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Ladysmith Standard Dec 27, 1908

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Chrlstman comes but onco a.yoar,
And when it comes It brings good cheor.
Is only two days henco and you still   havo   time   to finish   your
•    • Shopping.
Wo can suit Him or Hor with a suitable and useful present and
Invite you to look over Our   Stock.
1    Just a fow pieces of our Nippon China left.    Look these   ovor.
Our Fancy boxes of C. 11.   Chocolates aro nifty, nnd run   from
40 conts to $8.00 a box. .
Try a bottlo of non-Alcoholic Grupo Wino at; $1.00;.    Just   tho
thing for Xmas.
Real Scotch Oet Cake and  Shortbread always in  demand   at
this timo of  tho  year.
Xmas Crackers awl Bon-Bons, from 35 conts to S2.!>0 a   Box.
—Somo protty designs.
T.JH 1-M"M"I"M-4-H-M44-H-H-H"!'»"H-t-i4-H4-H-T r^H-H-H-
To do your Xmas purchasing.   We are offering special inducements V
tp £he Xmas Gift Seeker.   For today end Thursday we will   givo A
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10 per cent.   .       |
Also the chance to win a valuable     Diamond   Ring    and   a Gold   gt
Wntch.    Every dollar spent g|vcs the purchaser a chance on both.
Our Goods are tho Latest Design and   tho  Quality   is   always
as Guaranteed, ■*,
Give us a call and have a look at tho Fine Display.
P. G.
Fences mul   Chimneys  Mown    Down,
and Boats and Boat-houses Blown
Over   the   Uny.
If tho Christmas of 1908 is' remembered for nothing olso it should
bo roniombbreil! for its weathor.
Thoro were sovoral und sundry varieties and each and all of thein were
tho vory host of tholr kind, There
was the stamp of character upon
ouch different destructive brand.
Whon it rained, there was nothing
half and half about It. It rained
Whole-heartedly, not to say viciously, and no one eould remain in Indecision as to the ncocl ctf an umbrella. Certainly it wns un umbrella  Christinas.
Of courso that was so long ns It
mined. When it blow it was a different thing. There was no more
in1sC**o about tho wind than there
had boen about the r'i-. It wns a
full-sized, full-throated gule. Gentle
zephyrs are all right in tho heut nnd
sloth of summor; but winter calls for
wintry winds. Friday's sunvple wns
right up to specifications, and, for n
time, things were more than humming.
In tho height of its fury the whistling of the rocking trees could bo
hoard almost all over town. Houses
shook and quivprcd oi Lhoir foundations, chimneys bogan to topple
ovor, among theni being ono at the
schools, ami shingles to hurtle
around in th« stroots. A tree crash
ed through the top-side fence of the
Sports Grounds nnd a bigger section at the north end threatened to
flop over. Flying shingles from the
roof of the Europo Hotel broke in
somo of tho windows in IT. Hughes'
atore, and tho transom above tlie
door of tho bank blew in. Friend
Curley's brand new fence nlso collapsed and other minor accidents
and incidents are reported from all
oyer town.
Thero wns more excitement on tho
foreshore. Everything needed nn extra hitch and bouts and launches
broko adrift. A launch belonging to
Mr. Kuhn, said to bo valued at
3*1500, early broke its moorings nml
drifted across the bay. Its rescue
would have been a comparatively
easy task under ordinary circumstances, but just at thnt juncture
tho boat house cut loose and Stessrs
Ilarrup & Haydon had-all they eould
attend to. It was only after the
greatest difficulty that the structure
wns floated into safety across the
buy, ond not boforo it had suffered
considerable damage.
Monntinio Kuhn's launch had
brought up over on the rocky islet
sheer across tlie bay antl yostorday
morning was supposed to have foundered there. Another derelict vessel
was picked up by Archie Kerr, Altogether, from the weathor point of
view, tho Christmas was remarkable
enough,  nnd   nothing moro outrngo-
Standard Has Been Amalgamated with the "Chronicle" aad
It's Business Taken Over by Messrs. Carley & Carley.
With this issuo tho career of     tho adieux and speak liis farewells.     To
Standard,   as a   distinct  and separ- all of    his     subscribers     and many
.i.e publication,  wines to an     end., friends   ho expresses hia best wishes
Thc Standard lias boon amalgamated for a   happy and     prosperous     So,
with the Chronicle, and the two bu- Year.
sinesses will now be run as ono from ♦	
tho Chronicle olllco.     Messrs.  Carley     COULD HAVE WON ANY TIME.
and Carley     havo     taken over   tlie
wholo of tho business of tho Stand- "'Atfboat
ard,  will complete all Standard con
tracts in advertising, and 1111 out all
Standard subscriptions. Every provision has thus bcen-juudo for the
full satisfaction of overy Standard
patron and subscriber. The Chronicle, also, bo it said, is naturally entitled to tho goodwill of theStand-
ard, and tho proprietors of the latter sincerely hope thut none of     the
Recognized     as    World'
Greatest Distance Runnor Recognized   as   Such by New
York ExpertB.
The following account of the Long-
boat-Dorando Marathon race is taki
en from an eastern paper, and written by a   New York expert:
Thousands of weeping and heartbroken Italians saw Dorando carried
from the track at Madison     Square
patronage extended to the Standard ^^ ^ ^ trjumpbant ■
will bo denied to the Chronicle. b0at redoubled hj8 paCQ md da8ned
Now, a   few words as to the rea
sons which have led to tho amalgam-
largoly tho work of his own hands,
and its revonuo the    results of    his ,
oil the last seven laps of the    great
professional     Marathon alone.     Do-
ation of tho two newspapers.     First ^ m heart bmkm fay ^ ^
of nil     the editor of   tho Standard riflc ^ ^ by ^ ^.^
wishes it to     be clearly understood _, complete|y u tb_ mb        _{  tb_
that he hus not been forced out    ot twenty-fifth „„„,     It WM the Ij0n.
business.     'I, , Standard wus     very dun MnrathBn „,.„. ^^
Whon two pistol shots at tho   end
of tho 25th    mile   second     lap an-
own industry.     Ho is speaking    tho
baro truth when ho suys that, mea-
i'.-;l by tho subscription list, the
paper was nover moro popular, and
certainly its revenue was nover better. He makes this assertion without intending any disparagement of
the Chronicle. Tho town was too
small for tho editors ut the two papers to escape meeting each other
in   more ways than One;     but they
nounced the 'beginning of tho last
mile Longboat jumped into 'the lead
and went out Bke a   sprinter.
Dorando, his face set in grim despair, seamed and lined with the
agony of his last dying effort, trailed at his heels. Faster and faxter
went tho Indian. Still Dorando
hung on through two circuits of the
track. Although in evident distress
he forced his logs to swing stride af-
haye always got along smoothly and t_. stM_ _|th Lon_boat.B_ The 12.
nothing but the friendliest feelings. 000 _.__pi_ jammod ,. ^ -^
havo marked their connections. Of v___ __ .h_h. [M scrMohing| yeU[ng
course a business fight was bound and hoIIoring oncourafi8ment to the
to como, and tho writer line lived ^^ runners unU| th8 _M gir_
long enough in Ladysmith for its dwg Rlmogt ^^ _nh ib_ mmn
peoplo to know that he would nover gw,ft|y a_ mlM flnd ^ .^^
go far out of tho road to avoid a toro _oma m_ __gtem tu]_ „0
scrap.     Also so long as he had   the.tVfWn the_ _as .   spaM that   Dor
ando could clear with a  single leap,
0B3fi0BSOO1M0CO<fi?«OO«i!O'>«OO so', > lOSWS
ously rough hos beon experienced
tfm+4-H-m+H- 4 44 4 ♦♦♦ 'HHWHH+HH++H++
I extend Heartiest Christmas i
Greetings and Best Wishes t
For A Prosperous New Yejar I
J. BIOKLE    j
♦♦>-M+4m++*4-m'H*i4H4 ♦♦♦♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦«■♦♦♦ ♦•♦>♦♦*
The Parrott Skat'inn
a most    successful
floor is getting bette
and thore has hardly
Rink has had
oponing, Tho
nil the timo,
been  mi   huur
Whilo this is essentially tho Christmas Store for Children,
we don't stop thoro. We're showing any numbor of attractive
(lifts for parents, and surprising oven ourselves with the range
of Values. Wo novor had bettor monoy's worth to oltor on
Holiday Goods of ovory sort, and thoso who
will faro best in every way. The troublo lator will bo to got
Goods enough of tho right sort to moot tho demand. Anything wanted now wo can get without extra expense. Towards
the end everything will be hurry and confusion, with no chance
of adding to tho Stocks.
Ladysmith Hardware
Company, Limited
sinco it opened when it has not boen
taxed to its utmost capacity, indeed, Mr. Parrott has found himself
short of skates but this will bo remedied as speedily us possible. AH
those who havc seen lho liink ox-
press themselves ns highly satisfied
with it.
Mr. Parrott wishes lo announce
that Wednesday afternoon of this
week will be reserved for ladies and
their escorts. After this wook, Tues
days and Fridays will be set apart
to tho snmo end,
mm mm
Mistakes are Inevitable at all tlm-
i; but they come more frequently,
and aro a little more excusablo at
Christmas time. Tho editor tied
himself in a hopeless knot over J.
A, Ryan's turkey. Ho Ilrst of all
made a mistake, and thon ho cor-,
reftted It, and tho correction was further wrong than lho original mistake
Now thoso who hold tickets in tho
Ryan drawing, and, on tho authority of tho Standard ore expecting It
to come off on Now Year's Evo, arc
Just simply left. Tho drawing wal
dated for Dec. 23, and was held at
8 o'clock on the evening of that duy
292 boing tho lucky ticket and tho
turkey going to Mrs. John Rogers
llloro was quite a crowd around,
but doubtless thoro would hnvo boon
more had It not been for tho wrong
announcement of the Standard. Tho
pooplo who intended to be present,
and who wero preventod by a paragraph ln the Standard, are asked to
blamo lt entirely upon tho editor. It
was his mistake, and Mr. Ryan was
in no way to blamo for lt.
Further, in ordor that there may
be no possible dissatisfaction, thero
will bo a second drawing for a second turkey, on New Year's Eve. All
thoso who have tickets wlll keep
thom. Thoso -who hnvo not can got
them by calling nt tho storo and
asking for them. Tho drawing will
be under tho same conditions. Do
not forget that to lift tho turkey
tho owner of tho tlckot must be pro-
rent and produce his or her stub.
Also so long as he had the
readers', behind him, he folt he could
look after the revenue ond of tho
However,  there is to be no light,
and perhaps it is better so. The reason the Standard has been sold   is
becauso of tho
in printing it.
progress ia the machine room of the
but as he bounded forward tho shadowy runnor in front of him was always slipping away with equal
Suddenly   Dorando wobbled     from
mechanical difficulty sMe to _m    ma he!u, 9wung ba(Jk
Alterations are    in and hia _,„. tunlK] up unt„ only the
whites    showed.     Reeling, he struck
ofllco in    which it has been printed, tho woodcn curb witl) hi8 Jeft    ,00ti
which,  when completed,  would   havo and {elI    heavUy bBC_wai_ and     to
mado the    printing of the Standard th(J sjde
a matter    of the greatest difficulty.    For an
In the meantime a   plant had    bocn
installed in town, so that thoro was
no longer any necessity to consider
the question of printing in town.   It
was decided,  therefore, to leavo tho
field to tho Chronicle, provided satisfactory to both    parties, could    be
agreed upon.     Thero was littio dllll-
culty iu thai,   ml today tlio Stund-
nrd makes its last appearance.
Tho editor is vain enough to think
Instant he lay still, dazed
and half unconscious. A scoro of
ha.da were stretched out to help
him. He rose, reeled, and fell a-
gain. Longboat was fifty yards a-
way and going like the wind.
Ulplano Pietri, Dorando's brother,
sobb ng like a child, ran and helped
the fallen champion to his feet, urging him to go on. Dorando weakly
shook his head and fainted. A doctor was on the spot and in ten seconds   they     wero carrying Dorando,
Tlie Notables Who Have Been
Gathered In By The Stem
Reaper, Death During
Past Year,
there will bo some rogrcts expressed
ovor the transaction.     He wishes to'd|)(oato(| and nalf cons(.ious, to    his
stato that    no ono regrets lt    m01'0, dressing room, whilo Longboat   gal-
thnn he doos himself.     Ho has beon|loped gaily nroun(1 ^ aroUnd until
for ovor four j-enrs a   resident of thotl]0 lnst pl8to| shjt announcod     the
ciuy, has giown to like it, and   has mA o( the TOCe
mndo many frionds, anil feels it     a|        Could Have Broken Record,
big wrench to pull up stakes and get    The indian cou]d llave broken   the
out.     The Standard itself has   boen rocora 1)y __ minutes if he hadbeon
the work of his own hands, and na- pushod.     After being carried  shoul-
turully, as     In all similar cases, its tlel. jllgh    to his     dressing room by
disappearance costs him some pangs, hundreds of    triumphant Canadians,
All ho can say here is thut ho    has he jumfKA on his training table and
always done his bost for his patrons wont through a  war dance,
and subscribers,     hns served    every Fcet were Skinned,
interest of the city to the best of whcn t)ley ,raiied Longboat's shoes
his ability, and lias taken and made 0n thoy [ound there wasn't a patch
the most of every opportunity to of sk|n ]ctt 0n ejthor foot from his
farther and promote the development tncs to his heols.     His soles     woro
Thoy     wore     badly blistered
training     whon ho began tho
meritorious painters, including Walter Saterlee, George Qhickor,ing Mun-
zig Pierre Muigan, Antonio A. hi,
Music hus sintered great loss by the
death during the year of soveral distinguished composers, among thom
Edward MucDowell, Rimsky-Noi-sak-
olf, Prof. Fuirlauib, Juimes Nuno,
Decatur Smith and William   Mason.
Three famous violinists, ."ablo de
de Sorusate, August WiiheUn, and
Marie Fisher, Uie prima donnas Clara Novello uud Pauline Lucca, and
Auguste Vianosi, thc conductor, also
went to tho Great Beyond.
Tlio drama and the stago have
been made poorer by the loss of
three famous playwrights, Victorien
Sordou, Bronson Howard and Alfred L'Arronge.
Tlio realm uf tho press was also
invaded by the merciless reaper w'ho
gathered in among others Sir Jamos
lvnuwles, founder of the Nineteenth
Century, Robert P. Ncvin, founder
of the Pittsburg Times; Chas. Emory
Smith of tho Philadelphia 'Press; Mu-
rat Hulsteud, lung connected with
the Cincinnati Commercial Gazette ;
Crosby S. Noycs of the Washington
Star, Samuel E. MolVett, of .Collier's
Weekly, tho correspondents William
L. Aldon, Dr. Max l-'alk, .las. Jeffrey Hot-he und Joseph Howard jr.,
and a large list of editors and writers.
The list of distinguished dead of
the year would not bo complete with
out mentioning some of the prominent philanthropists und reformers,
liko Ira D. Sankey, Edward Wether-
ill, Sir. William Cremor, founder of
the Interparliamentary Union, the
Hov. Ben. Waugh, founder of the El
P. c. c,
WASHINGTON, Doc. 20.—Mortality has beon uuusually groat among
the distinguished men and women oi
tho world during the year just drawing to a close. Death loves a
shining mark, it is said, aud during
the closing twelve months ho has,
ended, reaped a deplorably bountiful harvest among the great workers
in all branches oi human activity
throughout the world. He has respected neither rank nor station,
neither nationality nor sex, neither
profession nor merit.
Nearly every country has had to
pay a heavy tribute to the stern
reaper and in many cases ix-n sreat
men taken oil could ill be spared) as
Ihey were in the midst of unportant
work when the call came, and they
wero compelled to leave the crowning
work of their life unfinished. Many
of them had reached the high tide of
their usefulness and the world had a
right to expect even greater things
from them than those they had already contributed to the progress
and betterment of the human race.
The ranks of royalty and nobility
were thinned by the death of several
crowned ruleis of nations. The most
important loss was that caused by
the recent death of Tsi-An, the Dowager Empress of China, undoubtedly
thc greutest woman of her time. In
comparison, the death, about the
same time, of Tsai-Tien, the nominal Emj>eror of China, was an event
of but little significance. I^ess important, though not more shocking,
was the death by assassination of
Carlos I., King of Portugal, and of
Crown Prince Luiz, of Portugal.
The list of Statesmen and diplo.
mats whose thread of life was severed during the year just ending, included not less than five former presidents of American republics, chief
inong them Grover Cleveland, for
nier president ot the United States
other expresldente wero Estrada
1 a Ima of Cuba, J. M. Arroquin, of
Colombia, Ignace Veintimill of Ecuador, and Marco A. Soto of Hondur-
F. Guachalta, president-elect of
Bolivia, died bofore he had taken his
t in the cnpltol of his country.
England suffered serious loss by tho
death of Sir Henry Campliell Ban-
ncrman, Sir Drummond W'ollf, Sir
Howard Vincent and Sir Nicholas^
O'Connor. Belgium was deprived of
the valuable services of its premier,
M. De Troos,
The church, in this country as well
as in other countries, has sustained
equally great losses by the death of
distinguished dignitaries. Ths Pro-
scstant Episcopal Church in the Un
ted States lost four great men, Bis
hops H. C. Potter, H. Y. Satterlee,
Edward Knight and Ellison Capers;
tho Protestant Episcopal Bishop Edward Wilson; tho Methodist church.
Bishop Fowler, and the Roman Ca-
tjolic church Bishops Curtis, Horst
niann and Ticmey.
The armies and navies of the world
contributed a considerable share to
the list of the distinguished deaths
this year. Threo lieutenant generals
were gathered to their fathers in tho
United Stntes, A. P. Stewart of tho
United States Army and Eppa Han-
ton and S. lee, Confederate    Army.
England deplores tho loss of Gonoral Sir RoaYOrs lluller and Major
Gonoral C. E. Lunrd; Japan tho
death of Generals N'odzu and Okasa-
wa; Russia tho demise of Gen. Linc-
vltch; iVnnce has lost Gon. Jules
In the ranks of distinguished educators death also caused n serious „ , . .. . _ _. .t. -nnn«t of
branch, which it will bo difficult to',P™8 rtent 1'08tCT uf the:B°"d t ™
fill- Tho list of thc deaths during .Trade of that olty as saying that ne
tho year includes Henry Hopkins, believed peoplo of New Brunswick
former President of Willinms'     Col- )(, ,,„;„,, tt„„inst the Intercolonial
lego; Daniel C. G-ilman, of Yule; Hen-, , . „,.;,..,_. i.„m-
ry Loomls Nelson, of Williams; Fro- Being '"">ded over to a   pnvutecom-
dcrick Paulson, University of Berlin, j pany.       The Halifax    correspondent
Among   tho shining lights in    the (or tnc snme paper snys the belief ta
lish Nation
Duveen and
Tho busii;.
severe lo:
mo.. like .'jl
F. Vilas, t,>
P. Belmont
Tho list ..1
Canadn. who died during
just ending is unusually ,lon_
contains the names of men, -
tho country could ill afford to
Among them nj,Ust be mentioned gi?
Adolpho Cnron, former Minister
Militia and Defence and postmaster-
general for the Dominion if Canada;
Sir William Whitoway, fi -nier pre-
inicr of Newfoundland; P.-is. Grcen-
w.iy, former premier of Manitoba;
George A. Walkem, former -premier
of British Columbia; and Hon. At-
thus Peters, premier of Prince Edward Island; Dr. Albert E. Douglas,
speaker of the legislature of Prince
l-ldvvard Island; Capt. Chas. Dawes,
opposition-loader in Newfoundland;
Sir Napoleon Dassault, former Chief
Justico of the Superior Court of
Quebec; Justice Drake, the distinguished jurist and parliamenteriaa ;
the Very Reverend James t:ni.mich-
ael, Lord Bishop of Montreal; three
prominent college professors. Rov.
Fathor E. Pnrndis, N. R. Cnrmioh-
ael nnd John Bradford Cheesemanj
Canada's most distinguished poet.
Dr. Louis Honoro Frechette; Brig.
Genernl Beaufort Henry Vidal, In-
soector General of the Canadian Militia; John R. McCowan, Inspector-
General of Newfoundland, and Sir
Robert Gillespie Reid, a prominent
capitalist and railroad builder.
 * —
Athletic Club Officials are Arranging
Match Between nod Stanton and
Oscar Nelson, of Vancouver
Tho Athletic Club ofllcials aro at
present arranging for a boxing
match, which they expect to be ablo
to pull oil la this city In about two
of three weeks.
The principles will bo Hod Stanton, tho clover Australian lightweight boxer of this city, and Oscar Nelson, a knight oi the glove,
who hails irom Vancouver, and is
well known locally. Stanton has demonstrated his cleverness and ring
generalship in this city on soveral
dlflerent occasions recently and tho
olliciuls and sporting fraternity are
assured that the honor of Nanaimo
will bo creditably sustained ovon at
the worst.
Nelson has a splendid record aud
it is woll known that ho is no niull
with the gloves. '
if tho Club can inunago this aJlair,
a good, fast, classy go will bo assured.
—Thu Missouri association oi prosecuting attorneys mot lor a,two days'
conference in this city today with
nearly every county in tho state represented. The chief purposo of the
conference is to discuss logislativs
measures allocting tho work of tho
prosecuting attorneys that will be
brought bofore the legislature at its
coming session.
Toronto, Dec. 23.-The World's St.
John,    N.B., correspondent    quot ■
world od scienco who paid their  tri-j
buto to Nature during the year just
of the city itself.     Ho has no   com- rBW
plaint to make of tlio support     hc fl.om
has rocoivod.     Certainly thoro could rac8
havo been more; but ho has always    Longboat    says he know ho    had
been satisfied    and is dcoply sensible dorando lieaton     after the sixteenth
of, all tho many kindnesses and     the lnjiP     .However Dorando is a   groat
friendly consideration and advice he rtlImer,  and deserves credit.
has received.     Ladysmith will   evor    'pom Flanagan says tho Indian fol-
havc a   kindly plnco in liis honrt.      lowed instructions nnd his paco kill-
Thero is little moro to be said herc. od off the Italian.
Tho town, ho honestly believes,     is Greatest Living Runner,
coming In for a new era ot prosper-. ^ T)l0 jjow yori; World says; "Tho
ily. Its citizens are looking to do- ~he rncc wng h gront vindication of
volopmont to tako place, and lt is of (n8 claim that Johnny Hayes had
the highest Importance that the city nm _orand0 to his limit, in tho Lon-
aml Its -interests should bo well ad- don Marathon, and it was a tribute
vertlsod. There is nil the morerea-^o tho fuct that Longboat is the
son therefore for giving lho Chroni- g,-ontcst living distnnce runnor. The
cle a generous patronage. Tho pa- i„d|an's finish of tho stunt sho.-jd
por as It is, is not what the town this beyond a doubt, finishing lhe
hus boon accustomed to, nor is It in9t hundreds in 15 seconds,
what its proprietors wish It to be. j ♦
It can   easily    be   Improved if suffl-;
clont patronage Is accorded it,   and, ACCEPTING NO FAVORS
It should ever In remembered     that    ^j,^ (ari8ing ,„ 9trwt car)_
the better tho apiwarnnce and quail- won't you toko my senti madam?        rls, widely known under thc nom  do
ty of    tho locnl paper,   tho greater    The   Suffragette — No, sir, I will plume "Uncle   Remus," nnd   ,T.   H-.  his recent indisposition.
servico It oan nnd doos do tho town.' not!   You aro entitled   to it    until  Randall, tho author   of. "Maryland,  jcsty   rsturned from Brighton today
,,,■„.,;-, ,     .,„    .,     „,. such timo as we womon hnve   some- _jy Maryland."   Franco lost Its Uu-  ,    gt_ th_ prorogation speech   and
In Itself it Is nn   advertisement     of th|l)g to 8ay ahout tho fram1ng    „, dovl_ Halevy  _0VC,|8l nnd UbpettlBt.  ]      * s_»drta<rham Castle    fof
tho grentosl value to the city. hiwe governing publlc conveyances.—     Among tho artists who crossed tho   •"'" »u lo =«»«""»"•"»    —»
And now tho editor will mako   his Puck. divide during the year woro several  Christmas.
HaBfax and in Nova Scotia general-
[JUL-     LU    llttLUiu    UUiiUK     mv    jyi"     ju«" ..     _.i_____|_.
closing,    wore Henri Becquorel,   the ly is that the people would bitterly
discoverer of tho "Becquerol Rnys,
Prof. C. A. Young, the astronomer ;
Sir John Elliot, the meteorologist j
Alfred Marsh. the geologist; Dr.
Brooks nnd Prof. Kellermon, zoologists.
resent ths government disposing ot
the people's railway. They would
welcome more railways into the province and would willingly see ths I.
CR. judiciously utllizsd for tho  ao-
Utoraturo did not escape tho   Into compll,hment of that purpois. They
of science and the ranks of its grout _                     „,„„_,„ »w> n n n
men,    poets,   novelists, critics   and would especially welcome th* O.P.B.
translators    hns boen ruthlessly   in- ♦	
vnded by death.    The United Stntes London,     Dec.  21.—King   Edward
was roblwd of Its Joel Chandler liar- hng ^^ ^nfly recovered    from
Hls    ma- CONSUL. ME
If You Require Any
Or if You Require Any
Ui   If You Want to Buy a H0U3B,
or Sell Ons;   or If You   Want
Ladysmith   Standard
»i>lislied on Wednesdays anu t
days Afternoons by ths
Holil. It. Hindmarch,
Ous Year  11.50
_ia Monti-s       76
itiwitisiny   iiulbH  on  Applicatien.
Stray Topics Fram
New York
atiy  struck
. tho    irei
iicle, and moro par-
pat of it     ic
i political policy of thc   pa-
outlinod. We have some
of hazy recollection that we
expressed our mild "doots" of the
genuineness of that j>art of tho new
newspaper's confession. We spoke-
on general that particular grounds,
being guided by our own observation
and experiences. Now wo desire to
raise our hats to the Chronicle, or
rather to its editor, and we don't
hesitate to confess that he has evidently seen moro than has evor come
under our vision, and that his jour- result wiN be awaited with the great
taalistic experience obviously leaves'est interest by the whole English-
ours little better than a white sheet.' speaking world. It was years ago
We wore simply amazed at tho Chr0- a question of end or mond it, and
niclo's jaunty declaration of indepon- it is more than probable that the
dence. Now we wonder no moro. first alternative ,wlll be submitted to
"Tho newspaper publisher who pros- the people. Of courso there may
trates himself at tho feet of the lead- still be a second chamber, but lt
ers of tho political parties commits a'will probably be elective, and, in
folly that must sooner or later re- any case, it will be such that no
suit in mental and material bank- discrimination will be exercised a-
ruptcy." These aro tho words of'gainst the legislation of either party
wisdom born of experience. "The when in office.. The Immediate de-
snerinco of independence Is a humll- velopment of the situation will bo
iating one, and the man who makes eagerly awaited.
t hns only     himself to blame when —■ ♦	
lira time comes to feed on the husks.' THE UNDERTAKING   OF KEATS
Horo we have    pregnant words     of ■   i	
prophecy, a9 weI1 aa a C1]ronlc|o Keat> wai_ ]Q . _ordi an anclont
epitome, cynical onough in all con- Greek in modern England; that is,
science, of tho virtue and honor and hs had ons word in his language for
honesty of British Columbia pollti- Beauty and Good.' Hs did not mere
cans. "Therefore," concluded our" ly see, as we all do, thai beauty is
contemporary, "the Chronicle will a good thing a_d that evil ls unus-
nat permit itself to become tho tool ually ugly; hs saw that what was
anv I>oliticnl party, nor will It beautiful U good and what is ugly la
ever 'crook the pregnant hinges of bad,- that beauty and goodness are
the kneo whero theft moy follow not two kindred things; and that
awning'." proUv word_ agi ^ whst'f* e»U truth is merely another
altogether without truth. The Ohron- aspect   of tbs isms thing.    Though
0 o whatever may be the engle of ws deny' this nowadays, ws may yet
' a I'neo hinges, or the quality of the condetcend to understand intelligent/-
<™'nuig Has at least never lost    the ■? its insetting.    The Venus of Melos
of tho political lcador8 wnom   it ia ai marbi,    w0__n, harmoniously
"   ' "™Iy    contemned.       it can nt 'ormed;     every   line  ot her answem
government advertisement and relates to every line of her. Now
w-l Proterence to a newspaper whereas our senses perceive this har-
sunn   !" US 'lrSt irS"° ann°,moo°' its mony in ber,   >w, call her beautiful;
PPort of tho McBrldo government, whereas our minds appreciate Ihe re-
ana has ever since given loyal    sup: lation of line ' -to lins, we-nall    her
1 on to tho party.     Wo aro left   to ***** proportioned; whereas our soul
aim, where Independence Is so T be moved to glorify God and to
sgn icantly rewarded who would 'ova Woman, we taay say that- she is
ever assume the shackle, of   party? good.
o wears tho spurs must win them. I   There Is one     principle-harmony,
was tho terse maxim of the warriors tbe Idea of relation;    which appeals
°     d' KBi 0° in "io politics of   to- to *»•». intellset, or soul, we name
day tho man who gathers up the ha" beauty, truth    goodness.     Whatever
pence must e'en get out and take tho' violatea harmony,' disrupts or denies
"     *' relation, that ls in tho earns phases
♦—- (ugly, falss, bad.    All three are one,
THE LORDS. I Inspired or    insans, this was Kent's
! view of the universe.
.    , situation in tho otdi   Farhaps    John Ksats was a
«_«_?   J      8t Pr0Sent ""'-"'""J «»b dreamer;     perhaps hs waa
general attention, and is of peculiar wise a   dreamer to fathom his
interest    to the colonies,
the way to progress;     Canada,   for things, thero la no answer. Some peo-
example, has all Its future before it, pie do know them, but you have tor-
waiting only    to   be   shaped, to be gotten-how;    and Keats had not. —
made, by   the genius    of its states- Brian Hooker In Foriim.   ■
men.       In the old land, betore     its ♦
statesmen can begin to shape they
must destroy; beforo they can begin
to mate, they must unmake. And, ■ y
again, there ore all the influences
which have been generated in tho
slow development of the country.
Horo we have no landed nobility, no
titled aristocracy, no hereditary
principles. The Dominion is young,
and our own province younger still.
Fortunes have been made in the last
fifty years, but the pioneers all
started on something like an equal
footing, and the spirit and sentiment- of these days hnve not yet been
feft very far behind.   .
lt is all so different back in England, and things even thero have undergone a radical ohange during the
last decade. The hereditary principle in the British Constitution has
boen forcing itself to the front until now it is the supreme political
question of the hour. Gladstone in
his last speech in the Commons foresaw this hour, and loft no doubt of
tho solution ho contemplated. Sinco
that time the action of the Lords
has provoked an even moro acute
rnnd intense feeling and sentiment,
and tho climax has come in tho
reign of tho Asquith government.
There is undoubtedly a strong fooling in the country for something in
the shape of a second chamber. Just
ns certain is it that tho hereditary
principle In the composition of the
House of Lords is doomed. Thero
aro, indeed, strong grounds for the
argument that the Lords have been
mads ths last appeal of the Conservative opposition. -A Liberal government can force a measure
through the Commons when it is in
power, but all its work is dependent
upon tho veto of the Lords. So long
ns thnt veto is in the command of
the Conservative party thero can be
no liberal legislation. That is how
the matter now stands, ail side issues,- and questions of reform of the
House itself, apart. Recent despatches indicate that the Liberal government is even now contemplating
the Lords on their recent rejection of
the Licensing Bill. If the next election is fought on this one issue   the
loast got
to do
NEW YORK, Deo. 26.—The hotel-
men of New York undoubtedly stand
at the head of their profession— or,
ahould it be art?—and If there is one
thing that New York may justly be
proud of and boast of, lt is the Infinite superiority of its hotels. Ths
accommodations they oner are perfect, or as nearly perfect as the cleverest advertisement writer could
make them, and the prices,—well,
one has to have stayed at the St.
Regis or the New Astor, to believe
and appreciate them.
Thero are hotels in other cities, in
America as well as Europe that offer to tholr patrons lifts, private
baths, meals and drinks, telephones
and messenger calls, electric lights
and steam heat, barbershops and
clothes-pressing establishments, liveried cabs and flower shops, doctors,
nurses and pretty chambermaids, but
what is ail that compared with advanced features which, for instance,
the Knickerbocker offers to its patrons. They may come to the hotel
looking like tramps and, presto, by
the aid of the hotel barber, the
"gents' furnisher,'' the y_let supplied by the management and a swell
dress suit, alao furnishsd by the hotel, they are transformed, at least,
so far as outward appearance gjes,
into gentleman and may go to dinner in the magnificent dining ro m,
undlstingulahable from the real millionaires nursing their . dys.eptic
stomachs there. Ths arrangement
is decidedly up to data and woul 1 bo
perfect, were it but possible for the
hotel v>". ^gement to furnish its patrons not merely with bprr-iw-J
plumes bat alao with good manners.
But they may come late,', How
would p school of- etlguitu con
ducted in connection with: 'very me
of the big hotels, do for .. iwter;
New York is justly proud of its
talented son. First Lt. Wm. S.
llapes,, of the United States Army,
who has invented a new hand grenade which is said to break all previous, records of deadliness. According to reports the new, grenade,
which ls soon to be tried on |he Filipinos, upon its detonation scatters
forty or more bullets with terrific
force in all directions, killing or'
maiming everything living within the
radius of its effectiveness. What a
glorious achievement in the cause of
Immunity and peace! No doubt, the
inventor ot this infernal machine deserves the^next Nobel priie for furthering the interests of peace.
The general publlo will undoubted-'
ly be ohagrined to hear that the ex-1
titled to congratulations,
cess has been great.
Color In Ion's
Just at the moment, green, is c
veritable craze, w.tn lu'.'Wn follow
ing close upon its heels. Scarfs, for
instance, nowadays, are apt to be
green or brown in their general effect
and green and brown both fi*mro
largely in the shirtings todny. There
Is a growing tendency, however, to
return to bluos, and some of the
more exclusively dressed men aro
buying blue shiris. Thore are indi
cations that before long blue will be
in the ascendency onco moro. Blues,
however, do not play a vory largo
part in tho scarfs of tho moment, tho
men who woar blue shirts, for in'
stance, usually put on a brown or
green cravat, harmonizing or matching the stripes in the shirt, which in
turn, are npt to bo of a strongly
contrasting color,, oven deep red.
Various new "gold" effects, an outcome of tho browns that woro popular in the eurly, aro often' seen,
and there is a decided revival of
pink among tho best dressod mon.
The "queer" shades of pink havo
been popular for scarfs for somo
time now, but this has boon followed by a decided Increase in tho number of pink shirts seen. These shirts
lt will bo recalled, havo always been
popular in England nnd on the Continent, but, until tho last month,
they hnvo practically been "shelves"
in this country. Tho green hat, .ubiquitous in tho early fall, has glvon
placo to tho black derby of convention, and very few "colored" hats
are seen, even brown ones being worn
only "occasionally."
So much, then, for ono's observe-
GREAT ilittl-l
SYDNEY, Dec,. 20.—Jack Johnson
the big negro from GalveBton, Tox.,
is tho world's champion heavyweight
pugilist. He won the battle today
in tho big arena at Pushcutters bay, [
from Tommy Burns, the Canadian,
who has held It since Jim Jeffries ro-1
linquished it, and after a chase af
Burns that had led half way round
the world. |
The end camo in the fourteenth
round when the police, seeing Burns
tottering and unable to defend himself from the savage blows ot his
opponent, mercifully stopped tho
fight. Previously it had beon arranged that if tho polico interfered a
derision should be rendered on points
and Refcroo Mcintosh, without hesitation declared the big block man
the winnor, for all through tho fight
ho showed himselt Burns' master in
every particular. I
Burns, ln an Interview aftor he
had gono to his dressing room said;
"I did the best I could and fough^
hard. Johnson wns too big and his
reach was too great."
Steel       Range
One way produces evenly broiled meat and
evenly toasted bread without taxing the
patience of the housewife. This way is represented by "Sask-alta" Range. The reason:
"Sask-alta" Range has an Automatic Lift Top
(Patented) in addition to regular
Broiler Door; and this team works
for the operator instead of making
her work.
At the present time tbo annual salary of the Chief Justice of tho Supreme Court of the United States is
$13,000, and that ot tho eight associate Justices is ¥12,500. The
., ,        . judges of the United Statos   Circuit
"l"coI"™.Lf.0,or^h,!?e?Jj™.d  Courts havo   salaries     of $7,000  a
about New York. It Is obvious,
however, that in other sections of
the country an ontlrely., different
trend of taste moy prevail and that
the majority rather than the mlnor-;
ity of the "younger set" will be
found wearing   green or tnn   suits
year, and tho Judges of tho Unltod
States District Courts get $6,000 a
In an article intended to show that
the salaries of United States Judges
are not adequate a writer in the
Independent compares the above fig-
slate grays, peacock cloths and the uVeTwuTirTheTmrnrnts pald*in" _ki_-~
ike In each particular place-therehand t0 tho holders of, corresponding
is always a     "certain sot" of men postsposts
_£° "a" mM,0 th  ]T fa$'°n 'Can   Thl! Lord Chancellor of Great Briers and, while the "smart    men   in!tttin has nn anmlal ^        „,   m
New York   may    bo. wearing   Wack, 000, the Master of tho Rolls $80,000
S1**? °f an afternoon at horse    or tho Justices of the King's Bench and
football games, the men holding  tho. tho Justices of Probate and Admlr-
samo position    socially'   so to speak alty $25|000 eaoh,   A salary of $25,-
in the Far Westv may prefer to. wear 000 a year to    each of the Justices
bluo or brown or greon on a simi
lar occasion. When nil Is said, does
not the question of color dopend entirely upon the point of viow?   Men
i a year to
of tho United Statos Supromo Court
says tho writer, would not   bo    in
excess of the fair and just   requiro-
. . . ments of tho position or beyond   tho
nowadays howover, are no longer' m0aSnro 0f adequate compensation
afraid of bright colors nnd aro wear- {or services rendered,
(ng almost anything *4_ji reason" ..Thero is a tradition that John
that pleases their Individual taste, ifershail whilo Chief Justice was ac-
But If one stands at the corner of customod in tho early morning to
a. crowded thoroughfare and watches tako his market basket on his arm
the passerby, it is extremely doubt- !„nd go out afoot through tho streets
ful if, In say flve minutos, one wlll: of Washington to do the daily mar-
see more green nocktios than brown; kpting for his household, carrying
ones or more green shirts than homo his purchases in his bosket,"
brown ones. It is much moro Ukely the writer continues. "Tho differ-
that none of the "mnddlng crowd", ence in tho wholo stylo and method
will have on the same color or shade 0f domestic lifo in our cnpital city
of scarf, shirt or oven suit thnt is' as it exists now nnd as it was in'tho
It ono excepts "staples." Whon it days of Chiof Justice Marshall is
comes to colors nowadays, "chacun just as great as tho present method
a son gout. —Fanchlor s Magazine.
The "Sask-alta" Way
Another way produces
unevenly broiled meat and
unevenly toasted bread
and taxes the patience of
the housewife. This way
is represented by most
Ranges. The reason:
Some Ranges have "only"
a Broiler Door, others have
a contrivance like that
illustrated in top small
drawing; both of which enjoy the distinction
of tiring the arm that holds the broiler and
tiring the eye that directs the arm.
lensen, Toronto, MentreaLWInnipef .Vancouver, SUohn, Hamilton, CaUarj
""   LOCAL
Another Wop
Ladysmith Hardware Co
NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 24.—As    a'
of conducting tho marketing  of  tho
household    differs   from   tho simplo
way in which tho groat Chiof Justice
.made hls household purchases.
I    "To state the fact plainly, a   sal-
result nf    the ,lmn»tr„,m .i«,V    nn  ary °' *12-5<>° is insufficient to main
result of    the disastrous wreck    on tain at Washington at tho   prosoni
the New Orleans and Northern rail- day a houso and family In a manner
. way    a  few miles    out of New Or- commensurate with the dignity   and
prose companies    arei taking advan- on Nov  n# m whlch thfe0 Hyi requirements of tho judicial position
.    .        .        , not to    mention    tho othor cxpcndl-
es wore lost, and a  dozen or    more turos thot    aro   roquirod from tho
IT *•£_ •r.rr-.y Jr«ria 2LS oX0,c.s,r,lymX° &&£
  *"*■ —*- ^.nst    the-  «*» -,- — •-  «£
Order Your Christ r as Turkey
Come In, or 'Phono in and lot us pick you any size Turkey you want, for Christmas. Wo also hnvo (leese, Ducks,
Chicken, and Sucking Pigs. Fresh Meats of all kinds, and Home
Rendered Liinl.    (Jive us a Trial.
tage of tha    fact that balloons
not included in their rate list,
them. Undoubtedly this hoggish-
ness of tbe express companies will
cause widespread annoyance and suf-
following: '•
, „!., .,.,„ , i   N- Q. Persall, general suporlnton-
fering, especially    among the poorer ,, ,    , ..    _      7, -     . „
7?    .. . aent of the New Orleans Great Nor-     ..   ,
entirely    insufllclont    to permit   the
usual expenditures for thoso purposes
and airships.     It Is to be hoped the , * f lW«an' d,vlslon »"P«'ln-, and ns a mattor of fact for    many
.       . tendent
classes, unable to pay the high rate 777
for transportation of their balloons
J   A    T?VA"NT Dealer in
. .__..   Ut i JZ.1X  MaatB and pouitry
(the* drafh _f °thed0faOm|dl™st head. °tt0r ^OC'- ^O*0OOO0OO* »K03K9»^^^OJSO0OOCK>O0mOfflC»a
Tho salary allowed by Congress is
Interstate Commerce Commission
will remedy the matter without delay, so as to protect the interests of
the poor balloonists.        -fi
Ths people of New York are theatre mad. Theatres are es thick on
both Bides of Broadway as fakirs a-
long tho Midway and yet scarcely
of   the New    Orleans and years somo of tho Justices havo ro-
vary nature 0f
The political    „„„,„„,.„     ,__._._      ,..t. „-_.. .......      t(|(),.
By    the dreams.     But certainly this faith of
thinB8' the sslf-gov- hla waa not Intelligent.    He did not
ag colonies are much more demo- reason but the relation of beauty to
m„!r» .•   tl,C'r P0'itical flbro    mi iTuth* he ""P1" "aw that UW wore
ousting,,,    and, indeed,     In    all ths same,       He did not think;    he
erl. H i.'0""' th"n ls the moth- kMW' And here °«»,n h« '■ a"»k
th., „, co,oniCT '« 'orglng to his contemporaries and to us,: For
weir political destinies, are unham- we are so saturated with the sclentl-
icred by the slowly wasting heritage 8c habit of mind (which waa Inventor centuries, the traditions and cue- ai only 800 yeara ago) that we can
°ms of years and years. There Is bardly concelvs of a man knowing
no dead hand from ths past barring anything    except    through   logical
thought.     We have nearly forgotten
a  great human faculty of Intuition.
j Suppose Prof. Jamas were td declare
jas Socrates did, that hs trusted   a-
i bove hla Intellect   a certain   dsvhiS
voice that sometimes Spoke Ih    hls
ear,    Ws should   not pay hlm    the
compliment of killing him; waahouM
not even   put Mm   In a madhouee;
we should laugh and say "Spiritualism."    Yet there la one possible way
of conceiving how Keats could know
without    reoaoning.       How do you
* BiUiwdi and,Pppl ^
Best Liquors and Cigirs.
North Eastern.
J. 0. Armstond, chief train     d
patoher of the New Orleans     Great
Henry Slager, conductor, and A.E.
Hughaon, engineer, of the New    Or-
v"|lenw Great Northern.
,._  „..-... A . .  ,        *l   The Indicted men were required to
woek passes that does not bring the ,„—,.t. „.„,   ,-   .. . ., „„„
„._„!■,„   i ih   a At ,'aTn'*h bonds In tho sum of $1,000
opening of some new theatre or  the
laying of the foundation for one.   It	
ia    difficult to underetand how    all [
these    houses can continue to exist Ed'tin,g ,a nowspaper, Bays tho Des-
-iti.-,,* _,_,._,      t         *. cr°nto Tribune, is a nice thing.    If
without going into bankruptcy.     If we publish jokes peoplo say wi   aro
the enterprising New York managers rattle-brained.   If we don't   wo   are
keep    on building new theatres    at 'obsIIs.   If wo publish original mnt-
the present rate, somsbody will have *r' '^LS.I! do„n0t *T *!lera
a.    .... ,—        _,'. snough selections.    If we givo thom
to start a correspondence school of if we don.t g0 to church wo arehea-
actlhg to supply the requisite num- selections, wo aro too lazy to writo.
ber of "stars." -   j them.    If   we do go   we uro   hypo-
It is said that an open confession \ ^Zgixl' £ Tt^MSr
news. It we go out, thon we aro
not attending to business. .If we
wear old clothes, thoy laugh at us.
If we wear good clothes, thoy say
we havo a pull. Now, what are wo
to do? Just as likely as not somo
one will say that wo purloined this
from an exchange.   So we did,
has certain advantages for- the intangible ego called the soul of man.
That must be so, for quite a number
of distinguished Americans, ■ whom
ovon their worst enemies could Justly
accuse of ever having done anything
that did not benefit their pockstbook
—their equivalent for a soul. Rockefeller, Carnegie, Harriman, Hill and
several- other model Americans have
given to tho public their vnrsion of
the story of their success, after their
attorneys had carefully expurgated
the Hss. and eliminated all awkward!he continued,
and incriminating details. "Whatis'™j*b bis fist,
good for Rockefeller should alao be
good for mo," argues Oscar Hammer-
stein, and promptly proceeded to enlighten the breathless public how lt
"War," cried tho old gentleman in
the pugsbudy Arms smoking   room,
"is a' curse and a disgrace.   War,"'
Unwilling the   table
"ls an abomination,
and, a blot on civilization I The very
name of war, he   shouted, sweeping
two glasses and a pint oft the board
in his excitement —"the very   name
of war is enough to make a    decent
[respectable man go and
, a    .... . .        . •wnut.n.v.n    -.—    ...    .....      OOg    tliSSOlf
happened that hs beoame the  "only,out 0f pure disgust I" "
groat and incomparable Impresario"! Having thus delivered himself he
the World has ever known. Accord- r°« and left tho room, his fine old
ing to his story a  spanking   whloh'^ ■howln*    b1«"» °« »tronS   m?,
his fathor gave htm upon a  certntaj   "Gentleman  seems to feel   rather
memorable occasion, when hs had ar deeply on tho subject," said a  coih-
wakened him from his sleep by play*1 merolal traveller who had boen
ing on th, flute, wns «r^_bi..for «■** ft.*,™^
bis becoming an impresario.    It ap- tlves,
pears from Mr. Hammersteln's   confession that his prime motive In
iAH     ninimirni/iriin <"~r    How *° you know thftt lhere
JOE. CARTWRIGHT ta»<•■* " w tak. -*«. _,
aajriOf that you    do not know theso
know that you are you?    How   do looting the    career of an Impresario
you know tbat you love your moth-j was to    have his revenge on music-
loving    people and mak. them Buffer
for the spanking he had received   ln
his youth.    Mr. Ilammsratein la en-
nssonted ono of the   na-
"Has he lost some near relative
thrqugh war?" inquired tho commercial traveler. ,, ,,
"He 'avo," replied tho other oracularly. 	
"Who was it?" asked tho querist.
" 'Is wife's flrst 'usbandl" was the
sorted to thoir private fortunes to
supply the deficiency In thplr ordinary household expenditures and in
the maintenance and education of
their children.
"Thoso who have boon without private fortunes havo boon compelled to
economize nnd curtail expenditures in
a manner that ought to be a source
of mortification to tho pooplo of the
country. It is not edifying or complimentary to tho good judgment and
spirit of fairness on tho part of our
Federal legislators to bco hard-worked Justices compelled to eke out
tholr salaries by lecturing In law
schools, contributing to periodicals
or delivering miscellaneous addresses
betore Chautauqua assemblies." Now
York Sun.
Canadian   Pacific   r ail way
Fare and Cne-Thlrd For Round Trip
Between all Stations on Canadian Paciflc Railway and on Steamers
Vancouver-Victoria and Seattle,
On Salo December  21st to 35th.
On Sale I»coinbor 28th to January 1st, 1909.
All tickets good to return up to and Including January Sth, 1909
For particulars of train service and tickots, call on G. ___-
LIEU, Ticket Agent, Ladysmith, or write to 0. B. FOSTER, A.G.
P.A., Vancouvor, B. 0.
GUELPH, Ont., Dec. 24. — Eighteen yearB ago next Juno a roport
appeured in tho papers of this province of tho death of Corporal Morgan, of tho Northwost Mounted Police, who had previously loft for
England, and had, aftor leaving Now
York, beon found dead In his berth.
Corporal Morgan was well known
hero. To the surprise of his friends I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
howovor, Corporal Morgan has re- mf?*mjZf?*^mm^~mm*?m*'*T^"WS!S^,W^™IW™™^__"H__!__S
turnod   here.       A mistnko occurred
ovor the doath of another man ofthe MIUtUMAMtttttMMMHMtrlMW^'l^ttMi
same name on board ship.
Steel' Is Iron fret1 from dirt, air
or foreign substance fused with
carbon. ,Carbon gives toughness
atenflth, heeness and lite. ,, «i
- (car's studv of the razor
has shown a ws'
,, Thirty year's study ol
situation his shown a way to
aa« the highest pcr cent of
Pioneer  Photo  Studio
raw blade throua a secret
Wfl living It a uniform dls-
careen to a Csrso Magnetic
"a sccrel
orm dls-
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World in General.
, , -a-¥ 4 '	
Peterboro,   Dec.     28,-Seven-year-       ALL QUIET IN VENEZUELA
old Arthur Hodder is deadens a re-     CARAC ~ 18_
suit of a  kick from a horse, while (v]. Ponc0i porto mm   ^^ ^ j_
he was playing ln his father's poul-, There has been no repetition in this
try yard in Smith township.
Hamilton, ( fi •■ 1 <*■ 22.- Aid,
II. Ford is do_J Iro.il illness contracted during the colobration at
QuoLec. Ho . us roniinent in municipal and social circles of tho city.
Pembroke, Ont., Dec. 22.—A coroner's jury lost night returned a verdict holding Engineer Nagle respond
Bible for the collision near here on
Dec. 8, which caused tho death of
Engineer Rowe of Ottawa.
Kansas City, Dec. 23.—A mail package'containing sixty pounds of registered mail matter consigned to
eastern points, was stolen from a
baggage room of a belt line railroad yesterday.
Cornwall, Dec. 23.—Grand Trunk
Fireman William Hargrave fell from
his engl i near Lancaster yesterday,
ond sustained Injuries which caused
his death. His home was in Brockville and he was about 23 years old,
- Lille, France, Dec. 23.—The first
Wright aeroplane to be built in this
country by tho exploitation company
that acquired the French rights for
tbe machine has been completed. It
'will be sent to the aeronautic saloo
in Paris for exhibition.
New lYork, Dec. 23.— Vanshalton,
a 19 year old New lYork University
student, was shot and probably fatally woumlod by a man believed to
be a burglar ln the residence of
Dean Snow, of the engineering department ot thc university today.
The assailant ef-iipod.
Ottawa, Ont., Dec. 22.-A unique
event is being planned to take placo
on Saturday preceding election day,
when the school children of the capital, numbering upwards of ten thousand, will participate in a monster
parade to arouse support on behalf
of the >y-law which goes before tlie
ratepayers to expend $60,000 on the
purchase ..nd fitting up of playgrounds.
St. Louis, III., Dec. 28.— Patrick
Sullivan, an ice wagon driver, found
a ten thousand dollar bill in the
bottom ot a tomato can, which he
picket up in an alley in the residence part of the town. Conrad Hood
cn»hior of the Sputhern Illinois Na:
tionul ban1, examined the bill by
microscope, and said it appeared to
be a genuine gold certificate. The
bill was token to the suo troasu...- ln
5. I .ouia for furthor examination.
Pittsburg, Deo 23.—When the seven couiicllrien mid two former bankers, arrcyied yesterday nil a rosult
of alleged -irruption In th.' city'slo-
gistativ'i uiiuiis, wore arraigned today before Magistrate Brady for a
preliminary hearing, a crowd Including many politicians were gathered in tbe vicinity of the court. Owing to the siie of the court room,
however, many wars disappointed in
not gaining admittance, aa almost
every inch ot available space was
$aken up by the def.-ndants, their,
attorneys, f-lcmls and newspapermen,
l'ARJS, Doc. 28.—Tho public prosecutor matter was beard thismorn-
In the suit brought by Count Boni
do Castollan. against hls formor
Wife, who was Miss Anna Gould, in
which li< asks tnut the custody of
his threo children he awarded to his
In presenting bit. conclusion to the
court, tho 'public prosecutor recommended that the children he left in
the custody of their mothor. The
Countess de Castellane secured a divorce from her husband and has
sinco n. .rrlcd Prince Hollo de Sagan.
—liie Supreme Court ok Missouri
handed down a decision tnis morning ousting ths Standard .Oil Co.. ol
Indiana and the Republic Oil Oo.,
from the state of Missouri, forbidding them again to do business in
Missouri, and dissolving the Waters-
Pierce Oil Company of St. Louis. In
addition, each of tha companies Is
fined 180,000.
B     -♦ —	
Chicago, Dec. 21.— Edward Hlnos,
newly elected president of the Hllnla
and Rainy Lake Lumbar Co,,, the
jj*it combine of its kind in the
grid, predicts cheaper lumbar and
va In its production, as
'. the new organization. "It
ntlpn to cheapen the coat
fturlng and. of course to
_prlcs to the consumers,
aays Mr. Hlnes.
at ths expense
ckloss or waete-
city of the anti-Castro demonstrations of December 13 and 14, but
the enforced resignr'.un of the Cus-
tro cabinet, which occurred yesterday is regarded as going far toward
sealing the fate of President Castro
In Venezuela.
The fall of the Cabinet is a logical
outcome of the fact that acting President Gomez permitted the anti-Cas
tro demonstrations in Caracas the
early days of thts week. The change
of ministry was effected and made
known only after tho arrival In the
capital of 1,500 soldiers from the
Interior, who are loyal to Gomez.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 23. -
The last eclipse to bo recorded for
the year 1908 takes place today,
but It will not be vlsiblo in North
America. It Is a control eclipse of
the sun, annular at tho beginning
and end, and total In tho middlo.
The path of the eclipse crosses the
southern part of South America, tho
South Atlantic, South Africa and
the southern portion of tho Indian
THE HAGUE, Doc. 23,-The Do
parts of M .me and Colonial Allairs
have sent telegraphic instructions to
the commanders of the threo Dutch
warships In Venezuelan waters, tn
cease furthor activity against Venezuela.
THE HAGUE, Dec. 24.—Tho foreign office has boen advised that
Jose J. doPaul, until recently Venezuelan minister of foreign affairs,
left La Gualra today for Paris and
Tho Hague on a special mission from
the new Venozuelan Government to
open negotiations for the settlement
ot existing disputes between Venezuela, France and Holland.
_____ .
WINDSOR, Ont., Dec. 24.—A thousand dollars worth of Xmas parcels
which wero brought across tho river
from Michigan in order to be mailed
from the Canadian side, have been
held up by the Customs authorities.
TORONTO, Ont., Doc. 24.- Grammar and arithmetic In future wlll bo
included in tho list cf subjects to be
taken by students at Matriculation
examinations for Ontario Universities, according to a decision rcachod
yesterday nt a conference of tho representatives of provincial universities.
COBALT, Ont., Doc. 24—W. Hamilton, of Ottawa; Fred Kelly, of
West Templcton, Quo., and Ed wall
Nation, of St. Pierre, wero killed in
tho Columbus mino yostorday by
falling down a shaft, through tho
breaking of a rope of the bucket in
which they wcro descending.
ST. JOHN, N.B., Dec. 2-IHnn. Mr
Pugsley, Minister of Public Works,
who has arrived hero to spend Xmas, I
says that material curtailment In expenditure for public works will be
necessary owing to decline of revenue
of the Dominion nnd fur keeping tho
expenditures woll within the public
Trenton, N.J., Dec. 24.—Two engineers and three firemen are reported to have been killed early today
la a collision between an express
and local passenger train on the
Reftding railway near Pennington, N.
J, So 'ar as known no passengers
were hurt.
.    4   -
New York, Dec. 24—Ons mnn was
killed, three other men and a woman were seriously burned and tho
lives of many others wore saved only
by the prompt heroic work of tho
firemen and the tenants themselves,
In a lire that wrecked the five story
apartment houso at 122 West 127th
street early today. The fire damage was about (15,000.
Ottawa, Toe. 24.—In concluding Investigation yesterday afternoon,
Judgo Cassels stated that departmental matters wero all cleared ex
cept in British Columbia and Prince
Edward Island, but it was hardly
necessary to go there.
In all 270 witnesses havo,been examined. Already 5000 folio typewritten pages of evidence hnve been
received and the printed report of
the evidence wlll run from2200 to
2500 pagaa.
TORONTO, Ont., Doc. 24. — Port
Arthur is objecting to carrying out
of the enactment passed by the legislature, granting provisional subsidy to the Lake Superior branch nf
Cl. T. P. Railway because it Is claimed Fort William will havo tho advantage ol new roads terminals.
-       s
rstove waah It
It remove. - all
TORONTO,    Ont.,   Dec. 24. - At
the annual banquet of the Commercial Travellers' Association of Canada last night,  Provincial  Secretary
Hanna said steps   wlll bo taken   to
make a higher   standard for hotels
surface smooth, in Ontario to which hotolkoopors will
from burnlna naTO to adhere lto-    Officials will  1»
«x •■        a appointed to dovoto thomsolves  ox-
anton time ana clusively to the   Inspection of coun-
''" try hotels.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 23.—The fa.
nimis contempt caso of tbe Buck
Stove and Kongo Co., against President Gompers, Vice-President Mitchell and Secretary Morrison, of tho
American Federation of Labor, was
decided today by Justice Wright of
the Supreme Court of tho District of
Columbia adversely to the Federation ofliciuls. Gompers was sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment,
Mitchell to nine months, and Morrison to six months.
The case grow out of the alleged
boycott of the company's products,
and the putting of the company on
the "unfair list", and the Federation's alleged violation of Jud>"e
Goukl's recent mandamus, which has
attracted wide attention. The Buck
Company prosecution of tho ofllcials
of the Federation began in August,
1U07. The original action was a
test case, wherein it was sought to
enjoin tho labor unions from using
the "unfair" and "we don't patronize" lists in their fight against tho
firm's and individuals. Justice
Gould of the Supreme Court ot tho
District of Columbia, issuod an injunction which later was mado per-
mgncnt, forbidding the publication
of tho company's name in thoso lists.
President Gompers, in an editorial
in the I'*cderutionlst of January Inst
made . known his intention not to
obey the court order, contending
that tho injunction issued was in derogation of tho rights of labor, and
an abuse of the injunctive powor of
tho courts. Gompers, Mitchell and
Morrison were subsoq,uontly citod for
contempt, and this phase of the caso
has boen before tho courts for several months, proceedings taking the
form a hearing of testimony bo
■• ;t:i examiner.
The public generally, following an
exhaustive discussion of the conspiracies in restraint of trade, Justice
Wright said, from tho foregoing it
ought to seem apparent to thoughtful men that the defendants to the
bill each and all of them, have combined together for tho purpose of
lst. Bringing about the breach of
plaintiff's existing contract with
2nd. Depriving plaintiff of property fthe valuo of tho good will of
Uie business) without due process of
3rd. Restraining trade among tho
soveral states.
4th. Restraining commerce among
the several states.
The ultimate purpose of the defendant, the court said, in this connection wns unlawful, their concerted project an offense against the
law, and, lt added, they were guilty
of crime.
Regarding the violation of the
court's injunction Justice Wright
"Tliis Gompers and others, in advance of the injunction determined
to violate, if issuod, and had in advance of the injunction counselled all
members of tho labor unions and of
tho Amorlean Federation of Labor,
and the public genorally, to violate
it in case it should bo issuod, appeared from the following."
The court here read a mass ol extracts from reports of proceedings of
conventions, of the Federation reports, of President Gomiiers editorials from the American Federntion-
ist, aad the labor press generally.
As to secretary Frank Morrison,
the court declared that ho hnd full
knowledge of all that was beln»
done, taking part in tho preparation
add publication of the American Fed-
oratlonist of April, 1908, concerning
Mitchell, the court pointed to various acts by him which he said placed him within the pale. Hs quoted
from Mitchell's book on organized
labor, certain passages wherein Mitchell declared that It was the duty
of all patriotic and law-abiding citl-
ui resist or disregard Injunctions when they forbid the doing of
a thing which Is unlawful. Mitchell Is also credited with signing with
full knowledge, tho urgent npiieal
which accompanied the 27,000 or
more circular letters to the various
lubor union secretaries, and with full
knowledge of their contents counselling tholr distribution, and with tho
samo purpose and Intent.
The oourt also referred to tho presence of Mitcholl in the chair on Jan.
25, 1908, at tho annual convention
of tho United Mine Workers of America, when a resolution waa adopted placing the Bucks Stove and
Range Co. on tho unfair list.
Continuing, tho court said, "In ths
defense of the charges now at the
bar, no defenso is offered, save these:
That lho Injunction Infringed the,
constitutional guarantee of freedom
of spooch. The Injunction interferes
with no legitimate right of criticism
and comment that law has over sanctioned aad the respondents' intimation that it does so is a mockery,
and a   pretense."
In roforonco to tho freedom of tlio
press, tho court declared that ' tho
constitution nowhere conferred the
right to speak, lo print, or to publish, It guarantees, suid hu, only
that ln so far as tho Federal govornmont ls concerned Its congress
shnll not abridge it and leaves tho
subject to tho regulation of soveral
states, whero It belongs."
"No right," tho court added, "to
publish oithor tho libol or the slander enn bo sustained, except upon a
theory of right to do wrong."
In passing Bontonro upon the dc-
dendunts, the court' snid: "It would
not seem Inappropriate for such   a
ponalty as will sorvo to dotor oth
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iaai___B_a_a__________tMjpB___i -■
era from following nftor. Such outlawed examples will servo physically
to impose obedience overt though lato
will serve to vindicate tho orderly
power of Judicial Tribunals and es-1
tablish over this litigation tho Su-j
premacy of law." !
Pending an appeal to tho United,
States Court of Appeals of tho Dis-,
trict of Columbia, nil threo defend- j
ants wero released on bail, tlio am- j
bunts being fixed ns follows: Gom- \
pers, $5,000; Mitcholl, 84,000 and
Morrison, §3.000. A local Surety
company furnished tho bonds.
Much of tho defendants beforo sentence was passod upon thom mado
statements in response to the usual
inquiry if they had anything to say.
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NEW YORK, Dec. 23.—A despatch
to tho Times from Worcester, Mobs.,
says: Francis E. Jonos, ono of the
rack scullers nt Lake Quinslgamond
wns shot and killed there some time
late Monday, lie had been fishing
through the ico and wns preparing I
lo go home, evidently, when tho top
of his hond wns blown off. His body!
f. 0 FISHER     A
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Studio in Williams'Block |
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polico believe that as usual tho
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money with hlm when 'be started out.
Mis gun, rovolver and money, and
even fish, wcre all gone when his
body wns found.
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BERLIN, Deo. 2U.—The foreign office tills morning received advices
from Curacao confirming tho press
rejiorts of the overthrow of President Castro,
The wholo country rose against
Castro," tho communication said.
"The government of Gomez has beon
greeted with sympathy by ths native population and a largo proportion of the foreign residents. A
good Impression hus been created by
thu fact thi t Gomez already has takon stops to re-establish good relations with tho powers, 'lho foreign
olllce hair othor information that
Castro's roturn to Venezuela Is regarded as out of tho question."
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WINNIPEG, Man., D.-c. 2-1.—In tho
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rate. Under Government ownership
tho telephones have heen a flnuncial
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profits for tho first yenr will amount
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This hns boon brought nbout by a
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fnct will show n small surplus every
yenr while tho now linos to bo constructed will nlso bo supported by
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TORONTO, Ont., Doc. 24.- Word
wns rocoivod hero today that Bishop
Boutflowor of Dorking, England, hns
boon appointed to succeed Bishop
Awdry, of South Toklo, .lupnn who
hus resigned hls post on account of
111 houlth.
LONDON, Doc. 24, — Proceedings
have boen dropped In tho cnso of W.
Bnrtrum, a woll known local lawyer, charged with tho oinbezMoinout
of $18,000 from Marlon Bowlos, a
client. This means llarlram goes as
n. tree man, but it is understood
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$8,000 of tho $15,000 sho is said to
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toria on Thursday to join Mrs. Bel- 1US.     "«>    morning    train  did not
lis and family who are staying with loavo the     depot until 12:30.     The
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WASHINGTON, Dec. 24.—The entire question of sentencing for contempt of court of President Gompers
Vice-President Mitchell and Secretary Morrison, of the American Federation of Labor by Justice Wright
in the supreme court of the District
of Columbia yesterday, will bs thresh
ed out at a meeting of the executive council of the Federation, to be
held in this city on Jan. 11. President Gompers was not at his office
today; Secretary Morrison, however,
was there busy with routine duties.
Active steps in the framing of a
fight against the carrying out of the
sentences ure not likely until next
week, said Secretary Morrison.
"We purpose," said Morrison, "to
exhaust every effort to obtain our
right for freo speech and free press.
I believe, and I am confident that
the position taken by the Federation Is right, and that the citizens
of this country will ratify the attitude of the Federation in this matter, I believe that they will give
to the trades unionists the same privileges and rights that are being nc-
' corded to trades unionists in Great
Britain. There a union cannot be
mulcted in damages on account of a
I strlk<e. It is not likely that argu-
, ments on appeal will be heard In the
court of appeals of the district of
Columbia until March and perhaps
not then."
It is the general feeling here that
the hearing before the court of appeals wlll be a lengthy one, nrinb-
ing together noted counsel on both
sides. Should the upper court sustain the ruling of Justice, Wright,
and a further appeal to the Supreme court of the United States be
granted, the case would not come up
for decision in .the highest tribunal
in the land until the fall term, which
begins next October.
Many telegrams have reached the
White House trom labor leaders in
all parts of tho country protesting
against the sentence imposed upon
Gompers, Mitchell and-Morrison. The
president has turned all of thom over to Attorney Bonaparte for such
consideration as he man determine
to give them.
The president and attornoy general
will read all tho testimony in the
case and will then decide what action, if any, will be taken.
The girl1 was taken to a hos-
where her condition is report-
l'h she may recover. The girl gave her name as
Seliac Pastille while her assailant is
Francesco Barlo, 22 years old.
ed tu take notlcer and gover'i)   him-
solf accordingly'."
Tho qualifications by law required
to lie possessed by tho candidates
for tho office of Mayor, aro such persons as aro male-British subjects uf
tho full ago of twenty-one yours and
are not disqualified undor any law,
und hnve boon for tho six months
next preceding the day of nominntlon the registered ownor In tho
Land Registry Olllce of Lund or-Renl
Property In tho -City of Lndysmith,
of the assessed value on tho lust
Municipal Assessment Roll of $1000
or more, over and above any registered Judgment or chnrgo, nnd who
aro otherwise duly qualified as Municipal Voters..
Tho qualifications by law required
to bo possessed by the candidates for
tho olllce of Aldermen, are such persons as uro mule Uritish subjects of
tho .full age of twenty-one yours nnd
nro not disqualified under nny law,
and hnvo been for tho six months
next preceding the dny of nomination the registered owner in tho
Lund Roglstny Olllco of Land or
Real Property, In tho City of Lndysmith, of tho nssossed vnlue on
tho Inst Municipal Assessment Roll
of S500.00 or more, ovor and above
nny registered judgment or chnrgo,
nro being circulated today that ajnnd who nro otherwise qualified ns
second    raid wll. soon be mado    a- ™"undof'my     hand at Lady-
■     m   ■____!
prrr-siiURG scandal exposed.
PITTSBURG, Dec. 24.—While the
graft scandal of Pittsburg has been
halted insofar as the making of additional arrests is concerned, it is
intimated and believed this is only
temporary. It is said tho efforts of
tho investigators will now be directed towards others implicated In tho
allegod corruption. Tho soven coun-
cilinen and two former bankers, arrested Monday night, have been hold
for trial.
One of the probers stated today
that quick action was necessary and
undoubtedly other persons guilty of
grafting wore frightened and are
making endeavors to eliminate any
trace of tholr participation. Rumors
Mr. J.  Grainger
holidays in Seattle.
is spending   the
Fresh    Muffins
Blaid _ Adam's.
and  Crumpets at
Messrs. R. C. Christian, Frank Dixon _. nil H. Provins wont down to
Victoria Thursduy.
Tho Victoria footbull boys havo
run short of funds. Where aro thc
gentlemen     of    tho    Council, of tho
Harrison "and Mr. Yarwood £__>__"_ _<_'J.b6__ull.h »*° P'111^
went down to Victoria on
Mr. und Mrs. M. Matheson went off
on tho evening train on Wednesday
for their Xmas holidays.
Mr. 0. Daubs wont down the   line
for a few days Wednesday evening.
Mr, V.  Harrison returned from   a
visit in Nnnnimo Thursday morning.
Mrs. T. E. McKinlcy, of Husk-in, is
visiting her daughter Mrs. McDonald.
■Miss Beutrice  Uren arrived Thursday to spend tho Christmas holidays hemorrhage
thein so warmly on the back for the
stand they made against Sunday
football? A stund that ainiarcntly
appeals even more to those gentlemen is that with the hands In thoir
' For Genuine Ashcrott Potatoes ask
Blair _ Adam to send you a sack. X
' Theodore Bornnrd was seized with
a paralytic stroke on Thursday.
Theodore was busy at tho depot unloading some kogs when tho seizure
tool; him. The ambulance -was at
once sent for and hc was conveyed
to his homo along the Nanniino
road. The stroke is accompanied by
of     the bruin and   tho
with her parents.
Messrs. p. G. Noot nnd Jas. Adam
-went over to Vancouver Christinas
Day to unite with their respective
The Chronicle horn was in full toot
in its last issue. It seems that tho
editor has porsuadod himself that hu
had started a campaign for citizens to purchase their holiday presents at homo. Either that or ho
was trying to persuade an all too
credulous public that he had. Well,
a mnn may as well lay rluini to tho
earth ns Vancouver Island nnd the
Chronicle clearly believes in putting
it high.
stricken man is in a very precarious
Thoro il not a better smoke in
Victorio than Winch's Grand Duke
Cigar. It is on sale at Wcsterndulo
Railway Cigar Store, opposite the
E. _ N. Station, at the James' Bay
Cigar Store, opposite the C. P. R.
Hotel, and at the Hub Cigar Store
on Government Street, run by Davo
Lewis and Jesse Evans. XA
We now have a large Stock
ot Goods suitable for Presents,
consisting of:—
GLOVES — Mocha, Lined or
THUS, of all Kinds.
CHINAWARE of all descriptions.
SLIPPERS, Etc., Etc.
John McKinnon, who camo down
from Cumberland to spend his Christmas, met with an unfortunate accident on Christmas night. Ho stumbled over a stop on the Es]'i«inado,
and throw his arm out to sav-i Jilm-
soil, with tho result Mint -'-e arm
wns badly broken-
Fresh Crumpets and Muffins, made
by our own bakers. Nlco and fresh.
At Blair ft Adam's. X
Walter Myles has announcod his intention of running for tho Mayoralty
gainst councilmen nnd -business men,
who are charged with corruption.
The Voters' League of Pittsburg is
said to have prepared twenty two
warrants for these persons.
Municipal Notice
Notice is hereby given to the Electors of tho Municipality of Ladysmith that I require the presence of
tho said Electors at tho City Hall,
-Ladysmith, on Monday, 11th January, 1909, at the hour of 12 o'clock-
noon, for tho purpose of electing
threo persons to represent thorn on
the Board of School Trustees for tho
coming term.
Tho nomination of candidates cliall
bo conducted in tho samo manner us
that for Mayor ond Aldermen, nnd
in tho event of a poll boing nocossary, such poll will bo oponod on the
14th day of January, 1909, ut tho
City Hall, Ladysinith, audi kopt
open till 7 p.nv. of said date, of
which every person is hereby required to take notico and govern himself accordingly.
Givon under iny hand at Lady
smith this 23rd day of December
Returning  officer.
Genuine Ashcroft    Potatoes,
and mealy at Blair ft Adam's.
Somo youngsters wcro hnlod before
tho pollco magistrates on Thursday
on tho chnrgo of molesting n Chinaman on tho train coming from Extension to Lndysmith. Two of thom
who plondod guilty were fined $1.00
and costs. Two others who doniod
tho charge will lie trlod tonight.
A Grand Duko is fellow to a prince
and If you want to get next, smoke
that prince of cigars — tho Grand
Duke, which Is mode in town and
sold In town.
"What has becomo of that lively
friend of yours I met some time ago
J novor see him with you now."
"No, alas! He has joined the great
silent majority,"
"Ah!   He is dead?"
"No; married."—Baltimore American.
Stamp Photos, 2 cents each. Smith
Pionoor Photo Studio.
Ui._ Patterson (as sounds of weeping came from the laundry) — Gracious, dear, who is thot crying?
Mrs. Patterson—Tho washerwoman,
John: sho has sued for divorce, and
ls afraid the Judge will order her to
pay hor husband alimony.— Uppin-
"She spends all her time in the
"Ah, she is literary?"
"Not especially. But the cook
won't allow her in ths kitchen and
ths maids don't want her about the
halls or parlors,"—Washington Star,
NEW ORLEANS, Dee, 31.—" To
qoyeott a newspaper doing an Interstate business is an offence . which
falls directly under the decision of
the Supreme Court in the Danbury
Hatters case," said Judge E. D,
Saunders, of the United States district court, in charging ths grand
jury here yesterday. Judge Saunders' charge to the federal grand
jury und the investigation which was
begun immediately by that body,
started another chapter in the story
of a determined ellort to re-estati-
charged by the court that saloons,
lish racing in New Orleans. It was
hotels, and other interests of the
lity wen combined to boycott
newspaper who opposed racing and
race track gambling in their editorial columns. Before adjourning for
the day, the grand Jury heard several witnesses In the matter.
We cannot psrmlt a quasi-criminal portion of this population to
censor and dictate what the newspapers of this city shall be permitted to say in their discussion of public questions," said Judge Saunders
to ths Jury, "and If there Is a con-
rptracy of thla kind, then lt .behooves you to Investigate it thoroughly,
and Indict the men engaged In it, so
that they may undergo the severest
penalties that the law may Inflict
upon them."
FLUSHING, Dec. 24.—The state's
case against Thornton Hains nears
the close. District Attorney Darrin
said that he hoped all the prosecution's witnesses could be heard before an adjournment ls taken over
Christmas until Saturday.
Tho wives of three members of the
Bayslde Yacht Club, where Wm. E.,
Annis was shot and killed, are under
subpoenas, and -will be called by the
prosecution to tell of the incidents
in which Mr. Annis participated previous to the shooting.
The lawyers for Hains expect to
open the defence on Saturday or
Monday, and Joseph Shay will outline the case to the Jury. It ls not
known how many witnesses w 11 be
called, but their main hops is in the
story that Hains will tell on the
stand, "Thornton Hains' recital,"
said John F, Mclntyre, "will e
clear and convincing, and will tear
the state's caae to pieces. The defendant has no fear of the cross examination of the prosecution's lawyers, and after his testimony ths
shooting of tAnnls will be seen In a
different light."
MONTREAL, Dec. 24.—Plunging a
dagger three times Into the body of
his companion, an 18 year old girl,
with whom he had been walking a-
long University street, an Italian
yesterday afternoon committed a
deed that aroused Indignation In
thoso who witnessed the stabbing,
and led to a desperate chase throu -h
neighboring streets, ending in ths assailant being brought to bay, overpowered and handed over to the po-
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
to tho Electors of the Municipality
of Ladysmith:
TBAT 1 require tho pi'0S°nce of
tho said Electors at the City Hall,
Ladysmith, on Monduy, J Itli day of
January, 1009, at 12 o'clock noon
for tho purpose of electing persons
to represent theni in tho now Council as Muyor and Aldermen. Tho
'lode of nomination of candidates
shall bo as follows :
The Candidates shall be nominated in writing, the writing shall bo
subscribed liy rvo voters of tho Municipality, as Proposer and Seconder, and shnll be delivered to tiho Returning Officor nt any timo bohveen
tho dato of this notice und 2 p.m.
of tho day of nomination, uiul in the
event of a Poll boing nocossary,
such. Poll shnll bo opened on tho
14th dny of January, 1909, in tho
City Hall of Lndysmith ond -kept
opon till 7 p.m. of said dato of
which every person is hereby roifuir-
this 23rd    day of December
Returning Ofllcor.
BOGOTA, Colombia, Dec. 24.—The
new Venezuelan government has an
nounced that it will permit the as
sumption of the trado over the frontier between Venezuela and Colombia. Relations betwson Venezuol,
nnd Colombia have been strained for
soveral years past and President Castro at one time Issued a decree prohibiting tho entrance cf merchnndiso
from. Colombia into Venezuela except
over certain transportation routes in
which he was financially Interested.
Mts. Joseph Dixon, aged about 60,
was burned to denth In hor home on
tho outskirts of this city Inst night.
Neighbors who entered the blazing
houso found Joseph Dixon lying on
the floor and the flames, which started from an overturned lamp, enveloping the building. Dixon was drag-
god from the house badly burned. It
was then ascertained that Mrs. Dixon wns still in the building. The
house was destroyed.
NEW YORK, Dec. 26.—Tho cam of
S. S. Cnrvulho and othor officers of
the company that publishes William
R. Hearst's newspapers in this city,
who wcro arrested last weok on
charges of- criminal libel brought by
John 11. Rockefeller, Jr., was called
in court for a preliminary hearing
today. It Is expected the caso will
como to trial early in Jnnunry. The
complaint Is based on an article
which appeared recently in Mr.
Hearst's paper undor a Chicago date
lino. Tho headline read "John D.
Rockefeller, Jr., Originated Peonage
in Stockade, It Is Said." Tho despatch told of conditions said to ex-
ist in a stockade ot Argo, 111. Tho
bringing of the charges is regarded
as a counter-attack by tho Rockofol-
l>rs, agaln'.t whom and tho Stnnd-
ard Oil interests tho Honrst papors
| have long waged a bitter warfare.
Great Slaughter Sale ofj
Christmas Gifts
Silverware, Cut Glass Ware, Bizarre
Sets and Bric-a-Brac
To get rid of Them we are offering   them    at Cost and Loss
than Cost Price.    Call ln and see for yourselves.
Tho Choicest and Cheapest Xmas Gifts ever offered in Ladysmith.
Ladysmith   Pharmacy]
Only One Day H|:re To Do Your Shopping
Brush and Comb Sots
Waterman's Ideal   Fountain Pen,
Photo Albums, Post Card Albums,
Purses,   Bill Books, Kodaks.
Pipes,   Cigar Cases, Ink Stand, Etc.
Knight's Book Store
-Follow tho crowds and you
will make no mistake In finding tlio right store for anything III tho Fancy Goods
Collars,    Ties,
Gloves,    Furs,   Belts,
Runnings, Lealhor Sets,
Hnnd Dugs,
Fancy  Combs, Brushes,
Fancy Boxes,   Waists,
Dolls,   Etc., Etc.
These are just a fow of tho
many Gifts that wo aro
and Oilcloth
t !
■ '* FOR J
Miss Uren
JL '    _u_-J_l»J_-j-_-__l«i   ■■»..___..■..«■■■■._____.
There ave Special
Bargains to be got in
Gent's Furnishings
Childron's Clothing
Fancy Goods and
Jewellery at
John Thomas
The Old Reliable Shoe Store
How can we afford to be
without one of those lrrge
roomy Chester Drawers
or Chiffoniers when we
can get them right here
in our city for $12.00,
|15.50 and $20.00, with
or without Mirror at
C. Peterson's
l'urniture Store
Phone 1-3,
First Avenue.
NlcK>lvie Bros.
Is Is Time' I'o Buy
Xmas  Cards
Call in and look over our stock
H. HUGHES, lst Avenue
The Spirit of
Christmas Is
In the Giving
Why puzzle and rack your
brains thinking ovor Gifts for
tho dlfforont members of your
Hore'8 our Answor to tho
Gift Question: What can I
give thom ?
A nlco pair of Shoes or a
pair of Nlco Felt or fleece
lined Slippers.
Gum Boots (Fleece Lined),
Loggings or a nlco pair of
Hoots make good useful Presents for Boys and Girls.
Wo   have a nlco assortment.
CAPITAL $10,000,000   :   REST {6,000,000
Bank Money Orders
♦S and under      -      -      • 3 cents
Over IS and not exceeding (10, 6   "
"  110      '• " tao, 10   "
" $30      •' " (60, 16   "
Iheae cnlem ire payable at par at any ofllrc In
Canada ol a chartered Hank, except In the Yukon,
anil at tho principal h.nkng point* In tne United
State*. m
The)- an negotiable at H00 to tho C Merlins; In
Orent Hriluin and Ireland. They fonn an excellent
method ol reinilt Inn imnll um* ol tnoiie / with aafety
and at small,ml and may lid obtained without delay
at any oltlue of the ll ,nk
I.AIlVHHITll BRANCH   ::  I.. M. Ilium, Manager
Just Look Ovor Our—
Complete Sinokors'  Outfit.
Telephone, 4,
-Maude—Mr. Hardrl
last night. IIo's thai
talker t ovor listened"
Clara—Indeed I   What!
Maude—He usked mo tq
—Chicago Newsf


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