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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Apr 5, 1902

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* The people that save |
money trade with      |
| For Boots and Shoes
I Blckle's is 'the store w
VOL. 1. NO. GO.
A «£
J |	
fj^K- —HI
j We call your attentioii to our Clothing aud Fttrnish-
| ing Department. Our entire stock in those depart-
| nieuts is to be disposed of at prices which will guar-
| antee quick sales. The latest and newest styles in
Sj Hats and Caps just received and to be sold at prices
£ which will surprise you.
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescriptions carefully dispensed. Open
day and nlghl.
Dart-It tar, Sullcltur,
Attorney, Notary Public, Etc.
.'lit acy to Limit.
Leiser & Hamburger
Esplanade and Oatacre Street.
Member Can. Society of Civil   r.nginccr3
Member Institution of Kleclrtcitl Uiiyiiieer'S
Electrical Engineer
Cnm-spnndunce.- Solicited
Work Gtitiraiitwd P. O. Box 157
Another Highly Successful Entertainment.
Baker and Confectioner,
Plain and fancy bread.    Cakes and paa-
trioH  of  all  descriptions.     Fruits   io
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
H. & W
David    Murray,
Buller Street, -       Ladysmith
Shop will bs open every Thursday,;
Friday and Saturday.
Tula new hotel liaa been completely
furnished with nl! modern conveniences.
Excellent table, white cooking. The
bar is supplied with the finest wines,
liquors and cigars. An experienced bartender.   .
D. H. Davis, Prop.;
First Avenue,      ■      1V.dysn.Ub, B. 0. j
Ono fact ia better than a Dcstm 1
II curt-aye, If you want the T
choicest meati go to 4
Udrennilh, B, 0., ±
R. Williamson, Prop.
A  fresh  mpply   ol    Vegetables
i        always on hand,
I Special attention given to ibipB*
♦        supplies.
•H4-H+ ♦•>♦♦,♦ 4 ♦♦H+Hffff ++■*
ARE   YOU   INSURED?     H not
g-a iiifiiit'd nt oiicf, fur ic nmy be
ton late tomorrow. T represent eeveral
01.D and RELIABLE Companies and
can insure you at a moment'*) notice at
the lowest possible ratee. All lending
notnpnnieB charge the same ratee. Don't
bs milled into ineurlnir with a cheap
company-it might be dear in the end
Win.   K.   Leighton,!
P. 0. Drawer 83, Nanaimo. B. 0.
Ladysmith Dairy
New Milk, Creamery Butter, New Laid
Eggs nnd Fresh   Vegetables mpplied
Daily.  Leave orders at the post office.
Seeds, Plants, Shrubs.
R. II.  Johnston,   Victoria,  has  the
finest selection   in   Ihe  province.   See
sum plea at Leiecr & Hamburger',* store.
Prices and estimates cheerfully given.
Roses In great variety.
Wm. Beverldge, Prop,
This ne«? hotel haa been comfortably finnisbid ni d Ihe lar is rptoi'slc.
Best accommodation for transient aud permanent boarders and lodgers.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
The Esplanade,
Ladysmith, B. G.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
| Manufactures.      .   ■ - -
Soda Water, (lingtr Beef, Cider, J?ruit Syrtips, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbanated Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUiYiniNa, - Proprietor,
P. 0. Box oo
Tsl.ph.on. ao
***** * ******** * *************************************
X   Large stock of English llshiHg Tackle. Lacrosse floods. Etc.
John Barnsley & Co.,
- Victoria, B. C*
— Kodaks, Fllmi, Ute.
Agent! lor  ,
j. J. fivyldt-
Plre Proof Snfei.
J, MdiENNAN,   I.AllVSMlTIi, 11. 0.
„i MILLS l'Brvwi
Wholesalo nud Ret.il Deal.is in Mean,
Ponltrv   arid i$fMla^k|i.   n'anin,'iln|V
nason,  Shipping nrdurs nller.il\d lo on
hurt nolle.,
The Crescent Hotel
- Wm, I lepple, proprietor.
Pirit.ol.il (.rcommodations for minen
and translenle.. None but
The Best Wines and Liquors
served  at Ihe bar.   Olve ni . rail,
".   CofilVifnorlaJllil &'Ooni«i>rol.l St,
NANAIMO.     •     -      B.C.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent.
- Offices -
The Esplanade,   -   Ladysmitli, B. C.
Neur Oram) ind (-rank Hotel*.
Oae more triuinph.must be placed lo
the credit of the ladies of the English
church, whose fancy dress bill and supper on Tuesday night was, if that were
possible, a greater eu.'reaa than nny ol
the entertainments given in LadyBtniih
under the same auspices. Wiih a floor
ia capita! order for dancing, a large and
gay assemblage of trippers of the light
fantastic toe, good music and and all the
other elements of a good time, Oddfellows' hall on All Fools' night was a
scene to remember.
Mr. Hugh Thornley discharged the
duties of master of ceremonies witb
credit to himeelf and satisfaction to all.
Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Jesaup Mrs. II.
T. Porter, Mrs. Hunter, Mre. Eno, Mrs. j
Groston, Mre. Suriven. the two Misses
Eno, and Mrs. Sirgiaon, of Victoria,who
kindly aeaistej, were dressed in Martha
Washington cottuine and lojk charge cf
the supper room,
Messrs. P.   II. Marshall,    Weaver,
Johnston, and Porter who had charge of
the arrangements deserve to be compli
mented upon the result of their woik,
A very pleasing feature was the presence of eeveral pretty children in cob-
tome?.   Tbey were Miss Violet Hunter,
a fairy; Miss Beatrice Bland, the Snow
Queen; Mine   Maggie Cowan, primrose
girl ;MifiB Emily Milne, Italian flower
girl; Master Dag. Marshall, as    Count
Yokohama Hakodate of Japan.
Tbo attendance of spectators was equal
to that of the dancers, and tbey seemed
to enjoy the proceedings quite as much,,
Upstairs various games bad been prepared for those who did not dance; ping
pong, checkers and bagatelle were well
patronized, several lively b)uta of ping
pong being played by Dr. Turnbull and
Mr. W, Marshall.   Tbe fancy dress costume was a most  aiilirtly confined   lo
the geutlomen, and some very eflective
ones were noted.   The principal characters   wero   as follows:   Miss    Ward,
Spring; Mrs. Dunn, Djlty Varden;  Mr.
W. Walkem, the gay  Hussar;   Mr.  W.
Marshall, tbe bronco buster; Mr, Harry
Ward, Tommy  Atkins, in   khaki; Mr.
Sjott, Lird Tom Noddy.
The supper eerved at midnight was a
surprise even to those who know what
tbo Indies of the Anglican church can do
in this respect. It-is difficult to see
where tlie profit comas in wben such a
a magnificent spread id (iTjred for such
a tnoricBt fee, The supper was heartily
j and enthusiastically patronized.
We invite you to inspect our New
Spring Millinery, also the new Season's Blouses, Shirt Waists, and other
latest novelties in Ladies' and Gents'
We also have a supply of garden
implements and small hardware on
hand and a full line of
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale and
Eiplan.de and Oatacre Street,
Retail Merchants,
Citizens of Ladysmitli
All Citizens of Ladysmith,
B. C, are respectfully invited
to become members of the
Ladysmith Board of Trade.
Objects : The advancement
and improvement of Ladysmith.
Cocos   Island
News from the Blakeley.
News has reached Victoria from Honolulu Hut a bout has spoken Ihe Blake-
ley at Cocos Island with mm of the
treasureFnn boaid, nnd lookli'g for another. Although not official, it is nlso
reported lu the S.ui Francisco papers
that they have lound the treaeuro. If
those reports urn confirmed ell the
Company's stock will be cancelhd at
If you want the best chance ever offered to mike a fortune, buy a elm re. of
stock or a pert share at once. Piicf,
140, vJUO for H. ftOfor J-f, Next month
they cannot lie bought lor 10 times that
P. 8.
Remember each stock holder owns a
share In the ship and her fiprptnent,
to that you practically rl»k nothing.
Add i ess:
The Pacific Exploration and ,
Development Co., Limited,
30 Birdcage Walk, Victoria,
Hntwliitll Dance.
Arrangements have been complete.!
for a grand dance to ba given uudor the
auspices of the Ladyemith Baseball Club
on the evening of Hie 11th instant, in
Gotild's hall, tho proceeds lo go to the'
funds of ihe club. The dances glvfn
under the management of tho baseball
club have been most successful, and
tliero is little doubt that the coming
bill will h.' one of the best of theseason,
This club deserves tho enppirt of the
ciiiz.'us, for it has done more to Advertise Ladysmith to the outside world than
any other organization In tho place. The
club is to he reorganized for the season,
and with n number of txcellent players
weiring its colors there is every prospect
that Ladysmith will get a capital advertisement through thiB club all over
tho province this summer.
High class picture frame making;
skilled workmanship; satlslnctlon guar-
anteed. Estimates cheerfully given. 0.
B. Rohelee, First Avenue and Gatacre
street, Ladysmith, B.C.
Entirely refurnished and renovated,
First-elm tabid. Merry accommodation
Inr Indies visltlnv. Nanaimn.:, Mrs. T. .1.
Tliomai in charge ol diuinir rnoni will be
h.ppy to welcome all old Wellington
■nd Ladyimith li lends.
Thli ohl-Eitabllseii, Firat-Olse. and
Popular Hotel la moat comfortably Inr-
nilt.ed, centrally situated. Bua meet!
trains. Excellent (lutein*. Bar storked
with the finest wines, liquors .nd cigar!.
JOS. FOX,'     •      •        Proprietor.
Double Trains Every Wednesday on
The E. & N. j
On Wednesday the fint trial wai
made ol the double train service, and sc
far ai could be seen on the Ladyemith
division, the experiment was a success,
Tnere was a large number of passengers
from Ladyemith to Nanaimo, Ind returning in the alternoon.
The Company only desire to ascertain
the public's wlihei in the mattor, ud if j
the public shows any disposition 16
patronise enterprise ol thla sort lb.
Company will meet them hall way end
provide ample accommodation. II
enough encouragement is given tt.
Company will put on a daily service between Victoria and Wellington.
Tbe opportunity thus given to do
business in either Victoria or i Nanaimo
il very valuable to miny resident! ol
Ladyimith and other places on the line,
and no doubt will be taken advantage of
to au extent whioh will enshlej the Company to c.rry out ite intention ni putting
on a double daily service.
Valuable Property Ruined by Unknown Miscreants.
On Thursday morning Mrs, Axelien,
of White Street, wai shocked lo discover
tint during the night lome malicious
penon or persons had . poured Itrong
liquid eorroaive over her handsome or-
nameutil shade trcei in liont ot her
property, and damaged tbem te. lonely
it la thought that the liquid li itrong
lye, or perhaps vitriol, but the dastardly
wrelches who committed tbe crime were
too hasty In Iheir work, and there ii
hope that tlie trees may be lived irom
total ileslni.ilii.il.
Mrs. Axeleeu promptly informed the
police aud uo pains will be spared to
bring the cowardly scoundrels to justice.
Ii caught the punishment awiuled will
ha wholesome enough to serve as au ex.
a-nple for a long time. The pefsin cap*
able of such a crime hardly deserve! tbe
iormility and protection of a cbuit nl
justice. It ll understood that . itrong
clui la now in the hand! ol th. nolle..
Mn. Axelieu'i place is an ornament and
. credit to Ladytmlth.
Matters in Dispute Discussed With
*  Management,
Nanalmo Mlnert' Uulon executive, .nd
represetilatives ol miner! working, tl.
lower seam In Nanaimo Collieries met
Thursday urn! discussed the disputid
prices, Another deputation interviewed Supt. Robini in the morning, .nd
the result wai disclosed at tlie afternoon
meeting. About elxtv men .re directly
.Heeled by the proposed alteration in.
tlie wage icale, and lome anxiety li felt
regarding the termination oi tbe dit,
Vancouver's New library Gets a
Good Start.
Grand Mailer Maion F. McB Young,
ol Nmaimo, wis tbe central figure in
the striking ceremony performed in
Vancouver last Saturday, on the occaiion pi tbe Lying ol the foundation itone
oi tbe new Carnegie library. B. dli-
charged bis duties with . dignity and
ability which have won blm golden opinion! not only amongst the brethren oi
the myillc craft, but also .rnoug the
eiilnna ql Vancouver .nd the tbonnadi
of stranger! who congregated to witnen
(he interesting proceeding!.
At the great banqnet which followed
the ceremony of laying the stone, Grind
Muter Young delivered ...iplendid ad-
drew, which hu been generally pral.ed.
Ai. lonvenlr ol bii pirt in thi proceeding! ol tbe dny the beautiful illvir
trowel with which he wall and truly
hid the held stone of tbe corner, wu
presented to bim. ,   ,
' When Mr. Carnegie give! the mw
library to Ladysmith tb. local Masons
■bould lee to It th.t Ihe services ol tb.
genl.l grand master fratn N.n.lmo .re
leeured for th. ceremony of liylog th.
foundation alone.. ..mi
Magnificent Slock   of Sporting
Goods on V/ew-
If lacroiae, baieball, ping pong, basket ball, hockey, croquet, lawn lennii,
and other manly iporti .nd gantca don't
boom thil eeaton in Naniimo.Udyimilh
Exteniion, Alexandria and throughout
thil greet and proiperom diitrict it won't
be lor win! ol enterprise on the part oi
tbe o'd .nd well-known firm of E, Pirn-
bury and Co.,Nanalmo Have just received brand new from the Eailetn ind English manufacturer! a choice jot ol Ih.
Ilneit good! in thoie lines ever leen in
tbe province, Tbe lacro.ee man who
laya hold ol one of thole Clooksord iticks,
the very latent wrinkle In the game, will
feel a thrill of anticipatory delight; or,
II he preferi . tally, the good old
itandby that bai won many a champion-
■hip match, Plmhury A Co. b.v. tbem
by the iheaf. Thin, thoie Spalding
biieball goodi (Fimbury 4 Co. are Nanalmo and diitrict agents lor tha renowned firm) the like hu not been Ken in
lh.ee pirti. Body protector., ranks,
mltti, ball!, ball, Plmhury *0o. ran lit
out th. wlllow-wlelder like a lijnlght ol
olden dayi, and give baseball a new delight. ' Ping Pong games are"'going .1
from tiro bill to |5 a WI.; frrlcketlng re-
quliltrl will be along thorny.' Even .1
ai exhibition ol sporting goodi Fimbury'i It well worth * HI"""'
; ;    il 1,1.1 I..III11II
We put our belt, woik (njo every
shit turned out, oi cmr; eitab-
Hahmont, hence our popularity, amongst
the gentlemen ol Lidvemlth and neighborhood.   McNichol the High  Sticl
Ladysmith Leader
Wcllington-Extenslon News.
rubllshed every Wednesday nnd Saturday at
The Leader Building, corner of First Ave. mid
French Street, Ladysmitli, British Columbia,
T. L. CRAHAMK, Kiiitoh asu PaOPaiBTOR.
n by Mail in Canada and Unitbd Statbb.
One year (strictly in advance)  JJ""
ix mouths (strictly lu advance)'    i *$
'  TRANSIENT—Firsl insertion 10c, a line; each
Subsequent insertion 5c. a line.
Kites on application. No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death und Funeral notices,
each insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
time will be charged for until ordered to he dis-
the Australian Commonwealth from
legislating against Chinese and Japanese
labourers. Imperial roaaooB should n^t
prevent any province of tho Dominion
from protecting its own people against
Asiatics. British Columbia elects partisans who trifle with the question.
When the people of BritiBh Columbia
learn to display their earnestness at tbo
polls, Eastern Canada and the Laurier
Governmentwillllsten nnd give them
what they want."
IRONIC A I, mxn.-n.
ia engaged in a mean ami miserable,
tie!:, from whioh be scorns doomed lo
omurgti with uonBldeiably lessened glory;
indeed, with a taint attached to his
name, whuih In a pity, for Mr, Our Ila
had atone lime fair prospects of winning 11 large measure of tho confidence
of the people of Ibis province.
Too present 1! ij.al Commission will
prove the gravo of hits reputation for
uamrnou senr-earnl oidinaiy discretion, i
first Ptei
servioesi mo
o'ulook. 8
Rev. W. A.
1 the people
; evening T
!UQ  p.   m.
THE LEADER will be found at lite following
Ladysmith—The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Nauaiino—E. Plmbury & Co.
Victoria—Public Library; Provincial Library; and
Vancouver-Public Librnrj', and Hotels.
New Westminster—Public Library.
All changes in advertisements must be received
at this office before 12 noon tho day before
Bubscribers not receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
All job work strictly cash on delivery.
Transient advertisements cash in advance.
So far as we are aware Mr. W. W. B.,
Mclnnee, M. P. L., was the only representative from British Columbia, in the
House of Commons at Ottawa, who ever
raised bis voice and vote against the
Laurier Government's temporizing with
the Chinese question. Mr. Mclnner
alter leminding the Government of ite
promises in the matter, and bitterly denouncing that Government for its failure to fulfil its pledges, returned to hit-
constituency, called a meeting of hit
supporters and in their presence renounced bis allegiance to the ministry
which had so baEely treated this province.
In doing this Mr. Hclnnea behaved
with his habitual honesty; he knew the
consequences oi his act; he was well
aware that it would be miBiinderetocd
even here in British Columbia; he knew
tbat the "machine" would attempt hit
political destruction in revenge for hi.
bold and chivalrous stand for principle,
and for justice to British Columbia, but
Mr. Mclnnes comes of a stock who
never bowed the neck to coward fears
and who, il they fell,
"Fell with their feet to tiie foe
And their face to the sky."
Criticism as fierce as was ever directed
at ans public man in this province wae
burled at Mr. Mi-limes tor his conduct;
the present writer waa one of those who
misunderstood Mr. Mclnnes'a act at Ihe
time, and wrote, "more in Borrow thai'
in anger," to be sure, but deprecating-
ly—(ailing to Bee as clearly as the youne
member what Ihe behaviour of the Government in this vital matter meant for
this province. But, like many otheri-
wbo felt angry at the time, the writer
has come to understand clearly, and
now pays willing tribute to the foresight and msnlinesB which led Mr. Mclnnes to brave the frowns of a whole
people for principle.
Why does not British Columbia send
back to Ottawa Buch men, not to plead
impotently and groveltlngly for our
rights, but to demand and to light for
them? Why r.ot such men as W. W.
B. Mclnnes and Joseph Martin? Until
we do we shall get the pleader's portion,
not the fighter's reward. If British
Columbia sent nun llkellnte toOttawr,
instead of time-servers and sycophants
like Italph Bniith, (the man with the
two faces), it would be unnecessary for us
to read and wince at the following
caustic criticism from that keenest of
observers, Toronto Evening Tekram
"With their voices Ralph Smith, M.
P., and Aulay Morrison, M. P., Hamour
for relief from the peril of Asiatic labor
in BritiBh Columbia. With their voteB,
Messrs. Smith, Morrison and tbeirlBrit-
lab Columbia brethren support
the Laurier Government, which
hu violated the provincial righto
of British Columbia in order
to keep the door open to Chinese and
Japanese labourers. Eastern Canada Is
not to blame (or the evils that follow the
influx of Asiatie labour into British
Colombia. Tbe people of British Columbia are not in earnest on this qiifs-
tion. The Asiatic labour question is a
text for vote-making speeches. Imperii reasons do not prevent the aisles of
l.UITOftl IS. NrtTlSS.
"The mind which possesses nny historical insight takes an ironical delight
in hearing a member of parliament, or a
United States congressman, eueering at
tbe peerage a* a collection of parasites
and a privileged dnee, when, but for
that verj class, he would himeelf have
been either a backroom revolutionary
or a Blavo."—Sunday Colonist.
Tbe foregoing ia from an article entitled "Wi ton a gemot," and the passage
we have quoted is a piece with Ihe whole
article. 01 the paragraph above we can
only Eay that it connotes so grosa an
ignorance or bo wilful a disregard of the
plain fads of British history that we are
astonished to see inch statements published at this time.
Tho writer of the foregoing quoted
passage cannot, surely, be informed upon the struggl-i for freedom on the part
of the middle and lower classes in the
United Kingdom from 1793 until after
1831, wben the reform o( parliament
was in progress, nor of tbe shameful
methods adopted by the aristocracy to
crush the champions of reform. But if the
Colonist writer has read the political
literature of that period describing the
tierce fight made by the aristocracy to
preserve their notoriously unjust privileges, and the rotten Fyatem under which
they enjoyed immunities which made
them no better than parasites, a burden
on the shoulders of the nation, a drag
on its progress, he must know that his
statements arc inaccurate.
The very reforms enjoyed today as the
inalienable birthright of every fiee-horn
Briton, had to he wrung from the "ruling classes."
What were the agricultural labourers
of England under the management of
the aristocracy for centuries? Little
better than serfs anil cyphers; in fact
in much the condition of brute bensle
and had it not been for the heroic ex
ertions of the great Liberals aud reform
ere of the early years of the 10th cen
tury that ia what they would have re-.
raaineil to this day.
You cannot have an aristocracy or
'ruling I'hietj" unless a large proportion
of the people are kept down to such a
condition. Tho moment you give a man
the franchise and raise him to the RtaluB
and privileges of a free man, you strike
at the unjust privileges of the aristocracy and the "ruling class."
The Colonist may poseesB "historical
insight," whatever lhat may he, but we
doubt very much if tt is well-Informed
In the history of parliamentary reform
or it would not publish at this time ol
day such noiiBensn as it haa seen lit to
spread before its readers, as quoted in
the paragraph which begins this article.
Manitoba VtjJcled prohibition it: •
equivocally. It was a rhtee contest io
far as working went, but tho majirily
live ihctuHnd should leave no doubt
all regarding Manitoba's opinion of p
hibition na a political theory.
' Methf
hc-ld id 11
r ovi ick
ill. 1! 80,
jrvities    are
uorning uml
.;-!') i
ISvonBODg.   R.-v.
f, Victor iu, preacher.
ul, Sunday, April 0-
I   Holy Communion;
gohool;  7.30 p, in.
Caiion     I'.idiLm, <il
H Ul ■■■
.* VW^«^.*J-^.a**..tf ^ii-H.*-!^^^ I
••i> m
ft 4
(Everything in stock ie imported
direct from manulacturerB or made
hI onr own factory.
41 years in our buainets means
Burnetii) n ("f
Our Legislature meets again on Mon-1
day refreshed by its vacation, ni.d I
ready for any file. The opposition
presB havo arranged a plaasanb pro-1
gramme with come.dating Inrns on the 1
high j-lV by popular favorites; money
returned if not aceordirg to bi'ls, Noub
South   Nanaimo   License   District,
.1. P.;
.1 mr-sCi onion, of South Well
li.iviil.l. Thomai;ol'Qjit'o'r Day;
15. Sivnnton,ol Extehiion.
Chiil Litiehso   I ispeGtot—Oooalalile
M, 11. Mclndoo'; of Ntiniilmo.
H!.i2 Viii orlauomo lii anil i.e. olir Inrje uml modern cslahlish.
ini-nt ami ntlimillvn aluol—you will not nerd lo buy. II you cannot como
send your name on a post c<rd and we will mail you a catalogue-free.
wbler bros.,
*sv.«fe-;«-"*tt«A*^ tv<*^
************i************************** iiiiimi *.** ** j
'Coal!   -   Coal!!
Niinaimo Freo Press, we are constrain-
1 to remark, after reading its critiaism
of the ShakeBp3arean play given in Nanaimo recently, should steer clear ot tho
dangerous waters of dramatic criticism.
Its strictures wero uncalled fir, most
unjuat, nnd showed a shocking lack of
discrimination. There was a Lime when
the Free Press did better.
mil.   SMITH   < I III IS.   ITI. 1*. I,.
While wo aro ready to admit that (he
courBeof tho honorable member for
Hoseland has been Bomewhat erratic, to
put it mildly, since he agreed to differ
from Hon. Joseph Martin, yet, knowing
what we do cf the gentleman, we find it
simply impossible to believe that he
would bo guilty of the scoundrelly act ef
which be now lies under very grave
There Is only one name that can he
applied to a person who, (hiding a private paper belonging to another person,
even if the paper be only a postal card,
fiiils to restore the eame promptly aid
unread to its owner. That name, which
his had rather too much vogue of late
in the columns of the provincial press,
we do not wish to print, but it express*e
the lowest depth to which any man can
It ia moot unfuiLuutiLu fur Mr. Curt in
that his recent conduct should have laid
him open to suspicion ol committing
such meanueBB, but it Is also satisfactory, for the sake of the reputation of
our Legislature, tbat evidence has been
produced sufficiently otrong to induce
the honorable the attorney-general to
withdraw his charge that Mr. Ourth-
had purloined, read and used the contents of iho missing paper to the damage
of bis political opponents. Evidence of
the contrary would havo meant the ruin
ol Mr. Curtis.
The honorable member for Kosslaml
Nanaimo Herald lug been publishing
a long, dull, nnd wearisome rigmarole
which it entitles "Ralph SmlcL'd great
speech," purporting In In uliat that
person Buid regarding tho Ohluosu ques
lion in tho House of Commons at Oi
taw'a. II that is the HaraldVj notion of
a great Bpeecli one can hardly c-jiii
msut It upon ita choice ol words.
For a man of enterprise there is a line
opportunity offered tn the advertisement
published in this issue ol The Leader by
Mr, George'Flotclier.pl N malnio, regard*
: bis new gasoline launi h. The price,
ia understood, in ridiculously low, as the
vecBel is brand new, aud is bsing cald at
.i sacrifice un account of linfordsou developments in another iiauti rat traiisao-
th n Iu which Mr. Fletcher, who is an
enthuslaBllo ynchtamao, ia engaged. The
little vestal ia a beauty and as Eeen in
action by a re] rasoutativo of L'ho Leader
filled the bill splendidly.
Oi.ly Vancouver World could have
perpetrated the following bwutiful and
dazzling literary cfF<jcls. Writing (editorially, mind) of Lird Oharles Beies-
ford, this brilliant- exponent of j .urnal-
istic culture dccluree:
"Ma standi; out the more distinct, and
admirable mnong the pun ing nnd i-elf-
coin plaint exponents of the nation degenerate, to whos3 e*J*oti6llon and inefficiency the loaaea in lives and nrefllgc
during the present war may be jujll.v
. Whaur'd yer Rntly.u.l K'pliug, noo.
In another editorial paragraph in thi
same iEeue Ihe World hns this othei
Orient pearl at ramlum Birring, wiitim
of Cecil Rhodes:
"There is always "hi much to du" foi
the men who arc bold to yrusp the pis
eintlilii'B of undeveloped landb and who
Blmpntlie destines of theso with the
hammers of Individual persecutions.1
We tliall renew cur subscription to
the World and drop New Yoik Life.
Str. Tell
it leaves today fur San Finn-
Cisco with
ior iiEiul cargo of Wellington
Amu pli
pCtharaier was loaded ready
i IoSau  FraLuieco, on  Wi',1-
nesday an
1 waiting for a In/.    She will
inmedulely on arrivnl a. San
and return to 1, dyemith foi
another lo
id for AlaEko, [net coal tu be
used fur c
a)Ing the Government reveu-
ue cutlers
i.i Bullring Ben.
Opinion of an Export as -to its
Soniodaj'Bnnon woll-knowu Ameri-
cau nentlrinan who iv.is in Lulvtmilli
oa business of Importance, in speaking
of the reiouroei ol this Island exprcssul
the opluiou, bttst-d on rareful exsinlni-
tlon, that the coal taliou out of tlio
Alexanilrlii mines was tho IIneat this
Island produced for Hid |,itrpis(; of cok-
inpr. nnd that tlmreoiuht in Im an unlimited market fir it. Tho Llailcr ir
not al liberty to mention llm ucnlle-
man's name bill hns no hesitation in
giving Ids opinion.
It !icb been reported Indiiatrlouily
.round this camp that there la a possi-
bility Hint Iho Alexandria, mines will I e
iu lull operation baforo the end of tin
present year lor tho express purpose ol
providing tho grout quantities ol coke
whioh will he reii'iirel hy tho Tyee
Smelting Company nt Iheir Liuhsiiiith
establishment. Tho process of smelting
na Is generally known, calls fir mor
molts supplies of en!:,'. It would Im a
vory line thing for Hie Company nnd
the iliatriet were tlio Alexnni'riu ihIiib-
to bo opened for this purpoee.
The Leader has also heard n pcrt-isl
ent rumor that the Wellington Collieiy
Company Intend! to open out Us immensely rich ooal fields near Iladam
Creek and Nanalmo River at nn early
date. Thie would givo n 'miignilljenl
impetus lo IniBiness throughout the district niid bo ol tho grealest benefit to
Lwlyiiiiilh, tha natural centre of this
whole region.
The Leader hopei to he able to tn-
eiilmll Mr
by civ
iptny, I.'ih
t.-ii  hy   Iho  Tree
illeil.of -15 Lead
i,   K i|i la ml,    and
Ifice at Oieyi lamb
rovlncn of BrltlBli
> i-clinn :i of the
i li nl " I'lifl   Tram
!, 10C0,"  Hal  the
build and operate
ti it  point on ihe
own as tho"TvBe:
• i'liam on Mount Slekei
Dislrlct, to a point at or
e cr iBflug, on iho linn of
nnd  NuniUino  IHllwav
, ku
an aerial train
lands td Camp
Mining Ohtim,
in Cheinainns
near Stratford
being on the land known aa seulioti
Rmge IV.Sumsnoa Diatrict,
Tne general route c»f tbe paid tramway
will hu in ii straight line between the
poinlB almvB inentioiiDd.
Dated nl Victoria 11. C„ this 2tet day
of March, 1002.
' ITIli) TYl-il, POPPER CO., Lll>."
By tin-1 Ait-iriif-v in- Fact.
C. Wilson,
li'uoeral Wrojths, etc., Welding Bouquet! lu every stylo. Order! promptly
attended to. -NANAIMO, 1). C
1 T!i8 Bcsi
I Lager and Porter
•S      In lown at mi   hotels Is manu'   4
X lacturcd by the 1
Nanaimo, B. C.
i.aiirjfiia 0. 0.
Sheet   Music
Chenpeitalii Beet—5c.ond IO-'. ncopy.
All lalcel songs and pieces.
Musical Instruments of All Kinds,
Violin Strings, Etc, Etc,
Maiinrnclurcrs o'r all klmta of
ii Dressed liber
Mouldings, Laths, Shingles, Etc.  ::
A bir^e Block  of  tllbroilgltly sciiRoncd
Itlttilier—iflt and and cltiss t-onstiiiilly mi
linnd,  All orders Btrlclly fttteutletl io, ..
Qiiotntloiia cheeriiilly fflveii.
*' + t + T+TtTTTTmi-T-fTt + !ttH
| Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
: Wellington Qml   Best household coal ou the Pacific
- Comox Coal—Best steam coal ou the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam aud household cool
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Bayues Sound.
.; Head Office
Victoria, B. C
San   Francisco Agency,
: R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
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Seattle Daily Times
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tha world1! nowu to date. Sport,
politic!, locioly, women'!, interesle,
younn folk's department, literature,
eoience, art, muiie. ^-^**w
• •Bl
By John J. a'Becket
0 ♦ *?*"♦
2  Copyrlelit. lOOl.byJolm.T.ft'nfclifi
Tborwnld did not altogether like tlio
request, but Prince Murianoffsky was
u good fellow* and hud boon such a help
to him In PnHs ho felt that he must
comply with it. After nil, It was only
tbo government that would suiter, and
that wns well able to put up with a
Blight loss.
So Tborwnld found himself speeding
toward the realm of the groat white
czar, with tho Intention of defrauding
it. In one of the hist stages of tho
journey his sole companion In tho railroad carriage wns n woman, quietly
dressed, with an nil' of high breeding.
He waa worrying ns thoy approached
the frontier nnd would havo been glad
of n companion to talk to. At last opportunity wns afforded him of accosting the lady. She was trying to ar-
range something in the network bracket for parcels. Ho approached and
with grcnt politeness offered his services.   As he again turned his eyes to*
wnrtl her he saw sbo wns removing her
Index finger from her bodice. After-
ward sho smoothed out the bosom of
her gown,
Could it bo? Sho looked like n lady.
So did ho look like n gentleman. Ho
seated himself nnd began n conversation. They exchnnged n few remnrks
very plonsniitly for somo time, when
suddenly ho asked: "Pardon mo! Is
that a ploco of Inco?"
Hor hands and eyes went nt onco to
the buttoning of her bodice. Then sho
replied coldly, "You nre mistaken, slid"
"Madame," ho answered smilingly,
"you need not foar thnt I would bo
scandalized hy your smuggling n littlo
Jaco into Kusslo. Tbo government
takes such Immoiisopi'ecaullonsagainst
evasion of tho duties that one need not
scruple nt deceiving it, if possible. I
should regard it as a bit of amusing
"Vou think it is ono of those things
thnt nro only wicked when found out?"
sbo returned, eying him, with a faint
"And you nre possibly so gallant that
you would even help n Indy In such an
"If tho lady was nice," ho laughed
Sho turned her faco to him wiih a
captivating smile and snld archly, "Do
you think I am 'nice?*"
"Most assuredly, nindnmo."
"Then I will throw myself upon your
mercy!" sho exclaimed, with n lovely
nlr of enndor. "Tho fact Is, I nm smuggling"—she made n littlo faco—"a
scrap of lace. There Is not much, hut
it is choice, and I want It for n certain
purpose. Now I have put myself, in
your bands."
"Tho bunds of a gentleman," replied
Tborwnld. "How can I help you?"
"You might take tho keys of my
trunks and act ns If we wero together.
You could tell thorn you had nothing
jto doclnro. I shrink from saying flatly
-that I havo nothing to declare whon I
know I hnve. You will not havo that
difficulty to disturb you, nnd If you
ecu glvo the man tho idea that you
hnve both our things In charge they
will sny nothing to mo,"
"Madame, Icavo tho matter entirely
to me."
When thoy reached tho frontier nnd
tho ordeal wns nt hand, Tborwnld
walked up to the most prominent functionary nnd, taking him aside, had n
four words with him. Tho Indy in the
menntfmo sauntered''slowly up nnd
down tho platform with n pleasant nlr
of walling till tho mere form hnd been
complied with.
Suddenly her heart fell. The officer
with whom tho young man had been
talking left him nnd advanced toward
tier with a determined nlr.
"Madame," snld tbo official, "I hnvo
certain Information that you nro attempting to smuggle something
through. My informant saw whnt leil
htm to think you had tnco concealed
■tout your person. It rests with you
lo deliver it up or to he subjected to ft
thorough examination,"
She gasped with Indignation. What
an Idiot sho had been to betray herself to a stranger! ' j
With it blazing countenance, but a
dignity that Impressed even the hardened official, she retired and unwound
the dainty Inco sho had so carefully
concealed about tho upper part of ber
person.- It was silently confiscated
and it stilT line imposed, which she
paid without half the regret she folt
nt porting with her precious Inco. Tho
odious informer was walking about on
the platform with an air of conscious
rectitude mid carefully abstained from
oven glancing hi her direction. I
Tho train had gone some miles on tho
journey toward St. Petersburg. Somo
one paused at her side. She looked up
and beheld the young mnu who had so
neatly tricked her. lie had un apologetic nlr.
"Do not presumo to speak to me,"
she exclaimed hotly. "You havo dono
all tho evil you can. I wish you wero
n gentleman, that it might be posslblo
to make you feel tbo contempt you do-
servo." t
"Madame," he said vory gently, "I
only ask one word of explanation. Believe tue, I think I can dispel tbo menu
opinion of mo which I admit you hnve
every right to entertain. You told me
you hnd a 'scrap of lace; not much,
but choice.' Around my logs—pardon
mo for nHudlng to them—aro a hundred yards of a very expensive lace.
Not that alone, but thoro is u sentimental reason attaching to its safe
delivery by me which would have
made Its seizure tho keenest disappointment. The officer showed such n
suspicious nnd Implacable attitude that
i I saved my lace at tho cost of yours. I
shall be glad to glvo you as much of
tbls ns you lost—you said you bad
only 'a scrap'—and defray nil expense i
you were put to." j
Tho lady was somewhat mollified by ■
this respectful and reasonable explanation.
"1 said n scrap. It was really ten
yards. As n matter of fact, it was exceedingly expensive."
lie laughed heartily. "A mere bnga-
tclle.  Just so my friend is satisfied."
"Who Is your friend?" sho Inquired
"Oh, pardon mo! I havo a sense of
As soon ns ho arrived at his friend's
In St. Petersburg bo told him ho bud
been able to bring him only ninety
yards of tho luce ho had specified.'
Prince Murlnuoffsky laughingly said
that there was no doubt that would bo
enough. Ho unwound it with gleeful
care from bis guest's logs nnd they
chuckled over the duties that had been
dodged. |
Wheu Tborwnld wns dressing for
dinner thnt evening, the prince looked
lu ou liiiu nud said with mock solemnity: "My niint will (lino with us tonight. Don't say a word about the
trick with the lace. Her husband Is nt
the head of the customs, and sho would.
bo terribly scandalized. I don't know j
thnt sho would not feel constrained to j
report it, although sho is so fond of j
Olga thnt sho would not like to spoil
her wedding present, and she knows I
couldn't comfortably afford tho money
for It and the duties." |
Thorwnld smilingly promised not to
brent ho u word nbout It. |
When Priiico Murianoffsky wont to'
tbo salon, his sister ran up to him and
"Isn't It odd! Aunt Fcodorovua has
sent tin; somo lace, and it is just tho
same kind you got for me! And I
measured It, nnd it just makes a hundred yards with the other. You tried
to get n hundred yards, you know, and
Mr. Tborwnld could only get ninety."
dust then tho Countess X. was announced.
"Not a word nbout the Bmuggilug,"
whispered Olga to Mr. Thorwald, "before Aunt Feodorovna. Mon DIeu! Sho
would be horrified."
Thorwald uodded Ida head, and as ho
turned his eyes to tho redoubtable
aunt who was entering the room iu a
ningiilllccnt toilet he recognized bis
companion ill crime of the railway. Sho
gave a half start as ho wns presented
to her, but Instantly rallied nud, fixing
her bright eyes on blm, suld meaningly, "I am glad to know you, Mr. Tborwnld." .
As ho wns taking her Into dinner she
put up her fan and whispered impressively:
1 "Not n syllable about the lace!  They
would ho awfully scandalized."
"Not a word, countess," murmured
Thorwald, "Only—my Inco wns for
your uleco too."
What Church Them to Aflfraitiu Such
Variety lu Shane
A good Idea of the correct reason for
varying cloud shapes mny ho obtained
by watching tho steam from a railway
engine under different conditions, As
It Issues from the funnel it is transparent water vapor, on a moist, cloudy
day It will hang lu thick, fleecy masses
In the track of the train. In dry, bright
weather it will rise in light, thin
wreaths, which quickly disappear, and
again when the engine Is standing in
a station the steam will collect In
masses above It.
These aro practically the conditions
of cloud formation. The shapes vary
according to height above tho earth, lo
the temperature of the particular air
current in which they arc flouting, to
the force nnd direction of the wind at
the various altitudes and also In somot
measure to the electrical condition of
the atmosphere and the amount of
dust lu It.
As a rule, the higher the clouds the
lighter thoy arc nud Iho more widely
spread. The so called mares' talis and
mackerel sky aro good examples of
this. Some of the former ure over live
miles high and are hollered to he composed of minute particles of ice. Tito
clouds In a mackerel sky are generally
about three miles high.
The heavy cumulus clouds which so
often look like vast mountain ranges
are only found in the lower and moist-
cr layers of atmosphere. Their lower
surfaces are from half to three-quarters of a mile above tbo earth, while
their higher points may range from
two to three miles In elevation. Still
lower than these conic the heavy fiat
masses of ulmbus or rain clouds which
nre seldom more than half a mile above
the earth.
Sport* of the CrmnilerH.
Ill their amusements Christians nnd
Infidels mingled very readily. During
the truces the two frequently engaged
in jousts and proved one another's skill
in horsemanship, In the use of tho
lance, In the wielding of the sword
and In the hurling of the spear. All,
even the knights of the religious orders,
entered with zest Into these friendly
rivalries. Both Christian and Infidel
were extremely fond of hunting ami
falconry. A long section In the assizes
Is devoted to tlie laws concerning tbo
latter subject. Oiisamn 111 his autobiography devoted.many pages to accounts of hunting experiences and to
the art of falconry. The crusading
leaders took their hunting dogs and falcons with them as a matter of course
when they set out on the holy war.
As tho close proximity of (lie enemy
exposed both parties to constant attack, hunting agreements were made
by which each might hunt In security
ou disputed territory. Gifts of dogs
nnd hawks were Interchanged, and
friendships were sometimes formed because of ihe mutual interest In breeding   hunting   animals.'
Thiu-keriiy's J.nnt Home.
"Down on your knees, you rogue I"
said Thackeray Ho ,T. T. Fields, tho famous publisher of Boston and author
of "Yesterdays With Authors." "Down
on your knees, for hero 'Vanity Fair'
was peunodl" "And 1 will go down
with you," added W. M. T„ "for iu
very truth I think very well myself of
thnt littlo work."
Thackeray spoke ln Kensington, in a
IIUlo room nt tho top of a houso ln a
quiet street, with n lattice window,
but tho street wns Young street, not
Kensington palaco gardens, ns somo
pcoplo fancy. The host of Thackeray'*
work was dono In Young street. Thoro
ho bought from his profits nn old houso
ln Palaco green, pulled It down and
built from his own design tho qunlnt
mansion of rod brick with stono fnc-
lugs which Brot Harte Introduced witb
a tact so moving Into his parody sketch
of Dickons' "The Haunted Man,"
Tbnckcrny lived thoro but from 1801
to Christum a eve, 1803, wheu bodied
In his Bleep, tbey sny. The last works
wero written there, "Tlio Koundnbout
Papers" and others,—London Outlook.
Not Vory Coiitnictttl-ible,
"Ono thing f llko about Paul Is thnt
he always keeps his word."
"Yes, I believe nana of his friendi
would take Ids word for anything,"
|ffl;frifry,'"™i*'r"'*'-rc"™:'^^ nuiq
11 In I'lii-tleiilnr Muse.
no hnd been calling on n young Indy
and had been talking against time for
several hours, nut noticing Hint sho
was. to say the least, slightly wearied.
"Do yon know." ho said, after completing a monologue of several thousand words and thinking a little .lattery would bo appreciated, "while talking tonight I have felt as if 1 wen; Inspired by one of Ihe muses. And which
one do you think It is?"
He looked scnrchlngly Into her beautiful face. The modest blush for which
he was watching proved to be a wide
yawn,, which grew wider as she answered:
"I guess Hie muse thnt Inspires yon
tonight must be Rtilorpo."
He didn't really kuow anything about
mythology, so he couldn't tell Just what
sho meant. But when he got home he
took down his encyclopedia, and there
lu cold type, staring him tu the face,
he saw:
"Kulerpe—the muse who presided
over wind Instruments."
A Pretty Bin Ti«or.
Old Dickey S., a very wealthy but
very Illiterate East India merchant in
London, took n pair of compasses au.l
set nbout examining a largo map of
India, the margin of which was Illustrated with drawings of the wild and
domestic animals of the country.
Suddenly Dickey dropped tlio compass lu amazement. "It can't be! It
ain't In the border of nature that tt
should be! Impossible! Ridiculous!"
"Why. Dickey, what's the ni.iltnV"
"Wol's the mutter? Vy, this Bengal
tiger Is ninety miles long!"
Dickey bad measured tlio tiger by the
scale of tin1 map.
fttcptrlc Ccnllpctls.
Least attractive among tho Insects
which give light nro the so called
"electric cenlipeds" — black crawlers
-wltli many legs, which havo been likened to serpents1 skeletons in miniature. They move In n siitikolilce fashion, forward or backward, leaving bo-
hind them a bright track of phosphoric light. However, they are most accustomed to appear in tho daytime,
when the illumination they ufiord is
not visible.
t'tifortuiiiitc Error,
"Whnt do you menu by this, sir?"
demanded the angry advertiser.
"What's tho uinttei'V" Inquired tho
publisher of the Bnngtowii Bugle,
"This Advertisement of 'our delicious
canned monts from the best Chicago
bouses,' you've made It rend 'horses.'"
Don 111 oil "" Alimony.
"Oh, yes. daughter's fully twice na
happy ns she was with her husband."
"How so?"
"Why, be used to give her an allowance of only $10, and now ho has to
oav her liiu,"- ' t-    -  t_
B. C.
J-  ..'"I-
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
i Tyee Alining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared :in 7 months.
Every facility for manufacturers' and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants  and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmithl
Full line of goods just  arrived at Sampson's Cash Store
J. SAMPSON,     -     Commercial St.,
McAdie Block, Victoria Crescent, Naniimo, B. o;: ••-""'
Having lemd the McAdie Block, and
having had thi rooms completely renovated,lam how prepired io receive
boardera with or without room!. Vii-
Itor. from Lidytmith will find most
..itnlortable accommodation at very
reaionable ratu. MISS KKITH.
Nanaimo's etreeta ere beine. torn up in
ail direotlone for tho new water service,
and the eai company have now taken a
hand in ripping up the earth.
It il reported that Mr, Caldwell, the
Nanaimo tailor hai the finest etock ol
spring suitings ever eeen on the Island,
get In early belore the choicest are
snapped up.
Mr. Joseph Hunter, superintendent if
th. E. A N. Hallway hae returned from
hia trip to th. East.
Saa those nobby lines in tweeds and
cloths; at Caldwell'a, Nenaiino'a tailor,
Via. Archdeacon Scriven and Bishop
Perrta left on Thurtday for Cumberland
when thev will hold an ordination service tomorrow.
$  !::  -MUJApf1 ;
Spring suiting, just arrived. Choice
pttt.HU at reiionible prices. Clldwell'i
Comtaerclil St., Nanaimo,
Cetjir Diitrict .lectori have decided io
Invite;th« member, Hon. Jamei IMini-
mulrio attend a mealing to be held
We have ring! Ior the baby, and ring!
lor the Utile., II we haven't got what yon
wan. we can make it, Lively, the manufacturing jeweler.
JiHt arrived the latest etylei in sash
pins, sued instead ol the belt buckle, at
Liftfil'i, .Ijulyimith'i leading  jeweler.
A treat li in itore for Ladyimith
ptopi* tomorrow when Canon Paddon,
ol Viotoria, will conduct the service! in
tb. Church oi England, Oddfellowi'
building. '-"'' '':' '
8*1 thote elegant Scotch and Engliih
tweei. for builnen and alter :work suits,
W«»sWiot them areafwayi well-dressed
McNhJhol, tha High Street tailor.
Mr. J. E, Noreron, late news iditor of
Nanaimo Henld, denies the report that
h.wlll return to , hii profession, of
ichool teacher, ind informi Nanaimo
Pre. Pr.ll that he intend! to remain if
possible ln th. newipaper buiinen,
Tri^. yonr old watch oil'and git. new
on.. iWe will allow you aa much ai we
ean frit yonr old one and try and pleaie
yoa wjth> new on., at Lively'!.
Tha;; hall-yearly conference between
N.w Vancouver Coal pompany^and Nanalmo Minora' Union regarding scale dl
wign lor .muing sir months takes
plica abont the middle ol thie month,
Gold and lilver phtting la lomething-
that every jeweler can't do, try us and
ba convinced, wa cm do it. Lively, the
leading  jeweler.
Mr. Thomai Dobeaon, manager ol the
Nanaimo Fonndry, hae returned irom
lengthy trip to England, much improved
ia health,
dr. j-.orics,
Johnston Block,     -    Nanaimo, B. C
@p..O. Boi, 37, Tel. 145.
Vlilti; tiidyimlth  oWify' Saturday,
Honrilrom Ila. m. Hllr. p. ni,
Abbottlord Hotel.
Are now pleiitiTut.« But you
must hj)ve the proper Flies.
I've gojl 'em.
| Hardware,
1   i|  S%es,
Tifi^iiltii,   ||
1      I   Plumbing,
!   E.R0LSTON,
All citizens are reminded that ihe
regular monthly general. meeting of the
Board of Trade takes -place Monday
night 8 o'clock, Gould's hall. Only thoie
citizenb interested In the I/.uly smith's
welfare are expected to attend.
Don't fail to see Gil, Cavin's samples
of wallpaper at Captain Dillon's office,
KBplanade. Choice new designs at ac-
toniBbingly reasonable prices.
The Lauder's eome pond ont thinki thi t
f either ittntleman cflVred himself nn
a candidate for tha provincial house be
would go in with a handsome imrjiiity.
The outcome of ihnso rumor! will ha
awaited with consider able Interest.
Ships Eel ipso ami GUbarer have st'l-
ed from San Francisco bonnd for Lady*
eraith to load for the California^ portc.
Str. Viotoria isexpecled in from S n
Praneiaco early next week.
Traflli! manager George L. Courtney of
the E. & N. Railway, travelled tho Hue
on Wednesday to watch tho buccsbb of
the double train flenrico experiment.
He went to Nanaimo nnd returned on
the afternoon train.
Nobody can fee] easy in a suit of clothes
that looka as if it had been made with
an axe and a claw-hammer. Men ilreeeed
In McNicliol's suits enjiy peace of mind,
because they know they look like gentlemen.
Mr. W, J..Stevens, ship' carpenter for
the E. *k N. Company, arrived in Lady-
smith from Vancouver on the Trauafer
on Tuesday morning*. He returned to
Vancouver on the Transfer on Thursday
Mr. Stevens saya that the steamer Joan
is to have her spring overhauling at Victoria in a day or two.
The latest styles in heir cutting and
oeard trimming at the Ladyemith Shaving Parlor, High street,
Nanaimo will send two delegates to
Ottawa to push the Alberni railway
scheme for the Diamond City, to strengthen the bauds or Mr. Italph Smith,
M.P., tbe representative of the city iu
parliament. It is probable tbe whole
district including Ladysmith will he Invited to co-operate. A big meeting waa
held In Nanaimo last night.
If you' want alarm Klox we've got 'cm
for one dollar, see Lively, tbe jeweler.
The expeclcd happened yesterday
when theHoon train arrived and' tlie
pretty little white dog belonging to Mr.
P. Evans, barber, while enjoying bla
run in front of tbe cow-catcher, wae
caught and instantly killed under the
engine wheels. Mr. Kvans was much
attached to the littlo dog and feels hie
loss keenly.
GASOLINE LAUNCH for Bale, brand
new, 23ft. long, 5ft. G'tue. beam; engine
3 b. p. j speed 7 miles an hour; hold a
dozen seated comfortably; splendid
chance for enterprising man to make
money. To be sold at a sacrifice. For
full particulars apply to Fletcher Ilros.
The music store, Nanaimo.
Suit Entered for Heavy Damages
and Counter Suits Likely.
For some time pnat a irrioiis nils-
understanding line existed between some
ol the manager! of the Cheinainiis Hospital and Dr. Tnllord, resident physician, and this hat culminated In the
serving of papers upon Dr. Telford by
the law Drui of Elliott A lllggim ol Victoria, filthe Instance ol Joseph l'ieraon,
an employee of .the Victoria Lumber
Company, Cheinainiis, claiming damage! to the amount of $7,500, and aliening malpracl ice nnd negligence. Sonic
woeki igo l'ierion, while working in the
mill sustained severe injuries to hii arm,
which find to be amputated by Dr,
Tellord after it had been treated for a
few daye.
It li alio alleged that Dr. Telford, loo,
will enter suit for substantial amounts
againit two prominent reildenti of
Cbemalnui, The whole community is
comlderably agitated over the quarrel
Persistent rumors nre In circulation
nnnud the cimp that Mr, E. J. Palmer,
the highly respicted manager ol th.
Victoria Lumber Company, who ll alio
the postmaster of Ohemalnui and a tilr-
ecior ol th. Genirnl il ..-;illal,li about to
become a British eubjiot. It is lurtber
reported that at no dlatint date Mr.
Palmer li o.fj^lad to offtr hlmsell as I
candidate for a ml in Ih. local leglili-
tura, in opposition to the pieunt government, Mr, Palmer loyally supported Hr.j-Boilw.il', Who unfortunately
"alio ran," in the recent eleclion in
VldjerUi!      "■•*:'"   ■ /
Rumor li alio iiuiy with the name 61
Captain Oilmen,; ihe. genial United
Slatci consul, to the (ffeot that ho, too
Intend! lo become a snhjsct of Ilia Moll
Gracloui MaJsitJ', Klpg Ejlvrird .the
Seventh. Both Meeari. Palmer and
Qlbion are exceedingly popular a ith all
B. C. clasieilnOhemaliiiiiii.il dlilrlct, and
Hand Made Pit Shoes at the fiatno price
up cheap [actt'iy itiade. Como in and eee.
All work guaranteed,    Uepuiriug done.
A. S. -Gbrtslle,- ■
LADySMITII, •    . .,   ,1). C.
la hereby given that application will
he made to the Lpitif-lati™ APBfimbiy nf
the Province of British Columbia, at. ite
preEent aession, for an Act to incorporate
a company with power tn construct,
equip, maintain and operate a single np
double line of roihvpy, (<■ bn operated by
steam, electricity or any other mode of
power, nt and from the Oily of Victoria,
in the Piovince of Brttisli Columbia',
thence north-west, hy the most feasible
route to a point at. or near .Seymour Narrows, in* tho said Province of British
Columbia, and wiih power to t'onBtrunt,
establish, maintain ami continually
operate a railway ferry ntpan.tdnp service for the purpose of transferring r->r
roward, passengers and iiafsenjier ami
freight care from the said point at or
near Bevmour Narrows in Vancouver's
Island, to a iioiuton the Mainland of the
Province of British Columbia, and with
further powers to build, equip, maintain
and operate branches of the mud railway
from any point on the main line thercol
to any point in Vanconver Island: ■ and
with power to build and operate tramways in connection with tlie said railway; and with power to build, construct,
equip, maintain and operate telc^rHph
and telephone lines In connection with
tbe Bald railways and branches and with
power to generate electricity for tho
supply of light, heat, power, nnd lor all,
any and everv othcr purport mentioned
in Sections SO, 81. 82, and 83 nf the
"Water Clauses CnnsoliiiatUm Act,lS97."
and to do everything necessary or incidental to the carrying out. of all or nny
of the objects referred lo in tbe eald
sections; and with power to exercipo all
Ibe powers given to the compapv by
Parts IV and V of the ■'Water Clauses
Consolidation Act, 18,17." and witb
power to build, own and maintain sawmills, and to carry on a general exprcrn
business, and to build, maintain and
operate, bridge.9, roads, way0, ferries,
wharves, docks, steamboats, steamships,
coal bunkers aud other works, and to
make traffic or other arrangements, with
railway, steamship or steamboat ami
other companies; and with power to ex*
proprlate lands for the purpose of the
company, ami to acquire land homines,,
privileges or other aid from any government or municipality, nr other persons
or bodlcB corporate, and with power to
build wagon roads, to hn used in the
construction of such railway and iu advance of same, and to levy nnd collect
tolls from all persotiB ueintr, and on all
freight passing over any nl such roads
built by the company, whether before
or after the construction of tlm railway,
and with power to Bell out its under*
taking; and with all other n-mnl, neoes*
Bary and incidental ri«htti( or privileges
ns may he necessary or onnduolvo to the
above objects, or any nf them.
Dated at Victoria, B. 11., this 21 th day
of March, A. P., 190:!.
Solicitors lor the Applicants.
Ostta Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of (he Famous
None but Union L:ibor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, -       .Proprietor,
tV^K'MrtY^-lU-aV?- r: u rf4i*'fe»!'te *^KIk*-:i**M*M9iU*i.-***t*&ilart**+ *>.
& Leiser
«      BisecS Impsriers and Wholesale Dealers In
! Wines,   Liquors  and  Cigars. |
11A NN%R IfODUli
No, 31,
I, O. o/f.
Meets cverv WtMncKilay cveniuunt ;.jp o'clock
Vit-ii.,1- c->nli:iHv invu-. ■].
| 13 to 15 Yates St., Victoria, B. C. |
I Telephone No. U8. fe
Maple Lodge, No, 61, I. O. a. t.
Meets every Wednesday evening in
Nicholson's Hull, Visiting member!
tiro cordially iovited.
22  LOAVES  11
Delicious Bread.
$i.oo ONE DOLLAR $i.oo
Why bake when you can ^ot such
value and delivered at your dooi?
Scotch Baker, 23 Years' Experience
J. KKNNV, Lsdyimith Bakery,
Esplanade, l.ailysniilh.
NOTICi; li herby given Hint 1 Intend
to apply to the Board of License Com.
million.!! for the Town of I unions, 11,
C. nt their next sitting for a transfer of
my license for the eulo ol Winea uml
Liquor! hy retail upon tie- infinites
known ae the Aldnrlea lletel, Duncans,
B.C., to Joseph A. ltogem, of Duncans',
Dated this 4th day ol March, A. 1).,
Painting, Paperhanging and
IHaHress Ming.
Leave orders for-.mat(rare .making at
Capt. Dilhm's Office, Kiplanatlr, .Where
samplts can be Eeen,
Guy H. Covin, Ladysmith.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
General Jobber.
Corner First Avenue and Oatacre Street,
Cabinet work oi all kiudc
All kir.dH o( Boft wood furniture made
nnd repaired.
Nanaimo Clothing Renovatory,
Cleaning,Dyeing and Impairing of all
Bilks, Satins, otc, done like now. All
work guaranteed. Commercial Street,
Opposite Nanaimo Hotel,
NANAIMO, B. C. P. 0. Box 420.
— TO—        .
Winnipeg Toronto
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. 5. Points.
Steamship • Service
-TO- ...
Japan, China,   Hawaii,   Australasia
First-class Sleepers on all
-TOUT. PAUL, Dailv.
TOttQiN I'll, Tiiesilnve nnd Saturday.
For pamphlet! uml all information apply
lu nnv C.P.I!. Client.
II. II. AillUITI',       IV. MclIIRIl,
Aiienf, Victoria.     Atfeut, Nanalmo.
hi. J. COVLK,
Assl. I'leiil. Pass, Agent, Vancouver,
Smelting Works
All the leading brands kept by us.     None
but the best imported.     We solicit your
G. H. Mumra's Extra Dry Champagne,
Kilmarnock Scotch, L,emp's Extra Pale Ale,
St. Louis Beer.
Playing Cards, all leading brands including
A newspaper for the,
i    \
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intelligence. Accurate
reports. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
i hull
Prepared to purchase ores as from August i$t;
Convenient to B. & N. or Sea.
Esquimalt &  Nanaimo  Railway
Trainiliiv. I,.dvimlth Southbound daily at 0.10 a. m. and on    Salnrdava
Sondiyi and WidaMdayi al 5.111 p, m. in! "hi   "        IT
Tralnileav. Lidyimilh northbound dally ai 11.67 a.m. and on   Salurdava
Snndayi end vTednMdiyI attilO p. m.- ...... ..«>««.,.,
Bee, L Oourteey,     ■     Traffio Manager


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