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Ladysmith Leader Nov 19, 1902

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Array f
$ SICKLE'S HOUSE        _
* M^-|.+4-H-l>M.4.4.4-H~|.+4.4-M.4.f«
f  A Oood ;-Roomed House for ! '•
* Sale.   Apply to
^♦■I'l-l-ff llllM||tiH..t..||H4J
VOL.11. NO. 1.3.
■4%4444*t*4€+4^44 ]
See yourself well clothed uml shod anil yon can defy ihe wet.
Also a large and varied assortment of
always on hand.
SIMON LEISER -ft 00., Ud
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Eaplanadeand Oatacre Street, - • Ladysmith
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Finest Cottiox 35c per lb.
14 & 28 lb. Box Creamery 28c.
Choice Dairy Tubs 24c.
iiiiiriiiiiiiif lifting
Canadian.      American.
Spanish.      Swiss.
Holland.     Liinl.tirger,
Hams and Bacon
Queen's   Upton's.
Canadian American
AR Johnston &Co, 1
Oeneral Merchants.
W,%*SSaA!i'«.!«AV.V%;.!.!.-.!.-Ar.V.-.V.-.V.-.V.-.'. . , . , V.V.ViVSS
Wm. Beveridge, Prop. J;
Tbit ntw hotel bu been comfortably furnish, d and lhe bar Is up lo date,  fi
Bait accommodation for transient and permanent hoarder! ami, lodgere.   •'
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards. |
The Esplanade, • Ladysmith, B, C. |
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amiftenient Alliance of the North-West
ARE  VOU  INSURED?    «not
get Insured at once lor It may be
too late tomorrow. I represent aeveral
OLD md RELIABLE Uompaniei and
can insure you at a moment'i notice at
tbe loweit ponible rates. All leading
companies charge tlie aame ratea. Don'l
be milled Into Insuring with a cheap
company -it might be dear in the end.
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
■P.'O. Dnwtr 33, Nanalmo. B. 0.
Member Cau. Society of Civil Kugiueers
Member Institution of Hleclrtcal KtiRliiccrs
Consulting Elect, leal Engineer
V. O. Boa 357
lAOVSMi'l'U, B. C.
IIIINTKH,   This ll  atrictly
BEAR-Oan't help but be
■moke i Provlnot.
ill right,
whtn you
We have decided to clear them out
regardless of cost.
Men's, Youths' and Bqys' Suits in Serges, Tweads,
Worsteds, in fact everything you want.
Pair Men's and Boys' Pants, Overcoats, 24 Boys'
Reefers.   Every garment marked in plain figures
Women, bring your husbauds. Husbands bring
along your boys and get fitted out at about half ordinary prices.   We mean business.
£ Masonic Block,   Ladysmith
.. .*. .*. .*. .*. .*■*. .*. •*. .*. .*. .*. .*. .T. li. .*. .*■*. .Ti .*. .T. .*. .'
P 'V1V I*.' *"■ ".' 'V ■"■ '*y V *' ****** 1. f'V lV '*' '♦''+' ~
Canadian Export Cattle.
_        London,Nov. 17.—Ii   replyiigloa
A!query iu the House of Oommoni  thii
■*■ j uflornoon (lie president of the Board of
Apriculture, Bight Hon. W. B. Hanbury
e .id the q.ieelion ae to whether Canadian cattle would be allowed to remain
alive ten days after being landed in
British ports was now being communicated to the Canadian Government.
The Barnstormers Won.
London, Nov. 1".—The Weitern Morning Newe hai been ordered by a tympanitic jury to pay £750 and colli to the
manager of a ftfth.rale Iravelling com
De Wet on the War.
London, Nov. 18.—General De Weft
book about tbe war is to be publiibed on
the 1st of December, edition! 'appearing
limnllaneouely in England, Americt,
France, Germany, and other countries,
There are about 100,000 worda ol it,
wbieb makee it larger than; the average
ilx shilling novel of to dty, tnd, despite
what has been laid to the.contrtry, tlj
theee words htvt been written by De
Wet himeell. The book doei not trett oi
tht war ai a whole, butof the penonal
exploiti and experiences of the mtbor
piny, who also acted In , piece, because and ehould make a readable oom pinion
of adverse er tie am. Thn -ulri--/.-*.«)»-.. «-*.«■* wui|i*-,ui*jn
Absolutely the llni'st tea fold id B.C. II you do not know
thia ask our customer*1. Or better still try one pound 50.',
Impoited directly from peokajnlie Tea Gardens, Only
onreelvera between ttie grower and you. Vour second otder
will be 5 pounds, price "$2.25.
A Co.
W. T. Heddle
Free Press Block,
Goods Oellvered I'rcc
at Ladysmith.
of adverse criticism, Tbe evideuce clearly showed that the critic was fnllv juati-
fled in his remark! and might have eaid
much more, but it »1fo showed that the
criticism liml caused the company*! receipts lo dwindle,
Brummagem Baulked 'em.
London, Nov. 17.—Birmingham hn
ifeaf-d the Briliib Eleotrlo Trtction
Company, a Morgan concern, tbo ratepayer!, by a majority of 2,000 having
decided lo support tbe City Council'!
proposal to apply to Par lament for tbt
power to build aud work traniwayi in
Obscure Heroea.
I. union, Nov. 17.—Tho efficiency with
■ihioli tbe officers of the British mercantile marine conducted the traneport ol
troops to S .nth Africa and China ii to
lie recognized by the striking of t new
aped'al medal, The King intend! that
ivliencver a war medal li presented to
Irenes in fuinre ware a medal ihail he
granted to the officer! ot tbe mercantile
marine spr.i ir in troop tranaporls,
William's Intentions Oood.
Berlin, Nov. 17.—In an evidently Inspired article the Berliner Poit declares
tlmt the idea ol the Emperor's journey
to England is solely to arouse congenial
personal relation! between the Sovereigns, bill Anglo-German relations will
be specially dlscnsied, and tbe Emperor
"will greatly ailv.mcB In tbe Intereiti of
the Fitherbind by dissipating the ill-
humour that lias arisen between English
aud German public opinion in late yean.
Selling that both Slatee have no political
differences, and as they have bad various
common intellectual interest! for agei
past, it will not be difficult lo find a
political modus vivemli."
British Physical Deterioration.
London, Nov. 18.-Sneaking at
the annual meeting ot the Ama
tenr Gymnastic Aesoclation at Kir
niinsliiini yesterday, Sir James Sawyer
the well-known physician, said be de
plorril the  general  reelect of physical
volume to "On tbe Heela nf De Wet."
Combination not Competition.
New York, Nov. 17.-A delegation
from the industrial eommltiion Irom
Englanl to investigate the condition! in
thli country attended tbe weekly meeting ol the Oentrtl -Federated Labour
Onion In thit city. Iti membere were
welcomed by leveitl speakers.
Acting as spokesman for tht viiiton,
Gtorgt D. Kelly, J, P.,gtntrtl teeretary
of the Amalgamated Society of Lithographic Printer!, iMancheiter. declared bit
confldeoce in .the American mtthodt oi
production, believing them lobe superior
to tny in tbt world.
"We do not come hire," he uid, "lo
create any competition witb American
working people, bnt rather lo loiter ■
fraternal feeling between the working
people ol Ihe two countries. You are loo
«roog to fair ni. You art too rich in
mineral wealth 'and otber natural re.
source!.in lhii>ountry.to have auy (ear
of competition abroad. Wbat we want
il honesty of feeling between the workingmen of tbe twocoontriei, believing
the alms of Ibe working people til ovtr
Iht world lo be Ibe iiuie- the bettering
of tbeir condition!."
trail ing, and locked forward lo tbe lime defeated Robert! it the National Sport.
when llie Government would put phyei-
oul i ullllre in  the forefront ol their pro.
gramme,   and  do
Dear Mrs. 11. , lu tcply to your iiuiiiiry us to whlcb Is tlm best len lo use. I would
siiy lllatln my opinion It rcsls In     lelt tlie Utile Klliboii anil Moitsoou I'ucU-l Teas.   If"
you like rich, strong lea, tlieti Mu. Klbiton Is undoubtedly the best, but shui.l.l your insle
iic for a delicate ami very Savory lea I would advise you lo telephone lo your grocer for a
packet of Monsoon,   Personally, I drink Mm: Kll.l.ui. In llie morning nml Monsoon ut 5
o'clock, but thru, you know, 1 am n perfect crnuk about tea. _
something practical
ami initliorative for the development of
tlie cause. The ignorance existing in
England on tlie niliject wae lamentable,
deep, nnd appalling. Some of tbe moil
disabling and deadly diseases were con-
traded tlirougb ignorance and neglect ol
physical training, while nine-lenlhaol
the caBcBr.f consumption would be pre-
i< ntnl il persons concerned went In lor
nercUei which developed tbeir cbeeti
mil breadline powera.
The second match between the Aue-
trali.n crltkaters nnd All South Africa
ended In a victory for Australia by 169
The scores were Auitralii, 175
anil SO!); Souih Africa, 240 and 85.
Voids truly, BAKAH GHUNDV,
Get the Best Work
.estimate, cheerfully furnished on anything you may need In the Hue of painting, paperhaiiging, wall and colling dec.
orating. Tlio Star Paint Shop, High
Barristers, Solictor, ant
Ofllce: Oddfellow.' Bulldlna, Robert. St,
P.O. BOX 243
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain tnd fancy bread. Cakea and pie-
triea of til description!, fruits In
A. U C. M..
Teacher »f I'laito fltttl Harmony, Ib now foniitnj-*
clnsscH lu l,fl(lywinil.t Tor lulUon once a week.
IntciulltiB pupils plt'iwe call at
W. H. Lively'* Store, Flnt Avtnut
' This old'.'-sBtnblislied, Fust-Class and
Popular Hotel Ib most comfortably (ur-
iiisli'tfil, centrally situated. Uur inpt'ts
trnfAlt' Excellent CuiHine. I'-.n stocked
with the flneBt wines, liquors nnd cigars.
JOS. FOX,        •       ■ Proprietor.
Lote in blocks 211, HI) and 31. A'so
Hotel Site, 120,120 leel, Also lots 1 and
2 block 18,11150 lhe two.
Applv to
English Education Bill.
London, Nov. 17.—Willi thonld ol the
closure llie Hiliicnlin'i Hill will b . put
through Parliament before Christmas.
Amendments, among them one securing
to the laity of the Ohnrch of England
control over religious eilnoatlnn In the
church icooli, are readily accepted, in
tbe belief thit the House oILorde will
reconetrnct the bill to tbe liking of tbe
bilhop!. Balfour and Chamberlain, however, are stronger than either tbo peere
or the prelate!.
The aeal ot tbe Welih membert en
turn i penittent oppoiitiou.
The Canadian Bank
Hood Ofllce, Toronto, Out,
Capital Paid Up 18,000,000
Kelt 2,000,000
Hon, Gko. A. Cox, Preiident.
B, E.Wai.keb, General Manager,
A Branch of this Bank has
been opened at
Savings Bank Diparlmint.
Inlet! si allowed on deposit! ol ont dot*
In. (}' mil anil upwards. The depositor
ly sii'.j-nl, to no delay ln depositing or
witliiliawiiig (nulls.
Current Accounts Opened.
Loans Negotiated,
Drain Issued payable in all parti ol
tlio world.
For the I'liiivenieri'i. nf customers and
others this bank " ill ' r. open on the
evening of Pay I'i > dun 7 o'clock nntil
8 o'clock.
Monday Night's Show.
Quito I large number of Lidyimith'i
residents took advantage of tbe chance
to vilit Nanaimo on Monday evening by
special train, returning abortly belore
midnight, A good many went to tee
the play, -'Over ihe Fence," which noli
lew described ai a fairly good tbow oj
iti kind, tht kind being lomewhit off
Jordm the noted Bngliih pugilist who
log Olub. London on Mon liy tvening
laet, hat eipreued bit willingness lo
meet anyone at 1181b or 1221b., tor the
championahip ol tbe world. Il It uid
that a match will ihorlly be fixed up between Jordan ind Terry M'Govern. Thli
would undoubtedly prove I grttt driw
witb the leading sporting fraternity in
the United Kingdom.
Artistic Job Printing at Tbe Leader office
That jib of printing you admired to
much wai done by the Lsader,
Q_**Advertite in Tbt Le-.der now.
The time to advertise ii ill tbt lime.
We can furnish
any home from a
palace to a cottage, at lower cost
than any other
firm in the province	
Freight Paid to Ladysmith
J. H. OOOD & CO.
Tbt 6reat Cash Furniture dora
lltWiali»l1iMiilililit»illilst1WI<W-l LADYSMITH   LEADER NOVEMBER 19. 190-?.
Ladysmith Leader
Published every Wednesday nnd Saturday at
."he Le-der Building, corner of first Ave. and
French Street, Ladysmitli, British Columbia.
By Mail in Canada ami- UiUTBD States.
Oue year (stitctty lu advance) P oo
31*. months (strictly lu advance)    " 35
TRANSIENT — Including busliiesi   notices,
calls for lenders, applications for and transfer of
licenses, legal notices, etc., ioc. n Hue first
--ertioii; 5c. a liue.cnch .ubscqneiit iiisertlon; 12
iocs measure to the inch,
Rates on application. No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should bc nil metal,
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each insertion 50c.
Advertisement- not inserted for n specified
lime will be charged for until ordered to be dis-
Again tbe Vti
dent has crept
twanging bis ly
. of hia
1 f 3 a CO
Lord Provost Ohisholm, of Glaugow.j ScoffaBlhey maj at the men of tei-
haa replied to the correspondent of tbe eac0 who have clispated ab to the porlud|absolute failure of hia prcdiutiona BrcutH
London Times who has been for Bonie| to Wbioh may bo assigned Iho human not to make the slightest difference to
time past lilliug tho columns of that! BUull» recently discovered at a coostd- him or hia patrons. It Is hard to Bit-ash
great newspaper with a farrago of utter oriiv,le depth in the earth at Lansing, u person who lives liy prevarication and
nonsense regarding '■municipal social* Kansas, and gleefully as tbey may point guessing at tbo future,
THE LEADER will be found nt the following-
r,-iTysntith-Thc Leader Office; The Ladysmith
rttatin'mo—E. Plmbury & Co.
.''clorla—Public Library; Provincial Library'; and
Vancouver—Public Library, and Hotels,
Nnw Westminster—Public Library.
All changes in advertisements must be received
nt this office before ia noon the dny before
Iss ie,
S-bscttberanot receiving paper regularly plcnse
teportto this office.
AU job work strictly cash on delivery.
;'r nislent advertisements cash in advauce.
ft ■>'
i- t
% 8nb!cri!>er8 not receiving Tun ,-Jj
't. Leadub repilarly will confer a |
I favor  by reporting promptly *" a
5 this office.
#. iv
Even a McGIll professor likea his
little bit of harmless (un nt the expense
ot the great innocent public, and of the
tlill more innocent press. Tlm latest oi
those learned jests ie the "suli-ntomic"
theory, born in the fertile brain ol a
McGIll proieseor and disieminated Inr
and wide throughout this great laud of
liberty and learning by a press whom
gullibility ie one ol tbe mnrvolB ol the
Oar venerable and venerated contemporary, Nanaimo Free Press, gave lo a
palpitating world a few evi-niniis ngo the
solemn facte of tiiiB new mystery ol Hie,
and did not seem to be aware that it
waa a screaming farce which it una
helping to eproad amongst the happy
homes oi Canada. The McGIll jester's
quip thie time takee the form ol a discovery that there is a new kind oi force
lying ticking around, and it ie so exceedingly molecular that He components
ire "smaller tban atom! I"
Of course the joker relit-d upon the
carelessness of the average men nml the
average newspaper in regard to the use
of words, otherwise the point of the juke
would have been seen too quickly.
Where people Bttempt to uso language
(words) with eome precision nnd acorn*,
icy, it would be hard to palm .-ll' eucli n
palpable absurdity us "emnller than an
We expect tbat tbe next attempt of
the McGill man will he the discovery ol
aatrange, weird substance which experiment ha! shown to be beyond dlspute
"wetter than water." It requires little
knowledge to appreciate the word
"atom." It simply means something
ao small that it admita of no division;
tometbing that cannot be reduced to
smaller parte, Therclore, the "subatomic" theory Ib plain nonsense. To
.talk of a lubslnnce "lighter than with
ing" would not be more absurd,
Beware of the men of science; they
must have their fling occasionally, ior
little nonsenee now and then is relished
by the wleeit men." We shall watch
that McGill wonder-woiker; hie servlceB
ought to be worth eomething to Punch
or Judge,
iern nnd Hb {allures," Whoever the
correspondent mny be be must now be
feeling both sick nnd sorry for his absurd altank on Eomething which the
Lord Provost bus shown with uieicileBB
logic the corresponded. known, littlo
or nothing about.
The attaok waa levelled principally at
the City ot Glasgow ns the leading exponent iu Iho world oi tin. advanced
theories known as municipal socinlism,
uud thc aiiailant Eeomed to depend a
good deal upon the popular mieooncop-
lion oi the theory which obtains so
largely .throughout England, to carry
hia point. (Seemingly the respectable
old Times has lent its columns to u mere
slanderer, nnd thu management of lhat
paner eould uot hr.ve lelt comfortable
when the) rcnil the rsinnsliing rejoinder
from Lord Provost Obinbolm, in which
overy assertion made by the Times' correspondent is taken up and domoliolied.
In (act tho doughty cold-water champion
of Glasgow lino literally pulverized tho
correspondent, and tbe latter will prove
hirni-ell impervious to ridicule il ho attempt a reply.
Incalculable goud has been done in
educating the people up to the municipal eoc.isiism idea in the splendid gathering of Biilish corporations iu London,
at the iuetigntiou ol lhe Glasgow corpor
alion, to diEcuss this greatest of all the
questions before the public today. And
magnificent wns the triumph of the
municipal socialists. It took a deal of
bard talking and explaining to ding lhe
facte Into tbe beads ol aome oi the more
dull and prejudiced, but tlio lucid expositions given by Luril Prevent Ohisholm
and his associate! from the North convinced at laat. One delegate, the mayor
of a small English town, nfter having
cerlain phaeiis ol lhe matter explained
to him most carefully and clearly, roBe
and remarked lhat "there is confusion
here." Lord Provost Ul.ial.olr- inline-
dialely retorted: "11 there is It ie in
somebody's head," nt which everybody
laughed and buslnoBB went on. It is Interesting to qiloti tbt editorial opinion
utoimor two ol the lending London
newspapers regarding Loid Provoat
Chialioliii'a counterblast. Saya the
London Daily Chronicle.
to tho wide disparity between tho various periods mentioned by tho iieolog-
lata nud others who have examined the
Bkiill and the euvironm-.-ut, from which
it wae taken, one thing all havo to admit
and that ia lhat upon the one point all
men of science are unanimous—that tho
earth and man aro of vast antiquity.
On another point nontly every sclen-
title man in the world ie iu agreement
-with Ms fellows, and that Is that man
grew, if not from animal ancestors, at
all events from a very crude and imperfect progenitor; thai, in laet, present
day mnn ie the product of long agca of
evolution, nud that it ie exceedingly
doubtful if he bo even now, as some
fondly believe, peifcclin form and intellect. Tho discovery of th bo ancient
relics, such as tbe Neanderthal skull,
the Lansing und other remains of a long
passed nge only add fresh evidence lo
the mass which has accumulated with
In lhe past two centuries that man wub
con'emporanoous with many of the animals, birds and reptilea which bave become extinct, but the fofieil remains of
which arc often dug up, in various parts
of the world.
For iu8 ny years doubt rested upon the
assertion o£ some of the geologists and
palaeontologists, that man exii-tcd,somewhat in hia present form, in the tertiary-
age. That he did bo has beon proved
almost beyond peradventore during laic
ThecatiinateaaB to the ago of theearth
vary very considerably, ranging from
many millions of years to the Scriptural
six thousand. But as wo havo hinted, the
public should be en ita guard, and
should remember that although men of
science may differ as lo details, Ihey arc
one upon certain fundamental propositions, which may be stated as truths, the
residuum of researches pursued with unwearying industry through many generations, and representing what may safe*
ly he called Incontrovertible factB.
Aa noted, thcec-ire— the enormous antiquity of theearth, and the certainty
that man existed even in the earlier
geologic periods, probably in the tertiary
assuredly in the quaternary.
Mere is what an experienced British
officer says about the Somalia of northeast Africa, and It io hardly cheering
considering the very hard gripa Into
which our gallant fellows havo gut with
that nest of warriora:
"The SomaliJb a typo of man similar
to what we call 'Sweepero' in India. Hn
iri tme of the mnat courageous fighting
men in tlm world. Tho Somali doeB not
fight because ho is a fanatic; ho will
tight anybody, and he does not mniih
earn whose side he is on. I havo a Vfry
high opinion of the Somalia; thoy are
■.-.rand ll*-,liters,, and will slick at noth*
Room Furniture
Superb Goods at Low Prices,
di b aid, i-i i.iiiir to ci
golden quart trod tut
beautiful style in
our beat celler,
Dining; Tables- lUth and hundpnuie to watch
ti-.lcbof.id, -xiendidg tn 8 or 10 lent,
$ j o.oo and $35.00
Oilier Sideboards $12.00 lo $150 CO
Ouier Dining Tables, $7.00 to $70.00
Name the price you nan afford for any piece of
furniture and write ub lor Illustrations.
Largest Furnishers in
Western Canada.
Victoria ii
According to a correspondent ol llie
London Lancet tlie Testament on which
witnesses are sworn at Woaton police
court, near Hath, is doled 1700 If the
Idea of ki.siug a book lhat hae been in
constant use for inoro than a century ia
not, enouih tosioken the English people
of this til hy form uf oath-taking nothing
will. And why should a man bo insulted and ridiculed (nr preferring the
cleanly, sensible and manly form of the
npraiBed right hand, aa used in the
auny and navy, and hy many civilized
Esquimau &   Nanaimo  Railway
Time Table No. 45.
Trains leave Lidyemith Southbound daily at IMO a.m., and on Saturdays
Sundays and Wednesday*! at ■! 0=1 p.m.
Trains loave Ladyamith Northbound at 11.57 a.m. and on Saturdays, Sundays
and Wednesday8 al 0.05 p.m.
Train*** leave Ladyamith for 10xtension daily except Sunday a'G a.m., 2 p. m.
■I'M and 10 p.m., and on Sundays at 10 p.m.
Mr. Ohamberlaln haa replied with
businesslike promptness and brevity to
Fleet Street's anxtoua inquiry as lo
whether newspaper correspondents Fl-all
be allowed hi accompany him on IiSb
tour of Silith Africa. The Colonial Secretary BayB:
"It la not intended thai any representative of tbe.pre&B fhnli tcwjinpany Mr.
Ohamberlaln on his visir, lo Africa,
which ie one entirely for bualnesa, ana
not for parade."
Hut thc correspondents, though ah*
Bent officially, will ho present actually
with Mr. Ohnmberlatn  in hia   lour.
Nearly  nil tho men preparing to mil
went thriniiih the late war.
Traffic Manager.
The Anntru-I Innga- ian mlniater of the
Interior baa published a fresh warning
•gainst immigration to the Transvaal
and Orange Klver Colony. It la added
that all persona engaged in the immi-,ru-
tlon propaganda will be proceeded
against witb the utmost severity of the
A neat letterhead or billhead with
your name, address and buainesB, la a
good advertisement.
"He writes out uf regard for the credit,
and honour of a city which haB made for
itself so enviable a position mining the
municipalities of lhe world, and we
uongmulatebini upon thus magnifying
his office. Thc reply te, if possible.even
mora crushing than waa thu reply of
Mr. Burns in the case of Biitteraea.
"The Lord Provost then quietly proceeds to demolish the correspondent's
nets, theories, and conclusions, one by
ono. Ho doea it to admiration, perfectly
calm and cool. Ho never luaea or strains
a point. Above all, ha fcptaks as ono
having authority, with abundance ol
knowledge and the experience of long
personal contact with vast business and
municipal undertakings.
"We don't know, of course, what fur
tber information tho 'Times correspondent may possibly havo up hia sleeve,
hut if, as ia probable, he put nil he had
into his first attack upun thc Glasgow
Corporation, ho had bettoi withdraw
silently from tha COD I cat now, Ior never
!ms defeat bee i more hopeloBB.
"To have drawn this defence from the
iiiuuiuli'itl head ol Glasgow baa probably
dono more for the cauao ol 'municipal
socialism'than the correspondent could
undo if he continued writing three column- a week to the 'Times' for the next
ton years."
Under the heading, "Slaying the
Slain," the Daily News deals also with
his Lordship's roply, which it publishes
at his request.
"The records of oootioversy contain
few examples of a statement at onco so
well informed in detail, so lar^e in
t-rasp, ao convincing, and so crushing.
Ir, haa destroyed the laat fragment of
authority attaching to the extraordinary farrago of iguorance, prejudice, mia-
statement and stupidity with which tho
"Timea" has filled its columna for
months past—a farrago that has won
the encomiums of gentlemen like Sir
Cliarlea Rivera Wilson, the chairman of
tho British Electric Traction Coy., and
Alderman Ivey, of WeBt Hani. Uid
Provost Ghleholm's answer, like that ol
Mr. John Burns, in regard to Batteraea,
deals almost exclusively with the caae
with which ho ia primarily concerned,
and that It may be aaid tbat tbo -case
haa, al his touch, vanished into thin air,
leaving not a wrack behind."
In the opinion of the Daily Newa, tho
Timea haa had such a lesson In thia matter aa It has not had since Kichard Pig-
got walked theearth.
The Morning Leador alao deals with
the ProvoBl'B reply:
"Even the Times itaelf muat, one
would think, be impressed with the
noinplotiMiwiioof tho answer supplied by
tho Lord Provost of Glasgow to ita contributor's attack on tho Municipal administration of the Second Cily of thn
Empire, Thero la not an Item of consequence on which tbe Lord ProvoBt doea
not fairly and eqnarely meet Mb critic,"
That protest of tho Italian proas regarding the arrcBt of Mascagni over a
miserable -squabble wilb his managers,
reminds one forcibly of Mark Twnin'e
description of the different methods
adopted by the policeman ol France and
the policeman of the United States when
desiring a person to "movo on." Thc
Frenchman all polltenoeB and suavity,
requesting a slight acceleration nf motion; tho American 'cop" (we think wc
quote correct ly) with his "Ah w'at fell
ye loaflu' here tor ? l-.it a move on or
I'll club dc llvln' daylights oul o' yu.T
Aid tho woll dreaaed Btrang-r has lo
move or ten to one the elegantly expressed threat te put into Immediate o
edition, w Ih no redresB, Muacngi.i
might havo been saved, surely, from the
humiliation of arrest lo a foreign conn
try. Ho ie an Immortal. It mny bo
that those wbo were Instrumental
causing hia arrcet are to bo damned to
evcrlaating fame, or infamy; known
only to poelerity as -,-ereouB who pertc-
euted genius.
Not unlikely I loan Fremantle, the
cleric who recently aatoni.hcd all England by questioning the authority of
miracles nnd tho found a tion a of belief tn
the principles of the Christian religion,
will be brought to book on a charge ol
heresy. It may hu pointed out that
previous experiences In pro.eoutioDp of
thia kind havo not been conspicuously
■sucr.fcBsli.1, In fact, Be unsatisfactory na
to make it reasonably certain that somo
other way will have to be adopted with
the during Dean, Tho significant thing
about Dean Fremantlo'fl blunt afatc-
nt ol unbelief if thai It comca almost
siuiultaneoualy with similar declarations from several other noted religious
tcachora in diltoHitt par in of the world,
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puhllsht-d lu America LADYSMITH LEADER.  NOVEMBER 19. 1902.
Statistics For Tlio Fiscal Year And
Soma Comparisons.
Last week the annual report ol tho
deputy postmaster general of Canada
was received by The Loader. It contains, as usual, aome very interofltinjj
Information for the public, Thn fi *urt-,-
relating; to the Liuljsml'h postoffioa will
be found of special Interest, and eonii* cf
them miy emprise not a few of onr
town's people who may hnvo preconceived notious in the matter.
It is worth* while observing, befoie
taking up the local pOBtofHce businesp,
that the postal service of Camilla Imp
been mado to pay very handsomely Our-
Ing the piist year. Fur tbe year ended
June, 1902, the net revenue of the Post-
office Department was $3,888 120.10. being an increase over the revenue of the
previous year of $400,033 ill, or 13.04 per
cent. The increase in expenditure was
$45.040.78, equal to 110 per cent.
When tho Liberal Government took
over the business uf the pOBtoffiuo that
depaitmutit waa BtBRgerlna under a fear-
fnl tot*d of debt, duo to tlio tiroes mifl-
m an linemen t of the Tory uovernmente
whioh preceded thc Liberals in power.
As allowing the remarkable increase
in postoffice business since the introduction of tlie two*cent; poatBge, attention
may be drawn to the fact. lhat thc stile
ol poetage'etampBln 1000 wai* only $4-
038,001.01, whereas In 1002 U had increased to $4,045,227 05.
Ladyamith poaloffice is down in the
blue bonk as and yardn frmn tho railway
Btation, and the nutubei of trips O.v
postmaater haa to make per week in 12,
and the amn he receives for lhid pedestrian exerciso is $100 a year.   *
The gross poatai revenue for thu year
ending June :10th, 11)02, at UdjumUh
postotlivM amounted to $1,155.32; at
Ghent linni, our nearest neighbor, it
was $010 25; nt Nnniiinio, $7,804,81*;
Ladysmith issued 2,061 money orders,
valued at $30,886 08; fur wiii b the public paid in commiflslous, $108.60, Oho*
main us money orders amounted lol,G08,
valued at $2(1,13185; com ml sal one,
$175.05. Nanaimo, in tho tame time,
issued 0,148 money orders, valued at
$85,705,73; cbmmiBaions, $(WS -ts.
In the year Ladysmith paid 8GG money
orders; Ohemaliiua, 128 and Nanalmo,
3,100, Tba.value of these was, respeu*
lively, $0,li3 03j $2,5.8 00, ami $07_-
175.2.1, Hoi vory uilioli busioess in dune
here in postal notes, LadyBmith handling only $1110.05 worth jChemalnuB only
$54.75 worth and Nanaimoonly $1 060.72
worth, ehowhig that tho money order is
the favorite way of transmittm-* cash.
The total amounts paid to poet masters
on money order, postal note and other
business atir-unted lo, Ladyemith,
$122,40; Ohemainus, $81,75; Nauaimo,
Then we como to salaries, and lind
that Postmaster Southin receives, lie-
aidea t,hoao>mall pickiinn the sum ol
$2*8 a year, and no allowance at all fur
rent, fuel or light. Ou the other hand
the Cliomaiuua pOBtmaster receives a
ran buy uf :f3G0, and hit te besides allowfd
$75 a year (or fuel, .light and rent bx-
peuBes. The aalnry of tho Nanalm-J
pnstinastflr Jb $2,855,79, with a forward
< allowance of $30''.
PoBimaster Southin receives Ih-? mrig-
nillcont remuneration of $510.40 a year
for handling the mail of nearly four
thousand people, while tho pOBtmaster
atOhfamainuu with laea than one thou**;
and souls receives $-501,75,
It ie for the LadyeinUI) people to cogitate thefle things at their leisure It ia
true that tho change in tho hz. and
population of Ladyemith has been ao
rapid bb to leave very imle chance for
making correct estimates; but it is hoped that the fiscal yeurendiug Juno, 1003
may see justice done to the poalui -blur
at thla important place.
liiiiiiinoiioil liy Royalty lo Tako
N-siv York, Nov. 17*—For tho first time
in years, nays the Now York American,
King Kdward delivered au extempore
ppeech when reviewing the brignde of
the -.nurds the other clay. Before hu begun ha noticed t hut thero were no rep'tr-
tera nearby to tako hia apee-ch, f.q he dispatched General Kelly-Kenny, to bring
tip two reporters, who stood one on each
side of the King's horse, nolo book in
Ma jor-GRneval Trotter, tbeoffloar commanding, and Inspfiotor Melville, ol
Scotland Yard, discovering two men in
oivlliari attire near the King, dashed
madly acroBB the part-dn ground anil
atarted fo si'izt the reportora. Umieral
Trotter demanded: "What are you doing here?1''
Tiie Kiiigo.erhoard the demandt lurn*
od around nnd said, ''It's nil right
trotter, they're reporters; I asked them
to come, aal wanted thtm to lake my
General Trotter retired crestfallen. In*
Epaclor Melville fancied tho reporters
hod designs on tho Klug'8 parson,
Tlio King ueually rendB his speeches
front mahusorlpl, and this one was tin
longest externpoie he ever deliveted.
her.ee his solicitude to have tho reporters close at hand to preserve his eloquence, It was the first lime, however,
that he commanded reporters to attuul
be.hle him ut a public ceremony.
Clergyman's Pathetic Fate.
London,Nov 18.—Sad stories woollen
told in lhe court? of the Lon 'on Ooron*
ere, bnl one- of the eaddeat of recent
years was beard' at Hackney yeaterda-
at tin inrjnflB. on 11 -v. Wm. D. Lbc O Pt
At one time he wan vicar of a Ken
nington parish, but he left the Church
of Bogland a few years ago, and lift lhe
whole ot his savings, about £1,1(10, nw*
inK to the Liberator trauda. Ho endeavored to make a living by oaeual library
tvoik, aud when cominiaeioned to maki-
a particular rcaearch he would pureue
his investigations fir ten Iioiub at a
stretch, and tl ay alter day. The nu-di
oaj waa, in elTeot, that he died of consumption and rilarvtition. Thora wilB a
auggestion that, he bad occasionally
given way to drink, but little cvldeuce
wsb beard iu support of it, and none al
nil from Iho doctor.
Having aeon Bomething ol him occasionally iu the )n*t nine yeare, wrltee a
London correspondent, I ean say that
thero have haeu no outward slgne ol
intemperance, It ie a pathetic ending
to what at one time was expected to be
a biHIIant career,
A Coal Strike •'Order."
r.'ie following letter, written hy Murk
Twain during the recent cnal strike tin
Mr. Shaw, Secretary of the Treasury,
im!' jttut found ite way iulo pttut; ■—
Tne Honourable lhe Secretary ofthe
Treasury, Washington,
Sir.—-Prices for ttie customary kinds of
winter fuel having reached tbe altitude
whiuh puts them out of the reach of
literary poraona in straitened ilrcum
Blanco., I deaire to place v»iihyou the
following ordei :—
45 tuna best old dry Government
bondb, suitable fur furnace, gold 7 per
cent. IGOi preferred; 12 tons early i_reou-
backe, range raize, suitable for cooking,
in eight bam la; seasoned 25 and fid per
cent, poatai onrronoy, vintage of lStlii,
eligible fur klndunga.
Plente deliver with* all convenient
despatch at my house In Uiverdaleat
IowcbI rates for spot cash, and send bill
to your obliged servant,
who will bB very itmlefnl, and will vote
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When you are in need of Job Printing, no
matter what kind, let us give you an estimate. We have thc facilities for turning
ont work promptly, and, what is more, wc
have a reputation for doing
Neat an
Artistic Work
of which we can show you samples. The Job Room
is hi charge of Skilled and Competent Workmen.
Modern Type and Best Facilities. Prices the Lowest   consistent  with  First-Class   Workmanship.
The Leader,    Ladysmith
•lorn? Fucfr*-. About TbcMe Vl-ii'h fi> tin
IBurih'N Inlurtor Vita,
Eons ago tho earth on which wc
live was a liugo iiiiisi* of "lire mist."
Astronomers tell us thnt today lu tin
heavens we can aeo vast nobulce, suggesting what tlio earth was once,
Gradually thc surface of the "five
mist" cooled nnd hardened, but the Interior is still Intensely hot. Whothei
It Is solid, liquid or viscous wo do not
kuow. This heat, raging miles below
tins surface, ut times escapes through
the hard crust hy vents or volcanoes.
There nre from 300 to 300 volcanoes
on the globe. This estimate Include**
merely live volcanoes which within recent times have been In action, If wc
should count the many mountains scattered over tho earth which show today
signs of volcanic action In more remote past, the estimate would have It
be increased by many hundreds.
Volcanoes would seem to be mranged
with move or less symmetry In belts
circling tho great oceans. A ring of
fire surrounds the Pacific. Starting at
the South Shetland islands, several
hundred miles south of Cnpe Horn, a
belt of volcanoes extends up the west
const of South America, Central America and North America; from Alaska lt
crosses the Pacific along the Aleutian
Islands to Kamchatka; thence it follows the east edge of the Pacific
through tlio Kurlle islands, Japan, Formosa, the Philippines, the Moluccas,
the Solomon Islands, the North Hebrides, New Zealand and finally euda
in Mouikts Terror and Erebus, on
the   AntnrcUc   coutlueut-
A young mnn living on Walnut ITilla
Is a closo worker in money matters—
thnt Is; he stays closo to tlio shore* with
his expenditures. Ho had the good
luck to marry a girl whoso parents nre
quite wealthy and is at present living
with Ills wife In oue of his father-in-
law's houses.
One day not long since while discussing affairs with a friend the latter
"Did the old gentleman give you that
"Woll—cr—no, not exactly," wns the
answer, "Ho offered it to me, but 1
wouldn't accept It."
"How's that'.'" asked the friend.
"Well," answered tho man who had
mnde the lucky matrimonial venture,
"you see, the houso really belongs to
me. I'm living in !(, rent free, and I'll
get It when the old mnn dies. If 1 nc-
copied it now, I'd hnvo to pay the
"Ten per cent of tlio world's population is mure or less somnambulistic,"
said a physician, according to the Philadelphia Record, "and every one, nt
one time or another, has done n little
sleepwalking. I myself when n lad
got up, dressed, took my books and
went to school on a summer night, my
father following close behind to sec
that I should eome to no barm.
"l.lond persons aro more apt to bc
somnambulists than dark folk, and In
cold climates there is more somnambulism thnn tn warm ones. In certain
Greenland villages, I hnve been told,
the hut doors are locked from without
by n watch man in order that those
within may not como forth in their
sleep nnd maybe freeze to death, but
In Egypt aud such like hot lauds such
precaution is unnecessary."
Her 11 mini,
A correspondent writes: "Two women were strong supporters of a local
co-operative store, but: one day as one
of them was passing down tho street
she wns surprised to see her friend
coming out of a licensed grocer's shop.
'I thoeht, Mrs. IImon, ye wis a member o' the Co.V was her remark. 'So I
am; but, duo yo ken this, there's line
shop lu Glcacn I get sic nice beef hum
as tn hero.'
"Some days later Trs. Broon's friend
went Into this shop to buy n sample
of tlie beef ham. On entering the shop
she asked the man if he would give
her 'a pun' o* the beef ham Mrs. BroOil
gets hero.' A quiet smile Btolo over
the shopman's face. 'Oh, yes.' he said;
*l win olileoge you, HIv you brocht a
bottlo wl' youV"
Sin 1< lmr  lllMtoi-y.
While we read history wo mnke history. Every great crisis of human history is n pass of Tlii'i'iiK'pylie, and
there Is always a Lconldas and his
OUO to die In lt if they cannot conqtior.
Aud so long ns liberty has one martyr,
so long as one drop of blood Is poured
out for hor, so lung from that bloody
sweat of the agony of humanity shall
spring hosts as countless us the forest
leaves and mighty as the sen.
A  flee Mm-,
The directness of tho hoe's flight la
proverbial. The fihnrtest distance between any two given points is called n
bee Hue. Many observers think that
Ihe Immense eyes with which the Insect Is furnished greatly assist If they
do not entirely account for the arrowy
stmlghtuoss of Its passage through thc
nlr, _
ITntlii't Hi'nrtl It.
"Money talks," asseverated Gilder
"I urn not so sure of tlmt," retorted
Throckmorton, "It la not on speaking
terms with mo."
t.lkctl thn Old Wit)- next.
■'Bridget," naked Mrs. Do Leon, "can
you cook on scientific principles'.*"
"Sure, ma'am, what's the nintter
with cool-In' on n range?" usked sensible Brldgot
f"F~}F(:-;LlTTL,f:^  i
A I'refly Trick With Which to Hn-
teriniii Yuiir Mltlc i<'i-i'-.t-l-i.
noro Is a pretty little trick with
which you can entertain your playmates at an evening party;
Cut from a fourfold piece of paper
an arrow shaped llko the Illustration,
Then place this arrow on the point of
a needle vertically situated In a cork,
at Its (Tenter part marked X, but without causing the needle to pierce tho
paper. After the cross has been properly balanced on tlio needle cover the
whole with n common glass thoroughly dried.
Now get a dry woolen cloth, and by
placing your baud or fingers on top of
tne glass to Insure its steadiness rub
the cloth briskly up nnd down tho
glass at a point between the points of
the cross, nnd the pointed end of tho
cross will slowly but surely move toward or revolve ou the needle until it
points to tlie place on the glass where
the cloth Is being rubbed.
The point of the cross is attrneted by
the electricity which is generated by
rubbing tho glass with the woolen
"Soy. Chlniniie, wot'd de boss call y'
up for?"
"X call me doWU."-   Jff^ _*_**_.
Lire I.***!'.*)*-.
Iu India there Is a bird called the
bottle bird, because It builds a nest
which looks just like n bottle. But it
Is not tho wonderful nest I wish io tell
you about, but something much more
wonderful, I think. Vou know In India
j birds havo many enemies, and theso
enemies are afraid of light.
So when Mr. aud Mrs. Bottle Bird
make their home tbey stick over so
| many balls of cloy all around the front
door.   Theso are really candlesticks,
j but I do not believe yon  can guess
' what the candles themselves are. They
are lire beetles.   l-'Iro beetles are some-
- tiling like our (trollies, ouly much
brighter.    Mr. and Mrs.  Bottle Bird
' catch the lire beetles nnd stick them
in the balls of clay, nnd there they
stay, making the whole nest quite
bright with light.
So, you see, Mr. and "Mrs. Bottle Bird
and all the little Bottlo Birds can sleep
qulto peacefully all night, because they
j know they tiro safe from all enemies.
A 1'nrrot nt DrenkfiiKt.
A funny parrot lives in Brooklyn nnd
ts very fond of the lady she lives with.
When the breakfast bell rings In the
morning, she will push open tho door
of her cage with her bill, Hy down to
the breakfast table, take her own
chair, which she always knows and
occupies nt each menl, and wait till the
family assembles. If they should not
| gnther ns quickly ns sho thinks they
ought, she will call out, "Hurry up,
folks; hurry up!" and nt the same time
hop over to the oatmeal dish and attempt to lift the cover, for she is very
fond of oatmeal and will make her en-
tiro breakfast of it. Sho would not
touch the oatmeal even If she wero
ablo to lift the cover, for she Is a very
good Polly. After finishing her break-
fast she Hies right buck to her cage-
Itiiln From lionven.
The i»tory Is told of a little girl In
England who when rainwater was
scarce saved up as muoh of it ns sho
could nnd then sold it for a cent a
bucket. In this way sho earned nearly
$5, which she brought to the missionary society. She was a modest littlo
girl, and when ttie secretary of thc
missionary society asked for tier name
sho hesitated nnd fulled to answer,
"But I must put down where tlio
money came from," said the secretary.
"Call It rain from heaven" replied the
little girl.
The CloVor Kittens,
"My cat Biioaka BYcnch," -aid littlo
Jean no,
"Aa plainly ns can l»«;
Says  's'll  vous  plait'   (that's   'if you
And thanks mo with 'mcrcl!'
I know, l't i-iiii.'o I understand
Eiii'li word .sin- nay a to me."
"Anil mtno speaks German,*' with n nod,
Sai.l Man from the Hlilno;
"Says 'liltle' when sho wants n drink
Ami '.in,' of course, and 'noln;'
I wouldn't have n cat tlmt Bimko
A iiiiVci'iini iuii*;tii! from minel"
"Tli'it'a tlimo for yout" sweet Nora antd,
Willi merry look demure;
"Mo own splinki'H Olrlshl   Whin I Bet
A saucer on Hi. time
An' ask her would she llko some milk.
Tlio ilarlinl tella me, 'Shurol'"
I met those kittens afterward,
No matter where nor how;
1 listened well to what thoy until)
Would you iii-iici ,*■ It now,
Tliny spoke ln English, every one,
And all they said was, "Mlnowl"
-MarRuret Johnson tn Womu'j Hona
•**.M"H1 M**M^^
ilerely A Reminder
Of the fact tbat the Lender Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing-commercial, legal and society—at very reasonable prices.
We Print
—Letter Heads
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—Memorandum Heada
— Bimr.-JKt! Cards
—Stock CertificateB
—Legal Klonka
—Wedding Invitationa
—Funeral Announcements
—Tick eta
—Window Cards
—Poster b
Having tbe latest type faces and borders,
and modern machinery, we produce only
the  best  work — Printing that attracts
|        The Leader Job Room
X   Ladysmith, - B. C.
John Wanamaker, the multi-million*
aire merchant prince of Philadelphia
gave aa hia opinion the other day,on the
boIjIbcI of advertieinjr, and no man in
llie land can speak on that matter with
more authority:
"Thero id ouly one way to advertise,
md (lut in to hammer your name, yout
location, j our buslneea, ao constantly, ao
persistently, bo thoroughly, into the people's heads that if they walk in their
aieep they would constantly lurn their
heada toward your eloro. The nevva-
paper is your bo-t friend in apite of your
eriticipm. It hplpe to build up the community which supports you. When the
d:ty comes that the newepipera are dead
ihe people are near thb edge of thogrnve
fflth no one to write their epitaph."
Dr. T. Glendon Moody, Denfir-t, Till
ratur.n to L'dypniith Friday, S-itnnhy
ind Sunday of this wuk. Dr. Moody
i i' in lu- regular vjeita lo LadvFinltl ,
iriitv at Ni-liolrs-in'r-. Hall. Victoria
.Hire, Old PoatofflcB hnilding.
■mm mm
Yesterday the I/uidsthmg definately
rejected the Minielerial bill for the eee-
aion of thu Danish West ludies to tbe
United Stales.
Tue Admiralty has placed ordera at
Cardiff for a supply agurelating (W,000
tons oi large .team t'oal at prices ranging from 16-01 IO- ill. f. o. h.
The "New York Herald" announce*
hat it haa been definately settled that
Mr. ('. Oliver Iaeliu shall be im natter
ol Iho now American cup defender.
Tho War Otlice have reaolved upon
ei>!abli&hing h'rue non-alcoholic soldiers'
clubs in every camp and garrison.
The CoalCommidaionsatagalnyeater
day at Westminster, and heard evidence
on the .iii*j -cl of waste in working.
According to the "Telegraph" correB-
ponden t at Constantinople, the*Porte to-
dny ia calling the -mention of the powers to tho position of its atibj-cts aiKu-i-
tchuk, where, it te alleged, the Bulgarians aro murdering Turka With impunity and without provocation.
The Leader printing office ia at the
comer of French and Firet Avenue,
Write or call and get prices aud save
railway hires and freight on your printing.
The Leading jj
Reviews |
Nineteenth Century   and After, f
Centemitorary   Kevlew.    Port- A
tilghlly   Kevlew,   Westminster -J
Kevlew,    liil In hn mh   Kevlew, >
Quarterly Kevlew,tJlackwootVi *
l-"iUiili-iri*h Magazine, -V
Strong, sterling, timely, sitR-gesilve ♦
nnd  "l'tlli-jiillv-.-; jnsl wlml yiiuwniil $
in know ofthe world's ilnliiK";exiictly A
wlml  von  ttcctt  lo  knew; mid told A
when yon want t>> know it—that's the jE
value of lltemi reviews lo yon.   The *
nltlt-sl writers,  the  tllOSt timely dis- "j**
chshIoiih; The swiftest |)r.seiilalioii of A
the -A-orlil-pn-l'leni.s of lhe ilny Hmienr _Jj
every month In the pages nf these 5.
leadfiij* review*.  These nretlieKtig- w
Hih edition* sold in Ametleiiiilrdionl *jll
half price,   rt'uviiut o -.'i.-m-s sent free     4'
to anyone anywhere, and hlsioiicnl ■&
booklet, loo, for the unking. ft
The Leonard '■ 'it Publication Co., S
Warren **■■*.. f-ew fork City. *•'
to^^tyti*k9Vm\ »S'fefl'fe«i^'*&*
J. O. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evening ot 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially iuviled. *'
Wellington lodge No. 2 K. of P.
Msels every Friday in I. O. O. F, hall at
7:3C p.m.
J. W. LEWIS, Sec.
tadytmith Orangt Lodgt, Na. 1768
meets in Nicliolsrm's Hall, Fint Avenne,
every alternate Salnrday ineach month,
nomniencing first Saturday In Outobtr,
Visiting Brethren are Invited lo attend.
\ tin ion I
Manufacturers of nil kinds ol T
RflUfl and Dressed Lumber
Mouldings, Laths, Shingles, Etc.
A large slock of thoroughly seasoned
*} lumber—island 2nd class constantly on
+ hand. All orders strictly alteuded to.
i>  Quotations cheerfully given,
John W. Coburn,::
Managing Dwkctor.
v ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦■ ♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*m--*m*
for the Tinest Butter
and Fresh Eggs
Made and repaired.   All work
Guaranteed,    Inspection invited,
Harness Repairing a Specialty.
A. S. Christie,
Nanalmo, B. C.
Choicest Lager, Ales, Beer
and Porter.
The Weekly PosMnlelper
Siatlla, Wash.
Nobody enn afford to tie without It. All the1
telcninphlenewsorihe week. Frmn, field.garden, sport, society, llenittlftil illustrations and
half (ones.   Sample copy on application.
All Far Ona Dollar a Yaar.
lo .lo the best, and we do Iht bait wt
know 1—Ltdyttnit'i Leader, LADTSMITH LEADER. NOVEMBER 19. 1902.
What we
we do
When you read it In our advertisement,
10 per cent, off here means ao per cent
off. Our goods are nil marked in plain
|i.oo gloves for 45c. 50c. underwear, 25c
at) wool sox for ioc. $8.50 rain coats, -£4.85
I13.50 raincoats $10.00.
Our Big Sale is the Hit of the Season -
a tremendous success—Don't miss It.
Otldwtll, Iht Nanaimo tailor, la showing 1 rut aelection ol tweede md cloth!
tor winter weir.
Strt Amur tnd Botcowitz called in
Sunday lor iutl on their way to the
north. _____
Fint tailoring it moderate cost it the
motto ol Caldwell, the Nanaimo artist-
cntttr md fitter.
Work on tht ntw Stevens block, First
Avenue, will bt pretty well iorward to a
finish ibont ttie end ol the preeent week,
Indiana and scientists predict a hard
winter. Gtt inelde one oi thoae comfortable eaita Caldwell ol Nanalmo can
build yon.       	
Convert! to the incorporation idea are
being mtdt dtily by the bad condition
ot tht streets. In lome placea the roade
art almost Impassable,
Books I Hooks I Just received, a big
consignment of popular fiction, well
bound, well printed and cheap. Call
and look them over. At JeuU|i'i Pharmacy. 	
It is expected tbat- the roof will be
finished on Mr. John Tha'a hotel, Firat
Avenue, this week, The workmen bave
been rushing things on that building,
We are pleased to announce to you
that we are again golug to havo another
Pumpkin Contest this coming Christ.
mas, which is less thnn two months
away.   Lively, the Jeweler.
completed next weee — Price $500 — 4
rooms nnd pantry, Block Oil-Lot 5 between 4th. and 5th. Avenuoi, For further information npply Gust. Hill, Extension, B. C.
{•The heaviest rain of the present season
foil on Monday forenoon, giving the
draine a good Hushing, which they needed 	
FOR SALE—A good paying bneineei
on High Btreet, cheap. Also house and
lot. good wel). OccupantB leaving ou
account ol ill health. Apply to T. 0.
McKenelly, High etreet restaurant.
More machinery for tbe Tyee Copper
Company is expected from the east thi!
week. Thie will complete the consignments of machinery and other supplies
from that quarter, Work in all departments at the emelter ia being pushed
Bteadily forward.
The funeral of the late Joseph Fletcher
of Big Qualicum, one of the oldest pioneers of the East Coaet, took place
yesterday at Nanaimo.
Oa Monday morning the infant son of
Mr. and Mre. Walter J men died, and
the funeral took place yeeterday to Nanaimo cemetery, Mr. A. Hilbert having
charge of the arrangement!. The eym-
pathy of all the citizen! is witb tbe bereaved parent!.
Ladysmith, throngh it! Board of
Trade, should lake advantage of the request of Agent-General J. H. Turner for
photographB of dilt'erent placea in B. C,
for use aa lantern elides, to be used by
lecturer! throughout the United Kingdom. *
Crockery of all kinds, white cups and
saucers, from 80c per dozen. Colored
cupa tnd saucers, from $1 to $1 25 per
dozen. Glover leal pattern 11,25 per
dozen. To be hid it D. Taylor'e, opposite E. A N. railway itation.
Good audience!, deepite rain, have to
lar attended Evangeliet Frank Cole-
man'a meeting! in the Methodist
Church. Tht Evangeliet ha! jolt doled
a most eucceieful serlei ol meeting! in
Fairview Methodist Ohnrch, Vancouver,
He la surprised to find a town ol euch
tltt here.        	
GIRL WANTED to run a email Btore
and make hereelf generally uieful in the
home. Apply to J. Ferguson or Mre,
Walter Mylea on the premise! Firat Avenue, Ladyemith.
Indication! were good for a|large attendance at tht concert In Firet Preiby terlan
church laat nigbl, when The Leader went
to prett. The progrtmme wis one of
quite exceptional merit. A full report
of the concert will appear in Thc Leader
on Saturday.
Kindly remember tbat every dollar's
woith purchased In our atore entitles
you to t goes! it the number of seeds in
the Obrittmae pumpkin. The cloeest
guetur getting the lint prize, and eo on
until the prize! are given away, At
Llvely'e, the Jeweler.
It's Stove Time
Thiamin., Plumber, Hardware, Stove..
JUST RECEIVED. English tnd
Canadian. Guaranteed the finest
football boots made. Our English
hoot is especially suitable for Association players.
Mall orders promptly tilled,
(2.75 $3.00 $3.75
Paterson Shoe Co.
The demand for good building lots still
continues, aud the supply ia nearly ex
hausted, Application! for leases of lot!
now held vacant are also frequently
made at good oilers.
LOST.—By a workingman a Bum oi
money representing all his wages in bank
notes. Handsome reward for return to
Leader office.
The Rathbone Masquerade,
Another fine turn-oat of dancers and
spectators patronised thc masquerade
ball given ln Gould's Hall Monday night
by the local lodge ol Rathbone Siiters.
The conditions, except tl to tbe weather,
were perfect for an enjoyable dance, and
all who attended are loud in their praiie
of the excellent management of tbeaftalr,
The floor wai in perfect order, and the
music, by the Robertson orcbeitra all
that could be wiehed.
The prizes were awarded ai follows i
BeBt Waltzer Mre. Shouldice.
Beat Topsy Miss Birdie Forcimmer,
Best Weary Willie Mr. Hy. Robertson.
Beit Suilained Gent Mies Hittle Hint.
Best Suatained Lady MIse Lily Campbell, Nanalmo.
Best Oakewalker Mill Birdie Forcimmer.
Moet Comic Gent Mr. Jas. Hill, Nanaimo, clown.
At the Buffalo track in Pari! on Thurt-
day, Oontenet, the famous cycllit, lowered hii own record for tbe bour by
covering in that time 77 kilometrei 07
metres. He then continued riding to
reduce the record set by the German rider, Knlil, for 150 kilometrei (02 mllei)
He covered that distance In 1 hour 17
min 23 2-5 sen, while the German's record was hour 2~uius 71 Cite,
Beg to announce lhat (hey have
appointed W. H. Lively, of let
Avenue/ae tbeir looal agent for
Ladysmith, A full stock, fresh
and clean on hand.
Pianos, Organs and
Musical Goods
School Books, Stationery, Fancy Goods,
Etc., Etc.
PianoB for sale on easy monthly pay*
menta.  Oome and see ue.
n. W, WAITT & CO.,
Victoria, Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Cum*
berland, B. O.
Mr. Wi W. B. Mclnnea, M. P. P., vis
ited LadyBmith on Saturday and renewed acquaintance with the electors.
Mr. Allen Graves, Victoria, paid a
short visit to Ladysmith on Sunday.
Mrs. McClamont of Vancouver, returned home after spending a few days with
friends In Ladysmith.
Mr. Angus Guun, of Antigonisb, N. S,
passed tnrongh Ladyemith Sunday on
his way to Cumberland.
Mr. A. C. Wilson, florist, Nanalmo
wae In LadyBmith on business Monday.
Mr. Thomas Kltchin, Nanaimo, was
here on business Saturday.
Mr. Donald McTaviab, Vancouver Island agent of the Scranton Correspondence Schools, viaited Ladysmith on business Monday.
Capt. Aitchison, Seattle, spent Sunday
with friends returning home by Monday
morning's train.
Mrs. Kiddie and Mrs. Watson went up
to Nanaimo on Monday evening on their
way to visit Vancouver and other pointa
on the Mainland.
MisB Katie Johnston of Nanaimo arrived on the morning train yesterday.
Mr. Henry Keif.l, manager of the
Union Brewing Company, Nanaimo,
came down yesterday morning on business.
Mr. E. M. Yarwood, barrister, Nanaimo, waa in Ladyamith on business yea*
HS Of 111 "MIDI
In the North-west the weather is
moderating ellghtly. At Winnepig il
was two degreeB below zero.
The navigation season wiil be prolonged till December 12th on the upper
lakes, in order that western farmers may
market tbeir big wheat crops.
W.N. Waters of Ottawa, one of the
Dominion police, waa found dead with I
bullet in hie head In Beachwooil cemetery.   He committed micide.
The Britiih cruiier Oharybdls, raile today from St. John's, taking 100 Newfoundland naval reserves, who will serve
a eix monthi' training courae.
Gilbert Deucbari, wbo eerved in the
Maxim gun detachment with the hist
Canadian contingent in South Africa,
died in Ottawa from acute bronchitis,
The Inrgeet number of can ol grain
unloaded in one day this full at elevator
A. at Fort William, wai 100, which ii
comidered a good record for ten hours'
The Attorney-General of Nova Scotia
ordered Mrs. Hubert, a maiden lady 70
years old, reimited from the House of
Assembly. Mlsa Hubert sued and got
Dennis McOauley, of Chicago, was
flim-flammed out of 130 on a train leading Hamilton on Friday,
Mre. Manser, (HI years ol age, loel her
life in a fire which destroyed her duelling near Sweaborg.
John Kerner, a Fenian raid veteran,
died auddenly it Hamilton, He was
proprietor of the Music hall.
Two housei on Balllie elrsll, Hamilton, were raniacked by burglars and
considerable jewellery stolen.
The capital slock ol the Britannia
Athletic Asiooiation, Hamilton, hai
been increased from $10,000 to 125,000.
Two games of bnskelball were played
In Nanalmo opera bouse latt Saturday
night, the two Mosquito tcaina, aaulor
and intermediate, winning both gaiuea
from tbe Nationala—the intermediates,
28 to 12; the seniors lo lo 0. Tbeie waa
a large attendance.
One-Sided Rugby.
Nanaimo easily defeated Victoria, In*
lormi diatea in the match laat Saturday;
the score being 12 to 0 in favor of tbe
borne team. As might bo expected tbe
game waa not vory interesting. Victoria
intermediates showed very poor learn
play. Some good Individual work waa
done by Victorians. Mr. J. I). Qulno wae
The Tulip.
Quite adiatlnguiahed old party paaaed
through Ladysmith on Saturday In tbe
persou of Professor Bub Foster, tbe
veteran trainer of the Victoria Athletic
Club. Bob ia standing ofl' old Foster time
in great style, and is us youug in spirit
as any of his own calta. Mr. Charles
Trawford, proprietor of the Hotel Wilson, aud ex-champion lightweight boxer
of Canada, oue of the pretlicet and
cleverest sparrera that ever donned the
mitts in tbe Dominion, ie an old pupil
of Prof, Foat.ir's, having learned the
rudiments of the art twenty years ago
in Toronto. Prof. Foster pnt up at the
Wilson with tho Bugby boys Saturday
night.       ;	
As a result of tbe aucceaB of the visit
of tbe Toronto Lncrosae.team to England
a cordial invitation hae been ; Isimed to
BritiBh play era to eend a team to Canada, and Ihe question in now receiving
coneideratiou from the aulboriliea of tht-
game. It fleema highly probable that >■
team will be aent over in 1904. Meanwhile the CambridgeUniversity LaoroESu
Olub have been Ohallanged hy tbe Harvard University, and iu combination
with the new , dub formed nt Oxford
University a team will be got together
to visit the United States and Canada
next summer, playing matches agaiuat
American Universities.
A. R. Trott, tho well-known Middlesex
prufeBeional cricketer, sailed on board
the Sophocles yesterday at noon. He
will act an a coach to tho Hawk's Bay
Cri ket Club throughout the New Zealand Beason, and will return to England
at the beginning of May next year.
It is reported that tho famous English
International centre forward. U. O,
Smith, has retired finally from llrst'claas
football. This is not the llrst oacaeion
on which such a report has been circulated.
Tinamithing  and   Plumbing in all ita
branches.  Toula and plumbing material alwaya ^tt band.   Impairing a specialty.  Prompt attention given calls from
Victoria Crescent,  Nanaimo, 6. G.
Buiineei men, don't lend out unpriced itationeiy; the recipient! will classify you as a bayseed.
-an F(hV
 -For Sale by JOHN BIOKLE	
One of thoae rare opportunities
to get a genuine bargain because tbe   owner   must   sell.
Deacrlptlon-Uprliiht, Iron frame
concert grand, by tho celebrated
Spaethe, of Gera, near Luipsic,
Germany. Practically new,and
in r-plfiiilhl order. Rich, mellow, Blngine tone, lteaaoua for
selling—owner leaving the province Ib forced to sell.
Price, $150; cost $475 in Germany
Full particular! at The Leader Office
M  Iln   E, Proprietor.
Tenders for Ties
Tenders will ha received by the undersigned up to the 25th Inatant for IB,*
000 hewn ties to be delivered ou Ihe lino
of the Esqtilmalt and Nanalmo Hallway
or on the Transfer wharf'at LadyBmith,
In accordance with -specifications to be
seen with the section foremen or at railway stations.
General Superintendent.
If you aro fond ol leider, juicy steaks,
chops nr j lit'tp, I ran ptipply you.
Try My Delicious Sausage
madi- by. newest elecliical iiintiliinsri'
from tihoicsst m.iu-rial. riieei. pansagrs
are tiiuurpnsscd in the province. Online! will cuivinca ynu.
Tradi Marki
- r m at -      CopvniOHTt Ac.
An,nnoso)iillii« nsksliilisnil ili'"«rl|.'l.'i'ii'".
nnl.ikljr im.'i'rmlii uur ,.|.liil'..i Iran wln'lln'i „n
Bivnilliin l» in..Iiiil.lv l.f.li.iinil.li.. ,',1,',","1,"1'',-'-
linns si rli'lly.™ nut till. HanillHSik. I 'a -ills
stiitfraii in i i'«.''»->-,(''iV'''nll'i'lii'''''"l",-„.
I'lltmits Inkitil MiriillKl) Miilin,* <-0. rccotvo
ipi'dnl n.illrr, wltliniit cnnnio. In tu.
Scientific Jlmcrlcan.
A tian-lsnnir.tr Illustrated wr.ol.lr.  Wraps'-**'■
nlliltl.ill ..I nil.' ...Iiniinn; I'.liriin ,   '"ffiji11
irjfir   lMiirlii.inlln.il. BoldWallno-Mfalors.
The City Market
R, WI 1.1,1 AM.SON, Prop.
Meals i Vegetables
First Avenue, : ladysmitli. B.C.
Jkiiomb Wilson, Piiop.  NANAIMO
Groceries of Best
Quality at
Lowest Prices
Funeral Director.
Prompt attention given to all calls, night
or day. Ling Diatance telephone No. 124
Bastion St., Nanaimo, B.C.
And Soo Pacific
Transcontinental Paisenner Train rum
daily, equipped with .Standard and
Tom ist Sleeping Car*.
Day Coaohis and Colonist Can
Lowest Rates
Fastest Time
To and from Winnipeg, Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Boston, New York,
Chicago and St. Panl, and all Ewt-
ern aud Old Country points.
Por pamphlets and all information apply
lo any C.P.K. agent,
H. H. ABBOTT,      W. HcGIRft,
Agent, Victoria.      Agent, Nanalmo.
Aast, tionl, Pass. Agent. Vancouver
NoTlCBUherebygiyeu that "all nuapproprl-
nti-<l Crown tutu's Kituutcd within tlie boundnrics
ofthe followingnrcim nre hereby reserved from
pre-emption, (ale or other disposition, excepting
iiinli i- the provisiuiisoflhc mining laws nf. the
Province, fur two yearn from the date hereof,
pursuant tu the provisions of subsection (jO of
section 4i ofthe "l,nm! Act," an amended liy
section 6 of tlie "I.iiml Act Amendment Act,
i.*oi."t<i enable tlie yuutsiuu Power aud Pulp
Company, I.linitetl, lo select therefrom Umber
limits for wood pulp and paper manufacturing
purposes, as provided by nu agreement bearing
dale the .oth day of October, i ■■*■■■, viz;—
Sections i, i, **, io, it, u, 13, i., and 15, in Town-
BHip--#1 Sections, a, 5.15,7,8,9, 16, 17 and «*, lit
ToWtlSlltp .11. Sections 1, n. 12, 13,14, 15, 22, 23,
2.1, 25.215.27, 34, Js and 36, in Township 39; Sections 1,2,3.4,9.10. ", 13. <4. '5. ifi, 22, 23, 34, 25,
-ki, 3*5 nnd 3**., lu Township 27: Sections 25,, 26, 27,
•*■'■, .il. 34.31 and -<i, In Township 28; Sections 25
h, .(fi, lueludive, in Township 17; Sections 1 to 12,
Inclusive in Township 18: nlso Sections 27 to ifi,
inclusive, in Townslifp iff; Section-, 1 tt) 36, inclusive, in Towuslil'iio; Sections 1.2, It, 12, 13, 14,
and from 32 to if}, inclusive, in Township 26; Sections 4, 5, 6, 7.8, g, 16.17,18, 25, 26, 33, 34 and 35
lu Township 31, Sections 4, 5,6. 7 nnd H. In Town*
r*lp3a| Sections t to36, Inclusive, lu Township
io; Seclloiifl 1 to 12 inclusive, nnd 13, 14 ntid 15,
and thc southern hnlf of Sections 21 and 24, in
Township 9; Sections 5 and 6, In Township 6;
Sections 10, 31 nnd,,', 3, 4, 5, and 6, In Township
4; thc uugrnntcil land In Township 11; Township
13, except Sections 35 and 36; Sections 1 to 30, inclusive, hi Township 13; Township 14; Sections 1
to3, lound 11, in Township 2; Sections 1, 3, it,
12, 14, ifi, 23 nnd 3*>, in Townsnlp 16; also thc following ili'siTitujd piece or parcel of land, namely;
-Bi-j;iiiniiii: iiin point 011 the prolongation of
the southern boundary ofTowtislilp ifi, one mile
east ofthe souih-ensterii corner of Section 1, in
Township id; theuce hi a southerly direction
nbout seven miles, or Inn point oue mile south
and one mile west'of ttie southern end of Victoria
Lake; ihence enst two miles; thence north one
mile; itii-iu-c east one mile; thence north five
milts; tlitiice east two miles; ihence north oue
nillt; ihence enst two miles; Ihence north one
mile; thence east two miles, or to lhe easterly ei-
liemity of Kathleen Lake: theuce south half a
mile; tnciice enst one mile; thence north one
mile; theuce west one mile; thence north half a
mile; thence west one mile nnd a half; theuce
north half n mile; thcure west one mile; thence
north Imlf 11 mile: ihence west half a mile; thence
north one mile; thruce west one mite; thence
north two tulles; thence west along the south
boiiiitlnry ofTowilHlilps 12 and 11 to the Southeast Arm, aud theuce along Ihe shore of the
Southeast Arm, inn soiithirly direction, to the
soul hern extremity ofthe Arm, und thence north
In llie plnce of hcglunliur,
All of which said lauds are situated In Rupert
District, Vnucouver Islnlid.
Deputy Commissioner ofLnnds and Wo*-:*,
Lauds nnd Works Department,
Victoria, ll.C, 30th LKlober, 1901.
Is the name that stands for
the Best Piano manufactured to-day. Beautiful to look
at; exquisite in tone. Perfection in Pianos. Don't
buy till you see and hear it.
Nanaimo B. C.
VLitors from Ladyimith and district
will Hnd in tbie well-appointed house all
the home oonilorte. Lunches for lady
ehoppere a tpeclalty. Terme atrictly
moderate. Servici and cuisine firat
MISS B.KEITH, Prop, and Mgr.
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of tht Famous
None but Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, -        Proprietor.
Grn.luiitt- or Philadelphia Dental College aud
Hospital of oral Surgery.
Old Post Ofllce Bulldlnt,
Government St., (Upstair.)
Phone 380A, Ofllce, \Tl****t* D C>
"    J7»Al Residence.    VlCtOfta, B.C,
Moody visits ..nilysmilli every Friday. Saturday and Sunday.   Office, Nicholson's Hall.
The Ladysmith Market is ready to
supply the public with fresh fish.
Salmon, Codfish, Herring, Halibut
always on hand.
Corner Roberts and First Avenue
Slip'. Work a Specialty.
Horse-shoeing In all its branches. Farm Implements repaired. Miners' Tools cajefulty
sharpened and tempered.
Buller Street,
At Lsdyimith will remain open until
neit Monday evening to accommodate
thoae deiiroui of taking tdvantaga of
our tliy. but ktpt it home owing to the
Inclemency ol the weather. Remember
cloudy weather juat tt good it flnt tnd
all work Hrlt-clasi.
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Crosses, I'tc. Kstimates
and Designs given an Application
A. HENDERSON,     Proprietor.
For First Class work
Shaving Parlor*
lllgl) Sired.
Hair cutting and Heard
trimming a Specially,
Is now prepared ta give lessons 011 ihe'plano and
violin.  All applications for tuition cau be left a
W. H.   Lively's  Jewelry  Store'
Hum Brook.'ln  V.lokuvl..
The Bttt Are The Cheapest.
Opposite Fin Hall, NANAIMO, B,C,
In the Matter ot the WatorClaua-
es Consolidation Act, i8o7, and
Amending Acts,
And in the flatter of the Ladyamith Water Company, Ltd.
NOTIOE It htrtby givtn tbatl'appllca.
lion will ht mtdt to I Judge ol tht
Supreme Oonrt of Britiih Colombia at
the Court Home, Victorii, B.O,, tt 10 30
o'clock ln tbt forenoon, on Saturday,
tht 20th dty ol Novtmbtr, 11102, or to
■oon thereafter it tbt Applicant ctn be
heird on beti.ll ol the Lidyimlth Wtttr
Oompiny, Limited, lor leave to con.
Hruot, maintain ind operate I wtttr
worki eyatem to supply water to tht In*
htbittnlt ol tha unincorporated locality
In and about Ladyamith, In tht County
nl Naniimo ind lor purpose, neceieary
tnd Incidental thereto.
Thli nnike wit published on Outobtr
25'.b, 1002. for tht Brit tlmt.
Solicitor! Iir Tht Lidyimlth
.....   » -   „ V**" <*••. L*d.
Victorii, B. 0., Ool. 28rd, 1902.       61


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