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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Jun 11, 1902

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Array /
t The people, that save t
j money wide with .:': i
f ,.Bl'ckLE|
Ladysmith Leader
•I"I-*I-,*^-I-I-*I"l"l",.-H.+ JJ.^^.^.^ + ^sJ.^^,
I For Boots and Shoes J
! Sickle's is thai store {
VOL. I. NO. 78.
.v.^.v.,.v.,.Vr*.Av.OT.vv.v*v.v .-.v.*.
'•'■.' - We Keecp Fresh and.Complete Su|).i)He.i of" .A.-J
family: groceries s
on band all the time and sell at lowest prices.
,    •. no, time for goods to get stale or old on our
shelves—they  go ont so fast..
A good assortment of Hats, Caps, Shoes,
Millinery and Dry Goods in all the
Latest Styles. . ..:'..
Leiser & Hamburge
Wholesale ' and  Rclail  Merchants,
Esplanade and Qatucrc Street,
■wmwwtvss'sviw .•.•.•.-••-■
La.lynn.ith   2.
■; ::.-.:~- '-i'.?J.i.-';-'■■■-■-;-:-;S'-:*'..
When Visiting Nanaimn Try
—Lota I nnd a Block 48	
Fine residential lots, Splendid view
—Lots S to is Block »»;-
First Avenue.'
These lots should oiih.ince in value
rapidly.   Apply
a utfiry
Na'A-Mill:,.Ori'iunvi>  Utittei    f*ow Uid
Kft's niiil Freeh   Vegeinbh.   supplied
Daily.   Leave otilerH hi. Ebo post office.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain nml fanny bread. Cttkett itmi paB-
ttit^ uf all descriptions, fruits in
Wm. Beveridge, Prop. »J
i'-. i,n.w lintel Ihs inien ooniliirtubly liunisl'ini and 'lie lar is ii|. toilate. £»'
i»?a: aeeomiiiriiliiliiin Inr transient ami permanent boarders anil lodgers.   j£
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards. >
Tha Esplanade, • Ladysmitli, B. C. •:
.Savoy     Xheiatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Ml, il i, fricttu-et,
Soda Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Pruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
- W. E. RUmniNQ, - Proprietor, ' ft*_*_g
********************-i ***************************** M
We are Agents lor
Large stock oi English Fishing tackle. Lacrosse Clouds, Etc,   -
John BarnsJey & Co.,  j
AgTVlyi.r Victoria, B. C. ii
Plre Proof Sales.      sjjT»s»a»«wsa———_.—Kodaks, films, Etc.   '.
.. .*.***,***44************************'*************j
Wholsasl. ami Kntall Dealers iri Monte.
Poultry   and  Vegetables.   G»itie in
aeon,   Shipping orders attended In n
ort notice.
Jessup's Pharmacy
Pmorlptloni carefully diapenaeil. Open
dsy snd night.
The Crescent Hotel
Win. Heppln, proprietor.
Ffrat-otnoo accommodations for miuers
and transients.,, Noon bnt
The Best Wines and Liquors
served nt the bar.    (live us n call.
Cor. Vinlorln Hi! A Commercial St,
NANAIMO.     •     -      B. C.
0 8
,_. .'t1, ."t*. /'*, ._*. _+, _____,__._'_', _+___*_ ,-K .-1-. ___. tb .*K .ts «r*K .*K.-K .-h .-j*. «*K »*K .*K•_
\t "X* **y *4.~ vp ~ *4»r \E* "*3? TIC* ■** "1" Vt? *X" *+* if* w "*™ "X' 'X* *X"*F •I"*' Tf"I* N
Specials for June, Commencing Sat., 7th.
500 Yards Wliite Suliii Stripe \lusliu, io yards to each
Customer 2 1-2C yd
10 Dozen Children's Black and Tan Suinuier Gloves
and Hits, Regular 1,5c, Saturday  5c pair
500 Yards Double Fold Silesia Lining   in gray, brown
and black,' Saturday... 5cyard
10 Dozen, only, Men's Union Working Socks, Regular
15c pair, June pi ice 3prs25c
15 Dozen Boys' Straw Hats, Regular 25 to 50c, Saturday 15c
Ladies' Night Gowns, two that should awake a lot of
curiosity,   Regular 85c, Saturday    50c ea
Regular $1 50, Saturday $1.00 ea
300 Yards Genuine linglish Oxford Gingham, Regular
10 and 12 1-2C, June price.....      5cyd
500 Yards Wliite Goods, consisting of Piques,   Fancy j
Luce Stripes,   Hrilliantines,   etc.,   Regular  15c;.
aiid 20c, Saturday. jjiocjjyd
4 Pieces oflilegiuit lllack Silk and Wool Grenadines,
in Stripes and Checks, double fold; Regular 90C,*___|
Saturday a«50c yd
A Fine Lot of English Cambric Blouses -good washing,|   J2_JJ,
all sizes, Regular 65c, SulU'diiy     40c ea
Ladies Tailor-made Costumes, sizes 32 lo 40,   Regular
$13.00 and $tS.oo,  Saturday    $8-50
Children's Trimmed Hats, at 85c, Regular $1.50
Ladies' Trimmed flats, at $4 50,   Regular $8 and Jtio.oo
.' going to move out some of our Carpets and Oil Cloths
il price will do it, 45c tapestry's for 30c. Remnants of
Oil Cloths about half price.
A We carry Packard's American Packard Shoes.     A guaranteed
Y shoe at $3.50.
W Women's American Duchess Shoes at $3.50 are Ai Fitting and
*l* Good Wearers.
**f Many lines of Dress Goods,   Muslins,   Blouses,  Millinery,
_l- Carpets,   Boots ami Shoes, Gents' Furnishings, will be placed
.£. on Sale Saturday which won't take long Lo clear out at prices
*J we've marked them    Let us show you some Genuine Bargains.
I c. l sitiNsiiJi.,
■1. .-r. ■•!-. .*...'. .*. .'*'. .t. .*. .**'■ ,T,,'!', saV1-- r. .-r..-.'. ■—'. ■ e..+..*. .*..+. .*. .*. .*. .*.
tp I**^P tj*^**:'***^****.** '*.' 1*.■ '*.■ a.' *.■ H* 'hV *J*i*1 *|*' *.! i.jP^f*ajf*ay*ay*P
i '*
Adventuresome Americans  Climb
Mount Ww,
Kruger Refuses to Talk—Oarrie
Nation Pardoned,
The plea . I Insanity has been r.d
vanned in tlm eaen of Walter <.! inlon,
whn ie in Wlnnlpeu jiiil imdiir sentence
uf tleiiti; ler murdering a farm r riii] Lis
hired ii.nu. Goriion ih tu lie hanypil -11
June 28tli, Inn pining efforts will be
mode lo have the ilimili sentence efini-
muted on the ground that tlio murderer
is not ri'Ptini.s;'..'.• '■ r Lis actlona.
B, Parr, o' Otlavi-ii, ti private ■ -1 *-
First cool ii gent, returned t" S nth
Africa a few .neks ego. Woni ■ ie-
eelveil Ibis ..'< 1 li llm' he liao !■ ■ "|i-
polntcd^an Jinepec'toi 'f railway snireB
at Jotianneshiiigjlij C-.'.'ii.' l-i-ri.tiiui1.
Tbegra.ei.l Mnlcoliu MiKenzii-, ll e
Zorrrt boy, who fell at. iln- battle uf
Ri.lgeway tin.log Ihe Fenian mill, wea
yesteriliiy., atteriiin.il decorated by Ids
surviving . eiiuiii'.ii'r, veterans ol 'l-tl.
McKenzie waa h inemlier I the University company of the Queen'd "■•■]:.
Atilie5lili aniuiiil oiuiyeiitioiiul ihe
Anui-ul Oilier of llilieiniiilie, B.iaill cf
Eriu, aleaulutlon wiih adopted,.pinioning lite iiictlinili. of lleilni'iiii! and Dillon,
thu Irish members ni parliament, who
are lit ineBeiit. in Hie Uuileil Hu Iw.
Tne Nuii'niial Geographical SuciHiv ol
New York In." moled u great liiiini|ili al
llielslimil nl   Mnrlii i"   '!i"in!i  i'i
reprehei.l. Iv.-,   I'i
Shipping Gontinues Very Brisk at
This Port.
Many Vessels Arrive-SIr, Meteor
From Nanaimo.
Very few porn in Hriiii-h Columbia
•sn iliiuv the eniui, amount of shipping
l" 1. livi-miili. Nn fewer tlinn twelve
it-s-t-ie m-rein the In.rlinr on Tuesday
noriiiug and iho Kinross and Antiope
vere expected to arrive at any time dur-
in- the day.
Tog Holyoke towed the Santa Clara to
ei on Sundsy.
■i 1. Meteor eame iii Mouilay Irom Na-
1. .1,.. in complete her cargo of sack
mil Inr Nome ports.
Str. Selkirk called Sunday for a ear,o
'I Wi ilii.i-ton eoal.
Sir. Thistle lelt on SiimUy with .
Inr Union.
who, wu
lop I'I
iluee guide
i.li.  IU
Mount 1'elee.
Mm. Carrie Nmion, who »n» Bnntenced
to iha Cliawi.ii cunnty jail on May Oth
Ior one month aud tu pay a-Bue nl tltlil,
at Ihu rate ol tl' u duv lor i-masliing
laloon fixtures, waa yeetorday paidoutd
by Governor Stanloy. Her line una nlso
£_8ln.io tlm newi has been ineiviiyn
\A/.iT.|Heddle&& Co.
n „Particular Grocers, Nanaimo.
Make a specialty of quality,   by buying largely and at close
prices' sell the very finest goods at low prices. Jjj
Soleagsuts for "Deckajulle" Tea, Lipton's "Finest" Hams
1 and Bacon.
Inad uf coal I
sir, O.uiiir eame in Monday for a cargo
ol Wellington conl,
Sir. Telliirti.rriv.nl Sunday morning to
tike -.ii conl fur S:in Frani-isco.
Tug Czar called hi (or eoal Tueidiy
Tug Flyer camo in Tuesday with a
B.-inv iur alum, of cnal.
l'llg Lome wae iu Tuesday for a locd
nl luel,
Tim Pilot lirnnglii iu tlm t.mk Richard
III 011 Monday afternoon Im 1,700 tons
of coal iur the Treadwell mines.
Bj i|.i- .1 I). I'tiuB .a expeiiled to
no 1111   1 Iihi esrg-i to-day,
Sir. .'lie villi- Hollar ul lived Mondsy
afternoon In. 11,600 urns ol euek coal for
Tlie hulk Japan Is etill at the bunker,
awaiting her nun lo loud.
S'r. Oiler Arrived Muuday afternoon
for a Insil nl Wellingtnileoal.
Notliltii! .tan beat a 'Trovimjit Cigar."
Tlip litrRCflt ..in! ln'Ht fitmlto ever made.
Trv (int) ami lit' nuivini-eil, Mitnufac-
Inttiii by
Yatos Street VICTORIA, B.C.
lltirrlstcr, Solicitor,
Attorney. Notary l'llbllc, V.U:.
Mom-y to Lrnin.
Member Cmi. Society of Civil  Hiiitinpers
Rleinbet, Uialitutloii of lilcclricul Ki.Hl.ieors
Electrical I-nv,ineer
CorrespoiidoHce Boliulled
Work fSunninteei. I*, o. Ilox is?
I.ADYSMlTri, H. C.
ARE   YOU   INSURED?     H nnt
g.u iiiiiiieil ... - i'i- im it nmy lie
tin) i.i- liinin-f -w. I 1. |i:i..eii|. several
01,11 snd KF.I.IAIll.F. Oun |iiiliio«iin.l
nun I- i-iiHi'yiui nt. h ulOnieiif'n noiu-eiit
the loweit popalble rates. All leading
cninpiiuien tilmig-i flu- Hume mteB, Dnn't
lie misled into insuring with a cheep
rump "Hy-il might he dmr in llieenil
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer .111, Niiniiliuo. B.O.
V\- oltl-BatflbHaerl, Kirnt-Olaes nnd
Poiml.'ii Uoiel 16 most cimilortftbly fur*
nielii'il, rt'iitrnllv (-ituateil. Biiq ihwIh
trnltip. Excelleul Ctiiplni*. Bar etouked
witli the tin- -' ivinee, IfqimrB nnd clgara.
JOS. t'OX,       -       -        Proprietor.
Short Story of a Heroic Young
When Kwint; Herbert i>niutit*i| Irom
Mitt fditmial cbaii* of a leadinn New
York comic wpfkly nnd returned tn rp-
BUtne Ihe fdltnrehtp ol a weekly papfr
in n enintl Khiihuh town, saya tbe
NW Ytnk Kveninji World, several per-
a trip tvondered. Ttiev did not know, an
Editor Herbert dei'lan-d the nlherday
in tb if ttity, 'lint no man ie pb ve\\ elln*
a tt* 1 i"' 'li" countrj' fttiiur, with a well-
equipped printing otlire in a Rood town,
with a fiui-fliAre of the county printinir,
a vn.t! t-iriMilaliiin and plenty nf job
work nnd advHrtfpinir,
It may hn that he tnkee a turnooca-
fiimi.illy ni woi'kinu the preaa, making
up tin* (' ni*, nr even eetlinit bie own
e'lit'inn) in t.ype; but be tak eg an linnet t
pride in heing able lo do these thlngp,
Ho le t; il'liii? to itlve every man bw due,
but irti*f? 1H1 ble (uvi-JriRliteandiifi "nlo
nminini 1 them,
Snob nn editor la Kwing Herbert. Ac-
cordini: to n story which has Rome f-110-
dntion, n tiuatomnr whom he knt* aa a
cloee-fletpd man, came In a few dnyn 11*40
to jtet.a hundred small posters ordered,
the day before.
Kditor Herbert banded him tbe punt-
ere, neatly tied up in a package. The
ouBtomer untied the string, laid the bill*
on Die impoRtng stone and proceeded to
count them, -„
Kditor Herbert watched tbe count.
When it was conoliided there troved to
be elx over and above the hundred.
Without a word the man wbo would
rathef be an editor In Kansas than New
York, took tbe sli extra posters off tbe
pile, crumbled tbem In tils hand, threw
them Into tbe office stove and taw-Ad his
crest-fallen patron out with a smile.
Amsterdam that pence had been declared in South Africa, Mr. Ifrugi r hm-
deulim'.l to receive visitors or cxpreps
an opinion on Hie subjoot, The other
Kner delegates bete nre diattppoiutflil At
the ruitcoiuje nnd nro no! Incllni d I" <iiu*
cuss the matter.
A number m* the Boer leAdeiB left
Pretoria yeHteiilitv. They arc R.'inn to
brine *» the coinmandnas. It \- ex*
peeled Ihwa oponilions will occupy
about n fortnight.
Lord Wolaeley unveiled ilk' anmifl to
Artliihald Korbee, the xreal war oqrrespondent, in tho crypt ni" St. Pani'p I, m-
dun, !n«r. Saltiritay,
Tiic new (i'ci t'lnsri armored ,-< n h* r,
lisvitidian, reeeutly launched al Clyde-
bank, steamiMJ fur ^0 hours at 28,2 knots
an hour, which was In i*x«bi>s of cnutrnal
Gen, Louie llothn telegraphed his wile,
who ia in Bruiieels, yesterday, that he
had signet) the ucttce agreement nud
wt-ild ntart. for Kuropo next moiilh,
The PariB, France, municipal council
yesterdiiy adopted f\*\ addfti-B .f aym*
pftthy with Mr, Kruui r, "v l npi people
have hu vallum ly folutr) foi t'il-i agaifBt
Lord itosebery, in kvlmt mny pr«ve Ui
be a *■]<■ ecb of grcal practical linjioit*
nuafi, ui tacked the Bovornment from his
_platfor 111 at Leeds Iah! night, c'Httwinjt
tlie etlucntion bill Hnd the grain tax,
Ail Ll herald praise ihe speech, which
mtiy thereinre prnvt> a factor in unitiiiL
tbe party.
Later tletailn ol (he eiiriliquakc in
Guatemala only add to iti hnrmre.
paiBenpera mrlviuit nt Shu Prancieco un
tlie steamer City of Sydney sny 1 hey understood thnt 1,100 dead were taken
frmn the ruins of QuezAllennr.no.
ThereisnotniUi iu the report published in the United Slates that the
Chancellor of the Kxehequtr, Sir Michael
Hicks-Bench, will roBian after the coronation.
Ladysmith's Celebration Will Be a
Grand Affair.
Tnu eoinmltttja work gots merrily on*
tl bvi ivtliiiig pointB to a magnificent
lion. Tbe sports will he better
iiiBvery way thnn Itelore, and the re-
gatta will be ihe best ever given iu the
province, The Indian canoe races will
tie alone worth coining miles to witness,
a? everyone enn have a full view of the
cm e, from Binrt to finish. The
ftriglat) fn»m Victoria and Nanaimo will
111,it-with liiulysmith to help the people
of this city enjoy Canada'-* national
holiday. Special rates have been seen. ■! on all linen together with the free
train from Kxtension.
It is Imped a large attendance will be
pre. i-i Tixtmlny night, as tbe final report) of the committees are expected to
be in, :tf «l help the celebration com-
rftttteu by their piesunce,
To> heavy ** stock. We must at
onco reduce the same Io one half.
Price ri 1 ado tosuityourpoiiketbook
Cooking Stoves and Ranges
Trunks and Valises.
Hah. Damages, Oo Carle. Nbw'i
the thin, tn tuiy. Don't pnt it off.
Hu' tin it now.
We Pay All Freight to
I J.   H. GOOD  &
.'. The Great Gasn Furniture
•iv.r.v.w.v«« s
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
VubHataed every Wednesday nnd Saturday nt
flit Leader Building, comer ofVlrst Ave. nml
Skwclt Street, Ladysmitli, British Columbia.
T. L. GRAHAME, Kuitor and PROPaiBTOR,
ailYMAii. in Canada and DmrttD Statks.||
Oat year {stiictlv In advance)  fi 00
is mouths (strictly tu advance),    1 *5
TRANSIENT—First Insertion 10c. 11 lint; each
ata*t>Ret.iittit insertion 5c. a line.
Ratea on application. No wood cuts used.
Cuts Tor regular use should be all metal.
Marriage. Birth, Death aud Funeral notices,
each insertion 50c.
Advertisement!! not inserted for n specified
time will be charged for until ordered to be dis-
fn LEADER will be found nt tlie following
'. 1 iciiiith-The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
NiiiBiuto—E. Plmbury & Co.
/is-toria—Public Library; Provincial Library; and
v ucouver-Public Library, and Hotels,
\,' v '/estmliister— Public Library.
Ah crunges in advertisements 11111st he received
it 'his office before 11 noon  the dny befon
*• isctibers not receiving paper regularly picas'
leporllo this office,
IU. inn work.strictly cash on delivery.
tt m«itnt advertisements ensli in advance.
of the war in South Africa. There are
tbe Philippines in direful evidence now*
The state of Kansas hae been without
rain for twelve months ind is*Botrh*v-"
ing bo much that everybody wean water.
proof clothing aa a regular costume, and
vegetation is getting on In a way not
seen for many a day. We teem to be
getting a little of the overflow from Kansas here,  .,'"■.■
? 9.
VOICC Of liippif,
■.invwniTH ,. ii.».s,,r  -
Mr. Leigh Netherby is authorized to
collect accounts and receive payment of
moneys due tn The Leader during my
absence from Ladysmith.
Amidst the general jubilation over the
approaching coronation ol Kim.* Edward
the Seventh of England and Firet o
Scotland, the student of history tim.H
himself casting a glance backward into
the centuries when even larger figures
loomed on the stage. It is certainly not
uninteresting to remember that on tbe
21th Jof June, 1657, Oliver Cromwell,
perhaps the greatest ol all Englishmen,
was declared Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England in the same hai)
in which King Edward will be crowned.
Let us give onr readers the scene from
the pen of one of England's moat gifted
chroniclers, as an item of very special
interest at this time.   Mr. Goldwin
. Smith, in his "United Kingdom, a
Political History." sayB:
"To mark the legal commencement of
his power, the Protector was installed
with greater solemnity thau before, and
with ceremonies more resembling a
coronation. An account ol the pageant
Is given ub hy Whitslock, who, though
no lover of Cromwell, seems tu huve
been impressed, Ju Westminster Hull,
nnder a canopy, was placed a chair il
state upoa an awent ol two degrees;
down the hall were seats for parliament,
tbe dignitaries of the law, the mayor
and aldermen of London. Thither on
the twenty-sixth of June, 1067, went the
Protector with his council of slate, his
ministers, gentlemen, sergeants* at*arn.B.
officers ud heralds. His Highness,
standing under the canopy of state, the
speaker, in the name of parliament, put
on him the robe of purple lined with
ermine, delivered to him the Bible,
richly gilt and bossed, girt on blm the
ewordof state, and put a golden scepter
ln his bands. Only the crown was
wanting. The Speaker then gave him
tbe oatb to observe the constitution
with good wishes for tbe prosperity of
his government. The chaplain next by
prayer recommenced the Protector the
parliament, tbe council, the forces by
land and sea, the whole government
and people of the three nalioue te the
blessing and protection of God. Then
the people gave a shout and the trumpets
Bounded. The Protector took his -Mat
in the chair tf state, with the ambassadors of the friendly nations and the high
offleess of the protectorate round him,
and, as fa* did »°t tbe trumpets sounded
. M-Mn* heralds proclaimed the title ol his
Highness, and the people shouted one*
mors: 'God save the Lord Protector.'
At the gorgeous coronutiou nf Napoleon,
someone asked the republican general
Augereau whether anything wm want-
"Ing to the spleudtir of the scene. ' Nettling,' replied  Augereau-, ' but tie hull
.million of men who died in do away
with all thifi.' There was not mueli in
Cromwell's Installation to dim nny with
which any man hail died. The pngentry
was solemn and symbolic, without tinsel or outworn forms."
Now the Missouri mule will return to
the rosy paths of peace and chew the
thistle of contentment. The only kickers
will be thoee dealers wbo didn't get
their mules down to the shipping point
ln time.        ._
The American newspapers have pretty
well stopped talking about the horrors
Editor Ltaderi—• I would llko to s*v a
word lu reference to the Hay report of
our public school tbat appeared ia yonr
columns last week:
In complaining of tbe inadequate accommodation and want of proper scheol
apparatus, it was not intended to lay
any blame on tbe Irnsleen. They have
been trying right along to remedy tilings,
and if tbey did not succeed fuliy the
fault wan not theirs. It was thought
advisable tn publish ibe above-named
report in order that p'i-.rpnth aud others
might ui.it cx.u'i t ii ii.nctr ffomti'i > •■
tear hers i-r children, m.d iu or-'ci to
urga the con ph-inm of the new building.
ThewQikff the i.ditirl In? been Mn-
deied i-uuiitiii Hi ■' ii-ogh nvt*r*ciowded
rooms aiid by tt-aci i-'B luvtiiit too many
clne-es. It b-s b«i n < xtraiittdy dittir.i1*,
if not iiitpt'ESihle, in nivu tutticieut, attention <o tlie v.triim- 1'l.tt-fceN, efpfrially
tii«'_,«''uiur j.npil,-.. We uiiglit to have
been in tbe new building long before
thie, but at the present rate of progress
we are not likely to be in it this year. It
is to be hoped that every effort may be
made by trustees, teachers and  every-
au revolr impossible.   But everybidy, ley, England with He Toronto Ano-
like the far-gone consumptive, expects nauts.
to move south " next week." |   The Toronto ArgonanV eight have
^JCel-thare are two. newspapers pub._Je__Jor Engltnd to tn*er. t1'- li^le. tr- j
lisbed in Valdes, evidence eurely ol gatta. They ere rowing lot » .1 have
American enterprise and courage.   The covered the distance in 7 tutu 20 sur.
editors "roait" one another iu th.
paperi ind Inm one another out .1
poker for imaginary stakes. II s proi-
pector arrives Irom tbe interior - with
nothing, Valdei Commercial Advertiser
and Occidental Newsletter gives the
news sndsr s maniac hiad; If a oltisstn
dires to iport a biled ihirt on sny
ordinary day th. Valdei Gonitimmator
pu'slhp 'an* 'n .p" mMrilenf tbe flnt
page with a picture frame an I....I ii,
But there is uo hope for Vardnesv
tbe passengers, at least in tl.e " u.ar
future;" baeaiui it urns', l-e .ears before a railrn.d can Is- built ncriisa rhe
Ooa.t tanse, and goods of all kimls can
hs taken lip or'ttoni!"1118 Yukon ilnd
distributed to polml 200 mil., south ol
tbe Yukon for far less tlnlt lt cost. I.
put tbem on th. V.ldez route, oa whioh
fourteen fsst of Snow il I ma.a... d.pth
Bar excursion .artlea t. watck th,
ewllt giddy ru,b of the Vali*. a iiliuiier
from the uit-nntalo lii lie .,s, V
aeldonr tees  visitors, v-by   in,vti
money. .-  '--..,
dead water.
THU   ItlNU.
Article! have he.n slgnid fir a fight
between D.ve Sullivan nml Younir t'or-
bett, to take place June 20th in Denv.r.
The men are lo welgb In a. 187 p. noils.
Kid Lavigce's arm I. broken In iwiln,
juit lik. Frank Erne's reputation.
J, J, Oorbett, ex-champion has chiller. «• .1 •>■' w'-n«r nl tbe J(ff.-Flls, flgbt.
Tin: kisiu ■.n.vr know.
Victoria Wins' in Lacrosse Fran
His Majesty, who   wi. ftyjifg t-s
guest at a certain country manrinn
few months agn, entered the  village
school one morning quite Urexpsctedly,
and Iti hi-, usual pleasant why asked the
ehildrea a few questions.
"New, my yoaag friends;" said King
Idwerd ebeerlilly, " I daresay sotta of
yen enn tell me the nanus nf ■> few nf
h t'our greatest kkpaend qiin-i
hiiy      With oni- accord ihey cilnl out "King
Alfred ahd (jut-en Victoria, si
Just then a tiny Blip of a'hov.towhom
the schoolmaster had whisperer! snmr-
tMnp, ftond tin nnd rninnl hK Ln
*' h .  »nn   kni w   a    ih- r    n v
Fi--.' M « Hili.'.
"Ye«-Ki.v ivW'nr.t Vtl."
HiS ii (•jer'-i   ifll'l l.t.1,1 ,i lij-t,!,
VU:loiiii Inul un ae* vlcto . i'iVhi Sa
natmo'lHei Si iu(|.ij*1-*nii*l,||ii' j. r*j« i.« I - -i
V'.ctoriii. The mis'ith icatf fl I't'e-slUed
oiio. Nanaimo pi ijcd wail fur ihi-flmt
15 mioutes nnd then went all to pieces.
The score was 13 to 3,
The games between Westminster and
tbe Shamrocks for the MintoCupare
'   WllHt |*re
do e, t>rn ?"
" 1 d.n'i km»w, t
- I ■ li*   bi-  -Hel.
id VI
tin-It ■ i
-fd    .i.y   1,,.1'V,
1 dnii't.r.ii.iwi jther
Jamf s 1 don't see your brother this morning.   Where is he?
Auswer to last puzzle—With the upper pert of the picture ee base the neighbor
vill be found just to the left of the questioners face.
one concerned, to secure the completion
of the new schunl in time for the new
term. T. J. Birron.
Ladysmith, June 9,1902.      ,
Quaint Old Town at tlie Fiot of a
Passengers hy the Ilartha last week
gave Tbe Leader interesting description!
ol the town of Vslder. on tbe Weatern
Alaskan tioset. it ie Ihe Micawber of
modern timei, for everybody ia th.
place is waiting for something,to turn
up. When that something lakes the
form of n stranger they proceed In tnrn
him ilovn il he is in like condition with
themselves; thai i., without a cent nl
Unlike all other place, in Farther
Alaaka, where tbe gold-weigbl.g sclei
ire met with on every itore coaatir,
Vahtei hai neither males nor gold to
weigh in tbem, It li .11 tr.de; th. inhabitants live by taking In ouo another
us li'iarders, nml shn's* delhiiolls humor
inpies.iiiingl.il1. Iur latii.tiu Mice a
month. (Inly one iti.m «, eve. Iiin wn
lo pay a hill in ViliiHl, un l.e died
aniiri slier.
Vrilli.7. ill 11   j'l.'l'il    Hte.il   It    hl'HUH   al-
his afternoon, vicefit wheii the
steamers arrive at the new ah.rfwlth
Its big warehouse and iiiialt nlliee, with
its iisii.il taciturn olflci.l. 11. punctuates Ills ..racular reuiAiks wilb coploui
uxpenlorat.lous, which disgust the hot
stove so much It'.hiuei violently all the
time. Everybody want! lo get away
from Valdes, but tha prevalence of the
dread dliene, hllo nhickamln, whioh
haa laid lie fell hand on nearly .very
mother's sou in Ih. place, make, even
only a month sway. Tb.y ar. t. In,
aliy.il on Jua. tlth, .Inn, Utb aad
July III, And .vary day it looki onr.
.nil more aa II tin vice-regal sllverw.ar
would lake up a permanent iesi«t«nim on
the hank, of the Fraser. The Shimrocbi
W.re not .ny too itrong for Ih. W..I-
erncr. last year aad the lot. of Dad,,
Hendry, Lnhfy .nd Hay,, wlll hardly
bid to th.ir strength.
Th. gam. h,tw,en WetlnjiaiuV and
Vaneouvir played at the lov.l Oily
wae a very rigged one, The eliamploni
wire not up to tbeir belt, thinking that
they hid in easy thing. Vincoatar
took Hi. ant two goali and then Weil
milliter woke up lor a short time .nd
■cored thru. So mora |.tli were n.d.
by .Ither tesiii. Th. gnu. w.i pntty
rough, tan man weie rulml off, i Isdfr.y
ol Yanconv.r three timei.
Uamifucltireie, of all kinds ot
Roue) and Dressed Lumber
Mouldings, Laths. Shingles, Etc.   t
4 A large stock  of  thoroughly seasoned
' lumber-ml and and class constantly ou
< Intuit.   All  onlcM  strictly alteuiletl  "
* Quotations clteerftilly glvqt.
ou   l
{ John W. Coburn,
A. C. Wilson,
Funeral Wreath*, etc., WV'dlng Rtiu<
quels in every et-Je. Orders promptly
attended to. ~N \ N AI MO, B. O
, i  (-,-sJ -|.>hri'tTTt*l*ttttttftttl  '
Far. alt* suol refreshing drink i
try j
Union Brewing fiot!:
Lagers and Stout
ill* Ml. Ill ii
N.n.imo, B. C,
;+++++<,+++t++++1..., ..;.+.|l.H.
" Dutch,," Udyimitli'i .tar twirl.r,
hu iit.ra.ii .ud will be a gnat help lo
thi bill ton.
Th.gam. bttwMa Victoria ant Via*
•outer tlituid.y ended is . row, <wln|
to th. amplre'i decision. Th. w...
wa. even up to the tilth inning, when
Viotoria replaced llnj.i.ia «|ih ti".
bmittj .ml tli-t i iitiin i itiliiii In it iHii-r.
The Min ii wms7 lu I.
Citizens of Ladysmith
All Citizens of Ladysmith,
8. C, are respectfully invited
to become members of the
Ladysmith Board of Trade.
Objects: The advancement
and improvement of Lady
Vleioriti deleatcd the N >...,..,.
eleven hy a .iiii.nl fi» in .jti.
The Vim.nia tlmi uisni ilefeslri il,.
Nanaini.i 2nd at N.iuinn. mi Saturday
lait l.v a more ol to lo m,
Lou Selioles, ol tlie Dun Huwlng uiiih.
Toronto, won hll race agaiual O. S.
Tltua ol New York, Tltui lid until
about 000 yards Irom the Hnl.li, wb.n
Bcholet apurttd and crotnil Ih. Iln.
winner by. length ud . hill, tim.H
min. 17 ,ec.   Bcholu will leave lor Hen-
Netary Public,
Cenveyaneer, Ete.
Commissionur Snprnnu Curl nl
ll.C , I inline nnd In umnrc < jr.-nl
Iho liaphn.d..   ■   I adjlltlltb, II C.
N.sr .Irand am. . rurife'llill.l.
mm mi
Fu.-nl ure, Carftt., linoleums,
WaHpap r, Cur'alns,
Crockery, tll.tuw :,, r.t-., Etc.
i»*S«-i>r.. S '
litre la Cnmlcrl U Our Qoodi
Kcii.'.. unit..' i, - „ i -1- a hum. In
■Mintest o->(i.'.V.Vi.'C ,,'i. Write
l.ir ..ur laigr ca.al.iga. (f.ee) lliui-
tisted aud p. lend (.iteraialtialfi,
4444.444444444444444444+444 *>+-w-M--H-»-t>*^**> ♦>*>+♦ v-H-M-t
♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦* ♦* * • *->t't♦♦♦ff-*>*>♦♦•>♦♦•>•♦ tt♦♦*>•>,.
Coal!   -   Coalli
Wellington Colliery I
Wellingtor Coal    Itest household coal ou the Pacific
Comox Conl—Best attain «oal en tht Paoifit etatt
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and house-   -
hold coal >
Tht above coals are mined only by the Wet .
lington Colliery Company. Wharvet at Ladysmith, I
Oyster Harbour, snd Union Bay, Baynes Sound. ,
Head Office Victoria, B, Q  \
I Bern  t*T<inul»eo AgBnt*y, *
! R. Dunsmuir's Sons e-»'w
X l*\9 Steuart St.
*************************** **********4**t*\a^t*l0iaM**t4
i .
| Herely A Reminder
Of tha fact that tha Leader Jet, Rears *
now doing all kinds of Printing nets
mercial, legal and society—at very reasonable prices.
Wa Print
—Letter Heads -
-Hill Head,
-Nm. Meed.
—Memorandum Head.
— Itlleluss (Is,..,
—Hiirk . .-.iill,.*.
— I. . ■■    111-, ts
—.vl'idiiln, |, viinlluti,
— Fitiir.ial AnnimniMBieati
—I'rogrammee T
-Wioduw Cards
■It Wit IWI tt t.»tt MM I til |l
ataving the lateat type face, and border.,
end modem Machinery, wa produce oaly
the bast work— Printing that,attract,     j
The Leader Job Room !
::   Ladysmith, - §. e,
'♦■Mill 111 HIM IH111111111111 tt 111.1 lit 111 Ml Mil *****
Viltreisei, l/jinr..
Ft—*-, .'.il,,.,.
Te. I . 1   .,.    ||  ,,!.,'
Namlme 1.0.
Sheet  Music
Oheipeil au J Beit-6o. end lOn. a copy.
All liteit eongi snd pieces.
Musical Instruments of All Kindt,
Violin Strings, Ete.. Eto,
lalilii.l Mnkci'u n| l.iplin lihrvr. jj
Jlkiniitfr St.
<'Vll» W.--VI <*WV? s°*BS*M**M
i. tl. »«.<,».,. ,.
<W»it£ i.'ityHall.   It, O, »«-if,a,
Seittli Dslly Times
Tlie livilieit ,-aper In the Noril.*.*i.
Weekly edition a complete record ol
the world'e newi lo dale. Sport,
polltlci, loeMyi woaien'i, ttlemln,
yiinng folk's d.patiiaeat, lilerainr*
iltMini, art, naaib,
M Mi W-iBf*i«r
Stittlt, Wttk.
Hit* ta* Ot^trt ftr,


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