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Ladysmith Leader Oct 4, 1902

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Array **************************
I' The people that save
!' money trade witb
Ladysmith Leader
--Vm) ' VP-'
J For Boots anil Shoes ii
Sickle's Is (lie store ij
VOL. II. NO. 110.
We have just received a carload of Furniture direct from
the Eastern factories, comprising
Bedroom SuitesLna»S^rter;
Sideboards, Extension    and Centre  Tables, Chairs,
Book Cases, Kitchen Tables, Lounges, &c.
Come and see what will suit you and we will supply it.
Also a full line of Family Groceries alway fresh and.
at Lowest Prices.
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale aud Retail Merchants,
Eiplaaade and Oatacre Street, • ■ Ladyamiih
Whan Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hi   tt   Wi
Too Small
Too Small
Owing to our present premises being too small, we
have decided to clear out the following lines:—
Bedsteads, Spring Mattresses, Chairs, Cooking
Stoves, Heaters, Paints, Oils a id Hardware. You
need the goods, and we need the room. You will do
well by inspecting our goods before purchasing
A,RJolinston&Co, _
Wa. Beverldge, Prop.
Thli m hotel hu oeon comfortably faml.brd .ed lb. bar li up to dale.
Beit aocommodation Ior tran.Unt and permanent boarder, and lodger..
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
Till EsplMidi
Ladyimllh, B. 0.
ivsw-w.-nvs-'mwwwsw--*^^     S
iS-avoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
A*E  VOU  INSURED-    llaoi
8.1 loured at unc. Iur A may be
hj late tomorrow, I repreient lereial
OLD and RELIABLE Uomp.nlM.nd
eaa lo.ure y in at a mom.nl'. notice al
Ihe lon.it ponible rate.. All landing
eompiai.1 eharga the lime rate.. Dm'\
l)a milled into ininrlng wjth * .heap
compioy -It might be deer in tbe end.
Wm.   K.   Lejghton,
P. 0. Drawer US, Nanaimn. tt 11,
. miei-un    ..j...
Jessups Pharmacy
•     HIGH  »TREET.
f-Micrlpllon. oarelallr dlapenied. Open
Heintier C.n, Society or Civil  Knglileera
Memtier Iii.Hlutlgii of Klectrr—I Knglueen
ElKtrlcal Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
P.O. Boas
T   H. SIMl'SON,
B.rrl.Ur, Solicitor,
Attorney. Miliary Public, Ktc.
Money to Lou.,
Nanalmo, r
H. C0LLIN50N..
l'rovlntliil Mrfiiscd Assayer. tateassayer
Van AiiiIii Hiueller. Reliable analysis of
ores, reals, elc. Slilpinentsand sampling
at smelters superintended. Weight, .na
rrlnrns checked. Next to the Law Court.,
I-. 0. nos so.
74Un-*-Uy Street, VICTOiyA,
This Week we have passed into stock
20 CASES of new, bright, nifty
goods. Having the largest stock in British
Columbia to pick from we are enabled to
give you a much better choice than you
could possibly have anywhere else.
We keep the celebrated "PACKARD"
American, and "SLATER" Shoes for men
at $3:50, JS4.00, $4.50, $5.00
Sole Agents for"Stanfield's" unshrinkable
Underwear for men. Every garment guaranteed, at $1.25 each.
Get next to our White Wool Blankets,
full size, at $3.75, $4.50, $5.00, $6.00.
Extra Heavy, full size.. Grey Wool Blanket, light and dark, at $2.75, $3.00, $3.50,
j} W.G. R. Shirts.
Christy's Hats J[
fnasonicBlock,   Ladysmith
Turkish Rigour May Cause Trouble
Hal) Has an Earthquake.
(Associated Press.)
Absolutely the finest tee told in B.O. If yon do nnt know
thla a»k our customer*. Or he'.ier still try one pound 51)',
Im pnt ted directly frmii iM-kajilie Tee Uardene. Oily
onreelvee between the j_rnwer end yoa. Your second oider
Will be fi potttidt, price ftS.25.
W. T. Heddle & Co.
Free Press Block.
Qoftlc Delivered Pr..
•I Ladysmith.
Bulgarian Insurrection.
Constantinople, Oat, 3 -The insurrectionary movement in Mactd> uia duel
not appear to hare spread to any serious
extent, although it i. laired io lome
jiuarteri tbat tne Turkish measnrei for
iti suppression may eiaaperate ibe villagers and cause ueutrali to join Ihe
revolutionists. The Macedonian coin-
initiee*. .doits to lupport the plana of
iti Preiident General Vaontcbeir for a
general revult are handicapped hy the
hoatllity of the adherents of Sarufh, the
former preiident, who refuted .11 eesis-
tance to tho new leader. According to
newi from Bulgarian sources upward! of
61)0 Bulgarian! were leeeotly iniiuiioiied
inMinanir district, whilit i.umeroui ar-
reeia of albaniaua were made at Constantinople ae a precaution, during Ibe
vl.lt of 0 rand Duke Nieholai of Russia.
Italian Earthquake.
London, Oct. 2-A ip'olal deipaicb
from Hume today announce! tbat a violent earthquake wae lelt laet night at
reini, about 50 miles distant. The In-
nai itauta weie panic-.irii ken and Had
to open si-aces. A number of bouses
veiedeuiuliihtd, but there wai no loai
ol life.
Cattle Car Famine.
Denver,Cob.,On. 3-The Newi today lays: Tbe tremendous demand for
a ock can with wnlob t.i move live itook
(rum (he preient sian-y raneei of (be
West p'llnti at which feed can be had lor
tne winter, has created an unprecedented c mdition tn the live stock market, ol
tbe Welt, eau- Ing great loll and inconvenience to stock nwneii, In Denver
the mrirket haa been almoit pai.lj zed
because ol the iuability ot iho railroad,
to supply cats, and pricei have been
steadily declining-.
Church Dignitary III.
'. Loni., Mo., Oct. 3-Arcbbiihop
John J. fCaiae, who has been 111 (or alx
months Ii much wone. The ailment
resemble! paralyiti. There i. no im.
mediate danger but the end cannot be
lar iff.
Qraln Dealer.' Convention.
Peoria, II., Oct. 3-Tli. second day cf
tbe Nairn nl drain Dealer!' convention
wai lustier attended than on lhe preceding days. Among lb. paper, read wa,
one bv J. T. Mi-Call of Minneapolis, on
tl e 'Kepea I of Duty on Canadian Grain,'
strongly rdvocaiirtg tb. tuea.nre. Con*
lideraiion if amendment! lo the consti-
nrion will oome up tomorrow aa will
the aeleo'ton of next yeai'i meeting
place. Milwaukee and St. Loni. aie
prominent candidate..
Yon smoke genuine tobacco
when you smoke
The Province
B.CUI. it has the full Havana filler
A,k for it.
The Province Cigar Co. VIctorla.B.C.
Baker and Confectioner.
Pl.in and fancy bread. Oakei .nd putties ol .11 deicriptiom. fijjlta lo
Loli In bio. kl HI), 30 aod SI.   A'si
Holel Bile, 180s ISO lee'.  Alio lota 1 and
2 block 18, |(I80 Ih. two.
Apply lo
B.rrl.t.... Solictor, and
Oilier: Oddlellow.' B.IMIng, Robert. St,
P.O. BOX 243
Thliold-l.lstabllih.il, Fliel-Olssi .nd
Popular Holel li mint comfortably fur-
nlihed, cenlrally illnated. Boi meed
tralnf. Ka.ifllenlCnl.lne. Bar Hocked
with Ib. Oneit wine., liquor, and clgaia.
JOB. FOX,     '     '       P'OP*"*-*-**.
Get the Best Work
Estimate, chrerfully furnished on anything you may need in the Hue of painting, paperbangirg, wall and ceiling dec*
orating. The 8iar Paint Shop, High
Bank of Commerce
Head Office, Toronto, Ont.
Capital Pajd Up v..|0 000,000
Kelt 2 000,000
Hon. Geo A. Cix, Preiident,
B, E, Wai.k.r, General Manag.r,
A Branch of this Bank has
been opened at
Savings Bulk Dipirlmint.
Inter..* allowed on d.po.1" ol one dot*
l.r (tl OO. and upward!, Th. depoaitor
1. iu'j cttonn delay In d.poitting or
withdrawing fundi.
Current Account. Open**).
Loan! Negotiated.
Dralla Issued p.yahl. la all part, ol
tbo world.
LOT on corner ol Eiplan.de and Duller
Ar-ply on Premlicj,
Rumored Decease of Capt. Salmond
ol Toe Wellington.
Yeeteidey'g Cnloniat Is responsible for
the statement that arcordlna to private
advices from Fort Simpson Capt. Colin
Salmond, muster of the sir, Wellington.
died on htanl on t->* ttip from Juneau
to Comox. Cup*. Saliuoud wi.o wai a
native of S.o'lund, wns oneof the belt
known uurlneroof the Paolfic.
Application for Citizenship Dsollnei
—Siigar Prices Drop.
(Associated Press.)
World's New. Condensed.
The Depnty.Maite. cl the Mini, in
his ennnal report, glvei some iiatislice
of the coinage carried out dining the
reign of ihe I.te Queen Vi.tto.ia, Al.o
gainer SSUI.lliKIIIJ pieoee bearing the
elDgv ol Queen Victoria were coined ol
the value ul fiai.L'll.'.IW.
One million dollars wa. th. rnit tn
Canada ol keeping .he 3d anerlal s.r
vine battalion (1,001,iron,| In garrison
al Halifax, N.S., two yean and a be".
Tne name of 8r Thomai Llplon I,
mentioned hv llorniey Llnerali as a
probable candidate at the next election.
Premier Laurier ii ieri.ju.ly 111 ia
El iglsn.l.
In T .rnnto, N .v. 11, th. R.siM.c-
laren timber Kuiiii In Sivw.rd diitrict
,nd near 01.11 Iwsi-k. 80,100 acres lu all,
ami Ibe Barnett mill, will be nld by
K. II. Shepherd, C.E , conducting .
enivey ol the proposed line from the
Ban Co.it to Allien i. report! a feaalble
route, witb two per cent, grade*.
Toronto C.uncil and Board ol Trade
after a conference concluded that tbeie
I. plenty ol toft coal avail, bl. (or do
uie.tic me. Famine juice, are no.
asked iur bard ooal.
Rev. Plggott, minister nl riiphim
(J.ingregatlunali.t chnrcb, London, .a*
aerti thai beiailie Meisiati relumed lo
eattli.   Tb. usai ds bell, ve him.
Man's Qreateat Enemy.
Fatigue lioneol the groateit enrmiei
ol the homao rae., Modern physiology
ihowi th.t It I. Ih. Mine ol nearly hall,
ami perhaps m ire, ol th. iiveral bui-
dred catalogued dliesiei tbat prey upon
man. In onr age, with Iti high pressure,
(ts hot and bitter cnmpeli.ion, and Ihe
unrelenting itruggle (or .urvlv.il, l<a
moral and physical ravages .re steadily
increaiing. Cltl.>, in which an iv.r
larger proporllon ol our people dwell,
ire biological hotht u.;ei, and, for lome,
lurnacei, forcing development prima
ttiitly,andenmuiraglng late bonis aid
excilement and consuming nerve and
.•rain.—.Haile.'". Magi «'ne.
Are Jap. Mongols?
Chieig.i,Oit.8-Aft»r vaiulf Marching l„r some legal precedent that would
juitify a different decision, Judge U.
Carter ha. nlnsed to giant naturalisation papera to Le. tiuy D-an, a Japanese
who mode application with a view to
becoming a oil zenin tbe US.
.,'.T"f, "SI", on. "atural'aMlon ol
Alieni" laid Judge Carter, "read, tbat
any free white man, or any native ol
Africa, or any alien of African dement,
may he naturalla.-d," but that doei not
apply to Mongolian!, anda Japaneie i.
lurely a Mongolian,
Tne only deolaon bearing directly on
the caie Judge Carter conld find was one
"""If b°," 't«*"«eha»tt8 court, that .a
application Irom eu jb loarce could not be
D.op In Sugar.
New  York,   Out. 3-The American
Sugar.B-flniiig Company today reduce*
the juices of ail refined grades five cent*.
Atlanllc Shipping.
„??", *$*>'<**• °~-«ived Angnsl.
Viotoria, Ham burg; America, Mar-willM.
Fatal Railway Smash.
Washington, D O, On. 8-A rear end
colii.inn between two (reigiit trains, one
olltie Philadi-lphia, Wellington A Baltimore railroad, and tho other oi tho
Richmond, Fiederirkihnrgj: Petersburg
oicurred early today on tbe ontskirl. of
th. cliv, reinltiuginth. death ol fireman h. B. Kay. and engineer J, 8.
Teamsters Won.
Chicego, III., Oct. .1 -The Btrike olcoal
teannttrithatlnra time threatened lo
deprive the public school! ol tbeir luel
supply hai been settled, Tbs anthracite and bituminous ooal company
which snpplici ooal to Ihe ichoole, conceded all tbe teamstei.' terms.
Better Than Law Practice.
New Yotk. Out. 3 -Capt. S. 8. Brawn,
the Pittsburg millionaire, has secured
the services ior one ysar ol George
Odom, Iho jockey. The rtlainicg fee ia
said to be (112,000.
Poisoned the Elephant.
New Yoi k, Oct. 3-"Tom" Ibe Iree
.ionetn.k elephant at the Oantral Park
7.w was killed yesterday. Several day.
sgj he became so unruly th.t lt wu
danger ii. Inr his keeper to go near li in.
It tool. '.'8 minutes to kill the big animal, 1100 traio. of cyanide nt potaMlom
being ad.nlnlsla.ed tu bim In two pail.
u( Man math. Alter taking tb. fin,
paii 'Tom' fell to hi. kneei In spume,
which denoted death. Only park ofHc-
i.i»and keener! witnessed the killing.
Few Witnesses Appear to Testiff
at Opening Sitting.
At 2 o'clock on Thnnd.y sKernoon
tbe R iyal Cummliiion into eoal mine
exploroni opened iti littingi in Lady*
•mitb, in Gould', bai'. There w>. very
little for the ct.moiisfion to do oo Hurt
day, lew wiinessei laklrg tbe ilanri. Indeed it wis found advliaiil. to hold th.
eui-i-eeding meeting, oi th. Commission
In the much smaller hall of the City Police Court, where the Commission ai-
.eiiihled yej.te.dar morning to bear evi.
ilenee. lt i. nndenlood th.t Ih. Com-
111'i.iiin m.y probably return to Ladyemith at th. end ol next week to enable
all Intending witnesiei to have a chance
to <e"'ily. It li hoped that advantage
will be .alien ol the opporluu.iy ny the
local miners.
TO RENT-Small surra in agaod central location.   Anply to Leader offlris.
Come and Oet Prices
Bed Quilts
Ask to is. onr White Blanket, lor
Only $3.00 pair
well worth 1100
Large Size Cocoa Door
Mats, only 8oc,
well worth #1 20.
Freight Paid to Ladyimith
J.  H. GOOD &  CO.
Too Great Cash FyrnltureCii LADTS3HTH   LEADER OCTOBER. 4 .ID!)?.
Mdysmith Leader
Published every Wednesday nuct Snlutday nt
the Leader BtttliUnaf, corner or First Ave. nud
Kreuch Street, Ludysmilli, British Columbia.
T. I.. ORAIIAM1., MlHTOIt AM)  rnoi'KIBTOtt.
Onco a bugaboo which excited at once
More uml mnre--.ro we convinced that
provhioial legislation that will lift tl.e
burden from the ahnuUersof onr farm-
the ridicule nud fcara of tho clasaea, era will do'tho greatest itood to th
Sociulieiu has slowly  hut  surety won
Bv Mail ik Canaoa amp Uhitbo Status,
,0-icyear {sti icily in advance)  p oo
fill mouths (strictly In ndvoiice)   i 35
TRANSIENT — Including business- notices,
calls for UijuLr**, applications Tor nnd transfer of
Hceuses, leirul notices, tie., ioc. u Hue first hi*
se'Uoit; sc. a line each •ubseuitent instil ion; 12
lines measure lo tlie inch,
Rains 011 nppllcaltoti. No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should lie all metal,
.Marriage, llirlh, Death and 1-uueriil uotlciS.
each insertion joe.
Ailvcrtisciui'-its not Inserted for a specified
Ijme will he charged for until ordered to be dlft-
greatest utimhflri   Wo tlo nnt moan that
THB LEADER wilt be found at ihe follow
*f,'lys.iiith-TlieI.eail.cr Office; The Ladysn:
MaiiF.imo—K. Ptinbliry & Co.
Vlctorta—Public library; Provincial Library; mid
Vancouver -Public Library, and Hotels,
New -V'eatmlusler—Public Library.
Al! crianges tn advertisements must be received
al this office before iz noon the day before
6 b let ibers uot receiving -paper regularly please
it-'orl to this office.
Ai. li-n work strictly cash on delivery.
Ti in-ueiit advi-rtiseiur.ilts cash iu advance.
I • " — !
5} 8ub?cribera not receiving The "j
$ Leader regularly will confer a ft
?% favor  by reporting promptly to j!
T. thia nflii-H. -\!
Today Lidysmitb la honored with tbe
presence of tbo Royal Com mission ol
enquiry into tbe causes of explosions io
coal mines. We hope lhat every miner
in this town will tako advantage of the
opportunity now presented to bim of do
ing something for the benefit ol himself
and bis fellow-workmen, by coming for-
vward and relating bis (.xperlenceg.
Critics of tbe Government have condemned the appointment of this commission on grounds which make one
.blush for poor human nature. Notables!
of the facts connected with the critics ol
the -Government is thie one of want of
Ordinary intelligence, but a marvellous
gift of malevolence and petty jealousy.
Mr. 11*orthorntbwalte of Xanaim-3,
elected as a labor member, takes the extraordinary position that this commission, appointed hy tbe Government out
of a sincere desire to devise waja and
means to increase.the caf~ty of men fob
lowing the most dangerous occupation
Jn this province, will be a royal farce,
but without adducing any evidence to
sustain his cbatge,
Are we right or wrong In Buspecting
Mr. Hawthornthwaite uf a mean jaal
ouay of the commissioner.? Did he
.want some of his pronie; on that rem*
:nisflion? Did he want to Bit on It himself? Perhaps he was, to use a vulgarian
of the day, sufficiently "sat upon" by
the Hon. Min'/c; of Miuea in that fa-
raoua letter in reply to Mr. Hawthorn-
thwalte'rj extraordinary telegram. We
do not think that Mr. Hawlhornth-
waite'a behaviour on tbat occaaiou wae
autb as one was entitled to expect from
a man calling himself a labor mtmber.
We should imagine that any apt of tbo
Government looking toward the amelioration of the condhiun of any class of
worklngmen, any bIiow of sympathy or
Interest ip that direction, would meet
with tbe hearty and prompt approval
Md support of all labor members, But
fiere we have a so-called labor member
wb*> protests against tne Government
[taking any interest in the coal miners;
wbo seeks to obstruct,and ombarraBS
where he ihould strive to help and encourage] who criticise-, fiercely but has
no useful suggestions to offer.
■Qoiiglas Jerroldonce said tbat Thomas
parlyleremindedhimof a man beating
a big drum under his bedroom window,
and when the alarmed occupant of the
bedroom ran down to see what It was all
about a)t the drummer could say was
that the world was going to the dogs,
|,ut offering no advice as to hoar to escape the "demnition bowwows.'! Mr,
Hawthornthwaite's (et all ease exactly.
Hard conl is $17 a ton In Winnipeg;
Kft coal fjj, and both rising steadily.
for ItjJBJf a place in laoderu political
economy- and he in a bold states man
Indeed who declines to reckon it ainoogat
the fnc:ors making for or against iht1
welfare of tbe state,
Much harm wbb dune to iho Socialist
theory In the earlier davs of ita propagation by Ignorant persons who failed to
grasp the real meaning of tho theory,
and who rushed into the arena half-
equipped for Iheir tue It, Following these
came men who had studied the matter
thoroughly, kuew its weak us well [as i!a
elrong points, and who were bolter fitted
to bear the brunt uf aithering criti-'iaiu,
which proved so destructive to tteir
Amongst t!:o Socialists of the preaett
day are to be found men of exceptional
ability and education, nnd H te in their
deft haud9 and under their temperate
methods, lhat the theory, Socialism, iB
taking on lhat aspect which is at lust
winning the respectful attention of states*
men the world over.
The Italian Government is today entirely dependent ou the Socialist vote,
It has granted railway tickets.at reduced
priors to all tho delegates attending the
Socialist Oorg-rcES ut Imoiu, whilet
Italian legislation is tending more ami
more toxard a purely Socialistic baeie,
Whether Ud-* iu to Mpeue Italy from tbe
fearful condition to which ex.efiBive
armaments, nun pant militarism and
thenttempt to keep pace with wealthier
and butter* managed nntions, have
brought her, remain to bo seen.
No one who knows Italy will dispute
the assertion that the things wn have
mentioned ure directly responsible Ior
LaiY'iid.Bpprate poverty, or that If re*
lief of some kind be not scon iipplicJ
Italy mutt disappear from the list ot
"pojrere." Italy has now the sintlhst
population ol any of the European "powers''—thirty-two millions. It i-J population, after all, that counts in reckoning national strength.
Then Italy has been fruitfully mismanaged, We have often conversed
with British engineers and mechanics
t-viio have seived in the Italian naval
yards aud Govern ment eb op a,-and tbeir
stories of wasto and fraud; nr gleet,
nepotism ami plundering are enough to
sicken anyone who cherishes tbe least
particle of regard for Italy and wishes
her well. Bit our Socialist friends are
very confident that they can rescue Italy
from the fate that Beems Impeuding, and
establish her on a safer and stronger
footing than mere militarism can give.
This remains to he demonstrated.
tho f-triii.ia should be relieved uf all n>-
eponiiblfiilesto the state, or that liny
Bhould In any manner bo coddled j hut
they should have Immunity from taxation on improvements ou farm Block ami
mpleinente' belter means of transportation and communication, such 11*1 nooil
roads, rural telephones und free mall delivery. IVov'dJ these iit the Britith
Oolumblo farmer al-d he will noon il.e
to tlie Dtaltis of the United States farmer, whoei j iya those undent boonB, and
is wising prosperous exceedlngly,-
greally to the Btiengtheuing of the ins
because of it. Thirdly, shall we he ab'c
to reap thu advances and avoid dietic*.
vantages, that hldeoiis afterdamp of dh-
ens.', disaster and dciith bv which thi
bnslnusa alone of al! the lex1' bu-inesafi
of rl vi I'»id oimiuiiuitiea i-t dlatlngUlsh-
0? Kmrihli, thniig'i tlm caip'-mtTs'
huinmpra'arti rapidly re'ievlng the iron*
gCBMon of pipuU'lon tha licenses mice
irranlad will at one-) he f-irtltl.d hy all
tho rUtifij of, 'vestfld iitonsts." The
chiini to rotiognltion once esUbtisheJ
will not In enily brok-in. Tlmro aril
Borne other aBpeols of tho q is»-=t I**t>, for
thod'snis to.aof which t shall ask spao'i
in annihsr issue. Tiiankini you for the
apace thia letter ononples, Imu, yours In
the work of building u.i the best town
on the Maud,
Gordon Taxhi-r.
Ladysipfth, TuppiIhv, Sept, 30.
Rank Weeds -.ind Rare P.'ants.
4 44444444444444444444444444 44444444+44+444+44+4+44+44
This from the Victoria Colonist ndio-
heartunlng to tlm Email bmd cf thorn
who try to Glem tho ghastly proalllution
of our noble EngliBh tongm :
"Tho political hot nir faolory ocrose
the etreet, ati»*r a "lurk Pii*_iiner eesspn,
ia airnin woiktug full hlt-st. The first
sbirinieut waa up 10 previous samples
ami, wa understand, gavfc great tu'lBfac-
lion io consumers."
We might invert tbe familiar R)man
rtpliori-jin aud clasaify thin aa ft case of
"lingua T'-ecuna in bocca Romana,"
Rev. Pile, Tanner   on
Tha   Liquor
15 THI* M-ntiR OP VS ALU
Furniture, Corpcls, Linoleums,
V.'nUpnp-.r, Curtains,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc., Etc.
There Is Comfort In Our Goods
Everything to. f Ornish a bomn in
mud est or elalmrate Hlyl-**. Write
f.ir onr large cftt-alngtiH (Iipp) itlna-
tinted and priced (a store in itself).
"I)jar Father, don'taek tor credit in
this Btore, for even you can't get it, dear
old Dad," la the sign Misted in a Michigan store hy a trader who is trying to
introduce the sane cash payment sj-Btem
in place of tbe insane credit ono. ffo
t-an always point to tho sign and eay
Ni, Sir, I can't giva you credit; even
my own father can't get it here," which
ought to be final.
II tie Reverend Gordon Tanner bo
riot tinctured with the prevailing inex-
pensive cynicis'n, alTcjcted by nearly all
classes today, we owe him thanks for a
pretty compliment. Perhaps we owo
him pinion for darir.ji to impugn hia
sincerity* bnt where nml when Insincerity Is epidemic, small hlaino to anybody for having a peep Into tho mouth
of every gilt hoi as.
American papers (and somo Canadian)
are rrjdcingat the triumph of America
and reciprocating engines over England
and the turbine as a result of the
achievement of Mr. Gharlos Flint's
yacht Arrow, which la alleged to bave
run a mile on the Hudson at the rate of
45 miles an hour. The Arrow had wind
and tide with her, and American watches are notoriously Imaginative.
Death quenched a great light when
Kmile Zola passed from earth, He was
one of the most industrious as he was
also one of the most gifted of modern
writers. Ha painted what he flaw; he
offended the critics; bespoke the troth
ai Le knew jt lo spite of enraged oflhdal*
dom aud the wild mob's threats. He
stood by Dreyfus and the Jews, snir-rel
exll*}, was rejected of the Academy—
rough Is tho ro:d to the stars, but Zola
won through,
Knirnii Lkadbh—Tne Lialoi'-i editorial notes are uhvaya to nn a source of
eatiefaction. That shail« of urettn whioh
ia so pievalaut in proviuut.-l journalist!)
is thero happily absent. T110 corroci
proof*feadtn-r-, tho npt English nro moat
gratifying. And, mlrab.la diotu, we hava
editorial opinio ia' from olhar staud-
points than OjIoiioI Sailers and his eye*
water. Such a pio'r, si conducted, te,
ii uiv opinio*), nothing lefts En the rani;
of public worth than a Horary or a school.
It would hn ii'ithing lusa than Biiperhn-
man, however, if even tho proopsies of u
Siiotchmau'e logic should oocadonal
alipac)-*. PiiruiU me lo note what's
pH.inid to mo na in9 of those, And ilii>
on|y because it alT-rd- me a p-v on
which to bang a preaehmHnt, lhe ihlng
a lirotichur lovea to find best of all.
Iu a reoe'Qt note ttio attantlon of the
Linenslng Oumuiisslonerii wis ijalled tu
the lack of suffijlent aoijoiuuoda'.ion f.ir
the piesent population of tho town. Tin
question lu3 ojcurrel to a uumhor o!
your iHAdors aa-t'O whether is lial no:
beon wiser to have oallad iho iutn'itini
of Investors or ol bjititling-house keepers to this condition. As 1 understand
it, the huamj-33 of tha coiuinls-jlohtira i
to ai:o lhat plarjoi aro provt |o.I w 10:0 the
thirsto{ the puhltj miy b.i el-.k-*!. I
submit, Mr. !-' HI >r, t'ut fa the opinion
of many of tin mor-j aariom in'n lad
cithern", their duties In th'n reipeut wefm
t. iluiv.i h.-j;m f.ilr'i'u!!,- parfiruud and
that tbe nu u'oer alroily exiida_ arn
lUficiimt. A a I thh nitwith.taadlug
the fact that tbmth -vo d#allla i humid
climate ami ovo.i tha emuu-ir-i are no'
Intolerable thoro so.mito Oiistatropic.il
thirst, among-us.
Lit it not ao-110 to any raadur that I
would enter a protsal todlscrlmlivitely
ag-tiust houses nf antertaiume it. li • no
raiana. 8ich h-»U'eiareonly found in
ei villi!-d commuaitlei. Ton statu*) of tlm
ommunity, in tboje thinji whioh mirk
divilli- illon, de'ermiiif' tiie <] la.ity of tlie
ho-i***. Bit the ftot Ij tint miaohief
arisis from iho confusing of thought
about .the matter. W-bava really two
buiiuo-iae] eoutting public lavor, Tne
oltiini of ea.ii are distinct, And whit
constitutes a valid reason for tli-a ono is,
it satntia to lu -, invalid in the 049B uf the
Tufl paliUons ara randy fir thn om-
mi-isliMiers, Tn can van which hai
hoeti proneedlng during thi stMitner bai
tvt-ii'd. Tm arguing and co-txlog ant
wheadtlng hav-a luen rnJaj-jd tosuhttaa-
tial liita. "Tno namits uf m iat nf the
church pillars are there, too," we aro j
told. If that is so of my church, Mr. |
K iitor, what is ti hinder my ap^lylijg j
with the r-s' ? Wa could build an addition on the souti sidu of the clitirc'-.
Thn view 11 t*i3_lleot aud tha lo-i.bo
central. And the preacher would buy
hlmialf half-a-do*. m appm-i, and tlie
church metubors wor.l'l htj; 1 tha petition
to the llcenauuimmisaioners.
Bit,Berloualy, nodubttbsre ts popular approval to that which many also
thoroughly disapprove. And numbers
of onr rilis.'iis, not, cloHe discriminators,
are led hy the tmjuity into these in*
valid pluas. Suppoae wo find oilreelvea
presently with a round doKid llcjh'sol,
places, let us preview the olun ti in. Tne
time is opportune. A law conclusion)
nre inevitable,
First, thia onditim of affilrs will ho
Immensely satisfactory to that foruigi-
born portion of onr   townspeople   nf
I'Iih rani; wo.id i_rnwB In a nine.!--' night,
While thi' rmi'r plant lakes years,
An evil name will leap to fame
While i\ good name (-"art!'.1 -tpp'-arf.
But ihe rank weed dies in ft .Ingle night,
While the rare plant at! 11 blootna o-q,
Ami Iho i vi I name will sink to ahauie
While the good nam.1*) in ita dawn.
Thn wav that is won without any work.
Ia not worth wlunlngat all—
A sudden light—a meteor ll ah;—
A Bparkle—a trail and fall,
I-V-ir no1, brave heart, Whalto'er thy lot
Like the coral, build deep in the fea,
And a ht'inuiliil land, witb a glittering
Shalt owe ItuexiatencB to thee.
And if failure he thy part, 0 hea«*t,
What (jompeneatlou shalr thun lind
For thy weary years an) bitter u-ais,
A nd thymi'ssioi-, half divined?
Bu-i thia can comfort bring lo thee,
Tuat like a b .ttii'diog hell,
Men shall say on that j ulgmentday,
■'This llt'lo work ie u mo well 1"
—E la Sterling Oumiuiiis, in San
Francleoi" Pown Taut."
I Coal!
£ *
I Wellington Colliery {
Company, Ltd.
Hut isjii'lii:-. Guests.
List ol arrivals a'. Ss. Alias Hotel, Harrison Hot Springs, IIII., (luring, tlm weak
iinrlloK 8s|it, 2lili, 10(12:
Kniili V..r.i; .liver—II. S. Kn-pvlli, A.
[.. Maokai', dint. Ij. VV. Fox, W. I.
.Viatmi, J. tt'illiiiii-., IV. G, 13 .SB, ,l«.
I'ltiii;.. Mr. (I. B. II ir.i.mp, Mis- Km-
1-111, 11. (I. Ali-.-dnilsr, T, .1 Snail,
dms. Wilson, K. Oli'liiiiit, H. lliisjn.
From Victoiift—P, Oomerford, Hi.
Honor t.do Lieutenant C-* 'vei'nor, H'i
llnnrlJ.lyile l.iiliiii.'n-, IC. 0, M. U .
..ill I.ii.lv' Joly, Mibii ilusteil, II. 1)
I'.nvcll (iirivHte storetary),
Kroiii iVsasBlr,—Mr.. jV-'is-'h, Miss
iVgasB'ii, I. Agassis, Qsoll Sinlili,
|.'r.in Kmilonps—Mrs. K. D.svl", Mis
I. Yoiliig, Mr. mil Mrs. li, Zuliml, S.
from Wliiitiirnn, W,i,b.-,T. P. Fir.
lo'te, A. I, GrHan'iarn, 1'iios.Tylor, Jiiu
Orusluiil, 0. P. Brown.
From otlisr points—M. M. K'IiiIIh1.,
il. il s.v,.nl, Na* IV.is minster: ll: A
.1. S uwarr, W. II. Mi'HIl, Jl-.-i..■;
IVilter l,a.._l -v. Iti-nir l;..i|.i,; ,1 (I
lt,.|l, It i-slmil i Mr. at .1 Mr . J. Al
tl.iljml, Oilaa-a. O.il.j P, F. Aml-ia-,
I'.inuil.'., O'lt.i T. It. Nai-illinm, F A,
Blri|eu,Seattlo,AV,uli.i II. I,. Unnnal,
Kvunili, Waal..; II. II. Ulllboluer, Mrs.
VV, Oiokiii.t ami s in, Filrliav.ni, Wish.;
1'. Ao.l.-iv-., S-.Iro Wi.i|l"v, W.I81..I
Mr.-. 0. B. I.iv.i, I'iiil.iinl, 0«.
Tliou.;lit» for Tu-Day.
Wellington Coal   Best household coal on the Pacific
Como.\ Coal—Sent steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Bayncs Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C
T.oarn 1
and an i
ig mnkos a good man botlej
1 uiiiu worpe.— John Garth,
Disparage anil deprecate no nne; ri
liiBi'Ut It'ie feeling and an atom ablnidow
Strougett minds ar» ofien those of
whom Iha noisy world hears least.—
A lendi-r conBcienca Is an inesMmahU-
blesslrigi th t la, a iionsclnnoa no; only
quick to discern what ia tvll, but in
Hiitntly in Htiun ir, as thu eyelid (doses
itself against a mule.
The lljingi that will look fair nr-d
Jovely ns we sit In the tjloaminir of I'f-j'e
day arn iha thin-_i lhat ar-s truly lovely
Tne tliit'iiri that will fhiime ua then an
thn things that Gnd condemns and
which wn ought not to havo done.
f Son   Francisco Agency,
I R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
[ 340 Steuart St.
'♦♦^♦♦+++f+TTTTT-fT + -*^+ + + TT»**.*T++*4^
Provincial Exhibition a
OCT. 7, 8, 9, 10 & II.
ITare from LadyBmlth (o Victoria and r^iirn TivoDdlars a>*d Fifty O'.'nto,
Children iiitiN'r twelve years One Ddlarani) Tiv niiy-Kive 'iriiir*, Tnkets Inc'iidB
nitniesioH tu Exhibition grrini d-. Tlckois g'ii d for .oi-'i* j lurnt-y Tuerday; 0 ',
7'h to SaMirdHv. Out. Jl'h. Train N". 1, cri"d l-.r return jiuri.ey not later tuau
•*-ii diy, 0;t. 12 It.   Kt-gular train serviie in tffucl.
«a33, L
Traffic fH&itager
Oharlua 1*5 'ckar, an expsrt forger, who
ia about lo he released from tlm Oatlldr-
niapsaltentlary, ha. agreed to qtiit hi*-
old tm -iiu-!-*- in tioosideratiun of a pension lhat-is to ho allowed him hy die
hankars, Kive hundred <l .Ifni.t a m-onth
te t r b" t'.llit -i-i'd him, nntl the banker^
think th -y are buying him ofT cheaply at
thai price.
I havo I hem in greal variety, all {■'•/,**
and at rfasopable piicea. Cali and in*
Hjiect the tftock. *
J. McDonald, Hi^li St., Ladysmith
To llie Mite.
Notice Is hen by given that a porlion
of the new nubile school building wa**
opened nn Monday morning, September
15 h, 10 2, for the use uf senior anil
junior third claae, and aenior ard junior
fourth clacs, who are hereby untitled to
attend from this dale forward.
For the Trustees..
a. s. ennisTrE*.
Udysmlth, B.C., Sept, il n 10 2.
NOTlcr Is herchy given tlmi ntt Kxaiiilunlitm * *
f.ir CertiliciUM urCimiiiL-tciicy iih Muiiii-^.rs " *
of Mints will be tit'M on the 15U1 dny »f -totolier, * ■
nyu,-ittlic Cmirt  IIoihc,  Niiiiiiiino, II. C, and
nUiiiit penile, 11. c, on uk* snmc date.
Ciuiiliilal-j.-i, mil tiiiilr-'r i,i yt-nrs of age, ik-siron-t
iiriiri'sciiliu*' t'li-in.-n-li'iM li'ir cxntlllliiilioil lllilMl
deliver lo .Mr, Thin. Mor-juti, Chnlnium of the
Ilo*iriliirivviitniiitTT'*, Niumiiiio, otior before lhe
«itlidaviifOi-tolier, ign*. Hollee nfMieli Inltiitloii,
In wrltiiiK, tof-cllier with n eertllieale of service
rrnin Iheir f.irmer «r nreseul cmphivcrs, tesHfv-
txi>erleiice niider-
l|lg lo at  leasl  iivu J*j
•ho. no one i, pirtlonlarl, pro,, I, win, ^JffijJ^-J**'" '""'"^ """ ""'
do not asom to be anxious to aastmil.t
the beat An1.lo-8.u9n no.lous, whoia !
aislmiUtlona ara chief!/ of tha iWd
order, (Somo day, let u. hop!, we ah id
have a Btatutn. an enforced statute, In
the matter of oompnls-iry school attend,
anceon the part of tin childum of theie
pfloph.)   Sjl-oihIIv, we shall be oinapla*
.njiil-Ai-tri and Rulcn,
, MltlCfTfl«M.
. Cviii.iil Work.
j, Milling machinery.
Ji. Surveyiii{{ and levelHiiff,
Ally fnrtlier n-irliciihir-' reqiilreil may be oli- ,,
tRlh«1 on ni»prk'iti«ll to Mr. M*-r-j;.-n, Cholrma-' T
nflljiird ul'lixiiiii nci-H, Niimi'ii'. »■ C.
},li\vn. CAWU-IK I'KIOK,
Mildfllfr oI*Miii**S.
uouaonthe N.r.h Amerl-ran coutiuoui D*-*\fl.I'
'    V1
...  it or miucj,
■Ictdi'In, 11. C, 4H1 Sept., 190**:
M'uinn-iduri'rs of «l! klnd.t'ot
and Dressed Lumber
Mouldings. Lalfts, Shingles, Etc.
A large stock of thoroiiF-hly seasoned
liimhcr—iritniifl .nd class constantly on , j
liand.   All orders sirk-tlv attended to.
-.uuliiliiiiir. clici-rfiilly given.
"|| John W. Coburn,
M..NA11ISU   DlIlllnTllll.
; tt-Hfttfttttttrt^tttttttt
for tEse finest Butter
and fresh.Coos
-no To-
M.ide and repaind. AH work
Guaranteed. Ii.speciion in;
Harness Repairing a Specialty.
fit S. Christie,
Bread and Pastry
22 Loaves
for One Dollar
The best In town nntl delivered to yonr ttoor
daily.   It will pay you to deal wiih
Ladysmith Bakery,      Esplanade
Nanalmo, B. 0,
MAN|i|.AC'l'UKI-:ilS 01-' THU
Chqi^st La-jar, Ales, Beer
fln.il Porter.
COLD STORAGE-W'sl class facillilrs j
. fur llie slorflj-e of n^nts, eggs, poititry, I
X  vcgiilnlllfs, etc., ptp, i
Sale of Lands for Unpaid Taxes.
In the South Nanaimo Assessment District, Province
of British Colombia.
I hereby give notice that on Saturday the iSth day of October, A.D„ 1902.. at the hour of
ten o'clock, forenoon, at Ladysmith, B.C.
I shall sell at Public Auction the lands in the list hereinafter set out, of the persons iu said
list hereinafter set out, for thc taxes remaining unpaid by said persons on the thirty-first day of
December, A.D., 1901, and for the costs and expenses of Sale.
Nanalmo District,
(Trernway, John	
Keist, W. ,1	
i--|e!diii|[ Ui.'.t,aril	
l'-ieliling, Kreil. ,1	
Field in,', J is. A	
Per.y, John	
Texada Island.
Lee. T. II	
Shannon, IC. I.	
fltainlord, J. L	
A brums, John	
Atwell, IV. D	
Iln-ister. Gee	
Brett, Samuel	
Ilushurg Ivan	
Cochrane,'A. R	
Divls  Leonard.	
Mils, Ida L-o'le.....	
Foley, T. E....„,	
Eraser, J. II	
Johnson, E. A	
Jones. Pvlil	
Kidilje, rruiiiin»	
Kirk Lake ..linina C>	
Le R >v, Minnie	
Weim-es, Juo. A ...
Meningliafii, II	
McKe vie, Alia	
Mr-Linn, M. A....
Mi.|.»oil, W. II...
McNeil, A	
N.tSit.ini».lo, Jar.
l'axlon, 0	
Pllat, K	
llaltery, W.J ....
Ilorison, W. D...
Slides, S. D	
Hmttri, Geo. V	
Upton, ll	
Wonillilis, w  A	
CHul.fiel'le, I) null.. .
Chow, lliu	
Cochrane, A. li.	
I) lerinj,' A Mar.ni.ti..
Gilchrist, Jo"	
Lyons, R'Hif	
Nichols, Geo. IC...	
Hiromtier*, (I'm	
Summon, -Is-	
Hummers & Mt L-oil.
Ttiooips'iii, Jo.ept1-..
Thompson, Sini.tel...
IJ quhar., H.A	
MiiOiun, Dm'	
Wilson, Wllliau	
Doujlas District.
Prentice, Wm. r	
Biles, II. L,	
11 llllllllillH, ll. I' 	
liogo, J oil I)....,., , .....
Bright Ulstiict.
Keen, J e. and John	
Mason, Koli' ., ....	
Masoo, Itoli -.--
(iabrlola Islcnd.
MiKera'.', 0. II. Est. of....,-.	
Nileon, John..	
Rivers, Kobt .	
Hansen, Alice..
McUnllie, Geo..
Short Description of land
Lit 0 5 acrei
Seo. 1.(2 lots SO, 21 *32 ">
Sec. 2, lot A 47 acres
Spit. 2. lot. B 2 acres
2 Ln C, 3 acres
Lots Pi il and 7
Lots!, 124 awn
:_. 4, S F.!i, 10 acres
1,01.17, MO sores
Block 3 lot 11
12 lot II)
7, lot 3V
■tec, 22 IO) ai-rrfl
Block 4 and 22. lote S. 12
Lot .5, towsite Est.
Block 8, loi 113
'   US, Im 18
81. lot 1
4 hn lli
4'l, loi (I
13. loi S
21, loi 4
Part lot 111 2) acres
Block 7, loi I
II, lo'2
4!), lot 3
B'ock 22, lot, 1
Sec. 2J. It) I acres
Blocs 12, livs 4, 5, 0
"     00  lot. 10
•'      7 lot 114
"    47 loi 2
"      8, lot 4
See. 22 12J aces
Block 7, lols 17,10, 21
'- 7 Hole 10,11.12,13,14
"   37, loi 8
'•   si, lot 11
"    8, loi 3
I/.I Si), ''18 anrei
Block .'18 lot 10
"   11. lot 10 .
" 40 loir.
"   li. lot 1,2
"   11. lot 14
"    6, lot 8
"   13, lot 1
"  47,1- 3
Sec. 2-', leoannso
lll!..k 4. lo 3
"     7, lot 7
"   IS, .'oils
"   33 l..( 8
Lot 23, 220 s..-»«
I »8, Mr-SI 31
Sn'. 3, ij IV, H, 147 si'ir.
" 5. N.tV.Jj.ilKlucru
Lot 4, 8.) acres
401.1 Lliililing
„». 1, 100acres
Lot 2, llll) ucres
Loi.1.1 180 sent
Lot 3 id scree
Lot 111, 20 aciei
Wyllle, John Mn	
it yen, Bib*,.-.--.	
Small Island, near Kuper Is'and.
James, Ei',.	
Snngster Island.
Moss, Morris,Est.of	
Lasquctl Island.
Most, Mor.Is, Eat, ol ....
filnhhlnge, Ribl., Kit. of.....
Wither, Thomas ,'.
Jeffrey, Rob.,	
Hansom, W. V...:.	
.Anderson, Stephen..
Bins, Walter...........
J.ff'ey, Alfred.,,....,
Jtlfrey, Abrahein...
Steven., John .......
Thetis Island.
Poller, Robt. Kit, ol	
1110 acre.
17, S W 1.4-1'8 aersi
ID,N.W Qut N.W.
12, Is F.ii ISOncrei
(is.IV 14. 152 acres
23 N.W ii. IJ acre,
III s.E 'a.lOJa-rei
N E*2oi n.V.'ii
, S-c. 22, W. H 6.
i, 80 acres
Lot 20,411 acres
Sec. 13 8 E M and 8.H
!a*. 115 arris
Seo..1.S ,'.<ofNW?,*80.,
S« 3 Sjk**i-fNB jJUii
Sec. :.ri Nlik .12 sore.,
Sec 21, * W '" Els'70a
S.-C. 18, NW y. 101 sores
Seil. 17,-8 JsfiilBK'f; 8(1.
Sec. 28,K)(iolSVVl4 SO
See. 28, flKii 151 acne
Seo 20, SiV JsJ, 139 acres
■'eo. Si. NW w3!) acre.
See. 21. BE H, Id) acres
Sec. 22, NBJ4', 100 aoree
Seo. 8(1 N !<*o'SEJi.14,
Lot 1,123 acres
Total Tax- Ixnenses Ictal Amt.
[ es Unpaid'nnd Costs.1 i   Doe.
33 00
(I .ill1
.'13 (IH,
8 SH
I). 8"!
50 78
0 On
0 On
1 70,
10 88
4 so!
5 (II.
2 24
1 20
3 (III
4 Si-
2 On
8 SH
0 411
8 00
2 40
8 00
12 80
10 88
7 SO
6 oo:
8 (I"
8 01'
8 84
fi m
2 40!
2 4H|
8 2(1
5 III!
2 8<>
1(1 OH!
.1 811
1 20,
I (I.
.1 (Id,
10 28
2 811
S Bill
1 4H|
1.0 02
40 r,o
7 25
70 00
0 00
as 00
8 41''
S3 on
8 41
I) (ll
' 71 4(1
48 60!
7 2I>!
70 01
' 0 (10:
» Cl!
1 711
10 Bt-
4 811
5 00.
2 24!
1 20!
S on
4 Sir
2 00.
8 80!
8 4l)j
« (Hll
8 01
2 40
8 00
12 81
10 m
: 4 00
4 no
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
5 (HI
2 41
2 411.
s id
5 4nj
•i 8(1
1(1 on
3 3n
1 VI-
1 0
3 (ml
10 15
2 si.:
3 SH,
14 40
12 on
9 (id
11 fi-;
13 80
3 20
23 OS-
lO ,12
2 411
10 .121
111 2'
I 00
10 3
4  00
11 82
0 12
0 12
10 28
8 80
6 OH
1 20
8 7U1
6 11'
1 20
2 40
• 1
10 60'
4'.' in!
48 OO!
3 «i|
1 40
18 5i
8 SO1
42 10
48 00
-   14 4i.ij
12 (Kl
0 On
11 Sn
13 GO!
S 20.
23 041
10 3?!
2 41'
10 Si
10 82|
111 20
1 .00
7 28
4 00
45 78
11 D!
0 h-'i
l) 12!
10 26!
8 8'i|
6 (10.
4 40
1 2l
fi 70
B 11'
1 2(1
2 4H
85 35
65 Sf,
4 00
■i no
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 on
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 (HI
4 0(1
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 OO
4 01
4 011
4 00
4 on
4 00
4 mi
4 10
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 IX)
4 00
4 ft)
4 OH
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 10
4 00
4 00
4 HO
4 01)
4 10
4 0.)
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 I'O
4 00
4 00
4 01)
4 00 .
4 00
4 00
4 (10
4 00
5 50
4 00
6 50
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 Oil
4 00
.19 00
10 40
87 00
12 40
11 (ill
75 40
SO 60
11 25
74 00
10 00
13 110
6 78
14 1-8
8 80
0 00
0 24
fi 20
7 00
8 80
0 00
12 80
10 80
10 00
12 00
0 40
4 SS
12 00
10 80
14 88
11 20
0 00
<i 18
7 (10
12 00
7 84
4 U0
, 9 80
fl 40
0 40
4 28
7 iO
4 00
9 40
II 80
I'O 00
7 80
6 20
6 Cl.
7 BO
11 25
8 M)
4 48
7 fl
6 40
21) 60
7 80
411 10
52 00
18 40
1(1 (X)
13 (10
16 62
17 60
7 40
4 00
27 01
14 H!
0 40
14 32
28 20
6 10
14 32
11  20
8 00
b3 75
15 52
13 12
14 81
14 25
14 80
0 OO
8 40
5 20
II 70
9 12
6 2')
0 40
Name ot pens.
r-lewcastk Town.lt..
Field, W. ll-i	
Kaalinson, C.as.. ,	
Harlow, Hor..,,,,..,,.....	
Pariah, Henry, Esl. ul.,,	
Parrant, O. W..„.	
I'lillpott. W. II „
Carter, O H,„,...„.. -
Oausan. Ttiiiinar.......
Diwler, Jams	
Harper, J is.,..,,,.,,...,
Hurls, John'Mr.	
fjiwrem-e, L-mle 
jewle, O. T, ,	
Lowen, O. .1	
Lowen, O, Mra	
S'hl.J. .1	
1'erry, J.hn	
Du-rsnt, O.W	
1'litlnott, W. li,	
Unpaid Taxei al Dec,
31st, 1901.
Shirt Description
'     "tHiH
f.o(3 in lot 4 mh d
• 14 In tub. lot 17
1   1 in sub. lot IB
1 10.19 Newcaltlf
11b. lols
Lit 8 In inb. lot IB
„ ; ., .. 16
„ in 11 1.
1. 4 ,i ..
" 3*5'' "
Harper, Jor„,
1 9
' 1
1 0
' 2
1 15
1 I
' 12
' 13
1 B
'   2
' 9
-- 1?
" 20
" W
" 21)
1, 4
" 17
" 17
" 17
" 17
•' 4
" 17
" 17
» 211
" IB
Real Prt**.     tm
11 38
s 12
85 20
I 00
1 28
1 9
1 110
1 On
total Taxes
txpessei anil
It Sn
6 12
So 20
J Oil
1 (II
1 28
1 no
1 (10
4 oo
4 00
4 co
4 00
4 no
4 co
4 00
' 4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 CO
4 co
.( 00
4 00
4 00
4 CO
4 00
4 ex.)
Tolal Ami.
15 30
0 12
e 90
5 00
6 no
4 911
4 (HI
B 28
4 80
4 61
4 81)
4 80
4 (HI
4 90
0 (HI
8 92
B 89
6 (10
Name of Person.
Short Description ol
Cranberry District.
Bolton, Jan- li nee 8 lot 16,1 aci.
Ontcliley, S^tn B ock 1. lot 3
" "    «  ll'trRG 7, lot 3
Ellis, William    ••      1, lot 5
Gllsnn, Thorn , ;   "      0 lot j.
lf.rrle Isaac     "      (I, lot. 1
Nicholson. Isaac Lot, SouthWelliogtoii
  Sen. 9, lot 2
"   1, lul 8
"   0, lot 5
"   3. loi 4
"   8 *a**of 8
"    2, lot I
"   (I lot 8
'•   8, % of loi 2
Hock s.iole 4 5
Range 7,|i*. sec, i,I0.
" 7 eee. 1, 50 a
III.mil 7, lots 1 anil 2
Illock (!, part lot I
I, lot 6
S-c. 12, lilni-k 0,0
fjil.S'illtll WellingtOl-
llioik 9 1)1 8
"     8, lot 8
"   10, lote 13, 14 23
"       2, lols 11. 12
"      (I, lots 1   2
Sec. I2. range 2
I'atton, A'b-r*.
Itiche, Frauk-	
Smith, Micliio-'	
lleaiuilmmi', R'.bl	
B.teman, .la-	
Campbell, Ki-i.noti	
Heorieison, R. P...	
lioiison, Wm., Est. o	
lTirtb, C. W	
Laiid, Il,l...	
Mason, it b	
Mcflliiekv, Harry	
Mi-Ker.sie. J. A-	
McMillan, llenrr	
McMillan, Ifuilh	
Peere, I'-Blik	
Pierce, Willinlr	
lllehardran, J. L>	
Tate, Isaliellp	
Treloar, Joti....	
Evder, .lory 1.	
Spino, Frank.	
Cedar District.
Wakemnn, Jae ,.
L«ach, J ihu.	
Ureaiiwdy, A. ,1 ....
fi'f vens, Ge..	
York., Onas. Est. ol...
P.vin, G., et a'	
Ctvin G., etal	
Cavln, G., et a'	
Oyster District.
Paris, G. P	
Riga, Lin-nsi	
Itryant & GrllhillH   	
Carroll, Oatheriue B	
Oarruthers. Arthur	
Clinriililll, N.'liani, ..
It. 1,i
Range 8.sec 4 fii.Epi
0, sec. SOU sere
5 sec 8, 9 9l:i,
0, sec 8 411 11 r s
4, see. 5 111 1' (ill
BC.15. 111. 17 2*1111.
It. 8,'eeo. 15,16 282j-(»
ll. 2. ee... It, Ept 37-
R -S.=ec j3,0. 14 45
II 3,eec. lo, 10,17, 253
Sec. 54 48 ac-ea
.Sac. 55, IS acrei
8k. 0 Intel, 1
Bk. 27. lot 2J
Ilk. 8 lot 0
Ilk. 27, lot 13
tk. 05, lols 15, 16
Cmk, Eilgir  B^o Ion 5 8
Harper, Erne,
K''ene. Ohns. E ,
King, II .1	
Mania, R li	
Mcfnt.ieft & 0re,is.	
Pears, I ihu	
S intlicoinho, ll 	
Watson, J.iiner	
Wain, Harry	
C\tt, S.unilel «.,..,	
Mountain District.
Holland, John ,.,
Haddock, Win	
Badcock, IVm	
Jcdliiah Is'ands.
Thompson, P.iilip N	
Wllliame, Si.lney	
Williams, J. T...„	
Bk. 27, Im 14
Sec 48,100 acne
Bk. 13,1 -4 8
Kk.9. lot 8
«k.H7. Im 4
Ha. 21. lor 7
Sec. 18, lOtlaen.'
Bk. 12  lit. lot! 4 .1 5
IK. 113. lot 4
lik. 8, lotl 13, 14, 15
R. 6, pt. ecf.1,1,10a.
It. 5, sec. 13, li.
It. 6, sec. 13, pt.
1jO|i43, 44, 46, 40,4f5a
Re.il     (Villi
Prop,    lend
10 81
1 44'
4 00
2 40
I) (10
10 SI)
2 40
3 84
2 40 :
3 10
2 sn
2 80
3 28
4 80
1 llll
24 00 <
4 00!
5 oo;
3 20
1 20
9 OO!
1- 411!
2 40l
8 '!
0 40
2 80;
8 00
2 40j
4 00.
18 00
12 40
5 70
4 80-
01 811
2(1 on
2 on
2 411:
16 48
7 52.
1 32
6 40
2 80
4 00!
2 80 !
1 OOi
5 00
2 80
ll 40
24 40
5 112
0 40
1 40,
5 84!
8 411
0 40
1 20!
12 80
5 00
3 84
SI 00,
223 70
Total fixes'
and Coin.
10 81
1 44
4 00,
2 41)
II 00!
10 80 I
2 41) 1
3 84'!
2 40,1
3 40 I
2 60 1
2 8(1
3 21)]
4 80 1
1 00 I
24 0(1
4 00 1
5 00 i
1 44
3 20!)
I 201
II 00 (
1 40
2 40!
80 I
6 40i
2 80i
8 On,
2 40!
4 00'I
IS 00 j
12 40 I
6 70i
4 80
76 0(1'
211 l«3'
2 00
2 40
10 43
1 32
6 40
2 80,
4 CO1
2 80,
1 60
5 (Hi!
2 80!
0 40:
21 401
6 401
1 40)
8 8l|
8 40j
0 40
16 55
r, m
a 84
s *
223 70
4 00
4 IK)
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 on
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 no
4 no
4 00
4 00
4 no
4 on
4 I'O'
4 (Hi
4 no
4 no
4 00
4 no
4 00
4 no
4 (10
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 1)0
7 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 O0
4 00
4 00
4 09
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 (0
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 (Kl
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 10
4 00
Total Ami.
14 81
5 44
8 00
6 41)
13 (10
14 811
6 40
7 84
7 40
6 -II
6 80
8 80
5 60
28 li"
tl 60
O 4.4
7 20
5 20
13 611
5 40
A 40
4 80
in 4.1
6 *0
12 (HI
6 40
22 10
111 40
9 76
8 811
89 00
21 0:i
6 08
II 4il
20 48
11 62
5 32
10 40
6 80
8 00
5 60
9 60
6 80
10 40
28 40
9 92
10 40
5 40
0 84
12 40
10 41.
5 20
20 55
9 60
7 84
13 61)
232 20
South Nanaimo Assessment District,
Ladysmith P.O,
TlirilHng Experience of Stenographer
Seymour of Bayal Commission.
When the R iy«l Commission regard-
irg coal mine eitploeloni was in Cam-
h.-ilanl, Mr. Ijoiii. J. Seymour, the offl-
c'al stsuog.ni'her of the commission,
who Is a keeo hunter and naturalist,
besides lieliic a ilevoteil djjjeipli) of husk
Wallop, went cut Into the forest around
the lake behind Cumberland towo lo
fish and drink in the beauties of natnie
strain) t from the font, L'ke many
ot'mr woodlai.d rnmblen Mr. uevinniir
t lull no thought for the return journey,
anil it wai as iho shades of night were
falling fast that he, to use the eatracr-
dinary vernacular nf lhe day, found
himself "up against ii" when he tried to
"strike Ihe home trail."
He endeavored to call to mind all the
foreit lore that he knew. He remembered tint on the north eide of frees
there il no moss; or was it there that the
miss grew? Once implant a doubt in a
lively human mind and everything noes
by contraries, lie had no compass, but
the sun, fortnnatoly, wai setting, as ue-
u .1, In the west. Bat that was no guide,
as Mr. Seymour had eotirely forgotten
In which direction Cumberland lay.
Swiftly fill the ihadowi of nlsht In
the forest aisles, and the unpleasant
oinvlctlon foiced itself upon the loll
traveller that he wai doomed to ipeml
the hour! of darkn.i. in Ihoee gloomy
recesses, the haunt of the wolf and the
bear, and otber prowling denistna of the
woodi remote. Mr. Seymour kindled a
Are and eooked on the glowing embers
the fish he had I cklly caught. lie had
to eat them without lalt or Worcester or
anchovy eauoe, but one gets nied to the
absence of those creature comforts when
Kicelitnr il the game. Neither were
then any table napkins, and it wai
beastly to have to eat Sah with a pocke
knife and no fork.
After this untump'uous repast Mr.
Sepmour determined that il he shoul.l
bave to die b. wonld leave the world a
memento ol hll pretence in thoie b illy
parts. He Bayed tbe bark off a large
section cf od.r tree and wrote In bold
■'Slate viator I manilt anperbus"
Know all men lhat. I, Louis J. Seymour, 'ost In tbeie bsaatly woods, camped here for the night. It was de'naadly
cold, anl I had no waistcoat, Dine Under my hand and seal this (torgot tht
date' 1991!,
When morning dawned, bleak, cheer-
leas and chill across the eastern mountains the sleeper awoke it IT as a salted
codfish to a reallzitioo of hie awful position. He men tried to imagine that in
bad bie-kfjeted 00 tenderloin atetk,'
poached eniie, mocha c.fTio and Aator
hon'e rolls with golden Comot hotter
and Dundee marmalade, followed by e
Henry Clay, hut though tbe imagination was willing llie stomach was powerful wmk, ami thia fancy meal faded
Ilka the unsubstantial pageant ol any
other vision, and Mr. Seymour felt that
he would havo to pin the reel of mankind pretty aoou or there would b, another case of the bahce in the wood for
the ri.liiiis and thc blue Jiy. toattend to.
He tried to establish commonication
with Cumberland hy menus of wireless
t locraphy, using a three-hundred loot
pine tree as a sen ling rod; but that tree
was not growing current! just then aud
tbe attempt failed considers!, y.
Meanwhile two rescue partial had
been formed, one headed by Mr. Thomas
Morgan, coal mloei inspector, an exper
ienced aco.leui.ii!; and the other by Mr
Priest, surveyor, al.o skilled in woodcraft. They set out making a wide di-
tour so ns to cover much country. About
noon the two paiths met at Mr. 8sv-
moui'd camp aod alter finding tlie pile ot
well-picked 8sb bonis with learlol eyes
read the affecting epitaph written on tin
tree. With the gloomiest an'i -ipatioue
they resumed Iheir search. Mr. Seymour had In the meantime lound hi.
way back to Cmnbeiland. He tottered
Into bit inn nttni ly ritieiisterl, Indeed m
lar g me (hat Mr. Tally B .yce of the
eonitnfesion feared he would collapse
and 10 introduced with adroit manipulation a ltd glass of Hennessy'i three
star Into the waated form r-f the rescued
min. This had the desired eff.-ct and
Mr. 8 ymour wu soon sfterwards able
to sit up and take nourishment.
The able a'enograpber of the commii-
ilon has quite recovered from hii adventure, whioh, however, forun a viluahle
addition to bla many otber interesting
Ladies' Social Circle.
Mr. W. A. Aublo, Deputy Consul rl
the Woodmen ol the Woild, is busy or-
gauis'ng a Ladiei' lorial circlo lu L,«y-
smith. Sn far he has been very sucoeie-
ful, a large number of ladles hsvlng
handed in their names. Mr, Anhin deserves praise for his enterprise, as such
an or^an'miloii will assist to a great extent the entertainments which wlll be
held in Ladjsmiib ihis wlo'er,
Failed to Impress Public With Hit
Zeal for Labor's Interests.
If the general public would get after
their representatives in Parliament a.
the Trades Congress baa done with
Ralph Smith there would be fewer
charges of influence by corporations.
The free railway pass in tbe pocket of a .
member ot Parliament may not necessarily mean that he will be influenced
in his votleg In Parliament by tbe officials ot the railo-ay concerned but (he
public cannot help having ao unpleasant
feeling with relation thereto. Mr. Smith
wsi probably ai loyal in Parliament to
labor interests as any man'could uoisibly
bs, bu' the labor masses would certainly
have hnd reason to have had more confidence in him had he boldly eschewed
the pass when iff red to him by th.
O. P. R.
A refusal of a pas. by Mr. Smith
would ale. have given the general pub-
lie an enhanced Idea of the 2 -al for h>'
hor'. intereit. and the practical value of
tha labor leaden who go 10 Pailiamenl.
What li needed is to get 'egislators generally tn w>ke u 1 to a real 1 .Hon of tht
marked resemhl nee uf a p • ff red railway pass to a bribe. As far as Mr.
Smith is concerned, he not onlv did
what some 2(0 other members of Parliament do, but according to his 8(s'ement
he had thee.n>ent o( tbe Minen' Union
of British Columella to use the pas*. Iu
view nf the latter fact he did no. deserv.
the setting out that be received in th.
L b ir Congress, but the Congress' protest against Ihe principle nf the nre of
panel hv poblic men will nut bare beea
leet.—Ottawa Journal.
■   ■   .-ioi » »4__j
Things You Should Know.
(J'eon Victoria made inr 2!0 ntw
Penredu. ing her reign.
France, wiih 2,804,000 dogs, hold, list
European record.
During'he put five vears (bent have
been 1 845 cremations In England.
R-.arirs were In use amongst man?
Oriental races long before the time of
A hot. mustird bstb is a very good
cure lor a cold and headsntin. bnl be
very eare'ul ol droughts afierwardi.
In Madagascar .ilk Is the only fshrio
used In the iii'iniiactiire of "lothing,
tl Is cheaper tban linen In Ireland.
Welsh ttnpla.e worker, are on ntrllo*.,
and tin m.v go m. In i.-icv. h 0, can*
Btriet wuuld be teriouslv effected. ■a-*****"
Every day
will be Chilly
any nny aay may be rainy now or then.
A Cravenette-a   rain-proofed,   light-
-elBht overcoat, keeps yon warn] nud
keeps you dry.
Gray, black, Un,   ^^^
The New   Raglanett.  Overcoat
here too.   Uiey or blatok,
(ll to $22.50
Thoi. local weather prophets who
progooitlcated thi. spell oi decent
weather were light.
Thursday law tbe flooring ol the new
Esplanade bridge down, but not quite
rsadv for general traffic, lt wai Untitled Friday night.
FOR SALE-A good paying bnilneii
on High itreet, cheap. Alao hons. and
lot. good well. .Occupant! leaving on
account ol ill health. Apply to T. 0.
McKeneliy, High street restaurant,
Bnilding is going on everywher. on
tbe towniite snd lumbar Is arriving by
trainlaads daily, Some flu. building!
are being erected.
Church of Englaud-0 ilober 6th, 18th
Sunday alter Trinity. Ha. m., Matins
and Holy Communion. 2:30 p. m.,
Children's lervice. 7:3'1 p, ni., Harveit
Thanksgiving lervice.
8ervi»at First l'.e bytir'tn Chnrch
t morrow evening wlll be manly chcra ■
Th. Bank of Commerce la now com-
£ortably'nstalhd in the Nicholion block
and doing tu incieasing business.
II It ii. sic. clock yon tra looking Ior
we h.ve them Irom $1.00 to (Uf) 00, W.
li. Lively, Ladyimith't leading jeweler.
BnlJ.tlnp ot the lacrosse match in New
.Weitminiter were issued by The Leider.
Th. people appreciated th. service.
Mary had a little ring;
It sbon witb beantv rare.
She uid it was her .neage-eot ring
And wm bought at Lively's itore.
Bev. Gordon Tanner, B.A., ol Lady-
smith Methodist ohurch, hai kindly
contented to occupy the pulpit oi Firat
Presbyterian church tomorrow forenoon.
Jtey. Mr. Tanner is a preacher oi con*
epicpooi ability and charm.
Dr. T. Glendon Moody, Dentiat, wlll
return to Lrdyimith Friday, Saturday
una Sunday ol tbla week. Dr. Moody
will make regnlar visit! to Ladvimith.
.Office at Nicholmn'i Hall. Victoria
office, Old Foatofflce bnilding.
Nuaimo Herald announcei th.t it bai
good authority lor th. assertion that
Hon. Jamei Dunsmuirisabont to resign.
Th. Leader hai much better anilioiity
ior declaring th.t tbe Herald i. merely
pulling tbs public again. The Herald I.
not in a poaition to know even the in*
*wntioni ol the corporation dog catcher.
FOR SALE—Houso and Lot situated
on French itreet, oppoiito Fay Office,
lot night, block iix. Cash 11,100 oi
11,2,9, lifjl down, in easy payments in
13 months lime. Apply to Hugh J.
McDonald, South Wellington.
Leader advertiser, should not emulate
the example ot the English tailor who
hu juat committed the following heinous
crime In celebration nl hii wares:
"LU. i. real; life Is earnest;
Let oa then improve the chance
To Invest onr ten snd liinence
In s nobby p.ir ol pants."
L03T-An Irish sailer, blind ot on.
.ye, snswera to name ol Jerry.   Anyone
lonnd harboring the eame alier thia date
jrlll bs proieouied ai the law directs.
IV. VV. Walxim, Pay Office.
Tomorrow the Anglican churcb give
tbeir harveit festival with ipeclal muiical lervice. ' Tbe arrangement! have
Men iklllully carried out by s capable
11 yen want to get a nice ring remem-
SS'S".1?' mtit anything you w.nt.
IV. H. Lively, Jeweler.     "
Mr. Stewart, the well-known trait-
grower of Stark', crossiog was in Lady-
smith Wednesday witb a wagon full nt
.bole. Irnit. H. succeeded ind..posing
ot moat ot it.   	
„ y».ly trwilr. all kin I, ol Kngliih
Swlu and American witches.
Mr. Peter Weigle, ot tb. Empire
brewery, Nanalmo, wa. In Ladyimith
Thursday on bnsineu,
Mr. Thomas Morgan, coal mlnei inipeotor, Nanaimo,ia in loin with th.
royal commission.
Mr. K. J. Wenborn, Nanaimo, spent
Wednesday in Ladysmith on business.
Messrs. John Bryden, Tally Boyce snd
P. 8, Lampman, members of Ibe royal
commission, with' Mr. Seymour, stenographer, arrived In town Tbnriday
morning from Nanaimo lo take evidence
Mn. Warren ot Vancouver, i. visiting
Iriendi in Ladyimllh,
Harold R, Bngg, Spokane, a mining
man, .pent a day or two in and around
Ladyimith thii week,
Mr. T, Kiddie, manager nl the Tyee
Smelter went down to Duncan on holiness yestordsy morning.
Dr. Bomstow, the noted nptici.n of
Vancouver, is paying Ladysmith s pro-
leuional visit.
Aid. Plants, representing Mr, Wm.
K. Leighton, the (lan.imo insurance
agent, paid a business trip to Ladysmith
Mr. John W. Coburn viiited Chemainui on Wedneiday on business.
Arcade Optical Co.
11 Arcade. Vancouver, B. 0. Consult
J. Hague Boimtow, Scientific Optician,
graduate of South Band Colleae, Indian., il your eyn are weak or tire (roui
reading, falling aight, nr tributary
troubles. The doctor wlll be at Lady
smith Hotel, Ladyimith, until Tueiday,
7ihinit.         -
Serious Insult to 9 Respected
Ladysmith Merchant
Mr. Cory S.Ryder, of Ihe Firs. Avenne
hardware .tore, won C. E. Strvenioo
A Co's trip to England aod back with a
bean gnee. of 21.053, but hi. pleasure at
tb. Lcky stroke mint h.ve been daihed
considerably by the following dlagn. slot bin. perpetrated by Nanalmo Herald's
scientific expert ln "How to read character Irom hand writing t"
"Quite a number of thrss had tried
their hand and aome ul (hem lelt reasonably Bureol striking it bnt Irom tbe appearance ol the ticket it seems evident
that tbe lucky peaon is both young and
unused to writing. All Ih. words bsgln
with small letters, Ibe bsnd-wrlting is
the upright (tyle which ha. only been
introduced into the scbot ls daring tbe
past lew yearr. It I. evident th.t a wit
lead hs. been used with the wiiter bearing ressonably heavy on it. Tb. word
"and"a..conjunction between "twenty-one thousand" snd "fifty three" waa
evid.ntly sn afterthought a. it I. writ*
ten abiv. instead ol on tb. lint but
without th. carat mark lo indicate
where it .l.oiild he insert.il.
All thi. Hems to indicate lhat the
lucky winner la s novice lo wilting .nd
probably s parson who is nnw st school
or bu attended ichool since the upright
ityleol writing hu been taught,"
II Mr, Rider wanta to use • quarter
section of the Lesder*. Vox I-op, column
to prove to the Herald that he la no novice io writing, bift sn expeit on a faesutt
ful scarifying -'roast,'! Mr, Ryder cau
pre empt now and open *)r. with bit
iarge.t J pen.
We are just unpacking the
Intent in Oriental Goods.
Vases, Tea, Coffee
and Dinner Sets,
Toilet 5et«,
Hanging Lamps
Silver Breakfast and Tea Sets
St ft
.Ti'-sniitb,. Plumber, Hardware and
1  " ■ fetoyfs, at?.
Big Ship from Capetown-Fleet of
Coasters In and Away.
Last Wedneiday th. (uU-rlgged American ship William H. Macey, Captain
(Iroth, arrived in Ladysmith harbor
from Capetown, South Africa, to take
three thousand ton. ol Wellington coal
to 8an Francisco. The Macey ii a vesiel
ol 2 03(1 tons, and the coal cargo which
the will take a < ay in a few day. to California will be tbe largeit ever lent nut ol
Lsdyimith in a Bailing- vesiel. The
Kinross takei only 2,l|)0 tons. The
Macey will begin loading at once.
Str, Trader called in Thursday with a
load of iron or. from Texada for Iron-
dale, IV sah„ 212 tons tn all, and filled
her bunkers.
Str. Otter came in with a scow for coal
on Thursday, to lake to Victoria for tbe
Sir. Thullo took awsy her usual load
oleoal for Union nn Wednesday.
Str. Oscar called in Thursday for coal,
but went on to Comox for lb. jswelery.
Barqu. Kinross ls expected up Irom
Viotoria soon.
Mems for Women.
Whils glovss lose a little ol Iheir popularity, but suede ot a very pals ih.de
hu t.k.o tbeir place, w. do not gain
mocb u lar .. economy ii concerned,
though the iu.i.« bat th. advantage nl
reducing Ih. .pp.ient .Is. ol tb. bsnd,
while kid In light (bade. Incissiei il.
For tht thin woman ar. inch diets
sccf.iorl.iu Duffy ruffl-i, large tolls
bows, hills and fatbtlow), tucks and
puffs, large Ispsli and leven—In ihort,
everything to give breadth, Tb. Eton
goat .bt must .void u sh. would th.
plague; ior her tht lnng, loots, three
quarter coat I. Ideal, and cannot bt im*
proved upon. Capes, too, ar. pattlcu-
Itrly lolled to her Igor., sod Ih. large
.tormcoll.r, .. wall a. tbt Napoleon
roll collar, pulls s long thin neck admirably.
Quits ths most plotnrHqa. wrap, srs
thou th.t combine s O.pnohin hood
wilb a sleeved cost, to whloh I. given s
ponched hoot snd s belt sad bsiqns.
Th. hood, ef courie, hsi s Isml st lb.
pointed end ol II, snd thn. msy sin be
tMsels ppon Ih. baiqn., for tau.1. and
tig. .pour io Ib. foremost programme
ol faihion thi. autumn. Tbit is the lyps
ol wrap thai I. mads tn mitt with a
ikirt, .ay, ol P.rsi.o bio. eloib, wilb
"ii-npler" bsnd. ol trimming carried
out In blue .nd ch.rry .Ilk, Ihongli it
m.y also, with perfect iuocmi, be con
■trnntsd a. a garment alone, ol black nr
white clotb, and a. inch b. oied ai a
little wrap to wear with nv.nl different
•kill.,    r
On Wedneiday evening, October lit,,
at tbe home of the brlde'a parents, Wellington, Mr. David Wilion, mine manager lor the Wellington Colliery Co.,
married Mill Mary Rachel Affleck, the
Rev. Mr. Carr ol Crofton tying the nup-
tial.knot in the molt approved style.
Mr. William McKay ol Ladyimith wai
the belt man, aud Mill Berlha Cameron Irom Union acted a. brideim.id.
There wai a veiv large gathering of
friends and relatione ol tbe happy couple,
many coming Irom Ladyemith, Nanalmo
and other placet on Ihe line ol the E. &
N. Alter tbe marriage ceremony all
proceeded to Jones' ball wheie a sumptuous sapper was served. Dancing started at midnight and waa kept up wiih
undiminished spirit until Jmt before the
train lelt in the morning, The Inn wai
tait and furioui, Bob VVatton ol Lady-
amith actiog a. chairman, master ol
ceremonies snd leader ol tbe jutly celt*
hreted Ladysmith choir, which rendered
numerous Hat pieces. Mr. and Mrs.
Wilson lelt on Tliuis.lay morning tor
New Westminster, and will ipeud a
wetk in tr.iyellirg. They will reside in
Ladyiiuitl.. The bride received a great
many very li.ndinme wedding present!.
Portland and Paget Sound Ship Carpenters And Their Pay.
Th. following interesting labor Item
oropped np la the controversy in the
Portland Oregonian over the letting ol a
drydock contract. The Portland coo.
tractor says:
"Ship carpenters in Porllscd get irom
(3.60 to M CO per day, and thiy work
eight hours. At Punet Sound Ihey get
from $2 to 13.110 per day, and they woik
nine and tain hnun, Over th.ro common laborer, in many ea... do lor til a
day what .hip carpenter, her. do lor (4
a day,
"Tbeio fael. com. from Paget 8 and
shipbuilder th.mi.lvw. Crawford A
Reld, ol Tacoma, pay t° to I* lor nine
hour., and employ both union and nonunion labor. Oo Monday, Moran B os,
ol Seattle, a firm which ia building a
batilisbip for Uncle Sam, wired me a.
follow. I
Ten boon' woik .11 department!. We
doL't diicilminate between unloo tod
oon-Doloo labor, and pay what tht ler-
vice li worth to ns,
"Vestsrdsy I noelvsd a letter Irom
Moraa Bros., in whloh they ss,:
We don't have any let icile oi w.g.i.
If. man 1. good .nough to he employed
at all, we pay blm what w. think lie i.
woitb, and h. ba. th. privilege oi going
elsewhere 11 he on do better. All de*
paitm.nl. olour bu.ln.i. are operated
10 bonn lor a working day.
"The drydock cannot bt boitt in Poit*
|and at oolon schedules nl wsges and
houis, lor less tban 126,000 above Ibe
piessnt contract prior.
New York capitalists hsvt organised
a company to recover Irom Long Island
Sonnd tht anthracite eoal deptittd
there lor years by barges Id tow loaded
with anthracite upsetting.
Purchases Outside Interest In Railway and Colliery Company,
Friday'. Colonist contained the following!—
Last night th. new. wss received in
Victoria that Jsmes Dummnir is nnw
the sole owner ol the E. A N, Railway
and Wellington Colliery company, having purchased the intereiti nf his .. o-
elates while in New York on his way
It ii understood that the .mount involved ia very large, bnt the traneactioo
Waa completed in every lew hours.
The beet, relations possible eilit between Mr. Duniiiiuir aud bla former associates.
Match Applied to Roast Piles Wednesday Night,
On Wedneiday night Mn. Clermont
Livingston, wile ol tbe general manager,
applied tht torch to tbe flnt pile oi ore
on tht routing ground, in the prrience
of a number of the nfficlali and friends.
Everything went eft without ahitcb, the
ore next morning burning steadily and
clear. Tnls, the first opention in the
history ol the Tyee Smelter, was moit
auspicious and ol happy augury.
Two otber piles bave been made, and
Ihe others will be built ai quickly u
ponible, whioh may not be long, ior ore
io Increasing qusntltis. iiarrivingdaily.
Th. water tank acron tbe E, A N.
track ia being built with .pecial care,
and a very subst.ntltl jib la being made
of It. The seam. hav. been caulked
with oakum, and otber precaution! ar.
being taken to enure immunily hum
leakage. The capacity ol tb. tank ii
Tbe lut ol tht travelling; bridge, for
conveying the ore to tb. rosst piles are
now receiving attention, and will be
ready within a fortnight.
Tbe large building over the Inroact li
nearly roofed in, aud ii expected to be
be completed abont tbt end ol next
■reek. The I'O loot imokc-.tack, which
ll in tbrre lection., is on lhe grounds,
teady to be sat into place.
Japa-.ese fan. ni odd ahipt. art decidedly in vogue, aud so is Ihe Ian ol an
irregular design, especially when it is
painted by hand and adorned with
spangles. Tiny fans, too, an laihloa-
able, and not a lew women art having
their own mioia'uns painted on tbeir
fan.. Borne laa. have long handles, as if
they wore not meant for oss at all, but
merely '»' .how, but as a matter ot fact
tbe gbl wbo poeieisei euch an artl.l ,
especially il the handle ll made ol Ivor ,
doei not by any tneani keep It lor iboo,
but delight, in it. use.
igar Factory
Mam,!iclurera of the Famous
None hut Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, -        Fr.prletor.
That's our kind.   A card will bring in 1
Information and prices.   Make a parcel
of any clothing to clean, dye or repair,
and address (n
Freight paid one way.
Punaral Director.
Prompt attention given to all calls, nlgbt
or day. Long Distance telephnne No, 124
Bastion St,, Nanaimo, B.C.
Ship'. Work e Sp.el.lly.
Horse-shoeing in all Its branches.   Farm 	
plemeuts repaired.    Miners'   Tool.   caiefulU
sharpened and tampered.
Duller Street,
ALL SIZES. 6lt_ #3.15; 4IY, 41..5. Lance
tooth sawn, 3 A.; M ft.; 4 ft., aod 5 ft. Also ammunition aud all sines of Deal Bros' Miners,
Drivers' Lamps and Caps to be had at
Opp. 8. & N. Station, Nanalmo, B. C.
DR.  J.   GRICE,
Johnston Block, • Nanalmo, B. 0
P. 0. Rot, 37, Tel. 145.
Vieit. Ladyamiih .very Saturday,
Hours Irom 0 a. m. till 5 p, m.
Abhoisloid Hot.l.
Maple Lodge, No. 6 -, 1.0.0. r.
Meets eyery Wedneiday .v.ning in
Nicholson'. Hall. Visiting members
are cordially invited.
1. O. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Visitor, cordially Invited.
Wellington lodge No. 2 K. oi P,
Meats every Friday in I. 0. 0. F. ball at
7:30 p.m.
J, W. LEWI8, Seci
Ladysmith Orangt Lod|i„No. 1758
meets in Nicholson's Hall, Flnt Avenue,
every alternate Saturday in each month
commencing tint Saturday In October,
Visiting Brethren are invited >o attend.
Ar.d Soo Pscific
Tianicontinenlal Passenger Train run.
daily, equipped witb Standard and
Tonriit Sleeping Can.
Day Oaaebit and Colonial Cars
Graduate of Philadelphia Denial College aud
Hospital of unit Surgery.
OU Poll Olllc. Uulldlni,
Oov.rnm.nt St., (Upstair,)
Phone »8nA,Ot.'c-, VL.sj*..!a B C
"    37.SA, K.sidince.     VlCtOfia, D.U
Dr. Motxly vl.lt. Udyimllh every Friday, Saturday snd Sunday,   office, Nicholson's Hall.
Lowest Rates
Fastest Time
To and Irom Winnipeg, Toronto, Hall.
lax, Montreal, Barton, N.w York,
Ctitcagn.nd 8'. Paul, and all £ .stern and Old Country poind.
Marble and Granite Monument*-.,
Tablets, Crosses, l*tc. Kstlmatei
and Iteslyus given 0" Application
A. HENDERSON,     Proprietor.
Mr. Moors, ao ex-Qi vernment in.
plover, baa been lenteuced to three
yoari' imprisonment lor lending a letter
miealeulng the life nf 8lr J. 0. Ward,
the Acting Premier ol New SS -aland.
XTOTICK Is hereby Riven that under and by
** virtue of Ihe Public Inquiries Act a commis-
sionhas been Issued to Mcssni. John Bryden,
'fully Iiovi't* and Peter Bccord Lampman for the
purpose of holding inquiry Into and obtaining
Infi-i mutton respecting the cause of explosions lit
coal mines and the means that should be adopted
lo avoid such explosions,
Thc said commission will sit at Gould's Hall,
Ladysmith, commencing on Thursday, and October, 190-], at two o'clock In the afternoon, for the
purpiise of taking evidence respecting the matter
of ssiil inquiry.
Dat-cd 261h .September, 1001.
Por  First Class work
go to       1
Shaving Parlors
High Street,
Hair cutting aud Beard
trimming a Specialty,
Viiiton Irom Ladyimith and diitrln.
will And in this well-appointed hnns. sll
the home comlorts. Lunches lor Indy
shoppers a specialty. Terms strii-lly
moderate, Servtci nml cuisine first
MISS B. KEITH, Prop, and Mgr.
0. R. Maxwell, M.P., lor V.ncnover
Citv, i. i.ilooily III In Ih. Montreal
hospital. Ue wm returning Irom Uiu-
gow to Vancouver.
Obarlsa Wilson, leader of B.O, Con-
MrvaHvn, emphatically denlee thai b.
hi. qn.rr.led a III. Col, Prior about Ih.
A kind ol leather-work trimming I.
ued jii.1 nnw on tome ol tbt ntw fri.net
and tweeds, and wall It looktooall than
lhat Incline to brown .had..
sin nu
-T-For Sale by JOHN BICKLE	
lie M Pctt-li
Soattli, Wailis
Nobody can aflbrd to be without It. All the
telegraphic news of the week. Farm, field, garden, sport, society. Beautiful illustrations and
half tones.   Sample copy on application.
All For Om Dollar I Yoor.
The Ladysmith Fish Market will
soon be ready to supply the Ladysmith public with all ki: ds of fish.
Corner Roberts and First Avenue
will enjiy a visit to my .lore It
It I. bardw.re crockery, Mhool
books, .hooting irnat, fl.blng
tackle or 'moil anything yon
at tht desler who gives/_)_ Mg
returns for a small CASH Investment.
Cory S. Ryder
first-Verne, IADYSMP, B,C.
One second-hand horliintal boiler,
with stack, In j.dor and fittings com
pl.t., all ia good order, S'se ol boiler 2
It, 11 dia, by 11 It, 8 in. long; dome 2 K,
dia. by 21 In. high, wiih St lubus, 2)i
In. dia. Reason Iur telling, using gas
lnit.edolste.nl. Price (200II taken at
once,   Apply lo
Nanaimo Steam Carriagt Worki.
P.O. Box 188, Nanalmo, B.O.
For pamphlet! and all information apply
lo any O.P.R. agent.
H. H. ABBOTT,      W. McGIRR,
Agent, Victoria.      A^eni, Nanaimo.
Ant. Gaol. Pan. Agent, Vanconver.
Is the name that stands fur
the Best Piano manufactur-
* ed to-dayl Beautiful to look
at; exquisite in tone. Perfection tn Pianos. Don't
buy till you see and hear it.
Nanalmo. B. 0.
Get the Best 35c Meal in the City
Bastion Street,
Inventor ol tbe sew system i.I ear
bide lor acetylene lighting ths
to h century light, far obeaper
than old.system, maghifhilent results; no waste of gas; lOOpercent.
pure white soil light at trilling coil.
Plumbing .nd metal working in .11
it! branchei. Gun repain. Cor*
respondent!, loliclttd.
Smelting Works
I Prepared to purchase ores 149 from August ist
I Convenient to E, $ N, or Sea.


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