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Ladysmith Leader Aug 27, 1902

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 ])AaOk h      ''"'-■
"* -%-iw^f^i.ii "mit save I
| money trade with      |
*****$.**$, **********l*444ll 4
I For Boots and Shoes f
l Sickle's is the store f
*r 4*
'VOL. 1. NO. 99.
Owing to the Late Arrival of our
Imported Summer Goods we are
offering them   at   very    reduced !*
prices in order to clear them out s
arid make room for our New Foil g
Goods.     Call   and   satisfy   your
selves ,
t*+*$*t4*fto*i**$*w*****W**Q*£ WORLD'S NEWS IN BRIEF.'THE PORT OF LADYSMITH,
Slaughter Sale
We do not want to Carry these Goods over QUALITY
ft  is there.   No CHEAP or SHODDY  Goods  Shewn.
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale ami  Retail  Merchants,
$,   Esplanade and (iatacru Street,
i*.'.Vi-.*.V.-WA**WiV. ■
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
-OF o
Choicest Fro.it Lots and Corners
Ii Blocks 20, 80anl HI.
Also lots 5 so 13, block SO.   Bust 1-.ah
DBN Hsull, ill town.     Abovd Bin mil ei/,sii
at Lulynmiili WedneadftyBandSilurday*
or to Gory S. Ryder, Udj smith.
III I.*iilj.Mn.-i..i, iSOxlSU if
A 1*1*1. V TO
loop's Pharmacy
Preeeriptioue carefully dispensed. Open
il iv nntl nittlit.
Member Cnti. Society of Civil  Ktigttieers
Mcttibcc Institution of Ktectricnl Ktigtneen-i
Electrical Engineer
Corrcflpontleiice Solicited
Work l.iiaraulml P. O. llox 357
ARE   YOU   INSURED?     I'"*"
get   11   11 -.      1     e   Inr   ll.   may  In
(no l«ti  ."■ 'I'.   1 .icespiit sevtra
ni.T)    .„!  |t|.;i. 1,1111.K iiiuuaniesmii'
1,1     '..-I]"    V    .1   ,i-    -      II  "IU. I   ''.    I  ■!.',..   «.
-..,. I,,.,-.,    '.,    ,  l,lH    l.iw.        .'.II    l.l.lllii.l
, i.iji iilts ciiiiigo the same rate.. D.»<>'>
lis misled Into instirlni* trill,  achcer-
company -II iniclit be d.ar in theend.
"lll'l HOLD IllEE SAFE."
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P.O. Drawer88, Nanalin... H 0.
Win. ilcverldgc, Crop.
This iit.iv hotel bus 1st.... comfortably lii-i-icl,..! Mul iln- l>nr is n|, i.u'at... J.
Beat acnoinniflilatiou for transletit aud iienutiiient bnanlarB aud lodgers.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
Tha Esplanade, • Ladysmith, B. C.
ffj^83S*»OTi«S*i***Jj-*M*^^ *-- ■•.V.WSJ.SSSS.IS!
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Soda Water, dinner Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbenated Beverages ol all kinds.
W. E. RUMrilNQ. - Proprietor,   L?,»Bo0„. .J
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain aod faiii-f bread. Oak™ and pantries ol all descriptions. Fmlts in
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Meat-'
1'oiiltrv    noil   Vecetal.liiB.   llmno  m
«•«<».   hlii|i|.ni|t oidetB attended lo 1.1
liort notice.
Tlils'old-IOstibllslied, FiiHt-Olas. .nd
I'l.iniliti llii'.'l is niiist comlortably Iur-
nlslietl, centrally situated, lias meets
t.alnr. K5 .-Ill-tit Uniting. Bar stocked
with the 11 neet .vim's, liquors and cliata.
M,lNAIMO, 11. O.
Dry Goods,
Gents' Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes.
Short Way With Murderers-Life
Guard Officers Punished,
Rudyard Refused Knighthood-War
Office Bungling,
o AT o
• ••
Sale Commences 9 o'clock, Wednesday,
August 27lli, 1902.
! C. E. STEVENSON 4 CO.,.,
' i$ i^-i|riti'.|rit'++*QQ1&4^$M4$4QQ$
OhitrleB Giilyere, white, and Hurry
'iHit-B, colored, wtio bouio weeks ago
murdered Uflo, W. .T'lhiiBon, were'taken
fn in jiil at- Lexington, Mu,, and banged
hy a mob.
Tne mother o-f Kin* Victoi Emmanuel
has given $4,000 to tho fund fur tbe re*
uonBiruction of the earn panlle ol St, Mark
Tbe French Government continued to
liavu trouble with mobs vbile closing
tbe retlgioiiB scbuole.
TheCzar baa expressed a de ire lo
abdicate in favour uf hip brother, tirm-d
Duke Tsiirevitcli Michael AUxiiidrn-
Thsugh bartl preeeed King Edward refused to pin don officers of Bteoud LJfs
ijuarilu who ahtiBed better men.
It ie officially itemed tbat tbe relatione
between France and Slam are btrained
At the University uf ti-irne there hat)
been created a faculty ol journalism.
Proof of UiiH-r. a' tfinin producing can-
abilltlea of tbe Z mipanahurg district is
afforded liy the fact that 40,000 bii ire
of mealies have been pent since October
laet to the military authorities in Pretoria and Johannesburg.
Mr U. S. Siiott, who recently returned
from Uieley, ia of tbe opinion thai tbe
Canadian leant in the Palma trophy
match 'will have nothing to fear from tin-
IJiilii-fi te.iiu. tie uiei a number ol
them while in Euglaud, and says they
arc nil good aliota, but thiuku tbat tbe
ij,iii.i i,uiii.i',iii beat i.ifui at lhe long
The London Ai a bmy ia uiiUiurity for
tbe btatement that Rudy ard Kipling
might have beon knighted along with
Gilbert Parker and Oouau Doyle hu
that he declined ttie olTer.
The drain ol the war upon C-tnadiau
bnrBi-fleah ia being felt in Ottawa, where
the price of d'aught hoiaeefor the wood--
h.it- advanced -0 per cent.
I.H.t njnnth forty-five certificates o!
natural zition were g-mitetl tti alien*- by
Another Big Bunch of Steamers
Call Here.
Wholesale Shipments of Wellington
Coal to all Points,
Veteran smnlters say thnt when hi >
light up "THK PROVINOE'lolitar.
Ladyemith hotel kef pere know a uian'i
,B«i...l jn-'iie when he athH fur THi'l
Yaits Street, VICTORIA, B. 0,
Bar-liter, Solicitor,
Attorney. Notnry L'ublto, Ktc.
Money to Lt«n.
Nattiiinio, •■ - * "• 9'
Harrison Hot Springs
Tlitu (teHghtfiil licnltti nml l»l«*_rc
resort, llie finest in Amerlai, otters
Unrivalled  Advantages
Mnatillieeiit Scenery, Plfllllllg, Sliooting
UuutliiK. HatliiiiK. SwiiiitiinirJ, Vapor
unit I'tlvnte ltathi witlt Mnsaaae.
THE HOTEL '"*B oct'n co'nplately
ruiiivaUu mill refttrnlsliwl throtiglioiil,
electric HalitliiK: first -class cuisine;
ball ami tennis grmimls; clmnniiiR
ilrlvcs » Splfiiilttl SUCCCB8 in trpnltitttil
of Rlieilitiatism, Conl, Kidney Trouble.
Every Comfort and Convenience.
Resident Physican.  Rates: $2 a Day
Abi'iln elv I'm- (Inert tea told ni B.C. If vou do n it awiw,
■i a-k ttiir ens ouie're. Or he'ter hmII try une ptuitid 51) ■.
Tiiipn •e-rl iii'i-ily from Deukajulie Tea Garden?. U tlj
mi jelvt'B bettpetin tlie grower and.ypii, Vour Becoml order
will bi f) pouuds, price J2.25.
Heddle & Co.
Provincial l.iitnsutl Assayvr, late assayer
Vail Allila Smeller. KelVilili: iiimly.-is nf
ores, coats, etc, jilitpiiK'titsaiiili-uiiiii.liiu.
at smellt-rs sii*jit-ftiiteink'il.   \Vt*i*u*litm iiud
returns checked, Next to Hie Iraw Courts.
r. o. IIOX89.
16 Unglcy Street, VICTORIA.
llarrlslers, Solictors and
Olllcei Odil'ellows' llollillna. R.,Litis St.
P.O. BOX 243
Two Stories About the Boy President of a Big Trust.
Mere aro two -Tunnies nf telegraph
HHwe fi*< ebe ib urnpheil to the dnil\
papers; the bewildered reader la left to
wonder who Ib lyitin ibe harder, the
ueBPlmiat repirter nr thn optimist.
First report (inornirig paporl—Obiuiia
\I, Si'-bwah, preBldfiit of the U S. Scil
Trnat, is 'all bn k up"; be ia n phyal-
ra' wreck and cnu't Uei long, lie ■.•.ill
rauigu the proalduncy, goawny luck 10
Kurope and sit down for a long long
Second report (evening paper)- Clmrlee
M. Schwab, president, el«., etc., stepped
rfT the Lickawantia railroad train at
New York to-day aa chipper ae a chip*
ruunk going (n a runting bee. In reply
to questions Mr. Schwab eaid: "I never
lelt better in my life, I am not going
to resign tbe presidency (ealary one
million dollars a year); lam not going
to Kurope; I am not to take a rest; 1
am not going to do anything the reports
say I am going to do except to live and
work 20 hours every day tnctudlni-
SundayB and bank holidays."
tbe ttotne Sr-ureiary. Ot ihefle tw*n'y*
tivearit deacrioed a» ci'Uiing from Bui*
stii, eight from Germany, four Irmn Au*-
tria-Iliiug.-try, ami une encii from Den
mark, Prance, Oree:e, Norway, Ottoman P.tupire, iv.11 ni.iiiH, Sweden, anti
tbe Nrtiit-rl itiita
The 1'exi.i flooii are n iw abating.
OaniHgc to tiie railway iracke 10 the
amount of •j.J.ui'-ii.iiih' Init* hteu done,
Twenty peo.ilu nr-i i.no.vn 10 bave been
"Toe S-Jottlab Uuiversiti-js, with their
valuabl-prof-j-iBUiBhifB, liavu lor Home
time p isi been untlcl-jg away many of
tne h bluet meu from Oxionl," bit-aya
a wit*.*, iu lb j "Libur-tl Knnt-w,"
T'uoete new uniform*] wincn the War
Office wiseacrea Imvu invented for ihe
purpose (ontenaiblyjol lebeeiuagoltici-'iB'
exptm-jea will, il now appear.*, conl.
more tiiau tiie ill o««i. I'ti-.' price of a
aecoud lieuteiniiti'd Kit in l-je lutautry
uaed to bi) £48 Is; no.v it is £b'*i. Ami
thu iie-tv uuil'oriu, it id oeliovtai. will uot
I.if* 1 ao Ion,* .is mu oid. li iu no ii&i* ttie
Wai Ofli-je.
A coinbiuallou iu btiug loimcil ol
bo me of tlie laigesi ptouu.eio uud 10*
dnevs in Pi.iiiii lu upett diHiruititiiig
agein'ien iu Kiigtaiid .uni elnewricit) fur
me oitlu to reiuilera and othein ut Uue-
aiau oil at a puce uuoBidurtuiiy '). low
that now ruliug oii tne murkel.
Tlie "Hoo" Uanala iu Jitiy n.il 8,276
ve-eols, tsilb a total ire.gin 01 6,0l*"i|388
uii'ti. i'oc C-i-i-itti.ui canal nal tiili
%■»*■*■ tt- Ol Oilt/.tSli iuu-j of (roigut.
Oue bundled ami tidy wagoua made
lu Hungary, aud tleauued lor 1..1- I'l.a.a-
v.iat railway inive it-it, Ktiime,
Dr SnapiiolTefltiiiiaiea ftat uiote than
me n.'iiUi of llie men iu ttie Iiu-,-■...«,
autuluig almy in iv be ieg4iotio nt-
it I t.i'gel l Kir piijflic.llv und .
Tbe end of last and tbefore part of the
present week saw tbe arrival of a number
of large earito boats, which have tsken
away nearly ell the coal iu ibe L-tdj.
amith buukera and yards, and have
made buaim-BB lively at Kiten.iun to
supply the demand. It is reported that
another large batch of Bailing vessels
will reach thia port In a week or two, to
load for various points.
S-rTellue arrived Saturday morning
Irom SauTranclBCo and took on a full
cargo, 3,600 tons, of Wellington coal for
tt.e Bauie port, sailing at 1 o'clock on
Monday morning. She loaded in 16
hours, which te not slow.
Sir. Viotoria arrived on Saturday Irom
Sau Franuisi.o to load coal for the California muiketB. She wiil go out tonight.
Str. Valeunia came iu from Seattle on
t'ia23id Ins-ant to take a full cargo of
Wt-liiugton ooal to Sau Francisco. The
Valencia has been pl> ing on the Northern run, hut after discharging ber coal
aruu at Frlaeo she will enter tbe
Southern California roasting trade,
Str, Uacar louk out a cargo of Mt.
Sirker oru to Tj-wuik araelter 8aturday,
ir. TlilatleeallfrU io Saturday l-.r her
usual l-tu 1 nf cnal
Str. CUty of Nanaimo called at Lady-
dtuith Friday uiKbt on ber way from
Nanaimo to Seattle to take on a number
ol passengers here. Sh ■ calltd again Sun-
Jay evening to laud the excureiou.Bts
ami then proceeded to Nanaimo.
Sir. Hope arrived from Victoria on
Sunday for cnal, after lowing a ship to
St1. Boecowfta coaled hero on her way
north Tuesday,
Sir, Vuli-Ht., une nf the Ftaarr liver
try   flvi
TllHH      .    1,     I',.     -r ,,,
li ilk 1.. 111 K t 11I 11. . lsb.11 li,i- IU ti
ol Oclolior. Uur,, Mr. Dniisujiiir l„n
lii-ni lulBryiuwcil b>- man; influential
in 11 in London anil inrunnlioui ilie
Uttiteil   Kin-, 1 .1,.  ,(.     .-i,. ,,;,„ .
b i.rd ol traiia In.ui Hia msimgi-iiioul ul
liii|..-rial Hank nf Causila reirarilin«
the lnvititiun uleuded lu llieiu to open
.1 branch nf  thi-ir e<.lalilla'ini.iit here.
Mr. John May of N.iialinn Iw. .akrn
'ontracl, lor tbe erectt.in .11 u,„^ new
resiiletii-us In Ls-lv-iiiiin, ami. x..--.-s in
hi- here a mouth or Uo,
The lime in sttmtlseIs al! tl,. time,
!; Go Carts and
Baby Carriages.
Why tire yourself out
carrying Hint baby of yours
when for a few 'dollars you
can secure one of our pretty
Go Carts which are built so
light and that run so easily?
We are running off our
stock of these carriages, as by
some error this spring we
overstocked ourselves, but this
is your gain.
We prepay all freight to
Come up and see us.
Tue lime lo advertise ie all the time,
J.  H. GOOD &  CO
The Great Caslt Furniture Store LADYSMITH   LEADER  AUGUST 27. 190?.
Ladysmith Leader
. PublUhed every Wedneflilay and Saturday at
■The Loader Building, corner of First Ave. aud
Hrench Street, Udysmlth, ltriiisli Columbia,
'  bv Mail in Canada and United Status.
Oue year (sti icily tu advance)  $* on
Ix months (strictly lu advnnce,    i '5
TRANSIENT — Including business notice*,
calta for tenders, applications for and transfer of
licenses, legal notices, etc., ioc. a line flrsl Insertion; sc. a Hue each -ubsequeut Itisertiou* ia
lines measure to tht- Inch.
Kates on application. No wood cuts used.
Cuts (or regular use should be all metal.
Marriage. Birth, Death huiI Funeral notices,
each luserlioii 50c.
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
time wtllbe charged for unlit ordered to be dls-
THE LEADER will be found nt lhe following
l 1 lysiutth-The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Naur..mo—E. I'imbury & Co.
v Gloria-rublic Library, Provincial Library; and
Vancouver-Public Library, uud Hotels,
New Vestininster—Public Library.
All changes In advertisements must be received
il ihis office before ia noon thc day before
ti" iRti ibersuot receiving paper regularly please
te-art to this office.
Ai. |uii work Strictly cash on delivery.
1'r 111* ent advertisements cash lu advance.
t — I
%    Subscribers tint receiving Tin "j
; Lbadbr regularly will oonler . »
ipily lo *
lavor by reporting prmnptl
this office.
No donbt Mr. Ralph Smith, MP., will
use .11 bis powers ol persuasion, ami
they are not (o be de.piseii, to induce
the Nanaimo Miners' Union to rescind
their resolution d.clini.g to liave anything to do with Ihe Di.nilni.in Trails,
.nd Labor Congress.
Mr. Smllb may have • vsry
plauflible argument. In offer, and IiIb
arguments are generally plausible iniiil
tbey .re examined by persons who understand tbe principles nl login, when
they we lound lo be utter noneenie.
N.nalmo Miner.' Ui'inn will be well
•dvlsed to let well enough alone, stand
to their poet like men, and not be
bl.rn.yed by Mr. Smith.
There ie little doubt that Mr. Smith Ib
trying to use Nanalmo Miners' Union as
. tool, in conjunction with the Trades
and Labor Congress to lurlher hi. own
tinbltkue designs. The acilon of the
Mineia' Union, Till! Lbaiikb Ii credibly
tuti.rmed, was taken only after moat
carelul deliliemli.il', and wllhnllt any
iutentlon ol doing li.jnellre tn Mr,
Smith. We shall Iw much surprised If
the Union eats Its own woids at III.
bidding nl the great link betweencapital
and labor end between lahoi and l.llier-
alism. Mr. Smith Is now nut ami he
hM richly mined his dismissal.
Weather indications lor Nnuaiino say
"stormy, wiih much wind', revere Iron
in certain quarters, and a lined deal ol
thunder and lurked l'ghiiln| gen*
Snniellili'g like an obituary notice ol
Rtlph Smith. M.I'., appeated III Sslnr-
dty's Victnri. Colonial. The writer
points ont the Impossibility nf a labor
member serving two masters, nml says
lhat nn representative win, has ever
(.Hen between the two duals has ever
com. up again. Mr, Smllti seems to
have (alien, sure eunngli, but whether
he wlll boh up serenely as ol ynr. Is.
N.nalmo is 1'ini,i' it a tourist association. It ought tn lie .nccessliil, lor
nowhere in the province are the Bur-
ronndings ol .ny town more beautllol.
Ladysmith la loo busy Just now lo
botherslsmt tnnrlala, though .11 per*
sons ol th.t persuasion calling here wlll
be welcome, .nd will.ee eighls an.ih
Political rumors ol all sort, .re .bout,
the one regarding an eaily election being
very popular with many. II we knew
we could prophesy, but we ar. In the
same bos with the majority.
Nanalmo Herald, we are informed,
had on Sunday some very lever, remarks on Tin Lbadib'b article annul
Mr. Hawthornthwaite and th. Workmen's Compensation Bill. Surry we
did not see those remarks, ss we don't
like to miss . chance for mental Improvement by reading the Herald. No
doubt there was t good deal more piflte
than poetry in them.
Ladysmith people should not (all
asleep over this licensing court ont-
eege, Eternal vigilance 1. the pel"". "'
fair play.
Victoria Colonist lifters ss an aphorism: -All language tins once hem
slang." it would take all the Ei gll b
laugiiage, including tbe slang to prove
Gruesome Theory  of a
Before the Academy of Medicine Dr.
Snlnera ban read A piper attempt!*'? to
f-Btablith a cn-'eUtlnn between the
d ffueinn nl kiin»|p-'gt*> And the g-nerel
increase nf crime and Insanity.
According tn his dating theory lie
world le iHiirw too complicated, and
ite complication !■* made too constantly
prpnpitt to ev-^ry mind by ennvereH'tni*,
h'lokt*, newt-piip'r- and tbe -»p--n*aulep of
busy iiKHlt-rn life, Tha human rare bt-s
nnw Ivecmie largslv eomiuiHeilof latent
lunatics, A-lin«e liuiaey may break Innte
uiuler a cnniliiimtioii of circumstance*-!
nnt vet fiuentifli'i.11v determined.
Tollluetratp the truth nl thi-r- Q-mtfn*
inn the dnutor cited Initanne after in*
Htance from theuvi-ntenf the owl tuk.
He reminded his auditors hoar en
American woman had suddenly become
imane while paging at the englnuf. of sn
ocean liner; how a Tonrati*« f*rmi>r, It)
the cnuri-e nf an innnet-nt argument, had
mowed off belli bif frieiid'n lt(*«* wi'h a
acylhi'; hn* n ei'lm-l teacher, fur-rlnntrtf
by revolving ktiiven, juim.**. into a - u e
clay rniicr and *m*f eni.vuriw) int-
-ni-aK menl. I>'. Hulne-ra mar** I rtl-ei'
bin facta in convincing hi d nlitioat irr-a*
aistlhle form.
A ktinckfr la a perauu full of envy or a
eeeker afirr hlackmall.
Tide j -uriial is ahont the only one n
Knatenxy that hav an niny chair for the
One of the ii-iMmt works olcrMi|nn Is
the man wbo pays for lie pnpir Aiibiut
wini* dnniu-it.
Time may be money, hut wn du not
want to trade auhtjurlptinns for it.
The Sloran Cily band mutilated the
atmosphere of ths Lucerne for a few
minutei on Friday evening. The inhabitants could not reach them, ts they
were entrenched on the steamer Rlocati,
There Is no trnth in the rumor tbat
the editor of this paper hai fallen heir to
a million dollars Th** only way he expects to gat tt fa hy delinquents c unii-g
to the centre with their hackwaid mh-
The libnrtf ol the preei ehould not be
abused nor curtailed, It ie the great fit t
weapon fur right on earth, and woe to
the people "Alien It <s cinched by the
corrupt and dehauehed whn chain tt to la
in authority.
The newspaper habit eeams to l»
deadly. There te Julm Hon*.ion for in
stance. He ii o!d enough te know better,
but In spite of all hia (titter esperiencei
he Is shoot to dig the old Nelson Tribune
out of lis young grave and luuknti shivt-r
in the hieak winds tbat blow over the
'nut? desert of hard times, We are
glad to see John sluing his cost for
another jump Into the j mrnalistic prise-
ring. It rnesoi blood somewhere, at d
althonghthe Creator made John neither
perfect nor handsome we will let bim go
as he looks, and trust that the sheriff
will never again rough lock his vigorous
It Is said that aa > remit of Ib. Imperial conference In London meaenres
will betaken lor facilitating the training
and .ntrjr ol Canadian fishermen inib
th. royal navy reserve. C.n.da could
thus strengthen lhe royal navy (or de-
lence purpose.. A number ui Ih.
f) .minion Ministers .re believed lo be
favorable lu It. idea, and It la qui .
possible that som. practicable scheme
.lung thi. Iln. may h.v. been worked
ont in London. In Newfoundland tb.
training ol li.hermen lor Ih. royal navy
haa been tried, and seemed to be l.vot-
ably regarded by tboM whs took advantage ol ii,
The following from tbe Fort Collins
Express shows something of the conditions affecting the lamb feeding industry ln Colorado: "It is beginning to bo
quite a serious problem for the lamb
feeders how to provide grain for (he
feeding, Corn Is selling nt $1.82 per
hundredweight, and Its importation has
practically censed. Oats nud barley are
quoted nt f 1.21, and wheat at $1.10. The
feeders are quietly scouring the country picking up wheat, nnd the competition between tbem nud tho flour mills
Is likely to be quite active. Some remember a winter live or six years ngo
when some Nebrnsknns came in here
with lambs aud quietly bought all the
wheat In sight, compelling the millers
to import grain to keep their mills going. The wheat is cracked for use nnd
Is snld to bo an excellent substitute
for the corn, but If oven It cannot bo
obtained the buying of lambs must perforce cease. It would seem ns If those
who raised speltz are in luck. The experience of those wbo have tried It indicates thnt It Is about, If not quite, as
good sb corn, end yields of sixty bushels per acre are not uncommon."
Very Srrlous.
An exchange tells us that the Angora goats at the Pan-American hnd
wool not unlike a small Leicester sheep,
but for some unaccountable reason It
Is called balr. Speaking of the Merinos, it says:
"Comment ts liberally bestowed by
visitors when viewing this odd looking
breed of sheep. Tbe conservative breeders are showing the old fashioned Merinos as nature snd the Amerlcun climate Intended them to look They hnve
had the wool pulled, or rnther grown,
over their eyes until they cun hardly
■ee; their horns have been rolled In
curl papers during tbo successive generations, thus giving them the exact
twtst nscesssry to propeily emphasize
their beauty. These sheep were evidently Intended to grow much larger, as
their skin Is rolled und folded over in various places with unnecessary extravagance. This feature figures both ways,
however, as it enables them to turn off
a large proportion of leather besides
furnishing a good deal more surface to
grow wool on."
The Perfect Sheep,
An animal compact In form end low
ef limb, broad before, behind and all
along the back. The body Bhould be
round, smooth and deep, the forearm
strong, the thigh full end the twist full.
-Professor Thomas Shaw, University
of Minnesota,
lhaep Ira Alaaka.
Professor 0. 0. Georgeson, the special agent of the agricultural depart*
ment who for the past three years has
been ln charge of tbo agricultural experiments In the northern territory, believes thnt the time Is not far distant
wben Alaska wlll be made to support
a vast agricultural population. He
states that the Alaska Commercial
company has for yenrs raised cuttle
and sheep near Kndluk and near Unn-
laska without feeding tbem a thing In
tbe winter. The sheep have Increased
at the rate of about 00 per cent annually, and the flock shears about live
pounds ef wool annually per bead.
This has been done for the past sixteen years. There can be no question
hut what It cun be repented on scon's
of tbe Islands lu that region. There Is
hut little timber or undergrowth there,
and practically the entire country Is
covered with a heavy growth of nutritious grasses.
Pheaom-ea-fd Oxford Itnm,
This Oxford yearling nun was the
champion In his class at tbe Pan -American exposition nt Buffalo.    Uo was
'<>■• ii.L' |i -_e t. il, \a ■ *■-< ilh-N 'irhi o
road aoniiinifl to reach -hi* • Hi ■■*--, Tie
cop. lo lht» gi.vernii.eiir. is lining* trr. he
oineitlerahio il iho ciiterprlpe <>f tie
Bwitif ir* not divf*tted inn other clmn-
OttiuitiH --I) im niBhts ate gi-l'irit
lo-johiliy id tm ctavod i It' wl h the 11)
point 11 ii Ntyi'j' hltiuket, ami that
iinuy riiBftj of cold tei-t are being reported.
KOR SAT-IS—lloiii-jand I." -situated
mi Krenc.li Bluet, tipp Bile I'ey ottice,
lot eight, block si's. Apply lu Leader
o til ite,
Couhl Von Buelov. ihe t;. nun In-
periil Chancellor hao t*iniH io IClel to
iiCtsOiiipan-j the I'lmpe-in Will am <u
!>ia jvuiruey to lineal •.. '■ t»r*« 'mi M.-ji-a'y
sill meet the t/. r
Mi K  ,\nld    .-  .   .-   ...  I-. ihi'Wti,
Wat-h,.     ■■ "flion-n i'h ling in   ' ln.it.
Kildh '■"!'<■ iisvil I'-n.i nn iheMim
brand <>i nrk.-t il ui i nit t tin -'i w . (■
Kalrl   \-n     \ in. home emni -■ pi-iUii'li
If Itll! llti I.
iVl-'-iM'ini ' tlett&S mklvu'r ptoiirl
-atnreof the Porlliind Hoiel hevi- miI-I nt
their in*. reH    ■  N n.l pepplu,
Rev W    H.  0-tiri ,.  (■    si    jeitir
Uli i t-i i f   S .    Audit"-, V   I'm ■• >'. MU'
c iireh, Nenaiuiit, rc-t-Jtieil  te*-' f*u ■ *-\
n  ciei'i .-it l.fg'i churgMin   M	
ii.. H-lef* N iifti.n.i l',i..(U. in m . g
'..r -tViini.pi*g.
Teaeller ..I t.anKU.Bes. Millie, Singing, I'sinl-
i.lll mi.I llrniilttg,
Slltsillg, 5 le. " i-. |i i -. i.lilli  ij.'l Hll
Mu-in Iep.ii.i-, if.   ni    '     il On
I'niiilllilt   per  Ml
Denning, |ier le-S   ll  fill
L.I gllsgl'.,    I"'  I II.!-.   e   .1   '..-      .■.. ,
|."r l.s n          fill
II ins  li. t,i «.,. in  i„ r> t,     I' -
tip-l 111  i   I'I U-.ll.   mi el- v. t»
Furniture, Carpels, Linoleum.,
Wnllpap.r, Curtain.,
Crockery, Qlassware, Etc, Etc.
I here is Comfort In Our Good.
Kverv'iiing'-> iieni-i h I., me In
in,.Jest or i Jailmate s'y'*. Write
I ir nut large catiilngne (free] tllus-
tinted and prieetl la store tnitsell).
50  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
AitTnno-ii'iKllii'* ii clii'lfli nml (lcticrliitl'iii mny
nnli'l.lj ii.-oriiiin . nr ni>iiu.>,i iri'c wlmlticr un
liivii'inii in iiri.tiiil-n- ii-ilKiitiilili*, t'..iiiimini,'ji.
lii.lisslii.llv .-■ !itl'H>!ili.'.l. tin,ill [."ill; mi I'ii!i"i'.-|
initit 11 en. I'lili'st iii-i'in-v fur cci'iiriiiit luiiciild,
I'-iii-nin IjiKoii Mip'uiili Miuiii ,'l Co. rei'-lvfi
iji.-i inl iinNcf, tvitlinubclinnro, in tlio
Sclenillic Hmerieam
A ltnnil-nmcly illn.-ilnttiKl iTPotrly.   r.nnroKt Hr-
iiiliili.iii i-r nnvc-iiiiil(tin luiirinil.   'I'itiiis, f:i ;t
vcriv, t.nir in.'lit In", (I. Sulilliy nil iii»*ivn,ti*nli'r.i.
MUNN & Co>10'*""**a*' New York
Until, ti nnicii, itir) I.' St.,Wit«iiiinti(iii.l).0.
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ij Reviews
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i;-1hmiii..inwiW t
lialf price,  fipwh
:.|.-t„[. -t-i-t-i.-i-i- 44+■_..,.
Nineteenth Century   i.nil Aft.r,
Conieilli)-.rury    KrvliW,    lurt-
niKlniy  Review, Weslmlti-ier
Kevitw,    Ktl in tin rifli    Uevkw,
Quitricily Revlow, niiick-A-onit's
l.,U(i!itir:;ll M;:i;ri/liu-
Strong,   sterlliig. tiaicly, naKgestiv*3
nml [ilUluilitivf; ju-,1 wluil Vim uiiiil
to V.imwortliew.ilM'*..Ii)iii'ii.;i-xin:lIv
wind volt need lu know; mul luU'l
iVltcn von want IO kn.iwii -ttint'Bllic
v:ilHiol'ilie*,e Kviews In yOll. The
ablest wriliT«, the niosl iimtlv tlis-
ciis-ii.nw; *i*lii- s« iflesl nrest iilnllon or
* g woi Id-iiroblema of i lie dny nppear
i lilt:
RC* of Hi
ci it. n nl IlllOIlt
.pit,-sunt free
ml   liluloriciil
4 •
I Coal!   -   Coal!:
I Wellington Colliery {
"-■"■mpany, Ltd.
I   Wellillgtor Coal    Best household coal on the Pacific   $
* Coast
X Comox Con'—Wast steam coal on  tlie Pacific Coast ,
. *
,  Alexanilria Coal —****Inrt-claaa gas, steam and house- X
hold coal ♦
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J Of tlie fact that the Leader Job Room is
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? able prices.
We Print
also first at lo.vn, Minnesota, Wisconsin nud St. Louis fairs. This ram is
owned by George McKen-ow A Son,
Sussex, Wis. Tho picture Is reproduced from Wool Market and Sheep.
Foraaina; a Sheep Trust.
Prominent Bheepnien of Itnwllns,
Wy„ say thnt a uiovciiicnt Is ou fuot
to form a sheep trust to control evory
sheep ranging in Caribou comity—over
1,(100,000 head. The consolidation Is
desired by a number of BlicepniGii on
account of the range dllllciillk'S wblcli
are couHtoutly ni-lsliig. There are
enough sheep lu the country in occupy
every acre of good rnuge, and (lie small
owners are coiitmiiitly clashing .villi
tlielr flocks. If the u-tiKt Is formed, nil
flocks will be controlled by an oxgcU-
tlve board, and tnun-ests will Im pooled,
each man receiving nu averago |it-ollt
for eacb head or sheep that lie owns.
The Idea Is meeting with favor-Dim-
Mr Stockman.
Old Detler al Home,
Tlie sheep sent to the I'tiii-Ainorlra.
exposition by the territorial gove..
ment were nn nxcollunt lot, Inn ii,*f
best price offered for thorn nt lluffnl.
wu 8 cents . pound live weight. They
were brought back to Winnipeg and
Wild for 41/j cents. The cattle sent
down wu, nld to go to MtuitrwtL—
KNtliWMt Fit-Mr (C-uu-W.
HU Hi Cl. 1
Nanaimo, B, C.
Choicest Layer, Ales. Beer %
and Porter. f
t COLD STORAGE-1'in.leliissfiinliik'H I
.-. for llie BtoraKc of nunls, cgx*, imiiliry, X
■I*  vegetablei, etc., elc. 4
•is-H-^H-t^K44* l -H-1 -I .    .    : •: I :■ i
i-ii-t t":'M»n»^'i"i-i»t»i-i-t
-lii-t'i*. H.uiu
-Hill IJiailt.
—Htflicnu ute
—Nnti' Jli-tiria
—Mi'tiiiirni'iiuiii lleatln
— El Vfloi'tiH
—Biiui*i«*t**- OHh'e
—Shirk (Vriitii-arftp
—lii-iral lUm tip
•— Wt dill im I' vital.uiiti
—Fun will Aiiiitiiitiei mi'ii
—t.-nttiliivlli H
—Wittdow v*t<te
- I'l+icrp
ej..|..|..H^..i.s|,^.H.*t"i.!.-!-1..| .l-i-j -M .| 1
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aid Dressed Lumber I
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tm11.1,   All ordcra slrlettj' attended to. T
Qiiotollotiy elii'i-i fully given. T
'     " j
John VV. Coburn, X
ManAiiIniI   IllllKlTilll. *
Having tile latest type faces and borders,
and modern machinery, we produce only
tlie  liest  work — Printing that attrncls
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tU*ii H|Hirt, noclety. llrniillfiil llliiKtrutloiiH nnd
Unlf tones.   Kainnle cii-jy on n|i]iHcatloii.
All For Om Hollar i Yur. LADYSMITH LEADER.  AUGUST 27. 190*.
Detail!   ol  Hovr  Mella   Ann**.   King
Waa Dred tu Oriler.
George B. Peer says In regard to the
young bull pictured: 'it might be
elated thiit'Mcllti Ann's King 00581
was bred to order. Having purchased
his elre, t bred him to Lottlu Mella Ann
100775, who is a sister of I'riilo's Olga
fourth, with a test of 77 pounds -j
ounce from 420 pounds 0 ounces milk,
both being sired hy tbe siimc bull, with
hopoB of securing n hull tit to head my
herd. In this my expectations were
fully realized, ami Mel In Ami's King
wns tho result. Next to his famous
sire ho ls the highest standard bred
pure St. Lnmbert-Melln Ann bull living and tho only one with 50 per cent
of old .Mella Ann's blood.
Tho picture was tnkon in his seventeen mouth form.   Ills aire wns Mella
MKl.lA ANN'S KINIi 50581,
Ann's Son 22041, be in turn being slrod
by Lucy's Stoko Pogls 11544 and out
of the great old cow Mulin Ann 5444,
who bns a butter record of 18 pounds
% ounce? in a week made upon grass
alone. Tbe dam of Melln Ann's King
511581 Is Lottie Mellu Ann 100775, with
a test of 21 pounds 2 ounces from 305
pounds of milk In seven days, ber sire
being Melia Ann's Stoko Pogls 22042,
slro of ten tested cows, nmong them
Pride's Olga fourth 00870, tbe sweep*
stakes cow at the Pan-American,
whose record of C5y( pounds of milk
hi one dny, 420 pounds 0 ounces tu seven
days and 27 pounds one-hnlf ounce of
butter lu a week, fs well known, snye
Tbe Rurnl New Yorker. Tho dum of
Lottie Mella Ann 100775 fs Melln Ann
third 08070-875 pounds 8 ounces of
milk ami 28 pounds 8 ounces of butter
In n week. Melia Ann third Is a full
simer to Melln Ann's Sou 22041 and
to Melln Ann's Stoko Pogls 22,042.
There is a great ileal of rough, bro
ken bind In western and south wester**.
Texas that will grow fairly good grnsa
that ennnot be successfully cultivated,
Nays Dallas Farm mid llnuHi. At tha
same time there are millions of acres
In tbe Btuto thnt are now being grazed
that cun be successfully planted nnd
cultivated, ut least hi forage crops. By
Increasing the ucrengo cultivated of
these tillable binds their cattle producing capacity will ho correspondingly
Increased, in other words, n given territory with n large percentage cultivated lu forage crops will produce, fatten nnd feed more cattle than will the
same amount of similar territory
where tho native grasses are relied on
solely for feed. It usually requires
ten acres to the nnlmnl to supply feed
the fear around when tho natural
grasses are relied bu, while ten itercs
properly cultivated In forage crops
wlll produce feed enough to carry a
half'dozen cnttle through tho winter,
nnd five acres of the sauio land will
carry ono nnlmnl through tbo spring,
summer and fall. Hy raising feed and
feeding through the winter tbo ranch-
man ami farmer not ouly guards
lignlnst the possibility of loss, hut also
more than doubles the capacity of his
This year's experience of feeders
with shred tied corn fodder will go a
long way toward deter mining tho status of this too tt^-li neglected fornge,
says Ainorlcah Agriculturist If attention Is given to thorough drying bo-
fore shredding, there can bo but littlo
doubt us to the outcome. So far as
tho enreful farmer Is concerned, shredded fodder hiifl passed tbo experimental singe. Ho knows It ls llrst class
rough feed and Unit If given the proper attention keebs perfectly. However, the average farmer and stockman,
with bis somowbnt careless methods,
may not get the best results. Hut he
knows that the fault Is his own, nud
he can remedy tt If ho will. The conditions nro much the sumo ns those
confronting a community asking for
free rurnl delivery. The government
says, "Provide good roads, nnd you
will get free delivery." Adopt Improved methods, nud you wlll get good
feed, The results of this Benson's experience will he awaited with Interest
Ta Malta Corn Crop Profitable.
In the eastern states, where dairying Is n large Industry, more land may
be devoted to corn, not for sale or exportation, hut to feed on the farm fron
tbe silo or ns grain to the cnttle and
hogs and thus save purchasing, says
nn Ohio farmer in Amei-icnii Agriculturist. Por the protein needed to bnl*
ance tbe ration clover or alfalfa may
be grows for roughage, and soy beans
will give the protein couceutrnte required.
These -crops should make the dairy
farmer almost Independent, ns littlo
bran would he required. Then let blm
weed out his dairy, keeping no cow
that does not give over 0,000 pounds of
milk or make 800 pounds of butter In
a year. Corn, In my opinion, cannot be
grown In the middle and eastern stales
In competition with Ihe great west for
shipment The grain and stover must
bs utilized on tbe farm and marketed
tn live stock u dairy products to make
the corn crop profitable to the farmer
of the Ohio valley u the older eastern
A Wnrnln-i.lo OiuiB-Jlaii Orowrn Solit Ool    Th» 1M1   «*•*■"  «*   Hot.. Julin llryilan,
liy llin D'imliiimt Dd-mrtii.tmt of
A|*i-|*'iiliiiii' nt OitiiHn
Tho following article is from tho
pen or Mr. II. O. Oldrk, ii.S.A.
Chief of tbo Meed Division Ucpurtr
nient of Agriculture.
If thu funnel's of Canada wore ac-
iiuiifnli'd with tbe sources of supply of their root crop seeds, imn
the avenues through which tbey
pass before reaching them, they
would iiu a great ileal more particular    when malcing Iheir      pur-
J'tmiiciiily   all tlm   seed for
Mi DUter ot At tlmi it in
The superintendent has sent, in his
report, of tho work done on iho Pioneer Farm at Dryden in 1001, of the
weather, and, ln brief, of tho progress made in that part of Now Ontario.
Tho rainfall during the growing
son son was sufficient for lhe crops,"
and as a result we cut n splendid
crop of buy, but unfortunately on
the 11th of August n severe hnil-
storiu passed over which destroyed
tho wheat. Tbo outs threshed only |
seven and a  hulf bushels per
root, crops Is grown in foreign coun-    mlt I)lirle-V ,,L,i"ff '" Rtook on,.v    "*0
i .. '  is ■ ..v,.fiOnr*     I,,in ,!..-     i,-..,. j.     I lis>,-..-],,.jl     I...       * I, a
tries. Ilnwever Important it may
be that the seed for such crops bo
grown lu the country where it is
wan led (or sowing, the cheap labor
in those European countries, which
have become the seed gardens of the
world, has m'ado the seed growing
industry unprofitable to Cunadh.ii
farmers or seed speeiallsls,
Our supply of foreign grown seid-i
is bought and imported principalis
by onr luijrer seed iu-*ns. Thoy may
mule their jniiclmsos cither by paying
a coitimunsurato price to reliable European seed growers, men who grow
seed from selected podlgreed stocK,
or, Ibey mny biiy scud at a much
lower price—seed that is grown b.v
men whose chief aim has been to
produce a huge quantity, independently of thu quality of the
crop it. will produce. In the former i use the seed is grown from selected plants—from roots which
havo an ideal size and form,
ami are Known    to bo true to name.
For Instance, an ideal turnip is
one having a small neck, anil top
growth.     Such a root  when  plant*
xposed bends were threshed hy the
hail. 1 mn happy to state, however,
that tho storm was only about a
mile hi wfrith, nml therefore damaged
badly only a few In the settlement,
Outside of these tho settlers report
very good crops this season. Our
llrst frost occurred on September
7th, too Into to do any damage, and
it only assisted in ripening tho po- j
tatoos earlier. I
lu 1001 wn commenced working tbo j
land on April 80lh, which wns   two I
ivoeks later thnn In 1900.   It   froze
up on Nov. 8rd, nnd snow fell     ou I
Nov. 5th.   Tbe snowfall 1ms     l-a.n
light, at New Year's having    barely I
enough for sleighing.   With the    exception of one week the weather to
date has been very soft for the season of tbe year. i
Small fruits, especially raspberries j
and black currants, have dune well. I
In the spring we put out a number !
of different varieties of apple trees j
with the expectation of lii.d nr sonic I
of them suitable to onr climiitc. Tho !
trees all made considerable growth i
during     the     season ami have been
ed.   will  produce    a comparatively    wrapped in tar paper for protection
small growth    of stalks, and conse- I *n 'he winter. j
qucntly u small     amount   of seed, '    During: the    year we hnve   cleared
but the seed from stub a   root     is   ,imi   stumped   over    twenty   acres, j
apt     io produce    a crop like     thu   which has been plowed twice,     und j
mother root which was planted.   On   worked after tho llrst plowing   with !
the othor hand a Bin till  turnip hav-    the disc nnd smoothing harrows. Al
ter harvest we cleared, stumped nnd
piled about nine more acres. During i
1002 we expect to clear all the farm, j
except that portion reserved for tiiii- |
During the year, 4,000 acres were j
sold to forty-live different parties, i
five of whom came from Manitoba, j
ibren from England, one from -Scot- j
land, and the remainder in in Old ;
Ontario. Since this settlement was
opened up live years ago, 41-200
last ten or fifteen yours acres of hind have been sold, and j
14li lots lu Dryden village. {
This year has been fairly favorable j
for clearing land, and the settlers
Imve taken advantage of it, as I
think more land has been cleared In
1001 than in any two previous seasons. During tbe year a new frame
school was erected on Lot 5, Con. il,
ing several root prongs, and an
excessive growth of tup coming from
two or three separate neck growths,
will transmit Its like through tho
Koed to the next crop. Seed can
be grown from surjj roots much more
cheaply than from selected roots,
because, in tho first place the mother roots aro culls, and are not as
valuable for feeding, and conscquent-
ly, ihey will produce a much larger
quantity of seed.
During tin
the seed trade hits, to a great extent, been passing from the hands
of seedsmen who devote all their
time to a study of seeds and the
seed trade, into lhe hands of local
dealers, Unfortunately, fair competition in the seed trade, is practically impossible, since tho appear*
•lournal Mr.
an interest-
White Leg-
Mr.    O. !
ante of most commercial seeds is Walnwright, af'Ctiirnbrogie."
but a slight indication of their Tho gold1 claims south of Dryden \
real value. Tho competition has have hnd considerable work done on j
been, nnd Is too largely confined to them during the season. One com- !
prices alone. Farmers continue pany is shipping 800 tons to the re- |
to patronize tbo local dealer who dilution works at Keewatin. This lo- j
is able to quote a low price for cality is apparently one of the best i
Ills goods. The local dealer de- in the Rainy River District, having j
mauds a low priced soed of the large veins and the gold evenly dis- !
Wholesale firms, nnd in turn there tributed in them,
has lieen u growing strife among I The water power nt this point is
wholesale seed llrms in the buy- still unused, except by the planing I
ing of cheap goods, with which to mill. This would make nn excellent i
supply local dealers. site for a grist, mill.
It  is  well     to  mention,  however, i —
that  through  the progressive spirit! For lav im  til i
of somo reliable seed houses a limit- I    ,   __,,.._
ed trade of the    best stocks ot root I    /« «oliabIo    Poultry
crops seeds has been    fostered, nnd    Iheodore Hewes gives
there  is little difficulty experienced   "« description  of the
among intelligent farmers, in    got-   '■"'■*    Poultry    yards
ling  the best     quality    of      seeds   c'*     Brnlnord     at Watervile,  N.Y.
provided they go  the'    right    way   rjllis    Plant entered upon   tlie   win-
about It, and willing to pay  acorn-   top wtlh 2*500 ''•■V-'1'-9 a" White Leg-
ineiisurale price,     lint much of the
mot     crop     seeds      sold   In Canada        are       retailed     to the     farmer     at a price    quite    ns low as
our      Canadian    seed houses   have -
to pay    reputed      European    seed
growers    for the    best seed     from
select ed    pedigreed stock.
Appeals hnve been made, both by
Rcctlsuion und fanners, to place such I
restrictions on the seed trade ss
wlll servo to withdraw the re-
spoiisl bi lity connected therewith,
from the hands of Incompetent local dealers. With root crop seeds,
this aim muy he reached by allowing only reliable seed houses
or sued importers the right to pbi'-o
such goods on the market; by allowing thorn to place goods lu
Healed packages, each package to
ho properly labelled, nud to bear horns,
the nu me and consequently the plant
reputation of the seed house; in
the hands of local dealers to be sold
on commission only. (Uncial In-
tecfet'i'iii'e in tin* seed trade may
bavo objectionable features. Per- business 1ms not been ovorluo-'od.
haps thu most striking example and every egg not used iu hutching
if    whore    legislation has been ap-   is sold    ou lhe market.     A
In his doscrlptli
Hewes snys:
"While this plant  is
conducted     mainly    for
duct ion    of fancy
stock,  the common
built       will
:• tho pio-
thoi-ougli broil
side    of the
piled tn improve the conditions
der which cpmtnoi'clnl seeds are
sold, ts In the State of Maine,
where all seeds sold must be accompanied with a statement,
showing the percentage of pure
nml vital seeds. They have extended to Iheir seed trade a modl-
llcntion of the act which Is used
In Camilla to regulato tho quantity of commercial fertilizers, and punters finish their present coii-
tho results have clearly demon- tract, aro 10 by 112 feet, In size,
strated that, whatever evils may There Is a solid partition from floor
accompany an enforced guarantee to celling between the hallway anti
system In connection with lhe pens, and all outside walls are
seed trade, It is an effective way double boarded, with building paid Improve the quality of com- per between. There nre two dou-
merclal seeds, especially of clover bio windows to each room. Theso
and grasses, of which a -great deal houses-arc used for winter layers,
fs sold     In some districts   In Can
trade has been estnhlishid, an-d
satisfactory prices nre obtained.
From Sept. 1 to March III the regular price is tiO cents per do. en.
Theso prices are readily secured for
all    eggs    that can    be supplied.
An interior view of one of the
houses ou this farm Is lOprodurod
hero. These bouses, of «h ch
there   will be fourteen when Ilia enr>
iida, that contains largo quantities nf noxious weed seeds and
Is a decided Injury not only to
(he fanner who buys it, but to tlie
locality where It ts grown.
I-'Itioi* -iiif-tii' ti "iinilry Hull!
More room Is required in the poultry-house in winter than in summer,
because    during    the warm   season
fowls can go outside,  only requiring
-sufficient room for roosting, hut in
winter they need mom for scrntrh-
cnslly   ing when     the     snow    is    on the
It Is tbe space on Hie floor
and not    on   the
when a   hen fixes her-
t   she will   he   quiet
I'mllv MmU ChfilM.
Drlck cheese can be more
made on tho ordln.iry farm than any ground.
other kind, as it  Is simple and tho that Is required
outfit Is less expensive.    If a home toasts,    for
nuirket can    be obtained It Is more self on tbe
profitable thnn any othor kind. The till morning, but during the day sho
process Is nbout the same as making should  bo kept busy.     Ten    fowls
Other cheese except that the     milk In a poultry-house ten feet     square
must ho sweet and free from any In- (making 100 square feet) nro  suffi-
fecllon and too much aeid mult not dent, but most people endeavor   to
he developed before pressing.      The double   or even triple that number,
toinporaturo    of    the   curing room and the consequence is that     they
should be as near 05 degrees «s pos- keep too many fowls in proportion
tdbls, to the area of lloor space.
This beautifully, situated town offers exceptional advantages
Headquarters of the  coal   shipping industry of the Pacific Coast
I It is the largest railway centre in British
xu..~r.,v--3Sfs::tsr^'.', *
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and re- jjj
ducrion works to be erected here.
First class water system,  electric light
and power plant about to be installed  |
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred ves-_
• I
sels entered and cleared in 7 months.|
livery facility for manufacturers and ill
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings  for   merchants   and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysn?^
Your Hatter?
There are Home men wlio never buy a
becoming hat.
There nre some hatters who think that
"any old thing" will do, and they simply
dou't care a rap whether your tiat becomes
you or not.
Wrong shape for your face;
Not the right she.
Might look well ou your aged father or
probably suitable for your son or youuger
We tell you candidly if it but is unbecoming, Some new arrivals lu Dhow you
to-day, Dislitigitislieti Americans—New
York hats, $a.oo, Ja.50, fo.oo, $3,50.
We give away a liox Kite with every
$5.00 purchase.
% x
4^****** *****************
TIE till
M.ry had. little ring;
It Boon witb heantv rare.
She said it was ber engagement ring
And waa bought at Lively', store.
Many Guinea, end Japs .re returning
irom tb, Fixer and seeking work in
thia neighborhood,
II it Ib t nice dock yon are looking for
we have them Irom tl.00 to I1S.00. VV
H, Lively, Ladyem ith'a Leading Jeweler
Cpt.in Bonnifield ol the steamer
V.lenoi. met . number of old friend,
while viaitlng Ladytmlth.
Lively repaita all kln.li of English,
Swiss end American watches.
Improvement on the Ladysmith-Cbe'
mainuB road .re being pushed forward
M npidly sb possible.
Prof. Charles Culley, Lie of the To
ronto Oont.rv.tory of Music, will start
. clasB here, commencing on August
Snd, ior the purpose ol teaching violin,
piano, mandolin aod .11 ttringed instrument.. Parties wishing to receive in-
BtructlonB will address Prol. Charles
Culley, Nanaimo, B. 0.
II you want to get > nice ring remember we en make anything you want,
W. H. Lively, Jeweler.
victoria' crescent, nanaimo
Vititots Irom Ladysmith and district
will And ln this well-appointed house all
the home comtorts. Lunches for lady
.hoppers . specialty. Terms strictly
moderate. Servlcj .ud cuisine first
MISS B. KEITH, Prop, and Mgr.
Johnston Block,      •     Nanalmo, B, 0
P. 0. Box, 37, Tel. 146.
Vilit.    Ladysmith   every   .Saturday.
Hoar, liom 9 .. in. till 5 p. in.
Abbotsford Hotel.
Shooting Season will soon be here
and you'll need a new Guu or Rifle.
Have just received a full tine of
the latest make in Guns, Rifles,
Ammunition, Etc.
Ladysmith,       - B. C.
Agent lor B. W.  Paint,   McOlary'i
Stem, "d Ranges.
Crolton Ganette h.B again changed
bands, being now the property ol the
Crolton Publishing Company, Mr, Henry
H. Newill, m.naging editor.
Don't torget th.t 0. E. Stevenson A
Oo.'b greet slaughter nl. begins this
morning at 9 o'clock in M.aonio build'
ing. Bargain hunter, ihould not lail to
be preient.
The new 0. P. R. telegraph .Dee will
probably be open fur business to-morrow.
Thu Lbadbr expects to publish the (nil
Associated PreiB despatches Friday
Meters Barker A Potts, the well,
known Nanaimo legal firm, have dissolved partnership, Mr. Pott, retiring.
Mr. Barker will ctrry on th. business.
Mr. Potts may establish a law practice
in London, England.
C. E. Stevenson A Co.'a giea. slaughter sale opens this morning at 9 n'clook
aliaip in Masonic Building. Go nod
aee tbe bargains.
Phoenix Trade, and Labor Council
will not send . delegate to th. Dominion
Trades and Labor Congress, having no
more use lor that organization than hae
Nanaimo Oity.
Tbe Esplanade, behind tbe station, is
being greatly improved with the earth
removed Irom tbe new cutting. It will
be better travelling there this winter
tban last.
FOR SALE-On High street, a houae
suitable tor boarding houae or hotel,
two Blorey building. Teime easy.
Apply to 0. H. McLeod, High Itreet,
Ladysmith, B.O.
No such tempting oilers were ever
msde to the Ladyemith pu bile as Steven-
son* Co. ate showing in their new store
io Masonic Building tbls morning. Get
there while tho slaughter ol prices lasts.
Chance ol. lifetime.
... ...........................
Tiik Leadkb baa arranged to •
take the lull Associated Press re- ',
port (same as Victoria Timee or \
Vanconver World} on both days •
of publication,    If sufficient en* !
courage ment le given by tbe Lady- '
smith public the piper will he de* .
4 llvered by carrier to all Ladysmith ■
t subscriber Tuesday and Friday '
•j* evening-1, containing the world',, ,
j latest news on those days lung he- *
£ fore any other paper cau reaih '
I thia place.    Twenty-five cents a ,
T month, payable end ol each month, '
J deli wed by carrier to yonr hour . '
tl'l'l'VTTtl 1. I I VWTVVV M TVT
Steamer Slrathcon. is in hospital wi h
.ppen.li.ilis ol the cylinder; the l.o
quols la taking the route lemloccaini.-
Nanaimo advices received at Tub
LiADhU office are to the effect th.t thei.
will be . Kilkenny cat affair between
"Curly" and tlie "achoolmester." Th.
hope Ib general tbat tb. results will be
the same as in the feline scrap. But
who are the gentlemen?
Numerous complaints are heard regarding the blocking up ol the railway
platform at tr.in times with a lot of
people who are not travelling, but who
make it difficult for travell.rB to alight
from or get upon Ibe train*. Th.
Usui's, has received a couple ol letters,
altogether too vigorou.'y worded (or
publication, on tht, sore subject. Per-
haps tbe police might give reli.l.
Th. Tyee ore dump now amount, to
eight tbonsand ton., Thil will
ba tent down ai soon as the aerial tram*
way li ready, which will be very moo,
The orebody in Ibe Tyee mine la developed 800 (eel and continues to show
study Improvement.
In the matter oi Ihe estate ol Robert
Kllpatrick, deceased,
Notice I. hereby given th.t .11 persons
having claims againet the estate ol th.
abov. named Robert Kilpatrlck deceased
who died on or about the 21st day ol
July, 1902, are required nn or belore tb.
1st day ol October, 1909, to send by
post, prepaid, or deliver lo the undersigned solicitor lor Daniel Kilpatrlck,
William Russell, and Effle Galen. Kllpatrick, lb. Eieculots ol th. lut Will
and Tett.rn.nt ol tbe said deceased, lull
particulars ol tlie claima, duly verified,
and the nature ol tbe securities, II uy,
held by than.
Notice la further given that on sucb
last mentioned d.y the aeid .Mentors
wlll proceed to distribute Ihe estate
nl tha derailed amongst Ib. par-
Iiu untitled thereto, having regard
only to tbe clalmi which th.y sh.ll
have then received, and that th.
said Executors will not be liable lor
the said estate or any put Ih.raof lo
.ny parson or persons ol whon claim
notice ib.11 not have bun received by
th.m atth. tlm. oi mob diminution.
And Notice Is (oritur giv.n that all
peisoni Indebted to th. lit. Robert
Kilpatrlck, u.  requeued to pay the
lime to the underlined forthwith.
Solicitor lor tbe KiMnton,
Nuaimo. B.O.
Dated th. 22nd d.y ol August, 1102,
Shotguns, Rifles
Ammunition uud nil Rinds
of Sporting Goods. .   .   .
Commercial St. NANAIMO, B.O
Wideawake boys ean make money selling the Ladysmith Leader. Apply nl
Leader office.
If bargains, renl bargains, have nny
attraction for you, hie to Masonic Building, Oatacre Street, thia morning any
time after 9 o'clock aud aee Stevenson &
Oo.'s mammoth sale.
STOVE FOR SALE--|8, cob! &I2.60,
ouly uaed two months. A rr'y "B"
L- ader office.
Wanted—A stuu*. inlelliuont. hid to
learn the printing buelnese, Apply Lender office.
TENDERS will be received by the
undersigned up to the I'sih nl August,
1902, at live o'clock p.m., lor the purchase of the business alitl sttn-k-in.tti.de
deceased, at EXTENSION, 13.C , us
PARCEL NO. I.—leaning Business,
consisting ol horses, wa,ons, harness,
chains, etc.
PARCEL NO. 2,-Uinlerl»kiiig and
Livery Business, consisting t.f hearse,
caskets, uoHIiib, and iinili-iiil.t-i's supplies; carriages, huggitia, harness, em.
PARCEL NO. 3 —Blacksmith lools,
hone snots, Iron, etc.
PARCEL NO. 4.—About. One anil
One Hall Acre, of laud at Extension,
upon which there are one lntu.e eliible,
granary, and three nouses.
Tenders for the whole or any parcel ol
lhe foregoing will be received; highest
or .ny tender not neceesetily act-npted.
Inventory can be seen and furlhei
particulate, cau be had upon application
to the undersigned.
Solicitor for tiie Executors.
Nnnaiitiii, B.C.
Nanaimo, B.C.,92nd Aimii-t, 1902.
The Nanaiwo Fish Miuket Wagon
wlll be in Lndysmith every Thursday, Halibut, Salmon, SmeltB, Oil,
Sole, Flounder, Oialm. Kill Oolach-
ana, Salt Salmon llelliet-, etc., etc,
A meeting of lhe Ladyemith shorts
committee, Dominion l),y Celebration,
1902, will be held in (iouhl's 11*11, Tin h-
day evening, August 2G:h. at S tAloi-k
Johu W. Cobnrn, Obairmfln.
W.J. Mart-hall, Hec'y.
Notice ie hereby given to tbe | ublic of
[."■Vuuiit-h ibul owim* to thit ch.ign in
i .tiigemeniB regarding lhe Mn ionic
Hail it will not be possible to re-oueu
ill ( ublic school in Ladysuiith until the
ll e i.tsw Eclmol building is ready for occupation, which will probably hi* in
about alx weeks or two mon the from U.is
F-irLnd-BiiiithPub!i.;^'h nl Trustpe*,,
A. S  Ohu«■!.-
Ladysmith, B.C. Ami- 12 In, ltl'**2.
One se.!..i.il-liHnil horlxminl holler,
will. e.K.'k, Injwtoi ami II iliyi- iiti'ni.
plete, sll in gn'iil nrilet. H-r... (>l Imili r 2
It. Ildla. (.. 11 (i.Sin limv;.Initio 2(i.
din. by 21 in. high, wilb 111 inh i>, 2>j
in. dia, Reason fur Belllnir, u»li,g n,in
instead ol .Item. Pi in *'2t II .1 taken ut
one.-.   A i-1.1y In
Nanalnin Steam Carrlepe Works.
P.O. Box 1.1.1. Nanalmo, 11.0.
: ,i?   r-l -• ■ '. *""'
,   I'i     '   '        ,-   ;■
'      '.;.-<' .'■• Ladysmith
,'i J.-v. ;•. 'Al '■    ! Shaving Parlors
&(PWh\ /'il '""'' s"l'd-
.lU-1'f'.iifl .1 '-.: I' iinlri-iiltliiBinul lli'iml
IU. T—ill] I   ' - trlminlng n Spcclnlly,
-1. i_ L-ii .. o,,WINSTON.
Mnrblcand Oranttt! MotnunctitB,
Tabids, Crosses, l-;tc. Hulliimltis
nnd Designs given oil Application
A. HENDERSON,      Proprietor.
Get the Heat 250. Weill iu the Cily
 AT Till**,	
Bastion Street,     -       -       -     Xanuii
Natuirno B. C.
Sheet   Music
Cheapest no 1 Heat—Be. and UK'. 11 ropy.
All lateat Hongs and pieces.
Musical Instruments of All Kinds,
Violin Strings, Etc., Etc,
In The County Court ol Nanaimo UmIiUmi
at. Nanalmo.
In the (-tootle of Knoch Barron, deceived
Tako notice that I have been appointed Admiirstialur ot the (ll'eete and
eiedits of Knoch Barron, deceased, Intestate, All persons liRvlng claims
against ibe estate are required to send
tie particulars thereof to 1110 mi or
belore the 15th day of Septemher, 1110*),
duly verified, after which date 1 will
distribute the (-statu amongst thope persons only of whose claima I then shall
have received,noticp. Any persons indebted to ibe deueased are required to
pay tlie bhiiii* forthwith.
Nanaimo, ll.C AuimihI 5th, 1902,
OMii'ial Adminiprralor.
Niir.iutiiii, B.O,
Best Service,
Fastest Time,
Lowest Rates,
Tii'.ke'a on Sale
Fur pamphletB and 11M information apply
to any O.IMt. agent,.
H. H. ABBOTT,       W. MoGIRR,
Agent, Victoria.      Agent, Naunlmo.
Aest. GenL PasB. Ajgeut, Vancouver.
Smelting Works
I Prepared to purchase ores as from August 1st |
I Convenient to E. & N. or Sea. |
I ULLIimUIH      Llf.-UU.UIl,
1 un
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of the Famous
None but Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, -        Proprietor.
I have then, in grei.1. variety, all Biz"s
i.n.1 at reasonable prices. Call And inspect lhe slock.
J. McDonald, Iliffli St., Ladysmith
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner First A Venn.; and tistacre Street.
L'ablnet woik of all kinds.
All kinds of mift wont! furniture mnde
and repaired.
Maple Lodge,  INo, 6*, I. 0. a. t.
Meets every Wednesday evening in
NicholHiin's' Hall. Visiting membeis
are cordially invited.
M. McKlNLUY.Sio.
No. 31,
I. O. 0. F.
Meets every Weiinesilnv evcnine, lit 7,30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially invited.
IIUC'.II l'UVl'ON, Sec.
Wellington lodge No. 2 K. of P.
MpetB every Friday in I. 0. 0. F, hall at
7:80 p.m.
J. W.   LKWIS, Sec.
David     Murray,
Buller Street,
I body who wants to save money
on Printing that this shop's prices
are lower than those of any other
office in tlie country. Having
satisfied ourselves on this point we
shall be pleased lo compare notes
with any who doubt.
The quality of Tin; Luai.ur's
job work is equal lo anything produced in the Province.
Tun LhaijUR employs only skilled union workmen, receiving tlie
full'iiiiion scale of wages; its prices
and quality are always up to the
accepted standard.
Ladysmith merchants and others
who send to Victoria, Vancouver
and other places for their job printing can save money, time, misunderstanding and annoyance by
investigating Tun leader's statements as published here. When
we cannot print certain classes of
work we tell you so, we do not
take your order, have it done elsewhere and charge'you middleman's
Our Motto Is:—"Squaredealing;
one price for all; our best work in
every job." Notroubie to estimate.
Call and see us about that job
printing work you are wanting and
we will save you money.
The Leader
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Time Table No. 44,
Trains letve Lailvsmith Southbound dally al 11.10 a, in, .nil on    H.nir.l...
Sundnys and Wednesdays at 6,16 p. in. o.inra»y.
Trains leave Ladysmith northbound dally at 11.67 .. in, and nn   futnrit...
SnndayB anil Wednesdays at 7.10 p.m. ™   B.lurO.y.
Trains leave LadyBmith Inr Eaten.lon dally except Sniiilnv at (I.   m   !a m
tnd 10 p,in„ and on Sundays at 10 p.m. '   p' "'*
Geo, L. Courtney,
Traffic Ufanager


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