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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Jan 29, 1902

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 '•! the people that save |
: I money trade with      S
| For Boots aJid i
| Sickle's is the store
VOL. 1. NO. 41.
! Ladies
| You can't afford to lose
I an opportunity.
3 Wo .re clearing out these Fall and Winter Gcodi at Great Eeduolloue
3 prior to the arrival ol Fall Spring Stocit, which will ba in at an early
| date.
g See our Dark Wrapper, reduced to $1.00.
1 Fine Quality Black baleen Blouse, reduced to (1.00.
5 Special Lines of Dress Goods, reduced to 26c. per yard,
Leiser & Hamburger
I Esplanade and Oatacre Street.
Whan Visiting Nanaimo Try
Jessop's Pharmacy
Preiciiptions carefully dispensed. Open
day .nd nlgbt.
flarrlatar, Solicitor,
Attorn,.-)', .Votary Public, Ktc.
Money lo Loan.
Member Can. Society of Civil linaineers
Member Institution of Electrical Engineers
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed
P. 0. Box .157
Fred  Foster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, Animals and Deer Heads Mounted and
for tale.   Furs made, altered, cleaned aud stored
.       •        Victoria, B. C.
News Agent,
Art For San Francisco Examiner.
Ye Old. Corner,
Govtinment St., Viotoris, B. O,
For the Ediiication of ths Victoria
!   1.1.
Merchant Tailor?
.,, t
+ Finest Merten snd Clay Woratedi. £
I Full line ol Imported Tweede and f
I Woriteds. First-class workman- *
T ship guaranteed. $
I First Ave., Ladysmith }
f' One fact it bitter than a Down
X Hearsays.    II   you   want   the
I choicest meat1) go to
♦ Ladvimith, B, 0„
X        R. Williamson, Prop.
+ A Itosli supply   of   Vegel.blei
♦ always on hand.
t Special attention given to ships'
♦ supplies.
*** ***********************
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
This new hotel has been comtortab ly lurn itbed ard tho bar ia np lo dale.
Best accommodation lor transient and permanent boarders and lodgiri.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
Ladyimllh, B. 6
I The Esplanade,
^!a!«.*it.!;^!^;wJ5i!i^!;!is.!ist;r.;',%•.'i•.^' n ot.-.v.i
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread. Cakes and pastries ol all detcripiiont. Fruits in
i nn ns co.,
Stationers, Booksellers,
Bookbinders, Paper Rulsra
86 Yates St. P.O. Box 486
David    Murray,
.   .General      .   ,...
Buller Strait,        •       Ladysmith
Shop .will ba open every Thursday,
Friday and Saturday.
McAdia and Son
Undertaken and Etnbaliners.
Ttjjegraph Orders promptly attended.
Parlors,    Albert   Street,      Residence,
Victoria Crescent.   Telephone No. 141,
NANAIMO,      -     •      •      B. C.
Fire Insurance !
Why not Iniiir. il home and saw
By Insuring in th* London Mutual, or
Ottawa,   Loweit possible rales.
De Mcintosh,    •    Agent,
Savoy    THeatres
Canada's Greatest Mut.ic Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Soda Water, (linger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitten,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUMniNQ,        - Proprietor.  ft&JSS
John Barns!ey & Co.,
Victoria B. C. \
Agents for
J. J. Taylor
Fire Proof Safes.
 -Kodakt, Films, Etc.
******l***************** .♦
Conveyancer, Notary Public, Heal Estate,
Fir* and Lib Iuturance Agent.
Sblpi' papara a specially.  Forty yean'
Tb. Etplanade,     -    Ladyimllh, B.C.
gel mimed at once, for ft may be
ton late tomorrow. I represent several
OLD and REL1ABLF. Oompaiile. and
can In.ore yon .1 a moment's notice at
lb* loweit possible rales. All leading
oompanlet charge th. ssme rates. Don't
bs misled Into Insuring with, a cheap
company—It might be dear In the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer 38, Nanalmo. B, C.
Ladysmitli Teaming Depot,!
All klndl ol heavy teaming done
* 3. MoLENtf AN,   LADYSMITH, B. C.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Meals.
Poultry   and Vegetables.  Game ln
Season.  Shipping order* attended lo ou
abort nolle*.
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Ilepple, proprietor. (
Flrst'Ol.M ancommodatioa, for minus
and transients.  None bnt
Ths Bui Winn snd Lliurt
■eived at tho bar.   Hive m a call.
Cor. Victoria Rd 4 Commercial St.
NANAIMO.     -    -     AG.
Ladysmith Dairy
New llilk, Creamery {.utter, Near Laid
finite and Freeh   Vegetables supplied
Daily. Lsife orders at tlie post oilier,
Q-WhoiflMr.B6dwelJ, K. C. ?
A—Mr. Bed well, K. 0., has been a
very sujceBBfiil corporation lawyer.
Q—Wbat is a corporation^ lawyer?
A—Generally epeakicg, one who ia
hired by monopolists to obtain public
resource! for lesa than their value.
Q-How Is this done?
A—A lawyer ol ths greatest Influence
In tho dominant party, tbat it is por<
sible to obtain, la hired. He uses hie
influence with his party, deludes tbe
mass of the people by catch phraaee,
forms political combinations and plots,
subaidlzss the prees, sends deputations
to parliament, etc., to obtain tbo prize,
popularity called graft, that the company deBires at tbe least possible cost
or conditions.
Q— [las Mr. Bod Ml, K, C, any political history by which we can interpret
hia position?
A-Mr. Jliidft-ell. K, C, originally
supported what was called the Laurier
Government, But when this government refused the demands of tho British Pacific Promoters, Mr. Bodwell, K.
C, changed his political allegiance.
When the Semlio Government were
considering tbe abrogation uf the V. V,
& K., charter, it ia publicly charged by
Mr. Martin that Mr. Bodwell sent a
threatening letter to influence the action
of the government. When Mr. Martin
became premier Mr, Bodwell urged, as
against Mr. Martin's policy, that tho
0. P. R., needed no competition to induce them to deal fairly by ns, that
their own large interests would lead
them to do bo. But tailing to coerce
Premier Dunsmuir Into handing over
public resources without adequate protection lo public Interests, Mr. Bodwell,
having In tbe meantime changed hie
employer, now tells iib tbe C. P. H., is
an octopus which seeks to enclose the
province in Us grasp and hold It at ite
mercy, that It mu&t be fought and that
we rauet create another ofi&pus to do
the fighting.
Q-But is not Mr. Bodwell a Liberal?
A—He claims to be nu'li, except upon
such occasions as he deems tbo application of Liberal principles to be inexpedient,
Victoria, B. 0., Jan., 27th, 1002.
Tho Charge* Agiiti.it Tho Arnay.
The "Pally Telegraph" lias received
from their correspondents ia the leading foreign capitals a number of telegrams reflecting the opinion current in
in those cities with respect to the foul
aspersions which have been cast upon
the conor of the British army and the
dignified and simple aseerlion of Lord
Roberta that they are "absolutely without foundation."
These messages tend fo show what
need never have been doubted (remarks
the''DjilyTelegraph'')—that such mon-
strotn stories have not received the
slightest credence anions; those who nre
acquainted with England and ber people, and especially among thnso who
know tl'" British olli.'er and private
soldier. I«a Ntw York and Washington
they are regarded as a slander not alone
npon England but upon the entire Anglo-Saxon race. Ia Home the Italian
military attaches who have shared the
cainpslgns of the British army In Egypt
and South Africa declare lhat such stor*
les are unthinkable, whits in Vienna the
Austrian Captain Von Ttiratnel, who
has recently returned from en tflloial
mission to South Aftica, has just publicly declared that tbe war hue been conducted In (be humenest mnnnerpossible
on the BritiBh side, and that tbe exrm
plsry conduct of Ihe troops deceives the
fullest n cognition.
Water Started Into the Mine on
Monday Morning,
After a thorough inspection of the
bulkhead which has been built in tbe
tunnel quarter of a mile from tbe en
trance to No- 2 elope, Extension, and
everything being found right, the water
from the swamp above the opening of
No, 2 elope was turned into the big
flume on Monday morning, and began
filling up the mine. It will be kept
running night and day till tbe mine is
Tbe stopping In the tunnel wae completed Sunday at noon, after which Mr,
J. Taggart, foreman of the work, examined it carefully. The stopping is
thirty feet wide at the outside radius,
and twelve feet high. It contains 34,-
400 feet of timber, will stand a pressure
of 130 pounds to the square Inch, or
3,369 tons.
The mines will contain, it is roughly
estimated, about fifty million gallons of
water, and with ordinary weather it
will take two mouths for this quantity
of water to run into the mine, and almost the same time for It to run out
through the pipe in tbe stopping In the
tunnel. j
By this calculation it will be tbe end,
of May at tbe soonest before No. 2 will
be wholly cleared of water, but work
will be Btarted In the upper levels long
before tbat, and gradually Increase as
tbo water falls.
lerald's Latest Slander
Eifectively Refuted.
<* olden Advice.
Stand by your local paper, for It is by
this medium that our resources and industries will be made known to the outside world, Nearly two thirds of our
readers ere outBlde of this district therefore our resources are widely advertised,
not only by the Era direct but through
our exchanges who copy any ai tides of
interest pertaining to our natural resources and Induetrier.—Golden, B. 0.
Don't ft ind that crus. ilock any
longer. Take it lo Lively's clonk
hospital and havo ft permanently cured.
SoceeMor. to llllliart a sons,
Funeral Director! ind limbalmeri,
Open day and nlgbt.
Order, by Telegraph   promptly  atlenil-
■a lo	
Bastion St., Nanalmo.
Telephone 1*4. P. 0. Uox 37S.
Onotiilerrl'le disspiinlntmint was expressed by local Scots at the failures of
soineliody orotlior to get nn a linns
supper, daoo or telniiratinn ul snin*-
sort fur tlioiu on Satmilav niaht. liis-
appointment, will Jill, liava to he "tliol-
ed" by the uiejiriry 11111 I the nisjiiiiy
tee their way to taking a share ul tbe
Interest and tho hard wink that an-
taken and done by the very email minority. Toil notion of leaving it all lo
one or tao enthusiastic members to arrange everything and then tlie criwd go
and eat all the good things, without
offering to do a hand's lurn to help in
loin, w.y, Is about played nut la Lad;
smith, Th. people lo bl.me are Ihot.
who h.v. failed to do anything at all in
tb. mattar, not those who bav. belittled th.mi.lvei even a little.
The ttriko on tb* Ottawa, near Slocan
City, ia widening, end now ehowi five
feet of ore in the face of the drift.
Conductor Ogiltia intends starting
active development work in the spring
on the Cleveland group on Isaac creek,
lu which bo le interested.
A mining paper eays Butte is pr, ■
duolng copper at less than eight cents a
pound and could therefore sell at 12
cents with a prodt ol 50 per cent.
The Northwest Development Syndicate will bnild * bridge over Fitb Creek
to connect the Oyster and Camborne
pronettiea being developed by tbe com-
The plant for the Vulcan smelter to be
established at Ferautoo by the Lardeau
Smelting and Refining Company,
organised by G. W, McCrosim, wit
cleared through the custom home it
Revelitoke, Friday, by J. W. Bonnet
and will be shipped in at soon as pot.
N, Abrebimion, ol Trout Lake, ii •
forms us that the C. P. R. warehouse
there is filled with ore from the Sllvir
Cup, there being SOI) tone now stored
there. Three or four teams ar* steadily
employed in hauling ore from tbe Cup,
Two teams are alio steadily employed in
hauling ore Irom the Nettle L,
We havo seen sample! ol the Big Bend
mica from the Fotlatch claim, whlob is
one ot tbe group of 12 claims purchased
by Messrs MiCarter and associates.
This mica has been trimmed to sheets
of 5a7 Inches whereas sheets cutting 4x4
make a valuable else lor commercial
Lett Sunday Nanaimo Herald published a itory to the effect that notices hid
been poated at all tbe pit heada in Extension notifving the men that only
Ladysmith men were to be employed
henceforth. As there is only one pit-
head ln the Extensions at present tbe
me of tbe word "all" seems to prove
tbat the article was intended to deceive
the general public, aa well as to work up
trouble amongst the men.
The Leader hss made tbe meet csrefnl
enquiries at Extension and can assure
tho public and ail interested that there
is not even a shadow of truth in the
statement made by the Herald. The
only notices polled at the tunnel and
No, 1 pithead were to the effect tbat, in
Ibe one case, no men would be hired
there, tbey mutt apply at the office; in
the other notifying the men regarding
eome technical alteration in tbe working
ol tbe mine, but nothing at all to do
with the engagement of tbe men,
Somo pertont might be puttied to
understand what a paper meant by pub*
liehlng inch itnpid falsehoode, but there
iino mystery about it to those who
have watched Ihe Herald's course. Tbat
paper ie following out a policy In which
the maxim: "tho public is an ass" is
fundamental principle. From half
trnths it la now venturing on deliberate
falsehoods, It Is an easy public to gull
tbat from which the Herald drawl ill
Extraordinary Tests Withsfaod by
British Columbia Timber,
Next Saturday The Leader will pul -
llsh an article specially wrltton (or thil
paper by Mr, Bernard MaoEvoy ol the
Torouto Mail & Empire. It la entitled
' Comic Cartoons," aud is exceedingly
interesting and entertaining.
Mr. May, of Nanaimo. bai just put in
at the Abbolilnrd Hotel a bar-top of
prlmavera wood which I. a perfect 1 Is
tare to look at. The wood waa need lor
the interior finish ol the snmpluons
palace car specially built by th. C.P.R ,
for Iho Puke and Pucheea of Cornwall
and York on their tour through Canada.
Mr, McMurlrie ia to I* congratulated on
thla .leg.nl accessory to lbs attraction)
ol bl, home.
Nncceaa Its Lite.
No proverb it truer than " nothing
succeeds like success." For one mm
that li stimulatod to endeavor by re*
peated failures, a score are crushed by
them. When all is said, we have to
look to success, steady quiet success, as
th. greatest stimulant and the greatest
factor in success.
It it essential to a man who would be
successful that he abould have self-
teittem. This Is, we know, • quality
which ii apt to ba looked upon with
some degree ol auspicion. But tbat ia
becaose It Is too olten applied to those
who value themselves above thiir
merits. And yet ol the two errors, tbat
al underestimating one's capabilities is
th. more disastrous.
A man wbo would get on must be able
to bold hii head up, and in order to
bold bit head up he must have success.
II bo hai tailed again and again—from
no fault ol hit own, he m.y say, though
tbe cause il perhaps not difficult to
detect—he begin* to fear to look tbe
world lull in tha face. Ho feel* hia
shame, .nd tu.pecti that otheri leel it
He may detire work, and may leel
himself fully capable ol undertaking it;
bnt bow li b. to convince thoie who
h.v. tho work to give of hie ability?
01 what avail la It for him to ttite bit
good qualities .nd bl. capabilities, even
though he speak th. truth, when lacts
seem to disprove what he says? Being
down, ho must suffer tb* indignities ol
thote who are down,
Bnt let euch a man luddenly ttep, by *
■trek* ol good look, into a position ol
trntt .nd responsibility. Ar* not ill
the onlookers reidy to eweir that they
have all along believed in hia ability?
II* hat let hie foot upon tho ladder
egaln. Hit old self-confidence, of which
be hai to long been robbed, Is restored
to him, and he holdaup hi. bead with
the bnt.
Truly success breeds success, and
yoar virtues or weakness*, are meaiored
by your success or failure—a rough-and-
ready method, but ordinarily the best
available, Lile becomes a new thing
whin you are going np in tbe world. It
la not Ignoble to desire to be * person of
some Importance. It has Its drawbacks,
but its legitimate advantages are greater.
What delight il there to be complied
with thit of going steadily up hill in
your professional or business career?
Tboogb, no doubt, with a free choice
you would not select it, there is more
fatolnallon In having an income ol a
thousand dollars a year, which It pro.
iirenive i.ud offer, you en almost unlimited future to ha aimed at, than In
having one oi four Ihouaand dollars,
which yon know is to be ttationary and
permanent, II yen are not spoiled by
lucent, It it gocd above .11 things to be
. tu.cce.slul man.
The January issue ot the Pacific Lumbar Trade Journal contains mnoh information concerning the limber and
timber trad, of the Northwest that will
bs interesting reading, not only to those
directly engaged in that trade, but also
to the general public. Among other
articlee ie one tbe eobject of which 1.
some recent strength tests of tbe Northwest Douglas fir, recently made In
London for a British Columbia firm.
The strength shown by tho fir beams
seems almost incredible. Says tbe
"Builders are iamiliar with the fact
that Douglas Br is among the strongest
woods in th. world, bat figures inch aa
have been prepared for tbe British Columbia Mills, Timber and Trading Company, of Vancouver are of especial value
to those interested in the tubject. Thil
company eent five fir logs to the testing
and experimental works of David Kirk-
aldy and Son, ol London, England, to be
subjected to tb. severest bending and
thrusting tests, and lull data to be returned. Tho results show In detail tbat
fir is in every respect satisfactory to
those who have alwaye insisted tbat it
was one of tbe best varietiea of wood.
"The specimens given tho bending
teat were 12x15 and 16 inches in dimensions, cut to a length of 18>i feet, with
a distance of 12 leet between the support*, and the load applied at the center.
The mean total ttrees in pounds and deflection in inchei ar* ihown in lb* following table:
The weight* rote in regular gradations
from 10.000 lb*, witb a deflection 0' .065
inch np to 78,000 lbs, with a deflection
of 1.203. Only three pieces received Ih*
last named etrain.
'The ultimate weight borne by tho
pieces was 78,714 pounds or 35.1 tons,
which was equivalent upon the beam of
ponnds, or 41,6 tons. The timber,
were bout to a deflection of five inches .
ana removed'.
Those tested to ascertain tbe retitt-
ence to depression were 12x12 and 100
inches long, with the ends deed trn. in
a lath..
Th. weights began at 40,000 lbs. with
a depression of .027, and role steadily by
20,000 lbs. at a time to tbe enormons
weight of 500,000 lbs., these piecei being
subjected to this pressure and showing
only a depression of ,288, and ol 560,000
lbs. of .267.
The average ultimate .train of the
five piece, before they were crushed waa
531,656 poundt, or 8,680 pound! to tin
squire inch, although two of tbe pieeee
withstood . stress ol more thin 4,000.
poundi to the square Inch."
Ur. William Toter lr.it Extension list
Thursday evening lor Kooteniy, where
he intend! working a quarii mine.
Hon. J.mct Dammuir visited Exlen-
lion Saturday, impeded tbingi in general and seemed well satisfied.
Mr. Crawford Thompson intends moving to Albsrta ia th* Spring.
Oa Friday lb* mail was delayed until
6.30 p. m., owing to * break down on tbo
itige. We did not receive Thursday*,
mail until Friday evening. The peopl.
of Extension think better mill arrange-
menu could ba made.
Oxygen Sol Required,
la tb* abssnee ol oxygen, the higher
pleat* ar* found by A. Naboklch to con-
line, tbeir growth, and they are still
•lotltive to Irritation!, hut they do not
lorm ehlorophyl. It ii believed that
mat Modi wonld germinate without ox-
ygea, bat tbe iporei ol lungt appear nn-
Kipling'. Trumpet Bla.l.
When Mr. Rudyard Kipling delivered
hit menage to the people of Great Britain at the clow ol the Diamond Jubilee
demonstrations, It was received with
Instant favour. "The Recessional" wae
not a great poem—was not poetry at all
In the high tense—yet It was good
rhetorical verse, .nd its combination
ol patriotism, ooinnlacenoy, and * certain hymn-book snuffts ol humility,
tended to make It very popular. No.
Bitch cheap elements ol popularity ar*
discoverable ia Ihe new menage delivered In "The Timet" on Saturday.
Whether this latut poem ol "Tbe 1*.
landers" Is or is not great poetry seed
not. be here discussed; what Is abundantly clear ia the fact that it il a most
passionate deliverance, shaped witb *
learlesBnfss, and barbed with a wore,
which even Mr. Kipling hai not hitherto
surpassed, 'tbat It will provoke heated
criticism, and Invoke a widnpraad
wrathlulnni, Il equally dear. Never
hai the Britiih public bad It. etlf-oom-
plaoency eo bitterly icorned; never h.v.
the little godi of onr popular Idolatry
been eo ruthlenly crucified.—Glasgow
Evening Newi.
Nowiith.tim. to have yoerwateh,
clock, old or new Jewel,* repaired or
altered by an expert. Llrtly'i First
Avsnnsjswel, watch and clock, depot, e
■m ■nmwm
Ladysmith Leader
Welllngton-Extcnslon News.
Published every Wednesday and Saturday at
The Leader Building, corner of First Ave. and
French Street, Udysmith, llrltish Columbia,
T. L. GRAHAMS, Kuitor and Proi'biktor,
By Mail in Canada and United Statks.
One year (strictly in advance) $J °o
Is months (strictly in advance)    i >5
TRANSIENT—First insertion ioc. a line; each
subsequent insertion 5c. a line.
Rates on npplic.ition. No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each insertion 50c,
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
time will be charged for until ordered to Ik discontinued.
THE LEADER may be .'obtained from the following Agents:
X,adysmUb-The Lender Office; The Lodysinith
Nanaimo—l-I. Flmbury & Co.
Victoria — George Marsden;   Victoria Book &
Stationery Co.; Pope Stationery Co.
Victoria News Co.,| Public Library;
Provincial Library.
Vancouvcr-rulilic Library.
New Westminster—Public Library.
are trying to drive Mr. Uit.vtbomlh
walte out of public life.
If the Nanalmo labor party retaloa in
its ranks those persons after thla terrible expnEure ib will lose Iho »; mpathy
of tho, province. The admi«Blona of
Smith aud McKechnie are tufhVieut to
show that tbey are pOBing on the wrong
padestale; they should be plafrd where
they belong— amouRBt the capitalize
and their follower. Tho only man who
comes out of this melee with clean
hands and abetter record than ever la
Mr. Hawthornthwa'te. He ptomh.est)
give hia enemies some gentle exercise
to pa^B the time beforo he himself pas-
sea in Ida political checks, Rnd «e have
nodor.bt he will.
WeelmM look forward with liveliest
aotli'Iimli" a (0 more nf those confer,-
sionn (i"rt.i ih'1 diary of a young politician, so.I if Mr. IldWthornthffaite
fetch The Luader a ebtewd knoit on
the c:iMflid wo hhali take a hand in
t'le [crlmmugewith ill disguised glee,
AU changes in ndvertlsements must be received
at this office before u noon the day before
Subscriber.! not receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
AU job work strictly cash on delivery,
Transient advertisements cash hi advance.
While Dr. McKechnie waa president
of the Independent Lsbor Party of Nanaimo, he became a party lo a 'Meal'
whereby he will make quarter of a million
dollars. Dr. McKechnie, tbe representative of white labir, actually opposed
tbe insertion of an anti-Chiuese clause
in the Pulp Bill, for the reason that he
waa afraid that the Dominion Govern
ment would dJBailow that bill if such 1
clause were placed in It.
This reiEoo and assertion Mr. Hawthornthwaite characterises as an"absurd
falsehood" mi I a "ailly yarn." Had he
known that the Djctor would make
quarter uf a million dollars out of Ibis
transaction, &e a reward for hia deliberate dmieptiuu uf the Labor party, Mr
Hawthornthwaite would have blocked
SjN the b'll. Hawthornthwaite denounces
tbe aff.'ir as a 'Mlrty deal." There is
not a doubt tbat It was, bo fur as Dr.
McKechnib's connection with !'• is con*
cerned, It was treacherous to betrsy
the Labor party in tha way that he
Here la another statement ot Mr.
Hawihornthwaitb's that shews Dr. McKechnie in most unenviable colors.
•When Mr. II .iw thorn th walte warned
the Doctor that be intended to attack
tbe D.jclur as president of the Labor
party, Dr. M< Kichnie offered to resign
and retire into private lite—with, of
course, tbe cool.quarter million won by
his perfidy and dishonor. Mr. Hawthornthwaite then calls attention to Dr,
Kechnit'a been In his election address
Kiisar Wilbelm b-mzhI a recant opportunity when congratulating a number ol the higher ollieere of the  Germtu
regarding hie political integrity, tbat < e.rmy to pass mercileaa criticism  upon
reueivt-d in tbe friendly spirit iu which
they wrri' tittered, bat my orders in this
matter muat be obeyed."
Aa showing at once the generosity and
the wealth of Lindnn it Ib reported lhat
the Manelon II >uee War Fuud has already reached tho enormous einn of
six million dollars. Contributions are
still pouring in from all quarters of the
great city.
Twelve years penal servitude is the
pnnlBhment meted out to Sergeant
Maj-r Misrsler of the Oermnn army for
sellinita mobillztllon plan to a French
spy. Nat eo long a«o death would have
been the penalty for thla offence, and
looking nt it from a military, and even
from 11 patriotic standpoint, justiy
When a man will do that sort of thing
he Is in reality a worse enemy to hia
ountry than tiny foreigner cou'd be.
Rnetla's big battleship, R letllar, has)
been trying oil fir fuel, with remarkable
results. / The black smoke trouble was
g it over; tbe ship's radius of action waa
increased fifty percent.; anil the nura-
be.* nf Btokera was reduced one half.
The fuel supply waa replenished in two
hourp, whereas It usually takes a whole
dt.v tocnala battleship's bunkers. The
Britibh Admiralty have bien greatly
impressed with those tt-cte. It ii even
said that coal is already duomid in the
N.ivy.     - ....
Snow Is decidedly de (rop iu this part
of Canada, ''Back K tsl" it may be just
the thing, but out here it is an unmitigated nuisance. We are duly sorry
for certain complaiBtint ic-marks made
jiiat before thla white horror fell upon
tha land, to tbe effect tbat thie winter
wae passing away as if made to
order by human beings who knew what
weather should be. Then came the
enow and spoiled the horr.ily. Wi
should like lo trade off the sniff for 1
moderate amount of rainy weather.
tie electors should "paste his remarks
thereon in their hats for future reference." This is the man who sella tbe
Liber Party on the chance of making
quarter ol a million dollars. The Nanaimo L ibor party has been unfortunate
in its choica of leaders except as lo Mr.
Hawthornlhwait?, aha detervee the
thanks ot tlie cltisons (or f-xposing the
abockiiig dishonesty and, we might go
farther nnd call it the rascality, of the
two men who, witb their press organ,
the murder, duelling and marline!
scanda a which have agitated that arm}
for tome time back. Tbe Kaiser insisted that drlnktug ami duelling amongst
tbe offli'trj, and tin miltreatuent o1
the rank and file must bs stamped out
oncuand (or all. No quarter, he declared, would bo Bhuwu to any commander
who permitted those thing). The Em-
paror said in conclusion:
"I have spakeii as a gentleman   to
gentlemen,   1 wish my remarks to be
That it is nearly time to' think of Buying your
Garden Tools. We have just received a consignment of Hoes, Rakes, Spades, Shovels,
Wheelbarrows, Etc., which we will sell you at
.   the lowest possible prices;
Leaser & Hamburger
Esplanade and datacre Street*
Seattle PtiBt-Intelligencer ia pleased
tn remark on the strength of tbe pro-
vim i-il lnineraloKlal'u report, tbat ''Brit-,
iah Columbia bae a Klondike at home,"
The repirt upon which thia flattering
estimate is bissd terrain ly presents
otuforting reading for BritiBh Columbians. Tbe gross output for 1001 is
estimated to have been $20,718,000; as
compared with that for 1000, which was
$10,3-11,000. Probably ten years hence
wo atmll look back upon those figures
with a anile at their iueignifiuHiice compared with the (igurt a of that cominc
L-indun Daily Nawa Bays that Rud-
yard Kipling seems t) hive forgotten
when elating the ''flannelled foola at the
wickets, and tbe mtidJlud oafa at tbe
goal," that other tiua British aportaman
"tbe sweating eat, at the osr." Why
not ruu in something sbni'i ''Tbo g'ddy
galoot with tbe golf club," or, "the perspiring prig at his ping ping," or "the
hobbllnj hoboes at hockey." ? All are
elegant and equally intuiting to ladies
ami gentUmsn who are doing more by
their heroic cxettions at the golf couibc,
the ping pong board aud the athletic
fltjld lo BHve the Empiie from making
nil HSbitinmeut Ihun ell the pio-Boers In
tie country.
fc-.Wr^ &&W'iVmMSmW&r)*mytitm' **<*
it or 1 pie
Ilcv. Itfr. Hud* l-'lual Word.
Klitor Leader:—The lettera
the Coronation Oath laet issue
were rather disapofiintiiitf. Willi
Citi/.Mi's letttr we havo notliing
to do, however, lie ia un«:liing to tisk
his name to any statement he makes,
and hia estimate of himself, although
vjry [oor, Is a very orrect one; and hii
judgment In withholding his name in
better than ne miitht otherwise expect.
Father Verbeke has ability enough to
discuss the quest'ou at iesue if Le
wcliootts; auJ in refusing tii d. eo ho
giveiiuatone more Instance that hie
Church Is ai ill in tbe dark mica Where
ite in not nil j ly terror an I aupurst tion
and mysterious rites it will nn iuto in
i'),"-ijtit-*H live now in tho Ttveniielli
Century snd we httve long (.-eased to believe anything ..Imply hcrause the
Church Bays so. While (he Church can
practice any aueans of teaching witliiu
herself she chooses, it ouijbt not to be
necessary to say lhat where au appeal
la made to the aeneral public, it rame It-
au appeal to the minds and conscience*
of tbe people by argument and reason
But you can't change tie leopard ot hi-
Two little flurries were mado - by him
at Mutation, ai.d very feeblp they were
lie Irifd tu show tli.it Prot-vfitauts denied
the ptii sibility of (he eulvalion of Roman ints by quoting the Weetmlnstrr
Conftsf.ion which diiituully admits lhat
tbey may be Saved. "I'm-visible chnruh
conBhtB of al! thorn who profess tho true
religion," and there the Father semis to
think the Presbyleriuns leach that they
assert that tbt-y and no others have the
true religion. But we do nothing of the
kind. Wit kiovv that G>d never gar
iiuu potvera tn Jitdge ultimately who
had the true religion and who h»<) not.
liiid ft'u'iw Im.ki ou tbo heart. Wnen
th't.s n of M tn iMiu-a in his glory wi
shall sen who have the truo religion. We
have not lain hold of powers that only
God can have, ami asserted lhat Mnful
meu could nee thore powers. It Knitter
Verbeke satisfleB Christ that he haa the
tine religion in his heart, ho will be
saved. Thla Is what we teach aud believe. Kven ''Citis.'u"will havea chance.
The Romish Church, however, teaches
tbat there is no poseibility of our Belva-
tlon, and while they have been doing
this fur ages ihey complain ot our "In-
suits."   It is rather late iu the day.
It Ib asserted that the divinity of
Mary (Virgin bleated or unbleeee I, aay.iu
please) is implied no morn In the worda
;'Motherof God" thau "Mother of my
Lord,". Any Sibb.Uh School pupil will
tell you that in tlie qiou'iim of K'iz
beth'a words "Lord" refers to Christ.
If 'Mother of God" nnd Mother of the
L ir.l can be used in tcrnhangably ss the
F 1 er mierts, why d > tbey not call
M .rv the Mother of the Lord instead of
Mother of God? Mary waa ihe Mother
of Jesus arid to call her the Mother of
God is only a trick to g.ln for Mary a
sanctity she never had.
I is asserted that the paet records of
P-1.trslants or Catholics have 00 bearing
on the question. Hia bec«use of the
past records of OatholicB th»t they were
dethroned. No doubt tbey want to hint
out the pell. Jt Is cur dijty tn pr< flt by
the Ugching of profane fb wt II ffl ascred
history, awl after all Ihe lewtne ihst a"
so p'ainlywritten In history, » the
British people efe*sllow ageln n B tpun
Catholic to HWd  'be    throne    lha-y
ouktlit to have all the horrnra of a setitind
inquialtion practiced on them. Two
blanks do not make a while, nor twenty
blacks do not makfe h white. The Ito-
manlatshave black a enough now (0
thelr credit, and It ie our Intention tint
en far aa iht) mown id oouuerned tbey
will get no more on that side of the
Rpgardiug the oath eaid to be admin-
Istcrt'd to priesls, it Is claimed lhat it
was a malicions insinuation. It waa no
ineinihillou but a plain statement atitl
waeopeufor denial but mine came. If
the btaiemeht la a fnlse onu I will gladly
Kt.ulu(iibu to Father Verbi-ke uml as*.
forgiveiifEB from one who cm forgivo for
bearing faUe witness a^tinst my
neisfhbor. .
11 Father Veibtke tun argue hia case
no better than this 1 feel that tlie further
schooling he kindly rt-ctinimmU lor me
would be allogelber uueless fur him, Hi"
:ane ia hoj. ulcsc
I asBert ugaiu my pleanne in Ihe
liberty—civil, political and religious—
eijjyed by Roman GaUiolbs, and if any
attempt was mado to impair their
liberty iu any tmrticular I wuivd reeiat
it. But when anyone trice to piiow that
Protestants are doing auything rite tbun
maintaining tbe intuitu.,, uf the taipiie
lu excluding Rjuiauiela from the Ibionu
by Ihe Coronation Ualb and wlieit llit-y
try to piovouur Ktue u peijmer I will
always be ready to offer tsoma arguments
to the contrary,
Mr. Editor, 1 thank you for your valu
ab.o epaue,
W. A. RAE.
Lhdysmith. B.C. Jan. 27th, 1002.
This difcciHtion is tow tb.-td—Kd.
lVih.'tps the following poem wonld
poeeefcB borne interest; for jour correr>-
pOhdeut "Citiz'.'ti." I m.-tken preeentof
it tu him with my beet rfuardi'. Yours
truly. W. A. RAE.
Lad-flmilh, B. C, Jan. 27th, lflOl*.
The IVamclcii U'rlirr.
By John Ituiie, Toronto, Cnnads.
Au open foe we need not fear,
But wau-h his tactics far or near,
And make him pay for errors dear,
As tuita law'a reason,
Bat "na ueless" writerB oft \t> t clear,
Though fullol tteasuLl
nis pan ia dlpp'd In Vfnom'd gal1,
Hia poiaonM darts are htiarp and  small,
Hie heart—if one he ha-* at aii—
la Vinun'ri ilinh'er,
The meanest coward since the Fall—
Tbo "uumeleeV' writer.
lie may be fair 0. f ire your face,
And eoKin posnetjaM of every grace,
Till Ciufliemtein biig you plaoe,
This hidden emiier;
InOui'.e wisdom scarce could traco
The l'na!iiL|i-th" writer.
Hi whispers oft whrre zdphjra blow
Au iunu.'udo soft aud low,
Sjiiie reputatinu too'erthrow,
Tnia i'uso tiankblter;
With oh (jnance Ida pliMsea flow,
Tue "nameless" wiltet I
Weeurely cannot he lo blame,
When buch addieet us without nam",
l'c sot Ihtir "uetibhlings" tuu fl«me,
These cowardly fluhtm I
l'hiy piny a base, umqutl garni*,
The "naiuelen" writeref
Afodcru llducnltoainl IflrOiedn
Editor Leader,—I have carefully read
the above named urtlct* iu jour hut
idrUu, as 1 do everything I Bee relating tu
iliu wink of inv pr<vfteiii>ui. It contains
•011m vAJUable bints which every leachur
■iiulit to observe in leaching. Bnt tht re
uieonuor two statements that vcghl
not tu pass uuchalletiged.   '
(1.) Tim heading of the article read*
"Cruelty and Absurdity of Modem Educational Mf'tir-dB," This leads one to
t.«I|eve that tb* writer condemns the
• hole of onr educational system.
quite ogree that "oramming," or forcing
upon the miml more ib ui it can grasp
ami assimilate iu a natural in i healthy
manner, cannot ba • too elrongly condemned, Every intelligent teacher
kuj«e this as wjII as Lue Vernon, But
it does not follow tbat the whole edu-
uaLtonal system Is wrong. The fact is,
it would ba difficult to find a better
a>biem of education anywhere in the
world than in Canada. The men direct-
lug our educational system are tlie ablest
in ihe couutr)— meu who rank with the
bcV, educationists ot any land, They
are eonetaiillv welching aud e'udylug
tbe educational methods aud movements
of this aud other countries and trying to
fe6*y abreaut with tbe limes. Onr
teachers are specially tralued in normal
ichuolv by tbe besttgpertf, 81 lliai
when Lue Veruon edndetnns onredu
oalliinsl methods as cruel and ab>unt be
shove that he has not fully Invesug itid
the matter,
(2 ) Lue Vernon rondemns "home
BtuHea" and quotes from the Ladies'
Home Journal and the Port-land Ore-
gotiiautothe effaut that multitudes jf
Ariieritmnchildren aro serioiiely injiied
by 1-mm in Ing ami by too much "huiie-
wurti," Well, 1 have no doubt ihis 1-
tin- of the 4"l,'r'l'*.n Bidioula, but I take
v-K'i'P'ion to the statement that I his in
gt-htrnlly truo of onr Canadian schools,
pi-iiuolarlv thow of British Oolainbla.
B. C. W'McbeMaii'in) t ,--i lu uhh'Mis-
oration" in asfigniuK home tuska i.mt
are recommended nut to give iiny to
pupils below the Second Rtader ula'sst
A Utile home work is gootl fur the
avert'ga child over nine years tild, ami bo
far ua my i xpRrlence g>u-,a, inubt t.tiildrni
likeiohuvitu llltle home wuiktodo.
Many tf tuy younger pupila fiol ellglited
if I do not tivH them hume work. Tuej
often come 10 me nnd nak for eiui.f, ami
upnurently t^ke deiliKht in tloinu it ami
briiiglug it lor iiisjitjutioii next day. 1
ln'vu ultji) often beeii atked by purrtuin to
kivi; liielr child roll uiJre.linuie work, mi
the gtuund that it kept Ibein liotit running the streets. Indeed, the nvfiajre
child Lot,under nine f ho 11 Id bu ahle tu
du tioitiMyjik for liiilf nn hour tonne
hour'wilhoiit any eerioua w jury; aid
two hour.-, I thii.k, would ito> eeiioiiBly
injure the older ones. I should like to
at>k k number uf our p'jfudruoualaud
tiii-iiiebf men—aay, the ealoamed editor
of The Lender, Dr. Gitdoti, the local
tileigytuen, Mr. Roltuoit, Mr. Christie,
etc., if (hey weru much irjtred by tbe
amount of homo woik Ihelr teacherB
made ihem do,
If tho American children are eo puny
and sickly and dulica'.e that it makes
tin.tn ill to do a few easy eiiina or a Utile
mpf eaiou or geograpliy or nature
Study nfler hou-a, it apeak? poorly for
tbe lisiofj; generation. Oauadian
hildreu stem made if bttler b'uITthan
OEcourEO I liavt- bum ep^nking chieily
t the ui-uutry i-ehool wiili t>'tih:blam
better acqiialuted. I have no doubt
that, in the cities', thero tiro many eickly
and delicate children whose ptneiits feed
them on hot mimw pin, rand-es, etc.,
and keep them indoors mi t of t ie. tiia*,
and who easily gut sink i( Ihey try tu < 0
a sum or nn eucy learnm mi e<)Diposition
or geo/ripliv. Bit 1 do not, think maty
of ihe Lidys tilth oh 11.1red aro tixe that.
Dotib less L ie Vernon would thmk so,
too, if be bIioii! I vi-ir, our M.htiot at
recess lime any day. Moat of Ihem
from the cecond ctnea up t\o uio-enr Lt-e
"home work," ton.
In all tny exptrienttfl of Canidian
schools I on 11 reuall very fev children
whoso pirpnla h»d tu remove thtib be-
oauBoof irjury from cramming or tun
muoh home work, and it, wat* l.ei-ati'e
the children were delicate Hint sickly.
In conclusion I would nek any of the
Ladysmith parents who flu! thtir
children are being irtjired liv too difli
cult home woik to 6t>eak tn the l»*H'-hf-re
about it, I would also nsk parents to
see that their children rin their home
work care folly and well. Yours trulv,
Lidysmitli.Jan, 117, 109.\
Columbia At'jmtubie E'my
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Our Chins, Clms, ami Silverware tils-
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nn' fnuntl tlirtiugl! nur tntire stuck 'I hn
five floe, a nf uur lars;.' Ktt,re aro filled
nllli ilia nroduci lona of the beat makers.
Ca.-aloiuewili low liliistratlons sent free on request.
9 '
SS'feft'ttei'ii-ei'fe l>'41 KV.S! <i l>'U-*S'to».'s,VIS«tftv,ii».U W*-!t.<» ft.s,3.seiS-.l4-3.i«-3.»-'!?.iS
g^!i?^SSSSSi«!aa!8«i«i!i^^        !
aunt fme. Oldest naonoy for nocurinir t	
I'uiunu taken tlirougb Munn ft Co. receive
tptrial notice, without abanto, In Itio
Scientific JUncrican.
A handaomotr lllwstratotl wi»My. Ijirnost elr-
culatlnu nf nny iclcnltdn lournal. Terms, |3 w
leari four muntbs, fl, Bultl l>r*ll netmrtealoni.
Onucb Oltlco, (fn F 8k, Waihlnawn. D. C.
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a, ************** ,l|| ***+***-* 44-1 III Ulltll ****
A tender child of summers three,
Seeltlrig her little hid at night,
Y itisii1 nn tho du, It stair timidly;
410 i, iti'iihor, taiie my band," said she,
" Ami then liif <Juik will all he light I"
We older cliliilrf.ii propn onr way
From dark liBliind to dark befcrc;
And only when our hands we lay,
Dear Lird, in thine, tlie light Is day,
Aiid„ihore is daikneis nevermore.
Itsat'.h downward to the iiniless dais,
Wiierttiu onr tiiides are blind as we,
And faith ia small nnd hops delays;
Tako Thou tin, hands ol prayer we raise
And let us feci the Ibrht ol Thee!
****** ********+*****.,**********<************
Warwick of Ihe Knobi. by John Url
Lloyd,illustrated; W. J. GrtRO & Co,
Fearingthattbiawi.fi just another ol
those diileot lurrora wniaiilliave; delun-
ed the land of late; booka.iti which, the
unfortunate and unoffending-, English
language is sut'jiietcd^to tortured compared with which tbe fiendish erueHleu
of Torquemadi. uud Titelmann were
benefactions, I began the reading of
Warwick of tho Knobs iu no eager moud.
But this ia no mora brokcii-Englieh
Btory, where oue clo»n expree.iea hia
crude Imaglninica to auother clown, iu
archaic jtrgon. It is it story that deserved to be told, nnd ti::it, deceived to
bs read. I can h.mily fancy anyone
beginning thia tale of old Kentucky and
failing to finish it. There ia not ft great
amount of literary power dlrplnyed in
the management of the stoij; it i;
Hplced with eomo Americanisms that
to a taste nurtured ncrois tho Atlantic
do not please; I do not mean tho iacr,
picturesque expressions native to the
very airof frontier Amortcs, but down-
right solecismifiujli as "loa'ted," the
abomination that servM on this eido of
the ocean for the EnuIUh vuib "lent,"
Others there are which broadly betoken
that tbe bund which wrote Warwick uf
the Kt.ob-i was indigenous to the Aiuetl*
can soil.
This it tt story having for u buck
tzround ih 1 American civil war, and for
hero Warvcljir, a Baptist, tuluUter of ihe
old sell nt!, who interlard* h'B ordinary
discourse with extraordinary quotations
from tlie S-iripturee; and whr.su religion
blinds and deafen* htm to afl lm.uar,
aympathi*?. The Knob, are tho Binall
hills or kopjas which ornament String-
town County, in Kentucky, The story
turns upon the rigid religiosity of old
Warwick and the Inevitable claali between bUarliflnlul tiudeatid the play ol
human passions and emotion* in hie
•one, his only daughter, aud her betrayer, tbe rock hunter from tho North,
Trials as fierce us ever tested tho temper
of any man corou upon this etubb iru old
giant of the Kentucky wiltleruear?, but
to the last lie la uuheudit g.
ife loses two soup, one in tbo war,
the other shot by his own Bister; the
■daughter elopes with the scoundrel
Irom the Noitb, then relume to face Iter
lather's wrath. Joshua, ihe only remaining son goes North to kill bis stater's betrayer, is over* helmned with
the grandeur of lifts In the great cities,
accidentally meeta (he mother aud little
■liter of the man he haa come to thy
and bla courage oiz is out, of hia finger
«nds. He returns homo to tell bis
father that the last of the War wicks is n
coward. The old preacher spurns the
coward from his door, and the tragedy
winds np with the forlorn father uiiuiug
upon vengeance baalde bis luined
daughter and her helpless infant In ita
cradle. Many paessites have greal
•dramatic force aud Intensity, se for in-
■tance the scene between the judge and
the preacher; and lhat where Mary ro-
turns after her flight w,t!i Lione', Mr.
Jesiup of the Lady smith Pharmacy ins
thli excellent tale In stock.
Some books are to be tasted, others to be
swallowed, and some few to be chewed ^
and digested—Bacon.
arkably few stories have been written
about that wonderfully interesting corner of Amerlim. While Bret Harte has
done much lo nt tract attention to that
uulo of tho continent, Mexico still
awaits im Sobtt or Dumas. Nevarthe-
leos excellent woik ia being done by
some clever writers, amnrgst whom the
iiutiiorees of "The Idol ol Bronze" may
b:»i'!;iB»tid. Tins ia u «tory of the rail
wav coming lo a remoto part of Mexico,
and the doings of the people of that se-
quoatercd vale. Around the loves of
Cosine, the peon, humbly born, bnt
highly endowed with manly graces end
apirit. and Carmen, the heireis of
'Halle!zinitr, the story pleasantly winds
itself toward the somewhat tragical
denouement; which haa just a suspicion
of melodrama, and a tiavour of "once
aboard tho luiifter and she is mine;
th»ugh -very decently done. Ooeme pops
in at tlie wedding of his distracted love,
Carmen, with eome hidalgo who has
wealth, but who Is not loved, Much in
the airy, nines trooper fashion of the
young Louliinvor,Coemu gallops .through
the crowd of wedding guests, sloops
from Ida fiery steed and lilts tbe not
unwilling tenorlta to his saddle bow;
"'IVre w.-is racing and chasing on
Cam.bin Lta,
But the lust bride of Nether by ne'er did
they Bee."
Tho two lake to tho mountain*, where
tho horse bus la ba abandoned. Ou they
wander across (he immratt and down
into the valley beyond, while the cab-
tilltiroH, vni-ioroe, und haoendades are
scouring ihe country in search. Tbe
two finally bring up against their fate,
aid Cosme justifies his lady's love for
him by dj ing a heroin death. Those
who ait down to this well-told talo will
not be disappointed.
Care Should Be Exercised In Select-
luff and Furnishing It.
Not every mother has tho means nor
the conveniences for fitting up a well
equipped nursery for the use of her little
ones, but there is no reason w'*y the
room In which the children must spend
the greater part of their time each day
should not be bright and dnlnty and attractive. The room set aside for tho children, where their toys are kept ami they
are allowed to play and romp and plan
their daily occupations, should ho so suggestive of latent possibilities ns to keep
the little minds and hands pleasantly occupied, even though tbe most inexpensive
furnishings must be used. To bo bright
and attractive doea not necessitate being
It is too often the case, however, tbat
the children's room is a decidedly doleful
place, and it is no wonder that the little
folks persist in straying from their own
particular donujiri, going upon littlo excursions to the (1 it.wing room, the library
or the kitchen, any one of which is far
plensanter than the quarters up stairs
that have been assigned to them.
Mothers argue: "Anything Is good
enough for the children when they are
young, tbey arc so destructive, you know.
After awhile I will fix up their quarters,
hut so long as they are small it doesn't
matter much what they have so long aa
tbey are comfortable."
Would that mother bo comfortable iu a
room where the outlook gives one only a
glimpse of back streets and brick waits?
Would she think it comfortable to catch
her toes daily in holey carpet of a hue so
dingy that it ia enough to drive even a
baby into a fit of artistic despair? Would
she be comfortable with no pictures on
the walls, which are covered only by a
solid wall paper the pattern of which is
unpleasantly suggestive of all sorts of
crawling things? To be warm and have
enough to eat is not all the comfort re-
j quired by a baby, though many mothers
appear to think so, judging from the
quarters of their little ones.
Babies are quick to notice beauty. A
bright carpet, some pictures representing
events In child life, n sunny room where
the furniture la whole and clean—In fact,
a bright and cheerful nursery—will leave
Its pleaaant Impression on the childish
mind long after the occupant boa passed
through its portals to do battle with the
great world lying beyond and will bo the
cornerstone of many pleasant memories,
whereas the prisonlike dens which pass
for nurseries will never bo thought of
save with feelings of dislike, for first Impressions even in small children are the
ones to last the longest, and the early
surroundings are bound to make their
mark on the mlnda that are at that time
in the moat receptive state.
Have tt Home of Yonr Own.
They are a wise young man and woman
who start out in their married life ia a
home of their own In some place where
tbey will have green grass about their
house even If It is only a few feet. It
makes no difference how humble or how
modest the house may be. The smallest
box of a house with a plot of green is a
temple of common sense compared to the
finest "flat" or "boarding house" in the
city. If there Is anything appropriate In
tbls life, it is that young people should
live somewhere where each day they can
see their own unfolding lives reflected in
the unfolding works of nature. There Is
no beginning In the home sense to a
young married life so true, so,wise, so
lasting and so satisfactory as that. No
life In a city Is comparable with that
which is lived in a. small house with
green things growing over and around it,
where God's pure sunshine bathes and
sweetens every side of the house during
the day and whe.e the surest llfegiving
odors tbat God gives to his children—the
odors of soil and growing things—are
blown Into the house white we sleep.—
Edward Bok In Ladies' Home Journal,
The Kid Tbat Lout Its Life by Not
Following Ita Mother's Advice.
One day ns a Gout nnd her Kid were
grazing in the field the latter sniffed tbe
air nnd sagely observed:
"Mother, I havo a cttrloBity to know.
whether I smell wolf or crow."
"We'll call it wolf and not get any
nearer the forest," replied the mother.
A few minutes later the Kid stared
hard at some tracks In the soft soil and
"Really, now, I'd like to be sure whether these are tracks of a coon or a wolf."
"We'll presume that a wolf passed this
way and keep our eyes peeled," was the
It wasn't ten minutes before the Kid
looked fixedly at the forest and remarked:
"I certainly saw something moving
umong tho trees, and I'm dying to mow
whether it's a wolf or a woodchuek."
"If you'll paste it In your hat that it's
a wolf, it won't hurt no woodobuofc's
feelings," said the mother as she nipped
at another thistle.
The Kid thought the matter over awhile
and then concluded on a closer investigation and set out for the woods. The
mother heard her blent as the wolf
sprang out upon her, and nfter clearing
her throat of prickers and wiping the
moisture from her eyes she said to her
"Of course wo didn't know for sure,
bnt if that Kid bad only inferred tbat It
was a wolf she'd have escaped being
Moral.—It's no use to touch a buss-Baw
with your finger to see If It's revolving.
Sonny Gay.
A ninny little lad wan Guy;
The sunbeams glistened In his eye,
The lunbeamB nestled In hU hair,
The sunbeams kissed his forehead lair
And mingled in his laughter were.
The Ido' ot Brotse, n story of Mexican
lite by Louise Huron; George K>
Morang & Co., Toronto.
Mexico, with Its romantic liietory, In-
' tsreatlng people, and beautiful langiMge
should be a veritable ennhaule.l laud for
the romiQclet and novel writer.   Keui*
The Prose of E. B. bill, Houghton,
Millliu & Co., Boston & New York.
This ia a fmall volume of essays on
diverBeeubjacte, ranging from psychology and ethics to nature and literature.
fbn author writes with grace and knowledge; indeed, with a delicacy of taste
that forcibly reminds one of the work of
Matthew Am.Id, and sometimes, owing
to ila dolighlful ego^im, Introspection
And self-searching, ..nt Robert Louis
S evi-n-'on or Ma-ie Bishklrtreff. Hie
nature studies are charming, showing
an intimate arquaintance with the
dumb ihinxs In wood and fTeltl and
stream. The essay on-"SUJuld a college
educate?*'ie most Ingenious. HisesBsy
ou "shall and will" may be read by the
bast scholar with profit and instruction,
His eiittkhuB of poetry fully bear out his
biographer's claim that Sill was of the
elect, But bis proie Is certainly to bt
accounted amongst tbe best that America can show in tbe domain of the essay.
The book Is one that thinkers would
favour us n companion in woodland or ass-
«hore rambles, for lis pages breath* tha
spirit that should go with one at such
times, G.
Keep the Pl« Growlaa;.
The pig should be kept growing continually, says Professor J. W. San-
.born. It requires a certain amount of
food for maintenance. If there are no
growth and no gain, this maintenance
food Is actual loss. About twenty-five
to thirty years ago good bogs wore
mnrkttpd usually at eighteen to twen
Don'ts For Girls.
Don't waste emotion. Life fa very
short, and excessive feeling disturbs the
brain, weakens the heart and ages the
Don't be proud. Be self respecting.
Let none use you as a stcpladder. Offer
to assist when you can.
Don't preach. Live your sermons. Be
honest, virtuoys, obliging, merry and
wise, but don't be Pharisaical.
Don't judge men by their treatment or
by their speech. Flattery Is a cheap and
belittling thing, nnd many a shabby man
has a noble soul, ssys tho Pittsburg
Chronicle, '
Glove Friction on Jewels,
"If you want your rings to last well,"
said a jeweler, "don't wear them under
gloves. But It you decide that gloves aro
a necessity, as probably you will, then
send your rings twice a year to a jeweler
to be overhauled," says Home Notes. The
reason for this warning la tbo constant
friction of the glove wears the tiny points
that bold tbe stones ln place, and tho re-
■Sit *» that tbe stones fall out unless they
are constantly looked after. You might
sot detect a loose stone, but a jeweler
would at once and thus might prevent
your losing a valuable gem.
Tbe sunbeams helped him In till speech,
And all hii smiles were sunbeams each;
In tact, ths boy [rem top to toe
Was lull of sunbeams—tbat we know—
And ao beloved by high and low.
Dear little children, if you try.
You soon may be like little guy. '
ltaja of sunshine will peep through
If your heart is kind and true
And gathers It each day anew.
-Anna D. Walker in Christian Work
The   Dutch   Lansnaae.
The Dutch language is of a good old
fashioned tongue. It Is not so difficult
that English speaking people cannot
without difficulty acquire it. In fact,
some folk say, tt is more like unto English than it is to German. The Boers of
South Africa use tbe Dutch language as
it was spoken 200 years ago. It Is a Hugo
that 1b bound to stay, though it shows
little powers as a wanderer.
A Clnb Sandwich.
Toast a slice of bread evenly and lightly and butter It. On one half put first a
thin slice of bacon which has been broiled till dry and tender, next a slice of tho
white meat of either turkey or chicken.
Over one half of this place a circle cut
from a ripe tomato and over the other
half a tender leaf of lettuce. Cover these
with a generous layer of mayonnaise and
complete thla delicious "whole meal"
sandwich with the remaining piece of
RoloHlnar the Cork.
The trick of extracting a cork from a
bottle without touching the cork le well
worth knowing. Fill an ordinary bottle
with water and cork It, not too tightly, so
that the end of the cork juat touches the
water. Then wrap a cloth tightly around
the end of the bottle and, taking It In the
right hand, hammer It smartly against
the wall or any other Immovable object
The water then acts as a solid body and
shoote the cork from the bottle.
Wonderful  Trees.
The largest tree in tbe world Is to bo
seen at Mascali, near tho foot of Mount
Etna, Its trunk is 304 feet in circumference. Tho largest tree in the United
States is said to be the gigantic tree near
Bear creek, on the north fork of the Tulare river, In California. It measures 140
feet In circumference Tho famous giant
redwood live iu Nevada la 110 feet In circumference.
BfU tinder at ood.
Harry's littlo cousin, Mabel, was paying him a visit, nnd he undertook one day
to tench her to play croquet. After a few
strokes the balls lay quite close to each
other, aud Hnrry snid:
."Now, Mabel, you must hit me."
"But, Harry," said tho matter of fact
Mabel, "that would be fighting and not
playing. I believe I'd rather not learn."
A Tumbltnff Mat.
A reader of The American Boy sends
to tbat paper the following concerning a
tumbling mat for nmnteur acrobats:
All boys know that tumbling on hard
ground Is not pleasant, so I have thought
of a plan by which a tumbling mat can
be enslfy made, having made ono myself
that Is very satisfactory. First dig a hole
about a foot deep ot the size you wish to
When Baylnst Stationery.
In buying stationery the-woman who Ii
nice in trifles leaves a quire or two of her
tjf-fow norths'.* agoVnnd^wneral   nota *■!" uJK!Smrt V11' foi !? wbea
aU* of weights wa. not moHan   ^Sfilftl^ Vt.
make tbe tumbling; rtronnil. Fill tho hole
about three-fourths full of dried gross or
etratv pocked troll. Lay on old piece of
cm-net or sboots of lieuvy paper over this.
Tlii-u sprioklu nn Inch or two of shavlogs
and over all spread about throe Inches of
soft dirt mixed tvl'.h shavings. This
makes a soft and clastic ground.
■cruee of tvelirbts wa. not more tban
Is mnilii now nt eight to ten months,
allowing the great Improvement In the
present methods and tie great loss of
feed by the old plan of long maturing,
i: ■ i "
How I'lteona Travel,
The carrier pigeon, when traveling,
never feeds. If tho distance be long, it
files on without stopping to toko nutrl-
Loula Republic, It Is one of the small meat and at last arrives thin, exhausted,
things that betray a knowledge ot correct and almost dying. If corn bo presented
usage that only one sheet of a letter ahall to It, It refuse, to eat, contenting Itself
bear the addreaa or monogram, Repett- with drinking a little water and then
Hon ia naneewaary and ihould t» omit- deeping. Two or three hour!' liter it Bite*, _.___         j  gin. to «*t with auauatisa,   ,      .   .
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and-power plant about to be installed.
Fine public school building now being
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmith
tAmmmm^mmmm ^r
•i ' "T
I The Cheapside! I
I       Special Sale on
! Misses' and Children's School Shoes. j
i i
'I For one week we offer inducements in the above, i
9. commencing Wednesday, 29th.   From (1.00 lo (1.50. i
$  " ^ ^ 3
I Weinrobe's !
Ab.mt two di'zmi voters wont down
irom Luljsmith to Victoria yesterday
uiorniug to help old man Riley.
The dance given by Rota. Laird Saturday night at Waterloo was a splendid
anccese, many couples being present
The dancing conlinued to a late hour.
A. C. Wilson,
Funeral Wreaths, etc., Wedding Sou-
quels in every style. Orders promptly
attended to. -NANAIMO, B. C
High St., Ladysmith
Extension Tunnel
Seattle Daily Times
The livllest paper in tha Northwest.
Weekly edition a complete record of
the world's news to date. Sport,
politics, society, women's, Interests,
young folk's department, literature,
science, art, music.
Annual Clearance Sale of
'LV-mtv per rent discount for One
Week More. Real Bnaps in odd linos.
Come with the crowd and get first
<,lioire of the beat patterns before they
are nil sold.
Sampson's Cash Stores,
Nanalmo, B. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Ghorge Riymiud of tbe
Hotel Wilaon, Nanaim), are going to
make e p'eaaure ot the Coast. Tlipy
will then go ti Honolulu, where It is Turn >red Sir. Raymond will again go Into
the hotel business on a large scale.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ++++♦♦♦♦■
Kill   j
********************** ****
Sir. Tellua arrived from Frisco this
week, and is now loading her usual coal
Mr. Hubert Allan spent Sunday in
Victoria as the guest ot Mr. & Mrs, J.
W. Coburn.
Do yon bslieve in your own goods?
Then don't conceal the lact Irom the
public.   Advertise.
Mr. J. MacLennan had Ibe misfortune
to loss a valuable horse latt week from
wm. severe equina disorder.
Mr. Samuel Baxter, government inspector ol boilert, vltited Ladyimith lilt
Siturday and inspected leveral local
Lively, the leading jswel.r, ia showing
eome fine gold ind illvir watclie*. Tbey
are sold with a guarantee. *
Mr. D. II, Davit announce! th. open,
inn of the Portland Hotel Firit Avenue
ou Friday evening whin all will be mad,
welcjinc. £
The memp-irsof Laurel Itabscoa Lodge,
1.0. 0 F.,'are making preparations for
h concert, sapper and dance to be given
ou February IStb.
Fir. in a reeldenc. on Ih. top ot tbe
bill Satarday night did damage to th.
extent ol about 4100. It originated from
a itov. la Ihe hall.
Ii I, th. intention ol Ih. Company to
bsgin teaming operation! bar. with nn.
good team. Tha number will be In.
treated ai lb. town growl.
Bev. Al litter Murray, pattor ol th.
Kstanslon Presbyterian Chnrch, ex
ob.nged pulpit! with Rev. W, A. Bit,
ol Ladysmith, last Sunday.
Bnrni'e birthday was cal.br.ted in
capital style at Wellington on Friday
evsuitig. A larg. number of Ladysmith
aud Nanalmo people were present.
The latest stylei In hsir cutting snd
baanl trimming at the Ladytmlth Sbav-
ng Parlor, High Itrtet.
Mr. George Thornton, government
agent, had th. latltlaction of seeing Ih.
Un* new safe sent up from Victoria,
.ifelr installed in his office on Mondsy.
AM, n'.on Is called to Ibe oyeler mi-
per ami tlauc. iobi giv.n by the local
Fjifr.ti'is and Woodmen of the Win Id In
Onii'it'" Hall, ™ lb"ev»iilr.g if Feb. 6>!\
'-fi {-. m ver l-ai Ute to mend" is one
of Uliailr" Keaile-a mott fascinating
■miv.iIs, and l.ivelr the j wsl.r will shoe
v„u sr't'tt U'sda- tnetnt if y,„i take, yonr
witch or clwk l„ Imn for repairs.      t
Tuhagganiig Is all t>M rsgo on Ihe
.1 lewalks and streets with enonsh In-
,,i:, . tn ma • a mo, Several tlniililns
piitln »e-»ai«l. »P °» th""!**1, aid
much ei'J trtal.
Johnston Block,     •    Nenelmo, B. 0.
P.O. Boi,37,Teh 145.
Nest S.tunUy a review of Dr. Mc
Kechnie's political liidtory, with particular reference lo his course regarding
Asiatics aa domeetlcB and eervantB of
public companies, will appear in Tbe
Leader from the pen of a specialist iu
the study ot abnormal political types.
From all indications the haeehal'
dance which wae held in Gould's hall
last night was golnz jo he a meat sua-
ceis. Splendid work was done by the
committee. Tbe boys should really appreciate tbe efforts of those gentlemen
who have done bo much to keBp tlie club
For silverware, gems, chains, ornaments ot all kiods; and for skilled repairing at most moderate prices, there
is no place like Lively's, the leading
jeweler's, First Avenue. *
This new hotel has been completely
furnished with all modern conveniences.
Excellent table, white cooking. The
bar is supplied with the finest wines,
liquors and cigars. Au experienced bartender,
D. H. Davis, Prop.,
First Avenue,      -     Ladysmith, B. C.
No. 31,
I. O. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially Invited.
Maple Lodge, No. 61,1.0.0. r.
Meets ev*Ty Wednesday evening In
Niolinlenu'a Hall. Vielting nienib.il
are cordially invited,
R.NIMMO, (l.T.
M. a!oKIKl.EY,Sac,
Portland  Hotel,
First Avenne, Lidysmtlb.
Grand opening on Friday evening.
House for two hours from 8 to 10.
1 Mil Post-lntelliecnccr
Seattle, Wash.
Nobody can afford to lie without it. All the
tciegraphic news of the week. Farm, field, garden, sport, society. Beautiful illustration) and
half tones.   Sample copy on application.
All For One Dollar a Year.
J. e. sriim
Sign and House Painting,
Graining, Paner Hinging snd Kal-
aominiiig.    Estimates given.   Sat'
Islanllon guaranteed.
oal and Wood
Best Hoiis) Coal $4.75 Ton
Belt Stove and Cord wood at lowest
prices.  General Dnvying, Teaming, etc.   Leave orders at L. & li. Store.
John Leas!,
Hand Made Fit Shoes at tho same price
ae cheap factory made. Home in and see.
All work guaranteed.   Itepairiag don,.
A. S. Christie,
B. 0.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
General Jobber.
Cornar Pint Av.nu. and aatacra Strwt.
Cabinet woik oi all kinds.
, All kinds ol soft wood furniture made
i      and repaired.
The very best
Upon the market today.   To be obtained at all
hotels  and bars in Ladysmith and Extension.
In case or bulk at
Pither & Leiser's,
i        The Best        f j
i Lager and Porter
*     In torn at tbe boteli is manu-
| lectured by tho
i Oil IK CO.
Tb. manager for the Clara Matbes
Company, now playing in Nanaimo,
writes The Leader his regrets that this
town has not an npera bouse. If it had
the compahy wonld play probably a
three-niaht stand Here. This is what
Ladysmitli is missing lor want of a nice
comfortable ball large enough to ancooi.
modate travelling companies.
lion. James Dansmuir came up from
Victoria on Friday night on a special
train and passed on to Extension, where
be made a cartful inspection of the dam
in No. 2 tunnel, which was ready for
the inflow ot water, Mr. Dunsmuir returned to th. capital on the morning
train, lie was satisfied with the wa;
th. work of stopping tba tunnel had
been dono.
Nanaimo, B. C.
In Ibo County Court of Nanalmo,
iiolden at Nanaimo,
In the goods of Anlonl Piscetelli, E
Erflrasl and Angus Uovd.
Take notice thai, I have been appoint
ed administrator ol tlie nhovo estates.
All parlies indebted tn any ef the
above estates are required to pay snob
indebtedness forthwith, and all parlies
having claims must lite the a.m. with
me, duly certified, not later than the
18tb day nf February. 1002.
Official Administrator,
Nanaimo, B.C., January 14th, llill'J.
Mr. A, J. McMurtrle, of the Abbots-
lord Hotel, would like very much to
know who it waa tbat shot his valuable
hunting dog, Tho poor animal was terribly in jursd by tbe shut j ist behind the
lore shoulder, and must have lain nut Id
the snnw for two or three days before
dragging itself home. The animal had
inat much blood and was bo weak that
very little hope of Ite recovery was entertained until Monday night, when It
began to take nourishment. If Mr. McMurtrle can find out who committed the
crime there will hi some decidedly
interesting developments.
Yesterday took place Ibe election in
Victoria, but The Leader hail to go lo
piesi too etrly to get tbo n anils. The
Leader's bopea were on old man IMey—
but V-lctorians can never be' depended
upon, and mignt reject tbe only msn
who could do them any good at Otlewa
and aend there a man with nothing but
a protest. A "pull" I, better than a
protest any day.
Notice is hereby given, in accord
ance with the statutes, that provincial Revenue tax, and all assessed
taxes and Income tax, assessed and
levied under the Assessment Act
and Amendments, are now due and
payable for the year 1902. All
taxes collectable for the South Nanaimo Assessment District are due
and payable at my office, siluate at
This Notice, in terms of law, is
equivalent to a personal demand
by me upon all persons liable for
Assessor and collector, South Nanaimo Assessment District, Lady
smith P. 0.
Dated at Ladysmith, 6th Jan., 1902
Heitiiij; by
Hot Wilier,   .
Hot Air,
Steam, Etc.
Estimates given ou all kinds of iron pipe work and sanitary
All work strictly first-class.
Hardware Merchant,   ,    - Ladysmith, B. C.
We have received a large shipment of Alarm Clocks which we now offer at
Eighty Cents Each
And guarantee them lor on. year. All our other goods In our tug.
■tock will be lold at greit reductions belore moving iuto our new premises.
Now it your time to tenure bargains.
The First Jeweller,       -       -       Ladysmith.
Speed, Promptitude, Accuracy, No Delays, You Got Your
Answer Instantaneously.
Do you want to avoid that business trip and thus lave lime and money 1
Do yon waut tooidir goodt, mil be lure ol ihipm.nt to-day?
Do yon want to talk with Iriendt at borne?
Do you wish for soy reason, a personsl Interview nith partiet at a distance?
Than use
The Long Distance Telephone.
Tariff from Ladysmith for Two Minutes Conversation
To Nanalmo 15 cents
ToChemalnut 10 "
To Duncan 20 "
To Sh.wuigsn Lake (Koenlg's) 56 "
ToShawnlgan Lik.(Stratbcona) 55 "
To Sook. Lake 30 "
To Golditrenm 3D "
ToViotorla 40 "
To Saanlcntoo 50 "
To Sydney 50 "
You Can Easily Transmit 30 Words in a 1-4 of a Minute.
(k rial to 310 wordi ia two minuter.)
Try Ihe following 30 wordt:-" I .lid nnt telegraph, fairing you were nut nf town.
Could not spare the time to eo up on train.   Moat have your decision now,
so called you by telephone."
H. Ws KENT, Central S.iperlntnnilent.
Coal!   -   Coal!
Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
Wellington *>s»l   Best household coal on the Pacific
Comox Conl—Rett steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—Yirst-elass gas, steam aud household coal
The above foals arc mined only by the Wellington Colliery CV-npany. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, evA Union Buy, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C  :
Ban KrunclHCt, Agency,
j R. Dunsmuif's Sona Co'y
340 Steuart St.
Lady sm ith
A newspaper for the
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The l^&adi&r
&  Nanaimo
Tims Table No. 43.
Train, leav.' La.iv.mlth toulb-Douod, daily at 0.10 a, m., and ou Satarday, and
oubus/s n 3.03 p, nil
T"Sun'SaJs, It*t't'ntm mnh'bl""ii'm' »' ,1J" *•m" •■* <"> Satoidaj. and
T"'io J!E•SJffllXJW■.*,l, ,xo""8uod,J'" 60° *•m" S-M"d
Excursion Rataa to all Points, Good Saturday and Sunday
Oio, L. Oourtney,     -     Traffic Minsgir
,,j bJ»<£


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