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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Apr 9, 1902

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Array *********^**f************
I The people that save |
| money trade with      |
|   BICKLE |
^T p? ^rr*^ ■
I For Boots and Shoes f
| Sickle's is the store I
VOL. l.NO. 61.
WEDNESDAY, APUtL !>, 1902.
We invite you to inspect our
Spring Millinery, also the new „-.
son's Blouses, Shirt Waists, and other
latest novelties in Ladies' and Gents'
We also have a supply of garden
implements and small hardware on
hand and a full line of
Leiser & Hamburfer
issups Pharmany
PrCBOripliona carefully dispensed,
day rtiiil night.
Protest Entered by tho Accused
mlit-r Coo. Hoc
mbcr Iiialitiiti
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed
ety of Civil Kiiglnccr-
u oriilectrlcal IJiigbi
P. ". Box;
I-.U-YSMITlf ii, c
Wholesale and Retail  Merchants,
Esplanade and Oatacre Street,
^^^      >*3>Vsr*        	
Baker and Confectioner,
Plain etui fancy bread. ('.ikes sntl pns
trie, of 1,11 tlcecrlptlons. Fruits ii
sen son.
Davlcl     Murray,
Buller Street, -        Ladysmith
Simp will lie open every Thursday
Friday ntirl Saturday.
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
ifft insured at m.<v, ior n may Up
loo late tomorrow, I represent BcVeial
OKI) and RELIABLE (Jompauf^iand
ean ioBiire you at a moment's nolleoal
tlio lowest possible rates. All leadirjj
companies charge tlio mi mo ratep. Don't
ba milled into liiBurinit with n chesp
company--It might-be dear in Iho cud
Wm.   K.   Leiglitoia,
P. 0. Drawer 38, iWinaimo. L>. 0.
Tills new hotel' 1ms been completely
furnished with nil modern conveniences.
Excellent table, while cooking, Tbo
bar ia supplied with the finest wines,
liquors ind cigars. An experienced bartender.
D. H. Davis, Prop.,
Firet Avenue,      -      f/idysuiilli, 11. 0. J
* ...     T
f One fsct is better than a IXzsn I
* Hearsays.    If   jou   want   tie ▼
I cbblcoat meat'! go to *
f I,■i.lifiiiith, Ii, ().,
I K. Williamson, Crop,
* A fiesli supply   nl   Vegetables
,        always on liiinil.
I Special attention given to tliipe'
y        iimplies.
Larfysmitb Dairy
New Milk, Creamery Butler, Nov.* Laid
K/ga ind I'rc-Bl.    Vegetables  rtipplied
Daily.   Leave orders r.t Ibe ynat nftldt?,
Wm. Ucverldge, I'rop.
Thia new hotel linn been comfortably fnmftlud p.td the Ipr if- tip toi'nlr.
Heat accommodation for transient and permanent boarderB nml lotlgorB,
Rates. $i per Day and Upwards.
Seeds, Plants, gfsrvbs.
R. If.  Johnston,   Victoila, line the
Qnett Bcleotlon   in   (be  province.   See
aamplea aiteieer & llambiirgei'-. alore,
Pricea nnd cellmates cbeeifnlly given.
Roses lu great variety.
The Esplanade,
Ladysmitli, B. C.
Conveyancer, Etc.,
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent.
— Offices —
The Esplanade,   ■   Ladysmith, IV C,
Nit .- Omnil mill I'li-iik Hotels,
Sjina tI.ty3agoTiie Leader re parted a
case which hnd been decided against two
well-known Chinese resident a of Lady-
smith, who wore convicted of (rambling,
and were lined $20each and hml all their
apparatus, for conducting the giuie of
fan tim, confiscated by the local authorities.
The Chinamen declare that they did
not plcnd guilty aa alleged by Magistrate
Thomson, S.T.I., and Mr. George Caeeidy,
provincial-police constable, who, with
Special C instable B. Clay, made the
raid on tho den and caught tbe accused
and olhtr ChiueEe either taking part or
looking on.
In consequence ef the complaint lodged with Mr. F. McB. Young, the well-
known   Nanaimo   barrister,   by   the
Chinese interpreter on behalf uf the two
Litlysmith  men,   Mr.   Yuun?,  accom*
piuied hy Mr. Hairy iUdudoo, of the
.Provincial Police and  tbe interpreter
aforesaid, vieited LadyBtnllh on Saturday morning, and with Constable Cue-
aidy made a; careful inspection of the
Bctwe of the raid.
This is n small wooden building, re-
utly erected on   Celeatial   Avenue,
Chinatown, and it was found to be well
provided   with  the   paraphernalia   for
having what pnssea fo; a good time
amongst the Chinamen    There Ib the
usual high table, the altar of fan tan,
covered with close-woven matting, aud
furnished with various implements u-eti
in the game.   Besides theeo theie were
eeveral opium pipes nnd lamps all ready
(or use.    Mr. Young, although prees*
ingly iuvited to "hit it," courageously
declined, although he made a minute
examination of ihiB convenient mode ol
transit lo the seventh heaven of celestial delights.
On a email table close by lay a tet of
CMuese (loiniiiooe, and near that again a
lounge, where the dope Hernia Bleep off
tie<*ifti;.fjof the opium smoke. Therd
ia als'i a private apartment, the iuteihr
of whioh wae not opened for Inspection.
While the visitors were making their j
examination a crowd cf Bomewbat
alarmed denizens of the quarter tilled
the room and gumd tufplclously at the
Melican men,
Air. Young expressed (ho opinion that
the place waa the cleanest of the kind he
had ever seen.   It ia understood that
Jy—lhat no action be taken regarding
'he resolution passed hy Nanalmo Board
of Trade until the committee from thla
board interview Mr, Dunsmuir; tbey
to be allowed one week, aud failing
action then the board to take steps lo
the matter.
An interesting ielter was read from Mr.
C. Livingston, manager of the Tyee Cop*
pfr Company, iu reply to the resolution
passed by the executive of the board:
Mr. LrvJrigaton expressed pltamirc at
tin- action i.l the board anil hoped ihe
smelter would result iu mutual bepelll
for all.   He aud his company would do
all in their power for LHiiysuiitb.   The
'resohi'lioii of (he board he would forward to the L indou directorate.
Received and filed.
The cemetery com mUe ion ere reported
having viaitcd and examined proposed
eite, which ihey  considered   perfectly
en tit-factory for the purpose designed,
Haport adopted.
Mr. VV. Jones moved that a committee wait upou Mr, Dunsmuir and point
to him Ihe condition of affairs here,
particularly with reference to Ex tension.
Carried and Meiers. .Tones, Gould und
Bickle were appointed.
Thi!  Uuftcbnll Dunce.
Friday night iu Gould's Hall anothir
! of thece enjoyable ace successful dances
under the auspices of the Ladyemith
Baseball Club wiil bo given, and tbe
management of the Club assure The Loader that they havo done their very b.at
to make this the banner dance of the
season. The boys aie noted for the real
good time they can provide for their
many friends, so The Leader advises all
who enjjy a first-rate hop to put in an
appearanco tomorrow night on the excellent floor at Gould's hall. The price
has been brought down to 75 cents for
men. The ladiea, aa usual, are free.
Refreshments nro to be served for two
bits. The club deserves the hearty tup
port of all (he citizens.
Columbians Who Fell at tlio
Hart's River Battle.
Following are the names of the Second
Canadian Mounted Rifles from British
Columbia tilled or wounded in battle
with Oeneral Dela Re) 'a Boers at Hart'.
River, South Africa, March Hist:
Killed.—Pie. W. T. Peten, C.anbrook,
Pie. W, Vollratb, Reveliloke.
DmgerouEly Wounded.—Pte. S. M.
Lesert, C-aobrook, Pie. J, 0. Qnfflni,
Cranbrook, Pte, J, C, Piste', Vancouver.
Slightly Wounded.—Pie. J. Simoni,
Kelson, Pie. P. Hrndyx, Rosslaml, Pie.
Alex. McDonald, FoitSteele.
Total Canadian casualties 31.
To be Considerably Enlarged and
     ....    „■»,,,     ni.   ,□    siiiiirieiuuu    HlHi
the ease will he dropped without further
Board of Trade Discuss Nanaimo*
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works,  Nanaimo.
Soda Water, dinner Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUMniNa.        -       , Proprietor,   ■&■£.»•
Citizens ef Ladysmith
All Citizens of Ladysmitli,
B. C.j arc respectfully invited
to become members of ihe
Ladysmith Board of Trade,
Objects : The advancement
and improvement of Ladysmith.
We are Agents for
■ ■
;;   Lar^e stock of English Pishing: Tackle. Lacrosse Goods, Etc    ■
John Barnsley & Co.,
^Xior Victoria, B. C. ii
Plr. Proof Safes.       —sssssuss.! Kodaks, Flints, Etc.   '
********************************* *****************++.l
Ladysmith Teaming Depot,
All kindi ol heavy teaming done
J, Mclennan, ladysmith, b. o.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Meats.
Poultry   nml  Vegetables.   Game in
(•.ton.   Blilnnin,- orders ntitn li il lo on
ih irt noiice.
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. llcprilr, proprietor.
r-lrit'Clasa accommodation! for miner,
and transients.   None but
The Best Wines and liquors
served  nt  the   bar.    (Jive us  a rail,
Cor. Victoria fid A Commercial St,
At iho ifpiihir general monthly meeting t.f the LadjHmith lbard of Trade hi
Qould'e Hall, Monday nUhf, the priori*
pal topic cf discussion was Ihe Fugges-
tioii of N.iiiaimii Uoaid of Trmle that
Ladysmith should unite with that city
in i usliii.g the proposed Alberni railway. Mr. J. IV, Cobuin's motion was
hat Mr. Ualph Smith, At, P., h.* invited
ti urge'i!c Dominion Government to
Kraut subsidy to the Comox and Cape
Scottrillway,via.Albsrui. Mr. \V, 0.
FrBsat'a amcmhuenl carried unanhnous*
Cocos   Island
News from the Blakeley,
News Iihs it'iu-lird Vioiorln irom Mmi*
olnlu (bat a ln.it has spoken iho IllRke*
ley at Cocoa Inland with one of ihe
Ireamireann board, and look tt jr for another. Although not oHii-iul, it ia aleo
reported In the San Francisco papers
that they have found the treaeuto. If
thnge reportR nro eonfirmod id) the
Company's Block will bo cancslktl at
II you want iho bent chance ever of-
lered to niakna foritine, buy a share of
stock or a p»rt phnio ill once. P.ice,
m, ♦2()for .-J; *IOfnr •.,'. Next monih
tbey cannot be bought lor U> limes thnt
P. 8.
Remember cachslo^k holder o*mi a
share in the Bhip and her  niirpmcnt,
So that you prncticallv ri'k noiliinp.
The Pacific Exploration and
Development Co,
81) Bulletin Wttlli, Vioiorir. J0S
Barque Gatherer.
Notice y hereby given tlmi tlie owuerfl. ngcnt->
riiiastcr will not tie responsible for nny debts
eoiitrncleil by Iheoniccniorcrcw of the Barque
nllicrcr while In this port.
j. G, tymiffgren,
Capt, Mcintosh Gives a Glowing
Account of Progress,
While iu town on Monday Captain
Mcintosh called an Tbe Leader office to
aay tbat the person who infoimed this
paper tbat Crofton Emelter had bub*
pended work ii.definitely was u stranger
to the truth. Oa the contrary everything down in that cemp is as lively as
can be, and the prospects are lovely.
The piles for tbe "50 foot wharf hive
All been driven, and (he fiiat steamer
iobiI cf pacsengeru lauded there last
Sunday from Victoria. There are to be
en*mill and a briekyard established
soon; the smeller boiler house is ready
for occupation and (be frames of Ihe
cnttine house are up. Of the 500 barrels
of cement lo be used in the construction
of the Bmelter 300 aie now on tbe
ground. The capacity of the emelter is
(o he -100 tons a day. The smoke stack
ie to be 120 feet high, nnd the foundation
10 feet deep.
The Captain has  the utmost confidence in the future of Crolton.
Mr. William Beveridge, the enterprising and popular proprietor of the .Grand
Hotel, Eaplanide, contemplates carrying out at once tbe improvements in his
popular hotel. The contract bae been
let (or tbe excavating of the space between the Grand and Abbotsford Hotel,
and work will begin soon.
It ie Mr. Beverldge's intention to erect
handsome addition to tbe Grand, giving a largo number ol extra bedrooms
and other accommodation. Tbe bar wlll
ba ehifted from its present situation and
placed on tbe ground floor, and the plait
which it occupied will be cooverted into a public room, perhaps a billiard hall
if euthuieiit encouragement be given to
warrant tbe expense of fitting it up for
this purpose.
Tbe addition to the Grand Is to be an
imposing structure, and will be built
out to the line of tbe esplanade. Whin
this ie completed the Grand will be cut
of the moat commjdiomi hotels north o
Return of Mr. Chris Stephens Frai
lliiih class picture framo making
skilled workmanship; eatielaction guaranteed. Estimates cheerfully given. 0.
13. Robolee, Firet Avenue nnd Oatacre
sheet, Ladyemltli, Ii,C.
Entirely refurnished nnd renovated,
Fiiet-ulaes table.- Every accommodation
for Indies visiting Niinalinn. Mrs. T. J.
Tiiomas In charge of ilininn room will be
happy to welcome, nil old Wellington
nud Ladysmith iiiends.
This old-K.tsbllsi'il, Flrst-Oless and
Popular Iloiel la most comfortably fur-
nlslieil, i-enlmlly situated. Bus meets
Iriilnr. Ux.'client Cuisine, Bar stocked
Willi the finest vrlneB, liquors and eigne.
FOX,       -
Intermediate Rugby:—Wales, won 8
InstO; England, won - lost 1; Ireland,
ivon 1 lost 2; Scotland, won 0 lost 3.
The New Westminster I.uro.ee Club
lias asked lor four games wiih the Sham-
■neks lor tbe Minto Cup on June 28,
July I, 2 nud o.
Jack O'Brien, i-hsmnion middleweight
of the world, who is now in tlie old
country, Is to meet Kid McCoy tbe
coming summer. Unll'alo Athletic Club
oln-rs $5,000 for the go.
The Ddputy Coinmisaioutrol Fisbsriri
for Ontario has lent out norii to Ibe
fishery overseers, instructing tbem to
warn tbe public againet spearing flsh
while passing through or attempting to
pass any flehway. In London district
eeveral people are being prosecuted for
spearing and using ecaop nets.
Jimmy Britt wants to fight Frank
Erne, of Ilnll'.iln, for Ibe lightweight
championship of the world in May, it
183 pounds, I'.rno is considering the
Jim Hill, Nanaimo, and Fred Wyatt,
Seattle, box ten rounds for point! before the Nanaimo Athletic Club Saturday evening.
England and Scotland played a draw
in the great International association
match at Ibrox Park, Glasgow, on Saturday in ths presence of eighty thousand spectators. It was a splendid game
througont, one gorl each.
An appeal will be made at an early
date to the lining men ul Ladysmith to
get together and form a lacro.ee club.
Tlio only drawback at present in eight
Is the want of a ground to play on.
Lldysiullli may have a ping pong
tournament before long, as there are
■everal orack players in camp,
Wheu tbe Seattle-Alaska steamer Al-
Kl touched herelait Saturday ior fail
coal on her way from Ketchikan, Alaska,
to Seattle, one of tbe firet men to jump
aihorewatMr. Chris Stephen! ot th.
Lidyimlth Hotel, who went north ibout
March 15th, to join his brother Thomil
on bii claims near Ketchikan. Mr.
Stephana brought with him umplei ol
tbe ore they aie working up there, .nd
it only requires a visit to the Ladysmith
Hotel or The Leader office, wher. tt.
specimens may be seen, to convince anyone that he and bis brother are very
luckv men,
Mr. Stephen! hid not heard from hii
brother for twenty years, when Thomai
suddenly Inrned up .bout the beginning
ol last month announcing himself at lb.
owner of lome of the moil promising
properly in southern Alaska, and inviting hia brother Chrii to join him ln developing the lime,'
The properties hive been developed
fir enough to thow tbit the two brother! and their partners nre in poeeeision
[ ol one of tbe greatest rninea on the Ooait.
A partner of the Stephens, Mr, Blanc-
hard, paaaed down to Saattle on the Al-
Kl, to bund the property which formi.
group of live clalmi for one million dollars. Thomit Stephen! remain! on th.
cliims continuing the work of development, Mr. C. Stephens will return
north in about a fortnight with hii tn-
tire outfit including hii fine team ol horses prepsred to make a long stiy.
The ore taken from tbote claims rum
(50 to the ton ln copper, 13 in gold and
$1.(10 in silver. The ore body is lound
between the two well-defined walla ol
schist, and the vein runs Ihe whole
length ol tbe five clalmi .nd beyond, at
equil richness. Specimens taken Irom
the surface ihow tbe same extraordinary
mineralization. At preient there ll six
feet of snow all over that conntry, bat
ai soon ai It goes off there will be . ruth
from ill parti of Southern Alaska. It
li • very wild country, but rich in mineral indications. The Stephens group
is well-situated for getting ont their or.
easily, Ihe distance to ihe level being;
only two miles. A good trail and skid
toad are to be hull! at once.
Mr. Stephens's many Iriends In Lidj •
imith will congratulate him on hi! great
good lack, and wish him continued inc. Ladysmith leader and Wellington-extension news. aPriL 9.ldox,
Ladysmith Leader
Welllngton-Extenslon News.
Published every Wednesday nnd Saturday nt
rhe Leader Building, corner of First Ave. aud
French Street, Ladysmith, British Columbia.
T. L. GRAHAMK, Kditor and Propriktok.
subscription rates.
' Bt mail in Canada and united Status.
Om year (atrictly Id advance) (. <*>
Ix months (strictly In advance)1    t 15
r TRANSIENT—First insertion, 10c, a line; each
subsequent insertion sc. a line.
Rates on application. No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
Mcb Insertion 50c.
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
Hue will be charged for until ordered lo be dls-
the water front directly east ol the foundry, and tbe slag will be used to form a
solid caueeway from the landside to the
spit, where the wharf for the Company
will be bultt.
THE LEADER wlll.be found at the following
t»dysmUh-The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Nanalmo—E. Plmbury & Co.
Victoria—Public Library; Provincial Library; n'"*
Vancouver-Public Library, aud Hotels.
New Westminster—Public Library.
AU changes in advertisements must be received
at this office before 12 uoon tho day before
iobscribers not receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.,,
AU job work strictly cash ou deliver}-.
Transient advertisements cash in advance.
(Written for Tile Leader.)
Ai a gi.it many ol in In B. 0. have
com. Irom th. old country, th. house-to-
house delivery ot mail is nothing new to
tu, I suppose that Canada wu repre-
wnted .t the poit.l convention held in
Vienna in 1801, and signed the agreement that .11 countries belonging to the
Unlvernl Poital Union, would eatablish
a univerul delivery oi mail.
Now whit hu Canada done in bringing
thil into lorce? Certainly Canada hae
given th. Urge citiei free delivery, but
no greater piece ol clan legislation was
aver enacted thin to give luge citiei the
right to have • In. delivery ol mail and
not the rur.l diitricti.
Why, lor instance, ihould Vancouver
and Victoria hive a .free delivery ind
•uch plicei u New Westminster, Naniimo, Bevelatoke, etc., be denied the
■•me delivery? Do the people in these
two Urge citiei pay any more taiei,
proportionately, thin the people in tbe
rural diitricti? No, they do not 1 It ii •
gnat piece ot unjust discrimination
againit the rural diitricti. The II. 8. A
have recogoiaed the great injustice tbat
they h.v. done to the rural diitricti,
and they are now establishing the tree
delivery ai lut as they can. Uncle Sam
would not have given tbla free delivery
without he i.w that it wai going to be
profitable. In thoie diitricti where tbe
free delivery hu been pat into operation
builnen hu increased 40 per cent.
Not only hn rural Iree delivery come
to itay with Uncle Sam, bnt it is now
pert oi th. permanent force of tbe
poit.l lervice; and lb. service now
comes under the civil lervice law,
Why ihould not Canada have • rur.l
Ira. delivery ai well u the States? We
all know how sparsely Canada ia populated, bnt il there li anything that will
Mad to keep the population in the
country, the iree delivery li one ol tbe
way. ol doing it,
Tbii Iree delivery bring! the city ind
country closer together; it wonld bind
them witb fre.li tin, u tbe country
people would know that under thia
■yitem they would get tbtir mall brought
to them diily. Again, tbla would en-
tall better roidi; roidi would have to
be k.pt in good repair, lo th.t tii. mail
carti could get along; more intereit
wonld be taken by the rural population
ln thil matter as it would in greatly to
their benefit; they would ice tbat the
money was spent wisely and well.
I shall have much pleamre, in another
latter, in showing some interesting facta
and figure! to prove the contention!
here laid down.
W. W. SOUTHIN, Post Muter,
April Bib, 10M. Ladyimith, B.C.
w. milts hews!
x +
The capacity of the ore bins at the
Gran by smelter ia being: increaeed an
additional 3,000 tons, bringing the ca
pacityup to 13,000 lout.. This is the
second enlargement within the past six
Construction will be reenmed thie
week un the laideau & Trout Lake rail
road, the branch of the Canadian Pacific
system which ia'.intended lo tap the
heart of the I/irdeau mining district
About 10 miles of track remain to be
laid and two bridges constructed before
the road will ba completed between
Kootenay Lake and.Trout Lake,
Canada is coming to tho front as
copper producer. In 1000 the output
watt 9,000,000 pounds, and in 1901 it had
increased to 30,000.000 pounds or 15,000
short tone. Tliia.mtlimt made Canada
eighth on the list ol copper producing
countries. British Columbia headed tbe
list of the provinces iu the production cf
Early in March the Ytnir Mince, Limited, paid a dividend which makes the
total of the profits distributed among
its shareholders $28,000. The North
Star, of East Kootenay, paid 1}£ cents
per share a few days ago. This company Las divided $1173,000 .among those
who hold Its stock certificates. It hae
a reserve ol about $200,000 in its treasury. Oa March 201k, the Sunset divided $0,000 among its (stockholdere.
making Its total profiticirculated $30,000.
The Rambler*Oarriboo declared a dividend of one per cent, payable last Monday, This company will now have distributed about .1138.000 among ite
Perhaps the moat phenomenal of any
mining success in Kootenay has been
the sudden rieo into the front rank ol
ehipplng properties of the Triune mine
near Ferguson, This properly was purchased by David and Andrew Ferguson
from the original locator, F. Applcost,
in 1000, bains at the time little mme
than a mere prospect. Since then in
two seasons $82,870 worth of ore has
been shipped from the mine and the
other day it was turned over to the
Metropolitan Oold and Silver Mining
Co,, Ltd., tho purchase price being tbe
very largo sum of $1)00,000 In cash and
Tbe New York Engineering and Min-.
lag Journal of March 22nd publishes a
long, comprehensive and interesting
article on the coal mines and measures
of Vancouver Island, The writer, Mr.
Wm. M. Brewer, the correspondent of
the*Journal in British Columbia, enters
fully into the history and the present
condition of this important industry.
Maps of tho district are produced in connection with the article. As the Engineering and Mining Journal in tbe
leading technical paper of its kind on
the continent and reaches the ekes who
ure always on tho lookout for opportunities of investment, it id apparent that
through this medium British Columbia
is receiving regularly very valuable advertising.
Spoilsmen are Much Interested In
Any number of athletes havo called at
E. Plmbury & Co.'s to feast their eyeB
on the imposing exhibition of all sorts
and conditions of sporting goods which
that enterprising firm have got together
for Ihe benefit of all who delight in
mauly exercises. The Clovkcord aud
I/illy Ucrosse sticke, aud the Spalding
baseball goods have excited tbe warmest
admiration, Tor the like bus never been
seen iu Nanaimo before.
Plmbury d: Co. are alsi showing the
very latest ideaB in ping potg set?, croquet and lawn tennis goods, boxing
gloves and other popular forme of sport,
and they are doing a lively business.
As mentioned In last istue of The
Leader, it, is worth while to step into
their etore and just eee the exhibition.
One can gather lots ol useful Ideas of
bow the art of manufac'uiing sportlrg
geeds is being perfected.
VOI'TII    AND   Ml II 1.1,    MVIftl...
Higher, higher up we climb
Up the mount ol gloiy,
Tbat our names may live through time
In our country's story J
Happy when her welfare calls,
He wbo conquers, he who falls.
Deeper, deeper, lot us toll
In tbe mines of knowledge;
Nature's wealth and learning's spoil
Win from school and college;
Delve we there for richer gems
Than the stars of diadems.
Onward, onward may we press
Through tbe path ul duty;
Virtue is true happiness,
Excellence true beauty.
Minds are of celestial birth,
Make we then a heaven of earth.
II«r Mtarrlaae Dot.
The Emperor Joseph II, was In the
habit of walking about Incognito. One
morning he went into n coffee shop
and asked (or a cup of chocolate.
Hu was plainly dressed aud the waiters, being Iguorant of his rank, iu-
aolently refused it, saying tt was too]
Without making any reply be!
walked out and went into a little cof-J
feo house hard by and asked for a
cup of chocolate. The landlord answered tbat It should be ready lu a
While he waited for lt he walked
up and down and was conversing on
different subjects when the landlord's
daughter, a very pretty girl, made
her appearance.
Tho emperor wished her good day
and observed to her father that it war-
high time a flower In full bloon
should marry before lt faded.
"Ah," replied the honest old mas,
"If I had but a thousand crowns I
could marry her to a fine young man
who la very fond of her! But, sir,
the chocolate Is ready."
The emperor called for a pen, Ink
and paper. The girl mn to fetch them,
when he gave her an order ou his
banker for the thousand crowns.
At tbe international footbill in itch in
Glasgow, England v. Bwtland, atlbrox
Park, on Saturday, a tier of seats gave
way and 25. persona were killed, over
120 being seriously Injured.
lion. J, Martin denies emphatically
that ho eaiii anything abut defeating tl.e
government alter ihe redistribution bill
is parsed.
Kt. Hon. Joujph Chamberlain cabled
tho Governor General congratulations on
tho heroic conduct rf the Second Criua*
(lien Hiflea at the battle of Hart's River
with General De la Rey'a forcee.
Walter Gordon, murderer, hangs nt
Brandon, June '28, for kilting 0. J. Daw.
American papers lersiht in the statement that the. Prince o! Wale, will visit
the United Statts. Neither the officials
or the press ol Great Britain know an).
thing about the matter.
Tramway Company Incorporation
Notice is hereby given hy the Tyee
Copper Company,.Lunited, ol 46 Lead-
enhall Street, London, England, and
having its registered nrlico at Cleveland*
Coietlld, in the Province of British
Columbia, pursuant tu section 3 ol the
abovM Act, anil section 2 ot "The Tramway Incorporation Act, 10C0," that the
Company propose tu build and operate
an at-rial tramway from a point oh thf
lands of Company, known us the "Tyee"
Mining Ghiim, fltuate on Mount Sicker,
In Cheinainiis District, to a point at or
near Stratlord's crossing, ou ihe line of
the Esquimau and N.miumo Bailwnv,
hping on the land known aa eectiou 13,
Range lV.Somencs District.
The general route of the enitl tramway
will be iu a straight line between tbe
points aliow mentioned.
Dated at Victoria B. 0„ this 2lst day
of March, 1902.
Ilv the Altnrnpv ill-Fact.
vp.m-^x^;*^*^;*^;*^:*^.* Wro _
11 The Leading
$5 Reviews
Highly Successful   Experiments
Carried out at Foundry.
For aeveral daya lut week Henri.
Thomai Kiddle and G. Thomson, the
Metallurgist Irom the United Statu, car-
rlad out a lull, ol lotereiting and inc-
CMtful eiperlmenti in imelting the orei
Irom the Tyee OopperOo'i. property, at
Ladvimith Iron Worki, The brass fur-
nice wu rtquilltloned lor the purpoie
and wu lound to aniwer admirably.
Th. expert, eipreued themselvai ai
delighted with the result, of the imelting, the matte obtained being quite op
lo their expectation!.
American ihip Gatherer, Captain J.
G. I.vnnggren, arrived in port Saturday
night irom San Francisco, to load Wellington coal for the same port. Tl.e
Uatherer haB the record voyages on thli
coast, having mule toe round trip with
coal nine times ln one year Ircin Tacorua
lo San Francisco.
American ship Eclipse Is expected in
from San Francisco at any hour, to load
Wellington coal for Friaco.
Ship Qeorge Kenny li due at Lady
smith from Honolulu to load coal lor tbe
Hawaiian ingar redneriu,
Str. Selkirk arrived on Saturday Irom
Vancouver with six dump can In bond
for the Lenora Mining Company, Mt.
Sicker; alio a patent Shay locomotive
lor nae on that company'! i.ilway to
Crolton, The Selkirk alao brought a
corload ol rice lor Mar Sim Sing, Lady
Str. Al-KI, alter coaling here Saturday
itemed direct to Seattle. She hid
quite a number ol passengers.
Tug Pilot towed in tbe hulk Richard
III, on Monday alternoon Irom Tacoma
emelter, on her wi* '" the Treadwell
minei, Donglu lsLnd, near Juneau, lor
another load ol co.centr.tei, The
Richard takea up coal,
AtOhemainui the big German ihip
Oatara, 1,857 torn, Ii waiting lor a lumber cargo. She it io big that ihe cm
be teen with perfect dlillnctneii Irom
the end ol the Ladyimith bnnkm.
Senator Mitchell oi Oregon delivered
a poweilnl argument in favor ol th.
Chineie exclusion bill now before th. U,
S. Senate. He advocated abtolute exclusion witb no attempt at prohibition
Within a month comlderably more
than 10,000 troopi will have left Eng-
She imeiter 'urnace i. to be built 02'- (ondffor South Atrial.
A tlnl.no lienor-.!.
Among tots cxperieucea that helped n
now prominent nttornoy to emerge
from tbo condition of a briefless barrister ho telle tbo following: One day a
miserly old fellow ctimo to blm and
asked tbat the young attorney draw up
a wlll.
"How much cash have you?" wns
tho first Interrogation.
"Waal, 1 dunno," responded the client; "somewberes nigh on to $30,000,1
"How do you wish It divided?"
"I want my old woman to havo $15,-
000, aud you can say Unit I give and
bequeath (5,000 to each of my three
children," said the old man, unloading
himself of the legal plirusc with much
gravity and deliberation.
"What elie do you wish to sny?"
"Say tbat to each of my several
nieces nnd nephews I also give tbo
mm ot $5,000."
"Hold on, sir; tbls li a work of 111-
percrogntlon. Vou have already disposed ot all your money. How aro
they to be given the sums you specify?"
"Gol darn 'em, let 'em work for It,
ai I did!" came tbo aniwer.
Nineteenth Century snd After,
Cnntempnrary Review, f-'ort-
nlulitly Review, Westminster
Review, l-dinliurith Review,
Quarterly Review, Utackwood's
liillnburah Mag.zlne
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T,:j.u, wlien vou want to know it—Hint's tlie
i.T vnltieofllie.e reviews In you. The
..'Ji nlilest writers, tile most timely ills-
slli' Cltsslons; Tile swiftest nrrsciitiltiou of
i'T Hie world-problems of Hie dny nntienr
ST. even- tnoiitli in the |>agcs of lliese
:*■» leiidlnii reviews These nre Hie I'.ug-
lisli editions sold iu America nl nliuut
hnlf price, specimen copies sent free
to nnyone anywhere, nnd historical
.?jjr, booklet,too, forllie asking.
iX The Leonard Scott Publication Co.,
9. ■>       Warren St. New York City.
sf-YJ.SI'. !.«J". .-A. Vj.«r-',>.«J '.*.«« ':?*■'. i.WWi
Tradk Mark*
OopvniQHTt Ae.
Anyone sanding n ekel rti nnd description nmy
quickly aeroi'lulii our urn freo whether an
Invention mprtitinblypfitentahlo. Communlriv
tlmis ntrtctlr eoTitltlotiiml. Himdbooi on Patents
bent freo. (Hili'rU iiiK-m-y fur ricciirliigpatenW.
I'litottia takuti Uirounh Munn ft Co. receive
ipri-ta! fi»tl«, without clwreo, lutiio
Scientific American.
A handsomely illii-.tn.ted weekly. Lnreoat eir*
ciiliutuii ul nny Ni'leiittiln Itiiiriiul. Tunnr.. 13 n
year, fourmonths,♦!• floldbyuil niiwwleiilorn.
MUNN & Co.3616"""1"' New York
araooh OIBco. &» F 8t» Wusbloalon. D.C.
A. C. Wilson,
Funeral Wreitlia, etc., Welding Bouquets in every et. le. Outers promptly
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>      Complete
• 9  FiiiiiliSicts
Coal!   -   Coallj
Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
Wellington (Ml   Best household coal on the Pacific
Comox Coal—Beat steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household coal
I 'The above coals are mined only by the Wel-
I lington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C
San   Francisco Agency,
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
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Lager and Porter
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Under a Hlst.lt..
The Itrnngcr stepped np to the hotel
register and wrote bis uame thus:
"Gabriel Plunkctt, Squlbnocket,
The stranger Immediately behind I1I111
tben itepped up, looked at the iinmo,
milled somewhat Incredulously and
mado this entry himself:
"Israel Snodgrass, Snohomish, Wash,"
Then tho two mon glared at each oth*
"Think I'm ktddlu', do you?"
"Trying to make fun of me, are yon?"
"For hcaven'i sake, gentlemen," agonizingly exclaimed tbo hotel clerk,
"itopl You are under a misapprehension. I know both of you nnd know
those to bo your real names and tbo
real unmes of tbo towns you aro from!"
By strenuous efforts he succeeded ln
separating them, and a few momenti
Inter they were apologising profusely
I and Insisting with much voueinouco on
treating each other.    "_ _
Nanalmo. B. G.
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Who Finished
The Game?
How to Make Water mitl Claret Ux-
elianffc (; Ins nen.
Here Is a trick that Is always effective, and, wlillo It Is very simple Indeed,
still it is. hound to appeal' just a weo bit
mysterious, and many, especially your
little brothers nml slaters, will bo unablo
to explain It,
Take two ordinary claret glusses, PHI
ono to tho brim with clnrot and the other
equally full with clear water. Cover tho
top of tho glass containing water with an
ordinary visiting card so thnt there nro
no places around thu edge uncovered by
tho card. Turn tho glass upside down
and place It ou the top of the glass containing claret and adjust tho glasses so
that their edges meet exactly nil tho way
around. Now move the ami slightly to
ono side so lhat there will be a littio
spneo at one side of the glasses Inside uncovered by tlio card. At onco a thin
.stream of claret; will begin to rise
through this space, not mixing with tlio
water at all, but with Its edges clear aud
sharply defined. Tho water, too, will begin to descend Into the glass containing
claret, a pure, glistening white stream
against the ruddy red. Tho stream of
claret, too, rising through tho sparkling
White of tho water, presents a beautiful
effect, anil In a moment the clni-ct Mill
begin to spread about the top of the upper gluss like tha unfolding of n red rose,
nuil tho wilier will spread Iu tho bottom
of the lower glass. Tho two llulds contrast of red aud white, with sharply do- '
fined edges.
In a very short time tho claret and '
water will have changed places, the clar- /
ct being in the upper glass and the water
iu the lower. This Is duo to the differ-
' enee In weight of (bo liquids. Tho water, being tho heavier, forces Itself into
tho lower glass, and n portion of tlio
claret Is moved up to take the place of
tho descending water.
Mr. Potato Bug (lu great surprise)—
That story about tho world being round
Is certainly true—Brooklyn Eagle.
When Lt Wai A Hoy.
It Is totd of Ll Hung Chang, tho great
Chineso Btatcsman, that when n boy he
Waa very strong mid tall for his years.
As Is the custom among the wealthier of
the Chinese, Ll worn a button ou his cap
which meant that the wearer is an otltelat
or person of high rank. Ll wns a very
bright scholar nml showed great ability
In committing the 40,000 verses that nro
required of Chineso scholars. Ho was
nearly always at the head of bis class.
After completing tho lower studies Ll,
at tho ago of seventeen, took, together
with hundreds of other boys, the public
examination at the capital of the province In which ho made bis home. Public
officers were there to sec thnt no dishonest work would be done by tho pupils. At
the tiring of a cannon the boys gathered
In the halls, where for several days they
wero tested tu the writing of poems and
essays. Ll was among the very few who
passed. From there soon afterward he
went to Peking to be tested for it higher
rank, and again he camo off with honors.
When he is heard of again, It is nt tho
time of graduation from tho Imperial
academy nt Peking, and thus he continued in life, winning oue victory after another. '	
Elephant Iicnrns Addition.
Tbo intelligence displayed by on elephant has been a source of much amusement to tho officers nt one of tho English army posts In India. Tho huge animal was accustomed to receiving peonies, which It would drop Into n slot for
n biscuit. If given a halfpenny, tho elephant would throw It back contemptuously, hut one day n hoy gave It two ;
halfpennies nt the snmo tlmo. For sev- i
eral minutes tho animal held them In his
trunk, ns though pondering over their
value. At Inst ho dropped tho two to-.
Uether Into tho slot, with tlio result that i
bo got the biscuit. He appeared to know -
tbat ho had mado nn unusual discovery :
and frisked nroutnl In the greatest tic-
llghti To tho onlookers It alumni seemed
ns though tho principle of addition had
penetrated tho elephant's brain.—Exchange _____
Johnny Wan Concerned.
Johnny (on Christmas eve)—Mamma,
can't you glvo tho baby something to
make him sleep tonight?
Mamma—Why, Johnny?
Johnny—Because if Santa Clans hears
him yelling ho might think we're all just
as bad. 	
The tittle Brown Sparrow.
'A little brown sparrow, contented and gay,
Went bopping about on a cold wintry day
In search ot a dinner of porridge or brend
Or, 11 not to bo had, then potatoet Instead.
But never an atom ot food could alio find
Have morula ot Ice, which were not to lirr mind,
but what did alie leof Only think—tbe old cut,
Bo snugly at rest on tho kitchen donr mat,
And cloat by Min Puiay a aauccr ol food,
And, oh, tt WU tempting, k tweet and ao goodt
"Wall, now," thought tlio aparrow, " 'Hi really
That the wicked cat should have food and to
While I'm » hungry; Vm voraclom.
And nothing around me but innw everywhere!
1 think I'll Just venture a littlo bit nearer
(Tbe horrid old thing I teel sure la eilccp),
'And really I'd Ilka Just to aco somewhat clearer
That food ln the aaucer; I must have a peep.'*
So laying, tbe Raw from the Wt to the right
And gaud at the taiiccr with hungry delight
Till, grown really bold, she advanced wiih a hop,
Believing the cat to bo "aouml aa n top."
But here let me whisper a secret lo you—
l'uia heard her quite well and waa watching her
That night our brown aparrow had promised to go
Witli a friend ot her own, on account ot tlie snow,
Intending tonc-thcr to rent on a tree,
But alio njvar afpua-etli ao, now, where could aha
There la n dispute nbout n certain
fentut'G of tho Yale-Harvard football
game back in 189— tbat Is no nearer a
settlement than It was nn hour after
tho game was finished. All tho men
who wero ongaged in it havo left college long ago, but tho matter has boon
handed down to the Undergraduates
nnd serves for a subject of perpetual
wrangling. The trouble was thnt In
those days they played tho game too
Into in the day, nud before It could bo
finished It wns so dark ono could
scarcely distinguish ono side (rom tho
Tho dispute In question could not
hifve arisen except for this cause. Tbe
game was played on Thanksgiving
dny, very nearly the shortest In the
year. This particular Thanksgiving
wns cloudy; consequently the darkness camo on curlier than usual.
Tho way of It was this: Bannnrd
was tho center rush for Ynle, and it
wasn't known till tho game began that
he wns suffering from somo heart complication, probably brought on at practice tho day before, when ho suddenly
fainted after n hnrd Bcrlnunngo. His
doctor forbudo bis going into tho
Thanksgiving game, but ho was loynl
to his college, nnd bo know it would
lose without him. At nny rntc, there
wns it consultation on Thanksgiving
eve, and when the boys appeared from
behind locked doors it was announced
that there had been a mistake nbout
Bannard's lionrt trouble and ho would
take his place In the team next dny.
Everything wont straight enough till
near the end of tbo first half. Bannnrd
shouldered tho principal work, as bo
had always done, and Yale had scored
more points thnn Harvard, but toward
tho end of the half Bannnrd began
to look queer and let Sampson of
Harvard right pnst blm with tho ball,
thereby losing a touchdown. Sampson
kicked tho goal and tied tho gume.
After the next lineup Banuard during
a scrlmningo fell over In a faint, nnd
that let Harvard In for another touchdown and n goal. Bannnrd wns carried oil the field.
Well, It began to get dark, but was
not so dark when tho men lined up
again but that I could see Bnmiord In
position. But somehow ho looked tall-:
er tliau usual, and (hero was a peculiar
motion about him that I had never noticed before. After a half hour of tho
second half all ono could see of tho
players was n'lot of dark figures on a
dark ground, Bannard's tall frame
loomed up above the rest like the specter of the Bracken. Great guns, how
he did play! Ho was ot the front, nt
tho flunk, In every scrimmage. In
short, ho wns carrying tho game far
better than he had over dono before.
Then camo that celebrated run In
which he dodged six men and, unguarded, carried the ball over the lino twenty
yards In front of his nearest follower
for a touchdown. 1 watched to see him
kick his goal, aud what was my surprise to see another mnn do It for him.
1 asked what It meant and was told
that he had gone under again.
Tho game now was lied. When the
men lined up again, I watched for
Bannnrd. Sure enough, ho was there,
nud after the klckoit did tho same astonishing work ns before. He scored
two touchdowns, but by this time ft.
wns so dark that I could not seo who
kicked tbein, However, they both fall-'
ed, on account of the darkness, 1 suppose, leaving Yale ahead In the game.,
Before any more points could be;
scored Bannnrd suddenly disappeared ,
from the Held, and a substitute appear- j
cd In his place, a slow, bungling fellow, |
who lost for his college enough points j
to put Harvard again even with Yule.
There remained but five minutes of
the three-quarters of nn hour allowed '
for tho half. At tho klckoff Bannnrd, ■
who was In bis place, jumped fully Ion
feet, caught the ball and ran witb It
straight through tlio Harvard linos.      |
It huB been said that no human being i
could havo got through that lino as it!
wns placed. Every gap wns closed, j
Ono Harvard mnn swears thnt Bun*
mini passed blm and as he seized the
giant around tho waist bo seized air.
Another declares that tbo man wasn't
Bannard nt nil, though ho wns enough'
like him to deceive his owu mother, j
Bo this ns It mny, tbo game wns won
for Yale. 1 waited to seo Bamiard kick (
for goal, but waited In vain. Somebody |
told mo tliut It was so dark be couldn't.
sec tbo posts nnd that tho game was
wou nny way for Yule. Thoro wns a
hubbub among tho players of both,
sides, who wero huddled in two groups
near tho center of tbo gridiron. One of j
them, a Harvard man, shouted "Foull"
aud 1 saw the Yalo captain go to him 1
nnd shako his fist ln his face, but I
could not benr what be Bald for tho
What do you suppose I saw In tho]
death notices of tbo newspapers tho
next dny—"Died, ou Thursday, tbo
20th of November, Archibald Theodora
Bannnrd, In tbe twentieth year of his
At what time n day did bo die? Nd'
one knows; nt least no ono will tell,'
though lt Is generally conceded tbnt
when bo was carried on the field at
tbe end of tho first half bo nover went ■
on lt again. If so, who was ln his
place? One report snld that he had a
twlu bt'other-tho black sheep ot the
family, never spoken of—who returned
just before tho game, and It was agreed
beforehand that If Arcblo Banuard
broko down this brother should take
his place. This Is tho explanation of
some Harvard men, but I have met
ono man of their team, a superstitious
sort of fellow, who declares that Bau*
nnrd died at the end of the first half,
and his death was kept a secret ne
wouldn't go on to the other world
without seeing his college win.
Anyway there's it lot of loyalty at
A Pointed Conversation Tliat Was j
Overheard In it Street Cnr.
Since the time of Adam men hnve been
laying tho blame for all file Ills in tho
world to women. Do thoy full in business, tho women of (lie family did it. Do
they become Inebriates, llicy wero driven
to drink by the frivolity of their wives
and daughters. Do ihey wear shabby
clothes and heroine careless nbout the cut
of their hair, (tip extravagance of those
who are dependent on ihcm lias divorced
i liein from tllclr pride
big but rags to wear.
Even those of the sterner s
mlt that their forefather of
of Eilen wns hardly gidlunt
bit of a coward are prone Hi
put the blame wliei
them uoth-
<x who nd*
In' garden
mil was a
mseh-es to
ll't belong
sometimes. There way n man in Iho ear
who was apparently of this class, lie
wore tiie conventional afternoon dress of
frock coal, striped trousers and tall bat,
and every time Im loaned toward his companion the ['le of bis immaculate headgear Came in contact with ihe prowllko
brim of her hat and was rubbed tho
wrong Wily.
After the man had repaired lite damage
twice his patience gave out, "You'll
never get me {■> wear n siil; hat again
when you nre wearing (hat thing on your
head, so you needn't ask toe to," he exploded. His lone was the irritated one
of a relative.
'i didn't ask you to wear it this time,
did IV" answered tlie woman.
"That doesn't make any difference.
You'll never get me to do it again. I'm
not going to spoil an eight dollar hat for
yonr pleasure," growled the man, and,
disregarding tlie surprised look nf his
companion, ho sank into :i gloomy silence.
Directly a fuse blew out of the car
wheel, and the vehicle came to n halt.
The man roused himself from his abstraction. "Don't you ever ask mo to
ride out in Iho suburbs with you again,"
he said with much concent rated energy.
"Here we are, two miles from home, ami
I'll be Into at the meeting of my society.
I was to rend a paper too."
"Goodness gracious!" replied the woman, using a favorite feminine ejaculation
In her impatience. "I did not ask you
to come; you asked me. You said,
'Let's go somewhere where we can be
peaceful nnd quiet and happy,' and I
eame. Don't you nsk me to conic any
more with you, for I won't flo it. If tho
skies fell, I believe you'd blame tne for
The man opened his lips to reply, but
his case must have seemed weak even to
himself, lor ho shut Ihcm again, and n
silence profound ami unbroken fell over
tho car.—Baltimore News,
Tlio old custom of dispensing hospitality by serving n cup or tea and a wafer or some other dainty refreshment to
callers is one Hint hostesses would do
well to cultivate, for if you will Btop a
moment to think you will remember that
tlm most popular houses on your calling
list are those in Whloh tho fair mistress
welcomes you with a smile ami a tiny
cup of ten or chocolate in winter nnd n
delicious cooling drink in tlie summer.
You are always sure of finding tbo
choicest spirits of yonr set gathered
around this popular hostess, nml if there
nre any plans [m* charitable affairs or social doings to be discussed what is nioro
natural than that little impromptu meetings should resolve themselves out of
these calling occasions with the hostess
as the recognized head? Young women
who are seeking to establish a social
fooling among strangers will find the tea
caddy and kettle most invaluable, and
tho girl who can produce a plate of homemade candy or some other tidbit in tho
most natural manner when entertaining
her friends, ho they men or girls, will
have solved the problem of how to bo
An Automatic Kettle Lid.
Among the kitchen novelties Is n ten*
kettle of aluminium, provided with a very
attractive font nre in a method of raising
tho Ihl for filling the kettle without the
lid n.usi;,..
necessity of touching it. On one side of
Iho lid Is a projecting arm, so that a
downward pressure ef the handle raises
tho lid. When the handle Is raised, the
lid falls back of its own weight.—Philadelphia Record,
One of F.iiKhnnl'H Foremost Fanuem.
One ot England's furchiost fanners is
n woman, tho Hon. Mrs. Murray Smith.
On her estale, Gtuuloy Hull, Loioostor* [
shire, she raises some of the finest Jersey
cattle (hat are bred anywhere.    She Is [
nn early riser nml is up and about among .
her men as soon ns the sun is in sight, j
She attends to all the details of Ihe man- i
ngeinent of her estate.   All o" the Im- ;
provomouts which can contribute to tho
Well being of the animals are made nt
her discretion,   Sin1 sees (hat they have \
Ihe best of food and the most comfmta* :
bio quarters.    As the result they havo ;
taken many prize's.   One cow, Lorinn, '
which carried off ihe milking prize nt
Trinb nnd the butter certificate at the
Bath and west of England show, gives
1)00 gallons of milk yearly.   Mrs. Smith's .
rule is not to keep any cow which yields
less thnn 000 gallons of milk n year.    Sim ■
herself attends to all of her correspond- j
onco and the record keeping iu cornice* I
thin wiih the animals-Chicago Record-
Herald.  '	
Ten anil Teeth.
For years past a Gormantown woman
lias endeared herself to all tlio children
lu her neighborhood by "plumping" out
their troublesome teeth with her lingers,
nnd bv long practice she has hocoino so
Adept that the teeth of adults yield readily to tho pressure or Iter digits. Local
fnnm lias long been hers, hut the climax
come whon two Chhinincu appeared at
her door and begged her to pull teeth for
them. Tho poor fellows wero suffering
Intense pnln. Their plaintive pleas won
over her prejudices, and, without admitting tho men to her house, tho woman
twisted out their troublesomo teeth. Later she received a largo caso of tea that
tho corner grocer appraised at #0(fc-»
I'hiMvle'.pbla Rword, ,...i.-.^jww-^ii-mi_1
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.'
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants  and
professional men.
Full line of goods just  arrived at Sampson's Cash Store
J. SAMPSON,     -     Commercial St.,
McAdie Block, Victoria Crescent,
naimo, B. C.
Having leued the McAdie Block, and
having had the roomi completely renovated, I.m now prepared to receive
boarders with or without rooms, Visitor! Irom Ladyimith will find most
.omfortable accommodation at very
reaionable ratei. MISS KEITH
It ii reported tbat Mr. Caldwell, the
Nanaimo tailor haa the finest etons: ol
spring suitings ever leen on the lalind.
get In early belore the choicest urs
snapped up.
Constable Halhed oi Ohemainua paateri
up to Nanalmo on Saturday with a prisoner remitted to tlie higher court by the
OhemaiouB justices, charged with having eet fir. to the house belonging to
Mr.H. E, Donald.
Don't lail to aee G.H. Gavin's samples
of wallpaper at Captain Dillon', office,
Esplanade. Choice new designs at astonishingly reasonable prices.
X x
Largs congregations turned out. to hear
Canon Faddon, ol Victoria, at tlie Engliih Chnrch lervicei on Sunday.
Mar Sam Sing, of tlio Chinese agency,
ii carrying out eome extensive improvements in the rear of his premises. Wheu
they are completed he will bavo .as fine
a garden as any in L-idysmtth.
See thoie nobby linei in tweede nnd
clothe at Caldwell's, Nanaimo'e tailoi.
Th. roof will go on the new echool
building thil week, Contractor Mac
Donald ii miking a substantial job of
th. work.
If yon want alarm Klox we've got 'em
ior on. dollar, lee Lively, the jeweler,
Mr. R. Harriip of Ladyemith ia im
porting a large number ol ftrat-clm
pleamre boats for the coming eeaioo
alio racen for the aquatic athletes.
Gold and eilver pitting ii something
that .vary Jeweler can't do, try ui and
be convinced, we can do it. Lively, the
leading  jeweler.
Mr. Stanley Craig ol the Steam Csi
riig. works, Nanaimo, ii receiving congratulation! over the iplendid victory of
hit Great Dan., Kruger, at the Victoria
banch .how Lit week. Oom Paul iwept
everything belore bim easily.
Trad, yonr old watch off and get a new
on.. We will allow you aa much ai we
can for your old one and try and please
yon with a new one, at Lively's,
Mr. Joieph Raid has been luffering
merely from an attack ol cold. Hii
oont.mnl.ted trip to California hai been
pottponedon account ol tbe bad weather.
Spring lultingi jmt arrived. Choice
pitterni .treasonable pricei, Caldwell's
Commercial St., Nanaimo.
Work on th. Ladyirailh-Extension
■hortline will be started aa Boon as the
building ol th. line irom Cumberland to
No. 7 min. li completed. Tbe moit ol
tha Company'! itiff are engaged now on
that work,
Sm thoie elegant Scotch and Engliih
twMdl lor builnen and alteriwork suits.
W«ar»ri of them are always well-dressed.
McNichol, tbe High Street tailor.
Several people made themselves dii-
■geeably conipicuoui at the Fancy Dress
ball by trying to get everything In eight
for two bits, and insulting tbelidiei who
kindly volunteered to wait table. The
The conduct oi thoie persons at the
■upper table wu disgraceful. Ladyimith
ihould not encourage the growth of
hoodlumiim, but put lt down with a
firm hand.
Johnston Block,      -     Nanaimo, B. 0
j P. 0. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
Visits ' Ladysmith   every Saturday.
Bonn from 11 a. in. till 5 p. m,
Abbotsford Hotel.
Tbe latest styles in heir cutting and
oeard trimming at the Ladyemith Shaving Parlor, High street.
Barron conducted service here, In a very
Acceptable manner.
Mrs Will Johnston en I Miss Evans,
Nauaiuio, visited Litlvsmith last Saturday.
Mre.-W. W. B, McInneB nnd family
returned from a lengthy visit to San
Dipgo, Cat., Saturday.
T. Bickle, Cumberland, is viailin-r his
brother, Mr. 'John Bickle, here for a
few days.
Robert Kilpalrick ia reported to be
critically ill at his Viotoria home,
ri:i,i.t.it ii'iiir sur.in.tnY.
(News of tlie World Coiulimseil Into Sentences,)
Miners! Attention!
Hand Made Pit Shoes at the eame price
ae cheap factory made. Oome in and see.
All work guaranteed.   Repairing done,
A. S. Christie,
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of the Famous
Nono but Union Labor employed.
An excellent example has been set to
the townspeople by Mr. William Bever-
ridge of the Grand Hotel, who hae
planted a number of handsome poplar
saplings ou the Roberta St. side of hie
property. They nre from tho nurseries
of Mr. J. Perry, Northfiel.l.
I'liiH'n Henry .ays (lie American
cavalry, arc probably tlio best in the
It is clear that a supreme effort Ib to
be made by Great Britain during the
coming South African winter.
Mr. Marconi declared (hire la hardly
any possibility of eucccss in the wireless
Mr. C. B. Robelee has moved hie carpenter shop and cabinet making establishment from the corner of Gatacre and
Fint Avenue to the Berry block, into
more commodious premises.
Dunham, the Phrenologiet and Palm-
ist, Ib in the city for a few days only.
Call and iee him. Remember yonr
money ia your bond; if your dolineation
il not latiifactory keep it. Office:—
Room 4, Grand Hotel; Hours, 10 a.m.
to 6 p.m.
JuBt arrived the latest styles in sash
pins, used inatead of the belt buckle, at
Lively'!, Ladyemlth's leading   jsweler.
GA80LINE LAUNCH for sale, brand
new, 23ft. long, 5ft. Gins, beam; engine
3 h, p, j speed 7 miles an hour; hold
doien seated comfortably; splendid
chance lor enterprising man to make
money. To be told at a sacrifice, For
lull particulan apply to Fletcher Bros,
The music itore, Nanalmo.
Mr. J. H. Good, the well-known Nanaimo iurniture man, wheeled down to
Crofton on Friday on a buaineii trip.
He gave Tbe Leader a glowing account
ol Ihe style they are making the dirt fly
down there, He found the road good for
wheeling all the way.
Lightning itruck the long diitance
telephone Monday night south of Ladysmith, causing suspension ol eervlce for
a few houis.
Mill Bertram ll exhibiting two ol her
drawing! In the window ol the Lady-
smith Pharmicy. They have been much
We hive rings lor the baby, and rings
for the lidies, il we haven'tgot whet you
want we can make it. Lively, the man
nfaciuring jeweler.
General indlgnatinn waa expressed
around town when it became known
lhat Borne person had attempted to ruin
Mrs, Axelsen's handsome shade troep,
The Leader is informed that if the per.
polrator of the dastardly deed is ever
oangbt he will be taken for a pleasant
ride in the country astride of a fence rail
and attired in a spring costume of tar
and feathers.
Are now plentiful. But you
must have the proper Flies.
I've got 'em.
kadysmith,       • B. C.
W, W. B, Mclnnes, M. P. L., went
down to Victoria on Monday morning's
train, to attend tbe Legislature.    .
J. H. Hawthornthwaite, M.P.L., was
a passenger Irom Nanalmo to Victoria
on Monday morning.
Messrs. E. M. Yarwood and J. H.
Cocking ol Nanaimo visited Viotoria on
Monday on behalf ol the citizens and
Board ol Trade, ol Nanalmo, regarding
the propoied railway to Alberni, They
will go to Ottawa shortly.
Mill Welnrobe returned to St. Anne's
Academy, Victoria, on Monday, after a
week'i vliit to her parenti here.
Cinon Paddon, ol Victoria, returned
home on Monday filter holding service
in the Engliih Uiiutli Urn.
Jamei Stephen!, late foreman of The
Leader office, lelt Sunday for Montana
where he Intendi to reside. Mr. Stepli
eni lias bien incceeded in The Leider
office by Mr. Netheiby, ol Vlotorli, •
ion of School Inspector Netherby,
Captain D. Mcintosh, townslte agent
at Crolton, cime up on Saturday ind
renewed old acquaintance. All the
Captain's Ladyimith friendi were glial
to iee him .gain, .nd I. hear that he h
Rev. W. A. Rae, oi Lidyimlth Flril
Presbyterian Church, went down to
Viotoria on Satnrday to take the pulpl
ol 81. Andrew'i Preibyterlan Church,
for the Rev. W. Leille Clay.   Mr. T, 3,
No. 31,
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially invited.
Is hereby given that application will
be made to the Legislative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia, at ite
present session, for an Act to incorporate
a company with power to construct,
equip, maintain and operate a single or
double line of railway, to be operated by
steam, electricity or any other mode of
power, at and from the City of Victoria,
in the Province of BritiBh Columbia
thence north-west by the most feasible
route to a point ator near Seymour Narrows, in tbo said Province of British
Columbia, and with power to construct,
establish, maintain and continually
operate a railway ferry steamship service for the purpose of transferring for
reward, paeeeugers and passenger and
freight cars from the Bald point at or
near Sevmour Narrows In Vancouvet's
Island, to a .mint on the Mainland of the
Province of British Columbia; and with
further powers to build, equip, maintain
and operate branches of the said railway
from any point on the main line tbereol
to any point in Vancouver Island: and
with power to build and operate tramways In connection with the said railway; and with power to build, construct
equip, maintain and operate telegraph
and telephone lines In connection with
the said railways and branches and with
power to generate electricity for the
supply of light, heat, power, and lor all,
any and every other purpose mentioned
in Sections 80, 81. 82, and 83 of the
"Water Clauses Consolidation Act.1897.1
and to do everything necessary or incidental to the carrying out of all or any
of the objects referred to in tlio said
sections; and with powir to exercise all
the powers given to tbe company by
Parts IV and Vol tho ''Water Clauses
Consolidation Act, 181)7." and with
power to build, own and maintain sawmills, and tn carry on a general express
business, ami to build, maintain and
operate, bridges, roads, ways, ferries,
wharves, docks, steamboats, stentmhips,
coal bunkers and other works, and to
make traffic or other arrangements with
railway, steamship or steamboat and
other companies; and with power to expropriate lands for tbe purpose of the
company, and to acquire land bonuses,
privileges or other aid from any government or municipality, or other persons
or bodies corporate, and with power to
build wagon roads, to ho lined in the
construction of such railway and in advance of same, aud to levy and collect
tolls from all persons using, and on all
freight pausing over any of such roads
built by the company, whether bafore
or after tbe construction of the railway,
and with power to sell out its undertaking ; and witb all other usual, necessary and incidental rights, or privileges
as may be necessary or conducive to the
alnve objects, or any of them.
Dated at Victoria, B. C, this 24th day
of March. A. I)., 1002.
Solicitors Ior tbe Applicants,
Direct Importers and Wholesale Oealers In      I
Wines,   Liquors. and  Cigars, j
All the leading brands kept by us.     None fjj
but the best imported.     We solicit your |
patronage. 9
G. H. Mumra's Extra Dry Champagne, '*j
Kilmarnock Scotch, Lemp's Extra Pale Ale, |
St. Louis Beer. |
Playing Cards, all leading brands including I
Bee's. |
| 13 to 15 Yates St., Victoria, B. C. I
I Telephone No. US. |
Maple Lodge, No. 61,1. 0. 0. T.
Meets every Wednesday evening in
Nicholson's Hall. Visiting members
aro cordially invited.
M. McKINI.EY, Sec.
Painting, Paperhanging and
Mattress Making,
Leave orders for mattress making at
Capt. Dillon's Office, Esplanade, where
samples can be eeen.
Guy H. Cavin, Ladysmith.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
General Jobber.
Corner First Avenue and Oaticre Street,
Cabinet work of ail kinds.
AU kinds of soft wood furniture made
aud repaired.
Nanaimo Clothing Renovatory.
Cleaulug, Dyeing and 11-pairing of all
Silks, Satins, etc., done like new. All
work guaranteed, Commercial Street,
Opposite Nanaimo Hotel,
NANAIMO, B. C. P. 0. Box 420.
22  LOAVES   22
Delicious Bread,
$1.00 ONE DOLLAR $1.00
Why bake when you can get snch
value and delivered at your doot?
Scotch Baker, 23 Years' Experience
J.KENNY. Lsdyimith Bakery,
Esplanade, l.adysniitli.
-TO —
Winnipeg; Toronto
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. S. Points.
Steamship - Service
Japan, China,  Hawaii,  Australasia,
First-class Sleepers on all
-TOST. PAUL, Dail'v.
TORON10, Tnesdavs and Saturdays.
For pamphlets nnd nil information apply
iiiiinv CI'.R. agent.
II. 11. ABBOT I'.      W. McOIIRR,
Agent, Victoria.      Asent, Nanaimo.
Asst. Oenl. Pass, Agent, Vancouver,
**«Hr»?Mi 3M3.il H'fc.Ytefc'iV-Sii *15 -l'4s-»l'tift'fe«s4fl'«r*,
Smelting Works
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intelligence. Accurate
reports. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
LADYSMITH    The Leader
| Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist
Convenient to E. & N. or Sea.
Esquimau &  Nanaimo Railway
Time Table No. 44,
Bonded W^ •"""* •m0"'ra' "- «   s'^»
Trains Isave Ladvimith lor Extension dally except Sunday nt (I a   m   2 n n
and 10 p. m., .ndon8ondayiitlOp.ni. '    "'""»« u ••"■•, ^ P. m.
Geo, L. Courtney,     - .   Traffic Manager


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