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Ladysmith Leader Oct 1, 1902

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Array Q ;
************************ ***
The people that save
:: money trade with
Ladysmith Leader
************************* 4>
| For Boots end Slices I
I Dickie's is the store j
VOL. II. NO. 109.
We have just received a carload of Furniture direct from
tlie Eastern factories, comprising
Bedroom SuitesatffiXsr
Sideboards, Extension    and Centre  Tables, Chairs,
Book Cases, Kitchen Tables, Lounges, &c.
Come and see what wiil suit you and we will supply it.
Also a full line of Family Groceries alway fresh and
at Lowest Prices.
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Esplanade and Oatacre Street, • ■ Udysmlth
K&MvSv^^??iri***v*<m^ss*i*!*, r8Wi*:*:*:vt*i*'**«*re'**i^^
mn Visitir>_ Nanaimo Try
Too Small
Too Small
Owing to our present premises being too small, wc
have decided to clear out the following lines:—
•JS Bedsteads, Spring Mattresses, Chairs, Cooking
*J Stoves, Heaters, Paints, Oils aid Hardware. You
«| need the goods, and we need the room. You will do
5! well by inspecting our goods before purchasing
elsewhere i  .,..,,.,*'■■...,■■„.,.,...	
Win. Beverldge, Prop.
This new hotel b». been oomlortably lurnlilud and Ihe b.r ll np lo d.le.
Beat aeooinmodalion ior tranilent and nerman.nl boarders and lodgers.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
Ladysmith, B. C.
i Tha Esplanada,
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
ARE  YOU   INSURED?    «"'"
ff.™ liiiuiud at onco lor li may be
too late uiinoTow. I represent sever.
OLD .ml BBI.1ADI.B Onnipanie. and
can Insure **uu at a moinent'i niillee a.
the lowrat poselble rates. All lea.Hn.
o.iiuB'.nl.ii oharii-i tl.e same ratei, 0,111
In in tied Into In.u Inn with aolicoii
oouipauy-it ui'ght ne dear in the ond
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 1). Drawer 311, Hanalni". B tl.
lessup's Pharmacy
,       HIGH   STREET,
p-rtiorlptfpnn aueluHy dlwpen-wd, Opct-
tlllV Uftd ni'lllt.
Mcinhcr Cnn. Society of Civil Ruglne-trs
Member lunlihtllon of Klectrical Btlglitecrii
Electrical Engineer
CorreHpondcnce Solicited
Work iiwriutccU r. o. nox ,157
' lltrrliier, Solicitor,
Attorney, Notary ruliTU*. lite.
Mooty to Loin.
Provincial LlcTiiocrt Asraycr, lite nswnvt-i
Vnii Aiitln Smelter. Kcltahle itu-ilvM-i of
ore*., coals,etc. ahlpiui>utttautl-*-ni-.*>liui:
nt miicHcm MiperlntcmtL-tl. Weight!- nml
p Iiimii rlin.-lti.-il. Nexl loMte LawConili
IV ti, Ilosffl.
)6 Langhy Street, VICrOKlA.
i*-h I*!*! t**at*l -tl iti _tl -fa ***** ***** ****** ****** ***** '"** r+t »ti >*t*. i'h tf*Pi A jf. .**«■ ■*>■, .*K .*K -4. .*K .4,
4 t"*P f4. *+"A   +   + ^'^*'I**X**-X, *,Jt'**j***',-i*XT*'l.T *"|7 +^ +   + *i' **X***t- 14**TL*'i
H *
This Week we have passed into stock
20 CASES °f »ew, bright, nifty
goods. Having the largest stock in British
Columbia to pick from we are enabled to
give you a much better choice than you
could possibly have anywhere else.
We keep the celebrated "PACKARD"
American, and -'SLATER" Shoes for men
at $3.50, $4.00, $4.50, $5.00
Sole Agents for "Stanfield's" unshrinkable
Underwear for men. Every garment guaranteed, at $1.25 each.
Get next to our Wliite Wool Blankets,
full sine, at $3.75, $4.50, $5.00, $6.00.
Extra Heavy, full size, Grey Wool Blanket, light and dark, at $2.75, $3.00, $3.50,
<[W.G. R. Shirts.
Christy's Hats
i masonic Block,   Ladysmitli
W. T. Heddle & Co.
Free Press Block.
Ahi-lu'ely tlm finest tea r-ohl in B.O. It yoa do not k-nnw
this ailt our ouB'otuerp. Or he'ter still try one pmind 50'.
Impo ted dlreuily (rum* Ut-ukHJiilia Ton Gardens. Oily
(.UiPclvi-8 betWfMi the grower and you. Your second order
will be 5 pound-*, print* <■'.*.*_5.
Gondii Delivered Pro*
•t Lldysfflllh.
Vou inmlcfl K'-'tiuiiie tobaco-J
' wheu y-..u tinulto
Tha Province
Becauie it hai the lull Havana filler
A.k for It.
Ths Province Oigar Co, Victoria,B.C.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and l.ucy bread. Oakei .ndpai-
tries ol all dcicrlptioni. Fruit! in
I,otiln hloiki 211, 80 and tl,   AV
Hotel Site, 120.120lee'.   Also lotil and
4 block 18, (1150 lhe two.
Apply to
tt.rrl.tcr., Solictor, and
Oilier I Od 'fellow.' Ilulldlnj, Robert. St,
Thi" old-Established, Fliel-Cliei anil
I'oimlar Hotel I. most comfortably fur-
ulshpit, centrally,sliuated, Hna meeis
train'- Excellent Cuisine. Dnr shirked
willi the finest win", llqiioie and clgan.
NASAfMO, B. 0.
JOS, FOX,      •      •        Proprietor.
Get the Best Work
Eitiinnles chreifiilly furnished nn any
lliinayoti may need In ihe line o( palm-
Ira, paper'ianiilrg, waif nnd roiling dee-
oialinii. Tlie Star Paint Shop, tli_h
S. ROEDD1NQ, Prop.
Head Clfllw, Toronto, Out.
Capital Paid Up, tOOW.OOO
Iteit 2 000,000
Hon. Gto A. Ci x, President.
B. E. Waikkb, General Mauaier.
A Branch of this Bank has
been opened at
Savings lank Dipirlmtnt.
Inlrrre* allowed on deposl'. ol one dot-
lar 111 Ol). aid upwards, Tlio deiioeitoi
is F.i1 j ci tn no delay in depositing o.
althd.awing iuudi.
Current Accounts 0:tened,
Loan. Nrgotialed,
Drafta isiued payable In all pari! ol
the iviild.
GEO. WlUlA\l8,
LOT on corner ol Esplanade and Buller
Afpl; on Premises,
Strained Situation Continues—Bos-
Jon Prepares for Hard Times.
{Associated Press.)
Eollinp, Pa., ;ept. 80-Tlie reports if
the Pliiladelpliia A K-aditift Company
heie show Unit iluiing tbe last week
abont twelve thousand tons of hard coal
were turned out cf the washers and collieries of the company and transported
to il ir.ireut p .ints. This would be
equivalent to about 400 carp. None of It
tiaa been delivered in ti.is end of the
Sohnylkill Valley. The cflhialeiay that
the coal was all sent toPnilcddphia and
points beyond there.
A Gloomy Prospect.
Boston, Mais,, Sept. 80—Mayor Collins
has called a coufeieuce o( representative
men of Boeton to he held Wednesday at
noon iu (lie Common Council Chamber
tn consider ways and means for relieving
the pr.eent coal iltutitiou, in view cf
the threatened luffariog atnongit the
pjorol the city.
Lebanon, Pa., Sept. 30—The troops
brought to suj-preii the disorder at the
American Coal and S'tel Company's
plant are still here and the iron workers
brought from the South are helping to
run the mills. It il nil Preiidsi.t
Steinberg will not consent to forcing tbe
colored men out. Their departure depends entirely upon th.-insilvei and
msny say they will at_y aa long al the
troopi remain,
Last night the I'.riken voted tu n jsct
the company's proposition to grant the
pud.tlere an increase ol wages, end refuse the alight advance aiked by the
Reading, Pa., Sept. 80—An attempt
wae made to wreek a Philadelphia and
Reading express train late last night at
Riook'e Crossing-, a short distance below
Pottetoan, Pciiua. A B.h plate, had
been ipiktd to the tail in auch . manner
that the wheeli wonld ittlke it when the
train come along. The wheel, ol tlie
engine itruck and broke the plate. Tbe
train wai not derailed. Th. official, are
Mount Camel, Pa,, Sept. S0-8'n
Companies ol Ibe Fourth Regiment, Col.
Aueell, arrived here tbii morning Irom
Readine. When they alighted In the
Reading yards over 2,000 linkers ..-
seniblnl, bnt made no demonitratlon.
The soldier! are now distributed .long
the Reading railroad until Gener. I
Mobl.ln, who arrived here on * ipecial
train Irom Shenandoah, ihall .elect .
camp, Th. eolillei. nen ordend nnl
lut night to mppresi rloline. All lut
nia-ht Sliy deputiei .1 Richirdi' colliery
were surrounded hy a bie mob.
At daybreak tlie linkers dispersed,
and everything ii now quiet.
Tatnaqua, P.., Sent. 30—After eeveral
ilavs' quiet the troopi were again lent
throngh the Panther Creik Valley thii
morning, heceuie the strikers h.ve been
antlrg holslerouslv in their ,11 iris to Intimidate non-union men on the way to
their work. The nreeence of the soldiers
had a quieting. Heot and tliera wai nn
dlstmbance. It hi asserted that the
sttikers In thii vicinity are showing little interest in Ihe union as compared
pared with a few months ago, and that
the distril'Utlon ol relief find, is far ton
small to meet the demand!, Duel, g the
put few days twenty-seven . atra brake-
men have been hired for the Stiamokin
division ot th. Philadelphia and Basil-
Ing railway.
Railroad ifnela'i uy the extra lorn
is tiling hi.ed became the company ei-
pcti Ihe eoal traffic to gradually increase.
Coal u Jewelry.
Chicago, Sept. 30-"Gennln. blirk
diamond .lick pins" have Keen placed
on vale et Chicago at loo, each. The
'Black Diamond." aie lump! nl anthracite coal fastened lo gnld-waihrd pin.,
and Ihey Snd a ready sate on Ihe meets
and in lome of the stores.
Another Paclllc Railway.
Santa Fe., N.M., Sept. 30-Tne New
Mexico and PaciUc Rill way Co., hai
neen Incorporated by Hugh Kiopler,
P ul Rein, Max Keopler, Thoi, B. Harlan and U. villa Turner, all ol St, Loins.
Tho company inlendi to hnlld to the Pa
lilicroast lollowlng the 87ih parallel.
Alertly Turkish "Sllniness."
Couatantinoile, Sept, SO-D plomatlo
circled ere do uot regaid ihe Miceilim-
Ian uprising ai being eo serious aa appeals from the Tuikli'i government's
military prepiratlona in calllrg out 40,-
030 men of the niillii-, receive.. The
Pork's alum ii partially attrihnled tn
the manorvrei and oilier incidenti ol
tho Shlpka Pass f.itei, the poliilnal in.
portance nl which, however, ii considered lo have hem. creatly exaggerated, in
view of the approach of winter when the
im.ven.rnla wlll necessarily be stopped.
It la thought there will be no geueral
Two Vessels Abandoned and Burned-Spain to Pay Debts.
(Associated Press.)
Abandoned and Burned.
Hamburg, Sept. 30-The Hamburg-
American Line steamer Pennsylvania
(from New Yoik, Sept. loth (or Hamburg), whloh reached Plymouth last
Friday and landed (he crew ol the Nor-
weglan barqne Bothnia, abandoned in a
sinking condition, Sept. 21'h, and let on
Ore previous to being deserted, arrived
heie today. The captain report! that
the crew ol tho B itlinia were rescues! In
an exhausted condition, after having
worked nt the pumpi for 17 days and
nights. The baique wai on the vtr.e of
linking when the Pennsylvania lighted:
ber. Captain Hansen, her commander
decided to burn tbe vessel before leaving
to prevent the Bothnia endangering
Liverpool, Sept. 30—British steamer
Oapella, Capt. MiKee, Irom New Orleans, Sept. 10, from Liverpool, which
arrived today, had on board Ihe crew of
tbe Norwegian barque Winona, ahan-
doned at sea, alter having been let oa '
Ore. The Winona wai lael reported aa
havlne arrived at Briilgewater, N.8., oa
Au/. 2, Irom Preston, England. Sh.
wai built at Rlchlbncto In 1S74.
Spain Will Pay Up.
Madrid, Sept. 30—The counuil ol th.
Bank ol Spain has approved the prr j-.-ct
lor eilahllihitig branches oi the bank In
Pari! and London lor the payment ot
coupon! on the external debt and payment! in beball < I tbe Spanlch t.eaiory.
The branchei will be opened in January.
Small Cause, Big Result.
Lodes, Russian Poland, Sept. 30—On.
hnndred and twenty house! ont ot on.
hundred and twen-y nine, which composed the village of Vosbeiok, Russian
Poland, have been burned to me ground.
The.disailec wu cauaed by children
playing with fire. Two children pariih-
ed in the llimes.
'Tw«a Shady Spot.
San FrancUco, Sept. 30-Th. board of
sunerviaori bu passed aa ordinani*
permitting th. reopening oi Engle.lde
track in thi. city, The track ha. beea
closed Ior aim. years. Clergymen opposed the pinage ol tb. ordin.nce.
Transatlantic Arrival..
New York, Sept. 3J-Ariiveditumer.
Friesland, Antwerp jBlncber, Hamburg;
Kaiser IWilbelm d» Groin, Bremen;
Meu be, London.
,  ,     i, t
Nanainu Miners* Union Won't Affiliate at Present.
At the regular meeting oi Naniimo
Miners' Union lut Saturday evening it
w.i nsolved to lay tbe queition ol affiliation wilb tbe Canadian Tradei and
Labor Cnogreu on the table for . year.
Alter the sevote dressing down given to
Ralph Smith iu tbit body, and tb. ex-
prisma i.l his a'rang) ly crook, d methods,
it il considered not unlikely that tha
Congress wl 1 rig-in the lavor It lost
with Nanaimo Miners' Union, which
recently threw out Smith.
Come and Get Pricei
Bed Quilts
Ask to see our While Blanket! tor
Only $3.00 pair
will worth (4 00
Large Size Cocoa Door
Mats, only 8oc,
well worth 11.25.
Freight Paid to Ladyimith
14 tt. GOOD &  CO.
The Great Cash Furniture Clare
a.*^**w.sj*i!. LADYSMITH   LEADER OCTOBER 1 .190?.
Ladysmith Leader
Published every Wednesday nnd Saturday nt
The Leader Building, corner of First Ave. and
French Street, l.ailysmith, Hrltish Columbia.
T. L. GRAHAME, Editor, ano l'KOi'ii
t by Mail ik Canada and United States,
One year (sti.ctly tn advance)  P co
ix months (strictly in advance)   i 35
TRANSIENT — Including business   notice-.,
call* Tor tenders, applications for and IratlBfer of
licenses, legal notices, etc., ioc. n Hue first hi
Etrliou; sc. a Hue each tuUBequsut insertion' I
liuei measure to the inch,
r Rates on application. No wood cuts used.
CutB for regular use should be alt metal.
Marriage. Birth, Death aud Funeral uottccs,
each insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
lime will he charged for until ordered to be discontinued,
THE LEADER will be found at the following
-.a.ySiuith-TheLeader Office; The Ladysmith
Nanalmo—E. Pitubury & Co.
Victoria—Public Library; Provincial Library; and
Vaiiconver-Public Library, and Hotels.
New Westminster—Public Library.
Atl changes In advertisements must be received
at 1 hia office before 12 noon the dny before
iss ie.
Se wciibers uot receiving paper regularly please
lejort to this office. ,_
Alt lob work strictly cash on delivery.
Ti insicut advertisements cash in advance,
But   British  Columbia   has  farmers!    Nanaimo Herald attacked the Clarion 'LADYSMITH  SHIPPING*
who are making a Bplendld living, and law week, seemingly for no olblr reason
who believe that tbeir profession is one than Jealousy and spite.  Tbo Olarlou Is | Annfhflr  Riinnh nf Pnaelnrc  Arriun
that makes strictly equal returns for the a real labor paper, hat the Herald long AllQIMl   DUilCIl 111 KMlS  AlflVQ
labor and brnina expended. These are
the men who are doing their beet to remove the disgrace, the etigmn, from the
name ol BritiBh Columbia—tbat a magnificent agricultural province like this
should spend millions of dollars yearly
importing farm stuff that can be produced in sufficient quantity (and of vastly superior quality) to feed ut all timee
the population of thia province.
It is a shame and a disgrace to this
province that those huge importations
ot food*6tulT staples should continue.
Timee enormous sums annually sent rut
of the province into the pockets of United States farmers would support in do*
served sfllnonco twenty thousand British
Columbia farmers.
Our legislation Bhould more and more
hj directed to aiding the farmers, a class
from which the beat bone and Einew
and brain of any country are drawn.
British Columbia can never be described
ae prosperous while agriculture languish
e.-, whih-t those magnificent tracts ol
fertile soil remain wild and waste. We
should like to Bee every acre of available
land in thii province occupied by sturdv
intelligent farmers from Canada and lhe
United Kingdom. Then British Columbia would indeed he propperou?, rich
and strong.
5 — I
5     Subscriber! not receiving The jj
Lkadsb regularly will confer a fc
i* favor by reporting promptly to
J this office.
ago forfeited any title it may have had
to that honorable distinction. What
the Herald etamlBlornowileaven knows,
uult.es itie for tho Herald. In which
caae weeubaciibe a large, fat block ot
our beet pity—especially to the readers
of the Herald.   Thoy need it—the pity.
India's north-western frontier may bo
the Bcene of the nest great war. The
highest officers of tbe Biitish army are
hastening there, liiiii.h troops are
concentrating along the Afghan boundary. R.iftul Piuli and other cantonments in Fealinwur never saw such
masseu of troops. 0.1 the other side ol
the Hindu Koosb Russian Iroopa are
masted by tho hundred tlnueand;
usual activity is lining ehown by Russia
iu the Black Sea, not alone the naval
force being increased, but tlie fortifica*
tions of Sdbaetopol and otber strong*
hold, strengthened in a manner that
indicates something more than mere
"annual improvements," Tho struggle,
ii it come, will he an awfnl one.
and Depart.
London, England, Outlook accuses the
Canadian Magazine of a very barefaced
theft cf a poem, "Alexandra," published
first in the Outlook, end "lifted" bolus
without a word of acknowledgment into
the Canadian Magazine. Such conduct
giveB British jjurnutiBta a queer notion
of colonial honor.
t -.
No intelligent person passes through
thii province without dropping more or
lees caustic remark* upon tbe amazing
apathy and indolence of its people, especially ai regards tho development ol
Its agricultural possibilities.
One American visitor eaid to The
Leader recently that things could hardly
ba worse in this province, (rom an agricultural point of view, had the eiwaehee
alone been responsible for the devtlcp
ment, fiuch as It Ib. Thie Is pretty
strong language, but Ecarcely too severe,
Many dwellers in British Columbia
seem tohava got it into their honest
noddles that farming is a failure because
almost everybody can point tu eome*
body who has made a heart-sickening
botch of the Job. Yer, but did those
people ever take the trouble to enquire
Into the causes which brought about the
failure of the dreadful examples they
quote? We shall wager a free cot in
Ladysmith's coming hospital they never
•did. But we have; and It is a great
pleasure to report that with very rare
exceptions the caneea of failure were (1)
iasineis; ,2' ignorance; (3) bad management; (4j general unfltues-j for the
strenuous, robust life of the farmer.
Id the first place, how in the name of
common sense can any man hope to succeed when he rolls out of bed at noon,
•loaches through the day sucking a
atlnking tobacco plpo. or guzzling beer
at the nearest village guxzlery, neglecting to feed his poultiy aud Block, spray
his trees, weed his patch or do the otber
things that should be dono, and then
rolling Into his bunklongafter midnight,
This is no fancy picture, nor in any
measure exaggerated; there are scores of
those indolent, aimless, purposeless
ne'er do weuls "farming" in British Co*
lu nubia and making a glorious mess,of
it. Such are the precluiis exam pith
dangled before him who talks of going
on the land In this province.
Of course, there are ca.eu where failure has .followed unremitting Induatry,
and apparently Intelligent (ffirt to succeed; but just enquire further and sure
enough the cause will b_ found—bad
judgment In selection of land, unocien<
title methods of cultivation, poor Jinan.
rial nwDBgewent, perhaps ill-health.
New York Nation thus saith regard*
ing the big rumpus over OroaUnd'a b.ok
on the "Unspeakable Scot":
"Iu England there can hs no question
thnt the Scotch are regarded with dislike, contempt., and a curious fear. Whh
a difference, it is the Continental attitude to the Jew."
"A curlouB lear" is good. The Scot
has to pay Ior bis inteil--dual superior*
*■*• -.
Mr. Richard McBride of D.wdney and
Sir Wilfrid Laurier have at least one
peculiarity in common; they both call
Ic "auny" and "manny"; meaning
"any" aud "many." Bir Wilfrid's
oddity in this respect attracted immediate attention in the United Kingdom
where they have a quick ear for to'.e
litems aud "had breaks." Mr. McBride
should now certainly fctlck to Mb darling
"auny," like a little "manny."
Travellers from Vancouver, and the
upper country say lhat they are anion
ished nt the increasing popularity ol
Hon, JoBcph Martin. He U immcnBcly
stronger In Vancouver oity today than anytime since he cume to the province. In
Lhe Kootenay s he is the only public man
In the province they will acknowledge to
have any brains nml Ihey eay that he
should have a chanue to exercise them
Ior the benefit of Britiih Columbia.
Capt. McLcod's Philosophy.
Trying lo stand upon one'a dignity
often results in a hard fall.
The height of some uieu'ti ambition ie
to pull tbelrnolgUb ir down.
A mau ib never in'i.flel with his lot
nntil he occupies one iu the cemetery.
Tho tliingo which people generally
waul lo know most is uoneol their business.
Contentment has one advantage over
mouey—nobody wnnts to bono-// it from
It, is better to li j up with the lark than
down with thu nieaelee.
You can't judge a mau's character by
tba high standing of his collar.
Some newspapers would have mme
backbone if they were to run a spinal
column.    J	
National Sugar Consumption.
Saturday and Sunday were busy days
at the wharves, with tbe arrival and departure of a flset of ve.sele large and
email, some taking cargo coal and Eoine
tilling their bunkers.
Str. Venture, Shaw -&" Co.'s cattle
bout, from Victoria to Skagway, trailed
Saturday tor fuel, clearing immediately.
Tug Surprise arrived Saturday night
and took bunker conl,
Str. Jeantiie, bound for Alaska to sup-
ply the whaling fl*:ei,took ou a load ol
VVuliii «_;■ on conl here Saturday evening.
Str. Selkirk, wiih a load ol Marble
Bay, Ttxada, ore for Tacoma Binelter,
took fuel hero on Suuday.
Hulk Potter arrived In port Sunday
afternoon Irom,the Bouth to load a cargo
of Wellington coal for the Juneau mines.
Str, Wellington goes to Comox this
trip, to load c.al for Sltag-vay.
Str. Tellus is expected at any hour
from San Francisco,
Sir. Trader which has been chartered
by Captain Bisect, called Saturday for
coa! for Now Westminster.
Str. Amur called Tueeday morning for
bunker coal. She left again for Vancouver and Lhe North.
Str. Maude toak uu coal hereTuseday,
She is towing.
44+444444+++4+444+T+444+444 44++4+4+4+++4+4++4++4++444
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleum.,
Wallpaper, Curtain.,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc., Etc.
There Is Comfort In Our Hoods
Everything to furnish a home in
modest or elaborate style. Write
(or onr large catalogue (free) illustrated and priced (a store in itself).
Coal! ii
Wedding Oifls.
The following table ehowB the per
capita commmption of sugar in the United StateB (.ml tho principal European
nciuutrios in 1000, the latest available
year: rounds
United Kingdom : 01.6
United Stales 65.2
Switzerland , 00 8
Diinmatk hi -S
Sweden and Not way i.H.2
France 37 I)
t-ifli iiiitny 83 9
Netherlands J13.5
Uttlgiuin. ..23 o
Mri and Mrs. John Fraser, who weie
tnatrie-d a few days ago, received the following bitntlBome presents from theii
numerous Mends in and around Lulj-
Mr. nml Mrs. Blair, bedroom eel; Mr.
and Mra. McMurtrie, hailepread ; Mrs.
Dolan, quilt; Mr. II. McMillan, lamp;
Mr. McCulxeh, toilet eet; Mies B. Blair,
pillow ebains; Mr, II. Blair, eight dny
Clock; Mr.R. Blair, water set; Mr. w".
Snedden, centre s.t; Miss J. Blair, piir
vasce; Mr.und Miss Blair, 6 chubs aod
rocker, Mr. und Mr.. Dickson, silver
butter dish; Mr. W. Sindereon, silver
vegetable luik; Mr. J, Sanderson, sis
silver epoons; Mr. and Mra. Gisborne,
silver butler knife; Mr. and Mrs. Shouldice, silver cake kuife; Mr. and Mre.
Slovens, Bilk tablecloth, two cups and
saucers; Mr. and Mrs. llibertsou, table
q.ytbj Miea J. Campbell, U white bath
towels; Mr. and Mrs.Cowan, pair cm-
taine; Mr, and Mrs, Nicholson, wliite
tti.lti cluth; Mr. arid Mrs, Forcimmer
clock; Miss Paler-ion,two fruit diahes;
Mini Louden, water eet; Mr. and Mrs.
Currie, centre set; Mr. O. Morrison,
fruit eel; Mr, and Mrs.Chirk,pair white
curtulos; Mr. and Mrs. Porirev, cheulle
table cloth j Mr. and Mis. T. X. Jmt-e
An-3tiiii.IIui.gnry 1T lfl baugi.iK lamp; Mr. and Mrs. S.ott, pait
Portugal and Madtira 11.7'
Russia ■ 1*1.0
Spain 10(1
Turkey  8.0
Roumanla 7.8
(ireece  7 2
Italy  6.1
Domestic Hints.
Evans, centre set; Mr, and MrB. D.
Campbell, tablecloth; Miss M. Juues,
pair curtains; Mr. and Mrs. Lively, silver fiuit spot ni; Mr. und Mis. Steveus,
puree; MIsbOJbII, tea Bet; Mrs. Blair,
book tidy; Mr. Blair, picture; Mr. and
Mrs. Baxter, rjlv); Mr. Bums, $5.
In view ot cert uiu things  that  have
taken place In this community lately we
may quote dr the edltlcatlori  ut  thoee
most interested, aud tbey   will  under*
stand us perfectly, these wise words of
Washington Irving:
With every exertion the best of tm-n
ean do hut a mu'lerate amount ot good ;
hut II BcciiiH In the power of tbe most
tiontemptihle individual to do Incalculable in it-chief,"
The best plan is always to get both
fiideB ot a story before judging; the other
aide generally makes a wonderful difference, "The most contemptible individual" in this case has not done any
mischief that cannot be mended by a
two-minute explanation of the real
Tories are always hnppy when they
are holding up New Zealand as an example of how legislation of tho people,
hy tho people, for the people will not
woik, They nay that Labor has had its
fling there and ban proved totally unfit
to govern ili'elf or anybody else. Our
Conservative fiie.r.di, will have to get -i
copy ot the S*.Bt.lellcs of N?w Z'lilaml for
lfKII, just published, and find that tbe
population has increased lu five jrnis
from 606,3)1 to 7(iu,668; Iho revenue per
head has risen from about $30 to nbout
$.15. The annual expenditure on old
age pensions has reached Jf>197,20-3 within
three years, and there appears every
probability ot a still greater increase.
Tho railways, (state-owned and operol*
'ed), are paying, Ia all departments
progress hat* to ho reported,
Advocates ol the''no-brenthist curt"
are multiplying in the Uuited Kingdom.
A child who cries much la certainly
not well, und is quite likely to be one
which ie ovnr-fed.
Nearly ton per cr-nt of all children
learn to walk by tho time they havo
reached their tenth month,
Some phyishjinn. reccmme^ii-Mhat the
tnoBt effective way to abort a cild is to
go to bed, drink hot lemonade,eat plenty
of nourishing food, and fitay in hud
twenty-four hours.
If one wiBhes tocool a hot dish In n
hurry it wilt be found lhat if the dish In
placed in a vessel full of cold cully water
tt will cool far more rapidly than if blood
in water free fiom salt.
Wben cooking vegotnblPB pu*. a email
tsaspooriful of carh.nato of soda iu tiie
water instead uf the common sotlu. It
will 1)3 found a great improvement, and
will uot hurt the digestion.
The very best dishcloths aro msde ol
knitted cotton, for limy wash again and
again, aud look like new. After using
always wash a dishcloth with Boap and
eo'l.i, then rinee thoroughly and hang in
the air to dry. A dirty disboluth is a
disgrace to a housuwife,
A physician writes to the Loudon
Lancet regarding an eptdeinlti of dyaen-
irry, which after all other rumedi«B bad
In en trlod in vain, wns cheek ud by Irri-
■.aiiinii of llie intestinei] hy inuaua of per-
ii-iiiig.uiiito of potns'iutn,
An orange eaten baforo hrm hr ib** wit ,
Things You Should Know.
Of the Spanish people, 73 per cent
cannot read nor write.
Tbe bead of the whale has been known
to altaiu a tbiekmes ol over two feet,
Ttie world's average yearly output _of
precious metals lo 03 tuns of gold and
f-M tons uf silver.
The lower classes of Japan employ
paper for the manufacture ot their cloth
lag.   Clo'h te too expensive.
"The "WulenmeS'rangur," from Viotoria, A'l.-tialia (l-i'iO) was the largest
pure gold nugget- ever found, it was 21
iucbeB long and 10 luchen Ihlt-.k, hud a
gross weight of Bume 2 400 ounces—
nearly 2J8 lbs,—and was valued hy the
ILinkui England at 4:0,534.
; Wellington Colliery i
Company, Ltd.
: Wellington Coal   Best household coal on the Pacific  $
: Comox Conl—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined ouly by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C  ::
Bnn   Francisco Agency,
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y ii
I 340 Steuart St.
t ****************************************************
Esquimau &  Nanaimo [ Railway
Tims Table Ns. 44.
Trains leave Lidyimlth Siiilhbniiml daily at 0.10 a.m., md on Satarday.
Sundays and Wadiipedayr at 5,15 p.m.
Trains teavo Ladysmith Northbound at 11.57 a.m. and on Saturday!, Suuday.
nnd Wednesdays at 7.10 p.m.
Tialna leave Ladysmitli lor Ruteneion dally except Sunday alO a.m., .p.m.
aud 10 p.m., and on Sundays at 10 p.m.
3, L. paurinsy,
Traffic Manager
If it is a nice clock you are looking for
we liavu llii'in Irimi *'l.0O M18 00. VV.
11. Lively, l.ail.'smith's Leading Jrjwcler
I have them in great variety, ail slas.
anil at reosi.tia'ile prices. Call and in*
ai.net the Itock.
J. McDonald, lliffli St., Ladysmith
To the Public.
Notice is hereby given lhat a portion
ol the nen* public ichool building was
opened on Monday morning, September
15.lt, ll);2, (or (he use ol senior and
junior third olase, and senior and junior
fourth class, who are hereby notiUed to
attend from tbii date lorward.
Fur the Trustees.
A. 8. CIlltlSTIE.
Ladysmith, B.C., Sept. 0 h, 1002,
NOTICI-! is licrtliy j.*lveti Hint nn Kxaniltuiltoii
for Ccrlifi*"!"*-'*5 urciiiiipi-li-ncy us Miuuurcr.*-' T
«rMinet will I"* ti-l'I on tin: istli day of OduliL-r,
j*i3.utt.iti Court llouwj Nniinlmo, ». c„ nnd
■ 1-"i.*nile, H. C, on llit Miuiit- (Lite
it is t'aid, euro dvuooiiela sooner than i   c.imiitiatt-.*..'.**'t. itiii-ic-r /.: v*.*«i-**<it"ii(*;''. iitrsiroit't " *
anytliiiii; else.   A„,.l„8 are also Bond,....  ^K^'i'^ii^lill^'S-Sr chllKnlr'oruii i'; \
peclally wlic, baked or sle»',,l.   Th.y ^fA>!AA"AAA«^L™ ,„,    4
nro e-ccelli'iit In muny caitis of illntBH. hi wrilW, I'^-.-nii-t wiiii»ct-iiifuMio .»r service
Tin- j*il.«» of oranges, in  of  lomoQB,   ia BSfci11!!?. BiS^m'SSn^ ^Sii~ ^St 14
valuable in thtl malting ol drinks in case tfrmtn-jt
.........initmlioii will belli wiilliiB, and will
f fevf-r.    luiiiito-a are aho eKeellteut  incimk* Mic n>ii«wiu*j hiibjcciai
Mmiii-*. .vis-Hill Kalco.
remoilics iu some liv-ir and g-istilo complaints, nud ure certainly ui ra pleasant
tltau motlioine. •   .
3, CtiK-ntl Work.
a, Vt'liUtillloil.
5. Mining moclilncty.
ij. Surveying and levelling.
Miss Lottie Iloldon has opered a fir.t*    a uy r» 11 ii er prtrt tculnr** .r011"'Lf_*J, ,1M ?«\1,.1f,^t **u-
cuusnsndyatid fruit store on First Ave- of Hoard or-ltxamincM, Nnimimo, 11. c,
iiue, nj)-.ificUe Lively's jtiwelry store.]
MIbb lloldnn is carrying n complete stock 1
ol thc Uuent cAndioB, tobaccos and fruits. ^ffiSJJ$ ""jth'scpt,
Minister of Mllitu,
MnillllUclurew of nil kinds ol
:: Mouldings, Lattts, Shingles, Etc.
A liirtre Block nf tliiiroiiirlily senHoned
Initilier-iHlntut .ud dims coimlatilly on
hand. AU orders strictly olteinlcd lo.
Quotations cheerfully givim.
:: John W. Coburn,
for the Finest Butter
and Fresh Eggs
Mado and repaired. All work
Quaranteed, Inspection iu-
Hornets Repairing a Specialty.
A. S. Christie,
.B. O.
Bread and Pastry
22 Loaves
for One Dollar
The bent lu town unit ilellvcrcd to your  door
dHUy,   It will pay you to deal with
Ladysmitli Sakiry,      Esplanadi
union en* co.
Nanalmo, B, O.
Choicest La-er, Ales, Beer
^^and Porter.
COLfr^ORAQE-Iiirst otass fiicllliles
fortlie storage of nisuls, eggs, poultry,
vcgctaliles, etc., etc,
************************** LADTSJIITn LEADER.  OCTOBER!. 1*102
Sale of Lands for Unpaid Taxes.
In the South Nanaimo Assessment District, Province
of British Columbia.
I hereby give notice that on Saturday the iSth day of October, A.D., 1902. at the hour of
ten o'clock, forenoon, at Ladysmith, B.C.
I shall sell at l'ublic Auctioii the lands in the list hereinafter set out, of the persons in said
list hereinafter set out, for the taxes remaining unpaid by aaid persons 011 the thirty-first day of
December, A.D., 1901, and for the costs and expenses of Sale.
Nanalmo District)
Green way, John	
Heist, W. J	
Fieldinie Richard	
Fielding, Fred. J	
Fielding, J-'l. A	
Perry, John..*	
Ttxada Island,
.Shannon, K, L	
Stainford. J. L	
A bra ins, John	
Atwell, W. 11	
Bruiater. Geo	
Brett, Samuel	
Ihi-liorg Ivan ■ ..■■
Gnohrain*, A. R	
Divia   ht-'inani	
Ellis, Ida Leslie	
Foley, T. E	
Fraeer, J. I)	
John Hon, E. A	
Jones, 1) tvid .'	
Kiddie, Thnmar	
Kirk Lake Mining 0«	
Lb Hoy,  Minnie	
Menzh-B, Juo, A	
Mnn mgh a tn, II	
McKe.vie, Alex	
Mi-Lean, M. A	
MelW, W. H	
McNeil, A	
Niithiin-.ttle, Jut-	
1'ixton, 0	
Hultery, W.J	
Burlion, W. D...-	
S.ndei, S. D	
Hniith.Ueo. (.'	
Upton, G	
Woodlius, W A	
Caulbdel-le, IIiniiiiy .
Chow, Ihp-	
Cochrane, A. lt	
II oaring A Mart.tre.nn
(lilohrisl, Jos	
I.VOIIS, ll ioi	
Ntilliols, lieo. K	
Btromherg, Wm	
Summers, Jas	
Summer! A M.-Leod.
Tlinmpson, J.itepl'...
Thompson, fi.imuel...
II i|iiliart. H. A	
Mull, un, I) ire	
Wilion, William	
Douglas District.
Prentice, Win, V	
Bites, li. I.	
Il.iioiil.ini, u, I' ;	
liogo, John -	
Bright District.
K«'en, Is.and John	
Mason, Roll'-	
Muaon, Rob'	
Onbilolo island.
MeKsi s'.., 11.0. Eat. of.	
Nitson, John.	
Rivers, Robi	
Hansen, Alice..
BluUuttie, lieo..
Wyllie, John Mrr...
Riven, R jbt	
Small Island, near Kupcr Island.
Jamei, E.l	
Sangster Island,
Moil, Morrii, Est, of -	
Lasqueti Island.
Moss, Morris, Est, of	
Riubhingi, Robt., Est. of	
Wither, Thomai	
Jeffrey, Hihi	
Ransom, W. b...
Anderson, Stephen	
Buss, Walter	
JifT-ey, Alfred	
Jeff-ay, Ahrabaui..
.Steven., John	
Tbetls Island.
Foi'er, It iht. Est. of	
Short Description of Land
Lot 0 5 seres
Seo. 1*2, Iota20, 21.02 F
Sec. 2, lot A 47 limes
Sec. 2. lot B. 2 aeres
" 2,11.1 C, 8 aeiei
Lots Pi 4 and 7
Lot 21,154 aeres
Sec. 4, S E H, lOacros
Lot 17 100 anres
m.uh 8, lut 11
"   12,loi 10
"    7, lot 30
Sec. 22.100 acres
Bloek 4 anil 22, lote 8, 12
Lot 0, towsile Est.
Block 8, loi ,15
"   38, loi 18
"   31, loi 1
"     4. lot 10
" 411, im 0
"   13, loi 5
"   21, loi 4
Part lot 10, 20 acre!
Block 7, lot 1
" 11, loi 2
"   40, lot 3
llloek 22, lot, 1
Seo, 21. llll iii'ies
Bloea 12, loi 4, 5, 0
"     110. lot 10
"      7 lot 114
"    47 In. 2
"      3, loi 4
Sec. 22 120 acres
B'oek 7, Im. 17.111,21
'■ 7.1l.,le.i0,11 12,13,14
"   37, loi 8
"   41,Iht It
"     8, lot 3
i/il 3!), '38 seres
Willi. 38. lot 10
"   11, lot 10
"   40 lot.1
"   li. lot 1,2
"   11 lot 14
"    5, lot 3
"   13, lot 1     ,
"   47, loi 3
Sec. 22,1(J0 acres
llluik-l, loi 3
7, lot 7
IS, lot IS
S3 lot 8
Loi 23, 220 :..•'<••
Mom 8, hits 31 31
Sec. 3, s w. H, U7 ,cie.
'• 5, N.W.JililOacrn
L-it 4, 80 acres
Intel l.niliii.ig
Loi 1. lOOaoi.B
Lot 2,100 nana
Lot 13 100 acres
Lit 3 0.) .ores
Lot 10,20 acies
Sec, 7 100 acre.
Sec. 17, S.W ir 158 acre.
Sec. 10,N.W Wiil S.Vi.
ii 40 acre.
, 12, h li H liKlscrei
Sen. (I S.W u, is-" ames
.Seo 28 N.W ii, 11 acie,
Sen. Ill s.E ii, lOUa-re-
Sen. 12, N E .';( ul S.W is
10 lines, S.c. 22, W.J.S.
W. )i, 80 auea
Lot 20, 40 acrei
Seo. 13 SE.I4- and S.W
li Hit scree
Sei.8M Jifnf NW JjSO .
Sec. II Sjii'fNEJjOl''
Sec. 15. NE H 82 -.•.«-,
Sre. 2d, w .3 nl E.'-j-illj
3rd. 18, Nil' ^ 1(1.1 inie,
Seo, 27, f-^.il SIS J-.' 8!),i
Sec, 28 KlilnfSWU 80
Sec. 1/8, N K H 15'iaur.s
Sec 2(1, SIV 14. 130 acre.
•'to 3!, NW H .'III acres
Sec. 21 UK 14 Wi) acres
See, 22. NE &, 1110 nc.ee
Sec. Sll N Sri ir SE V* .14
Sec. Ui.N Xii Sll -4.77
Lot 1,123 acrei
35 00
0 411
33 00
8 4l>
9, Ol
50 78
0 00
9 Oi
1 70
10 88
4 80
5 On
Wild    ! Total Tax- Expenses lotnl /lint,
lind.    «Unpaid awl Costs.     Due.
8 St
0 4.1
8 00
2 40
8 (10.
12 80J
10 8S;
7 20
6 (10
2 III!
3 (IL, I
8 on
8 S41
(Per.)  j
(20 01*1  !
40 50
7 25
70 00
10 Ikl
3 311
1 20
1 0;
3 on
10 115
2 811
3 00
1 40
S 3-1
14 -10
12 0i
0 OH
11 61,
13 (10
3 211
23 01
111 32
2 411
10 82
10 2'1
1 00
10 3
7 2.'
Mm .1 penon
Newcastle lowii.it>.
P.I.I. W. H	
Raalinson, Cons	
Harlow, (lee	
l'urish, Uonry, Eat. ul..
Diirrant, O. W	
l'lillpott. W. II	
Cartel, C. II,	
(l.msiiti. Tinuim.........
'Diwler, J..mee	
Harper, J.ii...	
ll.rrle, John Mr	
L.wrenee, Lints.......
Lenta, 0. I	
I.iwen, 0, I.	
Ijiwsn.O. Mrs *.......,-
8-ihl.J. .1	
Perry, John.	
Iiunant, H.W..
1-hiloott, W. 11 ._■-.
"        " *
Uarpir, J01. ....................
Short Description
ol Land.
(,'t Sin lot 4ml. d
' 14 In sub. lot 17
1   I In mil., lot 15
' 10 j, IB Ni wraith
111), lots
L.i 8 In sill), lot 15
7 " " 15
■ 1.6
' 12
Unpaid Taxes al Dec.
Hit, 1901.
Ileal Frog      ™»
11 an
5 til
4 9(1
85 20
I 110
1 00
1 28
2 110
1 9
1 (III
1 Cl
I    ill
85 00
0 -10
,13 (IH
8 4I>
71 40
40 50
7 26
70 Oi.'
0 00,
0 On
1 70
10 SS
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
0 00
42 10
48 00
. 40 75
4 811
5 0(1
2 21
1 20
3 0(1
4 Bu
2 01)
8 80
0 41)
0 Hll
8 Oil
2 40
8 Oil
12 80
10 t8
7 20i
5 O'i
2 10
3 Gli|
8 Ol'l
3 81
3 31
1 2t
1 0.
3 (IH:1
10 26 :
2 8M
8 fl'
1 4n
10 c»
8 8(1
42 10
48 On;
14 4i>
12 00
9 Iln..
11 6-.ll
13 00 1
3 20
23 04
10 32
2 4I>
10 3.1
III 82
10 an
1 00
7 20'
4 00
•I 00
4 (10
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 Oil
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 Oil
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 01
4 Oil
4 00
4 Oil
4 00
4 00
4 10
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 nu
4 I'O
4 on
4 (O
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 10
4 00
4 00
•1 00
4 Oil
4 00
4 03
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 I'll
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
75  4 00
11 52
0 12
0 12
10 25
4 00
4 00
5 50
4 00
55 35
8 8"
'   5 50
5 00
4 00
4 40
4 CO
1  21
4 00
6 70
4 CD
6 12
4 Oil
1 21'
1    4 111)
2 4n
1    4 00'
55 3.':
4 00   !
30 00
10 40
37 CO
12 10
IS (10
75 40.
50 60
11 25
74 00
HI 00
13 00
6 70
14 t-8
8 SO
11 00
0 24
5 20
7 00
8 SO
0 00
12 80
10 SO
10 00
12 00
0 40
4 88
12 00
10 80
14 83
11 20
9 00
0 10
7 00
12 110
7 84
4 .00
(I 00
0 40
0 40
4 28
7 20
4 00
9 40
I) 80
20 00
7 30
5 20
5 02
7 00
11 25
0 80
4 48
7 00
5 40
20 60
7 80
411 10
62 CO
18 40
10 00
13 00
IS 62
17 00
7 40
4 00
27 04
14 82
0 40
14 32
28 20
5 1.0
14 32
11 20
8 00
63 75
15 52
13 12
14 03
14 23
14 SO
II 00
8 40
6 20
II 70
0 11
6 2.)
0 40
60 35
Total Taxes
t xpenscs and
11 .'In
6 12
4 00
Si 20
1 ll:
1 (till
1 28
1 92
1 00
1 00
4 no
4 OO
4 CO
4 ao
4 .10
4 CO
4 00
4 00
4 00
* no
,| IX)
4 cio
4 oo
4 no
4 00
4 ixj
.1 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
Total tail.
Name of Person.
Short Description of
Cranberry District.
Bolton, Jane Range ti lot, 10, 1 aon
Onlohley, s-tn Mock I. loi 8
" "    Rnngo7, lot 8
Ellis, William     "      l.lolO
Qllibn, Tbomns     "     0 lot 2
Harris Isaai'   '   "      0, lot 1
Nicholson. Isaac I.il, KouthWellingtou
Vntton, A'lVri   Sen, n, |,>t 2
Roche, Frank I   "   1. loi ti
Smith, Michael !   "   0, Jot 5
Heaucllftmp, Root     "   :; I.■ t 4
K.ti'iniin, .1 c  I   "   S.'.'ofS
Campbell, K-unoli I   "   2 i.it 1
liendeison, R. P     "   ii.|..i8
Hodeon. Wm., Est. u' !   '■   3 '. oi lot 2
H .rtli. O. W Block 3. lols 4. 5
Laild, It ill1   Hunt, 7,pt. te... 1,10.
Mason, R Ir      " 7 ep,.. |f 50 a
MoOluiky, Harry Block 7. lute 1 aod 2
M- Kenzie. J. A  Illock II, |.iut lot 1
McMillan, Henry     "     I, loi 0
McMillan, Hua>|. -i.e. 12, Mock 0, 0
Peero, I* ank L-il.Sonlli Welliugtoi.
Pierce, William Wink II. lot 8
Riuliardron, J. ll     ".   B, lot 8
Tata, Lunelle     "   10. lots 13,14.23
Treloar.Jolir     "     2. lots 11,12
Rider, Cory s     ••     ii, lots 1  2
Spino, Frank Sec. b, range 2
Cedar District.
Wakeman, .las	
Lunch, John
linieinvay, A. .1	
Rtevetm, Gni	
York, Oiias. E.i. 01	
Oavih, G., et nl	
C-vio y.,e'.al	
Cuvin, (jr., et a'	
Oysler District.
Walker, Geo	
lla.'i*, (j. P	
R ga, L mrr	
Hryuut A G.illiftis   	
Curroii, Uatlieiino B	
Carrilthers. Arthur	
Church!!', Nuliani.i	
C.t.k, Eilgir	
Harper, K lies'	
K-e.ie. Cinis. li	
Kinil. II. .1	
Marliu, HO)	
Mcintosh AOuils	
Poais, J.ilin	
Sl'il.uiotti'm, il	
G-ff.lo, Jo.	
Waiu, llany ,	
clev, Samuel	
Alount.ilii District.
Holland,.I .Or	
Biidnouk, Win	
Ilaiiuock, Win	
Jcuialitli Islands.
Thninpson, Piitlip N	
WiOiaine, Sidney..,,........ ....
Williams, J.T 1 ...
. Hinge 5.sec 4 .ii.Ep'
11, tec. 400 lien--
6. sec 8, II   111..
0, sei 8 -111 ii r,.
4, sec 5 lio' On
. K. l.eec.l-j. 10 17 2*ill„
K.ti.sec. I.J, 10 232'.,
. II. 2, Fen. 11. lii'i. 37
 IR .'l..tc. 13,0, 14,45
  It. 3,sec. 15,10, 17,
S^c. 51  18 nc-es
Sec. 65, Iti acrea
ilk (I  lols 1.2
Ok. 27. loi 20
ilk. S lot 0
llk. 27. lot 13
'tk 115. lols 15,
i'.k. ll lo's 5. 0
lilt. -SI, I-,' 14
Sjc 48,10J ncrts
Ilk. 12, 1.1 3
P.k. 11. lot 8
tk.07. loll
Bk. 21.1.0 7
Sec. 13, Kill a.-.res'
Ilk. 12 |.t. lots 4 .'; 5
■Ik. 113. loll
Bl;. S, lots 13, 14, 15
It. 0, pt. secll!, 10a,
it. 5, sen. '3, li,
K. 0, sec. 13, pt.
Lolrill, II, 43,40.405
10 til
1 44
4 no
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ll on
Hi so ■
2 40
:i si
2 w
3 4111
2 sn
2 so
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4 sir
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24 00
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9 on
1 40
2 40
0 411:
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2 41)
4 Oil i
IS 0'.)'
12 40
5' 70
211 00
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2 40 '
10 -IS
1 32
0 40
2 80
4 O'i:
2 S'.l
1 00 1
6 Ol);
2 til)'
0 40.
24 40
3 112,
(I -in1
1 40
5 S4j
8 41).
0 -111!
1 20
12 80
6 on
3 si j
•j nn
Wild   Total Taxes
Land i    Unpaid.
and Ceils.
4 00
1 -11
4 110
4 no
4 00
2 411
4 00
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.| Ol)
HI sn
4 00
2 -10
4 00
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4 00
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4 10
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6 HO'] * m
3 84 4 I'O
9 00 !       4 00
Total Ami.
5 44
8 00
0 40
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0 40
7 84
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0 SO
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8 80
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fill llll
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20 48
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5 32
10 40    .
.1 so
6 00
(I SO-
lll 48-
28 40
9 1)2
II) 40 ,
5 40 1
9 84     ;
12 40
10 40    i
5 20 I
20 55    |
9 00
7 81      ■■     1
is 00     \r.
South Nanaimo Assessment District,
Ladysmith P.O,
British Workingmen al Last- Realizing Thssr Opportunities.
Mr. Swanson, of Nauaimo, who recently spent Gome time visiting friends
ni the "old country," ittid who, ou hie
return lo Nanaimo a Bhort lime ngo,
wrote a most iutererjtiug and accurate
description of the municipal government of Glasgow, for Nanaimo Clarion,
wan iu L-ulysmith on Saturday and called at ttie 1.la-Jer offl-je to "Ehiko,"
Mr. Sffftiiaou bad an ittttnetitiug tiniP
ut it in Kn-t'laml nnd S'otland, ami
h.'urd mnet of tlm gtent labor laadtrt*'
flj>etk in -)tiMit\ LI<> also mot many of
1 hem, and did uot fail to compare notes
.voir liar-lie has come i-^-iin to tho front,
and is mre more very po-mtur. John
Burns re'ains his plane as perhnpa the
sturdiest aud most uncompromlBinji
milter for labor's interests iu thu Uniti'd
Kingdom to-day. What most pleated
*.]'-. S-A'tinetm was to note thu eplemlii)
organ:ziMou that is beiuti adopted
amount the great unions and labir eo
nietles Tnis is iti'iiiu to have Its t-fTai't
at the nest eeueral election, wheu a
tirea'er nuinlitr of labor representatives
-till ba nominated than ever IW ire, and
It li firmly btdieved many oi than wil
I'O elected to parliament.
Mr. Shannon Ib fairly confident tha1
the present 'dry government will mcei
iltfeat at the election, aud the opinion te
general that scarcely a government in
the history of Greet Britain more richly
deserved to be Bent about its business.
Mr. Swanson heard Lord it jeehery
speak in Glasgow on the temperance
question, and Mr. Svane.m called the
laird ot Dalmeny to order for an outrag*)
iiis Btate-uent i-s to the lack -of powers lo
slop t! e spread of the evil. One iliinj.-
fiat Btruck him was the fief, bold, out*
■jpiiktm tpecch of Ihe people and iht
iiewppt-ip-'ip. lf men or newEp-par:*
were toeiprt-ss ihemeelvee like that in
America they would Iw in tumble in five
-u'O'inds. For plain, emphatic li-muui;*-.
on uuy'burning question the Loudon
papers hud. No American newspaper
dare speak out on any siil'j jet as freely,
Ono thing ia cert-iin, (be ina-^ees of the
peoplu aro at Isut beginning to under-
stand tteir tujust position, regirdin--
the land question, f;ir Instance. All over
the United Kingdom intenee interest ip
being miiuifeiited in the land question,
Tho latPft monstrous onlr-age on the
libcrtitB ol the people, perpetrated hv
the Tory pRrty in the iniqnitons EJuiia-
tion It-ll has arotned a storm of paBeion-
ate indignation against Uib govurnment
truo'jgbuut England and Walts, which
*ill bo the victim* if lhat ecandflous
measure become Ut. A revival oi
he agitation for the abolition of the
House of Lords, and 'or the dit't.tt.ab-
lisbmcnt if the slate church id considered likely iu view cf tho approaching
Many of tlie labor leaders are grand
BpeakeiB, arid It is very encouraging to
all fiiemls of reform to note tho deep interest takeu In their addressee by the
bnge audiences which crowd to hear the
champions of the people's lights. In
'act the outlook at present in Grear
Britain is brighter for labor (ban it hat
■aver been. If tbs workinnmen stand together and return their own chnaen representative! to parliament there ie no
question that the whole complexion ot
that body will speedily be changed.
There will he Eeen mon on the benches
who were sent tbeie not because they
bad made n big cricket score, or shot eo
many brace it hidi-lamo hlrdi, or be-
■ aniio they won a borne race, bm hi cause
their thousands of toiling comrades It
thc woiUtshopB of the land chose them
for their courane, intelligence and earnest determination to stand up for the
workers' rights and see that aristocrntic
-.eitUhtieEs and greed put through thai
lionet, no more of.tliose "one for you aui
two for mu" bills.
The landed proprietors of the United
Kingdom are going to be. put ou their
trial pretty eoou. It remains to be eeen
whether tbe imiane absurdity nf nHn.ii'-.-
a man to j-ill for three monthB f r steal*
ing pheneants' eggs, and letting the hru*
ul itifflan who rmUbhes bis wif.-'s fact
in a domeat'o brawl go with a live ehill*
log Qite ia to bu allowed to typify the
law ot tbe land any longer, or Whether
it is to he reversed, and the inndloid,
whohsemtdn the laws hr tome een-
uiitB hack, entirely in his own Interests, forced to yield somo of his unjust
Mr. -Swansou returned to Nanalmo on
the noon train pri-p-ily imprinted wiih
riieb-iilvof Mary Gruner, a dreaa-
maker, 2) years of age, was found In her
room in West Forty-eighth etreet. New
York. lnvflB.igittone.Ui'tle-.l the police
that death was due to nalnral causes,
though oln somewhat peculiar -nature.
Their theory ia lhat the young woman
bad received ne-Ati that n lovo nft'j-ir had
ontled tii'hnppily for her, and that iu a
violent fit of emoliun bhe h..d burst a
blood vcsrel. ,
ClVi'.I.I; I>UOGKA.-n*1IE.
Tho following la the   revised programme of Fall Shows:
Islands- 1st Oct.
New Weetmineter—Saptember, 30*.b,
October lit, 2nd aid.
Viotoria—October 7th, 8tb, 9th, 10th,
Society is not benefited, but Injured,
by artificially increasing intelligence,
without regard to character. To mens-
ure the jiillneiice for good or evil which
a forced iutclleulua! culture produces on
a nation, there is no better wty than to
contemplate tbe teachings of the daily
press, and to observe theelT.eta wrought.
. . Tbe elu-uheiing inetincls of tbe
barliarinu fctvo been awakened by a demoralized preBs, which would have dona
comparatively little had uot thu artificial
epread uf intellectual culture brought
the inaeseB und.r Ha influence. . . .
Immenifi evils may result if intellect-
(Ulizatiou Ib piifln.il ia advauce of moral Uit ion,—Herbert tip.ucer.
DAY 15 DYl.NQ,
By George K.iot.
Bay is dying! Float, O song,
DowtvJthe w-totrsid river,
R qtiiem chanting to toilaj —
Day, the mighty giver.
Pierced hy shafts of time he bleeds,
Melted rubies sending
Through the rivor and tho sky,
Earth and heaven blending.
All the long-drawn earthly banks
Up to cloud-laud lifting:
Slow between them drifts the swan,
Tnizt two heavens drifting.
Wings half open, like a flower
Inly deepor flushing,
Nwk anil breast ao virgin's pure-
Virgin proudly blushing.
Dtv is ilytnv I Float, O awan,
Down the ruby river;
Follow, song, in requiem
To the m.glity giver.
Immense damage has been done In
Pruseia to red deer through an insect
culled rachnnb'emse (ihtoat gatlfly),
which lnys eggs in the deer's nostrils.
There are then inhaled, and the larvee
block the windpipe, causing death.
Many hundreds of deer have thus been
Mary hnd a HUle ring;
It ehon with beauty rare.
She fluid it w**e her engagement rlnf(
Aud waa bought ut Uvcl.v's .toreu LADIBMIin LEADER. OCTOBER 1. lOOf,
Every day
will be Chilly
nny "nny day may be rainy now or then-
A Cravenette-a   rnlu-proofrd.   lightweight overcoat ..keeps you warm nnd
-kjecjis you dry.,
G,.y, black, tan.  ^fa^.
The; New   Rsglanelte   Overcoat
here too.   Uray or black,
Id to tS°.M
cash clothiers, nanaimo.
Avery Interesting song service was
gi ,*en at First Presbyterian church Sun-
in. y night. Mr. T. J. Barron cor ducted
the service. .The church was crowded
to tbe doors, ard all present joined most
heartily in the hymn singing.
Dr. T, Glendun Moody, Dentist, will
return to Ladynmith Friday, Saturday
and Sunday of this week. Dr. Moody
will make regular visits to Ladysmith.
Office at Nicholson's Hall. Victoria
office, Old Postoffice building.
One of a party of gunners on the bay
Sunday aftemoun got excited at the sight
of a si wash duck, and without looking
what be waa doing, let fly at the bird as
it passed between his boat and another
not forty yards off. Fortunately the
shot went high, and nothing worse than
ten minutes' lurid profanity followed,
FOR SALE—Housb and Lot situated
on French street, opposite Fay Office,
lot eight, block six, Cash $1,100 or
#1,21-0,4260 down, in easy payments in
IS mouths time. Apply to Hugh J.
McDonald, South Wellington,
On Satarday evening Mr, W.A. Anbln
sat down to one of the grand pianos at
Mr. W. H. Lively's new store and fl rated off Into a nocturne with variations
that were good to listen to, The impromptu concert was keenly enjoyed by
a large crowd of music-lovers. .Mr. Au*
bin is an artist on the Ivories.
That waa a fearful j tit "Old Subscriber" gAve The Leader in Sunday's Herald. It hurt tremendously. Funny the
Herald has always to get somebody on
tbe outside to do ita b.st work. The
Leader was bo juried by that rip-snorting roast that a suit of s ickuloth and one
bbl.bestaBhes have been oidered by
wire. The Leader can't survive many
lam bti stings like that. If "OM Subscriber" could have put his lofty thoughts
Into grammatical English there would
have been no Leader today. Tliauk
goodness he'd a foreigner.
FOR SALE—A good paying business
on High street, cheap. Also house and
lot, good well. Ocupauts leaving on
acfmnt of ill health. Apply to T, 0.
McKeuelly, High street restaurant.
Mrs. Richard P. Wallis of Nanoosu
sang as a boIo at the morning si rvine in
the Anglican church laat Sunday 'The
Children's Horn**." At the (evening
service, Mre, Wallis sang with beautiful
eff.ct "The Holy City," Stephen Adams;
and "The Reaper and the Flowers."
MIbb Bertram, organist, accompauiid.
The churcb was crowded at both services.
Lively repairs all kin .Is of English
Swiss aud American watches.
The government road gang are taking
three feet of dirt off the crown of Oat*
acre street between Stevenson & Cu.'s
and Mr. T. X. J on on* store. It la making a great improvement.
Mr, G. W. Scott is having his building
improved by a new coat of paint. Mr.
J. E, Smith has the work In hand.
Mrs. Blakeleyol Welling.on, has given
up tho intention of moving ber home to
Ladyemith, and wishes to di*po*."t of her
lot at the corner ot Methuen aud the Ea*
plan ado, 	
Two of the gentlemen who had charge
of the construction of Nanaimo waterworks system were In town a day or two
ago enquiring as to the LadysmUb
waterworks. They were directed to the
proper quarter.
Success attended the opening dance ot
the winter series In Gould's Hall Saturday night, The attendance was large,
many coming Irom Chemainus and Nanaimo; the floor and music excellent.
The dances will be continued twice a
month, Friday and Saturday eveuioge.
Twenty*four new coke cars havo been
constructed by the E. & N. shopB for the
Ladysmith and Crofton smelters. They
lire constructed from C.P.U. flit cars.
Twelve will go to Crofton per Fi-aurfer,
and 12 wlll be used here. The coke will
come regularly from Union.
If you want to get a nice ring remember we can make anything you want,
W. H. Lively, Jeweler.
A car of heavy timber for the new
bridge on tha Esplanade airlved Monday morning. Tbe road party have
made good progress with the work, con
tii do ring the difficulty of removing the
large stumps, aud tbe inflow ol water,
which is causing them some trouble. The
hewn logs for the foundations ot the uprights are now Iu place.
New Westminster, B. 0., Sept. 30-
(Leader Special)—At 3:18 p. m. the
Shamrocks came out, followed at 3:19 by
Westminsters amid cheers. Lt.-Governor July came on the grounds at 3: aft and
the game began In the presence of (1,000
people, and at 8130 the first game, won
hy Westminster, 4 minutes; Snd eame,
Shamrock-*), 8 mine.: 3d game, West*
minster, Ominp.; 4th game, Wee'min*
ster, 4 mins.; first quarter over. Fifth
game, 12 fen., Shamronks; 0 li game,
Westminster, 8 mins.; 7th game, Westminster, 2 min. 80*-■*(■.; FCi-ond quarter
over. Eighth game, Westminster flVj
mins.; third quarter ends, Ninth v*\m*;
Wt-B'minster, 6 mins.; 10thgame, Westminster, H£ mins.; 11th game, West-
minster, 2 mins.; 12th gnmo, Westminster, 2>g mins. The g tine ended 10 to
2 In favor of New Wthtuiinster.
The Shamrocks were simply outclassed and showed Utile of their
famous form. Heavy beta are being
made that Shamrncks will not win oue
of the throe matches.
FOR SALE—Two stoves and furniture, with carpet and matting, Apply
•■ Leader Office,"
Installation of Plant at Tha Bank of
on Saturday last the largo Bale for the
new branch of the Canadian Bank of
Commerce In Ladysmith arrived from
Nanaimo by E, & N, railway, and was
transferred on skids, drawn by 8 home
from the station to Nicholson's block. It
waa a big j)h, and Mr. J, McLinnan deserves credit for tbe way he did ir. The
safe weighs about four aud a hall tons,
Tbe wire screens and *,ron work need
in the old premises of the bank in Nanaimo bave also been sent down to Ladysmith and will be fitted up here Immediately. If tho bubiness should warrant it
there is a possibility that the bank may
build a suitable place far itself before
long. Tho LidysmitU branch will he
under the management of Mr. S'ewart
of the Nanaimo buuich.   Ho will hnve
s BEsis'iint Mr. HuleniB, late ol the Vic*
toria branch. Mr. Geo, Williams, manager tn Nanaimo, will exercise general
superintendence over both branches.
Il Is pleasant to observe that the bank
Is doing a considerable amount of business already, although It la also a comical fact that quite a number of people in
Lailysmith are not cveu yet awaie that a
bank has beeu established heie. It Is
true tbey havo heard of tj-ieou Victoria's
death by this time, end that the Boet
war had etarted, but thie b-ink i-. flair
was too sudden for them. Tbeir astonishment on learning, six days after the
bank opened, that euch an '•instil-lotioii"
had come to town was great; and pathetic lo witness. They don't read tin-
Leader, therefore how could they kuow?
Opens in Ladysmith Tomorrow in
s Hall.
By advertisement. In another column
readers of The Lnader will observe thai
the royal commission of enquiry Into the
causes of explosions in conl'tnines g«**ner
nllv will open its fiittlngs here, in Gonld'i*
hall, to-ranrrow, ar.d will remain here np
lomr as evidence is forthcoming.
It is highly Important tht-t all cord
miners nnd otheis having any evidence
(bat wonld be useful tn this com mission
should present themcelvos and testify nr-
to their experiences. The desire of the
government is to obtain a muni of tet*H
mony which will nrnve of the grentenl
pervice in determining what should he
done to lessen the dangers of working,in
coal mines.
Ample oppirtnnlty will be given to
every witness to give his evidence,
which will be carefully noted by nn ofti<
ci til ftenoitrapher and Incorporated in
the commission's report.
This ii an opportunity fir which many
nf the miners hnve been waiting a Ion-.
time. Now thnt It, bus enrnethey should
not neglect It, but hav* their nay.
The snbteets on which evldeuco will
be taken are as follows:
GASPS in mine?, coal dust, watering
dust, exptor-ir.iis, tamplnii, shot firing.
rquibs and fuses, safety lamps, "lei trie
motors, stoppirgn, nb-indom-l woikingp,
velocity of air, panel system, working
two shifls.
Japaness Enterprise Again Asserts
Fish guano will he manufactured on a
large scale by a company of Japanese at
Departure Bay, Nanalmo, commencing
Tho proprietors ot the new Industn
have almost finLh-d a large and substantial wharf for tho purposes of their
traffic, and they are now busily installing tbe plant with which the manufacture ot the guano is to be accomplished.
Not only have those enterprising Japanese put in their wharf and buildings,
but they bave ah o managed to secure a
pretty good market for the products of
their factory. They will be prepared to
buy herring, salmon, dog-fish, cod, etc.,
in any quantity. Most ot tlie guano will
he sent to Vancouver nnd Victoria to be
handled theie by an agent, who will iu-
trodnce it to the notice of the farmers
throughout the province. It ie understood that this is only the firat of a number of such factories whi-.-h are to be t-a-
tabli&hed up and down the British Columbia coast hy Japanese.
Tno manufactories about to be opened
at Nanalmo will have a capacity of bsv
eral lots a day, The factory has a com*
pletc outfit ti boats and other appliances.
and quite a largo etuff of fishermen. The
manufacture of fish guano is a flourish"
ing industry in Japan, where it is mnde
hy a curious procesB; the same will'be
used iu the N-inaimo factory.
Tbe starting if this Industry showp
that the Japanese are fully alive to the
opportunitiee presented in this prcvinee
and that they ure determined to make
the most of them. The lish guano man
ufacturers are perfectly confident ti.nt
they can make this industry successful.
(Nanalmo papers please copy.)
Tho Police Are Now After the Law
It the provincial police succeed in
catching one of the men who are nightly
bunting in tbe woods around Wellington, Nanaimo and Ladysmith and using
the pit lamp to lure the hapless animals
io their death, r>uch an example will he
mudu of him as will probibly pnt a stop
to the piaclice very Biiddenly aud for u
long lime. Several cases havo been reported to. The Leader where cows and
calves, and in one eaee, horses, have
been seriously wounded by the bhot.
The penalty Is twelve mouths's imprisonment and a fine of $ir.O It is believed thnt the first < (tender caught will
receive the full penalty, "pour encourage r
tie aut'ep."
f- Charles Mitchell, loner, aged SO, a
native of Scotland, wai killed last Saturday near Cbemainni by a falling tree
breaking bia back, II. wai burinl on
Bnnday, Rev. W. Bangh-Allan conducting the (uneral service!, and Mr, A, K.
Hilbert, Nanalmo, having charge of th.
arringementi. Mitchell', parent, liy.
in N.w Zealand.
Mr. Gerald II, Crois wai In Lsdyimith Saturday on business.
Mr. IV. A. Anbln returned to Lady,
smith Saturday Irom Crolton,
Provincial Constable Hodgson returned home Saturday night liom Duncans.
He was the judge ol pnnltry at the
Cowii-han Agricultural Exhibition.
Mr. IV, VV, B Mclnnes, M.P.L., wai
a pasaewier to Viotoria Monday,
Mr. A, McGregor returned to Lidyimlth Monday.
Mr. Jul. Foi wa. a paneuger to Ladyimith Monday.
Mr, and Mn. Thomai Kiddie went
down to Duncan to attend the annual
show on Saturday,
Mr. Waller Vermllyea, nf Waltt A
Co., Nanalmo, wai tn town Saturday on
Mr. T. Kltchin ol Nanalmo and Lady-
smith visited Dunean on Saturday.
Miss Effle Anderson, Tiicoma, returned home on Monday morning alter
ipending a few dayi visiting iiiends in
Mr. Iihihard P. Wallis of Nanoose, ii
visiting Mr. and Mil. Geo, Thomson,
Mr. J. MoAloney waa a psa-ienger
down the line yeaterday morning.
Mr. H. Rnifel wai In Ladysmith This-
day on business connected with the uew
Mr, Geo, Fletcher wai in town jester-
-lay nn business.
Mr. A. E Johniton waa down on his
usual vialt. Tueiday.
Mr. A. J. MoMurliie ot tho Abliili-
I,ml Hotel, went down the line Tuesday
for n few days' hunting,
Mr. Allan MrOoli, an Arlz-ina mining
man, has been looking at the, prospects
In Ibe hills behind Ladvemlih, end says
they are "all right." He lift for Ilutle,
Mont., on Saturday.
A belief prevail! In official circles in
Ti un-ith Plumber   Hiii-rliv-ii-.. nml London thai Mr. Ctiainlierlnln will ex.
■.-.smith, Plumber   Hardware and petien(.e ,„,„.,, ,„„,„„,„ ,„ „.,,,,„,mc.
We are just unpacking the
latest in Oriental Goods,
\ ases, Tea, Coffee
-and Dinner Sets,
Toilet Sets,
Hanging Lamps
Silver Breakfast and Tea Sets
Ladysmith,       - B. C.
gVoves, lUc,
This Year's Show The Greatest
Ever Held There,
Yerterdny the annual Bgrlmllnral *■■_•■
hlbition under the atipplcei of the New
Weclm'nster Soaiety wai formally opened hy the Lieutenant-Governor in presence of a i/reat throng of visitors. The
number and quality nt the exhibits this
vtar eclippe all previous records, and
Ihe programme prepared hy the enter*
(ilninent committee is tbe best yet presented at the Royal City fair. Chief
nmongpta large number ot fu'erestinv
Items U tho i-erii s of Incropne matches to
hn played between tlie Shamrocks, of
Montreal, r-hainplons nf the world, and
the New Weshn in piers, ex*cltnmplons nt
the world. Thousand!? will go tn pee the
matches, Tlie Lender nm-ie nr range*
mentP for n special report of tbe game,
The Westminster elmw dec erven sur-cent*,
it in fo well uiaiiaired and given such excellent value for the money.
Pheasants Come High.
( J Donavern, an Italian, wns arretted
l.y Provincial OoiiBtuble Oarmidy on Friday last with b cock pheasant In his
hand. Pinnvera had just shut the bird
eloseto h-adyeuii'h. 'flu* accused was
brought before Mr, Georse Thomson, 8.
M., on 8aturday morning, and abundant. evider.ee to convict being forth-torn-
r-omiii- ihe mugtattiiia impost d a fine of
$'25. Thin with the rnets of the eaee
brought thn amount paid hy D <navera
for his pheaunnl, which was conftB-'nled
mul destroyed by the police, np to $27.M),
Tho nv-giatratn tn linpiwiiig sentence re
marked tionn the necenfity for. pit i tin ti a
stop to the senpf less und wanton slaughter of game in this neighborhood.
%m nu
--.For Sale by JOUN BICKLE-
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of the Famoui
None but Uulon L.ibor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, - lYiprietor.
That's onr kind. A card will bring fu 1
information etui prices. Miikea parcel
of any clothing to clean, dye or lepair,
ard t-wlilrt-ss to
Freight paid one way.
Funeral Director.
T'rompt attention given to all callp, night
or day, Ling Distance telephone No. 124
Bastion St., Nanaimo, B.C.
Ship*. Work a Specialty.
llnrsi-slioeini; in all Its brunches,   l-'iirm Im
pleniciils reiiaiml,    Miners'   Tools   calcfully
sharpened ami tempered.
Buller Street,
AM. SIZES, fill,, I,, 25; 4 ft., $3.35. T.niice
tniilli stiws, ,1 ft.; *!,*: ft.; 4 ft., itntl 5 ft. Also am*
imitlltlau nnd nil sizes of Ik-nl Bros' Miners,
Drivers' Lumps nud Cups to lit: Inul nt
Oiin. li. f; N. Station, Nnlmlino, n. O.
Maple Lodge, No. 6;, I. O. a. T.
Meet, every Wedneiday evening in
Nicl.olion'a Hall. Visiting member!
are cordially invited.
m. Mckinley, sec.
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially invilcd.
Wellington lodge No. 2 K. ol r.
Meeti every Friday in I. O. 0. F. hall at
7 :S0 p.m.
J. W. LEWIS, See.   .
Ladysmiih Orange Lodge,,No. I7G8
meets in NieliolH'.ii'a Hall. First Avenue,
every allernale Saturday lnefteh month,
uoLumenciuir lirst, Saturday in October.
E A. HUOtiAKD, Sec.
Visilln. Brethren ere invited to attend.
Ar.d Seo Pacific
Johnston BU-k, - Nanaimo, B. G
P. 0. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
Visits Lidysmitb every Saturday.
Hours ftom 0 a, m. till 6 p. m.
Abbotsford Hotel.
Graduate of riiiinitclntiin Denial College nntl
Hospilnl of t'rnl Surgery,
OM Pott OfIkeDuHtUi.fr,
Odvurnmint St., (Upstair*)
Phone ,i8oA( Oli'c-*, \lirint*ia RP
"   _7SA,HoWence.    V lCTOMa, D, V_.
Dr. Moody visits Vidysniilh even- Friday, Saturday mid Sunday,   olTice, Nienolsou's Hall.
Marble and Granite Montiittcnts,
Talilt-is, Crosses. iClc. listinmle.-i
nml Desi-jiis gtveu on Application
1 A. HtKDtRSON,     Proprietor.
For  First Class work
Shaving Parlors
High Street.
Hnir CTiititiK and Heard
trimming a Specially,
N'OTICT. in hercbv given that under and by
virtue of the Public Inquiries Act a commission bns been issued to Messru. John llrydeil,
Twlly llovcc and Peter Sccord Lainpuion for the
purpose "of lioliliiij- inquiry Into and obtaining
luf'-itiintiou rcr-pectiny* the cause of explosions In
oul mines mul lhe- mentis that should be adopted
to avoid such ex plosions.
The snld cmiimissiun will sll nt Gould's Halt,
I.ailvsmilb, commencing on Thursday, -nd October, HJ02, at two o'clock iu tbe nficrnnim. for tlie
pin pose of taking evidence respecting lhe matter
of said ini-iiirv.
Dated .Olh September, 1902.
Visitors from Lsdyimith aud diitrioi
will lind tn this wel -apnnlnted houee all
tbe home eomlorte, Lnnchei for lady
ihopperi a epeolalty. Terme ilrletly
j moderate, Servioj and cuiein. flrsi
MISS B, KEITH, Prop, md Mgr.
He Vcddf Posl-inlcllifencer
Seallle, Wash.
Nobody can nfford to he without It, All the
telegraphic newtt of the week. Farm, field, (far-
deu, sport, society. Ileaiitiful illustrntious und
half tones,   Sample copy ou uppllcallou.
All For Ont Dollar a Yaar.
The Ladj-smith Fish Market will
soon be ready to supply the Lady,
stnith public with all kinds of fish.
Corner Roberts and First Avenue
I Keep
ynu want In Hardware, Paints, Oils
(iroekery, Firearms, Auiintiniilnt.,
Hprtsmi'ii'iOiitlls Kisiiiiiefaelile,
Nu'ls, Tool., Nlok-Nai'ke. It will
imv you well to dru|. in and jet in,
iiiiees' helme liiiylint .lsewliere.
' Great range ol Sohool Uooki and
Cory S. Ryder
UnWtrsal Pravitlar.
first Avcnae, lAfJ-pilTH, B.C.
One iPiiond-hand linrizintal boiler.
with stank, inj'ntor and Uttinirs vom
pVtp, all In jzimd order. Siae of boiler 2
ft. 11 dia. by 11 ft, 8 In. Inn«; iln-ne H ft,
dia. hy 21 in. Iiitfh, with 34 luh-s, 1%
in, dia. Rfason for eellin-/, ubIuii Mas
initiad of ptenm. Price $2U0 If taken at
oner.   Apply to
Nanalmo Sieam ('arringe Works.
P.O. Box 138, Nanaimo, B.O.
Tianscontinpntal Passenger Train runs
daily, iquippcd with Standard and
Touiist Sleeping Car.
Day Coaches and Ooloniit Cars
Uwast Rates
Fastest Time
To .nd from Winnipeg, Toronto, Hall.
fax, Montreal, Boeton, New York,
C-.icago and Si. Paul, and all Eist-
em and Old Conntry points.
For pamphlet! and all information ap'ply
to any 0 PR. agent,
II. H. AUBOtT,       IV. MoOIBIt,
Agent, Victoria.      A,.ent, Nanaimo.
Asst. Geul. Pass. Agent. Vancouver,
Is the name that stands for
the Best Piano manufactur-
ed lo-day. Beautiful to look
at; exquisite in tone." Per-
Iccll1.11 in Pianos. Don't
buy till you see and hear it,
Nan dma B. C.
Get the Best 25c. Meal hi the City
Bastion Street,
Inventor of lhe new system ol oar|
b iln for netstylene' Huhting the}
SO li century light. Far cheaper j
than old systvin, mauniAnient re-
niltf; no waste of gas 1 101) per cent,1
pure white soft light at trilling cost,
Pluuihins and metal working in all
Its branches. Gun repairs. Cor-,
respoudence solicited,
y 2
Smelting Works
Ihiiiiiv-miii     Lmi»udiun.
jULLiimuui    Liimudiuni
t m
Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist
Convenient to E.* & N. or Sea.


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