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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Feb 19, 1902

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$ The people that save |
I money trade with
*j|>-J--J"J-!{»(. r|i '^ •{••!*•{• sl« sj-rj. -J. -J"!* s}i sj, •(■ .I"|. .[■^••J- rj.
i; For Boots and Shoes
i's is the store
VOL. 1. NO. 47.
It Is a Question
Of Quality not Quantity for your money.
We are offering high goods tor low class prices, which can
bo proved if purchasers will compare goode bought elsewhere at eanie prices.
Barrliter, Solicitor,
Attorney. Notary Public, Ktc.
Atuney to Loan.
Nanalmo, • - • B. C.
I For Rubber Goodt, all No. 1 quality bought in the Am-
4j erican marketB, whloh must be sold,
♦' See our Gout's sporting Gum Boots—they are solid comae iort.                                                                            -
| Ladies', Gent's, Children's Rubber ShoeB at Bargain!.
1 Leiser & Hamburger
J( Eiplan.de and Oatacre Street.
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescription*! carefully dispeaeed. Open
day and night.
Member Can. Society of Civil Engineer-.
Member institution of Electrical Engineers
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed
Fred   Fibster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, Animals and Deer Heads Mounted and
for sale.   I*uri made, altered, cleaned and stored
a4l-3 Jolinion St.,       -        Victoria, B. C.
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hi  ck  W
Newt Agent,
Agt For San Francisco Examiner.
Ye Olde Corner,
Qov.inm.nt St., Victoria, B. C.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread. Cakea and pit'
tries ol .11 description!. Fruits in
Tbii tfew hotel has beon completely
furnished with all modern conveniences.
Excellent table, white cooking. The
bar la supplied with the finest wines,
liquori and clgiri. An experienced bartender.
D. H. Davis, Prop.,
Flnt Avenue,     •      Ladysmith, B. 0.
Oue fact Is better than a Doien
Heariaya.    II   you   want   the
clu i.Mt meatn go to   ,   ,
Lidvsmlth, B.C.,
R. Williamson, Prop.
A fri'sh supply   of   Vegetablei
alwayi on hind.
Special attention given to thipi'
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Thia new hotel hoi been comiortably lurnlibid ard Hie bar il up to dalf.
Beit accommodation Ior tr.ntient and permanent boarder! and lodgeri.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
Tha Esplanade, Ladyimllh, B. G.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Aiutisemeut Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Soda Water, OJnger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUMHINQ.        -        Proprietor,  ?.&ESS.
John Barnsley & Co.,
Victoria, B. C. i
—ii ■>—.... Films, Etc.
Agents for
J. J. Taylor
Ffr. Proof Safe..      ■■■
Ladysmith Teaming Depot,
All kind! ol heavy turning don.
Whol.nl. and Retail Deileri in Meati,
Poultry   aad Vegetable!.  Game In
euon. Shipping orden attended to on
hart nolle
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Hepple, proprietor.
Firil-olan accommodation! lor minen
•nd trintlenlB.  None but
Tha Bnt Wines and Liquors
mved at Iho bar.   Hive ui > nil.
Cor. Victoria Rd A Commercial St.
NANAIMO.     ■ B,C.
David    Murray,
Buller Street, •       Ladyemith
Shop will be open every Thurtday,
Friday and Saturday.
McAdia and Son
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Telegraph Orders promptly nllendetU'
Parlors,    Albert   Street.      Residence,
Victoria Crescent.   Telephone No. 142.
NANAIMO,      -     -     -     B.C.
Taken Just In'Time the Results are
Not So Serious As Expected,
In spite of tbe clamorous outcry of the
Free FreeB and the Herald of Nanaimo,
the most important workings of the
New Vancouver Coal Company narrowly
escaped, last week, a disaster compared
with which the ExtenBion calamity
would have been ib nothing, The facte
ai itated in Tbe Leader last Saturday
need no correction, except that they
were slightly understated, the case being
even worse than there given,
On Saturday a stopping waa put in
between Protection workings and those
of No, 1, and aa tho fire waa lortunately
confined to the lower levels of Protection
workings, tbe large amount of water
poured into tbe mine had the desired
effect of quenching the burning coal, It
waa the narrowest escape from a great
catastrophe experienced in theBe mines
for many a day; only excellent management prevented the consequence! from
being of the most serions chaiaQter.
Considerable indignation prevails in
Naiialmo at the cowardly conduct of the
two local papers in attempting to suppress the facta, while members of their
stalls were flooding tho country with
sensational telegraphic despatches about
the fire.
.411 Gitzens Are Invited to Attend
The Leader is requested to announce
to the citiiena of Ladysmith that an im'
portant meeting will be held this even'
ing, beginning promptly at 8 o'clock, in
the Abboteford Hotel, to take definite
action toward laying Ladysmith'i claims
and requirement! before tbe proper
authorities. It is earnestly detired that
a fully representative meeting take
place. The Leader understands that a
proposal to elect a delegation to proceed
to Viotoria and interview tbe govern,
ment will be submitted. Every citizen
who has the interests of this place at
heart should attend the meeting tonight
and take part in the proceedings.
More P. o. Change*.
In a few dayi the public will be treated to another change of form In poet
office business, This time it affect! the
post office order department, Initeid ol
the applicant filling ont a blank at heretofore, the postmaster will do all that.
The applicant wlll tell the postmaster
what he wants, and the official will
write it down in a special book, using a
carbon paper to take a duplicate impression. This, while it will save the
time ol the public conaiderably, will increase the duties of the poitmnter to
tome extent; but it will shorten the process of sending money by poat.
Ladysmith .hipping.
Str Tellua arrived on the 12th lull,
and it now loadiog at the wharvei.
Sir. Thistle arrived for a load of ooal
on Monday, on her way north.
Str. Albion called In for a oargo of ooal
on Monday on her way to the wrick of
the iteamer Bertha in Alaska.
Str. Myitery, plying between Victoria
and Osborne bay, called Monday and
took on fuel coal.
Str. Cottage City took on luel owl
here on her way Irom the Sonnd to Al-
aske, on Monday,
Thip Two Brother! completed loading
1800 tom of coil on Monday, and wai
then waiting for a tng. She ii bound
for Sin Francitco.
Ship Edward Sew.ll li now loading
coal Ior Honolulu, and wlll be ready lor
■lain.lew days,
No word ol the Antlope had been received up to tbe hour of going to preis
yetterdiy afternoon.
Amn. lug Richard Holyoke arrived
yesterday morning from the Sonnd to
tow tbe ebip Two Brother! to hi. The
•hip Edward Sewall took tbe Two
Brothers' beith .1 th. wharf.
Conveyancer, Notary Public, Real Estate,
Fir. and LU. Insurance Agent.
Ship.' paperi a ipeclilly.  Forty years'
The Esplanade,     -     Ladysmith, B.C.
get insured at unce, for it may be
too lite tomorrow. I represent several
OLD end RELIABLE Companies and
can insure you at a moment's notice at
the loweit possible ratea. All leading
oompiniet charge the eame ratee. Don't
herniated Into Insuring with a cheap
company—lt might be dear in tbe end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Dr.wer 33, Nanalmo, B. C.
Ladyemith Dairy
New Milk, Creamery Butter; New Laid
Eggi and Freih   Vegetable! supplied
Dally,  Leave orden at th. pott office.
Successors to HUbert & Sons.
Funeral Directors ami Embalmers.
Open day and night,
Orders by Telegraph   promptly   attended to	
Bastion St., Nanalmo.
Telephone H4. P- 0. Box 39<>-
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Csrasr Pint Avne, ul OiUcie Strut.
Cabin.! woik ol .11 kind,.
All kind, ol wit wood furniture made
•ad repaired.
Miners! Attention!
Hud Mad. Pit Shoes it the lime otic.
u cheap lactory made. Oome In and lee.
All work guaranteed.   Repairing done.
A. S. Christie,
LADYSMITH, • »• °-
Flooding No. 2.
It il predicted thai Extension No. 2
will be in working order by May, if the
aupply of water now being obtained can
be kept up. The itatement in Nanalmo
Herald about some men baying nearly
lost their lives it the stopping in tbe
tunnel it merely yellow journalism. As
there wis a pressure ol three atmospheres fnalde the stopping at' lie time,
it wonld have been simply impossible
lor any man to live for one inatant.
Somebody hat been etufflnj tbe Herald
again, and al usual the couple of
amateurs swallowed the story bolus
bolus. Anything in the Herald about
Extension may be p.,i down as not bo,
Theiecent rains have provided abundance ol water, and the flow into tbe
mine has been increased considerably.
New y.i'nlnaid-s Revenues.
The revenue retnrnt of New Zealand
for the nine months ending December
31st showed a total ol £4,212,000, against
£4.030,020 for tbe same period of 1000,
being an Increase of £181,000.
The Customs' revenue was £1.005,853
.gainst £1 571,208, showing an increase
ol £35,085. The land tax yielded £200
, against £240,120 ln the previous
year, showing an increase of £60,383.
The railways revenues amounted io
£1,301,770, as compared with £1,107,804
in 1000, an increase of £103 076.
Do you believe in yc, own goods?
Then don't conceal thelict from the
public.   Advertise.
Crolton imelter 1, to be built in tbe
very heart ol the town, so that none ol
the inhabitants will be cheated out of
their chance to hav. . smell when the
smelter is smelting. Lovely garden! are
being laid out all rounfl Ihe smelter, and
when operation! at the smeller begin
those gardens will be laid out lor burial.
The road to Orofiou i. •■ crooked as
Ralph Smith's Oriental labor policy.
A Grand Oalloo Ball will be held In the
Oddfellows'Hall on March 17th under
the auiplon oi the Rathbon. Slsteii ol
Lidyimlth Temple No. 6. For the but
calico drilled gent, gent'i umbrella,
value (6.00; btit calico drilled lady,
ts.OOeuh. Admission,(1.00 a couple;
lorilngle ticket (0 centi. Lunch will
be provided for 25 cent, extra.
Capt. H. A. Dillon, ol Northfleld,
notary public, conveyancer, eitate and
Insurance agent, hu become a resident
ol Ladyimith, and hai opened hit office
on tb. Esplanade tn the premises lately
occupied by Capt Mcintosh. He Is well
known to .11 old Wellington resident!
and no doubt he will lucceed in Ml pro.
fetilou here,
All kindi of repairing done at Live*
ly'a, the Flnt Avenue jeweler, neat
work, prompt delivery, correct price..
Grand Concert, Supper & Dane, under
tbe autplcei of the Rebecca Lodge ln aid
of the Oddfellows' home. Will be the
groat event ol the season. Don't forget
the 10 inat, ia the date; everyone come.
Don't forget the Rebecca concert sup.
per and dance, Oddfellows'. Hall, 10th,
Dr. Grice, the Nanaimo Dentist,
visited Ladysmith last Saturday, and
w.s kept very busy all day. He will be
here again next Saturday, at th. Abbotiford Hotel, and .11 requiring dental
attention may consult him.
Rev. William A; Rae, pattor of Ladyemith Presbyterian Church, attended
the meeting ol Victoria Presbytery, held
ln Nanaimo thia week, Rev. Dr. Campbell, Rev. W. Leslie Clay, and Rav, Mr.
MacRse ol Victoria went up yesterday
from the capital.
When you want anything in silverware, look in at Lively's the First Ave.
jeweler; be has a great Hock, end th.
prices are right.
Lively, tbe leading jeweler, has a ear.,
itarium lor invalid clocka ind w.tchei.
Skilled doctoring makei healthy timekeepers.
tiding to . washout Sunday near
Koksilah the trains have been delayed
Ior a lew days. Tbe Sunday train waa
the fint to encounter the obstruction.
The passengers and mails were taken
from train to train on bandcan.
Mr. T, D, Conway expects to hear
shoitly irom the government concerning
the contract awarded to him to build the
West Coast telegraph line. It ii exported the work will be started is soon l.
the weather settles.
Fancy pint, ileeve-linki, outT-buttom,
chains, brooches, rings, bracelets, gnat
variety ln gold and sliver at Lively'i th.
Fint Avenue jeweler.
Now ie the time tn get your job printing done, Tbe Leader can quote you
tbe loweit ratea on all sorts ol bill he.de
letter heads, cards, circulars, ticket!,
ititements, etc,
At a meeting held in Nanilmo last
Saturday evening the Welihmen ol th.t
city decided to honor St, David's day,
Match lit,, by holding a banquet ln tie
Hotel Nanalmo. The Nanalmo Welihmen hope to see their Lidyimlth brethren attending in strength. Mr. W. M.
Evani, Box 441, Nanalmo, It telling the
ticket., which .re (1.60 each. Two
member! ot the commute an lo vilit
Lidytmith next Sunday to tee the local
Urgent Need for Getter Arrai^e-
ments Is Muoh Felt,
Oomplainta an being received daily .1
Lidytmith poat office regarding th.
rldiculoua arrangement! at preaentia
vogue lor carrying the mall from thla
and other place! to the town of Exteniion.
Ai The Liader pointed out eome tlm.
ago, a great deal of time la waited by the
preaent ayitim, which could be changed
with very little trouble to the department.
Mail for Exteniion from tbii town and
from ail point! seuth, hii to go to Nanaimo, there it ilea over night and got s
out in th. atige coach next day. The
department doei not item to be aware oi
tbe fact that a local tnin leave, here
every day Ior Extenalon, at il p. m., by
which the mail arriving on the noon
train from Victoria could juat u well be
oarriedupto Exteniion, thui laving a
whole day.
It il now urged that the but way to
bring thli itrange state nf affaln to the
notice of the Pott Office Dipirtmtnt i.
to get up a petition to send to Mr. Ralph
Smith, M.P., with an earnest requeit
that he pnient the Mm. to th.
department at the earliest possible
moment. Exteniion people ire naturally enough muoh annoyed at the continuance ol the nuisance. Il only requires that aomeon. ihould take th.
initiative .nd atari th. petition to gel
ail the lign.tuiei neceituy.
Books Are Now Being Distributed
To the People,
Lilt Saturday the*trivelling library
consigned by th. Provincial Librarian
forth.nnofthecitiieniof Lidyimlth,
arrivid and wai deposited in Mr.
Jiitnp'i itore, when tbe public may
luipect tbe collection for them»lvM.
Mr. Jeimp,wbow.i appointed librarian,
Il now giving out Ih. booki to thoie
entitled to receive them.
Th. present arrangement li tbit each
penon receiving a metnberihip ticket
•hall depo.it twenty-five centi, and that
a charge of fiv. centi be mid. for itch
book borrowed from the library. Then
charge, are made to cover all expentei
which »re likely to be incurred Whin
tne people of Ladyimith bare read all
tb. booki lo thli library, th.y will have
to lead 11 to tome eddrm gly.n by th.
Provinctal Librarian. Thil will neon-
•arlly.nt.il tome llttl. ixptnie, endlt
il with a viiw ot providing a fund to
meet thit ud .ny other expiniii which
may h.v. to be met that the innll
charges are made.
The assortment of books is excellent,
•nd reflect! creditably upon tb. tsite
and judgment cf the Provincial
Librarian, who teemi, judging bv the
booki sew, to entertain rather . high
opinion ol Ladyimlth'i intellectual
powers. The library inclndet workiol
fiction, biography, science, political
economy, mel.phyiici, phllotophy,
history, ud works ol reference.
Rebeccas will Entertain.
Ou Wedneiday evening, February
10ib„ tbe ladies ol Laurel Rebecca
Lodge I. O.O. F. will give .grand concert, supper ud duo. in Oddlallowi'
Hell tor tb. benefit ol th. Oddfellow.'
Horn. fund. A splendid programme
has (wan arranged lor tbe concert which
will inolud. the lemming fire. "My
wile', second floor." Belnthmuta
will be terved alter th. concert. Admission to concert ud tapper M cute
to due., gentlemen «5 cents extra,
Mr. James Deeming, formerly of Wellington, bnt now olDawion City, visited
Ladyimith on Monday, renewing old acquaintance. Mr, Deeming wai once the
cycling champion ot the Province.
The latest itylei In hur cutting aad
ward trimming at Ih. Ladyimllh Shay-
ng Parlor, High itraet.
Mr. H. Porter, station agent, received the lad new. ol the death ot
Mr.. Porter', mother, Mn. BeaumonU
ol Victoria but Saturday, and went down,
to the capital to attend the funeral on
Beveral little phyaloal dispute, took
Place In and around Ladyimith .a Set-
nrday night, that day being >a* da*,
but nobody wai badly halt. !HH-5!^r^P^
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
rv.bllab.ed every Wednesday and Saturday at
The Leader Building, corner ©f First Ave. und
r-reacb Street, ladysmitli, British Columbia.
By Mail in Canada and United status.
One year (strictly in advance).. $J °°
lz months (strictly In advance)   t .5
TRANSIENT—First insertion ice. a Hue; each
.ubKOUcnt insertion sc a tine.
Rate, on application. No wood cuts used.
CU for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
Mch Insertion 50c.
Advertisements not luHerted for a specified
time will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
THS I.KADSR may be Obtained from the following Agents:
r, .dy.mlth—The Leader Office; The Ladysnillh
N.ualmo-K. Pimbury & Co.
Victoria — George Marsden;   Victoria Boole &
Stationery Co.; Pope stationery Co.;
Victoria News Co.;] Public Wbrory
Provincial Library.
Vancouver—Public Library.
New Wertm.tn.ter—Public Library.
AU changes in advertisement, must be received
at tht. office before ia noon the day before
BabKrlber. not receiving paper regularly please
report to thi. office.,,
All job work strictly cash on delivery.
Ta.ari.nt advertisements cosh in advance.
Osr somewhat excitable contemporary, Nanaimo Herald, made a very
■pedal effort at the annihilation of The
Leader last Sabbath morning. We
bad tb. main part of the front page
devoted to a categorical denial of each
ud every issertion made by The Liader
regarding the disaster in Protection
blind mine. Another targe arm was
given up to a "plain itatement" by Mr.
TbomM Runell, the eiteemed manager
ot the New Vancouver Coal Company,
touching the lame unfortunate accident,
The matter was arranged double column,
and appeared with a very large head
(with very little in<tt-thii ii a chronic
malady in the Herald office). The
Lwder'i report ol the dimter in Protection mine wa. described >■ "Very
yellow journiliim,"
Then, the one editorial article wm
given up to the natural hlitory ud
general biology ol the editor ol The
Liadir; one ol thoie delightfully racy
perwnsl ertlclei tor which the Herald
enjoyi notoriety. The home thruit.it
th. wicked aad wholly unworthy penon
who write. The Leader'! editorial, wen
mortal, and will rankle forever in that
uregenorete eorlbe-a memory.
What all tbit hat to do with tha facto
tbat a very •erlom dliaiter took place in
Protection blend mine early list week,
and tbat neither ol the Nanaimo papers
even 10 much .1 referred to It until the
Herald published ill Irralrvant and
quite untruthful ertlclei on Sunday, it
notclear. Will the Herald favor m
witb repllee to one or two plain
Why wai not Mr. Ruuell'i "plain
Itatoment" obtained and publiibed
before Sunday morning? Why did the
Ooloniit, Victoria Timii, Vuconvir
World, Province and Naws-Advutiier,
the WMtmintter Columbian, the Seattle
Pdl-Inlelllgencer ud Dally Timet,
publish report! ol tbe disaster which
telly oxwtly aa to detafii with Tb.
Leader'! report of Saturday? The
editor ol the Herald ia, we believe, cor.
mentioned—why doei he lend out reports such at they publish ud then
denounce tbe eame repoit in The Leader
as a pack ol lies? Wherein doei Mr,
Russell's "plain itatement" differ essentially from the itatement! made in
The Leader, and copied to tome extent
from the telegraphed reporti lent, as we
believe, by members ol the Herald
editorial itaff lo outiide psperii
Ii it or ii it not a fact that the Herald
wai prohibited from publishing anything about the disaster in Protection
mine, and that lt dared not dltobey the
order? How ii the Herald going to
explain away the private letteri received
by the editor of tbii paper from minen
in Nanaimo describing the disaster in
almost the same terms ae the correspondents of the outside oapers described
them? Is the Herald really Ignorant of
the fact tbat smoke did issue Irom Protection shall; that the company's doctor
was busy attending for many hours on
Tuesday or Wednesday evening to men
overcome with the white damp? Is the
Herald unaware ol the tact that no work
has been done in Protection or No. 1
working! mostof the week? If there were
no serious disaster, as the Herald contend!, why ihould many men be idle
when the demand Ior coal ia so urgent?
Without permission Irom the powers
that be the Herald dare not publish any
item concerning accident! in those
mines; yet the Herald tries to pose .1
a " newspaper." It publishes only such
news as its controllers choose to publish.
The public ol Nuaimo have to thank
The Leader Ior lorcing tbe Herald to
publish even the garbled and "cooked"
account ol the Protection mine disaster;
Ior lorcing the Herald to issue a better
paper during the past six months than lt
ever did belore. The Leader haa beaten
the Herald repeatedly and signally in
tbe newi, and the Herald hai no better
proof to advance against The Leader
ihu Mr. Ralph Smith's elegant epithet
(by which he ii now known Irom one
•nd ol Canada to the other), ud by attempting to ridicule Tbe Leader'! re*
port!. Tbe Herald cannot produce
prool in support ol iti charge that The
Leader ever published false reports,
The Leader'! report ol Protection mine
diiaiterwai correct, the Herald's deliberately false, u usual. We have not
attacked tbe management ol the mine
u the Herald did the Wellington Col.
liery Company at the time ol the Exteniion dliaiter; we have publiibed no
mererumori, but guided ourselves by
the telegraphed reports to paperi outiide thie diitrict feeling confident that
tbey were sent out by members of the
Herald itaff.
The Herald ihould get rid of some ol
its hysteria and would-be smartness, ud
try to lerve the Nuaimo public faith
woike, remembered tbe world-wide
extent of tbe company's business ai d
then glanced at tbe manager, The man
was physically a lightweight; yet he was
absolute master of that great establlih-
ment, and wai obeyed as promptly as II
he bad been the general of an army.
The young man waa then a year or
two past thirty, and be wai under contract to reilgn the management wben he
ihould reach forty yein of ige. Pro-
fessor Smith slid thit, at tbo rate that
man wai working, It wai very doubtful
if he would ever im forty. II he did it
would be ■■ a physical and mental
But that ia quite the regular thing
nowadays. Men go to wreck at thirty,
few of them ever see forty except as
Invalids; such s thing as an old man is
becoming rare in the States. One goes
into the cafes, lunoh rooms, restaurants,
in any of the large cities, and sees intelligent-looking men shovelling heaps ol
indigestible food into their systems,
without enjoyment, snd with rather less
mastication than is given by a dog to ill
ration of raw meat. Then, off tbey go
al if punned by a demon.
This sort of thing must have very
serioui results upon the nation. It ii
already having ita f fleets upon ths intellect of the American people. In the
earlier decades of tbe nineteenth century
the United States gave promise of taking
high place ln tbe domain of lettere and
art but that promise hai not been fulfilled and doei not teem likely to be at
the piesent time. The feverish hurry
aud excitement in which so many American lives are lived are not' conducive
to high thinking.
Bible to find. Tim empire's battlil will
then have tn be fought by the anaemic
spectiei picked off the etreet! of tbe
bloated cities; and-anaemia does not
make for courage. As Fray el Bertus
siyilnhla "Raphael",
Counge is a matter ol the red corpuscle. It ia oxygen that makee evert-
attack, and without oxygen in his bio d
to back blm, a man attacks nothing—not
even a pie, much less a blank c?uvoe,"
or a battery.
< srwrfwe-^^^siwe^vj-wawi^^^
Several notable personages have been
enquiring lately what Christ would do
If he came upon earth and wae takin,
for example, to Chicago, and treated io
an examination of a modern newspaper'!
methods. Bnt all of ub would like to
know his opinion of the vicar In London,
England, wbo recently announced "A
Bible class on Monday for ladlee; and
one on Tuesday for women.'* Ferbapr,
though, It will be more tolerable on a
certain occasion to be a a weary, red-
knuckled woman, than . perfumed, exquisite lady; and either of them than (0
be that miserable prig of a vicar.
Everything In Btock is imported ef
dlrc-et Iftim manufacture!!orraade ft
' 9
at our own factory. $
40 tea's in our butineEs means !\:
When vlsitlnj VI itorli oJiiielri anil see our larce and modern catuujieh-
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WEILEK BRQbss. hati'.s wtis
Attention hai been drawn once more
to the excessive strain imposed by the
condltioni in nearly ell kindi oi business
in the United States. It would appear
that the United States is paying some-
what dearly lor ita demand Ior this
abnormal energy.
The writer once had the privilege ol
Interviewing Prolessor George Adam
Smith, olCllaigow, juat alter hii return
from a visit to the United States, snd
he laid that the thing which impressed
him moit wsi thi top ipeed st which sll
classes ol that country seemed to be
living, He told ol a great Iron menu
lecturing firm which had aa manager s
man 10 youthful In appearance that
Professor Smith could icirceiy repress s
respondent Ior several ol ths newspapers smile when he gated over the enormous
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Naval authorities in England condemn
the whole class ol vessel to which the
unlucky Condor belonged. Tbey declare
that the linn are too fine, end the super
structure with the gum superimposed,
make tbem topheavy. It il s pity thil
waa not discovered befoie the Condor
was allowed to teat tbe "hell ol waters1
off Cape Flattery in a winter gale.
Wben our contemporary Nanalmo
Free Press publiahii a whole column ol
personal abuse ol the editor ol Tbe
Leader, we marvel at the foolhardiness
of the writer, whoso exceedingly interesting career In Vancouver aud White
Hone would make decidedly aplcy
reading for tho Nanaiin. public, who do
not yet know what a treasure they are
entertaining unawares. Bnt Tbe Leader
is not after such small deer as tbe Free
Press. When we find such evidence ef
sheer illiteracy as the following, culled
At random from the column "editorial"
mentioned, we know that the challenge
to a duel comes from no ono we would
wisli to fight:
" He (the editor of Tbe Leader} sees
smoke going the wrong way, and it not
.mined at the phenomena (tic); be
throws (sic) an intellectual fit tile), and
calls ita Bimilie; he attends banquets
where tbo toasts get diuuk; (the File
Press would eay "ths toast was drank.")
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Writing of Madame Nordica's recovery
from a severe illness Nanaimo Free
PresB characteristically remarks:
"She now expect! to complete ber
tower ol the north-weit without interruption."
We hope that Nordics will have
greater succoti with her "lower" than
ibe Free Fran la baying with the
English language in every Inue.
Nice revelation lor th. Naniimo peo-
pie that sbont the Nanslms Henld
■tiff buiy suppressing even a whisper of
the disaster In Protection mine, snd at
thi time time flooding the country with
the yellowest kind ol deipifchei about
the accident. Tbst il where The Leader
got mostof its facts about thi disaster.
Like ita great lord and muter, Mr. All.
Smiff, the Herald hai 1 couple ol faces.
More than one stranger from the
United Kingdom hai made unpleasantly
plain remarks upon what Ibey are
pleased to call ths "appalling depravity
in ipnch ud manners ol the Britiih
Columbia youth," There it, It must be
almittid, tar too much laxity; the
languigeol the etreet corner youth ii
certainly awlul and hii manners urgently
require police and parental discipline,
Modern iclence il finding Iti resources
taxed in the attempt lo raise tbe fallen
monolith at Stonehengs. English
•nglneen, with sll their still snd appliances, And the problem a hard one to
solve. Yet archaeologist! hive die.
covered that thli hnge stone mult have
bien erected by the Britoni ln the
neolithic ege, Tbe brocu period, which
wn abont 1600 B. C„ came long liter
the neolithic; tbenlore the entlquity
Htonebenge may ba Imagined.
The unfortunate Free l'reit returns to
the charge with thla feeble tehee:
"The Ladyimith Liader humbly apologises, and promises "itrenuom effort!
to breik off tbii degrading and dele,
terloei habit"- ol incumbering iti
oolumnt with mere political writing,
Doei ihii aim a clewing ol the way lor
mora editorial poetry? II so, we plead
for tim. to get und.r •htltar."
Why, ths Free Preit li slwsys under
imsrsgnsbls shelter so long si It cirrlei
tbs top ol Its cranium sround.
Political economists ire becoming a-
Isrmed at the Incriaalng ruth into tbe
olllet. Meny predict tbst ths Urns II st
hsnd when lurn laboreri will be Impost-
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The subject of hand separators
formed tlie text of an Interesting nd-
dress delivered at a recent meeting of
tbe Canadian Dairymen's association
by Professor H. H. Dean, one of the
officials of the Ontario Agriculture college at Guelpb. After explaining tbe
principles upon which the machine
works Professor Dean went on to deal
with tbe advantages of tbe separator
and In this connection said: "One of the
chief benefits of a hand separator in
tbe private dairy Is that it Is a cleanser
of milk. If you take what Is supposed
to be clean milk and run It through a
separator, you will be amazed at what
will come out of the milk. This is un
Important factor In favor of tbe uso of
separators, as clean, pure cream means
better butter.
"A second advantage is that it enables the private dairyman to get more
of this better class of cream and thus
make more and better butter. A third
gain to the fanner is that It gives him
A better quality of sklmmilk,"
Bean* For Milk Cowa.
tlcnns have not been much used for
cow feed, but where they bavo been
used they hnve appeared to give very
excellent satisfaction. Tbey carry about
23 per cent of digestible protein, 50 per
•cent of digestible carbohydrates and 1.4
per cent digestible fat Just bow much
of these steamed beans could be fed
without injuriously affecting the product Is perhaps a problem, but commencing In a moderate way one might Increase gradually until the daily allowance reached nearly or quite four
pounds. Wo think it would be a good
plan to mix some wheat bran with the
beans. We do not think It ndvisable to
get along with only sllogo for roughage. The cow seems to crave more or
less dry forage In connection with silage or even with best pasturage.
The Fitn-Amerlonn Teat,
Guernseys won In butter production
fit the six months' test nt the Pan-
American exposition ln splto of tho
fact that one of tho best cows was
tick several days during the test Tho
value of tbo butter churned of each
breed during the six months of tho
test wns as follows: Guernsey, $220;
Jersey, $215; Ayrshire, $213; nolsteln,
$103; Red Polled, $102; Brown Swiss,
$177; French Cnnadlnn, $182; Shorthorn, $105; Polled Jersey, $101; Dutch
Betted, $112.
Alfalfa For Dairy Cowa.
Alfalfa Is a profitable crop for Now
Jersey dairymen to grow for soiling
crops, says Now England Homestead.
Five crops in a season hnve been cut at
the New Jersey experiment station at
I New Brunswick, where it Is preferred
to bran,, as it can be grown nnd thus
eaves tho money bran costs, whllo it Is
10 per cent richer ln protein.
for Practical Purposes It   Is  of, Small
Tho question of color in horses has
for a long time past raised considerable discussion lu tho columns of the
London Live Stock Journal, and
many interesting letters and notes
respecting it have appeared, writes
a correspondent of that publication.
In the majority oi cases, however,
the chief point considered has been
how to get rid of chestnuts, grays
and roans, which appear to be tho
more generally unfavorable colors.
Many of the best and weightiest
stallions we have had (speaking of
tho earlier days of breeding) have
been of these commonly unpopular
colors, and latterly such colts as
these, weighty and good, havo been
castrated solely on account of their
color, tho owner not realizing the
folly of the thing until he sees his
discarded colt selling as a gelding at
150 guineas or more. Then he exclaims, "I wish I bud never castrated him!" And well he may.
It is no uncommon thing nowadays to see eolts of tho highest calibre being shelved becatiso they are
chestnuts. "They won't buy a
chestnut stallion," say those who
are in the business. Surely with
facts like those herein stated, and
which cannot bo refuted, staring
them in the face breeders will never
bo so foolish as to continue to discard these fine horses on account of
the shade of color that pervades the
This point goes only skin deep, but
a well molded body, abundance of
substance und muscle, quality and
correctly formed joints, bottomed by
It should not be forgotten tn compounding a ration tbat the stomachs of different classes of animals vary ln relative
size, says Hoard's Dairyman. The cow
has very capacious receptacles for food,
showing that she Is fitted to consume
relatively more coarse fodder than other animals, and hence ln arranging her
feed regard should be had both to bulk
and tho proper distribution of tbo nutrients throughout the entlro mass. For
example, twenty pounds of timothy
bay or ten pounds of com will furnish
practically equivalent amounts of nutriment, but the cow will not thrive oa
corn nlone because of tho defectivo digestion consequent upon failure properly to distend her stomachs and subdivide the concentrated food.
Those of us who belong to tho generation that went "through tho war" remember that "roughage" was quite ns
essential as grain for tho continued
well being and endurance of tho animals. The proscribed army ration for
the horse contains practically an equal
amount of roughage and grain; for the
cow, under ordinary conditions, we
think It best to havo about two-thirds
cf tho dry matter In roughage and one-
third In grain. When feeding heavily
for rapid Increase ot weight or extra
flow of milk, this proportion cannot bo
maintained, but the roughage should
not bo materially decreased.
Ah Arerave Ration.
After cows duo to freshen soon have
had their calves wo should consider
the following combination a very good
nvcrngo rutlon for tho entlro herd, Including those which are to freshen lu
tho spring. Of course such cows will
need less food than those that have
recently freshened, nnd ono must np-
portion tho feed according to the ability of each cow to respond: Twenty
pounds ot hay, fonr pounds ot bran
and four pounds of buckwheat middlings. In tlie absence of buckwheat
middlings use tbe same amount ot
gluten feed or, what would bo still better, if tbe middlings cannot bo obtained In quantities to last all winter give
day. Those that give more wlll need
two pounds of each per day Instead of
four pounds of either.
nation For llolateln Grade*.
Wo ihould suppose that nn average
daily allowance for grade Uolstoin
cows would bo about forty pounds ot
q tho silage, ten pounds of tbo mixed
bay, four pounds of tbo bran and three
pounds of tho gluten food. This certainly ought to suffice for cowa giving
less than twenty pounds of milk per
day. Thoso that gtvo more will need
perhaps an increased allowance ot
W-l 'iM^Umimimmli
solid, big feet, go right to the pocket and will add hundreds to the value nf shire horses when proper discretion is exercised in keeping such
colts as those here described for
stallions, whatever their color may
be. If wo had not hud Lincolnshire
Lad IL, wo should not have had
Harold, and without Harold where
would tho greatest heavy homo the
world knows to-day have been? It is
to bo hoped that breeders will ponder over this matter aud not allow
such absurd whims and fancies as tho
color of the hair to make them castrate colts that in other respects
combine almost every property that
is required.
Color for the park and for fancy
purposes may have its way, but in
tin; shire horse, an animal that is
bred entirely for practical purposes
to propel heavy weights In our
streets und on our railways as well
as on our farms, it ought not to
weigh ono iota. My advice is, discard the idea at once and breed from
the best animal, whatever may be
his or her color. To do -otherwise
would bo little bettor than running
a race with one leg tied up. You lose
half your abilities to perform the
Soro Teats.
Soro tents is rather vague; it may
mean almost anything, as reference
to tho definition of sore in a dictionary will show you, und an ointment
that would bo good for soro teats
arising from one cause Is not necessarily good for all. The term Is
perhaps most frequently applied to
chronic erythema, a dfsouse of the
skin of the teats in which there are
chaps or cracks, with ulcerations of
a sluggish character,! It may occur
under a variety of circumstances, but
the trouble is mainly confined to
newly calved animals. In cows with
very delicate skins this disorder Ib
very liable to develop, and is difficult to cure, owing to the necosslty
for regular milking. Sometimes imperfect removal of tho milk on account of tho soreness of tho teats
gives rise to a worse trouble in the
shape uf mumuiitis and loss of one
or more quarters. Wet milking, and
leaving tho teats wet in cold weather, is a fertile cause of soreness. The
proper thing to do is to treat each
case ou its merits, but perhaps the
most useful dressing to keep on hand
for goneral purposes is camphor and
elder ointment. Any chemist will
supply you with such a compound,
or it may bo made by mixing one-
half ounce of finely-powdered camphor with four ounces ot elder ointment. Another useful dressing es.
chilly when flies are troublesome, Is
tho glycorlne and carbolic acid. In
many cases it is necessary to draw
oil tho milk by means of a teat tubot
or syphon. A laxative doso, twelve
to sixteen ounces, of Epson, salts,
is useful ln cases erythema mammill
arum.—- Farm and Home (Eng.)
Sweeten that Sheds.
Don't forgot or delay to give the
sheep sheds ln and out a coat of
hot llmewosh, adding to it carbolic
acid to make it smell perceptibly.
Largo sheds should havo the earth
fionr turned over by a plow and
then rolled, says American Sheep
Brooder.. A sprinkling of fine plat*
tor, such us Is often used aa a
fertilizer nnd by plasterers for hard
finish, will neutralize all odor and
sweeten tho floor. Above all other
things, fit up tho water troughs tn'
good time and carry oft the waste
so as to keep tho approaches to
them dry nnd freo from ice,
Tho Young Plga.
Not too much corn tor young plga,
oven ln winter. Skim milk, oats
nnd peas ground, middlings, barley—
these    are good for tht    growing
Prof. Thoss Sliaw, Formerly of Ontario O.
A. C.t Tall! of Producing lnfluencea.
The chief influences concerned     in
producing early maturity are, a careful selection of animals for breeding
that have evidenced an aptitude for
quick growth when young, furnishing
plentiful supplies of suitable     food,
and breeding from animals at     an
early age.   Selection has a very imv!
portent    bearing upon early maturity, especially    whon supported    by
liberal supplies of suitable food.   In
this way advance is continually made j
upon previous maturity, und    when I
thus made it may similarly   be   retained.   In tlmo, it wlll become     a
habit of the system, so fixed,    that I
the tendency    is regularly transmit- I
ted.   Tho difference in the tendency
in individual animals to mature early is very marked, and should     be i
carefully noted by the person    seeking to hasten maturity in his dock
or herd.  Especially is this true whon
selecting breeding males.
Furnishing plentiful and suitable
food supplies is ono of the surest
means of promoting early maturity.
When food is thus supplied, a maximum of growth is secured from day
to day and without any cessation in
the same until maturity is reached.
If the supply is insufficient, growth
is proportionately retarded, and if
mado up at all, must be mado up at
a later period, that is, by prolonging
the period of growth. Dut stagnation in development takes away the
capacity for development, consequently the size of the animal may
be materially lessened when matured.
Breeding from animals at un early
ago will unquestionably hasten maturity, and because of this, it has
been recommended as a means to this
end. But if used at al! for such an
end |t should be used with great caution. If animals are mated while
far short of maturity, the tendency
of such mating is to reduce size and
to weaken stamina, hence, any gain
to maturity accruing from this source
is of questionable ultimate advantage But when breeding dairy heifers, it may be proper to do so while
they are yet quite immature, that in
them the tendency to milk-giving
may bo early developed, And when
growing animals for meat, especially
those that are being freely fed, if
breeding were delayed until the animals were first matured they would
probably breed less freely. When
females produce young while quite
immature, tho burden is put. upon
them of completing their own
growth and of maintaining their
young, and this tends to lessen size.
Tho better plan, therefore, is to
avoid extremes when determining the
age at which animals shall be bred.
Great improvement has been effected In recent years iu the early maturing of meat-producing animals. The
average age at which they nre now
put upon the market bus been shortened nearly if not quite one-half.
Less than half a century ugo the favorite age for marketing cattle was
from three to five years; now it is
one and one-half to two and one-
half years when the cuttle are
grown on arable farms. Wethers
were formerly sold at two years ami
upward; now they aro sold nt ono
year and under. Swine wero marketed at 18 months, now they are marketed at nine months and short ot
that age. It would not be auite correct to Bay that these respective
classes of animals attain the average weights of those sold ln former
years, but It is correct to say that
they do attain far groater woights
at similar ages, and that they may
easily be made to attain these
weights at the respective ages mentioned, to meet the favorlto requirements of the market.—Thomas Shaw,
in American Agriculturist,
Silver Laced Wyandottes.
There Is room for a number of
first class breeders of Stiver Laced
Wyandottes, and for him who by
study, patience and closo attention
will breed some Silvers just a littlo
bit better than any one else has
success sure and quick.     In      this
connection, however, lt may be said
that good stock costs money and
that there are no good Silver Wyandottes that can be bought cheap.
Get the very best money can buy,
and for a foundation rather start
with a pair or trio ot well bred
stock than six or u dozen or mora
of whoso breeding qualities you
know nothing.
Vegetables Ont of Season.
A man welt versed In horticultural
lore tells the Farmers' Review that
most of the fruits and vegetable*
grown iu hot houses out of their
season aro of exceedingly poor flavor, though they bring fancy prices
on the markets. He says: Cucumbers thus grown have tho color of
cucumbers and the shape ot cucumbers, but that Is all. The same
is true of tomatoes, which havoHho
'ruddy cheeks of those grown In the
open fields, but lacking almost entirely their flavor. Novertheless,
the real test Is, from tho fruit
grower's standpoint, what they will
bring In tho market, and Judged by
that test the growing of fruit out
of season is to be encouraged.    •
The Farmer's Friend.
The farmer has no better friend
than his plow.    Thou why put   tt
away rusty?
\                                                               a km
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Fine public school building now being
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmith
.....           i ■ .      , ■. ■-*—--■'■■'■■'-   *
-'SimTJARY 19,
I The Cheapsi
No Fire! No Smoke! No Wafer!
We nre offering the Ladysmith public and nurroundlnga
bigger reductions than have ever been oflerikl before, We
are giving the stock atiiornii/h ont cleaning and everything must go at a big reduction, owirt* thai, wa need a 1
the room for our spring Ptock. Ktunember jjve r il*-r you
all new goods right from the wholesale limisee.   We believe
that Ladysmith is entitled to first
We havo a
large stock of Dry Goods, Boots "nui Sliooa, ■ Clocks,
Jewelry, Etc.
| Weinro
| %    General Store.
9.     High St., Ladysmith extension Tunnel
Sampson's Cash Stores,
Nanaimo, B. C.
When ia Nanaimo don't forget to call at
J. Sampson's, Commercial street, and
ie. the new line, in
i cm
Mr. Wm. K. Leigkton, tbe manager
ol tbe Nanaimo Opera Home went to
Victoria on Monday,
Mr. George Fletcher, ol Messrs
Fletcher Bros,, Nanaimo, visited the
camp oa Monday on business.
Bs Burs to lee the Bido-splitting farce
-'My wife's lecond floor." Oddfellowi
Hell, Feb 19th.
Dr, Telford, physician to Chemainus
Qeaersl Hospital, has resigned hia
position, owing to a difference witb the
Itpsysto get a good alarm clock.
lately tbe lesding jeweler, First Avenue
sails ao other, snd st reasonable prices.
Mr. W. W. B, Mao Innes, M. P. L„
went down to Victolia on Monday's
train to attend tbe session ol tbe Legie-
utters, to meet on Thursday,
WANTED to purchase on or below
Fust Avenue, a fall lined lot. Address
witb toll pirticulin ai to improvements
or building!, eic., to X. Y, Z„ Leader
Bpirit benign that in these lonely wild!
Bltteth la beauty ail supreme, thy smiles
Lm'nina the shadows  ol the raven
While on the river,. on the monntain
Their glory falls, irrsdisnt in loveliness,
Bsthed in tbe sheen of moon snd cluat-
Fancy    Dress   Carnival
Ball and Supper
To be held in Social Hall, Oddfellows'
Building, Lidytmith, on
Easter Tuesday, April ist.
Ticket! to dsnee and mpper for lady
snd gentleman, tl 50; single tickets,
11.00; spectators, 25c. No masks. Proceed! in aid of tbeOhurcb ot England
building land, Ladyimith.
Johnston Block,     •    Nanaimo, B. 0.
P. 0. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
ring star.
Far aa the eye essays, thy pre3enee fills
Tbeee solitudes, aa from Iho falling rills
Iridescent with thy tom!h,a.vcntcadences
Fall on the ear ami on the waiting heart
But our hnnginings from thesenpart
Hear other uounda whoee varied utterance
None may 'interpret, eave to human
They seem so full of dole, like the lament
Of the 'frayed savige, (roaring o'er the
Now weird, now loud, the diapason
As though in ev'ry caverned cliff there
Beings whose habitance deep darkness
Twist mortal and immortal life they
Waking night's   echoes with tbeir
ruefel plaint.
Anon, all lightly through the wooded
Through rocky canyons   through the
deep defiles
The breeze as if intent on soft caress
Intones a low refrain of tenderness.
In briefest space what change!  dumb
silence reigns.
AU sounds discordant hushed, tho pleasing strains
With the last murmur of the gentle
Die in the dark remote; the giant trees,
Sentinels o'er many a fairy eceno.
All motionless, tbe falling waters seem
Lulled to a monotone we hear from far.
And over all fair spirit like a star
Resplendent, tu thy beaming all divine
Claiming a homage we may scarce define;
All separate from fear and weak'ning
That these grim solitudes might else
Thy brightness wanes not, tho' capricious night
Oft with   its   dark'ning   wing bliick
shadows spread.
Ladysmith, B.C., Fdb, Mth, 1901
Tbo Country Faith.
Here, in the country's heart,
Where the grass is green,
Life is tho same sweet l.f j
As it e'er hath been.
Trust in a God still lives,
And the bell at morn
Floats witb a thought uf God
O'er the lining corn.
God comes down in Ilia ruin.
And the crop ltosvb tall —
This is theconniry faith,
And th-.' best of sill
—Norman Gale.
Some Cxproa'fltons the lue of tVlilcli
Should JB.« lloftmueil.
"Extra" iu an abused word, reoplo
say "extra good*' or "extra chenp" In
order to Intensify "good" and "cheap."
But "extra" lias no such force. So fur
from Intensifying a given condition, It
denies it by indicating Unit the thing
so described Ilea outside the sphere or
^m mwmsm^t COPPER AND
Hot Water,
Hot Air,
Steam, Etc.
Estimates given on all kinds of iron pipe work and sanitary
All work strictly first-class.
Hardware Merchant,        - Ladysmith. B. C.
quality named, Tims, "extra judicial'!
does not menu more than ordlnurlly judicial, ns i hough n judge had dredged
his conscience in giving au opinion, but
outside of Judicial and therefore incapable of being Judged at all In the prescribed way. >
A grievous fault Is the uso of "identify" in a phrase like this, "lie Is Identified with the antlvaccination movement." A man can only Identify himself with auother man or set of moil,
lie can Identify hlnisi-lf with tbo opponents of vncclnatlou-nnd even hei'o
the word carries a shade of meaning of
Its own, distinguishing the phrase from
such n one as "he Joined the opponents
of vaccination."
One should riot speak of "high" or
"low" caliber; but, remembering tho
meaning of "caliber," one should apply
to It only such adjectives as "great" or
It Is wrong to speak of a "consensus
of opinion," The word "consensus" Itself means an agreement of thought
and should stand alone.-Academy.
i... 11
'■. -    >., i.j m m <su» in        <$*$■
3,   this
In tin- nlij-ssi-G of thi' Dcefttis, bdow
.100 rmlioius many miliniils iittvo eitui r
imperfect eyes or none. Their condition In tills regard affords n Buggratlvo
parallel to that of onvp lift', uml the
causes nro probably tbe same. Science
la of the opinion that nil deep sea llt'u
originally emigrated from ibe slial-
lows. _,
r. o. o. J
Neither tho Owners, AgentB or Maater
will be responsible for any debiB contracted by the nflicerB w crew of the
Am. Ship "Edward b'evvall" whilr
laying in thit port.
lt. QUICK, Master,
Ladysmith, Keb. lOUi, 1002.
e,  No. o,, I. 0. G. !.
Painting, Paperltangiiig and
Mattress Making,
Leave orders for mattress making at Mr.
I. Gould's Btore, where samples can be
Guy H. Gavin, Ladysmith.
§£ i! I
The livell
Weehfy Pujt-lniper
Seattle, Wash.
Nobody can afford to be without it. All the
telegraphic news of the week, l-'urin. field, garden, sport, society, beautiful illustrations ami
half tones.   Sample copy on application.
All For One Dollar a Voa:-,
j E| fair iu
_'      '■■ "
— TO —
Winnipeg Toronto
Montreal New York
And ail Eastern Canadian and
U. 5. Points.
— TO—
Japan, China,   Hawaii,  Australasia,
■s en ail
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anvono eon-llMR a nltcleli nnd description nmy
qulclily aai'crlnin our opinion free- kIk.-iI.ci hii
InviiiiMnu in jii-itUiilily umiotititlilo.   ('onmuiii;. n.
tlOIHBtrlCtl'/CtlllllilOtltllll. llll]liit"ir>|;ini >'::.- :.!::
■out lim tilrtcst nuotioy for Kecurlitfnmteiiis.
['atoriU tnht'il lliroinrli Mllllll & Co. roL-eltrn
l-jffl -1 notice without unarm), lu the
Scientific flmcrfcat..
A handsomely illuutrated weekljr. 1 prktut circulation of nnrijelciiiiiifl Journal, Terms.:; i ;,
vcur; [our months, $1. boldbynll nrnvHi.-uit-",.
llraucb oiilee. liii F St., Wnsliluuton, D. C.
DOSTOS, ■   'i
touo.n ro, Tn
SI. I'AUl,. 'i'u
TO -
. - -   ■ Stlnnlflys.
doyi, '1 horadays am!
For jiampl li i
II. 11. ABBOT!-.
Agent, V ■   ■
E. .'
Ai»t. Gehl. Pas
: I'll ittloribfltioa apply
"'" IV.' NoG-mE
COYLK,  3   '"*
. Agent, Vancouver,
! BOe    111! CLOCKS    io I
V <!•
%    We have received a large Bbipment of Alarm Clccba whidh ivo now ufler at  %
I Eighty Cents Each
•*•   Andguaranteo them for one year.     All guv dtber goods in our Im go  '>
V stock will be sold at great reduction's bdforc nr.ving lolooarnew promioc
X   Now is your lime to sbcuto bargdns.
I       B. FORC1
| The First Jeweller,
.1V ;l liVli ...._,■ ii   i •;
Ladysmitli. :';
Sp2ed, Fromptiturle, Accuracy, X
Alien er IuslnutiM
-Delays, You Got Yonr
thus save tlaionsd money?
Dayou wont to avoid that business trip nud thua n.ivc
Djyou want to oidjr goods, und bo sure of shipment to< lay V
Do you vi ant, to talk with friend* at homo?
Do you wish (or any reason, a porsondl interviow wiih parties at a distance?
Then uao
The Long Disfanee Tel@ph0n@»
Tariff from Ladysmith fci-
Two Innies Ssiiveraaflssi
ToCbemslnus 10 "
ToDonosn .• 20 "
To Shawnlgan Luke (Koenlg's) .....26 "
To Shawnlgan Laliu (Strathcoua) 35 "
To Book* Lake 30 "    ..
To (ioldstrcaui 35 "
To Viotoria 40 "
ToSaBnloMon : BO "
To Sydney 60 "
Vou Can Easily Transmit 30 Words in a M of a Minute,
(Kqnal to 240 ivords in Iwo rninutes.)
Try the following 80 words:—" I did not tulenrnpli, fearing you'were put of town,
Gould not spare the time to go up on train. Mnet have your decision now,
eo called you by telephone."
il, W> KENT, General Superintendent,
D't'ji 11 aporters stitl Wfsolesale Dealers In I
Wmm5  Lpsrs  ml  Olgars. |
Ail the leading brands kept by us.     None
but tlie bc:;i imported.     We solicit your |
patronage. 9
G.   H. Mumiu's , Extra Dry Champagne, jjj
1 .iltntiruock .Scotch, Lemp's Extra Pale Ale, |
St. Louis Beer.                                •' |
Playiilg Cards, all leading brands including S
13 to is Yates St, Victoria, B. C. ]
.'-ilepiione No. i48. &
:■. :.-o wi.w.m' s(«w."'.;...'..:^Mi*&itv^.v^:4^t^s*)Wft!*!?f!4m^!4%i*'
f       *f%M~-Q
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intelligence. Accurate
reports. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
j fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
&  Nanaimo  Railway
Tims Table No. 43s
Trains]".™ Ladysmith louth-bonnd, dally st 0.10 a. m., and on Saturday, and
Sundays nt 8,52 p. tn. »
Trains leitvo Ladysmith north-bound, daily at 11.57 a, m„sndonBitnrdMi»nd
Sundays nt 6,07 n.m, ^
Trains leave Lsdyimllh for Exteniion daily except Snnday at 0,00 s, m„ 2,00 aad
10 p.m„ and on Sundayi at 10 p.m.
Excursion Rates to all Points, Good Saturday and Sunday
Geo, L Courtney,     -     Traffic Manager


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