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Ladysmith Leader Oct 25, 1902

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 Ti't*llf*Ttll''Ml'ii'TT "irrrffrtftT^
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Ladysmith Leader
* *************************
A (iood j-Roomed House for
Sale.   Apply to
**t* 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 +4 4
VOL. II. NO. 116.
We have just received a carload of Furniture direct from
the Eastern factories, comprising
Bedroom Suites aSraST--
Sideboards, Extension    and Centre  Tables, Chairs,
Book Cases, Kitchen Tables, Lounges, &c.
Come and see what will suit you and we will supply it.
Also a full line of Family Groceries alway fresh and
at Lowest Prices.
Wholesale aud Retail Merchants,
Esplanade and Oatacre Street, ■ ■ Ladytmlth
WsWiWrn*!-.';*-. w; v; v.-. v.*;v, m***ii*s&mimmmim)*y8tsmmn
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
We Garry a Full Line
Of High-Class Groceries, Provisions,
Flour, Feed, Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, Etc.
Don't Do It
Dispute with a woman when she says
our goods are the only ones to buy,
because she kuows what she is talking
Argue with her when she says our
prices are money-savers. She has had
experience and ought to know.
Men with great Gare.
Try to excuse yourself for going to
some other store instead of ours, because that will not go with her.
Above all things, forget that we are an
honest store, doing business in a business-like way.
Tlasohic Block,   Ladysmith j
fi iti tTi iti tTi tTi tH*i iTi ****' At _faj_Ci^j*-!-__Ci flfo iT*. **l*-i -Ti tTi tTi tTi iTt •+, ***** ■
AR Johnston & Co,
Oddfellows' Block,
Wholesale   and   Retail.
a 8«"J488Si''*k*'i''»^
Wm, Beverldge, Prop.
Thii new hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar ii np lo date.
Beet accommodation for transient and permanent boarder! and lodgere,
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
Ths Esplanade, • Ladysmith, B. 0.
H *
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
ARE   YOU   INSURED?    If not
get Insured nt ouco for It may be
too late tomorrow. I represent eeveral
OLD and RELIABLE Companies and
can inaure you at a inomont'i notice at
the lowest possible rates, All leading
companies charge tlie same rates. Don't
ba milled into insuring with a cheap
company—lt might be dear In the end.
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
;P.*0. Drawer 33, Nanalmo. B. 0.
Funeral Director.
Prompt attention Riven to all call*', night
or day. Long Distance telephone No. 124
Bastion St., Nanaimo, B.C.
Ban-liter. Solicitor,
- Attorney, Notary Public, Etc,
Monty to Lou,
Provincial Uccnwd Awayer. late assaycr
Van Auda Smelter. Reliable analysis of
ores, coals,etc. BhlpHicntaandftrnplta*
at smelters superintended. Weights nud
Tf turns checked. NexttotheLawCourti.
P. O, Box 89,
46 Langley Street, VICTORIA.
Member Can. Society of Civil Engineers
Member Institution of Electrical Kngtnecra
Consulting Electrical Engineer
Absolutely the tinest. tea told in B,0. If ynu do not know
this ask onr ctislomore. Or better still try one pound 50c.
Jmpotted directly (mm Decknjulle Tea Gardens. Ouly
otirselvi-B between the grower uud you.* Your eecond order
will he 5 pound", price $2.25.
W. T. Heddle A Co.
Free Press Block.      a°°,\ t^AI'"
•W/U foiur €lU*V*-Jtfiif OJLU<^0-kA
Get the Best Work
Estimates cheerfully furnished on anything you may need in the line of paint-
ing, paperhonging, wall and ceiling decorating.   The   Star Paint Shop,  High
Birrlitera, Sollctor.1 and
Office: Oddfellowi1 Bul'dlng, Roberta St.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain tnd Itncy bread.   Cukes and pantries of all deecriplions.    Fruits   in
A. U C. M.,
Teacher of rlnnomul Hnrmoity, is now formlng
classes In T,nd]-smlt1t for tuition once it week.
Iulen.Hi.-* pupils pleim. call nt
W. H. Lively'* Store, Pint Avenue
Thi. old-Established, Firet-Olass and
Popular Hotel is most comfortably furnished, centrally situated, Bua'meetB
trains. Excellent Cuisine. Bar stocked
with the flneBt wines,-liquors and cigars.
JOS. FOX,       -      -        Proprietor.
<a?hL   ****>
8ai.lv—You'll make yourself sick, kid,
lt.uiUH-ti'on, It's a Province! aee?
SALLv-Gee I de swells smokei '401.
(Associated I'ress.)
Slowly Improving.
WilkeBbarre, Out. 24.—There is a
slight improvement in the coal mining
situatiou in the Wyoming and Lanka*
wana regions this morning, hut in the
Schuylkill and Lehigh regions there hap
heen little change since yesterday. Al!
the collieries of tbe Delaware, L-iekn-
wana and Wen tern company ere being
worked with an increased force of min-
Delaware aud Hudson company
has more mines in operation iu the
Lackawaoa dietriet than yesterday, but
io the Wyoming the company could not
get an additional colliery Btarted,
The Lehigh Valley company reported
that it has one more rain- in operation
(bis morning than yesterday. A -general
resumption is not looktd f<-r until Monday. With the mines in operation the
outjiut of coal iniiit be sume?.hat curtailed, because the mines cannot be
worked to their full capacity.
Strike Commissioners Confer.
Washington, D. 0„ OjE. 91.—The
members of the strike arbitration com-
miepion, appointed by President Runge-
velt, met at tbe White House shortly
after 10 o'clock thia morning and went
Iuto conference with tbe President.
Companies Discriminating.
Pittsburg, Pa., Out, 24.-11 is staled
here that 55 of the meu who weut out
Lhe Lyckens Valley wheu the coalstrike
was declared, will get their places brick
and that only a email number have start*
ed work; others will be given employment, but the Compnny l.tti1 tefueed to
diacbatge those who took the places of
men who struck. The miners nre inct-u-
sed at thia actiop by the company and
there is a feeling of unrest in theLyckene
Valley, The compnny has iee uud on order
to the * fleet that only a limited number
of men will be re employed,
Will Remain Out.
H-uultown, Pa., Out. 21.—The employees of tiie 0. B. Mtukets & 0-j's
collerie? and ttie mpii WoJrTtThg at' ttie
Priftno mines Cos BroB.-Jc Oo. voted lasi
, night to contiuue un etike until the conditions under which tin y .-,10 to bi* taken
back hy .this (inn are changed. One of
the officials of the Cox Bro*. A Oo, paid
"We insist that all the men formerly
employed at our mines, who went on
strike, eball apply to tlie respective for
men as individua s IT they wish to return
If we have room for them and they cum
mitted no acts of violence during the
striko they will be taken back wiih the
understanding that the non-union meu
must not be mole?led. Every man who
Itruck is considered uy ii-*- aB havinir left
our employ and that is why we will not
resume operation by permitting the men
to return to work.
Brilliant and Impressive.
tondou,Out.24.-NuArlv 400 recipients
of coronation honors were invited by
King Edward to Buckingham Palace today. The investiture was carrie I out tn
the ballrotm with unusual ceremony,
All the great officers of state were present aud the scene was particularly brilliant, for all the participants, in accordance witb his maji'Bty'e iiiBtruclious,
wore all the ribbons und medals that
they poseesBed.
Head Otlbe, Toronto, Oat,
Capital Paid Up 18.000.000
Rest 2.000.000
Hon. Gao. A. Cox, Preiident.
B. E, W.u.kkii, General Manager,
A Branch of this Bank lias
been opened at
Savings Bank Department.
Interfst allowed on deposit-* of one dollar (fl 00) And upwards. The depositor
is eul j ut. to no delay in depositing or
withdrawing funds.
Current Accounts Opened.
Loans Negotiated,
Drafts issued payable in all parts of
tbe world.
For the convenience of customers and
others this hank will he open oq the
evening of Pay Day from 7 o'clock until
8 o'clock.
Irish Editor Punished—New British
Warship Class.
(Associated Press.)
Irish Editor jailed.
Dublin, Oot, 2(.—The sentence under
the Crimes Act reported as having been
imposed on James fl.Farrell, M. P., wbo
was arrested at Longford, O.-t. 10th for
publishing an article in bis newspaper,
the Longford Leader, and was sentenced
to two months' imprisonment at hard
labor and to aa additional three
mouths' indefitult for good behavior has
baen confirmed.
New Warship Class.
Lind -tn, O .tt. 24.—The British Admi-
raiiy haa given out contracts for the
conBtruulion of three warships described
as "Scout?." They will have a speed of
2-~i'.4 knots when iu fighting trim; their
engines will bd of 17,001) horsepower,
anti their sea going qualities will be
superior to those of the torpedo de*-
Paris Green Suicide—The Milieus Cily Again,
Torouto, Out,, Out, 24 —J.-icob Jeisu-
run, Britiah Cunsnl and corresponding
member of the Canadian miners
Vss 1,-i.iiioii at Curaooa, Du!.b West
frillies, uddre.-isei the association council
yesterday, pointing out the great advantage, now opening in Ouracoa, there-
public of Venezuela, Oolombim and San
Djmingo, for Canadian trade.
Toronto, Oot., Out, 24.-RemarkabIe
courage wasbhown yeBteidny afternoon
by lhe 4 year old daughter of Isaao
Francis, Tarouto junction. She wa<3 '
picking chips betide tbe Grand Trunk
track wben freight train st *u,k ber and
ran over her left arm, severing it from
tlmehoiil<Jer.*riie little girl ran home to
her mother aud told her she had lost her
arm.   The child is expected to  recover.
' ~S id ne v7~NTInToKTSJ — Hor a tie Char ■
bouiieau pi 0 iobcc had '» verdict men-
shiuyhter bruuglil- agaiustbim for killing
a mau uamed Fraser ar Gl.-ice Bay, N. 8.,
a lew daye ago, by the supreme court
jury yesterday.
Bathurat, N. B., Ojt. 24.-The Coro-
ners jury investigating the death of Bume
Ma.-;(-rt. has b.vu,'lit in verdict of murder
agaiust Frank I.vnnn, oneof the crew of
the schooner Georgia. Lyman is alleged
to have killed Mason by a blow on bead
with a buttle.
Methodist Church—Rev. W. G. Tanner, IJ.A., pattor. Suuday: 11 a. m.,
Sabbath School. Evening pervice has
been changed in hour from 7.30 ta 7 o'-
olocki Evening subject: "Tbe Sun and
Moon standing still,"
Catholic Church—Services every 8uu-
dav as follows: Mass at 8.30 a.m. and
10,'iir d.m.   Benediction at 7 p.m.
Firet Presbyterian—Oct. 28, morning
service at II, Sunday ei-hool 2:30, evening eervicn 7:30, Subject, "Tbe hap*
plnst people." At tbe evening service
Mr. G. Morion Walker will sing a solo.
G. Moiitos Walkrk, Missionary.
Ohurch of England—October 20th—
22od Sunday alter Trinity. 11 a. m,—
Matins and Litnuv. 2:30 p. m.—Sunday
Sciuol. X. H— Evening service at Ex*
teimion,   A, Sciuvkn,
I Overcrowded
Must Have More Room
See our elegant Sofas for OBly
$10 each.
Parlor Suites of five piecee for
only $2*2.50.
Fanov Rocking OhalrB in quartered Oak for only $3 each.
Roller Top Desks, only (ISeach.
12 good Hardwood Bedroom
Suites with flue (4, B. Glass, eize
18 x 20.  Only (16 a Set.
200 regular 60a Blinds, only 86j.
^t Curtail! Poles, complete 26.
8 doKBii Cocoa Door Mate. Regular price *1.25. Take'Em. Oolv
SOcentseach. ,   "
00 Good Feather Pillowfe, (1,60
a pair.
Blankets  and   Bedspreads  all
imtikcddown to bedrock prices.
Your Inspection freely invited.
We Beit only for CA8H.
| Freight Paid to Ladysmith
J. H. GOOD &  CO.
The Great Cash Furniture Sin Ladysmith leader October as .19119.
Ladysmith Leader
Published every Wednesday nml Saturday nl
rhel,cntler BulMing, corner of First Ave. and
ftetich Street, i,!»lysmitit, British Columbia,
T. i,. GRAHAMS, Editor and Promubtor,
Bv Mail in Canada and Vnitkd Status.
One year (strictly in ndvauce) , $2 00
Six months (strictly In advance) „    1 25
TRANSIENT — lucltidlug buauicfls notices,
calls for tenders, applications for anil transfer of
licenses, legal notices, etc., ioc, 11 line first Insertion; 5C, a line ench -ubsequeut insertion; 12
lues measure to the iucli,
Rates ou application. No wood cutis used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each insertion 50c.
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
time will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
THB LEADER will be found at the following
AadysmlUi—The Lender Office; The I,ndysniith
Wanaimo—E. Plmbury & Co.
Victoria—Public Library; provincial Library; and
Vaucouver—Public Library, nnd Hotels.
New Westminster*—Public Library.
All changes In advertisements must be received
ut I his office before 12 noon the day before
S-bsctibcrs not receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
All |od work strictly cash on delivery,
Transient advertisements cash In advauce,
__     Subscribers not receiving Tuk *
Leader regularly will confer a 4
lavor  by reporting promptly
this ofQ.ce.
Moat people tlo not quite Imow how to
take Mr. Andrew Cnruenio whether seriously or aB a tuerty-'in'.Irev/, neorto(
perambulating; joke, with heiidqunrtere
tt Skilio Ctistlo. Mr. Carnegie's priniB
dittinction is that ho is enormously rich.
Were he not so rich ho would not have
10 many eseellent opportunities to offer
what to most people is a most unpalatable article—good advice.
From proffering gratuitous advice to
necessitous youug men who have tbeir
own way to make in the world, and wbo
will probably, despite all tbe good advice, make itiu their own particular way,
Mr. Oarnegie lies bourgeoned forth an
the counsellor of princos, potentates r.ir.1
powers. Nay more, to offering whole
continent, his views as to what tbey
ihould do not be happy.
From this high level it is only a sl(-;•
farther to jogging the elbow ot Omni-
tcltnceiteelf and plnyfully'reeoin mending
the correction of some palpable blunders
in men and things. It is quite easy
now that Mr. Garnet-io bae added tho
German empoiov to his list ol "persons
whom I may lafely advise tihoiit their
own bUBineBi", to Imagine tho Pittsburg
mnlti-iiiilliotinii.i urging the Creator tp
mike t clean eweep ol tbe vermiform
appendix tnd one or two othor little
neeienneiiei which mystify the doctors,
bnt pnt help! of eaab into their pockets,
A rice born without the troublesome
litttt tic, without tpleene, wlthont
beards and without sundry other nuisancer wonld ba better able to follow out
Mr. Carnegie's formula Ior realising what
he tnd hit lohooi of philosophy blandly
call "inccen." They could amass fortune! by laving doctora',feee and barbers'
tolls, and bt able In time to give away
fret ltbrtriei, and free advice, Mr. Carnegie's ptnlcea for Kuropean' troubles li
ctrttlnly novel; but one would have to
pollen the imagination of a Julei Verne
to behold in fancy tbe French Hon lying
down in peace with the Gorman lamb;
or the Russian boar affectionately enfolding the Auitrian double-headed eagle
to hia bosom in a l'an-Europenn league
againit the transatlantic ogre, who, according to Mr, Carnegie le going, one ol
thoie dayi, to devonr European nations
for breaklaat,
Mr, Carnegie never wae an admirer of
Canada or Australia. To hii democratic
mind they preient an odious example of
grovelling monarchy-worship. They are
mere dependents, who could not stand
alone in tbii wicked world, and who,
deprived of the protection given by the
Biitiih navy would inevitably on the on
hand, disappear into tht capacious maw
of tho United Statei, and on the other
(all 11 victim to the compreheniive tentacles of the Muscovite octopus.
Truly, a Kuropean "combination" offensive and defensive agslnst Brother Jonathan takes the palm for whimsicality,
in au age which hai leen great genial to
nearly allied to madnesi that it wai work
for a Philadelphia lawyer to distinguish
the difference.
But as one whoabhore war, who stands
sturdily forth for the brotherhood of
man, who ii doing his host to make rei-
littition to the people, (greatly to' the
puzzlement of Socialist!), tnd whomty
be taken as the beet modern Instance of
that inexplicable phraeei "he hae the
courage of hll conviction!," Mr.Otrnegie
deserves at least tome admiration, tven
from Canadians, for whom he hii eo
often more or less plainly intimtted he
Fair-minded Conservative! who have
been observing carefully the behavior oi
Hon. J. Israel Tarte hive no hesitation
in admitting that hit conduct hit been,
if not extraordinary, at lent moit unusual on the part ol a cabinet mlniiter,
His resignation wae a ioregone conclusion; indeed was almoit simultaneous
with the premier'! demand lor lime, but
it ie quite a mistake to think that Mr.
Tn rie's departure Irom the Laurier cabinet will make the slightest difference to
the policy ol tbat miniitry, or in any
manner weaken it,
On the contrary, in getting rid of Mr,
Tarte the administration ttrengthent it-
eelf, bi good a man, perhapa t better,
can be found for the position.
There Ii no ground whatever for tbt
rejoicing! in which onr Coniervative
Iriendi are indulging. An operation in
political surgery haa been performed,
and tbe body politio irom which tbe
diseased member bu been removed will
have tbe lonnder health Ior the good
Mr. Tarte did a thing whlcb cannot
meet with the approval of honourable
meu, Conservative or Liberal, It may
be unfair to roggeit thit he took advantage of the absence ot hit chief, bat the
world otn judge only by appearance!,
and that la the appearance which hii
act has, Mr, Tarte hid no more right to
violate the privilege of minister! tnd
take the stand he did thin a member of
a commercial firm would have to go into
the itreet and tell the public the business secrete of the firm.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier'e letter accepting
Mr. Tartu's resignation, il a model of
moderation and reetraint, and it statei
the case exactly. Mr, Tarte il likely to
remain out ol politici for lome tlmt, He
in a good Liberal except tl to hit tariff
policy, which would mean rain to Otn-
min as surely al the Coniervative policy
meant it when they unfortunately had
tbe chance to experiment with Canadian dnancei.
T'other day a Chicago clergyman tried
to Und out why the toiler! do not go to
church there, and like a lentlble min,
asked the worker! themielvei. Moit of
them said, in effect: We htvt religious
feeling; we regard Jesus Obriit with
deep reverence; we regard Ohrltt tt tht
purest type ol tbe union man, but the
gispel is presented in tn Indigestible
Swift punishment tollowed the crlmt
of a London, England, policeman, who
in revenge for t tlighting word arretted
a decent workingmtn, charged bim with
aseault and intent to commit t felony,
The policeman's comrade! reiueed to
bear out hii testimony tnd the cowardly
plot wai exooied, Tht conittblt wis
diimined from tht force, pat on trill,
convicted, tnd ttvtrtly punithtd. Ia
England a policeman ll a servant oi tbe
public. In Americt ht il too often t
tyrant who can olub and knock Ihe unoffending citizens tbodt with tgood dttl
ol impunity.
Injuries Provtd FtUI.
J. Jackson, in tbit ittmtn of tbt
American ihip Wllllim H. Mtcty, who
on Oct, 11, whllt walking along thedeck,
stumbled tnd Ml through a hatch, lui.
taini.ig very lerioui Injuria., died tt tht
Chemtlnui Gtntrtl HotplUl lut Tan-
day. There wai very little host thit ht
would eurvivt tht ihook, tlthough
everything known to tnrglcil tcitnee
was done for the unfortunate min. Mr.
A. E, Hilbert had chtrgt of tht luneral
MTAdvertltt la Tbt Le-.dtr bow.
Estimated for 1901 at 866,165,140 New Westminster Has a Mystery
Snort Tons-United States First, To Solve.
7       — ... — -- ~~
Waihinglon, Out. 2°—The United
Statei Geological Survey estimates the
world'! production of coal in 1001 at
866,165,140 short tons. The three great
coalprodticing countries of the world are
the United States, Groat Britain and
Germany. AuBtria-Huiiii-ary cornea
fourth, France fifth, Belgium sixth and
Ruaiia seventh. The last country, notwithstanding its vast area, produce!
only about 0 per cent as much coal as the
United Statee. Prior to 1899 Great Britain led among the world's coal producers,
but during 1899,1900 and 1001 the United
Statei hat made such remarkable iucrea-
•it in coal production, due principally to
the unprecedented activity in the iron
and iteel and in other metal trades, that
it now ittnd! far in the lead of all competitors, with a production in 1901
txeeeding that of Great Britain by 47,-
966,938 abort tone, or 19 per cent. Up lo
tbe close of 1900 the coal production of
Great Britain and her colonies, taken
together, * stall exceeded tbat of the
United Statee, the excees in 1900 being
3,308,826 short tons; but tbe enormous
output of the coal mines of this country
last year exceeded by about 26,000,000
abort toni the entire output ol Great
Britain and her dependencies, including
India and the Transvaal, Of the output
in 1901, the United States produced
83,86 per cent; Great Britain and her
dependenciei, 30,86 per cent, and Ger
many 19,42 per cent, or combined 81,14
per cent ol the total production.
Strapping! ol glace or cloth are these-
ceptedjtrimmingi for this itison'i skirts,
and tiny bnttons are a pretty finish
which is very much in favor, especially
when they are gilt or steel. Oxydlsed
metal button! also look well.
We are threatened with acraze for vel
vet such ae bai not been seen for some
time. There will probably be amn on
velvet coatees, and velvet Ion gowns and
evening dresses bave already made tbeir
appearance. The new velveteens are so
bsautifully warm and eo delightfully soil
that they can be used practically lor any
smart occaiion.
A determined attempt ll being mtde
to revive the arm scarf that beautieB of
the Empire found eo useful. It is useful
in shooting boxei and draughty country
houses as an adjunct to the evening toil-
ette. One scarf ia made ol white lissi
gathered evenly all over to resemble big
dewdrope, wilb little sprigs oi pink and
whitt bell-heather,also mado of lisso and
chiffon, inserted at interval!, wilb a lining of ihot pink and whito taffetas and
fringe! of heather eprigi and cryital
In eplte of its extravagance nothing at
preaent continues lo be so really fashionable its white cloth. But there il plenty
of choice for those of ue who want more
modest ideas. Many shades of red cloth
are now worn, varying from quite a brilliant tone to a dark claret. The latter is
most becoming. There is also a pretty
rough, red cloth with tiny etripoe ol
black ou it—not regular stripes, but a
series of dailies. Kough material! are
to be a good deal seen, of tbe smooth
camel-hair type. These will be delicious-
ly warm for tbe cold weather. Green in
conjunction with dark blue, and etripod
or faced with velvet, Is a lavurlte combination and is very becoming and
Tha weekly report ol J, W. Harrison,
ol8tnFrancisco, ii as follows: Since
the Bteamer Ventura sailed, there have
been the following arrivals of Australian
coal tt this port: Dora, 1,701 tool; Fran-
ci.co Guliieppe, 2,U40;oua; Dltton, 4,232
toni; total 8,933 tons. Tbere are, in
all leven vessels on the engaged Hit from
Newcaitle, N. S. W„ witb about 20,000
tont carrying capacity. Juit one year
ago there were 37 vessels on the char
tared Hat, with a carrying ctpaoity oi
fully 100,000 toni. Thii clearly demon
Itratee what the Australian coal loading
buiinm meant to thii port. Tbe principal cauee of thii ibrinkage, ai ia known
to all, lithe subititntion of oil for eoal
tl a ttetm produoing tgent, Thii wai
looked tor over a year ago, but it wai not
anticipated tbat Ub influence would become to tpptrent in such a limited space
of time. Another cogent reason for the
small Hit oi vessels to load li the extremely low ratei ol freight at preient
ruling locally ior grain cirgoel fn
Europe. Tht market price here from
Australia product being ao low shippers
can only afford to pay a meagre Irelgbt
rate, henot lulling veneli there mult
■eek eome other port for business. The
only profitable feature now existing ls
being studied out by oil producer! to
substitute oil for liouiehold purposes,
bat to fir thty have been unsuccessful,
ll thty otnnot control the smell and tbe
imoke, besides the increased dinger ol
Dr, T, Gleudon Moody, Dentist, will
return to Lidyimlth Friday, Saturday
and Sunday ol this week. Dr. Moody
wHI make regular visits to LailvBrnltli.
Offloe at Nicholson's Hall. Victoria
office, Old I'ostollice building.
"Will, goodhyo, old chap," were lhe
last words uttered by youug Palmer,
clerk in the Bank of Montreal, Ntw
Westminster, at 2 o'clock one morning
last week, as he was walking home along
Columbia Btreet with a companion.
They wero just passing a spot where
there is a Bleep embankment, with a
drop of about twelve feet, guarded by a
railing, Over Ibis railing Palmer leapt
as he uttered bis farewell, and disappeared in the intense darkness beneath,
leaving his bewildered companion standing on tbe sidewalk. Tho companion
immediately began a search, then called
np tbe police and fire department, and
in a few minutes many men with lanterns were searching minutely all over
the epot where Palmer had list b
Up to the present moment not .a trace
of him has been found. Mot even the
marks in the ground where he ehould
have landed when be jumped the rail*
ing. It ie believed that the Fraser river
will vet yield up the solution of what ie
one of the strangost disappearance mysteries ever recorded. Palmer's accounts
at the bank are in perfect order,
Methodist Harvest Festival,
The Harvest Thanksgiving service!
at the Methodist Church were most satisfactory. The church had beon decorated suitably for the occasion and was
much admired. The preacher, already
well known to many of the townspeople
as a former Wellington pastor, was
greeted by good congregations, especially
so in the evening, when seating accom
modation waa taxed. Mr, Evans sang a
solo In excellent voice, On Monday
evening there was again a full house, at
nn entertainment, The visiting minister, paBtor, Eev. Mr, Walker, and Archdeacon Seriven were present. Among
the contributors to an excellent programme were tbe following. Mr. Aubln,
Miss Bertram, Mr. Barron, Miss Jones,
MiSB John. A most nleasant evening
was closed informally with refreshments.
A Cure for Heart Sorrow,
There is no anodyne for lieart-u.-nrow
like ministry to others. If your' life is
woven with tbe dark shades of eorrow,
do not lit down to deplore your hapless
lot, but arise to seek out thoso wbo are
more miserable than you are, bearing
them balm lor their wounds and lone for
their heart-breaks, And if you are unable to give much practical help you may
largely help the cbildron of bitterness by
listening to their tales of woe or to their
dreams of foreboding, The baldened
heart longs to pour out Its tale In a sympathetic *-eor. There Is immonso relief
in the telling out of pain. But it cannot
be hurried; it needs plenty of time. II
you oan do nothing else, Helen well, and
comfort otheri with the comfort wherewith you yourself have been comforted
by God. And aa you listen, and comfort,
and wipe the falling tear, you will discover tbat your own load li lighter, and
that a branch or twig of the true Iree—
the tree of the Cross—has fallen Into the
bitter wastes of your owu life, making
the Marah. Naomi, ond the marines dl
salt tears will have been healed.—Rev
F. B, Meyer.
A Minstrel  Society.
At a meeting held last Monday evening
at the residence ol P. H. Marshall, Esplanade, a minstrel society wae formed,
composed ol young men ol Lidyimlth,
Tht next meeting will be held Saturday
night, and the fint reheanal will be held
over Wait! A Co'i itore, Flnt Avenue.
A Warm Time
What's a Home
Without a Healer ?
Almost as bad as one without a mother.
Who would shiver when he can get a stove nt
such prices as 1 am giving them away at ?
Long evenings creeping in, you want a lamp to
read, knit or sew by that won't give yon myo|iia
I can nell you an illuminator that turns night In!
to day; cheap and good, My slock 1m complete.
Everything in hardware, crockery, tools, firearms, ammunition, school hooks, and a host of
iiunt and useful things too numerous to mention
Call and See Me.
I Have It.
Cory S. Ryder
First Avenue, UDVSMITII, B.C,
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Wallpaper, Curtains,
Crockery, Ufassware, Etc., Etc.
There Is Comlort In Our Qoodi
Everythine in lurnlib a home In
modeit or elaborate Kyle. Wilie
lor our large catalogue (free) Illustrated tnd priced (i itore in itiell).
X** H-HrH-HHtwmHmtmTlHH+tHl
♦m+t44++--^t+++*++4«H++m++++mmH llll *******
;Coal!   I  Coal!
Wellington Colliery;
Company, Ltd.
Wellington Coal
Best household coal on the Pacific
:: Comox Coal-Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
"■ Alexandria Coal-Fimt-classgas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wel-
ingtou Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C ::
San Franclaco Agency,
R. Dunsmuir's SonsCo'y •
340 Steuart St.
Esquimau &  Nanaimo Railway
Tim* Table No. 45.
Takoi effect 0 p. m. Saturday, Oot. 25th, 11)02.
a «Tr8in,8nlBaVe I"*<,-v*"Dith '<" Exteniion daily eicept Sunday al6 ..in., I p.m.
4:35 and 10 p.m., and on Sunday! at 10 p.m. •«?•«■.
Geo, L. Courtney,
Traffic Manager
I have Ihem In great varinlv, nil sizes
and at reasonable prices. Call and Inspect tbe stock.
J. McDonald, lli**h St., Lady-smith
For the Finest Butter
and Fresh Eggs
; **************4********44
Manufacturer, of all klnd«Iol
i il Dressed Lumber
:: Mouldings. Laths. Shingles, Ete,
A large stock of thoroughly seasoned  •
luinbcr-ist anil sml class constantly ou   ' '
•IJohn W. Coburn',:
* ■
Managing Diiibctoii.
Made and i-palred.  All work
G.?_,,,ll*Kd-   '"PKUob Ib-
A. S. Christie,
Flowers and Fruits.
JJAVH yonn Rsrilen? Are you fowl of frail
...... .I"'1;™1"1"''   "o ynu W..II 10 "keep
»?,,.,,Th" '"•"•«l.» Mortl«iill«rl,t, tlrlnts.
S'iiJ'si"',"";'"?1" "."mlll|y ropy for.yrar
Brotherho'od of Man.
you "litiiilil rcatl "Th. New Celt,." pub.
im.,,  i"'I'J'liel'nlvcml llrolhi-.li.KHl, itltil
in    in"" "i''?°' I""11""1", ami keep III louch
•EL   ,   """"., »"l»ni.™i ttipugtll of modern
,',,itH  ll".). lives Willi llllllinn  Itllcrcsl,
S'""'"»'•''Ml IWiikcra.  lie In touch. Two
Sa^fflllSsjX' " *" "Up[t ""**
Bread and Pastry
?2 AM-H
for Olio Dollar
The htu la town aad dtUmtsf te roar door
dally, llwnipay-anodpl-ltl,
Ladysmith lakcry,     Ei-riiM-Jr,
! Choicest Larer, Ales, Beer
and Porter.
. i for the along, of mm,, n, poaltry,
* vrgeLblei, elc, .1,,
♦HiiiiiiiiniiiinMim LADYSMITH LEADER.  OCTOBER 2*1 1902.
What Wonid-bs Coal Mine Managers
, Have to Answer.
Searching Nature of The Recent Examination, for Certificates.
Kales, to the qualification ol applicants for certificates of competency ae
Managers of Mines Ior the purpose of the
"Ooal Mines Regulation Act" of British
Columbia, and for the conduct of tbe
Examination! of euch applicants, by
\ Examiner! appointed by tbe Board of
Appointment, under tho eaid Act.
1. Eacb candidate must be 23 yean of
•gi, and mutt have bad two yean practical md other experience in a Coal
2. Tbe subjects fixed for examination
are the following.
(a) Mining Machinery, including a
knowledge of tbe management of Steam
engines, boilers aod pumps.
(b) The "Coal Mines Regulation Act"
and tbe Special Bulei in foice iu the
ic) Tne practical workings of Collier-
(d) Colliery surveying and levelling.
(e) Mine Gases.
(f) Ventilating of Coal Mines.
3. Before Examination the Candidate
(a; Satisfy the Examiner! il to age;
(b) That tbe candidate has had two (2)
Sean practical experience in Coal
lines; and,
(c) Produce evidence ai to moral
ity, sobriety, experience, ability and
general good conduct.
4. During the examination the candidate! must not spenk to one anolher, nor
hold any communication with any candidate, and no candidate shall leave tho
room until he has completed hie question! nor then without the permission oi
tbe secretary.
5. Answers must be written on one
tide of tht paper supplied nnd the answer must bs numbered to correspond
with the question, the camlidnie. may
answer any queitlon iu the order be
may prefer. Each aheet must be marked with the number drawn by the candidate before the examination.
0. The paper! of questions must he re-
turned with the answers and uo candidate fa allowed to take away with bim. a
copy oi the queatioui or any ol thetn.
7. Any candidate found using or having ita hll possession In the examination
room I copy ol the "Ooal Mines Regulation Act" or of ihe Special Rules or any
printed or written formulae will be disqualified.
8. The candidate! shall answer the
question, within the lime limited by the
examiners ior each subject.
The above rulea were duly made by
the Board of Appointment in and for
Britiih Columbia, for the purpose of examination of applicants tor certifliialee
of competency ae Managers of Alines,
under and by virtue of (lie provisions of
tbe "Ooal Mlnee Regulation Act" of the
Mid Province, and the said Rules must
be strictly obsei veil by eximiuen and
candidates, and secretaries, fn the con*
duct ol tbe examination!.
1. What are the requirements of tbe
(Coal Mine! Regulatiou Act) in reference
to the falsing and loweriug of meu in
lhafttor incline plauei. 5.
2. What ii stated in the Act iu refer-
enne to tba openiug and abandonmeut of
mines. 6,
3. What powers and duties dues the
Act confer upon tbe Inspector of MIiips
which are not provided lor ih section 07
of the laid Act. 6.
4. What il elated in the Act in refer-
emit, to Mine Plans. 5.
. 5. What ii Hated in General Rule! In
reference to ventilation of mines.       10.
6 Whit trt tht precautions required
by Ibe Act when a working place I, approaching a dangerous accumulation of
gai or water. 6.
7. Define the duties nf a Fireman as
rtqulrtd by the Special Rules. 5.
.   8, When blasting lu dry and dusty
nlaces what are the precautions required
■ by ihe Act. 6.
0, What la elated in tho Ant iu reference to the uie of gunpowder or other
eipbilvel in Ibe mine. 5.
10. Whit il itated in lhe Aot In refer-
tuce to Inipeotion of mine on behalf of
workmen. ' jji
Tola) 55.
1, What are the explosive gaiei fouud
ln coalmine!, describe their propertiei,
tptcilio gravity, how and where product
ed In mines, and under what condition
do tbey become explosive, 15.
2, Wbat li meant hy the diffusion of
(MM. 8.
8. Wblt ll Iht chemical composition
tnd tymbol of water. 6,
4, Dime tht varioui conditions under
which ooal duit mny become explosive.
8. Describe tht different Instruments
and in connection with the ventilation
olcoil mint!. 8,
8. .To Ond the percentage ol mine gaiei
given off hy a mine the air at tho Inlet
Mimeiinreiiand found to bt 137800
cublo feet per minute it temperature ol
01 deg. F„ the tir it the outlet measured
160200 cubic leet per minute al .temper-
tore ol 78 deg. F. what ii tbe percentage
ol Dine gam anient in tht air leaving
tbe mint. 10.
7. How otn you dttect tht preienoe ol
carbonic told, carbonic oxide, sulphur-
tied hydrogen, tnd light carburetled hydrogen gales. A
8. Whttgiitt remit from tn txplo'
lion ol fire illmp. 8,
g, Wblt it tbt competition of carbon
le dioxide, by what otber name li it
known, wblt li III lymhol «d ipeolfl..
gnvity, tnd wblt ire ill propertiei,  8.
10. Whttwtlibtof oirbon tnd what
weight olhydrogtn li there in 200 Ihi
ol manb gas, and what weight n oxygen
wonld be uecenary lo completely burn
OP Iht 200 Iha ol gal mentioned. 15.
Total. 80.
1. If you were in learch of coal how
would you endeavor to find it. ' 8,
2. Describe the various initbodt nl
boring for ooal, 8.
3. Explain the ordinary condition!
suitable tot adopting the long wall system, and also the pillar and stall system
of working a coal mine. 10
4. Wbat are the causes of blown out
Bbots, aod what are the dangers attending them. 10.
5. What are the dangers arising from
the use of powder in dry aud dusiy
tnines.and how would you guard against
6. Give names of six explosives tbat
are allowed on tbe (Permitted explosives
list) used iu the coal mines of Great Brit
aiu, give reasons why they are superior
to the class of explosives not allowed oo
this list. 5,
7. If a fire ihould occur at the bottom
oi a slope which is a downcast, what
would you do to prevent your men from
being euffjeated. 8.
8. Describe tbe plan or system of mining of some colliery it which yoa have
worked and show how the same was ventilated. 10.
Station feet
Back sijilit
Ford siuht
8 30
0 20
3 35
0 115
0. A square field of 32400 squire yardi
area overlies a team of ooal 4 feet thick,
pitching at an angle equal to nnt toot
vertical in eix feet horizontal, what i,
the total weight of coal in thii field, if
its specific gravity ls 1.28. 10.
10, In a learn of coal having a rain of
1 in 8 the direction of tbe plane of coal
being to full rile, eketoh what you would
consider a good form of Pillar aud Still
working having regard to tlie ventilation
and hauling ruads. 15.
Total 83.
1. An airway 800 yardi elze 8'x 0' passes 30UD cubic feat'per minute, what
quanlity will pan through another airway 700 yards long lite 5' x 8' ventilating preisure remaining tbe lime,     10.
2. A Ian 20 leet diameter circulation
24000 cubic (eat ol air per minute at 80
revolution! and a water gauge of .68
inches, If thie quantity li increaitd to
47000 cubic feet ner minute through the
lame airway what wlll be the water
gauge for thil quantity. 10.
3. A mine hai three airway! 6' x 6'
0' x 7' and 8' 18' respectively what will
be their comparative length! in order to
pass equal quantities, allot tbem being
subject to the same ventilating pressure.
4. What in your opinion it Ihe belt
eafetv lamp, describe it with three others
you are acquainted with, give reasons for
your opinion. 8.
8. II a mine ia known to be giving off
700 cublo feet of carbureted hydrogen gaa
per minute what amount of air will be
required to circulate to reduce the percentage of gai 1 n the volume circulated
to one percent,, aud alao provide ior
men and lOliorsee.
tt. A downcast ind uncut each 15 leet
diameter and 400 feet deep, tbe temperature in tne former !■ 80 Jeg. F., and in
Iho latter 140 deg, F., wbat would be the
motive column in leet, what would be
the water gauje at the bottom.
7. If a fan ia circulating 67009 cubic
leet of air per minute wilb 30 bone power wbat horse power will be required If
quantity il to be increased to 870JO cubic
feet per minute through lime airway. 8.
8. If 28000 cable feel of air nan
through an airway per minute ilia 6' x-
7' how much will pin throngh in airway 6' x 6' the power and length remaining the ume. 10.
8. What li tht general efficiency ol
fans?. If tbe horsepower of a fan engine
Is 61 and the water gange reads 2.25.
inches what quautity of air would you
expect to get? 8.
10. With the same horse power in op.
eruiiou bow can yoa increase the amount
ol air circulating In a mint. 6.
Totll 87.
1. What is a nuit of work, tnd how
many are there in a horsepower.        6.
2. Wbat la the honepower of an engine
with cylinder 20" diameter, length ol
stroke SO" making 60 rtvoiutioni ptr
minute, with an average iteam pressure
of 301 bl per square inch. 8
3. Stale the use ol oompretatd air ai t
motive power, name the principal ol an
air comprenor and how tbe power ia ap.
plied. 8,
4. What weight will a double cylinder
engine ol the following dimensions lift,
(allowing one cylinder to overcome friction) diameter of oylinder 10" length of
stroke 16"'averigt iteam pressure on
plstoui 40Iln per square inch, engiue
shaft geared 5 lo 1 of dram, diameter of
drum 5 feel.   * 10,
6. Vint size and class of rapt would
yon use to wind coal from I ibaft 800
feet d'*p the weight of cage tnd loided
car being lour tool, give the formula use
for answer. 5.
6. A direct acting steam pump with
steam, tudindet 21" diameter water cylinder 8" diameter is required to raise the
water from a abaft 800 feet deep wbat
steam pressure will he required on the
pistou to do thil work allowing 30 ptr
cent, for friction of pump. 10.
7. Find the diameter md length of
itrokt of cylinder fur • pair of direct
coupled winding engine! to ralae 800 lona
of coal in 7 houn from i abaft 400 (eet
deep by single decked ctgea carrying
ont ton ol coal each winding the proportion ol length 61 itroke of cylinder being
equal to two diametert alio give tiie ol
rope and diameter ol drumi. 15,
8. To wbat an it eleotriolty applied In
a coal mine, what ire tbe nimei of tht
lour electrical nniti ia common ute tod
explain their meaning. 6.
Total 88,
1, Explain the difference between the
magnetic and true meridian!, and how
would you obtain the litter. 8.
2, Plot to • Nile ol ont ohtln to
inch the following count tnd dltttnoM,
give Ihe trtt in acrei roodi ind perches,
N 75 deg., 00 E Dllttnoa 446 link!
4. Give a description of the various
methods of oarrying a survey down a
shaft and which method do vou consider
tbe beat? 10.
6. In tbe following survey the course
tnd distance from O to D bus been omitted from tbe field notes, supply tbe omission by computation,
A to B N 30 deg., 30 W Dietauee 1050ft
B to O N 40 ' 00 E " 1076ft
O to D omitted
D to E S 20 deg., 30 W "        040ft
E to D 8 70  '    30 W        "      1072ft
6, From a level tbe course of which is
N 40 O E Rooms are being driven 8 75 E
the width of the room is 24 feet and tbe
width of the pillar ie 26 feet what should
the dietance be on tbe level from centre
to centre ot rooms.
7, How wonld you adjust the theodolite, the Y level, tbe Dumpy Level.   10.
8, In levelling with instruments irom
what causes do errors occur. 5.
Funny Stories.
John Wanamaker. the multi-million*
nlre* merchant I prince of Philadelphia
gave aB hia opinion the other day. on
the enhject bi advertising, and no man
iu tbe land eanSepeakjon that matter
with more authority:
"There io only one wayT'to' advertise,
and tbat io to hammer your name, your
location, your business, ao constantly, eo
persistently, so thoroughly, into the people's heade that if they walked in their
sleep tbey would constantly turn their
heads toward your store. The newspaper Is your best friend in spite of your
criticism. It helps to.build up tbe community whiuh supports you. When tbe
day comes^tbat tho^news papers sre dead
the people are near the edge of the grave
with no one to write their epitaph."
8 IM)  '
00 E      '
SS5 links
8 40  '
01) IV      "      380 linki
8 80 '
Ol) E      '
376 linkt
S 68   '
1)0 W     '
700 Unit
N 80  '
00 W     '
880 link!
N 40   '
00 K      '
886 link!
N45  •
23 W      '
'      386 link!
Small boy—"Papa, will you lend me
your knife?" Papa—"Lend yon my
knife? It ian't a week since I bought
you • new one. Wbat have you done
with II? Lost II?" 'Oh.no, I've got It
yet." ''Then why don't you use it?"
"Vou uid I must take care of it, and I
want to take up some tacks."
An energetic cleric wae particularly
anxious to know his parishioners thoroughly, and calling one afternoon at a
certain house, lound tbe master and
miltresi away, and only the maid at
borne. From hor he gleaned the Christian
-names ol the other members of the fa
mily, and then iuqulred, "Is your maeter
a communicant?" "No, sir," replied llie
maid, "be'i a commercial traveller."
Tht other day a Suuday echool superintendent in talking to bis pupils about
cruelty to animals, said:—"Ouly
ooward would abuse a creature that has
no way of protecting itself. Why, dill
dren, I onco knew a little boy who cut
off a calf's tail. Think of it-took a
knife and cut the tail right off. Can anyone tell me a verse in the Bible that
wuuld bave tain lit tbie cruel boy that he
ahould not hive cut off tbecalf'i tail 7"
After A moment'i illence a small boy
held np hii band, and when asked to
quote the vene ventured. "What God
hath joined together, let no man put
Two little .'Lowell anecdote! find a
place fn tome recollection! published by
General James Grant Wilson in the Now
York "Centurion." A 'lady once asked
Lowell why be had not sent her a copy
of his last hiok, "Icould not afford to'
answered the poet. "If my friends do
not buy my books, who, pray (ell me,
will buy them?" The second story is of
aa autograph collector, who wrote a
abort note to Lowell, describing bis col-
leotion and concluding with the remark.
"I would he muoh obliged for your autograph." The reply.read! "Pray do
not lav, hertafter, 'I would be obliged.'
If you would be obliged, be obliged, and
be done with It. Say 'I should be obliged,' and oblige your! truly, James Russell Lowell,"
In tome country districts of Ireland it
ll not unuiual to iee the owners' names
limply chalked on carta nnd other vebi-
clei, in order to comply with legal regulation!. Unfortunately, thii custom
lendl itttii to tht playing of pranks on
tht pirt of "bhoye" maliciously inclined,
who sometimes rub oil' the loitering, and
thereby gtt the oartowner into trouble
with the police, A case ol this kind
hiving occurred, a constabulary sergeant, accosted a countryman .vhose
name bad been thui wlped-otit unknown
to him. "Is thil cart yours, my good
man I" " Af course it is," was Ihe reply;
"do you lee anything the matter wid
it?" "I obsurvc," said the pompous
poilcemto, "that yer name is o-blitber-
ated." "Then ye're wrong," quoth Ihe
countryman, who had never come loroai
tbt long dictionary word before," for me
name'i O'Reilly, an' I don't care wbo
knows III"
Here il t good little story which Mr.
Justice Grantham il lolling at his own
expense. He wu travelling in a 11011-
tmoking otrriage, when there entered
a 1I1Iwart-looking man, who promptly
lit 1 rather big cigar. "This Is not a
smoking carriage," said Air. Justice
Grtutham. "All right, old chap," on
■wired Ibe mm. "I will just finish tide
clgir." His Lordship handed liiiu hi!
Olid, md laid he ihould report him al
Ihe next elation. The smoker put the
card In hit pocket and went on with Ids
weed. At tbt next nation he changed
Into tnothtr carriage. Justice Grantham
ihouted tor tht guard, and demanded
that tht man'i name and address should
bttaken, Tht guard went to the car
riage, and alter a moment'i conversation
returned to hie Lordship. "Do you
know", he uid In a confidential whisper,
"If I wert yon I would not prosecute
thit gent; be has just given me hll oard
—hire It is—be Is Justice Grantham I"
Every Year
Tbere come new caret md urrowt.
Every year;
D.,rk daye and darker morrowi,
The ghoste oi dead lovos bannt ui,
The gboiti of changed friendi taunt
And disappointment! daunt us,
Every year,
To the past go more dead faoei,
Every year;
As the loved leave vacant places,
Every year;
Everywhere llie Bad eyei meet us,
In the evening's dusk they greet ne,
Aud to come to tbem entreat us,
Every year.
"You are growing old," they tell ui,
"Every year;
"Yon are more alone" they tell ue,
"Every year;
'You can win no new affection,
"You have only recollection,
"Deeper sorrow and dejection,
"Every year,"
But the truer life draws uigher,
Every year;
And in Murniug star climbs higher,
Every year;
Earth's hold on us grows slighter,
And the heavy uuiden lighter,
And the Dawn Immoilal brighter,
Every year.
General Albert Pike.
flerely A Reminder
Gxperimentt Alade In Manufacturing
Qaa from Refuse Matter.
The scarcity of coal through Ibe country hai bruught into notice new devices
for producing gas, which might be applied to light, heat and motive power
says the Mou ireal Star. Too plan is not
at all new, a plaut having been erected
at Three Rivers a couple ol years ago, to
produce gas by tho use ol sawdust. A
few days ago, at the Novitiate ol the
Christian brothers, Maidonaeuve, Mr,
Jules de Olercy, a French civil engineer,
made a successful experiment with old
lumber, cordwood, and cast oft ahoei.
Tbie produced a light which gave entire
Experiments will he conducted at the
same institution soon to test the heating
aud motive properties of tbe same com
Sawdust, slabs or pulp shavings, with
the additiou of a Hale cuke, can be made
to produce a hundred cubic feet of gat
givlugapower of one hone, form houi'i
lime, at a cost very inuuu less than that
of g..s produced by anthracite coal. The
garbage thrown away each year hy the
city would be auflioiuut to heat the great,
er portion ol tho city, and Ibis would be
au important item during all timei, but
especially when coal ia aa scarce ai It il
to-Jay. Taking the screenings ol anthracite conl, wuieli li often thrown away as
unserviceable, aud which cau be obtained heie for 13,50 or less, a pound aud a
half would produce a horse power for
oue hour, which would mean that a horse
power during a year would cost 17,85 ti
compared witb 130 by electricity and 178
by anthracite coal, or 148 with bituminous coal.
There la abundance of waite material
which could bo used to advantage for
this pourpose, aud by thii meant Canada would be freed tu alarge extent from
dependence un foreign coal fleldt for gai
lor lighting, heating md motive power
3. Show how you would keep tht ltv
el hook lor tbt following rod retdlngi
and plot profile to a horlimial toils of
100 feet to 1 inch and vtrtlbal tctlt ol 10
feet to 1 Inch.
WANTED-From 20 to 40 acrei ol good
lind on the waterlront south of Lady
imlth, 01 on adjacent islands; partially
olttred ind with dwelling preferred,
Apply Hating price per acre, terms, situ.
atlon, etc., lo K.C.B.. I-™'1'" "H*08'
Arllitlc Job Prlntingat The Letdtroffloe
Of the fact that the Leader Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and society—at very reason-     !',
able prices.
We Print
—Letter Heads
-Bill Heads
—Note Heade
—Memorandum Heade
—Business Cards
—Stock Certificates
—Legal Blanks
—Wedding Invitations
—Funeral Announcements
—Window Carde
Having the latest type faces and borders,
and modern machinery, we produce only
the  best  work — Printing that attracts
The Leader Job Room
Ladysmith, - B. C.
No man can ever rise above thit it
which he aims,
A good conscience ii sometimes told
for money, hut never bought with It.
Women were formed to temper mm.
kind and soothe them into teuderneii
and companion.
Toll the truth and let otheri uy whit
they will, You tie responsible for'bnt
one tongue.
Strong minds, slid Rochefoucauld,
suffer without complaining, weak obm
complain without sulleriiig.
He who believe! not in virtue ii vicious ; all islth li only tht reminiscence ol
the good that once arose, tnd the omtn
ol Ihe good lhat may arlie within ut
Tht time to advtitite it ill tbt timt,
1 body who wants to save money
on Printing that this shop's prices
are lower than those of any other
office ill' the country. Having
satisfied ourselves 011 this point we
shall be pleased to compare notes
with any who doubt.
Tlie quality of Tire leader's
job work is equal to anything produced in the Province.
Tint LkadKr employs only skilled union workmen, receiving tlie
full union scale of wages; its prices
and quality are always up to the
accepted standard.
Ijadysmith merchants and others
who send to Victoria, Vancouver
and other places for their job printing can save money, time, misunderstanding and nuiioyance by
investigating Tim leader's statements as published here. When
we cannot print certain classes of
work wc tell you so, we do not
take your order, have it done elsewhere and charge you middleman's
Our Motto Is:—"Square dealing;
one price for all; our best work in
every job." No trouble toestimate,
Call ami see us about that job
printing work you are wanting and
we will save you money.
And the
Next Day
it Rained
The clatter on the roof Buggcat to
you the idea of a good rain coat,
and the next thought should be to
go to Scott's for it.
$7.50 to $22,50
Shower or waterproof. Everything a man wears—but boo's.
Glad to h:* ve you come and see us.
Every day is our "glail-to-eee-y-ju
Over a thousand ooidt ol flnt-claes
wood cut for Victorii dealen wai burned
accidentally near Shawnlgan thit week.
Firet-olaii buggy ior llie; $70. Hied
ouly a few monthi, colt (125, Alio hit-
nesB In good order.   Apply Leader office,
Mr, John W, Coburn it meeting t
handsome residence for hlmtelf on Second Avenue, near the Roman Cithollc
Noticei are out calling lor tender! for
the building of a Methodiit Parsonage it
one), on tht lot next the church.
Ellery's Italian band would have
played at Ladysmith if there hid been
a hull suitable tor their accommodation.
Ladyemith ie missing a good many good
things for want of such a bnilding.
Mr. W. L. Tait. a sawmill proprietor,
of Vancouver, ia now opening a logging
camp at Mopquito Island, near Toxada.
The camp will be equipped witb up-to-
date machinery,
See the silverware I nut Bhowing be*
fore investing elsewhere, Nothing like
It ever seen in LadyEmlth. Jesaup's
5JJAH members of the locttl Ladysmith So
oialist Party of Canada aro requested to
attend a meeting on Sunday, Oct. 201b,
At 2 p. m. prompt, as there is business
of importance to transact. Comrade
Kingeley Ib expected to bo present nntl
address a public meeting at !l p. in.
Everybody welcome. Discussion invited. 	
FOR SALE—A good paying business
on High street, cheap. Alao house and
lot, good well. Occupants leaving on
account of ill health. Apply to T. C
McKenelly, High street restaurant.
I am Ladysmith agent for John Player's splendid tobaccos. Highest gradeB
but most modest price. Value for your
money in every whiff. Try a package
nnd learn the real pleasure of smoking,
Jew-nip, High street.
Another carload of pipe for the waterworks arrived Wedneiday and waa im*
mediately unloaded.
Par excellence in cutlery is represented by tho name Slater Brothers, Sbef*
lii-lil. England,
tbeir choicest
I am showing some of
goods.    Jesaup, High
Cars of lumber from the Extension
hotels are being ruebed into town every
day while the flue weather ie lasting.
Mary had a little ring;
It Bhon with beauty rare.
She said it wus her engagement ring
And was bought at Lively's store.
The Comue Club dance on Wednesday
night was a great success, all who attended enjoyed tbemeelves thoroughly.
Music was furnished bo Prof, and Mrs.
An bi u. . t
Lumber is on the ground for the
Happy Home and .Dundouff's hotel,
First Avenue. Tbe builders hope that
with a continuance of fair weather they
will be able to do a rush job.
Lively repairs nil kinds of English
SwIbb and American watches,
Some talk of removing n few of the
too-many stones and boulders which
now make High Street, between Firnt
Avenne and the Esplanade, such rough
Agents for eafes are now calline hero
pretty regularly. No use calllug at Tbe
Leader office, as, like most gicat family
moalders of public opinion, this journnl
finds a card caeo holds all tbo day's cash
more than comfortably at present.
If you want to get a nice ring remember we can make anything you want.
W. H. Lively, Jeweler.
Victorians are keeping nn eye on
Ladysmith, and a!l visitors from this
town to the capital are uagerly questioned as to Us progress* Victorians nre astounded wben informed that the population li well up to 3,500, and steadily increasing.
If lt ie a nice clock you are looking, for
we bave them from $1,00 to $18.00, W.
H. Lively, Ladysmith's leading jeweler.
It's Stove Time
TltntnUh, number, Hardware, Moves,
Capt. McLeod'* Gasoline Launch
On Her Trial Trip.
Mr. B. J. Wenborn, tbt Ntuaimo machinist, made a good Job oi placing tbe
engines In Captain McLecd't launch,
which he brought over Irom Tacoma a
few days ago. In the morning trial,
Thursday, the little vessel ihowed a flue
I urn of speed, going up and down the
harbor at a rate that aurpriied all beholders.
The speed was between eight and nine
knots an hour, but tbie was bettered In
Iho afternoon trial, when with a select
party of friende aboard, Captain Mac-
leod'i little ciaft reached the nine knot
limit. The engine! make nearly 600
revolution! I minute, and work to perfection.
The'veeiel il abont twenty two feet long
and ran face any tea likely to rise in
those waten. It il the captain'a intention to put her to genertl ult ior paeien-
ger and height lervice abont the harbour. Tbe want of a good ipeedv launch
has often been felt here, and it ls hoped
that the new boat will meet all requirements. Captain Macleod will htvt her
fitted up oomfortably for patttnger lervice. The launch ii nne ol the belt ex-
amplei ol the gaioline boat to bt found
hereabout!, tnd ii a decided acquisition
to Ladyemith's shipping.
Str. Quito, which arrived Monday afternoon, collided wiih the British Bhip
Halewood in Sun Francisco harbor Frl-
day last. The Quito was leaving the
harbor when she wai caught by the
etrong tide and awiing against the Hale-
wood, denting some of (be ship's plates,
and Btr lining ber own bow a little. The
Halewood, which was heavily loaded,
will probably havo to discharge part of
her cargo before leaving,
Str, Amur, heavily laden with oon-
slgnments for northorn ports, called
Thursday for fuel, According to despatches from the north, the Amur will
connect with the last steamer leaving
White Hone for Dawson this season.
This means that navigation has now all
but cloeed, and that travel oveiland will
be conducted by husky and bobs.
Tug Czar lelt Thursday after takiug
on coal.
The Boscowllz took on coal here
Thursday afternoon on her way Irom
Victoria to the North.
Schooner Lulu, ol New Westminiter,
with Fraeer Valley potatoes, was in port
this week and disposed oi several tone
Barge Potter ie discharging coal into
the ship Kinross.
Str. Champion coaled here on Thunday on her way up tho coast.
Sir. Quito left Thursday afternoon for
San Francisco with 5,000 tons of Wellington coal. Sbo will return in about
two weeks for another cargo. The Quito
has not been "home" (United Kingdom)
for three yean. She is the vessel that
took the big grain cargo Bent by the
BritiBh Government from Portland, Ore,,
to Calcutta for the relief of the euHerers
from the great famine in India, two or
three years ego. Captain Shollen was
tbe youngest muster ever granted paperi
in the British mercantile-marine.
Those liih sets at JcEsup's Pharmacy,
High etreet, lunkotbe mouth water, anil
tbe piioeo eurpriso by their moderate-
ness.    Nothing better for wedding gilts.
gA dcepatuh to tho L indon Telegrapl
from Paris saya it ia aisriled Hint the
German Government has contrived lo
obtain possession of all the pluus of all
the Ftench submarine hoatB.
Lot! in block! 21), 30 and 31. A'eo
Hotel Site, 120x120 feet. Also lots 1 and
2 block 48, $050 the two.
Apply to
Junosiii Wnsos, Prop.  NANAIMO
Groceries of Best
Quality at
Lowest Prices
Huorn Brooks'ln  Valokuvla.
Gems of art are thoie ipecially imported English carving ieti; juit tbt
thing for elegant wedding presents. The
Pharmaoy, High itreet.
Products of The Fertile Island That
Are Hard'to Beat.
The Leader it indebted to Mr. A. H,
Gardom, nl tbe Slit Spring Island Farm-
era' Produce Assoclition, ior I box of
magnificent tppltt, grown on tht firm
of Mr. W. H. Bullock. Appiei from the
lame orchard captured many of the
leading priiet at the provincial agricultural lain thii letton, and no wonder.
Such fruit ll tart to wia recognition
The applet in thil cut ara huge, well-
iormed specimeni ol tht Grtvenitein
breed, pollening in perfection the delicious aroma, wine-like flavour mil tbe
grand colouring whioh distinguish thil
queon of the apple family. If Salt
Spring Island can produce Irnit like that
and in sufficient abundance, every or-
chnrdiet on that favoured spot hll hii
future assured.
The Leader il led to undentand that
it li the intention ol the Farmer!1 Produce Anociation to open np a business
ol their own in Ladyimith and inpply
this town with fresh fruit, and dairy
produce regularly. There ia certtlnly
here a good field for luch enterprise, and
there can be little doubt that II tbii intention ii otrried out tht promoteri will
reap a handiome reward,
In tact it !■ a lad teitlmony to tht
baokwardnen nl Britiih Columbia business men in the larger townt ol the province that tbey do not teem yet to be
aware that tbeie it a town ol 3,600 bin
with the largeit monthly piy-ioll ln tbt
Mr. Frank Teague, of Nanalmo, went
down to Mount, Sicker Thursday morn-
log to start work ub a quartz miner there,
Mr, T. Kilohiu, Nanaimo, was in town
Thursday on business.
Mr. T. Kiddie, manager oi the Tyee
emelter, wont down to Duncan nn Thursday morning.
Captain Shollen, ol the Scotch steamer Quito, entertained a party of friendi
aboard on Wednesday night.
Captain Butler, the Victoria pilot, was
in Ladysmith on business on Thursday,
Mr, A, H, Gaiilum, manager of the
Salt Spiiug Island Farmers' Produce Association, visited LadyBmith this week
in hll ichooner nnd transacted n good
deal of important business. He left for
the island on Thureday forenoon.
Hon. James Dnnsrauir was a passenger from the capital to Extension on
Wednesday nigttt'e train.
Mr, Alexander Faulds, nf South Wellington, returned home from a visit to
Victoria on Wednesday evening's train,
Mr. H. T. Potter is at Cobble Hill enjoying a well-earned holiday, During
hia absence Mr. Frank Porter will attend to tho duties of lhe Ladysmith
Mr, W. W. B. McIuucb, M. L. A.
viBited Victoria on' Wudnosday, returning on Thursday's train,
Aid. riiinta, of Nannlmo, paid a'flying
business visit to Victoria on Wednesday.
Mr. Samuel Clay, ol High Street, has
beon very low nil wenir, nnd Wednesday
night was not expecled lo recover from
the illneBB irom which ho has suffered
ior some weeki past.
Mr. T. Johnson, a commercial traveller, was a visitor to Ladysmith Thursday,
Mr, H. lleifel wai in town on business
Friday morning.
Archdeacon Seriven returned to Ladysmith Friday from Alberni, where helms
bsen attending a meeting of the Anglican
Mr. Malnwariug ol II. & W,, Nanaimo,
wai in Ladyimith today,
Mr. Geo. Fletcher paid a visit to Lady,
imith today.
A runaway on theEsplanadeThureday
afternoon afforded a little excitement
while it laete'd.
Mn. Williami went down to Victoria
Friday morning.
The Best Are The Cheapest.
Opposite Fire Hall, NANAIMO.B.C,
In the Matter of the Water Clauses Consolidation Act, i8o7, and
Amending; Acts,
And in the flatter of the Ladysmith Water Company, Ltd.
NOTIOE le hereby given that application will ho made to a judge of tbe
Suureme Court of British Columbia at
the Court House, Victoria, B.C., at 10.31)
o'clock iu tho forenoon, on Sulmday,
the 20th day of November, 1(102, or so
soon thereafter ast.be Applicant can be
heard on behalf of tho Ladysmith Water
Company, Limited, for leave to construct, maintain and oporato a water
works system to supply water to tlm inhabitants of the unincorporated locality
in nnd about LiidvBtuith, in the County
of Nannlmo and for purposes ueceEs.ny
and Incidental thereto.
Thie notice was published on October
25tb, 1002, tor thu first time.
Solicitors (jrThe LadyBmith
Water Co., L'.d,
Viotoiia, B. C, Oct. 23rd, 1002.       «■
Tax Sale Notice
Htipnttl tuxes will take place nn ftntnrdny,
tlie 8Ui tiny of November nut,
r;i-;oRi*.*R Thomson,
Assessor, South Nanaimo District.
October i8th, upj.
■ -sj'"'
Mttiiuftunuri ra uf tbu Famous
None Im) Hi.ion Labor .-itipluyid.
-Ml lull
NA .
.11110   It. O.
f urn's <uii kind,   A raid .-.ill bring fn I
it Io.i.ihiii'i   nntl p-i.-.l'.    Make a pun-el
iii .ii-. cliilhing in cli'iin,ilje nr repair,
ITifiis'lit pit'd one <**ny.
Ik lyj PosMiiilpf
Seattle, Wash.
Nobody cnu afford lo lit- witbout It. All the
telegraphic news or Hie week, I'nrw, field, garden, .sport, society, lteaiilifnt illustrations aud
half tones.   Sample copy on application.
All For One Dollar a Ytar.
Ship's Work a Specialty.
Horse-shoeing in nil lls.lirnnclies. l'nrin Im-
liletnciils it.-iiiiiii.-il. Millers' Tools cntcfully
sharpened nml leiiipeieil.
Buller Street,
AU, SI/,US, fill., J3.35J 4ft., $2.2$, Lance
tooth saws, ■*, ft.; t,M fl.; i ft., and 5 ft. Also nni-
inniiitloii nml all sizes of Heal Bros' Miners,
Drivers' Lamps ami Caps lo be bad at
D. ML8R & GO'S,
Opp. 1*. & N. Station, Naiiaimo, It. C.
Tlie I.iulysmilh Market is ready to
supply the public with fresh  fish.
Salmon, Codfish, Herring, Halibut
always on hand.
Corner Roberts and First Avenue
adnale  of Philadelphia   Dental Collegi
Hospital "I l)rnI Snidery.
Old Post Ollice ll-ill-llmr,
(Idvor 11111 fill St., 1 ilpttulrs)
Phono 3H0A, OHtcr,
375A, Residence.
Dr. M-
Victoria* B.G
lay ami Sunday,' Office, Nicholson's Halt.
Ma,Mi-and (.ramie Monuments,
Tnlikts, Crosses. Kte. l'sllmates
nnd Designs given on Application
A. HENDERSON,     Proprietor.
TENDERS will bo received liy Lhe
undesigned, nt the ofllce of Fho Lady*
smith Lumber Company, Ltd., up to
turee o'olock io the afternoon, Saturday,
October 25th, for the clearing; ol one acre
la tbe South EiiBt Corner of lhe Ladysmith, Cemetery.
SPECIFICATIONS can be seen at tbe
foregoing Company's Ofllce.
(Signed.) JOHN W. COBURN,
Chairman of Committee.
Reservists want Pay.
London, Oct. 23.—There was a de-
taonritration in Hyde park today by
several thousand reservists from South
Africa,'who demanded prompt payment
of their arrears In pay and assistance to
obtain work,
I For Bale by JOHN BICKLE	
In the County Court of Nanaimo,
Holden at Nanalmo.
In tlie goodB of William Mitchell, late of
Ohemainus, B. 0., Deceased Intestate.
TAKE NOTICE that I have been appointed AdministraLui' of the effects and
credits of William Mitchell, deceased
Intestate. AIL persons having claims
against the estate are required to seud
the particulars thereof to me on or before the 15th day of November, 1902,
duly verified, after which date I will dls-
tribute the estate amonget those persuus
only of whose claims I then shall have
received notice. Any persotiB indebted
to deceased are required to pay the same
Nanalmo, B. C, Oot. 14th, 101)2.
Official Administrator.
Nanalmo, B. 0
l-'or  I'iisl Clnss woi-
Shaving Parlors
High  Street.
Hnir cutting nnd Heard
trimming n Specially,
Maple Lodge, No. 6a, 1. 0. O. T.
Meeti every Wedneiday evening In
tilcholeon'i Hall. Vliltlng memberi
ara cordially invited.
No. *x,
B   *• O. O. P.
Meets every IVeillicsitay evening at 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially litviletl.
Wellington lodge No. 2 K. of P.
Meeti every Friday in I. O. 0. F, hall at
7:80 p.m.
J. VV. LEWIS, Seo.
Ladyimllh Orange Lodge,,No. IT58
meet! In Nicholson'! Hall, Fint Avenue,
every alternate Satarday in each month,
.'ommenolng first Saturday in October.
Visiting Brethren trt Invited to attend.
SI. Andrew's ft Caledonian Soelety.
All persons of Scottish birth or anoei*
try are eligible for membership. Meet-
ingi quarterly. For all particulars address
And Soo Pacific
Tianicontinental Ptwenger Train runt
daily, equipped with Sttndtrd and
Touiist Sleeping Ctr».
Day Coaehes and ColonletCare
Lowest Rates
Fastest Time
To tnd Irom Winnipeg, Toronto, Hill-
fax, Montreal, Bolton, New York,
Chicago and St. Paul, and all -ait-
em tnd Old Country points.
For pamphlati and all information apply
lo any O.P.R. agent.
H. H. ABBOTT,      W. MoGIRR,
Agent, Viotoria,     Agent, Nanalmo.
Aiit, Genl, Pan. Agent, Vancouver.
Visitors Irom Lilly smith and district
will lind iu this writ-appointed house all
the homo eomlorts. Lunches for lady
Bhoppers a specialty. Terms strictly
moderate, Servici and cuisine first
MISS 8. KEITH, Prop. M Mgr.
Not Responsible.
Notice is hereby given that the master,
agents or owners of the ship Kinross,
now in this port, will not bo responsible,
for any debts contracted by the crew of
said vessel.
Mailer, Hhip Kinross.
is now preparer! to give lessons on tlie piano ami
violin.   All Applications for tnllion can lie tell al
W. H.  Lively's  Jewelry  Store
LOT on corner of Esplanade and Buller
Apply on Premises.
One Bocond*hand horizontal boiler,
with stack, injector and fittings com*
pinto, all iu good order. Size of boiler 2
ft. 11 din. by 11 ft. 8 in, long; dome2 tt,
dia. hy 21 in. hiuli, with 84 tubes, 2).
in. dia. Reason for selling, using gaa
instead nf steam. Price $200 if taken ut
once.   Apply to
Nan»imo Bleatn Carriage Works,
P.O. Hmc 188, Nanaimo, B.C.
Is the name that stands for
the Best Piano manufactured to-day. Beautiful to look
at; exquisite in tone. Perfection in Pianos. Don't
buy till you see and hear it.
Nanalmo. B. C.
Inventor ol tbe ntw tyittm of Mr
hide lor acetylene lighting tht
SOtls century light. Fir cheaper
than old lyitem, magnilcltnt results; no waste ol gai; 100par out.
pure white 10ft light it trifling cott.
Plumbing and metal working in all
lie branchei. Gun repairs. Correspondence solicited.
™___     NANAIMO
Smelting Works
'   -AT-
Prepared to purchase -ores.   Convenient- to
B. & N. or Sea.
i'.ttt'-.Mt wt*stwtmitwtmtYnto4n&^


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