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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Apr 2, 1902

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Array ■?
that save X
trade with      %
Ladysmith Leader
I For Boots and Shoes ii
J Sickle's is the store i;
VOL.1. NO. 59.
| We call your attention to our Clothing and Furnish-  |
I ing Department.    Our entire stock in those depart-  |
* lnents is   to be disposed of at prices which   will guar-
I antee quiclc sales.   The latest aud newest styles in
| Hats and Caps just received and to be sold  at  prices
| which will surprise you.
jJessup's Pharmacy
'Prescription! carefully dispensed.
day and niglift
. .t-'i*   -	
Leiser & Hamburger
m Esplanade and Oatacre Street. tf
4 ftfeAMfrffi^^ KteK&K&Xi^&KUtiiMiiW^
Bt-rriller, Solicitor*,
Attorney .Jsgary Public, Klc.
Mcneyto Loon.
Nanalmo. - . .
B. C
Member Can. Society of Civil Engineers
Member Institution of Electrical Kiigineera
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited-
Work Guaranteed p. o. Dox 357
MR, MclNNES, M, P. L,
He is Appreciated by Victoria
\ Times,
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hi  ck  W
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fa-icy bread. .Cakes and pastries of - ftll. descriptions. Fruits in
David    Murray,!
; General
Buller Street, •       Ladyimith
Shop will be open every Thursday,
Friday and Saturday,
ARE   YOU   INSURED?    If not
get ineured at once, lor it may be
too lute tomorrow, I represent several
OLD anil BELJABLE Companies and
can insure you at a moment's notice tit
tlie lowret possible rates. All leading
companies charge the same rnlef. Don'i
ba mitled into insurittit with aclieni>
company -it might bo dear in the end
"WIS HOLD, THEJ3 SAFE."        I
Wm.   K.   Leigbton,
P. 0. Drawer 33, Nanalmo. B. 0.
This new hotel hae been completely
furntahed with all modern conveniences.
Excellent table, white cooking. The
bar is supplied with the finest wince,
liquors and cigars. An experienced bartender.
D. H. Davis, Prop.,
First Avenue,      -      t/tdyamith, B. 0.
One fac( is better than a Dosen T
Heireaye.    If   you   want   tbe
1 choicest mcatn go to
l.tih'smitli, 11, 0.,
R. Williamson, Prop.
A f.esh supply   of   Vegetable! X
always on hand.
Special attention given to ships'
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Thli new hotel hai been comfortably furnish, d Bid tlie lar li up lo .'ite.
Beit accommodation lor transient and permanent boarder! and lodger..
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
Ladysmith, B. C.
%SV.S*,SS5*«i?«*»!S*iSi*a 1
Ladysmith Dairy
New Milk, Creamery Butter, New Laid
Ekbi and Fresh   Vegetable! supplied
Daily.   Leave ordera at the poit oilier.
Seeds, Plants, Shrubs-
R.  II.  Johnston,   Victoria,  has  the
Quest selection in the province.   See
samples at Leiser A Hamburger's store
Prices and estimates cheerfully given.
Roses In great variety.
Ths Esplanade,
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
1 Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and) Carbanated Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUMniNG,        - Proprietor   !&9s>*
-^mmmmmm—-—===m^^.^  ■'-' f        ■■'■■
(We srs Igsnts fer
Law stock of Engliih Fishing Tackle. Lacrosse Ooods, Etc.   ■
John Barnsley & Co.,   j;
Victoria, B. C. ii
   -ii Kodak., Film., Etc,   '.'.
******************************************** '
Agent, for
j. J. Taylor
Plr. Proof Safei;
Ladysmitli Teaming Depot,
All kind! ol heavy teaming done
The Crescent Hotel
Whol.iali.nd Retail Deilers in Meals.
Poultry   and  Vegetable..  Osim In
stison.   Shipping order! alt.ml.-d lo on
iiort nolle.
Wm. Hepple, proprietor,
Fint-clisa ir*ommod»tloni Ior mlniri
and transient!.   None but
The Beat Wines and Liquors
served it tho bar.    Hive ui a call
Cor. Victoria ltd A Oontmerclil St,
NANAIMO.     -     -     B.O
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Efc.
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent.
- Offices -
The Esplanade,  ■   Ladysmith, B, C
Near Oranil and Frank lintels.
For eome time back Victoria TimeB
baa been publishing the portraits of
the members of the local legislature, ac<
compLnled with succinct sketches of the
lives of the various representative.?. This
enterprising piece of journalism haa undoubtedly proved of a very gte;.t ecrvice
to the general public. Tbe Times must
also be praised for its excellent esries of
portraits and life-sketches of tbe ministers of the Laurier cabinet. The latest
of.the provincial portraits is a very fine
one of our genial and most popular
member for North Nanaimo, Mr. W. W.
B. Mclnues. The likeness is to the life,
whilst the following good-natured pen
picture of the talented young representative will be enjoyed by all wbo know
him and wbo may not bare seen the
j Times of that date:
It Ib inevitable that a gentleman with
tbe name of William Wallace Bruce Mc-
Innea should be both a Scotchman and
a fighter.   Mr. Mrlnnes is a son of ex-
Governor Thomas Ii. Mclnnes, of British Columbia, and won hia spurs in the
Dominion general election of 1306, being
then one of the youngest members ol
that body, and one of the first quartette
of Liberal representatives to go to Ottawa to represent this province,   He was
born at Dresden, Ont., in 1871, and wbb
educated at Toronto University and at
Osgoode Hall.   He took the degree of
B, A, from the former place and was ad-
milted to the British  Columbia bar in
1893.   His maiden speech In the Canadian Commons, when he    moved tbe
address, In reply to the speech from the
1 Throne, attracted wido attention to him,
and I Is career then seemed to. be one of
[ great promise.   However, be afterwards
resigned hie seat and was elected in 1000
to the local House as an Independent
but now follows  Mr, Martin.   He was
married in 1804 to Dorothea, youngest
daughter of Usury Young, of this city.
Mr. Mclnnes it, a born politician, a
vigorous and wonderfully fluent speaker
with a magnificent voice, whicli serves
him well wheu on the stump.   Ho is a
very hard hitter, but his uniform good
nature robs his heaviest attacks of the
suggestion of vindictiveness.  Personally
he ia a favoiite among the members.
important  Business  Transacted
Monday Night,
At the regular weekly meeting of the
executive of the Ladysmith Board of
Trade, Monday night, the committee
appointed to wait on tlie Government
at Victoria reported what they had
done.   The report wae adopted.
The secretary reported regarding the
interview held witb Mr, Thomas Kiddie
on Friday evening, and stated tbat Mr.
Kiddie was glad to learn from them that
there would be no objection to tbe establishment of the emelter here.
Moved by Mr. I. Gould, seconded by
Mr. Christie, tbat this board hereby
expresses its satisfaction at tbe establishment of the emelter in Ladysmith,
and pledgee itself to assist the Company at all times to the best of its ability. And that copies of this resolution
beeent to Mr. Clermont Livingston,
General Manager of the Tyee Copper
Company, and to Mr. Thomas Kiddie,
manager of the Tyeo Smelter, Lady,
smltb.  Carried unanimously.
Messrs, J. W. Coburn, T.L. Grabame,
And I. Gould were appointed trustees
for the Ladyemith cemetery, with
power to make all necessary arrangements for securing the lawful poBeeeeion
I of tbe cemetery for the citizens of Lady*
Tbe general monthly meeting of tbe
Board of Trade will be held next Monday night, 8 o'clock, Gould's Hall.
Every citizen of Ladysmith Is cordially
invited to be present and show his interest in tbe welfare of the town.
Ladysmith's Churches Beautifully
Special services were held in all the
Ladysmith churches on Krister Sunday,
The attendance at the several filets of
worship was very good, The pastors
conducted special services, and in most
cases the aaered edifices were handsomely decoratai, mostly with flowers, tbe
effect being very pretty.
The Anglican place of worship in Od-
fellowa' hall, had received the artistic
Attentions of the ladies of the congregation who deserve the highest praise for
THE LOCAL GOAT.        	
Diverting COndUCt Of an   Interesting ability.   The einEina: na. very fine
Citizens of Ladysmith
All Citizens of Ladysmith,
B. C, are respectfully invited
to become members of the
Ladysmith Board of Trade
Objects : The advancement
and improvement of Lady
Cocos  Island
News Irom the Blakeley.
Newi haa reached Victoria Irom Honolulu that a boat lias spoken the Mate-
ley at Coeos Island .ith one of the
treaaure.on board, and looking for another. Alilmiiih notiiflii'ial. it la alio
reported in the Han Francisco papere
that they have lound the treasure. If
those report! are eonllrinod ell the
Oompany'a itock will be ciocelhd at
II yon w.nt Ibe best chance ever offered to mike • luriune, buy a share of
itock or. part share at once, I'.iw,
MO, »20 lor % 1 f.10lor If, Neit month
they cannot be houitlit for 10 tltuei that
I amount.
P. 8.
I   ltemeujbar each stock holder own! a
•hare in the ihip nnd her iqnipment,
thai you practically rhk noihlnir.
D. B. CillllSTOI-HKIt
01 late the children in  Ibe neighborhood of First Avenue, at It! Spion Kop
 . —.......  «,«..,   mm.   sir.
uuuu „, iimi .-Helm,'. ML 110    nillUU   IS.UI1 ,       , ,.,,«„,,
'             -           ' not only a vo.ci of rich   .nd mallow been engaged for tbe Tyee imeiter
lection, hive derived much amusement ,„>.,,, Unt it hu received rare cultiv- r,d„.m!,h
r.„m .h. ...!«.„»...,....,._...  -.,-     - . 11.111v1n.11n.
fiom the anllca of an elderly white vnat
which prowls around the neighborhood,
browsing where it lists, and occasionally
varying the monotony ol a country life hy
giving chase to itray yonmistere; thole
pursuils provoking shouts of laughter
from the comrades of the pureued.
No doubt thli mission for variety lid
the Intelligent animal to enter The Leader office tho other dny in eearcb, doub-
leas, of intellectual nourishment. Nobody being present In tbe office to attend
t> Hi orden the goat meditatively
pranced ('own the iront itepi until
etching light ol a lone dog mouthing
around the do;rway William atarted in
lint ehaie, the dog putting Ior town top
•peed along Fint Avenue. No dog a.
yet hu been lound brivi enough to stand
before the horns and awesome beard ol
the white (error of North Ladyimith.,
retains Ihe championship of the king',
highway from Buller to Macdonald
ation.  The solo waa greatly enjoyed.
Tbe Methodist congregation duly honored the day by decorating Ihe church
very prettily. The services were very
In tlio ltoman Catholic church special
■ervicei were held, with large congregation! at each. The muiical portion of
lb! services wai specially fine.
Entirely relitri.lal.nl and renovated.
Fi.st-elass table. Every accommodation
for ladle! visiting Nanalmo, Mra. T. J.
Ttiomas ln charge of dining room will be
h.ppy to welcome- all old Wellington
.nil Ladysinilh liiendi.
W. THOMAS, • Proprietor,
'•The Pacific Exploration and  -
Development Co,, Limited,
89 Blidcnge Walk, Victoria.
Thli nld-Kstaldlml,  Fint-Olaai and
sWretsrv   Popnlar Hole! la most comfortably fur-1   \y
0"-re,"J- nlihed, centrally situated.   Bo! mend, „,,
•I train..   Br.'ellt-nt. Onlslne.   liar stni-ked I' ""
with the finest wlnei, liquor! and cigars.
her accuitomed nnd.ritood tbat quite a number oi tbe
  .ai very fine.   In "lidenti ol Van Anda, Texada Iiland,
the evening Min Bertram sang with whe.e Mr. Kiddie waa manner ol the
iplendid effect Handel'a beautiful solo "nielter, will loon come to Lidyimlth
Irom    "Theodora,"     "Angela    ever
bright and lair,"   Miei    Bertram hai
Kxtenalou New..
Many fresh men were taken on to woik
at Extension on Monday, and olheri
are being engaged evo.y day.
No. 3, will be In lull working operation
again before the end ol neit week.
Work at No. ii il going on iteidlly,
All the water ia out, but there have been
aome fall! and caves in tbe lower level!,
which will take aome little time to n*
Already preparation! lor slatting on
the abort line to Ladyimith ire lo be ob-
nrved, Work, it li understood, will be
carried on Irom both ends.
I.ndi.ml.l. I'iil,ll<- Nt-hool Marsh He-
Average Attendance—Division 110 08.
Division II. 82,75. Division III. 43.78.
total 117.10.
Pupil! attending dm Ing month— Division I, 40; Division II. 88; Division III
60. Total, 134. Total boys, 04. Total girls
the gentlemen al Ladvsmlth .nd neighborhood. McNichol tbe High Street
Manager Kiddie Has a Conference
With Citizens' Representatives.
Until Thursday last the matter of ibe
Tyee Smelter being built at Lidyimilh
wae iu doubt. Thil wai owing to lev
eral very tempting offers which the
Company bad received from varioua
quarters, the lateit being tbe elfsr of a
site at Somenoe, at tbe end of the aerial
tram Hue. All these offer! were very
cirefully considered by tbe Tyee Copper
Company, and after careful itudy of all
the condition!, it wu finally decided
that the lite at Ladyimith wu thi belt
and that the advantages lo ba bad hire
were greater and more numerous thin
were to be had anywhere else.
Accordingly, the final decision ot Ibe
Oompany'a officer! wu reached lut
Thursday, and the imeiter will be built
here ai loon u possible,
Mr. Thomai Kiddie, accompanied by
Mr. Thomson, ol New Jersey, tbe noted
imeiter expert, viiited Lsdyimith during last week and made a further   examination of the eite.   Mr. Kiddie csme
np again on  Friday   Irom    Duncan'i,
where be il at preient itaying, and in
tbe evening he met a deputation of the
cltlzsni lu the parlor of tbe Abbotiford
Hotel, and discussed, infortnelly,   tbe
whole question. He said tbat the Company had been lomewbat afraid thit
[ opposition would be   met   from   tbe
citizen! on account of the fnmei from
the imeiter.   Tbe gentlemen   present
assured Mr. Kiddie that ao far ai they
were aware there wu no ground for this
| ipprebension, and   tbit    tbe citizen!
only too pleased to lee the imeiter et-
tablished on the ontikirti dl tbe town,
and that Ihey wiibed   tbe Company
eviry lucceai ia the operation ol   tbe
| imeiter.
Mr, Kiddio expressed hii pleamre
and a.tiifac'ion at hearing thia, and aaid .
that be wonld report the itatement to
Mr. Clemont Livingiton, tba Oeneral
Man^rer of the Tyee Copper Co., at th.
earliest possible opportunity.
He informed Ihe gentlemen prennt
that tbe work of clearing for tbe erection of the imeiter buildings would
commence wltbin a lortnight irom that
date. He looked forward hlmiell with
considerable pleasure to reiidence in
Ladyimith.   From remark! dropped by
tbeir excellent taste.   The service wu,      - -    »«.»F^=« uj
full choral, and Mil! Bertram presided |Mr' Kiddie during the interview it ll
to tike up their reiidence.   One oi tbe
Van Anda emelter itaff, bis already
Lidyimlth.      ^^^^^^^
The contract for the aerial tramway
from the Tyie Minei to Somenos nation, E. & N. Bail way, wu lit lut week
to Mr. B. C. Riblet of Nelson, B, C, and
construction work, under thit gentle*
mm'l peiaonal supervision, with a
itrong force ol workmen, will commence
it once. It ii expected thit the tramway which will mn in an almoit straight
■iue Irom the Tyee en Mount Sicker to
Somenoi itation, will be completed ind
ready Ior operation in about two month..
The executive of the Burd el Trade,
at their regular weekly meeting on Monday evening, unanimously pined the
following resolution, and the secretary
wu Instructed to forward copiel ol tha
same to Mr. C, Livingiton, Oenirai
Managir, and Mr, Thomai Kiddie,
manager ol the Tyee Copper Company;
It li nndenlood tbat tbe roasters for
the Tyee Smelter will bi placed dole to
No. 105 bridge, .bout . mile ont ol
Lsdyimith, bnt tbit tb. furnace wlll be
placed on tbe waterfront oppniite the
•nd ol thi »pit. Tha rapacity ia to be
.bout 150 loni • d.v, but the work! will
be built io that ihey can ba e.aily enlarged lo much greater eapully.
Chemnlnua Hnspllnl.
Th. following war. th. doniti.ni dor*
log M.roh: CikM, jally, and talad,
Baptist W. Minion circle, 1 nek each
parsnips and beau. Mn. Ransom., 6
roil trees;1 honeysuckle; Mrs, Main-
guy, flowiri: Mn, Conway and  Mn.
We put our  belt work    into every'
turned     out   ol    our   eitab- --• * -■*■" ——.«- ."«  n»rs.
liihmint, hence onr popularity amongit B™»»|l, reidlng matter. Viotoria Dally
 Ooloniit   and Tlm... N.n.im. run.
Ooloniit   and Times, Nanaimo Daily
Herald and  Free    Pren,   Lidyimlth
Leader,  Acknowledged with thanki.
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extenslon News.
Published every Wednesday and Saturday at
rhe Leader Building, corner of First Ave. and
French Street, Ladysmitli. llritish Columbia.
V. L. GRAHAME, Editor and pkoi-hietob.
n Bv Mail ik Canada and United States.
Oa. year (atrictly in advance)  |. no
Is months (atrictly In advance)'    i .5
TRANSIENT—First insertion inc. a line; each
.sbiequent Insertion sc. a line.
Rates on application. No wood cuts used.
Csla for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each insertion 50c.
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
time wlll be charged for until ordered to be ilis-
THE LEADER wlll.be found at the following
Ladysmitb-The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Nanaimo— E. Pimbury & Co.
Victoria—Public Library; Provincial Library; and
Vancouver-Public Library, aud Hotels.
New Westminster—Public Library,
All change. In advertisements must be received
at this office before 11 noon tha day before
Subscribers not receiving paper regularly plense
report to this office.
All job work strictly cash on delivery.
Transient advertisements cash lu advance.
doei not know the tale of that bitter
tragedy? How Sir Stamford, brave and
•teadfait ai ever, bii noble spirit refusing to be cruihad although the wont ol
all possible thing! bad befallen him,
announced to bla guest! assembled
around him on an occaiion of rejoicing
that a despatch which had juat been
banded to him contained the mandate
of the British Government reeloring
Java—hii Java I —to Holland, and so
laid hii life work iu ruina about hii
leet I
--The splendid empire which had been
wrested Irom the Dutch by the 'courage
ol Halting!, stimulated by the genius
and foresight ol Ealllas, which bad been
seized by the dash and valour of a mere
handful of Englishmen, and which had
bsen transformed in leu than a decade
into a smiling paradise by the wisdom
and nil-devotion ol iti governor!, waa
lost to ui forever—lost, be it remember
ed, became the despatches in which Sir
Stamford diecloeed the richneu ol the
new colony lay neglected in a pigeonhole in the Foreign Office 1
Yean alterwarda theee priceless document! were unearthed, their eeala et 11)
unbroken, and too late waa learned tbe
magnitude and aplendour of tbe chance
that Indolence had mined. To all thoie
who care lor England's - greatness the
ion ol Java is . bitter memory, but lo
me the tragedy ie sorest in that it surrendered the deitiniei of million! of the
brown people! that I love to the keep-
ing ol Holland."
A  LOST   EirjPIIti:.
With vivid power, and tbe inlorming
touoh ol the man who knowi whereof be
write! by actual local knowledge, Mr'
Hugh Clifford, C. M. 0., telle, in the
courie ol an abtorblugly inteieiting
paper in the March Blackwood's Mag-
■line on"th. romance ol • Scot! family,"
ol how the Britiih Empire lost tbe magnificent Islands oUava and Sumatra,
with inndry other ol the Spice Islands.
Long ago we read the itory ol
the cession to the Dutch ol
tbat paradiie el the auitial
■eai, and ground the teeth in impotent
wrath over the Ion ol what wonld have
been in Britiih hands another India
bnt not until we read tbe romance ol
rwl 111. pictured by Mr, Clifford in lait
month'! Miga did we know why tbii
extr»ordin»ry cession wu mide. Tbe
itory il wonderfully like tbe ficti connected with the ion of Oregon, Washington and the Coast Islands to the
Britiih flag, but while the North American ion wu canied by iheir incapacity, that of th. Javanese empire wai
due to the criminal negligence ol a Government official in the Foreign Office.
Ia the early yean ol the nineteenth
century, Sir Stamford Bifflei and a
•mall party of itout-heirted Engliahmen
wr.it.dtb. Islands Irom the Dutch,
alter a iharp and vary decisive conflict.
For ten yean Sir Stamford ruled tbe
Iiland, and tbe progreii made lolly
jnillflsd tbe conquerors' bold act in adding thil important territory to tbe Empire. Sir Stamford lint home minute
and glowing descriptions ol the prlte
wbleh he, like an earlier Cecil Rhodes,
bad won Ior the flag, but receiving no
ripliu, continued to reign as became a
npreunt.tive ol hii Britannic Mij-
. Than cm. the n.wi thit Or.it Britain had ceded the islands to tbe Dutch,
Tb. blow wu a itaggering one, Sir
Stamford and hii little band ol heron
oonld not undentind it.   Let Mr. Cliff-
. ard deieribe in hii graphic   way,   the
.   falling ol tbe bolt:
"Who among ut all in Eastern Asia
In the Britiih Home of Commons Mr,
John Morley laid, a lew dayi ago, tbat
he did not care what bard namei he
might be called, but be wu going to
Mmark tbat the actions ol tbe British
army in South Africa were "infernal
atrocities." The London papers found
quite a number of hard namea and
Hinging comment! to offer in reply to
tills extraordinary utterance.
Time ii flghting lor tbe Dunimuir
Government, and at Ihe same time
knocking out Ihe so-called oppoeilion.
lo spite of the effort! of a prejudiced
preu, iu ipite of the declamation! cf
men like McBride, McPhillipi and
Smith Curtii, the position of the Dunimuir Government is daily growing
atronger, McBride has been diacovered
to be an intellectual lightweight, and ia
now classified with the leatlieiheadi
and labelled "dangerous."
For an orator who monopolies to
much of tbe country'! attention, Mr,
A. E. McPhillipi, M. P. L., ibowi a
■omewhat distant acquaintanceship witb
the proper pronunciation of common
English words. Tbe other evening in
the debate on tbe Redietribution Bill,
ha uted tbe word "convenanl" frequently, and Invariably accented tl.e
■acond inatead of the flnt syllable. It
grated harshly ou tbe eara ol tbois wbo
expect much baiter things Irom provin'
clal oraton,
Itr,   Hnwlliornlhwalte Criticized.
The following isvere criticism of tbe
Ltbor member for Naniimo li given ae
lt wu received in tbii office from a Victoria correspondent who hu been making a itudy ol tbe local legislator, lince
the opening of the session, and who
promiiu similar atudiei ol other member! from time to time. We publiib tbe
letter unexporgated:
Editor Leader—From a Nanaimo
common-sense standpoint, Mr. J. H.
Hawthornthwaite come! under the
category of "neither uielnl nor orna
mental."   Hii peculiar, erratic, incon
siitentand ildlculoii! behaviour It re. a
the impression tbat hi! li not a well-
balanced mind. Instead of living up lo
his profeeiioui of being an Independent
Lobar repreaentalive and giving an unbiased support to any and all good
measures, no matter by whom Introduced, I find him on all occasioni arrayed
against the present government.
From Mr, Hawlbornthwaite'a standpoint, nothing good can emanate Irom
tho Dnunnulr Government. If ytu
question him as lo bii opinion of wbi t
kind of government we might expei t
nnder tho leadership ol Richard Mc-
Biide, you would be certain to evoke
tbe UBUal reply "no good." In lact it
looki as if Mr, Hawthornthwaite hid
oome to lb. amiable conclusion tbat
nothing in the preient legislature, gcv-
ernment or opposition parly leader! or
private membcra, were any earthly account, with two notable exception!, vie,
Mr. James Henry Hawthornthwaite and
Mr. Smith Curtii.
Hii blind, slavish aud inbieivlent
following ol the latter named gentleman hai made him lillculons in the
public eye. Mr. Uawthorutbwaite'i
position in the legislature li in enviable
one. He il tl.e only member in the
House elected as the direet representative ol labor. He represents a coniliu-
encj—Nanaimo City, second in importance to no other in tbe province.
He wai elected as an independent,
uutrimmeled by pirty affiliation!. The
only initriictiom he had from his constituent! wu to nccompliih tbe greatest
good lor the Labor came. The only
semblance ol approach to partylim in
hia election wae bii own voluntary statement, whon be received bit nomination,
"that he prelerred Ior certain reason! to
lit on tbe Dunimuir government tide of
the House."
Hai he lullilled his promises in thil
respect? Can tbe best intereit oi Labor
be served hy being at perpetual and
childish warfare with every one else?
I have atated that hia position wai an
enviable one, but Mr. Hawthornthwaite
haa let the golden opportunity piss him
by. Instead of being honored and respected he ii laughed at. Instead of being consulted on queitioni of state, he li
quietly Ignored. Inatead of being a
bsneflt to the cause ol Labor he ii only
a itumblin. block and a hindrance.
I conien to a feeling ol regret to have
to write tbii about a man of whom I hnd
"great expectation!." I thought that
tbe man who bad the courage of bii
conviction! Itrong enough to . xpoie ihe
coriupt machine politics of his own
parly at controlled by Ralph Smith and
Dr. McKechnie would be couragioua
enough to pick out a couree for himself
in the provincial legislature luat.id ol
falling . helpless victim to the hypnotic
spell ol th. eccentric from Roailiud.
There Ii yet a chance lor Mr. Haw
thornthwilte to redeem hiraiell, there
are two yean oi bii term unexpired, Many
things can be .ccompliibed in that ipice
ol time. The public ii at wayi willing to
forgive erron wben it ii apparent tbat
an honeit effort Is made to reform. Lei
Mr. Hawtborntbwaite aet Ihe part ol a
Labor repreientative and support or oppose tbe pirty in power when the intereit ol Libor demands. Hold aloof from
machine manipulators, graftera and
fanatics, and he il reasonably sore ol
future tewird at the handi ol tbe public,
But a continmnce ol hii preient courie
unerringly lead! to political oblivion,
J. B. R.
Victoria, B. 0„ March 81,1002.
I held are f.ee; low *i»H.si^.ioW.ttw.u*»*ia*(a»».sr»wa^
That winter lu t: ^^^^^^
they roll!
With low and dreamy voice,
Winda hint of coming j iyi,
Joyi fit to wed with the dreams of a
See, o'er yon gllmm'rli ir
Waters, the shimra'.i.ig
Tear-drops of gladness Irom angels 1'e
Hark I The contentment,
A.lark's tcul'i presentment
To morning; aloft where tbo   blue
arches bend.
Glorious haimony
How keen the Irony—
Mankind'! discordant — and   Nature1!
one voice,
Would man bnt emulate
Nature in tuneful atate,
Death would telze Care, on beholding
luch joyi.
Long reigned tbe Snow Queen;
Hushed hath the long been
Of our woodland cholrstere; drear were
the da)i,
Now winter hath gone, and
Spring deck! wood and lawn; and
Let ua all j .in to Nature's our malini
if praise,
Dawson, Y. T„ March 12th, 1002.
Everything in stack is imported
direct from minufacturers or made
at our own factory,
40 tears lu our biisineii means
something, '
When visiting Viiotla cine in and see our large and modern establishment and attractive iiiiel,~you a 111 not need to buy. If you cannot come
send your name ou a poit card and we will mail von a catalogue—free.
Coal!   -   Coalll
Tramway Company Incorporation
Notion is hereby given by the Tyee
Copper Company, Limited, of 45 Lead-
ennall Street, London, England, and
having its registered <'tHca at Cleveland*
Cotpfild, in the Province of British
Columbia, pnrsuant lo section 3 of the
above Act, and section 2 of "The Tram*
way Incorporation Act, 10C0," tbat the
Cainpanyprnpodea to build and operate
an aerial tramway from a point en the
lands ot Company, known as the"Tveti"
Mining Claim, mi mitt, on Mount Bicker,
in Chemaiuus District, to a point at or
near 8traifurd'e croRplnir, on tbe Hue of
the E-:qulroalt and Nanaimo lUllwav,
being on the land known a* section 18,
Itinge IV, Somenos District.
The geitoml route of the said tramway
will be in a straight line between tbe
points above mentioned.
Dittd at Victoria B. C, this 21 it day
of March, 1002.
By tin* Attnrnev In-Eact,
Wellington Colliery j
X Company, Ltd.
Beautiful Spring.
Garden Tools, Hoes, Rakes, Forks, Spades, Shovels, etc, etc,
Wide, meiduni and narrow Poultry Netting, just
the thing you require for fencing up your grounds, we
have them.
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Biplanideind Oatacre Street, •> • Ladysmith
i ta«ir«*.,.,.-«*ir^^
■ I. Ai. 11, ill ill
Spring Greeting,   ii
Long reigned tb. Ice Quren;
Hnihed hitb the vole, been
Ol onr wcodl.nd cboliten: dn.r ware
the d.yi;
Now Winter'! gone ind
Spring deck! wood .nd lawn, and
Let ui join to nature'! our matins ol
Horning la bulking
Nature il waking
See crown yon ridge, the Eui'a purpling blui;
Bad th. bills wrtitbing,
M.n joy biquiatblng,
In golden sheen robing tbe earth witb
bar rayi.
Dew on the tlowiri lie;
Oh I How thi houn fly
Wben lile'i horizon's unclouded witb
" Thruihei are thrilling
The air wiih Iheir irilling-
Wikel   Slumbereri, wake I And for
Stream! from tha mountains
Guih, ior tha fountains
Wellington Caal   Best household coal on the Pacific
X Comox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Bayues Sound.
The Leading ||
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Weekly edition a complete record ol
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I Mutual —j.
i Insurance §
5 •
Q o
Copyrl^lit, 1001,
• w       By A. S. niohiirdson.  m
o o
-Ineoh Flnlclier nnd his good wife
Mary had lived together Iho lives of
farmers for twenty years or more and
bad never had an hour's misunderstanding. They hnd no children, hut
their company wils nil sulficli-nt for
each other, and nt tlie age of forty-live
they wero in tho best of lionllh nnd
without regrets. Then tlio serpent
crept In. He wns Iho agent of n life
Insurance company, nnd ho ant down
ln the kltul.cn where Mrs. Fletcher
wns malting pumpkin pies nnd talked
her to n standstill. What ho wanted
wns to secure mutual insurance, it policy by which tlio surviving husband
or wifo would in'olit in tho sum of
$5,000. The farmer's wife had heard
of such things, hut was opposed lo
them, and tho agent hnd to talk for
two long hours bcforo ho could secure
licr promise to "lalli to pn about II."
That night sho did talk, though without nny heart in It und was much relieved when tho husband turned to
her and said:
"Mary, It would bo llko flyin' In tlio
face of the Lord, and I wouldn't think
of such n thing."
no had to think, however. The agent
enmo back again and ngnln, and nt
length his persistency received Us rc-
wnrd. After much doubt nnd hesitation n policy wns duly taken out and
filed away in tlie bottom drawer of tho
burenu, and tho serpent find Inflicted
Its sting. Thnt afternoon ns the bus-
blind followed Hie plow In tho Held ho
found himself wondering whether ho
or his wifo would die llrst nnd whether
it would bo good policy for him to
build n now barn out of Unit insurance
money In enso ho was Iho survivor.
And the wire, ns sho sat peeling potatoes for supper and opening the oven
door now nnd then to look at tho linking bread, fount! herself wondering
whnt she should do with tho t'ltrtti nnd
nil Hint money 111 case Jacob met his
death. Two or three days later a windmill agent culled, and ns ho Incidentally heard of tho mutual Insurance ho
laughed nnd snld:
"May bo all right In your ease, but I
should look at It as a temptation to
my wifo lo got rid of me. Uiisbnnds
have been poisoned for less than $5,-
Ho was spunking In levity, but ho
sowed a seed. On flint same day tho
■wife of n neighbor dropped in for a
gossip, nnd of course sho was told
nbout tho Insurance policy. It struck
her at first ns n good thing, but Iwo
minutes Inter she held up hot' lunula
nnd exclaimed:
"Sfnry Fletcher, do you know whnt
you havo done? You havo prepared
your own grave!"
"La, but how you talk I"
"Yes, yon hnve. Tliero Isn't n husband on the face of the enrlh who
wouldn't throw his wifo down the eel-
Inr stairs and break her neck for $*>,•
000. You won't bo alive to see Thanksgiving!"
Hero was nnother seed, and that
night for tho first time since their marriage tbo farmer eouplo Wt suspicion
nnd distrust As thoy sat together the
husband-looked tho wife over and do-
nnd she even figured out who he would
tako for his second wife. They went
lo bed in nu unhappy frame ot mind,
and two or three times during tho
night each woke up and wondered
nbout hot lend being poured Into husbands' enrs nnd wives being smothered
with pillows as they slept.
Tho next four weeks were wretched,
ones. Not a menl did the husband sit
down to without wondering If the food
or drink had been sprinkled or mixed
Willi poison, nnd hardly nn hour pnssed
that the wife wns not on her guard
against somo sudden attack on her life.
One day tho milkhouse door blew to
on her and made her n prisoner, nnd
she littered such serenins of fear tbat
the tramp on the highway who heard
her did not dare go to her assistance
uutll be had summoned help. At another time sho .Hipped ou the cellar
stairs, and after much looking nbout
she discovered a peach stone nnd treasured It up ns legal proof of tho husband's planning. Love, trust and confidence hnd flown out of the window, i
and tho neighbors sagely shook their
heads nnd observed thnt thoy were
prepared to hoar of nn awful tragedy
any day.
One ulght the husband woke up with
a chill of four.   He had dreamed that j
be saw his wife standing over him '
with n butcher knlfo raised to strike.
Ho found her beside him nnd seemingly fast asleep, but he determined to
pass the rest of the night on tho hay
In tho bnrti.   He bad scarcely left tbe
house when the wife woke up.   She
hnd dreamed of being hacked to pieces
with the ax, and her husband's absence sccmctl to be proof that he had
gone out nfter the weapon.  She would j
bnlllo him by biding In tbe carriage '
shed until morning.   It therefore happened thnt while ho was skirting the
duck pond on the right to rench tho
barn she wns skirting It on the left to
reach tbo carrlnge house, and presently
they came together ln the darkness.
"Murderer!" she shouted as she
turned to flee.
"Murderess!" ho shouted ns be started back.
Then both went slipping down the
bank, clawing nnd clutching at ench
other, and brought up with a great
souse In tho pond. Wet and bedraggled, they climbed out on opposite
sides, nnd while she spent the remainder of the night shivering under tho
currant bushes and wondering If he
would kill her nt tho first blow or chop
her up by degrees be sat on the doorstep anil mndu up his wind to appeal
to the law without further delay.
Morning hnd come, and the pair had
Just confronted each other when a
neighbor who wns passing halted at
the gate to Bay: I
"Hello, Jake, have you beard tht
HOWS?" j
"No," was the reply. I
"Ain't you und Mary Insured In the
Sure Pay Llfo Insurance company?"
"Willi, she's busied blghcr'n a kite,
nnd your policy nln't wuth corncobs."
"Slio's busted for sure?" queried Jacob. "
"Suro's you live."
"And f nln't insured nnd Mary nln't
Insured, mid wo wouldn't get a durncd
cent If either died?" j
"Not u durncd red." j
"Then—tboii, come here, Mary, come
nnd kiss me," snld the husband as he
opened his lirins. I
" 'Pears lo mo like you might be glad .
of tho bust up," remarked the neigh-
"Durncd If I nln't!" replied Jacob,
with tears iu his eyes. j
"And so'm I!" sobbed the wife as she
threw her arms around bis neck.
} An A**ic.ent flat.
The oldest public house lu England
' Is Ye Olde Seveu Stars, standing lu the
• heart of Manchester, which has been
licensed for 550 years.
The Wheat Fir.
Tbe wheat fly feeds upon tbe flower
ot the wheat, while the hcsslan fly lays
Its eggs ln the stem. The former thus
renders the flower abortive, while the
Injury done by tbe latter affects the
whole plant
Silent, bnt Jolly.
One of tbe Jolllest clubs in Paris, It
Is stated, is Oue formed exclusively of
deaf and dumb persons.
A Hornet's sting.
The pain produced by a hornet-,
sting ls caused by a poison Injected
Iuto the wound, and so Instantaneous Is
its effect ns to cause the attack ot this
Insect to resemble a violent blow ln tbe
Facta collected by Insurance companies show Hint tbe danger from Inheritance lu tbe case of cancer la not so
great aa li commonly supposed.
Chinese Women's Hair.
Dressing tbe hair Is the most important part of a Chinese woman's toilet.
The district she comes from may be
known from tbe manner in which she
docs her balr. It also indicates her
station In llfo. Young girls, whether
married or single, wear cues, colling
up their hair as tbeir western sister,
do on attaining a certain age.
Britain-. Granite.
Leicestershire Is the greatest granite
producing county In tho United Kingdom.
Opnqne Glass.
A bathroom window or one having
an objectionable outlook may be made
opaque at little cost To a pint of stale
nlo add a handful of epsom salts. Mix
well nnd apply with n brush. This
makes a hard finish that will lamain
Indefinitely or if desired mny bo removed by scrubbing at any time.
The amount of sugar consumed In
tho civilized world last year was over
0,000,000 tons.
Keeping- Menl.
Meat It Is snld, can be kept fresh for
a week or two by putting It Into sour
milk or buttermilk and placing It ln a
cool cellar. It must of course be rinsed
well before It Is used.
Hnnloh Breweries*
A (Ingle brewery In Munich uses US
railway freight cars of its own besides
28 belonging to tbe state. Other breweries hav. 143,00,80,100,80, etc.
To Polish Glass.
T. polish glasa of any and all kinds
then I. nothing .quel to newspaper.
Window., looking glasses, globes, lamp
chimneys and spectacles, all may be
cleaned witb It Wash first dry and
then rub with newspaper. It Is the
printer's ink tbat does It
Rabbcr Trees.
A rubber tree fou» feet In diameter
yields twenty gallons of sap, making
#nrty pounds of dry rubber.
"uniwitnEssI" nn shouted as hi:
elded that In case of his death sho
.would surely marry again, She'd havo
thnt Insurance money, and she'd spend
It with liberal hand, and along would
come somo piano man or sewing machine agent nnd snap her up ns n prize.
She inlgSt possibly erect a fifteen dollar headstone over his grave, but sho
wouldn't go a dollar higher, nud tho
clothes he loft behind would bo given
to some neighbor's hired mnn Instead
of being preserved nnd wept over.
Thoughts ns hard nnd bitter pnssed
through the mind of the wife, Jacob
had nlwiiys been kind nnd loving, but
there hnd never been $3,000 nt stake
before. With bor out of the wny and
thnt money In band ho would repaint
tho house, get a now toiini of burses,
tray a top buggy and cut n grout swell,
License to Wenr Ribbons.
There still exists In London a bylaw
which forbids n ensk of beer to bo unloaded between certain hours, but no
mention Is umdo of casks containing
any other liquor.
Lucerne has on Its statuto books n
law which Is not enforced. It prohibits lulls of more than eighteen Inches
in diameter, forbids the use of artificial
flowers and imported feathers and orders Hint n license of 75 centi n year
Bhiill be paid for the light to wear ribbons or silk or gauze.
Vicuna bus the severest cycling code
of any city In Europe. No one may
lido a bicycle In the streets without a
certiorate of proficiency. Ladles must
bo able to mount nnd dismount from
both sides of their wheels, show tbat
they can turn corners and.ride in and
out between n number of dummies.
All cyclists nro photographed by tbe
police, and this photograph Is fitted
Into n littlo book containing the rule,
for cycling In the city. For this book
tho cyclists must then pny $1.20. Besides this a huge brass number has to
be worn conspicuously placed on tbe
bundle bar of the iiiucbluc.-Strny Stories,
Teaching Business.
Tho merchant of fifty years ago believed that business could not bo learned hy educational processes, sayi a
writer In Success. Tbo school which
proposed to tench business wai looked
upon with suspicion. It advertised to
do ilio Impossible. The tricks of the
trade had to bo taught in tbo counting
room under n system of apprenticeship.
The merchant received the boy Into hii
family nnd made hint the trnited companion of hii llfo and Inbors. It waa
the sumo In Hint dny In all trades, but
conditions are changed. Tbe volume
of business now transacted and the
methods lu voguo In offices, stores and
fnctoiies make It Impossible for the
business innn of todny to afford tlmo
for Ute general training of bla clerks
and assistants. The shop I. tbo place
where training must bo used rather
than sought. Thus In many occupations It has become necessary to substitute practical training In the schools
for iho teaching formerly given
through experlonco.-DetTolt New.*
Sweet Potatoes.
The southern way of cooking sweet
potatoes 1. to boil tbem first, then slice
the long way In slices a quarter ot an
Inch thick, lay In a dripping pan with
bit. of butter, sprinkle with augar,
duit with cinnamon and brown ln tbe
It li a great mistake to Imagine tbat
ease ls conducive to longevity. To en*
Joy life and prolong It occupation of
•om. aort la absolutely necessary.
A Dangerous Tree.
Tbe fruit of tbe umgnnu tree of South
Africa yields a strong intoxicating
drink for tha natives. Elephants are
fond et It becoming quite tipsy, stag-
goring about, playing antics, screaming
•o as to be board for miles and having
tremendous lights. When In thli state,
the natives leave them alone.   '
The Cow'. Horn,
Throughout Africa tbo cow'i born ll
a favorite Instrument, being used In
connection with others on all festival
Fireproof Doors,
Experiments have demonstrated tbat
door, of wood covered with tin resist
Ire better than those mado of iron.
lolled Flower Vases,
A little powdered pumice stone will
removo the ring of discoloration In a
flower vnse that docs not yield to rinsing with ammonia water. If out of
reach of the fingers, the powder mny be
applied with a damp cloth tied to the
end of a little stick.
Largest Artesian Well,
The largest artesian well In th. world
I. 14 Inches In diameter and 04S feet
deep. It Is at Cerrltos, In California.
The Chinese Laugh.
The Chinese laugh Is not ns hearty or
ai expressive as the European or American. It Is eftcner a titter than a genuine outburst of merriment There Is
little character of fore, lu it
Rnnd  Improvenienl.
In 1874 a rood club for the Improvement of country raids In England wai
..tabllshcd by n society of persons Interested In coaching.
Leather nnd l-erfnme,
A few drops of any perfumed oil wlll
secure libraries from tlie consuming effects of moldlncsi nnd damp. Russian
leather, which Is perfuined with the tar
of tho birch tree, "ever uiuldi,
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British §
Tyee Mining L'onip.'n y- smelter n.i >' i
duenna works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysm,th *
 FulllinToTgoods just  arrived at Sampson's Cash Store
J, SAMPSON,     -     Commercial St.,
McAdie Block, Victoria Crescent, Naniimo, Bi 0. 1
Having leased the McAdie Block, and
having bad the rooms comoletely renovated, lam now prepared' to receive
boarderi with or without rooms. Visitors from Ladyamith will find moit
comfortable accommodation at very
reasonable ratei. MISS KEITH.
Hon. James Dunsmuir and Mrs. Dunimuir viiited Eitenaion on Friday lust
Mill Bertram's ichool opens today for
the new session, with a number of new
Mr. and Mn. P. H. Marshall Bpent the
Easter holidays In Victoria, visiting
± X
i cm
*********** ***** **********
Mr. William Russell of the pay office,
■pent the Eaiter holiday in Wellington.
See those nobby linei in tweeds and
cloth! at Caldwell'i, Nanaimo's tailor.
Mn. Jeisup visited Iriendi in Nanaimo
on Saturday, returning on tbe afternoon
Spring suiting, just arrived. Choice
pitterni at reasonable prices. Oald well'a
Commercial St., Nanalmo,
Min Herd returned from a viiit to
iriendi in Nanaimo on Saturday alter-
Mn. Dr. Walkem ol Nanaimo, viiited
Mn. H.T Porter of Ladyimith on Satarday.
The lateit itylci in heir cutting and
oeard trimming at the Ladyimith Shaving Parlor, High itreet,
Messrs. Wymond and Vyvyan Wai
kern ipent their Enter vacation at borne
in Nanaimo,
Mill Ramsay ol Nanaimo went down
to Victoria on Saturday atternoon'a train
to attend tba convention.
See thoie elegant Scotch and Engliih
tweedi Ior bnilnen and ilteriworkiniti,
Wwr.n of them are always well-dreiaed
McNichol, the High Street tailor.
Principal and Mn. Walter Hunter ol
Nanaimo went down to Victoria on Monday'• train to attend tbe school teachen1
Mr. T. J. Barron, prineipal ol the
Ladyimith Mhool, wai a paaienger to
Victoria train Monday morning, on his
way to attend the conference of teachen,
Mr, Davidion of Ladyimith Iron
Foundry hai gone over to Pender Island lor a tew days on business.
On Snnday the funeral ol tbe late John
Dick, Nanaimo, took place. The pallbearer! were Mauri, Thorn ai O'Connell
D. G. Dailey, Jobn Renwick, S. Hamilton, Er. Mayor Bate, and 8. Drake,
Ber. W. B. Cumnilng officiated. Th.
tuneral was under the direction of
Menu. MacAdie A Son,
Johmton Block,     ■     Nanaimo, B, G
P.O. Box, 37, lei. 145.
Vialta   Ladyimith every Saturday
Bonn Irom 11 a. tn. till 6 p. m,
Abbotiford Hotel.
Paint Paint Paint
Painting season is now here
and they all want'
It Is reported that Mr. Caldwell, the
Nanaimo tailor has the finest stock of
spring euitingB ever seen on the Island.
get in early before the choicest are
snapped up.
The town had a deserted appearance
on Monday, so many of the stores were
closed and so many people out of town.
A reprint.cf a hymn of tt'jrd Mucaulay
written when Im was seven and a half
years of age, with a facsimile of the
original handwriting, has been issued In
pamphlet form. Stvaral of the lines
foreshadow the bold rhythms aud piclur-
efque touches which In alter years gave
distinction to Macaulay's lays.
Theie are live stems, the third being
as follows :--
Tby wrath Ib like a burning fire;
Thy goodness all the good admire;
Thy word restores the dawn in tt day ;
At thy command blight lightnings
Miners! Attention!
Hand Made Pit Shoes at the same price
ae cheap factory made. Come in and ace.
All work guaranteed.   Repairing done.
Mn. Sarglson ol Victoria ii ipending
a few days with her Bister, Mrs. H, T.
Porter, of Lodysmith.
The usual crop of April fool jokei were
perpetrated around town, and aome of
the victim! bit real hard.
Don't tail to lee G.H. Gavin's samples
ol wallpaper at Captain Dillon's office,
Esplanade, Choice new designs at astonishingly reaionable prices.
Mr. George Oaeiidy and a party oi
friends went over to the island! on Good
Friday and evidently had a good time,
lor they returned laden with immense
bunchei ol Easter lilies and bucketful! of
Nobody can feel easy in aault of clothes
tbat looks as if it had been made witb
an axe and a claw-hammer. Mendressed
in McNichol's luiti enjoy peace of mind,
becauae tbey know they look like gentlemen.
One of tbe physicians at Nanaimo I hospital the other day cbafflngly asked an
Iriahman who happened to be visiting,
which he considered to be the most dangerous of all the cnssB he bad seen in the
inititution. "That, eor," replied Michael, pointing to a case ol eurgical instruments on the table.
Mn, J. McMurtrie left list week on a
trln to Scotland, and will be absent,
few monthi.
High class picture frame making;
skilled workmanship; satislaetion guaranteed. Estimates cheerfully given. C,
B. Robelee, First Avenue and Gatacre
itreet, Ladyimith, B. 0.
A full report ol the fancy dress cam!
val under the auspices of the Anglican
Church, in Oddfellows' hall last night,
will appear in Saturday'! Leader.
Mr. 3. E, Norcross, editor ol Nanaimo Herald, has severed hii connection
witb that paper. It is understood that
Mr, NorcroBl will resume his profession
ai ichool teacher.
An Expert.
Dr. Temple, the Archbishop of Canterbury, ia a notable parsonage about
whom many good atorlei are related.
Some year! ago a young curate, eeeking
to be licensed, was bidden by Doctor
Temple to read a lew versei of the Bible, in order that bii dtness for conduct
ing public wonhip might ba judged,
"Not loud enough." wai the ciltielim of
the bilhop when tbe young man hid fin
iihed. "Oh 1 I'm lorry to hear that, my
lord," replied the curate; -'a lady of the
chnrch yesterday told me that 1 could be
beard molt plainly all over," "Ah I are
you engaged?" suddenly aaked Doctor
Temple, "Yei, my lord." The bilhop
smilsd grimly and laid—"Now, listen to
me, young man, While you are engaged
don't believe everything the lady tells
yon about yourself; but," he added with
a deep chuckle, "alter you are married
believe every word ihe Bays."
Also a "Paint Brush." We
have all kinds.
tadysmith,       >    .    B. C.
It Wns impossible.
A quotable itory ii told ol a minion-
lonary who was ipending a Ihort holiday
in Texas. Alter he bad been at his hotel for loma dayi he met a very fierce-
looking man ol the cowboy type, who, he
noticed, bid anything but a iweet temper. "Do you know," be aaid to him
one day, "that you ihould love your enemies?" "That'll thing I can't do,
sir." "What! I am sure a man like you
could do anything li you tried." "Anything but that, pinon; it's impossible.'1
"Impoiilble," said the mlnlonary, surprised and hurt, ' II- 1" "I ain't gi t
one to love. I ihot the lut this morr-
..    Notable People.
Mr. George Lynch will represent the
' Sphere" on bond Ihe Erin at the race
lor the America Cup. Leaving Cuba alter
the war, M. Lynoh wai In time to be
■hut np In Ladyimith, In hit arms
Steeveni died, He wai captured by the
Boeri In an attempt to escape with dispatch.! Irom the bshugured town. II.
wai releiied in time to join the Telntiln
expedition. But be hu (ailed, ai yet, tn
win a berth on Ihe Holland sub-marine
in iti projaoted lubaqncoui journey from
America to England. j
A. S. Christie,
Is hereby given that application wiil
h. made to the Legislative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia, at ite
present session, for an Act to incorporate
a company with power to construct,
rquip, maintain and operate a single or
double line of railway, to he operated by
steam, electricity or any other mode of
power, at and from the City of Victoria,
in the Province of British Columbia,
thence north-west hy the most feasible
route to a point at or near Seymour Narrows, in the said Province of BritiBh
Columbia, and with power to construct,
establish, maintain and continually
operate a railway ferry steamship service for the purpose of transferring for
reward, passengers and passenger and
freight cars from the said point at or
near Sevmour NarroWB in Vancouver's
Island, to a aoint on tbe Mainland of the
Province of British Columbia; and with
further powere to build, equip, maintain
and operate branches of the said railway
from any point on the main line thereol
to any point in Vancouver Island: and
with power to build and operate tramways in connection with the said railway ; and with power to build, construct
equip, maintain and operate telegraph
and telephone lines in connection with
the said railways and branches and with
power to generate electricity for the
supply of light, heat, power, and tor all,
any and every other purpose mentioned
in Sections 80, 81. 82. and 83 of the
" Water Clauses Consolidation Act,1897."
and to do everything necessary or incidental to the oarrying out of all or any
of tbe objects referred to in the said
Bections; and with power to exercise all
tbe powers given to the company by
Parts IV and V of the "Water Clauses
Consolidation Act, 1807." and with
power to build, own and maintain Baw-
mills, and to carry on a general express
business, and to build, maintain and
operate, bridges, roads, way p. ferries,
wharves, docks, Bteamboate, steamships,
coal bunkers and other works, and to
make traffic or other arrangements witb
railway, steamship or steamboat and
other companies; and with power to expropriate lands for the purpose of the
company, and to acquire land bonuses,
privileges or other aid from any government or municipality, or other persons
or botHes corporate, and with power to
build wagon roads, to be used in tlie
construction of such railway and in advance of same, and to levy and collect
tolls from all persons UBintr, and on all
freight passing over any of such roads
built by the company, whether before
or after the construction of tho railway,
and with power to sell out its under,
taking; and with all other usual, necea-
sary and incidental rights, or privileges
as may he necessary or conducive to the
above objects, or any of them.
Dated at Victoria. B. C„ this 24th day
of March. A. D., 1902.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of the Famous
None but Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, -        Proprietor.
■ No. 31,
I. O. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially invited.
Pilher £ Leiser
Direct Importers and Wholesale Dealers In
Wines,   Liquors  and  Cigars.
All the leading brands kept by us.     None
but the best imported.     We solicit your
G. H. Mumm's Extra Dry Champagne,
Kilmarnock Scotch, Lemp's Extra Pale Ale,
St. Louis Beer. 5
Playing Cards, all leading brands including J
Bee's. $
| 13 to 15 Yates St., Victoria, B. C. |
1 Telephone Nn. 148. if
Maple Lodge, No. 61,1. 0. 0. T.
Meets every Wednesday evening in
Nicholson's Hall, Visiting members
are cordially invited.
22   LOAVES   22
Delicious Bread.
$1.00 ONE DOLLAR $1.00
Why bake wben ynu can get But li
value and delivered at yonr dooi?
Scotch Baker, 23 Years' Experience
J.KENNY, Ladyimith Bakery,
Esplanade, Ladysmith,
NOTICE ia hirby given that I intend
to apply to the Board ol Llcenae Commissioners for the Town of Duncans, B,
U. at their next Bitting lor a transfer of
my license for the Bale of Wines and
Liquors by retail upon the premise!
known al the Alderlea Hotel, Duncan!,
B. C, to Joseph A. Rogers, of Duucans,
Dated thie 4th day of March, A. D.,
Painting, Paperhanging and
Mattress Making.
Leave orders for mattress making at
Cspt. Dillon's Office, Esplanaste, where
samples can be seen.
Guy H. Gavin, Ladysmitli
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Coracr Pint Avenue and (Utacre Street.
Cabinet work of all kinds.
All kinds of aoft wood furniture made
and repaired.
Nanalmo Clothing Renovatory.
Cleaning, Dyeing and Rspaiiing of all
Silks, Satins, etc., done like new. All
work guaranterd. Commercial Street,
Opposite Nanaimo Hotel,
NANAIMO, B. C, P.O. Box420.
Winnipeg- Toronto
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. S. Points.
Steamship - Serviee
Japan, China,   Hawaii,  Australasia,
First-class Sleepsri on all
-TOST. PAUL, Daily.
TORON TO, Tueidaya and Saturdaya.
For pamphlet! and all information apply
to any G.I'.R. agent,
H. H. ABBOTT,      W, MoGIRR,
Agent, Victoria.     Agent, Nanaimo.
Ant, Genl. Pan. Agent, Vancouver,
Smelting Works
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intelligence. • Accurate
reports. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
The Leader
I Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist
Convenient to E. & N. or Sea.
& Nanaimo
Eaeter Excursion.
DOUBLE TBAIN SERVICE Good Friday, Saturday and Bnnd.v M.»h
"8th, 29th. and 80th, Southbound tralni Laving Udyimlth at 0.10 am aid
6.16p.m.andNortbt»nndtt»lBiatll.57a.m.and7;ilS^.m.eaoh day.
good irom Friday, Miroh SWth. until Enter Monday, Marob 31,tf Incluii'vel
See, L. Oourlnsy,
Traffle Manager


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