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The Ladysmith Chronicle Feb 24, 1909

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Array ■■
With Which Is Amalga^ted the Ladysmith Standard.
Ladysmith, B. C, Wednesday, Tebruary 24, 1909.
!*■£»■— t*' '■r?"
Property Owners
Will Pay $2 Road fax
At -the counoil meeting Monday considered clause by clause and final-
evenng there were present: Mayor [ly adopted, Aid. Matlicson in thc
Nicholson, in the chair, Aid.   Mathc-jehaiis. '
son* Brown, Dier, Haworth, Robctts,    His Worship explained the amend-
' ment lo tho Act, which changes tho
age limit to 18- to-60   years,   and
and Campbell.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.       -
A communication was read from
Cole A Crew, asking lor the construction ot cither a permanent or a
temporary crossing in front of the
opera house.
There was some doubt gs to the
point at which the crossing was asked . Ior, the impression generally being that the sidewalk would be fi.".n
tho ends of the two alleys on rnch
side ol Roberts street.
The communication was received
and Died'for future reference.
W, E,,Skinner wrote a«ih? for the
position of consulting ehglhuer!
Communication was rewived .ml f.J-.
ed for future reference,.
From Geo. R. Wilson, i:e rotary ol
the; Citizens' League, fcli.e sepwe
In connection
lion, Mr.   John Stewn-t   asked lur
permission to address the ctuncil.
Permission was granted..
Mr. Stewart stated in a lew words
that the League merely asked for information. The members had no desire to "butt in." All they asked
was to get; tho best possible information.
Mayor Nicholson explained tho posit Mi of the council.
On motion the communication was
received and filed and it was arranged
Ior the delegation to meet alter the
adjournment of the council
From Frank Partridge, of Cumber-
laud, asking Ior information will.,regard to school taxes.
Communication was received and
the information will' he forwarded.
From the B. 0. Pottery Works,
Victoria/ asking Ior information with.
regar,d to lhaj)i|ic for the sewers'. .
Commui'catiui was received and
filed and tlie necessary information
will lie 'forwarded.
From Dr
those owning real estate will not be
exempt from payment.
Aid Matheson gave notice that he
would at tho next meeting of the
council introduce a hy-law with regard to the levying ol sewer rates
and rentals.
Tie council then adjourned,
Burns Was the
Best Boxer
Star of Scotland Crew
Make furious Trouble
The   films    61   thc Burns-Johnson
fight as Sydney, Australia, December
16 last, -were shown tot* the first time,
in England last week at the Nat|'jonai<
...... .     I Sporting club in London.   The exbi-
with this.communica-fl.f;     .,*.-'. ...  .    „,.; „,   A „,,
htion hap greatly boosted the stock
of Sam Langiord, who will meet thc
heavyweight champion there In the
near future, The films are clear and
every blow-may be distinctly1 followed. Tne'sunny smile or Johnson is
everywhere - evident. Even the. movements of his lips as'he, chaffed Burns
are visible.
Still it was the concensus of opinion that the fight was a-most wretched affair from every standpoint. It
is believed th.^t it would not have
gone more than ten rounds in England, owing to the constant clinging
and holding. : Contrary to reports,
from Australia, Johnscn did not
stand oil and'fight, as has been believed. Ho. kept at close quarters
and was evccc'ditigly rtjujgh at' this
style It Wajs-*.in' thit'icluKbiiig, that
11m ne/uo got lu the rinost damaging
blows., .
Bui ns was the aggressor   all    the
way and always outboxcJ Johnson.'
But he played into bin malt's hands
Irom (lie very start.   The Canadian
.Pagin, acknowledging re- foolishly trloTto match his strength
ceipt cl plans for seWcrs.        ,    -    [and Weight against that o'-the color-
Communication   was   received and cd lighter.   -He would come to close
tied. . .   | puttiers and slug away toe to toe. H™"e
FromL. M. de Gex, stating that he it seemed   as if    the   "kidding'.' ol  u	
-Was in receipt of a letter from Geo. V'ohnson made Burns so furious-thai
A. Stimson & Co.., of   Toronto,  re-.'lie; losti all tfudt'iiiciit.
questing an option ol 30 days on the    There seems some   mystery as to
electric light debentures; this option.why the fight-should have been stop-
to date Irom the expiration ol   thc pcd.   Despite the knockdown in the
fourteenth round Bums seemed stror|
and able to continue. Referee Mcintosh, claims here, however, that thc
Canadian could not possibly have
,astcd another round. He. says, as
the pictures show, .that Johns* n could
not laud at long range, but that- he
simply "ripped him up" every time
Bums would close with him.
It is believed in London that Lang-
The crew of the good ship;jfttir tit
Sutlond will lung, remeinficj'' i!ii>jt.
visit lo Ladysmith. Last Saturday
night a number of-the men belonging
to this ship came in to Ladysmith,
anh after; they had sampled the particular, brand of rifjiiior sold at the local bars they proceeded to engage in
a series, of fist battles, which, the-/l-
flcers of tlie law regarded as a'menace to the morals and well->being- of
local society.
As a result three of the men were
gathered in by the police, and the
others were ordered to conduct themselves as b«camc peaceable mei&s <>•
Perhaps they took this friendly ad-,
vice to heart and agiiin they, may not
have done so. in any event, while
the three who were arrested were
waiting, their trial before Magistrates
Nicholson and Matheson at the city
hall Monday night, a number ol the
crew camo up to offer consolation ,to
their shipmates.        f
They were nearly all sober,, hut|.dijie
big fellow named Ericksson was de.
cidedly under the influence of liquor.
He sprawled ;over the floor, • ana; in
doing so broke a pipe . belonging to
Constable Cassidy and used language
to that officer that could, not by
strelcVof rules be construed as parliamentary. This provoked: ConstaMd
Oessidy's wrath, and he pushed the
Qflcndcr over on the floor. .
Then' Ericksson, without waiting
for the count came back and made a
pass at Joe Smith! Joe sidestep,
ped t.nd landed Ericksson one on tht
stomach at the same time giving him
a: twist of the toot. Er'icksscn came
up mulling and tlio mix-up became
Then Magistrate Nicholson tor the
timo 'being discarded his judicial
robes and caught Krichsson by the
wrists pinning him down to the tabic, when Constables Callcndcr and
Cassidy rushed lira belligerent seaman to thc stairway and the three
rolled down thc steps together, but
fortunately no one was hurt.
While the battle wan raging fiercest und able-bodied men were falling
in all directions, Magistrate Matheson remained calm and dignified. With
wonderful presence of mind he went
over to the drawer where the lawbooks are kept, and made a hurried
search for a copy of the riot act, but
fortunately the reading of it was
found to be unnecessary .
Ericksson was locked up for the
night, and two of tho offenders were
fined $10 and costs each. A third
entered into a wordy dispute with the
magistrates, and in response to the
question if he believed ho would not
get justice, replied that that was
just about how he felt.
It was observable that he was under lhe influence of liquor, and he
was' remanded until Tuesday night,
when he was again brought before
the .magistrates and fined $li*> and
Ericksson, who had committed the
disturbance in the court room, also
came up at the same time, and was
fined $10 and costs. The fines were
all paid without a murmur.
Merits of Septic
Tanks Discussed
After tho regular meeting ot the
city city council Monday evening,
there was a long conference between
(lie Board of Aldermen and the delegates appointed ,|by the Citizens' League to discuss the question of septic tanks. The mayor and aldermen
were very fran': in dealing with the
delegation, and expressed themselves
very anxious to solve tha problem in
the,bcst;interests of the city.
Tho mayor and several of the aldeirf
men stated that they had always bcejl
in favor of having thc sewer pipes
running out into thc bay below low
water mark, and that they had only
changed their opinion when what
seemed to be satisfactory objections
had been urged hy Mr. Mohun. Even
yet they Would like to do away with
theseptic tank providing the other
method were found to   'be the best.
The greatest oiifectioniadvauced by
Mr. Mohpn was that the returning, tide
might deposit tbe sewerage on the
hanks and thus lead to a conflict with''
the Board of Health authorities.
There were other objections urged,
but this seemed to be the one that
carried with it the predominant argument in favor of the- septic tan';.    .
The delegation were supplied with
blue prints of the plans of thc sewers, and spent several hours with' tha
council in   making careful examuia-
Local and General
News Notes
The W. C-. T. U. will give an elocutionary medal; contest iu the Methodist Churlh on the evening oi Friday, March 2nd.
Wells & Chappell have completed
lire foundation of their new livery
and yesterday .the lumber was taken to the ground and the.
building will be rushed to completion. • . *
Wm. C. Brent,
option   granted   to
which is March 1st.
Communication was received and
filed and the option granted at the
same price now held by W. C. Brent,
viz. 143'at 0 per cent, interest. Aldj
Dier and Haworth voting contra. .
From Wm. C. Brent with regard tq
the by-law Ior sewerage rentals, etc.
Communication   was' received' and
filed and the matter will he attended ford in' a far abler boxer thaw John-
to. "''"   so?, cwlhg to. what the films show.
From Messrs. Ellis & Chappell, ask- If Sum will not adopt Burns' style,
ing permission for the erection ol a but stands off and boxes, it is nestable on First avenue and enclosing licved he will be able to overcome
plans and specifications. * he handicap' of weight  and  reach
The communication was received and
filed and the plans were referred to
the fire wardens.
Josiah Collins, chairman of the Al
That Langiord has the punch is well
known. II Burns could stay fourteen
rounds with Johnson it is believed
Langford    will   stick  the  limit  of
Mayor Nicholson went-down to Vio=
toria this morning, and this afternoon will consult with the Provincial executive with regard to certain
matters affecting the interests ot the
city ol Ladysmith. '
lions and measurements ot the points
at which thc sewerage will be discharged into- the bay. At the point
whero the septic tank discharge plpo
is surveyed to', the chart ol the bay
shows between three and four fathoms of water. . It was pointed ouf
by tlie delegation that,the current at
this point was continually in motion,
and without the aid of the septic
tank, the sewerage would be <carricl
beyond the point where it would 'iio
It came out in the course of tho
discussion that thc first plans prc-
tarcd by Mr. Mohun were for a
straight pipe into,the bay at a point
near Harrap's hoathouse,. but after
careful Investigation as to the cost,
ha tame to the conclusion that the
septic tank was more economical for
the reason that it would necessitate
a great deal of rock blasting to take
the pipe to that location.
The argument against this by- the
delegation was that i 10-inch pipe
could he placed in the same line as
tho survey calls for the 4-iacb, cast
iron outlet of the septic tank, Ttct
would save the entire cost of the septic tank, for which there would te
no need.
While no definite_conn'iision was
reached as to whet would be done, it
is quite possiblo that an independent
engineer will bo asked Ior an opinion.
Canadian Wins
'Aeroplane Honors
Canada has just qualified for honors in tho world.wide competition [04
the conquest ot the ejr. Mr.'Duu'glas
McCurdy, whose father, Mr: A. W.-
MeCurdy, is a well-1 nown Victorian,'
made yesterday    the first successful
,       .,,., ,       ..       .aeroplane flight ever accomplished in
number ol Ladysmilh people will at; Zinnia
tend lhe pioductioli^ |   A^   %,s    rcAvm victoria   last
I night in the form of a icrsorinl des-
thc Maiidcn-Dullylp.^,,,   fr0II1 „,,    ,*.,«..„„•„ (Italian.
I Bell, the great inventor and one.   of
■ Tlic^A'Biu'gouiasJer,". one   of.  tho
mist-popular operas of recent years
will l.o   presented at   tho Nanaimo \
Opera House next Friday night.     A'
The. reports of
fight at Nanaimo last Saturday iiiglrtt
differ, but the general statement is
made by the Ladysmith erowd that
it was a pretty good light up to the
fifth round, hut after that it was all
aska-YuMon-Paclflc exposition, wrote twenty
explaining thc error with regard to
Ladysmith day at the fair.-
A letter with regard to the tame
was handed, In 1 by Mr. John Stewart,
from thc secretary of the exhibition.
1 Communications were, received and
filed and a committee was appointed
to look after the arrangements.
Aid. Dier, Campbell and Brown
were appointed on the committee.
Accounts aggregating, - $21.55 wore
presented and referred to tho finance
Under-the head of reports of committees, His Worship reported that Iu)
had inter* Jewed Dr. Frost with, regard to Dr. Banks' bill tor- Suit ol
clothes, said lo havo been ruined at
thc isolation hospital. Dr. Frost had
not heard anything ol the account
Irom Dr: Dnnks, and for many reasons,, was greatly surprised that It
had been presented to the council.
His Worship further stated that the
matter would again be taken up. with
the Government,, next Wednesday at
the meeting of tho executive. < Already, toe Government .had agreed to
pay tlie doctors' nnd drug bills.
The matter was laid over till the
next mcctlni ol the council.
Under the head of deferred business,
Aid: Campbell's   road tax bill  was
After looking at the films Jimuiie
prittsaid: -_•■•- •    f
"It .was Johnson's size and weight
that made ais victory possible. Certainly it .was not his ability.. I do
not hesitate to state thai if Jeffries is half as good as he was when he'
retired: he will beat Johnson easily.
These pictures will convince the American pdblic that Jeffries need not
(call Johnson if he decides to re-enter
the ring."
Rev. Jas. McMillan protfe;.
farewell sermon al the Pre-,i,,r
Church last Sunday evening. A urge]
number turned cut to. hear the last-
uiiif's ol a man who is iiii.lp'il.'e-l'y
one ojf the a'hlcst sermon writers iu
t&'wcstj. Mr. McMillm, will' 1,1s
f r..i'y. will leave Ior Ne.v Wui.lulr.-
ster this week, and next week he will
l.'avc for tlio field ot his new labors.
ThcChroniclu wishes him succss in
his new work,
In order that all the shipping on
the Pacific coast may be in charge of
the same officials the steamers' Joan
andCity of Nanaimo, which, were talc-
en over by the E. & N.; Whwi-toe'
railway was Bold out. by James
Dunsmuir, have 'been purchased from,
that: company fay the C. P. R., Hitherto the steamers havejheen operated.
Thc formal transfer will' take 'place
on March 1st. In the near future it
\s Intended to replac? the City bf Na-j
naimo willna lar.fr, faster and more
comodious steamer. This year, however, tho railway company are following the plan adopted by all large
companies and. aro curtailing expenditures as much us. possible. ■      '
There w.'lKbc all "At Home'' held
this evening at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. D. McKinnell by the W. C.
T. V. to tender a farewell to Rev,
Mr. .and Mrs. McMillan. The members are requested to accept tnis in-
Thc Novelty Theatre will jc-open
to-morrow   night   with a tew programme consisting of "A Bachelor's
flaby,j' "Thc   Determined   Lovers,"
•'Mishaps of New York," "Paris Auto   flacc," "Noisy   Neighbors" and
"Dynamite   Man."   Joe   Sanderson
and Ti Lewis will sing, "Won't You
Bo My   Honey" and   "If You   Were]
Mine."   Thc new gasoline engine, has;
now teen placed in position, and lhe I
management promise that everything
will work   smoothly   at their little,
theatre, from llitjs time forward.
the foremost aeroplane experts of the
continent, to Mr. A. W. Mofuidy. 1|
is as follows: —
Baddeek, N. S., Feb. 211, 1IK'9.
A. W. McCurdy,
1197 Esquimau Rd., Victoria, B. C.
Douglas Hew one half mile in Sil-
icrdart to-day in great style. Hull
the town of Baddeek present.
Mr. McCurdy, who hep thus had the
honor of accomplishing the I'rrst suc-
icssful aeroplane llic,b( iu Canada,
was born in Baddeek, N   S., and so
Buy Your Goods
ill Ladysmith
There were sixteen sacks <jf mail jc-
ceived at the Ladysmith postoffice
last Monday. The bulk ol this material consisted of T.-Eaton & Co's
catalogues, addressed to residents of
Ladysmitli. It has- been stated 011
many occasions that the citizens of
Ladysmith arc good ci'stomers of the
Eaton department, store in Winnipeg
ami lhe receipt of so many catalogues would seem to emphasize this assertion. This should not be the case.
iTIie stores of Ladysmith will compare favorably with similar establishments nliy place in the west, and
there arc enough goods lo supply,the
wants ol the citizens. When the cx-
jjress costs arc added lo the goods
purchased from T. Eatnn & Co. it
is more than ptohnblo that the west-
cm buyers arc the losers, inasmuch
as the same class ol goods could be
the great achievement was perform^ Purchased athbriio for just about tho
in his home town. He has already same price as charged by thc Winni-
made many successful flights in the peg department stows.   Indeed,    in^
United States, but ns he is a Canadian, his present feat will no doubt
be considered by himself us his
crowning achievement. ..
Dr. Hell, wilh whom Mr. McCdrdy
is associated, has had great success
Ladysmitli Won from
On Saturday the Ladysmitli supporters will have the pleasure ol seeing tho B team iu action on the
home grounds;: tori "the first time, Victoria-West travel to meet the Kno
team aiAV as our boys won thegamc
in Victoria .against tnis team the
visitors wlll.be up in full strength to
capture the points. The champions
will havo their strongesj ..eleven,, inv
hiding Thomas, Buxton,,and jLorimer,
who were al.sent In the' last game'
will represent' the locals in the game
in the coal City, Those intending
witnessing thc game can leave here on
the noon train and return at 3:13.
llamestarts at 1:15 p. in. Manager
O'Connell will have his team published in next issue.
The local juniors won their league
game with Victoria North Ward juniors last Saturday 'by 0 score ol 2-<0.
many instances', tbe goods can be
piirrlmsed in Ladysmilh at «- lower
cost than in Winnipeg. Yet, there
nit some people, who would rather
buy their goods away from homo, and*'
with his several aerodromes and lhcjin <f0irts so they throw insurmount-
Sllverdart, in which Mr. McCMy f b,- ^^ jn M
lias list   made lib   llight,   has been .-.,•, '  .
looked forward to as his masterpiece- 6r';ss oI ,1,cit w" lown    T- E«tpn
m. ■ & Co., do not pay tascs inLadysmilh
A small" herd ol yaks, a domestic t,,t t,lr lw*1 merchants contribute t»
animal new to this continent, but |,»p revenues of the city. If thc citi-
conimon in parts of Asia and noi'lh-j;:cns ot Ladysmith   waited for civic.
by the E. & N. Railway Company, „ _,    ,       ,,.     L _, „
but thhUtt been found undesirable; i^na«cr ;^o Is. g^ing. together 0
strong tcanl and it is his intention to'
Win 'the second division championship/
this season. Thc lineup will be published in Saturday's issue.
John O'PtWineii's A tcanY is sdhoif-
uted to meet Nanaimo on Sunday in
the second division and a strong team'
' The game last Sunday between Ladysmith and Vancouver on the Sports
Orrunds attracted a large number ol
enthusiasts which shows thc deep interest that is still being taken in
football. Ladysmith outclassed the
Vancouver tcatn at every point, hut
at the same timo missed several
goals. The. Vancouver lorwards were
weak and seemed to lose heart very
early Iff the"game. Brass scored for
Ladysmith a few minutes utter the
?a<ne started, and in the second half
riovitis scored,' making 2 goal \a fl.
This gives Ladysmith a second place
in the League.* The two traKs Ssrc
the same number ol points, but Ladysmith has the better goal average,
ern Europe, will shortly be brought
to Canada, under the charge of the
department ol Agriculture, with a
view of ascertaining their uuilabi.ity
for domestication In the northern
purls ol thc country. The-suggrnMni*
lhat parts oi Lahrador and, the Canadian wintcrlaml might be suitable
for yaks was made by Ernest Thomp.'
sou Setoti, thc naturalist, during, a
visit to Ottawa some lime since. Tlii
flesh of the yak is the same in flavor
and in texture as that of the common ox. It is somewhat-like the
buffalo, but it has a docile, temper.
impiovemcnt till f.' Eaton & Co. provided them, they would have to wait
a long time. The man or woman
who sends away fivjm home for goods
that can lie just as well procured at
home is not a patriotic citizen.
John L. Sullivan, Jake Ktlrain,
Charlie Mitchell, "Tug'' Wilson atil
other famous filter.:, as well as
Hlickenschmidt, Ootch, Mahmout,, tho
Terrible Turk; Jcnklr.s and Dr. Roller'
cf wrestling fame will gave daily
boxing and wrestling exhibitions at
the Alaska-Yukon.Pacific exppsltton
this summer.
Mr. John A.   Blair   has   gone to
Vancouver on a, luslicss trip,
'lhe cement, sidewalk around Hie
postoffice will Its ccmpleteil In « few
days, and will add groally to the appearance of Roberts street. It has
been suggested that a cement sidewalk should be laid from First area,
ue along Roberts street to connect
with the postoftcc sidewalk. If the
pro$ert?-owners woild consent to
shars in the expense, tt is believed
the city covtcll woslj contribute liberally to thc work. A sidewalk nt
some kir.d will have to be laid down
and it would be better if the work
were of a permanent character. Tho
propcrty-owac-s on that side of tha
street woulY probably find tha «x-
pe«M a profitable aivestuxat, m «*
mini" gr:;"- t-v«»oj the vete *"
Buys a good House and Lot in Ladysmith if taken within the next few
Notary Public Conveyancer
Head Office  -  - Toronto
CAPITAL $10.000,000: REST $6,080,000
Are amut convenient way in which to carry
money when travelling abroad.  They are issued
tn denominations »f
$10, $20, $50, $100 and $200
and the exact amount payable, hi Austria, Belgium,
Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland,
Italy. Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland Is
stated on tbe face of each cheque, while in other
countries they are payable at current rates.
The cheque and all information regarding them
may be obtained at every office of the Bank.
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. de Gex, Manager
PuHishtd by Carley ft Carley at Ladysmith, B.C.,
.very Wednesday and Saturday.
ful if there is one city nf the same
population as Ladysmith in Western
Canada where. thoj( taxes arc so low,
$1.50 a Year ia AdvMee. 25e Per Mmrtb
Adv jrtlsiw RatMon application.
Editorial Comment
It is learned   that   thc Dominion
The Colonist thinks that Mr. Stuart
Henderson's observations in thc le:y
islaturn in regard to the choice ot a
site of the University were more
creditable to his ingenuity than to
his statesmanship. It may bo right
to nuke a point against a political
opponent, but it is a great mistake
fc-r Mr. Henderson to introduce sectionalism into a question oi this
kind. He knows quito well that the
object of tho citizens ol Victoria, in
asking for the appointment of a commission to select tho University site,
was to secure th« best results and to
remove this very, important question
out of the political field. It wouhtyt*
an unfortunate thing tor the educational system ot British Columbia il
the. location of tho University, and
all that is implied therein, depended
upon whether the members for Victoria or those from Vancouver had
the strongest political "pull."
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Buildling, Ladysmith
Matinee for School Children Saturday
Prograamme Changed Monday and Thursday
 . ~ •*— ■ '■»       — ■ ■—■■■— ■..,-—.■ i
Admission s I Oc, and 15c
IOc Matinee Saturday
lusion he had made to the candid itc'sv
fitness tor his prospective work, and,
although this story may be exaggerated, it is certain that Mr. In i son
encourages manly games among thc
members ot his company, and to become a "Bcnsonian" is equivalent to
becoming a better man physically all
Mr. Benson's love, of athletics once
led to an amusing, little mistake.
While h« was on tour some time ago,
he sent a telegram to a certain, yoimg
actor in London whom he wanted to
playthe part ol Rugby in the Merry
Wives of Windsor. Accordingly, he
wired as follows: "Can you play
Rugby? if so, come at once," Before long thc answer came 'back. "Arrive at 1 p. m. Played halt-back for
Notice to Contractors.
According to British customs receipts there has developed a conclusion which may have a 'basis as interesting as it isjpcruliar. The increasf
in the consumption of sugar is de
clared to have its corclcvant in a de-
government's wishes  were consulted trease in rece:p(s    (rom intoxit.anls.
some months ago in connection, with (rom which it is assutned „)at pos.
tin establishment of   a Chinese ron- sjbiy 1h(lsc who driinli hc!lU|v a'te bu).
sulate   in Canada and   the   govern
ment expressed a perfect willingness
to such establishment. There arc
now 2f>,000 Chinese in Canada.
Petitions are now before the Manitoba legislature and bills will shortly be introduced for allowing Jamee
J., Hill to build further railways in
the.province and also to form a company which will purchase all these
railway:, .ind control them under one
name. This legislation will permit
the Hill forces to concentrate their
work in the province.
In n Hindu case before thc police
magistrate at Victoria', a . witness
named Narain Singh gave evidence as
to a conspiracy said to exist amongst'
tie Hindu colony in Hiitish Columbia to supply their fellow-countrynw-gi
in India with arms to light the British soldiers. Thc report ol thc evidence will be. handed to the attorney-
general's department, and It Is quite
probable will lead to an iiivc-tiga-
Ilia Premier ol Canada has sent
Clifford SlfUn as one ol the Canadian representatives tn the Uittvna-
tional Congress on the Conservation
ol Natural Resources. This leads %'.ie
Greenwood Ledge to thc belief that
Sir Wilfrid must have a true fissure
vein of humor running through bis
formation. In conserving the forest
reserves Mr. Siflon !a perhaps the
most experienced man in Canada, and.
his knowledge of alluvial deposits Is
considerable. It is possible that he
has made equally deep researches In
reference to other natural.resources nf
Canada, ■_
tew sweets. This turned out to be
almost a fact, alter brief investigation, and tho statement' is made that
many more men than usual havo been
eating sweets since Her late Mriesty,
Quern Victoria urged the army to
eat chocolates and jams. In Germany and France, where beer and wines
arc indulged in, little sugar is consumed. In Great Britain a great
many less hard drinks are consumed
i,nd more sugar. Australia is the
most temperate of the colonics.
There 12'J pounds per head ot sugar
is consumed; in tbe United States 8i>
pounds; in Canada 81 pounds, with a
rapidly increasing, ratio in favor of
sugars, jams and jellied sweets.
There has been an increase of two
and a half million pounds sterling in
sugar import rnvenucs inter Britain
since 1902. In Canada the increase
in sugar has not been compared with
thc Import of intoxicants. The latter
show great gains in late years; but
the revenues therefrom have not
grown since 190", while sugr,r imports have slightly increased. British
physicians say Uiiat a diet ol sweets
lends lo decrease . the appetite (or
stimulants, including ten, cotfoc and
cocoa. "    ■'.-
There will be.some,hostiVty t,o the.
proposal .to collect the ?2 road tax
from real estate owners, but' It has
been found to be absolutely necessary.
lo increase the revenue by this and
other methods. Thc smallpox epidemic and budi fire visitation uf last
year resulted in a heavy liability,
nnd in order to liquidate this debt
end at the same time keep up the
civic improvements more money is
needed. The residents of Ladysmitli
should not grumble, for it is. doubt;
An Actor-Athlete.
Mr. V. R. Benson is undoubtedly
the most athletic of all our present
day actors, and had he not made a
nam.; for himself as an exponent ol
Nh«k«vpc;;rc,lic might have -,h,)ii3 «.<
a leading cricketer or as a rival ol
Harry,Varden. There is.a story told,
to the effect, lhat one .day a -certain
university man thought that he woul|
lilt*., to "to «li; the' 'v sfag'c, and ap/
.proacbed Mr.'ltemon tor an engagement: "Yes," Tjaid the aefbr-man-
agrr, "but let me sec, do you play
cricket?" "Yes." "Play, lootbaM"
"Yes." "Hockey or golf?" "A Utile" "Swim at ajl?" "Yes I've
dent some swimming." "Oh, yes, 1
think I can glvo yon an engagement.
The would-te hlstrlon wr.s dcl!,;iiied,
and was just about, to go, when Mr.
Benson called him back, "fly the
way," ho asked, "have you «m'done
any toting?" ■ .This was the Hr;itf a),
City of Ladysmith Sewerage.
Scaled tenders, endorsed "Tender
for Sewerage," will be received up to
5 p. in., on Monday, March 15th,
1'JO'J, by thc undersigned for the construction of certain Sewerage Worus
<cr the Cor;.oratii.n of the City ol
Ladysmith, B. C.
Plans, specifications, contract, bond,
and forms of tender may be seen oh
and alter tho 15th day of February,
lftOil, at the City Hall, Ladvsriiith,
B. C,
Kuch proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque ,(01
certificate of 'leposit.) on a chartered
bank ot Canada, made payable to
Corporation of the City ol Ladysmith, Ladysmith, for the sutnlcf One
Thousand Dollars which shall be forfeited it the party tendering decline
to enter into contract whan called
upon tc do so, or il be fail to complete the work contracted for. The
cheques or certificates of deposit ot
unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the execution oi the
Tenders will not b» considered unless made out on the forms supplied,
which may be obtained at the office
of the City Clerk, Ladysmith, ami
must be accompanied by a bond, in
the sum of Six Thousand Dollars,
duly signed by the contractor himself and two respnnsiblo parties, rcsk
dents ol the Province ot British Columbia, whose names shall 'be subje.-t
to thc approval ol the City Council.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
City Clerk.
Ladysmitli, B. C, February 1.1, 1909,
Bo* 1"3
For Meats
Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
Cor. First Ave. and Roberta Street.
LADYSMITH.     ' ■ /'
Light and heavy teaming.
Furniture and piano moving
a specialty.
Nicholson & Weaving
Telephone 1.
I Sill T.J. Tripp Id's
Cilibntii Nuns
During th. s«uon «. have sold a Urge aumbn
»f wagons, Implumnts and logging- trucks.
Everything carrlta a guarantM.   ,
BnUif Strut
latin Oiir. HHSMiIiktrts St
Short order meals at all hours.
Oysters  and   Clam   Chowder a
■     first Class   Photos.
Gallery on First Avenue.
Dr. R. 5. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
Paperhangcr and Art Decorator.
High Street.
• Livery, Peed ond Sole
Flrat, Avenue.
Phone M.
E. 'Panned
Meats and Vegetables
John W. Coburn,
Geo. C. "Piekard,
President and Managing Director.        '     ' Secretary-Treasurer.
Till. Ladysmith Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
If you wantjtome-rendered Lard
and Home-cured Hams Go to
Ryan's Meat Market
Elegant Patterns for
Summer Suitings
The Latest in
Imported Woollens
D. I. Matheson
Gatacre st.,   Ladysmith, B. C.
• fiSiS
Hbll IRjHfc
■Ml \i° <tT
/-. -,
^**^ swBnw
™AMtt£V    ..
The Pure Food Question
is not on. yon need worry over if you have your grocery order, with 0
R. Gear.-. Goods that are doubtful in quality have no placo in our store, a. ft
W. tak. ths 'rouble to test personally all food products before giving them 2
our sanction  J
Scott's Building, First Avenue.      . 1
All disease, succssfully treated
Without Drugs or Knife
Olironio caw. given special attention
Rh.umaUsm,'' Paralysis and   Nmv'ous
DIsmsm yi.ld rtadtly to oua method.
N.w BlckU Building,  second door t6
right at top of stair..'   ' ,.,        .
ttfUtf 41.    Coine iq and k,k it oy«.
Ladysmith Music Store
Edison Phonographs and Records,
. Victor Talking Machines,
Musical Instruments ot all kinds.
Tubular Cream Separators,
Ringer Sewing Machines and all
i .
Parts and Needles.
Call   and   see   our   four   tv'.nutv.
As Cheap as
10 qrt Cooking Pota, 85c each.
4, 6,8 qrt Preserving Kettles, 40o to G5c
Pie Plates, white, !0a each.
Bikers', white, lflo, 80c ami 25c each.
Shanty Plates, wliito,,10oeaoh.
Dippers, 2oowi.il.
Hand Mugs, 2 for 25c.
Tea Stcepers, 25c each.
Kgg Boilers, 10c each.
Furniture store
Ladysmith Bakery
Cakes ot every description, fane
and plain. Candies ol all kinds
Pruit of all kinds. Fresh bread ever
Keasonablc prices. Come and se
our lines' and leave your orders. \V
give careful attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,  Ladysmith.
7 A
_ .-,, .   £
First Avenue, Ladysmith f
Ernest Reyer Had
a Ready Wit
The reputation of Ernest Reyer,
who died two weeks ago at Lavan-
don, in thc Var, rests only on two
works—his operas Sigurd and Sal;
nmmbo. lie was for a long time a
his own country. Neither Sigurd nor,
Salammluo was performed in Paris
till other countries had applauded it.
In appearance Reyer was anything
bttf a typical musician. With his
heavy moustache, military bearing,
and commanding ,voice he seemed
rather 'like a retired soldier. Mis
tastes were of thc simplest. Ho speni. 'ei.
part of his time in the, fishing village of KSVandon, and in   the sum-
cut, lie found the ..house in a state1 of,
much excitement. The young'composer's wifsj hud just Riven tirth to
twins, and Reyer was invited lo see
them. Ho regarded the tiny mites
carefully, and then murmured,
"Charming, which arc you going to
A young composer with more ambition than talent brought two of his
pieces to play over to Reyer, He
played one.
"What do you think of. that?" ashed the compoier."    -
"1 prefer thc other," was the laconic reply.
At a rehearsal Once, a youn;iisinge$
sang an aria from Sigurd. She madj
some mistakes, and when she had
finished she said:
"Oh, master, 1 was so afraid:"
"And what about mc?" purred Ro"y4
»     j f«.   /"v     L      L,     ,Hse o« iisvanuon, ai
LadySmitnUrCneStra mcr he would betake   himself to hi:
house at Montiers, in the Doutn.
AH Newest and   Latest Music.
For full particulars apply,
Ladysmith, Ii. C.
Wo carry a   large stock ol Fancy
Sycophants ho could not stand.
'Oh, Monsieur Rcycr!" crited a lady
one day. ' "I sec you colnposifig Sal-
ammbo in an atmosphere of perfect
A month cr six weelis he would calm, amid sunshine, .elegance, and
spend in the capital, for the climate fairy-like surroundings. I see you as
>>f which he had no great love. Itelil 1 were there!"
was immensely fond of his pipe, and "No, no!" was the reply. "I was
loved to sit in Eis-slippers over a big'tn top of an omnibus. And I was
log-tire arid smoke and read. He smoking my pipe."
would rise late—never earlier than
noon. tti was extremely fond of tomatoes, and, used to drink watered
wine, with less wine than water. Oni .,
tho balcony he Had plenty .ol flowers, is,(,c^taf1cpand "'» C0WM*
and an oldhawthorn,    about which |!.!f ?^*.£^^ **
he would   anxiously    inquire ol his
housekeeper each springtime.
A musician who had composed    a
funeral march on. the death of tloun-
A. Maxwell Muir, C. E.
1208 Government Street
VICTORIA    -2   B.C
The >City Market
, R. WILLIAMSON,   Prop.
Wholesale aad Retail.
Ladysmith, 0. C.
Star Orchestra
Open for engagements from     two
Pieces up.
{lives Dance Every Two Weeks.
For full particulars, apply
urn looking fur it."
He was appointed librarian r.t thc
opera in Paris, but preferred his sca-
of fish-
lom wa
seen in his office, On nl.-Jt* it in related, when hot had held tho.ollicc of
librarian for six years, he was wandering about in the corridors of the
od   submitted it? to   Itever for his I  "who 4U'-° .voll?   wlll're art' 5'°" E°-
judgnient:  "Jr-   isn't bad," was, the'"1!7" JewiatiUed a boy.   ,
vordict.   "But it   would   have been    "'V replied Hcycf, haiightily, "am
better if you had   died   mid Gounod tl,B conservator of the library, and I
had written tlie march!"    It is difficult   to   imagine   anything    more
crushing than lliis;( but Reyer, though
a little brusque, and'sometimes a victim of'his desire to say smart I tings,
« »» I did' and   considerate   at heart,
and was   very   popular everywhere:
When lie was   young   he announced—
bu.t did not pjlilish—a work entitled
"On tho Influence of Fish-tails on llv;
Waves of the Sea."
» »^»
A rival, after hearing one of Revel's works, observed that "it wns
full of ideas, but . as ragged as a
scarecrow," It so happened that a
little while afterwards the critic had
a work pcrlormcd. Rcycr maliciously quoted the anecdote, and added; "1
will not pass this reproach on the
opera of M. X. . . ; it is admirably
written." „
One of his firmest friends was Mad
auic Huso Caron, in whom he found
his best Interpreter. It is related
that years and years ago Reyer was
playing over an important work, pui
was disturbed by a little girl's cries
below,. "Can't it be kept quiet?"
cried Rcycr. "Can't somebody sit
en it?" "It" was Rose Caron.
. * .'
One day he happened to visit a
friend.of his, a musician of some tal-
You Are Invited
'To drop in and see our spuing opening of new
shoes. We have iust opened up 62 cases of up to
date footwear.    Snoes from all the leading makers.
Doctor's Special and Dr. Reed's Cushion Insoles
for both Ladies and Gents.
| J. and T. Bell's and. Miss Canada Shoes for Ladies.
The Celebrated Liberty and Beresford Shoes for
8 cases of Classic Shoes for Children.
We have a new Pit Boot and it is a dandy.
Come and seeit,
'' We have got a first class shoemaker employed now.
If you want your shoes repaired properly bring them
along.  .
Sole Agent for the Celebrated English "K"Boot.
the hands, rub a little castor oil on
them after washing tho hands. A little should also ba put on at night.
After a few applications -the*wai'ts
will begin to dry up.
Gumboil.—To relieve a ftumboil, a
homely remedy is to take a thin strip
of dried fig, dip it in milk, toast it,
and then apply hot to thc swollen
gum.   Relief is speedy.  .
Boracic Ointment.—An inValuaXi'a
cure for sore eyes is a little boracic
powder dissolved' in warm Water.
When cold bathe the eyes two or
three times a day. Boracic ointment
is a sure cure for gathered fingers.
I am prepared to do all kinds
Shoe Repairing on the Shortest Nt
iice.    A trail solicited.
L. Mulholland
Swond Ave., near the Fi.e Hall.
Wood for Sale.
Hints for the Home.
How to Cure Sore throat.r-Take u
lump of resin as large as a walnut,
put ii- in an old teapot, pour boiling
water on it, put the lid on, p8t the
spout to your month, and the steam
will elite the inflammation.
Cine for Watts—To'curc warts on
Splendid mill wood lor sale at
Ladysmith Lumber yard, at a low
price.   Apply to
English Kip Leath.rPH Show, #J00 pair.
Big raductlra in Abr.n's Cl.braUd .olid
LrathMStiM.. Evwt Mir is goaranUsd
Uglr.wtlsf.ollon or- will b. replaettl. In
Boy.' Youth.' and Litis GentY Also in
Women's, MImm' and Children'..
Alto lot. of 8WEATER8 for Men and
Boy. to go olioap.
fish's Bolt Skirls at Rkhutd Pries.
Soli Ag.nt for Ahr.a't Show, Best Shoe
on ths market.
i,     ReneiiscR thc pince.
John Thomas
John Pogorly's
Bowling Alley
A prize of $3 will be given
to the one making the highest score in ten sheets. .
Now is the time to practice for the. Yukon Alaska
aridSeattle expositions, which
give a grand prize of $10,000
to the best forty teams. It
pays to be a good bowler.
Learn now while you have
a first class bowling alley,
Good lights. Come in and
John Pogorly,
Ladysmith, B. C
A Simple Aperient for Children.—
Muscatels stoned and soaked in salad-1
oil for a few hours make an excellent 'aperient for children, nnd one
they a-rc generally willing to lake.
Our;-in tlujiiiot'iiiiig half an hour be-
for1' 'breakfast, is usually; enough,
though it is sometimes necessary lo
:ivp two.
Grand Concert
$1.25 Each
Ladysmith Opera House
Saturday Feb. 27
A Grand Conceit nill be given at (li.
Ladysmith Opara House, by the Nanaimo
Orpheus Oleo Club, with the assistance o
Iho well known following Artists:
White Waists
We are offering^ spe--
cial in white waists for
three days only Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Some extra good
values you will find
amongst them.
Prices range up to
$1.65, Special $1.25
Walters &
For While Wear
The Dog Tax for the year 1909 is
now due And payable to the Clity
Clerk at the City Hall. If not 'paid
forthwith', the law . will- hi enforced
With rc;.ard to delinquent'*'.
. . N,  A. MORRISON',
, City Clerk.
liiij-room and piano. Suitable lor
two'business men. Apply Mi's. Jas.
Gilchrist, Baden-Powell st,
Transfer of License.
Notice 1. hereby giuen that I intend to
make application to th. Board of Lion.ing
Commissioners of th. City of Ladysmith at
their n.xt regular masting for a tranifer of
the retail liquor license now held by mo
on behalf of the premiss, known a. tho Colombia Hotel, Ladysmith, B.C., from my.
•elf to R L. W<
Ladysmith, B.C., Jm.Y.'im
and Josoph Tettsz.
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Nanaimo 5:15 Daily
Trains arrive Nanaimo 1^:33 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo 15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:35.
1). CIlETllAM,
Dist. Pass. Agt.
1102 Govt. st.
Victoria, B. C.
|      DRINK
i II. B. C.
I       BEER
i. c.
I Jo.;es
I      Hote! 1
t t
Portland Hotel
James Duncan
Suits clcaneti'and pressed.
Alterations made.
Charges moderate.
Barclay  &  Conlin,
Excellent Boarding
Propilcl til's
F. C. Fisher
Studio in Williams' Block.
Dissolution of Partnership.
The partnership h.ralore .listing be
twwn tli. under.ign.cl, carrying on busi
ness in tlie oity of Ladysmitli as hotel
keepers under tb. firm name of Saiiini &
HIHwrt Undertaking Padcrc
l,3nl S.Bislloi it.,Nn almo
Phone 124     P. 0. Box 1
All kinds of Clock and Watch Re-
Berto, i. thi. day dissolved by mutual oon- pairing.    Satisfaction Guaranteed at
sent.   James Samui will pay all debts ol - ...   - .
tho partnenhip and restive all monies dut
the tam*.
Ladysmith, B. C, January 27th, 1000.
Transfer of License.
Reasonable Prices.
English Watches a Specialty.
J. R. Easton
Practical Watchmaker.
Tnnsferof License.
Notice I. hereby given that it i.'my intention to apply to th. Board of Lioensing
Commissioner, of th. City of Ladyimith for
a tramfer of the wtiolesalo liquor license
now held by me in respect to the premiers
situate upon lot S, block Tl, Ladysmith,
from myself to Ossarto and Mtilenesio.
• Salvina barkra balaono.
Ladysmitli, B. C, Idsh December, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that it is our Intention to appl. In the Lioensing Commissioner, of the City of Ladyimith al their
next regular meeting for a transfer of the
retail liquor licence held by ns In respect
to th. promises known ts tli. Kstonsinn
Hotel, situated upon Lot 1, Block 1.1,
Udysiiiitb, B, C.j from ourselves to Jamn
Senini.  '.  '. •,.       *.
•     1'ASINf BERTO.
Lidyiinitli, January "7th, IWU.
Air work left at I|. Hughes' stor«
will receive Trompt'attention.
Have Your Houses Plastered
Fur Terms spply to
C. 1I1NK, rUsterer.'etc., Udysmith, P, 0.
Cement Siucwalke a .(ncially. THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
«H1111 r.H.I-t"W»H"l-t"l"H"?d-M-'"»"»"M"l"I"I-I•t-t-t-3■M-I-H■!■>
> '•    This past week or so you will have had a sample
$ o? our iamous
J packed in a small tin box.
If you have read the letter carefully you will see
the price of this tea is 60c a pound.
This is the price of the tea in Victoria and Van-
i couver, but we have always sold it at 50c a pound
and shall continue to do so just as long as we can.
Remember there is only one quality of
and that is the best, and we have only one price, $
50c a pound
We hope you enjoyed the sample, and will be
pleased to deliver a pound to you at any time.
Sole Agents
Local and General
Miss   Robinson, of Ladysmith,   is
visiting friends at Vancouver.
If you want a good Comb or Brush,
call at the Drug Store. • j
Mrs. James Currie . and daughter
went dcwn to. Victoria on the, morn--
ing train.
Use Na Dru Herb Tablets. At the'
Ladysmith Pharmacy. '
Miss Matson, who has been visiting.
Miss Hill'ier for some time, left, for
her homo at Oxbow, Sask., Monday
•  Kor Garden Seeds go to thc Drug
Store. - ."■.-,   ; • .
|   John Bickle, the well known Lady,
smith merchant, returned Irom Vic-
■...»■.»■■.■*...-.*.. .... ♦■...... ...■»■■.-.»■...»...-■.■
J"l  1   i  *  *   .   1*it   4.i   •  4   I1   1   .*   r i  *r
Meals 20 Cents and Up.
Best 25 Cent Meal in Victoria for 20 Cents. Patronize
White Labor by eating here. Special atteniion giv en to
tourists and visitors, who are cordially welcome. We
keep the Celebrated Grand Duke Cigar.
i this morning.
Celery, Cabbage,.. Asparagfl,
Lettuce at Blair &"" Adam.
Messts. Tcus* & Wood, bl (ho'Co!-'
unibia Hotel, have dissolved partnership. Jos. Teusz will continue the
•business. *    j
Miss V. Hillier left Monday night
lor a visit to friends and relatives &t
Woodstock, Ont. Sho will be away
ior several months.
try Na Dru Chavcoal Tabjets for
Dyspepsia.   At the Drug Store.   *
The K. ol P. lo*dge ol Ladysmith
would li!:c to issue a challenge to
any fraternal ord-r in Ladysmith to
a game of faotball, dale to be agreed
upon and gate receipts to go to hoa-
pital or some charitable institution.
Ladysmitli Opera House
| Home ofthe Finest Moving Picture f
I       Plant in British Columbia       I
The fifteen-mile race between Tom
Longboat and Alfred Shrubb will take
place February 25th. It is, .understood that the race will be pulled off
atBuffalo, although details regarding
the sceno of thc big event are' lacking.
Justice An*lin ol the Ontario high
court has been appointed to the supreme court bench in succession to
Mr. Justice llaclennan, retired. The
name, ol former Speaker Sutherland
is mentioned as Mr. Justice Anglin's
liicely successor on the Ontario high
court bench.
Many.citl/ens in Ladysmith will be
no doubt visited by j, deaf mute art'
ist win. is in town canvnssinj for orders. He lies permits Irom the mayor.; and chiefs oi police ol the towns
of British Columbia and has been
granted a special privelcge by Mayor
Nicholson to do business in town.
13,000 Feet of Films. Two Illustrated Songs |
Two Shows Each Night
Programme Changes Mondays and Thursdays j
I Admission:   IO ond 15 Cents f
Shoes Shoes
To make
lake room for our large stock of spring
we are offering some Special bargains that will save you
Misses' fine and School Shoes, regular $2 and $2.25,
sizes 11 to 2.   Special price $1.60.
Misses' Felt Slippers leather sole and fur top. Sizes 11
to 2.   Special price 95c.
Ladies' Dongola one strap slippers. A bargain at $1.40
a pair.
Youth's School Shoes that will wear. Sizes 11,12 and
13. "Special $1.35 a pair.
Don't Forget Our Bargain PifEoot
Simon Leiser & Co.
ington note!
Wellington, B. O
S-H.B Interest in th.W.11-1   POR SALE^Tcroy MeQlary range,
I. ^Apply to J.  Duraont, I a|most ww.   Apply .ft; F'red Pllden,
Woods' Cabins,   near   N.cw Western
Motel.    . !
WANTED—A middle-aged, woman
lo da housework and take care ol
two children. Apply W. R. Smith,
Oatatrc street.
LOST-A Cigar Case. Marked "P.
K. W." On returning same to Percy
K. Winch, boy will receive tl.
A scheme has been launched to form
an Alpine Club in Vancouver Island
for the purpose of exploring the littty
known mountain ranges ofthe island..
While none of thc peaks ol the rango^
is much over 8,000 feel in altitude,
they rise from a country so nearly
at the sea level that they arc .quit* as
as formidable to climb end quite as
imposing in appearance as higher
mountains rising li'om a country wittt
a generally higher altitude. Hidden
among these mountains arc many
lakes, and the forests abound in a
great variety of big and small game.
Has Broken
Now is the time to renovate those rooms.' Do not
leave # off till the- wish
comes on, or you may irest
with a little delay;
Call and see our efegant
designs and colorings' for,
1909. .
rirst :
Now on Sale
Knights Book Store
Hot Tomsk, every evening at Hooper's.
Archie McKclvie returned last evening from a visit to Vancouver.,
English Crumpet!
at Blair & Adam.
and Muffins fiesh
,1. H. Hughes, of Ladysmith, is
registered at the King Edward, Victoria.
Fresh Halibut on sale every Friday
at Ryan's Butcher Shop. '
It is believed at Vancouver that
the sale ol Prince Rupert lots will
take place, in VancOuwr and Victoria;
simultaneously on May 1st and subsequent days,
Fib* English Pork I'l.s, treih made daily
it Hooper's, Gatacre .treat.   Try on*.     *
Clearance Sale
The Last Chance of the
We are going to give you
snaps on our winter goods
such as:
We are not quoting any
prices. Call in and see for
yourself and be convinced.
W. I Morrison
Williams Block
Ladysmith people arc looking tor-
ward with pleasure to the visit ol
thc Orpheus Glee Club-next Saturday
night. There will be a large house
to greet the visiting musicians.
Fifty years ago to-day being the
festival of St. Matthias, the Reverend
(Itoige Hills, D.D., vicar of Ureal
Yarmouth, and Hon. Canon of Norwich, was consecrated as the first
'bishop of British Columbia, which office he held until November, 1892,
when he resigned alter a long and
eventful eplscoreto of thirty-thrco
The opara house has been well filled,
every night this week, and it is not
too much to say that the audiences
left well pleased alter the presentation ol pictures. There were many
productions, all of i an interesting
character, and the songs wore well received. Beginning to-morrow night,
there will be a change In tbe programme, and Miss Campbell will sing
Harry Lander's Iamous Song, "I Love
a Lassie."
.lames Walker, an old-time logger,
came into thc city this week with a
boom ol piles lor the Tyee Smelter
Co. A lew weeks ago he delivered a
boom of piles to the Wellington Colliery Co., and he is now engaged in
supplying piles to Small & Buckley, ol
New Westminster. He has a large
donkey engine to .do' his heavy, work.
Yellow Point, where he carries on
operations is an important tributary
to Ladysmith.
•M"1-I-I"H"M-M-M"M-M-H-I-H' *l
100 doz. White  Dinner    and Soup
Plates at TSc per doz.
.   50 doz,. Blue and Green Dinner  anil
Soup Plates at 75c per doz,
' 45 doz. Willow Pattern Dinner and
Soup' Plates at tl.OO per doz,,
60 doz.   Vegetable   Side Dishes at.
75e per doz.
i: a Snap in Toiler Setts i
12 Setts, regular price *2,50. Out
price, $1.75 sett. ' "
x '
Watch this space from week to week
as we are determined to reduce our
stock and we offer weekly snajs..    '
These reductions in price are for
Ladysmith Hardware Co.,
m*Hiiin1111iinw- .wmm \wv\wri-Mm
W. are offering srurial prioe. in Optical Good.. Spectacles, Gold FiU«d, or Nickel.
Th. latwt in Rimless Ey. Glasses, But Lens... Full stock of optical materials on,
hand.   Broken Lenses replaced.   Special price, this week.
Before buying a Graphophone call and see our.. We carry the Columbia Dowl.
Disc Record, in itoek, 10 inch at 83o, 12 inch $1.25
Columbia Indestructible Cylinder Rscoids will not break.   Price Mo each.
Watch repairing a speciality, all   work guaranteed, but material. Med.
Mrs. Gardner will open up
Hair Dressing
on the Esplanade Tuesday,
■-   February 23rd.
Hair Restored am) Scalp
Tuesdays and Thursdays,
10 a. m. to 12 a. m., 2 p.m.
to 6 p. m.
We Have Everything You Need
FOIt RENT-The photographic studicj
over the Bank ot Commerce.
Call and sec the new colored post
cards of Ladysmith . at Knight's
Book Store. •
; J. M. Morgan came in on the noon
Thc best post cards of Ladysmith
yet published at Knight's Book;
Store. , •
Miss Roberts went up lo Nanaimo
on the"noon train.
Judge Harrison camo In to-day to
hold County Court. There are no
cases down for hearing.
The Orpheus Glee Club have made
ail arrangements tor ' their concert
at Ladysmith on Saturday, evening.
There will be a special train leaving
the Nanaimo depot,at 7:45 for Ladysmith with which anyone may travel
at the usual fare. The train will
have Ladysmith for Nanaimo on the
return journey as soon ta the concert
is over, or about 10 o'clock.
For good wearing stockings
try at;
Plain or ribbed cashmere
for Ladies.
Ribbed cashmere (double
knees)  for  girls.
Heavy, all wool, hose for
Little Darling Itose for
(fissohtiM of
The partnership, heretofore existing
between the undersigned' carrying^ on
business as llotelkeepers at the City
of Ladysmith is this day dissolved l.y
mutual consent.
Joseph Tensx Will pay all debits !>nrt,
receive all moneys 'due to the pait-
jos mm,,
, R. ijWOQO. .
Ladyimith, B. C, 28 Feb., m>ib} -
Wood to Burn
Stov. wood and «ord wood for sal*.
Freight hauled.
. Furnitur. moved.
For anything In th. teamiilf line,
Sec Thornley
LADYSMITH. ' "   " PHONE fl.
The term* of the ort'er-in-couiicll
approv'irg the inereasn of} »S0,0O0,O«O
of tho C. P. R. capital stock provides that the issue of tho new stock
shall not be exempt from the operations of tho Rallwayi Ijoard.


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