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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Mar 1, 1902

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Array ♦WTH4r»vmW'<TTVTi44.
The people that save
money trade with
Ladysmith Leader
VOL. l.NO. 50.
* For Boots and Shoes |i
Bickle's is toe store i i
I At those extra heavy, snag-
I proof Gum Boots with leather
$ soles and Hungarian nails.
$ They are offered at factory
I prices by
Leiser & Hamburger
Esplanade and Oatacre Street.
iJessup's Pharmacy
Prescription! carefully dispensed. Open
da7 and night.
•     Dirrlatar, Solicitor,
Attorney, Notary Public, Btc.
Money to Loan,
The House Adjourns Until Monday
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hi  cr  W
Member Can. Society of Civil Engineers
Member Institution of Electrical Engineer.
Electrical Engineer
Correepondeuce Solicited
Work Guaranteed P.O. Bos 357
Fred  Foster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, Animals and Deer Heads Mounted and
for ule,   Knrt made, altered, cleaned and stored
»*}'"•■ JobBMN At..       -        Victoria, B. C,
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread. Cakes aud pastries of sll descriptions, fruits in
David    Murray,
Boiler Street,        -       Ladysmith
Shop will be opeo svery Thundiy,
Fridsy snd Ssturdiy.
Thil new hotel has been completely
furniibed with ill modern convenience!
Excellent table, white cooking. The
bar is inppllsd with ths finest winei,
liquors snd cigars. An eiperienced bsr-
D. H. Davis, Prop.,
Fint Avenue,      -      Ladyimith, B. 0.
*************** ^^^^^
One fact it better then s Doien
Hearsay!. If you want the
choicest meats go to
Ladyimith, B, 0.,
R. Williamson, Prop.
A Ireih inpply   ol   Vegetablei
always on hand.
Special attention givsn to ships'
luppllei.        ^^^^^^^^
J. E. sniTH,
Sign and House Painting,
Griining, Piper Hinging and Kal
lomlnlng.   Estimate, given.   Sit
i.l.otlon guaranteed.
LADYSMITH,     •     -      -      B. C
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Thli new hotel hsi been comfortably fiirnishul end Ihe bir ii up to dale.
Beit accommodation for trsntient snd permanent boarders and lodgen,
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
The Esplanade, Ladyimllh, B. 6.
■    i
ARE  YQiJ  INSURED?    If not
get i.tnrSd at once, for lt may be
too late tomorrow, I represent several
OLD and RELIABLE Oompinieiand
can insure you st a mommt'i notice st
i the loweit possible rales. All leading
eorapanlii cherge the sin. ntei. Don't
be milled into iniurlne with a cheap
company—It might be dear in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drswsr 33, Nanaimo. B. 0.
(Special correspondence ot The Lesder.)
Victoria, B. 0., Feb. 28.—Exhausted,
no donbt, by the exertion! and excitement! ol Monday afternoon the Legislature decided to take a real from Tuesday lut until next Monday. The
belligerent opposition are still very
much "worked up" over the prize fight
on tbe floor of the home, and the air is
thick with explanation! and objurgations. Richard McBride is generally
blamed for precipitating the fracas. It
ii conceded that unleei he ibowi a little
more statesmanship than he has done
io far thil session, hii colleagues of the
opposition will hive greit reason to
ngret their ruh choice oi him •■ s
J, H. Hswthornthwsite believes tbst
the Ooniervitlve element bsve now s
chance to cut In snd shsre in tbe ipoili,
il they will only unite snd itiy io. But
thst teem! to be tbe one thing the Con-
| servativei are incspsble of doing; besides,
they hive no leider; not a man of tbem
Who ihowi my ability beyond the somewhat humble qualification! pollened by
the rank and file of the party.
It ia feared by thinking people that
tbia leiiion is going to be barren oi
.ny useful legislation, unlets tbe discordant faction! in tbe opposition can be
| better managed. Tlie farce of having an
inexperienced boy for leader, when a
man ol Hon. Joseph Martin's talenti
snd long experience ii in the home li
even now apparent. McBride will at*
lUtedly wreck bii party.
I Great curlotlty ii telt st to Mr. Bod-
well'i opponent Ior the Victoris nit.
Alter the bad reception he met witb it
the Liberal convention in Vancouver, it
il felt thit i very weak man could beat
him here. He hai not the confidence of
the majority ol the Liberal!, but worn
then thit, the Times ii championing
oil came,
Mr. A. E McPhillipi, it il alleged, hu
ia nndlness for tbe first general debate
eovoial speech™ fir exceeding in length
any which he hu so far dsred to inflict
upon the Assembly.
More of the Bodies Have Bun
On Thursday morning early the re*
maim of John MacCallum snd E.
Haiell were found by the repairing
party near No. 2 level, just where they
bid fallen when overcome by the gai,
Hazel! appeared to have got out of the
mine but to have gone back for something. He lay on his face, hii head
toward tbe wall. Poor MeOsllum wsi
just as be hid come from tbe face, witb
I no cost on. In falling hii cap cams off
snd rolled sway a ihort distance. He
lay fine down. Both bodies were well
It wai expected that the ging could
penetrate to the counter late on Thurtday night, when the remaining 13 bodiei
would be found. Only the bodiei ol
John Paienon and James Watson wen
reached, lying close by one another ei
they had fallen In their run for life. It
wsi expected sll the other bodiei would
be niched yesterday afternoon or even-
Preparationi Ior their nmovsl wen
to be seen at Exteniion on Thundiy ia
the lhape of boxei with shifts attsehed
like etretcbera, snd canvai sheets
leiked ;in cost tar, in which ths
remsine will be wrapped.
Rapid progren II being msds in cleir-
ing out No. 2 slops, the men following
the water down si it recedes. The
leakage st the stopping remains abont
the nme—000 gallons a minute or mon,
bat it will take eome time yet before
the tt million gallons pumped into tha
mine st the rsts ol leven million gallons
a day, can thua pall away. Ths vslve
in the atopping wsi opened iligbtly on
Thursday and the outflow thenby con-
ilderably increased. The officials hope
to hsvs tbe mine entirely cleared ol
water by the end oi next week; end in
fall working order by Msrch Slit.
Funerals of 0. D. Griffith and 6.
ivoy        ___^_
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Ladysmith Deiry
N.w Milk, Cn.rn.ry Butter, New Lsld
Eggs snd Freih Vegetablei supplied
Dslly.  Leive orden st the poit office.
Seeds, Plants, Shrubs.
B. H, Jobmton, Viotoria, hu the
fln.it .election in Ihe province.  See
samples st Lsinr A Himburgir'a ilors.
Prion snd eitlmalii cheerfully given.
Roses In treat variety.
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Sod* Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
Proprietor,  IB-H* ••
W. E. RUMniNQ,
John Barnsley & Co.,   ;
* a,7j! T.y..r Victoria, B. C. •
Fir* Proof Safes.      ■■■■■—— Kodaks, Films, Etc,  '.
Ladysmith Teaming Depot,
All klndi ol heavy teeming done
Wholesale and Retail Dealen in Meiti.
, Poultry and Vegetable!. Oime In
eaten. Shipping orden attended to on
ior I aollce,
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Ilepple, proprietor.
Flrit'oliii accommod.tlon. for minen
ind transient!.  None but
The Best Wines aid Llquen
served nt Iho bir.   (Jive ui • call,
Cor. Victoria Rd et Commercial St,
NANAIMO.     -    •     B.G.
Notary Pablie,
Conveyancer, Eto.
immlssioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent.
- Offices-
The Eiplin.de,  •  Ladysmith, B, C.
Nssr Oris, snd Prank Hot.!..
Meeting to Form an  Association
Naxt Saturday.
All Liberal, resident in Lidyimlth, or
luburbi, sn cordially invited to attend
a meeting to be held in Oouid'a Hall on
Saturday night, March 8th, st S o'clock
It ia expeoted thit Hon, Jonpb Martin,
V7. W. B. Mclunef, M. P. L., Mr. William Sloan, and s number of etauncb Liberals from Nanaimo will be present and
will addren the meeting, Great entbn-
li.sm prevails imongst the Liberal! ol
Cocos  Island
The Pacific Exploration and Development Co., Limited, whloh havi equipped
and lent to Coeoi bland >n expedition
to recover bnrled treaiure hsve only.
fswih.nl lelt. II you want onr, or
pert ol on. mike application st one,
Sham told •• ilock in thli company
which in not signed by a director end
tbe Hcnury end without the Imprint
ol the compony's enl ARK NO" VALID.
[We make tbii itslement became It bit
bun circulates! that a hundnd ihirei
I are obtainable et $30,00 wbereai the
company h.v. not 1-10 part ol th.
I number.  The price Is ♦10.00 per ibare,
E0.00 for X ihsre, or (10.00 for V.
ny only the Ginnlne snd yon ire.ale
to reckon on e fortune within a few
Tha Pacific Exploration and
Development Co,, Limited,
80 Birdcsg. Walk, Victoria,
Earnest Appeal to Citizens for Wed;
ntsday Night.
Th. Leader it requested once more to
iesiie a strong appeal to the merchants
•nd citlr.eui of Lidyimlth to meet for
the purpose of iccompliihing the much
deiircd and moit important work ol
organising the Ladyimith Board of
| Trade. The muting will tike place In
Gould's Hill next Wedneiday evening
at hall past leven promptly. It li
hoped that the cititsui will ihow their
appreciation of Mr, Gonld'i kindness in
placing the hall al the diipossl of the
citiiem on that evening for the purpose
mentioned, free of all cost. If Lady,
smith doei not organise and present a
united front Ladyimith ii" going to get
Laarsmltb snirHng.
Bir. Alkl coalid hen yuterdey on her
way Irom ths sound to Ketchikan, Alaska.
Ainaricin ihip Edwsrd Sewall completed leading her 2,800 torn ol Wellington coil lor Honolulu yeiterdsy, and
was In resdlneis to bs towed to Rojil
Roidi, Viotoria, there to await hsronw,
Str. Selkirk cilled ia lor bunker cosl
on Thundiy night,
Ship Santa Clan it now taking cosl st
ths wharves,
Str. Victoris psutd np to Union Biy
yetterdiy. She bid a rough pauige
from FriKo,
Sailors from the Edward Sewall
Desert Their Par.
Ai ihowing tho bippy.go-lucky sod
improvident way of many of the uilon
of the mercantile marine the can of
about a dozsn members of the erew ot
I the American ship Edward Sewsll li
worth notice. These men worked on the
ship long enough to run up amount! in
wage! to their credit in lime c.ses ai
high as (90. They have borne all the
hard-work oi biinging the ihip from
New York round tbe Horn; have waited
hen long enough to help unload balloit
and take on stiffening ol 100 torn of coal,
bnt instead of itsying the few diyi
necessary to reach tbe American port of
Honolulu, where they would be psid off
In foil, they hsve quit ship hen, thereby forfeiting every cent of tbeir hard-
learned pay.
No American ship can pay off io a foreign port. The Sewsll will probably be
I In Honolulu by Merch 15th, as it ii ex-
1 pected ihe will nil early next week.
The men era well treated aboard the
Sewall, the food ii plentiful ind excellent, tbe wages tbe lull itaudard, the
men's quarter! muoh more comfortable
I thin aie to be fouud on the ordinary
merchantman. Yet tbeie men go ind
leave iueh s berth and nearly (100 each
besidei, lor a mere chance of getting
something to do aehore.
Captain Quick il now ligulng on niw
seamen to take the place of the men
who have quitted thi Sewsll.
On Thundiy afternoon the people of
Lidyimith paid the lait nd honors to
the memory, of the two unlortunate
citlzeni who were cnt off in tbeir prime
In io shocking a manner lut October,
snd turned ont en mute to Ihe station
to witness ths depsrtnn of ths member!
of St. John'i Lodge, No. 21, A.F. 4 A.
M., and of the Oddfellowi' lodge, of the
city, with tbe remain, ol thi Ute Mr.
Griffith to Nuaimo.
Tbs brethnn assembled in Minnie
Hall, Gitalin Street, shortly belon the
srrival of ths noon triln, snd tbsn
marched in solemn procession, and in
full regalia, bisring the ca.kst, to the
station. Beiidei the Free Mssoni .corn
of the eltlseni turned out to sttend tbe
funerali, and went on the train to Nsn-
The pall besreri wen Brotben A. 3.
McMurtrie, W. Gnnt Jump, Joseph
Jeffries, B. Foreimmer, T. M. Brown,
'sad Wm, Kerr.
Msny bssutifnl wreethi wen Nat la
by sympathising friendi. The caikel
wu very h.ndiomo, end wss provided
by Mr. Robert Kllpatrlck, whs directed
the funeral arrangement..
At Nanaimo tbe funeral cortege was
met by the Grand Muter atasoa el
Britiih Columbii, Mr. F. McB. Young,
and msny othsr bistbnn, who accompanied the  procession   to   Nanalmo
cemetery. Then the lut solemn efflees
I for the dead wen pronounced by Fan
' Muter G. Stephenson, of Wellington, ia
a very itnpnoiive msnuer.  The funeral
| oration hu beea justly admired by all
who wen privileged to bur it.
Amongit th. wreaths wu a fins one
from St. John's lodgs, rapruentlng the
■qusre aad com piste.; Ladysmith
Baseball Clob of which ths 1st. Mr.
Griffith wu manager alio nnt a buutl-
lul wresth; one wsi Irom Mr. snd Mia,
Pringle, .nd .noth.r from th. 1.0.0 F.
Toe manual ol th. parad. in Nsn-
aimo wss Put Master W. Stewart.
Tb. Oddfellowi alio gav. their urviw.
over the remain! ol Mr. Griffith.
Th. mournen then returned to tbe
itation to take train to Lidyimitb, but
many remained to attend the foneral of
| George Southcombe, which took place
at 4 o'clock, u also did tbst of Antonio
Peeoetelll, th. lsttsr to ths Rotua
Catholic cemetery on McLeery Street,
the Rev. Fsther Verbeke officiating.
The attendance of friendi Irom Extension wu very lsrge.
Mr. Southcombe'i pall besnn wen:
Messrs. J. Doherty, D. Campbell, W.
Willlsmi, Thoi. Orr, Ju. Orr and John
Anderson. The offloisUag clergyman
wu Bev. Allitter Murray, Presbyterian
miniater at Exteniion.
Antonio Pesestelli'i pall bssnn w«e:
P. Anguit, G. Blaadoni, P. Oontl, J.
I Casorii, J. Giaochero, A. Tate.
Th.nm.in. of th. other victim! ot
the disaster will be Interred at Nanalmo
tomorrow afternoon With befitting
•oleonltiei. Many Ladyialth people
will go up on th. train to attend the
Passes Away After PuincUd
Whin furnishing yonr new Lidyimlth
home, don't forget the indispensable
mantel clock. Lively, the leading
jeweler, Fint Avenue, bai • nlietion
tbat Ii good to look at, and tb. pries,
won't frighten the meat economical,
Co!, E, G, Prior of Victoria wai iworn
In on Tnunday ai .1 proviclil mlniitar
of mine,. Col. Prior .nd Jamei J. Hill of
I the Gnat Northern Rtilway, U. 8. A.,
will conteit the Victoria bye-election on
the 15th. Mr. Hill ii said to bl "oik.
ing" miny friendi at th. Capital,
Now il the time tn get your job printing done.   The Leider con quote yon
j the loweit rales on sll lorti of hill headi
letter heads, cards, circulars, tickets,
statements, etc,
A Grand Calico Ball will be held In
the Oddfellowi' Hill on March 17th an*
I der the luiplcu ol tbe Rathbone 81.tin
[ol Lidyimlth Temple No. 8. For Ike
belt droned gent, gent'i nmbrelli, vain*
(5,00; belt dieised (calico) lady, (6,00
leash. Admission (1,00 a couple; for
single ticket 80 centB. Lunch will he
provided for 25 outi extra.
Hon. John F. Booth, Sneaker ol the
Provincial Legiilstun, died at hit home,
Salt Spring blind, on Tueedsy sight ef-
I ter a lengthy itmggl. with a mm III-,
nen due to Brisht'i diieue. Mr. Booth
wu a native ol England aad egtst M
yean. He came to Britiih Colombia la
18(0, after living in Ontario. He tarty
identified bimielf with public affair.,!
and wsi s member ol the Legislature
for tu.uy yean. Heiucceded Hon, D.
W. Higgini ln tb. ipeakmhlp, Mr.
Booth wai a luccettlul fermir, the talt
sprtaga from which ihe island whsn he
lived Mku ill name being on hu proe-
»tty. Mr. Booth leave, a widow, and
twobrotbiri. Th. funeral taiM place
Irom th. family ruidsne. at I o'clock to
diy to St. Miry'i church, Salt Sprue.
Itii probable that the Government wlU
be rtpnuntad.
Boo. Mr. Dunimulr h.i pliosd th.
it. City ol Nanaimo a, th. diipossl of
mimber. ol th. who wiih to attend tha
lanwal. The .teamer felt Victoria thla
morning st 0 and will return Irom Osage, at 4 p. m.
Mr. George Lewii h getting oat tfaa
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
Published every Wednesday aud Saturday at
rhe Leader Building, corner of First Ave. and
Preach Btrett, Ladysmith, British Columbia.
Bv Mail ih Canada and Unitbd states.
One yesr (atrictly in advance) $. eo
Is montha (strictly in advance).'    I 35
TRANSIENT— First Insertion 10c. a Une; each
BUbKqucnt insertion 5c. a line.
Rates on application. No wood cut. used.
Cttt. for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage. Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each insertion sec.
Advertisement, not inserted for a specified
Urns will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
THS LEADSR will be found at the following
I, adyamlth-The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Nanaimo—H. Fimbury & Co.
Victoria—Public Library; Provincial Library; and
Vancouver—Public Library, snd Hotels.
New Westminster—public Library.
AU changes in advertisements must be received
st thla office before 12 noon the day before
Subscribers not receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
All job work strictly cash on delivery.
Transient advertisements cash in advance.
II the criticiimi now being levelled st
the Provincial Government were at all
warranted by the Iscti, the government
would certainly stand in a very unenviable light. If the critics ol the government were to be luccenlul in their attempt to persuade the people thst un-
conttltutlonsl procedure it being
followed by the government, there li
little un in denying that the government's tenure ol office wonld be exceed-
Ingiy short.
But, fortunately for the good ol this
province, the people ol British Oolumbis
know their newipspen too well to
accept any ot their statements in halts,
And they siso know their profmlonsl
psliiicism altogether too well to pises
the ilighteit nuance upon snytblng
that they may ssy. Consequently, the
people ot the province hsvs lesrnsd the
habit, a most unlnl one, oi weighing
both ildei cl the cue, snd deliberating
long baton reaching a diciiion. Thil il
one nana why the government ii in
power now. The charges sgsiait them
hsve not bun provsd, thsnlors th.
people do not believe tbem.
It is a long time linos the agitation
against thst govsrnmsnt began amongit
th. mon irreiponiible and recklnt
mwipspen, snd the lury with whleh
the article! wan Imbued might hsvs led
the Intelligent stranger to imsglnethst
the province wu on the brink cl nvo-
lution. The fiery ipeechei ol certain
polltlolani, too, might have sroused
eome alum had the ipeecblfleri not
been w will known.
In thi ceiielen bsrklng at snd icold
Ingot Hon. Jossph Msrtln by thois
n.wipapin and politicians, than ii
aemetking exqulittily ledloroui. They
acknowledge him to be the one man ol
whom they Stand ln fsar. Thsy hav.
actually brought themielvet to sdmit
thst he hu both lidu ol th. legislature
at hii mirey. Whan thins wbo uy
thst Mr. Martin Is dictating to the government, or Il controlling the government'! policy ean show proof ol lt
psrhspi thsy trill mset with some
.uncus in gutting the public to believe
their unrtiom.
Down in the Argentine Republio sn
sbout fifteen hundnd Welih termers,
who lelt their nstivs Isnd to try their
fortune in South America. Not until
they got out to that Ill-governed and
generally ill-conditioned country did
they discover their error. Like so msny
other worthy people who hsve gene
there to bitter their lot, they have found
little to please them.
Tbey want to quit South America, its
torrid climate and undesirable form ol
government snd come once more under
the Britiih flag. They have put them-
iilvei in communication with the Canadian government, and negotittloni are
now in progress. It is hard to believe,
however, that the Canadian government
actually demurs at bringing thoie families here. Surely the government can
scarcely realise whet a magnificent 'investment it wonld be to fetch Into thil
country Alteon hundred ol perhaps the
finest nee ander the Britiih flag.
The Welih farmer i| a man to be
Bought liter moit earnestly by any
country; be il a itnrdy, industrious,
highly intelligent, pioui and law-abiding
cltiten. It il s thounnd pitiel thst
thoie good people waited their time
travelling swsy to thst ontlsndiih
country; but it will bs a lucky day for
Canada il our government can be
brought, to lee the importance of
ensbiing thoie iplendid settlers to
retrieve their unfortunate mlilake. It
would pay Canada handsomely to delriy
sll cost ol bringing them here.
From sll qusrten hsve come upon the
high prieit of imperisliim, the new
Isaiah cl the Lord's chosen people,
Rudysrd Kipling, itormi ol abuse and
protest in sniwer to bii poem "' The
Iilinden." Some ol thil dispraise il
Inntic; evidently tbe unpruned out
pouring! ol the ihocked Jingo; much ol
It, however, il cslm, judicial criticiim,
which ii infinitely bsider to besr thin
the shouting sort.
No plies ol literary work in this
generation bsi ciused io mncb talk snd
writing. It ii now laic to apeak iligbt-
Ingly ol Kipling snd hii work in
prennce ol msny who were two yesn
ego inline upon the mbject, end who
would hsvs done unto tbe offeror of
disparaging rsmsrks about tbeir new
deity, even si the creatnrei of Cyril ol
Alexandria did unto the troublesome
Hypstis. For ipesking his mind iu s
wsy that hu not suited the lute ol hi!
public, Mr. Kipling hu lost the
sympathy ol a greater pert ol thst fickle
body. But the clutter of the etreet snd
ths exchsngs sn of iittis or no vslue in
trying to strive at s just judgment ol
thi pises of work which hu pieced
Kipling in a new light belore the world,
We muit turn to tbe judgei whon dicta
sn worthy ol scceptance.
In the "Nineteenth Century" for
February, Mr, Herbert Paul, a literary
critic of quite exceptionsl sbility, mikei
sn ixhsuitivs exsminstion oi Kipling's
work and arrive, at tbe conclusion thst
eccentricity hu spoiled much ol it,
" Eccentricity," isyi Mr. Paul, "1. tbe
flnt raluge cf the mentally cxbiuited."
Thin hi goei on to ibow tbit Mr. Kipling wrote hlmiell out e long time ego,
snd, of courie, had to reioit to high
■pice to mike hii wsru nil. It il not
thi plethora ol imiginstion but ths
wont ol it thit drivel suthon to inch
(reiki u ioms which Kipling hu perpetrated. He chugei Mr. Kipling with
delighting ln depicting ugly tbingijnit
beciuie they srs ugly, and suspects tbat
Mr. Kipling bsi s good desl in hlmol
Leech's schoolboy, who " only wilhid
life mother knew how wicked be wu,"
Mr. Paul object! to the "bus groteique"
of such veriei u " Oelli," lo Barrack
Room Ballads, which he says are full of
eccentricity. The criticism il assuredly
said; very little ol sympathy Ihsre with
the mbject, but no doubt Irom a literary
standpoint it II warranted snd will bl
salutary. It lithe philosopher Cotton,
we think, who hu a remark iu bii worki
upon eccentricity and iti dinners:
" Beware ol eccentricity; it hai ruined
many thousands, snd msy ruin you."
ProfiBior Hsrry Thurston Feck, editor
ol the Amerlcsn Bookman, lakes just
thi oppoiite view Irom thst ol Mr. Paul.
He heboid! in the wrsthlul Kipling the
wsrning genim ef the Britiih people, to
whom tbey ihould give heed, He
praises Kipling's "blinder." u ws
think somewhat immoderately, especially when we remember tbst sll Mr.
Kipling's work heretofore hu betnu
poiion to the Prohnor. "Kipling,"
tayi the Profeilor, " dares to uy whit
Engllihmen sll over the earth an
Then the inimitable Dooliy haa his
eay, and It is not flattering, but very
funny. The criticiim appear! in a new
volume ol "Dooleylimi" Jut published
by Mr, Dunne.
Tbe editor ol the Monthly Review lor
February devotu the leading article to
an examination ol "The I.lmderi."
Alter exposing lome ol Mr, Kipling1! in.
consistencies, which an neither few nor
small, he appliei tbe lath to ihe
Islanders" who need it moil, in tbii
caustic wiy:
" We remember certain etoriei ol the
population of mining districts much
given to cock fighting, whippet racing,
and other "sports," clamouring like
one man lor war, and refusing like one
man to offer tbemselvei whon the time
ef need came. We think ol certain
great belli where suburban idlott
githored lately to applaud a miniature
iorm ol sn Inferior gsme. We think ol
certain' men abont town,' rich, strong
snd unemployid, who have ipent then
two yean past reading the newspaper!
and are itill" men about town." And
we remember thst a nrioui, hirdwotk
ing Volunteer ii a thing to be inubbed
by the (organizer! cf Colenio end
despised by every leml-profeiilouil who
hat'made hit century' or been named
ai 'an aspirant for International
Ai lor our humble lelvei, we never
liked Kipling till we reid, end read
sgsin snd sgsin," Ths Iilinden."
erected, about 2,000 years before the
Christian era, ihe orientation ol the
main avenue wai probably exact; bnt
the secular changes which have been
taking place ln the earth'! motion! in
ipace would In the four thousand yean
elnce that time lo the present diy,
account for tbe aberration at present
noted. At any rata Stonoheage Ib ol
vait antiquity and absorbing interest.
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flnt copy of whioh has just reached us.
It is excellently printed on fine paper,
and ie of the else moat approved by Mr.
Alfred Harmiworth. The srticlei an
skilfully and pleasantly written; the
tone is admirable. Mr. H. Mnrtlmer
Limb, of the B. 0. Mining Rtcord, ii
manager, and Mr. Henry H, Newell,
late ol tbe itaff ol the Pall Mall Guette,
London, England, ii editor. A map of
Crofton towmite and neighboring
country nccompaniei ths first number.
We ^observe with pleasure that the
editor Ib resolved to abstain irom "lilly
snd cifeniive personalities." W. leel
euro thst two Engliib gentlemen msy
be depended upon to inue e newipiptr
thst will do honor to the journalism ol
tbe Province. If the Ganetto be main*
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Siyi the Toronto Evening Telegram,
perhaps Ironically:
"To think thst Ralph Smith, M.P.,
■bonld figure u an "alio ran" iu the
race whioh endi in giving Hon, William
Templemsn a plsce in the Cabinet."
Let our eiteemed Irlendi, the mm snd
daughtan of gallant little Wiles, lurn
with regret thst the muiicsl lsngusge ot
their beloved country is steadily dying
out. in 1871 as many si 1,008,100
people ipoke Welib. In 1891 only Oil,-
280. And Guile is dying In Scotland
snd Em In Erin,
Our old Iriind Lns Vernon, whon
contrlbutloni to The Leider wen knnly
enj lyed by hundred! ol our reeden, Il
now e reel live editor himself. He 'Il
managing editor el The Mliror, s new
venture in Vancouver, publiibed in the
intereiti ol The Licemed Victmllen.
We wilb ill menu to Mr. Vernon, who
hid the honor ol being at one time a
eollesgoe ol the Ismoui Editor Brian ol
ths Ieoooclut ol Waco, Texu,
American! hsve been very fond ol
muring at tbs Britiih propuiity to
flunkeyiira io regsrd to royalty snd
nobility, but no Britiih exhibition cl
ibown by Amirlcini toward Prince
Henry of Prunli, It takes republican.
to ihow honut believer! In limited
monsroby how to icrape and kow-tow
belore a title. W.ihington, Lincoln
and Jefferson mmt be turning In their
Anyone undine} s sketch end deeeriptlon mat
autoklr ascertain our opinion fm whether an
Invention Is protmblr patentable. Commnnlea-
sent rros. (Most alienor Ior semHnaMuuenu.
I'atonts taken ibroneh Munn AXo. receive
special nolle., without chsrse, ia the
Scientific American.
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TUT TTTT TTTTT'I" y v TTT T Tl '"."fT'lT
The Desl
;! Lager and Porter;;
'<,    In town at tbi hotel! il manu-
! | featured by tbe
Nanalmo, B. 0.
i ill ,Ii ,f, iti X X X X J. ,I,,f, J..1. tii .1. ,fnl, i
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celebrated utroncmsr, il conildtrod the
most prohibit, He bsllevn that Stone-
huge wu built to nrve u a perpetual
calendar lor the very anoint Brltoni ol
the palaeolithic period. The main
avenue points slmoit to tbs ipot on the
lioriton whin the sna rim on ths Slat
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<'m«iniiiMHs.4ini-i>m.iinnt»tTTT ~
Tho Los Autre] en Girl Adoi.ttJ by the
Great Sinner.
Few great singers havo begtui tliolr careers witb a better chauce to become famous than hna Edna Darch, a littlo Loa
Angeles ghi. Not only does she possess
n marvelous voice, but no lesa a celebrity
In tlio musical world than Mine. Calve
1ms adopted ber aud will provide for hot'
tbe best musical ami dramatic training
America and Europe cau furnish. It was
while tbe famous diva was staying iu
1 cently. "She bod.been toid often enougo
1 that tbe liatimilXniericflii voice is not mil*
slcal—in, in fnct. decidedly nasal and Is
apt to be loud and finritL, 3*h!a she recognizes to bo a fact, and yet makes no effort to overcome the defect,
He WM WUllnff to Joist If It Didn't
Cost Too Much.
A lank, long countryman stood out-
—- - -.■rirrr'f "'" -,«»«•.-., . . aide of the reading room door of tbe 11-
"A couple 6ft detadea age, wben society b f MDgreB8 and loobed w|th ,on
was more or lcsifanglomaniac In its tend- ,     '     w"B1CTO buu , ?  ,      " 1   *
ency. voices were Improved by imitation log eyes at Its gorgeous Interior. Adroit.
our transatlantic eouslos; but now- that tance h-»d been rew-ied on bis declar-
ere'n society people aro Tiltrd American lug tbat he had no Intention of reading,
aud feel'their independence of old world but he lingered near tbe door hoping
traditions .there is no criterion but our something would turn up to let him lu.
wmie tbe famous diva was staying iu   0WDt- wllich- 80' far, af th,e ™'» ***** Anally be again approached the door-
aouthern California for her health that   **nt "J™ concerned, is decidedly a bad keeper(
abc heard Edna slug, and from that mo-   om'-   llmt v,oic8 ctlltu™ '*!aa fmffe/ed ■» ,    "You say I can't get In, boss?" he
ment the little one's future waa assured.     «;«Quen« ia very evident,-and at pres-      .^       ' *       '
"»   ent in neither our schools nor our homes   ■*>aBU*
is any decided effort being mado to correct what la distinctly a national def'ot,
l    "Musical voices such as are bom j in
every class in England we prdbably can i
I never attain to, but If hiodulntod tones'
_-... ™~ ...k.w ens o iiiniii:   Hl'.fl USSiUL'U.
Tbe protegee of Mine. Calve is only
thirteen years of ago and for some time
has been the marvel of. musical people In
Los Angeles,   Her parents, being poor,
J-&ffljHBlBi§afe -
t          i
"Not unless you want to read," was
tbe discouraging reply.
"A dollar wouldn't be any object to
you, would lt, boss?"
The doorkeeper shook his bead and
and clear enunciation were- Insisted upon waved tbe Insistent visitor away." In a
in school ami family and the importance few momem8 tUreo members of con-
of ajiLeo-aut voice made apparent to.tbe ^ appmacIied and| mdlng t0 the
doorkeeper, said, "We are members,
you know," and passed In through the
door. Tbe countryman darted forward
"I gay, boss," ho asked confidentially,
"how much docs It cost to be a mem
....  _. _.... .„„..„ .«..«  ius iiuiiunuuce
of a pleasant voice made apparent to.the
pupils nud children agreeable voices
would be the rule, not tbe exception,"—
New York Tribune.-
-  A Slip of the Fen.
"A recent experience has taught me
that' people shcild avoid carelessneas In    »v.- mum uut-s is cost to oe a mem-
their liiinihvriting," remarked the aociety  ber? I belong to one lodge already, but
girl with tbe troubled brow.  "Laat week  ef it ain't too all fired much I'll go you.
„        .............  w.vin,        uagi  nvQ*
I gave a little Informal tea, to which I invited -n number of my intimate friends.
Among others were a brother and Bister.
I wasn't sure that both of tbem would
come, so I wrote, or intended to write, 'it
both of you cannot come, either ot you
will do.' But somehow or other my pen
played tricks on me (perhaps it was abseil tmindedncss ou my part), and the lot
for I certainly do want to git In thar
and set down a spell; I certainly do."-
was In tbe city, they arranged for Edna
to sing for her.   So surprised and tie
AiJ.aT.tle Humor.
"At one of tbe public dinners given
by Ameer Abdur Itahmnn Khan," Bays
- «..».»» »" ».j ims-sa wm me hi-   Mr. Stephen Wheeler In his story of
ter part of the^nvitatiou read, 'neither of , tho ameer's life, "an excited native
J'"""'1,1' d0'*     .    *>. .   -      „   ' rushed into the midst of tho assembly
Si^^'XnKlhJ^n'th; "-Lrtr,tedWm,e"to,ront0'the
■net a few ilnvs ■'nftoi-win-.i t ,••. -«--   ameer.
...._„,  .   ...svu  * met, 11.1:1,1 tju IIH-
Btrnct a few days afterward I was eur-. ftlIl*!?rV,. *, . ,    ,-..    _     ,
, ,   ,     ,      ' prised ut tbeir coldness. The Bister didn't I   " Sahlbf be gasped.   'The Russians
•despaired of ever giving tbeir daughter (B.ml\r t0 me nt nil,-and the brother raised   are coming!1
tho musical training she deserved, but , jlig imt stllHy and was about to pass on.!   " 'From what direction are they vial-
managed with the help of friends iu pro- , j BHW ti,at 8omcthlug was wrong and   bio? asked the ameer without chang-
riding her with fairly good local Inatruc- j n£kcd tw an explanation.   The brother  inff his expression,
tlon.   Hearing recently that Mme. tOnlvo   slewed me tho unfortunately worded in-,    «.Prom y0ndw hill" replied the nfl
vitation, with the remark that he and big   ^. *
sister bad concluded I was trying to be
— *»••» -"• "•-"    "" «"■»!«*-«-■« «u« ue- | Bister had concluded I was trying to be      )i</1Mmll At,.* ♦.«. „«,? -.hi, „«*.«
lighted was tho song queen with tho    fluiny nt t]ielr cxpCnse.   I managed to CIImD »« *W and watch until
child's voice and nppearanco that she de- ! >--   ....... * —
child's voice and appearance that she decided to take full charge of ber training
and give her every opportunity of becoming a celebrity.   She will clothe nnd care
'      for her as for her own child,
, Edna's musical education will begin In
New York city, wberu she has just ar-
i rived with Mme. Calve. She will study
English, French, Italian and Gorman and
at tho end of two years will go to Paris to
finish her education.   It is planned that
1 the child will make her debut at tbe end
of four years. Mme. Calve says ber protegee's voice la one In a million and pro-
diets tho child will be one of the greatest
singers in tbe whole world.
The musical ability of Edna is not Inherited from cither of her parents. Her
father, Edward A. Darch, is an Englishman, forty years of age. Since be was
ten years old bo has worked as n lumber
Bhover nnd is at present foreman of a
antall lumber yard in Los Angeles. Mrs.
'Darch was born In Germnuy, and, like
her husband, is comparatively uncultured
and used to a life of toil. Edna takes
most after her mother, hnvlng some ot
the characteristics of the Gerumna iu her
figure and manner of expression. For
one so young shu iu remarkably well developed and la very bright and vivacious
In conversation. It is predicted that this
little girl, who was found In America's
garden of flowers by Mme. Calve, will bo
the Carmen of the twentieth century.
Xnst Hare Reoreittlon.
■ Women plod too much at their tasks
and take too little time for recreation
When tbey become breadwinners. Ask
any business manager of a firm which
employs both sexes, and be will tell you
that women are by far more conscientious
and turn out more work In a given time.
i The sensitive, nervous temperaments,
which are those that certainly do tho
best work, arc very easily Influenced by
their surroundings, and It makes all the
difference In tbe world to tbem If at the
end ot a hard day's work some ono or
something awaits them that will take
them out of tho business world in which
tbey havo been and give them something
(entirely different to think about
So often one hears a business woman
say that she is too tired to go to the theater or to rend when, as a matter of fact,
once the actual effort of getting there
rtraa accomplished she would find lt a real
rest) for It would change her thoughts,
get her away from her littlo home worries and arouse ber interest In the lives
of those who seem to'have bo little in
common with her own.
, Lack of recreation not only ruins the
bealth and turns girls Into old women,
but it takes from them all Individuality,
All freshness, oil power of sympathy, and
turns tliem Into that awful product of j
tbls twentieth century—a woman wbo '
has but ono idea In life and tbat the particular branch of work In which she Is
engaged.—Pittsburg Dispatch.
itHiiy « uieir expense,   l managed to   tu   ™m"„""" ™ ana, mictl "'
convince them that It was purely a cler-   ""* coinftp waB tne Myal command.
f-ical mistake, and liereafter I am going to j   *™ native ascended to tho topmost
 ,   —--   —.••..••.»<■    A.   HUt  £UIIIt)    U
use a typewriter."—-Detroit Free Press.
-    Mennln-r In Headdresses.
Mrs. Bingen, in an article in Caasell's
Magazine on "Hair and Hcnddresses,"
says: "It must not be overlooked that
many uncivilized people express age, position nnd married or single state by the
way they dress tbeir locks. After all,
when ono conies to think of It, the Idea
is just ns practical aa the wearing of a
golden band on one finger. The wedding
ring is not always in evidence here, for a
lady is oft times gloved, and while some
married men wear the circlet In England
nnd ou tbe continent otters do not, snd,
again, many bachelors sport tbe very
ring that should only be used to proclaim
tho wedded state. But tbe Zulu woman
Is really more practical, for a first glance
at her coiiTuro assures the observer
whether she is maid or wife.
bronchos and was forced to remain until he dropped to the ground."
"Political upholsterers," whom Addison uescrlhed as "grave persons," may
see In tbls anecdote evidence of tbo
ameer's full confidence In Russia's intentions toward Afghanistan. It Is
more probable tbat It was a manifestation of tbat grim humor which was
of tbe quaint oriental stripe with
which tbe "Arabian Nights" have
made ui familiar.
A Chine-nan's) Protest.
The Peking Gazette, speaking of Chinese In foreign lands, says:
"We dress and speak differently from
foreigners, just as foreigners do wbo
v,.„,vt.tr1   come to China.   But nobody In the
.._. ._ „ ,.   The cone   streets calls us 'Chinese devils.'   The
shaped erection is the legltimato symbol children In tbe streets wish to see how
of lier statu of wifehood, and, indeed, long our cues are, but the police,
cannot bo legally worn till the marriage seeing them annoy us, acatter tbem.
riles are duly completed. Sayo for this Whep wo |nto 9h to b
all iniporlnnt cone, tho .bride's head Is *„,„„ „„ " *_._*„* .Jit, „„*,„„",.
cjuseiy shaved, auassagai being used to ttta* we *re J™*-**1'1* eVeD m<frt
perform tills delicate operation." j consideration than their own people.
- -  We enter tbeir homes, it Is the same.
The Clegk Gasped. They aeek to please us In every way,
"When /does the next train that stops ' show us curios or play the organ or
at Montrose leavo here?? asked the reso*  piano for us.   The writer bo* been to
Iuto widow at Uie booking offleo window.   France,   England,   America,   Japan,
"You'll   havo  to   wait   five   hours,   gpa|n and g^ft America and atayed
yean, and everywhere he was treated
with the same courtesy."
It Is to be feared that some Chinese
laundrymen In thla country would not
ma'am,   ^n-n^ni^^^^^^^HMSM
"I don't think so."
"Well, perhaps you know better than I
"Yes, sir! And perhaps you know bet*  >»>ai»u/iujju iu mis count
tcr than I do whether I am expecting to  wholly Indorse tbls view,
travel by that train myself or whether 1 '
am inquiring for a relative that's visiting at my house! And maybe you think
It's your business to stand behind there
and try to instruct people about things
tbey know ds well as you do, If not better!  And perhaps you'll learn some day
to give people civil answers when they
ask you clv'1 questions, young man, but
my opinion Is you won't!" '
"Yes,  ma'am!" gasped the booking
clerk,—-London Answers.
Genius at Barstala Sales.
I One mast be a born genlaa at buying
to be able to make successful purchases
at bargain sales, but, alas, we are all so
prone to Imagine ourselves possessed of
tbo ability to take ln at a glance the real
value of an article nnd Its usefulness that
we elbow our way to those centers of attraction, the bargain counters, and grow
fajrly hysterical in our efforts to possess
tbe objects that ore marked down to one-
half the cost and which In nine cases ont
of ten are consigned to oblivion ns soon
al we have reached home and had time to
examine them calmly and critically. But
this Is not saying tbat bargains aro not to
bs had, for many a home that Is furnished in the most perfect taste is the result
of keeping an eye out for special sales,
aud a list lo the purse of really needful
articles, the proper alio and color and
other necessary det alls. To know exactly
what you want at the right moment la
where tha,talent comes In- Isn't It won- j
derful what an Intenacly human thing It j
Is to try to get something for nothing?']
'And even though we may be woefully sold
time after time the most pessimistic ones
Will confidently expect to secure a prise
the next time. One clover girl spoke
truly when she said, "It is only tbe very
Parcpa Itosa a Coqaette.
Fnrcpn Itosa was an accomplished coquette with her audience, and she understood tbe public thoroughly. Good na*
tiiiod, vivacious and warm hearted when
before tbe footlights, sbo was also shrewd
and methodical In her business transactions, a combination that Is seldom seen
In nn artist, aud this fact was of material advantage later Iu dealing with her
manager. Almost Invariably upon her
first appcaruuee In an opera she would
furtively "size up" the audience, indicating, ns a Cleveland paper once snld,
that "she was counting the house before
beginning ber performance."—Cosmopolitan.     .
Weddlntf Anniversaries.
First year—Cotton.
Second year—Paper.    !*""li-i-vi'iif ijj.
Third yeor—Leather.    \ kfeVwiXji1
Fifth year-Wooden.    tWWrai-
Seventh yca'r—Woolen.
Tenth year—Tin.      HwHHH.
Twelfth year-Silk or fine linen*
Fifteenth year—Crystal.
Twentieth year—China.
Twenty-fifth year-Silver.
Thirtieth year-Pearl.
Fortieth year—Ruby. .:.
Fiftieth year—Golden.    l     "
Seventy-fifth year—Diamond.
Ltaht trithoat light.
I We can "perceive" light without the
smallest aid from tbe retina. If the
optic nerve la sufficiently excited to
reach tbe sensorlum and create a disturbance at that center of the brain
where the optic nerve terminates, we
■ball then aee light and sparks. If,
moreover, the optic nerve Is cut or mutilated la any way, we should see a
brllllait flash of light, though without
any sensation of pain. And so lt is
with the other nerves. The auditory
nerve has only to be excited, no' necessarily by sound, so as to reach its
center, the brain, and we shall hear a
sound. How many ghosts might not
be destroyed ln this way?
A simple and Inexpensive way of max*
Ing a work or card basket Is to take nn
old straw Bailor bnt nnd line It with
pongee silk. Form handles of wire covered with silk and put a silk frill around
the brim. Trim with lace and ribbon,
and If Intended for a workbaaknt add a
tiny pincushion and, pocket.
The Daniel. Sfaseot.
The cBlmoey aweeper Is the Danish
mascot You see blm In gold or silver,
suspended on,a lady's watch chain, Instead of tbejjjuoky pig" or horseshoe,
Which Is th(y%nglisb, symbol of good
lack. He also appears on note paper
and postcards, Implying that your correspondent wishes you a rise In life.
It Is the old fashioned sweep that la
thus deplcted-be who had actually to
climb the chimney, his Implements being a four foot ladder, a short broom
and • rope,
American BaglUh.
We do   not apeak tbe English Ian-
.MUage In the way In which It Is spoken
'rby tbe people of England. We have
greatly changed, enlarged and perhaps i
Improved lt In our usual progressive
way. The wonder lies ln the notion of.
Englishmen tbst tbeir way of speaking ,
tbe language Is tbe only way and that
our way Is wrong,-
Steaming veils by wit.il>
around a broom handle m
Ing tbem across a boiler t
boiling water io steam for
of on hour la said to be au t- tt
grow woen sue saiu, ■■« is only the very ** <>« ■""w » saiq to be an t-h.-alve math- Il ie* put on de airs yolwe'f an' let da
rich who can afford to buy bargains, for od of renovation. Leave the veils on tht TUthoh Mkm Z,d» ™2! iL52
after you do get them you have to spend i wood until dry. ", SuStXif0     m**M ^^ *bnt
..... ...... .mi ..(.tow .v ku#  un.suiu., .or
after Ton do lit them you hive to spend
z nsconielonible rami In letting material!
to match In order to make any tue of
Oilier, ef CkliSrsa's Voice..   '
-Agiln .nd agitn have American women been orjod to attend to the voice cat-
ton of their children, end yet the average
A O.o* Mimics
1 don't see what yoh nil hai to git
•o proud about" said Mils Ssdls Cot-
■m etealf' to-tall.
- art la* "0onN *>* aoein-," answered Miss
wpaa el Miaul Brown, "I'ss been itudyiu' de
' qnartei* white folks. Wbst job wants to do
diva meth- Is jet- put on d. aln yohae'f en' let d*
If yon wont to draw thread for hem.
stitching, make > gowl-lnther of loip and
water nod brmh this over tbo linen
where threads in to he drawn with a
•having or other loft brush. Let dry,
end they wlll pull cuilte easily.  .
»;rs.;^;UwT^C,7»kV.T?^,™l!!!    A vegetable strainer nf ennmel ware
X'a^hSr.^t^r: {nrrkrri^:^u,nr.otn!
b.r diuitter later at." ssld a matron m ' ta<41 the hUevlfc. '  .
He reeson itv". „___________
A Us. la Flokl..
Ml* Ooodiole- Why, Johnny, are yoa
■est going horns now! Your mother's
been looking for yon sll afternoon,
Johnny-Yes'in, I know,
Mrs, Goodsolo-Juit think how worried she unit bet
Johnny-Oh, .he's near the end o' her
■orryln-. I'm Jest beginnln' mine.
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmith
'• —■	 Sampson's Cash Stores,
Nanaimo, B. C.
When la N.nalmo don't forget to call at
J. Bsmpion'a, Commercial Street, snd
see tbe new linei in
■  ±*-ma*m-~m~m*m^mm.*~^-m^^m
Oiptaln H, A, Dillon la meeting with
gratifying lueeeu in dlipoiing ol hii
lsrge itook of photogrspble views ol the
United Kingdom. They are msrveli ot
finish snd cheapness.
If yon hive lo get np early la tbe
morning, yon ihould hsvs a faithful
slsrm clock. Lively, the lesding
jeweler, Pint Avenne, hai a great
vsriety, st prices that defy competition,
Hon. Jsmes Dnnimnir is expected to
visit Exteniion today to imped progreis.
Mr. Wllllim Sloan of Nanaimo went
down to Victoria on yeiterdiy morning's train.
Continued wet weather hai delayed
the itirting of a number ol new houses
tor tbe compsny on tbe upper streets,
All kind! of wstch and clock repairing
iklllnllj executed at moderate prices
Lively, the lesding jeweler, First
Mr. Ben McKenile, the popular young
operator at Fiddick's, bat quite recovered
from the serious accident to hii snkle
some weeks ago.
Another entertainment for the benefit
ol the Ladyimith Basebsll Olub li pro.
jetted. The clnb deiervei help; it ii sn
excellent advertisement for Ladyimith.
It li rumored thst sn early start will
be msds on ths rosd between Ladyimith
and Ohemsinui. Few things could be
undertaken by the Government thst will
be ol more direct benefit to tbii town.
SI. Patriok'i Night is to be honored
with a calico ball under the auspices oi
Rithbons Biiteri, Lsdyimith Temple, in
Oddfellowi' Bill.
Amongit the project! now afoot iu
town in muiical circles, are the form1
ation of a glee olub and ol an orcheitrs,
Ladyimith has plenty ot tslent, but few
orgsniten, snd ths lstter srs slmottai
important as the tslent.
WATSON-Ia the disaster at Welling-
ton-Kitention mlns, James Wation,
aged 41 yesri, born in Qlsigow,
Scotland, Oct. 27th, 1861.
Glasgow, Scotland, pipen nleise copy.
Contagious Diseases—Animals -
tt Jcl
Fancy    Dress   Carnival
Ball and Supper
To he held in Social Hall, Oddfellows'
Building, Ladyimith, on
Easter Tuesday, April ist.
Tickets to dance and mppsr lor lsdy
snd gentlemen, $160; single ticket!,
(1.00; ipectston, 26c. Nomaiki. Proceed! in aid ol the Church ol England
building fund, Lidyimlth.
Neither the Owneri, Agentt or Muter
will be responsible lor sny debt! contracted by the officer! or erew ol the
Am. Ship "Edward Bewail" while
laying in thil port.
B. QUICK, Master.
Ladyimith, Feb. 10th, 1002,
Certificate of Inspection.
I hsvs thil dsy examined the following
described milch cowl belonging to Wm.
Word, ol Lidytmith, snd consider them
to be free ol dliesie, vis :—
1 pure bred Ayrshire.
1 gride Ayrihire.
1 red snd white Jersey grade.
1 black.
2 lawn Jersey grade.
The dairy premises ere lituatedat
Ladyimith, and the condition of thim li
Dated at Victoria, thli Slit dsyol
Deo, 1901.
Impectotof Oontsgloui Ditessei (An!
Pithor & Leiser
Direct Importers and Wholesale Dealers In
and  Cigars.
All the leadino; brands kept by us.    -None
but the best imported.    We solicit your
Q. H. Mumni's Extra Dry Champagne,
Kilmarnock Scotch, Lrimp's Extra Pale Ale,
fit. Irptii* B«er.
Playitig Cafds, all laadtng brands including
Sec 8.
11 *.
Several enquiries hive been msde
lately with regard to the advisability of
having a boxing contest for point! decided here between twoelever exponent!
ol the iport. The promoter! hsvs been
encouraged to enquire further.
The good news from Exteniion hsi
Undid to brighten up buiinin here. A
feeling of greater confidence now prevail!.
Msny Welih reiidenti ol Lidyimlth
are going up to N.nalmo tonight to attend th. St. Davld-i night ball in Nanaimo Botsl. It li to be a very fine al*
lair. The Lesder acknowledge! with
thinks a complimentary tioket to the
The latest stylss in hiir cutting snd
oesrd trimming st the Ladyimith Shaving Farlor, High itreet.
Ring!, chains, brooches, itick pini,
charms. Lively, the lesding jeweler,
Fint Avenue, hai tbem in great variety,
Coniult him belore deciding.
Conitable Csuidy hid to mn in a
gentlemen on Mondsy slternoon owing
to hii high spirit.. Anight in th. cell!
•abend him.
Drop in st sny tims snd ns ths fine
collection of gems snd jewelry at
Livily'i, the lesding jeweler, Fint
Avium.  A pleasure to ihow goodi.
This morning Sheriff Drake sells the
goodi of Mr. Hugh Thornley, Fint Avenne, under a writ of the Snpnme
Court ol B. O.
So few turned out to the meeting oi
th. Board ol Trads last Mondsy evening
that it was decided to postpone the
meeting nntila more suitable opportunity.
Attention li drawn to the idvertin-
ment In another column Informing tbe
publle es to the new offlclili under the
Cosl Mlaes Begnlatioa Act, Ior thli die-
Wanted to pnrchiie on or below
lint Avinue, a full sized lot, Address
with lull particular! aits Improvsmsnts
or building, etc., to X. Y. %., Leader
Several parties ol proipectori are now
waiting to .tart out Irom Ladyimith ai
soon as the weather settles. They will
task, a thorough examination of the
country west ol the town.
Nixt Tuisday snd Wednndiy the examination ol the Lsdyimith mm lor
ejmnetoncy u coal miniri, .hot lighten, firs boini and overmen takes pl.ee.
The Exteniion men srs to be exsmined
Ihe two following diyi.
m. J| GRICE,
Johnston Block,     •    Nanaimo, B. O.
P. O. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
Barque Antiope.
The muter ol the Bsrque Antiope will
not be responsible for sny debts con
trsotedbyhli enw without sn order
■Igned by him.
Muter, Birque Antiope,
Ladyimith, B.C., March lit, 1002.
There is no trnth ia ths report thst a
wsgon and s donble teem hsve been lost
ia one ol the mud holei on the Chemain-
niroid nssr Lsdyimith. Ths ridicu-
loni nature of the itory ii detected at
once by the Iset thst ths mud in those
holu will st no piece tske a hone over
tbe  within.
No. 1. Vol. 1 ol the Delts Newi, pub
llihedat Lsdnsr on tbs Frsier, hu
reached thli office. It is a bright, well-
printed little paper, snd is full ol newi.
The advertising mpport ii excellent.
The editor li Mr. Ricsrdo A. Frseer.
The Newi will devote Itiell mainly to
that moit imnortint mbject, agriculture,
The Lesder welcomes ths Newi snd
wiihei it luccen.
The event ol the eeiion will be the
St. Patrick'! Night Ball la Oddfellowi'
hall, given by the Rathbone Sisters.
Ball a dollar, supper two biti extra.
On Wednesdsy svening teimi representing the E. & N. trainmen snd the
npslrihop stiff,Wellington, played
gime of basketball there, the trainmen
winning alter s fins exhibition ol swiit
ball, bv a icore ol 5 to 4, The ihopmia
are now alter ths trainmen with a chsl
lsngetotry it egsin.
Many exprenioni el warm approval
have been heard regirding Hon. Mr.
Dunimuir'i kindly action in piecing the
B. 4 N. trsin lervice st tbs dlipoul ol
tbs eitissni ol Lidyimlth and Exteniion
who wished to attend the luueral ol
their lellow-citlzeni, Diniel D. Griffith,
George Southcombe, ind Antonio Pel-
eetalll, on Thundiy alteration. All the
citiiem heartily epprcciate Hon. Mr.
Dunimuir'i generality.
Sunaar Servlcss.
Fint Presbyterian Church—Hegnlsr
terviOH,morning 11 o'clock; evening 7
o'clock. Sunday school 2.80 p, m,
Rsv. W. A. Bu, psitor.
Methodlit church — Ssrvlces sn
hsld at 11 o'clock Sunday morning and
7 o'eloek in the evening. Sundiy school
st2,80. Pnysr meeting on Wedneiday
evening st 7.80 o'clock,
Heating by
Hot Water,
Hot Air,
Steam, Etc.
Estimates given on all kinds of iron pipe work and sanitary
All work strictly first-class.
Hardware Merchant,        •        Ladysmith. B. C.
Mines Won Act.
Board of Examiners.
Notice ii hereby given that the following constitute ths Bond ol Exsminers
lor the Wellington (Exteniion) Mine
during the vear 1002.
Appointed by (1. Jsmes Shsrp
ths ownen |2. Alexaader Bryden
in....... Jl- Alexender Shaw
Alternates j, Johll ,ohn
Appointed by)
theUeut-Govj- John Cunliffe
in Council)
Elected by the II. Benjamin Berto
Minen "(2. Sam'l K Mottlshaw
II. William Andenon
t. o. o. r.
Meets every Wednesd.y evening st 7.30 o'clock.
Visitors cordLlly Invited.
HUGH rui/roN, Ms.
13 to 15 Yates St., Victoria, B. C. |
Telephone No, ""
Maple Lodge, No. 62,1.0.0. T.
Meeti every Wedneiday evening ia
Nieholion'i Hsll. Viiiting member!
sn cordially invited.
M. McKINLEY, 810.
Painting, Paperhanglng and
Mattress Making.
Leave orden lor msttrsn msklng st Mr,
I, Gould's itore, when sample, can bs
Guy H. Gavin, Ladysmith.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner First Avenue aad ustscr. Sir*.!.
Cabinet work of all kindi.
All kindi ol soft wood lurniture msds
snd repsired.
(2. John Msnh
NOTE.—Alternstei set si Member! ol
the Bosrd In ths sbtence ol thoie regularly appointed or elected to act thereon.
All person! Interested may obtain lull
Information by applying to tbe Secietary
to the Board, Mr. John Cunllfte, ol Exteniion, B.C.
Dated this 20th dav ol Fehruarv, 1002.
Secretary, Depirtment ot Mintl.
McAdie and Son
Undertaken* and Brabalmers.
Telegraph Orders promptly "attended.
Parlors,    Albert   Street.      Residence,
Victoria Crescent. & Telephone Ho. 141.
NANAIMO,     -     -     •     B.C.
Seattle Daily Times
The liveliest piper in the Northweit.
Weekly edition a complete record ol
the world'! aewi to dete. Sport,
politic!, society, women'!, intereiti,
young folk's dipsrtmint, linntnn,
tcience, art, muiie.
lie !hU| Post-lntdlpf
Soattlo, With.
Nobody can afford to be without tt' All the
telegraphic news of the week, farm, fleld. garden, spott, society. Beautiful illustrations aud
hair tones. Sample copy oo application.
All For Ono Dollar t Yoar.
_TO —
Winnipeg Toronto'
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. 5. Points.
Steamship ■ Service
Japan, China,  Hawaii,
Miners! Attention!
Hsnd Msds Pit ShoM at th. isms pries
si cheep Isctorv msds. Corns in snd lee.
All work guaranteed,   Repairing dons,
A. S. Christie,
First-class Sleepers on all
IIOSTON, Thundsyi.
TORONTO, Tuesdsyi snd Saturday!
ST. PAUL, Tueidiyi, Thundsyi and
For pamphlets and all Inlormnrlen apply
to any C.P.R. sgsnt.
H. H. ABBOTT,      W. MeGIRH,
Agent, Victoris,     Aunt, Rsnslme.
E. J. COYLrl
Ant. Gml, Pan. Ag.nl, Vancouver,
Speed, Promptitude, Accuracy, No Dilayi, Yon Git Your
Answer Iailsntsnsouily.
Do yon want to avoid thst business trip and thai live time ud money 7
Do yon went to older goodi, and be lure ol ihipment today T
Do you wsnt to talk with friends at home?
Do you with lor sny niton, a personal interview with psrtiet at a dlitsuat-f
Th.n um
Tho Long Distance Telephone.
Tariff from Ladysmith for Two Minutes Conversation
ToNinslmo 16 csnts
To Ohemsinui 10 "
ToDoncm .20 "
To Shswnlgsn Lsks (Koenlg'i) US "
To Shswnigsn Lsks (Btisthcons) -25 "
To Sooke Lake U 80 "
ToOolditmm » "
To Vletorla «0 "
ToSia-ilcbton •» "
ToSydney » "
Yon Can Bully Transmit 30 Wordt In • l-i of • Minute,
(Equal to 2*0 words la two minutes.)
Trythelollowlng80wordii-"Idld not telegraph, (earing youivrtrs out el town.
Oouldnottpsnthstimetogoupon train, Moit have yonr deeiilon now,
so called yen by telephoae."
H. Wi KENT) Osneral Supttlassndsnt,
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intel
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless.. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
The \L,&adter
EsqoimaR & Nanaimo  Railway
Time Tails He. 48.
Intel leave Udytssitb south-bouad, dally at 0,10 a.m., and on Ssturdayi and
Tnlai luve Ladyimith north-boned, dslly at 11.67 s. m., and on Bstuidsys snd
Sundays sto.e7p.in.
Tnlai leave ladyimith far Bxtenilon dslly except Saudsy at 0.00 a. m,, 1,00 aad
10 p.m., aad oa Sunday, at 10 p.*.
Eioynloi flitu to ill Paints, Good Saturday and Sunday
taLOt-srtaey,    -    Traffic Manner


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