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Ladysmith Standard Feb 8, 1908

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This week we have received Our Largo Order of
|   J. A. BLAIR. JAS. AD^lfF''
i lhc Question of Install-
leetric Light Plant.
Temperance    and
Ready  For
tlie Fray,
Wo are the only Merchant*, in Ladysmith who make a special of importing Tea direct,
By doing this we get the host qual-
Ity for the least money nnd this iuiI.h
us In a position to offer Or Customers the Bent 5Dc Tan on tlio market.
Packed in {,-tb. load jmckets ...S .2.".
•Packed in 1-lb. lead pockets ... ,80
Packet! In fl-ltt. lead lined Boxen 2;28
Try DRAGON TEA, and You  will use no
Drink   and  Enjoy  DRAGON  TEA.
Watch This Space
Is Slashing Prices
tayiy^»y..»■«/■«.■» i»'t'T'f't'»'»'y'»'T''>'T'S/'T'y'T'S7'<
badysmith Opera House
SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5th, at *.301>. m.
An     I     C
ing t^H,
"       °ll      	
Tho r&UUir meeting     of the   Citi-
lien's  Ilffijff.i> wus     held in the City for the    great
hursday evening, President boarders of    the
r,  jtruHiding. and the AbhcasfiudJHotel.  'The men
Secretary Wilson mwl a letter from of ihe    Abhotsiord ;   challenged    the
Messrs. it. Al. Mooro &i Co. of Van- Temperance men to     this match Im-
couver,  similar to that which   came mediately after tho triumph   of    the
before   Lhc  City   Council  on Monday latter over the men of the New Wes-
oveiling, and wliiuh appeared in Wed- tern.    It will bo a .serious game   all
nesday s Standard.     On mot on   the right.     The Tumjiorance men have a
letter was ordered filed. former defeat to \ylpo out, und   they
Mayor Nicholson, who was   present aro confident the hour lias conic   for
was asked     for     his views on   the them to do it.    Tho Abbotsfprcl men
question of lighting thu city by   el- are    satisfied    they can  repeat their
ectricity.    Ho replied that ho had uo former triumphs    and are willing   to
delinitu     proposals to  make.     They put up money.       It will bo u   hurd
woro waiting for     information, 'awl and fast game all right,
for the Leaguo to make a move. Tho The date has not been fixed, but if
people had elected 'himself   and col- the Seattle Club should cancel   their
leagues to ofllco on   a definite   plat- dato hero for Sunday, the match will
form and thoy were going to do, tho be played oil' in tlio afternoon.     An
best they could for the city and ev- announcement   witl-ho   made later,
orybody concerned. 'Hio League could The proceeds, if any. from the game,
find out better than the council cukl will be given to fhomninus hospital.
The great esteem in which thu lute Mr. Hooper hus not apparently got
Men  Airs. Jno. Dunbar was held und   the over all   his    troubles in connection
general sympathy   which is foil     for with the house he hus    built    along
'     ,                      "~                         .    tha     bereaved    husband, wore   both First Avenue.     While the house   was
Final arrangements have been made 8nown jn the most pronounced man- building Mr. Hooper lost us much us
,ch  between   the IU,,. U|, Wednesday by the largo crowd 17U0 feet of dressed lumber and two
Ifiiiperanco   House  pf pi}0,,i0  who attended thu   funerul. thousand shingles.   Now ho   reports
lu spile oi     tliu cold, the rain, and that'   somo    person or persons   hus
the sleet a  large number   of   friends made a dblilwrnta attempt  to tiro tho
journeyed i<> ftimultnu, anil paid the house,
last sad rites to the deceaseds mem- He was away on a business trip to
ory. 1'Vum thu Dunuur residence to Vancouver last week, returning on
iho depot here, thu casket, Contain- Wednesday, On going along to tho
ing all that was mortal of the house on Thursday morning ho found
cheery young spirit whom hud on- thai u tire had been set in one of
deared heisvli to her man." friends, tho rooms. The tire hud been built
und covered with floral tributes, was of shingles and all thu cluurod re-
borne by six umlerheui's, and follow- mains were tying around,
ed by u long procession of mourners, it is a miracle that the house wus
At Nanaimo, hearso and carriages not burned down. A hole was burn-
were in wailing, and thu cortege ed clean through the cedar busc-
inovod off to ihe local cemetery. The board and had it not been that the
Rov. Honougo took tbe ser- wall paper and the walls themselves
vice at thu gtuvcsldo, and there,    in are still a  little   damp,   the    wholo
Conservative    Delegates   to Meet   In
Ladysmith March 14th to Select
Candidate for the District
Mayor Nicholson returned from a
short trip to Victoria on Thursday
morning. He hud been summoned
there to uttond u meeting called by
Mayor Planta, of Nanaimo. Mayor
Planta is u member of tho 'Provincial
Conservative Executive for Vancouvor Island, and it wus in this cupar
city that ho called together in Victoria all tho representatives of tho
various Conservative Associations in
thu Nur'hno Electoral district.
Thu meeting discussed tho question
of a candidate to contest tho rid'Ing
oft the noxt Dominion election, How-
over, no name was put forward for
nomination, ami finally it was decided to hold u convention in Ladysmith on March 14ch for tho purpose
of selecting a candiduu-.    -All tho re-
DOH UI Big Reduction|
5  Per  Cent.  Discount During .
February on
'Lilies' Hand
Purses, Etc.,
Cut (.lass,
'tea Sets, Etc,
We aro now through Stock-Taking
. and haw numorous articles which we
must dispose of at ridiculously Low
Prices,  in order to make   room   for
New (ioods. j
We can nil any Mil of Gonoral and
Household Hardware, Enamelled
Ware, Sporting GooiIb, Crockery nnd
Glass Ware, etc., ami, of courso,
not oecessory to mention, tho Finest
Stoves nnd Ranges In existence.
You may be
Sorry for it,
Phone 7-0.
Premier Insisted Thnt He Have Mill-
,     tary Escort but Portuguese- King
i Hefused Such Escort.
| LISBON, Feb. fi.—Queen Amelia receives only her closest Intimates, but
made an exception ln favor of tho
wife of the foreign minister. The latter remarked thnt her eyes were dry.
"We have no timo for tears," replied tho queen, "I am a daughter of
Tho arrival of hor mother Is ex-
pectod to ho A great solace to   her.
The last of the regicides wcro identified yesterday ns a school teachor.
Ho had an abundance of heavy chest-
hut hair and beard and a high,
broad hrowr and was plainly the
master mind, He looked tho typical dreamer and It was easy to imagine how the other two men, ordinary workmen of tho lower class
In dress and appearance, under the
flre of his words, believed ln the ridding of the country of tyrants. King
Carlos was the victim of his own
Imprudent courage. Premier,, Franco hnd arranged a military escort
but the king disdained to meet his
people surrounded hy armed guards.
Instead ho telegraphed to Franco to
have open carriages in watting and
no troops. The premier, who knew
the situation hotter that! the king,
Is blamed for not Insisting on his
arrangements. The dowager queen,
who was At Lisbon, urgently advised tho king against returning to
that city and whon he Insisted, she
telegraphed to him thnt If he came,
to come Alone.
the fooling of tho people, ami thc
Council was reudy to consider any
suggestions thoy might havo to mako
Uut time wus of value. Tho sooner
they agreed upon a scheme and mado
a start with it, the better. Before
thoy could got their plans nnd instal
their plant the fall would be round
again. Now was the time to start,
und so soon as ever tho League hud
anything to recommend, the Council
would consider it and take action.
Mr. Wilson asked if it wore a fuct
thut tho C.P.H. Co. had offered to
guarantee any bonds tho city might
require -to issue for the installation
of an electric lighting system?
Mayor Nicholson replied hc did not
Mr. Bryant asked if ovor there had
been any levels taken of th back alleys of the town.
Mayor Nicholson said ho did not
think so; but there had been levels
taken of tho streets from which it
would be cosy to get thoso of the
back alleys.
Mr. W. .Jonos, as chairman of the
committee appointed to look Into
the question of tho lighting of the
town, said thoy had sent out a few
lettors ond had road several statements from different firms. But as
far as he wns concerned, there had
not been time to find out vory much
However, he would suggest that the
Council engage a man to go round
the town and ascertain how many
of the people would take lights. As
a Loague they couldn't help the
Council any except in the way of
vuggettlons. The most sensible
thing to do was lirst of all to find
out how many lights -would bo required and then they could apply to
electrical engineering Arms for on estimate.
Mr. Wilson thought the suggestion
a first-class one. All thoy had to do
was to flnd nut how many people
-would 'take lights provided the terms
wore satisfactory.
Mr, Ward said thut from what hc
could loarn they could lake it for
granted that everybody In the town
would take lights provided tho terms
wore reasonable.
Mayor Nicholson asked what kind
of a proposition tho Loague favored. Wero thoy in favor of a municipal plant or ol private ownership ?
Thu question had Iwen votofl on boforo and the proposition of dtv ownership turned down by n vote of
two to one. If/tHs was still tho
fooling of tho citizens, thon they
could grant a franchise to a private
company. The rates need not bother them. Any company that put in
a plant would have to make their
rates so that they could do busl-new*.
The city could also reserve tho option of purchase at tho end of u corn
tilled iK-riod of time. Tho question
should be docidod ono way or tho
othor right away.
Mr. W. Jones said the feeling was
for Q municipal plant, but if thc
iwoplo 'would not furnish the money
thoy would have to grunt a franchise to n private company
Mr. I). Johnson thought It was no
use asking the people to vote tho
money. Why not grant a franchise
and get tho.lights in?
Mr. Wilson said that If Mr. Johnson would read the Traded Review &
'Municipal Reports, ho would see that
cities ull ovor the country woro tak
ing ovor thc lighting plants. Why
could not tho city Install and oper-
oto their own lighting plant. Ho
quoted Itoglnn, which was contemplating borrowing over half a million
dollars. The two propositions they
had under consideration would not
cost moro than S.V1.000. Ho hud
been talking to n gentleman who
had told him that the C.P.lt. Co.
had onco offered to gunruntcc lho
bonds issued by tho city for lighting
purposes. There wiis no reason to.
day why tho company should not
still fulfil thnt promise. If thoy
pushed for a city-owned plant thoy
would have no difficulty ahout it.
The Lou "tie could educate tho people
to seo thnt It would ho to thoir bo-
nellt to have a municipal plant. They
might loso on it the first year, but
after thnt It would be 'a source of
rovenuo to the town, They had a
guarantoo from tho C.P.lt. that lund
was to lw deared round the town.
This would moan more houses and
moro houses, would moan more lights
He wns satisfied that tlic-re was a
lino revenue to bo derived from the
operation of n municipal electric
plant, nnd thc -League ought to push
for it by all means.
Mr. Bryant thought It would bo a
good idea to get figures and statistics from cities that wero running
thoir own plants. Then thoy would
be able to show them how much thoy
would benoflt from the adoption of
such a system.
Mr, W. Jonos snld ho had gone into
the lighting question as deeply ns
any one ond he wns satisiliXl that
electricity wos tho cheapest lighting
Mr, Ward snld that no outsider
would come into the town ami invest
The teams will line up us follows;
Ooal—B. Mercer,
Backs—Dumvoody nnd Fulton.
Halves — Warren    (late of Derby)
Grainger and Williams.
Forwards—Radford,   Walters,  Cope
lnnd, Taylor, and Wright.
Hod's acre the last farewell was said  house would assuredly havo gone.   t   .. t  ,.     ...
to all     thai    wus mortal  of   -Nellie     The surprising thing that, on leav- ES,,1? *?°Z,C*!£.SeetU,5
sDunbur, ing town.    Mr. Hooper locked   every
Thu following gentlemen  acted   as.door in the house
pall-bearers:   Messrs.    T. O'Connell,
spoke hopefully of the outlook, and
aro satisfied that the party will be
'successful in the next campaign.
Goul-Jrl. McMurtrie.
Backs—B. Roberts, A. Brydon.
Halves — Honnett, Molyneaux,
Forwards—Bochfort,  Walker,  .
head, Almond, nnd S mpson,
-Linesmen—J.  McKinnell,   'and
A ft B. Fund
Ed. McMillan 	
A. Barch 	
las, Conlin 	
G. Inkster 	
Jus.  Crossnn 	
Louis Scropilu ...
John Mairhuver
George Keserich
Thos. Burr 	
Wm. Jolly 	
Jno. Glllespio,  Sr.,
A. Miller      13.00
Joe. Provide!   1S.00
Wm,  Secord .-.  4.00
Joe. Laputtsh   14,25
Fred.  Fielding   14.00
Henry Custison   20.00
Chemainus Hospital   18.V5
Wm. Russell, salary   5.00
E. -liowe, salary und oxikmibos 7.85
R.  Wright   12.50
Ed. Leahy, A. Campbell, J, MeLuod
J.  pOnlin und W.  Akenhead.
I    Floral tributes     were sent as    follows:
i   Globes—Mr; Jno. Dunbar, Mrs. Hns
tliam and family,    Mr, John Conlin,
Mr. and Mi's, Conlin and family, Mr,
and Mrs. Cartwright, Mrs. Ml' Camp"
hell, Mr. and Mrs.  J, McKay,    JKmii-
er'fl Council 151,    V.M.I.,    Mr. ami
Mrs.  Ed.  Leahy,    Mr.  A.  Campbell,
nnd Mr, and Mrs. P. Cain, Mr. J. Lewis, I
Mr. A. Kerr and Sons, Mr. and Mrs. i
J. (iiilmiui, Grandmother, Mr.    und
Mrs. 'I'. Jenkins, Mr and Mrs.   Jno. I
IStusthnnif Mr, and Mrs. I*.. Thomas, I
Mr. und Mrs. T. X. Jones, Mr.   und
Mrs. W. G. Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. V.
Kerr.  Mrs.  Tousz    and familyi   Mr.
and Mrs. A. J. McMurtrie, Mr. C. F.
Bryant, Mr.  and Mrs. 0.  Merrliield,
Mrs. Trelous. and Abbbtsford guests.
I    Wreaths—Mr.  and  Mrs.  F.   Clarke,
Miss Julia Campbell, Mr. W. 13. Mor-
..S 15.50 rison, Mr. W. Akenhead, Mr. and Mrs
John Johnston, Mr. nnd Mrs. It!; IT.
Sprays —Mr.  und Mrs.  W.  Myles,
»L00 Mr, nnd M: '
12.00 Mrs. Jus. Rosottl
Heart—Mr.  and  Mrs.  J
Crescent—Mr. and Mrs. (
BoiKiuet of Roses— Mr.
0. Allan.
Harp—Mr.  and  Mrs.  T.
nnd family.
VANCOUVER,  Feh. 5.- City   En
SHATTIjE, Fob.  &.—To win a bet
ginour Clement ' lust night presented  |n dru,^en. iest' J^n J°i»ns"n, a la-
. . ... . .R * I if I tu t     MTi   t-iiiiru   ,ilil       .tut   I.:,.   I iti,   ..«
his estimates of expenditures for the
year. Tho total amount, covering
the regular fields of work, is $250,-
871) as against appropriations last
year of $213,250, an increase of over §40,000. Owing to the ovuilabi- *.-,,. , - . . ,
lity of the new street improvement *°!? Jjfn tJISS"
by-law, tho amount asked for new
J work in each ward was cut from
510,000 to S5,0lX>, though this reduction was about balances by an
estimate of $80,000 for maintenance
this year as against $57,000 last
The groat gamo takes place
aftornoun.      The   XanaLmo conting-
T. itoi-gan, nnd .Mr and  ent,   all excepting   Shorty Graham,
I'asthnm    "rr'VM' "^   train   t,lis morning, and
Eastham Graham Is   coming down this after-
ond   Mrs.  noon in nn auto.     The two changes
in the loam   have given places    to
Graham    nnd    O'Connell.     Granted
decent weather a  fine game   should
lie witnessed.
The teams will be as follows:
Goal— Hradshaw.
Bacvs— Hewitt and Lorimer.
borer, !15 years old, lost liis life under tho wheels of a fust Soattle-Ta-
comu interurlmn train at Kent.
Johnson wanted to come to Seattle. Ho knew the train would not
stop at that station, and was so
You can't stop
it," said Johnson's partner. "I'll bot
I can." replied Johnson, and he ran
to the track and stood in tho middle
of it and waited a second. £Us partner thought he was fooling, and
made no attempt to pull him away.
Tho train came thundering on. Tho
motorman saw Johnson and blow
the air whistle. Johnson paid no at
tention ami the motorman thought
ho would got out of the way, but
Johnson was bent ou winning his
I He won. the wager, but the cost
. was his life, for the train struck him
tins and rolled his body beneath the
wheels, mangling it frightfully. The
body was picked up in pieces after
tho train had stopped to investigate
tho killing.
W. Siler, haulage     1U.00
Workman  on Local  Wharves     Meets
  With Serious Accident.
$418..')5 Ono of tho   men working on    tho
"~ Wellington Colliery wharves had     u
IUCH NOBLE WANTS POOH WIPE miroo„lou8 oscll,,0 from „e„th yestor-
LONDOS. Feb. o.-Wanted, by    a d,ttv    !norninf' ,    A    ,sudl"!,n ,8"d?
.              ,..                        '   ' through   a   i-liult",   a sheer drop   ol
nobleman with one of tho best titles forty fwt Bn(, on|y tho narrow 8|mcc
In all England,    and an independent botwoen tb_ umt and tho w,mrf to
fortune bringing an    annual Income „„,, up with_tb compass all this and
01 $1,000,000, a  beautiful and cultured wife, American preferred.   IV
TORONTO, Feb. 7.—Daniel Murray
a Scotchman fifty years of age this
.morning sentenced to thirty days
Jail for fraudulent use of the malls.
J He was parrestod at Instigation by the
authorities. Murray was flooding
ths province with circulars deseiib-
Hnlves- Shanks. Johnson and Hor himself as Murray and Company,
manufacturing Jewellers, and offering
f 2B worth ot Jewelry for 16.80 down
the rest to be paid In monthly Installments. Murray had no Jewalrj
to sell.
♦   ■
Forwards— Blundoll, Grainger,   A-
dam, Graham and Williams.
Goal— Peden.
Hacks— Graham and O'Connell.
Halves— Farmer, McKinley,     and
Forwards—Telford, Johnnie, Cruick
shanks. Thomas and Peters.
verty no objection, and oxtremely
wealthy women will not be considered. Applicant is 22 years of ago,
six feet two inches tall, and called
handsome and distinguished in appearance,
love alone
to escape without a  broken bono,	
given to very few men. J
Morton   and others   wero working IXTEHiESTING NOTES FROM TO-j,
on a chute, cleaning it out nnd fix
ing it up.     Tho Job wns almost com
pleted when Morton suddenly sliplH-d
nnd   slid out of sight.      The spneo
Hc desires to mnrry  for between    tho Tordenskjold nnd     the
and title hunters    will  vv'Harf, directly beneath the chute   is
Please not apply. not moro than throe foot at   most,
If tho handsome and wealthy Mar- hut Morton wns lucky enough to fall
quls of Anglosey woro a  believer ln plumb.     His leg .did graze the   side
the efficacy of printer's Ink, it is pro of lho bont. but thnt wus nil,    nnd
bablo some such ndvortisemont would he plumped sheer    into the ley-cold
be Inserted by him ln tho American water.
Broekvilie, Feb. 7—Larimer Huy,'
a young son of J. Hay, florist, is
dead of lockjaw following vaccination, lt is thought the lad contracted bacilli of teatus while playing in his father's green house.
Hamilton, Feb. 7.-Willinm F.
Meakins, one of ths best known
brush    manufacturers in the Domln-
Saskatchewan, Feb. 7— While
F. Rlan was attending the funeral of his wife yesterday his
house which had bean left ln
charge of a neighbor, took firs
and was burned to the ground. '
Rlan received the news thai hs '
waa homeless during the service
at the grave.
Toronto, Ont.
pscted that
Feb. 7.—It Is    ax-
charge of attempted
press.     Ths youthful Marquis    wl", t||s dlllu-ulUos    however were    far ion,    died   this    morning, aged 78'murder will be laid against Naaar-
leave shortly for nn oxtonded tour of from being ovor.     Ho ennnot   swim years.    'Death was duo to paralyses. ' eno Mlllione, an Italian, who    »sri-
Amorlcnl nnd London society will be n   stroke nnd minutes elapsed before A widow, four sous and two ditugh- 0usly cut Minnie Lapetto with «r»-
surprised if he    returns without    u tho men on tho wharf rould got    n ters survivs him.                                  zor.    Milliono    was jealous of    the
wife.     It Is known thnt ho Is Infnt hoot to him,     Yet by splashing   n-                           ~*""                           girl and coming up behind her slaan-
uated    with   American    women nnd limit he   managed     lo keep himself    Home, Feb. 7.—The Pope will    be'gdnej,    cheek with the razor.    MU-
that his trip to the now world Ir
made for tho purpose of affording (he
opportunity to Inspect the pick and
pink of Amorlcnn femininity on tholr
native soil.
Ever since ho reached his majority
represented at the funeral ot    King |
sfionl until assistance reached him.
Then he collapsed, ns wns only nn- "wlos and the crown prince tomor-
1 lira I, nftor the shock of his full and ">*> "» Mgr.    K. ToIItl, the papul
liie ley chill of the water. He wns
brought around nnd then conveyed to
Ills Inline on Third nvenue. Mr. Mor-
English mammas have been seeking ton is lining ns well ns ran he    ex-
to interest the Mnri|iiln of Anglesey peeled, but upon inquiry this morn-
In their eligible daughters; but with- ing the Stnmlm-d  man lonrnod that.
out avail.     Tho young noblomnn Is niR condition     wns sill! very    seri-
nppnrently determined upon nn Am- ous.
'erlenn wife nnd the efforts of   London    matchmakers     hnve    gone for
nnnght. Ki«bt Furnaces    Now In Operation,
Thc mnrqiils Is one of tho wealth- (       Employing Nearly 1000 Man.
lest of English noblemen, his Income ——
nance at Lisbon. The pontiff hat
sent King Manuel an autograph letter expressing his grief In most
touching terms.
Hamilton, Feb. 7.—The retail grocers of Hamilton starledan agitation
to have legislation enncted compelling mitntiructiirers to mark net, tare
and gross' weights on all packages,
boxes, barrels ond canes. They will
endeavor to got grocers from other
parts of tlie Dominion to Join thom.
being In the neighborhood of $1,000
000 a year.. Money will decidedly
not lie an object In selecting n wife.
so the poor but charming girls a-
cross tho son will hnve nn equal opportunity with thoir rich sisters In
winning tho heart, titlo and fortune
of thc young marquis.
MfllWji'-W.. »
Halifax, Feb. fl.-The fourth
Urltish cruiser squadron, comprising tho ships Cressy, Kuryn-
lus, Hague, Brilliant nnd Inde-
fntlguablc, togothcr with six
cruisers of the county class, is
going to Esquimalt In May.
PHOENIX, Feb. O.-With Its full
battery of eight furnaces now finally
all in oporulion ut fullest capacity,
eating up over 1000 tons ot ore per
day, Irom the company's Phoenix
mines, tho Granliy Company is today
employing, it la understood, about
aa many men aa at any previous
time in its history, somewhere between 8S0 and 1000 men being on
ths payrolls of the company. Of this
number over 600 ore employed    at    Arlington, Mass., Feb. 7.-Two   of
tho company's mines In this camp.    tne throo highwaymen who terrorls-
I'our trains are run out of here ev- tK, tno c|tlMn, ,n tno town, of Wo.
ory day, two by the C.P.R. and two ,,ortn) Lexington and vicinity,
by the Great Northern, the C.P.R. nighi shot two pojtco officers, the
taking out about 88 cars dally and dr|Vor of a police wagon and a small
tlis Groat Northern about 88. The boy, mA wn0 mK responsible for
standing ordor for ore is now 8300 tho cMmg ont o( a „,„„,. 0. mn|.
tons per day.    Almost every day a ,tUl| hllve hlxn eaptured. When  they
| St. Petersburg, Fob. ".—Mine. Kom
Tho most promlnonl Russian actress
has loft St. Petersburg with hor »om-
pnny of twenty on route lor Ainerl-
Ica, whore she will appear ln n repertoire of plays by Russian nnd
modern European writors. Sho will
sail Fob. 18 from Chorbaurg, tho
company following from Bremen. She
will open In March.
lione was concealed by a number of
his countrymen in a shack near
Woodbridge whilo efforts were being
made to get him back to Italy. He
was before thc police magistrate this
morning and remanded a weak,
report of a Turkish mobilization
and threatened movement of troops
on tho Hussion frontier are aduiltted
by the general stall, lt is not yet
known whether thiB action on the
Port of Turkey is directed against
Russia, and measures so tar taken
by this country are confined to certain precautionary dispositions ot
units within the caucus.
Foreign diplomats here believe that
Russia and Turkey are engaged in a
gome which neither Is desirous ol
carrying to an extreme although
Turkey might be willing,
■  ♦     .
,cnrlond of blister copjior is sont rut „.„„, brought to tho local police sta-
  fronntho smelter at Grand Forks, * * -' 11 ion the mon could not bo induced to
. ,       ,          ,       m*" *" ,c"livi"*" ll,c "'•-■■   wlth   •"" destination boing the refinery, in Now ,™k Kncllsh but tholr names were
his capital In a lighting plant unless object of finding out tin- number   nf ,„_j                                    '              *pwll? "ngnsn uut tnoir names were
he had satisfied himself    that there lights that would lie talfc'n. Jersey.  learned to be Peter Rosl, aged    22
was money In it.    Why, then, clrold,   Tho   committee     upiKiintvd to go •        '
not the city install    tho plant   and Into, thc sewerage question were not Ottawa, Feb, 7.—G. B. Palter,    a
roap the   profits.   No outsiders   far J present so. that no action was tn:<cn wealthy pionoor lumberman of    this
Benlstow Kelnoisy.     20
years and
..,..—,  w..y    nnn^l*    .,..*«..     ......      v.M.WB,    *■...     .. w<    v.    ...hi,        w    ,.—
present so.that no nctli— "  ....*■
him. •     In regard to this maltei. „,„,... , , . ....
It wns then flnnlly agreed thot the I   Aftor somo   informal    talk, there- "Strict, died this morning at. an ad-    Unlike a man, the sky looks most
City Council bs naked tn employ   a fore, tlie meeting adjourned. vancetl agt, cheerful when It ll blue.
Pennsylvania railroad haa received a
'f"11 report that an express train from
Baltimore to Buffalo wa* wrecked
today near Franckllnvlllo, ai miles
north of Buffalo. Tha report does
not mention whether anyone was
killed but says that every person on
the train waa more or lens Injured.
A coach, sleeper and the locomotive
were thrown Into a small creak.
Later reports say that no on* was
killed but that 16 persons were injured. The names ol tha Injured
have not yet been obtained by tot
company. CONSULT ME
It You Require Any
Or If You Require Any
Or If You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or If You   Want
Natal* FaWls, Conveyancer.
city from tlie operation of n lighting
system. But that, is hardly the
point just now. The people have to
make up their minds whether they
will install and ' operate the plain
themselves, or consign tlie whole concern to private enterprise. Thoy
hnve to deckle whether thoy will utilize this opportunity of reducing
their own burdens, or whether tliey
prefer to contribute to the profit of
private capital. Thoy have to determine whether they themselves will
help the development of the town
ami reap all the consequent profits
and boneflts, or whether they will
hand all their opportunities nnd responsibilities over lo an alien profit-
seeker. Tt Is a crucial time nnd a
vital question for the city, and upon
how it is decided to a vory large ox-
tent depends the fuliire of the town.
On which side of the question tho
balance of advantage lies there is
surely no reason to doulit.
 ................. '  ' ■ 'CITY. '■'■" I'     , ,     ; "? •■■    ■■ . HERE FOR COAL.
' L _ ment carried
San SEBASTIAN, Spain, Fob. 6.— The newspaper Vose do Gu-
puzcoe prints a despatch from Lisbon to the effect that wheq Premier Franco put himself before the queen after the assassination,
sho cried: "It is you alone who are the cause of alt that has
happened and I dare not trust myself to speak to you," She turned hor back on him, unheeding tho justification he sought to offer.
1 NEW YpRK, Feb. S.-After having
dropped to a new record mark for
the season, the temperature today
lifted Just enough to shako
, loose the second "real thing" snow
. that New Yorkers have seen this win
Ladysmith   Standard'
Semi- Wsskly.
Published on Wednesdays and Saturdays Afternoons by ths
Robt. H. Hindmarch,
One Year $1.50
nix-Months  75
Advertising Hates on Application.
Educated Chinaman Tolls New Fuels
About    Chinese Custom of
Observing New Year.
■     TURKS.
Considerable Alarmed Over tho Concentration of Turkish Soldiers ia Armenia.
Judging by what was said at the
meeting of the Citizen's Loague on
Thursday evening, and the general
tone and feeling of those present, it
is more than probable that the city,
will have an electric lighting plant
installed and ready for business before noxt winter. A full report of
thc meeting appears in our news columns, nnd the people may learn for
themselves how sonic of the leading
citizens regard th s proposition. It
scorns to lie token (or granted that
we arc to hove an electric lighting
system. It is also generally agreed
that lt cannot come too soon. Thc
only point to bo settled is whether
tho city is to install and oporate the
plant, or tlio enterprise is to be hand
ed ovcr to outside capitalists. There
is a very widespread fooling that tho
people here will never vote the money necessary to put in n li-hting
plant. And it must lie said that
those who advance this contention.
havo the support of all past expor-
ience. Ilut other times, other inun-
nors. Surely it is not Inconceivable
that the public feeling on this ques-
-tion mny have undergone somo
change; and we are among those who
any and believe thnt, if the matter
is properly put before the people, it
w'll carry, and curry by a large majority.
Of-courso, there is on alternative
to the city borrowing money to install and opcrnto a plant. A franchise can lie granted to a private
company for a term of years, and
tho option of purchase on stutod con
anions reserved. This Is a vory
simple way out of tho difficulty.
Thero need be no foar of tho company charging exorbitant rates. Tho
light will bo sold just tho some as
any other marketable commodity,
and If the price is unreasonable there
will be no sales. Provided the ratepayers aro uniiltcrably opposed to
the city borrowing money this is n
salb and simple way out of the difficulty.
But there is no reason under heaven -why the city should not negotiate-a loan for a purpose such as
the Installation ol an electric lighting system. On tne contrary, there
are the most convincing grounds why
It should. It seems to us thnt Mr
Ward touched the crux of the whole
question. No outsider, ho said, would
come into tho town and put his money into an electric lighting plant,
unless he hnd thoroughly satisfied
himself that it was going to bo a
paying Investment. Thnt much is
certainly Indisputable, and so, It
seems to us, is tho corollary. If tho
outsider Is satisfied he can renp profits from ths oiwrntion of such n
plant, surely thore ought to lie n revenue In it for • the city. Mr- Wurd
quoted In support of his argument,
the example of bis own native town
of Carlisle. Tho city owned tho gns
end water works and every year
turned in from MO.OOO to $->o,'o(io In
relief of taxation. There wns also
New: Westminster. There thev had a
line lighting system nnd the revenue
from the residential and business po
tions of the city paid for tho light
Ing of tho streets. And tho rntos to
the consumers wcro extremely moderate. This is certainly an' urgii.
ment which the voters of this cltv
should carefully turn over. Within
tho last few years there has licen a
world-wide movement in favor of the
municipal ownership ol such enter
prises. Thc movement hns licen hit
terly,and.violently attacked and retarded In every possible way |IV the
big lighting und transit trusts,' and
this ■ Is perhnps the soundest proof
that could l» adduced „f the wisdom
of the municipalities. As citizens of
one city wc all want to do the best
wo can for ourselves. If thoro nro
profits In such an enterprise, nnd
there Is. no doubt of that, thoy had
far better go to tho relief of tho
taxes laid ' upon all than into the
pockets of-the private Individual.
This Is the question that hns got
to he settled first. As much again
might lie written of tho general advantages    that    would conic to tlie
Although tho festival of the Chinese Now Your, which commenced
the other day, bus boon celebrated iu
this city for u long time past, and
much hus beon written concerning
the important Chinese event, a grout
deal oi misconception exists with regard to the manner iu which tho
Celestials celebrate.
The following article from an educated Chinaman, and which appeared
in tho New Westminster News, will
throw some accurate light on thc
Chinese hnve very few public holidays, perhaps New Year is tho only
ono that is observed throughout the.
whole of China and also by Chinese
resid ng In foreign countries. In
cent years thero havo been more holi
days—the emperor's birthday; Con
fucius' birthday and Christinas: but
these aro not observed by all Chinese, only certain classes.
On tho last day of the old year ev
cry ono bus a nice suppor. After
this ropust is over the Chinese buthe
and put on new clothing und at 12
o'clock the; light incense and worship heaven. Although tho Chinese
religion is not Christianity, they believe there is a Jupiter over all
other gods, nnd this lirst moment of
the year is used fur tho occasion to
worship him. After tho devotion
they retire.
Next morning they must not cat
nny meat whatever Tor breakfast—no*
meat, no lish, nor any other food
that has contained blood. They must
not uso lard, as it substitute for
which nut oil is employed.
Aftor breakfast tho Chinese visit
their friends and relatives. Tho supper of this day is a sumptuous repast indeed, nnd contains duck,
geese chickens, roast pork and many
other kinds ot delicious food.
Several persons havo asked why"
the Chinese uso fire crnckors to frighten awny tho ovil spirits. This is
a strange mistake which appears to
be prevalent among white people.
Tlio Chinese do not lire off flro crack
ors to scaro away evil demons—quite
tho opposite. The Chinese fire thom
off on all occasions of Joy— marriages, birthdays and especially New
Year's day. Moreover they do not
flro them when there is need to
frighten away evil- spirits, as, for example, when a person is dead or
Chinese in this country do not colo
brate tho holidays as heartily
thoso in China, partly because they
cannot afford the timo for long celc
bratlon, and pnrtly because they are
away from home nnd their loved
ST. PETERSBURG, Fob. 6.- He-
cent advices received from the Caucus indicate that the Russian inhab-
New P artnersbip
Cartwright & Barclay
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 5.-With tho discharge yesterday of
the lust pattunt under treatment within the isolation hospital, San
Francisco was officially declared free of bubonic plague. Drastic
precautionary measures are being adopted for the purpose of preventing a  recurrence of the contagion in the spring.
in the number of mun employed in
the industry do not account altogether ior the increase in jt-luj number
of fatal accidents, ulthough for thu
increase in tho number of fatal accidents, although this may seem to
be true. In 1895, 2.07 persons wer*
killed in the coal mines for eaoh 1,-
000 men emptoiyod. This ratio hat
increased until in 1906 it reached
U. 10, und this was exceeded in 1905
and 1902. In .ail European coal-
producing    countries the output of
Hants are considerably alarmed over coal has greatly increased during the
the concentration or Turkish troops last ten    yeurs, but the number   of
.        , .    ,. ,    . deaths per 1000    miners, instead of
in    Armenia and   the region seized iDcrea8ing M ,n Americaf hu8 umier-
from Persia which, it is believed, is gone a marked and decided decrease,
designed as a reply to any attempt Thta lias been due to the effect of
•,.     ,„        ,■   .. .,        „.    , mining legislation in those countries
at    demonstrations   on the part of fer tge 8*,DsuartIing and protection
llussla. Russia has now only two 0j the lives of the workingmen, and
army     ,ps in the Caucasius. a large hus been    made possible by govern-
part of which is disposed in detach- «■*£»« & XTrtn^rt
meats through    the country to pre- ittt|vo tu safety in mining, including
serve order or engage in punitive expeditions.
An officer is quoted as saying that
the Turk* could, in case of trouble,
sweep the Causasus and occupy Tif-
lis in tan days.
The authorities here, although ad- Red States.
the .use of explosives. In Belgium before the testing. station was built
the average number of men killed
per each 1000 men employed between
18*11 and 1810, was 3.19. From
1001 to 1900 this ratio has been
reduced to 1.02. This is one-third
'of tho ratio now existing in the Un-
The advent at the snow was timed
to catch the homeward bound thousands who had gone to offices anil
ahops rubberless and without um-
'brellas, on aa nearly a perfect winter morning as could be imagined.
While the happy crowds made mcr-
y on ths park lakes, the charitable
societies were doling out mercy on
ths "other aide" of New York life.
Penetrating a dingy nook in Ihe gur
rat floor of a tenement, agents ol
the Children's Aid Society found a
mother and two children huddled a-
bout a tireless stove mutely waiting
death from starvation and cold. Lena Brown, Julia, aged G, and Minnie, aged 4 years, crouched on tho
floor, their hands clutching thc stove
in which tho flre Imd long since died.
A stove and a broken-down rocker
constituted ths furniture, and thoro
was no food in tha place.
Two women were tound dead lu
the kitchen of a house at 3ol West
Seventy-First street, of which thoy
were caretakers.     They wero    Mrs.
DUBLIN, Feb. fi.-The children of
tho members of the United Irish
Loague in the west of Ireland, who
are currying on an antl-grazing campaign, aro rapidly becoming infected
with a violent form of tho boycotting fever nnd nro threatening to
close up the national schools if tho
children uf the hatod occupants af
the grazing lands aro permitted to
attend the schools.
As an earnest example of tholr determination to do this GO pupl'B attending a national school near
Boyle, county Roscommon, todny
walked out in a body, because the
leachors refused to dismiss four sons
and daughters of men who havo boon
»     .
Ono of tho subjects upon which
the Camplioll-llnnncriiian Government
is certain to he hard pressod during
tho session of Parliament is the war
boing made on all Asiatics by the
Boer authorities ol tho Trunsvanl.
When Lord Elgin, ns Secroton- of
State for tho Colonies, approved tho
law onnctod by tho Transvaal Legislature for the exclusion und deportation of Asiatics from tho Transvaal colony he could hurdlv havo
Margaret Bertie, 70 years old, and foreseen thc consoquohcos it would en-
Mrs. JUarguret Kelly, 40 years    old. tail.    Ho probably assumed that It
For many years they had
friends. There was a little
a bin in the cellar, and 17 conts
wore found in a cupboard. Tbo police soy thsy think the women s.it
by a stove in front of which they
were trying to keep warm, fell asleep before the fire went out, and
i .vv froze *° (leatn- Fawn tickets show-
In lQutTwas UmIling that Mrs. Bertie had pawned 18 iThere nro presumably
1 in   tho   excommunicated
was solely Intended for uso against
tho Chinese coolies now or lately employed in tho Witwutersrand gold
mines, and, as poor old China 'has
to stand for everything, ho thought
no harm would come of It.
But it was not only tho Chinese
whom tho Boers had in mind when
thoy passed that ordinanco. They object to any kind of Asiatic, and thoy
are enforcing the now law against all
alike witli an iinpnrtlnl severity.
crowd, or
something   -would    before this havo
The beneficial result of
initting the seriousness of the Turk- this testing station is seen ln the
ish-Fersiun reiutions do not share {* **£,_£?« *K "?0uS
the alarmist views held in the Cau- men    employed    in 1900 was 'i.»4,.
casus, and declare that the posslbil- while iu   189S tho   ratio was 1.40. 'articles of dress and lewelry
ity ot hostility with Turkey,    ovor STaO^n'lSM^ TasTta WOO^'ln -'ound*     *Vh"e the policc wor° '" th° ItonTeard from Toklo;'but'there arc
which Russians thore are panicky, is prua'sia the ratio of deaths per'one'kouM Preparing to remove the    bb^a number of    Hindoos, and as thoy
utterly    oxcluded.      Certain procau- thousand mon employed has docress-' dies to the morgue there called    a °™ {JJereB\"iUju^
tionary measures,    however, ure be- ?„|J™'.2^*.j,,1^8°^0„i201|n'1^ collector for a stone tutting    con-|to tho protection of tlio British Gov-
cern which had built tor Mrs. Bertie eminent   thev find it difficult tn understand why thoy nre not ns free to
live In ono part of tlio British   cm-
i   .        '    '        '  ' „      .',.-'  I'lre as another.   Thut thoy nre not
     »____ I aarvea   in the Spanish-Am- is wbnt tnov „re learning by  bitter
* erlcan war.    Mrs. Bertie's corrospon experience.
JUT. CROW"LAW IN OKLAHOMA 'f"» *"- •*•* - *- ^^.J|'^tilrU^,tT£a
„ In Scotland, who have become  woll ,„ tn(J Tl.„nsvool must present thein-
'. known in medicine and business.        selves for    registration und ldcntiu-
OIITHRIE, Okie, Feb. 4.—This Is     An ,,nnamcd philsnthropical wom-!catlon.    Thoy havo to bo measured
... ,.   Franco's ratio has dropped in
ing    taken by the military council, ymn ,rom loa per 100Q mm
and during the past three weeks  all ployed tn 0.84.—Clarence Hall
regiments    iu    that   territory have W. 0. Snelllng in Engineorlng
boon notified to hold themselves    in,1""10- .
readiness to move at short order.
■n  small   monument over thc grave <
of her son,    Capt. John W. Bertlo,
WASHINGTON,    Feb. 3.-A flying  ,	
machine that will roallv flv is    the £,      ."'? tocd'or ,tho 8"-c»l1oa"    •Tim „„ sent .100   sandwiches to a pabliclaftd weighed und glvo   tholr   thumb
macmne mat win reaiiy uy is     urn fjrow-- jaw    to     bocomo oltectivo In school    '-    ™ "--     »—■—•    mu„'...i_.» i „ i... „i .tu... no.,™.  „.„i
Oklahoma.    Tho law corresponds   in
all its essential features to the simi-
demand of the United States govern
meat, and if tho promises of the in
Mnngnttan    today.   The prints and a lot of other things, and
prii.-.lpal,    Mrs. Tower,    formed    a after all is said and dono the-   are
bread line" In the .IWBOment    play-, liable to bo deported anyhow nt thc
Nnnalmo. Feb. 0.—
Remarkable Feat Perforated       3tr.
Transit While at Sea-Ships "
an Extra Propeller.
The Nor. Str. Transit, under char-
tor to the British Coast Steamship
Company, reached Esyuiuiult yesterday morning from Coos Bay, Ore.,
whore the steamer was towod in distress by the bar tug Columbia, after
losing her tail abaft and propeller
when bound to Victoria from Guuy-
nins, Max.
lt was expected that the steamer
would be able to go into dry dock
or on one of the marine slips on arrival, but the dock and the slips are
all busy, and the Transit will be
unable to leave the water until
Thursday, when the cable steamer
Restorer, now in dry dock, leaves
there. Capt. Banielaon decided in
Consequence to proceed to Nanaimo
for bunker coal, and the Transit lett
lor here this morning.
The crew df tho steamer performed
a remarkable feat ln shipping a
spare propeller after her accident.
Following the accident at sea the
Transit was taken to Marsbueld and
anchored. While well aheltered,
there is a steady swell in the harbor there, and the repairs were af- .
I'ectcd with difficulty. The water
ballast waa shifted, bunker coal was
trimmed forward, and everything
moved to the forward part of the
steamer, so that the stern could be
brought well out of water to allow,
the spare propeller and tail shaft
being fitted. There waa no cargo
on board. Considering that the average propeller weighs tan tons and
ths tail shaft la no light weight, It
woe necessary to rig up tackles, etc.
about the vessel's stern, and the
work of the engineers, lacking, the
appliances that could be secured at
port equipped with ship repairing-
yards, aa ia Victoria, was extremely
difficult. They managed to fit the
new tail ahalt and propeller, which,
though not adjusted as satisfactorily as thoy would wish, proved sufficient for the trip trom Coos bay.
Francisco Cedio, Wbo Blew Up the
Grand Forks Hotel Captured
at Salt Lake Olty.
NliW YORK, Feb. 6.—With the
thermometer rogiistorlng a temperature of one degree above zero at 7
o'clock this morning, New York experienced a taste of real winter weather. It was three degrees colder
than any previous day this season
and within one degree of the coldest
weather recorded in Now York for
the past live years. Since 190U the
temperature has nover gone below
zero, but during that time has twice
touched thot point, once in 1U05 and
once in 1907.
Zero Is vory cold weather for
New York for the lowest temperature ever recorded by the local won-
sher bureau was six degrees beluw
zero and this has been reached only
four times in tho Inst thirty years.
The city lodging houses and the
covered pier of tbe charities bureau
wero crowded with homeless men last
The body of an unidsntlllsd man
who bad crept into the coal bunkers
of a steuraor lying at a dock in
ilrooklyn and frozo to death during
the night, was found today,
New York harbor was ailed with a
great Held of broken drift ice which
impeded tho passage of all except the
powerful tugs and terries, and    ths
ontors nro fulfilled that demand will1 ,"" s'atu*ps Prevailing In the    var- room   raetcd out tho sa„dw!ohes nnd pleasure of the   authorities.    Thore
enters are lull lied that demano will ,„„, Snuthern stat0Si requiring   the thm exercised thc feminine preroga- have been a number of arrests for rc
shortly be filled.     Several bids have railroads to provide separate acco- tive-of tears.   "I used to ask  some fiisul    to comply with   these condl-
besu submitted to Gon. Allen, chief, mndations for negroes on all trains 0» tne Doys wnjf    they did not   go tions, and the culprits havo boon pu-
siirnal officer   bv inventors of flvinir aml at ""    stntlons>   nl"l imposing home at luncheon time," said    Mrs. nished by line and Imprisonment for
., .     ...      ..     ,    t,.      i   P<ml'lti<,s    'or »" violations ot    tho Tower, "but I soon learned what the their misconduct.   Last wcok   thlrty-
maclilnes    ot     tho    hoavior-than-air |nw.    Thc lending railroads operat- trouble woe.   Many of them did not llvo Hindoos wore taken into   court,
type, and these will bo opened    to- ing In Oklahoma hnve made tho ne- answer.   Others said:     'What's   the including tho chairman and thc troa-
|cessery provisions    to comply with UBe7> » (Urar 0( the   British-Indian Assocta-
tho law^  Tho police reported several   deaths tlon. nnd the chairman nnd socrotnry
—_ -       s> - from exposure.   Many destitute ones ol the Islamic Society, all dcsi-rlbed
were warmed and fed, but thousands as citizens of substance nnd   sttttul-
OTTAWA, Feb. 4.—Mr. Alcorn, the more, those who know said, shivered ing.
Conservative member for Prince Ed- '■> Proud silence. - |   It Is said that thirty-two of   this
,„«.a n-. u . i ..„,i„-»j . ™... when the snowfall began, far more batch wore ordered to leave thc
ward, Ont., has introduced a meas- tnan mM be accommodat<!d fl011ght 'country within two' weeks, although
ure which embodies most of the elec- shelter nt the refuge houses. Faint- they havo boen living In the 'Pronation reform features of his pnrty ing .women, mon with babies ln their vaal for -ears and havo created val-
«i„.,„r~ rnk. in, n„i». „i„..i„ arms pled pitiably for food, first for uable interests.   It is difficult to see
platform.        lhe bill limits closely thejr ^^ ^ -*h(jn fo_ lbemse]ma_ :how ,t wl„ „„ p08slb.0 tor the  Brlt-
tho legitimate expenditure of a can- Long before 11 o'clock, the hour forllsh    Government,    with 120 million
didote and   prohibits    more strictly food distribution, tho Bowery   broad [Hindoo    subjects     already showing
thn fro. ,Mn«norta(l™ nf electors line numBorod many more .than did signs of restlessness, to stand for
the free    transportation of electors, tb_ ]mvm ^ b_ deal(. QUt th(|(. k,nd of thh)g   om| tll0 opposl.
punishing all concerned ln it. It pro-    i„ the early evening thore wes lit- tlon will surely want to know  what
.vides    that    whero possible sheriffs tie wind, and tho snow pil d up  an
shall be returning officers with    the »™>.to.verjhan promises betoreinld.
In order to meet the specifications
and requirements of tho government.
for an aortal contrivance to bo used
in military operations, the machine
must carry two persons of the combined weight of 300 pounds and sufficient fuel for a flight of 125 miles.
It must be designed for a speed of
at least forty miles an hour, but a
machine will be accepted capable w-
only 36 miles, althougili only 00 per
cent of tho contract price will bo
paid for it.
Likewise there is a> provision for
premium on speed in excess of 40
miles an hour, so that a machine
capable of making 44 miles in sixty
minutes would cost Uncle Sam 120
per cent, of tho contract price.
While all the machines of the heavier thun-nir type yet built have
shown many dofects of construction
and operation, tho signal office authorities believe that the rivalry developed among American inventors
by the government competition will
yet result ln the building of an airship thnt will surpass those now in
use by the nvilitary of ull other nations.
Among tho minor specifications is
that tho machine shall be so designed that It can descend in any country which mny bo encountered in
field service. Tho starting device
must be simple and transportable.
The machine should nlso land In a
Hold without rec|iiiring a specially
prepared snnfc nnd without damage
to (tn 'ruoturo! It should also bo
providod with Home device to permit
n safe descent, in cnso of accident to
profiling machinery. -A still further requirement Is -that the apparatus shall bo sufficiently simple in con
structlon and operation ns to "permit any intelligont man to become
proficient In Its use within a reasonable timo. '
The increase both in tho number
and tho seriousness of mine explosions in the Unltod States during
past years may bo expected to continue unless thu country adopts
means that havo proved succossful'in
European countries, whero the proportionate death rate in tho mines
has lieen materially reduced, Infcr-
matlon is needed at onco concerning
tlie explosives used In the mines, the
conditions under which the may bo
used safely in tho presence of coat
Hudson river a few miles above ths dust °n<1 "ns nml thc general condl-
ciiv o.„m irn,« „.,.. .« i..ji. . ' t'ons which mako for health and sofo
city was frozen over so badly as to ty |„ Coal mine operations. In 1900
form a natural bridge across it. tho total number of mon killed in
For the flrst time this winter a  va- tho mines was 2001, and tho injured
por off the bay was formed    along
tho shores of Stnton Island.
 * ,
Owing to the high price of the in-
irredients of navy cocoa, coffee nnd
tea will he served to sailors aa an
additional ration in Hsu thereof.
.   . .    _,   t night to reach the four inches depth
registrar for next choice, and    that tlwt moans tho Bno„..ronloving  con-
the deputies and   other poll officers tractors must take hold. 'Hundreds
shall be resident in the parish, town of men anxious for employment  ga-
., iii,.      u      .t..     i. thered early at the agencies and sll-
shlp or municipality where they ait. ont|y praJrod tlwt ^ flak<M   wouM
Ballot boxes must be examined    at pile higher.   The weather men    was
the opening of    the poll to prevent inclined to look for rnln in the morn
, ,      „„ „„ „.„„U|„ ... ,_„„~j ing nnd the difference between    rain
fraud.    Heavy penalties are imposed an«  snow m t|)(J noxt f<w nour8 w|M
on all who practise or knowingly per he a difference    of many dollars   to
mlt fraud.    Officers who violate tho New York's poor.
secrecy of tho poll get a  year    in •      • '
prison.     Corporations are forbidden IMMIGRATION DILL PASSES ITS
Premier     Banncrinnn   intends doing
about It.—Philadelphia Inquirer
undor ponalty of $5,000 to contribute to campaign funds, while officers, directors or shareholders concerned in thc transaction are liable
to a year's Imprisonment and a
heavy fine. Flno and imprisonment
await    tho federal officer or govern-
The Railway Tax Exemption
Discussed by Premier and
Stuart Henderson.
(From our own Correspondent.)
The    Immigration   Bill passed its
ment contractor who makes  election th'rd '•""'W ^ "» legislature .ye
contributions, nnd any officer or employe of the government who acts as
election agont or as a canvasser is
to I e punished with line or Jail, or
both. Tho penalty of a briber is
imposed upon all who by public
speaking or through tne prcBS or In ^j*
any other way try to influence electors by promise of public expend!
ture In tholr district.
terday with no dissenting voice and
the members all in their places,
As soon as it passed J. A. Macdonald wanted to know if the Attorney General was going to ask ths
lieutenant governor to give iinme-
to it.
Hon. Mr. I-owser said that was a
question for the Premier.
Premier McBride    said he    would
passed and asked to have it assented to.
There are othor squally stringent """•■at "» lieutenant governor
clauses making the measure a great w,th _*• ■*"* thnt th** uUI h*a b-»"
step in ndvnnco in election reform,
The government, which, in ths
speech from the throne at three sue- Tn» s-reater part of the afternoon
cosslvo sessions promlsod improved wa» tsk"> "P with a discussion of
election laws, has failed again, leav- "j9 **■'"»* Exemption Bill in com-
Ing it for thc opposition to act. m'ttee.
 I I   Stuart Henderson wanted lo amend
it so aa to provide that no pre-emp-
RAILWAY BUILDING IN EUROPE tlon should be allowed except In cas-
  es where white labor only waa employed ln construction of the Une.
Constantinople. Feb. '.-An lm- The minister of finance oflered an
porlal decree issued Vestenlay, anth-' ammAmmt thnt lt ,h,mid be given
orires the survey of Mitrnvit/.n No"l-      ,    , , "
huzar railway.      Baron Von Al>r.mt- onl.v In cases where tho government
hall,   tho At-slrii-Hungnriun minister found    that every    effort had been
of foialgn affairs recently announced mado to ohta|n w'hite labor.
that plans   had    boon made for the.   m.    . . ' -. ...
establishment of direct railway con-' Tn0 two amendments were then deflections between Vienna, Salonika bated at length by Premier McBride
and Athons.   Later despatches   from and the    leader   of
VANCOUVER, Feb. 6. -Bishop
Hart vigorously donounced the deceased wife's sister bill In the course
ol an address at the Anglican Synod at Westminster today. He declared once a man married, all his
wife's relatives became his relations,
and it wae Just as wrong to marry
his wire's, slater aa his own sister.
(Collier's Woekly)
Tho Ohio brewers recognize that it
must he prohibition or reform. Perhaps if tho Issuo In this form were
put before tho people oven of the
prohibition states, thero might be n
change. To stop tho liquor traffic
by law may bring, in ninny column-
bitles has brought a train of. unexpected evils which do not show in
police court records nor yet in stutls
tics nf population and wealth. Wero
the habit of drinking a now thing,
sprung up within in the century, among European peoples, there could
hardly bo any ouestion how any sane
and moral man could vote upon it.
It is a very old thing; so old that
it antedates all written records. It
is subtly intertwined with the psychological and physiological processes of tho Aryan. Physiologically, we
may perhaps be held inoculated against its poisonous effects, psychologically, lt has been connected often
with much of tho mora gracious part
of Hie. Self-righteous uncharltablo-
ness and narrowness have often
marked its bitterest opponents. Soggy biscuit, pic, nnd filed meat may
be as deleterious to tho system as
occasional drink. But tho American
saloon as It exists—an evil In itself
and a nucleus for ovlls of tho worst
that con be conceived—tho American
saloon must pass.
4800. In seventeen years, 22,840
inon have beon killed In tho coat
mines of tho United States. In 1890
tho number kilted was 701, Tho number of killed has steadily Increased
until 1905, whon 2097 met with vlo- beon a . cherished project" to Austria
PARIS,    Fab. 5.-A special    despatch from Lisbon says that it now
appears that the man Oasto,    who
was killed as one of the assassins ol
OL  , ,  „ - -    the opposition. .'King Carlos, was innocent.
fots »xurw„^prdingaUwZiTh<'"™"""- ""t-*- «* «■•■ H Arri"Y° firr T t
Russia nnd Austro-Hungnry >.v»r tho,','"'son'l^ amendment wodld cause tholemPloysn »t a Jewelry shop in Ar-
construction   of   this   road    which j disallowance of tho fill! at Ottawa, |senal street, the proprietor of which
AuSla'n0 ^H^tt'wffi;'*-: M-Mdlta*" ■*'*™ * °" *"—.«"» * ^^M hto   *
tho Turkish line In Salonika travers- ,8"tali.—
ing the buffer district of Novlhaear. I   The leader of the opposition  said
The building of    this line hns    long-thls was aM nonsense, and hc    felt
lent deaths.    The groat Increase   in but Russia's attitude of steady   op- "tlsfled It would not be disallowed
tho production   of   coal during the position has prevented tho execution on thnt ground.
last decade "and the related Increase of the plan. , ,   , '   The amendment of   Mr. Henderson
purchase some postage stamps at
ths time ths royal carriage was paw
Ing, that being the sole reason he
waa among the crowd. He became
Involved ln the stampede and •
■hot down by a stray bullet.
NELSON, Feb. S.-Word reached
hci-e yesterday that an Italian named Francisco Csdio, who blew up the
Canadian hotel, near Grand Forks,
with dynamite on Nov. 18, 1896,
killing Louise King, has been captured at Salt Lake Olty, and has. admitted his Identity and fully confessed hie guilt. Be hoe been searched
for all over the west ever since the
occurrence. He has waived extradition and will be brought to the provincial Jail here, and be tried for
murder at the next spring assizes at
Besides wrecWnf ihe hotel aad subsequently burning it, tbe explosion
severely Injured many parsons, but
is Louise King, the landlord's
daughter, was the only one who
PARIS, Jan. 81.—An elephant eon-
ducted the orchestra at the Theatre
de Varieties at Batters last night under an exciting circumstances.
The conductor held out a carrot
to him Just as be wae malting hla
bow from the stags, and, ln stepping
forward too hastily to get lt, the
elephant brought down ths front ot
tho stage and accompanied by two.
zebras which were performing with
him, crashed into the orchestra below.    Two violinists were hurt.
The animal, whose name is Tiny,
was vsry much annoyed. He caught
the conductor round the waist with
his trunk, and after waving him in
the air for a moment or two, threw
him out among the audience.
There was a momentary panic but
Tlny's black keeper persuaded his
charge to clembor up an Improvised
gangway to tha stage again, and got
him back to his shed without further incident.
' 4 	
A woman named Boyle, a native
of Oloromorris, Ire., died in the
workhouse at tlie age of 107.
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, air
or foreign substance fused with
carton. /Carton gives toughness
stength, keeness and life.
Thirty year's study of the razor
sltuallon has shown • way to
add the highest per cent of
carton to a Carbo Msgnetlc
raior Made throug a secret
ING giving It a uniform diamond Nke hardness-something absoiutch/ Impossible
with flre tempered razors,
and they arc Hamburg ground.
hpme-or have your bsrber use 1
It on vou-for thirty days WITH. I
OUT OBLIGATION TO V        \_\_\
puRCHAse, -**
Ladysmith Hardware Co, * (%f%i%^i%%%^i^»«»%%'lt*»r%% ♦■a.^0%»^0%-»-<
  re„™t8edheinhtho crtSmtw, liisT Ti" *" '"^^ <"*' "' '""^  "» «"' «* * «««"    «*»
The great   tost match takes placo toned to    during tho week   and    in *™ ,V0™° to doal wWh '  llmn """rt'pressmen of the big cities.
on tho sports ground    today.   Noth- h,is opinion, they are all -well   worth tlle Players.     Tho writer has no in-  ?10lr,_;'lew apparontly tho people
ing excites greater interest or   pro- c<*nsl<J0''ing by thoso in authority in f*-'ntloh ot saying    that the spcetat-
vokes  keener    controversy than   the,       ml footbo11' 0™ of-Ladysmith nre-worse than'tho
selection of a tonm.   There' never was By Way of Prefnce. .spectators at other places." On    the
a committee that could ploase every-    Jt has never boen a practice ot tho ,h!r!a! Ji        .   "". blitte1'' "nd-
body's fancy,  and, of course,   thoro writer's to re-opon a dead controvcr- iSIf ..    -A Wremoly.    well behaved,
aro always a few men-whom nobody'jy or to ruko up uld sores.    If there
out of heaven could satisfy. inlul to lie a scrap, ho always profer-
Still there is always room for op-l!?d ''.V,.1!1"'0 " ol" lvnd uhon <*ako on
en, honest cr ticlsm, and in local1 ',., ,'" hy W"J' °t preface and as
sporting oircles dissatisfaction wlth.SL lnu '' !i,vo lll'£m("*11 to the Free
the two teams     playing here today I^Jess "'"" "'l0 somo <bxya ago w
has taken -two main linos, The first
■ Is In respect to the Mainland players who thrum in th© tonm. Tho
ground Is -taken that it mokes legitimate Island players look pretty
small. And, of course, thoi-o is force
in tho argument.
Constitutional Point.
Tho main question of the eligibility
of thoso players to take part in   tho
Island    comiioti'tion has yet   to
settled.    Hewitt and his partners a
not only    registered with Vancouver
teams, but have played for thom   in
tho opening rounds of the B.C.   Cup
comi-otltion.   Thero thoy play oil tho
championship  in the English  cup-tie
form.    Horo thc comiieiltlon is play-J
ed off     in    League form.
So far at least the grounds hnve
never bocn made untenantable for ladies' on account of bad or obscene
language. Ilut there aro a number
of youngstore, juniors, Intermediates
and dub members who allow thoir
partisanship to run nway with thoir
Judgment, ami they lose all sonso of
fairness. Wo ore all of us out for
sport and lot. us ull do our l»»t to
act as "sports."
Oft The Touch.
There is another po nt.    Tho club
went to qulto a few dollurs' expense
to put a fence    round    tho playing
went so fur the other dav\'«To bold"  I.'!,™!! '« 0"!°'; t0 ko0p tho touch Une
■     -   - - -m> m lu uol<|L  clour.   Spectators can sec Just us well
from tho outside os from the Inside
of the fonco.      Tho constitution
merry and    sarcastic on out	
count bocnuse wo ventured to Question liis assurncy. Of courso ho did
not uccept a word of our correction
and ulinost made our modest claim
to a knowledge of English football,
a criminal oll'cnco.
Coming Round.
Uut still ho Is coming round.    Ho
,    l.v declare that football is not n parlor game.      No more It is, and   we
icol honored that even ono remark of  ,.,.!..„.      c j      '.     •-
ours should have stuck. OZ""lend ,&,""" """ \del"' toUoh lino'
on the Frco Press will, wefcol sure th.L ' c™ l"Wst " Kam,) whoro
fathom this awfully ol score oson-al 8g?    Tn!   TJf° ""v"I"1""01*
tlon. ™|5n*    ills    Is well enough known,, -»„*.«*
Tho TorHm-  Hmi-.rf „?*?■ U i8 ''"Possible tu keep tho   lontfth of timo in this proViiiibo
iA.nt.tn V , 4, si«€tetoni outside the fence.  Players attitude af tho Isli '
»t    } rat!101' hurt. that   ho ?   ,    ub "!emboi's «re the worst *pfr *«««»-
a mining    camp    are different
those in tho citiow, and can lie treated without any show or appearance
of consideration.
A Stellar Artist.
liy tlie way, <\ve noticed another exhibition of a different kind of smartness the other day. Jt wus in tho
"Colonist" and appeared in the report of the Nanaimo vs. J.B.A.A.
match, The reporter was affecting
the graphic and 'picturesque style of
writing, und evidently aimed at
rare distinction in phraseology. He
achieved it, too, Ho sung of "stellar" football, and yet he know nc
othor than that thero were ftftoon
men on a side, and hadn't oven
thinetic enough to count them.
i ON E. & N.
Is the Question TiscusBed by several
Members    of Local Leglsla-        .
ture Yesterday. ]
(From Our Own Correspondent;) 	
Tbe resolutions introduced by John & & V'ALKER, President.
Oliver and   J. H. Hawthornthwaite, ALEX. LAIKD, Oeneral Ma eger
recommendation   being A. K IRELAND, Superintendent
I'or tlie     '*"- —
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
In mado hy tlio legisliitur
'lom  moval of Lt.-dov. IJunsinuir wero In
Truo Sports.
Hut tho	
proper vlow, the sportsmonllko view should havo u'cusod our players   of 'ondors and any renoae-trance
to take Is that tho com|iot Uons hero trying to sonro Oruham and Howltt   f01'th nothing but lasolonoo
■""'    "—     are   merely   qualifying It was u mighty high tribute to tho
dotoriuinc  which  teams courage of our fellows, but an awful
tho final for tho chain- 'A* humiliating slur upon   "  '
plonship of H. C: llgcnco.     Thoi-o's nothing   on   ™. .„„„„ .   , -—   —■
WhioliToam. i mV,  wearing    football "gooSf.    th,U  "o^ooSL''"? ,T " i^,^ ""'re-,ii-
Here then is the point.     Struthers W   "»™    «-*» Shorty or Paddy,   a.   L Sloali^'o^iv'on^
of denr littio Howitt whom tho great  _Z f,M ."".V    ^ "" live up io
■""""' Ladysmith forwards trlod   to  ™l"i^..rC^t1l!™; '<.' emn   hlK»°r
and    llroro
rounds     to     uu>v.«u><.u   hum   munw  ^"-.uKu .„ uu, luiimvs, out an awful      -i-i....^. • . '.
shall meet in tho final for tho chain-  ty humiliating slur upon their Intel- tn   m    h   "*! "^ for ih,s* and ifc is
'"'■"       ",l--'-      '■-•- "°   n°iwd     that tho work of the
land.      Thoy ore now assisting    Island teams to quulii'y.   Which   team,
supimstag    Nanaimo   wins out hore, C^Ltl" "Ie
and the Thirties come out on top   in  5?h™}*'J™ ,.r"r~> ,-•-—«»«,.,,
Vancouver,  will they play tor?   Will  ,!^"i"   yj!i!   ^    w.ltl? .the._twrlflc
scare off the field.   Here it Is, in par-
Hewitt, (the  vigilant,
either association have anything   to
soy tn it ?
Island Men. !sense     in      „11IW1  „.„,«„ or n<
Then there is the other point. Thev , takes Adam & Co, for a lot of fools
have displaced   men    who    have for'
'.years played  football on the Island
And,  in   the
havo displaced mon  „..- „.«    «™«.   iafl0|. promptly or more proper
their suiwriors,  or,  so  nearly, their  ,y  roSfint8 (han    a Iwture    '
equals,     that    there   ■*» nnt-Wno-   tn  ..
to  than    championship     honors is
character of "truo sports."
Nanaimo's Trouble,
charge).   >hat   i7re^                                         *""*   8°i.jtM own little
the durable and dauntless, and either   froublcs Just .  uow-     Ma">r oi tho
j the F«* Press man was writlnff non-  ^ MP «*•» have expressed a poor
Ifion^     .»     his former article or He f°nKinton1,of U8 ^wtl lHiro fls   "Port";-
& Co. for a lot of fools.   ^ AV1lIter c,ould "J™880. J"**?   H
, _    ,                               eamo in, and now thc Nanaimo boy,
A Lecture,. „,.„ ^....tu-, *.•-.--    -■•■•
Words of Widsom.
"Tattler" in tho Noyys-Advertiser,
has been making a few remarks on
the migration of certain players from
the Mainland to the Island. What he
has to auy cannot assuredly bo dismissed us tittle-tattle.   Horo it is:
"To tnose who have been in touch
with    Association football   for   any
" tho
in coming
over to spy okt the* land and then
proceed to carry off our best players
by promises of work on tho Island,
was not a surprise. The principle of
the Islanders has over been: 'Get
tho championship of H.C.
estly If you can
™r0 -^opinion   thev     U, l8 time to <=<"»>= *, apoint near- ff ~ti?to«1 sora0thin8 ot tho same
unci s opinion, thoy ior h ^ nothin„ tho IiVlt   0l'°8 'hemselvos.   Naturally thuy are
T Ih°„ri„.°S !■?"«'•-more promptly or mL'to'™!" ™Z„,sVrc •>«*.'*. "« there   Is   a
bot-ween   thj" TT^iter ^.-SfLmS 5^St^andV'vancou^
ritfta,i rt? tinK°Cha™ X«.T„ | °* th° ^ ato1? « «" '-«' unmJ. „         »<* f* »-»»          „
Island Football, an.i thc vory slight                 pla-v<*r vs. Beferoo. B1^ ™*1™"'    .'*   is n»t our. funeral,
differences    there   Is In their   merits 'v,First of all thoro conies tho  ques- NsSaTmo ^JiV^S;"? h|!nd.in '*' '^
and al)Uitl<u  would havo played ol- «<"• »' the    player and tho rofor« S\     n^/.umn   ook »*•*• them-
thor O'Connell or Hewlett                    (There is ono    thing     to bo bomo in tho oaosS  «*!i?h  J"™ 'P**   ?'
Victory at An,- Price.'              »U'",1' ™? «iat is that tho relereo is us here       Thrt    Is Z m^ o"
To wind up on this point.   The Is-  aCtaal°0n t°ho fid'    ?* ^l'0"9 Whkhth° biS     "'     XtTlSS
land committee hns shown itself per-'ZsU„ned"toretv.^rS'S T'5' b? tog <" ,ho ">W<W camps            '
ha|« too willing    to avail  itself' of So team         Z*?   »  ,  ^" ,.?' Superior Peine
Mainland playors to play the Malnj that anv' rrf„™ „' „ k la 'H™0?*18 This i. ™„L™n         P    ,
land.   Thev havo trlvcn the Mainland  .?..       5 ,™oreo C1>n by. anyr ohance 1I,|B..'» generally supposed to be _
authorities   .   hSuitarttta ?i 78 8a,tiS,y 0TOry one of *» »«»- tT,°T^   ,aKe'    ttnn fl*01-' 1» the
with, Jt? it'to haXZe^much to B0^n^lllSBf,ll, H° ^ IZ S'floTd^'Vl ^ ""' °" «
sav, have cheapened Island sentiment „»L , ",f»l,liwi'»y- Ho may, and E'"8 .fleld a Dult» counts no moro
and patriotisT is™,™ C I^A'S,.*** -But' u«- f&H.^^f','""1 !n tto West-par-
  are sup-
at too groat.« price, and there   aro ditod wito"nonost	
wants to seo tho Island win; but hot I oont™°n 'h c0"v";fnS Proof to' the *^rjv old class cleavages „„ __,-
n, ,„„ „.«.„. „   „  .^ .L„L   '„ ™nt''ary, ho should at least bo   ere- "V**1 *° be lose "otlceablo than anv-
h hornet    m„.i    ..    wiliero    olso.       nut it is hardly so
motives and   the
iV .""" ,™  Strike a little bit of "trouble
If he   gives „„„   „.j ...,_    t-       •
.   ,      ,,. ,               .?h,ku a nwie bit of trouble   ln   a
-„,.„ «, oe 'mpartiai.    1   he  gives „       ,       h      tte        rf
a  oul against a certain player, even ^   ,e   , the dt        ^ ^-^
f it bo a mistake, that is no reason \___  B
many, anuing whom tho writer num- desire in h« iZ*..«'T
Iwrs himself,  who w^uld rather   lose      ■    ■ t0 bo imBarUah
creditably than win by alien   assist-   	
ance. I,' "1™ " m,s™K,,■ that is no reason *"'U'"B 0I ln« "ty regard themining
-4 „   ... ,or 'ongthy expostulation and    cor- """"P9-    Can any g„od thing   come
Strange  Positions. |taJnly no excuse for abuse.    The Z- out °' » •<»»« dty?
The other point of criticism is this, cj^™   should    bo accepted.    If the     IKrforo Nanaimo will |,o allowed to
and it certainly seems well foimU In mistake Is too bad, or promises dis- P"«.v in Vancouvor aga n   savs    the
both teams men ai-oboing plaj-edjn Mtsr to the side, then the   captain 'Province, in regard k, thisquestion
" " ' '     Palling   ro- "is vory possHilo that tho   miners
Team.   McKinley, for examkle,   s as-  the game mustlie "p^ed'accord bg Th^smart^ounnitorsTn'08'^
CFuickshanks will appear as   contre,^ Tflklng   Back. s^^'and'^ds vWtTwhTt °'
w, thoro ore some, or rather ono l?u'nnJd ,into th™, can always    bo
nn „,,„.i,   «h_ depended
positions to which thoy aro strange, can tako up the point
This is noticeably the caso In  tho B,  dross thoro is the constitution*
Team.   McKinley, for examklo,   s as-  the game inn '
signed the centre-half position,   and to the rules.
Unfair. Wtwo, of our ptoyera'too much' ad- ""P™**1 ™ to turn themselves loose
Now, this juggling of places is de- dieted to "beefing" whilo plavlna- on ™ th" aPP1,cat'o'i of thoir sporting
cidedly unfair to the playors. McKln- the field. It spoils the game It montora- Tho most one-sided state-
ley can hold his position as loft half 8'ves tho club a bad name which it I"0?1" ar0 acc0Pted and* published as
with any player in tho provinco. But does "ot deserve, and it places ts .. ,', **"' a cmb ""^ a wholo town
what ho can do In tho place of con- supporters in a false position, an un "'""'-V maligned on tho evidence of
tre-half is another question.   Yet the comfortable poBlt on. a B'ns^e Individual,
mon will bo   chosen largely on    tho Referee's Duty I Ladysmlth's Bouquet.
da?TA^„ma1l,0^,,t|h0galn0..t0;,   A strong i-oferco    would nover per- V La<|5"*'*>i«> received     Just   such   „
.Smen"w:honeisWp!iyro^ oThis^ S* $L-*L*f. th? .4"S SLS^«^^.«^*» ?".*>a
ffular placo is hondicupped to a de
gree     incalculable   by
Committeo. ^ a more un^port^anlike'colo" i™1 the   trouble
 'v protests or abuse from a 2£!?
,  -  ■   'wf««o, and the man    who TJmos      , 	
general personnel of the team. The wants to see clean sport and clean WCr0 comin« to -Uidysmith to meet
■writur has already commontod ujion ffames w 11 stand by the referee who thafc con»bination which noted so
the surprising omission of "'Shorty" Htos up to his powers, every time unsportsmanlike towards lhe referee,
Graham,  and  thoro ho will leave   it The Spectators '    l^wMwit Brown/'    No reasons   are
until    he has    seen tho game.    The     So much fn-. tL „in„    '  r™L advanced, nothing at all to   justify
sweeping libel.    And that  is
get it hon-
  put got it.'
'■'To thosti who are familiar -with
football in Great Britain it will be
remembered that this was how professionalism started. Huyers in
Scotland were offered situations in
England, so that they could pluy for
tho teams there. If they tost their
jobs they were made good to them
from other sources, aud thus they
held the mon. I do not say that
this is what tho Islanders do, but it
looks dubious, and when they charge
the Mainland with professionalism in
soccer circles, it looks as if thoir
charge would bo near the mark when
applied nearer home. They are paving the way for the introduction of
professionalism, nnd whichever team
wins on thc Island (and indications
point to it being thc one that has
the most Mainland players), will lay
itself open to suspicion should thoir
players play for them against their
old team in Vancouver, und if they
come over horo and play for their
original team, professionalism will
certainly bo laid to their charge.
"Thero is ono thing about the Islanders that cannot but tie noticed
that for shrewdness and cunning
they have the Mainland boys beat a
mile. In taking advantage of technicalities in the constitution they
are past masters. It is timo lhat
tho Mainland league officials woke up
and wore moro equal for thom.
I cannot hut admire them for tho
way they havo manoeuvred things
so far. Thc final test which wilt
tako placo fn the 11.U, cup final will
show to what extent it will carry
them. They are apt to run' up against a snug, as there in nothing to
hinder the playors from coming hack
here and playing (or their original
team, as they havo been registered
for the wholo season, and playod for
no othor team. This can also he
said of the same mon in their signing on and playing for the teams or
the Island. The players con suit
themselves as to whom -thev play for
turn ruled out of order yesterday by
the Speaker. lie contended thut
rule 15 of the house wns violated by
both resolutions.
A long debute ensued, tho opposition members contending that it was
tho right of the house to pass such
resolutions against the lie. tenant- j
governor and arguing that there
PilMKiMW* 10.000.000
lest     5,000,000
TIM Assets. 113,000.000
of Braiclies.
Ifrat c'-es throughout Canada arid id the United States and England
Pawners' Paper Discounted.
Deposits of tl and upwards received, and interest allowed at
cun-eu* rutw. The depositor is subject to no delay whatever in
the wit1 di i:wa! of the whole or uny part of the deposit.
ZZ.jT™Ai°£*Z!*J>£ *.'.his IT ""y P'«y«r oli'"the"fleldT; u'nseX b.Vid8 °f **e «Wrtlng"edito76f" the
«*».!..'..  _a ... ° rilTiO*!      ' T*      snl.i.^1        _#  i
manly conduct, and nothing-
,    .,         .-   ."<»»..  niiu   nominir -   hotlm.      *"'"-■»».       .it   reilltou,   of  cours,
any selection „ts tho    ,,,e«„l„g „f 1^1^  " __?_ »■•«'>. hero with the Y.M.C.A.,
,lt  related,  of course,
with     Mr. J.
Worth Considering. than vonWpmSslT^^^™™' Sfown-       A     week    yesterday   the
Nothing has    been said about   the Player tc 'roferpo, 0nd tho man    who      -08 aImoun,'«l that the ,I.B.A-.A.'s
So much for the players. Thore re- such
Nanaimo ....
Ladysmith .
Esquimalt ..
Ji B. A. A.
Y. M. C. A
Victoria West
Ladysmith ... .
Y. M. C. A. ..
DIVOKCE   CHANTED    IX)   0O.UN     ... .... .   .   ,     ■.. - , '
ESS YARMOUTH. evidence of the doctor the Earl     of •
Countess of Yarmouth, Sister of, H. Yarmouth    was capable of consum-je
K. Thaw, Succoods in Getting      mating the marriage, but counsel for •
Divorce from Her Husband, tn° plaintiff stated that this did not *
  affect the allegation that the    mar-'*
LONDON, B'ob. B.-Slr Blrroll Ba- rlage    had not   been consummated,
ront-ss, president of the divorco court
today granted the Countess of Yar-
North Ward
Ladysmith ...
d pt
d pt
d pt
month      , I,      Dt088 °' ^ " WaS *■'•"•■'■ *ha «H—*Uoi of    th  '•
mouth, who was Mis. Alice Thaw of court to annul the maTiage Ifitwa.! •
case was heard in private.
Tho Earl of Yarmouth did not do-
fend his case, his lawyer satisfying
himself with pointing out that the
evidence of the doctor removed the
stigma placed upon the earl by tho
evidence of the plaintiff and that
there were no grounds upon which
the countess could have sued for divorce. Tho Judge pronounced his
decree annulling tho marriage without comment.
Woman Watched Skaters Being Rescued from Hudson and dies
from the Shock.
NYAOK,    N.Y., Feb. IS.- "Death
from shook," was the verdict of physicians who examined Into the  sudden death of Mrs. C. Abry, of  this
place.    Hrs. Abry on Friday    was
watching    a  number of boys    and
girls skating on the Hudson    when
the Ice broke and three of the boys
I wore drowned.     She watched     the
The'countess gave evidence ln sup-] work of rescuing and when the  bo-
port ol her allegation that ths mar-[dies of the boys wcre brought out of
rlage had   never been consummated,, the river she fainted.    She was rehouse,   but
  __„. .,„...,    recovering consclous-
Bian and   wile.       According to thc'nets. i
At the t.'ino llxod for the commencement of tho proceedings everyone not actually engaged on the caso
was excluded from the court room.
Tbe ease waa practically undefended and the hearing lasted only half
an hour. The countess attired ln
a fashionable gown, was present,
but the Earl ol Yarmouth was not
In court.
Alice Cornelia Thaw, daughter of
ths late William. Thaw of Pittsburg,
was married to the Earl of Yarmouth at Calvary church ln Pittsburg, In 1908. The marriage followed a rather brief courtship, and
stopped the earl's stage career that
had begun In private society theatricals at Newport, and had later been
more or less successful In a professional role, Lady Yarmouth has
always beon ths favorite ol the family with her brother, Harry K.thaw,
whose second trial for tho killing of
Stanford White resulted ln acquittal
on ths grounds ol Insanity.
and tho maid testified that the earl moved to hor daughter',
and the countess had been, living as'died without
Prince Albert, Sask., Feb. 5.
An Indian who arrived in the
city yestorday, reports that
Jack Ungor, a resident of this
place had been devoured by
wolves near Candle Lake, to
the north of hero. Ungcr who
was a  lather, wont north last
Ran Awny from Home nnd Wero Kill
,      od Willie Stealing Train Rido.
Brentford, Ont., Fob. 5.—Two boys
were killed on tho fallway track near
Mlddlemls. John Jacobs, aged 10,
of Six Nations reserve, and Robert
Enllss, 18 ol    the Moravian reserve,
• November, to spend tho winter "* both of whom ran away somo dnys
• trapping. »- * ago from the Mohawk Institute hero,
•    ■ were     stealing a  ride on a   freight
LONGBOAT WANTS BB-INSTATE- trnil* ■vhcn " '" WPPOsed one     bo-
„_N„ came numb    with the cold and tell,
' pulling the other off with him.
NEW YORK, Fob. 5.- Tom Long-.  —♦	
boat the Indian distance runner who ^ „R1,ATjIATI0S
is under suspension by tho Amateur ___
Athletic Union, is coming to     New    TORONTO, Feb. 6. — An effort to
York for the purpose, It Is said,    of unseat Mayor   Oliver    nnd    several
„      .    .. ...       ,   ,.    councillors and aldormen, may bo   a
appealing to tho committee of   the 8tep tak(Jn |)V t|l(. ||(|U()1. |nU)rMt9 to
Union for reinstatement.    Loniiiboat Invade the llcenso reduction   by
has nover seemed to understand   tho Council n fow days ago.
union rules, but his selection as    a '
member     of   tho Canadian Olympic WHITE
team makes it necessary lor him to,
wero   no aspersions cast upon
Tlio   speaker, however, held    that
motives     were uscrilicd by inunonilo
similar to those mode directly     by
Mr. Hawthornthwaite at the opening §j
ing of tho houso.
In both cases an appeal wus taken
from the     speaker's    decision,     the
Speaker    being    sustained     by
straight party vote.
The bill for the increasing of the
coal tax was considered in committee.
J. H. Hawthornthwaite felt that
the bill was inspired by the Wellington Colliery Co., and the Ev &l
N, Railway Co., and would operate
against small companies.
Premier Mcilriiie denied thut there
was any such motive, or that thore
■vns any understanding between the
companies named and the government.
■ The bill wus reported complete..
On tho debate on the second reading of tho bill to allow of the exempting of railways from taxation,
Premier McBride explained that there
was no public correspondence. Any
thero was was moro of a private nature.
II. C. Brewster could not see how
the bill would help thc industrial
situation. If tho bill was to pass
it should contain at least a stipulation to conserve tho interosts of
white lblior. Ho could not see how
the extension of the E. & N. would
be hastened by tho provision.
J. H. Hawthornthwaite called attention to the fact that 400 men
wore out of work in Nanaimo. In the
face of this Orientals wero being ship
pod in to wotk, on the E. &N. extension. The government should in-
slst in connection with this measure
that white labor should be preferred
in giving work,
Hon. Mr. Tatlow said he had a
written assurance as to this trom
the C.P.R. with reference to the employment or labor on tho first ten
miles of the E .& N. extension.
The premier said that in arriving
at agreements with companies every
precaution would be taken to ensure the employment of whitos whenever it was possible.
Mr. Brewster hoped the government would Insist upon the completion ot the E. & N. within a given
time before granting any exemption,
and would also insist upon the employment of white labor on It,
Hon. Mr. Tatlow explained that In
connection with the E. & N. exten.
slon he hnd had a conversation with
Mr. Mnrpole when the subject ol
early construction wns discussed. Mr.
Tatlow said ho had called attention
to the fact that there wero a num-,
ber of men out of work, and -wanted
to know If something could not be
dono to bogin work at once to give
them employment. The question of
exemption had been introduced, nnd
Mr. Marpole had communicated with
William Whyte and Sir Thomas
Shaiighnossy. The" result was an
agreement to begin construction at
once ol ten miles ol railway. There
was no contract. It was an understanding between tho C.P.R. and tho
Mr. Macdonald wonted to know if
this exemption for ten years wns
conditional on the displacement of
Oriental labor by white.
Hon. Mr. Tatlow said thoy had not
got that far .vet.    No agreement had
been come to.
The bill passed its second reading.
WfICi  HOURS ON MV Mr   8:S0 ■• «- te ia.  « P.m.. to • p.
m.    8 p.m., to 8:80 p.m.
wtoYsm-ra branch x. „. ^m. m..hm
President and Managing Director.
sssssnsssssE    i
Sei r*:tnry-Troasurer.
Meale Served at all Hours.
Flrat Class
Private Rooms
For Ladles.
Clam Chowder and Oysters
•        Specialty.
W.E.M0WE   -   •rtprlc.tr.
Has received the agency of
one of the best American
Picture Enlarging Firms.
be reinstated by the union before ho
can compote ln tho games In London next summer.
VICTORIA, Feb. B.-In tho house
today Ron, Tatlow read a iiicshiuto
Irom Supt. Marpole of the E. & N.
who aald Contractor Bright assured
Mm In compliance with a request
that only white labor would be eni-
WASHINOTON, D. C, Feb. &.- ,__ ,.hn, ... _._,„„_, „„,. ,„
President Roosevelt today temporal- J»P l»»or w„ empi0yed on|y 1„
liy suspended as public printer Chas. order that the B. & N. might com-
A. Stlllings, and appointed Wm. 8. ply with an agreement with Athcrni
Roseiettw temporarily to (111 ttiodu- ttmt jj,, company start work In the
ties of that office, ,„ J, .. .     , . .. j
The action, as sxplalned officially, "P*"""-! Mmo. Local tat-more had
Is to facilitate the Investigation now been let contracts on their own ten-
VANCOUVER, Feb. B.-Tho chlof,
of tho provincial police today made
the first move in the direction of arresting J. II. Hawthornthwaite, be-
causo ho called I.t.-(lov. Dunsmuir
several uncommonly hnrd names lu
address delivered ln Vancouvor
Sunday night. Thc police nr« now
ongnged in obtaining statements of
what was said from persons fn attendance at the meeting.
Call in and see Sprcin ens.
Stove Wood
Out by White Labor Oaly.
All Home Cured
fl. tfOCUE'S
Roberts St. Butcher
Fred Wright, aged 85 years, n well-
known ferry man, was run ovcr by
a Conndian Northern yard engine
yesterday and horribly mangled.
Wright was very deaf ami did not
hear tho engine. Both his legs and
right hand wero cut off. Ho died
earlv this morning. His only known
relative Is a brother In the Burba-
Strassburg, Feb. 5.—Some remarks
made by thc Catholic rector of tho
villago of Ars on thc occasion of
the birthday uf Emperor William,
Jan. 25, have caused a most lively
sensation in clerical and military cii
cles in Asia. Tho rector in tho
fcourse of nn address .spoke as fol
"Good Catholics have no reason
to celobrato the emperor's birthday
Catholics are only good in order to
pay taxes and serve in ths army.
Whon responsible offices are vacant
we arc pushed aside. Our duty on
this occasion Is to pray Ood to endow thc Emperor with more Insight."
Tho commander of the sixteenth
nrmy corps has issued ordors forbidding his soldiers to attend the Catholic church at Ars.
The Jones Hotel
O&taote Street.
P.O. Box 54
Dealer in All Kinds ol
•feats Delivered Ires ol charge ea tt*
Shortest Notice. .
U.B.C. '
Union Brewing Co.
Ladysmith, B, 0.
aqd Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wadding and Party Cakes Mads to ■
Fruits and. Candles ol All Kinds
Prices, ani    very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
Rome, Fob. 4,—The special fune-sl
service at the Hatlcan in monnry of
BOSTON., Mass., Feb. 5.- Tommy
Quill, ol Brockton, won on a foul
from Willie Fitzgerald, of Brooklyn,
in tho eleventh round of tho bout in
tho armory hens laat night. Up to
tho time the foul blow was   struck,
On ths Esplanade.
Ladysmith, B. O.
■ ♦»»»»a»« »«»»•» mmm
Ing office, '■ congress.   Mr. Roeslet itn but threw   up tho j0h-    f^om'tho late    King    Carlos   nnd Crown Quill appeared to have atlghtly   tho
ter Is now chief clerk of the census Frcncl> Creek to Alberni only whito  P5.',n00 L,ll,!0 '"'* bcon Pi^-P'-ned anil better of   tho   milling.     Fitngerald
office.                                                 iaDor „„„!,, t_   ^                            will be held   thirty days twitt     the said that whilo   tho blow probably
net* cl the murder. wont low, it wns unintentional.
rail Stock of Mtaara* Toola.
• Skip Repairing Was*
A Specialty
All kinds of Blaekamltknrsj
Bone at Short XoUea. ■^»*%'»'%*,V»^»+.f^V»»V»l'.%.*»'%-*^*r*'fe'%*'t*v*'»J,«>^*n>
25 per cent, discount < ff regular.
We have been fortunate In    socui-intr    a   lot of Traveller's
■ Samples, of nil kinds of Infant's und Children's l-'lunnek-tte Underwent Long Holies,  Muslin  Drosses,     Casliiin-re Coats,    Piql
Coats, Silk presses, Kiiiioims, Etc.
in i ...j_... mmm,     _.. _        LADYSMITH STANDABD^SATUBDAY, WDBRTJARY 8th, 1908,
ttu —-; |       BassssaasMafssMasaaSHsasssa
aufflcieut merchandise to meet     the not believe that ill-luck'and ths num y»,a«»M»»'a»a'«SiS»«»«»'VS*»'alVX>i
demand, or building    to any  degree uel* la go haud-in-baad.     It is a au-
in    advance     of immediate require- perstltion which is apparently     dements.     We were however iniportinr rlv*d 'rom the fact that there wers
far   in excesB of    our exports, and, 13 at the    Last Supper, which ter-!
gonerally, we were mortgaging     our minated in the great tragedy.     To
future."        Single firms, companies, t,li8 some feast does the superstition
municipalities, were launching out in about upsetting the salt belong,   In
a  wny that was unwise iu view    of stretching out to put hla hand in the
the world-wide    conditions of     tlio dish Judas is said to have upset the
money market in recent years.   Our suit, and the ancient painters of that
towns and    cities have been promin-, sacred    repast often depict an overeat sinners in lavish expenditure,
check upon this expansion, which we
would not make of our own accord,
A. turned salt cellar.
To- counteract the evil influence of
number 13 try 7 and 3. The fact
that the seventh day of the week
.was ordered to he kept holy; that
seven angels are said to stand before the    throne, and that a  seven-
has now been forced upon us. But,
Mr. Walker states, we shall rapidly
adjust our affairs to the new conditions.
j How the scarcity of money came I branch candle-stick was commanded
about that created havoc in the to lie used in the temple causes the
States and inconvenience in Canada, 'mystic number 7 to he regarded    as
aj>»s>,%»»^.'V»^^.1%.^.%^%>^^^-'»><sV*■#» +"%■« «*««r%*tv««-^•   t.*,*?.-***.**-^.
Mr. Jno. Dunbar and Mrs. lilasth-
aiu take this uieuus ui expressing
their sincere thanks to all those who
by floral tributes and in othor ways
manifested their sympathy -with them
in their recent sad bereavement.
Mr. John Dunbar and Mi;s. E,
Efiatham wish to publicly express
thoir thanks to Doctors Frost and
Mcheill for their unremitting attention to Mrs. Dunbar during tlie deceased's sickness. Thoy are satisfied that everything humanly possible
wns done for the deceased.
Sabbath  Services.
Morning at 11 a. in.
Sabbath School and Bible Class at
2.30 p. in.
Evening Services 7 o'clock.    Ev
ing subject  to-morrow night     "e.
Young Man."   All are cordinlly
R.  WILKINSON",  pastor
The Young Men's Club moots in the
Church to-night tit 7 o'clock. Subject for debute: "Modern Yellow
Journalism." R, Wilkinson, President.
Tickets are now on sale for the
Dance and Supper which will he held
til the opera house on Friday evening
the 21st instant.
The Socialists are holding a big
campaign meeting tonight in the Opera House. The (uo local members
Messrs. Williams nnd llnwthoi-n-
thwarto, assisted by Mr. Meltons,
will address the meeting. Tho meeting is timed to commence nt 7:.10
p. in.
Mr.  .las.   Adam  returned from
short business   trip ,\*esterdn.y morning.
Mr. T. P. Mclntyre returned from it
'business trip to Victoria on Thursday.
Mrs. 0. Scott is, hcr many friends
will he pleased to leurn, getting
along all right in the Hospital at
A dance and supper under thc auspices of the local Laurel Itebeknh
Lodge will be given in the 0|torn
House on Friday. February Nth.
Hearts will be matched nt 11 o'clock
and no effort is being spared to make
the entertainment a success, Tickets'
for tho dnncc, including supper,
on sale nt SI.."in per couple, extra
ladles 50 cents each.
On Thursday evening there mis
debate in the Methodist Church between the Lcngue and the Young
Men's Club. The subject was "Resolved that Women  have done  more
Sale in
Clearing out our eit-
tlrs stock to ninkn
room for tlie now
Stylos and Shades.
Sha|w> In Derliys,
Fluwing-end.s, Four-
In-Ilmiil,  Strings
Bows,  Etc	
Prices    ranging from
5 cents up	
Call early and get
first Choice	
William's Block
for the help of immunity Uinn men.''
Miss Wolsinlllor, Miss E. Hutchinson
und Miss Laldler took the nfllrmativu
and Mr. (low, Mr. Dalili und Mr. .1.
Allsopp tlio negative. The debate
was spirited and Intoi-ostlng, Thc
audience u-ns i-cry much Interested
and followed the slmakers in their
arguments vory closely. In the vote
the Indies won hy n majority of t'2.
WEEK .AT tin-: wharves.
The following vrs;
the local  wharves
Sea Lion, for fuel;
for cargo; Jiui-i-nrd,
.-Is hnve called at
luring the   week:
Iff ill,   himI   scows,
for fuel- Pj-I'ricess
Eva, the new l.'.l'.H. fro gliter, culled for fuel; Coriimodoro, Queen City
and Venture oil ini- hunkers; the
Ldn'sdnlo, u Mexican bout,? fuel and
cut-go; Claybllrn and scows for cargo: Czar-awl barge Sydney. The T'or-
ileiiskjold, Shamrock, William ,.lol-
HITo unil Oscar were all in this morning.
Says the Free Cress qf Thursday's
date.—Drawing knives, it would si-em
is becoming too common ii practise
in the city of Into. yesterday iiniith
or Incident of this nature occurred
nnd un attempt at stubbing mado.
Messrs. .Jus. IHivine and 1'. Murphy -wore about to proceed to lligg's
Point in n bout when .John Quinlun
deinundeil to bo taken in the boat
An altercation arose during which
Quainlan drew a knife, ami made a
rush at Murphy, lie was knocked
down by Mr. Devinc and the knife
taken away.from him. Later he
was arrested and appeared in court
nnd was sentenced to three mouths
in .'ail.
Qulnlan has been in tlie city for
the past three or four weeks.
is illustrated in a rough way thus:
ff ono man wishes to borrow, anothor man must have saved. A French
economist estimated tho capital need
od in 1.90H for now commitments at
$8,2? ,.410,000, and the world's savings available for investment at $2,-
■100,000,000 to *2,800,000,000. The
deficiency Is, therefore, sny, six hundred nnd fifty millions. This enot-
mnus fact—supposing it to bo a fact
—may explain why interest rates
have risen nnd prices of securities
fallen. Trndlng to an abnormal extent, nnd the prodigality that goes
along with it, have brought us face
to face with the need of sconomy.
Tn the "slowing down," retrenchment
will effect savings, although the volume of trade mgy lessen. This, Mr.
Walker thinks, "will probably be accompanied hy a fall in wages, however regrettable, and by a fall In
prices generally, although tho steady increase in the gold output of
tho world and the power of certnln
grent Industrial organizations may
be opposing factors to any large and
permanent decline."
The general manager's summary of
thc transactions of tho bank for the
year Is brief. Ho calls the year
1907 "unprecedented In tho history
of financial stringency," and bids us
remember that we In Canada have
not escaped from tho results of our
own great expansion ln trade and tho
Inevitable contraction of credit, that
comes os n check in tho midst of
prosperity throughout the country.
T)o not expect, Mr. Laird adds, a
repetition of such large profits os
174 per cent, upon your capital,
which is the earning of the yenr under review.     For "the check    upon
(Monetary Times.)
Canada is fortunate in having
its midst men. iu the persons of our
lauding bankers, whose occupation
induces thorn and whose moans of
information enable them to take
broad views of commercial und financial affairs. These trained observ-
have rendered the community
valuable service ln uttering from
time to time warnings, as well as
encouragements, with inspect to the
trend of business. Encouragements
to take advantage ol the good fortune by which, in u growing time,
men of prescience and > enterprise
grasp the skirts of l.appy chance;
warninga of tho hindrance to success
offered by conditions noroad or at
homo which escape thc view of the
busy producers.
Prominent among the watchers on
ths walls of our business body poll-
tic Is Mr. Walker, president of ths
Onnsdlnn Bank ol Commerce. -His
address on Tuesday before the annua! gathering of proprietors gives
a striking view of tho j-ear's results to producers and merchants In
every part of Canada. It Is both
painstaking and succln't; and may
well serve to give to Canadians as
woll as clients of ths bi nk outsldo of
Canada a survey ol conditions
throughout the Domlnli n. And besides tbe port nf his n-Mretw which
deals with tho TTnlted States Is of
vnlue tn those who rvognlre how
Inrge n ahnro of our business Is
done with that con ,try
ono which will bring good luck.
Three Is regarded as a lucky number simply because at thc third attempt success Is won moro often than)
John Lynch, of Kill, Ireland, an
aged temperance reformer ot Father
Mathow's day, has died, aged SI.
An Italian chauffeur tried to kill
himself, his master and mistress, by
running his automobile into tho
Ono foreigner is dead, another is
dying, and a third is seriously injured and seven men are under arrest as the result of two race riots
at Lorane, Ohio.
It is reported that ten persons
were killed in a collision between
an express train from Rome and a
train from Bergamo, near Milan,
Italy, last week,
Mr. Hall Cains has been severely
reproved in the house ol Keys, the
parliament of the Isle ol Man, for
appearing in that assembly in tourist clothes.
Miss Mary B. Hunter, aged 72,
who lived with hef sister on Follls
avenue, Toronto, fell while walking
on Howlund avenue and expired
few minutes afterwards.
Gov. Hughes, ol Now York, says
an Albany despatch, may be regarded as having formally entered the
the volume of business hns now ac- j field as a contestant for tha presid-
tually come, and with a disposition entiel nomination,
on tho pnrt of the public towards
the liquidation rather than the creation of debt, the volume of banking business must decline nnd profits be correspondingly affected."
and how 8""*« Friday
wo ore nltected by whnt   In- commencing ft
"All people have thoir blind side—
their superstitions," said Ibsen on
one occasion. Of course thore nro
cynics who deride such an assertion;
but even the strongest and most
practical minded men havo some fear
of the supernatural. Napoleon was
a fatalist nnd superstitious, and
made no secret of it. He believed
In lucky and unlucky days; so did
Cromwell, Byron, Wellington, Dickons und Sir Walter Scott.
Sir "Frank Lockwood once accepted an Invitation to dlno with tho
Thirteen Club, but at tbo last moment his courago failed him and ho
wrote to bo exciiBed. Oeorge R.
Slmms received a similar invitation
on one occasion. A day before the
event, however ho wrote that for tho
sake of tho dogs, cats and horses dependent upon him ho dared not defy the fates. Lord Rosobery had a
dread of seeing a dead hedgehog in
bis path, while even Mr. Gladstone
had a superstitious belief that any
new article of wearing apparel was
bound to detract from the power of
his speeches.
And it is curious to note bow the
superstitious'beliefs differ. While Byron, for instance, held Friday in tlio
most dudisguised dread, Dickens regarded it as a vory lucky day. Most
peopie, however, have a prejudice a-
Ihe fooling against
voyugo on that   day
fluenres Its mrrents of trade nnd fl-  '» so strong that Friday is the light
by Mr,
Tt Is reassuring to he
Wntkor, who had exceptional.'"™
told est day of tho    week for tho dopar-
      of vessels
from our seaport
sources of Information, thnt. with riM' towns, while in hospitals patients
spec! to tho American banking sys- frequently hesitate about submitting
tern, "the demand for reform from to an operation on that day.
the public Ihr ghmil the TTnlted .'» theatrical circles it Is conBldor-
Stntro Is moro persistent Minn ever ed most unlucky to produce a now
before, nnd we rnnnnt doubt thnt l,,Me on tt Friday, and all sorts of
with the recent experlc ce sharply In misfortunes wore predicted when A.
fhlnil, stops will nni ,--i--1-•.'■■■ n»ly flouted tho tradition. But Fri-
tnken tn remedy the defects referred flay was apparently Mt. Daly's lucky
tn.''  , <l*y, for hs produced several success-
Tbe difficulty nf Impressing pcoplo '"1 plays on that day ol tho wcok.
In times of active prosperity, with So was Edward Terry, who has said
wnrnlnrs of coming trouble, Is that his favorite day for producing
brought lo mind whon we hark hack I'laya Is Friday.
a twelve month. The heads ol tho
Ilnnk of Montreal, and later the president, nf the Bank of Commerce,
threw nut danger signals a yenr ago
to tho producing ond borrowing public of Canada. At tbat timo "Cnnu-
Lakeview Presbyterian church, Chicago, waa entered lor the second
time by burglars, who stripped the
place ol tapestries, silver candlesticks and other furnishings.
A poor man was sued at Penzance
Cornwall, for $72 arrears of rent.
The judge made an order for the repayment of a penny a year— at
which rate it will take 8,42(3 years
to liquidate the whole amount.
A remarkable protest has beon
made by the Cornish quarrymon a-
goinst the admiralty policy which
has allowed the contract for granite
for the Haulbowlino dock extension
to go to Norway.
The British consul bas gone to
Laracho with the ransom monoy said
to be $100,000, for the release of
Gen. Sir Harry McLean from the
hands of the bandit chiel Ralsull. A
settlement Is expected this week.
The foreign office hns cabled the
consul at Honolulu that after Feb.
1 only Japanese returning to Haw-
all or tho immediate relatives of
those already there, will be permitted to emigrate thither from Japan.
The gradual change from puddled
iron to steel, which has been a feature for some years of the Midland
Iron trade, has led to the dismissal
of about forty peddlers employed in
the District Iron and Steel works,
At a meeting held nt the offices of
tho Scottish corporation In London,
tho Renfrewshire society decided to
co-opernlc with Scottish societies at
home and abroad to further a schomo
for orocllng a memorial to William
According to a policeman's evidence In the Chester coroner's court,
an accident on Shotton station, resulting In the death nf William Buck
wns duo to a woman clinging to his
hand while the train was moving.
Buck fell hot ween t*io carriages and
Tho Brotherhood of .Locomotive
Engineers nt St. Thomas, Ont., has
been notified -that ths New York
Central system, representing eleven
different roads, has adopted the suggestion ol the men, and will hereafter give tho men a field test as to
sight and hearing, Instead of Indoor
at the Prince of Wales Theatre, but
da was doing moro business than when It was transferred to the no-
was Justified by tbo money at our torlousl.v unlucky Globs theatre a
cnmmnnd nt hnme or thnt could be blaek cat walked across the stago,
secured abroad by the sale of thc and all was happy and prosperous
socurltlos the country wns creating, ever after,
although it was  not producing (van   Bow many people are thoro who do
The enormous success of "The Prl- jt<M,t"' " formerly'
vote Set rotary" was, according    to     A gran„ oW B_rA__._ hM    paMed
theatrical   superstition, due    to    a away i„ tho person of Col. Mslcolm,
black cat.     That play was a failure lof nam,itti 8cot,    H, „„, R not(l.
hie figure ln Dumfriesshire, and  was
00 yoars of age when ha died. Just
before his death he was prossntod
with a portrait of himself subscribed for liy 700 people.
At a mothers' meeting held   near
Something Nont -and Natty in
the way of
Wo are showing a larger
range of these Goods than we
have «vor shown before in the
way of Fancy Diraitys, Fancy
White Swiss Muslins, oi anything else you may require in
the way of Muslims.
Wo aro also showing a large
range of Plain and Colored Bo-
lincs — there is nothing ono
would like better than a nice
IColino Dross. These goods
can Im used either for Evening
or Summer wear. A look
through, our stock of theso
Goods would convince you that
wo havo the right Goods at
the Right Price.
Telephone, 12 4
Nanuim i I! C,
i II C.    |
tycltityre Foundry &
Stove Conipany, Ltd.
Ladysmith, B.C.
New Store
fv ew I y Stocked
All Kinds of Wall Paper.
Picture   framing a Specialty.
Dp. %& dm
All Work Guaranteed.
Hastings ln connection with Christ
Church, Ure., the women assembled
were sowing when a cow entered the
room, giving a swing of its tall,
closing the door. Tho mothers
shrieked while the cow strolled round
the room. It was eventually ejected without serious results.
Europe was last week enveloped in
a dense fog. It prevailed over the
whole North Sea, the English Channel, all   of England, east of a  lino
I. %ddii)g
High Street.
Pefcr Inkster
Ready for all kind of
I-siivo Orders with Blair * Adam.
Tslephone 2-4,
' Assortment of Bamboo Qoods.
drawn    from Berwick to Weymouth, ^ A.,ortment 0f Pancy   Chlna-
on the continent from the south of
Norway over Denmark, Holland, Bel-
glum, all ol Germany and the eastern half of France.
TRENTON, N. J., Feb. S. — Two
large buildings of the John A. Rob-
Una Sons, Co., wire rope manufacturers, in this city, were destroyed
by a lire today involving a loss of
about f 200,000. The buildings were
filled with valuable machinery. The
firemen had much difficulty in handling ths flre because of the Intense
cold. About 400 men are thrown
out of work by tha flre.
For every warship that Germany
builds England will build two. Britannia haa been ruling the waves for
some yearanow, and intends to keep
the job until the cows come home,   j
Mrs. Russell Sage Is the largest
taxpayer In tho city of New York.
II his coffin were examined it would
doubtless be found that Russell has
turned in his grave.
Judging from what opposition papers sa)-, the new mint at Ottawa
will be almost aa expensive aa married Ufa.
Isn't It pretty near time for Vancouver to cut loose again and start
to make faces at ths Mikado?
ware and Glassware, Etc.
6. Peterson
Instructions given in all ths latitt \
Fancy Work at ,.
Miss F. Uren
Roberts Street, Ladysinith.
'Phone 18.
First Avenue
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9 a. ui.
Wednesday,    Saturday   and   Sunday
At 0:00 and 1B:S8.
For Victoria.'
and overy requisite
For Stylish Hair Dressing.
Dainty and Elaborate.
Lisbon, Feb. 6.— There Is ao
truth in the rumor current yesterday that an attempt had
been mads on the life ol tho
minister of war in the lirst cabinet announced, Joss Mathoas
The now cabinet at its initial
session, decided to order elections and convoke parliament
at tho earliest possible moment.
.Franco has officially Announced
his retirement from politics,
but his followers will attempt
to continue tbe party ho organised,
Trains r\rrive at Ladyimith
Dally ot 11:57.
Wednesday,   Satut-dny   and   Sunday,
'    .        At 11:67 und 17.55.
From Vlctorln.
Call round and see them. Ladles.
District Passengor
102 Government St.,
Philpott's Restaurant
b Uu, Plata for
MONTREAL, Fob. 5.- Tho cold
wave throughout Quebec continued
today with tbo lowest figures of tho
Richmond waa the coldest spot,
tho thermometer registering 40 below zero. At Shorbrooke It wae
45 below: Mogantic 42 below, St.
Augusta 40 below.
, i      j I
He has somo Renl Snaps.
Special ogers   to Workingmcn to
In Vancouver City and District, the
future l-Jow York of tho West.
Notice Is hereby given that an application will be made to the Lsgls-
*)l*r>rm,***>AAAA*A*AAAt+->o,o'»\ lativo Assembly of tho Province   of
1        ■"" ' ' British Columbia for an Act to In-
, corporate a Company with power to
equip, build, maintain and operate a
lino of railway of standard or othor
guiiec to bo operated by steam, electricity or oehar power for the carrying bf freight, uassengers and express Irom a point situated on Section Fourteen (14) or Fifteen (16) In
Range Five (V.) Cranberry District,
or Section Fourteen (14) Range Six
(VI.), Cranberry District; thence
south-easterly by the most feasible
route to a point situate on Oyster
Bay in Oyster District, a distance of
about twelve miles more or leas—
with authority also to construct,
equip, maintain and opsiate branches
from time to thus from any point
or points of ths proposed railway j
with power also to construct and operate telegraph and telephone lines
for the purpose ol its business and
for the public; with power to own,
una and operate water powers convenient to ths road, railway and
other purposes, and with such other
powers and privileges as are usually
■Ivan to Railway Companies.
Solicitors for Applicant.
Dated at Victoria, B.C., tills. 16th
WrUESTAIf H. Thornley
'PHONE (1.
Notice Is   hereby given that I  In-
______ tend to apply to the Board  of   Li
censing commissioners of the   Muni-
Mr. E. II. Roomo's  Agent Is nt tho «J»'lty of Ladysmith at tholr   next
regular meeting for a transfer of ths
wholesale Liquor License now    hold
by me for tho promises occupied   by day of January,
me and situate on Lot 9, Block 91,
ia ths said City of Ladysmith, from
myself to August Plna.
Ladysmith,    B. C, 24th January,
Notice Is hereby given that after
this date I shall not be responsible
lor any dolils contracted by my wife
Teresa C. Kay. All bills and ao;
counts against mo must be rendered
at onco,
Tho   -United     Guild of St, John's „   „
Mission will hold a Musical Social In Ladysmith, Fob. 8th, 1906*!
I the Church of England Mission Room '
.on Tuesday, Feb. 18th.   Admission, WANTED
28 cents.   Tho proceeds will Im    do- ___
voted to tho Sunday School. ,,            _,   .   ,                 . .' ..
, At once, First-class general tailor.
o. m. __J „   „. "   „ W*g»s 10 per cent, higher than Vaa-
St. Thomas, Feb. 7.-JIayor Moras __._%„    ,{£„..      Apply, A, a„Ho
Is dead of pneumonia. Box 241, Ladysmith, B.O,


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