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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News May 3, 1902

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! ' The people that save
'>'• money trade with      ?
\l bickdeI
For Boots 0 sifom I
I Bickle's is the store f
VOL. 1. NO. 68.
Ladies' and Childrens'
Straw Hats in the latest styles just to
hand. Also Gentlemen's New Season's
Soft and Hard Hats.
Fresh Ground Coffee
While You Wait
And a Pull Supply of Fresh Family Groceries.
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Bsplsnadeand Uatucre Street,
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
ruiiiii aim
This new hotel bna been completely
furnished with all modern conveniences.
Excellent table, white cooking. The
bir le eupplied with the finest wines,
liquors and c'girs. An experienced bartender.
D. H. Davis, Prop.,
First Avenue,      •      Ludysmitb, B. 0.
One fact Is better than a Desen
llearpaye. If you want the
choiceEt meatfi go to
l.'iilvsinith, B, 0„
R. Williamson, Prop.
A Iresh supply   ol   Vegetable!
*       always ou bind.
T Special attention iiiven to ihipi'
t        Eitnpliei.
a -4S!t*«»!,Si!B,MI.V.W. vv
Wm. Beverldge, Prop,
Tl.ie 1.B.V liiilvl bin liei'ii c nnhrUlily futniebld eld Ibe lar Is lip In t'llr.
Beit accommodation fur transient and permanent boarders and lodgeri,
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
The Esplanade, • Ladyemith, B, C.
Savoy    Xhe&tres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the NorthiWest
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Mn n u lectures.
Soda Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitten,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUNNING,        - Proprietor,
P. 0. Bss .o
Tslsnhon. ao
We are Agenfe for
Large stock of English Pishing Tackle, Lacrosse Hoods, Etc,   ;
John Barnsley & Co.,
Victoria, B. C.
■i a—i Kodaki, Fllmi, Etc.
Agent, for
J. J. Taylor
Fire Proof Safes.      sssssa
High elan plotnre irame miking!
■killed workmuibip; istiilactloa guaranteed. Estimates cheerfully e,iven. 0,
B, Bobeleo, Pint Avenue snd Oatacre
itreet, Lidyimlth, B.O.
Wholenle snd Retail Dealers In Meats
PonUrv and -Vegetablei, Gime in
Min. Shipping Oideri ittinded to on
ort nsltM.
Anothsr Lucky Piece of Development
at |lt. Sicker.  %
It wsi reported .round Victoria on
Wedneiday that another flee showing of
rich ore had jost been opened np in ihe
Tyee mine, Ml. Bilker, snd that tn.
fortoni 11 company were now woiklcg in
thebeit lnoklig ore they h.v..to far
found in tbeir pu party. %
Thii li voiy good newi [or Ladyimllh,
as it Kill only sei v. to hasten tb. woik
ol erecting Ihe irr.eller, which, however!
hu been proceeding very satisfactorily.
There lie rainy who belli vi Ibe Tyes
is destined lo become the Ls Rol ol
Vancouver Island.
Committee Appointed and Work
Begins in Earnest.
Jessup's Pharmacy
Preicrlptloni carefnlly diipe.ied. Open
day snd night.
j ■. sntrsoH,
B.rrl.l.r, gsllcltw,
Attarosr. Notary Pablie, ate.
Msney Is Loan.
Nlii.lmo, .
Uwitstr Can. Society of Civil KiisinMr.
llMibv Institution or aiectrleal Ungisesrs
Electrical Engineer
Cormposdence SoSoltea
Workassrasteed P.O. Box 357
Baker and Confectioner. :
Plain snd fancy bread.
ey _
tries ol sll descriptions,    frnlii
Oakei snd psi-
-   "    in
The Crescent Hotel
Win. Hepple, proprietor.'
First-class accommodation! for mlniri
and transient!.   None but
The Best Wines asd Liquors
served at Iho liar,   Hive ui a sail.
Cor. Victoria Rd A Oomtnerol.l 81,
NANAIMO.     •    ■     Bi C,
Dav(d    Murray,
Buller Street,        ■       Ladyisttltk
Shop will be open every Thursday,
ARE  VOU   INSURED?    I'nnt
get mimed .1 once lor ll may be
loo late tomorrow. I represent eevet.l
OLD .nd RELIABLE Uomp.nlei.nd
on insure yon it a mnmeat'a notice al
the loweit poeiible rites. All leiding
companies charge th. same Met. Don't
bi misled Into inmrina with • chop
company-It might be den in tbe end
Wm. ,K.   Leighton,
P. 0, Drawer 33, Nanaimo. B. 0.
Ladysmith Dairy
Niw Milk, Creimery Butter, New Uid
Eggi snd Fmh   VegStsblti inpplled
Dilly,   Leave order! at Ibe post oftic
Seeds, Planle, Shroks.
R, H. John.Ion,  Viotoria, tin. tin
fln.it selection in th. province.   Be.
sample, at Leiser A tlsmburier'e itore.
Prlcii ind e.tlm.t.1 cheerfully given.
«, Kos.i la gnat variety.
Tbii old-Eitabllied, Fiiii-Olm aad
Popular Hotel ll moit comfortably tiir-
niinid, centrally lilu.ted. Bui meeli
tnlnr. Eicellenl Cui.lne. Bar itocked
with the Haul wines, liquor, ind clgan.
JOS. FOX,       -       •        Proprietor.
Citizens of Ladysmith
All Citizens of Ladysmith,
B. C, are respectfully invited
to become members of'the
Ladysmith Board of Trade.
Objects: The advancement
and improvement of Ladysmith.
At a well-attended meeting of repre-
■nntative cltiaeai, held in Gould'i hill
Thursday night, excellent progress wai
made with the preliminary arrange,
menta for the celebration of Dominion
Dsy here, Mr. T. L. Grahame occupied
the chsir snd Mr. William Man ball,
wn lecrstary.
Il wsi unanimously resolved (hat
lidyimilh celebrate the Flnt of July,
snd thst the people sf Nanaimo, Kx-
temion, North Wellington, South Wellington .nd Ohemsinui be cordially
invitod to join with ths people ol Lidyimlth tbst en occasion.
On motion all preient at ths meeting
were appointed tb. genersl committee,
It wm agreed that tbe procedure of laet
year be followed thli yeir.
Tha offli 0 bureri lor thi 1002 celebration were tkea sppointed si follows;
Obsirrain, Mr. T. L. Grihame; Secretary, Mr, Wm. Marshall; Treasurer,
Mr. P. H. Mirih.il.
Menu. John W. Ooburn, W. Mar-
■bill and T. L. Grahams wire tben ap
pointed si collecting oommitlee, si lor
lbs oilitmi otber thin minen, Menre.
I. Gould end W. 0. Friser were deput id
to eohiall with the minen ai to tbeir
sipport snd mlilsnce.
On • nasnlmem vote Hen, Jamei
Dsmmulrwai elected honorary preiident; luperintendent F. Little, flnt
vice-president, snd Mr. Andrew Bryden
second vlce-preiident. It wu also re
i.lved to Invite the co-opention ol
Menu. Andrew Bryden, Divid Wilion,
John John, William Jonn, A. Sharp,
Robert Brytltn and other officers of the
eompmy at Exteniion, snd Mr. E, J,
Pslmer snd Ciptiin Gibson from
Tbe leereliry wu Instriicled to extend . cordial invil.tion to Rear-Admiral Blekford of the PiclUe tqmdion and
his i (Seen and acquire if th. Admiral
would kindly end to t«d,-«mrSl. hiryr
on. or two w.r vetieli lor thst d.y. The
celebration will take the ferat of a grind
regalia and land iporti.
The muting idj.rarriid until next
Thunday Bight at S o'clock in the iime
were not concluded. The neiv Shay
locomotive recently inrckased had ita
first run over Ihe line ou Saturday, Tie
latest about tlie emelter at Crofton ii
lhat it is to be increased to a capacity
of oue thousand torn a day. Mining
men to whom tbia hai been told isy tbit
those who are spreading thli report
don't know what they are talking .boot.
Crofton keepe ila busy appearance .nd
il gradually getting rid of the stumri
and mud holee.
The average weight oi s Scotchman'! brain ii sixty ounces, an Englishman's forty-nine, a Frenchmin'i a
little over forty-five. The weight of
Dutch, Frleian, Italian and Lipp
bralni cornel neir that ol the English-
man, while the German brain ie, in
many inatancee, heavier. The Pollih
brain is forty-seven ouncei. Among
Hindoo nod otber race! in India it it
from forty-one to forty-four ouncei,
but Mussulmans tverage more snd
the Khonds, one of the sborlginsl
races of India, much leu—not quite
thirty-eight ouncei. Traveling to.
wards China, the brain weight of ths
tribei there eettled increusi. In
Africa the average weight ii from
forty-three lo forty-eight ouncei; In
America that of the Indian arerrgei
fony-ieven ouncei; in Auitrslis from
forty to fotty-two ouncei.
Condensed Netas of the Km Free
All Quarters.
Movements of Vessels .to and From
This Port.
Work Will be Commenced Very
It il learned on good authority that
Ihe laying of ths wslerwsrki pipe, which
it .11 h.r. and irsdy Ior us., wlll la
■tsrlid st sa early data, and pushed
lorward •• fut »i poulbli,
Thli work wonld bive been ccsspltted
bef jre the pruent date bat for iiviril
uaforima occurrence! lnelading Ihe
gnat ilrike imoogit thi Penaiylvmla
Iron snd itnl woikeia last wintir.
Th. lay lei ol Ik. pip. will not Ilka
Lag, .1 Ih. ireneh inliud dug, bnl th.
work ol tn.klna tbe wnueetloni It likely
lo kup a big staff ol plum ben busy for a
good rainy wuki.
II ll uitotiil that Ib. waterwoika
ihoald a. In apiratlon by Augmt, u it
iilipccted thai lhiTyi.lm.llar will be
ilartid that month, and they require s
vait quality of wilir daily ia their
The proportion ol direct tuition li
low 48.14 per oent, and that el indirect
Th. peany Initial, .a tk. laaem. in
ll (xputed ta yt.ld «,000,000; tba
ehiejue itamp incriu. £800,000, ud the
dalln ea corn aad Hoar «2,M0,000.
This year'i expenditure lo be provided far li a deereaie of <tl2,e03,000 on
lut year'.. Thli I. do. ts . deereui in
wsrixptniitnreeitimited at »tl4,180,OO0.
Tni eitimited ispanditni. ixcluilvi 'ot
wirih.rgu ihowi an Increase ol tl,-
Tha Incrasiiol a pinny oa th. Income
lu bring! II ap ta the highlit point
with on aicaptloa liaie Sir Robert
Pesl'l Act ol 111], Tk. highlit nn re.
end wsi In 1BM-6T whin th. lax wai
ll 41 ia th. all. Th. lowest on record
W.11174 76, when it wu 3d.
Botltily rilnrnlihid ud rinovited
Fliit-cliu table, Every .ccommodotloo
Ior India, vliltlng N.n.lmo. Hn, T. J.
Thomu in ohargi ol dlnln, room will li.
binpy lo welcome .11 old Wellington
id Ladyimllh Iriendi.
V, TnHOJJAS,        •        Proprietor.
Amn. ship Eclipse, Captain Lsrisn,
lelt tbe harbor on Wedneiday lor Poit
Towneend, there to clear lor Bristol Bay,
Aliska, with 2,060 tons ol Wellington
Amn. brlgantlne George B. Kenny
completed her coal cargo for Kalui,
Hawaiian Islands, yelterdly and au
reidy lo be towed to sea. She tikei
about 2,000 tool.
Sir. t'loiaues viae due to ariivu in
Ladyemith harbor from San Frsnclsco
on May lit. She came in yesterday ud
will load coll for California.
Amn ichooner Americano ii expected
in ihorlly irom San Francisco to lake a
coal cargo to Alaska.
The report going tbe roundi that the
■learner Ttllua ia now making h,r lilt
trip to this port is incorrect, Thi Tellni
has a good many tripi lo make bin
It il reported that quite a large non-
bar of vessels besides thoie already
named, ban juat been chartered by tbe
Company to carry coal from thii port to
foreign portl.
Largo quantities ol lacked cosl lor
Alaska are now awaiting ihipment at
the buukeri.
Str. Thistle took a load ol coal from
Lidyimilh on Wedneiday.
According to a Montreal despatch, the
steal and coil icduitilis ol Canada,
known li tbe Dominion properties, have
jslned hands, tbe former .Nil-" Ihe
Coal Company on a hati. i.i S pn unit,
dividend ihaiei. Pricei of both stoik,
reached Iheir higheit level on tbe Stock
Market lut week, and there wu in immense volume ol trading, attended by
eseitlng ecenei.
The shares of tbe two compsniei hive
appreciated in value over 130,000,000 in
a few months, ud fortnnei hive been
made on market advincie.
At Mlnneipolli tbe flour mills, which
•re one ol Ihe chiel induitriei ol thi elty
are prepiring to idopt luel oil In pliee
ol coil u motive force, During the put
ill month!, extenilve experiment! have
been made with oil •■ luel on railway!
•nd ln mills, snd in malt cuei they
have been very suoceetful.
Oa Saturday the flml spike, a silver
en. for luek, in th. Crolton-Mt. Slik-r
Railway Coinpiuv'i line wu lo b.v.
been drlv.n by Un. Oroll, .1 a initable
noinl ol Ihe Una, bat the ceremony did
aot take place beeau.e the preparation!
The matron of the Chemainui General
Hospital wilhel to acknowledge with
tbukithi following donation!:—Illut
tratsd oip.r., Jimi, Jelllei ud unci,
Mn. Cipt. Gibson; llowere, Mn, Pilm-
er; cake, B. W. M. 0,| flowen, Mil,
Malngny; llowers, Mr, Burow; lllni-
trsted papers, Hn, H. D, Ililmcken;
magizinei snd old linen, Mn. W. E.
Blytbe snd Mn. Edgaon; Chrlitiin
Heralds, Mr. 0. Smut.
Don't fail to iee G.I1. t'aviii'a lamplu
st wallpaper at (Jnpi.il.. Dillon'i offie.,
Esplanade. Choice new deiigni at at-
tonlthingly reaionable pricei.
Montreal polio, report that KM ■
of all kinds keep open on Sundays,
If the isle oi the Dsnlih Wast Indlts
is agreed to by a mijorlly of tba lilaaafe
mil. pop.latioa it wlll be raHflad.
lathe Imperial Hoaei el OoataiiM
th. incom. tu mol.tiu wu adopted
by. vote of MO to 11.
Socialliti blame Kin, Lasaold fev OH
iailnre oi the inffrag. mermen.
Competition bitween Bristol, Getd]/,
Liverpool, Hllford and Semthasaptea tar
lelectlon u th. terrains! pert of the
Cimdi.n Una I. kun.
The will ol tk. I.te Bar. I. D»-Wnf
Talmage  wa,   IM   last   wwk.    It
leavei an e.t.te valaad at mere than
It Ii likely thai Jane Mtb will •.proclaimed u . holidsy in honor of tbe eat•
onationol King Edward.
The trial of Muiolino, tki fanaai Italian brlgud, commenced th. ether day
at Lucca.  According to the Trlbaaa, a
cheque for 1100 reached Meiollns Ileal
New York, signed Mortimer Bakspp.
Two trains were nqnlnd le aatea.
mod.t. th.  piinngira  who l.fl Iki
Onion itstion, Toronto, at  sns, M
■ettle in Ihe North-weit.
The airship ol th* lutas-Damat
style ii. intra and a dalaalaa. A balloon with a psddls li u eld Idea nt
can never be ol any prutleal an, uyi
Lord Kelvin,
An Irish engineering comeeay bat received an order for tha tapply et ll,t*|
plonghiham dutiaad lar Oblaa. Tkrae
thouund have beea dnpatebed via
Fire which brak. oal la tba Barbital
(ormnly s watehtowsf In Clnkaiw.ll,
London, dNiroyed two bleekt of betiding! lut night.
Private Shu, ot Ibe tod Mfcllea,
Royal Garilioa Riflm.nl, si Malta,
■hot hit wil. dud yulsrdsy.
Th. Oobd.n Olnb bu itaaad a mial-
Iuto visoromly proMaHai aajalaat tbe
imposition oi corn daliee.
Th. bakin railed tk. prlM el taded
one half penay on the quarter leaf tl
many ol th. poor diilrieti ol Baitaad.
Ths direetors ol th. Meat. Carlo Casino Oompssy bars Jasl uaoeneMl a* -
additional banns, msklaf ap a Hell
dividud for Ih. yur of abort • pet
cant. According le the anneal report
moit of ih. prolM are derived beta
Britiih viillon.
London Daily Newi nlwrlag Is the
■teimihlp trail iayi;-"Tka iikerdlaa-
tlon el three Engliih liau le alUautt
Ameilcn control ii a red* ■honk.ta ear
iilend pride."
In th. Unltsd Italu lul year eaa*t)h
coal wa. prodand le give three aad a
hall torn to everyone of the 'MMs>
pirioni In that eouolry, aad laeeajk ta
give .very American a fold dollar.
Britiih troops are held la nadiaeai at
Otiro I. proewd to tb. Raadaa ewiai ap
th. tut thai troakla la Ihisatealst, Ta
that part el Bgypl.
Tht CanadUn DsptsryMtaiilar #
Labor hu brs.ght abnat a ntll.mut et
thadocku'iitrikila Nova Iseara, tbt
man hsvlng uupwd im Ufaa halt
th.ir dimand.
Both brsnchst ol the Mux Lsgel*-
tnn have puud tb. Jeflle Smnmt
Bill, whi.h prohibits Ih. Ml. el tasMs*
in eny lorm lo beyi eadu learlMI
yean ol spa.
Th. rnmon el ibattlag .at. Uvirpael .
in[lavor ol 8outk.mptea u Ibe HiBtHt
port cloud a big rlie Ib Lsidn eat
Sonth-Weitern Railroad ihane, aavt I
1.11 ln Ih. ibani oi Ibe Lsadea nl
Nortb-Weilern Compiny.
Archblihop BroehMl eeae|Nk IM
Debit., a French Sunday paper ef ■•atrial, for Hying Ihil ibe lav be mit*
Hag relhjrion badlM Iretn haaes, -pal
one worthy ol prate.
Soma very lirga Innrues. bare beak
•n*.cted at Lloyd'i oa Ike Khej't lilt-
one being lor *IO,106-la view of IM
Upon tha repmeatalioa ef Ibe Oua-
dian Government inrNtigallea ll blusf
madi in England into charge, tbit tba
•tumihipi Utonia and Lake stiparios
which recutly mil wilb mlihipe, wwe
8ufficl.nl men hav. aow beaa ee-
rollsd to form Iwe ol the leer OuedlM
raglmanl! for loelb Afrlea.
3. B. Baker, of Sloese, B.O., has bet.,
elected ptaidral el tbs B. 0. Labor
Convanllsi,  He li I Soclallil.
The Chancellor ol Ihe Euheqtw, It
th. conn, ol • speech, eald Ibe toosMt
In Ihe prm regardl.i tha peaes aassMi-
tion. in Sonth Aliloa wtre prsaaetaia.
G.ncral O'Gisdv-Hsly wlll takes.
month'i leave .I th. and ol Mm, ead
then retire Irom Ibe eemataad ef tht
Canadian militia. Lord Du.dea.ld, bh
luoeenor, i, upMted la Ottawa la Jab/, ll
»«v*lr. b
■ VjSill.-i
Irt twi
Ladysmith Leader
,    Wellington-Extension News.
VBbiilietl every Wednesday nnd Saturday al
Sfce Leader Buildiinr, corner ofl'irst Ave. and
Fi-Mcb «re«t, Ladysmitli, Dritlt.li Columbia.
T.J,. GRAHAMli, Kijjtorasu I'ltoi'KlliTOU.
■ Br Mail m Canada anh Unithd Statim.
Oseyear {strictly In advntice) 5- <*
hi mouths (strictly iu adviince);    i as
'  *riANSIENT—rMret insertion ice. n line; COcll
BBhseqiienl Insertion 5c. u line.
Ratei on anpliciUiuu. No wood cuts used,
<MU for regular use slionld be nil metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death ami t-nueral notices,
Mefa Insertion 50c,
Adrertlsemeuts not inserted for a Ki,ccifiL*tl
gmewlllbecharged for unlit ordered to lie dis-
Mattnued. .
MS r.BADUU wlll be found at the following
tadj-Jwlth-Tlie Lender Office; The Ladysmilh
Wanalmo-B. Piuibury & Co.
«*ttrla-Pul>tlc Library; l'rovlueial Library; and
T»*.*m*«r-Public Library, and Holels.
Mew Weatmlniter-Fublic Library.
All •hatifei In advertisement* must be received
at tbls »(Bce hefort 12 noon tlm day belt
ttfteerfberaaotreceiTiua paper regularly please
report to tbla office,,
AU jeb work atrictly caah on delivery.
■M-tntrltnt advertisement! cash in advauce,
Mr. W. W. B. MeloneB's magnificent
sesecb in the Legislature, laet Tuesday,
racalli tha best epteuheo of the laio rum
Hutnphray, the silver-tongued orator
Wha, during the sessions ol the eighties,
wai WODt to charm House and gallums
with his aolished eloquence. But Mr,
Velnnea la a stroager and weightier
ajeaiar than ever was poor Mr. Hum
phray. He is not content alone with
delighting hit hearers hy crystallizing
lato elegant spoken sentences the
lb •tights of an exceedingly acute and
trlfinal mind, and resting satisfied with
tiamitory affects due to his skilful
Wa raaeat what we have maintained
at eraiT opportunity in these columns,
thai British Osliimbia has not yet fully
mliaad the signal abilities and the
Sterling worth ol this young public man.
Ws> hope that the generous recognition
of hii am> address, which appeared in
the Colonist of Wedneiday, will induce
■•m* at least, of Mr. Melouee's critics
to review their judgment regarding him.
.forth Naniimo aad Nanaimo City
nay well teel proud to be represented, the onedirectly and the other
indirectly, in the legislative Assembly
l)/ft young men whose increasing years
bring increasing power for usefulaces lo
his country. Mr. Mclnnes's tpeech on
Teesday wai sensible and logical as well
•I eloquent.
' Ur, Balph Smith, M.P., put himsel
•a record in the Dominion House by
toting, with Hon, Israel Tarte, to do
'Away with the King's coronation oath.
Although Mr. Smith has been reported
to be in feeble health, owiug to his
severs parliamentary labors, he was
well enough to attend the big hall at
Ottawa. And Mr, Smith an ex-preacher,
too; shocking I Mr. Smith lost hie
'- health shortly after a certain meeting in
Kinalmo opera house, and ns at that
Mme there were things about too happen
In Nanalmo which vroultl necemltato his
Uklng a definite stand, the trip to England came as a happy thought. Tin. tv
he will be clear cf the eim-lcu aud noise
of battle. And it cnitn money to travel
around in that nay; but tl.e Miners'
"Onion will na doubt he only tn nappy
to give Mr. Smith a ulco vacation,
ferae blessings are worth paying for.
Though lost to sight Mr. Smith will he
ta memory dear—when the bills come to
be footed.
Vancouver News*Advertiser published
the following delicious morsel on Wednesday morning;
VlctorlartAprll 80.—At 2 o'clock a.m.
the House IB elill In session. Mr. McBride holds the floor, uml Is delivering ft
wattling criticism on the government's
policy nnd showing the inconsistency
of Mr, Mclnnes in supporting a government which he bitterly opposed only
a year ago.
And what wns Mr. McBride doing less
than a year ago? WaB ho not supporting the eame government with us mutth
vehement hb he is now opposing ii?
Mr, McBride is the list man in that
assembly who ehould talk about Inconsistency,
"One Richard AtoBriilti" may lay the
flattering unction to his soul Hint he.
Cardinal Wolsey ami tbe nnHs aro all
In tho eame category, for by the aaine
sin of ambition that o'erleaped iletlf hll
they all.    _____	
They call lliom tbe "tinstB}" hut wl o
is so foolish as lo IruBt tho' trusta"?
Victoria Tourist Association has sent
out a representative who is telling the
Americans what ehould bs dono to
roach Victoria, but wo observe- that he Ib
not telling them what Victoria ia doii g
or Intends to do to entertain the tourists
when they come. FrfiBh nirand Bceneiy
do not mnlto a great tourist resort;
tliere iu net be entertainment, lirst-cliiEB
and eoiislant, and not eo much ligMs
out at 8 o'clock aud every place locked
up lighter than n condemned cell.
Tourists will not stand tbat.
Nino hour rpc-rclu-B tlioulil be treated
ai a crime ant ptiulahed accordingly.
No mortal man can talk for nir.o hours
and tall; sence all the way.
AtM tries.
C. S. Titus, tho American who in to
i-ow'a't Henley thia ..summer, is netting
down to shape, nnd those whohaVe him
lui haud eay he can make a stop wnlch
look sick.
All being welt woik on thu short lino
from LiulysuiUh lo Extent-ion .will be
commenced iu about.a tuomh from thia
dale. Tho eoiisnuciion gang aie liiulti-
mu iiiitb Iroiii I'uuibetlai-d to; No. 7 and
lr flic akin I.; ;-»i badly broken, hold the
fojiiVu! [tart In wnlor ns hot as you can
bear it fur n IVw in I mites, then apply
hiizclinc im it piece of soft cotton, wool
and envoi1 with ailed Silk, Dninp the cot-
tun wool often with the liitr-eline, and tlio
bruise will heal iti a wonderfully short
time.  -
Strife  nml  Deception.
"Life is nearly all strife nud deception,**
snltl tlio mournful man.
"That's true," answered Mr. Flntson.
"When you aren't making n futile nt*
tenilit to coerce tlie cook, you've got to he
jollying the janitor."
■rue outliving business in unnndn is
on a different plan from that in this
country. Tho licudtiunrtors of most of
the honks throughout the Pumlition is
in Ontario, cither nt nn mil toll, Kingston or Toronto. Each bank bus Its
central bfllco, generally in one of tbe
cities named, and ns many branches ns
It cares to maintain In different parts
of Canada, some of these branches being ns far distant ns Dawson.
Al tlio Cliurch Door,
"Are yon one of tlio wedding party?"
asked Mr. Fresh, the usher.
"Only the groom.. Don't mind me," replied the prospective victim.—Baltimore
"World,    ...  ...v, ...
Kveryihin* in Mock U luil
direct from manufacturers oJ
at our own factory.
40 years in our business I
Tlinc'e CIutitKut,,
"Diogenes was a great mnn," said
the contemplative person, "and yet he
bad no use for money; Ho was content to confine his possessions to a single tub."
"Well," answered Senator Sorghum,
"n tub might havo been all right In
those days, but what u man wants
now is a bnrT."
There Wero No Mora Com pi it In tit.
A certain Benedict wns In tlio habit
of troubling his fntlier-ln-l.iv; with
complaints nbout bis wife's behavior.
"Really, this Is too had," cried the
Irascible old goiillcmnn ono dny, ot
hearing of some of his daughter's do
llnquonclos. "If 1 hear any more complaints I will disinherit her."—Condon
A IInx,.or.
Junior Partner—I see you have engaged n new assistant. Is he n good
Senior Partner — Good salesman.1
(■rent snnkesl I hnd to send for tho
police lo prevent him from talking mo
into taking him Into pnrtuershlnl
That Boy is Calling Me.   Where i3 lie?
If bat a eonlmt there is between Nanaimo Herald's furious diatribes ugalnst
Wellington Colliery Co., Hon. Mr. Dimi*
molrt Supt, Little and other officers of
the Company, at the time of the Kxten*
•lea Ho, I. disaster, ond tho meek, almoit favorable reports In tho same paper
last week, of the enquiry. The Herald
aitoally report! tbat "all the witnesses
testified that the mine wai well ventilated, well timbered and well managed."
Jbe Herald ihould burn ita fitta. ,
Short Stories From the Field and
Englishmen express Eiirprlee at the
youth and amitlloees of the Toronto
TheTorontos have scored (il goals to
their opponents'18 ln tho four Kuglisb
matches played.
Montreal Shamrocks hnve a eurplus, a
championship and a mortgage, while Individually each member of the team
should have a Cork accent anil a gold
The Shamrock Athletic AeEociution
haa h surplus ol $2,827 on a receipt eheet
.,[ ^i,ri'l:i, oi which tbe lucroese team
furnished $5,014. The ateelfl nru placed
at $40,401) and tbo liabilities $20,717,
Tin: iiirti..
Filssiimmono hits poBted (ii,500 to bii d
hia match with JtiTties. ile leaves all
club arrangements lo tbe latter.
Tom Coublg, of Dunkirk, got Ibe decision over Martin Dully in nix rounds
ut Chicago.
The National Spoiling Club of London
has oil'-jred $15,000 for thu KlI&JolTrlea
light for June Hand will pay each $1,001)
One of Charllo M-K^vcr's seconds
j'iii)|vd Into ihe ring at Philadelphia
claiming a foul, and Young 1'oter Jack-
ton was awarded the lUht In the Btujnd
rou ml
Put Kilty's manager fllates lhat his
man is willing to meet, any one hi tliej
huslness at WO-lSfi lbs., twenty round:
h ,fore the club. ff. ring tbo brat purse.
I'unpral Wre.tttis, etc., Wedding Bou-
qntlB in every stylo, U.-tiara promptly
fittendwd to. -NANAIMO, B. C
On tup in the Uttls or l.adyt-mitli
Belter Than Ever.
Nanalmo, B. C.
C.ASI llllli.
Tlie Toronto JUsi-lkl Club will stuil
tho eeasoii with abont $l,()i)0 belter off
than they did last Benson, nnd aro oom«
paralively on easy street.
The t.f*t Klnil*. I« lint nntl the **Vn>*
to coot. Them.
Flsh constitutes one of tho most vnl-
unble articles of diet for mankind, although the popular notion Hint It Is n
good brain food because of the pbos
phorus It contains is Incorrect, As a
matter of fact llsh meat In general contains less phosphorus than must kinds
of flesh meat. But It Is good for the
brain Indirectly, for it is less stimulating than llesh ment, Is usually digested
mere easily nnd causes tho production
lu tho system of fewer of the waste
products which, if not nt once eliminated, net Injuriously upon tho delicate nervous system.
The Inst mentioned property Is one
which renders flsh of especial vnluo In
tho diet of persons suffering from
Height's disease and other nffectiuus of
the kidneys, from rheninnllsm, gout,
nnd all those diseases which many physicians regard as the result of excessive
formation or retention of uric neltl. For
convalescents also it Is most useful, ns
It supplies a fnlr amount of nulrltlve
material In palatable form, with a minimum of tax on the digestive organs.
Among the most nourishing nnd nt
the isme time digestible llsh arc hlue-
flsh, shad, red snapper, fresh codltsli,
whltcflsh, striped bnss, halibut nnd
flounders. Ami equally nul.ritlous, although perhaps less digestible, nre
brook trout, lake trout, salmon, mackerel and eels. Hoc li not particularly
nutritious, hut It ta ngreeabln to tin
taste and fairly digestible.
Tho modo of preparation hai much to
do with the digestibility of llsh, ns It
has with that of all other foods. Boll* | - ■
Ing and broiling are better model
cooking than frying.
The chief objection to fish ll Ita
eroncncsi to decomposition, even when
kept on Ice. It mny bo free from any
liste or odor, and yet It mny hare un-
| dergone changes which make It poison*
I otis. Some flsh nro poisonous In them*
i selves, containing In tho natural state
mint- substance which will cause alarming symptoms, or even death, If eaten.
With some persona flsh In any form
does not agree, causing digestive dlior* 11 ifi-ju w COBURN. MANiAFD
4cre or skin eruptions. This li notably I * 'L,ttn W* UUDVnn« WlHAHtH.
true of lobitera and crabs.
When rielttai \ la »r>st i'-itie In end tee cur large and modern eatal
inentand attracivi rn* —jtu *ill tot need lo buy. If you eannotl
send your name in ,i juist rtsrd nnd we wlll nia 1 you a catalogue—fn ii
H   iiHiHii m»w¥i)  Furnfilieis
The Leading
'*•>   'it!?
''*■• i
id's  ij?
Nineteenth Century   und After,
Ciimempnrury    Review,    FortV
nlglitly   Review,   Wwtmtneter
Review,    Ktiiiib-ireh    Review,
Quarterly Review, Blackwood's -w^
litlinbttruh Mieazlne 4£
Strong,  sterling, timely, nuggeiitlve &9.
mid fiuUiorltive; just whnt yon wnnt- fit
In kttow nf ilu'wnrltl's.loiiijjsjexiictly Jfe
whnt  you  need  tu  know; nntl told **
when yon want to know it-lliot's the \ZX
vnluo of llicsc reviews lo vou.    The ;?™.
ablest writers,  tlio  most timely dls- 4ly*
eusflioiisi The swiftest presentation of 3j»
the worltl-probleuiB of the thjy nnprar k-rif
fvery mouth in ihe pages of tnese S'l
Icntluicreview*.   These orethcKiig- r"
ii.tiitiii; ruvicwrii    i nesc arc wiciillir-   ^---.
llsh edftions .sold in eiwerfen at nbout   ill"?
nsii eaiuoiiH flom ia Mttertcn at nbout
bull price.   Spteinimenpliaaent free
to nuyoue niiywlicre, m\A hlstorloal   i
booklet, loo, for the asking. -
■jt. ■ .-,-4'..-.« ;-}.•* ^*^;*:KHMn!mmU
The Leonard fcott Publication Co
Warren St. New York City,
Tramway Company Incorporation
Act.   •
Notice la hereby'given by the Tyee
Onpper'Oomptny, Limited, of 4b Lend
enbnll sir-'r-i, London, K iglend, and
having ita registered^fflwo at Oievelards
OoreGId, in the Provim* of DrltlBh
Columbia, purgunnt to section 3 of the
above Act, nnd section 2 nf "The Train-
way Incorporation Act, 10(10," that rh-e
Company proposes to bnild and operate
<tn aerial tramway from,a poilit on the
binds olOoinpany, known ae the"Tyee'r
Vfinlntt Claim, -huateon Mount 8lcker,
In CliemainuB District, to a point at or
near Slrniford'e er-Bfing, on Ihe Hue cf
ibe K qtilmalt and Nitiaiino Rallwsr,
'elng-on the land knnw;i a? eectlon 18,
Uti'iie IV, Somenos Dial tint.
I'bfl Ken.er.ij route r-f the paid tramway
ivill beln a eTralalit line between the
points abiiv-' urenliuneil.
Dited at V.lolorlR U C„ this 2Ut day
if Mai-rib, 1003.
Ilv ths AM.irnev iiiKsct.
Trade Marks
Copvriohts Ao.
Anvnno fpii'IIiii; ii skctrh nnd dcicrlntton tna*/
Oi.l-'iilv u-.-jriiiiii ..ur <i i True wfiMhcr an
liiv,'tiii..:i ij !H"..liiiMv I'lili'iiinblf*. Cunittiuiilffi-
iii>ii»-.iii.'l1v,iiitlilonlliil. IliimlbfmkouI'aleuU
ni'iif ii.'.'. ti|,i.--t Hni'iit-y lorsi'i'iiriiiB(iiitsiiitii.
Pulnnts IiiUitit tbroiiiili Mium k Co, recelvo
fjic'lal itoflcr,    "    ■ -   ■   -
Scienilfic Jffmerican.
A IirniMi .liii.'lv llliiilrntt.il wi'nklv. I.nruMt clr-
eitiuiu.ii nf nny ■elctiuno lourtitu. Term*, W a
vmir; imirnimitlis,^). Soldliyull ni'iTurleslfiri".
.uriittdi uiik'o, tK5 V 8U Washington, D. C.
A. C. Wilson,
! Wellington Collierj
Company, Ltd.
: Wellington C««l   Best household coal on the PaJ
Comox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific cl
:: Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and ho|
hold coal
The above coals are mined only by the \|
lington Colliery Company.. Wharves at Ladysmf
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B.
Bun   Pranciesco Agency,
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co 1
340 Steuart St.
jtWHIIIII 11 t»y«M-»-»-t-M--»,.-»r».*sV»-.-»^^a-,-»4><-f|
+ a. ...■».
; flerely A Reminder
Of the fact that the Leader Job Room I
now doing all kinds of Printing—coni
mercial, legal and society—at very reason
able prices.
■!   We Print
Naiuftno- B. C.
SSneet   Music
OheepeatjthJ ileal—Eu\ nnd 10o. a copy.
All liiteat i"i:'jii and pieces,
Musical Instruments of All Kinds,
Violin Strings, Etc, Etc.
—Letter Heada ?
-Bill Hesdi +
—Statement! £
-Note Hods
—Memorandum Heidi
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—Widdlne Invitations
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-Window Oirdi
Having the latest type faces and borders,]
and modern machinery, we produce only]
the  best  work — Printing that attracts]
The Leader Job Room
Ladysmith, - b. C.|
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M Lumber
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A IflrOT ftl't-'k of tlinrounlily mioned
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Cliu St,I.   ,   .   .
Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer,
Skinner St.     NANAIMO, B. C
Opposite City Hall.   P. o. Box 379.
lie M] MMim
iHttUi Villi.
t Wobody cat tfcrd t« be wlthotit II. All the
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Sialtle Daily tiir
The liveliest piper in tbe N.rlln
Weekly edition a complrt. rsco.
the world'i newi lo del.. 8,
politic,, loclely, women1!, inter
yoong folk's dip.rtrn.nl, Uteri
•eienee, art, mniic.
Tho  First  "St rail"  Sent  to  London
Coulil Find Tin I'ui'cliAsCr,
Itnllan violins have not always held
the supremacy they now enjoy. It was
not Indeed till (lie beginning of the
"nineteenth century that they enmo Into
vogtio to nny extent outside their native land. Previously 'Jacob • Stoiuer
(1031-83) was tlio favorite maker, nnd
his high model had been almost exclusively copied by his follow Germans1
mid tho different makers En Franco nnd
England. When tho elder Cor-votto,
who hnd been n pjcTcknnt before .entering tho musical profession, ciliuc to
London, In 173S, ho brought with him
some Instruments by ^trndivuri. The
result of this endeavor to Introduco
Italian work Into Engl&nd2fflf|J>u{j FlSf
pathetic womlei'. It Is almost beyond,
belief. As bo could not got ns nnicli ns
i'5 (,fl25) for a violoncello he wns cbligetl
(o send tlie Instrument back to Italy
for a hnd speculation. Five pounds for
ft "Strati," nnd not a single purchaser
to be found!
This Incident in Uself furnishes sufficient testimony to tho slavish following
of the great German maker nnd tho
strong prejudice of the violin! ts of
that period iu favor of tlio high model.
It Is Indeed the players who nre most
to blame for tho slow adoption of tho
lint model, for the creator must mnko
whnt Is necessitated by the demand;
but tho eighteenth century fiddlers, nt
any rate In England, France and Germany, seem for the most part to havo
been content thnt their violins should
possess a small sweet tone, never realizing the lack of power uml sonority.—
The richer the cake the slower should
bo the oven.
Limn beans nro delicious fried n
golden brown niter being boiled until
tender. ..     ■•  ;;
You can improve ibe flavor of brus-
sets sprouts by boiling u buiicuof. parsley In the sumo water.
To prevent eggs cracking while boiling pierce with n pin the broad end before putting them into the water.
When milking jinn tarts, brush the
pastry thnt will be under tho jam with
white of egg. It will prevent It from
yetting sodden.
In frying doiigliuuta n large slice of
raw potato should be put in the fat,
nml it- will prevent the black specks
from appearing ou their surface.
To retain the juice In a fruit pie
while cooklug make a small hole lu the
center of tlio crust and stick into It n
straw or n paper funnel. The steam
will escape through It, nnd the juice
will bo .retained In the pie.
In prepnrlng n salad wash whatever
green Is used very carefully, and see to
It that It Is dried perfectly. A few wet
lettuce leaves will lot .enough moisture
gather in the bottom of the salad howl
nud rt.In tho best dressing ever made.,
A Japanese custard Is made with
baked apples. Press through a sieve
until a teacupfiil of the frothy pulp Is
got. Stir In one teucupful of powdered
sugar and the stiff whites of two eggs,
bent for twenty minutes and ent with
whipped crenin.
Chinese Point* For riant*.
"Don't eat with  your ears," snyai
Sunn Mel, a Chinese writer, "by which r
I menu do not aim nt having extraordinary out of tho way foods, just to j
astonish your guests, for thnt Is to
ent with your ears, uot with your
mouth.  Bonn curd, if good, is actually
nicer thnn birds' nest. And better thnn
sen slugs, which nro not first rate, ls ft
dish of bamboo shoots.
"The chicken, tbe pig, the flsh and
tho duck—these nro the four heroes of
tho table. Sea slugs nnd birds' nest
linvo no characteristic ilnvors of their
own. They nro but usurpers In the
house. I onco dined with n friend who
gave us birds' nests In bowls llko vnts,
holding each nbout four ounces of tbo
plain boiled article. The other, guests
applauded vigorously, but I smiled nnd
anhl I came here to ent birds' nest, not
to tako delivery of It wholesale."
Hu  I'ihI.thIcmmI.
Anton Itubltistelii, tho Russian composer, In his autobiography tells of the
confusion which overcame a certain
architect of his acquaintance who had
a habit of Interlarding all his remarks
jwlth tho phrase, "l'ou understand,"
On ono occasion he was explaining
certain nrchltectural matters to the
emperor, and, according to custom,
made freo use of his favorite expression.
'"Good heavens!" exclaimed Emperor
Nicholas at Inst irritably. "Of course I
understand! My dear fellow, how
could I help It?"
How the Native*. Trent Gorlllna.
Natives In the countries Inhabited by
grent apes regard them always ns human beings of Inferior types, and It is
for this reason thnt for a long tlmo It
was found impossiblo to get hold of
an entlro gorilla skin, because tho savages considered It religiously necessary to cut off tho hands nud feet of
the nulmals when they killed them,
Just as (hoy do with their enemies, possibly for the purpose of rendering them
harmless In case they should by nny
chance como to llfo again.
Ill* Cliolce of Sacrifice*..
"It Is true," Bald (ho person of high
Weals, "thnt you havo attained prosperity by your writings, hut you have
produced nothing that will live."
"Well," nnswored tho comfortable
litterateur, "when It comes to n question of which shall live, myself or my
•writings, I didn't hesitate (o sacrifice
my writings."
Her Comment.
Mrs, Growells—My husband Is continually quarreling about trifles.
Mrs, Howclls-Well, my dear, tho
Jess one has to quarrel alwut the better.—Chicago News.
Tho best way to make a man no
knowledge the corn la to stamp on his
Smnlliiox Scnri.
No method has yet been devised by
.Which smallpox scars may bo removed.
A Pn'lent'n Room.
Periplc who nre not disturbed by disorder when well nre often disturbed by
the least confusion In the arrangement
of n room when III. Everything In the
room should bo carefully adjusted to
the best advantage, for n sick person's
fancy Is most capricious. Nothing
should be allowed to Ho around carelessly. Tlio table should not be littered
Willi hooks nnd papers. Flowers should
be- kept no longer than while absolutely fresh. Medicine nud wnter glasses should be carefully washed aud kept
from tho sight of the patient The
eight of medicine Is uot only trying to
nn Invalid, but often nauseating. No
food should ever be prepared in the
sickroom. If only a small howl of
broth, It should bo served ns Invitingly ns possible Nor should a bowl of
broth or gruel or a cup of tea be car-
tied to tlie sick person lu your hand.
Place It on a tray covered with n clean
napkin. Bring but a little quantity at
ti tlmo, for a -largo quantity Is npt to
take away the patient's nppetlte. If
possible always servo too little, re*
nerving a supply until asked for more.
-Woman's Llfo.
Wnslilnff Dishes,
While- a love for dishwashing la
lit\rdly to bo expected, still a positive
distnsto for it may bo mitigated if not
pruvoifted by doing it in tlio right way.
First collect nil the silver, wiping off
nny grease with n soft rng, and stand
It In n bowl of hot water. Next gather
tlio glassware nml cups nnd saucers
nnd stack them according to their kind
on n largo tray. Scrape tho plates ns
clean as possible with bits of bread.
Stack them and then empty and scrape
the plntlci's and vegetable dishes. Pro*
vide two largo pans, ono for washing,
Iho other for rinsing, and have plenty
of hot water ready. Put tho silver In
Iho rinsing pan and, pouring ln hot
water, wnsh it with (ho hands, wiping
dry with n soft cloth. Next wnsh tho
cups and saucers, the plates and tho
larger dishes In the order named, using
hot water plentifully throughout. Finally make a good suds of the rinsing
water and Jit it wash tho glusswarc,
wiping dry with n towel thnt will not
lint;. Then put (hem nil away In their
proper places und clean up the kitchen.
Children's Questions.
To those who find It dllllcult to give
Information ou somo of tho subjects
that children ask questions about It ts
n comfort lo realize lhat very often the
better plan Is to let n child keep an Interesting question In mind Instead of
satisfying curiosity with some commonplace reply. Such a reply, hy killing Iho desire for knowledge on a particular (heme, takes nwny Just so much
of tho child's zest. Tench the questioner how to observe nud to rely upon
his own observation for answers to
most questions. Thnt course will develop mental alertness nnd make everyday llfo more entertaining.
iH3b Little M
An Effective  Trick Thnt Will  Sbi*-
prlse Yonr I'lnj mutcn.
Here Is n trick which Is always vory
effective at a party or any gathering
of young pcoplo.
Take a tin cup or a cup of some other
metal and (ill ii. almost full of spirits
of wine. Into tbls put a tenspooaful of
common table salt and stir It thoroughly until the salt Is dissolved.) Place this
upon a wire frniue nud fix tho frame*
over a spirit lamp or n dark lantern
so that none of the light from the Inn*
tern can shine Into any part of tuo
room. This should bo done In one end
of tho room and tho company sen ted
In a line ns near tho center of tho
room as possible.
As soon as the cup gets so hot thnt
7s>u caunot rest tbe tin of yonr finger
against It hold n lighted match near
the mixture of spirits of wlho and salt,
A very small yellow flame will ortso
from the surface and gradually Increase In size. Now put out the othcr
light In the room, nnd In a moment you
will observe a most' peculiar effect.
Everything In the room, whatever Its
previous color, will now be a most positive yellow. If the yellow light from
the cup Is not quite strong enough,
throw some more suit In tho mixture,
and then tbe yellow dailies will be
still stronger In color, nods, blues,
blacks, whites, greens, everything will
lose all Its previous tint and become a
ghastly solid yellow.
l'ou will hardly bo nblo to rocognlzo
your little friends, nnd they will
scarcely know you. Their hair, faces,
clothes, the chnlra they sit on and all
tho rest of tho furniture, tho carpet-
In fact, everything In tho room will
look ns If lt had suddenly received a
thick coat of yellow paint. This Is a
vory quick way of changing brunettes
to blonds, nnd there will not be n single laddie or lassie with raven tresses
In the room.
Now plnce an ordinary light at tho
axtremo other end of the room, nnd
tha effect will bo two lights, ono whlto
and the ether yellow. Vou must bo
careful not to have tho white light
stronger than tho yellow one, and (hen
while one-half of each will appear in
its proper colors, tho other half will
still ben vivid yellow, nnd the dividing
lines will be sharply defined.
To get tho best effect of this you and
your friends should bo seated in two
lines facing each other, with a light
on each cud of tho Hues.
A littlo girl with black hair nnd a
gray dross, for Instance, wiil present
u most peculiar appearance, looking
perfectly nntural on ono side, while on
the other sldo she will bo yellow from
head to too.—New York Herald.
Batter In Clilnn. '
European butter Is used In Shanghai.'
It comes In one-half, ouo and two
pound cans. California butter sells In
Japan. I
London Fork Itcstnnrnnts,
Tho restaurants In the Loudon parks,
are under the control of tho Loudon .
county council, the governing hotly Of ,
greater London, which fixes the sclied*','
ute of prices ou all articles sold.
A Red room Hint.
If you nro short on closets or tho
best bedroom hasn't a pluce for the
visitor to hang her t'other gown, set!
tho bed with tho bend across the corner and stud the back of the headboard with hooks.   With tho Iron bedstead you cannot do that but you can
have two or throe shelves fitted Into '
n corner with hooks ou a cloat below :
tho lowest and a cretonne curtain
hung from tho top.   Put n picture, a
bust or a big vase of grasses, etc., on
top of tho upper sholf, and tho effect
isn't so bad.
. IItinted tho Ilnnlcr.
Tbe hunters wero telling how, hunting
the hpro,
It  doubled  and  doubled  and  doubled
Until little Tommy, a listener thoro,
Was sent off to bed with (ho word ln
hia brain.
JTa dreamed that he hnd roused a hunt
And, mounted on hia rocking inure,
Wm riding swifter than tlie breetu,
Gaining on It by degrees,
Until, exactly when ho thought
HIb prey was certiiln lo be caught;   ,
Behold, before his very eyes,
It doubled-lnto twice Ita slzcl
White Tommy wondered what to do
Off again the creature flew.
Again he rode anil, bit by bit, |
Approached and nearly ruptured It,    \
And once ugtilu, to Itls dismay, >:
It doubled and pursued Its way,      *,' ,
And io throughout the wild career   "L
The here, whenever he drew near,     ',
Doubled, doubled, doubled still,
Larger growing yet, until
Finally, with malice grim,
Fierce of aspect, huge of limb,
The hare turned buck and hunted him
    — Hxchiiiigt.
The Foot as a Sponge.
Gats, large and small, make tho most
careful toilet of any class of animals,
excepting some of (he opossums. Lions
and tigers wash themselves In exactly
the same mnuiier as the eat, wetting
the dark, India rubbcrllko hall of the
forefoot nnd ths Inner toe snd passing
It over tht face and behind (ho ears,
Tha foet ts thus nt the same time a
face sponge and brush, and tho rough
tongue combs the rest of tbo body.
New York's Tenement*.
Now York ,'s a city of tenement
houses. There aro In the greater city
ln tho neighborhood of 100,000 tenement houses.
Tho Insect Tree.
Tho Ohlcnchnng valley, which ls
about 6,000 feet above the level of the
sea, Is tho great breeding ground of tho
white wax Insect. The very prominent
tree there Is known to the Chinese as
the Insect tree.
I Card l'lnjititf ntirrctlt
I All persons found playing curds lu
railway carriages In ifussln nre subject
io heavy penalties
To liana* Flat Plaster Casts.
'Whon walls aro not of the right
slindo to bring out tho cast, cut a piece
of pasteboard In such a form thnt
nbout two Inches will project on all
sides beyond tho enst. Then cover tho
edges about throo or four Inches deep
with plush. Hang this on the wall
nud the cast over It Tho best colors
to uso aro deep crimson,' black, maroon, durk green or gobelin blue. Flat
bronzes may be bung ln tho same mnn*
.Scorched Linen,
Never despair when linen seemi
hopelessly scorched from an overheated. Iron. Soak tho stain ln lukewarm
water, squeeze lemon Juice on It, sprinkle a littlo salt over It ond place It to
thoBunshinotAMeacb ...„,'    A     ,
Boys nntl Rnil Unlit!-..
Wo know n man who Is trying to
quit tobacco. He hates tho habit and
really wants to get rid of it, but tt Is
almost an Impossibility, Hoys, don't
begin bad habits. There never was a
tntl habit Hint wasn't a curse, whereas
good habits are always a blesslug.—
Atchison Globe.
Kites For Towing: Donts.
Kites are being used on tho French
river Moselle for towing bonis. An experiment wss tried with a kite six and
n half feet long, which (owed a boat
containing six persons nnd mado good
headway against n strong current
WI.limit n Name.
Teacher—Anonymous menus without
a nnme. Write a sentence showing you
understand how to uso the word.
BninlJ Girl (wrllcs)-Our new baby la
i\-~^z*:j*j.■■"""." *■".
„, 0$A\ r
«f w 1
I   ^ass" Efl
-sEb-isfw. ..j~~r*.2;tiiTr_-1
'This beautifully situated town oilers exceptional advantages
I Headquarters of the  coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
jij It is the largest railway centre in British
|! Tyee Alining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water  system,  electric light |
aud power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings  for   merchants  and
professional men.
'i '   ~
A few of tlinso 13 foot Ureenhcart
Rods to dispose of. The only rod
Biiiiatilo   fur   the Expert Angler.
Commercial St.
McAdie Block, Victoria Creecent, Nanalmo, B, C.
Having leased the MoAdie Block, una
having had the rooms completely renovated, I am now prepared to receive
boarderB with or without rooms. Visitors from Ladyemith will llnd most
j«m for table accommodation et- very
Masonable rates. 'MISS KEITH.
X t
♦ ♦t+++T+TTT+T-,+T++T++T++V-r
: x
The 13. & N. Railway construction
gang are hard nt work at the Tyee siding, Mount Sicker, where the aerial
tramway will connect with the railway.
Nothing more tasteful than those
beautiful new designs in tweeds nnd
elotha has been eeen in Nanaimo
thoM">t Caldwell's, Nanaimo's leading
Application for houses are pouring In
at the Company's office daily. Many
requests for houses come from Nanaimo
They all como back. Who? Why
Caldwell's cuatomBrs. They know where
they can be certain ot getting suite that
fit, look stylish and don't coBtoutrageoua
Vancouver Island Presbytery meets in
Nanaimo next Wednesday, when several
matters of considerable importance arc
to be discussed.
Word comes Irom Extension that more
Nanaimo miners are getting employment there.
W. H. Lively, practical watch repairer
aud adjuster, all work guaranteed, a
trial will convince yon, a largo assortment of watches always in stock.
An interesting eervico of song is to lie
given to-morrow evening iu the English
Mr. David Murray, blacksmith, now
spends four days in Ladysmith instead
nf three as before, Ho ie here Wedues
dsy, Thursday,  Friday and Saturday,
tlio olher days at Extension.
A Bplendld assortment of ladies' and
gentu' watch chains, bracelets, in gold,
tilled and silver, eleeve linkfl, lace pins,
Bash pins in the latest style. If we
haven't got what you want we can either
make tt or jiet it for you. Lively the
Mr. James McKtnley and family, of
Nanaimo, have moved into their now
home on Warren St., Ladysmith. They
arrived yesterday morning.
Next Tuceday evening, in the First
Presbyterian Church, Rev. W. LflBlle
Clay, of St, Andrew's Presbyterian
Church, Victoria, will hold a special
service to which all members of the congregation and adherents of the Presbyterian faith in Ladysmith aro cordially
For fit finish and Btyle go to Caldwelll
the well-known artistic tailor of Nanalmo.  And the prices nre right.
Mr. Eshbar will take over the superintendence of the Bcranton Correspondence Schools in British Columbia in
■accession to Mr. Ballentine, who Ins
been moved to the Washington State
We make a specialty of mounting native specimens in gold, silver and other
metals. Cash paid for old gold and
silver. W. H. Lively, manufacturing
jeweler, Ladysmith.
Dr. Grice of Nanaimo requests The
Leader to intimate to his patients in
LiulvEmith that he is compelled to re>
turn to Nanaimo on tho noon train, and
would be glad if they would call at hhj
office, at the Abbotsford Hotel, dining
the forenoon.
Ladyemith people will have an opportunity of hearing a vory talentitl
young preacher to-morrow in First
Presbyterian Church, Mr. Gavin Morton
of Wellington. Mr. Morton haa lately
come from one of the greatest theological seminaries In the United Kingdom,
and is highly spoken of ns a scholarly
aud thoughtful speaker.
It is respectfully intimated to the
general public that this is not tlie cllh-e
at which to lodge complaints [concerning Banitary condiLioue. The Government Agent is the proper person to note
those complaints and to act on them.
It's too bad to throw that pipe nwny
because you let it fall and broke it, take
it down to Lively the leading jeweler, he
can fix it.    .
Mr. Andrew Uaslam, Nanaimo Haw-
mills, says the passage of Ihe Workmen's
Compensation Bill will ruin every iudut-
try In thi province.
Sumlur  Scrvicofti
First Presbyterian Church—May 4th,
1902, morning eervico at 11 o'clock;
Sunday school 2.30 p. m.; evening service nt 7 o'clock, subject: "Love's
Wastefulness." Mr. Gavin Morton will
conduct both services.
Methodist church — Services are
held at i I o'clock Sunday morning and
7.30 in the evening. Sunday echool
at 2.30. Prayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Church of England—May 4, 5th Sun<
alter Easter; 11 a.m. Matins and Holy
Communion; 2:30 p.m. Sunday School
7 p.in, Evensong.
Monday evening, 7.30 sharp, ineetii g
of church committee.
A.   Seriven.
LOST—A Pass Book with tho Hlber-
niaSaviogH aud Loan Society, of San
Francisco, in the name of Donald J.
Woodman, NO. 207.1202. The finder
will please return to bank or L-ader
DR.  J.   GRICE,
Johnston Block,      -     Nanaimo, B, C
P. O. Box, 37, Tel. 115.
Visits    Ladysmith   every  .Saturday,
Hours from 9 a. m, till 5 p. in,
Abbotsford Hotel.
Have just received a complete slock of
the latest goods mnnufactured by Spalding and other makeia consisting of
Mis. E.   J,   rainier,  ot Chemainui
went over to the Sound on WedntBday,
via Victoria.
Government Agent, George Thomson,
S.M., visited Victoria on Wednesday on
government business. He returned the
at mo day.-
J. C. McGregor, lately of the New
Vancouver Ooal Company's engineering
stun', litis accepted a lucrative position
with the Scranton, Pa,, Correspondence
Robert Lowrle, tho well-known Lady*
smith miner, who has been working at
Ronton, Wash., collierieH, returned on
Tuesday Irom the Sound and on Wed-
in s lay took over with him Mrs. Low lie
ami family.
Tho Royal Exchange Exhibition in
London closed on Saturday, April 10th
Commissioner W. D. Scott has written
to Hon. Sydney Fisher that he will at
once remove the mineral exhibit to
the Imperial Institnte and have it
reedy for May 14th. The Yukon gold
exhibit which is to be placed at Ihe
Imperial Institute is worthlover #30,-
000. The Minister of Agriculture has
cabled his approval ol Mr. Scott's proposal.
Ladjramith,       -'        Ii. C.
Asset lor 8.  W. Paint,   McOlary's
Stoves snd Hannei.
Laurel Rebecca Lodge
Grand DranwtiuK'i'rrii luuient
Tuesday Kv. i.ing, May 20tli.
A Talonleil Company Will I'roienl the
Screaming farce
"The Two Buzzards,"
And the ilde-iplllttlng comedy
The Mischievous Nigger.
Spaniilllei, Sonus, etc. Tho Treat ol
tlieHeason. Don't Min II. Commencing at 8 o'clock.   Admlliion 50 conlB,
Notary Public,
Convgyanser, Etc.
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent.
- Offices -
The Esplanade,   -   Ladysmith, B. C.
Near (Irani! and Frank Hotels.
For a limited timoonly
Cabinets at $2.00 Dozen
Larger sizes at low pricm Carbon
Cabinets at $0 per do-in. Elegant Artist Proofs at tj'.t per design.
N.B.-~It Will pay you to visit Nanaimo at these reduced prices.
v •nTlaliv
il 1 * Hi a*i
Brooks,  Photographer,
We do not new clothing out of your
old olothcB, but we crtaiuly do
make thu old ones look 100 per cent,
heller—Dyeing, Cleaning and Repairing.
Nanaimo Clothing Renovntory
NANAIMO, B. C. P. O. Box 420.
\<f hereby given that application will
lv made to the L-'gislaMve Assembly of
die Province oi UriUsh Columbia, at Ut
present session, for an Act to incorporate
, company with power to construct,
• quip, maintain and operate a single or
Unable line of rallwey, to he operated b*
atoam, electricity or any other mode ol
power, at and from the City of Victoria,
in the I'.ovinee of British Columbia,
hence north-west by the most feasible
route to a point ntor near Seymour Narrows, in the Haiti Province of British
Columbia, and with poster to construct.,
establish", umiutnin and continually
operate a railway ferry steamship service for the purpose of transferring for
reward, passengers and passenger and
freight care from the aaid point at
near Sevmour Narrows in Vancouver's
Island; to a ,-ointon the Mainland of the
Province of British Columbia; and with
further powers lo build, equip, maintain
.uid operate branches of the said railway
from any point on the main line thereol
to any point in Vanconver Island: and
with power to build and operate tramways in connection with tne said railway ; and with power to build, construct
equip, maintain and operate telegraph
ami telephone lines in connection with
the said railways and branches and with
power to generate electricity (or the
supply of light, heat, power, and lor atU
auy and every other purpose mentioned
in Sections 80,81. 82, and 83 of the
" Water Clauses Consolidation Act,1897."
.ind to do everything necessary or in
oi dental to the carrying out of all or any
of tho objecte referred to in the said
sections; and with power to exercise all
ihe powers given to the company by
Paris IV and V of the -'Water Clauses
Consolidation Act, 1807." and with
power to build, own and maintain sawmills, aud to carry on a general express
business, and to build, maintain and
operate, bridgep, roads, wayp, ferries,
wharves, dockf, steamboats, steamships,
coal bunkers and other works, and to
make traffic or other arrangements with
railway, steamship or steamboat and
other companies; and with power to expropriate lands for the purpose ol the
company, and toacqnire land bonuses,
privileges or other atd from any government or municipality, or other persons
or bodies corporate, and witb power to
build wagon roads, to be used in the
construction of enuh railway and in ad
vance of same, and to levy and collect
telle from all persons using, and on all
freight passing over any of such roadi
built by the company, whether before
or after tho construction of the railway,
and with power to sell out its under*
taking; and with all otber usual, neces*
sary and incidental rights, or privileges
ae may he necessary or conducive to the
above objects, or anv of them;
D.ited at Victoria,' B. C, thia 24th day
of Martih, A. P., 1902.
Solicitors for the Applicants,
Maple Lodge, No. 6i, I. O. Q. I\
Meets ivpt-v WmIu* diy evening In
trtoh**l*»-,'«' Hll Vi-nii.* member*
areotiidiaily iuvit-''.
tl. MuKINl.EY.S.**.
Paintl g, Paparhanglng and
Mattress Making.
Leavefif-ene far m******* making at,
Capt. DOlmi'o OhV«, U jilanadr, where
samples cuo be seen.
Quy H. Gavin, Ladysmith.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Cvrasr Plrst Av.au. an. Qetacr. StrMt.
Cabinet woik of ill kind*.
All kindi ol loll wood furniture made
and repelled.
—Agent For—
"Perfect" Bicycles
Wheel repairing in all its branches,
Fine metal working a Bpeolally. Pluml ■
ing, acetylene true, hot watur und hit
air lieatldg. Work done with despatch
aud at reasonable.rales.
22  LOAVES  22
Dsllolous Bread,
$1.00 ONE DOLLAR $1.00
Why bake when you can  tot stub
value ami dejlvered at your door?
Scotch Baker, 23 Years' Experience
J. KENNY, Udyimitli llukcry,
Ks|.!anni!<', Latlyeinltti,
-TONY innipejr Toronto
Montreal               New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. 5. Points.
Steamship - Service
Japan, Chins,   Hawaii,  Australasia,
First-class Sleeper* on all
-TOST. PAUL, Daily.
TOliUN I'll, Tuesdays and Saturday!.
For pamphlets and all information apply
tu iinv C.I'.R. agent.
Agent, Victoria.      Annul, Naniimo.
Asst. Clenl. r,iK'. Agent, Vincouver
Smelting Works
I Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist
I Convenient to B. & N. or Sea.
Miners! Attention!
thud Mad. Pit Shoei st the i,m« price
•■ cheap factory made. Com., in and see.
ill work suarautrr-il,    Repairing done.
A. S. Christie,
B. 0.
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers ol the Famous
None but Union labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, .      -        Proprietor.
No. st,
Metis every Wednttdar e.«ntna:at 7.,,0'atoofc,
VU.llor.cordl.lly Invited. .-
mum ratost, see.
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intelligence. Accurate
reports. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
The Leader
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Tine Table He. 44,
•..J^a^^^.^11^^*11*1*-*' ""I oa   Salnrdais,
Sunday, aad Wsdn«diyi ai 7,10 p. m. »•»«•<»».,
..j T**'1" '•»•• ^•.•■I* lar Bstsoiloa dslly sieiptSunday at 0 a. m„ i p. m.
and 10 p, m., aad eo Sundiyi at 10 p. m, #■*.»»• ■"•. ■ »• ■>•
dee, L. Qmiaey,


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