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Ladysmith Recorder Aug 6, 1904

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VOL. ;% NO 'Ir-
We fit Glasses if you need them,   If you
dont need them we will tell you so.
Is Now Available
Secures Refund From The
£   Stevens Block,      ;  ; Ladysmith.   ]j
<*>*>♦+*>♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦<
Fruits, Nuts, Cigars, Tobaccos, Miners' Supplies
Jst Avenue   r   *   .   *   ■»    -   Ladysmith
!AT the Best White You Live
The place to get it is at the
Wholesale and Retail,
Esquimalt &  Hanaimo  Railway
Commencing Sunday May 1, 19Q4
pud until further advised, th« lure irmn
Lady»mith to Shawnigan Lake and Return will be 75 Cents
Children Under Twelvo Yeara, Forty Centi.
Ticket* Good Sundayr Only.
Train Ls««i Lidyiolth MQ a.m., JSeiurning Leayes Shawnigan Lake 6:17 p.m
-       Traffic Manager.
Keep   Kool!
The Day Before PeUverlng.
Ice Delivered Nonday, Wednesday and Friday
Union Brewing Co., Ladysmith
Cbatham Jncubators
Capacity, 50 to 200 Eggs.  Prices $18 to $30.
Oil lamp, dry heat. Get your IneuSator now;
Try it this Autumn.   Pay for it next year.
por particulars address R. B. ANDERSON, Duncans, B.C
Streets Appropriation   Cut   Down^What
the City Fathers Are Doing
The Streets Committee has bee;, busy the past week in revising their estimates for the street improvements to be done this autumn. This is
owing to the Council cutting- down the appropriation for this v.ork to $.,200. Probably the most important suggestion, by far, made iu regard to
the work is that of the Mayor's, that w engineer be employed at once to survey the town, giving all street levels, and provide profiles of all streets.
By so doing all work done now will be permanent, The cost of this work, it is said- will not exceed $150.00. But it is work that is absolutely
necessary, and the city will bt fortunah indeed if an engineer can be secured for this modest sum.
The $tre?ls Committee are now -ailing for tenders for much of the work they propose to complete this year.
The Streets Committee has aisu ander consideration a lighting scheme for the city which will be placed before the electric light company as
soon as possible.
The eighth regular meeting of the city
council was held on Monday evening.
Mayor Ooburn presiding. AH the Aldermen were present. The minutes of
the last meeting were r*t>d and con-
A communication was wad from Mr.
P* I'llps, lb* sen! tmariiW, piavinrf tea*
the city Feal would be ready in a few
days. A letter was read from Mr. R,
Tatlow, Minister nf Finance, rearieutinn
thennmuntof tuxes to be refunded to
the city bv 'lie government.
Bin. Tatlow explains that the executive
consider the n quest that six month*
taxes be refunded lo the city mo't rea
nonuhle and he assured the council that
they would be justified in borrowing
money for the immediate requirement?
of the city as the Itixee would without
doubt be ultimately refunded.
Mayor Ooburn said that the bank wr*
willing to advance the sum of $3,000 to
•he city, on the security of <hia letter.
The letter was handed to the Mayor to
he deposited in the bank on the receipt
qf the above sum.
Several small accounts were presented
and handed over to the 0nance committee to bj paid if found rorrecr.
The streets cominit'oe, which bad
been appointed to inves'igate adratnige
nuisance on the premises of Mrs. Stephens, gave their report. It was to the
effect tbat Mrs. Stephens was not at
present disposed to do anything towards
abating the nuisance, The council decided to get legal advice on the subject
before proceeding farther with the
At the previous meeting the Mayor
appointed a committee to invention tithe question of protection of the city at
n^ght and to report at the noxt meeting.
Respecting   thin   subject Aid.  Have-
- Magazines...,      i
eriodicals       1
McClnre's, MunBy's,
Cosmopolitan, Strand,
Pearson's, Kvery botlye
English and Scotch
TheCoLONibT canal-
wajB be secured here.
J     0. JESSUP, Prop.     |
I MedkiDes Dru^s Chemicals |
ri'ge explained tbat he was not aware
f.ir some time that he had bean appoint-
ed on this committee, consequently he
hr.«". been unable to look into the quee-
thn thorru;ihly. He aefced for an ex-
t'orilon of another we.ek for the commit-
V"*3*0 prepare their report,-
^fifrf dtr.'fct com'iiitifro liven prt-neiJiwtj
their report as follows t
Ills Worship stated, in reference to
this question, tbat it was necessary to
1 nvo the streets leveled and surface
drainage put in before any other work
was done on the streets. Ue suggested
thai the services of a capable engineer
be secured to see that all work dune on
the streets ffaed.QO.9 jiroporly.
Aid. Buveridge thought the council
con Id not well f>pt\r*j tde money to employ an engineer. His Worship then
recommended that a sufficient fl<>m he
retained from the moiicy pet aside for the
'■•rent work to pay itn engineer. Aid,
'Hair thought the employment of an
engineer was unnecessary, and Aid,
IConny was in favor uf employing one.
Aid. MtitticHfin thought the city could
not spare $1 800 for the wtreot, work lln's
year, and moved tbat $1,200 bo set aside
f r I be Mirpoce, Aid. Nirhohon second*
til thin in >tion.   O.n-'ied,
It was also decided to authorlza th»
Clark to write a few engineers, stating
the work that was to ho done in the
city end to ask their terms.
A petition we" read from the resident*
of Third Avenue asking the council to
rimair thiastreet .Wore the rainy reason
;«■ fn. This was referred to the street
The horse by law came nn fnr i'B second reading. Af'er some disrusston it
was decided to defer this by-law until a
fnlnre meeting to give the Aldermen an
opportunity of bringing in a proper
A hv-lnw regulating the number of re-
t".il liquor licences whb introduced, but
*M thrown our, Aids, Reveridge, Nich-
nl«6n, end Kenny nit'pnrting it and the
!■■ liiHtitiriie Aide, voting against it,
The local street improvement bylaw
was brought up for its second reading
Aid. Bevsridge moved that tho Becond
ra&ding of the by-law be postponed for
«'x months. Aid. Blair supported him.
the Mayor stated tbat he bad (tot the
opinion of several welt informed persons
ou the subject. His Worship read list-
tors from Mayor Barnard, ex-Mayor Mo-
Chandless and ex-Mayor Redfern, all of
Victoria, strongly recommending tho a 1-
otttlOD of this by-law iu Ladysmith. It
>»\ts finally agreed to call a meeting of
the property holders in the opera bouse
on Friday, to give them an opportunity
•[discussing the subject.
The council then decided to assume
'he rflFpins^bility of the schools and the
Clerk was Instructed to notify Mr. Alex.
Uoberlpoii ol this decision. Tho plana
■f the new school have arrived and t!ie
ptjoiu* 'attona art' oxpsot id PhoYtlfi
Th- Clerk was ordered to get Mider*
for tun city printing ni..1 it Wiii decided
•o give tho local printing eitabllihmeot
preference h -u'd the tender received
rum Ibtiu bu rcttiouab.e,
An application for a llqucr license
having been made, it was pointed oat
that this was a matter which should
come up before the Board of Commit-
The Mayor stated that the council had
the sum vl $207.80 to their credit iu the
Ulitt'k'j ; -i
A committee wca appointed to interview Mr. J. Hunter on the question of
an outlet for the city's surplus water.
The came committee will also bring up
'hequestion of the electric lighting of
'he city when with Mr. Hunter.
No Deaths Have Ever Been Attributed
To Smelter Smoke.
Socialist Speakers Will Spout ti
The Faithful.
.-■<-■ >       . >.
Bills ha?e been distributed about town
advertising a campaign matting ol the
socialist party on the Green to-morrow
afternoon. It will be addressed by H.P,
P.'i Hawthornthwaite and Williams, In
the interests uf the Socialist candidate
for the Dominion House. All the faithful are Invited to be present.
At the public miiriir.g In Id on the
Pavilion grounds Friday, July 29, Mr.
I. < Willi informed the citizms that tev-
eral deatl s had occurred in the li-wn,
the cau»e being attributed by medical
men to the poisonous sulphur Bundle
coming from the Tyee mnelter. Mr,
Blair stated thai the local doctor had
tilven certain men c^rtlficatee to live at
Extension because if they continued to
rc.'id'• iu Ijtdynimtli the tin ike would
undoubtedly kill them. Both of these
tceutlcmen must have been misinformed,
for upon inquiry we find that no de»;h
that has ever taken ph.ee in Ladysmith
has beeu attributed to the cflaotB of tho
smoke by any medical man tbat has hi
hi y time prartiaed in the city, nor have
thw local doctoiB given any men certificates in live at Extension in order that
they might escape tho Milphur Bmoke,
Which| Mr, Blairdtutes, would ultimately cause their death.
Dentistry in all its branches as flu as
oan be done in ttie world, and absolutely
Irce from the SLIGHTEST PAIN. E».
traeting, lilliaiK. Siting ol crowns and
bridges witlinut pain or disoomfoit.
Examine \'ork done at tba Weat Dental Parlors and compare with any yon
hare ever aeeu aud then judge (or you r
Painless,  Artistic, and Reliable.
Without Piatt*.
FOR SALK-Buggy In excellent eon-
fiition, alno set double bnggy barneea.
Inquire Happy Homo Hotel,
Consuliatlon and your teeth cleaned FRKR
Pull ect, J7.50; silver fillings, J( up; gold fiilliugi,
Jj up; gold crowns, 15 up. 111 fact, nil operations
as reasouahle ns our watchwords can make them
Will be In tttdyatntth, Friday, Aufrtatb,
and same data of viioh .succeeding
month, iind remain 3 day* only.,,.
The West Dental Parlors,
Corner   Y.tM   .nd    (iuv.rnmcnt    Simla,
OU)(w hours, H n. m, to 0 p. m,; even-
inn?, trmii 7 10 8.80.   Oftllce In P. O.
I Washing made easy
| By using NASCO LIQUID SOAP in tins.
| In our window we arc showing a  full range
;' of Soap and WASH DAY necessities:
GoeeuKes Muglcal
Santa Ciaus
Kcl i pro
llnyal Crown
Climax, eto.
Crest, tic.
Baby', Own, etc.
Gold Dint, Pearllnp, Monliay So«p, S»pnllo, anil all kinds of T«r
Snsp. L«t the GOLD DUST TWIN'S do your wnrk, French Castile
S.iBp-fi enkts t ir 25n.   What you dont see ink lor!
8t«awK8gisa8aiii6aiS8:BiS88a.'S!.!48. !tfi>%8gaawsa8iw«S5>tf .wmmut
i &
LADYSMITH RECORDER', football hatghahd gongert
Given Thursday Evening By Crew ol
H.M.S. Flore.
•stunt?*/   nt  The Recorctc <
OurritK'or   ftt-i   Are.    dint    teut-' 1
-' i, Brttlah Columbia.
SWSlAtf. Ul CUiADA-aVttD   UNITUD   fiTA.Tr9.
IMtfttU l*ttWly Iu advance)  Ji co
*» woathi (itriolty In ndvuiice)      50
TP VNWHNT — lucla-llnnr business notices,
t*U» lor tcsdert, apiillcatitjui for m-i trnnufcr ot
i^aTUMM, legal noiiceH, etc., 10c. a liue first iii-
MriAtn; ec. a Hue each ^ubucquvui Insertion i 1
•MM aMMirt to the inch.
BatM on application,    No wood cuts Mfici!.
Otto for regular u« should be ail metal.
AtivcrtlieMeBU  not  Itifcrtcd for a Bpcclfied
ttmm will DC charged for uutll ordered to be din-
4M caivffM In sdvertiwinenli tnuKt lie received
if' hie •floe before is uoou the diiy ueloix
1 ion Bwei apt wcetTJnt paper regularly pletue
■apart (a thia office.
K%. J«e work strictly cash on delivery.
* ir-taat adrertiiemeats ca-th Iu idrnttce.
f Xnbseribars "not receiving The y
* Recorder regularly will confers $
9 lavw by reporting promptly to £
I tbiiofflce $
Will Further Gonslcfar Local !m-
provement Bye-Law
About fifty ratepayers were prenent in
.ie Opera House hut eveuing to dlacuis
•111 here ditcusiek Mayor Oolm-n's pri■
j>o»p local improvement by -law.
Mayor Ooburn was in tho chair, City
Clerk Stewart acted as secretaiy, while
Alii. Nicholson, Matbeeon and Blair
occupied seats on tbe platform
The Mayor opened the meeting nth a
complete exposition of the by-law, explaining in detail and answering many
qulrles in regard to ill working. Ho
eead excerpt from letters from Ex-may-
oa Bedfern, Mayv Barnard and otherb,
ol Victoria, all of whom utrongly supported the by-law. Mayor Ooburn
brought forward very Btjo'na >rguRieme
la favor ot the passage cf the by-law,and
closed by saying the Oouucil was wailing
■traction, from the rate payeis,
John B. Wilson, D. Patterson and F.
Grave, opioied the bylaw. John Bid!
le strongly inpported it.
Mr. Bickle moved tbat the Council he
Instructed to pan the by-law.
Tb.li motion was not seconded, and F.
Ggaatai moved that tbe council be at-k-
ad lo |ive the bye-law six months hoist.
This motion was speedily seconded,
whan Mr. Wilson, seconded by W. H.
imith. moved that tbe meeting adjourn
the dlacnision ot the bye-law to some
day that the mines are not working, so
aa to permit all the miners to be present
In the meantime tbe bye-law should be
printed and distributed, so that it coulu
he examined and ituJied by the; ratepayer!. The amendment carried, ami
the meeting abjinrned to meet at the
Mil ot the chairman on the first idle day
•Iter tho publication ol tbe proposed bylaw.
Tho football match but ween Ltdremlth
end tne Flni* team cams off on the Bun
kergroumts riinrsday evening, Tne hei I
wit, intor.se but. iu ppite of tbla drnwlnet
hutli te&mf played with energr and in •
syortrnvtiiblike nunutr. Tne lean.r
were evenly matched in t! at itie conelus-
1 in of 1..1: ,ju.r no s-.'pre had been iu uli,
hie Iflnn n\o-i ^leved 1111 excellent coin
bitiivtiou iiiiino while soma exeeedincl 1
n otty wotk was done by the L .dysmilh
During the progress oi tbe match a
collection .\as made on tbe behalf ef Mr.
Archie Kerr add a very substantial sun.'
wh= rcnl Z'd,
Immediately following, tho football
match a concert wea uivon in the iiiirrt.
liiHine by the Flora's crew, tbe proceed*
of which were also given lo Mr Ken.
T.io Ladynmith people turned up i<
crowds and together with the luige uum
bars '.f ofBeers end men'from tie wa'
e'.iip, taxed the commodious oi.ero t.oii"
to the utmost capacity. Tee programme
exceeded ail expectation? and it cim t>.
safely said that it is a '-Tg time rinu
Ladysmith people hud eneh a treat ii
llin miifaical way. Evert itom wi»
thoroughly enjoyable, the selection oi
eongB 1.tiii: very heentiful. The u>b iu
mental selections alun deserve inueh
• Tho crow of (ho H.M.S. Flora deserve
thanks fur th-ir kindner.s in organizing
puoh a Bi.lendld enlertainm nt f.ir eh
admirable a cfuse, ai d should at an\
future occasion ttte Flora bs Btalioned
here, and alioold the crew Bgaiu feel
disposed to t:aa', LadjBmith to anotiier
euterlainment llitiy eandepeud upcu the-
pAtronngti of the cilisens,
Opsrations Resuineil Under Bireti-
tion of A, mGnUitrie,
Oi Monday laut work was reeurutici 011
tMt Alnjttba property, a email gang of
man going pUE unrer the tllrecclon of A.
J, Ml Marine. Tha ehaf t Id now down
a .tut- (Key-two het and hi. siou as veitti*
lttti-.,rj is Hrr^rigi'il for, cruus-cutAiug will
b*s tomtneaced.
Th» repreieniftlives ol the Yoho
path Hta.fr Co., Ltd., of Vauconvor,
will ihorlly be in thiicity, deinouBtraf-
log the epe.cial features cf tbe fainon.
heater. Tula prolucee continually run-
bf boiling water l& 90 "econde and tht
only fuel neceiiary to nuppW it is »n ol <
■ewipaper .and a handful of cui,.b. Tim
Victoria and Vancouver papers refer to
|| aa being tbe wonder of the 20th can-
tary, it being eo constructed that it can
fa* need in mining or lamber camps, on
tbe (arm or in the house. In fact its use
fnlneee bae no bounds. The representn-
three m pecMully rrqueat a visit to th-ir
(kmoDRtMtinn. Furthei iiftten Hnd
ndfertielng will shortly Hppcur In this
paper. Keep your eyea op»-u lor tht* i
big display. The coat of Una celebrated
heater is $17.50.
P. Fletcher leaves to-day on a Uo
rn »ntb'e trip to the old country. Uu
will return by way ol St. Louis and take
la the big ezpositiin. At the lojiil.'.r
meeting of the Esglss on Thurstlay
sight Pat was presented with a hand-
•one gold locket, emblematic of the order, by tbe brothers of the lodge,
Mr. A, U. Tlsdale, manager of ho
B-tlt Valley Murohantile Co., of Belt,
Ifjotana, trrived yesterday n <..n to
Spend hie (lolidaye in I.udyBmilh, M ,
Tiedeiabai been the guest oi'liorpurenio,
Mr. and Mrs, Jee. Ingham, for the pain
few weeks, nnd her butto'ind'u uuiv..l
yift«rt>; was a happy norpriae,
Vicleria Company Will
E-ght Claims.
Mr. D, B. B.igU, oi ytcturla, wbb in
it'Wu T: ur.-ilriy,' Mr. Boyl.i was nut ol
the early locatora in the oil Co -la of it e
Fielhesd Val o>, of S u'h lviit lCoot . ■
ay, over ffhOBB ppfiesBton* boch a nun »
be,- ul m-i.trntionttl iuuidente lo<ik pluct
lifcl venr, It id un!y iviit'in I he last ah
welt- that thu loii itorai f t:jc Ian- a have
ee;u<eJ title to their ilsino?, cn.l it if
uou)« iiiiiu'.Q to their value tout in ittost
tiijE (vei'kl il.e goveronieut lia« rcceivtd
iorae *}8')000of rt-.veme from license f*-«-K
Mr. B giu has alrenly^.orcanfzisd a company wi h hert'tpi.iriets iu Vlutorla to
tiandle a larga aureag* cf ihrfiu lands,
tt i« (iiiled the Jtiatbead Valley Oil
Lands Dulielopajent Ojmpauy. It ap-
pytrti to bo monerataly uhjiI alizud atm
iii bbrtalttly uiaung«d by a g't- d board oi
dlrectora. The dtreotora ate Ct a-. Hay
■vard, ex. minor oi Vi.iuiia; K. Of tin
JlaRtr, A. U. b'rator and Thomtts Hooper, «f V 'onn; nuil W.K. Tte'iR'l and
Dr. La Ban ol KTulson, Tho devblop-
uiHut ol'tlip ui!0.-iiiH »-f FUlbt-a'l Vaiit->
is bound to hs very iflpid now that tht
uiiniiy it* •tpi,n..i up. Oi wr-lltt ba«<
iir-'-tey been tniik In Albjjrta ju.-t. acr<i >
lie 13. 0. Hup, <'iie company having tw"
aa-lls flowing 700 barrels of oil a day.
Iu Montana also to tho snutii tii'tive op*
••rations an- bpiugcanied on by a nunc
ber of companies, 'tho portion of ti *■
UkU] lying in Oriueh Oolninbia hovrevti
ie admit ted to t)u the mo°t valuable, and [
•he riifh fa*-these lautts io already as-1
tturaing uouBiderablo proportions now
•hat the uufortuuats compllcallont'
ivhich tied them up have been Btraighi-
emut out. The FUtliead Valloy O.I
Lmd- U- v lopiner.t Company ia a com
puny organized In a business like way
n takeadvantogo *il the woodeiful re*
t-'.iitrt':'- til this te, -tion ul tbe provltu' .
Mr, Bngle b.iv'1 that tho flowed are hein^
np'dly taken up.
Mr. M. R. Bimpeon haa been appoiut-
lacal agent lor  he company,
Rjiv. C. F, Connor, Pastor.
Hnl j 'fts for month of Angus,» 1904.
Aug-. 7, "BibUi BV'i sermon to tbi-
hoyaaviit glrh;    'riWVIgV.eA^
Aoj; 14 "Abldhtg Fai'h." ''Ii ih*
yonng man satil" "S.ejul to young
Aug. 21, "Judge Nol." The Wres'r
Arg.,23.   "Prayer."   "Farewell^
MorTTing Si'-vtcfl- 11 o'clock, b.lu.
Bnmliy Sahool—2:80, p.m.
Evei i'iK Preechiug Seivloe—" :00 p.tii.
All ore welcome to theee fiervlues.
Morning Seivhte-li   ' Wk, a.m.
fiahti th'Snoorjl—2(80, p.m.
Evr-i!ingBprvicfl-7::W p.m.
TJv»rHll PUhJHitB taught; alt-olanEUftge6
trrt'*ii'jr in pf-ncil aid orayone, tmintit"-
n olttnnd water colore, pii'nofortu an<
vocal Ir.iBtiiiP, given in elanxeenrindlvid
Liidysmlth, B.C.
Mow tody For Turning Over to
Tlile week Contractor McKinellycoro
pleted bia work on the cemetery grounds
except putting tho palings nn the lend
TMe, however, will likely be done today
and the cemetery taken over by the
j tint committee at their meeting tumor
row. If thin ia done, the cemetery ril
on Monday, he gizan over ta the m<.ni-
cltjiil council io truat for tbe city.
The cemetery consists of a five acre
tract tying north ol tbe rn la of Third
and Fourth Avenues, from which all
timber haa been burned. In the centre
of the pint two wires have beeu cleareti
aud fenced, ready for surveying am?
Tii-a veck 'bus seaa tbe work of tht
work <f the committee In charge of tli.
cemetery completed. The work of the
committee haa been hard,batpucceeefuli
and has proved a great saving to the
rate payers.
On Junr- 80 h the nFPoifl of tho B, 0.
Permanent Lotn and Bavinga Oompanj
were $2264.786.78, an ihcreaflaof $188,-
537.75 for the half year. During the
aame peiiol the Perminenl Btnok Oapt.
tal increased f;om $100,000 to J139 400,
and further ordcra are no* in hauti
which will Increase this slock to ovei
$ir)0,000, and 'hr intn of $10 000 hac
ii,bii added >o the Rpeorve Fund. Thf
Coutinnen* Fund has increased to the
extent of J5 060.21. This record for six
oHmths ii'tiicutci a very healthy and
raj id grorvlb.
Ladysmith Temple No. 5, IU'lb-ne
SiBters, Ero reqnoslcd to attend the regular meeting on Tnesday night, August
0th, ;;b biieineta of importance will be
transacted, M. R. C.
0',|pr your N. Y. 8unday Journal, Sitn
Francisco Examiner, Seattle Pally rr
Sunday TIiiipb or V -I., and Victbrlfl
Daily -Colonist at Enight-'s Book Stnrp,
aud y\ u will he euie to gel it regularly.
Notice ia hereby given that thirty (30)
UyB after date I intend *:o make application to the Honourable, the Chief
UVinrrtViomjr of Linde and ATorRs for a
ieaee (for the cultivation ol oysters) o
the oilowingdescribed lands:
Lot 1, eoinroencini: at a cake planted
Vn the weat point of Osborne Bay, thence
aortli 8)^ cbaine to Initial post, thence
iortli 28 uhalne, thence east 14Jn cituins,
tlitnco Hnuth 19 chaire, thence west C
ehains, thence anuth 9 cliaina, thenct-
wci-\ H\4 chaini to place of commence*
Lot 2, comnieneinp at a etfik" plantfd
i ihe end of tbe spit, ahont 20 chains
west of lot 1, thence noth 3 chains to
initial poet, thence north 32 chains,
ti en newest 13 chain*, thence south 60
east 40 chains to place of commence'
Dited Jnlv 27,1901
Happy Home ^otsl
J. Dyer, Proprietor.
Bavins taken ever tbli hotel, after bavlrf It all aapered and fatal*
c<] anil patiaretl and iajpreved throoihout, we are In a position lo iw tea   £f
hest acrnnimoalation both for regular aud tranrient boarben.    Bar **e»
plied with the best wines, liquors and  ciitars.    Dining room under the
•>    management nl Mre. Dejer will be found tint class.
There is Sausage and Sausage,
but after tasteing
you are inclined to think they
are the only Sausage.
I herobv cive notice of my intention to
apply at, the noit slttiiii* of the Board oi
License Onmmiesicnrra lor the Municipality of tisdysmlth, B. O., for a license
io sell io'osioatina liquora by retail on
tlMinreraiiioit known as the Pilot Tlotfl,
"•iiltte.l on lot ft, hloek I2S Lailjamith
Twn Ue.
I)ited at Lad>smit\ It 0..
Julr 18.1904.
Messrs Blair & Adam have fpcnred
•he aizencv of the Ghrystal Lauudry Co.
lo Viittorla- All p-.r'-elo and orders lef
with them will receive prompt and careful At'tehtfnti
N"nli(*e 1? tierohv given that sixty days
after date, I Intend t" mnke application
to tbp Honorable ih" Chief Oommis
ei »nor of Lands and W« rkB, for pp mit-
»iou to purctia*e the following Uod, sit
ne,te on the West aide of Douglas Inlet
Const P^'H''*, «■ mirjenotng a* a postmarked "S, VV, p.ist," thence 20 chain*
■ lie \Vp-t, tht-nce ROehainadue North,
'hence20 chaiua K.s' more or ler-a to
•■horo line, thence following the uieatd
erlnge of the shore line to point of com*
<rirn':e«;* nt.
Tl*ied May 18 IW4.
Hoys Bakery.
"Good morning, Carrie.   Have you called at Hoy's Bakery ?
He has the fiuest bread and pastry in the city.   If not, call and
try some of it."   Bread, 5c a loaf.    Cakes at 10c, 15c and 20c.
Buns of all kinds at 10c a dozen.   Afso the finest of Candies."
Coal!   -   Coal!!
Wellington Colliery
'otnpany, Ltd.
Wellington Coal   Best household coal on the Pacific
Comox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast  t
Alexandria Coal —First-class gas, steam and house- ♦
hold coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C
San Francikco Agency.
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
k*,*4>**4,-*+,+*.e4",*»***4"f+»♦♦♦♦♦■♦ ■»♦♦♦»♦•♦•♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦
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HTTTT..TtHTTTTTTT-m++++ -♦»»♦♦«♦♦*♦♦♦
Chaa. J. Trawford, Prop,, only flrst.class hotel la
\     NANAIMO, - - B. C.
Everything tht Beit
Rates, • • M-o ope day
♦44-(_,+4.4+**a.*4+44+44++-f-f H+t+It+*4t+t *++*++*+***+*W
Subscribe for the Recorder, $i a year
Of Tyee Smelter Manager-Excellent
The tana il report ol Mr. Tbos. Kiddie,
emelter manefir lor the Tym Oopsrr
Company, appear, below, In which iha
Temlti of the year's work are given in
detail: _
During the year the following additions and eatotiiion, have been m»il»:—
A general office coneis'ing of a main
vault and cellar was built. In nidi'r to
provide additional roasting capacity <md
vpread theroaet piles over a larger area
to facilitate their removal, eight additional roaat beds were udded tlminit tl e
year, and trestles emended with cuttings
between, An tbe primp general plan ns
thoiealreadyinstalled. A hrick-ineklnii
plant, consisting of two ona-horse power
pug mills and drying shed, whs Instilled
for the making of raw nre Ones in'o
brlok form. The buildings are 133 feet
by 80 feet and 100 feet by 81 feet, The
pu.e mills are tho ordinary brick miking
mills, while the drying floor is a bottom
heated floor, fired from both ends, with
flueaof red brick tiling Viet ween each Are
box, with two separate stacks, oi.e for
each set of [nrnaces, tbe dues being- covered with clay and rolled, forming the
drying: floor. TjIb has p oved a practical and very economics mode ol drvinir,"
the capacity of tbe plant b.ing 8 000
bricks, equal to 28 tous of ore per day.
A similar one-mill plant, 58 foet by 30
test, for tho making of Hub dint into
brick form, was erected west of the
amelier bull ling. The burnt ore tramway between tbe roast yard and tiio
emelter was doubled in order to handle
the increased tnnnrg1 ol ore for the furnace. Tbe coke track of the Gtqalmatt
A Nanaimb Railway Ontnpany was extended 159 feet and ground graded 150
feet by 3.) feet by 6 lent, ami floored «ilh
2 inch plank, fur tho etorage of coke
against any pcaaible accident or short*
age; and uu the east Bide of the burnt
ere bins a temporary sampling mill whs
erected for the paint ling of ou«tuniaroe.
The E. & K. By. Co. supplied and »e
installed a (1 lo. Daplrx Bteam pump,
placed at high water mark in tbe Imtoott
and connected with our fresh water e\s-
tem. A dam of slag was run acros? to
the "spit,*' which gifts a large reservoir
of (alt water at all stages of the tide lor
fire or slag shottiag purposes. In addi*
tion to the above wo are now laying a
4-in. pipe line to connect with the ally
water mains. These, with nor mpiily
from Rock Creek, put ua iu a safe p.idi
tioo against fire, or pOBoible accident to
the R ick Creek flume.
During the year a large amount of do-
Ishing work has been done to the plant.
Steam plpos covered, boiler feed-water
beater put in,additional cast-iron A tor
plate, laid in tbe smelter shed, and steel
plates on the charging platlorm; caet-
tron flume plates for slag shotting; engine and boiler room roof covered with
corrupted iron; a machinery plied or
etorage warehouse, 20 feet by 30 feet
erected; electric light system extended;
drains dug and the grounds around tlte
emelter and office generally cleared and
graded; while the machinery, plant and
buildings have at all limes been kept In
thorough order and repair.
Ore Receipts—The receipt, of ore frona
the Tyee mine tor tbe year ending 30th
April, were a, follow,:
WetW'ht Molttare DryW'ht
Ore      Ton,        perc't      Tone
Bough 33.320 770   1.284   35 MI2 03:1
Fine 16 302 6)15  2 649   14 807.317
Total OK...48 623 465 47 7110.260
equals 81,17 per cent, floe me.
Ore Tnns
Ouitoms, rough...2 957 1755
Cuetome, fine 3278.1755
6 235 3*10
••   rough flux 891 13S0
Total receipt,, dry w'bt. 54 ttlti 739
Stock, on hand May 1 '03... 4,421,360
60 338 099
Stock, on hand May 1 '04... 3 no 837
Total ten, of ore smelted 50092 262
Roasting—During the year we have
toaited and trammed to the smelter
34,947 tone of ore, the roasting operation,
being etrried on without intermission
•nd with tatislaotory results, In order
to treat tbe large accumulations of raw
ore fine, (some of which had previously
been amelted, produlug a low grade
matte—which was Blow, troublesome and
ecpenaive), experiments were instituted
with ■ view to binding the flue sulphide
o t into brlok lorni whioh could be roasted in heaps, instead of the orthodox
practice of routing in mechanical furnaces and afterwards briqnettlng the
toaited fine,. The final results of these
experiment, were highly [satisfactory,
both aa to the oxidation of the copper,
line, iron, inlphur, etc, and the hard-
nan of the brick producod. After confirming those experiments on a larger
icale, and tbe results being satisfactory,
tbe brick-making and drying plant wag
erected at tbe north end of the roaat
ward, while boriionlal oscillal log screen!
were need under the nre bins to screen
the mine fines to % in. size and less, reducing by 50 pet cent, the qnantiiy to
be made into brick!, the oversee being
unt to the roast Itrape direct. The line
en i« trammed direct to the pit of tbe
tug mill,covered with water, shovelled
into the pug mill and made into trick
form, as in elnp bri.-k making, and then
diled on the drying floor, which rtqiirea
twenty-four bourB. From there the
bricks are wheeled direct, to tie roaat
berle, plied and burnt.
The brick produced after burning is
hard, eorpaot and stands rough handling and u»age; beingenffldentlyclnter.
el it forms a porous homogenotiB mass,
and is a valuable addition to tbe furnace
eha'-trr t f oidinory burnt ore. increasing
the furnace capacity at leaal 1:5- 'one per
diy. The oxidation of tho copper, al re
aid iron is remarkably oouipiefa, aver-
ag", aaniples nl large piles of burn!, hri. ira
giving 1.5'percent, to 2 5 per o.rir.Mtl.
phuraa aulphldrB, aa tigalnst 7 00 per
cent io tint otdinary burnt ore.
Burnt Ore—The average analysis of
the burnt ore tiaumed at the eoin 'or
during tho year is an follows: Iron, 10 50
per c^nt : i-ilicia, 17 90; barium sulphate, 38 iiO per cent.; zinc, 7 50 per
emit.; magnesia; trace; suloltur assnl-
phlde, 7.9) ner cant., a decrease of .61
per cant. z<in-, and on increase oi 4 82
per cen'>. barium pulpbnte cotnpar.d
with tbe analysis a year ago.
Smelting—During the year the furnace
has been in blast 276 day, uf 24 hours
each, and smelted a, follows: i
T>ns      J
Tyee burnt ore and brickp 34 947 Oa
Tyee raw ore 14.-19.) 0410
Outturn orcift 66116580
Total ore  66 OP) 5170
Stlie.iaflnx  1132 3983
Iron     417 6515
Flue dust     7:5 0:'85
81aga'nd barrings 3 U19 4235
Low grn'io matte 2 751.8065
Total smolted(20C0 lb Ions) 04 216 7885
Coke used 12210 lb tor s)... 6 V00 76
beiujt an tu-erago of 203 077 tuua of ore
and 231.605 tons ol mixture Binolted per
day, an increase of 52.69 tons of ore end
o! 55 toes of mixture i roeltul per day
over that of 1003. The ratio of coke to
ore was one ton of crdte to 8 25 tona of
ore, and one ton t.f c»ko to 9.45 tons of
mix'U'e emelttd. The concentration
waa 10.28 tons of ore to 1 ton of matte,
Dtv ding the above operation into two
periodsof eix months each, we have for
the Orat period uo average ol 105 tons of
ore Bmelted per day, aud for the Becond
an average nl Soil tone per dty,aa in-
creaao of 77 tons smelted per day. The
Binultiug operations during tha year resulted In a steady increase in the amount
of ore Piiiellod per day, a result due to
several factors, Viz.: experience io handling this ciaas or ore; to experiment;
purchase of Euitahte fluxing ores;
clinngeB in tlte manipulation ol the furnace, and the siihrlilutioo of burnt
bricks for raw ore flues in tbe furcate,
making a shipping matte in one operation and using an average ofSO per ctnt,
raw ore.
Pro-foot—During the year we shipped
5 451 113 tnoi of copper matte, con aiu-
iug: 4.440 9tJ7 In,, fine copper, US 303.01
oz. fine silver, 8 778.031 <z One gold.
TVhI value, leea refining charges only
(678 836 62. An average matte of cupper (dry, 40.767 per cent., pih'et 20.277
oz'. per ton oi 2.000 lbs., gold 1 0 9 i r.s,
per ton of 2,000 lbs, and containing har-
iuni eiiliihh'p 7.47 per cent,, zinc sulphide 12.60 per cent,., rqnivalent to a
yield nf copper (dry) 3 96 per cent., silver 2.55 i as,, gold 0 156 on.
Ladysmith   City   Band   Gharer
iS. S, Joan,
Tu-morrow week, the day after paj-
dayt ibe S.S. Boao will leave Nuttaimo
at 7 p.m., and L-d>emit.h two houre
later, for Vancouver, with'toe Record
annual txcurBion of theCiy Band. M
the iMhtl boys will be aboard end there
will UfA\ kinds of music aboard th<
b'.af. Rffrcehinfftts will be served wf
well, RBUmiit;t$tbo boat will loava I he
Terminal city at 7 "'clock, rraohitip
Ladyamilh about 10.C0 p. in. Ticken
J. II. IMi'ketb, Into of the Provlnci
Ciuae Co., Victoria, has leaeed thee'ore
r»om recently vacated by Mr, McN'-oho1
tho tt'ihi', ami next week will commenci
the imuiijbotureolcigHrs in La'yeimii:.
Mr, Pinketh is an old cigrr man, m.d a
good one and in'endt* to make a flrs'-
e a-e article here, end by >o doil) a sin uld
have nn difticuty In securing bis share
o' the t'ignr Imsinttw of t-he ci'y.
The meeting of the Sociali.U held upon the Pavilion green last, Mondty night,
wis fairly well attended, The lecture,
which wjtfi given by a Mr. Klummck,
was perhtips evt-n morn idotic than mich
matters usual I v are. Thes|ieakerV main
object seemed to ha t*< give Utterence lo
the ni'»Bt stupid and vulgar c'ant.* phrases
he iMiild p'.isrtihly eitll to memory, and at
times duriiij/ tbe .mirre of his Isctnre
mi" m'uh' easily be pardoned for fallim*
n uler the noprepvion that the discourse
was nnc nn uthoiem instead of Hucialism,
In speuking '»f clerics tho lecturer became most scornful and eluded to them
as "skinners," and althouktb bo declared
that sociallem promoted Christianity,
be strongly advi^d hie hearers to keep
clear of the eunn\
He Bvm[ialh;z-<1 with the Ladysml'b
miners becau-e they had no union, aid
besought the "while tUve" to cast oil'
voke and live bereaftera life of freedom*
It seems that the leotare on Socialism
was not tbe only purpose ol Mr. Klaru-
Mck, for he concluded by ofTurliig for
sale bonks at tbe price of five cents, to
support his wife ami children, He said
be considered tbe man who infeuacd to
liku work a fool, and npm this point
only is it possible for same people to believe that ho spoke truthfully.
Thwre are some hU'jdredH of thoneandf
more men then women in tbe Central
and Western States of America and in
Ah a result thoi.satd'* cf trnalworthy
men—Farmers, MinerB and others—living in certain districts there cannot po«-
albly «et wives iu their own neighborhoods.
But in England, Ireland Scotland an:i
Wales there are a million more women
than men, and, in theeo Couotrue,
tboiifi'iods of Kood, intelligent aud tv
tractive girls, many of them liacgitetr1
of farmers nnd all of them qhililh d to
them while they stay here but tbe pron :
pect uf living and djingaaoUl nubia and
this, to them, is a decidedly ttr.pl i'.e:ini
proFpec^. They would willingly emigrate
to America could they beaEBured that
they weregling to meet worthy men at*
their nu:?b*ndpt and that they could look
forward to happy, if luun'.lo, homes on
the other side of the A tlautic.
Wo may eay that all of tin m could afford to emigrate at their own expense,
We are prepared lo give good men Introductions io t);ese gitls.
If you wish to get an introduction
i pleaee write ub with such particulars of
yourself (age, hatlonality, occupation and
. chcumstancce) as a sensible girt would
expect lb get and we will write yon in
| reply, with a view to bringing about v
Biutable Introduction without undue
fell us what kind of a wife, (age, nationality, appearance and disposition)
ynn wish to get,
If yon have prcfnrnncB for nny particular Christian Sect please mim<* it.
You will aho end-ise our Fee of Fiv,
Dollarp. A further Fee of Forty-fivt
Dollare will he due to ua within one
month alter mHrriuge, ihusm .liitr^ 1'ifh
Dollars altogether. We do not cnnfii..-
onreelves to one introduutiou. We «ivi
ns mttay as will be neceaBary until marriage. But we make no charge for any
n oductton alter tbe payment of o-u
aa:d Fee of Five Dollars for the first.
Ii ii not at all necessary tbat you
should be a wealthy man.
But it Is necessary that yon be a man
wh > would make a kind and good bus-
b.rnd to a no id wife.
If you aro not such a man please do
not write up.     Address:
Angl.'-Amarican Agentr.
91, 8t. Mary's Road.
Leyton, LONDON, Eng.
Yen, wf *ve nil kinds of wheels j wn are
agents for the Canada Cycle and Motor
Co., of Toronto, and carry their 'Perfect wh«'el in snick "
We alsn repair wheels; if yours dof-c
not. i un to suit vou, end it u p to us.
All kinds of ligbt michfnery repairs
We are gasuline launch experts
Fraser Street,
Williams Building Will Be Finished This Month.
By September 1st tho Williams block,
corner of 1-1 Avenue and EluliertB Street
wll| be turned over to the owner by Mr,
D. Nicholson, tbe contractor, ci mplete
iu every detail. The roofing and cornice
plastering akalaotniuing ia now finished,
and tho carpeuters aro now engaged In
complying the inside wotk aler which
tlte palming will be commenced.
It Is reported that the corner store
will b.i occupied by the Dryedale-Stev
enson On.
Dr- W. J. Quiiilan,
Stevens Block, Ladysmith, B, O.
Dentistry In all its brancbea j every new
A. C.
•ssor to  R.  1
. nuct 1 -.
Residence Ahbolsford Hotett tong dl*
' tnncc phone 180.
Ladysmith,   •   B. C
I Successor lo  K,  Kitpntnck, 'Itxteuston
aud NanahtiOi
Qsiban Gigar Factory
Manufacturers of the Famous
None but Union Labor employed
M. J. BOOTH, -        Proprietor.
Henry A. Dillon,
Notary Public. Conveyancer, Real
Fstate and Insurance Agent	
Commissioner Supreme Court
B. C.
Livery Rigs
At Any Hour, Day or Night.
Expressing and Light Teaming.
Two Blocks North of R. R. Station, Ladysmith
Rents reeeivrd, Debts collected, I^okc
eunf, account'* audited, Io*», houses and
farms for rent or eale. lurms valued,
detdfl reeistered, deeds, wills, etc., etc,,
drawn, luhiinar i>apeis drawn, money to
loan, Egent fcr Nanaitno Free Press.
Office, First Avenue, Ladysmith, B.C
Pioneer Meat   Market
Alt Kinds of Frcah and Salt
Home Cured Hama & Baco-
High Street,
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo
Opiiositu Firo Hall
i un
Carpenter, Builder, Contractor and General Jobber
.     CABINET-MAKING     .
     s    mini i	
U3T Awnings ex. Spec laity.
| The
Tyee Copper Co., Ltd.
Purchasers and  smelters of
Copper, Gold and Silver ores
Smelting Works at
* Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, B.C f
Manufacturers of all ktndu'fll
Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea
Mouldings, Laths. Shingles, Etc.
A large stock ot   thoroughly Reasoned
lumber—ISt nnd and class cntistnnlly on
linnd.   Alt orders strictty attended to.   1
' QuolBtions cheerfully given. I
John W. Coburn,
Manauinu Dibkctob.
Protect Your Home
Against Fire
Ry Insnrlng In a Good
Lowest Rates    Prompt Settlements
Representing Wm. K. Lcljhton
Hanalmo—Ladysmlt Ii
General Manager.
Smelter luufit.
i*^ia^sa^.»^.<av*ia^»wavi»se»»jiaj|f rVMrav«WW«afW«i
■    i in .n iii   in  ■'iiyi
^1.00 Per Day
Best Table, Best Bar
Halt Block From Depot
Everything New and Neat
Miners1 Drilling Machines,
Hide lo order and Repaired at abort notlo.    Drill, ibtrpraed *f oa
altraysiWe, satisfaction.   Plolt, handled and repaired,
Shipsmithing in all its Branches.
Horseshoers and General Blacksmiths.
David Murray
Buller Street -   -   -   - Ladysmith, B.C
Real Estate Snaps
1 *JM
Best building lot on First Avenue $950.00
Lot 50x90.     4-rooni cottage First Avenue, $900 on
easy terms.    Cash $800.00
Two boarding houses, furnished. Bargains.  Licenses
can be obtained for them.
Oneiine building lot on First Avenue, easy terms $450,00
Recorder Office    ■      *      -     LADYSMITH
fer"   !
ii ^'^■■i''-:>V>*-''
" ••■«'!•-«..-r',.
i4#YSMI<£H   vRK60R©EiR.
♦^ ^-^n3:^^#^^M$,^h^^4jn|l-^^^l^;^ ^V^ ^4j,»^^^^^^^|>^^^^^a^«3^.^^4|^^4^f|^*^»|,^^*|^^H^4
Progressive Stores. Nanaimo.
All Summer Merchandise Must Have a Clean Sweep
Gent's  Furnishings^ Boots and Shoes,   Up to date Styles grt
Bargain Prices
Eur mm
Overalls for Boys S5o
Overalls for Men ..'. 75c
Men's Pantr $1.50 BDd $2.90
2 big specials—were $2.60 nnd $4 60—Tweeds
Serges, Fine Hair worsted materials.
Black Cashmere Summer all wool box, all men's
eigee |Ec and 25i
Hen'" Summer underwear will go at these prices—
76,t for 35t
$1.00 lor, a mil;: {joe
$1.60 for, a salt $1-00
Hen's Unlaundried Shirts, reit for "*d at all points
Beet offered rt this apeoial \alc BOo
Allour Men's Straw HotB, 76o to $2.00 analitle,
in the lot 60o
Men's Suits, Tweeds, Worsteds, 8enr.es. The beat
styles at $10.00   For this bargain, per suit $11.75
Boy's Suits—new lot, strand assortment In Tweeds
Our most reliable for school wear $4.35
Neweit lhapee in Men's Collars at each, 12J£o and 20c
Trunk,, all good specials $1 76 tip to $750
Men's solid Leather Belts, black, tan and rod,
.popular prices, "0,i to76c
Telescope Valiaee—haodiest thing made, ell eiseg
from 45c to $1.(0
BiyB1 Soft Bosom Shirts for dress wear, ineerlion
fronts, lace Ulecte, dressy aid stylish, eatli 75c
33 Oases of Now Footwear in This Week—Good Stock
at the Best Virtues.
Lidiee' Dongola Bale, the best low price drees
shoe we have'evir i ffered at. per pair. $1 60
Ladies' D mgnla Bilu, turn sole, fine stork, epoc.
ially good, lor $1 75
Ladie'fl Dongola Bale, pateut tip, heavy Bole, per
pair..' I. .$2-00
Men's Box Oals Bale, extra good value, per pair...$2 50
Men's Fine Dongola Bills, special .......$3 CO
Men's Patent Kid B*le, appearance nnd comfort
equal lo any (8.00 shoe.. $3.75
Men!, Leather Lined Box Call Bale, per pair $4.50
Boy's Standard Screw School Shoe,, sizoB 11 to 13
per pair $140
Youth's Standard Screw School Shoes, elzas 1 to 5
per pair.... $1.05
Girls' Strong Scbool Boots, pair ■ $1 40
Girls' Box Calf Ba)s, per pair....,.,...  1 75
Men's heavy nailed Fit Boots, special per pair  2 00
Men's special renowned OrosBett shoes.
Ladies' Queen Quality shoes, a! ways (reliable,
Colored weaves, light summer colors, formerly SBo,
a .jiiick u.ile price per verd 26:
All our dress giniihsms at 25.' a yard lor 10c
SlieetB. hemmed }4 '"it'i at bottom, 1 iru-h at top,
per pair ,  $| 5Q
Pillowcases, ready (or uaa, per pair .851& 25c
The best Castile Snap, big bar 25c
Sponeer's celebrated Oatmeal Rnap, b'g cake Safer diz .' '■'. 50c
O.ld lengths of SilkB to clear—worth lour times thin
price— per yard 20c
A Press Goods Bvgiin in first class material—$1.00
ami $1.15 a yard, special sale at .'  75s
Speckled weaves In dark and light ebadeB.
New Handles inSilk Umbrella,,
Parasols- Every one to be cleared at Half Price.
Naw Lace-edge Muslin for drapery, per yard...151 lo 25o
Silkoline Art Drapery, special yalue, per yard.......,.,.15o
Tea Towels, 12,'^c each, two for. ........25c
?oz. Duck 16c
Unbleached cotton, the beet house cotton procurable, 6p
25 pieces new Art Sateen at special value per yard...250
Full range Table Oilcloths per yard..., ; 26c
First and last clearance of Children's White Dresses
trimmed with lace and embroidery:
75n to..
,.25o   i k
$120 to .............608
$1.75 to ,76o
Th>ee big values, but we mnst see the last of them
Ladies' night dresses, were $1,00, specially priced 76o
B .ye 2 1 black cotton ribbed hqse, lrom,20c to 12^0
Girls 2 1 and plain cotton hose, from 20c to 12>io
Ladies While Underskirts, from $1 20 to ........ijQo
lOdna. Ladle, H'g'ene Wool Ribbed Drawers and
VeBta, regular $1 anil $1,25 special at. 75,0
Ladies Falirie lHovee, T«T"ia Silk, Cotton and Lble
all were from 2So lo 45o a pall-, to clear the lot
quickly wil) aell at,, ...................... ...16c
Bargain Laces, regular price 35;t and 45c, clearance
figure per yard 15c
New Tea (ilotlie. Damask with red borders, eich 50c
George Williams ol the Canadian
Tank of Cuiumerce, Nanaimo, was in
Ladysmith Tuesday.
Mr. Joe. Hudter railed through to
Nanaimo Tuestlev.
Now ii your time w get yonr winter
■apply of wood, we will deliver you four-
foot dry wood, which is equal to three
ricks oi 16 inch wood, for j2 60
P.O. Box 14 Phono 71
On Saturday last aeveral boya were
charged before Magistrate Thompson
with throwing Btoo.esat some Chinamen.
After hearing the case Mr. Thompson
discharged the lads and tho prceecolinn
had to pay costs, including a lawyer's
R, E. Thompson, the Portland j ickey,
went down to Seattle Tuesday morning
or a few days visit.
Don't forget that the Ladyeraith
Pharmacy serves the niceBt iced drinks
as well as the most dtllciousoream.
Between 300 and 400 passengers were
on board the Joan when she left the
transfer wharf lost Sunday morning,
bound for Steveston, The Eagles are to
be congratulated on their first attempt
to furnish amusement for the people.
The excursion wag a success.
WANTED—Work.oleanlngnnd washing by the day. Mrs. Outbburt, Roberts
A petition ia being preoared for presentation to the Royal Humane Snciety
on behalf ol Joe Thompson, with a view
of getting him a medal for eaving life
The petition is having the euppuit of the
city council.
Tlia basket picnic to Duncans, given
r.tnler tbe auspices of tbe Cbnrcb of
Kugland Sunday School, last Wednesday
wa- a great succeeB from every point of
view. The party left Ladysmith by the
nine o'clock train, returning home in
the evening, after having spent a moot
enjoyable day at the little fishing center
Hunter's boarders have challenged
the Temperance hotel bonders to a
Iriendly game of water polo.
Mr. Hunter was in town op business
last Wednesday.
Knight's Book Store ia the place to
get stationery, etc,
That Is the question.
Whether it is better i i the end to
ttiffcr the sorrows t-d disappoint
inents that poor i#lnt will bring,,
or at the rt.nt provide the belt
that can be bought mid end it
There is but one best, at-d that is.
Tub Simm-WiLLim paiht. *
With Paint you will need Brtishel
and perhaps Varnishes. These
and all Painters' Supplies art $9
be found at
:s mi!
Go to to Jessup's (or nurses' requisites
Mr, W, Fletcher left Ladysmith on
Thursday (or a trip to tbe old country
which will extend over three months.
Before leaving, Mr. Fletcher was the
recipient of a watch charm, nresented to
him as a token of esteem by his brother
K ifcles of La ysniith.
Mayor Coturn visited Victoria this
week, returning yesterday.
J. Mahrer wai in town from Nanaimo
For good stationery, etc., go to Knight's
Book Store.
Ohai, Manering, of II. & W., Nanoimo
was in Ladysmith Wednesday,
The representatives of the Yoho
Bath Hotter Co., Ltd., of Vancouver,
nill (hortly be in thlsuitv, demonstrating tbe Bpecial features of the famous
heater. This produce" continually riming boiling water iu 00 seconds and tbe
only fuel necessary to supply it la un ol't
newspaper and a handlul ol chip,. The
Victoria and Vancouver papers refer to
it as being the wonder of the 20th cen-
lury, it being bo constructed tint it can
lie used In raining or lumber camps, in
the farm or iu the house, in fact He we
fulm ss Iibb no boui (Is. The reprt eenta-
lives respect lull request a vlejt to their
demonstration. Further notice aud
advertising will shortly appear in this
paper. Keep your eyes open for their
big display. The cost of thia celebrated
heater is $17.50.
A large party left on the local 'or Na-
uainio )aat night en route (or Vancouver
to witness the big McLaod-UetcU wrestling match.
A One assortment of Ink, Penholders
Pencils, Memo Books, Flaying Curds.
B.C. Bouvenir playing carde, $1.00 a
pack, at Knight's Book Btore.
J, O. Allen, provincial manager for
the Evuitable Life, ol New York, was in
Ladysmith Wednesday.
Morning Services—11 o'rlock, a.m.
Children's Sunday School, 2:30 p.m.
Evening Services, Vespers, 7:30 p.m.
*•**+♦♦♦♦«••, +♦++»♦,,»$♦«.♦,♦♦«♦♦«♦?♦♦♦*■
The Salmond Estate is now on
the market
J. STEWART, Agent,
Real Estate, Conveyancing, Loans, etc.     NOTARY NIBUC.
P,0, Box a6S, Ladyeraith
Brewing Co,
rUnufacturers ol th»_
.Palace   Hotel.
Best $1.00 a day house in the eltv.
Good room,, beat meals, well supplied car.
Skinner Street, Nanaimo, B.C
The new H. A W. bnilding, 1st Avenue, is nearsng completion, and the con.
tr tctore itate it will bo ready for cccup-
ancy within a week, Messrs. Ilimana
A Walmiby will occupy tbe south atom
with thuir market, with Mr. A, Maine in
drtargo, The nthcr store will bs used by
J. Thomflon, han1 ware dealer, The Iwo
large flats ups.alrs will he occupied by
Mr. J, Thompson and John May, us residences,
Valises,  Telescope drips, Deess
Suit Cases.   All Leather floods.
i%n  Percent Lower than   <%n
ill      —Elswhere—        *vU
J-:»iM;,ri.ii' Harness Store,
C. K. BRYANT,    Proprietor
Victoria C.escout, Nanaimo.
^ In British Columbia
♦ rlitlitlirj ■*■ *■■*■ ■*■ I  *-■*■■*   I   *   laaii *■ Lafc
Lager Beer and Porter Guaranteed Brewed
from the Best Canadian Malt rnn Hops.
The Union Brewing Company will pay $10, reward (or information
which will lead to the arrest and conviction ef any parson or persons
destroying Union Brewing Compmy'i keg■ or hottlei, or falling to return the same.
BATES A KNIGHT, Proprietor!.
First Avenue,
Bent supplied bar in Ladysmith. Finest accommodation lor transientgnaataat,
well as (or regular boarderB. Completely refitted and lurniihed. Dining rooea,
and houBokeeplDg In charge of Mrs, Tato,


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