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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Apr 12, 1902

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Array ^-w^~m^^~^^^*^^*r
V. The people that save
< '■ money trade with
Ladysmith Leader
" For Boots and Shoos j:
fllcklo's is tho store
VOL. 1. NO.
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implements and small hardware on
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Esplanade and Oatacre Street, • • Ladysmith
Jessup's Pharmacy
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day and night.
ram-MWraSWir^'-^'.-.-.W.-S •
- When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hi    tk   W«
Darrl£ter, Solicitor,
Attorney, N'otnry Public, lite.
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'First Avenue,      •      Lidyimilh, B, 0.
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T Special attention given to ships' ;
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and transients.  Nona bnt
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Roses lo great variety.
Citizens of Ladysmith
All Citizens of Ladysmith,
B, C, are respectfully invited
to become members of the
Ladysmith Board of Trade.
Objects : The advancement
and improvement of Ladysmith.
Barque Gatherer.
Notice I. hereby given tliat .lie owners, agents
or master wlll not be responsible for imy ilelils
contracted by Hie officers or crew of the nnrijue
Gatherer while lu litis port.
J. C. Yihuiuuh ll.
Since tbe publication in The Leader
last week ol some particulars as to tbe
trouble in Chemainus, fresh developments have to he recorded, The Leader's correspondent in Chemainus lends
along the full story this time, and it ie
most interesting, not to say romsnlic.
Who could imagine, he Bays, that this
tranquil, sequestered littlo nook in Ihe
woods, framed in tbe scenery of fairyland, wooed by Ihe cz.ne-laden zepbyn
from tbe gulf, could be the scone of
fierce broils, which threaten to wreck
tbe bapplnets and endanger the reputation of more than one hlghly-cBteemed
Briefly slated the care stands thus—
Dr, Telford, the resident p! ysiclan at
Chemainus General-Hospital, has come
into conflict with Messrs. E. J. I'almer,
postmaster and hospital director, and
Captain Gibson, United Slates Consul
at Chemainus. also a hospital director.
To begirt at tbe beginning:—Dr. Telford was engaged as physician lo the
hospital a couple of years ego, hiB sponsor on the hospital board being Mr.
Hill, wbo Introduced him witb most
glowing eulogies ol a first-class practitioner and a gentleman from head-gear
to shoe roles. For a time all went
happily, and tbe doctor gave complete
satisfaction. One ol his patients was
Mrs. E. J. Palmer, wife ol the postmaster and manager of the Victoria
Lumber Mills and alao director on tbe
hospital board.
Mrs, Palmer had sull'sred for many
years with a most grievous affliction,
supposed to be eczema, which fastened
upnn the upper portion of her cheek.
So great was the (pain of tbls dreadful
disease that tbe unlortunate lady could
scarcely bear tbe light to fall upon it.
The most eminent physicians and specialist in America were consulted in
vain, but ni a cost oi thousands upon
thousands of dollars. No relief could be
obtained for the sufferer, and the case
wae considered to be incurable, Ai a
final experiment a trip to Europe wai
decided upon, and the leading physicians of E linburgb, London and Vienna
were to be consulted.
Dr, Telford then had a look at tbe
case and believed be could t fleet a cure.
Ilia treatment wu perfectly successful.
The tormenting disease disappeared, tbe
f.ce healed up and the patient today ie
enj iviug normal health. Such a feat for
young physician was remarkable
enough, hut the sequel is still more remarkable. It la alleged that Mr.
Palmer hai not paid Ihe .nodical
dnea which are collected monthly
from all employees of the mill from the
manager downward, yet he declined to
pay, It le alio alleged, the bill for (2,600
lent in by D'. Telford a few day. ago
for medical eervicei rendered.
Some months ago, nfter Ihe cure of tbe
Oaia of inppoaed eczema, a coolness bs-
came perceptible between the doctor
and certain members of the directorate
of the hospital. This feeling quickly
ripened into open hostility, and The
Leader ie Informed that ihe relations between the doctor and that portion of the
board have been eiceediugly un pleasant.
Dr. Telford alio tendered medical eervicei to a member ol Captain Glbeon'a
family, Mn. Captain Glbion, It Ib said,
and the other dav be ssnt in a hill to
the Captain Ior (200. The morning
alterwards Dr. Telford was passing
Captain Glbaon'l office wben ths Consul
itepped out,
I got that bill of youre, Doctor," be
"Is that eo? " replied Ibe ,1,, tor.
" Yes," continued the consul, " and I
may aa well tell you flow, 1 don't intend
to pay It."
Well," retorted  the doctor, " I'm
not going to wait! any time talking to
and went
High clan picture frame miking!
•killed workmanship; satlslaction guaranteed. Estimates cheerfully giver-. 0.
B. Bobelee, First Avenue and Oatacre
itreet, Lidyimlth, B.C.
Entirely refurnished and renovated,
Firit-clm table, Every accommodation
lor ladiei viiltlng Nanalmo, Mrs. T. J.
Thomai In charge ol dining ronm wlll be
happy to welcome all ulil Wellington
.nd Ladysmith li lends.
W. THOMAS, ■ Pioptlctor.
Ship Eclipse.
Notice ii hereby given I tut the ownen
agente or master will not be responsible
for any debts confranied hy Iho officers
or crow of the American ship Eclipse
while in thli port,
N. Linen.
This olil-Eslablleed, First-Clesi and
Popnlar Hotel li moit comlortibly furnished, centrally situated. Bun 'meets
train... Excellent Cuisine. Bar stocked
with the finest wines, liquors and clgais.
JOS. FOX,       -      -        Proprietor.
you about it, good morning,
on die way.
Then the JoBepli Piereon case came
Tierson got his arm fractured in tbe
mill while at wort. The dootor duly
aetand dressed it, and next morning had
to go to Victoria. When he returned, on
examining the sore arm lound spreading gangrene had set in. The position
this put tho doctor in wsb this. At 2
p.m. the following day Pierson wcuM
bi a dead man If amputation wes
not resorted to immediately. But ac
cording to medical usage the doctor
must, to protect his own reputation,
call in consultation annther physician; he summoned Dr. Hall, of Victoria, bv telegraph; Dr. Hall could not
be in Chemainus until noon next day;
the gangrene had already spread to tbe
elbow and was swiftly enveloping the
upper arm,
The question wae-Bhould he risk bii
professional reputation and save that
man's life, or let tbe man die decorously
according to professional medical etiquette, and save the dootor'e pbyelcianly
name? Intently watching the terrible
disease deepening its hold on the ml-
ferer'B arm, Dr. Telford eoon made np
his mind; at 2 a. m. he amputa'el
the arm at Ihe middle of the bicepi and
undoubtedly saved Piereon'a life. Dr,
Hall arrived on the noon train next day,
and made eome interesting comments
not unflattering to Dr. Telford's humanity, professional skill, common senss
and courage,
Pierson, also, tbe Leader is informed,
expressed the opinion that Dr. Telford
had saved his life, and warmly praised
the treatment he had received at Dr.
Telford'e hands, saying il he required
medical aid lie would send for Dr,
Pierson has filed a claim against Dr.
Telford in $7,600, alleging negligenre
and malpraotioe. The Medical Protection Association of British Columbia
wlll defend the case on behalf of Dr,
Telford. Naturally enouib, with io
much excitement thrust into bis daily
walk and life, Dr. Telford concluded
tbat something a trifle quieter and
evener than Chemainus would suit him,
and accordingly intimated hit resigns-
Dr. Telford had intended taking a
post graduate course in New York ted
tnese events lessened his ecrrow st
The board passed a slrong i«o-
lution in which Dr. Telford's skill, ability and devotion lo duty, and his manly
character were deservedly acknowledged
and pralssd. Tbe Leader had tbe pleat-
ure of publishing this resolution at the
time, but ii unable to lay whether tbe
Mersri. Palmer and Gibson wei. signatories of the same.
Accordingly Dr. Telford offered sll hii
fnrnlture, and so forth, to the hospital
at a certain sum, A committee cf three
of the Ladies' Auxiliary were appointed
to examine and appraise the articlei.
One of those ladiei, it . ii laid,
after looking over the articlei WSI
ot opinion that they were not worth anything like what Dr. Telford wai liking
Ior them, and consequently, in the interests ol the hospital, advised that they
bi not bought. The other two ladiei
reeerved tbeir opinion until they had
made a Irip to Victoria, wbere they
carefully priced similar articles, and
fonnd that thsy could not he bought for
at least eleven per cent, more than Dr.
Telford was irking. They reported accordingly and, It is understood, tbat a
settlement satisfactory to all parties was
The next chapter in this romance ol a
lumber camp wlll be the trial ol tbe
interesting crop of suits due to the non-
continuance of brotherly iove. The
Leader will watch the easel in tbe intereiti of Ihe public.
Arrival of a Mining Expert Looking
For Propertlos.
Early this week a gentleman representing one of the strongest Engliih
mining syndicates arrived in Ladyemith
and has been making enquiries concerning the local mining clalmi and
prospects. .He li open to purchase uy
likely properties ironnd this section ol
the country. If there is anything worth
purchase ho will look into It and secure
It lor his company at whatever may be
deemed fair figures for all concerned.
This is probably the beginning ol the
activity iu Island mining affair, which
has been prophesied by shrewd obierveti
tor lome time hack, and It may be the
opportunity for many a prospector and
claim-owner to do builnen with Ihe
right tort ol people. The gentleman
will be in Ladyimith for some time.
For lit finish and style go to Caldwell,
the well-known artistic tailor ol Nanaimo.   And the prices are right,
Serious Francas Amongst Sailors
In Ladysmitli.
Mr. George Thomion, 8, M, heard evi-
dence Wedneidly morning in tbt case
of Thomu Wakefield, • sailor from th.
iteimer Viotoria, charged with wounding Thomai Smith, a ibipmate, with in.
tent, on Tueiday night, the 8th. instant.
The evidence submitted bore that
Wakefield and a number of shipmates
were in one ol the hoteli when a diapnl.
arose. Wakefield ch.ll.nged Smith lo
come outside and light, but Smith
though he declined itrnck Wakefield
nndlnghim back into a coiner.
Wakefield then ruihed at Smith and
itabbed him three timei, In the should-
er, side and leg, inflicting painful but
not dangerous wonndi, The slab in
the. leg wu given when Smith wis oa
the ground. Two ol Ihe stabs required
to be atitcbed by Dr. Turnbnli. Tht
companion! ol Ihe men tried unsuccessfully during Ihe row lo kick Ihe knif.
out of Wikefield'i bind; Ihey managed
to put the struggling men liter quit, a
tussle. The knife disappeared after tb.
fight .nd cannot be found.
Wakefield's defence wu that he had
no knife in hia possession, and did not
use such, weapon. The witnesses positively iwore that Wakefield did use
knife. Prisoner, who wu defend-
ed hyCapt. H. A. Dillon, wu committed
f Jr trial and taken to Nanaimo on Wednesday's train. Wakefield nrved for
many yesn In the Britiih navy, and received honorable dischirge. Hewu,
according lo the evidence, the only min
ln tbe party who bad been drinking.
Ai it ii very doubtful il sny oi tb.
witnesses can be present at the trial ln
Naniimo owing to the Victoria leaving
yeiterdaj ior Frisco, Judse Hirrilon
being ill snd Judge W, Normin Boi. ol
N.w Westminster having to coo. ov.r
Irom the Mainland to take Ih. Naniimo
cue*, Wakefield may hav. lo bo released
for went ol evidence.
Clearing Work Started Yesterday
Mr. Thomu Kiddie, manager ol th.
Tyee Smelter, arrived In Lidyimlth by'
Thursday's train to superintend th*
cleiring ol the lite lor the new imeiter,
which woik wu st.rted yesterday
morning witb a itrong fore* oi men ud
teims. The extensive .re. batwMn th.
Lidyimith Iron Worki ud th. water
front is being cleared lor a distance ol
lime hundred! of yirds along th. track
and eastward. There ll a conitderibl*
amount ol excavating lo be done, .In,
but tbii wiil not be done until Ih. tlm-
bar li ill burned c 11'.
Large quantities ol tools lor th. denial oi tbe ilte irrived Irom Victoria
eitly thli week ud were itored la
readiness in the foundry. Local man ar.
being employed on th. woik ol clearing
the lite,
Mr. Kiddie will take one ol Ihe vacint
houses in tbe group recently .reeled
near Flnt Avenu., below Splon Kop,
nntil he cm have bii own reiidence
built it a suitable Ipot. Mn. Kiddli
and one cf her sons have gone over to
Van Anda, Texida, to bring the furniture ud effect! Irom that place to Lady*
imitb, and are expected to arrive h.r.
in a l.w d.ys.
Work having now itarled in urneit
for Ihe imeiter there will bt no let op
until the finished itruoturt li ready to
re.-elv. ud treat the orei from all parts
ol tb. globe.
On Saturday night April 5th a tar-
prise pirty wu given to tbe Knlghti of
Pythlu, Wellington Lodge No. II by th.
Rathbone Bitters ol Lidvimltb. Tht
ladies ware In white sheets ud pillow
cues tilmmed with red nihil ud
maiki, which mid. a very chirmlng ap-
pearanee and Ihey were heartily welcomed by th. Knighti. Alter th. programme an iddi.ll ud medal wire
presented to Mrs. M. J. Thomu ol
Nuaimo by the Kathbon. Siittrs lor
her continued faithful service to Ih.
lodge. The chairman lor tbe evening
wsi Mr. J. Lewii. Thi party closed
with a grsnd banqnel ud th. alnglng
Ladysmith Leader
Welllngton-Extenslon News.
rsbluhed every Wedneiday ana Saturday at
r.e Leader Building, corner of First Ave. aud
franco Strett, Udystulth, British Columbia.
a By Mail ur Canada ano United status,
Ok. year (strictly In advance) |l oo
Is months (strictly iu advance)]  . .5
r TRAMSISNT—Elrst iusertlou toe, a Hue; each
subsequent luserttos 5c. a Hue.
Sates on application. No wood cuts used,
tats for regular use should he all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Heath and Funeral notices,
•Kit InKrtion 50c,
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
time will be charged for until ordered lo be dis-
WE LEADER wlll.be found at the following
Kdymlth-The Leader Office; The udy.in.lh
Nanalmo—B, Plmbury & Co.
Victoria-Public Library; Proviucial Library; and
V.UMUVU—Public Library, and Hotela.
Hew Westminster—Public Library.
Al changes in advertisements must be received
st this office before » noon the day before
Subscribers not receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
All Job worlOrtrlctly cash on delivery.
transient .dvertiseineuts cash in advance.
That hardy annual, tbe Chineie queition, ii again belore the people of Can-
ads ud the United States. To the
everlieting credit ol Congress be it entered in the rubrics that it his just
psned a measure that literally take,
tlie dragon by Ihe tail. II Canada, tbat
iithil weitern portion ot it, hid the
starling common tente to Bind men to
Ottawa like Mr. W. W. B. Mclnnei, a
italwart phalanx of six fighters, there is
not the shadow ot a doubt tbat tbe
Canadian Government long ere this
wonld have ibot out the Chineie just at
the United States hai now dune.
Person, ignorant ol th. political hlitory oi Csnsds within the put five or
lis yesn have a habit ol sneering at Mr.
Mclnnei, and ineiauating that he did
not do much when be was at Ottawa.
Now, only a very itupid or very spiteful
person can mike inch a charge, Mr.
Mclnnei did more lor hie diitrict, and
■tore to bring Britiih Columbia promin
tally belore the government and tbe
people ol Eutern Canada than any
other mu who wsi ever lent to Ottaws
from this province,
Let ns relreih the memory ol onr
reader! on s very important meaiure
thst came before the Home ol Common!
when Mr. Mclnnei was a member.
Ibis was the Comox and Cape Scott
Railwsy charter, once again brought in'
to prominence by tbe impending railway
development ol this Island. On April
Ith, 1900, Mr, Mclnnes moved to have a
Motion inserted in that charter preventing the employment ol Asiatics on tbe
construction and operation ol tbe road.
H. forced the motion to a division, and
on that division Colonel Prior, now
Minister ol Mines lor British Columbia,
and' Mr. Mclnnei were tbe only two
member. Irom British Columbia who
voted yei. Mr. Auliy Morrison voted
aty i Hum. Earl., Bollock ud Max-
W.11 ihlrked tbe vote. Tbii il lact Irom
Hiniird. lt il moit interesting to ob-
serve thit the only two member! from
Britiih Columbia wbo were true to tbeir
principle!, and wbo did what tbeir con-
itltnmti expected them to do, are now
■embers ol tbe eame provincial legislature, and both conieleniiouily working ud not luharmonlously regarding
thil nil same line. History repeats
Itself, It miy be noted that the motion
mad. by Mr, Mclnnei io the Common!
wsi lost, the government voting it
Missis. Prior ud Mclnnes deserve
ths confidence snd esteem ol Brltieli
Columbia for their fight for principle on
thst notable occasion. What a noble
contrast they presented to Ibe ebllly.
lhally, cowardly four, with their "nay"
snd refreibment-room votes. British
Columbia need! six men like Mclnnes
aad Prior at Ottawa to battle lor Britiih
Columbia's rights; lay figures will not
do uy more.
Naniimo Herald approvei the action
ol tbe Tradei & Labor Council of that
city in tending a delegate to the political
convention to be held at Kamloops on
tbe Uth instant, called by officials oi
District Anociation   No, 0,   Western
Federation oi Miners.    The object cl
tbii convention ie diicloeed very frankly
by Its promoters in a circular letter thus:
To unite and barmonlzs all labor
organizations and reform bodies In the
province for tbe purpose of political
The Herald has olten mide the absurd
assertion tbat it was a labor paper; the
friend and advocate of the labor cause,
authorized to epeak for the organized
workers oi the city and district. Repeatedly we haveexpossd this impudent
claim and shown it to be the holloweit
of BhatnB, pointing out from incontrovertible evidence that tbe Herald was
uot tbe friend of labor, but the pernicious tool oia band of aspiring politicians,
Take the present attitude of the Herald. Is it a friendly thing to advise organized labor to mix itseli up with the
abomination called politics in thia
province? Experience teaches fools, it Ib
said, and if it does not teach the Herald
tbe danger of such experiments as it has
been making that piper ia beyond redemption.
Even tbe Herald might see that it ie
very dangerous for tradeB unions to enter the political arena as a separate
party; it is not the wish oi the majority
of the labor men of Nanaimo tbat they
should do BO. The circular letter from
which we have quoted was introduced
at a meeting ol Nanaimo Miners' Union,
diicuued and unanimously rejected;
they wonld have nothing to do with it.
The miners believed it was not in the
intereiti oi labor tbat party politician!
Ihould be admitted,
Yet, the Nanaimo Trades and Labor
Council in its wisdom saw fit to take the
opposite view. How is this council constituted and bow many members does it
represent? We understand that it is
composed ot three delegates from each
trade and labor organization in the city
or 18 delegates in all, representing between 700 and 800 members; tbe three
dslegatee Irom the Miners' Union rep
resent about 700 members; tbe other
16 delegatee probably leas than 76, Tbe
delegates repieeenting the Miners' Union had specific instructions to vote
againit tbe proposed action. Yet the
delegatel representing a mere fraction ct
Ihe organized labor ol Nanaimo undertook to commit tbe whole body to the
policy ol becoming a political party. In
other words, the tall is wagging the dog.
Instead ol unity at that convention
tbii wlll create division; Instead of harmony there will bo discord. Tbe unity
of labor will be but an empty phrase so
long ai the member! allow themselves
to be split up iuto factions to satisfy the
ambitions of tbe individual. How clearly this was shown at the last Dominion
election in the case of Balph Smith and
tbe Nanaimo MinerB1 Union, which was
practically torn in two. It Is exceeding'
ly doubtful If it ever regain its unity
again, Mr. Smith tried to nis the meni-
berehip for hia own endi. He ii tbe
mm who disrupted one ol the strongest
unions in the province.
In all labor organization! are men ol
varying political opinions, aa irrecon
citable as fire ud water, and be who attempt! to bring tbii warring, jangling
mm into birmony and unity is either
knave or fool, and decidedly not the
Mend oi labor.
lost every particle of interest In tho pres*
ent war tn South Africa. Even when
reading the newspapers it is observed
that the.war news is either skipped altogether or skimmed. Yet tbe war go .s
on and precious lives and millions uf
pounds are being snout in the struggle.
Only a man ol superlative daring and
Bsll-confidence, nnd absolutely caltoua to
human rufforlng could have inflicted
such a spoech on tlio Coram inB as Mr.
Ralph Smith M. P. delivered on the
Asiatic question.    It wag pirvnui iu
Dalkeith, Scotland, has determined to
acquire the public bouses (saloons) of
the town nnd to give the Gothenburg
system' a thorough trial. Prohibition
finds little favor In tbe eyes ol the prac
tical people ol the "old country." It ia a
peculiarly American invention, one of
the products of tbe real home ol the
American ship Eclipse, Cipt. Linen,
arrived in port from H.tn Francisco last
Wednesday morning for a cargo of coal
for California,
Ir, Victoria, cams in irom S.in Francisco early in the week and lett yesterday afternoon for the Cilifjrtiion ports
with 3,860 tons of Wellington -'fin'.
Amn. brignntine Gecr^e 11. K«nny
Capt. Ilolqui.'t, arrived in Lrdysriith
huibor from Salina Cruz, Mexico, Mexico, od Tuesday to load Wellington coal
lor Hawaii. Her crew wero paid eff by
Captain Gibson oi Chemainus yesterday
The foreign exports oi coal from Ladysmith during March were 16,316 tone,
valued at tOl ,883
* <a>W#».icra.srM*..ias»*s*w^^
S ill
■? il
ISvervthina in stock is iinporlel
K- •
direct frommatiiilticturerBorniadi   *j t|
tit our own factory,
ff I
41 .ears in out hueinepa nirsui  )■} 11
something. '"' ]
When vleiting Vie or a come in and iee our large and modern establish- 'f~ >]
f mentandaUtactiveiuiol—you wlll not need to buy. It you cannot coral j* |
k-    lend your name on a post card and we will mail you a catalogue—Iree. il  j
J'ti*'a»!'fc.viir»,-<±.^ § I
I a
Natural History Society of British
Condootor Fletcher ol th. Ladysmith-
Extension local left on Friday morn
lugforCallfO'nl'rn .'""d « month ■
two on tinlidsv      'P:i " wl|i
We have to acknowledge witb many
tbanki receipt ol tbe report ol Mr. Balph
Smith's ipeech In the Common!, with
the compliment! oi Mr. Smith. If our
memory ll not playing use scurvy trick
we received lonie ol Balph Smlth'i compliment, aad alio a spsech, eome time
ago, and a subsequent promise ol more,
Tbe Free Fren lays this speech is certainly great ai to length. Well put, and
we second that. II Doctor Johnson had
been alive and ori'l have read tbat
speech he would haw said: "Sir, thia
follow lis barren rascal."
Mr. Smith Curtis went Into this Boys,
Commission with some reputation and
will emerge with not enough to be dii
cernedby a million magnilying glasr,
His condunt throughout would have d'l
gnced a eulky ,ichool boy, let lione a
reiponiible representative of a constitu
ency supposedly composed of line
The Natural History Society of British
Columbia lome time ago undertook to
work out a plan for the Introduction of
useful insectivorous birds, some oi
which are songsters and well known
Iriendi of the agriculturist and fruit
grower, and ior that purpose appointed
a committee. This committee met tit
msmbers of the Central Farmer's Institute in Victoria in December, 1000,
and discussed the matter with them
The Central Farmer's Institute then appointed a Committee, wbo brought in«
report to tbe following. fleet:
" We beg to submit the following list
ol birds which, in our opinion, it will 11
life to introduce into the province, via
Skylark, Goldfinch, Robin (red breait)
Siskin, Nightingale, Blue Tit, (pans
(coruleus)." It is proposed to procure a
large number of each speciee to enable
the society to liberate sufluent birds,
both on tbe Maiuland and on the Island
at suitable points, to insure their certain and speedy propagation and itill
retain a eufSciont number iu breeding
aviaries to enrble them to liberate and
distribute birds each year in different
parti ol tbe provinoe, Doe care hai
been taken in the ecloctlon to eee that
no destructive species aro introduced,
but only those khown to ho oi service to
the agriculturalist and the horticulturist
and lauioua for their song, It is to be
hoped that tbe public will subscribe
liberally and promptly ob the committee ie anxious to procure the birds as
soon as possible.
Tbe Provincial Government was ap.
reeled to with a view to obtaining assistance, and the legislature during tbe
session cl 1001 voted (600 with tbe
provilo that an equal mm ehould be
raised by the committee. This appropriation will lapse on June 30th next
unless an equivalent sum is subscribed
on or before that date. The committee
hai (86 in bank and promise! of about
another (160 10 that (206 at least is re'
quired, and it Ib hoped that your institute will help the committee in obtaining this amount to enable tbem to
secure the government grant of (600,
The committee earnestly requests thit
you will give thli matter your immediate attention by opening a subscription
list and endeavoring to obtain a substantia! mm from the people in your
All communication! to be addressed
to the secretary, care Mr, E, Biynei
Reed, Victoria, B.C., not later than
June lit, 1002.
O. E.,Stevenson and J. H. Cocking ol
Nanaimo went down to Victoria by Wed.
nesday afternoon's train.
A. Anderson, local representative t f the
Great West Life, was a passenger to
Chemainus from Nanaimo an Wednesday   afternoon.
Manager Cobnrn of the Ladyemith
Lumber Co., paid a business visit to Nanaimo Wednesday.
Mine Host Walter Jones of the Jones
House, visited Nauaimo Wednesday,
Mies Beverldge has returned to school
at Nanaimo alter a visit to her parentB
Mr. and Mre. William Beveridge of the
Grand Hotel. .
Mere, Stephens of tho Hotel Ladysmith visited Nanaimo on Wedneiday,
returning Ihe same day.
.********* * **************** ************************** 4 ,
Coal!   -   Coal!
^ &%■!!? °Ui lm0a*>l "'"'isnd report that Ibe people there havo
Valuable Life Lost Near Ladysmith
Two of Mr. Samuel Clay'a hones met
-with sad lnck early yeiterday morning
on the railway trick near bridge 105.
They bad evidently wandered up the
track and hearing the early train coming down took fright and dashed along
the railway in the direction ol town until Ihey reached the bridge, where one
ol them plunged off Into tbe ravine and
was instantly killed, The other, "Nig,"
was caught by the engine and dragged
some distance sustaining terrible in
juries. The poor beast managed lo
hobble home and then received every
No blame can be attached to the engineer, (or as soon ai he sow the horses
he applied the brakes and did every
thin/ In his power to avert Ihe accident,
rill) horses were just, ahead nl the en*
gnr-wlien she rounded the curve and
tbe 11 in -, "V i..ts-ili!.g IiIbh'h nn
the wh. -tie, kepi lu toe track uu.il the
1 stlB'rophe occurred,
Tramway Company Incorporation
Notice ia hereby piven by the Tyee
OoppBrOoiupiny, laimitpfl, ot 45 Lead*
eahn.ll Street, London, K inland, and
inn-hit* ila registered ntrlce at Cleveland*)
Corelild, in tbt) Province of British
Columbia, pursuant to milion.i of the
above Act, and section 2 n( "The Tramway Incorporation Act, 19C0," ll at the
Compuny proposes tu build and operate
an atrial tramway Irom n point mi tbp
In mis ol Company, known hh the "Tyee"
Mininir Ciuim, situate on Mount Sicker,
in ChemainiiH Distrint, to a point at or
near Stmtiurd'B crofltfriR, on the line of
tbe Krquimult and Nanaimo Railway
being on the land known at section 18.
lUnffi IV, Somenos District.
Tbe general mute of tho said tramway
will be in a straight line between th«
points above mentioned.
D.ittd at Victoria li. C„ tine 21at day
of March, 1002.
By the Attorney-in-Fact.
Trade Mark*
Copyright* Ac.
Anrnno sondtiiK a skotnh and description may
quIcklT nsi'ortnln onr opinion free whet her an
InvtiHiliin iBim.tml.lypiitentnble. Communion.
tlonBRtrlctlrcotilliloiiUul. HandtookonPatent!
Bunt freo. Oldest immuty forBocurlnapatenU,
I'nteiiM taken tliromrh Munn tt Co. rocfllr*
ipcflul notice, without chnrBG, in the
Scientific JItiterican.
A hnndsnmelr tllmrtratod weekl-1.
Dilution of nnysclor'"*-  '
'(■ur; four months,\
Branch Office, m V St., Washington,
A. C. Wilson,
Funeral Wreaths, etc, Wedding Bouquets in every Btyle. Orders promptly
attended to. -NANAIMO, B. O
The Beit
Lager and Porter
In tuwn at im hotel! I. manufactured by the
Nanaimo, B. 0.
Nanaimo. B. C.
Sheet   Music
Cheapest abl Best—6c. and 10c. a copy.
All lateit songs and pieces.
Musical Instruments of All Kinds,
Violin Strings, Etc., Etc,
Wellington Colliery I
Company, Ltd.
Wellington Cm!   Best household coal ou the Pacific
Comox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household cod
The above coals are mined only by th* Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria,. B. C
San Francisco Agency,
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
******************* ****44,**,,**,44\a.
*********************************** *******.-,********4
flerely A Reminder
Of the fact that the Leader Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and societ-y_at very reasonable prices.
We Print
• 'HrMtrrrWWrr'.'WH'l'
—Letter Heads %
-Bill Heads f
—Statements X
-Note Heads *
—Memorandum Heads        T
—Envelope! I
—Builnen Card! ■!•
—Stock Certificate!
—Legal Blanks
—Wedding Invitations
—Funeral Announcements
-Window Oardi
—Hangen ,
—Poiteri X
Having the latest type faces and borders,
and modern machinery, we produce only
the  best work — Printing that attracts
The Leader Job Room
::   Ladysmith, - B. c.
1 ' t •       U.
Manufacturer!! of nil kinds of
and Dressed Lumber
Mouldings. Laths, Shingles, Etc.
A larcc stock of thoroughly seasoned
I   lumber—ISt and anil class constantly on
hnuil.   All orders atrictly attended to.
Quotations chcerliilly given.
Mattresses, Lounges,
Beds, Awningi,
Tents, Store Blinds.
piOTOns   -   raAinso
* specialty.
Of all deiciiplloni
executed in Flnt-
Clm Style   .   .   .
Cabinet Maker and Uphols' (e«r
Skinner St.     NANAIMO, B. C.
Opposite City Hall.   p. 0. Box xn.
lie W\ Post-liitlpr
Seattle, Wash.
Nobody can •tTord to be without It. All (he
telegraphic news of the week, farm, field, gar-
fitn, sport, society. ' Beautiful HliialraUouu and
half tones.   Sample copy on application.
All For Om Dollar a Yoir.
Seattle Daily   Times
Thi liveliest paper In   th,   Nortbweit.
Weekly edition a r s,mpl ete record ol \
th*world'inewi   to date.    Sport,,
politics, loclety, «„„,,.„,, , i,,.,,,,,,,,,
jrontiR folk'ade- ^attmen*.   literature,
iclence, ait, n lU,i0,
Time Saving Method* Havo Incrviix-
ed the Opportunities of Woiuen For
Self Advancement nnd For Truln-
liiic Their Children.
A glance down the century will convince us of the many advantages mothers
have today that were unheard of less
than a hundred -* yes, fifty —- years ago.
We hold In veneration the days of homespun cloth and patchwork quilt, and so
we should. They wero a necessary and
important step In our evolution, hut I
emmet help thinking at times that women
developed more slowly than men ln methods of work.
Wo hold In reverence the way mother
used to do the work, regardless of modern and time saving methods, not taking
Iuto consideration the days In which we
live. We do not take kindly to "tho survival of the fittest." Iu these rushing
times tho chief hindrance to mankind
seems to he the lack of time. Anything
to save tlmo is hy men, and should he hy
women, hailed with delight. It will astonish oue who has never tried it to keep
an account of tho minutes, sometimes
hours, that may he saved iu one day.
Let me mention a few suggestive "time
savers," or, to use a more high sounding
term, methods of domestic economy,
nbout which we are hearing so much.
Understand that I nut uot asking you to
lower your standard of housekeeping. I
only ask for a little more time for home-
keeping. Be elenu nud orderly nnd tench
jour children to ho clean nud orderly (as
you can), hut don't be orderly for them.
Cook plenty of good, nourishing food,
nnd cook it just ns well ns you can learn
how, but don't serve a sample of everything the pantry aud cellar contnin every
meal lu tho week. Itnther a small variety than too great a one, I beard a
physician say, after having prescribed for
three cases of indigestion in rapid succession, "More people cat themselves to
death than starve to death."
Next to the food question comes that of
clothing for tho children. I mn not certain, though, hut that some people put the
cure of the furniture nnd the iloor before
either. Clothe tho children sensibly, use
modem styles (remember, I said sensibly,
first), but don't tnck ou useless frills,
I'uftles, etc., for the sake of putting about
ho much ou each garment. Itnther see
thnt the ends of threads aro neatly fastened and trimmed. Uo well, hut do not
Recall some of the methods and Inventions of the century, as sewing machines-, .
then think of the time thus saved. The
factory Is the greatest time saver to woman. Think what time is saved by tlio
cheese factory, tbe bakery, the canning
factory, the woolen mills, the cotton
mills, ready made clothing of all kinds,
etc., work our grandmothers were compelled to perform.
Now that we havo time, how should the
modern mother uso it? My plan is. first,
personal improvement. Read, Keep up
with current events. Learn something
of lending political Issues of the day.
Who was elected United Stales senator
this week? How would we havo voted?
Learn something of tbe lending men-- j
their work aud their characters.
Take time to .sympathize with citizens
of sister nations nud of our own ns well,
whom the fortunes of war may hnve bereft. How can wo instill better methods
for settling national dilllcultles into the
minds of our child rep? Surely we do not
want to offer them up, some years hence,
as means to settle a national difference.
Rend, think, and glvo your children—yon,
the world—the benefit of your thought.
Most great man havo hud great mothers. They may not have been known to
fame, hut In their modest way tbey have
done n great nud noble work. Nolo tbo
power behind the throne in Garfield's life.
What tenderness we felt for our president wben "Grandmother McKiuley"
went home!
These aro a few of tho privileges of our
own day. Do we use them? You can't
find time, to rend? Let mo suggest a few
iuora ways of economizing your time.
Don't Iron every old rag iu the washing.
I onco heard a W. C. T. U. Bister say: "I
used to scrub every walk on tbo premises
onco a week. Now I sweep them, and
Instead of ironing each aud every dish
towel I fold tbem nil neatly, lay tbem on
a chair, sit on them nnd read my Union
Signal." She, however, weighed mora
than I do.
Set aside a time for yourself, sny, nfter
sappF-V tuck the babies in bed and put
your war!* aside promptly nt 7 or 7:30
o'clock, then i-ehd. A glnnco nt the headlines or features ot (Mich page will save
you tlmo. Don't try to wad everything
In a paper. That would bo almost as bad
ns not to read at nil. Dallies done, you
havo tlmo for study. Too tired to study?
Try taking a fow pages of somo standard
book to rest you. If you havo nothing
mora important, read tbo school library
books so you can talk about them with
the children. As you go about your daily
tasks your mind can assimilate what you
havo read tho preceding day.—-Louisa
.Wales Bennett ln Housekeeper.
f-Venoh Joe Tied the Knot, nud II*
Did It In Rhyme.
Wild and romantic as any highland
legend or border story is tbo account of
tlie first contract marriage in Iho Interior of Alaska, ns narrated by "Windy
Jim'' Dodson, who was present and witnessed the unique ceremony.
It was on the hanks of Iho Dull river,
a small stream which Hows into the Yu-
: kou near Fort Hunillu.   A young man,
Glllia by name, accompanied hy Aggie
I Dal toil, a charming mrildeu with whom
be was In love, bud set nut from the
month of DiiU river lo go across tlie
mountainous divide into the Koyuktlk
valley.   As tbey started up the Dnll they
met Dodsoil, nud In the course of conver-
, .gallon it developed that the young people
were anxious to get married, but in that
wilderness there was small clianeo of
finding either priest or magistrate to per*
form the ceremony.
"i know a man who can tie tho knot,"
Mid Dodson, "und he lives only a few
miles from here. Ills name is Joo Du-
rant, hut everybody knows him hy the
nickname of 'Preach Joe.' "
To yearning hearts and youthful vigor
a few miles in that vast solitude was as
nothing, and they were soon at Dunint's
place. Dodson went with (hem as guide
nud witness. Tho spot was one just tit
for such romantic nuptials. It was on a
wild, mountainous slope, by the side of n
clear lake and under the shelter of a
friendly tree whose evergreen branches
delicti the chill November winds.
Duratit gladly agreed to perform tha
pleasant task, but as he hud no law form
or church rituals nt hand he devised a
form of his own and put it into rude
rhyme, having the bride and groom each
repent four lines nfter* him.
The bride repented the following:
"Ten miles from the Yukon, on llic luniks of thli
For d partner lo Royukuh 0111.8 1 lake.
Wo luive no preacher, we have no rinj;.
That   makes  no  difference- ii'a   llio   same  old
Drnnt then tied the knot ns follows:
"I swear tiy my sled pole iintlor this tree
A Iiu-haml lu Aggie I always will hu.
I'll love nml protect her, thin matilcn bo frail,
I'rum  lite sour tlougli   (oughs on  the  Koyukuk
Ditrniit (hen tide the knot as follows:
"Fur (wo ilollnrn each in oliechaco money
1 unite this couple In matrimony,
He Is a rancher, nml she in a toucher.
I'll ilo up tlio Jul. an well as a prca.her."       '
—Seal tie Post* III tell Igoncef.
Tho II c is n nn.
j  A German professor who Is. given to
'groat deliberation of speech and bus
never been known to Incronso Us spear1
[under tho most compelling clrctim
jstitnees bad nn amusing experience In
]u restaurant not long ngo.
| The waiter had brought him rnwoys
■ters, nnd, to his dismay, he saw that]
Jtlie professor bad apparently no Intention of tasting them.
|   "I cannot cat these oysters," said the!
German slowly, without raising his
eyes to tho anxious waiter.   Tho man
seized tho plate and bore It out of■
sight In nn instant.   lie was u new;
waiter, nnd it was with much troplda-j
lion tliut he laid tlio second supply of;
oysters before this discriminating pa-j
tron. j
i "I cannot oat theso oysters," said tho'
professor after one glnnee at tho plate-'
which had been set before him. - i
"I-I thlnl; you'd (liul them nil right,1
sir," faltered the waiter. "I dou't
think there's anything wr -g about
them, sir." Ho looked miserable, hav-'
Ing been told that tin' < .muii was a
frequent nnd valued pntrdii of the restaurant and must be well und quickly
"I cannot cat theso oysters," announced the professor for tho third
time, with the calmness of chorus iu n
tragedy, "because as yet you have furnished me no fork."—youth's Companion.
Veiled Women In Egypt,
Tho tasmak, or veil, may be black or
white, long or short, plain or embellished
with rows of drawn work or tucks nml of
any sort of fine, soft material. Tho women of tho middle nml lower classes
wear for tho most part black veils from
ono to three feet long; tbo.se higher in tbo
social grado wear white ones, and occasionally they reach to tbo hem of tlm
dress, Theso nro held tn place hy n
metal tube that Is fastened over tbe uoso
nnd lower part of tho forehead hy cords
•securely tied behind. Whon worn with
this linbnrn in the orthodox' fashion,
there Is nothing visible but tho woman's
bright, black eyes, which seo everything
going on.—Cleveland Leader,
Women nt Golf.
The fact that tho golf tournament system promotes healthy, normal exercise,
which keeps the women hi tho open nlr
all summer aud transforms the frail ones
Into robust, happy creatures, seems to nr-
guo In Its favor, provided the stimulation
of encounter Is needful. Assertions,
however, havo been mado thnt tournaments provoko jealousies, enmities and
cheating, that they harden a weman unduly and that thoy aro breaking up tho
household gods In our homos. If woman
Is a brainless creature, without responsibility or accountability, without tho power of self guidance, all this may ba true.
*U*tory.y>» actio picture liar, '. *.     ,
nenaonn "Why llln Weaker Brethren
Often Outlive Him.
"The advantages of a rnutist frame and
a sterling temperament arc many and obvious, but there is a reverse to thi* medal
as to others," says The Medical Press,
"The man with a hnd constitution—that
Is to say, willi an organism which 'rounds
on blm' with Implneable ferocity whenever be relaxes, he it ever so slightly, his
observance of tho laws of hygiene, *■">
telle or social—m*uy bo likened to the tin-
pcciiiiioiis citfaeu who rejoices in little or'
no credit and Is constraltied to puss hi;
purse In review before proceeding to
uiiilic a purchase, lie can not run greatly into debt, because his bill* are present-.
ed day by dny. \
So it is with him physiologically. lie
looks wilb envious eyes nt his sturdier
fellow who violates every rule of health
and propriety night a tier night, yet
rises with (ur after) tile lark, gay nnd
apparently unaffected by his previous indiscretions, while he, poor mnn, is pun*
isiied severely by n day of headache aud
dyspepsia, following not improbably a
night of unrest. With him tin: punishment follows loo swiftly ou the offonsa
for nay doubt to subsist In bis mind tu '
to the relationship of cause and effect.
The consequence Is tbat he, more or p
less   reluctantly,  avoids   the   excesses
which lie enjoys for such ii brief period
and regrets for so long.    The careful-1
ness of habit thus begotten ultimately ;
characterizes Ids life as a whole,   lie, at
any rate, will not smoke one cigar too
many or too strong.   lie I* not the man
to cycle himself iuto n stale of exhaustion which tlie morrow only accentuates.
The stronger, burlier viveur goes, so to
speak, the whole hog. He rejoices iu apparently unlimited credit, and lie stops
not to count tho cost. Slowly but sure*
ly the bills accumulate, and by and by
he finds himself physiologically baak-
rupt. It Is not until (he bills are presented that he realizes how extravagant
he has been, nud this at a stage too late
for the lesson to be of any benefit, 'Tho
creaking gale hangs long.' "
The pTtlillo Tnnte.
Several kind Workers pooled their
Efforts to Insure the Wail's a happy
Holiday. They rounded up the liltlo
Ilk-keys nt a Mission and gave them u
Freo Show. Every Swipes in (lie
Place- was a Monday Night Gallery
God, so the Church Talent was going-
against n knowing Proposition.
A pale young Man with amber Fire
Escapes sprang n Hue of Parlor Magic
thnt would have queered oven a Supper Show. Tho Bunch advised him
to back off tho Dump. When a Young
Lady with Glasses tackled "Stabnt
Mater" on the Vlollu they broke her
up with Cat Calls nnd told her lo
tear off some ling Time. They bleated
at the Amateur Elocutionist and acted
Rowdy when a Stout Woman got up
to read a Fairy Tale from Hans Christian Andersen, Then they begun tn
yell.for Mulligan nnd Ilieks to come
on nnd save the Show. Whereupon
two pug faced Kids camo forward and
did a Hottentot Song nud Dunce wiih
a Buck nnd Whig finish that killed
them dead.
Mora'].—Tho Waifs cannot bo expected
to lift themselves many Notches above
the Public Taste.
A Living Arrow.
The shark Is generally considered (bo
most dangerous of deep sen fish, While
he is the most voracious, recent Investigation shows that he Is nut tho most (bingo t'o us, since a smalt fish, met with
sometimes in shoals, Is often as destructive of human life. The garfish
never grows to au imposing length. It
has u long, sharp beak, which gives It
nn ipTowlik-> shupe. This living arrow,
when alarmed, dashes out from thu water and goes souring away over the surface lu short bounds with such force
(bat when It strikes a foreign body It cither pnsses through It or inflicts painful
ami iiiM'ioHs wounds. An English ofllcor
was Mriiek hy ono on the peak of his
cap. This resulted in nu Investigation
Ly a representative of the British gov*
eijumcut, and It was found that men had
lout their lives from this cause.
Hnrd on the Doctor,
Tho late Dr. Nedlcy was ono of the last
of the mideentury Irish wits. The stories told hy and about him nre innumeral) lo, .One bo used to tell against himself
apropos of his own medical olllcership
of tho Dublin metropolitan police. One
Sunday afternoon n crowd was standing
outside a public house before the psycho*
loglejtl moment arrived. Di'- Nedley np-
proached, was recognized by somo of Its
crowd, which opened out to let him pass,
one of them remarking: "Lot the doctor
pass, hoys. Sure he has kilt more polls
than all the Invluclbtea put together."—
Westminster Gazette.
Doing: It,
Old Lady (to grocer's boy)—Don't you
know that it Is very rude to whistlo
when denting with n lady?
Boy-That's what tho guv'nor told me
lo do, mum.
"Told you to whistle?"
"Yes'in. He said If wo ever sold you
•nything we'd have to whistle for ths
toouey,"—London Van.
A Testlmonlnl Worth llnvliitf.
An inventor, having produced a wonderful hair Invigorating fluid, sent n
case of bottles to a bald editor, with a
request for n testimonial, He got It iu
theso terms:
"A little applied to the Inkstand has
given It n coat of bristles, making a
Bplendiil penwiper nt a small cost. We
npplled the lather to.a twopenny nail,
and the null is now the handsomest
Bhnvlng brush you over saw, with
beautiful, Boft hair growing from tho
end of It some live or six inches in
"Applied to doorsteps, it does nwny
with the uso of n mat; applied to the
floor, It will cause to grow therefrom
hair sufficient forn brussels carpet A
little weal; lather sprinkled over a shed
nmkes it Impervious to tlio wind, rain
or cold. It is good to put Inside children's cradles, sprinkle on tho roadside or anywhere that luxurious grass
Is wanted for uso or ornament, lt produces the cltcct in ten minutes."
AfrlonnN Wnrrh, but Never Wine.
Great attention Is given In most of
the African tribes to the enro of tho
body. The teeth nre cleansed with
a slick which has been chewed into
a kind of brush. The bands are
washed frequently, not by turning and
twisting niul rubbing them together
oue within tho other, ns with us, but
by n straight up and down rubbing,
such ns Is given to thu other limbs.
This manner of washing is so characteristic thnt nn African might ho distinguished by It from n European without reference lo the color. The sun la
their only towel.
Tho En rt I cut CIkum.
The earliest mention of cigars In
English occrtrs In a book dated 1785.
A traveler lu Spanish America named
Cockburn, whose narrative was published In that year, describes how he
met three frlnra,nt Nicaragua, who, bo j
says, "gave us some soegara to smoke;
♦ • * those are Leaves of Tobacco
rolled up In such Manner that they
serve both for n Pipe nnd Tobacco itself; * * * they know no other way
here, for there Is uo such Thing ns a
Tobacco Pipe throughout New Spnln,"
A Chntiue.
"We must economize," ho said peremptorily.
"I'm so gladl" his wifo exclaimed.
"You take tho announcement moro
good natiiredly than usual.
"Yes; It's pleasant to hear you uso
the plural pronoun. Ordinarily, when
there is nny economizing needed, you
expect tne to do it all."
Quite Loud,
Tudor—narris gets all Ida clothes
ready made now.
Sutton—So he told you too?
Tudor—He told mo nothing. He
didn't have to.
A white object can be seen nt n distance of 17,230 times Its own diameter
In strong suiillgbt-thiit Is to say, a
white disk n foot across can bo seen
17,250 feet away.
A Horse's  Foot, I    „. , ,_ ..
Tb. foot of a hone Is ono of ths   ,T"? KT',"S !",? T    n° ,    '
•oat Ingenious nnd unexampled pieces ''""'""l'.'   I'"!'sk'""I, """,'"' ft'
tt mechanism In tho -.bohi il*, ""ai,'„  "!fv '"'," "'lw <md ",l'nt,,", ,
-    - ^^"" v*|«n>lllii.'.,illy I'lulowctl. I
IB ea;::i^:iZ33n52i.'3is
Hjnjal struotiu*.
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
| It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for
professional men.
merchants  and
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmithl
Full line of goods just  arrived at Sampson's Cash Store
J. SAMPSON,     -     Commercial St.,
McAdie Block, Victoria Oreacent, Na
nilmo, B. 0.
Having leued the McAdie Block, snd
h.ving had the rooma completely renov-
•ted, I am now prepared to receive
boarder, with or without rooms. Visitor* from Lsdyimith will find moit
uOmfortable accommodation at very
rt.ion.ble rates. MISS KEITH.
Ladysmith is to Dave One Very
The Leider is mured on the authority
of . well-known legislator that Lidyimlth will have iti small debt court
belore vary long. It ii probible that
Mr. Goorge Thomion, stipendiary magistrate, will tske tbe duties of tbe imall
debt court in addition to hie other work.
The official announcement of the establishment of the court here will be msde
in s lew days.
IHE till
Nanslmo'i fashionable tailor, Caldwell
of Commercial Street, hai just opened
ont sraie display ot new seaion'a goodi.
Gentlemen ihould oall snd iee the pit
Don't tail to iee G.H. Cavia's samplei
of wallpaper at Captain Dillon's office,
Eiplan.de. Choice new deiigni at astonishingly reaionable pricei.
The latest itylei in hilr cutting and
Mird trimming st the Ladyimith Shav
Ing r.rlor, High itreet.
Work on th. excivation ior the addition to th. Grand Hotel began on Tuei
d»y, and considerable progreai hu been
Great Slock the Centie
of Interest,
Good work hai been done on the new
ichool tbii week. The root ii nesrly
completed, and it will not be long before
finishing work on the iniide ii completed alio.
Athletics of all sorts have bsd quite a
boom since Plmbury & Co. opened out
their epleudiil irsortment ot high-clan
athletic goods, and the store hai been a
eort of Mecca for the sportsmen of the
city and district. Lacrosse men sre delighted with the Clockcord and Lally
sticks, whilst tbe Spalding bateball
goodi will undoubtedly do much to boom
tbe game in Naniimo thie eeaaon, 01
courie, plug pong ii now all the craze,
not to eay maoia, and the seta from two
humble bit! up to the gilt edged five
dollar outfits, havo gone like hot cabee
on a cold morning. Few homes in Nanaimo are now without iheir pingelers
and ponaitreeses. Fimbury A Co, have
certainly done a valuable service to
sport by importing luch an array oi the
good thlngl of phyiical exercise.
Miners! Attention!
Hand Made Fit Shoes at the same price
ai cheap [actory made. Come iu and iee.
Ail work guaranteed.   Itepairing done.
At S. Christie,
Cuban Cigar Factory
Minufacturera of the Famoul
None but Union Labor employed
M. 3. BOOTH, -        Proprietor.
Dunham, tbe Phrenologist and Palm-
lit, ii in the city for a lew dayi only,
Call and see him. Remember your
money ll yonr bond; if your delineation
is not satisfactory keep it. Office:—
Boom 4, Grand Hotel; Houn, 10 a.m.
to 6 p.m.
Juit arrived the.liteit etylei in iseh
pini, used initead ol the belt buckle, at
Lively's, Ladyimith'i leading  jeweler.
The service ol long will not tike place
next Sunday evening, owing to some ot
thoie who wsr* going to tike pirt luffer-
ing Irom coldi snd being unable lo ilng,
0, B, Robelee hu moved out of Camp-
ball's old shack to the Berry block,
First Ave., where he ii better prepared
to do work.  0. B. Robelee.
Nanaimo Dramatic Society ire to play
" A Sorap of Paper," on the 14th, Monday evening. Thoie who hsve seen the
rehearsals say it will be a capital entertainment,
Wedneid.y'l double train lervice wis
well patronised Irom Lsdyimith snd sll
along tha line,
Wystt, the Ottawa (not Seattle) boxer,
who ii to meet Jim Hill of Nanaimo tonight at N.nalmo Athletic Olub in a ten
round go, is a fighter fiom way back.
Hia bandi are covered with indicatione
that be hai not received all the puulib-
ment in the hundred battlee which he
hu fought, He ii In hard condition,
and no doubt Hill will find him a
worthy iparrlng partner. A number of
Ladyimith sport! wiil travel to town to
tee tbe mill.
An interesting game of Anociation
football wae played on the bunker
gioundi Thunday evening between the
Snamrocki and Rushers, in preience of
a large throng of ipectaton. The Shamrocks certainly played the game, but
Joe Sanderson lor the Buiheri neatly
did tbe triok by scoring the only goal of
the evening amidst uproarious applause.
The teams were: The Ruihers—J
Sanderaon, E. Jonei, J. Teusz, H. Minuet, J. Oonlin, A, Kerr, J. O'Connell, J.
Dumber, E. Leahy, T, O'Connell and C.
Shamrocks—Captain II. Blair, 8, Kerr,
W. Manuel. B. Oroaier, W. Fraser, B.
Burnt, D, Ttomae, J. Campbell, J.
J. McMillan, M, Baron and B.
 , '
"GA80LINE LAUNCH ior eale, brand
new, 2Slt. long, 611. Dim. beam; engine
3 b. p.; epeed 7 miles an hour; hold
dozen leated comfortably; iplendid
chance lor enterprising mm to make
money. To be sold at a sacrifice. For
full particulars apply to Fletcher Broe,
The music itore, Nanaimo.
Tha iuneral ol ihe lite Mrs. Bevllock
way on Wednesday, wu very lirgely sttended. Msny builnen houni cloud
daring ths Inner.l.
Sundav Services.
First Pieibyterian Church—Regular
ssrvlOM,morning 11 o'clock; evening 7
o'clock.    Bonday ichool   2.30 p. m,
Bev. W. A, Rie, putor.
Methodist church — Service! .re
held st 11 o'clock Sundsy morning snd
7,30 ln the evening, Sundiy ichool
at 2.30. Prayer meeting on Wedneiday
evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Miuioniry invlcei will be held in tbe
Methodiat chnich next Sunday evening
Min Fruer, (later ol Dr. R. L. Fruer,
ol Victoria, bai been appointed matron
Cbemiinui General Hospital, in iucciii-
ion to Mn. Jones.
Johnston Block,     ■    Naniimo, B, 0
P. 0. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
Visits    Ladyimith  every Saturday,
Hoars Irom 11 s. m. till 5 p. m.
Abbotiford Hotel.
Are now plentiful. But you
must have the proper Flies.
I've got 'em.
Ladysmith,       • B, C.
Thillii piy day In Lidyimilh
Nothing mora tasteful than thoie
beautiful new deiigni in tweedi and
cloth! hu been leen ln Nanaimo
thoie st Csldwell'e, Nanaimo'e leading
Lidyimlth anthoritiei have determined to deal iternly with all llnhorni, vagi
and tirmpi that itrike tbii camp alter
thli date.
Tb.y .11 come back. Who? Why
Caldwell*, customers. They know whir,
they cm be certain oi getting mils that
lit, look ityllih and don't coitoutrageoui
We hive ring! Ior the baby, and ringi
lor the ladies, if we hiven'tgot what you
want we on make it. Lively, the manufacturing jeweler.
Provincial Constable Outidy look Ihe
■aaman Irom the steamer Victoria committed for trial by Magistrate Thomion,
lor nibbing . ibipmit* in a Lidyimlth
hotel Mondsy night, to Nanaimo jail
Wedneiday   afternoon.
II yon want alarm Klox we've got 'em
lor one dollar, im Lively, the jeweler.
A gentleman iu Ladyimith liaa r-t
celveda number ol letter! ot enquliy
irom peraoni all over tbe country regard
Ing mining prospects around Ladyimith,
He li endeavouring to ana wer them, bnt
they are becoming lonumsroui that k*
contemplatei hiring a shorthand typist
Gold and lilver pitting Is lometbing
that every jeweler can't do, try ui snd
be convinced, we cu Uj it. Lively, the
lesding  jeweler.
Trade yonr old waloh ofTand g.t a new
one. W. will allow you as much as wi
ean for your old one and try and plena
you with a new one, at Lively'!.
No. 31,
Meets every Wednesday ceiling at 7.(0 o'clock,
Visitors cordially Invited.
»!'»l*'lt*'ti*'t>s»-V.-,V^'t^ Pmr»tmfM»»*Wm*A9MtVammK*tr*.
Pilher £ Leiser
Direct Inserters and Wholesale Dealers In
Wines,   Liquors  and  Cigars.
AU the leading brands kept by us,     Noue
but the best imported.     We solicit your
S patronage.
I G. H. Mumm's Extra Dry Champagne,
C Kilmarnock Scotch, Lemp's Extra Pale Ale,
jc St. Louis Beer.
I Playing Cards, all leading brands including
I Bee's.
j 13 to 15 Yates St., Victoria, B. C.
I Telephone No. U8.
Ii hereby given that application will
bs made to the Legislative Aesembly ol
the Province of British Columbia, at it!
present leseion, for an Act to incorporate
a company with power to conetruct,
equip, msintaln and operate a single or
double line ol railway, to be operated by
iteam, electricity or any other mode of
power, at and from the City of Victoria,
in the Province of British Columbia,
thence north-west by the most leaeible
route to a point et or near Seymour Narrow!, in the nld Province ol British
Columbia, and witb power to conetruct,
establish, maintain and continually
operate a railway lerry eteimihip service lor the purpoie ol transferring for
reward, paesengeri and passenger and
freight can Irom the laid point at c
near Sevmour Narrow! in Vancouver'
Island, to a point on the Mainland of the
Province of Britiih Columbia; and with
further power! to build, equip, maintain
and operate branches of the laid railwnv
from any point on the main line thereol
to any point in Vancouver Island: and
with power to bnlld and operate tramway! In connection with the nld railway ; and with power to build, conetruct
equip, maintain and operate telegraph
and telephone lines In connection witli
the laid rai'wayi and branchei and with
power to generate electricity ior the
eupply ol light, heat, power, and lor all,
any and every other purpoie mentioned
in Section! 80, 81, 82, and 83 ol tho
"Water ClauiuConiolidatlon Act,1807."
and to do everything necessary or incidental to the carrying out of all or any
of the objecte referred to in the said
eeotlom; ind with power to exerciie all
tbe power! given to the company by
Parti IV and V ol the "Water Claueea
Consolidation Aot, 1807." and with
power to build, own and maintain sawmill!, and to carry on a general expreie
business, and to build, maintain and
operate, bridges, roida, ways, lerriei,
wbarvei, docks, eteimboiti, iteamshipi,
coil bunken and other worki, and to
make traffic or other arrangement! with
railway, iteimihip or steamboat and
other companies; and with power to expropriate lands lor th. purpoie ol the
company, aud to acquire land bonuiei,
privileges or other aid Irom my government or municipality, or other perione
or bodiei corporate, and with power to
build wagon roidi, to be used In the
construction of inch railway and in advance ol lime, and to levy and collect
tolli Irom all penon! naing, and on all
freight paning over any of each roidi
built by the company, whether belore
or after the construction of the railway,
and with power to nil out its undertaking; and with all other usual, necea-
lary and Incidental rlgbte, or privilege!
u may be necessary or conducive to Ihe
above objecte, or my ol them.
Dated it Viotoria, B. C, thil 24th day
ol Mtrch, A, D„ 1002.
Solicitor! Ior tbe Applicants.
Maple Lodge, No. 61,1.0. 0. T.
Meets every Wednesday evening in
Nicholeon's Hill. Viliting members
are cordially invited.
m. Mckinley, Seo.
Painting, Paperhanging and
Mattress Making.
Leave orders for mattress   making it
Capt. Dillon's Office, Esplanade, where
samples can be seen. '
Guy H. Gavin, Ladysmith.
Delicious Bread*
$1.00 ONE DOLLAR $1.00
Why bake when you can net bucIi
value and delivered at yonr door?
Scotch Baker, 23 Years' Experience
J.KENNY, Ladyimith Bakery,
Esplanade, Ladyimith.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner First Avenue and Oatacre Street,
Cabinet woik ol all kindi.
All kinda of eolt wood furniture made
and repaired.
Nanaimo Clothing Renovatory.
Gleaning, Dyeing and Repairing of all
Silks, Satins, etc, done like new. All
work guaranteed. Commercial Street,
Oppoilte Nanaimo Hotel,
NANAIMO, B. C. P. 0. Box 420.
-TO —
Winnipeg; Toronto
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. S. Points.
Steamship - Service
-TO —
Jspan, Chins,   Hawaii,  Austrslasts,
First-class Sleepers on all
-TOST. PAUL, Dally.
TORON IO, Tueidayi and Saturday!.
For pamphlet, and all information apply
toanvC.P.R. igenl,
H. H. ABBOTT,      W. MoGIRR,
Agent, Victoria.     Agent, Nanaimo.
Ant. Genl. Pan. Agent, Vancouver,
Smelting Works
| Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist
Convenient to B. & N. or Sea.
Lady em ith
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intel
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
The Leader
Iisgin. will ipend $10,000 tbii year in
itreet Improvement!.
Th* Militia Department hai offerer
theiervlcei ol lis skilled dental surgeo. I
for service In Biutb Africa
The Government ol Argentina will l><
liked lor the privilege ol eel.bliihlng   r, a
Bow colonlu in th.  loutb  ol   tba I J^j^^^,^^
country. I
and on   ftstsrdsy*
Esquimalt &  Nanaimo
Time Table No. 44,
Trsini Im v. Ladyimith Southbound dslly at 9.10 a.m.
Sunday! and Wedneadiyi st 5.16 p. m.
Tralni leave Ladyimith northbound dally it 11.67 a. m. and on   fl.l,,„l...
Sundiyi and Wednetdayi at 7,10 p.m. »• «• "a ott   uaiurdayi,
Tralni Imvs Lidyiratlh for Ettsnilon daily uc.pt Sund.y st 0 s, m., 2 p. m.
snd 10 p. m., snd on Sundiy. at 10 p. m, , •-■    u,., . p, m.
Deo, L Owriwj,     •     Traffic Manger


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