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Ladysmith Leader Nov 29, 1902

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 fypo  A^;'^
a\u faf*i444444v444444v444'\',vv*v a**P
T  A Oood j-Roomcd House lor
%     Sale.   Apply to
VOL. II. NO.  t_6,
SeB yourself well clothed nnd shod and you can defy tlie wat.
AIbo a large and varied assortment of
always on hand.
Wholesale aud Retail  Merchants,
Esplanade and Oatacre Street, - - Ladysmith
Whon Visiting Nanaimo Try
The Blanket and Comforter situation is
now approaching. Winter is setting in and we
are ready for it.
.Silver Grey. This'blanket comes iu three sizes
for single, three-quarter and ■ full-sized beds,
in prices ranging from $3.25 to 155.50.
Medium Grey.   Iu 5 lbs. to 8 lbs.   A
this line at $2.50. f   ^L_______
White Combed Wool "Tccumsch." Our stock
ranges from $2.75 to $6,50. Qill in and take a
glance at Our Special at $2.75.' These are our
standards.   Wc are sure we ciu please you.
HON, W. W. B. MclHNES.'
Confident the   Government can
Weather any Storm,
Yesterday morning Hon. VV. W. B.
Mulunes travelled donn to Victoria
stopping on" at LadyBmith long enough
tu grant'Ihe Leader a short interview
on the present political situation.
Hon, Mr. Mclnnes in reply to a question aB to the reported attitude of Hon.
Joseph Martin, said he was very sorry
indeed to injur that Hon, Mr. Martin
intended to oppose tbe Government,and
he was at a loss to know wby. He was
dubious about th3 report, and would
prefer to say nothing on the matter until
lie had eeen Hon. .Mr. Martin personally.
As to the present Government's ability to carry on the business of the country -ftith a substantial majority be bad
not the slightest doubt. They would
meet the house with a safe majority,
nnd they would endeavor to carry out
the policy already outlined by the Premier, which wuuld be one ot tbe energetic developeineut of the country's resources,
Hon. Mr. Mclnnes expects to return
from the capital ou Suuday morning.     j
The Lumber Company will Branch
In a Bhort time the Ladysmith Lumber Oo. will have a fully equipped shingle mill in operation at Ladysmith. The
plans of the building are now in handi
and tbe work of erecting; the mill will be
proceeded with at as early a data ai
The Company found tbat tbe great
development which tbeir business bas
experienced during tbe present season
demanded greater facilitiea for meeting
the requirements of their expanding
trade tban were afforded by the establishment at Fiddick'B junction, and bo
determined to relieve the pressure by
putting up at Ladysmith a firat olaii
shingle mill.
Thie mill will be only tbe forerunner
of -still more important developments of
tbe Conipanv 's buelnees at Ladysmith.   -
Step in and hav;- a look at our goods,
and get aguesB on the pumpkin. It's a
whopper,   Lively's Jewelry Store.
Mutual Improvement Society.
Bine Pater, the fl.ig shown un-ships
about to sail, is derived from the French
word par.ir, to leave,
Tne giraffe, armadillo, and porcupine
have no vocal cords, and are, therefore,
mute. Whales and serpents are also
Thero are 45 submarine valleys known
where B<-tin'.liugs show over it miles of
water, aud 8 whore over 4 miles has been
Ir has been calculated that the eyelids
ol ihe average mun open aud shut no
fever than four million limes iu the
so of a single year of his existence.
Try one of Turner's Razors  for easy
- having.   Every r.-zjr  g-iiuanUed.   At
the Drug S ore.
^mmwmmmwmwmmimmm.. I Hasonic Block,   Ladysmith ijWllD'J MS II Mll-EF
Fraser River, Island
and Ashcroft
J\tt\t JOlTilStOil Cx v_jOh I j|>**xi<>$'^
X Ml-.
^jOIllISlOIlOi.UOi. g.
Oeneral fleicliants.
There is uo limit of jig;- for Reservists
rejoining the colours under the special
Amiy Order of September 22.
It Ims been intimated by the War
O.'licw that the freo Fupply of small arms
for Volunteer officers cannot be t-sne-
Tlie Cuban Undue! shows a decrease
in exporia of 1",000 000 dollar. The
fulling off ia du. to the low price of
' Hit-far.   •
____________________ ^^^
Absolutely the finest lea fold m B.O, If you do not (mow
this n?k our customers. Or ImMer rat il I try one pound 50.'.
Imported ilifpctjy frmn DeckiiAiilIe Ten Gardens. Only
ourselves between tho grower ajiu you. Your second order
will bc 5 pounds, price JJ2.25.
 , SOLE AtlENTS r-
W. T. Heddle & Co.
Ft>ee Press Block.      a"^,SZii!'r" Nanaimo
 1  -^an ■   ■•'•
Win. Hevoritlge, Prop. /
This new lintnl bus ruton comfortably lliruislnil nml  the I it Is up to i'r.1.-.   \
Best accommodation for transient mul  permanent boarders anil lodgers.   »'
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards. j-
The Esplanade, ■ Ladysmith, B, C. |
S-favoy    Xheeitres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of thc North-West
AflB/ YOU   INSURED?     « noi
g-tl, i mm rod at once lor it mny bc
loo l.tte iioiorrow, I rep rosen I: several
OLD and KKLIAHLIO Companies nnd
nan insure you at ii moment's notice hi
the lowest possible ratea. All leading
oouipanies charge the siuno rates. Dm'
be misled into insuring ,with a chimp
.'company-it might Im dear In tbe end.
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
■ P.;o. Drawer 33, Nanaimo. 11. 0.
Mcint-er Can. Society of Civil  Hiigltieei-i
Mi.-iiil»i.-f IiiHttliilloii or Klectrlcnl Hugliic.ru
Consulting Electrical Engineer
P. 0. Box ,157
Even our earliest anef store knew a
good smoke and alwnyo picked
Tarts Ii threatened with a strike of
{mrnfi* man bakers. The waiters are
aleo agitating for the removal of grievance.
For teasinganorgan*griiider'B monkey
by pinching its toee and offering ita
chew of tobacco, John Walker, of Bury
wss fined-f2 am) costs by the Ashtou- j
under-Line- magistrates. The summons
waa taken out under the provisions of
tbe new Wild Animals (in captivity)
Protection Act.
From all tbe indications yesterday tba
opening meeting of tbe L idysfliith Mutual Improvement Society last night in
the pavilion was going to be a great success, as well in point of attendance ai in
point of interest. The committee in
charge of the arrangements had mado
very thorough prepai atlon for a good
time, and as noted, tbere was every
prospect of a field night.
Tbe Leader learns that negotiations
are now in progress with Dr. Marshall-,
of Edinburgh, Scotland, who Is now in
thie country, with a view to securing
him for a leet ure on mining, mineral-
logy, metallurgy or some kindred subject in. Lidysmitb at an early date. Dr.
Marshall is well-known in mining circles throughout tbe world, and Is thoroughly qualified to speak >n the scientific subjects mentioned, This wonld
be a feather in the cap of tbe young
B.B.B, G.B.D, pipes at tbe Drag
Store.   Every pipe guaranteed.
Ae a prize ploughman be was known
almost the world over, and won In fifteen
year-, prizes to the valne of more tban
'AaxaH',) hvhvs '-ipui mho.\
'Ml JllOqll **IH*JD poia.nl ll nil! I 'MOtl*** UliC 'll)l]l |1ii| 'r-pop.o
S iu .lons-iiti*-* *w*i Siijiuotii ;it[Hi( iio(i(|tii .ni'ti :iiij.iii i'.ViiuniH.t.i,]   -timisuoiv j» ptpwl
U .HU   '..> i-l 3   .IIU'.\ O) .1111)1- (13|,-1) Of 111),-; .It) A [111 1>,1I0.K 1 11.1*1 .'jO.-itllJ  U>A I'lllI -1H\11[->|1 tl J'lJ .ni
.-iisui -no.* p'HOHH |l»l 'iw.itl -*>i|l iClpaiHtlOpUtl B| tioimiM OHjiJ iPi[i 'tOlSllWW -qoi.t 3**i*.*i tio.C
JI 'HUM. l'-:piM aboSUOH p'litt imteiiH -.niil miMM.ttiaqB1KW}\ uoinj'lo.fro. «| tmn(Cw
ppiOAli 'asiioi u-ii IS.iiinil) s( ||3|i(M 01 SO .utiilui-. -IIOAO] .\"|(lai li- '——-,i tu*j\| juoq
Slewar's choice chocolates al the Dnr
Get the Best Work
K.iimiitt'i! iili.i'ifiilly ftlrriislll'llon lllir-
ilniiii yon may ncmi in tlie line uf painting, |iuiuTl'Hi'i!'i i;. wall mill eellitiii ilee-
■iriiiiin. Tlie Star Paint Simp, High
HnrridtcM, Solktnr* _nd
Office: Oddlellnwi' Building, Roberli St.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain nnd fanny bread. (Jakertand pns*-
trie* of all ilescrlptions. Frnits in
Lols In lilm'ks 20, 80 nnd 31. Alan
Holel Situ, 120.120 leel. Also lots 1 anil
2 block 48,11160 tlie two.
« Apply to
Tliisold-EstHhlislied, First-Class and
Popular Hotel is most comfortably fur*
niched, centrally situated. Buo meets
trains. Excellent Cuisino. Bar stocked
with Ibe finest wines, liquors and cigars.
JOS. FOX,       - !    - Proprietor.
t   The Leading J
Reviews i
Nlneletnth Century   and Alter, -'.'
Canl.mpotnry   t-rvlew,    Port- 4
nightly   It'-v|i>«-,   \Veitinlii.*.i-*r X
Movlcw,    Bdlnburgh    Kevltw, A
Oiiarlerly ttcvl-w, ttl.ckwood'ii •*
li.llnbiir.li Magmine. <#.
Strong;,  su-rlliig. lliiiely, siigfgcatlvc A
nml  imttuirilivi.'; jiisl wlmt you wniit i),1
to know orilii:w(irl(l'^(l(iliigs;.xiiclly 4
wlmt  vou  neea lo know; imiltolil *
tvlicn vim iviuit lo kuvii-ii   Mnu'-ilii'
vnlllbonllCfie tevkwH io vim.    The
nlilcst wi-ln-t'i,   llie  iniisl iliiielv tils*
russiitus; 'I'lit-Mviru-sl •■lVM-uUitloii nf
the woilit-|iritM(*iiiH of I lie ilnv nppt'iir
tJVOrv immlh in lhe pages lif llie.se
Irmling I'l-vlt-W'i    '1'lirnc nre I lie Kill*-
li'-lit'.lil!i.itsHnli] hi Amci-lcnnttilwml
hull' 'ii-iee,   S]ui'iiui-ii txijilen Jtent free _
toniiyuiic loiywliere,  mul   hiMoricnl Ti
bookfel, too, fur llie iisking, £
The Leonard Scott Publication Co., J,
-Warren St. New Yurk City. t
The Canadian Bank
— OK —
Hesil Olllw, T.)ronto,Onl,
Capital Puiil Up 18,000,000
Best 2 000,000
Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President.
II. I'I. W.u.Kicii, Ui'imnil Manner.
[a Branch of this Bank has
been opened at
Savings Bank Dtpartmint.
tntercst allowed on deposits of one dot*
lar {$1 00) and upwards. The depositor
Is suld/ot to no delay In depositing or
withdrawing funds.
Current Accounts Opened.
Lnans Negotiated.
Drafts Issued payable in all parts of
t, I the world.
For the cnnvenlnnce of customers and
others Hiij hank will be open on the
(■veiling of Pay Day from T o'olock until
8 o'olock.
Tbe large and Increasing sale of tba
gun trade in Belgium is a eubject of
considerable concern to Birmingham
H. M. S. Good Hope, which is eon*
veying Rt. Hon. J, Chamberlain to Sontb
Africa, was commiesionedatPortsmouth
by Oaptain C. E. Madden and a crew of
000 officers and men.
Swansea Corporation has completed
tbe erection of workmen's houses, employing direct iabour. The result is not
satisfactory, for tbe cost reaches-£266
each, labour alone costing £141.
With tbe approach of winter the price
of coal ie again rising In New York, retailers demanding from 7 to 10 dollars
per ton for anthracite coal.
The Webster County Supreme Oonrt
has decided that in the state of Iowa the
damage for the loss of life of a child cannot exceed (3,000.
Great Sacrifice 1
Cooking Stoves
and Ranges
Pinion this week wt wlll give you
Our Regal Perfection at $12.00
Onr No. 9.22 Perfection at 24.00
Onr No. 8.2o Perfection at 18 00
Onr No. II Saxon Boy at 16.00
What wo say we do.
Please tear in inlna every one of our
".ookiUR Stoves nnd Ksiiriis are siwiran-
tced to Rive satisfaction or we refund" yon
your money in mil. Don't put otrbuvlni
one until Mnnsllnie. buteome now aim
tske ntlvontaite of tills great Oder. We
carry s[completetine of castings always
In slock. M-our sole orfuinllure In full
Freight Paid to Ladysmith
i Great Cash Furniture ..ore LADYSMITH   LEADER NOVEMBER 29. 1902.
Ladysmith Leader
Published every Wednesday and Saturday nl
i'he Leader Building, corner ofPlrsl Ave. nud
r'tench Street, I.iulysiiiiili, British Cotuiiihin.
By Mail in Canada and Unitkd Status
One year (stiictty in advance)  p
51k mouths (sti icily in ndvnnce)    i 35
transient — Including business notices,
calls Tor lenders, -ippllctitious Tor mul transfer ol
licenses, legal notices, etc., toe. a line first In-
• ertlou; sc. a line each lubsequeut Insertion) i.
mea measure to thc ineli,
Rates on application. No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be nil metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each iusetlioti 50c.
Advertisements not Inserted for n specified
■inie wlll be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
I'HE LEADER will be found nt the following
Lnlysuiilh-TlicLender Office; The Ladysmitli
fJnnnlino*—E. Plmbury & Co.
.''■.torla—Public Llhrory; Provincial Library; aud
Viiiicnnver—Public Library, mid Hotels,
New Westminster—Public Library.
Nanaimo Herald says editorially that
it might be able to bring itself to support lion. W. W. B. McInneB. Wesup-
poeo after this we 111 ;i;' t as well get
ready lor the dolugo. Hon. Mr. Mclnnes must feel fluttered awfully.
Hon. Mr. Murphy will test the feeling of the electors of West Yale on Jan-
nary 3rd, and he eaya that if they .do
not want blm he will accept their verdict cheerfully and settle down to law
practice. Hon. Mr. Murphy's exceptional gifts should count, for much in a
Rumors that tbe Grand Trunk Bail-
way is thinking of extending its operations to the Pacific Coast have resuscitated the ancient prophecy tbat this
coast ts "on the eve of a development
such at the world has never Been," etc.,
etc. Inn'! .-abhor a long eve, thin ?
Prtjditrtiom* havo been rife for hall a
century, aud tho dawn of that glorious
day Ib not yet. It n the Pacific OosBt
er'a pet stock-prophecy.
Pastor ot Wallace Street Methodist
Chnrch, Nanaimo, The Victim.
All changes in advertisements must be received
at Ihls office before ia noon the dny before
S'* tact.ben not receiving paper regularly please
teport to this office.
Wl iob work strictly cash on delivery,
"r it-intent advertisements cash in advance,
All intelligent admirers of President
Mitchell of tho Pennsylvania miners'
federation bave noted witb deep regret
and disappointment tbat even thie
sensible, strong-minded man hae fallen
a victim to the lorm of insanity which
runs to wilting books. We certainly
had entertained far higher hopes for
thiB prorating young man. It is melancholy, indeed, to eee one so gifted
wrecking, e bur promise of his earlier
years by taking to crime of this repulsive sort.
J Subscribers not receiving Tim "j
a. Leader regularly will confer a 4
_ favor by reporting promptly to jr.
3 this office. Ji
*• -. '*'
It tbere be any truth ln the statement
—and let us remember with care that it
comas Irom Vancouver—lhat Hon. Joseph Martin has signified liot, only bis
unqualified disapproval of tbe composition oi tbe present provincial government, but bis determination to oppose
it to the best of his ability, the matter
is a good deal more serious tban tho casual observer might think.
We adhere to the opinion that, rightly
or wrongly, Hon. Joseph Martin is the
ohlef political power in (bis province today. Those who attempt to console
themselves with the cheap assurance ol
Hon, Mr. Martin's bitter personal one-
mitt that he is no longer to bo reckoned
with, are living in a fool's paradise.
We htvt learned with keen regret
that Hon. Mr. Martin is suffering from
a painful bodily complaint, which is
causing his friends eome anxiety, and
which le bound to circumscribe his energies somewhat, but we are perfectly
confident that tills will not prevent bim
Irom taking a most -active part in tbe
political events which, to all appearance,
are soon to make memorable rbistory in
this province.
Our belief tbat the opposition of Hon.
Mr. Martin la to, be dreaded is baseil
upon wcll-autlient icntcil facts. Wc submit, first, that the party which has
pledged its allegiance to.Hon. Mr, Martin as leader Is today moro powerful
than at any time since tbat honourable
gentleman eame to this province. Second, tbat it Ib being continually aug
mented, and last, but not least,' tbat
Hon. Mr. Martin is backed solidly b
the bulk oi the Liberal party in tbe
These are not things to be dismissed
with a wave ol tht hand. We are ae
confident ts we can be of anything tbat
ii the remarks attributed to Hon, Mr,
Martin in tbe despatches irom Vancouver art correct, the approaching session
will tee perhaps the'fiercest'struggle for
supremacy ever waged in tliot legislative chamber.
While we hive expressed our satisfaction with tbt Government aB now completed, we have not the slightest doubt
thtt it is about] to enter npon a strenuous fight for its] very existence—always
providing that Hon. Mr. Martin lias
been quoted correctly, (or he is a man
who*'never breaks ]his wurd,"and who
la absolutely uncompromising toward
thoie wbomtbe'bas-good reason to consider his loss.
Vorwaerte, the leading German Socialist paper, declares that a Becrot de-
cree has been issued by tbe UuBsiau
minister of war to commanders o( troops,
calling attention to the urgent necessity
lor combating the Socialist propaganda
within tbe army. Here is a slgniacant
fact, that might bo taken in conjunction
with the foregoing—the Continental
conscripted armicB are among the most
effective agencies in the spread of Socialism—and SociallEm that inclines toward
Anarchism and Nihilism.
A neat letterhead or billhead with
yonr name, address and business,- is a
good advertisement.
Judge Harrison will adjudicate upon
the charge which has been brought
ngniust lliu Rev. W. W. Baer, pastor oi
Wallace Street Methodist Ohurch, Nan*
aimo, by Justus W lllams, a carpenter,
residing somewhere down tbe E. A N,
line, lo the effect that the reverend
gentleman regularly commits the heinous crime of smoking tobacco (nnder tht
specific orders oi his medial advisers.)
This practice ol Mr. User's has re-
ceived the sanction ol all the church
courts before which it has been invest!-
gated. They.no sooner heard the evidence than they dismissed the charge ol
Williams and gave Rev. Mr. Batr full
permission to smoke.
Rev. Mr. Baer believes that Williams
is uot so much worried about the seeming infraction of the cbnrch law as he it
lor reasons licst known to himself, to
render Rev, Mr. Baer's stay in the ministry of the Methodiat church impossible.
For years this man Williams has pursued the pastor, bnt not satisfied with
tbe repeated rebuffs given to him by the
courts of his own church he has insisted
in dragging the matter still further,
The writer has gone very thoroughly
into nil the evidence and correspondence
in Ibe matter, and is in a position to tty
that Williams is by no means alone in
this pursuit of Rev, Mr. Baer.
The outcome of the cast will bt
watched with deep iulerest from one
end of Canada to the other. It it probably Unique in the annals of tbe Methodist, church, and even oi tbe Oivll
Courts. p
Goods purchased from us are as represented. Our ptiBt reputation saya so,
Tbey are also new and up-to-date. No
old stock to clear off. All new goods.
Mail orders promptly attended to, Live.
ly, the FirBt-clasB Jeweler.
On Wednesday evening, 2(1 li. iii-L, In
the Ohurch ol England, by Veil. Arr-1 -
diacon Seriven, Mr Jos. Kenny tbe well
known Ladysmith merchant ami Mis.
Edith Wsghomo of Toronto wero mil-
riedin the pre.-once of a few iniitiitle
Iriends. After the ceremony the .wedding party adjourned to the resiiieiicr
ol Mr. and Mrs. Slier, where Iht wed. i g
tupper wis ptrtaken oi. Mr. and Mis.
Kenny bave received the congratulation
ol tbeir many fiiende, and The Leadet
joint in wishing tht happy couple long
lilt tnd prosperity.
We do til kindi ol watch repairing,
also all kinds of iewelry made to order,
Lively, the Leading Jeweler.
.*************44***********4***t ,)********
; Dining Room Furniture
Goods at Low Prices,
Here ie a bit of Siamese journaliem
which throws even the eiForte of the
Vancouver World in the line of fine
writing quite into the shade. It is
part of an account ol a shooting outrage:
'■Shooting Outrage. 0! Fearful Agony.
Khoon Tong, one of Phya Sou's rataff,
was on a miss-ion to Lampoon, and on
his return instantly shot dead by some
miscreants, scoundrels. 01 untimely
death. 0! fearful. 01 Hell. All Mends
their mor no'.   The cowardice
dogs is still at lar.e.   6 soldiers and six
poiior.nien were at once dispatched."
Frankly, we think the following to-
marks by the  Portland Oregonian are
amply warranted by ibe facts connected
with comic Oners, eo called.   Looked at
in the proper light there are few thingB
more demoralizing end degrading than
the average modern comic opera.   Here
is the indictment:
"Can no one feel the erudouees of the
atmosphere of somo of the present day
comic operas? Witty jeet and lovely
song are the gilding to a picture eo
deadly full o[ all that is low and cheap
that one is amnznl, asbamei), at the ap*
plimse won from self*respecting people
by these purveyors of the vile. It is
generally impossible to lay tbe linger of
criticism on a flagrant indecency. But
no limn can emerge from the three hours
ef thid wretched, tawdry expoture of
"life" without a feeling that he has been
polluted. Tho legitimate stage stands
for all tbst is noblest and beat, But the
ordinary comic opera, with tbe nhiivi-
tiiering loveliness of death, is the greatest impulse imaginable to dreams that
end in black despair. Life ie not that
ol the demi-monde, and amotion and
passion arc not the foul emanations of
liosomB seething with tbe nnilnlities of
fecuud sin,"
Tbe desire of appearing clever often
prevents our becoming so.
Tho man who keopB pace with hie
good Intentions must he quite a sprinter,
Moat of us would be absolutely free,
but for tbe chains we have ourselves
riveted on.
It is natural and very easy to prophesy; but to prophesy right is not so
natural or very easy.
Nothing bringa more substantial joy
than a day's work well and honourably
and successfully done.
Bad temper Ib Ub own scourge. Few
things are more bitter tban to feel bitter. A man's venom poisons himself
more than his victim.
Notice Is hereby given that the fo'lowlng applications for Hotel and Wholesale Licenses In
the District of South Nanaimo have been received by the undersigned:
Name of Applicant Name of Hotel Where situated
George Taylor.. Wheatsheaf. Cedar District
Annie McDonald...Cranberry.. Cranberry '
Alphonso Dyer Talbot Coinox Road
JoeDemoilt Mountain View.-Mountiiin Dis
Messrs. Toseph &
Morgan Fnlrvlew Extension
Wm. Beveridge Grand ;...LadysiuUh
A. 1. McMurtrie Abbotsford LadvsmUh
Kraut Ilaby Baby Ladysmitli
Lot Jones Jones Ladysmith
T. W. Miller Ladysmith Ladysmith
August Dindoff. .Queens Ladysmith
H.L. Bates .Happy Home Ladysmith
John Thn Pretoria Ladysmith
Messrs.    Gallia   &
Tnpella...Pdrt*and Ladysmith
William Morris Extension Lndysmith
Joseph Giachero Europe Ladysmith
Union Brewery, Ladysmith; Empire Brewery,
Ludysniith; Lanidowne Brewery,   Ladysmith;
Joe lleRosa, Extension.
And thnt the same will be considered at the
regular meeting ofthe Board of License Com
missiouers to be - held on Dec. 15th. urn-, in
Nicholson's Hall, Ladysmith, at ten o'clock in
the forenoon.
Chief License Inspector,
South Nanalmo.
Vast Output of The Northern Rivers
And Seas For 1902.
For the season of 1902 tbe salmon
pack of Alaska beat all previous rec
ords, and gave substantial ground for
the statement of a well-known United
States Sonator that tbe day waa ap.
proachiug when tho vt,.ue of Alaska's
salmon pack wonld completely dwarf
the gold output of tht territory, great
though that is. The following waa tbe
Alaska pack for the season just ended
Cases, - - • 1,419,821
Barrels,   .   -   -    21,220
Total pack, • 1,441,011
The principal consigners were tba
Alaska Packing Oo.; North American
Commercial Co.; Alaska Salmon Co.
Red Salmon Canning Co.; Lagoon Pack
ing Co.; Naknek Packing Oc; North
Alaska Salmon Co,; Bristol Canning Oo,;
Alaska Packers' Association; North Pa.
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Brotherhood of Man.
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9S.^9*JKfi fMtiSta1J LADYSMITH LEADER.  NOVEMBER 29. 1902.
*************************** H********************
I had not seen or heard anything of
Bene Fleury in five years. Tbie wub uot
surprising, as I bad abandoned the tur
moll of tbe capital and lived a very ru
tired life ln tbe country with my horizon
limited by tbe trees of my orchard, the
personnel of my establishment "reilucurt
to faithful old Blaise and Maraut" and
my stable to an old horse, which t on rare
occasions, was harnessed to a (.till older
carriage—which I bad bought at second
Examining my mail oue morning, I
was surprised to recognize on one of the
envelopes Fleury's characteristic hand*
writing—strong, nervous, vigorous like
the man himself. It evoked a vision of
hie slight, graceful, woll dressed figure
his fascinating and his penetrating and
rather eareastlo glance.
social succeeB, snd recngnizuu pusilion as
a leader of fashion, Kleiiry bad never, so
far as I knew, bad a love affair, He
seemed,.indeed, to.deepiei* the flattering
attentions lavished upon him. Ho wub
very reserved, and opened hiB purse
. mnch more freely than hii heart. All
that I knew abont liiiu was thnt he hail-
when quite youug, gone to Africa to exploit some newly discovered copper
mines, and at thirty had relumed i*. rich
man, and bad established smelt inn works
which, in the course of the past ten
years, had made bim a very much riohei
He was upright aud jiiet.biitofiufle-s*
ible will and with little charity for human weakness.
People spoke of blm as "a very able
man"; nobody wbb ever known to call
him "a good felloir." Still, my recol
lection of blm was agreeable. There
were strange Contrasts iu bim that attracted, while they puzzled me.
His letter waB very brief, "My dear
friend," it said, "if you have not forgotten me completely, will you permit, me
to oome to your hermitage to shake
hands and ask a slight service of you?"
Of co. 'at T answered in the affirmative*; and a few days later went to the
station with tho old horse, the older carriage, and tbe still older Blaise,to receive
For the first time I felt a little sshsm-
ed of, tbe antiquated and disreputable
appearance of the whole outfit.
Fleury waB a man of taste and had one
of tbe finest houses In Paris.
Hie carriages bore the stamp of the
most fashionable maker and hiB stable
was famous.
•'What will the elegant Parisian think
of my unliveried driver, of his twin
brother of Kosinante, and especially of
thli old fashioned rattletrap which 1
hive tbe assurance to call a carriage?" I
"Oh we are only country people," said
old Blaise towbom I had expressed my
feeling. "If the gentleman does not
like things be won't come again, that'**
all." I found Fleury little aged or
changed, he sprang lightly from the
train, and, before even extending bis
band to me, be turned and looked curiously over my old carriage.
"Of course!" I thought, in disgust.
But tbere was no contempt in Fleury's
glance. I thought that his checks flushed
a little, but, perhaps, I waa mistaken.
the favor he bad come to ask was a little matter of business which wae Bonn
adjusted, and the day passed like a
pleasant dream. The visit of thin alert
man of the world gave a welcome and
Wholesome shook to my growing rusticity.
In the evening as we walked back to
the railroad station, I observed that
Fleury seemed pensive not to Bay more.
"Perhaps hie affairs are not quite bo
flourishing as he says," I thought, for
he had represented them as "xeeedingly
To lighten his spirltB I erdd—"Well,
Fleury, yon nan tell my old friegclB what
a rtiatic I havo become In five years, I
predict ami forgive any number of j ike*
about uiy enbbiiges, about my thorough*
bred, and even my venerable old carriage."
"Ah I Tliat carriage!" Fleury exclaimed, with what was almost a sigh.
I Inoknd nt bim in surprise nnd some
irritation, supposing tbat he wae justing,
Theu he surprleod me mill more by Baying—
'>Bah! That i-i ancient history! For*
gotten! Quite forgottenIJ'
Weill This man is certainly a pur*-*.*
zli-l" I thought.
We walked on in eil«*mce for a minute
or two, Fleury keeping hie eyes on tht
ground anil his thoughts, apparently in
tbo clouds. Suddenly he turned to me
and said—
"After oil, perhaps I may as well tell
yon who so*love to dissect emotions and
who used to he our lay coufesfor.
Hut first tell me how you came by
this old. enn-inge which you yourself
ra.iko fun ol."
Oh, It h.'S bad a brilliant career. Before becoming the niftiest and sober
lonveyance of a man who has renounced
it used to disphiy'thoae same vanities In
Un? Champs Ely sees. It. was the triumphal cbariotof a fashionable beauty I"
"Ah!" Paid Fleury, in a tone of dif-
flppointmout. "I suppose it wbb built
for this woman."
"No. It v-ig built by the celebrated
Rlsler, eome fifteen years ago, for a
wealthy manufacturer. Mprin, the sill;
uian.   l\'ihnps yen knew blm,"
'JI wan sure of Ul" Fleury exclaimed.
'i ktie-.v t could not bo mistaken."
After a long'pause and with evident
effort, tm continued—
"Well, I promised yon the story, and
hern it te:—
•'Probably you do not know tliat 1,
Rene Fleury, the 'copper king' of lo dui
Wits horn Hie ton oi a shoemakei'—er,
rather'of a cobbler. My father's shot,
was In a Southern villnge, and its windows looked upon the high gloomy wall
of a spinning mill. The proprietor of
that milt was .Ti-seph Morln.
""When I,was twelve years old my par*
ents died within a few months of each
other, and M. Morin,'who wae a kind-
hearted man, took pity on my desolate
condition, made me bis apprentice, and
arranged wiih the janitor of tho factory
for my board.
"Fur eight years I worked faithfully
and well—so well that at twenty I became Moriu's confidential secretary.
"I had mastered every detail of tlie
busincBS, and loved it.
"I hnd passed my evening* in reading
sn that while I could not call myself a
man of education, I waB hy no means nn
Moritt had taken a groat liking to inland wished, I could see to belt-pr my
social norcition.
He often invited mo not only to re-
aeptious and fetes, Im- even to his family
Fleury paused in hiB narration, and
for hall a minute walked on without
speaking, nervously pnatchlng at twigB
and breaking them off savagely,
when he finally resumed hia Btoiy,
"Munn ii;mI :*. daughter. I shall not
iittfiupr, tn describe ber to you. Tbe
woman that one loves ia alwnys the fair-
CBt on earth, you know, and I loved Ct>
cile at fl rat sight.
You smile bnt it wasn't a bit (nuny.
It was atrocious, or 1 mi mil almost for me,
the cobbler'-*; sun, picked up aud sheltered out of pure charity, to daie to love
my benefactor's daughter—an heiress to
millions, to say nothing of her dower of
"It lasled five years without; anyone
Buspecting—unless, perhaps, she did.
"She had an affectionate disposition
and her t-ensibilittes were acut". She
was aciinslomid to devlniog other people's Bufferings perhaps she discovered
"One glorious June day—I was twenty
live then—my patron invited me to t
rustic fete on one of bis properties several miles from tbe factory. On that
day my dear fellow, I learned aud felt
the extremes of joy and pain. Ceclie In
her white puminer draperies, seemed
like it beautiful apparition Irom another
world, and the privilege of being by ber
Ride intoxicated me witb happiness. Tbe
day passed in a auccession of sports,
pastimes aud rambles. At tbe close of
it I was sitting on a bench, and to my
surprise aud joy, Gecile came and sat
beside me.
" 'You must be very tired,'! said.
"Sbe fixed her clear, bouest eyes on
my face aud answered :—
" 'YeB, I nra tired morally. Tired of
thin life—it is so empty and artificial.
And I think—I feel Bure—that you feel
as I do.'
'•II. r eyes questioned me even more
searchingly than ber words, but I could
uot reply.   My heart wae too full.
"No doubt uhe feared tbat her manner had been too confidential, for ebe
presently* lelt mo and j lined a passing
group. Her manner, more than her
words, bad Bet my heart throbbing with
n mad ho-ie, in wbieb I scarcely dared
to trust.
"On the homeward drive Morln offered me a seat iti his carriage. It was now
so dark that I could see but vaguely, opposite me, Cti-iU-'B graceful outline and
her white, ungloved hands, which clasped a bunch of freshly withered roses.
Strange Romanes of Real Life
Ends in Death and
rierely A Reminder
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and, as darkness increased, her figure
gradually disappeared—Lhe white hands
elaeping the red roaes baing the last to
The road lay along the riverside. The
air was warm, tho sky clear aud starry,
and we wero ell physically fatigued.
What wonder, then, that nu one
"The silent, invisible presence of this
woman whom I loved so dearly tilled me
with strange fancies. It seemed to me
as if a mystic, impalpable bond were
slowly being woven between ns. Suddenly Bhe exclaimed i—
" 'Oh, I have dropped my roses.'
"I gropi d for the fl-were, found them,
and an I gave them to her our hands
met in the darkness.
"I cannot explain how it happened-
perhaps if was the fault of the rosea—
but wben our hands met tbey clasped'
mutually, and they remained clasped,
"(Jan you compieheni the delirious
happiness of tbat minute in which the
hand of this rich aud beautiful woman
lay lovingly in the hand of the cobbler's
"Then you can also understand—for
you know me—wby I left the factory
ou the very next day. I vowed I would
become a rich man, a 'suitable match'
for Cecile Morln, and without declaring
my luv-r— in words—or seeking from her
any otber avowal tban the silent one in
the caniage, I started for Africa.
"You know how successful I was iu
my pursuit of fortnue during those five
"As soon aa I returued to France I
went to the littlo village which had given me life and love. I found the spinning mill closed. Morln was dead. A
year after my departnre he had given
his daughter and her millions to a bankrupt duke. The duchess looked pale and
sad, they told me. It waa evident tbat
she had not found happiness in mar*
"When I learned these tbingB I fell-
like fulling on my face and gnawing tbe
earth in inge and mortification, forlsaw
that I had beou
aud bora. Why had I not spoken be*
fine I went away? Wby had my false
pride made me ahiink from the possibility of Morin's ironical refusal or open
ridicule? Why had I not frankly told
him of ray purpose?
"To drown memory and remorse I
pliim-ed desperately into work and Into
what mon call pleasure.
"Fortune has favoured me, All my
calculations, all my enterprises, have
succeeded. I enjoy all tbe pleasures, all
the distractions of the most luxurious
life, and still my Income is more than 1
can spend. I am one of the princes of
Paris—but I have not been able to forget."
There was a ring of forced and false
gaiety in Fleury's voice as he added—
"Thie yarn waB provoked by the sight
ol yonr old carriage which I rccogniaed
at a glance—tbe carriage in which, fifteen years ago, when it wae new and
ffiBhionablo, we eat witb clasped hands
on that dark warm night in June.
"How little goes to tbe making or
marring of a man's destiny I Both, for
me, us me from tbe fall of a few rones
and thu touch of a woman's hand."
Ab we parted Fleury said—
"I am going to give a little supper our
of these daye. Some of the prettiest
women in Paris will be there. Y<-u
must leave your cabbages and come."—
From the French of "Edmee Nodd."
Tbat job of printing yon admired io
muoh was done by the Leader.
Two continents are deeply Inteiested
In the tragic death, by murder, sulcldi
or accident of Mrs, Ellen Gore, wife of
the eldest eon of the Deputy Oom in is*
Biouer of Landrs ami Works for British
Columbia, which occurred lust week in
Paria. The following is the whole story
bd far as kuown:
Paris, Nov. 20.—The tragi? death of
tbe young American artist, Mre. Ellen
Gore, who was found fatally shot In the
apartmentB of a Russian musician named
De Rydz-iwskl, Wednesday, continues to
occupy the attention of the police and
the staff of the American Consulate. The
developments of the mystery were followed with eager Interest by the public
today, and brought forward many who
had known Mrs. Goie here and in A
ricfl, and from them her antecedents
were fully obtained. She had beeii a
pupil of the famous composer Mob*
kowEki, while De Rydzewekl wub a pupil
of Jean la Salle, tbo baritone of the
Grand Opera. The police can show no
further light on the causes which led to
the tragedy nf the cireumetauceB attend
ing Its enactment,
Mrs. Goie waa killed by a revolver
shot Wednesday, in tho apartment
occupied by Joau de Rydzewekl, a singer
of the Imperial Theatre, of Sf. Petersburg, De Rydssewskiat first said Mre.
Gore committed suicido, but subsequently he declared the revolver went ofl
accidentally. When fotiud the victim wan
unoouEclons, and bad a bullet wound
over her right eye. Two doctors were
summoned to attend ber, but she died
without regaining consciousness. The
police are dlepdaeil lo accept the statement of theyoyng Russian singer who
was io the room "t the time, that lb*
Bhootliig was the result ol nn accident
during a scufli i for the posRessimi of the
weapon. The Russian singer comse from
e rich and nol/|e Russian family. He Is
the son of a .Russian General, and has
uncles wbo Jjoltl high positions in the
government service. Mre. Gore iived in
tbe Avenue de la Grand Armee, net far
from the apartment of the RuBBian,
where tbe tragedy occurred,
An autopsy was held today by Dr,
Socquet, and resulted in a formal report
that the cause of duatb wbb a bullet
wound. U. S. Counsul-General Gowdy
assigned a member nf hiB stuff to attend
the autopsy and take notes of Ihe eon
ditlon of the body. That official reported
lhat'the bullet entered lhe forehead
above the lefteyeandwentclenr thioagti
tbe bead. The bullet was not found,
The Prefect of Police designated Gae-
tinne Renpette, the expert armorer, lo
study the weapon and wound for the
purpose of determining tlie possibility of
Although many Monde of MrB. Gore
called on Mr, Gowdy, none claimed the
body, and late in the day he cabled Attorney BuMei'v nf Mexico City, asking as
to Its disposal,'
The most circumstantial account, concerning Mrs, Guru was furnished by
Vincent Toledo, director ot a leading
piano establishment in tbe Avenue de
1'Opera. He says sbe was Introduced tn
him by letters from musical Mends in
New York, She appeared to him most
charming and vivacious ami devoted to
music. She received all hor mail at a
private address. She traveled in the
early Summer over Europe und look
lessons in Vienna from a leading maeler.
Returning last August, sho asked i
recommended to a matter id the blgl eet
rank. MoF/.ttowaki was chocen She
studied with great aidor and took [art
number of inusicales. List Twos-lay
Bbu accepted an invitation to lhe Opera
from M. Toledo for last night, and be
was horrified, ou going for her, to lind
her dead,
M, Moezowshi, on being interviewed,
I cannot believe MrB, Gore has committed suicide. She waB of the bapph Bt
disposition. 1 never saw thu least evidence of melancholy. She was deeply
intereeted in ber work, and bail such
promise as a musician! It waa her
purpoie, after completing her musical
education, to return to America, She
inquired of me recently If I thought Bhe
would make an excellent professional.
She bae taken lessons of me every Tuesday, since October 10. Last Tuesday 1
received a Dote from her saying she was
suffering from iudispositlun. I did not
know anything of her private life."
The family of Dr. Butter, an American
dentist In the Run de la Palx, turuisbed
details of Ihe antecedents el Mrs, Goie.
Tbey had been Intimate with the family
In Mexico, hut did not know her here.
They said her maiden name was Sinclair,
aud that she lived In California, where
she met aud was married to Mr. Guru, ol
Victoria, Hrllleh Columbia. They removed to Mexico City and became
wealthy through html speculation*. Ihey
built the Gore Court, a largo tep&rtinettl*
house, and moved iu good society. i)n*
lunatic differences led to a separation,
but not to a divorce, nud she 1-ivim traveling to perfect her musical eitunatlun.
The property In Mexico was tqnallv
divided between Mr, Uore aud his wilt,
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.Mrs. Gore's share was of considerable
value and yielded her a steady income.
De Rydzewekl continual in confine.
ment. The police declined to admit hia
friends to see him pending inquiries. M.
Ln Salle has undertaken to champion his
pupil's imeresta, and has designated two
lawyers to defend him. La Salle says the
murder theory is unttntble, as hii pupil
Is of a tender, sympathetic disposition,
lhe baritone eipwit.il to preptre Ihe
latter tor a part in one ol Rubinstein's
operaB for early production in St. Petersburg, Dr. Rydzswski tnd his brother
l.n unlit Mrs. Gore to Lk Salle recently.
She discussed her musical ambitions,
snd was vivacious, charming and enthusiastic over music.
The police have modified their theory
on one damaging clue. De Kydaewskl
at first exclaimed that tbe girl was dead
and he afterward eaid she bad committed
suicide. The police at first held thil lo
be a damaging contradiction, but Com-
misstiry Landel said, alter fuller invest!
nation today, the second declaration re-
gliding suicide wat misunderstood, and
tliat de Rydzswski Intended to indicate
merely that she was dead.
The lonrual states that Dr. Socquet'e
report on llie autopsy of (be dead woman
establishes that the bullet entered htr
head Irom below tnd ptssed npwtrdt,
tlius supporting Ryilzuvtaki's story that
ths {incident was due to tbe fall ot tbt
Mexico Cily, Nov. 20.—The trtgic
ili'Ath in Paiia .,( Mrs, Gore, wifo of
I ■ >s Sinclair Gore, ol Victorit, B. C,
Im nn ally shocked htr friends in this
city. She was regarded at a lady ol tr.
fistic tastes, and had a larga circlt ol
ai-quaintanceB in tho American and English colonies. Her husband it t Canadian, and brought bit wile here from
Victoria, B. O., as a bride tome 15 yean
ago. She la believed lo bavt been bom
In Ohio, but on being orphtned tt tn
en.ly age was brought np by hertu.it,
Mis. P. T. Dickinson, ol Alamtdt, Ctl,
lt Ib ,ai.l lhat Ihe couple did not livt
happily together. They had one child,
which died. For some tlmt past Mr. and
.Mrs. Gore have lived apart, tnd tbt, being of au artistic temperament and lend
ol music, went to Vienna, where tbt
studied under good masters. Bhe return
t»l to the oity to arrange lor her lulurt
support, her husband being tht owner ol
a large amount ol real estate here tnd
proprietor ot the Gore Court tptrtment-
house, in the iaehlontblt quarter. It It
understood thtt Mr. Gore wti vtry
liberal in the treatment ol hia wilt,
agreeing to an eqoal division ol ownership ami rent aa lar ts the apartment-
house was concerned.
Edward 0. Bntler, her tttornty here,
snys thu the idtt ol tuiclde it to be disclaim! at once. Mn, Gort wu wrapped
up in her music, and her business inter-
t.sts here were in ezcellent order, Ht
had only yesterday received t bnsinttt
letter (rem her. In Ibis leltei tht wrote:
I a... taking leasoni with Mostkowtkl,
the great, composer tnd pianiat. lam
working hard and getting tlong will, 1
am also taking Fienoh lessons; lothtt
my timet, completely occupied. 1 hope
everything Is going on all right. My lovt
to M IB. Butler.   Very sincerely,
Nilui S, Gout.
Mre. Gore is recalled as being a refined
woman ol Irreproaohabla oharaoler, id*
ml ml Ior her grace and taste tn dress,
and waa often kuown to tike part In
coucort here.
Her husband made hll monty In coil
ami real estate operation!. He li now
supposed to he singing In opera In tht
United S-.ates although possessed ol large
property here. He treated hit wife with
generosity, and ls bimtt.lt well regtrdtd
Iln thn city.
Mrs. Gore's maiden name was Neliit
8. Stogdtll, and htr ttther wit a Methodist minister, who died many yttrt igo.
Sin Francisco, Nov. 26.—Mn. Oolontl
B. T. Dickinson, ol Alameda, tn tut ol
Mrs, Gort, wis seen tonight tnd declared
that her niece did not commit soicidt,
Mn. Dickinson stated that tbt wit in
receipt of stvertl letters irom Mn, Gort
Hating that Rydzswski was iniatuated
with her and had threatened her. Oa
September 22. Mn. Gore wrott to Mn.
Dickinson it follows:
"I hear Mr. de Sydaawtki Is coming
at tht tnd oi lot week, tn t way I am
sorry be is to be in Paris thia Winter. I
can aee by hie letters thtt ht intends to
ttkt np it much of my time as po,slble.
I Bhall tskt t firm stand .nd keep him tt
t distance. I wrote bim thtt I tm htr*
to ttndy eerlously tnd thtt I .hall bt
unable to eee him often, but then one
might tt well ttlk to an avalanche descending on one. I shall tell my tervantt
that I am not tt home to bim."
**Advertise in Tbe Leider now.
I. O. O. P.
Herts—cry Wednesday evening St 7.30 o'clock
Visitors cordially iuviteil.
Wellington Lodge No. 2 K. of r.
Meets every Friday in I. 0.0. F. hall tl
7:80 p.m.
». GOURLAY, 0.0.
J. W. LEWIS, See.
Lidyimlth OnnttLodto, No. 1168
meete in Nicholson'! Hell, Flnt Aradt,
every alternate Sttnrdty In each month,
commencing fint Sttnrdty in October.
Visiting Brethren ire Invited lo ittend.
Manufacturers of all kinds .'ol
M -id teed Irata;:
:: Miilllut, titti, Sll-glii, Ete.
A large stock or thoroughly HMtoued
lumber—ist ami md class constantly on
hand.   All orders strictly attended to,
•>  Quotations cheerfully given.
:: John W. Coburn, ji
For the Finest Bitter'
and Fresh Eggs
-00 TO—
Made and repaired.   All woik
Guaranteed.   Inspection invited.
Sane,, Dteslrl.l t SfKclllty.
A S. GhrittU,
awfully swell
Real natty,
Real reaeonable in price.
"Home nt iho broad-shoulder*
Don't wait for a cold snap, and
rush in witb the crowd.
Pick you'suit to-day—leisurely.
Have it laid aside if you are uot
Plain figures — eatisfaction-or-
your-money- back ■- straightforward Btore with the "smartest
clothes iu town."
20 per cent, discount if you buy
befoie lat December.
Another Bbarp frost viBited Ladyemith on Thursday night and Friday
.morning, anl made the fuel question
very prominent.
The Pnmpkln in Lively's window
weighs 39lbs; 23 inclieB long and 4(1
inches in oircumft-rence. How many
seeds are there in it 7  Try a guess.
Mr. Jessup, the High Street chemist,
has added another attractive line to hie
many choice selections of goods, in the
shape ol choice boxed candieB ot delic*
lous flavor.	
LOST—In front of New Western hotel,
one 2-inch auger, Finder pleaso leuve
at Leader office.
Matthew Stubbart and Inane Green-
well of Nanaimo are Buppoeed to bave
been drowned while out duck shooting
on tbe harbour in a dugout canoe. Tbe
canoe has been found upturned, Search
is being made,
FOR SALE CHEAP.-Spring wagon
and light lumber wagon, and double aet
of liarneea. Apply to Leopold Lcpas,
High Street.    	
Mr, William Morrison, late of Messrs
A.R. Johnston & Co'a establishment,
will open out with a lull Hue of high
class groceries in the new store in the
Stevens block, First Avenue. Mr. Morrison hae had a long and varied experience In tbe grocery businean, nnd is
well known throughout the district.
Did you ever eat Pumpkin Pie ? Well,
I guess so. Well, try a guess at tbe
number of seeds in tbe Pumpkin in our
window. It's a big one thiB year. Do
you know for every dollai'e worth purchased yon get a gueaa, and if you gnetB
nearest you get firet prize—a f-'JO watch.
Lively, tbe Leading Jeweler.
Mr. David Jonea wan the victim ef a
painful accident on Monday leet, and hu
thinks that the gigantic boulder whlcb
ornaments the middle of High street,
between Firat Avenue and the Espla*
nade should be removed or he uaed au
the base of a monument to the memory
of the contractor who omitted to remove
tbat boulder, Mr. Jonea ia still Buffering irom bis miahap, aa the stone caught
bim on the kneecaps and gave him n
bad shock. He was doffing Ute cap to
a lady on the other Bide of thu Btreet,
while walking at a rapid pace, when bo
went Blap Into the rock and lei! over It.
Already a number of merchants tire
preparing their Chnatraaa deooratione.
Caldwell, the Nanalmo tailor, Ib showing a rare selection of tweeds and cloths
for '..inter wear.
Another carload of water pipe and
jointa arrived this week from Pittebnrg
and ie being unloaded.
Fine tailoring at moderate cost is (he
motto of Caldwell, tbe Nanaimo artlet-
cutter and fitter.
There is no truth whatever in tbe
Btatomcnt of Nanaimo Free PreBB* Lady*
smith correspondent that Mr. William
Beveridge will erect another grand hotel
on the Ksplanade.
India ob and EcientiatB predict a herd
winter. Get inside one of those comfortable suits Oaldwell of Nanaimo can
build you.
Second Avenue waa the scene ol a
general engagement taken part in,
seemingly, by every dog In Ladysmith, a
night or two ago. Ketimatea as to the
number of cure inaction vary from ten
thousand to one hundred, with the former number the favorite. Tbe noise
was appalling. It has been suggested
thatiu the event of incorporation the
tax from dogs will exceed that from
even the multitudinous hotels, and
might even keep tbe corporation in
funds without any otber source of revenue.        	
Bookol Books I Just received, a big
consignment of popular fiction, well
bound, well printed and cheap. Call
and look them over. At Jeasuu'a Pharmacy, *        	
Ladysmith Basketbnllers
At a meeting of the Ladysmith Basketball club held in the Odd I el low'a halt on
Thursday evening the following officers
weie elected:—
Hon. President Mr. B. Forcimmer,
President, Mr, T. Harrup.
First Vice President. Mr. J. Adam.
Second '       '   ■    Mr. Frank Baby.
Third    '   '   '   ■    Mr. Geo. Roberts.
Manager, Mr. Chester Young.
Captain, Mr. J. Adam,
Vice Captain, Mr H. Mny.
Sec, Mr, 0. Roeewall.
Treasurer, J, Blair.
It was decided to enter tbe Nanaimo
Basketball leaeuo and three delegates
woe appointed to attend the meeting
in Nanaimo on Thureday. The delegnteB
arc McasrB. T. Harrup, H. May, and J.
It was decided to make tho entrance
fee one dollar.
Beg to announce that they have
appointed W. H. Lively, of 1st
Avenue/as their local agent for
Ladyamith. A full stock, fresh
and clean on hand.
Pianos, Organs and
School Books, Stationery, Fancy Goods,
Etc, Etc.
Pianos for sale on eaay monthly payments.   Oome and Bee ns.
fl. W, WAITT & CO.,
Victoria, Kanalmo,  Ladysmith, Cumberland, B. 0.
The Religion of Usefulness.
It is told of the great Cromwell tbat
when one aaid to bim, "You, sir, know
well the usefulneBB of piety," he prompt*
ly replied; "I know eomething better
—the pioty of ueeiulnesB."
The piety of usefulness is tbe kind
tbat the world needs. The piety that
site apart in caves or monasteries while
tbere are wrongs to be righted and work
to be done; the piety tbat is concerned
about phylacteries and ceremonials
while the Christ is being crucified out-
Bide tbe city gates; the piety that occupies its pew only on Sunday and feels
ii comfortable security in "belonging to
the church," while it allows others to
bear tbe burdens and make all the sacrl
fines, ie uot the sort that Ib bringing tbe
millennium nearer,
Simple, homely usefulness, prompted
by love of God to man, makes beautiful
eainte, and they are welcome every*
where, In the church, the home, the
neighbourhood, wherever their blessed
presence goes, they awaken thanksgiving and quicken drooping faith.
Prof. Anbin respectfully begs to announce that he will open his class in
elementary music neit Wednesday,
Dec. 2nd, at II o'clock a. m. This class
which ia free to all pupils, and which
will afford a valuable opportunity for
acquiring a thorough knowledge of the
theory of muelu, wilt be continued every
Wednesday forenoon, between the hours
of 11 and 12 o'clock.
Lively's jVniinal Guessing Contest.   How many seeds in the
Pumpkin,   Ten Handsome Prizes (liven Away.
For every dollar's worth purchased iu our store you get a guess at
the minuter ol seeds in tlie pumpkin in our window.   You get a
tit'lu'l -.villi Uio t.iiiiiliiir of seeds vou irness msrlteil on it.    A guest
(or overy ilollnr.   For Inslan'ce-Ten Dollars, Ten Tickets.
1st prize, Gent's Watch, Gold Filled, value (80.00
2iul prize, Lady's Watch. Gold Filled, velue !  21.00
3rd prize, Parinr Mantel Click—.-ieht day— value  18.00
■I'.li prize, Gent's Watch Chain, "llllt-d," value  10.00   .
5Hi prize, l.nilv's IValch Chain, "dlled," value i   800
(Ith prize, Lilly's Golst Filled Bracelet, value    0 00.
7lli piizi1, Lady's Silver Watuli, value .' .....' .,-   4 50
8:h prize, Bnv's Watob, value    350
Dili prize. Lady's Lace Pin, Gold Filled, value    2.50
10th prize, Geut'a Cull' Links, value    2.00
Beetle to be counted by three prominent business men.   The nearest
guess taking llrst prize and so on until the ten are given away.
P.O. Box sis. W. li. LIVELY, The Leading Jeweler
Crockery ol till kinds, white oops ami
saucers, from 83c per dnaan, Colored
cups and eauctirs, Irom "1 to 11 2<J per
ilnzen. Clover leaf pattern 1)1.2* per
ilczi-n. Tn be linii at IJ Taylor's, oppos
ite K. & N. railway station.
It's Stove Time
Catholic Church-Services every Snn-
ilav as follows: Moss at 8.80 a.m. anil
10.30 a.m..   Benediction at 7 p.m.
First Presbyterian—Nov. Ho- morning
ervlceat 11, Communion. Sunday school
2:110, livening scivine Rov. O. MoRae,
Victoria will preach.
G. Mobi-on Wai.kkii, Missionary.
Methodist Church—Rev. W. G. Tanner, ti.A., pastor. Sunday: 11 a. m.
Sabbath School, livening service 7 p,
Church ol Englnnd-Novmnber 3olh
First Sunday alter Advent. 11 »- m.
—Matins and Holy Communion. 2.30
p. ro.—Sunday School. 7.00 Evensong.
Collect Ions for Diocesan Mission Funil
Friday evening, Due. 7, short Mission
service at 7:30.
A. Sobivkn.
Another Successful Year For The
Northern Fleet.
Following are the details of the whtlt
catch in lleluii g Sea and tbe Arctic by
the San Francisco fleet of whalers dur
Ing the season just closed. Tbe list
boats have now wrired in San Fran'
Oil, barrels   -   -      10,076
Bone, pounds   -     110,0112
Ivory, pouodB   -      15,500
The  1'ucillc  Steam   Whtling   Co.;
Roth, Blum.v Co.', and H.  Lelbes A
Co. were the principal operator!, bnt
quite a number ol masters flsh for
themselves.   Upwards ol 25 well-fitted
vessels cany ou this lucrativt trade in
the seas of tho far north.
******************** i-M' ;-■. i-i
I mm ml
Darkolotb towns are trimmed will,
coloured leather, and white kid ia much
uaed at t trimming on both dresses and
hats, embellished with jet embroidery
tnd ltttice work.
A good many empire wreaths in the
double form are being worn, witb a bo.
ot ribbon at the back aod any amount
ol ornamental combs ind floral wreaths,
tnd anything ind everything calculated
to give importance to tbe bead.
For.evenlng, ermine tnd sable remalp
tba idtal Inn, and both land themselves
with special grant to t trimming oi lace,
A black lace evening coat lined witb
ermine, tnd bearing a collar tnd ttripes
ot ermine, it a conipicuoue example of a
greit recent tuccess.
Slips lor wearing under tailor-made
cottt are now i necessity, and are vtiy
imtrt things whtn made ol white or
creim twill silk or ntin inset with Paria
coloured guipure, now veiy much used
Ior these attractive garments. Many oi
tbem are mtdt ol printed Jap, tuoktd
tnd arranged alternately with stripes ol
Taffetas ruchings tre quite tfeiture
tt trimming to cloth gowns, eithtr ai a
heading to kilted flounces or set on in
rows of three or fonr encircling tbe lower
part ol the tklrt. Another n-jvel trimming it t ruohing Idrnied ot finely
snipped oloth or narrow loops of cloth,
which look! like a (eithtr edging, tnd li
aometimet used to trim the brims of
bill. For blouses or tvtnlng gowns a new
idti is tbe use oi blaok tulle underneath
white laoe or gnlpurt incrustations,
railing them up most effectively.
Magnificent trt the thettrt coats of
.dark fur overlaid with a coat ol guipure, which la sometimes enhtneed by
t trtctry ol gold thread tnd lined witb
chiffon plisse; naturally nothing better
could bo devised to form a background
to fine lace. A theatre Cjtt which seemt
worthy ol recording, lor it showed how
good t harmony li forthcoming wben
several thtdtt of grey ue deftly blended,
wtt ol delicate pearl grey chiffon plisse
with wide stole binds nf petit gris down
the front t deep collar of iron-grey velvet
edged with I fluted flounce of petit grls,
tht collar ending In a point behind, Irom
which dangltd a pearl tassel, Long laet
sctrvti Had tht coat in front.
Encourage; Porelgnera.
Tbe English Football Association
Commission appointed to tot in conjunction with the Rugby Union to consider the representations Irom influential
iorelgn bodiei, recommend that mttcbes
between English tnd Iorelgn teams,
both in England and abroad, should be
encouraged. Olnbs or teams io all cases
tre to obtain tbe consent ol the Footlull
Anociation wben arranging matches
with Iorelgn olnbs or teams, and thia
consent will not ba given unless tbe
Association ia satisfied that tbe foreign
clubs or teams have the sanc'.ionol a re-
cogniied loreign body,
Vancouver'! Loti Victoria's Gain.
Hr. E. Marshall ot Iha Imperial Bank
staff, Vtnconver, his been translerr.d
to the Viotoria ofllce. His departute
weaken! Vancouver'! senior Rugby
team, ol which Hr, Marshall wai one ol
tht most brilliant playtrs. On ihe other
hand Viotoria is to be congratulated
upon the accession ol tuch t splendid
plajtr. Mr. Marshall il a son ol Mr. A
Mm, P. H. Marshall ol Ladyamith.
The Ring.
On December 15, tt Newcastle-i
Tyne, Pedlar Palmer and Will Curley,
who hare often challenged etch othtr,
trt to meet in t fllttan-ronnd match,
Curley it to weigh at 8.1131b and Palmer
it lo oomt it whit weight he likes, but
-bt it pretty sure to be giving away t lew
M. HO-IE, Proprietor.
If jou are fond of tender, juicy steaks,
chops or j lints, I cau supply you.
Try My Delicious Sausage
mad- liy n-weat ulectiiuul machinery
from I'hoici bi uMteriul*. These sausages
are utit-urpn teed iu (he province.. One
trial -a ill convince y>-u.
The City Market
Meats I Vegetables
First Avenue, : ladysmith. B.C.
Jeromi! Wilson, Paoe.  NANAIMO
Groceries of Best
Quality at
Lowest Prices
Punaral Director.
Prompt attention given to til calls, night
or day, Long Distance telephone No. 124
Bastion St., Nanaimo, B.C.
And See Pacific
Transcontinental Passenger Train runs
daily, (quipped with Standard and
Tourilt Sleeping Car.
Diy Cnohn and ColonlitCin
Lowest Rates
Fastest Time
To tnd Irom Winnipeg, Toronto, Hall
(ax, Montreal, Boston, Ntw York,
Chicago and St. Panl, and all East'
arn tnd Old Country polnti.
For pamphlets tnd all Intormttlon apply
to any O.P.R. agent.
H. B. ABBOTT,      W. McGIRR,
Agent, Victoria.     Agent, Naniimo,
Attt, Genl. Pits, Agtnt. Vtnconver.
Dr. T. Glendon Moody, Dentist, will
return to Ladvsmllh Friday, galordey
and Sunday ol title week. Dr. Moody
will make regular visits) to LadyBmitli.
Office nt Nicholson's Hall. Victoria
ollice, Old PoBtolfice building.
He had travelled thousands ol miles
to attend matches, and always took with
him a team ol Suffolk horses,
Moore Fountain Pens at tho Drug
Store.   Every pen guaranteed,
Tinsmith, Plumber, Hardware, Stoves.
Father John ol Cronetadt, is greatly
distressed by the persistence ol the Russian peasantry in according him Divine
lionoitts.He denounces this as blasphemy
but Ills dleciplea refuse to bo convinced.
WANTED—Room or roome, with or
wit l.u.it hoard. Address A. L,, poBt-
ollico, Ladysmith.
LOST.—By a worklngman a mmoi
money representing!.!! hie wages in bank
notes. Handsome reward lor return to
Leader office.   	
Tbe death is announced, tt tht tgt o(
70, of Jim Barter, tbt "champion
ploughman," ta he   wtt   deservedly
known at Ipswich.       (j_ji|
For sale at Abbotsford Hottl tnd it
Jessup's Drug Store,
Ytt, air, I have it,  Alwayi on hind tt
tbt trains.
Wa beg to inlorm Ihe putobaeing public of Ladyamith thtt we htvt moved
Into our new shop ln tht Stevens block,
Gatacra itreet, opposite Stevenson
4 Oo'i itort, where we will keep constantly on hand • tnll supply of tht best
metti in tht market. Wt hope to let
til our old cu.tomtrs, tnd thinking
thtm for put lavor. we hope to merit t
lair share ofthe public pitrontge in tht
Ltdyimitb Men Maikel.
Tlntmithlng tnd Plumbing in ill Its
branches.  Tool! tnd plumbing mi-
ttritl ilwiyi on hind.   Repairing a sptclalty.   Prompt titration givtn ctlli from
Victoria Ormant, Nanaimo, B.O.
NOTICK In hereby given that "all unappropriated Crown Irinds situated within the ImiiiuliiiUn
ofthe following arens arc hereby reserved front
pre-empt Ion, snte or other disposition, excepting
under tlie urovfslonsof the mining laws of. Ihe
Province, (or two yearn from the date hereof,
pursuant to Die provisions of aubsection (**) of
section 41 of tbe "l.anil Act," as amended by
section.of the "Land Act Amendment Act,
toot," lo enable tbe Quatslno Power and Pulp
Com - iiuiy, Limited, to select therefrom timber
limits fur wood pulp and paper manufacturing
SuipoHcs, aH provided by an agreement bearing
ate the .oth dny of October, 1901, -Hi;—
tedious t, 2,3,10,11, ts, 13,14 and 15, In Township-,!.; Sections, .1, 5. 6, 7, H, 9, 16, 17 and iH, in
Township 31, Sections 1, 11,11, 13,14, >5, -*•*. ■M.
34, 35,76, 37, 34. 35 and 36, in Township 39;' Sections l, 2, 3,4,9,10, li, it, 14, is, 16. 31, 33, 24, 25,
26,3**, aud 36, In Township 37: Sections 35, 36, 27,
**8, end 36 iin Township 28; Sections 15
to 36, inclusive, In Township 17; Sections t lo 11,
Inclusive fn Township 18; also Sections 37 to 36,
Inclusive, lu Township 18; Sections 1 to 36, iiiclu-
sive, in Township 19; Sections 1,2. it, 12, 13, 14,
and from 221036, Inclusive, in Township 36; Sections 4, s, 6, 7,0, 9,16,17, iB, 35, 36, 33, 34 and 35
in Township 3'. Sections 4,5,6, 7 and H, lu Towu-
shiti 32; Sections 1 to 36, Inclusive, lu Township
10;Sections 1 ton Inclusive, and 13, 14 and 15,
and the southern half of Sections 33 and 14, in
Township 9; Sections 5 and 6, iu Township 6;
Sections 10,31 and 33, 3, 4, 5, and 6, in Township
4; the ungrmiled land In Township 11; Township
12, except Sections 35 md 36; Sectfotist to 30, Inclusive, In Township 13; Township 14; Sections 1
to 3, to and u, In Township 2; Sections l, ~ ~"
I', '4. IS, 23 aud 36. In Townsnlp Ifi; also tne iu-*
lowing (Uncribed piece or parcel of land, namely:
—Hi-guniing at a point ou Ihe prolongation of
the southern boundary of To#nslilp 16. one mile
east ofthe south-eastern corner of Action I, In
TowmsJiIp 16; thence in a southerly direction
alioiit seven miles, or to a point one mile south
and one mile west ofthe southern end of Victoria
"take; thence east two miles; thence north one
mile; Ihence east one mile; thence north Ave
miles; theuce east two miles; theuce north one
mile; thence cast two miles; theuce north oue
milt-; thence east two miles, or to the easterly extremity of Kathleen I,nke; thence south hnlf a
mile; tlience east one mile; thence north one
mile; theuce west one mile- thence north half a
mile; thence west one mile aud a half; thence
north half a mile; thence west one mile; thence
north half a mile: thence west half a mile; thence
north one mile; Ihence west one mile; thence
north two miles; thence west along the south
boundary of Townships ts and it to Ihe Southeast Arm, and thence along thc shore of the
Southeast Ann, In a southirly direction, to the
soul hern extremity ofthe Arm, and thence north
to the place of beginning.
All of which jtaltl lands arc situated In Rupert
District, Vancouver Island.
Deputy Commissioner of	
Lauds and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 30th October. 190a.
Is the inline tlmt stands for
the Best Planu maimlactur-
ed to-dny. Beautiful to look
at; exquisite ill tone. Per-
iection in Pianos. Don't
buy till you see nud hear it.
Nanaimo. B. G.
VkitorB from Lftdyetuitli mul district
will find In this wefl'ttp pointed hout-e all
tbe home coiulortp, Luucliee for Indy
shoppers a Bpeuialty. Tin ma strictly
moderate. §ervic. and cuisine llrst
MISS B, KEITH, Prop, and Mgr.
Cuban Gigar Factory
Manufacturers of the Famous
None but Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, - Proprietor.
Graduate or rliil.nl.-lt.lii.i Dental College mul
Hospital ol otul Surgery,
Old Post Ollice llulldli.it,
Government St.. (Upstairs)
Phone «8oA, Oltlce, V'„ln..ii R C
"   J7M. Re.ldence.    VICtOfia, H.t_.
Dr. Moody visits I.nilvsinitli cvcrV I'rlilnv, 'Siiiur-
doy ami Sunday,  office, Nicholson's Hull.
The Ladysmith Market is ready to
supply the public with fresh  fish.
Salmon, Codfish, Herring, Halibut
always on hand.
Corner Roberts and First Avenue
MURRAY    &    CRAIG,.
Ship's Work a Specially.
Horse shoelug in nil lis bn
plciiienls rt-piiiit.il. "Miners
sharpened nnd teuipm-d,
Buller Street,
rm Im-
11 eliilly
Christmas Photos!
We will return and occupy our eland
at LadyBmith on or About Dec. 15th,
in time to take ami tinir-h I-liotograpiiB
Intended for Oiiristinaa pri'sente.
H Marlil»- mul (.lanite Mnmimi'itls,
3 Tablets, Crosses, I-'lc    IMiir.iiu-s
■ and Design* given on Application
I A. HCf
A. HENDERSON,     Proprietor.
1'or   I-'iiHt Class  work
Shaving Parlors
High  Street,
Hair cutting nud n.«rd
trimming n specialty,
is now prepared logtve lessons on thelplano nnd
violin.  All appHm'Uoii, for tuition can tie lea a,
W. H.   Lively's Jewelry  Store
Hiion Urooks'in Valokuvla.
The Beat Are The Cheapest.
Opposite Fire Hall, NANAIMO,B.C.
In the Matter of the Water Clauses Consolidation Act, 1897, and
Amending Acts,
And In the Hatter ol the Ladytmlth Water Company, Ltd.
NOriCK Ib hereby Klven tliiit,.ti|,t,lloa.
Hon will he made to a ju.lim of tha
Supremo Ctmrt of British Columbia at
the Court House, Victoria, B.C., nt 10 30
o'olock lu the forenoon, on Haiuniay,
tha 2fltb day of November, 11)02, or bo
soon thereafter as the Applicant can be
hoard on behalf ol the Ladyemith Water
Company, Limited, for Icavo to con-
struct, maintain and operate a water
worka system to supply wilier lo tl.e in.
bthltsntaol tbe unincorporated locallly
In and abont Lsdysmlth, In tho County
ol Nanaimn and lor purposes necessary
and incidental thereto.
This nutlet was published on O ilober
S8:h, 1002, lor lhe llrst (line.
Solicitors la The Ladysmith
sn . . - - „ ' w,"->r <*".. Ltd.
Vlolorlt, B. C, Ool, 23rd, 1002,       61


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