wiih nominating Mr. Mfc
chael Manson as a candidate intho
Cdmox-Atlin election-, in the lirst, instance.
"When it once appeared that he had
■boon regularly nominated he received
the enthusiastic and unwavering support of this Association.
"That he assured this Association
that he would remain in the fight th
tho end.
"That he had the strong and organized support of thc local associations
throughout the entire constituency,
r.nd they were confident ot victory.
That this Association took every
possible mean- in ils powers to aid
the fight.
That ampin finds were provided
for lhe legitimate expenses ot the
"That we have made a thorou, >
and careful investigation oi the circumstances surrounding Mr. Man-
son's retirement and that we can find
no justification for bis withdrawal-.
"And further, wc arc confident that
after his nomination the members of
he Provincirl Government gave him
their unqualified support, and this
executive exceedingly regrets that
lhe scat wns uncontested."
Shipping Intelligence
The ship Star of Scotland lini.-hcd.
loading nnd left this afternoon iu
tow of the lug Lornc.
The Henrieite nnd Otter are both
discharging ore to-duy at tlie smeller wharf.'
Ve-sels .calling nt the loeul wharves Ibis week: Princess May, .Celtic,
Chieftain, Queen .City, Nanoose, Clay-
qurn and scow, Bermuda, Flyer and
scow, Vancouver and scow, Eerie,
Faultless, Terra Nova, Peeiless, Lee-
bro, Stetson and scow, Albion, Prtn-
i' cess   Beatrice   McCulloch,   Trader,
Hope, Vadso, Hustler, Quadra, THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
The Photograph'c Studio over the
Bank of Commerce.
Notary Public
Head Office  .   -  Toronto
CAPITAL W,AOO,090: REST $6,000,000
Are a most convenient way in which to carry
money wh'jn travelling abroad. They are issued
lit dtnominatiotia ef
$10. $20, $50, $100 and $200
and the exact amount payable in Austria* Belgium,
Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland,
Italy. Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland is
stated on the face of each cheque, while in other
countries they are payable at current rates.
The cheque and all information regarding them
may be obtained at every office cf the Bank.
Novelty~Theatre |
* Masonic Buildling, Ladysmith
Matinee for School Children Saturday
Prograamme Changed Monday and Thursday
Admission: IOc ond 15c
IOc Matinee Saturday
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. de Gcx, Manager
Published by Carle; & Carley at Ladysmith, B.C.,
every Wednesday and Saturday.
- 1-_.
trircst for tire people of Victoria, so
la,i" us the island population generally
is concerned, thc references to the future of V.'.e iron and steel industry
will command special attention* The
Chronicle cannot do better than repeat Mr. Thomson's remarks on this conditions so fayprablo for the de-[
subject: vc'lophiont of Industries of'this char-
".jls£ at present this mailer was actcr as rijht here 'in Ladysmitli.
one of u..c utmost importance, said I We have all the raw materials at our
mv. 'ilioftisou.   in l'Jif? the premier doorSj an(1 in addiUon lhc toal| lhat
had outlined the policy ol the Oov- . ...    .      ,   , ,
'        . is so important a lactor m produc-
e.naient    on this   question,    stating'
mat a tr.x would be imposed on all
iron ores mined in british Columbia, |«>me a great industrial centre,
Box 173
flume 43
lion.    Some day Li'.dysniith will tc-
heavy bounty would be olfercd'that time will be sooner or later just
for iron ore smelted in the province, according to the efforts ofthe people
and wasmosUortun^,^,,,;! i,ere m drawing attention to
$1.50 a Year in Advance, 25c Per Month
Advertising Ratoson application.
Island Resources
v\ ancSuvcf,
ately situated with regard to its iron
deposits. Not alone on the west
coast, but on t'.'.c east coast as well
and on Texada island there were vast
iron deposits. Already pig iron from
Texada islf.nd had been used in the
construction of several United States
battleships, the Nebraska at Seattle,
and the Olyinpia, Monterey, Charleston and Oregon at San Francisco. If
the wealth Nature has laid at their
Hints for the Home.
To Take Castor Oil.—II is not gen-
,.     , .   „ ■„ .h-i-'C-ra ly Lnown that castor oil may be
Americans could get iron in their,.      / '
orange juice, it little sugar being added to the juice if tlie orange is' not
sweet.    The difi'evcnce between  this
own  territory they would not come •'"""■  c™ny.   ta!if"   « '"'"K1"!   with
For Meats
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberts Street.
e for it.
"In ol In r jespeets also  Vancouver
island had great advantages for tlio
11;<! speeches delivered during the
present session ot the British Colu'ii-
bl*• Legislature have not been parti.-
■ uh'ily noteworthy from a'au.i'ie.s
point of view. The time of the session has been for the most part taken up with members cither exalting
the virtuts oi the Government or
cendeming its acts, according to party affiliations, So much so has I
this been the case, that the average
reader has refrained from following
tho reports oi the speeches, excepting
perhaps, in the case of Hie Cabinet
ministers in their official utterances.
As for the contributions of the opposition members they have been lamentably wcaE and Mr. Oliver in par<
ticul.r hrs been an intolerable nuisance.
. . •
There has been one cxce;ltion to the
fcenerul rule in the case of the speech
delivered last Wednesday by Mr. II.
II. Thomson, one of the tour representatives ot the City oi Victoria.
Mr. Thomson is a successful wholesale merchant "and manufacturer, and
his speech was that of a practical
man of business, lie dealt with two
very important industrial questions,
and it. will not he surprising to learn
that he has succeeded in developing
li beneficial interest in t'.c two sub
jtets he discussed bcfo'.'o the IIov.sp.
He began by complimenting thc
Government for having Voted an additional sum for the preservation of
fruit trers. This step, lhc s.iea'.er
loinled out, was a very important
otic at |fresent. He referred to tlie]
disaster to the fruit indisiry result-j
ing irom fruit pests, and quoted figures to show thit thc,.precautiriiis taf
ken 'by.the..'Government of iirUisIr
Columbia had beneficial rcsJlts. lie
referred to the growing dcmnid tor
apples, and predicted that in a tew
years Canada would be in a position
to ship large quantities of fruit not
only to thc Bril^i Colonies bin to
thc United States as well. He spoke
nf tho available land for truit-grow-
ini; purposes on.VancptrjJci Island, referring particularly tn the fact fiat
In the district surrounding. Victoria
there wore 50,000 acres of hind avail'
able for fruit-growing.
Thc Pittsburg contains 59.7.6 ■   ss
spoonfuls with a cupful of warm wa>
ter and swallow. At once thc stiinu-.
lative action upon the stomach causes that organ to rcje.l. all its contents, the poisonous ingredients Willi
the. rest. Thc emetic of mustard
leaves no ill effects behind it, hut instead, a tceling ct pleasant warmth
and stimulus. II is one of the qtllck-
.„ .Ijj lest of all emetics end the most harm-
manufacture    of pig iron.    Wo   can lftwl ""V oUlPr ,nodl' ot    taking t.W?
manufacture pig iron here for $12   a;valuaWc medicine is surprising .
ton as against $15 a ten in Tacoma'   Pmo,K;_Whcn Pcison nKi to™ '«-
«nd Seattle, and this does not takclf dcnt-al,>' swallowed no emetic is.heU
account of any Dominion bonus. Thcltir   lhan   >'""-stttrd.    Mix three tca-
ma'n reason for this is the cheap and
economical way wo can assemble our
materials.    Tlie island is cut   up   by
waterways and almost all the iron deposits are in water.    We have also
coal mined here that is not surpassed on thc continent.   Not only is out
cod superior to that used in the state
ot Washington, but also to the  coal j
burg     Pittsburg coal contains
burg     _
per cent, of fixed carbon as against
• ;S.2."i in our coal; f,nd ils ash is 7.1(1
as against 5.!)'.' in our coal. Thc analysis is twenty per cent, in favor of
the manufacture of pig iron on Van- [
couver island.
"In 1891 Japan bough! three million dollars' woi'fh of pig iron on the
Pacific coast, principally at Seattle.
In 11101 she bought six millions
worth. There wus no reason why we
should not have lurge iron worts
here at an early datev In leaving tin
subject of iron Mr. Thomson quoted
Andrcw.Garnegio's statement:
" 'The seat.of manufacturing is now'
and will continue to be, more and
more, simply aiqucstlon of where the
requisite raw materials are fount under suita'lde conditions. Capital and
skilled labor have lost the power
they once li.ul to attract raw materials. These now attract labor aid
capital.' "
Notice to Contractors.
City of Ladysmith Sewerage.
The Chronicle has repcr.tcdly pointed out the adaptability of.Ladysmith
for the development nf a great iron
nnd steel industry. As Mr. Carnegie
trnthfiMy remarked, "lhc scat
manufacturing is nnw nnd will con-
lir.c to be, ninie and more, simply
a question of where the muiisUc raw
Scaled tenders, endorsed "Tender
for Sewerage," will be received up to
5 p. m., on Monday, Match 15th,
l'JOSi, by the undersigned lor the construction of certain Sewerage \\or.,s
for the Corporation of the city ol
Ladysmith, II. C.
Plans, specifications, contract, bond,
and forms of tender may ho seen on
|ind .after lb.' 15th day of Fcliruary,
li!0:>, at   the City Hall, Ladysmitli,
li. 0.   -
Each proposal must he accompanied by an accepted bunk cheque (or
certificate of deposit) on a chartered
Hank of Canada, made payal le to
Corporation of the City ot Ladysmith, Ladysmitli, lor the suiii'if Ono
Time: and Hollars which shell be forfeited if the parly tendering decline
lo enter info contract when called
upon te do so, or if he fail to complete thc work contracted for. The
[|rho;|iirs or certificates nf deposit
unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the execution ol the
Tenders will not be considered  un-
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1.
I Sell T. I. Trapp & Co's
Celebrated Wagons
Durlntt thc reason we tinvc Bold a large numbei
of wagona, implements and logging trucks.
Evm-ylh.ng carries a guarantee.
Bu!ler< Street
Paptvril'Mjgpr and Ait Decorator.
High Street.
materials aro   found   under suitable |lcss """le out-on the forms supplied,
I conditions." Nearly «vcry Important
Iron and steel industry on this continent is located close to the inexhaustible coal measures and in no
place oil (his   continent are all   the
First Class   Photos.
Gallery on First Avenue.
While  this  portion* of Mr.   Thomson's sperh possesses particular   in-
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
which may be obtained at the office
of the City Clerk, Lndysmith, and
must he accompanied by a bond, in
the sum ol Six Thousand Dollars,
duly slgnrd by the contractor himself and two responsible parties, residents ol the Province of P.ritish Columbia, whose names shall 'he subject
lo the approval of the City Council.
The lowtst or any tender not necessarily r.ccepted.
City Clerk.
LadyMiiilh, B. C, February l.">, 1000,
Livery, reed and Sale
First. Avcmio.
Phone. Ml
In Me Opera House on Roberts St.
Short order meals at all hours.
Oysters  and   Clam   Chowder
E. Pannell
Meats and Vegetables
John W.  Coburn, Geo. C. Pic'.iard,
President and .Managing Director. Secretary-Treasurer.
The Ladysmith Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
r. O. Box M.
Presh Halibut on sale every Pri-
Ryan's Meat Market
Elegant Patterns for N
Summer Suitings
The Latest in
Imported Woollens
D. 1. Matheson
Oataere st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
«««<• ««•««»***« *«**<•»*«♦>*••♦>*♦••••♦♦♦•••••,
-"'*   M.
/ -di^AMP
ffilP»»,jBi BPfH/iH
f>^tvtBm   PBjBWj-Cjf-
1M> V " y\fh   *TmimrtMt(.
■ ■fCT/iMT ^l^flEP^aWStf^fJ
The Pure Food Question
i.i not ono you nenl worry over if yon leave your grocery ordor. with
li. Oolr, Goods that ofa doubtful in quulity havo po placo in our .tore, as
wo like lhe trouble to tc.it personally all food produot. before giving them
Scott's Building, First Avenue.   .
Magnetic Massage    )
All diioosos successfully treated
Without Drugs or Knife
Chronic cases given special attention
Rheumatism,    Paralysis   and    Nervous
Diseases yield loalily to our method.
Now  lliiiklo  Iluihling,   soconil door to
right al top of slab's,
examination and   rnrr
rhone 41,'    Conic In and l.'.i; it over,
Ladysmith Music Store
Edison Phonographs and Records,
Victor'Talking Machines,
Musical Instruments ol all' kinds.
Tubular Cream Separators,
Singer Sewing Machines and all
Parts and Needles.
Call   and   sec   our   tout   m'.nuto
As Cheap as
10 qrt Cooking Pots, 8fic each.
4, 6, 8 qrt Preserving Jvettles, 40o to 05o
Pi. Plates, white, 10a eaoh.
Bikers', white, loo, 80c ann 2.'o eaoh.
Shanty Plates, white, 10c each.
Dippers, 25c .ask.
Hand Mugs, 2 for 2uo.
Tea Sleepers, 25c eaoh.
Egg Boilers, 10c each.
' Furniture store
Marigold Tea!
First Avenue,
Ladysmith f
j» *J**5» *C*****5**5* •♦* ****»**5*****5* *2* *** •J»'>J,**J;|>*J* *J* "v*, •2»j»»j«j»*j«j*»j«^^^
Ladysmith Bakery
Cakes of every description, lane
and plain. Candies of all kinds
Fruit ol all kinds. Fresh bread ever
Reasonable prices. Come and sc
our lines and leave your orders: W
g<vc careful attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith.
Ladysmith Orchestra
AU Newest and   Latest Music.
A Woman's Notebook
I was looking thc other day over a
list of titles irom which I was supposed to choose an ai'ticlc. Ihey
struck me on the whole as being most
ly entirely foolish and unsuitable, and
yet they were no more foolish per-
naps than the questions wc idly: as*
ourselves from day to day. One title was'"is there such a .tilingas
IticKV" to which 1 emphatically answer "No." Luck is made up of per-
s.everaft.0 and industry, and steady
worK and determination, and thc only
other luck is when wc reap thc Jjcne-
lit of thoso qualities m others, and
theirvirtues become our luck. A scc-
otid qucst'on was "is success sometimes a failure';'' surely u'foolish
question is this, since the meaning cf
success is "tilts favorable" tcrmiua-
ation of anything attempted, and, if
it fails, it cannot be called "a favorable termination," but only so-called
success, with quite a different ideal.
* ' • * ■
server of human nature. What is, my
greatest real trojvble? Yourself, was
he answer—truly a truth delivered
with a sledge-hammer. There are
many troubles—the loss of a dear
friend, tho abse-hee or suffering of
thoso we love, one's own physical ill-
health, or loss of money or loss of
work—but it is needless to reiterate
and' emphasize numberless human
woes. It is sufficient to return to
tho sledge-hammer attack. If not actually the greatest of all our possible troubles, and I differentiate
hero between sorrow and trouble—it
is one of our hardest taskmasters!!
» * *
It is,the thing   that can ttjrn so
called* success into, failure, and it can
.embitter lovo and ruin friendship, and
All our lives with dread and fear.
What about the other people?    Ah!
; there is the rul*-we think it is them*
and Ihey think il is us—and yet we
realized the truth uttered by a great
philosopher. "Nothing can hurt you
excepting in so far 'us you yourself «>
low il to do sa'—we should have no
heed to ask the question.
For full particulars apply,
Ladysmith, B. C.
You Are Invited
To drop in and see our spring opening of new
srioes. We have just opened up 62 cases of up to
date footwear.    Shoes from all the leading makers.
Doctor's Special and Dr. Keed's Cushion Insoles
for both Ladies and Gents.
J. and T. Bell's and Miss Canada Shoes for Ladies.
The Celebrated Liberty and Beresford Shoes for
8 cases of Classic Shoes for Children.
We have a new Pit Boot and it is a dandy.
Come and see it.
We have got a first class shoemaker employed now-
If you want your shoes repaired properly bring them
Sole Apt for the Celebrated English "K" Boot.
I >*^»*^**j*>*2'* *J**J* *I**5»»*5|>»5»>*J* •***»* ********* *5* *j,**js»««>*»»j»*i»>
U.J. C.
%       mum, b. c.      %
<• ♦.
and its
Grand Concert
We carry a. large stuck of Fancy
The City Market
Wholesale aad Retail.   '
Ladysmith, 11. 0.
"Are there any . females in Heaven?" another exceedingly foolish ^tjes-
tion, since wc are expressly told in
lhe Scriptures lhat ''the Kingdom of
Heaven is within us." I should ruj
^hcr gather that females were in the
preponderance.    Another tiuestion was 'jjy aocidente
•'What—is a marrying income?" This i   	
is more sensible, but the subject itself of a whule essay. What constitutes a sufficient income depends on
taste and environment and.personal
desires and management, and on different people's different and ever-
varying temperaments. I thin'.;, perhaps, thc best answer to thc question
is this: Each perscn should marry
on thc income ihey consider sufficient,
for if A chooses whnt B should live
en, B would probably tic very dissatisfied, whilo 0 wHl think them
both grossly extravagant, and E and
F•will consider then to tc pauptrs.
Be sure before you marry lo know
you are going lo have what you personally consider a sufficient income.
You will probably—no,I mean possibly—be very discontented when you
find yo.i ha'.e tc live on it, but you
will be far less discontented than it
you marry on less than what you
now consider sufficient.
Star Orchestra
Open .lor engagements from     Two
Pieces up.        v
Hives Dance Every Two Weeks.
Fur full particulars, apply
A little Ion mot finishes my note-
boo':. 1 was telling a'friciid about a
clever men I knew who drank, and
who, iu fact, was hardly over really
sober, and who had lately committed
, suicide by drowning cr been drowned
"Isn't it sail?" I asl.'ed.
"Very," replied my friend, and he
added with a shrug, "Poor chap, his
own worst enemy too, sti'angc how
he lived in spirits and died in water."
The Dog Tax for the year ,1 null is
low due and payable to the Ciity
Clerk at the City Hall. If not paid
forthwith the law will be enforced
with ic aid to delinquents.
City Clerk.
'  English Kip Lf athor Pit Sho.., $300 pair,
Big reduction in Alum's Cl.lirat.il .olid
L.ath.a Shoe*, Every pair I. guaranteed
to giv. sailsf ictlon or will be repl.cod. In
Hoy.' Youth.' and Litte UentV Alio In
Women's, Misses' and Children's.
Also lot. of SWEATERS (or M.n and
Buy. to go oli.sp.
JEW.Soft Shirts at Roduced Piice.
AIm Hat..
Sol. Agent fur Ahren's Shoos. Best Shoe
on tli. market.
John Thomas
Marriage is a lottery—you must
at least start with something to gamble with—and this applies to money
as well as love mid patience. Start
with a certain.amount of independent1
capital, and a certain income, however small, and an infinite stock ol
lovo and patience, and you may bo an
exceedingly happy couple.
Dickens wrote "it Is vcty much lo
be wished that .some mothers would
.loftvi; their daughters alone after marriage, and not to so violently ciffcc-
tionutc." I am glad he had thc
(jra'ce lo say "some inutlicr&t", for I
ihii',1 the pjrcscint»dny '"grand-mamma" is a joy and u boon both to her
daughter and the daughter's children.
Who is ready to take lhc little one
if there is anything infectious going
on, and they have to he scut out of
danger's way, and who is more ready
with (be hnc and sympathy that
ends in practical ami generally lavish
ilnancial help? It is "mother" who
Iu the hull of the lesser comic papers
and Inferior pantomines, and "mother'' hi rcul life who Is the cv«-
rcady friend and sympathiser, uud
(ho person next to "Angelina" who
is most really proud and fond of
"Edwin." "Edwin's" motlic.' I
leave delicately atone, for li f she
behaves depends almost entirely on
Angelina, who sometimes views her
husband's mother with eyes that arc
erookj'd with jealousy. It also depends on Edwin. tact, a quality he
Is sometimes noted for nut possessing.
What is Iho greatest trouble in life?
This Is a serious question, Involving
many strange side-issues in its answer is given In lull. I shall merely
skim the surface, and give the answer I onrc heard given hy a keen ob-
As wo are on thc subject of spirits
I add an amusing little experience I
had lhe other day while slaying at
tho seaside. I was out walking with
some friends and had in my muff—
for it wns during the very cold weather—a little stone hot-water 'bottle.
We stopped at a small hotel where
"refreshments'1 were sold, and while
my friend^was 'buying something, I
said to the little old lady, who keeps
the place, "Would you kindly fill this
for me?" Sho took it, and, looking
round to see my friends'were, not lis
tening, she said in a low voice,, "Certainly m'am—er—what with?" as she
glanced at the bottles arranged on
thc shelf. ... I wondered afterwards whether it was a reflection on
mo or on her!
Ladysmith Opora House
Saturday Feb. 27
A Grand Concert will be given at the
Ladysmith Opera House, by th. .Nanaimo
Orpliens Gleo Club, with the assistance o
th. well known following Artists:
John Pogorly's
Bowling Alley
A prize of $3 will be given
to the one making the highest score in ten sheets.
Now k the time to practice for the Yukon Alaska
andSeattle expositions, which
give a grand prize of $10,000
to the best forty tearm. It
pays to be a good bowler.
Learn now while you have
a first class bowling alley,
Good lights. Come m and
John Pogorly,
Ladysmith, B. C.
All kinds ol (.'luck and Watch Repairing. Satisfaction Guanuitceu ai
Reasonable Prices.
English Watches a Specially.
J. R. Easton
Practical Watchmaker.
All work left at II. Hughes' store
will receive Prompt attention.
Have Your Houses Plastered
For Terms spply to
0. H1NE, Plasterer, etc., Ladyimith, P. 0.
IW ►
Phone 124
• niiJi >!.,Nm alms
P. O. Box V
We have just secured
a Traveller's Set of samples of Boys Suits which
will place us in a position to give you good
Suits at half the regular price. ,The first ]ot of
these will be placed on
sale to-day at,
22 to 25, large, $2.45
a suit.
26 to 30, $2.95 a suit.
It was a luck*/ ibuy
for us-and you.
Sample of Northway
Clothing arrived. We
only sell one of each
Walters &
F. C. Fisher
Studio iu Williams' Block.
Excellent Boarding
Transfer of License.
Notice I. her«by giucn that I intend to
make application to the Board of Licensing
Commissioners of the City of Ladysmith at
their next regular meeting for a transfer of
the null liquor license now held by me
on hohalf of the promisee known as th. Columbia Hotel, Ladysmitli, B.C., from myself to B. L. Wood and Joseph Teusr,.
Ladyamlth, BkC, Jan. 7, 1909,
C.mont Sidewalks a .pecially.
Transfer of License.
Notic. i. hereby given that it is my intuition to apply to th* Board of Licensing
Commissioner, of the City of Ladysmith for
a transfer of the wholesale liquor lioense
now hold hy me in respect to the prasniws
situate upon lot S, block 72, Ladysmith,
from myself to Caiarzo and Malenesio.
Ladyimith, B. 0., lush Decern)' <r, 1908.
The first Atlantic message of fi!) ■
words from Queen Victoria to President Buchanan ton'e 90 minutes,
while now two messages can be sent
one each way over a single line, at,
15 words a minute. In 1891 Mcdill
observatory sent a message to Green',
wic.ii and bach in three seconds—over
l&ttOfJ wiles. In 1808 President Mc,
Kinley sent a message to Santiago
battlefield nnd received a reply in 13
minutes. In 1903 I'rcsi lent Roore-
velt sent a message around lhc world,1
37,500 miles hy cable and laud line,
in nine minutes; and in l'.Kiil lhc result of lhe AngIo«AuStralian cricket
match was transmitted front Melbourne to London; ll/lll miles, in
three minutes; and il will not be long
before wo will bo able to call up our
cousii.s ail'uss lhe sea mid "converse
with (hem by phone just as we do
with our neighbors to-day.
Electricity for Curative Purposes.—
For years ii has neon known lo  the
host of scientists and physicians that,
the only way to cure diseases ot long
standing is electricity.   Hence, many
electrical appliances, including electric
belts, have Veen invented.   This   ap-
pliaire, while curing thousands  who
j have been pronounced as    incurable,
! had three great faults; first, they, did
', not produce i; iffioiant current.'; of tlei*.
j tricity; cs«"ond,   thc   crrcnt was ir-
I regular; third, they would causeblia-
j tcrs.   All these defects have now beca
) entirely   removed by tho   Glad-tone
Electrical   Kelt     Co., 80   Hastings
I Street, Vancouver, who manuf.vU.ro
thc inert perfect iclt under a guaran-
i tec
j   Elojtro-Maghectio     Personality. —
J The power of Individual electricity is
manifested in social    life.   Wc mien
I meet poisons of botfi sexes wlwso features and forms arc not pretty, and
vt, tj are very attractive and fascinai-
jnT.     Now what is this mysterious
somc\th!ng that captivates us?  It  is
the possession ol plenty oi individual
clectrici!)', ^sometimes called magnetism.   Such Ik °P'e could, in fact, euro
others of many ailments if they would
'but know how tn use their power.
Unhealthy Women lose color, look'
weary and become wrV'klcd and lul-
llow elteclccd when they could get
healthy al once by restoring their
lost, ehctricity (vitality-) which can
he accomplished by the supply of the
lost electricity. "'   k ,
Rheumatism.—The trouble of set
many, is caused liy uric acid. II
has been proven tlmt nothing will
dri*e il. out of the system so easily
as electricity.
For Female Complaints.—Debility]
and exhaustion, the loss ot the natur-
i al charms of womenhood, that is tbe
cause of so many divorces. Nothing
has proTKn so effective as the proper
npplii'alion of electricity.
Dyspersia end Indigestion have \mltt
known to he cured by three applications ol electricity.
Constipation, Lame flack, Kidney,
Liver or Heart troubles have been
cured hy electricity after all else has'
Ulecliicily being the base of Nerve
Powers It has helped thousands! of
weak men lo enjoy their life over
jiigniii es nature intended they should..
Many of these have been pronounced
The literature of the Gladstone Co.
contain ninny line testimonials oi pen-1
pl« wc   knew   well.   This,   conipltnyi
„..,.,, . have decided to send to this city Mr.
sionersofthe City of Ladysmith at their expert, wi.o will demonstrate free to
*•*'"gnlir meeting for a tramfer of the I all who may call to see him at   the
Hotel, situated upon Lot 1,  Block 13, Bain once more thcir natural health
Sf*M^gJ"B*t,,ft &C, from wnetvistoJamoiiand   happiness   by the   use ot the
'James Duncan
Suits cleaned*ana pressed.
Alterations made.
Charges moderate.
mnit sum
Dissolution of Partnership.
lhe partnership iieretor* eiiatiug be-
IW..I1 the undersigned, cicrving on bnai-
n.ss in the city f.f LadjMnith as hotel-
keepers under the linn nrue ol Senini ,V
B«rto, is this day tli.,olvnl hv mutual con-
wit. Jamas Uwiinn will fray .11 debt, of
| tin partnership and i.ceiv™ .11 monies due
the same,
.IAM»;s 8ENIN't,
Ladyimith, B. a, Jauwrr 27th, 1909.
Transfer of License.
Ladyinutb, Junius/ 27th, ISO).
| Gladstone appliances. All are invlt-
I d. There will be no charge^. Will
jcrrlve Saturday, Feb. 27, THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
Lenten Season
Now that Lent has commenced,
come in and let us show you Lenten
A Pew Suggestions
Summit Salmon   I pound tins, 10c.
Lowe Inlet Salmon 1 pound tins, 15c
Maconochies fresh Herrings 2tins, 25c
Golden Haddies 2 tins, 25c
Kippered Herrings 2 tins, 25c
Maple Leaf Lobsters, 25c and 40c tins.
Albert Sardines 25c a tin.
Skipper Sardines 15c a tin.
Blue Point Oysters 25c a tin.
Cove Oysters 15c a tin.
Mackerel 35c a tin.
Acadia Codfish 30c per box.
Oolachans 2 pounds for 25c
Haddies, fresh, 12$c a'pound.
Kippers, fresh, 2 pounds 25c
Smoked Salmon 17c a pound.
For Qardcn Seeds go to the Drug
* Store. *
On Wednesday to tho wife of    M.
Torko, a son.
Mr. Jolin Stewart went up to Na-
"! naimo yesterday.
There will be a meeting of the lire
brigade at the city hall next Tucs
day evening at 7:30 o'clock.
For frcash vegetables for your Sunday dinner call at Gear's Ideal Grocery. *
For Gillard's Pickles and Sauces,    f Th°w (; T u wi"mcct M6nday)
"[March 1st, at lhc Mission ream'   of
i thc Presbyterian church.
4»H-l'W^W-!-H-r-WH-5'«^r»! 'rH^-M-M-frM-fr
Lacol and General The Weather
Has Broken
Use Na Dru Herb Tablets.   At the
Ladysmith Pharmacy.     ' •
Mr. V. B. Harrison wns a visitor
to Nanaimo Friday!
Hot Tomiilcs every evening at Hooper's
15c, 2 for 25c
\\\   J. If. Ilawthornthwnitn went up \i)
• • Nanaimo on the noon train.
If you want a good Comb or Brush
call at the Drug Store. •
Fin. English Pork Pies, lre.li made daily
at Hooper'., Gatacr. street.   Try one.     *
$ FOR  SALE-.V tew household effects
Apply R. J. Trembaith.
Ptrsnips, Turnips, Carrots, etc., at
Gear's, Ideal Grocery. *
Meals 20 Cents and Up.
Best 25 Cent Meal in Victoria for 20 Cents. Patronize
White Labor by eatirg here. Special atteniion giv en to
tourists and visitors, who are cordially welcome. We
keep the Celebrated Grand Duke Cigar.
y  — ip .  9
I Two Shows Each Night |
Ladysmith Opera House
| Home ofthe Finest Moving Picture
|        Plant in British Columbia
|  _
13,000 Feet of Films. Two Illustrated Songs
Thomas Alike, representing Turner Beetcn & Co., of Victoria, is in
thc city to-day.
Fre^h Halibut every Wednesday iipd
Friday of each week during Lent at
Ryan's Meat Market.
The person who lost their purse
between the post office and ehe furniture storo can get it at the furniture1
store hy paying for this adv. *
A young boy named lHckettrantl,
while working in the Extension
mines last Thursday was kicked in
the head hy a mule, and received n
sever? shoe';. He was taken to the'
Chemainus hospital, and last night it
was reported that, he had improved
considerably, with lair prospects ot
early  recovery.
There will be nn elocutionary medal contest held in the Methodist
church on . Tuesday, March Snd, al
7::i'J u. m. All contestants w'Jl h!
(resented with a Ihnoie each, but thc
winner gets the medal. The chavge
will bo only 2.1c and a musical programme will be provided.
| Programme Chafes Mondays and Thursdays
| Admission:   10 and 15 Cents I
Shoes Shoes
To make room for our large stock of spring footwear
e are offering some Special bargains that will save you
Misses' fine and School Shoes, regular $2 and $2.25,
sizes 11 to 2.   Special price $1.60.
Misses' Felt Slippers leather sole and fur top.   Sizes 11
to 2.   Special price 95c.
Ladies' Dongola one strap slippers.   A bargain at $1.40
a pair.
Youth's School Shoes that will wear.   Sizes 11,12 and
13.   Special $1.35 a pair.
Don't Forget Our Bargain PifBoot
Simon Leiser & Co.
Clearance Sale
The Last Chance of the
We are going to give you
snaps on our winter goods
such as:
We are not quoting any
prices. Call in and see for
yourself and be convinced.
W. E. Morrison
Williams Block
FOR SALE-Half interest in tho Weil., Mr. Cole of thc Ladysmith Opera
Ington Hotel. Apply lo J. Thituont, House, has made arrangements with
Wellington, B. C, Mr. John Cort, of Seattle, for   the
 ;__ , I appearance in Ladysmith of several
s.ock companies    during thc   spring
and summer months.   The first cenv
WANTED—A middle-aged woman
to do ho'.iseworlf and ta'>e care of
two children. Apply W. R. Smith,
Gatacre street. i
pany to make its appoaiinnce hereiwili'
be a stock organization which will
produce "Lena Rivers" on the evening ol March 8,
Now is the time to renovate those rooms. Do not
leave it off till the rush
comes on, oryou.mayne;t
with a little delay. '
Call and see our elegant
designs and colorings for,
Post Cards
Now on Sale
Knights Book Store
Church Services.
Sun.lay services: At 8 a. m., low
nass. At 111:30 a. in., high mass,
at 2 p. m., Sunday school. At ?
p m., evening service and Benediction.
Morning service 11 a. m., Sunday
sihool 2:30 p. m.j evening service 7
p. m. Subject morning service,
"Lent'; evening, "Christian Unity."
Rev. O. M. Ambrose, M. A. rector.
Morning, 11 a. m:; evening, 7 p. m.;
Kabbatu school, 2rt(l p.   m.   Every-
Lody welcome.   All seats free.
: Epworth   league   meets    Tuesday
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
Sunday Services at 11 a. m. and (1
p. m. Bible Class and Sunday
School.at 2 p. m. Prayet meeting
Wednesday at 7 p. m.
Call and see the new colored post
cards of Ladysmith at Knight's
Book Store. •
Mrs. Gardner will open up
Hair Dressing
on the Esplanade Tuesday,
February 23rd.
Hair Restored and Scalp
Tuesdays and Thursdays,
10 a. m. to 12 a. m., 2 p. m.
to 6 p. m.
k.1MtMt»T«.TMtwT»T..TMT».TMTnTT>T.TT»TMT«.t..TtiTMT-f. tW
Cyphers Food
for Chickens
Chick Pood
Scratching Food
Blool Meal
Beef Scraps
Ground    Oyster
::   Afresh Consignment ofthe
:; Above Just received.
Ladysmith Hardware Co., w.
•H^M-W*M^"H"WW*4-** •H-M-W-H-H-fr*
We are offering special prices in Optical Goods. Spectacles, (Joht Filled, or Nickel,
The latest iu Rimless Kye Glasses, Beat Lenses. Full stock of optical materials on
hand.   Broken Lenses replaced.   Special prices this week.
Before buying a Giapliophone call aud see ours. We carry th. Columbia Dowl*
Disc Records in stock, 10 inch at 8').', 12 inch $1.23
Columbia Indestructible Cylinder Records will not break.   Price 40c each.
Watch repairing a speciality, all   work guaranteed, best matorials used.
We Have Everything You Need
Jones    ?
T.E. Sullivan
PIiiUii, tasniHteamfittini.
First Avenue, near New Western hold
Portland Hptel
Barclay  &  Conlin,*
Time Table No. 7^
Trains leave Nanaimo G:15 Da'.'.7
Trains arrive Nanaimo 12:35 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo 15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:35.
Dist. Pass. Agt.
For good wearing stockings
try at
Plain or ribbed cashmere
for Ladies.
Ribbed cashmere (double
knees)  for   girls.
Heavy, all wool, hose for
boys. y
Little barling hose for
1102 Govt. st.
Victoria, B. C
Dissolution of Partnership.
The partnership heretofore existing
between the undersigned carryings on
business as llotclkceprrs at jhc City
of Ladysmith Is this day dissolved ly
mutual consent,
Joseph Tcusr. will pay all debts s>nd
receive all moneys due to the |«it-
n. i, wooo.
Ladysmith, B. C, 29 Pel)., llOi),
Wood Jo Bum
Stove wood and oord wood fornlt,
Freight hauled.
Furnltnr. moved.
For anything In th. teaming lint,
Sec Thornley
Express and Teaming
WoodlSr Sale.


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