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Ladysmith Standard Jun 24, 1908

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Decorate for
• We hava,.Jfist~Oi»e Week .loyfny and the Glorious lst Is on us.
^■^^P* $6  IOc 15o and 25o  <=—'
«s»t»l 1 <l 111111111111 »■ 1 tl- III T 1111 l-l I IH 11-H-l-l-l-
Drastiu Measures Proposed for the Regulation of the
Bar-Eooms in the Oity.
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., EU
for White ft wan Washing Powder Coubono
Send a Two-Cent Stamp for our Catalogue
B. C. Soa|> Works, JSS^j^
I Tlio twenty-third mooting ol tho buildings four or flve (out abovo tho
City Council was hold in tho City sidowalk and ho wns not suro that
Hull" on Monday "ovonlng. Mayor thoy could cental tho owners to
Nicholson presided and thoro woro lowor thom. The cost of tho neces-
prcsont Aldermen Campbell, ltoborts, nary excavating would be moro than
Haworth, Brown, McKinneli and Ma- tho city could boar,
thoson. Leavo was granted to Aid, Mathe-
I A letter was read from tho firm of son to introduce his new by-law and
[E, Leonard & Sons, London, i'ocom- it was road a-flrst and second time,
'mending thoir electrical machinery to The by-law is intended for tho rogu-
the Council. Tho communication littion of licensed promisos, and is
was ordored filed. copied from that now operating   in
Accounts   totalling    $334.75 were Victoria.    It provides among othor
presented and referred to tho    Fin- things that an    application   for
unco Commltteo to bo paid if found transfer   o£ a    retail liquor   license
correct. shall bo accompanied liy tho foo    of
A quostion wus asked touching a $25. All tho windows in licensed
bill from tho Ladysmith Lumber Co. premises uro to lie darkened to a
and Mayor Nicholson explained that height of live feot from tho sidewalk,
hitherto tho company Imd allowed a the upper portion to bo clear so that
discount of ton per cont. on all lum- thoy may bo easily scon through. No
ber sold to tho city. Tho lumber ro- person undor the/influence of liquor
quired for tho Gatacro Streot side- is to bo permitted to remain in "any
walk had been ordered cut to lengths bar-room, und no female customers
In'future ull lumber supplied to the nro to bo allowed in the bar.
city would bo billed at regular prices Clauso 7 is the most important,
and a discount of ton por cont. nl- and it provides that no bar-room
lowed.. shall bo opened on a Monday beforo
Por tho Streot Committee, Mayor 4 a.m.! that all bar-rooms shall bo
Nicholson said thoro was not much closed ull dny oh Sundays, that on
to report. Tho Aldermon nil know Mondays, fPueflduys, Wednesdays,
thnt tho street gang wcro still at Thursdays and Fridays thoy shall bo
work. Their foreman would bo lonv; closed nt 12 p.nt, und on Saturdays
ing   next   week and they wanted to nt 1.3 p. m.
get ns mucli as possible done  before.   Tho by-law it   was agreed, should
he loft thom. he considered   in   committee at tho
Tho question of tho pointing ofthe next meeting of tho Council,
hydrants laid over from last week, I Aid. McKinley thought tho Aldor-
wbs brought ui> nsrafa-. nmi aftm u men should have hnd copies of the
short discussion, it wus decided to by-laws of others cities as a guide
have thom painted. jto them in thoir consideration of this
Thoro wns only ono communication proposod legislation. From the
in reply to tho tenders called for by cursory glimpse he had given the
tho Council for tho laying of the proposod by-law he was not satisfied
sidewalk on First Avenue. This wus that all tho clauses would hold good.
from Mr. M. J. O'Brien,-v/ho offered Moreover, it was no good then goto lay down tho sidowalk according ing to work and passing a by-law
to specifications for $35.00. I until   they     were   satisfied   that it
Tho Mayor said It was a vory, roa- would prove valid in law.
sonnble tender, and on motion it was'   In the courso of somo informal dis-
acceptod. * cussion on this point, Aid. McKinley
Aid. McKinley. however, expressed remarked that it soomed to him at
tho opinion thot it Was a mistake, present that they had neither law
Ho first of nil asked if the sidowalk nor officers. He was judging by the
wns to be laid according to tho Sunday traffic which was carried on
street level, and on being told thnt und it wns no uncommon thing yet
it wns not, he nt once declared it to to see a half-dozen drunken men on
bo a mistake    Tho sidewalk  should tho streets.
bo laid to tho streot line, even if lt     Muyor Nicholson thought that dur-
did cost a few moro dollars. Ing tho last few weeks   tho    hotels
Mayor Nicholson explained that hnd boon vory quietly conducted.
thoy woro putting tho sidewalk down Thero were one or two of them" who
quite a bit, but to put it down right wero breaking out again, but If this
to tho streot line would mean cut- by-law pnsscd they would be ablo to
ting through hard-pan. Moro than deal with it.
that   it   would leavo somo of   tho    Tho Council thon adjourned.
20 percent off
Pop Pay Week
A few Snaps in Stoves
and Ranges. Oome in
and see them. It will
pay yon.
Phone 7-0.
Amusing Exhibition    on tho Sports
Ground Last Night. .
It must bo said thnt tho ludy baso-
liallers aro a great and mighty attraction. Prom all appearances stiintl on tho Spoils Grounds which
thoy aro choson on lines which on- ho hopes to havo so lar completed by
suro thom boing that. Tholr play- th° *,ret a'July that It will bo ton.
..,..,     , ,       .nlitnlilo.     This action of Mnyor Nl
ing abilities is merely a vory minor --•hoiso,1-8 is 0„iy another proof ol
detail. Tho fotchlng costumo thoy his willingness ut nny time to do any
wear covors and excuses a multitude lhi"'-' jn his powor to holp any coin-
Mayor Nicholson Begins Erection of
Stand on Sports Grounds.
Mnyor Nicholson sturtod this morn
ing with the     erection   uf a   grand
The following are the collections
takon up through town and olso-
whero for the sports on the First of
City of Ladysmith 	
.    25.00
'Portland Hotel 	
.    25.00
.    20.00
Columbia Hotol 	
.    25.00
Pretoria Hotel 	
Europe Hotel	
.    10.00
Jones Hotel	
.     10.00
Lndysmith Hotel 	
.    20.00
Prank Hotel 	
Cecil Hotol 	
New Western Hotel 	
.     20.00
Dunk of Oominorea ... .
.    10.00
'J. Stewart 	
.    10.00
J. W. Coburn 	
.    10.00
Humming Bros	
.    10.00
T. r. Conway 	
A. ,7. Wnskett  ,.-.
D. Johnson 	
.      2.00
A. Howe 	
.      2.50
Blair & Adam, vnlue    . ..
G, Cavin 	
.      2.50
W. Hooper, model 	
.      6.00
W. Carter 	
Dr. R. n. Dior     '..'.""
..      5.00
P. K. Winch, box of cigars.
.      3.25
'A. F.. Hilbert 	
.      2.50
S. GIITord 	
,      2.50
.      2.50
Wm. Fraser 	
H. Kay, vnluo 	
.      2.50
G. Scott, 	
. ■   1.00
T. X. Jones 	
P. G. Noot, value 	
.      5.00
Wm. Siler 	
.      2.50
•Tno. Bickle, value	
H. Pnrrott 	
.      5.00
Poevor, billiard parlors ... .
.      2.50
Walters & Akenhead, vnluo
.      5.00
II. Wright 	
.      2.50
Ladysmith Hardware Co. ..
J. J. Thomas, value 	
'R. G. Jessup, value 	
.      5.00
C. Poterson. value
.      2.50
J. A. Knight, valuo 	
Miss Bngnttin	
.      2.50
W. Carter  , ,.,
.      2.50
■E. Pannell 	
■W. E. Morrison, value	
.      5.00
II. Williamson, value, ...... ]
.      2.00
I. Gould, value   .
.      8.25
H. Leo & Co., 	
J. X. Smith 	
.      2.5a
Wm. Sneddin 	
.      2.00
.      1.50
W. E. Mooro  ,..
.      1.00
Simon Leiser & Co., vnluo
.    10.00
Big B. Cigar Co	
.      0.50
Cuban Blossom 	
.      6.50
H. Porter	
.      2.50
.      2.00
Gononi, valuo 	
.   -8.50
Harrup & Hoyden 	
.      5.00
Mahror & Co., 	
J. Fox, (Nannimo) 	
.    10.00
Total -.	
Nunuimo Athletic Club.Receive Poor
Support for a Splendid Field
Tlio Nunuimo Athletic Club Deserved much hotter patronnge for ihoir
sports on tho Cricket grounds on
Saturday, thun thoy received. 'J toy
had arranged a really admirable programme of events, lor w'l'il1 hil-d.
somo prizes were offered.   Tbe sports
Two Old Hivuls, Bruco Ashman ami
Sandy   Swanson,    atoot ou
Saturday 9*igut.
ol errors on the Hold. Tho girls aro
a novelty and a curiosity, and
thoroln lies their attraction which,
by tho way, seems financially to bo
fairly successful one. Pooplo
crowded into the grounds last night
to see tho gamo, and if they nover
(jot oxcltod thoy woro at least provided with lots of amusement. The
great slugging of the ladies, their
laughable sprints for bases, and thoir
woeful and erratic throwing woro
all amusing enough.     And even their
N. B.—Tents and Hammocks
—complete stook.—CASH.
Hoope ^^
Ice Cream
la Home-Mads, Fresh Dally. Critics
pronounce It to bs   The Best  ever
■old In Ladyamlth.    Oome and  try
It.   Warranted absolutely pure.
5c, and 10c. Per blah.
Picnic and Private Parties Supplied
by the Gallon.
' Hop's Parlors\
mm ■** Mm to Tow*.
± 1-*. Alii tiaiiiiiiiAAiA
J and    Cleared   out   Old Stock.
ilNew Stock I
] [ is now hore, and will be open- * *
,, ed up at onco.    Call and   boo **
We solicit your Repair Work,
and Guarantee satisfaction.
Prices    in   accordance   with T
First ClasB Work. T
Watchmaker and Jeweler.
Oatacre Streot.
r++.H4+M4+m H 4 4 m?
mon.'^ble cause or interest in tho
town. Whether in the domain of
sport, of civic concerns, or of charity he is always ready to act, work,
or subscribe ns the cnso may be.
Ho was keenly interested in tho
fortunes of tho footbnli club, and
was presont nt both final games
whon tho colors of the reds und
whites wero whirled to defeat. What
ho Is doing now will bo of thc greatest financial benefit to tho boys next
souson. He is putting up tho grand
stand, und is content to wait for
Ibis money until such timo ns the
Iclub is able to pay him. Tho boys
| hnvo i-onson to feol grateful to thoir
A man namod Frank Clayton was
charged last night before the local
magistrate with obtaining money under false pretences. Clayton bus;
figured under the aliases of Cromp-
very long out of jail, ho having beon
very long out of jail, jo having been
last convicted on a charge of stealing a  horse and rig.
Ho drifted into town on Saturday,
and went to Mr. Trenbath, tho manager of the Big Store. His story
was that he belonged to tho Victoria detective force, and that he had
beon rushed away in a hurry by
Chief Langley in chase of a man
who had stolon a horse, and rig.
He had telegraphed Chiof Langley
for funds and tho latter had directed
hlm to apply to Simon & Leiser &
Co., Ltd. The man's persistence
was such that tho manager of the
store advanced htm a sum of money on an order upon Chief Langloy,
whicli Clayton signed.
However, the story on consideration, rang thin, and Manager Tien-
bath called    in   tho police
appearances woro deceptive, and Joe'Mayor, and everybody is hoping that
Sanderson    was   so blind to beauty the'Mnyor   w|U huve reason to   fool'
nnd feminine charm that he failed to \ I>ra«<l »f ll?° bo>Vv,Hm tho C0III!nB
spot the ladles from tho wlggod ond
skirted mon.     Consequently he twirled liko a  demon at one poor little
girl, sending her out to field nursing
her finger and struggling liko a heroine to restrain the tears, whilo    he
throw   up a  soft one to    a  nobby
little gent    in skirts who promptly
swatted it down tho Hold.     Sure  it
was a groat game, nnd if only the
boys hadn't   trlod   to vin the girls
There have been many memorable
wrestling Ijouts in tho Nunaimo Athletic . lull, but lhe mutch between
Thoro LiifthtjAHhiuun und Swunsun on Saturday]
night next promises to eclipse everything that bus gone before. Thoro
to account    Xor>
wero good
und ought to havo been   moro
tries for    some   of the events;
there wus never less thun three    on-,
tries, and some of (he finishes wee ure muny reasons
but I
more thun   exciting.    In tho    mile, this.
particularly   W. Walker,   aftor betas; |   Jt wus in the Athletic (Jlub    thati
left over a hundred yards all through,1
grimly overhauled Good, nnd passed tho b°*'s    flrst mot-     jU tllat tlm0
him.      Then   followed   a .desperate.Bruce iras now at tlio gumo but wus
raco up tlio final straight, the    In-'older and stronger than Sandy. Tha
man pulling out by six inches  largo-' iatte, hud certainly tbe more science.
ly owing to a    mistake on Walker s J '
purt at the tape. |*jut ^rU(!0'8 instinctive defence     and
The quarter mile was also a  good wonderful quickness    kept him    out
race; but Willie MclDwan's   superior 0f dangor,  und gradually his Buper-*
stamina Bont him in a dozen   yards .       . ,.   __ m a     . •
ahond of Good. In the 220 yards, ,0r Stren«th Wuro &undy out'
howovor, Good turned the tables on1 '^en came tho great match. Bruco
McEwon, getting in ahead by a cou- hud learned something oi the gamo
plo of yards or so. All tho othor at cia Blum nnd had never a mo-
events wore well worth seeing; but : ., , ... , ... „,,.,, .
there was a vory poor attendance, "lent" "m,"t a\out h'8 aW1,ty t0
and the whole thing must have been thr°w Sandy. Howevor, tho lntter
n financial failure. hod also Improved wonderfully    ond
The    following nro tho names    of '
the winners:
100    yards— lst   Gerard, 2nd It.
220 yards—lst 1_- Good, 2nd, Mc-
440 yards—lst McEwan;  2nd    L.
Good. ]
Obstacle race— lst    McEwan; 2nd
R. Nicholson.
1 niile-lst L, Good; 2nd W. Walker.
100 yards (boys under 18)—lst W. |
Sinclair: 2nd J. Fisher.
Place kick—1st J. Blundoll,   1VH
leet. |
Dribbling   race—1st R. Ishorwood;
and W. Wardill.
Girls under 18—lst A. Whitehead;
Girls under 14—1st A. Whitehead;
2nd IC. Gillespie.
Fivo-asido    match1 — J.     Ilurren's
Kino Year Old Boy Killed by a Kick
From a Horse.
The danger of little boys playing
around.where there aro horses was
painfully demonstrated in the sod
accident on Monday evening, whereby little nine-yoar-old Steve Mras
lost his life. Stove's older brother
had taken a horse belonging to Mr.
P. Magrosky to graze on the grounds
of the Catholic church, Steve
compauied his brother and whilo
playing round approached too near
the horse which lashed out at the
boys. One of the Hying ironshod
hoofs caught tho little follow right
on the base oi the skull, and tho
fluttering of Ids heart when picked
up 'was tho only evidence of life. Ue
was carried into the residonce of Mr.
William Brown and the doctor sont
for, but nothing could bo done for
him and hc died .in a  few minutos.
Tho funeral will tako place this
afternoon ut 5 o'clock. Rev. Fr.
Nicolaye will conduct tho services in
the Catholic church.
andy Swanson.
gained both in musclo and strength.
The match cunie off, and Bruce
went riuht after his man. For fifteen minutes there seemed to be only one man in it. Then came a
change. Sandy began to hold his
own nnd Bruce wns forced into defensive work,-and in the end defeated. Sandy's frionds regnrded it as
a decisive victory, achieved by superior stamina, and this opinion
they ure still ready to back.
Bruce himself, and all his backers,
were anything but satisfied with tho
result. Bruce's falling off they;
ascribed to n strained muscle, and
c rtainly there looked to bo some-
thing more ailing him than a mere
. {season is at an end.
Sentences woro handed down in tho
case of tho porticiputors in the massacre of 1905 at Bislystok when 11
Christians and 82 .Tows were wouritl-
ed.     Ono of tho prisoners was   sen-
^—u—l^^—!m^^m—a^——,^—tr      tonced to threo yenrs |*nal servitude
would hnvo put anothor victory    to [ lfl otn0rH woro condemned to    from
their   credit.    As   It was tho finish -Bix   months to a year's    imprlson-
was closo enough and the girls   had monti nmi nrtcon wero acquitted.
their satisfaction In tho unrestrained i 4
and audible admiration    which their    ANOTHER FIGHT FOB BURNS.
npi'Oitrunce and   evolutions on    tho —>
flold called forth. j  Melbourne, Aus„ Juno 22.-A §yn-
ally good cleanser for most kitchen Australia, and Tommy Bums,    ths
ware, should never be usoh on alu-J champion    of   Canada,   during tho
MOUNT CARMEL, 111., June 22.-
With his skull fractured twice,    one
Chief' cheek bone broken, oud internally ln-
Langloy was communicated with and  Jurod, Editor Havill of HaviH's Ev-
denied all knowledge of tho man and .cry Morning, may not survive    the
Clayton wns arrested. |   Kitchen rccoptncles, especially   tho
At tho trial last night hc wos sont_ largo granite ones, which hnvo rust.
up for trial. iC(* through   in   a  weak spot, white
Wall Papers
Oome and Make Tour
Selection—new stook
fresh in.
J. E. Smith,    Roberts Street
 • |dlcntu has   arranged a match
Soda water, whloh Is nn exception-, fmen Bill Lang, the champion
minium utinsils, or they will speed- ve.h the Unltod States fleet Is here,
ly lose their bright look.
LONDON, June 23.—The delegates to the Pan-Anglican Congress •
filled Allisrt Ball laat night to hoar sx-I'romler Bnllour In a dls- *
cussion on "Christian and other Intellectual Forces." e
Mr. Bultour taid that he could not conoelvs how human society *
was being permanently deprived o I its religious element, but hs look- •■
to science more than anything elae aa the great ameliorator of tbt *
human lot In the future. II he h ad lo believe tbat the two gnat „•'
powers, religion and science, vrero In antagonism, It would be Im- •
possible for him to avoid thnt ho pelesa despair which robs labor of *
all Its fruits and make* efforts tor the betterment of mankind Ins*- *
possible. •
VANCOUVER, June 23.—Littio
Mnry Morrison, the olght year old
daughter of Mr. Morrison, who was
murdered two weeks ago at Hazel-
mere, this morning at Bollingham,
identified tho negro named Jim Jenkins us the man who killed her mothor.
The girl had no hesitation at all
tn declaring that the negro was the
man. Jenkins was Rrrcsted at Wlck-
ershnm, Wash., June 12, and was
hold na a suspect. The charge _ of
vagrancy served to keep him In jail'
till he could be conveniently brought
tn Belllngham. This morning Constable Spain took the Morrison girt
to Bollingham nred in tho county Jail
the girl Identified the negro ns hor J
mother's assailant. Sheriff Williams
wns the officer who In the first ln-
stnni-n arrested Jenkins. Tlio lat-
ter wna nervous and Irlghtened -when
otherwise pood, mny be, in emer-
cc-icy, Ingeniously repaired by ln-
sertlntf Bccuroly a piece of new cork,
effects of nn attack mado on liim yes
terday by Dodo Ilodetl, a livery man
who took Havill by surprise ns ho
wns passing nlons; with his nrms full
of papers, nnd struck him with a
brick, knocking him down nnd jump-
• n t mi him until drngROil off. Tho
attack was tho result of tho publication of a  Joke In Havills paper.
Bruce Ashman.
I>o not set oarthon dishes In a hot
ovon or upon the sto-vo. It cracks
tho plnzlng nnd renders them unfit
for uso, Tho smell of such dishes Is
very disagreeable, and casos of poisoning enn Iio trncod to their use.
lack of stnylng power. In any cnso,
nolther Bruce nor liis friends ovor
accepted tho match us docisivo. IIO
suid Iio would be back and ho kopt
his word, for he hns licen negotiating for a match for almost a year.
The mutch comes off on Saturday
night nnd tho excitement will bo
even greater than on tho occasion of
their lust im-eting. lloth men have
largo fe'lowlng, nnd Vioth nra
oquaily confident of victory. Everything considered, lho rivalry between
two wrestlers, tholr exceptional
skill nnd clovomess, nnd their desperate grit, the match on Saturday,
night win assuredly bo tho fastest
nnd most oxciting bout ovcr pulled
off in tho club. ':
Don't plait or curl n child's hair
Ivory lightly nt night. Poor and
sconty tresses may very ofton be
traced to having tho hair strained
hack too lightly nt night. Better
straight hair than curls nnd waves
whon young, bought nt Ihls price.
Rewards of Merit.
The Juice of a raw onion la the
antidote lor the sting of a bae or
wasp. When stung, remove tho
sting. If lt be lett behind, and then
lay a slice of raw onion on' tho! r'„y,' Mni-tliaOtiTlV." joslo O'Conriolt
place. The smarting will oeass at I Johnnno Mochar, James Quinn. Hnn-
onoe, "'    ' ™h Hoaly,
~" r'r jf-Z ~'—'^ryinjui 1   ,
Chnrlotto O'Connoll, Floronco (Hills, Rnhy Karl. Boatrlco Scovlllo,
Lucy Pickup, Annlo Yurrow, Kato
Butler, Gladys Hltliard, Claronco
Slavin, Louis AstorlL Mnry J. Mur-
PARIS, Juno 22.—A despatch rocoivod by nn ngoncy horo from Rome
snys that all tho Fronch deputies and
sonatcira who voted for tho separation law hnve been oxcomimtntcatod,
lutne senectino, ond that tho French
bishops must refuse them Christian
Inirinl unless thoy repent before thoy
die. In . excommunication lateo
sentectlne. tho words of the law or
othor Instruments nre chosen thnf
upon n glvon act bring dono, tho
door of It nt onco falla under the
ban of tho church. CONSULT ME
If You Require Any
Or if You Require Any
Or II You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or It You   Want
Koury Public,
Ladysmith   Standard
Published ou WodnefidayB ano Saturdays Aftomooue by the
llobt. 11. Hindmarch,
Due Xoar  11.69
cua touiiu.s  ,,.     Tl
au.miming   Uutea  ou  Application.
that of the blgotted sectarian.    Jff? *
extreme of oppression or bloody per- _
secution ia too revolting for the Ca-L
tholic to use against the Churchman'
for the Churchman to apply to   the
Puritan, for. the latter to turn upon
both.     Truth is made to prevail by
any and every available means, and
after all it is only the truth as the
sectarian sees it.
We have risen abovo the barbarism
of. earlier methods, but the various
moral reform societies seem to see
no other remedies for prevailing evils
than thoso which are to be found in
repressive legislation, and if they
had the power thoy would cram th&ir
opinions down the throats of all and
sundry at tho end of the constable's
baton. Too little is left to tlie influence of oducution, to the power of
public opinion. Not so vory long
ago the nobility of England wero
notorious for their wine-bibbliiig.
Temperance and' abstemiousness wero
counted more ol a disgrace than
drunkenness and dissipation. , Political leaders of thc first degree have
takon their seats in the house, one
of them unable to see the Speaker,
and the others unablo to blink away
the sight of two whore there should
have been one. What has changed
these conditions and traditions? Nothing but a chiingo ln opinion. That
infinitely more ennnot be done by
the snnifi influences and done better
than by the invocation of tho law, it
seems idle to deny.
Another issue raisod is the rights
of the Individual. The sight of
drunkenness on a Sunday is not
pleasant, and there Is no getting Byway from the fact that the Sunday
trade ln Ladysmith has passed beyond all reasonable bounds. Yet it
should be remembered that for every one man that gets intoxicated,
there -re a hundred who, while taking a drink, keep themselves straight.
Would it not be better to provide
penalties for tho ono mnn, who got
drunk, and for the man who supplied
him with tho drink to make him
drunk, rather than to take awtty
from a hundred men a right which
is inalienably, theirs? The whole question should be carefully considered
Tho tendency of the day is to drive
to legislation for a remedy for ev-
ul|ery disease of tho body politic, and
j in our opinion It is a tendency thit
has more against It than for it.
ther abandon   altogether tho obnox-
remaining $10,000 by July. * ious clauses of tho oloction bill,    or
ooooooooooooooooo change them so that thoy will bo freo
■        ♦ from    objection     as an interforoncs
SOCIALIST AND LABOR. wjth tho votors' lists.    It is  oxpect-
___ od that tho clause destroying tho so-
„ _a       ,    „..t   . -n_ ,    .    «""*!..      °recy o' the   ballot   "I" disappear,
Party     In Gilbert Parkers Opinion that interference with British Colum-
are Unable to Make Any
■Montreal, June 20— Sir Gilbert
Parker, who loft this morning for
Bellev"- -,, expressed the opinion that
the British government would appeal to the country in two years and
there might be a change.
I think there is no doubt but
that the Socialist and Labor Party
are not able to make any headway,
and who can therefore forsee the result."
A by-law wus introduced at Monday night's meeting of the Council
which, if it pusses in its entirety,
.will assuredly raise better feelings
,n a large section of the community.
The by-law, which was brought in
by Aid. Matheson, is virtually
copy of that recently adopted in
Victoria, ami which there caused
such a storm in the licensing trade.
Not only does tho proposed measure
provide for tlie strict regulation ol
iho liquor trailic in licensed premises
in the town, but it imposes drastic
changes in the hours of closing
tlie bar-rooms.
Of ull the provisions, clause 7, regulating the opening and closing of
the bar-rooms, will cause most opposition, it enacts that the bars
shall be closed ull day on Sundays,
up to i a.m. on the Monday morning. The hotol keeper is thus specifically prevented from opening out
the bur after midnight on Sundays.
Uvery bur again is to be closed up
ai 11 o'clock, on Saturday evenings,
and on overy other day during the
.week at Iii o'clock midnight.' (Old
country people will see in these provisions a faint echo of the licensing
laws obtaining in tho home land,
The business hours for week days are
longer by an hour thun they are in
jingland, but then there are five
hours on tho Sunday when inns and
public houses nro open. The regulation also is rendered less harsh by	
the law which permits any person j court has decided that'the British
who has travelled over three miles cruiser Gladiator alone ls to blamo
from his home to obtain refresh- 'or the collision with the liner St.
ments. Paul-     T1>*     worohip and the    St.
The proposal, on the whole, there-[Paul collided off the Isle of Wight
■fore may bo regarded as even more las* April in a snow storm. As a
drastic ln their effect than the regu- result over a acore of the crew of
lattons governing the liquor traffic'the Gladiator lust their lives, the
in the United Kingdom, and, apart cru'ser had to be beached and tho
altogether   from the    financial    in-,lmor laid up fqr extensive repairs,
MONTREAL, June 20.- The Empress of Ireland, by tieing up at her
dock at Quebec at 12 o'clock noon
today, has broken the west bound
record from Liverpool to Quebec.
The Empress left Liverpool at live
o'clock last Friday alternoon, passed Cape Race on Wednesday and 'at
midnight Wednesday steamed into
Sidney to land her mails, losing two
hours in the operation. The . total
timo of passage wus 6 days S hours
from dock to dock. This record
voyage foreshadows a further clipping of time for tho shorter route
via B'jlle Island during the summer.
i  4—' " '  ■   " "
LONDON, June 30- The admiralty
.terests involved they raise a very
interesting question in ethics. It is
conceded that the trade is ore-emln-
cntly one which calls for strict regulation, and let it also be admitted that generally speaking, it most
certainly gets it. It may be that
out in the west, and particularly iu
local towns, the trade has been given
too much latitude, particularly in
the control and conduct ot its licensed premises. But even if this
.were true, it ie no oxcuse for launch-'
Log Into repressive measures which
in the end will work a hardship on
an established trudo and the men
connected with it.
These drastic measures affecting tho
.. ' v. ■
New York, June 20.—Commander Robt. E. Peary announced lust night he bad raised aU
but $10,000 ol the $50,000 he
needed for his latest polar expedition, on which he proposes
to embark Jule 15. Commander l'enry said his vessel will
soon be ready to leave dry-
dock.    He expects to raise the
vfe'e Ts^owVoWior un^Jufvi!     ^^l^1? **&     tax. It .. a principle that the  Ern^ea hi, defeat.       "If I was a. big
The Election Bill, ■   ] P"*° does not deviate from its policy and strong ae thnt fellow," said he,
Mr.-Poster explained that tlie ^ort """""n' 0nt" June 22,—An o{ affording protection to its colon-1"und had worked up such a reputa-
Opposltlon stood by the position explosion ol dynamite In the tiinnol lal ^p,,,, but th„t wollld n(lt torce' tio.i „„ a mun Wner nnd a bone-
first taken In respect to the election,of   the   Port    William construction „„ to nccopt in Cnnndtt the ,)eol),0 of|brenker' as lie had, ho would     have
bill, but that1 negotiations between
the leaders on that question had
made such progress that tho Conservatives were ready to assist tho
financo minister in his presont difficulties.
No definite   announcement can    be
made at this  stage,   but it is   sup
works lost night klllod two men and British citizenship whoso presence J
seriously Injured another. Tho work wouW ))0 an injury to our c|vil|za-
ol obtaining water for the city sup- tloB- -j-jio special conditions as to
ply from Lock Moiuand, seven miles ^ wi,lch obtnln in British - Cn.tiut-
dletant, Is noy being prosecuted day Dla must be considered.     In     that
   _   _r   and night, and it was during     the province there is strong sentiment in
posed ttaT'tho'aovoriimenrwnrei-.n'sbt shift that the accident happen- lamT c( dlroct oxclusion, nnd,     let
ed. . me say no    more loyal people exist
in nny    part of the    BrltiBh umpire
than those ln the Pacific province
I   "Tiiey will risk tholr lives l-ir tho.
|flag.     They stand for British tri.d!-|in tho "business.
tions and fair    play, and whatever
Panama, June 20— Arrangements are being made to place
the United States marines, now
in.tho Isthmus, in camp at Coo
seal, whence they may be
brought in a few minutes to
to Panama, should auch a step
be necessary. The tension
brought about by tho political
situation in the republic continues.
bla will bo abandoned, and that in
Manitoba tho intervention will bo
reduced to a Judicial re-arrangement
of .mrnos where Dominion and Provincial sub-divisions are not tho
There are vague threads of the Introduction of a closuro system, so
that "the rule of tho majority" may
be established, and discussion cut
short. Sir Wilfrid Laurier has not
advocated thla change, but has loft
It to less responsible collesagucs.
The Premier easily foresees that his
own party will soon be the minority and he remembers that in 1806
a closure law would have made his
tactics impossible,
The Privileges Committee has failed to find out what became of tho
Stanstond bye-election records, missing from tho office of the Clork of
the Crown. It ia found that, these
Important records, which aro essential in the trial of an eioction peti-1 ln,
tlon, were easily accessible and might 1 ,,_
have boen carried oil by anyone Interested in obstructing tho election
Mr. Clements, Mr. Cockshutt,   and
others, made a strong caso against
the Department of Customs on Friday, showing that material used   in , ■
the Detroit international tunnel    is named Ryder, wae gored by
practically   all    from    the    United 1 today, and will dlo.
States, and that part bt lt used   on
the Canadian side pays no duty. About 100,000   barrels of   foreign   co-
Fort Francis, Ont., June 22.—Angus Cameron, a well known lumber
man, waa drowned today at Kettle
Falls, near here. He had Just finished supervising a drive of six mil-
lian feet of logs ln the Dalny lake.
He leaves a wlfo and four children.
Toronto, June 22.—Eight year old
Gordon Oldfleld was crushed to death
by a stroot car on Saturday   whilo
playing in the street.
Wetland, Ont, Juno 22.— Arthur
Fares, a member of the Wollund
canal surveying staff, was drowned
here while bathing.
Hamilton, June 22.—James McKeown waa drowned here by the up.
setting of a  boat.
Port Coburg, Ont., June 22.—Alex
ander Cross,   25 years old, au    en-
icer on the derrick at the Canadian Portland Cement Company's
worka here, waa crushed to death on
Saturday by a derrick overturning,
and pinning him to tho ground.
Sussox,    N.B.,
June 22.—A farmer
Winnipeg, June 20-Thera are still
no tidlnga of little Alloa Dapraw,
who waa travelling from Winnipeg
to Fort William with her slater, and
who loft tha train while it waa waiting at Pine station to pick flowers,
and who wandered away and got
lost in the thick brush at that
Every ofton has been made to locate the child but without success,
and It la now thought she may have
been kidnapped.
n         »
management    of    licensed    premises  _    , _        . -.      _-..,,
...-in..   hi,.„..i„     ,      ..„.,»-.„-. Confessed to Dynamiting Train   but
spring   directly     from     temperance,     .t,„.„ nini.«a*i   n ,—.i—    .
movements    nt work in tho Domin-
Jury Claimed   Confession   was
Wrong by "Sweating" Him.
BUTTE, Mont., June 20. - Louis
Ferris waa acquitted last night ..of
,on, and thus right at the spring of
the now legislation there nre dlverg-..   . . _ , -   .,        ...   ,. —,,-"
s B .murdor In connection with the alleg
ing stronins „f opinion. As botweonTj dynnmltlng of a Chicago Burling-
thc, schools of prohibition und mod-.ton and Qulncy train near nore on
erntlon who Is to decide. Unfortu-|May lst. Tho Jury deliberated scarce-
nately we have rleen to nothing'g-» *£ £»&*„*$£
higher in our civilization than    tho)miting the train, but tho Jyfon.se al-
rule ot the   majority, and all    Ills'	
tory proves that your majorities, bo
they ever so big, are no more    In
fallible than your minorities, be
they ever so small. And history also furnishes abundance of evidence
that no rule is moro tyrannical than
fate*'.lege that the confession had been
wrung from Ferris by sweating, insisting that a bad rail not dynamite
was responsible for the wrecking.
* Billiardi and Pool %
Best Liquor*- and Cigun.
CartwrightA Barclay
TORONTO, June 20—Finding them
selves with revolvers and dirks to
retain possession of the cars ln
which they had been living, some 85
laborers defied the officials of the 0.
P. K. to eject them, after they had
been discharged for refusing to go
to work.
The trouble started at Woodbridgt
and was brought to a termination
ln tha C.P.B. yardi at North Toronto. The police had to be called
to suppress the troubls. The Italians claim thoy quit work, because
the C.P.lt. refused td accede to the
demand for an advance In wages but
the company .declares that tha men
made no formal demand to ths
glnear in chatga of the work.
Special Correspondence,
OTTAWA, June 18.-7-By way of economy the Government is cutting
down the working staff. Mr. Stan
Held, of Colchester, points out that
the engineers have been laid off or
made firemen, firemen have been dla*
charged, conductors and brakemen
laid off and ordinary hands dismissed, causing privation and suffering.
But there is no reduction in the
staff of petty officials. On the con
trarjr, places on ths official staff are
always found for politicians and
their friends. So while the Intercolonial "wages" bill may be slightly reduced, the "salary account''
grows turgor.
A Minister's   Son-in-Law.
Mr. L. S. Macoun, son-in-law ol
the Minister of Militia, has testified
concerning bis contracts with thc
Militia Department. Accepting his
evidence we flnd in regard to a 16.-
200 purchase of machinery for the
Dominion Arsenal from a firm in
Pawtucket, U.S., the following;
In January, 1005, the firm offered the machines at a quoted price.
The Government did not buy.
In February Mr. Macoun, having
learned of the negotiations, wrote
to the firm asking to be appointed
their agent. The appointment was
Then Mr. Macoun wrote to the
Department as agent for the Pawtucket firm repeating thoir offer.
The Government bought on these
Mr. Macoun was paid five  per cent
commission, or $310.    '
This ia a Secret.
So much ia stated by Mr, Macoun
himself and by the officials. One
thing Mr. Macoun refused to disclose. He absolutely refuses to produce a copy of his letter applying for
the agency. He claimed that thia
was private. Though he is not
ticent about other personal matters
(for he produced without being ask.
ed for it, a detailed account of Sir
Fred. Borden's Journeylngs through
out Canada during several weeks)
this letter could not be got out of
him. Chairman Flnleyson and the
Government obstructors supported
the refusal. Mr. McLean and Mr.
Carvell furiously attacked Mr. Croc
fleet for . intimating that the letter
might ahow whether Mr, Macoun informed tho firm lhat his appointment
would gl-c tbem a Government contract at their own price.
Yet. Mr. Macoun stated that the
above contract was all tho business
hs Over did lor the Pawtucket Company.
Paid  In  Advance.
Aa to the $70,000 copper contract,
Mr. Macoun admitted that he got
hie pay before the larger part of tho
goods were tested or even delivered.
«j A, competing, tenderer, who offored
copper at a lower price, was refused
the contract because he required pay
on delivery, while the Government
hold In his case that thero should bo
no pay until the copper had boen re
celved uud tested.
If Commissioners Fyshe and Bazin
had examined thoso transactions,
they would have reported that "lack
Of conscience" was not confined to
the Marine Department,
Government   Obstruction Continued.
Government late Friday night
copted Opposition advice, and put
through s, supply bill to pay .employees on the Intercolonial, ln the
oustoms and post office service, on
the canals and ln other publlc employment, Mr. Borden has repeatedly Invited the Ministers to take this
this vote with that for the Militia
and the Mounted Police. Mr. Fielding refused to do ao until he can
get all other votes which require discussion and have not been explained.
So every man who had to wait for
hit pay should know that It la because of thl* refusal. Mr. Paterson
rushed off. to the Ontario election
campaign and told the people., that
the Opposition waa refusing pay to
public servants, whon ho had got his
vote on the plea that If it wore pass
ed the cheques might be Issued the
next day. The cheques were not la-
sued, because the Government held
back the supply bill.
-Supply Bill At Laat.
But Friday night a supply bill
for more than $81,000,000 was Introduced, and passed the three readings and committee in ten minutes,
though any member could have stopped It by,: objecting to, suspension of
ths rules. .. This give* effect, to all
'the votes taken In supply, and con- ..
en- tains an advance   payment on   ac- "•"•*' are
(ount   of one-eighth of thoae  Items »°p*.
Lindsay,    Out.,    June   22.—Boss
mmt"lVto"tali»rtln"itoWOa^lsi!Drown' four yenrs old- 'e11 ,fom tt
end of the tunnel. The foreign con-j wagon on Saturday, breaking his
tractor would not purchase this orj„eck, and dying a. few minutes lat-
any other material from Canada, or'
employ Canadian labor, and tha Un-
they cherish as the Inheritance ot the
Saxon they gladly Insist should be
extended to tho Orlontal Brltlsn subjects ln the country. Althouc.ii they
oppose colored Immigration this !«
shown whon in tho stato of Wash'.ng
ton, Hindus were driven from ce -
toin towns British Columbians were
indignant that British subjects were
so treated.
'To sum up, let me say I believe
the loyal British sentiment in Cnn-
nda ls most uncompromisingly opposed to making nny sncriilces which
would Involve tho settlement of any
pnrt of tho country by nlien peoplo,
whose stundard of living would
threaten the economic exist onco of
whito Inhabitants."
Commenting on tbo above, yesterday's Victoria Colonist, says:- "Air.
Ralph Smith, M.r., hns given hiB
views on Orientni Immigration to
the Stnndnrd ol Empire. Ho takes
much the samo ground ns tho Colonist hns ta''en, nlthough wo do not
for a moment suggest lhat he patterned his views from thoso of this
paper. Wo nre very glnd that he
has taken the opportunity to place
his opinions Bo strongly nnd in such
a prominent way beforo tho people
of the United Kingdom."
tted 'States customs officials rule
strictly ln respect to Canadian materials used at the American end,
 I _
OTTAWA, June 18.— Tho committee of inquiry into the Hodgins'
charges of over-classification will re-
port to tho House that Major Hod-, "be negro drew a razor and slashed
gins has withdrawn his charges  and Thompson across the breast. Thomp-
thore is nothing to investigate. Tho ,on struggled to his feet and    fired
committee will moot noxt Tuesday to .,,„„ _.,„..,      .   , _j,i„i, _,._- A ».,
prepare Its report. lthree shot8' one °' whlch P<"°edthe
All afternoon the committee talked negro's brain.   . Thompson's injuries
to little purposo.  Messrs. Barker and . are not aerlous.
Lennox, in opposition to closing the
Imlay City, Mich., June 22.— En-
Glbbs was killed    and
inquiry,' urged that it was the duty
of the committee to go on and    as-,
certain   tho    fncts.     Cases of over- gineer Thos.
classification wero to be found by the Fireman Wm. Brown and Brakemon
acore. Haughton Lennox took the Smith fatally scalded when the boll-
position that it was not a question 0, a 0ralld ^^ ,„, M „n^M
whether Major Hodgins could   mako       ,   . . .,        . „
out a caso.    Hodgins was merely   a exploded    early   today,    two mltos
witness.   The charges were contained west of here.    The engine was blown
in many documents which wore avail- to pieces, and tho flrst three cars On
New York, June 22.—Garbed ln
woman'a clothes, nn unknown negro
was shot and killed early today on
West 22nd street, while attempting
to escape atter cutting tho throat ol
! Patrolman Thompson, who was arresting him. Thompson had no
Idea that   his prisoner was a man;
OPE, a
PARIS, June 22. — Spoclal de
spatches from Madrid state that
nothing is known ot the reported
tornado, with loss of life, In Spain.
A despatch from Lisbon to tbe
news agency says: The reported cyclone in Portugal is absolutely false.
Nevertheless two small alternoon papers here print alleged despatches
from Lisbon saying that a typhoon
raged in aeverul of tho provinces.
These reports are not to be relied
upon and the official news agency
makes special denials of thom, while
they lack confirmation in the larger
papers.  ,
had to kill mo on tho mnt at Chicago before 1 would have quit trying.
"But Hack is a yellow dog. Thoro
is no othor namo for him. no had
tho advantage over uio- in weight,
und strength nnd reputation, yet
iio quit cold to mo simply because he
could not slam mo nround aa he
hild dono others.
"Hoik is tho most over-rated man
I felt in my heart
nil alon" that I could bent hlm, but
Farmer Burns mado me work carefully nnd,lio;t mo away from Hack
too long. Had I gone in nnd mixed it with hlm hard alter tho first
hulf hour, I would have shown him
up for tlio big bluffer he is.' But I
guess making a man quit cold when
ho is faco down on the mat Is dis-
gruco enough—at least I would nov-1
want to look a friond in the face
if 1 over turned a trick ct that
"Tho big fellow hns talked a lot
about mo gouging ids eyes. That's
lie. Ho says my body was greased. Anothor iio. He says I used
insulting Inngungo to him. Lie No.
8. I did kid hlm, nnd tell him he
wns a sorry looking champion, and
hnd trnvoiied a long way to got
licked, but I did not say anything
to hlm I would not say before my
mother. He hnd simply buffaloed
all his other opponents nnd when I
did not fall down, play dead, and
roll ovor at tho first glimpse of tho
Russian lion, his littio hoart shriveled up and ho became a  tabby cat:
"Some_of tho sport writers in New,
York don't like me und for that reason they eagerly printed all the rot
that Hack told them, but I guess
the rest of tho country knows the
truth of tho matter and that I showed Hackonsohmidt up ln hia true
light." -
Puts up Deposit.
Gotch deposited with a local newspaper his $800- to Wnd the match
with Roller and he and Roller will
meet to sign articles and pick a re-
fere-, if possiblo, so as to get all
tho preliminary arrangements out of
the wny. With ""these details off
their minds, they can both devote
nil of their timo to training to give
Soattlo one of the best, if nqt the
best matches ever pulled off ln the
United States.
Gotch looks bronzed and healthy,
as if he hod l-eon out doors a lot
recently, and ho soys himself he never folt bettor.
able to the committee. The point
was whether contractors were being
paid more than they should be paid.
Mr. Lennox pointod out that when
tho Investigation was begun, Messrs.
Macdonald and Carvell, who woro
now anxious to shut out tho light,
called loudly for a thorough probing
into the matter. It was not a matter for arbitration. What they
should    flnd    out
the train were wrecked.
LOS ANGBLES, Cal., Juno 20. -
Donaldson Jeffrey Jenkins, in the
fifties and sixties one of the best
known newspaper editors in the United States, being owner and chief
editor of the New Orleans Delta, and
later of the Picayune, dlod at Sierra
Madre today, aged 83 yoars.
OTTAWA, Ont., June 22. -In
houso thiB morning, the third   reading was glvon the. bill to amend the
.„.. ..hnthn. th. • Chinese Immigration   Act. The  am-
.     hAi   i     Zi , l\w,,      lendment to the   bill makes it possi-
country had lost millions of dollars.M   f       ohinos(-    8tudent8i al&r   a
hv   nvm..r.lnua!l1r,nt.lnn • .... j    j
year a attendance at an approved ed.
by ovor-clossiflcation.   ________
Mr. Carvell thought tho country
was protected by the agreemont and
that If tho board of arbitration
found over-classification they could
compel the contractors to refund the
money. That was a matter for engineers to decide. The main point
was whether or Hot thero wr, .n d
on the part of tho commlssii ..
Mr. Barker Insisted that i -.. i.t-
tors of Chief Engineer Woodi c-i thc
Grand Trunk Pacific to Chief Ki 'in
eer Lumsden of the N.T.R. iOm mission, containing charges i ; fiver-
classification, wore sufficioi : vpon
which to go on with tho liqilry.
These charges woro far moro florlous
than any mado by Major Hod [lis.
The chairman considered thi oircr-
classiflcatlon chnrges quite secondary
and that Hodgins having with ira-vn,
thore was nothing to investigate.
Tho committoo thon, on a party vote
of 3 to 2, votod to closo the it qui-y.
NEW .YORK, Juno 22.-Twelve
deaths by drowning wero recorded in
Now York and vicinity ln the past
24 hours, lho intense heat drawing
thousands to the beaches to seek
relief either in or on tho water. John
Milton lost his life rescuing three
men who had capsized in a light
boat in tho East river. Frank Krlz
strangled in the East Side Y.M.C.A.
pool after he had broken his nock by
a dive. August Tsunmnn, captain
of the New York city steam lighter,
fell from a ladder Into the North
River end. was drowned. Robert
Roper, 14 yeara old, and Joseph Bi-
sanzo, 17 yours old, went down
while bathing in the Harlem river.
Geo. William, 19 years old, succumbed to cramps at North Beach. David Griffin met a similar fat* at
Sheepsheud Bay. 0. Hart and John,
Jay sank in a bathing pool near
Trenton, N.J, An unknown man
was drowned In tlie North River,
and an unknown boy in Lake Hoxak-
BONG KONG. June 22.-The elty.
of Wuchow is inundated by the abnormal rise of seventy feet of the Fa
river.     Many casualties are report-
_ ..       ed and much .damage has been dono
Thla gives, effect jo all MoBg ^ riv-. „„„„,     ^^ lBh|llb.
tan   In   alinmw    anrt   rnn_ ^
taking refuge In   house. J
ucationnl institution in this country
to obtain ro-imtjursomoiit ol the
$500 head tax < exacted from them
on entry to Canada.
On motion for committee of supply, 'J. E. Armstrong, Conservative
member for Lambton, East, criticized tho administration of the Indian
dopartmont which he said was careless and extravagant.
The Government has sold 620,000
acres of Indian land in the post year
somo of it at ton and fifteen cent) an
acre, and Islands at $1.00. Tho
expenditure had also largely increased.
— *
Ralph Smith Discusses Asiatic Question in Last Issue of Standard
ol Empire—B.C.'s Loyalty.
OTTAWA, June 20.—In an article
on Asiatic immigration contributed
to the last Issue of ths Standard of
Empire, the new imperial paper,
which reached here today, Ralph
Smith points out the complexity and
gravity of the problem from both
national and imperial aapecta. He
declares that although the diplomatic endeavors of Canadian etatcanien,
In dealing with the question have
indicated we are not neglectful of
our imperial obligations, nevertheless the unalterable policy of Canada must be that Oriental immigration muat be incompatible with the
desire to build up Canada with an
indigenous democracy of British'
It is worthy of note, he says, that
ths rapid increase of British settlers
ln British Columbia began with ths
checking of Immigration from Asia.
For. years that province had Buffered because of the reports that fifty
itpar cent of its population were Asiatics, white people held aloof from
land of great opportunities because of th* presence of Orientals
there in large numbere.
"As an Englishman," be says, "I
oan quite appreciate the feeling of
the average man In th* old country
that our policy of restriction up-
«et* all notion* of Christian brotherhood aa well a* th* general question
of democratic (quality and uniform-
Soattlo, Juno 21.—Frank A. Gutch,
champion catch-as-catch-cun wrestler
of the world, arrived in Soattlo last
night and will at onco begin active
training for his match wither. B.
F. Hollor, of Soattlo, to tako place
on July 1.
The champion was not expected in
this city until tho latter end of this
week, and ha explained his onrly arrival by saying:
I was caught napping onco by
Roller, and it tvill not occur ngain.
When I wrestled Roller that handicap match In Soattlo about a year
and a half ago, I had not trained
a lick, and ho gavo mo tho scare of
my life.
"During a year I supposo.I wrestle a hundred mon who ore not
known oiitsidu their own towns, nnd
I thought Roller was ono of that
kind. I hnd been loafing nil summer, nnd thought I would pick up
little easy money by exploding tlio
Rollor boom.
Joo Carroll told mo I would bo
up against a tough proposition In
Roller, but I thought Joo was trying to kid mo, nnd I tell you honestly I did not put cn my training
clothes once for the match. I loafed along for the first part of tho
match, thinking to tire Roller out,
but when he got his second wind and
got over his nervousness, ho was the
stronger man.
I'll   never forget    the last    ten
minutes of that match.     I brought
into play all my defensive .work, for
I   know that If Hollor ever got    bo-
hind me ho would put me down, for
I   was about all In and tired as    a
field hand in haying time.    Of courso
I know Boiler Ib a better wrestler I
now than he was theni so 1   am not
taking any chances on not being   In
Ithe best of condition to meet   blm.
"I am ln good shape right now, as
n   weigh about 200 pounds, but     11
■nm going •  to put ln a  lot of hard
licks for this match and expect    .to I
so on the mat weighing 105 pounds
—my best weight.     Roller will moot
tho champion    at his bost tho night'
of July 1, and there will bo,no   ex-
Columbus; 0., June 22.—The Grand
American handicap, the blue ribbon
event of the trap snooting world,
takes place here this week under the
auspices of the Columbua Gun Club.
Beginning with preliminary practiso
events today, tbe tournament will
be continued until near the end of
tho wook. Scores of the foremost
gun experts of'tho oountry, both
amateur and professional, have arrived to toko part in the big shoot.
Now York, Juno 22.—A revival of
tandem racing is to be the big feature of the initial meeting of tho
summer cycle racing season, which
opens in Madison Squure Garden tonight. The meet will form a link
In the circuit that will embrace tha
cycle racing tracks at Ashbury Park
and Nowark, as well as Madison
Square Garden. Among the noted
racers scheduled to contest in tho»
events aro Bedell, Fogler, Moron,
ICrobs, Anderson and Vanonl.
No Honing—
No Grinding
Yeu know from daily expe-
rlence,at home or In the barber
ahop, that the question is—
i Why doesn't a razor hold
its edge uniformly from.heel
to head without honing and
grinding?" Whether it Is a
safety, with the certain tax or
new blades, or thc ordinary
open-bladcd razor does not
after the question. Vou want
the comfort and satisfaction of
a clean, smooth shave every
morning with the confident
knowledge that your rasor
will be ready for instant use
the next time needed.
The Carbo Magnetic razor le
the only raior unoo-Mtlon-
oily guaranteed to do thla.
Thirty yeara of study on the
razor situation haa perfected
a new aecret proceaa of
utgrmo tcmpemho that
positively merges every particle of carbon (the life of atee!)
Into the metal—giving a diamond-like hardness uniformly .
throughout the blade—some- *
thing nbiolutely Impossible
with fire tempered stecl-uied
In making all other razoro.'
But test this razor ln your
own home—er If you prefer,
have your barber use It on you,
Oive us your nsme.
or call and see the "Carbo.
Marnetlc" razor, snd we will
state our proposition for testing these razora fit tho ut
ojfigatlon on your part ro
uWrohaoe, together with our
free booklet " Hlnta on Shav-
Ing." Thla book lllustratea
the correct razor position for
shaving every part of th* face.
ity of British cltlrenehtp, but  those jcusea from my side cf the houso If I
views seem to be rendered untenable [mm beaten."
by th* extraordinary condition*  un-'        Calls Haok. "Yellow Dog."
der which competition between white     prank la disgusted at the babyish
and yellow rase* 1* carried on,      Ii (way In Which Haokanschmldl has ta-
Ladysmith Hardware Co., ssss
  .. w~~-^r :tt. . |
CAL ATTACK. ' •", I '. DEAVOB. '    '-.    I PLOSION..
NEW YORK, June 82.—Jas. Can- NEW YORK, Juno 20.—Helen  Mil-     PHILADELPHIA, Juno 20.—Four
tllleon. p* Marionette, WI*., wbo wa* 'er Gould, whoso generous philaiith- teen pooplo   nro reported   to    hnve
a a „       '..a          ,   a n   -ik.   at ropy and nets of charitv have  made boon injured in un explosion   today
totally Und, regained hi* Bight   at bm name ft holl|le,lol(, wcl,,dp was ,„,.. (m board the  Gorman   steumor   Ar-
Bellevue hospital yesterday during a .y ymrs „\d today.      Miss Gould is cndin, which arrivod from Huiiiluug.
lit ol hysterics, which followed   the the only u-     rrled child of the  Into The injured were takon to a    down
■mnnum'a annnunrament to him that -lny Goulc.    D.uno Humor  hns  had town hospital.
surgeons aimouncement to mm .-« ^ ^^ ^    t_    ,..h0 &t_ wag bmugM mdm    co||.
his case was considered hopelesa ana Alonzo TotteT: m„ o(   riishop  Pot. trol boforo It had gained much head
that he would probably remaini blind tor        Dut, mss Gould'B    intimnte way and    tho flionion   found In the
for the remainder of hla life.- | frionds declare that matrimony is tho toehold ol tho vcasul tho   body of
Cnntlll n,   who    ia a  profoaslonal !*"».'>'*?»* 'L" .,.J.,.?.'l,t,„'"?htS-        stovodo,'e'    " is thouBht tlmt
baseball player, a member ol the
Des Moines, la., team, and a brother of Joe Gantlllon, manager ol
the Amorlean League, had to have
his left eye removed as the result ot
an accident in Chicago several
months ago. The sight of tbe oth
er eye failed from *ympathetlo affection. H* came to the Cornoll University Medical College her* tor
treatment and waa residing ln Bellevue for on operation,
.Yesterday the physician* decided
that an operation would be uaeleas,
and Informed Oantillon, who thereupon* became hysterical. Suddenly
he cried out that he could see, and
testa showed tbat the sight ol the
right eye had been almost complete
ly restored.
The hospital surgeons aay tbat
Cantillon* los* ol sight was undoubtedly due to an affection ol the
nervous system and that the byateri
cal attack he underwent is rosponsi
ble for the restoration.
22.—The Riordan Paper* Mills Company at Merrltton closed their sulphite mill for an Indefinite period,
owing to scarcity ol orders, and seventy men, most ol them married,
are thrown out of work. The mills
ore choked with atr.ck, all storehouses being filled, together with
twenty cor* standing on tracks, for
rent ol which thoy pay the railway
company a dollar a day for each
 »    4
London, June 22.—The delegates
to the Pan-Anglican convention made
a partial holiday of Saturday, although several meetings were held
for discussion of light topics, and
the Bishop of Pennsylvania addressed a meeting of 8,000 children. Ths
Bishop ot Massachusetts who greatly Impressed the congress, preached
yesterday at both St. Faul'a cathedral and Westminster Abbey. The
feature of tho services at the Cathedral was the annual visit of the
judges. The congregation, Including the Lord Mayor of London, the
sheriffs and Lord Alverstone, Lord
Chief Justice of England, In addition to a number of leading Judges
and a large' number of delegates.
■ ■ ♦
A pitiful sequel Xo the Bale of an
Indian girl at a Northern British
Columbia potlatch two years ago,
culminated ln the realization of one
of the greatest desires in semi eivil-
■ lzed circles, an automobile ride lor
Annie Suella, a full-blooded Indian
woman, brought down from Owlka-
no lake ff r detention In the provincial asylum.
Many months ago Annie confided
to a friend that she would simulate
insanitv in order lo be cast out from
her husband's tepee, and shortly lifter sho commenced acting In a
strango manner, declaring that she
could not eat except when asleep,
nnd that hor blood was running buck
ward In her veins. Months of stolid
refusal to partake of food except
surreptitiously finally unhinged the
woman'B mind until the dny came
whon ahe really believed herself afflicted with tho peculiar afflictions she
had conceived. Ber detention by thc
provincial police followed,    She was
brought down tho coast and ;'««rt* • measures are being takon by the *
od to the city In an automobile.   AT-
large number of braves gazed   open
mouthed at the sight of one it tholr
people boing given a rido In a swift-
ly traveling   auto,   littio   mull.ing
thot ahe was being hurried   to    tho
provincial nsylum.
London, June 22.—It I* stated G.
H. Barclay, charge d' affaires ol
the British legation at Constantinople, will replace Cecil Sprlngrico,
the minister at. Torhan who ta retiring on account of HI health.
 ., .     -4 1	
Boy Pulled  Into  Watery Grave  by
Huge Sucker.
Miss Gould Is probably tho   rich- ral othor mon may havo   lost   thiitl'
est unmarriod     womun In Amoiica. Hvos.   Tho oxplosien occurred short
Hor   fortune   Is   estimated all   tho ly aftor tho steamer tiod up nt    the
way from    $30,000,000 to $40,000,- dock today, having anchored in   the
000.    On hcr father's doath she   In- rlvor upon hor arrival yesterday.
horltod about $15,000,000 in    good ■ *-	
railroad and othor securities. In ad- ITALIAN STATESMAN VEItY ILL.
ditlon, he gavo to hor his -roBldonco 	
at 670 Filth avenue, and tho bcauti- ROME, Juno 20.—The runks ofthe
ful abbey-like Lyndhurst, tho   man- oldor Italian statesmen aro being ra-
^aSSt^I^c^i-^ **>.   tbin,:ed.       Following closely
than $1,000,000.    Tho rnllrond    so- the recent death    of tiuilio Prinetti,
curltlos hnvo enhanced in vnluo, and foreign     minister of foreign affairs,
it Is not tronchlng upon  romance to comeB th0 announcement that     tho
ostimate    that Miss Gould's   annual
income Is ahovo $1,000,000.
Marquis di liudinl, the former   premier, is suffering from cancer of the1
5,000 CARD PLAYERS TO MEET, liver nnd cannot lung survive.
— j   Marquis dl Rudinl,  like the     lato
NEW YORK, Juno 20,-The groat- aiplm. crf   , whom ho succcedoa „„■
est gathering    of card players _ tho ^^ M ^   ^ ^   ^^   ^
world has ovor seen is scheduled   to, minister o/ state,
bogin In this city tomorrow. The oc-.comes from    one of the aristocrutic
caslon   will    bo the eleventh annual | families that wero scattered over tho
congress of tho North American Skat is;nn(1 of Etna by lho s^^^    (1o-
Loague, which boasts    of a member-1
ship of 80,000 devotees of tho gront
Gorman game,
Tho tournament Is to bo hold ln
tho Grand Central Palace and will
continue for thrco days. ■ Lnrge delegations aro already hero to take
part Irom Chicago, Mllwaukoo, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Baltimore, Indiana
lolls, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Do
trolt Cloveland, Rochostor and a
number of other cities.
The International Brolliorhoml of
Teamsters will have Its annual contention In Detroit In August, when
t ls expected an agreement will bo
-eached for a settlement ot the dlf-
'erences between that organization
md the United Teamsters of America.
■ ■ « ■	
. BAY.
WASHINGTON, D. 0., Juno 20,-
From now until tbo hot weather of
the summer is ovor, tho addrcHs ot
President Roosovolt will bo Sago-
more Hill, Tho President and his
family have gono to Oyster Bny,
whither thoy wcro preceded by a
car load of office furniture nnd personal belongings, a number of domestic servants and tho Whito House
clerical force.
The President has takon pains to
let it be known that ho intends to
have a quiet summor, thnt is os
quiot as the duties of his high office
will permit. Ho will tako no activo
part In tho nationnl campaign. ,Ho
expects, of course, to confor with tho
party loaders from.time to timo, but
no visitors will bo received at Sagamore Hill unless thoy hnvo been Invited.
The exocutive offices nt Oyster Bny
will be run by Socretary Loob and
Assistant Secretary Foster In much
the same way ns in formor yoars.
Tlie executive forco will be quartered
at tho Hotel Schlllor.
QUEBEC, Juno 20.—Arrangomohts
have bcon competed for a throe
days' testivities to be hold in con
noction with the unveiling of thn
atatuto of M-r. De Lavnl. Tlio i ro-
gramme wT be ushered In tomorrow
morning with a solemn To Ileum in
.ill the parishos and missions of tho
Yale, B.C, June 22.—The Fraser
river has fallen 84 Inches (luce Saturday morning.
*    ■   ■
PORT ot Spain, June 22.- •
Since June 15, there have boen *
* been four new cases of plague *
hore, resulting In three deaths. *
The fourth case is in the lsola- *
tion hospital.   Active prevention
* sanitary   corps.      The   medical
authorities expect to bo able to *
eradicate the disease at an ear- *
• ly date. *
MONTREAL, Juno 22. - The recount tn St. James' Division of Montreal, reduces Mr. Henri Bourassa'a
majority by one vote. He waa elected by forty-two votes over Pro-
mler Oouin Instead of forty-three.
MONTREAL, June 22,-Flltoen families residing In a tenement block
on St. Patrick street, lost a largo
portion ol thoir housohola effects In
a fire thai occurred early this morning.
TOLEDO, 0., Juno 22.—Two hundred men and women from all parte
of the United Statos nnd Canada are
here In attendance at the annual convention of tho Unltod Professional
Teachers of Dancing ol America. The
convention wilt continue during the
week. R. C. Huntlnghouse, ol Chicago, Is president of tho organize
ECHO, Ore., June 22. — Dlinmy
McRobcrts, aged seven, /looked a
huge sucker while fishing In the Uma
tllla river late yesterday afternoon,
The big fish gave tbe boy such a
Jerk he fell In with a rod. Tho body
:was recovered lu illtoen minutes when
life was extinct.
 *  '
LONDON, June 22-The National
federation of Meat Trailers has | aaa-
ed a resolution ln favor bf tre removal of the embargo on   Canadian
cattle.    The federation haa also   'le-l,.    „,..,,„ ... „,„ »„-i,.„h„.,.
elded to   hold, a  publlo meeting t«:the ,Ub,<- •* *• •«"""*««*>
discuss the matter.                            (log* y*«terday, and probably fatally
♦                           [Injured.
YORK LOAN. \_ ..!..*. 1 .VT	
Toronto,   Jun* 22.—Counsel lepra- *
seating; th* various dosses la    the
York County Loan liquidation, hav*
decided    to drop ell appeal*    from a
decision of Refers* Happen*.      Hi* .
JiidgemenU will be adopted a* bail* ,
(or th*     Mtti*m*nt    of $8,000,000 .
worth cl claim* against th* asset*
of th* York; Loan.
Guelph, Out., Jun* 20.—Theodore
Bwrlnsham, an Engllahmaa), wa*
kicked on th* head by a hon* In
mination. At the age of 31 ho was
prefect nt Palermo, nnd in that year
ol tho revolution ho tried to restore
the kingdom of the two Sicilies to
the house of Bourbon,
This revolution wus ferocious, neither giving nor accepting quarter.
The triumphant .population committed most abominnble excesses. Human butcher shops were opened In
the publlc squnres, where the flesh
of the Italian carbineers killed at
the barricades was sold for noxt to
Rudini rlsVod popularity In order
to save Italian unity. He directed
the suppression ot the revolt with a
firmness that bordered on cruelty.
The revolution was crushed anil Italian unity escaped the peril of dismemberment, which had threatened
it for nn Instnnt. But for many
yenrs tho remembrance of this bloody
nnd morolleea suppression weighed
heavily on Signor Rudlnl's reputation.
BOSTON, Mass., Juno 20.-Tho departure today of a pnrty of stud-
dents ot the Boston high school of
commerce for Brazil, whoro thoy nro
to study commercial relations and
similar subjects, fumishos anothor
proof of the growing relationship between the United Stntes and tho
South American republics. The Brazilian government has offered to extend to tho students every courtesy,
even-to reduced hotol rates and free
passage on the stoamships .and railways in the Interior.
SAN FRANCISCO, June 20. - It
was learned horo todny that agents
of the United States government
havo beon dispatched socretly to Ga-
viota, a lonely landing placo on the
Coast noar Santa Barbara to awntt
tho arrival ol .the British steamship
Pinna, undor charter by tho Japanese line, Toyo Kison Kaisha, Irom
Yokohama, to carry oil.
lt io understood among revenue ol-
flcors who permit themselves to whisper of tho cnso that a cable from the
spoclal agont of tho government nt
Yokohama saying that tho steamer
has contraband opium and silk and
soveral Japanese coolies aboard, is
tho reason for the nction of tho govornmont and that a revenue cutter
will be sont to Gaviota later to await developments.
The Pinna is chartered to carry oil.
It was reported whon she last landed
at tho lonely-spot that soveral Japanese without papers had boen put
nshoro. Just why the liner should
clear from Gavlola is a' mystery and
tho collector of tho port of Los An-
goles will bo askod why permission
was glvon tho Jopanose boat to clear
from there.
Montreal, June 20.—Geo. Olda, who
up to the time of hi* retirement we*
general traffic manager of the C.P.R.
and nt the closo of 1898 wa* on*
ot the best known rnllwaymen on
tho northern part of the American'
continent, died yestorday at his residence hers. Mr. Olds wile died a
year ago yestordny, and from the
bereavement then niRered he never
seemed to recover. He was born
In Glodeesterehlre, Eng., in 1888.
SEATTLE, Wash., June 17,
"When I determined to close the
tlnnco halls ih the Tanana, country, 1
was told that some of the people
wouldn't stand for it," said Judge
II.,Reid, of Fairbanks, this morning.
"Well, I hnd expected something of
tho kind, but I know better than to
liullove tho dance hall men w.iuld
long resist the processes of tho federal court. So when I told i he prosecuting attorney to closo up tho
places on the ground that tliny wtuo
nuisances, I oxpocted tho order
would bo obeyed, evon if it did throw
a lot of women out of ;obs. Tho
change was, aftor all, made easily,
and quickly, and. I believe tho danco
hall in Alaska's mining camps isfor-
ovor gono."
, Judgo Rold, old-tiino Alask ills sny,
is regarded in tho North as s 'mo-
thing of a judicial wond6r, for they
reason that the danco hall was an
established institution ol lho iiining
camps, Tho old-timers assert that
if six months ago anyono had suggested thnt tho courts would closo
tho resorts, tho suggestion would
have boon received with ridicule
Evory mining camp and ovon tho
crook settlomonts in tho Yukon territory, Klondike district and on tho
Const and tho Nome country as well
has had danco halls wliero women
onrned big money soiling drinks to
tho minors. To theso places tho
Illinois hastened at tho end of
wook'H work nnd spent tholr wages
In tho only form ot nmiiseiuent they
"I hnd not boon long in Aluska boforo I mnde up my mind that tho
dunce hall was- a nuisunco," said
■fudge Reid. "I could seo that tho
women employed in theso places
made moro money at tho end of the
soason thun tho minors had earned tn
wages. I told tho grand Jury al
Fairbanks that I thought tho matter was one for it to Investigate.
When they reported in favor of tho
suspension of tho danco halls, I immediately ordered them to close up.
It wns not such a difficult thing to
do, after all.
"Tho dance hall ot Alaska, oven
although it had been an institution
native to the country sinco tho beginning of mining thero, is now gone
forever, in my judgment. Ono man
in Fairbanks came to me and said
thnt while It would moan that his
rent income of $7,500 a year from
ills property would be entirely cut
off, yot ho believed in tho law and
that if I ordered tho danco halls
closed he would cheerfully obey.
"Others wero not bo reasonable am*
I heard of one man who said that
no United Statos judgo or United
Stntes marshal could innko hlm close
tip, bocause thoro wns no law for it.
He wns mistaken."
From a girl In the "Florodora"
dance hall the Judge rocoivod a postal card, on one sido of which was
writton, , "From a Florodora outcast," nnd on the othor sldo, "You
certainly aro a nine-day wonder. My
hat ts off to you." Tho postal card
bore a littio tin hat pattornod after
a man's silk tile.
. . .. .   JOBti W.  t'OBUUN.
President anil Managing Director.
tit ictory-Treasurer,
Notice to Architects.—Competitive
Tho Government of British Columbia invite the Architects of British
Columbia to submit competitive designs of a Public Hospital for the
Insane, which it Is proposed to orect
at Coquitlam, situated near New
Westminstor, B.C.    /
The dosigns, accompanied by specifications, reports ami estimates
cost, and superscribed, "Design, Pub
He Hospital for tho InBano," and addressed to the Hon. tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, will
be received up to noon of Tuesday
tho 30th Juno,  1908.
The designs, specifications, reports
and estimates of cost shall have ^rio
distinguishing mark or motto
author's namo boing enclosed n
blank envelope Bocuroly attached
tho design submitted,
sldo tho Provinco, to bo selected by
tho Government, after tho 30lh Juno
1908. ,    , ,
The design placod first by tho Adjudicator shall receive a premium of
$700, and the one placed second,
premium ol $500.
The Government is not bound to
erect tho building from any of the
designs submitted.
II the design awarded first placo Is
accepted, tho premium referred to
above shall bo Included in tho pro
tessionul foo paid to the architect.
Printed conditions governing tho
competition can bo obtained by bona
fide competitors upon application to
the undersigned.
Public Works Engineer.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 7th May, 1908. td
I — =
PARIS, Juno 20. — The marriage
banns of Madamo Anna Gould, who
was formerly tho Countess de Castel-
laine, and Princo do Sagan, a cousin
of Mine. Gould's first husband wero
this morning posted on tho walls of
blllcos of \ho Mayors of tho sixth
and seventh arrondissoments of Paris in occordanco with the law that
requires tho publication of marriage
In tho nrrondissomont of each, contracting party. Nolther Mmo. Gould
nor tho Princo do~"Sagan appeared
personnlly in tho Mayors' offices,
friends in each case acting for them.
Tho document gives tho age of Mme-
Gould at 88 and Princo do Sagan at
49. Tho exact dato and place of
tho wedding has not been disclosed,
but it will bo celebrated within a
few weokB and vory qulotly, only a
fow frionds and relatives, including
Goo. Gould boing presont. Tho religious ceremony will bo according
to tho protostant rites. 'Princo do
Sagan has not renounced his Catholic faith.
Count Boni do Castellalno has
mndo no legal move yot and Madamo
Gould's lawyers do not think ho will
net until nftor tho marrlago. They
oro confident his efforts to secure
possession ot his children will bo
VANCOUVER, Juno 18.—Doll Paddock, tho handsome Soattlo youth,
who wears a Vancouver uniform,
broke Into the sacred ranks of tho
"no-hit, no-run" pitchers yesterday
at Spokane, when ho twirled tho Bea
vol* to victory ovor tho Indians and
incidentally blanked tho loaguo leaders without the slightest semblanco
of a safe binglo. A "no-hit, no-run"
game is the ambition of all twtrlers,
but not all ot thom succeed in accomplishing tho font. It is one of
the rare performances of the gamo,
though tho presont season has seen
a numbor of no-hit games throughout the country. Last year there
was only one gamo ol tho kind in the
Northwestern league. ThiB year, already, there have boen four performances of this description—nnd tho
season is but'two months old.
GLACE BAY, N.S., June 20.-Tho
■Dominion Coal Company will try.to
suppress tho liquor traffic in the
mining towns ot Capo Breton.
Warwick, O., June 30.-Three residences and a barn.belonging to J.
Gendron and W. Hamol wsre destroyed near here last night. The lose
will probably be about $5,000.
Whilo Going   ot a Terrific   Rate   ol
Speed and is Instantly Killed.
FULLERTON, 0al„ June 20. —
While going at a terrific rate of
speed on a trial trip in an auto, S.
O. Mintore, aged 85 yoars, was Instantly killed yestorday two miles
north oi tho town by the overturning of his machine It ie believed
that Mintore fainted from heart failure, as ho waB subject to such attacks.
LONDON, Juno 20.—Most ot    tho
morning    nowapnpers and the wook- j to confor
lies     which are Issued today,   print for the campaign.
London, Ont., June 20—A terrific
thunderstorm swept ov«r thla dl*-
trlct yesterday alternoon doing a
great deal of damage to cropa, and
burning many barn*.
 ■—♦        ■ •—
FERNIE,    B.O., June 20—A «crl-
„     .,,,..     ...     .in  ft-ini.m ou* accident occurred in No. 2 mine
Brentford, Ont., Juno 20—William     " ...   , ...    t _ ,, ,„„
' ,. ,      , at Coal Croek last night when threo
Wilaon, ten years old, was drowned,"'' ^uu .   .  .   . b„,t_ _,.,__ ___
laat night while bathing In
HEARTY WELCOME FOR WM. 11.1   Geo. Rudolph,   40, Gorman,
TAFT. Irled.
—~" I   Steve Koly, age 21, unmarriod.
CINCINNATI, June 20—A hearty The explosion was felt all ovcr
wrtcoino borne wu* glvon Secrctoryi Coftl (jreek, and pooplo came flock-
of War Taft, Republican nominee lor lllg lo ^ ra0uth of the mino. The
president, when his train pulled into bmnl, occurred in section one,' at
tho depot at ten minutes alter eight t|18 bottom and squeezed up to the
this morning. Hull an hour earlier t01)i topping the air from going in,
tho Chicago train brought ln the awJ the ga8 ^uiukiy accumulated,
cuudldnte for vice-president, James General Superintendent Sinccr, lo-
S. Shormnn, nnd the sub-coramlttee ^ superintendent Strachan and tho
ol tho National Committee, who are'^ _,0Km W(,ro ,00B 0B h^d with a
with   Mr. Taft on plan* rtI0Ue party,    but wore unable    to
Grand 'm*n lost their llvi
I   Geo. Neath, age 45,
The killed are
English, mar-
********************** **********************
j tae to Ladysmith for
Great Field Day
ai\d Big Regatta
Athletic Sports, Five-a-Side Football,
Pushball, Tug-of-War and Relay Race,
Indian Canoe Races, Water Polo, Sculling
Races, Greasy Pole and Championship
Swimming Contests, Trap Shooting.
Biggest and Best One Day
on -the I
ai)d Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding and Party Cakes Made to
Fruits and Candles ol All Kinds
Priees are   very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
On the Esplanade.
Ladysmith, D. 0.
The Jones Hotel
Oatacre Street.
The Best Butcher Shop
in Town is
Roberts St. Butcher
P.O. Box 51 'Phone 44
Dealer in All Kinds ol
M.-ots Delivered freo of charge oa th*
Shortest Notice.
editorials on Prosiilont Roosovott'B
great triumph In stxnirlng tlio nomination of Secrotory Taft for tho
The    Dally   Chronicle says)    "To
,save tho life of hla policlua, ho loses
Charles P. Taft was on the samo
train with the suli-eonunlttee. and
all waited the arrival ol the Waah-'
Ington train. Escorted by a large
number of citizens bearing Taft banners, the secretary for war and Mr.
• Ottawa,   Ont., June SO—The
• combined    Imprrt    and export
• trad* of ths Dominion for  the
• month of May amounted to $87-
• 882,077,     a dacrean of J1B,-
• 488,880   compared    with    the
• Mm* month last y*ar.
get to the men owing to the largo
accumulation of gas.        '
I-'ernlo, June 20— 111* mins train
has Just arrived from ths some of
the explosion at Coal Creek, but
has none ot the bodies of the -men
who wcre killed, a* It i* impossible
to got themi owing to tho gas In the
Th* nature ol the explosion 1*
of    what 1* termed a* bump,
hla life aa presldont. It ia an in- j Sherman were driven at once to the
tercstlng phenomenon- In tho work- residence ol Chas. P. Taft, when
ing of 'go American constitution."    thoy breakfasted.
The Dally Oraphlo describes    Mr. ♦ '
Taft as an Amorioon dauphin,   odd-,NEW DOMINION   LAW DOES NOT whlch-fB nn upheaval, and the three
Ing thoro is soniothinir Napoleonic a-] AFFECT JAPS,
bout this creation of now dynastic OTTAWA, Jun* ao-Th* Canadian
tegtmnoy undor thoahadow of the danette contains an order In council
stars and itrlpos. ,to tho effect that all Aalatlo    lmml-
♦— grants, other   than    tho»e without,
ANOTHER BTO  STEEL TRUST.   'who*o countries    th* gov»rnnmit of
Lndysmith, B. C.
men who wer* killed are supposed to
be pennod in where they were working. The shook was so , severe it
shook the town,of Coal Creek, and
Iwns felt In all.the other,mine*, the
- - - ■ .mon rushing to the surface a* they
LONDON, June.20.-In spite ol all Canada ha* apodal arrangement., or \ amn mtk_inlng h(l(I happened,
denials, the Iron and Steel Trade do- thuso concerning whose countrie* to*-! The „co|dont OCo,„ired m No. 6, wert
,clnroe it haa authority'for stating cial rtatutory regulation* exlet, muet o( No 2 mlne n,)out a m„. f.om
jthat Information of nn International have $200 aaoh. Injilaln words, T^ SUI.fttce,
(stool trust in which American, Dor- thla will apply to Hindu* and no* I -y
man and Russian syndicates will un- to Japanese. , j KINO WILL OPEN GAMES
Ito with British etrn-l interi-stn, will  * ■!■ .	
Head Office •
Union Brewing Co.
lie an accomplished fact in n few
weeks. The headquortors of the now
concern willssojn London.
Ynlo,    Juno 20.-Tho From i
fallen ten Inches. . ,
Li,,      .   ,, \
London,     June 28,—King Edward
n»* has promised   to open th* Olympic
game* on July 18<
C.pRal $10,000,000 Rest $5,000,000
$5 and under  ■•■•■•„•■ ? «"*»
. Over t5 and not exceeding $10,   6
.. ,;„      .. «        *30, 10
,. }3„      .. •'        $50, 15
Ca-Aila of» Ctaflem H"*. '-''I" "' "A ),.",
aXlili. I.ri„ci|«i booking I'*" l« ll" U"*"d
L. M. de GEX  Manager
rull Stock of Miner*' Tool*.
Ship (topalrhni Work
A Specialty
All kinds o.' Blacksmlthlng
Son* at Short Notlca.
*ja>a^%%^%%%^a^fc%%^^%aiSS»^%- 8989*
Skirts Skjrts
A reduction of 20, Cents on,the dollar is offered on every
Skirt in the store for ono  week.
Our Stock is lnrgor than it ought to bo at this time of the
year unci we are tloterminod to reduce it considerably before
the First of July.
Panama Skirts, Tweed Skirts, Lustre Skirts, in Blacks,
Navys, Jlluos, Cream, Browns and dreys.
Como onrly and have the flrst choice.
llemombor,  a Reduction of 20 por cent'.
vi im it. ii
Mrs. J. Lewis and Miss Rose Lewis
went down to Victoria on Tuesday
Mr. Parker Williams, M.P.P., pass'
ed through town on his way to Victoria on Tuesday morning,
Mr. A. E. Hilbert was in town on
Tuesday morning.
Mr. Jno. Pauscho returned to town
on Tuesday from a short visit to
Vancouver. ■-. "
Mayor Nicholson started on Monday with the building ot Mr. W.
Fraser's new promises on First Avenuo.
Thero will be a flvo aside practice
tonight at 7 o'clock.. All the players aro roquostod to turn out.
Tho street gang is working on tho
grading of tho sidewalk on First
Avenuo from Blair &i Adam's corner
to High Street. It is expected that
tho sidowalk will bo completed this
week und it will make a groat lm
proveme'nt to the appearance of tho
principal avenuo in tho town.
Local athletes aro reminded that
thero aro not many days to go now
to the flrst, and that if they wish
to lift any prizes they will havo to
do some training. Tho representatives from Nanaimo and Victoria
will bo in shape, and the boys will
find themsolves badly loft unless they
get out at onco and ondeavor to get
into condition.
Tho local baseball nine fared ills
astrously in thoir gnme with Chemainus on Sundny afternoon. Tho
untplro lost tlio, scoro, but the locals
are not kicking' at that. Thoy admit they lost tho game.
There is nothing liko it In the
smoking line. The Grnnd Duko is a
smoking hot success. It is on sale
all over town. Try it and be convinced. X
a ten cents novolty business. There
ought to be an opening for this
kind of tiling, and Bruce should flnd
a roady market for some of his own
clever work with the brush.
Tho best Smoke in town is the
Ornnd Duko Cigar. Remembor, It Is
made in town and don't forget to
coll for  It. X.
Tho flrst round ot Johnson's billiard tournament has been played
out and the socond round is now In
progress. There is plenty ot speculation as to the winner and also to
the whereabouts of the handicapper.
Happily tho latter has left town tor
good. The second round should produce some interesting games.
A flvo aside tourney is booked for
Parrott's Bowling Alley this evening, which, it is expected, will produce some interesting bawling. It Is
a challenge affair and the losers are
to set up a supper for the lot. Even
the poorest bowler of the lot can lay
the consolation to his stomach that
thore is a supper in sight.
them from ovor again running
necks instead nf thoir pockets,
possible to wntch tho progress of any
gamo on tho Cricket grounds from
tho fence, and some of tho sports
up thoro hnvo pretorred this to tho
expundituro of 25 conts. Constablo
Trawford took four of them-off the
fenco on Sunday and each of thom
was lined S2.50 and $2.00 costs on
n chnr.je of trespassing. This is rather costly rubber-necking.
The lawn social at the -ground* of
the Presbyterian Church last evening was very largely patronised and
was a great financial success. The
commissariat department was kept
inordinately busy, and the selections
rendered by the city band were greatly appreciated. Miss Murcutt was
unable to be present, vfhloh was a
.great disappointment, although, for.
their tunately, it did not affect the    sue
It Is cess of the evening.
Four Nanaimo mon rocoivod a lesson on   Monday which Bhould deter'great disappointment, although,
Hiss L. Hilgarde   went down
lineon Monday morning.
Mrs. Watts boarded   tho   Victoria
train on Monday morning.
Miss Llpsansky came down
Nanaimo Monday morning.
Mr. J. W. Coburn -was in town on
Monday morning.
Miss Gourlay came down from Nanaimo Monday morning.
Miss G. Hirst returned home from
Nanaimo on Monday morning.
Sheriff Drake passed through town
on the train this morning.
Sr» **»»-»»»»■«,»»»«»»»»»»,!
Mr. J. McLean went down to Victoria this morning.
Andy Hailstones went off yesterday for a holiday, and he intends to
seethe great >It»Iler-Gotch match before he returns.
Rev. Mr. McMillan
morning from a trip
returned    this
to the  Mnin-
Thc Grand Duko Cigar is on sale
in Victoria nt Westorndnlo's Railway Cigar Store, opposito the
TO. & N. Station, nnd nlso at the
.Tames' Hay Cigar Store, opposito
tho C.P.Tt. Hotol. Don't forgot this
whon in Victoria. X
A moat enthusiastic reception was
accorded Rov. Mr. Webber last Saturday evening by tho people of
South Wellington. Nanaimo and Ladysmith talent assisted in tho rendition of a very interesting programme, while tho ladies ol the
Church bountifully dispensed Ice
cronm and refreshments to the large
number present, among whom were hav* a bicycle specially constructed
many from Ladysmith and Nanaimo. I for n,R accommodation. Despite
Mr. Webber has latoly arrived from
Tho Knights of Pythias and Oddfellows turned out In good numbers on
Sunday afternoon fur tho memorial
services in tho locnl cometory. Tho
procession left tho Oddfollows' Hall,
headed by the band, and tho Rov. R.
Wilkinson conducted the servico in
tho ccmotcry. After tlio servico,
which was most impressive, tho lodges again iVrmod up. and marched
back to tlio hall.
Tho McKolvlo's have rented A. J.
Waskett's old oirice noxt to Cavin's
Shoo Storo and will shortly opon up
Do you want to keep your feot
cool these hot days? If so, call
In and soo our lino of CANVAS
SHOES in High Top or Oxfords,
In Whito or Brown with Leather
Two-Pleco Summer Suits, in
Light Grey, Drowns, Dark Greya,
etc. Just the thing for keeping
cool In.
Juat the thing for boating o
lounging around in after work.
William's Block
Mr. T. Lewis paid a visit to Victoria on Tuesday.
Dr. McNeill has returned to town
after a few days' absence.
Mr. P. G. Noot, the local Jeweler,
went up to Nanaimo this morning.
Rev. A. J. Birmingham, of the
Brotherhood of -St. 'Andrews, will
conduct'both services at St. John's
Mission Church on Sunday, nnd deliver an address morning and evening.
4 ■
Milan, June 22.—Leon de Lagrange
th* French aaropnuun, continued hia
testa her* yesterday. A high wind
prevailed and on aeveral attempt*
Lagrang* wa* able to fly about a
mil* and a quarter. Finally however, ha went around the course, traversing about three mile* at a velocity of 40 miles an hour. Hla machine during the test wa* about 20
feet abov* th* ground.
I Victoria, June 21.—Con Jones, a
prominent sportsman of Vancouver,
I* in the city. He arrived' last
night', having, ln company with hi*
four boys, who rang* from 4 to 10
year* of age, covered the distance
between Nanaimo and Victoria on
bicyclea. Th* smallest of the boys
is so    small that Mr. Jones had to
Meh'a Invisible Suspenders — * •
the clear thing   for the   warm
Men's Summer Suits—a larger stock was novor shown
than what wo aro showing at
Straw   and    Linen    Hats1 —
something new in Men's Sail- j ,
ors Just in by Express — very ' *
■Summer Shirts', with or with
out Collars in Plain,   Stripes, J \
or Checks.
For Floor Oilcloths.
Tenders nro culled for, in whole or
in part, for a permit to sell refreshments on the Sports Ground and on
tho Spit on tho First1 of July. All
tenders, to be addressed to Mr. Hugh
Thornley, Ladysmith, must bo in by
Friday, noon.    By ordor ol
Dp. %& Mt
All Work Guaranteed.
Next to Cavin, the Shoe Man
Come and See Ut,
I Ther* are Symptoms
Liverpool, England, and hns been
placed in chargo of the Wellington
and Extension District. In delivering tho speech of the evening Mr.
Wobbor captivated KIb hearers by the
wit and eloquence of his address,
I ITI I*1 ll
VICTORIA, June 28.—Tb* grading
of another eleven miles of th* new
Island railroad, to connect Nanaimo
and Alberni, will commence immia-
diately. It wa* announced yesterday from authoritative quarters that
instructions hav* ben received in
Viotoria that tandem be called for
the work between the terminus pf
the first twelve mil**, which has
been under way for some months, to
French creek, the Junction of the
Nanalmo-Albemi line and the proposed Oomix road. In accordance
with these order* there will be
delay in asking for figure* and,
little as poaalbl* In making tha
ward in order that a start may be
■node at an early date, thus giving
the successful contractor the best;
of the (ummer to push the grading
to a Satisfactory completion.
It la stated that the grading of the
initial 23 miles of th* road, at least
should be completed thi* year. This
will leave but 85, or thereabout*, to1
bring lt into the west coast terminus. Tha western end. It Is affirmed
will not take tbe time that I* being
devoted to the eastern sections because the country Is not so heavily
timbered and there are not the obstacles to surmount tbat are being
met with at present.
R. A. Balnbridge, divisional engineer, returned from an Inspection
of the grading In progress on Saturday. In conversation yesterday he
•aid that tatMactory progress Is
being mad*. It was not a fast as
some might think possible but there
could be no complaint in hi* opinion. Som* 850 mm wer* employed
and there had been no material delays   owing   to   Inclement weather
or from-othereatnM.' '      ' '■'. •'.
■    ■     ■ »
•   s
Chatham, Ont., Jim* 28.-- Three-
year-old Clarence Brown Ml Into a
cl*t*rn yesterday and wm drowned.
their youth they had no difficulty ln
making the trip, although, ot course
they were given a day or So rest at
different points en route. Mr. Jonea
explain* that he la taking a week'*
holidays and that he thought there
wa* no better place than Vancouver
Island to obtain a few daya' pleas
Zaneevllle, O., June 22.—Zanes-
vllle la decorated from end to end ln
honor of the Fraternal Order of
Eaglca, wbich opened it* annual convention here today. Deiegatea are
on hand from every nook, and corner of Ohio, many of them accompanied by their wive* and families.
Th* bualneaa of ths convention will
begin tomorrow morning and continue over Wednesday and Thursday.
A public reception, parade and a
banquot are features of the program.
S. W. Garnler, of Springfield, will
preside over ths builnea* session*.
A yacht, 29 feet ovor all.    Can be
aeen at Harrup'a Boat Rouse.    Apply W. Georgo, Box 881.
For Decorating on First of
July—for -ale at
Be sure you are ready for it,
before it develops into a full-
t *
•lodged reality.
We   can . fit   you -with Cool
Footwear of every description.
-Begin   nt   your feet.    Dross
«       Seo   our   White Canvas   Oxfords for 1st of July.
Visit tho Foundry and mako
your own choice. You will
save timo and money, and get
better satisfaction.
Mclntyre foundry
| Company, Limited
l*r%r«r«eV%«r%%%*%r%4aV«r«%«r%% 1
Tenders will be received by tho undersigned up till Monday, 22nd June
1908, at 12 noon, for labour only
for the construction ot an eight foot
sidewalk commencing at the north
corner of Blair sV Adam's store and
running along First Avenue to High
Street, Specifications from Alderman Campbell.,
Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
0. M. C.
A few on hand yot which aro
going at —
$10.00 M
Iron Bod, full size electrical
Woollen tops and Bottom Mattresses at  818.50
Throo-Quartor size at .... 12.50
One Half siro, at   11.50
The  Snow Flako Mattress,—
tho Mattross for Comfort.
Samples on hand for   inspection. '
Come and
my Stock of Latest Styles in
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
  "—— -^-
High Street. !
'Pfaon* 18.
First Avsnue
One hundred acres of flrat class
land a mile and a half from Che
liminus Station. For full particul
ars, apply to Geo. Tranfleld, Barney's Crossing. ■•   ' J19-4t
Launch for Hire
Fastest Boat in Harbor.
Runs from the Dominion Wharf
Shell Beach every hour.
Thursdays, from 1 p. m.
Sundays, from 10 a. m. >
Return Fare, 20 Cants,
Notice Ib hereby glvon that at tho
noxt regular sitting of the Board of
Licensing Commissioners for the City
of Ladysmith, B.C., we intend to ap.
ply for a transfer of the Retail LI-
quor License held by us for the sale
of spirituous and fermented liquors
on tho promises known as the Now
Western Hotel, aituate on Lota i
5, Block 28, Ladysmith, B.C., from
ourselves to Alfred Mahlo.
AU members ot K. of P. No. 2,
and I.O.O.F., No. 6, are roquostod to
meet at the Odd Fellows Hall, Ladysmith at 2 p.m., Sunday afternoon, Juno 21st, 1908 to attend
memorial servico at the local cemetery. Visiting brethren are cordial-
Iy Invited to attend.
I    CALL AND SEE   ; j
the dainty
Wash Collars
and Belts
' '•     FANCY GOODS  »TOttH.      ', |
' i i
' ,i
Boole Store.
Union Brewing Co.
Strawberry and Ioe
The Ladlea of St. John'a Guild
will hold a sale of work and Ico
Cream and Strawberry Festival on
the Church grounds,
Thursday, Jane 25th
proceedings to commence at 2:30 p.
m., afternoon tea, 8 to fi, Tho Ladysmith Band havo kindly promised
their services ln the ovonlng.
lanaeh for Sale
WIU carry 15 persona.   Just fitted
with new 10 h.p, engine.
For particulars, apply
, Photographer -
First 01a** Photo*.
The City
'"For thu Best Bread
Cakes and
in Town
Orders Promptly Attended to
Telephone, 1 2-4.
Nanaini) B C.
j. m. mo^GAfl,
Teacher of Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at the
Standard Office.
Notice is hereby given that I intend to mako application-to tho
Board of Licensing Commissioners of
the City of Ladysmitli at their noxt
regular meoting .for a transfer of tho
Wholesale liquor liconso now issued
to me in respect to the promises situate upon Lot 0, Block 91, in tho
Oity of Ladysmith, Irom myself to
Napoleon Mancu.
Ladysmith, B.C., Oth June, 1008.
Effoctlvo Juno Oth.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Bally at 9:00 and Ifi-.fiR.
Trains J\rrive at Ladysmith
1    ■
Dally at 11:67 and 17:1':,
KIHtlp             ,.'1
District Passongor Agent.   -
$102 Government St., Victoria.
Hotel Cecil
Best Liquors and Cigar*.
Koberts Street,
House   nnd lot on
Apply  Mr.   Jas.
Rods and Lines
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
Ice Cream
10 Cents a Dish
Cigars,  Tobaooos.   Soft Drinks
Excellent Boarding *
Special Meal Tiok-. ts for
the Week
Mrs. 8. Decker,
THAN WOOD. . . .
H. Thornley
Evory Convenience,   and Everything
of tho Beat,
Jos. Nankivell, Prop.
Bern, two i.. lUmp*), poll-
im, for a copy of ni y bonii-
(hilly i liiilrHtc.! booklet,
"ru|iqtry«d Hubarbrtu
Hornet,;' (till of interest'
mi. vninftMe tfiii p'tiotl-
v*\ liifiirmnUoti lot .louts
biiiltiern. N^ '
t. fflMUY MffTM, WHITIOT, VAttOiVl., 3.«.


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