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Ladysmith Leader Dec 24, 1902

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$ '     ' JOHN- BICkLe,
•■OL. II. NO. -183.
To our Patrons
We beg ,to announce that we are
again open for business with a new
and fresh supply of Family Groceries, also a full line of Dry
Goods, Boots and Shoes, &c.,
and we hope to have a continuance
of your support in our new premises,   situate in   the .same   block.
Merry fihristmas to All
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Esplaii.idc and (i.itacrc Street, -   -        • Ladytmlth
^*i*44mt*P4*M*M*444444]  EXTENSION ACCIDENT FOND
Xmas Gifts
I We have them'in great variety.   Everything •$>
that you can possibly want, from the Baby up. Y
'*. J Sometimes you find it hard to make a choice. If that 3,
is your case come right along and let its help you 4
choose.   That is our business—we study it. 4
Read the following list and be convinced that Y
we have the right thing. &
. Kri,i'iiii-atiTr-'Tt'TiWaWiiii
When Visiting Nanaimo Tiy
I. & W,
for a Merry Christmas
Candies, Older,
UalBB, '  :;.:'* Wine, •
Flgi, Syrup,
Null, Fruit Syrup,
Cakel, , Ournnti,
Fruit Cakes, Biltina,
Blectilts, Peel,
Plum Pudding, MeinctMttt.
Oeneral nerchants.
iavoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls, '
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
l;ot insured nt unce for it may be
tin lite tomorrow. I represent leveral
|)LD ind RELIABLE Uompinietind
tan Insure yon at a moment', notice t(
The lowest possible rates. All leading
Iniu panics charge the same ratea. Don't
to misled Into Insuring witb a cheap
Company—It might In dear in the end,
Tm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer 93, Nnnaiino. B. 0,
Member Can.'Society of Civil Kiiglnc-rs
Member lastllllllmi of Htcctrtcal Kliglil-ers
Consulting Electrical engineer
P.O. Box 337
Barrlatara, Bollctora and
conv.y.acara. ,......,
| Office. OtMhllow,' BelHIai, Roberta it.
rVDYSMITH, B.C. P.p. BOX 243
IK'hls olil-Estalillshetl, Flrit-Olin tnd
/..liar Hotel It moit comfortably lor-
luiied, centrally situated. Bus mrate
1.1ns. Exatlltnt Oultint. Bir stocked
lilb Ibt fintet winei, llqoori ind olgars,
PB. FOX,      •      •       Proprietor.
Tiie Canadian Bank
Head Ollice, Toronto, Oot.
Otpltil Paid Up. 18,000,000
Rett  i 000,000
Hon, Qio, A. Cox, President.
B, E. WaIjUR, General Manager.
A Branch of thla Bank has
been opened at
Sa,.H'fi Cmk Dapartmaat.
Intereit allowed on dtpoilli ol ont dol-
Itrltl.OOitnd upwirdt. Thn depoeitor
li lubjeot to no deity in dipotlllig or
withdrawing fundi.
Current Account. Opened.
Loam Negotiated.
Drifti Imu-kI paykblt In all parte ol
lbs world. •
For the convenience ol cuitomtrt ind
otniri thi. bank till he open oa tke
evening ol Pay Day Iron T o'olook null
8 o'clock.
Golf Cape**, 4 different vartelicp,
from |5 50 to $10.00.
Black Heaver Cloth Capee, nicely
trimmed, with hraid and elllc,
$4.00 to $10.00
Ladle.' Coftte, neweat Htyles,  in
black, Oxford vrey, and tweed,
Baby Coats In Aetraohan, Meltou,
Bearekln, Klderdown.
Silk   B.'ooaea,   French   Flannel
LiidlttB* nnd iHteBtfl' i.ul'1-phited
anti ellver-iooauted Uuibrellae;
they are tJltmnere.
Ladies' Uudershirta, nil colon re,.,
splendid variety, from ff J. 50 tu
$5 00.
..mliet-'Faney Tiee, Nt'ck Uibbonp,
Bfltp, Satulirle, Mi-tblcnre Set h,
Handkerchiefand Glove Boxes,
1'tioto Framee, etc.
The Anest aBBHttnieut of Mon'a
Tiee over shown. Right from
New Yoik. Mu two alikR. You
ciui go Into tbit* lot blindfolded.
Our Big Sale of Boots and Shoei. starts on
j |       See Bills for Special Announcement.
Masonic Block,   Lirdysjffl4fr
■*f>lt' ^ lt> lt» ifi -$ it* <t' 'I1 "I1 't1 '|'^*^*^H|ti|iij»^*|; i|i -ji^*|f
Half-yearly Meeting Held in Ladysmitli Saturday Night.
Tiienie-nberBof tbo Extension Accident JLfuud held their semiannual meei-
iug iu iViijiiolaon'a (Woodmen's) Imll,
LadvBumh, ou Saturday, Deo. iD.h,
11)02, Piobident It, E. Niwiuo lu the
Too aecretury'ij report sbo.voil that do
meeting hud liii.-u tieid since Jar_uury
laui, ttiou-jh one wan nailed at Escien*
fitm Tunutil in June last, but no Hittu-
bem iiu.mled. At Liie January meeting
tin* seoreUi v reported a balance on
huud u-$20-1.01, and nine death claime
unpniii, amount in-*; to ;j2 70U ill). These
claima bave all been paid during tlio
past year.
Two inembera wore tilled while at
woik and one meu-ber was paid .out;
disablement benefllB, iSmca llie last
meeting eight fifi-cUl aesesainemg were
levied during the year,
Ttie fund has paid out since Jan. 1st,
$ti>!i,* 30, aud the receipts for tbo same
tiuit- uuva been eJJSJ.u7.U8; whiuh leaves
a balance of $1,200 (iti tn the treasury,
with uo ulainis uupttid, Triia ctaleinent
iiitilutlt'S a ifountiou of if25 00 ptr month
from fii'ii. Jas. Dansciuir.
' The following officers were elected for
the ensuing term:
President—B. E. Nimmo, Ladyamith.
■  V. P/esIdont—P. Malune,       "
Secretary--Bt-rti Swanton, Extent-ion.
Em. Secretary—1-; D. Pelkoj, Ladysmith.   -
Treasurer— Hon. 3ah, Dunemair, Victoria,
The secretary wae authoriit?d to have
500 copies of the by-laws, as amended,
piinted. BuaincES being eonclndcd tbe
meeting I'loaed, ..m
Bkiit S'wanton, Secretary.
•y' -—*~
4 'atijifiiilli Wins Both Saturday'!
>,'■■•-'---- GanissEasily.
Another Echo of The Excitement at
The Big Fire.
It has been hinted to The Leader tbit
an apology is dne from it to the persons
who stonned Mr. P. H, Marshall's residence on Sunday morning on tbe occas-
ion of the fire, for the severity of tbe
it-niaike published in The Leader in
iinuienting on tbe conduct of those
The position ie very simple. Tbere
were twy parties (1) Thoae wbo went
(here to help, and (2) those who went
there to plunder. To the former The
Leader owes no apology, and they btve
been handsomely thanked, as they deserved to be, through the usual medium
' an advertised card ot thanks in then
.In in nn,  Tlie other party are invited
lay Iheir grievance personally belore
tho editor of tbie pauer, who will have
the greatest pleasure in life in banding
"leui personally over to the police.
When people are eo desperately anxious about othor people's property thtt
thoy smisli in bark doois, lay violtnt
hands upon tht lady of Ibt house, chop
the hot water connections of the kitchen
stove and tho bath wiih aiea, throw
costly piano lamps from the porch over
tbe embankment, wiencb valuable pictures clean out of their frames, and
carry on like the Firet of April in a
luuatie asylum, The Lesder 1s of opinion
that the proper argument it (or Ibt gentlemen of tbe bouse to defend their
properly and themselves witb whatevtr
weapons come handiest at tbe moment,
it is useless to attempt explanation! of
tlie disgraceful conduct of those bandit!
who committed the depredations in tbe
Marshall residence during the (ire, but
it is exceedingly unfortunate that none
>f them was recognised, because lt wat
i clear case lor the criminal court,
Tiie Leader learnt with satisfaction
that Mr. and Mis. Manhall havt recovered a large number oi their valuables, the only things now milting being
small articles, which, however, may
c-me lo later.
Absolutely tbe finest lea sold in B.O. II you do not know
thla atk our cueiomers. Or belter still try ono.pound SO,'.
Imported directly from Deckajulio Tea Hardens. Only
ourselves between the grower aud yon. . second order
will be 6 pounds, price fl'ih.
-tOUt AflENTS-
W. T. Heddle A Cp.
Free P«« Block.     ^BSSST Nanaimo
DearMri. J*.—, lu leply to yniir Inquiry as lo wlilY-li Ih the best len to use. Iwoultl
aay that Id my opinion It rests between ihe IHuc Klhbgn mul Monioou racket Tens. If
you like rich, itrong tea, then nine Ribbon is uiidoubtetlty the ln-l. hill shulikl your ia-".<-
be for a delicate and very flavory teal would advise you 10 telephone in your grocer Tor a
packet or Mouaoon. renaonally, I drink lllue Ribbon In ih-morning nud Muiinomi ut .
o'clock, bin then, you know, 1 am a i«-rlict crank about tea.
Yours truly, SARAH CRL'NDY.
The* art Province Christmas boiea of
MR. KENNY, Etplanade, Ladysmith,
Get the Best Work
Estlmattt cheerfully furnished nn anything yoa may need in ihe lint nl painting, peptrhingtng, will and celling dm*
orating. Tne Bur Paint Bhop, High
Bttwarl'i ebolee ebooolites tt tht Dru.i
Are My Particular Specially.
Having engaged Mr. Samuel Kiddnll,
a Suotch liakur ol great ability nml ax>
petieuce, I am prepared to supnly the
Ladyamith pliolic. wiih bread, pastry,
cakes, etc, smili as are soldo:.}. ff 'ted,
O. W. SCOTT, Qlty Bakery,
1,1 Avenue, Ladysmitli, ll C.
Amateur Belli Jeffries.
Butte, Mont., Dec. S.'.-Ohamplon
J.fTries lust a decision last night In a
(our-ronnd contest with .fact Mtinro,
alter four rounds ol lurloiis lighting. At
ono time tlie champion went to bis
knees, and a knockout looked possible.
Jeffries' manager had posted a forfeit of
IfUfl for any one to Hand against Ji fl'rlos
for lonr rounds, and Monro accepted the
challenge. At the end ol Ihe 'ninth
round Munro was still ready to fight.
Monro la amateur champion of the I'aci.
do coast. KilKiiiiiinittiH hat potto.] s
forfeit of |HIKI to pnt Munro out iu lour
Villi Malhwiiin-i ttlloilng establish-
ment tnd tee hll unrivalled range ol
winter suiting,. Pilots strictly coneot,
On Saturday evening laet in the pavilion tba two Ladysmltb baekclbali
.earns, seniors and intermediates, defeated with comparative ease the two similar teams from Nanaimo. Tbe tcorei
were, seniore 16 to 1-1 in favor of the
home team. ThiB was a pretty game;
very last and at times looked as if it
would break even. Ladysmith seniors
have improved greatly of late, and can
do some excellent work.
The intermediate game was somewhat
of a walk-over for the borne men, who
won with a score ol IS lo 4. The visitors
were not, of course, faoiiliar with tbe
hall, and found one or two things tn
buther them, hut on the whole the best
teams won.
During tbe matches the Ladysmitli
band playrd enjoyable selections. After
llie basketball there wae a dance, which
lasted onlilm'diiiebt, tbe hand providing
the music. Tbe .whole nil'.ir wae very
much ei-j yd I.) all present.
A Superb Publication.
Victoria Tonrlst Association Is evidently out in earnest fur tbe totnist trade of
ttie North Pacific, and fa leaving nothing
undone that will servo to attract tbo
wealthy travelling class to tbeir beautiful clt.v. Tl.e lateit of those lores In one
that reheats very high credit on tbe
Bulimia. It Is a pamphlet entiti. d "Pic.
tiiretque Victotla." Mr. Herbert Onth.
bert baa done the writing and the letter,
press Is Irom the Unionist ollice. Tbe
illnstralions are simply splendid, as line
Sfieeunens of this class of work as can bo
turned out today on tbe American con
Mr. Cuthbert has woll described the
toys ol llie hir tlinse who dwell lu and
ar mini Victoria. Tbe tourist In search
of a spot In which to get the most for his
money will find thla pamphlet just the
guide he Is looking for, A wide distribution of (hose pamphlets should bring
in g-iluen relume lo the enterprising
citixeni who tre pushing the Tourist,
trallic idea along.
At the author of the first artiele ever
published in a Victoria newspaper on
this ,nl .-.ut, the present writer c iiigiatu
latea the people of Victoria and tba
Tonrlst Association on the fact tbat they
are now on the right track,
Our 10 per cent, discount Bale keeps
ua hustling. We are banding out the
silverware, Tne people know a good
thing when they don't havo to guess il.
Cory S. Kyder.
Mount Benson wae covered with snow
on Monday morning; hence the inlpplng
and Iht eager air which blew. The snow
op the hills behind Ladysmltb is moving
ln Heidlly, and should reach town by
the end ol the yenr. So far It has been
a remarkably open wither, belying all
the predictions of Smashes and ecien-
tiatt. January aad Feburary an lo oome.
Another Nanalmo Sensation.
Naniimo is to have another sensttion
probably next week, when certain little
matters connected with eoine recent pi-
lice department operations will be enquired into, and, If possible, adjusted.
Threats of lawtuiti are rile, led the
prospecte ol a lively time ior all concerned are said to he excellent. Revelations that will astonish are promised.
Marconi Victorious.
Signor Marconi, the wonderful young
Italian scientist, haa succeeded in lending messages from Canada to England,
and is now doing eo regularly, having
conquered the lnnumerable*din,cultiet
in the wty. Oongralulttioni Irom princes, potentates aud powers tre pouring
in upon Marconi.
Moore Fountain Pent it tbt Drug
Store.   Every pen guaranteed.
Suitable Presents
For Xmas
Nothing can beet a nice
pleee ot
We have an elegant itock to
choose Irom. Oome up and
At only $15 each
!   It'i money we wtnt and wt will .
give yon full vtlut lor ll,
Freight Paid to Udysmlth
J. H. OOOD & CO.
The Great Cash Furniture Star* ladysmith: leader December u. \**m.
Ladysmith Leader
Published every Wednesday and Saturday at
The Leader Building, corner ofKirst Ave. aud
ftench Street, Ladyamith, Brltlah Columbia.
Bt Hail m Canada and unit-id States.
One year (stilctly In advance) $100
Sli months (strictly In advauce)  1 **5
TRANSIENT — Including bustues-* notices,
calls for tenders, applications for and transfer of
licenses, legal notices, etc., 10c, a line first in-
•-ertiou; 5c. a line each tubsequeut Insertion; is
iuea measure to the inch.
Ratea on application.    No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and I'unerol notices,
each Insertion 50c.
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
dine will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
t'HE LEADER will be found at the following
1,-rly smith-The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
**lanr.;ino—E.-PlmburySt Co.
.'-.toria-Piiblie Library; Provincial Library; and
t a iiconver*-Public Library, and Hotels,    a
Ni*tv ".'eatminster-Publlc Library,
Allctiangeam advertisements must be received
-ttlhls office before ta noon the day before
*hs ie.
S'-bwiibersuolrecetvlnif paper regularly please
tet-ort to this office.!
Ai: lob work strictly cash on delivery,
i'r ltisieut advertisements cash In advance.
heavy gune down to "euch paltry little
fullowB aa ourBelves." Let 11a Uli Mr.
King-ley that we have heard (and reported ) speakers compared with whom
James G. Blaine and the other American Bpeitkere mention hy him, are etreet
eorner hj-ranguers, and we hold the
opinion, which ia just ae honeit and
blunt ae Mr. Kingaley's, that Hon W.
W. B, MelnneB could make a very respectable appearance even in tbe British
Iloueoof Commons, and indeed in any
leglBlutive body in the world.
Tbo world ia a muoh larger place than
the United Statee, and eveu t-o this day
the remark of Dr. Oliver Weudell
Holmes 10 very truo and a-'|illcabli.—
■'The United CJlttteaiaBttll the home of
the green fruite of literature" and we
may Justly add—of oratory. We f.ar
Comrade King-ley is parochial.
W8DN89DAY, DECBMBSR:-., 190-
a a. e. a..a..a. a..a..e-.i..e_,ij,J.Ji,tnitiiliiliiliit--H**
I'T TT T TTT TTT X-»-» »*-«» » *»■> » ■
The Leader
wishes all its
A Very
In tht burly burly ot election time lt
It not etiy to take tbe calm, philotopblc
view ol thlngi tnd ol men that we so
much desire to tike it all times; but
now that the itour ol battle hai subsided, and tht angry pateioni arouaed to
order have bten returned to tti ck, until
the neit election ehall arm brother'e
hand againit brotber'i (with tbe jawbone oi an ass, moat like) we cau re.
view one or two mattera ol curious intereit that happened during the simoon
ol a week or two ago.
Moit fantastic of all tbe shapes that
rite In recollection'! puivlew ol that
tnimited lituitionit tbla of t foreigner,
a eltlun ol the United States hiving the
magnificent gallaptry to eome over Into
thil country to tell a Canadian audience
eome vtry unflattering, and at tbe same
time some most nnjuit thingi about a
gentleman wbo is txeeedlngly popular
with 1, ibill we uy? mtjorlty, ol the
people ol tbit district.
Oomrtdt Klngflley did not con line bis
Ulkonbthillol Hr. Parker Williams
to elear definitions oi tbe issues at stake,
bnt be had the grind hardihood to risk
tht pereonal by miking a lavage and
unprovoked tttack upon i Canadian
publie mm, ln presence ol a Canadian
andianct lu a Canadian town, Nothing
abort ol the Victoria Cross ihould bt
apportioned to tbit rati htro in nil lilt.
For, look you, Oanidtint, supposing
that Hon. Mr. Molnnot hid gone over
into tbt State ol Washington and told a
large audience oi American citizens, a
very large proportion ol whom admired
and lupported the object ol bit attack,
that tha man whom tbey looked npon is
a clever, honeit and upright man was
notbing bnt a dap-trap talker, with no
more principle tban be ihould have-
whet would have happened to Mr. Mclnnei or any other Canadian who ihould
try thtt? Why, thty .would kill' him
belore ht hid spoken ten sentences,
Yet wt lit tnd lliteu to in illen, t
foreigner, who speaks onr itngutgt with
difficulty, and in a patoia that makes it
birtly recognizable to English till, we
llittn to mob a man bawl cotrsetnd unjustifiable iniulti into the lace ol our
provlnoiil leorettry, ont ol the mem-
btrtoithtGovtrnment. It ll marvel-
Comnde Kingiley laid that he bad
heard all the great oratori In tha United
Statei Irom Jamei 0. Blaine and other
Everybody has heard the Btory oi the
big ball in Dublin where the hostess
was much distressed to observe that the
gorgeously-attired officers ol the Tenth
Hussars were not dancing. She went
up to the Colonel, so the Itory goes, and
asked bim to join the throng In tripping the light fantastic toe, and also lo
invite his officers to doso. The Colonel,
"a h'arbitary gent" seemingly, replied
with aristocratic bauteur, which no
doobt nearly choked him, "Aw, thatike,
the Tenth don't dawnce."
"Then," replied tbe witty hostess in a
moment, "thou perhaps the Tenth can
walk," nt the eame time pointing lo Ihe
door ol the salon. And the legend sayB
that the Tenth did walk.
That was long ago, hut it would appear Irom preeent day statistics and
comparison of notes tbat there hai been
a great deal ol recruiting lor the Tenth,
lor Irom all quarter! comet the wail ol
the distracted hostess wbo declares,
with tears, that the young men are not
dancing aa tbey used to. Why? There's
the rub. All aortt ol solutions are offer,
ed, but the real cause of the disinclination ol the gilded youth, and even ol Ihe
tort witlinut the.gliding, is as bard to
find as ever.
One will observe at social function!
where dancing ia one of tbe maiu cards,
that more end more men "wallflower,"
to coin a convenient term for the occasion. At one function lately, not a bun.
dred miles from Iaulysmlth.il is an actual iact that nearly all the young fellows could not, or would not dance, and
the ladies bad to (all back on the old
boys, who bai learned in their yontb
and were well able to lave the eituatiou,
Is it because the youog follows think
the dance beneath their dignity, and
that it looks too much like cbild'a play
to go bobbing or whirling np and down
room? Or are onr young men growing too serious with tbe burden ol mod
ern life and ite constant strain oi intense
Whatever lt is society it confronted
with a grave situation, lor it is becoming harder tban ever to fill programmes,
owing to tbe ignorance ol dancing or un-
willlngnesB oi the young meu to join in
lhe dance.
Ladysmith Merchants Make a Brave
Display This Year.
Ail who remember the sort of place
Ladysmith wae a year ago will best appreciate the wonderful change which
has taken place, and the remarkable
contrast presented between this year's
Christmas dlsplayB and those of a year
ago. There are many more stores, and
the eshibits of gouilB are far ahead of
wbat tbey wero then. Io (act Lady
Blilith ^ill bear couinnriatin wiih any ol
tho neighboring towns, both as to extent and excellence ol stock1, and tbe
tastefuluees shown In their arrangement.
01 course, the Leader's advertiiera,
being tbe most enterprising and modern
amongst the town'e merchant community, are far in the lead in IlilB matter,
and thoir places ol business are well
worth the attention ol the chopper today and tonight, The Leader has, with
a good deal of pleasure, jotted down a
lew notes ol the Christmas shows of
thoae thriving and np-lo-date establishments, and hopes'; that those (Irma will
reap a rich reward lor tholr admirable
efforts to* please the, pnblio and make
known the (lot that_they are in business through tbe widely-read column! of
The Leader,
Everyone admiies the pluck and Ibe
Indomitable energy with which this
line, old-established firm, one of the
earliest pioneers of Ladyemith, met the
cruel blow which befel them a little
more than a week ago. Before a week
had paSBel away from tbe dale oi tbe
disastrous fiie tbe firm were into temporary premises, ready, or almost ready
to greet their numerous customers with
the old-time courtesy and attention
which have ever:marked the dealings of
this representative business establish
ment with the public. By Monday
morning, by dint of good hard work,
Messrs. 1-elser's staff were ready (o re-
sume duty almost un the old Bland, and
with a (reeh stock ol high-olasa grocer'
ieo, dry goodi and otber Btaples carried
hy litem, All lhe firm's old customers
are rallying round them again, and the
prospects are, that, in spito ol the lessen
ed space and consequent iiiiptiesiliilHy ol
doing the iplendid Christmas bnsluess
ol lormer years, tbe firm will do fully at
well ae could be expected lu the uulur-
innate circiimelancea.
Enterprise li the motlo ol thil well-
known business house, and the Ladvimith braucb, under the management ol
Mr. WalterB, worthily upholds the tra-
ditlona ol Ihe firm. No better Christinas stock is to bo found on the Island
tban that which loads the counters oi
Messis, Stevenson A Co., Ladysmith,
For some days east the public have
streamed into lhe store and buslnees
has been very good. All preparatlone
are made ior meeting the wants ol a
largcarmy of patrons today and this
evening, Everything and anything lu
the line of dry goods, fancy goods'and
nick-nacks, suitable for ChrietmiB purchases, cau be lound ai Stevenson's.
The firm always challenge comparison
in prices, and these have been made
specially tempting Ior thla season,
Very significant It is lhat ao large a
proportion ol the best articles iu Die big
revlewe at present deal with American
influence nn European affaire. The Nineteenth's two leading articles this month
are on "America's bid [or naval supremacy" and "The weak spot in the American Republic."
Nobody teems bold enough lo dispute
tbe proposition heard on every hand
that Vanconver Island it it last on tbe
threshold oi great developments. Just
as well to believe it even il one cannot
see it. This Island eeemi to have been
waiting a long time fur this develop,
ment,'and It eeeme a pity that the initiative Bhould not eome Irom Canadians
General de Wet has tbe hardihood to
assert In bit recently published book
tbat the Boer women in tht concentration camps were "ihtmelnlly Ill-treated
by the Engliih." He says that England
will bave to let as a great conquering
race ihould aot toward tho ptoplei it
hll vinquished belore tbe cruelties it
hii perpetrited on the Boer women ind
children cm be lorgotten. General de
Wet ihould certainly be asked to ex-
plain what he means.
Crockery ol all kinds, white cups and
saucers, from 80o per dozen. Colored
cups and eauoeri, irom 11 to (1 25 per I
dozen. Clover leal pattern f 1.25 perl
dozen. To be bad at D. Taylor'a, opposite E, A N. railway itttlon. I
The same method! which built up the
famous establishment in Nanalmo and
secured for it the will-founded alaim ol
being second to none In Ibe grocery line
on Vancouver Island, ire doing the
same sort ol work lor tbe brtnch eattb.
llshed in tha Oddfellows' block. With
a really magnificent etook, skilled and
obliging oletka, and pilces thtt trt cut
to compete with toy ponible rivalry
it is no wonder tbat A, R. Johniton A
Co., ol LadyBmith, ire making a powerful bid Inr a Iront rank place in thiB
town and vicinity. Tbey are showing
all the latest lines in high grade groceries, especially the Christmas good things.
It would be impossible to specialize any
wbioh ti on Fint Avtnut, crown ol
tbt bill, Lidyimlth. Filled right
up with Xmas notions and things.
I cm fit yon out with most anything
you want lor a present, tnd not
sctrt yon with the price, eithtr.
Better drop In tny old tlmt belore
Xmas Eve, and we'll talk It ever,
Youra truly,
particular line wheu- t'u-ra ■■' eu-'li a
bewtlde.inn luxuriance lu qiuitiiitv nnd
quality, hut the ban way is to diiip
around and see the iii»|.l.*y I-.r nacset*.
Mr. Rolston's fine store licks tile a
section of Fairyland today, ami if 'or
nothing else than the pleaiuii-. ol view,
ing a prettv Bight is well worth a visit.
He has made a great specialty of <"j's
litis snaBon, and there are no better to he
found anywhere out of Victoria, With
tbe addition nf a number of hands.ue
cases, and added uouuter routo, Mr. Rolston is enabled to show his stock logical
advantage. BcBiiies the toys tliera are
plenty ol nloo things for the grown-ups,
in the v a/ of pretty articles Btiitabla fo.
presents. Mr. Rob-Ion tieeeivea credit
fur his ihorouelily enterprising and busi-
nesslise iff.ir's lo meet the wtnt. ul
Ladyeuii'l.'e i.uliday shoppers,
m.w. WArrr&co
This firm's name is a household word
throughout IS itisb Columbia, owing to
the cl. ver way in which it hai won tnd
keeps a front piece ln tbe attention ol
the great purchasing public. The firm's
solid, practical business wisdom wel
well displayed iu their selection ol a
permanent representative in thia town.
Mr W. H, Lively, a iienlleman whose
popularity with the citizens ot Ladysmith ls as much due to bis high personal character aa to his courteous and exceedingly obliging disposition aud hia
strict attention to business. Mr Lively
haa proved many timei over that Messrs.
Waitt & Co, did wisely and well when
they chose him as their agent here,
Messrs Waitt A Co,, carry a spleudid
stock ci musical instruments, sheet
music and stationery, and these are displayed iu a manner that betokens tbe
possession ol considerable skill on the
part ol Bomebjdy. Iu Ohrlstuiat cirda,
books, presents of all kinds, their display
Is not excelled by any firm nortb ol Vic-
Without any wish to pun at the ex-
peuiabf a gentleman who hold! the respect ol ill lino know him, Tbe Leider
might take tht liberty ol remarking thit
very seldom Indeed is a name more happily wedded lo a man than Mr, Lively's
is to him. Hii mini exaotly describes
hit business methods. Since his advent
in Li.l.niiilli he baa led hii rivils a
lively dance, and saya he really hasn't
begun tn move aa he intends to when
Ladysmith cola its wisdom teeth, Mr,
Lively haa hae got in • stock ol jewelry,
watobee, ornamenitand other cunning
work ol the goldsmith and silversmith
that will make tbe eyes ot beauty glisten
witb plesBure aud the big dollars burn
holts in tbe pickets ot the chips who
want tu shine in her slibt. A visit to
Mr. Lively's well slocked itore will let'
tie the question nl wbat to buy with
many. And the big puu'kln is waiting
to tell lie secret in carefully counted
seeds, while Ihe spleudid prlisl on view
silently testily that Mr. Lively doei net
believe in hall-uieasuiae when it cornel
to a competition in enterprise.
II push, go, carelut study of the people's waole, and a practical knowledge
ol bla business are the requisites Ior fortune-making, then Cory 8. Ryder ought
to end hia business career a very rich
man. The Leader has no doubt that be
will, as LadyBmith ia going to be a big
oity, and Mr, Ryder wlll never consent
to lie a back number in any commercial
community, or any other kind. Hll
display la simply immense, great. Toy-
land It might be called, aud one hit
only to lliten hi the delighted exclamations ol the youngsters to know that
tbey have eliuck a epot they don't want
to leave in g hurry.. Mr. ind Mn.
Ryder ind their assistants have lien
doing a Und ofllce buslnees Ijr eome
days back and tbe prospects for todty
•nd tonight tre just tt good. Thty deserve it.
The genial proprietor ol the Pharmacy, High Street, haa great confidence
in the g icd taste ol the Ladyamith pnb
lie, ind their appreciation 61 that kind
ol enterprise which bring! right home to
them the beautiful tbingt ol thtlr
dreams; things which they thought they
would have to go down to Rndteru'i or
Challouer and Mitchell's, or ovtr to
Trnrty'.togtt, Mr. Jeatup ha. them,
and nobody in Li.dyamlth can get them
aa cheap by going to the lar-away firms
mentioned. "How can you do it, Jai.
nip?" Tht Lsader hii heard people ask
blm, wben luformedol tbe surprisingly
low prioe of some trtiole ol beauty or
usefulness. Mr. Jenup imlles, assures
them Ihit It it not 1 mistake, and to
inothtr hippy oiiatomtr. In flnt per
fumes, Kips to dainty thit ont might
bt excuied Ior taking a moulhlul ol
thtm in mlttake tor nougat or lomt
oilier toothsome candy, and In all tbe
fine arlicles which are peculiar to tha
well-oondn ted drug itort Mr. Jtasup
bat no rival In Ltdyimitb, and vtry Itw
in tbt provinct.
At niml, Mr. Bickle, tbe Fint Art-
nut giootr, It to Ibt fort witb a tempting trrty ol Obrlitmit loodi, ind li
meeting with increased pitronsgt Irom
the discriminating public ol Lidytmith.
Mr. Bioklt it in old pioneer ol this dis-
trict md knowl to a dot wbat li wanted,
hence bis tnccets it i business mtn.
*** **** ■; *********
Dining  Room lfurnYtuneT;
Superb 6oods at tow Pflcitisv^
Suleb ard, «i hilar u> en:,  .-•-.iiii.ul.ii'y.e Id
g'ddfn qiurr-'rart n»h. inif hp**t. *.t*Hert
to match
Dining Tab|oBrBai.li:B-)d.   .., „
si-'eb.tHnT, exTenuiilg tno'or 1(1 ..
•       .   f40.00 end i
Other' Hidebdaids,|lll.(j-*li.- ItBQ **
Oner Dining T.li'ts,;|7 00 to |**-.0t>
N ..me the price yon ten sfford lor tny piece ol
(.irniture end write tie ;..r iiln.lntiooi.
I Weiler Bros.,
Lamest Furnishers tn
Weitern Canada.
:—*———~—^-+.      Ini'     i-faa-i»--
Esquimalt &  Nanaimo  Railway
s     -      II IK
Fare Irom Ladysmith to Viotovit Ind Return only 13 00.   Exertion ritn in tffeol
to ill other itationi." " ,.,	
Tioketi good lor going jiurney;from Dae, 24'hXJtuuiry lit inclusive, returning
not liter thin Jtnniry 2nd, IMS.
NOTE-All tralni are cancelled on Chrlitmat Day, Dec agtb, Ipo*.
Traffic Manager.
I Smelting Works
5 "   "
1 -AT-
(Uontlnued on page 3.)
Prepared to purchase ores.   Convenient to
B. & N. or Sea.   «*•&
I Llll
Coal!   »   iotal
Company, Ltd.
Wellington Coal   Best household coal on the Pacific : j
Coast  .................
Comox Coal—Best iteam coal on the Pacific Coast
:; Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and house*   '■
hold coal ',.■"- •.,,'
The above coals are mined only by the Y*el-
lington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sonne}, i ■',.;',1,"
Head Office
Victoria, B. C ■ _:
San Franolaoo Agenoy,
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y ;i
1   ■ -trJfy ,'■• "J;    w. ->-..-.. *
340 Steuart St.      :
A fcA* Aa* sB.a-_ik._fc *-**--*-■■-*■'-■--    ,
WAR -pM3
la all right, bat house palat la batUr. .We ssnWt stocltot
hlgh-coaa palote, ode, varnlahea, ate,, ate,,1 and' do"lb.'
beat work.  TBY 111. .....i. ...,i...l.-r..Z.    ,
J. HOICKA & CO.   **-<-• Box 3.-,Udy8mith,B.C.
He is showing floe lines of Beasuuabli
fruits, candles aud the tblnati.'needful
ior the Ohristmis table.
Since opening up their new store in
the Stevens Block, corner ol First Avenue and Uataore etreet, Messrs. Fietcbei
Brother! have met with plenty ol support to convince thsm that tbey htve
not mtde a uuslne-s mistake in thus
showing their confidence In Ladyimiib's
future. Tbey carry a first-elaei stock ol
tbe (-..nuns Oerttardt-Ueintzm.n pianos
and also other uiaktat musical instruments ol ill kinds, md at all prices. An
Important teotion of their well chosen
tlock is their sheet music, ol wble'
tbey make a speuul feature. Their flue
new store Is well situated lor catering to
tbe wints of tht public, who it this
season art particularly In want ol good
music and lota ol tt, Messrs. Fletcher
Brotben bivt a flnt rente; of goods
from which to itlect vtlutbtt tnd appropriate Christmas presents.
Mr. Robert Williamson, proprietor ol
tbe City Market, baa made ample preparation to meet the demands likely to
bo mtde on him for choice meat! at this
festive season. Prime beef, mutton,
. real, pork "and the (at Christmas lurkej
are to be bad in perfection in hie itore,
aad by the way that orders are pouring
in on him, Ladysmltb is determined tu
lire well, 11 not sumptuously tomorrow.
0. W. MILLS.
For tome dtyt iwck Mr. 0. W. Mills ol
tbt High Street melt' mtrket his been
busy with, tpeeltl. Christmtt .orders,
whloh he It filling wilb all possible dee-
patch. He !■ fully stocked with t supply
nf Christmas in-tata, tnelndint choice
turkeys. He reports tbe best Christmas
trade since be entered into bnilness in
Since mivlnt Into tbeir'flue new store
in the Stevens block Mtstit. Pannell
and Plaakett have greatly Increased theii
trade, and' they are now doing a splendid
Christmas business. They have made
all preparations lor the season of feasting, md htvt on vitw prime home-lid
ment ol ill kinds, They tlso report the
Christmas trade 'ill that they could
Mrt.Trumper'sitoreon Robert* Street
ll beconiiug t regular pltce ol call with
the bousevlvet ol the town, lor they
folly appreciate thtt nothing beitta
nice piece ol Iresb fish is t wholesome
ohinge Irom tht monotony ol tht rttular
"ditt. For tomorrow'! dinner Mre.
Trnmper has laid in an issortment ol
Ash Ihit ought to find ittdy tale. The
Chrlitmii dinntr it Incomplete without
a oonnt ol inert, daintily cooked halibut, cod, herring, or other lavorite flsh,
Thote who htvt ntvtr tuttd a hoi
ehlcken tamtlt know not one ol the
chiel aupper j iyi bl lilt. It il a Mexican
concoction ol wbito corn moil, tomatoes,
boiled chioken, chillies ind to .etbint
thtt mikti a 'ellow leel like abase born
tr til tht wty down, Mr. Sneddon
iniuorte them regularly and they make
jnal at nice 1 Christmas Eva intek as a
chilly penon would require. They tre
cheap and "awful good,"
From Bohemia \
*     Copi/rtolit, ml, hu A. B. fltrtwrdson     *
Jack Thurston gated curiously across
the little tnt-le at the young woman
that Curl, the presiding genius of the
Skye Terrier, with a muttered, apology,
hnd seated opposite him. Time wat
when tho Skye Terrier could afford I
table to every guest Now it wot difficult to get even n seat
It was the llfst time that Thurston
bad ever eeen a really pretty woman it
the Terrier. It wat t novelty. Hll
toup grew cold aa he watched and admired. She wat clearly timid, but bore
herself ao well that even witb tbe ll-
cense afforded by the tuppoted bo-
boinlnu tendenclet of the place ihe wai
woll on toward the quarter section of
Ico cream and be bad lit nil third
cigarette before he ipoke.
She regarded htm with absolute terror for a momont when he made eome
trivial remark, flipping tbe asbet from
hia cigarette na he did. lo to cover Ills
own confusion, but Thurston had a
face to Inspire confidence, and falling
Into the spirit of the thing a cominu.
nlty of Intereat loon ripened the acquaintance.
Both hnd come from email country
newspapers to engage In a "Jourunlla-
Dr. T. Glendnn Moody, Dentist, will
return to L-dysmith Friday, Saturdaj
and Sunday ol thit week. Dr. Mood;
will make regular visits io Ladvimith.
Offloe it Nicholson's Hill. Viotoria
office, Old Potloffiot building.
A Plat Publication.
The Speoiil Edition ot Ibe Sotunuiu
Amzbicak, devoted to Transportation on
Land and Sea, cannot tail toattraot
widetprtid Intel est, both because ol the
very handsome manner in which itltgot
upend on iccoontol the voluminous
amount ol information tbat Itcootains,
It li nit lo lay that anyone,thai nad.
lt oartlully through will Had hlinaelf
thoroughly Informed both aa to the
magnitude and high quality oi tbe
world'a railroads -ind ihipping. The
SoiBHTirio Asiebjoan has Its own characteristic wty ol presenting wblt lomt
people might ctl) dry statistical matter
In an interesting form, and tbe prennt
number ll no exception to the rule. Both
artist and Editor htve . collaborated lo
very good efftot, md we believe the
number will meet everywhere with a
hearty reception. Thi price it marvellously low, only ten cents.
Booki I Booki! Just received, a big
consignment ol popultr notion, well
hound, will printed end cbetp, Otll
and look than over. At Jeudu'i Pharm-
;•*•»• "■'- ,' ';■ '    -  -,' ■
Anociation Football.
* ,
The Ladyimllh Leaders tnvel to
Niniimo to meet, the TW.ttlet in Ihit
long looked Ior game. The match will
bt piiytd on tht Cricket Ground ind It
to be pltytd lor the widow, ol mold
Ladysmltb player. A stag, will leave tbe
Grand Holel at t a. n. sharp Xinn
morning. Batoning Immediately alter
Hundreds ol young mtn liy It wti
thtlr nett appearance when applying lor
t poattton that got lt tor them. Consult
Metheton, L*dyi_lth't lament tailor,
he inowi tbe noitt.
BUB    UliUAMJED    mil    WISH-DILI    FOB
tic career," In Tburiton'i cue represented by a fifteen dollar a week Job
na a reporter ou one of the minor papers. She mu u children's page for a
"pateut Inside" for twelve,
Both hnd decided to become bohe.
mlana, und na all the newapaper article! thoy hud ever read located Bohemia in tbe cbeap table d'hotei tbey
had picked out the Terrier, whlcb Juat
it thnt moment waa affording free
food to the epnee writers who govt
tbeir attention to establishing reputations for tenth rate cafee. Tbla wat
located on the euat aide aad wat aum-
cleutly dirty to commend It to the
seeker after thc unreal.
Hor name, the told Urn, waa Mabel
Evuiine Miiuton, but the signed M. EL
Mnuton In a mannish band to tht tales
tho submitted to the. mngatinea and
nought to be mannish, aa all bachelor
girls should be.
She fairly hungered for companion-
•hip, and euch evening (Thurston
worked ou au oveuing paper and wu
off the early thfft at 4 o'clock) found
them at the tame table In tbe Terrier,
Here ebe brought her manuscript for.
revision, here be told bla hopot and
fears. When tho Influx of novelty seeking society grew oppressive, they
moved on to the Bluo Ostrich, In
Thompson itreet, conducted by. tu old
black mammy, who gave tbem Mary!
laud chlckeu Instead of goulaah tnd
corn pone Inatead of bread stloka.
Tbey were going home one nlgbt
•bout tlx months nfter their flrat meeting when Thuraton proposed. Hll Hilary bad been raised (5 a week, and In
tbe prldo of wenltb he told her that he
thought tbat with, economy he could
undertake the support of u family, If
only she would consent. He wai a
manly, straightforward, fellow, and his
avowal of love wut the sort tbat would
appeal to any good woman. Tbey bad
been walking uptown and were retting
on one of the benches ln Washington
She. regarded blm wistfully for
awhile. Her face went flnt white,
then rod. Thurston, eagerly studying
her expression, woe torn between exultation tnd fear. A tremeudout nils
heaval wat going on within, Love wai
itruggllng witb aome Intruder, and thi
conflict waa sharp.
Whon at laat ahe apoke, tbere wen
tears In ber eyes. "I'm ao sorry, Jack,"
tho said toftly. "I do love you; I really do. but It would kill my career. I
hnve come hero to work nnd wlu, Mir-
tinge would spoil all my chancel."
Thuraton mentally consigned careen
to a place where they would lie very
apt to thrive) up and gave voice to
many arguments, hut till In vain. Mabel's head waa filled witb all the nbn-
■erne written about Bohemia and thi
necessity for being a bachelor girl If
oho.would lucceed In literature. Her
mind wns set upon lucceia, and ah,
never realised that the wu starving
•oul nnd brain by living in amakeahlfl
apartment nnd enllng with tbe bohe-
uilniis. where the fcatt of reason was
ailpposed to atone for a lack of food.
Against tbla fixed Idea even the ar
gument of her own heart wta unnvatl-
IM, aud jrUtn thai reeuutd tbtk
itroll homeward the best pniuilai
Thurston could get from ber was thai
when fortune came to both alio would
marry bim.
Beyond a warmer handclasp wben
they mot nnd parted uo allusion wu,
mnde to the incident for several weeks
lack was politic mid suw tliat it cum
palgn wel necessary. A coup, would
not avail. The forces were (oo event}
matched. According to mllllary strat
egy, a siege waa neceaanry.
i 4*4
All Ovev Flower Dcal-cna—Tin? Umpire Wreutha of Chiffon noses.
HumIIii, Voile and Fonlnrd-Tlte
Artie,'. Tuue.lt  In  Hal..
Roses nre everywhere, for the latest
Ho Induced her to change their rcB- muslin gowns display rose wreathed
tourant. Tneioclety people and thoal 'patterns, while huts are rose laden,
who commote tbo under crust had foi- nnd on pnrnsols are roses painted nnd
lowed tbe ipnce writers to the Ostrich, ; embroidered. These nnd other flowered
The mammy had grown rich, nu.1 will i musllus suit very happily In tho fasli-
her lncreaied position cuuie tho belief , i0nlng of tbe simple gown, being bo
that she woe losing money, running 'ornate themselves they need little dec
account! which never would be paid 'oration. A couple of frills on tho hem
by thoie who bad virtually created thi of the skirt nnd a frilled flchu on the
place. ...    bodice will suffice to achieve good re-
Tho new Bohemia wat located ln
Bleecker itreet Tho proprietor hnd
an Italian name, aud they drank logwood Cblantl at 10 cent! a pint and
tried to like It At tbe Ostrich th<
cooking at least was clean. Here nothing wat. The hot summer days bad
come. Lulgl waB fighting tbo ice trusl
At the expense of his pntront, who accounted themselves fortunate if hall
the dinner waa.eatable.
Mabel wanted to change, but the ho-
hemlant had not yet moved ou. Thurston noted tbe fact with satisfaction
end encouraged Lulgl to persevere,
even going to the extent of writing up
the place while he paid his bill.
One AugUBt evening tbe revolt came.
The coup wat thinner than Croton water. The. flsh fairly appealed to the
board of health for Investigation. The
entree was worse, the roust bnt little
better, while tbe Inevitable Ice cream j
wit half melted nnd utterly without;
flavor. .Mabel's best Btory had como
back that afternoon. Sbe was sick nnd
Their table was in n little nook free
from, observation. She let her bend
droo forward on her hand. Thuraton'B
hand stole softly toward her own. It
was convulsively clasped aa a tear
dropped on it
"Mabel," be urged, "don't you think '
it abont, time j'ou gave this sort of]   _.
tblng upl You have lived eight months I mmK ov l'w isD TOI™ *m™»D-
In Bohemia. You seo what nn empty tuffs; Under bucIi circumstances tbey
farce lt all Is. Let's go out and get »re 0M|J' ""h"1 t0 young girls of slim
mtrrled tnd Btart housekeeping lu tho figure. Tiny empire wreaths of roses,
niornlng. In place of coffee und rolla mi'de of cblffon In iiutiiriil colors, are
we will hnvo a real breakfast We tometliuea scattered over a pure white
will have a real home, nnd we won't mouasellue do sole or chiffon skirt,
get Indigestion from changing the uu- wlllc1' uns uo other trimming llinn tbo
tlonallty of our stonuicha every time underpropping of i'rou frou frills at
tbe leading bohemlnns exhaust tholr 'bo feet.
credit    Wt  tren't  real  hohoinlons, t Besides tho popularity of muslin, enn-
dear.   Left go back home." ,Tus is nIs0 we" H'-ed nud Is scon at Its
An energetic nod of the head an- ucst '" "" m'u *om>. trimmed with
ewered the question, nnd Mabel looked llttll> Plpingi or Strappings of self eol-
up, smiling through her tears. "1 ol'Hl sllk. wlth " V08' °f !j'!s.h Inco and
wanted to when you first Baked mo," » suggestion of pale blue or pnto
she aaid; "now I'm Borry I didn't say ni,1MV'-' «'tl10 ""^
'yea- then." I   There ls n large choice of fabrics
Thurston called the waiter. "Carlo," l"8t "ow. tor foulard Is hy no means
hi mid Impressively, "you take this neglected oven with such serious rivals
bill. Oo up to tlte saloon ou KTc comer I" coinbnt ns tho voile and the muslin,
and get a bottle of renl wine-the real I1"1, foulard dresMs, usually bearing
tblng, you understand, not the stuff    ""' ' '
ilerely A Reminder
Of the fact that the Leader Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and society—at very reasonable prices. ■
We Print
f —Letter Heade ?
*1 -Rill Ht-Rda T
—btttibiiifaiita 4
—Note Heads f.
—Memorandum Heada T
—■Envelopes 4
—Business Cards f
—Stock Certificate.*, T
—LepAl blanks 1
—Wedding Invitations 4
—Funeral Announcement!- T
—Tickets 1
—Programmes _
—Pamphlets T
—Catalocnes 2..
—Window Cards *
—HaoeerB T
—Posters X
Having the latest type faces and borders,
and modem machinery, we produce only
' tlie  best  work — Printing that r.itracts
The Leader Job Room
Ladysmith, - B. C
1 I I.T , I I I I I I I
we get here.   Wo wnnt to drluk to our
last night ln Bohemia.
Th* Virtues of Saffron.
To the virtues of saffron whole volumes havo been devoted, references to
some of tbo more Important of which
aro given lu Canon Kllacoinbe'a 'Tluut
Lore' and  Garden  Cm ft  of  Shake*
dark grounds nud llpht piittcnis,
selected ns belnir eminently sultnhlc
for every occasion and easily relit
det'ed ki ice In liy eh'gani hy n|ipllcntions
of lace or u lawn embroidered collar
and undei'Hleevca,
The double sleeve nnd Us later comrade for the season, tho elbow sleeve,
bold favor In their Hue.
For the croquet player there Is a
costdnic of red nnd white foulard trim-
red. With this mny bc worn a muslin
hot wreathed with roues.
In the 1  .'tty hut sketched one sees
a new st,. ie in straw, without doubt
•pcare," where there Is a long article S3",T« 1   . . ♦.
onthesubject. Tbe plant was cblelly tmA wlt" lnBe,'t,on ftnd bort,wwl W|U»
uud for diseases ofthe lungs, whence
camo Its title of Annua polmonuui; t'tn*
assisting 1 tbe eruption of measles,
smallpox, etc. (in measles It Is still oc-
culonally pretcrlbed); as a ciudlac
and general stimulant, nnd aa a dlgca-
tlvt and atrengthcuer of tho atomach.
To thli lut (supposed) virtue Its uso
In "meats" Ib due. > Lyte snys Hint so
taken It "comfortelb the stmnacke
and causetb good dtgestlon, nn.l sodden tn wine lt preserveth from drank-
enneiBe." It waa alao uaed aa a love
philter and atlll enters largely Into
tome popular reclpea for "making up"
The moat extravagant notions of Ita
powere were formerly held, und aome
old wrltert went io far as to term it
the king of vegetablei. Eveu so late
■1 tbe middle of the lost century It
held a prominent place In our official
dlspeiisntorles, but lt has now come to
be used only at a coloring nnd tinvor-
lug agent being medicinally almost
luert, Ht property (such as It Isl being
mildly stimulative-Notes and Que-
Wbat Pipe aaaoker. Have lo Pear.
Thoae who uio the pipe have to fear
epithelioma, otherwise called the can
cer of the lips, toil of the tongue. The
flnt of these It particularly common
tmong tboit wbo .imoke short clay
plpet. The cancer of smokers shows
Itself generally at the point where the
stem of the heated pipo is curried upon
the lower lip. That of the tongue tip-
poara on the aide whore a atreum of
amoke la likely to Btrike tho tongue at
etch Inhalation. Those two forma of
a horrible dlseaac are without doubt
tbt mott serious that smokers can meet
With. It Is the fear of theso formldu-
blt accident! tbgt.bat converted ninny.
Tbt frequency of them, hpwover,
ihould not be overrated, statistics
ilone tin give ue nu idea of tbo truth.
Thou of tho city ot Pnrli show that
there are 155 cases each year of deaths
caused by cancer of tbe mouth, while
the number .of smokers In 1'orls Itself
I estimate to be at least 335,000. Admitting tbat half of these innlie use of
tbt pipe tnd that all of the eases or
cancer can bo attributed to theini there
le but ono victim to every thousand
Elpe   amckora. — lloyiio   dot   Deux
Ho I .Ion to Her.
Mra. Mugglna—That womnn'a hut-
bind )l quite n litem ry lion.
Mrs. Bugglnt-Why, the told me he
wu a perfect htar.-Pnliadelphia Bee-
Harry J. Rogers
Johnston Block,    Nanalmo, B. C.
Kodaks   and   Kodak   Supplies
D. Domlne 0. Suulli
Don't Read This
Hotels, $:. 50 per tettt. Stores *2 50 p. i
Dis-dlli-iir Hou-i-p.Ute. percent.
| The Leading
J .Reviews
?! Nineteenth Century   and After,
4 Contemporary   Review,   Port*
X nightly   Review,   Weitrclnfter
•T, Review,    .Edinburgh   Review,
*> Quarterly Review, Blackwtod'•
;V' Edinburgh Magailne,
4 Strong,   sterling, timely, -miggeiti<re
$ ami aiithorltive; just what you want
A Iu know of the world's doings; exactly
.y whnt you need to know; and torn
when you want to know it—that's the
value or these reviews to you.    The
.    i yi__.
ablest writers, the most .timei-
-"sslo **" :'""  "* " "" '    ""
leading reviews.
 ,-Jieiy dla-
cussions; The Htvineat preaeutauon,-*»f
i-orld-probleius of the day appear
,- mouth in the pages of tnete
the world-problems o
every mouth in the ,..„ . .. 	
These nre theBng*
lisb editions sold in America a( about
half price.  Specimen copiea sent firae
Coinpauy estnblislied  1859.   Doing the largest
biisintss In Cun-idri of any Cnnndiaii compnuy.
$4900,000 paid iu losses.
Write to thc Manager. —
Farmers' Produce Association
and hewillcall upon you with full particulars.
l-"iiht--t.i'HH   acuoninxKlatibn;   excellent
tabic Uourd,   The Inr iB supplied
with  the   beet  wines,   liquors
aud cia-iir*..
First Avenue,    Ladysmith, B, C.
Inspired by oriental modes, It turns
well down over the Face arid Is very
daintily trimmed. In liciidircnt' con*
trust PCf>!*tiR to be pcniilsMllilt*: tlicro Is
often a '.ouch of urttss preon beside a
bunch of La r'rnuco roses, nud sky
blue would seem, to bc almost it nee*
essary accoiuiiitiiiinent of a pink rose
trimmed utrnw lint.
The more artistic the hat the more
we owe to the art of the milliner, who
with a few yrirdu of straw shapes the
exnet rorm she desires. A touch of
bluck iipilns:! the pink roses nnd soft
cloudy loops of tulle gives the artist's
touch. ■
Silky straws In hold mixtures of bluo
and preen tartan,' rtjinrtjitise lints In
coarse, soft straw, with hunches of
(lowers and foliage on wreathed nt the
buck, nre well adapted (0 the young.
Popular slilrt  Wnlnt  Ivlittrrlnlo,
St'ntt'li innilnis nud Scotch clievlotB,
white pliiues and white dimities, dotted and embroidered swiss, mercerized
chovlot, white butcher's linen, linen
lawn, func.v white cotton and wash
sl|ks appear uiuuug popular slilit wulst
materlsli.  ■_..
I Meats at all Tin
Home Cured Bacon and Sausages
High Stieet,  :  Ladysmith, B.C.
Wm, Sneddon, Phop.
Hot Chicken tales on Tap
T-obneuo and Cigars, Candies, Niil.e, Fas-
try, Tally and Silt Drinks,etc.
A. ti, Gakuom, Manager.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Supplies regularly -Choicest
Apples, Butter, Fresh Bgfts, o.c.,
at current market prices.
See that all boxes of apples and butter
are marked "S. S. I."  That means
fliet class quality,
The public are requested to apply to
their dealers for our produce.
GtW.Seott's Store
First Avenue,   :    1    Lulyeiuith, B.O,
Ibe Weekly Post-mtelfipr
Stallls, Wash.
Nobody can nlYnril la be without, It. All the
telcj.tnphlc news of the week. Knrm. field, gor-
ileu, sport, society, lleatitifulllliistrnllons aud
l-.nif tones,   Sample copy on application.
All For Ont Dollar a Ytar.
Vbat j ib ot prin' inn you admired to
much wat done by the Leadtr.
booklet, too, for the a
TU, Leonard Scott PuMkatlta Gas,
4, Warr.nSt.Naw York City.
t*'i!^iiM*iKil*i*i*iii*\-*a*V*i*ik»l*a^ '
eo fitar
Anyone sc _ ..—_ _-__.-__.
iifclclr ascartnln onr oplulo.1 fraajhaU
i Isprobnblypatontabla.  Ctmw
nnsstrlotlycinlMentlnl. nandbookoa Pi    _
>ni inti. OlrtfHtt suency forsecurincpatauta,
ivatita. taken throuah Manft * -Co. rswlra
irrlai nolice, without enanra, Ul HM
Scientific America*.
A lianilani
dilation ii.
jonn tour
Ladysmith Mutual liproHiiit Sicdtyk
Meelsin Nicholson's halt every Thuraday evtt-
ititiat S o'clnck, for discussion nf aatlllaal.r
topics. Leclurt-s at frequent internals by prominent men. Dues 50c. per month, for sis: month,
of year. Resleents of Ladysmith over.ll np,
of age arc eligible for memlwrship. .    "Tsti
VBN..AacHPBAC0i*.acuv_f,Atai ....
T, J. Uakkon, Bec.-Treaaurtr.  . h
NOs.av,   ■ -.-..
i. o. o. r.
Meets every Wednesday eveninrat f.so o'clock
Visitors cordially invited.
Wellington Lodge No. 2 K. sf r.
Meets overy Frldiy in I. 0. Q. F. hall at
7:80 p.m. o
D.GOUBLiY, 0,0. !
 J. W. LEWIf*. See,
Ladyamith Orangt Ltdgt,lt.lTU
meets In N.lcbolson'a Hall, Firat Avenna,
every tlternale Saturday in each month
commencing first Saturday in October.
B A. HCGQABD, 8to.
Visiting Brethren are invited lo tilted.
Maoulacturera of iill Mfcds'ot
M and Dressed lnkr::
■    .'in- .i uw'-ifcur
Mouldings, Laths, Shingles, Ete,
A large stock of thoroughly scaaoaed
lumber—ist and and class constantly on
bntni. AU orders atrictly attended to,
Quotations cheerfully given.
John W. Coburn,:'..
Don't liorroe tha Laad.r; suhwrike
for It yourMlf. •UDTSMTH LEADER. DECEMBER 2_. 19015,
How often you'll hear the remark st this season of the yenr,
especially. "What on earth shall
I give him ?" It's a vexed question, and that's a fact.
May we offer you some Xmas
Neckwear, .5c, to $1.75.
Initialed itandkerchlefa, 35c. to 75c,
Bilk Mufflers, Pressing Gowns, Fancy
Silk Suspenders, Smoking Jackets, Fancy American Shirt, Hat or Cap, Suit
Cases, Hand Bag, Trunk, Suit, Fancy
Vest, Overcoat, Raincoat, Jewelry, &<*.,
Wa an giving away a Billiard Table. A
Chance with every $1 purchase.
g. d. scon CO.,
Mn, Geo. Thornton viiited Mn. W.
K. Ltlghton, Nanaimo. on Saturday last.
Fresh Halibut ind Kippers nowit tbe
iProvlnoitl Constable E. Hodgson ol
Sonth Wtllington ptld LadyBmith a
visit yeiterday, on business.
Did you tee tbe prim givtn away thiB
lima? Hivtt look at them. They-are
on exhibition in our window. Lively,
the Leading Jeweler.
Hr Marshall wbo ia attending Victoria
Collegiate Institute, ia ipending tbe
Christmas holidtyi with his parents,
Hr. and Hn. P. H. Manhall.
Miction wti on Monday—yon know
the mult? And Ryder will give away
tome more ol thtt beautiful silverware,
Aid. Flanta of Nanaimo was in the
city on business on Satnrday.
All kinds of Xmas Toys, Siibool Books,
Sheet Music, Games, etc. M. W. Waitt
Mr. G, H, Cross of Nanaimo waa in
Ladysmith on buslnees yesterday.
WANTED—A good girl to do general
housewo.k in family of two, Apply F,
H„ P. 0, Box 480, Viotoria, B, 0.
The Government Agent's office will be
closed from thia afternoon until Monday
morning, December 201b,
Try ono of Turner's Baiora for easy
shaving. Every razor gauranteed. At
tho Drug Store.
Mr, P. Johnson, the city expressman
has invested in a fine new wagon of very
smart appearance.
Mr. Frank Allison came in from the
Portier Paso lighthouse Monday aud was
welcomed by all his old friends around
Old papers for sale, suitable for wrap,
ping purposes, at 25c a, bundle.
Bev. Gordon Tanner is in the throes
of moving into the new parsonage lately
finished, and ought lo have the sympathy of ail who have been in the some fix.
He hopes to bo all straightened out in a
day or two,      	
Tbo most complete line of silverware
to choose from in town for Xmas
presents.  Lively tho Loadiug Jeweler,
Hon. James Dunsmuir lias given 1300
to tbe Ladysmith Band fund. The subscription list ia increasing dally, and the
band will soon be in u position to purchase the much-needed new instruments,
All kinds ol Xmas tovs  at 111.
Waitt A Oo.
Mra. Davis o! the Now Western Hotel
has planted a row of young poplars along
tbe front ol her property. Tbey will add
considerably to the appearance ol the
Hello, Sam, where did you get thai
watch? Why at Llvely'a. Where do
you snppose 1 would get it ? And I got
a few guesses on tbe Pumpkin, too.
Nanaimo is talking about starling
mother co-operative store, as a result of
the somewhat strained relations arising
Irom tho recent discovery of a mercantile
black list, particulars of whioh weie
published exclusively in tho Loader.
Just conie in and see
our toys and Xmas
goods. Santa Claus
headquarters. He
will buy Ills goods
here and give them
to his boys and girls.
Ladysmith, B. C.
CHRISTMAS TREATS.       Eat His.-ties! While You Live!
___-. —.,**. jjincc to buy u j.. at the-
Tht churches win Rememb-r the Ladysmitli Meat'Market
Little Folk.
Stevens mock, tlat„cr**6t,        Udyamfth, H. C.
Piano or Organ
"Siu-ei Miiiln
and   Miifcii'iil
■ill it tut M'e ua
Holiday Goods
Silverware, Ohinaware, Blso
Ornaments, Fancy Vases, Oar-
ving Sets, TabloOullery, Toys
of all kinds, Christmas and
New Year Cards, Caleni1nrs,&c
Messrs Simon Leiser & Co, Lid's
New Premises.
Mr Simon Leiser, bead ol tbe firm ol
Leiser & Co. Ltd., was In Ladysmith
a day or two ago, and in reply to questions Irom The Loader said, the firm
wonld proceed with all despatch to erect
a building even larger and in many wayi
more commodious and convenient tban
the line block recently destroyed. Mr
Leiser would not eay whether It would
lie in brick, or a Irame structure Una its
predecessor but The Leader haa lince
learned that there ia n strong probability
that brick will be the material. Also
that the new itore and warehouse will
probably be three stories In height, and
the windows provided with fire-proof
shutters and partition doors ot iron.
Mr. Jsmes Auld is being generally
complimented npon his creditable bit ol
rush work on the Leiser temporary
The preparations lor the att.iii.il
Christmas Sunday Sobool treat at Ibe
Methodist Church are now complete.
It comes off on Christina! Eve (tonight)
and the public are to be admitted free—
aod are promised a good programme and
evening's entertainment; ol the genuine
old lime sort, Tha cantata to be given
is entitled "The Olirislroas Glory."
Great success has attended tbe canvass
Iji- subscriptions for lhe Chiistmas tree
to be given for tbe benefit ol ibe children of First Presbyterian churcb. II is
expelled (hat thero will be two tiees,
aud eaob will ho loaded with ul many
presents as It can hold. N.i fewer itban
150 are promised, and probably * more.
Tbere will be an interesting musical entertainment during tho evening, followed by tbe stripping of the trees. None ol
tbe children ol First Presbyterian
church should miss this opportunity.
No efforts have been spared hy tbe ladiei
of the Anglican ohurch to make their
Christmas tree entertainment Tuesday
night in the church a thorough success.
A handsome mm has been subscribed
throughout the town, and lt li hoped
that thp tree wiil heir on its branches
such a load oi good things ior the little
ones aa they have seldom seen. Besides
tbe pleasant task ol distributing tbe
tilts irom Santa Clause there will be a
musical entertainment tor the youngsters. Prospects ire good ior a very
large attendance ol the children aud
their elders.
Piano ior eule on easy monthly Installment plan.   M. W. Waitt A Oo.
Mn. W. J. Watson bat tone over to
the Mainland to be pretent at a family
reunion it Lidnef'i tomorrow. Sbe will
alto viiit Vancouver and New Weslmin-
iter. ' _____
B.B.B., Q.B.D. pipet at the Drug
Store.  Every pipe guaranteed.
On New Yetr'i night the choir oi the
Methodist church ire living a concert
ia the church—the flnt annnal thing ol
the kind.  Announcements later.
Look at enr advt. on tbls page. Note
tbt prites given away. They are dan-
dlea.   Lively, tbe Leading Jeweler.
Church oi England — CbrittmM Day
service! ire it follows; 8, a.m. Holy
Communion; 11. a.m. Mtlins and Holy
Communion—A. Seriven.
Lively's Annual (Iniipsinv Contest,   How many seeds in the
Pumpkin.  Ten Handsome Prizes Qlven Away.
For every dollar', worth purchased lu our store yon get a guess it
tho number of seeds in the pumpkin In nur window.   You get ■
tioket with tht number of needs von ituass marked on it.   A guest
for every dollar.   For InBtan'ce-Ten Dollars, Ten Tickets.
1st prlao, Gent'a Watch, Gold Filled, value tflh 00.
2't.l prize, Lady's Watch, Gold Filled, value 251)0 '
Snl prlzB, Parlor/Mantel Clock—eight dny— value 18.00
4th prize, Gent's Watch Chain, "filled," value 10 00'
Blh pilze, Ltdj'a Wtteh'Ohain, "(Hied," value   8 00
6lh prize, Lady's Gold Filled Bracelet, value    0 00
7l b piiz«, Lady'fl Silver Watch, value    4 R0
8th prize, Buy's Watch, value ,   8 50
ii li prize, Ltidv's Lace 1-i.n, Gold Filled, value   250
101b prize, Gent'a Cull' Links, value   2.00
, Seeds to he counted by three prominent business man.  The nearest
guess taking firat prize and ao on until tbe len are given away.
P.O. Box a 45. \V. H. LIVELY, The Leading Jeweler
YpI, sir, 1 iinv.-i*.   AUa><i mi hand at
* the t ruins,
pur nfw 'lute i« Mt ihe
Stevens (.luck.
Our, 1ft Ave &. Li-itu-rp !_*.,   ./.tlvHwiith
Tinsmlthin*-. und  Plumbing in all ita
branches.   Tools and pliimhine material always -n hend.   Repair-
ii.? a specialty.   Prompt At*
tention Kivt'ii citlln Irom
Victoria Orescent, Nanaimo,-B.O.
M. HOME, Proprietor.
If yon are (ond of tender, juicy Btealta,
ennui or joint-*, I can supply yon.
Try My Delicious Sausage
made by newest electticai machinery
from choicest materials. Those sausages
are unsurpassed in the province. On.
trial wlll convince ynu.
Mtn attired ln Mtthtion'i splendidly
fitting crtttloni are the admiied of every
company. Hit plice is in tbe Giachcro
Total snipension ni traffic wlll mark
Christmas day on the K. A N. Railway,
•11 of »hose employees will he tbie to
enjoy tht diy with their families.
All kinds ol Musical Instruments it
H. W. Wtitt A Co., Ladysmltb.
All school children will -receive one
lead pencil Iree of charge Saturday if
accompanied by either parent.
Lively nnd M. W. Waitt A Co.
Hr. Bamnal H. Bobint confirms the
reported lilt ol til tht New Vanconvei
Ooal Oo'i propertiei to in American
We're just tini*acking
our Christmas Goods.
Have you tried a booh ont ol our'
loaning library? M, W. Waitt A Co.,
Lively's Jewelry Store.
Have a gueBs at the seeds In the Pun-
kin. Evory dollar's worth purchased
you get a gness at Lively's, the. Leading
Say, Maw, gimme eome Punkln Pie.
I'd llko to know how muny seeds there
are in the Punkln in Lively's window,
The finest line ol stationery ln town
it M. W. Waitt A Oo'a, Llvely'a Jew.
elry Store.	
Leadera for sale at the Drug Store
and Lively's jewelry store, and
Hartley's Candy Store.
Soldier, a. Gj-mnnata.
Every Japanese barrack has a gymnasium, and tbo Japanese soldiers rank
among the best gymmista In tbe world.
In half a minute they can scale u fourteen foot wall by simply bounding on
each other's tboulders, one man supporting two or three others.
Tne Cycle ol Musical Festivals o( the
Dominion of Canada, organised
directed by Charles A. E. Harrlst, ol
EarnBcliffe, Ottawa, is now In full swing,
and reporls from the cities In which
(estlvals aro to he held show thtt the
music lovers in Canada are woilting with
great enthusiasm to ensure to the scheme
thu BUCcess it deserves.
Tbo Victoria Times says regarding
Victoria's connection with these festivals :
The cily is on trial. Tbe eyes of tho
musical world ara upon Victoria, who, it
la certain, will give Mr, Harriss a slrlk-
iog proof of ber appreciation nl hit efforts iu the causa of good music, The
next reheirsal will be held on Wednts.
dty evening at the city ball commencing
oromptly at 8 o'clock, when Harriss'.
"Festival Mass" will be studied.
Come and see
what we've got.
Tinsmith, Muatar, Hardware, aim.
Wemen's Mask..
In 1580 black masks were worn In
public hy ladles of all ranks. Tbo mask
was held In place by ribbons passed
behind the cart or by s glusi button
held between tbe teeth.
Robert Burton published the "Anatomy of Melancholy" at forty-five. It wot
written lo relieve tbo itrulu ot a mind
bordering on Insanity.
Bread for toast ahould be stale,
Ihould not be cut too thick and Bhould
bo before the fire long enough to get
heated throngh bcforo It begins to
brown. Then let It take a rich Creole
complexion.        __
The Musical Festival..
The Liquor Question.
Mr. G. Morton Walker ol First Presbyterian ohurch preached on tlie liquor
question at it affect! Ladyimllh, last
Sundiy night, to a crowded houso. Much
interest wae shown by the audience, as
tbe preacher iu bold unequivocal teims
condemned the state ol things existing
here and in other places in Ibis province.
He presented a number of strong arguments for not signing the petition! for
license, and declared that so many liquor
shops in a place amounted tot very serious political menace; the people would
be powerless lo cope with the evil
through the proper channels unless they
were uartful. He quoted Lord Rosebery
who said tbat 11 the slate did not Boon
control Ibe liquor traffic the liquor traffic would loon control lhe state.
Mr IVi.lker also pointed ont tbat the
bludgeon was used lo compel people to
sign: 'sign or it will go hard with your
business"; "lign or we'll see that you
don't get toy work," etc Llqnor sel.
ling wat a mere extra lo hotel keeplns;
it was net neceisary; the hotel keeper
had hia work Justus the miner had hie
to attend to; in tbo one case tbe getting
out tlie minerals; in tho other tho an
ooiiimodatiou ol travellers ur boarders Ha
quoted the late Rt Hon IV. li. Gladstone
tbat publicans were nnt goed'lor the revenue ; "with a sober population, saving
tbeir earnings, I shall know whtre to
get my revenue." Mr. Walker cited a
mass of facts and figures to fortify hll
pneliion, and read lhe moral tnd religions lesson oi it ill with powerful tfleol.
He idjured bis bearers to tbink whit
they were doing In signing petitions it
tht bidding of persons who were, unworthy ol consideration; it might bt
like signing the death warrant nf ■
wbola family
A stirring tnd interesting address was
concluded with a strong appeal to all to
be true to themselves.
The City Market
Meats I Vegetables
Cuban Cigar Factory
Msmi.-cturfre of the ■Fauiflba
None huOUinon L-llibr employed, v ■
M. J. BOOTH, - Proprietor.
Grailuntc of rli'lnilelphtit Dental Cot'eg-, mul
Hoapititl tit Oral Surgery.
om Post orrice ituiiftinor,
Uoverttm-ttt St., (Upsi-ilr*)
Phone,.SuA, Ofllce,
"    37.1A, t.'-Jhldi-nc*'.
Dr. MotHly vlstls   I.idy mitli   every     rrtaliir-
tlay mul Sunday.   * fflc r. Woodmen'h Hull.
Victoria, EC.
Ship's Work a Spi laity,
Horse.»liociiijr In'nil itii brniiilien, I'anu Implement!- rep-lire.). Miners' TooIh catefiilly
-thru -pencil mul tempered.
Buller Street,   .      .        Udysmlth
First Avenue, : Ladysmitli. B.C.
i...+. .t .-+.++++..-+++++■•-++■■•
Din ens co.
Nanalmo, B. C,
Choicest Lager, Ales, Beer i
and Porter. i
Orders taken for Cut I'lowtrs for Christmas at
The Ureenhouse, corner ol High Street
and Raplanade, up to Monday,
lleccmber aaad.
Hyacinths, Narcissus, Rtc.
"Why the elc,etc, don't yon Incorpor
ate thia etc., etc., (own and get streets
and roads Instead of these etc., tie, hog
wallows?" enquired tn angry stranger
who had waded through from Hiitl,
Ireetlo ihe Leidei olilie." I'm tie.,
ete'd., III know," replied the question,
ed I "the people here seem to think it't
all right, sowhatare yun growling about,
a mere stranger?"
For tilt ti Abbotsford Holtl md at
Jttsup's Drug Store.
Every boy and girl accompanied hy
either ol their parent! will receive a nlee
story book tret at M. W. Waitt A Oo,
Lively's Jewetiy Store
Photon will hu (iiken until neit Wednesday n!**tit.   Call'and examine work.
MnrblL-iind ('.unlit--* Monuments,
Tablets. Crosse*, lite. Ifntiliniles
and UeaiffiiH given on ApplleiiUiiu
A. HENDERSON,     Proprietor.
For First Class work
Shaving Parlora
High Street.
'Ilnlretillliie mid Heard
trimrulin. n Bpeclulty,
is now prepared logtvc lessons on the piano and
violin. All appllcallmis for tuition can he left nl
H.  Lively's Jewelry Store
Funeral Director,
Brotherhood of Man.
VOtf shoultt read **TIm New Century" pub*
■» Ilahetl liy the Universal Brotherhood, Point
T/ima, San Diego, California, and keep In touch
with thc most nilvnnccd thought of modern
timer., livery line liven Willi tinman Intercut,
opinion* ofthe best thinker*-. Be In touch. Two
Dollara a year. Write for free aample copy.
Beautifully IllUKtraled.
Free Dance
And Soo Pacific
Italian Hotel
Christmas Night
Everybody Welcome. Dance commence
at • o'clock.
Provincial Secretary'* Office,
Hit Honour tht Llenltntnt Governor
ln Council has been pleased lo make Iha
following appointments:
0th Dtctmbsr, 1003,
George Thomson, of Ladyimllh, El-
qiilro, 8. M„ Government Agent, to Ita a
Beglitrir for tbt purposes of the "Mar*
riige Act."
10th December, 1002.
Gtortt Thomion, ol Ladyimith, Ki.
quirt, 8. M., Government Agtnt, to be t
Deputy, it Lidyimilh, of Iht District
Registrar ol Blrtbt, Ditlhi and afar-
rlagci it Nanalmo.
Round Trip Tlrktls, Ontlsrt ind third
between ill tatinne. OoJlala'.Deo, 91st
to Hfitli Inc. Dee, 80 SI ind Jin, 1st,
good to return uolil Jan. Oth.
for particular, call nr aildreii nearest
O. P. R. agent,
H. H. ABBOTT,      W, HoQIRR,
Agtnt, Victorii,     Agent, Nanaimo.
Ant, Oral, Piss.Ag.int, Vtnconver.
USaarei ol eieelltut firming lind,
between 2.1 tnd SO icrti .lashed and
olttred; directly across the harbor from
Udyimllh, about one hour'a walk.
Flrit-elaas fruit land, iloust, fence,,
about 00 email fruit tress ind other Im*
nn.ven.enii. A great bargain, Aanly
X. Y. /,., Leader .iffle.,
Prompt allonlion given to all rails, nigi.i
or day. Lung ll.BU.are telephone No, I'M
Bastion St., Nanaimo, B.C.
NOTICH Is hereby given lliafsll m>a| .rniriri.
"St c!Sf P"'1* "'"«U«d wllliln llie boiiltilarles
orihelnllijwliianrensnre liereliy reserved fiom
pre-emption, sale or oilier disposition, cm-iiliuir
miller llie lirovlsln Illie iiinil,,, inw, „',   „8
1'roviii.e. foi   ivo years from  the time lienor,
pursuanttoUie provisions or subsection (s) ol
is amended by
si-eloiisior lie •liiiid Aet," as ameutleil by
section 6 of I he 'land Art Aincndinait Aci\
loot," lo enable llie gniiliiin.i l-nwer anil l-uln
■fnipsny, Limited to Select thea-fr,,,,, timber
limits fur woisl ,111 p and paper niniiiifiiclnrinir
lilirposes, ns nro.lt cil by nil ,i,trmiienl bcurin_
late the Jolh .lay ol i Irtober, i.su vis-—
SccMons I, I, j. io i, u, i4 ami,,, In .-_„„.
.I.lp.l8jsecll„i,s.j,,.r,,7.»,9,,l6, ,,,,„, ,8wft,
Township ji. hcclions t, n, „, 13',,,' „ „ •,,
J*. «, *>, ij, m. JS and 36, lu Townshipr V SeS
lions 1, s j, a, 0, in, 11,1.,, ij, 15, ,8 ,,, '„ \ „
JO, is and 311, lit, Tnwualiip ,;: siccil.in. ,,, j?, ,3
ja.M.34. JS nml J«. In T..;vnslilii js; Seclloiii j.
to.yj. lncliislve,liifoiviisliiui7;«cetloiisi lo ,2
nc us vc In rpwindilp 1S1 nlso Sections 1, lo «s
Inclusive, In TmyiHbip 1* Seellnns 1 lo ,r, Iticla
sive. In IWiishli Seellnns t, j, 11. ,, ',,   ,.
and from si tow, inclusive, lit 'IWiialilp _? seE
■lous 4, 5,6, 7.8,9. l». 17, l», J.s, as, M, i anil ,«
ill ■l.isrnslilp ,1, s,cll.,11,4, ,.l. 7aiiY«,7nTow I-
slilP3li6ecfloiisi|iij6, l„tl„slvc, In Vownship
id; Secllons 1 to u Inclusive, nud 11, 14 .ml 1.
and the southern hall cf Sections st and sj  In
iomishlp .; seelloiiB j aud 6. iii Towuahln 61
Sections 10,31 and as. 3, * 5, nnd 6, in Township
4; thcungranled land In Towiishlii nt Township
ij, eaceia Seclloiis 15 uud 36; Fccllons 1 I030, in.
elusive.In Township 131 Township i,; tlicitona 1
loj, in und 1 r, In Townsnlp j; Hecllons 1, a. 11
is. |4. is. sj and/., lu Townsnlp if,- also ihe foil
lowing described piece or |«ncelof land, namely i
-IkgliiiilinjaU mjl.it nu ||,e pmloni.ilion ni
Ihcsoulli.iu lOTiudary i,f Townslilp ia, on, mile
•aalorihesoirli-easlerii comer of Beciloll ., in
Towaslup mt Ihenc. lu . somberly dlrecta
about seven1 miles, „r (011 point one mile south
and one mile weal of .lie southern end of Victoria
Ukei ihenc Mat Iwo miles; tlience north one
nil ctl litem east one mile; theuce uorlh lire
111 eslhciiece east Iwo miles; Ihence north oue
m e; th,,, eensl two miles; llicucc north one
jnllc, y of t-c cnstlwo miles, or to the easterly «-
lr,,iiL",:'.iK'"1".™" '•"'"j tbciire sonlb hSlf a
mllei III "ce east one mile; thence north one
inile; IjCncc wcsl one mile; ihence mirth bairn
.'Si'_2f™ "•**■' ."J"-' "'"" "1"' " "alf; Ihenec
I-J, SI*'" c: """l™ wwl olle "l"*l "lelice
north half a mllei ihence west hnirn mile: Ihence.
north line mile; thence west one nllle; thence**
north Iwo miles; thence west along lhe south
boniuhiiy oITowusI 1 and ii lo%ne ttonlb"
east Ann nnd Ihence along lhe shore of. the
Southeast Arm. n a aoiithirly dlreclion, lo the
W ft (iOHH
Miidri and Worka Dejwrtment;
Victoria, B.C.. jtoth (Mobe,1, igoj,
st aev.raa.at Uml,     VICTORIA, a. C
Eytt Tttttd. fra-akl Filled.
Book"Uowtoobulnl'alanta" IllEC
Cto~. modmiis. Nnfeellllr«l4«ll,»nt-«l


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