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Ladysmith Standard May 9, 1908

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Array .
| Soap Special
For Saturday
Gossago'T English Carbolic Soup.    To-Day, only
10e a package
A  Good  Tnllot  Soup for Tills Timo of    tlio Year.
Five Bsrs for $1.00
GOSSAGE'-S K.VOLIMU LAtJN'DRV SOAP.   3'lti. Capstan  Bar,       J
Gossago's Simp is tho Host on the Market,  being    Howl alid 4'
Seasonod.    'Can lie usod In oithor Hot, raid. Hard, Soft   or Son 4
Water; mul makes a   good   hither. V
8-l'VG 'I'llli  BIG  WINDOW. 4>
blair¥aT) am:- I
Lest Ye Forget
I hog to remind you that you enn always count on
having tho vory article you need, and at-Prices that suit.
aaiajiy.aaia.IJ If If If If If I* I 1> I f I .TV fa.jir.aa. y lajfiy. p .aa.l)
jioeialisfc 1903 Ganjpgi)
Saturday Night, lay 9sb. 1998.
Parker Williams, M. P.  P., will deliver nn address   on "So
cialism and Religion."   All arc Wolcomo.
Good Tackle
♦ -f+T-T-Tt-Htm + T-HT-T-TT!
fa more annoying tmin n
watch which fails—fails to givo
you accurate timo. Plouty tit
pcoplo enn clean a wntch, but
to fully adjust and time a
watch is tho work of nn export
If your watch is giving trouble, let me examine it, and
quota priees for repairing thoroughly, ""il timing it accurately,   All WOUIC GUARANTEED
Prices ia nccordnac? with
first-class work—no botch work
. Canadian ITorologlcnl Institute T
•   VI     II*
Phono 7-0.
LONDON, May 8.—Tommy Durns,
champion henvywolght pugilist, ln an
article ln tho Daily Mall this morning entitlod "Why Americans lead
ln Sport," predicts that the Americans will win nil ol tho chiet ovonts
at tho Olympic races with tho exception ol the long distance races,
which will fall to England. He attributes American supremacy to tho
sounder principle* ot training.
J>y a Vote of 13<) Against 26, Citizens Declaro fur Municipal Lighting Scheme,
Tho polling on tlie Electric   Light
UyjLaw on Wednesday was-a   vory
tamo affair.,   Never, at any time during Lhe  whole  dny was there a rush
of voters.    It was expected that after the minors' train got down there
■would  he1 a    crowd    at    the polling
station.   However, expectations were
[not realised, uud when  the poll was
j closed  at 7  o'clock,  only  HjjQ   ta
payers had   registered their votes.
This was certainly a disappointing
poll to be recorded on a question of
such vital importance to tho city.
However, the result was more than
gratifying and exceeded even tho
most sanguine hopes of tho men who
had worked for lights.
Thoro wore not ovor a dozen citizens In tho polling station whon returning officer Stewart broko tho
seal of tho ballot box. It took him
only a very few minutos io sort the
ballot papers, and thon hc announced
tho figures:
For ,  134
^Against      26
Mayor Nicholson declared tho result to be the biggest civic surprise
in tho history of tho city. He
thought tho by-luw would carry but
he never imagined that it would
command such an overwhelming majority. Tho Council would havo to
get right down to work so ns to get
a plant in by the fall.
Tliey    woro     all   aware that this
Edmonton penitentiary. Previous to
tho opening of tho court, Judgo
Mitcholl was presented with an ad-
dross by members of tho local bar.
congratulating him on his access! jn
to tho   bench.
Kenora, Ont., Mny 8.—Anothor fatal explosion of dynnmito took place
yestorday afternoon in tho trans-
continental work on tho Grand Trunk
at Daigleg camp, 10 miles north of
hero. Dan Mllott, a powder mnn,
was tamping a holo using nn iron
bar when the explosion occurred kill
Ing him Instantly.
MEDTOTNE IT AT, Alto., Mny 8. -
Judge Mitcholl yesterday afternoon
found August Nlcktnnn, the young
dreamer. gulHy of perjury and sentenced him to   two   yoars   In   the
* QUEBEC, May tf.-Tho Cunud-
* Ian  Pacific    steamer Montecolo,
* which  wns in collision with the
* liner Milwaukee    last    night,   is
* now almost completely submorg
* od, only tho funnel being expos-
* ed to view.
"How do, you evect to spond your
vacation this yoar?"
"Judging from tho number of poo-
pie my wife hns invited to visit us
nt our cottage, by sleeping on tho
floor as usual.
Augustus— Won't you take mo for
better or for worse?
Ethel— I'm suro it would ho for
the hotter, Gusslc. I couldn't do
lighting scheme wns ono of tho
planks of tho platform on which
they went into office. There was
still the question of n .sewerage system. The Council wero now work,
lug on lt, and, so soon as ovor they
were lu a position to do so, they
would introduce a by-law which ho
felt, sure would be unanimously endorsed by tho ratppnyors, it would
■bo their first ■ -duty .now to pifelr
, ahead with the lighting scheme and
they would do nil in their power to
have the plant Installed by the fall.
Tho funeral of Mrs. J. N. Jonos
took placo on Wednesday 'afternoon
from tho residence of Mr. Wm: James
of Fourth Avenuo. Tho interment
was under tho auspices of the Pythian Sisters, of which order the deceased had long been an honored
member. ,
The remains were followed to the
local cemetery by an unusually large;
company of mourners. The Pythian,
Sisters woro out at .almost full!
strength,  and theso and' the friends
The death took pluee iu Victoria
last Sunday, of Mr. Titos. MeEwen,
a former resident of this city. Mr.
MeEwen for some timo ran a boot
store noxt to the old post office,
selling out to go to Nanaimo. Ho
again opened out a business on Com
morciul  Streot,  but  was forced
""'""K"'!      "•*■"      ffff-ou     Will      WIU      U   K'llUS  . .11.     ... ■ ,.,
and acquaintances of Mr. Jones andlglVtJ uy throuBh "llIlI18" howth some
Thero wero no Incidents of any
consequence during the poll and-nov-
or a sign of excitement. Somo of
tho members of tho Citizen's League
.seeing how quiet tilings were about
noon, engaged a boy to parade the
streets with a sandwich board and
bell. The ringer, howovor, judging
by subsequent results, cannot have
rung out many "vot'-Jra",
Tho result was well received. There
was no great demonstration, but all
the samo the men who havo workod
for lights so long, were jubilant at
the final success of their labors- The
vote means that thero is practically
no opposition in the town to a light
ing system, installed and operated
hy the taxpayers' monoy. It is a
great victory for steady agitation
and judicious educational work. Thi
workers may well bo pleased with
tho result.
NAIMO  CITY. •       " LEY MINE.
Fisheries Department Planting Sholl
Fish at Dodd's Narrows by
Way of Experiment.
VICTORIA, May 8.—Today a shipment of live lobstors from Sooke
Harbor will be taken to Dodd's Narrows, off Nanaimo, and be planted
between Gabrlola Island and tho
mainland, and the experiment undertaken a month ago by the Dominion fisheries department will bo
continued further north.
The Lobsters form a portion of
tho shipment which was brought cut
from Nova : Scotia by tho department ,a little ovor a month ago.
About 1,800 of the shell fish were
brought by express to this coast and
planted at Sooko harbor In three
large crates. Of thoso nearly a
thousand died. What was tho exact
cause of death was doos not appear
certain, though it was decided that
perhaps it would bo bettor to allow
tho lobsters to go free, and all have
been liberated from tlio crates and
given tho freedom of the ocean.
Eloven years ago a numbor of the
eastern lobstors wero brought to this
coast but after being deposited in
the ocean hero they woro never seen
again. Four years ago another ship
ment was experimented with, being
planted in Nanoose Day, with about
equal results. It is bolioved, howovor, that a success can ho mado of
tho eastern lobster in these waters.
The lobsters going north today are
being carried In a small boat bo
onstruclod that they will bo all
tho time in salt water, which iB allowed frco circulation by means of
holes bored in the bottom of tho
boat. Tho lobsters uro well developed, about five inches in, length,
and should this latest experiment he
successful it will mean tho beginning
of a source of wealth which in future will, it Is claimed, mean much
for this province. The attempt to
transplant the eastern Io>bstcr has
been tried on the Califomian coast,
but with very indifferent success, in
fact it has proved practically a failure and experiments nro now being
made hy the Unltod States government at certain places In tho Sound
though so far results cannot bo ascertained.
Mr.  W.  Sutherland 3-MuMs from the
Nicola Valley Coal Mines After a  Year's Work.
Nanaimo, May 9th.
Mr.   W.  Sutherland,   who  has beon
iln tho Nicola Valley country for tho
past year, returned to tlio city last
j night on a visit to his family. Mr.
j Sutherland has heen working with
tho Diamond     Valo Coal and     Iron
.Mines, Limited, in which concern    a
number of Nnnaimoites hold stock.
Mr.  Den Drowutt of Nanaimo,  is
| manager of the mine and since     he
|has taken "'hold there havo been
mnny improvements made on "the
property.     Mr.   Sutherland  has     a
, very bigh opinion of the prospects of
the mine. Tho cool is of good quol
ity and easily mined. Tho company is working a 3J-foot seam,
now, and will shortly strike into a
six-foot seam. Thero Is no water
to bother the mine, tho pumps clearing It for     IM  hours in twenty-five
, minutes.
i   Tho     C.P.R. runs right into     tho
(property and a lot of coal is now
being shipped.
Alberni Citizens Want Hour of Mail
Leaving Nunaimo Changed—Will
Will Ask P.O. Inspector
to Make Change.
ATLANTA, Ou., May 8.- Half a
dozen business blocks lie in ruins
this morning by a fire which sturtod noar tho terminal station about
8.-80,,und at 7 o'clock it is swooping
through tho business section of Atlanta, Tho loss at present will
roach 5500,000 with tho prospects
lhat before-the fire Is controlled this
amount will bo doubted. Sovornl
small hotels nnd one largo one havo
boen reduced to heaps of brick and
mortar. Four business blocks are
wrecked ond tho flro is oating its
way in all directions. Tho block
bounded by Madison, Fotsytho, Nelson and Mitchell streets has boon
Whon tho firomon renched tho scono
nt the first alarm thoy found than*-
solves hnndleappod with low wnter
pressure nnd this situation hnd not
licen remedied nt fi o'clock. At 8
tho flro wns wiping out business
blocks in tho direction of tho contro
of tho city, nnd threatening tho on-
ttro business district.
ATLANTA, Ga., May 8,-The fire
In tho husiness district of tho city
is undor control. Tho loss Is wtl-
matcd at 91,3110,000.
Capt. Huff, of Alberni, is In tho
city todny, says yesterday's' Victoria
Times. As president of tho Board
of Trade of tho iinportunt centre on
tho west coast of tho Island, he has
been delegated to come to Victoria
to go into the question of mail scr-
vico witli tlie inspector of post olll-
Capt. Huff will confer on tho subject and seok a change in i ie pros-
out arrangements which tho board of
trade finds is not entirely satisfactory. *-   '
The servico to Alberni has bocn
improved liy the Pomlnlon government and mail is curried over from
Nnnnimo overy second day. It leaves Nanaimo about 2 o'clock aftor the
arrival of the muiltrnin from Victoria and roaches Alberni about 10
o'clock that night. The board of
trade of the west coast town put
forward tho Objection that this is
nn inconvenient hour for tho mails
to got there. It is also objected
that tho passongor traffic for tho
stago driver Is curtailed owing to
tho late hour nt which Alberni     is
,reached.    /
j An effort is to l-o made to change
the hours for tlio mail leaving Nanaimo. Tho residents of Alberni are
in hopes thai a dally stage servico
may soon     be established.  In  fact,
'With a dally nmll from Nnnalmo to
tho west coast.
VANCOUVER, May 8.—H. Tellor
and P. Croft, timber cruisers, returned this morning from the north
with a tnle of romnrknhla adventure
with Nnos rlvor Indians. Thoy attempted to cross the Nans reservation whon tho Indians stopped them
; by force, and, armed with rifles, told
thom to lonvo. Finally, on payment of thirty dollars ench the mon
wore allowed to go on their way,
hut badly scared.
his brethren of the locnl IC. of P,
Lodge stretched the cortege almost
half the length of  the Avenue.
The Rov, Mr. Wilkinson, pastor of
the Methodist Church, conducted tho
burial services both of his Church
nnd of the Pythian order and the
following gentlemen acted as pallbearers: T. Thomas, Jobn Harries,
John Little, Henry Ellis, Robt, Wallace and James Vere.
Mr. A. E. Hilbert had charge of
tho funeral arrangements.
weeks ago.
Two Ladysmith Teams Will Play, in
Nanaimo Tomorrow.
Li the weather is us fine tomorrow
us it is today iho five-aside football
luurmuuoiit  ou  tho  Cricket grounds
He consulted a Victoria   physician at Nanaimo should bo a  great suc-
ho  advised'an  operation.   Tho op-  ,.,lt„       .._,__ ,.     .„.■,        ,   „ ,
,„.. '    .... '   ... .. -1 .  eoss,      ihe compotiLiua has beon oro
oration was only partially successful
und Air. MeEwen, who was over 60
yoars of 'age, nova- recovered his
strength. On Sunday last ho took
a turn for tho worse, and passed
away  in  the afternoon.
Mrs. McEwou and u large family
of sons aud daughters, survive him,
Mrs. U. Irvine, of this city, being
the youngest of liie daughters. Mr
MeEwen was widely known and
greatly respected and the deepest
sympathy is felt for tho sorrowing
widow and family,
Tho funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon in Victoria. The services were held iu the Hunnu chupel
by the Rev. G. H. Ii. Adams, and
many frionds gathered to pay their
last respects. The Interment took
place ut Ross Bay cemetery, and
tho followiug wore pall-bearers; H,
K. Taylor, IJ. Taylor, w. ilrown,
and JD. T. Irvine.
Nanaimo, May Oth
Not for many seasons lias there
been so much building as there lias
been this season in'Nunaiino. This
3s not to say that thero is any
groat building boom nor that -thore
oro not enough carpenters to do tho
work. It is a fact, however, that
thero has beon considerable doing in
tho building lino and likely to be
for the rest of the soason.
Among the buildings under way
and completed nro Mr. Thos. Gordon's houso on^Crnco Street, which
will bo a fine looking residence, nicely situated, when completed. Work
has boon commenced on tho foundation of Mr. John Coburn's house on
Stewart Avenue. This houso, whon
completed will be among tho finest
residences of tho city. Mr. Chus.
Leicester, of the Townsite, is also
building a pretty littio residence,
which is just about completed.
Mr. Jack Galloway is building a
house on Kennedy Street, as is also
Mr. Philip Rowe.
Mr. Harry Itowe is building on
Milton Street.
On Fraser Street Mr. Philpott, tho
restnurunt man, is building a largo
house. A now houso has been built
on tho corner of Wont worth and
Kennedy" Streets.
In the business section of tho city
considerable improvement is notlco-
ablo. A line largo addition has recently been mado to the Windsor
On the llnxter Store building on
Commercial 'Street work is rapidly
progressing. This will bo n desirable store when completed.
The Old Red   building     bus   beon lieved     that    she would  be fioated
torn down and  in its place will soon
NEW YORK. May 8.— The crew of
the stranded ship Peter itickmors
and tho wreckers on board,72 in all,
were safely landed from tho ship
shortly after six o'clock this morning. The wind and the sea gradually went down during the night and
soon after day break the wreckers
on the ship had gained some wator.
put off in three buH boats which
they had on the ship.
The crew of the Rickniors. 33 in
number, were brought ashore by the
Oak Island*
The Rickmore struck the sand bar
ten miles from the island while outward bound from New York for
Europe one week ago yesterday. At
first it was belioved that ahe would
bo floated without difficulty, but as
tlie wiud continued she drove further and further on the bur, her position became serious. Even then,
when tlie wiud decreased, it was he-
bo erected a fine two-story block
with three stores and a telephone ex
change in tlio rear.
Tho new roller skating rink on Sol-
by Streot is now under construction.
The Lndysmith Lumber co.'s office
has recently been'erected and a very
creditabio office it is, on tho corner
without serious damage ufter a portion cf her big cargo of case oil had
been jesstisoned. A large force ot
wreckers were set at the task and
excellent progress was being made
until Tuesday night, when the last
big storm broke on the coast,     the
of Wallace aad Fraser Streets. Work wind increased rapidly and the   sea
XnY^.r^8^^0^11"!?   th" U8sumed Buch Proportions that   tho
office of the Red Fir .Lumber Co. __ . . ...   ,    .
Oa Commercial Street one side of wreckjnff tugs which had been staud-
the large old Spencer building Is be- iuS hy, were forced to flee for their
ing turnod    into a    moving   picture own safety, leaving behind oa     the
show room
The Rand 10 store was finished not
long ago and is n decided improvement to thut ond  of the city.
Tho contract has been let. for the
$5-000 Nurses' Home on. tho "hospital grounds.
Not tho least of the new building
is the new Chinatown going up next
to the Creamery building. Quite a
number of buildings are being erected here and a largo staff of men are
busy with hammer and saw.
Tn the outlying sections of tho
town and in the neighboring .villages
thero lias also been more or loss
In addition to those already mentioned there nre a number of other
residences and possibly business
houses that will bo built before the
summer is over. Among tho latter
is the remodelling of the Earle
building on the corner of Commercial and Church Streets which it is
understood will be undertaken within a few weeks.
No notice of the new building 'in
the rity would be complete without
mention of the new transfer slip
built by the Western Fuel Company
at tho bunkers for the use of thc
Island-Mainland ferry. This slip has
cost a good many lliousnnds of dollars and when entirely finished will
bo ono of the best "slips'* in the
LONDON, May 8.—The ono thousand guiuoa stakes was run at Now
Market today and won by Richard
Croker's Hl.odora.
Ily capturing this event Rhodoru
has added another classic to tho
sporting trophies already captured
by Mr. Crokcr. Sho won today's.
event from a Hold of -eighteen horses, nnd wns followed into tho finish
by Aodontrevu, owned by J. H.
Homldworth, and Capt. C. Forrester's Bracelet.
Lticlon Lynn rode the -winnor ond
displayed such Judgment thnt Rho-
dora turned the tables on tho favorite, I.osbiu, a horse that defoated
tho American filly in the Middlo
Park stake last yoar nnd thnt up to
tho present time nover had beon
King Edward and tho Prince of
Wales wero present, Rhodora won
Comparatively onally. Lynn lay behind Elm Twig until tho bushes woro
reached, hero ho drovo his mount to
the front and romped homo two
lengths ahead of Rrncelot, with Ae*
dontrtv third.
Rhodorn Is n half sister to Orhy,
Mr. Orokor'n horse thnt won the
Perby last year.
ship thirty of their own men. who
had beon working on the cargo, uiak
ing, with the crew of tho vessel, 72
men, all told on the ship.
As the storm Increased the waves
began to pound the big vessel, driving her steadily hack on the bar. in
the mean time the plight of tho men
on board tbe ship had become known
to the life savers along the beach.
First the Oak Island crow tried to
stretch life lines to the vessel but
before a man could be brought to
shore the lines were snapped off and
the only link botweon the ship and
shore was again severed.
The storm continued to grow and
steadily the position of the men on
the wrecked ship became more desperate. The helpless wutchers on
shore saw the big deck house torn
away and washed Into the sea.
Calls wero then sont to Jonos
beach, Soacho Inlet, Short Beach,
and Point Lookout, and a little la-
tor flvo life-saving crows were on the
beach but woro unable to launch the
surf boats or send a line to tho
stranded ship.
Early this morning the storm subsided sufficiently to permit the wreck
ers on board the ship to launch their
boats and thoy came ashore unaided.
competition has been pro
moted by tho Athletic Ulub4 and five
gold medals of the val-o of i?lU each
aro offered for u o first team, and
five moduis of i i.v value of $5 each
ior the second team. '1 horo will, it
is expected, bo ut least three Nanaimo teams entered, of which Shortjr
Graham's live, which hus been named "The Flying Mail." It comprises Graham back, Harley hall-
back, and Dlundell, Hurren and
Cruickshonks forwards. The Lob-
ley boarding house is also in with
P. Howitt, R. Sawyers, Farmer*
IJouper and Wilson.
ds to how the game will pan out,
it would be foolish to venture an
opinion. The game is new nnd
strange to iplayers and spectators a-
like, it lasts only ten minutes, five
uiinutes each way, with no penalty
kicks, no offside rule, and a corner
counts one point. It is therefore
bound to be fust and wind and speed
should bo great features In it.
Two teams are going from here,
und both should ghe a good account of themselves. Adam's team
will lino up as follows:
Morrison back;    Wynne, half back;
Clegg, Adam and Provins, forwards.
Sunderset's toam is Strang, back;
McKinley, half back, O'Connell, Sanderson and McMillan forwards.
Mr. J. H. Simpson waB in    town
Laporle, ind.# May 8.—The
Tenth body was turned up by
tho diggers at tho Guinness
farm shortly beforo nine o'clock
tliis"morning. It is apparently the skeleton of a  man.
Luporie, May 8. —Another
tody has iust been found at the
Guinness farm. It was juat
underneath the spot where the
first body of today waa found,
it is a skeleton only and ie
supposed to be that of a woman.
QUEBEC, Mny 8.—The Empress of
Britain arrived in port this morning and is boing unloaded by longshoremen. No trouble is anticipated.    Tho vessel had a record numbor! into of sevoral hired
CHICAGO, May S.—A despatch to
the Inter-Ocean from Laforte, 2nd..
Mrs. Delia Guinness, high priestess
of murder, who, at the back door ol
her form house kept a private grave
yard, from which eleven, bodloa have
been unearthed, is alive. Thin was
established yesterday beyond a reasonable doubt. An ordinary tape
measure proved the agent which may
solve the perplexing mystery of the
long series of startling crimes.
Careful measurements were taken
of tlio headless trunk of the woman
found in the ruins of the burned
homo, it was thought the body of
Mrs. Guinness, this resulted in the
ustoundiug revelation that the dead
woman was not more than half the
size or weight of the siren who ie
supposed to have lured a score of
men to their deaths.
In addition to the convincing testimony of the tape, half a dozen of
the intimate friends of Mrs. Guinness asserted with the posltiveness
of absolute conviction lhat the dead
tody was not that of the body of
the mistress of the castle of death
on the McLung road.
Lapcvt, ind., May 8.—Two rumors
are current, one tbat a man trom
Providence, R.L, was among tbe
dead. Another man living In Ohio
is Bald to. have visited Mrs. Guinness
aud that a fow days later she explained the possession of his horse
and carriage after ho had disappeared by the statoment that she had
tradid with him. At the same time
suspicion has bcon aroused as to the
men, formerly
employed hy Mrs. Guinness. These
have boon given expression by eev-
ornl neighbors, who assert thetr belief that they havo met death at hor
bands. About seven yoars ago, it
is said Olaf Limbo, was in her service, aad upon her looking for another to tako his place, she was ask
ed whoro lie wns, sho replied that
he had gone to Norway to witness
the coronation of the king.
Ameto Green, who is said to have
told hls frionds that he frequently
was aroused by    Mrs. Guinness    at
• night     with    an   exclamation that
• guests   had    arrived, nnd he would
• havo to sloop In tho bnrn, le mippos-
• od to bo somewhere In the west.but
aftor passing a $600,000 by- # his formor ecoualntnnces have below yesterday by the rutepi.y- • ff'm to doubt Ws fnto,
ers,  today decided to erect six
of passongers, thero being 18- first-
class, Ml second class, aud 05B
third class passengers, a total of
1,580. Tho immigrants aro of the
superior cluss and include a fow
seat out under tho auspices of the
Salvation Army. Among tho first-
class passongers wore a numbot
booked for overseas mail. The Empress had also over 1,021 sacks of
mail mutter aud U09 parcels.
Winnipeg, Moy 8.—Owing to a
largo increase tn tho juvenile
population,     tho school board,
•   new twelve-roomed sohoole.
Twenty-eight    labor    unions
.flourishing In Austin, Texas. CONSULT ME
II You Require Any
Or II You Require Any
Or If You Wont to Buy a HOUSE,
or lall On.;   or II You   Want
Naur? to—to, Conveyancer
Ladysmith   Standard
Publishsd oa Wednesday, auu Mdtur-
d.ys Afternoon, by the
Robt. il. Hindmarch,
One Year  f 1.80
Six Uoailig       75
Advertising Hate, ou Application.
The city has taken ils ffrst really
great and important step on the upward road ol progress. jMter years
of discussion, oi sauoMjlliig latrl-
true and sentimental skiriuishiug,
there is at lust u commou and unanimous doinand for an electric light
ayateiu. in iormer years the qucs-
•tion was always more or less tangled up with, and obscured by, a
cloud of side issues, all of them subsidiary to the main subject, and
uiany of them of minor importance.
On the laat occasion there wa* a bitter and heavy disagreement aa to
whether the motive power should bo
water or •team, and these warring
faction* were again further divided
and split up iv the issue of private
as against municipal ownership.
Thus, while there wus always a majority of tlio ratepayers in favor ol
lights, every by-law wus hopelessly
defeated when it went to the polls.
The circumstances were entirely
different with Ule by-law-wlSch wae
ratiiled on Wednesday. The poll on
that day was merely the culmination ol' a campaign ol propaganda
which began before the municipal
election*. The Issue, except for the
shadow of the sewer question, was
nlways kept admirably clear. The
by-law empowers the council to borrow twenty-five thousand dollars for
the purpose of putting in and operating an electric light plant for the
city. There could be no cross voh
Ing. Either the ratepayer wanted
lights or he did not, and that Is the
way those who recorded their voteB
looked at it.
The poll itself was disappointingly
small. It fell lar short ol half the
electorate. This is not a* It should
be, uid, 11 I* surprising that rate'
payer*, faced with such an importr
ant proposal, liable to adect so vitally their financial Interest, should
dl»pl*y such culpable Indifference,
both aa to their pockets and'as to
their dutie* and responsibilities a*
citizen*. Just as surprning as this
paucity of the Poll was the overwhelming nature of the vote. Practically there was no opposition to
the scheme. Only twenty-six votes
were cast against the by-law, so
that lt may almost be said that the
city had decided by a unanimous
vote for a   lighting system.
.That 1* tho most gratifying feature of the whole business. It is
proof .positive of what has been so
often asserted In this column, that
there has been a great ohange in
public feeling on the (juration. There
waa no getting away from tha fact
that a city without lights wns shut
out from nny possibility of progress.
Now nil tin's Is changed. The prospects for this summer lock better
than ever they have done in tho history of the town. There will be
more work on tho Instollntion nftho
plant, and tho lights themsolves
stand out as tlio first renl step ln
the direction ol progress. Tho town
hns como to Itself nnd to Its own.
Now that the die has heen cast,
thnt the city hns started ouTon Its
upward career, the future of the
town is assured. Faith without
works never had any marketable value. With progress go faith and
hope, nnd the adoption of this  by
Cartwright & Barclay
'■ ' '■ '■■ imaajjsaajajiaaln.a.aMaajsa..
law will do infinitely more for the
city and I— community thut merely
light our streets.   - -
■Air- *r-*——
SAN FRANCISCO, May 7.- People ol San Francisco and the Pacific coast States today saw andchee
ed wore than 5,000 ol Admiral Evans' sailors a* they marched down
the business streets ot the city over
a line of march that extended for
several miles. The spectacle was
the most notable of It* kind that
ho* ever been seen in San Francisco,
ln addition to the blue Jackets the
marches included detachment* of the
regular army of the Presidio, National Guard, state and city officials and me..,ber* of tbe order* of
Native Son* and Native Daughter*,
and a number of other patriotic and
civic organization*.        '
The Jackie* came ashore early in
tbe forenoon. Prior to the start
of the parade they were assembled
for formation in the street* south of
Market street. The sailor* from
the battleship Connecticut were given the position of honor. Next In
line came the boys from the Vermont, the Missouri, Maine, Alabama
and other of the big ship* of the
battleship fleet. Sixteen naval
bands were among the participants.
Tho military contingent, under the
command of Gen. Funaton, wa*
drawn up ln line along the Battery,
and other streets on the north side
of Market street. Every branch of
the service of the United States
army wa* represented. There were
one company of engineers, fourteen
companies of coast artillery, the entire Eighth Infantry, four troops of
cavalry, three batteries of field artillery, a company of signal corps
men, a corps from the hospital and
the Third artillery corps band. 'These
made a total of more than 2,500
troops In Una.
Notwithstanding It* immense length
and th* great number of organizations taking part the parade waa
started almost exactly on schedule
time, 10 o'clock. All along tbe line
of march the business block*, office
buildings and residences were ablaze
with flags and bunting, gathered tn
festoons or stretched In long folds
from roof to ground, while from
numberless flagpole* and window*
the national color* fluttered in th*
fresh breeze, with here and there the
dark blue of the rear admiral'* flag.
Everywhere the marching marines
and sailors were greeted enthusiastically by the densely packed crowds
of people along the route.
Rear Admiral Evan* wa* ths central figure of ths occasion. Surround
od by the admirals and captain*' of
hi* fleet, th* popular naval commander reviewed tb* pageant from a
raised and beautifully decorated data
In tho grand stand, erected at a
conspicuous down town corner.
Another notabl* figure ln the reviewing! party wa* Secretary of th*
Navy Metcalf. He was attended by
Rear Admiral Glass, retired; Lt. ff.
R. Miller and Ensign Metcalf. Other
parties wer* formed by the state officials headed by Gov. Gillett and
th* city officials with Mayor Taylor at their head.
HELENA; Mont., May 7- This is
th* du te fixed by th* government for
the inauguration of th* irrigation'
project embracing the dun river di*-'
trict in Montana, on* of the large**
undertakings of its kind In the country. Whsn th* engineer turn* th*
water Into the canal* today lt will
mean the reclamation of some 17,-
000 acres of land.
The land embraced in tht* project
la subject to entry In tract* of forty
and eighty acres, the (mailer parcels
lying near tbe townsites already laid
out. In addition to the "farm unit," there 1* a grazing area back
of th* irrigated land, subject to entry under the homestead taw, ot
which each entryman may tak* up a
tract -sufficient to bring hi* entire
claim up to 100 acre*.
The price to be paid for these
lands ha* been fixed at WO per
acre, the cost of the construction cf
the works, and a charge of fifty
cents per annum per acre 'will be
charged lor ths water privileges and
maintenance of the project. The original charge for construction I* to
be paid In ten annual Installment* ot
S.'i per ncr* each.
 ♦  .    .    .,.,
DENVER, Col., May 7- Train
robber* who boarded tb* Denver and
Rio Grande train No. 4 at (Jostle
Rock early today, shot and killed
express messenger Charles H.Wright
aged 60, employed by the Glob* Express Co. From th* dead messenger the robber* took th* bay* ol a
■mall safe in ths bagga*** car which
thty opened and took th* content*,
In all worth 1*** thaa a hundred
dollar*. A big sal* oa th* ear Containing a lars* sum ot Money, tbt
combination of which ll knows only
to clerks of th* company at th* prin
clpal station* along tb* route, ws*
tampered with but th* robb*r* were
unabl* to opaa It.
The robbery was discovered by
Wmi Bishop, chief night clerk of tb*
Glob* company'* offle* at tb* Den-
tlnlon depot, who* want to th*
car to get uprasj matter.
LAFOHTE, Ind., May 7.-T-be grisly . of the private graveyard at the
farm of -Mrs. Bella Guiness a mile
north of Laporte Is still in its early chapters. Todiy the estimates of
the number of persons murdered at
the place through the lure of a matrimonial bureau run all the way
from 12 to 20. The exhumation
yesterday of four dismembered bodies wrapped 'in burlap brings the total of victims known to have been
murdered to nine, Including the bodies supposed to be those of Mrs.
Guiness and her three children, discovered after the flre which burned
the farm house on April 28th, the
total of deaths to be investigated
and accounted for is 18. There was
scant doubt that Sheriff Smutzer
today would discover evidence of
murder ln two more i suspected
graves as unopened. All suspicious
parts of the promises are to be dug
up with special attention to solt
spots beneath rubbish heaps which
so far invariably have been to conceal bodies.
Chicago, May 7.—The following Is
Mrs. Guiness' maternal "ad" with
which victims were lured to death:
"Personal—Comely widow who has
large farm in one of tlie finest districts ln Laporte county, Indiauia,
desires to make tbe acquaintance ol
gentlemen unusually woll provided,
and with view of Joining fortunes.
No replies by letter considered, unless sender is willing to follow answer with personal visit."
Laporte, lad., Hay 7.—Additions
light on. the methods by which Mrs.
Guiana** caused the death* on her
farm, one mile north of here hy per.
•on* who are supposed to hav* fallen victim* to her lust for money
waa shed today by K. Helgelin, brother of Andrew Helgelin, 0f Mansfield, S.D., who** dismembered body
is among th* nine thu* far found.
Helgelin told tbe coroner 'that not
only had hi* brother been la communication with thc woman, buf also that she had written to him after
Andrew'* disappearance in attempt*
to indue* him to th* city.
'Sell your brother'* stock and
come here, and we will hunt your
brother together," wa* th* laat epistle written in Norwegian, and as
yet only parti"'',, translated. The
lettors Wa Jealously guarded by
Helgelin under order* Irom .Ralph N.
Smith, prosecuting attorney, but enough ha* been revealed to show tbat
ths woman had. attempted to gain
a hold on th* nearest relative of
her latest victim. Bain may interfere with further exhumations today.
Laporte, May 7.-Bessle Conklin, a
young woman residing in Michigan
City, Ind., whoa* former home wa*
ln Laporte, haa been arrested by
Sheriff Schmutzer, and 1* being held
as an important witness. The woman wa* a friend ot Roy Lnmphere,
wbo Is accused of complicity in tbe
murders, but her testimony is considered ol so great importance that
will be locked up until ah* ap-
post* before th* grand Jury next
week. It ia said that Lamphere,
while talking to Miss Conklin made
threat* against Mr*, Guiness. "He
told me that Mrs. Guinness had to
be good to him or he would send
her to th* gallows." aald Miss Conklin to Sheriff Schmutzer. She further aald that (he wa* ready to disclose all that Lampber* told her,
adding that "He waa'In love with
Ure. Guiimea*, and wa* crazy with
Coroner Mack has received from
Ale* Helgelin a deposition according to th* statements In which Lam
pher* will be called on for an explanation of aome statements he I*
•aid to hav* made.
Toronto, May 7M Alex. Lultlck, a
Galaelan I* the nam* of tb* young
man found dead near Brampton. A
post mortem examination reveal* the
fact that death wa* caused by a
blow on the hoad which fractured
the Jaw between the ear and chin.
The police decline to say whether
they hav* discovered anything that
will establish tha identity ol the
♦      .   •
NEW YORK, Mny 7.-HIgh waves
and a strong northeast wind have
driven the big German ship Peter
Rlckmors half a mile further in on
thc sand bar on .which she grounded
about a week ago. Three of hor
four masts have been torn out and
today the tugs which have boen
standing by her wero compelled to
abandon hor on account of the heavy seas.
The Rlckmors' crew ls still aboard
and lite lines have beon run out to
her by the life savors preparatory
to the rescue of them.
♦*j-a>%^a, %aya.%a>ayaJ%
a+a>-a.a.».»-»,a.*.«.a-**%a>*>a va,a>a,*^a.
.   SPORTING OAUSERIE. i   .What is the difference between olive
—— oil and honey?    Thore Is not  much
It Is surprising how a very   plain  in the   colors of tho two commodi-
story can get twisted up in the tell-! ties, but one of tho players who tua-
S.«>%^a■»«>«>»•*>«>«*«,»»«.«>«.-»«>«>*>■»,a>-%.a^. f«.«a««f.aa«%*%aav*|*
ing. For instance, the Vancouver
Province, the other duy, had the
following: "Ladysmith soccer enthusiasts were talking ol having their
team play tho Calgary football toam
match game ln Ladysmith on
which a wager of 8500 botweon supporters of the teams would hinge,
and intimated to the Calgary men
that if thay were eagor to get that
money they could havo it by playing on tho Island. Tho Calgary
mon replied that the wager would be
covered in Jig-time if Ladysmith
would give the Calgary mon a guarantee for tho game sufficient to
meet the expenses of tho trip. No
reply had como to the Calgary proposition up to noon thnt day, and
tho Alberta men decided to loavo for
homo this afternoon on the East'
That, of course, is one way of put;
ted the    former, believing it to   be
the latter, says that there is- ,
no, 1 cannot really repeat what   he
did say.
The boys fared all right at Win-
tors Hotel. They are not, perhaps,
accustomed to such sharp and robust
appetites over thero and the table
service was slow at times, but, on
the whole the accomodation was
Small Boy Shoots Boy While Play
ing Wild West.     Detectives Find
"Culprit" in Church Preying
for Wounded iioy.
NEW YORK, May 8, -Whilo playing "Wild West" with several, boys
in tho back yard of a dwelling on
West 18th Streot yostorday, Frank
Green, 8 yenrs old, was shot ovor
the right eye with an air rifle in
tho hands of Joseph Finley,. aged 9,
....    r,      ,, ,   „.,       ,    ,    and died shortly aftor boing romov-
The Free Press man, in Thursday's^,, to a ho9|)ltnIi Tho ,JU||ot )md
issue, published some part of the penetrated the brain.
Standards comment upon the big shortlv „,tor. tho 8hoo0ng d„toc.
game in Vancouvor last Saturday. tivo8 ,„ som.ch ot tho FMa b
In doing so, he says, here are found htm orl h)s kn008 ,na nonrby
the church. Ho told tho detectives that
ho was proying "That Franklo
would not dio."
some of the oxcuses offered   for
down-fall     of   tho    ex-champions,
Now, I mado no oxcusos in tho narrow    and     somewhat   roprehonsible
moaning of   that    word.    I gavo a
criticism of tho play as I was ablo'and'ho "wns   thon Informed for
ting It.    That    it is not tho   right Ito 'udB° lt> nnd n0, abuses w«re no- flr,t timo that
way is woll onough known here, but I cos. aty;    ln mJ' °Pinlon the club did) <load.      Whon
At tho police stution, a charge   of
homicide was entered against   him,
Ills companion   was
told hc broke down,
Wile- I'm actually ashamed to go
to church with thla old hat on. It
Isn't up to data at all.
Husb*ad-I*' tb* cook going to
church this morning?
Wlfo- No, I think not.
Huabond- Than    why not borrow
UOLTJliBT, B. 0.,'May 8.—Sealing
schooner Llbhle, hist In; all woll,
with two hundred and ninety nine
•kins. She reports lots of skins on
the California Coast. Weather top
bad to do anything, and strong
Northwest winds blowing. She Is
waiting here for stores, and , from
here will proceed to Copper Islands.
BALMORAL, Man., Hay 8,— Harold Heale wae drawn Into a traction
engine with which ho was plowing
yesterday and wa* so torrlbly mangled that be   died almost Instantly
lost the impression should get
abroad that wo got cold foot, or
backed out of our proposition I will
go over tho facts as thoy dovolopod.
First of all, thon, tbo bluff wns
put up by Calgary. Tho members
ol tho tonm got mixod up on tho
Saturday night In Nnnalmo. Of
courso tho games of that dny and
of Saturday came up for discussion,
nnd ono point raised was which
team suffered most from tho hoavy
ground at Recreation Park. Tho Calgary mon wore strong in* tho bolief
that they could go somo on a dry
field and that on a fast ground.
'Ladysmith was not in it. Woll, tho
pitch hero is both dry and fast and
so soon as this was told to tho
Caledonians their menngor offered to
play his team here for 8500.
He had tho money with hiin which
was more than the Ladysinith sports
had. In fact thero was somo of
theirs, or rather somo that had bo-
longed to thom, in tno wad which
was produced by tho Caledonian
manager to nail tho -challenge. For
tho timo being, therefore, tho backers of tho local club had to ' take
back wator. Howovor, thoy told tho
Calgary mon that the monoy would
be there for them, nnd that they
would hoar from Ludysmith.
Thoy were right in this, for tlie
Caledonians would hardly have reach
ed tholr hotel in Vancouver on Monday morning when thoy got a tnlo-
grnm calling thoir bluff. It simply
stated that «.*i00.00 would ho put
up against their tSOO.OO. Thc reply was a long time in coming. In
fact It was protty plain that they
had never anticipated that their
bluff would bo called. After taking
the whole of Monday to consider lt,
they despatched a wire to tho effect
that they would como on tho conditions named, (that is, a sldo hot
of $500.00), and a. threo hundred
Hitherto, there had boen no mention of a guaranteo nt all, On Sunday evening the f 1500.00 looked good
enough to them. So soon, however,
as their bluff is called, thoy begin
to cost round for a certainty; nnd
hit upon tho dovlce of fSOO, win or
lose. The buckors of tho local iluh
did not see this guarat
at all. Thoy were asked to put up
S800, while all the "Callies" Intel to
find was 1200. For a team that
had swept everything beiore it, this
was a mighty poor sporting proposition. They wore asking for odds
not giving them, and that against a
team they had beaten two days before.
Woll, the "Calllos" woro told thoy
couldn't have a guaruntee. They
wore told that thoy could havo the
bet and play for tho gate receipts,
or they could have a $200 guaranteo
and. take thoir chances of placing
tholr bets. But the only condition
on which thoy would come was a
1800 guaranteo. And so they left
for Alberta, with all tho spoils and
honors of tho competition, Possibly
they had had onough of football and
did not care about playing anothor
gamo. Again thoy had got thelion's
share of the purso right through nnd
having takon tho championship muy
have considered themsolves ontitled
to claim a reasonable indemnity win
or lose. But all this does not alter
the fact that it was Calgary, and
not Ladysmith that hacked out of
tho proposition.
It was wrong of tno, so I was told
to suppose that the band which mot
tho' Charmer on its arrival there on
the 18th of April, was thore to receive tho Ladysmith eloven. 1 was
wrong, it appears, because thoro
wero two Nunaimo players on board.
Howovor, I am on safe ground this
timo. Thero woro only tho Lndysmith
boys on tho boat last Friday and
we had. tho Church Lads' Brigade
Band out in our honor. Thoy played us ovor thu gulf and right up
to-tho hotol. Thoy camo back with
tho crowd, too, and tho boys nro
only too sensible of their kindness.
It wns truo sportsmanship.
Curiosity is always a dangerous
quality ospoclally If you lot It bo ob-
sorvod. Some mention was made
Inst wook end of a "Capllnno Canyon," or somo similar name. It
sounded liko a ten-cent blood curd-
lor and thore was qulto n number
wanted to seo it nnd thoy aro still
using embrocation. Tho tall follow,
(not the big follow), the tall follow
know all about it. It was only a
couple of steps from tho train tor-
minus, and it was a lovely spot. So
lt is, and evorybody who visits Vancouver ought to visit It If thoy have
a couple of hours to spare. Tho
walk itself makes a lovely two-step,
only lt lasts longer, and tho bridge-
well, you must Just go and seo It.
Morrison, (Arthur) won the race
out. Taking the mean of all the
distances glvon by the competitors,
the mileage must have reached at
least 2.48985 miles. The official
time was 14 0-10 minutes. Tho tall
fellow wae never in lt. I boat him
myself. The competitors woro Morrison, Strang, T. O'Connoll, Hindmarch, Hartley, Olegg, J, O'Connell,
Grainger, Hailstones and Graham,
There wore no refreshments and not
a single competitor has uny desire
to dispute Arthur's title, not evon
the tall fellow.
not got a square doal and failed tu Bnrt crlod bitterly when tho   officers
ploy up to form.    Thoso woro-'t-wo turned' him ovor to tho custody   of
point* I mndo.    Tho third was that the Children's Society,
tho ('allies <wore tho bost oloven that
had evor performod    on tho   Coast,
played superior football and deserved to win.      We wore boaten by   a
hotter team.    That was all.
"The Wook" contains the following
from one who knows :
MEXICO, May 0.— Mexico celebrated yestorday the anniversary of
tho first groat victory ol her army
over the French troops in tho war
of Intervention when Gon. Iglacio
Zearagoza defeated Gen. Loronzez on
May 5, 1807, before tho city ol Pre-
(By W. Blakomore).
For the second time the "Wolves"
have won the Association Cup,   covering    themselves   with glory,   and
bringing   Joys   to   their frionds   in ula" by " Ereat military parade.
many parts of the world. . Tho Vic-!   During tho day bands played     In
toria Times   mode a bad break   in all of    the   public squares and    at
xr^sVr rsrst We r4 ,hr ™an <*olorato, d;r
club had figured In tho final;    as  a Blay °' nre '™rks In tpont of     tho
matter of fact it is the fourth timo. national palace.
In in 18811 thoy wore boaten by Pros | —-——♦	
ton North End,   the   scoro standing!TROOPS iFOlt '1W ""<> DISTRICT
3—0.    In 1803 the Wolves won   the
Cup, beating Evorton 1—0; tho
match was played at Fallowfleld,
Manchester, and was tho flrst occasion on which tho final was settled in
tho Provinces. In 1896 tho Wolvos
again played In the final and were
beaten by Sheffield Wodnosdny 2—0,
and now this year thoy win out against Newcastle United 3—0.
Since 1883, when the Blackburn
Olympic for tho first time took the
Cup away from London only two
teams have figured in the final oft
oner than the Wolvos, viz., Black
burn Rovers six times, nml Aston
Villa flvo times, then como the Wolves four times, and West Bromwich
Albion, Sheffield United, Newcastle
United and Sheffield Wednesday three
times each,        a
Coming to the actual winners nf
the cup, those who have won it
more than twico since 1883, nro
Blackburn Rovers-five times, Aston
Villa four, and the Wolves, West
Bromwich, Albion, Sheffield Unltod,
nnd Sheffield Wednesday twico cuch.
From this it will be seen that tho
Wolves have a reputation of being
champion cup fighters, aud this yoar
thoy present tho very remarkable rocord of a team which is half wny
down the Second League, boating a
team which Is second In tho First
League, and beating them by
score which has not been equalled
since Bury boat Derby County by 6
to 0 in 1908,
The victory Is one which discounts
all predictions bused upon League
form, aud goes to show, what every
old footballer knows, that in foot-
ball as in all contests, personality
counts, and thla is a factor which
the "quidnuncs" are apt to leavo
out. Newcastle United ls admittedly the most scientific team in tho
First League, Their passing, placing
and combination Is said to be perfect; theoretically they should have
been able to outmanoeuvre and
trick the Wolves to' their undoing,
yet thoy wcro not ablo to score, and
three goals.were registered against
thom by a team which was scion ti lira 11 their Inferior. The explanation
is thnt grit ls better than science,
and that grit is tho determining factor ln every strenuous contest. The
Wolves nover say die, and aro never
beaten till the whistle blows. They
are desperate players, every nerve
is on the rack, and every muscle is
strained to win. They still retain
the glorious memory of those his
torlc rushes, originated by Jack
Brodle, moro than twonty yoars ago
when he played centre forward and
ho and his fellow forwards getting
the ball would time and again rush
it with the opposing backs and the
goal keeper between the posts,
Tho attack was liko a tornado
which sprang up unexpectedly, It
carried all beforo it, broko up ovory
kind of combination and defence
and rcachod tho goal. In this way
Ilrodlo and his morry mon si atchod
many a match out of tho flro, and
tho history of Association Football
contains no finer records than those
which tell of tho fight to a finish
at Molinoux Grounds, West Bromwich or Aston Lowor Grounds
twoon tho Wolves, tho Albion nnd the
These traditions are prosorvod and
tho "Wolvos;' havo nover ceased to
be celebrated for their "rush." The
particulars of tho final aro not yet
to hand, but tho account of those
mi-flnal, when the Wolves so handsomely defeated Southampton, fully bears out what I am saying. Before the Irresistible onslaught ofthe
Black Country men, the science and
combination of the best team in tho
South waa absolutely ineffective,
I am glad tho Wanderers have
won again, not only because I am
on old Wanderer myself, but because
it Is a local team. With the single
oxceptlon of Hedley the men nip all
from the Black Country. Wolverhampton has been distinguish id from
all other loague teams in that It has
nover made use of imported Scotch
players but has grown Its own.
COLUMBUS, 0.. Juuy 0.— Tl'Ooi'S
fromJColumtus ot the Ohio National
Guard left today on a special train
ovor tho Norfolk and Western road
for Portsmouth, whore tliey will be
transferred to Ripley and will then
go to tho tobacco district in Brown
county, where tho tobneco farmers
aro being ' terrorized by the night
riders from KontiMM'jy. T.ho troops
will patrol tho riverVfrom Aberdeen
to Hlgglnsport.
Quebec, May 8.-Th* small arm*
commission appoint*! by th* Dominion government I* meeting her* and
will continue ln seeslon until tomorrow evening. Thl* morning commissioners holding test* la connection with tb* Bo*» rifle.
Crack Caledonia Forward Says Nanaimo Toam has Best Forward
Lino on the Coast.
Billy Stewart, tho crack centre forward of the Calgary soccer toam,
says the Caledonians showed their
best form at Nanaimo un Sunday.
They have been getting belter overy
gamo, but it was not until Sunday
that they got. properly going. Tho
game in that city was the best
exhibition by them yet. Mr. Stewart
is impressed with tha football' on the
coast. He says it ls better than in
Winnipeg. Tho Thlstlo toam has
the finest defence of any team iu
Canada the Calllos have yet mot,
and If tho mainland champions had
a forward division equal to the
backs ho believes that it would bo
Invincible. Is'amiimo has the bost
forwards of any of the coast teams.
according to Mr. Stewart.
The Peoplo's Shiold will not be up
for competition again until lt is
ployed for in Canary noxt yenr.
The Caledonians have won it twico
now, but they have not had the
Shield in their possession even one
year, their previous win having boen
last August. They consider that It
would cheapen the competition to
put It on again at the Calgary fair
this year. Anothor big soccer competition will be hold at tho Dominion exhibition, howovor, If tho Caledonians can so arrange matters.
PORTLAND, Ore., May 6.- Edward Hugh Martin, son of a formor
captain, Hugh Martin, of tho Now
York city police department, graduate from West Point, onco lirst llou-
tonnnt In the rogulur army and an
armour plate oxpert at Sandy Hook,
was arrested yestorday on a charge
of murdering Nathan Wolff, a pawn
broker In the city, Friday last,
Martin denies nny knowledge of
the crime. Against his denial is
arrayed a great amount of circumstantial evidence and tho statement
of his wife, who boforo hor marriage
to Martin was Miss Tosslo Griffin, a
hospital nurse of Syracuse, N.Y.,
mode to District Attorney Manning,
says that she fears her husfittnd is
LAPOHTE.Ind., May O.-Further
excavuting, which will reveal more •
bodios on tho corpse-strewn farm of
Mrs. Bella Guiness, a mile north ol
hero, is promised for today by A.F.
Smutzer, shoriff of Laports county.
In addition Ray Lamphere, who' is' -
held on a charge of having causod
the deaths of Mrs. Guiness and her
three children who were incarcerated
in a flro which destroyed their residence on April 28, will be subjected
to another examination beforo Justice Smith. It is the hope of Mr.
Smith that Lamphere will shed some
light on the bodios found in the
barnyard of the Guiness home yostorday. One is believed to be that
of Andrew Hclgeleln, of Mansfield,
S.D. Another may be that of Jen-
nio Olson a fostor daughter of Mrs.
Guiness, who disappeared In 1006.
A third ls particularly accounted for
ns that of an unidentified man who
visited the place two or three years
"go. The othor skeletons are said
to he those of children, and are un-.
explained, although Lamphere told
the shoriff last night that a chil
hnd disappeared from the farm som
time ago.
Sheriff Sutzor has advanced the
theory that some of the bodies may
have boon sent hero from Chicago In
an effort to cover crimes ln that
city. Ho has nslod tho Chicago Police to investigate the antecedents cf
tbo Guiness woman, sho having lived in that city prior to hor appearance horo in 1900. But oven If
these mystorles are solved there remains yot the puzzling Incidents «ur
rounding the burning of the houso
in which MrB. Guiness and hor children mot thoir deaths. Two of these
children, Myrtle ngod 11, nnd Lucy,
n-od 7 yenrs wore My Mrs. Guiness'
;>' hi ■ n'n I, The third was Philip
l/ess, :\ ed six years. His lather
s '•Illc-1 by a blow on the head
r years ago. He was said to
havo been si ruck by a falling sausage machine. Serenes died suddenly In Chicago prior to 1900.
That tho flre which caused the
death of these children and their
mother was incendiary Is the firm
'■cllof of the local authorities. Also
thev havo a suspicion that Ray
f.amphbro, driven by Jealousy, was
lho man who started tho fatal blaze.
Except' I.nmphero, Joe Matson,
who wns employed on the farm for
n time, is tho only man who can
throw nny light on the mystery and
'in knows but littio.     However    ha
phine L. Brown, the pretty cashier
of E. Friedlander & Sons, lingerie
establishment on Geary street, 1*
wanted by the police. Her employer* iwore out a warrant today
charging embezzlement. Although
the complaint atate* that the cashier took only 830, Friedlander told
Judge Cobonlss, who Issued tho wnr-
mnt, that Miss Brown was short In
her accounts between three and lour
thousand dollar*,
. It 1* alleged thgt the races were a
strong attraction to the young woman and that shs often "plunged".
e-nve  n   graphic  description   of    his
ittomi'ts to savo Mrs. Guinness and
Vr children from Iho flro, this    be-^
ing   corroborated by neighbors     of
undoubted Integrity.
Lamphere spont tho night of Aprl,
27 nt tho homo of Mm Kllzaheth .
Smith, a ncgress in I.apnrte. Whether ho bad timo to rencl) tho Gul-
hess fnrm before tho flre started is:
not known.
Laporte, Ind., May fl The skeleton of a sixth body was unearthed'
on tho Guiness farm nt noon today.
Tho body Is thnt ot nn odult. It
wns found In a pine box, face down
and hnd been burled probably two-
voars.     It hns not beon Identified.
—i «	
MEMPHIS, Tsnn., May 6.— Three*
persons doad, several others Injured,
considerable proporty loss, and a demoralizing of traffic resulted from a
storm of wind and rain which swept
over tho southern portion of Arkansas, Western Tennessee and Mississippi yesterday. The wind razed
a numbor of buildings, and tangled
tolegraph and telephone wires, while -
tho rain caused numerous washouts,
along tho railroads, delaying traffic
and causing other damage,
Tho greatest damage ond loss of
life occurred In Arkansas. AtMarche-
tho Tollsh sottlomont, was badly
damaged and throo porsons killed,,
nnothor sustained probably fatal!
wounds, nnd several wore less seriously Injured, Mongro reports from
Conway nnd Faulkner counties toll
of daningo by tho storm. Watson,
in Poaya county, is roportod practically destroyed. In Western Ten-
nessoo and Mississippi tho negroes
suffered tho greatest.
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, air
or foreign substance fused with
carbon. .Carbon gives toughness
stength, keeness and life.    . *
■ Thirty year's study or the razor
situation has shown a way tor
add the highest per cent of
carbon to a Curoo Magnetic
razor blade throug a secret
ING giving It o uniform dig.
mono like hardness-something absolutely Impossible
with lire tempered * razors,
and they are Hamburg ground.
liome-or have your barber use I
11 on vou.for thirty days WITH. I
Ladysmith Hardware Co. a " | '" BC m. ■■'^^^^
London, Ont., May 0.- Lotion
'Liberals havo nominated John Mo-
Evoy, K.C., lor the legislature.
Hensal, Ont., May G.-H. Eilber,
M.P.P., is tho unanimous choice ol
South Huron Conservatives for the
—: I 1—
Hamilton, May G.-IJremior Whitney opened the election campaign by
a  big meeting last night.
 + —
Brockville, Ont., May 0.— Brockville Conservatives nominated tholr
old member, A. E. Donovan.
Brockville, May 6.—An Indian,
named Maraclo, about 02 years old,
was Btruck and klllod by a train
while " walking on tho track noai
Toronto, May 6.—Ninety Bulgarians have beon sent to Montreal to
bo deported, while 110 havo found
work on tho Temisldming and Northern Ontario railway.
Ottawa, Ont., May 6.—Hon. Mr.
Oliver gives notice of a bill to authorize the exchange of certain public school lands in Manitoba for other Dominion lands.
Toronto, May G.—Hiding a terrible scar on her face. Minnie Leapel-
11, a pretty Italian girl, gave evidence yesterday in the assize court
which resulted In Nnz/urino Million..
a Sicillian about 21 years old, .being found guilty of wounding hei
with Intent to murder.
London, Ont., May C—Chas. Dean.
50 years old, a hotel keeper, suicided yesterday by drinking carbollr
add. He hnd been brooding over
somo property loss in England, and
hnd become vory despondent. He
leaves a  wife and three small child-
Montreal, May G.—Two young girls
wore struck by an engine on a railway crossing in St. Henri ward last
night ns they were returning homo
from work, as a result Flora Minion, 17 years old, Is in tho Western
hospital, with her left arm amputated at the shoulder, and Eva
Pa*), Id years old in same Institution severely Injured.
Davlbaton, Sask., May 6.—Ross M.
Boyd, who arrived horo a month
ago from Quebec, was overcome by
gas In a well being bored on the
farm of W. F. Mowery noar hero this
morning, and died before he could be
brought to the surface.
Chiresholm, Alta., May 6.— Geo.
Miller, aged 11, nnd William Miller,
aged 0, were endeavoring to kill gophers, the one with a gun and tho
other with a sling. The elder boy
shot his brother in the breast, causing a terrible wound, from which ho
died Inst night.
ing will mark the entrance of the
party into the political urena as one
of the big parties of Uio country.
Its future depends mrgely dn, the
convention. As tin* Socialists are
sulTi'aglstH anil allow women full representation, a number of women delegates have been named. Two huh*
di'uil and nineteen delegates, tho
same number of alternates and six
hundred persons are to attend.
The attendance of local members of
tho party in thu gallery will swell
the number in tho hall to 2,000.
The dologatos will meet in the Oar-
rick Thentro, Sunday at 030 a. m.
Four largo choruses aggregating 500
voices and composed of English,
Scandinavian, German and Hebrew
singing societies, will sing tho
"Mitrsoillniso," tlie international
song of tho party In four languages.
JACKSON, Ky., May G.-Edward
Callaghan was fatally wounded by
his brother-in-law, John Spicor at
Callaghan's storo on Longs Crook,
nnd Spicor was in turn shot and
killed by Callaghan's sovonteen-year-
old son, as a result uf a puarrel
between Callaghan and Spicor yesterday. Spicer caine into thu store
und he and Callaghan quarrelled.
Spicer attacked Callaghan and nearly cut ofl' his arm. Callaghan's son
Wilniot camo in during the cutting.,
and shot Spicor through tlie heart.
■Spicer is a brother of Mrs. Callaghan, who is now separate^! from her
for divorce several months ago, and
husband. Oallughan brought suit
this is supposed to have be:n tho
cause of the trouble.
* Mont real,     May R.—Tho pre-  *
* vincial    opposition leader,     I.o *
* Bin ache,  says  tho  Consei'vativ- "
* es     will oppose Liberal cnndl- *
* dates in overy one of 74 sontB *
* In    the province at tho forth- #
* coming election. *
NEW YORK, May fi.—A Bmall boy
known only as Carmelo, and employed In a barber Bhop in Brooklyn, onrly today cut the throatB of
his employer, Antonio Fcraso, Mrs.
Peraso, and three barbers, whilo
tliey luy asleep in Peraso's apart-
mouts nt 107 Fulton stroet. Tho
wounds of Fcraso and his wife aro
believed to be mortal while those of
lho barbers aro serious, but probably not fatal.     The boy escaped.
Tho police havo a theory that tho
boy was an agent of a Black Hand
gang which hod been demanding
money of Peru so under the throat of
doing him injury, and that the black
mailers placed tho boy In tho shop
In order to punish Pern so for bis refusing lo satisfy their demands.
Cnrniello used a pair of scissors
nnd a razor in his attack upon tho
barber nnd his employes. Frank
Strnlinn, Michael Uohertso and Jos
Macro, the three barbers, were flrst
iittncked by tho boy.
Scnforth, Ont., May fl.—Every *'
ono of Sestertii's hotel keepers •
were yesterday fined ?B0 for •
Illegal selling. t
London, May G.—The 2000 guinea
stakes for tho colts and fillies foaled
in 1905, at Newmarket today was
won by August Bellman's Norman
HI., by Octagon, out of Ninchive.
The raco is one of the classics of
tlie English turf and was won a-
gaiust a Btrong Hold which included
King Edwiud's lerrier, the fnvorito
for the Derby. Tho King and tho
Prince of Wales was present on tho
grand stand, and in spite of thc
rain, e gront crowd of spectators
turned out for the meeting in the
expectation that his majesty's horse
would win. The betting on Nor-
mnn III, was 25 to 1 against.
Today's race was the centenary of
the Stakes. On twenty occasions
tho winner of this race subsequently
hns won the Derby. Norman III.
iB entered for the Derby.
CHICAGO, Mny 4.—Elaborate preparations nro being mndo for tho
Socialists' national convention which
Is to bo given Sunday, May 10, nnd
continue about a week.   The gathor-
Have you pickod     out where you'ro
j        KOlng,
To the mountain or the shore,
To fkdit tho midnight skeotcr,
As you've, dono so oft of yore,
And   swenr    you'll spend tho    next
yenr nt horn.,
Just as you've sworn before?
Victoria Day
Lndysmith vs. Nnnnimo.
t*+tto**4aihAfi06**A*ii6tipiifiMtjt0tt40&0i*AAftj'A*mtpA*A wwww
Maxwell Smith,
specter, and W.
Uiry-tiensurer  oi'
Doifilntoh fruit iu-
J.  Uruiidith. set-re-
the B.C.     Fruit-
tuo I
National Brewers'    Association Will
Attempt  to  Counteract the  Prohibition    Movement   that   is
Sweeping the Country.
CHICAGO, May 5.—A new movement of tremendous importance and
prophetic significance In the direction of reforming tho American saloon hus materialised.
The movement, which is rapidly
gaining headway, in wjthin tho
ranks of tbo liquor interests, The
question of e.evating Lho saloon business will bo tbe topic of prime importance at the notional convention tho strides that are being mado by
of tlio United States Brewer's Asbo- the fruit growers of tho district, ln
elation, which will bo hold in Mil- Lhu*,^u .* pining una preparing
wuukcu Juno 8, U nnd 10. .     ,      *" *. ,   .        \.
The action of tho    convention will Lho ll'ult lor   marKot UtJ nt)tices     u
Urowers' Association, «vore
city last night and left this morning for Alberni where thoy will-address meetings on tho subject of
fruit culture.
Mr. Smith, who lias made numerous visits to Nanaimo iu the last
two years, expressed satisfaction   iu
bo the answer tu the anti-liquor agitation that has been sweeping the
country culminating this spring in
disastrous losses of business to tho
saloon interests.
Among the topics to bo discussed
aro following: Measures for divorcing tho saloon business from gambling, slot machines and vice. Local
option and prohibition laws recontly
ouueted by tho state legislatures;
tho SuifUay closing movement, tho
saloon In polities; tho treating evllj
should it bo discouraged? and tho
free lunch, should it be abolished?
WASHINGTON, May S.-Naval surgeons and tho medical profession in
general are watching with intense
interest tho development of a method of treatment which holds out
iirpo lor the victims of tho white
Tho cure was accidentally discovered by Naval Surgeon Bartin Lisle
Wright, whilo administering mercury
for anothor ailment. There are
now thirty-five cases under treatment at the naval hospital at Now
Fort Lyon, Las Animas, Col., and
according to an account of the discovery, extraordinary Improvement
is being shown by all of them.
Tho mercury is administered by hypodermic Injection which is followed
almost immediately by marked improvement in tho patient's condition.
"Of the thirty-iive cases," says'
Ur. Wright, "thirty are showing im-
e^ua ospid poonpoj oirj iCq -juouiOAoad
and temperature, increased appotlto,
distinct advance. There is uo such
thing uow as there was u year or
two ago, of choice apples being packed iu old coil oil bo.\cs or some other oi.uahy undesirable way, Until
Mr. Smith took up this question
such a thing was not uu uncommon
sight in the city.
liotli Mr. Brandith and Air, Smith
are loud ia their praises of tho fruit
that cau be grown in thisdisirlet,
"As goutl as anywhere la Di'iush
Columbia," is tlio way tliey put it.
"i'ou huve a climate, Liie quality,
und can grow the quantity, tliey
say, aud thero is no reason why
iruit growing should not become ouo
of the most Important industries on
the island. The educative measures
adopted Ly tho Fruit Growers' Association and the Dominion and
provincial oillciais are beginning to
have their eileot. There was a time
wiieu it wus nothing unusual' to *sue
a fruit grower with ail quantities
of fruit aud not enough of uny one
variety to make a decent shipment,
'this is boing remedied and and fruit
growers aro paying more attentiou
to the varieties of their fruit and
their commercial value, with pecu-
nary advantage to themselves."
Tho experts say that oa tbo Island
we are somewhat behind the other
fruit-growing! sections of the provinco in the matter of applying scien-
tiilc methods to fruit culture, but
that this will come in good time.
Mr. Smith finished an interesting
interview ly remarking that "You
have everything on the Island that1
favors     remunerative1   fruit raising.
From prize winning Stuck. Barred
Bocks, Black Langflhans, Black Min-
orcas, Buff, White, and Brown Leghorns, Blue Auihilus'ians and Black
Orpingtons, Buff and White Cochin
Bantams, and Golden SOabrlghts.
Eggs $a.00 per 18; others at §1
per 13.
Mount View Poultry Yards
Five-Acre Lots, Nanaimo, I'i.C
All Home Cured
Roberts St. Butcher
The Canadian Bank
if Commerce
B. E. WALKlilf, Presldont.
ALEX. LAIliD, Gouoral Ma ager
A. E IRELAND, Superintendent
of Branches.
paid-up capital $10000.000
Rest     5,000.000
TOlal Assets.. 113000.000
Brato'ies throughout Canada and in the United States and England
Fai-mcm'   Papor   Discounted.
Deposits of ?! und upwards leceived, uud intere t all,wed at
curreni rates. The-depositor isBubject-to no .delay whatever ia
tho wit! drawal ol' the who e .-r any part ul' thc deposit
0FF.XS:   HOIKS ON  m  My
9:30 c. in.,' to 12.    4 p.m., to 5 p,
m.    P p.m., to S:!i0 p.m.
 „ L. M. D«QRX. Manage?
, , . ,    .       . , .   Tho future of OTo Industry rests with
lessoned cough and a  gain in weight  ..„  ■  -*-,. ,        . ~,       ,        ,
.... . .      „ (the people,  nature liuvlim  done her
whilo the remaining five are holding!1
their own.
"Wo havo shown that it produces
marked Improvement in advanced
pulmonary lesions, and* that it also
hns a decidod beneficial action on
tubercular glands."
NEW YORK, May (J.—Further news
tending to show thut Duke De Ghaul-
ncs, late husband of former Theodora
Shouts, of New York, was stricken
In an opium den, and that he was
removed to hls hotel in a dying
condition, is contained in a cablegram to the Now York Times from
Tho cable says the tluko was taken from tbe den by a police official
and thnt it wns not until after his
death in the Hotel Langha'm that
Ids wife realized the real cause of
his doath.
Vienna, May 7.— Emperor Frnnses
Josef left Schoenbrun yesterday for
tho first time in two months and
camo to Vienna to grcot tho royal
personages who aro arriving for his
jubilee. Heavy rninsr which have
prevailed, threaten tohspoll the decorations which everywhere adorn
the city. Tbe King of Wurtcmburg
and othor notable personages havo
Fitzclaronce'fi    Muster   Wants   $500
Left at Comox for Missing Man's    i
Head Tax Returned.
The captain of the British steamer
Fitzclaronco, now bound to Bombay,
with coal from Newcastle, is endeavoring through his agents at Tacoma, to recover $500 which ho deposited at Comox owing to leaving
without one of his Chinese* crew,
generally considered to have boon
drowned at tho coaling port. The
Fitzclaronco, Capt. W. il. McLennan,
was coaling for a voyage to Australia with lumber from Tncomn,
when tho 9300 wus deposited. While
conl was boing loaded one of the
Chinese erew disappeared at night.
it. wus thought that a splash hud
been heard in the water ■followed by
a cry for help. However, thero was
nothing to prove that the man had
not deserted, and consequently (he
steamer wns.held  liable.
As the Fltzclnrehce had brought
tho man Into the country und did
not take him out of it, she wus
held liable and tho fine of $500 was
Capt. McLennan offered n rownrd
of S50 for dragging for tho body,
and somo time after the steamer
put to sea the body was recovered.
In a letter from Newcastle, N.S.W.,
March 21, Capt. McLennan, refers io
tho matter and asks for u return
of the monoy hc deposited. The crise
has been taHan up by tbo vessel's
agents, J. T, xRteo't *i Co., of Tu-
comij. It hns gone to the government authorities at Ottawa nnd us
soon ns tho caso is fully investigated the. money will likely re returned to tho owners.
If the body had not been found,
thoro would havo been no opportunity to got the money returned as*in
that event the agents of the vessel
could not have proved that the Chinaman  was not  iu the country,
S,.<f ■■(.:• ry Treasurer.     £«
W. F. M. .a.
SEATTLE, May 7— In a desperate running light in a crowded thoroughfare In tills city last night, J,
Curchin, ullus Joe Cordova, who
now confesses to having shot and
i.illed l'ollcemnn Jos. Ford, in Salt
Lake City, on the nlgbt of Dec. 24,
following a holdup and robbery of
a saloon by Garcia und his companions, was himself shot and fatally
wounded by a  detective.
Garcia was led into a trap by a
lifelong friend who. turned stool pigeon for Sheriff Emery of Salt Lake
City. Emery had arranged with his
accomplice to lead Garcia Into the
hands of a waiting pesso led by
the sheriff himself. This was done,
but /when Garcia saw Emery, ho
drow two revolvers and opened flre
on thc sheriff. His aim was erratic
and- he soon felt, his wrists were hit
by bullets from tho detective's revolvers.
After the shooting Garcia admitted
that It wns not Joseph Sullivan wha
wns rerently convicted of the crime
in Salt Lake City, and wns sentenced,
to life imprisonment, he is tho man
who murdered tho policeman.
Cinrcla made a daring oscnpo from
tho Colorado state ixmitontlnry' sov-
oral years ago and was ne^or re
Toronto, May 7.—At the annual
meeting of the Woman's Foreign
Missionary Society of tho Presbyterian Church of Cnnnda yesterday Rev,
C. McKinnon, of Winnipeg, delivered
an address. Satisfactory reports
from tho society at Mlnnedosa, Regina and Winnipeg were read. For-
1 Jeign Indians, Chinese and Japanese
In western Canada and some mission reports were presented by Mrs.
Boll, Miss Craig nnd Miss Reid.
MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 7.—A special from Texarknnn, Tex,, says. Immediately following his preliminary
trial nt Naples, Tex., today on a
charge of assault to murder and rob
John Williams, a negro, was taken
in charge by a mob and hanged to
a troo near tho depot. Williams
was charged with assaulting a whito
man at this place about a month
ago and was recently captured In
rensncola. Fin.
London, May 7.—A despatch re-
cohed from Lnndi Kotal says that
it is roported that Major Copesmith
commander of tlm Fitieth camel
corps, white seeking with a mounted escort to recover stolen animals,
wos mortally wounded hy snipers before reaching camp.
 _ *	
Kompville, Ont., Slay 7— R. L.
Joynt, former Conservative member
for Granville, hns definitely announced himself as a enndidnte in opposition to tho present member F. G.
Fergus, a   Conservative.
OTTAWA, May 7—In the senate
last night Senator Casgruin gave
notice of amendment to the Railway
Act tho object of which iB to roturn
to the condition of tho law of 1U03.
As it is now iu operation, expenses
wcro charged on property of railroads, that mado operating expenses
rank ahead of bonds. His bill proposed to mako operating expenses
lirst charge on cumings as was tho
case in 1003, and hnvo bond mortgage first charge on property.
Senate,,! C lor on spoke in favor of
tho Od rgian Boy canal. He condemned the expenditure of flvo or
six million on the militia; the ex-
j ond it ure shoidd con so and the millions bo devoted to useful works,
such as Ihls- canal. He expressed
the hope that Laurier would add to
his greatness by inaugurating this
» Honolulu, May. *■- Mrs. L, Snow
(Miller, who it is citatcd is a sister-
Boston, Mass., May 7.-After Bev-!*"'^ of M ^orts, was found
cral weeks' work by the state police ;«!oftri 0I1 " forcst irni! nt Konfl- Hft"
two m«n wero arrested lost night, tWfltl- Tt is Sieved sho lost her
charged with boing responsible in |way ,-vhllo walking and died fiom ox-
part for the gront conflagration    atjP°mire-
Chelsea cn April 12.     Tho two mon |
under arrest are Jacob Lowltsky, 23
yenrs of age, of Boston, nnd   Abra-
hnm Wolnitz,     aged 80, of Chelsea.
They are both charged with arson.
lOiuA HAV.
Nanaim'6, -May V.
Competition   Between   thu r'ootUill
Teams Of Nunuimo uud Ludysmith—-Uoud Drawing Curd
in Teuius.
«A meeting of the Viotoria Day
Culuurution Commilteu was held lust
night, routine business being transacted. Thu ruqucst of thu RQlu Association for a donation towards
the shoot of thu inuiuijurs ou \ io-
toria Day was turned duwn, owing
to the scarcity of funds iu thu truu's
ory. it Wi.s decided to grant yii^u
towards a trophy to bo competed
for by the Ladysinith and Nanaimo
footbull teams. This is the only
eventth'ero will be, for which a gate
will be charged, aud as the two
teams will draw" a big crowd, and
an tho members will have to keep in
training long past tho regular footT
hall season, it was decided to offer
them this handsome trophy. Both
teams have given their word that
thoy will compete and as interest is
keener than ever among tho followers of both, a big crowd will likely
be in attendance and a rattling
good' game should ensue.
LONDON, May V.-Tho Houso of
Commons lust night unanimously a-
doptod a resolution urging that
stops be taken for the spcody abolition of tho system of licensing opium dons in tho colonies, particularly in Hong Kong, thc Straits Settlements and Coylon.
During tho courso of tho debate J.
E. B. Zjelloy, tho newly appointed
under secretary for tho colonies said
measures would bo taken to comply
with the terms of tho resolution in
which tho govermnent acquiesced
willingly because it considered that
tho time was rijie to tako a decided
step forward in this mnttor ns an
example and aid to China, as well
as on behalf of tho welfare of his
own follow subjects.
ST. PAUL, Minn., May V.- Returns from all parts of Minnesota up
to midnight indicuto that Gov. John
Johnson last night carried tho Democratic primaries against Wm, J.
Bryan, and that tho state convention, which will meot in St. Paul
on May 14, will Instruct tho 22 delegates from Minnesota to the national convention to voto for Gov. Johnson for the presidential nomination.
Owen Round, Out.. Mny 7— North
Grey Conservatives    nominated,    G,
M. Boyd for the loffislattiro, nnd Vt.
S. MIddleboro for t'-e Commons.
Ottawa, May 7.—Mr. Lemieux pr
sen ted io narlbunent yesterday the
report of MncfConzIO King on the result of hls mission to England regarding- the nupsl.on of restricting
Hindu Immltrrntlon to Cnnndn.
TO SPEND $15,000,000.
*jj    president and Managing  Director.
k  THE-
I   1
(2j Ladysmith,   Mitish   Columbia m
Regulations for the Docking or
Mooring of AU Vessels Arriving at
British Columbia Ports from Plague-Infected Ports.
(Approved by  Order   of His  Honour
tho   Administrator-in-Council,   dated
Sth April, lVJOS).
1. AU vessols arriving at British
Columbia ports from' ports infected
or susnec.cd of being infected with
Uubonic Plague shall conform to tho
following regulations;—
(a.) Vessels shall bo moored or
docked at a distance not less than
six feet from wharf or land:
(b.) Ropes or chains connecting
a vessel with wharf or land shall
be protected by funnels of size aud
shape satisfactory to Local and
Provincial Boards of Health:
(c.) All gangways shall he lifted
when not In use, tlungwnys when
in use shall be guarded against the
exit of rats by a person specially
detailed for this purpose:
(d.) All vessels changing route
to solely British Columbia ports
shall give satisfactory evidence ol
disinfection and extermination of
vermin to Provincial Hoard oi
2. Every owner, agent, or captain
of any vessel, and every other person violating or instructing, authorizing, ordering, permitting, or otherwise suffering uny person to violate
any of the foregoing regulations
shall he liable, upon summary conviction bolero any two Justices of
the Peace, for every such offence to
i fine not exceeding one hundred
dollars, with or without costs, or to
imprisonment, with or without hard
labour, for a term not exceeding six
months, or to both fine and imprisonment in the discretion of the eon-
victing magistrates.
Dated at Victoria, 9th April, 1008
(Bv Command).
Provincial Secretary.
Charles J. Fagan. M.D.,
Secretary Provincial Board of Health,
ail 0-2 n
he Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
(' 11. Box 54 'Phons 44
E. 1' A A NELL
Denier In All Kinds of
Meats Delivered free of charge on thi
Shortest Notice.
>iic><i by bpo-
ostlrantcs ut
•Itoiu-n, Pub-
mo," and ml-
Chlol Com-
Worka, will
ol  Tuesday.
;; Union Brewing"Co.
Torontn.     May
■ Thc Horn*!*    of
Notice to. Architects.—Competitive
Tlie Government ol British Columbia invito tlio Architects ol British
Colunihin to submit competitive tic-
signs of a Public Hospital for tho
Insane, which It Is proposed to erect
nt Coquitlam. situated noar Now
ffes'tmlnstor, ll. 0,
The designs, accompli
cifientioiis, reports unil
cost, mul suporscribed, '
lie Hospital for the tnsi
dressed to lhe hon. thc
inissinncl' of l.nilils nnd
bo received up to noon
tho 80th Juno, 1908;
The designs, specifications, reports
mul estimates of cost shall hnvo no
distinguishing merle or motto, tlio
author's name b'olng enclosed in ii
lilnnk scnlcd envelope securely attached tn tho design submitted.
The design shnll be adjudicated
upon by nn Architect practising outside (ho Province, to bo selected by
the flovoriinient, nftor the 80th .hine
The design placod, first hy tho Adjudicator slnill' rocolvo a premium
of $700, nnd tho one plncod second,
n premium of 8500.
The Qovornmont Is not hound to
erect (lie building from nny of the
designs stihmittod.
If tho design nwurilod flrst plnce is
ncrepteil. tho premium referred to
abovo shall he included in tho pro-
fossipnnl fee paid to tho architect,
Printed conditions governing the
competition enn ho obtained liy bona
fldo competitors upon nppltdatlon to
tho undersigned.
F;.(\ OAMBl.E.
Public Works Englnoor.
Lands nnd Works Dopnrlinrnt,
Victoria, B.C.,  7th Mny, WOS. til
Control purposes submitting by-laws
nn .Tune 27, for a trunk sowor and
filter pliint, nnd a seawall nnd
brldgo. over tho Hon river, totalling
S0.102,000. I
K'-t:, ■-':^?i^!^^T*mil3SSr'
WIIOI.KJALE asd retail
Uulysttiitli, U. O.
and Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding  nnd  Party Cakes Made to
; Order.
Fruits nnd Candies of All Kinds
Prices nro    very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
-v%»->. ■*.*»%»»%«*%% %*»%%%%%%% Specials io Our Shoe Department I
NO. 1.    Men's Canvas Boots, Leather Toe Cap,   and   Leather
bar across front, good Strong Sole. Special Prico 11.85 pr.
NO. 2.   Men's Patent Leather    Oxfords.     Regular prico $4.50.
Special Prico for Saturday nnd Monday   $8.95
NO. 3.  Tho "McCreudy Pit Shoo,"   only 80 pairs loft, and to
clear them out wo offer them at tho Special Price of $2.85
per pair.
NO. 4. Boys' Ollgrain Tan School Shoes — the best wearing
Shoe to lie had ut anything liko the price. Our Special
Prico, Boys', youths' nnd littio Gents', at $1.85, $1.85,
and $1.45.
Mr. Hawley has sold out his
terest in the livery stables to
partner. Mr. S. GiiTord, who in
ture will run the -business alone.
Mr. Dave Galloway has returned to
town again. He left ovor two years
ngo for Seattle, but did not stay
thoro long. He camo from Banff to
here and hns been spending a few
days renewing old acquaintances.
■■ ' ♦    ■
The anuivorsnry services of .tho
Methodist Church will be held on
Sunday. The services will be hold
at the usual hours, morning nnd evening and the choir will render somo
special music.    All nro welcome.
In tho last issue of the Stundard
it was announced thut tho Laurel
Hebokah Lodge would givo a Lawn
Social on Monday, May 18th. This
waB a mistake The Social will bo
given on Tuesday, May 19th.
Tho Europe Hotel hns rocoivod its
summer suit. Roodding nnd his n's-
sistants have been nil ovor it nnd
nil through it und the house is now
shining in its bright now colors.
The bar-room, in addition to paint
and varnish and tho graining of
doors, wus repuporod and is nil the
lighter and brighter for it.
Amusomonts are coming into town
fast. On Wednesday evening n pool
room wus opened in tho Williams'
Block next to W. 13. Morrison's storo
and Mr. Pnrrott opened out his
bowling alley. Needless to sny both
places wero well patronized. It was
impossible to get near tho bowlers,
but they wore players who showed
moro skill tlinn was becoming in
more novices.
 4-- .
Mr. J, N. Jones tnkes this method
of thanking nil thoso friends who,
in various wnys hnvo glvon such
kindly proofs of sympathy with him
in the sad loss of his wife. He also
wishes to thank tho local doctors
and tho Chemainus Hospital Btaff for
their services to tho docensed.
Preparations nro now woll nilvanc
od for tho third elocutionary contest which hus boon hold undor the
auspices of the W.C.T.U. Tho dato
has beon fixed for Friday, Mny 22.
at the Presbyterian Church. Tho
contest hus now renehod nn interesting stage and an effort is boing
mado to get up a strong program
of additional   attrnctions
We now carry a largo range of
the very Lotost American Styles
in Soft Folt Hats.
Hordomnn's Celebrated Cravon
otto Rainproof is one ot Our
Our Prices range from tho
cheap Chip Straw at 50 conts to
the $10 Panama.
Women's and Men's Mexican
Straws, 50 conts.
Willi**. Blosk
The knob which has so long made
an eyesore of Gatacre Street, has
been taken away this week. Tho
city has had a strong gang of men
engaged and the street is already
one hundred per cent, hotter in ap
pearanco. Once the sidewalks havo
been laid down on tho same level,
tho town will be ablo to boast of
decent approach to tho depot. .
t '.
Toronto, May 8.-The grain section
of the Dominion Marina Association
will make an effort to hare soma
arrangements mad* to obviate da-
lay* in handling and loading wheat
at Fort William and Port Arthur.
LONDON, May 8.-M1** AaaaPur-
dy, ag* 88, waa probably fatally
burned at her home thi* morning.
She had been ill and it is supposed
she got up in tb* night tojlght a
lamp. This morning ah* wa* found
in an unconscious conditio* b**id*
ths bid fearfully burned.
OTTAWA, May S.-According to
additional paper* brought down in
the house with reference to the
Ross ride, tbe chiet superintendent oi
foetories at Woolwich, Eng., reported in July 190ft, that th* bolt and
body of the Rots rifle were strongly
constructed and serviceable but tb*
lock bolt wa* defective, inasmuch a*
it doe* not withdraw. As primary
extraction depends upon momentum
obtained in the first movement of
the bolt, extraction appear* to be
somewhat weak, being, mad* of
sheet material, the magazine is constructed poorly, being made of thin
sheet Steele, depending on woodwork
mainly for it* support. Th* cutoff
is simple and cheap but unaatisfac.
tory. Construction of back eight
is decidedly weak, the leaf being
made of thin abeet metal pressed up
to form a rib In imitation of mau-
ecrs. Can dot, cut out from solid
strength of lug* for leaf very poor.
Slide poorly fitted throughout and
the main object in thl* light appears to have been cheapness of construction. Now cap weak la construction, but one that could be
cheaply made. On sliding trap in
but plate not likely to be very durable as any blow on plate would fix
it. Stocking of action very rough
and fitting very poor.
NEW YOBK, May 8- A report i*
in circulation that Floretta Whaley,
who eloped a year ago with J. K.
Cooke, at that time rector of St.
George's Episcopal church, Hempstead,-la about to return to thi*
city. Brno* their elopement the
coupl* have been living in Sao Fran-
Before Surrogate Jackson at sline-
olo, L.I., then is to be a Judicial
settlement next week of an estate la
which Miss Whaley I* financially interested, and lt is said that ber relative* at Hempstead expect ber to
return. "*he estate to be wound up
1* tbat of her father, John Whaley,
valued at about 135,000, out of
which Floretta and her sister Edna,
were to be educated and maintained
and were to receive the remainder of
the property after their grandmother's death. Prior to her elopoment
Floretta had a regular income from
the estate, but It Is understood that
since she left Hempstead she hs* allowed her .mar* to remain untouched.
 ♦ -.,-
Oolton, 0„ Kay 5—Fir* threaten*
the destruction of th* bullae** district. The polio* station, tb* town
hall and th* flre department hall art
already destroyed. A heavy wind
is blowing.
■"■'.«      i    .   .
Labor unions are no new Invention. Accurate records of their existence In Roman times have been
dug up In Pompeii. • -•■■.
DALLVILLE, Vs., May 8.-As p
result of a bitter family feud wbich'
has caused several previous difficulties of a more or less serious nature in which three men were shot
to death, it is supposed from ambush near Philpott yesterday. The
victims are Jo*. Smith, aged 26;
Chas. Dodson, aged 85; Jas. Holly,
aged 19.
The following were arreeted on the
charge of having committed the murders and released on ball for a summary hearing today: William and
Oro ver Maasey, brothers, and Beres-
ford and Thomas Spencer, brothers.
The feud existing between tbe Shel-
ton and Dodson (agoilies on one side
and the Massoy and Spencer families on the other, was brought to a
focus several days agio when some
unknown parties cut up and destroyed a blockade whisky distillery operated by Samuel Shelton. Shelton
and his friends accused Wm. Mossey
of the deed and started out yesterday with the avowed Intention of
destroying a double distillery alleged to have been operated by
Maesey. Half a dozen men were In
the party and all were heavily armed. It la alleged that the party
arrived at the destination and while
the plantation of Beresford Spencer, the Spencers and Masseys being
warned, concealed themselves behind
a cluster of bushes oh the road and
opened flre with rifles. Over 75
shots were fired in rapid succession,
the three men named above being
killed while their companion* fled,
over twenty bullet* were extracted
from the body of one of the victim*.
■The scene of the killing ls in the
heart of a- neighborhood infested by
illicit distilleries and near the place
where a woman was shot to death
year ago by a band of moon-j
shiners because she had informed on
Cleveland, May 8.—An international convention of the Socialist Terrl-
torlalists began ln this city today
for a session of tour, days. Many
of the branch organizations throughout the United States and Canada
are represented at the meeting.
The Socialist Territorialists are an
offshoot of the Territorialists, of
•which Israel Zhngwill, the well
known English writer, is the head.
The Zangwlll organisation is In turn
an offshoot of the Zionists. The
latter believe In founding a Jewish
nation in Palestine only, and the
Territorialists believe that any suitable location Bhould be selected. The
Socialist Territorialists hold that
Socialism should prevail ia the new
Com* all ye son* of Canada,
And fall right into line.
To clear the stench at Ottawa
Where tbe Grit* have bad a time.
Much ha* our country suffered
This grafting, great aad •mall;
Our timber's sold and pilfered
To th* gent* who know no cull.
The crafty Grit* have bought
U» gun* of punk design;
What (arrow if we fought
With    such scrap hsad good* »ub-
Oh, pieces of th* ocean
Th*rs I* some hope for you,
But none for white fish, sturgeon.
The** go to Grit* bf hu*.
And what about the O.T.P.,
To build with our 18 nil.
A aad me** it is,-sokes me!
Why didn't thty call oa Hill?
One* prairie we had plenty.
Twelve years mad* good had rare;
Our till i* more than empty.
And the Grit* must "akin" _ by
Yoor last
By coming to tho Foundry
you save commission, expraasf-
nge, and package, and make,
your own choice.
Wo challenge comparison;, anther in Prico or Quality ef
During the present season the authority of the Northwest Mounted
Police will be extended as far north
ns a line drawn from Great Slave
lake to Chesterfield Inlet, on Bud-
son's Bay, and as a preliminary step
In the matter. Inspector Pelletler
will set out from Edmonton during
the summer months on a trip of
2,400 miles, the greater part of
which has to be made by canoe.
McSlush— Come up to the    house
tomorrow, night; we're going to have
a blowout.
O'Shrine— .What'* up?
McSlush— First anniversary. <
O'Shrine— Of whnt? ,   .       '
McSlush— The cook has been  with
us a year. > ,
VANCOUVER, May 8.-<Jeorge A.
Walkem, a prominent business man
aged 86, unmarried, was this morning found guilty of procuring abortion on Miss Blanche Bond. Sentence
wa* deferred.
greatest naval review ever seen in
American waters took place in San
Francisco Bay, As Secretary of
the Navy Uetcalf steamed down the
long columns of flag-draped fighters,
and was saluted by each vessel in
turn, the sight was one never to be
forgotten by th* thousands of spectators wbo lined the shores and filled Uie countless excursion boats that
dotted the water* of the bay.
As a naval pageant, the review
wa* the moat notable in American
history. There have been several
great naval parades on the Atlantic
coast during tho past two years, but
in no instance was the number of
vessels anywhere near so large a*
was the. case today. Forty-six vessel* of war participated in the demonstration. Of. course the centre
of attraction was the sixteen great
oattleahips ot the Atlantic squadron.
Behind these. wero ranged the armoured cruisers, gunboats and destroyers and fleet auxiliaries. From
the city front there was an excellent
view of the mighty fleet as it lay
ut anchor, stretching in a formidable line from .the foot of East street
to Hunter's point.
Battleships and cruisers, gunboats
and destroyers, all were "dressed"
in the fluttering flags and the brilliant hind- pennants and bits of
bunting which form the international
signal code. During the salutes to
tho secretory of the navy, the white
puffs of powder smoke floated away
like tiny flecks of summer clouds a-
mong the fluttering flag* of the decorated ships, the effect being one of
unexpected 1-eeuty.
Ia the fleet was represented every
type of vessel known to the American navy of the present day. The
stalwart 10,000-tonners of tho Connecticut clnss shared honors with
the tiny destroyers that likewise had
made the 14,000-mile Journey from
Hampton Ronds. Five stages ol
American battleship construction
were represented in the lino, and as
on object lesson in the growth ol
the American navy tbe spectacle
found one of its most striking features. The siuno guns that uttered
a goodbye tributo to President
Roosevelt at Hampton Roads last
December. today, voiced a welcome
to his secretary of the navy.
The great ships tugged at their
anchor chains as the reviewing boat
passed up and down their lines.
Each vessel manned tbe rails as tho
secretary of the navy passed, and
tbe crews stood at attention as the
yacht skirted each line. The vessels of both the Atlantic and Pacific fleets looked almost as spin and
spaa ia their coats of white paint as
though they had but recently left
tbe dry dock. From the shore there
appeared a dazzling background of
warships, whose glisteoing white
side* eparkled In the light rays reflected from the water, and whose
light buff superstructure and stacks
lent a harmonious netting to the
many hued flags floating! from mastheads and peak, from fighting topi
aad flying truck*.
In every part ol the world where
they have been seen American
sels have always attracted attention
because of their graceful lines and
clean-cut appearance. Today assembled Into the greatest fleet that
ever flew the Stars and Stripes, riding nt anchor In one ot the most
beautiful harbors on the American
continent, these ships that constitute the backbone of the American
navy have heen a subject of lively
discussion In naval circle* the world
over, made an Impression that will
live long In the memory of the hundreds of thousands who looked on,
while the secretary of Hie navy, surrounded by a brilliant staff of officers, doffed Ml hat la acknowledgment of each thunderous salute.that
marked ths pros-res* of th* review.
Constable D. Stephenson came
on the morning train and raided the
provincial Jail and courthouse.
Mr. Russell Simpson' is reported to
be much better ard is making steady
Mr. Murison,    of Vancouver, spent
couple of day* in town on business connected with the new Vancouver bank.
Mr. J. Donoher, of Vancouver, was
ln town on    business   during    the
The Rev. Mr. Wilkinson went down
to Victoria on Thursday.
Mr, J. M. Morgan, of Victoria,
was In town yesterday.
Mrs. R. B. Hindmarch returned
from a two weeks' trip to Nanai-
mr this morning.
. In Germany all workmen, servants
and clerks abovo sixteen, and getting loss than $500 a year, are obliged by law to insure against old
Wall Papers
Mclntyre -foundry
Company, Limited
I rn^»«««*^«jf»««»»»»eff'*j»j»jt J. E, Smith,    Robert** Street
dome and Make Tour
Selection—new itook
freeh in.
Under the Auspices of tho
with or without Collars, plain
or Fancy in an elegant Range
of Pattorns to choose from, if
■ Prices 05c up. T'
aod Ties::
Toesilay, May Mtb, -18
On Fourth Avonuo.
Prize Drawing,    Ico Cream on Sale.
Admission, 25 csnfs,
all in and
my Stock of Latest Styles in
Wall Papers
Picture   -Framing   a Specialty.
!. fyeddipg
High Street.
Just In by Express —a large
assortment of Fancy Socks and
Neckwear. Come in and see
the new Alligator Tie — tho
newest on the Market, made of
Leather—a good wearer.
>*»> *>%*»». *W>»*«J>*JI»t%»T»aJi'»l»ata-'
j    A. B. HILBERT
Telephone, 1 2-4. J
Nanaim, li 0.     J
%aj>%a>%ay%a>ajaaaiaj, a)ajV%^
j    Tele,
*i III 111111 IM H-H-H-H*
■ I    Lace Hose in black, tan and ' >
i • white. ''
1 '    Plain Hoso in black, tan and'| !
| ' whito. ,,
, ,   New stock of Corsot Covers.    . i
j Miss Uren;
! ,      FANCY GOODS   STORE.     \ \
All Work Guaranteed.
Bods and lines
Flies and Tackle        [
For All Kinds of Fishing.
A very complete selection of "Tho
Whitney" mako now in Stock.
Superior to any other Go-Curt in
Stylo, Comfort ant: !*—nliility.
'Collapslulo Go-Cr..: . w:t'i Adlust-
iblo Tops, 10, 12 i..... 11 in. Rubber Tires can bo supplied.
S. Peterson
Phone 18.
First Avsnue
iii! '
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Dally at 0 a. m.
Wednesday,    Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 15:58.
For Victoria.
Trains r\rriVe at Ladysmith
Daily at 11:57.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
At 11:57 and 17.55.
From Victoria.
CEP. l.~C.JUItTFff*\V
I District Passenger Agent.
10a Government St., Victoria
Setting Eggs
Full Setting for $1.00
Leave Orders at G.Roberts' Butcher
Shop, First Avenue.
David T. Davies
The attention of tho Lands and
Works Dopartraont having been directed to tbo fact that town lots in
a townsite named Princo Ituport,
being a subdivision of Lot 612,
Range 5, Coast District, situated on
the mainland between tho mouth of
the Skoona -Rlvor and Kulon Island,
are being offered for salo, It has
beon deemed nocossnry to warn tho
public that the said townslto is not
situated at tho terminus of the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, and is
not the townsite which is owned
Jointly by the Government of British Columbia and the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway Company.
Chief   Commissioner   of Lands   nnd
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., May 1st, 1U08. Im
Ice Cream
10 Cents a Dish
Cigars   Tobaccos.   Soft Drinks
Excellent Boarding
Special Heal Tickets for
the Week
Mrs.S. Corker,
PORTLAND.     -j?
J. ffl. moRGAN,
Teacher of Voice Production and
Engagements may be loft at tho
Standard Ofllco.
THAN WOOD. . . .
H. Thornley
I Black Minorca and Plymouth Rock
eggs. , Full setting of eggs for fl.00.
All eggs guaranteed. Leave orders
at 0. Roberts Butcher Store, First
Notlco is horoby glvon that we In-
tond to apply to the Licensing Commissioners of the Olty of Ladysmith
at thoir next regular meeting for  a
, trunsfor of the Hotall Liquor Licence
now   hold   by us for the    promises
known as the Now Western Bar, Ladysmith, B. C, from ourselves   to
John Pausohe and John Dunbar.
Ladysmith, B.C., March 81, 1908.
, I.
Every Oonv«..nc.,   and Everything! ,0r Liverpool to Lon-
oi toe wst. -     ft 0]obe InJ Co   (pln))   0nly
""■*** these who can secure a share of bu-
Jos. Natnldvell, Pjrop* ^^STraW, a*.**
Box 633, Vancouver.
Notlco Is horoby glvon that I shall
mako application to tho Board of
Licensing Commissioners of tho Olty
of Ladysmith at tholr next regular
mooting for a transfor of tho rotall
liquor license now hold by me for
the promises known as tho Columbia Hotel, situate on Lot 2, Block
80, Ladysmith. from myself to Olo-
mont Toho.
Ladysmith, B.C., May 6, 1908.


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