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Ladysmith Standard Apr 1, 1908

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Rlue Point Oysters  -.  30c and 50c a Tin
Torrens Oysters  :.'  25c per Tin.
Top Brand Oystors   25c por Tin
Mustang Brand Oysters   15c por Till
San .lunn Clnms  2 Tins for 25c
Soanich Clams   2 tins for 25c
Albert Sardines   2,'ic per Tin
Marie Elizabeth Sordines  20c. per Tin
Labrador Sardines,    , ,  2 tins for 25c
■Davios' Sweet Plcklo Relish   25c per bottlo
Lit us havo your First of the Month Ordor.      A Trinl Order   will
convince you.
Mnconochlos' Fresh Herring  2 tins for 25c
Cnhbago, Cuuliflowor and Tomato Plants.     Loiivo Orders   EARLY
 -    -Ml—-I    . II.   I .—   ..I—   I I I 'li 1
'Selection Committoo"Hand Out Surprise Pucket to Local
Special Train Arrangements for Nanaimo and Victoria Enthusiasts.
Council Engage Expert Engineer to Find Levels and
Outlet and Finnish a Complete Estimate of Cost
Of Installation.
Uieal Inte«iuediutes Will Meet   Victoria West on Out Bay ti rounds
Next Suturduy.
Tho' team to represent the   Island'   ,,, ~ Interest in    the grout inter-league
I In   tho'   Inter-league   match here on-    lba '"st match in the Intermediate name on Saturday is not nearly  ao
J Saturday wus   selected tit   Victoria League scries will* lie played'on Sat- great as might have been oiiwted,
Saturday    ovonlng.    Tho eleven, jurday on tlio Oak Hay grounds whon  u"d ua il would most assuredly have
I in one sense, is as representative us
If A.... l._  1 I    . ...... .
beon under norm'ul conditions. As  it
from every club in  the Island
gue.    Thut is pretty near   all
cun bo suiil  for   it.      No one
any knowledge of football, who
I hud    an   opportunity of seeing
I various elevens in action during
......     ......      ..ill,     will,-,,        »»U        .......      .....      WQ.U     ....       ,.     ,11- .I,,,'.I,     1,1,11 	
lomher of tho brigade "■ is "w host teum ta lie found   In   but
he exempt from Muni-  u'e    islund.       The surprises in   the   0ut
■■■I'm     .......v .   . I"."     ni.111,111     IIUU Ull"   i   »"•«•     ii ■ v     i .. ■>  i .in   i       <i i 11 i     .1 i in I I "".i ' I I • 1 I   I   ,i , , ,,   . . ——■ —    •*••      w    M[" •"»     "» »f"       " UUI      MS*"
dorstood this tu Include tho dog tax. j Victoria wanted a back In the team I        '       possible snapo,     1 he   Vic- nalmo at 1:80 in tlie afternoon w'lllo
""" ' '  torians are a strong eleven, und tho the return truin to Victoria  will be
teuui that beats them .on thoir own hola over uu hour.    Th8» arrange-
and Washing Powder
50c Worth of Silverware Fiee
with every 50 cent Purchase of
Golden West Soap and Golden
West Washing Powder.
To obtain this Silverware all you have to do is to
purchase 50 cents worth of Golden West Soap, 12 bars,
or Washing Powder, or !&'> cents worth' of each, and
for a Silver Plated Teaspoon (which is worth at least
2.i cents) '.■lien cut out the Coupon off tho two Cartoons
ond send them tn t-lm Miuiiifacturers and obtain another Silver  riiled   Tn fji ion 'FREE.   In this way your
Golden West "oap and Golden
West Washing Powder
Cost; You Nothing.
Tho eleventh regular mooting of tho (Mr. Smith)   hud told him when  ho'season will arguo for a moment that
City Council waB held fn the    City bocamo    a  . mom
Hall    on   Monday ovonlng.    Mayor that he would
Nicholson   presided   und thoro   woro olpal taxes.    This flreiiinn had    un- \ tonm are Lorimer and Johnson,    If
presont    Aids.   Cutnpboll,   Roberts,
Haworth, Brown, McKinnell and Ma- Still ho, ('1;... .Ii'eniiiii) had spoken to  nby not-havo played Htruthors. Tho
thesou. .       .... ,.'    ■" . tjho C'.iy v.iik jud tho Mayor about  letter   is u fine-ulnyur wjthu   line
A letter was read Irom the firm ol it, and had been unablo to'got a de-, knowledge of the game, and it is
Messrs. W. S. llurston &, Co., ol finite answer from either of them. ! questionable whether there is a bet-
New York, on tho question of tho Ho hnd told the City Clerk thut, If tor lefl beAk on the Island. The
electric lighting of tho city. Tho coin ho hnd to pay, lie was ready to do 'point against him is thut Hewitt
tnunicutioii stated thut tho company It. Under thoso circumstances ho "n(l Grnlinin have ployed together
had noticed that a lighting scheme would ask tho Council to refund tho "" tlle season nnd there is not a
was before, the city and suggested flno and costs in tho case. shadow of doubt that they ure tho
throo sots of conditions on which Muyor Nicholson remembered tho lrest lmir oI backs in tho League,
they would undertake tho installa- man coming to'him. He had told However, to give the position to
tion of tho plant. him that he eon 1.1 not sny   out    of Lorimer,   is to make a farce of tho
Tho .letter was ordorod filed for fu- hand, but thut he knew of nothing whole business.
ture reference, in tho by-law to exempt him. |   ASain.   A. Johnston has no claim
Accounts totalling $1,282.30 wero     Aid. Matheson asked   Mr. Stewart  UP°" the   contre   half position.     It
presented and woro referred to    tho if ho could recall tho conversation to should havo gone either to Clegg  or
Financo   Committee   to be paid   il which Mr. Smith had-mado reference to Sawyers, und preferably to   Saw-
found   correct.    Of this largo total,     Mr. Stewart suid thnt tho man vis- *""'"•     Johnston   muy   havo beon a
8585 went to school   salaries, whilo itod bis ofllco uud asked him if, ns a
repairs at tho schools for labor alono fireman, ho wos   exempt from    the
cost ovor J168.    Aid. Haworth said pnymont of the dog tax.
be expected thut tho workmen    om- thut he had never heard or   known
ployod on thc repairing of tho school of anything to thut effort.  That was
would draw   their   own money, and practlcully   nil that passed between
was informed    thut ouch man would them,
sign for his own cheque.                      l   -Aid. Hn.worth snld ho hud no    oh-  "'"' " 's "lun* than surprising that
Road Foreman Callander   reported Section to tho llremon being exempt tbey should havo been overlooked.
that a ditch had been cut on   Kit- from tho payment of tho road tax. I   Tho s electing   Committee wus as
chonor Stroot at a cost of *5.   That But that wns os for as tho oxenip-  '_°"011's:     John Eno, Ladysmith;   0
tho locals meet Victoria Web..,    ...»
, „,,, ,  ..    -.        ,      ,       ' <« everything is dwarfed into   inslg-
Luil. | holders of thc championship,      The nlficimce by the mutch for tho cham-
tliut i '"tter huve a  load of two points, so plonshlp    ou   the 11th.      Had the
with, that a   win for the local eleven will chauipionship    been decided or   had
hns moan a  tie for lirst place und a re- ]'" T'" "Mn S°m° "ft1"1 tt"0ad' the
tho    , ,    ,      -.     , interleagiio gume would have loomod
the |,la-v o" "eutral B«,unds-     Suoh    a up In its proper proportions. In any
result is     by no menus impossible, ouse it will doubtless bo well attendee home boys will huve to get     '
The ussutiution hus muile arrnnge-
l'or u special train   from   Na-
out and work to get themselves into monts
good centre-half; but ho is now too
slow for the pluco und is little or no
Ho replied uso to his sldo In attacking. So far
as tho writer has seen, Thackeray
und Struthors were the only Victorians whose claims for a place on the
, team  were worthy of consideration;
.a., a.. ... t  ^i^a^..±. ^■f|l,^nai^iAiO.<..a\i*.i.Mia*i.A.A. I
Solicits "Z"o-ax C-us'iiess
iiyiafififi^^ey^y^'f'f f '4)'W<t,'-'iwip iwip'-'-'of'W'-'*
Good Tackle
n i
P. O. NOOT tests your Eyes
thoroughly and correctly, freo
of charge. All tho different T
Stylos of F.yo'Glussos, Spcctu- . .i
clcs, otc, carried in stock, ..
Broken Lenses replu.-i.il, and ■ -
' Oonorul Optlccl Work dono.
Call and havo your Eyos test- ''
ed boforo thoy give moro trou- ''
bio. lt costs you nothing and *
Is a pleasure to us.
wo solicit your Watch Repair ^.
work and gunruiitco satisfaction.
Watchmaker and Optician.     '. \
k+-H*t-m+m *• * * 4 h*X
Phone 7-0.
was all    tho streot    work that had
beon dono during tho week.
Tho Mayor reported .thut ho had
visitod Victoria during the week and
in uccordanco with tho instructions
of tho Council, had interviewed an
engineer with regard to tho sonor
question. Mr. Muhono was tho name
of tho engineer and ho had boen employed by. their predecessors in olllce
somo yours ago. At that timo tho
Council had.boon in rather straitened financial c'ircumstancos, und Mr.
Muhono had mado a particularly low
charge. Indoed ox-Mayor Coburn had
stated that tho city would nover
again hnvo such a chance given thom
However, Mr. Maho'no hud got somo
part of the work done whon tho
Council cancelled his engagement nnd
ho wns willing to do tho work now
nt the original figure of $400. Ho
had asked for a chart of tho harbor,
and ho had contracted to draw plans
nnd profiles. Indicate the best possible outlet, und glvo thom an estimate of thc cost of putting in a complete system of sewerage.
Mayor Nicholson statod that In his
opinion Mr. .Muhono was a vory
liable man,; He hud dono a lot of
that kind of work, both iu Victoria
and Vancouvor and in nearly every
city on tlio Coast.
Aid, Cnmpboll — His work will bo
Just to find tho sower levels nnd tho
outlot ?
Mayor Nicholson replied thut ho
would furnish n plan for n complete
system for tho city, with tho mnin
pipe line nnd all tho necessary junctions. Ho might sny thnt Mr. Ma-
hono hnd boon figuring out a sowor
sunk to a depth of 18 foot. Ho,
(Muyor Nicholson) had Informed him
that that would not bo necessary in
Lndysmith. All thnt they required
was that tho pipes should bo deep
enough so thnt a heavy wagon pass
ing ovor thom would not break them
Of courso. this would niuko a greut
difToronco in the cost of putting In a
Mayor Nicholson concluded his remarks by stating that ho himself
considered thnt Slim spoilt for such
a purpose would bo money noil spout
They wore getting the sorvlces of an
oxport and experienced man. and wns
getting them cheap. If thoy ongag-
od him thoy -would thon be In a position to go to tho people and toll
them exactly how much it would
cost to put In a sowor.
Aid. Cnmpboll said ho did not
think thoy would bo doing anything
out of placo by sending for this
man. Even If thoy did not go In for
n comploto system, thc work would
always stand good until It was
wanted. He thought lt would be as
woll to havo tho man sont for.
Aid. McKinnell — This engineer
would moroly furnish thom with an
estimate of cost, tho sizo of tho
pipo, nnd tho nocossnry levels. If
thoy derided lo go ahead and put In
tt sowor thoy would require to on-
gago another ninn to do tho survey
Muyor Nicholson — Yes; thnt Is
whut Is dono in ull ruses liko this.
Mr. Muhono and I wont ovor tho
probable cost, und wo figured it out
that the sowor could ho put In nt a
figure which would mako It cheaper
to tho people than tho present sanitary -work.
Ou the motion of Aid. McKinnell,
socondod by Aid. Matheson, It was
decidod to ongnge Mr. Mahono.
Aid. McKinnell said ho had learnt
from tho Road foreman's report
thnt n ditch hnd bcon cut on Kitchener Streot. Ho would liko to
draw tho attention of tho Council
to tho condition of Warren Street.
It was ovon worse than Kitchener
Streot and needed to bo attended to
at once.
Mayor Nicholson snld It would be
looked after during tho week.
Aid. Haworth referred to tho culvert which hnd boon put In on High
Stroot across Third Avenuo. Tho
boxes wore too short, and thoro wns
an awkward ditch for anyone going
to tho doctor's in tho dork.
Tho Road Foromnn was Instructed
to attend to It.
Flre Ohlof Smith having been
granted permission to address the
Council, said he had como up to
them in connection with u member nf
tho Flro Hrlgudo who hnd beon fined
for not paying    his dog tax.    Ho,1
tion should go. '   ,'Graham, Nanaimo; A. Locksley, h,s-
Aid. Mothoson—Are thoso mon not qulmolt; 0. G. Duncan, J. n. A. A.;
puid for tho work they do? .anrt K- M- Whyto, Y.M.C.A.
Mayor Nicholson—'Yes. I   lk will    bo seen   that there wero
Aid. Matheson — Thon whv should tllreo Victorian representatives on
thty bo oxompted from tho pnymont tho Committee nnd this explains why
of taxes? , Howitt is displaced and Sawyers fuii-
Ald. Haworth   said    tho pay   am-  ol1 lo got a placo.
ountod to very little, nnd   in lots of | '4—'
cusos did not begin to cover tho in-1 ,,,,„,.,.. ...  ,,, ,-,    . .
jurydone to thoir clothes. i H( )'P ji I « (     ( )V L \)
Aid. McKinnoll   said   that if   tho  "VlJbliO VIaX/JHiU
nionoy   given    them   was too littio'
thoy had better increase It.    These
mon should bo puid nccordlng to tho
work they did, and then thoy could
pay tholr tuxos.
Aid. Brown ugroed with this. Tho
laborer wns worthy of his hire nnd
tho firemen should bo adequately remunerated. There would then lio no
ronsou for exempting them from taxation.
Aid. McKinnoll said the difficulty
was that If. thoy muile this refund to
one they would,hnvo to make it tn
Mr. Stewart pointed out thnt nil
that wns nskod for wns thnt tho five
nnd costs he refunded.
Aid. MoKlnnbll thought tho explication addressed to tlie Council should
hnvo been addressed to tho Ilonch.
Could tho Council, ho nskod, order a
fino to bo refunded' that hud beon
Imposed by the Magistrates. 	
Muyor Nicholson replied that tliey  e,„ni„_,
could If thoy wished. closing.
This ended tho discussion nnd ns
thoro was no motion the matter wns
allowed to drop, nnd the roiincil ud-
Biround Willi have to be going some.
Tbe line-up oi the local teum will
I e as follows:
Goal- C, McMillan..
Backs— D; O'Connell and M. Kerr.
Hulvesr- T.   Leahy, .1. Millar,
Forwards— Wright,  o.Connell, Ml
chie, Hughes and Simpson.
Reserve— Callandar. ■
monts should add materially to
The Mainland eleven will arrive in
A'unaimo on tho Friday and journey
down here on tho morning train cn
Suturduy, so that there will hardly
be much of a crowd from tho Ter-
G. niinul City.
j It is impossible to publish in lull
tho All-Muiiiland eleven, as three of
tbo men selected, namely, Rogers.
Forrest and Mitchell have refused to
come aud the names of their substitutes huve never been disclosed.
The funeral' of James Alexander,
the l(J-months old -son of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Allan, .of Third Avenuo,
took pluco on Sunday afternoon at
4 o'clock in tho local' cemetery. A
largo number of sympathizing friends
attended, and the. following sent do.
rul tributes:
' Globe—Mi', and Mrs. Penman, Miami Mrs. W. Gibbons, Mr, and Mrs.
and Mrs. T. Skilling, Mr. und Mrs.
W, Buuld, Mr. Alex. Allull, Mr. and
-Mrs. Allan.
Wreaths — Mrs. J. Ross,    Mrs. R.
Wallace, Mr. uud Mrs. Morgan, MrB.
F.  James-
Mr. Hilbort had charge of the   funeral arrangements.
Ladysmith was a very quiet town
on Sunday. The football game iu
the    ufternoon     was after ull only
mildly exciting and from that   timo '" ^"ucnuria is supremo, and
till dark tho   ohurches wore without '""I*10''0 he bus supported the
ai. l'liii-UollLltG. Mur, 81. —
ihe liusKitui.go.'erniuout is ursturbou
oy -thu uttituuo oi i<reu Fisher the
luiiou biutos consul at-liuruin, concerning u,o jurisdiction of. Kussiu
in .Uuuciiuria.- ihe American consul insists thut Cliinesu smeie.gnty
(A Rural Poem).
competitor save the attruction of lost" u' china against tho estabiish-
a   walk into the country. ment i.y Russia of municipalities on
The reason for tho unwonted quiet ll>o railroad    between iioJ'uin    and
was on ordor issued by tlie Licensing ftohllns, independent oi tho Chinese
Commissioners    ou    Saturday night goicriimentf
that all saluons and holols were   to Russia is seeking an explanation ui
close    down-   light on tho Sunday. '>>* course both at the Uuited suites
The recout scenes on the streets' liu.1' embassy here uud at Woshingtou.
prepared tho way for such an'order, Mr. Fistier   is accredited to China
und somo of the hotel men theinselv- aud since his arrivul iu Harbin    in
es rather   favor tho idea of Sunday January,  1U07, he has consistently
In any caso tlio order Ants refused to recognize or admit    that
strictly   observed, nnd there    wore he should have anything to do   with
more pedestrians on the roads     un the 'Russian afuninislrutlon of     tho
Sunduy evening than has been soon territory.     He has been firm in his
for a  blue moon.     It is, of course, assumption    thut he was accredited
hardly likely that tho order will re- solely to China and he has declined
mnin operative    for any length    of to urt on the suggestion conveyed to
time, but lt seems to bo taken for him    by an   oiitcial of the Kussiun
granted thnt   a  stricter surveillance railroad administration tnut he   se-
Tho balmy Breeze, through tho lofty wlfl ll0 exercised In the future over
trees, wus sighing soft and low,' the conduct of the hotels, more   os-
Anu the sun's warm rays, In a dnsp- peolaliy on the Sundays.
ling mazo, o or tho land threw n '	
lovely glow.     - ""    '       *"
And tho greon   wood  rang,   ns   tho "nia    1\Y V l*UT    \;AI.T*»
swoot birds sung, os thoy hailed ^|i5   Jj^   j\|!;VV     YUluV
tho glorious morn,
As thoy swiftly flew, 'nenth tho sky 	
so bluo, to tlio fields of   waving ;..'■-,              ,           ,    ,
corn It is always a pleasure to he able
And the lovoly flowers in tho shady to-chronicle    the success of n pluy
bowers, raised thoir heads   with Kbax "ucn s"m'ss IS Kn"'e*1 hy ',°s'-
flowery prido tlniate    methods    and     by absolute
And tho sun's rays gloom,   on    tho _'arlb    "j tK?   Ploy    and company,
rushing stream, whore tho   fishes ^,cb » I'1".5' is    ^IS ln *Nc"' wk'
sport and glide
And tho busy boes, 'nenth tho  shudy
trees, with u droning Bound ffew
And umlianinyod, tlio squirrols   they
played, in tho cedar trees so high*
flower   clad  tho «tt"ic1
Thnt it baa achieved ono tit tlio
season's real bona fide stfecessos, and
thnt it met with tlio hourly endorsement of both press nnd public wherc-
ovor iHVHeiited is n known fact. Its
reception has been must  cordial and
insect     life
And    all    around
ground,     with
And like n diamond's blaze, tho sun's
warm    rays,   on   buttorflea woro
And tho graceful deer, devoid of fear
at     the    streamlets'    edge wcro
As a summer day, in the shade I lay,
of Nature's beauties thinking,
And tho power of song, with n grasp
so   strong,   o'er   my soul  camo
swiftly rushing,
And these uncouth rhymes, with their
rugged   chimin,    liko a mountain
stream came gushing,
Tis   a   glorious   land—your native
land, Canadians ono and all;
With it's lovely flowers,  it's   shady
bowors,    and It's cedar trees
mentioned  ns
of the few realty worthy dramatic
offerings of the current season. The
story sparkles with a peculiar wit
and happy Innovations. The humorous situations arc crowded upon
each other with a profusion of resource, yet are never u'lloWod to
break tho steady development of the
story to its well defined conclusion*.
The character types ure of a refreshing originality ami there is pictures*
quo intorost to tho entire production
thnt is decidely original nnd unique.
"Sis in .New York" conies to the
Iindysiuith Opera House on Friday
night, April ftrd.
euro the permission of Gou, Nor.
vutcli, tho Uussiau governor of Harbin, before opening hit* consulate or
raising the American (lag uver the
building. Under the treaty ol* 1SU6
liussia claims exclusive control over
the railroad zone in Alanckuria.
The Williams Marsden  Nuptials   and
the Fort.Uuiiiu Marriage
Take Place.
Nanaimo, March '11.
A unlet wadding took place at
•Wthiieltl last nifjht whon Miss i'ns-
ciila, daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. David Williams, of Northileld, was united in marriage to Mr. Hubert
Mursiieu of Vancouver, a former
Nanaimo rosideut. The pleasant affair touk place at the homo ol the
bride's parents, KCv. iiobert Wilkinson, of Ladysmith, un old friend uf
tho family tying the nuptial knot.,
''The bride was attended by Miss
Jano Cummings of Vancouver, and
.Mr. David Williams, brother of the
bride, supported the groom.
A wedding' supper and a pleasant
social evening followed tho ceremony,
Mr. and Mrs. Muradcn. after a few
days spent here will proceed to Van-
cam or where thoy wlll^iake up their
residence. !
A .hint of one of the numerous tragedies which occur almost daily
throughout the far west, practically
unnoticed and unehrouicled. wus given in chambers yesterday in a most
prosaic legul application before silr.
Justice Martin, suys tho Victoria
Mr. Taw, of tho legal firm of Mc-
i'hillips und iieisteruiuu. was asking
ior leave to swear to the death of
Mulcuim Shaw, of Alberni, who dis-
appcaroH about two yours, agv.. Thu
evidence of the death did not appeal*
quite conclusive enough to his lord-
snip aim he asked Mr. Tate a few
questions regarding the circumstances, lt seems thut Shaw was (13
years of age, iu poor health, and
pructicully dependent on the bounty
of a relative, Mrs. Kricksou, of Nanaimo, iu whuse iiuuse ho hud lived
lor twelve years. One day the old
muu went to the cannery near there
uiul burruwed u sail boat. It wus
not a rough duy, apparently, and
several poopio saw the old fellow
sail uwuy without a thought uf
what was to tallow. He was going
tu a pre-uuiptiun he had about fiv«
miles uwuy. Ilut su lar as iB known
ho never got there. The overturned
.->ail boat and his hat were later
iound by Indiuns. Shaw hus not
boon been since.
There seems to be no question tbat
ho was drowned, thuugn since the
body has not been iound aud there
is a possibility oi his having got
away uu u steamer unnoticed, the
anin requires fuller niiiduviis of the
circumstances. Since men his preemption hus become valuable, nut
Shqw, alter a iiietimu pi pioneering
and liurusmp, died jiuseruuly whtui
an ample re warn was ut last cloSti
ut hand.
pnoniNn ttir m&AliS.
OTTAWA.   March HI*.— The   Com-
80 mono public decouuts committee this
morning decided    to report   to    tho t   »  t  •  t
With it's mountains high, whore   tho house tin?* evidence which had    beon
white snows Ho, by tho   foot   of taken in    connection  with the   gov-1    1JW    wodding   took placo at
man no'or trod, ■ onrment's disposal of western timber.i'i'osbytorian manse last nlgrht,
And it's   mighty   plains, of ripening limits.    Tho committee thotl turned ' Mr. Joseph QUinn, of Nanaimo
grains,    tho   prairies    wide   and its attention to tho question of pay-
brood, montfl   mado by' the rntfrino   dopnrt-
Wlth it's iovoty lakes, whore tho soft mont for tho rontnl of the tug Vic-
wind wakes, liko a might- inland tor for towing purposes on lhe St.
soa,                                   '• Tjiwrcnre nt n rato of $26 per dny,
.\nd it's rushing streams, whero   tho which tho   opposition claimed excos-
salmon   gleams,    'nonth the   wll- sire.    The Victor hnd boen purchas-
low's shady troo. od by    Oeo,   T. Merwin, Montreal,
So lot   others   boast,    nnd proudly whoso   name    figured In othor  pur-
toast, their Rnstern lands so fair, chnsos of tho marine department.
But we'll hail the hills and foaming
rills, ns Canada's truo share.       i
So, onco again, woll praise tho plain
whoro   the grain   waves   in   tho
And we'll hail our bind, as tho free-'
man's land, the land of tho   rarest seas.
March 28th.
Tho Rogulnr meoting of tho Cltl-
ran's 1*i\riio will he hold In tho
City Hnll on Thursilny ovonlng, April 2nd, nt 7:80 o'clock.
0. WILSON,   Soc.
ijbj-, .josopn wuinn, of Nanaimo and
Miss Ciotnontlnc Fort, of Cook county, Vt'yo., nnd nolec of Mr, Fort of
this city. Tho Iiov. ,1. M. Millnr,
performed tho marriage ceremony.
The bride wos attended by Miss Ivy
Humes, while Mr. William Barnes
supported the groom.
Artor the marriage ceremony had
been performed, the wedding party
adjourned to tho parlors of the Oc-
eidont'nl hotel where suppor was served and a. pleasant social evening
Mr. and Mrs. Qulnn will take    up
•i'fjli.Vrv OF WUUlv 0*\  U. T.  V.
YANCOIjVJb'U, ilar. 31— Stai'Uutf
in u fortnight, Messrs. Stewart aud
itu'su, Grand Trunk l'acluc cou-
U'acturs, will sturt h.nuj. all tbs
uvailaulu workmen lu Vancouvor and
victoria, and actively start outut-
ting for the north.
% the cofuosim on Friday 2i
men will be sent, and lite next boat
will take u lores ul carpenters to
erect houses, unices, etc. All tha
work will be sublet as much as possible. Ths work on ths liitaiuaat
will be rushed and active work on
grading of the main line promises to
start before May 1. The lint shipment of the eastern plant will leava
Winnipeg next week Ior the coast.
Tllli  KOt.K ABSSUMED 11V  Dll'U)-.
MAUV   "vUW.
Consists   in     (jiving Lavish Euter-
tainhionts und ISpendiug Money,
Oihurwiee 1'ou Don't Qualify.
LONDON, llur. Ml.—Ali the Lou-
dun papers ule uuvv |u jiOSbU-ssiun of
the latest phuse uf tho Hill incident,
but for the most part thsy refrain
""in comnwat.
The Dully .News, in an editorial
sii1 s thut tlie Emperor's whisper curries lurtlior than thunders ol other
men. "It ull goes to show." says
that paper, "that tho emperor ought
neither to write to hia Iriends nor
tulk freely with dinner table guests,
he is a num ot Impulsive temperament, and is singularly unfitted for
a role where discretion is the supreme virtue."
The Daily Express says: "Tha
now diplomacy of the dinner table
and ball room la a palpable mistake to have it recognized that a
man is unfitted to be ambassador un
less he is wealthy, and consumed by
u desire to spend on lavish entertainments, is to put bask the bands
uf the cluck of history."
Winnipeg, Mar. 81.—A committee
of tho council today began negotiations under Instructions of tha board
nf control for tha purchase of the
Wlnnl|>eg street railway company's
their residence In tfnnalmo and will' property, it Is worth several mll-
hnvn tho heel, wishes of n large nnm lions. The franchise has still twen-
ber of friends for a happy married ty yearn to run.
life, CONSULT #E
-"■'•' IP
If You Require Any       '...
Or If You Require Any
Or If You Want to Buy u HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or If You   Want   -
Notary Feelie, Oeareraaser.
| no dram to the bouse,    What    was WIQUE EVENT ABBAXOBfi FOB
| be to    do?.   Now the point ol. .the     ,   •    -. ■;- MAY tOTilv.,_, a.  .,
Mfole thing l|s in «.fact jffi 34',*-. „! ^^t, toumamantto
fJouiffulieamoi do j-ytt-sng with tie      L^aWln   ti-CHty oh Itey
owner. _ tt, fcas deAd'ihe eft, and      V10 3^ c^„'io CoBJ)sk
the. city acknowledges lie -defeat --ay
Ladysmith   Standard
Published on Wednesdays aau w»iur-
days Afternoons by the ■■-
Robt. H. Hladmareh,.
Ons Year-..';:....;.......       ..'.'.'•l.M
Ota Most hi  ,„..     Tt
Advertising Hates un Application.
The need ol a sewer system in tho
city was never mora forcibly demonstrated that it was in the police
court lust Friday evening. A number of mon were brought before aiu-
gistratcs Aicholson and Matheson
each ui' them charged with emptying
dirty water un tho streels, or with'
depositing it uu their pluces in such
a jnunner that -it ran on to the
streets. As we remarked iu thiB
column some few days ago, this
sanitary question has been up before successive councils in every
shape and form. The cases un Friday night were the result of the present Council's decision to enforce the
Health By-Law. lhe case against
each of the defendants was adjourned in order to give time for the nui:
sauce to be stopped. 11 when the
courtreassembles, the .sanitary
spector still has a complaint
make, lines will be imposed, as
earnest of the civic authorities'
termination to enforce the provisions
for the health of tbe city.
With the intention of the Council
everybody with any regard for his
own well-being and the welfare of
the community at large will be in
perfect sympathy and accord. All
the same, the by-law under which
action la being taken is open to
considerable objeotiou, and the sew
ericas condition of the town makes
its enfircement a matter of vtne
greatest difficulty. One of the defendants asked if tho charge prefer,
red against him was true, milled
that it was. When .questioned further as to why he run dirty water
on to the streets he promptly answered that he saw no other place
(or it. Of course, hs was told he
would have to Und some other place,
but the tulling is the easiest part bf
it. , Indeed, wo don^t see that matters are mended vary much by digging a hole in the lot or somewhere
round about, and runuing the waste
house water into it. - Certainly such
a course will stop the accumulation
of eye-sores and inulodorious pools
on the streets; but it Is gueetlonabls
whether it will contribute a very
great deal to the preservation' of the
health of the town. To transfer a
bad smell from the front to the
bask door of a house is hardly going to render it immune from epidemics. The point Is that under
present conditions rt is the" liest'(-nat
•an ba done and everybody can reckon up for Mmaelf what a poor
last It ia. The Council are merely
doing their duty In enforcing the
by-latv, and lt Is not denied that
a lot of good can be done. The
work hitherto has been neglected,
tbe whole toMS needs a general sanitary clean-sjpTsnd now ie the time
to do It.
There wen, however, ono case
Friday night which dosorves particular mention. A tenant ol a houi
on Oatacre stroot was brought up on
a charge of running dirty water on
to tbe alleyway leading down to
tne Abboteford hotel. The man explained that be was only the tenant
of the'bouse he occupied. Tho water complained of was emptied on
lo the lot whence It found Its way
out on to the alleyway.    There
hauling up the tenant.    The tenant,
it seems, must make provision   ' to
Followers of the football gams  In
thla city' will be treated to a change
lead away the dirty water from the from the regular matches," which
houses. Either that, or he can'have been taking place all winter,
leave the house. -Again jhe "way be'for at the regular monthly meeting
able to collect the expenses of .what- 'of tbs Nanaimo Athletic Club laat
ever work he has done to meet the night, Mr. Chas. Graham, president
refjuirffluents uf- (the city by.laws of ,ihe club, brought up a proposl-
frdih' thev'dwher. All this is so very tion which was unanimously decided
easy iu theory;" A tenant pays the J upon by the club.    It   was  that  a
football competition    be
because the house has no drains, is held on Hay 10, on ths cricket field,
he'^'to be*made-responsible? The'the players on the winning team ol
fact thut on such a 'street, houses the competition to receive medals
could have been built without - pro-J valued at 110, and the second on
per'draining uccoaunodutions, is on- the list to receive $5 medals. , Each
ly the fault of tho city council or contest will bs flve minutes each
the city by-laws. 11 there is no way, or ten minutes for each game,
present   road uut   of the   difficulty As ls tha   rule in these contests    a
other than that ot harassing. | the
tenant, than .tho most elementary
ideas of justice demand that it
should be abandoned. The law that
would make the tenant responsible
for the owner's offence cannot be enforced by solf-resjiectrng men. Surely
it ls not beyond tlie wit of man to
devise some means of bringing the
owner to terms. If the present bylaw is not sufficient then amend it
to meet i the I occasion. Tho time
would be well spent sad the object
would meet with, general approbation.
WBLWNGiTON,      ,.,„•>
Mrs.. Sydney Bellenoweth, of   South
Wellington, Passes Away    at
.the Age of ail Years.
The death has occurred at South
Wellington of Mrs. Sydney Bellenoweth. The deceased was only in
her 2!)th year and the sympathy of
South Wellington in general will be
extended to the husband who ia left
to mourn her loss. There ore no
children '«
The funeral will take place at
South Wellington on Wednesday
morning at 11.30, the Rev/Mr.,Bashaw * officiating. McAdle under-,
taker. >-
[i    7  :•'   liJi'i n'UiruT
Albaay, N.Y., Mar. 30- Charles
Andrews, former chief Judge of the
court of. appeals, has resigned as
commissioner to take testimony for
the government tn. ths matter- of the
charges, against District Attorney
Toronto, Mar. 80— Two hundred
emigrants from tho old country arriving in Toronto this morning. Im-
migration authorities are arranging
to place them on farms in eastern
Ontario, hut not moro than one-
third if them appcurcd,willing: .to
leave Toronto. Anothor batch
due* this afternoon.
-— s     	
Baft Now York Bomb" Thrower TrW
to Take by Force what He Waa
'    la Justice EtfiUealo.
CHICAGO.Mar. 30- W. D. Haywood,' for 'many* years "secretary .of
thl' Western " Federation of Miners,
denounced President Roosevelt; Uov
Gooding of Idaho, and other public
officers at a mass meeting of Socialists yesterday,
Alt tha close of the meeting resolutions wsre adopted' protesting against
tho Use of troops In the strike of
miners In Alaska.'
Haywood referred to the attempted throwing of a bomb In Now York
as "the work of a deluded mortal
who nought to take by force what
be waa In Justice entitled to." ' '   *
The police were present In considerable numbers but 'nd attempt wns
made to prevent the speeches.
...       ::.-...     ■:>,-.'....-...	
-: MBMEITOER.'    '
NEWTON, KM., Mar. 80.- Two
robbers early today killed 0. " A.
Ilallay of Kansas City, an express
messenger of the Well* Fargo Express Company, in an express ear
of tbe west-hound Atchison, Topeka
and Santa Fa train lietweon Florence, In., and Newton, Kss.
They robbed^both tho local and
the through safes of nt least $1,000
and some Jewelry and escaped. The
body of Ba ley waa found when the
train reached Newton, tt way lying on the floor of the car in a pool
4 ■      ■     ,
. CHEYENNE, Wyo., Mar. SO- Between sixty and seventy people. It
developed today, lost their Uvea In
the explosion late last night In coat,
mino No.. 1 of the Union Pacific Coal
Company at Banna.
' "' '  '■' »", _    ,
tit<<<s<: e • t •.•••• •
London, Mar. 80r- The Condi- •
tlon'.   of   Sir Henry Csmphsll •
Bannerroan, tha .pMsnlar, show* •
ad little change today from • bill. Tha measure would make It a
mSaX.i^ yto4a*^hy. AtAnxto\\tt\% <«-W to'operate a bucket shop in
to the attending physician ha •, ths state. The Oaaaldy bill, which
fartwrievht Jfr RmaUv'* •■ '•>' «-»*.. *•■ to **•»•.*».• • Ie;*pra6tlcally Identical is on the ot-
mimnwrimlalflC OSrCiay ,,...... e . e . e . ... . .  dePot final passage in ths Senate.
corner counts one point.
Teams i ere expected to enter from
the mainland, Victoria and Ladyamltb, and of course from this city.
Those who have seen five-aside football know tournaments know that lt
is line sport from a spectacular
standpoint, . and the matches that
day will no doubt furolsh a splendid day's football.
■ I,;"', »
SEATTLE, March 86.—Faur hundred' miles north of Point Barrow,
far, far away ,rom all the haunts of
Civilised people,1 lives an bid white
hermit, who, at one time, went the'
pace in San Francisco, spent an inherited sum of $100,000 and then
left for the wilds ol the north to
hide himself for ever from the torture begotten of the desire to practice hla aid pastimes.
This strange being was. encountered by Capt. Ejnard Mikkelsen, the
famous young Arctic explorer; who
headed the Anglo-American Arctic
expedition in search of a great arch
Ipel'ago believed to exist In Beaufort Sea, Ths captain came across
the hermit while he Was on his way
from ,'Herschel Island to Nome. He
obtained the hermit's name, but he
refuses . to divulge It, saying that
the-man's family was prominent in
the States and somo. members of it
ore well known on the Pacific coast,
The hermit hss taken to himselt a
native wife and ls raising a large
family. One hoy Is seventeen, years
old, and this fact alone goal to
show the.length of time thts strangest' of modern human bclnge has
spent on the bleak coast of the Arctic. Ocean,looking'nut-over tho'deso-
late .prospect ct hi*.' environment and
Ms. present nn.i past. 	
"Ha wilt; spend the1 remainder of his
life tn the wild   tegfon'choseif' »y
himn ■ .   "   i■■<*•      ' ■'•■"■:
.   . MAN,--,
MONTREAL, Mar, 30- Killed by
the.point of an umbrella handle being Jabbed Into a corner of hia eye,
and penetrating the brain, during u
row on the rear platform of a Street
oar early yesterday, Frederick Kaiser, who was employed aa stags
hand at Hie Majesty theatre, lies In
the morgue, while Louie Flamme a
bartender, Is bald..by tha police to
await action of the coroner.
The row occurred on a street car
on Herring street. I* Flamme who
was arrested at his borne last night,
claims he was attacked by deceased
and another young fellow who he believes was hla brother, and during
the mlx-up that, followed, tbe point
of the handle of hts umbrella accidentally struck the other's left eye.
* ——   - *
Buffalo. Mar. 30- Melvln Boot, 69
years old arrived here On Mori 28,
from Bay City, Mich., and made arrangements with a local crematory
td cremate his body when dead, adding- that if he should bs found dead
Infront of tho crematory, his body
should bs token In and cremated.
■This morning Root went out to
ths crematory and shot himself on
the front steps of the building. He
was taken to a hospital, where It
ts aald he cannot live. Root's wife
died recently. - Her body waa cremated and brought to Lock Port,
this state, whero her ashes wens
burled. Root, who waa originally
from Look Port, has also arranged
to have his ashes burlod there beside his wife's.
''"    ♦
NINE TO NIL. ! Country    league   rules   would hnvo
— carried off the title this .-ear  again.
Those supporters of tho local club Also It may servo to silence thocun-
who had been worrying all last week stunt criticism of the iio'nib defence
ubout tho Esquimalt game, must Bradshaw and compapy have a goal
havo felt liko kicking themselves moro registered against tliem," The
when tho result was flashed from figures speak for themselves.
Victoria.    Nino to nothing Is a huge j |
score and  it could easily have been THE THISTLE TOUR
added to, If not doubled. The sor-1 Th(, SoiltlU) Thistles' had an en-
vice boys were up against it. Their ,„,,„„,„ tonr| but on tMl.
captain. Mr. Locksley, had found thc they are not in tho same class as
utmost difficulty > raising a team, tho two local elevens. At Nanaimo
and to crown everything the c ub's 0„ Saturday, thoy wore defeated b^
outfit went astray.   Thus the    local B m, of _ to x   „   , tho *
boys were faced by a scratch eleven lKMa t0 |iav0 lma \ "no slilorl
hi any and every kind of dress. The „„,, is SHi(, t0 Bav_ ,„„,/more thn,'
Esquimalt men wore nover in tho 0 ilttto ,.ough. Down horo on Sun-
game, and In Its Inter stages it got dny afternoon they wore up against
too tame for anything. There was a sorntoh eleven, and were defeated
no cause for rooting, and   the    only, ,jy a SC0K   af 4 gmj_ t_ s     Th()i,o
'was a fairly largo crowd presont but
■♦♦♦*^******--**-%*-%*> «.«^«..
thing that was heard was Roforoo
Richtirdson's exhortations to the
hoys to got tn and piny.
"It was," says Sunday's Colonist,
"a cheerless exhibition of soccer
which the Esquimalt team put up on
Saturday afternoon against tho Ladysmith aggi«gatlon in tho scheduled Island Association loaguo. The
score, at the end of timo, 9 to 0, in
favor of the out-of.tovvn team Just
about tells the story of tho contest
though    the    fact that tno soldiers
hardly enough to clear tho club's oxponses. However, It was up to tho
homo boys to do tho right thing by '
tho visitors in roturn for tho kind-,
noss they exporloncod at tholr hands
In Seattle. Tho game wos interesting onough, and tho evenness of tlio
scoros kept tho excitoment up.
Thoro woro somo good individual
playors in the Thistles, although as
a toam thoy ure no match for    tho
were"  playing a practically  scratch^ .^^J^^^ "*$
Ing t|io fur post nnd rebounding ii.to . !	
the field.    It was pounced*on    mid LUMlEliX SPEAKS IN F-iV'oil OF
easily   sunt through for thu  fourth TREATY
goal. | 	
The visitors begun to ginger   up n ' _, ,
bit after thu Interval and the contre MakM rlea-'for Continuunce of Friend
men winged tbo bull well but    these ly Relations Between Con.
latter always made a poor finish uud i ada and   Jaimn
seldom got near tlie United goal. Tho J
latter players woro not long in con- j
fining the attack to tlio Yankees'end | °ITAWA, Out., March 80. — Ad-
wliero Boylo and Christian's feet , dressing tlie Canadian Club here
were going with fine clock like Hon. Mr. Lemieux spoke strongly in
precision to keep the bull out. It'r,,,..,, „, „ „„„(,„„„ „ ,.", , 7
wm hardly their fault they were Wo- *™,° ' 00n"™a*"=» of the friend-
ton once more us there wus g good k "Slatio"S and th8 treat.v "»'*•»
deal of chance in tlio play that fol- Lanada and Japan. Canadians, ho
luwudaud let the locals iii for the said, should never forgot tho intor-
flfth and last goal. Fifty-ilvo mm- osts of the mother country and slow
utes had gone by. Interest lagged to take any stop which would rotor almost the remainder of the suit In tbe breaking of her ties
glome as tho locals woro playing a,- with her strongest ally. Combina-
most constantly In thoir opponent's tion of the two greatest powers of
ground. With ten minutes lelt lo the day, a rent Britain and Japan,
finish Seattle got down and through with tho United States as silent
an error on the part of ono of thejpartnor, guaranteed pence and
locals. Aitken was rewarded for dealings with
his untiring olVorts by boating tho I far as Russia
local custoilian by a close range'
shot.       The Soattle men wore    no
his partner Boylo is vory quick in recovery. The outside right is also
a good man and plays a strong
game. Tho scoro of 4 to 8, fairly
represented tbe play.
As a result of thoir trip and thoir
games horo and at Nanaimo, thoy
are going to make an effort to got
anoxcurslon to, Victoria on tho Uth
of next month. A groat many o
thom aro keon on seeing the game,
and, should thoy bo able to charter
a boat, there will bo some extra Ladysmith money.
There was a special mooting of tho
V. i. F-. *L. hold in tho Y. M. C. A.
rooms, Victoria, on Saturday evening. Mr. Jus. Adam, vice president
of tho ilaague, presided, and thoro
wore present Messrs. E. Whyto. C.
Graham. A. Locksley and R.R. Hind-
team and through somo accident wero
on the field minus the greator part
of thoir football equipment may probably account for some of tho slackness In tholr play.
Tho superiority of tho Ladysmith
toam was, however, so pronouncod,
that even its most enthusiastic supporters, and there were several present, found It difficult, as the tally
increased, to summon up sufficient
enthusiasm to keep themselves warm.
The reversal In form of the Esquimalt team from that of last Saturday, whon it met tho Nanaimo foot-
bailers and playod a remarkably
close.and hard gamo, was surprising, though somo of tho bost performers for the soldiers wero missing
yestordav. Tho Ladysmith eleven apparently scored when it pleased and
had it so desired, could doubtless
have added goveral moro tallies to
those secured. Tho soldiers, however, played right through to the finish, but thoir forwards with ono or
two exceptions, refused to keep . up' march.
with tho boll, woro Indifferent In | Permission was granted to Lady-
thelr chocking and apparently wore smith'to play the Seattle Thistles on
unablo to land the not though thoy Sunday and to Nanitimo to plav tho
had ono or two fine opportunities of All-Mainland toam on the 5th. This
doing so. """".'.'"IPwmlt was only granted after  con-
On tho othor hand tho Ladysmith siderahlo discussion. It was felt that
playors were right on tho ball all |tho game would be a big countor-ut-
tho timo, checked hard and never traction to tho big Intor-Loague
lost an opportunity of scoring while match on Saturday nnd would maths precision with which they kicked tcrlally affect the Association's,gate,
and tho excellence of tho forward Mr. Graham ndmltted that the gumo
combination work soon had Its -of- might stop a fow from travelling to
feet in tho defence of thc Esquimalt Ladysmith; but that tho effect on tho
team. Hartley, tho Ladysmith goal gate would not amount to anything
keeper, had little to do and easily material. On this assurance the per-
disposed of anything that stole mit for thc game was granted,
through the defence men in front, I Four delegates woro appointed to
while LookBley, In tho not for tho attend tho meeting of B. 0,. F. A.,
soldiers, was the butt ot a vorltablc which will ho hold In tho Stundard
borabardmont. Whilo ho landed a office on Snturduy night. Messrs. C.
lot of the onslaughts hla form wns Graham, E. Whyto, J. Eno and 11.R.
not equal to that shown by him a Hindmarch woro appointed delegutos
week ago, but his support was also for tho meeting.
very much weaker. |   It was decided to protost lho   ap-
•Play In tho first half was fairly Polntmont of T. McColl to referee
fast and tho tally ot tho chnngo iho Mnlnland-Islnnd games. Tho sec-
ovor was 0 to 0. In the second half rotary was instructed to writo to tho
Ladysmitli oasod up considerably Vancouver .authorities to thnt effect
whilo tho soldiers apparently confes- and tho nnmos of Mr. Will Ellis and
sed themselves hoiiion. Tho gnlno Mr. MoMiihonoy woro suggested us
during this portion was listless  and boing nccoptnblo to thc Island Loa-
Saulte Sto Marie, Ont., Mar. 80.—'
John McDormid was killed while
logging on a timber claim across
tho Minnesota boundary. He was
riding with his son and another man
on a big load of" logs when tho
whillle tree became unloosened and
the load overturned. McDormid who
was (i8 years of age, und-cot Quick
onough to save himself, was burled
under the great muss of logs.
. ■   ■  -4—:	
Ilrnmi ton, Out., Mar. 80— Peel
Conservatives have nominated S.
Charters', editor of the Conservative
paper at Brampton, oa candidate at
tho noxt provincial election.
practically altogether in the Esquimau territory. For the soldlors Sullivan and Greenwood did the major
part of the work, whilo the backs,
Deegnn and Olton, w'ere overworked
handling tho opposing forwards. Tho.
Ladysmith forwards without   excop-
(Nanaimo Freo Press).
The champion toam of the  Northwestern Leoguo^-tho Thistles, of So-
Toronto, . Mnr. 80— Nlshotshsola
2.1 years old, has been arrested in
connection with the shooting of Yeo
Mllovltch last Monday night.
e e e e e e e e s e e e e e e e • s
e. __,___m ,  .
• Vsncouver, Mar. 80- Robert •
• Uryos, whose wife waa drowned •'
• in ths Chehalls disaster,    aad •
• whose own life was saved by a •
• dog,'died yesterday.    The aeel- *
' dent broke hla health, and    In *
• reality    he   died of a broken •
• heart.   , -'a
 ■      «i      ..         '
Albany, Mar. 3L—Without opposi- follows
tlon, ths    assembly today advanced
to the order of front passage Assemblymen   'O'Brien's anll-buckot shop
tlon. showed thoir ability, whilo the attle. gave a rather disappointing
halvos and fullbacks had no difflcul- display of footbull on Suturduy af-
ty in handling all rushes which came ternoon when lined up against thu
tholr way. Graham, ono of the Ln- 'oeal team. Thoy Woro defeated ra-
dysmith forwards, received a nasty tbor easily by S goals to 1, After
.Injury shortly after resumption of tho opening fifteen minutes tho Am-
play at half time, ln a melee In erlcan toam wua outclassed, and sop-
front of tho Esquimalt goal ho was oral of tho forwards on tholr teum
accidentally ' kicked in tho face by vera, for longtliy periods shut right
Deogan, and had to retire from tho ou* °' tho Ploy altogether. So much
game for a short timo. Ho signal- WBS tlu> ball umong tho Nanaimo for.
Irad his roturn to tho field by scor- J"*/'?8 a|1d 'ho visitors' defence. Fow
Ing tho eighth goal of tho gamo. '"''-bocks havo rarely, if ever, rc-
Tho teams lined up as follows: ",*•" mo™ "ark than did tho Se-
Ladysmlth. Esquimalt. f."'0 D»'r> Christian and Boyle, and
Hartley             Goal             Locksley " m"? bl! aMai    that   had weaker
O'Connell   Backs   Deogan mon .'J"!1! ***""? two. beon given    the
Morrison     Elton '""n'^o'e task of keeping out    tho
Wynne Halfbacks  Brlgon i°!?i, u"    rtt"k.' , l"° 8coro would
Clegg    .      ... '    auiuJan """taihave mounted into double flg-
McKiniey...:.::. ..::•::.oroVnwooaBrt-atWMc(!u"?"*«°'*'<-ot
Grningo?  Forwards ...... Brlgden and u,«d h i f °. U;"y °' ina!!y shot8
Sanderson     ....   Sodgor u™s    he   hi?   '" /"I"" °l,'!Ct   *'
Adnm \Vn\5o-    m .'. ,be   baA    cortaln wea :nossos
c,Sim' Thm,m» n"0!" hlm tlmt 8ho>V0d h» "''a-"1 <">8-
pr vZ    Buxton hy b° b<"'t0,, "v an easy shot, which
r.,n',"i" 'I ';  uuxton ho was more   than ouce during tho
Fred Richardson, referee. p,ay|„g period.    Yes, Christian   and
, —♦— Boyle, over and ovor agaiu by tholr
™u?iAl !.V0N ^ST °AME;       «"«* "fvity. dart   and grit,     to
Whilo tho   homo   boys woro   busy say   nothing of   thoir knowledmi of
putting it over Esquimalt, the Y.M. th? gamo, Swept back the advan™ o
nit T,ro U,8t"1.'! thn0 J.°y.1 °   . ",'- the voll°* ,h*rt8'    Th° "»" ««» w«s
nlng game   lor tho first time during none too strong, playing, iu   spurts
tho   league   season.    Thoy nvongod and thoy wore rospunslblo for lottliul
tholr dofont   of o wook ago ou   tho Nanaltoo in on tho goal.   The locals
Bays hy running up a scoro of four took advantage   of evory opportuni-
gonls to nil.    Tho Y.M.C.A. started ty at goal and boing well backed up
With   n rush,   and nottod tho   ball by tho halvos, woro for tho best part
twice   In   a few minutes boforo   the of the afternoon, playing In tho  So-
Beys could got timo to steady down attlo's torrltory.   Tho Thistles'   loft
Evon nftor    the    game had sottlod wing gavo evidence of fast play,  and
down the   Y.M.C.A. still maintained Oornswuito   sped along tho  line  in
tho -upper hand and addod two more ffruat stylo, but whon he centered tho
goats to tholr scoro, -winning out ev- ball was lost aa far as Seattle   was
entually by the scoro of i to nil. concerned, for the local backs   took
-   | care of all this kind ot play.
Thero wero more people prosont at *["B"U*? k'ckod ofl    at 8 o'clock,
the games than usual, and the flold ™" ior }ba Jrat I"1001* minutos play
hns nevor beon in such good   shape WJ*.coJ™wo    »t a fast paco, both
this season. sides showing speed.   Tho  Nanaimo
a attack was coming principally from
Two j.mTmrtTmrrih ™ "gbt, and Boylo shot forth with
vx,. 7     'LEAGUE TIES. great dash at his man, and   holpcd
.hi ?/     " "1 ?a,turd»y eomptoted prevent: a   score.    Tho local front
the Loaguo   schodulo and thore   are -i-   ,,,,,. „„. .k_„„.„   ,'.      _
now two ties.    Ladysmith nnd   Na- K"!,,,*ir7h   h^.^*'.. *h(!Sh
nalmo tie for first place, and Y, M. !£*   """vanced   tho ball well.    The
C. A. and J.B.A.A aro tied lor last The outside left waa getting In som?
place.      Tho loaguo doesn't reply In •™ctlve gains, and finally off ono of
the case of tho latteri but thore   Is "J? Mn're8.   the contre man scores,
nothing to stop tho two olevonB from ?i    ,  °. play had bean '"  Progress
playing   a deciding gome to sntisfy aB ""iiiites.    Hurren soon after put
thomselvos and their supporters: Tho * ft *"—* 'hot that grated tha post
full and complete League Table Is as »na n"or 2(J minutes had elapsed he
Ladysmith ...
.8  1108?
Nanaimo ...
.. 8 r i o as
Esquimalt ,.,
..8 4 4 0  16
J. B. A. A.
...8  17  0    »
Y. M."B. A.
..8   1   7  0  18
acored the second-goal.    The   locals
P w I. d g.f. g.a. Pt ,W8™ Pressing always now, and   the
8-14 toslde left again scored after 81
9—14 minutes play. Sawyers shortly after
34- 8 failed to make the beat of a penalty
28- 3 kick,! and the Thlsttos centre man
31^ 3 was accidentally, laid out by a kick
The most noticeable thing about from oas of his own men, Twelve
the complete table is that the chant- minutes after the third ghat the ball
pions have the bost goal average of came. In by a tine drive from Blun-
the nvo clubs, and, according to Old dell across ths front of goal, strln-
doubt tired out after a straight trip
from Ssattle, and with more rest
could easily put up a much bettor
game. Besides the two full backs,
Conswalto on tho loft wing was the
most eonspicious man of tho team.
He showed great speed and his object was to go ahead and make for
ths goal. Cornell was unselfish in
feeding his wtngs, ths right, on
which Martin and Phillips acted, getting none too much play. Stewart
was perhaps the best of the halves.
Tho local men played a very satisfactory game alt round.
W. Lockhnrt, gavo general satisfaction al referee. *
NEW YOHK, Mar. 30- Alexander
UerUuuu, the anarchist leader who
served a long term in prison fcr au
attempt to assassinate Henry c.
Frick, was taken into custody by
the polios here today. He will be
taken to the Bellevue hospital1 this
alternoou and confronted with Zee
lig Silverstein, the man who ls
in custody lor throwing the
bomb at the union square meeting
laat Saturday. The police say tbe
two man will be questioned closely
to learn whether tbey hove anything In common. The detention ol
Berlunah wad brought out by
the finding ot a cord bearing his
signature ln Silverstein'a rooms in
Brooklyn. The card certified to Silverstein'a membership in the Anarchist Federation.
Silverstein, who waa Irightlully injured by the exploding of the bomb
was reported to have made considerable .progress toward recovery to.
day. ' The physicians at Bellevue
eay he uiuy live. Bs is being closely guarded ln the prison ward at
the hospital.
Two detectives were said today to
have gone from New York to seme
unknown city In the northern part
of lbs . state to search tor membsis
of an anarchist group who fled from
the city after the bomb exploded on
Saturday. Tbs detectives are
polled also to be eearchlngi for the
huuuts of anarchists in Puteraon, N,
J., and is said that the police departments of -Chicago, Denver, New
Orleans and Son Francisco have
been asked to co-operate with the
New York police In their eltorta to
discover any accomplice of Silver-
Berkfuan's meeting with Sliver-
atein at the hospital failed to bring
any akow ol recognition on the port
ot either. As Silverstein'a eyes are
sightless and covered with bandages,
two detectives engaged Berkman in
a spirited conversation in Yaddish,
as the trio stood by tbe aide of Sil-
versteln'a cot, watching the wounded man keenly for any sign or movement which might Indicate recognition of Berkman's voice. Nothing
of thla kind occurred, however, and
when Berkman aald positively that
bs had never soon Silverstein before,
there was nothing to do but to take
hlm back to police headquarters.
Police Commissioner Bingham, In
speaking today of tbe disorders grow
Ing out of Saturday's meeting of
the unemployed, said he wanted lt
understood that it is hia intention
to deal with an iron hand in all
cases of riot or disorder.    "I have
received no complaints of brutality! tuoTMQ TEMPO.IHO that i
en the part of the police," said ths ( positively merges every psr-
craunisaloner, whon ho wus asked If' "cle of carbon (the life of eteel) I
"»«*»* <-"«-* «*»•■• »«• '&xrs&labr$;j
reached him.    "The men were    not  throughout the blade—some-   I
brutal, tbey did mighty well,"     Ho   ibm% absolutely   Impossible
wa. told that Robert Hunter,    th.  K^Zlte'SirT-'
Socialist   leader,   who had Intended     But test this rsior In your
to address the meoting on Saturday,   own bome-or If you prefer,
had complained that th. police    had  !>,».« your bsrber us. It on you.
used him In a  brutal manner. "Mr.
Robert Hunter wants to behave Mmaelf," waa the reply, "and If he doe.
not behave himself, he will bs sorry
lor It.    I will stand for no riot or
China and Korea as
wus concerned, and
that In matters concerning the* Pacific Ocean there was an open door
to Croat Britain, Canada, and United States for trade, commerce and
free gospel. Japan held the key to
the far east and should be the natural ally of every true Britisher.
—: —4 .	
San Francisco, Mar. 80—Jim Flyn
und Al Kaufman, heavy weights, are
matched to fight twenty rounds in
this city on April 30.
 '-4 _
Toronto, Mar. 30— The trial of
John Terrace, a young Englishman
charged with murdering Wm, Curry at the Curry homestead near
Brampton on Christmas last, takes
place ut the criminal court tomorrow.
Toronto, Mar. 30— The Plumbers
and steam-litters union by an overwhelming majority bas decided to
continue tlio strlko which haa been
In progress for the past 11 months.
Toronto, Out.,. Mar. 81.— Ice dealers are talking ct higher prices be-'
cause ot   the difficulty ot obtaining
that   commodity from Lake Simcoe
this winter.
No Honing—
No Grinding
You know fi-3,1 dr.llyexpe-
rience.at home or in tl'.ebarber
shop, that (he question Is—
■'Why doesn't a razor hold
Its edge uniformly from heel
to head without honing and j
grinding?"   Whether it is a I
safety, with Ihe certain lax of J
new blades, er the ordinary J
epen-bladed  razor docs not J
alter thc question.  You want I
thc comfort and satisfaction ofl
S clean, smooth shave every [
morning with the confident \
knowledge that your razor
will be ready for instant use
the next time needed.
The Carbo Magnetic razor Is
Ihe only razor unoonattion.
ally guarantaed to do this.
Thirty years of study on the
razor situstlon has perfected
a new secret process of
Give ue your name,—
or call and aee the "Carbo
Magnetic" rssor, snd we will
etste our proposition for test-
taf these rsiors without
e*tjas.*M oo your panto
f*u'itylWm.m\,9t   '
Berlin, Mar. 81- Miss Gerajdlne
Farsr, the American singer, has been
nominated oa "Imperial court singer" by the emperor.
i together with our
free booklet » Hints on Shay.
Ing." Thla book Illustrates'
the correct rasor position for
shaving every part of the fees.
NEW; YORK, Mar. 28- On the up- JUANO, Alaska, Mar. 30- Compel' part of Fifth avenue, in the mil- '""V *' of the Tenth United States
Honairo district whore pure old-fash- "''entry arrived at Treadwell yes-
loned sentiment is supposed to have terday oil tho army steamer Peter-
no place, amid the mad rush for so- aoB. -with orders from (Jen. Busli of
cial distinction, stands a small two Vancouver barracks to old tho local
story house.     Surroundingi tills    ro   ■"arekalle.
minder of simpler and less extrava- T1"* arrival of the troops was un-
gunt days aro tho modorn palaces of expected. Thore ls no disorder here
Gotham's multi-millionaires, This uut a number of arrests of minor*
tittle wooden structure Is tucked in ''or carrying concealed weapons havu
bohlnd the Palatial residence of Jas. been made. u
M. Constable, at Eighty-third streot A peace commission of the union
and Fffth avenue, and ln this house is keeping a strict patrol of thu
Mr. Constable was born. When he 'own and thore is little If any druii-
bullt bis magnificent homo on     the kenness.
corner ho found It Impossible to de-| s"Pt- Klniie says that there hos
stroy the home about which cluster-, been no trouble. The troops wore
ed so many happy remembrances ot brought as a preventutivo measure
his boyhood days, so that ho not'Kinzie says he has a full surface
only preserved the house but has' "ew. All the mills are running
kept it In repair ovor since. | with tho exception of the sovon bun-
dredtli which is on half time. Tho
union leaders say that nearly the
entire working force Is out and that
only 60 men are working.
— | Y"f' I     ■ ISLAND..
TORONTO, Mnr. 28,-That tbe in-     NEW YORK, Mar. .28- A new Hold     NEW YORK   ~Z~  oo
|a tutlon of penny savings banks    in °! endeavor has been discovered   for whin nearlV,"'' TV       A    w1W
he public schools of the city i. high-  the charitably disposed in New Vo'kHi   I  ZlcL71 TT ** '" *
ly instrumental in promoting habits U'consists In helping to solve    lhe then a  ,o ground and
of frugality among the children was tral.lc    problems that ore   ,reson "d a W,,'_Tl   P^ ^ ^''S *
shown by reports presented at'a sup- every „<ght at Brooklyn llridgo ^tb^ii C    "T^ "r°"'-
l« tendered    by the president    and the     thousand,     ol weary, 'un -      s'uL«      ™^s T¥ ^     iUa
directors to the Toronto toachor. ot «'orltor« light for places i„ the seeth   le"-    hut h „ aT™* "t'"'il-
■'cCoukey's lust night, ing crowd, where everyone   . tX dreds    f at      ,      "*** '" * *»*
The Toronto penny saving,    bank W    t^so,|e trafn.    £ffi«tt™ ^
was started on April 2, 11)05,. with however, to volunteer his services is of tho    ,„„„„„        .
"«f0 accounts, totalling el9.20S.03, •Mother" White, for so he  ,„.   J 1 \1DubTT. ""* """
an average of 82.9,0.    From then to'-me known to the nisli-il Brook     did    day   o^ri '   ,""" %**-
J- 30. of last your. 425.004    de-, Wlcs".    M„  % a   big ^tlll IhlMiJt^^{Tr£P*
NT.i mads, and there    were «m with silvering hair, derby   hat.  that the eagei  crowd" LT,     8°
withdrawals.     The- deposits "no clothes, and generally a  earns   to    speculate „        \ b6gUn
have grown in amount to *„«, | tlon adorning thclapol JMs ■£?,   U Staled &"£%$
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
make Con-
orld over. Whilo few'
B. E. WALKEK, President.
ALEX LAI It]}, General Ma ager
A- E IRELAND  Superintendent
of IjI'ui dies.
paiMpcapim $10 000,000
Rest     5,000,000
Torai Assets.. 113,000,000
Bra- c' es throughout Canada und jd the United States ar d England
Farmer.'   Paper   Discounted.
Deposits (" ""
Willie fashion is supposed to   prescribe   certain     clothes -for certain
functions,    the    variety of costumes
displayed by a  fashionable crowd at
tho opera vary so widoly that    It la
easy to believe that tho wealthy feel
entirely dependent of fnsblons     and
convention.     / Evory kind of gown
and the oddest of trinkets aro   dls
played.     Gowns that are cut so low
that    you .wontlor how tho wearers
dare to appear outside of their own
boudoir, and Jewelry, such as    three
hundred thousand    dollar necklaces,
which cause those who are sitting in
tho two dollar seats to wondor why
anyone would carry such a  fortune
around with them, where thero ** are]
sure tb he some pickpockets.     Bu
the oddities ln dross are by no inn
ner of means confined to tho women.
Only tho other night a  man appeared in one of the boxes wearing    n
pink coat, and yet committed, what
was considered an Insult to fashion,
by wearing a  mado tie.     In another    box   sat a  man    with a gol
-bracelet round his wrist, and In ad
ditlon    had a  monocle with a  con-
spiclous tortoishell rim.
VANCOUVER, Mar. 80-The •
Canadian Northern will send out •
engineering parties thts soason *
to survey the route from Ed- •
monton to the coast.    The ter- *
* minus wilt probably be at   one *
* ei the two places, the hood of
* Butte Inlet or Bella Coola,
which is about half way between Vancouver and Prince
on Feb. 29 last. ^^
This makes Toronto stand     third
In this regard among the cities
the continent, being surpassed     only
by Now York nnd Pittsburg.
Stimulated by tho example uf Toronto, branches havo beon opened in
Oakville, with a balance of $217.03
and In Oalt, with a surplus of 53,-
002.83. In Quit, however, a penny
bank wus started some years ago by,
the Merchants' Bunk, and lt was ln
existence till tho business was taken
over by the Toronto penny banks
last October.
History of the System. ,
Mr. Joseph    Henderson, assistant 1hl! ahouta
No    uniform, brass buttons, shield tor months,
or ferocious looks to terrify the rush
- uno hundred feet abovo     the
ills position is  ground.     Here    the curs will round
curve hanging at nn angle
An autopsy on a man who died
at one of the city hospitals tho other day revealed a most startling
condition that amazed the medical
profession of New York,. It wnsdis
covered that, although he had enjoyed good health up to the time of
his death, that ho had lived with all
of his vital organs out of place. The
heart and stomach wore found on
tho right sldo and tho liver on the
left, Nono of thc experts who saw
thc autopsy coold recoil any rocord
of such a complete transportation
of tho vital organs.
OUS  THE  S.   S.
Justice Martin today gave decision
in the case of the Str. Hornelon vs.
the tug Spray. Judgment was given in favor of the Hornelon. It will
be remembered this case arose out
of a collision in Nanaimo harbor on
Dec. 24, when tho tug Spray ran
into the Hornelon .vhilo she was lying at tho wharf.
The case was argued In the Admiralty     Court   In Victoria several
daya ago, Mr. K. M. Yarwood of. „ ugumy, such aa Were fostered by
this city, appearing for tho Hornelon savings banks. Now, chartered
and Oeo. Barnard, ICC, of Victoria' bunks were in existence for the pur
appearing fcr tho Spray, I--™ -• --■■*
-»..     'i'his latest thriller is to be a mono
Idg crowds, but on thc contrary    a railroad built on scientific principles
linn     but gentle voice and a  happy "n<i tha traoli ia to be about     two
sinilo for all aro his Hole weaponsby miles ["n«' »nl1    afte'' a  solll!s    ot
wbich he    keeps the crowd in order,  dips,  the truck will riso to a point CP\
He stands    on o  bench overlooking about
the crowd, nnd from his position is  ground.
able to spot tho trouble-maker. And a   sharp _
then you hoar his voico ci-y out in of forty-five decrees and then make
gentle tonele tones thot never falls a sudden dive Into a lako of reel
to accomplish what tho policeman water. But the passengers won't
relys on his club to do, some sug- be obliged to wear rubbers or enrry
gostlon or advlco to the excited, nor- umbrellas, for by means of fountains
••ous hungry crowd. the entrance and exit of a  tube run-,
"Don't push that little lady thero" nI"B beneath the lake will bo con-J
i shouts to one, nnd to another, coaled from tho passengers, giving
general manager ol the Bank of To- "a*y' JU8t w* u»lt "<»»*■' wlth a tlie B°n"lne se"80tio" wit,lout the
ronto, praised the penny bank for >>»by '«> «"• »™s" <"*« a" «» time dtlngl!r of «cttl'"=r " much ns ttdrop
the system of saving it engendered, "'"sr'ne1 <"■* t0 «» crowd, "Take it of water on thefr clothes,
t* — nice and easy now, there's lots    of •
"Orother"  White, for those     who    r„,,TT ,mmi.     r.Z
.-,",       TLifl/uIflB'..,    Coi.,
dont know him, ls supposed to   be n„o,,;.,. •■■
tbe man that owns tho bridge,
ileposits of $1 and upwards received, and iiitere t all wed t
curren lutes. The depeeibd'Is subject to no dr.lny whatever i
the witl diuwnl of ihe vvlio'e or uny part of the deposit
OFPiCE   H«URS ON PHV  04y   »:so a. «., to 12.   4 p.m., to 5 p,
m.    P p.m., to 8:30 p.m.
..L. M. DeQEX, Manager
'IS    Pr^'Il^":1'*:    .. HMO.  O   PICKARB.
Proaldont und Managing Director.
It was to stimulate the commercial
life of the country by fostering habits of    frugality   that saving banks
were Instituted.      In England Jere
my Benthem   first pointed out    the,
value of such Institutions to the nation, and in 1807 Frlscilla Wakefield
first opened one.     In 1810 a  Scottish minister, Bov. Henry Duncan, of
Rothwell,     started a  bank in    his
parish, and in 1817 the first savings
bank In America obtained a charter,
and lt was established at Bost n. In
the application of the legislature for
the charter    of this bank the directors    pointed    out   that the lower
classes were not helped by any alms
deviated by the wealthy, but by the
acquirement of habits of thrift  and
frugality, such
OTTAWA,' Mar. 30— E. N. Lewis,
Conservative member for West Huron, will introduce a bill in the
house to amend the criminal    «"*«'
pose of making money, but their influence on the customs of the community were highly beueQcial. In
France the government had instituted a system of savings whereby the
depositors after 1,500 francs stood
to their credit received for that
__,      ,    March  28.-
Despito precautions against   such   au
«-.     or attempt,, us patrols and arc lights
president of the railroad, or    some a™ about the house, a stick of   dy-
,,.1,— n.,,  nmniA,   ..... _ *+ - namite     or  , a prepared   bomb   was
other high official; but us a matter plBse„ mdw 'Qm^ mis, bgd Tb_
of fact ho is only a friend of ono General was sleeping, us was his hoof tho men who istrytng to solve bit on an outor porch and was hurl-
tho traffic problems. ed mllny    teut     f,'ora    the decked
houso.    The side    of tho house was
uii-rv  T~Ar>,iviow   i,-r ,\m7u mm tor" completely out, hardly a   stick
WILY JAPANESE   ILATfltBE OUB ot the txd remained,   and fragments
nrvfnQ jd wood    were     scattered over    the
GOODS. neighborhood.   Though badly shaken
V     "■■ jup, General Wells is said to havo es-
TOBONTO, Mar. 28.—F. B. John-  c"lJe<1 Practically without injury,
a-  ,■■!--. -   t-   ■        t    ,        ., I   Oeneral Wells took a leading
as of Kobe, Japan, who is making a 1- •■
whirl,  7 n"'nal    codo a  government bond bearing interest
hi h ahns at penalising dPlver,   „, at , m ^ «»*• '»- ™«
of/ttt 3 per cent.    So during the pres-
Ottawa, Afar. 30— Hon. Judge Ma-
labee, 4he new chairman of the railway commission, arrived in Ottawa
today, and will take over his duties
at once.
Lt.-Oov. Dunsmuir, of British Columbia, who is on his way to Eu-:
rope, was in Ottawa today and call- i
Oothamitcs are wiiiting with     interest the instil Matt tin  of li*./.     now
struct railwn.y  cars oi* Uio "ray-n
yoii-onter" t.vije,     which will be    in
operation by the first of April.   The
new cars    will be eleven feet -longe
than the cars now in use and    the
platforms so large that twenty persons can stand there comfortably at
ono time.     These platforms aro   divided Into two compartments,     nno,
for entrance, and the other for exit.'
the    conductor    stands on the roar
platform and takes the faro ns   the
passengers enter.    .Only seventy-five
persons, tho number that can be car
ried comfortably, aro to bo allowed
to enter tho    car, and no one    can,
stand on tho platform after he has
paid his fare.     This will lessen   the
number of strap-hnngi-rs  materially,
nnd give more  brentlting space     to
thoso who have seats.     One of    tho
advantages claimed for tho new cars
Is that of prevent I ng women     from
getting off backwards.    This ts done
by placing tho Tab handles on    Iho I    —
front side of    the doors only.     ny|n]1,cn ^ I"** Into his mouth
auto, who cause Injury by frighten-'eat     financial    .trlngencv     Prfl„,„
ImZii.Th:penalty,or fiwt whichwaa*«S?JT2
oltonce    willbettfo years' Imprison-Jof the    strongest anancial
...    i   Y»..u.ui ..un:* look a lending part
--> making a j„ tn0 suppression of labor troubles
visit to Canada, is ih ihe city. Whon in this state in 1004 nnd 1005   nud
seen yesterday    ho was enthusiastic was prominently identified   with tho
er '"the great Dominion of Cana-' f?™"' Prosecution or the officers   of
.. ,, .tlio Western Fodorntion of .Miners at
da    and said: jlloisc, on tho chnrgo of complicity in
"It is now one of the best known the assassination of Gov.    Stouncn-
countries    tn    Japan and Japanese' os"*"..   Ho had been active also    in
 Canadians  in tho highest  os-. securing the extradition from Idaho
, _-,        , .    a? _ .t~~\ol Stovo Adams, who is to bo  tried
teem.-    It is unfortunate that there horo on (.„ul.K1;s of murder in
should be trouble In British Colum-' miction   witl.     "... *»■-'■
Stove Wood The Jones Hotel
Cvt by. White Labor Only,
od     upon Sir Wilfrid i.aurior
... countries
ol tho world, was strong onough to
help the Bank of England, which in
turn sent gold to New York to relieve the crisis there.
Sir. Hamilton Cnssels, K.C., who
occupied the chair, said that without these banks children would not
be taught tn mako savings. It wai
pointed out that had habits of frugality beon acquired hy the people of
Toronto they would not havi suffered so much during tho present short-
Ida over immigration matters
In his District Mr. Johnas says
Canadian flour' ls best known, and
bread made from It is very superior
There is some talk; ho said, of Canadian horses being imported and
tho dny is not far distant when, Japan will be a good customer of
So Decides the Courts of Toledo   in
llei'erence to    Wealthy Luiuber-
' men Who Broke the Anti-
Trust- Law.
with     thc minors striko
In Street Railway Car at the U. S.
Capitol, While Mini ls Also
Gatacre Street.
All Home Cured
Robbrts St. Butcher
age of money.
Addresses wcro also delivered by
I the principals of a number of pub-
I tic schools, who all expressed satis-
I faction.at the valuo of the system.
Parrsboro,     N.S.,   Mnr. 27.— Tho' '    + ■	
Coroner's Jury In tho cnso of    ('as. j
Hector, who was shot and killed yes- »'G SUEAMER RUNS INTO G-ALE
torilny    by    Louis Smith, a  young1   NEW YORK, March 28.—Tho
butcher, last    night rotiirnn.i <«   «—   —...-« — -
ver- usual roughness   of the sen
■Met thnt Smith was temporarHy 7n- th™ d^Tl lyago'madrtno
«nmi when he fired tho fatal shot. """W l>"Mongors of tho Mnuretanla
't Is now thought that Smith will e"el)tl0"«lly eager to land when the
■ecoycr from his wounds. Tho bullet    -.w r...nIri™lh,1.ro '.o**^
menna of this arrangement     	
will be obliircd to face In the direction lhe enr Is travelling when thoy
slop down.
Two duys aftor. leaving Liverpool,
enter- ibQ Mauretanla   encountered    heavy
«,».,«   t      .         weather and Monday night tho   big
Smith hns always „„v». i.o<r.... -■- -
(Victoria Colonist)
On one ot tho river steamers which
ply   In    northern    Urltish Columbia
waters   thore Is    a marine engineer
NEW YORK,    Mar. 38.-The    big
apartment houses with Ihoir narrow
.  .       .      »-».» liails bid fair to revolutionize    tlie
.        ,       was «oven stories abovei the water    Dur- mivtak_^ busll,MS ,„ New   York.
the result of temporary Insanity. He ££$& fjj* £%&*£ pi --brought home to th. „„-
nnd nn nttnek of grippe some months of the heavy glass windows in tho dertaklng fraternity the othor dny.
ago.        Rector    was an innolTonslvo chart house.      Tho officer on   d»t»
I od    the neck.' _^_
borne n  good character and"th"o,™I ZmT b0gm '? s.*v<,0'p tne'uppordeck
eral.beltef |, that Ms actions' "■'* -"--l.??'"?''ly eatlmaiaa   "bout
TOLEflJ, 0., Mar. 28.-Thc circuit court today alltrmed tbe decisiun
of the lower court ln tho case of the
twenty Toledo lumbermen who were
sentenced last July to the workhouse
for six months under the Valentino
nnti-trust law. The supreme court
has decided in the ice trust cases.
that imprisonment must qe in the
county Jail instead of the workhouse
Tho lumbermen wero sont to tho lower court for resentence. The lumbermen comprise the wealthy and'
leading citizens of Toledo.
WASHINGTON, D.C., March 28.-
'I'bc shooting of Mouses Lundy a negro ond     Thos. McGreary a ' whito
man In a Ponna Ave street car last ., , ,.     _      ,, . „_.
. ,, ,   , ting a   "Jim Crow" law passed
night     liy congressman llefton,    of   ,     „     , ,    , „ ,    .,
,,,,., _,     ,    '    ,    tho district of Columbia.
Atlanta ci-ontcd a sensation in Wash- - . „„,-j
,    ' „„ ,    . Representative Heftan was arrested
ing'ton.    The negro recoivod a dan-      .     . - ■ •-    ,■•___■.- knn
, ,      , •    „     but Inter     was    released on ?5,000
gerous wt'iUjid in the neck and   Mccreary wos slightly wounded in the
'Phone 44
P.O. Box 54        ^L^l«»«»mm»-
Dealer in All Kinds of
■seats Delivered free ot charge oa the
Shortest Notice.
young follow of good chnracter.
The officer on duty
was cut about the face by dying
splinters but remained at his post after receiving medical attention. All
Tuesday morning tho soa continued
particularly rough and did not calm
Mar  27 — Billy Allen   <,own *'" Wednosdny.    As a   result
' Ottawa,
of Canada,
Who makes a prsetie. o  nightly"™' °' 0U"™'    '^"erwelght champion &*"* .-J*"" ,th» 9"«" was  reduced to
forA ™m»i..» ......         . B-.v.y oo inl no„.,,_     ___     ,, r«» 444 miles during tho worst of    **•'-
lal day.    He hod met many   frionds!Madtoo" 0Dara house last night. Ths L0'NQ SLEBP   »I!L'011D 11ROKE.V
nnA0u. TSt0lh   l''aes"l»faroa'har"!ott*wtt boy was clearly"cntltl"od
!   LOS ANGELES,   Mar.   38- Mrs.
— — -•     ■- Bella Hawkins hue now surpassed all
lag wlYhaTecfdod'iTstrn^TtoTr: '{^Tro^l^ to'llF rOCOr'", ""'',0nff m" ^ *" **'
board, then to port. |in mBnj  round8 *orcod tho "B|ltln,l. according to authorities In the hos-
He was going to his bunk when,an<l k«l>t Allen backing round the pital.- The woman rests on a cot
nT'_n\,'n'>|mhant• S""" "Ar° yoa,Hbg- " wfts °n» "' ib* best fights , a c,taleptlc trOBCS. Today was
no going to hnvo your warm water „VDf ___.. h„. ,       '  "        "     .. ,     ,
bath the night?" ever seen nere.        , tho B2nd dny_of the woman'e eleep
Oh,    yos;    bath—yes,   Ijlorgot," —                      ' ' A  scoro of attempts to awaken her,
aald the -chief "anH' ho staggered to             SUPPLY IN DANGER. , h       tan w|thout ,uweM
the bathroom.   : ■ .   , ■
when he did not como out tho as-     "Did yod    near that SI Husklnby ' * "
tt&W^&K !'«\r,r   »^"  tombstone ^SnURG COALMINES CI^SE
len asleep land-.his head was slldlug ,or Mmself? 	
down below   the water.     He   wos    "Sokes olive!    Why, there eln't a-;	
jrargllng.whon.the assistant hurried healthier man ln tl', hull county," j   W™8BU«0.    Pa„ Mar. 28.- On
»h4'J"mon t™nro Hroon.n' " «,* ' "wall, he's Just back from t„„( Tuesday next all the coal mine, in
theH»3l.ffl^."rt d'00n'n      8,"d city, and ho says If then, Noo York- «* «**« »»' ">uv down by mu-
Thei ehlef engineer straightened up. ers keep on a-bulldln' office bulldln's tual <soamsat ot *»• ■»'■"'"">"» °ver-
nuthW-  "'    .'"■'    '" ft   y°,C0   "' ""to'".     1"lek lunchos nn' bootblack •ton an,i "'" ^Mn,ll,1 °""od '0r *°
right.    "-•- -
"That's all
women anb children    iVlnT" tilt tT""    '" tho st,'le tbey do'    *»• da,',• lk* cmln<:i be^*!0" *-> -~
myself." ™'   In look ""or price of marblo'll ,„0„ be bevond his «
Windsor, Ont,, Mar. 27.—Mrs. Cnr-
rle Decker, charged' with exercising
witchcraft and sorcery, hss beon com
mltlod for 'trial before the high
court. Mrs. Hecker was relensej »n
soon be bevond his M    *~*   optratori expires Tuesday
i and until now contracts are arrnng.
were klllod
Mar.    27 - Two men
and one .'fatally Injured
ed the mines will remain closed,
■. e	
our    sW'.Z.'Hi I  ,tL0Mm' M"' 81-S" Benry •
Prto trnln Ko. in, known •
M tho Wells .F«rffo Rxprcss at Bel-
vldore near Norne.1 .tiito.-.nmfag.
foriahlo ovctifng Inst night, and   *
*  ho is no weaker thla ml.
when a gang of piano movers hud
to be called in to assist tho undertaker In lowering tho caskot from
tho fifth floor of a big apartment
houso to tho street. Tlio casket con
tained tlie 850 pound body of a wo
man who had died ofdropsy. So
large was the .casket that it had to
be taken to tho house in sections,
ami- put together in the apartment,
The problem of removing the coffin
with the body therein was a serious
ono,' for the narrow halls and stairways mado ft impossible to remove
It in that way. Sc. six expert piano movers Were called ln to solve!
tho problem. A block nnd tncklo
wns rigged on the roof, and, then lt
was foilrid necessary to saw out part
of the window to allow the caskot
through. The coffin was then low
ered slowly to the street, where t
tremendous crowd had' gathered.
The boss piano mover announced
nt the conclusion of the. operation,
that he would never tncklo another
like it.
.     SINKING.
LONDON, March 28. - Tho bulletins issued each dav regarding the
condition or Sir TTenry Campbell-
Bannerman, the lMtish Premier,
show little varianco. Nono of them
indicate any improvement, and each
dny passes without signs of a rally,
tho public anxiety grows deeper,
Tho bulletin Issued - this' morning,
said' "Thoro in little change to re.
port In the Condition of the Prime
Mnlster. "The p'a'tloni had a good
night and there has boen no further
marked loss of strength."
Mr. Heftan authorized his collegue
representative Clayton to prepare a
statement giving Ids version of the
affray and In accordance with    this
wish Mr. Clayton    lost night    gave
out tho    following.     The facts aa I
havo gathered them ure substantially as  follows:    "Congressman  lOller-
troe ami     Heftan    were riding down
Ponna Ave    in the   direction of tho
Capitol     about    3 o'clock.   Ellerbeo
observed before ho left the corner ofl
sixth    street,     two negros drinking
whisky and cursing in     tho presence
Of a  lady who sat on a sont   with
theni.   When   ho   remonstrated with
the two nogros about their conduct
and told them to censo their cursing
nnd    swearing. After   this occurence
representative got off tlie car on the
wost side of Sixtli street to go    to
tho   Metropolitan Hotel where     ho
boarded,  leaving no  one on tho car
but Mr.    ffeftnn, the    lady and the
two negroes.
Kllerboo did not anticipate any fur
ther trouble nnd or ho alighted from
the coi' ho was attracted by tho
noise of a scuille between Mr. Heftan
and thc negroes.
tho negroes uso 'vile language to
wards Mr. Heftan. Heftan was bo
Uk assaulted in tho car which was
just crossing Sixth street. It stop
ped in front of the St. .lames hotel,
a run of about 100 feet. Mr. Heftan drew his rovolver to defend himself and struck one of his assailants
on tho head. Ono made a motion as
if to draw a weapon from his pocket and at the moment the other
rushed at Heftan. They struggled to
tho platform ond the representative
forced both of them to the streot.
When oh* tho car the two negroes renewed tholr vile oaths and turned
with the evident intention of renewing their attack. Mr. Heftan fired
two shots with his revolver through
one of tho car windows. He did
not aim at either of tho two negroes but shot at the ground with
the intention of dissuading them
from continuing- their-assault;" One
bullet glanced nnd struck McOreary
In tho Iori, McCrenry, accompanied
by his wlfo, was about t'6 board
tho cnr. Mrs. McCroary Also heard
tho vileonths of the two negroes. Mr.
Clayton explained that Mr. Heftan
had recently secured permission '  to
Important Case Now Being Heard in
Chancery Court in Old Country.
McMuster Gives His View,
Union Brewing Co.
LONDON, Eng..    Mar. 37.—In the
Chuncury     division,    u   1'urtunu    ot
.tluu.ouu is Involved In the twee in
which the point is whether tho Cu- ^a
niulian wife    (lies Settger) ol Ueorge "
Arliutlwot Smith, who first lived at
Hat l'ortage, and then in    Alberni,  mil P    (\ ITV    MiQUVT
U.U., was properly    divorced,     and   I Jl U    Ull  I      ill AjLVlX Cil
therefore, whether her child by Waller Sterling, tbo man she afterwurds
married,     Is legitimate.     Smith do-
Wlloi.&ALK A.\D »mil.
miciled ; himself    ia Dakota ninety iM-kAlfc and VEGETABLES
days after his wife went to live with
Sterling, to obtain a divorce, and
then went back to Canada and mar
ried again.
Donald McMaster, K.C.. declared
that If Smith' wero n Canadian no
court Iti the world could dissolve his
marriage, except the Senate of Canada.
Outside tho large sum involved,
He heard ono of j which i!ie Sterling'child claims, interest attaches to the ruling* regarding Canadian divorces mado in tho
1'nlled Statos.
Ladysmith,  U. 0.
The disastrous earthquakes whii-h
have rocoutly occurred in Mexico
wore recorded on tho Victoria seismograph. Tho first shock was recorded thoro at 3:11 p.m. of tho
20th and causod the pendulum ofthe
instrument to.awiMg-ahotitr two inches and continue for nearly five
minutes. The second shock was recorded at 7:45 p.m. and caused a
two inch vibration _fyr.. about two
minutos which indicates (his shock,
though'.sovere was of shorter duration than the quake recorded in the
and Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding ond  Pnrty Cakes Hade to
Fruits end Cnndirs ot All Kinds
Trices are    very   reasonable.    AU
Customers treated alike.
Kingston, Ont., Mar. 80— .Tnmes
Doiiglns, of Now York, has subscribed $160,600" towards thi- $300,000,
which tho school ,.( mining, adulated with Queen's Fnlvorslty hns lately undertaken to nilse in order to
qualify for the Oarneulc foundation
•ry n revolve? because of'threat-!nnd n fulrly good night,
erllng letters ho hnd received ns^tne" 'ttnues weak but there Is
result of his activity towards   get- change In his condition.
I/>ndon,   March 80. — The   Prime
Minister had a quiet day   Sunday,
He   con-
0  marked
On the Esplanade.
Ladysmitli,  11. O.
rail Btock of
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kinds of Blaekamlthlag
Don. at Short Nolle.. +*+
»% »av% »%■»»%*>
New Muslin Suits
# $5.50 »d $7.50 *
(Vancouv.t Province.)
If the Liberal    government at Ottawa     ls .successful    In . carrying
through the    House of Commons    a
bill to amend tbe Dominion Election
Elections Act—a measure whlrh has
already had    Its first reading— the
free and Independent voter who succeeds   in polling an anti-government
vote in British Columbia or Manitoba will become the tenth wonder   of
tbe world and entitled to every consideration as a  curiosity.
Apparently fearing the outcome ol
a  free and thoroughly popular selection of representatives ln the House
of Commons at the next general election the Dominion government    has
taken steps    to abolish the present
voters' lists In British Columbia and
Manitoba.    A singular coincidence in
connection   with the matter is that
both theso    provinces are Conservative by an overwhelming majority in
provincial polities.
Bad New Brunswick " flopped" to the
Conservative    sooner    then   it did,
that province would also have  been
included    in the plan to disfranchise
the man known    to be against    tbe
Liberal Federal government.
Job for a Ward Politician.
This most astounding piece of legis
httlon, introduced by Hon.    A.    B.
Aylesworth,    minister    of   Justice,
makes it necessary that a new  list
of voters   must be prepared between
now and the date of the Federal elections.     The bill declares that'    the
lists "shall be prepared immediately
after   the Issue of any writ for    an
election—or at any time when    the
a governor- in-council so directs."    It
necessarily follows that the list must
be got   out .hastily, but as the government is authorized to appoint the
.t   mt- . ... .. officers to prepare the lists lt   is   a
the Whist Club oo Tuesday even- certainty that nono of the "faithful"
Owing to an accident to one uf thu 'ng last.     A pleasant evening being will be left without votes,
dynamos, somo of tho slopes in llx-'. spent by all. No provision is mado for a  court
tension minus are idlo tor the week.    ; . of revision and apparently none    is
  .._,   „    .   „     , . -, desired.      Under the bill some    ap-
Thero will lieu meeting of the' u™' * Sau" '■ spending the.pointee of the Liberal government
Tyee Gun Club tomorrow evening in da"' visiting friends, and leaving on will be clothed with the power of
the Grand Hotel at 7:30.    All    the the Tug Pilot for Victoria this eve- ProPaI'in8 the list and he may do it
Dark Suits in Blue and White at $5 50
~—~ -   -     ■ —	
Delighted to show you somo of our many Novelties   for Spring.
Mr. De Oex, tbe manager of the
local bank, is at present suffering
from an attack of grippe and tonBill-
r*»V»y»W>»ViW^rVrW»*; |
Mr. Bryant, the postmaster, is getting around ugain ufter his illness.
Mrs. Spofford loft town on Tuesday after holding a meeting under
tho auspices of the W.C.T.U. the previous night.
Mrs.  J. Malpuss returned   from   a
short visit to Nnnalmo this morning.
Mr. G. Fletcher, of Nanaimo, vis
in town this morning. i
Mr. Jas. Hill -went  .
on Tuesday's train.
Mr. H. Burroughs wont down to
Victoria this morning.
Rev. McLeod, of Nnnalmo, was a
passenger on the Victoria train this
Mr. G. -Barr wont down tho    lino
n a fishing trip this morning. j
The losers will have to provide
sumptuous supper,
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Ray entertain-
members arc requested to attend,
Mr. Chas. Mortimer was presented
with a fine baby girl on Sunday
night. Both mother and babe are
doing well.
Messrs. Cartwright and Barclay
have made arrangements to get the
result of the Gotch-Huchenschmidt
match on Friday night. The message will bo posted in tho Ladysmith
bar as soon its received.
The death occurred on Tuosday
morning, at Nanaimo, of John Sinclair Manson, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Laurence Miiuson, of Haliburton St.
Deceased wits only in his 24th year,
and was highly respected.
There wus only ono nomination for
tho vacancy on the Board of School
Trustees, tbat of Mr, William Russell, and hu was accordingly declared
otocted by acclamation. Mr. Russell
will make an excellent member for
the Board.
The W.C.T.U. is flourishing in Ladysmith. Mrs. Spofford, one of He
B.C. organizers, was down on Monday ovonlng, and a meeting was hold
in the Methodist Church. Thero were
the usual speeches, interspersed with
singing and music, and refreshments
wore also served. A most onjoyablo
ovening wus spent, nnd the growth
of the movement was seen in the
fact that about thirty new members
were enrolled.
Union Bay, Mur. 30.—The steamer
HeiJimjton, which haa been on the
ways hero for the last two months,
getting overhauled, has been completed and once more ia ready for
Fraeer and Bishop, proprietors of
the Nelson hotel are excavating and
going to build an annex to the present promises.
The tlret game of baseball will be
Played hero on Sunday, April 5, between Comox and the crow ol the
Sheila. The popular skipper will
do the twirling for the Sheila team,
and the chief engineer will be behind
the bat. With such a good battery they will no doubt make our
friends from across the bay go some.
Mrs. LaBlanc, of Victoria, is paying a visit to her husband, second
officer of the SS. Wellington.
I„i„„    ~ " "*     ~"*~ as he   sees fit   and the citizen  who
finds ho has no voto may complain
as loudly as he pleasos without remedy.
An   arrangement    similar to that
now being forced on British   Colum-
^ bla was     carried   out in Manitoba
♦ ' since the present Liberal Government
Messrs.    Andrew Bryden, A.    Mo- has been in power.    The residents of
Kenzie and Robt. Bryden, passed t*10 Prairie province have a very live
throuirh tho cltv tadn. nn th..- 'y recollection of what thoy called
771    n    ,    .    a ,   Z the *hln Ro**   Lino •>'h'<'h w«s  taw
way to Cumberland in Mr. Bryden's Ireely operatod-a careless scratch of
auto. They report the roads rath- red ink through tho name of many a
er heavy. voter whose   tendencies were known
-' '» to be Conservative.    And then there
Citizens of Union Bay are to. have ,B a iu,cy   Political yarn from   the
a sidewalk down Main street   from ?*^_J_! a*0? an °,fflcial ,v*8 hn8tl"
the government telegraph office to 1! ,*° *Z? "", "»fy ""^ i°
AU.       ,_ „• give a   committee of citizens   tholr
the poet office.. By and hy electric first view of the list to bo used In
lights. the election then forthcoming—  and
♦ which occurred the next day.
The firemen', masquerade ball held Jgfe ^St-Z $££?% Z
nt Cumberland on Mar..28, was a oitlMn deprived of the right to bring
decided success. Quito a few from his complaints before a court of re-
tho Bay attended, returning In the vision. In distinction between tho
woe hours bv special train, tired but now kdoral Liberal measure and that
hannv aBeetln- voters in British Columbia
  under the provincial Conservatives,
♦ —- Is the fact thnt the latter provides
rvmnm,... ror *w0 eourts of revision every year
TNDRPENDENT PHONE   OOMPAN- one   In Novembor snd the other  ln
IBS UNITE. Hay.    The man whoso name Is   ac-
■ cldentslly omitted from the provin-
CHICAGO,     Mar. 31— Permanent cial list has    ample opportunity to
headquarters of the International la- Meur<* Justlco but under tho now fed-
rlananrlan.   .„l„,,l,..„a     _. i   .1 ""fl Ibws ne   "I" have UO  recourse.
dependent telephone association were ,Under tho Conservative administra-
opened today ln Chicago, with the tlon of Dominion affairs the laweu-
purpose of inaugurating a polley of m wont so 'nr as to provide   that
aggressiveness that the organization re,vision1 of tho vote1''*' Hsta 8hould
expects    -A" —a      .   .      bs carried
for the
ONION   SETS,  (reliable).
RAISINS, full lb 10c.
5 lbs. Empress   Jams,
In wood and   tin, 65c,
and 75c.
Grocer   and Furnisher.
William's Block
Mr. W. Akenhead    wont   down   to
Victoria this morning.
t ... ,'■  "• •»■••«■»     out by a county   court
will put a  new complexion judge whoM decisions would bo  ab-
oo. the telephone situation In Amer- ove suspicion.
ica. Ottawa has    proceeded so   quietly
/^"."T " ^ Mat0t"" ^oir.treVorBrHlsh0lCo^
the independent phone movement and umbla that not even an inkling of
the organization of tbs association, the scheme was permitted to reach
there is a salaried president   A   0   *"* I"""''' mon •" this province.  Had
Llndemuth, of Richmond and a aa!- ^7 t_nown "' V" gaT tbey would
.-i~i TT t ",~^1';,,"' •"■ • ■**■ not havo so industriously labored
arled secretary, J. B. Ware, of De- during the past two months securing
troit, Mich., both of whom with a names to be placed upon the provln-
corps of assistants, will devote their ?*' voters' llst' which has hereto-
entira tim» in th. n _•.■.._ a ton el^aya beon used In federal   el-
enurs time to the organising and «.«„„». u-causc the Literals in
uem work, stimulating and promot- this province wero not taken Into the
ing the co-operation of the assocla confidence of tho thimble-rigging in-
tlon. ner circle at Ottawa all tholr   work
Mr   m,wi«...m.   .,a a   ,       ..™.      ben hR" practically been wasted.
Mr. Llndemuth said today: ''There An Interesting fenture of thochango
are at present do leas than 10,000 ie that for years the liberal Oov-
indupendent telephone companies op- ornment at Ottawa has accepted the
eratlng.    anunuintat.lv Qnnnn    i-   P'ovlnolal list in Btitish Columbia.
dependent telephone exchanges la the ago that It would accept British
United States aad Canada, which re Columbia's list, which has never
Present aa investment of (880,000 - bmn »llbS|!Ct to the slightest susplf
000. don or objection.    The Government
^^^^ at Victoria takes every precaution to
get a complete list and there la no
excuse for any man, ovon In tho re-
Mar. 81—Eddy motest soctlon of the province,   not
being registered.    Scores of officials
them   postmasters who
— —   —...— on the llrt.   The
es the place of Eddie Grassy, who new list In British Columbia is to bo
announced yesterday that be would Printed ln Hay. In ordor thut it
be unable to undertake tha task h«- ,hould. ba complete and al.solulr.ly
.... u"~*~c,,u" *••*- he- up-to-date, -Liberals, Consnrviil I .vs.
cause of illness in his family. and Socialists throughout 'he   Pro-
Nelern today hovorsd around    the T,nu have lately neem working  oar-
138 mark while Attell gave out aa il and lnte tSJ!Bt °",,.r nam08 °"
nfliHai ah.__. .u . i. ... . •** record. Their work so far aa
official statement tbat he will enter the coming federal election ia soothe ring at 183 pounds corned, is rendered void by the
Betting    is brisk at   svaa money  change of arrangements at Ottawa.
Tho volume of waoem It la ul.'    n '• worth not,n* tnat the    only
uu   oiiune oi wagers it ia said ex- |)art, of 0anada included in tho new
ceeds   any   light since that between bill, besides.  British Columbia  and
Bums aad Saulres, and bids fair te) Hanltoba, are outlying portions   of
Smith, ths Oakland referee, will
date in the ring at the Coliseum to- —amongst
night at the light between Abe  At- are '" most eaae* liberals—are
tail n„.i ii...,n_„ t,.,.      _,  , t . ,   Pointed as commlesionors undir
Wll and Battling Neleou. Smith tak- ___. to enter nftmei ,
equal tbat
Quebec and Ontario—chiefly what is
known as New Ontario, where municipal organisation has not yet' been
The attention of Hon. W. J. Bowser, Attorney-General of British Columbia has been called to the latest
Liberal scheme to hang on to oftVw
and It is learned that ho has lo'.e-
and    written   to Ottawa
»*»<*Bjaw, Sask., Her. 80- Thos.
Shoot, 35 years of age, was instant- graphed'     ._..	
ly killed last night by a yard    en- Pointing out to the Liberal Govern-
flns while driving across ths track ment the 8r,,ftt wron* whlch *"' M
x-iinm. il?.   ..        ~ Z— »    lo"* 'he c Mams of British   CoVum.
below this city.    He cana from Pe-
trolea. Oat	
Notice Is horoby glvon that we Intend to apply to the Licensing  Commissioners of tho Oity bf Ladysmith
at their next regular meeting for. a
transfer of the Retail liquor Licence
now   held   by us for the    promises
known as the New Western Bar, Ladysmith, B. C, from ourselves   to
John Pauscho and John Uunbnr.
Ladysmith, B.C., March 81, 1908.
..•^..,.'.,„. . ;.,.,..! i',A,-i |:, Lj.
Ma 11 thla bill Is permitted to   become law.
Manitoba is also up in arms about
ths measure, which Is thore characterized as iniquitous and solely designed to stifle a freo expression of
ths will of ths electorate.
SAN RAFAEL, Cal., March 81. -
Judge Wurd McAllister, son ol the
famous social leader of Now York,
died today at tho local sanitarium
irom thu effects of an operation for
Toronto, Mar. 81.—By prying loose
an iron bar in cell No. 8 of tbs police station on Esther street early
this morning, Edward Brateau, one
of tbe prisoners, escaped aad haa
not yet bean captured.
Caron, Saak., Mar. 81.— James
Doyle, fifteen years ol age, was attacked uy_ timber wolves and torn
to pieces. The wolves are very ferocious this year on account of the
scarcity of dear.
VANCOUVEB, Mar. 81.-At
meeting of the congregation of tbe
Wesley Mothodist church it was decided last night to sell the present
building and erect a new church urn
parsonage on Powell property, corner of Hero and Butte streets.
The new property will coat $29,-
000 and the new church 8100,000,
The present building and site on
Georgia street, it is expected will
sell for about 860,000.
Berlin, Mar. 81.- Prof. Robert
Koch and his wile left tor Bremen
last night, where they take passage
for Now York. They will be absent for eighteen months and will
pay an extended visit to Japan, China and Indo-China, after remaining
in America for a timo.
St. Catharines, Ont., Mar. 81. —
Peter Cronan, former tax collector
of Thorold, who some time ago waa
found to be abort In hia cash, haa
been arrested at Renfrew and will
be brought back for trial. The deficit ls said to amount to about
Clndnnatl, Mar. ill.—Tho plant of
the Western Paper Goods Company,
manufacturers of folding paper boxes
envelopes and paper bogs, on West
Sixth street, was destroyed by fire
early today. The building was five
stories high and the loss to the firm
will reach $175,000, fully covered
by Insurance. It ia believed the flre
was caused by crossed electric wires.
Chicago, Mar. 81.—Several persona
wore badly Injured today ln a riot
which broke out at the Island ateel
mills In Indiana harbor, Ind., a-
mong six hundred Hungarians and
Roumanians. For several hours the
police were unable to disperse the
Gets Stuck in Pert Hole ol Ship and,
Requires    Combined Efforts oi
Many People to Release Hun.
NEW YORK, Mar. 81- a. Capel-
ano, a young atowaway got stuck
fast in a port hole today while trying to escape from tbs Italian steamer Brazil, which just arrived here,
and it required tbs combined efforts
of the police, the ship's officers aad
craw to extricate him.
For two hours tbe young lad lay
struggling, half out and hall in the
opening, while a lorce of men worked him this way sad that,,cut off
his clothing, bruised his akin, but'
still could not budge his body an'
inch. It was not until a portion
of ths port hols had been cut away
that the lad was liberated. Then he
waa freed only to be taken to the
emigrant station at Ellis island under guard, from where he will pro.
bably ba deported. '
Capallno, who stole away from
somo Italian port soon after ths
vessel docked, broke the shackles
which bound    him aad tried to slip
We have just opened up a
large assortment of the same.
so large that It would be impossible to tell you about any
particular lino as they are all
nice. We have them In all
Styles and kinds, and Prices
to suit nil.
See assortment in window,
with more to be found inside.
A Sir! to do house.    Apply,
First  Avenue.
BOSTON, Mass., March 28. — Tho
annual report of tbe American Sugar Reining Co., ot December 20,
1907 was issued to tho stockholders
today. The profits and loss account
shows nut roturns for tho voar 190",
$8,789,291, seven por cent, dividends, Including that of January 2,
1907, $0,299,980. Surplus for tho
yenr, $2,449,801.
IW---.--.ff--.... j
Local agent for Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co. (Fire). Only
those who can securo a sharo of business nood apply, to
JAMES S. RANKIN, Inspector
Box 622, Vancouver,
New Store *
Newly Stocked
All Kinds of Wall Paper.
Picture   Framing a Specialty.
8. ^oeddtyg
>   High Street. 1
** ll
..   ♦	
|        Job Lot Snaps
J. E. Smith.    Roberts Stree
Telephone, 1 2-4
R 0.
Friday, April 3,1908 ©P, ^.fi. J)I&^
Bods and Lines
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
The Laugh Event of the
A Rollicking  '.Comedy   of Rural Indiana  with  the
In the Best Part sho has had in
many seasons.
"Nobody aint ovcr broke thoir nock
trying to givu mo tho host of it."
Reserved Seats 75c
General 50c
Children 25c
All Work Ouarantswl.
Assortment of Bamboo Goods.
Large Assortmsnt ol Fancy
In the matter of an application for
a duplicate certificate of Title to
lots three and four (8 and 4) Block
; twenty nine (20) Map 708a. Townsfe
.of Ladysmith.
|   Notice is hereby glvon   that   lt is
my intention at the expiration of one
, month from the first publication here
of to issue a Duplicate Certificate of
I Title to tho above land Issued     to
Mary Davies on the 28th day of July
11902, nnd numbered 7946c'
I " Registrar Oeneral.
Lnnd Registry Office, Victoria. B. O.
thu 11 day of February, 1908.
ware and Glassware,
6. Peterson
'Phone 18.
Notlco is hereby given that at the
next meoting of the Licensing   Com-
Chlna- h'lMloners of the City of Ladysmith,
Etc application will be mado for a trans
fer of the interests of Edward Mul-
holllnnd, now deceased, in the retail
liquor license Issued in respect to the
promises known ns the Ladysmith
Hotel, to Robort Barclay.
Executrix of the estate of E. Mulhol-
tVTADp      I   lend, deceased.
"*v_a.      Ladysmith, B.C., Feb. 26, 1908.
First Avenue ' 1
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9 a. m.
;?Before Starting;;
your   White Sewing for   Sum-
.. mor, be sure to   call and   seo
■ - stock of   Lucob  and Embroideries.
Val. Laces, 8 yards for 10c.
Torchon  5c a. yd.
Mercerized Laco, Cream   and
■ ■ Black  5c. a yd. +
*     Swiss Embroidery, 16c, a yd. ■ ■
I Miss Uren |
.. Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 16:68.
i For Victoria.
Vienna. Mar. 31.—Emperor Francis Joseph, who apparently has com
plstely recovered bis health,, want lor
a long walk In the open air yesterday. He also received In audience through the narrow port hole of his
Prlncs Von Buslow, tbs German prison, soon after the vessel arrived
• i        n*~i
.  T  1 'PI' i '. '[ '■'■ ..'.'■'.     ... ■   -'. ,  \
'.1   I   ■-I;,  I 1   I...i   i.        I'V-r-.;'   .,->--* -,' —At*,.}
In Loving Memory of My
Beloved Husband,
•rao died at Lndysmith, March
81st, 1907.
On. nncloua to our hMrlf hiignno,
Tlio v.,l,-.t w, I.I.-.-.11, .tlll,.li
Tha plum mn.li, want Ip our bom.
Oil. ii«».r mow bo fllhj.1.
Our FntliiT 111 III, Wlfcl.Hii rflM
Tb. boon HI, lofo b,d liven,
Anil 11 .h "li earth th, bod. Ill-,,
The foul I, Mfo ln lluovon.
Inserted by His Widow,
East  View,
Glasgow Rood,
Trains i\rrive at Ladyimith
Dally at 11:57.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
At 11:67 and 17.66.
From Victoria.
District Passenger Agent.
103 Government St., Victoria
Choicest FrU'ttf
Cigars   Tobaooos.   Soft Drinks
Excellent Boarding
Special Meal Tickets for
the Week
Mrs. 8. Decker,
Public notice is horoby given to the
r*MryrVtrV>/VVVVVVfyvvvVy. Electors of the Municipality of Ladysmith, that I require the presence of
... tho said electors   at the Olty Hall,
Ladysmith,     on  tho   80th  day  of
March, 1908,   at    the   hour of 12
,',. o'clock, noon, for tho purpose of ol-
ll'il     „_1       acting one person to represent   horn
on ths Board of School Irj.tcos.
Tho mode of nomination shall be
as follows:
Tho candidate shall be nominated
in writing and the writing shell be
subscribed by two voters ol the Municipality as proposer and seconder,
nnd shall bo dollvored to the Returning Officer at any time between the
date of this notlco and 3 p.m. ol the
day of nomination, and, If a poll be
necessary, such poll will be opened
on the 8rd day of April, 1908, of
which every person ls required to
take notice and govern himself accordingly.
'PHONE •. Returning Officer.
THAN WOOD.   .   .   .
H. Thornley
r,i   li, i


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