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Ladysmith Standard Jan 18, 1908

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V  LUME I.      NUMBER 31
Wo are through Stock-Taking and Ibid lots of odds and ends
that have to go, and Our Big Window is ftllod with -Bargain*.
Everything is useful
1 Violot    Pattern   Dinner Set.
9? pieces $13.45
2 Blue   Pattern    Dinner   Sot.
97 places  .- 7.75
8 China Tea Sets,  40 pieces, 5.50
5 Toilet Sets to clear at   2.25
,;., Large Olass Wator Jugs, at...      .85
Large Gloss Fruit Dishes, at.. .26
Largo Glass Tablo    Sets, otic,
85c and   1.00
Fancy Glass Wator Sets, ut ... ,1.75
All kinds of   Tea   Pots, from
10 cents to   1.00
And othor things In proportion.
ODD Cups and Snucors, Plates,
Bowls, Platters, Fruit Dishu, Etc.,
Etc., at romarkiabiy low prices.
Seo Our Odds an.l Ends   Counter for    Bargains.    Anything
on the Counter   15 Cunts.
D. Nicholson Elected for Mayor and Citizens'
Ticket Carries the Day.
-r-H+imT-r-H-r-H-T, ♦ ♦ Ht*+ of steam
•The election for tho now Municipal
Council passed oil very quietly on
Thursday considering that it was a
novel experience for the city. Polling was slow all day and at seven
o'clock barely half thu voters had
polled. But what voting there was
In the wards was exceptionally close
and on one count, one vote only se-
purutud thrco candidates.
MoBt interest, of course, .centred In
the contest for thc Mayoralty. Although Mr.  Gould camo in as   third
P. G. NOOT::
This is Iho ago of
Specialists. Wo are
Specialists In tho art
of Watchmaking, and
can repair any Timekeeping instrument,—
bo It Watch, Clock,
' or Chronometer. Give
us a cull.
P. G. N00T::
(Lute of Toronto School of ..
Watch and Chronometer ..
Makers.) ■ *
■mm+m-m -H ♦♦♦>♦■*
We are Stocktaking, and as there
will be lot* of
engineers, smiths, ship-
smiths, litters, turners, roll turners,
pattern makers, millwrights, machine mon, brass finishers, copper
.. smiths, olectrlcal engineers, and ina-
■ * chine Joiner*. . Tho society was or-
-gonizod in England early ln 1851,
Tho future home of the International Union ol Farmers will be In
Chicago, lt will be known as tlie
International Equity Union ot Co.
operative Exchange. It la proposed
to invito all existing unions ot farmers to affiliate with the new body.
WEST WARD. clared, Mr. D.  Johnson     begau the
Wm. Ill-own   89   spoocliinaking.   Ho was sutisliod with
D. McIC nnell  .  .15   the new Council and ho hn.fi given his
<1. R. Johnson   82  opponents a run for their money. Ho
Tlie New Council is therefore made   thanked all those who had given him
up ua follows: their support.
Mayor—Donald Nicholson. • Mr. Nicholson,    the     Mayor elect,
Aldermen: also placed on record liis thanks for
...Middle Ward — H. Haworth, Colin  the confidence the people had shown
Campbell, Gust.  Clemola. in him.     He had always   done    his
West Ward—Wm. Brown, D. McKin-  best for the city in the paat.     Ho
Iikist Ward—M. Matheson,  fiby   ac-
man,°it was recognized that tho fight demotion.).
lay between Nicholson and Matone. The most noticeable feature in the
The result was'tt groat surprise to election is the fact that the Citizen's
everybody. Maiono, it wns thought, ticket wont through without a fail-
would poll a large vote, und it was ure. G. Johnson and I). Johnson
generally expected that if he was not were running as independent candi-
re-elcctod he would at loast run Nl- dates and in both coses were left
cholson very close. Tho result, how- out. It will now be tho duty of tho
over, gave Nicholson a majority ovcr League to keep their candidates up
both the othor candidates,  and    lie  to the letter of their promises,   and
will ussumo the office of Mayor    for  to help the now Council in whatever  tlio interests of all concerned
the second time.    Tho voting was ns way it can. I   Thus ended the first real Municipal
had a good board with him, und
they would try to improve upon tho
record of thoir predecessors In ofllco.
Mr. Wm. Brown also desired to
tliank liis supporters. He would try
and make it his duty to seo that
what money was spent on the improvement of the streets of the town
was evenly distributed.
Mr. D. McKinnoll also returned
thanks for the support he had received.    Ho would strive to work for
Fiqances in Excellent Shape—Reforms in Civil Service
—Railway Construction—Provincial University and
Other Important Work to be Transacted
Touohed on by Lieut.-Governor.
Victoria, B,0„ Jen. 18— t0 regulate the civil service, and    a
Tho Provincial Legislature opened measure ,or effecting that nnd cr»at-
thls afternoon at Victoria,  Lt.-Gov. a   Supemnnuation Fun„ „,„ be
Dunsmuir   delivering    the following ^^^ (__ y0__ ^.^
speech from the throne: with _   vi_v ^ obviate tm neMs.
Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen ol    tne o( q__ ygm gol__ obroMl    tQ
Legislative Assembly: ^ thomselve, ln the art,    and
In meeting* you again at the open-.^^ an Mt t0 „MMi a Dro.
lug of another session, it Is my pn- ^.^ miwnlty wil, ^ deduced
vllogo to be able to congratulate you d ^ ^^
on the prosperity which, during the    Fo_ m   _____ comeLimt ptolocu.
past year has prevailed ln nearly all Uon _,   _uhn_ ___rka
lines of trade and Industry.
Nicholson   118
Malone     68
Gould      21
Thero wero two close contests
Thero wns quite a crowd   in    the  Council in Ladysmith.
City Hall during tho counting of tho
votes. Thore was uo room for excitement with tho poll for the Mayoralty, for Nicholson early established a-. lead which only increased ns
tho count proceeded,    lt wns ditTer
Mr.  John  Stewart,  acted as
turning Oflicor,  and  as usual
entire satisfaction.
the Middle and West Words, lho poll mt w.ith lhe 0i(jc,.m'„nic contests
being declared as follows:
Goo. Haworth  F8
the two    wards.
lt was  "tally"
pretty nearly    all through, ond   in. were
The result of the contest in Numi-
imo for the Mayoralty, gave a   big
majority   to   Planta.      The   figures
tho Middle Ward only one vote sepa-
Cumpboll   "0 rated Campbell, Clemola and
Clemola   40 son.
D. Johnson   ia     So soon as the count had boon do-
Planta   39fl
Hodgson   348
The Yukon members of the Industrial Workers of the World held a
nittBs convention recently and dls-
euseod the advisability of organizing the workmen to demand an eight
hour day in Dawaon and vicinity In
the spring.
The longest striko ln the history of
union labor in Vermont is that of
the Slate Workers' Union af Fair
haven, which was begun nearly ten
month* ago and la now no nearer a
settlement than the day it waa start
which   wo   are going to clean out,
thoy will bo Bold as SNAPS.
Phone 7-0.
Liulysmith, Jan. 17, 1008
Editur Standard:
Dour Sir,—1 see wo have got a new
Council elected and somo uf them
made groat promises of what they
would du if elected.     Now they   are
Showing Cost of Work Done   on tho
Streets During Voar 1907.
Strong: Team ricked to Give    Firat
Eleven Good Practise Match.
There is to ho a  great game     ol
iTho following report of ltoad Foreman Callandar shows tho actual am- football tomorrow afternoon,     com-
ount of  work    dono on the   streets pared with which the match in Na-
elected, aud we will sou how far they «"£«* »?J™- J£ £ff_\nmlu.e a  week ago will be made  to
*'"' '"""'*' "'" "' "•■"• not include the cost of lumber, tools, | look as tame as pump wuter,    The
Through the efforts of organised la
bar the manufacture of cigars In tho
prison of Marquette, Mich., is to be
abolished. The convlots are to begin tho manufacture of overalls, so
that the garment workers must now
take up ths light.
Tom L. Lewis, who la to succeed
Jogn Mitchell as president ol the
United Mine Worker*, 1* one of the
best known men In the labor movement In America. He ia a powerful apuakor and Is thoroughly versed
in the affairs of the union.
London, Jan. 15.—The fact tbat
late last night the Cunard SS. Co.
had not responded to the Whits
Star'a further cut in rates lead* to
the idea in some quartan that the
former may be considering the advisability of agreeing to a compromise based on slightly different rates
with respect to the Lusltanla and
Mauretanla. It Is noted that tho
White Star circular does not affect
the Canadian rate.    This il suppos-
will carry out their promises.
There is one great promise 1 want
them to moke. First, laid out where
the Townsito is going to bo. We
would look fine it' wo go to work
and borrow lUU.OUO dollars, and put
in a seworugo system, instul a lighting system, und grade thu streets of
Ladysmith, uud tiien wake up some
morning and liud the townsite ut
Now, there was a time when 1 ami
Mr. Dunsmuir knew just where the
townsite wus going to be.   At that [
etc. For the total amount of money spent on tho stroots during the
year, seo the cash statement of tlio
Corporation in another column. Following is Road Foreman Cullandar's
report :
lijjpianade  $      8.25
First Avenuo      179.50
Third -Avenue       17S.00
Fourth Avenue      453.80
Fifth Avenue         14.15
Whito Street  1         33.00
Budon-Powoll St       28(1.15
[Robert Street	
'High Street 	
I Kitchener Street ..
Cliitacre Stivot 	
Socond Avenue ...
French Street	
Scavenger's Roar
Cemetery Road ....
•Total  32,414.05
-m .	
. ,..
time the writer had his money in his
pocket, und Mr. Dunsmuir hud tlie
slumps; but ut this time Mr. Dunsmuir has ull tho money, and the
writer has the stumps. Now we,
neither of us know whuro the town-
site is going to be. That is why I
usk thu Council to find out where tho
Council is going to be. Until they
do that 1 shall object to the Council '2-1 hours a day, 7 days a wcok,
ever mortgaging one cunt on properly in Ladysinith. When they Und
out where it is, 1 shall work just
the same number of hours and days
in favor of it. I
Now, it is a well known fact that
many men have been persuaded to
come to Ladysmith at great inconvenience and greater expense,   while
othor people havo beon allowed    to v	
live whore they ploascd. Now, why for the purpose of deciding how
not make all alike; lot all go to Ex- Burns Day should bo celebrated. Af-
tension, or all go to Ladysmith, or tor somo consideration it was relet all go whore thoy plouso- solved to   have   a  time  on  Friday
Now, ono more question and then night, January 24th, A concort and
I will finish. Can Mr. Diinsiuuir (|anc0 will be given, and a light
hold this money legally that ho has |,mch will be served during thc even-
got from the property owners of La- ing. Thoro will only bo n limited
dysmith under promises that ho has number of tickets available, moni-
nevor carried out. Tho poor miner fars of tho club getting first profer-
ut Extension thinks that ho is vory onCo. What tickets are loft, after
badly treated. But he has his mon-' members have been supplied, maybe
ey yet. What about tho property j obtained from Messrs. J. Ross,
owner    who   has beon persuaded to Pride, A. Crossan,     J. Barclay,
A regular meeting    ol the   Burns
Club wus   hold on    Tuesday evening
ed to have a* it* object, th* avert- live in Ladysinith, and whoso money
Ing of a cut In rates by the direct Dunsmuir has taken?
Canadian line* which wa* Hid
have been contemplated.
San Froncluco itsam laundry employees have
payment of the usual tax to ths International Union. Thi* will deprive the local of international protection,     v
_ *
_ LONDON, Jan. 17.-Tho arrival ot
"jZitLtZ. HUonni Ifuia the Ministry in Downing to attend
decided to dtacontlnu* ^ flpst m*^t|ng 0, tho cttbinot before tho assembling of parliament,
waB made the occasion of a public
demonstration by tho women suffragists. The police had expected trouble, and a largo forco waa presont,
but the women succeeded in
Labor Commissioner Ryder, ol Nebraska, has notllled all theatre managers In that »tato not to permit
children under 10 years ol age to
appear on the stage.
In his annual report, Chief Fac
tory Inspector J. E. Hudson ol
Rhode Island, states that last year
showed a marked decrease In the
porcontage ol child labor employment ln that state.
Tho Missouri Federation of l>hor
has appointed a commltteo to solicit donations for a monument to
Martin IronB, the lender ol tho great
Southwestern railway strike In
WINNIPEG, Jan. 17-Mrs. Clray
of York Factory, Hudion Bay, arrived tn the city yesterday after hav
Ing made the Journey from ths far
north by dog aiedge. Mr*. Ray wa*
accompanied by throe children.
Tho long ovorland Journey was accomplished without special incident.
Mr. Ray accompanied Mr*. Ray and
tho children for the flrst seven daya
out Irom the factory and at the expiration ol that time he returned to
tho fort. Mrs. Ray, with sevoral
servants, continued the trip southward and in twolvo days from th*
timo ot parting with her husband,
reached Norway House. Ten days
were spent at Norway house tn order that Bulllclont rest might be obtained, and the Journey was then resumed,
Mitchell, W. Forsyth, D. W. Roberts
J. Moivnenux, E. Rowland and Wm-
Frnscr. Tickets nro $2.50 ouch and
it hardly needs to lie stated that
splendid time will be provided
all who may nttnnd.
Tho Temperance Hoarding House is
out with    a  challenge to play   any
hotel or    boarding house In town n
milking-game of football.    It Is some   timo
champions, in Nnnnimo, were defeated by four goals to two, and if
inside calculations uro voriliod they
will bo wipod out tomorrow. The
gamo has really arisen out bf tlie
dobacls of last Saturday. Thoro
aro a number of old stiffs who imagine that they are as good as tho
men chosen by tho selection committee, and they are willing to put it
to the tost. It is understood
the seniors were waiting for tho
chance, und there will bo both fun
and excitement. The havo beens
lutvo been training! all tlio week, flnd
nil those who couldn't inflate a football with ono breath or do -a hundred Inside of fifteen flat, havo been
rejected. A hard and fast forward
lino hns been secured, nnd tho halves
and hacks will ho found the silliest
In tlie province.
Tlio gnine will coinnienco nt 2.30 p.
and. o collection will bo taken
to help out the club's funds which
nro getting rather low. Tlio mntch
will ho worth seeing for more reasons thon one, and if thc day ia fine
it Is expected thot a larjo crowd
will bo presont. The teams will
line up ns follows:
Goal— P. Morrison.
Backs— O'Connell  and Hewlett.
Halves— Simpson.   Morrison,    McKinley.
Forwards— Grainger,   Strang,   Adam, Graham and Sanderson.
Goal— J. Dunbar.
Backs— Meek and Hlgglnhelln.
Halves— Eno, Halftone and Leaky.
Forwards— Onlo,     Mechie,  Smith,
Cosier and McMillan.
The Commission on Irrigation, the
appointment of which you authorized
last session, has entered on its duties, and its report nnd recommendations will be submitted to you. In
accordance with those recommendations, legislation will be Introduced
to secure a more equitable and eflV
cieut system of distribution of water
for irrigation purposes.
Tho large increase in inunigrutiou,
with the consequent demand for land
under pre-oniptions, warrants my
government in asking you to place a
largo sum in the estimates for an
oxtension of the provincial surveys.
A measure will be laid before you
with a view to the restriction of
immigration of undesirable, persons.
With tho aim of encouraging and
expediting railway construction, it
is proposed to exempt from taxation
for a period of ton years from time
of completion, certain railways already authorized. To do this you
will be aaked to puss an act empowering tho government to grant such
In accordance with your recommendation that a representative of
the government should be sent to
London to lay before imperial government tho fact of the rofiiBnl of
the Federal government to entertain
British Columbia's claim for adequate und equitable treatmont In the
matter of provincial subsidies,     the'
honorable the first minister was   as-!
signed to undertake thc duty,     and
IiIb report of his mission and Its re-1
suits will bo laid before you.
under appropriations by the legislature, and
with the object of securing uniformity between the Federal and Provincial systems in the method of accounting and the collection of statistics, it it deemed advisable to
change the commencement ol the financial year from July to April.
I am. pleased to be able to inform
you that the finances of the province
are in an excellent condition. Thla
has enabled my government to affect a large reduction in th* public
debt, while still able to abow a substantial aurplu* over the actual expenditure.
Measure* will ba •ubmltted to you
designed to accure to the province
the full benefit* that ahould accru*
to the treasury from the utilization
of its resources.
Ths public accounts (or th* past
financial year, and the estimate* ol
the ensuing similar period, will bs
laid before ypu. Tha estimate* hay*
beon framed with due regard to economy, whilo providing (or th* outlay necessary to meet ths requirements of the public service in a province the scene of Important industrial development.
On account of the Increase ln th*
demands for public works and buildings, and the development taking
place in the northern parts ol th*
province, it is deemed advisable to
creato the office of minister ol public
works, and you will be asked to approve an amendment to the constitution act to effect that.
I I now recommend these various
to your attention, bellev-
In order to secure a more efficient ing that their adoption will be to
sorvice in tho conduct of official till- the advantage of the province and
slnoss, it has been thought desirable the welfare of the people.
their way inside    tho   rcsidonco   of ago since tho boys of the Cecil Ho
Premier    Ciimpboll   Bannorman  and,tel were seeking a match, and If they
five arrests wero mado before   order are still anxious to ploy thoy
was restored.    Somu 6f the domon* bo accomodated,    Sunday, Jon
Btrants adopted a novel manner   to , will Im a good day.    First conic,
prevent being carried off   by the po- sorved, soy tho Totnporanco boyi
llco.    Thoy hnd attached   to    their  ♦
belts atout chains, which, whon thoy ,.Lawbroaklng is tho easiest and
saw the police   about to lay hands ■ fc„.|._«     i-
on them, they quickly throw around most lucrative of any business In
the iron railing In front of tho build. New York," was the rather starting. Tho police hod to tiruiik thorn I ,, statement made by Pollc* Com-
«Uon,:awbo,'0r0 th°y Cm"    ^ »*'*>loncr Bingham in his annual rc-
Tho suffragists wero subsequently port, and that bocauso ot tho Ingon-
arrnlnged In tho Bow Street Police lous lawyers and tho technicalities
Court.    Thoy rolumd to glvo  surety o( ^ __mt_ ^^ ]nw an(, __Ae_ „„
JOHANNESBURG, Jan. 15.—Pursuant to the determination of
tho movement to make tho Transvaal so hot for Asiatics that
thoso now in tho country will be driven out nnd further immigration como to an ond, fifty prominent Asiatics were arrested here today. Among tlie prisoners nro the chairmen of both of tbo British Indian and the Chinese, and a number of ollleors and committeemen of those organizations.
Forecast fop U. S.
Next Week
tionnl Society for the Promotion ol
industrial Education.
Ambassador Bryce and Joseph H.
I'houto will be tlio chief speakers at
thc annual meeting of the New York
Her Association to lie held in New
.York City Friday and Saturday.
LONDON, Jan. 18— The Druce
case promises to bring in thc spring
on aftermath of sensation charges a-
gainst several persons who wero con-
Bmbraced within tho Amalgamated
Society ol Engineers art the trade* ance of the trip.
for   thoir   good bohnvlour and were
sent to prison for thrco wooks.
actually put on the defonalve. This
statement, coming na lt did right
upon tho heols of the agitation caused by the enormous Increase ln th*
number of crimes committed In New
York, caused tho Gothamltes to sit
up nnd take notice, and.it Is probable that somo stops will bo tak*n
Baltimore, Md., Jan. I8.-O00. I.
Billups, proprietor of, tho Blllups ho
tel. Park Heights, and his ward and Immediately to better tho condition
wife were Instantly killed early to- The addition of police dogs to the
day by being thrown from an nuto forco Is nn experiment In New York
The dogs used on tlie trip were the'at Pary Avenue Heights. Leo. H. that will bo watched with Interest,
best procurable In the north, andtho'Shaad of Eldridge, the owner anil Thoy nro to bo Belgian hounds, es
Journey wns mado as quiokly as pos- driver of the machine, waB sorlously pcclnlly trained for patrol duty in
slblo under th* circumstances. Six Injured. In turning tho curve at the suburbs. They are to wear
dog trains were used for the lirst the entrance to tho park, the ma- muzzles. For tho present, however,
seven duyB and four during the bal- chine skidded and upset.    The auto none of tho man trailing dogs
'was completely wrecked, to bo used.
Washington, D.C., Jan. 18.— The
congressional mill, so far this
slon, bus not been geared for speed,
ond there appears to bo littio prospect that any greater progress will ncctoil with thc hearing,
be made in regard to important A witness in the case who calls
measures during the coming week herself Miss Robinson, was arrested
than in tho week just closed. Cur- Inst night and brought up In a potency legislation ond tho reorganize- lice court. Tho chief Inspector of
tlon ol thc navy continue the chief Scotland Yard asserted that Instoad
topics of discussion among the mom- ol this girl being a spinster daugh-
bors, but thero appears to be no ter of a Virginia planter, she was
chance of decisive octlon In rognrd in reality the daughter of a London
to those or any other Important mnt policeman. On the atnnd this wo-
ters In the immediate future. \ man   testified    thnt   Bhe had been
Hour Admiral Evnns' fleet of    bat- brought from America by ChBB. Pic*
"jtlcBhlps will leave Rio Janeiro     on ens to act oa secretary to tho Duk*
* | Monday   for   tho   trip around   thc ol Portlnnd.
* I Horn, The Inspector declares that     Miss
*|   Th* birthday anniversary ol Gon.  Robinson spent hcr earlier life     In
Robert E. Leo, which falls tomou w London, nnd thot she mare'ed a
will bo observed throughout the butcher whom sho went to see. The
South on Monday. prosecutor snld he expected to prove
Alarmed at the prohibition wave that Miss Robinson's story was a
that hns swept over the country, re- 11™"" "' falsehoods. It wns dlffl-
prasontntlves of tho liquor interests •*"" to bellow), he contondod that
will moot In Louisville Tuo«day for statements so deliberate should havo
a two     days' conference to discuss I"™" prepared without assistance and
, , the question of a  model llconso law ho   hoped    to he able to ascortnln
Charlotte, N.C., Jan, 13.- More ttnd olll0r "'"I* calculated to weed whence the assistance cam*. Th.
than two million spindles were    re- »«t 'he disreputable saloons and re- prisoner was remanded. _
presented at the Joint conforone '"°>'0 othor objectionable featureslot, 9BA~R ~__^ tnn Wi-Wl!.
hold horo today of tho Southern  As- the trad*. I I \V___^ juAl.- 0  jj non'ord rendered a
so"clotion of Hard Yarn Spinners. Th" <,»'ilvo!*sary of the accession ot ^.^ jwt(,r(|av ,„ ln0 ^^ „, the
tho Soutliom Soft Yarn Spinners' Kinft Edward will be observed nil ff,,^),,,.,,,,.,,^ steamship Company
Association, nnd the North Carolina nv°r th" Drltlsh empire noxt Wed- ngn,nst tn0 Maritime Insurance Co.,
Manufacturers' Association. nosilny. ot England, by    which the plnlntiff
Tho presont unsatisfactory conili- A conference of educators, ninnufuc- Cnn collect thc Insurance on tlio vns-
tlon of the cotton goods trade wns turers, labor representatives and sol Tacoma which was captured by
thoroughly discussed and ways and others Interested In the subject of ^^V^S!^^
moans considered looking to tho hot- industrial education will bo hem -*n]jnpflno8t>HU8Slan .mr. Tho policy
!tor protection of tho cotton goods Chicaso tho last thrco days of thejwn8 for about $16,900 nnd wra for
manufacturers. week under thc auspices of tho Na- war risks only.
Rome,   Jan.     18.—Tho Pope
wns visited this morning by his
physician      who       found     tin*
Po|>o       in       bettor       health
but    insisted     that    he   continue to rest.     T-tocnuse of this
the   audience for    the visitors
was     suspended,  and the pope  *
received     only Cardinal Meyer   *
and HTjir. Btatatt.    major dotno  *
of the Vatican.     The reception   *
tool; place in the bedroom     of  *
His  Holiness. *
tl You Require Any
7.1X5   LEASES
"'     AGREEMENTS Drawn
Or if You Require Any
Whether. ,    .
uMARIMv*   - "
..... ,\WyXi\,    »Astti
Or 11  Vmi  Want u.> ,I}iiy ,» .H'H^K,.
or  Sell  One.    ov  If   Von   Want
FA KM  or  PHI I l   L\M.S
jvjii.s oiiirt.uu,
Notary. Public. Coiiveyuuirur.
,'laovsuith, B.C.
Ladysmith  Siandai 'd>
.11   fiomi- Weekly.
Published" on Wednesdays and Saturdays Afternoons by tlio
Root. jV'&indniarch,
'"''       Manager.
One Year"..:.....;....: L'.'.'.W ?l-50
Six Months  i    .75
Advertising"Kntee on Application.
With'the'exc'eption'of une seat
the East" Wary, the Council Board
for 1908'Is now complete. Whon Die
city had1 moved'to an election it is
a pity'^h'fl't' '"'there wus not a contest in 'e'vSry "iVorS/* However, tlior
is no great Harm done, and this waufe
of public spirit or derth uf eligible
candida'UJs "in the East Ward, will
not in any way affect the future pal
icy of CKd'C'oiiricil. " Xllthe gentle
mon wHb have been elected to the
Council have received the endotsu
tion of Che Citizens' League, including Mr.' Matheson" ai present the
only* representative of tho East
Ward. They' have all pledged themselves to V platform which includes
such important und progressive men
sures ns a lighting and a sewerage
system. ' 'These i&odges have been
given the'funcst' publicity, nnd tho
platform was widely advertised. The
'election ^6f these candidates is practically a mandate to the Council tp
go ahead with these measures of improvement.' If inii'y reasonably be
taken td'Wcan^hat the pooplo of
Ladysmith' aro in favor of,tho instnl
latlon of a 'lignting and of a sew
erage system.
All this is so much to the good
It is an advantage, which no other
Council in Ladysmith lias enjoyed.
First of all thero is lho confidence of
the electorate. It is no argument
to suy that only so many out of a
iluiy qualified number registered thoir
votes. The men wbo did vote nre
tho only mon who nro interested In
tho city, anxious .as._to Its proper
government, and desirous of seeing
Its progress." It is this class of
citizens who nre behind . the now
council, who nave given to the new
Mayor and Aldermen their confidence
Further than . that_ they haw expressed their approval of progressive
measures. They have shown thnt
they arc olive io .tho floods of the
town, thnt thov realize thnt on them
selves depends,,th&.improvement of
the city. ,,Thp,y, have signified tlioir
approval pf, tho platform on'whicu
the Council sought office, and oiven'
it their authority to.proceed with
tho contemplated measures.
It is not for us at this early stage
to indicate ' what, •* ■ the. first, and
plain duty '"ol! the Council', It can
be trusted to" discharge ail its obli
gations and redeem all Its pledges.
At any rate it. will bo tho easiest
tiling in the wWra" to kee^a chock
on it. What we would say to the'
voter*sv*who Have .placed''the Council
in power Is Hot to expect too much
all ~5X once. The installation of a I
lighting system is a big question.
So also is the laying down of a sewerage system. .. .They, both requirei
careful') and caut'lous t*rcnttnojit, nnd j
should not bo proceeded, with except.
u||on tho fullest possible Information.
Tlie latter Js the lirst requisite ■ to*
achieve, ami that tho Council will
no doubt sot about to secure at
Tim chief thing to emphnsl-e, at
presenL is the'hnppv .augjincs.-uiid.ir:
which the Council talcos ofllco. Thel
bpard luis ntlvantac^es which no other council hns had and every citizen
t'xpoots ittifMfiMallV.e i't's'ymiV of of-
lici' by somo memorable improvement
iii'(hi- CilyV''
CAUJAUY, .Jan. 3G,—A cominittnb
appointed by tho city council to
tin. ft a now form of exedUtivo has
decided upon a board of control to
consist of a mayor and four comptrollers to bo elected1 from the city
nt larfeoi »nd to hold' ofllco'Tor two
yoni-s nnloss resignation is demanded
sooner by a two-third' vote of the
council. A comptroller" will ' have
one or more years'*' experience in tho
city council; olid nave1 ti salary of
not more thnn'SliOOC'a year,' except the' May or; * who will have more.
There Is much ''-opposition to this
scheme and it is feared "It "will not
pass the provincial  legislature','
NEW BANK FEELING THE LOCAL holders and depositors will wot    bo
PULSE. j forwarded, to points in tho Extreme
■ — , i East,  find prospective customers   of
Tho Chartered Bank of'British Uol-■ **J.e ** Tr .""J11* *?e ,the, g*Ut
wnhia am currying a very carofui1y^,dvf!nUge;of ^ving the head' office
pnpBNd plan of organization[so uIo8° lo l^nd So that matters
throughout the province. Everythlri Ithut must be referrwl hV ^e resident
of a     ■.splashing"    character-in- $»\T%\T.lruW ' £D  t^l3$Vflt\W*X
'     >■   fa ■ • ■ TliiM. (h the case-'of'   -Tho Chartered
manager tp . the
. .will,-1 in 'the case-' of'        	
publicity   and   promotion work has iBank of British Columbia, bo taken
boon eliminated    and     the progress, trt„„,   t .■;+*■, i,.+ n»*i„ j t      i
<      ., .-* ii ,i     care of with but little delay,
naturally, is very creditable, say Me    > •    f r  F   A    v
promoters. I .'-"No, districtv or Municipality   can
Mr, W. J. Holt Morrison, tho as-: accomplish much without tho assist-'
sis tun t to the secretary of tho hoard ance of capital and it is quite' ap-
and Capt. W. Wilson Irwin, commls- parent that the success of a pro-
sioner-of publicity, of tho bunk,- ar- ;,vinclal bank iu taking care of tlie
rived in Nanaimo on yesterday's local demand for more money will
boat irom Vancouver to feel the materially assist In tho up-bullding
pulse of citizens here, as it wore, and active- and rapid advancement
and gauge their support to tho now nnd development of .the resources of
bank,    Thero has been much said in-British Columbia, 4
support of the organization df   The     "Nnnalmo has much within its unchartered, Bank of British Columbia, .mediateyinX. ■  '      » is known to the.
among others, that.British .Columbia1'residents as being capablo of develop
is old enough, big enough, and strong ment."
enough to have its own bonk, ,, .Mr. Morrison is very pleased with
"There is renlly no reason why wo\',fchis city and was much interested in
cannot support a banking institution the harbor situation.    He remarked
Honolulu, Jan. 115;—A local ■ Japanese , newspaper prints nn interview with Viscount Aolii, Japanese
ambassador to America, in which
Viscount Aoki is quoted as follows:
"I do not approve of manual* labor*
crs going to America." Ho also
expressed himself as opposed to Japanese seeking naturalization in
America for the reason that citkon-
Ship is only , needed by those who
contemplate permanent residence-
CHICAGO, Jan. 16.—Frank Sullivan, swimmer director of tho Illinois Athletic Club, mado a new record for remaining under water,
staying on thc bottom of the tank
for thrco minutes. The former marn
of 2-20 was hold by Finney, an English swimmer, and wns mado several
years agn at Philadelphia. The
Britisher gave his exhibition In a
gloss tank in which tho water was
kept at a temperature of 88 degrees, Sullivan's feat was performed
in water at a temperature of 70 degrees.
This Time In an Ontario Theatre and
Is Attended    With Less
Serious Results.
ST. CATHERINES, Ont., Jun. 10
•Fire following tho explosion of a
picture mnchino, which was attended
by serious results and no little dnm-
ogo to property, occurred yesterday
afternoon at Hippodrome theatre,
whore moving pictures of Ben Hur
was being shown. The audience,
which numbered about 50, principally women and children, were panto
stricken, and several wore painfully,
though not seriously hurt liy .icing
trampled upon In u rush to gain
the street.
Lou McDermott, aged lo yonr*.
who operated tho machine, sufTcrod
serlblis and prol ubly fatal Injuries.
Ills hands and fn.e were burned to
the bono, and he is suffering from
The stores occupied by L. McDermott and A.-G. OHmore, on' both
sides of the theatroi wore badly damaged by water. i       <■ ■
Nothing But the Beit
Bd. Mulholland & J, Cartwright
City Bakery
b Doing  Businws.
All   Kind*   of   Bread.
Flrat Clnas.
i First Avenue.
VL-.   ■: -    -
Tha princinls of construction of a
modern rescue breathing apparatus
consists in furnishing a means for
purifying tha air exhaled by the user by mean* of suitable chemical*
which absorb the carbon dioxide nnd
moisture breathed out. At the same
lime the oxygen consumed in breathing must be furnished from receptacles containing gaa in a liquid or
compressed state. '
In order thnt the oxbalcd air may
be freed from carbon dioxide it ia
paasod through nn anhydride whose
action should be as rapid and complete as possible. Tho nnhydrlde of
soda or tho anhydride of potash may
bo used olthar separately or together,
nnd either ln solution or In the »ol-.
Id state, and If solid, In grains or in
In order to furnish the means for
carrying on tho two operations, o!
furnishing oxygen nnd purifying, tho.
oxhnled air, considerable apparatus
Is necessary. Tho difficulty has been
not to provide apparatus suitable
for carrying' on theso two different
nporntlon-j, hut to provide apparatus
that, woiild bo light enough so thnt
It could bo cnrrlod by a person, and
compact enough so that It would
not Interfere with tho movements of
the cnrrlcr.—From. Minos and Minerals for .Tanunry.
such ns The Chartered Dank of Bri
tish Columbia, with a marked degree
of success," says **lr. "Morrison,
"Nflliainio Is- <i" very important
port, and ns a oentfro of niiicti wenlth
and of important1 industries: it ' is
certainly goimr to grow, arid tho
paoplc of Nanaimo, from tlio feeling
wo havo experienced, ore very friendly toward our bank.
"Tho bond office of Tho Chartered
Bank of British Columbia being Vancouver,    the    monoy of both   share-
that it ploasod him to report that
there was a totnj, absence of,a boom
or pntidod prices in real estate, .. in
fiict he folt that tho local market
was qulto lair and that prices woro
moderate The. Chartered Bank of
British Columbia will havo business
connections in .every, .centre , in Europe,     United States and    Eastern
Cnnada. .■   ■
Mr. Morrison at>d Capt. Irwln^wlll
lonvo on. Saturday .for ojher points
in the Province.—Nnnalmo iFrooPi-eso
• *'• *••##•#••#•*#•###««**'##' '*■•' # * '• » « '• « •
KENORA, Out., Jan. 15—Tho magnificoiit new mill of the Maple Leaf Flour Mills Co., costing over a million dollars, was
burned .last,night. Only the sills aro left standing. The Are originated from a live wire.
' The Maple Leaf Mill was.one of tlio best on the continent and
had a capacity of 5,000 barrels a day. It omployed a large
number of men.
' .* *.*' • • •• '
»»•*»*»» i
* • « a
Cash in bank  $ 1,734,13
Per Capita due from Cort   1,147.50
School buildings   16,20').UO
City Hall,   Furniture, and
•.Lot      1,550.38
Fire apparatus      1,050.110
Police supplies       •   40.00
Maps and profiles        250,00
Unpaid taxes          660.15
Tools   30.00
School Accounts    for   De-
comber  $     674.50
Surplus  22,013.66
' 822,688.16
'   14th' January, 1908.
Audited und found- correct.
Bali from Just year  S
Trndc licences 	
Dog Tux 	
Liquor licences 	
lload Tax	
Govt, Gtrant to Schools ...
Real Prop. Tax	
Arrears of' taxes	
J. Bickle, use of stumping
Collected for broken window at s'choo!*	
Collected by P. Malone for
Cemetery water ucct	
Sub8ci'll)cd by residents for
High St. improvements..
Formaline sold D. Nicholson 	
Mar Sam Sing Ground
rent  ...
Copies of bylaws sold 	
Wrestling mat sold J. Con
llri -.
'Subscribed by W. Sponco
for work on White- St	
Street work ....;. ..» 2,687.21
Stationery and Printing ... 180.85
School Snlorles   ... .... 6,225.00
School Exiionscs ...;.•.   1,489.66
Fire Dopt. exiwnscs   198.10
Pound oxponses   '   95.00
Legal expenses   23.85
Telegrams and tolophones. 40.60
City Clerk salary   600.00
Constable, salary   94,.60
Mghtwatchmtin, salary .... -262.00
Cleaning City Hull   80.00
Miiyor nnd aldermen remuneration   585.00
Expressing  2.45
Coal Oil   13-25
Chairs for City Hall  16.00
Fixing   windows   damaged
by blasting   2.26
Filing saw  .60
Crankshuw Munnual ... .... 6.30
Polico Court oxponses   61.16
Itond Tux refunded   110.00
Dog tags      7.26
Lumber for cometory   8.47
Washing Blankets   2.26
Donation to City Band .... 25.00
Hacks for City Hall   1.60
Work   dono   on   Cometory
Bond     22.00
Lump burlier for City Hall .15
Auditing City Books   25.00
Brooms    l-'K)
Constable's Suit   35.00
Fuel   5.50
Grbcbrles for Mrs. Tuntnri 25.IK)
Repairs    to    11.  Curroll'B
bouse, damaged by blast
ing  «
Digging ditch for Ccinotcry
water pl|>os  '. ...  2.50
Formaline   '.  30.00
lOxctutngc on checquos  2.40
Subscription to Union, B.
C. Municipalities .',  10.00
Donation.    1st July Celo-
brution   25.00
Premium    on   City Clerk
Bond   15.00
Advt.   Court Revision   in
anzotto  5.00
Fumigating   3.00
Sunitury work   2.00
Stalin's  9.07
Uulunco In bank   1,734.18
j. Stewart,
11th January.  1908.
nnd found correct.
on f-u •'•-
Warrants drawn
a t   vu r-
Teachers' snlurios  $6,226.00
Washing and cleaning   090.00
Fuel  !  . 108.00
Water  60.00
Printing and advertising .... 18.96
Furniture ond supplies  46.48
Repair*  801.90
Tologrnms and telophonos ... 1.76
Secretory, salary  65.00
Insurance premiums  222.50
14th January, 1906
Audited und found correct.
Telephone, 1 2-1
..    Nnjiuiiii i  II C
Bal. from last year  $ 74.04
Interest on account          2.HI
Received for grave lots  161.60
Expended on tool* $   8.00
'Hauling' lumber       1.00
Work dono on Cemotory ......   20.75
Balance   paid   on    Cemetery
water account     68.00
llalance on hand    189.40
Audited and Iound. correct,
11th January, 1908.
 ~ i/miA ■:>■—	
^c'nt/TD /Fcuindry. & '
" Stove ^pAny.lttt
:*:.-      smith   B. 0
i l
Dp. %& Mt
LOCAL CLtJfl   PAB3ES IftJVEltAL   >f>%
Nanaimo, Jan, I5-—
District Hod "and   Oun Club Passiis    J
>   '„,Eesblut'ibh: D.e'aling wit:l.'/l*]fflf-;«5   ! &
ciont Protection of .Game. .       Lj
THe   Nanaimo" District^.  Rod"' ari^l' '^**^rf^^<*"^-**'
Gun Club held a   well .aftondecl inept
ing last night. ' *» '
J, H. Hawthornthwaite nddressoti
tho mooting on the subject of Came
Protection, and impressed ■ upon the
meeting several means by which the
game could be saved, as a means of
healthy sport and aluo as an nssot
to the country, by, tho siy>i.rp£sion of
illegal hunting and fisliingi bui of
season, by tho prohibition or the
sale of'game and tanningi of hides of
game on the mainland, as well as
on the Island; and also by tho establishment''of gnme'T'rcscrves on tho
government land throughout, tho pro-,
Under the head of' new business,
the following resolutions. >vere.. enr
dorscd, a. copy of the samo to. l>o
sont to tho local member of the1 loJ
gislaturo for roconimendaliqn ro a-'
mendment to the Gamo Act:
Resolved, that tho close' season for
■deer and grouse bo extended to the
15th of September tp the ,215th, ,o.if,
December,, also that the sale of
game and tanning of hides be 'prohibited on tho mainland,, ,   ,"
Resolved, that, this Club place if.*-.
self on record as opposed tb' '-tho- im*-
position of a game license on!' residents of British Columbia. „.   ,   M.,,,
Resolved, that the appointment be
made of a sufficient- number- of game
wardons, and that these wnrdens'be'
endorsed by tho different local insti-',
tuted game clubs, also that,they be
paid proper salaries, and also that
tho provincial government put '6n a
patrol boot to pbHco tho waters of
the gulf with headquarters at , Na-'
Resolved, that this club pass a resolution asking the provincial and
Dominion governments, boforo granting a franchise for fishing -rightis^o,
any company or private individual,
that the conditions and privileges ^pf
such rights embodied therein should
bo published in tho local papers for
a   period of threo months.'
 * _	
Vancouver, Jan. 15— Mnratoc MU-
r,ato wns committed for trial yestfor-
day. ■ The second .Japanese.was.sent
tip this ..imorning-lor- tho attempted*
murder of the throe 'firemen on New
Years morning. The other two Japs
were dismissed.       .	
J^w Store
^ewJySto- kod
rrj-ry ' ^'" T'/ '
K-'ArT -MrfifS *bf ^fl 1*aper.
Pictyre   Framing .a  Sijccialty.-
He Best;Corner
— IS-
All Work Guarantnn'1:
. DnESSEIt and stand.	
siDEiioAnbs.'"..       .,
Assortment of flamboo Goods. •
Largo Assortment of Fancy   China-
i ,waro and.,fllas6wni-*, Etc. ■
6. Peterson
'Phoie 18.
Flrat Avenue
BOYERTON, Jan. 15.-i3f tho 185
persons crushed and burned to death
in Monday night's ttioatre disustor,
thore are probably moro than • half
will be laid a way in nameless graves. Tho morgues In which the , bodies wero placed for identification
wore opened to the public today/ So
far as persons and undertakers could
ascertain from, th* charred remains
and clothing, ton of the dead wcro
women and girls, and -18 wore iiioh
aud boys. So badly burned were
the other„ bodies that the sex could
not be determined and it Is provable these will all be burled In ono
plot in Union cemetery	
Up to noon today thirty bodies
had been idontlflodby menna df Jewelry or clothing. Two of tho lijjur-
od, Mrs. Dier and Jacob Johnson,,
both ol this place, died today, bringing the list of dead to 185.
London, Jan. 15-;- Lord Strathco-
na. Interviewed last night, on. the
shipping situation, snld that he regarded tho agreement reebntly en>
tOrod by tho North Gorman Lloyd
and Hnmhurg-Amorlcan ship lines ns
likely to precipitate a repetition of
tho situation of a few years .ago,
whon the American attack upon the
British shipping resulted in a subsidy to tho Cunnrd'Company, liy thp
Britlah government and tho building
of the Liisltanln and Miiretnnln.
Notice is hereby given that an application will lie liimle to tlio Legislative Assembly, of .the Province of'
British Columbia for an Act to,.Inr
t-'brporate a'Coiiipiiny witli power to
"equip',--bTiild, maintnlii and'operate ii
j line'of A'nihvt.y, of, standard or otHer
jgaujro to bo opei-ated by. stonm, ol-
''ectrielt.v or 'oeher' power for tlm currying of freight, uiisseiigeis and express* from, a point situated on Section Fourteen (1-1) or Fifteen (15) in
Rang* Five (V.) Crnnborry District,
or' Section Foi'iMeen (11) Rnnjjd' Six
(VI.),' Crnnborry ■ District; thence
south-easterly liy tho most feasible
route to a point situate on Oyster
Bayin Oyster District, a distance of
about twolvo ■ miles moi-o or loss—
wltlc"iiutliprity. .also to construct,
equip, iiinlntuin and bporate briuiclios
from'time to timo from any point
'or "points of tlio proposed' railway ;
with'powor iilsn to clmstriict nnd'op-'
crnto teleerni li, end. telephone ..lilies
for tho pui'i'.re of its business nnd
for' tho plil I r u-'ilh power to own,
use anil <i;.i-i...lo"w«tor powers ■ con-
.venieiit to., tlio road,, railway,nnd
other-purposes, and witl) such other
powers mid 'privileges as arc usually
given tu Hallway Toiiipiinies.
 :"      ,   . Solicitors (ur Applicant..
Dated at Victoria, B.C., this .15th
day of January, IPOS.
Dr nt go by it,
And You will
Pet r Inkster
Ready for al) kind of
Leave Orders with Blair ft Adam.
Telephone 2-4.*
Notice is hereby given that I Intend to apply to the License Commissioners of the City of Ladysmith,
at thoir noxt rogular mooting, for a
transfer of tho Retail Liquor License
now hold by me for the premise*
i known as tho Extension Hotol, Ladysmith, B.C., from myself to John
Lucca Domenlco Giovando.
         JOHN VAIBA.
Ladysmith, B.C., Nov. 19, 1907.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Dally nt 9 n. m. '
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday
•At 9:00 nnd 15:58.
For Victoria,.
Traini *\rriva at Ladyimith
Dally at 11:57.
You bnoiy from daily otic.
rlcnce,nt home cr in tii i barber
•liob, that tiic qOcst-'.-ri' Is—
•l Why docsr.'t #. r-.uor ihold1
Its ccIbo nnKatndy,/rsrn'tliee.ULi/fll
to he-id tvltliouf honin;; ond | r/lPvJJ
tgrlndin'g?" • -Whetr'.cr'it' li"o°''f
.safciyi wilh.Vin oortaln'tax'of
ncv blades, orh*^p j;jd:rary.
op.-.n-bladccl razor i'o:n not
niter the question. You \vr.nt
a clean, smqat'i (baye, evory
morniL.jj with tlio confident
knowl-i'igc that' your ra2or
will h-. .'. lay fcr instr.M ur.c
thent..;   -.. ;• .needed.   .
Tht • ' - Magnetic raroria
tho ow.t ,_.:jr itnoaa&ttnn.
nlfy t/mrantonil to do thia.
Thirty years or i.tudy on the
ta::or aituatibn nds Jicrfcctcd
a. .new nccret proecas of
nieojfiiQ nutPEnuia that
positivoly mer-rcs evpry par-
llclaofcarlionlthftlifc of Steel)
Into tho metal—fpyinrj.a.dla-
inond-H!:c hardness uniformly
throughout tho bbJc—sohie-
thing, aba-jlu'xly Irajioosiblo
with fire ten; en.d titee|--uacd
In maicing all other ra^prB.
But test this rardr Irt'your
own home—orif you-prcferi
have your barber. u|p it on you.
Give us your name.———
or crlll'n'l!d■seG'■ tiio'-'Carbo
1 Magnetic" rniior, an-! -ve will
atatooiirpropoaiiion for.tcst-
ftig theoe ro;:or3 without
obligation dn jhjw. ii.tr. to
furolmsa, together v/ith our
free booklet "Hintson Sluv-
Ing," This book illustratco
the correct razor position for
»h*vlng every part of the face,
 '"■'   SOLE AGENTS:
,"      '      L1N0BRIE HATS.
Instructions given In all ..the latest
Fancy Work at
Miss F. Uren
«pbort« Street, I^idyanilUi.
•At 11:57 and 17.55.
Prom Victoria.
Wednesday,   Sntin-ilny   hnd   Siinday,'   CAIXIARY,    Jan. 17. — A young
man nniiinl Wm". Mc'llllla, who  had
beon umployod In Taylor's establishment; for. somo time, committed suicide yesterday afternoon by drinking
i two ounces nf cnrfiollc acid. Ro  had
fboon '■■ drlnMng* ''heavily for' several
,' days,    HIb father Ir a 'W-onlthy' lum-
bor merchant In Saginaw, Mleh.    Ho
' ti-iis divorced recently by a   woman
living In   Dn ven port, Iowa, and had
boon brooding over It. ""''
UU u
OBNT'S 1'II'l'S, CIGAR and 010-
Our Specialty If—
Cut Glass
and Silv rware
From the Beat Canadian Halter*.
District rnssongcr Agent: '
102 Government St., Victoria
Philpott's Restaurant
la th* Plae* ter
4-iv * »^%»^»a>a>*%<aiafaa*af^^^*>*l»»***^»**svM.»»><va>-
the ;big game,
■*•%••>•%-a*-*.^^-*.-*^ <*,*%** .-%.-a.»-».**-av*^%^%/%-a.*^%.-%.*p,j
. , I.would . only, havo boen doing what lib should have lifted his fuut.
. |   .,,,., i -,.,.. .      .1 was. right had lie filled both -players man will stand    to be kicked
With the,general tqno, end spirit of off." thoro is an end of It.     .,  i,\ini.l
the'reports, appearing In the, Nauai-     On tlio face of It this is a  biased
No .taken-up.   iu aid of tho   club funds,
uud  whieh aro getting rather low.
'- .'...Thero was" then "a long discussion
„    ,,,        .       ,. .   ,      . In another part of t|te report ,„ It  on    tho,, varolii    question, of playini*
mo papers .of tho great game on Sa- statomen   and is wrong aU to facts   ,   slatell that. bot„ y     ■ „ld the.Island Lea
turday last, Ladysmith. sports havolho..   writer has soon, all kinds     of Al|(lm wore ))UllB(, up ,„;.' ,J„'fiig   in LJ     There is no desire „„ the „„,-t
no complaint to.make. ,„03oth    the games, from a  country competition  tho ca„y    ^   'This „ ^rcly"^'[iio Wf      *" *>*••»»*
-   up to.the English cup Ue final,   and misicn(11„g.     Tho wrtte. ca„ onlyr0.
Herald and tho Free Press give
fairly accurate account of tho game,
and give tlio local boys full • credit
for their performance. Both Juur-
nalB.odinit "that th.o uhnmpiom) for
fully seventy minutes of the giuno,
hold the upper hand, and that thoir
ono goal load at this stago of tho
game was the result of sujiorlor
play. All'this Is as it.should bo;
but the Free Press raises ono or two
points which cannot bo allowed to
go unchallenged.
Thoro wns an unpleasant Incident
occurred in the gamo on Saturday.
Tho Standard sporting man has always'found it bettor in tho truo interests of sport to ignore such incidents. Any player in" a hotly contested gamo, .is liable to toso his
temper. But goneruliy it is over In
a minute, and everybody wants to
forgot all about It. The Herald
man was clearly of tho same opinion
for ho also did not mention the Incident.
Tho Free Press goes around it in
another wa/i ' in" its V'opor't of' the
game It says:
"Thoro was a roughness about
their (Ladysmith) tactics from tho
outsot, an unmistakable sign ot unnecessary vigor that was Intended to
scare tho local players, that soon1
brought matters' to a crisis. No
team in British Columbia is potter
c.ncquainted with tho reputation that
the Nanaimo ttoul keeper bears than
the Ladysmith' modi and the    same
considering the Issues at stake on
•Saturday, ho has nover seen a cleaner game of one with so littio rough
play. . Where -did the unnoccssury
vlgoi- como In, and how does Morrison figure In It. Arthur was playing contro half, and was nover near
Bradshaw. As for Sanderson, ho
would havo given something to get
near Brndshaw, but as lt was, ho
was little more than a striped supporter, Aguin, while deprecating
dangerous charging and unnecessary
roughness, fuutliull is not a parlor
gamo. Alsu bo it said that neither
Graham nor Hewitt use' parlor methods, and can bo doponded on to
look after themselves. Certainly it
Is no tribute to their staunchness,
or the intelligence of tho Ladysmitli
mon to talk of scare methods. To
ttnish with this point, it is only necessary to say that -the locals went
up to play the gamo and will it if
thoy could.
Now we como to a QUostlon of
fact. Adam Jumped at Bradshaw.
A minute after tho occurrence the
Stundard ninn was told iu all seriousness that Jimmy flrst of all
"kneed" Albeit aud thon jumped
him. This was a man who was
away up tho Hold and in no position
to sec what really did happen. The
Frco Press man must havo been with
him. Bradshaw wus charged fairly,
ami siuaroiy. Of course he had
cleared, but with so little time    to
club to protest Inst Saturday's gamo at Nanaimo because
member two occasions, onco with Howitt mid Cruiekshnnks appeared
Ailum and onco with Morrison in tor Nanaimo. What tho club du-
wlllcll this occurred. There wore _.rai |s ror Urn Leuguo olllciuls to
fouls against other playera-tutd rial'''^va if delinlto' ruling, as to'tho eli-
thor , Adam nor Morrison, nor any gibillty of playors who havo already
other player on the Ladysmitli team, „ssjsll!U mainland clubs in tho 1). C.
wns guilty of discreditable play. A' oup competition being transferred to
chnnco foul may bo awarded against island teams competing in the" Is-
tho clonnost of playors, but anyone \aBfi jjjjjgy-^
may bo snld lu regard to the local's, spare that ho could not ovado Jim-
two foil backs. During tho opening, my, and Albert Is not a man who
ton minutos when tho visitors   were needs much time to got Out of    tho
forcing vigorously, Morrison, Adnnl
and Saunderson used extraordinary
efforts ln their rushes to reach Bradshaw, and il certainly bodod ill to
any man who happonod in their path
On ono occasion whon tho li-oal custodian hud clearod, tho visitor's centre forward Jumped off his feet (an
unfair    charge) at him.     Bradshaw
road of a charge. Now the Standard man has always given Bradshaw
full credit for his goal keeping. Ho
Is undoubtedly tho heat custodian in
tho province. But ho affects a stylo
which invites a forward to conic in
on him, and Albert has played in
football where often enough a contro forward Is kept for nothing olso
retaliated with a  kick, which Adam than to nttend to a «oal keeper. It
returned by using his lists, and in a was a  pity he lost his temper   un-
moment the   field was flooded     nnd dor    a  perfectly   legitimate charge.
pandemonium    rqignoa*.    Tho roforoo The reforeo declared it a  fair charge Ior eleven up to form.     It is
liected thai "a" good game will     bo and it wns still n   greater pity that played     und a  collection will
with even a rudimentary knowledge
of tho game must confess that Saturday's game was surprisingly free
front fouls.
Moreover it is to Ladysmith's credit that the club playod tlio game.
Many     a  captain In Adam's piece,
There is, of eourso, a
difference of opinion, and the .Y.M.C.
A. -are playing Mainland men us woll
as Naniitmo. ft'If is legai'to play
these men thoro are other clubs who
may obtain similar assistance before
the season ends. Accordingly it was
decided to instruct the secretary to
with a goal leud and only twenty write the president of tho Associa-
minutos to go, would have, transfer-,, tion asking him to call a meeting
rod himself und Saunderson to . tho of the executive, when the question
back lino and put-it up to Nanaimo . will bo definitely settled one way or
to get through.    Even First League the other.
elevens are not above ros6rting toj An echo of tho regrettable incident
such tactics and kicking out a la thnt oci;urred during the game on
Wilkos ia considered part of <t de-j Satui-dn"ST" was also raised at the
fenslvo game. I mooting.     Some of the players com-
Tlils ia-practically all there is to plained of the conduct, of Constable
bo said about tho guiiio. It was j Trawford during the time that ■ tho
lost after It appeared to be won. It spectators invaded tho ploying Held,
should havo boon won. But mis- They allege that Constable Traw-
takos will occur, and no ono is kick- ford wns brandishing his truncheon,
Ing over the result. Tho hoys char-
ish ho ill feeling against any ono of
thoir opponents and they naturally
objoot to being charged with methods of intimidation, with unnecessary roughness, or what is worse
sti,l|, .with dclibcratoj intentional
The regular     meeting of tho Management Committee of tho Football
Club was hold In tho Standard oilice • tho matter to the attention of Supt
on Tuosdny night.      Tho lirst busi- Hussoy.
and his olrorts were directed rather
'against1 liadysiilitht iSjipportoVs . or
players rather thnn in an attempt to|
prevent a breach of the peace. One
Itksyer, Indeed, ullogos that Constable Trawford ordered him off tlio
field during the time he was flourish
ing his baton. This it was alleged,
mode tho second timo that Consta-
blo Trawford has mistaken his local
partisanship for .official zeal. It
was decidod that tho secretary, in
tho nemo of tho    club, should bring
BOYftUTOWN, I>a;, .Ian. lO.-Thie
little borough, which lost one-fifth
of its population in the opera houso
here Monday night, toduy turned to [
tho task of  burying its dood.     Be-1
cause of tlio condition of must of tho ] B: E. WALKED., President,
bodiss tho borough authorities have ALEX. LAIKD, Qeneral Ma aeei-
„„l,,wl    iu,   t  i    .._■_,■    .        i     !   .      _'    ' '   . a
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
ness was the selection of the Intermediate and Junior teams for today's league matches which appeared
in Wednesday's issue of the Standard. It was also decidod to play a
practise team on Sunday afternoon,
with the object of keeping tho    sen-
Tho special committee nro pushing
ahead with their arrangements for
tho.eoncort which is to ho given in
tho opera houso on Saturday evening, Jan. 25, on tho occasion of tho
visit of tho Y.M.C.A.. A strong
programme has been arranged and
ex-!thoro Is little doubt that the con
be cert will prove a  groat success.
Following are lho positions ol the
leading .club* In the flrat divisloa of
the English L*ague:
W. L. 1). Pts.
Manchester,. United ...
...is a a 84
Newcastle United 	
...10   0   i   io
Sheffield Wednesday ,
....11  7  2  84
Uury  , !.,.>.in.i
 9. 0(1  34
Bristol City 	
.... 8  0  7   23
Manchester   City ... .
.... 8  5  6  22
Evcrton  i	
...9   7   4   22
Aston Villa 	
.... 7  7 7 ai
Notts County	
.,.. 7  9   7   21
Woolwich Arsenal ...
.... 7   7  11  20
Second Divleion.   •
Derby County 	
...IS  4  »  29
Oldham Athlotlc ......
....18  4   2  as
West Bromwish 	
....13   8   4   38
....18 7 2 as
Bradford Olty ...... ....
....13  4   8   27
Fulham   I	
...12   7   1   SB
Burnley , 	
...10   8   5   25
Leicester l-'osso  ,.
.... 9   0   5   23
....10   9   3   32
Stockport County	
... 7   0   7   31
the Henley regatta this year. cent years has been seriously felt I.y
The committee also felt that, If the local merchants of Minnesota in
such a conrso was to bo adopted, It common with other states of the
should be sottlod before tho entries west and northwest,
were made for the regatta of 1907, The conference is. expected to rc-
so that any club from outside the suit in a strong and perinauotit fed-
United Kingdom intending to enter oration of the commercial clubs of
for tho regatta of 1907 should bo Minnesota. . This organization, it is
aware that they could not be repre- proposed,     will work systematically
sontcd at Henley regatta tho follow
Ing year.
Th* committee therefore made the
above recommendation to the stewards who, at a meeting held May
4, (two montha before the date ol
ithe regatta of 1907), poa*ed a resolution suspending for the year 1908 sessions will
th* rule i under     which entries from row.     James
to advertise the advantages and re
sources    of the state and otherwise
work (or its general development.
President   jLookc of tho St. Paul
Commercial Club called the convention to order this morning and Gov,
Johnson greeted the visitors.      The
contlnuo ovor tomor-
J. Hill,  State Imml-
outside tho Unltod Kingdom are ae- gratlon Commissioner Welch and oth
cepted. - | er spankers ol prominence will     bo
This resolution was forthwith com- heard,
munlcnted to the press, and waa pub
llshed in the sporting papers of this
Ottawa,   Jan. 15 Judgement has
New York, Jan. 15.—Leslie Harris
th* English pianist, vocalist and entertainer, made hla flrst appearance
In    America at the Hudson theatre
been rendered in the Sprague. vs. yesterday. Mr. Harris will nmko a
Booth action, tried before Judge Ma- tour of Canada and the Unltod Sta-
boo in the high court here laat No- tea.
recover the sunt of 12,-
Herbert T. Steward, chairman ol
the committee of management. Henley Royal Regatta, haa written a
letter to the press clearing up the
misconceptions in regard to the barring of foreign crew* from the Henley regatta next summer. He write*:
At a  meeting of the stewarda    of
Henley regatta,    hold on the    14th
Inst., I was requested to lorward to
the press    a short .statement   with
the object ol    removing the mlscon- . . .      ,
ceptlons, more or less wld.ly spretd "•*•    "* "°d*' *"*• '"^J*"*   '
nffoot ot water In the bath tuft tn
their rooms this morning. The couple were married    ln Canada ' two
vember tp
500,000 lor non-fulfillment of eon-
tract to sell Canada and Atlantic
railway.        The" suit waa dismissed
with coats.
NEW YORK, Jan. IB- Inability
of her husband to obtain employment I* bollevod to have led Mrs
Louise McClure to ond her life    to-
whlcli appear to exist with regard tu
the resolution passed by the stew
nrds early lost year, suspending (or
the year 1908 the rule under which
all entries from outside the United
Kingdom are.Accepted, and wliloh
suspension    will prevent the Belgian
years ago. It waa a -runaway marriage. Alter their arrival her* all
went well lor a time but about a
year ago   McClure lost Ms position
club, who won, the Grand Challenge, •"**** n°l bMn n™*1** »» J***'
Cup In    1907,   from competing at\Un« work »lnco thttt tlB**' *"' Mo;
Clur* became deeply dospondont, and
when she did not recover her
strength alter the birth ol a child a
few month* ago she worried continually over th* family's dosperute
'—      1    .   .   '■
Henley thl».,year.. .   •    ,
In March, 1907, tho Olympic Council decided to hold an International
regatta at Henley in th» last week
of July, 1908, In connection with thd
Olympic games, which are to take
place In England this year.
When th|s, bociuno known to tho
committee ol management ot Henley ST. PAUL, Minn., Jan. 16;— To
regatta It., appeared clear to them lay plans for a broad campaign ol
that it would.be unreasonable to en- education tn bohall of homo trad* aa
deavor to hold it, o International ro- against cataloguo house* 1* one 'of
gnttns In July, nnd that thsy ought the chief objects til a convention,
to do all In their poW*r to mako tho which aasembled In St. Paul today
Olymplo rogatta the international re- with delegate* In attendance from
gatta of tha year. tho  commercial   bodies   throughout
With this..object ln view they do- Minnesota. An effort will be made
elded to recommend to tho stewards to enlist both the Jobbers and ro-
that entrlos from outside the United toilers In an aggressive fight agalriat
Kingdom should not be accepted for null order competition, which ln re-
London, Jan. 15.— The Tribune
hears from a sourco which It regards as trustworthy that.tho missing IrlBh regalia Is held Intact for a
large ransom. . It says that the
mystery of Its disappearance can
only be solved by a public Inquiry
which would reveal amazing.and romantic features.
. Montreal, Jan. 10— Tho tourist
department of the Canadian Pncific
Railway has mado all arrangements
lor A monster wolf hunt to begin
tomorrow In the Klppawa region of
Quebec. Tho hunt will bo under tho
guidance of an old wolf hunter; and
the sport will be participated In by
parties trom New York; Boston und
other cities across tho lino as woll
as many Canadian enthusiasts.'
Portland, Jan. 15.—Tho Brotherhood of Owls, a fraternal order, began Its first national convocation In
Portland today. Many delegates
arid' visitors are here and during a
stay of three daya ln Portland they
will be handsomely entertained. The
report* to be presented to tho convention show that the organization,
sine* It wa* first formed at Walla
Walla, a Uttlo riibro than a year
ago, has spread Into twenty-two
States and Canada, and Is stilt grow
Ing at a gratifying rate." The total membership now approaches the
100,000 mfrk.
M.I   ....
LONDON, Jan. Id.—"What will
womon do when they rule?" asked a
Berlin nowspaper recently. Answers
caino from all over tho world. Hero
are a few:
"They rulo already, and always
have, so cannot understand your
question."—Lady Alma-Tadoma.
"Nonsensical things." — Mmo Sus-
anno Dcspres, Paris tragedienne.
"Thoy will retain thoir good and
bad qualities, as men rulers have
done, do and always will."—Mmo Sg-
ruh Bernhardt.
"Thoy will not differ much from
tho best mon rulors. I don't believe
in tho superiority of either sex. The
world is for both. Thoy must sway
Its destinies."— Lady Henry Somerset. .
"Thoy will havo undisputed nower
to aid my life-woi-k of supplying tho
gowns-to needy actresses."-- Minnie.
Yvctto Guilbort.
"I would dostroy all but a few
schools and create a generation of
minds free from traditions of modern -wretchedness; until there la' a
new. humanity reform con bo but superficial."—Mmo. Ellen Key, Scandinavian writer on Marriage and .Maternity.'
"Wo .would restlessly seek office but
would , not "spend fortunes sending
warships to tho Pacilic to terrify
our neighbors. We would strengthen
industry, mako tho church moro popular than the theatre and enforce
total abstinence and open all schools
to women."—Bolva Lockwood, twice
Woman's Rights candidate for president of tho United States.
. ..     Rich Man a Tramp.
When the Sartorovlllo, France, po-
llce ' hoard a few days ago of
tramp who had beon buying ohnm-
pagno of a local inn horo they decidod there was something suspicious
about this "hobo,"
Thoy woro looking for tho perpetrator of'a bold robbory In tho neighborhood, nnd a vagabond who could
offer a 100 franc note for wino looked good to them. Thoy found tho
man with three other waifs In
ramshackle 1-otidsido house.
"Your suspicion is natural, but unfounded," the tramp explained politely.   "Hero aro my pnpers."
He handed over a bank draft for
S860 and documents showing him to
have boen once a prosperous manufacturer-and mayor of a community.
Then, with a..communicativeness begotten of champagne, ho explained
how, at tho height of his prosperity
yonrs before, ho had been deceived
by his wife, whom he adored, Turning his projierty into money and so
investing it ns to insure himself a
handsome income, ho disappeared,
taking to the public road. For two
decades-he had lived, cut off from
friends nnd family. His Income ho
drow regularly, spondlng It among
his wandering companions. Tho polled left htm to his vngabond friends
oskod tho bereaved relatives to bury
tho' dead within three days.
All nigiht long scores of men worked Jn tho-morguo preparing the identified for ,thoir removal to their into,
homes or to the cemetery. As oarly
as live o'clock a long lino of dead
wagons moved here and there, distributing corpses, and before night
fell most of the dead woro ready for
There was a slight hitch In the
work i of removing bodies from tlio
morguos through tho action oi Coroner Strassor forbidding tho removal of any bodies during his absence.
This wns due to a mix-up in Identification of tlie body of a boy.
There were three claimants for tho
body ond all appealed to tlio coroner for permission to remove it. Each
one was positive the body was the
one they wore looking for, therefore,
in order to prevent mistake, the coroner issued the order. When it was
explained that people who had positively identified thoir doad wanted
the remains and that thoso in dispute would bo held the coronet" rescinded his order.
Since then thb'rollof committee,
working- in conjunction with the relatives, has removed more than lifty
bodies  from the morgues.
Moro than sixty douth certificates
wero issued up to 10 a.m. and more
of theso bodies will bo buried during
tho day, most of thorn without any
funeral ceremonies. There is not a
clergyman in tho town able to conduct services. There will be no
service in tho Lutheran church Sunday, Tho Rev. Adam Weber, who
lost a  daughtor, is still prostrated.
The town has decidod to buy eight
lots for tho burial of tlie unidentified dead, in the centre of tho plot
sulllciont space will bo left for the
erection of a   monument.
Daylight found crowds around the
entrance to tho morgues clamoring
for admission. At 7 o'clock the
doors wero opened and the gruesome
work of Identification was again taken up. It is believed that more
than fifty bodies will never bo Identified.
A. E IRELAND, Superintendent
of Brat cites.
Paid-iip capllai $10,000,000
■tel 5,000,000
Total Assets. 113,000.000
at.c'ies throughout Canail-i unil in the United  States tv'.d' England
Farmers'   Paper  Discounted.
Deposits of $1 ami upwards received, und intere t alliwe'd at
curreut, rates. Tlio depwiitor is subject to no delay whatever In
the withdrawal uf lhe whole or auy part of the deposit
L.a!DYSMI'1'H  IH-MNC3H  	
LONDON, Jan.  16.—Tho rate     of
discuunt uf the Bank of England was
reduced from 0 to 5 por cent today,,
Tho reduction was auUciptilcd us tho
fresh gold arrives, must of which
was absorbed by the bank, and the
return uf cash to the country,
materially strengthened tho reserves
in tho metal, In spite of the considerable amount taken by South America, that there was no excuse for
a further protection of the higher
rate, which has so. discommoded finance for some months past.
Even had the bank desired'io retain a higher rate, it is doubtful if
it could be . mado effective, as the
supply of money in Lombard street
is abundant as to be almost for the
moment in excess of tho rojquire*
Tho discount rato in tho opon market fell to 41i por cent, the recent
continental purchases of sterling
bills indicated the pro! ability that
the gold borrowed from France during tho American stringency would
be allowed to remain for a time
here and the bills renewed. This
proved a further inducement for the
bank to lower its rate.
The Stock Exchange already had
fully discounted the 5 per cent, rato
which caused a slight hardening in
Presldont and Managing Director.
tiillti a. in., to 12.    4 p.m., to S p.
m.    8 ii.m.,'to 8:80 p.m."
 L. Jit. DeOEX, Manga
GEO. C   P10KAI1D.
Kp< r.-Ury-Trcnsurer.
Ileal* Served at all 'Joura.
First Class
PMvate rtooms
For Ladies.
Clam Chowder and Oysters
W. E. MOORt   -   Proprietor.
of Victoria
Will Give Lessom on
'At R. McMillnnV Residence,
First   Avenue.
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
P.O. Box SI 'phon, M
Dealer lit All Kind* of	
Heats Delivered tree of charg* aath*
Shortest Notice. •   .
Painter & Puperhanger
Has received the agency  of
one of the best American
Picture Enlarging Firms.
Call in and 900 Spiciu ens.
Stove Wood
Ovi by White Labor 0*ly.
Union Brewing Co.
Lndysmith, B. O.
NEW YORK, Jan. 10.—An explosion which the police attribute to
tho "Bluck Hand" uccurred early
today in a tenement houso on East
29th street, shuttering tlie front of
tin' building, breaking windows in
nonrby buildings and almost causing
a panic in thc wards of Bellovuo
sido of tho huspitnt towards tho
hospital, winch are located on that
building where tho explosion occurred.
No ono in tho building, was seriously hurt. Tho explosion seems to
have beon directed toward the family of Pierre, a coal nnd wood dealer, whoso wifo nnd children wore in
the building. Pierre- states thot on
Dec. 5 he received • a letter signed
"Block Hand" in which ho was directed to place $1,000 on the grave JAPAN'S ENORMOUS EXPENDI-
of   a  cortain   man   in a  Brooklyn I TUR1^ F0R ARMYf
cemetery within a month, on pen-1 W>KIO, J*n. lG.-Tht prosenta-
alty of boing killed with all his fam- tion of ft iynopils of the budget to
Hy, the leaders of both houses, which it
All Homo Cured
Roberts St. Butcher
had bean arranged was to hav*   oc-.
; currod this   morning, wa*   suddenly
Wlnnlpcg, .Tan.     15.—Tho members postponed    and   It waa    announced
of tho commlsslbn appointed by   tho that changes are to bo made in car-
ffovornniont to opcrato tho telephone tnln Items.     While absolutely noth
system In Mnnltoba have boon nam- Ing ofllclal haa been given out, lend
od.     P. C. Patterson, northwestern lnff business men estimated that tho
mnnn-rcr of tho noil Tolephono Co., government receipts for 1908-0 will
Js chairman, nnd Mr. W. TTnyds nnd amount to about $610,000,000   and
and Pastry
Always Frosh on Hand.
Wedding and Party Cake* Made to
Fruits nnd  Cnmlira of All Kind*
Prices aro    vory   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
On the Esplanade.
Ladysmith, B. (J.
an outcome of tho depression In tho
diamond industry, negotiations have
been opened between tho two great
prodleing companies, tho Dellccrs
nnd tho Tremler Lomond Co., with a
view in limiting tho"Vd'tpii£ whiSv] fl, J. Mornn, both Boll officials, nro expenditures to about 1015,000,000,
dlltmonds ronmin practically unsaln- the other members of the commls- of which approximation one-third 1*
L,'a' slon. for the army and navy.
Full Stock of Miner*' Tool*.
Ship Repalrlnif Work   .
.   „     A Specialty
All  kind* of
Don* at Short Motto*.
»%%%'%%*%»%T»%'-*>r*%%%r%%»l»%f%%% . v..'. DA*, J.i'iwAl'.i UU., 11/03.
imor) Leiser & Go.
Ladies and Misses Coats
Ladies' Heavy Melton Coats, in Black, size .'10 unil 44.
$13.50.     SALE PRICE 	
Ladies' Light Bluck Cloth Cunts, in  Black/ size 38 and 40. Regular $12.00.     SALE PRICE 	
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eady io-Wear Skirts
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I'KIOE _  ^40
A oomplote range of Cnildron'sNatural' Wool "Shirts' and"'Drawers,
all sizes, to go at a reduction of lOPer Cent.
Girls   Flannolotto Dresses^-Must go at 25 per cent off.
I SATURDAY, JAN, 18th and continuing for the balance of the month jj
:: as we want to turn our goods into money.
Miliisieiry Department
Children's Tag Sailors, regular $1.25 to $1.75, to lie cleared at...$ .75
Three Bearskin Hats, regular $3.75,  to be cleared at   2.00
Four dozen Stocking Caps, regular 50c, to be cleared at 25
Two dozen Children's Bonnets, in Silk and Velvet,   regulur   $1.75,
to be cleared ot
One dozon Bearskin Bonnets, regular  75c, to bo cleared at
Pour dozen Ladies'
ed  at	
Felt Hat Shapes, regular up to $2, to be clear-
All Heady-to-Weiir EInts going att 75 cents, and all Trimmed Millinery at HALF PRICE.
Mens' Clothing
We placo the whole of our Men's Suits, Overcoats and Trouser*, a*
well as our stock of Doys' Suits and Pants at a Reduction of 20 Per
All of our Men's Shirt* sacrificed as well.     Thoso that woro     $1.50
and $1.25, will have to go nt $1.25 and $1.00.
Men's Natural Wool .'Underwear, Penman'* best^ make, in nil sizes,
from 31 -to 42,  thut wero $1.50 per garment, now  $1.25
50 Suits RIbbod Underwear, nil sizes, regular $2. SALE PRICE.... 1.65
Boys' Underwear reduced 10 Per Cent.
We intend making this ono of tho Greatest Money Saving Opportunities ever known. Several Special Line* will bo offored at a more Komla-
al Prico, but the whole of Our Stock we offer at a SPECIAL- DISCOUNT
of 15 PER CENT,.
No Goods on Approval
imon Leiser & Co.
Household Department
Blue and Whito Bedspreads which wore $1.00, for     .85
Blue and .Whito Bedspreads which wore $1.25, for   1.10
Whito Bedspreads, largo, which woro $1.75, for   1.40
A range, running as high as $5.00 at a Great Reduction.
Six dozen Turkish Towols, to go at per pair  ,,, 25
Blankets, Curtains, Comforters and Pillows, all   to go at sweeping  reductions.
In LINOLEUMS wo have-
80 Pieces of tho very Latost Patterns, 2 yards wide;
5 pieces of tho very Latest Patterns, 4 yards wide;
2 pieces of tlio very Latest Patterns, 1 yard wide;
Which wo will drop 10 PER CENT during the Sale
And a vast array of REMNANTS and RIBBONS at practically your
Own Price.
Don't Miss this Unssual Opportunity.   It
will be like Putting Money in the Bank
^♦HtlllMIWHH *4*H+r+*+¥*+■f--H-r++*r*-m++-f^->-r+-K^ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ +++♦+♦ -H-f-H-M-rH-f -H-r^"*"*"---!"!-* *H*K-r-»*H-H^-f-H-H-f-H»mf f »-»^4
Mis*  111gl ia la  litis
this last week.
been indisposed
Mr. J. A. Van Tassel I, of Victoria,
is in town.
Mr. C. E. Wilson, of San Francisco returned to Ladysinith yesterday
A. Auchinvole and F. G. Ashton
will furnish the music at the Annual
Masquerade "Dance of I.O.O.F. at
Duncan, Thursday, 23rd of Jan.
The next dance of the Lndysmith
orchestra will bo on Monday, 20th
of January at the Opera House.
Mr. C. J. South, J.P., Provincial
Superintendent of tlie Children's Aid
Society, was in town on Wednci'Jay
Mrs. G. W. Scott has been seriously ill during thc week, but is now
slightly improved.
The Merchants' Employees' Association gave their Annual Bull oa
Thursday evening. Dancing was continued until    3 in tlie morning, and
the   dance was pronounced a   great
success. j
... LulTkals      !
Cumberland men are so numerous
in Nanaiino that there is some talk
of forming a Cumbrian Society to.
be known as tlie Cumberland-Westmoreland Association.
Rev. R. A. Heath will preach a
special sermon lu St. John's Mission Church on Sunday evening, lie
will take for bis text "The Relation
of the Christian Life to the Civil Authority," and all are cordially invited to attend.
Today is pay Saturday, the best
day In the month, nnd the mines nro
idle. In spite of tbo disagreeable
weather the streets are busier than
tliey havo boen for a   month.
Suita-Heg.   $27.50,  now  $25.00
Suits—Heg. $22.50,   now, $20.00
Sulta-Reg.   $17.50   and
$15.00, now  $10.00
Suits—Reg. $12.50, now, $ 7.50
Sweaters, In all sizes, and
colors, from $1.50 to $2
clearing out at  $ 1.00
Standard readers will see from the
large advertisement in our advertising columns thot there Is to lie a
great Clearing-out Sale ut the Big
Store. All kinds of Bargains in every lino are being niiorod. Prices
have been cut all roi nd, nnd nny one
wanting good urli-.-'c-.. at a cheap
rate will be well advised to look in.
Sabbath 'Services.
Morning—11 n. in.
Evening—7 p. in.
Sunday School—2:30 p. m.
Evening subject—"Gambling," Sunday,  January 19th.
All nre cordially invited.
Thero is a report down here that
no fewer than .100 men havo . boen
laid ofl at tho Nanaimo mines. Tho
story Is that 125 men hnvo bcon
shut out at Protection, and 175 at
Hrccliln. nnd it would appear that n
general slump is overtaking theconl
trade. The large local trade of the-
Extension minos should prevent Ladysmitli from suffering from tho depression.
Tho death occurred in Nanaimo on
Wednesday, after n year's illness, of
Joseph IMeAIonoy, internnl inland
revenue officer.
He was a native of Sprlnghlll N.
S., and wns 53,years of age. He
came to Nanalmtt' ln 1887 together
with Arthur Wilson,' now commla-
sioner in the Yukon, just after the
explosion. His wife followod him
six months later, nnd for somo yenra'
ho occupied responsible positions In
the mines. After meeting with an
accident which crippled one of his
arms, he was appointed Internal revenue oflicer In 1898.
The deceased was a member of
the KnigKls of Pythias. Tho funei*-
nl will take placo on Sunday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock and will be
under the auspices of the above society.
TOKI0,. Jan. 17.—The diplomatic
relations betwoou China uud Japan
uver the proposed Syiuiuit railroad,
have readied a stage wherein Japan
has assumed a. must liriu attitude,
and lias assured China thut a railroad paralleling thu South Mttnchu-
i-ion shall not be built because ' It'
violates both the spirit and tbe let-'
ter of the Pekin treaty.
A British syndicate has proposed
building the road. A correspondent
of the Associated Press has boon informed by the Astors at Tokio that
under no circumstances will Japan
permit construction to commence.
In reply to tho question, "What
wiij you do about it?" a member of:
the cabinet replied, "Wo will stop
That Japan would not permit   the
construction  of the proposed     railroad was intimated to Chinn more
or loss forcibly     nenrly thrco wcoks
ago.     The reason given for this refusal, according to despatches from
I'ekin, are tluit a  parallel lino will
injuriously effect  tbo Japanese rail-'
road, and China's rejoinder thnt tho
lino would not bo built nearer    the
Jupaneso lino than is customary   in!
foreign countries is declared by, the I
Japanese government to bo unrella-|
bio. j
In view of tho official action taken
by Japan thnt government was considered to have committed, a violation of the understanding of equal'
rights thnt severely affected British1
interests. j
Tho verbul promise given by Chi- _
nn, nnd which wns incorporated In!". I
tho minutes of tho negotiations nro * *
reading Komin of 1005, namoly, not! i"
to construct a competing railroad
parallel to tlie oxlstlng South Man- J
Three milking cows, ono ready   to | • ■
calvo, and   tho other    two fresh   ill
March.   Apply Robt. Laird,   Waterloo, Coburn Post Ofllco, B.C.
A reliable men to act as agont for
Oentlemen's Mado-to-Ordor Suits. A
good opening for a hustler. Apply,
giving references to The Wide A-wnko.
Tailoring Co., 548 Johnson 'Street, i
Victoria, B. O. 8t.   |
(Free Press Special Service.)
Outside of tho 'American) Federation nro about fifteen labor organizations, the most important being
tho Knights of Labor, tho Stone Masons' International Union, tho Brlck-
Inyet-s and Masons' .Union, and the
various orders of railway employes, j)
•-'00 Pair,    Uidles' Buls.   ltog-
iilnr $3.00,
SALE   SI.75
175 Pairs, ladles  Bills.     Regulur $2.50.
TOKIO, Jan. 17.—Tho foreign   of- 	
flco is in recolpt of a despatch from Deceased Cume to Nnnalmo Away
.„   , ,    . , ,, ».■.»»! Buck iu tlio Fifties. Wus the
Washington pointing out that there 0W(Jst viwml. m ullyi
is much uneasiness in America       | 	
consequence     of sensational reportB Nanuiino   Jan. 15—
einlnallng from Europe concerning Nanaimo's oldest piuncer pussed
tho distribution of tho Japanese na- away yesterday in the person of
val ileot. ^ir- Jals-  Stove, whose death    touk
.„. ,.',,.„      ,    .     ,     .,    placo tit the homo of bis   daughter,
While not intending to treat    tho jirs^ooi-go    Brown,     on Frahklyn
matter seriously, tho Japanese olli- street.    While n. t thc oldest rcsid-
ciats have   assured     tho Associated ont of tlio city   ...r.  Stove wus   the
Press tbat the governments of vnri- u[,k*1 I''"""'-     "•i"<>', sl„ »'uu,ra   "f
h uy0( un(j jun 1Ji(, Lumo Lu -sunninio in
ous countries ure in possession     of t|,u latter part ol 1852, or tho    uu-
all the facts connected with Japan- ginning of 1853.
eso     distribution of their warships     •""•' "'•"-, wh,it,° Vianaata of Nauiii-
.   .,  ,     ,,    ,       t n. ,, "io were the lute     .John McGregor,
through their attaches at Toklo. ,,„,,„ Mulri jio|,t. jiuir    and wrchi-
Admlral Sato, minister of mnrliie, bald Muir, who came to Ntinaiiiio in
mild today that ho wns willing    to August, 1852.
, . .„       .  ,      .  ,, ,.      ...,    Mr. Stove cunie afterwards to   tho
make a  full     stutoment If It would dty ,mu    ^     ^^ t_
in any way allay excitement, but he .work ut the coul mines then Just op-
considered tho rumors from Europe ening up. Ho afterwards wus for
h»wti.. -...-fi. nff«nfi«« two yours ouiployod on tbo steamer
hardly worth attention. Jtonver. end    subsequently    was  in
It is conccdod among the financiers charge of the first saw mill In   Nn-
of Japan that the difficulties iu the miimo,    then situated ou the   Mill-
budget are entirely due to two cans- rtroiiiii.   After that ho was various-
,'        ,     .. Ily employed iit the mines until about
es,     ovor cxiwndltiiro for tho army, 1870 whon ,,0 l00k up ,and  on   tb0
"Niinnlino River,     working there   almost over since.
Tho deceased was a native of
300  Pairs,    IChlldrcn's   Shoes.
Rogulur 81.00'.
SALE      60c.
150 Pairs, .Girls* 'Shoes.    Regular S1.50.
SALE   85a.
200 Tnlra i'olt Slippers—
$2.00 for  :»Sc ■
$1.00 for  flOc .
05c, for    36c •
the navy, and tho nationalization of
railroads, which is now considered
to havo been a vital error tn nn-
tional finance.
SCRANTON,    Jan. 17.—Two girls
OTTAWA, Jan. 17.-A deputation
representing tho Independent Order
of Foresters, Including Ed. Stevenson, Buproinu chief ranger, and otho
high officials, nre at Ottawa 'today,
Interviewing Mr. Fielding and tho
superintendent of insurance regard--
ing the new insurance bill before par
1 lament.
The Foresters object to the clauso
requiring all now insurance done by
fraternal societies he bneed on a national fraternal congress tables of
inortalltg, , |
The inforceinont of such, according
to Stevenson would practically put
the Foresters out of business In
The deputntjon asked that tho
clauses of the bill iioollngi with fraternal Insurance be held over for a
'year in order thut nil societies be
given nn opportunity to discuss tho
gcstlons, etc.
clauses with a   view |.o making biuj-
Mr. Fielding promised Ills oons|dor-
afion of the request.
Orkney Islands, and u, man of splendid physique, industrious, and a
thoroughly reliable man in every
way. Hu had many nn interesting
tale to tell of pioneer days and
many a pleasant hour has ho
passed for many citizens, telling   of
wero killed and seven others seri-'tho earlier days of Nanaimo, whon
ously injured In a fire today In the sMIng integrity of character couut-
.  „,, , , ,     ...       , , „   od for more than position or moans,
building occupied by tho Imperial Un    lt mnv |,„ interesting to know that
Mr. Stoic hewed out tho timbers
that the . historic Bustion Is constructed of. Ills first arrival In
Nunaiiiio was innda In a canoe in
company with Isbister and Malcolm.
The latter is still living and is now
u resident at Koinloops.
The deccused was married, his
wifo dying a few ycurs ago and ho
leaves three sons, Messrs. James,
William and David und two daughters, Mrs. F. Vales, and Mrs. G. S.
Bronchitis was the immediate cause
of doath.
The funeral will take plneo on Friday afternoon at 1:80 from tho ro-
sidonco of his daughter Mrs. Geo.
Brown, Frunklj-n St.
derwenr factory. About two hundred girls wero oniployed in the factory ond there wn* a panic when
th* nlnrni of flro wns sounded. Florence Watrous was caught in the burn
ing building and died in the Humes.
Mary lliuukly, who with n number
of other employees jumped from the
flro oscnpe, was killed.
Tho injured wero Sadie and Annie
Kowen, sisters, Florence Cuslck, Mar
gerite Ilormnn, Knto Conzlo, Mnry
Wholun, Knto Griffith. All wcro
burned and suffering from broken
limbs and internal Injuries.
Thc flro Is supposed to have boon
started from tbo upsetting! of a glue
omy Furniture Co., located in tho
pot In tho wnrohoiiso of tho Econ-
•n.w qt)|q» 'Hti|pi|iiq oirj. ;o }u»mosuq
(our storlos.
"VANCOUVER, Jan. lO.-Harry
Stevens, a bank clerk and Ed. Hula
wore held up early this morning at
the cornor ol Haatlnga street nnd
Westminster avenue by two masked
men armed with revolvers. Tho
young, men wcre forced to give up
thoir wntchos and $12 cash. Tho hold,
ap occurred within ono blook ol tho
police station.
New York, Jan. 17.-Gov. Hughes
has accepted the Invitation of the
Armstrong Association to speak In
Carncgio Hall tonight ln tho interests of negro -education In £ho south
ns represented by tho Tuskegeo Insj^
tuto. ^
Ex-3Iayor Soth Low, who is chairman of the Tuekegco board of trus-
sccs, Is to preside, and tho spoakecs,
besides Gov. Hughes, will bo Henry
Wotterson, of Louisville, Bookor
Washington, and Bishop Grant of
Indiana. Tho musical foatureB of
tho program will bo furnished by a
Chorus of Hampton Institute stu-
ST. PETERSBURG, Jan. 15.—Oil
producing firms here today received
news Irom tho Cnucnsiun Mountains
of finding an nil gusher at Baku,
flowing at the rate ol 120,000 barrels a day, It far surpasses any other well in tho Baku regilon, ond unlike tho now gushor opened nt Sur-
akh, tho now gusher wns discovered
in an already explored field.
At tho headquarters of the producing firms of the region whero the
now gusher was found great pleasure
Is expressed over tho svtdnnco of the
continued vitality ol tho Baku field.
A joint hoard of the three loading
labor bodies of Grout Britain has
Issued a report on unemployment,
In which It Is recommended that tho
trado unions bo urged to abolish
overtime, and that where this is not
wholly possible, It be restricted to
the narrowest limits, and that whon
workod, it be penalized to tho fullest extent.
A labor candidate for a vacant
(ent in the Australian parliament,
haa hit upon a novel Idea—"ydung
age pensions," on the ground that
thoy ajo wlso and merciful, and will
ho commercially profltablt to th*
commonwealth. Ho adds that they
would conduce to good citizenship,
and "enable tho struggling parents
of largo families to bring up their
children decently and with credit to
themselves and the community,"


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