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Ladysmith Standard Jul 18, 1908

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--TOTT C_f_._iT G-_3T-
J 11.00 and *1.25 Mon's Shirts for 65c,   all    Bizcs', with or without   J
^^H Collars.
lif*"',--' -^-e_a.'_» i:;>_aoesI    ""•»*>
J 18.50 to 14.50 Values, all slzos,   $2.05
Girls' -Fancy Lace and Strap Slippers, all sizes, for  $1.00   J
Boys' and Men's Canvas and Clash Hats to clear at 50c
i.       Over 100 Homnants of Ulnghams, Prints, Muslins, Cotton Chal-
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Moat Mart Psrlon la Tows.
Watchmaker, Jowolor and   Optician., T
Oatacre Street. X
Mr. J. G. Brown Stoops to Dishonorable Tactics to Stir Up
Dead Controversy,    "
Tho dilTeron-. lietween profession
and practico is very often aa great
as the difference between night and
day. Of courso, it is not given to
many of us to be as good .is wo
could wish, but thut is certainly no
reuson for anyone to profess to bo
heaps botter than ho is.
Of all the games Hint were played
by tlie football boys last iiuiiHun,
thero was only ono that gave r sito any trouble. That was tho match
which was reforeed ny .M *. .'. (I
Brown. There was novor any doubt
ovon if ono took tho most charltnbie
view of tho incident, that Mr. -troAn
mado a most ogi-ogious blunder, It
was so Imd that many who fii\\*t it
wanted to characterise it as something worse thnn a blunder, t.ud
that opinion they still hold to this
I myself took tho moro charitable
vlow of tho matter and refused tn
impute niotives. I was actuated in
this as much by Mr. Brown's groat
reputation as much ns anything olse.
I argued that a gentleman in Ms position in Island and Provincial sport
might make a mistake, but could
never stoop to crookedness. I will
novor arguo thut way again for ron-
sons which I urn going to mako very
plain. Mr. Brown can profess to be
what ho likes, hut he is no gentleman ntul only a spurious imitation
of a sportsman.
As everybody knows tho Colobra*
tion Committee endeavored to got
some of tho boys irom the .Y.M.C.A
and J.n.-A.A. clubs to come up here
for the First. Tt is now ancient history that tlie boys refused to come
because ther wero afraid of losing
thoir amateur status. The whole
quostion was taken up in this column and wns explained as clearly us
I could do it. There had been mis-
apprehension on both sides mul some
thing else perhaps which it would
not bo wise to put u name to. How
over, thero was nover auy loss of
temper or good feeling, and, while
thoro might bo some differences of
opinion, it novor took on othor than
a friendly expression.
The whole thing was dead aud
gone—at least we uk hero thought
\to. I had a lottor from Mr. 1.). 11,
Crompton, dated Victoria, duly 8th*
1008, in which he stntes: "We have
dropped the matter feeling that past
events cannot be mended." That, of
courso, represents tho position of tho
Y.M.C.A., but ia the sentence preceding, ho says: "J. O. Brown is vory
mucj^jntero-tcd in our rccont mix-
up, and vory soon, I believe, you will
hoar from him." ,
Just a word of explanation. Tho
"mix-up" reforrod to by Mr. Crompton, is some correspondence of a
controvorsial naturo thnt hud passed
between him nnd mo. I -wroto to
Mr. Crompton on the suggestion of
.T. G. Brown. My first letter, although it was not written on any
instructions, may be regarded as se-
mi-ofllcial. The next two uro personal letters, purely ond simply and
in parts confidential. Thoy were never intended for publication nnd no
ono reading them can possibly argue
thnt thoy wero writton ou behalf or
under the instructions of a committee, and therefore were to bo regarded nnd treated as official communications,
Accordingly, T replied to Mr. Crom
pton nbd told him tlmt Mr. Brown
had nothing to do with our ' "mix-
up," and thnt I refused to allow him
to interfere. Well, I never heard
from tho urbane .1. 0., but In Monday's "Times" I road that he had
minded to tho sporting editor of
thnt journal tho correspondence
which put* tod between tho locnl pooplo and tho committoo at ..iidysnilth
with a re (uost thnt tho snme be published in justification of the local
amateurs nnd the stand taken by
them. The "Times" refused to grant
his request, ostensibly because of tho
spneo tho correspondence would require, hut really becauso they know
that nothing warranted its publication.
Howovor, J.0, is nothing if not
pertiniicoous, nnd on Tucsduy tho
whole thing wus published in the
Colonist. There Is mi mention of
Mr. Brown, however, It is tho Y.M.
C.A., that is doing it nnd the moving reason is that so much adverse
comment has been passed in tho
Standard on tho position taken up
by the Victoria athletes. Of course,
the introduction Is tho work of Mr.
Ilrown and he takes good enro to
conceal lho fact, Had it not been
for thu stntemont in thu "Times"
and tho hint in Mr. Crompton's letter, I might hnve been wondering
yot who was the author of such a
mean, contemptible piece of work,
Still, I hardly know. A process of
diminution would have speedily led
mo to J, Q. Wo all saw hore tho
evening of tho mutch with tho Y.M.
O.A., the childish lengths to which
a setiBe of oulra.o-i dignity- will carry him. And It Is possiblo that a
similar spasm has curried him unthinkingly to theso tactics uf tho
professional crook.
Just look nt it, First of ull Mr.
Brown hnd nothing to do with tho
thing ot nil. And now consider what
ho doos. I write two letters to Mr.
Crompton which are pluiiip- and manifestly persona) beyond any possibility of srgument. Almost nt tho
boglnnlng of tho second lottor I say:
"First a few words In confidence" ;
and the fow words nro published in
the "Colonist." Apparently a sacred confosslon would hnvo received
the snmo scant coromony.
Now lt Is one of tho elementary
canons of good form and honorable
conduct thut a confidence must, never
bo botrnyod nnd that personal cor-
rospondonco cannot be published with
out tho consent ot tho writer,. Mr.
Brown has ahvnys posed ns tho soul
of honor nnd tho mirror of good
form. Mr. Hrown has now shown
to all and sundry thnt thoro (s moro
of pose and profession thnn anything
A BIG LOCAL        -
City Now In Position to Opon
Much Needed Institution
8 Walter Mjlesand His Partners Come to Terms with
Eastern Capatalists for the Workin of
Wreck Bay Saud
On Saturday, Mb. 22, the stand- justified Mr. Myles' faith in bla dls-
ard published an account ol the d.s- covei-y. Prospect hole* wore also
cover* uf rich placer mining «,„„ at a.n.. to a depth of 40 lout in the
Wreck _ay by Mr. Walter Myles. I he gravel uank and the gold still show-
Uorald |„ the next issue claimed tae ed. the trip was in every respect
story ne its own, und poured cold satisfactory. The capitalists knew
water over the wholo business. Then, there was something worth buying-
might be something i„ it, the Her- and Myles and bis partners kMw
aid admitted, but it waa old ground that they had something to sell
that had    already been   abandoned.     Of cou.se it .as. impossible to con,
ixd generally, the impression con- plete the deal right away There arc
veyed was that the Standard had eight claims in all and Mr. Myles
created a fairy story and that Mr. could not speak for his partners
Myles and his associates were delud- Similarly, associated with Messrs'
ing themselves with vain and empty llipp and Lewis, were several    To-
T"'   ,     ,   • "-nto capitalists,   and it was neces-
^ lhe Standard pointed out at that sary to consult them before    terms-
Ume that its story was its own, and couid ba finally agreed upon and pro-'
that throughout it had acted    with perly ratified
due consideration for the interests of    However   jfc. ___„.„ came
he lirr" if      ^ m0rethan °U   TUUredl* **»   ««--d;___■ j
the Hohild could say.     Now   there ing here on the evening train Teryl
comes a  soouel which it is certainly little time was taken to atrike a bar
Pleasure to record. gain, and   the deal was putThrouI
In spite of the freeing spirit     of In Mr. J. Mart's offlMP £££*
doubt cast over the proposition   by weeks' time for Wreck Bav ♦        i
the llera.d, Mr. Myles had no dim- ready ter J. JlZ ofI 1   n
cult. In interesting cnpltaiiets. Ever cry"* Mr. l^&g.tZZ*
since February he hus been in   eon- his own machine, which!,!*,' I
stunt correspondence  with a Denver cost S38.000.     A ^.^Z alao"
mining arm, and two or three weeks he erected to cut timber on the spot
ago  such   progress   had' been  made for the   sluice boxes.       *_*___"
lhat a ,party of capitalists,     under will be up to date  .-n „..
the' supervision of Mr. Myles,   went in the ___u__?*t."_? £E__
round l„ the beach of Wreck Bay.      not be excelled 8mP%«d «n
Among the party wero Dr. P. F. It Is as yet impossible to say when
HIPP, of Denver, „nd Mr. J. N. Low- actual operations wll. be *o____w
s, head of tho American Mining and but the machinery will ZSi
Machinery Company. Buffalo; N.Y. out end installed as „ulck ° ToZ
I his company has » branch In To- slide. Won, tho winter has sc In
.onto, and Mr. Lowls brought down therefore gold from Wreck Bay mav
lhe coast and shipped around to the bo on exhibition In Ladvsmith If
Bands on Wreck liny a Sl.dOO „,a- not In circulation rt "
chine The machine was of the high- „ot „e "ing , 7BoTd IZ
est efficiency and contained all the to the weat coast, but at least
latest anil up lo dato improvements, eryhodv will hnna ii,„» u
With this machine nil tho test, %^Tt_^3<£8
were highly satisfactory nnd amply cnl prospector!.
001 Mr. J. Cloke,    Formerly   of  __ady-
:        smith. Aleut-   Tragic Death
Tho question o7a7#igh School has] * Sa^fttdiawoj.,
often beon talked    of iif Ladysmith. j -__-_-.
That is tho usual fate of even burn- j Sad news wae received from Tay-
ing questions in the town. How-'lorto-l au-k Uy yn, cloke brothor»
over, the subject in again being men-       „,.      ,        7- ■... .   ,_
tioned and the circuinstancos nre al- on ^***y> whwi «W received a
together different to what thoy havo telegram   announcing the death    of
olso in his mako-up, His action is tour " ftn'vn -i... ■>.
utterly contemptible aud wholly un- turallv 'stow . in» 1? T"' 'WOuUI nn"
justiUublo. It is almost incredible 0f s ch *?___SSS t°- a, c<>mf,utiti"»
that a gentleman with Mr. Brdwn's 'the corrotLE^1' d«*«rt»»J «
reputation In Provincial sport should '}SLl^\TSS&^!t ^V* ,not Cmi"
have stooped to such reprehensible o;a In toSl^iS Stify,tho Y'M*
methods, lie has always professed I ovido. o of , T J^. * /mp,e
to bo a gentleman and claimed to be 12      " 8   "gel  dmractor   to
clean,  high,minded sportsman.      Uo '
ia. neither one nor the othor. Such
au nction-tw^this comes only naturally from tho\rook or tho cad, and
Mr. ilrown .sLuiiVis rovouled In a naked ugliness of character and moral
obliquity which is us astounding as
it is pitlablo.
And thore is something olso to
come. ' Whence comos Mr. Iirown's
tardily uwukoned anxiety to justify
tho action of the Y.M.C.A., which,
boing interpreted, moans his rugo to
stir up muddy waters, to antagonize
tho sporting rotations of two towns.
Perhaps l.can explain.
To go bark just a little. When the
Ilrst hitch occurred In tho negotiations with the Y.M.C.-A., (awl it
should be remembered that Mr Ward,
tho chairman uf tho Kcgattn Committee wns iu communication with
Mr, Hrown all tho timo), Mr. Brown
inspired a paragraph which appeared In tho Times." 1 didn't preserve
tho paragraph, but it was to the
effect thut had he known Mr. .las.
Adam was chairman of tho Sports
Commltteo, ho would nover havo
questioned tho nature of tho events,
for Mr. Adam was ono of tho foremost amateurs on the Island and
Would only countenance good, clean,
I don't admit the conclusion. I
was present " when Mr. Ward, tho
chairman of the Regatta Committee,
assured Mr. Hrown that tho Ilegntta
was to bo strictly amateur, savo
only, of courso, the Indian canoe
races. This much wos decided almost, from tho beginning, nnd nil the
members of the committee understood It so. I know thero wero all
kinds of rumors flying round in Victoria; but I can prove what I have
said, and furthermore, I consider tho
personal, guarantee I gave to Mr.
Crompton to bo ns good as Mr.
Urown's contrary assertion.
Thon this threat of ample evidenco
of u stronger character is Just whnt
might bo expected of a man of Mr,
Urown's calibre. There is roally no
j necessity for any such childish indulgence, and can anything at once
more puerile and ignoble be conceived than this deliberate attempt to
stir up bad blood in the pursuit of a
personal quarrel and tho gratification of a private grudge. If threats
aro in ordor, Mr. Hrown is as liable
to got hurt ns anybody olse.
Now It is to bo hoped that    this
contemptible nnd wholly unneccssurv
nmutour sport. lOven Jimmy, nccus- ,,|oco of worti win m)t he allowed to
toined as he is to praiso nnd flattery a(Toct lht, 8,(orting relations of the
could not conceal his blushes. homf hoys ntu) Uwli(i (lf tl)0   Y. M.
But what Mr. Hrown Inspires in q, a, jt Qt prown is not lho whole
tho "Times" and what ho expresses „|uj,| H|)(. (t Htflm|s to reason thai
In tho Club differ Just as much as his ttloro cnnnot i,0 moro than ono of
practice differs from his professions, that Ilk In anv ono organisation;
A few days aftor the nppoaranco of -j-n|R tnoidont, bad as it is lu all ros-
thls flattering paragraph, a Lady- ,„,ctS| wfp hIinv OV0I.( on,| i hope the
smith frlond of .Jimmy's was In Vic- boJPB u.m (mvo mny „ hard but
***-'■*       Iio mot    Mr.  Hrown.    Mr.  frlondtv mooting In tho time to como.
\A   Ut-m   ii.-!   L.   I       ..I..... • ^
tor la.
It. It. If.
Hrown told hlm that he know   Adam
to ho n    professional     and hnd tho
proofs in his pocket,   "Adam,"    ho       .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
said, is too crooked to Ho   straight    INSTA.JLATION OF OFFICIOUS.
In hod." | .
Now, everybody    can    form thoir     At the last rogular meeting of Ln
own opinion of the   man who   will <|y8mfth Temple. No. fl, Pythian Sis-
openly land another lip to tho skies terS( tho f0n„wing olllcers wero    in
ono day and the noxt socrotly    des- stalled :
crlbo him as n crook,    It is an  ox-j    p, c.—Mrs. M. Leo.
ample of mnlndorotis hypocrisy which     jj, e. C—Mrs. M. Gordon
accords 111 with tho   character of a'
man of such high and mighty professions as Mr. Hrown. What Jimuiy
thought of It will not boar printing,
but ho managed to convey somo of
It to Mr. Brown.
It is from that day tha^ Mr.
Urown's activity iu defence of tho Y.
MCA. dates. I cannot understand As It. I). (|
what reason he had in mind when ho"
nskod for the publication of nny let,
tors. I fail to see Mint purpose ho
hoped to servo. All that I can seo
he has accomplished is the ruin of
his roputation among nil honorable
minded sportstnon. Thoro Is no excuse, no pardon for anyone who
stoops to suoh low-lived contemptible methods, and trust and confidence Is impossible in a man who
shows himself capable of such two-
fa cod, underhand work,
•fust n few words in conclusion to
whnt Is-already too long nn article
"From tho foregoing (correspondence), nny person   who is an
B, S.-Mi's. K. Ivey
E. J.—Mrs. 'K, Paterson.
Manager—Miss M. A. Francis.
M. of K. & C.-Mrs. M. Hurries.
M. of F.-Mrs. M. Koid.
P. of T.—Mrs. M. A. Crossan.
0. of 0. T.—Mrs. H. Hlnck.
Mrs. Hlnck Installed    tho   officers
C Mrs. Aitken, of Sll
ovor bofore beonl
During Lhu las! two years, 2-1 pu
plls have qualjfled for admission t<
the High School, Tins fact cannoi
be brought out too prominently ii
vlow of the fact that considerable
dissatisfaction lias been oxprossed
and not a little criticism passed on
the state of the schools. How little
ground there Is for this dissatisfaction and criticism is plainly shown
by theso figures. What makes thein
even more significant is the circumstance that last year Principal Hun-
tor and his staff had a whole lot of
broken time to contend with. Yet,
In spite of all thnt, in two years 2.4
pupils have qualified for the High
School, a number which quadruples
the figures of any previous two con
socutive yours. Thoro is now nc
doubt thnt the record will even be
improved in the futuro if tho stuff is
kojit up to its present standard and
tlie hour is ripe for considering the
advisability of starting a High
Tlio law required that there shall
bo 20 qualified pupils. There ought
to bo more than that number avail
able now in Ladysmitli and the dis
trlct. An appropriation was set
apart iu tho City estimates for this
very contingency so that there is
nothing to prevent a High School
from being opened out.
The matter lies with the Trustees,
and no doubt they will deal with it
ns It deserves, The convenience and
advantages of a High School hero
need not be enlarged, upon. Man;.
bright and gifted child has been deprived of bis or. her chance in life
owing to nothing else than the fuel
that the Olty had no High School.
Tf, undor present circumstances, n
school can be opened, it is to bo
hoped that the Trustees will gel
into work.
Popular ..Actor    wm   ©Iny in "My
Partner" on Tuesday, duly 21,
their brother John. Mr. and Mrs.
• lake and their „on John left Lady-
smith somewhere round Christmas
ior Saekutchewan, where they have
been ever siuce. According to tho
brief statement iu tho telegram Jo-hu
had been struck by lighcuing and instantly killed.
'ihe greatest sympathy will be felt
by the many friendB of the family
here at such a  tragic bereavement.
Leo Willard In "My Partner" istoj
bo the nest attraction nt tho Lady
smith Opera House. Mr. Willard has
mudo several visits to Ladysmith be
fore. His previous successes hnve
boon "Tho Christian," "Monte Oris*
to," "I)r. dokyil and Mr. Hydo,"
and tlio "Country Squire." "My
Partner." Mr. Willard's latest success, is a four-art comedy drama,
similar to, and the equal of Mr. Ba*
lasco's greatest, play "The Oirl of
the Golden West." An exceptionally
good company is in support of Mr.
Willard. Tho young actor-manager
is well known for his careful attention fo detail nnd avoidance of nil
that is not clean and pure. .The
Western press speaks in most flnttor-
Ing terms of Mr. Willard's success.
Ho will play his return engagement
Tuesday, duly 21st.
Mr. Willard will be favorably remembered for his clever acting in
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, in tho local Opera House ou July Oth.
1U-01.NA. Saak., July lo.-Second
Vico-i'reeidont of the CP.lt., with
hie party of Winnipeg newspaper and
grain men, reached here yesterday
from Moosejaw on their tour of in*
specUon of the western crops. Mr.
Whyte stated that well advised as
his company was kept with regard
to the western crop condition, be
was agreeably surprised at the -prospect* and from what he had seen ol
the country in the course uf his trip,
he-had no hesitation to estimating
this year's crop at 125.UO0.000 bushels.
In the Souris district there was
every indication that harvesting operations would commence in a fortnight's time and cutting would be
fairly general throughout the west
by Aug. IB.
New York, July 15.—Bicycle    Fo-
Iiceman Carley saw un auto witli
two men in it flush past him on the
Ocean Park way late last night and
uj'doivdiiie driver to stop. When no
intention was paid to the order he
leaped on hiB wheel and gave chase.
After a pursuit of many blocks ami
when tho auto bad almost reached
Coney he overtook it,
"You aro under arrest," he sold
to the man sitting gt the wl.oel.
Thore was no response. Carley then
climbed into the auto and found the
driver was dead. The other man In
J the machine was J. I). Lord, of Jamaica, L.I. He ^nonaged to bring
tlie auto to a standstill. Ths drlv-*
er was S. W. Anderson of Brooklyn,
He purchased the car he was driving
earlier in tho day and this was the
first timo It had been out.
Package of    Greenbacks Left Lying
In Hallway Station. I
Winnipeg, July 10,—Loosely tied.
up in brown paper, 920,000 In green I
becks wns found on a truck in the
tralnshed of the Canadian Pacific i
depot yesterday, according to the i
story told by employes of that com- j
pany.     Hundreds ol people arriving |
n the city on special excursion train
and on the regular train, passed by
the package, none giving it a second
took. Eventually the contents of
tho package were discovered, and tho
precious consignment  wns hurried to
ts destination.
Naw York, July 17.—Each year
flnda soveral new amusement parks
constructed near tho olty to catch
the dime* ol the fun loving pui.Hc.
The mansgsmsnt of oach of course,
strive* to outdo all the others by
having aome one attraction that 18
positively unique At th* new Pn-
llsados Amusement Park, whloh haa
Juat sprung up on the hanks of th*
TTusdon there Is nn nttrnctlos   that
• •2.6 PE0P1JS drow___;
MANILA, July 18.-A pleas- •
ure launch bound from Manila •
tu Correigodir, currying about •
75 paaaengem, wa* caught in a •
typhoon today and founderod. •
It ia believed 2a of the pa***n- *
ears, including three Americana •
wore drowned. The re*t of the •
pasaengars ware picked up by » •
British stttuncr, the Suvsric, *
whloh waa pulsing close to ths *
launch when It fouud*rod. To* •
Suvaric lowered it* boat* Im- *
mediately, nnd together with •
othor boat* from other craft •
picked up fifty passenger* with •
much difficulty, lt la report*d •
nn army surgeon la among th* •
lost. Hetail» ol tho disaster •
havei not yet rencheel Manila.      •
London, July 1(1.—Csmbrldf* University has conferred tho degree ol
doctor of Law upod tho archbishop
of liupert'* l*n<i
Huston, July 10.—Three me-i were
killed unil aevsral Injurod ln explosion on Pier 4 of the Mlstic wharf
toduy. They ore Appraiser Examiner 0. P. Atwood, who succumled on
hla wny to the hospitnl, and two
luliorors who wero killed outright.
Tho exploalon occurred in a locker
which contained firework*. A alight
flre which followed the accident wn»
la not only novel to New York parks r„p|diy ,xtlngu!»hed    and th* *ntlr*
but Is   destined     to nttrnct a bigl |.roportv damage wn« slight.
crowd.       It Is nothing but a  long  * „ .
nnd narrow lnne freoly ocptlpped with j    WELLAND,     N.Z., July 16.—Th*
ver Leaf Temple. Nnnalmo, assisted I "JJ1    'T*"' TliT^TTlh   *"Chm* '" A"Ck""',, "W thr"*,m"
as fl. S„ and Mrs. S. Jones, as  <1.|" tho ™tr»'ie<! «' whloh npponre tho iBg to hoM a  demonstration of the
M,    At tho close refreshments   wero "'*"; ( unemployed ns n   protest against tlie
■S-ved- »      • '    f  ••••••••    •    ^ |nl|))|c ,N],en(||t|,rc, incidental to tho
• I'. *     •*v_*  ,   "', , reception of thc American fleet.
IU___F FOR THE 11        iI*_?„!^Jl„___?^       .'   ">   th*   House of Assembly    lust
Toronto, July 17.—Ths executive
Council of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association    has telegraphed
No PoMe* Interference • _,'". ri!" -7777'   """"'"'■*'
• ••••••• a. ...•• night Mr. Holcomb, on* of tho mom-
f  liers.   snld thnt    thore   wn» danger '
THE QROWINO WEST. lhat the visit of the American flc*t
might cnuse the colonics to plnoedo-
..   „.,,_._ ,    _         , Hamilton,    July 17.-Tho Interim- nendonco on the United Stntes ratti-
Sir Wilfrid Laurier urging; Imnmllat* tional   Harvester     Co. hna received er thnn on lhe mother country.    He
ralW    to th* woollen Induitry    In „„|ers for 78 car loads (,f farm  Im- ihercfnre regretted the Invitation hnd
nmn- Canada,        .,               »'.■,.. ptemonts from wostern Canada.        been given.
-_■ _... ■'""   " " B ,.U.B-!g-Br
If You Require Any
Or if You Hequirs Any
•Or U You Wast to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sail On*;   or II You  Waat
Notary PsbUo.
Ladysmith   Standard
I'ulilliliad ou Wednesdays anu -atur-
daya Afternoons by th*
Hobt. U. Hindmarch,
On* Y«ar •l-*<[
»IX   _UBll.S    • ••■       TB
Advertising Rates on Application.
The "Times," it would app*ar, Is
very ill-suited with the Choic* of
Mr. Shepherd aa the Conservative
candidate. Mr. Shepherd is cloarly
not the man that the Time* would,
have chosen. The grievance of the
Times seems to be in the assertion
that Mr. Shepherd is not known to
the voters on the Islands down at
the south end of tha constituency.
It ia nothing to the purpose that
Mr. Shepherd is a familiar figure in
the great voting centres of the electorate. What the Times would desire is a man from the district within its own particular sphere of influence, so that Smith could have it
all his own way in the populous centres of the constituency. There is
nothing doing in that line, nor is
there any necessity for, or anything
to b* gained from, the display of
such a lively concern for the Lord ol
Pier Island. The Times will flrit has enough to do to smooth away
the differences and heart-burnings tn
the ranks of its own party without
LONDON, July ih.-T-e weather
again thla morning gava promise ol
treating kindlier the Olympic gamesj
but clouds are.' still hovering in the
sky, and this to some extent explains the slimness of attendance.
There were not more than a hundred persons in attendance when the
first event, the Javelin throwing,
and the first heat of the 100 kilometer cycling race started. The programme todry is not up to the usual standard, thero being but three
finals scheduled, the three mile team
race, the ttflo yard cycling race and
tho 2,000 meters tandem cycle race.
Interest centred in the team race
in which three teams representing
England, France and the United
States, qualified yesterday for the
The final In tho three mile team
race was won liy England, United
States second. Time 14 minutes,
39 3-5 seconds.
Tho English tenm was composed of
H. A. Watson, A. j; Robertson, J,
E. Deakin, N. F. Hallows and W.
Tho United StnloN lentn was composed of 0. V. Uoidiug, Irish American A. C.; 0. A. Dull, University of
Michigan; .1. L. Kisele, Princeton,
N. Y. A. O.i H. L. Trube, Cornell
and New York A. 0.; and Harvey
Cohn, Irish American A. 0. The
French team consisted of four men
only. The Swedes had tholr revenge
for the failure of the management to
display tho Swedish flog at the opening yesterday, for the flrst flag
hoisted this morning to tho top of
the tall mast in the arena was that
of Sweden. This was done to set
forth that E. V. Lemming had won
the Javelin throwing contest. He
put the stuff 178 feet 7. inches,
breaking his own record of 175 feet
0 inches. Slouras, who won the
silver medal, was ' ten feet behind
'Lemming, his distance being 168
feet 8 inches. Halse, Norway, was
third with 163 feet 1 1-3 inches.
J. A. Svanberg, Sweden, won the
first heat of the five mile run. His
time was 25 minutes 46 1-5 seconds
which beats the Olympic record,
The second heat of tho 200 meter
swimming race, broast stroke, was
won by Perrson, of Sweden. Barony,
of Hungary, was second, and A. M.
Goessling, of Missouri Athletic Club
third. Time of winner was 8 minutes, 17 3-5 seconds,
Ih the second heat of the five mile
run, Voight, of England won easily,
F. O. Hollars of the Now York A.C.,
qualified   lor
Ths following Interview w—I
j,,^    SANTIAGO, Cuba., July 16.-_en-
wlth. Ralph Smith at Winnipeg y<_- T' **?    ^onnonio dle? y,Mt<""
^.    . day at Mayarla aa a result ol   the
V___I_g. July 14.--I see that my !-f"» """f ^"^ Z"' ^    °"
Irlend Mr! McBride ia Junketing   all Jul-' X    by Au*""n «»'
over the province with his select mln-
member ol a prominent local lami-
istarial coterie, and occasionally   he ly "f brothw « «-»"••«. •»■*
breaks out with a  lurid *-mttmm^^__\5__ .,..Ma5T'a'
the    federal   government In general,
representatives   of the provlnc*
The   stabbing followed a political
T meeting in Mayari,    The murderer's
particular. McBride's knowledge of kf* J***.*""** °W'5°rtU°n'
federal matters 1. wvonderously Mt, _3^*L___fT_?*J__.__a^__* '
ited, but 11 he ls anxious to demonstrate it publicly, 11 will be only
too happy to meet him on any occasion he may see fit. But I know
McBride and I  doubt very much
been practically without hope,
special train with tho body I*
peeted to reach Santiago today.
Gen. Portuondo was prominent in
1( the Cuban revolt against Spain, and
to would"car* to havY"t_e~hand ha aft"r thB *"»**•«- Intervention, was boMie mA Ult noto juit „ j found
played in several important and deli- ™ul8 chttlrmBB °f tho exeentive com- them loAay oa the UeIlch tw0 mlh>
cats federal question* exposed. He mlttee °' **• an,t Oubo1' u«mb'y- north of Heceta. I have lived here
hs* ben prophesying In character-- He WM b*'°Y«d f-lvereally. (or ton years and the finding olthis
| VALLEJO, Cal., July 13.- The
Dame of a man inclosed in a bottle she picked up on the beach of
th* lonely Oregon coast, has revived
romantic longing for the outside
world which has laid dormant in the
breast ol Mrs. 0. L. Hansen, i a
pretty widow of Heceta..
Herbert Warren a well known business man of this city cast the bottle into the sea on a recent steamship trip from Portland. He inclosed his name and addreaa and oflered
tl for the bottle'* return. He ia
now, in receipt at the following letter from Mrs. Halwen at Hecata,
Dear Sir,—I herewith return   the
tic styl* the entire annihilation of
th* Liberal Party In Oanada, eape-
clally west ol the great lake*. Now
McBride, I have no doubt, think*
he ought to be the federal chief ol
the Tory party. If he la so sure of
W success of the Conservative Party
in the next fight he should resign the
premiership of British Columbia and
enter the -rid. But ha never will
in the World. He won't tak* the
plunge, but, Instead, has formed a
league with the Socialist, Hawthornthwaite, to defeat me. Fancy Tory
and Socialist as a political coalition."
Ralph Smith la here on bis way to
Victoria. He took Premier Mo-
Bride to task in the above Interview.
Saya the Victoria Colonist:
"Mr. Ralph Smith, M.P.,'has been
mislead as to the nature ot Mr. Mo-
Bride's provincial tour*, and ha*
tern breathing out threatening! and
alaughter to a Winnipeg Inter -lewer.
Mr. Smith intimate* that tha provincial premier would not car* to
have tha hand h* played In certain
delicate federal questions exposed.
However thl* may be, and wa do
the final by finishing !■«* think Mr. McBrld* would tie very
much alarmed    K Mr. Smith should
Longboat, the Canadian,   did not 'tall all he knows,    how would    the
COVoPight's time was 28   minutes 17 H.'?w,m„ T*?_'ot. „Tln,°_.*•
As expected, England won the 3-
mile team raco comparatively easily.
With' the crack of the pistol, Deakin,
Robertson, Cowles and Wilson jumped to the front with Bonhag fifth.
Coming in to the home stretch on
the first lap, howovor, another wearer of the Stars and Stripes, and the
long striding Kisele made a bid lor
a better position and slipped along
side of Bonhag took sixth placo.
Both men, were running easily with
plenty of reserve, France was already out of the race. Bouin who ran
so well yesterday, retired before the
conclusion of the first lap. Alter
concluding the flrst circle, Elaele
went to the front, but Deakin, th
troubling to raise dissension* among English cross country champion chains opponenta. It Is the old game leT?iG_.tha plm *.?* 8"tting the
, ,, , .        i .        .  "        pole led the way for his team mates,
too well known to catch anybody.     By thl8   t|rae   the „,e   had dlvlded
♦ j Into two sections, Elselo leading the
I second lot with Dull and Cohn close
THE WELLS. I at hand    and   Trube    and Bonhag
— bringing up the rear.
The order to cloeo all wells within „ ^|sel<> managed to got up to    the
, ,    ...       ., _ __.,    flrst section, which was now lendiag
the municipality which waa recently   the Mc0„d    m.tim by forty  yard.
Issued by Dr. Froat, the city modi- The aecond section was made up ol
cnl ollicer, and endorsed by the City Bonhag, Dull,  Cohn, Hallows,    the
Council on   Monday   night, ia liable °>.or<l <snck* %d,   .rUbe' "?W ln H10
"t       " order named.    Elselo was tho   only
to cause some trouble. Now It American who could compote with
really seems to us that there can Be the Englishmen's long distance run-
no question to the general principle nhW-    He to°k second place  in   the
thu, ih. —ii ',„ „ _._„— t- ib. 9l!<tn IsP but could not maintain it
that the wells are n   menace to the ttn„ s00n droppe(|   ^ to   fourth
health ot the town.    There may  be |n which position he finished a yard
and are exceptions to the wells. But behind Cowles, Deakin and   Robert-
the topography of   the town,     the _°a w,ho wore respectively first   and
sloie on which It Is built and     the
nature of the ground, togethor with Hallows seventh
Its very unsanitary conditions,   are '" the third    heat    ol tho second.
sufficient to render the wells general- !mun(l °' tho ?60.  yati" -"J"-19 race-
ly unfit to be uaod.     However? 1* JSS_,0' EnB""'d' won' t,me MiS
fore going to extremes, the Council The third host of the five-mile run
will perhaps do well to reinforce the was won easily by Landquist ol Swo-
to havs the hand he tailed lo play
on the question of better terms 'ully
I    . _*.
Chatham, Ont., July 15.-
Tha first new wheat came into
tn* Canada flour mill* yester-
day, It I* an excellent (ample
ot mixed variety testing 54
pound* to th* buahsl.
" (bottlo with the note in It ia tho flrst
MR. JONES  N.G. romantic thing that ha* happened to
• ' break the monotony    of thl* lonely
■A sophisticated mother who    felt place,
responsible for   tho    future of   herj   ..i n0T)0 you „)]] ^ pleased to re-
daughters aaid to one of them:      '   I    , .   ,    _.     a t-    _
■-Anna, what did young Mr. Jones caive   ym,r noU> ba<* *** to    hear
say to you last night when he   was whore it was picked up.
buttoning your glove?   I saw he was \   "Please let me hear from you and
slightly excited." ,.'tell me who you are and your    ob.
Why," answered Anna, "he    said ,. .  , ,, .
that the person who made a   glove **** ln **»d'>>g »uch a message    a
so hard to button as that deserved drift."
to be killed." I ♦
'My dear,"     retorted hor mother'
impressively, "don't waste any morc^REIR HABDIE  WILL XISIT THE
of your time ori young Mr. Jones/1
'I don't like a   man   too Bteady,"
says McCarthy,    ,
' 'Tis a man of flro I always like to
For at least when all ls said,
Though   he'll   Sometimes lose
Sure, it only proves he  has a head
to lose!"
; "What's the matter with you?" demanded Borem, hotly. "I've got a
right to air my opinions, haven't I"
"Oh, ot course," replied Brightly.
'-They're so stale and muaty they
certainly need something of that
sort."—Philadelphia Press.
» —'■——■
"Why do you stick out the middle
finger of your right hand so straight
whilo you are eating?" asked the
compassionate woman. "Was it broken ?';
"No, mum," answered the hobo,
with a sniffle. "But, during my halcyon days I woro a diamond ring on
that finger, and old habits are hard
to break, mum."
NEW YOBK, July 16.-The diaap-
pointmant ot the Social-t Party, in
the United State* over it* failure to
seoura'th* wrvlees of the Countess
'ol Warwick in.the presidential cam-
his Paign lu* ben lessened ln no (mall
<_gre* by    th*   announcement that
Kler Herdie, M.P., now recognised
a* th* leader of ths Radical wing ol
ths labor group tn the Briti*h House
ot Common*, I* coming over to take
the itump in cahalt ot th* Socialist
ticket. Word haa just been received
by th* New York section ot tha Social-* Party that Mr. Hardle will
alTlv* here next month.
Mr. Bardie vlelted the Unit- States in 1895, and on that occasion he
d* a much mor* favorable Impression on American worklngmen
than did John Burn*, who had been
a vialtor to th* United State*
short   time previously.    The reason
second and had a good lead.    Wilson
got fifth place, ponhng   sixth   and
order of Dr.    Frost by n  statement
den, timo   37 minutes   1-5 seconds.
t-nn. n.   si              ... Edward P. Cart-, Xnvlar, Now York
from Dr. Fngnn.     Also the sugg*s- socond and qualified for the final,
tion of Mayor Nicholson might    lie The final ln the    600 yard    cycle
acted upon with benefit to all    con- r*c0 was won by Johnson, ol   Eng-
earned      Hi« nrnraiiin-a ia-. «... *„ ,Bn,t-    Bomnngol of Franco waa aec-
cerned      Hls Worships idea was to ond  Neumor of 0emmy  „MinM.
nave tho water ln tho various   wells Johnson's timo wns 51 1-6 seconds,
analysed, so   as to ascertain    how     The fourth heat   of the flvo   mile
many, If any, wcre really fit to    he ,run. ""*»„won,   -V   Mu|,Phy. of En«"
m land in 35 minutes 59 seconds. Hea-
second, and
Certainly It will be hotter to d^'of"oai-d_;    waa
use every effort to nvort trouble with qualifies for tho final,
those who nre   unlng the wolls;    al-     In the Olympic championships   to
though It Is perhnp. a  pity that It ?ay' En*lttndJ J"? the, thr«   *"*'"
.u .,, ,                      7  a toam race, and 660 yard cycle race,
should be necessary.    The health  of giving her four gold medals to two
the town should Ih) tho first conakl- tor the United States,
oration of overy citizen, and If   the Sweden won her first gold modal
question were only approached from ^SfiflS &%&?*
this    view point thero would he  no Scandinavians also   mado an aston
delay In complying with tho medical lahlng showing In tho preliminary ol
officer's Inntructlona.
 ■   . *
"You nevor can tell," observed
Uncle Allen Sparks, "what lasting
results rosy be accomplished by an
earnest word snoken at the right
time. Manv a man has had the
shape of Ills nose changed for life by
calling another man a liar." — Chi- French team
cogo Tribune.
the five mile run In which England
was thought td have a walk over.
Three Canadians, Meadows, Fitzgerald and Oalbraitb qualified for the
finals In this event. The attendance
waa much larger than yesterday,
The aixth heat of the five' mile
run waa won easily by Owen, Eng*
land. Oalbraith, Canada, waa sets
ond. The time of the winner was
36 minutes, 13 seconds.
The final in the 3,000 meter tandem cycle race waa won by the
Schlll and Aulray,   In
8 minutes, 7 8-5 seconds, Hamlin
_ Johnston, England, were second,
and Brooks and Isaacs, England,
I .      *       '    -■
Didb't you ovor notice what mean
dispositions moat reformers have?
When you bury an old anhnoelty,
never mind about the .gravestone.
If a man who owns an automobile
Is a bachelor It Is his own'fault.
We don't believe people would   b*
ffy   BillitVrdl __d Pool    \K mnn •""I*"* " ,h"ro were less law.
*" *
Toronto, July 15.—"Stick to Ontario farm*" I* advice which I* now
being handed out by Immigration official* her* to farm laborer* who d*>
aire to go out weat on harvester*'
-   Best Liquors and Cigars.
Cartwright* Barclay
Erie, Pa., July 15.—At y**-
terday'a seaslon of th* international longshoremen and marine transport workers* association, a resolution was adopted recommending the barring of *
all Japanese and other Asiatic* trom American shores.
BERLIN, July 15.—A news bureau haa received a private despatch from Sosnowioe, Russian Poland, stating that a plot against
tb* lit* of Emperor Nicholas hu
been discovered there. Th* conspiracy, according to tbe despatch, waa
well planned and had many ramifications. More than a hundred men
and women were arrested at So-
•nowlc* charged with being Implicated In th* plot and other arrests
are pending. The railway station ia
guarded by Cossacks and gendarmes,
and th* frontier la being closely
watched, and it would be Impossible
to cros* the boundary line without
being discovered.
NBW YOBK, July 15.—As * pistol shot rang out In th* city hall
•tap* thl* morning, at 10 a.m..
Remember the timo you accompanied her to church, and the usher took
you away up In front, and tho minister took for his text, "Love Ye
Ono Another," and how several of
the hoys sitting behind you snickered and poked you in tho back and
tho minister looked right at you
whon he read the verse?  Say, didn't
■ ■    ■   "   -     -   ■        ■ ■■■  ■-•,■■ ,-H,,        77M
Below will ba found the list ot questions at the recent examinations
for First,  Second and Third Class Certificates for Coal Mino Managers;
First ClasB Candidates.
Tuesday, June loth, 1908.    Time 9 a.m., to 12:80 p.m..
70 Per Cent, required.
Note:—Tho Candidate muBt sign oach sheet with his usual signature..
1. What are the duties of tbe Munagor as provided for in tho
Special Rules? '.   " 10
2. What are the requirements of tho Aot as to the various plans
ot tho Mino ? io
8.    What ore the requirements of the Act as   to the employment T
of young-persons, women and child: en in tho Mine ? 10
4. Whut does tho Act stato as to the appointment of tho Check-
welghman by the men? What is tho limit of the Chock-woighman's
powers, how Is ho paid and under what conditions may he be removed ? ,10
5. Undor what conditions may an Inquiry bo instituted in regard
to tho competency of coal mino officials and how is this inquiry conducted ? io
6. Undor what conditions may an interval be required between
shifts of work in a mine? , ' xo
7. What doos the Act specify with regard to Machinery and
Boilers ? yj
8. Fill out tho accident form given. Assume an accident at the
faco and supply an intelligent sketch of tho Bame ? io
What does tho Act stipulate with rcgord   to   tho ventilation
boing suppliod at too high a velocity ? iq
10.    What are tho roqulromonts of tho Act as   to   the   watering
of dry and dusty mines.   State exceptions if any ? 10
First Class Candidates.
Tuesday, Juno 16th, 1908.    Time 3 p. m., to 5:30 p. m.
70 Por Cont. required. T
1. Namo and doscribo tho several gases met with in coal mines,
givo atomic weights, symbols, specific gravitlos and proprieties,
where found and how produced,, how dotedted and under what conditions do they become dangerous to human life ? -Jo
2. How' would you deal with an accumulation of gas over falls
In pillar workings, stato generally tho mothods' you would adopt
to keep tho working faces freo from gos during tho withdrawal ot
pillars ? jo
8. 'To what cause or causes are suddon outbursts of gas generally due? In a mine subject to sudden outbursts of gas, what precautions would you take to prevent loss of life? What warnings usually precood outbursts of gas? _q
4. In a mine tho quantity of air measured in the roturn is
165,000 cubic feot por minute, and contains 8 per cent, of firedamp,
what quantity of firedamp is given off In the mine? What is the
least decrease tn the quantity of air that will render tho roturn air
explosivo, and what increase ot gas will render the roturn air explosive ? 15
5. Namo and doscribo several of the most important safety
lamps. In what velocities of firedamp charged air currents do the
representative safety lamps become unsafe? T   • 13
6. Describe the coal dust theory. What are the dangers arising
from percussion or compression arising from blown out shots or other causes ? . u
7. If the quantity ot air passing Into a mine is 75,000 cubic
feet per minute at a temperature of 60 F., and the quantity measured in tho roturn Is 82,000 cubic feot por minuto, and the temporature
75 P., whntf quantity of the Increase Is due to expansion from increase of temperature, and what quantity is duo to gases given off
In tho mino, nogloct-barometrlcal conditions;? '30
(Continued on Page Three.)
New York, July 16.—A special to
the Times from San Francisco says
that Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson
has sold    the house which ahe built
LISBON, July 18.— Tho crowning
scandal of the "Portuguese Panama-
has been brought out by the publication   of   a-long Hat of influential
on Lombard atreet overlooking    the SPITf^ltf  .2,Blc,a' B0Mr'-'8.   <=<>urt.
«„■-_^T;.TL    1„ -„n,,.7'.i.gni'«*««»* members of the nobi-
Clolden Gate and will remove to nty who,rllk7tholaTeYing"'carTos"'.
ia not far to seek. Burns is an arts' Santa Barbara where she has pur- received illegal advances from tho
tocrat among working people, white'chased a country home. Mrs. 8te;>8t!Jte' trea8ury.
Hardl. I, not. Burn, dresses In ] yenaon has received »35,000 for /her jJXjJ! 'co'st Z|8P_o°mx «__,"
fine clothing and looks littio like a t.0UK, which was built after an ori- received »50,000 and tho Portuguese
laborer. Hardl* on' the other hand gtaal design and which was richly Minister to Pekin recently recalled,
drWM* and act* in much the aome decorated with Semoan tapestry and" "J™" t"™"JJr . yaa,n',*_l_ary •?„ ad;'
mannr a. he did when he wa. a weapon*. The houso wa. filled with, psy^ente reactes l££l'J$fi_\
working miner years ago. South    Sea   curios and th* library   "
Hardl* wa* born ln a little vil- books of her husband and also many
lag* In the mining region of Ayr- manuscripts of hla stories and no-
ahire,   h* got a very scanty oduca-' Vel*.
you feel aa cheap as a Waterbury
watch about that time?.—Los Angeles Express.
tion, and than had to go to work.
Like hi* lather aad moat of hi*    ra-
lathes he began work as a driver
at th* surface dumps of the coal
mine*. When he wa* older he went
to work underground. Finally he
•FRISCO, j got j,, be a fuii-fledged miner    and
'made aa   much    monoy a* any pf strange wish expressed in tho will of
SAN FRANCISCO,   July ia.-_an thow Mth whom „. BOrkBd Bl.,tlsh   Vice-Consul  P.   L.   Cherry,
Roquost in Will of British Vico-Con-
sul, Who Died at Astoria.
Astoria, July 14.—According to a
Francisco ha* placed tt* official
•tamp ot approval on th* directoiro
While a living model, with a neat
Bguro and a pretty blushing face,
waa today walking to and fro in the
suit department of a local store,
attired In one of the French gown*,
in th* presence ot a great crowd,
•everal horrified woman rualiad to
Dlatrict Attorney Langdon and Chief
ot Polio* Blgby aad requested them
to *top the exhibition.
"I refuse to be a censor ol woman'* dn** In San Francitco," wa*
Langdon'* reply. The directoiro
gown I* all right.
When the chief waa appealed to he
lent a policeman to pas* Judgment
on th* gown. The policamun reported that he wa* going to buy hia
wife one, whereupon tho chief remarked that the directoiro gown
miiet be all right.
Frelderichahaven, July 16.—Another accident to Count Zeppelin'* bal-
Somehow or other nature had  en- nls Mnea w'" DB "tken out into the
dowad _min~ Hnaaia —ift. —«~, Pacific ocean and cast on the waters
dowod   young   Hardle    with   more m_ ^^    m_ that „,„ body   |)e
brain* than fall to the lot ot tho burned at sea, but no boat was ev-
averag* man. By the thn* he was allablo to take tt out. Consequently and wu at work underground,, ly " will be taken to Portland first.
bs had begun on way* and mean* of
bettering hhnaelf. II* became interested ln the theory of Soclaltam
and iMgan what ha* proven to be
an extensive course of reading. He
left Ayrahlre   and went to Lochnor-
GREENWICH,     Conn., July 16.-
r. j White Mountain express,; on  ths
rl*, where he alio worked in the We* York' New Haven ttnd Bartlord
mine*. When he wa* not working railroad, waa wrecked here at 9.10
h* wu reading or arguing with hi* I*1' afternoon, One woman. Mis*
fellow miner*. Margurlte Armstrong, of Wayne, Pa.
From Lochnorrl* be went to th* wu killed, and ten person* Injured,
mines of Cumnock and worked and 3** wreck occurred on the brldg*
talked there for several ytar*.   Bur- over Greenwich avenue, and   almoat
Ing thl* time thore were strikes ol
more or 1 aa Importance In many of
tha mine*, and In eaoh of these Hardl* took a prominent part. BI*
ability u a speaker and hi* *tudy
of Socialistic nnd labor questions
had mad* him valuable in influencing tb* men to (tend together. So,
whether h* had planned lt or not,
Ktar Hardls's nam* soon become
known ln all th* border ndolng- regions and from there spread throughout the Engllah speaking world.
He organised th* Independent Labor party, which grew ilowly In
power until 1893 whan It wu able
to (leet Hardl* to th* Houss of
Common*. Th* atald membera of
tb* Houae wen somewhat apprehensive over Hardle'* advent In their
mldat, and they reeelvad their   firet
Uth* ath_te In running ault, mr-jloon thla morning wiU prevent th*
rylng a ailver tub* containing a Poetibllity of th* 34-hour trip sche-
m***ag* from Mayor UoClallan to duled for tods-.
Mayor Bum, ol Chicago darted a-1 The damage caused to th* mam-
way on Broadway on th* firet relay moth airship by a defect to th*
of a thousand mil* Journey to Uld- (tearing gear, had ban fully repalr-
ca*-o. Herbert H. Rapp wu lho ed and Count Zeppllu had decided to
runner, and Mayor MoClellan* mm- start on hia 31 hour flight thi* mor-
•ag* wu u follow*: nlng.       Following   tht* programm*
To th* Olty of Chicago,- Ths tb* balloon wu brought out ol It* . ,
city of New York a_,o_ greet'ug, l.y'alujd at 11 o'clock. When lhe or- *hock the °V »• took hto •«**• »
th* fleet runnar of tte Young Moo* der to out off waa given and •_»- had b-a " "»"*'•»»» **■- at tb*
Chrtottan Auoclaiun. Thl* m*c|clent headway bad ben acquired t0
aage I* born* oa toot, without a ptnnlt of proper steering, a guet of
halt from the Atlantic to Laka Mich- [ wind blew the airehlp against the
lgan, and the hundred* ol boys who side of the floating shad, Twenty
carry It f a,ln no prise except th* oon* yards of the outer rubber covered
aciousnaas of having dons thslr nek covering was torn away and
b»*t.'' the aide propellor wu bant, lhe bal-
According to the schedule th* met- loon remained banging in thi* poai-
sag* will reaeh Chicago on Tuesday, tion for ten minutes, its stern rent-
July 31. Two thousand boy* will ing in the water. It wu eventual-
tak* part In tb* me*. ly freed and towed back to th* shed.
' . Ull inspection' of the damage f-
W8HINO TRAGEDY , ™*de and it wa* announced that It
                           would tak* a w**k to effect th* re-
Houn of Commons thnt each lumber ihouM wear a black frotk coat
and a Mk hat. Mr. Hardl* did
not fool bound In any way by. thl*
and whsn he appeared ha   had
BAN DIHOO, Cal., July If- Au- pair*,
gust Wollgaat, aged 60, employed in
a local lumber yard, and hla ton Wll
Ham Wollgaat, aged 39, an upholsterer, hav* been drowned in Mission Bay while Ashing. Their amply boat cam* ashore and a short
tlm* previously they had been seen
to go overboard In tha aurf. Bach
_aru a family ta thl* city.
Lard may be weak and cheese be flat
and eggs go for a song—
But the man   who    deala In butter
For butter'* alway* strong.
—Boston Courier.
J jJ.I ...   a-__,»L_.-'i.
on * cotter'* cap, a cheap ami
somewhat soiled ault, th* coat being
of the aaek patten. To say tbat
he created a sensation I* to put lt
mildly. Old members of tb* Common* were shocked nt what nemed
to -wm a sacrlleglouo trampling on
tradition. But Mr. Rami* wu not
abashed by th* public eommat -and
to thl* day he continue, to wnr •
cap on all occasion-
front of the railway *t-tlon.
There were flve parlor can, and
all were thrown from the track and
upeet. The on* in wbich tb* fatality occurred wu turned completely
Underneath the struggling mass of
humanity wu Miss Armstrong, wbo
wu crushed to doath,
Th* cause of the accident Is not
yet known, but It ls thought to
hav* ban apreadlng rail*. Every tl*
on the bridge wu torn up and every Iron on tb* car* broken. About
one hundred persona wer* on tbe
train, whloh left    Naw York    east-
dollars. The cabinet intrigues here
continue. 'Although a crisis has boen
averted by Sonor Oatro who showed
that all the progressive ministers ot
financo who had held ofllco since
1898 also misused the public funds.
Minneapolis' to have balloon RACE.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., July 16.-
Tomorrow, if the weather and other
conditions are favorable, Minneapolis will havo its flrst taste of the
now sport of balloon racing. For sevoral weeks preparation* havo been
going forward for a balloon race to
start from the state fair grounds. It
Is to bo a long -distance endurance
contest, international in its scope.
Among tho balloons entered are the'
"Chicago," the largest balloon In
tho world: the "Amorlca" of St.
Paul, which won second honors at
tho St. Louis contest, and the "United States, of Minneapolis, which
was a contestant in tho recent Chicago meet. ' T
The moot at tho fair grounds will
bo the flrst glvon by tho new Aero
Club ol the Northwest and will • be
held under tho official sanction of ths«
Federation of American Aeronautic
clubs. .?• % •
No Honing—
You know from del!-- •- •»•
rl*nc*,*t noma or In thab: .bar
IhOP, th»t th* question if—
•'Why doesn't a r»6r hold
its edge uniformly from heel
te bead without honing and
srlndlngr" Whether it i« *
safety, with the certain tax of
new blades, or the ordinary
onen-bladed rasor dosa nat
■Iter th* queation. Vou want
th* comfort and satisfaction of
a dean, smooth ahava *very
morning with the confldent
knowledge thst your riser
will be ready for instant uae
bound at 8.40.
The mo*t seriously Injured person' th* nf xt time needed,
in the wreck 1. Mr, -.n-el ftieher-t JJC-jBg^^
•on, ot Brooklyn, N.Y. I ppy amaromlaod to do thla.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., July J.6. - Thirty ware of study on the
The New Haven railroad offlcegave nser a(tu»tlon hu perfected I
out thl. statement: The While ^^"^affl-TOrV'-tt L
Mountain express, leaving the Orand | positively merge* every par-1
Central station at 8.40 a.m., wa* tide ofcicbon (the life of «••!) '
availed a *hort dlrt-nc. -gt ot, J„Sd%T-dn1..t-fornt,#J
Greenwich.    One lady passenger waa   throughout the blade—um*-~l
killed and another lady seriously injured. The cause of the derailment
ha. not been definitely fixed. The
traeks at that point will probably
be blocked for four hours.
thing' absolutely impossibl*
witb Ire tempered ateel-ueed
In making all other raiora.
But taet thla rasor in your
own home—or If you prefer,
have your barber ua* it on you.
Olv* u* your nam*.- ' ■
or call and ae* th* "Carbo
Munatle" rasor, and w* will
I Mat* our proposition for test-'
' *• ***** '*""* _''•*•*'
'"•' -_»"***— ymtrnprn-tip
., p»i(*_,togei	
110,000 Tt? FAMnjY.
OTTAWA, July M.-The will of S.
O. Lomotil, late clerk of the crotwn
In chancery, bbsvm (10,000 to hla
family. A ,f
... ..■!._._•._...',_. * m
Brantlord, Ont., July l-.-A brok-1 .   .
en rail here thle morning ceuud    a  fJJJ "' -J tegjilter with^our
.    i .i. \-..i     .ma,    -*• nooalet •• Hints en Snev-
iserlou* run-off of th* local upran.|^,,   flu, jgj, luattretn
Th* pa__ng*r* war* badly ahakan th* correct ruor potitlon let
up and thru trainmen w*n •erlou*- Mw~fl*s-7n*itof«bo_ot,
ly hurt. Oonduetor McDonald, Bn-
Kluer MMklng and Fireman Farrott,
wm Injured. Th* latter I* badly
scalded and little hop* I* •nterUIn
for hk reoovary. _
.... ..     E«.   -.
1-fldysmttb HaAwara Co. ~£
LONDON, July 16. - The United
Kingdom and United States are run-
ning a neck and neck race tor supremacy at the Olympic games. The
United'Kingdom started today with
four first places to America's two,
but the latter picked up ln the oar
lier events and won all three prices
in the discus throwing and flrst and
third prizes in the .weight throwing,
Morgan, ol the United Kingdom,
took second place1 in the latter event
This evened the score of the two
but England got another lead when
Taylor made his sensational win in
the 400 meter swimming . contest,
beating Eeaurepalre, the Australian
crack by a handsome margin. Schoff,
of Austria, of whom great things
had been expected, was third in this
event Thero was some heavy work
for the Athletes participating in thc
Olympic games at the stadium this
morning. Tho programme included
the second heat of the 100 kilometer
bicycle race which brought out 3>
starters, of which Wointz was the
only American, while Canada bad
throe entries, Morton, Young and
Andrews. France and German v each
started five men Italy si, United
Kingdom, Belgium, South Africa,
and Sweden, ono each. At the same
hour the flrat heat of the ten mile
walk waa started with Just as cos
mopolitan an entry list, except live.
United States was not represented,
Bonhag, who had entered, withdrawing. The second heat of this event
wu also run off.
On the turf the athletes were bus-,
all morning throwing the discuss
tree style. Owing to the withdraw
al ol a numbor of men of sections
one and two were grouped, and Burroughs, who with Adams represents
the United States, out-threw France
the United Kingdom and Hungary
with a throw of 133 feet, 9. inches.
Thts did not stand as tho best, throw
Dearborn, who was in third section
placing the discus 136 leet Oi inches
from the circle, all the other competitors in six section, being closely
Griffin in the fourth section carried
oil the honors with a' throw ot 131'
feet 6i inches. Garrolls did tot
qualify. Horr wu third with 131'
foot 5 inches.
In the flfth section Horry made the
beat throw, 139 feet 9 Inches. No
throw In the sixth section counted,
ns all were below the previous throw
and only the flrst in all .sections
qualifies for the final. Sections 7
and 8 were Norway, Germany, Groat
Britain, Greece, United States and
Sweden competing. Sheridan, Amorlean won, covering 118 loot t Inch.
In tho final of the discus throwing.
Sheridan won 184 leet 3 inches and
Griffin second with 188 feet 6. lu.
The flrst heat ol tho ten mile wall-:
wu won by Webb, with t'a-.-t-r sec
and, Spencer third, Elarnor fij'jrli'.
All represent Groat Britain. 'Flute 1
hour 30 minutes, 4-5 seconds,
A drizzling rain fell all the iiii.rn
ing and the attendance was loss thai
on any previous day.
In the second heat ot the tin mil.-
walk, G. E. Lurnor, Harrison and
Palmer, of England, and Kerr ol
Australia all. qualified for tha final.
Tho timo of the winnor wu 1 hour
18 minutes, 19 seconds.
In the second heat ol the 100 kilometer cycle race,' the following men
qualified: Meredith, Bartlett, Pett,
and Oadenny, ol the United Kingdom, Westerberg. ol Sweden, Leplz,
of France, Andrew*, of Canada, und
Goskollorg of Belgium. T. G. Welntz
of New York A. C, foil whon he i.nd
89 laps to go. He collided with
Meredith and Noon, of England.
Noon was severely shaken and Weintr.
had to retire, but Meredith remounted and Anally came in flrst.
The flrst heat of the semi-Ana's nf
tho 300 meter breast stroke swim
mlng match was won by Holman of
Eogland, Toldy, Hungarian was socond. Holman's time was 85 minutes and 10 seconds. ' Tho second
heat was won by RobtnBon, England, with Hanson, Sweden, Sweden,
second. The time of the winner was
87 minutes lit seconds.
The eighth heat ot tbe ,1,000 motor
cycling raco waa won by O. F. Cameron, Irish American A. 0.
In the putting tho weight contest,
sections ono and two were grouped.
W. W. Coo, Jr., Boston A. 0„ was
first, with* 43 feet IO, Inches, Sawlike, Finland, waa second with 41
teet Ui inches, and Lee Talbott, Irish American, was third with 88
feet, 3 inches.
Sections threo and four in putting
the weight, alao were grouped. J.C.
Garrols, - Chicago A. 0i,< wu flrst,
with 48 leet 8 Inches. M. F. Hogan
Irish American A. C... was socond,
with 43 feot 11 inches.
Cameron's timo In the 1,000 meter
cycle race was 1 minute 29 3-5 seconds, the best timo made ao far. He
qualified for the second round.
The final ln putting the weight
contest wu won by Ralph Rose, of
of the Olympic club ot Sari Francisco. Hogan, United Kingdom, was
second. J. C. Garrola, of Chicago
Athletic Club, was'third. Rose's
distance wu 46 feet 7{ inches. This
doe* not equal tho Olympic rocord
for thla ovent, 48 feet 7 lnchea made
by Rose In St. Louis in 1904.
In tho final of the 400 meter swimming race, Taylor, United Kingdom,
won, Beaurapalre, Australia wu second, and Scheff ol Austria third
Taylor'* time wu 5 minutes, 80 1-5
seconds. *
LONDON. July 16.-I-_don'* com-
parativ* apathy toward* tb* Olympic gamu I* th* th*m* of muoh
n*w*pap*r oomtnent thl* morning.
Tb* gnat atadlum hold* ovor 70,-
000 pereoos, but ntvtr y*t hav*
ther* bail mon than 15,000 people
present. Thl* I* regarded all the
■nor* d_*ppo_tl_s> u It ia not un-
. uaual for a big tool-all contest ln
th* provlau to attract trom 100,000
to 150,000 wthu-aitt. It i( un-
daratood that th* prion ol ant*
hav* bnn ,._*_» tbt) high and alio
that th* a-Or hu not bus sufflo-nt
(Continued froth Page Two.)
(Continued from Page On*.)
8. What ia mount by diffusion, occlusion, transpiration and '.(fusion ot gases ?
9. Describe ihe condition of thu mino atmosphere after an explosion, giving an approximate composition of tho same ?
10. Describe how you would enter a mine after an explosion and
conduct rescue work ?
First Class Candidates.
Wednesday, June 17th, 1908.   Timo 9 a.m., to 12:30 p.m.
70 Por Cent required.
1. If 05,000 cubic feot of air por minuto passes through an airway 7x7 feet with a water gauge cf 1.5 inchos, what quantity of .if
will pus through another airway uf tho samo length 8x8 feet in
section tho pressure remaining the somo ?
3. 140,000 cubic feet of air ls delivered at tho foot of tho down
cast shaft and thore divided into three splits us follows:
Split (a) 6x7 feet x 5,000 foot long.
Split (b) 0x6 feot x 4,500 feet long.
Split (c) 6x5 feet x 4,000. feot long.
What quantity will pass through each airway ?
8.    A fan running 65 revolutions por minute gives a water gauge
of 1.9 in., tho speed of tho fan is increased    to    85 revolutions por
minute, what will lie tho pressure.    If tho increased quantity is 11,,-
000 cubic foot por minuto, what Is tho horse-power?
4. -Explain tho principle of tho Ventilating fan. What conditions
in the mine would govern you in determining tho dinmoter and width
of tho fan ?
5. Explain tho difference botweon a forco fan and an exhaust
fan. In caso of flro 11 It bocomos necessary to change nn oxhaust fan
Into a forco fan how would you do so ?
6. Glvo an Intolllgont skotch showing tho nrrangomont nocossary
to effect tho chnngo required in tho previous quostion ?
7. In an nlr-courso 6 ft. by 8 ft., In section and fi,MO ft. long,
what ls the volocity of tho air current when the wator gauge stands
at 3 inches ?
8. Give a skotch of what you consider a good overcast, such
skotch to show dimensions and other details sufficiently complete to
construct tho same? 15
9. Explain tho principle of tho flow of nlr In mines ? 10
10. Ventilate t!.o plan given using the conventional signs shown ? 20
First Cluss Candidates.
Wednesday, June 17th, 1908.   Time 2 p.m., to 5:30° p.m.
50 Fer Cont. required.
1. Describe what you consider the best method of working deep
coal scums subject to creep ?
3. Under what conditions would you prefer to install the long-
wall system ol mining coal? Give rough sketch of mothod and show
section of seam with roof and floor ?
8. Mention the several explosives commonly used in mines, describe their properties aud explain the dangers attending the uso of
4. Describe what you consider a really efficient, practical and
economical system of watering dry and dusty mines 1
5. From a pair of shafts in the centro of a squaro field of coal
what Is the maximum area you would consider it advisable and practicable to work having regard principally to ventilation and underground transportation, pumping aud the limit of practical economy? 10
The length of a main and tall rope haulage is 7,000 feot, (no
grade). The weight por foot of tho main rope is 0.8 pound per foot
and the weight of the tail rope 0.6 pound pcr foot. The full cars
weigh 6,000 pounds and the empty cars weigh 1,800 pounds and the
train consists of 15 cars, what are tho tentions on the main and tail
ropes? If the average speed is 10 miles por hour, what is tho horso
power duo to the maximum tension of the ropes ?
7. Give a short description of tho Geology of any coal Sold
with which you are acquainted, mentioning so-no of its peculiar features ?
8. State what precautions you would use to prevent., accidents
and fires arising from defective installation of electricity in the mine
for power purposes ?
9. r .uribo a good type of coal mining machino and the conditions best suited to its use ?
10.' Describe some of the uses and advantages in using re-in-
forced   concrete in mines ?
First Class Candidates.
Thursday, Juno 18th, 1908.    Time 9 a. in., to 12:80 p. m.
50 per cent, required.
1. Define the. following electric units, tho ampere, tho volt, tho
the ohm and tho watt., Tho power supplied to tin electric motor is
85 k.w., the pressure if 200 volts. Find tho current in amperes also
the horse power?
3. Give a. sectional skotch of a steam engine cylinder showing
stoum and exhaust ports with slldo valve in position rolativo to piston 7
8. Find the size of single pump required ta pump 350 imperial
gallons per minute from a depth of 500 feet. Effective stoam pressure 80 pounds and piston speed 80 feet per minute ?
4. Describe the mountings of colliery boilers explaining the principle of tho injector ?
5. Show by skotches thc various cuppings of hoisting and haul-,
age ropes. Name tho conditions under which a .hoisting ropo is most
likoly to break and how would you guard against these contingencies. 10
6. Explain the use of the stoam engine indicator ? ,10
7. Describe tho various methods of underground haulage stating
the advantages and disadvantages of each method ? 10
8. Which would you prefer, large slow running fans or small high
speed fans, and   why ? .10
First Class Candidates. 	
Thursday, Juno 18th, 1908.  Timo 2 p. m., to 5:30 p. m.
50 per cent, required.
1. What are tho sevoral uses ot an accurate mino plan, and
what are the duugers and consequent results arising from not having
an accurate und complete plan of the mine ?  -
2. Compare tho merits of Compass and Transit surveying as applied to' mine survoying ?
8. Do you consider tho use ol instruments of extreme precision
necessary in all the details ot mining surveying? If npt, stato under what conditions instruments of less precision mny bo used ?
4, A mino drivage runs North 190 feet thenco
West   400 feet thence
South 135 feet thence
West   150 teet thence
North 525 feet thenco
East   450 foot.
What is the courso and dlstanco from start to faco.
must bo answered by computation only ?
5. Plot tho following survoy to a scale ' of   ono
inch.   Olose the survoy giving course   and   distance
This question
chain   to one
of   remaining
course and tako out the area:—North 400 Links. N. 80 E. 410 Links.
S. 00 E. 890 Links. S. 35 W. 550 Links.
6.    From the following level notes plot a profile to a scale of 100
feet to ono inch horizontal and 10 foot to ono inch vertical. Assumo
Station O 100 feot elevation.
Station. Back Sight. Fore Sight.
0 10.40 	
1 4.55 7.60
3                                              0.73                                       11.30
One newipaper think* that It wouM
b* w-1 to glvo th* pubHe *choe_
h-rdaya «o u to enable tb* youth*
to nt th* world'* athlete*. Ho •efficient explanation of the neglect of
the promoter* I* forthcoming, however, nnd great _*_p|W-*m__ I*
expressed on a* -dn.
.    i_.___.-i _.l.l.l. Il_.,. . .   . . . i
Stations are 100 feet opart ? 20
7. A gangway ls driven South 75 East and the rooms North
60 East.    Tho rooms are 80 feet and the pillars 85 teet wldo.   What
la tho dlstnnce from contro to centro on gnngway ? 15
8. Compare the relative merits of plotting by :
Latitude nnd Departuro.
By Protractor.
By Chords. 10
Second Class   Candidates.
Tuesday, Juno 10th, 1908.    Time 8 a. in., to 13:80 p. m.
70 per cent, required. > . i     • ■ i i .. .1     (,: '*T ■ ■ '
1.    What are the duties of the overman undor tho Spoclal Rules?    10
3. What supplies aro nocossary to be on hand at tho Mine for
the safe and economical operation of tho samo, and what does the
Act require in this respect ? 10
8. What do the Goneral Rules require as to Ventilation 7 10
4. What are the regulations as to the use of lights and tobacco
where safety lamps are required to be used ? 10
6. What are the requirements of the Act as to the use of oxplo-
sivos In Minea In which inflamable gas hu been found within tho
preceding three montha? 10
A. What examinations are required by the Act by the various
mine officials ? 10
7. What are the requirements ot the Act u to the thawing ot
exploslvn ? 10
8 Make out an imaginary report covering an examination mado
under the requirements of Rule 80? 10
9. What are the provisions of the Act under Rule 8 as to the
testing ol safety lamps and stato exceptions If any 7 10
10. What are the requirements of the .Act aa to man holes and
fencing ? 10
Second Clnss Candidates.
Tuesday, June 16th, 1908.   Time 3 p. tn., to 5:80 p. m.
70 per cent required.
1. Kama the various gases met with ln coal mines. Describe
thslr,various properties and give specific gravities and symbols.
Where are these gans found and how detected ? 20
3, . Bow many cubic feet of Marah gaa will be required to be
generated in a mine per minute to render' dangerous a current of
45,000 cubic feat of air per minute 7 IS
8. What la meant by the diffusion gases? Explain Graham's
law of diffusion ? 10
4. State what experience you have had with any or all of the
ilangeroua gases met with in coal -mines, giving an instance of the
iiiL-tno.i employed in removing the same, if in your experience, and if
not, state what methods you would employ in removing a large body
of gas ? ■ , 15
i. Explain the principle of the safety lamp. Describe one representative safety lamp with which you are familiar, making sketches
if necessury ? 10
0. How would you remove a large body of flre dump from a section of tho mine where the ventilating current is insufficient, without
unduly reducing tho quantity of ventilation in other sections of tho
mino ? 10
I 7. To what cause are explosions in coal mines due ? Describe
the various conditions which may cause or contribute to an explosion, and what precautions would you take to prevent them 7 15
8. In spontaneous combustion ln a coal mino, what gases are
produced? What are the probable causes of spontaneous combustion
and what genernl precautions would you adopt to prevent it? 12
9. What would be tho danger arising from a blown out shot
upon a mino utinosphore charged with coal dust and a small percentage of firedamp? ^ 13
I 10. Is it possible that an explosion of flre damp' in a safoty
lamp would bo of sufficient forco to pass the flame through tho
gauze.    Explain fully ? 10
Second Class Cundida—a.
Wednesday, June l'Ui, wot).    Tims 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
tu por cent required. ,
1. atate fully what practical experience you have nod in the ventilation of coal mines, giving a description of some system ol ventilation which mny have occurred in your experience? 10
3. State tie principles upon which ventilation in mines depends?
What is the cause of tbe air's motion in uio—a and what are the resistances to be overcome?
8. The quantity of air passing in an airway is 140,000 cubic feet
per minute and the water gauge is 3 inches, what is the horso power
producing the ventilation?
4. In an airway measuring 7 ft, 0 in. high, 8 ft. wide at the top
and 9 ft. 6 in. at the bottom, and the anemometer reads 350 revolutions per minute, what ia the quantity of air passing!
5. The total rubbing surface ot a square airway is 150,000 sq.
ft. and the length of the airway 4,500 It., the quantity of air parsing ic 75,000 cubic feet per minute, what is the velocity of the air
current in feet per minuto?
6. What ia the object ol ■putting th* air current and what are
the advantage* to be derived therefrom? What conditions would govern you in limiting th* extent to which you would split th* sir
•i1. Describe the varloua moans used lor conducting and regulating
ths air current in mines? ,
8. Does a high water gauge always indicate a large quantity of
sir passing? What does a low water gauge with a large quantity
of air passing indicate?
9. Give a sketch of what you consider to be a good overcast,
and what material you would consider, bnt to un in it* construction?
10. Ventilate the plan given, using the conventional signs shown,
Socond Class  Candidates.
Wednesday, June 17th, 1908.    Tim* 3 p.m. to 5.80 p.m.
50 per cent, required.
1. Describe wit— s—it—hi* some system of mining coal with which
you ire acquainted, preferably one of two common system*. Accompany the suitch with a section of the sea—i   showing    a portion of
' the root und floor? .   .
I 2. Describe the different nysteu— of haulage used in minea, and
state under what condition* each of  the** systjams could   be advan-
'tageoualy applied?
| 8. Describe with (ketones the operation ol extracting pillar* from
a panel, and explain the precautions you would take in *vor—_g. assuming the seam to be 8 feet in thickness, and' rising 1 in 8?
|; 4. In stall* 31 feet in width where the coal is 12 teet in thickness; heavy shale roof and full slips; timbered in the usual way; but
roof break* over the timbering alter th* face hu advanced. Describe
with sketch how you would deal with then conditiou?
j 6. What is the proper gradient far main level with a view to
economical haulage? What'is the leut gradient you would lay a
self-acting incline having regard to the number and weight of car*, in
the set? d  ,
| (i. ln building a serin of stopping* to seal ofl. a. mine fin, at
what part of the affected area would you commence to place th*
stoppings, and where would you finally seal off tb* air?
I 7. After an explosion ot firedamp ia a mine, .bow would you organize the rescue corpa, and how would yoir proceed to explore the
mine with a  view of saving life and  property?
I 8. What la the horn power ol a single cylinder engine of 16 inches diameter and 80 inches stroke, running 76 revolutions per minute, mean effective prtnura 70 pound*?
9. From a gangway wbich la driven *outh 70 *a*t, the roomaare
driven north 55 out, the width of room and. pillar is 60 feet, what
i* th* distance on the gangway from centre to centre ot room*?
10. What condition* would guide you in determining th* width of
room*'and thickness of pillars?
Third Ulan  Cuadidate*.
Tuusday, Jim* 10th, 1908.    Time 9 a.m. to 13.80 p.m.
05 par sent, required. i I i :. I i i ... - i ■ ' i I ■• '   . i
1. What an the dutin of tb* fireman a* **t forth in tb* Special
3. Want an toe req_r*_ente ol the Act u to the un of explosives and blasting?
| 8. In your examination you find it necessary to work a working
I place with a_f*ty lamp*, what other precuutlou are required by the
I Act in this can?
4. How would you proceed to mal_ an examination ol your dittrlet? Make en imaginary report mentioning *om* defect Iound during your examination?
5. What don th* Aot stipulate with regard to man holes?
0. What an tb* provtaions ot ths Aot with regard to the withdrawal of th* workmen ln can ol danger?
7. What an the requiraments of the Act with regard to brattio-
ing and fencing in tbe man*?
8. What an tb* requiren-nU ot th* general ruin u to ventilation?
9. What are th* roqulremnta ol th* Aot u to looked (alety
10. What I* stipulated ln tb* Act u to firemen'* station*?
Third Ulan  Candidate*.
'    Tuesday, June 16th, 1906.    __ie 3 p_- to 5.80 p.m.
50 par cent, required and an avenge peroantag* of not lon than
06 per cent on th* wholo.
found aad _. _
3 How would you proofed to examine tin working*, anumlng
that you an th* urebou? Mako _** imaginary report ol your examination?
8. Deacrlb* th* precautiou necessary in general shot bring, and
ya. tome of tb* conditiou undtr whloh' you would ratlin to Are a
|shot or *bot»?
I 4. Explain tb* advantagn du to splitting tb* air currant, and
j under what oo-Utioas would it bo advitubl* to further apllt tbe air
I currant?
5. Describe the varloua meau, applianon and fixture* necessary
!to properly conduct th* nir currant to tbe yariou* part* of tb* mine? 10
0.  Da-rib* the varloua instruments   which   yon' a*    a Ambon
f would un to determine th* condition ol   the mine   .atmosphere, tho
quantity of the ventilation and the general    condition   of   the alr-
Icoui-W' ,   % . I'.,,'-. -Iff
I 7. Skotch a compound nt of timbers tor level where the pressure
i la equal on tb* roof and -de*. Show notcho which would admit ot
leut amount of apMtttog?     ,      . !■•
8. Dneribe *orae system ot working coal with which you ar* acquainted giving •ketone* It necenary? -y 13
0.  How would yon remove a body of ga* from a pair ot
mnr mmmm ww w mwrnmswn wimt
Prettdent and Managing Director,
Met rVfitry-Treasurer.
Head Office ■ ■ • Touonto
Capital $10,000,000 Rest $5,000,000
$5 and under   3 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $10,   6   "
" $10       " " $30, 10   "
" $30       " " $50, 15   "
These Ordert are payable at Par at any office in
Canada of a Chartered Bank, except in tn_ Yukon,
and at the principal banking points in the United
They arc negotiable at $4.00 to the £ sled'ma in
Great Britain and Ireland. Thuy form nn excellent
method of remitting small stuns of money with safety
and at small cost, and may l>e obtained without do-
-lv at any office of Uie Bank. US
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
L. H. de OEX,  Manager
OTTAWA, July 15.-The Ottawa
-Free Press, th* government organ directs a demand on the government
to give the civil service an increase
in ealaries. lt save it ie not only
question ol finance but it ia a
matter of keeping faith with the
publlc servants the whole country
ov*r, who hav* been promised time
alter time that something would b*
done, to meet the necessities of the
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 44
Dealer in All Kinda of
Meats Delivered free of charge on tb*
Shortest Notice.
POTTSVILLE, Pa., July 15.—An
explosion of gas in Shalt No. 1, at
William—-own colliery operated by
the Si—quehenna Coal Company, this
morning resulted in the probable
death of 12 miners. Six have been
taken out dead while six more are
still inside. Eight have been taken
out terribly burned, several ol whom
will die.
'   1
Union Brewing Co.
Mm. ted.
r cent- on f—* >w_v.w
Nam* and dan-rib* tb* varloua guea found ln ooal mines, where
aad how detect*-, and giv* ape-flo gravities?' *>
10.   Ventilate the plan giv** _Hng th* coaventlonar -ga* *o»BTJf0_
See manager lor wrH.'Tolman, American loan ahark, guilty ol   uaury,
'   BEAUMONT, T*x., July 15.—Lust
night a poaae of over 1,000 scoured
. the woods in thi* vicinity in an  ef-
: fort to capture and identify it  negro
| who early   yesterduy attacked    and
{beat into   iuaensibility   a thirtoen-
year old   white girl, Ada Boil Hopkins, inflict—ir iniuriaa which     may
prov* fatal,      M *■-'  _•» laUntion
Of   tha mo   U iallic    i-u'._k punish'
ment.    Late yesUrdaj in ai-id negro wo* mi»taken tor the one    ond
shot to death.     Lnst night the mob
burned two   amusement resorts  and
threatened   to   destroy other buildings    occupied by negro** in the vicinity of the acene of the crime.
Ottawa, Ont., July 15.- Th*
senate laat night gave third reading
to bill amending Customs aot, aad
ths bill to apply to the Timb*r
mark* act to New Brunswick. The
civil service bill wn» read a second
time after considerable d*bate.
ALBERNI, July U.-Charlcs aid-
dings, a member ol William Allon s
timbor survey party ut tho head ol
Great Central lake, was sorioualy io-
Jured on Saturday lust, and is now
boing carod for in a temporary hospital fitted up in the residence of T.
Klrkpa trick.
Mr. Olddiugs wns working closo to
a cre*k, about six miles from the
lake when ho was struck by a falling
tree. Ono of his shoulder* wes broken, and he was badly bruisod in several placos about tlio body. S. H.
Toy and W. B. Garrard woro iu tho
vicinity at tho timo and with othor
members of the party they packed
th* injured man to tho lake whero
he was put aboard a gasoline launch
Mr. Alien accompanied the injured
man and, on reaching thla end ol the
lake, started on foot for town, making tho distance of llf miles in two
hours, With Dr. Morgan he returned to where he had left the aufferer,
and had hia injuries attended to before completing tho trip to Alberni.
Archie McDonald, son of Sunerin-
tendont McDonald, of tho WosPEoast
trail, met with a serious accident o
Saturday last. S. P. Yarwod wa
trying to oxtract a loaded she
from a small rifle when It wont of
tho bullet lodging In tho hip of th
boy who wa* standing close by. Dr
Hilton, of New Albornl, was tel
graphed for and went down to Bum
field on tho Tees which happened t
be In port whon tho messago arrive-'
After being attended to by the sm
geon, who extracted tho bullet, th
Injurod boy was sent to Victoria.
run Stock of Miner*' Toole.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kinds o.' Blackemlthing
Done at Short Notice.
and Pastry
Always Freeh on Hand.
Wedding and Party Cakee Madt- to
Fruits and Candles of All -Klnda
Prices are    very   reasonable.    All
Customers trented alike. _ ___
On tho Esplanade.
Ladysmith,  B.  0.
MONTR-AL, July 15.—Judg* Oho | analntimated that "he ■would nroba-
quett today found Mia* _-on<*, of-,    My hav* to Mnd tin- to Jail
The Best Butcher Shop
in Town is
Roberts St. Butcher
Ladyamlth. B. O.
"Why are   somo    nocklaces  cnllcd
dog collars?"
"Woll, you can hear growls whon
the bill conies In; you can hoar thom
snap when thoy are fastonod; and
they hide bones. PAYDAY SPECIALS
The Specials Laid Out for Fay Day are such that our customers
eagerly look forward for them- FOR SATURDAY and MONDAY
we have gone carefully over our atook and underneath are a few
i -HJ.|lit.!.,.., Mil W»'H"M'
Nn. 1. -1 only of thoso to go at
50 Conts oach.
No. 2. 15 of thoso in Tweeds,
Liistros and Venetian Cloths. Rogular $4.50. Special Prico 12.75.
Be in time.
No. 8. About -10 loft, including
Ladles' Cloths, Tweeds, in Chocks
and Stripes, Navy and Black Lustres. Regular price up to $5.50.
Saturday and Monday Prico $3.50
No. 4. A few Ladies' Coats to
clear at $4.50 each.
No. 5. Ail our Stock of Colored
Muslins to ho cleared at 10c and
15c per yard.
Wc have 20 pairs ol Lace Curtains
8. yards long, (10 inches wide. Regular $2.25.    Spoclal, $1.85.
Scarlet only. 5 plocos of this Material, 40 and 42 inches wide. Regular 50c and 60c. Special Price
25 cents per yard.
200 yards Dress Tweed* in light
Checks, very suitable for Girls'
Dresses. Saturday and Monday
Price, 85c por yard.
10 dozen Ladles Black Lace Hose,
all slies. Just tho right kind for
theso warm days. ,-, Special Price
25 Cents per pair.
All Our Summer Stock of Muslin
Bonnets to go at 25c each.
Your Choico of any-Straw Shape
in the Millinery Department at 25c
1. Ladies' Whito Canvas Oxfords,
Reg. $2.00.     Special Price $1.50.
3. All Our Stock of Children's
Whito Canvas Shoos in Oxfords
nnd Strapped to go at 85c a pair
8. BOYS' BOOTS. The best hard
wearing Shoe to, be got in town
at anything liko the price. All
sizes.   Special Price  $1.65
4. Youths' Canvas Boots to cloar
at $1.25 per pair.
5. A Special Line in Men's Pit
Boots, at $2.25 per pair.
Simon Leiser & Co.
W- C. T. U. will meet Monday,   at
-f:30 p. m.
ism ol Stevenaon's play. Tha Plena
ought to be thoroughly imjoyuble,
and it is cortain that it will bo «.—1
presented in tho capable hands of Mr
Willard and his company.
Tho people of Ladysmith will be
greatly pleased to learn of the return of one of their favorite actors,
wharves during the past week:
I Lawn, Stetson and scows, Selkirk,
- Spray and scows, Trader, Earl of
(,'arrick, Btifaat, Edna Grace, Boy-
don, Lapwing, Tyee, Pilot, barge
i Two Brothers, Czar, Shamrock, Ascot, Vodso, Hope. The Viotoria
took lack coal, and the Transit ar
Tho Grand Duko Cignr Is on   »ale ..    .,'•"'    "~ "  ""
In Victoria ut    Westerndnle's   Hail-   that woll    known and genial gentle-   rived ttom Nom9 with the ,b j
»w Cigar Store, opposite ths B. *•-•■•■"■••- »»'        ».-   brtn-rs        ...
jj. Station, nnd also at the Janus'
Day Cigar Store, opposite the C. P.
—. Hotel. Don't forgot this whon in
"Victoria. X
Ico Cream, Social, Ucfcrshmonts,
nnd Apron Sale on the Methodist
lawn, Tuesday, 21st Inst., from 5 p.
m. until everything Is sold out.
The best Snioxe m town is the
Grand Duko Cignr. Remember, it Is
mndo in town and don't forget to
call for  it. X.
,   . ,, ,> i        T ...,.„„    0. Potter in tow from Valdez Island,
with him a woll 1—lancod   company, i       ■__..,   , _     . ,
presontlng for the first   time ln La-.The Earl ol Carrlck and Ascot wore
dysmith    the    excellent   play   "My ^ilg freighters,    lumber laden, In for
Partner," a play which in every res- |,_iker.
poet is equal to and is not   unlike!   _._ __,_—— •»_        . —     ., ■
llavld Belasco's greatest play "The'   ™» Prln<!«-<- M»y ««1 Thordls are
(lirl of the Golden West."    Ho   will ,(lue In today
play here .luly 21et.
I   The   Newlngton, a  steam trawler,
made her first call today.
There will bo a moiling )f -ho
Committee of the r-io'.bnll l*,!llli m
the Standard nt—co n-i Tuosl.iv evening, July 21st nt 7 o'clock.
Quito n number from Silver Loaf
Temple Pythian Sisters. Nanaimo,
paid thu local Tomplo n fraternal visit nn Tuesday evening ln Mr. Marten's automobile and a very pleasant
evening ivns spent.
There is nothing like lt in th*
smoking lino. Tho Grand Duko 1* a
smoking hot success. It Is on sale
all ovor town. Try It and bo convinced. X
■    ♦■
There ought to bo a full bouse oi
Tuesday night to soo ljcc V/il'.ii'-l in
"My Partner." Thoso who sun- him
in "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydo ' will
vividly remember tho power umi
strength of his acting. This time
they will seo him in 'Ignter -de.
"My Partner" Is a comedy drama,
and has none of the grim, weird n-al
We have Just received a largo
range of Knitted Ties In the very
latest designs and shadoa.
The very Nowost nnd Latest In
the Tie Line In Nent Nifty Patterns.
Call early and seo ua, and we
guarantee to give you satisfaction In the Tie Lino.
I f. II
For Knitted Tlea.
Willi*--. Bloak
The Burns Club is making iti-rnnge-
lnents fur a picnic and Held day   at
lluni'iin on Saturday, July 25th. Tho
secretary at present is in comntutil-
cation with Mr. G. 'L. Courtney and     ...   ., ,..
expects to   secure   cheap    excursion     w- M<"'"- of Victoria,   Is   visiting
rates.    Whcthor ho does or not thero his aunt Mrs. J. McDonald,
will be a big Hold   duy    at Duncan aaaaaj "*" j Ifjjj
noxt Saturday.                                     ,    Mr, Jl>0  pau8che teto^ to-;omi
• I yesterday morning,        |._
There mis beon some good bowling ___a      ', \.
at Parrott's    bowling Alley   during     Mr. mid Mrs: Wm. Brown* wont  to
the week-    Thrco scores of ovor two victoria this morning to/soe the Ca-
hundred have boen made.   W. Morro iedonlan games
heading all with 227 and T.   Whito __
and Cl. Ross tlclng with 204.     The'    ur™   i,   t, ,   .
prize winners for the week aie    A.      __?' R' Ross anU oaughtor,__of Ex-
Morrison, 186; P. Matheson, 70, W.
Moore, 191, Tony Dusky B2, T.
White 204 and J. Dupont 50.
The Tyeo Gun Club has an Invitation to a shoot on Gabrlola Island
on Sunday. July 26th. The Nanaimo
gun clubs will also be present and
there will bo a big day's shoot. A
big launch, capable of carrying 40
passengers, has boen engaged, and
anyone wishing to mako tho trip
should ot onco givo In tholr names
to Mr. George Hepple, Grand Hotel.
There was not a very large turnout of gunmen at the traps on
Thursday evening but thore was, nevertheless, some good consistent
scoring as tho following table will
show :
T. White   21
O. Hepple   21
H. Pnrrott   20
H. Hoyden   20
J. Tassin   20
tension, were passengers to Victoria
this morning.
Mr. Owens, tho piano tuner, was In
town this morning.
Mr. F. Little, superintendent of tho
Wellington Colliery Co., wns n passengor to Victoria this morning.
Judge 1 Inri-isiiia. passed through on
the morning train today.
Mr. Harrup, of tho Big Store staff,
returned to town yesterday.
Mr. J. M. Morgan, of Victoria was
in town yesterdny and this morning-
Mr. Jarvinom,     the photographer,
returned from Nanaimo this morning.
Mr. J. McDougall came down from
Nunaimo this morning.
Miss Zelenn Bragg, of Vancouvor,
Is hero spending a fow weeks with
her cousin, Miss Goraldlna Hirst
Tha t„iinttin»    v.._i   u i_i     MosBrs.   It.   Oronvos,   and    Jamos
The '""owing    vo**a|8 hav. coated  HugnM nttv0 ntmmA (rom tholr 8e.
at tha JMIlBgto* Colliery Company attic trip.	
,i - i.
A GOOD   '
«i For today and next week, ■.
Remnants of Summer Goods, * *
11 and broken lines of tho   rest of , ,
• ■ Our Summer Stock.    Wo    in-
, , tend clearing them out, so   tho
Prico doesn't count.
The Bargains we are showing are too numorous to mention. You will havo to come
and see them for yourself.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Hughes returned
to town yesterday morning.
Mr. Duncans, of Victoria, was in
town yestorday.
Mr. Mark Bate, Jr., was in town
On Thursday.
Captain Yates paid a visit to the
town on Thursday.
'Dr. "and" Mrs. A: C. Frost, were
among tlgiso who wont up to Nana!
mo on Wednesday evening to hear
the Kilties Band.
Mrs. W. Thompson visited Nanaimo
on Wednesday, returning homo on
Mossrs. D. Qnllowoy, Jno. Barclay
Wm. Robertson, T. Morgan, J. Dupont, wore ntnong thoso whom tho
Kilties took to Nnnnimo on Wednesday.
Mr. J..W. Jemson wns in town
this morning.
INK KMlfll| tr Hit*
CtfBtiitr \.%xl.____>
$   M O'BRIAN    $
[Teacher of Music]
Studio in Williams' Block
SumiD8P Shoes at   ;
riearanee Pries!
Ladysmith Opera House!
©9* Digl)t ©t)ln~~~Tuesdag
Return Engagement of MR. LBB.'WILLARD
And His Company will appear in the Four
Act Comedy Drama, written by
Bartley Campbell, entitled
#  " MY PARTNER"  g
Mr. Willard will be pleasantly remembered for
his clever work in tbe character role of Dr. Jekyll &
Mr. Hyde^-esc^^
Prioe_-25c, 60o, 75c 8100-
My Store is none too large,
ant! my Foil Stock is all on
tho wuy, so havo decidod to
clear out the balance ol my
Chocolate, Tun nnd Whito
Shoes at
Greatly Reduced Prices.
Men's Ohocolnto niuchers,   regular prico 81.50 and $8.00,
Now  $8.75
Mon s Chocolate   Oxiords,   regular price $i.00 and $4.50.
Now ....„  ,  $8.25
Ladles' Chocolate Bols. regular
prico $8.50 and $8:75.   Now
Ladles Chocolate Oxfords,   regular price $2.50 and $8.00.
Now   $1.75 nnd $2.25
iLndlos' White Cnnvas Oxfords,
$1.25 por pair.
Ohlltlron'B and   Misses'   Whito
Oxfords, 75c, DOo nnd $1.15
Hoys'  nnd Youths' Tan   Call
Hals,    regular   Price,   $2.00
ond $2.25.  Now $1.75   ond
Children's   Chocolate Sandals,
75c and $1.00.
Visit the Foundry and make
your    own   choice.    You will
] aavo time and monoy, and  get
'' better satisfaction, t
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
All Work Ouarantewl.
• -•no
"f"*ll**^',**l**|l* Vay*V*ftJi_M'
Come and   \
my Stock ol Latest Styles in
Wall Papers
Cart Afford to
Be Without a
ONLY $8.00 EACH.
Oil Stbves with ono and two wicks,
From   7Sc to $1.90
Tho Old Rollablo Mason Fruit Jars
I Gal., per dozen   $1.25
1 quart, pcr dozon   $1.00
1 pint, por dozon 75
Rubbers of Bost Quality por dozen,
10c and 15c.
6. Peterson
Phono 1-8,    First Avenuo.
One hundred acres of flrst class
land a mile and a half from Chemainus Station. For lull particulars, apply to Geo, Tranfleld, Blan-
ey'a Crossing. J19-4t
Launch for Hire
Faateat Boat in Harbor.
Runs from the Dominion Wharf to
Shell Beach every hour.
Thursdays, from 1 p. m.
Sundays, from 10 a. m.
Return Fare, 20 Cents.
Notice la hereby given that at the
next regular altting of the Board ol
Licensing Commissioners for the Cltv
of Ladysmith, B.C., we Intend to op-
Ply for a transfer of the Retell Liquor License held by us for the sale
of aplrltuoua and fermented liquors
on the premises known as the New
Western Hotol, altuate on Lots 4 At
5, Block 28, Ladysmith, B.C., from
ourselves to Alfred Mahle.
. Taurcfi fsp Sa'e
Will carry 15 pnrsons.   Juat fitted
•Ith new 10 h.ji, engine.
For particulars, apply
2L Imi^nj
Firat Ola** Photo*.
The City
For the Best Bread
Finest Cakes and
Pastry in Town
Orde,. Promptly Attended to
Telephone, 1 24.
Naiiaini) II 0.
j. m. mo-?GAf.,
Teacher of Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at the
Standard' Ofllco.
Notlco is hereby given that I Intend to make application to tho
Hoard of Licensing Commissioners nl
the City of Ladysmith at thoir noxt
regular meeting for a transfer ol tho
Wholesale liquor license now issued
to me in respect to tho promises situate upon Lot 9, lllock 91, in the
Oity ol Ladysmith, Irom myself to
Napoleon Manca.
Ladysmith, B.C., 9th Juno, 1008,
Oped Opt!
Tne Pogorly
Bowiiog Alleyj-'
OUjari and Soft Drink*,
■H■■.IH.ll.il IH...HH
■ ■ t
ii-ANice Lot!
■ : Stock and
Peter Pan i i
Jim. Arrived
I; Miss Uren's i;
!!     FANCY GOOD!  .TORI.     < >
illMI-HIM II11111111$
Tlie Notion Storo!
Effective June 6th.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Dally at 9:00 and 15:58.
Traim r\rrive at Ladyimith
Dally at 11:67 *_-_ 17llu_
GEO. L. COIIipFflr\Y
District Faasonger Agent.
1103 Govornmont St., Victoria,
Picture Framing   e. Specialty.
. fyddtyg
High Stmt.
Bods a d Lines
Flies and Tackle
For AU Klnde of Flahing.
Excellent Boarding
THAN WOOD.   .   .   .
H. Thornley
Every Convenience,   and Everything
ol the Bnt.
Jos. Nankivell, Prop.
Post Cards!
Largest and Best
{Assortment in
town at
Hotel Cecil
Boole Store..
Ladyamlth, 11, o.
lst Avenue,
Hand Bags Clrontly Reduced,
^ 50c Wr
A New ami Unique Line ol Up-to-
Date Foat Carda,
Everything in tho Small Ware Line
' Pay Day Prices. .
Brat Liquors and Cigars.
A yacht, 39 foot pvor all.   Oan ba
seen at Harrup'* Boat Home,    Ap.
ply W. Oeotge, Boi 881.     ,
Four-roomed houae with kitchen,
on High Street. Lot fenced and
cultivated.   Apply o. Thomp*on.
Pfltlfl tWO L'O. ,111111 JIB. |MMt.
»«, tor a oomr nl my bean.
tlitilly t liulrHii-ilbiH.kli-l,
"t'lmiilrj .nil Sntiiirtiin
Ilium.,," full nl Intern,'.
Iitir, Vrtlitnlilr- iiiirt pratltl-
etl liitiirmatlnii tor Iuhw
i, hH'uy ami, frcaiTtcT, vimm-vEn, i. ■«,


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