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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Mar 15, 1902

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 I The people that save
money trade with
Ladysmith Leader
* For Boots and Shoes ii
Sickle's Is the store j
VOL. 1. NO. 54.
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescription! carefnlly dispensed.
day and night.
? 9
$ Spring Blouses, White Wear,   Wrappers, Millin-  |
| ery, etc., etc. |
. J Will have our entire stock on exhibition in a few  |
$ days.   Which will consist of a great variety of i
5 Seasonable and up-to-date goods;
| Just arrived !   Hats and Caps, great variety for Gents  |
i —
; Leiser & Hamburger
£ Esplanade and Oatacre Street.
Rarrliter, Solicitor,
Attorney, Notary Public, I*tc.
Money to Loan.
■» *
When Visiting Nanalmo Try
Hi  c* W
Member Can. Society of Civil Engineer.-.
Member Institution of Electrical Engineers
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed P. 0. Box 357
Election Echoes and Legislative
Fred   Foster
{Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, Animals and Deer Heads Mounted and
for sale.   Furs made, altered, cleaned and stored
2410 Johnion St.,        -        Victoria, B. C.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread. Cukes ami pas
triu ol all description!. Fruiti in
Thil new hotel hai been completely
furnished with all modern convenience!.
Eicellent table, white cooking. Tbe
barli supplied with the finest wines,
llqrjon ind cigars. Au experienced bartender.
D. H. Davis, Prop.,
Fint Avenue,     ■     Lidyimlth, 1). 0.
One fact is batter thin . Dozen T
Hes.rro.vi, II you want th. X
ciioivost meati go to
Ladysmith, B, 0„
R. Williamson, Prop.
A liesh inpply   of   Vegetable!
alwaya on hand.
Special attention given to ships'
********* ****************x
David    Murray.
Bull.r Street, -       Ladyimith
Shop wlll be open every Thurtday,
Friday and Saturday.
J. E. sniTH,
Sign and House Painting,
Graining, Paper Hinging and KhI
eomlning.   Estimates given.
isfactinn guaranteed.
LADYSMini,      .     .
B. C.
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Thli new hotel ins been cotnlortibly fumlihid ard Ihe bir ii up lo dair.
Bnt accommodation for transient and permanent boarder! and lodger!.
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
Thi Esplanade, • Ladysmith, B. C,
get insured at oik«, lor it may be
too late tomorrow. I represent several
OLD and RELIABLE Companies and
can insure you at n moment's notice nf
. tbe loweit possible rate.'. All leading
companies charge tbe eame rates. Don't
' be misled into Insuring with a cheap
company—It might be dear in the end
Wm.   K.
P.O. Drawer!
Nanaimo. B. 0.
Ladysmith Dairy
N.w Milk, Creamery Butler, New Laid
Egu .nd Freih   Vegetable! supplied
Dally.   Leavi orden at the poit office,
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Soda Water, (linger Beer, Cider, Pruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
^J      Proprietor,   ftftjgg
W. E. RumniNQ,
John Barnsley & Co.,
Victoria, B. C. !
 Kodaks, Films, etc,   '.
Agent, for
J. J. Taylor
Fire Proof Safca.
Ladysmitli Teaming Depot,
All kind, ol he.vy teaming don.
Wholesale and Retail Deal.ra In Meat!,
Poultry and Vrgetahles. Gsme In
aaon. Shipping orders attendrd lo on
ort nolle
The Grescenl Hotel
Wm. Ilepple, propnator.
Firit'Clni accommodation! for, minen
and transient!.   Nun. bnt    -
Ths Bast Wines and Llqusrs
eerved it the bar.   Give ui a call.
Cor. Victoria. H'l A Commercial Si.
NANAIMO.     -   "•     B.C,
Seeds, Plants, Shrubs,
B, H. Johmlon,  Victoria, hai Ihe
fin.it lelection in the province.   See
simple, at Leiser A Hamburger's ilore
Pricei and eilimatei cheerfully given.
Komi in great variety.
(Special Correspondence of The Leader.)
Victoria, B, 0. March 14.—Quite tbe
fnnnieit incideut in Ihe whole election
wai tho ruddenen with which the light!
iu the Timee office went out last Mon
day night ai loon as the result of the
p ill wai declared. It wai is if tbe electric wire had been cut. All the Times
Itaff climbed over the back fence and
went home by the alley, io the gossips
sav, to avoid tbe congratulation! of their
friendi. The Times feeli bo Bore over
the crushing defeat of it! hero that it
hai bien publishing libellous attacks
ever since on evervbody connected witb
tbe Government. It wae the dirtiest
election evei fought in Victoria, aud the
Tlmea ii solely to blame.
Mr. Bodwell did very poorly considering that lie had been before tb. elector!
ilx months. The fact is, men like Bed-
well don't wear well, they should be
elected in a hurry or not at all, for the
public toon find out men of Mr. Bod well's
itamplf they are allowed to remain not
ln tbe fresh air too long.
Mr. Joseph Hunter'i speech In tbe
Legislature on Tuesday waa one of th.
beet so far thli leaaon. He did not ipare
the oppoeitlon or Col, Prior'! opponent!
in tbe late election.
The Legislature ie now setting down
tJ business in spite ol desultory interruption! Irom unruly and irresponsible
memben ol the opposition
Mr. Richard McBride look! eomewhat
lubdued eince the event! of Saturday
and Monday. If Bodwell bad wou, ro
doubt Mr. McBride would have found
tbe legislative chamber fully small for
hii accession of self-importance.
Visitor! to Victoria are leminded tbat
docilities are liable to break out
I amongst the opposition at any moment,
aud tbat seats in the gallery ol the Lsg*
iilatnre are now valued very highly on
account of those gladiatorial combats.
Strangers and visitor! are adviied lo get
into their seat! early,
It ie reported here on fairly good
authoiity that if the railway to Alberni
be built at all, and that il exceedingly
doubllul, Victoria II much more likely
to be the terminus than either Nanaimo
or Ladysmith. Victoria now holda the
whole Welt Coast trade by steamer; aud
I any railway to Alberni would dud that
a difficult opposition to go againit. Your
correspondent ii informed tbat any
amonnt of Victoria capital ii ready lor
inveitment in th. Alberni r.ilway il lt
[can be shown that Vancouver ii backing
either Nanaimo or Lidyimlth in the
Executive Meeting Appoints Committee to See Mr. Dunsmuir.
Last Tuetday evening a meeting of the
executive of the Ladyemith  Board of
I Trade took place in Mr. W. H.  Mason's
'ffice, nsar the railway etation.    Tne.-
*ere present Messrs. P. H. Marshall,
president; James Freel, secretary; A. 8.
Christie, TreaBurt-r; I, Gould, John B "••
kl- and. by invitation, W. W. Sun-• ii
Mr. Siuthin strongly advocaled thai
I the people of Ladytmlth, through tbeir
Board of Trade, should join hands witb
Nanaimo in regard to the Alberni railway; became, ai he contended, there
would be much more likelihood of securing that railway for the Central East
Coast of the Island than if tbe two plicee
were pulling against one another, ae Vic
toria, in the end, In coniequence of inch
difference of opinion, would be sure to
get the plum.   A lengthy discussion took
place on   the queition;   which   wai
left in abeyance.
The matter of the cemetery then came
in for discission; alio the public wharl
and other matter! of great importance to
Ladyemith. The meeting then appointed Messrs. Walter Jones, iiaac Gould
'and John Bickle al a committee to wait
upon Hon, Jamee Dunsmuir when next
he comes to Ladysmith, and lay tbe
various questions whioh have been die-
cussed, before him, for hia consideration.
I This was all the uosincss and the meeting adjourned to meet flgniu at the call
oi the chairman.
What is Being Done lor tad/smith's
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Ete.
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent,
- Offices-
The Eiplin.de,  •  Ladyimllh, B. C,
N„r Ormd ind Prank Hotel..
Cocos  Island
Owing to tlie fact that an Admiral In
th. Biltlsh Navy (who knows Cocos Island) hu jutt forwarded from England a
mm ol money to purchase stock, proves
beyond a doubt tbat the treaiure is
II yon want to make a fortune within
two months, write the Pacific Kiplor*
atlon and Development Co., SO bird 'age
W.Ik lor a .hart, Remomber we have
no agenti and not a share of the Com.
piny'i itock li on sale outside the Oo.'i
P. 8.
Share! unsold during thli monlli  will
be cancelled,   Buy now or never,
Addr.ii i
Thi Pacific Exploration and    *
Difilopment Go,, limited,
SO Birdcage Walk, Viotoria.
Mr, Mclnnes, M, P. t. Effectually
Refutes a Herald Yarn.
During the recent   election Victoria
Time! published tho following excerpt
from Nanaimo Herald, with tbe challenge atlacheaftc- Mr. W. W. B. Mclnnei,
M. P. L., who immediately took it np
and returned the reply herewith through
the column! ol Victoria Era:
Tlie Times, in heavy type, laya:
"Mr. Mclnnei is asked to sav    if he
approve! ol the Premier'! reception ol
Undelegates from the Exteniion Min-
[ ert' Union, whom he welcomed with th.
'To b—1 with the committee.'
'To h-1 with the union.'
'To h—1 with the men.'—See Nan-
aimo Herald, December 24,"
I reply I atate thai:
The above account of tbe reception by
the Premier of the union delegates, !•  a
miserable fiction.
The Premier did not act or speak al
above repreeented,  Thoie present   at
^^^^^^^^^^^^ the interview promptly contradicted tbe
BosTneil hu improved comlderably »«Hciona report now reproduced in th.
.,  I Tin...
Al readers of The Leader wlll have
noticed by adveriiismeut In another
column tbe ladiei of the Church of England, .-ncouragt-d by tbe lucces. uf their
former efforts, are about to give tb.
people of Ladyimith anotb.r rare treat.
I'bia time it will be mi Tuesday evening,
th. l.i ot April, aud sill ate iti. lorni
of a fancy dress ball, carnival aud sup-
par, in Oddfellowi' building, Tha nm.
ikilful managemant whioh mad. former
•otertainmenti on behilf of the Ladysmith Anglican church so signally no
ceiifal ii engaged in preparing for thi.
night of pleisuri. - No one who bad the
good fortune lo attend tbe prerioni concern, dances and lupperi undir th.
•ami auspicee, will mill tbii on th. lit
of April.
Tb. Kathbone Sinter, oi Lidyimlth
have already won tor themielvii a high
reputation aa entertainer!, and thiy are
I going to inrp.il all pnvloni record! oa
lb. evening of Ita. 171b ot Iiiltnd, io
Oddfellowi' Hill. Suitable prim are
to be given for the belt cbiracteri,
l.dles .nd gentlemen, and there will b.
keen competition in all the clmii.
Tbe management of Fint Presbyterian
Church hav. been successful m securing
for a concert in Ladyimith the two musical marveli, tbe little Mine. Dobie of
Nanaimo. The concert will take plan
on Thursday evening, the 20th in.tanl.
All critic! who have heard thote wonderful children .re in rapturei ovir
their playing. The younger playi tb.
violin divinely; marvelloualy, considering ber teuder ag.—only tight. Uei
•liter, aged thirteen, li alnady • piano
virtnoio. Tbey hav. lent musical Nanaimo wild with delight, and ai. now
starting out oo a muiical tour of tb.
province, Ladyimith b.vine tn. honor
of securing flnt concert, Thil li. Ire.t
that no one who cirei at all for uiusio
ihould mill. No doubt tbe enterpiiie
of the Flrlt Pre.uyierieu Chuich man
Hgemeut will be well rewarded hy awing the spacious cburob, where Ihe con.
cert will be given, packed to oveilowing
on tbe night ol the 20th.
since the election, showing that the feel
lug of confidence, which was destroyed
when there wai a po.aihllity ol the anarchist party succeeding, haa been restored by the election cf Ool. Prior,
Mr. Bodwell took his defeat lo bird
tbat he fled home by th. light ol the red
rocktt without even waiting to sav
'thank you" to the voter, wbo had
done tbeir beat for him. It will probably be a long time belore Mr. Bodwell il
invited to try igain.
It is mggeited thit ladiei wearing
calico dresses, may 11 they with, mike
a gent'i calico tie, enclose it an envelope; the envelope! lobe placed in a
basket for the gentlemen to draw; the
wearers of matching tie) and dresses to
ba partneri for the evening, gpeclaton
25c; any wishing to dance 25o extra.
Special train will leave Exteniion it
7 p. m.; returning horn Lidyimlth at
[ 2,30 a. m. Ratbbon. Sister,, Lidyimlth
Temple, No, 5.
Gitlzoni of Ladytmlth
All Citizens of Ladysmitli,
B. C, are respectfully invited
to become members of the
Ladysmith Board of Trade.
Objects: The advancement
and improvement of Ladysmith.
Timei,      ^^^^^^^^^^
The Herald did not dare to atate ai a
(act that the Piemier had io actid or
tpoken. It carefnlly took shelter fiom
the consequences of its libelous attaik
under a "it is rumored, etc.," just as
Rodwell now takee abetter under a "retainer," Irom the odium attaching io bla
effort! againit tbe worklngmen ol British Columbia.
Strong aa is Mr. Mclnhei'i reply, it is
no stronger than tbe occaiion warrant!.
The conduct ol Ralph Smilh'i paper in
dealing with Hon. Mr. Dnmmuir'i affaire has been notoriously unfair: and
tbe foregoing is a good example ol th.
deliberate distortions which hive found
ipice in ita column!. The Herald mmt
have unlimited laith in the gullibility
or depravity of iti readers when lt dam
to publish such itatementi,
No one who know! Hon, Mr, Dnnimnir wonld lor one moment believe that
he wonld utter remark! luch u thoie
the Henld pull into hit mouth; he il
quite Incapable ol treating any man In
th.t way. But there ii no use In arguing tbii matter; what Mr. Dunsmuir
did lay wai heard by half-a-dozen re*
ipeotable witnesses, who ire unanimoui
in their condemnation ol the false and
malignant assertion.
Extension New. N.lia.
Exteniion, B. C, March 14,-Eic.l-
lent progress u being made with tb.
work in No. 2. Everything hat been
found in surprisingly good order; M hut
no trace ol the origin of the tin bit bean
reached. Itii thought tbat it moit
have bean confined to . very limited
•Kl. The timbering il ia remarkably
good condition. Then hire been . lew
minor fill, .nd civet, bm viry fir from
wb.t wai expected, There il good
reaion to believe that tba min. will open
lor business with regnlir ibifii abont
Ita. end of th. pru.nl month.
Twoorthri. hundred mon minen .
than are now at Exteniion will be required it ii Hid, when No. 2 and 8 get
into working order again, lt il lolly ex*
peeled that Exteniion will be a Ou.l.r
camp the coming summer than .1 anj
inue in lie tiisiury.
Fourteen Swede! lelt tbe camp Jul
Tuetday bound lor Kansas, whir, thiy
will try ior work .1 the local coal mine..
Many line buildings ar. now going up
at Eiiennun, lome ol tbem tn really
handeume structure!, and tr. being
veiy eubviautiNlly built.
Work on thil end ol tbe ibort line to
Ladyimith il expected to begin early ln
April. Largo quantitiea ol tie! and timber! are ready along th. track for th.
The Company an putting up iev.r.1
new buildingi near the nation lor various purpose!,
The town li beginning lo ncover Iti
gaiety alter tbe herd winter and quit, a
number ol dances and other partiei an
on tbe lilt.
OH To Alaska.
Mr. Ohrii Stephen!, ol thi Lidyimlth
Hotel, lell Ladyimith tor Kilchlkin,
Alaika, lut Wedneidiy morning, via
Vancouver. Mr. Stephen, hid * brother
in Alaska whom h. hu not teen fn
more then twenty yean, He wu tome*
wh.t iitoolibed a ihort time igo to re*
celve a vilit Irom hii brother, who aaid
that he owned a claim inAluki which
likely to torn out very well, Tht
umplei he produced proved hll word!
true. Mr. 0. Stephen! will remain two
month! on the cl.im, which 1. wm. die-
tance inland from Ketcbik.n, .nd will
than return to Ladysmith lor hii turn
and outfit,   He and hii brotbir will
a tewing develop the cl.im thil lurnmir.  Mr.
W, W.' Stephens li to be congratulai.d on hii
1 ~ """"        It ii not every lung-lost
The ladies ol Ihe Ladyimith Method-
lit Church sawing circle held
bee at the residence nf Mrs.    „,    ... -»i-.ii.i.i
Southin on Wednesday and Thnrediy good fortune, ..,. no. every long-loit
In preparation for the eale ol work to brothar who turns up after twenty yean
take place in April, with a boninia to offer hii nlatlvti, LADYSMITH LEADER AND WELLINGTON-EXTENSION NEWS. MVRCH 15. 190?.
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extenslon News.
Published every Wednesday and Saturday al
rhe Leader Building, comer of First Ave. aud
Itranch Street, Ladysmith, British Columbia.
Bv Mail in Canada and unitud Statics.
One year (strictly In advance) $.00
Is months (strictly in advance);   1 35
TRANSIENT—First insertion 10c, a line; each
■ub.eo.ueut insertion 5c. a line.
Ratea on application. No wood cuts used.
Gat. for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death aud Funeral notices.
Men insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
time will be charged for uutil ordered to be discontinued.
THE LEADER will.be found at the following
Ladysmitli—The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Nanaimo—E. Pimbury & Co.
Victoria—Public Library; Provincial Library; aud
Vancouver-Public Library, and Hotels.
New Westminster—Public Library.
All changes in advertisements* must be received
at this office before ia noon the day before
Subscribers not receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.,,
Alt job work strictly cash on delivery.
Transient advertisements cash lu advance.
Brother Lowery, editor and financier
nl the New Denver Ledge, hu returned
from a trip to California, and he has
bun interviewed by his own piper and
hu stated hi! opinion! with character-
litie vigor and sincerity.
He hai mad. a discovery,namely, that
Britiih Columbia'! scant population ol
177,000 are going about trembling witb
tear lent the outiide world discover tbat
there la inch a place ai Britiih Columbia. They are doing all they can to
prevent the horrible catastrophe, which
wonld inevitably remit in a huge ruib
ol immigration from all parte of the
earth to tbii province. Then we might
have the unparalleled agony ol eeeing
one or two million! ol prosperous people
instead ol the eioteric 177,000.
He uyi California hai gone in for
making iti existence known to the outride world, ind witb the moit alarming
runlti. People with money have
■warmed into that state until now the
population li far over . million; .nd
■till they come. They come .1 invalid!,
tonriitt, builnen men, workmen, end
thiy all .Uy and help to make California one of the moit pratperoui itatei in
the Union.
Bnt Mr. Lowery earnestly advieei tbe
people ol Britiih Columbia not to do
toil, bnt to mount guard with jealous
care over every pan, 10 tbat any intending immigrant! who may want to have
a peep at thil modem Korea and Tibet
rolled into one, can have the top ot theii
iaqnliltive heads blown off and 10 the
country be laved Irom the intrusion.
H. uyi that British Columbia is an
Infinitely richer country thin California, bnt that tbe people are so dill', rent.
In California they give a great, big,
vulgar welcoming band to the incoming
•tranger, and invite him to stay; tbey
pnbllih advertisement! in newspapers
all onr the Eut and in the old country, and th.y have even got down io low
ai to lend ont lecturer! who can tell the
people ol distant countries juat what
kind ol place California is.
Now, lt would be moit unseemly for
Britiih Colombia to do tbii. What
Britiih Columbia want! to do ii lo torn
over again, take a good comfortable poi-
ition and go to sleep for another half-
We would move in amendment to
Brother Lowery'i. motion, that atrong
guardi, armed to the teeth with roach-
ice gum and pom-poms, be posted in
all tbe panel from the Tete Jaune to
the Orow'e Nest, witb orden to ihool
down anybody attempting to immigrate
into thie province.
Britiih Columbia la not deid bnt fatt
asleep, It ii enough to make tbe au-
geli weep to obieive say, Victoria'!
Touriit Association going about its
For thoie wbo know the facte there
ii something deticiously amusing in tbe
dispatch tent by Ralph Smith, M. P., to
Viotoria Time! during the late election
at Victoria, lor the deliberate purpose ol
injuring Hon, Mr. Dunsmuir. It proves
that Mr. Smith has a mania lor meddling with other people'! builnen:
"Have been trying for yeara to amalgamate Island mlnera. Dunsmuir alwayi refund such union. I contended
witb him personally many times in
lavor of it."
Now, why are Mr. Smith and the Nanaimo minen io extremely desiroui of
hiving tbii amalgamation? It is no
lecnt tbtt Hon. Mr. Dunsmuir has the
poorest kind ol opinion of Mr. Ralph
Smith, because be has found out Mr.
Ralph Smith, and know! what tort ol
penon he ii. It il giving away no secret to say that Hon. Mr. Dnnimnir on
more than one occaiion hu told Mr,
Ralph Smith in the plainest oi plain
English juat exictly what he thinks oi
Mr. Dunsmuir never opposed the association of his own workmen; indeed
he lavoura it; but he'hai the very beet
ground! for opposing tbe amalgamation
of hit men with the Nanaimo men. We
have beard it laid by well-informed
minen who are intimately acquainted
with the whole lituation, that the eole
end and object ol Ibe propoeed amalgamation ii to give the New. Vancouver
Coal Company, through the Nanaimo
Minen' Union, which would have the
preponderant vote in such amalgamation, power to drive the Wellington Colliery Company out of the California
Tbe lame informants have assured us
that th. method to be employed would
be the issuing ol an ultimatum to tbe
Wellington Colliery Company regarding
wage, and other matter!, and on that
Company', refusal to be dictated to regarding iti own affain, to "tie up" the
Wellington Collieries by mean! ol a
general itrfke, during which the Nanaimo company would be enabled to secure the California market.
The Leader baa been further informed that the only thing tbat eavid the
Wellington Colliery Company from tbe
consummation ol this scheme wu tbe
fact tbat a number of ite men were fully
aware of tbii, aud that their determined
■land againit tbe proposal prevented it
from being accomplished,
We do not vouch lor the correclnets
ol the foregoing itatement, but we do
believe that tbe perions who inform
ed ni are credible penous. At ill
event!, there can be no disputing tbe
fact that the management of the Wei
lington Colliery Company wai fully
aware tbat tbe propoied amalgamation
wai inimical to iti intereiti, and in tbe
Just the thing for those great catches of fish   they are
getting along the beach.   The prices  are the lowest.
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Efptanadaind Oatacre Street, • . Ladyemith
1 •a.!.f.r.s.Wi,;f.,»«W.»«^
opinion of all reasonable pecp'e tbat
company wai justified in declining lo
sanction tbe union of Iti men with the
men of a company bitterly adverse to
tbe Wellington Colliery's intereale,
We ihould like to know if Mr. Ralph
Smith's atrenuoui advocacy of thil amalgamation la entirely dlsintereeted. We
should like lo know II he hu not hii
eye upon an important advantage for
himself in the shape of a lucrative official poiition, Whether or no, Mr,
Ralph Smith may reit periectly assured
tbat all his effort! to hoodwink the
Wellington Colliery Company wlll fail
for tbe management cf that Company
know him thoroughly; and tbat ii the
wont thing possible that can happen to
Ralph Smith.
General Lord Metbuen would probably
receive at tbe handi of hii captors bet'
ter and more tender treatment than any
other British Oeneral that they might
take prisoner. The Boers could not forget that their brave but nuiortunate
captive ii the man wbo shed Insh glory
on the British arms by offering chivalrous honor! to the memory ol a lialn
foe. General Villeboii Mireuil, even at
the risk ol being misunderstood by bis
own countrymen.
General M.thuen's conduct on that
occaeion did more to win the aympnthy
ol the Continent than all tbe pro-Boer
speeches in the Horn, ol Commons or
tbronghout tbe United Kingdom. It
proved that he ii a noble-minded man,
who take! with him into the battlefield
tbe high sentiments ol Bayard and
Sidney. Lord Metbnen was severely
crlticliad at the time lor hii lotion which
wai denounced as quixotic and eccentric!
Thank God, w. have men in Ihe British army wbo are capable of rising
above tbe tjoidid coneider.lioni ol an
age which ii more prolific in bargalnera
than in knightly men who can do noble
deedi. At any rate, Lord Mefhuen'a
kindlinen toward even the memory of a
dead and vanquished foe no doubt
stood bim in good eteatl iu his captivity, or we aro deplorably
deceived iu Ihe character ol his captors,
That such a misfortune should overtake the Britiih forcei in Ihe field at
thil time In the wir il certainly die-
quieting. Tbe war is now lar iuto its
third year, and thli lateit reverie will
do much to encourage the Boera ln tbeir
resistance. It ii anything but reuiui-
lug to learn that tbe death Hit and the
financial loss keep pace with one another at an alarming rate, Mr, Lloyd
George estimates that the total costil
completing the conquest of tbe two republics will not be leu than lour hundred million! ol pound! sterling (about
two thousand million! of dollar!). The
death lilt already exceed! thoie of the
Crimian, Indian Mutiny and Abyisln
Ian campaign! combined; aud tbe cost
hu already been greater than the two
flnt mentioned campaigns and tlie
Penineular war combined.
How long can Britain stand Ihe
strain? It goes without laying that
Britain will never give np the attempt
to subdue tbe Boers. Peihipi the newi
thit Lord Kitchener hlmiell li to tike
command actively with the fighting line
aud direct the actual pnnult may be
taken ai ihe beginning ol tbe end.
Again and again we hav. noted of
late in the Britiih n.wipipen th.
charge that the War Office ii deliberate'
ly trying lo break down the Volunleir
movement In order to make a cue lor
conscription. The Volunteer Record
uyi It Ii informed tbat the War office
actually hu now a icbeme for conicrlp-
tion drawn np, and that it will be iuued
es soon ai the dlibmdment oi tbe Volunteer lorce li aocompllihed. Then for
Ihne yean apiece ol "the lordliest life
on earth" witbonl the option ol a niy.
We hav. had asm. exceedingly qneer
judicial decisions in the province, but
it wonld be bard to match, even in British Columbia, the extraordinary sentence Imposed by Mr, Juitice Ridley re.
cently, at the Northumberland Assises,
Newculle, He complained that the
lighting ol the court wu bad, and dit-
covered that tbe lighti In front ol him
wen Welibich burners, but bad no
mantles. The caretaker wa. called ind
in amwer to a queitlon aaid hii wage,
wire 20a a week. "Then," laid hii
Lordihip, "you are fined £10 lor   not,
kiepirglhe light! in prop-r ordei J I;
measure the fine . according to your
One of the grand pleuuici of T, e
Leader's li'e is to have the assurance of
tbe t' o Nanaimo newepspoia tbat thil
paper contribute! even In tbe smallest
degne to tneir gaiety. Our only ainlii'-
ion in this life ii to make everybody
hippy, even al the expense ol bur own
happiness; which is, of courie, forfeit
wben grieving over the blunder! past
counting of our two unfortunate con
temporaries. Free Press wants na to
check it! proof reader's mistakes; but
we decline until the Free Press igreel to
attend a night school; and the Herald
turns one of our own j ikes (that in tbe
Board ol Trade report, which was verbatim) against ourselves. The Herald,
however, jokes with difficulty, and could
hardly be expected to perceive the acu
tetigisti of The Leader's occasional departures from the grave and dignified.
Our piety is constantly refreshed when
reading our two Nanaimo contemporaries, lor the portion of Holy Scriptme
which says; "Suffer fools glidly," is
then omnipresent.
Canadian society ol Author.,
The annual meeting ot tho Canadian
Society of Authors was held at Victoria
University on Friday, Fibruiry 14, Tbe
following officers were elected for 1902
Hon. President, Prof. Goldwln Smith,
L, L. D.; president, Hon, George W.
Ross, L, L, D.; vice-presidents, Dr.
Bryce ol Winnipeg, Dr. Drummond ol
Montreal, Dr, Frechette cf Montreal
Hon. J. W. Lingley of Halifax, Duncan
Campbell Sjott of Oitawa; secretary,
Prof. Pel bam Edgar; treaiurer; John
A. Cooper,B. A.; executive committee
Meurs. Jas. Bain, jr., Onalell Hopklne,
B. E, Walker, Bernard McEvoy, Macdonald Oxley, Mayor llowland, J. S.
Williun, Prof. Lefroy, Prof. Mavor,
Prof. Davidson. A bibliography of the
contiibutioua ol the members to current
literaturo will be soon ready lor distribution in  the society.
fl'<sV*'«S*'f.-ri'.««'. KivKfcYWtirKUr-Wrft
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flerely A Reminder
Of the fact that the Leader Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and society—at very reasonable prices.
We Print
**H II11 H|| I i 111111-H-t^f
—Letter Head.
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mww, 1 n n 1111 m 1 ui 1 r isHHmw-HW **********)? LADYSMITH LEADER AND WELLINGTON-EXTENSION NEWS.MA1K H IB; 190*.
An  Old Blcotclrnl  Machine Datlnf
llnek to the Revolution.
Nearly every schoolboy of a generation ago wns familiar with the friction-
ni electricity machine, never of very which consists ot suet pudding with
much practical value, but of great In- raisins ln lt.   Vegetables, though they
ten-it to youthful minds ou account ot are ln tho official harbor menu, nro not
the Bpark that could be made to pass served out to tbe messes every day, but
Sailor.' Rntlon.,
A recent writer has this to say ot
lallors' rations: "A sailor has dishes,
and loves them, that are little appreciated ashore. He likes 'Fanny Adams'
and has a great fancy for 'plum duff,
"An' you're tho baggageman too."
"Of courso I'm tbo baggageman."
[Original.] -, '
Traveling westward on the 0„ B.
nnd Q. ruilway and finding the smoking car crowded, I went into tho bng-
gngo car. I was puffing quietly whoii I   from'condenser  to  youthful  finger- on certnfn days some group's of" men
.was startled by a farmer sitting on a   Nowadays tho size of the spark has In- got all and the others none, on a sys-
trunk exclaiming:                              .   creased ns the size of the machine ha. tern of which Jack quite approves.
"No. 1401, by thunder!"                      diminished, but an example of tbe ear- "Tbe messes whose turn It Is to have
Tho baggageman looked at him in.   llel' tJ'P0 '» stl11 preserved at the Jeffer- vegetables indulge in a 'pot mess,' as
son physical laboratory at Harvard, It Is styled, perhaps not inappropriate-
wbero au Interesting collection of an- ly.   The messes ln their turn rccclvo
liquated pieces of apparatus gives tbe the shlus, scrag ends, neck pieces and
visitor to Cambridge an opportunity to other odds aud ends of tho meat ration
You was a-runnlu' this car when we  compare tho earliest with the latest -somo sailors aver thnt every animal
hed a weddin' an' n. weddln' tower all   methods of studying pbyslcs and as* has at least six shlns-and this mlscel-
to onct," replied tho farmer.                  tronomy. laneous  assortment  of  remnants  Is
"You dou't mean it!" .                       j   This special piece, moreover, Is par* thrown into n pot with as many vagc-
"I do mean It, an- I never see any   ticulariy interesting lu tbat it was orlg. tables as can bo got.  Tbe result ls a
one connected with that little affair   ,nnl|y Purchased for the college by "pot mess.'
that I don't shiver, an' then I want to   B™Jamln  Franklin when acting a. "Any landlubber who desires to try
hug'cm  I have had some close shaves   American commissioner to France dur- a real naval dish will hnve no dllUculty
in mli r„ T„.7,n.    1 h     i     I r   ln«the Revolutionary wnr. It Is a cum- In getting the dish prepared, aud If he
.in my life, an thnt was the closest I   bcraomc „„„,, tliat would requ|re , ent9 lt m „ table w|th „ncv(m ,egs
ever had.   If It hadn't been fur that   i,or.so nnu- a mHn wag(m or a wnolB wblch luuges up and down ho can lm-
feller that fust helped us out an' then   automobile to move, but the principle aglne he Is at sea."
prevented my gcttln' a bullet through   on which lt ls based Is the same as la
my head, I'd 'a' been slumbcrln' all   its modern successors. Aside from lixe
these years In our bnrylu' ground." the most noticeable difference Is In tbe
use of a glass globe about a, foot In diameter to produce .tbo -electricity by
"You refer to tho time wheu the gun
.went off," said tho baggageman. "I
confess I was ns much frightened as
you were.   To tell tho' truth, after I
Narcolepsy Is a curious and somewhat rare disease, whose most promt-
_ _.    _ _  _¥ nent symptom Is irresistible attacks of
friction Instead of the big circular glass BlccP' T1,ese may come on suddenly at
pinto scon In later machines. any time nnd place, and tbe patient ls
Despite Its size and the big globe, absolutely unable to stay awake. Tho
heard the report I expected to sco you   liowevcr-whlch Is supported on post. ,leeP' however, Is usually of short du-
fall and  was  surprised   when   you   resembling tboso of a colonial four ration, from ten to thirty minutes,
didn't."                                                poster bed-the old machine nover ex- Tue disease was described and nam-
"My friends," I Bald, offering both a   ecoded a spark two inches long and •* bv Gellneau, a French physician, ln
Havana clgur, "I never can bear to sec ' was even proud of that modest per- 1880, " ls ""ought by somo specialists
people enjoying a good tiling without   f°™nnco.  How modest lt really wa. to be closely allied to epilepsy. But as
shorlnir In tho nmuaonient    Toll mn   ma^ bo "Ma by comparison with a *to """-ek8 resemble heMtty Bicc„_
ill «  J"        anluS(!°le,lt   TcU me   modern machine iu the next case, so tto amicle. are relaxed, the heart and
wo story.                                             ffiucli smn,|„r tbnn p,.,,,,);!!^, tnat le respiration are slowed down, the pa-
You sec, stranger, Ann Eliza Per- , „,„ Lc ,lcl(, ln ono ^^ tlia, proauce, tlent on awakening Is refreshed as oft-
kins 'n' me, beln' bent on glttcn hitch-  a spark of electricity of nearly .even cr aa ordinary nap, and there Is none
ed, an' me not beln' acccptablo to tho  inches. *
olo man, wo lighted out one mornln'
from her homo in her paw's buggy,
calculntln- to ketch tho train fur Qulncy that stopped at our station at .1:35.
"Waal, wo was a-drlvln' sllontllko
outen the gnto when up goes a winder,
ot tbe lassitude and sense of exhaustion which follows tbo epileptic fit-
it Is certainly very different In origin
from the latter. Ilobln nnd Paul Sain-
If silence is golden, a discreet silence ton have reeorded cases which show
ls away abovo rubles.—"Life on tbe close association between obesity and
Stage." tbo tendency to narcolepsy.
.,„,,,,    ,      ,     .  .   ,        Most mon nre Inventive enough la     u ""a™ probable, however, as Dutll
nn olo Perkins head stuck out I glvo  tll0 Ilmttcr 0. pi!rs0Bal justiacatlon.— thinks, that Its closest ally Is ilmple
tho niiil-n ll  rut.   on'  we  wool  ll,-l;otv { „pnlm Bom-uaH],,, hysteria.
| Tbo man in a mnn can only be recognized by tho womnu ln a woman.—"By
the Higher Law."
tho nniro a cut, au' wo wont Ilckcty
split down tbe road. We bod three
miles to make to tho station nn' twenty minutes to do lt In. But lt didn't
make no difference as to our time, lt
was tho tlmo of the train an' the tlnio
the ole man would make a-chnsln' us,
fer wo knowed he'd follow with his
gun. Wo mado tho station In fifteen
minutes, hut ns we wasn't on ti prulrlo
we couldn't see whether the train was
n-comlu' or uot. Fuct wns the track
run. around tho bnso of a hill, an' wo
couldn't even hear the engine n-putlln'.
"You hot that was n long five minutes, Ann Eliza up on the platform
a-lookln' fur hor iliul, me with my car
down ou the rails 'ii-llsloulu' fur the
"'He's a-coinlnT cried Ann Eliza,
n-turnln' pale.
"'So's the train,' snld I, a-shnkln'
with excitement, n-hcarln' the riijllln'
Af tbe wagon au' tbe click of the train
on the rails.
"Wben tbe train drawed up, we got
Inter tho baggage car, to bo fiirthcrcst
from the ole man. When wo moved on,
I put my bead outen tho door, nn' there
ho was, a-nang!n' on to tho rail of tho
last car.
" 'Game's up!' I said, lugnhrus. ,
"'Not a bit,' snld a Chicago drummer who bad foUr-ycd us Inter the car.
'Wonder cf there's a parson aboard.'
"'There's no time to find out,' I
aaid. 'S'pcct the olo mail's n-coinlii'
through the train mighty fast.'
"'I'll play parson myself,' said the
drummer, an', whlppin' off his cravat,
he tied a white handkerchief around
his neck, bnttoncd up his cont, borryed
a pair of spectacles an' told as to stand
tip nfore blm fur to be married.
" 'I hain't a-golu' to bo married by a
bogus parson,' said Ann Ellzn. 'I want
a certificate, an' n glnulnc ono too.'
"'You don't cutch on to the game,'
said tho drummer. 'When tho olo mini
comes, he'll think you're married, that
be'i too late to break off tbo match, tin*
lie'll glvo you bis hlcssln'. Soon's you
reach Qulncy you kin git a minister
an- be married regular.'
"This pacified Ann Ellzi, an' we
■food up nforo tbe drummer. He had
only time to yoll ns tho door opened,
'Man an' wife!' Perkins, set-In' ho was
toe late, leveled his gun at mo, but the
drummer was spry an' knocked lt up,
^,ere,by gum, Is tbe bole the be„  {,— -"J "-»
Cat Verana Trent.
A member of tho Sullivan County
,, ,   ,              ,      ..... c'nb caught half a dozen trout one dny
It is human nature to shrink from ias, aummr aIld <,„„.,„„ tucm „,,,., t0
confessing oneself wrong ln one', an- nl(1 cottage, intending to take them to
tlclpntions.-Lassie.' tho city. He turned the water Into his
A girl ls never too young to form bathtub, and the trout seemed to thrive
opinions of her own scx-or to express as well there as they had done ln the
them.—"Tho Destluy of Doris." streams.
Tho world may doom you to plain That afternoon one of the fish dlsnp-
living, but only you con deny yonnelf pearcd..  The  mnn,   thinking It  bad
plain thlnUlng.-"Deafnesi and Cheer. Jumped out, looked all around the
fulness." room, but no trout was to be seen.
Women love good men, but are Inter- Next-morning two mora were gone,
cstcd lu mon whoso goodness Ib mora and the servant was closely question-
or, loss Impaired.—"Ihe: Man Front ed.' Then two more disappeared, and
Glengarry," the fisherman was io much concerned
Tho power that prepared the high- that be took a place outside the bath-
ways ot life seems ta have arranged room window and proceeded to watch,
that the fingerposts along the primrose* Pretty scon tho family cat entered,
paths shall rarely point to the prom, perched on the edge of the tub and,
lacd land.—"Captain Blultt." waiting Its chance, struck viciously
Think not, as mnny sny, there It but llj,° "'* water with one paw and
ono springtide of lite, that It II but a brought up the remaining trout
green nnd aappy youth which ruibei to
a brief summer and all else of life 1. ———__
but a winter, long nud drear and gray „, "*• w'1* l0 Do ■■«■■•"*
und lonely. Through oil our life our .   " tuere aa* olle llv"-8 uere ul-aw
springtide    ls    renewed. - "Ulttreu Wenty-one years of age?" inquired a
Brent." D"m vbo tm*the doorbell at a genteel
. residence tbe other dny.          ,
Why Be iie.iioieii.             I   "No, there Is not," rather sharply
Tbe Brooklyn ClOzen prints an expo- "P""1 » "Plnitor of eight and thirty
rlcnco of a man who traveled all over •u|nmeri who answered.
Europo and declares that ho did not "Wni'-,8 " Posslblo?" was the reply
meet but ono person wbo hesitated vt   a,a  apparently astonished man.
over tho acceptance of a fee: "Don't you live here?"
I was wandering through an old " was ° "eat hit, and after a little
graveyard ln an English town nnd had a'mpering nnd a brief chat nbout tho
stopped before n stone which had not weather the maiden purchased two
been long ln place.  A man who mmt C0Q,e' ot » ™mk entitled "Hint. For
hnve been following me stepped upend tbo Young,"-London Tit-Bit*,
laid: I 	
"Ah, air, but she who Ilea here will I   , ,  »■••*■* Voice,
bo missed for years to cornel  Shewn. A ninitcal writer itotos that fine to-
for half a lifetime tbe president of th. ""'•'■ ttre rare m countries where fish
charity board." and atat dlcM Prev«U and that tho
ln nn nbsentmlndcd way I handed volce «"nreelato» as families grow rich
him a Blxpoiice, snld tbe traveler. Ho ttti Increase the amount of meat con-
received it, turned It over in bit hand ,ttma- Nlln1"" "* 0cDoa- vimv ""«*
In a hesitating way and finally item- fl811 ■* •"""'• «lv0 fcw "' '"--l"8 8l"«-
mered- *"•> ""' "l0 sweet voices ot Ireland
"As she wai my own wife, air. and aro ,<"""i m ""' country, hot uot In tho
as I wn. hero to plant fiowera on her ,<"-m   ,n Nor','"v ,0° mcl> flBU '•
grave, perhaps lt would not be exactly; ■3ntM1 ,or ,1)0 Production of singers, but
propor to accept a fee." Sweden Is a land of grain and song.
I replied that but for him t might Tl1" carnivorous birds croak; grain eat-
never havo known about her being ln* hlrdnlng.
president of tho board, and he swal-
made ln tho roof I
" 'Ole man,' .aid the bogus parson,
n-drawl!n' bis words, 'why try to separate tbose who hov been Joined together In tbe holy bonds of wedlock?
Would yon send this young man away
from bis bride afore bis time!'
sixpence with ono motion and with evident satisfaction.
onto, an* Man.
Once upon a tlmo n postmaster wha
j lived ln a Kansas town wn. leated la
','"•Then^h7ole"maVbroke, down. He hl8ofllM r,c«al"S P°8t»' card, when a
aeehow neir he-d been to murder, an- J"'1™^10"'if?^""""J*" Wa';
be wa. ton late to save hi. daughter 2^J5^"£ »«>"«}«»«•«
from n-mnrryin' me, which, I reckon, Jl^"-Ji","».-**•mfk:*km+
was a bad piece of luck fur Ann Ellzn.  nut «""">tllrOT "■■■"■ O-'"""*-
Th. Maid nin.hrd.
When Mr. David Dear, winner of the
queen's prize at Blslcy, wns a law student, be once attended an "at home."
On the servant asking his name, he replied, "David Dear."
The girl blushed and said, "Yes, yesj
but what li your other name, sir?"
He assured ber he bad no other
name, bnt it was of no use. The servant know better and announced blm a.
"Mr, David."
Be began to cry, an' Ann Ellzn went to
him an' put her arms nroun- blm unbegun to cry, nn' I, not to bo out In the
WHIr Actress.
A leading actress, who Is notably j
well "billed" all ovor town end coun-
In a few seconds he was snfely seated In the top of a high tree bmy picking chestnut burs out of bis hair and
wfdrtwin'to cry, "nn' tlieVogus"^'^ ,0'°*1""» hwbe» u" ""» the hnlldlag t'ry7 obserred "to the Intc'rvlowor'^Of
aon-he wns really a soft hearted toiler   ,'"'ho ,lma "?"^imlf lc" c<,mln» courae I can't get on without 'billing,'
-tuk his ban'kcrehlcf from bis neck , d„f'L'?nI^ „„ .„i.i»rf   ,»k mi",h°mWi sl)"* "" "ttl0'coo""ti'
an- filled It coplousllko. I     ' dic,arS ,"0 exclaimed, "thert Do 1 me powder?   Why, of course.
" -How could yon hev done Itr *ol> j ""J" ^"'f'S Ktatf" "*C W,int do rou °""" And' "" dcnr "r'
bed tho olo man. |   Moral.-Bomotlme. tin office leoki i ,hal, now ae|10lld on you_for the
" 'Ob, paw,' cried  Ann  Ellin,  'It       mal1' powd.r-ob, dear, nc—for the putt I"
hnln'f- ' " "	
'My dear,' aaid the drummer, Inter-
rnptin', 'I'm sorry I hain't got no blank
Mennlnai ot Worda an* Cnlliren,   | The Beat of Reasons
 n                    Ono of my children wn. rending to "Why do you bring this to me!"
c«SflMterw7thme,"but i'lTflli ono out  mo ln her English history bow tha thundered Iho weary editor, thniBtlng
as soon ns wo get to Qulncy.'                """'or killed Wnt Tyler.  "I luppoie It tbe manuscript back Into the bonds ot
"Tho olo mnn pnt out bis linn- to mo  •''eked blm," sho rouiurkcd.  I explain- the poet
an- hoped I'd be good to his dear littlo  "» that tho mayor wha a man.   "Oh," "Because," replied the hard timidly,
gal, which made me feel's if I'd boon   'ho said, "I thought a mare wn. aa "I havo no itamp."
n-itonlln- apples offen his best tree.  B'd gray horsel"  ——     ,:
When we reached Qulncy, wo shook     WJ- mother told mo that tbe word There Is only one way to cure falldra
him long enough to git married real-  "sundry," which she heard In church -glv. up seeking cxcuies nnd leek
the drummer tuk him olf-nn- that's  1" tho exhortation, puzzled her much work,
the end of tho yarn. Isn't that how It  BII she decided In her own mind It t»  -
,was, Mr. Bnggago Smasher?"               ferred to tho hot, nrld land of Pnli* A rose In tbe hand Is worth a wbola
"You'T. told it bcniitlfnl."                , tine, where tho Hllde was written-* wreath on the cofllu,-Nalloual Maga-
JULIAN ,VARNHAM,   , *>m dry plnce,-Good Word*, , lint,      	
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
| It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's sn
1    '      film n
ducrion works to be erectt.db.ere.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants  and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysm^hl
Fishing Taokla of all kindi. Splendid assortment of rod!, reels, flies,
baits and all anglers' requieitei, at
moit reasonable prlcei.
J. SAMPSON,     -     Commercial St.,
MoAdle Block, Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo, B. C.
Having leased the McAdie Block, and
having had the rooms completely renovated, I am now prepared to receive
boarden with or without rooms. Visitor! from Ladysmith will find most
comfortable accommodation at very
reasonable ratei. MISS KEITH.
Str. Thistle called in on Wedneiday
lor b.r niual load of coal,
A meeting in regard to the Alberoi
railway ii to be held in Nanaimo tbii
Alarm clock! in great variety and al
loweit pricei, at Lively'i the ieiding jeweler, Flnt Avenue,
Mr. Fletcher, Poit Office Inipector,
will make a ipeelil examination oi
Ladyimith poit office eirly next week,
I am carrying a line of handiome wat
chei at tempting pricei. Call and lee
them.    Lively, the leading   jeweler,
Th. lympithy ol their many Iriende
hat bnn extended to Mr. and Mn. F.
W. Gn.vei of Lidytmith, who inffered
the ion ol their little one last Tueiday
morning. Tb. fun.r.l took place at
Nanalmo on Wedneiday.
The lateit itylei in hiir cutting and
neird trimming at the Ladyimith Shaving Parlor, High street.
Wanted to purchaie on or below
Flnt Avenue, a lull lized lot. Address
with full particulars as to improvements
or building, etc., to X. Y, Z„ Leader
A imall outbreak ol fire at the Saiety
Powder werki, Nanaimo River Bridge
lut Tueiday resulted in eome damage to
one of the outbuildings. The fife wu
promptly extingulihed by th. stiff.
A Grand Calico Ball will be held in
th. Oddfellows' Hall on March 17th under the auspices ol the Ratbbone Sieten
ol Ladyimith Temple No. 5. For the
belt dniied gent, gent'i umbrella, value
(6.00; belt drened (calico) lady, (5,00
caah. Admission (1,00 a couple; for
single ticket 50 cents. Lunch will be
provided for 26 centi extra.
When viliting Ladyimith call at Live
ly'i Jewelry itore and eee the fine range
ol watches, olocki and jewelry of all description!.
The Leader hai recived some more
letters ol enquiry from intending nttleii
Indifferent pirti ol Canada and the
United Statu, and on the same mbject
from a gentleman in the old country,
Itii for Ladysmith'! Board ol Trade lo
"buck np" aad make Ladysmith's mme
and advantage! known from Newfoundland to Bebring Strait.
Johnston Block,      -     Nanaimo, B. C
P. O. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
You'll Want A Gun
To make room for Spring
Goods to arrive in a few days,
we have a few Guns and
Rifles that I will sell at cost
prices in order to clear out.
ladysmith,        -        B. C.
Mrs. Mitchell of Nanalmo will vil'.t
Ladyimith next Wedneiday, the 17th.
Initint, and will bs pleated to meet her
pupil! in art needlework, painting, etc.,
in tbe Abbotiford Hotel parlor, from 0,30
a, m. until 5 p, m.
Now ii the time to get your job print
ing done. The Leader can quote yon
the loweit rates on all eorti ol bill heada
letter headi, cards, circular!, ticket!,
statements, etc,
Mr. Thomas Kiddie, manager of the
Ladyemith smelter, is now busily en*
gaged Jin going over and correcting tbe
plans of the aerial tramway to convey
ore Irom tbe Tyee dump to Somenos
Noveltiel in jewelry arriving. Everybody ia invited to inipect my itock,
Lively, the leading jsweier, First Ave-
Hon. James Dunsmuir was expected
to visit Ladysmith today. The commit-
tee of the Board of Trade will have a
conference with him il be come.
Dr. Grice dentist ol Nanaimo has gone
to Comox on professional business and
will not be able to visit Lidytmith today. All wbo deeire dental work done
are reepectlully notified tbat be will be
here next Saturday, at the Abbotiford
I make a apeoialty of repair! of al)
kind! to watches, clock! and article! ol
jewelry. Give me a trial and be eon-
vlnced. Lively, tbe leading jeweler,
First Avenue.
All the Ladyemith voten who went
down to Victoria came back delighted
with the remit of the election. Ladyimith contributed an important ibare
to tbat result.
Mr. Milne, who has resided in the
Berry block for lome time put, and hai
lately been engaged with Mr. D. Nicholson, the contractor, left Ladyimith on
Wedneiday morning for the Yukon,
where he will remain the eummer and
fall. Mr. Milne'e family remain in Ladyimith.
Hon. Jamei Dunimuir haa made a
handsome donation to the funds of the
Ladysmith Methodist church. He handed a cheque for (125 to the Bev. Mr.
Bsrraclougb of Victoria the other day,
on behall of tbe church here, The gilt
has been very much appreciated.
All good citixeni of Ladyimith who
have not yet paid their entrance fee to
the secretary of the Board of Trade, Mr.
Jamei Freel, are respectfully requeued
to do io at their eirlieit convenience.
Throngh iti Board ol Trade Ladyimith
can accomplish vastly more than individual effort on tbe part of private citizens.
Owing to tbe important meeting in Nanaimo tonight on the
Alberni railway question the pro-
peied meeting to tbe Ladyimith Liberal! for organiution, to have been held
tonight, il postponed until next Saturday evening at 8 o'clock Gonld'i Hall,
when all the leaden will be pretent
II it il a nice ring or bracelet you are
looking lor Lively, the leading jeweler,
Fint Avenue, bai a fint clan selection
from which to choose,
Capital Sport Being Enjoyed on
Ladysmith Bay.
For lome daya back the local anglers
have been busy whipping the waters ol
Oyster Harbor with the most approved
dies and baiti, and have been meeting
witb gi.at success. One gentleman, an
enthusiast in the sport, landed thirty
beauties in one day's fishing. Many
other bags almost equally good have
been made by Ladyimith men. The
avenge weight hai been well over a
The'.local dealers ar. doing a fin.
butlnenln fitting ont anglm with
rodi,'flei, reel! .nd other paraphernalia,
and no doubt the iport will be followed
up next week and throughout the Ashing leaeon with great spirit. Ladysmith's fame as an anglin' paradise hai
■pread tar and wide, and number! ol
sportsmen from V.ut-iiin, Nanalmo and
Vanconver are expected to put In a lew
dayi here.
An Interesting Sight.
Ou Thursday lut a remaikable
phenomenon wai witnessed at Ladyimith, and it wai aptly described ai a
pitched battle between the lorcee ol
winter and iprlng. It wu a lovely
spring diy, but tbe iky toward the head
of tho bay wai overcast. About noon
there wai a heavy fall of mow,
quite a storm in fict, hut confined to
the bead of the bay, although a few
flurries reached the northern limits of
Ladyimith. While the mow wae falling heavily up the bay all around Lidyimlth the sea and laud were bathed in
bright, warm sunshine. The snowfall
did not last loog, and of course melted
as soon as it touched the warm ground.
The phenomenon is easily explained by
the tact that a shower of rain in falling
passed throngh a cold stratum of air,
aud io congealed into the beautiful.
Bod will is the moit vulnerable politician wbo ever effsred himself ai a target
in thla province.
ln the good! of K ibsrt Westmorland,
deceased :—
Take notice that by virtue ol an order
ol Hie Honor E, Harrison, Judge of the
County Oourt of Nanaimo, dated tie
27th day of February, 1002,1 have been
appointed administrator (wilb the will
annexed) of the effect! and credit! cf
Robert Westmorland, latent the City
of Nanaimo, B. O, deceaeed:
All debts due to the estate must be
paid forthwith, and all claima duly
verified, muat be filed witb me not later
lhantt.ls*. day of April, 10(2, when I
will proceed to distribute the asset,.
Dated at Nanaimo, March 3rd, 1902.
Ofulolal Administrator.
No. 31,
I. O. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially invited.
hogh fuiyroii, sec.
NOTICE is herby given that I intend
to apply to the Board oi License Commissioners lor the Town of Duncans, B,
O. at their next sitting lor a transfer of
my.license for the Bale ol Wines and
Liquon by retail upon the premises
known u the Alderlea Hotel, Duncini,
B. C, to Joseph A, Bogen, ol Duncans,
Dated thil 4th day ol March, A. D.,
Fancy    Dress   Carnival
Ball and Supper
To be held in Social Hall, Oddfellows'
Building, Ladyimith, on
Easter Tuesday, April ist.
Ticket! to dance and supper for lady
and gentleman, (150; single tickets,
(1.00; spectators, 25c, No muke. Proceeds in aid ol the Church of England
building iund, Ladysmith.
Barque Antiope.
The muter ol the Baique Antiope will
not be responsible lor any debts contracted hy his crew without an order
signed b yim.
Master, Barque Antiope,
Ladyemith, B.C., March 1st, 1002.
McAdie and Son
Undertakers and Emuatniers,
Telegraph Orders promptly.*'Attended.
Parlors,    Albert   Street.      Residence,
Victoria Crescent.   Telephone No. 141.
NANAIMO,      .     a      •     B. C.
Seattle Daily Times
The liveliest piper in tho Northweit.
Weekly edition a complete record of
the world'! newi to date. Sport,
politics, lociety, women1!, intereiti,
young folk's department, literature,
science, art, mniic.
Miners! Attention!
Hand Made Pit Shoes at the eame price
aa cheap factory made. Come in and eee.
All work guaranteed.   Repairing done,
At S. Christie,
**««Yttr-e'tB*'tin»'tei»)'.^'g^^ .1!
Maple Lodge, No. 61, I. 0. a. 1\
Meet! every Wednesday evening in
Nicholson's Hall, Visiting members
are cordially invited.
Pithsr & Leiser
Direct Impellers and Wholesale Detlers In
Liquors  and  Cigars.
i -mm       . mmm      i
j     r-iiiuui*     dim     wignioi I
All the leading brands kept by us.     None «j
but the-best imported.     We solicit your §
patronage. »
G. H. Mumm's Extra Dry Champagne, «j
Kilmarnock Scotch, Lrsmp's Extra Pale Ale, |
St. Louis Beer. |
Flaying Cards, all leading brands including §
Bee's. I
I 13 to 15 Yates St., Victoria, B. C. |
I Telephone No. US, if
Painting, Paperhanging and
Mattress Halting.
Leave orden lor mattress making at Mr.
I. Gonld'i itore, where samples can be
Guy H. Gavin, Ladyimith.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner First Avenue and Uat.cre Street.
Cabinet work ol all binds.
All kinds of Bolt wood furniture made
and repaired.
lie VttUy Post-liitelipr
Siatlli, With.
Nobody enn afford to be without it. All the
telegraphic news of the week. Hnrm, Held, garden, sport, society, llcaiitilul illustrations and
half tones.   Sample copy on application.   ■
All For One Dollar a Yoar.
— TO —
Winnipeg Toronto
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. S. Points.
Steamship • Serviee
Japan, China,  Hawaii,   Australasia,
First-class Slsspers on all
-TOST. PAUL, Dally.
TORON rt), Tuesdaya and Saturday!.
For pamphlet! and all Information apply
to any C.P.R. agent,
II. H. ABBOT f,      W. MoGIRR,
Agent, Viotoria.      Agent; Nan.lmo.
Aist. Genl, Pan. Agent, Vanconver,
^.(^^.(•^.^^•.(•^.(•^.(•^s^^savr^l^w.i. »«4*^^'id^'<i^'te^'»^'»4^-ttt^-t:#il-1<r»
Smelting Works
Sunday Service..
Fint Preibyterlin Ohnreh—Regular
lervlcee,morning 11 o'clock; arming 7
'clock. Sunday ichool ISO p. m.
R.V. W. A. Ra», paitor.
Methodilt church — Service! are
held at 11 o'clock Sunday morning ami
7 o'clock in the evening. Sunday ichool
at 2.80. Prayer meeting on Wedneiday
evening at 7.80 o'clock.
Tb.Baptliti will hold th.ir Church
Bervice in Nioholion'i Hill at 11.30 p. m.
-Riv. rT. Thompkini paitor.
!        ;
I Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist
Convenient to E. & N. or Sea
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intelligence. Accurate
reports. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
The \^&eLCi\&r
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Tint Tabic No. 43.
T™,S-iyT* W"imlih "alu-bonnd, dally at 9.10 a. m., and on Salnrdayi ind
BuBatyi At 8,03 p. m.
Tral"IJ**T* ^fi'aV^ aorth-bonnd, daily at ll.«7 a. m„ and on Satuidayi and
e-unaayi at fl.o7 p.m.
Tralni leav. Udyimith for Exteniion dally txc.pt Snnday at 6.00 a. m„ 2.00 and
10 p.m., and on Snndayi at 10 p.m. ' ™T
Excursion Rates to all Points, Good Saturday and Sunday
fleo, L. Oourtney,     -     Traffio Manager


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