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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Jan 11, 1902

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Array ^ s|.iji^>^ <lffi.fr .|. ijfi i|i,|i.|i s|..jii|m|i^..J' .*■- -J. -J> 1I"|*»JI
Bickle's in Town.
Satisfaction   j
i Guaranteed—Bickle. I
VOL. 1. NO. m.
I     XMAS     I
I I really don't know what to give! $
I This is just what we hear so many $
§ say at this season. . Let us help you. f
| We have some nice Rattan Ware just I
" received, Rockers, Arm Chairs, Cradles 1
and other Useful Furniture just the *
w thing for young people starting- out in |
| house furnishing and also for those |
I renewing their out-of-date furniture.      I
I Leaser & Hamburger I
Esplanade and Qatacre Street.
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hi    tt   W
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescriptions carefully dispensed. Open
day and night.
Rarriiter, Solicitor,
Attorney. Notary Public, Etc.
Money to Loan.
Nanalmo, - - * D.C.
Member Con. Society of Civil Engineers
Member Institution of Klcctrical Engineers
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed
P. 0. Box 357
Fred   Foster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, Animals and Deer Heada Mounted and
for sate.  Furs made, altered, cleaned and stored
341-3 Johnson St.,       •        Victoria, D
Newi Agent,
Agt For San Francisco Examiner.
" Ye Olde Corner,
Government St., Victoria, B. 0.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fane, bread. (lakes and pastries ol all descriptions. Fruit cakes a
pecially lor Xmas.    Fruits in season.
H. 0. riiooui,    |
Merchant Tailor!
| Finest Merten and Clay Worsteds. %
! Foil line ol imported Tweeds and j
| Wonted!. Flnt-clais workman- ?
• abip niraantced. ,i.
i First Ave.,  Ladysmith f
++4.-H-H.+4.+J-H-+-I-1-H-H-1-' -f-H-l-
Ladysmith, B.C.
ii ..
Wm. Boveiidge, Prop.
This new hotel has been comfortably furniihid ard Ihe 1 sr ia up lo d.le.
Beet accommodation lor tranjiont aud permanent boarders and lodgers.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
The Esplanade,
Ladysmith, B. G.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanalmo.
Soda Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUlttrWNQ.        - Proprietor,  ft&SSS
To be held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. January 21,22 and 23
Judges-Poultry, Mr. J. E. Bennott, Toronto! pigeon and pat Hock, Mr. June.
Cbalmere, Belt Spring Island.
For antry formi and prise lists apply to
CEO.   WILKINSON, P: Q..ooa28ft, Nanalmo,B.C.
Stationers, Booksellers,
Bookbinders, Psper Rulers
MYsleiSt. P.O. Box 486
lodel of Arrangement, Decoration
and Comfort,
David    Murray
Buller Street,        -       Udytmlth
Shop will be open every Tbunday,
Friday and Saturday.
McAdie and Son
Undertaken and Enibalmcrn.
Telegraph Orders promptly attended.
Parlors,   Victoria Crescent.   Residence,
Victoria Crescent.   Telephone No, 143.
NANAIMO,      -      -      - %  B. C.
Fire Insurance !
Why not Insure il hunt and save
By insuring In the London Mulnil, or
Ottawa,   Lowett possible rales.
D. Mcintosh,    •    Agent,
Ws He Mason,
Local Agent for the
Fire, Lit. Tend Accident Insurance,
Notary Public.
Office, Eiplanade.
gat insured at uure, lor it may be
too late tomorrow. I represent several
OLD and RELIABLE Oompanlei and
can insure yon at a moment's notice at
the loweit possible rales. All leading
companies charge the same rales. Don't
be misled Into Insuring with a cheap
company—It might be dear in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer 33, Nanaimo. B, 0.
John Barnsley & Co.,
Ag .nt. for
J. J. Taylor
Fir. Proof Safe..
toria, B. C.
 Kodaks, Films, Etc.
Ladytmlth Dairy
New Milk, Creamery Butter, Mew Laid
Eggs snd Freeh VegatablM supplied
Dally. Leaf* orden at tbe pott office.
Business goes on at tbe new pa; office,
corner of French street end the Esplanade, just as if it had been established
fifty yeani and had eeeu generations of
clerhs passing in end out of iti doors or
at work at Its desks and counters.
Tbe new offi-*, a brief notlce'of which
appeared seme lime ago in Tbo leader,
id one of the best arranged and most
comfortably fitted and tastefully finished In the country, acd will probably
eitffioe for all the requirements of the
company for many years.
The exterior shows a pleating bungalow t fleet,'with a > broad verandah on
two sideB. The pay window is on tbe
French street side, and is protected with
a fence which will pennit only single
file when the men come for their monthly pay. The exterior ornamentation U
very'pretty, a simple fretwork setting eff
the upper part of tho verandah very
neatly. The color scheme is light green
set off with darker tints of the same color. The front entrance, Indeed, tbe only
one, Is on Esplanade. One enters a veati-
dule finished in hard woods, stained and
varnished, and lighted by tbe ornamental rIbbb doers. Entering the second
door one steps Into the main office, and
is immediately struck with the spacious.
ness and handsome finish of it. Abundance of light is admitted from numerous windows, Immediately under which
thedeBksare placed where Mr. William Russell and his stuff transact
their business. Wide fireplaces throw
out a cheerful glow, while a handsome
eight day clock, placed iu the office by
Mr* B. Forcimmer tbe First Avenue
jeweler, adornB the wall, serving both
lor use and ornament. The counter in
thie office Is a massive afl'»Ir, tbe top
three inches thick and made out of one
piece of Douglas fir. Over the counter
is an arch, very neatly designed and
finished. Just behind tho main office Ib
the pay room, containing the big burglar-proof and lire-proof safo, tbe pay
envelope holders and tbe counting
tables wheie the pays for the various
mines, etc, are laid out and arranged In
their older previous) to distribution
Opening off tbe main corridor Is the
directors' room, a coey little parlor,
plainly but comfortably furnished, with
a flue view of the harbor from its
At tbe rear of the building is the store
room where an ample stock nf stationery, etc , for (lie use of the staff h kepi.
The pay office has been fitted with
up-to-date plumbing nnd ill other
modern conveniences; It will he lighted
by electricity when the plant Ib installed in lv>dysmith.
One of the Ladysmith  Colliers
Wrecked on Green Island.
On tbe night of the Snd of January,
the steamer Bristol, which has been
plying between this port and San Fran'
c'ibco and other places up and down the
ciast, was wrecked ou the shores, ol
Green Island, Chatham Bound, and became a total loss.
Captain Mclntyre, Pilot Roberta,
Chief Engineer Vivian, Victoria; A.
Edwards, 3rd engineer; Joseph Bllva,
W. Homer, and H. C. Hurtlent, all of
San Francisco were drowned. The
steamer had on board 2,600 tons of coal
and she was bound for Ketchikan, Alaska. She was driven upon the rooks In a
terrible storm, which rendered her unmanageable in that.narrow etrait. The
remainder of tbe officers and crew got
off Bafely iu the boats, but the ship
plunged to tbo bottom with the Captain
and the other men named, just ae they
were launching a boat.
The Bristol was the property of
Mews. R. Dunsmuir A Sonfl, and was
uninsured. The ship was worth about
$200,000 and the cargo about $12,000.
Good News lor the Settlers Along
the Highway Near Ladysmith,
He Will Move Into the Kilpatrick
Block Next Month.
l.aitj-smltt, Skipping.
Sir. Alki left fir Ketchikan this week
with 300 ions ol coal.
Sir. Pleiades cleared for Sin Francisco
with a full cargo of coal yesterday morning.
Str. Dauntless cleared lor Seattle tbls
week with 04 torn ol fresh halibut,
Mr. W. II. Mason, the townsile agent,
wai iu Victoria for a few days this week.
Successor* i° Hitheri a Sens-
Funeral Directors and Embalmera.
Open day and night.'
Orders by Telegraph   promptly   aHeud-
ed to.	
Bastion St., Nanalmo.
Telephone i... p. 0. Sox js«.
Positive Assurances That It Is to be
Built at Ladysmith This Spring.
Hon. James Dunsmuir and Mr. Clermont Livingston, manager olthe Tyee
Mining Company, Mount Sicker, are
authority forth, etatiinent that woik
will lie commenced -aiililn a lew days on
the new smelter to bs erected at L.dj-
.nillb j-ist north ol, Ibe present Iron
Works, There has been a alight delay
over tome technicalities, but lliese
have all been finally disposed ol, and
work le to begin as toon as possible.
It li alio decided that the repair shops
aro to be removed Irom Wellington early
iu the coming spring, and they will he
placed between the imelter and iron
worki, thus making one great industrial corner ol the city.
It baa beon reported around Lilly
smith thst it Is proposed to erect at the
earlieet opportunity a marine waya and
■hip repairing yard rear th. bunkers,
but io lar nothing definite can bo learned
about thla project. The information regarding the Btneltsr ii, however, positive.
One of the most important business
changes to take place in tbe coming
spring will be the removal of Mr. B.
Forcimmer from his recent premises in
the Nicholson block, First Avenue, to
tbe Kilpatrick block, alio on Firlt
Avenue, at the corner ol High Street.
Mr. Forcimmer baa leased tbe store
second irom tbe corner ol High Street,
and ia having it finished ln high-class
style; the interior decorations are to
surpass anything in Ladysmith.
Mr. Forcimmer will put in a lull itock
of high-class jewelry imported specially
from the Hast, and by arrangement with
Messrs. Fletcher Bros., the well-known
music firm, will handle a large Block ol
pianos, organs, musical instrument, and
sheet music. There will bo ample accommodation lor Ihe display ol tbe instruments, ami tlie show room will be
most attractive when filled with the
bsautiful pianos aud organs carried by
Messrs. Fletcher Brother!.
Mr. Forciiutusr is da.srmlned to have
one of tba hiiidsiinsst establishments
on the Island oat ol Victoria, and to
that end no expense is being spared to
make the s'ore the fineitin every respect.
It ia expected that tbe removal will take
place next month, unless anything unforeseen occur j to prevent the present
arrangement being carried out. Mr.
Forcimmer and family will occupy tb.
apartment! immediately over the Itore
as a residence. Miss Birdie Forcimmer,
who il an accomplished musician, will
have lull charge ol the musical depart,
When in Victoria on Wednesday a representative oi The Leader called upon
a member of the government and made
repreeentatione to him regarding the
awiul condition of the government road
between Ladyemith and Ohemainns.
Tbe minister was surprised to learn tbat
the road was in such terribly bad order,
and eald that tbil would be amongst tbe
first pieces of work to bs attended to
this spring. From what wai laid The
Leader representative gathered tbat
Firet Avenue would he put through
alongside the railway track and built in
tbe most substantial manner. This will
sboiten tbe distance considerably and
give tbe long-suffering Bottlers a splendid road, similar to that extending Irom
Ladysmith into Cedar district on the
north side, Vehicle! will then be able
to make the trip to the settlement!
along the railway in a lew minutes. The
eettlen can rely upon the loregoing
statements ai being a correct report
direct from a member of the govern*
Mass Meeting Held in Ladysmith
Takes Important Action,'
The Prise Drawing..
It eeemi there are certain pi-rums in
the camp who are very mnch dissatisfied
with the prizi drawing! held by a couple
ol Lsdyemith merchant! on New
Year's Eve. Those periom declare that
there has been cheating, although they
have not a particle of evidence to iup-
port the statement atd the lactl connected with the drawlngi as known to
hundrede ol people are dead against
them. Some very nasty allegetioas are
made by those persons regarding an understanding between Ihe two merchants
anu certain of tlie pries winners. It le
hardly worth while putting off time or
losing patlenue with persona who would
make insinuations of this kind, but it is
not well to allow them or their like to
make such statement! uncontradicted.
It 11 significant tbat some, at least, of
thoie acandal-moogera are disappointed
at not having won the prlass themselves.
As Tho Leader stated in ita next issue
after the drawing nothing could have
been fairer than the way the drawings
were managed; there wai no possibility
of unfair play, and only an extraordinarily itupld or psrvene perion could think
otherwise, and only a criminal could aay
there wai unfair play olter teeing these
What Edward Seventh Will be Required to Swear,
According to promise in last issue the
Leader publishes herewith the oath pre*
scribed by the constitution of Great
Britain for kinge and queent at their coronation. Thilis tbe modernised form
oftbe oath;
Law and Custom of tbe Conttiiution.
By Anion. Part II. The Crown. Page
06, the oath:
Alter some inrther)ceremoniale come!
Ihe Coronation Oath, administered by
the Archbishop:
"Will yon solemnly promiie and swear
to govern the people ot thie Untied
Kingdom ol Great Britain and Ireland,
and the Dominion thereto belonging, according to tbe Statute! in Parliament
agreed on, and the respective laws and
cuitomi ol the tame?"
'I solemnly promise eo to do.'
Will you by your power cauee Law
and Justice,in mercy, to be executed in
al! your judgements?'
I will.'
Will you, to the utmost ol your power
maintain the Lswe ot God, the true profession of tbe Gospel, and the Protestant
reformed religion established by law?
And will you maintain and preserve inviolably the Settlement ol tbe United
Church ol England and Ireland, and the
doctrine, worship, discipline and government thereof, aa by tbe Law established
within isngiand and Ireland and the
Territoriei thereunto belonging? And
will yon preierve onto the Blehopa and
Clergy ol England and Ireland, and to
tbe Churches there committed to their
charge, all euch righte and privilegee, ai
by law do, or aball appertain to them, or
any ol tbem?
"All tbie I promise to do."
Tbe anointing follows, aud, lastly,
the homage of tbe peers, ln the case of
a spiritual peer rnne:
I will be faithful and true,
and faith and truth will bear, unto our
Sovereign Lord, and your heirs. Kings
or Queen, of tbe United Kingdom ol
Great Britain and Ireland. And I will
do, and truly acknowledge, the Service
ol the Lands which I claim to hold of
you, aain right ol the Church. So
help me God."
And iu the case ol a temporal near
"I ——— do become your Liegeman
ol life and limb, and ol earthly worship,
andtaith and truth I will beirunto
you to live and die egainit all manner
oIFolki.  So help me God."
The government road gang have made
an excellent job ol the big culvert on
First Avenue opposite Mr. Harry
Kay'e property. Tne culvert was lined
with large Hones belore the earth was
put on, making a very tubitintlai piece
ol work.
If all the signers ot the application
to the provincial government for a'ree
library will call at The Leader office and
deposit a humble two-bill until the required snm ol lis dollari be mad. ap,
the application will be tent on, Th. li.
brary for Ladyimith i, now made up! Service at 7 p. m
Sunday Services.
Methodist church — Service! sre
held at 11 o'clock Sunday morning and
7 o'clock in the evening. Sunday eohuol
at 2.30. Prayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at 7.80 o'clock.
The Baptist congregation meets every
Sunday afternoon tn Nicholson'i hall.
Preacher, Rev. J. W. Willlamion Everyone it heartily Invited.
Firit Presbyterian Church-Regular
lervicei, morning 11 o'clock; evening 7
o'clock. Sunday school ISO p. m.
Rev. W, A. Rie, pastor.
Anglican Church.—Sunday, Jan. 12th,
Morning Service at 11 a.m.,  Evening
Sundey School 230
waiting the trbjhig formality ol the re. \ p. m„ in Oddlellowe' Hall, Roberts St.
celptof tliecaih.  The Leader saw the | Van. Archdeacon Scrlven in charge,
library last Wednesday | It la a iplindld
On Wednetday forenoon a large number of Alexandria minora who bad come
down on the morning train from South
Wellington, met in the Berry building
lor the purpose of discussing the present
labor situation and taking steps to lay
their position belore Ihe proper authorities.
After a good deal of debate, In which
nearly all present took part, a resolution
wbb unanimously adopted lo Ihe effect
that the Miners ol South Wellington
regretted the action they had taken in
regard to amalgamation, aad expressing
a strong desire to have nothing whatever to do with the same ln future, and
more particularly with the Nanaimo
The speeches made indicated that the
men ol South Wellington deplored the
posting of the notice at mines which
caused them to be closed, and tbat they
would be exceedingly pleaeed to see the
mines opened up once more so that they
could get to work again.
It wai decided to adjourn the meeting
for a few hours and invite the business
men ol Ladyemith to meet with the
miners to discuss tbe situation and to
choose delegates to be tent lo Victoria
to see Mr, Dnnemnir in tbe matter.
The second meeting took place in the
afternoon and wat well attended. The,
whole matter was gone into pretty thoroughly, and ae a result ol the deliberations ol the meeting the following delegates were chosen to go to Victoria:
Mr. Marshall, manager of Messrs, teller & Hamburger's store here, repie-
ssntins tho business community of Ladyemith; Messrs. R, G. Duggan and
Harry Carroll, representing the Lady
amlth miners, and Mr. Bateman, of
Sonth Wellington.
These gentleman went down to Victoria on Thnrsday'e train, returning ,
yesterday after having Been Hon. Jamea
Dummuir and having laid before him
the resolutions adopted at tbe meetinge.
The deputation reported tbe result of
tbeir interview with tbe premier ae follows;
Mr. Marshall returned ajnnj, on ,,«__
terday'i train,' leaving tb. three miner
delegates In Victoria.  They were to Interview Mr. Dnnamulr again yesterday
afternoon.   In reply to queries from tha
Leader Mr, Marshall laid tbat Hon. Mr.
Dnusmuir cheerfully granted a long  la*
terview and treated the delegate  with
every consideration.   He said in regard
to tbe Alexandria mines tbe high-handed action of the meo had forced him to
close it, and unfortunately be could not ■
ese any Immediate prospect ol opening
it again unless under altered condition!
ot working and ol markets.   Mr. Doat-'
muir showed himself to be thoroughly
conversant with all the details ol tha .-,'
matter, and explained everything to tba..
delegates. Thev presented a very strong
plea, and on retiring after the interview   *
agreed that the interview bad been, on   I
the whole, satisfactory, and that tha- '
prospects were encouraging.  It ie an*
deretnod thai Messrs. Dosgan, Carroll   ..
and Bateman, were to discuss  details
concerning tbe best methods ol working;
the Alexandria minea with Mr. Dana*
muir yesterday afternoon.
Ladysmith Public School Awards
In Junior Divisions.
Following are the promotions la tha
intermediate aad primary dlvltlon, of
the public school, inadvertently omitted
irom the list previously published:
To second reader—Fred Gleam, Fred
Hawes, John Lapikaniky, Annie Tsnii,
Robert Shore, John RolMoa, Carl
Landerbach, Frank Gardner, Margaret
To first reader—Thomas Timothy,
David Robertson, Violet Heater, Little
Watson, Andrew Dickie, James Oooloa,
Hannah Robertson, Maggie Gaffaey,
Fred Mlloe, Jaaet Kerr.
To aecond primer—Edmund Burke,
Frank Weir, Phillip Kerr, Mary Oallaa-
der, EllMheth Gibbon*, Edward Nicholas, Dannlon Noye, Irene Morgan,
Gladya McLennan, Robert Grey, Hither J Oonlon.
Read Ihe Leader.
It anyone wlihee to Me lor hleaHll
th. tremendoui amount of water (rawer
running to wane within life hundred
yards ol Ladyimith let hies walk oat ta
the small creak ipanned by tsetM
bridge nn the new government road.
north o' Lidyimlta. Then Is ran*
enough pining away naehmly aneW
that bridge every boar ot the tweaty-
four to turn all the machinery w Lad*.
smith and Nanaimo. Tha creek 0. Ihe
ninth aide ii also in Una ..xMtaeeaw audition at present and repays! a walk to
tbat dlieatloa.
'      ' ' ■       '
mtmamakm u*
..J'f^i^^t:^.^^. j^~1
Ladysaiith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
Published every Wednesday and Saturday at
The Leader Building, corner of First Ave. and
French street, Ladysmith, British Columbia.
T. I.. GRAHAME, Editor and Paoraiavoa.
Bv Maid in Canada and united States.
One year (strictly in advance) $.<
IX mouths (strictly lu advance)   1 15
TRANSIENT—First insertion 10c, a line; each
subsequent insertion 5c. a tine.
Rates on application.    No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage. Birth, Death aud Funeral notices,
each insertion 5°c-
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
time will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
THE LEADER may be [obtained from the following Agenls:
Cadysmlth-The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Nanaimo—E. Pimbury & Co.
Victoria — George Marsdeti;   Victoria Book &
stationery Co.; Pope Stationery Co.;
Victoria News Co.;] Public Library;
Provincial Library.
Vancouver-Public Library.
New Westminster—Public Library.
All changes iu advertisements must be received
at this office before 12 noon the day before
Subscribers uot receiving paper regularly please
report lo this office.
All job work strictly cash on delivery.
Transient advertisement, cash In advance.
Postmaster W. W. Southin II the
subject ol a cbaracteriitio attack by the
Nanalmo Herald on Wedoeiday morn*
ing last. That paper declares that Mr.
Southin bad no right to accept appointment as delegate to tbe Liberal Convention, and compare! him with tha postmaster and Collector ol Customs ol Nanaimo.
The cases are totally distinct. The
two Nanaimo official! depend entirely
for their living upon their poiitlous ai
government servants; Mr, Southin don
not. He dees not make enough outol
the poetmnlerihip to warrant him in
coniideriog himself bound by tbe rnlei
which control fully paid official! who
have no need to work for their living at
other tradei or professions besides that
of handling the mails. Mr, Southin it
to all intents and purpoies free Irom
tlwoOlig.stioM-wblob govern official!
who devote tbeir entire time to official
The Dominion government knowi
quite well that It doe. not pay him
enough to live on, sad tacitly agreea to
allow him to earn that amount at some
other branch of industry. If it did nut
it would quickly put a Hop to hit op-
eratioue at a dairymaa and farmer.
It ii no credit to tbe Government ot
Canada that it baa to make itself a party
to inch patchwork ways ol esrning a
living, and that it will pay tha postmaster of inch a large end rapidly-grow-
ia? place as Ladysmith such a wretched
pittance aa to tores him to seek other
means of earning a living. >
We do not expect anpernal wisdom on
the part of the Herald, but aurely It
ought to know a little about what it ii
talking before setting out to slander an
honest and very hard-working man.
But, ol course, tbe Herald has deurled
the laboring men and is now a lull-
fledged "Independent," with strong
Liberal leanings. Is this sonrriluui
attack on Udyemlth'a postmaster a
foretaste of the Herald's apostasy from
the came ol Labor? We hope the work-
ingmen ol Nsnalmo will make it very
treachery lo their cause will be duly
In Ibe same ar.Ule iu which
Mr. Southin li slandered our
unfortunate contemporary attempts
to make great eport of the recent declaratione of the Liberals of
Ladyemith, Wellington and throughout
tbe district. If the Herald would only
keep to tbe truth and not try to be
funny, ita utterance, might not appear
10 grotesque.
"Half a dozen men who had no votee
In Ihe district met together (sic) and solemnly elected the postmaster of the
town to represent the Liberals ol the
town in a political convention,"
Is the way in which the Herald,
w'llcb writes English like a foreigner,
d scii'iesthe meeting here to electa
dehgale. Forty-rix residents ol Lady-
s uith mot (together,ot course, because if
t ley met at all wonld be bound to be together) according to the terms ol tbe
call for the convention from Ithe Provincial Liberal Association, the only possible authority they could have, and, r b
"resident Liberals" they elected at delegate the only man at the meeting who
Ib entitled to vote in Ladyimith. Had
there been other Ladysmith votere present Mr. Southin might not have been
the delegate. Everything wai fair and
above board, tbe meeting was called and
talked about ten days before, and tbe
only suggestion of foul play came from
tbe resident correepondent of the Herald, who tried bis best to break op tbe
meeting and prevent anything being
Nanaimo Herald is tryiug hard to Injure Ladyimith and Lidyunith people
with ita malicious aud untruthful articles, but Ladysmith and the people of
thl, town can etand it—for all the time
the Herald ia likely to be able to keep It
people of Oomox. This mads four and
thirty patriotic and high-sonled gentlemen, who were willing to sacrifice tbeir
precious time and epeud tbe twenty
dollar bill which was generously placed
In their banda, all lor pure politics and
tbe good ol their country—bnt incidentally to "down Martin."
II the Herald haa any doubta about
the money, it could perhaps set permission to peep into a certain high ledger, within a mile of the Herald office
where tbe amount is doubtless charged
up to "charities."
Could any Imore vile prostitution ol
politics hsve taken place than the action
of tbat corrupt gang, now happily, by
tbeir own free will, out of Ibe Liberal
party? These fellows have made the
name of Nanaimo synonymous with
'crookedness" in politics. Tho Labor
party ie welcome to tbem, but it ii a pity
that good cause ihould be injured by
the inclusion ol men like those.
In very marked contract lo the underhanded manner in which Dr. Mo, Kecb-
nieand hii myrmidon, arranged tbe
plot lor tbe election ol the delegates to
Ihe latt Liberal Convention, held in
Vancouver in March, 1890, it Ihe fair
and open manner in which tbe Liberals
ol North and South Nanalmo have gone
about tbe aame task this year, Tha
organ ol the lo-called Labor-Liberals,
tbe Herald ol Nanaimo, tries hard to
ditcredit tb. action ol the Liberal! at
those recent meetings. Ferhapa the history ol the infamous scueme worked bv
Dr. Mc. Kecbnie and bii bodyguard two
years ag) will help tbe people to understand that Ihe method! employed by the
Liberal! in thoie meetings recently held
were manly and honest.
Two yean ago tbe McKechnle gang
scoured the street, ol Nanalmo lor people, it did not matter whether they ware
Jew or Gentile, black or white, to pack
Ihe meeting to elect delegate!. It ia an
actual led that amongst those who were
thut "roped in" were eeveral life-long
Conservative!, and they, teeing how
thingt were going, took a hand in what
wai to tbem tbe best kind ol farce. Ia
North Nanaimo a little cauoui was held
ln a private boarding houie at North-
field j tbe reitol Ihe diitrict had no
notice whatever. In South Nanalmo
even the poor burlesque ol holding a
caucus wai dispensed with, and ten
"good men and true" were picked up
lomewhere, nobody leems to know
where. Amongit them were two or
three good Toriet,
For Oomox diitrict, Mr. William (Re.
■olution) McAllan,and threeotber votert
from that diitrict, working in Nanalmo,
received credential! ai delegatel, with
plain to the Herald that ita abominable j out even the knowledge   of tho good
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Bsplsnsdesnd Ostasre Street,
Cool spectators of the current national
drama assert with confidence tbat there
is no escape lor Great Britain from ibe
contcriptlon in some form or other
within ten yeais from the present date.
The conscription Ib not an unmixed
evil. It would make men of many
amongit the nation who are now rapidly
■inklnglinto effeminacy and UBelessnesB.
Spain lies Its bull fight! and China He
trained flea battles, but Nanalmo has He
Hawtbornthwaite-Smitb "goes," which
are vastly entertaining to tbe outside
world. We hope the two gentlemen
will let brotherly love continue, aud not
du themselves an injury in orating oa
the same platform. They say tbe Beer-
Hull debates on spirits were nothing to
those love feasts between the New Van.
conver Coal Company's champions.
Nearly all Victorians firmly believe
tbat if one of the great transcontinental
lints of railway ia brought iotu their
town it will make them all rich. Just
bow this II going to happen—the making of tbem all rich—is lomelhingtbal
baftlas the ingenuity of the moat ingen-
ins outsider to perceive. Tbe Victorisns
seem to Imagine that that great railway
would settle down and be happy ever
after iu the salubrious climate and
superb scenery of Victoria, and paBi
away a delightful, convalescent sort of
Now, it muet he clear to tlie least
thoughtful (that Is, tbe majority) tbat
this li just exactly what tbat great railway would try to avoid, It would assuredly puih on to the northern end of
the Island and put itself into communication there with the quickest sort of
water connection with the mainland of
British Columbia and Alaska. Victoria,
with all III manifold advantage!, doei
not eeem to have been designed by nature to be a great railway centre or
It is something to rejoice at that it ia
not; for nature had another wish in
planning Victoria, something better we
are persuaded than anything in the line
uf railway centres or vast, noisy
manufacturing activities. As we have
endeavored to point out repeatedly tbe
destiny of Victoria ia to be a great tour.
1st reiort and the ideal capital ol ibis
picturesque province. Those who rave
against thii view ot caie do not understand the matter at all. They have not
the alightoat conception of tbe vait rev
enuet that are involved.
For example, Victoria haa donna!
molt nothing to cultivate the acquaintance of the exceedingly lucrative port of
Esquimau, except to make a part ol a
road tbat might easily have been made
a great deal batter. It is often thus,
thougb; people will overlook advantage!
tying close to tbeir baud and fix thtlr
gisaon the diitant impossibilities.
If Victoria abandoned Ibe railway
craze and eet to work now aud put the
city and It! lovely environs into attract'
ive condition, instituted a new scheme
of public amusement.-, advertiied freely
throughout America anil in nlher ways
laid bold ol the tourist-alluring Idea it
would bs without a rival on the Pacific
Coast within a year or two. We should
not like lo lee the beauty of Victoria
smudged by any more furnace and factory amoke, Iho eable insignia of "Ihe
uglleit ol the centuries." Victoria will
realise the foregoing facts some day.
One grim bnmorlet has endeavored lo
gild tbe louibre opening ol the new cm-
tnrywltb t joke. He proposes tha,
there ihould be another peace confer.
Mr, E. V, Bodwell seems to have
dropped out' of eight lu Victoria, we
have manned the Victoria paper! In
vain for and reference! to lilrj. He
should be potted n mining, aud any
attempt lo find him ihould be treated m
a tint-clan mlid.mcanor.
In reply to a correspondent we canppt
say whether or not the Victoria Poll-
Outlook is owned, managed and written
by Americana for pro • Americans
smongst the Canadian population ol
Britiih Columbia, but we do know that
it reminds us a whole lirnatlon lot of
certain yaller paper! pub! lipid In Chicago and New York-Rose'! Note, The
Sunday Newi, etc.
Lord Rosebery in his Chesterfield
speech said that the hatred and detestation In which England was held at the
present time by every nation in tbe
world, with hardly an exception, had no
parallel In hia experienco of Britieh politics. Wben hit government resigned
office no inch feeling prevailed. He bitterly blamed Ihe pretent government tor
having done irremediable harm by
treating undiplomatically and cavalierly
foreign powen whose friendship we
might Borne day need.
Theluiii., i .-I Christ,
The Pilariin's Progress.
Aristotle's ''Politic,,"
Rmilh'e "Wealth ol Natioi s."
Mont'sqnleu'e 'Esprit dos l.ois.'
Plato's Republic.
Bacon's "Novum Orginum."
Darwin's "Origin of Hpsclei."
; Dr. Weldon calculates that il a student reads an hour a day he might hope
to get through fifty books in a year.
Bnt this does not apply, the "Westminster Gazette" points out, to tho fifteen.
These are books not to lie "tatted" or
even"swallowed," as Hacon puts it, but
to be "chewed and digested."
Like al a star,
That maketh not haste,
That taketh not rest,
Be ever fulfilling
Thy God-given best."
Carlyle (f-om Goethe.)
A girl one day accused Byron of having a Scotch accent, '-Good God, I
hope not I" he exclaimed. "I'm lure I
haven't, 1 would rather the whole-
country waa rank in tbe lea—I tbe
Scotch accent!"—"Daily News."
In the present day, the individuality
of an author il brought lar too much into prominence, and lie ia himself far
too much given lo suppose tbat tba
world at large 11 anxious to know how
he lives, bow he clothes lilmBel',
whether he lovet hie wile, or Ibe reverie, ami what ha eati for hia break
If Byron had lived to the Psalmist's
limit, lie would have been alive in 1858,
What would he have thought of Tennyson, of Dickens of Thackeray? Of Disraeli, of Gladstone?—"Blackwood,"
The art of writing boys' books is
thoroughly understood up to a point, by
publishers and authon, In the mass,
these bookt are written to pattero. The
pattern it good ai lar ai it goee. It it
perfectly understood how a hunt for
secret treasure should be developed, how
a school rebellion ihould be engineered,
or how the ingredient! ihould be mixed
In a tale of the Incas. The very joke,,
quotations, and little asides of the narrative maintain a certain sameness, a
certain reminiscence of the established
The bereir that Bacon wrote Shakes-
peare was .musing enough twenty years
sgo, li it the fun has been extracted irom
the theory, and to langh at the theorls
ere comei perilously near lo laughing at
human Infirmity. They era pertinacious, but so are blind beggars. For
my part I no more believe that Bacon
wrote the playi ol Shakespeaie than
that he defeated the Armada single-
Had we two met, blithe-liearlcd Burns,
Tho' water la my dally drink,
May God forgive me, but I think
We should have roare I out toasts by
Inquisitive, low-whltpering cares
Had fonnd no room  ln eltber pate,
Until I aekod thee nther late,
la there a hand-rail to the itain?
Barham wai the flrit of the "funny
men" in the seme In which Arnold used
Ihe term when bespoke ol tbe lunny
man ae being Anuria*'! "national cat
amity." Hn treitment ol death—In
"The Knight and tbe Ltdy," lor example, end "The Liy ol St. G.ngulphni1
—makee him Ihe ancestor ol Max Adeler
and Mark Twain, and all other comic
writer! to whom death hai equally been
a joke. Wbeu ono Is at school, aud Immortal, death can be treated tbm and
and excite no reientment, Bnt alter a
while, when on. hai met death—>ben
one hai begun lo die—one r colli Irom
this kind of levity. Barham I, (nil ol It.
—" Academy,"
l.uon WcKJon'. Fifteen  Ho**..
The new Canon of Westminster on one
occasion ventured to recommend a lilt of
bait book," although il doss not ibow
a« Tyndall pnt It, "Ihe eneyelopaedlo
spirit of my friend Lubbock." Dr, Wei-
don contented himielf with recommend.
Ing a modest lilt ol fifteen "to thoie having limited leisure," Her. tbey arei-
Tb« Bible,
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from tile 20th December, mill, to tbe
Kith Jannarv, 1002.
Judge ol Court of Revision.
December lath, 1001.
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The Advantages to be Derived From
Well-Defined Lines
Experience Has Shown That  This System is Best
—Influence of Great Men in
Editor Leader—There hai existed for
some years in this province a condition
|g of political ferment which has paralyzed
business, frightened foreign capital
away, given the province an unenviable
reputation and produced a feeling of unrest which prevents a healthy growth.
This it particularly undesirable at a
time whon tbe other provinces aud the
Territories are developing more quickly'
than they have ever done before, It ia
questionable whether there lias existed
a condition ol affairs so unsatisfactory,
politically, sb there has existed' for
aome time in this province since the old
daya ol the Family Compact in Upper
and Lowor Canada,
Among other schemes for the bringing
about of a better condition ol cil'airs Ib
Ihe organization oi two partiea on lines
similar tn those of the two Federal
parties and theso words are written to
show soma ol the advantages ol party
.government. Tho political earth has
been without form and void long enough
we wonld like to eee the dry land ol
tbe party appear out of which to lorin a
solid minietry and the waters ol opposition gather themselves together and lash
against the government tho iury of their
The form ol government adopted by
our country, known as cabinet government, demands that tho mem hen of
the administration eliall ho friends in
the oloeeat intimacy, having conlidence
in one another, for they must carry ou
their deliberations in harmony and in
secret, lor ii tbey do not the people will
reward them openly. However desirable it would ba from otuer points of
view to select the ablest men Irom both
partial as advisers ol the crown, a ministry ol all the talents, it would be found
impossible, lor harmony would be lacking, it Ib improbable tbat secrecy which
centuries of practice has showed to be
necessary would be maintained. Be*
lore the ministry was obosou Irom one
party entirely, it was selected from both
parlies, but ae they could not agree
among themselves they could not carry
on tbe affairs of the country.
Party politico helps to drive personalities Irom the field of discussion. His
disappointing lo an elector who takes an
intereit in the questions of the day, to
go to a so-called political meeting and
hear more about persona than politics
and wben members oi legislatures in-
atead ol giving their attention to useful
measures, entertain one another by
peisinal attacks, tiieyare neither serving the public nor edifying them. Good
men may bring lu bad measures and bad
men good measures and al noue of us
are any le t ir than we ought to be, the
less politicians dwell on the pBrsonal
delect! and moral deficiencies aud rake
np the "put" ot one another tbe better
for the country and tbo more conlidence
the people will have io their representatives and mora attention can be given
to the useful meaiurel and business ol
Bat while persons are discussed less
measures are actually criticised more.
No one reading tho debates ol a parliamentary session can complain of lack ol
criticism. There is often bitter hostility
and acrimony. There ie otlen perhaps
too muoh criticism ol good measures, lor
Ibe parties take the view similar lo that
taken by lawyers. No matter how justly a man may be accused uf crime tbey
hold tbat he hai a right to tbe very best
preientation Of hie eaic, and our legal
eyetem makes provision lor the vary
ablest delenea that can be made. So no
matter bow good a measure may lie
there always remains somo reason why
It should net receive the sanction ol
And not only ia the crillciem more
spirited then it. would otherwise be, but
it li bitter organised, for if there it a
fixed opposition for a time, the work ol
criticism can be divided, and thai
branch taken up by tbat member whose
knowledge and ekill lit him to discuss
the most Intelligently.
It li sometimes held that Ihe party
system obscures the Individual and redact* hit Influence. He becomes too
completely merged into the whole,
While be Is meful as a part ol the
''Machine" hia own influence and usefulness lor hit conttltnents is diminished. Bnt hi. Influence Is Increased, lor
bo haa only the members ol hie party to
influence inttead of tbe whole home
Snd II he cannot win tbem to tils eanse
• ceald not obtain any legislation anyway, And the weak, obicure member
«an have tbe attention of somo need of
ihle constituency brought to the attention ol the house by a party Island,
whereas if he waa an Independent he
would find every member opposing
Party Government ensures stability,
Iu a house ol fifty, if thirty support the
Government and as bye-elections in thie
country invariably go in lavor ol tbe
Government, theire is little likelihood ol
the Government being defeated. It
will in all probability run tbe four or
llvu veare of ite existence, No one looks
for the defeat of the Laurlor Govern,
meut . or tbe Salisbury Government-
Parties desire not only to win for the
moment but to bavo the beat record for
long periods of time and to gain tbe con-
fldence of the bueinese men of the coun-
try. Bo tho policy he it affects commerce
and industry, such as' tariff and mining
legislation, ie known aome time belore
haud. Also it la well known that ceaseless tinkering with thin data of legislation is destructive of nod active bull
neBB life; ao, although these lawe are defective in Borne minor points tbey are
allowed to ma for soioe time, Thui
businessmen nan make tbeir calculations accordingly and pueh their
If, on the contrary, inttead of well-
defined parties there are disintegrated
elements composing the house, with
no past and no future; pledget! to
one olse's policy and having none of
their own; the formation of tbe bone. Ii
ton volcanic and an eruption may take
place any time. And weie it nut out nf
placo to hint that there ever waa ur wat
ever likely to he a member ol a legiehv
tivo body who could bo "influenced" by
position or hard cash one might point
out that one not the elave of party bnt
■imply there on his awn merits might
find it easier to cross the floor of the
house than one who had for years been
known as a member ot a party pledged
to a settled policy. The walla- ol the
town halls throughout bis constituency
Bliall echo with his assertions of a warm
aupportothis party; bis friends know
hie attitudeantl he know, that he would
bs hated by bis late political associates
and mistrusted by his new found ones.
Mr. Cnamberlaiu will never see the day
when his name will nut be associated
with one of the Twelve Anoatlei—not
the most fortunate one.
What business men want to know I.
how long a law le to remain in force
rather than what lawa aie on Ihe
etatnte book, and the party system gives
them the greatest assurance ol stability.
There is no more tedious representative than the one representing himself
or other fad. The machine-made poll-
ticiau is jeered at by aome jsstere, but
he is a harmlesi individual, whareaa tba
man who thinks the whole nation would
bi relormed by having hia "reform"
made a law isau abominable nuisance
11 the carrying on oi tha affairt ot legit-
litlou. The "Independent,"wben he gels
t j parliament, Hods that bis msrltt,
which he was elected, are not highly
prised there aud he finds that partylsui
is not the worst avttem. He finds one
party ur the other good enough for him,
be flirts a little with his favorite and when
next election comes around he is offered
the straight party nomination and be
jumps into the wagon. II he it returned
he enters the party caucui and li greeted with epplause, The emulsion li
complete. Thus Geo. E, Foster, the
Prohibitionist become Finance Minister.
The P. P. O.'s in Ontario join the Conservatives and tbe Patrons of Industry
find shelter under tha Liberal umbrella,
so the Iudepsndenti vote tbe party system the best iu vogue,
The Ufa-long anociation ol several
membiraof Parliament together ii a
national benefit. When tbe party ayi.
•em Is well organlzsd there li not only a
minietry in power, but a prospective
miniitry waiting to get loto power.
Among ihe Opposition there are candidates for all tbo heada of departments,
giving tbeir attention to the basinets of
theee department! to which Ihey aaplre
and trying to prove tbeir capability io
that they may be shewn members ol the
iu-comlng minietry on tbe debit 61 tbe
Government. And neioulation Ip op.
position enables itlio Ant member to
cboote wieely In lelectlug hit administration. . •<
And the unteeu influence ol the great
men on the lesser lights In the party
caucus and at other meetings where th.
freest intimacy exist! and an opportunity It given lor personal association and
friendship li of untold benefit. Hen are
brought together under the party ivi-
tem who had never otherwise associated
and with* confidence ln each other
they stand shoulder to shoulder attacking abuses and bringing about reforms.
In union li strength. Man gain eon.
fldence in moving lor the right when
they can depend on able and faithful
•Hies. It was Burke, Fox end Sheridan
together who exposed Ihe infamy and
outrage ol tbe rule of Warren Hastings
ia India. It was Cohden and Bright
who repealed the Corn Laws.
Il waa Bright and Gladstone who en-
franohiiad tha workingmen. Tbe unwritten hlitory ol the influence of Gladstone on those with whom he wae associated daring the changing fortunes of
his long political life, particularly on
the younger members who survive him,
Is ol inestimable value to tl e British
Empire, and the world and ia perhaps
the must important of his history.
Macaulay telle us of the happy times
in tbe "brave days ol old" whon "none
wore for tbe party" and "all were for
th. state." We are assured that at
certain crises such ai the menacing
threat ol a foreign power, it is tbe duty
of every ullis in tn place the state above
merepar'y it,t.T,ibt and bIiow a bold,
united hunt. Hut if it ba true, and
molt of ui think it it true, that Ihe best
form of government il a limited, constitutional monarchy and if experience
hat not taught us in vain tbat tbe adviser! of the crown should be selected
from a united harmoniona party, having
a majority in the popular house, it is
questionable whether the man "for the
party" ii not alio the man "for the
And il there It to be party government
and tbia seemi likely, we want a united
party. Thit meant that various sections
more or leu at variance muit bury old
sections! jealousies, and old lorei must
be allowed to heal over and not be torn
opeo afresh by hasty words and apiteful
act! and local Liberals should allow no
foreign manipulators to enter their
eamp and divide it asunder; whatever
exhibitione they may wish to give elsewhere outside partiea should not be allowed to make the local Held a cock-pit
ia which to fight battles not originating
bare and not ol local intereit,
Ladyimith, B. ft, Jan. 10th, 190:'.
History of Ancient
Coal Hiring
By Lue Vernon,
Alter time and trouble spent In searching, we And that the history oi coal
mining, like the hlitory of mankind,
may be truly taid to have Ita ancient,
medieval, and modern periods. The
ancient period corresponds In part to
tbe timet which are usually designated
ae "ancient" in tbe world'a political
history, tbat is, from "the year 1"—
whenever tbat may have been, up to
tbe year 1300 A. f)., when we find the
first authentic records of coal mining in
England and Belgium, and when coal
began to be recognised aa the object oi
a certain amount ol commercial importance. Much of the data about this
period are nnearlain, and what are now
a, fairly well substantiated may be overturned at any time by new historical
Tbe msdieval period include! the
early strugtlei ol coal (or recognition as
a fuel and ite gradual rise as a competitor with wood until it finally became
reeognlaeil ai the leading fuel, This is
tha time included between tbe years
200 and 1800 A. D. At tbli latter date
tie patenti upon theeteam engine ex-
p'red, and there was almost Immedi.
ately a gnat imnetui given to coal mining, and although pragma prior to tbat
time bad been slow and uncertain tbe
coalmining industry alterwardi went
lurward by leap! and bounds, lor ileum
power quickly superseded windmills,
water-wheels, hone engines, etc,
Tb. following facts In regard to the
history ol coal mining, have been gathered during a period of three yean, Irom
here and there, and even II it were pot
•tbletodo so it wonld make tedlone
reading to reler in every Instance to tbe
authorities Irom which much of the Information hai been taken. Although
the extended and almost universal nae
ol coaljbelongi mainly to the nineteenth
century, this fuel was known many centuries ago, for we ere told by Solomon
"Aa wait are lo burning coals and wood
to Are to Is a contentious man to kindle
strife." There were, within tha domain
ol Solomon, many trne coal areas, and it
I, possible tbat he may have referred to
•tone cool, but it la debatable whether
he meant coal or only charcoal, with tbe
probability In favor ol the latter supposition. Some investigators would even
have ns go back for the Ant evidences
ol the use ol ooal to the itone agei, but
their evidence is unreliable and doubtful, if not entirely mystical. Other in.
vestlaators assign to Ihe Chinese tbe
priority in the use ol coal, and whether
thli peculiar people were the drat to uie
coal, si they were Ihe fleet uteri ol gunpowder ami tb. inarlnet'a compile, will,
perhaps, remain a myitery lor all limp,
Certain it It, hnwever, that they had an
early knowledge of it, long before Ihe
Christian in.
Nowhere, probably, have we a betier
illustration ol primitive mtthodt ol
mining than In some ol the Chinese
mint, ol today, In which the methods
have probably changed but Utile in the
more than 2,000 3 eart alnoe Ohlnet. coa
mining began, Thli tame people ar-1
pear lo have made use, at a very early
dale, ol cable transfer! lor bringing tte
coat which stood high upon a cliff down
IO a lower level, and they alee teem to
have been ploneen In the manufacture
ol briquets, (or anthracite  coat wa.
powdered, mixed with * binder ouch as
clay, earth, or eawdust, and the halls
thus made were dried in the sun and
used In hand furnaces, affording a cheap
fuel for the poorer classes.
The actual dale of the discovery and
use of ooal by tbe Ohineie ie of little
consequence lo far as tbe roateiial development of the world Ib concerned, for
although fertile in invention and the
pioneers in many discoveries, Iho Chinaman seems soon to reach the limit cf Ins
iovenlivc faculty and lo be rontent with
tho most primitive appliances, In the
Western World coal as a mineral begins
to be first heard of about 330 B. ft, in
tbe time of Alexander tbe Great.
About this time the smiths discovered
that coal could be substituted for char*
coal, and ono writer, Theophrnetus,
speaks of stones from upper Italy aud
Greece which were earths, aud which
kindled like charcoal, and which were
used by tbe smiths. No specific name
was giveu to tbem, but they were culled
nnthracesor charcoals to which tbey
bore so striking a resemblance and for
which they could be substituted in so
many ways. No other mention of the
use of coal is made in tho countries
along tbe Mediteraneau during very
ancient times.
To what extent the Romans used coal
is doubtful, aud tbe argument oi many
tbat their extensive use of iron aiguilles
an extended use of coal ii nut warranted, since in the history of Iron-making
charcoal has always preceded the use
of coal, and that coal was but very little
dug by tbem is shown by the untouched
seams cf eoal which have baen found
very near to tbeir camps. Furthermore,
tbe Latin, like the Greek, contains nu
word for coal oicept carbo, which is
similar lo the Greek anthrax, and which
applies to charcoal.
There is tome evidence in the form of
tooli and cinders ol the use of coal during tbe Roman occupation of England
about the time of the opening of the
Christian ere, but even il Ibis evidsnee
ia to be accepted as conclusive, tbe extent to which this coal was used ia un
known. The writer! during tbo dark
agei observed an almost complete el-
leoce.iu regard to the, use of coal, and
indeed, the wide expanses of forest
made this preeminently and naturally
the age of wood, aud while thie wood
lasted there wai not muoh likely lo be
dono toward! the development of coal
mining. LUE VERNON,
Loat Vessel,,
Nearly a thousand vessels are lost
every   year.    Nearly   one   half  are
Tbe T Rail.
Tbe T rail waa invented in 1830 by
Robert L. Stevens, tbe president and
engineer of tbe Camden and South Am-
boy Railroad and Transportation company, and T rails were mado in Walea
In 1830 on Mr. Stevens' order and laid
down on a part of bis road in 1831.
Wonderful Echo.
A wonderful echo can be heard tn a
room ln tbe castle of Slmonetta, near
Milan.  A loud noise, such aa a pistol
shot, la repeated sixty times.
Versatile Policemen,
Policemen iu Vienna must be able to
swim, row a boat and understand telegraphy.
Fleet Wire Brld*e,
Tbe first wire suspension bridge In
tbe United States, it not In the world,
was thrown across tbe Schuylkill river
near the falls of Schuylkill, In Philadelphia, In 1810. Ita use was necessarily restricted to foot passengers, nnd
only eight passengers were allowed to
be on the bridge at once.
Belfast la Ireland's rlcbcst and most
populous city.
Railroad Land Omnia.
The biggest grant ever mado to a
railway company waa 31,000 square
miles given by tbo United States government to tbe Union Pacific railway,
wblch waa opened In ISO!!.
Spent on Theater.,
The American people are great theater goers and spend about $112,000,000
annually for auch amusements.
Book. Prom Pint...
It Is said that tbe first book printed
In this country from stereotype plates
waa a catechism by a Mr. Watts. Thla
work waa Issued In New York ln tbo
year 1813 and was compiled for tbe
benefit of tbe children of several New
Tork churches.
Btak Priced Cook..
For hia services the chef of a big hotel may receive $10,000 a year, a big
salary for cooking, but by no mean.'
out ot proportion to hi. vain, to the
Oiaelbl. Steel,
Crucible steel of the beat quality wee
first made In the United States in 1832
In commercial quantities at Cincinnati
by Dr. William Garrard and hia brother, John H. Garrard, entirely (rem
American materials.
Lineal eilr Hall.
Philadelphia ba* the largeat city hall
In tbe world.
The deposition of moisture on eyeglasses upon entering a warm room la
very annoying. This can be prevented
by rubbing the glasses .very morning
with .oft potash soap. Tbe glasses
may then be polished, bnt an Invisible
film, sufficient to prevent tbe deposit,
will remain. 	
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers ex
ceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Fine public school building now being
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants  and
professional men.
Klip Your Eit m LisMifi
- . $
A           -^'   \iJa. sV c;,..   ■!*.*. .j- OL '.
! The Cheapside! i
i ——-■—■ I
£ Befote stock taking we will reduce all our goods.   We offer the public    J
£ of Ladysmith and surrounding diitrict the benefit of our               j
! Wholesale Prices!
S Come and take the opportunity cflcrcd by the cheap sales.
* General
%     Hi<li St., Ladysmith
Extension Tunnel
Annual Clearance Sale ot
Twent/ percent discount fur the next
two wee ip. It?a) euaps in odd linen.
Oomfl T'ltti tne crowd an*1 set first
choice oi the but patterns b.-foietbey
are all aold.
Sampson's Cash  Stores,
Nanalmo, B. C.
^fH++f ♦ + f ♦> ♦ »t ♦ ♦
i tin
Ladyimllli Baseball club will gtvefu
grand concert and dance on Tuursday
evening, January 21st, in Gould's hall.
The latest, styles in Imr cutting and
beard trimming at the Ladysmith Shav-
ng Parlor, High street.
It il rumored that an early development of the water works in the city will
be an eieciric light and power plant.
Nothing finer turned out anywhere
than thoie winter suits and overcoats at
Caldwell's, Nanaimo. t
Steady work is being done in laying
the water works pipe. Tbo mains will
be In town early iu the spring. There
will then be a great opening lor tbe
Caldwell, the Nanalmo tailor, is show-
ng the finest tweeds aud clothe for winter garments. *
The Island of earth between the tracks
north of the station has been , remove I
to theiinproveimut ci tbe appearance
ol that quarter.
Do yon brieve iu yf-ur own goods?
Then cc-i'. conceal the fact from tbe
public.   Advertise.
Mr. James Watson arid family left.
Ladyemith lbL week lor Vancouver,
where tbey will reside. Mrs. Watson
had the misfortune to lote her hueband
In the explosion at No. 2 Extension
A business meeting of Ladysmith St.
Andrew's & Caledonian Society will br
hehtin Capt. Mcintosh's office, Esplanade, WednoBday evening, Jan. 15th, at
8 o'clock.
For highest class jswelery and skilled
repairing go to Lively, the jeweler.
Ven. Archdeacon Scriven this week
brought up from Victoria a paddle horse
for use in getting about tho district.
Have your watch make a good resolution to keep correct time throughout
1002.   Lively will attend to it for you.
Several Lidyemith families are about
to leave for the old country; ono or two
others are going to the. United States to
Still a low bargains left at Lively's,
the leading jswcler. Christmas and
New Year didn't take them nil.
Srmelhlng like a flood ocenrrrd on
Third .Avenue the beginning oi the
week. Some of Iho residents conld not
get out of or into thitir bouses.
Capt. D, Mcintosh returned last Wednesday from his prolonged visit to
WeBthoImo, where lie was looking alter
his mineral claims. He spent some time
in Victoria Buffering from rheumatism
ol the knee.
Mr. McNaughton, a merchant of Vancouver, after looking over Ladyemith
towneite with Captain Mcintosh, select-
el a couple of centrally located lote upon
which he will erect a business block
probably in tho spring.
Some idea of the fearful Btate of tho
Ctiemainus mad iust south ef titles city
can be gathered Irom Ihe fact tbat
one milkman in attempting to navigate
the road bad several of the caps of. bis'
milk cant jsrked clean out of their
places. In some places the mud Is up
to the horses' belly bands.
CitL'snB need have no alarm if liny
see deuse volumes of Bmoke issuing
Irom the doors and windows of the Hotel
Portland, First Avenue, It is only Mi.
Davis gelling tha placo dried out as
quickly as possible. It ifl expected that
tbe Portland will be ready lor occupation
by the ond of January.
In referrlrg to Mr. J. G. Brown, tlie
Victoria contractor, who passed through
Ladysmith a few days ago, The Loader
quoted him al expressing certain views
on the political situation. Thla wss an
injustice to Mr, Brown, who made no
remarks whatever on the political situation and whose name waa used iu
Mr. Gee. Thomson, J.P., Government
Agent, has received from Victoria s
package ol voters' regiitratbn pipers
Voters should he careful about changing
votei just now, or they may And them-
lelvei in the mnlllgatawney in tbe
event of an ejection tbie epring.
Dr. Gordon ie leaving Ladysmith in
about three weeks, to return to Eastern
Canada, He will probably visit his
horn, in Montreal Ant. No man iu thla
community will bo more missed than
Dr. Goidon. His departure will be a
severe lots to Ladysmith.
Watch and clock repairing la my
specialty. Send tbem to me aud I will
makethein like new. W. II. Lively,
First Avenue.
A. J, Mayo, secretary of the Van-
eonver Baseball Club, has written Mr,
Jot, Motlrun, secretary of the Ladyimith Club, inviting co-operation In ei-
tabliihing a provincial league which
will exclude imported or tramp ball
Player.. Mr. Motlran has made a suitable reply.
Block,      -     Nanaim >, 1). C.
f. 0. Hax, 37, Tel. 145.
Tlie line piano formerly used by Ihe
Ladysmith Athletic Association lias
been purchased by Mr, William Bever-
jdgeof tbe Grand Hotel, and is now
very much enjoyed by the guests of that
most popular huelclry in town. Mr,
Robert Allan pave a recital lo open the
piano Iu jts new quarter?, ami the selections wero heartily appreciated by
all present.
A  t..i...l.!iil Sight,
OaTlimaday nijiht—Friday mornint/
tbe Brett star Venus attained it* a>e\t- et
brilliancy. From this date onward to
Muoh 21st It will not be as bright, but.
on the date mentioned it will again
gleam with its fullest rffnlgence. The
spectacle presented on Thursday night,
which waa beautifully fine with a
crystalline clearness and sharp touch ol
frost, was grand. This star, admittedly
the most beautiful in the sky, shone
gloriously, and shed a radiance almost
like a moon. Quite « number of Lady
smith people took a naked-eye observation of the great star, and admired lis
glittering progress across tbe spangled
The Lulu (.corse Norri*.
Quite a number of Lndyemlth friends
aud relatives of the late Mr. George
Norris, proprietor nf the Nanalmo Free
Press, went up to Nanaimo yesterday to
attend the funeral. It wns one of the
largest, funerals ever seen in Nanalmo
and every ranK and class of society was
represented in the precession. Tho
floral tributes were almost innun e able
and very bandsome.BuBinepB waa puspen
dad throughout tbe city during the f in-
eral. Rev. W. W. Bier conducted tbe
last snd rites over the remtilne of hia eld
A Bachelors* High Ten and Concert
Will bo given by the ladies of the
Methodist Church on Tuesday evening
the 21st, inst. The committees at work
nre aiming to make tins event cue of
great delight nnd satisfaction to the
public. Tbe high Tea will be first-class
and the concert lo follow excellent.
Further particulars later.
t t
X t
Mrs. Taggert and Mrs. Dongsn, of
Shawnigau, are visiting friends at Hs
Mrs. Pirt Fitldick visited friends here
on Tuesday.
Mr. Unity Siiepord who
taken to the hospital two weeks ago, haa
recovered enough to be taken home to
Cobble Mill. Mo intends remaining at
home for a fnw weeks, after which he
will resume his duties 113 fireman.
Tt is reported that cnnaidcrnhlu diliic-
cutty Is being experienced at No. I mine
because of the water. A new pump has
been Installed there.
Miss Eastman, ot Ntiw Westminster,
is spending a few days with her slater at
Preparations nre being made to commence work attain at the- new railway
between Kxteusirn and Ladysmith ns
soon as potRiblo. It is said by the nf
ficials that this new road wi I bo the
means of a great tle.il less < zpenae to the
Company for bringing the conl from Ex.
tent-Inn to Ladnmitli.
Next Tuesday the me-.ilirg of the .'ia-
trict lodge of tho Orange Association
will take place at Extension. His expected that representatives front various
lodges of tlie district will attend.
The post olii :e has beon remnvo<l to
0. S. Ryder11> store and is running under
tbe management of Mr, Ryder.
List evening In Gould's hall a very
pleasant complimentary and farewell
dance was given in honor of Mlas Norma S#ord, the amiable young lady who
h*s presided over the dining room ol the
Grand Hotel for so many months, to tbe
•itlifantionof the tmrders at. that es
tiblishment. Miss Sword is leaving; for
Vancouver en Monday to take a situation there. Miss Bnord will be very
much missed. Tba boarders at the
Grand arranged tbe dance, and deserve
praise, for It was a capitally managed
and most pleasant affair.
LadynniliU Riflemen.
Another meeting of tbe rifle club is
called for bight o'clock on Monday
night, January J.'i'Ji., in The Leader
office, to hear tba report of the
committees and other* appoint^ to
make ir quiriei. At this meeting the ap*
plication form will be laid before the
numbers for ti|natnrp,and a full explanation ol tha whole matter wilt be given.
It is also the intention to elect officers
and to transact all other uaoessary bus!-
n as. Every man who has attended tho
previous meetings is nquested not to
miss tills, the moat Important of a1'.
This meeting will ceo neatly everything
done until the company U duly formed
and lo active operation.
South   Willing toil
A. Galloway, A. Crosnan and Harry
Ross went to Ladysmltli Wednesday
afternoon to attuud a miners' meeting
Jaa, Robinson, who has just recovered
from an accident in the mine, was kicked above the knee by a mule on Wednesday laying him up again for a few
C.G. Griffin, Supt. nf the Snfoly
Powder Works, returned on the north*
Opens on Monday
And your children will re*
i|i,'ro Hie
Latest School Books
We have lust received a
largo cm-'gnment uf a)'
E. Rolston,
i    Ladysmith
bound train from a bueiuesa tilp lo N -
naimosnd Victoria.
Mrs, Wm. Knight, of Seattle, is paying n month's vIbU to her sister, Mrs.
R. W. Pirt. She is accompanied by her
Mrs. Win. Knight and Mrs. R. W.
Pirt left for Victoria Thursday morning
on a short visit.
Tbos, Beveridge, proprietor of tie
South Wellington Hote', has gone tn
Harrison Hot Springs for the benefit cf
his health.
Dr. Gordon was in town Thursday.
Dan. McKinnon, Chemainus, was
visiting at the Ladysmith Lumbar Mill,
Piddick'a Junction, on Wednesday.
Trade a 11 Ion* In  11)00.
I. 0. O. F.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.10 o'clock,
Visitors cordially Invited.
Maple Lodge, No. 62.1. 0. a. r.
Meets every Wednesday evening In
NlcholmVn Hall. Visiting members
are cordially invited.
Mr. John Burnett's report on trade
unions In 1000, issued by the British
Board ol Trade, shows that last year
was a year of unusual activity with
labor organization". The increase of
membership as compared with 181)0 was
5 C per cent., an advance greater than
the average of 1893-9. Tbe increase wns
chiefly in tho mining societies, which
expanded at tho rate of 18 per cent.,
and account for Ibree-fourths of the
total gain in membership. As compared
with 1892, the financial (/talus of the
organized workers now is almost twice
as strong. In the former year the funds
in band represented S5ri 9:,4'd per head,
whereas last year tlie proportion waB
o5s. The significant featuro ia Ibe
wealth of the engineering, Ac., section,
which, despite the strike of 1897, Is the
moat powerful of all the amalgamated
industries. The bulk of the reserve
funds Is invested In Corporation, Public
Trust, and Railway stocks. Tho port
ot tha report devoted to federation does
not indicate that very great progress has
beiin achieved In this branch of labor
organization, The total number of
gmnp federations at the end of lort year
was 110, with a membership of 1,726,214,
as against 115 orjan'sstione, with 1,520,*
092 mombere in 1899 and 119 societies,
with WJD.435 members in U96,
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Hepplo, proprietor.'
First-clan accommodations for mineie
and transients. . Nono but
The Best Winss and Liquors
eerved at Iho bar.    Give ns a call.
Cor. Victoria ltd & Commercial St.
fJANAIMO.     ■     -      B. C.
J. e. snim
Sign and House Painting,
Graining, Paper Banning nnd Kat-
eominlng,    Estimates given.   Sat
isfaotion guaranteed.
Stoves   -
•5 Plumber
.   Ranges
Desirable house and fiill-n'r.e.1 city lot,
While street, Ladyemith, apply James
Uogc, at the house. :t| 3!
A. C. Wilson,
Funeral Wreaths, etc, Welding Bouquets in every style. Orders prnro ntlv
utleudod to. —NANAIMO, II. 0
Miners! Attention!
Hand .Hade Pit Shoes at the same price
as cheap fnr;li>ry made. Come in and see.
All work guaranteed.    Repairing done.
S. Christie,
Teacher of Languages, Muaic, Singing, Painting and Drawing,
Sinking, 8 l.oisoits J> per month
Music, 8 Lesson* j   '■        >•
I'iiiiitliijt, per I.etsou 'p cents
Itrnwlnn. per Lesson scents
Unffitngea—Preach nnd r,enuiiii--per I.eVii, ioc
Hours from g n. in. to i; tii, TentiB .1 per month
Two from same family ii.
Ladysmith Teaming Depot,
All kinds of heavy teaming done
j. Mclennan; ladysmith, b. c
Trade Mama
.   Onions
CoFvmoHTe Ae.
Any-one Rending a iketeh and dewriptlon mar
nnlekly nscertaln oar opinion fne whether an
inn li probably patenuble. Communlm-
ttfrniftrictlrooiiBdantbl. nudbook on Patent!
■cut iron, Uldeet agency fortecurlngpotentn.
I'ntoiiM taken IbrouBh Munn 4 Co. rocelft
iperial notftt, without cberso, In tht
Scientific Jlmcricam
A handiomolr tllnrtruted weekly.  Isiwreat clr-
 * any lelentlflo Inurnal.  *"—    *"
iionthi,|l. Sold by all n
L CO ««'«*«,. Hbn 1
ifflot, 05 r HU Wubtngton, D.
Notice is hereby given, in accordance with the statutes, that provincial Revenue tax, and all assessed
taxes and Income tax, assessed and
levied under the Assessment Act
and Amendments, are now due and
payable for the year 1902. All
taxes collectable for the South Nan
aimo Assessment District nre due
and payable at my office, situate at
This Notice, in terms of law, is
equivalent to a personal demand
by me upon all persons liable for
Assessor aud collector, South Nanaimo Assessment District, Ladysmith p; 0.
Dated at Ladysu.lth, 6th Jan., 1902.
Coal!   -   Coalll
Wellington Colliery I
Company, Ltd.
Wellington €ml   Best household coal on the Pacific ::
Comox Coat—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C
The very best
I Upon the market today.   To be obtained at all jf-
hotels  and bars In Ladysmith and Extension. *
In case or bulk at
Pither £ Leiser's,
I Victoria,       - -        b. C.
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intel
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
The Leader
Safi  Praiiulncu Aurenoy,
R. Dunsmuif's Sons Co'y
: 340 Steuart St.
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
TIM* TabU No. 43.
*" Sunns,. .Ufffl"! m.'°U,ll'l,0IIB'1' d'""" B,,° *""" 'Bd 0n S,h"d,»' ***
*"Saa'SJIrtl^"1|.».■0*M,"1,,™d,d*"r" "'" *'m"*"d°nS*t",d",",J
T,,li"n" il'* u1,»,»iu> J" Kxtoailon daily esc.pt Sunday at 8.00 a. m„ 2.00 and
10 p.m., and on Sundays at 10 p.m. '       ""
EiouralM Ralaa ta all Polnta, Bead Saturday and Sunday
Bio, L. OiirlMy,     •     Traffic Managir


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