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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Mar 22, 1902

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Array ft
7   .
/S(sy\'lK La.
The people that save I
money trade with      |
Ladysmith Leader
I For Boots and Shoes j
| Bickle's is the store 1
VOL. 1. NO. 56.
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescriptions carefully dispensed. Open
day and night.
We call your attention to our Clothing and Furnishing Department. Our entire stock in those departments is to be disposed of at prices which will guarantee quick sales. The latest and newest styles in.
Hats and Caps just received and to be sold at prices
which will surprise you.
Leiser & Hamburger
E.planadc and Oatacre Street.
S Kt^'tirfcUti'tiYft'fc*^^
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
H. &W
Thil new hotel hai been completely
furnished with all modern convenience!.
Excellent table, white cooking. Tbe
baril supplied with the finest wlnee,
llquon ind olgare. An experienced bartender.
D. H. Davis, Prop.,
Fint Avenue,     ■     Ladyimith, B. 0.
One fact is belter than a Doien
lleirraye.    11   you   want   the
I'.hoieost meat! go to
Ladysmith, B.C.,
R. Williamson, Prep.
A Iieih supply  ol   Vegetablei
alwayi on hind.
1 Special attention given to thipi' +
t        supplies.
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Thli new hotel baa been comfortably fnrnlibid atd the bir Is up lo dale.
Beit accommodation Ior transient and permanent boarders and lodgers.
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
Tho Esplanade,
Ladysmith, B. C.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Barrister, Solicitor,
Attorney, Notary Public, Ktc.
Money to Loan.
Member Can. Society of Civil Rtigineers
Member Institution of Electrical Engineers
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed P. O. Box 357
Fred   Roster
Taxidermist & Furrier
241-3 Johnson St.,
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread. Cakee and pastries ol all descriptions. Fiuiti ia
David    Murray,
Buller Street, •       Ladyimllh
Shop will be open every Thursday,
Friday and Saturday.
J. E sniTH,
Sign and House 'ainting,
Graining, Paper Hanging and Kal*
tomlning.   Estimatea given.   Satisfaction guaiauteed.
LAPVSMIfll,      -      -      -      B. C.
ARE  VOU   INSURED?    If not
get lainied at once, lor It may be
too lite tomorrow, I represent several
[OLD and RELIABLE Companioned
can inaure you at a moment*! notice at
th. loweit po.alt.le ratei. All leading
companies charge the lame ratei. Don't
be milled into inturing with a cheap
company—lt might be dear in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer 33, Nanaimo. B, 0.
Ladysmith Dairy
New Milk, Creamery Butter, New Laid
Egg! ind Fnih   Vegetablei supplied
Dally,  Leave orden at the poit office.
Seeds, Plants, Shrubs.
E. II. John.ton,  Victoria, hai the
fine.t selection in the province.   See
lampln at Leiser A Hamburger's itore.
Pricei md estimates cheerfully given.
Rosea In great variety.
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
BjsMaBjj^^^a^^^B-^^HmaBjBBmjR       Manufacture*       ^*^&*i*im\m^MMm^^mirnmim^m
Soda Water, Olngar Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds
W. E. RUMniNQ,
Proprietor,  ftftfiSx
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent.
- Office.-
The Esplanade,   ■   Ladyamlth, B. C,
N.ar Qrand and Prank Hole...
John Barnsley & Co.,
Victoria, B. C.
—i r. Pllnu, Etc,
Agents for
J. J. Taylor '
Fir. Proof Safea.
************************* *******************
Experts View the Proposed Site on
Messrs. Thomas Kiddie, manager of
the Tyee Copper Company's emelter to
be built here; GeorjeThomson, a prominent metallurgist and mining mon cf
New Jersey, U, 8.; Mr. Bradley, agent
for the Atlle, Ohalmer Company, manu-
acturera of ainslter machinery, und Mr.
King, surveyor for Ibe E. A N. Railway
Company, viiited Ladyimith ou Wed-
nesday laat and made a thorough exam*
ination of tbe site of the proposed smelter, near No. 106 biidge.
The party spent the afternoon in looking over the ground, and eeemed to be
favorably impreieed with tho euitability
of the location. Mr. Kiddie informed a
representative of Tho Leader that the
contract for the aciial tramway from
the Tyee mine! to t-omenos stat'on
would be let thie week.
The advauce guard of the emelter
bulldera would be hire, belaid, in about
two weeka to begin operation! by clearing the eite; and from that time work
would be puahed ai last ai poielble. The
expectation is that the emelter will be
able to begin the actual work of smelt-
ing before the end of August. To do
thia it will be necessary to prosecute the
work ol building with considerable
Mr. Kiddie will he in Ladyimith
again early In the coming week to complete arrangement! for the clearing ol
the imeiter eite.
The Tyee Copper Company are now
ir.poiBession oi a table allowing the
loundingi ot Ibe water all around the
•pit, taken by official! ol the E. A N.
Railway Co., and The Leader ie led lo
believe that these soundings have fully
confirmed the italeuienti made thai
deep water wonld be lound extending
from the central channel in tbe harbor
into the small bay while tbe imeiter
wharvei an to be built. Tbii ii a most
important matter, and will lave tbe
tmelting company a great dell ol lime
and money.
Interesting Entertainment by
Musical Mites.
One Foreigner's Base Ingratitude to
Provincial Cou.table George Cuiidy
wai diligently lurching on Thundiy
(or a gentleman irom Exteniion, re j .icing in the suspicious name ol Sam
Oinchye, who wai earnestly desired by
the police on account ol hii having, ai
alleged, stolen girl .Irom Fred Pitloah,
alao ol Extension.
Oinchye wai a guilt of Pitloah, wbo
Uvea in a cabin in the euburbi ol Exteniion. Pitloah went out on Wedneiday nlgkt to procure lome lamp chimney! leaving Oinchye in charge ol the
cabin. When Pitloah nlurned be lound
tint Ciucliye hid uinppeiied, On
making a aearch ol the premiiei hi discovered tbat $76 ol hit hard-earned lav
ingi had viuiihed too.
Pitloah immediately informed the
police, and they commenced a vigoroul
search lor the inspected man,
Cinchye wai arretted on Thursday
night, and ii now iu. Nanaimo lockup
awaiting t.lal.
Quite a large audience filled the Free
byterian church on Thursday evening
on tbo occasion of tbe concert given by
the little Missel Dobie of Nanalmo.
The programme followed wae almoit ths
eame aa tbat pveented in Nanaimo,
and it was very much ecj.yed by the
audience here.
Although none of the pieces were lerl-
oui technical character, there wae enough
given to prove that Ihe two children are
more than ordinarily gifted with muiical ability. The Chopin polonaise in
the eecoud part of the programme, wa,
a Fairly good test of the elder eiiter'B power!, and ebe acquitted herself well, Tbe
"Bees' wedding," Mendelssohn, and the
Vilie Brillant, Durand, alto enabled
the little artiste to ihow that ihe pon
esses a considerable share of sympathetic Intelligence in interpretation, a.
well ae digital dexterily.
The little tot, the younger litter,
iged only eight yean, fairly astonished
her audience. With caretul training
the may develop into another Norah
Clench,'and add freih lustre to th.
Canadian name. Her playing of Scotch
ain il especially good, bnt in h.r treatment ol the famous intermezzo from tbe
Oavallaria Buiticana," th. doling
number on the programme, ebe gave
ample proof that ehe will yet do fine
work in the clanici.
Very much depend! on the training
three children are to receive in tb. nut
five yein whether they ate t. m.k.
thiir mirk ai adult pliyere, Carefully
and patiently trained, (and reatrained)
they ehould bicome excellent musicians.
Messrs. Mills Brothers' Vauabla
Bull Terrier Stolen.
Very early on Thursday morning Mn.
Lse, who bae been nursing Mn. Macdonald, High Street, happened to look
out ot the window facing into the yard
behind the butcher ehop of Meiiri Mills
Brother!, when ebe saw a man walking
about the yard in a meaner that aroused
her suspicions. She watched him
cloiely, and he apparently eeeing that
he was observed, walked along Ihe eide
ol the building and stood lor a while
looking Into High Street,
Next time Mn. Lse law the man he
wai leading Messrs. Mills' bull terrier,
which had bnn chained up in the y.rd,
He had it by the chain and wai patting
it on the head, as he itood in front ol
the Mills' batcher ihop. He then walked off leading the dog, and that li the
lut that hae been leen ol Ihe animal or
ill kidnapper. The dog was a valuable
one and tbe ownere leel tbe ion keenly.
The police are now lurching lor trace!
of tbe thief.
Nanalmo Sends Another Delegation
to the Capital.
Mesin. Ed. Quennell, J. H. Cocking,
and George L. Scbetky, of the Nanalma
BoardofTr.de, went down to Victoria
on Thursday morning to interview the
Government regarding the proposed Alberni railway, and to preee Nanaimo'!
claim! with all necessary vigor.
In tbe coruie of a abort interview witb
Messrs. Cocking and Scbetky, on tba
nation platform on Thunday morning,
a representative ol The Leader wai informed that the people of Nanaimo had
learned with considerable satisfaction
that there wai a growing opinion in
Ladyimith that tbii place ihould join
handi witb Nanaimo io the endeavour
to bring the railway to th. central eait
cuaitof the blind.
Mr. Cocking pointed ont that by
working together tbe two placee could
gain lar more for their own beet intereiti
than by pulling in oppoiite direction!.
He laid that II tbe railway came to the
coast anywhere south of Ladyimllh il
would be of u] me to tbii town or Naniimo. Wbereas if It came out north
of Ladyimith thie cimp would be bound
to benefit equally witb Nanaimo. Ha
earneetly hoped thit the people of
Ladyemith would at leaet think tb.
matter over, end act according to their
belt judgment, and not allow prejudiced
penoni to lead tbem.
Mr, Scbetky epoke in a somewhat
similar strain, and aaid that Nanaimo
wat perfectly willing to join bandi with
Ladysmith in thil matter, which, ••
anyone could lee who give the matter
any thought, wai bound to be ol mutual
benefit to both towni.
Tho Leader man inggeited tbat ar-
rr.ng.metiU ehould be mad. Ior both
gentlemen to meet th. citiism ot Ladyimith in public meeting here, whin tn.y
oould lay tbeir viewi before th. people.
II nothing cm. ol the muting, bo harm
would be done, .nd tb. two gentlemen
could leel eure at .ny rate, of having a
courteoua and patient bearing. Tbey
■aid they would think the matter over.
Tbe deputation wae to meat tb. government et 3 o'clock Thunday afternoon.
Matters of Special Interest foi
Ladysmith Teaming Depot,
Ail kind! oi heavy teaming dona
Whol.nl. and Retail Deal.n In Meal!.
Poultry   and  Vegetable..  Game in
i.i.on.  Shipping order! etien.lt il lo on
ibott notice.
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Hepple, proprietor.'
Flrit-class accommodation! tor minen
•nd transients.  None bnt
Tha Bast Winn and Liquors
served at ihe bar.   Give ni a rail,
Cor. Victoria Rd A Commercial St.
Cocos  Island
News from thi Blakeley.
N.wi hu riiclud Vlcto.ii Irom Honolulu tbit • boat hu ipeken the Blike-
ley at Oocn Iilind with one ol the
trieiureion board, and looking for in-
other. Although not official, It la alio
nporledin tbe Sin Frinclsoo papin
thit tbey hive found the mature. II
thote report! ere confirmed nil the
Company's Hock wlll be cancelled at
once. '
II you want the beat chance ev.r ol-
tend to make a fortune, boy a ih.re ol
stock or a part slur, at ouce. Filer,
$4.0, ♦'.'Oli.r 'iitlOlor,... Next month
they cennet b, bought lor 10 timee that
P. S.'
Rimimher uch itook holder owm
abara in tbe ihip and her tqiiipment,
W thit you practically risk nothing.
Addraisi -
Thi Pacific Exploration and
Development Go,, Limited,
SO Birdcage Walk, Viotoria.
l.ndy.mllh  Ml.,>.,,,.
Str. Alkl called in lor a Ind ol coal on
herwty to the north on Wednndiy
Bisque Anllopj II loading her coil
cargo for Kibai, Hawaii.
Gitizens of Ladyemith
All Citizens of Ladysmith,
B. C, are respectfully invited
to become members of the
Ladysmith Board of Trade.
Objects : The advancement
and improvement of Ladysmith,
A rrci.li.g sieccs.lt,.
Readers of The Leader would be put
tied to receive latt issue the blurred ind
bittered-looking sheet In plice ol tbe
neatly-printed paper usually lent to the
handi ol The Leader's hundred! ol lead-
era on tbrei continents. Unfortunately
just after the big Hoe press Darted on
Tuesday afternoon, acattlng underneath
the bed-plate broke, and ai there waa no
way ol repairing it In time for that lime,
the itaff had to turn to the old Hind-
by, the Waihington hand pren, and
work oil The Leader by ibeer muscle
and grit. Hence the mediaeval appear
ance of the paper. It wai almost in all night job. Ai our facetious
contemporary, New Denver Ledge, remarked on a former occaiion of thil
kind;" It looked ai if it had been run
through a 10 h. p. threabing machine
with Iroeen ink."
The Half hope lhat The Leader1!
naden, who ire confined excluiively
to the moit intelligent folk ol each
town and dlatrict where it circulate!,
will pardon Numiieii FifivFivb. Th.
big Hoe li itself again and will continue
to ilisieminntn higli-clasi literature
twice a week from the same, old itaud,
•nil toeh Inoiua-lng liuiubei ol lutein,
gent poople.
Every number ol tha Extcutlv. of th*
Lidyimlth Bond of Tndi la (xpeend
to attend the meeting on Monday night
in the office of Mr. W. H, Muon, El-
plutde, •■ it it intimated that mitten oi
ipeeial importance to Ladyimith will b»
brought lorward lor discus,ion. It ii
earnestly hoped by Ib. officers ol th.
Bond tbit .11 member! ol tb. executive
will il. their w.y t» putting in an ap-
purince on thit occaiion.
The membenhip ii ineieaeing iitli-
tactorily, and it il expected that by tha
next general meeting th. nc.it.ry will.
have an Inl.mtlng at.t.m.nt to make
ln thie regard.
The Leader understands that th.
committee ol tbe Board appointed to
wilt upon tb. government will probably
endeavor to ill th. miniiten todiy. It
il also learned th.t. number ol eitit.nl
will accompany the commiltn ud try
to lecure recognition ol Lidyimlth'i
ju.t clalmi,
Bunday Bervlcee.
Fint P.eibyterian Church—Regular
service., morning 11 o'clock; evening 7
o'clock. Sunday ichool 9.90 p, m,
Rev, W. A. Rie, putor.
Methodiit church — Service! era
held at 11 o'clock Sunday morning and
7 o'clock to the evening. Sunday ichool
at 2.80. Prayer meeting on Wedneiday
evening at 7,30 o'clock,
Cramp io the leg may be qui klv relieved by stretching ihehtel >■ lar out
•I poiilble and drawing up tha toil,
Thing! Worth   Kn.wlog.
The largest printing paper in ui. ia
double royal.   It Is 40 inches by 26,
North America now possesses 210,657
mllei ol railwav, to Europe'e 108,002
The Rn hi In ds -mill.h 27,000men in
Hi. Vitrlnil!  cupper   minus  which 'they -
01 th. 0 700 Brit ... killed at their
| work during the year 1000, no fewer
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
clan, bona fide Indian canoe race by ! ful men.   If the Herald believed them
Published every Wednesday and Satnrdsy >t
ri.eI.oder Building, corner of First Ave. and
r-rcncb Street, Udysmlth, British Columbis.
T. I. 0RAHAMS, SDiToa »kd raor-iwoa.
Bl Hail ll, Canada and l'nitrd States.
Oa.year (atrictly in advance) |. »
Ix months (atrictly in advance).'.... -5
TRANSIENT—First insertion ioc. a line; each
sab*equ.nt insertion sc, a Hue.
B.U. on application.    No wood cut. used.
Cat. for regular use should be .11 metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
.ach insertion s«.
Advertisements not inserted for . specified
Ilia, will be ch.rgad for until ordered to be discontinued,
memben of the leading Britiih Columbia and Waihington tribei.
Other regitta eventi could be arranged lucbai a four-oared race between
Victoria and Vanconver crewi, for a
grind challenge cup; single icull competition for the championship of the
province; Peterboro cinoa singles and
tandemi, and Peterboro racel ve, Indian
cancel. Wecould go on indefinitely,
with all the enthuilum ol an "old
sport" at this game, but ipace forbide.
Let ui dole by adviilng Ladysmith's
citizen! lo organize, organize; advertiee,
THS LEADER will.be found at the following
Ladyimtth-The Leader OBce; The tadyernith
w.o.imo-E. Fimbury ft Co.
Victoria—Public Library; Provincial Library; .nd
Vancouver-Public Library, and Hotels.
Hnr Westminster—Public Library.
All change, in .dvertisements must be received
.t this office before is noon tbe day before
ttabKrlbar. not receiving paper regularly please
report to tbls office...
All job work atrictly cash on delivery.
Tranalsnt advertisements cash in advance.
Ladyimith ihould be moving now
towird making arrangiroenti for th.
oil.bratlon of Dominion Day. So gieai
wu tb. success attained last year, evtn
though tbe affair wae arranged in
hurry, that many of the citizen! then
reeolved tbat they would do all in tbeir
power to make that day Ladyimith'i
gnat •nnul fiitlval, and tnin tbe
. pa.pl. ol B. C. to look forward to tbe
event as something which mmt be attended.
We earnestly advise thoie good cltl-
unl to get together without delay to
diMUH prospect! thoroughly. It ll by
no meani too early to begin. Nanalmo
hai already put iti plana for the celt'
bration of Victoria Day, May 24th., in
handi, and the work hu begun. Tbe
Oxioid and Cambridge craw, begin
training for the clinic race lix month!
at leut belore tbe event.
II a genenl meeting of citizen! wire
held now with th. object ol appointing
committees to take charge of the pre-
limlnariei and to advertiie the calibration far and wide, they wonld find the
three moatbi ibort enough for tbeir
What hu Ladyimith to offer, inppoi
log literal thousands ol vlaiton came
here next Fint ol July? To begin wilb
•T.B Vlctoriani freely admitted last
year that their fameui Arm nothing but
a crooked ditch compared witb tbe mag
nlflcant regitta courie provided by the
w.ll-eheltered watere of Lidyimilh
Harbor. Hundred! who ipent Dominion Day here lut yur wire under the
impression tbit tbey had lien Indian
war cinoe racn until thiy uw that
glorious itruggle by nurly a dozen war
canoe, propelled by tbe cb.mploni ol
rival tribei—that grand race mad. th.
Indian racei on Viotoria Arm laughable
b) compirlion.
Now, hire ll Lidyimlth'i golden opportunity. Thousindiof vlaiton from
•11 parti el Britiih Columbia and Pugit
Sonnd could be induced to come hire il
Ladyimith could assure them a first
Nanaimo certainly deicrrei piaiae for
its determination ud peneverance in
ngard to the propoied Alberni railway,
Our good neighbor! believe tbat tbey
have at leait a fighting chmce ol lecur-
ing the terminus ol that railway Ior
their city, and they ar. sparing no
paim, mining no opportunity, if prosecuting tbeir cue.
Thli week another deputation ol Nanaimo'! leading citizeni waited upon the
authoritiei at Victoria, and itrongly
prened tbe claims of their city. Tbii is
commendable ipirit, and no matter
whit tbe people of Ladyimith may
think of the Nanaimo people'e argument!, they cannot withhold their admiration of Nanaimo's enterpriee. Al
with the individual 10 with the town,
the nation—it il only pereevcring action,
the doing ol loinetliing, that count!; not
theorizing and dreaming.
Nanaimo eeemi determined to put her
belt foot forward in tbe race ior a leading place amongst the commercial
centres of the Ialand. It is a itrenuoue
age, and even amongit the lomewhat
easy-going people of Britiih Columbia
effort ii appreciated.
We are not of thoie who view with
ohigrin tbe proiperity of our neighbor
olty of Nanaimo. Even were Nanaimo'e
growth in wealth and importance to
profit 119 nothing, and that would be
impossible, yet could we eay witb perfect frankneas: "Floreat Nanaimo."
We admire pluck In man or town, and
eo, we admire Nanaimo'e courage ami
peneverance and gladly eey: "More
power to you, neighbor."
to be truthlul mon, why did It not give
the report aa a laet without any reservation? Tbe very lad of the Herald pub-
lishing an excuse along with Ibe report
from those "two truthful men" provee
that the Herald believed they were
either I, lug or exaggerating moat
In saying lhat Mr. Melnnea "jumped
excitedly to hie feel" to deny this atrocious libel the Herald is only giving one
more exhibition of its incorrigible predilection for falsehood rathei than
truth. Mr. Mclunes considered the
matter beneath his notice, ai did every
decent man, and ai did The Leader,
which wns confident that the people of
the diitrict would treat the vile slinder
ns "jolt another Herald etory," only
tbat and nothing more. Mr. Mclnnce
reaponded to the call made to him bv
the Timee, and bis reply silenced that
The Herald know! full well that It has
made a miserable men ot the affair, and
to eave iti bicon with tbe public resorts
to low and vulgar abase of Mr. Mclnnei. But the Herald hai juet about
reached it! limit; the peopled Nanalmo
have borne a good deal irom the Herald, in ihe hope that It would mend ite
ways, but thia lateit piece ol vilification
of the popular member for North Nanaimo will dieguat everybody io Nanaimo.
The Herald hai disgraced itself Irremediably over Ibie attempt to slander Mr.
Dnnsmuir; it hu been again convicted
of tbe meet notorious lying, and if there
wne one spark ol decency or honor or fair
play to be found around the Herald office that paper wonld publish an apology to Mr. Dunsmuir and to Mr. Mclnnei.
neatly thus:
"It would he interesting to know what
the opposition, in case thoy defeat the Sj
present Government, intend to do witb 1 jj
the province." | 'rf
I Jf ItMeWIWl W.VI ';V,W**stVfcs*fct4^i(|a>n.;«,^^
Would the Freo Press second    The ;
Leader in the statement that they
certainly week ll?
Although the British Houso of Common! have brought the old age pension,
bill past lie eecoud reading, it ehould 1 ot
be forgotten that the measure haa to
come before the House of Lord!, which
will assuredly veto lt, ae tbey have done
moit measures that arc for tho benefit
oi the people. Yet, in view of the appalling drain on tho resource! ol the
country through the Boer war, lt muit
bs admitted that there will be eome excuse for tbe House of Lords' veto in tbie
Kverylhing in block is imported
direct from inautilacturera or made
at r.ur own factory.
4) jean iu our business ineani
When vi.lting Vic ora come in end tee our large and modern establishment end attiaciiiu.'.u'l-jou aillLotnerd tobuy. II you cannot come
!»nd year came on 1 potl card ami wo will mail J'ou n catiiloKue-lreo.
C.i»;:.i3   Uifi"'
,y ......  j. mt   -■-...-   -   ..   a.   r--.   .......  w.— .    ---    	
Kii**ia.M*u*v-K4v:4-*:+*:***v:*n:-**s4W** J
******************************■*>* i ********************
\ X
On Tueiday morning latt Nanaimo
Heraid devoted fourcolumna toareeume
ofthe"lo hell with the union, etc.,"
incident, and the article ii made tbe peg
upon which to bang a specially vile attack upon Mr. W. W. B. Mclnnei, M.
P. L., whole reply to tbe Victoria
Timet' challenge ae to whether he would
"endoree" Premier Dunimuir'i alleged
remark!, might have been comidered
by all sensible people the end of the
But the Herald doei not fall within
that category; anil 10, like Balaam'
an, opened ite mouth and diicouned
eloquently, to iti own confuiion. Argument il not the Herald'i bower anchor,
Deprived of the privilege oi ueing coarse
personal abnie, without reiort to mere
vituperation and .lander, the Herald
wonld have to practice illence.
In reading the tremendously lengthy
article we have mentioned, two or three
important facte are to be noted. To begin with the Herald li moit careful to
shield itself by declaring that it did not
vouch at the time ol tbe alleged Incident
that Ihe statements puhliihed under a
flare head war. true. Now tbe Henld
lay! th.t it! informants were two truth
Beautiful Spring.
Garden Tools, Hoes, Rakes, Forks, Spades, Shovels, etc., etc.
Wide, meidtttn and narrow Poultry Netting, just
the thing you require for fencing up your grounds, we
have them..
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Baplaaadaand Oatacre Street, - ■ Ladyimith
Victoria Times entitles one of ita leading articles "Conservative recrudei-
cence." On reading Ihe article we find
to our eurpriso that the Conservative
party hae not suffered a serions relapse,
nor li it "iore"about anything, but that
imtead, according to the Timei, itself,
it is showing signs of manual lite.
But thai is the very opposite of recrudescence. This word is a great favourite with writers who use English by ear ;
like the negro preaoner who loved the
blessed word "diametrical," and uied
it indlicrimlnalely lor all sort! and condition! ot adjective! because it had 1
learned eound.
Victoria Timei refer! to Hon. Joseph
Martin ai "that great political acrobat.'
We ihould like to hear Mr. Martin's es
timale ol Victoria Timei.
Rutland M n.r has msde the experi
ment ol suspending its Sundiy morning
itiue ind making it Monday morning In-
ilead j but hai lonnd lhat thil li not
what the people want. The to-called
Sunday paper li lar less a Sunday paper
than tbe Monday morning paper; but it
ie herd to make theiabbatarlan! understand the inodui operandi ol a n.iipa-
per office
Vernon News deprecate! the lament
made by the coast papera over the derails 0! Nelson Tribune, and laya tbe
Miner of tbat town ia a better paper
than ever the Tribune waa. Tho Ver
non News itindi a noble minoiity of
one in tbat opinion. Hie to tbe credit
ol tbe intelligence of tbe Coast papin
tbat they all recognized tbe originality
ind excellence ol the late Tribune.
All hope ol the Boer war being finish
ed belore tbe coronation ol tbe king
takei place, hu been abandoned, even
by the molt enthusiastic imperialist; in
London, It la now thought very pro-
bible that the Boen will try to mark
tbe coronation with a dliaiter to Britiih
armi which will dwarl all the others
ilnce the beginning ol the war, and
throw a gloom over the gey scene in
Good judgei ol the political iffiira in
tbe Far Eait believe thit the limpli
fact of Chinese-grown te. going Into
Runia over the new Minchurian and
Trani Siberian railway! duty free will
do more than all the gum and battalion!
in thi Rnulan army to confirm Russia's
grip on tbe North China provincee. The
tea trade between the two countrlee li
Ladyimith, Natal, leemi, according
to a contributor to "Chimben'a Jour
nil," to be in a tair way to become-
merely a ibow place. Vliiton feel ll.
duty to carry away a relic ol the ilege,
in the form of ihelli,("LongTomi,"pom-
pimr, howltzen, Creueotijphotographi,
Ac.; and the citizens ire carefully pre.
•erring their damaged properly with an
eyetolntureeireot. Th. broken tower
of the Town Hall, perforated house.,
iind-bigged trenchei, and liver are rept
religiously in their dilapidated condition, and everything ie reidy lor the
invuion ol Cook'i penonilly-conducted
Tfmdi Manna
CowvRiOHTa ae.
Anyone scintilla n slcctch and description mar
nnlrklr iiscartaln i-ur ilii.t Iruo wlipllicr all
liivi-ntliin Is in'nlmtily       -iitulilo.   Oiimniiliilrs.
HniiHKIrliiMy ittilonllsl. Iliolttliiio.tiiil'iiteiita
ssnl. Iron. Illi]i':it nci'lii-r Ior securing putenla.
I'litimls tu.cn tiirtiUHti Monti A Co. receive
rprdiil niillrr. wlllmut cliurso, in tho
Scientific American.
A handsomely lllnstrntofl weekly.  T.«tw»telr
1 uf nny Hi-lentltlo Jnuriiiil.   'ivi-ni.., |3 a
■onr: four tmmt tin, $1. Sold by nil notvsili'itle-n.
 tCoJ"e,"M*M>' Hew York
I OBIco. Oa K Bt., Wa.bHgr.un, P. C.
II The Leading
|j Reviews
*y.)I        Nlnetctitlh Century   and Alter, ffi
-V4'        Contemporary   Review,   port- $*#
is        tilgluly   Kovlew,   Westminster '-*-'■
~'f,         Kevlew,     Edinburgh - He view
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Strong,   sterling, timely, suggestive jJJSj
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wlmt you ncctl to know: ami told '£-*
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;V   nhlrsl writers, the irosl iimcly (lis- • *£
'" ciissious; The swiftest presentation of $m
the world-problems of tlie day appear 'av*£
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Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household cosl
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company.    Wharves at Ladysmith,
'■ Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baylies Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C  ■[
San  Franciaco Agency,
: R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
' ;4'rT'r'M"H-frr-t--r-M-K*i^^ 1-l-l-l-l-H-H-t-l-
" 1
ii flerely A Reminder
Of the fact tbat the leader Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and society—at very reasonable prices.
We Print
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Thli old-Kitibliied, Firit-Olan and
Popular Hotel li molt emrjlortibly far-
nlibed, centrally ettoateat. Bui mieti
train.. Gxc.ll.ntCui.ln.. Bar stocked
with tha finest wlnn, liquor, and clgi.i.
After leaving college I determined to
take n course nt one ot the Cioruinu
universities, I chose Heidelberg, which
iu those days wns tlio host Ictiown, nnd
took a three yours' course. I Joined
one of tho corps and lu time bceumo
Involved ln several student duels.
When I left Heidelberg, where I had
taken more Interest In tho small sword
thnn ray studies, 1 stopped in Paris before returning to America, with a view
to seeing some Frcuch fencing. One
evening a party of us visited the celebrated school of M. Ilrissoii. While wo
were watching the pupils fence n man
entered and after looking ou for awhile
proposed to take the foils with the
principal. Brlsson consented and wits
astonished, as we all were, nt the stranger's skill. After disarming his adversary bo took up a piece of chalk, rubbed It on the foil, and, calling to Brls-
eoii to place himself on gunrd, made
one brilllnnt stroke after nnother and
nt last left a chalk mark of a figure 8
on the fencing master's walsteont directly over tbo heart.
"Victor Morrel!" exclaimed several
who   wero  present  with   the   sumo
"Who Is Victor Morrel?" I nsked.
"Tho   most   noted   swordsman   In
"A duelist?"
"No; singularly enough, he has not
tho courage to light a duel."
"What Is his occupation?"
My informant, n Frenchman, shrugged bis shoulders nfter tho French
fashion nnd walked out of tho school
without replying to my question. Brls-
son nt once doffed his wire mask nnd
put up Ids foil. In doing so ho turned
his back upon his former nntngonhrt
nnd took care to keep It turned till
Morrol hnd left the nendeiny. Evidently tho man who hnd shown his skill
was not n favorite with hlin or, for tho
matter of that, wiih nny one present.
Tho Frenchmen nil departed, leaving
the room to our party. Morrel also departed, nnd ns ho passed me I noticed
the must repulsive face I had over seen
on a man. I did not wonder at the ills,
favor In which he was held. I should
have been afraid to pass him In a lonely rond had be cause to prick me In tho
Three years later, In company with
my friend Walter Douglas, I again visited Europe, sailing from New York to
Cherbourg and going from there to
Meutone, a winter resort in tho south
of France. Ono evening Douglas went
to walk with a little French girl who
had captivated him by her smart appearance. Ho failed to return to tho
hotel, and toward morning, becoming
anxious for his safely, 1 went to search
for him. I found him lying In his blood
in the gardens stabbed through tho
heart His coat had been cut by Iho
point of a knife or sword so ns to make
what looked like tho letter S. Tho
blado hnd entered tho heart nt tho
polut where tho tracing ceased.
Iu agony at the murder of my friend,
I called a gendarme, and tho body wns
removed. I mndo every effort to And
tbe murderer, but without success. The
mysterious letter S cut In his coat
would not bo dropped from my mind.
It seemed to partly awaken some memory. At last I remembered Morrel nnd
the figure 8 be hnd chalked on tho
waistcoat of M. Brlssou. Then It occurred to me that tbo letter S was an
Incomplete figure 8.
Golug nt once to the police office, I
requested them to arrest tbo little
French girl whom Douglas bad been
Willi on tbe night of his murder, nud
when she arrived at tbo police ofllco 1
questioned her myself. She came lu
charge of a gendarme, frightened nud
weeping, but, I fancied, ou ber guard.
"Havo you a lover?" I asked.
"No, rn'ileu."
"Do you know any one expert with
tbo sword?"
"No, m*sleu."
Sho preserved her equanimity, but I
bow that tho question startled ber.
"Did yon ever ice a man cut or mark
tbo  flguro 8  upon an adversary's
She turned pale and did not reply.
"Where is Victor Morrel ?"
Tbls broke her down. "I had nothing
to do with It," sho cried. "Ho was Jealous of—the American.  Do not bring
mo to tho guillotine, I beseech you."
I turned to tbe prefect of police.
"Tbo case is ln your hands," I said.
"Find Victor Morrel."
"Where Is M. Morrel?" be asked of
tbe girl.
"Ob, I do not knowl Sporo mcl"
"Tnko her away," said tbo olllccr to
.tbe gendarme. "Sho will finish her career on tho guillotine."
This was too much for her fidelity to
her lover. "I do not know whero ho
li," she said. "Yesterday ho was in
Tbat evening Morrel was arrested In
Marseilles nnd brought to Mentouo for
trial. He put on n bold front, feeling
mro that there wero no witnesses of
tbe murder,
"M, Morrel," asked tbo prosecuting
attorney, "why woro you so foolhardy
ns to leave tlie figure S on tbo henrt of
tbo man you killed?"
"I did not," tbo prisoner exclaimed,
"It looked llko the letter, S, bnt bad
yon completed lt you would havo mado
an 8 of It"
Tho prosecutor bold np tbo murdered
. man's coat, on which had becu cut the
letter's. The prisoner fell back, clutching his hair nnd moaning:
"I must bnvo been drunk."
It appeared later that be hnd been
drinking heavily and was unconscious
of cutting tbe mark he was accustomed to leave on thoso bo worsted In
fencing, He was convicted, and before
I left France he was taken out nt Jail
one morning before daylight and gull*
lottneu,       . IALAN JAY rONDIlt.^
i'lie Peril, ol I-Ivlng- Near Ihe Mcx.
'   loan Boundary Line.
"Somo peculiar conditions prevail at
tho twin cities of Nogales, Mexico,
and Nogales, Ariz.," said tbo Dotroltcr,
who recently returned from a visit to
Mexico. "Tho International boundary
Hue ls formed hy a street that divides
the two towns, and tbe boundary
stakes aVo set out with a very nice
regard for technicalities. There is a
saloon there which has more than a
local reputation, und tho proprietor Is
coriniiily an enterprising Individual.
His saloon Is located on the street dividing tho two counties nnd at a point
whore the dividing lino is not clearly
dellncd. Tho patron' of this saloon
buys his drink In America, and, stepping ncross tho ball, be buys bis cigar
In Mexico. In tills way the proprietor
nvolds the duty on imported cigars
and can provide his customers with
tho- best make nt lower prices than
most of his competitors,
"They tell an amusing story about an
American who Imbibed too much fighting whisky at this saloon.   Whon he
arrived at a certain stage, he allowed
his prejudices to get the better of him,
; and, standing near the boundary lino
' of his own country, ho henped nnntho-
mas and hurled defiances at the people
across tho border.   A couple of Mexl-
! can officers stood across the street nl-
' most within reach of tho pugnnclous
American, hoping that he would stroll
j across Into Mexico.   He did get over
there after awhile, although tbo trip
, was wholly un premeditated.   During
n harangue ngnlnst Mexican institu- j
I tions in general nnd tho police In pnr-
! tlctilar ho happened to lurch too fur
- over to starboard and fell Into Mexico.
. The alert cops promptly grabbed him,
' and, though ho didn't get a chance to
{ take In tho Bights, ho paid quite an extended visit to the country bo had so
eloquently   maligned."
j Belonged Elsewhere.
That lt ls possible to have too good ,
an appetite seems to bo ono of the i
I morals of u story told by a friend to
the Washington correspondent of the
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"I am vory fond of roasted ears of
corn," said be, "and I eat it whenever I j
can get it Some time ago, while I wns
ln a restaurant In Texas, the waiter j
put a plateful on tho table, and I just;
helped myself.
"Wben I had consumed the third, l!
noticed that a man across the tnble'
was eying me most curiously. I looked
at blm and told hlui that I considered
roasted corn ono of tho most nutritious
and palatable things a man could cat.
Then I helped myself to a fourth ear
and devoured It with relish.
"When I reached my hand into the
dish for tho IIfill, the fellow across tho
tablo couldn't stand lt any longer.
*' 'Sny, pun!,' said he, 'don't you think
you could save about a dollar and n
quarter a day If you was to board at a
j livery stable!'"
Christening In  Scotland Wn. Conduced  Under Difficulties.
In wide nnd sparsely populated highland districts of Scotland lt not Infrequently happens that a parent Is obliged to walk n distance of live or alx
miles with an infant for baptism.
It Is related of n minister of tbe
north that ho agreed to accommodate
n parishioner thus situated by meeting him nt a stream midway between
the parents' bouse nnd tho maase and
there baptizing tho child at tho running water.
It so happened that by the time tho
parties camo to opposite sldos of tho
bourn heavy rains had swollen lt Into
a rapid torrent, so thnt neither party
could approach tho other.
Unwilling to turn back with tbo
"bairn" unbuptlzcd, tho farmer proposed that tho minister should splash
water across. Accordingly the minister
stepped down to tho stream and endeavored to throw hnndfuls.of wnter
on tho farmer's baby.
"Ha'o yo got ony o' thnt?" ho cried
at each successive splash.
"Do'll a spnlrge," was the reply.
At last a few of tho splashes were
communicated to the Infant's face,
nnd the ceremony was thou concluded
ln tho usual form.
Before retiring to their respective
homes the farmer produced a bottlo of
whisky, crying across, "As I cuuna
offer ye n glass owro tho held o* this,
here's tho bottle—kepp!" And be threw
It across tho stream.
The bottlo was caught, lt Is related,
with a precision that botobencd on tho
part ef his reverence, if not consldera-
Ole practice, at least considerable dexterity.- .t
Fortlrs-Inc n Lighthouse.
A lighthouse at tho south cape of.
Cormosa was built in a part of tlie
island Inhabited solely by savages and .
hnd, In conscquense, to bo fortified. I
Tho lantern wns protected by steel re- j
volvlug screens, and on-the gallery ot
the tower, which wns of cast Iron, a j
machine gun was mounted ou racers,
.Round the base ot the tower was
built a wrought Iron refuge, or fort
communicating by bullet proof passages with all tho rooms ln tho keepers-
dwelling houses.
Both fort and tower were fitted with
suitable accommodation for tho staff
In a case of siege, bad water tanks In
the basement and wero supplied witb
a stock of provisions.
The station was further protected by
a loophole wall and a dry ditch, flanked by two smnll towers, or cnponulercs,
armed with eighteen pounder cannon.—
Dnlfrnrlrtn nrlannila.
The Balkan mountains have been
the homes nnd haunts ot many brigands through centuries of Bulgarian
history. Iu the sixteenth century a
. national movement against the opprcB-
. slon of Turkey fell Into the hands of
brigand chiefs. They wero known by
the nnme of Haidutin, They were rep-
resented ns friends of the poor, the protectors of the weak, tho allies of Christians nnd the foes of tho Mohammedans. In legends and In songs tbeir
mimes and fame were perpetuated.
They Increased from the ranks of the
avengers and the worthless. Onco
Identified with them n brigand's safety
consisted in continuing with tlicni. Tho
Turks blocked tho way to return to the
ranks ot common citizenship. Villagers often welcomed thorn as deliverers
from tbeir oppressor..
Cnnght a Tartar.
Like so many ot his learned brethren
In tho Church of Englund, tbo late
Canon Curler was tho terror of compositors. His was perhaps, after Dean
Stanley's, the very worst handwriting
of tlio Inst century.
About ISSO tho tbon bishop of Lichfield, Dr. Mnclngan, surprised ono of
his secretaries hy saying: "I have
hardly ever received an anonymous
letter, but I got one this morning. It la
vory badly written, nnd I can hardly
make lt out, but from tho signature lt
Is sure to be nbuslve. Tbe man has
signed himself -A Tartar.' See If you
can mnko it out"
Tho secretary, who knew the handwriting, rather startled his lordship by,
rejoining: "It's nothing alarming. It's
—'" ' noto from Cnnou Carter of
Cleworl"-London Tlt-Blts.
Mob ol the While Kind.
Tho whole fabric of social Intercourse Is Interwoven with what would
bo lies according to a strict code. Some
are pleasant fictions that deceive nobody. Most of them have tholr genesis
In a kindly, cbecrful desire to avoid
giving pain. These polite untruths are
the lubricant of society. Tbey wear
away tho rough edges, take away tbe
sting out of uncomfortable facts. Thoy
are tho flower ot courtesy, "the pine-
npplo perfume of politeness,",
, i,;..     -*     ji£ij.i:'
Thgnoat Lifter.
nirom—Thariioy of youn whnt went
to college could do sonic powerful lifting Willi the clubs nnd dumbbells.
Silas-Yes, but 1 always thought more
of tho other one's lifting powers.
Illroui-Uld bo lift dumbbell! and th.
like?   '   ''
- Silns-Ko; he lifted tho mortgage.
" Willi every exertion the boat of men
ran do but a moderate amount of good,
but It seems In the power of the most
cou'tcnipllblo Individual to do incalculable mischief.
The man who gels up to matte tht
fire does not always get hia share of
Iho beat'
Short ot Experience.
Herbert Gladstone while yet a single
man was addressing a woman's 'suffrage meeting In Leeds one afternoon,
nnd he paid a graceful compliment to
the eloquence of the ladlos who had addressed tbe meeting. He gallantly remarked on the great pleasure which lt
gives tbo other sex to listen to women
Pausing for a moment nfter tbls observation, Mr. Gladstone, llko his audience, was thrown Into an unexpected
state ot merriment by a male voice
which proceeded from tho back of tin-
hall and proclaimed iu the broadest
Yorkshire dialect, "Eh, lad, thou'rt
noan wed yet, I loc'st!" — London
London Street Same,.
Peerless street, In London, Is a cor
ruptlon ot Perilous pool. Golden
square wns originally Gelding square,
nud the name was changed at the wish
of the Inhabitants. Fetter lane has
nothing to do with fetters, but only
with fewtors (Idle fellows), who once
loafed In tbe neighborhood. Gutter
lane, In the city, is really Gutherou's
lane. Duck's Foot lane, near Cannon
street, should be Duke's Foot lane, being so named after tho Dukes of Suffolk. Cannon street bad nothing to do
with guns, but everything with candles, which were made lu It when It
passed as Cnndlewlck street,
Hove Parchment Came lo De Used.
When tbe literary Jealousy ot the
Egyptians caused them to stop the supply of papyrus, the king of I'crgamos,
n city in Asln Minor, Introduced the
use ot sheepskin In a form called, from
the place of .Its Invention, pergnmonn,
whence our word parchment Is believed to bo derived. Vellum, a finer article, made from ealfsklu, was also used.
Many of the hooks done on vellum lu
tho middle ages were transcribed by
monks, nnd often It took years to complete a single copy.
No Danger.
Coal Merchant—I say, Premium, I
wnnt to Insure my conlyut'd against
fire. What's the cost of a policy for
Insurance Agout— What coal is It?
Same kind you sent mo Inst?
Merchant—Yes, It Is.
Agent-Oh, I Wnuldn't Insure It It I
were yon. It won't btirul-London Answers.
Elevating. -
Northern Colored Man-But you
ought to be n lawyer or doctor or something high. Isn't there some way In
which you can rise nhovo tho cornfield?
Southern Colored Man-Yns, sah;
dob's ninny ways. Dull might be a hurricane, or ills luulo might lit' mo wld
bis heels.
Chance Par Heroism.
Adorer (nnxlonsly)-Whnt did your
father say?
Sweet Glrl-Oh, ho got so angry I
wai nfrnld to stay and listen. He's In
a perfectly terrible rage. Go In nud
appease blm. _^_jl*j„\	
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers ex-
|       ceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmith!
Fiihing T.ckle of all kinde. Splendid assortment oi rods, reels, Hies,
balti aud all augleri' requisites, at
moit reaeonable prices.
J, SAMPSON, - Commercial St.,
Watch repairing, cleaning, and altei-
ing are ipecialtlei of Lively'a, the leading jeweler, Fint Avenue.
It is rumored that steps will be taken
loon to organize a lacrosse club here ior
the coming summer. There ii plenty it
good material.
McAdie Block, Victoria Crescent, Nanalmo, B.C.
Having leased the McAdie Block, and
having had tbe rooms completely renovated, lam now prepired to receive
hoarder! with ot without rooms. Vie-
Iton Irons Ladyimith will find molt
comfortable accommodation at very
reasonable rates. MISS KEITH.
♦m-H-em+r+mv ******!**
I the cin
Ciptain Butler went up to Nanaimo
on Wednesday'! train, bound lor Comox
to take* vessel to na.
Wedding present!, birthday Kills, fine
selection at Lively'e, the Fint Avenue
jeweler's. Call and ie. hii stock before
purchasing elsewhere.
Min Lily Campbell ol Nanaimo was a
passenger to the capital on Tburadaj',
train. She il on tho way to California
with the reet ot the family, and will re-
aide there in future.
Yon ihould not let your watch go
more than a year without a thorough
cleaning by an expert. II you do, it
gnmi up and then tbe trouble begini.
Lively, thi jeweler, Flnt Avenue, ie tie
The lateit etylei in heir cutting and
eeird trimming at the Ladyemith Shaving Parlor, High street.
Gardening operation! are now in inll
iwing all over the townsite. Proipecti
an tbat Ladyimith will have lome vary
Sn. garden! in a year or two.
Mr. E.G. White lelt Thursday morn
tag lor San Francisco, via Victoria, to
join hii ihip, the itearaer Enterprise,
wbieb sails at an early date Irom Frieco
to Honolulu. Mr, White ii lecond offl
No uie potting np with thi cnnkin.n
ol that clock. Take it to Lively, tb.
clock'doctor, Fint Avenue, and. have it
Two removali from Naniimo to Ladyimith took place tbii week, thoie of Mr,
George Thornton'! family and Mr. T. L,
Grahame'i. "And then are otheri"
who will ba along pretty loon.
High clan picture Irame making:
■killed workmanihip; latiitaction guaranteed. Eitimitei cheerfully given. 0,
B. Robelee, Fint Avenue and Gatacre
•treat, Ladyemith, B.O.
See thow elegant Scotch ud Engliih
tweedi for business and .Iter:work inlti.
Waaran ol them are alwayi well-drened,
McNichol, tbe High Street tailor.
Mr. W. B. Lively, the leading jewel
er, Fint Avenue, hu laid in • fine Hook
ol high-clan Jewelry, which h. i. taking
pride la ihawing to bii numoroui pat-
Lanya qaantitiei oi lumber Ior building pnrpoMi >r< arriving almoit daily
la Ladyimith Irom tha ytrdi ol the
Ladvimith Lumber Company, at Fid-
dlck'i Junction.
Tha building ol the new ichool on
IpionKop ii proeeeding apace. The
Irame. ar. now up and the workman are
making a fi.rit-ol.il job oi It. Th.
baiiding will hav. a fine appearance on
Iti commanding lite.
The surroundings ol tbe Ladyemith
Korean Catholic church have been mucb
Improved by th. erection ol a handsome
picket ienci, »nd the laying out of tbe
grounde around the church. The woik
haa been done by member! ol the con-
gallon, who deierve greit credit lor
their effort..
Johnston Block,     •    Nanalmo, B, 0
P.O. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
Vlilt.   Lidyimith every Saturday,
Honn Irom 11 a. m. (ill 6 p. in,
Abbotiloid Hotel.
Fishing Season is
And we have just unpacked the latest goods from
Birmingham. Fishing Poles,
Nets, Baskets, Bait Hooks,
Wading Pants, etc.
See the latest Trout Spoons.
A full line of Baseball
supplies now on the way from
New York.
Ladysmith,       • B. C.
For giving a diitingue appearance t)
the entrance hall ol your houie nothing
biata a handsome hill clock, inch ai
Lively, the leading jeweler, Fint Ave.
ii telling at such reasonable price!.
The Largest Coins In Circulation.
The largest gold coin now In circulation Is the gold Ingot or "loof," of
Anam, a French colony In eastern Africa. It ls a flat, round goldplece, ond on
it Ib written In India Ink its value,
which is about £05. Tbe next sized
coin to this valuable but extremely
awkward one is the obang of Japan,
which ls worth £10, and next comes tbe
benda of Ashantl, which represents a
value of about £0. The California fifty
dollar goldplece Is worth about tbe
same as tbe benda. Tbe heaviest silver coin In the world nlso belongs to
Anam, where tho silver Ingot Is worth
about i"3. Then comes the Chinese
tael, equal to about T shillings! and
then the Austrian double thaler.
Miners! Attention!
Hand Made Pit Shoes at the eame price
as cheap factory made. Come in and eee.
All work guaranteed.   Repairing done.
sVsri!ftJ*t*i>SsJdKi»a!^^ *
A. S. Christie,
B. 0,
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of the Famoui
None but Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, -        rnprittor.
Dos. and Humor.
Mr. Cecil Aldln, an authority, gives lt
ns his opinion tbat dogs as a rule are
dovold of conscious humor. "The
clown dog ln a troupe ot performing
dogs, for Instance, Is not really funny
wben be burlesques the performances
of other dogs, but he seems to be funny to tbe spectators. I am afraid that
the people who credit dogs with being
Intentionally funny are deceiving themselves. A. dog likes f un-a good romp
and game witb children—but his sense
of humor has not been developed, and
It ls not subtle." A dog's best sense
at humor, Mr, Aldln thinks, Is when
he ls being tickled. "Ho opens his
mouth, then screws hi. face Into what
people ore pleased to call a laugh."
No. 31,
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock
Visitors cordially invited.
& Leiser
Direct Importers and Wholesale Dealers In
Wines,  Liquors  and  Cigars.
AU the leading brands kept by us.     None
but the best imported.     We solicit your
G. H. Mumm's Extra Dry Champagne,
Kilmarnock Scotch, Lemp's Extra Pale Ale,
St. Louis Beer.
"In Spring the young mini fancy
lightly tunn to thought! oi love," but
11 he hasn't got one of thoie nobby ipring
miti McNichol the High Street taylor
li building he might ai well itay et
home. It il the will dressed lover thit
win. the prize,
Th. inlant child ol Mr. and Mn. Mac
Donald, High Stre.t, died early on
Thunday mornins. The aympatby 'ol
their many Iriendi ii extended to Mr.
and Mn MacDonald in their affliction.
We put onr best work into every
■nit turned out of our establishment, hence onr popularity amongst
th. gentlemen ol Ladvimith and neigh
borhood. McNichol the High Street
Don't fall toil. G.H. Cavlni' samples
ol wallpaper at Captain Dillon's office,
Esplanade. Choice new design! at at-
tonilbingly reasonable prices.
Nobody can leel easy in • tuit ofclothei
tbat looks aa if It had been made with
an axe and a claw-hammer. Men dressed
ln McNichol'i suits enjoy peace of mind,
became they know they look like gentlemen.
Settlen along the Ohemiinui road,
may nnd a special petition to the Lsndi
and Worke department if tbe road ii
not eoon repaired. It ii now practical
ly impanible for team! and wagons,
Ladyimith would unanimously support
inch a petition.
Paull'a photograph gallery, between
Grand and Fnnk Hotel!, Eiplan.de.
Saturday, Sunday and Monday, March
22nd, 23rd, 24th. First-class work
guaranteed, at atrictly moderate pricei.
A rare opportnnlty to get a good pielnre
A Prime llnimn-s Confessions.
The art of interviewing takei a now
form ln tbe new magazine, "The Music
Pupil.' Monthly," a terlei ol confession-
al interview!, tbe fint ol which deale
with Mme. Albanl, promiiing to prove
one ot the moat lnterming leaturei. A
lerlee ol queitioni .re .iked the famous
prima donna, to which ber aniwen are
exceptionally Interesting. Here are
lom.oltb. queitioni and an.wen:—
Which il yonr favorite oratorio and
opera? "The Messiah," "Lohengrin,"
and "Traviata,"—Do you prefer tinging in oratorio or opera? I like both
equally will. Optra I coniider more
intonating on account ol the acting.
Da you coniider a elnger'i Hie an arduous oae? Certainly; a conicienlioni
artist must live Ior hii art. Do you ba-
llerein linger! "dieting" themselves?
Moit certainly. To have your voice in
goodord.rth.gen.nl health mmt be
NOTIOE ii herby given that I intend
to apply to tbe Board oi License Com-
minioneri lor tbe Town ol Dnncani, B.
0. at their next lilting Ior a tramfer oi
my:licenie Ior the tale ol Winei and
Liquori by retail upon the premliei
known •■ the Alderlea Hotel, Dnncini,
B. C, to Joiepb A. Rogen, of Dunetni,
Dated thil 4th day ol March, A. D,
Fancy    Dress    Carnival
Ball and Supper
To be held in Social Hall, OJdlellowe'
Building, Ladyimith, on
Easter Tuesday, April ist.
Ticket! to danco and rapper tor lady
and gentleman, *1 SO; single ticket!,
f.1.00; ipectatori, 26c, Nomuki. Proceed! in aid of the Church ol England
building iund, Lidytmith.
Barque Antiope.
The muter ol the Baique Antiope will
not be responsible lor any debt! contracted by hii craw without an order
eigned by him.
Muter, Barque Antiope.
Ladyimith, B.C., March lit, 1902.
Maple Lodge, No. 61,1, p. a. r.
Meet! every Wednesday evening in
Nicholson'! Hall. Visiting member!
are cordially Invited.
Painlin g.Paperhanglng and
Mattress Making.
Leavo orders lor mattrin making at
Capt. Dillon'i Office, Esplanade, when
■amplei can be leen.
Guy H, Gavin, Ladysmith.
S Playing Cards, all leading brands including |
I Bee's. $
I 13 to 15 Yates St., Victoria, B. C. I
\ Telephone No. 148. |
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner First Avenue and Oatacre Stent.
Cabinet work oi all kindi.
All kindi ol iolt wood furniture made
and repaired.
Ibe Ml} Post-lntipr
Seattle, Wash.
Nobody can afford to lie without it. All the
telegraphic news of the week. Farm, field, garden, sport, society, Beautiful illustrations and
half tones.   Sample copy ou application.
Ml For Oni Dollar t Yoir.
McAdie and Son
Undertaker*, and l,tnlinlnn.rs.
Telegraph Orders promptly attended.
Parlor*,    Albert   Street.       Residence,
Victoria Crescent. 'Telephone No, 14a.
NANAIMO,      -     -     a     B. C
Seattle Daily Times
The liveliest paper in the Norlhweit.
Weekly edition a complete record of
the world-! newi to data. Sport,
politics, loclety, woman'!, Interest!,
yonng lolk's department, literature,
science, art, mniic.
Winnipeg Toronto
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. S. Points.
Steamship - Service
Chlna,  Hawaii,,
First-class Slsopers on
-TOST. PAUL, Daily.
TO RON fO, Tueid.yi .nd Baturdayi.
For pamphlet! and all information apply
to any G.F.R. agent,
U. H. ABBOTT,      W. McQIRR,
Agent, Viotoria.     Ai.nt, Nuaimo,
Ant. Genl. Paei. Agint, Vancouver.
I Smelting Works
Chemaliiias General Hospital
The following wu tha Hit ol don.tioni
lorFebmiry to Chemnloue Gen.nl
Hoipltal: Jelly, Mn. Catbey; reading
matter, Mn. Mu'irn-, Mr. Pry, Mn,
Donald, Victoria Italy Ooloniit and
Timet; Nuaimo Hanld »nd Fne Preit,
Ladyimith Leader,
Cora. -■■*>*- •
Corn, with Iti twenty-four to thirty-
two rowa nnder cultivation, waa once
but a coarse gran, hiding each iced it
produced under a busk, a. wheat and
oata now do. Brought out to the light
and sun, with a chance to get at
enough plant food, tt haa worked Its
way np to eight row. of seeds, covering
theae with one hurt. The former and
natara together have added tho extra
•Ixteen and twenty-four row*.
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intel
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless! Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
The Leader
Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist
Convenient to E. & N. or Sea,
4kwm«wawtm«t^ L, QOMrtsMVi
Esquimau & Nanaimo Railway
Tlm Table No. 43.
Tralni Iht. Ladyimllh tooth-bound, dally at 0.10 a. m., and on Saturday! an
Soodiyi at 8.M p. m.
Tralni leav. Ladyemith norlh-bonnd, dally at 11.57 a.m., and oa Saturday! u
8uadiyl.tb.67 p.m. '
Tralni leave Ladyimith tor Extension dally .ic.pt Sunday at 0.00 a. m„ 2.00 (a
10 p.m., end on Sundiyi it 10 p.m.
Excursion Rales to ill Points* 6ood SatiirtfSy ind Sunday
Traffio Maiaga


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