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Ladysmith Leader Dec 20, 1902

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 liiiil.ilnli.l.ifc"--1--*■■•B-e.-i.i.-*.  '   f I *r__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__H ^__»
Ladysmith Leader
.      WANTBD ]
Mat«.rF,n.l,. Apply so
;;    A  OOOD BOOK   KEEPER,    X
:, Male or Female.  Apply to T
.¥. ■  t. m   ■■■». t.... t>. t   t. * .«..■..-..t. ...». ¥ .■■.«..-■■>. ■-■■ ■-
VOL.11. NO. 132.
To our Patrons
Owing to the disastrous fire- of Saturday
night we are compelled to ask your forbearance for a few days. By Thursday
we hope to have new premises erected and
restocked, when we shall be prepared to
fill your wants. Thanking you for past
it ' Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Esplanade and Oatacre Street, ■ • Lady ami th
Xmas Gifts
We have them in great variety. Everything
y that you can possibly want, from the Baby up.
Sometimes you find it hard to make a choice. If that
Ui is your case come right along aud let us help you
i i choose.   That is our business—we study it.
Goll Cape,, 4 different varieties,
Irom 16 6010110 CO.
Ladles' and Gents' wild-plated
and silver-mounted UmbrellaBj
j * Read the following list and be convinced that
11 we have the right thing.
■n ■-'■-■ '
Western Coal Co., of San Francisco
Acquires All The Properties.
Output Wlll Be Largely Increased
And New Methods Introduced,
Black Beaver Cloth Capes, nicely
trimmed, with braid and silk,
14.001 o 110.00
Laditt' Cats, newest atyles, lo
black, Oxford grey, and tweed,
Bab/CoaUIn Aslracban, Melton,
Bearskin, Eiderdo-n.
Silk   Bouies,   French   Fltnntl
Ladieb'-UudeiBkirtB, all colmira,
splendid varloly, Irom 11.60 to
16 00.
Ladles' Fancy Ties, Neck Ribbons,
Belts, Satchels, Manicure Sels,
Handkerchief and Glove Hose;,
Photo Frames, etc.
Tbe finest assortment of Men's
Ties ever shown. Right Iroin
New York. No two alike. You
can go into this lot blindfolded.
Our Big Sale of Boots and Shoes starts on
See Bills for Special Announcement.
ilasonic Block,   Ladysmitli
Porhapn tbe most important item of
iiewe lately pnbllabed in connection
with Vancouver Inland iu tbat wbieb
eomee from San Francieco. to tbe effect
that tbe New Vancouver Ooal Company
of Nftnaimo bave Bold out all tbeir large
interests to tbe Western Goal Company
of 84a Francieco, and tbat tbe new
ownem will onter into possesion at
once and develop tbe properties as they
never were bandied bet .re.
Tbe N. V. 0. M, Co. have sold every*
thing; mints, wharves, land, over 33,-
000 ucrt-e. machinery, Improvement?, io
fact a clean sweep of tbe whole lot, It
is reported tbat tbe American company
will greatly increase tbe output.   M
M. Robina, Biiperin lend ent of tbe
old company, wbo has been in Ban
Francuo lately und te now on the way
home to Nanaimo, having, it ia under*
stood, consummated the sale to the
eatiefuotiou of both ii-.trlies concerned.
Tho new company acquires nleo the
bunkers, barge, aud otber property of
John Rjeeofeld'a S-ma Co., of San
Francieco, tho etock and bueineas of J,
C. Wilson ■& Uo., aud the Howard Co.,
of Oakland.
The officers of tbe new company nre:
President, J. L.  Howard;   Vt-tse-Preal-.
dent, J. B. KuiiUi; Secretary, D. 0. Nor
cruss.   Tbe capital stock  of  the com
pauy amounts to $1,500,000
Now Running Full Olast And to
Entire Satisfaction.
Vast Body of Ore Now Reedy Por
A,R Johnston&Co,
Oeneral ilerchanti.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,   *
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Abtoluttly Iht Bunt ttt .old in B.C. II you do not know
thli tsk our cuitomert. Or better still try one pound 60...
Impoited directly Irom Deckajnlle Tea Gardens. Only
ourselves between Ibe grower tnd yon. Your second order
will bt S pounds, price 12.25.
W. T. Heddle A Co.
Free Press Block.
A Free Press Block,     ""SJ
: ooo-oo-tooooe-*
aoada Dallversd Free
-* Lady-smith.
gtt insured it once lor ll miy be
too lite tomorrow. I repres.nl several
OLD and RELIABLE Uompenlee end
tan Intuit you ai a moment's notice at
tht loweit ponible ratea. All leading
companies ehirgt tbt nmt ram. Don't
be milled Into Inturing with t cheap
oompany-It might be dear In the end.
Wm.  K.  Leighton,
P. O. prewar 33, Nanalmo. B. 0,
jjartlby oiaaoam
Kea*barCan.todatyofcl,ll Snalama
Member In-Utatloa of Wwtrical "gagiaMn
Conaultlag electrical Bngjnttf
p. o. total
Ber-tMara, tallctara mhI
OtHtl QteMltW.- MMtag, Rat.ru M,
LADYIMITH, SXh        P.O. SOX 243
Thlsold-E-rUbllsh*), rint-Oltn and
Popular Hottl li moil oomlorlebly lar*
alined- etntmlly sllniltd. Bu meets
trims. EgtellenlOnlilnt. Bar stocked
with Ihe flout wind, llqnort and olgari.
,  • -KANAiaO, B. O.
JOS. fOX,      •      •       Proprlitor.
Tlio Mao Bonk
Httd Offlct, Toronto, Ont,
OiplUl Paid Up 18,000.000
Rest... -1000,000
How. Gap. A. Cox, Presldint.
B. E. tTAiiaa, General Htnictr.
A Branch of this Bank has
been opened at
tavlaga Ink Itfarttant.
Inltrtit allowed oa dtpotllt ol one dollar Itl.OOl and npwardt.  Tht dtpotltor
It mtijsot to no delay In dipotllltg ot
withdrawing lands.
Gonint Acoonutt Optntd,
Loam Negotiated.
,   Drtltt iHUtd payable It ell peril el
I Ihe world.   , ______
For the oonv.nl.no. ol cuilomtit tad
olbirs thli bank will be once ea lhe
tvening cl Pty Day Iron T o'eleo* mill
8 o'clock.
L^iAmj-iu-n/    -tHLaai if U AV
Thnt are Province Chrlitmis bom ol
KB. KENNY, Kiplan.de, Lidytmith,
il Aaeal.
Get the Best Work
Estimate, chttrlnlly famished on any*
l thing yon miy need In lhe line ol paint-
Ing, pap,.hanging, will tod celling dec-
oratiog.  The SUr Palnl Shop, High
8tB*"*     S. ROBDDINO, Prop.
I   BUwarl'a choiot ohocoltttl it tht Dru;
Popular Vancouver Apothecary Named as Commons Representative
Mr. B.O. Maophereou, druggist, Vancouver, has received the nomination lor
fio vacant seat in ihe Commons left
vacant hy the death ol the late Mr. G.
R. Maxwell. The nominttion wis prao-
tlcally unanimous, Ihe popularity ei
Mr. Maophereou being undoubted. For
mtnv years baok Mr. Maophereou has
taken i lively Interest In local polities,
aod hit been prominently idenlilled
with the Liberal ptrty. He wlll go lo
the Commons tn uncompromising eup-
porter ol tbe Liberal ministry.
Mnoli-needed ebii-gle tnd sand are
being put down In the quagmire around
Ihe postilBco entrtnet hy Messrs, Ward
tnd ion.	
Onr 10 per cent, discount tilt keeps
. ns hustling. We tre banding out tbe
| silverware. The paopl>, kuow t good
thing when tbty don't htvt lo gnttt it.
Oory 8. Rydtr.
Body Recovered.
Provincial Cuustable Cassidy . took
charge of (he reinainB o: the Norwegian
Bailor alio aeeideulally fell elf the bunker wharves some weeks ago wi-eo tryinu
to board lhe baiqne Antiope. The body
was fonnd on Thuisday floating in tbe
fliallow water across tiie harbor. Mr,
A. E. Hilbert, undertaker, Nanaimo,
came down on yesteidiy tuomi.g's
triiin and look orer tbe body for interment. ___^	
Ladyamith shingle Mill.
Work lias been starttd on the new
shinj-le mill for tbe Ladysmith Lumber
Company. It will ba situated on the
waterfront below Chinatown, and will
bave excellent facilities for handling Ihe
raw material and ehippiog out tbe fin-
isbetl product. It is expecUd lhat the
operation of shingle making will be
commenced early in the coming year,
Tlie mill is to bave quite a considerable
output, the business of tbe Lumber
Company having grown to very large
ptoportione within tbe paet year.
German Crown Prince.
London, Den. 10.—The "Weetmlnstir
(i.-z-tto" s.iys that it is in a position to
say that there is no foundation whatever
lor the report, which has been widely circulated, tbat (be German Grown Prince
la (o be betrothed to Princess Alice ol
Albany. Our' contemporary adds tha'
the German Crowu Prince will not mar*
ry anyone for tome years to oome.
On Tuesday evening tbe interttting
nroeese of blowlng-ln tbe ntw smelter ol
tbe Tyee Copper Oompany took place in
presence of the working staff only, end
under the direct personal supervision oi
tbe manager, Mr. Thomas Kiddle.  Tbe
water supply having been increaied to
tliedesiied amount, and a good deal
more to spare, everything went off perfectly, and since then the plant has been
running night and day with perlect
smoothness.   The only cessation will
take place on Sundays, when one shift
will be misled.
- Mr. Clermont Livingston and a parly
of friends arrived on Wedneiday'a train
fr.im Dunctn lo visit the plant and were
| delighted with the way in which everything worked.  Mr. Kiddle bat been
warmly congratulated upnn tha crowning of his long Itsk ol organisation md
arrangement ol tbe plant, and ila tut-
| easeful working.   All wbo are qualified
to speak on tht matter lay that it ii a
iplendid piece oi work, reflecting the
utmost credit upon tbe mtnij.tr, wbote
repntation ae an expert smelter detigntr
and manager baa been contidenbly enhanced by his latest triumph at the
Tyee Company'e works,  .
Thecompeny have now one million
tons oi ore to draw npon, and It il expected thtt thit will keep them bniy tor
a considerable lime, at the rati ol 100
touBtdiy,        ......
The Leader addi congratulations aad
vtry best wishes for t long carter of
iisefalness and increasing bnaineas to
the Tyee Copper Company.
Basketball Tonight.
Following are tbe teamiwbich will eon
tost io Ladyimith Pavilion tonight :
Nanaimo Iuteruiedlatei-Gnardi, T.
R-nlnton, Walker; centre, A, Nothirj
forwards, T. Galloway, J. Watkl.
Nanalmo Seniors — Guards, M. Mc*
Cance, M. Wilkensonj centre, W. Steel;
forwardi 0. Qulgley, W. Pierey.
Ladyemith Seniors—Guards, J, Martin, R. Bfid; centre, T. Har.up; lot-
wards, 0. Rosewill, J. ddeni, Otpt.
Ltdyimitb Intermediate.—Guards, P.
CraUlCapt.), R. Freelby; centre T.
Ibu*al; (jrwards, W. Frost, VV. Manuel.
Releree lor botb garnet it Mr. B. W.
Timius, Niniimo.
Tbere will bt t concert by tht Lidysmitb baud during Iheevening, to conclude with a dance. Tbe general admission to the came is -Kin tnd to the dun
25c. extra gentlemen. The pavilion
has been comlorttbly fitted up and
g-entlv improved.   .
Nsw Zealand Electiona.
Wellington, N. Z , Dec.10.-A feature
ol tlie elections! as been the success of
the Prohibitionist ind option candidates at tbe poll.
So far, the Prohibitionists ire |known
to have eirricd six seals, and those in
favor of a reduction of licenses nine.
KruppOuntfor Turkey.
Constantinople, Dee. 10,—Tlie project
(or the purchase o( batteries of quick-
tiring gune, wbieb has been nnder consideration for eeveral years, has at last
been reat'iBil by tbe piomiileation nt an
Iradeauthorising tbe Minister ol V.'ar
to conclude a contract with the firm of
ICrupp for tbe delivery of sixteen baiter-
ie.—lhat is iiiljnns.
Tho Messrs .lonee ol the Jones Holel,
Ladysmith,desire to express tbeir warm
est thanks to ail who so kindly helped
tbem to save the building during thedis*
options fire of Sunday morning last, aud
to assure these ge 'I", urn that their generous efforts are   in .ijhlyappreciated
mmir mm
(Conversation overheard on
Commercial Street.
"S.y.Youne, how it it 'jm al*
wava look to htppy ind .uattnt-
'Well, Sim, I *||| till yon
something worth knowing, I sleep
tbe finest mitiress on tbt mirkit
Sold at Kastern Ptieeti 4 feet.
♦16.110; 4 It. 5 Inches, 110 00.
Whit a grand Christmas Prtttnt
lol you boyi to glvt yoar
Freight Paid to Udysmlth
J. H. OOOD &  CO.
The Great Cash Farnltura rtara LADYSMITH   LEADER DECEMBER 20. 190.?.
Ladysmith Leader
Published erery Wednesday aad Satnrday at
lhe Leader Building, corner of Firat A-re. aud
("reach Street, Ladysmith, British Columbia.
T. L. GRAHAMK, Editor ahd Proprietor,
By Mail m Canada and United. States.
One year (atilctly In advance) p oo
31k months (strictly tn advance!  i 35
TRANSIENT — Including business notices,
calls for tenders, applications for and transfer of
licenses, legal notices, etc., ioc, a line first in-
--ertbm; sc. a line each subsequent Insertion; is
met measure to the inch.
Rates on application.   No wood cuts used.
Cuts lor regular use should be all metal,
Marriage, Birth, Death and funeral notices,
each Insertion 50c
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
iltne will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
'."HE LEADER will be found at the following
Ln lyumilh—The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Sn naimo—E- Plmbury ft Co.
.'ielorla—Public Library; Provincial Library; and
laawuver—Public Library, aud Hotels.
New Westminster— Public Library.
All changes In advertisements must be received
at this office before 13 noon the day before
S-bscilbera not receiving paper regularly please
le-r-ort to this office.
Ai: fun work strictly cash on delivery.
. 1 itisient advertisements cash In advance.
I Subscribers not receiving The J
4 Liana regularly will confer a j
i» favor by reporting promptly to jjj
J thii office J
•^wWsBWgw.n^w^'e wiw|*™™e
So little hai come out ol Ihe Tarte
episode tbat we begin to fear that a
cruel and crushing disappointment
awaits our Oonseivative friendi, who
tondly hoped this was the thin end nt
the wedge ol disintegration, tnd tbat
before long tbe Laurier ministry and all
ill works would go toppling down to
Disorganisation may prevail amongst
the British Columbia Liberals, bnt it is
nothing at ail to the want of cohesion
displayed by the Conservative party in
this province. It has been charged that
the lateat development oi the provincial
political situation ia only a deep-laid
plot to shelve party lines indefinitely.
We do not know anything about snch an
attempt having been made, but we are
certain that party lines in this province
cannot be shelved. It is bound to be
the issue of the day less than one year
hence, and then we shall see Bucli a telt
of strength at will once tnd for til show
how badly mistaken were the Conservatives in supposing themselves able to
cope with the splendid organization and
strength of tne Liberal party In British
Party lines mnst come. The Liberal
party il not shirking ths issue; the Conservatives are burking it deliberately;
thoy know that light ou sueli an issue
means prolonged disaster to them. They
bave not a leader who is acceptable to
the whole party, ai Hon. Joseph Martin
is to the whole Liberal party ol British
Columbia. Jealousy is spoiling tbe
party's chances ol, organisation. Dissatisfaction, distrust, and a lamentable
lack of funds help to keep tlieX'uueerva
live party iu thie province in a state ol
innocuous desuetude.
It is safer thus thin my otber wty,
ta Canada, to ill' sorrow and empty
pocket well knowe.
Hymeneal Alter Kept Busy And Nanaimo Society People Black-Listed
By Protective Association.
Supeik 6Hds it tit Mm.
With the Tyee Oopptr Oompany'a
imeiter now in active operation the
prospects very good lor tht eetab*
llibmtnt here of i thlnglt mill in connection witb tbt Lidyimilh Lumber
Company's large and expanding builnen, with orden pouring in upon tbe
enterprising managers ol tht Ladyimith
Ironwork!, end in official of the Form-
trt' Product Asioclition ln town looking earnetUy Into the possibility ot es<
tibliihlng t ertamtry in nr near Lady
■rnlth, things begin to look lomewliit ol
the ihtpt thtt Ihe Leider lorelold with
to much confidence a year igo—and was
laughed at tor ita paint, by the wise tnd
gllted, who' dlgnlfledly reluse to ne
anything unless it perches upon tbe lip
ol thtlr honourable nous. ■--—
Yet, lt it all coming Ladysmith's way,
and thtn will bt Inrthtr idditloni thtt
will still lurtber attoniih the people
who ytt doubt whtther Ladyimith will
"aver amount to anything." From
what we know, bnt unfortunately are
not In a position lo divulgt, it will
amennt to so much that those doubtert
will be glad to siltlt down and partake
ol the prosperity.
Having now at the head ol public af-
lain mtn who havt the talent and experience to lead Ihe province to belter
tbings tbin it hit tnjoytd lor tome time
back, Ladysmith tnd all othor towns ol
the province msy look iorwtrd witb
lome confidence to tbe beintilully indefinite ptvlod beloved ol the reporter!,
Ibe "new future."
Miy wt rlik tbt prediction tbit thit
town will bt twin lit present site t
twelvemonth htoce? Knowing whit
wt do ibont tbe prospects wt ctnnot see
how it ean escape tbit happy ittt.
Thntbt cbinglng times, i'ftlth. A
man may bt, lay, a 8oeiil.it, red with
the ripnt propaganda to ihe very note
to-day, and ba I fence-jockey to-mor
row, Individuals and newspapers titer
thtlr political ftilli in this province so
frequently thtt ont suspects they hive
bten teverely chequed for their opinion!,
Only tbe ipeaker of tlie New Zetland
legislature wu dtfeited of ill tht Gov
trnmtnt members In the recent election!. Prohibitionists won Important
victories for tbtlr nun, Tht Govtrnmtnl mijorlty linow twenty-five,
la hit iddresi on rttiring from the
Cotaminder-in-Ohleiihlp ol tht Indian
Army, Gtntnl Palmtr nld thtt Hit
mtive Indian troopi had developed
nnder Britiih guidance and training Into
one ol tbe finest 'fighting form in the
Books! Booksl Just received, a big
consignment of popular fiction, well
bound, well printed and cheap, Call
and look them over. At Jesstio's Pharmacy.	
Salvation Army.
On Wedneiday evening Ibe Salvation
Army invaded the town and established
their citadel in the :Flret. Freibyterlto
Cburcb. Captain Johnitont, Nanaimo.
was supported by Sistere Capt. Walrond
and Capt. Wright, Victoria, Short ad*
dresses from each of these were interspersed with solos, dnete tnd trios, with
instrumental accompaniments. The
muiical combination being 'exceptionally
good, while the speaking was alto ol i
high order. The whole going to ensure
1 cordial welcome lo tbe Army oa their
next visit to the town.
Or. T. Glendon Moody, Dentist, will
return to L.dysniith-Friday, Saturday
and Sunday oi .thla week. Dr. Moody
will make regular vlsite to Ladvsmitli.
(Mice at Nicholson's Hall. Victoria
ollice, Old I'oBtoffice bnilding.
Prosperity alwaya leads to marriage,
and this la shown by the following interesting list ol weddings thst hive
taken place and are yet to come, in the
near future. There is no question about
Lulysinitli'a prosperity.
Mr. James Waddell and Mlas Emily
Manuel, both of Ladyimith, where tbey
aro well-known and highly esteemed
were married in Nanaimo 'on Monday
last, travelling up on tbe noon train,
Miss Katie McMillan acted as bridesmaid and Mr. Billy Manuel, brother ol
brideae best mtn, Tht happy couple, after
ipending t thort honeymoon, wilt re- j
turn to reside in Lidyimlth. The
Leader adds congratulations and beet
wishes ior long life and prosperity,
m'i.ban u'HunTaiB.
Tbe announcement la made tbat Mr.
Donald McLean, the popular and talented young citizen of Lidysmitb, and
Miss Maggie McMurtrie, sister ol Mr,
A. J. McMurtrie, ol the Hottl Abbott*
ford, wlll wed todty Stturdty tbt
happy event being arranged to take
place in the home ol Mr, J. McMurtrie,
this city, Mr. and Mra. McLean will
retide In Ladyimith. The Leider offers
best wishes.
Garde ire out (or the wedding dince
to be given in honor of Mr, Robert Mc
Millan, and Miss Helovia Blair, daughter
of Mr. Henry Blair, on Ihe evening ol
Christmas io Guild's hall. Both the
parlies to this interesting event are deservedly popular in Ladyimith society,
and the best wishes, in wbieb The
Leader cordially joint, irom all Lady.
Bmith'i peoplt will attend their nuptials,
Tbe while bird whispen tint on the
15:h of January next there is likely to
be 1 lifelong understanding entered into
between Mr, James lladdow, ol Ladysmith, and nne of thil towu's fairest
young daughters, Miss Maggie Mi Kin-
non. Full particulars of the interesting
and happy event will be lound in Tht
Election waa on Monday—you know
tbe result? And Ryder wiil give away
lome more ol tl.it beautiful silverware.
*************** ******** t**'**^*^**,^.
North Victoria election.
Reports from North Victoria are grateful and comforting to Government supporters, as tbey abow thtt Mr. Robert,
sou, the Government candidate, is steadily winning Ills way with Iht electors.
Mr. Patereon is working bird, but seems
to mike little progreii. Mr. Robertion
Ins developed powers aa a speaker that
were not suspected, and ie showing considerable ability in hll management of
tbit campaign. Experienced nbservere
declare that hie election il practically
assured. With tbls additional victory
British Columbia will be certain ol
•table government tor a number oi
Crockery of all kinde, white cans and
saucers, from SOc per doaen. Colored
oups aud saucers, from 11 to 11 2.. per
doien. Clover leal pattern 11.25 per
dozen. To be bad at D. Taylor'a,oppot-
ite E, A N. railway station.
Str. Santa Ana, which arrived here on
tlie Will,, Irom Juneau to Seattle, encountered terrible weatheronthevayage
especially in the stretches oi open nt
which the had to cross, before entering
tbe sheltered inland walera Itrtbtr
south. She brought down ten passtn-
gen; F. Blown aud K. M. U.ibsou of the
Alaska Oil Company,; R. Warner aud A.
N, Doty, all Irom Cook', inlet. Oaptain
Jamei McPhenon, Mrs, Bella Lisllt.
John Paterson, B. Whewell and J. H,
Cr listen and wilt, Mr, Otutlen ll 1 U
8. Customs official wbo wis lu tlie North
on special duty. Tbey lelt the Santa
Ana here and wont on to Seattle via
The steamer went to Illamna Bay to
take Ibe remainder ol the overland
railway outfit, two men Oapt. Anstin
Latbrop and G. W. Dutton, wbo tlout
of all the pirty could mike thtlr wty
out. All Iht horses wtrt Iron-n to death.
The two meu were taken to Valdes,
While at, at Cook's Inlet the Sinta Aua
lust a boat In Ihe lot. She met gtle titer
gilt, with Ice tnd piercing winds,
Tbe heaviest snowfall in twenty yean
wai experienced it Sitka and Juoiau
before the steamer lelt, The Santa Ana
was built in Marshfitld, Ore,, in 1000,
tnd ii owned in Ban Francisco, by Iht
Charles Nelson Co. She is 811 tons reg-
itttr, tnd il commanded by Oaptain
Andrenn, Tbt Hautt Am took on 100
loot of nek coal hire, on a rush order
Irom Seattle thtt reached hir li tin, wu
catling off (0 steam lo Iht Sonnd.
Recently the Merchants' Protective
Association ol Nanaimo drew up' a Hit
of customer! or perrons who weie considered to be troublesome, end copies < I
thii lilt, which bears the namet ol some
ol tbe leading people ol the city, weie
circulated amongit tbt members of .lhe
Aseociitioo for ready reference,
it waa atrictly understood tbat aliB< •
lute secrecy waa to be preserved, bnt
there waa a traitor in the camp, and one
dav lately a well-known gentleman
walking along tbe sidewalk in Commercial street bad his attention drawn to a
totnnwhat bulky document lying on tht
sidewalk. Oa picking it up and exam.
Ining it with eate he found to hie chagrin that his own name waa high on the
list nl titles.
Tbere was a key, whloh accompanied
the document, and with its aid and a
deal of patience, bt found that he waa
reckoned by tbe signatories ol tht paper
to be i "deadbeat." He dived foi hit
Webster tnd found tint t "deadbeat" le
penon who tubsiitt on tht labor ol
otheri, wlll not pay his bills and le
abont tbe meaneit thing in creation.
Punning hii studies in "who-, wbo"
tbe gentlemen wn comforted to find
tbit hit mme wis linked with Ibon of
tome people whom he hid never belore
suspected ol dodging a dollar, or ol doing
anything that ahould not bt done by
well-rrgulited cltlieni.
On the lilt, which li ol portentous
length, tppetr the namee ol more Iben
nine hundred ot Ntntinio't good pro.
pie, various'; oltsisd aa "alow pay,"
"hard to collect," "bad bueinin," and
io on down to tbe hopeless "dead b»at"
who, ol eon.ee, is "no pay." In ore nr
two casea certain persons trt described
i "shop-lifters."
Since thit inform alien hu Inked out
•II tht town up there hu been Hiking
•bout il, tnd t doien law miU trt now
lu count ol preparation by penom
nimed in the indictment; ind tbey
promln to purine tbii thing lu the bitter end. Prospeeti for i brilliantly litigious winter niton were never better,
The whole thing hinges on tht idiotic
credit lystem, which it condemned in
tht incitement to mon petty crime thin
any other eaun in tbe country, The
merchants ol Niniimo htvt suffered
vary severely Irom tbii perfectly inex-
custbte form ol obtaining woods under
good intenlions, and there il t determined endnvonr now on loot to stop il
il possible.
* — ""--"rsi
;'» its  _*_. a.;'
'-■•**-" i"'*i.-i.'sa|
A&i± ..AA${
Sid.b tidiitiiltirtB cut, KeaulTful style In
gulden qn«r|e/ed ojk, noif ls>*t.Mller,
Dining Tablet- Rich and hanris'inia lo Bitch
-i-ieboard, exltndldg to > er 10 feet,
f jo.oo and stiu.oo
Other Sldeboardi 118.00 lo 1160 CO1' I
0(itr Dining TAbln, $7.0*0 lo I76.0Q
Name the prln yht ctn tflord for toy piste ol
furniture ind writ. o« Iur Illustration*,.
X Weiler Bros.,
Largest Furnishers In
Western Canada.
Oathollo Ohurch—Service's every Snn-
davislollowi: Mass at K.30 a.m. and
10 30 a.m.   Benediction at'7 p.m.
Fuel Preebvterian—Dee. 21* morning
sei vice it 11, Sunday echool i! :30, tvening
service, 7,   Suhjscl—"An repeat of ■ tbt
Ladyimith Liceniiniqneiiiou"
G. Monro* VVai.kkii, Missionary.
Mttboditt Ohurch-Rev. W. G, Tan
ntr, B.A., pastor. Snndayi ll a. ni,
Sabbath School, livening seivice 7 p.
m. Rev R Newton Powell ol lialthnrtoo
St. Oburch Nanaimo, will conduct" both
services, In the absence ol Bev, Gordon
Tinner, putor, tt Naniimo,        .;..>_
Church ol linglaud—December 3l.it,
Last Sundiy ln Advtnt. 11 a. ni.
—Matins end Lllanv.; 2.80 p. m.—Sun-
day School.  7.00-Eveuiong"
A. Bolivia.
Fart from Lidy.-mlth to Victorii ud Return only $3 00.  Kxeonloo reMinetTaot
to til other itttloai. «
Ticket! good for going j iurney;from Dm. *Hib>'Jinmry 111 inclnttve, rttarnlag
not later than January Sod, IMS,   .   ,_;..;
NOTE-All t^alna ara cancelled on Chrittnu Day, Dec »**■», Ipoa.
Traffic Maaagtr,
TYEE COPp    "
Smelting Works
-;■   -at- , ,.
Prepared to purchase ores,   Convenient to
E. & N. or Sea.
ff U
*-a*ii_a**it_i*i*>_a*m_e**-_a*_i_>*_i_a*ai_a*_i_a*_i_^_r*sg _m_a ttvu tkaij ^ttt aWtJi Mftt JU^^kt^tMttAM
*** ™**^».w ^.w^*w ^w^w^w^m'^w^^twma^mitmfmiWr'wrairafrafi ww-p^wr-w
Oeneral Wauchope't Grave.
London, Dec, 19.—The Johannesburg
correspondent of the "Pall Mall Gaiette"
writes thit tbe grave ol Oentnl Wan-
chop (wIiobb widow il now In Sonth Africa) It in t littlt cemetery railed Pieler
Ment.es, five miles Irom Ibt villige ol
MiljeBfonltin, and surrounded by the
grandest mountain scenery. At the
cemetery itself, he adda, a Scotsman
might imaglnt himnll to bo on a Highland moor. -
B.B.B., G.B.D. pipei at the Drug
Store.  Every pipe guaranteed.
Beef-Picking Combine.
London, Dec, 10.—According to a telegram Irom Chicago, the scheme for Ihe
combination ol tbe grttt picking bount
felled through dissension! regarding the
tarmi on which tho new proptitin
should be ttken over, and Ihe pnnnl
unfavorable monetery aituatlon In tbe
country. Tbe promoting syndicate it
lelt with property on iti hand, on whloh
lt spent ninety million dollar, in acquiring,
Fret h Halibut tad Klpptn nowit the
Fish Mirktt.
wblch ii on Fint Avtnue, crown ol
the hill, Ltdyimitb. Filled right
up with Xmu notlont end things.
I cin III yon ont with moil anything
yon want lor a pnnnl, and not
scire yon wilb Ihe price, eithtr.
Better drop in tny old time helon
Xmu Eve, tnd we'll talk II ovtr,
Youn truly,
Mr. and Mn, Marshall wish to express
thtlr beirty tbinkt md appreciation to
those who rendered them audi valuable
aid and assistance; also for Iht many
aclaol kindness extended tin oi during
and elnce the disastrous tire ol Silurdiy
Toe semi-annual meeting ol tbe mem
ban ol lhe Explosion Accldtnt Fund
will bt b.ld In Niobolton'i bill, Lsdv
imith, on Bituidiy, Dm. 20tb, il 6:*K
p. m. All member! era r-K)netted to
112 acrei ol excellent farming land
between 23 tnd 80 term slashed tn.
elected; directly icron the btrbor Irom
I-adytmltb, ibont ont honr't wtlk,
Flrat-nlass fruit land. House, fenon,
•bout 00 imall dull trees and otber Im-
nrovementi. A grett bargain. Appty
X. Y.S.„L"idtro*-».
MENT ACT, teat."
Provincial SicRXTAav'a Orrica,
fifth Ntwanibcr, 1001,
HIS HONOUR the I.Uulenant Oowraor In
Council had beta pleased lo sppolnt tha
following persons to be Members Wthe Board
of KaaiuTncrs at the «m1 mine written optio*
alt* their respective names, namely:— .
Jo-awn Prays PfsANTA, of Nruiilmo, Jtsqalre,
Nanalmo Mine,
William Johnston, ofComog, Enquire, Comoi
William O. Simmon, of Ladysmitli, Esquire,
Wellington, (Extension) Mine.
Awn* aw Colviuh, of fernlr, Esquire, Coal
Creek Mine, -   A    -
J, ft Millrr, of Morrlsaey, Ewulrt, Mntimmt}
■   Mine,
i fiVAtt Evans, of Michel, Esqalra, Michel Mine.
Such appointments to take effect on tht ist day
r of January, lyaj.
Wellingtoii CMMt^
Company, Ltd.'
Coal!   V C©al!!1
I Wellington Coal   Best household coal on tie Pacific
Coant - ". "■"■' '> ■ ;-','• * -
Comox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—Firstrclast gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined only by the. W<
I lington Colliery Company.    Wharvei at Ladya-iif
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Smmcu,
I Head Office
Vfeto^ b. e
.   -Bim I*reinei*a.o Agency.
| R. Dunamuir'8 Sons Co'y
340 Sfeuart St
WAR- -. P**fllfi?Kir
MR 1ff-ni." T»V V•..*..«'..M.w«H.'....,..wi.mnrt..'aiI.i»V.lli»AI,|■■ ■■
Hallo, mah bahyl Hallo, mab honeyl
' H.Uo, mah ragtime glrll
la the twinkling of an eye pandemonium reigned ln tbe tewing room
of St Agitha't mission. TWenty-two
•mill glrlt dropped fella, French
teams and buttonboln ln a wild rush
for tbt open window, and: their first
love-the itreet piano man,
Their, pretty teacher wai far too tender hearted to item the beglra. So
little mualc could como Into the Uvea
of then limb children. Wby deny
tbem tbit pleesure? So tbo quietly
gathered up tbe scattered pieces of un*
bleached muslin, nulling at the loftly
bummed tbe tlr which came clanging
end: clanking from tbe itreet be(ow.
"O*oe—Min Grace-come an' tee,
He ain't got no monkey. He-t got a
man-a real, live awcll tool"
The Italian dtoplayed bit imall,
(learning teeth, at ht gated up at tht
children, crowding upon the lire es*
cape. Tbe teaebera In then missions
—be'hid beard of them. They lived
on tbe avenue. They wore fun and
violets, and alwayi tbty gave their
pupils for tbt itreet musicians a nickel, perhape even a dime.   .
Grace Byrne slipped ten pennlet into
tbt handi ot aa many eager glrllei,
then tuned over their-wriggling, excited little figure, to catch a gllmpn
of tbe extra attraction. In the center
of a gaping circle wat a well built
fellow from ber own walk of llfe-a
carefully groomed chip, too, he wat,
dad In tht conventional frock coat,
gray trouiem allk hit tnd modish
tiovn. And bt wti dancing, actually
dancing to that frightful ragtime mualc. A feud guffaw run from the circle of glum denliens, ind Once leaned
farther out tba window, to tho discomfort of htnelf and uveral imnller
formi whcee ownert would not glvt
iwl'y even for "teacher."
"Hellol Hello!" acretmed tbe piano
In final triumph. The young:man
atopped; dancing, whipped bit pollthcd
hit from hll ihapely bud and deliberately hell It toward tbe gaping;
laughing crowd.
"Oh. teacher, give nt tome mote pen-
nlea-rQulcki See; be't goln' away, an'
he't to funnyl Jet* a couple, plette!"
But Orace bid Humbled back to her
table nud wai elttlng tbere now, witb
her White fan naif hidden In her ilen-
der hands.
The children, awed by. her tlience
and pallor, tattled quietly to their
very imill and contained a Jeweler's
box. Tbe othor held eleven photo
graphs, all of one young man at varl-
out agei and In diverse garments, a
bundle of notes and letter! and tome
faded floweri. She directed them with
care, then retolutely descended to the
dining room.
But ber appetite had taken flight.
Sbe toyed with her roup and tent tbe
flsh nwny unthtted, Beet t It mode
tht declared to be too heavy for tbla
season of tht year.
Hor father looked at ber keenly.
"You ought to give up that million
work, Grace, Can't yon find tome other fad? Tenement tlr doei not agree
with yoii.'!
"Talking about tenement!," broke In
the Irrepressible Tom, "we bid a good
one today on Fred Terket. Anothci
bit of beef, father."
Grace, turning dlny ted faint,
clutched frantically at her napkin.
Wat she to bear the itory of Fred'i
disgrace bcre, before the entlro funny! Wildly the thought of flight; then
taking a fresh grip on her napkin,
which by thit time resembled ■ mow-
ball, ibe determined to fict the ordeal.
"You tee," continued Tom, "Fred
made aome foollih bet tht other day
witb Gummings. I didn't bear whit
It waa all ohout, but anyway tbt
loser wat to.go down U tht ilumt
lotncwhcre with one of thow organ
grinders, do i cake walk and pan tbt
Grace gasped.
"I should toy to! Any fellow ought
to know better than to mix up with
Cummlnga. He't alwayi putting up a
game. But, having lost, Fred paid bit
bet like a man-went down tbii afternoon, with a lot of ut In tow to ate
tbat he played fair. And he did. by
Jove! Ho put up a jolly good cake
walk, and I guess that organ grinder
thought he'd struck Klondike. We fel-
lowi til chipped In. But bnt of ill
wu when Fred got through, and a little chap marched right up to blm,
yelling, 'Say, mister, yer togt It out
uv tight, but yer itepe It bum, worry
bum-tec 7'"
- Everybody it tbe table laughed.
Grace wondered If tbit hysterical
treble waa really her own voice, Sbe
felt inch i ridiculous desire to cry In-
Mead. Flnully ibt unrolled ber nip-
kin and decided to try I bit of beef
after all.
Halt an hour later, when' Tom
daabed upstairs to bla room, hi Wit
met In the dim entry by bit titter.
Bhe laid ber band affectionately on bit
1 "Tom, dear, yon know tbat stickpin
-tbe pearl one-you aeked mt for the
other day! Well, here It la Tou may
keep It I-I think It will look vtry
woll with that tic."
Then, kisalng blm gently, tbt tllpped
back Into ber room, while Tom hurried on, muttering:
"Glrlt ire queer thlngi-a fellow's
alitor, the queerest of ill. Bbt turned
me dowii good and hard When I liked
for thtt pin before!"
Quarantine was llrst established
against infectious dlseusea lu the teuth
When Itylea Han Riot,
During tbe reign of Elisabeth Engliih dudet wore shoes three feet In
length..the toe pointed nnd fastened
up to tbe garter with golden chains,
|o whlcb little hells were nttacbed.
Bellini; Ms.vnr.ml,
An luthorlty Buys that ln boiling
macaroni It le fatal to permit lt to
atop boiling for a moment until done.
Hnve plenty of salted water ln tbo
liuctpan It tbe boiling point wben tbe
ttlcki ire added, and when they are
tender throw in a glass of cold water
to atop the cooking suddenly, and drain
it once.
.    The PeaaToa. Plr'a Bye,
If you bad aa many lenses ln eacb
eye at the common dragon liy baa,
eacb of your organs of sight would be
Il big tt a box car.
A Clock of Bread.
Milan bat a curiosity In a clock
which It made entirely or bread. The
maker It a native of India-and devoted three years of bis life to the
contraction of this curiosity. The
clock It of a good size and goes well
Granite la the lowest rock in the
earth's crust It ta the bedrock of tbo
world and ibowt no' evidence of nnl-
mtl or vegetable life. It Is the parent
rock from wbieb all the rocks have
been either directly or Indirectly derived.
Bombast once signified tbe cotton
that waa employed to stuff garments,
particularly the. enormous trunk boso
worn In the fourteetb and fifteenth
A Batumi Icehooae.
Then Is a point near tlie famous
Stony cave, ln thn Cutaklll mountains,
where ice may be found on any day ln
the year. Thit locality It locally known
at the Notch and It walled In on all
Bidet by etcep mountains, some of
w.blcb are more tbiin 8,000 feet high.
Batterer Oar.
Tbe ancient cuatom of "butterfly
day" la annually celebrated nt Tbnx*
ted, England. Tbla elruiige festival de-
rivet Ita title from Ibe fact that the Inhabitant! of .the plnce annually on
tbit day don new clothing and vie with
each other aa to tbo gnudlncaa of their
garments. Ealing, apeecbmakliig and
to on enter largely into the proceed-
Emerald and Her,'!.
Emerald nnd beryl arc precisely the
tame Bubstniice, except for coloring
mutter. Amethyst nnd rock crystal nn
lll.ewl.sL. Identical.
| -I--I--I-M
Herely A Reminder
Rant**' Flatlron*".
Beeswax nntl suit will inula- yout
rusty dutlrons un clean mid smooth ai
glnsu. Tie n lump ot wax iu a nig anti
keep it for tlutt purpose. When the
Irons are hot, rub them first with thn
wax rag, then scour with a paper or
fclotli sprinkled with salt.
The Chine*e I.iiiiKu'iKfs
There is no word In tbe Chinese language that convoys an lull ma lion of
what we term public spirit, nor Is there
n synonym for patriotism.
Of the fact that the Leader Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and society—at very reasonable prices.
We Print
Cockroach Medicine.
The cockroach has been used for
ages by the Russian peasantry us a
remedy In dropsy. Investigations by
competent persons show thnt the body
contains nn active principle. This has
received tbe mime Wattle acid.
Mniu-Iturln Winter*.
The winters are very cold ln .Manchuria, the ground being frozen to tbo
depth of several foot
—Letter Heads
-Hill Ihaite
—Note HeailB
—Memorandum Beads
—lintiineee Carrie
—Stock Certificates
—Li"(.al lilankrj
, — Wedding Invitations
—■Funeral Announcements
—Window Cards
—Post ere
The retention of heat In lava Is almost Incredible. Lava Is so bad n conductor that it is possible to walk on
thc surface of a lava flow when it haa
cooled nnd yet see red beat in the fissures below. *    |
Wonderful Water. I
Hair Is alleged to be restored to the
bald and plumage to naked birds by
tbe waters of Casciana, north Italy.       .
Ill) rut* null uli  Snuc-t*.
For horseradish sauce to serve with
cold ment mix two table-spoonfuls of
horseradish with one tiibIe-p6o[iful of
vinegar, add pepper and stilt, mix thoroughly and stir In four tablespooufuli
of cream whipped still'.
Having the latest type faces and borders,
and modem machinery, we produce only
the  best   work—Printing that attracts
[        The Leader Job Room
I   Ladysmith, - B. C.
Drew DenHi Por Him.
.Unrequited love drove n young man
to commit sufcldo In a St, Petersburg
hotel. It transpired that he had asked
a little girl In tbe street to ebooue one
of two pieces of paper which bc handed
her. On one wns written "Life" aud
ou the otbor "Death." Tho girl chose
Honaca of ham.
On the west side of Mount Etna
there nro several villages lu the midst
of former lava streams and with all
tho houses built of Inva.
Harry J. Rogers
Johnston Block,    Nanaimo, B. C.
Kodaks   and   Kodak   Supplies
D. Domine 0. Suulli
. waa iorou.i pakocto to tut.
nioarra, uoraa wwo.
bike In a mechanical fashion Grace
directed the remainder of tht after
noon'a work, and finally each pupil,
armed with t slice of wtrm {ginger
bread and murmuring, "Goodby. teacher," marched from tbe room.
Tbtlr. teacher welked back lo the
window and looked down drearily upon - the narrow etreet Again the
teemed to beer the ragtime air whlcb
to ber would henceforth lound like a
mltercro. Again ebe eaw tne out*
itratohtd hand of the man who petted
the. hat, the fluibed fact of-tbe mm
to whon her Inert and hind were
pledged.   '
Whit bad happened! Ibe bid known
Fred Yerket for yet** Their love affair had started during tbeir lint term
la the dancing data, but tht bad not
known it-il-tbat be evtr-no, the did
oot want blm to bt t goody goody fellow. ■ Hoe had alwayi aaid that no man
ihould and te tlgn Hie Midge. BU
tm,no#ir*ih»uld be hie only gutrd-
an. MtthHI let reCtlW bla Outhed
' teatWei hit egcUed trio, luitlnc-
llvdy tbt thrtak beck from the window, Had bt aeenher tt the leaned
ever her little -chama*, She' forgot
that the WMM-e and afe Incoatrruont
epmpaoloa had Ion*. riMo ronKWI lhe
A»!*eW^iWn|,4.-l|W..IWf-A.-*« In
lit ivtehi Grace draw hernlf up
proudly, (Mi*«l htr wrapt tnd with •
mt. that tht a-f, • wt-M to the thtm
' *fl»iti et*ii» m - thi' Jim* iw
•   ' i,*:'«li|Mta','h_Wt«eaiever
, aye»n|,»oine*twltb
at-4etlt<a|twenaeBaftt. Ontwu
The Villain In Btal Ul..
"1 wu abadowlng ont of tbt wont
ruffians on tbe ettt tide," aaid a New
York detective the other day. "Thli
man bad knocked e policeman tameless with a club aa the officer tried to
arret! him for garrotlng t pauerby. I
wat standing In front of a Bowety theater when 1 eaw my man pell Ib with
the crowd. I followed end took i tent
behind blm.. I did not care to make a
row by arresting him In tht home,
When we went outtldt, thit would be
time enough.' -.' '
"The pity waa a melodrama of tht
regular tort, only a littlt more harrowing than usual. Tbt villain wit ptr-
tlcularly villainous and tht good heroine unusually unfortunate. No ont
bined tt the bad mau't badness mof
than my friend tht cutthroat \ U«
bowled with rage, aod then he fairly
blubbered over the won'of tht food
people ln the pity. When virtue fintlly
conquered and villainy wai dragged oil
tbe stage In handcuff*, ht roared ap*
plauie, tttmplng hit feet like a'pllt
driver, and waa generally delighted.
The grin of pleasure bad not faded
from bit face before 1 laid my band
ou bla abouldtr, and he tried te tub
mt."      •
family Ittt,
Icboolmatler (to bti wlfa)-l*y dear,
I with you would tpeak more careful-,
ly. You any tbat Henry Jonee came to
tbit town from Suuderltnd,
Scboolmaater-Wtll, now, wouldn't,
It be belter to ny tbat ht came from
Sunderland to tbie townt
Wlfc-I dob't aee aay difference la
tbe twoexpretilona,. >,,
gcboolraaater-But there Is a differ-,
once, a rhetorical difference. You don't
bear me make ute of inch awkward
expreaalone. By tht wty, 1 bin a
litter from your father In my pocket,,-,;
Wlfe-But my father la not tn yopt
pocket You mean yoa have in your
pocket a letter from my fttbtr.       vh
Uchooltnaitet—Then yon go with
your little quibble* Yoa tike '*) delight In binning me. You ire alwaya taking np a tbrtad and repre*
tenting It u 1 rope.
Wlfe-Bepretentlng It te he rope,
you mnn.
Bcboolmnter-Fer goodnttf nkt.bt
quiet Never taw lucb a quirreltomt
woman In my llfe.-Un*)n Tlt-Blte.
Mel Meaet rer • ittn.
A member of tbe congragallon a
near tkoale B. Kepi Dry.
Do you know thnt dour ahould be
kept In t cool, dry place? If nosilble,
there ihould be tome klud of a clone
receptacle for It aud too largo n qunn*. j
tlty sometimes spoils by being kept too
long. It abould alao be remembered
tbat mites whlcb often get Into Hour
are more deetructlvo thun mice.
Don't Read This I
Hotels, if;! 50 per cent. .Stores $•_-' 50 p. c.
Dwelling Hourcs, 75b. per cent.
* Puntry Inaecta,
To rid n pantry of Insects stir n con-
pie of pounds of alum Into four quarts
of boiling wuter.   Then take a brush
mid apply It, US hot as possible, to tho ' company wtabilsbed  1859.   Doing the lar-..st
cracks Ulld crevices, Shelves, etc. ' busiut-ss in Cntiaclu of any Caun-litm company.
■ fV/vtV/'-: ]-:li'l IH ll>S.»l-.S.
Wiile to the Mnn-iger.
ATllMll Joekry'a Grave,
It U not generally kuown thut tbe
bodrof Fred Archer, the famous Bug*
ttlb jockey, is burled within 200 yurds
of ut Winning poat for tbo Cam*
. -. ■w**-***-'*"***-***-~**»***^-*****
TkO Vlawer Inpatleaee.
"InpaUence" ii the nickname of a
certain dear little flower whlcb should
tw In every collection. It Is nicknamed
because of Ite impatience to bloom. It
U good (or either potting or garden
culture inti will blossom steadily for
months it ft time.
Iu the Itoi'lilvc
Ip the beehive proper thero are three
personages—the queen, the worker bee
and the drone. The queen ts of first
and greatest Importance, She Is a
fully developed female aud Is the mother of nil the bet's In her hive.
Fanners' Produce Association
nnd lie will cull npon yon willi fall i urliciilais.
Fruit TPi'rs.
The nurBcry price of a fruit tree Ib n
tuiiill part or Its coat by the time It
roaches the bearing stage. To buy poor
trcca simply because they are cheap Is
certainly poor economy.
•aataasela tadlaaa.
!h Guatemala the Indian population
trlee to double lit cbancci for tbe
efficacy of prayer by worshiping at a
Ghriatlan altar with luiugea of IU
heathen deltlee bidden behind It
Pore, of a cseloi.e.
During n rccpnt cyclone at Karachi,
British India, trains were atopped by
the force of the wind, which blew at
the rate of a hnndred miles nn hour,
Fiift-elsis   ncc-itiiUiiidatiou;   ra-vllt-nt
!    Inlile Iniaril.   'Hie Iur ie snpi.liii!
1       willi  tbe  best  wines,   l>q-i»rs
and clears.
-First Avenue,    Ladysmith, 6.C.
Anthracite Coal.
It la tttlmnted thnt, tllowlng t yearly output of 110,000,000 tout, Iho itock
of inthraclte In PenuiylVmlt will leal
eighty yean,   .
rreeek Mmtarg.
Bllce in onlou thinly, cover tt with
Tinfjtlf.'anii act to aonk. for twenty-
four hourt. Strain off the vinegar and
add to It a tablcspoouful of salt, the
nmt .quantity qf brawn tugar, a tea-
apoonfUl of white pepper and aulll-
dent mtttiti, Knur to thicken, Stir nil
together while It comet to the boll and
bottle tor ute,
A It.aslaa Law.
NO Bunlin li allowed to return to
hll nttlve cinnlry If he bat while
away changed hit religion.
' flak !«•«*».
1 A dellcloui (lab eaucc tb lervc with
meet or nab la made by putting alx
gpooafnla of water lo four of vinegar;
get ou the nfe; thicken with yolks of
two cggsi mike hat not boiling, and
equine tht Juice of half a lemon before tervlng.
Honey properly ttored will Improve
Wilb age, and the older It la the better
It will he, But kept In a damp plnce
II eoon become, thin end watery,
Ml WHln Chlasaer.
ii wooden chimney alack 100 feet
high ll In operation at Mnplml, In thc
province of Durango. Mexico, The Interior It lined with corrngiit.il Iron,
   _      named
Knight died. On tbt Sunday following
the funeral, whto Ihe menjberi of hit ......     ,
family-widow, eon) anti'«*i|«M-| ami. there are plttformt at Intervale
dratted in deep mourning, i**t la, a' *   "*  - " "™*" " "
front ptw at church to bttr the funeral lermon anil enlogy ot the l»
eetied. (ht unconecloui h-MHot, the
vlcir, gtvt out ti Ml tilt **Tu*i
thall he no night there," He wat muck
tt throw water ou tbe wood If It
ettcbet fire.
Enarllah Fad-re.
English fudge la mado by inaablng n
bolh'il potnto In a little nn nn water
nnd adding to It nn ounce of augar, a
tcnapoonfiil of carbonate of aoda and
nu ounce of bolter. Stir Into thia by
dogrees n pound of wheal menl.
Knead, roll out lo Ihlckniva of n llilrd
of on Inch, cut Into sbnpes nnd bake
bnlf nn hour.
i Meals at all
Home Cured Bacon and Sausages
jHigh Street,  :  Ladysmitli, B.C.
The t'lnc.liplr.
Aii hvorngc sized pineapple yields
nearly two pints or juice.
rn.h,-r..,p ,1c' AIe.li.-l.
Catherine de' Medic] .ihva.ts wore a
wldo black skirl, n blnck pnbitcil bodice with wins Bloovct, n lihiclt collar,
ruff »hn|ied, and n homl that come
down In a point over tbo forehead.
Ilren.1 ■lii.ii--l.lii".
To mnke bread riintelilns rub together four tablespoon fills of grntcil cheese,
yolk of nn ogg, a inlileapootifiil of melted butter and a little anchovy panto.
Salt nud pepper. Rub all until smooth.
Tonat slices of bread without crusta,
tiproad mixture over them mill brown
tn oven.
Onto*. Taste.
To lake nWny (bo tnste after eating
unions, put a little powdered camphor
lu a tumbler of nntcr ami with It rlnat
the mouth otit.t'ioi'otighly-
A Poitnlnr nil of Maate.
Mr. Orttto composed the fniiioua
"Spokow" .vnlta incroly for bis children nml lind aiieh n poor opinion of
Ita merits Hint bo aold the copyright
lo Metalcr fpt'jt few ponuilB. Tbe pul>
Uther cleared over $76,000.
Ltsaea tk.rk*!.
" For a lemon tberbet take a pint of
lemon Juice, a quart of water, a pound
•cindalhttd      ••-^22^ j^pHi._*_3J* fi_J!S_:_8'kr_I.
beard at the back el lie I
after other Ingrtdleota hart
btta pirtly frotta.
Iptlio year "ll Iho cmter of Vnnvhn
.vna tn.n great exlcnt covered with
vines, nud Kpiirtnona nnd bla gladlu-
Inrs uaed It ns a cainpliig plnce.
New Ncslc.il. Wfillo Saarla.
The "white annila" of soulherii New
Mexico lie in the Sun Aiiguatln plain
mil ni"' a alipct of puro gypauni sixty
nllea loiif ami five to twenty broad.
t'lie white "sand" of gypsum raised
v llie wind roe. mlilct ■ line of break-
it lu Ihe dlttnnce.
Wsi. Snuddon, Vnov.
Hot Chicken Tomales on Tap
Tubs-no ■nd-Oigare. Oandiee, Note, Vu*
try, Tafl'y and Kift Drinks, etc.
The Leading
Nineteenth Century   and After.
Can temporary   Review,    Fort*
nightly  Review,   Wtitoilnater
Review.    Hdinburgh   Review,
Quarlerly Review, Blackwaed'*
Edinburgh Magaslea.
Stronp,   slerliiig. Hinely, awggestfve
unci it u 11u.r:* ivt; j list what you want
In know ni'Hit wnrltl'iiiloingM; exactly
what you need to know; atidtolH
.when yon want to know it—that's the
value of these icvit-w* to you.   The
nl-lMtwritm, the most timely discussions; The swiftest presentation of
the world-problema of the day appear
even- month in the pages of these
k-isdiiii; n-view!-    These aretheEng-
listi editions sold In America at about
half prii-e.   Specimen copies sent free
to anyone anywhere, and historical
booklet, too, for the asking.
The Leonard Scott Publication Co.,
Warren St. Ntw Vork City.- -
fyfe^si^^^-aiw e>%*»-fc»*tu*»
60 VEA«r
Trak MMWft
^     Dl»MM
C0#VflMtHn| km.
Anrono sendhiB it ilielcb and deactibtton mar
nnlcklr nseort-filn our o|i|nlo.i free whathw aa
lliviiiiiim mtablo. Commnnwa*
jl.iMHntrk-U-'''i.tiii(i''iitlitl. rii-ndtaokinPataoti
Bout freo. Ulilost (ip'ui'y for K^Hr_jhiUattt&
I'm onis, taken iGrouKh Munk,il». noalfo
ipwiol nottfi, without -Jbnnre, in tha
Scientific Hmer^cait*
A hanrtunmoly lllnrtratad weekly.  U
finlntlim or any i-*lonilflo jMrnaL  W
vein-; iniiriiii.titlio.ll, Boldbyallnai
Lad-fsrellh Mutual liprowunt Siclitj
Metis in Nicholson's hall every Thuntday evea-
iugat 8 o'clock, for discussion of intcreetfng
topics. U'clures at frequent Intervalu by -prom-
incut men. Dues joe. jier month, for six montbo
of year. Hesli'eiits of Udysmith over 18 yeaaa
of age arc eligible for membership.
T. J. lUKKt's, Sec. Treasurer.
A. H, GannoM, Manager.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Supplies regulaily Oboicist,
Apples, Butter, Fresh Eggs, Ac,
it current market prices,
Pee thit ill boxes ol anpiei and butter
nre marked ' 8. S. I."  That means
first class quality.
The public ere requested to apply to
tbeir dealers for our product.
G.W. Scott's Store
First Avenue,   :    t    Ijadysraitb, B. 0.
No. -t,
I. O. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock
Visitors cordially invited.
Wellington Lodge No. 2 K. of P.
Meets every Friday in I. 0. 0. F. bill at
":110 p.m.
D. GOUKI.AY, 0.0.
J. VI, LEWIS, 8ec.
Udyimllh Oraip L«l(a, N. ITN
meets In Nicholson's Hall, First Avenue,
every tlternele Satnrday in each month,
eommenoiug firat Satnrday in October.
Visiting Brethren are invited to attend.
Tk Ml! PosMilclpr
J SMtlle, Wiih.
I Nobmly can aflbtd to be without It. All tbe
lelt'-niiiihli-news of the week. Farm, field, garden; sport, society, ncaiiliful ilIu-*tmtioUB and
half tones.  Sniupte copy on application, .
All For Ont Dollar ■ Yur.
[jDtini imneii
Maniifactiireraof all kinds,ol T
Rou,b ai-i PttSfll Iuto
Moulding!, nib, Shingle*, Etc.
A targe slock of thoroughly aeasoned
lumber—ist and and class constantly on
baud. AH orders atrictly attended to.
Quotations cheerfully given.
John W.'Coburn,;
Managing Dibbctob.
riistjibnl pilnili'. you admired lo
much wis dont I., th Leader,
Leaders for tele at the Drug Stare
aal Lively'i lewtlry ttore. LADTSMITH LEADER. DECEMBER 20. 1902.
What on earth
How often you'll hear tbe remark at thla season of the year,
especially. "What on earth shall
I give bim?" It's a vexed question, and that's a fact.
Hay we offer yon some Xmas
suggest! one?
Neckwear, ajc, to $1.75.
Initialed Handkerchiefs, 35c. to 75c.
Silk Mufflers, Dressing Gowns, Fancy
Silk Suspenders, Smoking Jackets, I'uu-
cy American Shirt, Hat or Cap, Suit
Cases, Hand Bag, Trunk, Suit, fancy
Vest, Overcoat, Raincoat, Jewelry, &c,
&c, &c.
Wo en giving away a Billiard Table. A
Chance witb every $1 purchase.
All klnde nt Mnsical Instruments at
M. W. Waitt A Co., Ladysmith.
Sir. Leelanaw lelt laat nitht lor Ban
Francieco with a tnll cargo ol coal.
Try one ol Turner's Baion lor easy
•having. Every rator gaurinteed. At
the Drug Store.
Outing exercises for the Christmas
holldiyt took place Friday afternoon at
Ladyamith pnblic schools.
Moore Fountain Fem at tbe Drug
Store.  Every pen guaranteed.
Notice ol tbe appointment oi Mr.
Geo. Thomson as regielrar of births,
dntht ind mirrliges appears in tbe
current B. 0. Oaaette.
Thert it tgain talk olopenlnga branch
of the Dominion Express do. in thiB
town tnd setrch is being mtdt lor a
suitable place ol bneiness,
' Hello, Sam, where did you get tbat
watch? Wby at Lively's. Where do
you suppose I would get it ? And I got
a lew gueaset on the Pumpkin, too,
Mr, John Fawton, one ol Nanaimo'e
oldett and moit respected citizens, died
on Wedneiday evening, tfter i long ilium due lo dropiy, aged 07 years.
WANTED—A good girl to do general
houiewo.k in limily of two. Apply F,
H„ P. 0. Box 486, Victoria, B. 0.
Ladysmith Mutual Improvement Society bad a pleasant meeting Thursday
night wben anecdotes were swapped and
oompared. There wlll be no meeting
nut wnk, Thundiy bting Christmas
All kinds ol Xmu toy! It M. W.
Wiitt A Oo.    	
Niniimo miy htvt • creimery belore
long. Miniger Gardom of the Farmers'
Product Association bai bien conducting
the negotiations, and bet lound everything tavoreble except a dearth of cowl
in tbe locality. It requires i large number of good milkers to keep i creamery
ln aueeesslul operation. It it hoped that
thit difficulty ctn be nvercome, end that
Naniimo will have the great boon ol t
good-going creamery before long.
So far not a whisper of any ineetiun ol
the volunteer (ire brigade. A golden
opportunity ia being allowed to slip,
Tbe time to talk Ure ie.when tbe burns
are Iresh,        	
Every boy und girl accompanied hy
either oi tbeir patents will receive a nice
Btory book Iree at HI. W, Waitt. & Co.
Lively's Jewelry Store.
Many pleasant things were said by
the eitinens about the Loader's little 11 o
apecial. If we do say it, the leat was
one that no conutry paper in British
Columbia has beaten, taking into consideration all the circumstances.
Ail school children will Receive one
lend pencil Iree of charge Saturday if
accompanied by either parent.
Lively and M. W. Waitt A Oo.
Messrs. Leisar's building was nearly
completed and ready for occupation on
Thursday night, showing eome good
bard work on the part of the carpentering staff. The firm will recommence
business in dead earnest today with a
large and well-selected stock of fresh
FOB SALE CHEAI'.-Onegood sized
horse, spring wagon aud light lumber
wagon, and double eet of harness. Apply to Leopold Lepae, High Street.
Dr. and Mrs. Grice lelt Nanaimo
Thursday morning ior Johannesburg,
South Alrica, via England, where they
will spend a few weeks before proceeding to lhe colony. Dr. Grice got ■
hearty send off from hie numerous
Have you tried a book out ol our
loaning library? M, W. Wailt A Co,
Lively's Jewelry Store.
Mr. J. Edward Nnrcross, tbe Socialist
editor of the Oiarion, Nanalmo, hae accepted the offer ol the editorial three-
legged stool ol tbe Nanaimo Free Press
vacated by Mr. B. J. Mo Mahon, after a
tenancy of about one month, Mr, Nor
cross is without doubt the leading journalist In tbe province; and he lias strong
political aspirations. Under his ekiilid
guidance the Free Press ought to become
a newepaper. Mr. Norcross has sever,
ed life connection witb the Oiarion, bat
it is not announced whether be remains
a Socialist or has rejoined tbe ranks ol
capitalism, The Leader has watched
Mr, Norcross's brilliant journalistic oar.
eer with deep interest, and believes tbal
he ia just the man (or the job he bae
now tackled.
Ho! Ho!
Just come in and see
our toys and Xmas
goods. Santa Clans
headquarters. He
will buy his goods
here and give them
to his boys and girls.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Holiday Goods
-Silverware, Chine ware, BIbo
Ornetnentp, Fancy VuBes.Oar-
ving Sete, Table Cutlery, Toys
of all kinds, Christmas and
New Yuar Cards, Calendare.Ac
Provincial Secretary at Gould's Hall
Monday Night.
1.0.1. ..lour .1 I.
Iln. piiz'B _H'p>> "■'
dicB.    Lively, llie L
Wellington Presbyterian Sunday
School travelled all the way to Mr,
Rolston's store, Ladyemith, to purchaie
their Christinas toys and presents. Tbe
lame of Ladysmith'a merchants is
spreading far and wide.
All kinds of Xmas Toys, S.ihool Books,
Sheet Music, Games, etc. M. W. Waitt
A Co. 	
Mr. Walter Jones lias received Irom
Mr. Fred Foster, the famous Victoria
taiideiniist'the magnificent elk head
lent down there to be mounted some
weeks ago. The head is one ol the finest
ever seen in tbe province, and (be work
ol mounting Iiob been done with consummate skill that saye mnch for Mr, Foster's ability as an.artist. Mr. Jonea, to
whose unerring aim the monarch ol the
woods foil, has hung theeplendid trophy
on the wall behind the bar in Ihe Jonea
Hotel wbeie it hae been greatly admired.
Tht most complete line ol silverware
to chooBe f'oin in town for Xmas
presents.  Ljvoly the Leading Jeweler,
Miss Sillier, superintendent of the
nursing etaff in Walla Walla, Wash.,
hospital Is visiting her sister, Mis, Grant
JesBup, for atewweekt.     *
Lively's Annual Guessing Contest.   How many seeds in the
Pumpkin,  Ten Handsome Prizes Given Away.
For every dollar's worth purchased in our etore yon get a guess at
tiie number of seeds in the pumpkin In our window.   You get a
ticket with the number of seeds vou boobs marked on it.   A guess
Ior every dollar.   For inatance-Ten Dollars, Ten Tickets.
let prize, Gent's Watch, Gold Filled, value (run OO
2nd prize, Ladj'e Watch, Gold Filled, value  2r,00
3rd prize, Parlor Mantel Clock—eight day—value  18.00
4-.U prize, Genl'a Watch Chain, "filled," value  10 00
5th prize, Ladi'e Watch Chain, "filled," value   8 00
nth prize, Lilly's G.ilil Killed Bracelet, value    (10(1
"th prize, Lady's Silver Watch, value    4 50
8th prize, Boy's Watch, value    8 CO
Oth prize, Lady's Lace Pin, Gold Filled, value    2.50
10th prize, Gent's Cuff Links, value    2.00
Seeds to be counted by three prominent business men.  Tbe neareat
guess taking rirel prize and so on until the ten are given away.
P.O. Box 3.g. W. II. LIVELY, The Leading Jeweler
Last Monday evening tbere waB a
good turn out ol tbe supporters ol the
Government at Gould's hall, ou the
occasion of the welcome to Hon. Mr.
Mclnnea on hll victory over the Socialist
candidate in the North Nanaimo elec-.
tion. Mr. F. W. Hawes presided over a
large and enthusiastic gathering, .which
was made happy with eandwichei, eolt
drinks, tobacco, cigars and pipes. Hon.
Mr. Mclonei arrived from Nanaimo by
special train, accompanied by Messrs.
William Sloan, T. O'Connell, J. H.
Oockiug, Bryant and others.
Speeches were made by Mr. Sloan,
Mr, T. I,', Gtabame, and then by the
bon. Provincial Secretary.
Mr, Sloan humorously condoled witli
Mr, Williams in his defeat, and said
that a fellow feeling sometimes makes
ub wondrous kind. He th .ught that the
best man had won, and thit the devel
opmentof Vancouver Island waa now
in salt handi. .
Mr. Grabamt said that Hun, Mr. Mclnnes was tbe beat type ol Ibe new
breed of men who were rapidly coming
lo Ibe Iront in British Columbia public
Hie; young men, men with new ideae,
great lorce ol cbaraeler, and a thorough
belie! in the great destiny of tbia country. He congratulated Hon, Mr. Mclnnes and alio the electors ol North
Niniimo on their good sense.
Hon, Mr. M. Iunei was received with
long-continued cheers. He aaid be was
merely keeping the promise made- a
week belore, that he would meet bis
friends here and show tbem who wis
tbe right mm Ior North Nanalmo. The
Socialists aud tbeir peculiar lad had received a knock from whlcb It Would take
tbem a long time to recover; in tact tbat
notion had received a set-back tbat
would keep it quiet Ior • while. He
admitted that he was one ot tbe men
who bad complete confidence in the
aplendid destiny of this province, and
he would work to achteve the beet for
British Oolumbia, Had Ihe choice nl
tbe electors ol North Nanalmo gone tbe
other way it would have been a terrible
blow lor this province. Thousands far
beyond (he holders of thli province
were watching thie contest with more
Intereit and anxiety than eveu tbe pal*
tlclpanta themselves. Fortunately British Columbia had been lived lor sane,
practical government. He cordially
thanked all for their support, The (ol-
lowing fine programme was then given:
OliBin.mii, remarks: Frank Spina,
initrumenlal solo; Mr. A. Auolilovole,
song; Mr. Frank Spina and band, selection; Mr. Harry Kay, song | Mr. Ohaille
Malli, instrumental aolo; T. Cowan,
song; F, Spina and bsnd, selection; 1),
Galloway, long; Mr. Reed, cornet tolo;
A. J, McMurtrie, tong; J. Mottrao,
song; Ladysmith Band, selection; It,
Barnes, Bong; J. II. Cocking, long; F,
Spina and -band, .ejection; Robert
While, long; A. Auohlnvole, long
Oliil, Munroe, eoug; Ladysmith Band,
atltelon; Harry .Carrol, long; Auld
Lang Syne and National Anthem,
i this page.  Note WHEN YOU WANT A HIGH-CLAM
.   They ire din-
•     Piano or Organ
Sheet Music tnd Muiical
Merchandise, call and eet ut
Did veil spa tbe nr'sas iiiven away this
limt? Have a |nub at ihetn, Tney are
onexiiiliiiit.n in our window, Lively.
the L*-ail'i $ Ji» ■tiler.
• Are My Particular Specialty.
II vii.-y_-tii.H-i.il Mr. 8-tumel Rlddell,
« N.-.ivl) linker nt urfHi ability und tx-
limii-ini, I am -jrcp-ut-tl to supply th"
Udyeiui h pu-iliii with bread, iiaetry,
cake-*. f»l(i., fiii-'n aa art* i-fliln-n i ff-ted, ■
0. VV. SCOTT, City Bakery,
lit Avttime, Lidyt-mUb, B 0.
Eat The Best While You Live!
"The place to buy It ls at the -
Ladysmith Meat Market
Stevens Block, Oatacre St, ladysmith, B. C.
Yes, sir, I have it.   Always on hind it
tbe tralni.
B. FORCiriMBR'S Jewelry Store
Cor. lit Ave A GtUore St., Ltdyimitb
Cuban Cigar Factory
Mtnuiioturtii oi tbt Fimout
None bnt Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, -        Proprietor.
Graduate of Philadelphia Dental College and
Hospital of Oral targery.
Old Platonic Banting,
Uovarasa.nl 11., (Upstairs)
Victoria, B.C.
1380A, I ,
378*. RtiMaaca.
Dr. Moody visits   ladysmith   every    Saturday and Sunday. Office, Woodmen's Hall.
Tinsmlthing tnd  Plumbing In ill iti
branches.  Toolt tnd plumbing mt.
teiinl alwaya "n hand.   Repairing a specially.  Prompt attention given calla Irom
Victoria Orescent, Nanaimo, B.C.
sharpened aud tempered.
Buller Street,
M. HOWE, Proprietor,   f
If j on ire fond of ttnder, juicy steaks,
chops or joints, I can supply you.
Try My Delicious Sausage
made by newest eleotrlctl mtcbintry
from oholoeit materials. Then itusaget
are unsurpassed in the province. One
trial will convince you.
The City Market
Meats I Vegetables
First Avenue, : Ladysmith, B.C.
We're just unpacking
our Christmas Goods.
Come and see
what we've got.
Thuunlth, Plumber, Hardware. Stoves,
Mr. Gtrdom, manager of llie Farmers'
Produce Association, visited Ladysmitli
on business Thursday.
Mr. J. B. 11. Itickaby, of Messrs. It. P.
Kltlict A Co., Victoria, passed down lo
tlie capital Thursday after a business
visit to Nanaimo.
Mr. Samuel M, Robins, superintendent of tbe New Vancouver Coal Co.,
Nanaimo,.iB ou a vialt to 8,m Francisco.
He is expected home shortly.
Miss Pauline Beaufort returned home
to Seattle alter spending a few days
with Ladyamith and Nanulmo friends.
Miss Bertram is recovering nicely irom
her sevore attack oi rheumatism, aud ia
now able to walk with the aid of a cane.
Dt. Waeeon has been in attendance and
has done everything in hie power to aid
tbe euil'erer.
Mr. Alextnder Faulds, mine manager
South Wellington collieries, visited the
Tyee Copper Go's imeiter yesterday and
was greatly interested iu tbe working of
the plant.
Mil, John S, Harper ol Seattle lelt for
home yesterday morning after spending
a day or two with friends in this town,
Hon. Jamei Dunimuir and Mr. A. J.
Lindiay, ol the Wellington Colliery Co.,
have returned from a visit to Ban Francisco.
Mr, J.G. Elliott, fire insurance appraiser, ol Victoria, was in Ladyimith
on Wednesday in conneclion with, the
recent disaster,
Mr. P. H, Marshall sustained a painful burn on (he back of the neck during
the fire Sunday morning, but it is healing up nicely.
Mr. T, O'Connell ol Nanalmo, went
down to Victoria on Thurtdiy't train.
Mr, Georgt llnrtliolnie ol the Metropolitan Life, Nanaimo, waa in town
most ol this week,
Have a gucBs at lhe seeds In the Pun-
klu. livery dollar's worth purchased
you get a guess at Lively's, the Leading
Mr. W, B. Anderson and daughter
passed throngh Ladysmith on Wedneiday on their way homo to Cumberland,
Mr. Anderson is editor and proprietor of
Ihe wi'll-ki-iM n Cumberland News.
Mr. Malcolm, manager of the Yirk
County Loan and Savings Co., of Tor-
unto, came over Irom Vancouver, where
he has IiIb headquarters, nn Tiiursday to
look over Ladysmith and appoint a
local agent. He was muoh impressed
wllh the appearance ol Ladysmith.
Say, Maw, gimme some Punkln Pie.
I'd like to know how many seeds there
are in the Funkiu in Lively'e window,
The finest line ol atttlonery In town
at M. W. Waitt A Oo'i, Lively'i Jewelry Store,
Pitno for sale on easy monthly Installment plan.   M. VI. Waitt 4 Oo.
For salt at Abbotsford Hottl and at
Jessup's Drug Store.
Men attired in Matbeeon's splendidly*
fitting creation! are the adinired o(every
company. Hit plica is iu Ihe Gitchero
Hundredt ol young mtn say it wea
their neat appearance when applying for
a position tliat got It ior them, Consult
Matheson, Ladysmith'a famous tailor,
he mows the eecret.
Viiit Matlieion's tiiloilng establishment tnd iee hit unrivalled range ol
winter suitings. Prices strictly mined,
Allelic Too Hieh.
"Some people," remarked tbt drug,
gilt to blB clerk, "are frightfully unreasonable."
"Il tbe man who Just lift an example?"
"Yea. He wanted mt to give blm
louiethlng to cure a cold,"
"Tbat't very tlmpte,"
"Yet, but he wanted, mo to give blm
a guarantee tbat the medicine wouldn't
make blm feel wont than tbe 'cold
Ae Bt Called 11.
"Bnt why," naked the man wbo alwaya wanta to know-"wliy do you call
that little jump you make from 0 tower
Into tbe water -a leap for life!' Tbey
toll me It Ib not at all dangerout,"
"Well," replied Ibe "artlit," "dou't
I make me llvln' hy Iff
Counting on II.    -
Wife of Eminent Phlhinthroplit-My
dear, what were you thinking oft You
gave tbat poor man ouly 10 cents.
Eminent I'lillnnihroplat-I know It,
Amanda. It wlll be $10 when It eta
Into tbe anecdote column.
Keeping KB. Apnr.rar.ee.,
"Do-rou think that dog la worlb the
money you nre paying for a lag'/"
"No,  tub,"  uiiawi-rcil  Mr.   Urn si lis
Plnklcy, "but you's got to go to some
expenie foil de take of tcclul ntnmllii',
Im' you?"
in tn.
Niniimo, B. O,
;; Choicest La-jer, Ales, Beer:
and Porter.
Ship's Work e Specialty.
Horse-shoeing In alt Ita bran-shea,
pletuents repaired,    Miners'   ~*   '
.—  Farm im-
Tools   caiefultj*
Pbotoi wlll bt ttktn nntil ntxt Wednttdiy night.  Call; and examine work.
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Crows, Htc. Sstlmatca
and Designs given tm Application
A. HENDERSON,     tmikttt.
For, First Claaa work
Shaving Parlore
High Street.
Hair catting aad Beard
trimming a Bpedany,
PROF. W.A. AUBIN    - ,
la now prepared lo gtve lejaoea tt. t|w piuso .ud
violin.  Alt application, for tuition cute ltd at
W. H.  Lively's Jewelry Store
Prompt attention given to ill calls, night
or day, Long Dlittntt telephone No, IM
Bastion St., Niniimo. B.C.
Orders taken for Cut Plowm for Christmas at
The areenhousa, corner ot High Street
and Esplanade, up to Monday,
December aand.
Hyacinths, Narcissus, Wc.
Brotherhood of Man.
YOU should read "The Ntw Century" pub*
lUhed hy the Uiilveraul Brotherhood, Point
i.oitm, Sim DitBo. California, aud keep In touch
with thc moat advanced thought of modern
times, Every Hue Uvea with human Interest.
opIniuiiN uf tlie taut thinkera. Be in touch, Two
Dollars a year. Write for free sample copy,
Beautifully -illustrated.
and So* Pacific
Artistic Job Prlntlngat Tht Leadtr office
B)utid Trip Tlcktli, Ont lire tnd third
between til statloni. On Salt Dee. Hit
to 26th loo. Dm. SO, SI and Jan, 111,
good to itturn until Jin, Sib.
For particulars call or iddress nnreit
G. P, R. ileal,
H. H. ABBOTT,      VV. MoGIHB,
Agent, Viotoria.     Agent, Nanalmo.
Ami, Get.1. Ptn.Aginl, Vmoonver.
ofthe folla-sdngaraaa—
pre-emption, -tie or 0
under (nc provlalona.
Province, for two yea
laof Ihe ralnlni laws of, Ilk,
  c—WW Aot. th. dale hartal.
pursuant lo the protisloua ot mtnwetioa (5) of
■KIN 41 ofthe "Und Ad," u .mmdail"
section-I of the "Land Act Amendment .....
ij-Ji," to enable Ihe ouatalno fewer aad Fnlp
Company, Limited, to select thanrrom timber
llmil. for wood pulp and papw manubcturbur
_....j.— _.. „_______j, ,)|g,||,a-
alMJjaiaertlotia,.,,.«, j, a,^ ,
TWnablp*i,*k«Umii, 11,1, i*,,,  ,*, ,,, aj,
», ,5. ~. a.. 34, as and 36, lu Township 391 Bee*
To-oahlpo; s-s-Uona j aad «. to Tr-wartl*. 6;
Becllona .0,31 and jj, 3,4,3, aad I, In Township
41 the unmnted land fa Towaaklp m Township
cluaive, lu Townahtp .3; Tows
to 3,10 aod.(, IB *- *-'- -
GattfUSi   '
M. "S, ,3 .-ndjs. In Townsnlp 16; alao ih. foi-
Beginning.!, point on th. ,
the southern bouudary af'
esateflh.aesiin--J!i -
Towartlp 16; tl     _ _
about acvta mllei, or lo .
and one mile w*M oft**e ■__
Lake tthenc out two rallo; .
alllesihtlicc, tea. So mllei: 'll
mllei then, tut two -Iln; tL___
.111,11-, act«« ana mile: Eric.
■allpi *euce west oa. mile: Ihtacan__
ralleil annwest oa. mil. -ad a hall*,
north ha fan It. th-n„«M «,, mil.
north hair, mllei Hi-tic. w-t half a mUaj
uortb one mis; it-,- __. « arila! Umbo.
north two mllHi Ihi-K. waat aloauj tb. -oalh
boundary of To-nuhlpa i, and 11To IB. IMI-
akuated la naptrt
Walrlct, Vai
vioorta. fc"-a oaobar, <m,
I > , H ., I , I 11 ,■>.,-»--
rssszaosLimmii'iHutu j-


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