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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Jan 25, 1902

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Array Am
The people that save I
money trade, with      |
Ladysmith Leader
I For Boots and Shoes
I Sickle's is the store
VOL. 1. NO. 40.
You can't afford to lose I
an opportunity.
j We we clearing out tliese Fall and Winter Gcols at Qieat Reductions i
* prior to the arrival ol Full Spring Steer,  which will be in at an early jjj
£ date,
5                See onr Dark Wrapper, reduced to $1.00. Vg
$                 Fine Quality Block Salo;:n Blouse, reduced to il.OO. |
3                 Special Lines of Dress Goods, reduced to 25c. per yard. j
Leiser & Hamburger
Esplanade and datacro Street.
Whon Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hb « w
i. (.nun
Merchant Tailor:
j i Finest Merten ind Cl.y Worstedi. S
!! Full line of Imported Tweedt Snd +
Woritede.    Flrat-elau  workman- %
' i ibip guaranteed. i
i! First Ave.,  Ladysmith |
Ono feet is better than a Doien X
Hearsays.    If   you   want   the
choicest metti go to
Ladysmith, B, 0.,
R. Williamson, Prop.
A fresh supply   ot   Vegetable!
*       alwayi on hand.
t Special attention given to ships'
+        supplies.
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Thli new hotel bat been comlortably imrjiebed ir.d the lar Is op lo dale,
lies', accommodation lot transient and permanent boardera and lodgeri.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
Ths Esplanade,
Ladysmith, B. G.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Soda Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages ot all kinds.
W. E. RUMHINQ,        - Proprietor,  fc&SSS
John Barnsley & Co.,
Victoria, B. C.
Agents tor
J. J. Taylor
Fire Proof Sales.
Kodaks, Films, Etc.
Jessup's Pharmacy
PresetIption, oarefnilv dispensed. Open
day and night.
ll.rrl.ter, Solicitor,
Attorney. Notary Public, Etc.
suncy to Loan.
Nanalmo, - • B. C,
Member Can. Society of Civil Engineers
Member Iustitalion of Electrical Engineers
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed P. 0. Box 357
Fred   Foster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, Animals and Deer Heads Mounted and
for sale,   Purs made, altered, cleaned and stored
24f2 Johnson St.,       -        Victoria, D
News Agent,
Agt Far San Francisco Examiner.
Ye Olde Owner,
Government St., Victoria, B. 0,
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread, Oaket and pastries ol all descriptions. Fruit! in
Stationers, Booksellers,
Bookbinders, Paper Rulers
8QY.tei8t. P.O. Box 485
Dav Id    Murray,
Bulltr Street,        -       Ladysmith
Shop will be open every Thurtdiy,
Friday aad Saturday.
McMia and Son
Undertaken aud Embalmers.
Telegraph Orders promptly attended.
Parlors,    Albert   Street.      Residence,
Victoria Crescent.  Telephone No. 14a.
NANAIMO,     -     •     •     B.C.
Fire Insurance !
Why net Inisrs si boms snd tan
By insnring in th* London Mutual, or
Ottawa,  Loweit ponible rales.
D. Mcintosh,    •    Agent,
Ws Hi Mason,
Local Agent lor tha
Fin, Llla"»nd Accident Insurance.
notary Public.
Office, Eiplu.de.
gat insured at once, tor tb may be
too late tomorrow, I represent several
OLD and BELIABLE Oompanlet and
can insure you at * moment's notice at
the lowest pottible rates. All Indira
oompanlet eharge the same ratet. Don t
be milled Intn insurini with .cheap
company—It might b* dear In the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P, 0. Drawer 33, Nanaimo. B. 0.
;| Mr. Livingston, Manager for the Company, Tells
The Leader Encouraging News.
In reply to a number of enquiries addressed id him by a rep'
resentative of The Leader on the train coming from Victoria last j J
Thursday morning, Mr. Clermont Livingston, manager for the !!
Tyee Mining Company, said he was glad to report that everything • •
was going on most satisfactorily, and that he expected his com- | \
pany would be able to make a start at the work of building the
smelter before the end of the present winter. By the beginning
of March everything will be in full swing, and no time will be J',
lost in pushing the smelter to completion.
Ii was also learned that the Tyee Company are going to make
the smelter in every way first-class, and that they expect to be
kept very busy from the start. Regarding the present workings
of the Tyee mine, Mr. Livingston was delighted to state that the j;
ore body was getting better and better as the work was carried
farther down.
The Lenora people also are now  in  the finest ore they have [;
ever struck, and present indications are that Mount Sicker will ]
turn out to be another Rossland or even a second Butte. i
TV I I"I'TT'I"I","
Another Step Toward Centralizing
all the Company's Business.
In pursuance oi tbe Company's policy
in oentrinc all branches of their exten-
sive business in one place, for the convenience ol management, tbe agency tcr
Ladysmith towntite, which has been
held for some months by Mr. W, H.
Mason, was handed over by him yesterday to William Russell, at the pay office,
All the maps and plans and other property connected with the townsito are
now in tbe pay office, where, henceforth, all business of this nature will be
transacted. Mr, Mason intends to occupy Captain Mcintosh's office on the
Esplanade nntil hii own ii built, and he
will there carry on hii professional work
as conveyancer, notary public, snipping
and fire and life insurance agent.
It Far Surpassed all Expectations
And Was tha Best Held There.
Ladysmith congratulates ita neighbor
Nanaimo, on ite great success with tbe
second aonual poultry show. It wae
certainly tbe best exhibition uf poultry
ever attempted in thie province, and
will establish a record that lutnre years
may find it difficult to better. The number, vaiisty and general excellence ol
th.lo.la delighted till the epectatcn
who wore fortunate enough to be able to
attend the ehow.
Many of the birds were prizs winnera
ia Eatteru and United Slatet shows.
Mr, Bennett, the jndse cl Ihe poultry
tayi it was oue ol the best collection! ol
prattry he ever judgid. Ihe attendance
was very good.
It is strongly to be hoped that Ladysmith a ill be well represented in tbe
show next year. Nanaimo has now
gained an undisputed lead io this branch
ol stock raisini, and should spate no
efl'jst to maintain that proud position In
the province. The advertisement is
worth a great deal to the city. Even
Victoria must take second place to Na-
ilmo sb a poultry and pst Block centre.
Ladysmith Teaming Depot, I
All kind! ol htavy tannin, done
Wholetala and Retail Dml.re In Meals.
Poultry   and Vegetables.  Game In
f*a*on.  Shipping orderi attended to on
•hart notice.
Sunday  Service..
Methodist church - Services are
held at 11 o'clock Sunday morning and
7 o'clock In the evening. Sunday echool
at 2.80. Prajer meeting on Wednesday
evening al 7 30 o'clock.
The Baotlst congregation meets every
Sunday afternoon In Nicholson's hall.
Preachur, Rev. if. W. Williamson Everyone Is heartily Invited.
Pint l'lesbyterlin Church-Regular
services, morning 11 o'clock; evening 7
o'clock. Sundiy school 2.80 p. m.
Rsv. W, A. Rae, pastor.
Anglican Ohuroli.—Sunday, Jan.lOlh.
2nd alter Epiphany, 8 a. m. Holy
Communion; 11 a. hi., Lllany; 2.30 p.
m„ Sunday School. No evening service.
the Archdeacon being at Extension.
Ven. Archdeacon Scriven in charge,
Roman Catholic Chnrch, Sunday,
January 20ib, 1002. Mass at 10 s. m.
Rev. Father Verbrk. paator. NbiI
Sunday, February 2nd., Benediction at
7 pm.
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Ilepple, proprietor,
Pint-class accommodation lor mla.it
aad transients.  Nona bnt
Ths Best Wines ssdtltjssrs
terved at the bar.   Give m s call.
Cor. Victoria Rd A Commercial St.
NANAIMO,    -    -     B.C.
Ladysmith Dairy
New Milk, Creamer. Butter, New Laid
Eggt ind Freih   Vegetable! supplied
Dally.  Leav. ord.ra at tb. pott office.
Bucoaor. to Hilbert ft Bon..
funeral Director! and Embalmers.
Open day snd night.
Ord.r«brT.leira,b  promptly  attended to	
Bastion St., Nanalme.
Telephone IM. •"• 0. Sox jori,
woauded in abdomen, Thursday, near
X"   He did not die.
Months afterwards he wrote from hoe.
p't.tl an account of the action, and described the circumstances under which
he-spent the night following it—1. .,,
the night of my dream. After being
wounded he had beeu carried into a
small building close at band.
The wont cases were in a room by
themselves. I wai with them-about
■ix or seven, I ihould think. I felt
deadly sick, but wae told to keep it
down if possible; we were all alike in
that respect. Then I remember someone couldn't stand it—he waa eick,
turned on bla aide, and died. Two orderlies appeared and carried him ont.
Then another—and the two orderliti
came back, until finally there wen
hardly any left. I had had-morphia,
aad slept the greater part of the night."
After many months in hopital, be recovered sufficiently to allow ol hia being
■ .nt home, and I have lately told him of
my dream. He tells me tbat when very
ill in hospital long after ho was wounded
he felt he had the power of transferring
himself far away, and did so "transfer"
himself to Devonshire, Cornwall, etc.
The sensations he had at such tlmea
were extremely vivid and curious, but
need not be related here.
The night of my dream he felt no inch
sensation, and at np time did he ever
lancy himself at home iu Scotland. I
should say that with tbii tingle exception
I did not dream once ol my son during the
whole period of his absence. Can It be
thought th.t had he not been wounded, I
should nevertheless have had this dream T
The editor ol ttie"Speetator" appends
tho (olio.ing footnote:—"W. have received complete and satisfactory proofs
of the authenticity ol this mott curiooi
and interesting story,"
Will be Hera Neil Weak and Ready
For Use.
Strange nre.ua  .tor,.
Thalollowlug extraordinary ttory it
told by ■ correspondent ol th. "Spectator," who elgnt hlmiel! "Z" isle January, 11)00, my son went on
active service In Snath Africa. On a
Thuitday-Frldey night near the end of
October I bad a vivid dream. I taw my
ion with two men « bom I did notknow
•landing in a narrow passage wilb an
open door oil it leading into a tmall
room. They all wtut Into the room
close together, almost hustling each
other, pushing or leading iny aon, who
wai nut and who wai looking at me.
awoke with a atari, .limiting to him
loudly thiee or (onr tlmei by name,
Next morning (Friday) at b.eakfa.t I
told hit mother and sitter ol my dream,
Oa Saturday I received lb. following
telegram from the military ipciptary I—
"Bunt lo inlonn yon that your ton—
[la repotted from Pretori* u d.ngerously
All who are interested in the establishment in Ladysmith ol one ol the
Provincial Government's excellent circulating libraries will be pleased to learn
that tbe order for one of those libiaritt
It now in Ihe hindtol Mr. Scholefiald,
provincial librarian. A representative
of Tbe Leader wet in Victoria last Wed
nesday and turned over tb. application
list and tbe necessary six dollars.
Mr. Scholefield assured Tbe Leader
man that a very choico selection ol
biokt would be made, comprising bellies the regulation technical works oo
mining, metallurgy, geology and other
scleuces, hooks ol travel, history, biography, fiction aad * number of work*
ol relerenue. He hopes to bo able to
despatch tlie library on Saturday musing, February 1st, addressed to the librarian, Mr. R. G.Jesiup, ol tbe Ltd)
smith Pharmacy.
The ilgnete ol the application art
hereby notified tbat the ill dollars nee
weary to secure the library was paid by
the representative, and It It hopid that
all will come lorward and help to bear
a moiety of tbe financial harden by cor,
trlbiiting twenty-five twtftl each, Mr.
Jesmp will receive ind duly credit those
■mounts. Prompt payment if ths
Stipulated sum will ensure the immediate operation ol Ih. library.
Annual Report al the Agricultural
Department for 1900.
Tbe Leader ie in receipt of tbe sixth
annual report of the Department ol
Agriculture of British Columbia, thow*
ing progress for the year 1900, It Ib s
most praiseworthy production and reflect! the highest credit upon the indefatigable Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Mr. J. R. Anderson, who la doing
noble work lor agricultnre in Britiih
Letterpress and Illustrations are
superb; the article! are capitally written
and thow that agriculture in thia pro-
since ii steadily advancing to that place
wblch Professor Robertson ol Ottawa,
and many other excellent judges, have
Dtedicted that it will yet occupy.
Solar, tbe miner,- tbe lumberman,
and the fisherman havo taken precedence ol the farmer in thie province; but
a perusal ol tbit iplendid report, with
ite beautilul protograpbic viewi of British Columbia's fertile valleys and well-
tilled plains, its vatt cattle rangea and
Hi great fruit ranches, leave, on. in no
doubt that one day the farmer will b»
king of all hit bretbern.
The Leader hat only congratulation!
and compliments to offer npon thil
truly inspiring report.
Rev. W, A. Rao, of Ladysmith, will
preach in the Presbyterian church at
Extension on Sundiy.
Rev. R. N, Powell ol Nanalmo, occupied the pulpit iu the Metboditt
church last Sunday.
Th* basketball game and dance in the
K. of P, hall on Wednesday night wat a
grind tuccete,
A Urge number ot the members of
Onward Lodge, No, 2,1,0. G. T„ Nanaimo, visited Victory Lodge on Friday
evening. The eoclal was well attended
and enjoyed by all.
Mn, Bernem ol Shawnigan Lake li
visiting her busband, who worki on the
carpenter itaff here.
Tbe letter that appeared in The
Leader written by Rev. W. A. Rae regarding the changing ol the oath has
met with great approval.
Mr, Andrew Bryden, manager of the
mines is spending a few weeks at Harrison Hot Springs. Supt. Little Ib filling the position during hii absence.
No, 1 mine ia toon expected to he
closed. A large number ol men drew
their time on Monday and expect to
leave Extension for other minet.
Mr. A. Faulds, manager cl Ihe Alexandria mines, visited Supt. Little at
Extention on Weduetday.
The Mt. Coral hai been doing a ruining business lince pay day.
The Hon. James Dnnfmulr met th.
committee last Friday at Extension to
discuss matters pertaining lo the opening of the Alexandria mines. At Supt.
Little was pretent Mr. Dunsmuir placed
the matter in his bands and requested
the men to interview him. The interview was very short. Mr, Little laid
the minet at Alexandria oould not b.
opened now under .ny consideration at
it wat impossible at present lor Ih,
Company to sell th. coal. Th. offlol.lt
assured tbe committee that work wonld
ba given to ibe men in the mines her.
at Ihe earliest possible dale.
. For ellverw.ro, gems, chains, orni-
Hants ol all kinds j and lor skilled re-
Rairing at most moderate prlcet, there
lino place like Livelyi, the leading
itwelet'i, First Avenue.
Ralph Smith's Model Newspaper
Again Distinguishes Itself,
On Thunday Nanaimo Herald perpetrated another of those cruel slanders at
the expense ol the unfortunate minora
of Alexandria, the atrocious libel calling
forth a proteit eigned by member! of tbe
That journal, which repreienti Ralph
Smith'e ideal of a great and truthful
newspaper, makes about aa poor a fist in
handling the truth at Mr. Smith himself, and aa he showed last Sttnrday
night, he cannot tell the truth even
wben Deforces himself to the unfamiliar
exercise of trying. The Herald fairly
eurpaseei ite own record as a prevaricator and public slanderer in tbe Thursday's effusion.
It is to the effect that Mr. Dunsmuir,
throngb Superintendent Little, advised
the men that Alexandria wonld not be
opened except at slily cenla for the Ion
of 2.800 pounde; that the men protested
against thia reduction of wages; tbat
rather than accept it they would lot tho
mine remain closed forever; tbat Mr.
Dunsmuir on thie changed bla position
and said tbe coal was poor tor any purpose; that it is the aeneral impression
amongst the men that Alexandria will
never be re-opened except to give employment to Ladyemith men.
Perhapa tbe general public have
grown sOmewnat tired ol tbit matter,
bat it will be too bad il tbey oarry off*
wrong view of the question at last. Th.
Leader wonld respectfully ask the
general public to rest astared that not
one of the foregoing statements but all
them are false in ivery particular; falls
with a malignant parpnae; deliberately
distorted with no other end in view thin
the diabolical one of fomenting trouble
between Hon. Mr. Dnnimnir and hia
men, and of ttirring np the South Wellington and Extention men tb strike.
The Leader la alto informed that even
the opening itatement by the Herald,
that "a number of South Wellington
men have made a statement ol tbeir
difficulty with (lie) tho management of
the Herr.lt. for publication" io a downright falsehood. It would bs a good'
thing for the South Wellington men if
they did have a difficulty "with" tho
management of the Herald, for that
paper has done them more Injury than -
all the claptrap of such "demagognea
and agitators," (lee the report of J. H.
Hawthornthwaite'! speech), like Ralph
The Leader will content itself with
oiling the attention ol the pnblic, and
tbe South Wellington miner., to the
emphatic denial ol the Herald'e malicious untruths, which was published in
the Nanaimo Free Prcn on Thursday
evening.   It ie as follow!:
Will you contradict the statements
contained In this (Thursday) morning'.
Herald regarding proposition ol Messrs.
Dunsmuir snd Little to the committee
interviewing them regirding re-opening
ol Alexandria mine? The itatement.
regarding tonnage are entirely false; no
such proposition was made.
(Signed)     P.H.MARSHALL.
Britain'. Latest Battle.hip.
The,new battleship London, when
ready to go into commission, will be one
of the most powerful warships afloat.
Her (our 121nch barbette guna are each
capable ol throwing an 800-prcjecti!* a
distance eqnal to that which separates
Oalaie and Dover. In addition the will
have 12 of the newest pattern 0-Inch
quick flrert, the moit formidable weapon.
of their calibre, and 32 smaller guns.
Krupp steel pistes, neatly 13 inches
thick, cover 10 gun positions, snd
should, according to preset knowledge,
render tbem Invulnerable. H.r (idea
are armored with 8-inch Krupp steel
bulkheads run acrose the' ship. The
London will carry 2.000 tout ol coal and
her crew will number 755.
Clearing Ihe Country.
Dr. Girrod Thomas, of Newport, Mon.
hat received a letter from an officer at
the Iron), dated Dswetsdorp, Orange
River Oniony, containing tbe following:—
I have just returned Irom aa eleven
d.yi' trek round toward! th* Buuto-
laad border. We lived ohiel, oo the
poultry, eggt end pig, w. begged at th*
farmi we cleared a. w. want .long. W*
leave no living thing anywhere we go.
What we cannot bring ia we kill and I
have teen (with horror at first) thorn-
kadi ol theep »nd goats and hundred, oi
young horses butchered day altar day.
He adds, "We don't teem able to
catch brother Boer, to we are etirvmt
htm ont. It toundt rather horrible, but
thli It war and war It ever dreadful."    .
Ladysmith Leader
Welllngton-Extenslon News.
Published every Wednesday and Saturday at
Th. Leader Building, corner of Pint Ave. and
French street, Udyamlth, British Columbia.
T. t. GRAHAMS, Editor and Proprietor.
Bv Mail in Canada and' United States.
One year (strictly In advance) ,3 oo
ix monllis (strictly In advance)    I 95
TRANSIENT-Flrst insertion 10c, a line; each
subsequent insertion 5C a line.
Rates on application.    No wood cut. used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each insertion 50c,
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
time will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued,
THE LEADER may be [obtained from the following Agents:
tndysmilli— The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Nanaimo—E. Pimbury & Co.
Victoria — George Marsden;   Victoria Boole &
Stationery Co.; Pope Stationery Co.;
Victoria New. Co.;) Public Library;
Provincial Library.
Vancouver -Public Library.
New Westminster—Public Library,
All changes ill advertisements must be received
at this office before la noon Ihe day before
issue. ,
Subscribers not receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
All job work strictty cash on delivery.
Transient advertisements cash in advance.
A   STOnitl   CENTRE.
Nanaimo has once mire attracted attention to itself by the liveliness of itB
politics. The litest phase ol the political kaleidoscope (here la certainly not
without dramatic "situations" aplenty.
Here are two men who were at one time
as inseparable as Mary and her justly
celebrated little lamb, now hurling all
aorta of verbal lyddite shells and pom
pomi into one another'! political economy, to the no tmall diversion ol tbe
Nanaimo public—and a lew otheri out-
tide lha cyclone belt.
Toe position ol those gentlemen ii
certainly queer. Her* ie onr Irien J Mr.
Hawthornthwaite, a fin* manly young
fellow, for whom w* h»vo * great deal
oljistidable admiration, not only lor
his attainments, but atill more lor hie
brava but hopeless stand for principle.
But Mr. H»wthornthw*lte ie (gainst
everybody. Ht denounces wiih equal
impartiality and heartiness Hon. Mr.
Dunsmuir, Mr. Joseph Martin, Mr. W,
W, B. Malnnea, Hon. Mr. Turner, Mr-
Sm ith and J, C. Brown; so Isr as we
have been able to keep tally of the
heada that have fallen, the only public
man of any eminence in tbe province
that Mr.Hawthotathwalte ie not against
is Mr. Smith Cartia.
True,great then have alwayi stood
aloae, misunderstood and unappreciated
by tha ruckol hnmanily; bat it must le
uucomfortable to play Ishmael. Last'
Saturday night, at tbat memorable
eearcbingol heaits, where there, wn
only on. truthful men in th. whole
hens* (by hi, own account),although he,
too, was labelled as not the pure article,
the principal contrast between Mr.
Smith and Mr. H.wthorn'.hwaite con-
slsted la the coolneii and uniform cour ■
tssyolHr. Hawthornthwaite, and the
extraordinary propositions and tnibul-
eace of Mr. Smith.
This "dem.gogue snd agitator" as
Mr. Hawthornthwaite, no donbt ont of
t:» bitterness of hit experience ol the
■nan, called him, baa teen hit day In
Nanaimo. Even now tho miners of
Nanalmo ar. looking around lor a man
to take the place of Mr.'Smith, and wa
haaard the prediction that a tew more of
thote unseemly exhibitions ol unrenon
and spile euch;as [turned last Saturday
night's meeting into a raree thow, will
■ettle the.account of Mr. Ralph Smltb,
M, P., with the Nanaimo miners. Some
men cannot.Bland prosperity, nnd that
is largely the trouble with Mr, Smith,
Rising from the condition ol a humble
wpiking man, earning bla daily bread by
tbe sweat of hii brow, it hai not taken
him ling to forget the ladder by which
he climbed to place and power, and to
aatume thoee ain of arrogance aud
authority that are so offensive to all free
aorkiogmort, more especially coming
from one who is in fact onu of themselves.
if-. Smith was shown on Satuiday
uifclit io be a sbufthr aud an .intriguer,
Aov.in ages won by such mcane ere not
l.kaly to be permanent advantages, as
Mr. Smith will undoubtedly find, lie
ia too "thick" with the capitaliBlB to be
a faithful representative of tbe working-
Mr. Hawthornthwaite ia trying to
prove to the Nanaimo worklngmen that
he is one of thoBe'who will Btaud trne or
fall at his post. Tbls ia not good politics
of course, but it ia honesty. We are
not holding * brief for Mr. Hawthotnth-
waite, by no means; we hope to tee both
of tbole gentlemen defeated by a con-
eistent Liberal, but we have a good deal
ol pereonal regard for Mr. Hawthornthwaite, and bseides we do admire a
lighter, especially what Alan Bretk
called "a boanie fighter," Mr. Haw-
tbornthwaite ia a claymore inau, but
Mr. Smith ia inclined to favor the
poniard and a nice dark night at the
corner of the alley.
Mr. Smith's attack on tho Socialists
wae, to eay the lcatt, indltcreet. To be
sure, tbey long ago "sited up" Mr.
Smith and lound him too much ol a
polygon to fit into any kind of wall tbey
bad a mind to build; ao they labelled
him "absolutely no good" and passed ou
with their lantern looking (or tbo missing honeat min. Perhaps Mr. Smith Is
right in his remarks on tbe Socialislio
propaganda; we don't ditcuii those
matters because we have never had time
lo sludy them sufficiently to be able to
say anything worth hearing on them;
but Socialists tell us that Mr. Smith is
in tbe lame caee in the matter, and tbat
he knowt no more about Sielalism
than he doea ol conrteiy to a political
opponent. If that is 10 hit Ignorance
must be phenomenal. It is to be uopi d
there will be many mora lovo feasli between tho two champions.
undoubted ability of many if our rail-
lUnalNG   KIPLIN..
That very imperialism which no man
more than Rudyard Kipling, unlet! it be
Joseph Chamberlalu, ia responsible
lor fostering il not actually creating,
haa now turned upon iti own prophet
and high priest and wonld rend him
with ill tusks lor hii too-plain tpeaklng.
Kipling must now he realising Ihe truth
of th* nlu taw that the sea Itself ie not
moie fickle than Ihe effeotiou* of tbe
Hia latest effusion Is not much
poetry; retaining still a liberal share if
theketlle-drum rhythm which captivated
his early worshippers; but the sentiments expressed ate plain, and though
very severe, by no meant unmerited.
Kipling it disguited with the exqnltlte
talent ol men who tbould have been
learning and do not know the art of war,
bnt who are irreproachable tennlt
players, great at polo, and dom with tbe
croquet mallet and the cricket bat.
He fails, Btnplil man, to see where tbe
itary men. in handing rouud leased cake
atgardeu partial ii going to offset the
accursed activity and cunning ol thli
unworthy penon Dewet, who hai feloniously appropriated to hit own uiet a
Urge quantity of His Majesty'a muni-
lions of war, including several hundred
of II. M.'s soldiers. This is very per-
veiBe on Kipling's part, and ia very
properly resented by the people ol the
Empire, oven bv those who temporarily
displaced the deity some time ego and
transferred their homage unto the prophet ol the new imperialism.
But we most confess that we find in
this young man's latest batch of verses
not a littlo of the high seilousness, Ihe
prophetic divination which give to the
prophecies of Isaiah so mysterioue a
force aud eignificance. If this man with
the uncouth name is really preaching
the truth, it were well for tbe British
people to give heed to his warning?, and
taking his advice, put away from them
those childish things which are not
consonant with the lives oi men who
have Inherited tbe tremendous destinies
bequeathed by former generations oi
Surely it would be a better prepare
tion for carrying on tho grand work of
the British Empire if our officers devoted themselves, or wete compelled to
devote themselves, to their allotted
duties as strenuously, as laboriously
and absorbingly as Ihe German officers
do. Whatever may be said as to the
antiquated methods pursued In the
German army, no one who knows anything about tho subject will deny that
the German officer ia first of all a military man; thoroughly trained, thoroughly informed in his own lino oi liusi-
nees; aa competent aa rigid discipline
and compulsory studies can make him.
If it be true ae Kipling 'save, that our
officers shirk duly for tho sake of mere
gameB and sporla which teach nothing
and ate totally useless as a training for
such warfare al tbe Empire it now wag-
ing, then it will bo the duty ol tbe Britiih people to ice to it that thoie gentlemen aro compclhd to earn Ihe wagei
that are paid lo tbem out of Iho taxee
of tbo BritiBh people.
If the dead BoldleiB who lie buried in
South Afiica could speak perhaps Ihey
would add Iheir stern testimony to tbat
ol this bard who warns tbo British people to put away from tbem debilitating
foilies and face tbeir destiny like men,
to cease honoring the fop aud the meie
1 ithd noodle; toa'tk earnestly formerll:
and no matter whether it find asjluiii
in a cowshed or a shepherd's botby, to
set it above the lord's Bin and the
.duke'a son wbo have nothiug but tbeir
long-descended name and their prowess
as "sportsmen" to recommend them.
Our soldiers should not be murdered
by being entrusted to brainless scions
ol once-dietIngulehed houses; they
should be made to ieel that the officer
who il leading them to battle really
doea know aa much about the art ot war
as the sergeant-major; and is marching
at tbeir hsad not because ho it tb. ton
oi a lord or a marquta, but because ha
cams out with firing color, from Ihe
fierce competitive examination whcie
brilni and brains only, (ell.
When that day cornea in tbe British
Army it will not be necessary lor Rud
yard Kipling or any other rhymester to
write lamentations for that army, hut
rather fir onr enemies.
speech was both logical and nitty, and
made as favorable an Impression as any
delivered that evening.
of   British   Columbia.    Mr.   J'e ry'e
Many were surprlied last Saturday
night to discover lhat Mr. Ralph Smith
M. P., is a betting man. How many
times he thrust bis band into his pocket, rattled his coppers and offered to bet
the house would be hard to eay. It la a
good thing lor Mr. Smith's coppers that
nobody wit bold enough to take him up,
aa ha would have lost on most of hit
Now tbe heavy-we'gbt wrltere of lb*
leviewe are criticising Lord Rosebery's
disappointing speech at Chesterfield
They find it a mere collection ol plati- j taxes.
tudes.  Maybe the British people are GEO. THOMSON,
becoming once more tbe grave and sober Assessor and collector, South Nan
Notice is hereby given, in accordance with the statutes, that provincial Revenue tax, and all assessed
taxes and Income tax, assessed and
levied under the Assessment Act
and Amendments, are now due and
payable for the year 1902. All
taxes collectable for the South Nanaimo Assessment District are due
and payable at my office, situate at
This Notice, In terms of law, Is
equivalent to a personal demand
by me upon all persons liable for
folk they were in the time of the Commonwealth. If so, no wonder they can-
not he moved by the llepirg pleasantrlta
of a lord wbo has twice won the Derby.
aimo Assessment District, Ladysmith P. 0.
Dated at Ladysmith, 6th Jan., 1902.
Who will be next chlel justice? is the
question sgitatiog a number of newspapers and no doubt a number ol
eminent lawyers also. Why ihould not
Nanalmo get thit honor lor once? There
aro several gentlemen there who are
quite as much deserving ol It and who
would honor tba position quite as much
as any ol those whoso names aro
mentioned, Some eay E, P. Davis,
otheri Gordon Hunter; alter all,doet it
matter much?
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Catalogue will 1000 Illustrations lent free on request,
All claims nca'nst. the Extension
Mines Reliel Fund Commute i end all
claims for benefits against Ihe lund
aforesaid must be presented in writing
duly certified to W. G. F>,eer, general
secietary, Ladysmitli, B.C., on or before
0.30 a nt., Jan. 25th, 1002. On said
date cnmmittei) will proceed to iliatribnte
the said fund and tbe cr-mmitteo and
trustees will not hold tliemsnlvei liable
for any claim or claima alter tbe date
87 4t General Secretary.
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John Leask
Parents and | lurdiane of cbildrcn will
And much to intereit them in tho article
on modern education on the third page
Protista agalnat the Idiotic attempt to
Bluff Ih. brains of children with miecel
laneoni knowledge, much of which is 	
totally unless to them, are going np| *>• ■t-M*+'t-r4-M-H'H^+M-'l*«sl*
Irom all quarters ol the globe. The
bright, rcoeptivo eeholar is often the
adult duffer; and it is notorioue that
many a hoy who was given up ae a hope-
lets dunce at school hai ilsenloeminence in alter life. There le too much
education, and not enough knowledge.
That it is nearly time to tliink of Buying your
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i tv.-A%%,-;v.:m!.vwi««aBra8assS
Mr. Gilbert Parker, the Canadian
novelist and member ol the British
House of Commons, blames Rudyard
Kipling severely for hii lateat poem
Mr, Parker iayi the Britiih officer i, not
fie man Kipling paintt him—now.
Wo never hear Mr. Ralph Smltb, M
P.,speaking without having the words
f.f the Date ol Wellington forced Into
our memory. Tbat exceedingly plali
tpeskir Mid:
"I hate like hell the man who niters
one tbiag and has another In his mind."
MacK.mie and Mann'a religious
daily, the Vancouver World, Ii trylnc
bud to "down" lie present provincial
government, and la not wholly unsatls
fled with III wonderful achievement*
At Aesop shows, It wat really the fly
that mad. the wheel go round.
At Mr. George Riley's DMtlng at
Eiqnim.lt on Monday night Ih* ineeoli
of the evening was made by Mr. B.J.
Perry, a n.w iter in the oratorical world
A writer in Vancouver World describing the charge of the heavy brigade at
Balaklava tsyi:
Not far from Balaklava tho Britiih
heavy cavalry and Ihe Scota Greys vers
He isemi to be unaware ol the hit
tbat tbe Scots Greyi are heavy cavelry.
The lame writer also leys that Captain
Nolan wai ihot while carrying Ite
ordert for the charge of tbe L'ght Bilg-
ado, This is a strange mistake to make,
because Nolan delivered bit meisag. to
Lord Lucan to cbira. tbe Rntslan battery, and be j lined the famous charge.
Captain Nolan wat tb. flrit mm ihot in
tbat charge; he waa galloping ahead of
tbe line, and it h. rode back tlirou.h
the parted rankt be signed to the brigade to halt.
The Best
Lager and Porter j!
In (own at the hotels is manu-  • ■
fsctured by the !'
Nanalmo, B. C. • •
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Copyrights Ac.
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qnlokly ascertain our opinion free wfaHtier an
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tent free. Oldest annoy for BMurinapatcnu.
Patent* taken through Munn ft Co. receive
tptcitti notice, without obnnre, la the
Scientific JIttiericati.
A hanilaometr lllastrat.4 woeklr. I-arwst dr.
eolation ol an, actentlflo Journal. Ternia, IS .
rear: four month., II. Soldbrul new.tt8.lora.
MUNN I Cot?8,B'"d*"'New York
Branch om.ee, CM F Bt, WaablBStOD, D. C.
Vancouver World hai drawn alien
tlon to a blunder which baa gone the
round, ol tho provincial preis. It wn
In making the woid "muddied" in Kipling's line about tbe footballer!, In hi.
lateat "poem", "muddled". But unfortunately the World Itself wai one ol the
piper, which to printed it. The Lead-
or wa. Ihe only paper In the province,
.nil we got mott ol them at tbit office,
tbat piloted tbe word "muddled." Tbe
difference between . muddied oil and a
muddled ono It no'.much, though "mud.
died oal" Il a! mere pleonaim, ss
sn osf il s dolt, indlldolli ai. not
remarkable lor clur-beadedneii. Tb.
World can explain tba .en.atlon toe
nicety, being undoubtedly the biet
example In the country.
l| The Leading ||
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:/ I
Cruelty and Absurdity of Modern
Educational Methods.
Trenchant Criticism   By   the Leading Observers
of America.-
I claim that there il too much cramming or uiging in our popular education
I refer to the practice in our cchoola of
giving the pupil too many studies. The
blame (tor the practice is blameable)
doet not lie eo much with tbe teacher
at with thote ol our educators who msp
out tbe course of Bltidy iu the schools,
I believe the curriculum is too long-
there Ib too muoh ol it perhaps by
third or a fourth. There are very many
pupiii who, in attempting to mailer tho
■et letsone by tbe teacher or by those
who compiled the cource, find themselves unable to do so. It will not do to
say of such students that they are idle
or tbat tbey do not try, because-it is
not true. They are not idle and they
do try.
Takeaohildof an imprcasiblo temperament, a condition of mind aud body
now in thie intense, rushing age not at
all uncommon, such a child will have
aa aptitude for study and an ambiiion
to do bis school work and to inako his
grades, and because of this be, or more
notably she, will lie apt to overwork,and
overwork meane by and by, little work
or no work aa the oate may be. Those
who have the education oi our young in
charge ought not to forget, which they
apparently do, that the mind, though it
bainvliiblo and immaterial, has ita
visible limita and its material dependencies. You must not crowd the mind
- for one obvious reason lhat it cannot be
orowded nor cramped any more than
can the body for any undue length ol
time, and remain in continuous health.
Mind has been lor bo ptany centurieB
regarded as almcat Independent of the
body, tbat it ie hard to realize Ihe truth
that it ii environed by material condition! ol tuch a character that it Is servant as well as master, Bnt why attempt to exhibit what is already Been
and admitted. It moy be also said that
much fa cramtm-i! down oue child at
school is not education. Education is
not knowledge, Knowledge cornea from
without, education is Irani witbio. It
is to educe—to draw out. But you may
draw out that which ie not worth the
effort, you may hot practically and profitably employ what you draw out because you may draw out what you have
absorbed as knowledge which is neither
practical nor profitable. But you may
breakdown the mental syetem by too
much, though good, just as you may
break down the organic system by too
much, though proper food. Menial
dyspepsia must he avoided as well as Indigestion of the stomach. Too much,
too much avoid, hot not too well, too
A child, from my standpoint, should
rarely bring ila books from the school
room for study at home at night. It
might be admissible Friday eveniug.
II the studious child cannot learn its
lessons In tbo six hours ol tbe school
day, there is something tbo matter; but
sot with Ihe clii'.d. I wish to transcribe
a tew ont ol many extracts frcm the
editorial page ol the Ladles Home
Journal ol January, 10iK, touching this
topic. Tbe excerpts aie dedicated to tbe
American parent, but they will fit nicely
ifobanged to tho British Columbia
parent. They aro as follows:
"Eight children in the echool from
where I teach have been withdrawn already Ibis term—two, I lear, with their
little brains hopelessly hurt."
"Alter teeing my frail little boy ol
ten lent home with twenty-live sutns lu
cubic arithmetic reaching home at half
paittour and working until ten, the
poor little brain too tired with cnbio
Inches to sleep, I withdrew him. Protest to the school availed nothing."
"Tw.lv. children tinder my proles-
slonal can aa a physician, have opened
my eyei thli year."
"I thought more ol the diploma than
ol my child. Now I havo only the dip-
"A beautiful niece In a private asylum
la a lorrowful tribute to modern ichool-
' lag."
"Poronr two monthi I hive helped
my boy .vary evening to get hii lessons,
and I give you my word that man ae I
am, I cannot finish them for him nntil
ten or eleven In the evening. And whit
good do they do hlfn?"
"Unlet, he tat up until midnight It
would be a mortal Impossibility lor my
boy to do the lessons Which he brings
Th.Portland Oregonian, a very con-
..rvatlv. paper on all mattert and whole
editor II quoted by all the leading pa-
p*r. In tha world, writet n follow, ol
4hls matter under the head:   "A lamil*
Mar cry,"
"For some month, past tho Ladles1
Home Jodrnal has been waging w,r
upon the "(tramming process" which
n part of our puhtio eoiiool system, -at d
especially upon the '-home study" r,<
quiroment tlutt fnquenlly sends children of lender years to their homes
laden with alt the books that they osn
well carry, upon which they are com
pelled to spend their evening! or "fail
of promotion." It ie well known thai
home lesBons and night study are baleful influences that undermine and de
stray tbe health of thousands of school
children eveiy year. Protest haa for
the most part been powarlese to stem
this title ol crielty against whioh children struggle with all their pnny
strength year after year. The machine
must he fed, a ad the daughter of the
innocents goes on.
Seeking an expression ol opinion from
parents upon thia matter, tbe Home
Journal has met n spouse that' prove-
all that it has asserted, and more, in
regard to tbe ravilsof this feature of our
public school system. Here .re • few
extracts from the large number of responses from pareutB printed in that
Compelled to bring home seven loo,
lessons every evening, after being in
school from II to 4, I have taken my
little girl of u nut) of the public echool.
Only last, evenhig I saw my boy work*
ing nt liia lessons, from 4 until 6, and
from 8 until 10, a nd at the end of that
time his lessons'.era half done. This
moruing I went to the echool, but tbe
principal could i tivo me no assurance of
things being different, Thia evening we
decided to with draw our boy.:
Last week wis took our 12-year-old
daughter out of echool—"he second ol
our children tb ie term.
Clever as he in, my little boy ol 10
oannot niastor the: lest one be brin».
borne, although he; works until 0 ave-y
evening. Repeated h ladacbes decided
ub yesterday to lake hii n out ol school.
For lour years in iu .cession I bay*
bseu compelled to ittthn raw my boy before halt of the term wat - over.
Fancy compelling* gii-l of 10 to brine
home a bag ol hooka neighing nearly
B'x piuuds.
Though coming togetlaer Irom wide
distances, there is that in these state-
incuts tbat finds sn ocbo io Ihe homee
of every city in the land, "Home work"
is an ogre, the dread ol whose presence
is increased rather than diminished by
familiarity; an implacable, monster that
turns tbo evenings. around the tamity
lamp into seasons of vexation, weariness, and childish compl, lining. Aa s
result ol the efforts to earn pe from tbls
pest of childhood, private iichools have
greatly multiplied in recenr. yean. But
thla remedy ii only within reach of Ihe
few—relatively spoaking The ohildren
of the misses continue to suffer—tbeir
parents apparently ns powerleai at
themselves to abate this evil, end th.
torture ol the innocent, goei relentlessly on, turning out hall-educated invalids and scoring lor "modern education" year alter year, The lolly ol this
sort ol thing is only exceeded by IU
Believing tbat the L«di«s' Horn. Jour-
nal and tbo Oregonian but voice th*
eentiinenti of tho many parents in regard to Ihe hurtful, and In many cases
dangerous scheme ot overcrowding tbe
minds ol our youthful school children, I
close with the remark that I believe It
Is crusl and wrong to overwork the brain
ol children ol school age, and prolan
aaaintt the cramming of children'! beadi
in the modern schools.
Vancouver, B. 0., Jan. loth, 1M1,
I it or i mm {
Comrllm.nl. for Bev. Ur. Baa-
Editor Leader:—In glancing over
your last issue I observed a letter from
the Rev. Ur. Rae, which ahoiti the
writer to be vdry muoh polluted with
bigotry,lor while he baa taken tie
trouble to defend one of bis arrant ideal
A Prod tabic I'ae Made of the Farm's
Sarpltti Frulta-She llai Become am
Expert Jelly Maker ana It Fay*
Somethlna Now.
One city woman has found life on a
small farm enabled her to add materially
to ber pin money by utilizing products
that otherwise might often have'brought
but little. A few years ago Mr. and Mrs.
, H. H. S. Howell moved to Vine Hill,
tie bss endeavored to do  eo by hailing   near  Lake Mlnnetonka,  building  their
..legation, intuit, .ud  bigotry of the j *»•« "-j" <«™/ ^aste'tr
America'! Example to Eaglantl.
Where America helps England, and
has helped ber to a degree incalculable
In its ffftict daring the last two years, Is
in her trample, Englishmen take heart
when Ihey think ot how America
(nnrht her way with tbe Confederate! to
it finish in spite ol hostile foreign criticism, in eplte of well-meaning men at
home, who urged her to give In aid sab*
m It to the Southern claim, on high moral
grounds, and ln spite ol ball-friendly on*
lookers hers, who told her kindly bnt
plainly that tbe task of Bubdulag the
the South was beyond her strength, and
that sho had better give in If she
wished to avoid rain* Such voices were
raised even during the last three months
ol the war, but America sternly refused
to listen to counsels ol surrender. Stubbornly she fonght on, and won the via*
tor*. By her example she Is helping ns
to-dsy far more then Individual Americana are hindering us by their prophecies
lowest type of a writer upon all bis
Oathollo neighbors, lu order to cover up
a task which he himself ia not capable
of owing to lil- "igotry, 1. It one thing
to make »<-h * iitt snd another to refute
the same. ll« k ws over a long rigmiirole
of charges aid suppositious (shirring
his utter lack i.f knowledge) to answer
wb-ch would -'"('lire considerable time
nnd many volumes which I have not at
present at my uupOa-al, aud considerinii
yourself might take up too much valuable space, but In the long run it would
be no good.- Such letters have bet-n
answered time aud lime again, but
bigotry will crop In a person of hia
caliber who has a little knowledge; but
which he magnifies through his bigottd
spectacles, which goes to show bow
little knowledge will hurt a mat.
though suppose he is a Presbyterian
Tbls gentlemen being clothed-with
religious garb has endeavored to insult
every one of his Catholic fellow citizens
and this done in the name of religion
too, I think thia is very unbecoming uf
him as a minister and a gentleman who
ihould advocate, peace Instead of creat
log discord, trouble, bitter feeling and
strife among the people of this enlightened agr.
I do not intend to follow him In the
dirt be hae created but lu answer would
refer him to snch writers as Corbett snd
Rev. Frederick George Lee, D. D., both
Protestants wbo went seeking for the
truth and found it to their satisfaction.
But tbe most amusing part of this
fanatical letter is, he save these liberties are Granted because it is now generally believed that Catholic* are good
citizens and capable of discharging tbe
duties of a oitissn or an offios judicial or
political." This sentence is too ridiculous for serious consideration and shows
the political ideas of the writer who, ii
seems to me, should be treated with cold
contempt. Again he says If we will give
up our present teachings and accept his
loctrlne, ask bis forgiveness*, etc., et<-,,
he will restore ui to our former place
and grant amnesty. But he has forgot
to appoint time and place for this humiliating ceremony lu ease we accede to
his demands, I am sure he would think
be had a flue brig. But the palut U still
at liens and bad U not been fur tbe
honesty of "M" we ihould never have
known there was such a petiiiin in circulation, which goei tosh')* the darkness within which It was kept. I think
"M" was perfectly In the rig nt in asking
the publication of tbe oath Iu order to
show tbe petitioners what they were signing. Now the question arise.*, would It
bs batter fir the Empire to omit the Insulting feature of the aald oitb? To my
tniud it wonld aod I am sure every fair-
minded person would agree for baaidei
bring H. M.'s snbj-wts closer together it
would place them on a mare eq ul footing* Woy should II. M\, be forced to
nsult mlUlous of his subjects wbo shart-
tne burden of his Empire and shed their
blood? Again, while we enj >y libertj
of conscience tbe King himself has got
to swear to that oatb whether be b*
lieves In It or not. In my humble opin
bn be is a poor meek tool of euoh men
as the Itev. Mr. Bae, wbo would force
tbe King to employ the doctrine of centuries ago in this enlightened diy; caring naught for H. M.'s prlvato opinion.
He must swear by that oath cr lis dethroned; is not that rldie-slous? Or, of
hundreds of millions of subjects under
the King all eo joy the liberty of conscience but himself. My contention is
that everything supports abolition While
there Is not one point In favor of retaining It in Its present insulting form, notwithstanding tbe narrow-minded mib of
Ur. Rae.
Ladyemith! B. 0., Jan. 21th, 1902,
Bev* Father Verbeke'* Reply*
Editor Leader :-Riv. Mr. We reply
to my artiete on the Coronation Oath Is
a long-winded effort to obscure tbe real
point at Issue. He treats your leaders
ton tiresome enumeration of old calumnies, which have been related over end
over again; and I do not earn to go over
the same old ground for tbe special
benefit of tbe Bev. Mr. Bae, If he li
anxious to see those calumMes refuted
loan lend him ''Oathollo Belief," or
"Hie Faith of onr Fathers" whore ha
will And plenty of opportunity to enlighten his Igoorenw,
He pretends to know all about   tbo
country life and chose that to gratify
themselves and as affording a desirable
environment for their children,
Mr. Howell's business fn the city occupies his time quite fully, but with some
hired labor he Ib able to look after hia
fruit trees and to keep up a fine garden
in.his leisure hours. The latter Is wholly
for his own use, but the former he could
not utilize In that way except in small
part. Ia most families, especially of
suburbanites, when the men of the family are engaged fn other pursuits and
merely farm aa a side Issue and pastime
tho marketing devolves upon the women
of tbe family.
Mrs. Howell in considering the matter
concluded that it would be easier and
simpler to market the fruit product of
the place In the form of jellies than to
provide a team and take it to market
daily. She had had no experience in
making jelly except for use in her own
home and sometimes found her undertaking a big one, but soon adjusted herself
to Its wholesale manufacture.
"Before making my first attempt at
manufacturing jelly for' sale," Mrs. Howell said, "I went to see several of the
leading dealers in this city to inquire if
any of them would take homemade jelly
and received no encouragement whatever.
One seemed much amused at the Idea of
my thinking I couM make enough jelly
for him to consider the matter at all.
'You had better make your jelly first before you talk to me,' he said in a manner
which Implied he did not think I would
make more than a dozen or two.
"Strange to say, that dealer has since
been my largest patron. I have never
aeen him since my interview, and I do
not think he is aware that he has ever
conversed with the woman whose jelly he
has been buying,
"I concluded to make the venture notwithstanding, believing a sale could be
found for It among private parties if net
with dealers. I made 1,121 one-half pint
glosses (since then I have always used
the one-third pint size), and by the 1st
of November all was sold to private parties and dealers, excepting what was reserved for our own use.
"It was not an easy matter to convince
the dealers tbat they needed any, for they
would point to their pails of 'jelly,' which
they could buy at a few cents a pound.
But ever since then one dealer has taken
each year all I bad to sell him. The most
emphatic refusals were from tbe leading
hotels and restaurants, who said they
could not afford to pay more than tub
jelly prices. Tbe pure food laws are now
discouraging the sale of Imitation jellies,
and I think there will be a much greater
demand for pure jellies.
"In making my jelly I am very particular as to the condition and quality of tbe
fruit. It must be either somewhat green
or just ripe, but not the slightest degree
overripe. Apples roust be hand picked to
avoid being bruised. Nothing wormy or
stale la used. I always try to use fruit
tbo same day It Is picked and never use
any picked over twenty-four hours. I
keen the juice In earthen jars and do all
cooking in sixteen and eighteen quart
graniteware kettles.' I always strain tbe
juice twice and never press the pulp in
the least. My method Is to cook the
fruit with water In the afternoon, mash
through a colander and then put all In a
bag and leave It to drip over night. In
the morning I strain the juice again and
put up to boil. After boiling ono-half
hour (with any amount under four quarts
twenty minutes is sufficient) I add heated
sugar and again boil fifteen or ten minutes, according to amount. I stir constantly before juice begins to boll, both
before and after adding sugar; also skim
well before and after adding sugar.
"I never need try it to see if it bos jellied. It Is poured into glasses and allowed to stand a few days before covering.
The past two years I havo used paraffin
to cover jelly, but concluded this year to
again use white paper under the tin lids.
I have heard of others complaining of
jelly fermenting when covered with the
parafiiti and to a slight extent have also
had the same experience. Two years ago
I made L\HS glasses and used tho paraffin. About four dozen glasses fermented.
If auy one can tell me why those fermented nnd all tbe others did not, I
would be very glad to know,"
Before ber marriage Mrs. Howell was
an expert accouutnut and uses tbe same
exact methods in ber domestic accounts.
She said:
"I keep strict account of all jelly made
aa to amount and cost of fruit, sugar and
number of glasses and all other Inc.*
dental expenses, as fuel, labels, cartage,
etc., so that I know exactly each year the {
arerage cost per glass of each kind of
jelly made. By so doing 1 am enabled to
know just what I can afford to sell tha
jelly for, an essential point In making It
for sale."
Tbe maximum record Mrs. Howell
mode In 1880, when she made 2,548
glosses. She began her work of Jelly
making ln 180?.—Minneapolis Journal.
Kladneaa ef Heart.
To be In touch with the finest etiquette
Is to have kindness of heart Lack this
quality, and no rules of behavior will do
any good. They will be followed while
yon nre thinking of them and departed
from- In emergencies, says the Chicago
Becord-Hereld, politeness, after all. Is
only a matter of common sense. It Is not
e blind chasing after some one who does
not know any more than any one else.
Because the French, aud English never
have asparagus any thinner than a heavy
walking stick, eat It from their fingers, ia
no reason why Americans, whose food
products vary with tbe divers climates In
the country, should cease to eat theirs
Oathollo Ohureh; the Uot Is tbat hell  from a fork. Imagine Europeans If tbey
Ignorant even of the ten* ts of hii own! wnltl get our corn on the cob picking It
flhuicli    Soeaklng of Catholics he lavs   out RrttiD by "rflln wlth * ,ork-   II ■■
onurcu.   apssamg oi oaiuoiicsm eays  KnMlcM to f „ t , .,
their very lotiodationelaimsof being the wnwtalnment or dross that has not for
only church IumiUb all other churohei. ita basis a good, sound stratum of com-
Tbe nisj'trtty ot   Protestants   believe mon «""»•   Frills of behavior are all
thittjiawhoLhodvolba.. nd ***** "j^SilS^'^
(Continued oo I'age Four.) I ttom. It they don't have, they will mm
I tall off, and then what a rerelatloal
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers ex-j
ceptiohal advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Fine public school building now being
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants   and
professional men.
Keep Your Eyu on Ladysmitli
Tlie CheapsideS
Before Block taking wo will reduce .11 our goods.   We offer the public
of Ladysmith and surrounding diitrict the benefit ol our
Wholesale Prices!
Virgin's) divinity not Implied 'I i the
woide Mother ol God?" No sir, no more
than In the words ol Elzibeth, who filled with the Holy Qbost, said to Mary:
" Whence is this lo me, that the mother
o' my Lord should come to me," Sin
oeisly youis,
P.S.—This iB my last communication
on this tubjsct. R. F. V.
Lidytmith, Jan. 24th, 1902.
Com* and take th. opportunity offered by the cheap tales.
m I
General Store, ■
High St., Ladysmith Extension Tunnel
Annual Clearance Sale ol
Twantv per cent discount for One
Week More. Real snaps in odd lines.
Come with the crowd and get first
choice of the best patterns before they
are all sold.
Sampson's Cash  Stores,
Nanalmo, B. C.
♦♦ ♦*******+***************
The stables for Ibe Coo pain's teams
are to be built at once near the Y, not
far from the pay office.
The Liberal Convention in Vancouver
has, it is alleged, been postponed unit'
tho first week in February.
Lively, the leading jeweler, ia .bowing
some fine gold and silver watches. They
are sold with a guarantee,
Snow fell heavily in and around Ladyemith on Thursday nigbt and Friday
morning. Th. depth was about lour Inches.
Do you believe in your own goods.
Then don't conceal thelact Irom the
public.   Advertise.
R. J. Burde, formerly city editor of
ot 'Wrlubav.r . ifovince, .nd late proprietor uf tbe White House Tribune, is
now city editor ol Nanaimo Free Press,
Ilm'l .tend that crazr clock any
longer. Take it to Lively'a clock
hospital and have it permanently cured,
Vary lew ol tbe signers o' tho rifla a ■
sedation petition have reported to Mr,
Ribert Allan to be sworn. Unless more
interes'. is shown this m.tter will have
to be called" off,"   go say tbe officers,
Too Ladles ol The Church of England
have postponed tbeir Concert, Since &
Supper, until Friday avinlng Feb 7 th.
The dance will be in the Social Hall alter the concert,   Foil particular! later.
Now ii the time to have your watch,
clock, old or new jawelry repaired or
altered by an elpert. Lively'. First
Avenue jewel, watch and clock depot. *
Clearing for the residence to be erect.
ed (or Mr. William Ruit.ll, obl.l ol the
pay office stiff, hat commenced. The
bouse will occupy th. tiling ground near
tbe otnee, and commanding a fin. view
ol tbe harbor. 	
The latest styles in hsir cutting and
be ird trimming at tbe Ladyemith Shav
ng Farlor, Hl.b street.
Now that Ladysmith ia to have a free
pnbiio library the proposal to form a
literary and debating society for mutual
improvement and a rational manner ol
epending occasional leisure hours is re-
vised. All Who fesl that tbey would
like to belong to such a society can help
tbo thing on by leaving nsins and ad
drill at Foil Offlcs.
"It Is never too late to mend" is one
nl Obarle. Blade's most fascinating
novels, and Lively the jev.ler will ehow
you what Reads meant il you taks your
watch or clock to him lor repairs,     t
Victoria will decide next Tuesday
whether George Riley, wbo can do a
great deal of good for tb. constituency,
being a warm Irlend ol th. government
and highly ieleemed by them; or F. 8.
Bafaard, wbo Is ■ itiiwwt and cm
•latent Conservative, not only unknown
DR.  J.   GRICE,
Johnston Bleak,     -    Nanalmo, B. 0.
P.O. Box, 37, bl. lit.
at Ottawa, but not likely to bo favorably
known owing to bis politics, and who
cannot postioly do any good t, Victoria,
is to represent tbe city in parliament.
Sensible Victorians will vote for Mr.
We must esk our correspondents to
kiep their valued communications
shorter. The shorter the letter, the
mora welcome it will bs.   Ed, Leader.
The Government of the nrovlncn nt
Ilrltlah Colombia hereby cff»rB a REWARD of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS
(DIOO.OO) for aucb evidence as willlesd to
the arrest and conviction of the person
or persons who, on the nlgbt of the
twentv-ninth ultimo, fired three rifle
bullets through the window of thedwell
Ing house occupied by Mr. Alexander
Faulds, mine superintendent, situated
at South Wellineton, Vancouver Island.
By Order.
Provincial Police Department,
Victoria, U. O., Jan, 11th. 1902.
No. St,
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Wednesday evening al 7.30 o'clock,
Visltora cordially invited.
Maple Lodge, No. 61, I. O. O. r.
Meets every Wednesday evening in
Nicholson's Hall. Visiting member,
are cordially invited.
R. NIMMO. 0. T.
M. SlcKIXLKY, Sac.
The Baseball Dnuce.
Everybody should remember lhat tlie
dance by the Baseball Olub will lake
place next Tuesday evening in Gould's
Hall. The boys have exerted every
effort to make this aff.ir a great success,
and no doubt it will he. All who attend
can depend upon hiving a throughly
good time. There will he good music-
a good floor and good company.
lev. ,'allii'r Vorbolte'* Heal,-.
(Continued from Pige Three.)
followers of Christ whether io the Methodist or Baptist or Romish Church form
the Invisible church, which it tbe only
Catholic one.
Now, Mr. Editor, the Weslmiuster
Confession of Faith, tha great bulwark
of the Presbyterian Church, takes just
the opposite. Ohapt, XX* V, Art, 2
read, as lollowe: "The visible church
consists of all thote throughout th.
world wbo profess the true religion and
Is the Kingdom of the Lord Jesut
Obrist, out of which there ie no ordinary possibility ol Salvation."
I think that the Rev. Mr. Rae ought
to go back to echool aud learn tbe doctrines ol his own church a trifle better,
belore he presumes to lecture the Catholics on their "Superstitions."
church which, according to Rev. Mr,
Rte, preaches superstition aud idolatry,
cannot profess tho true religion. Hence
according to the Westminster Confession, wo poor Catholics have no chanca
to be saved. Here Rev. Mr. Rae ie at
variance with tha fundamental doctrir e
ol his own chnrch, lor according to him
even the Romish can bs saved. Thenka
lor even bo much kindness.
A little further down the Rev, Mr.
Rieeaysi "It haa been stated on godd
authority that priests In the Church of
Rome must take an 01th, beside which
tbe Coronation Oith is exceedingly
tame," This is a malicious insinuation,
nnworlhy of a gentleman. Rov. Mr.
Rae does not seem to care one iota for
the commandment "Thou shalt not
bear false witness against thy neighbir"
otherwise he would nol have committed
himself to inch ill disguised elsnder,
Ia spite of tbe heroic efforts of the
Rev. Mr. Rae ray argument based on
tbe Coronation Oatb remains unimpaired. Whatever Catholics or Protestant! have done In the past is not to the
point here; two wrongs do not make a
right. Since the objectionable oath is
altogsther unnecessary, while'the omission of it wonld foater the good feeling
of millions ol Catholic! and the friendly
relations with some of his loyal brethren
whom the King now virtually charges
with idolatry, 1 claim that the oath
should not be taken, or so changed that
tbe objsctlonabte features bs eliminated
from It.
I will now answer a question of tbe
Rev, Mr. Rae, via. "Is ber (the Blessed
White Fop Thin Women.
A well known portrait pointer advises
women when posing for a photograph to
wear black at the neck, as It gives a
fuller effect and in the case of a very
slender sitter greatly enhances tbe beauty
of tbe throat
The same artist advises thin women to
wear white as much as possible, as it
makes their slenderness less apparent.
He says tbe reason why some women appear to bloom out in summer time from
comparative Insignificance ia because so
many white fabrics, such as starched
muslins, piques and the like, are worn.
Weddlna Ulna Lore,
A writer on "Marriage Lore" says: It
Is deemed unlucky when the wedding ring
comes off the finger, whether from forget-
fulness or accident. It is a common superstition tbat when tho wedding ring
has worn bo thin as to break it is a sure
indication that the married life of one
will shortly end in death. It Is suggested
that this solves tbo causo ot Indies wearing heavy wedding rings. Should a wife
be bo unfortunate ns to break her wedding ring It is believed that death will
toon rob her of her husband.
A. C. Wilson,
Funeral Wreathe, etc., Welding Bouquets in every style. Orders promptlv
attended lo. —NANAIMO, B. 0
Unaela'a Mllltarr Power.
On a peace footing the military power
ef Russia consists of 710,000 Infantry,
130,000 cavalry, 153,000 artillery, 42,-
000 engineers and 39,000 department
troops, Tho reserves number 2,700,
000.  '
Helaht and Welahl.
To be perfectly proportioned a man
should weigh twenty-clgbt poundB for
every foot ot his height
The Bed Hat,
The practice of the cardinals of Rome
tt wearing red hats at ceremonials
and procesvjlons was Introduced by
Pope Innocent IV. as a symbol to Indl
gate tbe readiness of tbe cardinals to
.pill their blood for Jesus Christ
Th.  Halter  ol the   Ship  Kiuroat
will   not    be   responsible    lor   any
debts contracted by his crew without an
For a^rder signed by him.
38-31 Master, Ship Kinrosi,
Seattle Daily Times
The liveliest paper In the Northwest,
Weekly edition a complete record of
the world's news to date. Sport,
politics, society, women's, interests,
young folk's department, literature,
science, art, music,
Tie M) PosMiillper
Seattle* With.  ,
Nobody can afford to be without it. AH the
telegraphic news of the week. Farm, field, garden, sport, society. Hca.itif.il illustrations! and
half tones.   Sample copy on application.
All For One Dollar • Yetr.
In the County Court ol Nanalmo,
bolden at Nanalmo.
In the goods of Anion! Piecetelli, E.
E. Hez-1 and Angus Bovd.
Take notice that I have bsen appointed administrator ol tbe above estates.
All parlies indebted to any of tbe
above estates are required to paysnch
indebtedness forthwith, end all parlies
having claims-must file the ssmewlth
me, duly certified, not later than tho
18th day ol Februarv, 1902.
' Official Administrator.
Nanaimo, B.C., January 14th, 1902.
Heating by
Hot Water,
Hot Air,
Steam, Etc.
Estimates given on all kinds of iron pipe work and sanitary
All work strictly first-class.
Hardware Merchant,        - Ladysmith, B. C. I
J. e. sriim
Sign and House Painting,
Graiulrg, Paner Hnntfinir and KkI-
Boinlnitiy    Estimates given.   Bat-
isfttction guaranteed.
Miners! Attention!
Hand Made Pit Shoes at the Bame price
is cheap factory made. Come in and see.
Alt work guaranteed.   Repairing done.
A. S. Ghristle,
LADYSMITH,        .    ■ B.C.
The very best
I  Upon the market today.   To be obtained at all  f
hotels  and bars in Ladysmith and Extension,  f
In case or bulk at
Pither £ Leiser's,
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
General Jobber.
Corner Pint Avenue aad datacrt Afreet.
Cabinet work of all kludp.
All kinds of soft wood furniture made
and repaired.
| Victoria,       - -        B. C. I
^^^Vlt^Wt^tWWK. »»%s*l«^ts«,tS^.<^<s^*»,*B,*S>.i**
',    We have received a large shipment of Alarm Clocks which we now offer at
Eighty Cents Each
And guarantee tbem for one year. All our other goods in our laige
stock will be sold at great reductions before moving into our new premiere.
Nov Is your time to secure bargains.
The First Jeweller,    —       -       Ladysmith.
Speed, Promptitude, Accuracy, No Dslaye, You Get Your
Anewer Instantaneously.
Do you want lo avoid tbat botlneit trip and thus live time and money?
Do yon west to order goods, end ba euro ol shipment to-day V
Do you want to talk with friends at homef
Do you Willi lor »ny reaton, * personal interview with partial at a distance?
i    Tuinuis
Thtf Long Distance Telephone.
Tariff frost Ladysmith for Two Minutes Conversation
To Nahaimi .15 centa .
To Chemeinni ft 10    "
To Duncan 20 "
To Shawnlgan Lake (ICoenlg'i) 26 "
To Sbawnlgan Like (Stratheoua) !6 "
To Sioke Likr _ SO "
ToGoldttream 36 "
ToVictorii 40 "
ToSunlehton SO "
To Sydney '. 60 "    -
You Can Easily Transmit 30 Words in a 1-4 of a Minute.
(Equal lo 210 worda In two minutes.)
Try Ilia following 80 worda:—" I did not telegraph, tearing ynu were ont ol town.
Could not epare the time to go up on train.   Mutt have your deciiion now,
■o called yon by telephone."
H. W. KENT, General Superintendent
************************++ 4.a>44++T+*T m+m+*++*+***t
Coal!   -   Coal!J
Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
Wellington £e«l   Best household coal on the Pacific
Comox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household ooal
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C
Ban Francliaco Agency,
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intel
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
The Leader
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Tim Table Ns. 48.
Trains lesvt Ladyimith south.bound, dally at 0.10 a.m.
Sundays at 8.52 p.m.
aud on Saturdays and
Tr,lSua'cl.rs ifi> aV"'m.a',rth"b0,,"d* d'"r *' "'" "'m" "" m "•"""•l" •»<«
Train, leave Ladyimllh for ExUnslon daily except Sunday at 0.00 a, m.. 3.0b and
10 p.m., and on Sundays at 10 p.m. , i«.w.»u
Eicursion Rates to ill Palntt, load Saturday and Sunday
Bee, L Oourtny,     -     Traffic Manager
'■'■«"-' -'


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