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Ladysmith Leader Nov 1, 1902

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Array /
•    A Jp
Ladysmith Leader
t   A Good 7-Koomed House for %
*      Sale,   Apply to I
VOL. II. NO;  118.
Washing Made Easy
No more hot water needed.   TRY IT.
Only 80c.
a box and io bars
in each box.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Etplanadoand O.-itacrc Street, ■ - Ladysmith
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
H. & W.
We Carry a Full Line
Of High-Class Groceries, Provisions,
Flour, Feed, Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, Etc.
A,R Johnston & Co,
Oddfellows' Block,
Wholesale   and   Retail.
teGRAND hotel1
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Thit ntw hotel bai been conilor tably furnlihed ud the bir ll np to dltt.
Beit accommodation for transient and permanent boarder! tnd lodgen.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
Thi Esplanade)
Ladysmith, B. C.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amilsement Alliance of the North-West
fit iniurod tt once lor it may be
too Ittt tomorrow. I represent tevera
OLD tnd RELIABLE Oompanlei and
can Ininro yon at a moment's notice at
tht loweit possible rites. All leading
companies charge llie same ratei. Bon I
bt milled Into Insuring with icbeip
company -it might bt dear in the tnd.
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
• ;P.*0. Drawer 88, Nanalmo, B. 0.
Member Can. Society of Civil Itiiglncers
Memlici Institution of I'lcttrkal liuglnecrs
Consulting Electrical Englnetr
P.O. Boa »7
unw-iia. »• C,
IJI ljj.1 l||l I,*,* tf,. '*? .*' .*} **,. *** trt l*i 1^1 IJI q, IJI ij* *jl I m *t) ITI I tl 111 IJI 1^1 *
| flasonic Block,   Ladysmith
8ai.iv -You'll makt yonrsell sick, kid.
ItAaot-G'on, it'a a Province, tat?
BiUY-GM I dt iwtllt imoati 'tm,
Did you say
A Christy Hard Hat 1
A Cliristy fedora jf
Or one of those New   York
Ties that arrive weekly ?
A pair of "Packard" American Shoes; "Hallow" Shoe
ior men; "Slater" Canadian
make. •
We have them, Every line
speaks for itself. No comment
"Stanfield's" Unshrinkable
Sweaters iu Red, Blue, Heather. Suitable for work at $1.50
"English" Fancy Sweaters
in Grey, Heather, White,
Blue, Fancy Mixed,
$1.25 to $3.00
Boys' Navy Sweaters in all
sizes, Black, Red, Blue,
50c. to $1.50
Ahauluiely the tint-si tea mid in B.O, If you do not know
this ask our ciie*otiiert>. Or better still try one pound 50c,
Imported directly from Deekiijuiie Tea Gardens. Only
oniptflvi'H between the -.rower aud you. Your eecond order
will be 5 pounds, price $2.-5,
W. T. Heddle A Co.
Free Press Block,    • ""It fffiSSlih."*
<¥**7ts Cttyn!^ VUAL j«df* <V9
ff^-iL    W
/ 0
wAe< ^MttrvJoevwru 0e&*
Get the Best Work
Estimates cheerfully Furnished on any-
thing you may need in the Hue of prti.it.-
Ing, paperlianglng, wall and cuilinii den-
orating. The Star Paint Shop, lllgli
Barrliters, Solictors ind
(Hike:  Oddfellowi1 Building, Roberts St.
Baker and Confectioner.
Pltln tnd lanny bread. Oakea and pas-
triei ol til description!. Fruits in
A. L. C. M.,
Teacher of Piano nml llnrinoiiy, is now (brining
clniucs In uitysDilHi fw tuition once n week.
Intending pupils ptenso call nt
W. it. Lively'! Store, First Avenue
TMsoht-Kstabltsbed, First-Olaes and
Popular Holel te raoBt. comfortably furnished, centrally situated, Hub meets
trnlr»p. Excellent Chilelne. Bar stocked
witb the finest wines, liquors and cigar.,
(Associated Press,)
The Wandering I) ukhobors.
Yorktun, N. W, T, Oitt. 31—The situation here today remains practically unchanged. The Doukhobor muu to the
number of 700 marched eftflt yesterduy
morning, TraiiiB frum tlie city p*eeed
many of them alongside the track sleeping ; Bouie of them were eeen to atari up
hi a fright aB tbe train roared by. In
Yorkton iteelf the condition of things
show unmistakable eigne of betterment.
With the exception of eome few -ink and
feeble folk, ail lhe D-juMiobur pilgrims
are women and children.
Yesterday the disposition ol the women was in most cases very satisfactory,
many ol tbem had for days taken hardly
any nourishing fund, yet when the immigration jlfioers tflered them food,
such as fruit, bread and biscuits which
their religious convictions will permit
them to eat, they would throw it out of
their hands and refuse to eat it. Late
last night a few became more reasonable
and today practically all are eating the
food provided for them.
The Bakers have all ordered iu en ill-
cient to supply the demand and the
Yorkton housewives bave been busy nil
day eudeavoring to supplement it. The
women at first refused to cat the biead,
aud at Mr. Speers'suggaBtion it waa of
fered to the children. The fatoielied
little tots grabbed hungrily at ihe food
and tbe example once set, Iheir elder?
followed suit,
The 1 100 pilgrims still in town nn
housed in four buildings. Tbey wen
crowded together so closely ibat il
was almost impossible to avoid stepping
on some uf'(hem iu pacing Lliu win*
Nearly all were quietly sleeping. Tlie
only sounilB were tbe light breathing ol
tbe pilgrims, here and Ibere could be
seen the figure ol one of the pilgrims elect with arme crossed over tho bosom
and lowered head. In the Immigration
hall wae one women clad in coaiBe wliite,
about sixty years of agt*; a iltzen others
were around ber o whom she wits telling that she wae to be the mother of the
Lord. In another mom was tlie aged
women who has been demented sinei-
the Doukhobore came to Oauada. Interpreter Harvey put a number i.f
questions to many of tbe pilgrims. They
were very vague but very positive in
their replies. They were, they eird,
'•Looking for freedom;" "they were
going away to look for JesuB."
(Associated Press.)
Gigantic Meat Trust.
Chicago, Oct. 81,—The Record-Herald
says,- two big consolidations areplauned
hy the hw f Interest, The packers will
combine first and then iffect a merger
of all the etock yards, which are controlled in Uoaton. All the properties
Involved are owned and controlled hy
the owners of the principal beef packing
plants. The different yards that prob-
tibly will be included in tbe deal, aside
from the Chicago Yards are those at
KaiiBBB City, East St. Lcuib, St. Joseph
Mo, Fort Worth, Texas, South Omaha
and Sioux Cily,la. The Armour interest is probably the largest in the Kan-
eaB City yards. The Armour, Swift and
Morris control tbe East St, Louie yards,
Tbe Swills own the St. Joseph yards,
the Armours and Swifts own tbe Fort
Worth yards and rhe Swlf'B control at
Sioux City. While the control of the
Chicago yards ie .held in Boston, the
Chicago packers have large holdings of
tbe stock also and their recommendations would undoubtedly bave great
weight'with the Eastern capitalists.
The plan for consolidating tbe various
etock yards has not projirersed ae yet to
n point where tbe amount of etock required has been more tban discussed. It
.lonbtedly would fun close up to $100-
bOO.lHW, exclusive nf tbe amount required for the original pack htg'"com panit-s
combination, which is said to be $500,000
More of them Reported.
S.iltcoats, N.Y.T. Oct. 81.—Abont 400
Ddukhobour men are in town; tbey are
peaceably singing and praying In the
Btreete. They are well clothed and
marching east.
The new minstrel club heldagootl
rehearsal In their new rooms, behind
Mr, Lively'e ature. Tbe club includes
aome highly talented membere.
Head Offlje, Toronto, Ont.
Capital Paid Up, 18,(100.000
Kest  2,000,000
Hon. Gro. A. Cox, President.
B. K. Wai.kkii, General Manager.
Another License.
This week the proprietor of the Sue
ne- building whloh has been erented
neat to the present Government ofiliie
waa around sei-uring signatures to a petition for lioenee tor the house, to be laid
before the commissioners at tbeir neat
meeting In December, Quite a lsrge
number of- oitlaens signed tho application nn the ground that (airplay to ill Ib
the beet policy, and that there was no'
use in trying lo exclude one man where
all tb°e other applications had received
conaideratlon. It ia believed that the
proprietor In this instance will bave no
dintcully In securing lhe requisite number of BlgnalureB.
The time to advertiae is ill the time.
A Branch of this Bank has
. been opened at
Savings Bank Dipartmint.
Eastern Miners' Wages.
Sci-antoti, Pa„ Oct. 81.—Tne etiike
commission hae officially decided that if
nny change ie made in the rale of wfl_ei<
I the men it shall date from to mono*,
Nov. li Thie announcement, whh or-
lered by tbe cnmmiesirtn ihr--u:h Ii—
•order Wright in the following brtui
statement, issued hv him thii ny) im-;
Vou d uuaulmoiisly that, lithe u m.
mission at ttie conulnsiou uf its inuring
and deliberations, makeB auj award »f-
fecting existing rates of wages, such
awardi) shall lak« iffect from Nov, I."
Volunteers for Somaliland.
J-hanneeburg, Oot. 31—A number of
former Boer commanditulB and British
officers have offered their services and
tiio'eiif 1000 men, half of whom are
lliilieb and half Boers, aB tolliera for
service in Somaliland.
Carnegie on Tour.
London. Oct. 111.—Mr. Andrew .Oarnegie arrived" in London thie afternoon
after a tour of Scotland where he received tbe freedom of numeroue towne. He
will he tbe guest of'bonor at a dinuor to
be given by Mr. Johu Morley at tbe
Atheneum Club tonight and will start
for the continent tomorrow for two
months recreation.
B.I. P. C. Completed.
New York, Oct, 111.—The laet esctlon
of ihe BritiBh Imperial Pacific Cable was
laid nt the Fiji Islands yesterday. A con-
tralulatory cable message to King Edward reached Buckingham Palace thie
morning, being the first message sent
over tbe line which links the BritiBh
Empire together.
Interest allowed on deposits of one dol
lar ($1 00) and upward*. Th*) d-poaitOl
ie suhji-cL to no delay in depositing or
withdrawing funds.
Current Accounts Opened.
Loane Negotiated.
Drafts Issued payable in all parte ol
the world.
For the convenience of ciiBtoraerB and
others this bank will h<* open on the
evening of Pay Tl ■"* • 7 o'clock until
8 o'clock.
Going Fast
8 lb White Blankets, only $2.75 pr
8 lb Oregon Blankets, sold every*
wi.ereat $5 00.
Our price $4 50 a pair
Bed QniltP, extra fine quality, regular pi ice $2 50,
Our price, $2 a pair
Good Feather Pillows atonly$t.50
and $1,75 a pair.
Clearing out balance of
Trunks and Valises
Buy oue now whilst you can get
one for a mere song,
Don't forget our —
at only 15.00 each
Freight Paid to Ladysmith
J.  H. GOOD  &  CO.
The GreatGash Furniture C:ore LADYSMITH   LEADER NOVEMBER I. 19IW.
Ladysmith Leader
Published every Wednesday mid Saturday nt
The Leader Building, corner of First Ave. and
■/reach Street, Ladysmitli, British Columbia.
T. L. GRAHAMU, Kditorand Phopmetor.
By Mail in Canada and United states.
One year (strictly hi advance) , , $3
31k months (strictly fn advance) „ i 35
TRANSIENT — Including business notices,
calls for tenders, applications Tor and transfer of
licenses, legal notices, etc., toe, n line first insertion; 5c. a line each subsequent insertion; 12
lues measure to the Inch,
Rates on application.    No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and 1'uncral notices,
each insertion 50c.
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
dine -will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
THE LEADER will be found nt the following
Lrrlysmlth—The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Snnaimo—E. Plmbury & Co,
.'leloria—Publfc Library; rrovlucf.nl Library; and
Vancouver— Publfc Library, nnd Hotels.
New Westminster—Public Library.
All changes in advertisements must be received
at I his office before 13 noon thc day before
S-bsciibera not receiving paper regularly please
1 ejort to this office.
All fob work strictly cash on delivery.
*.'r mslent advertisements cash lu advance.
Nanalmo Herald now refers to the
premier ae "Mr." Dunsmuir. In the
recent blackguardly stage of that interesting ne we paper's career this form of
common civility was dented the premier. Perhapa there Is something in
eight now.
In the Nineteenth Century and After
Review, for October, the Lord Bishop of
Hereford gives the Government some of
the plainest talking on the Education
Bill it has ever had from any supporter
on the Bubjact. Nonconformist passive
resistance will certainly wreck the measure and tbe Government.
MiSB Ross Symone, the noted English
"rational dreeu" woman, and cyclist has
sixteen distinct reasons why she weara
rational dress. Here are a lew of the more
interesting ones:
Because I am not ashamed of my legs,
to escape the society of narrow-minded
people; eo as not to be classed witb
"Happy Elizas"; for lightness; for clean-
liueea; for economy; and for safety.
"A email bag containing ten registered
letters has disappeared in the province
of Quebec. There is no more information aa to what tbe registered letters
contained, but we are willing to wager
that live of tbem contained remittances
from country tuckers (pardon the slang)
for cheap bargains in city department
We pardon the elang, but believe tbe
Colonist lifle underestimated the number of those mean creatureB, whose lose
seivca tbem right.
I — I
J Snbacribera not receiving Tire J
4' Leadeh regularly will confer a 4'
i favor by reporting promptly to j!
5 thia office. •$
According to the Colonist there wai
a rumour on the itreeta of Victoria on
Tueaday evtning to the effect that Joaeph
Htrlin M. P. P., Hon. William Templeman and other Liberal leaden had tattled their difference!, that Mr. Martin
had become, through the good offices of
mutual friendi, persona grata to tbe
Liberal pirty at a whole, and that hia
leadership wti now univereally recog-
It wti Inrlher ittted tbat Mr. Martin
wonld shortly abandon the practice of
law and devote hii whole energiei to
It il to be hoped lor the good of thie
province that the foregoing itatement ia
correct, for Hon, Joseph Martin, K. 0.,
it the only man in thie province capable
ol leading the Liberal party. Tbe dill',).
rente! mentioned by the Ooloniet were
none oi Mr. Martin's seeking, but were
lorced npon him by persons who had
their own enda to serve. Tbat those
differences bave been amicably adjneted
il vtry ittlifactory.
There could be no question ai to the
popularity of Mr. Martin with the great
Liberal convention which mot in Vanconver laat spring, when it unanimously
tlected him leader, and since then (hero
hat been no question amonget the Liberal! of Britiih Columbia that Mr. Martin
il tht leader, the only nossible lender.
The luggeation to the contrary came from
tht Tories, and wai only one of their
aoniewhat brainleas attem pte to sow tares
amongit the Liberal wheal.
A United Liberal party lor British
Columbia meant that this province will
probably enjoy settled government for
many years. Mr. Martin ia tbe only man
connected with public life In thie province who hai ever originated legislation
that could be described ae sound and
wile. Hii Ideas have been stolen repeated
ly by rival politicians who have boldly
claimed credit for measures first aug-
(tlttd or outlined by Mr. Martin,
Hii fatnoiii platform whon he appealed
to tht ptopie ol the province two yeare
ago and ao notrly won, has been etolen
holua bolus by tbe Conservatives, the
Progreiaivei tnd til the other faction!
whioh "havo no uie for" Mr. Martin
—except hie bralm, with which tbey
enuningly make np their own deflclenclea
in thtt respect.
If ita to be party linei or not at tbe
neat provincial election? That ia tbe
question of the hour in political "ipheree
of influence," Looking at the matter
Irom a practical tnd not a itntimental
etandpoint, we ehonld lay that ttraight
party lines wonld out the knot wbieb
baa been tying np the affaire of tbia province tor 10 many yean. No miniitry oi
mixed political viewi eonld ever do the
good that could be achieved by tho-
mogenuua cabinet, especially in the province'! relation! with Ottawa,
ms iv ran.
Borne of tbe moat practical varieties of
cajea and cloaks which have been introduced lately bave tbo long depending
ends put to a good use, as thc-ee are so
arranged as to allow of being twisted
round the neck so ne to afl'ord additional
warmth, aud prove very welcome und
cosy when one is exposed to a cutting
wind during a long drive or on the sea.
A tassel finishes off these long ends.
That braid known ae the "mixture"
braid Ib found on many of the new costumes for the season, and broad, square
revers gain ground. Our boas are still
very much of the pelerine order, but
they areas diaphanous as ever. The
pelerine or shoulder capo style is finding
effect, too, in the furs for the season;
indeed, tbere are some indications that
we may ere long return to those capes
that we once loved eo dearly, which juet
come to, or below, the shoulders, with
wondrous collars. They were an admirable wrap, one that could be removed
and donned easily, and, at tho same time,
are a finish to a plain winter costume.!
Their reappearance would be welcome,
A full-length coat, or opera wrap, of I
Ivory white cloth, hae, down each front,
three flat half pleats which terminate
three inches from the foot, and the righc
band front is edged with two Inch Rue*
eian sable. Round the neck are three
oollars of the cloth, alternating with
three frills of white kilted chiffon, and
intersected at intervals by tails of the
fur. Stole ends of the cloth depend from
the collars* in Iront, and terminate in
fur taila. The loose ilecvos - bave four-
inch turned-back cufla of white and gold
embroidery, edged witb the sable, and
the drooping under-alceves are of tbe
chiffon, frilled at the edge. The muff en
suite is of fur, with frills of white tucked
silk, and fifteen-inch ends of the silk,
inset an inch from the edge with two-
inch transparent cream ..coloured L-.ce.
A, H, Oak oom, Manager.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Supplies regularly Choicest
Applee, Butter, Fresh Eggi, etc.,
at current market prices.
Seo thai all boxea ol appiei and butter
nre marked "S. S. I."   That means
first class quality.
Tbe public are requested  to apply to
their dealerB for our produce.
G. W. Scott's Store
Firat Avennt,   :    :   LadyBmith, B. 0.
^h-h-h-h-i- ** **., ■H+m-t.-m-m-m-f ** * ******************4
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Wallpaper, Curtains,
Crockery, aiassware, Etc., Etc.
There It Comfort In Our Oooda
Everything to furnieb a home In
modest or elaborate style. Write
for our large catalogue (free) Illustrated and priced (a etore in itself).
Vancouver World, in notingthat aome
old-fashioned motile-loading 32 pound,
ere are to he preeented to Vancouver,
lor allow purposes, give! a patbetio and
hyiterictl account ol tbe terrible range
and preciaion ot thoie tncienl pea-ihnot-
ere. The World actually wanti itt retdert
to believe that thoie gune, when they
were in good training, and teeling right
fit, could itnd "huge global of iteel,
weighing32 poundi each, aeveral miles."
The World'i artillery editor thonld go
flihing.    ___________
Nettled tt being ontelttitd in tbe net
lor newa Nanalmo Herald, the paper
which eopied tbe queitioni ior mine
manager: out ol the Leader, without
acknowledgment, falli back on faiiebood
to exculpate itaelf. The Leader waa not
under any obligation! wbtttvtr ai to
time of publlihlng tbit lilt, to tht
Herald's atory about the indignation of
the examining Bcarda il a—well, juet
wblt one would expect from tbe Henld.
Tho Leader expect! to have one or two
firstclasi Nanalmo Heme aborlly, whioh
tho Nanalmo paper! should copy in
justice to their renders who want the
nens of tbe day about their own town.
A epecial meeting ol Ladyemith Board
of Trade will be held in Gould's Hall on
Monday evening, November 10i.ii. It it
earnestly requested that all oitizeut ol
Ladysmith attend thla meeting wben
matters of great importance will be considered.
Not Responsible.
Notice ie hereby given tbat tht maeter, agenta or ownera ol tbt Barque Antiope, now in thil port, will not be responsible for any debt! contracted by
Ibe crew of laid 'vessel.
Mailer, Barque Au lopt,
Tex Sale Notice
■*■ unpaid taxes will ink*- place ou Saturday,
the 8th day of November next.
Assessor, South Nauafino District,
October 18th, 1902.
His Honour tlie Lieutenant-Governor iu Council lias been pleased to make the i nllow ing np-
polut incuts:
17th October, 1902.
Edward V,. Polls, of Quafsiiio, l-'si-uire, to lie
Mining Recorder tor tlie Quntsltio Milling Division, lo reside aud usually perform his duties nt
One of the Colonist's correspondents
telegraphs tbat tbe Doukhobore of Manitoba are wandering toward British Colombia "looking for Jesus." It Is evident tbat the Doukhobore do not know
British Columbia, and also that (hey
t>re stark, staring mad,
Don't overload your rooms with furniture or pictures.
Don't imagine that plenitude of furniture means a well-iurniehed house. It
doss nothing of the sort.
Don't choose elaborately-designed cur-
taine, hangings, ortableclothsfor a room
with a floral paper.
Don't waste your money on an accumulation of cheap bric-a-brac (so-called),
It only helps to gather duet and dirt.
Don't choose plain curtains with a
plain carpet and wall-paper.
Don't choose a blue paper and white
paint for a room with a cold aspect—i, e,,
northern aspect.
Don't buy a carpet with a big pattern
for a little room.
Don't buy large and,'cumbecome furniture for a smalt.houae. Large pieces
of furniture take away from the apparent
size of a tiny room and make it appear
smaller than it really ia.
Don't put little unsafe tables near the
oentre ot a room where thoy are likely
to be upset by any chance passer-by. If
you do, don't blame anyone but yourself
when the tbingo on them gel emaehed.
Don't draw your curtains half across
the windows in the daytime, Windows
are intended for the entrance ol air and
light—health-givers which no one can
afford to exclude.
Ohooso chairs for comfort ae well as
for appearance, and avoid the fragile
kind at which a man always looks askance, if you want to keep the good opinion
of your mankind.
Expected to Show Glean-Up of
About $4,500,000,
It ia hardly necesiary Ior The Leader
to declare tbat It eeeondi moit heartily
every word of the following tme itatement Irom Victoria Ooloniit. Tbe Colonist merely itatta a faet:
Mr. Martin hai apparently not been
recognized al their leider by tbe recalcitrant Liberal! oi Britiih Colombia.
What wai nubllihed by the Ooloniit In
reference tb thil wai a rumor aod xai
published 11 a rumor. II might be tme
or falae. Iti being a rumor wai true,
and waa newi. Wt do offer at an editorial comment, however, that 11 a poll
were taken of the Liberal! in Britiih
Columbia between Mr. Joaeph Martin
and any otber leader put up againit
him, Mr. Martin would receive eeven
votei for every one hit opponent received on the Mainland, tnd lour votee lor
every one received by bii opponent upon
the Island. That it onr opinion, tnd lt
ie given ai comment tnd not at ntwi,
If our opinion il ol any value to anybody they have lt here without charge,
just aa they get the newi of tbe day in
our newi column wlthont prejudice or
biai."      __________
Bitter complainti art mide by pal
aengeri arriving in Ladyimith regarding
the diaorderly conduct ol ptnoni who
crowd on tht cir plttlormi before the
incoming passengera bave had a chance
to get off. In moit caiea the Incoming
passengera have to wait nntil the crowd
from the platform get on the train, and
often juat managt lo gtt off at tba train
starts. It ll an nnwriiltn rule that
paasengen ihould be allowed to alight
before any pmtngtrt ara allowed on
tralni or itreet can. A caution irom
the police wonld have the deilrtd effect,
Don't borrow tht Leider j inbiorlbe
for it younelf.
Tin ll one of tbe oldest known mettle,
Tbe etrengtl. of two ordinary horses
equala that of fifteen averago men.
A camel oarrlee tbo load of two oxen,
andean do -10 miles a day for a fortnight on end witb a load of 400 lb. They
are fit to work at five yean old.
The bed of the Black Eea and thai of
tbe Caapian havt been railed by repeated
tarthqutket tnd ohanntle which were
formerly navigable are no longer so.
In tbe United Kingdom there are (
000 poetmen, and in the course of a year
oloie upon 3,000,000,000 lottore, poet-
cards,parcels, olrculara, boxea, and news
papen are delivered.
The Nome Nugget'i annnal eitimate
of tho gold production of Seward peninsula for the Summer itaion of 1002, up
to Wedneiday, Oct. 8, il 14,235,000.
Thii eitimate wai prepared for the
Nugget by John D, Ltedy, a thorough
mining man, a reiidtnt of thit lection
eince 1801. The production ol the dii-
lerent creeki tnd diitricti, given in detail, follows:
Ophir creek, benchei and trib.t 1,560.000
Anvil creek, benchet and trlb.. 8W,000
Glacier creek, benchet tnd trib 450,000
Dexter cnek, benchei tnd trib 400,000
Small creeks In leveral diitrict! 350,000
Solomon river, creeki and trib,    200,000
Topkok district     150,000
Candle creek and tribntariei... 100,000
Gold Run, benchei and tribe... 75.000
Nome river tnd   tribntariei
(Dexter not included)      45,000
Bourbon creek and tributariel     40,000
Caaadepoga tnd tributtiies      35,000
Kougarok and tribntariei      35.000
Iuiiiachiik and tributaries      35,000
Iron creek tnd tributaries      30,000
Peluk creek      25,000
Dry oreek, tribe aad benches...     20,000
Copper gnlch      10,000
Butterfleld and Bangor creek.     12,000
Spruce creek      10,000
Venetia creek      10,000
Wonder creek, benchei, etc       8,000
Nome bead)     100,000
Total 14,285,000
It mav enrpiiii mtny people wben
they read tbat the Nome beach hai pro-
dueed 1100,000 thli year, but Mr. Leedy
io satiiHtd Ibat such il the cue. All
thii leaion nnmbera of people htvt been
wniking on tbe beach between Nome
and Penny riven. They bave worked
quietly, and have been steadily taking
out gold.
It may lit tided thit Mr. Leedy believe!, with thi continuance of favorable
weather for mining, the foregoing eitimate will be increased at least 1200,000,
Notiue is hereby rriven of the establishment of
the Qtmtslurj Milling Division, Vancouver Island, miller tlie following tleiiiict! boundaries;
Qnatsiito Miiiini: Division.
Commencing nt Tnlcltn 1'uiiil; thence north-
eoslerly on the height of hunt scbnraliug the
streams draining into Kyllquot sound on the
nortlifrom those draining ltdo Bsperattza Intel
on the south lo u point west ol Cotlullin (or Woks'
Lake; lllence northwester! v on llie height of land
Separating lhe drainage area of those streams
emptying lute, the I'a.-ific Ucenn on the West
from the drainage uren of those streams emptying into llie Straits of Georgia on llie north-east
to Cape Seoll; thence by Pacific ucenn, including
.11 Coast Islntid, Io point orciiiumenccmeut.
Milliliter ofMlucs,
Department of Mines. Victoria, U. C.
zjuil October, irjoa.
He who affects useless singularity haa
a little mind.
Avoid the eye tbat dia lovers with rapidity the bad, and ia alow to see tbo
Men discover wilb bitlernesi tbat nature continues to use tbe ecourge long
alter Ihey have informed.
He who receives n good turn should
never iorget it; he who does one ihould
never remember it,
It li exceedingly deleterloui to withdraw the lanctlon of religion from
amusement; if we feel tbat it ia all in-
Jurloui we thould atrip tbe earth oi all
ill flowen, and blot out ill pleasant sunshine.
to do the best and we do the beat we
know i—Ladyimith Leader,
A Warm Tie
What's a Home
Without a Heater ?
Almost ns bad ns one without n mother.
Who would shiver when he can get a stove at
such prices as I am giving them away at ?
Long evenings creeping In, you want a lamp to
rend, knit or sew by that won't give you myopia
I can sell you au illuminator that turns night in.'
to dny; cheap .ind good. My stock is complete.
Hvetythhig In hardware, crockery, tools, fire,
arms, ammunition, school books, aud a host of
ueat aud useful things too numerous to mention
Call and See Me.
I Have It.
Cory S. Ryder
First Avenue, LADYSMITH, B.C.
Manufacturers of all kindsjoi •
IRouf!] (Hid Dressed Lumber
Mouldings, Laths, Shingles, Ete.
A large stock of thoroughly seasoned
lumber— ist aud aud class constantly on
hand. All orders strictly attended to.
Quotations cheerfully given.
:: John W. Coburn,::
Managing Director.
For the Finest Butter
and Fresh Eggs
Notice Is hereby given that the following definitions of the West Const, Vuncouver Island,
Mining Division, be substituted for those at
present in force:
West Const, Vancouver Island, Mining
Commencing at Amnhitrltc Point; thence
northerly along height of land separating drain*
age area of those streams emptying into pacific
Ocean north of such point, from drainage area of
those streams -emptyinir into Ilnrklcy Sound,
following each height of land to a point where
il intersects lliflitiglit ofliuid separating drainage area of those streams emptying Into Pacific
Oeean on tlie west from drainage area of streams
plying into Straits of Georgia ou cast; thence
north-westerly along such divide to a point west
of Conuiiia (or Woks} Lake; thence south-westerly
on the height of laud separating the streams
draining into Kyuqimt Sound on the north from
tlioiic draining iuto Bsperriusu lulcl on the south
to Tatchn Point; thence liy 1'acllie Ocean, including all Const Islands, to point of commencement.
And further tlmt the name "Clnyoqtint Mining
Division" be .substituted for "Wcsl Const, Vancouver Island. Mining Division."
Minister nf Mines.
Department of Mines, Victoria, II. C„
-2nd October, tooa,
NOTIC1-; is hereby given that all unappropriated Crown Innds situated within lhe buimdiiries
of the fal liming areas ure hereby reserved from
pre-eiiiplii)n, sale or other disposition, except tug
under the provisions of lhe mining law.s of, the
Province, lor two yeniH iroui the dale hereof,
pursuant to the provisions nf subsc-liou (j) of
section .ji of thc "'Land Act," as amended by
section6af the "Laud Act Amendment Act,'
hoi,'1 tof liable the Quatstuo Power and Pulp
Company, Limited, lo select therefrom limber
limits for wood pulp nnd paper manufacturing
Surposes, as provided by an agreement bearing
ate the .oth day of October, too., viz;—
Sections i,., 3, io, 11,12, 13,14 and is, in Township 38; Seel ions, 4, 5. 6, 7, 8, <j, 16, 17 nud 18, iu
Township.!, Sections 1, 11. 12. 13, 14, 15, a., 23,
14,25. -ii. 27,34, 35 and 36, iu Township 39; Sec-
1101181,7.3,4.9,10, ti, Iji 14, 13,16. .i, 23, 24
ao, ll and 36, iu township 3jt Sections35, 26, _„
aS, 33, 34- 35 and 36, In Township 28; Sections 25
103(1, inclusive, In Township 17; Sections 1 to ia,
Inclusive in Township iH; also Sections 37 to 30,
inclusive, in Township iH; Section-. 1 to 3., inclusive, iu'lownshlp 19; SectioiiB 1,2, n, 12, ij, 14,
and front 22 to 36, inclusive, In Township a6; Scc-
tious 4, 5, <*-, 7, ff, 9,16,17,18, 25,26, 31, 34 and 55
in Township 31, Sections 4, 5, ti, 7 and S, in Town-
ship 32; Sections 1 1036, Inclusive, lu Township
10; Sections 1 to is inclusive, nnd 13, 14 and 15,
and the southern half ef Sections 23 and u, m
Township 9; Sections 5 nnd 6, iu Township 6;
Sections 10, 31 nud 32, 3, 4, 5, aud 6, in Township
4; the ungrnnted land in Townsliin ••• Towushlp
ia, except Sections 33 and 361 Sections I jo 30, inclusive, In Township i3i-To,vu.-,liip 14; flections 1
t03,10aud 11, in Township 2; Sections 1, 3, H,
»> '4. IS, "S nnd 36, lu Townsttip iti; also the foi-
lowing described piece or parcel of fund, namely;
"-Iliginiiingntn point on the prolongation of
the si-.iiiln.Tti boundary of Township 16, one mile
casloflhesauth-enslerii corner of Seciion 1, In
rowaship 16; thence in a southerly direction
nbout seven miles, or ton point oue mile south
nud oue mile west of the southern end or Victoria
L'ikc;tJii'tieecnst two miles; thence north one
111 He; Ihence cbhI one mile; thence north five
niies; thence east two miles; thence north-one
1111 c; (hence enst two miles; thence north one
mile; I hence ensl two miles, or lo the easterly extremity of Kathleen Lake: thence south half a
mile; ihence east one mile; thence north one
in le; theiieq west one mile; thence north half a
mile; thence west out- mile and a half; thence
north half a mile; thence wesl one mile; thence
north half a mile; * hence west half a mile; thence
north one mile; thence west one mile; Ihence
north two miles; thence west along the south
boundary of Townships ia and 11 lo the Southeast Arm, and thence along the shore of the
Soiilhesst Arm, inn soiithirly direction, to the
soul hern extremity of the Arm, and thence north
to the place of beginning.
All of which said lands are situated in Rupert
District, Vancouver Island.
W. 9, CORK.
Deputy Commissioner of Limits und Works.
Lauds and Works Department,
Victoria, li. C, 30th October, 1901.
Made and repaired. All work
Guaranteed, Inspection invited.
Harden Repairing 1 Specialty.
AS. Christie,
Bread and Pastry
22 Loaves
for Ono Dollar
The best fn town ud delivered to jour door
daily.  It will pay you to deal with
Ladysmith Baktry,      Esplanade
Choicest Lager, Ales, Beer
and Porter.
COLD STORAGE-FiKtcl... faclUile.
for the storSRe of meat., «gg., poultry,
vegetables, etc., eta.        -
Maple Lodge, No. 6*. I. O. 0. r.
Meet! every Wedimnlay avtning in
Nloliolion'i Hill. Visiting mtmbtrt
trt cordially iuviteil.
No. .•*,
I. O. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday eveulDf at 7,j»o'clock,
Visitors cordially iuviteil. ,
Wellington lodge Nt. 2 K. of r.
Meeti every Friday in I. O. O. F. hill it
7:80 p.m.
J. W. LEWIS, Sec.
Ladysmith Orangs Lodgt, Ma. I76S
meeti In Nfoboliou't Hall, Fint Avenue,
evtry alternateSiturdtyinttohmonth,*
commencing dm Sttnrdir In October,
Visiting Brethren trt Invited to tttaud.
St. Andriw-i • Calidealan Isaltly.
All persons ol Scottish birth or tnctf
try ire eligible lor mamberililp, Meet-
Ingi quarterly. For all particular! ed-
Business men, don't nnd out imprinted stationery; tbt recipient* wiil olattl-
ly you tl I btyieed.
Tint jib ol printing yon tdolrtd N
muoh wm dont by tht Ltidtr, LADYSMITH LEADER. NOVEMBER 1. 1902.
The Death of the Flowers.
The melancholy days are como, tho saddest of the year.
Of wailing winds, and naked wood*-,
and meadows brown and aere.
Heaped in Iho hollows of the {(rove the
Autumn leaves lie dead;
They rustle in th- eddying gust, a_td to
the rabbit's tread,
The robin and the wren are flown, and
from the shrubs tbe jay;
And from the wood top callB the crow
through all the gloomy day.
Where are the flowers, the fair young
flowers, that lately sprang and stood
In  brighter light and   softer aire,  a
beauteous eieterhood?
Alas I they all are iu their graves; the
gentle race of flowers
Are lying in their lowly beds, with lhe
fair and good of oure.
1 The rain Is falling where they lie, but
the cold November rain
CallB not from out the gloomy earth the
lovely ones again.
The wind flower aud the violet, they
perished long ago,
And tbe brier rose  and the orchid died
amid tho Sum mor glow;
But ou the bill the golden rod and (be
. aster in the wood.
Aod tbe yellow Buiifl.wer by the brook,
in Autumn beauty stood,
Till fell tbe frost from the clear, cold
heaven as f_ll_ the plague on men,
And the brightness of their smile was
gone from upland, glade and glen.
And now. when comes the calm, mild
day, as Btill such daye will come,
To call the squirrel and the bee from out
tbeir Winter home;
When the sound of dropping nuteie
heard, though all tbetrees are still,
And twinkle in tne smoky light the wt*
ters of the rill.
The south wiud searches for the floweia
whose fragrance late he bore,
And sighs to Bud tbem in the wood and
by the stream no more.
And then I think of one who in her
youthful beauty died;
The fair, meek blossom that grew up and
faded by my side,
Id tbe cold inSm earth we laid her when
the forest cast the leaf,
And we wept tbat oue so lovely should
have a life eo brief.
Yet not unmeet it was that one like that
young friend of ours,
8o gentle and eo beautiful, should perish
with tbe flowers.
—William Cui-lkn Bryant.
A Startling Declaration.
Chicago,Out,20,—At the Siual Temple
last night Dr. Emil G.-Uireeh declared
bii absolute disbelief In the llrst chapter
of Genesis, and bade his congregation
di.c.rd it as an article of faith.
"Religion, biology and astronomy," he
declared, "have each given evidence tbat
make it impossible to believe that the
world was created in six days. It Is im
possible also to give serious consideration
to the efforts that have been made to reconcile science and religion.
"All nations," said Dr. Hirai-h, "have
tbeir idea of the creation of the world,
and in every case the creation has bei-n
ascribed to their favorite gods. The world
has gradually progressed from polytheistic to monotheistic Ideas, and there is no
doubt that the first chapter of Genesis
ie simply a relation by eome Jewish
writer of the stories told by the Babylonians which the Jews had carried from
their captivity in Babylon (Kit) years before Christ."
£__r\\-!veritfii' in The Le .der now.
Extraordinary Punishment of a
Whole Regiment.
London, Oct. 31.—That crack cavalry
corps, the Oth Lancers, save the "Ex*
press," is in disgrace. According to let*
lore which have come home from India
by the laet mail, their leave and privilege have been stopped, because of tbe ill-
treatment of a native, which took place,
It is Bald, near their barracks,
The regiment is now stationed at Sial*
koto, in the Funjiub, after service in
South Africa only a few weeks short of
the full duration of tbe war,
Ou the night of arrival at tbat station
the men of the regiment were entertained by the meu of the Gordon Highland*
ere aud the Royal Horse Artillery, and
on the same night a native was brutally
ill-treated. He was either kicked or
struck, Heing so severely injured that
hia death resulted a week later. He wis
found nearly four miles from the bar*
racks occupied by the Oth Lincars, and
was taken to the hospital, remaining un-
coneclous till the day of his death. To*
ward the last, however, he recovered
sufficiently to make a statement, in
whlcb be said he believed it waa one of
the Oth Lancers who had illused blm.
Up to that date the regiment knew
nothing of tbe matter.
Lord Curzjn has determined to treat
all assaults upon natives as nutters of
great gravity, and with the object of getting to the root of the matter, a General
was sent from headquarters to conduct a
further investigation. At the conclusion
the General stated that It was hardly
fair to blame tbe regiment Individually,
and promised tc report as favorably aa
possible. He added, however, lhat the
Government had decided to punUh tbe
whole regiment if the culprit was not
found out, aod he appealed to tbe guilty
man to eome forward and save the regiment from puuisbment.
The appeal met with no response, and
during August tbe promulgation of the
punishment was made. It was a punishment of drastic severity, ft wae decided
that all officers, non-commissioned offi*
cars, and men on leave In India Bhould
be immediately recalled, and that no
further leave In or out of tbe country
should be granted till June 1,10P3, and
the disgrace brought upon the regiment
whb emphasized by the extraordinary
order that sentries should he plaeed on
all buildings occupied by tbe regiment
until tbe same date,
As a further punishment, it was also
•jtatid tbat tbe re.imenl would be debarred from service at the Delhi Durbar,
but owing to the fact that many Indian
veterans would be present wbo have
been associated with the regiment, it
was felt that this might be taken as a
personal affront to tbem, and to the force
whiuh served at Delhi during the mutiny.
This part of the punishment was, there
lore, withdrawn, and the regiment will
take Its place among the troops lo be
represented at the Coronation Durbar.
This wholesale punishment aud disgrace have naturally caneed much sore:
uesB in the regiment, the \).h Lancers
possessing a name and reputation second
io none.
The whole matter Is to be brought be
fore the House of Commous.
Geoligical Survey Says Field Equals
Wttshiugtini, Oct. 'li), — The Texas*
Louisiana oil liuld is discussed txlmuet-
ively In a report of the United Statte
Geological Survey. The exiateuce of petroleum iu the Gulf Coast plain, which
extends Inland for ll)i) miles, has been
known as far back as I860. The report
says the extreme poroBity of Spindle Top
oil rock favors the storage of a very Urge
volume of oil aud a very large yield
when the reservoir is tapped. But it
also favors the early exhaustion of lhe
oil in tbe pool, and its rapid replacement
by the underlying Bait water. Beds of
sulphur-bearing rock are reported from
some of the wells on Spindle Top, and
beds of gyp.urn and of salt from others.
The conclusion is reached with regard to
the Spindle Top Held that the Spindle
Top rot-k contain*) about oue fourth of
its volume of oil, Kveu if the estimate
is oue barrel obtaiuej for every 26 cubic
feet for Spindlu Top, und a little Il*.b for
other fields, there should be a yield equal
to the Baku fields in Kuesia, nud it much
greater output than tlmt for all the other
American fields.
The rep-Jit saya that tbe apparent consensus of opinion amongst chemists who
have examined the field is thst Ihe
Gulf petroleum is uneuited for the production of illuminating.oil, and that it
is douhiful if it can be made to yield a
lubricating oil on a cumtneieial bat is,
Its value as a sort of asphalt and us a
gas oil ure as yet undetermined. Tho
experiments seem to establish UjiIj its
availability and ita economy as a generator of steam. Whether the Beaumont
petroleum may be eut-cesefully used in
metallurgical processes ie nut yet eet-
Bernadottc's Tattoo.
This is a warning not to anticipate
destiny (remarks "Tatler"). Bernadolte,
when he became King of Norway, preserved a certain mystery about one nun
which he would never show. He would
never be bled,though that wasaluvorile
remedy of the day. Once, however, bin
doctor frightened him iuto BubmiUiuj*
to the remedy by telling him that it was
tbeonly way to save hie life. King
Bernadotte thereupon dismissed his attendants, swore tbe doctor to secrecy,
pulled up Mb sleeve, aud there tattooed
on the arm was a Cap of Liberty and
the lords" Mort mix Hois" (death to
kings). When he adopted this motto
be did not know that he would live to
be a king, The doctor kept the secret
till the King's death.
John Wanamaker, tbe multi-millionaire merchant prince of Philadelphia
gaveae his opinion the other day, on
the subject of advertising, and no man
n the land can speak on that matter
with more authority;
There is ouly one way to advertise,
and that ie to hammer your name, your
location, your business, eo constantly, so
persistently, eo thoroughly, into the people's heads that if they walked in their
sleep tbey would constantly turn their
heads toward your store. The news*
paper is your best friend in spite of your
orilloiBin. It helps to build up the com*
munity which supports you. When the
day cornea that the newspapers are dead
the people are near tbe edge of the grave
witb no one to write their epitaph."
The Leader printing office is at the
corner of French and First Avenue,
Write or call and get prices aud save
railway fares and freight on your printing.
flerely A Reminder
Of the fact that the Leader Job Room is [
now doing all kinds of Printing—com- <
mercial, legal and society—at very reason- !
able prices. j
We Print
• 4*-s>sH*14'l'i'.H'.li-ir4.'tsI'*l'll'l'*fr*M"
—Littler Heads '
-Bill Hi-aril J
—Stttttuanti <
-Note Headi I
—Memtirantliiiri Heidi        J
—Envelope. i
—limitless (Jtrdl '
—Stock OertlUcatei |
—Legal Blank! i
—Wedding Invltttloni
—Funeral Announcement!
—I'miir amines
—Window Oirdi
Everything   ;
Having the latest type faces and borders,
and modern machinery, we prodiiae only
the  best  work — Printing that attracts
The Leader Job Room   m-
Ladysmith, - B. C.
A Mascagni Snapshot.
Mascagni Is still making his triumphal
tour in Etstern cities. One critic, In
speakingofthecomposorof "Cavallerht,"
attending, a rehearsal, entd: "11 thero te
inspiration in colors, Slgnor Maecugui
should gratefully make his green waUfc'
coat a preferred creditor, lam prepured
to believe that the green waistcoat, bu*
hind which Uiom ieel.ro entrenched him-
self yesterday afternoon, while he con*
dueled a rehearsal ol 'Iris,' was the positive source of the potency he swayed over
hia three-score and odd musicians. It. wns
not Mascagni who coaxed wheedled, cajoled and, for aught I kuow, sworo tbe
reluctant weft and woof of diucord into
agreeable harmony. No, his green
waistcoat was the power animating the
baton. Enter the green waistcoat, bring.
ing with it Mascagni;» warm, perspiring
Mascagni, fiery-eyed and eager, emitting
snorts of impatience through a short
n*se, a business-like nose—such a noee
as finds Its counterpart in the abbrerln*
ted smokestack of a big express locomotive. Whoof! Whom! Heralded hy
cautionary snorts from the short uot<e,
the green waistcoat shuttles back and
forth through tbe throng. So the rehearsal began.
Artistic Job IMntlngat The LeaderntHc
U. 5. Cricketers for England.
New York, Oct. £!0.—It has been definitely decided to send au American
cricket team to England in the Spring.
Broke World's Record*
Memphis, Oct, 29.*- Another world's
record for stallions was announced from
the stand nt the Memphis trolling track
today, when the bay stallion Nervbla
paced two miles in 4i25Jij'. The horsi*
waa accompanied bv a runner owr llie
entire course, end was cheered to tbe
echo when the figures were hung out.
New 4 mile Record.
Brightoo, England, Oct. 20. - A. N.
Shrubb ran four miles here today in 10
minutes, 31 3-5 seconds, lowering the
amateur record by 2 1*5 seconds. Shrubh
ran four miles at Red Hill,. September
20, In 10 minutes, 2% seconds, but the
record was not accomplished officially.
The record which he mado today stands.
"Say, pa," began little Willie again,
''Now see here," his pa interrupted,
"I told you I wouldn't answer any more
questions. Let this be the last now.
What is it?"
"I jest wanted to know, pa, why you
don't answer my questions. Is it 'cause
you're ignorant, or jest 'cause yer indi-
A Boston lawyer wae recently exainin-
in," an Irish witness iu a suit arising out
of a tramway accident. Here is the result of the lawyer's suggestion that Ihe
witness should toll the story in his own
words—"Well, ibe man fell in th' Btr-
met as th' car-r passed; thin th' car-r
snapped,'an' we all ran out. Tbe cr*rowd
gathered ar-round th* man au' shouted
-'He's kilt I He's kilt.' Thin Oi jumped
in, pulled a dozen of tbe spalpeens out
nv ih' way, and yells at 'em—'Yes thick
heads, jess! If th' man's kilt, why in
hivvln's name don't yez stand to wan
tide an' let him have a breath of uir-i ?"
When you have a disagreeable duty to
perform it is best to do it at once and
get IlofTyour mind. Another good way
is to get somebody to do it, for you.
Doris: "Yes, she was furious about
the way in which that paper reported
hor marriage."
Helen :'*It didn't allude to her age?"
Doris: "Indirectly. It stated that Mies
Okie and Mr. Yale were married, the latter being a well known collector of antiques."
The English historian, Ktnglake, was
born wiih tie instinct of a professional
warrior, ami hie indignation was great
when the "grotesque Salvation Army,"
as he failed it, adopted military nomenclature. "I would let those ragamuffins
cull theniselvca saints, angels, prophets,
chetu'i;n. 0'.- mpian gods and goddesses
if they like," he Bald, "but their pretension in titkiug the rank of officers in the
army is lo me beyond measure repnl*
A mother recently noticed that her
little boy liHd shut and fastened tne door
on a very wet day, and Was compelling
hiB little sister to slay out iu the rain.
"Why, Leslie I" said she, "open Iho door
mul let Dolly in out of the raiu." "I
uti't, mamma," was the answer. "We'
plating Noah's Ark, and D.lly Is the
An insurance agent had spent eome
time in trying to convince a shopkeeper
of the advantages of fire insurance, and
ended up with, "You had better insure
this place, Mr. Smith." "Well," inquired the tradesman, "supposed I insured
my shop to-day, and It wsb burnt down
al the end of thie week, what ehould I
gel?" "Well," was the prompt answer,
"[should Bay you would get about six
month-*.' hard."
Sandy M'Nab, head gamekeeper to a
Scotch lalrd, had gone to Glasgow to
bring hack his son, who had run away to
eea. "Hullo, Sandy," said the lalrd un
tils return, "you've git home agai.i. 1
euppnju you would bu killing the fatted
calf last night?" "Na, na," replied
Sandy, "bit she'll dash't near kill't the
Dr. T. Glendon Moody, Dentist, will
return to L dysmilb Friday, Saturday
and Sunday of' this week. Dr. Mond*.
will make regular visits to Ladvemitfi.
Office at Nicholson's Hall. Victoria
office, Old Foatofflce building.
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Time Table No. 45.
Trains leave Ladysmllb Southbound dally at 0,10 a.m., aud on Saturdays
Sundays and Wedneedaye at 4 Oi) p.m.
Trains leave LadyBmith Northbound at 11.57 a.m. and on Saturdays, Sundays
and Wednesdays at 0.05 p.m.
Trains leave Ladysmith far Extension daily except Sunday alii a.m., S p.mt
15 and 10 p.m., and on Sundays at 10 p.m.
Geo, L. Courtney,
Traffic Manager
Smelting Works
Prepared to purchase ores.   Convenient to
E. & N. or Sea.
Coal!   -   Coal!
(lew-inn Rifles.
A singular practice ie followed by the
German soldier uf keeping his rifle-bar-
rt-1 aud bolt-action as bright as silver,
but I wa* unable to learn why tho prac
tit'll was followed, lt hue a number ol
disadvantages, In tho first place, the
eye of the soldier is dsKzled by the
gleaming metal when taking aim; It
makes his title a perfect reflector, and in
uren obscured sunlight would dleclose
his position mites awav, while it render.*, the weapon Itsell more liable to injury from runt, than lf It were browned
after, the fashion of our own rlflea.—
"Daily Telegraph," special correapon
WANTED-From 20 to 40 acres of good
land on tbe waterfront sonth of Ladyemith, oi on adjacent Islands; partially
cleared and with dwelling preferred.
Apply elating price per acre, terms, situation, etc., to K.O.B.i Leader ofllce.
Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
Wellington Coal   Best household coal ou the Pacific
Comox Conl—Best steam coal ou the Pacific Coast
; Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wel-
X lington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
♦ Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C
Son  Francisco Aprency,
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
Ind Soo Pacific
Titnicontlnentil Passenger Train runs
dill;, tq nipped villi Sttndard and
Toutist Sleeping Oar*.
Day Coaohii ind Colonist Can
Loweet Rates
Fastest Time
To ami from WlnnlpiR, Toronto, Hnll-
(»x, Montreal, Doilon, New York,
OIiIoiro and St. Paul, and all IS litem and Old Country polnls,
For pamphlet! and all intotraatlon applf
to any O.P.R. agi-nt.
H. H. ABBOTT,      IV. MoGIRR,
Agent, Viotntl i.      A«-enl, Nan.lmo.
E. .1. COYfc-i
Ant. Oenl. Fan. Ajent, Vanconver.
Flowers and Fruits.
HAVI-, yon n garden ? Are yon fond nf fruit
nnd flower culture? Do you won I to "keep
■loMed" on iln- luti'M methods? Then send one
dolliir lo The Canndlin H-irticulturlM. (*»rlmn-
liv, Ontnrio, nnd get n monthly copy for a year
of tlie lik-hi'sl fins** horticultural niiutn-liic
published ill Ami-lieu
Brotherhood of Man.
YOU Hlimild rend "The New Century" published hvtlie Culver-tat Brotherhood, I'oint
Lonin, Snn Il'li'Ro, I'nlifurnia. nud keep In touch
-.villi the mow ndvnnc d thought of modern
limes, Kvcry line lives with human interest.
opiniotiH of the brat thinkers, He lu touch, Two
Hi-1'urn n year. Write
llcnutifully llliiHtrnted,
Siattli, With.
Nobody mil nfford lo be without it. All the
k-li-l'rnpliicm'wsnrihe week, I'-niii, fu-ld.fjrii*
«len, a|tnrt, society, Itenntiful llhistnitioun and
half loins,  Sample copy on Rpplicntlon.
All For Onl Dollar a Yaar.
Funeral Director.
I'minut n'lHitioii given to till rail**, night
or day, I. ng Distance telephone No, 124
Bastion St., Nanalmo, B.C. LADI8MITH LEADER, NOVEMBER 1. 1902.
Two or three
pointers, in fact!
Ihsre's lust us imiili iliiTcroicc III suits as
°M " lilll" il'.K'iiil  "f the. IIiiids-   B'110
"'l'ftou mint ll"-' Bnnoplcsl, up-to-drae,
si,,sC".'i;u'-ii.'«si«i»i"t i° i* "•"'•
you'll (lull it liort-'.
110.00, 112-50, tlB.COto.120 00
Come in to-day. Try ouo of our suits ami
'.match us il you can.
The painting of tho neiV English
church has added considerably to the
appearance of the huildiug.
FirBt*claSB buggy lor sale; $70. Used
only a few months, coat $12-8. Also harness in good order.   Apply Leaderoftice,
Mr. Boyce, of Toronto, who has been
in tho Yukon country for the last five
years, in visiting his fiieter, Mrs. Hartley Glsboru-3, for a few days prior to his
departure to visit f riendB in the Kant.'
Those fish sete at Jessup's Pharmacy
High Btreet, mukethe mouth water, aud
the prices surprise by their moderateness,    Nothing better for wedding gifts.
Mrs. W, W. Lewis and her slBter Mrs.
Kichardem, of Toronto, spent Wednesday in Ladyemith, the gueste of Mr. and
Mrs. P. H, Marshall.
Mrs, Hum'ay and her sister, Mies
Botsford, of Nanaimo, are visiting Mr,
and MrB. P. H. Marshall. They are on
their way to West Virginia,
HOUSE FOR SALE.-On Fifth Avenue, close to tbe park, five rooms down-
stairs and oue upstairs. Apply at The
Leader office for full particulars.      2t
Neit Monday morning work will begin on moving all the Finlander houses
now at Extension to Ladyemith, This
will mean quite an important uddltion
to lhe number of buildiugs in Ladyemith. They will be erected around lhe
upper end of High*Btreet.
{ .The Nanaimo local amateur theatrical
company are busy rehearsing tbe "Military Girl," under the direction of Mrs.
Dr. Davis. The play will he produced
in Ladysmith shortly.
TO THE PUBLiC.—The undersigned
have decided to keep their barber shops
closed all day Sunday from this date
on, hut will remain open until miduigbt
Saturdays for accommodation ut patrons.
Phea Evans, Oatacre Street; I, O.
Winston, High Street Shaving Parlors.
The insurance agents of Nanaimo re"
ceived word from the board of underwriters in Victoria, notifying thorn of a
reduction in the fire insurance rates in
eome lines in the city of Nanaimo.
It's Stove Time
tfluatultli, number, Hardware, stoves,
The city schools will optn tt 9:80
o'olock on Monday morning and close tt
i! p. m., which arrangement shall continue until March.
Bookal Bookil Just received, t big
consignment oi popular fiction, well
bound, well printed and cheap. Call
and look them over. At JeiBUo'i Pharmacy.  • ______
Work on the ntw government rotd
between Ladyimith tnd Chemainui hai
been stopped owing to the appropriation
having been expended, Tbe bridges are
not finished, but Ie il hoped tbtt lome
arrangement can be made for completing
the job thii season.
Kindly remember that every dollar's
woilh purchased in our itore tntitlei
you to a -jueii at the number of leedi in
the Ohrletiuaa pumpkin. The cloiest
guessiir getting the Brit prise, tnd io oa
until the prizes are given awty. At
Lively's, the Jeweler.
There ia eome proipect ol t branch of
the Dominion Kipreel Company being
optmed in Ladysmith. A representative
ol the Company wae here on Thunday,
We are pleased to announce to you
that we are again going to have another
I'limpkin Conteet tbii coming Christmas, which is leae thin two month!
away.   Lively, the Jeweler.
Mr. William Sloan, ol Naniimo, who
waa injured while out bunting near
Alberni on Monday hai lo fir recovered
as to he able to leave for home in a few
The contract lor the building ol the
Mo'.hodiit parsonage hat been awarded
to Mr. Jamei Auld. The lubicriptioni
secured outside oi Ladyimith have been
eo encouraging that if tht friendi of
church enterprise at home do ai well
torreipondingly there will be little difficulty, The building committee have
decided to make the 16th ol November
"Church Improvement Sunday," when
local subscription! will be received.
Later announcement!,
FOR SALE—A good paying builnen
on High ' treet, cteap. Also houee and
lot, gootl well. Occupant! leaving on
account ol ill health. Apply to T. 0.
McKenelly, High street reitaurant.
Mr. Joseph Huntrr, superintendent o
tlie E. A N, Railway, waa here on Wed-
nesday, and wai interviewed by a deputation from the cemetery commiislonere
aa to the clearing of the portion ol the
property proposed to be opened tt once
for public use, Mr. Hunter promised to
take the matter under hll coniideration,
The loweit tender lent In lor clearing
one acre ready for nse, il comidered to
be far out of the reach oi tht commit-
sionen tt preient,
Par excellence in cutlery ii represented by the name Sitter Brotbert, Bhei-
lleld, England. I am allowing eome ol
their choicest goodi. Jeamp, High
itreet. ______
Work on the thort line Irom Ladyimith
to Exteniion hai been impended Ior the
season. The big strike! in tht eait pre
vented the shipment ol rail!, or tho lint
would now bt in operation.
Oome oi art trt thoie ipeeltlly .imported English carving sets; juit tbt
thing (or elegant wedding preienti. Tbe
Pharmacy, High etreet.
Tbii week'i heavy rain pnt an end to
tbe complaint! about the icarclty ol water. Most ol tbe city wellt ire now well
I am Lidyimlth agent lor John Pity-
or'e iplendid tobtccoi. Highlit grades
but most modest price. Value lor your
money In every whiff. Tiy a package
ami learn the real pleaiurt ot imokiog.
.lineup, High etreet,
Kll'urts tre now being mtdt to get up
a Ladit-a' Aid in connection with Fint
I'ri'ihyleiian Ohurch.
J. Orois, formerly employed aboard
the barque Antiope, it tueing the ihip
lor 1600 damages lor injuriei received by
a ladder falling nn him.
Str. Wellington arrived Wednesday
morning lor her usual cargo ol ubjut
3000 tone oi Wellington coal lor San
Str, Tellus sailed Thursday itinht with
a lull cargo oi Wellington coal for Ban
Str. Wellington tailed Friday night,
31st. initant ior San Francisco with over
3,000 tons ol Wellington coal.
8bip Kinross completed loading on
Thursday and wae expected to Ball for
Hawaii Friday night or Saturday morning,
'San Francieco, Oct. 27.—Arrived—
Steamer Quito, from Ladvimith; steamer Aztec, from Nanaimo.
Britiih ship Celtic Chief,. 1709 tons,
now on the Sound, has been chartered at
19s III to load wheat for Australia. This
ie the fint Australia business of this
kind worked iu yean,
Mariners are notilled that Blossom
Rock buov, San Francieco Buy, is reported to have slightly changed ita position during the laet gale. It will be
replaced in ita proper position as soon as
Captain J.E.Konuey, marine surveyor
for Lloyde, Tacoma, waa fatally injured
Tuesday morning by falling 20 [eet into
the hold of the Britiih ihip Pass ol
Balmaha. Several ribs were fractured,
and be waa otherwise injured internally
He was going down a ladder' to inspect
the lining oi the vessel when he lost hie
bold and fell. Although 84 years ol age
he was a remarkably well-preserved
Britiih ihip G. W. Wolfl has arrived
at Portland, Ore., with 2500 tons of coal
from Swansea, Wales.
Victoria,, B. C—Tho eealing fleet hae
not made a big catch in Behriug sea this
year. Wiih the return of the Steamer
Queen City nine ol the fleet of 12 wore
reported. The* Umbrina is lop liner
with 740, the Carrie O.W. 085, O. D,
Rand 515, Victoria 256, Diana 270, Zil-
lab May 151, Ainoka 413, Favorite 217,
Annie Paint 434. All the vessels are
windbound at Vanconver island ports.
As tho hoys grow up innUo coiuptin-
lone ot them. Then thoy will uot sock
companionship olsowbei-o.
Bour In mind that you are largely responsible tor your child's Inherited
character and havo patlcuco with
faults and failings,
There are muny permanently deaf
persons whose affliction bus bocu
brought on hy boxing the cars, and the
practice should be carefully avoided
by parents.
Thin, nervous children should by all
means have their hair kept short, and
lt is well tor tho hair of all children to
bo kept nt n length that facilitates the
proper cleanliness and cure.
Try to sympathize with girlish flights
of fancy even If they seem absurd to
you. By so doing you wlll retain your
influence over your daughters und net
tench them to seek sympathy else
Remomber that each human being to
bo healthy requires so many cubic feet
of olr, and lf your nursery ls stuffod
up witb curtains and hnnglngs and
clothes behind the doors and cardboard
boxes, etc., the air cannot circulate
freely, nnd thc result is unfavorable
both to child aud nurso.
A Challenge.
Captain Macleod It to confident ol tht
powen of hi! little gaiollne flyer to run
away from tnytblng of tbe kind now In
Ladyimith harbour that be wonld not
hesitate lor a moment to accept any
challenge that might bt made lor a tttt
of tbeir ipted,
The onglnei ol tht little oralt now
work to perieotion, tnd tht hit proved
herielf to be t tint tea boat, Tht cap.
tain threatens to ohrliten her "Tht
Leader," in compliment to tht ont
agency whioh hai dont molt lor Lady,
smith's advancement than any other
elnele agency ln lt, and which In the
hot race lor newi hai nevtr been beaten,
a fact whloh Captain McLeod knowt
quite ti well ai tbe contemportrlei who
have been to olten and ao badly "icoop-
If tht ciptain oalli her "The Lttdtr"
■he li certain to get to tht winning poit
flnt every time. It it hoped that • riot
can be got np lor a tollable trophy,
nmongtt thtgiiollne and steam launchei
in Ladyimith harbor.
A leading ytohtimin, owntr oi another 'Puffing Sally," bat challengtd Ciptain Macleod to a rice for (100 a tide.
Tho captain put the money np on tht
Mr. Albert E. Hilbert, tbe Nanaimo
funeral director and embalmer, was lu
Ladyimith on bueineea last Wednesday.
Mr. H. Shaw, of the well-known Arm
oi Shaw A Son, boatbuildera, Nanalmo,
viiited Ladyimith Wedneiday last and
looked over the ground.
Mr, J. H. Cocking wae a passenger to
tbe Capital Wedneiday morning. He
baa lolly recovered from the in jut its bc
received some time ago.
Mr. Ralph Smith, M, P. went down
the line Wedneiday.
Mr. Kelley, ol W. T. Heddle A Co.,
Nanaimo, wat in Ladyimith on bnilneis
Mr, T. W. Langnam, a well-known
commercial traveller, waa in town all
Mr. A. R, Johniton returned borne on
Thursday's train Irotn a^ visit to Ladyimith,
Mr, F. R. Glover, manager ot the
Westminster branch ol the B, C. Electric Railway, le lying dangeronily ill
with typhoid fever at tbe hospital in
that oity.
Hon. J01. Martin, K. C, ii being
opented upon in Vancouver hospital for
a p inlul injury in tbe leg.
Mr. Lnwry and Mr. Rice arrived Irom
Beitlle to-day to work for Mr. Rolston
tn hii liutuiitbir.it and plumbing dc-
Catholic Church—Services every Sun-
day ai folio wi: Mass at 8.30 a.m. and
10.30 a.m.   Benediction at 7 p.m.
Flnt Presbyterian—Nov. 2. morning
service at li, Sunday mhool 2:80, oven
ing lervice 7, Subject, "Tl.e prodinal
ion," .At tbe evening lervice Mrs.
Thompson will ling a solo,
G, Mobtoh Walkkii, Miaeionary.
Methodilt Church-Rev. W. G. Tanner, B.A., paitor. Sunday: 11 a, m.s
Sabbath School. Evening service 7 p.
m. Subject, "Tbe spirit on the watere."
Church of England—November 2nd
23rd Sunday after Trinity.   II a. 111
Mat!ni and Holy Communion.   2:30 p
m. Sunday School.   7*30, ICveniong,
A Sobivuk.
Welting Clean and Easy.
It ls strange thnt ln washing housewives do not apply the same principle
that they do ln making soup, lf wt
want to got all the Juice out of tht
mout, weput'it In cold water and bring
It slowly to a boil. Bo ln washing, II
wo put tbe clotbeB in tbe boiler wltl
cool water and half n bar of slices
soup nnd heat slowly nearly all thi
dirt will bo drawn out Punch them
down frequently nud when tlie watei
is quite warm empty into tub or machine; then put on the boiler again,
with ouo pall of clcun water and nn-
other half bnr of soap. Wring out ths
clothes, rubbing tbo soiled places a littlo lf you find any. By this time, tht
soap lu the holler will be mostly dissolved. Add enough cold water to
cover the clothes, place them In ths
boiler again, and this time let tliem
boll." While these aro coming to a boll
you can be washing tbe colored clothes,
Sometimes I dip out n second suds foi
the colored clothes, adding clean watci
to clothes In boiler. By this plan the
colored clothes go on tho lino first, but
the white ones nre all tho whiter foi
the longer scnldtng. I know thut white
clothes Inst at least twice as long when
bandied In this wuj' as wben they are
rubbed on the board.—Practical i'aim
Hoasehold fllmptlellr.
Stuffed chairs catch and bold thi
dust and grow shabby with use, whill
woll built chairs of wood ln comfortable, dainty shapes wlll last a lifetime,
with very smnll repairs. Thero are simple furniture polishes which keep their
clean and bright, and it tbere Is a little
cloth about them lu the form of seat 01
back cushions lt need not Impoverish
ono to renew lt when necessary.
In every department of tho home better results arc obtained by simplicity
than by elaboration, and tho tendency
of American housewives ts to adopt It
Like all reforms, it has not taken such
deep root tbat wo can rely upon iti
stability. The senseless fashion of
tawdry and useless ornamentation mn)
return at any moment We may even
return to an admiration for wax flow-
era with a glass covering, but I doubt
It I havo faith ln the quaUty of the
taste American women nro trying to
cultivate.—Boston Herald.
Arrangement! bave been made io
holding the concert under the auspii'i'inif
Fint Presbyterian Church, on the evening of the 18 h instant. A fine programme ii being prepared.
•■.ist FMW*
—For Sale by JOHN BICKLE	
Coffee For the Sink.
"How many women know that coffee—strong black coffee—is nn actual
deodorizer ot the kitchen sink!" said
a housekeeper,
"Well, it Is," she continued, "and If
you will remember this you wlll be
loss troubled with that dlsngrecablo
sewer gas from tbe kitchen of which
so many bousowlvet complain.
"Whenever you have black coffee
left in the pot do not throw It into tbo
slop bucket, but instead pour It, as
hot ns possible, down tho sink. Of
coiifsi) you must not let any grounds
"go down, ns thnt would bo a cause of
stoppage ln the drainpipe. But tbo
coffee ln a liquid form la ont of the
very best deodorizers known to mod-
ern science and will be found of value
used as I havo said."
A Nursery llock.r.
"Have ln your nursory," .advises a
mother, "0110 of the double willow set-
toe rockers. Nothing will give the children and tho mother more comfort. 1
havo spent more happy hours lu one of
these comfortable Beats, tho baby on
ray lap, two other children tucked In
nt tho side, with nu older child standing ou the rocker, her hend pillowed on
ray shoulder, whUe 1 road from a hook
or Improvised a story, all of us rocking
happily together. Nothing now seemt
1111.ro eloquent of hnppy days gone by
than tlmt marred nud worn old setteo
rocker, which still stands In the dismantled nursery, used now, skico tlio
children have grown up, for a sewing
Tainted Heat.
Very often when a Joint smolli taint-
ed it Is really Only a small piece of
gristle or moat that needs cutting
nwny. Tho rest of the moat, after being trimmed, should be washed lu a
little strong vinegar and water. Always hang your mout up as soon ns It
arrives from the butcher's and seo
thnt tho books used for thil purpose
aro constantly -washed and scalded.
*VATrtKr<\At+Ay.t trade Marks
r'jffij&ffi$:$*    "   -Designs
fVWm     Copyrights &e.
Anyrme lonritil-* it Bitot oil mid tl-JBOi'lptlori niny
qilli-U',- ii-i.-r-vt.-iln (im- <i*'!!ilii.i free wlu'Uh'r pii
tliwill'.i!' ill |ii'n!i:il,h- ■■■,i'«iitril-.li!. r,iii;iiiliiiii-;i-
tloinnti-ii-iyi'i.li.i.-.'-ill.il. I!:iiiill,.tfil:iiiil*ii.i'iits
tptciahlOtlcc, ivIHiDutcliiiritQ, In tho
Scientific Hi-trim
A Iinii'Ifl-viif*!,* llliistratort wcGkly. T.nn*fiBt olr-
culiiLluu ii*" -i-iyscloiii.lUfl Junriittl. Tcrum, tfH a
yeur; four mon tlio, SI. Sold by till nowmtpftlern,
MUNfl&Co.-*«'^"»»'New York
Driuicli oiilco. CIS F St., WnnUInKton, Ti. C.
j Is tlie name that stands for
the Best Piano manufactured to-day. Beautiful to look
at; exquisite in tone. Per-
fection In Pianos. Don't
buy till you see and hear it.
Nanalmo* B. C.
A Pretty, nud VMHIiu-Inn Article Tlmt
In  l.ustly Made.
form fi framework of four boards,
two upright ones 25 inches long, 9
Inches wide nnd a half Inch thick; the
top mul bottom pieces are 20 inches
long. Two move upright boards ure
placed In the framework, edgo to
front, as in sketch, and nulled to the
top and bottom boards, same length,
width and thickness. Two small
shelves of board 10 inches long and the
same width as the others are nailed In
position, ns In sketch.
Wc next buy tho requisite nuuiboi
of clgtjti* boxes, carefully removing all
! Viiiton from Ladyimith and diitrict
j will find in thii well-appointed bouie til
the home comlorts. Lunelle! for ltdy
ehoppere a ipecialty, Terim itrlotly
moderate, Servlci and cuisine dnt
MISS B. KEITH, Prop, lid Mgr,
A Corner Screcu.
An ordinary corner lu a room that
lacks distinction can be Improved by
using u rlcb -screen for a background.
Before It place the tea table nnd two
dainty choirs thnt would have lost half
their decorative value agulust tbe wall
Wfc*  . ■i..._u..J...t-i. ■-■.--.;x..,
paper from them. Alternate boxw
with the lids retained nre tacked firmly iu under each drawer to give solidity. These are shown without,unndlei
In tbe sketch (twenty boxes for BketcL
"measure). Tbe cigar boxes are 8 inches long, 4Va Inches wide nnd 21/_ iucbel
deep. They form capital drawers, slid-
Ing ln easily under tlio fixed boxes, and
tbe bandies are formed of littlo copper picture rings screwed carefully in.
The whole is siilned brown, ond narrow pieces of black paper ore out and
gummed on around tbo front of tbe
drawers, which imitate inlaid wood.
Tho whole Is then varnished and fixed
on the wall with strong screw rings
put iu the top hoard.
Too TIrt.it to Sleep.
If you nre overtired—"too tired to
sleep," as we sunu'tlincB sny—bathe
tbo neck aud temples with hot water.
Bathe tbe back of the neck particularly. This seems to relax tbe muscles
nud tho veins thnt supply tbe bralu
with blood. Lie down to sleep tu pence,
for It will come surely. The same treatment will wonderfully refresh during
tho dny. A headache may often bo relieved, sometimes cured, by hot applications to the back of tbe neck.
That'! onr kind.  A card will bring loll
information and pricei.   Make a parcel
ol any clothing to clean, dye or rtptir,
and address to
Freight paid one wiy.
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of tbe Famous
None but Union Labor employed.
lit. J. BOOTH, .        Proprietor.
i-.riiiln.-ili. or Philadelphia Dental College and
Hospital of Oral Surgery.
OM Post Ollice Building,
Oovernment St., (Upstair.)
Phono 3S0A, Ofllce, \Tl***..l* D l**
" »tA,RMM«m.  Victoria, B.C.,
Dr. Moody visits Ladysmith every Prlday, Saturday nnd Sunday,   office, Nicholson's Hul.
The Ladysmith Market is ready to
supply the public with ftesh. fish.
Salmon, Codfish, Herring, Halibut
always on hand.
Corner Roberts and First Avenue
Ship'. Work . SpKlalty.
Horseshoeing in all lis branches.   Farm Im-
p^ementt^ejMiTretl.   Miners'  Tools oerully
sharpened aud tempered.
Buller Street,
ATX 8IZKS. 6ft feu; 4ft., fe.5. U___
tooth unws, 3 ft.; j« ft.; 4 ft,, md 5 ft. Alto im-
iiiunltlmi and all -lies of ileal Bros' Minen,
Drivers' Lamps aud Caps to be had at
Opp. 8. & N. Station, N.nalmo, 8. C.
The City Market
Meats i Vegetables
First Avenue, ; Ladysmitli. 6. C,
Lots in blocke 20. 30 and 31, A'ao
Hotel Bite, 120x120 [eel. Alio iota 1 and
2 block 48,1050 the two.
Applv to.
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tabids, Crosses, Ktc. Kstlnintes
and Designs given on Application
A. HENDERSON,     Proprietor.
For Pint Class work-
go to
Shaving Parlor*
High Street.
Hair cutting and Beard
trimming a Specialty,
is now prepared to gtve lessons on the pt.no and
violin. All application, for tuition can be left at
W. H.  Lively'! Jewelry Store
Jmio.uK Wii.sok, i'nop.  NANAIMO
Groceries of Best
Quality at
Lowest Prices
Hutrni llrookt'ln  Valokuvla.
The B.st Are The Cheapest,
Fire Hall, NANAIMO-B.C,
In the Matter of the WaterClaus-
es Consolidation Act, 1897, anil
Amending Acts,
And in the Hatter ol the Ladyemith Water Company, Ltd.
NOTICE li hereby Riven thit applioa-
tion will bt made to t Judga of tht
Supreme Court ol Britiih Colombia tt
the Court Home, Victoiit, B.C., it 10.30
o'clock iu tht fnrenoon, on Htlmdur,
the 89th day oi November, 1902, or to
soon theraalttr ti tbt Applicant ctn bt
heard on behalf ol tht Lidyimilh Wtttr
Company, Limited, lor letvt to eon-
itruct, maintain ud operate t wtttr
worki syitem to lupply wtttr to Iht in-
btbitanli ot tht unincorporated locality
In and abont Ladyimllh, In tbt County
nt Nanalmo tnd lor purpose. ntctiMiy
and inoidtnttl thtrtto.
Thli notlct wit published on Ootobtr
ith, 1008, lor tbe flnt tlmt.
Solicitor! iir Tht Lidyimlth
„«..  ,   - -  „ Wtttr Co., Ltd.
Vietorii, B. 0., Oot. 2Srd, 1002.      et
A neit lttttrhttd or billhead with
your mme, tddieti tnd builmsi, it r


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