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Ladysmith Leader Aug 20, 1902

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! | The people that save %
','■ money trade with      I
Ladysmith Leader
.'": '
I For Boots and Shoes |
I Bickle's is tiie store _
>     VOL. I. NO. 97.
4 **} 4 4 4 4 i|i 1$ t$i (|i i|i if i*4^*t*4*t*444444444.
22 Loaves for $1.00
Family Groceries
At Lowest Price
LINOLEUMS*   hand which  we   offer   at
Also a good line of dry goods, boots aad
Shoes, Hats, Caps and Millinery
To Select From
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale and Retail  Merchants,
Esplanade anil Oatacre Street, - - Ladysmith
5ii«it8Si-4*«'^JW8»e.*wvi<i"i'-i*;vs-.-".-.-i •  ir
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Choicast Front Lots and Corners
In Monks 29, 80 and 81,
Also lota 6 lo 12, nlook 'iO.   Bust Gaii-
ims Son, in town,    jlliovo Kre lull sized
Apnlv to
at Lidvamith Wednesdaysaud S-tturdayp
or to Gory S. Ryder, Lsdtsmith.
in, 110x12.1 ,'imt.
AI-l'I.V   TO
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescriptions iwrefully dispensed. Opni!
tin and nigh..
Member Can. Society of Civil  Kiujitreers
Member Institution of Ulectrical KitiniteerH
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Stilicited
Work Ottnratiti'ut P. (). llox 357
g 1 11
tin 'ui
YOU   INSURED?     ^ "ot
un u iii uiitB Iur n may be
turn-)nrow. 1 rcpiai-enb e.-vera'
nl RRMABMS GumpanitM .un'
can intttie yuii hi. a uiomi-ni's nocici* ni
ti.eliiwiBl Voii'iile rales. All lend-,nv
c-nnpinii-f niiHijit- the Name miee. Dorr*'
b ■ tn it le*! into limiting with » thief,
company -It'imalt.'he dear iu tbeeud.
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. o Drawer 118, N.nmimo. K.O.
Wm. Ueverld-fe, 1'rnp.
This new liot.-l his Leon comfortably Iniiiisl i-il snd l In- liar is i'i- toils..-.
Bust ftii|..oiuiuoili.l.ion lor transient anil imnnanent boarders anrl lorlners.
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
The Esplanade, - Ladysmith. B. C. I
.•.r.-.-.-.*.-.".-.-.-.-.-.-.-.'.-.-.v.%-.% •■■••■ •■*-'--■--•.-.-.v.-'.v.-.-i-.ssasssf
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Soda Water, dinger Btsr, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Bcver.iRes of all kinds.
W. E. RUIViniNQ, - Proprietor,   ftfeiSS
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain uud fanny bread. Cakes aud patriot* of all tltiaeriptiona. Fruits in
Wholesale ...il Retail Dealers In Mea'
P.nlt.rv   and  VeizotflbltiH.   Gmhii
on mn.   Shipping oriiere attended to t n
hurt nolioe.
TliiJ.nlil-Ktt.l.lisheil, First-Ol.ss .nil
I'.1.■nun II.. nl i" iiinst. non.fort.bly fiir-
nisln-ii, .'.'-nlrally situated. Bus meets
itiiii... Ks-elie.tilOufslne. Bar stottked
willi tlie finest wines, liqnnrs and itlgsrs.
J OH. FOX,      '      •        Proprl.tor.
Midsummer Sale
-OF liti,-
Summ-er  Goods
Of Boots and Shoes Still in Progress.
Each and Every Line of Light Goods nnd Hroken Lines in
Boots and Shoes are selling in muny cases nt half price and
Any Stickers are being cut until t' e small price demands the
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents' Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes.
The Leader's Suggestion
all Seriousness,
-Nanaimo's Big Store-
The Great Merchandise Distributor of B.C.
Nanaimo, Cumberland and Extension. 'X
Nanaimo friends have apprised The
Lbadbr of Hie odd fact that aome per-ple
there bave taken tbe suggestion contained in tbe following edilorfal paragraph wbieb appeared in Tin-: Leadbk of
Wednesday, August liJib, aa 0 down-
right insult to their town, a veiled sneer
at lhe place became it te prff<*ring under
what Tuk Leader most sincerely bontB
U only a temporary duluesB. Tun
Lkadkr hs sincerely wishes that those
bright individuals who have rend iusnlt
and ii jurious insinuation inlu a paragraph which certainly eonyejB no ta-uli
meiiuin-s* tu the not mill Baue mind, wt-ie
ouly auffdiiiig from U-mporary dulneaej
we fear it iu theuhronio variety, Bueotu-
mon iu ibis glorious proviuue. Here ii
the iiiuagraph:
"S-uiie Nanaimo people think the-it
town would be Beeured against henvy
loss iu ctiBe of ibe initit'S panning oul if
Hn-) i'l.iild tii-t manuiaciurera to make
their headquarters there. Nanalmo lue
Inn told by the leading 1 xp ita thai it
la without a/peer In the,province ua .-n
orchard district. Tbe tipple mmkei is
uevei glutted. Aa a bun, vegetab eand
I Hewer growing centre, if not an agricul-
tural, Nanaimo could command psren-
nial prosperity,"
Ouly a mau with a buii cu his b am
uould ''feel aore" uver a commpu-Behee
sta'i-nient like that; only 11 fellow spoil
ina fur a row with Bomebody or some-
(bin-;*. Never was Tuk Lhadbr more
aerioiid thau when it piinted tbe fore*
going article.   NoW| let ub explain.
T nit paragraph woe inspired by Bn
Item i» Toronto Evening Telegram <f
late dale, wbieb said thnt orobardlaH
near Belleville, Out., bad received fn ni
Bngland orders lor sixty thousand hai-
rale of fliBt-quallty apples, with proa*
pactB of further orders thia BeaBon. II
0'i'iirieil In tbe wriler of The Lradkr
piteliraph that if Naualnw) oould laid
an otdi r like tlm'--L-.'lj'tni'Hi, r'tiv :n-
bor, in not in this Hffaii al  ail;   il   la
,\listilii i-li- tlie ttiieat tea sol I in ».U. K '"" 'Inm' 'i'"W
ml. n-k nnr misoiners. Or l-eiersull try win puiii.il 6U-.
Ilii|«i ti-il ilin-mlv Irutti II -k.'ilie. lV.i U.luli-i,-.. Oily
. oisnlveH Imi.vii-ii tlm iin.w-i .mil you. Yonr eeiiiiml otder
mil li.-fl.i.ui-nl', iirine fi '.'5
— SOLE AdliNTi	
W. T.  Heddle & Co.
i Press Block,      ^£XA*"° Nanaimo
Tukes the leed Kvi ry when-
Yatis Street, VICTORIA, B. C,
Chief License Inspector N, Mclndoo
Mr. Harry Mclndoo, chief license inspector for Routh Nanaimo District, wbb
in town Monday 011 buaiiiebB connected
with tbe holding ul tbe special meeting
of the licensing court (advertisement of
which appears iu another column) hav-
iiif* been postponed until September Gth.
In reply to a question horn The
Leader Mr. Mcludi-u eaid tbat be never
gave the mailer ul wheie thi court
eliouid he held any thought. ai.J bad
nut the Bligbiect intention of slighting
LadyEmilh or any other place iu fixing
11 tor Nanaimo, It was altogetbt-r pio-
titibleiUat if La'Jjsmiih bad bad gov
eiiiineul buildiiitib tbe cuitri would have
iict-u held neie, but in hie opiuiou there
whs nu tuiuiilti aucoiuuiouatiuii tor
iulilint* ihtjcouii hire. Tbey had tx-
^brienoo tf Unit 11,t- ia&i cudrt, which
Was hem m Lad-, smith. Neither was it
tvithlu ma provimta lo biiu a puuuc ball
Un tucii purpose,
Mo -rttio very Barry iLdeed if any uiie-
itutki'bitttjdiuK fchuUid have mi-t-u us
nit-it.* «»iB no luiet.uuii ui bligiiiiug tint-
place. Tue court **.t bt-iu_; titnU in
Mtuialniu principally becanee ujObt ui
the oommissionorfl lived near that cily,
anil il waa mure convenient lu. them 10
auti.d there. ''litsuite," ta.d Air.
Mclndoo, "they gel their expenses paid
anyway, bo it muftts iiule difforeace
Ahere thecuutt la uel'i."   A   in.  nau,**
1 '•--
nt.tltU tint, li .1. ..tfciiti., tub
matlt-r bll-uihi im.uKiH uu wuuli Uuve
cailtu mu silling beiu.
1 viiiNiimi i.o.G. x'.
Following are tbe uthct-rs elected at a
meeting of Ladysmitb Lottie 1. 0. ti. T.
Friday evening, There wae a ^ooii at*
iti.il.u te. It la bopi-d ihH all the young
people n> I,hi! j Him li a in j .in this lodge)
0. I', Tom. Djhertyj V. l\,l. Hill; H.
0. C, Miss K. Join • L. D. pt.( Mr Wns.
Williams; S.ct, Keuni'tli MiKemstej
Aeti. Scut. ti. MiKiultv Kmant'i: Sect.
MiB*: Juiiie Jones; Trtaiturpi J. Mas'ert;
Ai ,i.bai, ,1 it-. Sum mete; UtutpUiu Rev,
Mr Tan nt 1; I, U., Johu Anderson; Sentinel, Akx .Line.,,n.
Provincial I.tceimcd ABSfti'er, late assayer
Vjiii Aiidii rini-L-llcf. Itcliiililv inmlvMs .it
ores conls,tie. SliipiiitiilsniiilsiuiiiiHnu
nt smellers 1-11 peri nt.■mil* I. Weights nnd
ri-lnnitehi-L-kijiI, NbxltOlllC Law Courts.
I'. 0. Iln\^9. ^
,6 Lan-tley Street, VICTORIA.
r   11. SIMPSON,
Harrlslsr, Ssllcltor.
Attorney. Notary t'ulilic. Ittc.
Money to Loan.
Harrison Hot Springs
This ttet'K.itfal health ami pleasure
resort, the finest In Ani-tlcii, oilers
Unrivalled  Advantages
—To The	
Mnjmifiteiit Scenery, Fishing, bbnotlng
Bunting, Bathing. Swimming, Vopor
and rrlvnte Bnths with Miissnge,
THE HOTEL hits been coulplitely
iVnovateiTanB renirntstied thnniirhoiu,
elecliie llghltng; first-elnss cuisine;
bull mid tennis groniiils; clmrniitig
drives Spk-iKliil success in treatment
ol ■Rheumatism. Oont, Kltlucy Troiihle.
Every Comfort and Convenience.
Resident Physican.  Rates: $2 a Day
Barrister**. Solictor.* and
Olflce: Oddfellows' Building, KobcrlsKt.
The Woodmen's Excursion a Very
Pleasant Outing.
AM Itindii of stiiiuess attended the wf 11-
minfliied piciiiu (f tbe local Wnnflmen
and Jjadysniil.li band on tbe exi*u sion
H'pnmei Joan lo S f-veston last Rmtilny*
Tne weattmr watt mada-to-order and ll-e
Bja trip wa- moBf pleas-tnt. A -■*■• vec*
ton the.several liiudiul sightfieere b- in
Vam-i'tivtr leland were Initiated biin tbe
myeterlrn of calnh'Bg, dresplni* and cm*
ning the fish, Every body who wept declared it. waa pomething nnt to bo mlseed
for a birm, ami tbatil the Woodm-m and
Btnd net up another outing tbey can
count on a hum per hon*.e. An early re
turn wus mad« tu L-uhsmith", ibe band
adding mmdi to the enjoyment ef the
trip by their well-played nelec.tioiifl,
After landing ber passengere here th<
Joan prticenlrd to Nuuaitno, from which
port nearly 200 cxmrpioniete took in the
notliiuu lihe the I'banie N-iuaimo hah—
how nice it would be at a slack time
like the preeenl,
So muen lor tbe inspiration. But,
then, lb*1 writer bad pn-iiiiar itntborily
for writing that par* Hu U the enuie
min wl.o wroie ibti Interview with
MeestB- loin Wilson, piesidem of .he
li.O. Fruit Grower.' Association, hid!
M. J. Henry, the noted nuiBen untu of
Vancouver, after Nauaiuio's agiiculluia!
show last >ear, ami ii Hppeartd in tbe
Free Press, was read with utmost approval hy Nanaimo people-, and du-w
tt.i <. mniftii iiinn I tie late Mr George
Norris, editor ul the Frte I'.i m>, lhat be
only wished the dut-gealiou ol MtBsie,
Wilson uud Henry would be. solid un.
Tm> -a riter v.t\e complimented hy Mr
N ns on Becuring thul interview, which
rVi'H mi the effyct Unit Nauatiuu beiu ibe
prnvii cettB au itf-ple—ami ptut—-<iuw-
tiu ill 'iriiit; pi'oulirt'ly suited fir siich
culiw iiioii. Let one tin i.k of the Falser}
Valley, the Okaiuigaii, Oouiox and Co*
wi'-hitu district and then weigh tine i
Bin'i mt-ul id res|Mi,Bthle men and Bay1
whailier Tub Lkaobk was liiuiiliiug N.i 1
naimo by tu-jgfcBUtiRihat Houiaihlug in j
ibe wtv ul BltensiVe piunilug should t-u
tlone al uuct*.
IIhv. thofu BRpieiit Nui muio cr"i('H i.
i'hb Leadbb ilie least idea ul what ili).-
001) b neu of applet) Hie -stf/iii? Tiu>
nave not. JitHi lei us present thnn
wiih ttlew h iiii.-m-p i.t.d ih. n we ui.u I
see xt o ll is that knulVd what be ib
Lhlki-.g about. Oanad-t expnrted to llie
Uitl <i1 Kingdom in ttie year ending
Jn.i 30 ii, 1901, (143 046 bantl- <f a,>-
pl.Bv-.hiM' hi $l,4W,Gu&} lhe United
Bt it-s look In tne i-iiiui' (ii'vind rj.fuVJ
b-tels valued at *Ms lSS; making a
l.i ,ii extant i-io7Sii-ii b.iu.lboi u v-iluc
nl i}\ 48'2I928. ma Leauku inn obi )«t
r*eolv«d the report, for 1002, but Irom
an item in a leading Kituurn nowspflj-er
tfe gather tbat tbe export of a;>plia in
tOontinued uu Page 2.)
Mr Fid t local ngent of tbe li. C. Per-
mil eo! Liaii nml Sivinn- Co., of Van-
0'iuvcr wns in town on bus'uess Monday,
Mr A. li. tloliio-lon ol NaiiHimo whs ill
L ilysiiiiih on Muitday airuiigiitgioo*jen
a hiaban of Itie btu-ine.-e.
Mi .(..mi's VViIbou, luperinlettdent ol
0. V. It. Telegraph* rtdpped otfat L«dy-
B'uiiti on Sunday in connectlun with the
o jening oi the branch t'ffloe here.
Mr tJlemion1 Living-ton,ueneral manager of the Tyee Oojtpur 0», v\ne in town
BiiUn*a) looking over the work*'.
Mr N. A. Alibiii, Deputy Ooiisnl for
tlie'Janadiaii Order of ibe Woodmen of
the World, is visiting Ladjemlt'fi]" Mr
Anbin iiropiiFes to remain herb'h,fJir a
week or raoie in increaee the nietvjber-
ship of Ludy.nifth camp.
Mrs l»r. Greer aud ber Bister Mini
Dickson, ol Winniplg, came over from
Sevest in on ths Joan Sunday, and aro
amviiig with Mra Rilstmi.
< Go Carts and
| Baby Carriages.
8$ Why tire yourself out
*M carrying tlint baby of yours
•Jj wlieu for n few dollars you
|j can secure one of our pretty
| Go Carts which are built so
5: light uml that run so easily?
g We are running off our
S stock of these carriages, as by
some  error  this  spring  we
overstocked ourselves, but this
is your gain.
We prepay all freight to
Come up and see us
We Ml1.
j. Hi', good & co |:
The Great Cash Furniture Store |
.-.-.•.%V.!.%!sI.-.!M^*«*«»SS*jM&'1 LADYSMITH   LEADER AUGUST 20. 190?.
Ladysmith Leader
PnMUhed every Wednesday and Saturdoy at
The Leader Building, corner ofPlrst Ave, and
Vrench Street, Ladysmith, Britinh Columbia.
T, L. GRAHAM!**, Editor amd 1-koi'IUutor.
■ Bt Mail in Canada and Unitkd States.
Oue year {atiictty in advance) $» •»
Is mouths (strictly ia advance) ~   > *5
TRANSIENT — Including busines-   notices,
■alls for tenders, applications for aud transfer of
licenses, legal notices, etc., roc, a line first insertion; sc. a line each tubs«iueut Insertion
tinea measure to the inch.
Bates on application. No wood cats used.
Cats for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
time will be charged for nntil ordered to be discontinued,
THE LEADER wilt be found at the following
*.,•» tyamith-The Leader Office; The Udysmlth
NsiHtnno-H. Plmbury & Co.
Victoria—Public Library; Provincial Library; and
Vajcottver-Public Library, and Hotels.
New Westminster-Public Library.
All changes in advertisements must be received
nt this office before ti noon the day before
Iss ie.
B*- tact ibers uot receiving paper regularly pleas
i«-ort to this office.
Ai, tun work strictly cash on delivery.
Tr mi ent advertisements cash iu advance.
I t
J Subscribers not receiving Tu. $
i Lbadbb ren.ul.rl-r will confer . |
« l.vor by reporting promptly to j
5 this office.                                   "J
With .11 da. deference ta Mr. Hsrry
Mclndoo, chl.t license inipeotor for this
diitrict, who il, in onr humble opinion,
on. ol tb. nn»t capable .ud admirable
officers ol oar provincial police, .nd de-
Hrvedly popular throughout th. district
we do-not think his reasons lor holding
thnt special meeting ol Booth Nanaimo
licensing court io . town outside tbla
dlltrlot .nffiolent to eip'.tn th. oddity
ol th. transaction.
H.r. .re, in' brief, Mr. Mclndoo's
iMion,:—(l)No goveinm.nl buildings
hen; (2) mor. convenient berauie
nearer lor commiuloneri to to to Nanalmo j (8) no variant to hire a public hall
her. 11 county offices loo small; (4) ei-
pen.es paid anyhow; (6) no alight Intended.
To I.k. th. lot first; we qnite believe
Mr. Mclndoo; b. ie not th. kind ol
man who indulges in petty woik ol thai
-sort, bnt nevertheleas it ia a decided
■light .nd i, so regarded hy ninety per
Mot, ol Ladysmith's people, .nd It hu
Mind to revive leelliiu which ihoold
be buried. (4) I. no argument at all,
because not only would tb. commie-
aionere get their expense, lor coming
h.r., but tb. train service Is much mor.
suitable lor tbem II It is time they want
to lave, .nd they generally do, They
eoold transact th. business In the lore-
noon .nd get home on (he noon train.
(8) But this w>. done in Wellington
legalarl., .nd more ibsn th.t, no
licensing court lor Wellintiloi nr North
Nanaimo wu ever held In Nanalmo
oitjr. Why ahould Booth Nanalmo b.
*n ..caption? (2) Coveted by answer to
Mo. I'i); certainly not more con venient
Mcoidlng to present miming ol tralna.
(1) "No government bnlldlnga" Is cir
Ulnly th. most cogent ol Mr. Mclndoo's
reasons. It la too bad an important
centre ol induatry and important co> nty
buainess thould be still without a pll.
ol government buildings. We t.u.t
thit tbla deplorable deficiency will be
remedied without del.;. But ample accommodation oould bave been lound In
any ol the ball-dozen ..cedent public
halls In the town.
Ag.in, with all due delerenc. to our
nipwltsd friend, Mr, Mclndoo, «*
orav. nobody's pardon lor dating our
hone.t Mlet that th. ie.1 reason for
holding th.t meeting In N.nalmo 1, to
prevent objectors putting in an appearand* and cauaing trouble,
Mr. Mclndoo ny. probtbly no now
licenses will be granted because thou
Exteniion people, who want transfers,
ihould have tb. preference, whioh ll
quite lair considering all th. circumstances. The meeting hu own poit.
poned to Sept. (th, but th. court will te
held in Nanaimo just th. aame, whioh
ia a veiy bad mistake.
Everybody ihould read th. condeneed
report oi Ihe interesting statement,
made by Mr William Gardner, secretary
o' the Tyee Copper Cumpany, whioh w.
publish on thil pige. It la onr regret
fiat w. could not lind room Ior th.
whole ol thli iplendid report,
Most oooietvative estimates plac.
tbe amount ol ore in eight in th. Tyi
mine, Monni Bicker, at ilxty thousand
tone. Thie mean, that thu Ladysmith
imeiter can keep going lor a good many
ye.ri on Tyee ore alone, not lo mention
the thouianda ol tons which ar. bound
to come In Irom all pans of the Pacific
coset, Ladysmith should be proud ol ita
emelter, and Ha prospects.
T. W. H.Croelandis the name ol an
Englishman who has just written a book
ontiteled "The unspeakable Scut." Tb,
author wiitei caustically aod aparea not
the foible, ol tbe chosen people; Robert
Louis Stevenion is th. only Scot ol whom
Mr Oroiland has a good word to lay and
that became Louis waa so vory unlike .
Scot iu many wave. What good can booki
like thii do? They but awrkeu th.
fierce pr.judicee of .lays long put; they
reanimate ancient hatreds and tbey
hinder the perfect union o( (he twin races
ol English and Scoli. Sensible Englishmen will uot rejoice at th. publication
of inch a book, and sensible Scon wlll
take it witb good humored contempt.
It is a piiy ■hetOarl*.]ets.lead,thongh
Cimined wuuld be a small potato lor tbe
sine's mulling.
At the luncheon given to the king and
queen >t Guildhall London, theother day
there wei. no speech.,. Wh.t ao unspeakable blessing it would be it this delightful innovation became general
amongst their uiajestiea' loyal sul.j els.
[Continued Irom Page 1 ]
the financial year Juat closed wu «uui
mouily in adnnce ol the pri'viom year
Why ihould not Nanaimo, with it,
msgnihVent area of cleared land nt
auperb quality, witb • climate ipeel.ll**
adapted for orchard, and a great mark.ii
all round it in thia province ud tbi
Northweat, reach oat for some ul that
growing traffic? We must bow to the
opinions ol men who h.v. rn.de a etudj
of thu matter; Nanaimn hai their po-
litiv. litur.nce; the ooly thing thai, il
to put againit ii il th. opinion ol a law
people who don't kuow what they .re
t.lkiog about.
Strange to aa, tb. writer urn. yeare
ago, aay five, had a somewhat almtlat
experience with aome of Vlctoila's 11
lu.trious lead, n ol thought, wh.n be
suggested in lb. editor!.! columoi ol
the Daily Timet th.t Victoii. ahould
jsttiion ill abiurd notion of becoming a
manufacturing centre .nd cultivate th.
tourist traffic, in which then were thousands to be made tu immediate bftid
cub. The writer was look«d upon a.
cruy, "not all there," by molt ol the
Victorian! (or offering aucb an imam
suggestion aud persisting in it. People
used to com. up into the Timei office to
pity him,.nd offer gentle hint, that a
reel wai needed, .nd recommending the
lamoui lauitarlom on lb. bauk. ol Ibe
lordly Fruer, near New Wulmlniter,
Many of thoie very person, ate now in
the forefront of the Tourilt Allocl.tlon
ol Victor!, today, loudly claiming ciedit
for their originality In puabing on thii
tourilt buiin.n,
Wall, w. noneole ourselves that it WU
ever tbui; there ii alwayi a Pecksniff
claim the endit .nd appropriate tb.
haya alter Ohunl.wit hu lurniihed the
ideu .nd drawn the plana, Thou lei-
lowe in Victoria think five yean slower
thu th. writer. We will ilik our iu
turityitakes that In muoh the lame
tim. th.t lt took .will Victoria to climb
up to tb. level ol an advanced idu th.
Nanaimo people, witb Ikon well-in.
lutmed critios ol ouri amongit them,
will be grasping the lull meaning ol th.
advice ol Meaari. Wilion and Henry
(and Tn. Liadsbi and will b. realising
from their aplendid orchard, a r.luin
th.t will utonlih them.
For many yean the wilier hu been
an euthuiiait regarding agriculture,
particularly fruit culture, believing th.t
Canada is only now entering Upon the
the lull development ol IU purlea. ie
loorcu io thli respect. W. would quit
th. thaokleii, roucb-orltlelud. overworks*!, underpaid newipaper builnen
tomorrow to go into apple-ral.log II
inch court, wen pnotlcabi. at tb. preient tlm..  Bat it t. only a matter ol
time. Tbe best liie in IbiB country is a
BtrenuouB one "on the land"—your own
Nanaimo can take our word of honor
that we were in dead earnest in offering
tbat suggeslion, which we will never
take back, but will reiterate as nlleu as
necessary, ior the reasons ti ereiu given.
Mr. William Gardner Reports to the
English Shareholders.
How the Property and the Officials
Impressed Him.
From the Fluancial Times ol Inn-don*
Eniland, just to hand Tub Leader is
glad to be able to reproduce lhe following very interesting portions ol the report made hy Mr William Gardner, the
teewtary of the Tjee Copper Company
at a general meeting of Bharehuldere
held in the Cannon Street Hotel about
the end of last month. Mr Gaidner'e
report Ib most interesting and exhaustive, but unfortuuately uuicli too lengthy
for reproduction iu exieuHo in The
Leader's limited column-). The folio**'
ing eztraots will he found of special
"I took au early opportunity oi visiting Ladyemith nnd the Bite ul our smelter, at tiiu aame time making lhe ac
qualntance ul Mr Kiddie, our smelting
manager. Aa Inr the Bite, it appeurtd
to be an ideal place (or such au industry
and easily adaptable to the requirements
ol the plant. There Is s.iine suit, fall
from the railway tu ihe wa, aud thia has
been utilized to ttie utmost extent iu arranging the various operations, which
•re to be carried on at dilt'ereiit levels,
until at the lout the molten alau te irented with a jet of waler aud ■'aliotud,"
then it Auwb iuto the lagoou tietwt.en ttie
■pit and the shore and is Mm-* disposed
ol. The Kequimall and Nanaimo Kuil*
way Company are showing every promptness In carrying ont liio arrange men is
made between us, auu tha new siding
near Sumanos b tat ion was uuatmg completion before I left, Since illiii it has
been tiulehtd and is l.UUOu. long, and
will easily hold two lines ol outs if required. Tha aerial tramway automatically di-chargea the tne lioni ihe mine
Into tbe buukara alongside lhe railway,
Irom which the railway company tuke
the ore for conveyance to tho emelter at
Ladysmith, a distance of about thlneen
inilne. Freight rates uf au tquilable
nature have beeu enaugsd between ihe
railway company aud ourselves.
"Tne arrangement uf uur plant at llie
smeller will require au adilitmual titad
of 181'. above tlie roasting ground, and
toe railway company nave agreed io
u aid tbe nestling necessary lu givti that
in ad, so as to supplement tlie natural
1 ill uf the ground. The situ iie.'li is
i.uuted ou the euaeliore, hui like all the
around iu that ueighbuihuud was bim ply
a f .tost aud took a guod de-il uf labor lo
clear. Some of the treee were tiit. iu Sit.
in -ii..meter and liad to he felled, after
WUiuu the slumps aud rootu had tu he
blown up by guupowder, lhe brushwood and undergrowth had lu be burned
off, aud iheu tbe whole ground hud tu
be gra.ted by a contractor, that it*, that
the various levels and Ibou n quired by
Che plant bad to bu dug out. ibis was
begun while 1 waa on the aput, and has
Biuue hseu completed, ln rtgaid iu the
date ol uf slarting uui binelter, 1 uued
upon Mr, Kiddle, uUt smelter uiunuger,
tbe necessity, ii posbihie, ul adhering to
that given iu thu circular uf llKh Apiil
met. iseued lu uur bhaiuhultieit, Ae lar
•i Mr. Kiddie's pan. of Ute worn ia concerned, he ls ul upiiuuu tlmi nu cau nd*
Here to the date given, provided 1.0 re*
ceiveB the plant aud maukiiiieiy Irum tlie
makers up lu ttie contract ttuie, Per-
auhall) 1 ijRidl. exptui thai we mh-.Ii
oe f ji luuale enouaU to get Uiu machinery
from the makers at tun exaut dale in-
wmled, as they have had sume tumble
at Chicago by strikes auronget, tneii
woikiut-iQ, This disturbance of the
lab-jr market is uuw settled, uud 1 think
that probably the end uf September will
be nearer the date uf blowing In tbe
smeller. As lar as tbe utKcials uf lhe
compauy are concerned, everyone out
there is imbued with a strung desire io
forward thluga as quickly as puot-ibie,
but there are always Ute nulouked for
things lhat crop up aud take uuu tu put
Into place, ao delays occur. Mr, Kiddie
hru impressed me as a man wim kuoAe
hta busiuesa tnorouglily, and is, 1 bo-
lievea man of u^righiiiiB-tttiiti iiiiu^iii^.
Ue ls well ipokeu ul by tnuny ahoui 1
ui«t In British Columbia, ami j think
the director! did well in choosing him
tu take charge of iheir -umdung plant,
Aiyuu aie aware it is the in ten I ion ut
thia company to smelt fir ouu-nlu mines
hh well as fur our owu whenever opportunity occurs, and 1 c ni-iil. i Uiai iho
prospects uf oui hinldiiig lip a \n ml
smelting buaiuesB are Very prouneing,
and the cumpanv will then have au
additional source uf ieventie, Iniitipeud*
ent if the prullia accruing hum binciling
our u*ii ure. 1 had tuu pteanuie of interviews, un my outward ai.d liimi-
ward j'turueys, with Mr, Ueuig-* Thuin-
■ouin New York, whole estimates of
the prolUb froiu-.nr m-iin uiu* Hiitltei
have already beeu reftuie I tu, nud I mny
state that Mr. Thompson has a very dim
faith in our property and prospects, ai d
in fact, he told inn he couaid-'r.-d it one
of the (inept ll.in.-.-t he had ever pe*n.
Coining (mm a nun of Mr. Tl.nmiWs
experience, this expreeeiuii of opinion
cnri'-K |/rr*at wt- j-ht,
'*Tne matter ol flux, whiuh ia always
a great point iu connection wiih all
copper emelting, haR solved iieeii in a
very happy nianner (or us. aa our low
tirade ore contains within i'aelf sufficient
flux material to mix with the high grade
ore, and in using lhe former to mix with
the latter we really add to the copper,
Bold and silver contents of the whole.
Should, however, the mine nt nny time
tail short or low grade ore, and nothing
but rich ure be obtainable, there are
fountain!, of good flux material al our
very doors. The matte, or reguluB, in-
t?ntlpd to ho fnrrrf, n*t hv our emelter
wiil be about Iiu per nent. coiiper. In
our iniiial Dtupf-e. a'- ai.v in'ti, il te lhe
intentiuti lo-pjtlipr pell this nntriirht to
the coiiviiriprs for the purpOFP of re-
finetni'iit. or pay n pt-ited pumfortiou*
verting it into rf fined copper, whioh can
then easily he dealt with; but in either
i*n.ee there te no diflli-mlty in ubtulnlog a
market for onr prodnbt, bb there are no
lepB than five different, etm ltt-ra on the
Weaiern Pscific Coast tendy tn tender
for itH piircliuse. In rfjaard to our ten-
eral m nn^et, I eliou'd not like to tinifh
my report wiiboul atatirtu to llioee
shareholders who have not the privilege
of knowing Mr. Clermont Lwinitfi-on,
the Board'a irtn-ted repreEentative in
British Columbia, -willtuil hearing wit-
nesa tn the energy Rid const-ant care he
bestows on the intertstt-1 f ttie rompBny,
which he eeeme to livf for. Mr. Living'
fton'f nhiirflcter for -JiusineeB ability and
upright ue na are known f-ir aid wide-
both ini British Columbia nntl in London, and owing lo thi-* the iej nt atlon ol
lhe Tyee Company pttinda at the very
high-oat point, mid I consider '*'' ste
most fortunate in having nit'li n man to
look after our affairs at, that end. Mr.
Livingston, aa moi-t of yon are nwaie,
h«B a large lit tenet In our company,
Our iiiiue su|ieiintendent,Mr, Muegrave,
is n men Hke-niiitdcd tu Mi, LivlngBlon,
ard is carrying out tho devt-lophieut of
lhe mine in a wtrkinaidilte manner
and iB iiiitvahiitgly en lhe h-.t k "-nt. to
economise labor ai every point. He Iibb
a hsppy combination of both theory
and practice, having gradnatt-d at King
eloii University, besidep a large ex patience in practical mlnlnf*. With such
qualillcatloiiB we uied not dnuht ilat
our mine is iu guml and mle Imnde.
Having thus tt tidied nil tlxFe v riotia
points, 1 can liiily say that if befoie my
visit to the mine 1 had a hlg'h opinion
444 44* 4 X-44444+44-4+44444+4444444444444444444444+4+4+44
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tCoutinnad from Pane 2.]
of its future, I re'urned to London having more than verified that opinion, and
I believe we pesmsp one nf ihe flr.<Bt
properties yet oue.ed in IMjish Colombia, and it, may inteiet-i y< n tn Nnnw
thatlhiappiriitm |ppharedJiy iwo eminent |(pnlo(,lf»t8 v ho hav* recently veiled
inr mine hi d In-vt- privately oi in'ranni-
latfd the Fame lo tne, Un g quite a
f-rntnitmit! expulsion of -opinion on their
part. I'is now four and r. half years
rlnee «e firet began tn -eipaiid money
on the development of these properties,
which now In loin* to llie T,.-re Copper
Company, and lids, utd'ke some other
propsriies in BriiislrOolumbia,lina been
done without any undue inflation of
rrti.'fn'. p'tmIM■*■■• v 'I---1 t **'Wi ■•■» • -vr
hod ihe hi.x.it* i-■■ i on iim ■ n 11 inluil g
t-lllerpripe.-, mi 1 '■< i i- hiti now that
peilod h-if.-j.il.i» (i.i-i. and iha; du-lrg
thi* cu-ient leai jour piinl fl' r'p will he
urowm i! will' "ti'it-f--. 1! riml 'hat. f-n a
uf our oi\ti eharehuldurs do ml fully
appieciate iln i.ov.ii.in.. ■ e h,.v« in
Vancouver Inland nvir the mlut-B that
fliei-iiiiHtt-iiiii.il.' mainland nf British
Coluoihin, ai |nt their stk-'s and any
oil,ex in ihe BHtnt* pnHiiioii, it is us well
to heniiii iuiin| tin,' tiie.iiluiaie of the
Inland iti tjiiite dill'rent and much
imldtr than on the m>vii'land, hai eg
imp rounded hj li- i„i|ij waters of tlfe
Prti'tlii', ami ho t»i nr- ..hie (•■ woik. f-ven
on the aiir'ai'i*, all ihe year round
Then, again, tin- or - ijf tba Hm-id a'rj
dtatrhit aru u i< nearly so tiuli ae thine
being worked on the I- nml at. Type and
Mount Sicker, • t-i., -md it if rare hi find
anjwbere iiu-li urt as *y have in out
mine,-(.uhiaiiiiug *v< uinipi m ihn pre*
Horn im*.ale, in t-oiue caeea t-i.ilhiiyi.tly
high to pay tor all or nearly all our
milking ex|i i n*>. i n.lmv*- lhat ere
hue Vantti nvt-r Mand *i b all ii-moree
of mineral wetiltb will astonish llie
wor I ', (mil trainable uapllal ia provided to open nc ihe I'tUn'r., I wi a
f-irmnale enoiiji'i to visit other proper*
tits while in the fsliind, thai M-emed 16
lue us Anrth) ol development as ever
Tyre wtt-s in Mir initial stage*, and qu '.e
a< favorably tltiiHted (or lettikinit. tioiue
of tlie cli-vi-rer-t- nrfmng m>n horn tlm
8'ates urn realizing the va-t re-mirces of
the Ulaud, mul are nmiaipatiiig Ida
developments by already ereullrig pinel
tere and liuuvt-rtere, to de-tl with the
0U«ptit ot the nl'iep In the near fitlnre.
I'i.iiiH'iH like Harry 8ml b, who die*
(i .vered ihu Ij born snd T)t-e t-l«fme, aie
airemlj fi.nIioii ifub iii.fitaii"' a hi certain mineral belts, and all lhat ia it nnt
ed is j'idlijioni dtwlopiutii! to prove
tin hi' properiiee.    i meuiioii lhu*e laois
beea use none- at **<"y r.i'e ni th.se good
prnpmties w 'I ere Ion-; he In a position
tiVihip or** to im smaller at t*idyeinltli,
W'ere go il pn.tl -t *i\\ arl-m b-th fur the
i. in k and tl.ftuo .teif. I have no hing
further to add, < xii-'pl to say thai 1 eon-
g-atuhi e the thait-lioldeifl upon beiig
interested in eu-h   a  p i.p*rty  ue  ve
p BEeiS."    t A|ijiliince.)
Itie filial i loan to a n ply io a question
from a shareholder a» to whether the
e inpa-iy inteijilid to put in a lf-.--st-iiii-.r-
iaing plant, snid lhat a plant of that
eort wuuld bu put tiown as soon ub the
output wirrauted H, bin K'O tons ■abb
hantly eUthVient (nj istify their doing *o,
lt *.iild bo better io wait u tl tbey
ir v'i:ng20Uor flop tons a day.   The
Oh "ii.l.!, IU ariu"ter to ftntmr que-)-
ti".' , ■ iid that the company In-d a enn-
tr i- f i u-kti at fi.iii) a ton. Fifteen
pir ii. ni. of coke was required f ir treat*
iii.C the mineral. Toe ur. de nl oru they
eould put Ibrouuh tl e emelteis would
van- from six lo t"ti and !•*» p-*r. ent. of
copper. Thi')' wuuld not lone any nf ihf
low grade ore, ue uverythit-g nould go
through    T'le company nete emplnyii g
about 100 men, who   'ten*  pud   ifM oil  a
iby,' lhe (nreman miter reo«*l\lng $4.00,
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
AnTonofifiirtliiK a ckotrli nnd ftoserlnllnn may
■.uiflKlj Mcoruiln «ni- oiilnttTii froo whether an
luvuiii'i.ni I" |'i.iliiil|f i'.iti'iitul.ti'.   ('(.niimuit. *i-
tloiiriciiletkednll.lonlliil. llaiiill-onkini I'litenU
iwiit fn-i-. tHili-.il mi y furpfii'iiiliii'i'iili'iil'i.
I'liliiiilH lukmi Miniiiuli Munn A I'n. rueolvti
itH-cini ticNt-*, tvltlniuLcliiirtto, In tho
Scientific Hmcrican.
t-idtmrnely llluntratod wortilr-   LnrBnul'elr-
Itin nf nnyni'lniilltl-i lonriiiil.   TOrtliH, f.l a
; ttinrniiiiiitis, ft. SoiaufatltirWattoflleri,
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Soma  Sugseatloiia  From   If.   \V,   tlinirion,
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The question as to which is the
most prolltablo cow ia ono that
cannot be decided in any urbitary
manner. There ure so many cir-
emus lances nnd contingencies to be
taken into consideration, that, after all Is said und written on the
subject, each imin must decide th**
■nuoBtion largely on his o«'n ji.'da-
raont, He will find it nocessary io
consider the nature of his farm ;
thu suitability of his buildiiias and
implements* tlio cost of hired help
if such is rei'utiijd, the proximity
of a good market for his) finished
products, and niany other details.
Tho comparative advantages of beef-
growiiig and dairying would probably be the first point considered
by a fanner who was just about
to make a start in cattle-raising.
Men who have hud long experience
iu either of these lines, nre not likely to chaiigu io thu othor line,
involving us it does, changes in (arm
routine,'in variety nnd management
of crops, in buildings and equipments, without a good dual of deliberation; That beef-production can
ho carried on with a smaller expenditure for labor and utensils is
perhaps true, nnd it certainly does
not require thc constant' attention
to business that dairying entails.
Noxt comes the question of breed
If will, ] think, be generally con-
reded by fair mlndc'd men that there
is no "bust" breed, Everything de-
■iciids on circumstances. A breed
that proves highly satisfactory in
one district, mny bu found entirely unsulted to different environments. Only four breeds of beef
cattle, via,, Shorthorns, Herefords,
Galloways and Aberdeen-Angus, have
attained popularity in Canada, and
ouly the first mentioned ran he said
to bo generally distributed. Tho others may equal the Shorthorns for
beef production, nud ovon surpass
them under certain conditions, but
the superior milking qualities of
tho Shorthorns, nnd particularly ol
the grades', have given them an unequalled popularity among our farmers. Where feed is plentiful, and
tho country not too high or broken,
thoy are likely to prove satisfactory beef era, und in addition wlll
produce a fair amount of milk.
The ease with which good bulla of
this breed Com be procured for grading purposes, is also au argument
in its favor. Uretdcrs of the other
sorts are comparatively few, and
the opportunity for eliohe is small,
when ono desires to select a bull.
In tbo colder parts of Canada, and
on the bare pastures of the mountainous districts, the Galloways
and West Highlanders, should prove
serviceable on account of their hardiness and activity.
Among tho dairy breeds, the Ayrshire.-!, Holstoins, Jerseys, Guernseys and Frem-h-Can ad inns are all
hold In considerable esteem. The
latter have boon almost unknown
outside of the province of Quebec
until tho last year or two, but
they aro now attracting considerable attention. Under adverse circumstances, such as scanty pastures, lack of proper whiter feed and
care, etc., they will probably yield
a greater percent ago of profit than
those breeds which have for generations been accustomed to good food
and care. The Guernseys, although
highly thought of in the United
States, have never gained sufficient
foothold in Canada to enable our
farmers to judge thoir suitability
for this country. Doth they, and
their closo relatives the Jerseys,
aro especially adapted for the production of fancy butter or cream
for a high-priced city trade, and
tho majority of Canadian herds ot
these two breeds are, I think, used (or this purpose The Ayrshires
and Holstelns suem to be gaining In
popularity among tho general dairy
farmers who support the cheese factories o-nd creameries, and with
tho dairy Shorthorns, are likely to
divide the greater part of the dairy
field botweon them. Tho Holstelns
aro likely to do hotter on tha
level lands, with lluah pastures and
plenty of winter food, while the
Aryshlrcs should, I thlnti. find more
favor on rolling or hilly lands, because   of their great activity.
But, while certain well defined
differences may rharaeleri/o th1*
various breeds, yet It may be well
to remember that there is much
greater dlffcrcratio between Individual nninials of the same brooit
than between different breed-**. A
good cow is a good cow no
mutter what her breed may be
Therefore, lot each mini select tin1
breed thnt ho considers bent suited
to his conditions, nnd stick to It
Lot him boy, or breed to,* the best
available bulls or that breed, and
continue to grade up his herd to
a higher 'degree of excellence year
by year. The practice followed by
somo farmers of using bulls first
of oiio breed and then of another Is
fatal to all plntis of building up
a handf-'ome uniform and profitable herd of grade cows, and that
Is just what most farmers reuuire.
Tho average man (lues not ' need
pure bred females; lu fact will do
better with good grades. Tho
breeders of pure, bred stock are.
like thc poot, born, not made. Tie
must Inherit a love for onlmula
and an aptitude for bundling them,
othorwiso his Investment wlll
prove unprofitable, mi id all his efforts a disappointment.—P. W. Hod-
noii, I-dvo Stock Commissioner.
Polnti of-flanaral Intaraat In Draailag nnd
Pat-king Poultry for *-lil|>m«iJt—llow
Ot r 1<:*■ parim«ntit) Station* On It.
In the poultry industry, ns in every othor, attractive marketing Is
an important feature nnd ono too
often overlookod. The Dominion experiment stations have devoted considerable attention to this industry.
Special efforts have boon mnde to
learn the requirements of thu English market. In a recent report of
tho Commissioner of Agriculture und
Dairying the methods of dressing,
packing awl shipping poultry for
British markets piv dis-wid    Snmo
Method of tying up legs, pushing head
under the wing and hanging turkey ;
A, breast view ; B, Bide view. j
of the directions for shipping turkeys
soom of general  application.  Among
the principal points are tbe follow- ,
ing: I
Plucked turkeys are regarded as
more salable 'than unphicked. Fast
the birds for twenty-four hours to
empty the crop and Intestines, The
fermentation of food in the crops
and Intestines will wholly spoil ihe
birds. Give a small quantity of water juat before killing. Kill by wringing the neck and not by knifing or
One dealer says the easiest and best
mode of killing is by the dislocation
of the neck. This manner of killing is
generally adopted by the English
and continental poulterers. i
Tlie method of killing turkeys in
Norfolk is recummended. it Is aa
follows: The bird Is hung up by thu
legs, the wings being crossed to prevent struggling. Next it is given a '
sharp blow on the back of tho head
with a atout piece of wood, which
renders lt Insensible. The knife is
then inserted into the roof of the
mouth so as to piorco thc brain, cutting it along tho entire length. The
bird is left hanging by the legs for
a few minutes to allow tho blood to
drain out. Pluck at onco, while still
Twist the wings on the back of the
bird (Fig. 2). A string, which, how-
ever, ahould not encircle the    body,
may be used to keep them in place.
As soon as the feathers ure off hang
the bird up by the feet to cool. Bo
not lay It down or hung it by     the
head. The blood should drain   down
toward    the    head     and      become
coagulated there.     One dealer   snys
to lay    the birds
on their    breasts
on     a       setting
board,     pressing
the       r ti in p s
square-,       lei ting
the heads     hang
down until      the
body     1ft       set,
whon    tho    birds
will always      retain their   plump
shapo.        cleanliness    is    necessary. The fuet   ami I
legs of the   birds
should    lie   clean '
also.       The   legs
of     ihu    dressed ]
birds    are    often
tied up as shown ■
lu Fig. 1.    If the i
birds nro   to   bo
displayed   in     a i
>h ip,    i ho    head j
should   be   push- I
ed up  under     tho j
The      birds
should   bo   thoroughly       cooled.
uot fro/en.     and
WO- •*•>■ they should       hy
Mattioil of tivlstlngf'dit through and
Ute wingsofatur through        l.uforu
key on the back-   being packed     In
cases.      Pack   in
nny ono case only birds of nearly tho
samo weight, gnulod to within    two
pounds.   In no case should any  bird
be lighter than the lightest   weight
or heavier than the heaviest   weight.
marked on the package.
Spread a small quantity of wood
pulp or dry, clean straw in the bottom of the case. Put papor on the
bottom and top of the birds to keep
them clean. A small quantity of wood
pulp or dry, clean straw may bo
put on top directly under the cover.
Pack tho birds with backs down,
with bends at one side. Put from
twelve to twenty-four birds In n
case. Every case should ho packed
quite full nnd close to prevent damage during transit. l»o hot export.
any old. tough birds. Every bird
should1 show a good, plump, white,
broad breast.
l'r*Min rut Inn nf tin, Soli,
Tho testimony of successful farmers the world over confirms the
statement that thorough preparation of the soil not only Increases
the yield, but. Is tho best t'nmvn
.motluid of defence ngalnat adverse
Hansons. It is In- fact tho only
known method with nonniltlvnted
crops and an essential part of the
protective treatment, of all cultivated crops, Thorough preparation
and cultivation cost labor and money, hut not nearly so much as a
p'nrtlnl or total failure of the crop.
And yet, many farmers, strange to
sny, do not prepare their lands at
Sugar llni-tn KjIiauM Ilia **>H.
Ths beet Is a vigorous grower and
according to tho Colorado experiment station a crop of U Ions re-
movos 800 pounds of mineral matter.
If the tops nre taken off the Hold tho
quantity of materia! removed is liirg-
er. notation of crops nntl application of manures will counteract this,
**i»-tll I'M-it'tMi
1 Tn English experiments It has licen
noted that the number of small potatoes infi'ousi's with the number of
steins that a potato produces and
varieties with strongest stalks wero
tha heat drought rvslatera.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages
\ Headquarters of the eoal  shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
I it is the largest railway centre in British
I Tyee Mining Company's smelter and re-
1       ducrion works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants  and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmith I LADYSMITH LEADER. AUGUST 20. IM)?.
Wc know that If yon buy juat one of
these colored shirts'from us we'll have
you as a regular customer.
One of our patrons remarked the other
day:-"lueverhadn comfortable fitting
shirt in my life until you had me try one
of those 'Elgin' Shirts, I'll never wear
any other kind,"
Then we can give you an American
collar to fit it-Thf*. "Border" Cottar.
{Units $1.50; Collarsaoc.
When your purchases' amount to f 10,00
we give you a Camera, or a Box Kite with
every J„ 00.
t x
* I
X *
Mary had a little rin,;
It ilion with beantv ran.
Site aaid it was ber engaeenietit liiiu
And was bought at Lively', store.
The management of the Lanedowne
Brewery, Nanaimo, are thinking ol
atarting a branch ol their business in
Ladysmith at an early date.
II it is a nice clock you are looking loi
we have them from $1.00 to f 18.00. W
H. Lively, Ladyemith's Leading Jeweler
8ti. Senator took on eack coal lor
Nome and St. Michael's he.e last Saturday. Str. Jean nie also loaded coal for
the North same date.
Lively repairs all km Is ol English.
Swin aud American watches.
Prol. Obailei Culley, late ol th. To-
ronto Oonservatory of Music, will start
. clan here, commencing on August
2nd, for the purpose of teaching violin,
piano, mandolin and all stringed instruments. Parties wishing to receive in-
itrnctionB will address Prol. Gbarlei
Culley, Nanaimo, B. 0.
II you want to get a nice ring remember we can make anything you waut.
W, H. Lively, Jeweler.
Visitors from l.tulysiiiitli and district
will Bu.l in this well-appointed house .11
the home coinlurts. Lunches for lady
ehoppere a specialty. Term, strictly
moderate. Survic. ami cuisine fust
MISS B. KEITH, Prop, and Mgr.
Johnston Block,      -     Nanalmo, B, C
P.O. Bon,37,lei. 145.
Visits    Ladyemith  every Saturday.
Houn Irom 0 a. m. till 5 p. in.
Abbotiford Hotel.
Shooting Season will soon be here
and you'll need a new Gun or Rifle.
Have just received a full line of
tbe latest make in Guns, Rifles,
Ammunition, Etc.
Ladysmith,       • B. C.
Agent lot S. W. Paint.   McOlary'i
Mill Frame hai decided to accept the
offer ol • position on th. Ladyimith
teaching it.fi in preterence to the other
situation which she hud previously accepted.
Nobody who can spare th. time ihould
mill the chance to vialt Seattle by Oity
of Nanalmo Friday night for the great
Carnival of the Elki' Saturday. Tbe
trip alone ii worth $6, but they have
screwed it down to bedrock. $'1.60, which
ie ridiculously low. Coniult D, Galloway, Abbolilord lio.tl, for tickets and
The road gang under Mr, Love are
attending to tbe highway near Ladyemith and making a good job ol it.
LOST—Lady'i gold watch, between
B. Forcimmer', and VV. H. Lively'.
JHiselry stores. Reward on returning to
F. D. Pelkey, pay office.
Did you ever see Ssatile? If not you
hive misled one of the light, ol West-
em America, a city that rose like Chi
cego, or the phoenix, from ill aabes to
be great. The fine steamer Oity of Na*
naimo ieavea NanJmo next Friday
evening for Seattle, and they will umke
tbe round trip, to yon, $2.60, and you
iee tbe Elks' Carnival Saturday, luch
fun, and home Sunday loaded . ith experiences, all lor $2.60. Bee D. Oallo-
way, Abbotiford Hotel, for ticket, and
Nanaimo Miners' Union decided hy a
great majority, at tbe hall-yearly meet-
ing Saturday night to cut loose Irom the
Canadian Trade! and Labor Oongren.
The resolution meeli with tbe approval
of most of the Nanaimo minen.
There wai forwarded today to tbe
Manager ot the Canadian Bank ol Commerce, Fernie, B.C., P.O.O. lor $2, the
only luliscription received hy Tm
I.iaheb for Fernie dliaiter lund. Rev.
Father Verbeke, pastor ol. Ladyimith
Catholic church wai tbe donor.
It isn't every day or month you get
such a chance to take in Seattle .1 cheap
ae tbii tour on lhe City ol Nanaimo
Friday night otTeie. Then thiuk ot tbe
Else' Oarnival, the biggest ibow in Ibe
Northwest; takea place Saturday; all
thil pleamre and smuaernent lor $2.60
the round trip, and home Sunday. D.
Galloway, Abbotsford Hotel, will fix you
up for tickets and berths.
t        ANNOUNCEMENT. 1
Tub Lsaubh hae arranged to
take the lull Associated Press re- .
port {same aa Victoria Times fir
Vanconver World) on both d.)s
ol publication. II sufficient en
coursgemeut ie given by tbe Ladyemith i ublic the paper will be delivered by carrier to all Ladyimith
subscribers Tueiday and Friday
evenings, containing tbe world'i
latest nitws on those dayi long be.
tore any other paper can reach
thii place. Twenty-live cent, a
month, payable end of each month,
deliveied by carrier tu your home.
Nanalmo Free Pre,, hai changed
hands, palling Irom tb. possession ol
Hn Norrli widow ol the l.te Mr George
Norris founder of the paper, to that of
her two sum, George and Will F., who
will henceforth carry on the business.
The Leader wiil.ei its Nanalmo con.
temporary success umlei the new management.
Mr, O. II. Nelson, city editor ol Na-
naimo Free Press, lias aeveied hii connection witb that paper and will probably take. position on the reportorial
■tail ol Victoria Daily Times, ol which
hii brother John la manager. Mr, I
son ls a popul.r and efficient young
Mn. John W. Fleming, 31 Noith
Chatham Street, Victoria, murdered her
daughter, Pearl W. Fleming, wilb an
lie aa ihe lay asleep iu bad, on Satuiday
morning. Mrs. Fleming il iniaue.
Mlsi Fleming waa to have lelt Ihe same
day to take a position as 10I.00I teacher
at Cedar near Ladyimith. Tb. mother
ii under arreat charged with murder.
The luneral ol Mill Fleming took place
on Monday alternoon.
Shotguns, Rifles
Ammunition and all Kinds
of Sporting Goods. .   .   .
Commercial St. NANAIMO, B.O
Important Meeting of Executive
Monday Night.
There waa a well attended meeting oi
tb. executive ol Ud'.tilth Board oi
Trade Monday night in. tbe Board's
offices, Mr. John W. Coburn presiding
In the absence ol tbe preiident.
It wu decided to await th. return ol
Hon, Jumea Dunimuir Irom England
before taking notion regarding a public
A itrongly-worded rMolntlon W.I
pissed pioteating againit tb. holding ol
South Nannlmo licensing court in Nanaimo City, copies ol the urn. to be
■ent to tb. Attorney-General and the
commiiiionen. It was suggested that
the commissioners be tidvised not to
attend said meeting.
A motion was crrieil inviting the
manager of the Imperial Hunk, Vnuciii-
ver, to vieit Ladyemith with o view lo
ascertaining if there in enough business
here to warrant that hank in establish-
ing ft branch. All speakers to the
motion were agreed as lo tbe strong
necessity ot something being done very
On motion it wrb leaolved to invite
Mr. George L. Courtney, I raffle manager
of the E- A N. Railway Co., to uirut the
executive next Saturday with regard to
re-arrangement of the train and ati-mni t
The matter of incorporation of Ladyemith w&b broached and provoked
lively discussion, but was lelt in num.
snee. The Board arc watching the
mutter carefully.
TbeO. P. R. Telegraph rllice will he
opened next week lor iiusn e.s of all
kinds. Don't forget that Tiie Leader is
taking the full Associated Press report
two days a week, aud mat residents nt
Ladyimith can get tbe wotld's miwe of
those days delivered lo tbeir homes, eiinit
evening, long bsi ire outside papers can
reach them—if they subscribe fur The
Leader.  Two-bits a month,    S I in
your name and address now.
STOVE FOR SALK-jftS, coat $12.60,
only uied two months, Apply "B"
Loader office.
A noted driiokurd was about, to be
married at Warsaw, when lhe bride belore the altar refused to marry him
o Disss he signed the pledge there aud
then. After mme hesitation the bride.
groom took an oalh on the cross, and
the ceremony wae proceeded with.
NOTIOK is hereby given that applications have been received by 'hi! undersigned, lor transfer!) of the fol'owlng
Hotel Licences in thti Dletrlot of South
Nanaimo, from Extension tu Ladysmith.
H.L. Bales, UaniiyHome Hotel; August
Dauduff, Qaetm'tj Hntel; -Jno. Tha, Hntt-1
Pretoria;U(!orgeJobn**ton,Oehtrat Hotel
Thou BevertdKe, Alexandra Hotel; and
that the same will ba eoitphieu'd at h
menial inettir-u of the Board of LU-en'e
Cumuiifeiont-n* tn -w hi-ld on tiirB h daj
uf September, 1902, in the prijvinri.il
Court House, Nituaiuioat tlie hour of two
■Vclur.k in the afteruoou.
Harry Mcln-doo,
(Jhiel Lk'tMis.' Inspector
Souill Nanaimo,
Notice is hereby given to.the public of
Led', smith that owint*. to the chmrgo in
• *i..iigenientB regarding tht* Mafonic
Hall it will not be poBr-ibtu to re-open
tl *• i ublio echool in liiulvHiultli until the
tin i uw echool buildingis ready for occupation, which will probably ba in
about six weeks or two monthi- from this
K'TLad*smith Public School Trustees,
Ludysmith, B.O, Aiitj. 12th., 11102
One secoiid-tiand lioriz intnl boiler,
with stack, Injector end fittings complete, all in gumi onier. Bine ot boiler ll
ft. 11 dia. hy 11 fl. sin. long; dome 2 ft,
dia. hy 21 in. high, wiih 111 mbe, 2'_
in. dia. Beaton for selling, titling giia
instead of steam. Price $200 il taken at
once.   Apply to
Nanaimo Sichiii Carriage Works.
P.O. Box IH'-t, Nanalmo, B.C.
|l VI     .^p    Ladysmith
l-llife'^wl-)     Shaving Parlors
r ■'■'     '-"*-     /-V-l High Sired.
*fj*l*    Hnlr culling- and Bennl
ui iu in ing a Specially-
JInrlik- nud Grande Monuments,
Tnlik'ts, CrasHt-s, i*ic. HsliiimU-s
mul Di-Hig'tH given on Appli-iiluiii
A. HENDERSON,     Proprietor.
Get the Best 25c. Menl in thc City
 at Tin.	
Bastion Street,     -       -       -     Nanaimo.
Nanuimo B. C.
Sheet   Music
Chenppat an 1 Best—5c, and 10\ a copy,
All lateat eongB aud pieces.
Musical Instruments of All Kinds,
Violin Strings, Etc, Etc.
Iu The County Court of Nanaimo Hnlden
at Nanaimo.
In llu» Gnoile ol Enoch Barron, deceased
Tako notice that I have been appointed  Administrator of  tbe  effcotB   and
tired Its. of Enoch Barron, deceased, Intestate.    All   persona   having  claims
against the entail* are required to riend
the particulars tuereul to  mo on or
before tba 16th day "f September, 100*3,
duly verified, after which date 1 will
distribute ■''« cBtnie amongst those persona only of whose claims I then shall
have received notice.   Any persons indebted to the deceased are required to
pay the Berne forthwith,
Neuainm, B.C., Annual fi h, 1902.
,1, A. McALONEY,
Official Administrator.
Nunaiui'i, B.O.
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of the Famous
None bnt Union Labor employed.
VI. J. BOOTH, -        Proprietor.
I have them In great, variety, all t'z***
ind et. rcasoituiilf prices, Ciiil and inspect the stork.    .
J. McDonald, High St., Ladysmith
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
General Jobber.
Corner Flrsl Avenue .nd Oatacre Street.
'tibinet woik ol all kinds.
All kinds of soft wood liirliiture made
nml repaired.
Maple Lodge,  No. 6., I. O. Q. t.
Meets every Wedneiday evening in
Nicholson's Hall. Vi.itiug membeis
are cordially invited.
M. McKIM.UY.San.
No. 31,
Meets evcryAVedtHisdny evening at 7.30 o'clock,
visii.nscunllally Invileil.
HUGH 1'lll.TON, Sec.
Wellington Lodge No. 2 K. of P.
Meets every Friday in I. O. O P, hall at
7 :S0 p.m.
J. W.   LEWIS, Sec.
David     Murray.
Buller Street.
Best Service,
Fastest Time,
Lowest Rates,
Tiekfitmiti Sale _
IAii pamphlets nud .ill information applv
tn any O.P.B agent.
H. H. ABBOT!',       W. Mc'lIRR,
Agent, Victoria.      A.ent. Nanalmo.
E. .1. COYLE,
AbbL Genl. Paes. Auent, Vancouver!
Smelting Works
I Prepared to purchase ores as from-August ist
I Convenient to E. & N. or Sea.
I        ; ...
1 body who wniits to save money
011 Printing that this shop's prices
are lower than those of any other
office in the country. Hstving
satisfied ourselves 011 this point we
shall be pleased to compare notes
with any who doubt.
The quality of Tim LEADER'S
job work is equal lo anything produced in the Province.
Tint Lkadkr employs only skilled union workmen, receiving the
full union scale of wages; its prices
and quality are always up to the
aceppted standard.   -
Ladysmith merchants and others
who send to Victoria, Vancouver
and other places for their job printing can save money, time, misunderstanding and annoyance by
investigating Tub LEADER'S statements as published here. When
we cannot print certain classes of
work we tell you so, we do not
take your order, have it done elsewhere and charge you middleman's
Our Motto Is: --"Square dealing;
one price for all; our best work in
every job.'' No trouble to estimate.
Call and see us about that job
printing work you are wanting aud
we will save you money.
The Ls&ad&r
Friday,    August    22nc&
For The Elks' Carnival.
The popular exnnrslon elean.fr City nl Nnnnlmn will sail from Ladvamith
Kridiiv 23.1.1 Inst, at 8.80 p.m.   Returning will sail from Seattle at 10.00 nn
Sunday 24t.ii.
Nanalmo Silver Cornet Band in Attendance.
Fare for the  Round Trip, $2.50
Children Under 12 years $1.25


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