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Ladysmith Recorder Aug 20, 1904

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VOL. 2, NO 3.
♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦^♦t
! Dont be Taken       !
in or mislead by the smooth talk of any Fakirs
or Millers We have got the goods. We
.do cnrr.yfhe stock. We can furnish you exactly what you want, We can aud will sell
them to you at lower prices than can any representatives of outside houses or peddlars. Our
expenses are light.    We dont employ peddlars
At a Fat Salary
to dispose of our SIMILAR .goods. We sell
them to you at close prices every time. Y ou
.will uot be robbed here; you may be
Jeweler       -   -        Optician
Stevens Block,       ;   :   :   ;       Ladysmith.
Be Proceeded WMi^What the
"*B f>4
is uornp
Fruits, Nuts, Cigars, Tobaccos, Miners' Supplies
1st Avenue   r Ladysmith
We fire
The Government was comnuuiicalid with this week in regard to the refusal of the bank to accommodate the City on the Government's
agreement to make the refund lo the City, and state that this action is not understood. That iu any case the money will come, but there may be
some delay. In the meantime the City's contention will probably be that the Government should not have collected for the licences for the present
term, and will ask for a cheque for this amount, If this contention is allowed, a few days should place the City hi possession of the cheque, so that
work may be proceeded with, eveu if some months do elapse before the grant is voted by I'arliamet.
Mnyw (
tf rhtHJii
ICanov 'vi
rn !>•■•.
Al| our Choice Assortment of rleef.
Mutton, Pork and Venl ourselves and
can guarantee everything to be the
Nicest, Freshest and Cleanest ou the
Esquimalt  &  Nanaimo  Railway
Commencing Sunday May 1,1904
•ad until farther advised, the fare from
Lady«mith to Shawnlgan Lake and Return will be 75 Qfits
Children Under Twelve Years, Forty Cents.
Ticket, Good Sundayr 0. ly.
Train Leaves Ladnnitb 1:10 a.m., Ketnrnii'g L-aves Shawnlgan Like 5:17 p.tn
Traffic Mannftcr.
Keep   Kool!
^ i \s ia +/%>
The Day Before Delivering.
Ice Delivered Honday, Wednesday and Friday
Union Brewing Co., Ladysmith
Aid". Nicholson,
B e-rhUe   nnd
the tenth regular
•u>f-i»i (I ibe cl y cunnolli
The [ninutea of tbe pr/vt ns mealing
hiY.iiK lipcn' f.-y and oimflinvil, i» I'fiu
in ii ti Illation "«a r polvprl mm Mr, Ahx,
Ii iberlson.Superlntendpntol El neat ion,
respecting the flpiuintni'v.f. of school
triiah'ra. Tlip nq'iipite ntl'n ^r Is flvp
Hi'! tht- e'tctUui him been rlxeil for \v.£-
A lenaltthy dippusfl^n tnnlr ilm^a* io
dp refund ol taxes (mm the government.
It appears that tbe Bank ol CoiiiirtProe
'iHa refneed to ft.lynr.ee tbe -uui of f^OUO
ou the arrurltv nl the letter received
frrtrrt the H'jPBru'nniS f0ifm"Skl9fTSuVSP
ttutborizimc tbpm to do no. Thb pirc
toe council in a very awkward predhii-
ment as thny In veareumed tne responsibility if tho Bi'hool and harp now no
money on baud to defray the expense.
Aids. Bmreridgn nnd Matheson Hit*-
gj»tpit tl.Bt ihi* roPnniiMbilUy of tin
BohodU bo teturned to tho government,
I ' eing, ntirier fhn present conditions,
t up •aalli-lf for In r.itj losopptt iln'n,
Ifin Worship aald Ihnt the city- bad
bis-11 ltd a?tray by tlm local bank man*
a-r -;if-nt u thnl.mil. In It's (the
•MavitrV opinion It <v n have 'tt-n a
c t-p ul tho government b growing, not
tho city. Ho iilifO said Unit tho govern
oiunt had no right to ilia money, celt
Without doaul belomjed to tbo i ity. Ih
suggested that the connc.1 obtain an
other Interview with the povBTnn em if
nothing further h heard during (he
OOuria of the ar.k, Tho tpa-ypr also
Biid he would he in Victoria Thursday,
»o It wub eventually decided for him to
mange matteia the i.
A Jetler w.-e received from Mr. Geo.
Thorns in reapeotiuu b.»i k Ux-p
An application * b rpprfvid from Mr.
flao, tVilliitinti f<>r (itMiniPtji.m to hn Id a
sidewalk ar • d tlm Wlllimufl Um-k,
T'lin A'as gratttvid tuhJMitiutbu approval
■if ilioptneiu fldinmtttea,
Fire Chief Mortlion wrote infortnlrig
the eonnoll that i-evMnI ir'biloi were
neni'Btry f'put U:p Kirn BH?ndo on a
pro ir-|-,i:[-ir. .h'H Utter wite lefl i.vcr
foi on- wi-i k.
An SRCouht wiifl pfpppnlitd from P'tn-
onry lur bo'>ka Kin njittinir to f7.7r>(
TherpwKflaleoa hfdnf ^7.50 for Glitet
work, TUnfis were liaudwl over lo he
fiiiiiiiia eotnniititb to bu paid if f.ntn! in
AM Kenny produaedu plan of the pro-
poeeil rortd.'to ihe cemetery. Ttiin was
dlaciitaed nt siran lengih an 1 Ooally left
io liBahanda of ihu fc'reet opnituitlee,
Aid. Uuwortii HMu.il Hip Cuunr.il w!u«t
wa* to he dono in regard to the lender
rea'iv.il J.ir iho atreot work. Ho aald
til*-1)4   »t j .twHtiiiul Im taekltd   ttigta.
"* -ny. *JJ*   ■■■■+ ■
\»'lir»f dsaid that the street committee   t| ll6 0f the accident.   The older mnn
Crushed to Death by Fall cf Coal
in E^cns!?!. Mines,
Ou Tl'iir.dny rooming, August Is, r.
dpep iil.ii'm was cast over Ladysmith
nthon Willi reaclitil liivn to tho tltettl
li« Jim's IItI:",* had bj'.n instsntly
Billed I i the Intension mini,,
Tim acsident which terminated p°
Ut'alljt was Ihii reanltiif a fall of coal.
Wiat maknilheiSili donhly sail Istlie
lant that, It was not Mr. ILiddow's shift;
it* h^ rr^**y*^-tt-r-j—t,'-"T*"fS1tT '
M^cil i.i ,* ;■, ,v.-io i'. -A i,,
cemetery tomorrow on lite arrival of the
noon train, under the aiiHpicpa of the
K, of P. lodge of which he was a mem*
T. Ma'iol'anl ai*o raieivel seve'»
Injuries In the same mine at alntii the
wain" timi» Tharsday in irnlag, but ho ia
upttmt- ato:ig nicely at the present
whs p.t tho fnre, and bo rectiped inihu/t
but in ti.nti;)i„ti Jy prostrated fn.m t'ue
shock, S
The billy was brought nut Immediately
aodnll the miners returned to Ladysmith in the forenooni An it oneaj >».i.f
held at ihe roJnp, howfcver, ppi| it wai
f mr o'eloclt I- f re »H tl at remained od
Dantlslry in all ite hramthei as fine ai
can he done In the world, nnd almolutely
free f rom t he S l,[i, 11 TEST PAIN. Ex.
tran'i'iv, rlllirg, ii ting nt crowns and
hridiiHs wiiliont |ialn or dl'coiel^'.
!■:-. i,,:..4wo, Minna at ii.it 1W! Dsn-
....  ,-nllOn.'lttlil   uillllWffl   wl,|, ™n;    VOj
have ever torn and then judge for your
Painless,  Artistic, and Rcli.>'e.
ai:k tiik w.uvitw'iirm of nmt orrtca.
..r\ f£ JSM,   VJti,
10 the ittri. ken \oui,g who.
fhe deceased was well rnd f&vorahl)
known here aud throughout the district,
eipeulally In lodgo and utliteiij efrcleei
llo was ahont 30 years ol age, and was
married a little more than i \ aragol
UUb Margarei MrKlnley i i ' pint ,
who with an Infant child, lis jarcniB
and two broth ere, well known resident*
ol Ladysmith, are left to mourn his un*
ilroely dpath,
Undertaker Hill ert arrive,! Tl
run set, i:
... ., >   ui  icctll clcmied FEi-lf
v?r QIHllgt, jt Up; ffOld ftllllngs,
'■: up,   in fact, Jil'nicruiloiw
... . iii htrordictri utkethetn.
.'i.,*j, Friday, Att frith
■ . .,/' e/icii sticccetlioi
DlOid J day* only....
,nhcad with the work and this
Thftiiesllnn ol night watclimnn was
',r'"atl lI')' '^e M&vor sugiri'Bied tliat
thfrir\>Miiitten in eluiriti1 appoint u man
lo iiRi'i' iiiin wn.it thi- buelui r3 oso|i)e
wouln im willing to do mi tlm sul-ject
Hetnojght it. wiiii'l also hn a gni ii ulu,
to let itieni it-lpct their own man Bhonhl
niu'<t wateli I"' llioualit necesiarj
On nn. i mof Aid, M llicson, Btoonilsd
hy Aid, ^iohoteop. this plan was adopted.    .
Mr, I'. MoB. Vonng wroto the connc I
reluti":.. to tbe Stephens !!''■!: t nl) moe.
Ile'adrtfcd that tbe mntlcrbedeall wt h
un.lu. the II llli '. . ii i tnggi i ed
tiiat i.- city c uneil en [.I.-y a beollli
oftlntrfnr Ladysmith, It wae decidrd
to as1|t itr. Watson to fill this office.
Tli.i'l i ul h hv-law was tlien li.oiigh'
up hi.  .'.us laid over for one wi i'lt.
Alt'. Mlclioleon was given nnollier wprk
t.i P'ifarjB hi- ei tni'tery t.j-la*.
A i t^of pricee for priniing was re-
eel'"'!; it"1 'I'8 WiBlern Clarion. Dils
was'. . ^eil to Ihe piiniitig eunmittee
anoTihey wen-given "t e unite A..1; in
wlilel; in ii ,■ -iv,' in in1 u luieis.
Tii- iMii.} in i.f an outlet fur iliiiiiniHel
wh, lroiti;lit ll[i. 'Hie Mayor CH'd tliiH^
wa,} in.iter oi the itteatcst linporlani'fl ,
and I'.at It was Itupnrntiva that it he I
Imkil inti witlii'iii delay, llo Imped
the c minittse In olinrge would lake ac j
Hi".'Vrii.g tlm C'urrfe "flliB week,   it!
jwasi.lliinitilv.lHe.L.I (or the i in't-1 ^
ilnet   .i.to Mr. Hnalrr'.ii ti..j "i jr't^.
| thi,   ,.l;.
B.C 2- 7ZZ!?Z*2* w.'r,"ompow: 0 i '. '; • . ■:^ V C-' • '1 C '.   ■    '  '     ' \ '>■ #
wmm oryrlo appoint a cnp-blo engineer In
TlVr pound
| evsniug to |ir"
ritnluno il »l
ill i
for I ■
in N uniiin
it Dental Parlors,
TlilJ IMPBRIAL UA.MC C l*^«Ea:i,
y! Corner v.i^i   and   Qoyernm.nt   sttecti,
\\   Offltehours,8a. m luOp.tu.; tvou-
' lags, [rem 7 to 8 ?0.   Ollli-e in P. 0.
Motiev to Loan
McO'nra'fl, MtuiBy'a,
Ooemnpolltitii Btrandi
Feaison'S) Kvorybodys
Engliflb and Sootob
iVntHli. »hi.
TUeCOLONlbTCftP fllf
wme he secured here-
Capacity, 50 to 200 Eggs.   Prices $18 to $30.||
Oil lamp, dry heat. Get your Incu5ator now: -^
Try it this Autumn.   Pay for it next year. ||!
fv particular! address, R.B. ANDERSON, Duncans, B.Cj^i.  , ,      ,..•... .
G. JESSllP, Prop.
im Cmp Cli«l5 i
ti.-law was pud.pjuyd Icr
ouu more week,
I'OLIOK counr.
,Iri. Hill wph nlmrifi'il baforn Mr, den.
Tlm ri8"n, witli wounding aOblnarnan,
anilitoon him In all, Inultl ling lawyer
lens (.2^.50,
(In. Dutko, a 11.1- nil iniii, who iili«ii/.
il I :-fmt> .lii'tire Tlintnson, on Tuesday,
*lit breakltm Intnthe hn<na nlanotli i
.■nln-lit man and stealing f-l. Too oat •
waioYj ilfBul,
1 ■ t.
b it"
ipi Ii.
■ imllci
,     Hi  I
ig tn- 11 reilli'i'i of
•en kl'llng 'Iter In
ifi» Ins' t « ifnjn.
tip-   1 nfli'lier will
. |.,.   I        '   «.,..,!,„
The Bank of British Columbia
HEAU 0FF1C1'.! T0R0KT0.
Oniillnl Paid Dp |.<.7nn,noo
l.;,..i n nun,in,)
Ag rriiii resrjnroeq exceeding Sfl.000000
It OH. Gbo. a i' v. •'.. rtiient, B. B, Wai sm. tleooral M.tuBger,
London office, do Lombard St., !$.(?,
The "'iik 'ui- I '.i nr.'ii'lieii we)  ' «'r linn ' lltrnusbnnl ilm nimlr.lnn oml
n'.ewin'ri', liM'lutltne the follntiplgg in British 0 I ttiibln and tin. Yokoo Perrlwrj j
MEW Ydlil;
pari "I tbe .ml'
: tbe iporl 01 Ugltlmslo bunlers.
■ ■. .'nun
ICi iu   ir-
,adi iMint
i\:< FRAS0I800
Savlnga E
i    rst NTI
• '.   I	
w ii Hi: U0R3B
'i; GWAY
i.i.V.'tiS, Manager,
A «T"
k.A&V&MJ'Ffi RKe©RB*5R
pt&*ji*<XT*: umU't^frm^tpjB^nt?gr^cvfit
:^***.*.; rsW Citar^or
ti-i B' fie ev
I'l  EJ lift Ol t
U i
wan [penholder's, aajacilp, inks, and elftteEr-
ick, just  iu  tjils ygejjt at   If.nitihL'ii Book
I D:nam?i-Mv Mother was * CVaeen..l)Oc
A noun,  fffny 50c
Always in tl^e Wav, tore GOo
AtH**nii, r'^'icporg rQu
The O1! Miptn.il Shnra, souk 9w
•Tho Fatal Itose of Ret), Poi.p ;,...£>«■
Eva, rRjr Rjj)ljr 2V
Ittilelln, Irish Ooon Spraoad** .2C
pjwn  VYIisre ibe  Cotton   B'oBebma
Grow, con? 26i
Mpcqit'ttnr^on i^rnilr, .pi^jeb '25*
T/ib^pn,' Pi,'*,iH»nfwl», march 2"h'
tTaet Kiel Yotirn'!l'Good-bye, Ronf"...»>Q(i
.GniFrtSop;■itb' II in ?5n
K*»mona, twn-atip IQti
V.x  Hnntera, march .. lQe
My Old New llmishire Homf 10a
Salome, i iterpivzH'* i..,lQe
I'll Meet Yjiii When llio liosefl Boom
A(!ftin.M '. 10c
To the WaI* 10a
Afterwards, sonir KV.
larboard Watch, dnet 10a
O, Tbat Wo Two Wara Maying, dust.ID.;
The Stornj.'Oenry Weber) 10a
JUnnlie Waves Wnltzer ID-
Anvil ChoniB, In air mental 10a
"Whirl of Sr-ciety Waltz lOo
(Jlorinda, two-Btpp 10 ■
Vtronl. Spanish serenade It) *
You, None lint You, tymr- 103
Th» Flower Song, ina-ruirtartlal IQo
O-Ro'n Bolls 10u
Tno Manhattan Beaoli, march 10-i
Tell Me Will My D-earua Come Tnip.lOu
The Choir Boy, pony 10.«,
R ibp, My Own Canadian Queen lOo
Tickled to Dectn, two-niep 100
Cotton Cqoiib, IwD-Etpp 10a
E-'orythinp'at R«U.>'r.MuBl be Jrlf.li.10c
I'd tike to Heir That BanR Again 10a
And one thousand others at 10c per copy
Ask for OatalbjjtjB. Mail Ordere.
mopt gratH* ing and tl o ladh s
lurch are to be ooriBratuiated
i fliii:cuPB of ttieir ventmo.
W. W, §«ri.ln Will Defend Serious
On Ttuwhiy morning lap I. W, W.
Soiitulb was in oonrk fhiirj'wl with in*
ijec»fiiiy.h?,n.lM*iji Ming Alice Trim* per,
a yu!",:i; lady fruai Nanaimo. The ea-o
w a e^j -urp.yi iill VVedneEilay, find
again ti'd Friday, ^ hpn he was committed fur it iul at I he fail a^zo*.
A. O. Thompson wci) at I'Iih sarao time
chdrKfid with aspaulilpi* Pnnthie. lie
pleaded guiliy, and -raa lined one d< bar
.uid uoste, Tbmupcou, it appears,
thrashed SnilLin niter he*r|»« Mitts
Trimper'e story, and advised Brtrliio
to leave town. This Bt'u/.hin filled to
do'and the action wae brought in oontit.
Application U r I r-il wra made yeBter-
d-ty nnurnoou, nnd refused by Judge
IL ft mpaon arjpflB'-ed for Thoropr.on,
J. H. Siinpsr-n for Mis'- Truro par, aud
F. McB, Y'.'ti >•; for tbiM-QFen^e;
Mips Jennie Jiin-'B went up to Extert
Hi<?n Thursday afiernoon for a weeka
P. C. Caesfdy and Mr. J, Jonps nf thi
Uibo1afoid hnttl, have boi-h to TiarrHm
lint Springe fnr a few ilnv». Mr Th f,
O'Cpnne I i,i ar.iins fn thoaoe,er.peof Mr
Denllatr* in all i s lire
as oiiji bt> done in tie wntil,   i fl
Ju^ly fiijn f'f.m tho elitf'iput p< n,-
Wcbs IX-ntal L\.i'o*p.
Thw 6:B0 irafii r^Tn Ext. ?lnr
01-ir.EiderAb'y delayer) • &r Mnt'daj
ir. nwitig *o ii litr'ttfii man '
madi- a rniich of ths '.rmU yiyiiHr-i
wrb slnniberini" pearpfiijly Tht»
whb broiiffht to a slaiirl^till jti«» |n
to prevent a v ry ee-i-in adt 'dent.
■.in lb.
Nfw .'"v-red exerclae hnpka and scriH-
biers at K- \%h\^ D-mk Stare. t"'»k in
the wio^ow end eee for yourBolf the
pretty coyBrs.
West will ixapifne your tppthand
plean 'hem free: of eharjie. (inid am1
sbvpr fillings, £"!{! I'Mwn* etc., at tin
most reasoniible nrii!.^,.
A new purip'y ul 'ulili'la anil linx "
rpriii"i; psiiii'  ]'•  ifletlved hi  KniiH''
Bl.'lll   S.'IL';
1-..1; iM-it'ic
Usual fuhjaolB taught; aleolaDtuageB,
(lrri«l'^' in prricil and crayopp, painting
In oils anil wa'er colnr., uianofortn am)
vnaal leaflonE, Kiven in ciaHpeBnrlnrlirid.
■inlly. MISS BKRI'Bt^.
Larltlmlth, B fl.
Mi'=aj-P Mln': &  Ailairi
he nmncv iff Ilia OlH'f fila
n VI Jin-    All .'■'."••"
i-tli H.inn wi'l rt-rftiyi |H
ul h 1'ii'iiiii.
.i.,.Ml['".ji m   g-gjai-a-fli
s fefi'fe»i'Mr»>'ttai'ts-r.'a»)'fet)s^»i'<jcCiu> r;^i&*wt*i*i*mtm*Ht*it0m»<i*» m
j  Happy Home "otol
J. Dyer, Proprietor,
Uavini- tnkfn ewr l.iiiti hotel, aftfr havirf il all p-pertd si d paint*
id and pa Dared and improved t^rnnghoul, ho are in & pot i'ion to •■#-■■» tht
r#pi acr'-RimndnUtii bulb for ifj-ular ami trans^nt ft*f#;bera. K»r enp-
plitit'wiiji the Hr-Bi ninip, liquors and cigare, Dlaibg rwo|B nailtr tkt
mauhKt-oient of Mrs. Pt.i.er will be found fitKt-vlata.
»» Mn yiicip n«n imcir onni/i? ¥
$50,000,00 flow sa
l'V D-
iw;i)L' 11
coiiiplistoi Fact,
■ i.k»
' B
1   ■ 5 8
■|i S nrr-
For sotnn monthB work hjo Ik
'■ q'liotly  t\jiii;l|  h«a Irftnsfo'
Ii ynn -
1-iiWflhed frvery Satnntay nt The Rccorie
BulWIU(-, norrisr or F(r*l A'-'5. ana .ejic
Htrtret, Udysnuth, Britiali ColuiuMa.
tor  »it   (ii)i)<l  niiteio   In
UdyauiHh Fouudry huelneas of Free! A v«ry Ijltltj monp>, mehp your pj-dtHinti
Davi.lBun Into the L.idy mith fituvn tft from -v B, fiu ,uh bat appearing m
[ronworkaCo., Ltd., with a capital of; ihisiaeuw.
i."'1 O00.CQ iu $-3 ahorte. j ,	
* Tl ;-.;u'.!'(ik iseo promliiinff that I he; pr. ^Y pi wi;i he in town aftor Hie fin
proprletOM-aro tRkiiig uut all value opof the month and remain for threp dny
LADYSMITH RECORDER »•<»- m;" t&i n «■'»;":;»:"! °f ■ f y"u" .JT? TX,rX!«
Jeowcpitaltobeusid in now buililingB call nnd emiPuH lnm hi bis ofljt-ovt
, j plaiji, ' P. O   Offli'.e hi'Urs Irom 8 «.m. Hi 6 p.ii'
But eight hundred shares arc offered Evenluga (ror^ } ut 8iS0.
for Bala, apd within a few hours hi von
liuudred haui" nrt*rH puhsurlln-d for, and
the undertaking rill he irnmt'diately pro
needed, as tin? ariiclBB < I asBoniatlon rt'*
quire the iec'/rparAlion of the coajpuny
buou aB KG) bbarff) me sold.
The pruviaional c fltoes ol lite company
Fretldenv—J. W. Coburn, Mayor ol
Vice-1't pa Icon'.—A E.Tcd.!, Oiipita ii
Vtu'i>tia.     [^
.SuactlU•y•.W|k%r, ,-t'"('- T^ompepn
CI 'vcruui'-nt JlFi-ft, Lndysiptth.
Bollcltor-rajf R. Siiup uti.
By Mail i» Canada asd umitho Statkb.
Out; year {atilctly in advance) ...» |l oo
Six months (otticllv in adnnce) «     so
TRANRIttNT — Inching- busltieM   natices,
oalla Tor tenders, application!, fot mil transfer ol
i Iceuaea. legal notfceti^Ic., ioc. n line first in<
[crtlnn; 5C. a fitie eiiVlt JRtbstiiucuL imu-iUou: i
Rates on appllcnlion.    No \rood cnta ns'r.l,
Cut* for rcE»lHi upc should be all metal.
AtlvcrtliicuicHti not Inserted Tor r specified
time will be cJiaigcd for until ordered to be dli
Thp mines wero 'die t'liuradAv after-
nocn owing to ihedenthof Mr". J.tmti\-
Hatldow.  ^__
Mte. Htrry Kay Hcoom'.anied h"
cnnaln, Mrs. MiiUnnftM* who «i« «t
foute to Marawa, O t,, aa far as V«n*
flouver no S-iMirdny last and relurofd
h^me Wt-d'iftdHy.
mini-ni'iii, hi h • iV< planted
,!h n h wopi p -i,i uf OsI'ni i e lUy.ihfiire
■ tir'l-h% ••" in h Mi in' iai  pm-t, thent'H
or' -8 h-ri p,'lnf»iH,<- e*'- X\% eiiHJiiB
■iitniv -t utli It* ebttfnn, ihi-uce w***-' fl
ball's, thlmie t"»u'h 0 chalne, 'henre
* >i 81^ itba'u-i to ptactt of cinipeuee*
m- t.i
t- 2, Ciimmi ncluii at a Ptnk° p'antetl
on tlie end of i Me api', ahtini 20 ehaUiP
rpBtpf lot 1, i'n:pco li"ith 3 enoiuB to
■iibii-.l poFt, thence north ft:! ahiili»o
tiicpi'" west 13 i-halna, thence smith 60
«b«i 40 ohaittfl to place of commence'
Datri1,lii|. 27 11104
fp-x-lal <r1.4. r fnr School  Opening
Wcek'Knlghi'a Book Store will give
away an Exercise l^ook or Scribbler,
l:«.l(l s Kulur or Ii otter with i very
all cimogw lu advcrtlumeniii mu»t Ik rcceWtd' purchase of ichool Hooks over $ 1.00.
at ilil, ofScfjefore is noon the tiny fielorc
Ins i«.
1 b*x ibflri not rewMna paper rfsnUrly please
Ararirleaiv.in an-l MrB.
'■ir* ilin B ill l^ul' Bn
I lifrpliy clvonoiicnof my intention lo
ipiil* hi tlm n ix' 6it"-tiii of the Il'ianl ol
Mi'ni.p O m'"i7i'i 1 ■ r- l.r tka Vniilrlp-
ilirjlif I.id.ain'tb, B.C., fur a Hiicph"
roicl..aiina lin-i'iil by rpiail on
i.w knoarn aB ilw Pilot Hotel,
ili'Meil onil.it 9, hli.i'k 120. Li.liacmtli
Jdilwrni'.* B n.,.
Jnlv 18.11)01.
'I -nil loir
There is Sausage and Sausage,
but after tasteing
you are inclined to think they
are the only Sausage,
♦*♦«♦« ♦■»♦♦♦■» ♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦.■»♦»+..♦♦■»+♦+♦+. ,,i.4,^4->»>444>
W, w, Walkarh Iappetid'ngn fort*
Bvacaiinti |rj Vanennver.
t**ort to ibla office..
All |t.ti work itfjlctly wsli on delivery.
f iri*>lei.i 'idTertlfiencnti caslt In advance.
s —         *
J Babscriberi not receiviug Tlm J
'I fieuoriler  reinlsrly will oonfarn fc
$ favor by reporliug promptly to g    Sevaral bajh flrcabivatiO'n n«ln/on
J thiaofflca                                       ||tbeeimklru of tlie r|iy r-r-ntly anil
i«^»*»*l-'«*a*.^*.*«*A'aVS.'4n.«.b'.V';criifi!'ilii.iiciJprsb!8 alaiui lo tbn
.  Miliums.
Tha uiBtntieiB of tin- PreBbytariai Sun
riav School ami I hair frleml. proo letl
to Cliflin'iiniH Uivor, on this moruius'd
train, wlipri' tbeir a.inui.1 iiiemcis ha*
|HK lii'hl today.
No'vi- i- ii^i^iiy trlv^i, that poiaoo !'•*
lie 1 pla'ed "ii a cm'in* 0! S.O'lon 84,
for 'he pntijor- of oi'stroyinv imkI 0*
Voiinin, -
I. il-.nil" . iiv . in !fW4
LW. J. Quinlan,
b'Bvfu. ill- I'll, I.HilyBinkli, fl. O.
Dentistry iu n'l itfl brcniirio"; uvnry im*
Mr. LivlnsBton, Jr., will Im l-rving
the nroiiliin ehorily, It in umlrrslood be
will ai lent! college fot loine muntbu,
The local ubooli, will be re-opened nn
Wadoeeday rnil   went on
yiiali nlny uiorriinp.
I! A
Daughters cf H±\\ Will Entertain Their Friends,
On the evening of August LVh tho
local lodje of tbe Ptuglii.-iu of it. bt'kah
Hill entertain (hair fiii'ml.1 by giviw.'a
moonlight eicniBion by tlio SS .toau.
The boat will le.^veNnu.iimo n: li:80 'iul
Lii'lyi inilli two hours later, 8bfl v. ill
land her Lidyemilli passengorfl at 11:30
and reach Kauaimo at 1 o'clock.
The faro haa b?eu placed, very low,
being b»t 60,, whelh.r ftom Nanaimo     Mra. B. Wtltor,aaiio hMbtM fMUbr
orLadyimiih.   riokatav.lt  boon aie uifmith (ri,.„,,„ fl,t „„ „„,, „,k
a several places as wel ai by manbati | |fll ,Q) ,,,„ b       ,„ g   u,0     ,,„.„
of the cpmrnitlae.     Refrcabiii-;.nu 'ytll ■
Iwaerved aboard the boa , 	
Mr. and Mr*. Robert Adam, of Nanaimo, spout Woduedday in La lyainUll,
«,-raiace   * i^^„,
DOCKEitY & S.EWARI, Props.
BeBt $1.00 a day house iu the city.
Gold 11 iinns lipnt nv'le, well eup-
plied car.
Skinner Street,
Nanaimo, B.C.
F, M:-ll. Yoit"K and J. 11. SlmpBon,
barriaterfl of N'aiianu , woru in loan
ytflterd.,y, .
  Valises,  Telescope Qrips, Decss
S. B. Smbr-.rk.oltlieB.C. Eoglnepr-lsitlt Cases.    All  Lunthef OopdS.
lug  Works,   Vanrouvcr, waii  In town p -—
s*f\   P-r Cent Lower tli.-n   /ja
l\3        -blswhere—       ZU
MaptoMntohftnia l'',w!er, ol tbe
N., vraB in <>wu KM lav.
J. II. D
panji Nn'i
p tele,
td in ln<
/inlrr/ir.'.si' lltirucHti Store,
C. 1?. 11UVANT,    Pipprletor
V otoria i riKc t, N.iriam.o.
Wellington Colliery
^■>mpany, Ltd.
Successor to  R.  Kilpntnck, Extension I
and Nanuiino.
\\m\i Director I fito
I Rtiiaeiice, Abbotflford Hotel; long dis- [
I "' tsnee phone [So.
|Udysm!ib,   •   B C.|
Weillnirtor Coal   Best household coal ou tbe Pa.cifc
Comox Co*'.- B-st steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coa|   First-class gas, steam and home-
hold coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Ikyues Sound.
Mead Office
Victoria, B. C
Hun   KrutiuJhcm Agency,
Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
(40 Stetuul 3t
. ♦ 1»* t-* ♦»
' »•♦♦♦•>•♦♦♦♦-♦♦♦-♦
ijc slates for tot, ctid 20a bound
alates foitSc at Knight's flook£lorc
during School Opening Week,
Tbe lawn social givon by tho l.i.iitn ol
the M ellii|ilist church last Thursday
1 v.niug was moat en| lyable. Tliere wnn
a large number of people present and
atmiic \Zt wero realised-. This sum w Ul
COintu the mud for fumllhtug the p:r-
lonage for the new minister alio lu expected to arrive horo iu ulijii; thro.'
0»ing. probably lo the (ad falallly
vblcii occurred in I ho mlneB fin tin -mo
diy Ibere \v.in not bucii n lnr;'" crowd
present iib those in chai«" eipepied,
The ladies wuii'd have poolponi'd tlio
afT-tir on the above account bill It wun
John MoOullook had IiIb eabta limiipn
Into (lutfn- l.ls absnnco tbe latter end of
last week, Tl.o tbeiveo made an en-
traociby breaking through the partition
of a va'tint cabin ndj lining that cccnpled
by Mr, MoOullook and .ccursd (IB In
t'jrh and a pair of boots. Thia sort of
rnti'.'ory BCQniB to be bfecoiuing frcqnint
of late-. S ivcrr.l hnuEnn hiive In pn ' r lien Inl'i In the like inftnrifr rcci o'ly 1 ml
nltliotu-b tlm pnllce have been wmkluu
li'irM.'i'v ■ ■ ,',-. ■.. vnt, b ■< n anablo to
run bt   if   di r.   1 Die ivin'iu I.
BATES 4 KSIUH1', Piopii.ton.
First Avenue,
Best supplied bar in l.a'ly.mllb. Flneet accommodation lor transientgneslaai
well as for rcgolnr hoarders. Completely refitted and furalabed, Dining room
aud liouu?k'jcpiiis in charge ot Mrs, Tate.
*fl>Mi4Ui *************** +++++»+**++++tt++ ♦»»»♦♦♦»♦
\ The SoSmood Estate Is now on
J. STEWART, Agent.
'<•">■», \     Real Estate, Conveyancing, Loans, etc.     NOTARY PUBLIC.
• 1. 'I" t; l...mliB| 1
d  Evangellnai J P.O. Uox aoS, Ladysmith
•r«, Bets^s.reii|{wa-.j.).^,^,,f.*tf^^t»tl^^H'll>tll»»tl»t,HTttTt»,f
Hoys Bakery,
H'+W■+-M-H-l r'H"J-I-++++
"Good morning, Carrie,   Have ynu called at Hoy's Bakery I
He has the lineal bread and pastry in the city.   If not, call and
try tome of It."   Bread, jc a loaf,   Cakes at 10c, 13c nnd 20c.
Buns of all kinfls qt 10c a dozen.   Alio the finest of Candles."
•l + l 1H+++4 IHll.+ rt+
Chas J. Trawford, I'rop , only first.class hotel In
NANAIMO, • ■ B. C.
livcrylblng Iho Brst
Rates, • - $2-o rpe day
**++****H I »411 IHIHHWvttH**************Httfttt
Read the Recorder
I ^Af^SMfTH  fcEeORBgS.
23th   Ar.iiodl Summer- Safe  ] %%
25th  Annual Summer Sale
we are unloading our stock in all Departments as is the usual custom at the present season.
Every year .brings us more customers and a larger volume of business.     We  have prepared for a bigger record than
.ever at'this our 25th Annual Summer Clearance Sale.
This Sale Will commence August 12th and will continue during the entire month.
II Billlf.
Wearejust (pilng lopiiteiiiiepiict'H no lowlhatft
will not.bo necessary tor uu to do. any talking. Now tor
a hiot to IhB wine fur we always nave more burxeina
than wo ii.'.vintki'. -
InfantV soil solo boots, Mark, lau or white, pair lCo
Ladies' Oxford t'ros, per pair -1 00
Ladies' Jxford ties, regular $2. $2 50 and |3, huw„.?l 50
Ladies' Lace BostB at per pair $1 50
Ladies' Fine Dtingola Lace II ots, remiiar $2 75
and $3 per pair, for ....'....., !..}2 10
Ladles'• Buckskin S:|ppero, rig'ular urine J.1.25 jper
pair lo? 75j
Men's extra Una B >x Oalf and Dingd-i Lieu lloi'a
regular }4.50, $5, JO and *7a pairfo' »2 00
HR 11
All Fine Qiialitlei—We expect our Fall Stock lu shorlly
—each of tbe following lines nro selling at
Olearatice Prices,
Fine White Super Blankets, regular $5 fur *3 99
Good quality fine wool blankelo, rcg. }4 for .fn CD
Whlto Standard blankele, regular'.Ii for JJ DO
Fine while SupeJ BlanketB, 08x80, rep }0 (or P"~ti
White Saxony Jfllnkelf, regular (3 50 r,.r ....*%5
WHITE COrtONS-Nol.wilh,t,ndiiig tho hiah ptlcd
for new cotton, weareahleio eell wblfe cotti.tia at
this sale as low as we remember doing tbu past tbiee
Flannelette lor wrappers—V„v on- wldr.iu and good
pattern,, reg. prices, 20, 26, end 35', salr price, fj^n
Pilnti, light ones, Bne stripes nnd dnte. Fifty
'plecefc In the lot, best quality, lvlae nnd 15-. O.i
sale now lor *K»
All white material for Dress fiooil-, Tmnb ur Ivin-
liroidored, Oornflower, Ring nr'-d Siimri'. nk' ite-
signs, delicate quality, value G5 aim 751 Ii r 87,'a
Three pieceB of figured Sateen Dress Goodn, Iron
85c per yard to Ion
42-inch Cheviot Weaves, colors brown, red ur gray;
regular $1 per yard, tale..... 5Qj
48-inch black, all wool 3ii.ni fierg-, re/n'or $126
'    pervard, sale  60c
45.inch black fancy twilled Bergs, alt wool, regular
75j per yard, sale 6jo
541noh black French twilled serge, regular ?l, rale, 50c
12-pieces assorted green, black, blue, block nnd
white, fawn, sniiwilrkn   wo ds  pun
regular (Hand $1.25 per vara, e.»le	
SO |iieii"n light color voiles, nlai-i cauv-ii' and eutln
ctrnhsi nil put in at oiio price—reguUt 6.0-tand
SI per yard. Bale . •••■■ 26)
42-ineli ell wrail poplin*, lirow-, unen, |wn Bli-tioi
• of daijt bin-,en" nl reil, nnoof n'd rose, regular
. Qfjuper yaid, rah ■  50'
15 pipnea of tnffeta "ilk, eu
lamiv tyl 8. lane i "'
1 5Q per J tin.!, en'e
I'latii C'lorerl si'k*, oitoninue,  behgaliu*s
'iVgoliir fl ■ tele.......  50
Geishas and plain colored satins, odd I it; will clear
out at iliiii price, reuniurSOe nil 75.*, sale	
, 6U'l1i
We f"r
r  i t
i ffn :l
, regti
1 25
. hit-
Men's Sii'ts, Fanny Strips, reguiav
Rummer >alo ptloe, umi;	
8 50,
...........4 7'
Youth's 8.1'is, rejrnlar nrii- 0 50. sale price, ii Bn.it,..11.50
Boys' 3 piece biv'p, regular,", 50, eale prl e a suit 2.611
50 pairs wen's luncy stripe t'auts, rei:. 2 DO to 4.6Q
sale price, LD0
Bulftuco men'-' Straw ilme, ree. 75caiul 1.00, sslc
'   'price, each j._.25j
lie., mm
Laiifi Jneertion. regular10 end 15 rents.a yard,
U'.Ih rei- yard.. < ......5:
L»'!e InerMon, reitilr 25c and H5.m vird.    Stle
per yard I5e
Many other kind of Laces "uch kb O-iont-l Grnp-
ur«, ViilfoncenPs ami Silk. iill,B-iit«d on uonn;
era at que hulf THuul r belting pricps,
Eiiibroii.9i.es at. 10, W.1   18,80, 23, 31, and 3)
-   eentfi a \a'd. evt", nnniif tn«-m in' nnr c-in*
p eta stock at one chmranro price at per >urd 8)£
Stock Oollara. 2'n). qQ% « "1 751 regular ptl«e.
3.i e price, each..,	
30 Inehee widp regnlai 8c a yeyd, side price 0,'£c
3G Inehes vtiile, suft finii-h, regular I2%f, sale pviee \h
While lMnedoyu, regular ^0c, tuto price l*/lo
Gtoek and Silk Ouilsre, tab fronjB, etr. were 2Be
aiid'BSc Jii" ii litti-m.iI-iI tm> tti-y viil go
very tjaickly.   Bain pt.iuo each	
Squares 8(l«8ii. Price 41.25 t ■ tl 75
Sis- 32,81, II- mstitched lud IS u broidtn ..50 . 05 &99n
Siaiis 45x45, fieniBtitebcd nnd rDuibroidery,..,1,60 & 1.75
S'za 41x44 Linen D.imaei: price 1.25
Size 35x30 i'laiu Linen Squares fur etauipinc and laucy
Lineu em a'lo f ir eiiiii'ii'T co' qoiei and Bk'rt,,
regtilHi 50ii, sa'e 25
48xl8,'rekula"r $l'65 doieu for 1 6P
43k'24, regular $3.25 dozen for *3 00
'!!)'25. ii-cnlai ?4.S0 .l.-s-ii lor }3.95
. Ill Illi Mill.
8tlx2ni r.'unliir $2.75, lor 2.40
45-81 regnlar(:8 26for ?3 00
40m" rennliir«.4 6l) '■'■'■■■: »3.II0
3ii.iia regular $1 75 'or 11.50
1 at 4.60, i an price..
3 in 8.75, hhIo price.,.
...,2 05
..f5 00
iff ems.
SllUB'iWpe.lnyer'Ml Box Pleais with V Ynkns
■sninhitd alth Mpiinhit'i'S in nrpsrn. totq'n-ilep
h lie and wdie, rpiruhir fi 00 fur.... $2 CO
Qr.i^n Sltt Bl'iiicej—color-* while-anil i-l.ck in-'k-
1 hniik -'till f'lint tho jnfem, fl.-pvp, rpuolar
i SO, jale pfi•«,,   $l.9B
Ba-lt't cloth BI-MiBpP, In red, blu**, plr.k and blark
ft ripen, regular 1.50, sale pilc<- r?(jii
Lad*.! Firi.iel   Flannel   Blnnsi*. i-mbroidered
ti hip ,... ,7»jij
Wn^laprlpn Blim-oi, Pmbroldprprl in bne and
p'nlt and rriomted with latga lucka, rpctilur
4 B0, pah' pi'ir> .'„'. ,	
Dark hlup Lnoirp Bhra-*s. trimmed with tanks
init'd-dharfivp, s'itohed with white, regular
► 15 Srdc nriet	
sum ii nps
Lidi'V O'a-b Skirie in blue, pink nnd linen cilors
t'liniiiHii with tn.-k-, e'litiv luce iitul Ineiirlliin
it'iiu'.ir piice 2.50 to 4.50 ecch.   Salu price 75c
L die-' Plain O'tis'i SMris. regular price 1 76 and
2 DO " 'lib, Bile pri e 50o
Lmlii'' Kini'mi* in  p«l« hlu - end vbi-e, regular
Ijitoe 1.50, salu pile .'.	
Black Sateeu Uu lerski Is, regular 2.00 to 8.76, In-. $1 50
1.U1B0,   2 4I2.-I"),   2 nt tl 60.   2 .  3 76, rale price $1.55
In', 4.25,   1 at 4.75,   1 at 6 00,   1 u. 7.60, sale price $2.25
...(4 50
...t'6 60
3 »t. 4.50, 3 at 6 00, ealc price,..
3 at P.fiO, 2 at 6.75 scle price,...
:t t. 1 lii'. I st i'i.i'0. Bide price.,
1 n: 16 00, rr.ln prite	
1 at 7 60, tale price HBO
2 at 12.50, Bale prb'e 8 60
1 at J3 CO, biiI'.i price 9.76
lat 17 50, sale price 12 00
press mm, BLOUSES,
jClfiSOR^, fiOLF VESTs
10 llreia gkirl.8 ailp 00, »,). prim. tt.TS
IP Qrees (Skirls at 2 60, sale price.., '. 1 90
7 Drena Skirts at 3 75    18drrss .kirie a 9 50. tale
piice ;..... .'.... 2 40
Pi0F8S,i"p—10 ot8 6l); 2ul87o;  2 at 10 00;. 1
ct 10 50:   all atoiie nale price 4.05
14 at (150, eale price..,853
1 at (18 50,   1 at 17 75.   1 at 18 76, eale price..
latU.so    1 -.i 1' 50    1 ■• 10 60 «ale uric-	
...*8 75
lirawera-i at 25c; 8 at 8
13 at 85;, .ale piice..
rllgbt I)rei,ea-2 at S0c, tale price 85c
J at l.Ofl, sale price , 750
BioitBor—29 et Too, enlo price 45,
2 at 2.60, sale price 1,05
KiKionae—2 at 75u, sale price 60g
2 Bt 2.60, sale pricp 108
Golf Ve»l«—most of ttieto will go Hie Urtt day.
4 at 145, eale price 1,15
6 at 3. CO, tale price 2 25
All our TTntrlBiuied Bttawe up to 2.00 (or, each 753
4 big lat ol Trimmed ha'ti a' ...1,00
All triiuiueil ll,itsupto500 fir. e.mh li'Q
AM Ohildr»b't '.aie n' one fourth tietnil piice.
:ds of other bargains on our low£R floor
Now il your time to get your winter
■apply of wood, we will deliver you lour-
loot drr wood, which Is tqnsj to thno
iloki of IS Inch wood, for (2 r,0
W.iNriCD— Woik.ele.'niiigaud wat'li-
lugbj lb.day. .Mm. Cutbb.rt, lloberts
Ktilsht'e Oook Store is the place to
eei iintinri'i v, etc.
Arc you going
Well I guess
' ¥ES, '
You'll want the
Well,  we have them
Kynocks nnd Winchester
l'ricos on all lines of
Are low ami figured
Our Stock u now complete
In all kinJs of sporting goods.
Miee Kn'e ru-s/. ■'ii'ti ad ii.iine Mon-
toy froiii a.tbreu .,ukr vmI* with Alt,
S  ker frieutii,
Mr. M, I'ogan vislled 'tl LinV.ml h
fiin week, returning to Victoria Wed-
i.caiiay evening.
Eiculhvit roda water from tho now
fountain nt Jeseop'; Drug Store,
Mr, nnd Mrs. A. M. Tiddale left fuel-
day morning for their home in Bait,
FOE SALK-Uujgy In excellent condition, also net double buggy harneis.
Inquire Happy Home Hotel.
Mrs, .Lib. Hutchison returned home
from the tfanaimo hospitnl on Saturdny
Iftei, at.d continues to progress; favorably
t'lwsnla ciintpleto recovery under Dr.
Wa-Boii'ii care.
A aoot1 Btssrtmont ol Note Paptr.
Tablet, frohi lit netils up. plaln'or ml <i
Boies uf WtltllK 1'ii'lir Slid Uiivelnp-
li-in 20 |i 11, 51)'. Plnlli 1 n'l.,1
imi-ei and „ ■ ■ 1 qn ili r, a, Kntguts
llouk Store,
1 r Mil, .,1 bim
B ■ k R-
Mr. art Mre.'.l.bn Mini went up in
Na'.o- pit II,1 Sunday, for a weekB vi-lt.
with rlijjir daughter,    J bey wiil return
Mr. tl. K'lmitndB has heen appointed
Ladysmith sgent (or the Marble Bay
Mi.iiigUi. R'gular ehlpments ol ore
will be made to the Tyeo smelter from
fhese Diuite and it is undeielood tbat
about COO tons will be received here
Order your N. Y. Sunday Journal, San
Fraud,™ Examiner, Seattle Dally or
Sunday Times or P.-L, and Victoria
Diily Coloiilet ct Knigbt'i Book f lure,
nnd yon will be euro Inge', it reetilutly.
Mr. tree, Uurtiiolinti was in this oily
on WeJiicaday,
Wales, tho window nl Knight's Ho'ik
Store tor the new tniivi.airiet after the
'eri'b ot em.h rnontb.
\fl"«iil":.Bi'li' ..i.i. »al iperdlua ,,
"inl'i.i ■ V ■ -•! , , tned hoi
'-i.ti 1 In ex 11. '.vi.lij.n fiiii'.i.i uig'it,
Onion %m\m Co
nant'facttirers of »■- aaa—bj
Symmm    111 Biriti*!, Columbia
****'l **',~i*****H"H"r*
|   Lager Beer and Porter Guaranteed Brewed
«        from the Best Canadian Malt rnn Hops.
The Union Brewing tlnmpany will pay ,|D reward for inforhnHou
.'   '  "'l|'' "■  snd i  "i"l"iii nl any iiereon or perBCinB
 ,"      ' '' ""•''"'II Bra.*l"« ;  |' i '« kigii tir boitles, or failing to re.
turn tho Minn.
,r*4-t-M^-rTv>, r^OT^ttS
Tho Municipal Council of the (!nr-
poralmn of ilu. City; of LaclysiuHli,
cOiiacta e.8 follows;
1. The cost .of constru^ing r\i.n of
.the wor.m niijd kimpi'ovDiueals inonilori-
,eii iu soctibuJS4fi of tho "itluiicipal
1CI0U8QI Aef,"r'.and the suh-sccliumt
thereof, us are referred to in 'this bylaw, thull Lo.^sseufcdj lejieu and c;-l-
jeotod by means of n spWdl 'rati) for
.local improvements upon the land and,
real ami asa.est.aUrj property hniml-
ip-iily kenaJltjod thereby. '
2. Tho Mnii.oipal Goiuioil .may by
resolution determine nnd specify what
work or improvements'it is do irublc
•jho have can-lei out.
3. On tho/jfttssagc of such evolution
.and afior it^hall have Loon enured
in tho minuses ufc;tlHi-Oonn'iil,» eop.ie.4;
•(.hereof shall, Ie transmitted by     thj
Clerk to thc^City EnyJatCf Pud   City
..Assessor. ''    ■
i. On  tho 'receipt by the City Kn-
ginecr of oVjfeqpy uf the said resolution, it shall; bo his duly to proofed
t&t     owe to ■ ascertain and dctermiine
tho said worluj or improvements, and
-Jo malic,  and., certify  us correct,     a
splari or    doB;sripu..n or specification ,
thereof, and to make an estiituiio   of
4he ,oxpens?,i or cost thereof, and t<
ascertain, determine and .show on tho
;Sai:l      iJnn      what Jam! or real'   or
assossabb properly will be immediate
■Jy Loneiited by the proposed ImproVo-
f    uients,    and   .the City Kn^incer and
*~*  (City Assessor shall. afttjr such vpW
jhus been mado  and  certified conjointly
Ascertain   and  determine  the pvopor-
ijon in winch the as-eminent is to be
jinade on tho various portions ot the
.Hind or real or assetaablo nroporiy so
h«;iolit.tl, and. shall make a-jnlht re-
jiort of all such matters .tn the paid
Counci'i which report, when approved
-.of and adopted by the said Council,
fchall lie entered by the City Clerk in
,a book to be kept f.ir that purpose to
.be   catld    the "Local  Improvement'
'llcjpk," .and a copy* of the plan aforesaid shall bo made by the said Engineer and lilcd in the oliice of  tho   City
5. The said report of tils City En-'
iginecr an I Assessor shall state—
(a) What land or real or assessable
pro|eity will be immediately benel't
*ed by  llio  proposed injprovemonts;
(b) Tho probable t HfoUmo or dura-
•,tiiin of thovimpvovoment;
N (o) An estimate of the prbhablo'cost
ynf sihe proposed;. inipYoy anient s, awl
the amount thereof which •fhould bo
.QRsessc:! against the property im-
,.mcdiat(.ly benefited;
(d) The proportions in which the
assessment should lie made on the
■.various portions of the land or real
or assessable property ao benefited.
(i. hi ascertaining . and determining
jjhecoat of laying, muking, enlarging
,pr constructing, or prolonging any
,work of .lo-al improvement consisting
,pf #.e construction of a main or common s wer the suid.City Engineer and*
Ass3ssor sh 11 estimato tho cost of tho
.construction of brunch sewers to the
jino of tho strcot, and include the cost
of such branch sower.- in estimating
the assessment for such main or common sewers, and report to tlio Council thereon.
.7, In every case where en outlet or
other aewefp.ge works for the sowerage1
and druinaro of property (not fronting or abutting upon a street in which
a sewer is, or proposed lo bo    constructed) is required to be construct-
,ed of    a capacity larger than is required for the olfcotive Bowerdgo   and
drainage of the property so   fronting ;
or abutting or upon the street,   tho j
City  Engineer shall  estimato,  deter- i
jtnlne, and report to the Council   the '
^additional Cost of so  enlarging   the ]
capacity    of  the  outlet  or sewerage
wyorlts, and the Engineer and assessor j
shall estimate, determine and report
io tho Council what amount of special assessment,  should,  in their opinion, be imposed on the other land
,oi' real or assessable property,   not ao
fronting or abutting^ but which may
be benefited    by tho construction of
jpuch sewer or drain so enlarged    as
aforesaid. ,
fl. When a vacant space jntorvenes
between tho lino of a street and a
'building, into which or under which a
sewer pipe is to bo taken to connect
•with any sewer, the cost of laying the
sewer pipe across such vacant space,
and under such building shall bo paid
by tho owner of such property to bo
so connected with such sower, and, until paid, shall bo a charge on such '
9. In all cases where a main or'
/onunon sewer is or tfliull bo laid in
any street or through any lot or land
tho said City Engineer and Assessor
shall, In accordance with the provisions of this by-law, ascertain and determine the coat per font frontage of
..^uch^amin or common sower upon the
lots on each side of the portion of the
aald stMO't or on the lauds, or other
asB.'Esalb property if any on each side
of the Si.id sewer' in which, or through,
which, tiio said ecuer shall from time
to lime be laid,
.;, JO. 'iho following shutl he (loomed to
Lo woi'1'.s ot local improvetiiont in addition 1(5 any ivprlts doniied herein or
by tlio luunicipfil Clauses Act:—
(a)'Tho crcaiing, opening or makjng
of a n:w street.
(b) Tho wide.ung and extending,
prcjbnjgingj. eonsla'uctjng1 or rccon-
fltriipfcing' or altiirhig' of an existing
public street.
[c) The paving or macadamising or
planning, "grading or levelling any
street, lane alloy, puhlio way or place,
Mr any bridge forming part nf a highway,, or a sidowt.1:, or of curbing,
sodding, or planking any street, alley
or other public piaeti. or reconstr'uc-.
ing, as we'Jl as consti'ueting any work
in this and the previous sub-section
provided for.
Tlte estimated cost of any such
works as may bo determined upon,
shall be assessed, levied and collected
by means of n s\.cchil rata for local
improvement upon the land, real or'j
assessable property immediately bonc-
lit-.d  thereby.
11. Tlie City Engineer snail, upon
tho receipt of a copy of the resolution determining to carry out any
such local improvement work, proceed
at once to ascertain and determine
the said worl.s, and to ma:io the.- estimator and all other (matters directed by section '1 hereof, and with the
assistance cf the Assessor, ascertain
and detorinino the a-isosmncnt, and
make tho report and do and perform
all other matters and tilings as re
quired by tlio said section 4 hereof,
cot cf such work of local in..
provomehfc may lo ascertained and
determined at per Foot frontage of all
land, rei\l or asaessalila property fronting or abutting or upon the high way
l.ri I go or street or place or land
wh te'iii or whereupon such work of
locc 1 improvement is proposed to be
made or done.
12, Where it shall appear to the Cityi
Engineer and Assessor that any por-
firn of llii wf.r'cs dealt with* by sections (I to  10 i or any work  of local
10 i or any wcr
hnrrovement immediately'benefits pro-
pt*i'ty of tl:o cA-y, or tllnt tlio carry;
in]Ef out of su(lft\vork includes tho beii-
eJttting ofjtho muuioipnlUy at largo in
respect of the '(rbssin^a or luibrsqc-
lions of tho highway, bridge or pub-
li'j ftrcets or place, or othrrwiso, the
Ehpihwr and Assessor shall report
clj'l rcc'omiiuend what proportion of
the total cost of the work immediately benefits, in their judgment, the
land, real or assessable property, and
in what manner an 1 by what deductions they have arrived at such proportion.
13, Nothing herein contained shall
bo deemed to prevent the City from
assessing tho whole of the cost of any
work upon the Inula immediately benefited thereby, cr of levying and collecting tho special rate in ruspect of
tho Btitne. but the Council .shall, in
tho by-law levying any Bpflcial rate,
determine what proportion of the cost
of the work, will thereafter be refunded to tho persons lining paid SlIcIi
special rates, and in what manner
and n?t what times, or they may de-
ti'rmhu to allow any proportion by
way of rebate or deduction upon
punctual payment of such rates.
14. When it U tho duty ot tho Engineer and Atscssor lo ascertain and
determine the proportion of assessment for works on corner lots, trian-
gnlir or other Irregular shaped pieces of land situated at the Intersections or# junctions of. streets^
tho Baid Engineer and Assessor   slmll     recommend    what    in
flp3CRsabl<}'property with'the cost of
a main or common sewer, or a local
imprOiemcnt, aud the asfjDJsment cannot be equitably adjusted and made
on tho basis of a frontage charge, t
rate, aucb other equitable node-• of
assessment Ulall l.o resortad to as the
Council may from time to time or in)
euih casj de'icm.no, and the City Engineer and Ci.y assessor shpU determine i\io amount of at^e'^nunt in the
mode so o'irjclcd by tlu Cpuncil.
17. So soon as  the report of    the
City Enginejr and Assessor shall have
bet'n received and the report ol   any
amendment thereof sryJI  have    been
adopted  by the C6bhn.il  and  entered
by  the Clerk in  I ha Local   Improvement   Book r.s afoir.s.-id, the .Cl'-rk
th'aii, save as  provided  in .the    following section, cattbo a notice to   be
inyerted '• in at ler.si.' o.ie newspaper
puUi'shovi   in   tlie  City   io   tho  el'.ect
ih.it il'.c saiil report or a necessary
part ihjieof is open Lr fnspcctioa ai
tho ouitib of tlie Assessor; and it shall
bo   the duty of the Assessor  to  see
thatsuch leport or part thereof is open for tho inspection of .all persons
luring ofJica hours.
i8. No    such   published  notice     as
aforesaid thall be given when the proposed    inipiorehioilt consists  of  tho
construed, n of branch sewers to connect any  real property  with a common scwi *. or connecting- any   building with- a branch sower, or making
necessary   house   or   building   Cccanec-
lions with such Sower, or of laying a
cower pijyc across any vacant   space
and   under any building,  when - such
vacant space and under any building,
when such vacant space intervenes bo-
between the line of a strcot       and
such  building,   In all such cases the
co^t of ihe same   shall    be payable
d paj.l by the ov.nu* of such    real
property so connected With tho sewer
and  . hall    Lo    a    charge  upon  such
teal property, and if any damage be
done to  litis    portion   of the   sewer
or its    connect tons   or    its liitinga,
either  qy  neglect  cr otherwise,    the
cost of the snine shall bo paid     by
the owner of the l-eul property,    and
shall bo charged as aforesaid,    when-
ovo.1  tho Council authorize and have
made the repairs to the same.
IU. If within a period of iifteen
days from tho date of tho first publication of stah notice as aforesaid
any petition ,s presented to the council against any improvement of
which -notice has born duly advertised
as provided, it.:;siia|| be the duty of
tho assLBJor to ascertain ia accord-
anco with siiij-scction.il of'section.
-M5 of the Municipal Clauses Act, and
report to the Council whether the
iMid peUti3.ii is bignod by n majority
of the owners of tho laud or real
or asses?flblo property to b.e assossed,
representing at leant one-half in-
Value of said land or real or assessable property bo io be assessod, and
to certify his finding upon the said
petiti n, and to report tho same to
the Council,
20. Should a petition as in tho pro
reding..section coftlemplated not bo
presentee! to the Council,,or ihould
ihe assessor certify on any other petition iht;t may have been presented
and entertained by the Council that
raid petition is not td,;n'd by a majority of the owner's of- siuh ianl,
real or assessable property ao
to bo asienseil and ropre'senling one-
half iu \a!ue of such property, thou
nnd in each ease the Council shall
proceed with tho proposed improve-.
meats under si:eh terms and conditions as to tho pity incut of the cost
of such improvement aa l!;o Council
may by bye law in that behalf regulate and determine; and the Assessment Eo.l showing the property and
iho amount nisfl'iiiod for tlie local im-
Martilc nnd Graiilte Mominicats.
lalileU, Cro»s,a, Ktc. Hstlliintca
ami DestEns xiven on Application
. HENDERSON,      Proprietor.
Foiwral Director
Ipecinl nttellttdri ..'ivt-n lo Cflltsii
oi'(l"y. I,oiif.'itlstance'|ih(iiic i
NANAIillO. It. 0.
At Any Hour, Day or Night.
Expressing and Light Teaming.
Two Blocks North of R. R. Station, Ladysmith
ukUsk Sfgar Fasfary
ManufitctflrFrs of th** Fftnunis-
N  tin-.; Uni'T) La1
M. ,1
IV pririti
Henry A. Dillon,
Notary Publx Conveyanci-r. Real
l-statc anil frtsuraitce Agent	
Cummissionfr Supreme Crturt
B. C.
Ki'iiI.f ret'pivi-r], D-b-'p iHi'ltinleil, b-.nkn
tti-tlt, sirilinillts Kllllitl'd, lll'l, hnll.l'fl Hltil
t'"iiiin fnr r-rit or niV.    Kn-iiifi valtiwl,
iti-filmrppfetpriirl, tlcftl., vilip, eld., oti:,,
'Irilttll,    illlllillK tllipWa llrHWIl, IllfltlPV to
Carpenter, Builder, Contractor and General Jobber
miimitr riiipnis iI'-hwi	
. stent Inr Ni'imlnin Frei Pre.a.
Office, First Avenue, Ladyamltb, B.C
Pioneer Meat
a Specialty. ,
> ■^.^>wv*.w^*>A«,v■.)»*vw^■vv^rV^^^»*r^
All Kinds of Fresh and Salt
Home Cured Hams & Baco
High Street,
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo
Opabalu.Fl'™ fl'ill
% Ltd.
Purchasers and  smelters of
Copper, Gold and Silver ores
Smelting Works at
| Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, B.C
Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea
^,-iiuraclurtiniornll kfntlH ot
I'aid Dressed liki
HciiiaJna Lstfts. Shingles, Ele.
A Inr?-* slock ol   t1ioraut;Iily stnsotioil
lunilior—ist nnd mil cIhss constantly on
tlinml.   All tu-tlcrs strictly attended  to,
Quotutiuu!' cUvcrfulj ifiven.
John W. Coburn,
r iu ....«.»«   r...	
Gsneral Manager.
SmeUar Manager.
Against Fire
tv liitunni! in a Good
l.p\ycEt Rnte.i     Prompt Settlements
'prcseiKlnjtWin. K. Lelyhfon
try.—rn-. '"v rwjiau  "i"f "".^—^^**     i ■■.■ eag-a-aaaaaaaa—aawae—awaaJaaaatF
•***. *4'**++**+************    ******************"»| H 1111 ■
t       THE  BEST YET
i *****
': ^l.oo Per Day
; *****
' Best Table, Best Bar
! Everything New and Neat
Half Block From Depot OAT ACRE STREET  *
mm' umhng
Made to onlcr end It-ouired nt abort notion.    Drills sharpened by Q9
Rlway-i'ivt'H fi!i'ii.f;n;!ion.    Picks Lmndli'd i.inl repttlud.
Shipsmithing in till its Branched.
HorsesEioers and General Blacksmiths.
David Murray
Bulier Street -   -   -   - Ladysmith, B.C
their opinion would'bo nn ot-uiLoblu' pruvoninn shall I-e prepared aud open
mode of assestmioriii by hiuving due regard  to  tho tiiLiialion, vnluo and aii-
pertlcial aioa of buoIi lots as compared wilh tho lota and pieces of land
mote .immediately adjacent to such
15. Whenever necessary or proposed
to as^OFH lands or real or asseamblo
property not fronting or abutting or
upon any highway., street or place
art» adjacent to and pruned lately bon-
wherever or on which works are pro*
posed to bo carried out, but which
elifed by Kuch wovlts^ full consideration shall bo given by the City Kn-
ginecr and a.-B.!.snor in all eases to tho
value of tho lands or real or nsacSB
able property aa regards their suitability or adaptability for building
purposes, and tlm Halion their value
for all purposes shall bear to the value of tho lands, real or nsaOBUahla
property fronting or abutting or upon any tuchuhighway, street or place. ,
IC\. Whenever under this by-law it Is '
determined  to asstss  land or real or
for tntfyeoliqn at the oflice of the At,
21. Whero an ownfer of l-.md or real
property at his own uxponso, but
with tho sanction of the Council previously obtained .constructs the portion of any sidewalk fronting     upon
j his own property as a permanent sitfe-
wall:, tile Council ir.ny refund to him
\ the whole or such portion of the cost
'of. such construction as they may seo
22, Thili hye*la\V may be oHod as
, 'The Local Jinpivivetueiit General Bye
J/aw." !
211. Wherever tho words ."City l'-n-
giheor1 ttppca'rs in tliifi Dyo-lnw. it
sliull mean any person acting in that
1   Passed  the Municipal Council    tho
 day   of I0p4.
RqdOti ridoreij, adapted and finally
paused   the  Council  tills   day
of    11101.
S John \v, conuiiN,
J. STEWAUT, Mayor.
,0. >r. q.
Real Estate Snaps
Best building lot on First Avenue $950.00
Lot 50x90.     4-room cottage First Avenue, $900 on
easy terms.    Cash $800.00
Two boarding houses, furnished.  Bargains.   Licenses
can be obtained for them.
One fine building lot on First Avenue, easy terms $450 GO
Recorder Office


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