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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Jan 22, 1902

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Array V
The people that save
money trade with
For Boots and Shoes
Sickle's is the store
VOL. I. NO. 39.
1     XMAS
I I really don't know what to give!
I This is just what we hear so many
$ say at this season. Let us help you.
j We have some nice Rattan Ware just
' received, Rockers, Arm Chairs, Cradles
and other  Useful   Furniture just the
thing for young people starting out in
I house furnishing and also for those
| renewing their out-of-date furniture.
I Leiser & Hamburger
g Esplanade and Oatacre Street.
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hi   Ot   We
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescriptions carefully dispensed. Open
day and night.
Birrlitir, Solicitor,
Attorney, Notary Public, Etc.
Money to Lota.
Uetnber Can. Boclcty of Civil Engineers
Member Institution of Electrical Engineers
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed
P. O. Box 357
ladysmith; b. c.
Fred   Poster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, Animals and Deer HeadsMounted and
for sale.   Pun made, altered, cleaned and stored
Nsws Agent,
Agt Far San Francisco Examiner,
Ye Old. Corner,
Government St., Victoria, B. 0.
v. c. ma,
iMerchant Tailor
| Fluett Merten and Clay Woretede.
i Full line si Imported Tweeds end
| Wonted*, Fint-claie workman-
1 ship guraanteed.
First Ave.,  Ladysmith
«n 111111 a 11 in 11 it 11 t«*
Baker and Confectioner,
Plain and faai
H.  Hawthornthwaite   Discloses
Things about Ralph Smith.
Nanaimo's Demigod Hissed for Outrageous Statements—Smith's Duplicity—He Defends
Spoils System.
til*, ol all dsteriptioni.    Fruit*
Cakes and pas
-   •■    in
Stationers, Booksellers,
Bookbinders, Paper Rulers
86Y»tll6t. .     P.O. Box 485
♦■»♦+♦♦♦♦ Tmmt+ttT'
One fact ii better than a Doaen
Hearsay!. II you want th.
choicest moato go to
Ladyemith, B, 0.,
R. Williamson, Prop.
A fresh sbpply   of   Vegetablei
alwayi on hand.
*, Special attention given to ihipe' £
eGRAND hotel
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Tills new hotel In. been comfortably furniebed and Ihe bar ia np to dale.
Beit accommodation lor tr.nii.nt and permanent boardera and lodger*.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
Ths Esplsnsde, Ladysmith, B. 0.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling: Works, Nanaimo.
Sad* Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitten,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
•W. E. RUMHINa,        - Proprietor,
P. 0. Bos a*
To ba held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. January 21,22 and 23
Jndget—Poultry, Mr. J. K. Bennett, Toronto; pigeon and pet stock, Mr. James
Chilmen, Salt Spring Island.
For entry forms and prise lists apply to
GEO.  WILKINSON, ?■ 0. box 280, Nanalmo,B. 0.
John Barnsley & Co.,
Victoria, B. C. I
$   Aientsfor
J. J. Teylor
Plre Proof Salts.
—Kodaks, Films, Etc.
•r v ******************************* *****
David    Murray,
Boiler Street,        ■       Ladysmith
Shop will be open every Thursday,
Friday and Saturday.
IcAdis and Son
* Undertakers and Embalmers.
Telegraph Orders promptly attended.
Parlors,    Albeit   Street.      Residence,
Victoria Crescent.  Telephone No. 141.
NANAIMO,      -     -      -      B.C.
Fire Insurance!
Why sal Isssrs si bins ind t ivi
By Insuring In the London Mutual, or
Ottawa,  Loweit possible ratet.
D. Mcintosh,    •    Agsnt,
Wi H. Mason,
Lxal Agtat tor tha
Firs, Lit.'and Accident Inturaacc,
Notary Public.
One., Eiplenede.
ARE  YOU  INSURED?    It net
get minted at use., lor It may ba
too let. tomorrow. I represent several
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tha loweit poctlble rates. All leading
oompaniai eh.rge th. lame rale.. Don't
be misled Into Insuring with nnbeep
company-It might be dear in tbe end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer 38, Nanaimo. B. 0.
Ladytmlth Dairy
N.w Milk, On.tn.ry Butler, New Laid
Eggi and Fnih   Veget.blti .applied
Dally,  Lew* orders at tha post otto*.
SKMston to Hilbert a Sons.  '
Funeral Director! and Bmbalmera.
Open day and night.
OrdrnbrTiuajraph promptly ettrad-
«d to.	
Bastion St., Nanalmo.
Telephone »,. P. O.Sox MS.
On the Invitation ol Mr. J, 11. Haw
thorntbwalte, M. P. L the public ol
Nanaimo repaired to the opera house on
Saturday evening to heat hie arraignment nl Mr, Ralph Smith, M. F. Tbe
honae wis packed from the stage to tbe
upper gallery and many ladiei were
present, So many men smoked in tbe
house tbat one could barely make out
the front of the galleries, or breathe.
Dr. Walkem, who wae appointed chairman, aaked all who-were gentlemen to
stop smoking; the otheri didn't matter.
The smoking promptly slopped. On the
special Invitation ol the chairman Mr.
Italph Smith went on the platform.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite win provided
with * mail of documents, etc., from
which he quoted' freely during hie
Mr. Hawthornthwaite waa received
with great applause. He aald it wat
aome encouragement lor a man wben he
was fighting lor what ho conceived to be
his righla to know that there is always
t large his jority ol the people willing to
support him. His position in the bouse
wai rather lonely, bnt he waa glad to
lee Mr, Balph Smith was present, and
lurry tbe ulbere invited bad not attended, He wae goiug to criticise, eomewbat
severely the political aclium of Mr.
Smith in the last election, and also the
position ot Dr. McKeoirale ae president
ot the Labor party, also to make clear
the aland he bimsell had taken in that
matter, Mr. Ilawthornthwaile then described tbe Influences which tend to pull
men Irom tbe straight path iu politics.
No bribei caused the downfall of more
men In B. C. Hum tbe brlbce ol corpor-
atione. Some men accepted atralght
bribei of money and eold their constituencies; otheri accepted favors, and
lew could withstand the temptation.
Only tha tlxsd determinattin lo do what
la light In all cases could aave a man.
He believed in representatives consulting their conalitueule carefully before
taking any Important step. He had always acted in the Legislature lor what
he considered the best interests ol the
miners and tbe people ol this town. He
had receivid many letters from the
Trades and Labor Council- but he bad
not publishsd them in tbe Nanaimo
Herald (Laughter) but he would read
tbem. This he did amidst applause. He
bad received a few bouquets, as his
Irlend the editor ol Ihe Ladyimith
Leader would eay, but be had also received some bricks, (Laughter). He
quoted Mrstrt. 1. Martin and Bodcell
at aayiug lie wat a vary bad man. He
pointed nut Carlyle'i hittory oi tlie
French Revolution ns an example ot the
awlul results which spring Irom pandering to the wont passlom ol men, but he
thought It wis fir worse lo pander to
the wealthy and powerful corporations,
which were Jhe greatest curse ol B. 0.
todiy. He was lorry to be compelled to
light lor the principles ot tbe Labor
party; there should bo no inch necesi ity.
He then give a brief resume of tbe hlitory el tb. party, originally known as
tb. Opposition party to defeat the old
Duntmulr and Turner government!,
which had don. great barm to tbii province.
Tbe organlaatlon wat perfect and re.
nulled in the defeat ol Ihe Government
candidate (D.'. Walkem.) He hoped
Dr. Walkem would pardon him lor saying io (laughter and applause). Mr,
Hawthornthwaite went on to trace the
history ot the party through the various
adminltlratlons, Joseph Martin would
never have been defeated bad not the
labor men taken arms a.almt him, lie
then showed, supporting hit contention
up to the hilt Irom documentary evidence prod net il and read to th. meeting
th.t both Smith and McKechnie bad
declared and pledged themselves most
ntemnly to hav. nothing to do what.
«v.r with any party but ths Labor party,
They ware to be entirely Independent ol
either the Liberal or Conservative party,
'Nut tupportlng and not oppoiing
either." Subsequent remarks by Mr,
Smith at varloni meetlngi had clearly
Liberal party.   But it all depended, apparently, which party had the majority.
Co). Priot's statement woo recalled, that
Smith came out aa an independent, but
was known everywhere as a dyed-in-the-
wool Liberal.  -'Can the leopard change
his epolaVasked Mr. Hawthornthwaite.
As for Dr. McKechnie, the speaker did
not think it was right tor tbe president
ol the Labor party to go to a   Liberal
meeting and attempt to take a band in
choosing delegates to attend a Liberal
Convention (applause).  The action he
had taken was in delonce of the only
true principles of the Labor party, and
he believed that he and those who were
with him scored   a   distinct victory
(cheers).  At the close of the meeting
tbat alternoon, Mr, Smith came to him
and offered   him his hand.   Mr. Smith
and be had longbt many hard fights together all over this province tbey hid
stood on tbe platform against men of tar
greater ability than either of themselves, but iu epite of the quarrels   and
disagreements, in spite ol the fact that
ho used every power and art ol the demagogue and agitator, to stir up tbe men
against me and tried to do what wai not
right, atill I must lay it wai the hardest
thing I've ever had to do in my life to
refuse thet man's hand (cheers.)
Mr, Smith—I should say so,
Mr.   Hawthornthwaite,    continuing,
taid Smith stated that    those quarrels
were private quarrels, bnt he hail never
had a private quarrel with Smith iu hia
Mr. Smith—I deny tbat. Will yon
let me explain? Mr. Smith then declared tbat he had had quarrels on political matters only. Mr, Hawthornthwaite then asked why Smith had not
explained what those quarrels were. Mr.
Smith had bad two opportunities to explain.
Mr, Smith—That'i your business.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite Iben laid tbat
the quarrels were about the Nanaimo
Herald, Huah Aitken and Ralph
Smith being against him in the quarrel,
and be wat right. He had defended
Smith in the Hume againtt attack! by
W. W, B. Mclnnes; declared that Mr.
Dunamnlr bad assured htm that Ralph
Smith attended to the caucuses ol th.
Duniinuir Government, snd that Mr.
Dnnimnir expressed surprise that Haw.
tbomthwalte refused lo attend them
also. Smith hare jumped np and said
this was not true. Mr, Hawthornthwaite then read lettera regarding often
of puses on railways to him and bla
replies itiusing same. He told ol the
representatives of the Companies com*
ing to him and artulng the matter, and
saying that he might ai well accspt
them aa Mr. Italph Smith did ao (hoots
and applause). II Mr. Smith could
honestly accept and honestly use the
passet it was all right, but lor hlmsall
he could not accept tbem at all. He
then outlined Smith't objections to th.
Canadian Labor party, amalgamating
with the American Federation ol Labor
and contended tbat It wii a narrow
view, and that Tradea Unionism should
know no country, no nationality, what*
ever, and hoped the day wonld eome
when every trade union in the world
would Hand together and defeat inch
combinations at an being formed
against them. He pointed out the contemptible position Ralph Smith had
placed himself in by accepting paesta,
It was wrong In principle. He then
attacked Smith's noturioui itatement
regarding Ihe Japanese, and stowed
that Smith bad expressed opinions favorable to tbe Japanese to Ibe Eastern
reporter (and it it well known in Nan.
uinin that he had often expnssed the
saiua opinion! privately.) Smith alwayi
carried things with inch a high hand
that no doubt he wet not iwire that any
quairel wat in progress wben inch ,was
tb. fact. Mr. Hawthornthwaite meal
tloned tbe name ol Mr.Chatles Swansea,
anil Mr, Smith asked where he wasi '
Mr. Hawthornthwaite—on the way to
the old country.
Mr. Smith—I thought eo.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite—And lic'll ba
on th. way back pretty soon (laughter.)
At this point Mr. Smith (aid that a
ttatemont by Mr. Hawthornthwallo
ihowothathiwai* lupporttr ol the ft,th,had never Won been iniulleef
at a Ralph Smith meeting. Considering wbo had used the coarso expression,
however, he could afford lo overlook it,
Mr. Hawthornthwaite then explained
his remarks in tbe House regarding
Socialism, and tbowed tbat be bad been
grouty misrepresented. He then scored
Dr. McKechnie and Smith for their
work in havicg Dr. Davis discharged.
The sooner tbe people of this town
roee and trampled tbia Eort of thing ont
tbe better it would be for tbe name of
the constituency; otherwise it is going
to be* byword for unfairness and in.
justice among tbe people ol the province.
He had asked Ralph Smith about thli
affair and Smith told the speaker that
Dr. McKechnie had told blm to do it.
(Uproar.) "I believe" Mr. Hawthornthwaite shouted, amidst great tumult in
tbe audience, "that tbat ie the fact Dr.
McKechnie is making thousands of dollars ont of the miners of thit town, and
God knowa be might ipare a few
hundred! to Dr.Davii to support himself
and bis large family cf children.
(TremendouB excitement,)
Voice from the audience—9o for him,
Jim I   (Renewed uproar and cheers.)
Mr. Hawthornthwaite—Yes,   I'll go
for him.   (Applause and laughter.)  He
then went on to recount Dr. McKecbnie's
shortcomings aa a member of the legislature and declared that Dr. McKechnie,
repreeentative of a labor constituency,
wat a supporter of the worst monopoly
on earth—the pulp monopoly. Dr. McKechnie voted for this bill.  "Yon up
here," continued the ipeaker, "think
Dr. McKechnie ia Dummulr'i greatest
enemy.   Well, Dr, McKechnie doesn't
think io." (Laughter and applause.) He
haa'Hated hii opinion tbat Chinese
labor it a necessity in this province.
(Uproar.)   In regard to tbat he wai in
at bad a potition at Ralph Smith when
pressure was brought to bear on him to
discharge   Dr.   Davis.    (Cheers and
laughter.)  Mr. Joseph Martin, even,
the arch enemy ol this province, had
got up in the House, and in one ol lb*
finest ipeecbet he ever heard eaid that
the Chinese coold not and would not be
allowed to work for those pulp mill*.
Yet Dr. McKechnie is going over to
Vancouver to try to defeat Ur. Martin.
(Applause.)   He blamed Smith for not
callings meeting regarding that convention,   In regard to Smiih's position
on the eight hour question the ipeaker
denounced Smith's action ln tannine
rednction of wagei.   He quoted Smith
•i laying tbat. hit (Smith'e) lather had
worked 10 bonre a day, and continued:
" God bint the old gentleman, he't a
belter man than hie ion."  (Oheen and
langhtei.)  Mr. Hawthornthwaite then
paid hia complimente to Victoria, laying
there waa not a more selfish lot of
people on earth than tbe Vlotoriini.
So long at they got eerved they eared
aothlog lar anybody else, and he bitterly
ridiculed their ntlway de'.itsion,   Mr.
Bodwell wai a good representative of
that people.   He wound np by declaring
that il Smith wonld take hi. hand and
lay" Jim, we'll go through thil province
together and work to bring about a
revolution and awaken tbe people to a
ol their danger," he would go
with blm.   (Applause.)
Stoppings In Tunnel for tha Flooding Are Nearly Completed,
On Monday night last the stoppings
In the tunnel, quarter ol a mile from the
epot where the No. 2 slope joins the tunnel, were almost finished. It waa expected then that tbe whole (topping
wonld be completed in a week at most.
This has been a very serious undertaking, and has been much more difficult
than wae expected at firat.
Tbe solid rock sidel of tht tuan.l had
to be cut into to . diitance ot several
leet on eacb side, and io a peculiar way,
■o ai to take the endi of the Hopping,
which ii built nf massive timbers, dovetailed, jointed and keyed to as to form a
horizontal arch, that It, il will present
to tbe inrushing waten Irom No. 2 *
semicircular front; the greater tbe pressure from that tide tbe more Irmly will
it let to place.
The work ia Immentely strong, snd it
is hardly possible that even tbe enormous pressun from the water will cans.
any atnin which tbe arched (lopping
will be unable to sustain, On Monday
night only a couple of lest at tbe top of
the stopping remained to bs filled in,
and thla wilt be no easy talk, as tb*
root il all jagged at that point. Cement
haa been freely used in Ailing In th*
crevices in the work, and at the side.,
eo that tbe whole structure will be solid
ai a toik before tbe water it permitted
to pour in upon it.
In the centre of th. stopping it the
big pipe through which the water will
be allowed to drain off when th* mine lo
filled to th* detlred point. It i. provided with a large valve worked with a
icnw. As 1000 ai the carpenters have
finished tbeir work, next week, the
water will be turned into No, 2 .lope
and kept going until the mine il filled.
It will than be allowed lo remain In the
workinge lor a few dayi and then it will
be let off gradually from the valve in
tbeatopping in tbe tonne).
At the water recedes Irom tbe alope
i lie men will go to work at the old plant
awl clearing out the dobrie aud mack
enlist.: by the fire aud waier. It la
believed by msny that the bodies of the
unfortunat* comers lost in the mine last
tall will be found in a good state oi preservation.
Ei-CoTernmant Agent Once Man
Resident in Ladysmith.
Thit waa the tint time, said Mr,
Smith, that he had ever publicly to aay
a word againtt hit friend J. H. Hawthornthwaite. lie held that the direction of th. quettion ol the nl.tlonthip
ol the Labor party with other parties
was not * public question, but wat lor
the party. He blamed Mr. Hawthornthwaite for dragging these matter, before
the public which were for Mttl.rn.nt ia
tb. party. He ihould have the tame
conslderition for hii party as be would
have for his own family. What wai
done at the Labor parly meeting held
the tamt afternoon waa the bntlnesi of
th. party, not of thit meeting. He he't
lota ol troublei ol hit own withont looking far more. He declined to dltcuss
provincial politics and did not think he
waa invited here to do so, but II so why
did not Mr. Hawlhornthwalre invite the
only member of the Provincial Legislature lor North Nanalmo resident in
Nanalmo, Mr, W. W. B. Mclnnes?
Mr. Hawthornthwaite—I only Invited
thote gentlemen whom I thought likely
to be members nf Mr, Bodwell't eablnet
In the next Initiator*.
Mr. Smlth-I'm glad to hear that. I
wonld Ilk. to know wh.t Mr. Haw*
tbomthwalte thinks of Mr. Mclnnet'i
very close connection with Mr. Joseph
'Martin. Why to mneh ebons a man 76
mile, aw.y and so little .bout nan rlsht
to home? Why iovite thote
distant men and Ignon th* local men?
He had aiked Mr. Bodwell over th.
telephone whether he wonld be pretent
at tb. meeting and Bodwell repliad that
he wonld not, •■ he hid not received
my invitation. Mr. Smith said he had
alee asked Mr. Dnnimnir whether h»
wonld bs present, and received tbe lime
reply. A lengthy dltensilon then took
place at to whether Mr. Hawthorntb
* He.   Mr. H»wthornthw*ite declared | ■ratio had invited thoie gsntlemen, Mr,
(Continued on Pag* Two.)
Ou Monday last Mr. Archibald Mae-
Gregor took up hi. new dutiN .i superintendent olthe teamsters to be employed by the Wellington Colliery Company
and the E. A. N. company hen. It la
the intention ol thoie Companies to *■•
tabllibhere * ItatT ol teamsters who
will be employed hauling coal, and who
will alio serve sis etreet building Sad
repair brigade hauling loadt ol gravel
to spota io th. road, in and around the
towntite that require attention. Mr,
Macgregor will have hit neadquartere in
th* pay office. It it learned tbat a good
deal ol etreet npairing and improvement it to be undertaken Ihil spring and
that tb* principal thoroughfare, will be
put into lirst-class order.
Preparatiena Indicating Early Mpia
to Ladysmitli,
For two weeki back th. luiveyore of
tba E. & N. Company have b**a St work
at the lagoon meaiuring and .taking off
a large ana last below the Ladyimith
Iron Worki property, on the ihon. The
Leader it informed that thli It ihe preliminary work lor the E. & N. npslr
•hopi to be removed Irom Wellington to
Ladyimith, snd th.t thil event i. likely
to happen very toon. The repair .hop.
at Ladyimith will blv. . frontage ol
leveril hundred feel on the lagoon aad
harbor, anil will extend back to th* pro*
perty ol the Ironworki Company. Th*
Tyee tmelter it to be placid on the
point acroti tb. creek north of th. It-
goon, to that those three important Industrie! will be grouped *t» very convenient tpot. Th* removil of the repair
thopi to Ladyimith mteni th* addition
ol about (evenly huntllt* to th. population ol tbii town.'
Wellington ii going to honor the Immortal memory on the 21th  when all
admlrera uf Robert Borne will meet
round the festive board and take a cap''
of kladaen lor th. ukngbssSa bard'a
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
Published every Wednesday and Saturday at
The Leader Building, corner of First Ave. and
French Street, Ladysmith, British Columbia.
T. r„ GRAHAMS, Editor and F-aoFRinToa
Bv Man. in Canada and United Status.
One year (slrictly lu advance)...  J, <*>
Ix months (strictly in advance)	
TRANSIENT—First insertion inc. a line; each
subsequent insertion 5C. a line.
Rates on application.    No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Puneral notices,
each insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
time will be charged Tor until ordered to he discontinued.
THE LEADER may be [obtained from the following Agenlsi
Ladysmith-The Leader OBlce; The Ladyemith
Pharmacy.      ,
Nauaimo—E, I'lmbury & Co.
Victoria — George Marsden;   Victoria Boot &
Stationery Co.; Pope Stationery Co.-,
Victoria News Co.;) Public Library;
Provincial Library.
Vancouver-Public Library.
New Westminster—Public Library.
All changes in advertisements must be received
at this office before ia noon ihe day before
Subscribers not receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
All job work strictly cash on delivery.
Transient advertisement, cash iu advance.
Language mora fit lor a barrack room
or a does home than lor an opera house
etage, with many ladies in the audience,
wib that which fall Irom tbe lipa ol Mr.
Ralph Smith, M. P., on Saturday night
in Nanaimo, Everybody, according to
Mr. Smith, was either a liar, or a tbiel,
or a robber; but when one penon in
tbat audience applied lo Mr. Smith in
molt unequivocal terms the word liar,
Mr. Smith became mightily incensed
and outraged. We are not attempting
to describe a brawl amongit a gang oi
drunken draba el tbe kennel, but a
meeting at which Mr. Rtlph Smith, M.
P., took a leading part and uicd moit ol
the bad language quoted.
Why, the stranger may eniiuire.ebould
Mr. Smith feel himself entitled lo forget
tbo aiuenlliee of dobaus so far and rage
and storm like a ipolltd child deprived
ol ill daily ration oleake? Simply because Mr. Smith haa been lor someieare
back tbe demigod and idol ol Nanaimr,
and find* himself slipping Irom hia
place. Ths unseemly exhibition oi
temper on S iturday night wat due to a
knowledge of the fact that Mr. Smith
standi no longer wheie he did. He wat
hissed several times lor his sbamelen
aad immoral doctrine regarding passes
and the ipeila lyilcm. II, alter hearing
this man attempt with the clumsiest
handling of the edged toolt ol logic, to
juetify the detestable practice! which
are the disgrace of American politic*,
aad boldly eonfcil that he had deliberately displaced one official to make room
for another, became the former wai a
pilltical enemy and the latter a political
friend-ll liter listening to tbii jstuili-
cal doctrine ol th* end jollifying tbe
means, the workingmen of Nanalmo aie
satisfied to let thil penon represent
tbem in parliament, that I. their al
We. understand that Mr. Smith il to
l»ti uated at anytime to offer up an
ex .einpore prayer, or to 111 * vacancy in
the pul| it, or give s lecture on iuccsi
and other cmy anbjscls mlt.blefor un.
critical audience!; hence th* intenaity'iweep of the arm and roared
of our aatonlshment to hear him me
language in the presence oi ladiea which
li certainly not fit lor them to bear, and
would be very strongly obiacted to even
in decent mine company. Anger bring!
tbe real character of a man to the lur-
facs, and Mr. Smith was an angiy man
on Saturday night. If that be tbe real
Mr. Smith he li not fit to represent an;',
Then Mr. Hawthornlhwai'us'e mere!
tail txpoiure ol Mr, Smilh's double
dealing, his astonishing unfailhlulness to
promises and his eheip demagogue
methods must surely have weakened the
faith of even the most devoted of Mr.
Smith's henchmen. Mr. Hawthornthwaite said one thing that all Nanaimo
people tliould take home to themselves.
Itehrriig to the sneaking piece ot job-
bery b. which Dr. Davie wai deprived
of Lis 1 lli.iu and Dr. McKechnie ap-
polntid, be laid that the sooner the
people of Nanaimo rose and put down
this sort of thing the better. Tbat is
true; such things nre nutbing short ol
damnable, and are a disgrace to any
oivllizsd community.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite denounced Mr.
Smith aa a demagogue and an agitator,
and what else la tbe man, judging him
from hie own record? He is bunting
with the New Vancouver Coal Company
hounds, and running with tbe laboring-
men bare, and the marvellous thing ie
that the men ol Nanaimo do not seem to
realize tbe fact. During Mr, Hawthorn,
thwalte'a ipeech and the subsequent
remarks ol Mr, Smith the thing which
etruck the listener mott forcibly waa tbe
fict thit Mr. Smith il a veritable Mr,
Hide; It would be absolutely impossible
to pin thil man down to any Btralgbt-
lorward statement, lie ia as full of
qualifying sentences aud exceptions at
an rgg is full of meat; he ii never at
fault; it le always liia critics and accui-
en thit did not bear exactly what be
Hid or all that he laid. He says one
thing in private and the very opposite
in public—all lor expediency'! like and
the great ir glory ol Mr. Smith,
Mr. Hawthornthwaite proved up lo
the hilt that Mr. Smith it * Liberal and
not a labor men, desperately although
he trlea to pose as the latter—wh en convenient for hie purposes. Strange tbat
Mr.Smit'i did not defend himself against
the mott terloua of tbe chargea brought
agalnatbimby bla opponent—'.hat be
had attended the caucuses ol the Gov
eminent in Victoria. II thil be the
tiuth, and Mr. Smith did not lee fit to
deny it epecifically In hia remarki, he
hai been guilty of tbe molt abominable
treachery to tbe confiding woiklngmen
of Nanaimo, who sent him down to thai
home for * very different purpose.
But we discovered by accident tome-
thing that ihowed how th* Smith oriole
worki and managei to keep iti amazing
control over the mlndi and contclence.
ot hundreds ol otberwlss intelligent
men. Wben Mr, Smith and tbe editor
ol thit piper w.re ditpotl ng at th. front
of tha attge at to what Mr. Smith did
ny when he wi. hurling tbe word liar
about so generously, the editor laid in
nply to Mr, Smith's equivocation that
it wai the paper aud not tbe editor he
moat: "Well, iin't it tb* same thing?
Yon know I writ* It all." Mr. Smith
witching hit opportunity whan th. up
rear wai at ill height immediately
■prang to one side and waving hit band
whloh held hi, hat, and pointing with
th. other at ths editor, basloJ i "This
man can't tell the truth evau wben
tiles!"  Not more than twsnty psople
could have heard th. remark but tbe
lalthlol clique had their  cue   ia ihe
till thair
throats cracked. Now, what did they
roar el? Simply this; at a ridiculous
contradiction ol bimieif by the man who
atill has bit foot on their necks. First
hesaidlhat the epithet liar wai not
applied to the editor but to tbe pepw,
then Immediately afterward be declares
that the editor cannot speak the truth
when he tries, 1. e. li a liar. And this
il the penon who had the hardihood to
talk during hii speech ol logic and of
deducting lair) reasons. IIIb talk would
lead one to believe, or at least suspect
that hie reason bad been "deducted."
But tbe (ongoing gave us at a glance the
whole petty machinery with which this
champion charlatan wurke bis magic
with tho workingmsn of Nanalmo, He
advised tbem to think for themselves.
When they do there will be a tpeedy
end to Ralph Smith.
Hawthornthwaite is done for in Nanaimo; hell a mouly follow, worth a
score of the Smith peraon. Ralph Smith
will be in tbe tame box before he Ib
much older. Nanaimo ii tiled of Smilh
rule and ie lookiag lor a man with
better list of excuses for entering, public
life than those which form the paltry
stock-in-trade of Mr. Ralph Smith, M.P.
Silenced liiiu In favor nf the C. P. li.   If  that it ns a
ituco to liiiu whether limy
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gtJB^.-*8!H^ U,„ knjith'i f«e
Vancouver World says Lue Vernon's
pipe want! cleaning. The present editor
ol the World should bs thankful that
tbe etiquette ol journalism preventi
Ihe Leader ahowing how badly he re
quires moral cleaning. The subj-ct Is
one lie should avuld.
Nanaimo's papers eay the editor ol
The Leader did not get a hear ing on Saturday night, it ilph Smith can tell a
different story. The editor did get a
hearing and ahowed tbe audience, too,
that Ralph Soiltli'i attack on The Lead,
er was a vile and baseless Blander,
, Had W. W. II. Mclunea M. P. L.
ta'ien the platform un Saturday night at
Nanaimo Ralph Smith's discomfiture
would have been complete. It wae the
first meeting in Nanaimo at wtiioh Mr.
Smith was biased. He is being lound
Ralph Smith, MP., at the meeting on
Saturday night called everybody who
dittoed Irom blm "a liar," but wben
the earns polite epithet was applied to
him he did not like It, pur a lay
preacher and a member ol pcrllamenl
Mr. Smith certainly dors uso very
lo'c'stie talk in public, and he .ie far
,'rora ttulhful hlmrolf.
In the opinion of the Lirdeau Eagle
it la time for a show down. The Eagle
" Tbe "Liberal Labor" fake days are
over at the Coast. Maxwell will have
>o declare hlmielf at the next election,
and Ralph Smith le already discredited
and a sooner, while tbe jig le up with
McKechnie. Let tliam gu where they
belong—to Ibe Liberel ranks. The
Labor and Socialist element are growing
wise, tho it took a long time,"
The Nanaimo fleeting.
(Continued Irom Paae One.)
liawlbornthwiilte satisfactorily explain,
lag to tbe audience what he bad done
aud ibowing that Mr. Smith'! detective
and ipy work wai ail thrown away
Mr. smith tb.n attacked Hawthurnth.
wait* on th* latter'* alleged socialist!,
deelaiatloni in Victoria, and for report
Ing piece, of conversation to the prejudice ol Smith, where the context would
have thown tbat then expression! were
perfectly Innocent, It wai not light to
dissociate facta from related fac'.tand
give tbem ai evidence; the mac who
would do to Is a dangerous man. H
Smith then, at very great length,
traversed the itati menta of bis opponent
as to the trackmen's strike snd othir
m»tt*n until be came to the pan
quntion. A pais, laid Mr. Smith, lis
complimentary privilege given to every
membsr ol parliament in America,
Voles-Whet foi ? (Liughter.)
Mr. Smith—Well, II it'e * cheap man
it'i to buy him. (Laughter,) Mr, Smith
thin criticised Hawthornthwaite for declining III* raitei. Smith laid thit
ev.ry priv.le railway bill lhat want
through Ih* home during th* Bemtln
administration had a claun lhat
mom ben ol the leiWatute rid* free,»nd
he tnpported thorn, hllli, (Oroani.)
Became tbe members ol parliament
should lie the count,y thoroughly; tb.y
should know it better (ban slmoit say
othtr aw, In ibe Eait be blmnll bad
spoken .1 many meeting, end it bad not
cost labor on. cent for hi. transport-
atloa. He used the grease ol the fat
corporation* for the sdyantigeiof the
worken. (Hisses,) He wonld bat there
not s man io the Dominion Home
euoli could be proved be would give up
that paas. Tho editor of the Ladysmitli
Loader was here, the paper tbat was tbe
greatest liar in British Columbia; tbe
most vicious, malignant and unmitigated liarin the province; it isn't alwayi
easy to catch blm.
Mr. Grahame—I'm on deck all day
every day; I won't run away from you.
Mr. Smith—I tay tbii lying paper.
Mr, T, L. Grahame—Name one.
Mr. Smith—Oh, I could name a dozen.
(Yells ul " Name oue, Smith, name
Mr. Grahame—One will do very wel'.
Mr.Smith-Yet,I'll name a dizen.
(Cries ol "Name tbem I")
Mr. Grahame—I'll be satisfied with
outy one.   Name one II you can.
Mr. Smith—1 can name a dozen but
I'll jost give two. The Leader publiabed
tome time ago a statement said to be by
H, G, Sheppard, of Extension, about
that iatorview with Dunsmuir when he
told the commitiee to go to hell, and
tbat Dunsmuir compared him with me
and that Sheppard was angry. Step-
paid told me that was all the blggett lie
that wai ever printed,
Mr. Grabame—Will ycu al <>w me a
Mr, Smith-No, you'il get plenty ol
chance when I'm through. Then the
Leader printed a atory abiut Mr.Robini
going to resign aud Mr. Russell lo sue
ceed him, and Mr. Alexander Faulds to
take Mr. Russell's place. Also tha!
Ralph Smith wai going to get a roasting
belore the miners' union. These things
are all lies." Mr. Smith then went on
to say he bad never spent a cent nn
Dnnsmuir's road and did not Intend to,
Mr. Smith then passed to certain stale-
menta made by Mr. Swanson but did
not seem to convince tho bouse. He
then took up tbe allegation aa to what
ha said about the Japanese, and gave
IiIb version of tba affair,
lie wonld rather work for lower wares
than work more than fight houra a day.
Eight home wat the belt fur the wnik*
luguien. Regarding the dismitBal of
Dr. Davis and the ap; ointment of Dr.
Mi'Keoboie, be was sorry tbat autvjsct
had been brought up tonight. Dr, Davis
never complained lo him about hia die
missal (laughter). If ha went Into thla
matter It would be uncoinforlatile tor
Dr. Davis. Dr, Davis never held tho
appointment si Indian dor-tor; my
opinion about Dr. Davis wat given in a
private way, aud Htnthornlhivaite
gives it heie in a public ball belore bun-
diedsof mew, Mr. Smith aiked ii the
public would nut allow him to do for
hi, political blends what the political
friends ol Ur, Davis did for him. Dr.
Davis is a political enemy, and my political enemies must lako what they gt t.
Dr. McKechnie came to me and acked
me fnr Ur. D.visV position and I gave
It to him because he was my political
friend, (Uproar, bines, lung coutiuu il,
shouts nf derision and groans.)
Mr. Smith—Some ot those who are
hilling me would only have been too
gla I to take the position themselves.
iRsnewed uproir, billing and groans.)
Dr. McKechnie il one i-i tbe most honorable men in thil town ( aughter.) Mr.
Smith then eaid he never held any position againtt the with ol the body of men
he repreteuted. He had (dared to resign
and they wouldu't let him (Oiiea ul
"Ob!" and laughter.)
Turnlpg to the alleged declaration ol
Socialistic principle, by Mr. Da .thorn-
thwaite, Mr, Smith laid tint Hawthorn
thwalte.mphatio.lly laid "J am e
Mr, Wlnkelmann (from a b i)-R.»li h
Mr. Smith-Well, Sir, what it II?
Mr, Wiukelmann—Ralph Smith, you
are a liar. Mr, Smith in great agitation
proteitsd against thli iisertlon, but Mr.
Wiukelmann repeated the charge many
timee amidst applauie. A heated argument then took place between Mr.
Smith and tbe Socialists, two ol whom
Mssin, Kllby and Rlchardi took the
platform. Mr. Kllby asked Mr, Smith
II be would stand by what a promineut
Soclalltt leader (I Eaitera Canada laid
about him, and Mr, Smith replied that
he would ai that man wat all right, Mr,
Kllby then to tbe great amueement ol
the audience read a letter algned by this
gentlemen denouncing Smith in roui.d
termi ind staling ihtt h. waa "abtol;
utely no good," Mr, Smith then anter,
ed into a long binngu. on Socialism,
laying that iti pi. ilplet were silly and
tbat it would never obtain acceptance,
It w*t verging on midnight when Mr. T,
L, Grahame of Tbe Loader, ming that
Smlth'i Intention wn to ute np til lb*
time to that nobody ihould htve •
chance to nply to hia vlllaiuoui a.per-
•lent, jumped to the (rout ol Ihe platform and Hid: "Mr. Smith hat teen
lit to ute language ben tonight In pretence ol Ihete bullet which I would certainly not un In their presence. Bnt it
li necessary fur mi to repeat the fool
langnaga med by tbat man in order to
put myself right. He luteal lid me
vicious, malignant and u, mitigated
Mr, Smith-} did not,
Mr. Qrahaine-Voii did,
Mr. 8mith-l did nut, I called The
Leader tbat, not you,
Mr, Grahame-Ycu netdu'l attempt
to split bal,a, yon know it i, tb, igiu.
Smth., taking * stride to nn*
side and with a sweep cl bit arm-You
see.he rsn't tall the truth when he triei,
Mr, Graham, then told lb. audience
I'i'ifect ludiffer-
yeltel and
elanipml all nlirlit.m bo hai his r-medy.
Mr. Smith might bawl louder aud
thump the table ln a more i-pprcvid
fashion, but that Ihero was a pl'li'e fur
argument where Ihose Hunts' did not
couul. lie then t'xplainid tu Mm audi-
enco the Sltoopard interview and proved
to thorn conclusively that it was n bona
fide interview, and that Shsppaid bad
admitted this alter readlup: II, unly will,
the comment that it hail been loned
down con.lilernlily from the originul.
Mr. Grahame who hail inncli difficulty
iu making himself heard on nt'oount of a
gang ol noisy fellows near ibe platform,
told the aiiillonce that if they came t'uwn
lo LaJyelilltii tin y would be treated lo
Bomctbing tbat seemed.to be an impossibility to get in Nauaimo, and that waa
a fair hearing.
The Socialists and Mr, Hawthornthwaite then tackled Smith and there wai
a warm quarter of an hour for him. The'
meetiug dispersed in good order and
there was no cheering either lor Smith
or Hawthornthwaite,
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Minister of Presbyterian Church on
the King's Oath.
The Views of a Canadian  Protestant Regarding
Religious Liberty.
The letters by "M" and by Rev.
Father Verbeke have been of interest to
the public. "M" claimed not to be a
bigot and Rev. Father Verbeke cIsbscb
himself among right*minded people.
Bat since there have been men strong
and zealous enough to maintain and
hand down liberty no matter what force
might seek to crush it out, eome of us
■hall claim the right to think Iho Empire
Will still exist and flourish if the' Coronation Oath still remains In Ite Integrity,
and expreta ourselves accordingly
though our minds may be narrow and
our hearts perverted.
We are not the plaintiff* in thia enit.
We never brought it Into the court of
public oninlou. The mind of tbe British public wae made tin long ago and
expressed in the Coronation Oath. Alter
* fair and patient trial had been given
tmonarchs who had a weakness for
Romanism. After Mary had lit the Urea
ofSmlthfleld lo toiture and kill the
heroes of liberty, after the Spauiab
Armada had been beaten off by wmsnul
bravery, alter the Stuarts had allowed
a* foreign fleet to sail up the Thames and
had shown themselves to be quite un-
worthy of belief and confidence and
•enemies of the good of the Kingdom, tie
people decided that in future the gteat-
est care must be exercised to prevent
any agent of the Church of Rome from
intriguing with the affairs of their
Kingdom and they framed the oath to
prevent Roman Catholics ever again
ascending to that proud position which
they had dishonored aud <ii.graced■
Surely no student ol history will claim
that a fair trial was not glv-n thcee
sovereigns or that the continuance o'
such monerchs was in the interest of
the people. And under a i*>rm of government such an ours—really a deuit|
eracy—the people had a right tn exclude
whom they wonld Ircui tbe Ihtonc
There are certain statements made by
the Rev. Father Verbeke which I have
no doubt be believes (o be true, but 1
fear he forgets tbat iu believing theso
statements he accepts an authority
•which all tbe public are not prepared to
For instance, why are we called upon
to believe that Mary "ia nearer and
•dearer to onr Lord than any other
Saint." Scripture teachings on the
subject cannot be said to support this
idea, "Behold my mother and my
brethren for whomever shall do the will
of my Father which Is In Heaven tbe
same U my brother, and muter and
mother. Matt. 12: 40 50. Other passages make the Btatoment referred to
very difficult of pn»f. What divine
teaching have we that Mary or any
other departed Saint can or does pray
for ui?
Also a certain branch of the Church
of England at the present time is a very
jpoor authority on Protestantism.
How does the "Pilot" know lhat the
King does not hold these doctrines to be
superstitious? Are we to believe lhat
the King, knowing be had taken tba
•oath, maula the statement, bo that it
could become public property, that he
■did not believe it?   We scarcely think
Exception Is taken to the oath on the
(round that It Is, to> strongly worded.
It II to be hoped, Mr. Editor, tbat tbeie
il no misunderstanding about the words
"superstitious and idolatrous," These
words are not introduced merely to pro-
woke Romanists bat simply to express tn
•ordinary language what Protestants
must and do believe regarding that part
of tbe form of worship of the Romish
Church to which reference is made. Is
it really claimed that there Is no superstition in Romish worship? If so, why
are bits of wood and trinkets uf all kinds
treasured ap and believed to convey
blessings? What Is the reason for pilgrimages to shrines? Why did tbe
Romish Church a few years ago during
the smallpox scourge In Montreal sell
wafers on which was stamped the image ol the Virgin and guarunteo them to
rbe a proof against smallpox? In regard
to the word "idolatrous," not being
•used to inch terms expressing so fine
■shades of meaning as "adore," "honor,"
and "worship" we cannot go folly into
their discussion, but the public can
iadge whether the Virgin holds as prominent a place In the Roman Oathollo
worship as Father, Son and Holy Ghost
or not, Is her divinity not implied In
tht words "Mother of God"? If these
pact! of the Romish worship and otheri
•re not of the very essence of "Idolatry
aud Superstition" tbeie words havo no
meaning in the English language.
The oath is strongly worded. Par*
ticularly eo. Every precaution ie taken,
every loop-hole izuarded. Why? The
answer can be little comfort to the
amendjrsof the oath: (1.) The monarchical friends of Rome broke every
pledge the people forced from them and
were most perfidious In their dealing
with their subjects. (2.) Because ol
what is known as "mental reservation,"
etc., one may Bay anything he chooses
eo long as in his own mind he doei not
believe it to be a lie he has not lied, was
practised in those times by certain peo-
pie. (3.) Because of another practice
equally subversive of good society.When
forced into a corner one might deny tbe
'aitli but on an appeal to the Pope and
explanations made that It was In the
" interests ot tlie Church," the offender
was absolved of hia crime. So in view of
the circumstances Protestants are
scarcely responsible for the care they bad
to exercise to have tbeir wills carried out,
It Is hinted that Great Britain may
lote some of her friends by this Insult
ing oatb, But the reception given ' Oom
Paul" iu France, the bursting of anaer
In Germany at the few harmless words
by Chamberlain, tba riot last week in
an Austrian theatre at Wilson Barret's
"Sign of tbe Gross" have reminded us
again tbat we have no friends. It Is
abturd to think of Russia and Great
Britain ever btiug in any other relationship Lbaii opposition. The only allies ol
Great Britain are the Basutos and other
3-iuth African races aud it Is hardly
likely relations with them wilt be
strained by tbe oath. If other nations
objact to our maintenance of Protestant
iam it will not be the fir** time. WLen
Oliver Cromwell stopped the persecution
of the WaldsneeB in Italy bo effectively
It is hardly likely that his work met the
approval of ail tbe courts of Earopc.
It has beau pointed out that the
movers in the case are not tbe Protest-
ante but the Romanists whether they
belong to tbeir owni Church or whether
in'ey'bftioug id tlio High Church oi Eng-
The oath is said to bo insuUiug. This
Ib a strange charge for the Roman Catholics to make. Have they alwayi exercised due care Lot to iusult other religious biu.ee? Their very foundation
claim oi being the only church insults
all other churches. Tho majority ol
PioUatttuiH believe that the whole body
of believers aud followers of Const
whether iu the Methodist or Baptist
or Romish Church form the invisible
Church wnich is the only Catholic one.
The ItomanlstB teach that tbe church
Loiibisib only ol those who an admitted
to it by those who claim to be the successors of Peter. Tbls unchurches every
other person than ' R jman Catholics,
What was the claim put forth ln tbe
recent "Delplt" case butlbat tbe parties
because they were married by a Protest'
ant minister were not married at all?
Archbishop Walsh afew years ago, wben
Borne of the members of bli church attended the marriage of a friend In a
Cong rogation al Church, forbade them doing so again at any similar or any other
event, aud stated In effect that because
the marriage of all otheri wai not con
treated by some Priest of the Church of
Rime lhat they were breaking the
Seventh Commandment and their children wore Illegitimate.
It has been itated on, good authority
that priests in tbe Onurch of Rome
must lake sn oath beside which the Coronation Oith li exceedingly tame.
Whether this is so or not wo know that
the Ctiurob of Rome hai been more In-
Bulling and hostile and cmel towards
other religions; than any or all other
religious have been towards tbem.
We would gladly remove any offensive
words, providing they will give up tbe
ceremonies which can only be described
by those words, and providing they will
adopts similar attitude towards us.
Let them ceate to sot themselves up arrogantly as the only trne successors of
the Apostles and as having a monopoly
of religion. Let them stop deceiving
tue people, claiming powers to do things
they never had nor never will have, and
then il they come end aik Pro tenant a
to remove the objectionable features in
the oatb it will likely be cheerfully
It may be pointed out tbat the meat
substantial progress hai been mac'.
towards restoring liberty to tba Roman
Catholic subjects until there are enly
three tfflces iu Great BiUaln a Roman
Oathollo may not hold and none In Canada. The three in Gnat Britain art
King, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and
the Lord Chancellorship, and as mott
Protestants most be   content   to go
How Was Clark Went From Selling
Book, to Printline Them.
Miss Csrro M. Clark, who Is the C. M.
Clatk Publishing company, with two
great book successes, "Qulucy Adums
Sawyer" and "Blennerhassett," to her
credit, owned and managed n popular
look store and' stationery shop lu the
Mack Bay, Boston, for nine yeura previous to embarking on the uncertain sea of
publishing books. The most exclusive
Back Bay families were among her regular patrons. Miss Clark says it was entirely accidental her going Into the pub-
(Continued on Page Four.)
fishing business. She knew Mr. Pidgin
and went to hear the manuscript of
"Qulncy Adams Sawyer" read out of curiosity. She came away from the rending
convinced that It would be a wise business move to publish the book.
It Is quite possible that Miss Clarke
Inherits her ambitious spirit and the faculty' of accomplishing whatever she attempts from her great-grandfather, i'liin-
eas Warren, who fought In tbe battle of
Lexington, He was a near relative of
Joseph Warren of Banker Hill fame.
Adaptability Is one of the moat desirable qualities In existence and goes far toward making a man or a woman a popular person. It must be conceded that the
ultra fashionable possess this attribute
far more generally than well to do people
who are not nearly as smart, for, always
provided that their friends belong to
their "set," tbey will visit at a palace or
a cot with equal readiness, enjoying the
simplicity of a farm apparently quite as
much as the stately grandeur of a princely establishment
"It must seem a great contrast to yon,"
gold the young mistress of a littlo cottage
at Hempstead as she conducted ber guest,
one of the most sought after society girls
In New York, to her room, "to come here
just after stopping at a magnificent establishment like the Tiptops."
"Why. It Is all about the same thing,"
answered the cosmopolitan young woman.
"You give me 5 o'clock tea, dine at 8, but
send up my breakfast on a tray. No one
can do soy better than that, however
grand they may be. I must confess to
being a creature of habit ln those respects, but I find that nice people live
about tho same whatever the size of the
house or the number of footmen."
Importance of Rest.
Nervous, tired housekeepers or busy
workers In any other occupation save
time and strength by learning to do the
right thing at the right moment and In
the easiest and shortest way possible. It
pay take thought, but thought Is one ot
the best labor saving implements ever
discovered by maq. Save time an<|
strength by using machines wherever It is
possible. Prolong life and health by taking a few moments' rest between duties.
Work done In a state of fatigue will
probably be poorly done and sometimes
must be corrected.
Learn to be calm. All the store of patience Incased in on. mortal frame will
be needed some time for a trying ordeal.
Don't waste any of It Physicians and
druggists grow fat on the wrecks of constitutions broken by countless little
things. If there Is no other argument
that will count for observing these simple
rules, consider tbe wrinkles bow they
grow and remember tbat nervous fret-
ting, With Its consequent displays of ill
temper, |s ths soil In which these facial
disfigurements flourish like ths green bay
tres,-Nsw Orleans Tlmes-Psmocrgt
A Norte. ll«. red.
However competent a housemaid may
be, she must wear a "uniform" If she desires employment In ths North Side families of Chicago. No reason Is given why
this fad Is limited to one section ot that
city. Tbls outfit consists ot a blue and
white cotton dress, white apron nnd
white csp. The general effect Is somewhat similar to the costume worn by
trained nurses. For the different grades
ot work there are certaiq styles. Tbe
cook nvist wear a dress, apron and cap
of an entirely different design from that
let aside for tho hoosemsld, and the fabric designated for ber must have a differ*
cut stripe, ft Is considered a hardship by
some of the Mi-runts that ths girl .must
■apply the uniform opt of b,er wages, but
when she register, at sn agency her
chances of employment are small, it Is
■aid, unices the itates her willingness to
provide the dress.-New York Tribune.
Tea If nek Cl.tfcln».
Most men sod women wear a great
deal too much winter clothing. Provided
good, stout flannel garments ire worn
■tit the skin, their duplication in ths
mm of a healthy penon is quits uncalled
for. A thick vstt fatnMth a thick shirt
ihould be a superfluity. How many so
regard It!
Abovs all, bs th. weather wet or fine-
snow, rain or ball-go out If you feel
seedy, don't coddle up at horns. Get out
Into tbe air. Fresh air Is life. It Is nature's own. cure for countless artificial
complaints, inch ■■ consumption or brain
fig. Get it u long and as often as yon
can. If you can add sunshine, so much
the better. [ \
tbe freezing point an possible without actually free;:Ii)g them, If potatoes are to
be kept In tl.t> sninu rtillar, tbey should be
put In the warmest putt.
The barrels of apples, well headed up,
should be set close- to tbe windows where
on days when the atmosphere is only a
few degrees above freezing they may be
treated to a cold air bath, but that part
of the cellar where tho potatoes are kept
should not be allowed to full below 40 degrees. Always keep a thermometer In the
cellar, aud It will be possible to cool off
the apples without injuring the potatoes.
Do not unbend the barrels until tbe apples are wanted. Let the apples remain
undisturbed, as it is rarely a good plan to
sort them over and to pick out the rotten
Apples Iu ripening give out a deleter!*
oua gas, carbonic dcld, which greatly aids
In preserving them, but this gas Is unhealthy and cannot be allowed to accumulate in the house cellar. It la one of
the advantages of an outBide cellar that
this may bo allowed to remain.
Lucky Colon For Garten.
A young girl, blushing faintly, remarked at a theatrical performance about the
garter of pale blue silk that a dancer
wore below ber knee. "It Ib bad luck,"
Bhe Bald, "to wear one's garters In that
way, aud I, for my part, would not do it
It is also had luck to wear white garters.
They signify death, and yellow ones signify jealousy and love troubles. Garters
tied in a true lover's knot are the most
fortunate ones, and If they are jeweled
that makCB them still more fortunate.
Suspender garters have no bad luck attached to them, but they are not very
pretty. After tbe true lover's knot the
black garter fastened with a gold buckle
Is the luckiest: My own garters always
match my stockings, but you could never
induce me to wear stockings of white or
yellow,"—Philadelphia Record.
Always the Same.
There Is a superstition that our grandmothers were far more honorable in their
dealings with their dressmakers than we
are nowadays. But a certain firm has
books extending over more than a century which entirely disprove this theory.
Reference to these interesting volumes
shows tbat long accounts were the order
of the day at the beginning of the last
century, that they were frequently not
paid till extreme measures were taken
and that ladles Iu society at that period
were uot less extravagant when they had
standing accounts than are their descendants of a hundred years later. Probably
there are among the ruins of Pompeii
similar records. From one generation to
another tbe little weaknesses of human
nature do not seem to change very much,
after all.
How to Make Pea Soup.
Pea soup that is strongly commended
for its excellence is made after these directions: Use either half a peck of fresh
green peas taken from the pods or a can
of the French brands. If the uncooked
peas are used, put them, with a handful
of spinach leaves, Into a kettle with a
pint of stock and a quart of boiling water. Set over tbe fire to simmer half an
hour. Add n head of sliced lettuce, half a
teaspoonful of salt and a teaspoonful of
sugar. Let boil until the spinach and lettuce are pulpy. Take up and run through
a wire sieve. Boil the peas and half n
sliced cucumber in a little water,.mash
and pass through a sieve. Mix with the
soup and season with Bait, pepper, a
squeeze of lemon juice and a dash of
To lave Pennies,
If your ribbons become faded and
creased, you can make them look almost
new again by rinsing tbem in cold water,
shaking them almost dry and then Ironing
tbem while damp on an ironing board
with a piece of muslin over.
Your black thread stockings will keep
their look ot newness and blackness
much longer If you wash them at home.
To do this properly fill a small muslin
bag with brau, and with this make a
lather la tepid water. Wash tbe stockings in this water, and when you take
them out ot the water roll up In a clean
cloth and wring them out wefi and dry
by a quick fire.
Wasted Batter.
A cooking teacher advises that a prolific source of waste in many American
households Ib In the too free use of butter, says the New York Evening Post. It
ono would remember every time the
temptation comes to odd an additional
tabtcspoonful to some dish In process of
preparation that a tablcspoonful of butter weighs an ounce aud has therefore a
definite value, 2 or 8 cents, as the caso
may be, one form of this waste might be
stopped. A pare beef fat, as suet well
tried out, can often be substituted for
butter to the betterment frequently of
both flavor nud digestion.
Character  Linn,
The woman who thinks only of the
disappointments of the day or tbo in-
conveniences of the weather usually
shows her temperamental fallings In ber
face. The petulant fret lines, the drooping chin muscles, the washboard corrugation In her forehead—all these are pointed fingers and glaring signboards saying
and shrieking to tbe world: "Look at me!
I am Missus Pessy-Mlst. Nothing suits
me, and tbe things tbat do I am unable
to see."—Chicago Record-Herald.
Never allow lint Irons to become "red-
hot," ns tbey will not hold tho heat so
well after such treatment. Should they
become rough or smoky give them a good
scrubbing in soap and water, rinse dry
and rub briskly over a piece ot sandpaper. To prevent their sticking to starched clothes rub over the sandpaper, then
over a cloth with a little beeswax or
white wax In If.	
When you use a steamer over a kettle,
fold a clean cloth In several thicknesses
and lay over the top of the steamer under
tbe cover nnd weight tbe cover down,
This keeps in all the steam, gad the food
Will cook much more quickly, miking a
saving ot time and tue).
The habit of overlooking family jars, of
failing to see the sour ionic and not hearing the harsh word and setting aside forever the disagreement Ib a habit that
makes for family peace. It Is throwing
stones In the path out of one's way.
If a kettle In which onions or other
strong vegetables have been cooked Is
rubbed with a cloth dipped In hot, strong
soda water and then washed In soapy
water, all the odor will disappear.
To Keep Apple* aad Potatoes.     |   When windows do not shove up and
Always store applM In a well ventllat-. down easily, rob a little bard soap on tbe
sd room or cellar and ksep them u MM Inner casing,
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers ex'
ceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed
Fine public school building now being
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmith
.  -■■■   .....  ..-..AL    .v,.......
 :'L -"■""" '"■' k-*"1''-
_ii i_
The Cheapside!
Belore clock taking we will reduce all our goods.  We offer the public
ol Ladysmith and surrounding diitrict tbe benefit ol our
Wholesale Prices!
Oome and take the opportunity offered by the cheap sales.
next month Ilia capacity of tbe Granny
smelter a ill be 1,000 tool a day,
The Silver Oup'e ore ia all being delivered at Truut Lake nending the opening ol th. Lardo railway.
It it lilted experimenta have been
succeiifuly made at Trail smelter lor
the Introduction ol an electrolytic pro-
ten ln lead refining.
Rev. Mr. Rae Replies.
(Oontlnned from Page Three.)
General Store,
High St., Ladysmitli
Extension Tunnel
Annual Clearance Sale ol .
Ta-.ntv per cent discount lor One
Week More. Ileal snapi in odd lines.
Oome with  the  crowd and get first
choirs nf the belt patterns before tbey
are nil sold.
Sampson's Cash Stores,
!   Nanalmo, B. C.
♦♦♦+♦++ +■•*•++++++•
More pipe for the water works bas
arrived aud has been stacked up at the
station. It will be hauled to the pipe
line at once.
The latest etylea In btir cutting and
beard trimming at tbe Ladyimith Shav
ng Parlor, High itreet.
Hon. James Dunsmuir, Supt, Little,
Mr, Fowler and other official! ol tbe
Company were in Ladyimith on Saturday.
Do yon believe in your own goodt
Then don't conceal tbe (act from the
public,   Advertise.
Next Saturday night ia the anniser-
eary ol Bnrna'a birthday. The local
admirers do not ssem to be going to
hold a celebration this year.
For highest class jewelery and skilled
repairing go to Lively, the jeweler.
-With the exception ol a very nii'd
flurry early in December then has been
no snoofall in Ladysmith this winter.
So lar Tbe Leader has heard no complaint!,
Watch anil clock repairing Is my
specialty. Sand them to me and I will
make tbem like new. W. H. Lively,
Flrtt Avenue,
Quite a company of Ladyimith people
travelled to Nanaimo on Saturday to
attend the political meeting. They are
all agreed that it wat worth while.
Still a few bargain! lilt at Lively's,
the leading jtweler. Christmas and
New Year didn't take them all.
Nanaimo Dramatic Club want to come
ti Ladyimith to give s performance ot
the two comediei which tbey ire pre
p»ring lor tha delectation ol th* local
public,  This would ba a treat,
Have your watoh make a good retold
tion to keep correct time throughout
1902. Lively will attend to it lor yoo.
Madame LeNorm»nde, th. palmist,
reed a good many handa while in Lady*
emith last week. She wss In Nanaimo
thie week. Madame and ber hutbsnd
intend lo retide in Victoria.
Molt ol th* men were paid on Satur
day, but a number came down Monday
to receive their*. Some went straight
hack home (gain, other, want to Nan.
almond therefore did not go home
viry straight.
IJOaptaln Me. Iatoth wat la town Sa'-
nrday and went down lo Ciofton r n the
aflertoio traia. It ii posilbl. i hit, tba
Captain may h*v* to rtlid* It Orofton,
ind in that caw it will be necessary to
elect a preild.nl for tbe ladytmlth St.
Andrew'i and Caledonian Soel.tr, and
alio . captain lor th. Kifl. Anociation,
both el which I onorabl.. positions the
Captain mini with much acceptance.
Ha will know in * taw d«ys what his
fate is to be.
Johnston Bloek,     -    Nanalmo, B. O.
P.O. Box,37,1*1. lit,
An exchange uf pulpita is arranged
between Rev, Mr, Rae, Ladysmith, and
Mr. Murray,Extensioa.lor Sabbatb.Jan.
The Methodlsli lait night gavo a bachelors' high tea and concert which was
very successful. There wai a good attendance of bachelors and otben.
Knight's boarding house, Extension,
was burned down Saturday nigbt. Loss
about (3,000 partially insured, Tbe
family were at chnrch at tbe time.
From all appearance! the baseball
dance on the 23th. instant is going to be
one ol the most enjoyable affairs of the
whole season. Too matter is in the
right bands.
Conductor Fletcher's, presence of mind
and prompt action caved Ihe life of a
raeh man who attempted to do tbe flying act between tbe Extension train and
the Nanalmo une last Monday afternoon
at Fiddick'a Junction. Conductor
Fletcher gave him a push just in tbe
nick ol time aud Ibe man rolled clear
of the moving wheeli. He wai too
flustered to return thanks.
through the world without being ,King
or Lord Lieut, of Ireland we are practically on a level, Thete liberties are
granted because it is now generally believed tbat Catholics are good citizens
and capable ol discharging tbe dutlesef
a cltizsn or an office, judicial or political.
Lord Russell wat a credit to bis church
and a wealth to the British judiciary.
Sir John Thompson and Sir Wilfrid
Laurler are at hunest and honorable at
any Protectant premier we have ever
bad. No one can claim there ie
juetiee and discrimination done in
oither the Old Country or here to any
one because ol his religion. Will any
one assert tbat if Oliver Cromwell aud
otberabad not lived and the Stnarte
had not been driven from the throne
the Protestants would enjoy the liberties
now enjoyed by tbe Roman Catholics
among us?
We think it an Inopportune time to
tamper with the oath. Affaire in France,
Spain and Italy during the paet year or
two point in the direction ol discrediting the power! and pretensions ol Rome.
In Lower Oanada the people do not believe In their Chnrch as they used to do.
The menage received by Cardinal
Vaugban from the Vatican on the death
of Queen Victoria spoke of the progress
made by the Roman Catholic religion
in Great Britain dorlng her reign. The
actlonaofthe High Church party are
making Protestantism a mere empty
name. II Protestants under these circumstances, allow the power uf Rome to
inornate and to aitert itself, even in
having tbe oath tinkered, they are not
guarding the liberties that were bought
by their ancestors with I heir life blood
and will not leave tbeir children io rich
an inheritance aa we received.
W. A. RAE.
LadramllU Shlwelng.
Sir. Victoria ol the Ladyimfth-Frino
collier line arrived on Sunday in Ladysmith from drydock in Vlotoria, where
she bae lain two months getting her
new propellor fitted. The Victoria, it
will be remembered lost her propellor
at sea last November. Sbo will be loaded by Friday lor Frisco.
American tbip Benjamin F. Packard
completed loading hor coal cargo laet
night lor San Francitco,
Str. City ol Nanalmo called In yeiler-
day on the way to Oomox and left ten
toni of pig iron lor the Ladyemith Iron
Birthplace ol R. L. H, Far Rale.
No. 8 Howard place, tbe unpretending
little home In the north of Edinburgh
where Robert Lunii Stevenson wae born,
It now in the market,
It ie an old-fashioned but comfortable
dwelling-place of teven or eight rooms,
with tervanti' quarters, and is situated
near Carlyle'i old home at Comely Bank,
While within a clone's throw it the
plcturetque stream, the Water ol Leith,
whose winding! were followed by the
hero of "Catriona."
The Stevenioni lived at No. 8 lor tome
(our or five years after the lirth of
"Tuiitala," and it wai only a week bo-
fore hia death that hii mother went
over the old Inu.is again when ihe
teemed to lie little "Lew" once more
•t the window watching lor "Lsrie
Leri."—the lighted lamps.
n.   <!.   SliajlHU   Nil Wat.
A molybdenite property near Sin-
don, belonging to W. Ilrasch, hai been
bonded to English parties lor ,2,000.
When the third Inroac. is completed
All I'lalniB against the Extension
Mlnrs Relief Fund Committee snd all
claima for benefite againit the tund
aforesaid must be pretented in writing
dnly certified to W. G. Friser, generel
asoietary, Ladyimith, B.O, oa or before
9 311 am., Jan. 25th, 1902. On laid
date committee will proceed to distribute
the said lund and the committee and
truiteee will not bold tbemielvel liable
for any claim or claima alter the date
37 4t General Secretary,
No.3T,  ■
I. 0. O. F.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock,
visitors cordially invited.       .
Maple Lodge, No. 6i, I. O. Q. T.
Meets every Wednesday evening in
Nicholson1! Hall. Vliltlng member,
lie cordially invited.
In the County Court ol Nanaimo,
holden at Nanaimo.
In the goodt ol Antoni Piscetelll, E.
E. Ilszd and Angus Bovd.
Tike notice tbat I have been appointed administrator ol tbe above estates.
All parliet indebted to any ol the
above estetea are required to pay inch
Indrbtedneli forthwith, and all parties
having claims mutt file the tame with
me, duly certified, not later than the
18th day ol F.bruarv, 1902.
Official Administrator.
Nanaimo, B.C., January 14th, 1902,
Miners! Attention!
Hand Made Pit Sheet at the same price
.1 cheap factory made, Cum. In .nil see.
All work guaranteed.   Repairing done,
AS. Christie,
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner Pint Av.au. and Qatacra Strati.
Cabinet wolk of all kinde.
All klnda ol aolt wood lurniture made
and repaired. -
Odd Marriage, Cu.tome.
In Brazil drinking brandy together
may constitute a marriage; in Japan,
the same with wine. To join bands,
to alt together and receive congratulations are odd binding customs; also
to be smeared with each other's blood
or for tbe woman to tie a rope around
tb. man's walit
Michigan has been called the Lake
State for an obvious reason. It Is better known a. the Wolverene State, tram
the former presence of great numbers
of these animals In Ita forests.
Publle   Soliool*.
The first public schools were opened
in 1046 In Massachusetts.
The Msiter of the Ship Kinross
will not be responsible lor any
debta contracted by hia crew without an
order signed by him.
38-31 Mailer, Ship Kinron.
Tb. Government ol tbe nrovince ol
Britiih Columbia hereby offere * REWARD ol ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS
($100.00) for teohevidenio aa will lead to
the arrest aud conviction of the penon
or perioni who, on the night of tbe
tweutv-ninth ultimo, tired three rlfls
ballet! through the window of Ihedwell
Ing house occupied by Mr, Alexander
F.nlds, mine superintendent, sitnateil
at South Wellington, Vancouver Island
By Order,
Provincial Police Department,
Victoria, B, C, Jan. 11th, 1902.
A. C. Wilson,
Funeral Wreathe, etc., Wedding Bouquets in every style. Orders promotly
attended to. -NANAIMO, B. O
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Meate,
Poultry   and Vegetablei.  Game in
Seeion.   Shipping orderi attended to on
short notice.
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Hepple, proprietor.
Firit'daii accommodations for miners
and transients.  None bnt
The Best Wines and Liquors
terved at tha bar.   Giva ui * rail.
(Cor. Victoria Rd & Commercial St.
NANAIMO.     -     -      B. C.
J. E. sniTH,
Sign and House Painting;,
Graining, Paper Hanging and Kal-
summing.    E.timatet given.   Sat-
(■fiction guaranteed.
Ladysmitli Teaming Depot
Alt kinds of heavy teaming done
j. Mclennan, ladysmith, b. o.
Notice is hereby given, in accordance with the statutes, that provincial Revenue tax, and all assessed
taxes and Income tax, assessed and
levied under the Assessment Act
and Amendments, are now due and
payable for the year 1902. All
taxes collectable for the South Nanaimo Assessment District are due
and payable at my office, situate at
This Notice, In terms ol law, Is
equivalent to a personal demand
by me upon all persons liable for
Assessor aud collector, South Nanaimo Assessment District, Ladysmith F. O.
Dated at Ladysmith, 6th Jan., 1902.
1 I 'f VTXX'TXT'aTaf T TT
■l,,li.t.JaJ„L '■■«-a-.«..*. a Ajt-i.
We hsvs received * luge shipment of Alarm Clocks which we now offer at
Eighty Cents Each
And guarantee them lor one year. All our ether goodt In our laige
■lock will be sold tt great reductions belore moving into our new premltei.
Now li yonr time to secure bargiim.
:; The First Jeweller,
JLJ..SL J..t.J..l. ■■■«.■■■■■■ J.J. ■■». w« » w. e. ■ W..W. w t i.
Heating by
Hot Water,
Hot Air,
Steam, Etc
Estimates given on all kinds of iron pipe work and sanitary
All work strictly first-class.
Hardware Merchant,        • Ladysmith, B. C.
*********************M*** **************************
Coal!   -   Coal!
! Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
Wellington Ca«l   Best household coal on the Pacific
Comox Coal-—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, snd Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
I Head Office
Victoria, B.C
Ban   KrunclMco Agency,
R. Duflsmuif's Sons Cp'y i
340 Steuart St. '
The very best
Upon the market today.   To be obtained at all
hotels  and bars in Ladysmitli and Extension.
In case or bulk at
Pitber 6 Laser's,
$ Victoria,
*v».ie»i**ie^iev»,ie^<e*<s*(*»>.ie?i,ii »we^s*.*^<ewewiwewe***;
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intel
Information. Bright,
clean* independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
TImo Table No. 43.
T"18nidy.aUf^!■.,l>BU,'ll0,,Ba, a,"l'*»0-,0»-»- •ndenSaturd.j.and
T™SMd!JIrt».B7*^!,n..,,0'''''blM,■d,d,"r*' " " *"m""dm8»""d,»«■«'
EiciiiIci Rates la ill Palate, Dead Saturday and Sunday
Bee, L. Ooirtiiy,     -     Traffic Minagir
1 'mn lsatatxaffr't' —imniri mi.


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