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Ladysmith Standard Sep 26, 1908

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''     Remember wo allow you Slic on all"crocks returned.
Choico creamery butter In ten pound crocks nt $11.BO.
\      Fine Alberta and Brandon creamery butter, 8 lbs. for Sl.fio.
',       Urquhnrt's Caimix  llutter,  2 pounds for 95 conts.
Cowlchun Creamery Butter, per pound, 50 cents.
We also carry 'A. 1. dairy butter In tubs—from 19 to 0,1 poun
Todny wo huve recoived, Smoked  Salmon,  Smoked  rJalibut
Smoked Kippers.
anil ,
A Realistic Romance of Ladysmith in Which u Number
of Prominent Business Men take a Very
Conspicious Part
dure I-
\> M''i*H|'r|r'H"H'*r»M"r'*K
0 Roses or Royal Household Jlour  $1.75 pcr suck
6 pnskages of Force  '..  25 conts.
8 lbs. of e-tra good creamery butter *.., $1.00.
We solicit your trade because it pays YOU.
r-w-fm '»'¥'»'fi»'»'»'»'T'»'»'"»'»i»>»i»i*'»'»'»'yiiy'i
YOU CAN GET      ■»
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., Etc.
for White Swan Washing Powder Cou|>oo-
Send a Two-Cent Stamp for our Catalogue
B. C. »oo|> Worka, victowa, b. c.
Large Glass Fruit dishes,
Only 30 cents eaoh
Large Glass Water Jugs,
Only 35 oenta eaoh
-lass Tumblers,
Only 45 cents a doz.
« Piece Glass Table Setts; Butter
'Dish; Cream Jug; Spoon Holder,
Sugar Bowl,
Only 50 cents a set
FOR ('HOICK ctri :.
HAM AND BAi i',;.
I'hone "-l.
Now is the time to lay iu your
stock of winter fuel. Order
your wood right away..__^
H. Thornley
l*f'llt   uo 'C »liiirtr.<,, tm.
'■'it    ns' ""il "i1|'>'"'"If bPli.
•  "Si,   ifi.ll.H lM.|,.|.,ll,.„|,t'
,t\ A~r.it*"'  '1  I'1'1  (*i'"'ll'll   '
a E# <"""" ' ■"" ■"  •"*•
« ""I    iim, CHiinibV ,ii.i |,,, ii.
.flyt.  •' ' T'Minll"li in. ii.i  u
t. >T»"''" <• TT)S, Alt ,. T8CT, VAHR-3 VES, I. C.
in our business sinco coming
to Ladysmith is duo to lho
satisfaction given our customers. Excellency of qniulity md
good valuo for mouoy received.
That is our motto.
Our stock is larger and moro
fully assorted than* over end
you are cordially invited to
inspect It—get our prices on
watches, rings, gold brooches,
bracelets, ladles and gents
chains, etc, etc,
Watoh work a specialty and
all work thoroughly guaranteed.
"The   Jowolor   and   Oetloan."
Summers— roily—I—I—or—
. But the speaker lopk a.
header over bashfulness, only to hear
a   week.
"Yes, Charley."
"Can 1 aspire to er—to—tbut it"
Again a .lapse into Bilence, followed by an encouraging
"•Yes, Charley."
"Oh, If 1 miijiht only hope to—er—
Another failure of language. It
was seiiii'lngly ho]>cless case, and
might'have been, only lor a  demure
"Charley, I have said v" twice,
and if you moan it, I mean it tbo,
And to this day that young ma-
will insist that he popped the question.
All this happened away "down
east," and it wasn't long before
there was n wedding. Not much
longer hefore there was a letter from
Tolly's Uncle John, (old Joshua
Turner, a Ladysmith pioneer) rich
generous ond level headed, who wrote
effusively of his delight at her exhibition of what he called "grit", and
ho proposed thot if the young peoplo
would locate in Ladysmith he would
start them up in life, us a wedding
gift, hav ng fully explained that tills
is the host spot in the world for
young married pontile to get a good
start. Of course they accepted, and
wcre soon bidding their friends farewell.
•  •   •   •   •
A few weeks subsequent to the n-
bova conversation a travelled-stained party arrived in Ladysmith. Our
friend, Uncle Josh, was In charge
iiul he lod the party straightway to
the Abbotsford hotel. "We'll go
to tho Abbotsford," said he, '"cause
that's the best place and strictly
first class. I have known McMurtrie, the proprietor for years, and
tho guest in tlie Abbotsford feels at
home, comfortable, contented, and
in mighty good luck, The house is
one of convonienco; the apartments
are well furnished and the cuisine —
well, that hotel is noted for its excellent table, so I have engaged
rooms here until your own house is
in readiness."
"After breakfast is over," continued the old man, "I must take you
for a little drive ond thon we'll pro-
coed to buy    your outfit.     To cxpe-
liuprovements unil build a more com
iiiotlious residence, much to the dej
light of Polly, although It seal glim'
muring her lirst idea of "love in a
Having come to this conclusion a-
bout the larger and more palutiul
house, it occurred to the oiil gentlemen as thoy were not going to build
a chicken coop or a burn, it would
bo a wise thing to employ experienced architects—some one in whose
hands the mutter might be placed
with perfect and speedy results. "I
have it, I have the architects right
in iny eye," he exclaimed. "W. R,
Smith is tlie very man; he has designed some of the principal business
blocks and elegant bouses around
this section. You remember those
fine houses I showed you this morning? Well W, 11. Sinith drew up
those plans and executed 'em, and
he didn't monkey around a whole
year either." Smith was soon contracted with to build tlie house for
folly and Charley..
"Having already provided a cage
for the bird," said Uncle Josh, "now
the first thitig we'll look after will
be the furnishings I'or it." Hereupon Ptolly energetically declared Bhe
had beard so much about Charles
Peterson tlmt she hud decided to go
there. The-irosult was that they
were ushered Into such a bewildering display that the girl was at a
loss how to select. But she soon
yielded to the seductiveness of a
magnificent parlor suite, a leilrcom
set in ouk, golden finish, that would
do credit to old Mr. Klondyke himself. To this she added an easy
rocker for Uncle Josh, and didn't
forgot a most convenient and ornamental writing desk for "Hubby"
Charles, having come to the conclusion that Peterson's pricts wure below tlio very whisper of competition.
"A pretty good start," said the
old man," and now we'll go to the
Ladysmitli Hardware Co.'s store
whero Polly's housowifely instincts
will have full play in marvels of
kitchen apparatus. There is trot nn
establishment in the country that
carries a more comprehensive stock
of cooking machinery," remarked Uncle Josh. "Every possible piece of
kitchen furniture from a ti.i dipper
to a  cooking range is here in    all
dite matters I'll just call up plirne stylos nnd variety." If Polly foils
No. SB, and have S. Glfford, our en- tu accomplish wonders in the culin-
terprislng livery mnn, send us round ary art, It will not be for want ot
a rig." When the hnndsone car-' superior cooking utensils, for she
rlage, with olnboruto trappings and i purchased a Kootonay range, with
prancing horses drew up in front of j nil othor equipments needed in a well
tho hotel Polly declared it to be a. regulated kitchen, all of which On-,
turnout (It for a Queen. , "Yesjcle Josh paid for with delight be-
.Sir-oee," replied Uncle Josh, "that cause he knew the company had
is a purty neat rig—tho threo S's, ■ treated him nil right, just as they
'Speed, Safety und Style' is Gilford's j trout, everybody,
coat of arms, and best of all, tho| "Holt!" commanded Uncle Josh,
rates aro mighty reasonable." It Jas the party came in front of the
was In a stylish turnout indeed that Ladysmith Piinroincy. "Walk right
the rounds of tho city wore made. rin." Why, Uncle, we'ro not slcb,-
"No grass shall grow under our:and —" "Ouess I know that,"
foot," remarked Uncle Josh, "so laughed the old man, "hut I suspect
what's flrst on the programme?"jit wtm't lie long before this young
"Oh goodnoss knows thoro's lots to | man begins to take nn Interest in
buy," remarked Po|gr. "Then sup. I nailers of paregoric and—" "U-n-
pose wo buy lots' flrst," quoth Char- Jc-I-o!" "We'll go in anyway and
loy without turning a hnlr. "Well, cot acquainted, besides I want Pol-
I seo you've got a groat head for ly to have 0no of those Whito Sow-
business," laughed Undo Josh, "we]Ing machines which Jessup has' for
will Just stop at Mr. John Stewart's j snle. Sure enough, bofore leaving
real estate office. I can always do- j I ncle wns loaded down with combs,
IHsnd upon John for bargains in real■ brushes, face powders nnd several
estate, as lis never holds out false bottles of lino perluniei, "Don't for
lights to'Induce people to buy, butlget," added Uncle Josh, "to como
what ho tolls you about property, | hero with your proscriptions, ns Mr.
may be set down ns solid facts. J. Jessup is a competent pharmacist,
Stewart controls a large list of d»- j who uses none but puro and rellnble
sirahle residences   as well us   furmjdrugs."
properties, and his judgment on tho]   "str_t]go, now, Isn't it, how   ono
'good things' is par excellence."        ,,,,,„_ 8,1R|!Wt8     another?" observed
quitted himself ol the promise and
then directed Polly's attain a to
the superior stock of siKerware carried by the house. "There is no
T, other such house in town," said tho
' old man, "and I will guarantee the
quality the very best. Pick out 'your
family clock while here," he added.
"Noot carries a magnificent inc. Uo
not forget another fact," he continued, "if ever you unfortunately need
optical goods, this is the place to
get your eyos scientifically tested
and fitted free, and say, my boy, remember thnt Mr. Noot also is an
excellent doctor on sick watches."
At this point, somewhat to the
confusion of Charley, the old man
Indulged in a ball' serious criticism
of his personal appearance. "You
are decidedly olf style for a townsman," suid he, "and we'd better go
see Dan Matheson about some new
duds. It's an up-to-date place, and
Dnn understands tlie changing styles,
and is noted for good fits, and I'll
bet you'll look more 'Aha a newly
married man when you get togged
out in one of Dan's suits."
Charley found a large stock of
woullens to    choose from and     the
rices so reasonable that he left his
measure, and when his new suit was
Itnished, he looked so stylish in lt
his wife declared she would have fallen in love with him much sooner had
he only been getting his clothes made
hy Matheson, the popular tailor.
'So fur so good," sententiously remarked Undo Josh as thoy left the
tailor shop, "and one thing suggests another. To make this personal decoration business complete,
Charley, you'll also need a new hnt
and a few other men's urnishings.
Now close by is W. E. Morrison's
store. I know of no one who keeps
so large or complete a line of goods
—in styles that are correct. There
is no question about it, my boy,
Morrison is in a position to supply
the good dressers in more satisfactory stylos and prices than anybody
in town, and he's satisfied with a
moderate profit, too."
Calling nt tlie store, Charley invested in a complete outfit from .a
lato style hat down to socks, and lie
flocluri_ that "if a mnn couldn't get
satisfied at that store it'd l„ his own
Aftor this visit Undo Josh suggest
od a resort to some place of refresh
ment. At the refreshment table the
old man waxed philosophical. "Ne-
ier neglect your larder," said he.
"That important adjunct to housekeeping controls masculine temper.
To that end you must patronize a
grocer on whom you con dejiend for
honest goods. Through a long term
of yenrs I hnve found Blair & Adam
perfectly reliable. You will find
them a careful firm, always fully
stocked with overy possible thing Id
the line of staple and fancy grocer-
fresh and first class, no .shelf-
worn goods there, while the prices
nre down to brass tacks. To keep
Pence in thc family get all your groceries of Blair & Adam.
'Oh me! Oh my! ejaculated Polly
as they baited before a show window
whnt n    perfectly  lovely slipper."
Yes,"  said  Uncle    Josh,  "Cavin's
stock can't be equalled in Btvlo nnd
extent  in  this  section.  Go  in.  look
it over and got acquainted. Pick oUt
what you    want   unil    I'll foot the
bill." It might hnvo been polioy not
lo    hnve    extended   this invitation.
bad not   Uncle Josh  known     what
what wise economy it is to trade at
Cavin's shoe store,  for Pollv   found
goods nnd prices so seductive    that
she purchased nu outfit from n prct-
sllppor to n   handsome wafting
Charley Invested In Mont's fine
while Uncle Josh Indulged In
with rubbers for    the
(.'■.mucks Drawn tu Meet Beavers in
City League Game.
Thu Seattle game has heen called
oil for tho reason that the boys over
there cannot find a vacant enclosure
and a new date will have to be arranged; but, as yet it is not known
when the game will take place. Tho
seniors will therefore be back Sunday and a City League game will
*>Q played lh the afternoon, the teams
drawn being the Canucks and Beavers. Tho Canucks are a sore
bunch. The executive refused to recognize tho last game as a league
match, whereat some uf the Canuck
Stiffs who fancied tliey played a h6-
roic game are very wrath. Captain
.Jimmy is going to show them on
Sunday, Eno has gut his hair parted and thero will be things happening farther buck. The game should
not be missed. The kick-oil is lixed
for 2.30.
Mrs. F. Greaves and family take
this means of expressing their sin-
cerest thanks to all those who by
floral tributes and in other ways
showed their sympathy with them in
their great alTliction.
Th?re will be a special meeting of
Harmony Lodge No, 0, tonight, for
the purpose of conferring degrees.
I HEREBY give notlco that 1 intend to make application to the
Board of Licensing Commissioners of,
the City of Lndysmith, nt tholr
next regular meeting, for a transfer
of the rotnll liquor llcenso now hold
by me in respect to the Portland
Hotel, Ladysmith, from myself to
John Barclay nnd John Conlin.
Udjrtmlth, B. 0„ Sept. 9th, 08.
Accordingly Mr. Stewi.t accitn
panicd tho trio on their drive and
beforo returning had sold to Undo
Josh, for his wards, a coey cottage.
"Well, I reckon that cottage needs
a few improvements," sententlously
remarked Uncle Josh as they climbed into tho carriage. "iYou ought
to have a little portico on tho front
anyway, so I guess we'll striko right
out for the'Ladysmith Lumber Co..
they're the best dealers In that line.
They handle everything needed i„ thu
category of building material, from I in a perfect
Mho brick for the foundation to tlie wall ipapW.
Polly, aftor they toft the drugstore.
"What's on your mind now. Poll?"
nskod Uncle Josh. "Well, I was
just wondering If yqii happened to
know a good decorator, too?" sho
asked. "Well now, I reckon 1 do1
acknowledged Uncle Josh, "and when
I think of a decorator I think of
S. Roodding. Me has reduced home
adornment lo a Uioniitlful science —
why. bless you Roeddlng could make
nn ugly house look respectable and
not hnlf try. Prices mighty renson-
ahle, too." Polly was soon revelling
slyslum of beautiful
Mr. Roeddlng wns sub-
shingles for thc roof, including doors,, s©<|Uontly contracted with tn do  the
windows and moulding.    Mr. Wilson, decorating,    and thnt artist    soon
is most pleasant to deal with,   and J turnod her home into "a   thing     of
ho don't want all the money a  fel- boairty and n  Joy forever."
low's got oithor." "loot's see. I  promised you n   gold
Uncle Josh made investigations as watch, didn't I?" queried Uncle
to the prico of materials and found -Josh of Polly, "and P. O. Nool ls
thnt the Ladysmith Lumber Com-' tho mnn to give tis the worth of our
pnny was selling stuff so reasonable money." Entering lhe popular Jew-
he concluded    to let go lhe cottage I elry store the oM man gallantly ac-
n stout boot.
crowd, No one needing footwear can
resist tno stylos and prices offered bv
"Oh say. Uncle," exclaimed Tolly.
where nm I go for dry goods? This
droffl is hardly suitable I must admit." "Well, my girl, it you want
to soleot from one of the most pop*
ulnr establishments in tho oity. T
will direct you to Walters & Alien
head, who entry a stock of drygoods
that for variety and real value is
seldom seen otitsidn the largest me-
tropolitnu cities. Thoy have nil tho
latest weaves in fashionable dross
gotids and you are suro to Im* guided
right in your selections. You will
find Walters ». Akenhead pleasant to
deal with and their employees polite
and expert, while the prices cannot,
Ih- duplicated." It did not take Polly
long to tell a bargain when she saw-
one. She got a handomp dress, with
all necessary trimmings, ami several
other articles of "fantastic disarray" so dear to the heart, of every
While Uncle Josh "Was pondering
where to go next. Polly suddenly ask
ed: "Uncle where ran T find the leading millinery establishment?" "Just
n few doors farther down," remarked Undo Josh, "and wo will visit
Simon Lolsor & Co.. who hy the Way
have on hnnd one of the rompletest
stocks of millinery in the city. You
enn get what you want there, tho
latest styles and lowest prices being
their motto, Miss Douglas' good
taste end experience guarantees that
whon you hove purchased of Simon
Leiser fy Co. you hnve the thing according to fashion and n satisfaction
that your work hns been done Ivy a
competent artist." Tn n few minutes
thero never was a happier girl than
'Polly, for she got. n "perfect dronim"
of n hat end the bill didn't scare
Uncle Josh, either.'
"Yes, and T must hnve some stationery, Uncle Josh," nttoth Polly,
"and—" "Yos, nnd a Rlble with a
reasonably big fnmlly register," in
terrupted the old man," so we'll go
to J. A. Knights' book store. You'll
find many articles indispensible for
the parlor as well as the library
thero, and as for variety,, Knight
has an unequalled stock." So here
Polly's purchases Included miscellaneous books, fancy stationery, an F.di
son phonograph nnd nil the latest
agonies, hric-n-brnc of all manner
for the centre table, and finding an
, Immense assortment of magazines,
periodicals, and newspapers, sho subscribed for everything in sight. Polly
remarked to the generous old uncle,
"Why, I don't know when to quit
buying. Everything I find hero nt
Knights' just strikes my fancy and
is so cheap."
"Yum. yum," laughingly escaped
Polly's rosebud lips, as she glanced
into W. F. Carter's attractive confectionery store. "Uncle Josh, you
know I've go! ti sweet tooth. and
those home made candies look sc
nice 1 just can't resist the temptation to go in." Charley hero objected, 'cause he knew if Polly got into
q confectionery store once, there's
whoro she'd Ukely want to siay. IU
relented, however, when Uncle .losl-
said, ice cream my buy. "Carter's
ice cream is famous". So they went
in and o.fter regaling themselves the
girl loaded up on chocolates and bor
bons enough to moke every tooth
in the country ache, Polly was r
splendid judge of sweetmeats, nnr'
she indulged In a profuse eoinplimonl
to whnt she found at W. F. Carter's
"Well, great smoke, Charley, when
in the name of creation did you goi
thnt rope? That's about the wors'*
snipe that ever came in contact will
my olfactory nerve," laughinly re
marked Uncle Josh, "Step in hen
ami get one of Percy Winch's Cram
Duke's right from the factory shell
and then you'll have n gentleman'?
smoke. Winch has struck a smoking
BonamAi. Why he can't turn 'em out
quick enough, nnd you'll know the
reason before you get through with
that one. The Orand Duke is the
smokers' delight." Charley was so
well pleased with the cignr Uncle
Josh treated him to that he bought
a whole box nnd advised his wife
to rememl>er the brand when sho goi
his next birthday present,
"Law Bakes!" suddenly exclainief'
Uncle Josh, "all this trading 'roum
town has caused me to forget an
other one or two of the greatest es
sent in Is tn future existence. Newl>
married folks can't live on love am
scenery nny more than anybody els<
—but your table would look slin
without bread; it's the 'stafT of life'
you know, Dolly must make tho nc
quatntanco of Hap Leo, of the petdy
Smith Dakery Co.; their bread, pie;
and cakes and nicknnrks nre conced
ed by all to be the finest on enrth
Remember Charley, there is no usi
of your 'ootsy tootsv' bothering hei
self much about baking, so long at
there ts n good baker in town like
this of Lee's. They made that ele
gnnt enke T stMit to your weddin'."
Yes, and everybody said it wns just
lovely."  eagerly responded  Polly.
Yes. and while we are at this important topic of gastronomies," continued Uncle Josh, "we must not
forget meat. It goes hand in hand
with bread. Now the next thing is
to locate n good market where you
con get fresh wholesome meats, poultry, etc.. ol all times, nnd according
to my notion .1. A. Ryan is the only
man to supply you. This is tlie boss
meat market in the cltv nnd is popu
lar with everybody who is particu
lar to hnve the best. The reason for
this is nil because Ryan is very care
fal in the selection of stock, gets
the best of everything nnd keeps it
fresh on cold storage. To keep youf
'hubby' in a good hnifior. Polly,
trade at Ryan's market every
time." Cood advice.
En route to their home the parly
called at the Standard olTice. "You'll
want the news anyway," remarked
Uncle Josh, "and as this if the favorite paper here Ull subscribe."
Upon summing up the wonderful
events of the day Polly began to
volubly express her thanks. "You
have bought us everything," she exclaimed.
"Only one thing," replied Uncle
Josh, reflectively, "but T can romodv
Unit at Peterson's. Charles Peterson
the furniture man nlways hits n nice
lino of them and you. enn get one
whenever you want It; I'll pny for
tho best."
''W-h-y.'' oxcln imed Poliy with
groat surprise, "UncJc. what can It
"Well, It's a baby carriage, and—"
But Polly had fainted.
Magistrates Matheson and Nicholson
Have   l.uug Hearing in
■ Housebreaking Caae.
___iatrntos Matheson and Nicholson had a long and weary case to
hear last night when Mr. Pepo, an
Italian, was charged with lire-king
into the house ol a Chinaman and
stealing $15.10. Moet of., the evidenco wus given through aa inter-
lirotor which is not only a slof* but
a very unsatisfactory method. For
example, if in the cross-examination%
■f an Oriental witness who ls ob-
\iuusly of the very lowest grade of
intelligence, u lawyer puta a question which might conceivably deceive or puzzle an Englishman of
average intelligence, what is going
to huppen in the case of the Oriental who has the question put to him
through the medium of an interpre- I
tor. There is sure to he confusion <
in the answer if not violent contradiction.
Mr. Dave Stephenson, of Nanaimo,
had charge of the caso for the crown.
He produced evidence to show that
the Italian was seen in the Chinaman's cabin, was seen to veava it,
and to go up towards the sraeltor.
The Chinaman who lives in tha ca-
ilii und who alleges his money waa
stolen, was coming down from tha
smelter at the time the first witnesses swear thc Italian was going
up to it. The Chinaman, in passing
the blacksmith's shop meets a man
who looked ullee same as prisoner,
Unally, Mr. Robt. McLay saw accused crawl through tho barbed wire
leuce on the town side of the K. &
N. railway . 1 'risoner was in a rare
old hurry, lie fell twice, but jumped to his feet and raced away, eventually seeking cover in the bush behind the Portland house. Aa ha
passed Mr. McLay, In anawer to witness' question as to what waa the
mutter, prisoner replied hs had baas
scrapping with a Chink. Mr. Mo-
Lay, however, did not see any one
chasing liim.
Constable Stcj hensun produced a
two-piece suit in court which was
swuin lo as belonging to Pepo, tuns being the suit he waa wearing
when he lcit I'.recliin to coma to Ladysmith. Mr. McLay said it waa
very like the suit the man wua'wear
ing when he saw him loafing about
the smelter and crawling through the
Mr. V. D. Harrison appeared for
the prisoner und endeavored to prove
a kind of conspiracy between tha
Chinaman who alleges he waa robbed anil the two Japanese witnesses.
However he wus unable to pursue
satisfactorily his line of cross-examination owing to difficulties with the
iuterpreter and the obviously low
grade of intelligence of the witness.
After displaying exemplary patience in their hearing of the case,
I ho magistrates decidod to send Fepo
up for trial.
The local bo.va play their ilrst league mutch of the season today when
tliey meet the pick of Victoria. Foe
the discomfiture of those croaiera in
town who are already whining and
weeping over the fallen fortunea of
the team it is to be hoped that tha
boys will pull the game off. It la
true that their shape haa never oean
up to what ia expected of them, or
lu what tbey are capable of, and
iliere are quite a few of their supporters w'ho have taken the results
of tho two "frieiullles" with Nniial-
ino altogether too much to heart.
There was nothing much at stake,
and nothing very much in the play
uf thc two teams. Since then some
nf tho players have improved'individually, and are In much better
shape, than they wero at the time
of the games w th Nanaimo. As a
combination they have never 'been
tried out, nnd it ls poor encouragement to any eleven to write them
down ns beaten hefore they step into the field.
loday's game will probably be
hard enough, but the home boys
should annex the points. At least
they are going down to do thslr
best, and nothing more can ba ex-
pectod of any eleven. The line-up ll
as follows:
Hacks—Christian and Struthers.
Halves — Grainger, Strang and
Forwards— McMillan, Graham, A-
dam, Worburton, Sanderson.
Resorves— O'Connell and ProWna.
The Viotoria toam Is:
Ooal— Peden.
Hacks- Cbirkson and Johnston.     i
Halves—Pstticrstv, O'Connor aad
Forwards — lltixton, Brlghtma-,
Plumley Sherratt aad O'KaU.
Mr. Basks of    Seattle, iwUl :
tha game. CONSULT ME
II You Require Any
Or if You Require Any
Or If You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell Ons;   or If You   Wast
-etery PsMs,
smith   Standard
Published on Wednesdays ana -««sr-
-aya Aftei noons by the
ltubt. H. Hindmarch,
One Vsar  ll.»0
t&i  Sionths      75
Advertising  ltatoa  on Application.
There is no question which   it   ia
more dlllicult to discuss without _iv-
ing offence than that of the observance of    the Sabbath.     Of    course,
this does not apply to people of unimpeachable orthodoxy, but to those
who are not    disposed to bow    the
knee to prevailing sentiment.     Even
then the question may well be asked
who Is going to settle or determine
the standard of orthodoxy?     Ortho
doxy,    said Sydney   Smith, la,   my
doxy, and we are very much afraid
that we have not travelled very far
from the position laid down in thla
biting epigtram.     What we think   ia
naturally right, and any difference of
opinion    spells heresy.     More even,
that we are only too prone to
peal to tho power of the law or   of
the bloody force of arms to compel
the    other   people, or    aa we label
them, the heretics, to walk in    the
path we have marked out for them,
towards    the fold   we have selected
for them.
Now lt ought to lie. possible to
pass a few remarks upon tha question without setting them by the
and at least we are foolish en-
ough to try it.    We do not propose
to discuss the question historically,
to declare whether the Sabbath    of
the    Jews    or   the Sunday of tbe
Christians   Is the Lord's Day.     All
we purpose doing is to casually consider first the interference    of    the
Council with the amusements of the
people, and second the principle
obtaining a  hollow observance
the Sabbath by    the power ol
law.       The principal object oi
By-law, as we have been able to un-
dsrstand it, ls to protect ths physical and moral welfare of certaii boys
in tlio town.     Some of the aklerman
stnted that certain parents had come
to them and complained that    they
eould not get their boys home    at
nights.     What the parents were
able to do, the Council, with a parental    solicitude,    altogether    commendable, is only too willing to undertake.     Now we submit that what
a  parent cannot tin for his hoy, rio
City Council can over hops to    do.
Further than that, It is none of Its
business to try to do.     Thess same
complaints   were mode before    ever
there wes a  billiard room or bowling alley In   town.     If both places
ware closed down tomorrow, the self
same complaints would lie heard.
Then thoro are the adults who frequent these places.     Ws do not all
think- alike as to what Is the   propor hour to retire for the night, and
take notice that,    away from    am-
' usement,    no one,
would ever think
ff all    tha    work of the world
done at    nights
stupid, lUMftUsCL 'of provision plaasa
a grave stigma upon _• character
of Unite plates ot amn—msnW -on*
of Uie alueruu- have aver mum inside
of Ui_fi, and what, ui tha light wi
tn,a clause, is tw be tawm as their
concsution uf theuiv Tit—i agwi-
who is tu tali .whether a buy is over
ur under sixteen yeara uf age? Has
every ooy ia luwu to pai_ a birth
certificate around with him? Anu
where is tne big boy of 14 or lu
going tu spend his evsuliigs? —at the
alderman reply. To conclude with
this point. lias the Council the
moral , right to put through such
drastic piece of legislation without
nrst ascertaining the wishes of the
people, .whom it is representing' Admittedly there ore bigger evils In the
town, and ia the present case it
is questionable whether silence can'
be taken as consent, or whether the
Council has any justification at alt
for rushing intu legislation affecting
so many of the citizens.
The second point was that of compelling    a   certain observance uf ths
Subbath    by     ths power of the law.
Frankly it must bs confessed    that
the method of compulsion has asver
succeeded with jtnglisg speaking people.       Catholics   and    Protestants
have each tried    to compel orthodox
uniformity by every conceivable   device ol law,     by tbe cruellest persecution,    even    by    torture end the
stake.     Before the    Puritan revolution an English king enaotod    that
the Sunday should ba observed    by
the   playing of certain games under
threat   of certain    penalties.      The
Puritans    of    course, swung to ths
other extreme, and much of what Is
regarded as traditionally English in
the present day observanre of    the
Sabbath is a  lingering relit of the
dark and sombre    conception    they
set up of tht "day of rest," ordained by scripture.     It seams that tha
ideas and    the observances of    tha
Sabbath are changing) all the lime.
Even in our own life wo can remember when    a  whistle was promptly,
and even harshly    hushed, when    a
[marble or a  top waa unmentionable,
and when a secular newspaper    was
an anathema.     That is     only     25
years ago, and no one can deny the
change that has taken place in that
time.    It moy be genorally predicated that the wrong of today is    the
right of tomorrow, and at least all
history demonstrates that conversion
and conformity obtained either     by
the power of the law or the point of
tho bayonet are a  curse rattier than
The ultimata point   0f
the whole argument is what is right
and what is fair to alt?    Surely the
rational    view is   that there Is no
more   Justification in compelling    a
subject by the power or tha law, to
play   certain    games on a   Sunday,
than in forcing him to attend church
by the same means.    The church, ss
church, has no more right to spe-
privileges than any other insti-
|o Imp thslr _-*_>, u___««a-, social
stocl-ms, etc., in good repair. More
,_ipurtwt repairs and other work* is
p_td fur extra according tu tetuaate.
Aiioa -tu-um s idea ls undoubtedly
clever and a blessing tu all bachelor man aad wuiueu, but it will
scarcely meat with the approval of
president riooaevelt. it is really
antagonistic tu his views on matrimony and race suicide, at lt makes
buchelurhood easier and mure free
irom cures than ever,
1   ' t     ''
it is pruuauly premature to spec—
of uut days uf the horse Being uuuut-
ta, as the price of automobiles and
utner    horseless contrivances is etui
great deal nigner than that oi
horse flesh; but it seems quits liieij.
hat the uuys of horse racing are
un the wane. There are many iudi
cations tu that etiect. What killed
nurse racing'/ several causes couu-i
buted to the decline oi that sport,
whicu has been in luvor for muny
centuries. Crookedness among tne
professional horsemen, trainers, juc
aeys, etc., had a great deal to do
with ths decline of horse racing. Thf
abuses of the belting ring has also
brought discredit upon ths sport au.l
finally led to an attempt to sup
press tha gambling feature of racing.
But, with the gambling features ellin
mated, horse racing ceased to bs oi
interest to so large a percentage of
tht race track patrons, that the attendance at races has dwindled to
the point of making racing unprofitable to the track owners aa well as
the horse owners. This year's Futurity was witnessed by only ten
thousand people, while in former
ysars, before the betting ring was
abolished, it used to draw from thills to forty thousand.
in the beautifully framed and exquisitely painted likeness of Evols*n at
the sheriff's sale.
Parents will be interested in the
fact that a new use has been found
for babies. The baby boy of a
family living In one of the suburban
villages on the Jersey side has demonstrated the fact that babies make
excellent burglar alarms. The othor
night a naughty burglar entered the
house where the aforesaid masculine
infant eats and sleeps and y
while father works. It was In the
middle of the night, when the boy
was awakened by the amateur burglar. Upon awakening the boy began at once to set up such a howl
for his midnight lunch, that the bur
glar fled In consternation, before he
had finished his Job. In addition to
that he ran right into the amis of
a policeman and was "pinched."
And all that because the youngster
made such a   One burglar alarm.
Vancouver, 11. C, Sept. :
ace Wright, manager of the
Cannery of Steveston, ami 1
ei'-in-law. Qeprge Mino, u. r
ed yesterday in astorni oil
Gulf of Georgia. Their o
boat and net were found  Ibis
•I -ll'or-
.li     lix
I      th-
i drown?
the gulf
tutlon.    The true churchman ie  the
first to admit this.    His appeal Ilea
in his message and hia strength    in
the belief that it will prevail. After
all if spiritual progress is only to be
obtained by the use of similar powers    the world's next state will    be
"'Iworse than Its present one, and    it
0 'ought never to be lost sight of that
the invocation of the law ls a  device which worka both ways.
((Deer Happening- In
A Big City
It has become quite common in recent years to use race tracks, ordinarily intended for horse racing, for
spaed tests and races of automobiles.
Now another use has been found for
such courses. The old Morris Park
raoa course, the historic scene of
many a fumoue race, is the first to
capitulate to ultra-modernism. It hBs
bsen leased by the Aeronautical Society and will be used as the club
rite aad testing grounds of the society. Where onco the thorough
breds struggled for victory, monoplanes and helicopters will spin and.
soar and, occasionally tumble, In the
future. Some of the old quarters
have already been turned into car-
plater and machine shops, where air
erufts of all sorts of design may bs
I ut together. Out on tha field are
(wo structures from which single
rails are laid across tbe turf. This
apparatus la to give a flying start
to ambitious experimenters. Ths
tlub houss has been converted Into
tht home of the Aeronautical Society and Its walla ars covered with
photographs of air ships and dirlgi
Me balloons.
28 Charges of Obtaining Money Under False Prctoncos,    Laid
Against Supt. of B.  0.
Electric liy.
(Special lu ITec Press.)
Vancouvor, D. C, Sept. 24,—Twenty-three charges of obtaining money
under false protonces were laid this
morning against James Milne, Gcn-
jral Supt. of the 1.1. C. Electric Ry.',
who was placed under arrest yesterday afternoon. Tho total amount of
the charges is eleven hundred dollars extending over hist year up to
the first of September. Charges run
from forty to seventy dollnrs per
month in each case, allegation being
thnt Milne padded the pay-roll of
the company to pay workmen ongag-
id in constructing a fine new res.
lenco for himself nt Kitilano. Milne
is held on twenty thousand bnil ant1
no bondsmen have yet been secured
Hugh F. Marriott,   Mining Engineer
Explains    Bow Capital Regards Mining propositions.
but both bodies hnye Uisupponr-
Wright   leaves  a   wife  anil   throe
.voting children'.
New York, Sept. 2t.—President
Pulliam announced that the tie g.uno
of yesterday would not be played off
today. It is understood that uiulei
the rules the.game ennnot be played
off after today. Police Commissioner Bingham today ordered a police
commissioner and 100 policemen on
duty at the grounds to provent a
repetition of the disorder of ;, i'Bl._r-
tSteel       Range
One way produces evenly broiled meat and
evenly toasted bread without taxing the
patience of the housewife. This way is represented by "Sask-alta" Range. The reason:
"Sask-alta" Range has an Automatic Lift Top
(Patented) in addition to regular
Broiler Door; and this team works
for the operator instead of making
nor no Council,
of Interfering, not
It follows therefore, that In the zeal to protect tha
boys, the Council has driven sheer
through the llbcrtli
Jas of the adult.
Thit is as bad as It Is silly to prohibit beys under ths age of sixteen
to enter a billiard room or howling alley.     In ths first place such a
NEW YORK, Sapt. 23.-Heureksl
the one thing lacking to make bachelorhood en ideal state hu been supplied at last, and bachelors, at least
in greater New York, will never a-
gain yield to the pressure of missing
buttons, ripped seams in thsir underwear and holes ia their socks, lo sacrifice thsir single blessedness and
become married, simply to have their
wife look after the annoying little
detuila of their wardrobe. It took
a Chicago woman to solve the problem and remove tha last obstaole to
successful bachelorhood. Miss Ger
trude llarnum, President of the Women's League of Chicago, and a well-
known settlement worker, conceived
the idea and carried It Into practical
execution in thit elty. Ska first
established tha "Ship-Shape Shop,''
in an experimental way la connection with the Hartley Settlement
House on West Forty-Sixth street,
and ao great was ita success, that, a
larger houae had to bt Iound for 'ht
establishment on West Forty-Seventh,
* Billiard, and Pool ^
Bflst Liquor** and Cigars.
"Wardrobe repairs far b___lora
and maids, business and professional
women, husbands of absentee wives,
tired mothers, hotel guests, etc., Is
the legend on the sign displayed oa
the door of tho establishment, which
is conducted undar ths direction of
Miss Barnuffi. It Is an excellent institution, which gtvea employ mint
I to p number of young woman aad
will undoubtedly furnish work and a
lair income to many mors, aa ths
enterprise   prospers.      Ths    "Ship
The schools of (1 water New York
are now in full running order, and
dally shout 640,000 children go to
thtlr respective schools to ImHbe
knowledge of things necessary and
superfluous. ■ It Is a disgraceful
fact that fully r,2,000 children wlll
be unable to flnd proper accommodation and will be compelled to attend school but part of tha day.
Some old-fashioned critics say that
ft would le much better to use the
money supplied hy the taxpayers fnr
the building t' additional school-
houses then to waste It on fads that
lienefit only a few special teachers,
nnd are of no earthly use to the children. But, the fads have many
friends In tht Board of Education,
and their ambition to keep New York
at the head of the procession must
hs gratified.
With a few exceptions the opium
dens In the Chinese quarter of the
city have besn suppressed hy the polios. Now lt has been discovered
that the atrict laws against the sale
and uss of cocaine have been skillfully evaded hy the fraternity of
"dona Mends", and that they had a
number nf places scattered through
Out ths city, where they could ob
tain their favorite drug and give
themselves up to tha delightful ef
facta of tha "dope" without (ear ot
police Interference. One of these
cocaine dens was pulled tha other
day aad a number of cocaine users
sad tht keepers of the place wore
arrested. The arrests were made on
a Saturday and the prisoners were
kept Id the look-up over Sunday. By
afonday morning their nerves were
In auch a condition from the unaccustomed abstinence from the drug,
that small doses of cocaine had to
lis administered to tha drug victims
to enable them to appear in court.
Hugh F. Marriott, head of the min-
ng department of the world famous
mining) firm of Wcrnhier, Beit _ Co.,
a one of the guests of the Canadian
Institute of Mining Engineers, and
t is his lirst visit to Canada.
Interviewed at Victoria yesterday
■m a question that will interest all
prospectors, he said among other
"If a man finds a promising! claim
ind cannot afford to develop it himself, he should form a small syndicate among his friends and do enough work to demonstrate what he
has got. If he does this and the
work ia done properly, capital will
consider it, and he may get a good
price for it, but not otherwise. Capitalists will' not bother prospects,
they have too many other better
things put before them. What is
needed is plenty of work. Nowadays more of the old-time prospectors ore wanted who were not afraid
putting plenty of muscle into
claims. A man will never get a
larger sum for merely running across
a promising looking ledge. In fact,
the capitalist will not look at such
proposition at all. The more
work he does, and.the more ore he
bluets out, the more likely he Is to
sell his claim, and tho more monoy
he will gst for it. This may sound
obvious, but nowadays too many
rarlook this and expect the moneyed mun to take all the chances. He
won't do it. Others, again, merely
try to make their money out of the
stock market, but of courso, that is
not inininp.
"What you need is population to
find nnd opon up your mines, When
this Is done there wlll be no dilllcul
ty about getting the capital t
place the mines on n properly producing basis."
Manila, Sept.. 21.—Tho epido-
tnic of cholera continues to
abate. The daily average of
new cases discovered or reported is .'10. .Tosepliinu Hnll, c;n
American infant attacked several days airo, died todny.
Chicago, Tuesday, Sept. 22.—For
the first time since the appearance
of Upton Sinclair's pnekihg house
jxposo, TTho Jungle," tho British
government todny contracted for an
order of American ment, closing a
—attract with Tjibby, McNeil & Libli*
(lackers for 6,000,000 pounds ni
fresh beef. According to the contract
.vhich was made through Thomas
Ersklne, .British Consul ut Chicago,
tho price to be paid for tho consignment of meat is $500,000.
Erskino required tho
of bids fur Severn I nnllii
canned meats for the Brill;
The packers are pleased ovor tho or
dors and predict a big incroaso iu tho
export trade.
pounds ni
MANI1-.A, Sopt. 2'l.—A typhoon of
terrific velocity swept over the central portion of the Philippine group,
sweeping port of the island of Same r, Northern Loyte, Southeastern
Luzon, Northern Pnnay, Mnsbnt und
part of Rcinlilon.
The typhoon disappeared in the
China soa, moving in a direction
west by northwest.
Wires are prostrated and available
details of (lie damage dono are meagre. It is evident, however, thut
serious disaster followed in the wake
of the sudden storm. A telograin
from a fown in Mnsbnt reports that
every building in the place wns raz-
d with the single exception of the
postal building.
A despatch received from Remiblon
Buys that tho typhoon caused n
ii'reat loss of property und that undoubtedly many persons have been
The "Sask-alta" Way
Another way produces
unevenly broiled meat and
unevenly toasted bread
and taxes the patience of
the housewife. This way
is represented by most
Ranges. The reason:
Some Ranges have "only"
a Broiler Door, others have
a contrivance like that
illustrated in top small
drawing; both of which enjoy the distinction
of tiring the arm that holds the broiler and
tiring the eye that directs the arm.
London, Toronto, Montreal, WmnlpetWancouver, StJehn, It antHten, Calgary
Ladysmith Hardware Co.
Another Woy
speed j
vera! half    tho distance at a
of about 112 miles nn hour.
This contest will probably be the
Inst to bo run on the public highways In (.'rent Britain as opposition
nn tho'pnrt of the general public is
most pronounced.
Excellent Boarding
The following oxorpt from the B.
C. Gazette on cock pheasant shooting will be interesting:
"And whereas His Honour the
Lieutenant Governor in Council, by
Order in Council dated the second
day of September, 11)08, hns ordered
that the disabilities as to the shooting of Cock Pheasants bo removed
with respect to the Saanlch, Escpii-
malt, Cowichan and islands Electoral Districts, from the first day of
October, 11108. to tlio first day of
lanuary, 1900, both days inclusive.
Evelyn Thaw, of unsavory hi
tory, seems to have reached the end
of her string). Her portrait, paint-
ad by Harrington Mann In Paris
is years ago at the order of Mr.
Stanford White, hu bean seized by
tha sheriff for non-payment of % military bill of 1308 contracted by tha
gay ax-home girl, and tho_>    who
Shape Shop" makes cootracta at It have aot yet been cured of their hys-
a month with bachelors, old maids, terloal admiration for tbat woman
profaa-aaal    men and won_n, tto., will sooa havs an opportunity to bid
OTTAWA, Sapt. ■M.-The ohiel feature of this morning's session of the
genernl Synod of the Anglican church
In Canada was the reception of delegates from American churches. Archbishop Matheson, of Rupcrtaland,
welcomed tho delegation which consisted of Rev. Dr. Edscoll, Bishop of
Minnesota, Rev, Dr. AllsoP, Brooklyn, Barton Manslleld, Connecticut,
and _. 0. Gibson, Vermont. They
expressed sympathy and friendship
of the United States church with the
Canadian church.
The Synod adopted a motion to
send a message of greeting to the
slater synod, now In session in Now
Dean Farthlnp presented a minor,
ity report of the committee on temperance. It disagreed with the recommendation that ban be under government control and urged that intoxicants be sold In sealed. packages.
All sales should be under strict government control, and all bars and
public drinking places should be
Ur. Walter Taylor, delegate from
Vancouver, received word of the sudden death of his wife at Toronto.
Ths sympathy of the synod was extended to him and also to Judge
Ma-Donald of Brockville, whose wife
died lately.
With respect to tho Comox Electoral District, from the loth dav of
Octobor, 1908, to the 31st day of
December, 1908, both days inclusive.
'With respect to thc Nnnalmo and
Newcastle Electoral Districts, from
tho loth day of Octobor. 1908. to
tho 15th dny of December, 1908
both days Inclusive.
"With respect to (lint part of the
Province west of tho Cascade range
known ns the lower portion of the
mainland, within the Richmond,
Dewflncy. Delta nnd Chilliwnck Electoral Districts, from the 15th dny
of October. 1908. to the 15th day
of December, 1908, both days Inclusive.
"It is hereby ordered anil doolurod
that It shall ho lawful to shoot [:■ ck
pheasants within tho periods and
limits hereinbefore cited."
I LONDON, Sept. 2<t.-Oapt. Watt
and crow of the schooner Grenade,
which was abandoned in mifl-Atlon-
tic on Aug. 20, arrived hore yesterday from Rotterduy where thoy wore
landed by the Str. Manchester Spln-
nor, wbich rescued them.
Tho Grenade snlled from Campbell-
ton, N.B., bound for New York. She
ran into a gale and was overcome
by the heavy seas, settling so deep
that the crew had to seek refuge in
the top of her deck house. They existed there for four days without
food or wnter, and had to lash
themsolves to the vessel to prevent
being washed away.
Ottawa, Sept. 24.-H. 0, HMllwell
Of Edmonton, has been electw 8u-
W*n» Tyiar of the Ontar of Etta.
New York, N. Y., Sopt. 31.—A
thrilling story of shipwreck was
brought to this port yesterday by
tho crew of the Norwegian slcamor
Yuiiniiii'i which wont to plecos bo-
iienth the feet of her sailors olT Castle Island, one of tho Bahama group
in the recent hurricane, Tho mon after terrible sufferings were rescued by
a volunteer crow from tlio Pi'lnsi
Willcin 1. of tho Royal Dutch mall
line. Tho rescue party in charge of
chiof officer Wngeniakor, of tho
Prin/. Willom, rowed through a boiling surf in a bfokon boat and
brought all tbo shipwrecked men in
safely from tiro barren shores upon
which the Yumurl had stranded. On
arrival of tho Prims Willon I. at this
port, yostorday one of tho rescued
sailors was sent to tho marine hospitnl on Striitcn Island whore he
will probably die. Tho skipper of tho
wrecked Hont Is still suffering from
the pounding ho received lit being
washed ashore ovor the rocks.
"Many of the snllors have been under the doctors euro sinco they woro
rescued. Tho weathor was Kir whon
tho Yiimiirni loft Port Antonio, on
Sopt. 10 bound for Baltimore with
a cargo of fruit, At noon on Sopt.
Uth tho ship was 85 mllos oast of
Castlo Island and by that time It
wns blowing so hard tho crow had to
batten the hntches. The wind at
midnight turnod wost and wo wore
unable to steer tlio ship with any
exactness," said Capt. Endebroson.
Wo ran nt hnlf speed astofn for
two hours us T was afraid wo would
bo driven on tho rocks off Castle Islund. Tlio seas constantly camo on
board and (ho hold became flllod
with water.
Barclay & Conlin.
Halifax, N. S., Sopt. 2<1.—This
morning's session of tho Dominion
Trades and Labor Congress was
takon up with thc discussion of organizers' reports nnd tho ILemiibnix
Act. The latter come up In tho form
of a resolution for Its repenl. Solicitor for Donoghuo, vvngo officer, spoke
favorably of the net but said amend
monts might be dcsirnblo. Discussion
still on nt adjournment.
DOUGLAS, Isle ol Man, Sept, ?I.
—The auto race arranged undor tho
auspices of the Royal Auto Club wns
started hero this morning. The course
is 374 miles long, exceedingly dnu-
gerotis and tricky, and serious incidents are feared.
Thirty-five cars got away at Intervals of half a minute. Ambulances wore stationed one mile apart        	
over the entire course whloh Is to bo' Montreal, Sept. 24.—August Cnnr-
covered nine times, giving a total est, railroad foreman.Vwho stole be-
dlstonce of 8871 miles. tvvocn $1,400 aiid $1,»00 from    the
Pour minor mishaps marked    the corporation of Montreal •* P^1"]*, j^, &bA WorKa bepartmentT
early stages of    the contest, but no of rolls,     was sentenced today    to,V)rfnr,„  „  „   ,„,,. a—t.-.*.-
Oyster East School.
SEALED TENDERS,  superscribed
•Tender for School-houso," will be
received by tho Honourable tho Chief
Commissioner up to 4 p.m., of Friday, tho 2nd Octobor, 1908, for the
erection nnd completion of a (mall
one-room framo School-houso at Oyster East, Newcastle Electoral District.
Plans, specifications, contract and
forms of tender may be seen on and
aftor the 28rd day of Septemfts,
1908, at the office of tho Govornmont agent, Nnnalmo, and at the
Lands and Works Department, Viotoria, B. O.
Each proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque or
certificate of deposit on a charterod
bank of Oannda, made payable to
tho Honourable tho Chief Commissioner, for a sum equivalent to ten
por cent, of the amount of the ton-
dor, which ahull bo forfeited If the
party tendering decline to enter Into contrnct when called upon to do
so, or If ho fall to complete the
work contracted for. The cheques or
certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to
thom upon the execution of the contract.
Tenders will not tie considered unless mado out on the forms supplied
signed with tho actual signature of
the tondoror, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily nccopted.
■F. tj. GAlKBtiB,
Publk Works Engineer.
 ' "   "'   *•,**•*,       tvnm  wauv-mi—i   tvumy        "f,Vf«f««l«    -n    n     t-.t   «   ____      ,J—,
driver was Injured.    The leaders co- three years In tha psnltenttary. V)Ctor,a' B\ °" "*■*»"**. '*•• ' us
cowards All
Says The
Captain of " Star of Bengal'
Denounoes the Boat Crews
As Cowards For
In reference to ths wreck of
Liberals Adopt
Another Plank
From Borden
Free rural mall delivery. A plank
cut out of the Halifax platform. Nono
can say that rural mail delivery is
a' bad thing, lt may bu expensive,
but it brings an accession of revenue
and perhaps ln well settled districts
in—de bo made to pay for itself—in
timo. It Is to be the policy of Mr.
Lemieux, who .several times on the
floor of tho Houso has said that it
would cost too much! Of course,
however, it will not cost anything
^ during the present campaign, so
• probably tho country can stand .it.
schooner Star of Bengal on Sunday if we „,.„ t„ |u(|g„ by tno wuy otnol.
last     notice of waioh appeared    in' promises of tho Laurier Govornmont
have beon curried out. it may    not
.Wednesday's  paper, a despatcn    to cost ao v,,,.y |nuon ir th0 adminlstra-
ths Vancouver World says: Ition.gots another lease of power.
"I'll send those tug boat captains    Previous to 1806 the Spate   was
„    "t   a,   . a, . .• —...a to ho roformeil by the Liberals. Since
to San Quentin for cowardice,   gnaPi ^^ tha fu„ g]ol>y ()( th0 Somito ,ms
ed Capt. Wagner as he was brought shone upon tho party loaders with
ashore, unable to alt up and with such brilliant effulgence that they
voice sunk to a hoarse whisper. The 'ust hat<"1 *■" l™t.lt °ut' Bof*>ro ls0fi
captain of tha wrecked bark cursed
the masters of the Battle Gage and
Hayak for cowards, who stood by
and saw human beings perish ty ths
score when thsy could have saved
every one of them.
Sobbing like   a baby,   tht hurley
captain of ths Bengal told of    how
thoro was to bo tho most rigid econ
omy in the administration of tho national finances. Sinco 1806 the unimportant detail of government has
beon entirely overlooked in the hurry
of compiling putrnnngo lists and
looking after other party business.
It would not bo unreasonable to conclude that, although wo nyay havo
free rural mail dolivory before October,  1908, we may not be so    cor
bie vessel was allowed to drift    on tain of having it after, if the Liber
the rocks, while those tugs stood by am are In powor, unless somo pnrty
n.tthn..t _„i,in- .... nn-.. On .—..,. frionds   want to drive the   wagons.
without making any ellort to taenia Tho outsid„ ___vlc_ ,t ,g relnombBer(K,
her, until ahe broke Into three pie- -„ BUn outside the Civil Servico Act.
ess. I   Thero Is humor in politics. But per
"Thay cut loose from ua and ram "aftDB the most humorous incident in
ui- tt,. ■„,„., th... .—. ..a _» the politics of this country is the
Hks ths   cowards they are, and toft acqulB.t,on by thc Qovol.n4nt    0,
us go to certain death. We were ln tho Halifax plntform enunciated by
ten fathoms ot water.     Tht    wind Mr. Borden. Curiously enough   thai
was not blowing ao hard and they PJa"orm is, «n"''«\ Vlkc ihe Li.'Tal
,a . a Tr „ platform of 1893 to awaken inter-
could have held on to us aa well aa „*, Tho orig|nnl wfts ahandonod by
not .j We were ln plenty of wator the party leaders when they got in-
for four hours while they were stand- t0 power in 1896, but Mr. Borden
inn k„ -a -. f. -~i fk . ..,_.. _,i„ saved Some of the chiof planks, and
ing by and wt hoped that every min- ha(J thom ri)^meA Then'-tho _fborill
ute they would coma alongside.   For politicians liked the   look of   them
(our   long    hours    we burned blue and are securing thom by a gradual
lights,     hoping    against hope, and P°lil*y   »'   Benevolent    assimilation.
_" _, _ .    . . Free rural mail dolivory is tho latest
those oowarda hung off ln fear,   and acquis,,,,.     Mt, nc,,,,,, ,„ alroadj,
saw good men swept away. We pledged to tho policy. Now Mr. Lem-
blew on the rooks and pounded to ,BUZ Is pledged to it. Is there no
pieces. Something hit me and when »»' of offering the Postniaster-Gon-
; .. _ ii       ortt' * Conservative nomination     in
I  came to I   was on the beach. „,„,„ Mta constituency? He scorns to
Two teaman, Muir and Oleen, got be e devoted follower of Mr. Borden
a boat od    the Bengal and reached . .♦ 	
tht shore before tha bark broke I
They remained on shore helping the
ones who were washed off, to safety
and pulling the bodies of the dead
beyond the reach of the aurf. Ths
captain waa unconscious when Muir
and Olten rescued hlm. Twenty-four
others reached the beach alive, but
the remainder were thrown up dead.
lUuir sad    Olsen dug fifteen graves,
Jewish New
- Year 5669
Frenklin Union
Was Dedicated
BOSTON, Sept. 23.—One hundred
and eighteen years alter the death
of Benjamin Franklin the city of Boa
ton today came into u handsome
bequest left by that fur-sighted statesman-philosopher in loving remembrance of the city of hia birth. After the lapse of moro than a century, during which time the modest
bequeath of Franklin had grown to
large proportions, the Franklin Un-
ton had become an accomplished
fact. The hundsome buildbig erected at the corner of Berkeley and Ap-
Pleton streets, and which will stand
for yoars to come as a permanent
memorial to the practical wisdom of
the donor, was dedicated this afternoon with interesting exercises.
Tho clause in Benjamin Frankli-i's
will which resulted In tlio erect! in o'
tho Franklin Union was as follows:
I was born in Boston. New Eng
land, and owo ray IT st instruct1 us
in literature to tho free gram a-.r
schools there. I have tharofive 11-
ready considered these sclu lis in ..oy
will. But I am also undor obligations to the state of Muss v j setts
for having unasked appoint! me
formally their agent in Eng'.uJ wU„
handsome salary, which continued
some years. I have considered that
among artisans good apprentices are
most likely to make good citizens,
and having myself been bred to e
manual art, printing, in my native
town, and afterwards assisted to set
up my business in Philadelphia by
kind loan of money from two friends
thero, which was tho foundation of
my fortune, and of all tho utility in
life that may be ascribed to me, I
wish to be useful even after my
death, it possible, in forming and advancing other young men that may
be serviceable to their country in
both these towns. To this end I do-
vote two thousand pounds sterling
which I give, one thousand thereof
to the inhabitants of the town of
Boston, in Massachusetts, and the
other thousand to the Inhabitants of
tlio city of Philadelphia, in trust to
and for tho uses, interest and purposes hereinafter mentioned and declared."
The one thousand pounds left to
the city of Boston wus to be let
out in small sums to apprentices in
the trades during the period of one
hundred years, and at the end of
that time 100-131 of it waa to Ise
used for public improvement of the
city, tlie remainder to remain at Interest for another century and then
New .York, Sopt. 25.—Tlio setting
and gave the white men burial, but of tho sun this ofentng ushers iu the to be divided between the city and
all the Chinees were left where they cetebratlon of Rosli Hushanah, "'Ithe state. The Ilrst hundred years
landed, ga It waa physically lmpoa.1- »'£%%,&*? K^- j-"* — twenty-five more wcre
ble to Bury thom. the Hebraic calendar, which is tra- J consumed in debato na to details of
The Kayak took the survivors   ofl ditlonally supposed to count    from management and expenditure. At the
the beach and brought them to Wran
Capt. Ferrer of tho Hattie Gags,
denies the statement made by Capt,
Wagner and says that the soa
running to high that it was impossible for the tugs to gat In near enough to the wrecked vessel to do
any good. The crow of the Battle
Gaga tay that Cupt. Wagner is rav-
from tho creation of tho world. Tho
festival Is observed by tho reformed
and orthodox alike, oxcopt that the
former observe one and tho lattor
two days. It ls a session of rejoicing and many families become reunit
ed during its rolebrbtlon.
While Now Year's day services are
of a solemn character, as are the
ten dao*a thatr follow, tho most
solemn day ot tho year is Yom Kip-
pur, or tho Day of Atonement, which
will como as a     climax to the ten
ing mad and that no reliance can be d«ys of penitence.
plaoed upon hia statements while he ^-fJ^^Zher holiday services
landed, at it waa physically impose!- havo beon mndo by tho Jewish con-
tlon. gregatlons throughout tho lnotropo-
Capt. Wagner makes a etrone.tr as. «»• Ii> addition to tho regularly os-
_«_ w„ 4_,'i__ _..» *i,. ~n. tablished  congregations worshipping
eertion.       He Insists that tht cap- all tho yoar roun(, ,,, p,l)ccs ()f wor.
tains of the tugboats shall be pun- ship owned or regularly routed    by
ished If It It in bit  power to bring tihem, many improvised    synagogues
them to justice for their alleged ne-
are needed for tho Now Yoar services
,   , „ because of tho gront numbor of Jews
gleet and cowardioe. The matter of on th0 lowor East Sldo especially,
the wrecked cannery vessel, who wat who do not belong to any establish-
so ill from exposure upon hit si rival <*> congregation but who dosiro to
tut »i»t,» t,t..t h. nn„u _..«_!. tftko Pa»'t in tho celebration of the
last night     that ht   could scarcely f09t1vttl    Thoroforo    overy available
make himself heard, waa much im- hall and place of public mooting on
proved    this morning and wat stiU the Bast Side, many in Harlem and
eel In his purpose to havt the mas- in ^ *""*** b*ve ,be0" I1"0'1 up aa
,    , ... 77     __ .    _7_T^ temporary placos of worship.
Mrs of tht tugs brought to runlet. ,A handsome now synagogue is to
"For four hours tht Ster of Ben- be thrown open for tho first timo
gal rode at anchor," he aald, "dur- with the holding of tho New Yenr
in- -hlnh <l-_ .__,. -,n .f.„.«rf services tonight. This is tho new
ingi   which time   every man -iboard ___ ,e   An8cho cho8wl )n Hariom.
might    have been aaved.     We wire The services in this tomplo will    bo "hop
end of that timo tho 100-131, a-
mountlng to about ¥400,000, was
used to build the handsome structure dedicated today, and to the
amount has been added by Andrew
Carnegie an equal sum ns endowment.
The building is a handsome fireproof structure of five storios. Class
rooms are distributed throughout the
building on every floor, and thero
are large draughting rooms, studios,
laboratories and special lecture
rooms for chemistry and physics. On
the first floor aro grouped the lobby
or exhibition room—tine latter for
the display of industrial material of
various kinds—the offices of administration, tlie library and the large
lecture hall, seating nearly 1,000
persons, and designed carefully and
scientifically to meet overy reaulre-
ment of proportion, ventilation, acoustics, light and convenience.
The Franklin Union will be opened
to students next Monday. Classes
will be offered especially for foremen, mechanics and others engaged
In    manufuctur ng <jr building Indus-
anks Nearly
Closed for
The Straggle
On Sept. 17th the political situation as regards nominations stood
as follows:
Iu tho province of Ontario thero
are eighty-six seats. Of theso the
Conservatives held forty-seven and
Lhe Liberals thirty-nine in the last
Parliament. The Conservatives have
nominated sixty-seven nnd the Liber-
nls fifty-seven.
Victoria, 11. C, Sept. 17.—In British Columbia there are seven seats,
all of whieh wcro held by Liberals
in the last Parliament. Tho Conservatives and Liberals have each nominated six candidates.
St. John, Sopt, 17.—The nniiounco-
ment of tho election date finds only
fivo vacancies in New Brunswick, The
Liberals have yet to choose a candidato in York, while Cotiaoi"'utiv(}
conventions havo not hejn held ic
Victoria, lfcstigotichu, I'loucester
and Kent. There arc thirteen seats.
Montreal, Sopt. 17.—Of Quebec's
sixty-five seats in the Federal House
nominations havo been made in prob
ably sixty per cent. Tbe Conservatives in tho Montreal district have
30 candidates and half a dozen moro
in the east. The Liberals have nearly 50 candidates in. the field. They
hold 54 out of 05 seats.
Charlottotovvn, P. E. I., Sept. 17.
—Tn Princo Edward Island, Prince
and Kings have each one member,
and Queens two members. King' representative is Liberal, whilo tho
other three are Conservatives. All
the candidates aro in the field, tho
four present mombors all being included.
Winnipeg, Sopt. 17.—Tho precipitating of the goneral elections by tho
Government a week or so before it
was expected finds the Liberals in
four out of ten scats in this Provinco
without a cundidnlc in the field,
whilo thc Conservatives havo selected
seven of their Standard bearers. Tho
seats in which neither party has
nominated a man nro Brandon, Daup
hin, and Winnipeg.
Edmonton, Alta., Sept. 17.—Tho
Provinco of Alberta for tho first1
time has seven scats assigned it.
Both parties have all thoir candidates nominated. The standing (from
tho four seats in last Parliament)
was two Conservatives and two Lib-
orals. Socialists nro running in Calgary and Edmonton seats.
Regina, Sask., Sopt. 17.—Saskatchewan province hns ten seats, an
increase of four. Of tho six seats in
last Parliament, the Conservatives
held one nnd Liberals five. Nearly
all the nominations have been held.
Halifax, N, S., Sept. 17.-There
are 18 scats in Nova Scotia, of
which thb Conservatives hold ono,
and tho Literals 17. Tho Conservatives have all but thrco nominations
mado and tho Liberals all but two.
j.m. mosGRfl,
Teacher of Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at the
Standard office.
\ is***
Telephone, 1 2-4)
H. M. Price  -    8,505
J,  Sharpies  ,   2,000
Hon. S. N. Parent   21250
Secretary Bnrthe   16,890
UTICA, N.Y., Sept. 24.- In thl
heavy fog that prevailed this morning the west-bound mail on the New
York Central ran into a West Shore
passenger and express train that
had been held in one of the blocks a
short distance west of Little Falls.
The mail train had besn brought to
slow speed because of the foggy conditions, otherwise there would have
lieou considerable loss of life. The
injuries ore confined to postal clerks,
three of whom have been taken to
the hospital of Little Falls. The severest Injury iB to W. Gilbert, of
Syracuse, who has a broken jaw.
The express messenger on the mail
train was slightly injured and several of the postal clerks have sli.cilit
bruises. Passengers in the sleeping
cars on the passenger train were
thrown about to some extent, but
the railroad reports thnt there were
no Injuries beyond those of a slight
Town Destroyed by Fire and Refugees Have a  Thrilling h'si'npe
on Train, Almost Dcstrj., T.
EUREKA, Cal., Sept. M.--A big
forest flre is raging here .'auiM ly a
fifty-mile gale, and alrealy the plant
of the Kelstrom Lumber i'«i., valued
at $60,000 has been destrj.vtti. l'be
fire Ib threatening the vnxf tracts of
reduced timber lying be'vn.t Kelstrom and Trinidad to *•>', ,i inttet
place refugees are flocking from numerous campi. Tht mlllioi dollar
plant of the Redwood Lu Dier Co.
Is directly ln the course ■ I lho Ur.'.
A paaeenger train arri/vi at Sa
inoa last night carrying refugto
from Luffenholti and Fiel 1 'look, the
former town having bem destnv»d
by flames. The refugees wers hen-
med in by the flames ani the dor
ing trip through the flre on the train
I was proposed. The trip was made
with the flames ao close that the
paint on the cars was blistered    by
the heat.
President and Managing Director.
Seereta rv-Treaaursr.
Head Office ■
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
Capital $10,000,000  Rest $5,000,000
A Saving"- Bank Department will be j
found at the brauchcuj ofthe Bank in Can-»
:ida. Deposits ol' $1 and upwards are |
■eceived and interest is allowed at current'
to no
rites. The depositor
delay in the withdrawal pf lhe whole or
tny portion ofthe deposit. Accounts may
bo opened in the name; of two or more persons. Withdraw A- to bo made by tny eno
of the number or by tho survivor. U*
L. M_ de GEX,   Manager
Effective June 6th.
Trains leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9:00 nnd 15:58.
Trains t\rrive at Ladysmith
P.O. Box 51 'PhOM 44
Dealer in All Kindt ol
—eats Delivered free of charge on Uu
Shortest Notice.
Daily at 11:57 and
Tha   history of    the Quebec bridge
Chicago, 111., Sopt. 23.—In Chicago and in a number of other centres
throughout the country celebrations
aro to be hold today in honor of the
(rom 1889, whon the first money wee twenty-fifth anniversary of tho found
voted, to 1907, when the structure ing of the Brotherhood of Railroad
went to the bottom of the St. Law-
lying ln seven fathom* with compar- what Is callod tho conservative orth
-lively no wind.     W» an_ioi»d    at <*•<"• fuwl *n '"""■'ation will to   *
tries.     There will also bo courses in
formulae,    steam,    industrial
chemistry,  mathematlce for builders,
vosUKl choir of mixed voices,     the ",M|»» "•  •'»f-»° "rawing and in-
diistrlal electricity.
four    o'clock Sunday morning, but only choir 0, thia cnnructer In   any
ths (hip did not commence to drag Jewish synagogue.
• nchori until 8.45 o'clock tht same p
morning.    At any time between day    Aa.,,...^ to prank Morrison,    sought and eight o'clock the tug* could tntaTy of the    AnM_ici_ Federation Onco ho was known to wear a frow-
hava come alongside and rescued   us ^ UAati y,, __lon- ot America to- To scowl nt ovoryono In town
•"••                                                . day haw a greater membership than *° J*j» ft ™.'(.wlth, th°s» ,h° ^ner,
_T, ^.V? 7 ^^ ™ "^ '» th« hlstory o( th8 * ** «& hUeh4Uswheet_s Ka-t
cowardly and will havs to aniwerto bor    m0VBment,      In tr, American No finor follow could vou seo,
the authorities and to Ood for  110 j^^u,,,, of __bor therfl are    _ow!_?8 smill) '» decorously bland
human lives."
affiliated   117 unions.     The number
of state Federations of Labor ia 8".'once ho wng
Montreal,     Sspt, 34.—Uw funeral and there are Ml central labor  bo-
1 Thoro Is a chango you understand,
tight" and small and
ot the Lat* Bishop Garalchaal    this dies and local trado and labor    un-
artenoon wa* largely attended. So;- ion*:     In the aggregate two     mil-
vice held at ths cathedral was large- Hon man are mem'-ers of the body,
ly crowded.    Ifc* service* wars im- or affiliated with It.
der the direction ol Dean Evan*, a*- «
•-ted by Arehdeaoc- Norton.     Th*    All the secretaries and business a-
beoedletlon wa* pronounced by Arch- gents    of labor unions    tn Seattle, But now bo buys ton cont cigars
bishop Sweatman of Toronto,     and have beon ordered to produce   their'And rides in dnridy motor cars,
And did not soem tho lonst bit koon
About the Missionary cause.
His oyos woro sharp as jigger saws.
He did not care about tho poor,
Ho always said ho was pot sure
That thoy wero worthy of his aid.
Indeod, ho was a tough old blade.
lhe   committal prayer a* th* grav* Oooks In the U.S. District Court, to
rones, killing 80 men, is a  series of
gnvernmont blunders.
Tho company of which Mr. Parent,
then premier of Quebec, was president, seems to have paid up In cash
l'be government stated, when $1,-
000,000 was voted as subsidy, that
the bridge would cost $4,000,000, of
which $1,550,000 was to be provided in Federal, provincial and municipal subsidies.
In 1903 the company had spent
all the money It oould get and was
$779,000 ln debt. It was then
nounced that ths bridge would cost
eight million dollars, and was to be
part of the National Transcontinental system.
Uut. instead of talilns over the
work, completing it as a public en-
lorprse, and supervising ti* rl-"
and construction, ths government
took power to guarantee six million
dollars of bonds of ths Insolvent
Now the work is a wreck, 75 lives
are lost, a royal commission, ap-
poloted by tbe government, haa reported that the collapse Is du* to
Imperfect design, and that a competent Inspecting engineer on the
ground would have foreseen th* calamity and saved th* live* of the
The people of Canada will have to
pay for the new bridge snd the cost
of the old one. Their bill will now
I* $13,000,000.
Meanwhile tho following sums hav*
tlon is to take the form of a recep
tlon and banquet tonight.
The brotherhood wns organized in
1883 at Onoonta, N. Y., with twelve'
members. It now has 101,000 members throughout tho Unitod Statos,
Canada and Mexico and since it was
founded has paid $16,500,000 In
death and disability claims.
Tilndge—Wns It n spectacular cntchl
Mabel-She ran to Europo for blm.
District Pnssonger Agent.
$102 Government St.. Victorll.
Union Brewing Co.
. ■*_»»•-*.«.•.__»-«
And Billiard Saloon!
Pool and English
Billiard Tables.
Daily Prize for Highest
Bowling Score.
Ho gives subscriptions to tho church,
by   Arehbtohop    K«rr.    Thouaan.ls .^n    to    what extant, if any, ^ ponds'hVs'mo*,^'"ftand right. |bc*n paid in salarte. to Mr. Parent
lined    th*    rout* « procession ani? tbey havs contributed to the alleged Pays   printing    bills with faco    so I and the other directors and officers.
That wo nro fillod with wild amaze
boycott against I.oewe _ Oo.
At his extraordinary ways.
there   wer*    nmarkabh demo-atm-
Won* of gritf by th* spectators.
•  '■ !   Ther* Is   a growing belief among
St Thomas, Ont., Sept, -t.-Thoe officials of ths Department of   Com-
Btea, a mlddls aged man employed m*rc*   and   Labor that T. V. Pow-
in the stores department of the Mich- dsrly, chief of the information Mvi-lft^dy-'not. to"bo^ToTd^nd"giH_i"
fcran Central    railway, wa* knoaVed slon of    the Bureau of Immigration, I And so, upon bis faco you soo,
down   aad    killed   by a resssngw will bs named to succeed th*    lat* ™18'™. c.°.rd.in'Jl*00',1.
,__,.      _.,,_ ,.,      ..        .   ~ ■  „ .„, „    ,    , , ,__   Nor will that friendliness abate.
train    whll*    walking throufh th* Commissioner    General of Immtgra -'He ha9 ,)0(,om() . 0andldat0,
yard* ttrfs morning. tlon BarbMt.
.-_  -     .       .-.-      -J       .    ...       ._-. IL..  ,.'     ,*,
Mr. Parrot, at the same time recelv.
ing $10,000 a year from the Dominion ae chairman ot the Transcontin-
Oan we explain tho change? Wo can.! ental Commission:
Ho has bocomo a public man.
Tho eyes of thousands nro on hlm,
Boswetl ... ....
B. Dutnoultn
Garnoau ......
B. I*llberte ..,.    »,»!«
No Honing—
No Grinding
You itnow from daily experience, at home or in thc barber
•hop, that the question is—
•'Why doesn't a razor hold
its edge uniformly from heel
to head without honing and
plnding?"   Whether it is a
safety, with the certain tax of
new blades, or the ordinary
open-bladed   razor docs not
alter the question.  You want
the comfort and satis.faction of
a clean, smooth shave every
morning  with the confident
knowledge  that  your  razor
■will be ready for instant use
the next time needed.
The Carbo Magnetic razor Is
the only rasor unoondWon.
oily guaranteed to do this.
Thirty years of study on the
razor situation has perfected
a- new secret process of
lltOTRIQ rCMPCflf-O that
positively merges every particle of carbon (the life of steel)
Into the metal—giving a diamond-like hardness uniformly ^
throughout the blade—something absolutely Impossible
with fire tempered steel—used
ln making all other razors,
But test this raior in your
own home—or if you prefer,
have your barber use it on you.
Give us your name.	
or call and ese the "Carbo
Macnetic" razor, and we will
stele our proposition for testing these razors yrlthout
Hon on your part to
tgtU together with our
booklet " Hints on Shoving." This book Illustrates
the correct rator pbsltion for
shaving every part of the face,
Ladysmith Hard war e Go.
Ladysmith. B. O.
Dissolution 01 MrincrsMp.
The p irtaorship heretofore ex-
ating between the unrlersifrncd is
this day dissolved by mutual  consent.   All debts  due to and all
debts by the undersigned are payable to and by Joseph Cartwright.
Ladyeu-iith, B. C, Aug. 24th, 1908
aug. UCth 1 m
rull Stock of Miners' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kinds Of' Blacksmlthlag
Done at Short Notice.
_- «f» - - «^*^^——«
aqd Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding nnd  Party  Cakes Had.
Fruits nnd Oandios ol All Kini-
Prices are    vory   rensonabls     All
CiiHtuinoi-8 treated alike.
Hotel Cecil
Best Liquors and Cigars.
On the I'splnnads.
Ladysmith.  B.  O.
The Best Butcher Shop
in Town is
Jno. fl. Hyan
Roberts Street
[Teacher of Music]
Studio in Williams' Block
Will be In Ladysmith evory Wednesday at the Abbotsford Hotol, Room
6, Readings and treatments will be
given. Best of references glvon as
to work done ln Nanaimo.
3, Jawiw
First Class Photos.
Gallery on First Avenue ---_--_--_________________
■ ________g_________l_g
r- *'
For the Cold Days
In Cardinals and Navys from SI.95 to $3.7fi.
With Pker dots in all colors. Prices from 85 cents up.
'A largo selection of nil sizes In various Tweed effects at very
reduced prices.
In red, liliio Hnd stripes. Prices Irom 11.95.
Before buying your furs, call at S. L. 4 'Co.'s and   eonipnro
our prices.
'About IOO Comforters at prices from 11.95 up to fliE-.OO.
Special prico on our 7 lb.  Heal Ayrshire Blankets, *«.50 pair.
Nearly ull our fall waists are now in nnd we will bo plonBed
to show you the range.
Mr. Elklns Is a member of a well-
known and respectable Jirm and this
Is his third business trip to Ladysmith. That in itself vouches for the
integrity of Ms business methods.
Mr. Elklns this time is taking deposits on the lots he has for sale,
aud if the purchaser Is not satisfied
with hi' bnrgoiu at the end of a
stated time he can have his money
refunded. Mr. Elklns is to be seen at
tho Abbotsford Hotel.
There Is one good thing to be irot
in Victoria. That Is Wiuch's Grand
Duke Cigar which is on sale at Wes-
terndale Railway Cigar Store, opposite the E. „ N. station, at th.
James' Bay Cigar Store, opposite
the C. P. R. Hotel and at the Hub
Cigar Storo on Government. Street
run by Lewis and Evans. I
It wns a pretty old chestnut that
friend Carley fired nfT In tho name
of John Stewart in Wednesday's
"Chronicle". Still it is Hko a Scotsman to iiuike everything ho can his
cywn, unil more especially if the loser
Is a -epntlo. The yarn about tho
Chinese characters and the fiddle,
(tho flute is a Inter variation) Is
distinctly Ooord'io and comes from
Elswlck. It goes that a Chinese officer died in Newcastle, where hc hnd
been sent, with n crew to take rhnrgo
of a battleship built in the Elswlck
yard nnd was burled, a hciidstone Inscribed in Chinese marking Ills irnivo.
Two miners happened iu thu come-
tory and camo upon the stone.
"Whnnts' thnt, lad?" asked one.
"That," roplled the othor. "Ah'm
boggored If ah knnn. but if ah hud
mo fiddle hear oh cud plnyed for
Mrs. nnd Miss J. Callander went
down to Victoria yesterday morning.
Mr. F. Allison, "Sticks" of the
'Gap, wns in town yesterday, visiting
Mrs. Allison who is staying with
Mrs. Leo.
M.r. Russell Simpson was down
visiting friends yesterday.
Miss Pickup of Cumberland ia in
town again.
Mr. Peevor has divided bowlers into two classes at his bowling alley.
In the first class a prize is given to
■the bowler who makes tho most
scores of 150 nnd upwards and in
the second class. L_M5 is the gratifying number. Thore is no prize for
fivo pins. Among the high scorers
this week T. O'Connell hns made
scores of 17*1 'ind loK, and F. Matheson isji and  IRS.
Mrs.  W.  .1. Watson returned home
on Thursday.
_    Mr.  and Mrs. K  .rones nre spending their holidays at Victoria.
Judge Harrison went up to Na-
naimo on Thursday.
Quite a number of Ladysmith peo- g-ther very
pie went down to the fair at Vic-
toria yesterday morning. Among the
number were Messrs. li. Wm. Russell;
D. McKinnell; D. .Johnson; S. Gif-
ford; J. Curry; J. Hoss, and W.
Mrs. Portrey went ilu-wn to Victoria yesterday morning.
Miss Underhill go't off the morning
train yesterday.
•Mr. Flanntgan left on the morning
train for Victoria yesterday.
Mr. Mowatt was down from Nanaimo yesterday.
Mrs. Horth was a passenger an
the Victoria train yesterday morning.
Mr. W. McCrae, of Extension, went
down to Victoria yesterday morning.
Mrs.  .ins. Provan was among the
number of those who boarded     the
Victoria train yesterday morning.
Mrs. Provan, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. .las. Ingham, left for her home
at Grand Fall", Mont., yesterday
morning. Mrs. Provan came over to
put herself under Dr. Hoglo's care
and undergo an operation. While not
yet quite recovered, the operation
promises to be a complete success,
and Mrs. Provan already feels much
better in herself.
their buck knows what it Ib to have
at least the    comfort    of a  prow """"" _*
i_i      .,•,    ,.a   At   , a- a    a    Mr. A. B. Walker Advocates Otrgani-
bed.     lh. beds the ladies wart    te uur' azing an Athlotic Club.
get will be most up-to-date.     • Help j^^r the Standard:-
I   Sir:—In    your issue of    the 19th
inst., prominence is given U> the
need of an Athlotic Hall. This I believe is a real necessity. Tho Standard points out tho need of a reading room and library. These in them
selves aro necessaries for grown peoplo, and much more so for Uie young
er peoplo. I
>•     There is a young men's mutual im-1
;. provoment club in town. Surely thoy'
will como forward and support   any
attempt thore mny bo to form    on
Athlotic Club,   with    reading room
and library as part of tho organi7ji-
tlon.    Tho football  club, no doubt,
would    take  its part in mipportiifg;
The     local    ltebekahe had a   very the movement, ns also would     tho
■ucceesful social' on    Thursday even- baseball and boating enthusiasts.
ing.       Quite a number   of friends    ™oso ,"l£inR D"rt in. foo.t"n"''"?_
., ■■«__■ |m|,   |)0„ting nnd  swimming nil re-
wore there, and a  good musical pro- ^^ morc ol. insa to koep themselves
gramme was rendered, there wae    a in   first   class  physical  shape.   Thus
The recital given in the Mission
Hall of St. John's church last ov,
nlng by Mass Underhill was well a
tended and thoroughly enjoyed.
Fresh Groceries are arriving   daily
at Gear's Ideal Store.
All in tbe latest
Oats and Cloths
i $8.50 $10.00 $12.00
to $20.00
Nortlrway Clothing House
ifr. and Mrs. G. Smith; Mr. and
Mrs. M. Matheson; Mr. nnd __s\ D.
McKinnell: Mr. and Mrs. A. Ii. Hubert-son; Mr. uiul Mrs, T. ('. Mo: in;
Mr. anil Mrs. I). Davidson; Mr. .tnd
Mrs. H. Thornley; Mr. anil Mrs. A.,
Crossan; Mr. nml Mrs. W. Sanderson;
Mr. unil Mrs. A. McKenzle! Mr. nnd
.Mrs. W. Steele; Mr. Goorgo Hipper;
Mr. nml Mrs. .1. 10. Smith; Temper-1
mice Legion; Mr. unci Mrs. A. much-!
eson; Mr. nnd Mrs. .1. Davidson; |
Mr. and Mrs. .1. Currie; Mr. mul Mis.
S. Lmiilerliiii'k; A Friend; Mr, nnd
Mrs. Trembath; Mr. and Mrs. ,1, '
Michie; Mr. nml Mrs. J. Provan; Mi',
nnd Mrs. W. Kerr; Mr. ni.d Mrs. M.
.Tones; Mr. nml Mi's. Jno. Mi'Murlrie;
Mr. mid Mi's. IT. Coulter; (Iruy Children: Perry Ohildren; Mr. nnd Mrs.
J. Gray; Mr. uiul Mrs. J. Perry;
Mr. mul Mrs. Axleson: Mr. nnd Mrs.
IT. Ward; Misses Clay; Mr, nml Mrs
Pommy; Mr. nml sirs. TI. Baxter;
Mr. nnd Mrs. II, Wntson; Mr. ami
Mrs. .1. Ingham; Mr. J.  Campbell.
CnoSSBS—Di', nml Mi's. A. 0.
Pt'OSt; Mr. nml Mrs. ff, Q, Wnscr;
Mrs. Croston; Miss P. Purlloy; Mr,'
and Mrs. ,T, Wargn; Mr. mi I _• • -
it. Wntson; Mr, ami Mrs. J. !.", ,'..,-
ORESOENTS-Mles O. Notts; Mr
and Mrs. .1. Harris.
HBABTS-Mr. and Mrs. n. Crew-
Mr. T. Gordon.
John's Lodgo No. 21; Mr. nml Mrs.
W. Jones.
ifine spread, and the night was alto- tho appliances kept
The Grand Duke Cigar cha - .»
all brands. It ie made io town, ami
is the best smoke in town. Don't i'ir-
get to oall for it. X
Hall would bo used by all; bcsidles
tho advantage to those interested in
physical culture, apart from sport-
in* motives.
The following is the list of floral
tributes which were laid upon tho
gruvo of tlio late Frederick William
—reaves. There were 'more thun nre
included in this list but the cards
an  Athletflc:  had droppod  oil,  nnd  these tributes
must figure as anonymous offerings:
ULOliES—Male  Voice Choir;  .Sons
fif Ht. Goorge; Mr. "and Mrs. A. Bry-
den; Mr. nnd Mrs.  Blunt; Mi',     und
Trusting that others interested in,Mra. A. G, Robertson; Mr. nnd Mrs.
mental nnd physical culture will t_ke|D, Paterson; Mr. and Mrs. Huwoith;
udvantorro of the Standard's offer | Mr. John Barclay; Air. G. Thomas'
to    publish    correspondence on  thin Mr. and Mrs.  11. Kerr; Mr. iinii fSr%.
Yours truly.
A. W. W'A-KER.
Lndysmith. B. 0„ Sept. 24th,  '08
Editor Standard:—
_lr:—Thoso garrulous old 'women of*
185, 174 and 171; 197, 190,
and 176; and 208, 201, 198
192. Mr. J. A. Knight got
prize at five-pins, making over
seven times.
Those who have not secured thsir
tickets fur the Summer End Discs
should lose nc time as the tickets
are selling rapidly, shewing that the
people of 'suiMitno appreciate the
work of tho Women's Auxiliary. The
pi-crjds of I—e affair will go town: d« Hi* purchase of water or air
bids, which are greatly needed,    th*
Kippered Herring and smoked
but at tho Ideal Grocery Store.
I). McLcnn; OUr. M. Iiunsniiuir; Dr.
and Mrs. I*. It. 'Pier; Mr. IT. Aiichin-
volo; Mr. ami 'Airs. ill. Fagan; Mr.
nnd Mrs. C. Alton; Mr. nnd Mrs. 11.
MeGarrigle; Mr. nml Mrs. J. Hoss;
Mr. and Mrs. ll. Nicholson; Mr. nnd
Mrs. S. Wilson; Mr. A. J. Waskett.
WREATHS—Co«f-iiltteo of the Accident Fund; Mr. find Mrs. II. Mni'k-
lin; Mr. and Mrs. P, Malone; Mr.
and Mrs. ,1. Nij_rtio; Mr. nnd Mrs.
J. Hutcheson; Mi', ami Mr*. J.
Howe; Mr. nud Mrs. P. Chin; Mr.
1. <3lijn; Mr. nnd Mrs. E.
Jones; Mr. and Mrs. J. A. li.vun:
Mr. and Mrs.  J. Parrott; Mr.     and
\—a   mv   ereiuiurs.   n   i   1111,1  n,:,-i,   ti, mi,*,. .»   .,„..        „.    ,,        ,_     ,„ ,   ,r -,,
™, business man there-might havo been. $£„J' ^^J1^"»-f ™Z
**>> some excuse for the assumption, but, J°°*»^f T Wateon' Mrs if*
tlie I proved not to he n business ninn, ',, ™" ,"rs' _ _V'm s "' M,s.' ,' ,
45 l/golng broke and hiking back to.  %^&$£%*J£^
j Mrs.   S.   Mottishn.'w;   A' Friend;    Mr.
un ! "'"' M|'H' 'r- McMIUlnn; Mr. nnd Mrs.
! W. Akenhond; Mr.  imd Mrs. B. Notts;
Messrs. Blair * A jlam; Mr. nnd Mrs.
Th* bowling at Peevor's bowling
alley last nlghl was particularly
good. A three dollar prize win offered to tho bowler who made th*
most scores of 150 and upward. Arthur Morrison carried oil the prizo.
topping tho InO mark 17 times. His t,ou|,tful sex who nre smnckiirg their
Ijest scores were 196, 192, 181 and lips over what they imagine to bo.
180. George Itoss came socond with a l'hoi™ blt of <*™n<lnl had lwtt<""
I3,„f T„_, wi.it. ...t i.i. i« , save their lirentli to cool their por-
12 and Tom White next with 11, and  ,..(|       __.„,_„ T ...mi bfakc anA Mu
th*n Ilomana ivith 10.     Their best town in a  hurry, it does not ncces-lT" m.
scores    respectively    were 189, 186, snrily follow thnt I ran away from.
mv creditors. Tf 1 had beon a. smart.;
thc woods to earn money tn pay my;
Incidentally, tliey have, qulto
consciously and surely unintentionally, paid a sincere compliment to
tho Socialist party in their bosolessi
A new orchostra has been formed scnmlalmongoring. "A Socialist" hasi
in town. It has been dubbed th6 Star n"' nw"V from his creditors! Surely,
Orchestra and includes Miss Maud tl>is ls * choice morsel to discuss
McMillan, the MeMillnn Brothers;'11. ovor " CUP of tea! For a supporlcr-
W. Slmpaoii; Mr.   and Mrs. W. Smith
Mr. nnd Mrs. J.   Stewart.
SPl-WS-Mr. „ ml Mrs. II. TTughes
Miss Weismiller; .]\ Ir. and Mrs. Junes;
Christian nnd W. M. Allistor. A
dance will be given next Wedntsday
ovonlng .in Gould's nail, admission,
gents 75 conts, ladies tree.
all cleared away; but the smoke from
Winch's Grand Puke Cigars ts gain.
ones the Indies supplied som* year*'"- ln *olum» all t*e time. The more
.     , .     .     „„ ___. you smoke them, tbe more you   Hko
ago having worn out.   Anyone who^ijg,,, J       '£
has had    to lay day after _ty    on j ^
 — !   Mr. J. Elklns of tho firm of Elklns
ii m
windows if you    want   to soo
something nice    In    the shirt
Wo have received nearly all
our fall shirts In and we guarantee them to give satisfaction
as well as boing the very newest.
Bros., Vancouver, is again In tpwn
with a choice bundle of lot* which
he is selling at their original price.
Notlco is hereby given that the
first mooting of the annual court
of Revision ou tho assessment roll
as prepared by the asBcssor of the
City of Ladysmith, will be held ln
the Council Chambers, Ladysmith on
Wednesday, 4th November, 1906, at
7 o'clock, p.m.
 City Clerk.
of the L'hornl or Conservative par
lies to do a shady trick is nothing
unusual. If wo are to judge from the*
fact that his politics uro never mentioned in connection with it. It 1st
so froquent ns to become only worthy of a passing remark. But. a
Socialist must surely bo reckoned nsi
a man with principles and a stnn-
dar<T"<if honor, else why all this gossip? Many thanks for tho compliment. It's sincerity Is only oqunllert
by tho malice that prompted It.
Yours, otc.
,i. it. BirnnmroH.
Dunnes' Camp, Union Bay, Sept. 10,
The Time
The Place
The T own
Dp. f;i dm
All Work Guaranteed.
— -—%.■% -—<_* -
Visit the Foundry nnd mako
, your    own    choice     You  will
.], save time and money,, and   got
,Ji  better satlsfc „fon.
'Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited:'
Wall Papers
Oome and  JKake Your
Selection—new stook
fresh in.
J, E. Smith,    Roberts St ree
FOB SALE—A steel rnngo, six holes
good as new. Cost SoO.Ofl. Will sell
for S85.00. Apply Simon Leiser _
Co., Ltd.
Blocks of land,    near   Ladysmitli;
frum .1 to 10 ncres.   For  pnrtlculars
apply to C. Gardner. slli-lm
Is the Boot that Wears
Try a pair ami
You will wear
Nothing else
John Thomas
Wo havo novor yot had reason to
refuso to publish u letter: but we
Imagine that Comrade Burrough has
mistaken tho whispering of the trees
Ior the breath of tho scandal of
which he so indignantly complains.
At nny rato wo havo hoard nothing
of it. and we aro ready to vouch
that Mr. Burrough has mado moro
political capital In thie letter out of to °"y '"• 1!),h Avmnie, close to
an alleged scandal    than was ever
made out of his somewhat hurrlod  0ran<i View, and   Who .luiwn in which
exit from town.—Ed. Standard.
•  —     ' to buy_ is
Tho time to buy   lis now,  the place
We Are Agents for
Edison Phonographs and Records
Victor Machines and Records
Kk_ 8 n.
We offer them on easy terms if
yon are thinking of getting one.
Let us quote you terms.
Come and hear the October
Edison records now on sale.
■     —4	
Wo b'avo for sale a few choice lots
in ^h'is location -wlhich ,wo aro closing out at tine orlgiolnl prico of
*lt*0.00 n lot. Toi-is $50.00 cash
ami tho- balance <at »18.(00 a month.
Buy Vlirect from tho owners,
t(ken,$ BrOS Meal Grocery
A True
FOR SAiljE—A houso on the cornor
of Mothiion nnd Third Ave. Six
rooms and pantry, half a lot, cul-
tivnted, with fruit trees. Apply nn
The Lust Week
Entire Stock to Oo.
For bargains in watches,chains,
brooches, pins and rings, you
havo a choice of a lifo timo.
For the noxt 80 days you can
get tho highest quality Jewelry
nt your own price—ns everything
must go.
Jewolry Storo 1st Avonuo
I.lidysmith,   B.  C.
And Buy a Ball-Bonring Now
Century Washing Machine,
with Wringer Attachment—the
only Porfoct Washing Machine    ^
Exceptionally Strong and Attractive
In Tapostry Covering   W6.00
In Velour Covering ,.„  f.18.00
A Few Bargains in Furniture
Combination Dressers at   18.00
Lounges, made up noat and substan-
tial. '°r  16.50
Baby Carriages,   now,   going at  10
per cent discount.
G. Peterson
Furniture Store
'Phone 1-3, First iAvenus.i
eady fop Business
All kinds of Stationery
Tobacco and Pipes
and Post Cards
Come and See Us
H. HUGHES, lst Avenue
Our Winter Stook of
with Waterproof Soles
The Shoe Mao.
First Avenue,
Ladysmitli, B, C,
Come and
my Stock of Latest Styles ln
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
High Street.
XYo n m «—. »_«<.<.,.<.||.1|.u.iri|VU1j
C. Peterson's
Furniture Store
Muse Rciiirlnf it sense
driller Wirt.__^
*   M O'BRIAN   $j
"Na Dru"
For Stomaoh and Liyer
Troubles. '
Applications I'iii- the position of
Auditor for the Corporation of
Ijiilys'inith, stating terms, will be
rocoivod by tho undorsignod up till
0 p.m. on Monduy. 28th Sopt. 1906,
City Clerk
Ladysmith Piwmaey.
Just Arrived
A New Line of
Novelties and
Fancy Goods at
Right   Pricks.
WjcKslvie Bros.
NEW |]
Pogorly Bowling Alley
i $11.00 Prize for highest scoro at
10 pins ln ton days. t2.00 for Fivo
Stamping Done
At the Abbotiiford Hotel.
"W*      ■ it  _. J ,.i'.i..vl i.i_UH)
Nothing Better for Breakfast |PogoHy Bowling Alley


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